March 22, 2023

Re-release.... Mid 90's

Re-release.... Mid 90's
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Things went into a total meltdown this week, which is a shame as we had lots of great fish related content to share with you all. We did manage to record something for Friday, but for now you'll have to remember the time we watched a skateboarding movie.


Have you ever wondered if Frank Sinatra was allergic to silk? Do you lie awake at night pondering whether Charlton Heston tried to talk down David Koresh by playing the voice of God? We wonder no more, all these questions and more are answered in this week's show!
 For our main feature this week it's off to downtown LA for a skateboarding fix. Howie nominated Mid90s, Jonah Hill's 2018 directorial debut. Lets see if Howie can finally pick a decent film!
 The kids selection this week features none other than Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz. We watched Hank Zizper, and one of the Dads was quite cross about it. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


BDFR - Mid90s


Reegs:so it's like where it's Wally, but then I get to set you on fire anyway. welcome to bad dads film review, hated by Apple. cause we've been top of we've been in their top 20 in the charts. They won't put us on their page. So hated by Apple recently, given our first one star review, Yeah, it's bad.

That's film review, where we talk about films and kids TV. Now in a one star review, we got this following feedback. It's got so much potential, which is great ruined by arrogance and verbal diarrhea. One of the presenters seems to feel to every opportunity to speak as best use to cram as many big words as possible in an attempt to sound intelligent.

Now I've got no idea. Who he would be referring to in a metaphorical sense? I don't know if you guys,

Sidey:week you said socioeconomic.

Dan:It's pretty big.

Reegs:word. Okay. Well, I'll, I'll take the rap for that. for anybody else, maybe we're slightly more than one [00:01:00] star, maybe one and a half. I dunno.

Dan:I'd like to think so.

Reegs:welcome pod. Some Podesta's pod liver oil.

Poachable. Canon Potter Popkin's disease. Pardon? Warfare potty holder. I'm joined this week by, the usual team we've got silky voice Sidey. We've got dazzling Dan and his Malouf Louis tones. We've got razor-sharp rigs and we've got howling mad Howie, with a deep, genuine laugh. Like that sound.

The dog makes just before it throws up.

Howie:That's fair enough. It's probably like, that's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me.

Reegs:It's a pleasure mate.


Dan:yeah, straight off. I'd like to thank you guys,  actually, because we started a little bit later tonight and, I was, I was debating whether I should finish the chapter in my book or clip my toenails and I didn't know which one to drop, but you guys starting a little bit later enabled me to do both. So thanks.

Reegs:it's been a bit of a momentous week. Really? Hasn't it. And we were just chatting off mic about wanting to recognize that in

[00:02:00] Howie:your first period.

Dan:even bigger than that. Three fair.

Reegs:it's bigger and more horrific than that really. we

Sidey:Yeah. Covert is now old

Dan:yeah, fucking Brexit, blown out the war by COVID and now George Floyd and the whole kind of movement. the black lives matter, as blown out the water and quite rightly so.

Sidey:yeah, we're, we're fully in support of the protests. And everything that's going on. And I think it's important that we acknowledge that we are full white men who can never really understand what people go through, but we're here to listen and be educated and to show our support in any way that we can.

Dan:I would say that if anybody thinks that, black lives don't matter, then fuck off now and stop listening. We don't want to, we don't want to think that through Rio, and hopefully for the next hour or so, we'll bring you a few laughs. And to take your mind off this kind of a [00:03:00] nightmare that's going on.

But, no that we're just as angry, where there's shit happening is anyone can be from our position.

Reegs:Yeah. and we know we have a few listeners, in the good old us a and we just hope you're all safe and well,

Howie:Yep. Definitely.

Reegs:okay. With that seriousness, should we move into the silliness?


Sidey:Okay. Slightly new segment for us this week. Cause we finished our Battle Royale our last week and in the midst of all that hilarity, there was a lot of trivia revealed. So we've decided to do. Fact or fiction or two lies and a truth for a loader celebs that we've picked. So I think we should just rattle straight through it.

Who wants to go

Dan:Well, w we're all armed with three aren't. We three celebrities and then, three, facts. Although one of those facts is not a fact, it's a lie. so is it


[00:04:00] Howie:To choose in a lie.

Dan:is that the truth? Right. Okay. So we're going to mix it up a little bit with yours.

Howie:Sure. Shall I go first?

Sidey:Anne's an incredible impression. I'm hoping.

Dan:Okay. Yeah. Go on then. How are you go? You take it in the way. Yeah.

Howie:first celebrity,

Dan:tell us who it is. We'll get that from your impression. No doubt.

Howie:Okay, ready? Eh, it's witchcraft witchcraft. Cause I know. Yes.

Reegs:it's going to be Frank.

Howie:It's strictly turbo. Boom. There we go. Right. Three bits of information. One of these is false. His punctured eardrum kept him out of world war two. Okay. He was once arrested for seduction and adultery. [00:05:00] He was allergic to silk and wool and had to wear hemp suits.

Dan:well, that one stinks to me because I can't imagine Frank was allergic to silk. He would have just forced his way through that. Wouldn't he? Yeah.

Reegs:I'm pretty sure I've heard the perforated eardrum thing before. So I'm going to say that that's true now. I reckon.

Sidey:he's definitely been arrested. Cause I've seen his mugshot. It's like a




Howie:for seduction and adultery.

Dan:Ooh. Yeah.

Sidey:I'm going for that

Reegs:me too.

Dan:I think it's the hemp suit. I don't think Frank would have been caught dead in a hemp suit.

Howie:So Dan's going for hemp suit Simon you're going for

Reegs:seduction and adultery.

Howie:and Sid,

Sidey:Oh, like I failed the one then just to make

Howie:It's perforated eardrum. Okay. The, no, so the, the false, the lie [00:06:00] was, he was allergic to silk and wool and had

Dan:Okay. All right,


Dan:there's no way Frank. Wouldn't be wearing silk.

Sidey:I'll keep, score down one.

Dan:Whew. Does that mean now I get to lead this next one then.



Sidey:Go ahead.

Dan:So B's mine now. So, the library.

Sidey:Is it David

Dan:Wow. Yes, it is. okay. so, Bowery appeared is Pontius pilot in Martin. Scorsese's last temptation of Christ. Bowie plays golf, the goblin King and labyrinth Bowie appeared in the prestige alongside huge Jacqueline and call it your Hanson.

Reegs:Oh, it's the first one.

Howie:It's the first one.

Reegs:Because he was definitely in the other two.


Sidey:Yeah, but I think he had to change the name and it

Reegs:he said goblin King. That's who he is in the second one. And he's in the

Sidey:Yeah. It was his name, like. [00:07:00] But was it? Yeah, I know it, but what

Dan:I'll tell you what I'll do you no favors and I won't read them out again. You just got to go for it,

Sidey:I'm going to go with pay as the lie, just


Reegs:goblin King in labyrinth. Jared,

Sidey:yeah, but

Howie:I'm going to go for a.

Reegs:I'm going to go for a.

Dan:You a hose, a, a wrong, it is B because I said he plays golf, the goblin King and it's actually Jaref the goblin King.

Reegs:I didn't realize


Reegs:going to be so sly

Dan:I don't make this up, you know, it's competitions to be won,

Howie:Sidey one damn one main nil.

Sidey:but so is that me then?

Dan:away. Yeah.

Sidey:Okay. You have to get it from the impersonation, which is going to be tough. Wait, this place, the geographical oddity two weeks from everywhere.


Howie:Oh, Oh, it's not Kevin bacon.


Dan:I'm shaking my head.

Sidey:Yeah, I'm a dapper Dan man.

Reegs:Isn't it?


Dan:got Clooney from that, that [00:08:00] standing.

Sidey:just, for, just from the quote, not from this delivery and man. Okay. So I've obviously fucked up. So two of my lives, your daughter, you've got to guess the

Howie:All right. Okay. All right. Okay.

Sidey:So Clooney was offered a contract by the Cincinnati reds baseball team in 1977, but turned it down to pursue his Hollywood

Dan:Oh shit.

Sidey:Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman both had to pay Clooney a hundred thousand dollars after they bet he would become a father. By the age of 40, he had a pet pig named max a gift from caddy Preston max once saved his life by waking him up before an earthquake. Max appeared in interviews with Clooney, shared his bed, and also got to ride in John Travolta's private

Howie:that's true.



Howie:That's true. That's true.

Dan:Yeah, I'm thinking it was the, the a hundred grand bets that these Hollywood stars have. I reckon that's a truth.

Howie:it's the pig. It's the pigs, the truth.

Reegs:I'm torn between the pig and the tree, but I'm going for the peg.

[00:09:00] Howie:is maybe your autobiography. Isn't it.

Sidey:You're right. It is the pig T he did have a trial, a try out with Cincinnati reds, but they didn't offer him anything. And they did pay him, but it was $10,000, which he returned and said double or quits that he wouldn't become a father by the age of 50. So Dan

Dan:Oh, so am I right? Or am I wrong?

Sidey:no. Howie

Dan:don't get a point. Do I?

Howie:no, no,

Reegs:is anybody bothering to keep

Dan:Well, anybody out, anybody out there who marked themselves up, you have to Mark yourself accordingly there.

Sidey:like on breaks.

Reegs:The way your dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright. He beat them. If any slopes going to put that greasy yellow hands on his boys birth. Right? So we hit

Dan:I'm going to put, is that a misery and say Christopher Walken.

Howie:well done.

Reegs:five long years, he bought his

Dan:We've got it. We've got.

Reegs:Fact, number one, he worked as a lion Tamer [00:10:00] fact.

Number two, he rode a fake horse in a view to a kill fact. Number three. He has a condition called polycythemia, meaning he has additional nipples four, to be precise.

Howie:the first one is the false

Dan:I've never seen him with a shelf.

Howie:I'm going to go for lion Tamer.

Dan:I'm going to go for nipples.

Reegs:Is that your final answer? Everyone. So we've got nipple. We've got one each basically. Yeah.


Reegs:He did work as a lion Tamer. When he was 16, he spent the summer working as a lion Tamer in

Dan:How he's gone.


Reegs:did ride a fake horse in a view to a kill. he put it down on his CV that he could ride a horse, but you couldn't.

So they put him on a stuffed horse on a trolley and they towed it behind the truck. so the lie is he has a condition called poly Thilia, so he doesn't have four nipples. I assume he just has the regulation two.

[00:11:00] Howie:Okay, right. May again. Mary Poppins.

Sidey:Dick van Dyke.

Dan:no prizes there though.

Howie:Okay. One of these isn't true. His parents.

Reegs:impression of you Dan, to be


Howie:fucking hell. Bullies back. Burley. Burley. Okay. So here, what are, these is a lie. His parents lied to him about his birthday, which screwed up his army application. He only found out when he was 18. Second one, he was six foot tall when he was 12. Last one, he had three toes on his left foot, which stopped

Dan:if this is true, this is so bad how it started.

Howie:loving [00:12:00] vomit. Right. He had three toes on his left foot, which stopped him going to be a professional stage school child when he was 16.

Dan:okay. when he was eight, till by then.

Howie:Sorry. I just don't remember as an ostrich.

Sidey:I think the six foot is a lie.

Reegs:but there were always those like, man children, weren't they there, like when you're 12 and you're like, most of you, like four foot two or whatever, and like, hi, hi, how's it going? And there. He's like got a beard and he's late stage say major he's six foot four or whatever.


Reegs:it was that Dick van Dyke.

Dan:that's, that's the question s always oneyou have to ask yourself? I something's drawing me to, to number. Three being a lie, something about those toes. I don't believe that.

Howie:okay. So Dan's three site is  too. So the options

Reegs:For one, just to shake it

Howie:okay. Okay. The lie was, he had [00:13:00] three toes on his left foot.

Dan:There you go.


Reegs:his parents lied to him about his birthday

Howie:He only found out about it when he applied to join the air force.

Dan:what did they say to him? Do you know?

Howie:it was because he was born two months.

Reegs:before they were married.

Howie:Yes. So he's born out of wedlock and it was all weird. Yeah.

Reegs:That's not a weird thing these days. It's a, it's funny how have changed.


Dan:And do you do frame, Andy do frame.

Howie:you having a

Dan:And either frame never watched. Cool. You got to catch it from there?


Dan:Oh, geez. That was my best Morgan now.

Reegs:wanted more though. I wanted

Howie:Yeah, we have just drawn in that down.


Dan:I appreciate this. He can speak, speak fluent German. He can speak a fluid, the German.

Sidey:I'm sorry about that.

[00:14:00] Dan:He has written a cookbook. Caribbean, cook it for a cause. And, he's earned a pilot license at the age of 65

Sidey:guys lessons off Harrison

Howie:No, they got the same earrings.

Dan:Andy to frame

Howie:That's but that was good. That was a good one. They're done. You got a bit lower on the tone. I think it's a, I think, I think the line is, flying lessons,

Reegs:Yeah, me too.

Sidey:What were the other

Howie:cookbook, cookbook.

Sidey:Oh yeah. I, it can go to hell.

Dan:he actually can't speak fluid. Germany's

Howie:Oh, zero. Dan, you get the

Dan:Neil, Paul, as Morgan with say.

Sidey:Fair enough.

Reegs:that'd be good. Very good.

Sidey:Are you ready for this one? You made the, you blew it up. Damn. You damn you old.

Reegs:looking a bit like Charlton Heston as

[00:15:00] Howie:isn't he? He is looking at

Reegs:He is a maniac

Dan:I wouldn't have

Howie:He's had an RA forever. Isn't he?

Sidey:Well, his dad

Reegs:he was the

Sidey:is less of a main net now. His dad.

Howie:Oh, I didn't realize

Reegs:Now he's worm food.

Sidey:So just remember that two of these are lies and there's one


Sidey:fact hidden in there, right? Heston narrated, several highly classified military and department of energy instructional films.

For six years, he held the United States highest security clearance in 1993 during, during the Waco Jordan.

Reegs:Oh, this is the funny one. Yeah.

Sidey:Sure. During the Waco standoff, the FBI hired Heston and played his voice as God. When talking to David Koresh in an attempt to reason with him

Dan:sounds plausible.


Sidey:Heston once shot his wife of 64 years. When he dropped his rifle whilst intoxicated

Reegs:be true, please.


Howie:so what's the [00:16:00] truth.

Dan:think the, the, the truth is they're all true. Isn't it? I I'm going to go for, he shot his wife.

Reegs:I'm going to go with the first one,

Howie:I'll go with Koresh. I'll go with David

Sidey:Okay. So he, he didn't shoot his wife that was totally made up.

Dan:well, not officially. I mean, we don't know.

Sidey:in 1993, they did hire Heston and record him as God, but they never played it. And he did hold the highest security clearance for six years.


Dan:Jay's Lucky's is not still alive then really, you know,


Reegs:this is going to be a good one. You mean, let me understand this because you know, maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny. How, I mean, funny like a clown. I amuse you.

Sidey:You're the same height as him

Reegs:here to fucking amuse you. What do

Dan:Joe Pesh E Oh,


Dan:that stuff really, really? Wow. We're saying isn't it when he just like flips out like [00:17:00] that.

Howie:No, it's horrible.

Reegs:Go get your fucking showing books. Okay.

Howie:a hell of a signature on your emails.

Reegs:Joe Peshy once recorded a very unsuccessful album under the name, Joe Richie. Fact number two, Frankie Bali says he helped create the four seasons fact. Number three, he's a strong believer in the benefits of staying hydrated and has a tattoo on the back of his right hand, reminding him to drink water.

Dan:So just to be clear, there there's two lies, you know, in a truth or there's, there's two truths and a lie. So confusing

Howie:I please hope that that tattoo one is true. I play. So, I'm going to go for the Frank barley one. That's four seasons.

Dan:you don't think he had anything to do with Frankie Valli and the four seasons?

Sidey:I'm going to go with the tattoo. [00:18:00]

Dan:Well, I'll go with, other option

Sidey:Yeah, his album

Reegs:He did in fact record an album, which was, it was called little Joe shore can sing.

Howie:Oh, dear.

Reegs:it was a real commercial flop. he did help create the four seasons. in fact, Peshy was actually when Jersey boys won the 2006 Tony awards. He joined the four seasons on stage when they accepted their trophy. so the lie is that I don't know whether he's a strong believer in the benefits of staying hydrated. but he certainly doesn't have a tattoo on the back of his right hand, reminding him to drink water. I stole that fact from, Oh God, what's her name? She was in passengers. Jennifer Lawrence. She had the tattoo on the back of her.


Dan:wow. She must've really meant it at the time. Possibly. I'm really thirsty.

Howie:here we go. I can't do this. You take the red pill. You stay in Wonderland.

Reegs:Larry Fishburne.

Howie:Yeah, that'd be the [00:19:00] one. Okay. So here's one of these is a lie.  he was in apocalypse now when he was 14. Okay. He, second one, he suffers from ilek Tura phobia, which is the intense fear of chickens so much.

So he has this in all film contracts as a stipulation.

Dan:how, what not to be true.

Howie:The last one, he changed his name from Larry. Yeah. So which one of those? Isn't true.

Dan:He changed his name from Larry?

Reegs:to Lawrence.

Dan:Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with that as well with me inside here,

Reegs:like if you're going to change from Larry,

Dan:I want the chickens to be

Reegs:Michael or, you know, something that people aren't going to go. Ah, Lawrence, you don't mind if I call you Larry D I'm going to go with that one as well.

Howie:Okay. Sorry.

Dan:Three in a bedroom. That one.

[00:20:00] Sidey:change.

Howie:what did you have the notary. Okay. So the one that wasn't true was an intense fear of chickens. Yeah. But yeah, the thing about apocalypse now, he lied to get in on the film and said he was 16, but he was actually 14.

Reegs:I didn't know he was in that to be fair. Good film folks. Watch it. If you haven't.

Dan:Yeah, fucking kick ass. Phil

Howie:what about impression? Okay. If you could say this people.


Dan:no. Let me try again.

Sidey:do it done.

Reegs:You say that.

Sidey:It's like a cow.

Dan:Well, I've not really got this if I am.

Howie:Hanks, Tom

Reegs:give it one more guy.

[00:21:00] Dan:Okay. this, this, this is, this one I for fought, I had it in a locker, to be honest, I thought this is easy one, cause it's just a sound, a getting closer Yoda. Yeah, it's cheery. It's true. Can I do,


Dan:ah, that's a better, that wasn't

Howie:Oh, I see.

Dan:Okay. Yeah. So, sorry, cheery. I didn't do you any favors there? or should I say, sorry, Peter Mayhew who played Chewie and he was. Seven foot three inches tall, Mullah to Brock is to his wife. And another fact for you chewy had a son called lumper Trump trompo.

Reegs:What sir

Dan:So what yeah.

Sidey:I think it's going to be one

Reegs:Yeah, cause I reckon you've stiffed us on the height.

Sidey:Yeah. I noticed a bit of may here, but

Reegs:think you've pulled the [00:22:00] same trick that you did on the first time round,

Dan:So you, you you're both in that camp where you have a

Reegs:what was the kid's name? Kampuchea too.

Dan:lumpy trompo.

Reegs:Oh, right.

Howie:definitely not that I'll go for the first. I'll go for first one.

Dan:So, sorry, you, you think that one's a lie? You're looking for the lie. Remember on this,

Howie:Oh, the life. Sorry. I'm the last one is the lie.

Dan:you are, you are correct because, PMA who was seven foot, three inches tall. but curies and, Marla to Brooks child was called lumper power. Ru not lumper Trump Pooh. I'm sure I've got that pronunciation, right?

Reegs:Well, if you listening


Dan:Just like I had his voice way.

Reegs:correct us.

Sidey:We've got two to go and Riggs how your muscles are all tied on two and Dan's and indeed with three.

Reegs:so it's playful.

[00:23:00] Sidey:So.

Dan:anyone can win.

Sidey:was spiteful, but fucking out, this is going to be terrible. You're probably just, just having a midlife crisis. Did you, did you buy a Porsche?


Dan:Tom cruise

Reegs:nor the film

Sidey:well, I give you the film. If you like, you're probably having a midlife crisis. Did you buy Porsche is from lost in translation.

Reegs:bill Murray.


Dan:Scarlett Johansson did a Scarlet Johansson impression

Reegs:That was good.

Sidey:just talked to

Dan:didn't get it just rent. No.

Sidey:that. Okay. But don't forget only one fact. Scott, your Hanson is a huge fan of musician. Tom waits. And even recorded in Thai album of covers of his songs. Scarlet Johansson is the highest grossing actress of all time. She's brought in 11.6 billion into the box office and Scarlet.

Your Hanson is the great, great niece of Phil [00:24:00] Schlumberger. The last person to die in combat in world war two.

Howie:So we're just finding one fact. Okay. The first one, the album recording.

Dan:I'm thinking you're waiting for me to choose. So you don't have to.

Sidey:So album, album of

Dan:I think it's the money. I think the money is a fact. She's just been in some huge movies.

Reegs:Yeah, the MCU dollars will do it, but, I'll just go for the third one, Phil Schlumberger or whatever his name was.

Dan:I can, I can have this wrapped

Sidey:Schlumberger. Which one do you go

Dan:ran for the money. It's a fact,

Sidey:she is the highest grossing actress

Dan:but it's not with the money.

Sidey:But she's grossed 14.6 better not 11.6

Dan:I not know that?

Sidey:and she is related to Phylicia Lamberg but she's the great niece, not the great, great

Reegs:are you prick?

Sidey:So she recorded an album of Tom waits covers and it's called anywhere.

I lay my head.

Reegs:you heard it?


Reegs:a bit. It's on

Dan:yeah. [00:25:00] Scarlett your Hanson. What could go wrong there? We should find it.

 Reegs:What is your father there? Is he a coal miner? Does he stink of the lamp? quickly the boys found you? All those tedious sticky fumblings in the backseats of cars while you could only dream of getting out, getting anywhere, getting all the way to the FBI.


Dan:that was impression of the night, I think. Yeah.

Reegs:Thank you. Thank you. A fact, number one, before getting on camera, he reads each and every script he appears in at least 250 times. Fact, number two, he was very nearly given the role of mr. Freeze in the film, Batman and Robin, or fact number three. He's completely obsessed by typewriters and has a collection of over a hundred vintage versions.

Sidey:number three is number three is

Howie:yeah. Number three is Tom Hanks.

Sidey:Has to Tom Hanks. Yeah.

Howie:first one.

Sidey:I mean, it could be more than one, [00:26:00] but Tom and Stephanie

Dan:250 times. I'm still getting my head around that though. I can't believe that he would read a script 250 times

Howie:Okay. For that one, it's ridiculous. But I'll go for that 250 times already.

Dan:So I'm looking for a, that you've told all those three facts and I'm looking for the lie there. And I believe that hop


Dan:Hopkins has as not red. Every script he's ever done 250 times. And even if he says it's true, I don't believe in.

Howie:So we're looking for the, we're looking for the truth. Aren't we

Reegs:No, you're looking for the lie.

Howie:all the lies, the last one, then I'm going to go to the last one. Sorry.

Reegs:And so I D what you do with these own dough or.

Sidey:okay. I'm going to talk


Reegs:Titrate is, is in fact the lie that is Tom Hanks, who is obsessed by vintage typewriters. He does read every script 250 times. He practices his stuff until he knows it like completely from memory. And then he [00:27:00] completely forgets it after he's done filming.

It's quite impressive technique.

Dan:Oh shit.

Sidey:so how, wait, how is stolen at the end? How is stolen that four to Dan's three.

Dan:these come from behind again.

Reegs:Well done.

Sidey:Riggs Riggs. You were bringing up the rear that I'm afraid on

Reegs:Well, it's where I like to be.



Sidey:So how is nomination this week? And a lot of making up to date after that fucking shocker last time.


Sidey:What have you done for us this time?

Howie:this way, cruising through Netflix, looking for my usual, historical documentaries, and I actually stumbled across the film section. Didn't realize Netflix had that and, jokey

Reegs:Oh, right. Okay. Thanks.

Howie:I found mid nineties. So this is a 2018 film, and it's an American coming of age movie directed on his debut by Jonah Hill.

a brief synopsis is that it follows Stevie a young 13 year old played by an optical sunny [00:28:00] soldier. and it's about a boy spending his time, with a group of skateboarders in Los Angeles during the mid nineties. most trying to escape a fairly crappy home life, which involved an abusive older brother and a single mom, quite a lot of issues in this quite strange film.

And I'm very interested to know what the lads made of it. my wife and I watched it, she found it really uncomfortable, especially in scenes that will probably come across later.

Reegs:as a dark comedy on Netflix.

Sidey:I did think it was very

Howie:No, I didn't either. it's it, it was meant to cover the counterculture of skateboarding in the mid nineties, which for its references and the style, even the way the film was produced in it's a four by three aspect ratio, instead of widescreen, the, it came across as, as, almost like, w is the right term pastiche of, of, of skateboarding type films. [00:29:00] Hamas, Hamas, not prestige. So thank you. and so that's where,

Reegs:accused of using big words to sound smart

Howie:no, no buy, buy, buy that no

Sidey:it's 96 letters.

Howie:Oh, you can count as well to show off. so like I said, that. I identified in areas of it about the whole skateboarding culture. It was something I tried to be part of the cool kids when I was that age. And I failed miserably because I was atrocious at skateboarding and I went off and BMX, but it was, there was a definite click at their float counterculture of lads who were skateboarding.

And it captured that essence quite well. I'm not sure about how the film went, because it was, it seemed to me as it started off that it was going to be something quite serious, which in places it was. But to me, it was a bit of an MTV film. If that makes sense to anybody, I kind of enjoyed it, but I'm, I'm struggling.

I'm really struggling with it.

Dan:it was weird. You said there about, you know, that you, you tried to be [00:30:00] part of that, that culture or that, you know, scene. but wasn't good enough skating because some of the skate is there actually one. That great escaping. It was very much, an, an attitude with these young boys. There was a few of them that were absolutely amazing skaters, but this kind of band of misfits, if you like that, that found each other and congregated around the skate store.

a couple of them were amazing. Skaters. And then others were just within the attitude. It felt

Howie:hang a zone.

Dan:hangers on, but they were around, you know, they shared the same kind of sense of humor and, and don't give a fuck attitude to, their day, you know, let's go out and have some fun. so I think it.

If there was more to just skating ability to the scene, you know, it, wasn't just the, our, our high, you could Ali in and flip kick and all the rest of it. It was more about, you know, you saw a young, sunburn [00:31:00] as he gets his nickname.

Reegs:your new nickname Howie by the way,

Howie:no, I'm barbecue face.

Reegs:sunburn. Yeah,

Dan:So some sunburn was that the young kid who who's this sunny, I can't pronounce his name, Eva.

Sidey:So change minute

Dan:who's a 13 year old kid, looking for, for friends, looking for a


Dan:kind of, a different life to what he's living at home with his older brother, because it opens up in it that scene of just, his brother piling into and for going to his

Howie:Yeah. It's abusive brother was horrendous.

Reegs:that was a real shock for me that bit, because, cause I didn't know what to expect with this film. And it said it was a dark comedy. He came running out of his room, straight into the wall. Yeah. And I pitched myself laughing and then his brother beats him really violently. And I was like, Oh, hang on a minute.



Reegs:the sound effects have really ramped up. So the punches sound like punches and it looked like it looked pretty violent. And then from that moment on, I was like, okay, [00:32:00] right. This is going to be something a bit different. Yeah.

Howie:Yeah. and it kind of the self harming, it was quite, it was an, it was, straight away deployed when he was like thumping himself after the incident. And it was his way of coping and. And, and it was started then that's when it all started to click in as to yet the seriousness of this film is a lot different to what the actual explanation was on the intro in Netflix.

And so it took it down a real dark route in places. But like I said, it was say a film that was supposed to be a, someone basically, A coming of age for this young lads and trying to be accepted by anybody other than his nearest and dearest, which work wasn't working. It wasn't a functional family at all.

and there was, he basically goes to a skate shop. and kind of watches the boys watching skate videos and the, the, the, the interactions they have. And he, he, he worms his way in, through [00:33:00] being a nice subservient young lads. And they kind of use him for that for a little bit. I'll get him drinks and, and then he, he gets hold of a skateboard.

and then the relationships build and develop, some. Not so well at all, especially with the young lad Rubin, who sort of brings them into the group. There's a lot of jealousy, but there is a sense of, him having a, an older brother in the chap. I think it was Ray who's their professional skateboarder, wannabe who runs the shop.

and there's a relationship there that basically replaces in a sense, the dysfunctional awful one that his real brother has towards him. It was, I was, I was struggling cause it felt like a documentary in places. And w if it was meant to be that, then that's fair enough.

Dan:was kind of filmed like that. And there was so much, nostalgia within the film for the midnight is you had all the posters, you had the clothes, you had the Nintendo, you had the music. the, as you say, the way that they actually shot. The film.

Reegs:yeah, [00:34:00] cause it's shot on 16 millimeter. And like you

Sidey:I see, I taught you on 60 mil and when they, when they.

Reegs:which I I'm a real aspect ratio whore. And I re that was something that put me off straight away. I was like, Oh God artsy. First time director a goes for four by three, but, cards on the table. I absolutely loved this movie.

I thought it was amazing.

Sidey:Yeah. Yeah. When they, when they first screened it, the projectionist said, Oh, well, it's great that you found a film from the nineties to put on. so it obviously worked for them. And for me, I thought that, you know, the film. Whilst it features skateboarding, really. It was the story of this young lad, Sonny, and how shit his home life was.

And he was just searching for a family anywhere that he could fit. And so whilst these guys were skaters, they could have really been doing anything. He, he saw them as a tight knit unit and he wanted a piece of that. He wants to find somewhere that he would be accepted and that he felt comfortable. And so he really latched onto it straight away.

And you could see, he was trying to [00:35:00] work on his skating and everything like that. But ultimately just the fact that they accepted him and they brought him into that little gang and he was happy there. But as the story progressed, he started to embrace their lifestyle. Shall we say where he was drinking and taking drugs that didn't fit in well with home.

And the fact that he'd stolen from his mother to get the money for the skateboards and stitched his brother up for that. things started to go off the rails a little bit again. And then I'd tell him what you thought about the same money. They're trying to escape over that gap in the roof.

Howie:Oh, fuck

Sidey:you just knew what was coming.

Cause he'd got a little bit of confidence and he w he didn't want to bowl it in front of the lads. So I thought I'll just

Dan:well, Ruben had just called him a faggot. Didn't he, when he said, come boobs, you got this because Ruben had kind of slid down to jump this big gap where there was a huge drop. And then he pulled out off the scene, Ray, and we say, ah, fuck shit or shit. Fuck.


Dan:Fuck shit.

Howie:What a name?

Reegs:character name ever.

Dan:because [00:36:00] everything he says is, fuck shit, and then goes on.

So that was how he got his nickname. And, both him, fuck shit, jump this gap and Rubin goes for it, but Paul's up. And as he's coming back for another go, sunburn, the, the main kind of kid he's. He says doesn't he is a nice kid. He goes, you got this, you know, it gives him a and anytime that he tried to be nice, Rubin would, would kind of throw that back in his face.

Sidey:he, he had really replaced Rubin in the grip dynamic

Howie:definitely. And Rubin resented it.

Sidey:and he resented that he'd been sort of ostracized and almost pushed out the grip. A lot of the times you just saw him sitting on the sideline, looking in and they had taken on Sunday. I'm with rigs. I fucking loved this. I thought it was fantastic.

The messes gave up on it quite soon. There's a few things that I just wanted to get you guys' thoughts on the

Howie:Yes, it was that's exactly what I was going to say.

Sidey:There was a lot, a lot of, and especially topical with everything that's [00:37:00] going on right now. A lot of an


Sidey:You know, left right. And center. And I know I read into it and I know that Joe Hill raised it when he wrote it.

And someone, Dave is a producer or an advisor, someone said, you know, is that how you used to talk? Because it was, this was his, this was his youth. And he said, that's how people talk. He says, well, don't even question it, just write it if that's what life, if that's how it was. And you were trying to represent that, then keep it in there.

But it was quite jarring. I have to say. Cause there was every other word was fucking shit and this and blah, blah,

Dan:well, I'll make this up and say that I watched it with my boy. Who's 14 and,

Howie:it. Oh my God.

Dan:well, it was the 13 plus and we watched it, and he he's pretty hardcore and we both fucking loved it. We both fucking loved it. We were just sat there laughing. I know it was a dark comedy. and, but it was real life. It was actual the kind of real relationships that happen, that I imagine my boy, maybe it's not as graphic as their kind of things.

And I spoke to him since, and you've got to know [00:38:00] that is why another

Howie:did you say no fingering?

Sidey:That was that's the other state I

Howie:Yes. Yes. Cause I was like they're they're young kids and she's older

Sidey:Wow. She was a lot older, right? So this is another thing I had to look it up because he was actually 12, I think, at the time, but this was filmed and she was about 23,


Dan:No, but, but you, you know what it was, he tried to make a film for me, Jonah Hill. That was actually real life. It was almost documentary. Kind of, the way that he was that, but, but they, they weren't actors were they, they weren't actors, professional actors, a lot of the people in the, in the film, she was there a lot, the skate.

It wasn't always their first films or it was, it, it had that feel that you forgot about that. Well, I did, at least when I was watching it, I just thought it had brilliant attitudes. I just thought it was, it was real. I [00:39:00] thought that, yes, this was the kind of shit that was, was going down. Then I can imagine in, you know, mid nineties, I probably I'm a couple of years older than you guys, or maybe I remember a little bit, more being a little bit older than,

Howie:did you, did you think of it as being a bit reminiscent of boys in the hood in a way.

Dan:it wasn't,

Howie:Our whole capturing the scene of what the nineties was like. Cause that's the thing that grabbed me about it was all I desperately I've said this at the start. I desperately wanted to be part of that scene and all the things, all the culture references, everything ranks so true.

And all the mannerisms Saudi's men mentioned the language. Although we obviously weren't at that level in our little, little Island that we live in. It was evident across the whole spectrum, that, that sort of thing. And that the, that the, the, the, the skateboards that, that, Ray gives him and he does the grip type.

There's a whole section of just them putting the skateboard together, how he covets it. And I remember coveting a skateboard with the trucks on the [00:40:00] whales and sitting and looking at it at freedom. I remember just staring at it and I couldn't afford it. And I was, I watched some kid just come in, the guy did it all, blah, blah, blah.

Where's on everything. And I was just like, Oh, and, and that's the sort of things that it. It really did capture that. Like I said, my wife found the whole couple of things uncomfortable. but it was, it was amazing in the way that it captured that. And I have to say, I like the way that Ray went through each of the character's faults and summed everybody up including himself.

Cause you didn't really know much of his backstory up until that point where, until he disclosed about his brother,

Sidey:Yeah. Well, you could say that it was a bit of a divide happening because he wasn't taking the pills that fuck shit was handing out. And he, he really wants to knuckle down

Howie:a pro skater.

Sidey:a pro contract, whereas

Reegs:skateboarding is the escape from,

Sidey:way out. Yeah.

Reegs:you know, he wanted to go pro and he was committed like [00:41:00] an athlete to his sport. And actually it's one of, one of the films. Like there was loads of moments in the film that were quite difficult or uncomfortable, and one of them where, fuck shit is sort of getting really wrecked at one of the parties.

And he's basically embarrassing Bray.

Howie:In front of the pros.

Reegs:of the pros and it's got that feeling, which sort of permeated the whole film, especially the latter part where it's, that feeling of a story about a bunch of young guys captured in a moment of intense friendship in youth. And you know, that that's about to vanish forever, that they're all going to go their different ways.

They're on different paths. and it's that feeling? The evokes inside of you. That's so strong, I think because you can remember how that felt and you can remember that feeling.

Howie:they've outgrown each

Sidey:I don't know. Yeah. I don't know if anyone else picked up this fight, but when I was watching it, it really reminded me of kids. And actually how many Corinne was in it? Yeah, he was having a one night stand [00:42:00] with Daphne.

Reegs:Which also explains in one of the films, more tender moments that sort of explains the sea. Everybody was really multidimensional and layered. So even the bullying or the brother you come to find out that he's a mother. Their mother was quite different when he was younger, she was clearly very promiscuous.

She had him as a teen, there was a constant string of men coming in and out, which you've maybe could interpret as being that she was on the game. You know, she was a prostitute. So Ian, even Ian, who seems to like the one dimensional early actually

Sidey:Yeah. Could you relate to him?


Sidey:Because when he, when, when Sonny came back from that pole and he was smashed. and he actually turns the tables on it and it says you've got no friends. I'd rather than like pummeling. I thought it was going to happen. He actually broke down and was sobbing. And he said he was actually, he was quite damaged as opposed to just being an out and out violent bully.


Dan:Well, they already had a run in just before that had any with [00:43:00] a w we fuck shit. And he was sad. Like a little white back on the table, looking at him and, you know, fuck shit was, was going to call and then call and then not knowing that it was his brother. and so that would have been kind of a really awkward thing.

And those moments really hit home for me because I remember as a kid growing up and, and seeing those kind of things, you know, there was, yeah. People that you kind of knew and you were in sat in one thing and somebody would start on somebody else. And you think, I know that guy and onset over here or, or similar kinds of things.

And I thought there was so many parts like that in the film that really hit home and really reminded me of the awkward kind of positions that youth get themselves

Howie:divided loyalty.

Dan:divided loyalties that the growing up, the mistakes that you make? I thought of Richard.

Reegs:bologna by reputation and that sort of

Dan:Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:other groups, maybe at a fight with a mate of yours or something like that.

Dan:And [00:44:00] I, this film had come up before because, I've not seen it before, but I thought, Oh, Jonah Hill, you know, he's, he's. I've seen stuff from his since super bad and all those kinds of things. And I fought as a debut. I thought this was really, really strong. I mean, we did a debut, a pod a little while back, and I think this would have got a shout in that because I thought it was really good.

It reminded me a little bit of, Richard link. Is it linked later? the, yeah, it dazed and confused and that kind of growing up thing. Okay. Dazed and confused was. Of its time. You know, it was the, the kind of sixties, seventies, or whatever, going up. Whereas the nineties midnight, he's had a far edgier kind of side to it and I thought he captured it.

I thought it was, you know, within that culture that I wasn't a part of, but I was through the films and through all the kind of music and everything that was going on at that time. You, you found that [00:45:00] relationship anyway.

Howie:I liked the,

Reegs:in soundtrack is killer in this, by the way, you've got the

Sidey:Yeah, it's fucking great.

Reegs:Herbie Hancock, there was loads of good stuff.

Sidey:It was actually just a Morrissey, not the

Reegs:Was it?


Reegs:mating. It gets those, there's the scene of them snaking down the middle of the

Howie:That's exactly

Sidey:off that, but it's just off, he's told him the story of his brother getting hit by a car and then you just see it. It's like it's Nike and


Howie:I did think it was amazing.

Reegs:it's a shot that will stick in the memory because it feels so real. You've got the sun just behind them in this music playing as they go down the middle of the freeway. It's like, yeah.

Sidey:well, there's this, there's this Sonic youth video for a hundred percent. That's a lot like that

Reegs:Oh yeah, of course. Yeah.

Dan:was one of the parts that I really liked actually, because off the mum's dragged him into this, into the skate store. Towed off everybody and, and, fuck shit is going, your tap that you out there, he's going to lie about his mom and everything. And

Sidey:But she goes, she [00:46:00] goes, you don't give him alcohol, you don't give him drugs. And then one of them chips up and goes, did you tell her about the fingering? That was, that was definitely comedic

Reegs:also have the most amazing conversation which I've actually had before about it. Would you rather

Howie:At the start.

Reegs:let your mum out or give your dad a blow job?

Dan:Oh, that kind of, yeah, we saw the kind of conversations you had. Were you your stupid ass mates back in your life, but it was when it's all those kinds of conversations that you

Howie:can't get rounded down. Simon has asked you a

Dan:I am trying to get.

Sidey:What do you think about how, how they left it then aside from the skateboard film that fourth-grade made, when they were in the, in the hospital beds, were they then going to. She was, it was the mom that accepted them and said, right, these are your mates. And I'm just going to have to get over it or where they got to was was right.

You going to try and go pro

Reegs:Well, I like the fact that you basically don't [00:47:00] know, right. It doesn't really, I got the sense that she'd accepted them, but Sonny would be sunburn would be, In the group for as long as you want it to be. And then he would always have a way out. Ray only had one way out, which was to be the professional skater.

I got the sense that fuck shit was just going to party and party and party until there was no more partying to

Howie:w was fuck shit from a privileged background. Is that what we're meant to take? Fuck shit was from a privileged background.

Sidey:Okay. I

Dan:No, I don't think so. It was funny actually. cause I chatted to my boy about this afterwards and said, what did you think of that film? And, one of the PO so is it interesting to me that, Was after the mother dragged him into the store, it kind of went right down Hill after that, like, you know, for him, it didn't suddenly give him that epiphany that, Oh, everything's going to be better.

Everything kind of just blew up even even worse. And it got, yeah. Kind of more, you know, crazy, really intense screaming, the kind of things that 13, 14 year old kids, when they've just been embarrassed in front of their friends will do, you [00:48:00] know, they will have that reaction or some will anyway. others will, we'll kind of talk her off, but he was too far.

Gone then into this, his friends and, and his, his self growing up. I felt that he wasn't going to take that. It already had a blow in with his brother. mum was just next in line. but at the end of the film, I asked my boy, what did you think of it? And he goes, I couldn't believe they didn't after the film get some reaction or something afterwards, it goes off for me.

I was like, well, what were they going to say? Those guys. To, to, to fourth grade who who'd been videoing, all their kind of skate sessions and everything, they weren't going to give him some critique. They were just gonna,

Sidey:So I thought he was going to go on and be, be quite successful is how I

Dan:and, and possibly he would have been, but, or not, you know, and I don't think you would have got any big reaction from those guys that are just made a few wise cracks in that, in their reaction.

So for us to be at the viewer to be allowed to think. I [00:49:00] wonder what happened to those guys after that? I thought it was a great way to end it

Howie:How on the money was a fourth grade film for the style, the fish eye lens. I was like, that is completely every video. I was just expecting them to say vision state skate, where at some point as well. And it was just like, this is completely as it was. Yeah. my favorite scene in the whole film is a weird one.

It was when he got the kickflip on his arm. He got, when he did the Ali outside his house, I was like, I remember I've ever tried so much and slam, slam, slam, and so happy when you do one Elaine one, but

Dan:not first that first skateboard he had, I had one like that. It was like, you're

Sidey:Yeah. I had one like that. So

Howie:True toys, team rider. True toys. Team rider. Oh, terrible.

Reegs:a PhD.

Sidey:Budget for this was one point $7 million. What do you reckon?

Howie:Well, Netflix don't disclose do they?

Sidey:I don't think it was Richard Netflix. That was

Howie:Oh, right.

Dan:okay. I, I would love to, to think this made

Sidey:Because I have got a box office ticket

Dan:I D I would love to [00:50:00] say this has made money.

Sidey:It did, it did make some money. Thankfully, I'm pleased about this. It made nine point where it has made

Dan:That's a fucking kick ass. Dope.

Sidey:So I, it, so to have that figure means to me that it kind of, it wasn't a Netflix

Howie:And it wasn't a wide distributed film.

Sidey:No, I had never heard of it at all. Like, I didn't know that Jonah Hill's written and directed a film, then none of this existed, nothing about it because. Like you mentioned before, this is something that I sort of grew up with, although I was not brave enough to actually learn to skate.

Well, cause it was too painful or the times you fell over, if Def has to knock around the park and see all the different labs and try and be in some way, part of it without fully being able to skate. so for me, this, the fucking redeemed yourself,

Dan:yeah. How are you needed

Howie:cool. My dude,

Sidey:to go, I'm going to go ahead. How were you not entertained?

Howie:I was.

Dan:yeah, for his fucking kick ass.

Reegs:absolute banger. Brilliant.

Sidey:Yeah. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Although I would say [00:51:00] some people might not enjoy it because of the language and some of the content in it, but for me, I

Dan:Yeah, grab that

Sidey:one solid nomination, but what about the, what about the kids TV?

Howie:okay. I nominated something for a relatively genuine reason on CBBC there. So the BBC to non UK listeners, Hank Zipzer. Which is a successful set of books written in part by the Fonz, Henry Winkler, who stars in this. And he is a well known dyslexic. And as somebody who used to work in schools, I used to see kids with dyslexia really struggled.

And I used to see teachers that didn't understand it properly, really slag them off and make them feel bad about themselves. And then, yeah. Yeah, they're there. Yeah. They used to think it was quite amusing and they never really gave them that there is, there's a lot of provisions in place for kids with [00:52:00] dyslexia to get the attention and help that they need in many schools.

And there are teachers that fully are on board with it, but often an education is tilted towards kids that are just as we all know. Write this down, write this down, write loads of stuff. You'll only be successful. If you can write this down, not other skills that kids might have, like, I dunno, acting, being more practical, physically doing something.

So the different skill sets that are there and that's, what's driven these books. It's to inspire confidence in young children that suffer from this and the headline for it is the world's best underachiever. that's the kind of the, the, the, the tagline of this story. So I chose the very first episode.

So you've got a bit of context on it. My kids did laugh out loud through this. it's called classroom catastrophe. there is a dubious teacher called adult who is, who is a tyrant and is awful and the headmaster as well.

Reegs:it was being done now. And she.

Howie:Well, yeah. and there's well there is the headmaster. [00:53:00] The, the headmaster is just basically an asshole who sets the whole class, an essay they've got to write about, their summer holidays, which obviously doesn't play well for, Hank Zipzer because writing is just a complete blur to him.

So this is a kind of a, it's this, this is obviously a real life drama type thing, but they throw a little comedy cartoons and stuff to spice up the story and to try and show you. What goes through his mind when he has to do things that go against what are his perceived abilities and, and his skill sets.

And so instead of writing a story, he and his friends decide to make a dire armor. If you like, of Niagara falls using cling film and hundreds of gallons of water to explain. Yeah. I thought fair enough. You know, he's had a good crack at making

Sidey:But the boat didn't stand up though. So I was Mark him down for

Dan:the dumbest.

Howie:onto it. and obviously catastrophe ensues and the water starts to go [00:54:00] everywhere.

And there is a scene involving a host pipe and everybody getting drenched, which my kids were laughing, their heads

Dan:Hilarity. Yeah.


Dan:Waiting for the chuckle brothers to make an entrance.

Howie:And, then the parents get brought in and then the, but it was quite weird was, was Henry Winkler, the Fonz who wrote the books is starring in this as a kind of ultra cool music teacher as well.


Howie:Yeah. And he's, provides an aside for Hank to sort of chat to is a bit of a school counselor. so yeah, so that's kind of almost all the story. I won't give away the MBA, but yeah. my

Sidey:why not fucking


Howie:that my kids, my kids really liked it and I liked the, I liked the whole thing.


Dan:I had to bring, my kid is okay. He's 14. So I had to bring him from, mid nineties down to Hank.

Howie:yeah, God.

Dan:that was too big, a swing for him. So he didn't stick around for it. leaving me to, to try and sell it then to my, my youngest, who just [00:55:00] wasn't. In the mood. I think this is the kind of thing we'll give her another go up maybe in a little while.

but as it, by washed it and, now listening to you and explain a little bit, actually more on the, the design and the dyslexia, you know, the reasons behind it, the chickens and the animation plays a little more, Into my mind and gives it a little more context and things. it was kind of like, I dunno, reminds me of like a, a really young kids, Holly Oaks or, or, you know, the way it was shot or like a cereal.

You could see that it was just gonna keep on going.

Sidey:you mean? It was absolutely fucking budget is what you

Dan:It was pretty bad. It was in that store. I mean, it was budget, most CBC stuff. They're not going to throw lots and lots of money and it had to be within when I saw the FOnz though, I'd come out of it. I started watching it and I didn't know the funds was in it.

So when I see the Fonz , just turn up as mr. Walker, you know, I was like, Ugh, you know, that's, that's the funds lost on my kids, of course, but it [00:56:00] gave me a little more, interest in it.

Sidey:alright. So I. Sort of feel a little bit bad about completely panning it, which I'm going to after, you know, saying that the point of it is about his dyslexia and stuff like that. And obviously when he talks about his handwriting and he said, it looks like a chicken's walked all over his work and his, and his handwriting shit and all that, I think.

Well, okay. So there is a sort of a decent message behind it as such, however, I just. You hit the bullseye on the stuff that I fucking hate the most, which is this fucking sort of bullshit, schoolyard fucking drama. Bollix with the most painful, fucking awful performances that fucking whole monitor prefect kid. It nearly went off because what a fucking painful segment that was. And I also thought that almost. Yeah, almost about half of this was just cut scenes between, you know, sped up little sections of footage, where they went from [00:57:00] one place to another with really fucking loud, irritating music. I just fucking hated it.

I absolutely powerfully fucking

Howie:I'd say for how.

Reegs:I liked it, how he, I liked, I did pick up on the ideas about, learning challenges, because they're integral to the story, right? Because the whole, everything is framed about, the problems that Hank gets himself into are always as the result of his condition, but more so the refusal of people to accommodate it, which is what threw me.

When you said that when you were a teacher that. That that idea was still prevalent because I just

Dan:Prevalent big word.

Howie:One star.

Sidey:one star.

Reegs:I think it gives a voice to people who experienced those kinds of learning challenges, kids of that age that may not find things

Howie:Yeah. They can't access the learning. They can't access it.

Reegs:They can't access [00:58:00] the learning and they probably

Sidey:Yeah, but they don't need to fucking see it on TV. Get some robots machine guns. This is politics.

Reegs:you know, I thought it gave a voice for those people who were affected by those sort of learning challenges and raises awareness for people who are aren't. I thought it was quite funny. I mean, I wasn't sitting there laughing my head off, but I did think that there was quite a lot of things that were a lot younger.

I would have thought it was funny. the weird grandpa threw me a little bit.

Howie:Oh yeah, the, the Italian,

Reegs:like with the Italian, I thought he was from like Transylvania or

Howie:Yeah, he's a PA what'd he say? Pasta sausage or something? Salami.

Reegs:you know, and then it's got this thing where it's constant, where it shows you that for him to do anything, he focuses on what he's good at and, you know, Fe concentrates on his strengths rather than his weaknesses. I thought they were really solid messages, something I hadn't seen before addressed in that kind of show.

And yeah, I think you're two for two this [00:59:00] week. We, I was impressed.

Howie:cool. Just so you know, the teacher I had, I remember the teacher, miss Adolphe.

Sidey:Felicity Montague.

Howie:huh. So she's called not just called miss Ella. She's called Fanny adult. Now that is a hell of a teaching name.

Sidey:did he recognize it

Reegs:Yeah, I did. But what from,

Sidey:She's Lynn and Alan Partridge.

Reegs:of course, I've just read, watched that recently as well.

Sidey:How'd you not support that?

Reegs:I knew I'd seen her.

Sidey:I thought the headmaster was an utter Dick. I was just getting annoyed, right?

Howie:yeah. He was a, he was the C word.

Dan:this was, this was episode one season one. And I think with any kind of new show, like this, there's a certain amount you have to try to invest in it in the characters. There's a bit of introduction and stuff. And I think this episode probably suffered a little bit for that, just to, to try to make it so obvious, I would have to see more, but yeah.


Howie:36 at this 36 episodes and a TV movie.

Dan:see [01:00:00] that society? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:yes. That I'm not fucking got anywhere near this shit

Dan:I, I would, I was, my interest was piqued enough that I would encourage my kids to watch another one with me. I, I think there was, enough about it. The fucking, yeah, the Fonz, you know, it's gotta be cool in some way, shape or form, if it didn't.

Sidey:absolutely phoned this in.

Dan:Cause he wrote it as well.

It didn't, he wrote that

Howie:Yeah. Yeah. He's wrote the books. He's written the books.

Reegs:W w how are you saying he phoned it in?

Sidey:Yeah. It was like, Oh, let's just rock up. Say a few lines. Fuck off again. It was

Dan:No, that's all phones ever had.

Reegs:own. Yeah, it was based on his own

Sidey:H he, he jumped the shark and this episode right out of the gate.

Reegs:No, no, I'm going to have to disagree with you there

Dan:It was, it was, you know, one of those that I think. I would have to watch it again before I'd make a really strong commitment, but I wouldn't like to say I didn't like it at this stage. I think it's too early for me to [01:01:00] say no.

Reegs:would make you racist against dyslexic people.

Dan:Yeah, exactly.


Sidey:right. Then every spoken enough about this one.

Reegs:Oh, you entertained?

Sidey:Well, that's what I was about to

Reegs:We'll fucking do it then.

Sidey:Howie. Were you not entertained by your own nomination?

Howie:it was

Dan:Do I have to give a yes or no answer, is it you've gotta be as, as, cause I'd like, I would, I would like to sit on the fence with this one, but I'm leaning more yes. Than no.

Sidey:Okie dokie breaks.

Reegs:Dan sits on the fence because he enjoys the sensation. I'm going to go with a solid yes, for me. I like


Sidey:Not for me. This one. Not for me.


  Thanks chaps for your thoughts this evening. everyone listening. If you want to drop us a line and leave some more one star reviews, we'd absolutely love that. it fuels it fuels our collective fires for the show. next week we're better than not

Reegs:I don't think you

Sidey:only March.

Reegs:is [01:02:00] literally the lowest you could get. So we got literally the lowest.

Dan:But it's meant that you felt something enough there to go and drop someone down.

Sidey:Yeah. At least, at least we're polarizing

Reegs:the person who left this review actually went on to find us, created an account. And reviewed us at one star on the same day that he created his counselor. He felt that passionate that we were that awful, that he bothered to do that. So I that's some

Dan:Thank you for that.

Sidey:Yeah, I feel good about that. So anyway, leave us, you can leave us a five star view if you really want a subscribe. Come and talk to us on Twitter and all those good things. Next week, we're watching a movie called under the skin. And not only that, but we're extremely lucky to manage, to have a chat with one of the stars of the film.

So definitely definitely worth tuning in for that one. Cause it's absolutely tiptop. all that remains is to say citing, signing out.


Dan:Dan's gone.

[01:03:00] Howie:How he's boy.