Aug. 5, 2022

Upgrade & Sonic Boom

Upgrade & Sonic Boom

As my work involves sitting at a computer for long stretches and watching films requires even more screen time, what I don't really need in my life is yet another sedentary activity which is a shame because I really enjoy playing video games. This week we celebrate entertainments biggest industry, though you wouldn't know it given how little attention is devoted to video gaming in popular media. And you wouldn't really know it when you listen to us either as we try to avoid any computer game references in our Top 5 Games section.
Leigh Whannell is probably best known as the writer of SAW and the INSIDIOUS movies but in 2018 directed the furious and inventive Australian cyberpunk thriller UPGRADE based on his own screenplay. Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is a retro man living in a near futuristic world who restores old cars for creepy reclusive tech billionaires. When a brutal accident and robbery attempt results in his wife being killed and renders Grey paralysed from the neck down, experimental surgery to implant a tiny microchip called STEM in him might just start to give Grey his body back. Like a slice of 80’s or early 90’s Verhoeven, full of inventive world building, the script crackles and amuses and cinematographer Stefan Duscio makes virtually every scene dazzle through great lighting and unusual camera angles but it's the physical performance from Logan Marshall-Green as an at-times passenger in his own body which astonishes. Judicious use of an innovative visual effect that sees the camera housed in a gyroscopic mounting which then tracks a phone stored on the actors body gives the action scenes a strong and unique visual style and the massive downer ending only strengthened our love for this ambitious sci-fi action revenge flick. Give yourself an upgrade and watch this!
We round out video game week with a look at iconic anthropomorphic hedgehog Sonic in the animated series SONIC BOOM. Based on a recommendation from my youngest we watched the season 1 finale "It Takes a Village To Defeat a Hedgehog" which introduces the second most popular character in the canon, Shadow. Doctor Eggman calls together a complete rogues gallery including Dave the Intern, T.W. Barker and his two circus bears, the Lightning Bolt Society, and Charlie the mad archaeologist to talk about how they might bring down the spiny mammal which involves ambushing Sonic and his friends as they attempt to build their latest IKEA purchase. In the end the furry blue speedster needs a cheap shot while his rival is distracted in order to momentarily defeat his nemesis, the cheating little tw*t.
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Reegs: Welcome

to bad. Dad's film review two beards, one hat. Now don't punch your own teeth out in excitement or anything. But this week's show is all about games. I've been known to game every now and then heck each week we finish up the recording session by playing an obscure Indian dice game taught to us by cohost Dan.

And he was taught by a shaman. Was it? Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: but

Reegs: this game attack and moreover I've enjoyed a video game or two over the years. And despite video games being a gazillion times larger than the movie and music industries combined, it's still seen as somehow inferior to those other art forms in many people's mind.

And it's still sort of reported in the mainstream media. Like it's a cheese rolling competition happening in a foreign country. And honestly, what's so good about movies. Anyway, you can't go to a cinema and press a button to make Tom cruise rev himself into a spiky blue ball and pinball round the screen at ice spearing seeds.

Nor can you pause the action in a romantic comedy to indiscriminately Mo down pedestrians in a juggernaut playing be Valdi at full blast. And we can all agree. There were so for it. Some of the listeners will be gamers, VM Z from the gamers confessional podcast is an occasional listener

Dan: big up V Z.

Reegs: yeah, big up VM.

And he'll know that video games don't all have to be recreations of D-Day landings or punishingly difficult RPGs or mimicking the intense team reactions required to play top level sports. There's also lawn mowing simulators, walking Sims puzzle games, text adventures point and clicks, bizarre flights of fancy, which involve you literally rolling everything in the cosmos up into a tiny ball.

In summary if you don't play games, you're not just missing out, you are willfully ignoring one of the most rapidly evolving and inventive mediums in, in human history. Of course I don't really get any time to play them really, which is a bit of a shame. You get, you play any

Sidey: I, so I just bought legends of Zelda. Yeah. Breath, monster of the wild and played it for about five seconds and I reckon that's probably all I do.

Reegs: do. Yeah. Yeah. It's good though.


Sidey: I think so.

Maybe my daughter's playing it more so

Reegs: yeah. I tried to convince mine to get it so I could play

Sidey: it.


happening and you might have just acquired a new machine.

Reegs: Yeah. I've got a PS five it's in the UK and I dunno how to get it back to Jersey, but yeah, I think I'm close to like being able to not be able to play it at home. No, I I'm. I'm playing at the moment. A shark game shark R PG called man eater. And it's basically like a jaw

Sidey: Has it got whole of notes on the soundtrack?

Reegs: No, not yet.

No. It's the

Sidey: question. There's the cat one. Isn't it? That came out stray.

Reegs: I'm gonna play that. Yeah. When it, when I get the thing on so anyway, celebrating games week this week, we started with a look at the reality, twisting David Fincher movie, the game in the midweek mention, which we all universally adored.

Then we'll chat about the top five games. And I seem to put a weird condition of, you're not really supposed to talk about video games, but I'm not gonna be an asshole. So you talk about whatever you want. And then we're looking at the cyber punk revenge action movie upgrade. And then we're finishing up with a look at Sonic boom.

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: Recommended to me again

Sidey: by the youngling.

Reegs: Yeah. So there's just bad dad, Dan and, and cohost. I, and you were looking relend in your hat.

Sidey: Yeah, I got a new hat. And.

Yeah. Wide brim, but it's a bit too floppy. I, I prefer it to be a bit more rigid if anything.

Dan: That's what she

Sidey: she said. Yeah.

So I'm, I'm still in the market for a better hat, but it'll do for now. And it was only from source. So it cost about 10 P

Reegs: I think it looks strong. It looked good. Shade, coverage.

Sidey: Yeah, it does have that. Yeah. I wore a Saturday when it was quite hot and it was it was doing its thing. Mm-hmm

Dan: Suppose I shouldn't let you monopolize the conversation.

Reegs: Where were you on games? Stand? I never really heard you talk

Dan: about, yeah, I've had a, I've had a checkered past to be honest. I

Reegs: what about

Dan: yeah, I, I took, I I've got. I've gotta habit of stealing games. To be honest, I took my friends game. He doesn't have a clue.

You know, he said I could go for jail for, I said, it's worth the risk. Yeah. I, I asked the doctor, I said, you know, can he see a specialist because you can't go around nicking fucking games all the time, you know, draft snakes and ladders Scrabble. He said any chess? I said, no, I wanna go private. Um Anyway no, I'm not.

I used to be a bit of a game player. Mario, you know, that was my thing. Platform games. I'm well, I've never been beaten on street fighter ever on any character.

Sidey: kind of

Reegs: on any character,

Sidey: feels like bullshit.

Dan: No, no, that's true. And yeah, I'm I'm I like games. I've gone for my choices, not video games, because I read the, the WhatsApp message.

Sidey: same,

Dan: That's been flipped on its head here. So I've gone for, for board games, but I suppose sports are games as well. Aren't they?

Sidey: No, they're sports.

Okay football.

Well, we can get into that when, when we, when we get onto that, but did you watch anything this week, Dan? There wasn't homework related.

Dan: I think I did. I was out a fair bit as well.

So I've forgotten a few things that I've watched. But yes, they were good. I watched the football, watched the England

women lady Yeah. Lions has take it home, which was brilliant. Much like with my mom and we were both in tears of happiness. So that was peak entertainment as far as television and things, but the homework was strong

Reegs: week Yeah. Neighbors, man? I

Sidey: watch. Oh, did you, did you go through it? Oh

Reegs: Yeah, yeah,

Dan: you do that?

Sidey: Kylie and Jason in are really sky Pierce first

Reegs: they were all in it guy. Pierce is in it really?

Dan: guy Pierce

Reegs: He gets back together with plain Jane. Mad is back in it as a like force ghost.

Sidey: Harold is. Oh, aren't he?

Reegs: Harold's there. Yeah. Shipman, Carl Shipman Bishop, Bishop.

That's what

Sidey: because they got washed off the rocks and died and came back. Oh, he did.

Reegs: He, he

Sidey: came back already, like once.

Yeah. Isn't he in a horror Aren. They, a lot of them in a horror movie. so they are definitely

Reegs: Carl was there, but he looks like a bake potato. And Susan still looks like the goddess, Susan, that

Sidey: was

Reegs: 20 years ago when you watched it at university or whatever.

Yeah. And they had a fantastic scene where they basically hadn't worked out how to get Holly Vallance and Natalie and blio into it. So they had them have a chance meeting in the park and then they send a video and they're like, we don't even know you when they're doing the big montage. Great shameless

Sidey: Mar Robbie was on a bench or something. Was

Reegs: Yeah, she does the piece to camera. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Marco. Everybody was in, it was great. Made your heart sing, but I did want them all to die

com like, you know, asteroid or whatever. Would've been great, but I.

Dan: no, no, I might go back and watch it just cuz I'm curious. See what they look like. Some of those characters now.

Reegs: side.

Sidey: I, I didn't see that. Unfortunately I missed it. I did read about it and I just watched all of umbrella academy, season three,

Reegs: Mm. How it's any good?

Sidey: Yeah. Really liked it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's no stranger things biased still did really enjoy it.

Dan: I wonder what people at home have been watching this week and maybe that's something they can share with us.

Sidey: Yeah. That would be good. Actually. No one ever tells us that, but we did have a top five from last week to finish off, which was Kings and or Queens.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Had a couple of really strong nominations and this one cropped up in my research, but I couldn't nominate it because I hadn't seen the film Mav put forward Priscilla

Dan: ah

Reegs: oh yeah.

Dan: queen of the desert, which

Sidey: was, which was the only bus in the nomination so far. So I think that should go in. And then. Already been named Jack once in this episode, but Darren Leafly with some great Keith tewin stats cuz he was in, he was in the McBeth film that I put forward

Reegs: Keith.

Sidey: yeah, he was. Yeah. And it was actually directed by Roman Roman. Plansky

Dan: Keith chagrin, Roman Polansky

Sidey: and hug Hener star

Dan: and Hugh Hefner did the,

Sidey: producer.


Dan: water will Shakespeare he's he's created something there a few hundred years back.

He just couldn't have known was gonna happen.

Sidey: Yeah. He'd have been really happy about that. He was talking about the King's speech. That's good. Which we, I nominated as well, but also the naked gun because it has the queen lookalike that he like rugby tackles

Dan: Oh, brilliant. If we can get that in there. That's

Sidey: that's definitely going in that and I think we had room for two, so Priscilla and yeah, they lookalike queen from naked gone they're in boom. Nice

Dan: that. Thank you.

Sidey: You'd

done a top five. Yeah. About games. Yeah. And it was just top five games. Yeah.

Reegs: Top five games.

Sidey: I, I personally needed a bit more clarity on, so I went back and you said we were gonna try and leave out films based on video games for a exclusive cast. We just about that. But we may have a bit of bleed over into this.

Reegs: If people got interesting stuff they wanna

Sidey: haven't, but we'll see. Yeah. I've got some that have video games.

Reegs: Yeah They're part of the plot. I, that might be okay.

Sidey: We'll get, we'll get into it. Do you wanna start us off?

Reegs: Yeah. I was gonna start with Jumanji, the Jumanji franchise. Cuz it's probably the first

Dan: Is it two, is it two Ji's

Sidey: well, there's the, there's the Robin Williams one and then there's the two. Reboot.

Dan: in two of them are reboots.

Reegs: Yeah. I keep I toyed with doing one of them as a review on the pod. It's good. They're both pretty good. I thought

Sidey: I don't like the Robin winnings one. I love the rock one. Yeah, fucking great.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I, I haven't, yeah, I really enjoyed the, the recent ones.

I thought they were both really, really good.

Reegs: Jack. Black's very good.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. But I, I remember joined the, the original as well. But I like the way they've taken it and I like the way that I've made it into kind of a video game and the rock, which is fantastic in both those films. Really good.

Reegs: So, yeah. It's not a good place to start for games. Isn't it? In movies. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay. Well, I've got a movie

Dan: seventh seal, I would say. I'm gonna jump in there.

Sidey: gonna was gonna be it.

Dan: was that it? Yeah. Okay. So it's

Reegs: even worse, isn't it? When he interrupts you and takes your movie.

Sidey: Yeah. Wow.

Dan: the 19. 57 Bergman film, where man seeks the answers about life death and the existence of God as he plays chess against the, the grim Reaper during the black plague.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It's

max VDO. Is it?

Sidey: Is indeed. But he's trying to put off, he's trying to play chess and as long as he's playing chess, he won't die. It's during,

Dan: he's not dying.

Sidey: Yeah. It's during the plague. Yeah. Yeah. So

Dan: there it's I mean a real atmospheric film. It's, it's iconic. And it is, its got the big themes, you know, it's got existence and life and death and all the rest of it.

Reegs: Chess,

Dan: chess, indeed. I, I like playing chess in the park when I meet people. It's really hard to find 32 people willing to stand there though. wow.

Sidey: Well falling on from the seventh seal, then we've got bill and Ted's bogus journey.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Which has bill and Ted dead. And they're trying to find their way back to the real life or is it just fantasy and it's oh, what's his name? William No, the other one.

Dan: Shakespeare.

Reegs: which Mo which movie?

Sidey: Bill and Ted bogus journey Sadler, that's it? William Sadler, Nadler playing Beth. And they play him at a number of games.

And you see him just getting constantly beaten by them. And then he's like, makes it best five outta seven you know, see him saying you San, my battleship and stuff like that, you know? Good take on the seven seal which I was gonna do is double act. You fucking interrupted and

Dan: you go.

Reegs: Yeah. That was that. Would've been

Sidey: good.

Yeah. It would've been great. Nevermind rigs.

Reegs: I've got a little double act for you, which is linked by AA Butterfield. You know, that guy, he was in sex education.

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: The Netflix series. But he was also in choose or die. Which had the potential to be a bit better than it was a British Netflix horror thing about it's got the voice of Robert England in it, and it's about haunted text based video game that can manipulate reality. And he's also in Ender's game.

It's right there in the title. And there's a few of those. So thank thankfully. I'm sure you've got some of those as well. But anyone seen that in his game?

Sidey: No,

Dan: no.

Reegs: Scott gruff Colonel, what is he? He's I can't remember his name, but it's Harrison Ford playing a grizzled like Colonel who teaches 12 year old boys to be killing, you know, killing machines through a regime of like

Dan: I have seen it. I've seen it before. I've just never sat down and watched that one. Okay.

Reegs: No, I think it's terrible. But with, it's got a

Dan: that goes a long way in my, in my choices. Actually, if they're terrible, I try to avoid them.

Reegs: but yeah, two like linked by ASA Butterfield. So if you're listening ASA, that's just for you.

Dan: Well, here's one for people that are really good at maths. The movie pie there's a, a game of go. I'm wedging in it, but you know, the black and white movie

Reegs: Yeah. What's the game in

Dan: though it's go,

Reegs: The turtle thing.

Dan: the he plays at one

Sidey: oh the black and white tiles. The black, yeah,

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: which he plays with his professor friend.

Who's looked for the answer to the stock exchange in life itself within the number of pie. It's a fantastic film this

Sidey: when we started doing the podcast, this film cropped up loads for some

Dan: Oh yeah, it really did. Yeah. So it's been a while since it's made a top five, but if people are looking for a movie tonight to go and watch there isn't something they've seen before then this one pie I think is

Sidey: definitely in the empire magazine round up of the year.

Yeah. That one was in and it was, they, the wine liner was the best Jewish horror film about maths of the year. So that, that sums it

Dan: that solid. Yeah.

Sidey: Right then I've got more chess stuff for you. Yeah. Bobby Fisher against the world. That's just a, just, that's a documentary about Bobby Fisher, this chess prodigy, very young when he he's a grand master.

And so his journey to beating all his other grand masters and his legendary match against oh, what's his name? What's the guy's name? Boris Spassky. They had a game in re where you've just been re um not

Dan: car off. Isn't he, he a good

Sidey: Casper off

Reegs: Casper

Dan: He was another one. Wasn't he?

Sidey: but he lost his marbles and went just completely bat shit and crazy.

And not just sort of weirdly crazy, but horrible saying just horrible fucking retched stuff. And then there was the Netflix series, the Queens gambit, which everyone seemed to love.

Reegs: I haven't watched it. I wanted to,

Sidey: oh, I started watching it, but I need to finish it off, but that was very, very popular and also about chess.

So that's all my chess stuff covered. Check mate. Dan

Dan: check. Might indeed. Yeah.

Reegs: Fair game. Anyone remember that's the William Baldwin in Cindy Crawford.

Sidey: I saw when I was searching for things with game and the title, this, I saw it, but I hadn't seen the film,

Reegs: Yeah no, I

Dan: the

Sidey: Billy Baldwin must be good.

Dan: I'm pretty sure I have seen this, but

Reegs: well you'd remember it because she gets really naked in the shipping container.

It's terrible though, but I probably only watched that scene a few thousand times when it came

Sidey: out and

Reegs: yeah, that's what it was just a model. You know, and then a scene of her getting jugs out. Yeah. Cool. Game of death. Yeah. Add game in. It did. And Kama, DUL, Jabbar. That was the one assembled with like footage

Sidey: He died. Didn't he? Bruce Lee died halfway through filming.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's the, it's the, the costume inspiration, obviously for. Kill bill, the yellow jumpsuit.

Reegs: And you can play as that yellow jumpsuit in the sleeping, in the game, sleeping dogs. Did you ever play that? No. It's like a sort of, you know, third person one, but it's like, you're in a John w action movie. Nice.

Yeah. So all slowmo and stuff. It's cool.

Dan: Well, I've in research in this found out that there was some movies made into board games and these ones apparently are really. So, I dunno if you've heard of any of these, but there's the big trouble in little China board game.

Sidey: Really? Yeah. Oh, wow.

Dan: And you search for the kidnapped woman and save the world from evil, supernatural beans. And it kind of recreates the, the film in both story and in script and you play a, a boiled hard trucker trying to save the gal. And

Sidey: hard

Dan: yeah, hard boiled one of those, one of them and old Lopez pans in it.

There's another one.

Reegs: you, would you play, you played a bit of table, top stuff,

Sidey: Yeah, man. Loved have some. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Well, did you ever play the godfather Coones empire? another bird game.

Sidey: Is it you you've got the Kojack game.

Dan: Yeah. Ko. Jack's up there. Yeah. So I've got Kojack but I didn't have COI and you, you gotta get stuck into the thug thugs on a map and, and take over and, and do all the things like run through the film.

The one that really got me here though, was the thing. Infection, outpost 13, and even the characters I printed that off you, cuz you can see that, that one that is melted face guy and everything. So he's in it and it's that, you know, it follows the plot of the film. Again, you know you to go through the, the crew as they get on these icy fields of Antarctica and you, you work your

Reegs: I never really went in for it, but I think it could be fun.

Dan: There is Godzilla alien versus predator. The hunt begins June and Lord of the rings as well. So there's all these kind of really cool board games. Maybe I'll invest in one of them and and check out and there's even die hard. The Nakatomi high board game.

Sidey: Wow.

Dan: Sounds pretty cool. But then none of those are my choices.

My choice is going to be on this bit of paper and it's gonna be the sting. No, the sting, they play craps, they play dice, they play poker, they're all games aren't they? Yeah.

And. This was Bester Oscar winner Paul Newman, Robert Redford. And they decide to take down Robert shore, this no good mobster.

And they don't want him to know that he's been done a lot, like our midweek mention where we talked about somebody not knowing their inner situation where everybody else does in the game. Yeah. This is the joke. It really is on, on this guy on this film and it's such a well put together film and,

Reegs: the rug under you.

Dan: It does.

Reegs: It's the audience. Yeah, it's good.

Sidey: Well, okay, well this one's a documentary about people playing a video game, so it's the king of Kong,

Reegs: co

Sidey: a fist full of quarters. Yeah. Seen this one time.

Dan: I have, yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. It's about a guy called Steve. We weeba Webe yeah. W I E B E it's. Even in the film that they can't get his name. Right,

Dan: right.

Sidey: He only corrects them right.

At the very, very end. He just decides that he wants to.

The world record score on donkey Kong, Jr. I think it is

Reegs: mm,

Dan: the platform game

Sidey: So he buys, he buys it and he's a kind of math swears and these games, these original retros or eight games, they're all just this pat pattern recognition, really. So he does it and he sets the record score and then it, the film becomes this thing about this governing body of twin galaxies and whether they're legit and there's another guy called Billy Mitchell.

Who's just a complete asshole and sort of thrives on his holiness and. Just comes over as just a fucking maniac. And, and it's crazy, cuz all they're doing is playing these stupid little K you know, but it matters so much to them, you know, they've gotta, and actually it's this Steve, we guy just seems pretty laid back about it or he is obviously bit peeve because there's a controversy about whether his score will count and you find yourself getting like sucked into his world.

I really like it's fucking gripping even though it's such a trivial or fucking

Dan: you put your, your time and energy into anything like 10,000 plus hours into.

Yeah. You're gonna care about it. You know? And I like this, I love the game. And and to see them as they went through that documentary in just those little battles, you have a really good one

Sidey: then cause you

Dan: that.

Reegs: Serenity was an incredible piece of bullshit that had Matthew McConaughy in it. Matthew McConaughy. Yeah. Him. Yeah. And it's like a sleazy fem fertile thriller thing with Anne Hathaway as well. And then it's also it gets very weird because it becomes, becomes apparent that he's actually just living in a simulation created by his 12 year old son.

So he'd been fantasizing the seduction routines we'd seen earlier in the movie, which is weird. Anyway, yeah, it's a strange, strange movie. Battleship. You seen that? Oh,

Dan: is it based on the game?

Reegs: Rihanna? Yeah.

Sidey: haven't seen it. No

Reegs: Liam neon, why they do actually say I sunk my battleship in it, so, and they are forced into a situation where they play the game.

Dan: Wow.

Reegs: are. Yeah.

Sidey: Is it really good? Okay.

Reegs: no, no, no, no. That hollowed. Chess thing that they play. Is it Saba? Is that what it's called or is that no, that's a car in star wars. The hollow chess.


Sidey: it's just battle chest. Isn't it

Reegs: battle chess or whatever that's

Sidey: I guess they've got a star wars name for it there.

That was pretty cool actually. And they said they threw the thing about, oh, you shouldn't beat a rookie. You rip your arms off or some shit.

Reegs: Do you want a list of fake?

Sidey: Yeah, whatever it is.

Reegs: games. Yeah. We got Lee car OWS, PA challenge. Kevin Costner's water world triangle wars tandem bike ride with your mum, low blow boxing.

Disbel of four Larry LA Luter. And of course, bone storm. Do you remember from the episode where

Sidey: Bargo shoplifting? Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: it's right in the beginning.

Sidey: Lee carves partner challenge is same episode, isn't it? Mm. I love that cuz it just plays over the credits and it's like it's on the put green it's like you have selected power drive.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: ball is in parking lot. it's great.

Dan: Brilliant. Million pounds to sleep with your wife. Jen,


Reegs: what game, what game do they

Dan: The, the, the craps was the game.

And Dyson again. They're playing at a table aren't they? When

Reegs: oh, she blows him. Yeah.

Dan: Robert Redford and Demi Moore, Woody Harrison are married and Robert Redford, you know, a dreamboat an absolute. What I dunno what you call him, just like a, a man, a heart throb, a man of men. And he comes up and offers you a million pounds to sleep with your wife when you've got no money and you've just you know, lost all yours at the table.

It, it temps Woody Harrison and Demi Moore, and they, they take him up on the offer and it's all about how their relationship afterwards survives that as he whisks her away on a helicopter to his private yacht and Woody's sat with a, a load of money or whatever to, to kind of consider yeah.

Have you seen this in a while?

Reegs: No.

Sidey: I I've never seen it.

Dan: Have you never seen it?

Sidey: It just seems like it's a shit premise to me.

Dan: me Yeah.

Well, it was a huge hit at a time.

Sidey: bigger than that. It was large.

Dan: was large. It was and well, you know, a million is a million. It was a lot, then it's still lot now.

Sidey: Yeah. Get your one bedroom flat over here now.

No, it. Diehard with a vengeance,

Dan: ah,

Sidey: is a film. It's the third film in the diehard tri well, let's just say franchise, shall we? It's the best one as well. And it's features them playing a game of Simon says,

Reegs: oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: This was the first film I ever saw that had Samuel L.

Jackson in it.

Reegs: Really? What year was this?

Sidey: 90, 95.

Reegs: 95.

Sidey: I'm not saying it's first film it's is the first one that I, you remember

Reegs: him making an impact

Sidey: on. And I think it's really great. I do think it's genuinely yeah, brilliant.

Reegs: It was originally a lethal weer movie, I think. Oh, was it? Yeah. When they wrote it

Sidey: then there was a PlayStation one game of this, where you got to do all sorts different things.

There was a driving element to it shooting one and a platform. One it

Reegs: hard though. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: You, there was the bond games. I remember I'm thinking about movie

Sidey: and I was the, like the gold standard. It was fucking excellent.

Reegs: everybody thought they were the best on that. Basically

Dan: they had was it star fighter or

Sidey: Well the last star

Dan: Yeah, that was a

Sidey: is one for the list.

Reegs: Yeah. Well Adam who? Guested at least once on the here, he, he absolutely loves that movie. The last star fighter. And they're gonna remake it. Aren't

Dan: they are they? Okay. Nice.

Sidey: So yeah, die hard with a vengeance.

Reegs: Game night. You seen that?

Sidey: Jason? No, I haven't.

Dan: Oh, I looked at it, but I didn't put

Sidey: just looks like it would be rubbish.

Is any good?

Reegs: Yeah, no, it's quite good. You know, if you like Bateman, which I

Sidey: I do, but I just find he's very

Dan: garden.

Sidey: OneNote

Reegs: Yeah. He's good in this because sometimes he's the straight man and sometimes he isn't, so that's a bit different for him and it's got Jesse Clemens in it and he's really creepy.

So if you like Bateman, yeah. It's clever, well written stuff. Cool. What else have I got this? There was a lot to think about, he got game. It's got a game in there. It's about the game of basketball where it's not really. It's about fathers and sons and

Dan: but yeah, it's a game though. And

Sidey: great movie and it's soundtrack by public enemy.

Fucking kicks ours too. It's Probably would stuff like this really happen probably would I reckon in America?

Reegs: I don't know. It's it's a great story though. Isn't it? The, the whole idea. Yeah, probably would. Yeah. The whole idea of the state governor leaning on him. Yeah.

Sidey: If

you get your son to sign up for the college that I went to.

Reegs: Yes. I'm sure

Sidey: reduce your sentence. You're not,

Dan: Okay. Wow.

Reegs: Very moving. That's what I remember about it.

Dan: I remember when I was quite young, I watched I was intrigued by the films with very few actors, like one person, or there was jewel. That was one with Steven Spielberg. And you basically just saw one guy the

Sidey: yeah, I still got to watch that.

Dan: and and another one was sleuth, which was Lawrence, Olivia and Michael Kane. And although they don't actually play the game of sleuth, the, the entire apartment that it's set, it's only these two guys is filled with games and things. Have you ever seen this film?

Sidey: No. No.

Dan: Oh, right. Yeah. So it's yeah, two heavyweights of the screen and. They're one of them's gonna, or they're both trying to kill each other. One of them's gonna is brought there for, for this. And it's, it's supposed to be based on Steven Saunder Heim's apartment. But it is an old film say 1972.

I think they've remade it again, which wasn't a hit, but the, the acting in this, just for the actor's only like 90 minutes long.

Brilliant. Really, really good. And it's, it's a tense one. You don't know who's gonna come out on top right until the end.

Sidey: All right. Cool. Well, the running.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Is a game it's a televised blood sport kind of game which is a fucking cool movie, but we talk about it quite a lot. So I'm not gonna mention it too much.

Scott Pilgrim versus the world

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: kind of gamey elements to it. He gets like an extra life and he does it. He levels up it when he achieves various things in it. I dunno if I've ever mentioned that I'm quite a big fan of star Trek. Next generation, there is an episode of that called the game and the crew whereas Riker, who originally he fucks off to riser, which is the planet they tend to go to when they're on shore leave to go shagging or whatever.

And he comes back with this game and it's like a headset that you put on and it has two little arms that poke out in front of your eyes and we get to see them doing these sort of shapes in it to some sort of generic nonsense that just flies around on the screen, but it brain washes the crew and eventually it takes over the whole ship apart from Wesley and his new girlfriend that he's been fingering, they come back from college.

And they're the only ones. Who aren't playing the game and it's up to them to

Reegs: everybody out,

Sidey: get, to solve the problem. And eventually Wesley they go off to do something and Wesley comes back to his girlfriend and she's been like heard when she's in or the game and then the crew, but they're, they're like, why is data been affected by it?

So they tin around with data, but then the crew catch wears. He forced him to play the game and he's hooked on it. But eventually data comes too and saves the day. Oh, fantastic. And then the reset button gets pressed and we go back to normal, but I still love it. It's great.

Reegs: It was, there was a lot to think about wasn't there, but

Dan: there's a load

Reegs: it was, is quite fruitful.

The whole premise of Slumdog millionaire is that the guys on a game show.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And I, I know, did you ever see a sort of low budget. Movie series seven, the contenders, it was like, it was a reality game show where the participants were supposed to kill each other, basically. And it was shot from, you know, various body cam footage of stuff and, and that sort of thing.

It was quite good, but it was ages ago. I'm trying to think, what else? Sorry to bother you as the game show. I got the shit kicked outta me. Oh yeah.

What else? Or stranger things. They like a bit of D and D

Sidey: Yeah, I was gonna mention this one cuz I also,

Reegs: yeah, well run with it. So I tell us,

Sidey: well, I used to play a lot of. Well, it was advanced DUNS and dragons second edition that we used to play. Yeah. Way back when

Dan: they, they had this at the beginning of et

Sidey: they did as well. Yeah. And it had like they did in in the most recent series of stranger things, season four, they had, they mentioned all the sort of a cult things.

And people believed that because you were playing a tabletop game, it was this completely imaginary that you were somehow gonna get possessed by the devil and take heroin or whatever, you know, they're the same way that people talk about video games now, you know,

Dan: or

oui boards.

Sidey: Yeah. No, you're just playing a game and like using your imagination, having fun.

We used to basically finish school Friday afternoon, go around to our mates on straight afterwards. And then we played in day, Friday, Saturday night, and then go home Sunday evening and then do the week and then go back and play again. Fucking loved it. It was great. Really, really fucking cool. Yeah. I mean, nerdy as fuck.

Dan: Which character was you?

Sidey: Well, I had a few, but then my, so. D and D was a massive, massive thing. And you would you'd have

Dan: bigger than that large,

Sidey: well, it was so, yeah, the player's handbook, the class was yeah, the player's handbook and then you'd have your sort of bog standard stuff, and then you could go out and you could get all these other books that are different things.

So you'd get sub classes of different races, but then even

Reegs: did it tag on the other stories though, as

Sidey: Yeah. And then you'd have all different worlds. So you'd have Different places like the undead stuff, like yeah, space stuff. You'd have conics and all that other shit loads of it. And then, and you'd have different campaigns.

You'd, you'd have the, the stuff that you'd need just to run a game, but then you'd go out and you'd buy the campaigns, which would be the story. And the dungeon master would run it and all that sort of shit. And then if you really want to nerd out, there was a magazine called dragon magazine or dungeon magazine.

Maybe there was one of each and they would have like little niche, different ones, which weren't necessarily cannon if you like. But if, if you're all into it, you could play it. So I had a gesture that I used to play and he leveled him fucking right up. And yeah, it was just good fun. And then we'd also play like Marvel role playing game and various different other ones.


Dan: away here. You're

Sidey: just so many chicks back in the day. yeah,

Reegs: I can imagine.

Dan: just babe magnet. Yeah. Well, the purge battle Royal saw seven all kinds of games. You, you could argue. Ron Howard did a beautiful mind and it was a true story about John Nash who was a super kind of mathematician.

He invented the game. He. As a little, that was again, is true. You know, his maths did it. And I think there's certain parts of the, the, the film maybe in deleted scenes anyway, that, that took in him learning and, and getting frustrated with the game when it wasn't going quite his way and everything. That was based on go, I think, in that becoming not quite as clever in advance as they needed it to be.

So he, he bounced it on another level. Just to kind of wrap up a, a few more. I had war games with Matthew Brodrick Sherlock Holmes and the game of shadows.

Which really like that John Yeah. It was decent. Yeah. I would watch that again, actually,

Sidey: I there's over half a MI, half a billion at the box office.


Dan: There's

Lock stock and two smoking barrels. They have a, a game of three card brag against Harry ACHI in a high stakes game the hustler, Cincinnati kid, any of those Paul call hand Lukes and, and things like that. So that's me pretty much out. I'll tell you what if we go well, once more I found another,

Sidey: Okay, well you let me know if this is a loud or not a roller ball.

Dan: roller ball's game.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: cause it's kind of a sport, but it's a made up sport. So that's the James car. He passed away last week. So I thought that was certainly worth a shout. And it also, there was a game, a video game of it called speedball and we used to play that a lot

and it had a, it was a campaign thing.

So you started off as like pretty much Lamos and then you could play a bit, get a bit of cash and you could buy different like transferred people in. And it was fucking, really cool. I liked it so much that when I found an app for it on my phone, I got that and played it to death. Tron and Tron legacy

Dan: right.

Sidey: are game stuff.

I much prefer Tron legacy cuz it's better.

Dan: Right. I've not

Sidey: And

it's the sort of thing that ages really quickly and looks shit. And when you

Reegs: A soundtrack is absolutely off the chart as well. That

Sidey: Yeah. It is a banger. And also the crying game. If you like Dick, there's some unexpected treat for you in there.

Yeah. Also some stuff about, you know, the travels and the IRA and all that stuff

not so much games, really just, just the title.

Dan: Right,

Reegs: Right. Let's wrap it up and get our noms out there cuz I'm sure other people have got their games to talk about. I'm going first. I'm asserting my dominance. I I'm gonna choose the Jim Ji franchise. All of the movies cuz I think they're all pretty good.

Dan: Nice. Okay.

Sidey: I'm torn because I was gonna put in the wire because Omar little says all in the game.

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: And, and it's particularly brilliant when he does it in the courtroom piece. Yeah. To the Barksdale lawyer guy. But I feel like I really should put in stranger things because of the DUNS and dragon stuff.

So that's what I'll do.

Dan: for me then I, I will add in the seventh seal since we both started with it. But I got in there first. I think that's a, a good

Reegs: oh,

Sidey: so legit.


right. And then we we've have had a couple of nominations and then we have had nomination from someone that just tabletop games, which I quite like. So we'll look at those and we'll decide what we're gonna put in next week.


Dan: cheese,

Sidey: no negative on the cheese front.

Reegs: from

Dan: What we do have is she,

Sidey: which is an arrow yeah. For sharing,

Dan: which has more air than calories

we believe Yeah.

There's kinder and there's a bag of nuts,

Sidey: Nuts and fruit. Yeah. Oh, down, you know, when we were talking earlier about films that we watched, we watched the business didn't we?

Dan: Oh, we did. Yeah. I knew there was another one that Danny Dyer

Sidey: we didn't play attack last week. We watched a movie cuz we finished quite early. So yeah, we stuck on the the eighties homage the business.

Reegs: How is it?

Dan: It was decent. It was my first time out. So it's Danny Dyer,

Sidey: the soundtracks were better than the film.

Let's just say that, but they fucking nail the light, the aesthetic of the eighties. And then it's its everything that you think of Danny dire film would be it's like that.

Reegs: Okay. All

Dan: yeah, no, I enjoyed it. It was a, it was a good, good laugh. And of course he's a, he's a strong armor boy, so he's fine. Right. Anyway

Sidey: but we watched something else for the pod this week reads, which you nominated yeah.

Called upgrade. Which I thought was gonna be something else, but it's not something else. It's this?

Reegs: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. I had not heard of this at all. So 2018.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Australia Austral

Dan: film, so it's come from the Outback mate. And how did it get on your

Reegs: but you wouldn't know about it. Would you, you wouldn't know that about it.

Sidey: you wouldn't know that it's Australian.

Reegs: Oh, no, no. Yeah.

Sidey: I, in fact, I didn't know that until I was reading around the film later on.

Yeah Yeah.

Reegs: I was really excited about this because I'd seen the trailer and it looked right up my street. So yeah, I had seen this

Sidey: it's a Blum house.

Reegs: Yeah.

There is ABL house.

Dan: blooming hill. So what's that opening scene

Reegs: Well, this one you get like a sort of pulsing and a droning and then a pinprick of light, and then the credits are read to you


a robotic female voice you know, in association with blah, blah, blah. And then

Dan: it was a really clever opening actually like that, because it kind of made you feel you were in the matrix or something with the way they had those images and the

Sidey: Yeah. It's very futuristic. Yeah. But then the actual. Shot of the film is our hero, I guess. Yeah. Working on a car and it's an old school.

Was it a Ponche and he's

just a mechanic. It's just, it's like a dude working on a car and he could be at any, you know, time, like present day, just working on a,

Dan: it could have been in the

Reegs: he's listening to smoke stack lightning, ho and Wolf tune. And he's, he's singing along. We see him framed through the, the hole in the Pontiac thing, which is cool.

Sidey: And he cuts his finger on something and the engine and he sucks his finger, the blood on it, which Is the

Dan: Yeah. He's got this kind of analog loving existence. And we find out that actually we are a little further in the future and most of the world is,

Reegs: well, he lives, he lives in one of those like concept type places, basically don't know. It's like not too far in the future, but far enough to be a bit different, but

Sidey: it's still transitioning to sort of autonomous life there there's scenes that we'll get to with self-driving cars, but not everyone is in one. Yeah. And clearly he's not because he's working on a car for a client, but so there, there are still petrol powered, you know, old school cars around,

Dan: But, but it, it seems to be a, a thing for the richer lot. It's almost antiques and, and the way that he's living isn't the

Reegs: No he's more off the grid than usual.

She, his wife comes home in an automated car and she's talking to the home automated assistant and you know, every, there's a constant background, presence of automation, like you said. So, and then he's finished his latest project, which is restoring this car for the client and you drive, he says, oh, I need you to come out with me.

Cuz if I go back in that car, I'll end up in Canada or something showing how out of touch he is. And he drives off to what is instantly, I mean, it's a great location. These two I didn't get where it was. I looked tried to look for

Dan: it. Yeah. Huge stone kind of plints or boulders that are

Reegs: I mean, clearly a villain's layer basically straight away and you descend down into it and he gives

Dan: some location. Wasn't it? Because it's just over a hill. You wouldn't even know that there were any stairs beneath the, until you're on top of it. And it goes down

Reegs: it looks amazing the way it's shot. Absolutely beautiful.

Dan: it is the, the whole of this film actually. Really clever

Sidey: this, this guy is his client.

Reegs: Yeah, he looks

Sidey: like Aron keen.

Yeah. I dunno who they were going for with that. That's

Reegs: have no idea, but he looks like, I think David Bowie and mark Zuckerberg, that's where I'm

Sidey: he had a definite unsettling look to him and presence.

Dan: Yeah, kind

Reegs: he's

Dan: Warhol

Reegs: he's introduced, molesting a cloud.

Sidey: isn't he? Yeah.

Reegs: got a cloud in his room that is like, sort of funneling.


Dan: he turns up with his wife this time. And she's never been there before. He said, look, you've gotta come and check this place out. And of course it is amazing. And this guy is

Sidey: well he's obviously well known, cause she's really taken her back, said, oh, it didn't tell me it was you. We were gonna meet, you know, she's like, wow, this guy's amazing.

Dan: Basically she's meeting Elon Musk and she works for a similar firm that has a, a younger and a less presence and influence

Reegs: No, her firm makes cybernetic implants for former soldiers. Cuz that ends up tying back into the plot as a sort of red herring.

Dan: Right? Yeah. And yeah. So,

Reegs: she, yeah, he's a superstar to her, but he he's instantly quite dismissive and tells her straight away now you've got it wrong.

This is the future. Yeah. And he shows her just like a kind of unassuming microchip

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Reegs: She

Dan: stem,

Reegs: SIM and he's quite nebulous about what he, what he can actually do. He says it can do anything. It can drive. He says it can drive anything. He can do anything. You know, you like, well, okay.

Sidey: It's just handy for the plot.



Reegs: But gray is kind of dismissive of it. He says, oh, for every one of those, I can see

Sidey: a hundred people on the doll basically. Yeah.

Dan: That's what it, that's what it means to me.

Sidey: He's a, he's an analog guy in a digital world.

Reegs: They do hammer at home. Don't they? A number of times.

Dan: And, and so this is at this point, I think we do take the, the driving taxi home. Don't

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Dan: And it's Johnny cab and Johnny cab, isn't Johnny cab. It's just a, a normal car with no driver.

Sidey: It did look like the, the Tesla cyber truck to me. I think they're really going for it

Dan: He takes the wheel once or twice, which he tells him not to because he shouldn't and the car tells him that as well. Yeah. And then it, male

Reegs: Well she, they start to get

Sidey: She takes her seatbelt off and it, and the thing says, you must put your seatbelt on blah safety has a, but she clams on top of him cuz she's just, you know, horny after seeing this weird guy in his computer chip

Dan: and she says, she says, this is one, one of the

Reegs: the advantages

Dan: of a, a non oh, an automatic car like that. Yeah Driverless

Sidey: but it's. Suddenly it takes a wrong turning

Reegs: Yeah. Well he recognizes his old neighborhood.

Sidey: Doesn't yeah. It's like, this is not the right place. We're going completely the wrong direction. So this is, she says, you know, no, take us home. And it just says, what does it say? Like not malfunction, but it's like


Dan: sorry. Error.

Sidey: And then it starts to speed up and it's quite clearly going fairly calamitously badly. Yeah. But nothing they say or do seems to be able to prevent it's quite

Reegs: scary. Isn't it? Because that feeling of like, shit, we've got like no control over

Sidey: vehicle. That, and that does make me think that about all this.

And I, every time, you know, you see one of these things in the news and it's like, oh, someone was watching a film, you know, in their, on their phone while they're self-driving car crash. Well, yeah, like my computer work crashes sometimes. So like why wouldn't a car with a computer crash? I don't get it. How can you ever be fully confident.

Computer isn't gonna go wrong.

Reegs: I, it feels like everybody's gotta be driving a computerized car or like nobody CA it can't be like, oh, some people are, you know what I mean? If they could all just talk to each other all the time and people were out of it, maybe

Dan: they got magnets.

Maybe that would just reverse, you know, she couldn't physically bump into another car. It would repel them, but maybe they'll invent all that. They didn't in this


Reegs: picking up speed. It's hurting. Eventually he realizes shit. They're gonna crash. He plugs her in just at the last minute. And the camera is strapped to the frame of the car.

Yeah. And the, and the car flips and he's thrown all around the interior of it

Sidey: really got the feeling that he fucking whacked the so, and it's not one of these really over Don crashes where the car flips a hundred times, it just banged, just hits and goes on the roof and that's it.

And you, but you see it from inside the car. And he really, the, the, the energy, the kinetic force, he really feel it like bang and he wax the thing and

He's with it enough, but obviously injured.

But it's not just a car crash. It now is like it's a robbery. Things take a turn for the even

Reegs: guys turn up with a, with a knife and he takes a shine to his wife.

Dan: Well, they they've, they've ended up in a bad part of town by the looks of it.

There's just fires going off and crowds of people living in tents and, and whatever. And this bad lot find them. And instead of trying to help them it's well, well, well, here's an opportunity. And as he's climbing out, his, his wife does as well. And as you say, they, they meet this almost clockwork, orange gang don't they they're really kind of weirdo all dressed very

Sidey: Yeah It's not like a proper, like, I dunno, they don't look. Like a big meathead gang, like the main guy kind of small and geeky looking almost,

Dan: that

Reegs: got a knife and he's clearly very dangerous and he does, he takes like an instant shine to his wife. Who's kind of partially undressed. And then you know, there's drones come in to record what's happening.

And then the leader of the bad guy then just shoots her.

And as gray cries out, he's wrestled to the floor and then shot in the neck.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And he's left to, he's instantly paralyzed and he's left to watch her die. He can't move. His hands are only inches away really from

Dan: He's torture. It's absolute horrible.

I mean, and it, the, the shop pans up and you just see them how close they are to touching. He, he unable to move in the dark as this kind of bleak scene, the cars on its head. And she's just. Like life slips away from her. And the next, yeah, the next time I think we wake up is he in the hospital then?

Reegs: Yeah. It's three months later. Yeah.

Sidey: He's a quadriplegic.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And yeah, it it's it's as bad as it kind of gets now, it, it goes back then, doesn't it. Cause we get, he gets a visitor from the tech genius who says that he can help him after we've had a, a sense of quite how frustrating and how horrible

Reegs: yeah. Well, before, before that though, it does get a bit that's he, he goes to meet detective Cortez as he starts, pieing his life back to get, you know, he's at a low and then he meets Cortez. And he, you know, he wants to know what's happened. What have you done? Have you found my wife? You know, my wife's killer.

Dan: that's right.

Reegs: And you know,

Sidey: is, have you gone through that list? There's a list of suspects or people of interest. And so yeah, we, we. Going through it all, but, you know, realistically. Yeah.

Dan: And, and he

Reegs: so his life is so low. He tries to commit suicide. He, he gets his, he gets his robotic arms that we did, you know, that he were given to him to administer a, a potentially lethal dose.

It won't do the final one and course, but you know, he's really rock bottom. Yeah. And that's when he introduces Elon Musk again.

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: one of the, the points being as well, that drone wasn't able to pick up any of the criminals identification, cuz everybody's got a chip in them in this stage where everybody can be identified through facial recognition, but they were able to, to blur those images somehow.

So they couldn't get a fix, which why it was so difficult. And he, he, he was put out wasn't he said, everybody's got these green shirts. Can't you catch anybody in his show? Well, you know, they find a way around it.

Reegs: It's an interesting take in a sci-fi movie because usually drone stories about drones are about invasion of privacy. But in this one, it's like on the understanding that the system works.

It's frustrating that it doesn't work in this case. That's the, that's the supposition, that's new, you know, that's interesting

Dan: yeah. And, and as you say, we, we have our our tech genius turn up at the hospital and says, look, I can help you.

Sidey: Yeah. In the move, we, no one saw coming. We can use stem to make you walk again. So stem just, it just explains it by saying just that pathway is broken. This will just fix it. So it's still you walking the gap, basically. It's just labeling the signals to, to move, but you are in control. It's you doing all the moving is it though,

Reegs: but you have to come to my underground layer for the operation and you can't tell anyone about it and you still have to pretend to be a quadriplegic


Sidey: signed an NDA.

Reegs: and sign an NDA.

But I mean, the possibility he says to him, what would your wife want? You know, computers

Sidey: to not be

Reegs: her, but they might be able to save you.

Dan: Well, that's right. He's so low that he's

Sidey: well, of course you're gonna do it.

Dan: he's but he's considering not

Reegs: the only troubling aspect. If you want to think about like CCS of the story is the like fact that quadriplegic people

Sidey: are broken and to be fixed.


Reegs: So, but anyway for the story, it's not that story. He completely understand his decision in this context to have the operation, which he has in like Darth Vaders.

cube hexagonal cube

Sidey: thing.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: There's something in the eyes of the people doing the operation, they've got like GE Laforge is like zoom in and out eye

Reegs: Well, the idea is a lot of the population are cyber

Sidey: enhanced

Reegs: enhanced. Aren't they,

Dan: this film is I'm watching it here. I'm I wasn't sensing that there was. A big multi, you know, multimillion pound budget, but it didn't ever, ever feel like it was cheap or put together. So

Reegs: and there are good bits of well, CGI world building like the skyscrapers with the parks built into them that just make it feel big.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, no, it was it was really well put together like that and I mean, you'll probably have the,

Sidey: I do. Yeah. But we can get to that in a bit.

Dan: a little bit

Sidey: He comes to after the operation and he's in a, he is still in his chair. Yeah. And we get the, the sort of him, the realization that, oh, I can just move my hand and then, you know, then the other arm, and then the guy's like, like get up and walk and he sees sort of mangled legs and he can, he's moving about again and he's up and he's walking

Dan: well, he's convinced first that because the nurse comes, he's gonna take some time. It's gonna take some time. And just as she says, that there's yeah. Number 30

Reegs: And the score is absolutely swelling and it's this big moment where he takes these steps, you know? And it's all triumphant for him, but instantly you can see, he's not, he moves a li it's kind of uncanny. It's not so robotic as to be stupid, but it is a little bit like watching one of those machines that

Sidey: move.


Dan: Brilliant acting if he's moved like that himself.

Reegs: well we'll get onto that cuz there's some pretty incredible physical acting in this movie. And occasionally we see now a shot that will be introduced a great effect later on where the camera. Is locked to him as he moves and the world appears to sort of move around him.


Dan: well, he, he he's eventually gets home. Doesn't he, he gets back to his house and he's, he's kind. Getting used to, to walking and things.

He, he still has to pretend that he's

Reegs: he says to him, you're not a robot, you know, he is sending signals, you know?

Dan: Yeah. He's sending signals. You make the choices,

Sidey: have a voice in his head.

Reegs: Well, hang on.

Dan: But yeah, well this is the bit that surprises him. I can't remember the first thing

Reegs: Well, he's sitting down to watch old case files, right? He's he's looking through the old case files. He's got the drone footage, looping, and then he goes to make himself a drink. It's a brilliant one, cuz he's not looking as he does it.

So it's probably all these movements that he's done as he takes a drink and he sits back down and a voices just goes, may I point something out? And he's like, Completely freak thinks he's lost his mind straight away,

Dan: Yeah. A really clear voice.

Reegs: And he says, no, stop talking. I don't wanna talk. And then you know, then lady says, okay, you can talk to me.

And the voice starts talking back to him and it's stem

Dan: It's this chip has sent sound waves or pulse waves to his ears.

That that means that or

Sidey: that he can interpret. as a voice Yeah

Dan: interpret And it's basically the computer operating system stem has turned him into a super motherfucker now.

Reegs: he tells him not to be afraid.

He's got

synthetic sounding, but kind of calm voice. It's like how it's definitely how influenced isn't it.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

And he just straight away just starts to get to work on cracking the case.

Reegs: Well, he, he, he crucially asks him if he can read his mind, which he says he can't, which I think is quite important as we go on.

But yeah, what he wants to point out stem is that he's seen on the drone footage that the guy who shot his wife didn't have a gun. He's like, what do you mean? He shot her. He's like, yeah, he didn't have a gun though. His hand was a gun. So he had a self-loading gun. Then STEM's also spotted that one of the other gang members has got a tattoo on his arm that he can, then he can use Gray's body to recreate on a piece

Sidey: but he says he zooms in on, but even on the, the zoomed in, you know, sometimes on films, they'll just magically like, yeah, rerate on the screen. He says, no, it's okay. I've, I've rebuilt it. Yeah. Just get a piece of paper and then you see his hand do this kind of like, like three, like a way 3d printer moves.

Yeah. Does that where he just transcribes what the picture is and he is like, it's military, that's a military thing.

Reegs: Really weird. Yeah. So he's overjoyed. He's like, I can't believe it. This AI, okay. This is really freaky, but straight away is completely crack

Dan: We've got a lead. Yeah.

Reegs: this is it. It's gonna fix everything. I'm gonna call Cortez. And that's when stem says, it's not really a very good idea.

Sidey: Yeah. This isn't evidence is it. We can't actually, you know,

Dan: says and, and how are you gonna go and prove it anyway, you've sound this NDA. You can't say how you've come about this. So he's, he finds himself in a bit of a catch 22 where he, he wants to go and do this wants to go and fix the, you know, the, the case and, and break the case.

But at the same time, he knows that he's already signed this NDA. He can't really do anything. He's gotta wait, but he's not having it. He's too angry. He's

Reegs: yeah Well, stem knows what to do. Yeah. And what to do is to go to the military guy's house he's caught by, in his wheelchair, by a drone, as he goes and inside the house, stem tells him exactly what to do.

Take off his shoes, turn on the table, read the messages. That's when he finds out about a place called the old bones and off the grid sort of bar that yeah, in the kitchen, he sees some kids drawings, which was a nice touch for what's about to happen. So as he is snooping around, a guy comes back to the,

Dan: to the

Reegs: to the house and he's hiding in the corner and stem, when he is in the corner, he's got a window of opportunity to attack him, which he doesn't take.

Of course he doesn't take because he's just an ordinary man. And then stem is urging him to. Attack him and suddenly he's in a fight and he doesn't know what the fuck to do. He's like one of us in a fight getting battered and thrown around and punched up. And then stem says, look, if you want me to step in, I could,

do something about this.

So he squeezes out a permission granted, and then

Dan: permission is granted and, and stem. Doesn't really understand. The punishment, the crime or, or whatever, in this case, he just goes full matrix. There's no safe words.

Yeah. And he goes kind of full matrix and this is brilliant. Isn't it? So suddenly we've got all this body popping, we've got all this moving around the camera shifting. And he's able to just chop this guy down fairly quickly.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, our stem is able to take control. Gray is essentially a passenger in his, his own body and there's a really brutal fight scene where there's sort of Matrix inspired, close combat with blocks, where he's reacting in horror things that are happening.

He's begging the guy not to fight him anymore. As the fight escalates and intense, he he has a knife. We have a knife too, and he stabs him about 15 times. And then the fight ends absolutely brutally. And really suddenly when he just completely slices the top of his head off like a P's dispenser.

Yeah. Absolutely like shockingly

Dan: And then he says, stem releases control again. And he looks at this bloody guy and himself all over it and he just can't believe it.

He's freaking out a little bit, stem stem knows what to do again, he's gotta clean all the puke. He's gotta do all the rest of it wherever he goes to, to let stem take over again, to take over all the cleaning, everything, because he needed to know everywhere that he's touched so he can wipe it down. So there's no evidence, but stem has a, a memory of that and can go and do it for him.

So he's turned himself into his super computer. And he's held, bent on, on revenge still because even after this, he's, he, he continues on the path. Doesn't he?

Sidey: Well, stem tells him that he can actually, he's gonna be shut down.

Dan: Ah

Sidey: Elon Musk has a remote capability to just turn him off. Yeah. And he's going to do that. If we don't get to this hacker, I've already located someone who can do this for us. Yeah,

Go to this address, find Jamie and we, but we need to hurry cuz he's gonna start, you know, Taking back control and you'll be back to being quadriplegic.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. We sort of missed a scene where he goes to the old bones to confront everyone at the bar saying what he's learned about, oh, I know one of you fuckers was at there

Dan: yeah, another really great, a great scene that another fight scene where he

Reegs: well, it's also a bit grizzly the way it ends though, because he ends up torturing the guy and

Sidey: getting, oh, he is absolutely sort of offscreen.

Reegs: Yeah. He gets stem to do the torturing. So he'll talk and it's absolutely awful. And it's a number of times now that he's abdicated responsibility for his acts to stem to do unspeakable

Dan: Yeah.

Stem doesn't have the, as you say the safe word, he, he just kind of goes for it. But he knows what he's in for now. And he's, as you say, still allowing him to, to take control of his body.

Sidey: He's all in now, really?

Reegs: But then, like you say, he's being remotely shut down, so he's gotta get to the hacker.

This was a. Jamie, but they have it's good representation, but it seems kind of clunky. Doesn't it? The way they, they have a big conversation about don't put me in a binary box and stuff. I dunno. It's is good representation, but I mean, it is a cool thing. She's got this like VR crack den. That's you know, where people just live for weeks on end in

Dan: this steam punk kind of thing going on as well. Isn't it?

Sidey: wonder what they're all playing like lawn simulator that you sent me or they, or like the symptoms where they're doing like chores.

Dan: and they say they don't sleep for days.

They've been in it for,

Sidey: like they were body popping in the back, you know, with this VI headset all cracked out,

Reegs: but she hints at a larger war as she reboots stem.

Who's like being shut down remotely. I dunno. There's a load of techn and battery drawn over it. She reboots him and then she hints at this larger award that's going on as she leaves him basically on his own with stem gone.

Sidey: Yeah. She says it, it can't take any, it won't allow anymore outside

Reegs: Yeah.

Input guards.

Sidey: but he's still. Frozen on the floor. He's paralyzed. Yeah. And he's like, you we'll try rebooting it or something.


Dan: And she's gotta go

Reegs: off now.

Dan: they're closing in the

Sidey: they're coming up the stairs. They're basically at the door. And if they do actually enter the room with him still paralyzed on the floor and you think, fuck, you know,

we've had the guy, not, not the Mainer said I forget his name, but you see them loading the gun, the arm gun, we're putting like shell cases into their biceps.

Really cool. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And as they come in, then suddenly stem does reboot and he's as quick up as he was in initially

Dan: way he stands up

Reegs: well, we get that shot again with the

Sidey: camera pivot.

Reegs: Yeah. Where they, they did it with a camera that's fixed on, they put an iPhone on the person and the camera tracks where the phone is as they do those flips and moves and stuff, which gives it that look of craziness. Yeah. And he's enjoying it sometimes as well. Now he's not just a passenger. He's part of the ride too.

Dan: Yeah. He's a bit of commentary going on as well as he taunting them. And he says you don't get too confident.

Reegs: And then he does end up executing again, even though there's been a no killing rule implemented, he executes one of the guys breaks his arm and shoots his own head off. It's, you know, really disturbing violence, like a horror movie.

Dan: Yeah. I mean his action, isn't it. These parts, you know, those parts of the film, anything can happen, you know, that after the first scene and certainly after PS head, I was thinking it would be ramped up again, but it didn't get really more graphic than that. Okay. The slicing, when he, he chops that guy out, cuz they do pan back to it.


Reegs: it happens off screen. You see the result, but it's kind of yeah, but yeah. Anyway, so Fisk is the guy that he's been chasing, the one who killed his wife. He's an augmented human, he's got a God complex. He sees himself as part of a new species. There's all this cool stuff under, you know, the undercurrent and there's the fight between vessel, the company of Elon Musk and cobalt.

Dan: Yeah. Which is the company, his wife.

Reegs: Anyway, now the she's rebooted him

Dan: Yeah, well, he's got up he's kicked ass and he is then no longer under the control of the, the tech wizard, Elon Musk. He's, he's kind of independent just with stem.

And he

Reegs: Well, no, he's in no, no.

Dan: That's not right.

Reegs: No. So right. Basically after the hacker had rebooted

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: that gave stem autonomy, it pulled the input guards down that you were talking about outside. So now stem has unaltered. He he's always needed permission to do stuff.

Dan: Ah, that's right.

He doesn't need permission.

Reegs: And he doesn't need permission anymore. And now gray is a total passenger and we've seen this before, but he, he has to go off now.

He's got no choice. He's goes off in the Firebird. Doesn't he? There's a, a matrix inspired crash that the, the detective gets.


and he goes off to confront Musk.

Sidey: Mm

Dan: Oh, that's right. I'm remembering that chase now. So they're going along. CORs is after him. She's, she's rumbled that he's actually, you know, he's not a guy in a wheelchair, but


Reegs: really know what the hell's going on, but

Sidey: well, it's because he went, he, he Gray's been home and his mother's seen him and then they know they suspect something's going on because she confronts gray and he's then lying in bed.

And she's like, if you are having people, if you've hired, basically hit men. And if you're involved in this summer, you need to tell me now and he's playing it. Do I haven't done anything. But they sort of

Reegs: of

I mean she border a line, accuses him of being a faker earlier in the movie. Like, she's like, oh, maybe I'll stab you in the leg. Haha. Like so you know, yeah. Her curiosity is why is this guy always at the scene of all these things that have happened and they can't track him because he doesn't like, you know, he's a retro man in a wherever digital world.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And, and the, the crash is actually stem.

Isn't it, it pulls one of the electric cars into her car to, to stop her following him. And he goes, see Elon then.

Reegs: Yeah. So when they go to find Elon, he confronts him and it's, everybody comes together and then you suddenly realize, you think Elon's been controlling this this whole time, but STEM's been controlling.

Absolutely. Everybody. He has been controlling mask. He's been controlling the situation he's been controlling. All of the various things that have initiated the plot. Yes it's because he, this is what he wanted. He wanted to have unfettered access to a body that didn't have any augmentations or online presence,

Dan: which now he has. And at one point there's it may be Fisk who dies and you see the, the wires within his body. I mean, it's kind of taken over, isn't it? He he's no longer just flesh and blood. He's he's got some, some actual wires that have, have developed inside him.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Gruesome stuff.

Reegs: So we're right at the end of the movie now, aren't we?

Sidey: Yeah. The mega happy ending.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: it's all, it's all about to resolve itself in a lovely way.

Reegs: Yeah. It's basically, everybody dies really. Isn't it?

Sidey: Well, he's, he's gray is trying to fight stem for control. There's still some element of him


to wrestle back control.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: He basically has Cortez the body of gray, but stem has Cortes at gunpoint and a couple of shots go and Gray's able to just pull his arm away just to try and save her and just fucking shoots there.

Just imagine just to do it. Yeah. Just fucking shoots her from a couple of feet away in the chest. Boom. She's gone. And then. It.

Reegs: Well, he decides the only way that he can is it now

Sidey: that it FLTs to the, where

Reegs: he,

he brings the gun up and it's like the only way, you know, he knows that if he shoots himself in the neck, it'll sever the part it is.

So that's what he does. He commits suicide, I guess he shoots except he doesn't, he comes to, and it's all been

Sidey: and at this point I thought I'll fuck off this isn't that it was all a dream

Reegs: happy dream. His wife's there and we've seen her a couple of times through the movie and visions and when he's been waking up.

Sidey: He's

Reegs: that is lovely. And that's how it ends.

Sidey: Yeah, though. It doesn't

Reegs: no, cuz back in the real world, stem now is fully in control. There is no gray anymore. He's locked away in that mind prison. And yeah, he walks off into the

Dan: that's. Right. He's just kind of happy. In, as you say mind prison, he's, he's been reunited with his, his wife.

He can feel and touch and all the, the mental stimulation is being sent to him. And effectively he's,

Sidey: but in reality, there is only stem.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: That's all that exists now. And that's the end. Yeah. It's fucking Barron ending. Yeah

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Downer in it. Yeah. I,

Dan: well, you know,


I like the

Sidey: ending

said, did I?

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I, I thought it was is how you want it.

Maybe it will set up for another one, you know,

Sidey: potentially. No, I think it was standalone

Dan: as a, as a standalone.

Reegs: I would watch more of these for sure. There was a way bigger universe hinted at there, but

Dan: well we, we watched nobody a little while back then, we were some amazing fight scenes from Bob Oden, Kirk. But these scenes, it was really kind of clever the way that they did it.

Cuz as you say, he's a passenger a lot of the time. So he is, he's almost his facial expressions up shocked and unwilling almost like he's watching

Reegs: it. He must have trained so hard to deliver in one, like, as part of his body is chopping another man down with a knife, he's reacting an absolute horror and like craning his

Dan: away.


Sidey: yes, Logan Marshall green. We didn't mention that was, but performance is great. And, and when he is fighting Fisk as well, it's two relatively normal dude. Fighting, but obviously enhanced. So they're doing things they wouldn't normally be able to do and it do. It does convey it really well. I think in the, in the, in the fights,

Dan: the, the speed of their hands and things and the way that they're

Reegs: and the camera gimmick with the locking on is used really cleverly, especially in that very first fight scene where he rises up off the floor.


Dan: That was

Reegs: The camera goes with it. It's not overdone. But it does give you this complete sense of whoa, something else is happening and with the sound design as well, which is really good.

Dan: Well, it, he gave him that robotic mechanical look that I guess he was going for being a fighting machine and yeah.

That scene where he just would low on the floor and then just straight up onto his feet.

Reegs: but it really is a brilliant performance from him.

Sidey: Mm,

Reegs: it? Absolutely. So, yeah, everybody indict this,

Dan: I'm really pleased. You, you recommended

Sidey: this. Yeah. I didn't know anything about it. And I thought it was gonna be a totally D I thought it was ready player one for some reason. Cause I'd forgotten the name of it. And we'd tried to just, you know, you were on the WhatsApp group, San, this was about games, but, and I was like, oh God, it's that fucking video game thing.

Dan: It's like,

Sidey: so when it was this, I was like, okay, wasn't what expecting I'm in. And it was fucking great.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: It's like

Dan: horror, thriller.

I mean,

Reegs: a OVN type, like Robocop meets death, wish meets ex

Sidey: So the, the scene where they originally shoot him in the neck and shoot his Mrs. That really reminded me of Robocop.

And then there's the scene where he shoots the other military guy. Yeah. Blows his head off that. I was thinking that was like CBA. It was so visually so disturbing.

Reegs: And it's Lee Nell is the writer and director. He did the insidious movies and. With James


Sidey: Yeah. There's a sore doll face on the wall

Reegs: Anna James w is one of the residents in the building that they went to,

Dan: is is

this dark humor all the way through it? You know, it is,

Reegs: it looks, they, like you said, they did amazing stuff with the budget because it,

Sidey: it was $5 million the budget. Right. So they did a lot with it, I

Dan: I think, yeah, no, that is, you've seen films with lot less going on because there's lots going on in that as well. You know what I mean?

Sidey: It, it was a win, it did nearly $17

Dan: Oh I'm pleased I'm pleased Yeah

Sidey: We watched another bloom house. Picture that casino. Hell one. Do you remember that?


That was not so good. Was

Reegs: that the one Howie with the oh man that was terrible, except for the, when he came on stage.

Dan: So is, is this, that, that house that makes a lot of movies then, and just hopes that some of these sticks so they can make some more because this one stuck, this was, I thought really a brilliant story.

I, you know,

Reegs: they tend to make a lot of horror movies, Blumhouse the Netflix ones that they're all universally pretty good.

Dan: Well, I, as you know, I'm not a massive horror fan, but I never felt this was a horror film. Although there was some gruesome deaths and scenes within the action. It was all part of the action.

And there was almost a dark humor to it because somebody else has just turned this guy into pairs and then goes now is your problem. And he's like, what? You know? So it, there was that humor all the way through it, which didn't make it scary for me. It made it more exciting.

Sidey: No, it was definitely action. I'd say it was definitely an action movie.

Reegs: I mean, you get. Do loads of interesting thought stuff though, about like, you know, cuz how far is too, when does he go too far in, in letting stem do stuff?

When, you know, when is his F sealed and stuff like you empathize with him, but he's done some unspeakable things by the end of it. It is pretty grim depressing but unique visual style. Good sense of humor.

Sidey: You don't often get an ending like that either. No. So I like that. I really like that.

Dan: The fact that it's something a little bit different, but even knowing that I, I think I'd watch this again, you know, it's, it is one of those films that I'll, I'll probably watch again in the next year, you know, because it's, it's worth seeing the, the details.

I would've missed that first time around because there's, there's lots going on. Yeah. Enjoy this really good one



or Mario. What was your.

Yeah. You a Mario


Sidey: hundred percent

Dan: Sonic. Yeah, I was as well.

Reegs: Yeah, Mario. Yeah. I wasn't probably good enough for Sonic. It was,

Dan: it was, I know it was okay. It was, it was always struggling to be you know, up against Mario cuz it was Sagan Nintendo, wasn't it? And this was their big character Sonic the hedgehog.

Reegs: Yeah. He's an anthropomorphic hedgehog gifted with incredible speed powers that is Sonic the hedgehog. If you're unfamiliar with him and he runs around a world full of industrial and chemical hazards where some insane architects installed Springs

Dan: Yeah, that's right. The what is he? Egg man?

Reegs: Mm

Dan: That's the,

Sidey: oh, the wars,

Dan: the arch kind of enemy.

And in this episode of this is called Sonic

Sidey: Well we went for series one episode 52.

Dan: yeah.

Right in there at the end,

Reegs: to me by my youngest. Okay. Yeah.

Dan: And in, in this scene or this,

Reegs: well for its introduction of Sonic's nemesis

Sidey: shadow,

Reegs: shadow.

Yeah. You were familiar with shadow.

Dan: No, I wasn't.

No, I don't remember shadow.

Reegs: He's kind of an edge Lord version of

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. So he is he's that's it that's perfectly described. We don't seem him to a little bit later, but the, the egg man is, is brought together all the criminals and all the super villas to try to take down.

Reegs: It's a rogues gallery,

Dan: it's a rose gallery and they're having a really nice business meeting.

it seems to be all done in a very cordial way.

Reegs: catch the names of any of the guys there? Dave, the intern T Barker and his circus bears, the lightning bolt society in Charlie, the mad archeologist was some of the,

Dan: Some of the humor. I thought, do kids find this funny or is it aimed at their parents? I wasn't sure where it was kind of pitched, but

Sidey: well the kind of losers who liked the Sonic the game when it was out, probably have kids now. So they, but we're a bit of both. Really.

Reegs: My little one is independently discovered a love for Sonic the hedgehog.

Not really the game. She does play the games on a Kindle

Sidey: now. All right. But

Reegs: yeah, she likes the movie and she likes this.

Sidey: I quite like the movie actually.

Reegs: There's a cap pink cap thing called Amy who's part of Sonic's gang and he hangs around with knuckles. Who's an idiot. Yeah. And tails, who's also an idiot in this

basically cause Sonic's really

Dan: cool. I watched this probably about three hours ago, but I'm still struggling to remember quite what happened in this episode.

Reegs: they're trying to make a desk draw thing out of,

Sidey: There's a disconnect between like egg man RO Nick's plan to, you know, get rid of Sonic and they're just doing something completely mundane.

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: putting together a

Reegs: like an Ikea

Sidey: Ikea shit going on. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. But they can't do it.

Dan: And one of thems got the tea.

Reegs: They bring out cheeseboard.

Sidey: Yeah. Did like that. I did like that as

Reegs: and I had a quick look, there was a blue on there and there was a smoke. Yeah, it did. Yeah. Smoked German, you know, one of the,

Dan: right. No, very nice. Well they've, they've obviously got class.

Sidey: that was the highlight of the

Dan: Yeah, but they've got no, they've got no idea how to put this wardrobe together. And it's all over the place and all this time, egg man has been plotting and plotting and shadow then turns up, and this is the, the card he wanted to play because it's the only chance he's really got in beaten, Sonic.

Reegs: It wasn't really clear where shadow came from.

Sidey: No, never clue.

Dan: No. I think he sent him an invite. As, as he did to, to everyone, he, he. He got it. He came and he's pretty

Sidey: Convenor is like a board meeting.

Dan: Yeah, he's a bit too cool. Isn't he,

Reegs: He says he's the second, most popular character in the cannon.

Sidey: Yeah, I did like the, the use of the word cannon was Amus to me.

Reegs: They ambush Sonic at his place and they do, he does his trademark pinball stuff and there's like an epic fight between shadow and Sonic. That's kind of like the end of matrix revolutions where they're smashing stuff up

Dan: And he just gets plowed into the, into the saw and he is gone.


Reegs: Sonic's down. Yeah. Shadow has the upper hand and he's only taken down. Did you notice this? Because, well, there's a he's selfie. Yeah.

Dan: what doesn. Yeah.

Reegs: he's blinded by the flash. So, and then Sonic blindside. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Cheap shot.

Dan: he, he rolls right under him. Gives him the old sucker punch.

him. That was it. He was the bit man on the day, but egg man

Reegs: it was a bit

Dan: the way

Reegs: oh, waiting for your opponent to be blinded and that when you're beaten and then

Dan: D dirty of

Sidey: he's saying he has no honor.

Reegs: Oh, the actions speak for

Sidey: That's very true.

Dan: The animation grab you?

Sidey: it was fucking awful.

Dan: was, it was kind

Sidey: a, it looked cheap. It just looked cheap to me.

Dan: It was thrown together a computer wise, this one,

Sidey: well, 52 episodes. So they've gotta be able to do it quick, I guess. And there is a second series, but another 52. So that's,

Dan: right

Reegs: be pleased when that comes out. There's a meta weird bit at the end where the robots beg for another season to be made.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And they say something like, I imagine how many stories we can do with the same eight characters and the same for sets.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, that bit was quite amusing as well. They.

They haven't been in it much, those characters. I dunno. Maybe they, they feature bigger in the other 51 episodes, but

Reegs: how tall is Sonic?

In real life if he was sitting here, like as big as a five year old.

Sidey: Yeah, I'd say so

Dan: the hair is quite spiky.

Sidey: I mean, is this. Size in the movie accurate cuz he's probably yeah, yeah.

Reegs: say so. Yeah. I'll say that's

Sidey: seven or eight years old child, I'd say. Yeah,

Reegs: That's a bit big.

Dan: It's a big hedgehog and he's fast.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And and this really though, wasn't the, the knockout blow though. Was it that he would've been hoping for?

Reegs: It was only 11 minutes. We got to talk about Sonic the hedgehog. My little one really likes it. It's

Dan: that

they found this before the game and maybe then getting into the game. Maybe that's the plan.

Yeah, it was with so many other things to see. It was struggle to, I think, pull my kids' attention in maybe there's, there's something there that I didn't pick up on that kids will. But for me it was,

Reegs: he's making a comeback in a breath of the wild style game. Oh, really?


Sidey: well, IPG.


Oh okay.

Dan: Okay. Yeah. He's a weird character for me. It there

Sidey: well, it was just completely, I mean, they all are, but cynically created to take on Mario. I mean, that was the whole thing. They needed a marque thing. It's Sega

Dan: he's been around so long though, is impressed me because he must have this kind of cult following they've done films.

They've done cartoons. They've

Sidey: well, Sega in effect doesn't really exist anymore. Does it?

Dan: No. Right.

Sidey: only in IP sense. And they'll do like the, the mega drive mini, like the way that Nintendo has the little retro versions, but there's no new consoles that come out. So it's stayed the course, even though Sega itself kind of


Dan: has gone.

And you say there's another. 52

Sidey: There's another 52. Yeah. So

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: There's,

Sidey: I won't watch any of those for

Dan: No, I, I,

Sidey: I really didn't like, I didn't go it partly, probably because of, I just was more of an Nintendo fans, kid, and I still, like, I will buy. The next console to play the next Mario game.

I've done it with all them. I played, I bought, I bought the weed to play Mario galaxy. I bought the switch to play Mario Odyssey. Like I'm a bit of a fucking loser like that, but I wouldn't do that for any of the Sonic ones. I just wouldn't.

Dan: No, yeah. Is there better Sonic stuff than this out then? The film

Sidey: the movie, the movie's right. I quite like the movie. Yeah, haven't seen the sequel, but the first one's

Dan: cause there was another cartoon as well.

On Netflix there's Sonic. Boom. And then there's another set of, so. Cartoons as well.

Reegs: and introduce her. And then we can talk

Dan: they're the more kind of animation type where this was, you know, computer animation that seemed like there was done more by illustrators. So maybe an older,

Reegs: that stop motion thing you were talking about on the pod. That sounded good.

Dan: The stop motion was

Sidey: fantastic. Body thunder stroke. Yeah. Yeah. It's

Reegs: that sounded amazing.

Dan: it

Sidey: it's really good.

Dan: fantastic. Mr. Fox kind of animation

Sidey: going on there. Yeah, it was cool.


than miss.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: We were kind of down on Sonic, which is a shame to end on that, but fucking strong film choices this week

Reegs: and strong video games are good. Aren't they?

Sidey: Yeah. So

two So on the whole, that was excellent. Well done. We've got nominations from Peter Andre for next week and he is, got a themed week, much.

Like we had this week. We've got themed it's mythology next week.

Dan: Okay. We got those films now or we gonna share them later.

Sidey: I've got 'em now. Yeah, the midweek is gonna be the 300.

Dan: Oh, right. Okay.

Reegs: seen have

Sidey: I think it's nominated for my benefit. And the top five is gonna be top five mythological characters.

Nice. So they don't have to be creatures. They can be. Humanoid as well. So there's

Reegs: We we had creatures didn't we? This is mythological

Sidey: So they have to be like Greek or

Reegs: okay. All right.

Sidey: all the rest of it, then we have a main feature of the Northman.

Dan: Okay. Okay. Not seeing that that's

Sidey: which is pretty


And the kid's choice is Judice season one, episode one, or share a link to that. So that's gonna be exciting. I haven't seen any of the stuff apart from Judice, but that was a long, long

Dan: time. Yeah.

Reegs: I vaguely remember the first episode.

Dan: I might be binge watching this whole thing.

Reegs: What's that? Is that on anything?

Or I

Sidey: I think it's on YouTube, but it's the proper, like high Def thing on YouTube.

Reegs: Mm,

Dan: Well, there's loads of episodes. We've done. People can go back and download if if they'd like to, but for me, this was really strong week. RS really enjoyed

Sidey: this. Yeah, it was good. Very, very good. But for now, all that remains is to say Sidy, signing out,

Reegs: Riggs out,

Dan: Dan's gone.