Feb. 11, 2022

14 Peaks & That Girl Lay Lay

14 Peaks & That Girl Lay Lay
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I'm sorry to have to disappoint you but the idea that snowflakes are unique is not entirely true, there being eight main types of shapes at the molecular level, with 39 sub-categories which then order themselves via weak hydrogen bonds to each other, resulting in the symmetrical hexagonal shape of the snowflake. At the atomic level they are indistinguishable, being comprised of the same oxygen and hydrogen atoms and in that sense of course we're all interchangeable and alike but a part of the same: the snow, me, you, the phone you're listening to this on, because all atoms of any element are identical. Not close or similar, but exactly identical. Is that profound? I don't know but it's worth bearing in mind while you listen to me and my snowmies discussing the Top 5 Snow scenes or movies.

Dan has been talking about the documentary 14 PEAKS: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for a few weeks now and with his visit to Nepal on the horizon we thought we'd take the time to review this celebration of extraordinary and almost unimaginable courage, strength and determination. Nepalese climber Nims Purja and his team scale all 14 mountains above 8,000 metres in 6 months and 6 days, a task for which the superlatives barely do justice. These are truly incredible people, doing incredible things for incredible reasons and there's some food for thought in Nims' pleas for greater recognition and acknowledgement of his accomplishments in light of the relative glorification of western mountain-climbers, when their achievements are rooted in the hard work of their Sherpa support teams. Unmissable.

We unanimously agreed THAT GIRL LAY LAY is the best kids thing we've ever reviewed on the pod. The Netflix series sees an A.I. avatar from a personal affirmation app materialise in the real world to help boost the self-esteem of 14 year old Sadie, a sentence I only just about understand and a concept which made me feel so old I soiled myself in solidarity with my geriatric brethren. Helpfully that chimes with the theme of the episode "Boombox Burger Bop" in which Sadie's parents struggle for relevance when performing their 10 year old burger jingle. At one point Lay Lay says "hashtag don't sleep on crypto" and I wanted to kill myself. But rapper Lay Lay (real name Alaya High) really does have some flow.

That's all for now simpletons. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


14 Peaks

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review the film review show who's tokens are fungible and that fungible fungible, fungible and we seemingly back the wrong director video action star this week.

So it's back to enjoying the entirely non-problematic Gina Carano instead see that Scott Adkins turns out to be a bit of a Joe Rogan, loving douchebag. Great, a special welcome this week to any new listeners who might have picked up the show recently of which there are a few it seems one of the barriers, I always think for new listeners, starting with a long running podcast like ours or the in jokes and show memes, et cetera.

So rather than try to work around them and avoid lazy leaning on past moments of accidental levity to make the show a better experience, we thought we'd give you a quick rundown of those capers, just to help bring you up to speed, like a show recap button for when your favorite, but complicated drama returns for a new season, except this is for a barely above average podcast.

And you can't really see.

So first up don't adjust your wireless is not Dick van Dyke. It's Dan who's old and lived a life, maybe a few different ones already, including, but not limited to playing professional football or so cheer or pick me for hog fondling in her far-flung parts of the world. Dan has gone from using the odd amusing malapropism every now and then to being now almost totally incapable of.

Pronouncing any words correctly. He can't tell when he's watching movies with assistance for the visually impaired turned on and he has an incredible wanking story, which he refuses to share on the pod. He's never let the fact that he can't actually do an impression of a celebrity, prevent him from attempting to perform one.

Sidey: That's all of us,

Reegs: Yeah. Our second film enthusiast tonight is Sidey. The man who is almost single-handedly responsible for Baghdad's film review and given the importance the podcast has for all our collective mental health. I should probably tread carefully when introducing him. Anyway, he's got two weird things which revolve around his mother, namely that they've watched softcore pornography together and he thinks it's okay for Marty to bang his own mother and back to the future.

So we have a fair guess at what might be inside his internet search history whilst he's definitely not a contrarian. There's a fair chance. He hates your favorite actor and quite possibly your favorite movie. And he's definitely not above dropping spoilers on you for movies you haven't seen yet. Not appearing this week, but.

Absolutely urging me and the group text to abuse him was attention seeking Peter Andre, who has been in may to feel intimidated and angry by a movie about a bus. He's the member of the show that most reminds me of an NFT or perhaps cryptocurrency, and that their essence is total bullshit and probably hiding something criminal.

And finally, we were to have Howie. Who's not here tonight and we'll never live down Brighton rock, a terrible, terrible movie. Despite him having provided us with some absolute gems like mid nineties or at least some interesting meanderings since then, he once provided a peek behind the kimono of married life and once confessed, his sex games involve his wife being paddleboard salesman.

He can be very loud and the podcast, he used to start with me being really nasty about him, which we retired for reasons, but I fondly recall abusing how we every week and sometimes yearn to go back there. This, this week's intro being a little bit of a tribute to, to.

Sidey: Right. Brighton rock was the first real stinker that we had on the show.


Dan: we've had some others since then. We had cats

Sidey: since then slamming salmon, but that was the, the, that was the benchmark, the low benchmark At one point

Reegs: Katz was the worst I've seen. I couldn't go back there.

Dan: I'm just trying to remember the song that I don't want to remember. What was it rinky or

Sidey: the

rum tum tugger,

Dan: dog? Oh, flipping it. What will you be watching this week?

Sidey: I watched Bubba fat, which I think are the

lone voice in the entire world is not particularly enjoying

the episode so much.

Dan: Which one? The last one.

Sidey: Yeah.

For everyone seemed loved it. But I was a bit like, so I don't think I, other than the homework, I don't think

I've found time to watch anything. else.

Dan: judged too hard, Baba. I still think it's a really, I just get all excited on a Wednesday. I'm like, Ooh,

Sidey: I'm excited because this week is the finale

and I am, excited because hopefully it.

will go Back to the actual story. But

we we shall see. What about you?

Dan: I watched part of American psycho.

I say part of it because. The boy had to sleep over a couple of his mates and they were watching it. And I think,

Reegs: wait, you were watching your son sleep over?

Dan: well, no, they were downstairs watching and they were watching American physio and they just, they liked it. Yeah. They really

Sidey: If you're 16 16 And watching American psycho, you're going to love it.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. So

Reegs: Did he say American physio

Dan: Well,

Sidey: They wouldn't have probably got all the like shit.


Dan: no, I did say, oh, Huey Lewis and the news is going to come on late. Don't tell it. They would have just gone over their head anyway. Yeah. I watched I watched a football Western bachelor in my mighty ketamine steroid. That was fun. I got some I did a bit music buy-in and Johnny, Utah was in touch he'd he'd bought a brilliant album.

Madonna one. Yeah, 50 P like a Virgin, I think 50 cent, that's it? Yeah. So, so that was good. Been doing a bit of that. But other than the homework, I've not had too much more TV time, a couple of kids things which I can't even remember. They're just on, I think it was one of them was what we'd watched a little while back how we had that weird.

What was the weird show? It was only a week or two ago. The kids one central world. Yeah. That, that found a, another

Reegs: yeah, that sounded pretty balmy to be honest

Dan: crazy. Like adventure time, but

Sidey: gay

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: everything you've watched in the last

Reegs: two months or something. Yeah. Now, well, probably the thing most worth mentioning is yellow jackets. It's a TV series and it kind of ties into the midweek mentioned because it's about a group of people that crash a soccer team of girls that crash a plane crash, but it's set in two time periods.

So it's set at the time of the crash and it's also set 25 years later. So you've got

Sidey: say

Reegs: idea yeah, there is a bit of sex in it and stuff's got Melanie Linsky in it who may or may not have been in, I don't feel at home in this world anymore. If you remember that one. I can never remember, but she's really great in it.

And it's got, it's got Juliette Lewis as well. So it's got a low and Christina Richie. And so there's a load of child actors who are now

Sidey: not

Reegs: not child actors, and then kids playing them when they're younger, it's clever, it's, well-written, it's dramatic. And it goes completely bonkers by the end. So it's an HBO Showtime thing they showing up on sky here in in the UK.

But that is, I really recommend that. That was great.

Sidey: Alrighty we did,

obviously a top five

like we usually do last week,

which was about

Reegs: hotels,

Sidey: hotels.



may or may not have had some nominations. I can't remember.

Reegs: well, now the pressure's on, isn't it. I mean I just

Dan: what were the three that we chose?

Somebody might

Reegs: is right there.


Dan: A long week,

Sidey: I did loads of

research and trying to be all up to speed for today. And then I didn't do anything on that at all.

Reegs: Yeah. Okay. well that sat, well, I'll just come up with something then. How about the hotel in Ghostbusters where you goes crazy with the proton

Dan: think that did get a mention.

Didn't it? I dunno, wherever we got selected

Sidey: get made the final cut because I put in term peaks. The lodge


did something.

Dan: I did something

Sidey: Yeah but don't think any of us.

bit Ghostbusters I can go. Yeah.

Reegs: Wow. So we can't even be bothered to remember our own.

That's a

Dan: that way. Yeah. Yeah. Apologies for that. Regular listeners who I'm sure were itching to know our final choice, but we'll put it out on the web. Maybe they're just itching.

Sidey: well, this week,

it's top five, which I'm sure we'll do a much better job of remembering for next week

is about snow. It was a bit of a thematic line through The

the content

Dan: because we haven't.

Uh Listeners there didn't know anyway, wouldn't they buy just the title of the podcast. But after this, we've got 14 peaks, which is the Netflix documentary. And then after that, we've got a kid's thing that we don't even want to discuss

Reegs: that we had alive, which is also snow related. So it's all like, you know, I know what I saw when you said the nominations, I saw exactly what you

Dan: it was the theme going through there and, and yeah. So films that feature snow in them, it's quite broad. So,

Sidey: a couple of. tele ones as


Dan: oh, I I'll allow that. I'll allow that. I do have a few snow facts related to the movies as

Reegs: Okay. Me too. So let's see if we've got overlapping or different facts. Let's with vibing,

Dan: be fun. Well, as we're vibing so much Sidey, do you want to kick us off with your first short.

Sidey: shall do. I'm going to go,


Dan: for snowman,

Sidey: Well,

that's my first one, it's the snowman.


horror. No, it's not horror. Serial killer. It's the yo NASBA book turned into a movie starring Michael Fassbender and the serial killers emo is that he leaves a


It's fucking ludicrous. I'm sure

much more tense and gripping in

the novel. It has to be

because the film is a complete clusterfuck.

They only films.

I think three quarters of the script. So.

it really is

Like fucking dreadful.

Dan: They do with the

Reegs: It's only three quarters of a movie or

Sidey: basically. Yeah.


don't know if they had time or it doesn't make sense because they've missed out so much. And It's got like Michael Fassbender Bal Kilmer's in it,

Did this really bizarre performance. It's obviously

he's not. Well, you know,

in real life as though he's never really

looking at

the camera or, you know, his voice is obviously I think added later, you know, it's just


Dan: a body on

Sidey: It's just, I actually quite enjoyed it cause it's just like, you watching go, what the fuck is going on.

Dan: Like they've put a

Sidey: much

Dan: time and attention as we have into our top

Sidey: we don't get the budget that they do, is so that's a shame, but just the fact that the killer has to go through the


of making a snowman fucking ludicrous.

Dan: It reminded me of a I dunno why this kind of mystery one time where a guy had used a massive ice block to kill somebody and then obviously the ice melted, so they could never find the

Sidey: lateral thinking required Yeah.

Reegs: but yeah, so you can only be a serial killer where it's snowy. If you, if your modus operandi is to, is to use the

Sidey: snowman sort of Scandinavian town, you know, Where it's like, always light or dark, you know,

Reegs: on there, like a lot of snowman out, is that part of the fate, do you get like, wow, that guy's dead and it's not just a kid made a snowman.

Sidey: Yeah. It's weird. I would Definitely recommend it.

Dan: Okay. And that's called snowman, right? The snow man. Okay. Well, I'll go for another, the, the gray, I seen this one. Um

Reegs: Movie.

Dan: yeah. I've

Reegs: Joe Carnahan there. Liam Neeson

Dan: the Liam Neeson one. He is

another plane crash as we would have featured on the midweeks, but six oil workers this time need to survive, but a pack of merciless wolves hunt them.

And, but they've got Liam Neeson. So,

Reegs: it's not really that movie, particularly though, is it really that the trailers sold it is the Liam Neeson Wolf punching movie, but it's actually this basically this drama about fathers and sons and wives and, and Liam Neeson is in real life was his real, his wife had just died while he was doing this movie.

So he's processing it all and you can sit, you can actually see that all on screen in this light harrowing performance. But yeah, no, I really liked this movie actually

Dan: And then the final scene, which will I spoil I'll leave it. But I mean, the way he tapes up his hands tells you he's ready for a fight. Isn't it in that last that last scene. So yeah, like that one and it's loads of snow in it.

Loads loads of the white stuff.

Reegs: Snow buddies is a part of the buddy's cinematic universe, the BCU, which is a spinoff from the air bud franchise. A series of films about sports playing golden retriever. There's five in the original air, bud films, air bud airbag, golden receiver air bud world pup air, bud seven thinning fetch, and finally 2000 and threes air bud spikes back.

But snow buddies was the second in the director video franchise.

Sidey: Hard to believe it. didn't get a cinematic

Reegs: yeah, I know it sees the five puppies. B-Dog Buddha butter Butterball, Rosebud and mud bud.

Dan: I know that I'm stepping in here. What is this? I've never even heard of this. You've

Reegs: Th they're they're they're five. My daughter was big into these movies. They're just about a pack of puppies.

Well, not these ones, particularly they get involved in shenanigans because this is a spinoff. They're not the sports playing particularly shenanigans. So they, you know, usually around whatever the title of the thing is.

So there's this one, snow buddies, they're spooky buddies, which is my personal favorite there's space buddies, which I haven't seen before, but share a fondness with a listener Bregy who also wants to see that movie. But yeah, this one is snow buddies and you can kind of imagine where this goes. The five dogs are accidentally packaged off in a truck to Alaska.

After one of the dogs, comically traipses off to find ice cream and they meet a boy named Adam and his Husky puppy Shasta and spoiler alert. He trains the air buds puppies to be S sled, dog people, and not people, dogs and races them in a Husky sledding competition. And Adam wins the race. It's awful, but my eldest loves these

Dan: movies

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's like an hour and a half that you'll never get back in your life and watched repeatedly,

Of these. Oh, I don't know how many of the spinoff, so I was five dogs. Yeah, so my eldest loved these damn movies. So I've seen them almost as much as movies. I actually like this one has Kris Kristofferson and Jim Belushi in it as an Alaskan mama lute, Anderson Bernard, respectively which is not something you get to see all the time.

But rather shockingly, by this came out in looking at this movie, I found the movie was not permitted to use the no animals were harmed disclaimer. Right. And it received an unacceptable marking from the American humane association due to. Scenes with films of underage puppies. So they have to be eight weeks old and these were six.

And then when the cast were replaced by an older one, all 28 of the new car suffered from parvo virus six were seriously ill and five were euthanized. So that's snow buddies, a film I thought would be funny to mention and poignant because my oldest watched them and it turns out it ends in tragedy.

Sidey: Oh, well, we should do a Watch along with preachy for the, for the other one.

Reegs: She, she said, is it good enough for a hate watch? You know, I would say probably yes, like, but like I said before, spooky buddies is probably my favorite. It's like a Halloween themed one I've never seen space buddies, but I do share a similar fascination can kind of imagine what it might be like.

Sidey: Okay, well let's lighten the mood then with dumb and dumber. When

they get to Aspen but it's actually a snow

kind of montage of them going around the town. With Mary Mary,

Swan maybe Samsung, Samsung It's right there the briefcase. And he

fucking led us over the snowball

Like she sort of chucks when it hits, there's no giggling and he fucking,

letters right in the face. and then of course

he he licks the Jeff Daniels.

looks the post-season frost,

and it gets his tongue stuck on the thing. And

he gave it off. so

a snow montage,

Reegs: if you have to, I put a bit of like dry ice on a table. I put it in my

Sidey: mouth.

Reegs: Yeah. Because I don't know. Cause I'm an idiot and it was

Sidey: fucking dangerous Isn't it

Reegs: Yeah. It was back in there. Like, I guess that would have been in the late eighties, early nineties

Dan: We all did that. That was the fashion then. Yeah, that, that that movie actually really makes me laugh in smile. Just thinking that the moment where they they're going into Aspen, and I don't know if it's Jeff Daniels, who's absolute, he's driving. The bike is absolutely freezing. He already had the moment where he goes, I need toilet in here.

I just go and he's kind of just are nice and warm for about 10 seconds while the is go. But then he takes off. He goes, oh, you know, my hands are freezing. And he goes, oh my hands a bit clammy. Cause I've got two pairs of gloves here.

Sidey: the whole time,

Dan: Fantastic, fantastic. I feel not.

I've only just caught up on, and there's a whole series of this as well.

Snowpiercer and I was, I'd seen this movie advertised so many times on.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And I'd seen the movie, I just thought this isn't going to be my kind of film. I'm going to avoid this. Anyway. I think from one of you guys, you said, no, no, it's decent and go and watch it. And I really, really liked it. And I might get into the series now.

So if you hadn't heard it, what it is, it's in the future, a fire or climate change experiment is killed all life, except for survivors of boarded. This Snowpiercer train, which just travels around the globe and within the train and the class, the classes of the train at different classes of people, or you know, different categories of how far and.

People want to move up the train from, from the backward conditions are shit to the luxury compartments at the front. There's different stories and I've not I've yet to see the series, but there was just so much more to tell on that, on that film. So,

Reegs: Yeah. And the metaphor is much more elegantly handled. Cause like when you explain it like that, it sounds a bit clumsy. Yeah. But I agree. I agree. It's really, really good. no, no, it's not. It's just like the premise probably sounds a bit.

Dan: But it's a little more clever than that. It is clever

Reegs: until the Swinton's in it doing a really good job frozen. That's got quite a lot of snow in it. I mean, it literally revolves around,

Sidey: no powers powers inflicting

Reegs: an endless winter. And she didn't know she was doing it until the others teller to, to, and she manages to get control of her powers and she, but she conjures a snowman.

I laugh. And he is the physical embodiment

Sidey: Do you want to build a snowman?

Reegs: he is the literal embodiment of their, of their childhood bond. Isn't he? And he likes big hugs and he doesn't seem to understand that warmth is bad for him

Sidey: She also does

Golem giant.

Reegs: Yeah. He's called marshmallow. Did you know that? Yeah.

Sidey: Okay. And then ice palace to

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Sorry. Huge tune with this. I was just wondering and Canto that we

Sidey: I don't get it.

I don't get how that song's bigger.

Dan: Isn't it,

Sidey: It's bigger than that down It's huge

Reegs: There was the, not that this really means anything anymore, but the, one of the songs, the Bruno one was number one and another one was like number four and another one was number five and none of the one was like number 11 in the charts, like

Sidey: I just feel like maybe I'm just being ignorant that

it's just piggybacking on

all The prior successes of Disney to have to just be huge

because it's Disney.

'cause I just didn't get it.

Reegs: I think the music and the visuals are very, very cleverly intertwined. I didn't get it when I'd only heard the soundtrack, I have to say, ah, but then when I'd seen the movie, I thought it was really clever the way that they did those things together.


Dan: still get song in our house,

Reegs: yeah. Oh God. Yeah. It haunts me that it's just going through my head, like, you know, endlessly anyway.

Dan: the Bruno run

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: did we get

Reegs: Well, we were talking about frozen, the only thing I was going to say, just the song, the sequence of let it go is a real powerful moment. And I guess, you know, we've all got daughters, we've all enjoyed this movie.

It's pretty good. And I

Dan: It's a great movie

Reegs: to hear the the Encanto one got to number one before I just assumed let it go be number one. It seemed to be absolutely

Sidey: everywhere

Dan: world.

Is my next choice and that's the story, another true story of an assault to the peak of Everest that went horribly wrong. I think it was around 96 and loaded people died on the mountain, Jake Gillen hall, our

Reegs: he, died

Dan: he was, he played Rob hole think it was, and and there was another guy called Scott Fisher and they, they did

Sidey: the

Dan: thing.

Yeah, the fish dog. They had this company called mountain madness and people were just going up to the mountains so much, you know, they were just their lines. There's famous photos. Now you just see. 30 40, 50, a hundred people in a line going up Everest already to summit and then come back down again.

And it bottlenecks in lots of areas. So it's really dangerous. They got caught up in on a storm. So many people are given so much to get so high already, really didn't want to give up. But coming back down took the lives of, of loads of them. And this is that story. It's, you know, like something like our midweek that's survival story.

So it's a different style to that. But again, you know, it's in the deaf, so, and over seven, 8,000 meter mountains, obviously a horrible, scary places to be in a big blizzard. And another true story, lots of snow in this one. That was it say, what do I have to say?

Sidey: I don't know, but you just took a bit your shit, my go, but anyway,

Dan: Oh, did I

Sidey: Yeah you did but don't worry I'm not mad about it.

I'm going to nominate the shining which is a romantic, comedy of us. A couple of stay in

a hotel.

And everything


absolutely fine.


absolutely fine.

until the weather closes in. And there's a real blizzard is it Scott man, Crothers who

rocks up uninvited. So they shoot him off. He's fine as well. He just go some

but as business,

Reegs: That's amazing.

Sidey: name. Isn't it. Now he's got like

horribly murdered with an access

fucking grim. And Jack Torrance is not himself. not himself is sort of got the, not even famous, the

iconic ubiquitous, access to the door

you know,

Shelly Duval goes nuts.

She eventually escapes with Danny out The, I think

they got the window tiny little window

down a big snowy bank, you know, there's, a, snow is really powered up

massive. No, it's just a, she put Danny, out the windows, and he goes into


and Jack

follows airmen. you get there. The finale shot is she's rescued him, but he's

just crazed running

Reegs: around the maze.

Isn't he dragging the ax and, oh man.

Sidey: and even So the

camera pans up.

So you see it as, almost like, probably as a model. you know? And then it just cuts back and you just got this crazy frozen

you know,

Jack, just but did you

know that

blade runner


the shining are in

the same


Reegs: I did not know that.

How were they in the same universe?

Sidey: Because in one of the cuts of blade runner?


I think it's the one with a happy ending.

They were after a scraping they was said, no, we

can't ended like that.

We need to have something is too fucking bleak and dark Ridley, Scott

Stanley Kubrick and said, if you've got any any shots like countryside, shorts,

anything like that, that I can just like tack on to it's Don't worry. I've got here. We filmed loads of that for,

you know, the opening sequence of the shining,

where they're driving into the, towards the town. you've got

all the I think

it's helicopter

across the lake so that the spare footage that they shot of that was tacked onto the end of blade runner.

Dan: story story.

Sidey: I

just like to like

mega directors just on

the phone, like

I need to know

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: job's done. You got any footage? Yeah. I know exactly what you need. Yeah. I'm

Sidey: So I guess That makes blade runner

in the future of the shiny.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, it's the connection. Isn't it? Is it come back around the rigs.

Reegs: Are you guys interested in a little bit of history about how they do snow in the

Dan: I would like to, yes, I'll compare it against my own historical research

Reegs: Well, until the mid 1920s cotton was the most popular substitute until somebody pointed out that it could be a bit flammable. So in the thirties and forties, they moved on to the much safer alternative industrial grade crystal chrysotile otherwise known as asbestos which was used in the likes of wizard of Oz and citizen Kane in 1946.

It's a wonderful life. They used fomite, which is like a sugar and water mix. And then they pumped it through a wind machine to create bed for falls. And then they use marble dust in Dr. Zhivago in 19 65, 9 78. They used so. For the outdoor scenes in Superman so wonderful for the plant life.

And then eighties, they moved towards paper, which obviously hideous. And then the noughties onwards has seen the hideous hideous use of CGI snow. So that's where we are. If you want snow in a movie, either go on location and hope.

Sidey: go on vacation.

Reegs: And one where they did go on location, if you don't mind, is the Revenant.

Sidey: still not

seeing this one

Reegs: of you know, oh, it's good. It's good. It's Alejandro in a REIT to anyone for Oscars, for Birdman. And then this one got DiCaprio best Oscar best actor.

Dan: Definitely say it's a no brainer.

Reegs: Oh, it's good. It's rarely good. And then much of it's made about like how it's all set. Like, you know, it was actually shot there and they use natural lighting and the filmmaking crew and everybody was part of it. But it really does look absolutely magnificent. It is a great movie as well. And then it makes the snow sort of see me re and terrifying, like during the bear attack scene and a shootout during the ambush and stuff, I really like it.

We should probably watch it for the pilot if you haven't seen it.

Dan: Well I I've got a few still to go. There was the, the bond one volume or skiing down

Sidey: license

Dan: license to chill. Yeah, that's it. But the one that

Sidey: is that the only the only love you're giving that

Dan: Well, I mean, we've talked about it before and the part of them,

Sidey: it's got the union Jack parachute,

There's that? So it needs to be

Reegs: was here.

He'd be absolutely crucified. Cause I'm not

Dan: bothered well, I, yeah, well, I've got a better film to talk about

Reegs: Is it triple X?

Dan: No, it's not. It's it's one of my favorite books and it's one of my favorite films. It was the film that bill Murray made after Ghostbusters and one that you refuse to make good Ghostbusters to, right. The Razor's edge.

Yeah. And this is the story of You know, find somebody finding themselves essentially. And in one scene, he goes up into the mountains of India in Tibet and everything to go and find himself and he's meditating on there, but the whole film is, is just something that's I really enjoy. I love this movie.

So it's got the pace of Patterson, I guess, with so Pete's already really into this.

Sidey: not as much as I recall,

Dan: but yeah, it's not a, it's not a quick moving film, but there's lots of actions through different scenes going on in a wartime scene. And when he's he's out and fighting this gal was involved and all the rest of it.

So his story of somebody's life is fantastic. And bill Murray wanted to help write it as well. And he wanted to go authentically cause it's a remake of an earlier film. They did of the same black and white with who was the guy Tillman or something, some old time actor that had done it before that they'd done all the snow scenes on set.

So it looked crap. They were just paintings. You can see when you watch the movie are, they've just painted up. So they really went to India and did all this loads of got food poisoning and everything out there. But and the moment they finished this, he flew straight off to New York and started to do Ghostbusters two basic good one. It would be my choice, I think the Razor's edge.

Sidey: Okay. What about some blood on snow? I'm going to go for

Fargo where Marge finds it was Pitt a store. Mars. store. Mare's

Reegs: I really like him.

Sidey: Yeah, He's great. He's particularly great in this movie. All the way through, there's been sort of disagreements with him and his partner played by Steve Buscemi.


she, comes up. yeah, it's kind of funny looking, she comes up

to this cabin. She can hear this noise and he's doing something in a machine, and this is like a comic, like foot sticking out, it's like pure comb brothers, just this

bully just

pitch black comedy. And he's

trying to like

force the foot down into this woodchipper with a log.

And this blood's displaying out over

the snow.

and on this tree, It's actually got snow on

top of the footwear is it's

all frozen and it's it's just so funny, but not, it shouldn't be funny, but somehow they make that

Dan: They've

got a talent for that overnight.

Sidey: Love that movie.

Reegs: Well I mentioned triple X before and I it's good. It's it. I don't know. Well, it's VIN diesel. He's done a number of franchises and they, they all have varying degrees of success. This one didn't have the same level of success as the

Sidey: fast.

next level.

is the nuts.

Reegs: Yeah. And but that's, I don't think that's

Sidey: indeed

Reegs: but there's the return of Zander cage, which I've also seen.

And it has him skiing down a jungle. It's amazing.

Dan: I haven't seen any of these,

Reegs: He plays Zander cage is sort of dark web extreme sports action star, which was a gimmick that was kind of already old hat at the time when this was released, I think back in 2002, and he gets embroiled in a mission to stop chemical weapons, being fired from a drone submarine by some of the least charismatic and interesting villains you've ever seen.

Because of the extreme sports angle, you get lots of shots of VIN doing insane stunts then hanging out with his bearded, tattooed friends backwards.


then whether or not you might enjoy this movie depends on whether you enjoy it. Incredible stunts, such as the one in this one where cage jumps out of a plane on a snowboard, and it's actually being filmed.

All of this being done real parachutes down onto a mountain guides down on it, being chased by snowmobiles, blowing things up, causing an avalanche in which he then kind of surfs down at that bit is probably not real. And all the while the real stunts are really, really good. And then it's interspersed with like really badly composited, VIN, diesel, over awful stuff like Slipknot music type thing playing.


yeah, I mean, eventually he jumps and holds onto a radio tower or something. The avalanche comes down and destroys the military base, presumably killing and injuring several completely innocent personnel. You know, those who work in the kitchen. Yeah. And all that stuff, but I, you know, watch, I did prefer the return Xander cage, but it didn't have any snow content.

Otherwise I'd have talked about what that one for th for me, these sorts of things are nearly on a par with bond.

Sidey: Well, let's just


go back because

I think I said it was future Kelly's not, or

whatever it was. I was, I was only

it's a spy who love Me. go

Dan: Right Nicely done. I'll put you out your misery, which is my next film.

It's Paul Sheldon, the great author and James can plays him and he's driving home from Colorado. In fact, I think he's driving. Yeah. He's just been in the lodge where he always goes to finish his book. And he smoked his cigarette. He's drunk his one bottle of Dom Perignon. And he's ready to go in the morning, but there's a big blizzard, but he wants to go anyway.

And he, he carries on slides off the road. And he saved he's he's, he's goes T saved by the absolute nightmare of the woman that is his number one fan. She loves him. So, so much in the only thing she loves more than him is the character that he's created called

Reegs: misery

Dan: and misery. Yeah. Yeah, she's, she's such an important figure in, in the Kathy Bates life that when she finds out that Paul Sheldon's killed her off she just loses the fucking plot and this whole film becomes really gripping and it's a fantastic horror film.

It's a Stephen King. I first watched this on an airplane, I think. And yeah. And it was. Just one of those films. I never remember films. I've watched an airplane really, but this one stuck with me because Kathy Bates performance was just fantastic. She terrified the shit out of me. And yeah, so it's a decent one, this, and there's obviously all the, all the snow food, a blizzard to tick that box.

Reegs: is really good. I like that movie. And the book is really good as well,

Dan: back to you reeks. No,

Sidey: no.

I think it's gone across to me. I go for eternal sunshine of the

spotless mind the whole

premise of the movie is they're deleting their memories and they're Jim Gary's thinking back,

or I think we actually see it the

first time. It's where Jim Carey and Caitlin's did it have this moment in this sort of playing in the snow

and then the lying on the frozen lake. I

think it's the one

they use for

the cover

or the poster and

they're looking up at

the stars and she was saying, oh, you

know, just show me Tammy, some of the constellations.

and he just some bullshit you know, and they have

a laugh.

And it's this perfect he's

thinking back to that memory

and people start walking

across the ice

and it's all


And it's a bit, It's one of the memories they're taking away as this, this procedure. And he's really like, no, and he starts screaming I know I don't want this.

you know, can you hear me?

You know I want out, I don't, I don't want it.

Dan: I've only seen this

Sidey: please let me keep this one, just please let me keep this one. And it's a fucking great, great film,


Dan: I've only seen it once.

So probably worth a revisit. I saw

Sidey: cause Michelle especially Gondry is the director and he

really, I think of it more as a music video director, because he's done so many great ones. And it's, he tends to

be more

quirky and that's

the sort of things you remember.

Whereas this is like the perfect balance of like great story where the cause it's all,


quite crude, some of the special effects, but they work like someone when, when one of the memories is

disappearing, things start

to go blurry. And it literally has people carrying like a big piece of glass

in between. It's like

really cheap, practical effects that use it like that to great effect. And It gets

the balance Perfect. And this film is Great. It's a really, really good film.

Reegs: Yeah, I'm the same. I haven't really seen that one for a long time. I think it's definitely needing a revisit. Jack Frost was the name of two movies.

Dan: which one you go for?

Reegs: Well,

I was going to talk about them juxtaposed because it's wonder, which has got the most awful premise


Dan: horror film.

Reegs: yeah. Well, that's the first one. And that's the 1997 direct video movie, which I have seen. And it's got a guy called Keller called Jack Frost and he's being transported across country.

And he's, it's like a Marvel thing. His his police transport collides with the, like a super tanker carrying a secret acid, which turns him into a mutant killer snowman. So he decides to get revenge on the sheriff who caught him, played by Christopher Allport, who you'd recognize from TV, and it's got Shannon Elizabeth in it.

And she's kind of like weirdly raped to death, which is added in the editing suite afterwards. They saw where the carrot floated up and they were like, all right. And then they reshot some of the dialogue to else happened. Yeah. It's not a good movie. The kills are largely unmemorable POV shots of lack of white blood.

Coming towards stuff. And there's some pretty uninspired one-liners, as you might expect, but I'm always soccer for a movie when somebody calls an outlandish monster, something really casual like man, or dude or something like that in this movie had that in it. Right. And then there's also the other one, which is the Michael Keaton

Dan: What'd you think of that one?

Reegs: Well, that's the one where it's like, arguably a bit more horrifying, isn't it? Because it's the dad who dies. He's like a singer in a rock band, a blues

Sidey: Not a good dad.

Reegs: Yeah. He's not a good dad. And then he's killed on Christmas

Dan: No,

I don't think he's not, not a good dad. He's just a wire lot. He's he's he's bad. Just about the, make it big. And there, you know, he, his son loves him and he's just a way, I think he's touring a lot. Isn't he? So

Reegs: going to go

Dan: this movie. I liked this movie.

Reegs: It's horrifying this because he dies. I can't remember exactly how does he die? The,

Dan: It's a road accident, I think

Reegs: as it always is, but it's on Christmas day and then he's reincarnated a year later. Like when the kids builds a snowman and plays his magical harmonica and it brings him to life.

So now he's a 17 snowman. His father.

Dan: Yeah.

It was just, it was strange when he first found out, but then he got used to him

Reegs: well, no, they didn't really. And it's weird. And then it's got Kelly Preston plays, Keaton's wife,

Dan: I like Michael Key and it probably wouldn't have worked for me.

Reegs: He sings in this and he's actually pretty

Dan: decent voice. Yeah.

Reegs: earlier today.

And then the best of it, basically, all he can do is he gets the plan to like do it all. It's just involves defeating the school bully in a snowball fight in competition. That's the

Dan: And he's so good at phone though. Snowballs though. Isn't he remember? He's got like an arm that you

Reegs: I dunno. It's horrendous or ridiculous movie.

Dan: Is it background to more? Yes. Well, after all those ones that I said that I had, I'm now running out, but I'm going to mention the grand hotel, Budapest, the grand Budapest hotel, even, whereas Anderson's film. They go through all the seasons. I think you see the, the sun, the w the, the rain and the snow, but if watch this movie boy.

Yeah. One of those, I mean, like always at Anderson film,

You're just taken into this world of different colors and shots and yeah. And I really like his style.

Reegs: one of my favorite, I have to say.

Dan: just thought, and again, the cost he brings together a cost of,

Sidey: everyone wants to work for him,

Dan: of, of lots, so on the screen and to do, but he builds enough around the characters of each of the people that you remember who they are.

And they're always dressed in, in kind of brilliant clothes that really make them stand out. And as you say, it's all hyper and, and done. And again, you know, anything with bill, Murray's gonna make me watch it. Yeah. There's, there's a, quite a stellar cast, I think, altogether in this, but it's set in this huge.

Hotel and and the, the kind of history of that hotel and how it's gone through the, this particular period. But yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I think they all turned up again for the French dispatch,

but I've not seen that one yet.

Reegs: it's long, isn't it?

Sidey: It's bigger than that empire strikes back the start of which takes place in ice planet half. So there's, there's lots of snow content of this point Luke goes


and they had attack this bit and, and there, cause he had the accident with his face.

So he gets mauled

by swans. No.

One per,

Which, which

explains why he's sort of facially looking slightly


Reegs: and actually added an extra scene for that part. Didn't they in one of the, when Lucas was fucking around with things, but it was actually quite good. I think.

Sidey: they have a bit with.

Oh, what are those things that they ride Cause harm goes out to find them in there on the Tundra. I thought they smelled bad

on the outside, and then you had the battle and it's the first time

we ever see the assets. So that's, I fucking love that That's really cool.

How he should buy the

Lego. We should bring him into doing that.


that I'm going to

rattle off a few others, cause

we've been going

for ages.

You mentioned snowball fights. We have to mention elf where buddy does a sort of machine gun throw


Dan: Yeah. He's good at that.

Sidey: Edward scissor hands carving


statute makes it snow and another bill Murray one Groundhog day.

Dan: My brilliant

Sidey: about that in any more depth? I was thinking about the bit where they kiss and it

sort of

starts to


Dan: Well, I like the Ned bias in Paul, where he just has that kind of meeting with Ned bison every day. And he goes in for all those different reactions to hugging him, kissing him punching him in the face ignoring him and all those other bits. Yeah. That's a great movie.

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: I've got to, no,

Reegs: I've got no idea. Yeah. It's not

Dan: got one more to add and it was always Sage,

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: because that's a classic

Reegs: Dennis Leary, I think is in that isn't he has a tiger

Sidey: It's a saber tooth Yeah.

Dan: Sub-Zero heroes, a wooly mammoths saber-tooth tiger. A slough a Prius Donner combination of a squirrel and a rat is scrapped.

Reegs: Yeah. I always quite liked scratch a little bit. See one, it, that acorn, he really, really wanted that fucking acorn.

Dan: the opening, wasn't it? Where you would just see him reach

Reegs: the ice age or whatever.

Sidey: I've seen all of those.

Reegs: Yeah. And there were a lot of them. Yeah, I've got a couple I'll rattle off a honorable mentions. John carpenter's masterpiece the thing, I've got a little picture of that on my wall in the office work home, which I like which 12 men stuck in an Arctic camp in the winter of 1982, while the terrifying and deadly alien goes after them.

The hateful eight is set obviously in that blizzard. And it's a big part of the story. The snug

Sidey: the ratio the aspect ratio,

Reegs: Oh, I probably

Sidey: 2 76 1

Reegs: It, was it taste 76 1. That's a good aspect

Dan: I don't even know where that

Sidey: just extra whites? Cause he wanted to get all the snowy vistas in

Reegs: Yeah But he's using it mostly internally. That was the pretty cool thing about it.

Cause a lot of that movie just took place in the interesting cabin,

Sidey: forced blowjob thing.

which is nice.

Reegs: The snow globe in citizen Kane could get a little honorable mention. I let the right one in the weird, like vampire grooming movie that we talked about and all enjoyed. Hey laser lips, your mother was a snowblower from short circuit home alone.

The old guy is a snow shoveler. Isn't he? So you've got to have home alone in there for

Sidey: well, the citizen came one that we should mention is the sh he's playing with Rosebud.

 someone goes to see his parents and it was about him getting shipped off and you have



I think

people who like that sort of shit. Think of

it as a.

famous shot. You can see him playing in the

in the background while

the stuff's still going on the foreground. And It was a huge technological advance. And he's

playing with this thing

that we don't know at the time that this is Rosebud. He's playing in the snow with

his sled


Reegs: key.

Dan: The I've just found another one.

I, we mentioned this a little while back the girl with the dragon tattoo. And it's about a journalist. Who's

Reegs: got a tattoo

Dan: got no, well, no, he doesn't he's a journalist who's on earth, a conspiracy. And he's actually going down into, he he's, he's put into, to prison with it or something because he's, he's an, a hacker gets involved and starts giving him the answers and everything.

But at one point they were in the lodge out in the, in the north of the have no way wherever it is. And this is where they're kind of

hacked down. There's lots of snow, snow investors in that. But this whole film and the whole series, I listened on an audio book and really recommend it. If you don't feel like watching the film, check out

Sidey: Yeah I haven't seen any of them, so I should do that.

Reegs: Is pretty good. I think I've seen that one.

Dan: I really love them. I think they're great.

Sidey: kill bill volume one

the irony she, The fight

is in the snow and you could obviously get the blood on

the snow again, and that one

And then

game of

Thrones. There's loads of

snowy content.


Reegs: is coming.

Sidey: Yeah, exactly.

The finale of season two, the the guard


and Sam

towel is it

he's left stranded

as the white walkers approach and you see them coming through the mist and he just sort of cowers behind a rock and I'm calling bullshit on him,

surviving this bit. Cause. one of them, It seems, looks fucking right at him.

It's not the Knight king, but It's one of

the lieutenants

Dan: killer white Walker.

Sidey: he does,

but the whole fucking lot of them are there. And they just leave him as he sat up the sat you know, in the middle of the fucking thing. But it's the,

It's the first time you see them all, or certainly one of the

way they're marching on you notice

this relentless

Thing of that, this unstoppable force coming towards them and it's coming, you know and it's the first

time in, and one of the, the thing

puts up his javelin thing and does this bloodcurdling kind of


to arms and they all sort of

stomp off and they look great.


think Somby sort of undead army looked fucking


they really did it. good,

Dan: he missed that a little bit. Game of Thrones

Sidey: I keep thinking I should rewatch it but it's just can't

Reegs: I just, it feels like a lot to do. I haven't, I should rewatch it. It feels like a lot to do with that. is

Sidey: but they are only 10 10 episodes a season when it's

at its peak It's not at the wild where it's 23 episodes.

That's it for me.

Reegs: Yeah, he's a good one

Sidey: though.

Dan: We're going to have

Reegs: time to

Dan: yeah, we're going to have to narrow it down.

I'm going for the Razor's edge,

Sidey: Makes

Reegs: Snow buddies. It has to be

Sidey: okay. I'm going to go

for the shining because

I really liked that blade runner connection.

Reegs: Wait, no, cause I've just picked a movie that's like, now I know is renowned for its inhumane treatment of dogs. I can't really do that. No, I can't.

Sidey: The line on it's in humaneness.

Reegs: it doesn't seem right. Maybe I'll go with triple X.

Let's have that.

Sidey: Okay. That's good. That's a good alternate Jeff

kitchen and friends can complete

the list.

Reegs: oh, he had his story. Didn't he? He waffled on fucking, oh

Sidey: He does go in a bit.

Dan: We're going to have to try and do better next week. Snow. I talking of. Hi this is mountain climbing

Sidey: 14, 10 pigs

Dan: documentary we'll watch. Yeah, it's, it's massive at the moment. Isn't it? It's all over trending on Netflix and everything. it's the story of how a true story, a documentary of how a guy called NIMS purger decided he was going to take on the 14 highest peaks in the world.

That's the 14 peaks over 8,000 meters Everest and all those other ones. And somebody else had done it before. They'd taken 16 years to do it.

Reegs: Reinhold Messner.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Great name.

Dan: the, you know, legendary climber. He would have done it back in the seventies and eighties, you know, obviously it took him a while to do it, but we've, you know,

Reegs: mean he had crew to gear and he didn't use a supplementary oxygen.

Dan: and yeah, and a lot of the time blazed the trail way up to these mountains and, and things.

But this was a different style. NIMS was going to use oxygen. It was a race for him. And he said that he could do it in less than a year, you know? And in fact, he ends up doing it in half that, you know, so the, the, the film, the documentary kicks off with you know, around 2017, 18, the What climate is seeing the mountain IO and climb scene started to hear about this crazy guy who was going to climb.

Who's climbing mountains.

Reegs: it's Jimmy chin, who is also, he produces this movie and he's talking about it. He was also the guy who produced the Dawn wall

Dan: and free solo. Yeah. Free solo, which is a hell of a documentary as well on, on, on climbing. But this, this one is different in the fact that this world record attempt is going to go ahead and the documentary then kind of opens and we start to get to know this guy who is this guy?

And he's. Well, he's an amazing story actually is he's special forces. He's GRCA, first of all born in Chitwan, which is down in the terrorize side of it's not in the mountains of Nepal where he's born down in the Toronto side. So he's, he's become a GRCA, which in the pool is you know, it's

Sidey: it the first one?

Dan: no, I don't think he was the F the, the guard has been with his, it may have been his family. Maybe,

Reegs: first he served in the special boat service and he was the first to serve.

Sidey: The women's auxiliary balloon Corps. yeah.

Dan: yeah. So he eventually went through the Gurkhas, which is a mission in itself just to get into there. And then from that I think he did seven years there then went seven years in the special forces. And it was like the hardest of the hard, you know, served the

Reegs: Yeah. The SBS is they're pretty tough people

Dan: Yeah.

You know, in various different conflicts and things, he talked to a couple of times about his his honor, really of being a GRCA in the British service and, and saying, you know, that he never backed down for anything.

And he wanted to make sure that one scene where he's talking about clearing the mines and his office says, what are you doing? Taking so long, you know, we need to get through here. And he goes, this is about, you know, if we go from here and and some who blows up, they're going to blame me and I'm a GOCO and they're gonna blame the girl.

Cause you know, so I'm going through this. I'm not scared. And he started wandering around, I mean, even got shot at one point and it was just the butt of the gun that saved him. So he's in some really life and death situations and he's got this mindset already and now he's decided that he wants to be part of a Gherkin crew to climb Everest.

And he does that and it gives him a taste. I think for the mountains

Reegs: Yeah. We get introduced.

To the little teams around it. Well, we get his wife as well. Who is a sushi perjury.

Dan: incredible lady.

Reegs: She's extraordinary.

Yeah. And I think it probably takes, he's obviously an extraordinary human being and it takes extraordinary human beings around them to support them. And then we meet his team. We get a little jazz flourish as we see them joking around. So you get Mingma who is the strongest climate that NIMS has ever known.

So that's Nim saying strongest climber. You've got Geldwin is the best dancer on the planet lap. He's strong. He can't, they described him as being able to carry things the size of the house. And then of course your favorite Guzman. Yeah. Who's willing to put everything on the line. And we see him training and he's got this big belly and he saw in his rocks over his shoulders.

So that's all interspersed really with them. Starting on Annapurna, which I think was the first one they climbed wasn't it.

Dan: Is that the guy? No, Don Don David. Yeah, this was a, a story. So Dawn's the Western climb. Who's already tried to climb this six or seven times. He said this mountain has just sent him back and it is one of the most technically difficult. There's a book actually

Sidey: statistically the most dangerous this one,

Dan: right? Yeah. Well, there's a book.

It was the first one ever climbed this one the first 8,000 meter mountain and a book, I think what's his name. Or he will come to me later, but they say an account of the story of them going up on a and, and they had, you know, fingers were lost and parts of their skin because of frostbite and everything.

They got there, but there was a real cost to the team and everything. And. Don Barry's finding the same hardships until NIMS gets there wait, you're

Reegs: do. Yeah. And as they go, they have to set the first fixed lines of the season so that all the other climbers can follow them afterwards. So they've started kind of, you know, they've obviously got tactics around this and I wish they'd explored this a little bit more. How the, the technical side, a little bit of how they chose the mountains and all those things it's probably in the Booker would think Dan,

Dan: Morris Hertz. I think the guy's name

Reegs: right.

Did bad Lieutenant.

Dan: no different Hertzog. Then he said Hertzog who climbed, climbed the mountain climbed down to Puno. But yeah, they, once he's done

Reegs: well, the clock starts taking done it literally. It's like.

Dan: And he's, he's constantly struggling against funding and this

Reegs: Well, hang on because sorry to interrupt you there.

Damn, because the next they come back down and then the next day they hear that a climber hasn't come back down from the track. So the first mountain that they've climbed and they've got this thing going on. And so the guy is going to die so that like NIMS and his team go back for him and they're dropped by helicopter, but then they have to climb and a stale night, they stay away called night with this guy.

There's no other rescue coming and he's critically ill. And at 6:00 AM, they get him to base camp and he's picked up by, by a helicopter. It's this extraordinary rescue, like 24 hours after they've summited. The first one

Dan: Y you get an interview from, from Don valley. I keep wanting to say David as well now. And he.

Th, you know, to go back up there after you've just got down. I mean, the hardships of making that mountain blazing the trail to go up there, to go back up there, like less than 24 hours later, but they knew as well that this guy's goosed, if they don't.

Reegs: And it is that military background, you know, that you don't leave someone behind and all that sort of

Sidey: He does it he does die though.

Unfortunately, that chap,

Dan: Sadly does. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean the, the sheer bravery of three of

Sidey: them

Dan: risking their lives to go up to, to, to save him. And they've done actually quite a few. Mountain rescues now. And many of those have been successful. And the rule is when you go up over in those kind of conditions, you know, you get into a death zone above 7,000 meters and that kind of area where the air is so thin and the work to, to take one step is so tough that if somebody collapses, you're not expected to go and save them, that's their decision.

You know, it's, it's really his rule in the mountains

Sidey: can't you know, you're putting all the lives at risk. So it has to


you know,

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: the stakes when you

Sidey: carry your own risk you know

Dan: And, and all these big mountains are littered with. You know, bodies and trashes as well up there and another kind of thing that I think they're trying to fix along the way here, but as they they're going on now, they've just had this heroic rescue. They climb the first mountain and they're hungry to, to kind of get project possible.

Cause everyone's told them it's impossible. So it's project possible to climb all 14 of these peak.

Reegs: I don't remember what the second mountain is after Annapurna. But I get the next one can change younger.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: Yeah, that was the third mountain.

And it's normally climbed by taking at least two.

For, for individual camps and then a data summit. So it would normally, yeah, each individual camp would take you a day to get there and then a day to summit.

Sidey: But

Reegs: of the weather, they do it in one day. and, and they do it with a hangover and they cut to Jimmy chin and they say, you know, they just tell him that story.

And he says, I don't know what to say about that. It's completely absurd. And then they just move on because it is just ridiculous. And I guess that plays into one of the things that you said, how he's criticism was of the guy that he's a bit

Dan: Well yeah I

Reegs: interesting take.

Dan: How were you said the other week, you know, that his gung ho approach to this might get some people into, into trouble who suddenly say, oh, you know, I want to go in and do this.

I think what NIMS has been saying is, you know, come with him and he will make, you know, don't just run up there yourself because it's a, it's a different scene,

Sidey: do arrive at one's base camp? And there's a lot of people there already whose spirits are really low because they haven't been able


do it and they just get really

pissed up.

And then the next day they just fuck off.

Reegs: I know.

Sidey: I can barely manage breakfast

Dan: Yeah.

I mean, it's the character of the whole team, right? Paul E have fun when you're down at work hard, get up there when you, when you can. But the,

Reegs: is the attempt though. This one is the one that goes a bit wrong, that he does it with their hangover because it does, there is another climate trapped on the third mountain, isn't it or near

Sidey: That guy that dies in his arms. Yeah,

Reegs: This is another one they're only on the third mountain. They're on their second rescue. And He's nemesis coming down and he hasn't had supplemental oxygen for like 11 hours and he's developed H a C E high altitude cerebral edema. He can't control his movements. He's got no strength or power. He's mentally, almost gone.

He's hallucinating a Yeti light figure who turns out to be another climber. Who's also got hay. And then he has to, NIMS has to get himself. And this other guy does, this is the second time now that they've had to do,

Dan: Can you imagine the mental. Strength, you would need to, to not just give up at that moment.

You're, you're a million miles from home, a blizzard. And then as you say, suddenly, there's somebody else to look after it as well. And he, in his book, I read that, you know, he puts himself into these situations in his mind that that mean it is possible. You know, he kind of tricks himself. At one point, there was he got annoyed because there was an oxygen to one of these guys.

And it was down at a lower base and he wanted these guys who had had more rest than him to come up with the oxygen to help give this. And they didn't, and he, you know, he would have done it.


Obviously they were battered, you know, if they, if they felt they could have, they were, I'm sure they weren't, you're partying down there and

Sidey: not

Dan: bothering them.

They would have been

Sidey: that's the thing with these you know you are not expecting, but it's people putting their lives on the line, you know? and when they're already ghost,

Dan: well, this is it. But his, his mantra is when you're fucked. You actually only about 45% fucked. I mean, that's why he carried on that says

Reegs: himself to incredible limits, but it is after this one, that it is the first time you see him start to question his plan.

You know, there are almost some small cracks in his self belief.

Sidey: But they're behind schedule

Reegs: they're behind schedule, but then they go into 2018.

The next part of the documentary is talking about him being at the altitude center in London, which is amazing. And he's talking about his history about how he just, the first time he went up and mounted in 2012 and he fell in love with the two.

And he's doing this test which is three minutes at 6,000 meters simulated oxygen levels. And he's like, they're playing a game to test his decision-making while he's doing it. And world record endurance, cyclists manage about 90 seconds before they have to cancel the test. And NIMS does the full three minutes.

I don't know. It's like, nobody's basically nobody's ever done it before.

Dan: but

Reegs: much. And they find that his physiology is such that he has more like oxygen available to him than the average person. So for his muscles in his brain. So he's got some obviously natural advantages. The guy who's running the test is like, you can see that, you know, this is his job.

He does it all the time. He's seen incredible results before. And he's just gobsmacked by what you're saying, they ask him if he's ever done his own results. And, and he says, yes. And they said, what did they look like? And he says, not like that.

Dan: no, he's off the chart basically is off the chart. And I think.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this film is the light that is shown on the Nepalese climbers who have been dragging people up to the top of the highest mountains in the world since you know,

Sidey: so

Dan: Tenzing, nor guy took Edmund Hillary up there.

You know, the, the Sherpas of, and the Nepalese have been leading the way it's. So he he's

Sidey: the, the

jumping ahead, but he says something explicit about that.

Dan: Yeah. At the end. Yeah. So, I mean, he's moving his way through these peaks, eventually the funding is coming bit by bit by bit nobody's following the money

Sidey: What's Something happens cause they do, they summit the next three

in 48 hours.

which is fucking

Reegs: is bonkers. That's three peaks in two days, which by my maths

Sidey: doesn't work

Reegs: more than more peaks than there are days

Sidey: So that's Everest is it Lotsy

and Makalu

And while he, while they're doing the

Hillary on every, so this was what really blew me away. Cause I hadn't seen this photograph

that the,

VAR photograph and I had never really contemplated what it's

like. other than I

just thought it, you know, we watched a live and it's desolate. there's nothing. That's why think.

of, and you see this

photograph that he takes on Everest and it must be like,

I don't know, a thousand people just in a line,

just cute Like you mentioned for these bottlenecks

Reegs: of adventure.

It's it's people queuing

Sidey: it Yeah it's like a fairground ride. And this,

Dan: Lockdown.

Sidey: yeah. So this, This photo that he's taken goes viral and it ends up on the cover of the New York times. which obviously gives them huge publicity and helps with funding the rest of the trip.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Which he didn't actually get credit. I don't think for that photograph. But yeah, I mean, it's a hell of a photograph. He got a lot of hassle for me because they felt that it was giving the mountain a bad name, but it was shine a light on the safety on there. That is absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's not stir to think there's just in a line like that.

That'd be fine. And wouldn't it. So

Sidey: I just, if to finish with One or two people, and a few dead bodies, but it's like, literally

hundreds of people That's crazy. Yeah

Reegs: It's crazy. They're all sneaking round the summit. While all this has been going on, like you say, before, they had the funding, he wants to leave the army and it's six years, you know, his father is saying to his six more years, you'll get a pension, just stay for six years.

Really heartbreaking. His mother's not well he's the owner in the house looking after everybody, I don't know how much they get paid in the SBS. I'm sure it's all right. But his dwelling is, you know, his house is fairly modest. And his parents live there with him as well. And his father has urged him to stay in the army, but he does his thing and he quits and his father doesn't talk to him for three months

Dan: and his, his brother I think is also really annoyed as well. And it's, I dunno, you think the, the decision he's made there because he's, you know, his wife obviously is going to be affected at Erie mortgages his house.

Reegs: It's also a huge break with Nepalese tradition, which is that children look after their parents. So he's like, you know, it's

Dan: culturally out there on a, on a limb as well. Yeah.

Reegs: It sounds like it was very better. You know, when they recounted the documentary kind of skips over this part where it was obviously very painful.

Dan: Yeah. And it is his mother being very unwell. I mean, she's unfortunately dying and while he's climbing these mountains, this is some target for him as well to get this done so she can see it, I think, and see as much of it as possible. But he's still taking these mountains on and you get footage in the documentary of them up in the mountains.

The little GoPros think Mingma David, is there blazing the trail and also turn him back in he's got a YouTube channel in some of the footage and things that he's got from the trip and other climbs he's been on really, really interesting. And the camps that they've got as well, aren't they crazy up there in the little kind of tent you just perched up there?

I mean, I imagine on a, on a clear night, it must be beautiful. Absolutely like stunning that bit nippy

Yeah. They seem to get a lot of bad weather. They did the first winter ascent on

Reegs: Yeah So they go, they do, they go to Katmandu, but before they do that, they meet, he meets his mum. It's a funny scene. Well, it's a heartbreaking scene as well. She like asks him, how many mountains have you climbed? And then how many have you got left? And it's almost exactly like when I asked my kids, like, did they have a nice day at school?

Or do you know what I mean? Like how many minutes? Oh, I climbed six, got eight left here. And then they have this little cuddle and she's crying and he's telling her, I'm doing this for the people of Nepal. I want to tell the world about the communities in the pool and what they're enabling Westerners to do here.

And what they've been doing and the great, incredible camaraderie

Dan: And beyond that.

Aisha and what the human body can do, you know, in showing what it, what is possible because

Sidey: what his body got? Not sure mine would

Dan: but still, you know what I mean?

It's until things are done, they're impossible,

Sidey: but it's called project possible. Isn't it? That the film is 14 peaks, but like, I think he might've be code on project possible.

Hold on. Yeah.

Reegs: Carrying on project by

Sidey: that's what that


Reegs: project. Sorry.

Sidey: Cause you know, it's impossible, but it's not because they do

  1. More mountains get climbed.

Reegs: Well, they climb K2 in the winter. Like you were going to say is first time it's ever been done. I think. And they'd been, there were three avalanches before they started and teams are turning back and all that.

And that's the one where they have the big party, cause everybody's fucking depressed. So they have a massive party and it's like, it looks like it's impossible and no one will do it, but then they do do

Dan: mean, it's just such a huge task because it, they explain in I think it's Jimmy talking in one of his segments that you know, it would take two months to, for most parties to summit a mountain, to get all the camp, to get all the equipment, to get the altitude and everything.

Why and these guys are doing three in 48 hours, you know, they're, they're blitzing through it. Unbelievable. And they it's done in sections. So the Nepalese section is, is done. They've moved over the Pakistan. That's done. And they've got the last peaks on the border of, of China Tibet kind of way.

Aren't they? So

Sidey: China in their hands.

Dan: and that's the last one and there was a bit of a political situation

Sidey: Well, they're just explicitly.

not loud to go.

He petitions his social media followers, and everyone else in the

community to write

to the Chinese government

and ask

them if they would mind awfully opening up the magic for them

Dan: which, which they do. And

Sidey: on this one.

are fucking brutal

Dan: right at the end of the season.

They're not comfortable of doing it because because the weather is going to be bad. They, they know that it's a rough time up there, but there's nothing stopping these guys. They're, they're just absolute tanks up the mountain. I mean, he's taken, you know, maybe 20, 30, 40 steps when people can take three or four and that's the difference all the way up the mountain.

So he should blaze in food that heavy snow waist, deep,

Sidey: I was looking at that. I don't know if this was what I saw was right, but it looked like their tents had been obliterated in

the wetter or if they just not been put up where they sit in the process of putting them up.

Dan: Oh, maybe.

Sidey: there no pick them up because it was so fucking

Dan: yeah, yeah. Just to get any kind of shelter. I mean, it's just a function and to work at that altitude, I mean, it's crazy. It's crazy. So I'm going into a pool next month, which is going to be really exciting. So I'm hoping to see from probably around about three or 4,000 meters the, the basis, some of these mountains and everything, but I'll, I'll probably, if NIMS is listening and he wants to drag me up

Sidey: Well you've been you've been flirting with them a bit on social

Dan: Yeah. Well, I follow him. I'm Ming mum because the yeah, just two really interesting guys, the way that they've just approached all this to, to take this this project on and not only as a safe for themselves, but I think for the people of Nepal, these climb is they are the best in the world.

There. Literally just better than everyone else at doing it. So yeah, it's great that they're finally getting some credit for

Reegs: it's a bit of a whirlwind, the end of the movie of climate, because there's still a lot of mountains to climb, but it does kind of play out with the achievement is done.

Dan: Yeah. And they get to the bottom

Sidey: Well he radios his mum from the very top of the last one.

I kind of

just in the Nick of time really? And she is

flown out to meet him.

I don't, They do get that Bob. And they're the same that we mentioned out is, is there's some media there, but not really as many as you kind of think And he just say,

it's not even really that celebrated at this point, is it? He says, if this

was a team of some white you know,

European climbers, they'd be like hundreds and hundreds of people.


And he seems

really pissed off.

Reegs: Yeah, he does. Yeah. And he's probably got a,

Sidey: good good cause yeah.

Dan: Well, it was up for a BAFTA. I think what it was made, the long list, BAFTA awards, this this documentary, which I think is a fantastic effort. Cause a lot of the footage is those guys who else is filming

Sidey: Yeah.

It was almost Exclusively filmed by them. Yeah, Cause yeah. like you say?

not like you

got crew up

Dan: No, there's one thing you just can't fake in it, you know? It's it's fantastic. So they, they finished and then he's he gets back in is his wife. So she's been through this to see him going up, she's say extra ordinary woman that, that she can just

box it out, you know, the yeah.

Bit of a Looker as well, but she can just box out the pin and say, right. Yeah, it's fine. And carry on with when it's life or death, 14 times. And more than that, you know,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And he says what states as well. You know, go, go bigger. I'm thinking well, what

is this Like why is

Reegs: What is he

Sidey: climb to the moon

Dan: got to go off planet really? Isn't he?

Reegs: ACE, not belt. Like the rest of us is a NIMS like mentally or physically. I mean, physically, they proved it, but he's an absolute mental giant as well to get

Dan: And I think he just loves the mountains, you know, which helps.

And I think that's, Mingma David as well. The

Reegs: I also powering him is he wants recognition for the Nepalese community talks a few times about, you know, don't like Sherpas who bought Westerners up there.

It's not, they weren't sharp as they were, you know, they had a name like his team, like, you know that he wants to point that out.

Dan: Absolutely. And they set what the fastest scent of all 14, 8,000 is in six months and six days. So the previous record was seven years. And 310 days, nearly eight years by south Korean climber king Changho.

Sidey: but he had done it without supplementary

oxygen So that's pretty fucking full on

Dan: it is. It is it, I think all this lot would comfortably climb the mountains without oxygen if they needed to and probably have done. But it was the fastest and the fi highest 8,000 thousand is in 70 days, which is and the record is four years with oxygen of that. So without oxygen, sorry.

And then in two days in 30 minutes they, they climbed those three mountains

Sidey: for that one.

Dan: Right Yeah. always insane. There is an amazing feat. So I think

Reegs: it's almost unimaginable. The kind of.

And courage and endurance that it takes to do those kinds of things.

Dan: Once you know, it it's, it's do it 14

Reegs: I've

got a warning from common sense media here they say wanting the climate sometimes let loose and drink or smoke one summits, a peak with a hangover two male bear bottoms are seen from afar. Language includes, fuck, damn hell and bullshit. So if you don't like those things you know, don't watch this incredible documentary about incredible people doing incredible things.

Sidey: Yeah. When he did the first one, Annapurna they'd only

locked in 15% of the finance they needed.

So it was like ballsy commitment. like, you know,

to put it all on the line.

Dan: we really did. Yeah. I think that's what it each and every time. They put their money where their mouth was their own money, their own houses, you know, everything. And they've said, we're going to make this happen there. They were just the guys that could do it. You know, they're the only guys that probably could do it certainly first.

And I just think that that drive it really, you know, is incredible, is, is something very, very special. And it really is a celebration of the Nepalese climbing community. So they're often badly underrepresented on any other co you know, we climbed Everest. Oh, I did this, did that. Well, yeah, you wouldn't have done it without these guys.

So yeah, I think that's he he's achieved his mission fully. Yeah.

Reegs: But what do you think about that? I think for me, that image is so stark of seeing the cues Everest. I mean, what, is there a way to fix that?

Does it need fixing

Dan: Well, you know, it's a,

Sidey: I just think I I'm with how he's come in. That


really dangerous.

You know,

And then it's one thing to have a

crush on the road and get emergency services out, but to make people have to go, I don't know, it was a point where you're on your own, but I don't know. I just think it's like,

it's it's unnecessary.

Reegs: what this doing this

Sidey: generally just generally like climbing up a


Dan: SI. I mean, people are, they asked, you know, why do you comment as all?

Cause they're there, you know, that's the famous con answer. I guess my point would be, you know, why every store would it okay. It's the highest. I know that, but there's just so many beautiful mountains and I'm being up in, in that kind of environment. It's the challenge obviously of Everest. And I do understand it in this.

You know, income and, and, and thing for the people that, that live around and survive and the tourism decliners and everything, but yeah, up there with that many people, it's, it doesn't look right. Does it, you know, you just think you've got to be at a limit this or, or make sure that you're safer for

Sidey: it's not the magic kingdom and you're waiting for thunder mountain

Dan: If you climb Everest, you expect to be up there alone with, you know,

Sidey: before I saw this that's in my mind's eye. that's what it

Dan: It would just turn me off. I would rather climb the other mountain, you know, go, oh, I'm going to go to the fourth, highest man or the eighth highest mountain and we'll have it to ourselves. You know, it's still pretty cool.


Reegs: it? I'm probably not climbing any 8,000 days too

Sidey: I'm a bit busy this

Dan: but yeah. W w what'd you think overall then

Sidey: Oh that's great Yeah, It's fantastic yeah,

I Heartily recommend this, to


Reegs: this incredible,

Dan: Incredible documentary. Yeah.

Sidey: Dan there's been a theme

even from the mid weaker or the snowy landscape

to a top five of snowy scenes to, 14 mountains getting climbed to a burger joint and the creation of its jingle.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. You can see how it's linked to Kanye.

Dan: Right. So confession time, this was a bit of a panic choice.

Sidey: You said

when you nominated this is shit.

Dan: Yeah, and I think I'll be proved, correct.


Reegs: by that

Dan: it cause I've seen it. But this was my daughter's recommendation.

Sidey: As it should have been,

Dan: she was really confident that we would enjoy this because all her class do and her friends do, I

Sidey: really quick. Cause I'll tell you right now,


metrics online, for this are not good.

Four out of 10 on I am DB.


Everything gets plus no north of


Dan: Yeah. So this, it gives you a bit of

Sidey: I've got to tell you I think I think four out of 10 is generous.

Dan: So the pre

Sidey: this fucking, house is the worst thing I've ever seen.

Dan: is helped there, isn't

Sidey: Yeah.

certainly certainly in the the kids section of the show, this is hands

down, the worst thing we've ever seen.

Dan: Okay. Here we go.

Reegs: Wow. I mean

Sidey: everything else is in the distance.

This is

so far

ahead is

fucking catastrophe,

Reegs: really worse than um

Sidey: Whatever you're going to say, yes. It's

Reegs: PJ masks. I find really objectionable

Sidey: citizen Kane to this. This is bullshit.

I think

every line of dialogue, every single fucking line of

dialogue had that canned laughter after it.

though My favorite thing, as well as child actors

and a excrutiatingly bad, not a single fucking bearable.

performance in this

Reegs: It's pretty precocious. Yeah. It's exciting. We're in the boom, boom box burger bop bar, which is a burger bar

Sidey: So

we didn't

Reegs: are about to

Sidey: well We should point out that We didn't join series one episode one for this

we were in like mid season.

Reegs: Yeah. We were episode seven and I did my usual thing, which is to watch it, not knowing anything about it.

So I would kind of like to, you know, the premise that I only discovered the premise afterwards to try, I've got my notes from when I was watching it, try to work out what was going on, but you only really find out when the, when the credits come in, which is about eight minutes

Sidey: Yeah I thought something had gone wrong because Normally

you might get a 32nd or a minute of something happening.

And then the credits, this was like in the middle of

the show.

Dan: Yeah. They like to mix it up. I watched the first episode. So that gives you the backstory of,

Reegs: well can I guess, because I still don't a hundred percent know that one of them isn't real.

Le the rapper Layla

Sidey: with the funky

trousers And this is a, this, the avatar

Reegs: of an app that is about making you socially.

Sidey: So

I knew that she was avatar because I'd done my notes

before watching

Reegs: and stuff. If

Dan: a, well, she's, she's a well-being app.

Reegs: years old

Sidey: I was expecting her to be

Seen by her, by the girl, but it seemed like everyone could see.


Dan: And well, she has to hide her at one point I don't she's appeared. And she's trying to hide a,

Sidey: I thought She had a mental illness. That's why.

she could see the

Laila is a real thing, but then everyone was able to see her. So

the whole town is inflicted by this mental

Reegs: Yeah.

And then at one point she just freezes time.

Dan: Yeah. Well, she's become real.

She's all she has broken the matrix, I guess in many ways. And and now she's taking over the world through her rap,

Reegs: but it's, it's basically, as I think, I think it's about building the main characters

Sidey: yes correct Yeah yeah Yeah.

Dan: And then the

Sidey: She didn't say she had no problem with her self-esteem at all

And the program nothing she was completely normal and well adjusted

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Avatar kind of puts her into situations

Sidey: or sassy attitude

Dan: and then we have a

Reegs: better if it was a psychotic hallucination, wouldn't it? Yeah. But it's not. So we get a whole like fucking load of bullshit about the parents.

They're about to sing the jingle of the burger bar.

Sidey: It reminded me

which is topical actually, of one of the cafes in neighbors,

because that's just been axed.

Yeah. And so it was a tiny little burger joint,

which they had

sectioned off a couch is a VIP area, which they got very excited

about and they had to share the VIP area with their headmistress and

then the parents do their song.

And it's quite

sexy. I

think it

Reegs: got a good voice.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's it's a bit yacht rock but kind of a bit raunchy for a kids diner, and they're all cringing,

And I was

cringing the whole fucking program,

but the song,

that they say it's dated and that


Music is not hip. so the parents are devastated. And we, we get

some scenes of them

pretending to cry.

on the case, fucking dreadful. I mean, just

the fucking

worst. So

wallowing, and then this nerd who's wearing a bow tie who was

sort of a bully, I guess. Certainly they were

enemies. They were pitching his enemies. he does some

fucking ed share installed

fucking worst kind

of music?

in the world.

No, he wasn't. And then


was still, honestly, I was, I was

just like, what

can I do to distract myself

from this

appalling? this, but I had to watch it

for this.

There's a subplot with, I think it's a younger brother

Dan: That's just a flavor

Sidey: that sounds a lot better Well, We had the subplot with a younger

brother Who's a kind of hustler, trying to make

some money.

Reegs: who owns the burger joint. He's lost his watch.

Sidey: and


fishing through a bin, but it's just full of

grease and not broken to fund This watch. set that's going on as well. And That was irritating because their performances

were so fucking excruciating.

Dan: Any positives,

Sidey: No Well I mean, it did end

eventually, but I could totally, totally understand why there are school shootings in America after watching this.

Reegs: one of the kids says, keep skimming grease for, so the other one, which I did enjoy and escaping the dumpster,

Sidey: the parents come back and do another sort of

Reegs: The girls get involved, they spin around and get dizzy to get the creative juices flowing cause it got rappers block. And then SAIDI the main character she's created her own song, which sounds like a toilet gurgling


Dan: for your own daughters or did you not

Sidey: No Well, I did,

but she was watching

her Kendall.

I normally she'll let say

last week

I can't remember it It was to

be watching, but

she took her headphones off

Dan: world. I think she

Sidey: Yeah, the last few I've done like this. I tend to watch them

on the.

night of the

recording And she'll take headphones off and switch off and watch, but this one, she showed it to Joplin. No, no,

Dan: you own your own

Sidey: carried on, carried on like

Dan: Fuck you,

Sidey: credit to her for that awful. Just absolutely.

Reegs: well, we're back to the boombox, but burger and Woody is announcing that the new theme song is going to be performed by grading. I don't think it was the right song for a jingle,

Sidey: It

Reegs: but the little busted really can sing. And then the family turned up to spoil Graydon's big day, really and perform their song.

Outside. One of the kids gets pushed into the grease dumpster, and then the other one gets pulled in and they swim in it until another kid shows up to put grease in the dumpster and tells him he found the watch in Woody's apron and he's already got the 50 bucks. So he gives them free garbage fries.

Sidey: I don't understand how any one of these people

is better. like, these are the ones they chose So how bad were

the ones that didn't make the grade? I mean just,


just so

Fucking bad.

Reegs: well, but I I'm going to go hear it. Cause it ends with the family performance where they remix the original song into like a new song with the kids and lay raps. She's a pretty good rapper.

I've got to say that.

Dan: some talent there.

These all kind of imagine that they've all come from the stage school.

Sidey: Of course they have

  1. you say that,

but it's just like some appalling, like homogenized. It's almost like fucking vanilla ice. Is that they're all, they're not white, but it's that dreadful, like take all the attitudes and everything out

of this, kind of music and fucking

Reegs: yeah. Packaged up, but she can do it though.

She's yeah, she's got, yeah. Yeah. She's talented.

Sidey: No. Well, I wouldn't

even go that far. No.

Reegs: And then of course the family had declared the winners of the competition, much. Like I am, if this argument and Graydon is pissed off. So it's all about his shattered dreams. Really great. And despite being a little bit smarmy and a bit posh, there's nothing actually wrong with Graydon.



Sidey: I was wearing a bow tie.

Reegs: Yeah. Okay. But there's a weird classist thing going on. It's it's cute. Seeing Americans trying to do class, it's like, come on, we're British.

Sidey: My message was

not happy.

with the phenomenon that she

really wanted to meet to,

pass on the


Dan: say you needed somebody to watch your review then.

Sidey: we watched it over having dinner.


Dan: And you know you're obviously not your favorite.

Sidey: No it wasn't

Dan: but we loved it

Sidey: vases, huge fan of this

but we weren't in our

household We won't be going back in, but I do

recommend they analysis to watch him Yes

Reegs: there's a little bit

Dan: kind of thing.

Reegs: interesting car stuff. Tiffany Daniel's played the mum. She's got a strong TV career on the big bang theory and criminal minds.

And NCIA, she was a dancer in the opening scenes of LA LA land, in the traffic and the girl who was SAIDI Gabriel, Novare green. I want to say she's in the new Gremlin's secrets of the Mogwai TV series, which yeah, it's in post a 10 show season, starring Bob

when, which is coming to HBO this year, which I didn't know about until I followed an AMD Beatrice

Sidey: got some potential. then.

Reegs: So there you go. Gremlin's from, from that program.

Dan: it's a yes from society. It's a, it's a solid yes.

Reegs: I'll never watch any

Dan: from rage. No, it's not good. This,

Sidey: Howie Howie Unfortunately tonight was was caught up in

the streets

of Philadelphia, but he did send some feedback. And he said to think I've watched the worst kids thing

ever for fuck sake.

I've not

seen shit this desperate. Since I had food

poisoning in Egypt, and needed to evacuate my bowels, in a flooded squat and drop in the airport five minutes before boarding the flight home. So that

he's sort of on

the similar vibe.

with me on this one.

Dan: I was it was a recommendation that I would say that if you've got a 10 year old girl home keep them keep, keep them away from this, unless you really do want to talk to them because it will fill their head with nonsense. It's rubbish. I'll get annoyed if my daughter watches it again. Because there's so many other things you could be watching. But I don't know. I

Sidey: have to put a balance point across. so You can just say shit.


Dan: I, well, I think that actually they do have some talent in their singing department, but what do I know?

Sidey: Yeah. great to have you back, obviously


Dan: back

Sidey: any nominations from you in a long while. So shoot.

Reegs: Okay. So the midweek mentioned is going to be.

yeah You gonna watch that. Haven't seen that in a little while.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: We're going to get a top five of

movie ghosts. Yeah. Their main feature is going to be a ghost story. Yeah. It's a 2017 movie, which I don't know a lot about, but you know, you can see where I'm going with the

Dan: okay. So ghost, ghost ghost, right?

Reegs: and we're going to finish that up with fireman, Sam uh but it's but it is a particular episode. So yeah,

Dan: the one where everyone dies and they might

Reegs: It could, it could be, you know, you never know the might continue all the way through. You never know,

Dan: Okay. A ghost story. What should I know about that?

Reegs: I don't think, Hey, well, go like me. I know very little about it. I don't think

Sidey: you

Reegs: to be scared.

Dan: naked. That's the answer I was looking for.

Reegs: I don't think you need to be scared.

Sidey: Okay. I'm excited. This sounds spooky.

Reegs: Yeah. And of course, you know, February is the

Dan: nearly Halloween. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay.

That's cool. I think Pete will be looking forward to

watching those

two and joining us next week. We're going to do some other stuff.

Reegs: Well it just, we could just quickly ruin next week's pod by it. Do you believe in ghosts?

Sidey: No

Reegs: Do you believe in ghosts?

No. No, me neither. So right. That's good. All right. Okay.

Sidey: So on that bombshell, all that remains is

to say Saturday signing out.

Dan: Dan's gone.

Reegs: Yeah. Bye-bye.