May 26, 2023

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer & Hilltop Hospital

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer & Hilltop Hospital
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Strap on your surgical mask and/or your combat gear as we kick off Operation week with a discussion of the Top 5 Operations. You’ll no doubt remember that our operation theme was inspired by us picking two movies with the word ‘operation’ in the title in a row so we thought we’d double down on all that operation action. From various kinds and sizes of operations, to operations in different places and countries, right through to examples of operations within operations, and operations within operations within operations, we’ve got all your operation needs covered. It’s a very operationary week is what I’m trying to say.

We’d already unanimously decreed Yorgos Lanthimos a favourite of the pod for his absurdist comedy THE LOBSTER and he uses some of that film’s tone and style in 2017’s THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER. Troubled teenager Martin (Barry Keoghan) gradually insinuates himself into the life of Steven, (Colin Farrell) the cardiovascular surgeon who failed to save his fathers life, or maybe, man fails to take responsibility for his actions and is punished by the gods. Bizarre performances from fantastic actors, some seriously shocking and transgressive scenes, allusions to Greek mythology, yes I know what you’re thinking: that is literally everybody’s idea of a perfect movie but it’s also beautifully shot and edited and has a terrifying score so there’s that too. Difficult to recommend to everyone, but I’m still thinking about it way more than the last Marvel movie I watched, which is a grossly unfair and ridiculous comparison but I’ve just made it anyway.

Operation week finishes with HILLTOP HOSPITAL in which two conjoined twin Siamese cats are separated, with at least 50% of the patients surviving. Meanwhile a love triangle develops in the workplace between a cat, a dog and a hippo, while a human faced turtle scares Cris. Either a noble attempt to normalise hospitals and medical treatment for children or a surreal ER parody, it’s your call.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Sacred Deer

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, striving for Perfection, but Landing somewhere just above acceptable. We're a weekly podcast devoted to some cinematic dads catching up on the movies we missed while our kids were young and annoying. I say were anyway, before we start, little reminder that listeners who have sensitive ears might want to strap on your earmuffs, cuz we're about to drop more FBOs than a clumsy pyromaniac in an alphabet spaghetti factory.

This week's theme is operations following on from the previous two movies that we've had over the last couple of weeks, and starts with a discussion of the top five operations in movies and tv. Before we move on to take a look at Greek Auto Yogos Lan, Theo's Sophie's Choice on acid style, psychological thriller, the Killing of a Sacred Deer.

And then we finish things up with a look at C I T V Claymation. Is it a parody or not? Hilltop Hospital. All that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with Sidy. And I'm not sure we've mentioned this before, have we? But you were once struck by lightning whilst holding a bag of fertilizer and you can now communicate with plants, which

Sidey: That's


That's very true.

Reegs: Nice. Unfortunately you say they're pretty surly and sarcastic, so that's plants dickheads after all.

Sidey: all of them.

Reegs: We also have Dan seasoned veteran of the group. Yeah, I mean old our vegetarian friend. You, you told me off air that you spent the weekend convincing mosquitoes to try kale, didn't you?

Which is

Dan: well, still trying.

Reegs: You're a good reminder of a simpler time, a time before emojis even existed, I think. you. Yeah,

thank you. And then there's the Romanian roaster talking about coffee beans. Of course. Chris, and we often bang on a bit about how Chris is a bit of a good looking chap.

If I had to describe him to listeners in terms of a fruit or vegetable, he would probably be a fine apple, I would say. Yeah. Yeah,

Dan: When

Reegs: Yeah. And finally there's me res Hello. All right. everyone. Okay.

Cris: Hello?

Sidey: Good. Good mate.

Cris: I'm good.

Sidey: good.

Reegs: you are like, oh, I'm good. But you've, what have you done with your,

Cris: well, I've got a fractured bone in my elbow, but yeah.

Can't stop me from No,

Reegs: Wait, so you're, you're not a lefty, so you're

all right. No.

Is it painful?

Cris: Not anymore. Yeah. I, I've, I've wanked myself to, to oblivion, so I don't really

Reegs: all those dopamines.

Sidey: took us three minutes to stop talking about wanking.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, sorry,

Dan: It's a record. Well done. I,

Sidey: You fell off your bike, didn't you?

That was a

Cris: Yes, I fell off my bike. I wasn't even drunk and I broke the radial bone in my elbow.

Reegs: Oh, you got the radial in the ulna,

Sidey: and the UUs connects to the upper dous. Yeah.

Cris: Okay. If should say so.

Sidey: No, I'm getting that film reference. Okay. I, I'll leave it

Reegs: What's that one?

Dan: Somebody will Thank

Reegs: Oh, right,

Cris: Yeah, sorry.

Reegs: So, has that, have you been laid up and had a chance to watch loads of stuff on TV or,

Cris: I have, yeah. I watched, this is, I told you earlier that I've done one and I've happened, this accident happened last week and I went to bed, tried to sleep, couldn't really sleep, and I woke up and I just went downstairs and put the tele on.

And I was so tired and I was in so much pain that I actually didn't remember what I watched and I couldn't tell you why, but I've watched a movie called Ola Homes.

Sidey: Oh, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: Oh, we watched it on the pod.

Cris: Oh, did you? Okay. I think

Sidey: there's two now

Cris: I think I've watched the second one because


kind of kept looking and telling things about the pre, like what happened before

Reegs: Henry Cav and

Cris: yes.

Bonham Carter, Helena Bonham Carter and

Dan: Billy

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Billy

Eilish. Yeah, that's right.

Reegs: Was it?

Sidey: No,

Reegs: it's the one from Stranger Things.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Millie Bobby Brown.

Reegs: That's the one. Bobby

Cris: could be. Yeah.

Sidey: No, it is,

Cris: Is it? Yeah, them. So I watched that, which I, I couldn't tell you what happened.

Sidey: I think we thought it was okay. The first one

Dan: the

Reegs: Wanted to like

it a little bit more than we did, if is what I remember. Well,

Dan: I know, I remember quite liking it. But the second one, maybe you need to have seen the first, I dunno.

Cris: dunno. But I was so, honestly, I was so tired and I, I kept thinking I want to fall asleep. And I, my eyes were closing, but I was in pain and I couldn't sleep. So it was just, I just, yeah. Can't really say much about

Dan: to watch it

Cris: It's about Sherlock Holmes and his sister. So they discover something, some sh shit get blown up and they have really fancy dress style, I guess,

Dan: Okay. Cost. Costume. Costume, yeah. Costumes were strong. I haven't seen anything this week.

Yeah. I've Blackhawk down which we review for the midweek.

Reegs: was a strong recommend, wasn't


Dan: was, yeah. A pleasant surprise that for an action military movie, decent. But that's pretty much all I got round to, to watching film wise this week.

Sidey: Yeah, same. I think I caught up with yellow Jackets, but we wanna talk about that. But that

Reegs: well I think I'm caught up now.

Sidey: there's one episode to go in series two.

Reegs: I don't think I'm there actually,

Sidey: Okay. And then other stuff. I've just been trying to, trying to learn some new skills rigs. You've been helping with me with my vocabulary.

Have I?

Yeah, you taught me about the word plethora. Thanks for that. Yeah, that's all right. It means a lot. Um, Other than that, no, just homework for me.

Cris: I've watched on dance recommendation air. yeah. It was good.

Dan: Enjoyed

Cris: I enjoyed that. Yeah. I enjoyed that.

Dan: I must admit right the beginning of the, or the end of last week, I finished off again, the last dance. Yeah. The Jordan documentary or the Bulls documentary,

Sidey: I took that

and I took that personally

Dan: a hell of a story.


Reegs: We watched Maid, it's like a limited series on Netflix about a sort of woman escaping from an abusive relationship with her daughter. It's got Andy McDowell in it and her real life daughter, and you just spend the whole time going, God.

She looks just like her and she acts just like her. And yeah, that's pretty good. Lots of powerful acting and drama and stuff, so,

Dan: What's

up with the kids?

Reegs: Not so much,

Dan: much. no.

  1. Is there anything you've seen with the kids that

Sidey: no, but what I did do is I, I bought Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and that's been a real time suck and my daughter loves that.

She's like, she'll just happily watch me play it, but she does want to start playing it

Dan: it herself. Yeah.

Sidey: the last one.

Dan: been waiting patiently for like three

Sidey: that has taken up some time where I could have watched some other stuff. So yeah. Got that to do. we did the top five last week, which was top five.

Dan: Fill in the blank here. Stakes,

Sidey: Top five stakes. And we covered it all off what

Reegs: Yeah, we did a top six.

Sidey: Yeah. We had to, we had to do the top

Dan: six. Yeah, we were

Sidey: think we had any, because the way that we're doing things now, we get all our nominations in early, which works quite well. So we can even do that today on this one, which is top five Operations.

Dan: Operations. Let's do Now you say operations, we had a military operation. Yes. And we had an operation within that. Right at the be beginning of the midweek, you talked about having a operation within an operation within an operation nomination.

Sidey: We've got that on the, the Twittersphere.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Is is that something we're gonna hold for another few minutes

Sidey: I think We'll, we'll waffle through our deeply inadequate own nominations and then we'll get to the better ones. At the end. Do you think?


this was open, I guess to interpretation because, you know, operations could mean

a variety of Different

things. Res do you wanna start us off?

Reegs: Oh,

yeah. Okay. I'll start with

Dan: 127 hours. It's a film about Aaron Rayton. He's a hardcore adventurer. Yeah, that's him. Did you know him? And and he gets trapped under a boulder when he is hiking alone. And he's no way out. He's. Trapped his arm, his court within a rock and a hard place, literally.

Reegs: He's out biking. He leaves his, any kind of attempt to, to contact home out.


Dan: Yeah. Cuz he is so

Reegs: shows that he's a bit reckless and sort of gets himself almost


Dan: likes the freedom, I think, of just knowing it's him against the elements to go out there until actually it, it was a freak accident. It, it, it kind of fell down a little ravine. A load of rocks fell on top of him and that perfectly bad timing of getting his arm jammed in against this hugely heavy boulder meant that he was completely trapped and he had to perform his own

Reegs: Yeah.

A bit self surgery


Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Danny Boyle that movie? I really like it.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, it's He's the one he did after the one before. The one before. Exactly. Slum Dog Millionaire. And. The Franco was the guy, wasn't it? James Franco is the is the adventurer. I think we

Sidey: think we're supposed to cancel

him. Are we?

Reegs: I think

Dan: Are we?

Cris: Are we? Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. He's a sex p Yeah, he's a

Dan: James Franco.

Sidey: Yeah. He's an aggressive,

Dan: Wow.

Cris: Aggressive,

Sidey: Yeah, I think so. It's not good.

Dan: Well this was, you know, I thought this was pretty rock solid. This one. Um, It was cutting edge and he cut right for his arm. Yeah. Um,

Reegs: He does do that and gets to freedom and it's to like this stirring bit of cigar Ross, I can't even



Dan: It's like zing and, yeah. We're talking about this

Reegs: like absolutely spine tingling in the cinema watching.

That was great.

Dan: So there we go. Open with that one. Re is your

Reegs: no, I think it's Sidy.

Sidey: well,

If you are like me, I also then you probably had a crush on Susan Kennedy. Do you remember her?

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: From neighbors. Well, she was married to Carl Kennedy who was the doctor in, in Ramsey Street.

In Neighbors. Yeah. And there was an episode. Cast your mind back where there was a couch called Cheryl, and she had an infant daughter called Louise. And Louise was, as kids do, about to walk out into the road in front of some traffic. And Louise ran out to save the kid. Sorry, Cheryl ran out to save the kid, but was hit by the Lori that was coming.

And Carl administered some painkillers which turned out she was allergic to or could have been allergic to. And so he was beside himself mm-hmm. With guilt and worry. But turned out that her injuries were so bad that she died and that there was a, an investigation that she died from the injuries, not from her, him administering.

Oh geez. I know, I know, right. This is just fucking neighbors.

Dan: edgy, Steve.

Sidey: But he was so cut up about it that he quit the medical profession and went to work with his son who was called Mal, I think. Mal, yeah. And they were doing

Reegs: Yeah. Curtains.

Sidey: That's right. And they were doing some work, on Lou's place, the bar Yeah.

With Luke Carpenter's place. Yeah. And a, I think it was a plank of wood fell down and, whacked mal, mal, whatever his name was on his neck. Yes. And he had to perform an emergency Tracky ectomy with a, with a, with a fucking straw from Lou's place. And they fought fucking neighbors. So he had to get a knife, I think, from the restaurant and cut him and then put the straw in to help him breathe and do that.

And so that's my first norm,

Reegs: Oh, that's a great one. Brilliant.

Cris: Wow.

that all hap actually happened in that movie.

Sidey: neighbors the soap opera

Reegs: neighbors. The TV

Dan: neighbor.

Cris: The Australian


Sidey: It was 5

35 every day. I think

it's coming back because they did the whole thing where it ended and they got all the big FAOs and now it's coming back on some other channel.


Reegs: think they had the ghosts of like matching that there. It was brilliant.

Cris: I used to work for. A company where Peter was not necessarily my direct boss, but he was my, one of my bosses. And the, this company was selling tickets to the neighbors studios where they Right. Filmed all this in Australia. I couldn't believe how many people were going there every day and how many inquiries we would get on the website.

Reegs: website.

I would go there. If

Sidey: so would I,

Cris: But because I

Sidey: the pet shop boys were in it once, they just rocked up and lost directions, then fucked off again.



Cris: Anyway. Yeah.

Sidey: Neighbors. Okay. Yeah, I've never nominated them before.

Reegs: No, that's good.

Sidey: good.

Dan: new. Yeah.

Sidey: go.

Reegs: Well, I'll follow that up with, it's a trope I really like is the emergency tracheotomy, and there's a great one in the only acceptable Melissa McCarthy slash Sandra Bullock collaboration the heat.

Which is about two Boston. Have you seen that one? No. About two Boston police detectives uptight. Yeah. It's probably pretty trash, but it's got a really memorable scene in it where she, over the, the overbearing Sandra bullet character. Like there's a guy, on food, and so she's like, oh, I've seen this on TV and just jams a bio into his throat and it just starts absolutely pissing blood, like absolutely everywhere.

So that's a trope I like. And there's a funny one of that. And then another trope I really like is when they take bullets outta somebody and they clink into the pan, clink, clink, it's gotta have the little clink noise, right? Yep. And there's so many different examples of that trope, but one of my favorites is really the a Mel Gibson joint friend of my people payback.

Do you ever see that

Cris: Oh, that is, that is one of my favorite movies.

Reegs: It's a good movie, right. He's like plays a low level thief that gets, he ends up stealing from the triads and getting turned over by his partner and yeah, it's open. The movie opens with him having bullets removed from his shoulder in a backyard, you know, I think maybe even by a vet or something like that.

You know,

some great little trope

Dan: dentist.

Reegs: Yeah. Dentist. Something like that. Exactly. Yeah.

Dan: Oh,

Reegs: what I'm going For,

Cris: Yeah. I've, I've got one which is pretty obscure. I dunno if you've ever heard, it just came to me earlier when I was speaking to society. I've, I dunno if anyone's heard of Caitlin Jenner. She used to be called Bruce before.

Yeah. And

Sidey: can't dead name people

Cris: in the Kardash Kardashians in the movies or the series. Yeah. He becomes a woman. So they don't show the surgery itself. But that is a quite a high profile surgery. So I thought

Sidey: think, I think we're saying that she always was a woman.

Cris: Okay.

Sorry. So she, anyway,

Reegs: she

underwent transition Yes. During the season of the

Cris: yes.

Sidey: we just don't want us to get canceled.

Reegs: Okay.


Cris: that, and also I have one which is way more famous than that. It's a documentary that I've seen on the BBC and it's called The Man with a Penis on his Arm. Dunno if you've seen that one.

Reegs: it's hard to imagine what that could be about,

Cris: but, Is exactly what it says in the title.

The man is a, a heroin addict, and he, he basically, he does so much herring that his dick falls off, but in order to keep it alive, they attach it to his forearm.


you not seen this? This is, I

Dan: I, I actually have heard of this.

Cris: Have you? Okay. Yeah. So,

Sidey: It does so much heroin


Dan: I did, I didn't, I didn't know why I,

Reegs: he injecting it into his

Cris: I,

Reegs: that

Dan: Yeah, I think

Cris: yeah, yeah.

He does

Dan: I, I didn't yeah, I didn't see it, but I, I, I think I've read something about this. It was quite a, a, a modern miracle, how they could exactly keep the chap

Cris: they've, they've kept, he, he's, he's, he doesn't really like talking about it doesn't really like showing it to everyone, but

Reegs: it.

Sidey: it's,

Reegs: Well, it's, like a


Cris: is there?

Reegs: isn't it? Sure,

Dan: Right. Well, I, I was just looking at a oh, thinking of a film with Will Smith called Concussion. Can you remember that one? Yes. It was about the American football and he was a doctor that found that actually. Slamming Yeah. Is not It, it might not be good for you.

And given the pads and the rules and, and everything that were, there were so many players, you know, suffering with, with various kind of illnesses as they got older and out the game. And obviously concussion was related to that and how many concussions they've got. But it was a decent film. Alec Baldwin was in it as well.

Luke Wilson, he, he, he was another, and it was a, yeah, talented cast. It was a decent story and another true story. And it made a difference. You know, this guy,

Sidey: Well, I think there, well there was a class there is ongoing, I think a class action lawsuit against the NFL because they didn't do enough.

Dan: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: I think the, the concussion rules in virtually all contact professional sports are ridiculous. In the Premier League. They,

Sidey: It's still so bad. Yeah, it's

Reegs: It's so bad. Like, it's like, I can't believe there aren't concussion breaks and subs and all that stuff and proper medical procedures

Sidey: I think the, I

Cris: there is a concussion sub now. So if if someone's concuss, you take him off because of head injury, the sub doesn't count as a, as a sub.


Reegs: There's still too way too many examples that you see of players taking huge wax and like, and it's the same like you were saying in American football

Sidey: Yeah, I think the problem with the American football stuff was it was like a f, like the protection that they were wearing gave them a false sense of like in vulnerability.

So they were just lead with the head, you know, when they're going into things, not with the shoulder or whatever. So they were just Like smashing head onto,

Reegs: well, their helmets, their hel, their, their heads were rattling around inside

Sidey: I didn't think the, the sort of average career of people in the NFL was like three years for some, because they were just fucked.

You know,

Reegs: had a load of like spinal injuries, didn't they? And players who couldn't walk and that sort of

Sidey: stuff. Yeah.

So it's pretty barren. Yeah.

Dan: Over to you, your

Sidey: Well, I've got some military ones. Yeah. Where we can talk about that. We talked about black Hawk down before that was Operation Gothic. Serpent Yeah. Was the title of that operation Neptune Spear?

Do you know that one?

Dan: No.

Reegs: Go on. What's that?

Sidey: That's zero Dark 30.


Reegs: Ah,

Cris: Oh, right. Is that what it was called? Yeah, we were talking about that with Phil

Sidey: did mention it before. Yeah. And then what about this one? Operation Canadian Caper?


Reegs: All right.


Sidey: I was so underwhelmed by that movie.

Reegs: Well,

Cris: that the one with the Ben afk? Yeah. Yeah. Ah, yeah.

Sidey: I like Ben Affleck.

Reegs: It's such an amazing story

Sidey: it won a load of staff and the story sounded really cool and I watched it and it's like

Cris: it was, yeah, it was a bit slow.

Sidey: didn't, I didn't, maybe the hype train just got the better of me. Any other ones? Operation Overlord.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Is not the operation of Saving Private Ride. It, it was the D-Day landings was called Operation Overlord and SA Private Round was obviously completely fake, but the actual start of the, you know, the really memorable opening to that film that was Operation Overlord.

Reegs: And then you had the movie Overlord, which was, did you ever see that? It was a JJ Abrams produced thing about some guys who were dropped on their on D-Day there. But the Nazis are doing experiments and Undead soldiers.

Sidey: Right. Okay.

And then some other ones, operation Red Wings is Lone Survivor, which is An Afghanistan Navy Seal thing and 12 Strong. I haven't seen that, but it's Operation Enduring Freedom, which is a terrible name.

And that's another, that's like a terrorism nine 11 thing. So that's the military ones that I looked up.

Cris: Okay,

Reegs: well it's not really an operation, but Patch Adams you know, he would surgical with his humor, so get that in there for Pete, maybe.

Sidey: I used to work with a lady called Julie Adamson, and we called her Patch Adamson.

Reegs: Patch Adamson.

Nice. I love an autopsy scene who doesn't? Mm-hmm.

Cris: Great.


Sidey: real ones.

Reegs: Yeah.

And especially if the, the corpse is like mutilated and naked, that's also good. So good examples of that are in, well, you could have added countless examples, obviously, silence of the Lambs.

An autopsy is like a surgical procedure, right. It's an operation. We can have that, can't we? So, yeah. And the andro strain. You ever see that one?

Yeah. 71, 72, something like that. It's um, about a virus that comes that's sort of bought back to earth by a


Dan: a Michael Criton book or something like that, or,

Reegs: have been, yeah. I think it was. Yeah. And that was pretty good. I, yeah, you could have had any movie with an autopsy, but I chose that one. Why

Dan: Why not?

Cris: Yeah. I've got surgery in which is operation, I guess in Crank. Yeah. Where Chris Chef Cellos gets his heart removed

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Cris: And

gets it replaced with a, I dunno, I don't even know how to,

like electronic one or battery one, or, or a adrenaline needing one.

Yeah. And I've got another one, which is heroin related. It is in the movie called Requi for a Dream. Oh

Sidey: Oh man. That film is fucking bleak

Cris: and Harry's arm has to be cut off. Yeah. Because he likes heroin. And apparently it's often said that addicts must hit rock bottom before recovering.

Reegs: He should have sewn his arm onto his dick.

Sidey: So how

Cris: it alive

Sidey: how does it end? He's. He's got his arm cut off. What? Marlon Waynes, what's happened to him?

Cris: I

Sidey: Jennifer Lawrence is doing, not Jennifer Lawrence what's the one from the lady from Labyrinth?

Yeah. She's doing sex shows. She's doing sex shows, isn't she? And the other lady, I can't, I can't remember her's name today. She's the one that's addicted to pills. Yeah. And that for, honestly, I watched that and it, it had like, not hype, but like good write-ups and stuff, thought, oh, I watched that. I think I had to do it in like four sittings.

It was just so relentlessly barren. Like, oh, that's hard work.

Yeah. I mean, amazingly well made, but just grim.

Dan: Well, I've got a, a more hilarious adventure. The 33 which is the Chilean mine team in that operation to get them out. It is a decent film, actually. Surprise me. I mean, I remember the, the story. It was as it was unfolding. It was one of those that captured everybody's attention where, you know, 33 guys are down in a mine in Chile, and the world was coming together to, to try to find a way to get 'em out.

And eventually they, they had this this drill strong enough and deep enough to, to get them out and they had to bring 'em up in, in one by ones. And I remember watching it on, on Sky as they would come out, this kind of just like a, a single man shoot. And they'd be shot to the, the surface and they would come out.

One guy had, I think his girlfriend and his wife there both waiting for him and had a load of other problems on the surface. But they were all, you know, teamed together. Have you seen the film is, I

Reegs: seen it but I know this story.


Dan: Antonio Banderas, he plays in, yeah, he's, he's an actor. He played in it and there was these other people that were acting in it.



Cris: Very strong review that.

Dan: Thanks.

Sidey: Another autopsy one would be contagion, and I'm on the bandwagon of not being a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. And she, she dies pretty hard. Uh, And yeah, there's a great scene of her having her head sorn off as in the top and then removed to look at her brain. Everyone enjoyed that bit.

Reegs: Yeah.

And if you don't like her, the fact that she's sort of partially responsible for spreading a global pandemic.

Sidey: I mean, she's not the fruit bat or the.

Pig, but she, she's her, she's pouring her way around while she's on a business trip, is responsible. And then I sometimes mention mash the series and this is gonna be another tracheotomy one. Father John McKay Mulk is the chap plane of the 4 0 7 seventh. And he is giving counsel to a soldier who is a, has a self-inflicted wound.

And the guy will not accept any of his wise words because he's like, you are just some fucking guy. You've never been on the front line. You dunno what it's like. So he's like, right, fuck you. So he goes out onto the front line just it's pretty fucking rogue. And he finds someone who's injured.

He's this guy's been trying to escape and he's been hit and he's swallowed his tongue. And he's struggling and he's able to radio back to the 4 0 7 seventh and they, over the phone tell him how to perform this emergency procedure. So he does that. So mash

Reegs: nice.

Cris: Nice.


Reegs: Reservoir Dogs. A little bit of ear surgery in that. I dunno if that.

really counts. Oh, let's see. Do you want another, we have one more tracheotomy. Yeah.

Sidey: You can never have too many of those. I

Reegs: I think so. So Anaconda, you seen that one? The

Sidey: I haven't seen it, but I did read about it. I was like, oh, I wish I could

Dan: talk. Didn't they do it in nobody?

Reegs: Yes, he does. On the bus.

Yeah, On

Dan: bus. He, he, he helps out above it, doesn't he? After he completely fucks him

Sidey: causes

Reegs: Two more tracheotomies.

Dan: There we go.

Reegs: Wow. What else? Yeah, God, there, there's a lot of operations, right? There's two in the dark night at least.

There's the one that Alfred is sewing up Bruce's shoulder. And also the Joker has one of his, goons has a phone stitched into him to blow him up at the police station. Pretty grim.

Sidey: I've got a whole section on self surgery.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, there you got, I was just thinking about the Terminator when he kind of fixes his own arm. Yeah. And his eye. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Should we, should we go through that?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. Tell


Cris: for

Dan: few shout

Sidey: We, we watched Master and Commander.


Paul Beany does his own surgery whilst they're holding up a mirror to him

Dan: they're always the most grim, aren't they? Like the old Victorian ones where they had to, you know. Yeah. They haven't got any of the CGI to help him, or

They, they've just got like rust old needles and

Sidey: uh, And Ronan.

Do you remember that one?

Cris: You remember

Reegs: the movie. I don't

Sidey: Niro has them.

Cris: ah, Ron. Yeah.

Sidey: he dictates them how to get the bullet out of him. John Wick

Reegs: yeah. John Wick too as well. A bit of self

Sidey: He does that. There's some, there's some dentistry. There's, well, yeah, there's dentistry and Castaway With the

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Rambo First Blood.


Dan: when he, he puts, he puts the, the gum powder in him.

Sidey: It's fishing line as well. I just need to stitch up with

Reegs: oh, Jean Claude Van Dam's got a move like that as well. Oh, I

Sidey: We've got some in the Martian. I mean there was no one else gonna do it for him as well.


The Predator in Predator.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I was thinking about

Cris: He does it himself. Yeah.


Sidey: Anton Chigger in, no, no. Country for Men does

Cris: Yeah, I had that. Yeah.


Sidey: and then the Terminator, when Arne does his own eye, he actually did that for real

Dan: for real.

Sidey: went method. Yeah. Took out his own eye. Yeah.

Reegs: Amazing. What? Amazing guy. And he fills up potholes as

well. I,

Dan: I saw a photo.

Sidey: Did he read about that?

Reegs: Well, oh

God, don't, is it, did, were they sex offending potholes or

Sidey: No, it was a, it was meant to be there. It was like a channel for relieving something. So they had to go, had to go and like take it out again,

Reegs: Oh, right.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I saw a photo of Arnold Schwartzenegger between Wil Chamberlain and Andre the Giant, and he just looked, have you seen that? He just, he looks like a small child.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: More for anymore or should we go

Cris: I've only

Reegs: see what

Cris: I'm sorry. I've only got one and that's it. It's from a movie called Face Off.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. And that is, I thought, a nice, a nice little,

Sidey: it's a hell of a shout actually. Yeah.

Reegs: did we do that on the pod? I think

Sidey: we did. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Did. Yeah.

Cris: I did enjoy that. It was, yeah. And for that time

to, to have that.

Dan: Yeah. I

Reegs: technology,

Cris: and

Dan: that, that kind of medical procedure is very difficult to pull off then. Yeah. To go full

Reegs: face It's method acting

Dan: Yeah. And that was

Reegs: Travolta and Cage.

Dan: actually did that, didn't they? They, they, they swapped face.

Reegs: was cheaper than cgi.

Sidey: Darren Leafly, he went really early, like cuz we discussed this being potentially the topic in our signoff last week. And boom, he was straight out there with matter of life and death.

Which is our Power Pressburger movie from 1940s. And he's saying that it's one of his absolute favorite films and his other absolute favorite film, which he definitely said that is the human centipede.

Cris: Yeah. I'm not gonna watch that.

Sidey: I did, I put it out there because the only way I'll ever watch it is for this.

And so

it did,

Dan: what was the other one? The greasy strangler.

Reegs: I don't think it's much operating

Sidey: I think there's more murdering.

That was,

Dan: I dunno,

Reegs: was more strangling.

Sidey: That was a listener request, like week two of the pod, like the first that someone asked that we did that and we've

Dan: It's just whenever anybody mentions the human centipede, I hear that one often get mentioned alongside it.

Cris: I'm not watching that.

No chance

Sidey: Brey mentions hard candy.

Which is Elliot Page Castration. Right. Castration.

And attaches probably the best gif ever, which is that one, that one there. Other ones from Dan Lethally, Goldfinger

Reegs: Where was his inception? One Cuz he did me because I thought I was

Sidey: we're gonna get to that, we're gonna get to


Reegs: an operation, but

Sidey: so Goldfinger Operation Grand Slam. And then Fantastic Voyage and Operation Tactical. Requiring an operation Medical to carry out an operation. Medical.


That's pretty

Cris: Yeah.


Reegs: Yeah,


Sidey: Great. Seth Vargas is putting forth excision, but I don't know much about that. I dunno

Reegs: horror movie.

Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: Barron. That's it for, for, for now on operations.

So Shall we, shall

we whit it down?

Reegs: No, because Right. I dunno if I've got the power to do this, but I've been thinking about it all week. We are gonna let everything in this week. Wow. From everybody. Yeah. Right. If you are thinking not mind rape or whatever, if you are thinking of one and you are consenting to it and you want to put it, it's in.

Sidey: Okay. Well I'm definitely putting neighbors in. I just have to say that for the record that a neighbors has to go in.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Well, do we still get to choose

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Right. Okay. Good. Cuz I suppose if everything's in, you don't have to choose anything. Yeah. I'll go 127 hours.


Cris: Yeah. I'll go with the man with a penis on his arm.

Sidey: Good shout.

Reegs: And I'll go with payback.

Sidey: And then everything else is

Reegs: and

Cris: and everything else is in. Obviously

Dan: everyone.

Sidey: Well done.

Dan: loads of thumbs up going in here. That means action. Ready to go? We've got our main feature. Yeah. I didn't see this, but I'm assuming it's something to do with an extraordinary deer.

Sidey: Yes, very much so. Mm-hmm.

Cris: Yeah. Yeah. Don't look at me. I have watched it.

Sidey: Okay, so the, yeah. It's the killing of a Sacred Deer.

Dan: Okay. So it's like a, an animal film I've missed out on.

Sidey: It's the guy, Rick, you name checked him at the start. Yogo

Lan. LANs Lan Lan Yogos Lan. You may remember him from such films as the Lobster.

Dan: Yes.

Sidey: We really

enjoyed. And this has stylistically, I would say, and certainly the way the dialogue works is very reminiscent of that.

Reegs: Yes. Even more the dialogue is something else

Sidey: Like it's the same universe almost. Yeah.

Dan: Which came first, the chicken and the egg here,

Sidey: the lobster. Yeah. This was the follow up.

Reegs: This was his follow up. Yeah.

Sidey: And so I always get this wrong, but the first. The first dialogue that I remember in the film is, so the very opening shot actually is an open heart surgery.

I was gonna say Owen Farrow. Clive fucking up. Colin Farrell is

Dan: Clive,

Sidey: is a


Cris: heart surgeon,

Sidey: cardiovascular surgeon. Yeah. And he is there's a, there's a shot. It's just a still shot and they move into shot and then the camera pans back as him and his anesthetist, I think it is.

They're talking they're just

Reegs: just a pulsating heart. Just wobbling. Yeah. Like that. And a wound opened and stitching

Sidey: know if that was the guy that died. Yeah,

Reegs: Yeah, I wasn't sure about that. Yeah.

Sidey: Anyway, then it, it cuts to them walking down the corridor and they're just having a kind of humdrum conversation.

But the way everyone speaks in this is just off, it's just slightly odd. So they're talking about watches, I think. Yeah. And he says, I've got a new watch. Do you like? And it's

Reegs: it have a date display? Yes, it has a date

Dan: So it's just like this monotone and

Reegs: to 200 meters. Mine also goes to 200 meters.

Sidey: and it goes like that

Reegs: the one with the leather

Sidey: all, all the way through.

Pretty much like that.

Reegs: Yeah. And it's like, these are really good actors in this movie got Colin Farrell that we've already waxed lyrical about

Sidey: he's now must be our most reviewed actor.

Reegs: Nick Nicole Kidman, who I think is brilliant. You got Son Sue, whatever his name

Sidey: mid nineties. The young skateboarder in mid nineties.


he's the boy. Kyogen,

Reegs: Kyogen absolute.

Dan: The Banes,

Sidey: Yes. yeah, yeah.

Cris: yeah. That kid. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And they're all freaky as shit in this movie the whole way through. And it's obviously a deliberate, stylistic

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: to get these weird robotic performances from them, the Exactly,

yeah. You

Dan: them to do that.

right. Okay. So it's quite

Sidey: and so then as it moves forward, Colin Farwell is, I should get their names right. Steven is, is his

Reegs: character. That's right.

Sidey: And he, he is having these

meetings. Yes.

The doctor, the good doctor, I'm not sure quite how good he actually is. He keeps having these rendezvous with Martin, which is Barry Khan's character.

And he's, he's, and this is a young Barry Kyogen, he's, his like, career is in his infancy at this point. So he's very young, clearly a

Dan: this older heart surgeon is having.

Sidey: Yeah. And they,

Reegs: meetings

Sidey: not

clear at, at first why they're meeting up or what's going on straight. You wind immediately straight

Reegs: a sexual thing.

Sidey: Yes, a hundred percent. I was like, this is weird. He is, they're clandestine meetings that, you know, he's hiding this from his wife. Yeah. And it's very unsettling. And you're like, whoa, I dunno

Reegs: every time they meet there's this weird unsettling score

Sidey: I was gonna say the score throughout the whole thing lets, you know, At all times that nothing, it is uncomfortable all the time.

Right. It's very unsettling. And then he, his home life he goes back to his wife Nicole Kidman, and they ha they go, they have a sexual encounter, which will fucking play your mind. Yeah. It's so weird. They, they just, It, it starts off as really humdrum as she's getting undressed and ready for bed and he's just sort of lying there and she just gets down to her underwear and then she kind of crawls onto the bed and she just

Reegs: she says to him, general anesthetist, she goes general,


Sidey: And he goes, yeah. And she just like slumps and she, she's kind of with her heads off the mattress and then she just lies there kind of playing dead. Yeah,

Dan: he's given, he's given her an inch.

Sidey: No, it's just, it's a role play thing that they've got.

And he then just comes over and he, well actually, he just sits there playing with his dick. Yeah. He's like getting his dick hard.

Reegs: And then he starts

Sidey: and then he goes over to her and starts licking her and kissing. And you are just like, what is fucking

Reegs: obviously he's a surgeon and that is pretty weird to be fair, isn't it? As a,

and she's all dressed up as well.

Cris: has the lights on. Yeah.

Like more light. More light. Yes, yes.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: it's really strange.

It's really, fucking

Dan: an operating theater or something in their bedroom and

Reegs: yeah. So this is a super normal film as you've no doubt gathered.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. Right. And do we have any idea of what's happening plot-wise

Sidey: or not at the moment? All we, all, we, all we've had is we've established that he has a family life. He, he's married, he has two kids and he has some sort of relationship with this Martin, who is a child. Yeah.

Reegs: And Martin is got, you know, Barry

has got this, to me, this kind of intense but vacant quality to him. At the same time, EV evokes a lot of empathy with his acting, but also it's not a bit alien and

unknowable about him as well.

And straight from the offness. He's, he's off the charts weird. Really.

Sidey: and we learn

Reegs: we see like kubrickian, sorry, there's like, Kubrickian style floating camera shots as people stroll down. It's very reminiscent. I think sometimes if Kubrick in this and Martin starts turning up at his work and that sort of thing, he shouldn't really be there.

Sidey: He, his, the Anest guy sees them and he says, oh, this is Martin. He expressed an interest in a medical profession, so I asked him if he would like to come down and, and see what, you know, the place is like, and blah, blah, blah.

But that's, but the dialogue is really fucking weird. It's

Reegs: also that was a story that he repurposed from his wife earlier.

So we know it's a lie that he's telling

Dan: Right.

Reegs: else. So why, so again, so a long time, sort of 40, 50 minutes of

Dan: so all, all the viewer knows at the moment is a, any time he's with this kid, nobody knows about

Sidey: And The

longer it goes on and the more that there's lies, you're like, are they having sex?

Reegs: Yeah. What

is going, what is the nature of

their slow.

Cris: It's just, there's, there's everything just builds up very slowly. And with this monotone conversation and with the music in the background and the way it's shot, it's not, it's almost like it's, you feel like it's black and white. But it's shot in color. I dunno how to explain this better.

Sidey: kind of like stark kind of monoroy. Yeah. It's not a huge color palette going on. It's very white,

Reegs: but it's often really beautifully composed. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. That's a cubic thing. You know, it could be stills, you know. Yeah. It does invite Martin over to the house.


Reegs: Well, there's a big gala. Sorry, I just have to mention it cuz there's, just to illustrate the bizarres of this world, there's a big garla dinner that they attend of all the cardiovascular things and he just casually drops into conversation. Oh, my daughter started menstruating

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: week. Oh yeah. It's just so bizarre.

And then they just carry on talking about their she's talking about re renovating her office and that sort of

Dan: thing. Right. So just in the middle of a

Sidey: Yeah. And then it, but it happens with her. So when he, when Martin comes over to the house and they have the meeting that Hi him there with, he's talking to Steven's daughter and she said, I just got my first period.

Yeah. And you're like, Yep. Okay. This is


Dan: open.

Reegs: then he says, I'll have son's Bob. The character is Sonny says have you got hair under your arm? Show me. Oh, you've got less hair than my dad. And

Sidey: My dad's really hairy.

Reegs: Yeah. It's so bizarre, right. And anyway, they start this sort of burgeoning romance.

She sings a terrible version of an Ellie Golding song. Acapella to, yeah. You were

Cris: Some fire, fire or something. No. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: And then Martin invites Stephen Round to thank him for the dinner at theirs for a dinner at his parents. But

it's not an

Cris: the next day.

Reegs: It's, yeah, it's the next day. And it's not really an invite.

It's pretty much an instruction. It's clear from the conversation of you. No, no. You are coming for dinner at, at my place. So he does turn out turn up and

Sidey: and it's

Reegs: as he leaves the car park to drive there, just out the corner, you see. Is that Barry is that Martin running from his car and, yeah.

Anyway, he turns up at the house and they have this dinner. It's Alicia Silverstone

Sidey: it's Alicia Fucking Silverstone.

Not saying that. Not saying that. Since Batman and Robert,

Reegs: Okay.

Dan: Yeah. Legally blonde. And she was the girl in the trilogy of Aerosmith songs as well.

Sidey: Yes. And, and I'm sorry to take it down to like base level, but she still looks fucking great.

Dan: Does she? Yeah. Yeah. I used to have, she was my like, major crush when I was

Sidey: And she's a vegan, like veggie, you know, she's like,

you, you, you, she's right for you in so many ways, Dan, you know,

Reegs: so

Martin immediately is trying to set up basically Steven with his mum, and she's all flirty as well, and he's like, he does like a, oh, I'm going to bed now.

Sidey: Guess what? It gets weird and

Reegs: yeah. And they watch Groundhog Day. Yeah.

Because of course

Sidey: it's like, no, you need to stay and watch it. It's my favorite movie of all time. Yeah. And then he, yeah, like you say, he makes his excuses and, and fucks off, and then she just starts sucking his hand.


Dan: Who, who's who's?


Sidey: Alicia Silver gets

Cris: his mom. That's the kid's mom.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And She's got

not just like

suc, she's just got like, like his


Cris: she keeps saying, you got beautiful hands.

Sidey: Surgeons

always have,

Cris: always, I've always noticed your hands. You have such beautiful hand and it

Sidey: always

Cris: I, can I look at it and she kind of just grabs his hand and starts just licking his,

Dan: can help herself

Cris: fingers.

Dan: Right.

Sidey: even he finds this weird,

Reegs: Yeah. But there's barely time for him to register that. It is weird because after he leaves, he turns up at work the next day and Martin's already there in his office saying, oh, I've got, you know, heart problems just like my father did. I want you to run diagnostic tests on me.

Is that right?

Cris: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: And then he says, oh he, cuz he puts the patches on him and then he says, oh, your son told me I've got, you've got a lot of hair. Show me your body, or whatever. So he takes his shirt off, he like, open and buttons his shirt. It is so weird. And yeah, he tries to coerce him again into getting it on with his mum.

Sidey: Yeah.

So then you're like, okay, he's, he's looking for a replacement father figure or something. And, and what we learn.

Reegs: Well, one morning Bob, the sun wakes up with numb

Sidey: Well, no, because he tells them

Reegs: no, he doesn't. It's, it is. No, first of all, he wakes up. It's in the cafeteria as

Sidey: this happens.

Reegs: So he wake the sun wakes up with numb legs. He can't move, he can't

Sidey: He, he's doing the thing where you are like, you've told your kids to get ready and they haven't got ready. And he's like, fuck. Say, you know, where's, where's Bob? And he goes up and he is just sitting on the bed and he is like, he's like, what are you doing?

Stop fucking about, you know, you need to be ready. Obviously in a weird, a way, way weirder way of speaking

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And he says, I can't move my legs. And he's like, this isn't time for your games. And he's like, no, I can't. I can't. And he literally, he like, he's just got

Reegs: the kid's like, what, nine or 10 or something? I dunno. Not very, I They give him loads of tests to a terrifying score of like shattering and verberations.

Cris: That's,

when I, I was sorry to interrupt. My, my girlfriend, I was watching, she was doing something next to me on her laptop just doing some, a, a bit of work and because I, I put it quite loud.

The, the, the tele, she kind of turned around and she's like, this is so eerie. What's going on here?

Sidey: The score is something

Cris: a little bit? I'm getting afraid here. And she didn't even follow necessarily. She would hear it, but she didn't really follow the movie to watch it, but just so, oh

Sidey: the

score is like really front and center in this.

It's, it's like part of it in a big way.

Reegs: So anyway, they do the tests and suddenly he seems okay and they walk out of there and he says, oh, aren't you gonna show me the surgery and blah, blah, blah.

No, I'm not. And then they walk out and then the kid just face plants down, just absolutely face plants as with the wife. And they give him more tests and stuff, and they, all of the doctors come to the conclusion that it, it's a psychosomatic thing except for Anna, that's her name, Nicole Kidman's character, his wife, who's also a doctor who wants to run more tests.

That becomes important because in about 20 minutes we're gonna have the complete reversal of this situation when Martin wants to run more tests and everybody else is diagnosing it as being psychosomatic. So,

Sidey: well, she even says that and he just shoots her

Reegs: Yeah. Horribly.

Sidey: a fucking doctor and if I want your opinion on something, you know, it's really condescending to her.

Reegs: But anyway, this is when we get,

Sidey: they have this confrontation. Then when Martin Barry Hogan's character get Steven, they're in the cafeteria and he just like kind of blindsides him and us with everything, the whole backstory basically gets filled in that he operated on his dad and he died and he holds him responsible for that.

And he just, then he just reels off into this thing of like, you need, you need to make this right. Someone has to die. This is what's gonna happen is one of them won't be able to move.

Reegs: they're gonna go through these four steps. It's paralysis first, which we've already seen then, then they're gonna refuse food to the point of

Sidey: Then there will bleed out of their eyeballs. And then I'll just die. I

Reegs: So we know the clock has started

Sidey: from

Reegs: poor Bob, and,

Sidey: and then, but you can make that right by just choosing and killing one

And you're

Cris: and he, he makes it the fact that nothing will happen to you.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And how has he set this up? what?

Reegs: Well, he, he, you don't,

Dan: you don't know.

Sidey: we never

Dan: just it's just

Sidey: it's not, it is just so cold. A matter of fact, the way he says it, it's just like, this is blah, blah, blah,

Reegs: Yeah.

He literally says to, unless you've got any questions I'm off.

Sidey: he

Reegs: literally says like, So

Dan: leaves him


Cris: by this, by this moment Steven tries to kind of push him away because he realizes how weird he is, how weird his mom is, and how the whole situation is weird.

So he every, he kind of tries to avoid him as much as he can. He, he's not answering his phones. He,

He phone calls and all that stuff with him.

Dan: So he's been trying to help this kid, but it's all gone a bit.

Cris: It's gone a bit

Dan: way. Well, it's gone a lot weird.

Cris: and then he can't get rid of him.

Reegs: feel there's more to come.

Sidey: there's some details that emerge that you can understand why he's disgruntled.

Reegs: But anyway, true to form. After this conversation where he is told him about, you're gonna go through these phases, he g when Steven goes back, Bob isn't hungry and there's this like horrible scene where he's like, no, you will eat.

That's the reason you, you don't

Sidey: walk. There's some donuts.

Reegs: And he's like, smooshing a whole donor in his mouth forcing him to eat it. The score again going crazy, I think.

Sidey: yeah, he's

Reegs: And then he's like, you've gotta eat the whole box. You threatened, you know, you will eat the whole goddamn box really shouting at him.

It's horrible.

Sidey: And then it's the daughter's turn.

Reegs: Yeah. Well she's getting romantically involved with Martin and she offers him, this is the scene you are talking about. She actually, they have a scene where they're kind of smooth like cuddling on the sofa, and then she offers him the general anesthetic.

She takes off her dress and she's, I don't know how old she's supposed to be in the movie, but it's like right on the edge and she's in her bra and pants and just lying on the bed with her.

Cris: Well, he's in the movie 16 Martin. So, so she's definitely younger than him.

Yeah. Right. And She's

in her pants and bra. That's why when I've seen it, I was like, this is very,

Sidey: was 14 and he's Barry Gans 24th. Oh, okay. That was the stat.

Reegs: Yeah. So edgy, edgy, edgy. But he doesn't


Dan: they do that.

Is it just because they need a younger looking girl for that part? I mean,

Sidey: I know but

Dan: really seen

Cris: does look young though. In, in the

Sidey: young

Reegs: and this is the bit then after this where we get the complete reversal, they do more tests.

Anna d Diagnosises it as psychosomatic the complete reversal of what happened before whil. Whereas he wants to do more tests and they bring in more, more and more people. There's a bit where he tries to pick, he try, right? He tries to make Bob walk like picks him up cuz he's trying to work out whether it really is a psychosomatic thing.

And he's like falling on the floor. It's really horrible. And he says, right, I'll tell you a secret. And you tell me

Sidey: what, oh my God, I forgot about this.

Cris: yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. He's obviously trying to set up a thing where you tell me that you are faking all this and it's all right. So

he tells him the story. He said, right when I first started masturbating, only a little bit of semen came out and I wasn't sure if that was right.

So one night when everybody was out set for my dad and he was asleep, I went upstairs and I jacked him off to see

Sidey: like, I stroked my dad's dick. And

Reegs: face. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Honestly. And he's like, there was so much, so much semen. And you're like, what the fuck is

Reegs: And then he's like, and

so have you got, have you got any secrets to tell me now that

Sidey: And he's like, no.

Reegs: no.

Sidey: And I'm thinking, what has happened in my life that has led me to this point where I'm watching this film right now?

It's so fucked up. And then the,

Reegs: yeah,

and then he says, if, oh, if you are making it up, I'm gonna make you shave your head and eat it.

Cris: The hair.

Sidey: His

Reegs: hair.

Cris: Yeah. I I'll force you and I'll feed you, I'll force you to eat all the hair if you're, if you're not telling me the


Dan: Right.

Okay. So does he finally, then believe him?

Reegs: Well, it's definitely not an act because it starts happening to the daughter. She's singing at a Christmasy thing.

Sidey: Yeah. She, she's in the school choir. There's been a few nods to the school choir and she's singing and she collapses in the middle of the, the kind of stage, you know. So she's,

Dan: we're starting believe that Martin has done something then

Reegs: it's always been clear right from the beginning somehow that it had, it's, you understand as a viewer, it somehow had something to do with Martin. You don't know the nature of


Dan: there's no kind

Sidey: he's not

Dan: power. And it No,

Sidey: never

explained. Right.

Dan: It's never

Reegs: explained, but it's always clear, right?

Sidey: right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: So Steven goes round to Martin's house to confront him. He like angry bats on bangs on the door. He threatens to break in. He says, open the door. I'll smash it down, and I'll fuck you and your mother just the way you want it.

Cris: Which I actually thought that was quite accurate in the way they acted until then.

Dan: they, they behaved to him. Right.

Cris: I thought that was like, well, I guess that's what he wanted. Really?

Reegs: Mm-hmm. Yeah,

Cris: Because throughout the movie, Martin makes a few references that I couldn't sleep last night, so I slept in my mom's bed. I I, oh, she's got really nice shape. She's lost a lot of weight. Yeah.

Yeah. She's, if I was you, I would really get into her or stuff like that. And it's just like very bizarre.

Sidey: Daughter has a phone call with Martin and he tells her that it's okay and she can stand up and she does. So you'll, it is clear that it's him

Dan: some kind of hypnotism or, or something that's

Sidey: Well, yeah, it is never explained, but it, you know, that it's him. It's really odd.

Reegs: At the same time we find out in a bit of dialogue that happens between Steven and Anna, she says, were you drinking that day? The day that you did the surgery? And he said, yeah, a couple, but it didn't make any difference.

Sidey: And he keeps saying he, because a surgeon can never cause an operation to go wrong. It can only be the anesthetist. Yeah.

Reegs: And earlier or later, the anesthetist says the same thing to her. When, when she, when she's giving him a hand job, which is gonna come up

Sidey: Oh. Jesus's so many weird things I'd forgotten

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yes. Because well, we might, as we get straight into it, she they, there's been an earlier dinner sort of scene, hasn't there? And he, she's, he's got the hots for her, but she's in the car with him in the, in

the parking. lot.

Dan: She being nickel

Sidey: Kidman So yeah. Really kind of against type, I guess.

And she says to him, look, I wanna know, like had he had a drink and he is like, yes, he'd been drinking. And she says, look, just tell me what you wanna know and I'll do the thing that you so obviously wanted me to do at the dinner party. And then he, and then it just cuts to head, just going, just like all the sound

Cris: effects wanking him off in the car. Yeah.

Sidey: I just like looking like really just, just like, okay,

Reegs: Looked like a rough hand job, to be honest. I thought.

Dan: But that's Martin.

Sidey: mine.

this is The

this is the anesthetist.

His, his partner in

Dan: Yeah, I'm,

Reegs: It's probably quite hard to follow. I would think

Dan, but just tune in because there's still more wackiness to come.

Don't worry.

Dan: wow. How far are we away through the film

Sidey: we're, we're, we're

Reegs: getting? We're getting

Sidey: We're getting there. So Martin had laid out the stages and we start to get through them. I mean, I'm kind of skipping ahead

Reegs: Yeah, go on. I

Sidey: want to go for the really gory stuff. So Colin Foul, he, he goes there and he takes him to the basement of their house.

Cris: Well, he does, that's the thing. They don't show. It doesn't, it doesn't

Sidey: show It's just there.

Cris: He just wakes up one morning, goes next to the bed, his misses, you

Reegs: You see the blood on his knuckles,

Cris: and, and he just, yeah. And he just kind of, you need to come downstairs. Yeah. And she's like, I'll be down. You need to come downstairs, come with me.

And sh he walks her down to the basement and you can see him, you can see Martin chain to a chair beat up and they just kind of sit there and look at him and watch another strange one.

Reegs: Yeah. I mean, there's loads of crazy shit that happens. Probably a scene that's worth talking about is when Martin, so his plan is basically to make Martin stay there until the kids get better.

And Martin tells him he's wasting his time. And he says this is a bit where he bites, he bites his arm. And then so Martin Bites Steven's arm, and then he says, the only way I can make up for this is to bite my own arm. And he bites his arm and he just spits like a huge chunk of like, skin on the floor.

And he's going, it's a metaphor. It's a metaphor with like blood dripping out of his mouth. It's like crazy, crazy stuff. Anyway, it gets the scenes, it escalates like Martin has shot. Steven has shot Martin in the leg.

Sidey: In the leg. Yeah. And he doesn't react.

Reegs: you know, to cut a very long story short it, the blood starts coming from


eyes and now we know there's only hours left and it's gonna happen to everybody except Steven.

Sidey: Yeah, so Anna lets Martin go. She says it's just pointless, you know, there's no point in keeping him here. She, lets go. He, Steven doesn't react well to that, but as everyone's health is deteriorating, we, we just get to it.

Reegs: Yeah, just get to it. Yeah, yeah,

Cris: yeah.

Sidey: He's like, well, there's no alternative. Someone I have, someone has to die. So

Dan: Stevens saying this.

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. So Colin Farrell has his wife and the two kids basically gaffer taped up and sitting much like we are,

Reegs: like we are at pod. Yeah.

Sidey: Three of them in, in the front room of the house.

Reegs: over their heads,

Sidey: pillowcase is over their heads just on three separate chairs, and he has a rifle. He gets ready to go and he pulls down a wooy hat over his head and. I, I, I

was gonna

Cris: like a weird Russian roulette.

Sidey: was gonna say it's commit, it's not comedic cuz you're just waiting for something

fucking terrible.

Reegs: It is comedic in a

Sidey: and he, he spins round a few times so that he doesn't pick. It's just random. Yeah. And he misses and I think he shoots a lamp.

Reegs: a lamp, yeah.

Sidey: lamp. And he has another guy's, the third shot he shoots and he's killed his son. And blood just fucking comes, just seeping out from under this hood.

And that's it. Like, it just, there's no, he doesn't cry really. It just,

Reegs: well, no, it's, he does.

Farrell's got a lot. I mean it's, yeah,

Sidey: I just, I just remember I was looking at going.

what the fuck?

Dan: of I'm like that after listening to This

Sidey: and,

then it but then it goes,

Dan: thought this was a comedy.

Sidey: It goes to I, and then I was kind of unspecified, but doesn't look that far in the future or present,

You know, it

skips, skips to now and they're in the diner where he used to meet, where Steven used to meet Martin and the family, the three remaining members of the family are just having food, so it doesn't look like there's been any

Dan: prison time or anything, or

Sidey: they fucking got dodged the fucking questions about that.

Who knows? And Martin just kind of strolls in and looks at them and they feel a bit awkward. So they get up to leave and Steven looks at him, and then the daughter just fucking glances back, but goes off with the family and that's it.

Reegs: And we just end with the shot of, of, of Martin just looking kind of vacant.

Sidey: And you are going, What, the fuck?

Dan: what

does it mean?

Cris: It's, oh, it's terrible.

Dan: No, what wasn't for you? Terrible. A slog. The

Cris: whole thing. Really? The whole thing. It's the only movie that I ever in my life. I actually,

Sidey: I

Cris: actually decided I need to look into what this means, right? What all this is all about.

Why did they speak like that?

Dan: did I do with the

Cris: why did they speak like that? And also, I was, the most disappointing thing for me is that I don't understand what he did to them. I all, all I could think of that he put something in the lemonade. He managed to have someone, the mom climb through a window and gave them

Reegs: but it doesn't matter though, right?

I mean, it doesn't matter really. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I, that doesn't bother me.

Reegs: that's the thing.

Cris: that's the most annoying thing

Sidey: because in this world that they're in, everything's so weird. It could have been supernatural. He could have been powered in some way. It didn't matter. I didn't, I never thought about, I never, that wasn't the bit that I fixated on.

I was just like, I don't know. I dunno how to take this film. I'm just so confused and baffles and fucking like weirded out by it. I just don't, all the things that worked in the lobster, I don't know if they, I still don't know if they worked in this where the lobster was fucking weird and quirky, but we all loved it, right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I don't, I didn't get the same from this straightaway. And it probably need time

Dan: marinate.


Sidey: For it to marinate. But if you think back to like mother that you watched, that was fucking weird and twisted.

Yeah. So I wouldn't love that though.

Yeah. So I'm not straight away going it like I hated it.

I just don't know. Honestly, it's so bewildering. I just don't know.

Reegs: It's not really clear what it's about. I mean, they name drop a myth, a Greek myth halfway through that explains the title and stuff, that if you're interested you can go and, you know, is Agam and a and a one of the prize dears that was killed and

Cris: art prized is Yeah.

In heat.

Reegs: And to offer up one of the children as a sacrifice, as various retellings of that mystery. He's taken that and repurposed it. Yeah. I also didn't really know what to think about it, but I am thinking about it,

Dan: but this, this, this world where they're all speaking monotone and there's no kind of emotion then, I mean, does that play any kind of part in Yes. In how people are behaving to each other and

Sidey: makes

it unsettling and, and odd.

Dan: Right.

Cris: What, what I've read afterwards is just what I read from people far more intelligent than me, I think. Is that the only reason why, or the main reason why he does that? So there's no attachment to the

Reegs: Yeah. absolutely. So you

Cris: on the, on the story and you're, you are just focused on the story and the weirdness of, of actually what's happening with all these episodes that we've ex, we've explained earlier that

you don't like or dislike anyone.

They're all the same. Really?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: It's

full of these slightly surreal observations about aggression and parenting and there's a lot of, it is really funny the way some of that stuff is. Like the, the conversation we were talking about, how menstruation is just casually dropped it, like it's jarring and you're

watching it and you laugh and at bits that you probably shouldn't do.

There's a bit like hearing young kids talking about MP3 players all the time was something as well. Do you remember that? Yeah. Yeah. And like delivering really shocking material but with virtually no emotion a lot of the time. Just, yeah. Bizarre. Definitely want to keep thinking about.

Dan: Right.


Well, do you, is it a recommend? Am I, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I mean, I would, I know what, I know what you're saying, Chris,

but I would also, I would still encourage people to see it because you won't see a lot of things like this.

Cris: You're also never gonna get those two hours back ever in your life.

Reegs: don't. Right. It's so surreal that if you like surreal, this is


Dan: well, certainly Mother was a film that I don't think I'd ever picked to watch myself, but watching it for the pod, I was so pleased that I did.

Cris: get me wrong, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm not saying I'm glad I watched it. I'm content that I watched it because I, I can, someone says it's the same, like the guy with a penis on his arm.

If, if someone says to me

Dan: everything's like that, isn't it?

Cris: just like, well, I've watched it

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I,

Cris: I didn't enjoy it,

Dan: but you can make your own mind

Reegs: you'll remember general anesthetic. I'll remember him.

Sidey: Oh, that's so horny now. Every time I have a

Reegs: What kind of Yeah, yeah. I can have a go at that. Yeah. I was gonna do it at home when the misses is like, just lie on the bed.

Sidey: time. Yeah. She's slinking over to you just play dad. It's like,

Dan: general anesthetic.

Reegs: Yeah.

Also, what kind of psychopath? He eats pasta like that in a white T-shirt.

Sidey: Right.

So if I've been to work and I'm wearing a white shirt or something like that, I will just sit topless and eat because you know what kind of thing you're getting into there, right?

Reegs: Well, I don't, wouldn't go that far. Nobody needs to see that.

Sidey: Oh yeah, it's fine. Let's seen worse.

Reegs: But yeah, he eats pasta. A lot of pasta

Dan: in a white shirt. Yeah. Oh.

Cris: and, and no, it's spaghetti because there's different types of pasta. It's spaghetti and it's, there is pretty much tomato sauce, so.

Sidey: been, could have

been uei.

Dan: Oh, that's annoying.

Right. Okay. So it feels like I've missed

Cris: out.

Yeah, you

Dan: out a little bit. I, I will maybe try to unsettle myself at some point in the future.

Cris: Just definitely don't watch it with kids.

Sidey: Hilltop Hospital. Yeah. Or in French Hospital. Hilltop.

Because I think this was,

Reegs: and in Romanian it would be.

Cris: uh,

Sidey: Okay. It was directed by a guy called Pascal Nutra. I think,

did it have a French origin?

Reegs: Yes. Well, it was based on a series of books that were about, from an author called Nicholas Allen, I think. Is that right? Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. He doesn't sound that French. But anyhow.

Reegs: and it was all about trying to make. Hospital visits and accidents and injuries and medical stuff. Yeah. Okay. For kids it was kind of my,

Sidey: because this is an older thing, right? So

Dan: More relatable and less frightening to

Sidey: a document stuffings for our kids.

This was maybe our generation,

or, I dunno,


Reegs: Well it's like er, but if George Clooney was a dog.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Basically.

Dan: Well certainly in the episode we watched it was the Siamese twins one went straight into a major operation, didn't we?

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. as well when they actors

Sidey: appeared, I was like,

what is going on


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: There was some weird looking claymation going on here.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And something was just a little bit off with it. I dunno. It's strange.

Dan: Yeah, it was almost like they,

Sidey: it it was good to filter this off, you know, to carry this on after watching our main thing this week.

Cause Yeah.

Dan: The, there was one it's like the, the tortoise Doctor.

Reegs: Dr.

Sidey: boy.

Dan: he's got like the face of a human, but it's also

Sidey: island Dr. Marose


Dan: it was, it was really kind of strange that one

Reegs: But like, but listen, like any good hospital drama, this is about the relationships between the staff that work there. Yeah. And there is a sexual tension subplot,

Sidey: isn't there?

The hippo

Reegs: laughing. But this is.

well, the hip, we could get into that, but at first it's Nurse Kitty.

She's going on holidays. She thinks she's going on holiday with Dr. Matthews. Doesn't


Dan: That's right. Yeah. James

Reegs: Matthew.

And he, she wants to go somewhere, Sonny, but he wants to go somewhere where you can do an archeological dig. Yeah.

Dan: He wants to go looking for bones. Yeah. He's got a bone he wants to show her at

Sidey: does. Yeah,

Dan: I'm sure. Yeah. But anyway, we, we meet our patients which are Ude

Sidey: Ude

Dan: and a IRD and something very, Ernest Stina. Ernest Stena. And they are cats. Yeah, Simone's cats.

Reegs: They're joined at the hip, I think. But they both have functioning arms that are wrapped around the back of the other Yes. Two pairs of

Sidey: Yeah, I think it was just the con, the convenience where they could put their arms cuz they weren't conjoined. They were conjoined at the hip

Reegs: And their deal is that they don't agree on shit. They, you know, I want the bed over there, so I've got this view. I want her.


General anesthetic.

And and and they're here for an operation to separate them on their birthday.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah. And they're, they're wheeled in

Reegs: this is where we get the sexual tension, right, with the hippo.


Sidey: first of all, they're, they're wheeled in by the, the hospital porters. And I was like, I recognize that name, that that voice,

Reegs: Who was it?

Sidey: It was Paul McShane from Heidi High.

Reegs: Oh, that's right. Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: He did both the voices of the two of them. Yeah. But they were the most freakishly looking ones out of the lot. They had almost no

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It just went foot into body. Whereas everything

else was

sort of proportioned correctly. Then there was the dog and the hippo.

Yeah. Arguing the toss about the x-ray. Yeah, yeah.


Reegs: And Dr. Atticus, he comes in and says, oh, it doesn't matter. They're identical. And I would wanna get a second opinion

Sidey: on

Dan: Well, no, you didn't need it. Cuz he just put one x-ray on top of the other and they match perfectly and then straight away go. Right. Well let's crack on with it then.

Yeah. And they, they wake up and it, again, it's not an easy, easy plot line because they wake up and one of them is in back in the ward. Yeah. Waking up alone. And you're thinking, well, where's the other one? Yeah. And you, you find out. No, thankfully not. She's just in intensive care though. Yeah. And

Reegs: but

they use that word and it does have a bit of power in the,

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: you're like, oh, blind

Dan: Oh, that,

Reegs: I suppose they're trying to normalize it for

Dan: for sure.

Which I thought was quite clever. You know, the way that they, that part I just thought, oh, they've woken up. They haven't made it all. You know, easy. But sure enough, she comes in a little bit late and said, why isn't she with me? I said, well, she hasn't woken up yet.

You know, so she, they, she eventually does and they come in and they have the bright idea of pushing their beds close together. At

Sidey: Yes. Cuz

they've been wanting to be separate and do different things, but now they're, yeah.

They, as soon


Dan: they, now they're

Sidey: They miss

each other and they want to be together

Reegs: and then they're forced to share a birthday cake.

Dan: But everybody shares the birthday cake cuz everybody's Yeah. Played their part.

Reegs: That's right. And then later the, I guess this is gonna continue this story throughout Hilltop

Dan: well that, that's where it should have ended right there on the cake. But no, it goes into this like other sequence that fixes the, the subplot up I guess because the holiday.

Yeah. And she was going

She's going to Turtle Bay. It turns out a great bone place is Turtle Bay. And Dr. Atticus points out that the fact that wait a minute, you're both going to the same place. So, they head off together

Reegs: and we see them strolling

Dan: then, and then, and then we see them on the beach.

Stro hand in hand. And who's there? Atticus underneath the umbrella.

Reegs: it's horrible

human face on a tortas body


Dan: they're saying, what the fuck are you doing here? And he goes, this is a big old beach. I'm sure there's plenty. He knew they were going there. He just wanted to perve on him. Imagine he just wanted to see.

Reegs: but dogs and cats having sex, that's weird, isn't

Dan: he?

Yeah. No wonder he wanted to catch

Cris: and a turtle with a human head watching them.

Dan: Yeah. And and then we cut.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I was quite pleasantly surprised by this. I was,

Sidey: fucking weirded out, honestly, halfway


Dan: weird.

Sidey: I was thinking, is this a parody thing? Like it was almost something like it could have been on Brasse

Reegs: Yeah, I agree. I was expecting like the, suddenly the hippos gonna like soar the snake in half or something,

Sidey: Like meet the feebles or something. It was just, it looked so strange.

Reegs: Yeah,

but it was actually done with great Ormond Street like, and their approval to make sure that it was like handled with care and

sensitivity. maybe

it's cuz of watching the movie this week and suddenly I'm attuned to a whole level of weirdness.

Dan: Yeah. It's a, you know, really positive kind of message and it tried to normalize that hospital environment. You know, if they're all the same, I wasn't, I never knew about this. So if they're all in a similar or Hilltop hospital, I guess they're all based in the hospital with these things, I think that'd be quite good.

Sidey: Well, I, I put it

on and my daughter walked into the room and she says, what's this? And, and she started to watch it and she was bucking transfixed,

Dan: Right. Like

Sidey: she was super into it. Probably never seen anything that looks quite like this.

Dan: No, for sure.

Reegs: I must say we've been using the phrase Siamese twins. That is the name of the episode, isn't it? And that's why I've been using it.

But it is conjoined twins,

Dan: probably, yeah. Well this is an old show as well. I, I guess that might give a little bit of their dating. What was saying that 99, 2004?

this ran

Sidey: it's

Reegs: probably

Sidey: 2004, this

Dan: to 2004.

It aired from then. So this, this

Sidey: like, smelled like the eighties to me. Yeah.

The white

Reegs: Black Hawked down. That was 2001 and

Sidey: That's exactly what I was thinking about. He just said that

Dan: So this was after that? Yeah.

Sidey: But it had, it had Kevin Waley.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Remember him. He was

Reegs: Alf same pet if

Sidey: he was Morse, Morse's, not morse. That

Dan: was the other thing that struck me.

They used regional accents in the characters. So you got like northern people

Sidey: you hate northerners or you don't like

Dan: but rather than just,

Sidey: something there For everyone,

Dan: a generic kind of tone. Everybody had different accents and everybody had different kind. And I thought that was good as well. That was clever.

Just a, a way to normalize all the different people you might see in hospital you might speak to and, and voices that you had listened to. Yeah. And they were there as well. So I thought that was quite well done.

Reegs: I thought you might pick. Slightly more relatable medical procedures than separating conjoined twins, which

Sidey: are, there are 40 old episodes. So they, the, and this was one of the last episodes, so they had worked their way through quite a lot of things.

So I


Dan: might have gone through tonsils and, and all those.

Sidey: oh, the headache episodes boring. You know,

Dan: and

Cris: They probably had the one with a penis on his arms. Well,

Sidey: yeah. That was in there.


So overall, this is a strong recommend.

Reegs: Definitely.

Cris: Yeah.

Dan: one out.

Sidey: If there is any area of the podcast that needs more care intention, it's this bit right here. I don't know what's happening next week. Rigs. You are not here. You are jetting off. Yeah. All inclusive. Living the dream. Yeah. So Dan and Chris and I will be

here. Yes. And

I gotta see if Howie's here. I dunno if how, because Peter definitely can't make it.

But will be a trio, possibly a, Audi, Audi

Cuatro. Yeah, yeah, We'll find out and we'll come up with some nominations. Until then, all that remains is to say side signing


Reegs: out.

Cris: See you up.

Dan: Dan's gone.