Jan. 13, 2023

The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees of Inisherin

We'll get back on to our usual programming soon, but for this week we're taking a look at The Banshees of Inisherin. Serendipitous timing as this nabbed some big awards at the Golden Globes this week. I assure you that is a compete fluke, we are in no way organised enough to plan these things!

Banshees sees the In Bruges can team up once again to tell the story of a friendship gone sour. Were they able to repeat the success of their previous outing? The Hollywood Foreign Press certainly think so, but more importantly, what did Dan and Sidey think?


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Banshees of Inisherin

Sidey: part two of our Colin Farrell. Loving, but the rest of the gang, I

Dan: I dunno. You say Colin. I say Brendan.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, I'm saying that the rest of the gang are, are along for the ride too, because we loved ibr. Yeah. Fantastic. Everyone has teamed up again for the Banes of Shean

Dan: and yeah, I mean we, we, we talked a little bit about it in the mid weeker.

We did for in Bru about these two guys Brendan Gleason and Colin Farrell, cuz we've reviewed quite a few of their films on the pod over the years. The Guard was the last one I think we did with Brendan Gleason, which. Fucking brilliant

Sidey: That's good. Yeah, it was really

Dan: It was, it was one of those, if you look at the poster, you might not be into, but give the film a go and it was fantastic.

Sidey: That was excellent. Obviously we, we really, really enjoyed in bru and heard a lot of positive stuff about this

Dan: Well, as soon as I saw these two characters in the same film again, straight away, like a lot of people, you're like, I wanna.

Sidey: Yeah. And as soon as they got word that Martin McDonough was working on this and it, it was a long while ago seven years ago, they were straight in.

Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Really? Was it as long as go as

Sidey: it wasn't like that, it was in production head or anything. It's just that

Dan: I'm

Sidey: other

Dan: of something

Sidey: one day want get, do another one. And they're like, yeah. counted like no matter what we're in, definitely which

Dan: straightaway

Sidey: Is gonna add to you. So yeah, I'd seen a few reviews as I'd heard Mark Kamo talk about it as potential Oscar winner.

And I know I say a few people who'd seen it at the cinema cuz it had a bit quite a limited cinematic release. And then it's, it's on Disney Plus now. It's where you can catch it.

and only heard positive things about it. So expectation was through the roof of this, and it's, and I'd, I'd pretty much had it spoiled in the sense that the plot is pretty thin when you get down to it.

Yeah. It's just two friends, one of whom decides he no longer, longer, wants to see the other one. And it's the fallout of that. Yeah. That decision.

Dan: we are at the tail end of the Irish Civil War in the, in the kind of 1920s. Yeah. And we're on this fictional island.

Yeah. And column Docky, which is Brendan Gleason column. Yeah. He. He's in his house one day with a lovely little kind of stone fisherman's hat on heart on the beach, and you you see Pat Patrick kind of jolly walking down to him and he's, he's going along a well worn path and he knocks on the window and the door and it's, it's like, Nearly two o'clock will I see you down the pub?

Then will I call him like, who just ignores him and he keeps on ignoring

Sidey: him. Very stoic, no expression.

Dan: eventually this kind of bubbly, smiley, kind of Colin far Colin Farrell's character. Patrick goes, oh, I'll see you up there. Then thinking it must be something wrong. As he gets to the bar, the barman goes, oh, where's column?

Then he goes, oh, he, he'd be

Sidey: it'd be long shortly. Like, you know, long, shortly poor. They pour two beers, don't they?

Dan: and.


this is still you know, he, he's not got any sense that anything's really wrong here. Yeah. But when Colin gets there, he, he, he just doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Sidey: He just takes his beer and sits on his own, doesn't he first?

And then he goes over and they, they're up sitting outside and he

says, look,

Dan: are you arguing? They go, are you arguing? He goes, no, we're not arguing, because there's another couple that get into, and you, you've gotta think of this film now. It's it's mainly set in the pub like an Irish country pub in, off, off, just off the coast.

Sidey: a tiny, tiny little coastal Yeah. Village. You know, there's a, there's hardly any people there.

Dan: And so everybody knows everybody. And the people that are in the pub are always in the pub. They're always coming and going and everybody knows.

Sidey: Yeah. And they, they go inside and he just very matter of factly says, look, I don't want to, you know, that's it.

I don't wanna speak to you no more.

It's a, you're too, you're too dull.


I've got other stuff I wanna do in my life. I'm not wasting it just talking to you in a pub anymore. That's it. Don't talk to me no more.

Dan: And he goes, I spent two and a half hours talking to her.

Yeah, it is donkey Jenny or something. And he goes, I just don't have that. I, I need to compose. Cuz he, he plays the fiddle and

Sidey: In real life too. He plays, plays it for real in

Dan: And he, he plays it pretty well. And he, he wants to compose things. He wants to use his


Sidey: wants a legacy. He wants something that people can remember and buy.

Yeah. He doesn't wanna just fucking spend his life pissing out the wall.

Dan: and it's not like he's an asshole cuz he's well liked by everyone else. He's really, you know, he gets on well. He is liked by the other islanders. He's, he's joking and laughing with everyone else, but he's suddenly just out the blue after a few years of being mates with this guy is suddenly just ghosting him.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's it's a bolt from the blue for

Dan: yeah, for Patrick. He, he's just, he's

Sidey: he's retake a bat by, and he lives he has a. , which he shares with his sister. Yeah. And he's sitting eating his savo. Yeah, he's eating his dinner and she can tell something is up and she's like, what's the matter with you?

You know, they say f and they really not, not the dialogue. I was just thinking of Father Ted the whole time as well, because that funny, you

Dan: The, well,

Sidey: funny dialogue in it.

Dan: and he's, he's just become a little bit de now, isn't he? Because

Sidey: he just can't get his head round. He's, and, and for the audience as well, it's like a weird thing for two people who are really good mates for one person just outta the blue say, I, we're not friends anymore, but no one, but nothing's happened particularly that hasn't had an argument or falling out.

It's just that. I've, I've reevaluated and I don't want to be palsy you. Yeah. So he can't, he just, it's bizarre. He seems like he's a little, not slow, but kind of a little bit like Ray. He's the sort of more simple one out of the two. Yeah. He's just a very simple mate. He looks after his animals. He's got a small holding.


Dan: he's happy simple, but he

Sidey: very content in his routine of like looking after Jenny's donkey, doing a few chores, get in the pub, two happy days. I mean, fuck all else to do on this island. There's terrible wifi.

Dan: He, he, he gets, yeah, he's none of that. So Patrick, he's growing he's pretty distressed by this rejection and

And as he's tried to speak to Colin and goes, what's going on here? You know, he goes to him a couple of times and he just says, and he goes, look, I, I just have to, he's too dull. I just don't wanna spend it. I wanna spend time doing my music. I speak to other people, whatever. I just. Don't want you in my life anymore.

I don't want it anymore. And and eventually he gives him this mad mate. He says, look, if you try to speak to me again, I'm gonna cut off one of my fingers.

Sidey: Yeah. He, he has a, the shears with him, he's got this like really horrible, rusty, crude looking sheep shearings. And he's like, mate, I'll take off my finger.

And he's like, well, how are you gonna play the fiddle ? Yeah, that's it. He's got a laundry. Him, there's a few people have tried to sort of reason with him, Chevon's had to go him in the pub. And Patrick's been spending a bit of time with this dominant character played by Barry Kegan. Kegan, have you pronounce his name?

He's fucking great. He's in this. The, like, he's the village. He, he is the village

Dan: although

he's not. All that far removed. And it actually comes up with a, a few words that that Patrick's never heard of. And he goes, what does that, in making him feel like the village idiot. And he's even at one point goes to, to follow this suggestion, but that's a little bit later on

Sidey: down

Dan: the line.

So he tries to follow Dominic's advice a little bit later. But

Sidey: there's a fairly upsetting subplot about Dominic and he's being abused by his father, his father's the, the village police officer. And at one point he's the Patrick says, Buck ring your own son or, or something like that. He, he, he basically accuses him explicitly.

And Dominic perhaps up says, I didn't tell him, daddy. I didn't tell him. He just said that. He said

Dan: that, that's, that's a little bit later on down the line. That's after he's already chopped off one of his fingers because what happens is he goes to speak to him again. He just can't, he gets drunk and he just can't

Sidey: yeah, he just

Dan: that, you

Sidey: him, you

Dan: know,

What are you doing?

What's going on here? And of course he's not, it's just a matter of saying, it's just a, a matter of words that he's gonna go and, and to do it. He doesn't actually think that he's gonna cut off his finger at this stage, but when he, when he

Sidey: didn't march up to his house

Dan: and you hear a thud at the door, it's just like, like, I know, like, like that on the door.


Sidey: it's a big fucking like, index

Dan: huge finger, isn't it? He's got big old stuby

Sidey: finger. Yeah.

Dan: And he means it. He's,

Sidey: He wasn't bluffing. He was not bluffing,

Dan: and he's chopped off right for his finger and then strolled off, back down, holding his kind of the pain in. Because it's, it's less painful than speaking to Patrick.

Sidey: Yeah. And then, but then he starts, he, he really is serious about his, his fiddling, his fiddle playing. And he started meeting this guy who's come over from the mainland. And. He's hanging out with him in the pub. So Patrick's like, well, what the fuck you. You're still talking to people, but just not me.

Like it's fucking weird. He just can't get his head around it. So he, he confronts this this guy and he, he spins himself bullshit about you. His dad's been killed or is dead and he's gonna have to fuck off. And so this guy's like, oh no, no. All fuck off . You know? And he, so he does, he, he like Scotts off back or he was going to go off back to the mainland, isn't he?

, but then Patrick in a sort of moment of guilt confesses that he's done this to

Dan: yeah. Colin to, to Colin who then chops off the rest of his fingers and throw 'em all at the door. I mean, we, we are skipping over little bits here, but it's, there's so much dialogue and there's , the acting lines and things

Sidey: and not just these two, but everyone in this,

Dan: everyone, all these different characters that are drawn into

Sidey: Shavonne is this she's quite an attractive lady, but she's the like, town sort of spinster.

She hasn't, haven't been able to like marry her off with anyone. And she's not concerned about that at all. She's very happy. She's content on her own kids,

Dan: to be honest. I

Sidey: there's not, yeah. But you know,

Dan: Dominic tries at one

Sidey: Dominic.

It is a lot younger than her and she's kind of flattered by his interest, but she's not at all interested.

So there's, you know, she's gonna have to ups sticks and leave the island.

Dan: talks about this and she also talks about after one finger's being chopped off that look, he's serious. Yeah. Don't go and speak to him again. Do not go and speak to him again. But after taking advice from Dominic and Dominic's the kind of guy who's getting drunk and all goes, have you seen your sister naked?

Have you

Sidey: Well, they also have this brilliant scene where because he hasn't got calm to hang out with Dominic's like, don't worry, we'll have a drink and they go home. And then Nick. The old man who the police officers moonshine, but he's falling asleep naked in the object.

Dan: don't wake up. He hates it when I,

Sidey: I'm here,

Dan: when I've been waking him, when he is been wanking,

Sidey: And he

Dan: look at him. He is a little brown cock

Sidey: And

Dan: you realize, oh, that's where the abuse is all coming in and everything as well. And

Sidey: it's fairly grim.

Dan: horrible.

Sidey: And but the, the, the, the knock on effect of calm, having. Ridden himself of the rest of his fingers. He throws those at the door. And when Patrick goes home, has, has Shavon already left at this point?


Dan: from the post office who's another character in there?

Sidey: She's left. So he's been, there's been this ongoing joke of like, she shouts every time the donkey's letting the house. And she's, she tries to keep it, you know, the, the animals outside. , but he's now allowing the, his, his only like companions.

Now these fucking stupid animals, this is a farm animals, Jenny, but Jenny has eaten the donkey. Jenny, the donkey has eaten one of comm's fingers and choked to death. And so he is absolutely fucking distraught.

Dan: thi this is it. And you start then to see a new pad because he is a man now that has lost the , he's lost his sister, he's lost his best mate, and now he's lost the one

Sidey: he's lost. Companion lost. Jenny is donkey

Dan: that, that he had.

And he loved that donkey. He did. And he's, he then goes and he, well, the,

Sidey: can't overstate it enough because he was so nice and jovial at the start of the film.

And now he's, I wouldn't say psychotic, but it's not far off cuz he goes to the house and he says, no reason I'm gonna fucking burn your house. Tomorrow,

Dan: it or not.

Sidey: says tomorrow I'm coming back here and well burn your fucking house down. And 12 o'clock. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And it's Sunday, so they're all in church.

Sidey: There's been this thing as well on. We haven't even mentioned her. Mrs. Something rather. What's her name? Hang on. Mrs. McCormick. She's like some sort of pagan


Druid or witch character. She's dressed, she's got kind of.

Like robes and, and, and ruins on hers, like a necklace and, and a staff.

And you're like, what is she all

Dan: Well, she's normally, she's friends with the sister, friends . They're not, she just can't get away from her whenever she's spoken to her and where, you know, it's just one of those people you bump into.

And she's, she's taken to like hide him behind walls so she won't see her. And, and Patrick gives a, a away at one point when she's at the house and he goes, aren't you, you? Having to make her deny that in front of the lady that she's escaping from her and hiding

Sidey: from her. But she's given this message this warning that there's gonna be a death soon. Death is coming to the island soon, she says.

I think So there's this kind of sinister, or, I don't know, not, not like supernatural, but she's fucking eerie looking like, you know, there's something strange going on there. And so yeah, he's, he's given calm this morning. Tomorrow midday, I'll be here, I'm gonna fucking burn your house down, whether you're in it or not.

And he turns up the next day and calms just sat again, like the right we've seen at the start. He's just sat in there like completely.

Non-reactive to him. He's setting up all this word by the windows and the doors and and he starts to set it light and, but he just takes the dog away. He doesn't want to dam the dog.


Dan: nothing against the dog.

Sidey: again. Yeah, he, he, he rescues the dog and puts him on his car and leaves. we see the house go up in flames and it's bowing away as he just sort of slowly departs on his horse and cup.

Dan: And he goes to the pub, the, in the evening, and and he learns that what, he's, he's still there, isn't he? He's, he's playing the fiddler, or he's, he's met up, he, he realizes that.

That he hadn't gone down with the house cuz he sees him on the beach the next day For sure. And he wanders along, doesn't he? And he goes, well, you burnt my house down. I guess that's us even now.

Sidey: He said, no, it'd be fucking, even if you'd been in it

Dan: Yeah. He's just, he's just gone like full on, as you say. He's, he's totally changed

Sidey: Yeah. He's not having it.

Dan: It's a vendetta to the death. I mean, he's, he's just insulted too much. Jenny's gone and there's no bringing her back. And there's a, a scene where the policeman, who's just an ass,

Sidey: a real horrible bastard.

Dan: been called out a couple of times, and you've got the, the one handed. Kind

Sidey: he dex him, he does stick up for, that's over,

Dan: over Jenny.

He goes, ah, you, I heard your, your donkey's dead then. Oh, I bet you would've. And before he can get the words out,

Sidey: Calm him. Smacks him.

Dan: him. Colin smacked him as a mate would do as, as somebody's just about to say something to another friend. But of course they're not friends anymore. But it confuses things again between them a little bit, just for a

Sidey: Yeah. But when he, he does go back to the house the next day and he sees him just stood on the beach cuz he's, we've seen him a few times. He just stands on the beach and he looks out to see, and he is very, I don't know, reflective and, and sort of moody, you know, and

and he, he, he says, oh, thanks for not killing the dog.

And he's like, anytime. And he just like leaves and you see that Mrs. McCormick just is watching them from afar and it's like, what the fuck is going on? And that's kind of it. It's like feud is just gonna go on and on and on. It's

Dan: it's just, yeah, that's, that's basically what we've see seen the beginning of a feud. I don't think there'll be a, a, a two, a second one or

Sidey: no, no, no. It's absolutely, totally

Dan: away film and it leaves this on its

Sidey: the way they leave it

Dan: and talk of Oscars and all the rest of it is absolutely relevant. When I was watching it, it's just, Amazing piece of filmmaking and acting because there isn't a huge amount of action, but it's so relatable. It's so kind of a simple plot that is just two people suddenly he's not speaking to me anymore and it just doesn't want, or whatever it is, and the way they act it fantastic.


Sidey: it's really actually in the score. The score is brilliant.

The, the cinematography of the island is fantastic. The performances are great from like across the board.

Everyone is brilliant in it. Believe the hype for this one, it is really exceptional. You just want them to make like film after film, after film, after seeing these two, cuz it is brilliant. Feel really bad for Dominic cuz he doesn't make it. Through the film he drowns, unfortunately. Spoiler alert. He Mrs.

McCormick tells the policeman to come over. She backends him over and he finds his son dead in the, in his rids.

Dan: There, there's

there. There's lot, there's lots of layers.

And they probably benefit from multiple views. This one to, to get it

Sidey: I'm definitely gonna see it again and again.

Dan: I was just reading about the Jenny it was her first movie.

Sidey: Yes. She was a diva.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: biggest diva on set going to Colin Farrell

Dan: Apparently

Sidey: you, did you read the name of her stunt double?

Was a second. There was a second. Nosy, Rosie. That's right. Nosy. Rosie was the second donkey and she had ample experience on film sets.

Dan: makes you wonder why they didn't go for it, but sometimes you, you know,

right one.

Sidey: Colin Farwell. didn't have a great time on set. He had several animal incidents. Jenny, Jenny was her, is her real name and her character's name because it made it easier apparently for, for getting the cues right. She booted she gave Colin Farrell a wack while he was hand feeding her the dog that portray.

Brendan Gleason's pet bit. Him and the horse and cart tried to reverse him into the ocean as well. So struggled. Struggled with the animals.

Dan: you need insurance on these films.

Sidey: Didn't let it effect his performance though, which was absolutely tip top.

Dan: If you were gonna say who's getting the, the Oscar out of Farlan Gleason?

Sidey: share

Dan: they could both get it.

Sidey: they could share

Dan: both get it. So, that is an early 2023 Strong recommend

Sidey: Yeah, absolutely. Go see this one. 100%.