Sept. 30, 2022

The Beaver & Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons

The Beaver & Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons

With the Dads decimated by a combination of birthdays, studying and paddle board salesman conventions it's left to Peter and Sidey to bring us the epic conclusion to the strong Puppet theme which has taken over this week’s show. Starting with the Top 5 Puppets, naturally, the guys are on hand to discuss some rarely featured films and tv. Listen in, or don't, there's no strings attached and it's all very heart felt. Sorry.

All you have to do to emotionally reconcile with your son is saw your own arm off in Jodie Foster's  THE BEAVER (2011) which asks its viewer to suspend disbelief for a number of wild ideas, including that it would be possible to move an enormous mural from a downtown city wall to a bedroom without ripping it or damaging it any way, either during the removal or reapplication of the painting process. Mel Gibson plays Walter Black, once a devoted husband, loving father and successful businessman whose suicide is unfortunately interrupted by a hand puppet he found discarded in a dumpster. Allowing The Beaver (Mel Gibson) to talk for him, Walter begins to reintegrate back into his life, with the furry glove enriching the people around him in various nonsensical ways dictated by a screenplay so mechanically obvious that Mel hits rock bottom at exactly two-thirds the running time. Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence are fine actors stuck in a chemistry-less dead brother romance sub-plot which has the pair arrested seconds after graffitiing a wall late at night only for Lawrence to then presumably return in broad daylight and complete her design without any interference and also has nothing whatsoever to do thematically with the main story. Foster's acting performance is probably fine in a thin role as Walter's wife which requires her to instantly accept the premise (good job someone did) but also have a threesome with the hairy, wild-eyed wood-eater and the Beaver.

Pedestrian direction, an uneven tone and an almost completely humourless approach all contrive to make this uninteresting to watch even if you’re tempted to, because despite Gibson mining his own pain, this is little more than a cynical public image rescue exercise designed to garner sympathy. Give this one a miss folks.

To the legions of CAPTAIN SCARLETT AND THE MYSTERONS fans now flocking to the podcast in eager anticipation of their favourite show finally getting the Bad Dads treatment, I can only apologise because just as with LAWRENCE OF ARABIA I didn't watch this one and so can't fairly comment on the first ever episode of this classic Super Mario Bros Animation thing. I have only dim memories of this, a darker THUNDERBIRDS, and scale model wars with the mysterious Mysterons. Hey do you think that's where they get their name? From being mysterious? This was probably amazing, let's say that.

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Bad Dads


The Beaver

Sidey: Welcome to Bad Dad's. Film review is kind of how rigs does it. We've distilled the bad dads down to just two tonight. It's Pete. Hello,

And myself Siding.

Pete: Yeah. It's weird. I've never done this is my first ever tosome.


Normally there are at least one or two other guys in the room when we're doing this.

Yeah. And yeah, it's it's, it's strange. I, all I've thought about all day is how much of a great opportunity is to sl the other bad dads off while they're not here, behind their back

Sidey: Yeah. So res is absent because it's his daughter's, his youngest's birthday today, this very day.

So they're doing like family staff and Dan has some urgent schoolwork to do

for college tomorrow

that couldn't possibly have been done at the weekend.

Pete: and, and that he's currently doing , bizarrely dressed as a bear. Yeah. Which is an absolutely true story where he, he popped into the man cave just before dressed as a bear. And it's, I think it's because he works for the zoo and so he has to dress up as an animal whenever he is doing coursework.

Gets him in that frame

Sidey: the zone.

Yeah. So we've got the football on just to put you at ease. We've got England, Germany on. We've got beer

and we've got snacks.

So that's good. Did you watch anything on television this week?

Pete: I have been watching stuff. What I've watched mostly on the television though, is my, I've, it's actually my youngest son's birthday tomorrow, but his birthday's 10 days after another one of my children's and he got an Nintendo

Sidey: Oh.

Pete: I've been puling supermart basically. It's now mine.

Sidey: Oh To see

Pete: Switch. No, this is the Super Mario Bros. U something or other. It's like platform. proper my, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's good. It's great for Jojo. He's, this is his first ever like, platform game. And he's getting good. So he's like rushing home from school to like try and find secret exits out of levels and stuff like that.

It's got, it's got a Super Mario three vibe about it or the one with Yoshi, the first one with like Yoshi and you could get

Sidey: Super Mario World.

Pete: That one. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It

Sidey: is is it The first SNAs one. I've got Sy Mario Oey. It's fucking excellent. So I'll, send that your

Pete: Great.

We can, we can get into that. In terms of watching things other than homework, I've been, I've got back into, no, sorry. There's I, it's been a little while since I've been on the podcast cuz I've basically turned into a professional CrossFitter since then. So I don't have as much time for shenanigans, but I've finished off Better Soul, which is great.

And watched some other stuff. I I'm really, I'm gonna have to concede that I'm really losing patience with the Lord of the Rings. Yeah, you you were pretty much right. It's almost like you were calling it before it was became unbearable. So,

Sidey: yeah. So that's the only thing, other than the homework that I've watched this week, I think maybe actually that's not true. Maybe, maybe one or two. Cobra Kai's. But even Cobra Kai, like this,

the, charming, the nostalgia is getting a little bit long in the tooth now, and I'm, sort of only just still enjoying it, but rings of

power, and I would say actually

the rings of power for me, it's got a,

like, marginally better.


Pete: I haven't seen the latest

Sidey: so I've gone from like a three out of 10 to maybe a five out of 10.

still get agitated when they show me the map. I'm like, fuck off with these maps.

Pete: yeah. yeah No, I, that's, that's sort, that's started grading on me. I'm hoping it's gonna, cuz we kind of know what's gonna happen. Yeah. And that surely is gonna be really fucking epic. There's gonna be like sour and all these rings and all of that sort of shit.

So I, I'm, I'm kind of like trying to keep with it so that I get see that I've been watching the sick season of animal Kingdom, which is I think the thing that my Mrs and I have enjoyed the most together.

Sidey: How's that?

Pete: I've mentioned it before on here, it's kind of, there's no one you've really heard of in it.

But it's it's basically the premise is a lad has a mom, she's a junkie. She dies, He's got nobody else doesn't know who his dad is. And this woman comes around and says that, I'm your grandmother. You're coming with me now after the mum has died. And he finds out that he's part of this, basically like this crime family who live like somewhere near San Diego or something.

And they kind of like rule the roos. They're like a, like a, yeah, like a crime family. And he gets into that and is like his journey through the, to almost become like the head of the family and so on. It's kind of, yeah, it's,

Sidey: it's, Right

Pete: it's, peaked, but it's still still enjoyable. And I can't think of anything else that I've watched this.

Oh I've watched scan flick.

Sidey: Oh, so did I. Yeah, there was a couple of like, obvious, actually,

Pete: The,

Sidey: like a crash, It's not a script

Pete: element of it,

Sidey: It's ock. I

can barely tolerate it but I, I couldn't even work out if the falling into the ice was contrived.

Cause at first it was like, Oh, that's like, that must have been a genuine thing. But then they've got this elaborate plan of how to get out rest. I'm obviously that's staged then. But the crash in the tunnel was like full on.

Pete: Yeah. And, and all the other stuff like rocking up then like park up and then they're in the, like the middle of a ski slope. And so there's still bits that I was pissing myself laughing at.

Sidey: Mostly I just watch it and think, God, I wish I could do, like

adventures that, have a fun

Pete: that's the, I think that's the next kind of like, level for the bad dads is to

Sidey: well we've got nearly, we saved nearly 400 pounds

Pete: Well this is it. We need to start you know, like sping that budget on on elaborate journeys around

Sidey: like I think if we if we charge, if people had paid us a pound for every dam we'd ever had, we would,

we would we would be able to do something fun.

but we haven't done that.

Pete: So although cars are expensive, cuz when I went away for a wedding and lost the key key for the higher car, it's cost me the thick end of 2000 pounds.

Sidey: Well done.

We did a top five last week, which was about hitch hikers. Mm-hmm. . And we collectively put in hours and Stevie Robinson's seven minute abs guy from something about Mary went in and to complete the top five. Cause we did have some other ones, which we mentioned. Breach cheese's, Hitcher is going in because she nominated it with the poster and it does look tremendous.

So that is gonna complete last week's top Right. We mentioned during our review of Team America, which you should check out if you've not already, that this is a themed week. This is a puppet themed week,

and so that is

gonna be our top


Pete: Yes it is.

Sidey: Do you wanna crack on with it?

Pete: Okay, let's get into it. I let's kick. I don't think there's a better place to start really than the Muppets.

Dan: Mm-hmm

Pete: And I know the Muppets have been mentioned on this pod in the past, but we've never really delved a great deal into, into them. But the films themselves has been eight feature length films, I think might have been a couple of like, straight to video ones and so on. But in terms of the films total Box Office of 450 million,

Sidey: I have got a list of the 10 highest grossing puppet films.

Pete: Well, I bet you a lot of them are Muppet

Dan: They

Sidey: are number one, the Muppet's, number three, Muppet's Most Wanted number four, Muppet's movie. Number seven, Muppet, Treasure Island, Number nine, Muppet's Christmas, Carol. That fucking, that's the best one. That's maybe the best film. Full stop,

Pete: whatever. Yeah.


Sidey: Muppets


That was the 2011 one that's made 165

Pete: Yeah. So over a third of the total box office

Sidey: Christmas Carol. Only 29 million.

Pete: Yeah. I get, I dunno, I dunno if the Muppets were as prominent on a

Sidey: huge

Pete: kind of, cuz they are kind of

Sidey: I think they were large.

Pete: British American kind of hybrid, aren't they? Like Jim Henson's American, right? And so, and all the Muppets have like American accent some, but it tends to be like British actors, like as Michael Kane in the In the, in the Christmas Carol.

My favorite Muppets film is Muppets Treasure Island.

Sidey: haven't seen


Pete: Oh, I fucking love that film. I really, really,

Sidey: should have nominated

Dan: it.

Pete: Well, I should have, but I had to get down to see Team America. Yeah. Muppet's, Treasure Island. Tim Curry. I think you might hate Tim Curry.

Sidey: No, I'm,

Pete: Well, Rocky H Picture Show is worth hating him for, but yeah, Tim Curry's in it.

He's Long John Silver. It's really good. It's, Yeah, I, I love the story. There's some really fucking great cameos from like Billy Connolly and Jennifer Saunders. Yeah, the story, I mean, the, the thing I like my favorite rhyming slang to use is is Muppet basis. I like calling the toilet the Kermit, Kermit the Frog Bog.

So I refer to the toilet now constantly as the Kermit, but yeah, Muppet's The, the guy from Muppet Treasure Island, the main, it's like a child actor, which you'll hate Kevin Bishop, and he's like, basically died of death since then. So it was the final name in. Yeah. Even if you looked him up, I think he'd struggled to recognize him.

But yeah. Muppets specifically Muppet Treasure Island. I'd like to open with,

Sidey: We've got a thing about Dan hating the Muppets and he's not here to defend himself, but I think that was he was always been the kind of antip, I


Pete: I, I remember the Fraggle were covered on the, on the children.

So you hated that

Sidey: I didn't like that. I thought Dan did like that one.

Pete: I, I loved the Fraggle as a kid.

Sidey: I didn't like it. Apart from, there's an episode called Side Bottom Blues.

Which is named like my name.

Pete: Yeah. . Right. But yeah, I think Dan's just generally anti puppet and that's probably the real reason why he's dressed like a bear and studying inside now.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. So

I don't know quite

what the criteria is gonna be. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna mention Empire Strikes Back and

Yoda So he's obviously not, he's a, he's a humanoid character, but clearly he is a puppet. And so it's a Henson thing.

So I dunno whether you were gonna say you can't

have that cause it's not

a puppet.

Pete: Well, I, I, as I was doing my research for this, I found that

Sidey: but then the Muppets





I suppose they are recognized themselves as

Pete: as puppets

Sidey: puppets Yeah.

But I wanted to talk about Yoda because

it's very clearly a puppet. A puppet in the movie, and yet it's still.

to my mind,

much better than the CGI BOLs from the originals.

Originals from the

Preco trilogy Yeah. Yeah.

When he does all the, like some sorting

and shit, the

Pete: That was, that was the point where I really like, hated the, the prequels when he was doing like all the, and loads of people in the cinema was like, were going nuts cuz like, Yoda's doing all these flips and shit. And I just thought, this is fucking

Sidey: Yes Bollocks

Pete: Cuz he walked, still walked in with like a cane.

Sidey: Yeah. He's clearly decrepit old man. Like when, So 900 years old, he says in, when he is in

debar. Yeah. But that, it

really, to me speaks to like

the, all the practical stuff of like real

tangible things on the screen just look better and are better than



Pete: and this, this is where I got to in my, because what I wanted to do is like stay true to the, to the topic and, and largely, predominantly go for,

 actual like puppets in film.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: But it was only, you know, when you, when you look at it, say Star Wars, tons of this puppet, I mean Jab of the Hut is a puppet, effectively salacious bee crumb, these kinds of guys, like all the, like the, the freaky animals, a lot of them you know, things like ET and so on, like these

Sidey: are, Yeah, I thought about ET

and was like

Pete: stellar, like all time kind of thing and, and their puppets and they still kind of like hold up bizarrely, even though it was just,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Strange, isn't it? They d it just doesn't date that sort of technological advance when you're doing things with

cgi. It dates really, really quickly. Even. You know, more modern stuff than that. Yeah. It doesn't stand the test of time, but I think that the practical real life

Keep saying real life, I don't

Pete: mean,


Sidey: mean it's the tangible things that you can actually physically kind of see and you can see that people are

interacting with

something practical

there at the time, rather than a tennis ball on a


Pete: Well the Jurassic Park like was like the first kind of Jurassic Park film. It was like a lot of puppetry involved in it. Jaws, you know,

Sidey: it's, Yeah Bruce Yeah

Pete: Anyway,

Sidey: but but I'm not gonna nominate as in my top five pick. I'm not gonna pick Yoder, but I did think it was worth a


Pete: Definitely. And Baby Oder deserves a shout

Sidey: Well, yeah. And that was the LinkedIn that they obviously had

the CGI

version in the pre-courses, but then when they came to Baby Oda, I don't like saying Ger cause I just don't like that as the name.

They went back to the practical effect of having thing, a puppet, if you like.

Pete: indeedy now I am a little bit gutted. The only reason I'm gutted res isn't here, cuz other than that he's insufferable, but he's he is a big horror fan and I imagine that he would've had quite a lot of shouts for.

Horror related puppets and, and I don't know many, if any, other than I have seen the original child's play film. Yeah. And I remember watching it as a kid and it fucking, and I don't do well with horrors. They, they stay with me for a long time. I think that's what they're meant to do. And they, they have the desired effect.

And I remember child play just being fuck, because then what that did is opened up the possibilities. I mean, I, I must have been still, I think it was 88 or something like that, 1988. I've been 10. So there's a possibility I might have still had some, like, action figures and stuff like that. And the re the possibility that these things could come to life and fucking murder you in like loads of different, horrible ways that had never really dawned on me before.

Sidey: They tr they kind of, if I remember it rightly, it started off as an out and out horror and then they kind of moved it into like more light


sort of horror,

like Bride of Chucky and stuff like that with


Pete: been another, there, there's also been eight

Sidey: Yeah. There's a

Pete: same as them up, it's coincidence, I think not their franchise only that has only reached 334 million, which is still a lot of money for, for like a, something like that.

But yeah, it's a hundred or so short of the the Muppets. But I think the original plot is there's a serial killer on the loose and as he's being like hunted down by the, by a like a detective or whatever, and he gets shot and he's dying, he performs like some kind of like voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into like, what was, I dunno if this was an actual toy that existed a good, a

Sidey: It was based

on one, it was based for the, the original mastermind for this was the guy called Don Mancini Roberto's


And it was based on the design of the My Body Dolls,

Pete: Right.

Sidey: so yeah, there's


Pete: And it was just, I remember them like, you know, there was like all kinds of like, horrible, It was like strangulation and stabbing and people getting blown up.

Dan: and '

Sidey: em with the knife quite a lot. Yeah. There was a team of nine puppeteers who would

do the stuff,

but it was just the toy on the screen.

And then there were.


dressed up as Chucky to do different shots when he was moving around. And so the day did a combination of effects to make it work. Yeah. And I remember it being really good. Like, like visually it worked,


Pete: Well it had the desired effects on me cuz it scared the fucking shit out of me.

Sidey: I think we probably get a few nominations from Jeff Kitchen because I know that there were, there was whisperings some, vent dolls maybe heading Right. And they're a sort of traditionally kind of creepy

fucking thing.


I I couldn't remember if I'd seen it. I'm sure we watched it at school.

The one with Anthony Hopkins, he, there's one where he's dead young and he has a, a vent ventriloquist doll thing. But I couldn't, I didn't wanna nominate it cause I couldn't really recall it that well. And I, I like to stick to stuff that I have seen. Yeah. And some things that I have seen. And I've got a little section about like marionette, little puppety things.

So a film that we watched for the pod before you were involved. Pete, I don't know if you've seen the film, was one called Chef

Fro. It's really, really good. I love it. He plays Carl Casper and he's had a bit of a stinker. Various things are going wrong in his life. He's split from his wife. He's a difficult relationship with his son.

His career as a chef's just

like start off really well. But no's dived and he has a kind of epiphany as he's watching some street performance of a guy, you know, literal puppet performance and his song playing and he is sort of questioning what it's all about. So that happens. And then being John Malkovich, you

seen that

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Craig Schwartz played by John Cusack. He is a, an unemployed puppeteer. That's his job in that film.

Pete: So this is a, this is a film that gets, it gets more referenced than brought up in as nominations. And I have seen it, and I can't remember a fucking thing about it other than somebody going in a tunnel and coming out in John Markovic's

Sidey: ish Marvi

Pete: I can't remember the, the like, why, or, and I did until you just said it there.

I didn't realize John Cusack was in it.

Sidey: Yeah, well he um he's the one, he finds the portal of John Mcri and he, he works in a, he, he

goes to

work as a filing clerk in a building on the, the floor in between the seventh and the eighth.

And he meets


Keen, who our boys really had the hots for. It's great. It's really good. I just, I just like, the film is so fucking weird and I think about the meeting the pitch where someone went to a load of execs and said, Right, this is what we wanna make. This is the plot. And then somehow they went, Yeah, okay,

let's fucking do that. And I What

Pete: well I've got an actual, I've got a, a ventriloquist dummy portrayal in a film, what I have seen four.

Yeah. It's to story four. And it's Benson and, and, and his other,

Sidey: the villain

Pete: Villa Post. Yeah. And guess it kind of, what it does is, is it plays to the the, the sentiments that people have about Ventrio Christ dummies because ba like he's there as you say, the villain of the piece. But at no point actually do they do anything particularly villainous other than they're, they're relentless.

They just like keep coming and they're

Sidey: that the Terminator

Freddy thing Yeah.

Pete: They don't talk. And but really when you find out later on what it is they're doing, they're, they're trying to find, they're trying to help Gabby, Gabby who's like a bit of a psychopath, find like, get a new voice box if essentially, so that she can be loved.

So they're not necessarily all bad. I think they're quite misunderstood. But

Sidey: as

Pete: creepy. Like,

Sidey: So a lot of people, I know Howie in particular, I dunno if he's seen it, he refuses to watch it or he is just like, he doesn't like it because three was was such a good place to stop. Yeah. And then made four, I think four is still a good

firm Still

Pete: I really like it.

Sidey: And the sequence, or just the whole setting in that it's an antique shop, isn't


Pete: Yeah,

Sidey: it is

like artistically

is fucking

staggering. It's so fucking well done.

Pete: It makes it, when you, when you stand it up against like toy story one, now it makes, it, makes it look so date, but there, yeah, there's the, there's fucking Oh my God.

Who's the the, the Canadian like bite stunt

Sidey: Duke

Pete: Juka boom. Yeah. And there's Combat Carl and there's like, there's.

Sidey: Kia Reve isn't, it's Duke.


Pete: Yeah, there's some really good characters that have been introducing. I like the, the, the Bunny and Ducky guys as well. Yeah. It, it's a good film. But those, those, like even in that film, I was like, kind of thinking, obviously watching it with the kids.

I say obviously like I don't watch kids films for myself, but I was thinking quite fucking sinister, but yeah. Benson.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna


it slightly into left field here with a bit of a musical


as you know, Pete,

Is that

when you sort of take it Yeah,

that's what I'm gonna talk about. No, I'm a, as you know, a Kate Bush fan and I was fortunate enough to get tickets to see her perform when she did a sort of residency at the Hammersmith Apollo. And so what she

did with that

show and the second. Maybe third part of it. She came out and she did like a load of the hits, so that was like all the crowd plays and stuff.

Great. Then she


side two



of Love, which is called the Ninth Wave, and it's fucking incredible. Like I, you know, like on the fence with her, but

it, it is really,

really amazing. And then after that she did the second part of an album called Ariel, and that's called A Sea of Honey and that is all about an artist.

And she had her son on stage and doing all this stuff with the

artist, you

know, that little

Dan: like,

Sidey: sort of. Crude looking doll that they use to,

to mock

up like how someone might look.

you know,

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: It's just quite basic

looking and they had that on stage. So that sort of puppet was what I thought of when I was, doing thinking about puppets and that's a really good album.

And obviously Hands of Love, like everyone's listening to that these days cuz it's stranger things, but that was amazing. Really, really fucking So worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing.

Pete: thing. Okay. I wanted to bring some world records to the party.

Dan: Oh, nice.

and, I

Pete: I don't, we can all do the, we'll find the, like, world's biggest puppet or most puppets and everything like that, but I like to find really, like niche ones, especially ones that I think that we can beat.

Yeah. So I've got four down here that I think that we can beat. Certainly three, I think easily. The first one is the longest time balancing a mechanical dancing puppet on a pole, on your chin whilst lying on your back. So this is, I've watched the footage of this today. So this

Sidey: are we talking like seconds?



Pete: very close. 16.66 seconds. It's the record is held by Doug McManon, a Canadian

Sidey: Steve's brother.

Pete: Yes. Steve McMan, Inman's brother. And Doug also holds another record, which is exactly the same record, but with three dancing mechanical puppets on a pole. And that's only 2.13 seconds.

And I'm thinking if you

Sidey: Same pole,

Pete: same one pole. And then he's just basically got like a,

Sidey: like a fork bit Oh,

okay like Alin

Dan: a mechanical dancing

Pete: puppet on it. But this time he managed to rig up three on it and only managed 2.1 seconds. I'm sure if we just did that for like a few hours, you'd get three

Sidey: seconds next

week. Let's do it.

Pete: it. So that's definitely a record that again, we don't have to do it. I think we've got. The . This one was just so fucking Nisha had to mention it. The most Mustached puppeteers eating, Prove alone Cheese, There's just three guys with like fake mustaches on. Two of them are kids with like, holding like puppets. But they're eating Prove alone Cheese. There's three of them. So the record is three. We could beat that. We just, the bad dads can do it tomorrow. And finally, and this one, it is not a funny one, but I think we could definitely beat it cuz it doesn't seem that many, most people wearing sock puppets in a single venue it was achieved by a school in Birmingham in 2019.

Sidey: Doesn't

seem that impressive,

Pete: but how many?

Sidey: 200, Okay.

Pete: But

I reckon with enough,

Sidey: Yeah just get a school like

Pete: and impetus, so that 400 pound budget. Yeah. 50 p to everybody. That's 800

Sidey: Exactly.

Pete: We've done it. Exactly. So we've achieved three world records tonight. My next entry is slightly adapting it.

This is a puppet, but this is a shadow puppet and it's a fucking amazing scene from Ace Ventura, two when they've got like, there's like a briefing about like who the guys are that are like trying to, that have, that are suspected, a stealing Chicago car, I think is the name of the, the white Bat.

Yeah. And so they've got some is a projector with some slides and, and Aura. First of all, he just sat there in front of the projector with his massive hair.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: But then the guy the British actor, I can't remember his name, but he's he's up like, you know, trying to be serious and then he's, he's getting, Yeah, and then his, his hand comes up and starts like basically trying to like bite the guy's dick in the picture.

The guy loses it and then whil he, and then he stands in front of the screen. He's getting really irate and that's when like the, the hands come off and start twisting his nipples going, Oo, like that. And then when he finally get, he like draws his jacket across him and then he does like the, like the mask over his eyes.

He goes high, whole silver. Oh, whoa. Yeah. Shadow puppets. It's my only um shadow puppet entry, but it's a strong one.

Dan: last of

Sidey: So friend of the show, Jim, I recently went across the sea in the uk. He wants to come on the show and do

like just hours of talking about his

specialist subject. is


Huge, huge found that movie. And so we should definitely mention it. It's a 1940 film,


in not too long a time that's gonna be a hundred years

Dan: old.

Pete: Fuck it. Yeah, you don't even, th I didn't even think about it like that, but yeah, a hundred years old. Yeah. I had one of the, you know, those I don't even know what they're called, those things you get, it's like a, like

Sidey: I know what you mean. The red thing.

Pete: It's like a box, the whale, and you turn the, the thing you get like different discs you could put in it and you turn the wheel and it was like the, the, the scene with mobi, is it not Moby Dick? It's like the sea monster. It's like the whale that swallows them and it's them in the sea getting swallowed up by the whale.

I mean, fucking, how did I manage to eat that out? Like for, I know like, toys are so much better and Nintendo Switch is way better for the record. But I, I had one of those it is an absolute classic. We flirted with the idea of reviewing the new one, but,

Sidey: Well, that, yeah, it went, we, we put this choices up this week to a vote and we were spared, we'll get into it.

The choice between the new Robert Z MEUs adaptation version of Pinocchio.


lost out to the Beaver, which we watched. But there's also coming up, there's a GMO Del Toro version, I'm sure will be a lot better than the Zeck one. Apparently is fucking

Pete: The, the which one's? The Tom Hanks won The one

Sidey: Zeck, the current one. It's one, it went straight to Disney Plus. So we, you could watch it, I'm sure, like it's harmless, but it's just apparently soulless and just shit. So there's that. But this


it's interesting as well because the, the, the bad guys in Peno, there's no real comeuppance for them.

They just kind of get away. It's got free.

Pete: can't even remember the story other than the boy tells Lies. And eventually, well the puppet

Sidey: I I couldn't even remember like what that was based on. It's because the fairy, the blue fairy that comes down he has to be brave, truthful, and unselfish. That's why he has the big

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Which feels very relatable. Yeah, it's, it's a classic, absolute classic. I don't know if it's one of those ones that like if you put it on Disney now, it says,


the attitudes of the time like it does with Dbo. Cuz there's all the.

Pete: Oh,

like shaming,

Sidey: Yeah. I dunno if that happens in this one, but

Yeah it's very old.

I mean, 1940, I was like thinking, fuck that I didn't realize. I suppose I did know it was that old, but you know, when you see it written down in black and white, I think Christ. So a long

old time ago Yeah. They fucking animate that shit by hand. You know, every single frame. Everything's just meticulous.

It's really a work of art.

Pete: Well quite a removal from, from that sort of level of classic in the eighties and, and after in the UK on tv, we, it's like ventriloquist or shows that, that had performers with puppets. Was like the, almost like the pinnacle of children's entertainment. And we were subjected to quite a lot of probably pedos like Keith Harris with Orville. Yeah. And

Sidey: he actually looked like he looked like a teacher that I had a primary school who went to prison for being a pal

Pete: There we go.

Sidey: that's Proof if

Pete: yeah.

If, if the shoe fits. So yeah, there was Keith Harris who apparently was a total asshole in real life.

Sidey: Yeah I'd imagine, so

Pete: then entertained children with Orville. The fucking annoying

Sidey: I wish I could fly right up

Pete: Exactly. Yeah. Even when I think that song went into like the, the

Sidey: the hip road Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. I think it got to number four.

It was Bob Carol G's and Spit the Dog. Do you remember? Yeah, yeah. Spit the Dog.

Sidey: had a habit and there was Rod ho Emu that of

like of

using the puppet as a way to torment people and just be cus and get away with it.

Cuz that was your act.

So I remember was it Parky?

Pete: With Rod Hu

Sidey: he

was just like being a prick all the time and he'd just, I'd fucking lose it. So you'd fuck


Pete: Yeah. He used to like grab your face with like,

Sidey: humiliate you on Teddy

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: and then he famously died off

arrow Yeah, he was trying to watch Man United. So

Sidey: Is that what it was? Yeah.


were probably good then as well. So he really fucked it there.

Pete: There's a lesson to, to everybody there. Rainbow as well.

Zippy and George were, were puppets zippy. I only mention this cuz I've, like, Zippy I think was like fairly iconic.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Pete: When, when I was a child. Definitely remember Zippy, there was bun who wasn't a puppy. It was just, it was like Dan tonight

Sidey: night Yeah It was

Pete: in a bear outfit. And George was kind of like a, let's say a camp pink hip, atomist. But Zippy, this is fucking an amazing fact. The guy who did the Voice for Zippy was the same guy that did the voice of the Daleks in Dr. Who. Wow. And if you think of both their voices in your head,

Sidey: the same.

Pete: Almost the same. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. And

then like on a smaller puppet scale, you had su sweet and sue like proper hand puppets.

Pete: Yeah. I remember Sue's voice being really

Sidey: Yeah. She's horny.

Pete: it was like the first time in my life I like, listened to something and, and started getting a little Yeah. The fuzzy tingle time. Yeah.

It's like,

wow I'm attracted to like a, a hand puppet bear for some reason, but it was

Sidey: probably a dude's hand as well.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Cool. Alright. My, well we've obviously got Team America, which we watched and that was very clearly puppets. But you mentioned during that, that it one of the first time, well, the, one of the only ones you could think of, of like an adult based


kind of thing. Well, Peter Jackson did one. Back in 1989 called Meet the Feebles,

And it's

known as Frogs of War in New Zealand. And it's about a,


it's a black comedy about a,

Dan: called the

Sidey: Feeble Variety Hour. And it's there a

theater troop.

I'll read you the, the bit of the synopsis to give you a flavor of what it's about. Heidi a Hippo.

The start is insulted by a pornographic director Trevor, a rat, and complains to her boss and lover, belch, a walrus who is actually an in an adulterous relationship with Samantha Simon's cat. Meanwhile, Robert, a hedgehog, the newest member of the team, arrived at the theater and is accosted by a reporter.

Fw Fly A Fly who tries to corrupt Robert, forming on the cast and meets Arthur a worm, the show's manager

and immediately falls in love with another newcomer, Laci, a poodle, and it just goes on and on and on like that. But they're all like hideously grotesque, and it's like,

Offensive and it's just meant to be in really bad taste.

He also obviously did the film Bad Taste. Yeah. And did Brain Dead and has done this. And I watched all these, like, it would've been early to mid nineties when teenager, Youngest teenager. And if you had told me then that that guy would then get the keys to like the Lord of the Rings fucking world, and then all the Beatles back catalog stuff and make all this stuff, you'd be like,

No fucking way.

This guy is like super fucking offensive. It's doing all that stuff. Like, it just doesn't seem right. But meet the people. It's, it's quite hard to get hold of and see. But it is really funny. They do a song called Sodomy and it so that you can tell what

the subject matter is, is about.

It's, yeah.

Really low brow humor, but good if you like that sort of thing.

Pete: Yeah. Well for far more high brow is a.

Is a film called The Hand, a 1965 Checkers, The Vacuum

Sidey: I saw this when I was not the film. I saw that in the research

Dan: about, Yeah.

Pete: So what I did is I thought, Well, it's only 16 minutes long, so I'll watch it. So I watched it today and it's really fucking good. It's really like endearing, but it's got, it's got a really powerful message in it.

So it's it's done by Aze guy who's, no one gonna pronounce incorrectly, Erie Turka who apparently only died a few years later, but then it became, it his this short film The Hand, which is Puppet Stop Animation. It got banned because it was basically a bit of a, a commentary on com, like communist rule in the, in checkers of AIA at the time.

And so what it is, it's this like hae puppet who kind of like lives in this room and he gets up in the morning and, and he's sort of like, tends to his plants. And then what he does is he basically makes like clay pots all day, right? But he's like a, you know, he's quite creative. He's an artist. He's a Quin, so he is like quite out there.

And then this hand, like knocks on the door and event, and like, he doesn't let it in, but it comes in through the window. But the hand is like very symbolic. Like there's all these kind of, it keeps showing all these like, you know, all this like iconography and so on about how like the hands meant symbolized freedom, but then it shows it in, you know, like.

Grips, you know, And so, and it's, it's meant to be like a bit of a, a metaphor for the environment in which, like artists or whatever were expected, like had to work in like, under like totalitarian communist rule where they were just totally restricted. So the hand keeps coming in and turning the clay pots into hands and stuff like that.

And it's only 16 minutes long. It's definitely worth a fucking watch, cuz it's, it's pretty powerful. And then it's widely regarded to be one of the best, kind of like short short film, I guess, you know, animation stop animation films of all time.

Sidey: Cool. Check it

Pete: it is worth watching.

Sidey: Well I'm out

so I dunno if you've got any more

Pete: I haven't got anything of any significance.

I, I wanted to mention Anomal Lisa again.

Sidey: Of course. Yeah

Pete: I really, really fucking like that


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Dan missed the mark

on that More than more than

Michael Bay missed the

Mark , with Paul Harbor.

Pete: I loved it. I just, it was such a massive surprise. Yeah. For me. It's the Frago Syndrome or something like

Dan: that. Yeah.

Sidey: Which

I'd never heard of. Really.

Pete: I think like really like concerningly that I could relate to it a little bit.

I, I, I mentioned it at the time, it was like, I know this is gonna sound terrible, and it's not like, this isn't miso misogyny in any way, but I go to, you know, when people say like, Oh, and so and so's mom at school. And I'm like, like, that could be any one of like 10, 20 people that all like, look very similar to me.

Sounds absolutely fucking terrible the way I'm saying it, but it could be dads as well, but I tend. I've been to way like loads of parties when, and it's just been all the mums and so on, and I, I can never remember names and

Sidey: stuff differentiate

Pete: one ever talks to me. So it's all there for cuz they just see me as like the hate figure in the room.

I've brought it on myself. The only other thing, like a sort of a, an honorable mention for Sesame Street because of favorites like Oscar, the Grouch and Cookie Monster and Super Grover. When Grover used to turn into Super Grover, I don't think I've ever been happier as a child that's still running with 4,691 episodes thus far.

And the, the, the longest running TV show of all time. It's a German show called Sand. Like I wrote it down, but I can't find it. Oh yeah. Sand Mankin, which is now 22,200 episodes in, and that is also about puppets. I've never seen it, but it's worth mentioning cuz it's gone on forever. Like me with this topic.

Sidey: I did wanna shout out to the game, which we watched for a midweek and really liked, and there is the puppet, the clown puppet thing that's left outside his mansion. Have you seen that one?

Oh, it's good.

So his father had killed himself and they leave this puppet, this clown puppet the same sort of spot where his dad had jumped off the building.

It's fucking twisted and he brings it into the house and

it's just like sat there like

looking at him and it's, it's, he's got a camera it's but Right. What are we gonna put in? I think we put in two each because that's what I wanna do. Okay.


Pete: Okay. He's going first.

Sidey: You


Pete: So my first pick has got to, Its gotta be Muppets Treasure Island. I love that film.

Sidey: Well

I think Chucky has to go in.

Pete: Yeah, that's a good shout. I'm gonna go for I'm gonna go for the hand this 16 minute short film. It's definitely worth a watch.

Sidey: Okay. I'm gonna put in Kate Bush's performance that I saw where she did the sky of Honey, the second disc of a aerial album with the artist marette

thing. So there you go. Boom. Nice And we need nominations. So I put the tweet out this morning and we've had lots of likes, but we've, we're still waiting for Jeff Kitchen to come in with his shout and we need you lot to contribute to complete the list.

Pete: Please do.

Sidey: So.

there was some debate about which film we were gonna watch. You gave us a choice, and so we gave our wonderful listeners the opportunity to vote. Democracy as we know, doesn't work, but in this case, It did, and we forgo the hideous

Dan: the Nok

Sidey: remake. Mm. And we watched the 2011 Jody Foster Directed Beaver.

The Beaver.

Pete: the bva. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So Mel Gibson starring as a dude. so I did, I

I wasn't aware of the film actually at all till you mentioned it. And so I did see what the synopsis was before I saw it. So

I had a,

a, Well, I knew what

the plot was.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: And I sort of was quite enthusiastic about watching it on that basis.

Pete: Yeah. So for me, I think what what drew me into this, again, I, I was totally unaware of it, but I was looking for something puppety to fit in with the theme. And this kind of like cropped up and I just saw like Mel Gibson standing there with a like in a suit with like a beaver hand puppet and then wondered.

I was like, I guess what I, what I wondered was, is that gonna be as shit as it looks ?

Sidey: I thought this, Oh, this got, like, because we've watched Lars, right? Lars and

the real girl, So I was getting Lars sort of vibes

cuz I knew that it was a guy using this as a coping mechanism kind of thing. So that's what I knew about the film. So that's where my mind


Pete: I was like, you and I read the brief synopsis of it. I thought, Okay, well this could, this could be interesting. And then I thought, well, if like Jody Foster's thrown her weight behind

Sidey: her Yeah. Love her She's great Yeah

Pete: And as a, as an actress. It's got


oh my God, the girl whose name I've

Sidey: completed Jennifer Lawrence

Pete: Jennifer Lawrence and the, the, like, some, some other people, but obviously

Sidey: Boris Yk

Pete: Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. The guy, the lads. I say lads. Yeah. The guy who died, he was the he was checkoff in, in Star Trek, wasn't he? So I thought, okay, well this has got like a cast of people that I've, you know, it's, it's a, it's a kind of like an absurd like concept, but with some serious, like clout behind it.

Fairly serious clout

Sidey: Yeah And you say like obviously

you say absurd and we've seen that. Did you watch


So we watched

Pete: episode and I've, I

Sidey: we watched Lars.

and yeah, like even more absurd because it's a sex do thing and we all fucking, like when the four of us that did watch it, we fucking loved it. We like hands down.

It was just fucking brilliant. So hopes were high and I was fucking really pleased when

Pete: albeit you so absurd. You know, there's a guy in Jersey who has exactly that is like, I dunno if you talked about it in the episode, but I heard the other day that they're now engaged,

Sidey: Oh okay A

Pete: and his, his doll are engaged.


Sidey: yeah, I can't remember if we did talk about it, but there's a guy who goes to a pub in Jersey where

Pete: the dog and sausage Yeah.

Sidey: his sex do, and for a time

he was

barred because he had got a new sex do, which looks

Pete: That is true. That's

Sidey: that's just Fucking crazy.

Pete: But I think he's now engaged to that, that obviously that one's a little bit older now.

But anyway, we, we digress. So the film

Sidey: starts with the montage.

Pete: It does start with a montage,

Sidey: a depression montage. It just tells you, it just gives you a big exposition dump of where we are with this character's name, which is Walter Black, and he is depressed.

We don't fully the reason why, I can't remember if it says, it just, it just gives you a big thing about all he wants to do is sleep. He's obviously putting strain on his relationship


One, one of his, his youngest son is just withdrawn and isolated. His other son is like copying all or recognizing all his

mannerism so he

can not replicate them and just completely distance

himself from his dad. And they obviously have a very strained relationship.

And CEO of the company that he's sort of inherited from his dad. Yeah. And that's taken a nose dive, and so everything's like a fucking

Pete: Yeah.

But it, it kind of, it doesn't necessarily spell it out at the beginning, but as, as you go through the film, it, it, that you find out, obviously there's the strained relationship with his next son and he's got quite a son.

He's like quite a lot younger than him as well. But there's that relationship with his son. But that, that turns out to be a bit of a, a theme in the family where I think the relationship with the father was also quite strained. And he, as you say, is, is shows this montage of his depression and how, how it manifests, which is like he's manically depressed.

He, he just wants to

Sidey: Yeah.

And the, the, towards the end of the montage he says his wife has done the only thing she can do, and she asked she says goodbye. I


it's how they word it. So he goes

off, he goes on a big drinking

binge, we see him in a hotel room. He's trying to pour drink into the characters on the tv. He's watching. He does that and then he tries to auto fixate himself,


Dan: Tired

Pete: a cur on a shower,

Sidey: Which which just

like collapses on the floor. And so he's, he doesn't kill himself, but he's then like walking around the hotel room with this like shower.


you know, it's like the rail that the shower

curtain goes along in the bath.

And he's got that. And, and he goes

to the window and he, someone's shouting and then he trips cuz he's got this thing and it, he falls and grabs something and it's the tv think

it's the wires it for

the tv? Yeah. Yeah. And he He yanks that and the TV falls down in

his head. And, but

he's got this beaver puppet that, I guess is a memento

Pete: slightly missed a bit where he moves into this hotel motel, whatever it is.

And he's in the dumpster outside, he sees this like beaver hand puppet. And I don't think you see him pick it up or anything.

Sidey: You

see him put it in his bag. You just see him

Pete: Right. Okay. So, and then as he's on the ledge and he is about to fling himself off the, the balcony with the curtain whale still attached to him, the beaver just pops up next to him, is like, What are you doing?

What, what You kind of, And then as you say, the rest happens in that scene where he, he knocks

Sidey: himself

the TV floors on his head.


Pete: And then when he comes too, this beaver's just like next to him talking. Yeah. And then you kind of quickly realize that it's him controlling it and


Sidey: doing it kind of cock

Pete: but the, the voice over at the beginning is that voice.

Cause at first I thought I was at Michael Kane, who's the neuro, who's the narrator, but it's Mel Gibson doing his, like cockney voice that then he like the, the, the puppet adopts. So he basically like, talks to him, almost gives him a bit of a, a dressing down at first, but he finds himself able to, you know, like able to now start communicating quite freely.

Sidey: Yeah. And he's

Pete: this hand puppet.

Sidey: he might said,

Pete: Yes, he does. It's like, it's almost like a, an introductory card

Sidey: because he goes

home and his wife's obviously like, What are you doing here? You know, we've, I've asked you to


he just, he says, read the note. He hands it, it's like a, one of those cards that you might use to study. He's of written Yeah. A note. And so he's,

I dunno, I guess it's the

beaver that's written the note, or is he's self-aware enough to write the note to say, this is my coping hand puppet.

He bullshits that he's been to see his

therapist Yeah.

And this is what they've

Pete: It's a prescription puppet

Sidey: Yeah.

This is the plan This is the, the process he keeps referring to as the process he's got

to go through to, to heal

Is to, And so she's like, Okay, well fuck, it's weird, but

this is

What's been reckon by a professional.

And so this is how it's gonna be.

Pete: Well before that, what she comes home and she finds her like

Sidey: well he's pick he's picked up the kid from school, isn't


Pete: Yeah. He's picked up the kid from school and she's like, that doesn't happen. And that they've already become estranged, albeit, you know, he's, he obviously will still have access to the kids, but he's picked up the youngest one from school. She comes home to find the youngest ones, like all excited cuz there's something going on in the garage and goes

into the garage and they're like building, I think it's like a soapbox car or something like that.

And this is like all stuff, this is like groundbreaking for her because all of a sudden he's now engaging properly with the sun. But she then kind of soon realizes that he's only communicating to both her and the son through this hand puppet that he's got in this bizarre accent that he's made up for it.

And that's when the, the introductory card comes in. So I think because, you know, Suspending disbelief for, for a moment. Like you know, she's obviously seen his like dramatic deterioration over a number of years and for him to now all of a sudden seem like he's behaving well not behaving normally cuz he's doing it through her hand puppet.

But the fact that he's engaging, she kind of like thinks, okay, well I can, I'm gonna try and get on board with this because at least it might be progressive.

Sidey: Yeah. He's, his behavior, albeit via a hand puppet, is


To all intent and purposes better. Like he's engaged with the,

well, certainly with his youngest son, his other son's still like


He comes home and is just like immediately put out cuz he's, they've had this

awful awkward dinner, was just the two

kids in the mum where he is like, No, I'm glad

you finally got rid of him. Yeah.

Like he needed to go. And it's been one

day and he's back and he's fucking

raging about that. He's


you know one day,

one day away from him and he's come

out with a fucking hand puppet and you're like, working

with all arms Which I get it like

Pete: from the son's perspective. Cause there's, you know, you mentioned it, but like, I'm not, so he's got a load of PostIts all over his wall and there all the things that he does and that he sees, like all the things that his dad does, that he sees it himself, that he's like absolutely

Sidey: He's gotta stop doing that.

Pete: Yeah. And I don't know if this is the point at which I, want to sort of like introduce the, the, there is a level of relatability here for me. Right. And I mean, you, you know, I, I don't have, I don't have a disastrous

Sidey: Well neither of us have a, like, super

fucking close relationship with our

Pete: There, there is, there is no, i, I don't mind saying here and now that there is no, there is no doubt in my mind that my dad has suffered from like a, a, a moderate to serious level of depression for all of my life anyway.

Probably my fault. But. So he, he's never worn a hand puppet or anything like that. But what I have done without writing on Post-Its or whatever is I've been very sort of like aware, acutely tuned into his behaviors and so on and done my absolute utmost to not

Sidey: Yeah same A hundred percent Same

Pete: it, whenever it, it does sometimes, and sometimes like, you know, you, you're genetically wired to be like your parents in some like regards.

Obviously you have like free will and choice and so on, but there are some things that you just inherit. And so I have always done my utmost to try not to be, or, or not to have the same characteristics as, as my dad has in order to not be that same person. And so that was really fucking relatable for me, albeit is this is an extreme and quite kind of like almost absurd way of it,

Sidey: Yeah it being I Yeah, Well you're saying that now, it like elevates the film,

but certainly

like that subject matter because I'm exactly the

same. Like in, know me and my dad have a iPhone.

I had to phone him because I needed, he's a taxi

driver, right?

So I needed to arrange a Lyft

for my in-laws.

And when I was on the face, said, Oh, I'm not from you for fucking ages. And I was thinking, Yeah, because the last time you came to my house, I had to fucking kick you out. Cause your behavior was so fucking bad. Why would I wanna be part of that? And it's beha like, it's only getting worse. Like,

he's so bad.

And yeah.

So you see this on the film and you think,

Yeah, there's probably, and I think probably

Parents of a certain, you know, era. It's just

different, you know, it's, people's behaviors have changed and people are more aware of like what's

good behavior

and what's bad.

And I don't know,

I don't know why it's like that but it just is It

Pete: older guy with these like for, you know, it would be like, you know, mental. Health issues would be seen as weakness. And so you kind of like, you bury them, you don't talk about them, you don't like communicate at all or very effectively. And so yeah, this is, that's the, the, the message that, that I got from this, albeit it's quite a, you, you're sort of shunted into this like, situation without a, a huge amount of, like you say, it's an expedition dump at the beginning.

So you don't really get, I don't think they, they set it up in, in the way it could have. Like you could have got a lot more sympathy or, or understanding, had that been a little bit kind of like fleshed out. But anyway,

Sidey: the

son's got this thing going on, this scam at school where he does everyone's homework for them. Yeah. And he's quite cute about it. And you hear him say to some of the kids, Well, I'm not just gonna fucking write you an a fucking essay when you've been getting D's.

You know, we need to

incrementally improve you. And then that then culminates, He's got a really good reputation for this, for being a creative writer and all this sort of stuff. He's good. He's just very scholarly, I think. But,

The character of Jennifer Lawrence, who at first

I was like,

That looks like Jennifer Lawrence.

But then you realize this is old, this film's actually relatively

old I love it And

she's just a fucking child in this really. She's the like little Loki urban achiever. She's really good at school. she's,

she's gonna be,

What is it doing the homecoming speech or the whatever it is that they fucking do


Pete: her graduation

Sidey: It's the graduation speech. So she's be speaking to whole school and she can't, she's, she's not, he accuses her of being lazy

and She's like, I

fucking got 400 pages

to show you. I,

Dan: I,

Sidey: I may not be able to fucking good

at it, but don't

fucking tell me I'm lazy.

So she just

can't get down what she wants to express. is Okay, I'll help you. And, you know, it


that she's good looking and

he wants to cop

off with her. And he's


socially kind of awkward, but there's something more

going on with her that we don't quite

un understand at the get go. But there's all sort of fucking shit going on.

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson's life is now amazing because he's got a puppet.

Him and Jody Foster have loads of sex, which is initially quite amusing, but then just becomes like annoying.

They have a shower sex scene where the, the, the beaver's kind of pressed up against the glass.

Pete: Yeah. You mean the hand puppet? Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to

Sidey: Yeah Yeah

Pete: Yeah, so, and, and he's now his creative juices cuz he runs a, it's a toy company. We did, we didn't really mention that. So his creative juices are now flowing and he's come up with this like, like

Sidey: like a toolkit cause cuz off the back of what he's doing with his youngest


He creates a Yeah, like a, child's but have real tools.

Dan: Yes

Pete: Yeah it's like

Sidey: like simplistic carpentry

Pete: but it's like a beaver themed wood carving kit that that, you know, goes to the, like the

Sidey: team He, he, man, he mansplain it to the acting ceo because she wouldn't clearly understand what carpentry was unless it was explained to her by a man.

Pete: Yeah. But all the wild whilst, while some, some elements of his life are, are getting back on track, it starts on raveling again with, with the family. She's become, she, because they go out for, it's her anniversary. They go out for a meal and she's like, Look, one night, just leave the beaver at home and we will can it just be you and I? He, he agrees to, to basically not act through the beaver, but he still has it on his hand when they go to the restaurant. And, and he, he basically, it's almost like he, he sat there like visibly shaking, trying to control the beaver. Eventually it comes out again and, and they have this big ding dong. She, the next day or whenever it is, rings the, the psychologist and finds out that actually he's not, not even been in touch and that this is something that he's just doing himself.

He's like self-medicating, but with a

Sidey: beaver. Yeah

Pete: So she kicks, Oh no, sorry. She moves out, she moves the family

Sidey: She says I've

rented a place. Don't, don't come and visit. I'm taking the kids and all we can carry and that's it.

We're off and fuck you.

The, the, the

boy has become romantically involved or infatuated with Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah. And he, he discovers, he has discovered that she was a very talented graffiti artist.

her Yeah.

Yeah. She liked to

tag, which there's probably some urban dictionary terminology that that is a different but she stopped doing it. She got

at first

it's. was arrested.

Pete: Yeah.

Like it was gonna get her in loads of trouble. And she was a heart, she was a good student and everything,

Sidey: it, it

turns out that it was, he, he takes her on a, a date. He,

he arranges his date and she's

like, Okay, yeah, pick me up at seven. And he takes her out and he makes out that he's got this really elaborate thing that he's, he's planned for her and she's, What is And he takes her out to some back street somewhere and gets out.


says What color do You And gets out some

cans and he starts to spray on

the wall and you can't see what it is. And she's looking at it, sort of horrified, look on her faces. It, she recognizes what he's written.

And he is written R Ip Brian. Yeah. Because her brother has unfortunately died from an overdose. And she doesn't react well to

this. thing. He's trying to encourage her to reconnect with her art and her


Pete: He, he believes she has like repressed

Sidey: But he does it in such

a fucking hamfisted way. Like, you know, it was really like he went all in on the the sentiment there and she just didn't appreciate it. So that's a bit of a fucking, like, cluster


Pete: Yep.

At this stage, I think Walter is, is started like realizing that even with the, the, the puppet that's given him this kind of like new lease of life, he's, he's still struggling and it's.

The answer to, to all of his. It's, it's referred to as Disassociative Identity Disorder. And the, the, the, the, the beaver is almost like taking over altogether. So he does what you know, anyone would do in this situation. He cuts his arm off.

Sidey: Yeah. He fires up the circle of sore and, and takes the arm off. And that's just the ticket to kickstart the relationship with

his son.


it's his son who finds him, the eldest son

who Who has fucking despised him

from the get go. And because he's the one who finds his dad in the garage with his arm off, which we don't even get

to fucking he's like Oh I actually love you. Yeah. Um They, they bond over the

Pete: I don't think he immediately like,

Sidey: No immediately It is fucking immediate.

Pete: the, in the, in the, in the, the hospital. They certain

Sidey: Yeah. Which is

immediately after. So he fucking cries, says he finds him, doesn't laugh, and

then in the hospital,

the mom walks in who, like has been, you know, put through the ringer by his fucking idiot.

Yeah. And sees them hugging and we fucking happy days.

Pete: Playing devil's advocate here, just, just purely for, for the shits and giggles of that. This, this is now, because I don't think that the rest of the family have been aware that he's been trying to take his own life.

I mean, he didn't really make a great effort taking his own life, but he's, he's been suicidal and he's attempted suicidal. Certainly gone, you know, quite a long way towards that. And, and I guess what it's trying to sort of show is that before that they just thought it was this, like that you just fucking cut off, emotionally switched off, aloof.

Like, you know, there's no love or care or concern about us as your family. And they know that it, it, they suspect it's probably to do with depression, but, you know, there's no real obvious reason why he would be sore. You know, like he's a CEO of a company, he's got a family that, you know, why, why would he be so fucking suicidal?

The fact that he's like hacked his own arm off, which must be quite an alarming scene to sort of like walk into. I'm not saying that, that I'm not sort of forgiving the film entirely, but it's not just as cut and dried as like, Oh, you know, that,

Sidey: Well that's the problem with the film is that they don't, they don't drill down into any of these things you don't

like, give

Pete: I agree.

Sidey: don't give you a picture of like someone's mindfulness illness and the impact.

They, they very, you know, they broad strokes say that, Well, it's hard for Jody Foster because she's had to put up with this, but they

don't like,

and that's

part of the, I would I would say

that's part of the problem with it being almost like ComEd with a beaver, but you have

that in Lars and it fucking works in lies because it's well

Pete: so, Well, I mean, we're basically at the end of the film now. Like after that he, he gets

Sidey: we get another montage we get happy Montage if didn't want a rollercoaster Yeah

Pete: a prosthetic arm and, and you know, Nora and may like, hook up and she reads the speech, but then halfway through doesn't read it out and, and starts basically like, clears all of that, like, you know, those repressed feelings and talks about everything and, and you know, that that's kind of like her you know, I guess like awakening, I guess.


Sidey: They say something like, he, says, this is Walter White, or where the fuck, his name

is Walter Black.

This is Walter Black. He's her and then he says, Oh, maybe in the future we'll just get a picture and it'll just say, This is Walter Black, and you're like, Fuck off.



know, you get Jody Foster, who's like, amazing. And it's just, it's Jody Foster just ticking boxes of like, things that she does in films. And she's like broadly recognizable as a performance Mel Gibson with this fucking accent, Which honestly, when he was speaking to all the employees of the firm, I nearly cringed myself to death.

It was fucking appalling. And then the story itself is just so fucking flimsy. Broad strokes and the, to top it off,


the score didn't make you wanna kill yourself, like, I dunno what would,

It was fucking unbearable. Yeah.

And I just was hating this. Like, if one of the worst things we've watched on the pod, genuinely.

Pete: Right. So what I, how I felt.

I, I've, I've watched the whole thing and when I'd finished watching it, I thought,


felt like I felt completely ripped

Sidey: Yeah.

I was so excited for it.

Pete: because I, I genuinely thought, And so I think that within it is preposterous as some of it is. I thought like some of the themes. They were, they, you know, were worth exploring.

Were worth, you know, this. I think that it could be with the same, not necessarily the same cast or, or whatever. Certainly not Mel Gibson, but, but, and I think there was a couple of other people that were slated to, to play that part. Of course, Steve Carll in

Sidey: Jim Carey.

Pete: Jim Kerry and I, I genuinely think because they would've been able to bring like the, the comedy and the despair.

Dan: Well,

Sidey: that's, that was part of the problem is they didn't,

they didn't

dive into one or the other. If you had Jim Kerry and made and leaned more into the comedy


of it. I'd

Pete: like the main, Yeah, like the mania.

Sidey: or if

you'd gone more into the, like, sadness of it and like his, like suicidal tendencies and made that the Cru story, in the end, it was like neither


or the

other. It was just wishy

washy bland


Pete: almost like, like here here's basically like a concept and you have to try and draw out all like the key points and the messages and then where the film couldn't do it itself. It just like fucking, like you say, ex exposition dumped them in your face and there was no right subtlety to it.

It really wasn't a, a helpful exploration of mental health

Sidey: teach you anything or or raise any interesting questions or highlight any issues that men, because suicide and men is like a fucking, like horrendous statistic. It didn't really give you anything at all about that. Or even follow up with anything about fucking go

and speak

to someone or get like

fucking help if you

like, in difficulties.

And also the release date was push pushed back because Mel Gibson was knocking around his ex girlfriend at the time. Yeah. So like, he's a piece of shit and for so many other reasons he's a piece of shit. But if you're a fan of Aspect Ratios, , which I know Res is, this was Jodi Foster's first time that she had directed in a 2 35 1 aspect ratio.

So there is


Pete: there is that, I think the theme, the, the idea, the concept and everything, it could have been made into a really fucking really, like, good film with a really strong and powerful message.

Sidey: Light lies And the real girl

Pete: well, which I haven't seen, but could have really fucking moved you. And as I say, even with like the level of, of Observ absurdity with the, with the Beaver puppet and everything like that, and even if like, you know, parking, the, the, like, the performances and, and Gibson and everything like that, like the film itself just didn't fucking.

Do any of that? Like

Sidey: No, it was a stinker, an absolute stinker. The budget for it was 21 million us. What do you reckon?

Yeah. Big time. Seven mil plus all the marketing costs, which probably cost like a hundred mil. So fuck them and fuck everyone involved in this piece of

shit. What? Absolute stinker. But

Pete: I thought the beaver was decent.

Sidey: Yeah, but I didn't want to watch that for three hours.

Yeah. That's

what it felt


Pete: No, it was, it was, it was a Turkey. I'm glad I saw it. Only to know how much things like that shouldn't be made, but I still think that there, there, there would be hope for the concept in, in a, and it could be a really fucking strong film, but

Sidey: that film exists and it's called Lars and The Real Girl.

Pete: Right. Fair enough.

Sidey: We had a little impromptu cheese session there while we were watching the football.

Pete: Yeah, we did. We um yeah, we saw all the goals,

Sidey: not our usual like subscription level of cheese, but it's still excellent.

Pete: I went for a couple of blues amongst a couple of other things that we haven't touched, but the, the black sticks blue, It's solid, but rock, Rock four.

Yeah. It's it's world class.

Sidey: Yeah. We team those up with the toast. Like it's barely, it's, it's like 50 50 on the like bread to fruit nuts accompaniment that's in there. It's really jam packed and it's


Dan: They're regular visitors now, aren't they? They,

Pete: is that what they've done is set the bar so high.

I don't think it would be,

it would be

rude of us to, to go under that

Sidey: it'd be a substantial

dip in quality if we were to go elsewhere.

Pete: the lime chili pickled thing, it was quite nice.

Sidey: So those, Yeah, I went and bought a lime and chili fruit thing to go with the cheese. I


Dan: a chuck knee, is it?

Sidey: I opened it and it smells like, like a soap, like a moten brown kind of like synthetic smell.

I didn't really dig that. So we

Dan: Did you slide in um on my cracker that you gave me

Sidey: other Chinese, which are very good,

Dan: right?

Yeah, cuz I enjoyed all the ones you gave me.

Sidey: Perry Perry Chatney one. It was nice. But we've got some other cheeses, which was sample after this. We're gonna talk about Captain Scarlet.

Yes. And the

Pete: one Both of them.

Sidey: this is series one, episode one. This is like the whole origin

Pete: story. This is the origin story. So this obviously I wanted to make the kiddies thing puppet and obviously there's a whole

Sidey: myriad

We're right back into 1968.

Pete: There's a whole myriad of, of potential choices here.

Dan: So this is one of the, the originals that inspired others. Do you think? Well, maybe not even originals. I mean, you before that Yeah.

Bill and was it Bill and Ben, the flower pop men or Yeah. This

Pete: is a very different kind of

Sidey: Mario Nation.

Pete: Yeah.

But there was

Sidey: Anderson.

Pete: was a few things of this ilk that were of the time, and I dunno which came first, but Thunderbird, I'm guessing

Sidey: were Thunderbirds first.

And this is the same universe though, as Thunderbirds.

Pete: Okay. Okay. That's exciting. Yeah, it is. And I'm sure Aqua Marina, what, what's that

Sidey: Stingray? Stingray delivered.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. So there was stingray as well. What I remembered. I always favored Captain Scarlet over Thunderbirds and Stingray, Although Stingray was pretty strong.

Wasn't, wasn't that bothered about Thunderbirds. Captain Scarlet seemed a little bit like darker and edgier.

Sidey: Fuck. Yeah.


I remember not liking it as a kid. Yeah. And Cards on the Table watched this today. Yeah. The best kids thing we've ever watched.

Dan: Well I I didn't see it. I was,

Pete: worried cuz like, I thought we were building up to you like deriding it going like, oh, like the fucking, like the puppetry

Sidey: maybe the

maybe the best thing we watched ever. Period.

Pete: So

Dan: Well it's only you and Pete that's washed it this week as well. So I'm have to get in on this cuz I was gonna miss this week altogether. But I've just slid into this episode because

Sidey: gonna, I'm gonna now give you my pitch as to

Dan: Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: it

Pete: Fantastic Well, but before you do, I'll, I'll, In fact I, I would love to let you run with that because, but what. What especially excited me about this is that I remembered in my head the origin story. And I remember any time Captain Skylar came up in conversation, which was about once every 15 to 20 years some Captain Skylar get mentioned and I'd say, Have you seen the origin story?

Like how he became indestructible? I think. And people would say, No, cuz it's not often that you, it's not like there's loads of reruns and so on. And I'd seen this and I remembered it exactly how it

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And I was quite proud of myself for remembering it, like the, the absolutely almost every like, detail about it.

Can't tell you about any other episode. But I knew cause obviously like there was Captain Black who was an a mister on agent in all of the episodes. We found out how he became, how that all happened. But this origin story about how he became indestructible and why he was such a huge asset. For, for the world was what made me excited about picking this particular app.

Dan: And and so

Sidey: after watching it, what I would say is, How the fuck is this

a kids program? It's fucking like, so dark and sinister and fucking violent.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Like how many people die in this first

Dan: episode? shooting people.

Pete: Like, just walking

Sidey: first thing right, is you have like a sinister kind of just a camera point of view shot of them going down a dark alley.

Yeah. And someone shoots, I think. And then Captain Scarlet just turns on just fucking gun someone down.

Pete: Well, someone shoots

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Loads of bullets. You, you, you are,

Sidey: Cause you don't know

Pete: from Captain Scarlet's perspective. Loads of shots doesn't get hurt and then just bang, like guns a guy down. Yeah.

Sidey: And then you get a voiceover to say that, Oh, this is the story about like how he, he's indestructible then I kind of for, and even like forgot about them saying that when you go into the story as it is. So then we go to, they work for an organization in the world. So we're set, It tells you it flashes up with a date. We're in 2068


there's a Mars, not Luna, but a Mars

Pete: Spectrum is the

Sidey: the world is now has a world president. So there's been some sort of ideological change.

So the world is kind of unified. They're, they're doing a Mars exploration mission and there's this kind of lunar sort of module thing. They're going around the plant and they come up over a, a

hill or whatever it they see this thing is, and it's Captain Black it's corporal blacks

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: who sees and it's kind of out of focus and weird looking like

Pete: like

a city, but

Sidey: civilization sort of thing.

And they're like, Oh fuck, look at that. And they're kind of looking at it and something then sort of looks at them. They kind of like, Oh,

Pete: like a toric comes up, which Captain Black. And there's another, I thought it was Captain Scarlet at

Sidey: first, he just goes because they've seen us. And then like in typical

human thing they just fucking blow it up.

He's just like, Right attack. So that's the origin stories of why the mis ones are disgruntled. So it seems the whole thing just fucking explodes. It's max this huge, like proper flames explosion, you know, And then they just, a beam comes down and it reassembles itself. And then they do a kind of thing over a PA where they


Pete: retro metabolism.

It's reversing matter.

Sidey: discovered the secret of reversing matter and they, so they're able to reanimate themselves and then they beam. Do they beam this thing? The, the, the, the spectrum craft?

Pete: Yes.

Dan: But as I understand it then Scarlet's mob hit them first. Yeah. Just for being sea.

Pete: not, it's not scar, it's spectrum.

It's Captain Black and a couple of other geers in, in this like pod. So they open fire. They think that this is a threat, this toret thing comes up, which it's just like, it is just a view them, but they,

Dan: Did you think it was a threat?

Pete: Oh, I dunno. Like if you encountered like an alien city

Sidey: but what are you there for

Pete: they were just rolling around on Mars, making sure everything was right and found this city or something.

Cause the mis ones have like, set up there. I mean, I think. Nowadays we'd, we'd probably be a little try and be a bit more diplomatic or whatever, but

Dan: that's what I was thinking back then.

Pete: This is like a, you know, I mean this is like a, a potential threat on how do the, you know how

Sidey: Yeah.

So the mission goes fucking

Dan: So

Pete: you know

Dan: that

Pete: Black has become a badie is that he gets like quite sort of like bags under his eyes and a bit of stubble. And I used to, I used, always used to say, so when a player had been playing for a different football team and then they signed for Man United, they all like did this, they'd all like, shaved their heads and grow a bit of stubble and they'd have dark circles under their eyes.

And it was like that they'd been, you know, turned by the MRNs and they, they'd become like all ruthless assholes. Very successful ones. But that's what the mis said. We haven't spoken about the voice of the MRNs.

Sidey: This is the


Pete: is the voice of

Dan: the and and how See them, how would they, how would they turn somebody?

Sidey: They


Pete: they just beam

Sidey: beam A light

Pete: that, that fucking

Dan: ruthless.

Sidey: this is, you know, it's puppetry. Yeah. And so the, the, the vfx, the visual FX is essentially, they just beam a light, just a fucking torch, you know? Yeah. And then they, they do their voiceover, but you never ever see the mis ones.

They're always unseen. They're so and so, we, we are back to earth and we get to see some of the other crew. There's lieutenant green or something. He's, he's like

the control dude green and

there's the old fella who's in charge, kind of like Spotswood.


Ear worth where the fuck his name was. He's the one dish out all the orders.

And then we get to see scarla. And guy Mr. Brown. So straight away I'm thinking of Steve Buschemi and Reservoir Dogs being annoyed about me, Mr. Brown. They're, they're going along in the car and suddenly it goes blue and you're like, Oh, hello the fucking, it's happening again. You know? So the, the, the blue light is on them, the tire blows up and their car goes off the road, and it's fucking really sinister.

I thought for a show, someone just drags Scarlet's, like


Pete: they're dead. Like, but Scarlet and brown are dead. Captain Scarlet is dead. Yeah. But then what they can do is they can impersonate people and, and you just see some, like

Sidey: matter thing that they've said on Mars. They can, they can

Pete: retro


You see some like legs of a, of a humanoid person. It's, it's basically a scarlet just dragging like the dead body out the way. And then people go and they find Captain Brown like dead body and but Scarlet has b has been reanimated by the MRNs.

Sidey: You just see him back at the desk and they're saying, Oh, congratulations on surviving.

It's, it's like a one in a million that you manage to survive. We haven't found the other guys fucked, but you're right. So then they get the, the world. They basically have to escort the world president. It's sort a high fucking stakes.

Pete: Well, the Mr. On's first target is gonna be cuz what they wanna do, they basically say to the Hu Hu like, like

Sidey: We're gonna fuck

Pete: of Earth, we're now gonna fucking torment you guys cuz you came at us, right?

So we're gonna go first, First thing is they're gonna go for the world president. They kind of like, let's slip that. That's their plan. So now this is like priority number one is look after the world president. And, but they put Scarlet,

Sidey: he's pretty smooth detail.

He's pretty smooth. He's not like flustered by this.

Dan: And he has Scarlet, Scarlet been turned at this stage because he's been reanimated by the MIS one

Pete: and no one knows that. But

Sidey: but he's not the first one you suspect because Brown gets him and he takes him. We're gonna take you back to hq.

We've got this like place with a safe house. We're gonna keep you there for three weeks until we do So they go through this security thing.

Dan: Elaborate, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah, it's a half hour thing. It's

Dan: like

Sidey: full on. And it's not like one of those where you get like a 15 minute episode and a second episode.

It's like a continuous So they, they go through, it's an X-ray machine to make sure you haven't got anything on you. And President goes through, he's. And then Mr. Brown goes through and all the fucking alarms go off, and there's guys like monitoring the X-rays with like, guns just like these big fucking, like guns there, just pointing at him like, if anything goes south, they're gonna gun him down.

And he's like, Don't worry, . And he just throws this thing on the floor and it's Siggy. It's like sort, it's so funny to see like a pack of cigarettes in like

a kids' program And he is like, Don't worry, it's just my cigarettes in my little, you know, metallic case. So they're like, Okay, you can go through.

And then they go down, it's like 15 floors underground to this bunker. And it really, you get like serious James Bond, like villain LA vibes. And he just, they just sit down and the presence, the desk and he's got, and he literally is like, Oh, I'm just so like impressed with like the level of detail and I feel totally safe.

And then there's like a camera looking at him and he is like, Oh, that's done. That's just so we can check on you make sure everything's all right while you're down here. And he is like, Oh, I just feel so secure. And he just goes,


Brown, you're right. And he is just like emotionless. And he goes, You okay?


Pete: he starts smoldering

Sidey: just


Pete: smoke starts coming out of his like collar. And the next thing, boom.

Sidey: the

whole fucking building. Fucking God. Like, like a fucking proper T kick. You know what I mean? and then it cuts to like, what would've been, I guess an advert or something. But it, this is the one thing that did slightly take me out, you know, that remember it?

I reckon it goes dun dun, dun, dun dun dun dun. But it's between every fucking

sequence After

30 minutes, well after a couple times, you're like, Oh god. So it does that and it goes through you. And you're back to like HQ and it's the old guy who's in charge and he is like, this is what really happened.

You know, like exposition and they've got a camera and the president just goes behind a, like a screen, like a like a

Pete: like a wall. Like a wall comes up. He's obviously got like a panic

Dan: button. Yeah. So

Pete: as soon as he sees him smoldering, he's obviously pressed a button. He disappears behind this wall into like a bunker and

Sidey: nuclear. fucking device

Pete: brown just fucking detonate again.

Sidey: They surmises that he might have been like a small package bomb that detonated a larger bomb that was already in the building because it fucking, the whole thing goes up and they're really good the way they do it. Cause obviously,

the set Okay Watch I just kept looking and thinking, fuck me you know, puppet based stuff.

This is all models and the fucking level of details, like

incredible. Really? And they fucking blow the whole thing up. So he's, he's okay, but now he's like, Right, Well, don't worry, we'll get Captain Scarlet to escort you to the next thing. And then there's been, we, we've some of

Dan: Scarlet wasn't at this. No. No.

Sidey: So Scarlet's got him in a, in aircraft?

Pete: No, it's in a car. But there's,

Sidey: he kidnapped him


Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: we, we are led to believe that Scarlet has also been turned and could be the next one. But he's been reanimated by the mis

Pete: Yeah. We, we, we, yeah, we know that. But no one else knows

Dan: that. And that's a bad thing.

Yeah. Yeah. I would assume

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: he, he just stops answering. Radio things

Pete: he effectively, he's now kidnapping like the, the world president. They've also managed the mis rounds have also turned somebody else who's flying like a helicopter, which is on route

Sidey: to Yeah yeah

Pete: the world president and, and take him out of that

Sidey: they mobilize the angels.

Pete: The angels, yeah.

Sidey: Fucking hell. They're

Pete: Yeah How many of them are there? There's like

Sidey: three.

three And I can't remember the names, but I was trying to, I was trying to think. I must remember them cuz they'll talk

Dan: about

Sidey: them later They're fucking really hot. Like really

Dan: How are they dressed? How are they

Sidey: all like uniforms, you know, proper like, it's not like slight or anything, but know, smart. And they could really fucking cool sunglasses. Actually I did notice that. So they radio in, there's obviously comms in this.

And he is not answering.

So the, our presidente, he grabs the like, handset thing and scarlet fucking whack him. And he, he like properly cuts him and



kid's thing. I'm like, this is mental. He's got a big like cut and blood on his face and then that all kicks off. So they send out a few different crews and we see some like cool craft.

There's one a garage, which is in a Ry and that will kind of like springs open and, and mate's like following them. And honestly, I, I looked at the clock and it was like five minutes in and I've completely forgotten any of these were puppets. I was so fucking invested in this. They were all like

Dan: and do, is it one of those you see the strings and it's, No,

Pete: not really. It's more kind of like just in, in scenarios. And posturing rather than you see them like walking along and stuff. So it's more like they're in vehicles, they're sat in offices, there's conversations

Sidey: going

and if they do something with their hand, do you remember they they would, they would do a close up of a hand

and it'd be someone's hand

going, pressing something.

So you get, you know, you, I was so invested in this

Pete: I mean j just coming back to the Angels, I think it was sort of credited at the time. Cuz this is 60, 68 you said?

Yeah. So at that time, like the, the positioning of like females in like, they're the baddest, like they're the bad asses of like the whole spectrum. So they fly these like fucking super cool like jets. They get deployed, they're like, yeah, I mean, Scarlet's obviously a fucking, the main dude like

Sidey: he eventually he, he, does he nicked a car and they, they're going off and one of the angels like, Right, I could see him on that road. That Right.

Take out the fucking bridge. Force him to go this way. So he does that and eventually he ends up in, he ends up in an aircraft of some kind and he's like, Right, go and fucking shoot him down. But miss, so just attack him and he just, he just keeps plowing on me.

Pete: Yeah. But they go to, they're, they're in, in the car.

Dan: I love the level of detail in there thing. They'll hit the bridge and that will turn him this way in, you know, Shoot. But miss

Pete: and the, the angels like bomb the bridge. So they have to go the other way. And then they go to this bizarre car park. I dunno why they b like build this car

Sidey: park.

Pete: It's, it's the most like bonkers kind of piece of like architecture you've ever seen. It's this cork screw road that goes all the way up to like, what is basically like a, a massive

he pad but it's like a car park. I, I always remembered it as a car park. And so, yeah, this, this vehicles can drive up to the top of it, but like aircraft can land on it, but it's fucking absolute.

It's, we're like, like B Khalifa kind of like

Sidey: feet in the air. Cuz he says that.

Pete: right. There we go. And it's like taller than anything else in, in the whole vicinity.

Dan: a thousand feet.

Pete: Yeah. So there's another dude that drives up there. Just afterwards, by this time they realize that Scarlet's been turned and he's holding the guy hostage.

So they sort of, they go to like, one of the Scarlet's plan is to get this helicopter that's been taken over by the mis ones. Bring it in. They're gonna put the world president on the helicopter and fuck him off, presumably to the mis ones so they can kill him or whatever. Another guy, one of the other captains or whatever, has followed them in a, in a vehicle.

He's got a jet

Sidey: pattern

Pete: on now. And then this like, kind of like dog fight happens at the top. And yeah, they're trying to kill Scarlet or certainly like, Take him out of action and rescue the like the world president,


Dan: tough to shoot a plane down when there's somebody in the plane. You wanna protect one of them and shoot the other

Pete: No, no, they're out the plane now. They're out the vehicle now. And they're, now, they're just hanging onto like a structure that's, that's

Sidey: kind of like a satellite

dishy sort of thing going on, on a, like a scaffold kind of

Dan: tower.

Right. Climb out. Okay.

Sidey: So it's Scarlet and the president are like hanging into there. They're waiting for the helicopter to come back. But one of the angels, so you've got mate on the jet pack. He's, he's got a, just a pistol. That's all he's got. And Scarlet shooting at him. And then

the angel

shoots down the helicopter, but it crashes into the structure.

Dan: Do we hear from the president, his point of view? He's

Sidey: so calm about the whole

thing. He never

gets flustered.

Pete: Yeah. He's, I mean, he didn't become well president for nothing. You know, he's like, he's probably a pretty well decorated dude

Dan: himself. Does he know he's been kidnapped?

Pete: Yeah. He knows it by this side, but he's, he's playing it cool. I mean, what's he gonna do?

Sidey: he knew he knew when the, when they were radioing the car and the, and scarlet fucking whacked him and cut his face open. He knew then.

Dan: So

Sidey: the, the helicopter that's been taken over, that crashes into this structure and it's, it's fucked. It's gonna go like, you know, they're, they're dangling and you do get some comedy, like puppets like shaking around and

Pete: Yeah.

But Jet Pack guy comes in and just as the, the structure collapses. Oh, yeah, Yeah. Shoot.

Sidey: Scarlet

and his face goes all ,

Pete: and and Scarlet plummets.

Sidey: Well, yeah, he falls,


Dan: he gets shot, in the face.

Sidey: people die in this. It's fucking so

Dan: so he gets shot in the face.

Sidey: Well, he shoots him and his facial


goes like he's been,

Dan: right. He's gone.

Sidey: that's like a Thomas tanker You

Dan: to sort

Sidey: face over

to do that. And they swot around and, and rescue the president and, and fly him off. And that does look quite.

primitive, like puppet

dang in the air, like,

you know,

but I still loved it. And then you come, it comes back and and they've got Scarla in a bed and he's really like stuby and stuff.

And someone's like, No, it's, that is definitely, someone's positively IDing him saying, No, that is, that is Captain Scarlet. And then you just get this like sweeping like end bit where the leader bloke, I can't remember his name, but he's like, and so he fell 800 feet or 800 meters, definitely 800 something.

And despite that being fatal, he's not dead , he actually says that and he says, And the all traits of the mis and have gone from him. Yeah. And all we've been left with is an indestructible version of Captain Scarlet

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: right, Okay.

Pete: is how he became

Dan: So that 800 foot drop, kind of like, not the mis, not the misdrawn out of it

Pete: it because he said he was a mister, an agent Instructur, which then always used to make me think, well fuck Captain Blacks indestructible as well.

And it never really ever, I, as far as I'm aware, I couldn't recall them ever referring to that, but as, as a turns

Dan: But was that all their superpowers? Because the first guy you blew up, that's what the missed ones had. Him. Him do.

Pete: that was it. He was just a,

Dan: But you dunno what Captain blacks there. If he's got the same superpower, he

Pete: was destructible.

So, and yeah, so

Dan: Okay. Sounds absolutely compelling. Actually. Makes amazing,

Sidey: Genuinely not even like


Dan: funny. No. Right. Like I'm,

Sidey: I loved it. I absolutely fucking loved it.

Dan: Very, very tempted to catch up with this soon.

Pete: cautious about, especially seeing as, I hadn't seen this in such a long time, but the, the abiding memory of Captain Scarlet and the trons, other than the music, which is fucking cool as well.

And like those scenes at the end where there's like, you know, cartoony kind of like scenes of him, Like he's

Sidey: reaching out a swamp

Pete: or there's a shark coming from him and like, whatever it is, all these like scenarios in which he would then get to, Im get to prove his invincibility. My abiding memory was this origin story.

And then after that he goes, and obviously he's, he's the biggest. Asset in the war against the mis ones, which happens every week. But I don't always like revisiting these things cuz I think, oh, it might get pulled apart or they might just be actually fucking really shit compared to how, and, and I remembered it being even better at what, It's even better than I remembered it.


Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. Oh well, definitely me cause I remember not really enjoying it, but I fucking loved it.

It was so

Dan: It

Pete: It is dark as fuck. People are just getting executed and shit. And it is, like you say, a kids thing,

Sidey: I mean, you can watch this on YouTube, it's like freely available. I mean the, this is season one, episode one, you're just put Captain Scarlet and it pops right up there. So definitely, definitely check this

Pete: Yeah. You gonna watch

some more side Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: It was only on for a year, so I would imagine there's not that many episodes around, so, you

Pete: Right. I seem to remember at some point I've got a different version of the, the set. I think maybe as it got evolved a little bit, the soundtrack like the, the outro music changed ever so slightly.

Dan: Yeah

Maybe we can talk about how it's entwined in the world of, was it stingray and Thunderbirds. And Thunderbirds as well. Same Definitely. This

Sidey: in Thunderbird is, I'm not sure about Stingray Aqua Marina. She was always pretty horny as well. It

Pete: hot. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. She was

Sidey: strong, strong recommend

Pete: I'm very glad about that.

Sidey: Right. Res has got some nominations for us for next week, but I don't, communicated them to me just yet, but we definitely have


I'd imagine. Possibly there's some murmurings on the group

Dan: Oh shit.

Sidey: but I dunno,

Dan: dunno. We're talking horror town to miss. Are you not, Are you,

Pete: Yeah, no, I can't do next week or any week that there's any horror

Dan: Unfortunately I can.

Sidey: We will see. But until then, all that remains is to say society signing

Dan: Dan's gone. Goodbye.