July 15, 2022

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent & History of Swear Words

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent & History of Swear Words

This week sees us celebrating the work of Oscar-winning-action-B-movie-mega-actor Nic Cage by completely avoiding talking about his films when we discuss the Top 5 Cages. Dan's lost his notes, Sidey's lost his mind and no one is 100% sure exactly what a "cage" is so it could be an interesting discussion.
In THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT Nic Cage plays Nick Cage, tormented by visions of his younger more successful self after losing out on his dream role as a Boston tough guy in director David Gordon Green's latest movie. With his career floundering and rapidly running out of money, Cage has no choice but to accept a paid celebrity guest appearance at millionaire superfan Javi's (Pedro Pascal) secluded Mallorcan villa however when CIA agents Vivian and Martin inform him that Javi is secretly the leader of an arms dealing cartel, Nick is thrust into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with his enigmatic benefactor, whilst simultaneously trying to repair relationships with his daughter and ex-wife.
Two of the guys really liked it so expect a more balanced review than these notes might suggest because I was bitterly disappointed by this. Setting up such an absurd attention seeking premise, with all the meta that the plot which features movies-within-movies and trope aware characters implies, then using it to portray one of Hollywood's known eccentrics as a bland, neurotic, self-obsessed everyman in a limp buddy comedy with an uninspired action movie style third act is a missed opportunity of such staggering proportions it makes my soul weep. Fundamentally misunderstanding what makes Nic Cage interesting as an actor and with dull commentary masquerading as foreshadowing, this is like if ADAPTATION was written by the guys who did TWO AND A HALF MEN. There's a way better version of this movie which lives in my head and in it we get a much more interesting portrayal of the man himself, references to BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW-ORLEANS, VAMPIRE'S KISS and DEADFALL and Pedro Pascal doesn't have all the best lines.
HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS is a Netflix exclusive talking heads thing hosted by Nic Cage discussing words like "F*ck", "Sh*t" or "D*mn", but none of the other profanities especially not that other one you're thinking of which seems a bit of a f*cking disappointment to be honest.
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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review each week, the premise of the show becomes Murier and less distinct has yet another group of faceless, 40 something year old attention seeking men, shout their barely coherent thoughts about a movie.

We miss due to our parental obligations into the ether whilst reviewing something. Our kids are currently watching slash we watched when we were younger slash fits the overall theme of the current episode, but almost completely abandons the podcast concept delete as appropriate. The smartest and best looking of view out there may well notice that badda Peter is cunningly linked together. All this week's content, which started with our midweek mention a review of the classic John w and John Travolta, nineties action movie face off. Then we start this week's episode with a look at the top five movie cages.

Our main feature is the Pedro Pascal, Sharon Hogan, Neil Patrick Harris action, comedy drama, the unbearable weight of massive talent. And then we finish things up with a look at the searing hard hitting Netflix documentary series, history of swear words, featuring a host of talking head pieces from comedians and actors, such as Sarah Silverman, Nick Hoffman, and a ton of people you'd never really heard of.

So of course I'm being silly. What binds this week's offering is of course, Hollywood superstar, Nick cage, which we're gonna talk about in a little bit. And I am quite. Keen to see how everyone's approached this week's top five. I must say people looking a bit sad. Just before we get started, is anyone interested in a selection of most search queries from Google search consult insights on the bad dad

Sidey: Yes.

Pete: Yes, please.

Reegs: Yes, please. Yeah. So this is a thing that shows what people were searching for when they finally landed on the bad dad's website and where they went at. Number nine this week is gay escort Brighton. number eight is big booty in NOLA. That gets action from Jackson, really?

Sidey: Really Yeah

Reegs: yeah, in NOLA, I think cuz we, our in NOLA homes,

Sidey: were, oh, okay.

Reegs: number seven this week is rainbow Rangers, Christian review.

They will be very sad. Those people, if they listened and number six was the very troubling Zavier riddle and the secret museum porn. So yeah, so that's what people and then the top research strange. Yeah. And then the top five after that was like all normal stuff, but yeah, that's weird. Isn't it? That's what people were searching for when where

Pete: take

Dan: Well, they're searching for that on Google and then bad dad comes.

Reegs: up.

That was in this week's top 10, breakdown of search insights for people who clicked through to the bad dad's website from Google. Yeah. There's a host of interesting analytics that tells you everyone's a filthy

Dan: filthy

Pete: which is what we suspected

Dan: confirming already previous


It been up to watching anything this week,

Sidey: your co Maverick.

Reegs: Yeah. It went to the cinema saw top gun Kolo, Maverick. Everybody had talked about how brilliant it was. So my expectations were sky high and it was still absolutely brilliant.


Dan: Wow.

Reegs: Really enjoyed that. Yeah. Good. It's a much better movie than, than top gun was.

But obviously top gun is still a better movie because it's the iconic. Original thing, but as a piece of drama and like great, the flying scenes and the stuff, the stunts and the plane shit is off the charts

Sidey: Mm. Strong recommend

Dan: been.

Sidey: Anything else?

Reegs: No.

Sidey: tea

Dan: No, we were the boys I've started to watch it from the, from the beginning series one.

Did you say there was a, a pre thing for that or?

Sidey: No, there's the, there's the graphic novels,

Dan: right. Okay. Yeah. So that, that started and yeah, I suppose one day we we'll get around to talking about that for, for longer maybe, but it's it's a crazy ass show. Isn't it? It's, it's a crazy

Reegs: You should read the comics down. It it's another level

Sidey: when superheroes go bad. Yeah.

Dan: Oh really? Yeah. Yeah. Have you seen that Pete? The boys? Yeah, I think you'd like it.

Pete: I haven't actually delved into any, this is superhero series. I've watched any, like, not a single one ever

Dan: a single one, then start with this one.

Pete: I kind of, what I did is I, I did that whole like Marvel fucking

Dan: this isn't that.

Pete: And, and I think I can, I need a break

Dan: from, yeah, this isn't that Pete for a bit.

This isn't that you should give this one episode and

Pete: Maybe

Dan: click again.

Pete: I've got, I've got some things that I need to, to, to watch. First I've been watching the first half of the finale season of medical soul, which is fucking brilliant and what I've been trying to do only cuz there's, there's a new film out or a third film out.

I've been trying to rewatch and enjoy the fantastic beasts films. And I

Sidey: is it

Pete: must admit, I, I got on better with the first one this time round, which is it is my second time watching it all the way through. I've actually tried watching it more than twice and given up, but I got on a bit better with it and crimes of fucking Grindle face or whatever is, it's a really, like, I just struggled with it.

I'm still got half an hour to go. And I'm in about my like sixth or seventh sitting

to try and get through it. I don't understand why. It's

Sidey: so bad. It's

Pete: right. So there's brilliant actors in it. Obviously it's set in a world that I'm fucking massively into and it's, it's, it's, you know, a lot of what was brilliant about the Harry Potter stuff was like, you know, like the, the darker kind of theme stuff, which you know, really like fucking was well juxtaposed against like the, the, the whimsical shit, I guess, cuz there's less and, or next to no whimsical shit.

Other than the actual, some of the beasts themselves are like quite cute or whatever, but it just fucking. Doesn't really do anything for me at all.

Sidey: But this is so iconic, the characters and the stories from the first ones, it doesn't have that. Yeah. I know it's set in the same world for me. It just doesn't entice me in.

Pete: makes lots of references.

There's like Nicholas, Flamme in this one. And there's like, people that you've heard of, you hear a Grinold in the, in the originals and stuff, but it really doesn't like hold up against them for me anyway. And I was only, so I could then watch the third one, but I dunno if I'm gonna get there, if I'm honest,

Dan: never got into any of these. No,

Pete: Oh, the, the, well, we, we watched, we watched the,

Sidey: was prisoner VA band.

Dan: Yeah.

yeah. Oh, not, not the it was the, the, the,

Pete: oh, the fantastic beast. Yeah. You're not missing out.

Dan: No. Okay.

Sidey: My daughter begged, completed to watch Lord the rings again. So we've just

Dan: oh really?

Sidey: two towers.

Dan: Oh, I I've yet to sit down and watch all them actually with with my daughters. So after this week's

Sidey: these are the special

Dan: pretty much ready for anything. To be

Pete: hours and stuff, and she'd watched them all.

Sidey: This is the third time,

Pete: like return of the king is just a four hour fight per too much. Yeah. Wow.

Sidey: Yeah. So I've been watching that. Pretty sure there was something else that I can't remember. Yeah. Finished the boys, the last one, finished stranger things as well.

Dan: Is that finished? now

Reegs: Did you enjoy that? What did you think about that? That's. Yeah, it's good. It goes on though. Don't it?

Sidey: yeah, yeah. Cuz I was watching it and I said, oh no, it's finished. And I was like, no rig said, it's got like the return of the king ending. That just goes on. It does. It just goes on and on.

And on

Reegs: the last episode is basically two hours of ending. Yeah. And the stuff with Eddie. Anyway, I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched

Sidey: I like the stoner pizza shop guy. My dude yeah. It quality.

Reegs: was slightly

Pete: watching one other thing. Sorry. The, I think it was a, like someone said they really liked, is it snow? Piercer? Yeah. Crap.


Dan: the film. No,

Pete: No, the series fucking crap.

I turned it off

Reegs: the film is

Pete: the first episode. Bullshit.

Dan: Film's good. Film's really good.

Pete: I, I misunderstood and

Sidey: it's. Bong, ho

Reegs: It's

Dan: yeah Yeah

Pete: FireSIGHT

series though.

Dan: Yeah. Right. I've not, I've not seen the series, but turd.

Sidey: Well, if you cast your mind back a me seven days, we did I stop five of made up creatures. I can't remember what we put in, but there was quite a few nominations online.

Reegs: Oh, good.

Sidey: The crudes, which was made up of loads of things apparently

Pete: Well, that cage.

Sidey: So yeah. Chewbacca that thing from never running story, I think we mentioned him. Yeah. Oh yeah. How the dark aliens.

So the rankor we had predator gremlin, then we had the Jabber walkie, which I don't think any of us

Dan: mentioned no, it's pretty

Sidey: cool. And also the de


Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: From stranger things. So I like, and I'd watched it, so that's

Reegs: Can we put 'em all in?

Sidey: Yes. They're all in, in our top five of

Dan: nice work. I like a Jabber walkie.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Okay cool. That was J Joe PE nominated that.

Dan: that ah, beaver.

Sidey: Yeah. Onwards and downwards, right. Top five cages. Yeah. I've got some, like what I would say are pretty definitively just cages mm-hmm . Yeah. And I've got some other ones which would probably have a debate

Reegs: a debate about whether it is

Sidey: and by which point you'll just shout me down and say, no, you can't have

it Well,

Pete: yeah, my, my topic. So I will be the ombudsman here.

Sidey: Okay. Will you start us off? You set the tone, Pete.

Pete: Okay. Well, jaws was a a really good film, 1970 in

Sidey: I wanna say 77.

Pete: Okay. I don't know. Again, our, our we've, we've got the most beautiful research you could possibly imagine in the room with us. And he will find the year that jaws was made, but there is a scene that is. I don't know it is 1975, so, oh yeah.

I'm winning these tonight and I haven't got it written down. So it is scene that I would say is every bit of shit scary, if not even more so than the scenes where all you see the, the, the Finn and then the, you know, and people swimming and all the stuff, cuz like obviously with the music and the, the tension that's building, some of the, what you don't see is just as fucking like scary.

But this is like, it's a difficult

Reegs: mm-hmm

Pete: And this is where your man, was it Hooper or Cooper or something like that?

Reegs: kind? Hooper? Yeah.

Pete: his name. Yeah. Played by. I'm gonna say drefus but Dan, you call him driveless yes. Richard driveless

Dan: call him driveless Dryfus. Yes. Well, yeah, you dunno him quite

Pete: dunno him quite. No, no, I don't. I don't to be fair. And you were a big fan of his, I know that,

Reegs: but he's

Dan: Dicky. I

Reegs: twice before he goes in.

Pete: Oh wait, he's a bloody idiot then. because he gets in there, but,

Reegs: well they're obsessed a bit

Pete: You're in the cage. It's a shark

Reegs: only. There was a fish based all for somebody who's obsessed about something.

Pete: Have you got one?

Reegs: Maybe Dick. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. So you he's down in the cage and obviously the way it's like shot from like his perspective, he's looking out in every direction.

It's like deep blue murky depths. Yeah. He's got a, he's got a spare gun. That's gonna do loads against this fucking like,

Dan: oh, you give it a jab in the nose or the

Sidey: eye. Yeah. Go to the

Dan: Yes So,

Pete: then, well, not that long later, but an an undetermined amount of time later, cuz it's the suspense, you know it, you know, the shark's gonna

Dan: come,

Pete: but You

don't know when and from where

Sidey: Well, from the water, I'd imagine from the water,

Pete: definitely comes from the water, but the direction specifically, so,

Sidey: Oh left

Pete: yeah. And so yeah, the

Dan: show always left

Pete: and makes like, and this opens up this cage, like a, like a can of beans.

Dan: Yeah. The sharp, the sharp proof code, sharp proof,

Pete: proof

Dan: and he kind of such a bigger, he, he actually managed to escape doesn't he?

And he, he goes down to the bottom and there's a few rocks and things and he just kind of hides out there. And I think there's another tank of air that he managed to get his, and you don't really see him then until right at the end of the film again. Do you it's all about Roy Schneider then? Richard drefus is co-star.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I went to the same basketball game as him.


Dan: who?

Reegs: Richard drefus

Sidey: Schneider

Dan: will Schneider. Yeah.

Sidey: Michael J. Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan's last ever game at Madison Madison square garden.

Pete: Wow.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: Oh, that's pretty cool.

Sidey: Yeah, it

Pete: That is a good claim

Dan: did he, did he slam dunk Schneider or did

Sidey: no, but they do that thing, you know, were they show him on the big screen or the celebs are there, like Jay-Z and fucking David bla and other people.

Me. I was there. I had food poisoning anyway

Pete: Okay Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, as cages go

Sidey: isn't there a shark cage in every shark film, do you think?

Reegs: Yes. And thank God because , it was quite hard this week. Couldn't

Pete: it's.

Yeah. It's not that hard. You just had to do, I'd say more extensive research.

Reegs: I did. I didn't is the problem, but Dan, you had so many on your list, but then your notes mysteriously disappeared.


Dan: the dogs eating them. I dunno. What's happening to sharks eating him, but I do. I'm just gonna try, I'm gonna say ghost dog. Do you remember that film for Whitaker?

And he keeps a

Sidey: yes, I do. Um and he keeps a little

Dan: cage of pigeons in the,

Reegs: an aary

Dan: yeah Am I getting it? I dunno, mean it's a

Reegs: That's not bad though.

Pete: but is it a cage?

Dan: Well it's yeah, it's a, it is got bars,

Pete: Yeah. You got bird cages. This is a pigeon cage. Like it, this is it. Is it like metal sort of crossed? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay. Is that the criteria, cuz I'm really fucked on

Pete: well, that's the definition of a cage.


Sidey: But then I was extrapolating.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Let's have you gone two abstracts? The note, are you talking about like being locked in a mental cage cuz no, you're not having that. It has to be an actual physical, tangible cage.

Sidey: Wow.

Dan: Okay. Well this is, and have you ever seen that movie? No,

Pete: It sounds Ock.

It's about dogs and pigeons

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: interested in either of

Dan: Well I'm, we'll have, we'll have to, we'll have to

Sidey: you've not seen

Dan: midweek


Reegs: it's great.

Pete: ghost dog. I'd be immediately put off ghost of shit and dogs are shit.

Sidey: No, you're out. You're out of your element

Reegs: Good ghosts. Aren't real. And neither are

Pete: Yeah.

I don't believe in either.

Sidey: got some great ice cream van scenes, soundtrack soundtrack by the it's fucking

Pete: Okay Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Ice,

Sidey: nominate it next time. You're on, you're

Pete: ice creams, and R are like I'm back into it. and yeah, I'm just looking at like stills a bit now. And for whisker, I like as,

Sidey: It is genuinely

Pete: well, so yeah.

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: And he goes up to, he only communicates, he's like a ninja, basically a Hitman, and he's been asked to do a job. And the only way he communicates with people is through homing pigeon.

So, okay. This is why it keeps all these pigeons at the, at the front, but

Reegs: It makes living with him a right pain in the,

as make us a cup of tea,

Dan: Just text

Pete: again. Thanks. To, thanks to the immediate research that we have in the room. I can confirm that this is indeed a wooden cage.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: right?

Pete: Yeah.

A cage made of wood. So yeah, it's definitely a cage

Reegs: Good, good, good work.

Dan: I just feel good to have got one in over the use side.

Sidey: Well, I think this one is fine. Planet of the gaps with Heston, he is caged in it's basically, it's a cage, but it's like a little Wicker house. Yeah.

Because it actually has a pitch roof. Okay. Even though there's no like roof on it,

Pete: I, I can tell you that I'm definitely gonna allow it cuz in my research it came up, but I've never seen the original planet, the eight. So I, I couldn't mention it myself, but it definitely came up as a film

Sidey: It was earth

Reegs: all along.

Pete: Right.

Sidey: stop the planet. The apes I want to get off. Yeah. Okay. Got one in score. Nice. Yeah.

Pete: Okay.

Good film.

Sidey: that's look

Pete: All the, all the, like the, the rebooted ones are dog shit, right?

Sidey: I think they're supposed to be right. I've not seen any of them seen one of them. No, there's ones after that.

Pete: I mean they're all,

Sidey: like war for the planet, the apes and all that sort of stuff. I think they're supposed to be right. I've not seen them. Yeah. Confirmed thumbs up.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I'm done.

Reegs: I'm going with the prestige, which featured some little birds as a little motif for what was happening with. The clones that, what was his name? Dar or something was using a bit of foreshadowing going on. And the kid says what happens to the bird?

And it gets crushed and killed


Pete: That is Christian bale and huge

Reegs: Mm-hmm Jackman.

Sidey: Yeah. So not Christian

Reegs: Christopher Nolan joint. It's good. One David Bowie as mediocre rockstar. I dunno what some guy, somebody commented, like, I can't believe this guy

Sidey: Yeah. Did, yeah. So

Reegs: Bowie so much. He like said it made him seriously doubt the podcast, which

Sidey: Well, it's right to say that

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It made us seriously doubt the podcast

Reegs: was listening to something the other day and I said, this is good. What is this? And when Mrs told me that's David Bowie, I was

Sidey: It's almost as if he's got like a couple of good songs.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Pete we're back to you

Pete: So in keeping with the theme of wooden cages, Dan another one is features in hotshot's part, duh. And it has, the scene is Richard Krener. I dunno his name in the film, but he has been incarcerated by the Iraqis, I believe in this sort of rudimentary.

Like wooden cell, which is indeed a cage and top of Harley and the gang have come to rescue him. And so there's this like amusing scene where he is got a broomstick and he's trying to get the keys off the desk. Like the guard is asleep and as he's like negotiating the broomstick across the desk to get the keys, he's like poking the guy in the eye.

He like one point he puts it in the fan and like he turns on the radio and all of

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pete: But then eventually the best bit

Reegs: Ryan styles, I think is


Pete: one of the guys that that's in it. Yeah. But then eventually he manages to like hook the keys, bring them back and then throws them to Richard krona, but leaves them like woefully short of, of the cage.

So Richard krona, because it's wood just like squeezes out of the, out of the cage, through the bars to get the keys and then unlocks the, and then the, the hilarity en shoes, when the thing that wakes up the guard is a little mouse sneezes

Sidey: and

Pete: He pressures the Hal LA as it's pronounced on the wall.

Reegs: also has somebody who can't escape cuz they've tied his shoelaces.

Pete: Yeah.

Oh yeah. And they come to a gate and it's like, it's lucked from the inside. One goes, we're gonna die. We're all gonna die. And it's like a little picket fence that yeah. Amazing fucking film. I'd love to nominate it, but I think it's too much.

It would be impossible to kind of,

Sidey: we done one of those. We did make a gun

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. So but that in itself was a great cage scene and chuckles are plane.

Sidey: Lu Fest is

Dan: Another lull Fest is the deer hunter. Yeah. Where he's in the, the cage on the Mekong river or something is getting ready to be tortured.

There's three or four of in there, and they're getting pulled out one by one to go and play Russian roulette for money. As the VE con are all betting. It's the complete crazy, and it leads into that scene where. You've seen this, right?

Sidey: Like a Wicker kind of bamboo

Dan: Yeah It's like a Wicker bamboo cage on plunged into yeah, they're in the river.

It's plunged into the river. So they've got a fight to kind of just keep their heads yeah. Above water. And the reward, if they do is that they get taken up to play Russian roulette. And so there's one gun in the bullet and then DeNiro yeah. Way round that.

Pete: but yeah,

Dan: One bullet in the gun. Yeah.

Yeah. And then de Niro and Christopher Wilkin are both there in the room facing each other, taking the gun. And they're going two bullets, give me three bullets, give me, you know, they're up and it up and it up in it. So eventually de Niro goes, give me four bullets or something. And they're all getting crazed with the money and how much he's betting.

Of course they don't realize it's four and M

So he picks up the gun and starts, starts giving it to him then, like, you know, but it's a crazy scene.

Reegs: an unbelievable, powerful moment of cinema that yeah.

Dan: yeah. Yeah, it is. It's it's harrowing actually. I'm thinking back to it now, just as I'm saying it, and it's a strong bamboo cage.

Pete: Well that's might be the only bamboo cage we get tonight. You never know

Dan: that's well, we've had a wood cage. Well

Sidey: Well, very quickly. Wasn't the rat zombie thing in brain dead. Wasn't that in a bamboo wooden cage

Reegs: Yes. There's much cage. Yes. Yeah. Therum rat monkey.

Sidey: That's it? Yeah, but the one I was gonna talk about was water world, which we watched not so long ago, Costner's detained in some sort of like one man cage. It's like, it's very small capacity.

Pete: It's like some sort of shitty porage

Sidey: And he's getting lowered just slowly, you know, cuz the tension you

Reegs: that is mostly what I think of when I think of a cage that sort of small

Dan: hanging from a chain

Reegs: a hanging from a chain type.

That's a cage for me.

Sidey: And he does fall into the rat, the shit, like mud

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: And much like deer hunter has to sort of, you know, just get enough air until he is rescued or got out there. But he dies. Believe it doesn't die.

Pete: no, no he doesn't.

Sidey: So yeah,

Pete: More's the pity

Sidey: I'm running out of like proper cages already. yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Pete: Well, yeah, these, these are all bonafide cages like back yourselves go. Yeah.

Sidey: so far.

Reegs: Well I'm gonna be testing the limits right here. Mortal combat has the hero Johnny cage and he performs a fantastic nut attack on the forearmed. Go. Do you remember? We watched that as a midweek mention and we all really enjoyed

Sidey: cashew nut. Has he got a nut allergy?

Reegs: No, he did a ball attack.

Pete: attack? Yeah. He blows some

Reegs: peanut

He does the splits yeah. He's got a nasty allergy. I'll

Pete: I'll I'll accept that. I like the way you've worked

Reegs: God because I've got a few of those

Sidey: go. Having someone named cage then VI these are fine.

Pete: Yeah. But not Nicholas's cage because

Sidey: I haven't got any of

Pete: too obvious. Yeah. Well, if you want cages, if your definition of a cage is one that hangs up, I mean, that's not a cage of cage is, you know, not necessarily having to hang

Reegs: have you got a definition of a CA I would like a

Pete: we can get that. If we get the dictionary definition of cage up, then, then

Sidey: Susie dent over there can,

Pete: Yeah, we can, we can do that. Like, yeah. So seriously, D any more fuckable? So suspended cages. So I can give you, I've got at least three here. I'm gonna go with my favorite one. This is a TV one, and it's from an episode of what I thought was a fucking brilliant series Vikings, which I know you watched, Dan certainly stayed with it for the most part, a


Dan: of series.

Pete: Right. So I, I start with it all the way through and the, the main well, the guy that it's based around is rag LTH Brook. And there's a scene. I think it's about four seasons in where rag LTH Brook effectively gives himself up, cuz there's this like massive kind of like blood bath all the time between the, the Vikings and the Brits.

And he, he gives himself up as a tactical ploy basically to to, so that his, his guys can get the upper hand or to even to inspire his his fellow Vikings and his sons and so on. So it gives himself up to king Aela. Who's been after him for a little while and, and not been able to get anywhere near him, but he gets basically like draw, like strung up in a cage above a big pit of snakes for a number of days.

And it's the kind of like, how's he gonna get out of this one type thing? I won't spoil it, but it is a fucking air pick episode. And just to see him, I mean, this is the most feared guy in the world. Right. And he's now being strung up in occasion. People like throwing, flinging shit at him and stuff like that.

And it's really kind of like sad sort of demise for that character. It

Sidey: he die?

Pete: Who wants to know me?


  1. You're never gonna watch it. He dies. And he basically sacrifices himself and it enrages his son so much that they come and fucking like, turn it up about 20 clicks. It's fucking brutal and brilliant after that.

But that episode 9.6 outta 10 on IMDB, that's pretty hard hitting and well.

That's well liked stuff. It's a fucking great series. I highly recommend it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Big scores

all well

Pete: just spoiled it for

Dan: yeah. For, for the majority. King Kong. And I I'm thinking the, the original old, black and white one.

Yeah. Of course they, they capture the king and they need to get him on a boat. And they, they eventually get him in a, a steel cage that he's always threatening to break, but it does keep him until they get into the, the, the museum at New York or wherever he is, the, the display kind of area.

And of course it, he eventually busts out and climbs to the top of the, the empire states building and everything, but it's just one of those classic iconic movie scenes,

Reegs: it? I caught a bit of it randomly on like YouTube maybe or something. And like looking at the way the animators had done stuff, like moving the wind through his hair and that stuff and

Dan: really lovingly done and, and taking their time.

And we're limited with what they had then. I mean, you feel like you could probably go and do something with. Technology now, and the people you could go and create a lot of the

Pete: get your hands on a gorilla.

Dan: well,

they were halfway there aren't we? But it was, it was, it was a film that, I dunno, whether you caught when you were, when you were kids and things, obviously I was at the cinema.

Reegs: you

Dan: but no, it,

Reegs: Yeah. Good, good cage content.

Pete: do you want the definition of a case? Just very, very quickly,

Sidey: I can't go on without it gonna um

Pete: again, our,


Reegs: the suspended part of it, a part of it, or

Pete: part of it. Nothing to do with it.

Reegs: to do with it. Okay.

Pete: So it says a structure of bars or wires.

Sidey: Oh shit.

Pete: And wood I've added that bit in cuz I've got cuz I've cuz we're allowing the wooden things in bars, bars or wires or wooden bars.

Yeah, yeah. Or metal bars or wires in which birds or other animals. So humans I guess.

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Pete: And Kongs and stuff

Sidey: I think that Dan, you would like looking at

Pete: are confined. So

Sidey: Okay Well some of mine are then absolutely categorically. Not gonna be allowed.

Dan: prisons are out aren't

Sidey: well. Okay. So the next one,

Reegs: why, why a prison?

Sidey: why Because that's a good segue.

Right? So the next one I've. It's Jango Unchained, right? So there's a sequence where three of the slaves are on the back of wagon. So at which point then does cuz I would say that's, that's definitely a cage. but at which point does it become like a jail cell?

Pete: Well, they, they can be one in the same

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: can a, can a cage be moved


Pete: it

Reegs: it says prisons are all prisons

Pete: Well, no, because if it's brick walls and stuff, that's not a cage.

Dan: saying a cage

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: to be moved?

Reegs: okay, but they've got steel bars and shit inside him, but yeah. Okay. I tell

Sidey: Okay. Well the Jango one it's another one of those ones that has Tarantino thinking it's

Reegs: the confinement is the thing, right? Yes. That's the important part of

Dan: picking a fight with Quentin now.

Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: I'm going to Tino


Pete: in his own

Sidey: film. Yeah. I could live without him, to be honest.

Pete: I prefer his cameos in not his own films. Or his actual performances in, in, so in like Deso, I think that's quite a funny little cameo in that with the pissing on the bar story and everything.

Anyway, we

Sidey: so I thought about the Jango one. And then I thought I must rewatch that scene because I can't remember exactly how it plays out and it didn't. Does anyone remember? Yes. They

Pete: Yeah So he's,

Sidey: they blow it


Pete: right. So he's in with them. So this is after he is already been to Candyland. Yeah. And he has been basically like fucking beaten up and everything and it's all gone off and Chris waltz is dead and I think Candy's dead or like, but he has been incarcerated and he's in, in this cage as well.

But he he basically manages to negotiate his way out by saying that he was because they're, they're like toing them. And he's like saying how he rode into Candyland on a horse with all the other white guys. And they're like fucking no chance and everything. And eventually, cuz he's, he's tied up, they get him out and they're quizzing him about it.

And then they go over to the other fellas in, in the, the cage and they're like, yep. You know what did this happen? And they all verify that it happens. And then he like quickly manages to.

Disarm somebody get a gun and he shoots the other two guys, but Tarantino's holding a load of dynamite and he shoots at Tarantino and it hits the dynamite and Tarantino just fucking explodes into a million pieces.

And it's like, there's just like a little hole in the ground where he used to be. Yeah.

It's a good scene

Sidey: I'd say that one's fine. Absolutely. And probably other prison cells that I've gone

Pete: I've got one pretty much similar. Yeah.

Sidey: Go for it, Reese.

Reegs: Well my little pony, the movie 2017, you seen that one, you been subjected to that one

Sidey: No, I don't think so.

Reegs: It's a continuation of the friendship is magic TV series set between the shows seventh and eighth season, which seems bizarre. But it's the one where Twilight sparkle is helping prepare for Equestria first ever friendship festival.

And then the storm king comes along and there's a unicorn in command, the Tempest shadow. And at one point Twilight sparkles held in like a magic proof cage. And there's a big swirling song about how she's like a misunderstood villain temp, she next bit. So I've seen that a few times with my daughters.

So that's good bit.

Sidey: it.

Reegs: It's actually not, you know, it's not awful.

Sidey: Okay. I think, did we like the show?

Reegs: Oh yeah. It is strong recommend. Yeah.

Sidey: Cool.

Pete: Okay.

A cage that is definitely a cage because it gets referred to as a cage all the time is in locked stock and two smoking barrels at the house of the, like the past student, you guys who are making like growing copious amounts of Gander, ya, they have a cage just inside the door.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Pete: And it's never, and they're like, obviously they've referred to it earlier on. Plank keeps coming in and the cage is never locked. So when they're.

Rob these guys. So when all the, the, the gangster guys plan and his, his cronies are gonna Rob the place they're expecting to just make their way, like you don't, don't even have to strong arm their way.

And they just go in guns door will be open, but the one time that they that they rock up and the cage is locked. So you end up with the scene where they all come in, they come in through the door and they're all just inside the cage. And they're like, the, the they're like the tots are like trying to pick him off with like air rifles and stuff.

And there's a guy with like a Bri going there and he's like, he's just fucking and unloading like a million shells, a second and shit. One guy gets his like foot blown off and so on, but it's like a bit of a, it's like a it's brutal and comedy all at the same time. But the,

Sidey: and a cage,

Pete: there is a cage indeed.

And it's cool seeing in a really cool film,

Dan: Okay. I'm pretty much out cages without the, the cage notes, but I mean prisons I was gonna say P I'm fairly sure during the the transport crossing or something, there's some cage action, but I couldn't be, I couldn't be firm about it. So you are, I'm gonna have to, well, looks that way.

I'm gonna pass the, the cage bat on I'm.

Sidey: well okay, well this one, this one and then is a, is a,

like a holding cell in a police station. It's the dark night. And it's where the joker is sort of sitting in the cell and he's been captured. And it's the start of the plot where a

Dan: cell or a uh cage This is

Sidey: Well

Pete: is a

Sidey: by the definition of that's metal bars is Yeah. Yeah. So it's the like, so it's the really convolute bit of the plot where he's wanted to be captured. He breaks out does all the other stuff, but they knew that he wanted to be captured, turns out and the commissioner is the one who appends him, blah, blah. It's fucking immense. Yeah. Still the best. I think Batman film, certainly my favorite Batman film.

It's really, really great one that definitely then would not pass must past must. I was going for magni O's prison in Xmen two.

Reegs: Yeah. No,

Sidey: I know because that

was not metal categorical because it can't be,

Pete: is it like a perspec

Sidey: it like a per it's just or something? Yeah, it's it has, it has pers specs bars in it and then like a plastic

Dan: wouldn't hold me purse specs.

Sidey: And he escapes by, they inject

Reegs: Yeah. Like,

Sidey: mercury or someone into

Pete: which one's

Reegs: much higher in your blood? Is

Pete: it? Yes.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And then

Sidey: but if we're saying that it has to be,

Reegs: yeah, no,

Sidey: but there we are, there are bars in it. Yeah. And it was quite cool. And it's just a little bit different, but you know, where you can argue the toss, but I

Pete: I'm gonna let it in.

I see.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cuz just cuz it's been slim picking, so yeah.

Sidey: oh I in boom. Okay. Just cause it's been slim picking. So yeah. I think there's been good picking so far.

Reegs: Oh, there's another one in the Xmen film series, cuz Logan is a cage fighter. So

Dan: well, yeah.

Reegs: And cage fighting does open up a world of

Pete: fighting. There's another one. I hate all the Xmen films.

So I've only seen one, but I hate all of them. And there's one where the guy who hates mutants, but then becomes a mutant and

Sidey: that's the first one

Pete: face through like the bars of a cage. And that's when he


Reegs: that's a more prison. I think if it's just bars at the front and brick all around, like you were saying before, I'm not sure that's a cage.

Dan: I think a cage needs to be able. Be picked up and

Pete: that that there's absolutely nothing in the definition

Reegs: Does it. It's the confinement and the bars seem to be the most.

Pete: Yeah. The bars and the incarceration

Reegs: cradle to the grave was a jet Lee. And

Sidey: alias in that isn't she a it, yeah. And

Reegs: was it a, was it yeah. And DMX.

Sidey: She was one of R Kelly's victims.

Yeah. Just got 30 years.

Reegs: The climax features gently fighting what? Small people, what are they? What's the, I don't know the term pig MES. No,

Sidey: Shrew people. No,

Reegs: just


people of diminished height or


Pete: short people like

Sidey: No midges.

Reegs: no, no. Well, no,

Sidey: none of these. Yeah. I think pork, I think pork is the right one.

Who person of restricted growth

Reegs: is it?

Sidey: Is it? That's

what we call that guy. That's what we call the barman. What's the boy

Pete: P 52

Reegs: restricted growth. Okay. Yeah.

Sidey: the old courthouse.

Reegs: that is what the cl climax features and that's in a cage.

Sidey: Okay, cool. Well this one is a cage. Is the. We

Pete: out of order now? We're going back

Sidey: gone dance.

Pete: well, I

Dan: I'm

Sidey: is like attack

Dan: I's

Pete: ago. My go that's how it goes. No, no, no.

Dan: I may come out with another one.

Now we've just opened the the floodgate to all kind of prisons and anything and cage fighting.

Reegs: Well, cage fighting is lit. It's there in the name. I

Pete: it is. I I'm letting it in one, one that is genuinely a cage.

Because again, it's referred to, as a cage is in Barra two when he's he's taking his daughter around with him and he goes into like a, like a massive hardware store. Yeah. And he's he's gone into this, like, it's a fucking incredible scene because I don't know if, how, cuz you just dunno how much of it is contrived.

How much is real? How many people are actors? How many are genuine? Like you just don't know, but he goes in and he says, and he just comes straight out with, he goes, oh, I'm looking for a, a cage for to, to so that I can take my daughter to market. So it, so, and he is like, but, and he's like, oh how, how many can you fit in this cage and everything?

And he's like the daughter's in, then she's all excited. Pretend to be all excited about her cage that she's gonna get. Yeah. And then like the, and obviously he's you know, he's like, oh this is what like this I wanna put like, can I put 20 women in there? And the guy's like, well, if you want and he, these ah, high five. And then the ne the next one, just cuz I, I watched it today is like, then he's like looking at like gas canister. He's like, oh, if I wanted to like end 20 gypsies, will this be enough? Like he's going, oh no, you'll need a bigger canister for that. Like the guy's just playing along with, it could be an actor, but really funny scene,

Dan: but maybe not.

That's the, that's the thing, isn't it?

Sidey: Well Hitchcock the birds.

So at the start, the, the two love birds are obviously in a bird cage. It's right there. I thought that there was something more about those birds starting the whole. like plot, you know, they were the birds that

Dan: like the bad birds that were gonna infect all the other birds

Sidey: because she gets attacked by a

Dan: it's it's it's just badness of birds.


Sidey: Hitchcock said the birds resent humans from mistreating them and wanted to stand up for themselves, which seems

Reegs: They're TWS though.

Dan: there was a film actually called the bird cage. Yes. Did you ever see that? I dunno if it said Mel Brooks or Danny Laro I, I think they did a Danny Laro. Yeah, I think

Pete: And Mel Brooks,

Dan: He did a version. I think Mel

Pete: Danny Laro

Dan: did a version afterwards. Yeah. It

Pete: You

Sidey: Robin Williams. Wasn't it.

Pete: Danny. Laro he was like a British

Dan: cat I think he did the first part of the bird cage. We

Pete: need to fact check that

Dan: check that

Pete: bird cage, Danny Laro. I mean, maybe

Dan: maybe he played on stage

Sidey: got a couple others, but the, you know, where like veering offings realms of not.

So the one I had was Buffalo bell keeps his victims in it, like a

Pete: oh, that's a pit.

That's a pit. It's not

Dan: okay. Do it

Sidey: And then I had hand solo in his Carbonite, but that's probably just a,

Pete: no, it's not, but there is a hand solo one in the film solo. Yeah. Where he

Reegs: where he

Pete: where he meets tobacco with the origin story, the origin story, we all wanted to see where he met tobacco. He meets him in a cage. It's an underground cage.

And they have a fight and he managed to manages to like placate him by speaking. Woo.

Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Chris

Sidey: And

then I had

then I had

Dan: Yeah. See Danny Laro bird cage. Chris is backed it up.

Pete: Well, I never,

Sidey: but then I had cube the film cube, but that

Reegs: ah, he's not okay, but that is not a cage

Sidey: I'm out, I'm out.

Pete: Okay. Res

Reegs: I got a couple more, I've got birds of prey or the emancipation of blah, blah, blah. Features many cage, metaphors and visual things about cages, cuz it's, you know about female empowerment and it's

Sidey: boo

Reegs: a loaded kick ass female stunt women in it as well.

So that is good. And bird box was the Sandra Bullock movie that was on Netflix with the, yeah. You can't look at him. So she, they take a

they have a, like a kind of Canary in a, not in Alan, in a cage.

Pete: Well, you did like a black power

Reegs: No because that's how they move around. That's how

Pete: you could have said like a birdcage and we'd have known what you meant

Dan: Has any of you seen that film? Silence yet? The Adam driver

Sidey: Oh, Scorsese. Isn't it.

It's Andrew Garfield.

Dan: It's a haunting film. And

Pete: is there a cage in it?

Dan: there is

Sidey: they're captured they're missionaries,

Dan: yeah. They're missionaries who can't preach, you know, the gospel in, in Japan and that's death, like, you know, and people are hunted down for it. And when they're found to be guilty, they're kept in a cage until.

Pete: wow.

Reegs: I couldn't specifically remember, but I'm assuming there was shark cage action in things like the Meg yeah. And deep blue sea that I've seen. And 47 minutes down, which I've all seen all of them and all the jaws movies. So they're all been nominated as well.

Pete: Okay.

Uh I'll do I do a

Reegs: oh one for you, despite who loved me.

I wondered if there was any cage action in that, cuz there's is that with the sharks?

Pete: Mm there's definitely. I was thinking, as we were talking about like being lowered into like shark infeed water in a cage

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Any home alone cage action.

not that we

Pete: like that. So here's one that you guys can, can decide whether it goes in or not.

Toy story three, when lots of huggin bear incarcerates

Sidey: plastic tubs.

Pete: they're plastic they're but are they not upside down? And they

Sidey: no,

Reegs: It's

Pete: rudimentary cages.

Reegs: It's I think

Pete: when buzz gets turned and. And Woodies abandoned them, you know, you know what I mean?

Sidey: know exactly what I mean. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go on. Yeah, I'll let you

Pete: Okay.

Dan: You've chimed into the,

Pete: yeah. To hell with the rules. Okay. I'll rattle mine last. One's off then. Couple more suspended cages, which I think is Re's favorite. Despicable me too. El machos Le when drew finally gets into the LA all of the purple minions are, are sort of being incarcerated in like sort of hysterical cages.

Sidey: Wow. We haven't got any spherical ones yet


Pete: have you seen that?

Dan: Well,

Sidey: Don't think I've only seen the first one.

Pete: Oh, they're fucking good. They're really good. All three of them are really good. But

Sidey: there one out.


Pete: think that's minions two, right?

Yeah. So yeah. Anyway,

Dan: all three of them are good. The one out now is minions two

Pete: right. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay. Let me qualify that there's three despicable me films, right? And there's been one minions film

Reegs: since four

Pete: Is now right, but that's not a despicable me film

Sidey: It's an expansion of the universe.

Pete: another one and I mean, it's an awful, awful film, but I actually really like the scenes

Sidey: absolute scenes.

Pete: Yeah. In, so in the second and third Hobbit film, when Gandolph goes to doll, GDO and confronts the Nera Maner, who turns out to be salmon, I like those scenes. They're really fucking good. And then RAAs the brown. We know, we know what he is called that he comes and helps.

Sidey: I am not gonna tell my daughter that these films exist.

Pete: Okay. Fair enough. Cuz they're

Sidey: crap, they are

Pete: That's why, but these scenes are actually really good and there's a bit where like Gandolph is all fucking, he's been battered to fucking, he's been like strung up in a really horrible twisted, like iron cage of some description. Another underground one breaking bad.

Jesse Pinkman is, is kept in a cage

Reegs: Pinkman uh is uh is that a a a cage?

Pete: yep. It's a cage. An actual, a cage with Nicholas's cage in it is in the rock in Alcatraz. They get put in a cage. Oh,

Reegs: a

cage with a

Pete: cage with a, a cage with a cage. Yeah. And I think he's mentally in

Sidey: it's getting very meta.

Pete: And then another one, like a horse drawn cage, like from Jango and change

Dan: it's a horse

Pete: there, this loads and cage stuff in game of Thrones, but specifically very similar Jack and Hagar.

We first meet him when what's her name? AYA is pretending to be a boy they're going off to the wall and Jack and Hagar's in the.

And yeah, Jack and Hagars are cool character. And that is my lot.

Sidey: We've been going on for a long time about cages. I don't think we get that much mileage out of it, frankly. Let's now. Get it down to four witle. Yeah. So Pete, Pete, what you putting in?

Pete: It's gotta be Ragner, lath Brook from Vikings.

Sidey: okay.

Dan: Mm. Well, I was gonna put in jaws. But I think I'm gonna go ghost dog because it seemed to annoy Pete in some level.

Pete: Wow. Dogs and ghosts annoy me.

Sidey: I'm gonna go for plant apes cuz I just like the design of it.

Reegs: Yeah. Nice. And I'm gonna go for cradle to the grave cuz when am I ever gonna pick that

Sidey: again? No, you're probably not. So we are looking for a fifth film to complete the top five. I didn't put the post up till just before this, so none yet, but I'm sure it'll be inundated

Dan: we are back after a little relax and

Sidey: we also had cheese

finest garage four court cheese money can buy,

Dan: and we're looking at the labels and how much salt and sugar and carbs and things. They've got them,

Sidey: please eat responsibly.

Pete: You didn't talk about the cheeses.

Sidey: Well,

there's a Stilton there as a Brie,

Pete: The, the breeze all over the place the Breeze's given up in this heat?

It's very much like me.

Sidey: It was reduced as well as, so perhaps its life is not long in any case. It was, you know,

as good

as we'd made it sound when that segues very nicely into this week's Nicholas cage movie, the unbearable weight of massive talent Yeah. Nominated by you Pete

Pete: as part of cage week.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: It was almost mission impossible to find it though. And, and I didn't, so I only got as far as watching the trailer for this today and I was quite impressed by the trailer. So I'd be intrigued to see how this review goes.

Pete: you a good flavor. Of, of what this, it gives you the premise of the film.

Dan: Right.

Pete: So fairly co conclusively. Did you know anything about

Dan: not until I'd watched the

Pete: Right. Okay.

Dan: So now I know that Nick cage is playing Nick cage and he's invited to a. a wedding or a, a rich party, a rich person's party where he hits it off with a rich guy. And who's a, a pretty bad guy.

Who, who, he doesn't know it at the time, but he's a pretty bad guy in the CIA then go and ask Nick cage to go remain his friend and go undercover to, to get answers to questions they have, I guess. Yeah. Um And that's that's, as far as the trailer takes you

Pete: and that's the film, so what do we

Reegs: It's a good premise. Isn't

Dan: Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Reegs: And it's a good character to choose Nick cage as well.

Dan: got being John Malkovich where obviously John Malkovich is playing himself and there's, I dunno, probably a few other films that

Sidey: well adaptation

Dan: But Reynolds did one like that. Didn't he? Oh,

Pete: oh, he did like the Cannonball runs. He was Oh no,

Dan: Even a, even a later one,

Pete: know, he was playing JJ McClure. So

Dan: even a later one, he is done is kind of actor playing a washed up actor or that kind

Pete: in cannibal run. You've got like, Roger Moore is playing Roger Moore and stuff like that.

Reegs: Yeah. Bill Murray plays bill Murray and zombie land

Sidey: it's referencing itself. Which film speak people would say it's meta. Yes. It's very meta this.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, I'm gonna settle back and listen to what you guys have to say about it.

Pete: Okay.


Reegs: wait, is the, the start?

Pete: Yeah. Well, that's, that's a good place to start actually. Res is the start. So it starts with a young woman

Sidey: Ah,

Pete: who is called Who's

Sidey: called um I know what the scene that they're

Pete: Yeah, it's called Maria Delgado. Yeah. And you don't know this at the time, but she's the daughter of one of the electoral candidates or the actual guys at the the Catal,

Reegs: the Catalan president's daughter. Yeah.

Pete: Right. And she and her boyfriend are watching con air.

Reegs: Yeah. In fact, con air is the very first shot of the movie is the movie con air.

And it's the big stirring climactic scene where the bunny is

Pete: involved finally

Reegs: Leanne rhymes. And it's how do I live without you? And that plays over the opening and it swells as she gets taken out with her friend.

Pete: Yeah. Well Well, what, yeah. Well, she's watching con air. Some guys just like burst in and, and abduct her. And yeah, she gets carried off, but they're, they're talking about how much she's talking about how much

Sidey: she, well, it's, it's quite brutal cuz she kind of escapes the, the boyfriend gets waxed like around the back of the head and she, she.

Sort of overpowers one guy then kicks him in the nuts on and he runs away. Then she gets just fucking brutally taken down

Pete: like punched right in the

Reegs: ground. It's right. To the climax of Leanne rhymes.

How do I live without you?

Sidey: you?

Reegs: It's a nice moment.

Pete: Yeah, I think the boyfriend is killed actually.

Reegs: Yeah, we don't see him

Sidey: I got that impression that he was

Pete: here boyfriend is killed. So,

Reegs: and then we get that credence, Clearwater revival tune that I've been annoying you with. And it's cage and he's singing along in his vintage car. I didn't clock what the car

Sidey: ARR Ferrari.

Pete: a Ferrari. Yeah.

Reegs: And he's at a meeting with a script writer. Yep. For a role, isn't it? He's pitching, he's talking about the role that he wants and he's comparing it to a house of strangers.

Sidey: Do you want me to read, do you want me, do you want me to rephrase?

No, no, no, it's fine. No, it's okay. I'm gonna, I'm gonna read. And then he just does it in the, like at the valet sort of bit for picking up his car and he gives like a proper mega acting reading of this role and the guys, it just literally goes, oh shit. , he's just so taken aback. And my misses was properly cringing at this point.

Like, oh my God, I think I'm gonna go do some ironing. She's just like, couldn't take it right. Is

Dan: it

Reegs: already out.

Dan: that kind of film, it makes you feel awkward because of the scene or

Reegs: well, cage is playing as a kind of neurotic and we'll find out he's a single dad with an ex-wife and all that stuff.

We'll find all that out, but yeah, he's kind of neurotic and he really wants this role. And he's also got this sort of manifestation of all of his anxieties and insecurities, which is a younger version of himself that occasionally crops up. Yeah. Based on. Did you see this in the research based on a Wogan

Pete: appearance.

Yeah. Based on the interview

Sidey: have you seen the Wogan appearances?


Wow Watch

Pete: that. Yeah. I've watched that today. That was the first

Sidey: chemical enhancements going on that moment. Definitely. Yeah.

Reegs: He takes his shirt off and gives it

Pete: to, well, he, he comes in and does like an Arab spring. Yeah. And then a high

Sidey: Rollie Polley.

Pete: Yeah. Then

Reegs: he's throwing money into the crowd screams

Sidey: the big woo.

Pete: And this, this is all on, this is all on Wogan and yeah. Yeah. It's definitely some cocaine involved.

Reegs: It's a cage wants this thing and his, his alter ego, Nicky, this grotesque younger version of himself done by CGI.


Sidey: This. I it's just a thing in films that I don't like. I haven't seen it done. Well, other people will say I didn't. I just think it always looks so fake. It's just a technology that I don't think they've got.

Yeah, brilliant yet. And it, it it's okay in this cuz you know, it's like.

it's it's an imagined thing, but still it did take me out of it a little bit. It

Reegs: It looks awful. Didn't it? I wish they, I would rather see,

Sidey: I'd rather see, I don't know another way doing it, but he just does the Nicky fucking and he just screams rages cage.

Dan: I suppose the other option is they bring in an actor, a younger kind of lookalike,

Sidey: Nike. Yeah.

Reegs: I think split screen, you could have done it.

Pete: Sometimes they do it with the, in the mirror where it's like, he's talking and then there's the reflection who looks different. And they, they do it that way

Reegs: in that TV series we watched, this is us.

I dunno if anyone's seen that, but they age people up and down all the time in that prosthetics. So

Pete: yeah, it did remind me immediately of quite an early scene in raising Kane where he's like with a split personality, like talking to himself and we we'd like, yeah, that, that didn't go down.

Well, either

Sidey: it'll just cut back to like, he's just looking, this is in his Ferrari and then it cuts and he's just looking at no, you know, he's clearly like not hallucinating, but he's just, I don't know.

And you get,

Reegs: inner demons,

Sidey: you definitely get the, the impression in this version of himself that he's playing, that his career's been on the slide and that he really wants this part and it'll help elevate and back up. Yeah. And he keeps saying that to people and he'll, but he'll pre he'll just lend like suffix it with I haven't actually gone anywhere.

You know, my careers hasn't gone anywhere. I just want this role, but I'm still up there even

Pete: Yeah. It's like the role he was born to play or whatever.

But but yeah, it, it then kind of like looks into his like personal life. He's got this daughter that he has a strange relationship with her. He can't make a connection with predominantly because what he does is just forces her to like watch all the films that he likes. He just like constantly imparts

Sidey: I totally thought of myself. And it's like, just not letting her Mr. Shit music and like making her watch films. I

Pete: well, this is it. Like, so fast forward a few years. This is, this is you outside. So there's even a bit. So he's talking to a therapist and you think it's just the two of them and then , but you, then you realize the daughter's in the room as well.

And it's like, oh, should we why don't, why don't we speak to Addie? Yeah. Why don't we speak to Addie about it? And just so she's about to talk, he then like cuts across and starts like saying what she's thinking as well. Like, so basically, like there's no level of understanding on his part of her as a teenage girl.

And she's like, he's an embarrassing dad, albeit,

Reegs: well he's extremely self-centered.

Pete: Well, he's a Hollywood Alister, so there's probably a lot of reality in

Sidey: even when he's present with her, he'll still take calls from his agent or whatever he ask, like, have you heard about the part?

And then

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: have a bit of falling and his, his ex his strange wife, ex-wife just like, just do one thing, like fucking turn up for her birthday. Yeah. And as soon as he gets there, he gets there late and he takes a call and she comes into the kitchen, sees him on the phone and he is sort of berates him, but he's still like, I've gotta take this one.

I've gotta take it, you know? Yeah. And he is on the phone and he gets the news. Oh, they loved you, but they've gone in a different direction for this part. And he's like fucking devastated reaches for the

Reegs: booze comes out.

Sidey: like big Tumblr Jack bang. Another one bang then goes into the daughter's birthday party, which is like her whole class.

I think it's like the sweet 16th or something, you know, is everyone, is there.

Dan: smelling a boots,

Sidey: chirps up, like starts making a speech, sits down at the piano and starts playing a song and gives this anecdote of how he'd driven her out into the desert. And they'd had this and she's fucking mortified. Like it's so embarrassing.

And again, like, oh my God, I can't fucking watch this. And it, it is really dialing up the like, he's a fucking wreck. He's a fucking wreck at his point.

Reegs: Yeah.


Pete: it's. That, that isn't then a theme that just runs all the way through the film.

It's kind of like, they are like uncomfortable, awkward scenes because of the, the interaction with the daughter. But it's, it's fairly shortlived

Sidey: It's

Reegs: well, it becomes cringe comedy. When he is doing the, the piano bit, he's doing sun rising and he's like screaming. It's sort of almost like an

Dan: episode, just outta touch with his

Pete: but just before this he's, he's had a meeting with his agent who

is that guy Him And it's been mentioned at this meeting in a sauna. Oh no. They're getting whacked with leaves and

Sidey: Is that a Shri?

Reegs: No, I don't think so. I don't, the birching seemed UN unlike anything. I really

Pete: seen the, the, the leaves thing before, but it's more gentle, but they're, they're probably getting thrashed with these leaves.

It's gonna be really like relaxing and therapeutic, but it's, it doesn't look that way. But his agent mentions that there's an offer. That's come in of a million dollars to go to a party. Basically. Like some guy in Spain wants him to like, just turn up at his pass. He doesn't even give him like a, oh, he hasn't gotta perform.

He hasn't gotta do anything. He's just literally gotta be there for a million

Dan: Just wants him in the house.

Sidey: he's like, no, I'm, I'm an artist. You know, he really believes he's making like high art,

Dan: but

Reegs: he's more at

Dan: little segue,

Sidey: And they're like, Nick, you've been living at such and such a hotel. You've racked up a 600,000 fucking bill there. You're spending money on all this fucking crazy shit.

You know, you gotta start bringing some money in through the door. You're gonna be completely up shit

Dan: You can, you can, this is easy. This is

Pete: I mean, he is

Dan: Pete. I was gonna say

Pete: on shit.

Dan: Is there anyone that you would have at your party? Money's no object or a million or whatever it is. Who would you have? Oh

Pete: Oh God

Dan: it be Nick cage?

Pete: No, no,

  1. I can't believe you're thrown

Dan: throw as an actor

Pete: alive

or dead, alive and dead or dead,

Dan: live. No better. If they're alive.

Sidey: was gonna say better guest to fair.

Pete: yeah.

Dan: Yeah.


Sidey: Let go weekend at Bernie's

Pete: We'll come back to that one,

Dan: Right? Okay. Anything comes you Riggs quick?

Reegs: No

Dan: No, it just seemed an interesting concept. Like if you got all the money who you gonna have this, guy's got all the,

Pete: totally different podcast. Dan let's.

Dan: I dunno, isn't it? This one, the

Pete: turn Dan's mic off? Cause he hasn't seen the film.

Sidey: I might, no, I like it, but I I'll mu it over while we just got spill more. I'll come to it at the end. It

Pete: Diego marathon.

Dan: Yeah, he's good.

Pete: we go. It's not really

Reegs: he would do it for less than a mill. I

Pete: Well, he's dead. So yeah. To his estate anyway. So obviously after the rejection, from this part, and then like the shambles of his daughter's sweet 16, he decides to turn to ring up the, the agent and say, yeah, listen, let's take that gig out in Spain because

Sidey: well, he retires, he retires from acting. He says, that's it. If I can't be doing the projects, I want to do the really great stuff I'm out.

You know, I'm just, that's it. I quit.

Reegs: He's at rock bottom

Dan: oh, what? He's taken everything. He's taken like 160 films on Nick cage. So finally,

Sidey: Dan, this is film number 100.

Dan: This is,

Sidey: yep

Dan: I I'm sure. I'm sure he's done more than that.

Sidey: So, so he does go out and it turns out they've got a bit of a, a ulterior motive because Harvey, who's the guy that survived about there.

He's actually got a script that he's written and sent to the agent and the agent's like, this is Ock and just bins it.

Dan: Who's Harvey, Harvey's a screenwriter.

Sidey: the

Reegs: Pedro Pascal.

Pete: This is,

this is ha

Sidey: but something else

Reegs: the

Pete: J a V.

Sidey: something else does happen before they get there. So he gets is escorted out on his private.

Reegs: and

they watch the rock.

And there's a news item as well about the missing daughter and how it's influencing the local Catalan

Sidey: and it It

turns out the, the play in the private jet is being like case they're, they're onto whoever this is. And they think they're bringing over someone on this jet.

And then they, they say, they've got the CIA watching this plane land and they're expecting like Mr. Big or something. And the guy's like, what the fuck? It's fucking, like, I can't believe what I'm seeing fucking Nick cage. And they have a really good exchange. I thought the two agents, they were really funny and she says, no, fuck it.

Like, he's like, no abor, just get outta there. It's like the wrong person. Just get out. And she's like, fuck it. No, no, we've, I've gotta do something. So she goes like makes a scene and has a selfie with Nick cage, but drops like. A tracking device in his pocket.

So we know something's like this

Reegs: she says to him, I love the crudes too.

Sidey: that's right.

He's like, yeah. I made that with Emma Stone. Yeah. And he clearly doesn't really remember it.

Reegs: Well, cage has gonna hit rock bottom. Now he's taken off in to a Mercedes and where a boat's waiting for him. And this is where,

Dan: he's hit rock bottom, a Mercedes with a boat guys, a

Reegs: But mentally, spiritually,

Dan: Right. Okay.

Reegs: you know, and almost, you know, literally he's bankrupt in every sense. And you know, he meets the dashing Pedro Pascal, but he doesn't realize who he is at first.

And he's talking to his agent about whether he thinks that he's gonna have to suck this guy's Dick, or

let him fuck his wife


Pete: or

Dan: while, while he is here,

Reegs: is in the boat. Yeah. And then he gets out and he asks Pedro, do you think I'll have to do it? He says no. And he says, well, how'd, you know, that he says, well, cuz I'm happy.

And it's a good little gag.

Pete: And then he does I don't know what the, he just puts, puts like a fist into an open hand and then bows and goes Nick cage.

Dan: Right. He's official kind of opening line

Reegs: Yeah Later ha describes him as being just right.

Dan: Yeah, Yeah

Reegs: it's a bromance from the off

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: It's great.

Pete: So re really interestingly I was away last week in Amsterdam, but I met some Spanish colleagues that I have and the Spanish word for bromance is Broman. So they've just taken it, the English word and pronounce it in a Spanish way. So it is a Broman that we are seeing.

Dan: is that when you met super nos as well? Mark Noble on that trip?

Pete: Yes. Right. Moving on. So, yeah. So what it becomes a perhaps, so this, this heavy is absolute. Cause I think they land in new Yorker. Yeah. But then go on a boat to another island. So it looks like he's got his own kind of like private island loads of

Sidey: he grows olive

Pete: silly wealth.


Dan: He, he he's he's the rich guy. Is

Pete: Yeah. So he's the rich guy. He's the one who's hosting the party and is immediately becomes apparent is an absolute like Nick cage nut. He so his dream is obviously meet Nick cage, host him at a party. But also he's written this like screenplay that has been sent to his agent that Nick cage doesn't even know anything about.

Sidey: And he just, he just says, nah, I fucking quit. I've I've quit. And they like, oh my God, they really taken a bat. He's not

Dan: it's the worst news ever.

Sidey: gonna be in it. Yeah. He doesn't wanna know he's fucking queer. He's just here for the money. Yeah. Blah, blah. But it's we, we, as a viewer being told that you, Harvey is the man who's behind this kidnapping.

Reegs: it's certainly being implied. Yeah.

Sidey: been like pretty emphatically, I would

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And the CIA definitely believe it's

Sidey: Yeah. So we are like, oh, you know, what's, how's it gonna play out? So they they're BU. Roman Fey romantic. They have a, they have a moment in the pool where they, Nick cages get more, is buying into it,

Pete: Well, they, they

Sidey: Well, the more drunk he gets.

Pete: Yeah. And so, so they have the moment in the pool, but he's the first night he goes into the pool drinking and and like have, or someone has to like rescue

Dan: longs this party going on for, it's not just

Pete: the party hasn't started yet. Dan. Yeah. Yeah. You wait for the party to start.

Reegs: him out the pool. How is this party going on for? It's not just the party has to, the party has to start yet. You wait for the party to start. Ha takes him out to the cliffs.

Pete: Yeah. Well that, that's where you

Sidey: I love

Pete: this, the real sort of like strong implication that, that Javi has got a lot of clout because Nick cages, what is in bed, he's woken up. He's got a bit of a hangover. He feels like, shit, doesn't want to get out. Just wants to spend the day in bed and like his aid or whatever you call it.

It's like

Sidey: sick smoking hot.


Pete: Hot bird Gabriela comes in is like, right. Ha wants to like show you like the cliffs of the island. And so, and he's like, well, tell ha to Ram it I'm gonna spend all day in bed. And she just like pulls the covers, like back off and go. No, no like if ha wants that, that's what you are gonna.

Where like he's paying you to do this, get in the Jeep and off you go. So they like go off and the relationship is like, he's not interested in this bloke. He thinks he's a bit creepy, I guess. And he keeps saying, oh, look, if you just wanna leave me behind and you go and look at the cliffs and shit, it's fine.

And then as they're driving along, have he stops, looks in the rear view mirror and says, shit, fuck. Like, so, so like we have to get off the road. So they just like abandon the car, start running down this path. And then they like, he, like, he stops and turns around and starts like really hamming it up, like from an acting point of view going like, oh, they're coming for me.

You know, but they're like, he he's obviously acting poorly. Yeah. Because you can see this is like a contrived scene. And then for some reason I can't even, I can't remember why, but Nick case then just like go goes along with it and starts getting into it and then starts act like, like acting

Sidey: himself.

Reegs: Well, he, he gets into

Sidey: He

Reegs: into the moment. He's an actor at

Sidey: There's other things that, that are more like decisive than that, where it becomes, he just.

as soon as he gets back into filmmaking mode, like that's when he's alive. So he just goes into the scene and it's great playing because it's Pedro Pascal. We've had it before things where like good actors, like acting bad yeah. On purpose. And it being really convincing ly

Pete: a good skill, like a, a harder skill. It's like, it's like Les Dawson playing the piano badly. Like it's, it's harder probably than playing it correctly.

Sidey: Yeah. So they, they do the, the scene and they say, we're gonna have to jump. And they, they run and leg it off and it's a fucking huge cliff. Yeah. And that cage, obviously like when he comes out, he's like, didn't fucking realize he was a cliff.

sort, it was gonna be like a little tiny drop in some water. I

Reegs: And then they they sort of bond over a joint and bourbon, I think. And then they go back and talk about their favorite movies and it, it becomes apparent that they both love the cabinet of Dr.

Calamari or whatever the fuck

God Yeah. Yeah.

And also Paddington too.

Sidey: Wait, he says, what's your favorite

Pete: first, his favorite film is

Sidey: favorite three movies is like

Reegs: face off,

Sidey: face off, face off the cabin of

Reegs: where is

a Myro.

Sidey: Cogo and then he is like, wait, you never said what your third? And he is like Paddington too. Yeah. And occasion's like, what the fuck? Paddington two. And then it cuts to them watching him and he's fucking crying his eyes out. Yeah. Great.

Pete: Great. Like calling it a masterpiece and stuff. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. He says that I cried throughout the entire thing and it made me want to be a better man.

Then he does, he's got the script and he gives him the script in the pool and then he's like, oh, will you read it? Yeah, I'll read it. Why don't you stay here? You can watch me read it. No, no, no. I'm way too nervous to watch you read. It's a cage goes out into a bar where little Nicky pops up again. Oh yeah.

For an exchange to kind of tell him how shitty he is exchange. Yeah.

Pete: Well, he ends up so that Nicky is this kind of like alter ego thing. And he he gets off with himself,

Reegs: with himself.

Pete: Yeah. Like in a quite tender moment,

Sidey: I thought we might get a shot of people looking at them and him like, you know, doing, getting off with nothing.

Yeah. You know what I mean? But you don't, you don't do that.

Reegs: No Well then as he leaves the bar, he's abducted by the CIA agents that were there at the beginning, Vivian and Martin, they share a last name, their characters. I wondered if they were a couple.

Pete: huh? I didn't notice that.

Reegs: Yeah. And that's when they tell him that J is the head of an international arms drug dealing


Dan: He's a bad Mo

Sidey: Mm

Reegs: yeah.

But Kate says he's not a gun. And my he's not a, a gun runner in my acting ability gives me, you know, your five years of data is bullshit. I can see through it. He's not,

Dan: he

can read people.

Sidey: he's not can read people, CIO guy, like, wait, your fucking like career is an actor. Trumps are like five, six years of like trained surveillance and intelligence gathering. He's like, yep. Yeah.

Dan: no hesitation. So cage,

Reegs: They appeal to him on the basis of his own daughter being a similar age to the girl he's been abducted. Yeah. So he goes back in and this is where the big party.

Yeah And then there's a load of weird shit here, because the sec, for some reason he's gotta do something with the security cameras.

They take the security cameras out and he goes in and he's in a server room

Sidey: bug the,

the CCTV or something I thought, yeah.

Reegs: And he's got this thing, this patch on his hand to incapacitate someone and he walks out and he

Sidey: well, they can see a guards coming can't they? Because he sees the lights on in the room. So the guard goes up and they're like, quick, get this thing on.

All you gotta do is touch the guy and it'll, it'll knock him out. And he goes, okay, And he is like, shit, I just touched my face and they're like, what? and then he he's already put the key down. Yeah. So he goes outta the room where the antidote is, he's locked themselves out and they're like, you've got 30 seconds or you're gonna be like fucked you're dead.


Reegs: And um it's already starting to kick in a bit and he has to climb out the window. It seems

Pete: like sling. And just, do you see him just as he goes out the window, he slaps himself in the face to like, wake him up with the same hand again. So he's like putting more of these toxins in his body. Yeah.

Manages to like negotiate his way along the window.

So at one point he's, he's literally like just dozing off and someone like shouts at like Nick and he's like, he comes back, he comes back round and then creeps in through the window as the guards just going out. So it's all good

Reegs: Well, he inches himself along like using his sort of hand and

Pete: yeah. And then this fits fucking brilliant, cuz he he's making his way to the table where the antidote is like up on the table and he just he's just about together.

I think he grabs the grabs, the pouch gets it and then he just passes out on the floor and they're like, fuck, like what's this guy's gonna die. Like what are we gonna do? And then she's like


Reegs: just

Pete: and he just like snaps out of it immediately. and like gets the, gets like an EpiPen thing, like jabs it in his leg.

And that immediately like

Sidey: it's right. Is right. Yeah.

Pete: him back around. Yeah.

Dan: It sounds like the kind of thing that Schwartz nigger was doing in. Kind of films, you know, that, that kind of almost slapstick stuff where you would just wake

Reegs: It is good physical comedy. I Schwartz nigger is not the person I think of to be honest.

It's I dunno, who's a good

Dan: last action. Last action hero is what I was coming to my mind when you were talking then. Yeah.

Pete: but they, so this, this now sort of all of this, like then kind of like prompts him to come up with a, a reason to stay longer. He comes back down to the party and announces that he's gonna stay.

Cuz he says, oh yeah, you're gonna, you're gonna be in my film. And he is like, no but I'm gonna stay here and write a movie with

Sidey: you. Yeah. I'll happy you work on it. He does. He, he does have some suspicions now after they keep, they keep telling in this story about what he's really about.

And there's a mysterious kind of door and a room that he doesn't know what's in there.

Yeah. He's like, and so as he's as


Pete: Oh yeah, yeah. A mirror. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And they, they don't go to this yet though. No. Before that they have the, the next day they do the, the LSD.

So, so like have just like bowls up to him in the morning. And they're just gonna go down to the village or whatever. And he is like, he's got like a little looks like the soil, like a little sort of like pipette thing with like a bottle of LSD.

So he drops. So Nick cage kind of like, oh no, go on there. So they do the LSD and they're just like driving along

Sidey: the first

Pete: talking. And they're looking for like creative inspiration, obviously, like as the drugs are kicking in,

Reegs: Pascal's got a great, like far away deranged look.

Yeah. Like straight away, he looks like a man on acid. Like completely gone.

Pete: But

Sidey: He looks like a man on acid, like completely gone. But Nick coach is texting like Vivian from the CIA She's like, have you got anything yet? And he is like, no, I'm on acid. She's like, what the fuck I had to, I had to the message, the message

Pete: says like, no, just doing acid

BRB, like

Reegs: And they're also, they're talking about what the movie is gonna be about and it should be about them.

It should be a, be about a character piece about two people. And they don't want it to be too much of a talky comedy, either. It needs some plot they're saying to drive it forward and they're having a conversation and, and he suggests a paranoid revenge, thriller, and then suddenly Pascal is instantly paranoid and he sees two men behind him and he goes, Kay says, oh, for instance, what if those two guys were look at us?

He's like, what if they are they watching us?

Sidey: Wait, one of them just looked and he said, and he goes, don't look at him, wait. And he looks at him and he goes, pretend to laugh. And he just goes, ha

Pete: but it's these it's these two like old villages just literally just like sat on a bench. Like they're doing absolutely nothing,

Reegs: but they decide to leg it through the streets to get away and they come to a wall it's impossible to get over.

So usually it's a human stall Pascal shouts and you know, some comical bundling over and then it turns out the wall in fact was just one sided and he walks around

Pete: it's very

Reegs: yeah, it's pretty funny.

Pete: And then this is when they go back to the to the compound and they find, and they go up to the, to the room with the,

Sidey: starts snooping around and they, they catch him. He catches him like, yeah, look, you really wanna see what's in there. Okay. I'll show you.


Pete: he's gonna go, but this is gonna change your opinion to me. So obviously you gonna think maybe this is where the, the daughter's being held or possibly even just guns and shit like that. And they open the, they open, like the mirror doors go in and it's a fucking

Sidey: it's a shrine to massive

Pete: shrine to Nick cage.

It's got like AB it's got the bunny from con air in it

Reegs: the poison gas from the rock. It's

Dan: got, oh, it's all

Pete: Oh yeah. Yeah. Like the

Dan: all stuff he's bought. Is it? Or,

Sidey: a really bad, like Waxwork sort of statue of him from face off with the two guns. Yeah. And he's like, that's terrible. How much do you want for it?

Pete: Yeah, yeah. Said that's for AEs. Yeah. He goes how much it costs. He goes about $6,000. I'll give you $20,000 for it.

Reegs: So according to gauge when he is talking to the CIA, the bad news is that he hasn't found the girl, but the good news is ha's a great uh he's got a great sense for story and tone.

So the script is coming on. Great.

Dan: Right.

Reegs: And the CIA aren't that pleased to hear. And they, they, you know, they push him to find out what's going on and they tell him to insert a kidnapping plot into the movie that he's talking about with Javi to see what he says like be provocative, you know? And he, he says, I don't wanna do that.

It doesn't make any sense. And then they have this conversation about, oh, well, you wanna make a smart character driven adult drama about real people, but it also needs to have a hook to get into the theater. And I dunno if you're aware, Dan, that's kind of exactly what they're trying to do.

Dan: ah,

Pete: so

the, the next part is the daughter and the estranged wife show up.

because I think he's well

have he's interpreted what Nick cage is talking about with like the, you know, the abduction of a young girl and everything like that is like a metaphor for his, his strained relationship with his daughter.

Yeah. So as a surprise, he's flown out his daughter and, and her mother, but obviously Nick cage now who believes this guy could, could

Dan: could be dangerous

Pete: fucking head of a mafia and has kidnapped a, a girl in real life thinks, takes this massively as like, this is a threat he's like, brought them over here just to like, show how connected

Dan: powerful.

Yeah. Okay.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: yeah. So yeah, it, he does try to unlock his creativity as a result of the sort of unresolved issues he's got with his family. And cage gets a call from the CIA telling him that they've been made and that he probably has been as well. So he needs to get outta there. Yeah. And when he goes to see the family they've been brought there under the understanding that he's unwell.

So they just like

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And then he's just saying no, it's just because the emotional trauma is bleeding into the work yeah. Um yeah

Sidey: ha Javi goes to see his cousin. Yeah. And this is where it,

Pete: Lucas.

Sidey: yeah. And it turns out he's the real bad guy. He's the one who's done the kidnapping, he's the arms dealer and all the rest of it.

Reegs: he's cousin He's the arms dealer. He, he

Pete: Javi is effectively. So, so as I understood it, it was like, there was, so is it Lucas's dad or Javi's dad? One, one of their dads was like the, the, you know, the, the Dawn of this like mafia family, but as a front they've used like the, the olive like Grove thing as a, as a story. And so J has like the, the premises and the wealth and everything.

But Lucas is the actual guy.

Dan: He's the power in behind. Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: And he tells them he's like, cage is working with the CIA. Yeah. And he plays him a recording of a conversation. Yeah. So he knows.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: So Lucas orders hav to kill Nick cage,

which of course leaves him, leaves him feeling very conflicted because he's a, he's a massive Nick cage fan,

Dan: but he he's, he's gotta go and do it. Otherwise. He's

he's Exactly. Yeah

Pete: So

Reegs: cage at this point has retrieved the golden guns from the face

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: ah

Reegs: museum. So they're both packing heat when they go out together.

Dan: They were real.

Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: They uh they go for another drive in the woods and this time they have a confrontation where.

J is is basically saying, like, I know you're working for the CIA and Nick cage is like, I know you're the head of a, like a mafia. Family's like, no, no, that's not me. It's it's, it's my cousin and everything.

And they're like going, like, it's like, I don't, they're like both going, oh, I don't wanna shoot you. I don't wanna shoot you either. I love you. I love you. And all of this kind of stuff. So

Reegs: they've swapped shoes as well

Pete: like, they swap shoes as well. Oh yeah. They have such it's like Gucci loafs for like vans, like slip-ons. Yeah.

but then, then, because Lucas has no faith that, that he knows obviously have he's a Nick cage fan. So his, like, he turn up and they start shooting. So the two of them are running off and Nick cages in these Gucci Lofas are like, oh, they, these are terrible to run. And they've got no ankle support. He's running down like little cliff parts and shit.


Another funny scene

Reegs: they tear off, there's a big car chase there's motorcycles after them. There's actually a terrific stunt here where he cage pulls a guy's helmet off as he's riding and the guy crashes, and it's all looks to be done practically.

So he takes his helmet

Dan: off. Wow. Yeah.

Reegs: and they escape the motorcyclist. They head back to the compound to find where Olivia and Gabriela, I'm sorry are waiting for them. And they tell them that Addie's now been abducted. Yeah. And,

Pete: cause they're gonna use her as like, even more leverage. I think to get the us involved in this, like it's like a double abduction now.

Okay. To, to gain more leverage in

Dan: who, who was the first go, she was a senators

Pete: was the daughter of the presidential candidate for, for Catalonia. Yeah. So

Reegs: and then the CIA people they've been caught and they have to in trap cage, and then there's a really clumsy handled scene where they get captured free themselves and killed all in the space of a few minutes.

The CIA people don't yeah.

Sidey: She sort of sacrificed herself, didn't she?

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. So, but they,

Reegs: then Nick turns up and cages in a black room in a, and there's just a spotlight. It's quite a bizarre moment. This, and he has like, is sort of, I guess, what is his final showdown with, with Nicky? Who's telling him not to be a hero he'll end up dead, but cage is like, no, I've gotta do this.

This is my moment. It's not a role blah, blah, blah.

Pete: So, this is where the, like the, the, the reality and the acting of kind of like now sort of bled into, into one thing. He's now living the, the part of a real life, like action hero in a real sort of like store of like film involving the CIA and everything, but he's, he's acting it out, but they come up.

So there was reference earlier on, in the film to a, an Italian, an Italian mafia boss called Sergio who's been presumed dead for 15 years, but is now sort of like resurfaced. So they've spoken about it and there needs to be a meeting set between Lucas and this Sergio so that they can like be in cahoots.

Right. And they see an opportunity here for because Nick, Nick Cage's ex-wife is makeup artist. So because of that, they come up with this plan of like her. Disguising Nick cage as Sergio this Italian ma,

Dan: guy who hasn't been seen

Pete: who hasn't been seen for it, hasn't been seen for 15 years. So it's a good it's a good sort of plot,

Dan: it's a send in Nick

Pete: be able to do it ridiculous.

Reegs: he looks like, I wanna

Dan: say he looks like Nick cage, brain

Reegs: damaged version of the lead singer of Casian. Maybe

Pete: he looks like a, an old he's wearing like a, a Naly like tracksuit top. And he like, and this is like of like Nick cage in what you'd imagine is his element where he can like now, oh, I can play a different character now.

So I'm gonna play like an Italian, like mafia guy, but

Sidey: it's almost like Brad, Pitt's Italian in in Glorias bars, Bon Jo, no speak about that.

Pete: but he's getting like

Sidey: He's like

Pete: his arms around, like just completely hamming it up. And Lucas bowls over to him, you think to sort of like hug him or whatever, but.

Like knocks him off his feet, gets a knife, puts it against his throat and basically like, says, look, you're on my territory. Now I'm calling all the shots here and everything doesn't know it's Nick cage, but he wants to like, you know like show, show his power. No, he doesn't like, he, he, yeah, he fallen for the, for the Rouse, but wants to show his power.

But the, like the makeup artist, like basically like, well, you don't fucking frighten me. And that kind of like saves his life or her ex-husband's life.

Reegs: Yeah. Right. Then it gets silly because Cajun, Olivia get left alone again and sneak around and then they're captured again by a guard that keeps popping up this like psycho Carlo and fucking hell, how bad is the plot now? And and then Carlos takes him to see Lucas and he's with the Lucas is the bad, the ultimate big, bad guy.

And he's got the two girls now right there. And

and then cage grab. Lucas, they untie the girls, Olivia frees the girls and they go off and there's like four guards and cage with the guy here. And he recites the speech from the beginning of the movie, the me doula oblong

Pete: Yeah. It takes 13 milliseconds for like the information to be sent from the brain to the 18 fingers and stuff. Like it's like the thing that he does when he is reading right at the very beginning, something to do with like pocket assholes in there as well.

Reegs: Olivia finds heavy. Where the fuck has he been? Suddenly he pops up for a minute. Oh yeah. The movie forgot about him. Cage gets stabbed in the knee and that doesn't get mentioned again. And beyond this tiny part of the film you can see where I'm.

Yeah. Lucas finally finds out that Sergio is cage at this point now after all this stuff. And then there's a big escape. Isn't there a huge shootout?

Pete: Well, I, I think it's probably worth saying at this point that this, like, so the film, it, it you're describing it. Right. But this is where the film has gone last action hero. So I think it's parodying itself.

Reegs: Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Pete: it's it's saying like, oh, where did they come from? How did they pop up?

Like he got stabbed in the leg now. He's absolutely fine. There's probably like deliberate continuity errors in there just because it's now become like a dumb action film, which is like, but how they've set it up is really fucking funny and

Dan: that was the clever

Pete: and yeah. So you can kind of forgive how like, like dopey and DFT.

All of this part of it is because it almost becomes like slapstick.

Reegs: Well, Pascal gets short, they head back to the embassy where Lucas takes Nick cage, the us embassy. That's where they think you escape. Lucas takes Nick cage at gunpoint and the daughter throws a blade at Nick cage for him to catch.

And he it's the, then it suddenly twists into a movie of the versions and Nick cage is then saying some lines about, yeah, it catches it fucking stabs, the guy or whatever. And suddenly his wife is now Demi Moore and his

Sidey: I was like

Reegs: is

Sidey: double take. And we're like, wait, what? That's. And then the daughter's like completely different. You're like, oh, it's become it's. It is become the movie.

Reegs: The lighting changes, everything changes.

Dan: was the story. And now we're getting told it

Sidey: and then it, it kind of phases from there into a great big, really grand sort of movie theater.

And it's the film premiere of the film that they were making all along, you know Harvey wasn't able to, he was too nervous to be there, but everyone stands up and gives this great big, like standing ovation to Nick cage who just sat there in the middle. And I think his agent says to him, oh, you know, you're back in the big time.

And he is like, yeah, but I never really went anywhere, you know, says it again. And then Harvey comes in and after he's like, how was it? How did it go? He's like, they fucking loved it. And everyone's real happy

Dan: Harvey. Harvey was sorry. Harvey's the, the rich guy.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Reegs: And then, because they haven't watched enough movie, they go back to Cage's house to watch a movie.

Pete: Well, they watch Paddington too again,

Sidey: and they watch Paddington two again Well, he just lets his daughter choose. Now he's come full circle. So he doesn't make her, watch him score German things in the 1920s. He says, you choose and they watch padding. And that

Pete: is it.

Sidey: get the feeling you weren't wholly sold with this on rigs.

Reegs: I really like the idea, but it just yeah.

Dan: Fell short.

Reegs: Yeah.

I was kind of really disappointed by this. I thought the whole thing with it was the right actor, the right concept and all that. I just, when it turns into this really broad wacky buddy comedy towards the end, and like when Pedro Pascal is the funniest and best thing in the Nick cage movie about this stuff you know, it just didn't feel like anything to do, like a really sort of homogenized version of Nick cage, not a real version, not the guy who bought a dinosaur skull or named his son Callal or like, you know, yeah.

Star and there's no real references to there's hard. The references are just like, oh, he was in face off. Did you know in con air, like nothing about like vampire's kiss or deadfall or bad Lieutenant or anything over the a hundred films?

Pete: is hundredth film. It's difficult

Sidey: does. It does say about the bees.

Reegs: Just it's such a good idea. It just really misunderstands everything.

That's interesting about him and yeah, just a few funny moments, but

Pete: a little bit of me did wonder whether any of that, like last sequence did happen and,

Reegs: yeah, yeah. It was

Pete: the, and this was now like the film that. Like they say that obviously it had just been resolved or maybe there wasn't a mafia guy at all or everything.

And like, this is now like these two kind of like kindred spirits coming together to make a film and reigniting like Cage's career.

Reegs: It's the only interesting thing the movie talks about is male friendship. And that's not anything that you ever really see explored in movies and it, and it, you know, bromance and this how this new friendship emerges between them.

It's like, yeah, it's probably the only thing the movie has interesting to talk about.

Pete: Yeah. What I would say and far less so in like the, the final act, which I think is the weakest act of the film, there was definitely a lot of laugh out loud moments for me. I was like pissing myself at some of the, like the dopey shit that we've already come across. And there's loads of little nuggets in there and everyone kind of like contributes to it.

It's not just a, a knit cage loving, it's not really a vanity project for him either. It's not, it shows him in like a. Obviously, it doesn't really touch on his like real life so much as, as like res is mentioning, but it does kind of show him as being like, kind of like really arrogant and egotistical at the beginning and everything, which I'm sure.

I mean, I think, I think a, a, a theme with, with Nick cage is that he's obviously this fucking, like, he's a, guy's an actor he's quirky. I think he had a massive chip on his shoulder early on in his career about the fact that he was like couple's nephew, which is why he changed his name. And, and like why he acted.

I think he modeled himself and like James Dean a little bit when he was younger. So that was like him trying to like play somebody other than himself. And so it kind of like touches on, on those sorts of like elements of it, but then it just becomes a bit of a last action hero type film where like Schwarzenegger plays Schwarzenegger in, in that and cage plays cage in this.

So it did, it did definitely Peter off. It's not, I was hoping for it had the, the, like you said, the ingredients to, to be B. And I think in some parts of it, it was fucking, really funny and entertaining and endearing and all of these sorts of things. But it did like lose a bit of momentum Sidy,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Not a big fan of the de aging.

Like we mentioned really took me over, but I fucking loved it. Absolutely loved it. That was great. I'm but I'm not like a super Nick cage fan. So for all the reasons that. Like disappointed with it's cuz you are probably more into it and wanted to see the more nuanced stuff about Nick cage. Yeah. Maybe I just like, like the silliness of it.

I just fucking really liked it. Especially the acid sequence in the town was fucking brilliant. Yeah. Yeah. And I just, yeah, I just, it was like an hour and a half of just fun. I just really thought it was great.

Dan: Yeah.

Well, I'd like to see it. I must say listen to you guys. Talk about it. Like you, you know, I'm not maybe as deep into to Nick cage as you are res I, I like some of his stuff.

Some it's been utter turd, but this one sounds like it's on the,

Sidey: think you'd enjoy it. I do think you'd enjoy it.

Pete: You definitely get some laughs out of it.

Sidey: Yeah.


Dan: Cool.

Pete: So kid stuff.


Sidey: this with the, the irons,

Pete: with the, what

Sidey: did you watch this with? The youngling?

Pete: No.

So I was obviously with it being cage week. Yeah. I was looking for things. I mean, there's crudes and stuff like that. I couldn't find anything that I could, well, I couldn't find anything that Nick cage had been in by way of like a cartoon or a kids thing that was like gonna be,

Reegs: well, I think he'd been in as crypto.

Was he the super dog?

Sidey: Oh

God, I don't know.

Reegs: In teen Titans go, but we've already bloody reviewed it. So

Sidey: oh, right.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: So we did the history of swear words.

Pete: So what I thought I'm assuming

Sidey: you went season, like one episode one.

Pete: I did indeed. And yeah, so I thought I could shoehorn this into the kids' segment because one, it was a 13 plus.

And when you're 13, you're still a kid really six. What

Dan: this, this episode was 16.

Pete: Was

Dan: it? Yeah,

Sidey: Well, the other thing is that it's our show and we do whatever we want. Exactly.

Pete: There is that. And also because swearing is really childish and kids find it funny. I certainly did as a kid, especially the word fuck. So this is a show called the history of swear words and it's on Netflix and there's been,

Sidey: there's six episodes and there's like, bitch cock.

Other ones. Yeah. But this,

Reegs: they do not tackle CU. No,

Sidey: No, no. Cus, but this is in there.

Dan: in there.

Sidey: Yeah. I was just thought I'm not gonna watch that. So

Reegs: damn. Is that even a,

Pete: Yeah. In some places where

Sidey: th is still don't they, so this, yeah.

So episode one, they go in like big. Yeah. Because this is the fuck episodes. Yeah. And so we get the sort of introduction from the man himself. Yeah. It's all unscripted, I think.

Reegs: Is it?

Dan: Did, did any of you watch this with your

Reegs: it's not, Is it

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: The cage stuff, because it's all like operatic and cage.

Sidey: all like operatic hosted by Nick cage, the unscripted series explores the history of swear words through in this

Reegs: is scripted in between, but they have all the Vox pops from the comedians and whatnot.

Don't they?

Sidey: So they just talk about the swear wordss and where no one knows where it comes. The, the takeaways that no one really knows where it came from.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, the from the fifth to the 13th century, it didn't have anything to do with the, with fucking yeah.

Sidey: Hitting. yeah.

Reegs: It was a medieval Dutch

Sidey: that's about all that is about all you learned from the

Reegs: I mean, it's

Dan: was like a fornicating wasn't it? It

Reegs: fornication under


Dan: And

Pete: command of the

Reegs: commander the king commander. The king. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. But that is not where it came from. But I had heard that at some point in my life fornication under command of the king, that was

Dan: And you get these kind of experts that are sat in some kind of Victorian house that pop up every now and again, just to, to give that credence to

Reegs: yeah.

One of them

Dan: are saying in between. Yeah. And they're just putting in words and giving all the examples where they can use fuck.

So I watch this with my, my daughter who was laughing all the way

Sidey: I bet she

Pete: you watched

Dan: you know, because,

Pete: and your daughter was.


Dan: it's not like she hasn't heard the word and she never uses it, but we just thought she heard it. I actually, I,

Sidey: When Janna's, when Janna's, when Janna's

Reegs: Yeah. There is a sea bomb.

Dan: couple of them as well.

Yeah. But she was, it tickled her. She was just, and I said, she said, I can I say it?

Pete: and did you let

Dan: Yeah. You've got her


Reegs: on you little can't so

Dan: So

no, it wasn't that the F bomb. But yeah, it was, it was funny because I was watching it with her and now she wants to watch 'em all

Reegs: Yeah, of

Dan: she wants to

Sidey: yeah. There's, there's a lady. An expert. She has a PhD in swearing.

Reegs: Yeah. And another one, her job was to, she was, she wrote definitions for profanity. Yeah. For Miriam Webster. So these are the real

Dan: Yeah What are just words on there and where they come from? The, the history of them, it

Sidey: Yeah. But no one really seemed to know. So you didn't, you know, it's like, okay, you've got a PhD, but you don't know

Reegs: Yeah. Not really. It was, you know, just this theory stuff that came together. And then there was a few, it came in names. So in the 13th century had John fucker, somebody fuck butter and Roger, Roger, fuck by the Naval.

Sidey: They sound like vis names. They could be out of vis

Pete: And they're saying that obviously a lot of names came from professions. And so if somebody was like good at like a prolific top SHA then they might have had fuck in their name mm-hmm

But what, what they do touch upon is like the versatility of the word. Fuck. Yeah. And how it can be, like, it could be positive. It can negative, but it be like, you know,

Dan: there's a YouTube video. I think our show is talking about fuck and exactly that how many different circumstances it can be used in. Yeah. And it's, he's this sort of Indian, spiritual guy, you know?

So him just coming out with it again and all the different ways as you say, you can use it can be you surprised. Yeah. Fuck. It can be angry. fuck. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: We're fucked.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: fucked.

Pete: We're fucked. And that like, it's, it is

Dan: that's probably the

Pete: British comedian that says that, you know, it's like, you can use it like terms of endowment, which is absolutely true.

She's like in, in England you can go like, you know, oh morning, you fucking can't like, and you can say, and it's like, people will be like, all right. Like, whereas in America will

Dan: Right. You fuck. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: But what they do, so, so there is, there is some science behind it. You get 5% more grip


when swearing

really? Yeah.

That's they mention it in that. So,

Reegs: and you experience less pain. Yeah. As well. When you, if you.

Dan: Wow. So

Pete: So yes. Yeah. So it can be prescribed. I think

Reegs: when you, when you swear it uses the limbic, the amygdala

Pete: right.

Dan: prescribes swear words. Joseph been, fuck just, well, I get that every in a meeting at work,

Pete: you have it in a religious sense.

It's like, go and say, like hail Mary's and it'll make you feel better about

Dan: what yeah.

Pete: that you've done or like it will whatever word is, let you off your Cru sin. I can't remember. There's a better word for that rep repent. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah, it'll make you feel better and it definitely makes you feel better.


Sidey: But we do, we do have some experts, but no one really cares what they think. So we get some celebs talking about it as well.


Reegs: Sarah Silverman. Nick Orman.

Sidey: Yeah. Nicki KLO is not funny. Some other people,

Reegs: a lot of stuff recycled from movies, they talk about the impact of the haze code when they outright band swearing and references for sex and then had to reintroduce the MPAA introduced ratings.

And then they talk about how in a PG there's zero fucks in a PG 13. You're gonna one fuck as long as it's not about

Pete: sexual. Yeah.

Reegs: And you can have unlimited shits and in an R rated, you can have unlimited fucks.

Pete: Yeah. What they do do as well is give you like a, a top 10 actors who have used the word fuck.

Or was it just swears? I think. And obviously everyone, they, they asked the comedians

Dan: Jackson there, it

Pete: Yeah. That everyone's like putting their money on Samuel L. Jackson. And then they show loads of like clips and showing like fuck motherfucker and everything. And it turns out it's Jonah hill. Yeah. And like your man.

Yeah. Leo second, I think. But mainly because of the Wolf of wall street. Yeah. But yeah, like they've yeah. He's a prolific fucker.

Reegs: And the programs kind of got a fairly American lean. So it tells you the first time it was said on TV was in 2004 for south park, but it must have been way before that in Britain. I

Sidey: Well, sexist did it on yeah. Thing.

Reegs: And

Pete: I mean, you've got like the, I only, only cuz I saw it again recently. John CLEs eulogy for gray, we've forgotten the one Chapman Graham Chapman. Yeah. Yeah. Just like just swearing all the way through and everyone like pissing themselves at his funeral.

It's incredible. So yeah, definitely on these shores, I would've been exposed to fuck before. Yeah. South park, but,

Reegs: and

did you catch the first American film to, to say the word.

Pete: No,

Sidey: the

Reegs: Mash. I've not seen the mash movie,

Sidey: Robert Altman was. Yeah. I've seen

Pete: yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think I have seen it. Yeah.

Reegs: So there you

Pete: rings a bell. There's not a lot to, to be said really about this.

It was just a way of getting Nick cage into the,

Sidey: I didn't think it was very good. I thought it was a letdown. I had actually gone to watch this when it was first released.

Right. And had turned it off after about five, 10 minutes. Cause

Pete: Which episode? The same one.

Sidey: Yeah. Cause when I went to watch it for this, I was already,

Dan: you have to watch you with a kid. They, they laugh all the way for it. I mean, cuz it's

Sidey: You look at the rest of the episodes and you think, whoa, fuck. I'm not watching any of them. I just can't bothered.

And Nick cage is wearing a fucking shit load of makeup and, and you can, you can see like the fucking dress for men in his beard. Like you can see, he must be so much of it. Yeah. And then that took me out of the thing. So it's just crushing low. This was Bullock. I thought it was really shit.

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: you watch all of it or anymore?

Sidey: I fucked off about, I still couldn't watch it all.

Also I had about five, 10 minutes left to go and I thought, you know, I've seen enough of this.

Reegs: I can't even remember whether I watched the second one or.

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: No, I mean, I didn't even get through the whole of this one episode.

Reegs: mm-hmm

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: didn't think it was.

Dan: Well, I, I had as I say different experience because I was shortening along with my daughter who never swears or anything, you know, she's not exposed to this kind of thing, but because it was done in a kind of educational way and it was given a meaning or context, or where did this word come from?

And these are the different ratings and films. It was like, oh, okay. But she was just, you know, it was, it was funny. It doesn't hold up on its own. I, I I'm like you I've actually seen it before to a point. And didn't really fancy it, but, you know, it's,

Sidey: it's tough to recommend, I'd say to people

Dan: it's. Yeah. Okay.

Which do you think

Pete: would say to, but do you okay. Do you think it's a good entry level sort of, I guess like putting it out there, like for, for the kid, not with the kid, HES, like young kids, but you know, for someone of your daughter's

Dan: I think for the white, for the white kids who are swearing anyway, hear it in the, in the playground all the time, trying to pretend it's not.

you know, a word, this one tries to give it, you know, a history of swear, you know, it tries to

Sidey: but they don't give you that. That's the thing I took away from.

Dan: there, there, well, there's a little bit, I mean, what, what it is there big

Pete: they gave it the big reveal of where it came

Dan: from? They didn't,

Reegs: No, they

Pete: They did wasn't if they did. I don't remember it.

Dan: No. No, it'ss not, it's not great. It's gimicky obviously it's got Nick Cajun, all these people and everything to, to try to make it a little more interesting.

It's a half. What is it? 20

Reegs: 20 minutes,

Dan: 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Probably probably could have been haled or, or certainly shortened. You don't really need Nick Cajun either, but fuck.

Pete: not?

Well, if it didn't have an cage, it, we wouldn't be talking about


Sidey: Yeah. We could have dodged it all together.

Dan: I can get fucked.

Pete: The end P

Sidey: I think Nick cage.

I, I was on board. I enjoyed the midweek of just enough and I really enjoyed the main feature this week. So that was, that was good. Nice. Certainly for me, R's probably all the way around.

Reegs: Yeah, probably. Yeah. But I do love Nick G

Sidey: official.

Dan: Yeah. And I, I had a good week on, on face, face off, like, you know, I think that was it gave me my Nick cage dose for now.

And I'm happy with that.

Sidey: We'll come up with some sort of nominations one way or another for next week, Pete, won't be here to destroy all the furniture. So that's good. Unless you want to come back next week.

we'll see.

So for now it remains is to say Saudi signing out

Reegs: re out fuck off.

Pete: fuck off.

Dan: Dan's gonna win a check.