Oct. 7, 2022

The Revenant & The Adventures of Paddington

The Revenant & The Adventures of Paddington

The sandwich is one of humanities greatest discoveries, along with the wheel and RollBot, the robotic toilet paper valet, so we sat down to chat about them. Perhaps it's the sheer variety of fillings that you can put in between two pieces of bread which inspired us but there's a real assortment of unusual choices this week; once we get on a roll, it becomes difficult to wrap things up.
Ever since my youngest discovered Paddington I've been quietly chuckling about pairing Alejandro González Iñárritu's THE REVENANT with it for one of our reviews, due to the bear content which binds them both together, however I've yet to find anybody who thinks this is as funny as I do. Happily though the 2015 revenge drama and multiple Academy Award winner stands on its own right without my futile attempts at humour. When frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) sustains horrific injuries in a brutal bear attack and is left for dead by his hunting team in the Alaskan wilderness of the 1820's, the grief stricken trapper must use his survival skills to find his way home, fuelled by a single thought: vengeance.
A superb arthouse thriller with a refreshing lack of tedious discussions about the morality of revenge until the very end, it features a strong and often revolting lead performance from DiCaprio which finally snagged him a Best Actor Oscar opposite a terrific mumbly-mouthed Tom Hardy as the ruthless Fitzgerald, and fellow brits Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter particularly strong amongst the supporting cast. Iñárritu's collaborations with Emmanuel Lubezki often dazzle in a technical sense and this is no exception, but this really has one of the qualities of great cinema: that sense of transporting you to another time and place, and though plot wise it's all fairly simple stuff, the film has the confidence to plunge you into its world without holding your hand.
THE ADVENTURES OF PADDINGTON is a 2020 CGI continuation of the Paddington Cinematic Universe (PDU), set between the events of the first and second Paddington movies but closely mimicking the visual style and thoughtful morality of the original 1976 stop motion animation. You'll never f*cking guess what Paddington finds in Season 1, Episode 1's “Paddington Finds a Pigeon”. Sidey relives terrible memories and Paddington is almost universally panned, with Reegs a sole voice of reason against the braying moaning of the rest of the dads. Gary Barlow wrote the theme tune though so if you were on the fence before that might just sway your vote.

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Bad Dads


The Revenant

Reegs: to Bad Dad's Film Review and cast your minds back a couple of weeks before the excellent puppet week which I have to say I did really enjoy back to our Lion episode, and a baffling, non-scripted unrehearsed intro in which I managed to somehow sound surprised to be starting the podcast I've co-hosted and introduced for the past two and a half years.

This week is mostly themed around my youngsters discovery of Paddington, which is why we started with perhaps the finest and most influential horror movie of all time, the original, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Thankfully today's show is a little more back on topic, starting with the top five film or TV sandwiches before we move on to catch up with the b brutal and beautiful,

Sidey: beautiful

Put another Port


Reegs: 2015 Alejandro Gonzales Intu movie. The NCE chosen because Saudi and Dan haven't seen it. And then Dan started moaning about the running time which

Dan: Dan seen it twice before this. What you talking about?

Sidey: Well I hadn't seen it.

Pete: I hadn't seen it.

Reegs: Unexpected bonus. And I'm gonna finish things off with the Adventures of Pennington on Netflix. All that's left is to introduce this week's dads. And I've noticed some unusual synchronicity the past few days with this week's choices starting with Dan.

And whilst I wasn't here for the recording last week, much was made of you wearing a bear suit.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Which is an interesting connection because I wouldn't say you often dress as large mammals. And also of course you spent some time as a grizzled PLP collector back in the 1820s,

Dan: in the day. Yeah.

Reegs: you could relate.

We also have Peter Andre in the house. He was once described as being brutal and beautiful by his own mother. And then there's cohost si who in an absolute first for the pod. I genuinely had to send a trigger warning about this week's kids content. So more on that later.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Reegs: And then there's me weeks like

Sidey: Did you watch anything exciting this week or anything night exciting? Anything at all?

Reegs: House of the Dragon. I'm, I'm still up to date on, on that pretty much.

Pete: No spoilers, please.

Dan: I've missed, Yeah, I've missed everything other than the first and second episode, so I've got a bit catching up to How many are we into that now?

Reegs: He's he's skipping it until the end, isn't he?

Pete: but I'm, I'm


Sidey: I think there's

Dan: Yeah, I was, I was

Sidey: than that Seven

Dan: up a bit as well for a binge.

Reegs: Well we can't talk about that. So what about you, Peter? What you are not gonna be here for a little while and you feel a bit exposed tonight because you said you were under prepared, but you wanted to be in and doing it, didn't you?


Pete: because originally I wasn't going to come tonight, but then this was my last opportunity for a month, so I thought, yeah, I better make the effort.


Reegs: And the thrill of the Texas Chainsaw Massa drew you

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. I absolutely had to, to watch that. I, I didn't, like we've spoken about it, I didn't hate it, but I'm never gonna watch it again. I'm glad, I'm glad it's over.

Reegs: What have you been watching for? Pleasure?

Sidey: Well I don't wanna know

Pete: Okay. let me just get my search history up.

So I've mostly been playing on my n sorry, my son's Nintendo Switch. Super Mario u Deluxe is my newfound love. Trying to think of if I've watched anything on te, Not really,

Reegs: It's Are you better at the computer game than he is, or, yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Oh, I get it. Cuz my son's Asian,

Sidey: my

Pete: like mixed race half Asian.

Sidey: got his own YouTube channel

Pete: he's,

Reegs: No, I just figured he's seven. He's probably smarter than you. .

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah There is that. No, I, I am better. I, I've, I've

Sidey: Well there was an incident wasn't there?

There was an incident the weekend.


He deleted it, didn't he?

Pete: he Oh,

he did. Yeah, there were tears. Great. Yeah. No, he deleted his save and we, so I had to do all the levels again.


Reegs: Oh, what Good dad.

Pete: Yeah.


That's it. I've not actually watched anything else other than the homework

Dan: I watched maybe one of the best mini-series I've ever seen on television, about 10 episodes.

That's 10 hours of, of television. I watched called the Offer with Miles Teller. And it, I texted you guys to get

Reegs: I saw it, but

Dan: absolutely

Reegs: What's the gist? I like Miles Teller

Dan: Of it is he plays Albert s Rudy, who was the Rod Meister. The Rud meister who

Reegs: for the Dutch Ru

Dan: and the Godfather film.

And so it's the story of how the Godfather got made. Then I went and watched The Godfather,

Sidey: is any good?

Dan: Godfather's amazing. It could do well

Sidey: but

Dan: this was just fucking amazing. And I, there was so much I didn't know, and obviously it's been dramatized and things like that, but they've done it so, so well. Loved Miles Teller in it, thought he was brilliant.

And the whole scene, you've got Brando in there. You've got yeah, everyone plays different characters of, of

Reegs: see, Wait, who does Brando play?

Dan: Brando plays Brando.

Reegs: Right.

Sidey: Did you ever see Man?

Dan: Yes, and I enjoyed that

Sidey: like a similar sort of Vibe like,

Dan: Yeah. But this was more of so it's television done for television, you know, it's as, but you've got all these people in it.

Like Bob Evans, who ran Paramount, married to Allie McGraw, she went and had a, an affair with Steve McQueen and, and all these kind of dynamics are going on through it. Or you've got the mafia who got involved within the film because they weren't pleased and proper mob

Pete: They felt like they had been misrepresented.

Dan: Exactly.

And they got it. So then there's def threats and then there's, and obviously they've played up a little bit for the dramatization. I, I take it because it's crazy what happens. But it is and it is based on the account Albert Roddy's account of Making The Godfather. And so it's. Strong. Abso a strong recommend.

Reegs: great. What's it


Dan: on Paramount which is a, a channel you can get off Prime in the uk. And I did, I actually, because it was a film I think we watched last week, could only watch it on, on that channel. So I had to, I had to take the free trial for a week and this was another part of the free trial.

And I only had a couple of days before the free trial was gonna end to watch all these episodes after the first, you know, when you watch something for like 10 minutes and you think this is fucking brilliant, I'm gonna love this. Yes. And it's like another nine and a half hours of it to go. You're just like, Yeah.

Yeah. And so I watched that and I also watched the the Star Wars.

Sidey: I haven't gone to and or what you

Dan: mean and or

Sidey: heard it's

Dan: well? Yeah, I mean it's, you got the Mandalorian, which was really,

Sidey: really

so this just the pre rogue one.

It's The star You

Dan: you not seen

Pete: I don't even, I've not even heard

Sidey: of

it You know the dude in Rogue One

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: You love And

Sidey: of how he became and got into the start of the rebellion basically.

So on Wow.

Dan: Yeah. It's on Disney. The fourth episode is just

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Get with the program Pete

Dan: Pete, you're just so

Pete: watch that on holiday.

Dan: Yeah, well do that. And so that was me. I think I wa I did, I watched something else. It might come to me later, but I did a lot of TV in film this week.


Reegs: could see that.

Sidey: I watched an episode of Welcome Rex. is excellent. I watched rings, Rings of power, which is kind of getting going somewhere it last but still occasionally just looks so shit.

Dan: I watched all the, the rein ones though. That was good. Yeah.

Sidey: And then I watched a couple of episodes of Morris White House gone fishing. Have any of you fucking edge lawyers watched that?

Dan: I've not, but I did start to watch the Mighty Bush.

Sidey: Oh Okay.

Pete: Oh yeah.

Dan: Which had a couple of, well we needed some in after text exchange or automatica just to take us down or notch. So I put on that.

Reegs: it's similar nightmare-ish vibe at times.

Sidey: And I've found time to cram in solid like 15 hours of Zelda on the switch is my of a bit of a addiction. I'm

Dan: Is that like an RPG game?

Sidey: Yeah, it's, it's bigger than that Dan. It's large, but it does take up a lot of time. But I'm enjoying it,

so That's good

Reegs: quitting your job and just playing the game?

Sidey: Well there's this thing called working from home

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: They pay you for playing video games. Yeah. I love that. Yeah.

Sidey: fun. We did a top five last week about puppets and Joe Bess came in strong

with the, I like, I like when they're slightly abstract. So he had Bruce Almighty when Jim Kerry was controlling the news reader like that which was quite good.

We also had a top five from the previous week, which I kept fucking up Andrey

like publicly shamed us and rightly so.

Reegs: was screaming, to be honest, I was screaming at the wireless

Sidey: last week. Well, I think you were there the first week

Reegs: I was, and then I did go back and this hit her in the dark

Sidey: her in the dark, Yeah.

So thanks for pointing out our horrendous film knowledge breaching. That's good. I'm sure there were probably some other ones puppet wise, but I think I like the abstract one from Bevi, so that's going in

Pete: like

Dan: Nice. So we watched some stuff. We did some stuff and now we're gonna talk about top five stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. We're going to wet our appetite

with some sandwich chat.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: You like a sandwich?

Sidey: I do,

I really do, but I'm trying to


the amount of bread that I eat,

Reegs: Mm.

Dan: Mm

Sidey: so

Reegs: that's incompatible

Sidey: with

it doesn't play well.

So I've a lot of wraps actually recently. Okay. But I'm trying to even forgo that and so if I'm really organized, I take a salad to work.

Reegs: If you've got any wraps, I will allow them to be included in this. I'm gonna be soft on that, I think. Yeah. Cuz we're not gonna have top five wraps, I don't think, are we?

Sidey: No. That would be particularly niche. What wrap

Dan: bread? Is that a, a sandwich or is that

Reegs: right there in the name.

Dan: a na

Sidey: Well, I think it has to, you have to fold over at least. Right. It has to, The sandwich, you know, has to have both. But I

suppose you can have open face for the sandwich Open face club sandwich.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. The, the definition of a sandwich is quite loose.

Broad, is it? Yeah.

Pete: Well

it's just stuff between two bits of bread.

Reegs: Mm.

Sidey: A of sandwich.

Reegs: Well, it doesn't need to be two bits though. We, Yeah. It just be one bit. And then I reckon, Do you reckon there's any sandwiches out there that are No bread sandwiches?

Sidey: No. It's

a meal.

Dan: Yeah. . Yeah,

Sidey: Well, let's get into it then.

Dan: It's straight over my bread. You I, Yeah. Go on.

Sidey: Should I go

Reegs: Yeah, go on.

Sidey: Pete is an enormous fan of the TV sitcom friends. I, I know that for fact cuz he's mentioned it many times.

Dan: Joey the best, isn't

Sidey: he? Joey has a sandwich moment. I think he has quite a few sandwich moment, but there's one in particular where they go on a ride along with a police cop and there's a gunshot and Jerry dives in front of China, I think it is.

Or is it Ross? Anyway, and he thinks, Oh, it's amazing you dived in front of me to like protect me from the bullet. But it's because he's got the sandwich and he like dives to protect the sandwich. And then Ross descends into I think he loses his job at one point. He's becomes completely deranged and the thing that really kicks it off is that it's after Thanksgiving and Monica is famed for making a sandwich called the what?

It's got the moist maker.

Reegs: The moist maker.

Sidey: does.

like, even though you hate friends, it does actually sound like a genius idea. So it's leftover meat in this case, Turkey. Two slices of bread, but there's Turkey, there's stuffing, and then in the middle there's a third slice of bread soaked in gravy.

And then, so that does actually sound like it would be amazing and that the third slice in the middle is the moist maker and someone eats it out of the fridge, which is a fucking crime. If anyone's steals my food out the fridge, like at work that there would be violence.

Reegs: I don't really understand how it

Sidey: It's because of selfish cus around that

would do

Reegs: But who would, would you, are you the kind of person would that would open a fridge and

Pete: Oh no, I wouldn't take anyone else's stuff. And

Dan: take a bike, but I put it back.

Pete: Yeah,

Well I've seen the consequence of that because I was traveling with friend of

Sidey: the pod, and

Pete: Mr. Quarrel and who's got enormous testes that we were talking about before. And yeah, we were just getting stuff robbed out of our compartment of the, of the fridge. So like our butter was going, our bread was going and everything, and we didn't keep the bread in the fridge.

Obviously we're not idiots, but the milk was, was diminishing over time. So he started wing into the milk and then, and then watching people steal it out the fridge and drink it and pour it on their

Sidey: corns and stuff. Wow. True

Pete: story. So don't steal food out other people's food


Reegs: because they might be

wing in it

Sidey: So yeah. Have two friends nominations for you.

Pete: Wow.

Where are we going next?

Reegs: I often think of minority report in that weird scene where when he's just had his eyes transplanted and he's wearing a bandage and the guy leaves him a sandwich in the fridge right next to a sandwich and a bottle of milk right next to a week's old sandwich and bottle of milk and yeah.

Cruise sort of blindly gets it and eats

Pete: the weak old sandwich first, doesn't

Reegs: Yeah. And eats it and then washes it down with the weak old milk. Peaks

Pete: with wing it.


Reegs: Yeah. With wing it. Yeah. I think it's probably the peak of Western cinema. that, that scene.

Pete: I like the film Minority Report. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Sandwich.

Dan: Sandwich.

Pete: is a sandwich.

Well, we're seeing, as Saudi was trolling me with friends, I'm gonna troll him right back with Happy Gilmore,

Sidey: Mm-hmm Okay which

Pete: is a film that like most normal people fucking like and had laughed at a lot. And there's a, a scene, there's, there's a sandwich in it. Where there's, there's a scene where I think it's like his, like the, his love interest, but I dunno if she, what she is promoter or something like that.

When he goes on the pro circuit and, you know, she's trying to improve his image and get him some like, you know, endorsements and, and so on. There's, there's a scene where they're sat having lunch and he's like frustrated about something in, and he's just talking about this like big kind of like sub, I think Americans call it, I dunno what like classifies a sub, but yeah, he's just saying, Oh yeah, for now I'm just gonna bite into this.

Like you know, tasty, fresh. But like, and then it cuts and he's got like a subway advert, and it's him and he puts down like a subway, like sandwich on a tea and then just like does his like, signature driver, he takes a couple of steps up and smashes it straight into some guy's mouth. Yeah. And yeah, it becomes a subway advert.

So I dunno what's in it. I should have done some more research. Now I'm thinking, thinking about it,

Sidey: we know someone who had worked at a subway and said, and I know people say this about a lot.

Not necessarily even fast food places, but any, any restaurant behind the scenes.

So if you saw, I think it was the tuner in particular, like it's so like fucking, like worse than animal grade food. It's just would never even contemplate eating there.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I still am partial

Pete: The, the sub,

Dan: I like the

Pete: I mean if it

Dan: Have all the fast food ones. That's the one that I like the best.

Pete: tastes good. Right. The sandwich is called the cold cut combo, but I dunno, actually what's in it

Reegs: or what was cut?

Pete: No, human remains.

Dan: All right. We're on a roll, aren't we, Jen? Um The point break Kiao gets Gary

Busey you know, Kiao, He gets Gary Busey too, That's two.

Reegs: gory

Dan: Meatball, suds

Sidey: Yeah It's dead early.

It's like 10 in the morning.


Dan: And he goes two, he wants two.

Pete: do look good

Dan: And they, they look the best of him.

The best in town. I believe they are.

Pete: And I think I'm right in saying that whilst they're like eating the, the meat, like the robbery is taking

Dan: That's right. Yeah.

Pete: quickly abandon

Dan: abandoned, said

Pete: a bank, aren't they?

Dan: That's right. They've been watching it for ages. It's not gonna happen now.

Quickly run over there. Get me a couple of sandwiches. That's the time the American presidents have stormed the bank and are just on their way out. And that it, it starts off that mad chase, doesn't it? Yeah. Where there is actually a really good chase. Mm-hmm. Where it looks like two people No, the nose.

Later on the nose later on. But Yeah. Onwards to you.

Sidey: Sorry. Not sorry. Black had a season four arguably.

Pete: the greatest episode. Private plane

Sidey: anything. ever yeah, yeah, yeah.

Where there's this cut sequence of them flying,

Moment black adder and Bre flying in a shop with Camel, And he says how many rounds have we got? And he says

five cheese and onion for you. And it's just some stupid like, sandwiches for ammunition gag that I really, really like. And then another TV one, and I'm probably the only time I'm ever gonna nominate Goggle books, but I dunno if anyone here is a fan of that

Reegs: I, I have watched

Sidey: it fucking great.

Reegs: I don't remember any big sandwich content

Sidey: There's a a,

there's a couple of sisters on it. Is he an Ellie? And that frequently, they're, Well, everyone has a snack or, or two on there and they're eating on one. And it sent the internet into meltdown. A pie sandwich.

Reegs: Pie sandwich. Pie sandwich,

Sidey: sandwich.


the reason it sent everyone into meltdown is because they referred to it as a wig burger. But it is in fact the correct term for is a wiggin CBA

All right.

But that sounds really really carb heavy.

Pete: Just, I know it's not my turn, but this is an nomination. But there was, I've remembered catching, I dunno if it was like morning TV or like the one show or something. And they said that like, at research had been done, this was like years and years ago when people were finding like times hard and ex too expensive to, to like, you know, make food for their family and everything.

And some advice was the cheapest meal in Britain. And this was genuine. It wasn't a fuck, it wasn't April the first was a toast sandwich So it was a piece of toast between two pieces of bread

Reegs: Yum.

Pete: was the advice. to the nation to, to the uk. Make yourself a toast sandwich. It's really.

Reegs: What is your most unusual sandwich that you've ever made?

Pete: Un Oh I dunno. Unusual. I, I'll tell you what I haven't had for years, which I was a fan of, was was ched white bread, cheddar cheese onion, white onion, and then salt and vinegar crisps.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: And that is a flavor sensation.

Reegs: I think. Packer Crisps augments pretty

much any

Pete: Yeah. In the sandwich though, for the crunch for the texture.


Sidey: Only till about 18 months, two years ago till I had my first fish finger sandwich.

Pete: Oh, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: a revelation

Pete: No, they are good

Sidey: with like really cheap like sl of bread, you know, that


like where you press it, it doesn't bounce back.


Dan: don't eat meat. I, I'll often try like Tempe or tofu in, that's probably a bit weird for some people.

Pete: Sounds, I mean, tofus, bullocks, whether you have it in bread or not,

Dan: No, it's quite nice.

Pete: It's

Sidey: not,

Reegs: But you can have cheese. Can you have cheese,

Pete: Well you can have cheese, you can have a fish finger

Dan: no, I can, I can eat whatever I want to be honest.

Reegs: You're your own man.

Dan: I just choose not to eat meat.

Pete: Think you're up res.

Reegs: Well continuing the TV stuff then I guess Royal family often had them sitting around eating bacon. Sars

Pete: you have for your tea?

Reegs: Yeah, you'd get three or four minutes just devoted to them putting ketchup or brown sauce more likely on. Were you fan of the show? We don't really talk about it on

Pete: Watched it a bit. It wasn't, I thought it was overhyped. It, some of it was, was entertaining. But it wasn't the

Sidey: me by largely I'd

Pete: The knockout hit that everyone seems to think it was.

Reegs: I enjoyed, Another one I enjoyed was the American Series K Your Enthusiasm, which had the Larry David sandwich, which was the first episode of season five, I think it was

Dan: did like this. K Your enthusiasm.

Sidey: I haven't seen This particular episode though. No, So I did read about

Dan: They did quite a few seasons.

It was quite interesting that he was he helped get a man off of Murder. Did you see that

Reegs: that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: actually gone inside and it was Larry David's b footage that ended up proving he couldn't have done it cuz he was at that game, which was being filmed for Larry David's Caribbean Enthusiasm.

So, yeah,


Reegs: Larry David Sandwich, it starts with him having a near death experience, swimming. And then he comes back to shore and he's like, for a while, becomes sort of overtly religious, which is quite amusing. And they tell him that his favorite deli has a brand new sandwich named after him, the Larry David Sandwich.

And he's really happy about it. They made a sandwich of me, I'm on the board, what is it? And it turns out to be white fish Sable which is another kind of smoked fish. Cream cheese, capers and onions. And

Dan: much unedible

Reegs: horrified about what disgusting sandwich is, and it's not helped because his mate, Ted Danson, has a Turkey and coleslaw sandwich that sounds absolutely banging.

And he goes there for lunch, takes his dad there. Oh, it's so wonderful. You know, you've finally made it in life. Your name's a sandwich. And he eats the sandwich. And then he goes a bit weird while eating it. And he gets carted off. And the doctor confirmed later that his dad had had a stroke.

But obviously Larry David is convinced

Dan: that it's the sandwich

Reegs: that did it. So yeah, Larry, David's hideous

Pete: by a a remarkable coincidence. The, the guy that I was traveling with in Australia who was wanking in the milk, when we got a a van, we called it Ted Danson.

Reegs: Oh, right, It's a good name for a van.

Pete: Yeah, strong name,

Reegs: Strong should have been Ted Vanson.

Pete: also hired a car later on that we call Terry Hatcher, but I dunno why

Sidey: Hatchback.

Pete: No, no, it was a saloon there in lies, The joke. I, I'll go TV as well. Then there's, I've got a few, a couple of TV ones. One of them's a great one. We talk about the bo quite a bit. And what, like, there's a couple of sandwich references, one of them, which I don't think it's been mentioned before.

So. Howard Moon's got a crush on Mrs. Gideon at the at the zoo. So there's an episode where he's like basically spying on her. So there's like a newspaper with IHAs cut out, but there's, they also, he's got a bag air that he's hollowed out, that he's like, pretending that he's using to spy on Mrs.

Gideon. And then he gets caught, like she comes over and is like, What are you doing? He's like, Oh, nothing. She's like, Well, you've got crumbs all around your eye, . And he goes, Oh yeah, me and Vince, were just playing a cro eye

Sidey: Eye

Pete: It's a game that we play. The other sandwich references when they get the egg, egg of man, Tobi, and this came up in the vomit scenes where the the, the, the.

People, the Inuits with Parkers on, and he's like, Oh, you must stay and eat the local delicacy. And then one of them's like, sick on a plate. So he is like going, Ooh, delicious. And then, and then, and then they, and they goes, Oh, here's the n and l my favorite sandwiches, Which is pretty good. But the one, what I wanted to, to mention, so Big Train is a fucking brilliant sketch show.

Mark Heap, Simon Peg but before they kind of like, well, Simon Peg now is fucking massive compared. He's bigger than that. But there's a, there's a brilliant I don't think this is one that, cuz some of them like will run through the series, but sometimes they just won us. So it's Mark Heap and he's dresses Jesus.

He's in an.

And he's just walking back down the corridor to, to his office and sits down. And he's got one of those like sandwiches you'd get from like the canteen. It's like, it's in the rapping, but it's got, it's on a paper plate. And he, like, he gets it out and bites into the sandwich and there's like a of a crunch noise and he is like, Oh God.

Like opens it up and there's like a plastic toy spider in the sandwich. And then he lifts up the sandwich and written on the plate is ha ha you big tw

Sidey: tw

Pete: So he is like, Right. He like slams it down. It's done like a bit of a documentary, like the office kind of thing. So he like storms down the corridor, goes into the open off and he's all right, you, you and you can't see who he's pointing at.

And then someone moves outta the way and it's another one of the guys, but he's dresses the devil. So, and obviously it's this like thing like Jesus and the devil, and then he like pulls him in for like a disciplinary and so on. But all over the sandwich. It's a, it's a funny sketch.

Dan: Well, everybody knows Alan chewing crackly enigma codes, but not many know his sister Kate, who provided the drinks and the sandwiches. The snacks are that difficult. Time Kate touring.


Sidey: Oh

Reegs: Oh

Pete: I knew it was a shit joke, but I couldn't,

Dan: just couldn, connect the dots. There was one Scooby do, he's gotta be mentioned because Scooby snacks and

Reegs: that wasn't a sandwich. It

Sidey: this, is this the double


Dan: was, it was a, Yeah, they had big kind of sandwiches, didn't they? Loved the sandwich. Loved

Pete: did like

Reegs: Yeah. But Scooby snacks wasn't a, a sandwich,

Sidey: no but there is to we There

is a specific one in, in episode three of season one of scuba do.

Where are you? They have a triple decker, Sorry, A double triple decker sardine and marshmallow fudge sandwich.

Dan: you go. That sounds you know,

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Dan: right? Well, by one Bagge, one free, There's another one, Withnell. It's the beginning scene where he's in the London Diner and he's looking at the, the eggs, you know, and he's going 10 London.

It's wake up and there's that guy just eating a big fried egg sandwich and all the egg just drips down his, Oh, but not when they, they're dripping down your chin and

Sidey: So if I'm having, if I'm preparing a Fri sandwich for myself, I would always break the yolk and make sure that it's not gonna leak all over me. But if I was having egg on a plate, then I want run aoke,


Dan: I just mix it all in. I've got an omelet kind of up a little bit


Pete: sandwich. Yeah, that's, that's a bit of a, an Asian thing. Omelet


Dan: put a little bit of green pepper in there as well. And chili, you know, and it just gives it a bit of kick

Pete: Delightful I'm

Sidey: gonna order a sandwich based snack right now, my go-to would be bacon and blacking on Portuguese.

Reegs: Wow.

Pete: With what sauce? sauce. Yeah. Correct.

Dan: Okay.

Pete: You pass the test?

Dan: right, ? Well, look, I've, I've given you quality there, so it's over to you.

Sidey: Okay. Well I dunno if you've heard of Brad Pit.

He's been

Dan: got loads. Yeah, I've got bread Pitt actually.

Sidey: He's, he's.

Captured eating 60 times. Yeah. On screen.

And you'll be amazed to learn that some of those

Pete: How many

Sidey: have been sandwiches.

Well, I've got

Reegs: Is he cinema's most prolific sandwich eater?

Dan: Yeah, the cold sandwich in California.

Sidey: It's per, it's, it's possible. He, Yeah, he,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: California peanut butter and jelly sandwich in

Dan: California.

Loads of peanut jelly and butter sandwiches in movies

Sidey: cold sandwich peanut butter and toast in meat.

Joe Black he has just some


Dan: meat is in? No, just, Just Meat is

Sidey: nice to meet you. He has an unidentified sandwich, I think in the Mexican, and he eats a cheeseburger, which I think we did establish we were gonna allow, He has a cheeseburger in Oceans 11, so he does

Dan: etting in glorious bastards.

Sidey: Okay. Yeah.

Yeah. So yeah prolific

Reegs: and different kinds as well. Very good representation of

Sandwiches. there That's

Dan: the name. Bread pit.

Reegs: Good sandwich contact tuna fish sandwich. Tony Stark asks him to get a tuna fish sandwich.

And you know, people are either in or out where it comes to tuna fish in,

Pete: I like tuna, like tuna steaks and tuna sahimi and stuff.

But tuna mayo can absolutely shove it.

Really Yeah Don't like

it at all. I'll eat it if I had to, if it was the only sandwich there. But no, it sticks to the roof of your mouth. Nah, it's c

Sidey: chin and onion.


chin man. Onion

is a

Pete: better things than

Reegs: and bacon is a surprise. When, for you there just a little tip. Ezra Miller is a completely normal person. And they were in, we need to talk about Kevin playing a completely normal person in that as well. And that had a number of recurring sandwich motifs when he was making one and all the jams coming out and foreshadowing the blood.

Later in when she makes one, it's bloodless, but she has jam on her hands. What else in Jewel. Steven Spielberg's classic. When he goes

Dan: the diner Man.

Reegs: When he goes into the diner. Yeah, exactly. He orders a Swiss cheese on Rye. R y e. Yeah. Spells it out for her to show her what man he is. And this was Fertile Ground Chef.

One of the movies reviewed on the pod

Sidey: there.


Reegs: Well, the

Dan: a Cuban, Yeah. This is John Fav.

Reegs: yeah, but it's not the Cuban that I think about in that film. It's that sandwich, that cheese sandwich that

Sidey: made Oh the grilled cheese Yeah yeah yeah

Reegs: sandwich that he made for his son. That's the sandwich I think

Dan: can't believe all this shit they put on there like loads of butter.

And they'll do and they go, Oh, doesn't it taste good? Of course it tastes good. You put all that shit on it, you fry up like that. It's like, makes it is easy. Make it

Pete: Yeah. Butter and cheese

Dan: But how many of them you can have like just

Reegs: well, just that one was really good.

Dan: No more than two a day. You right. Pete,

Reegs: a couple more that we talk about on the pod Frozen, we finish each other's sandwiches. Mm-hmm. Green book. We watched that Tony spits out a chewed up bit of old sandwich and another one from the pod was smoking the bandit, that we did. And that had a restaurant that sold the Diablo sandwich.

Yeah. Which was something that Jackie Gleason apparently improvised on set. And it's widely debated what constitutes the Diablo sandwich. But

Pete: do you have any thoughts on that Rigs?

Reegs: I've got what it said here. Shredded pork, toasted bun, and hot sauce. More hot sauce. No more hot sauce. So, yeah. Yeah.

Pete: I actually, I had that one written down as well. So I, as I'd mentioned earlier, probably hadn't prepared a great deal of, I've only got one more.

But what I do have is a quiz.

Sidey: Oh,

okay We do enjoy a quiz prize


Dan: Serve it up.

Sidey: it a sandwich?

Pete: No, it's not a sandwich. It is, it was an impromptu purchase of some Christmas lottery tickets that I am now holding in my hand. And the winner of this quiz is gonna take the prize

Sidey: Lot of stake here. We could be, Yeah.

A lot of could be, could be retirement.

I like

Pete: that.

So this, this quiz is called Sandwiches of the World. And there, there are 10 of them, but if

Sidey: it gets I've been there really

Pete: boring,

Reegs: who's keeping score?

Pete: I

Dan: I'll do that.

Pete: I'll try to No, cuz you're a horrific cheat, Daniel. So we're not gonna go with that. So what I'm gonna do is give you the name of the sandwiches and and what type of bread and filling and so on and in three countries.

And you've got to tell me which one you believe it's from.

Dan: first to three countries? Is it,

Pete: No. Is it what?

Dan: I dunno. How was it?

Pete: it? No, just right answers. Just get the right answer.

Dan: how many, for now to the end of time, how many questions would there

Pete: Well, there, well there were 10 if you were listening, but I'm not gonna do all 10.

What I'll do is six, if I do six cuz then we can start, we can start with a different person each time. So someone gets to go first twice, right? Okay. So the first, first sandwich is up, is a mid Claire let, which is a baguette stuffed with fries, meat, and sauce. And your three choices. We're gonna start with you, Dan, France, Switzerland, or Belgium.

Dan: Belgium,

Pete: side

Sidey: Oh, also in

Reegs: Yeah. I

was gonna say Belgium. Oh, okay. I'll go for France then.

Just because

Pete: Okay. It was Belgium, so,

Dan: So I was first right?


Pete: already one behind rigs. Yeah. You obviously don't want these these luxury tickets. A gua bow, pork belly in a steamed bun. This is for you to start offside.

South Korea. China or Taiwan.

Sidey: I'm going South Korea.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: South Korea,

Daniel takes the lead.

Sidey: no

Dan: I know. My sandwiches, especially Taiwanese.

Pete: This is a

Reegs: look at the intense focus. There's an actual prize on the line here, Dan. I have literally he's come alive

Pete: yet when we play attack later you'll fall apart. A Francis s is a ham, sausage and steak sandwich.

Sidey: Yes. By me

Pete: Covered in melted cheese and a,

Reegs: heard of this before.

Pete: and beer sauce with a fried egg. Yeah. Spain, Portugal, or Italy res.

Reegs: Portugal. I think

Dan: I'll go with Portugal.

Sidey: I was also thinking Portugal.

Pete: It is Portugal. Yeah. Portugal

Reegs: That sounds amazing.

Sidey: It doesn't

Pete: Okay. So Dan, Dan currently holds the lead a band, me, a baguette filled with meat, fish or veg, coriander, cucumber, pickled carrot and chili, Vietnam, Thailand, or Cambodia,

Dan: Vietnam.

Sidey: I was gonna say Nam, but I, I need to differentiate to try and catch down. So I go with Cambodia, but I do not Vietnam.

Think I'm right.

Pete: It is Vietnam. Yeah. Yeah. So Dan is in a, yeah,

Dan: romping away with

Pete: solid lead here. A Sam, a soft sesame seed bun filled with breaded and fried meat, cheese, onion, avocado, chili sauce, and the herb paella.

Mexico, Spain, or Columbia,

Sidey: Mexico,

Reegs: Columbia.

Dan: Spain.


Reegs: Makes things into, oh, what we, what's the score

Pete: So

side is one behind Dan here, we'd have to do a tiebreaker. You are out. Unfortunately, you're two behind re so you cannot

Reegs: what is it? Four, three? No, what is it?

Pete: it, It doesn't matter. Yeah, it could

Reegs: does. Cause I wanna get to the end.

Sidey: I

Pete: it's 4, 3, 2. So a po boy. Meat and fried seafood inside fluffy French bread with a crunchy crust. Belgium, France, or America.

Po Boy.

P o apostrophe, b o y.

Reegs: American.

Dan: Yeah. I can't remember the Arab country. So America .

Sidey: I think It

is America. Yeah,

Pete: it is America.

Sidey: Mm

Pete: So yeah, Dan,

Reegs: Dan is the winner. Then

Dan: again,

Pete: That was that was tense.

Reegs: Can we scratch off the stuff now and see if you've won

Pete: maybe, maybe when we're not recording, but Yes. Yeah. Get,

Reegs: Can't we see if he's won anything? That would be amazing, wouldn't it? We'd have live

Pete: let's do it.

Dan: actually there, you've given

Pete: of the next segment, we,

Reegs: a lot of

Pete: we'll reveal

Dan: loads to scratch off. We

Pete: will reveal the success of the cards.

Reegs: I reckon I've only probably bought about three scratch cards and in my entire life.

Sidey: Did you win

Reegs: I dunno.

Dan: I would guess not.

Pete: not the strongest scratch card story. No. I've ever

Sidey: right. Let's get back on sandwiches and wrap it up if it

Pete: ah, I like it. Like it

Reegs: go on down.

Dan: Okay. I've had a song about a sandwich, but again, more of a rap.

U f H there was the Twinki

Sidey: U hf,

Pete: u h,

Dan: That's it. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? And the only other one I wanted

Sidey: to and whoa we gotta say what's in that,


Dan: it's a Twinki and then there was,

Sidey: cut it in half, put hot dog inside, cover it in cheese, Wes and don it in milk.


Dan: it. Yeah. And then feed it to guy who really doesn't want it.

And the other one that I watched today, just to remind myself of the scene was the Breakfast Club when they're sat having their, their lunch. And you've got

Reegs: Molly, what's her jobs?

Dan: Yeah, all Allie Sheie she's kind of really weird licking, you know, putting sugar on her bread and throw the ham out. And and then you've got email or ves character brings out um

Reegs: Email.

Dan: Email, yeah. Email Email.


Reegs: Emo estimates

Dan: with e and you've got the, the other guy who's in trouble with everyone. Is it Jud someone uh Trump. He's he hasn't got anything cuz nobody's done his lunch.

Sad, sad tail. So there was sandwiches. Have you got any left there? Have

Sidey: Kill

Kill counselor Yeah. Kill bill volume two. Bill makes ham and cheese sandwich.

Classic, classic combo ham and cheese. And then Homer, this is the first one that I thought of was Homer's Giant Sub. It's a hokey, So I dunno what the differentiation is between a sub or a hokey.


Reegs: length? Is it like Nene


Sidey: Well possibly

Pete: And Meuser.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. Well this is a 10 foot long hogge that he's retrieved from the company picnic.

And we. Almost a montage of him eating it in various states of decay. And

Pete: doesn't he like sleep with it?

Sidey: He's


Yeah, he's, he's like cuddling it in bed and eventually Marge throws it away and he goes out to the bin and he's eating it and it's clearly like it is. Got mad. He's got like mushrooms growing off it

Pete: It's making him, I,

Sidey: He's like, How can I stay mad at you And he's just like, horrendously food poisoned. And he

Reegs: he s there's, Oh, sorry.

Sidey: He collapses on the steering wheel on the way to, Is it Duff Gardens? Yeah. The kids are taking, Yeah, he's just like,

Dan: D

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: It's

another Simpsons as well where he's got, It's one of the horror ones, isn't it?

And he's got three wishes and he uses the last of it to get a Turkey sandwich.

Sidey: So that's,

that's my, Well, I also had the Paddington Marlo sandwich, but um Exactly. Yeah. I'm out

Dan: What, what was that you were saying about Pete being filling for sandwiches? Something about him being in breaded, I dunno,

Reegs: I just had two more that I wanted to mention, which was Harley Quinn's perfect egg sandwich that she has in Birds of Prey, which is


Sidey: not seen it, but I've seen it's on Prime now, so I'm gonna get on that.

Reegs: Yeah. And it really does look great, and just as she's coming to eat it she gets rested and she can't and it is it does look amazing and she's talking about it and there's like a Barry White sort of soundtrack.


describes this sandwich and it.

Dan: I don't like an egg sandwich.

Reegs: This has got bacon in it as well, Dan, you'd like it. And finally was American Pie Book of Love, which was the seventh installment in the franchise set 11 years after the events of American Pie. It takes the sort of Star Wars legacy sequel type approach to it. So I guess that means Eugene Levy is the OB one of Winking.

Because in this, the apple pie from the first movie is replaced with a peanut butter sandwich that he kind of jiggy with, gets jiggy with after advice from Brett Michaels. And he's jerking off and then the dog is there and the dog goes to get the sandwich and then the brother comes in, takes a video of it and it looks like he's being sexually gratified by a dog.


Pete: Is it what he's, how does the sandwich play into the, So he's having sex with the sandwich? Yeah. So is he made a hole through, through the sandwich? He's doing that?

Reegs: No, no. He is got the bread either side and the peanut butter is in there.

Pete: The

Dan: That's how you do it. Pete

Reegs: No, no, it's no jams. Just peanut butter. Apparently. It the real,

Pete: that'd be quite, Is it not chunky peanut butter? That'd be quite

Reegs: It

Dan: trying to know all this down. If you could just speak a

Pete: like you've gotta go smooth peanut butter if you're gonna have sex with a

Reegs: Yeah. But well

Dan: that.

Sidey: fuck I haven't got any bread at home.

Reegs: It's weird that he, he, he has a wink with the dog there. Like,

Pete: I don't w with my cats around.

It's fine. They're not gonna tell anyone.

Reegs: I just, But don't, wouldn't you be like, Look, look, look at him in your eye with the shape

Pete: and then, and if there's no tissues handy, you got, you've gotta clean up

Sidey: Yeah. You could at least put the kids to bed first though.

Pete: Yeah. I wish it hadn't been at the vet now

Sidey: I,

Reegs: I just think I couldn't masturbate if the dog was in the room.

It's hard enough when the wife's there

Dan: and the Inlaws. Yeah.

Pete: only, Well, right late in the day, burgers were accepted as a, as a form of sandwich. Understandably so. Cuz they are filling between two bits of bread. I mean, we've gotta mention Big Kahoona burger, right? But like that scene, fucking unbelievable scene starts with the whimsy of a chat about a burger and then ends in like, you know, quotes from the Bible in execution and so on.

And then, I have to mention it in Dumb and Dumber when they're in the canteen, the cafe mean, it's just a fucking golden

Sidey: burger?

Pete: It's a, it is a golden. So there's two, there's actually two. Cause there's one with the the guys Yeah, Yeah.

Sidey: yeah, the gas man.

Pete: With the gas man. Like, they obviously put like chilis and stuff in his burger and, and then feed him is the rat poison pills that they think are his, like pills for his ulcer.

Sidey: love the way they squirt the ketchup up and

Pete: the Yeah.

But even when he's giving, doing like, trying to do like the heim lick maneuver on him with his legs and he comes back with like the blinds, all rats around him and that's fucking comedy gold. And then the other one in the canteen where you get they're eating burgers and then he throws the salt shaker over his shoulder and hits sea bass and he comes and gros in it.

But that scene gives you the unbelievable quote of excuse me, What's the soup du your, It's the soup of the day. Mm. That sounds amazing. I'll have that . Yeah. So worth mentioning and I'm out.

Reegs: All right, let's get pick your favorite sandwich. Dan, what's your favorite sandwich?

Dan: I tough one.

I will, I will go for the fried egg sandwich in whi.

Reegs: All right, with, now

Sidey: I'm going for the wig and CBA from Goggle Box.

Reegs: I'm playing to the gallery a little bit here. I'm going for the Adam Sandler Flick Spanglish which has him making a really nice egg sandwich. And that movie is not as bad as that God awful title. Would it imply?

Sidey: Okay.

Pete: Okay. I'm gonna go for the big train sketch. Mainly cuz the paper plate underneath has got haha, you big tw written on it, which is brilliant.

Sidey: we've had a few online NUMs already, p. Went pop fiction, but not the one. You talking about Pete? He's talking about the Travolta. Talking about the royal.

Pete: ah

Reegs: I was thinking that the royal with

Sidey: The royal would cheese. Yeah. Which they do a thing in the Simpsons on as well. And then Darren let's gone really abstract with it and wonders if he could have this human center peed

Pete: It is a sandwich of

Sidey: Barely grim.

Yeah. So some

more nos please

Dan: the buns.


choice was this one?

Sidey: The entire week was Riggs. Is choice still

Dan: him, right?

Reegs: It was me. Pete, you're keen to talk about the cheese though,

Pete: Oh, no, no. I just think we should at least acknowledge the cheese. Yeah, we have some cheese. Will that do?

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: What cheese is it?

Pete: Mostly the, the, the real winner is the Gogan Zola Pecan on the

Sidey: we haven't

Pete: the Hovis.

Sidey: haven't cracked into the Stilton yet, which I'm sure will be solid

Pete: That'll be for attack.

Sidey: The other one is a lingerer. Something like that. And it looks like it's gonna really pack a punch and it's distinctly underwhelming. Lacking a punch. Yeah. Yeah. Texturally, it's

okay. but doesn't really lacking a flavor.

Good I like

Dan: your trousers, which

Sidey: the dinosaurs. Yeah, yeah. We should Probably get a proper picture of those. The, the biscuit selection's decent, but it's not as good as the toast. But I think we expected that anyway. That all segues almost too well into this week's movie Choice Rigs, which was one of yours.

Yeah. I hadn't seen The Revenant before.

Reegs: No, but you had, had

Dan: I've seen this, yeah. A couple of times.

Reegs: but you were still moaning about the running time. That was good. And also I just thought, and I think I'm the only person in the world, but I thought it was really funny to pair the Revant with Paddington Bear. But like everybody I tell to has that nonplus expression that you've got there where I just say it like I just, Cuz I test out ideas on people and they just, Yeah.

And I'm like, haha, that's funny. Like if I saw that, I'd think that was funny.

Sidey: I didn't even make the connection to honest with you.

Pete: no. Only just now you saying that is,

Sidey: And the only thing I knew about the Revent before watching this time was about the bear scene. Exactly. And the still didn't get

the the connect.

Dan: I just realized I never watched Paddington.

That's That's

where I got to. But this starts off where and when It's it's a

Reegs: 1820s in Alaska,

Dan: Yeah. Just dropped

Reegs: We get a very Terence Mallek esque sort of flash backy thing actually to start with. And Burning Village. And his wife

Sidey: is the the Whaf

Reegs: and he's telling his son.

Pete: you say his wife who's this


Reegs: glass.

Sidey: Hug ass Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Basically

Reegs: in my notes every time.

Sidey: Yeah.

I, so having not seen this, but I vaguely known about the bear attack sequence, but hadn't seen it. And I just, I just thought of this as like ooh, look at me.

Oscar grab movie. Mm-hmm. . So I had dodged it for that reason.

Reegs: Okay.

Pete: what was leveled at this.

I remember when it came out, there was the big thing to Capri had never won the, the main actor Oscar and. the, the like, the sentiment was that this was pretty much all just set up to, to give him the Oscar.

Sidey: Yeah, that's what I thought about it. So I, I deliberately sort of,

not deliberately,

I just thought, I don't, I'm not gonna watch that one. I just, you know, some point in the future if I happen to see it, I'll see it, but I'm not gonna go out. It's not gonna be a film I choose to watch particularly, but now I have seen it.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: Hmm.

Reegs: so so after that flashback e sequence of, and glass talking and the images of his sun and burning and stuff like that, then there's water flowing and running water is a recurring motif throughout the movie.

And we are in the snow covered Alaskan woods. And and it's very early daybreak and the light is cutting through and I think quite a lot is made of the lighting in this movie because they didn't use

Sidey: only one shot had artificial lighting in it.

Reegs: Yeah. So the rest of the time, and, and it is quite stunning to look at.

You're constantly getting

Sidey: erections

Reegs: Yeah. And huge expansive shots of woods and snow and

Sidey: erections

Reegs: sunlight and whatnot. And it's just glass and his son hawk staring at an elk.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And then through, back through the camp with some of that long take magic that I like and we get introduced straight away really to the ban characters.

Three British guys, straight up front, Tom Hardy, Donald Gleason, and Will Polter the three other new Charact. It's good to see those

Dan: guys. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. I thought I was gonna say Hawk, his son is a half Porny. Yes. Boy, yes boy, teenager, adolescent, whatever we're whatever sort of age he is. But yeah, the. It was heavy on the English actors with a, with broad sort of tech, well, not Texan, but drawing kind of American

Dan: First time I saw it, I didn't know it was Tom Hardy. I mean, he just kind of absorbed into that

Pete: Well I, I didn't know he was in it, but then I immediately recognized him. But I didn't know it was Dom

Sidey: See I thought it was, And because you're watching it on prime time

Prime has that think they call it X-ray.

Yeah. And so I had, he was on the screen, I thought, that's doin Gleason. And I pressed the button and it didn't come up on the thing. I thought, it's weird. I'm sure

that's, him And later on did it again. I, I fucking knew it

was Yeah, it's pretty like, clearly him, like, you know

Dan: know.


But Tom Hardy is a lot tougher to pick out because of the way his character is.

Looks, you know, he's. Been kind of scalped.

got a

Pete: scarf thing that he wears a lot and he's got a big beard

Dan: wispy kind of beard and he's

got this draw as well, isn't

Reegs: he's talking like he's got a mouthful of marbles the whole time. Yeah.

Dan: But it was, yeah, fantastic. Anyway straight away, see those guys in it and


the shot goes off and they kill this elk, they need help don't they?

To, to bring it back in. And you, you sense a little bit of the camp there then, and the, the disquiet amongst, Cause nobody's stepping forward to say, Yeah, help, they're gonna fuck off. Do it yourself, you know, I did it like, you know, I'll give you a hand when it's, when it's ready for eating. That kind of thing.

They're not interested in, in doing

Pete: this group of people that had like a sort of a, I was thinking like,

First, but they, they're like fur traders or something. Are they?

Reegs: Basically, Yeah. They're not an official military. They organize themselves

Pete: is a clear sort of hierarchy. Like Dom Gleason's the main guy, you know, he's a cap so he's got a title.

Reegs: Yeah. But

Sidey: maybe I dunno where this The timeline

in this in terms of like, is it post Civil War? Were they


Reegs: 1823.

Yeah. And that was 1870s,

Sidey: was right Okay so.

it's way before that.

Pete: And and Hugh he's what they like guide their tracker. The sort of the bloke that gets them to places and back from

Dan: he knows

Pete: cuz it's so yeah, it's, it's like the, it, it's remote orbi and there's loads of heavily wooded areas and mountains and.

Looks pretty fucking easy to get lost in, in and amongst all of that. So he's he's their guy.

Reegs: Yeah. And a few local dangers as I guess we'll find out, they are all chowing down and being happy when a naked guy just comes stumbling back to the woods and he falls down and one guy's like, Oh shit, we better get out of here.

And just as he says it, an arrow just comes straight through his neck. And it's like this visceral action sequence. And they're being attacked by the a Carra Indians. The re, I think is the more easier way to say it. Right?

Dan: And they are angry and they go through everyone, don't they? They just kind of Shooting arrows, getting the old to hawks out and slicing people up,

Reegs: It's strong film, isn't it? You know, the camera comes through and gets on individual

Dan: you know, because then the, the shots start getting fired out, the muskets and, and all the rest of the guns that they've got. And glass is worried about his son. And he's trying to push him through to get onto the boat, which is gonna take him,

Sidey: They all keep chatting get to the boat Get to the boat. and they're trying to grab some

pelts. and

Dan: Yeah. Some of them are still worried about the money they're leaving behind with all these pelts and everything, but

Reegs: yeah, well particularly Tom Hardy,

Dan: yeah, load of them, get brutally kind of hacked down and, and mow down by arrows and things. Even some of them just as they're about to get onto the boat.

Some of them are on it and they've made it and, and still getting attacked and

Sidey: it reminds me it's so intense. It was like a little bit like, you know, the start of saving

power Ryan on the beach where it's just so like intense about a sequence.

Some, some, some guys just get like smashed in the face with the but of the rifles and stuff and it's like, Jesus, man, this is fucking full on.

it's intense

Pete: brutal, Yeah. It goes from like quite a serene Yeah. Opening to being very brutal, very quickly.

Sidey: There's so much blood in the water around and where they are

Dan: all the howling of the the Indians as well coming over. It just adds to the, the chaos of everything.

But they do get away and they, they roll down on the river, don't they? And eventually get over onto the, the side being told, Look, if we carry on down this river glasses, they're gonna pick us off at some point. We need to get onto the side, ditch those PLPs, hide them, and then make our way over. But again Glass is, he's the, he is, he's the tracker.

He's the leader in that regard. But, Everybody else kind of doesn't really see him that way. Did know

Reegs: Well, he tells him not to go down river. He says it makes you vulnerable if you go down river.

Dan: And, and so the captain listens to him knowing that he knows best, but he's got real dissent within the ranks.


Sidey: It Fitzgerald is. Tom hard and he's he's real and he's just goes

on about the money all the


Reegs: Well, he's a kind of survivalist, a bit ruthless. You know, he always wants to leave. He wants the money. He's also a real racist piece of shit.

He calls Glass Son Haw or Half Breed, and he refers to the Indians as Tree n words and all sorts of stuff. He even makes a little homophobic remark at one point about the about Will P'S character in Hawk as well.

Pete: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And his,

Dan: Yeah, he's

Reegs: he's just really

Dan: he's a real nasty bit, but he is a survivor and he, he does have a point in, as far as you know, he goes, Look, I don't have a living. I don't have anything, you know, that's all I've got.

So he's really determined to bring some of these PTs back. And


need to go anyway. They need to, to move on. And he gets injured. Ah,

Reegs: Oh, well this is so the big moment. They sort of, they move away from where the battle's been happening and then glass is out hunting in the woods and he sees some bear cups and he knows straight what.

You can see his absolute terror and he's got his gun up and you know what's about to happen. And then the mother is behind him.

Dan: He, he is there,

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: you know, there's just this sound and within you know, a second or two, it's on him. It's just Stephen. He hasn't even had time to, to swing his gun around and level it.

Reegs: well It's,

just too big. I mean, cuz he, you know, what's his name? DiCaprio. Yeah. DiCaprio is a pretty big guy himself. You know, he's over six foot or whatever, but this thing just charges him and throws him across the room and

Dan: he stood up on its hin legs,

Pete: There

Reegs: room across the woods,

Sidey: of the most brutal scenes I can

Pete: remember.


Reegs: and it goes on and on because he stops the bear. He is like weird because it, well not weird, but it's bear behavior un unknowable. It stops in the middle of the fight after it's gouged,

Sidey: of checks on the kids or something. doesn't it

Reegs: Goes off and leaves him so he can go and reload his rifle.

Dan: really just his managers to, to grab the rifle again, which he's dropped in this attack where the bear is at one point put his

Sidey: Yeah The first the first kind of assault it's like

Nord a few limbs. It's scratched him, it keeps flipping him over onto his front

and scratching

his back. And then the second time it comes over, that's when it claw his neck. Yeah. And you're thinking the fucks he's surviving this. Yeah. Yeah.

Flips him over again and it's biting him, it's biting his ass and fucking scratching his back to shit. He's managed to get a one shot off.

Reegs: It looks pretty good as well, doesn't it? The,

Sidey: It's

Dan: brave

Pete: Well I wanted to, I wanted to like talk about that cuz this is, it didn't look, I dunno how, I mean, it's

Sidey: it's a man in a blue suit.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: Well possibly

Sidey: as not

Reegs: like a crane

Sidey: CGI I'D afterwards Yeah

Pete: yeah

Reegs: or

Pete: Because it is is as absolutely fucking

Sidey: realistic because I was watching like how did they get a bear to do this?

Pete: Yeah. And, and, and then you're think sort of thinking like DiCaprio, I mean I don't obviously like, presume it's a body double, I don't know, but

Reegs: No, no,

Pete: guy is it decap getting fucking thrown around and it's like, how are they doing that?

It's an absolutely like compelling, incredible scene and it's, it's obviously this film is famous for like the bear attack and I didn't realize it would be so soon into the film as well. Cause we're only 10 minutes in 15, something like that.

Reegs: Yeah, Yeah. It's a, Yeah.

Dan: So, so as the, the bear had left him alone, as he said, he, he's come back, he's managed to grab the gun, turn around and shoot kind of the jaw.

And he, it highs back. It's almost like it was a bee sting for the bear. And it, it goes wild again. It goes

Sidey: He's managed to get his knife out though, isn't he?

Dan: it? And he's managed to get an knife out and he's stabbing it now in their neck and they, they kind of roll down a bank. Yeah. Course. And he roll, he rolls first and then you just see this huge kind of bear.

And Of course, yeah, it lands at the, the foot of the hill where he is. And then a couple of minutes

Reegs: later, you hear the baby cubs crying in the background. Did you see that? I

Dan: Yeah. They heard that. And then, well the restaurant there aren't they? And they come and they go, Geez, it's a bear Look. They roll it off.

Sidey: of s like, oh, fair play. Took out the grid, you know,

for like he's a

Dan: after the Cubs then because the hard work's been done, they think, Oh, well there's a couple more Pel for

Sidey: They start tending his wounds and one of them picks him, sort of lift his back off the ground and, and is trying to stitch something up on his back. And you get a glimpse of just the, how much fucking carnage has been.

Reegs: It's incredible. He's still alive, isn't it? Well,

Dan: is he's barely alive. And they bring him back to, to camp and they're getting nervous because as they're, they still wanna move out. They still want to get

Sidey: well they'd say he just gotta leave him and,

he's gotta

Pete: Well, but also he's their tracker. He's the guy that's gonna get them too safety back to

Sidey: yeah he's not tracking much like this

Dan: and well, they do a kind of makeshift.

Reegs: Stretcher

Dan: for him and they seem to drag him on for a good few miles over different conditions for a river to terrain going up a mountain. And it's at that point they just say, Look, no point somebody's gotta stay.

Sidey: I think a couple of guys have

gone ahead.

and they said We're not getting through


Reegs: not getting, Well, first of all, they try to convince Dom Gleason's character to kill him. So they've, you know, they put a blindfold over his head and

Dan: is leading that

Reegs: of course he is. And he puts a gun to his head and then Hawk begs him not to, and you know, he is portrayed to be maybe a more reasonable man out there, Domino Gleason's character.

And so he says, Right, anybody you can stay behind, give it, wait until he dies, basically give him a proper burial.

Dan: They'll get $65 or

Reegs: each or whatever. And Hok obviously volunteers, so does, will Poulter's character, Bridger. And then when the extra money's on the table, Fitzgerald suddenly

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: job's appealing for him, doesn't he?

Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Well the other guys say, Look, you can have mine. They're just happy that he's not being killed. And and the captain doesn't have the good sense to, to say, Wow, something's up here. Two guys would do it for free. This guy will only do it for, for this much money.

But he's, he's been through it all as well. You know, the captain, he, he just wants to get back and

Sidey: he is panic stations cuz

they've been

Pete: but Al also, the, the choice that the captain's got is he's, is he's leaving like the guy's son who, as I say, I, I, you know, he's an adolescent at best, Will p is a, a young guy as well. Yeah. So what, they're leaving these two young people?

Yeah. In like with a guy who's clearly gonna die, they think. And then whilst it's against his better judgment, Fitzgerald puts his,

Dan: he's the older

Pete: a fucking ironically hardy, like tough character who can handle himself and can look at, so he probably thinks for the safety of these other guys probably better.


Dan: Oh, totally plausible. Yeah. So, and, and that's the situation. So they're

Sidey: do they Do

get the numbers. Someone says that we've already gone down from

Pete: 30, 43

Reegs: to 10. Yeah. Yeah. And anyway, it's pretty obvious what's gonna happen when all of the other guys go away, you know, when the rest of the troop head off.

Dan: quite chilling though, isn't it? Because it, at one point everyone's left glass down by the river or or way he hawks into the woods. And he says, Should I end it now? Should I, you know, should I just blink? Just blink and it's over?

Pete: I was trying not to blink.

Sidey: I bet everyone watching it was

like trying

Pete: not to blink.

I was going, Oh my God, I'm gonna blink. I'm gonna blink.

Sidey: He's,

Dan: as soon as he blinks, that gives him

Pete: but it's, it's a long pronounced blink. It's like a,

Reegs: he closes his eyes quick.

Pete: one. It's like, Right, okay, I'm gonna kill you. Yeah. He like, properly closes his eyes and opens them.

Dan: It's not a blink.

Reegs: But anyway, Fitzgerald takes that to be a code that he blinked.

Pete: I, I think he, I think that he blinked. I think I, I, he


Reegs: his eyes.

Pete: Wow. Because he was, he's there, his eyes are open. He can understand. He can't talk cuz his like,

Reegs: you know, he doesn't wanna die.

Pete: He

Dan: looking for any

Pete: know. I think, I think at that point, because he's like, so he's al he's also saying look for the, because he's Fitzgerald's being very manipulative.

He's saying, Look for the safety of your son for the like, and everybody. It's better if you, everybody's gonna be better off if you just fucking, You're like die.

Reegs: But glass doesn't, Yeah, Glass doesn't

Pete: But he hasn't got the reason to stay alive that he later on has. So my, I read into that, that he, he's made the choice and gone like, fuck it.

I know that I'm lambed to this laughter here and I'm gonna be a hindrance to everyone else. And that's why it's a long

Reegs: Well but the first words in the movie are him talking about how you have to survive. He taught, keep talking to his son.

Dan: he, he does say later on in the fight, that wasn't a deal. But at this point anyway, Hawk his son, manages to find him.


just just

before he's gonna

Pete: gonna, he's gonna asphyxiate him, is that he stuffs something in his mouth and then he holds his nose and he's gonna asphyxiate him and Hor comes back

Dan: Hawk finds him, shouts, tells him he's gonna be hung for murder. Of course, Fitzgeral doesn't wanna listen to that. And ended up killing

Reegs: He stabs him. Yeah.

Dan: him. He guts him, kills Hawk and then drags his body

Reegs: hides


Dan: the woods and hides it. When the other guy gets back, What's his name again? Sorry? Bridge. He gets back. He just said, Well, Glass is still alive. Though he's fum and, and he's trying to say something. He hasn't got the strength to, to get anything

Reegs: Well, his vocal chords have been slashed cuz later we'll see that

Dan: He's

Pete: watched Fitzgerald kill his son. He's seen the whole thing, the, the. One problem I had with this, and, and I know that this is, and we're coming into it later, This is based on a true story, this right, and a real person and so on. And but Bridger wasn't there.

Hawk's now dead and glasses is completely helpless. He was gonna kill him anyway. Why didn't just kill him? I, I still don't know. I

Dan: think two of them going missing. Might have been a little

Pete: was gonna die. Any, everyone has

Reegs: Yeah.

No, but he's right when he goes back and he's like, Oh yeah, what happened to Hawk and what happened to Bridger? They're gonna lock him up

Pete: No, I'm not saying kill Bridger. I'm just saying like, Bridgers bridges away. He comes back, Hawk's gone. He doesn't know he's dead. No one knows he's dead. He's just disappeared. He was gonna kill glass anyway. Why didn't he just kill glass there and then? That's the bit that I, I wasn't sure

Dan: for me, I, I think that Bridger would go, Well, that's weird.

Hawks disappeared and never be seen. And he's dead. Yeah. Just

Pete: I don't think it'd be that weird if you came back and glass was dead after he'd just been fucked up by a bear.

Dan: Possibly not, but that his son not being there might have been the, the bridge anyway, or it just happened so quickly after he got back that he just arrived and he didn't have time potentially.

But he doesn't kill him and he does speak to Bridger in the morning convincing that they're surrounded by Indians and then get him to fuck off and leave

Sidey: a quick, shallow grave,

chuck him in there

Dan: gave pH him in there.

Sidey: Horrendous

Dan: and a good few hours in the soil. Suddenly he finds this whole new strength, doesn't he?

He hasn't. He hasn't

Sidey: Well he is strongly motivated,

Dan: strongly motivated. And he drags himself out. And this begins then his long journey back for revenge against

Sidey: first thing he's gotta do is, is ize you. A bit of patching up to do

on some

Dan: So he does that Rambo

Pete: the Rambo, yeah. I was gonna say,

Reegs: he drinks, doesn't he drinks from the stream because he's got a water bottle. His neck that Bridges character had or haw had scrolled on earlier a, a logo. Cause it becomes important when they find it later. Yeah, And he drinks and it all comes out of a hole in his neck, doesn't he?

So that's when he does the izing. It's, and then you get DeCaprio like catching a fish in the stream and then biting the uh

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Biting it. Raw fish. He gets to do load stuff, look disgusting with like pke and like, in a minute he's gonna, there's a, a bison gets taken down by a bunch of wolves.

And then an Indian Indian Native American porny tribe member is, is carving the thing open and he throws him a bit of.

Liver or something and

Sidey: liver Yeah Brio

Reegs: eats it and then just pukes everywhere,

Sidey: well he is vegetarian and he really ate it cuz they had a, a substitute. We've gone a bit way into the film.

Reegs: No, that is kind of what happens

Sidey: Yeah that's true Yeah but But

it didn't look good apparently. It just like, just gimme the thing and I'll eat it. And it, you know, wasn't

Pete: I mean,

Reegs: he gets to do a good bit of like looking absolutely disgusting, didn't he?

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it is, it's like that, that scene as well is, is, you know, like you've got the, the porny guy who's just sat there eating raw meat, blood all over his hands.

He's like rubbing his face in his hair. And then, you know, like, this is, it's a good advert for vegetarianism this down. It was pretty full on

Dan: With the with the

Pete: eating it as well.

Dan: with the light of the, the fire and, and this guy

Sidey: that was the one shot that had artificial

Dan: Right. Okay. Yeah. Well, dead at night, you wouldn't have been able to see anything just with the fires that they had around him. But


ends up helping him a little bit. He says, Right, you're gonna ride with me.

And he takes him on part of the journey. They, they try and catch snowflakes with their tongue and have a bit of a laugh.

Pete: They, they have an exchange because, you know, obviously he speaks porny.

He's able to communicate with this guy and he, and he, he says, What's happening? He's like, I saw a guy. Yeah.

Reegs: was Porny

Pete: And he says, I, I he goes, I saw I'd watched a man kill my son. And then this Porny guy has, like I said, he's like, I watch my family die or whatever. So he feels a bit, feels, thinks of him as a bit of a kindred spirit and says, Right, okay, well you're coming with me.

And he, he lets him have the bison, whatever. What is he riding at? Is it cow? Is it a horse? I can't

Sidey: It's a horse

Reegs: horse horse?

bit. Good. Good horse action in this. And he fixes him up a bit. Does a bit of Native American wisdom and whatnot on him. Rubs some shit on his back. Not shit, it was other stuff that he'd

Sidey: compound of some kind.

Pete: Oh yeah. So this guy is like Hiku or something is his name. But he says that's for the first time I think that you hear it where he says revenge is in the creator's hands cuz he's talking about,

their, their experiences and what's happened to them. And so that's when he first says it.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: is essentially the what the movie's about really, isn't it? There you go. So, and when Glass wakes up after all this sort of magically healed well not magically healed, but

Dan: but he's a lot, he's a lot better. Next time he sees this guy though, he is hanging up.

Sidey: he's not looking so good. Is he? Some French,

French traders They've

Dan: That's right. Who, who has seen a particularly nasty lot of got hold of him, strung him up. And they've also got the the Indian Princess or daughter of a chief who has been running through this film in a kind of subplot of, Have

Reegs: Have you got a name? Dan? Have you got a name for her? No, don't Qua

Dan: Pua

Pete: Pua.

She's like the daughter of the, the Ree or something. And that's why they're on the rampage. Yeah. Yes. Because she's been kidnapped and

Sidey: she's a score

Dan: And, and so as as Glass goes into camp to steal a horse, he hears this girl being taken by one of the guys. And he's, he's raping her. He, he's

Glass then takes it on himself at big risk to go and save her.

And he tries that. He tries to save her. But he doesn't pan out. He does help her get away and get to the point where she's got the knife on him rather than getting raped, but she won't get on the horse. And the, the guys are coming, these shots are being fired and things, and it's a mad rush and he just escapes on the horse and they take chase after him.

Reegs: I took it that she was almost hanging about because the ara kiri turn up.

Dan: Right. Okay.

Reegs: They start decimating the French as well.

Dan: That's it.

Reegs: So yeah. But they target glass as well, who gets away on a horse. Terrific sequence as he's riding away. And then I say pretty unexpectedly Sidy. .

Sidey: Yeah. I was like Jesus man.

they can't get any worse.

Reegs: Yeah. Goes right off the edge of a cliff.

He manages on the horse. Yeah.

Dan: He manages to take the horse off the cliff and hits. And it's a big old cliff and he's at, luckily for him, right where he jumps is a massive tree

Sidey: furry and which he lands in to soften his

blow with the horse Not so lucky

Dan: no, hitting every branch on the way down. What he

Pete: like cut down by arrows at this point and has, has gone over and dies, but yeah,

Dan: not just arrows. I think the floor killed

Reegs: yeah,

Pete: yeah. yeah There was, there was that as well. Yeah.

Reegs: But now but it's getting cold

Sidey: Yeah and

he's seen them empire strikes

Reegs: bear. Yeah.

Dan: and uh one man.

Pete: torn to vibes here.

Dan: yeah. One man's. Dead Horse is another man's dead bear, which is another man's warm abode

Sidey: Yeah. It's a definite bear reels

Dan: Yeah So he rips out in, in incredible scene really. He rips out the, the guts of the horse and then, and then crawls inside. And he pulls the flaps kind of just

Sidey: just his head.

poking out like

Reegs: his

Dan: Lord knows what he must have, you know, there's just one scene, isn't there where it's just his head?

Reegs: That wasn't an actual horse, was it? Has anybody done the,

Pete: I felt like the stuff he's taking out of the horse looked very

Reegs: real.

Sidey: I didn't think It was real

Pete: the, Yeah, it reminded me, you know, there's a scene in Game of Thrones, real fucking forgot his name.

Ah, the older guy Lana, or the oldest Leister or whatever. And the first, the first scene that you see him in, he's like, he's basically like butchering a horse. And that's real like, huh?

Sidey: Theon is

Pete: No, no. The thelan the oldest


Sidey: Charles

Pete: yeah. Charles Dun. And he's, Yeah. And so, and they, he learned how to do that and

Sidey: everything.

There's one earlier where

Pete: that that de Caprio is actually like disempowering this a real horse

Sidey: one earlier where a guy just goes up to a horse, fucking shoots it.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: And I was thinking,

They obviously haven't done that, but they did. I've spoken about before in, you know, old time in westerns they had a quota of Yeah.

Horses they were allowed to kill.

don't think I don't think

Pete: here, but it all, it's all looking very, very real. Yeah.

Reegs: Anyway, he passes something,

Pete: something maybe worth mentioning is like, all along, like glasses, having these like visions and, or I dunno if they're like hallucinations or their vision or what, or whatever of like of his wife, his deceased wife, and now his deceased son.

And you know, there's this little kind of like moments,

Sidey: well his mates built him a little shelter before he'd been strung up. And I read that that was like a sweat thing cuz he was having a bit of a fever, so it was probably like some kind of fever dream he was

Pete: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But that, that's like a, a bit of a, a recurring theme through the film as well.

Anyway, he sleeps in a horse overnight.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's reborn, which we'll see in a minute. But back at the, for bridge and Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald have turned up and they're explaining back to John, he

Henry whatever

Dan: rather Fitzgerald's

Reegs: what a great job they've done. Yeah. What a great job they've done.

Fitzgerald's saying particularly Bridger

Sidey: it gives him a pep talk Doesn't he ain't ain't no need to go get a conscience now. Yeah. We'll go in there and explain it, how it

Dan: he normally get a conscious now more,

Sidey: something like that.


Reegs: And they go and get he go. The Donald Gleason goes to get some money from checkoff safe up above.

Yeah. Wait, so.

Sidey: and is this where one of the French survivors stumbles into camp?

Reegs: Yes.

Pete: long after that. I

Sidey: mean, with the so like, with the canteen No

Pete: the, the money's handed over to Fitzgerald, which he immediately takes and pin in his pocket. And then Henry does the same to, to Bridger and he just leaves the money on the table and walks out of the, out of the room.

He doesn't want any of that money.

Yeah. And then the French dude,

guy rocks up

Dan: with this.

Sidey: he's shaken

that he's got The canteen Yeah the spiral Spiral insignia

Dan: the grave, which got buried with him. Did he get buried or he fr front on top. It was left

Reegs: It was definitely left there. Yeah.

Dan: but it's alarm bells for him anyway, thinking, Where'd you get this?

This? There's only one of these.

Pete: They immediately assume that Hawk is, is the one who's, who's taken it because he's everyone. He's still at large is there as far as they're concerned, apart from Fitzgerald, who knows that his, the game is up pretty much. because he must realize this is that it can only be glass that's,


Dan: and so they make a really good effort to go and find Hawk. There's about 15, 20 of them scanning the, the forest and things to shouting Haw or where, where you're gonna be. And they find glass. Who's,

Reegs: he's been reborn. Yeah. And he, you know, obviously he's a tracker, so he's finding his way back towards the for,

Dan: and then you, you've got the captain who, who goes right and riding ahead and he wants to go and find Fitzgerald, who's deserted the camp, robbed the bank.

Sidey: He's nicked

Reegs: he's fucked off to Texas, which must be a long way away.

Dan: Yeah,

Pete: well he's on his way to Texas.

Dan: Yeah.

he's, he's on his way quick. And Glass gets in, of course he's in bad shape. He's But he has a good lie down for like 30 minutes and then he goes for him, doesn't he? He goes, No, we're not waiting around here.

Let's go. And Caps going with him.

Pete: Did, did anyone else have a little bit of a problem with how remarkably. Glasses recovered from this

Sidey: Sort of but I was fine

with it

Pete: Look, I, it didn't spoil the film for me at all, but I was singing, you know, like not long after the scene that we were talking about. He's like, Fuck running around things.

Sidey: He's he's a little bit like a computer game where he'd had, he'd eaten some health and he was,

he was

Pete: he is powered

Sidey: well but I was I was willing to just be like, Yeah, that's

Pete: pretty

Dan: I, I

Sidey: I was so like waiting for Tom Hardley to get his fucking come up and so I was, I was involved so I was fine

with, it

Reegs: and because like we haven't really talked about it, but technically it's like unbelievable.

The cinematography all the time is

Sidey: you could free you could just pause any any shot and you'd be like, that's amazing.

Reegs: Yeah. And the narrative, which we've done a fairly good job I think, so far of explaining because it is fairly simple really.

Pete: It is. Although it is, it's obviously, it's far more protracted than we're sort of doing it.

Reegs: Well it's cuz it's the movie, it's scenes

Pete: and some, you know, at first he's crawling.

Yeah. You know, he's crawling a lot of, a lot of the

Sidey: time A lot of grunting

Pete: of that. Yeah. Big open, massive open like planes of like tundra with him, a tiny little dot kind of working his way across it and stuff. So like, it's tough to do it justice that it

Reegs: is, It's so much about mood and, and time and place and being somewhere else into, transported into a completely different world.

Dan: Yeah. And they, they certainly do that. They take you there, you know, you can't see any watches or cars or anything in this film.

Sidey: I think what

was what was you know, remarkable was that it was the first feature film shot with the new six point 5k, a r r i Alexa 65 camera. And that

really shows I, think

Reegs: Yes, absolutely. I could see definitely those bits.

Now we are on really the final bit, because Glass is obviously a tracker and he's gonna track down Fitzgerald and he's got the captain with him and they've got rifles and they're gonna,

Sidey: I I was I was, worried

Pete: I knew it was a mistake when they split up. I, like, I knew they were, I know they were going for the pin movement,

Sidey: I was worried for Dom

Pete: go west.

I was like, Come on guys, stay together here. This, this guy's a fucking handy bastard.

Reegs: And when Gleason does get to him first he says, What you gonna do? And he says, Oh, I'm gonna take you back to camp and have you tried for murder? And Fitzgerald to him says to him, I ain't crazy about your plan.

He's going, I've got a

Pete: plan on my own. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: bang. And he, he shoots him to there, his red all over

Sidey: him.

Pete: Yeah. And then he's, and then you, you don't see immediately cuz it kind of goes to black, doesn't it? With the, with the shot and you, it cuts to, to glass. He hears the shot, finds Henry and Yeah. Fitzgerald's taken like the skin off his head.

Which seemed a bit out of order. Really Seemed

Dan: a bit ot

Reegs: Well, but the weirdness with all that stuff continues though

Dan: Maybe it's something that if anybody else finds his body, they think the Indians have done it, you know? So,

Reegs: Yeah. Oh

Dan: Yeah. But there's more clever thinking to go on. Yeah. Because the, the scene in which he, he's wa wandering down on the way and he just finds a bit of wood, doesn't he? And he, he thinks, Oh, that would

Sidey: Yeah Must

Reegs: not clear what he's doing. Alright. Okay.

Sidey: I just telegraphed it straight away.

Pete: I, I didn't at all. I didn't, I was like, he is picked up a bit. He's hacking it, he's

Sidey: looking the first

Pete: then the next thing, like you just see the horses riding along.

Reegs: Well, we've seen him make a fire about 25,000

Sidey: thought I was

Reegs: in the

Sidey: gonna be building a camp or whatever, but then as soon as on the horse, I'm like, Okay,


Pete: clock that. Wow. Yeah. I, I didn't, I didn't see it until, It got close. And you know, Fitzgerald's coming to, So

Sidey: one thing I was was like, it didn't seem that ready to shoot when he, when it came to


Pete: No. Yeah,

Sidey: the whole plan

Pete: I thought

Reegs: that, So we haven't really described

Pete: we haven't. Yeah. Well, okay, so, so Fitzgerald sat in the woods and you just see a city where you see the, the two horses making their way. And you've previously seen Captain Henry's been slung over the back of his horse. So you see that seeing the two horses, One guy with a, one with a rider, one with someone slung over the back.

And then it kind of, as the camera pans across, you see the end of a gun and it's Fitzgerald sat in the woods and he's got a pretty clear shot. And then you just hear a bang and he's taken out. And I thought, fuck, he's shot glass. It genuinely thought that he'd shot him. And

then it's only when he then approaches, he sees like the horses have immediately stopped.

And now it was when he was like going over to inspect

Sidey: It's done It's done,

A weekend of Bernie's

Pete: and yeah, it's Henry's been propped up with the wood. Yeah. And and then you immediately know that, and I'm thinking like, well, Fitzgerald's just stood there looking. He's,

Sidey: It just fucks this right up like

Pete: at, his mercy and yeah, he could have got his shot off quicker, I'm

Sidey: shoots him in the arm I

Dan: dunno if he was facing the other way on the horse in the horse

Sidey: wouldn't I dunno the respect cuz he, he does the whole Oh, looks at the body.

Oh. Reveals the face, you know, the whole time. Yeah. You could have just gone bang

shot me in the back or whatever But he eventually, he does springs the surprise for the film and, but then he managed to catch him in the arm like you fucking clown. That was

Dan: And,

Reegs: Well, and then they have a big hand to hand combat scene kicking and stabbing and Fitzgeral gets his fingers sliced off a couple of times.

Pete: I mean they've, they've, they've slid down a bank and they're by the river here now and it's And as they're tumbling around, bits and pieces are getting bitten off and chopped off and

Sidey: I think it's air goes Doesn't he bite his whole ear off Yeah. it's

Pete: He gets stabbed in the leg glass and, but he manages to get a good stab into the gut of of Fitzgerald. Yeah. And there's blood all over the snow as they're

Dan: Yeah And then they're both kind of fucked, although glass is a little less fucked and has won the fight when some Indians are

Reegs: Well, he's essentially Wolverine at this point, isn't

Dan: some, some

Pete: Well, he's, he's choking glasses on top of him, and he is choking Fitzgerald out. Fitzgerald knows the game up and he's like, Ah, you know, you're getting your revenge. How does it feel? He kind of like, even then he's still going, It's not gonna bring your son back and stuff. It's like he's still fucking being an asshole.

And then as you say, down the the re Yeah. Are on the other side of the bank

Dan: he floats him down to get scalped alive there.

Sidey: Cause he does he hear the, the thing again saying Revenges in the

And he just, just casts him into the water. See


Dan: think he, he says that to him actually. He says Revenges in the hands of the creator floats him down the river where he gets scalped. Fade to black.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, not quite, because the final shot well, we see he has a vision of his, of, of his wife walking into the light.

And then the final shot is just of de Caprio's face, and he's staring into the distance. And then he looks right, breaks the fourth wall, I feel. Yeah, yeah. Right into the, right, into the camera.

Pete: And he's just breathing. And that's when it

Reegs: his eyes are


Dan: that breath actually cuts across the start of the credits, doesn't it?

It's just like, Yeah.

Pete: And that's the end of the film. And I, I fast forwarded look to see if there's like an end credit scene of like maybe them all, like, you know, he's got back and

Sidey: Like the Jedi all like a ghost.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. forced ghosts everywhere.


Dan: Oh, it's a huge film, isn't it?

Sidey: bigger than that Dan it's,

Dan: Is large and Yeah, say the third time I, I've seen this and it still went pretty quick.

I mean, although it's got a long run run time.

Sidey: was, it's just, just north of two hours,


Reegs: two hours. 36. It's, I don't think it's that bad

Dan: No, it moved along at a

Reegs: rattles along.

Sidey: I'd say it, it, it's considered and it takes its time where it needs to, but it doesn't drag it

at any moment

Pete: Absolutely.

Sidey: And I say wasn't

Pete: wasn't too

Sidey: When

I put on the Beaver last week, which actually was a film that I was enthusiastic to watch, you could just pause, like the very first shot that happened in the film and I would be like, Well this is shit.

like . it's I

can tell like from this, it's fucking wonk. Like it's gonna be a catastrophe. And from the very first image of this one, I knew it was a fucking solid goal. Like knew I was gonna fucking love it. Like just, I dunno what it is, like, it's just the intangibles. But I was fucking hooked from the, from the

Dan: Yeah, I get that. I get good feeling about something quickly or, or negatively, quickly as well. But this was positive again, and I say the performances, I'm only really this time concentrating more on Hardy's character and performance than That's great.

Than the other. And he really is great. I mean, he's such an unlikable character.

Reegs: It's a big performance.

Dan: yeah, he has kind of levels to him. He's not just one dimensional while you hate him, you know, there, there's bits around him, as you say, arguments. He makes that the

Reegs: Well there's a ruthless survivalist aspect that you can relate to.

Dan: this is 1820. And totally understand. There be people like that,

Pete: like in the setting are as harsh as it's gonna come that, you know, you got fucking natives that are, are, are out for you.

You got fucking massive grizzly bears. It's unforgiving conditions and so on. And so you need fucking badass,

you know?

so like like fend for yourself type characters. And, and unfortunately, you know, Henry and, and Bridger. They're not like that and Bridger doesn't, you know, doesn't get his come up. And so, but it costs Henry in the end because he's, you know, there have been times when he could have fucking made better decisions and done things, but cuz he's an honorable guy and and yeah, it's, it is survival of the fittest and that's why Fitzgerald and and Glass are the two guys left at the end there, like, fighting it out.

Yeah. But one, there's more motivation to to, to survive and kill the other.

Sidey: That's like classic western stuff there is that these guys came in and, and it had to be like that to survive, but ultimately when things moved on, these guys were just fucking dead in the water. There was no place for them, you know, they were just fucked.

Like the searches is brilliant for that. It's really interesting like theme of westerns generally and I didn't realize this was gonna be quite such a, like a, a


Reegs: Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Sidey: I hadn't I hadn't picked

up on that in all the,

Reegs: it's the lack of hat, hat wearing

Sidey: there was a distinct lack of

Reegs: So

Dan: I mean, they're, they're trackers and, and you know, hunters really, aren't they? They're after these Ps they

Sidey: I just root for

the fucking for the natives in these now cuz they, one of them explicit says, you know, you've taken everything from us, like the land, our animals, like everything. You've fucked


Dan: Yeah, that's 18, 20. Geez.

Get any better. But but yeah, it was a really great movie to, to wander along like on a, on a Sunday, you know, over lunch or something. I

Sidey: just With the kids

Dan: with the kids. No, it's, it is a lovely, You need time obviously to, to watch film like this. You need to be in the right mood. But I was,

Pete: Yeah,

I mean, so you've, you've, you are, you're a.

Sidey: Oh, this was like one of the best we've seen in a long

Pete: way. I, I was, I'm right there with you. I thought it was fucking epic.


Sidey: it was it was an epic. epic

Pete: Everything like this. I do like epic films with like grand scale and like, you know, the, the shot, the shots

Dan: I think that's why I said Sundays, because I used to watch those films, those big Western films on a Sunday.


Pete: I did there were a couple of bits that I I, that were niggling at me. It didn't take me out of it necessarily.

There was the hard, he could have just killed him there and then, and, and that would've been done. Obviously it doesn't go very well with the story. And then there was the, the, the dramatic recovery from what would've been like fucking, you know, you'd be buckled for

Sidey: Well especially like

healing in that environment just didn't seem Yeah. But I didn't care. It

Pete: No, no, no. Exactly. It didn't, it didn't detract even though there were a couple of bits that like, I, I would like pick like niggled at me. It didn't detract from how fucking brilliant the film was. The performances are incredible. I mean, is it, is it the one that De Caprio, he's a phenomenal actor.

Yeah. But is it the one that definitely deserved above all others to get an Oscar? I don't know, but it's a fucking unbelievable performance. But the, the supporting cast a do Gleason, I've, I've only seen him in, in like, you know, dopey rolls or, or lighthearted things or whatever, and I thought he was fantastic.

That Will Palter I think's brilliant in everything that I've seen him so far. And Hardy's just a fucking,

Sidey: a phenom

Pete: absolute don Yeah. Yeah. What

Reegs: he started turning up to TaeKwonDo, or is it jujitsu?

Sidey: based on that, I don't think that a, a severely injured de capo would've been able to beat him in a hand to hand combat.


he He's just like, he's entered two jujitsu competitions in his real name.

Reegs: Just turned up like unannounced.

Pete: Well, have you seen the nick of

Reegs: him? Windsor.

Pete: dark? Like dark night rises?

Reegs: If you're

Sidey: one and one And both.

Reegs: If you're listening, Tom.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: double hard bust

Pete: If you're listening to him, we'll battle

Sidey: Disappointed to read a little bit of stuff about the director apparently is fucking prick.

Reegs: Why? Oh, I really like this guy.

Sidey: yes AO on this

Reegs: a bit.

Sidey: I just, I can't, Yeah. Then just


Reegs: what though? I think you've gotta have more than just cunt though, haven't you? We've

Sidey: Well,


Reegs: What is he? Because I mean, mostly they're like sexual predators or something.

Is he one of those? Please

Sidey: There were a lot, lot of people who left the production midway through.

He's a real yaker to the crew. And

Reegs: Yeah. But it was grueling though. It was long and it

Sidey: it was Yeah And it it was

grueling a lot of times because he's penis. He said that his temperamental nature along with the high pressure schedule or unpleasant filming conditions made it very difficult. Several crew members either left or were fired.

In a route to explain as a director, if I identify violin that is out of tune, I have to take that from the orchestra, which is a polite where saying it just gun people down really hard.

Reegs: That sounds a little bit

Sidey: pretentious. Yeah.

Which is a shame. The budget spiraled horrendously out of control. It was supposed to be, I think 60, then it went up to 90, and then it ended up costing 135 because

they could, Yeah.

I mean, money well spent in my opinion. But because they were trying to do everything with natural light and make it look, you know, realistic and also epic, they sometimes would only have like a couple of hours to shoot a day and then the snow started to melt. So they had to shift the production from like North America down to like fucking like Patagonia way, you know, right down.

So that the entire production, like just the logistics move that and the fact that it went so long over overdue was

Dan: they needed a big hit of the academy, didn't they?

Sidey: what do you reckon?

Dan: Well, I

Reegs: Oh Smash. It was kids Oscar Buzz and all that Smash

Dan: Hardy Opera. I think it made its money

Pete: I'll

Sidey: two hour 30

Pete: even, forgive that because you, you guys have spoken about this before, like, you know, like really demanding directors.

I think Kubrick and other people like that who've like, like put people through hell to get the fucking end product. I'm not saying that's necessarily what happened here, but what what's been come up with here is a fucking incredible bit of cinema. I think it's a

Reegs: Caprio looked well up for being put through shit though.

Sidey: He said he didn't get

Reegs: let me eat fish. I'll eat a Bison's liver, I'll, I'll birth myself through a horse. He on

Sidey: meth Yeah, he said like he didn't, there was no like, there was one day that was quite tough cause it was cold. But other than that he didn't like struggle through the production.

He said it was alright

Reegs: One day was a bit NiPy.

Sidey: Yeah But yeah, made like over 530 mil. So de roo at the box office. That's good.

Dan: done all around.

Reegs: I wish I'd seen this at the cinema

Sidey: that's what I was thinking the whole way through was like Man. I wish I'd seen this at the big screen. Nevermind I didn't.

So this was his fucking 10 out 10 for

me Loved it smash.


Dan: it's a good one.


Sidey: Let's get into it straight away. Down. You showed a shocking

Dan: I, I just shocking. Yeah. I think I'm nomination. The offer this week was

Sidey: we're all very upset

Dan: television view and, and I had a bit of a blind spot.

What was this like then Paddington?

Reegs: 10 minutes and you did 10 hours of the

Dan: Yeah, I know

Reegs: but

Pete: I hadn't watched this.

An hour before I got here and managed to watch it in the hour.

Dan: Yeah. If I remembered I would've. So

Reegs: well, I gave, I had to give side a trigger warning, I guess for reasons that will become apparent when the when we talk about the plot. But this is the sort of late, the latest incarnation of Paddington.

It's new,

Dan: newest one. Right. Okay.

Reegs: This is

not the stop motion animation thing that you remember, but it does visually sometimes try and mimic that even though it's cgi.

Dan: Oh, right, okay. I was gonna ask what, what was the format?

Sidey: And it's Ben Wishaw doing The Voice.

Reegs: Yeah, the actual Paddington from the movie. So it's sort of continuing

Dan: Okay Right

Reegs: And it's got a Gary Barlow theme tune as well. . How do you feel about


Dan: Where, where do you find this? Where is

Pete: Netflix.

Dan: Okay, so it's a Netflix original kind of thing. Is it?

Sidey: I don't know if they originally

Pete: they do two. It's, it's like each episode, Sorry, it's 20 minutes and it's two episodes, isn't it?

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Because it's a Coen English French production,


Dan: Bon Jo

Pete: getting involved

Sidey: in

Bonne Douche. Yeah. I dunno. But they are

Reegs: British Paddington. Quin

Pete: Quin, essentially Peruvian

Reegs: this one's called Paddington finds a pigeon. And that's why I thought you might be a bit,

Sidey: took me back to that day that I found the Pigeon and Sha

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: yeah. . And that's


I was calling bullshit on this because. The, the pigeon, the, the, the, the family is sitting around like lolling around and there's some noise coming from the, the chimney breast.

And the child, the, the boy is thinking, Oh, Santa, Santa, there is no Santa kids. And a pigeon comes down and doesn't immediately shit all over their house. I was like, This is rubbish. It just wouldn't

happen. .

Reegs: Yeah. But the dad is wary. Yeah, of course he is. There's a fucking pigeon in the room and they, they try to gaslight him into thinking he's a dick for, for being worried about a pigeon being in the room.

Sidey: And you approach that thing, it's gonna go all around the fucking lounge hitting everywhere, and it'd be a fucking nightmare.

Reegs: Yeah. But it's treated all whimsically as you can imagine, Dan, that the, you know, and I think Paddington calls it pigeoning to, and it becomes his mate.

Dan: Right.

Pete's feedback.

Reegs: And I dunno. Yeah. So it was a bit like him back to the future, wasn't it? That he, after that, that he didn't like, he didn't wanna be called chicken, so he pretended to

Dan: So is there kind of a Mexican standoff then?

They all just stood looking

Sidey: at initially Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. But Paddington befriends him. He's got an injured wing and at some point he gets a top hat.

Sidey: Yeah. I mean, Paddington doesn't take his hat off when he is indoors the whole time. He's fucking

Reegs: That is rude.

Dan: It's says style though. He is got,

Pete: probably puts his shoes on the table as well.

Reegs: The dad actually does like offer to shoe the pigeons head in, doesn't he? When cuz he says he's got broken wing and he's like, Oh, I'll finish it off.

Sidey: He says there's only one thing we can do. And that is, and as he's about to say, like kill it, the mother jumps says take it to the vet, call the vet. And I was thinking, No, no, he's right. Like execute it.

Reegs: Anyway, Granny starts chirping up because conveniently for the plot, she ran a tropical bird

Sidey: tattoo

Reegs: In Bono and she reckons she can fix the burden, nurse it back up to

Sidey: It's not worth it.

There's fucking millions of them. Just get rid of it.

Reegs: So, and then it's another one of those, we've talked about this before, but where, you know, the pigeon is a, a pigeon, sort of a normal pigeon, although not shitting everywhere.

Yeah. But Panton is of course

Sidey: sentient Yeah It's talking bear. It doesn't take his coat off that Oh,

Reegs: they call it piddington.

Dan: And

Reegs: slight Paddington,

Dan: Is this all set inside the room then?

Reegs: Yeah, well it begins in media Resand because Paddington is writing a letter back to his Aunt Lucy, telling her about the lesson he learned this week, which I think is probably the recurring thing.


Dan: ah

Reegs: but yeah, it's all indoors really. As he nurses the pigeon back to health

Dan: and pigeon gets better.

Reegs: Well eventually it's basically the mess. Yeah. The pigeon gets better and it's flying around one day and then granny's like, you gotta let it go. It's, if you love someone, let them free, set them free or whatever.

That is that thing.

Dan: And if it's truly meant to be, they'll return to you.

Reegs: Yeah. And so Piddington goes back to the world and Paddington learns that to love him, he has to let him go.

Sidey: have you seen, I've seen a couple on TikTok of where they've got an injured bird and they got into the garden release and it just flies straight into a window. Oh. Low injured animals.

Reegs: Nice. This was right.

Sidey: O

Pete: more amusing is like a text up video of a bird flow into a window.

Sidey: This was far from Alright for me, I fucking detested. This is horrible, like sanitized shit animation. I didn't like this when I was a child. Even though I think when we were kids, Paddington was obviously quite big.

People, you know how people buy your kids cuddly toys. I had a few Paddington cuddly toys, but I was never into it. I didn't, it was just too bland for me. Twe Yeah. I needed more like death and robots that turned the cars that turned into stuff, or lasers or something. This was just too, It's too nice too, like whimsical.

I don't like it and I don't like Paddington and I especially like, don't like this kind of animation.

Dan: once you're into secondary, you, you

Sidey: Well, like, I like the stop motion version better, you know, and we've spoken about that look and the CGI look and I just don't like

It It

Reegs: of, I think it's quite clever the way they try to mimic the appeal of it, you know, because there's all the PRT falling and that weird stop motion animation.

They do try to capture that

Dan: Is it CGI in the, in the same way that the film is

Reegs: no, no, no, no. It's, it's, it's much more cartoon

Sidey: Yeah It, it is cartoon, right? I'm trying to think what else it would like.

Compare it

Reegs: you can't really, It's got quite its own sort of

Sidey: have a, it, it's nicely done. It

is nicely put together.

Reegs: And I think the message was strong and a bit different. And but I, it's not an acceptable portrayal of pigeons.

Sidey: Oh, they're wider than Mark Big time.

Reegs: I did find this amazing thing doing my research. It's a genuine on, this was on the Paddington book, but it, it does, you know, and hopefully it counts. It says, My son loves this book.

This, this was posted on 17th September, 2022. The date is important. My son loves this book. Unfortunately, with the passing of the queen a few days later, there was a lot of media attention on the Queen's performance with Paddington making the book Booker Permanent Monument of Grief. So I, in future I would appreciate if Amazon could be more sensitive and only send Paddington related goods after the deaths of Queens.

Dan: Yeah Like

Sidey: a long time

because we're not gonna get a queen for a little while

Dan: Yeah. And, and I suppose to that our extension of, apologies for bringing this up, if it's been painful for anyone

Reegs: really.

Dan: about

Reegs: it's weird now how Paddington is sort of like the, the guy did the river of sticks. He guides people to death, doesn't he?

Paddington now

Sidey: I felt a bit like I was,


didn't honestly I didn't make it through the whole episode. I turned it off.

Reegs: If it'd had come for you, you'd

Dan: what? So you having a pop at me? I never turned it

Sidey: No but I got, I got seven minutes in. I thought I've had enough of this. It just don't,

Pete: Yeah, no, I, I totally lost interest and, and

Sidey: the trouble was went from The,

like, the absolute peak of kids' entertainment of Captain Scarlet last week to this. And it, it was a tough app for anyone to follow, I have to say.

And I just,

this one wasn't a hit for me

Pete: is so I, I put it on and two of my boys were in the room. I was like, Right, we're gonna watch this for 10 minutes. And then I immediately left afterwards, although, like mentally, I'd already left before the episode had finished.

But as I left, they were they, they'd already gone through the second episode and they were into a third

Dan: appeal there then for, for

Pete: yeah, yeah.

Sidey: possibly I'm

not the target market, is that what

Pete: you're saying? Yeah, that's what I am saying. But like, I like the, the kids things to entertain.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: more than any my, my children or any children for that matter.

And this absolutely didn't, I'd sooner watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Reegs: Well,

Sidey: I

Dan: I, I must say there is that caveat when I'm watching kids things that I wanna watch, I wanna enjoy them when I'm with the kids, you know, I want it to be something that we can sit down and really generally enjoy together.

It sounds like this wasn't

Sidey: it.

A little

Reegs: Well, it's not as good as the movies and it's not as good as the original TV series. I'm

Pete: seen these movies. I'm, I'm with Side. It was like, it's Paddington's never done anything for me at all, Ever

Reegs: The kids like

Dan: bad, the movie,

Sidey: No It's supposed to be like one for all time, but I just,

Dan: yeah.

Oh, maybe we'll have

Sidey: my kids entertainment needs to have lasers in

Dan: Maybe

we'll have to suggest the film to,

Reegs: Oh, the second one in particular. I think you should watch the first one first, but the second one is really good.

Dan: Okay. Right. Well, but this,

Reegs: nah, it's okay. Charming

Sidey: seems, seems to work for the kids, but not for me.

Pete: Yeah, same.

Sidey: Right. I'm gonna nominate for next week.

Dan: Nice. Really? Let me get

Sidey: I

don't have a top five yet. Do we wanna do another top five or do we wanna think of something clever that, What would you like listeners? What would you like us to do?

we could we could

Pete: sphere and see what

Sidey: we we think

Dan: Top four. Top six.

you go.

Sidey: Cause we

are six

Reegs: minute apps.

Sidey: It's taking a lot of thoughts to find good top five subjects because we've done seven, I mean we are two, this is episode 255. I think this one

Reegs: it. Wow.

Dan: well we always said we'd probably only do 255 top fives.

Pete: Mm.

Sidey: but not all of them had a top five. Cause we did

Reegs: probably only about 130 odd.

Sidey: We did the top Trump stuff and we did some other bits and bob's.

So we'll ever think about it, but maybe we'll do a top five if we can't think of anything else film wise. So a listener nomination, I bumped into someone who's a big fan of the show. Rachel has asked us to watch and talk about Howard Mor

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: Is a seventies

flick and it has a strong cat.


What Soundtrack. Okay.

But does, is that dead naming someone? I don't know.

Dan: YouIf Islam. Islam now.

Sidey: But I

Dan: but still he was Ka Stevens when he put that record

Sidey: Dunno how that works The main feature we're gonna watch is, I forgot the name of it. Get out.

Reegs: Oh yeah.

Dan: Okay.

Pete: Another horror. The

Reegs: more Horror. Horror.

Sidey: Horror slash comedy.

I saw it described Des

Dan: actually,

Reegs: searing social

Pete: be here. So you enjoy that, Dan.

Dan: Thanks mate.

Sidey: And kids think to be announced


Dan: not heard that one.

Sidey: So I, yeah. Apologies. I, I dunno how horrific it's gonna be. I've just had, it's excellent, but I haven't seen it and I wanna see it. So we'll do that.

Reegs: Yeah, right.

Dan: I'll be brave, right.

Sidey: But although remains is to say Saudi signing

Reegs: Resert,

Dan: Dan's gone.


Pete: Tling.