March 31, 2023

The Lost City Of Z & Cupcake & Dino: General Services

The Lost City Of Z & Cupcake & Dino: General Services
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As you get older it's a fact that your memory declines. Hormones and proteins that protect and repair brain cells and stimulate neural growth slow down their production as you age, and decreased blood flow to the brain leads to changes in cognitive function.Sometimes I find myself entering a room and wondering what I'm doing there, other times I'll start a sentence on one subject before changing my trousers for a new pair next Saturday. An inevitable consequence of all this mental incapacity is that we lose things, from hire car keys to our minds, so this week’s show has us discussing the Top 5 Lost Things. 
THE LOST CITY OF Z is writer and director James Gray's biography of British explorer Percy Fawcett, sent to the Amazon to find the source of the Verde River in order to resolve a border dispute between Brazil and Bolivia and potentially uncovering evidence of an ancient lost city and civilisation along the way. As his obsession with discovering the city grows, Fawcett's motivations change from a desire to restore his family honour to a need to bloody the nose of the white supremacists at home in an attempt to prove his fellow Europeans wrong about the supposed backwardness of Amazonian natives. Charlie Hunnam is restrained as a man pursuing an irresistible urge at great cost to his family, Robert Pattinson amusingly mumbly as laconic aide-de-camp Henry Costin but it's the relationship with and performance of Sienna Miller as Fawcett's wife Nina which is left to linger in the viewers mind. Patient pacing, painterly compositions and sometimes baffling continuity make this a strong recommend from us.
When you've seen ADVENTURE TIME and THE REGULAR SHOW and TWELVE FOREVER and ODDBALLS and any of the other shows in which a brightly rendered  cast of humans and anthropomorphised food, objects, animals and mythical creatures follow absurd plots for no apparent reason why not give CUPCAKE & DINO: GENERAL SERVICES a go. We did and it was uninspiring and derivative, despite a couple of solid jokes. Feels like the formula needs changing. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Lost City of Z

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review. The only podcast where the hosts are as clueless about parenting as they are about the movies they're reviewing. A quick warning for you. This podcast contains warnings and occasionally bad language and spoilers. This week we're starting things off with a telegram we receive from co-host Dan, currently on a several month long trip of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, et cetera.

And it. Greetings From the Land of Smiles. I hope this message finds you well. As for me, I'm having the time of my life here in wherever I am. I've climbed famous local mountains, explored well-known temples, and even learned how to cook some traditional dishes. But, you know what's been the, in most interesting part of my trip, meeting the people only the other day I was talking to a monk who was absolutely stunned when I revealed I was there in person to witness the first train ride in Siam in the introduction of electricity to Bangkok.

He was so impressed. He asked me to bless his temple. Of course I had to decline cuz I'm not sure if my back could handle all the bending. Anyway, enough about me. How's the podcast going? Have you reviewed any movies centered around the concept of lost things lately? And yours truly.


Sidey: a freakish coincidence, isn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, amazingly, and for perhaps the first time ever, Dan is right on the money this week as we reviewed the Wonderful Lost in Translation earlier. And then today's show kicks off with the discussion of the Top Five Lost Things stuff. Lost stuff. Yeah. And then we move on to review the biopic of Explorer Percy.

Force it in 2000 sixteens, the lost City of Zed. Before we find ourselves again with Netflix Animated Series Cupcake and Dino General Services, all that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with co-host Sidy, who once held his breath for an entire day and night just to win a bet. Do you remember that?

That was good.

Sidey: no, I passed out?

Reegs: And you can recall every detail of every movie you've ever seen, including the ones you've only heard.

Which is really impressive. I think. We also have bad dad, Peter, and with so many kids at Peter's place, his family photo albums are more like a Where's Wally book?

And he understands more than anyone that parenting is mostly reminding children how many minutes they have left of something before they have a certain amount of minutes to do something they don't want to do.


Pete: That is all of my

Reegs: day. Yeah. And we have Chris, who's been joining us these past few weeks, Chris, who told me off air a minute ago that he once made a gay couple's honeymoon Dreams come true.

Cris: I did. I did. And they loved it. Yeah. And they loved me for

Reegs: it. And they did love you for it so much. They, they had to send you an email.

And he's so good looking that he once got a marriage proposal from a mannequin That is completely true. And then there's me res Hello?

Sidey: Hello.

Pete: you. Alright.

Reegs: right? All right. So lost anything recently.

Pete: . I thought, I thought it might come around to this and I knew this was your your nominations Chris, wasn't it?

Yes, there was. Yeah. And I know, so I didn't, I didn't think that this was to, to troll me for the lost set of hire car keys. So a friend of the pod gv, he does listen from time to time. He got married in Clapton on Sea, which is fucking mental. And yeah, we hired a nice car to drive across to to see G get married.

Lovely. Yeah. Yeah. And we thought, cuz it, it was four of us, we'd like, you know, share out the cast and get quite a nice car. Mm-hmm. and expensive, like on a daily rental sort of thing. So what you don't wanna do is then lose the car keys um,

Cris: car keys as

Pete: well. Yeah.

And then whilst you are waiting for the the other key to come from the manufacturer which take, which took about, I can't remember, about seven or eight days. It stays on higher. Wow. So yeah, so two and a half thousand pounds later, it was one of the yeah, the most costly things that I'd lost.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Cris: It wasn't even yours really.

Pete: No, it wasn't mine, but it was, it was under my con well, I say control, I obviously had none, yeah, I should have billed gv just rolled it into the wedding cost. That'd probably been about three or 4% of the total cost, I'd imagine. So anyway.

Yeah. Even it was the only person I suspected was Craven because he offered to pay some money towards it, and he wouldn't do that unless he had a guilty conscience.

But I don't believe he has a conscience, so it, it can't have been him.

Cris: No, I didn't have that in mind though with I didn't have you in mind when I nominated the lost objects things, humans, et cetera. But because obviously we had the episode last week when we lost the SD.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: It was and we, for, for various reasons, we couldn't use your suggestion last week.

So then we had to come up with something else. And

Pete: you're inspired by rigs. Fucking it in the air last week and losing the seventh,

Cris: Well, pretty much him and myself, I would say.

Pete: it's funnier to dig rigs out though.

Reegs: Yeah, I agree. I su strongly suspect I was the one who misplaced it, but we found it.

And we are back on air

Cris: And here we


Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: You lost anything this week other than your mind?

Sidey: Not this week. Think I've been okay. I did in the past lose a watch, cost me a fair few but I, this week everything's where it ought to be.

Reegs: Oh, that's good.

Pete: It's, it's what I don't wear watches. Cuz I, every watch I've ever had in my life, I've lost.

So I just don't bother anymore.

Reegs: I lose things all the time. I lost my car keys the other day. They were in my hand.

Sidey: Don't you have, but do you generally have a place for car keys like you Yeah. And if they're not there, like

Reegs: what the fuck has happened? Yeah. And I get mostly


Pete: in a massive drop about it and it's definitely absolutely everyone else at the house and not me.

And then I find it actually where I'd left it. Yeah. I'll do it again.

Sidey: Anyone watch anything good this week,

Reegs: Barry? We've season two of Barry. That's really good. I'd recommend that. Bill Haer hitman comedy thing, actor. Yeah. It's funny

Pete: I have been watching on recommendation from Side. I've watched the entire first series of Yellow Jackets, which is quality.

Yes. Really fucking good. That so much so. I've watched the first episode of the second series and the bit with the robots

Sidey: Yeah. I'm holding out. I think, I think I'm gonna try and convince the misses to watch. Cause I watched, I'm gonna try and.

Watched series one again with her.

Reegs: That's what I'm trying to

Sidey: and then stockpile a few episodes. Just one episode of week thing. I just know I can't do

Pete: Yeah. It is annoying, but I'm, I'm interspersing it with other stuff. I'm, I'm back on the Mandalorian. I've watched the first four episodes of second season. Have you, are you up to date with it?

Sidey: No, I've done three I

Pete: the, oh, the third. So the third episode is like nearly an hour long. Yeah. Which just surprised me cause I didn't look at the run time or anything.

I thought this one's going on for a bit, but I was, I was into it. I quite liked, I liked it a little bit longer cuz the fourth one is one of those just, I think, you know, those filler ones that they have in the middle of each season where it's just no, doesn't progress anything. They just kind of have a quick really kind of like quick rushed adventure and then everything's okay again.

So, anyway, so I'll spoil that for you

Sidey: Okay.

Cris: Yeah. I've

watched the Gray Man. Oh yeah. Yes. Yeah, I've watched that. It was all right. It was good. Just, you know, another action movie. Yeah. Action movie.

And I watched Luther, the movie, not the, not the

Sidey: awful.

Cris: I, I thought it was all right. I've never watched a series, but I, I thought it was all right. It was, it was better than I expected, really.

Pete: I think people who've watched the series hated the film for some reason. I've not seen

Cris: because I've not watched a series.

I thought it was quite good. And to be honest, I, I actually thought it's gonna be a superhero movie, . I didn't read anything into it. I, I just, I found myself at home because I had a, a thing that got canceled and I was just home and I thought, right, the first thing that Netflix recommended, or, or Amazon Prime, one of them, I was like, okay, click and play.

And that was it. And then I, I enjoyed it. It was good.

Sidey: Okay. We watched Time Cop.

Reegs: Oh, nice. Nice fan

Sidey: bad. It's so bad, but

great. How

Reegs: is it as well?

Sidey: Oh, I don't yeah, he's like the

politician dude who changes what do they call it? Fucking ripples or something when you come back and change the future.

Yeah. I mean, you know, it's garbage

Reegs: get some decent splits. Action in the kitchen,

Sidey: I think, three, three,

times in the first 50 minutes is separate splits. Yeah, it's good. Strong recommend and, and or still plugging with and or really enjoying that better than the

Pete: I've watched the first episode of Andora and

Sidey: Oh, they all get nothing for

me or they get worse, but in a, in a good way. Like it drills down, there's a bit where there, there's a whole like sequence where his prisoner and they're in at this like sweatshop effectively makes and it just does that for three episodes. I loved it.

Yeah. It's Yeah. Cuz the mandalorian's just like kind of a bit frivolous and fun. This

Reegs: than, than

Sidey: it's better. And I haven't watched Yellow Jackets and that was it. I think homework did all the homework. Yeah. Because that was in the balance. I nearly didn't watch the film for But I Anything?

Reegs: Yeah, that stuff I said

Sidey: before.

Oh, cool. Nice one, Should we just crack on with this week's top five?

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Right. Lost stuff from, I've got TV ones and film. I, it is kind of open to any kind of interpretation I

think. So not just McGuffin, but whatever you like, Pete, go for it.

Pete: Oh, wow. So, well, when, when I qualified that with you guys today, cuz I was struggling with McGuffin.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And it turns out that then when you start thinking about the many interpretations of it, the, you could have just gone on forever.

So I didn't, and I won't. But I, the first I guess it's, well it is, it is a bit of a McGuffin. It's more just to kind of like bring it up again, the whole, so we all know that. Sequels are better than prequels, right. So, well they are so in, so the Force Awakens, which I still maintain is a good film and I really enjoyed

Sidey: it,

It'd be great film if there was no such thing as a new Hope. But

Pete: Well

it's, it was still a good film. So, in it you've got, so right at the beginning max Van Von Sidedo or whatever his name is, he gives poam in a, a USB stick. Yeah. And he's like, oh, there's something really important on there. And, and you learn it's the map to where Skywalkers like hanging out.


Sidey: Yeah. it's like imagine like you could put the plans like a map for plans in a droid or

Pete: Right, okay. Yeah. So, well that's kind of where I was going with it. So right at the very end of the, of the film, well just before the bit where like she goes and finds Luke. Rt, DT just kind of, he's been in some kind of like hibernation or something and it turns out that he's the one, so what they had, there was a missing piece of the map.

Yeah. Which kind of actually zeroed it. So like, the important bit. So they knew that it was somewhere in the galaxy, whereas this bit like zeroed in on the actual location. So I guess that was lost to them because they had no idea where it was. And it turns out Rcdc had it all along, but he'd just been, I'd like to say like in morning.

Yeah. Is, is kind of how I interpreted that. He was, he was sad and just kind of went down into like standby mode for you know, a couple of decades or whatever it was. And he was just under a sheet. Yeah. And yeah, they, they reboot him and yeah, they, he's got the, the lost piece of the map that that fits in nicely.

And I thought that was lost and it got to

Reegs: so, it just really means all the rest of it was really redundant because they just found him

Pete: Yeah. But they found him

Reegs: he had the bit of, so

Pete: it's not redundant cause they found him afterwards. Yeah. Like the, yeah. Completely. Yeah. Like the,

Sidey: like the whole trilogy.

Pete: the higher car key story, all of that was redundant if I'd eventually found the keys, but it still would've

Sidey: happened. Yeah. But the payoff of you having to pay too enough grand made it brilliant.

Pete: Yeah. And the payoff of you having to

Sidey: listen

Pete: to, to me talk about the false awakens again, is, is also worth it.

Sidey: Chris?

Cris: The first one I have is Butch in Pulp Fiction, his father's watch. Oh,

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Cris: When he, he specifically says, bedside table. Bedside table on the kangaroo bedside table on the kangaroo. Did you take it? And, and in, in a way it gets forgotten, but it's also lost because she doesn't know. Fabian doesn't know where, if she's taken it or not.

Is it in the suitcase? Where is it? And then he has to go back and, and take it. And, and it's obviously a, another memorable scene Yeah. When he goes back to take it. But I, I thought that was quite a, an interesting option for a lost

Sidey: gosh, I haven't seen that film

Pete: I

reckon. Really?

Reegs: Oh, it's good.

Sidey: a long

old I know, I,

Pete: that's just one of the threads of story that's like interwoven in, in loads of other of

Cris: it was the first thing that came to my mind when it, when it said, when I said lost object.

I thought that's, I, I remember one

Pete: made me think I saw a bird in town the other day that looked exactly like Esmerelda Villalobos. The, the taxi driver. Woman. He's fucking hot. Yeah. And, and then Walken, the story about the watch from walkin is a like fucking another bit

Cris: She was that Esmeralda Villa Lobos was engaged slash from Guns N Roses in real life.

Reegs: That's

Pete: Wowsers. Nice fact.

Sidey: factoid. Okay. I've got one that's a little bit more abstract. It's not a thing. Well it's a thing, but it's not a tangible thing. Sort of. I'm sorry to be a broken record, but it's Buffy, we're back in the Buffy verse here and season two.

Specifically episode 14. The episode is called Innocence and we've met Angel already, the whole thing he is a vampire, but he's been cursed. He terrorized some traveling community and they put a curse on him to give him back his soul. And so he's a vampire who can't vampire stuff. So he is been living with this for hundreds of years. He gets romantically involved with Buffy, and after a while they have sex and she loses her

virginity yeah.

To him which causes him to lose his soul and

Reegs: same thing happened to me.

Sidey: yeah, become hideous vampire again. And she's beside herself and also feeling a little bit guilty. And she has a really nice moment with Dres, her sort of proxy father character.

And she says, oh, you're probably, you know, she's, you're probably really like angry with me for having sex. And he is just, no, no, you. We're old enough and mature enough to make that decision. And it's up to you, you're a, it's, it's quite nice. Cuz the whole show is obviously a, what's that A metaphor for, you know, coming, invasion, all that sort of thing. So yeah. Buffy living her, losing her religion.

Reegs: Yeah.

What something else you can lose is your hearing. And we watched director Darius Martyr's 2019 Sound of Metal for the

pod. and

I had Riz armed as Ruben, who was a drummer in an experimental heavy metal band. And he gets this sudden and devastating news that he's losing his hearing. And, you know, much of the movie is actually about him dealing with that fact. And it's got an amazing scene from actor Paul Racy, was that his name himself?

The son of deaf parents. And

Sidey: Koda,

Reegs: Coda. That's right. And, you know, he joins this community and stuff. It was great. So yeah. Fascinating insights into the deaf community in Sound of Metal.

Pete: Yeah. You guys enjoyed that, didn't you? Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Sidey: You seen it?

that's good.

Pete: Well, as you, so I started putting these into categories and you, you've already bring, brought up the losing of the, the virginity.

Yeah. And I got a, a few on a list here, but I did think I've, everyone's heard some amusing losing virginity stories, right? Mm-hmm. , I mean, I don't know. We, we, I don't think we've all shared ours amongst you. So if anyone's got an amusing one about yourselves, then like, feel free to chime in. But I used to work with a guy, and this is brilliant.

He was, he was like about 17 and he'd kind of started seeing this girl who was a couple years older than him. She had sex before he hadn't. And one night she was driving and he wasn't, so she's picked him up, they've gone out, like had a few drinks, that kind of thing. Got back to his, his house.

And he's basically like tried it on with her and then she, you know, it's all sort of getting on. So they've got in the back seat. And he's you know, whips off the old trouser and kecks and like, you know, got it out, had sex and then, you know, got gone in the house and said, oh yeah, see you soon, or whatever.

So like the next day he's gone round to someone else's house and he knew she'd be there and he's walked in. And then like, the girls were kind of like all in the kitchen. As soon as he walks in, they all just start laughing and . And he's, he's kind of like, oh, what the fuck? Like, and he's just like, walked through, got like imagined at 17, that's kind of like Yeah.

Quite disconcerting and intimidating. Yeah. So he's got, he's like speaking to like the lads in the lounge or whatever, and he is like, they, they've all just started laughing at me. Why is that? Like, oh, you know, I had, you know, lost my virginity to, what's it last night? And then, so he's gone in and he's like, look, what the fuck?

Like, obviously something's going on. She's like, oh, I need to tell you. So she's dragged him in another room going, oh, you know, last night you lost your virginity? She's like, he's like, yeah. She goes, well, you didn't. And he is like, what? She goes, well, you'd like got your dick out and put it between my leg and the backseat of the car.

Sidey: amazing

Pete: She, she didn't have the heart to tell him. And so she's kind of like just gone with it. And he's, he's like, jizzed, , like all over the backseat of her car. But he's gone home thinking he's, he's lost the virginity, which is quite amazing.

Sidey: Did she give him another chance to,

steal the

Pete: up the rest of that story.

I'm still lulling at, at

Cris: Once you hear that, you don't need to know the, the sequel.

Pete: But in terms of so this, this is a, this is losing twice here. So in the film Living Let Die, which has the best bond in Roger Moore

Sidey: you confirmed on Twitter today that

Pete: I, I ignored, I ignored yours. And actually, if you think back to lost in translation, well, you know, it's all agreed in your favorite ever film.

They're talking about Roger Moore as the best bond.

Sidey: Yeah. And they say Connery.

Reegs: they say they do say

Pete: Connery. He says Connery. They're saying Roger Moore.

Anyway, solitaire played by Jane Seymour. She's a clairvoyant virgin. And so what he does, so. , I dunno if this is actually, this is, is this rape is definitely whatever the word is.

Yeah, he, he, she's definitely been deceived. His deception is what it is. So he like gets her cards and, and turns, turns it over and it's lovers and she's like, oh, oh, I know. Like I shouldn't, like let's do it again. And then she like does it again and it comes up with lovers again. And then they start kissing and then he drops her deck of cards in there.

All the lovers ones, he's handily got those prints. He's gone down to this like the, the printing shop and got those done. But then from that point it means that she's lost her clairvoyance as well. So she lost her virginity and her clairvoyance all

Sidey: she

is smoking

hot. She's

Pete: is feasible. Yeah.

Sidey: It's one of the most beautiful bonos,

Pete: Absolutely. Yeah.

Reegs: That's too good. Lost there. O Pete. I'm impressed

Pete: with you. It's a, a double loss. Yeah,

Cris: I, I've got one above virginity when which I thought it was quite funny. I can't remember his name. The guy in American Pie, he loses his virginity to Jim. Yeah. He loses his virginity to pie, which I, I, I dunno if he actually, you can say that, but he definitely shags the pie.

Yeah. Because they show it. Yeah. And,

Pete: don't his, doesn't his dad walk in on

Cris: or,

Pete: It's always

Sidey: never never with baked goods

Cris: the dad. The dad, the guy with a massive eyebrows,

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Eugene Levy.

Cris: And he, he obviously sees him and he loses his virginity to a pie and he also loses a bit of his pride when he goes in the room.

That girl from the Czech Republic. yeah. And he, she shows him his, his her boobs and then he just kind of jizz in his

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And

Pete: all done it

Sidey: twice though,

Cris: twice.

Reegs: broadcast. It's been broadcast across the internet

Pete: Yeah. So

Cris: People, people

Sidey: on a dial up though, I think. I don't believe

Reegs: believe that.

Yeah, good point.

Cris: So yeah, that's, that's in the relation to virginity that

Pete: happened in real life.

No names but Bobby two songs. Isn't that, isn't that where

Sidey: No, that was the duration of the two songs was the, the lap Dance

Pete: Duration.

Oh. But, but I thought it was in

Sidey: yeah, it

Pete: his, under crackers. Yeah.

Sidey: shuffled past

Cris: Wow.

Reegs: With wet trousers. Lovely.

Sidey: It was amazing. I've got a subset of.

Pete: okay.

Lost pigs.

Sidey: Nicholas Cage, the movie Pig is all about his, he's lost his pig. We've certainly been taken away from him and he is on his quest. The, the pig is never named in the film, but it's called Brandy wanna know. And then Simpson season, season five, episode three, Homer goes to college at Springfield a and m lose their pig because it's kidnapped and gives us the incredible quote of, hold on.

That sounds like a pig fainting. When they

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: get the pig drunk and it falls over. Yeah. So two pigs that are lost Yeah.

Reegs: Two of us here are wearing glasses at the moment and side. I know you frequent the old

Sidey: I do,

Reegs: pains there and so you can lose your glasses, don't you know? Yeah. And Dennis Ned in Jurassic Park is the kind of bloated guy who loses his glasses just before he is attacked by the Velossa Raptors.

Pete: Spitting one with the fans.

Reegs: yeah.

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: Dior. Yeah, it's, yeah. And also it happens in the Goonies. She, Mikey accidentally steps on Steph's, I think it is her glasses, but it doesn't seem to affect her that much. . Whereas we would be, as we were talking about the other day, pretty much effectively blind if we lose our glasses, aren't we?

Pete: I'm I, I'd be, yeah, I'd be all right far away, but I'd never be able to read anything ever again. Yeah. What else, what else can you lose? I've got another subset of lost memories. And I'll, I'll only sort of what I will do. There's quite a few of these and I'm sure you guys have, have got some of them covered, but I have only seen it once and I am desperate to watch it again and it's just, I forget about it.

Ironically, and, but the film me , did you like that?

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: That was genuine. Didn't you? Haven't even got that written there. Memento. Yeah. With Guy Pierce, I remember being fucking blown away by it when I first watched it. Is it Nolan? Christopher

Sidey: is Chris Nolan? joint.

Pete: Have you seen this, Chris? No.

It's so

Sidey: he, he killed his wife.

Pete: Oh, you fucking, are you kidding me?

Cris: Well,

Pete: Are you fucking kidding me?

Cris: I,

Reegs: Just fi don't even

Pete: No, no, no, no, no. No one did anything. Yeah. Wow. That's, ah, come on. That film deserves way better than

Sidey: Yeah, does, Isn't it?

Pete: Yeah. But I think it's a brilliant

Sidey: it's brilliant

Pete: yeah, so this guy, he, he, so his long term memory's fine, but his, his, he has an accident and from the point of the accident, he can't form new memory.

So he can only recollect things up to about an hour or so.

Sidey: No, it's even short than that, isn't it? He can't even a sentence. He will forget how it started

Pete: Right. But some, some of it's long cuz it's done in five minute chunks, isn't it? Is

Sidey: He's had the tattoo like

Pete: So he is, got loads of information, new, new information since the accident about, you know, like this, this guy is important or follow this person or do this or whatever.

And it's, he's just got, he's tattooed it all over his, his hands and arms and everything is like aid memoirs to, to help him say, yeah, he's I won't go into more of the

Reegs: We are ruining a brilliant

Pete: Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But and, and there's loads of others like The Born Identity Is, is a, you know, brilliant kind of set up with our,

Reegs: spider-Man three has amnesia as a plot point as well with Harry Osborne.

Pete: haven't seen that.

What else have we got? Total recall? Obviously the Hangover is effectively about the memory loss from the, from the

Sidey: Well,

Cris: also lost Doug.

Sidey: yeah, I've got that as my subset of missing people.

Pete: Oh, okay. So what I,

Sidey: Doug, Doug is, is Hangover one

Pete: I won't have. And Star Trek three and the search for Spock.

Spock has lost his, when they resurrect him, find him and resurrect him, he's he's lost his memory.

And then eventually he remembers Jim

Reegs: and they were searching for him, which implies that he was lost.

Sidey: Yeah, Shana didn't go to Leonardo's funeral. Do you know

Pete: Oh, right.

Sidey: it off for a work Yeah. seems like,

Cris: Who would've thought,

Sidey: yeah. Seems really harsh. Shana's reputation of being a

cu Well, deserved,

Pete: yeah, Chris

Cris: I've got a missing a lost heart in the movie Crank

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: He love Craig.

Cris: Chaus loses his heart which I thought it was amazing. I honestly, whenever I, I hear about crank one and two, it's so unnecessarily violent that it is, is brilliant.

Yeah. And, and he does lose his heart. To, to, to have a, a machine inside him. Really? And then I, I'm pretty sure we've

Reegs: it's basically, it's the movie speed, but Jason Statham is the

Cris: Yes. It, well, the, the, yeah. Pretty much, yeah. and he just needs adrenaline and, and speed. Yeah. Really. But yeah, that's, that's a, a missing heart.

And I had Doug missing and hungover as a. as well as what's his face that he loses his tooth in one of

Sidey: at home.

Pete: oh

Cris: They all lose all sorts of things and, and obviously their conscience and their

Reegs: yeah,

Pete: Don't they lose the bride's brother in the second one? So there's another lost

Cris: So, so there, there's always, there's always someone missing and there's someone lost. And the last one I have from me is the ring that gets lost in the water in Lord of the Rings.

Pete: Oh yeah.

Reegs: Oh


Cris: they drop the ring and it gets lost for so

Sidey: might wanna, might wanna keep hold of that.

Pete: I mean,

Cris: you, you would want to,

Pete: was better that it was, everything was much better when the ring was lost. .

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Two and a half thousand years.

Cris: Yeah. But they wouldn't have a movie if no one would find the


Pete: true.

But yeah, it was

Sidey: wouldn't have that fucking shit TV series

either though.

Pete: Deel found it.

Sidey: Yeah. I've got some just proper straight up McGuffin. suppose the, the McGuffin all McGuffin is Rosebud in Citizen Kane.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: the, have you seen that?

Pete: No,

Reegs: it was a sledge

Sidey: sledge.


Pete: Oh, another spoiler.

Sidey: Cheers.

Yeah. And well, I think it's not a spoiler. I think they should show you it free soon in the film, don't they?

Yeah. There's a


Pete: being, I was being facetious. I'm still reeling from Memento.

Sidey: And then I've got the rug from the Big Lebowski.

Reegs: Yeah. We had that online from,

Sidey: have had that online. Yeah. And Marvin Acme's will in who ran Roger Rabbit, they can't find

it and they need it. And it turns out it was there all along.

It was just written an invisible ink.

Pete: like it, that is a good one.

Sidey: Sort of my tweet, I dunno if you saw it last week, was inspired by zero effect, which I really love. And Rigs thought was only okay if that the case of the man who got so stressed out over his lost keys that he eventually had a heart attack. And it turned out there were in his sofa all along.

it was good. And then there's a film called Raiders of the Lost Arc.


right there in the title.

Reegs: I've got a few with them right there in the title. Okay,

Sidey: Okay, cool.

Reegs: But I'm just gonna go for a couple more abstract ones before we do that. We watched Rocky three recently, and I thought Rocky had lost his self-confidence Good.

In that movie. After, especially after his devastating defeat by Club Lang.

Sidey: Oh, we've got to cancel Jonathan Powers now, I

Reegs: No,

he's unc Cancelled, I think. Yeah, I think he's all right. Still. In the film, interstellar Cooper loses years of his life as he travels through a wormhole. So that's time that's there.

But yeah, I'm sure we've all got lots of movies with lost in the title, right?

No. All right.

Cris: No, I thought that was too obvious for me, so I just thought I'm not gonna just list movies with, with Lost.

Reegs: Oh, I'm gonna do that just for a minute.

Cris: Yeah, yeah. Go for it. No, no, no. Because I knew there was gonna be someone that, that will

Reegs: some asshole.


no assholes me. Before Twilight there was The Lost Boys. Then


Pete: Do you still not seeing it?

Sidey: I'm not seeing

Reegs: it. The

Cris: I've not seen it either.

Pete: gonna spoil it for you.

Reegs: completely baffling. A David Lynch movie, lost Highway. Bill Pullman is a tormented jazz musician. Not as funny as that sounds.

Obviously you got Lost World. Jurassic Park was the Spielberg follow up.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And the real pinnacle of Lost in titles is clearly Home Alone. Two lost in New York.

Yeah. Fun fact. The guy who gave Kevin McAllister directions in the hotel ended up being president of the fucking United States of America.

Cris: yeah. Big Orange Man with small Hands.

Pete: Yeah.

funny stuff

Reegs: lost there in the title.

Pete: Yeah. I went also for some the losing of minds which I guess can be a little bit sort of subjective cuz one person's Yeah. One person's like eccentricity can be another person's mind loss. But I was thinking specifically the Shining, cuz he pretty much loses his mind right there and

Sidey: Yeah. He's

Reegs: on fringes

Pete: Yeah. What might count as a double loss cuz I dunno. But apocalypse Now when they're,

Sidey: I was gonna go, that's a, a lost pertinent

Pete: a lost person, but he's definitely fucking lost his mind as well. Yeah. So

Sidey: yeah. The army of misplaced their kernel and he's misplaced his marbles.

Pete: Yeah, true. Falling down, which we reviewed on there, that was I think a, a sort of a, not more subtle outcomes, but like, you know, you almost like see it happening in, in front of you during the film.

But a really good one is the probably the best episode of the best Ever comedy TV series. Black Hatter is the, the final ever episode

where in order to try and avoid finally going over the top black Hatter gets the advice to put his pants on his head and 60 pencils up his nose and say, Whipple to try and indicate that he's lost his mind.

It turns out it's a trick that's been played a million times before and no one's falling for it, and he has to go

Sidey: I thought about that. If sos quite a lot watching the main feature this week. We're getting to

Pete: to that. yeah, yeah.


Yeah. So that, that was mind loss. Anyone else got any lost minds in there?

Sidey: No I'm pretty much I'm pretty much done. We could go over to Darren Lost Boy, LE's Online nominations if you like, if you want.

Is that something you wanna do? Because he has mentioned the dude's ro he's also mentioned Lost in translation. And Raiders of the Lost Ark with the melting face gift, which I'm sure we'll get more noms throughout the

Pete: Yeah. A couple more. Ro Rowina Rowina Raven Clauses Lost Dire Dim is, is the highly important Fifth

Sidey: Oh, I finished that off actually this week. I

Pete: you? Yeah. So

good. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's the, the fifth, which conveniently was in the room of Requirement . Again, another thing in there there's another one in terms of lost people.

I was thinking about a film that I, I've watched this and this, I think, I dunno if it's a sequel or just in the same universe, but Kiss the Girls with Sarah Morgan Freeman Freeman and Ashley Judd. And yeah, so like missing girls, they lost people. One of them is Alex Cross Morgan Freeman's character's niece.

And it's that, ah, I've forgotten the fucking guy's name. He's got he's like the, the Wanker stepdad in Liar. Liar. He's got like a name that almost sounds like it's like Caris or Car Carrie, or can't remember. Do you know who the fuck I'm talking about?

Cris: I have no

Sidey: I'm trying to think of Liar. Liar. Yes, I know the, the guy.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So

Sidey: a

char, like a sort of well known Charact

actor, but it's never been a

Pete: yeah. Sometimes he's like a really twe goody goody, and sometimes he's like a fucking nasty violin maniac and he's quite good. But yeah, there's, there's missing girls and that. And then it was ju yeah. And then j it was just other virgin ones, like the Virgin Connie Sw in in Dragnet and super Bad is all about losing virginity.

And so is Kevin and Perry go large? Yeah. Which is a great

Reegs: film.

and he does lose his virgin geni and goes all suave.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: I, if just before we round up, I've got a couple of like, lost in translation. This is, these are probably titles that sound much cooler in their original language and cultural context, but just end up sounding a bit weird and silly to us.

So, translations of, yeah. English movies to, so we've got Babe, which was in China, the happy dumpling to be who talks

Sidey: sort of revolt problems.

Cris: Wow.

Reegs: China again for Fargo, mysterious murder and Snowy Cream.

Cris: Wow.

Reegs: The Muppets Die Muppets. I mean, I suppose uh, but it's not obviously. Greece Amusingly was in Argentina, released as Vaseline

Cris: Nice.

Reegs: Crying Game was called help. My girlfriend has a penis in Thailand

Cris: I've heard that

Sidey: of all places.

Reegs: This is a, a truly amazing one from Hong Kong. Batman, and Robin was released as come to my cave and wear this rubber cod piece. Cute boy.

Sidey: Fuck off. That's not true.

Reegs: That is

Pete: No, I'm not having that.

Reegs: Google it. Google it. Google it.

Pete: made that up.


Sidey: Right. Look what we're gonna put in, Pete.

Pete: Ah, well you've completely spoiled the film Memento for me now.

Sidey: No, I just told you what happened in it,

Pete: but you shouldn't seen

Cris: seen it already.

Pete: that's naughty. I know, but part of the fun of a film like that is getting other people to watch it and seeing what they think.

Sidey: film is.

That's fun

Pete: Yeah. But so, but one, especially where it's like you, you don't know what's going on.

You can't possibly know what's going on until the very end

Sidey: Is it as bad as when I spoil Bond?

Pete: No, that was, that was, you know, that like, that was, because that's not a cliffhangery type like franchise, whereas that is specifically a cliffhanger film, you bastard. But I'm still gonna put it in

Sidey: in. Okay. Chris

Cris: butcher's watch from Pu Fiction. I love Pulp Fiction. And I have to say I was very, I was, when it came out, I think I was eight, no, nine or 10.

And . Yeah.

Sidey: 94. It was,

Cris: Yeah. So nine.

Sidey: 94 is the greatest year

for film.

Cris: So, so then the first time I've seen it probably a couple of years later, and I had no idea what happened in that movie. I, I, I couldn't understand because there was no subtitles at the time. I kind of watched it and giggled at a few th thing, but I remember the watch and I, I always remember the bedside table on the kangaroo

So I'll, I'll

Pete: that's non-linear as well. Like Memento, which sadly spoilers.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And lost in translation possibly. I'm putting it in innocent season two, episode 14 of Buffy the Vam Paler.

Reegs: And I am going to pick the two fiberglass cows that they lost from the set of World Wars. Ed

Sidey: Well, I did Google, like my first thing was like, oh, things in movies where something gets lost in the plot and all it kept bringing up was missing movie props.

Reegs: Yeah. Which there was a load. I've got a load of them as well.

Sidey: Okay. Right. Well, we'll hopefully get some more nominations complete the list next

Pete: Sound.

Sidey: Continuing

our lost theme. Yep. We're going for the Lost City of Zed. Did anyone have an internal monologue saying to themselves, is it Zed or Z?

Reegs: Z Zed. Yeah.

Pete: Yes. I thought it would be Z. But then they specifically call it Zed in the

Sidey: film.


they do. This is, I'd never heard of this film. This is a new one on me going into it, so that was

Cris: I, I've, I've only, again, I've only recommended it because of the, the lost theme. Yeah. The other week. And then I thought this would be, I, I've heard of it before, only because I, I, I knew, don't ask me how, but I knew the, the cost is good, which I thought it was quite good. And, and just actors that I've heard of and seen before and actually raped.

So then when I, and I, I, yeah.

Sidey: Right,

Pete: it, sounded like rape

Cris: Alright. Sorry, I didn't rape any of them. , just to clarify. Or yet I didn't rape them yet. Yeah, that's, that's the only reason why that came about. And, and I just thought the lost city, it's, it's a lost team.

Sidey: mm-hmm.

And it's a sort biographical thing about a man named after a tap Percy Force it

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: yeah,

Reegs: Yeah. It's got Charlie Hunk in the lead role that we watched in the

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: yeah.


starts in 1905 on a stag hunt with Percy Forcep who he's they're barreling over trees and whatnot. It's a real display of skill as they

Cris: in Ireland. Yeah. They're hunting a stag in Ireland and he's a major

Reegs: yeah,

Cris: Major Percy faucet.

Sidey: Yeah. We get to learn a bit about him here cuz he's, he's got the skills to pay the bills on the old stallions.

He's a

Reegs: and a marksman and

Sidey: he does the shot that kills the stag that's taken off this big banquet event thing where he's all dressed up and wife played by Shannon Miller. She says, oh, you know, you're, look, you're looking good. And all was talking about, he says, yes, but my, my uniform is unadorned. the stuff that really matters. He's got no,

insignia and all that sort of stuff. And then we see some people, some higher up discussing, they're talking about the, stack beast. You know, who killed it? And they'd point it and I think one of the guys says, yes, he's chosen.


Reegs: ancestry Yeah.

Cris: As if

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: you can do that

Sidey: So he's not looked upon well in this very hierarchical, snobby kind of society that they're in.

Reegs: in. Yeah. Later Forcer is told by his seniors to go and meet the Royal Geographical Society in London, headed up by the emperor himself.


Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah,

Reegs: And he's informed that the Death Star is fully operational . He's told.

Pete: has anyone seen him in anything other than

Sidey: This is the first time I, I seen him.

Pete: Same. Yeah. I just couldn't,

Sidey: see. I didn't,

Pete: all I could see was Senator

Sidey: and I didn't, I didn't clock it straight away. I think I, I was like a little bit distracted and then the voice, I was like, hang on a minute.

Looks like, oh my fuck. It is in. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Anyway, he's told Fort is told that Bolivia and Brazil are basically on the brink of war over a border dispute. And they show these maps and they know nothing about, you know, it's just completely empty. And it basically, you know, there's a, it would advance the British interests in the rubber trade there.

So he's been tasked by the British government basically specifically to track the Verde River to its source because it forms a critical part of the border between these two countries. And even though his survey work was years ago and he lungs for actions so he can get medals, he's sort of sold on what a great political move.

This will be a great career move. This will be for him. It'll advance the interest of the EM empire.

Cris: And, they also

sell him the fact that he might clear his family name.

Yes. So that's, that's probably the, the biggest.

Sidey: The, his dad was a drunk. Was he

a gambler?

Yeah, gambler,

Reegs: And he discusses it with his wife on a picnic.

Nina, I didn't realize it was Sienna Miller until the credits rolled. And they're this kind of progressive partnership. They're very much, they talk about being on an equal footing in the marriage. And she's a feminist, but she does understand that he must go on this adventure, on this exploring.

And she tells him he's pre, she's pregnant and that he will have a son I think that will be born while

Sidey: he Yeah, spider-Man.

Reegs: Yeah. . Yeah. And so, yeah, she even says, I'm an independent woman, and this was like a hundred years before Beyonce . So

Cris: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And they have a nice quiet embrace in the dark and then on the boat over, it's a dangerous ride, right?


Cris: Yeah. He nearly gets mugged at one point or someone tries to steal his trousers or something. I dunno. His

Sidey: his mobile, his

mobile phone.

Reegs: was it his mobile

Pete: Yeah. . And, but he can look after himself?

Cris: Yes,

Reegs: And then, and then we're introduced to probably my favorite character in the movie, Robert Paton's. Henry Cost,

Cris: Mr.


Sidey: Patterson.

Reegs: channeling a little bit of his look from the lighthouse with this scraggly

Cris: He looks good though. He, he looks, he looks like an explorer.

Reegs: He's force, it's a de come,

Pete: What'd you call me?

Reegs: A de camp. Anyway, he, he replied to a, a letter in the Times and he's there to advise. He's been to the Amazon before and he's there to advise force on how to get around and how to get

Cris: get, and apparently when they meet, he's had a few,


Reegs: And he, he pulls out a hip flask to celebrate . Then you found, but they qu kind of quickly strike up a

Cris: a bond.

Reegs: So yeah, they're to start their mission tracking the river at a Zenda Jacoba, which is an old rubber town that Costin is familiar with. And when they get there, it's like this real Apocalypse Now type scenario where there's natives in slavery and an an opera going on in the

Cris: also, they they're also the, the, the actual public The, the natives and, and the owner of the Hasian that he's not even present. They go past the opera Yeah. To see him. So he's not actually, he's not taking interest in the opera. They're just making this grand show for the natives who are basically slaves there, which I thought was amazing.

Reegs: it's

so they can reinforce the idea that they're bringing civilization to the jungle, I think.

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Yeah. Cause they just, they do keep referring to him as savages or the

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: The indigenous people. And he does have a nice moment of realization a little bit later not quite what we thought.

not quite as savage as me. Well,

Reegs: Well, his whole journey is about that. Really. Yeah. They meet Portuguese Barron named Deon dos, I think who, you know, and he tells there's also another,

Cris: he's the owner of the plantation.

Reegs: Yeah. And the British have told him to abandon his mission, but he wants to carry on anyway. And he asks the Barron to provide him with a man and four of his best men as well.

And they bring this guy out, Taji, I think his name is, or

And he's got horrible scars and shit down

Sidey: here. Yeah.

Reegs: has obviously been Yeah.

So yeah. Anyway, he's to take some of his men and set off down the river on,

Cris: well, he gets a telegram.

He gets a telegram from, I, I can't, I can't remember the, the character's name. The, the guy that he joins the party in the end, but he gets a telegram that says you should turn back. that your, the government or whoever, they, it's too dangerous. You should head back. Yeah. It's like there's no heading back.

We're, we're going forward. Bring me the man, bring me a guide. And we're, we're going. Yeah. And then they set sail and, and they, he says, yeah, I want four horses four of your best men and, and a guide. And we're

Reegs: yeah.

And they set off for two years down the river mental, but thankfully we don't have to watch all of that. He says two years, 12 hours a day. And it's crazy. Really. And it's kind of often stunningly beautiful and very painterly and sedate.

But they can't fish. So they're starting to run out of supplies and food. Even though they can see plenty of fish in the water, they can't seem to catch them.

Cris: even with a net even.

They, they throw the net in, they can't catch the

Reegs: And they come across as a, an old German boat at the side of the river that's seems to have a corpse

Sidey: yeah, they're shouting at

  1. Hey

Reegs: at it. Yeah. and taua, you see him instantly start shrinking down. He knows what's coming next. And what's coming next is a flurry of arrows

Sidey: well, at first I thought it was a blow dark thing, cuz it, you see something?

Just hit the

guy. I thought him come the hit the guy from the front. And then he, he kind of pivots and you can see it's a great big fucking arrows coming right And then they all start raining down.

Yeah. There's

Reegs: There's

Pete: like a, hail of arrows and spears just you know, raining on them and they jump into the water

Reegs: and they, they do escape in it, but one guy is chummed up by

Sidey: Piran. Yeah.

Reegs: And I think cost in freeze

Sidey: yeah, cuz Charlie Holland gets gets caught in the net, doesn't

Reegs: it? Yeah.

Sidey: One of the crew is horrendously ill, he looks like he's about to


Reegs: He's puking up blood.

Cris: They discover the source of the river and then they kind of walk through and they discover the pottery. Yeah. That, that's how, how they kind of go

Reegs: and

a boar as well.

Cris: Yeah. They hunt the bo finally, and do not miss this shot. He, he's, he's basically the last resort to, to get some food. Yeah. They, they end up at the end of, or the source of the river. Yeah. They, they go through the jungle. They hunt this boar and,

Pete: force takes the shot again, doesn't

Cris: Yeah. Major faucet takes the shot, and then while they're going through the jungle, they stumble across some pottery.

Yes. And there's a sculpture in a tree.

Reegs: It's a weird

face, isn't it? Of stone statue in a tree.

Pete: By this stage, hasn't the, because like the native kind of scout guy that Hadk or whatever his name is, he's hasn't he said that there's a,

Sidey: the city covered in

Pete: there's a lost city that's like covered in gold and there are people, there's civilization there and it, but it's, it's like deep in the, in the forest,

Cris: and initially, initially major Foster thinks that he's lost his mind.

He's talking about gold cities and everything. And then

Reegs: Well, he thinks he's talking of the conquistador stories of El Dorado that, you know, that lured so many explorers to their death already. Yeah. Yeah.


and also

Pete: he, when he sees, but then when, because when they see the, the, the pottery and everything like that, it kind of makes him think that, oh, there might actually be some validity to this.

Cuz it seems to be more advanced and developed techniques and everything than anything else that he's seen the likes

Sidey: the crystal skull.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: So anyway, they return to civilization as heroes actually, don't they? And Forcer is kind of now known as England's bravest explorer. He meets his wife and young sons. Jack, I think is the oldest.

Cris: first one is

Reegs: father

Pete: Yeah. I was gonna, I think I'm, I'm sure he is already got a son before he goes off of the first one. But she's pregnant again with, with the second child. Yeah. She's already got Spider-Man.

Cris: Yeah.

Reegs: He doesn't know his father at all, and his, his accomplishments mean he's kind of more acceptable to high society. And he's introduced to this guy, the closest thing to the villain I guess in the whole movie. The renowned biologist, James Murray at this huge country mansion, and he's read his forts articles on slavery.

Again, sort of framed as quite a progressive that talking about how Savage is, as he talks about them, deserve compassion and empathy and all that sort of stuff. And Mar Murray went to Antarctica with Shackleton Yes. Didn't he? And he tells when Forcet tells him about the pot pottery and shit that he found in the jungle, he's like, yeah, I wanna get all over that.

I'm gonna go out into civilization with you. It's gonna be nuts.

Cris: Yes. He's one of, he's one of the, he's one of the, the few people that actually listen to, to what he says and actually believes in what he says rather than just thinking, no, they're savages and they can't be civilization where the most advanced civilization on earth.

So they he's the only one that kind of believes him and

Sidey: and Murray

Cris: him? Yes.


Reegs: and apart from his wife, cuz he gives this big speech to the, the rest of the trustees, including some dickhead. He's in the Harry Potter movies.

Cris: he's a creepy looking one. I would, I would check his hard drive.

Sidey: Oh yeah,


Pete: Dudley Duley. Yeah. He's, he's like lost a shit ton of weight. It's him

Reegs: and his wife is found in the archives. A letter from a Portuguese explorer talking about what he's searching


Pete: lost city. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: The lost city of Zed.

Reegs: the ultimate piece of the human puzzle. And anyway, Manning eventually backs him.

And the RRGs all chant for him to go. It's all Rowdy

Sidey: a UGA

Reegs: stuff. Yeah.

Sidey: It turns out that Murray is a real piece of shit.

Pete: Yeah. Well, before he goes off on this one. Is is his wife's pretty keen to go with

Reegs: That's right.

Pete: And

Sidey: he gets less progressive at this point cuz he tells, he effectively says women have their place in it.


Cris: yeah. There's no place for a woman.

Sidey: It's been like this for hundreds of years.

Pete: in, in fair though, when he says like, what about the kids? And she doesn't have an answer. Like, he's kind of got her though. Well, like one of us has gotta stay with the children.

Surely. But

Reegs: yeah, it's, yeah. Anyway, Murray does accompany force it on his journey.

But he's like

Sidey: he's starting to get really hateable Really quickly.

Reegs: quickly. Yeah.

Cris: He's also quite clearly overweight. So

Sidey: he's,

he's, not a cutout for this fucking expedition. Expedition. You can get that right from the, from the get-go.

And he's really holding them up and


Reegs: then there's like a pressure element because the Americans have found Machu Pichu in the Andes and like, you know, everybody's starting to question is what's going on

Cris: here? It's almost becomes a race. Yeah. Who, who wins the race of discovery, let's say?

Reegs: Yeah. And this is when they're attacked again by arrows.

But he gets as, as the arrows come out, he gets, he's like, oh, Manny, grab your concertina. And they start singing a song.

Cris: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: holds up a Bible, I think, and he's shouting Amigos. And, and the Bible takes one of the arrows in it, but he still continues singing and eventually

Sidey: he has a little flashback sort of moment in his whole, his whole life literally flashes before him. And then it, I mean, he does just stand in the open while the, the spears and the arrows have outrageous fortune are raining down. I'm like, he'd be dead. But he sings a song, which somehow is amazing and, just kind of walks towards him.

They, they come out of the shadows like curious, I guess, to who this, who's this white guy. And he goes over and there's a, you say, you kind of see it from our pats, his perspective of like looking over like, what the fuck is he doing? And they kind of take him into the trees, and then he comes back and, and waves them over, says, you know, it's all right.

You come over and, meet the cannibals.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Because they go in. Yeah.

Cris: It is an intense scene. I, I, I, I find, because first he go, he goes in into the bushes, and then the, the first natives come out, one of them wearing his hat. Yeah. And that's where his, his crew kind of gets scared and they're ready to shoot, and then he comes out and waves everyone in and come to meet the cannibals.


Sidey: afraid. Yeah.

Like you say, the, the first thing is if they get into the camp is the campfire with human remains, you know, on the spit. You

Reegs: it's like literally a person just roasted,

Sidey: and he said, no, no, it's, it's okay. They're, they're cannibals, but they just eat their dead and they take their spirit.

That's what they believe and they're like, oh, sound . Yeah. I'll just stay for dinner then.

and they do a really, I thought it was quite amusing because they've obviously been struggling with, you know, hunting and catching fish and they just show the inadvertable savages. Yeah. Just mix something up in a bowl.

Yeah. Tip a little bit of into water and it just stuns these fish. Yeah. And they just take the ones that they need for that particular meal, and then the rest of them fish sort of come back and

Reegs: they literally can lift them out


Pete: them out, and like hand them to the

Sidey: and he is like, oh, okay. They're. just like quite responsible actually.

Reegs: And also this, they're, they're, even the tribe is quite a sophisticated place.

There's agriculture there,

Sidey: Yeah. He looks at the, the fields and he's like, oh my God, they're actually farming. And we thought it was impossible. But these guys have done it and it's really precise how they've done everything.

And he starts to reassess, you know, all the preconceived

Cris: well you can see the cornrows in a straight line as you would find them in, in any, they

Sidey: they did have some really funky

Cris: Yes. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Murray meanwhile has gone completely off the rails. He's had a leg injury that's become kind of really horribly infected

Sidey: Well, he's fucked off.

Reegs: he's drunk all the booze and eaten. What's his name's for it's wife's, I think chocolates or something. She'd sent over some luxury item.

He's eaten them

all in

Cris: which was for everyone to share. He also dis disagreed with the fact that they're kind of. Speaking to these cannibals and these savages in his own words. So, so he, he, he wouldn't, he dis, disagrees, disagrees, we need to go back to the boat. But then every, all the party goes, no, we need to stay.


Sidey: They'll, they'll have some information

we are trying to get to.

Cris: And that's, they, they don't really show him even when they exchange gifts and, and they do all the, they drink the water and he, they paint the, the blood on their face and everything. He's not part of the, the party. So at the end, Manning goes and he's like, oh, here he is.

I found him. And then they pretty much

Sidey: I thought he'd done a runner. I thought he would tried to go his own and he'd nick some of the supplies. Anyway, they construct a pretty fucking massive raft after that. Yeah.

And he murrays being a prick about his leg injury. He's cut his trousers. That one leg and he's constantly scratching

he's obviously got an infection but they're, they need to focus on yeah, this whitewater rafting, which is great on Nys stag and stuff, attacked all and they're sort of like very careful, like, we need to keep it fucking level, but don't, you can't afford to lose any fucking rations and all that sort of shit.

Pete: He keeps like trying to half stand up and stuff

Sidey: But Murray's been a prick and they lose, think, a thing of fruit and veg goes over, then something else goes

Reegs: he falls in and he's told to swim to the side. Don't come onto the boat cuz you'll destabilize it. And he just doesn't listen to them

Sidey: no, I would've fucking drowned him. He's a prick.

Reegs: And obviously realizing that he's a massive liability. They send him packing and he has gone completely deranged by this point. They've basically swaddled him like a giant. And sent him off with a horse that seems to have magically appeared in the middle of the, jungle.

Cris: on from the raft.

They, yeah, I dunno how he appeared, but he was there.

Pete: Yeah. The, the horse was below

Reegs: deck

I dunno. Anyway anyway, unfortunately flash floods and then the fact that in a final act of petty sabotage Murray is doused their remaining supplies in

Sidey: Parafin

Parafin or something, yeah. yeah,

Reegs: they basically have to go back empty-handed without having found anything.

Pete: Yeah. And then it pretty much cuts to when they're, when they're back in Blighty and there's a meeting to kind of like a debrief or whatever, and it's, it is, got Murray there and he's, he's throwing out

Sidey: all

the, he's in fine fe now.

Pete: Yeah,

Reegs: Well he assumed he didn't even know that he was gonna be there when he turns up. It's a shock. And Murray has actually only arrived in London that morning, so he's come straight away back. He's obviously recovered and he's come to set his side of the story up straight away.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. It's like a preemptive strike. And, and he makes up a load of bollocks about how it was, you know, the faucet was the one that was good enough, like carrying on dangerously, and,


Reegs: he's abandoned him out

Cris: Yeah. I have to say I think he played that role really well,

Pete: Oh, yeah.

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Cris: Because

by that point you think you should, they should have just left him there. Yeah. Yeah. He, he, he becomes so annoying and so. Arrogant and he's lying about everything. I, I,

Reegs: well, and it

gets worse because he has lined up his lawyers against the society and he will call them off if forcet will apologize to him for it, but it has to be done in front of his wife.

Sidey: Yeah.

He's being really fucking petty and a fucking prick and,

force says, yeah, will. Okay. I I will, I I will apologize. I apologize. And he's already like, oh yes. And he says to my man, yeah, for fucking dragging you, you fat Fuck.

Doesn't quite sound like

Reegs: it's exactly it

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. And then he, and then he stands up and says, I fucking resigned from this.

I'm, I'm done. And they're like, no, no, you've got stay right. Fuck off. He's done. He's done with

Reegs: Yeah. I'm done with it. And England obviously are on the brink of World War I and in fact, force is called to war in his son, who is now Spider-Man. Yeah. You know, gives him kind of a load of shit, basically. Like, you just keep

Cris: Keith's being a prick.

Sidey: He was a fucking prick. Yeah. I really did. I did not like this.

Reegs: he had a point though.

I mean,

he, has essentially abandoned his entire life to go off pursuing these dreams and

Sidey: that was his role.

Reegs: re resentful of that, which I think is

Cris: sometimes That's how you put food on the table though.

Sidey: That's what his mother, even his mother says, shut your fucking whore mouth. I.

Cris: spider. The man you, dick.

Sidey: he's ever done

Reegs: He says, he says, you know, he says, you're choosing glory over us. And he's got a point to a degree, but forces slaps him, but it's pretty harsh.

Sidey: Yeah. I've deserved it though.

Cris: Which to be fair, in 1920, he would've got a hiding, not a slap. That was


tame. He, he would've been,

Sidey: yeah. I think the belt would've

Cris: off. Yeah.

Reegs: We'll have to

Pete: belt soft trousers

Sidey: don't speak to your father like that anyway. He does go to war. It's not as great a war as they, they make

Reegs: they

go to the Yeah, no, they go, it's the battle of the song. And I am no history buff, but I know that was a bad one. .

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I think there was a few casualties that

Reegs: and he's,

he's station, he's stationed there with casting and manning, which just completely stretches credulity.

But anyway, it was all right.

Cris: They, it does, they do say that when he does that speech that at one point towards the, after they come back that we've been together with these Mann and somehow we've managed to come together here. Just to be together.

Yeah. To be

Reegs: stationed they

couldn't even be bothered in the plot.


somehow, it happened.

Cris: how we said somehow

Reegs: somehow we're alright. Fair

Pete: Stroke her luck.

Cris: but

Reegs: But they get a Russian fortune teller in though I did quite like this bit and she's got a Ouija board. I was sure she was gonna put it on Tez, but she, they don't

Cris: I'm pretty sure by her accent, she's Romanian Russian, that woman.


Reegs: Oh

Cris: We can't handle one hide. One of them from me.

Reegs: He sniffed out the Romanian.

She tells she tells CET that he dreams of being in a city in a forest and she tells him his soul will never be at peace until he finds this place and when he does it we'll illuminate the

Sidey: She's, she's an enabler.

But they do go over the top. They does this rousing speech about do it for each other or some shit. And then some guy shouts out. Yeah. Fuck the

Bosch. Yeah.

Reegs: That's patson

Sidey: And then they just go over the top and get gunned down, like fairly ruthlessly.

Reegs: Yeah. And then there's a chlorine gas attack and they put on those horrifying.


Cris: I have to say it. If I find one of them, I'm getting one.

Reegs: one. It's terrifying.

Cris: I'm gonna

Sidey: Dead man Shoe

Cris: All the kids in the world with one of them

Sidey: This is obviously the black add goes fourth bit. Yeah. Whereas still no one's done it better than they do in Black Adds

goes incredible.

Pete: It's the battle of the Psalm, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, he, he what's his name? Ra perhaps is shouting Gas. Gas. And he manages to get his really shit looking like it


Reegs: it's terrifying.

Sidey: Utter. I know. But it doesn't look like that effective for it's a chlorine gas attack, doesn't it?

And force it is over overpowered by the gas and loses his sight as

Pete: Well, yeah, he's, he is blinded by

Cris: while he's seeing manning getting shot in the neck. And then as he's trying to get to him, there's, there's a, an explosion, a

Sidey: another scene where he just stands in the middle of a battlefield just standing up like completely prone and ready to be gunned just his sight that

Cris: Yeah.

Reegs: And

as he recovers in hospital later that we, we hear that his regiment or battalion or platoon or squad or whatever the hell it was, was he only one to stand their grounds that day or

Cris: and didn't retreat. Yeah.

Reegs: And he's given a kind of fairly poultry promotion, so he is still hamstrung by his history.

Cris: Colonel.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. And Spider-Man's gone full circle. Now he's enraged that he wasn't, didn't get more recognition for his bravery.

Reegs: Then there's a sort of big snotty emotional reconciliation. Yeah. Nice. And then kind of several years passed, enforcer is kind of living in anonymity. After his celebrity, and he's approached by Americans and they've become fascinated by his work and ideas.

And they're starting to explore the Amazon at a pace. And basically he's worried about them like flying in and bombing it all and just destroying it all. . That's how the

Americans true

I know.

Pete: are concerned.


Reegs: What could they be talking about there? Little

Cris: reporter mentions that they're gonna go, the expedition goes there with loads of guns. Yeah. So so they, they just say that as if, well yeah, we're going there with loads of guns and

Reegs: we're just gonna kill everyone. Woohoo. America. They've gotta take guns, haven't they? Cause what? Who's gonna kill the kids in the schools?

Cris: Yeah,

Sidey: that's true. But it's John d Rockefeller Jr. Yeah. He's funding an ex

Reegs: Well, he,

Sidey: why dot he not being able to say that expedition.

And so, but the Brits don't want to lose face and have the Yanks get there first. So

Pete: they co-fund it,

Sidey: didn't they begrudgingly co-fund the trip?

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And they give him a medal,

Reegs: they do, they finally give him the highest honor and he gets the medal and yeah. So, what Jack, you know, convinces his mother and father to let him go and they go off.

Cris: And also at the geographical meeting when when they hand him the, the medal, there's also a good scene or, or, or a pivotal scene, I would say, where he takes out his compass from his pocket and shows it to the head of the society and says, this is, I've been carrying this for 20 years.

The moment I reach the velocity of Zed, I'll send it to you. And he's like, no, you don't have to. He's like, no, but I might decide to stay there, or something like

Reegs: that. Yeah. He is some implication like that. But yeah,

Cris: so he's like, I might decide to stay there. So

Sidey: they've got great postal network

Cris: Yes, exactly. Yeah. there's,

Sidey: Should be

no bother getting

Pete: just, dhl it's here. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. UPS easy.

Reegs: So, knowing

that this might be the last time you'll ever see their family again.

Jack and Percy give probably the most formal farewell I think I've ever seen. It is like real stiff upper lip in that I think he shakes his like younger son. Brian's like, well, you are the man of the house now. See you later. And they're like, celebs again. Cheered on their train journey. They've been told they've been followed, followed by.

40 million people are following their exploits.

Cris: Yeah. And that's before the internet.

Reegs: exactly.

And eventually they return to the jungle, travel up the river. He tries to show Jack the rubber town. But it's been abandoned

Cris: and the jungle takes back. Yeah. Everything they, they go past and there's already bushes and everything's grown back. So, so the jungle kind of covers where the Hasa was? Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And he writes a letter back to Nina saying it's the last letter he'll ever send her before he finds Zed. Because he's met a local tribe and they've told him of a cave unknown to any white man, which has a rock painting on it, which may be the gateway to this, said that he's looking for. Yeah.

Well, yeah, exactly.

Cris: Yeah. Well they, they go through the, they

Sidey: well, kicks it off cuz they get chased

by a tribe.

Reegs: Well, they go

through the,

Cris: go through the forest. They go through the forest and then they, they get encountered by these natives.

Reegs: They're hurling axes at them

Cris: yeah. And, and he's, he's trying to say to his son, I don't worry. I know this, I've done it before. Does the same thing with the book. Yeah. And the, and the white scarf amigos, amigos, sammi, egos.

And then they're not stopping. They keep throwing stuff and they get more and more aggressive. And then he just, alright, we need to leg it here because we're, we're gonna get, we we're gonna be these guys dinner. Yeah. And they start running. while these axes are thrown at them and they arrows and spears and all sorts.

And then while they run down a, a hill, there's another tribe

Sidey: blue hats.

Reegs: Exactly.

Cris: Yeah. The ones with the feathers.

Sidey: They, they save the day

Cris: and well, they kind of save the day, but they also, it, it, it is, it's an interesting thing because you, they're running towards them. They get really scared because there's another tribe, but then you see a spear just going past Percy FTIR and into the other tribes.

So they

Sidey: so they're obviously rival schools.

Reegs: Yes. Wait, it's another border dispute right this time between

Cris: between the

tribes there and, and then they end up staying with these with this tribe

Reegs: Well, they're kind of on, they're on trial of some sorts. They don't really know what's going on. And the elder is talking, the village elder is saying he's, we're all made of the same clay, but they, he then he's talking about

Their spirits aren't of this world or of the Amazon. That's what he deduces, isn't it?


Cris: No, he, he says that he's not, he's not one of them.

But he's not also one of us. Yeah. So he's kind of a in between because he, he, this Christian, he's not one of them. He's not one of the whites. He's not your normal white person that they've ever seen because, and also his son is, by this moment, spider-Man is not really holding it together.

He's in tears and, you know,

Sidey: naturally

a bit. , scared about what, what's about to happen. I think he says like, we're gonna get killed like, well, possibly. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Cris: And then obviously his forset is that, that piece with that. And he's obviously the explorer and he's, that's what we came to do. They're gonna help us.

We're gonna get something out of this anyway. They,

Reegs: But what he gets mashed is Yeah. He gets off his tits,

Cris: Yeah, they get to this ceremony and that's the first thing we've ever come close to Ayahuasca in this movie. They're in that part of the world. So we don't know if that's exactly the thing they're getting or not, but they're definitely having something that's given them a trip.

Reegs: They're drugged and, and kind of carried off. and that is the last we

see. of

Cris: I have to say though, there is, it's a very interesting positioning of all these torches. I'm not an expert on, on tribes or native Indians of any kind, but that's a lot of fire for a jungle.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Cris: Loads of torches, loads of light, and, and they get carried into this close to the river and then

Reegs: a big ceremony, I

Cris: that's

the ceremony. They get carried in, into the jungle really, and towards the river. And that's the last we see.

Sidey: And we just dunno what happens. And then it cuts back to Sienna Miller. Yes. She's got the compass.

Reegs: that's right.

Sidey: And she's heard of a sighting of them. And this is, I think a good few years later. can't, I


Cris: she says there's a Brazilian man that came to my house yesterday who,

Sidey: who saw them

Cris: and gave me this, and then she takes out the compass and she says, it is been years and years.

And the, the geographical society says, the, the head of the society says, we've sent a hundred men to look for your husband and your son. Yeah. And they've never been found. Yeah. I

Sidey: I think we have to accept

Cris: that. I think you should let it go. And then she just, this Brazilian man also gave me this and she hands him the, the compass, which is the sign that Percy gave him that I found the city.

And the, the Brazilian man said to me that my son and my husband are Yeah. Part of this tribe now. Yeah. Basically.

I think that's kind of the, the, the end of it really.

Reegs: and, and the sort of last shot of her is her like reflection. And their op, they're sort of very verdant garden, I think. all the greenery reflected in it. And she looks like she's standing in the Amazon jungle.

Sidey: Yeah.



Cris: you get the credits and you find out she's, because she's not blonde. Yeah. Well done.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It, it gives you a bit of spiel, doesn't it? At the end? A bit of text.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, it said that he was ridiculed and whatnot, and then some people did find a load of stuff Percy, the that's basically

Cris: well, in the, in the two thousands, they, they have been researchers and they've used technology and all that, and the coordinates are the same.

That what he was saying, where, where these civilizations were. And, and they found roads and villages and towns and everything in the same place where he mentioned it a hundred years before.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So there,

Cris: And that's the end.

Pete: end

Reegs: It is.

Sidey: Did you enjoy it?

Cris: I did. Yeah, I did. I, I, I do enjoy a quest, be it a game or a movie, and I thought it was, it was quite well made. Obviously it's, you know, the, the mysterious appearance of a horse in the jungle and stuff like that. You are always gonna get that in a movie. I, I, I treat it as, as it is really.

But I did like the, the way they spoke as well with the, it's more like the, the way they spoke at the time, I guess. And it is very what you probably, you would call now old school or posh in, in England. You wouldn't call everyone Mr. Costin or Mr. Or Major, or it would be, now it's just John. And, and I, I did like that.

I did like the fact that it was they used real people. It wasn't just as in names and people that actually existed, not just,

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cris: You know, it was a, this guy actually existed in real life. It wasn't just someone that decided, Ooh, let's make a movie about the Amazon. And they also called it Amazonia.


Which, that was the name given to, to, to the region at the time. So yeah, I, I enjoyed it. I think it was good. Probably a little bit too long. Maybe they could have cut half an hour of it. They could have just said he went to war. They didn't have to do all that. I, I thought that was a little bit unnecessary.

The war part, when he goes to France, they, they could've

Sidey: it's just

like, it goes away, it comes back, it goes away again. He comes

Cris: I do get it, that that was part of the reason why he got promoted. So, so you can't really leave that out that much. But I, if it was a bit shorter, I would've been more

more, content with

Pete: It's difficult cause I've gotta span 20 plus years of expeditions and, and part, you know, the story in it. I agree with you though. It is, you know, you've referenced a few times films, some certain films could, could do with lopping 20 minutes, half an hour off it and this, this felt like that as well.

Cris: Which other than that, yeah, I, I, I highly recommend, I enjoyed it.

I wouldn't say this is my top five in the world, but I, I did enjoy it and I think the actors were quite good. And the, the guy, the villain, if you want to call it Mr. James Murray, he was, as much as he makes you hate him in the movie. Yeah. I, I did hate him in the movie, but he was

Sidey: He played it Well,

Cris: yeah, yeah, he was good.

Sidey: I was probably only okay with this. It was, it was right at the start. I thought I was really gonna struggle with it. but it, it grew on me. Do kind of like this it's like a more grounded Indiana Jones kind of thing in a way. Yeah. Do you know what I mean?

Like a bit of a, an adventure and a swashbuckling kind of thing. Perhaps that some kind of true story. How much artistic license , then you kind of, if you're getting stuff and their I did, I did, my favorite bit was the, getting in with the, the local, the native tribes. And then, you know, the first thing you see is that they're cannibals and they're still trying to be like, no, it's okay. We're fine. Like, must have been terrifying. But, on the whole, it was, it was a strong recommend, but I was probably only okay with

Pete: Yeah,

I, I think I was the same. Same as you side, it was, it, it was, I'd struggled to say good.

It was, it was definitely okay. It could have been a bit shorter. I think I kept sort of feeling I wanted more from it, like of, you know, it's, it's, it's a great story. It's a, you know, it's a story of like exploration and adventure, but, you know, set, set against this kind of, you know, you know, institution in, you know, back in Britain where it was, you know, it would all be like that.

And, and you know, there's all this kind of like hierarchy and everything. and I, and I kept thinking I want it a bit more from like the, a bit more of a sense of adventure from it. Albeit I didn't want it to go kind of like full Hollywood in it for it to just become another Indiana Jones or something like, like a comedy action sort of film or whatever.

So something maybe pitched in between if there is such a thing. But yeah, that's sort of a six and a half out 10 kind of vibe from it. But like, well acted good cast, like you say, first film I've ever seen. Our pats in, I've never seen a single film with, with our pats in. I thought he was really good.

Sidey: he's good. You know, I've seen the Batman yet.

Pete: No,


not seen any of the Twilight stuff and I dunno if he's been in anything else. To be honest.

Sidey: honest. 10 we watched the pod,

Pete: never seen that? No. I've never seen anything with him

Sidey: in, yeah.

Pete: And, but I gotta see the emperor in, in it, so that was always cool.

Reegs: Yeah. I enjoyed this. You know, it is quite patient.

It is quite s. It's not a blockbuster, but I as a story of a man who like, you know, is doing things for particular reasons, you know, to clear his honor and family name. And then as his motivations change as it becomes more about a sort of obsessional pursuit of Zed for the sake of knowledge. And then because he's doing it to sort of bloody the nose of the establishment and particularly a bunch of basically asshole white supremacists.

Like a lot of that stuff I really enjoyed. And the progressive framing of the relationship with his wife. I don't know how true all that was, but I thought it was quite interesting. So yeah, it's not a rush out and like drop everything. I've gotta see this movie, but it's if you like this kind of thing adventure movies especially biopics and explorers and stuff, this would be absolutely up your street.

Cris: It's almost, it's, sorry, it's almost an apocalypto. It's Indiana Jones.

Somewhere in the middle.

Reegs: Yeah, . Yeah.

Sidey: It was big floppy though. Budget was 30 mil. He made 19 to that back plus loads of marketing

Reegs: Oh, I reckon it's better than that then I reckon. Yeah.

Sidey: it would've been nice for it to break even, at least. But yeah,

Cris: but I think the length does it

Sidey: well, does it for me every time

Cris: Well, yeah. You know what I mean?

Pete: So all in all the strong recommend.

Sidey: Yep.

Right. So the kids thing that we less about lost stuff,

Reegs: guess.

they're not so much. Yeah.

Sidey: it was called Cupcake and Dino Colon General Services. And we went for. episode

Cris: one Yes.

Sidey: The episode was

Reegs: Go Hollywood.

Cris: Go Hollywood. Yeah.

Sidey: Right out of the gate it looks similar to other things.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: has characters that very similar. this is, so this is a Netflix thing, but like, first impression, putting it on. Cause I'd never watched and this time I don't do it, but I watched it with my daughter so Adventure time apple and Onion.

Yeah. All

Reegs: for, more regular show. Some of the other stuff that we've watched as well, like the other stuff that it, they've become like Russian dolls of themselves. Like what was that one that we watched a few weeks ago? We were like, this is a bit like that

Sidey: stuff,

Reegs: but not quite as good.

Pete: or

Sidey: It's like, you could just ask chat g p t to correct me a kid's thing where there's a talking make

Reegs: it a talk, a sentient thing.

Sidey: Yeah. So in this one it's Dino and Cupcake, so obviously a sensing cupcake and a childlike Dino character. And they get into the movies. There's a show that they like and they wish they

Reegs: they're watching an episode of morphing teens who Go Robo.


Pete: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Which would've been quite good to watch.

And the, the film director type thing that we, that we

Reegs: Holland Meadows

Sidey: is talking pot. Coffee pot Yeah.

And so that bit, I was a bit

Pete: who, who had arms, but then also had little arms on the coffee pot as well.

Reegs: Oh, I didn't notice that. No,

Pete: that was baffling for me. I, cuz I don't, and not like a, a like a jug sort of thing.

Like actual kind of like little glass hands, like on

Sidey: on All right. Yeah.

Pete: the coffee pot, but then arms as well.

Reegs: She's making a monster movie. And the monster is being played by a humanoid hotdog named Hotdog.

Pete: Hotdog, yeah.

Cris: At least that is a great name. Yeah.

Sidey: Quite. he

Pete: just puts like a monster like hat over the top of his like hotdog.

Reegs: and himself. They're ba the Cupcake and Dino a sort of background or you know what they called

extras. Yeah.

the director is, they improvise a load of lines about the monster not knowing true love and all this, that and the other.

And the director's like really impressed by them. He says to Dino I've gotta call the pork factory because you've got the chops and they're delicious. So she's gonna, she tells him to come back the next day and they're gonna make a star out of him. And we get a montage of Cupcake and Dino in the background of various different types of movies, like a Romcom, and he's catching the bouquet and space movie, I think.

And a

Cris: and they're all, they're always cupcake is always the same. He, he's a businessman.

And he just kind of sits there and he has a suitcase and that's it. There's

Sidey: it's a,


a 40 pitcher deal that for. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: And, but it turns out that this is not all that great because Holland Meadows is a coup style perfectionist and wants to do like 75, takes a frame, you know, shot.

So, and hot dog guy,

Sidey: jumping

Pete: write hot dog, hot

Cris: dog

Reegs: He demands a break and a rewrite which will get him out of the hot and sweaty costume, but he's spectacularly fired for pulling a sort of primadonna.

Sidey: Yeah. She's the only one that's allowed to make demands

Reegs: Yeah. and

Cris: and they also drink kale and yogurt shots

Sidey: that's right. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. They

enjoy kale and yogurt. And kale. Yogurt. Yeah.

Cris: It's so good. It's so bland.

Reegs: Yeah.

their own

words. Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: In their own words.

Reegs: And amazingly they end up shooting like 20 films in one week, I think he says. But he, he just does mention it's a lot of work and yeah, she eventually flips out and they free him from the deal,

Cris: it. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: The end

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And, and Cupcake doesn't really has much input in it. He just kind of tries to get d. Be better and just shut up and crack on with things. But the star is tired.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Well, he's the one that comes up with the idea of how they're gonna get out of it. Cuz he says, I've got an idea.

And then there's like a pause and he is like, you gonna tell me it? Am I gonna guess it? And then it cuts to the then them playing out the idea, which is for him to be a diva.

Reegs: Yeah. it's

not much of an idea, is it

Pete: really? But it works. It's

Reegs: exactly what the guy before did to get fired. Yeah.

Pete: yeah. Well they're cupcakes and dinosaurs.

Give 'em a break.

Reegs: He's

Sidey: really inconsequential and so derivative. And I tell you what, I actually went onto the thing on Netflix where you can rate it

and I gave it down a thumbs down. That's how strong that felt about it.

Pete: I

Reegs: thought, I mean, I think the writing is kind. There were a few good jokes and it's kind of sharp. It is just, the problem is, I've seen it so many

Pete: Well, like you say it's, although this was like, when was it? 2019. I think that the second season. So that was, so that episode was 2019. So

Sidey: 2018 was series

Pete: one.

Right. Okay. Which I dunno what came before or anything like that,

Sidey: chicken or the egg.

Pete: Exactly, so, but I, I guess how I'd describe it, if that was the first kind of thing like that, that I had seen, then I probably would've like fancied.

I, I thought about watching the, the, the next one. I watched the first kind of like minute or so of like the, the barber one that was on

Cris: it's the, the second one because it's, there's two episodes in, in kind of one. The second one was actually a bit funnier. I, I, I thought it was funnier because it, it turns into Dino, turns into a barber, and the cupcake is this hype man.

And he, he, honestly, yeah, they, they, he just hypes him up. Hypes him up. They have a cardboard barbershop that's made out this, this cut. The cardboard is basically a marquee and, and he cuts people's hair and the hype is so good, but he's so shit as, as a, as. barber that everyone afterwards has holes in their hair and arrows and all that.

And I didn't watch it till the end because towards the end it got a bit, I kind of knew what was gonna happen and it just turns into him being the best friend. And that's the only talent you have,

Sidey: I know he was mp like if, if nothing. If you hadn't seen anything like this before then it's fine. But I have seen stuff like

this before.

Other stuff has been around for a long time


this. Yeah. So it just

Pete: I'd I'd say like taking it, you know, judging it on its own, it was, you know, the characters were funny. The, you know, it was, it was watchable and everything. What it did make me think, I, I immediately thought, shit, I need to go and re-watch Apple and Onion cuz

Sidey: Yeah. I just think the things that are like it, that we've seen for were actually better anyway. Yeah. Like better than which haven't seen a really good kids thing for a little while.

now. we need, we need a

but this

Pete: usually pretty good cause I go back to like the glory days or whatever. None of this fucking Netflix shit from nowadays

Sidey: The strong recommend though for

Pete: me.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's same.

Cris: Oh, I loved it.

Reegs: Have you been thrown out by the clock change?

Pete: A bit,

Sidey: a little


Reegs: you feel really weird.

Pete: never been tireder than

Sidey: was. Today was the first time that my alarm has actually woken me up in about six months. And I'd always awake before

Reegs: Because we lost an hour, didn't


Pete: did, yeah.

Sidey: you hard at this age.

Reegs: It does.

Cris: Yeah. I didn't feel it. I had a three hour nap yesterday.

Sidey: I don't know what we're gonna watch. Who's Pete? Is it, is it time for you to do the

Pete: time for yo to do the chosin? It might be.

Reegs: are you in next week?

Pete: Yes. If it is, if it is me, then I've got a, a themed week. Okay. That we can all get

Sidey: Which, do you wanna tell us it now

Pete: If, if it's me and it is next week. So I'm, I'll either do it next week or the week after and it's gonna be a bear

Reegs: Oh, nice.

Pete: Week with lots of bare content. Right the way running right the way through the core. Yeah.

Sidey: That's exciting. Right. Well, in that case, all that remains is to say society signing out.

Reegs: Weeks out.

Pete: Bye-bye.

Cris: Good night.