June 8, 2022

Midweek Mention... The Big Heat

Midweek Mention... The Big Heat
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Dan nominated the brutal and violent 1953 Fritz Lang film noir THE BIG HEAT starring Glenn Ford for us to watch and I’ll admit to being slightly less than enthusiastic when he did. How wrong I was. When Police Chief Tom Duncan dies by suicide, hardboiled Sergeant Bannion finds himself waging a one-man war with gangsters Mike Lagana (Alexander Scourby) and Vince Stone (Lee Marvin) as well as the corrupt political establishment in this searing pulpy revenge thriller.

As better reviewers than us have noted, including Roger Ebert who loved this movie, Bannion's almost pathologicial pursuit of justice comes at a high cost, borne principally by the female characters: Bertha Duncan (Jeanette Nolan), the manipulative Police Chief's widow who is shot and killed, Lucy Chapman the unlucky potential witness, beaten, tortured and killed, Bannion's wife Katie (Jocelyn Brando) fated to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (and killed) and the superb Gloria Grahame as the disfigured femme fatale Debby (who is killed). 

Subversive even by todays standards with a scorching script, sharp dialogue and moody visuals, this is one to check out and recommended even to those who would normally avoid this kind of thing.



The Big Heat

Reegs: But mostly sided. Cause he's probably the only person we'll hear this bit because this will all be edited out. So it's just me and you talking to.

Dan: Side, where do we start? We've broken your SD cards and your microphone.

We've, we've taken a shit where you normally sit, but then we realized that it's actually my seat. So

tidy that up, but but the thought was there. Let society edit out all the fucking bullshit sin, cunts and things that we say. and and the and the total gaps in my knowledge, of a film I've watched 48 hours ago.

Reegs: 48 hours go. I watched it. Well, we should save it for the pod, which is literally eminent.

This is riveting stuff. Hopefully you're paying attention side to see if we say anything interesting that could ever go into the outtakes pile. I don't know if there is

Dan: That's not our intro.

I wonder if this bit gets recorded over the top as

Reegs: yeah. I always ask him that and he tells me the answer and then I forget every time.

So Dan, we watched 1953 is the big heat. Yeah.

Dan: it was it's on BBCI. player. No, it's not. It's on sky at the moment. And there's another good one on, on IPOs or crossfire, but we watched this it's been years since I've seen this. I mean, it would have been

Reegs: well it's 69 years old.

Dan: Yeah.

I didn't see it at there at the premiere, but it has been years since I've seen it, it would have been a day where I've been off work and it's come on daytime TV or something. But it is kind of an edgier film, new Orleans So it's Fritz Lang Glen Ford, who I think people forget what a huge star he was at the time as well.

I mean, he's Bidding countless other films around that time. too. You've had

Reegs: well, I'm very ignorant of this whole period, really? So this was good for me to get in, but it's you said it's a film where it's not a completely classic film. The wire is, it's got a lot of the elements, but we we'll talk about that, but it's, he, you know, Glenn 4d plays this sort of fearless detective taken on a one man war against corruption.

Gangsters in the fictional city of Ken port, which I think is a stand in for Philadelphia,

Dan: Yeah. It's a detective, a good guys against the bad guys. Start at the beginning We're we're, we're straight into an office and a gun trigger being pulled and a suicide. at a desk. And you can't.

Reegs: it's a shocking star.


Dan: it's, you know, you think These films as well. They're back in the fifties, they're going to be tired and they're not going to deal with sort of heavy themes or something, but a lot of these films, they're a little bit darker, a little bit more gritty, and they did, and they open up with this murder or it's not a murder, it's a suicide. And the wife who you assume is the wife comes running down the stairs.

Cause it's a family home. But straight away. You realize She doesn't look all together shock. She doesn't

Reegs: smell clean

Dan: out. She just kind of weighs it up. And the first phone, call she

Reegs: well, she sees a letter that's a, and the camera frames. It carefully that there's a letter that the guy had written. And it turns out that this was Tom Duncan, a former police inspector.

She rings, like you say, the wife rings. Through to well, this is a sequence in which all the major players in the movie are established right up front in a series of sort of phone calls and meetings at first is when she calls the crime boss, Mike Legana. And she says Taylor, it's Tom Duncan's.

Dan: That's it. Yeah. And he's in bed and he doesn't even reach for the telephone next to him. he's got a flunky there to do that. for him.

Reegs: Yeah. A flunky he's a body guard, but he's definitely dressed in his dressing gown in this scene. Isn't

Dan: Oh, the boat he's in silk pajamas, Lugana showing how powerful he is. Because silk pajamas would have been all the range, but yeah, the other guys in his dressing gown and he's dialing the number. When he's got, Mike and another call where he's lightening to go cigarette while he's in bed and Laguna's there just kind of thinking and contemplating and pondering his next move. But he has been given a heads up then that the, the police officer that was well on the take, as we find out as just killed himself But his wife w has the letter, she has the evidence of his confession and his suicide note.

And. she. Wants him to know that she's got it

Reegs: now.

Yeah. So the, the, the stage is set and there's, you know, a bunch of gangsters introduced as well, including Lee Marvins Vince stone who is quite a ferocious character in this. We'll

Dan: God. Isn't he? He's pretty scary unit. And obviously you can imagine there's there's a commotion, a cops killed themselves, so they need their investigations And that's where we meet Glenn forward as well, comes in

Reegs: Banyan. He's introduced, he, hasn't got his tie on, he's putting his tie on. Did you notice that? But it's anyway, it's at the suicide. It's a very somber affair and he goes upstairs to talk to the widowed Mrs. Duncan, and she's doing a reasonably convincing, grieving.

It's though. Bamiyan definitely doesn't think her story smells straight right away. And, you know, he says, when a policeman kills himself, the department gets worried. And she paints a picture of a wholesome husband and it's a mystery as to why he took his life. She puts it down to his health, the pain he had in his side, and she thought something was seriously wrong.

And she didn't know if he ever saw a doctor and all this, but

Dan: and you can tell from, from the acting and the expressions. that Banyan isn't buying all. This is something isn't it, particularly when she lays it on, thick about how honesty was and how, because rumors would have been rife within the police force and, and around.

Somebody on the take or or whatever.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it becomes clear in much later in the movie, but it serves a purpose now, but Lagonda runs the city. He is the crime boss who runs the whole city and it does come out later, but obviously Banyan knows that at this point and we go back to Bannon's house and this is a really cool scene because it's a picture of tranquil domesticity.

Dan: It's 1950s, America, to a tears in it. You've got a beautiful wife. Who's in the kitchen. Who's cheekily just taking a puff of the, husband's cigarette and

Reegs: over the food. It's amazing.


Dan: doing all that. There's a, there's the the daughter who, who jumps on to daddy and loves him. and all the rest of it. Yeah. It's

Reegs: says, I'm their daughter, Joyce who's angelic during the day.

But at night she's a holy terror

Dan: right?

Reegs: and it's Joslin Brando, which is who, it sounds like I'm Marlin's sister. It's not us joking either.

Dan: Did you know that she was kind of blacklisted for movies? For posing a war, I think it might've been the Vietnam war. I'm not Sure. If it was this one or when it was, but she got blacklisted anyway.

Reegs: I've read a little bit on Wikipedia today.

I didn't really know about Jocelyn Brando at all. And she's, it's weird because she looks like him, but also she's really fit as well. So

Dan: yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, he was fit. but yeah, different kind.

Reegs: They seem really happy. It's really angelic it's and it's definitely staged or like, almost like a 50 sit-com on purpose Lang is doing it like that because it sets up what happens.

And anyway, later the phone rings it's Sergeant Kang, I think down at the station, he informs him that somebody come forward and said that Duncan wouldn't kill himself.

Tom Duncan

Dan: A lady called Lucy Chapman who claims to be more than just friends. as well. We've we've Ms. Duncan and, or

Duncan who killed himself.

And she says things were were completely different. He there was nothing wrong with his health. And,

Reegs: Where she says his wife had agreed to him getting a divorce. We'd fallen in love. We were going to go back to the summer house. But she insists it wasn't sorted or saucy. It's just a, but anyway,

Dan: Yeah, no, she insisted nothing improper went on that they're all just, you know, he was waiting for his moment.

He'd just been granted this divorce and and he was trying to come clean. Banyan doesn't buy it all together. He's he's a little bit irritated. I think he's getting Some, some heat from, from above as well. when he goes in and she's more. She's not being quiet about it. I mean the whole bark in here,

Reegs: Lucy

Dan: Yeah. A whole bar can hear and see that she's trying to say, you know, this cop didn't kill himself where everybody else just kind of wants it to go away.

Reegs: I think recklessly, he goes to go and talk to Mrs. Duncan about it as well. And he tells her, oh, you know, there there's this different story.

Dan: What about this house in Lakeside?

Where did you get that? in?

Reegs: He must have known what he was doing and that, you know, it it's dangerous stuff now.

Dan: Yeah. Well, that's it. he wanted to go and get a reaction. So instead of exactly that, you know, he's, he's going to tell the person who's being accused. So, but she reacts in just the kind of way you'd expect a guilty person to do.

So maybe for himself, he realizes then. Okay. Even if I don't have any. I know something's wrong. here, EGS. He He's got that hunch and he's just followed it through. And now he, without the evidence, he knows that Ms. Duncan is, is holding something back. There's this house in the, in the lake? that They're unsure of how that's been paid. She's very reluctant to give any information over whereabouts and, and force him out of the

Reegs: Well, she says, she says to her, Mrs. Duncan says to Banyan, when they have the conversation, he presents different stories. She says there's been four Lucy Chapman. In the marriage. And you know, she says it's all about black males, so it's not really clear at all. Everybody's not quite what they see in classic film knew our staff.

Anyway, they go back, you go back to the police station. Banyans sort of, yes, man superior is telling him to stop it, you know, drop the case.

Dan: Yeah, that's right.

Reegs: ups are telling him to do that, but then he gets, I don't know what this was. Is this a telegram? It was like a typewriter that was receiving a message. Is that a telegram?

Dan? That's your, you must remember when the first telegrams came out and how that revolutionized things anyway. So telegram, and it's saying that a body has been found tortured, beaten to do. And it's a young lady

Dan: the description of our Lucy Chapman who had previously been singing to the copper Banyan that this guy didn't kill himself.

She turns up dead next. And if he wasn't already suspicious then he knows that this has got real serious. Now Somebody has died. And suddenly what she was saying might have more truth in it. Even he first thought. And yeah, it's he kind of goes to back to the place stationed there and he's told to get off the

Reegs: Yeah, he is he says, are you asking me, are you telling me to his boss?

And his boss says, I'm telling you you know, to leave it. And then when he goes home his wife gets a threatening phone call. It's all really edgy stuff, man. This is why, you know, this was a really good movie to pick because there's loads happening all the time. She gets a horrible phone call his gangsters, threatening him.


Dan: you've got this hoodlum whose whose code up. Picked up the, you know, the, the daughter or the wife's picked it up and they've given it. She said, you know, I can't repeat all the four letter words He said, but you can just imagine him on the other line going, I need to get message to the cop.

And now I've got to go through the door and then I got to go through the mum eventually. going, and he's Just in the end.

Just leave it alone. Just go away. Don't bother looking at any of this, you know, you're going to get hurt,

Reegs: yeah, cause he's probably rehearsed his Batman speech and now he's got to do it for the third time. He, he ends up at a swanky party at Legon. House there's there's a cop there on duty outside and they taught, this is where they talk about how they, everybody knows Lugana runs the city.

And he says to him, do you like this detail? And the guy says, I do what I'm told. And Banyan says, that's what we're all supposed to do in this city. So I really gritty there's loads of great lines

Dan: and he's fired up because this phone call to his house is just struck a chord with him that he's got personal and he wants to get personal to Laguna now, and

Reegs: I bet Lagonda plays it dumb though, he's all like what you're here for.

Is it about pension? Is it benefits? Um

Dan: me Me this time, what money do you want? What'd you.

Reegs: and he says, no, I'm here about a murder. He just says it straight away. And he says, it's Lucy Chapman, you know, an old fashioned prohibition style killing is what describes it as

Dan: he's he's absolutely outraged and insulted that he comes to his house when his daughter is having a party or dancing or whatever.

And I'm bringing in this. Feel free accusation to to him, of course He's bloody done it. Isn't He's the mob boss. Everybody knows he's done it, but Banyan,

Reegs: can't really do anything about it. He ends up in a scuffle with one of

Dan: yeah. Banyan goes,

Reegs: It's quite a violent little,

Dan: he goes ape shit. And he's like embarrassing. Em in front of his body.

God, by saying Hey, you want some more next after he should put the body guard on the floor. And it obviously doesn't. But Legon has got other things in mind, and he's got revenge in mind. And he, he's not the kind of mob boss that you can go in his soul. And he's just gonna forget about it. He's he wants revenge and

Reegs: and I really did not see this

Dan: No, but I mean, you Would you would think in modern day films, you know, you go in and. The , mob boss or sewing, you know, what's coming, you getting whacked like, you know, and this was no different. It was just kind of play. They will play out a little more gentlemanly. Maybe it's the language at the time and things, but also they're like, you know, hard men. This year. these are, these are dark deeds that, they're doing.

Reegs: Yeah.

And aids, dark deeds, because. Banyan gets ejected from the party bosses, tell him to leave it alone again, whatever he's put his kid to bed and his wife goes out and it's, again, that picture of lovely domesticity that we saw earlier, he's telling her a bedtime story and she goes outside and then there's a colossal how shaky explosion?

I don't know how they did it because it happens outside and the whole set shakes sort of thing. And it's a car bomb and his wife has died in a car bomb.

Dan: brutal.

And and so she's gone and this then almost turns into part two. because

Reegs: I did actually literally stop the movie at this point to watch it at another point, because I was like, I know exactly what well it's setting up.

That's the end of the first act sort of thing. And it's

Dan: it is so it has, and it has set up the first act fantastically well we had

Reegs: Wow, that's incredible. It's nonstop. Like all this action suicides people getting like introduced and killed like, oh scuffles, loads of threats

Dan: lifestyle of people as well.

you know? And and a little bit culturally around the time, like the, the, the way they talk about the girls being barflies and things, and they go around, they've just got a suitcase. They go from

Reegs: Oh, well, we haven't really talked about the female characters in this and they're going to become really, really

Dan: well already. One's dead, you know? And so let, let's wait a little bit longer because the next one isn't far behind and well, the next one. Has just happened at your halfway point, where Katie banyans wife. is

Reegs: Yeah. So Chapman's gone, Katie's gone. And Banyan is not offered any kind of like therapy or

Dan: no council in those days. I mean, we, we cut actually to just the scene.

after The funeral because they meet back in the office and they say, oh, you know, I didn't get to say it at the funeral, but just how sorry I am. And

Reegs: they dispense with the daughter. She sent off to live with the sister in law or brother-in-law or something like

Dan: daughter's daughter has gone to live with a sister and, aunt and the commissioner and his boss are both.

in the. And the office now

Reegs: Well, they're saying we'll do everything we can to find him we'll turnover. No STO lo leave, no stone unturned. We'll look through your case files to see who it was sort of thing. And he's like, I know who it was.

Dan: I know. I know. who it. was is Lugana and your in fucking pay roll and your in his bloody PO and, you you know, and he starts letting them have it.

And it's the commissioner here. And the, the chief of police. and he's Telling them that you're both on the tape. So I dunno, what the hell are you doing? Why are you going around this? My wife was killed and he suddenly becomes like I'm not re wrote. Copy The batch

Reegs: he's a one man army. Isn't he now? Yeah, it's the classic scene.

I'll take your badge and gun. And he throws in the badge and he's like the guns mine. I bought it.

Dan: Bought and paid for.

Reegs: And it's, it's great. You could see like a real, like. Well, the potential to remake this movie I'm sure is, is very

Dan: so Many of these films was an absolute gems. that. You know, benefit. There's not all the time you say, all these films would benefit or films would benefit from a going over, but this?

this, you know, you could

Reegs: have to be ballsy. I'd like Edgar bright to do it. That'd be anyway. Banyan goes to the retreat because he's not leaving things around the retreats. The name of the club where a lot of this stuff has been happening and the glamorous Debbie. Is there she's Vince stones is mall.

We it's not clear how

Dan: Lee, Marvin.

Reegs: Yeah. It's not clear how into it. She is with him. They have that weird exchange where she says, oh,

Dan: out for a party. That girl, you know, she's she's

Reegs: to her motivations later on

Dan: Yeah. she likes to, She's been poor. She's been rich BIM paws a lot, eat a lot. too.

Reegs: She says I've been poor.

I've been rich and being rich is a lot better,

Dan: rich is a lot better. Yeah.

Reegs: well, it turns out anyway that Tom Duncan's widow now is basically extorting a gangster. She's fucking ballsy. She's

Dan: you believe our first call. afterwards is to Legon? Cause she's got used to the life. She's got used to, to spend the money as well. So we've got two women and all the girls in it really are dependent on the men in this film.

Aren't there, you know, it's very much a man's world. And they're like gangsters moles, if you like. She was the the wife of the

Reegs: except Tom Duncan, she and her wife. Now the wife of Duncan is now driving everything. She's extorting, a gangster and a Debbie Vince's model is going to become much more important and much bigger player than that in the rest of the movie.

Yeah, she's extorting a $500 a week. She wants, which is about $260,000 per year in 2021. I've got it here. So she's got this letter basically where Tom Duncan has confessed to everything and

Dan: I got all the facts and figures and numbers. she's got it. in actually. We never find out for sure from her where it is, but there's a little bit. A little bit later on we realize that the theory that banyans got is correct, which is, if anything happens to her, the letter is going to be released to the press. So that's been her insurance against the Ghana that nobody can touch her. You know, she's just going to keep getting the money and she. even Bumped him up a little bit more, Cause I think she was on less.

And then he goes, now if she wants 500. you know what we're going to

Reegs: I know ballsy the biggest crime in the city and she's bribing at work, but yeah,

Dan: and Legon is also mixed up in the elections this time he's running for something I think. And he wants to be part of


Reegs: make it legit. Isn't it?

Dan: Exactly. So he doesn't want extra Noise in and around the election time, and,

Reegs: but banyans making noise, right? Cause he's shaking down the city. He goes to the auto wreck place where it could, where they bombed out car of his was taken and the guy who owned it has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. And there's some new guy who's too scared to talk about what's happening, but the guys disabled, elderly, female assistant Selma.

Yeah, another interesting female character in there. She calls Banyan afterwards and says she gives him the information she needs. She tells him that slim was visited by a guy in colorful, fancy clothes and got a few phone calls from a guy called Larry. And then she says he was told to call him she guesses the monastery and he goes, no, the retreat.

Yeah, because it's a nice little gag.

Dan: I dunno, wherever she was. An old lady or she was a young lady playing an old lady It came across more like that. that she wasn't, as old as that she


Reegs: she comes up in the finale. She is amazing. Like really

Dan: her out. Okay. So that made me smile in the hallway, actually that She she made another kind of a. appearance into it, but he suddenly pieces it together.

What he's known anyway. I mean, he's trying to get some kind of evidence, but he, can't do it. So basically, and I thought this was genius. I'm just going to skip right to the bolt now where He's he's gone to Ms. Duncan's house and he's basically going to kill her. She's going well, you know, what can you do? And he goes, I'll tell you what I can do.

I can kill you. And then all the evidence comes out. I've already lost my wife. I don't really give a shit anymore. I mean, he's a desperate man. And you see this a few times there. He can't talk about his wife and he he's, he's he, you know, really


Reegs: the window and he's crying.

Which is quite rare to see,

like you know, he's not blubbing, but there's like a tear as he looks out the window.

Dan: tough man when he's leaving the house and everything. Yeah. So anyway, that's his plan. He's going to go. He goes, whoa, I can't do anything here. The garden has got it all covered. you know, all the evidence against him is with her.

She's not going to give it to me and tell me where it is, but if I kill her,

that somebody is going to say, oh, she's dead. This leg is going to the press now. And he's about to do it, Lugana gets winded S and he calls the cops and the cops come to the door and says, oh, hi, I just got a call that you were needed help.

And they kind of cover each other because neither, Both of them are guilty or something Neva and wants to say in front of the cops. So they just kind of, oh, he'll be leaving with you now. And Off she goes, but he was that close. He was a desperate man and he was that close to killing. This, this lady. for the, for the truth and he goes and tells this then to Vince Stone's girlfriend, who he's kind of got a little bit Pally with, and she is just.

Burned by Vince

Reegs: Well, there's a really shocking, there's a really shocking

Dan: scene He's like

Reegs: where he throws coffee in her

Dan: Steam in hot coffee.

Reegs: It happens off screen, but it's still really chilling. And it's in front of the police chief commissioners, they're playing cards with them. You know, it shows the power these guys

Dan: Yeah. And he says, you, you you go down the hospital and cover for his, you know, you go and do that. And sets it all up and she knows better. than to, to, To say anything other than it was an accident or, whatever, but she's got bad. face the rest of the film. And a couple of times at the end, you see this kind of

Reegs: quite effective to make

Dan: scars. Yeah, I mean, it was, it was, you could see the damage it was done to another wise, beautiful lady. She's now all scarred down one side.

and Feeling like she's got nothing to lose. She takes on banyans plan goes to Ms. Duncan's house

Reegs: Yeah. Not before they, they do have is crazy. She just shoots. So you don't see it coming. She was her in the back, I think. Cause she's

Dan: she's

Reegs: But she says to her how they're the same assisters in mink because they both turn up wearing mink coats.

Did you see that? And

Dan: and she's trying to sort of maybe give her one chance. Isn't she and saying, look, come with me, realize we're doing. wrong here. We can team up, but miss Dunkin isn't having any of it. She's You know, blinded by all the money and the power that she's got herself and thinks she can't be.

touched. Anyway, next thing.

Reegs: Well, we're next up we're and then straight after that we're at Vic Stone's place. His high rise apartment and he goes out onto the balcony. Somebody throws hot coffee in his face, just straight away. It's Debbie, she's gone on a fucking rampage now, so she's killed Tom Duncan's wife, shot her in the back.

Now throwing coffee in this guy's face. He shoots, he ends up shooting her in the back and Banyan turns up and they have this big shootout. It's actually really good with great squibs and like glass popping and stuff like that. Debbie confesses to killing Mrs. Duncan.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And also by this time, Vince is, is dead.

He's gone. And we've just got Laguna.

Reegs: No stone Vince stone gets taken back inside actually where his old partner

Dan: Yay. They, they come and

Reegs: because there's a whole subplot. We didn't mention where he rallies a load of ex army buddies to like, defend that it sets up this like great siege at his house that actually doesn't really ever happen, which is really interesting.

Dan: Just, they're prepared. There's a few things like that, we just kind of, the story kind of takes you down, but. it doesn't Follow through it just as in real life, they didn't come there. They, you know, it was it was detailed. It was textured. Exactly. it was showing the panic and you didn't really know which one of these avenues we were going to go down. And

Reegs: well you just get to have these great bad-ass exchanges where these former army buddies are just like, you know, I've seen, I can't even, I couldn't even quote it, but they're basically talking about how they've seen worse things in action.

And they're here now to

Dan: Well, cause he says, look, you know, no, no disrespect. but These are gangsters, and you know, they'll chew up amateurs, they'll just shoot you. I don't want to eat. Then he goes, Hey, we're not amateurs. Then that's when they, they start saying I've seen this, that, and the other I'll take

Reegs: it's like that.

So it's in jaws where they're all trying to one-up each other. So yeah, stone gets taken back inside. Debbie's confessed to shooting Daniel and sh to shooting Mrs. Duncan. And then she dies. So, I mean the whole thing then just ends with everybody's arrested for murder. The evidence comes out and Lagonda goes down which we see a newspaper clippings and banyans reinstated to his job as a homicide detective.

It's a horrible joke at the end though. Did he? Where he says, do you want,

Dan: But to the day to day, it was just a hit and run.

Reegs: No, no. After that he says, keep the coffee, heart, you go like, you know, twice we've seen people burned with hot coffee and it's the last line in the movie. Like it's got to

Dan: oh, it's just a little

Reegs: really like, sadistic.

Dan: there. it was also like he goes, they'll smile and enjoy for his backend. there's one guy just hovering above and ready to sharpen his pencil or something, you know? and. He goes I hit him one down on like, wherever it is. And it goes, to. good old night the good old day job back to our best light. You know, you think, Hey, Ron is bloody horrible. What are you talking about? But yeah, that was just

Reegs: another day in the life of Dave Banyan

Dan: It gone down. there's loads in this though. I haven't really, talked about because there is kind of, as you said, there's, there's texture to it and there's, there's layers and there's lots of characters. There's there's great

Reegs: Yeah. But Banyan himself, he is an interesting character because he continues often like just completely oblivious to the cost of what's going on around him.

You know, two women, well two women, three women die for women.

Dan: This

Reegs: Duncan, Lucy Chatman, Katie's wife and Debbie dies in the end. And she's also disfigured with boiling hot coffee. So obviously there's a whole load of

Dan: goes to jail, you know? No, no boys died today. I don't think any men die.

Reegs: No, I don't think so. But they're also, you know, Tom Duncan's wife is driving the plot.

I don't know what, I don't know what

Dan: Tom Duncan who shoots himself. But he's, he's standing up to the bullies really inspires You know her to, to go and do what she does in the end is, going to sh you know, take Duncan down, and stand up for herself with Vince and everything. So she was a big part of it. That'd be, you know, that she got to the the part where it was

story at the end.

you know, It was her that it taken this on you, you, you see a pickup really, in the second part of the film, you see are getting more screen time and more. And the interactions between the two, she was really cool. What did you, even if she got this figured, she said, oh, you know, it's only one side of my face,

Reegs: she says, I'll go through life sideways.

Dan: Yeah. She, you know, She's just trying to look on the bright

Reegs: Well, I think it's about her moral ambiguity, right? Because she taught Banyan says to her. What's it like being Vince Stone's girl and, you know, she was, she sort of saying, I know what he does, but I enjoy the perks of it sort of thing. So I think there's that kind of judgment running through their film.

So, but it's not, it's, it's really good. This really

Dan: glad you enjoyed it. Yeah. there's, there's tons of these gems, you know, So over the, over the course of the year, I'll try and pick out a couple more that we can get our teeth into and discussing, and hopefully we'll get a, Sidey Howie And and Pete, will Andre on it as well and see what they think.

But yeah. Excellent. Phil,