Nov. 18, 2022

13 Lives & The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

13 Lives & The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Srinivasa Ramanujan, the well known Indian mathematician, had almost no formal training in pure mathematics, yet he made substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions, including solutions to mathematical problems then considered unsolvable. He also loved movies with numbers in the title and would have been right at home with this weeks TOP5 content.

Continuing the number theme was the RON HOWARD 2022 American biographical survival film based on the Tham Luang cave rescue. This one was tense AF, but gripping too. Featuring a great performances from Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell, this was a strong recommend from the Dads.

Rounding off the week was some kids thing called The Brilliant World of Tom Gates. Both Dan and Reegs were impressed, but I didn't see it having forgotten that the original choice of Zog had been switched for this. So I don't really know what to say here....

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13 Lives

Reegs: Welcome

to Bad Dad's Film Review, in which a bunch of dads review movies and kids tv. This week's Bad Dad's Top tip. If you fry your kale with a little butter and garlic, it smells a lot better when you throw it in the bin. Anyway, who would like a quick recap on search terms, which led people to click on the Bad Dad's website for the month of October?

Sidey: 100%?


Dan: for

Reegs: Okay. We need some sort of like top of the pops music here, but um, staying consistently high throughout the last 18 months at number 10 is grizzly in the lemons reviews. Number nine is shatter belt. Slipping down to eight is Xavier Riddle porn. At number seven we have Gabby's dollhouse reviews for Christians.

Amazingly, whichever people were searching for that and landed on our website won't be as disappointed as the people who were searching for massive cock review. A new entry in the charts at six equal. Fourth place has is the TV show investigators racist, and that's neck and neck with is Gabby's Dollhouse woke.

Which leads the, you know, led to people looking on our website. We round it out with the usual top three all related in some way to the movie Cats for some reason that really captures the imagination. It's had like 6,000 page views or something. It's crazy Anyway, yes, so that's the top 10 of search homes from Google Search Console for the Bad Dad's website.

Made for interest in reading,

Sidey: Do you think the massive co they meant Pete?

Reegs: It could be

Sidey: that could be where

they were going,

Reegs: But he was like massive Co. I'm searching for massive Coxs. Oh, I'll just go and check out the Bad Dad's film review website Mm. Maybe I need,

Dan: are they? Yeah. Well, it doesn't matter how, how you've got here listening.

You know, if you're looking for Cox or you're looking for,

Reegs: You'll find him.

Dan: Biscuits, cheese. Yeah, we've got it.

Sidey: I've got the lot

Reegs: famed for his cunning calculus co-host Dan has done sort of almost an ath arithmetic slash number themed week. Starting things off with the midweek mention the equalizer, which we chatted about.

And then today's pod will start in any moment now really with the top five movies with numbers in the title before moving on to discuss the Ron Howard True Story docudrama about the TA Cave Rescue 13 Lives. And then finishing things off with the brilliant world of Tom Gates and Tri As I might, I could not make that fit the theme.

Maybe we'll discover that as

Dan: I really try to as well. I look forward to different episodes and find, looking for anything maths, but that was one that I wanted to wedge in here this week.

Reegs: Just the dads to introduce, of course, Dan we've already mentioned and who last week arranged at threesome. There were two no shows, but he still had a lot of fun and former world champion pillow fighter side.

And then there's me re

Sidey: Yo,

Dan: Good. A

Sidey: we did Disney stuff last week, if you

Reegs: We did.

Sidey: And there was a top five, which we had a couple of nominations as it happens. Darren Leafly Blonde wanted to know if Pixar counted and Pete confirmed that it did.

And so he wanted to mention up. But Mel Mel's been good recently and she put in toy story three Ken's fashion montage, which is brilliant.

Reegs: Oh, that is good.

Sidey: that's in, that. is in,

Dan: good. work.

Sidey: we've got a lot to get through, but should we just quickly mention anything you watched this week, Dan?

Dan: Well, I watched The Equalizer and the Second Equalizer. Yeah. I caught up with and or lot less TV this week than thank God, than last week. Well, the World Cup's looming now, so I'm not sure how much I'm gonna get to watch in the way of films.

Reegs: a bit sort of like, should I really watch it?

Cuz it's in a horrible place. But you're gonna watch it anyway. Yeah, yeah.

Dan: Absolutely. Yeah. It, it's, it's really weird to have the World Cup just at this time of year to have it in

Reegs: a place that you can't go if you are homosexual.

Sidey: Well, there was breaking news just there wasn't there? That there was two, there's, there's two fellas playing in the Premier League who are gay and dating.

Dan: Oh.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: And their identities like a secret, but it would be amazing if they're playing at the World Cup and properly outed there. That would be so good.

Reegs: as long as they outed

Sidey: That's what I mean. If they, you know, just like

got, off with each other in seventh Circle would be

Dan: honestly look forward to the moment where lots of players do it, not just one or two, where it is just not a thing you even have to talk about anymore. Because it's all a bit boring, isn't it? Talking about

Sidey: somebody's

Well, you kinda have to talk about it because there are places where you can't, So then

Dan: that? In Qatar? Yeah, in Qatar now. It's just crazy.

And the players being asked about it, it should have been sorted out years before. They shouldn't even had it there. If you can't meet

Sidey: fairly pointless asking footballers about it.

Dan: Yeah.

Anyway, it's

Reegs: so there's

Dan: that, there's, that's going on.

Sidey: I finished off Seahawks taking ages, but I finished it off.

Reegs: You like that?

Sidey: Yeah. My daughter's basically divvied up the TV nights, so she gets Monday, I get Tuesday, Mrs. Gets Wednesday and then it rolls around again. So when it was my night, I enforced that we we finished off Seahawk. And I'm glad we did cause I really enjoyed it. Yeah, that's

Reegs: good. Yeah, it is good. The White Lotus I've been watching which is a Sky series,

Sidey: Oh, is it Got

Dan: Chris Heworth?

Is it

Sidey: got AUB Plaza in, hasn't it?

Reegs: Maybe season two has, cuz that's just come out.

But season one I've been watching has got Stifler's mum

Sidey: Yes, it definitely does have. Okay. So the

Reegs: Some other guy Steve on who has been in some terrible, terrible things but is absolutely fantastic in this. It's really funny.

Dan: Okay. Okay,

Reegs: good. Recommend that.

Sidey: Cool. Should we crack on? Cause we've got

Reegs: It's a great one.

Sidey: nominations this week.

Dan: Went for numbers

Sidey: number Wang.

Dan: Yeah. And so

Reegs: so the rules were, it, it was movies that had numbers in them but weren't sequels like jaws to, was the


Dan: Yeah. And it's quite a, a fertile ground, isn't it?

Sidey: We try and do some sort of

Dan: order, order.

Sidey: go big?

Reegs: what's the lowest you've got?

Dan: I've got one flew over the Cookie's Nest,

Reegs: I've got lower. Well, I've got less than zero.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: Wow. That's the first one. It's based on a Brett Eastern s novel. And had Robert Downey Jr. Playing a sort of disaffected depressed junkie.

Dan: Young, Young

Reegs: Oh yeah, this is, oh gosh, nineties to two thousands, you know, very early on.

I don't remember it a lot. But yeah, it's there. And then the

Dan: Can't imagine him as a junkie. Can you?

Dan Jr.

Reegs: No. It was a real

stretch. Yeah.

And then you got the Zero Theorum in it. Zero. Do you see that one Terry Gillum?

Sidey: No, but there is Zero Effect as well, which is, I love that film.

Reegs: Which one's? Zero

Sidey: It's

Bill Pullman as a, like a Sherlock Holmes type

Dan: Really? Yeah.

Sidey: Oh mate,

I'm gonna, I'm

gonna do that one as a, as a midweek. I love

that. film. It's great.

But it's like really low key.

Dan: It sounds like another early one. Is it like years ago or

nineties. Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: that's a long time ago. Now

Dan: That's a time back. There's time back. Well, one flew over the Cookies Nest, obviously Jack Cola and Me Lost Foreman did Amadi as well.

Sidey: George's brother.

Dan: George's brother

did that

grill steak thing, you know.

Reegs: And you had Jet Lee's the one, Did you ever see that? No.

Sidey: Is that the one with the Leah?

Reegs: No, this is the one, it's kind of like everything everywhere, all at once.

So you can collect the powers by killing his multiverse selves. It's got like a new metal soundtrack and like that song bodies, you know, bodies hit the floor and blah,

Sidey: blah blah. .

Reegs: Yeah, that was good. Okay. I mean, that main thing is him fighting himself at the end and it's great. So that's the one. So we've got as far as one,

Dan: we are up, we're up on

Reegs: one hour photo as well.

I've got a cop and a half. Is that one and a half? Yeah, that was the Burt Reynolds one where he is teamed with a youth.

Sidey: Ugh.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Daniel, you're a big fan of the Fast franchise. Too Fast, Too Furious,

that's got it in

Reegs: And Two Guns was a Denzel Washington and Marky Mark movie. That was pretty good as well.

Dan: Well, the, the three Amigos had Martin Short Chevy Chase and Martin shorting.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: No, the other one who is the Steve Martin

Reegs: and three men and a baby

Sidey: Well,

Dan: men and little baby had

Sidey: three men and the Aging Child. franchise.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Sell it Gonberg and, and dancing. They all slept with the same girl

Sidey: not


baby. What?

Dan: No, they all slept with the

Reegs: did. And they didn't know who

Dan: know who the dad was.

Reegs: That's right. Yeah.

Sidey: It's like a whole slut shaming premise of a


Dan: Yeah.

I wonder how well that's dated now.

Sidey: There's the thing about Ghost being in that film as well,

Reegs: isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. What nonsense?

Reegs: There

Dan: That was 87.

Reegs: Pie.

Sidey: Yeah. That's great.


Dan: That

Reegs: is, Or life of pie as well. Yeah. Yeah. And then Fantastic. Four

Sidey: Rise of the Surfer I've gone for Cause that's the superior one. . Yeah.

Reegs: The five Bloods. I've not seen it.

Sidey: Wait, I've got more fours. Four weddings in a funeral.

Reegs: Yeah. Four rooms. That's Bruce will. Because he has done a number. Is this a good time to bring this up? He's done a number of movies that have numbers in them. There's a few of them. So Bruce Willis has got First Kill four rooms. The fifth element, the sixth Sense, the whole nine yards, 12 monkeys 16 blocks.

Catch 44. And I dunno if this counts. Lucky number 11. No

Dan: doesn't cuz it's not real number. But they were good otherwise. Brad Pitt did seven years into bet and then

Reegs: well he was in less than Zero.

Sidey: Wait, have we got a.

Reegs: Yeah, after five Bloods.

Sidey: Okay. Cuz also five easy pieces in the fifth element. You said the fifth element, didn't you?

Yeah. Someone online. Let me

Reegs: We should go to online because the Twitter engagement, I know Eon Musk is, we were debating whether we would even talk about that at this week, but we, in the end, we're gonna if he hasn't destroyed Twitter by now, at least you guys are contributing. Cuz it was

Dan: is his toy

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. We don't have to be a fucking prick.

Reegs: But yeah, the interaction, we should go to what we've got because we had so many nominations, didn't we?

Sidey: It's hard just to get through it. Vim Z said if the fifth element isn't on your list, I'm newing all the cheese shots in Jersey, so Vims Z you can sleep easy tonight.

It's, it's in.

Reegs: What, what did we have?

What else did we have?

Sidey: mean just So many,

you and Campbell, who? Bruce Campbell's brother. He has mentioned a few. He actually was the first one right out the gate. Cause I did this early this morning and you and Campbell wanted to know if Blade Runner 2049 counts. Cause it

Reegs: It's on my list. So,

Sidey: a sequel, but it doesn't, you know, it's not two. Do you

know what I mean? Yeah.

And Simon per was, was pulling for that one as well. So like that and then more sci-fi stuff with 2001 Space Odyssey Pie.

2046, I'm not sure what that is.

Reegs: Well, that's one more than 20, 45.

Sidey: Yeah, that's Seth Vargus nominating those.

And he's also gone for 12 Angry


Reegs: He went troll too. And he said quite rightly that none of the others are numbered sequels.

So you could get away with that. I've got a couple of those actually that where there are sequels that have got numbers in them, but none of the other movies in the franchise do.

Sidey: And then third Mans, if we were looking for another three, we got Third Man. That's Inter Nick movie database Bartlet.

Reegs: All right, thanks.

Im db.

Sidey: haven't read that out correctly, but that's something like that. Right. Let's go back to our list and we'll, we'll dip in and out of the, the listener suggestions cause there's so many.

Dan: Well we already

Reegs: up to six. Up to six. Ridiculous. Six, which I've never seen, but I know exists.

Sidey: Six days, seven


Reegs: That's six seven. Oh, that's good.

Sidey: That's

Dan: That's TAs segueing.

Sidey: Who really

came unstuck.

Reegs: Yeah. What actually happened,

Sidey: I dunno what caused it. But she was in a,

Reegs: She was a car

Sidey: think she, she was in a prang and she then drove off from the scene of the first prang through a more severe second one, which he didn't recover from.


Bigs hit boy, Big Hero six. Yeah. As well.

Dan: Nice. Yeah. That's the one I add.

Sidey: Then I've got a subset of sevens. There seems to be quite a lot of those.

Reegs: Give it your seven.

Sidey: Well, seven was the first, the absolute first one I thought of because it's seven. But they also stylized it with the seven in the

middle. of the word. Yeah. And it's like, that's Masterpiece territory right there. Same with Seven Samurai.

Reegs: I know. But if you, you've gotta be careful not to just talk about how good David Fincher movies are. Cuz otherwise you're a film bro, aren't you? That's my big worry.

Sidey: though. Good. Is good, you know. Fuck whatever. I think.

Reegs: Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Sidey: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: seven Squared? Yeah. Your

Dan: You Brener and Steve McQueen.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Snow White. And the

seven you're

Reegs: strong on the sevens,

Sidey: Vertically Challenged people and the seven Year Rich

Reegs: seven psychopaths. The Martin MacDonough one.


Sidey: I haven't seen that one.

Reegs: Yeah. Eight mile.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Super. Eight.

Sidey: Eight millimeter.

Reegs: Yeah. Then nine, which was the little robot movie animated thing.

It was pretty good. Setting a post-apocalyptic future and then nine and a half weeks, obviously.

Sidey: District nine.


then another double up nine to five.

Reegs: Brilliant.

Dan: Okay. Dolly Parton one. Yeah.

Reegs: Brilliant. 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Sidey: on. Wait. Plan nine from OUTTA Space.

Reegs: Oh yeah.

Dan: People shout, people shouting,

Reegs: that. Yeah.

Sidey: But yes, nine and a half weeks

Reegs: and then 10 Cloverfield Lane. That's all I've got for ten

Sidey: three, ten to humor.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Another double


Dan: Yeah. These are, these are good.

Reegs: Then you got the Oceans franchise, which covers you.

Sidey: I'm gonna dip back in because this one's been nominated online and I had it as well. It's a great film. 10 Things I Hate About You.

Dan: Oh, I had that. Yeah, I

Sidey: I really like that film. I had that on dvd.

Reegs: that the one that's Taming the Shrew? Is it? Yeah,

Sidey: it is. Yeah, it's Heath Ledger and Oh

Dan: oh, I've

Sidey: I know her

Dan: as well, but

Reegs: it's not. Anne Hathaway is No.

Dan: One that I watched around the same time is that one 500 days of summer. Which I know is completely different.

Sidey: Liked it at the time. I really don't like her anymore.

Dan: It was with Joey Gordon Levit.

Reegs: He's another one who likes numbers. Dan, I've got his number films here if you're interested. Halloween, H two O 10 things I hear about you 500 days of summer, 50 50 and 7,500.

Sidey: I went to see Halloween H two and the cinema and there was nearly

a fight.

Reegs: Really

Sidey: people wouldn't shut up and it kicked off big time.

Reegs: I watched that reasonably recently when I did my Halloween.

Sidey: Pretty bad.

Reegs: No, it was good. H two A is good.

Sidey: I

don't think it was rubbish at the time.

Dan: Give me a number between Oh, over 100.

Sidey: 101.

Dan: Yes. There you go. First in he's

Reegs: Where are we up to?


Sidey: 10, I think.

Reegs: Yeah, I mean Ocean's 11,

Sidey: 11, 12, 13. That's done

Reegs: Or Friday the 13th or the movie? 13.

Sidey: 12 Angry Men. 12 Monkeys. 12 Years of Slave.

Reegs: Oh, good, good, good. 14 peaks

Sidey: titles.

Dan: Yeah. With numbers in. I've got a good one for you. 42. Have you seen that? The Jackie Robinson.

Story. He's the first African American to play in Major League baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Chadwick Bozeman, Harrison Ford in that one. Really liked it. It was a good movie. Yeah. It's

Reegs: well, if we're going up in random numbers now, 51st dates. Adam Sand, Seen that one. Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, all it's this basically memento for Adam Sandler fans. He works at SeaWorld or something and Yeah, she's got retrograde amnesia basically.

And he has to like begin the romance every single day and it's basically, That's exhausting. Yeah. And it's a horror movie because, you know, basically every day you wake up and you're reminded that you're married to Adam Sandler, like Twilight Zone,

Sidey: someone listening won't be thrilled with that. Uh, Well, K 19, the, the widow maker, which I typo as the window maker,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: which is

Reegs: entire

Sidey: different movie.

The 21. 21 Grams.

Reegs: 21, Yeah. The, the Spacey Maths Card one.


Sidey: Yeah. That's the, that's the blackjack one. That's my chosen game in Vegas. 21 Jump Street, 22. Jump street. Catch 22. I didn't have a 23.

Reegs: the number 23. It's Jim Carey one.

Sidey: I haven't seen that. 24 hour party people.

Reegs: Yeah. 25th hour.


Sidey: Then I didn't have a 26 or a 27,

Reegs: 27 dresses. We had it from Andy Connelly's misses on Twitter. She's not even got

Sidey: got . Oh, that's Catherine Heigel.

Dan: I've got 127 hours. Yeah, that's the

Sidey: hiking fanatics

Dan: Boyle. Yeah.

When they get out into Utah and has to, nor of his own arm.

Reegs: Mid nineties, just in the mid nineties.

Dan: one. Good shout. We reviewed that on the pod. That was Howie's choice, wasn't it?

Reegs: and United 93 was the story

Sidey: Absolute life, right.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Below 66 I knew you'd have that

Dan: mentioning and I ended up watching the trailer earlier this week and not remembering any of it.

It was just like one of those where I just thought I remember it being good. It was one of those films I watched late at night. Nothing really happens over the top. It's just kind of

Reegs: it's one of those things that's happened to me, you know, when you get some sort of like weird synchronicity in your life that you mention that movie, and then suddenly it just started popping up everywhere on stuff that I

Sidey: Could mention it in a song

Reegs: Oh really?

Sidey: Yeah. Got Buffalo 66 on dvd.

Reegs: It was just one of those things, like the last week, like a crazy amount of reference. They've possibly been lots of references and I've ignored them, but yeah. Anyway,

Sidey: 40 Days. 40 nights. 40 year Old Virgin.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yep.

Dan: Got all, There

Sidey: They're both films. Should we start going for bigger numbers?

Dan: Go on in

Reegs: 1, 1 38? Yeah. Or 1130 1001. How do you

Sidey: I say 1, 1


Reegs: 1, 1 38. Okay.

Sidey: Death race, 2000.

Reegs: House of a Thousand Corpse is Rob Zombie, sort of doing

Dan: to go between those two numbers did you ever watch a film called Legend of 1900 Tim Roth? He's, It is about a boy who is born, a baby, is born on a ship, on a big cruise liner on, as it strikes the new Century 1900.

And the, the guy who's cleaning the, the decks and everything, who finds him, He works in the engine room and names him night and he lives his whole life on the boat. And he's brilliant at piano and everything. It's a pretty good movie, actually. 19.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: you mentioned Death Race 2000, and I wanted to stop there just for a minute because do, do you remember that movie?

You've seen it? Vaguely. It's a 75 Paul Bartlet one had David Carine as Frankenstein, and this is, it was a like, sort of robocopy running man type, you know, there's horrible world going on. And they have this dystopian race where you get points for mowing down

Sidey: Stallone remake of it.

Reegs: Sta was in one,

Dan: it wasn't a


on a Stephen King book, was it?


Reegs: think so.

Dan: There was a Stephen King short story I read.

Reegs: That's the Long Walk, I

Dan: Ah, maybe. That's

Reegs: always think they should make a movie like that. That would be good.

Dan: 1984.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: John Hurt Richard Burton. Long time since I've seen that.

Reegs: Oh, I've got an old one 1 million years BC does that, does that count?

Raquel Welch in the fur bikini. Yeah, of course. Getting attacked by stop motion dinosaur is what a classic.

Dan: Well, I'm almost outta numbers. I know There's millions and millions more to choose

Reegs: I've got Gajillionaire.

Sidey: Wow.

Reegs: But I dunno what, I've not seen the movie, but I know that that is a movie that exists.

Sidey: Well, Ka War My, for 2001 A Space Odyssey 2010, the year we made contact 2012 and then 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Reegs: Oh. And Avengers Infinity War.

Sidey: Oh, that's nice. I had special mention, cause I haven't seen these two, but there's a movie called One for the Money, which came out in 2012. And then there's a Pino film called Two for the Money.

Oh, that's,

But that came out 2005. There must be like a, It's like the Star Wars thing.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Set back in time.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Let's see what we've got because there were tremendous.

Sidey: Just, just so many.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: We had Blade Runner, we had that. We did some other things. 24 7. Bob Hoskins one. He has a scrap with Les from Coronation Street.

Reegs: 28 days later from Andy Conley Plus Miracle on 34th Street.

That's a good one.

Sidey: MAs Two Brains. That's a great shout.

Reegs: Brey had the Seven, which was a Dean Kane movie, which I remember to be terrible. But it did get us into an interesting discussion, which led us to potentially promise to watch Andy, The Talking Hedgehog, which could

Sidey: be

Some that we've reviewed on the pod, like the 300.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And then Morning Cage content got in 60 seconds. Eight men out, nine songs that had real sex in it, didn't it?

Reegs: Yeah. Yes it did.

Sidey: Was it a dogma film?

Reegs: No. Who's dogma? It's what's his chops? does all that serious shit. Can't remember. Anyway, I've seen it

Sidey: did Antichrist as well.

Reegs: They go to a gig in Iceland, I think, and then they fuck, she gives him a blowjob

Sidey: taking Apel 1, 2, 3.

Reegs: Oh, that's good. Yeah. We got from Christopher Nure Zombie two. He says it's not sequel. So I dunno that one, but starts on the second one.

Dan: How is zombie two not a sequel,

Or is

Sidey: 21 John Street's not a sequel.

Dan: Is it t w? Like as in, there's two of them.

Sidey: I was gonna mention also the madness of King George because they called it that because it was originally gonna be titled George ii, but they felt, the studio felt that American audiences would assume it was the three qu.

And so they couldn't call it that. They had to, they renamed it The madness of King George. Darren's really gone to town. He's got a one to 13, no 0, 13 0 effect, one hour photo, two days in the valley, four rooms. Five easy pieces. Sixth day, seven Samurai Hateful eight. Another one we did nine 10 Commandments.

11th hour, 12 Angry Men, 13

Dan: Wow. That's why he is the lethal weapon. That is,

Reegs: I've got just a small list of movies that have, that are sequels. This is what I was talking about that are in a franchise where all of the other movies don't have numbers in them, so it should be permitted. So we've got Ghostbusters too.

yeah, because Ghostbusters and the other one is Ghostbusters Answer the call and Ghostbusters,

Sidey: I don't understand how you could possibly think. That's okay.

Reegs: Because it's the only one that's numbered in the

Dan: had. I had one simple criteria

Sidey: specifically like

it's the Jaws too. It's Ghostbusters too. It's like categorically can't be had.

Dan: sounds really similar

Reegs: Got a list of them as

Sidey: Well

go for it. And we can just dismiss them all one by


Reegs: Yeah. Okay. We're Alien Three.


Dan: No, cause it's similar.

Reegs: Diehard two

Dan: again. No,

Reegs: because they were all,

Sidey: No, they were all, no.

The man with the greatest hair in Jersey Christian Benter has put forth 25th hour seven psychopath.

The man with one red Shoe, 21 Jump Street, which I really enjoyed, actually. Magnificent seven and 13th Warrior,

Dan: The man with one with Shoe. Is that the Tom Hanks one

Reegs: or Bill Murray maybe? Was it? Oh yeah. No, it was Tom Hanks, wasn't it? Where he gets implicated in being in a spy

Dan: There's one scene where he, I think they, they confirm he's a spy because he can. He's at the traffic lights on his bike and he, he doesn't actually put his feet on the floor.

He's, you know, when you just

Reegs: freewheeling or

Dan: free, you just hold it still, but you kind of bounce the pedals and they go, He must be a spy. You can't do that.

Reegs: Can you do that?

Sidey: What

Reegs: on the bike? You're pretty good on the

Sidey: ride.

Dan: you've got, if you are riding

Reegs: if, if you are stopped at traffic lights, can you perfectly balance

Sidey: No way can you

Dan: you sort of sit up on the bike and

Sidey: No, it's tough, Now I crash. Did you read All Breaches Out?

Five Days of war, $5 a day Hole in one. And then there's a couple where I don't, we get a one word review. 2050 shot. 10.5 or 10 and a half apocalypse scene shot. Three Dog of Tears.

That's how it segued into talking Animal


Reegs: AERs. That sounds up my alley.

Sidey: The Three Gifts and 90 Feet from Home sounds like quite a lot of those are Dean Kane movies. So

Dan: Old Superman, Dean Kane.

Sidey: Yeah. Big time

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: And

Close. Encounters of the Third Kind has been mentioned quite a few

Reegs: Oh

yeah, that's good.

Sidey: There's still so many other ones. I think we'll have to pick them up next week,

Reegs: once upon a time in Hollywood.

Did we say that that's in that sort of third type?

Dan: Well, we might have to limit to numbers under a hundred and do another one for over a hundred for this. But

Sidey: right? Should we put, should we put ours in. I'm gonna go for, It's be difficult isn't it? Cause it's just so many. I'm gonna go for too fast. Too furious. Cause it's probably the worst of that franchise.

Reegs: 51st dates. I'm putting it in.

Dan: Okay.

I'm gonna go for legend of 1900 cuz it's not one that we would've had up on a list before.

Reegs: One from pick one of those great nominations and

Sidey: Well lots have come up a couple of times, but the one that stands out for me is Blade one of 2049. Cuz it's a sequel that we can have. Yeah, and it's also a great film.

Dan: Fits the criteria. Res


Sidey: no. Fairly breath of snacks. Full stop.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Had some mini rolos and arrow.

Sidey: Yeah, the packets were fairly mini as well, so they're all gone. So we are now just drinking wine.

Dan: We're down

to the hard booze and,


Sidey: red. And I tell you what, you kind of, you needed a drink possibly to get through this movie cuz it was tense.

Reegs: it was.

Dan: Yeah. And it's real true life story again. I dunno if you actually remember.

Sidey: I remember it being on the news. Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. And the story then, as it unfolded was,


it begins here, res it, we, we are watching, Oh,

Reegs: even said the name of the movie yet,

Dan: football. He's 13 lives all over the poster.

We've got everywhere out.

Sidey: That's Right.

Reegs: Ron Howard's docudrama about the Tam Luang Cave Rescue.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah. It starts off with a footie match.

Reegs: Yeah, he does the.

Sidey: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. Young young Thai football team out playing football in

Sidey: Bos

The Wild

Dan: the wild boars. And it looks like there's gonna be a celebration for somebody's birthday.

Sidey: Well they're giving him shit cause he is getting a,

a SpongeBob cake. Yeah, they're rived him about

Dan: of, bit of stake and and then they

Reegs: one of the kids goes back early, doesn't

Dan: he?

Yeah, that's right.

Sidey: right. Just as well.

Dan: He's, he's going to help his dad do the catering for the party afterwards. And while he goes off to do that, the boys were all gonna head down. 12 boys we're all gonna head down to the cave. And the coach said, Well look, if you are gonna go, I be go as well. The coach is probably only three or four years older than

Sidey: like an old fellow. It's

Dan: A young boy himself.

Reegs: Eon Chan Wong was his name.

Dan: And so, they cycle down and it's a lovely scene as they go through the, the beautiful kind of paddy fields, and it's in ua in North Thailand, and it's kind of hilly province. And they've got all these beautiful caves that you can go in and this

Reegs: we get fabulous drone shots of the countryside. And, and it looks stunning, doesn't it?

Dan: it

Sidey: is. Yeah. But That's

kind of the last, We see them for a little while.

Reegs: Yeah, poignantly. They leave their bikes at the, at the entrance and they, the bikes are a constant presence throughout their film.

To remind you of the boys, because they basically fuck off out the movie now for about an hour and a half. Yeah.

Dan: They they have timed their arrival for the cave with the, the early monsoon.

Sidey: have been better timing wise.

Dan: It, it shouldn't rain that early, but as we know, there's lots of

Sidey: climate

Dan: lots of things happening crazy with the weather and the rain comes heavy and it comes early and it forces them into the cave. And when they don't get back,

Sidey: well that one point Exter who didn't go and he goes to the party and he says, you know, they're like, Where the fuck are the rest of them? He's like, Oh, they're going to the cave. And they're like, Sorry, what?

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: yeah. When in this weather. And, and so spark the first kind of signs of panic and these boys need rescuing.

Reegs: Yeah. And the rescue comes in the form of the navy seals, the Thai Navy seals, and they search for the boys.

Sidey: They get a good way in.

Reegs: They do they get to a junction, T junction in, so it's, it's shown on screen a little bit of map, so you've got a geography of where they're going into the caves.

Although it wasn't always clear with how how much they were diving, there were certain parts where they were doing lots of diving, wasn't

Dan: Yeah. I mean, these caves are, are kind of more though, they're submerged and they're, they're narrow little areas

Sidey: Yeah, it was pretty dicey. I mean, when we do see the boys go in and they walk past the static tights and whatever and then next time we see them, they are basically completely

Dan: Yeah. They, there's, that's it. The caves

Sidey: So when it, when it was on the news, I guess I just think of a cave as like really primitive as just like one little cave thing, you know, Whereas this is obviously, it's, it's kilometers of travel, you know, when they show the guys and how long it takes them because you do

get this constant

map and, and plotting and it tells you how long it's taken them to get to a certain stage.

And it's hours and hours and hours of diving just to get to the back

Reegs: and moving through very small spaces. They're, you can see the physical toll it takes on them and they get to a point where they can't, they can't go on, they can't locate the boys.

It's becoming too dangerous.

Dan: visibility poor. There's a kind of flash flooding going on as the rain carries on coming down and it's, it's pouring through the holes in the cave from above as much as just filling in from where they haven't even got as far as

Sidey: yet

Yeah. From the entrance of the cave.

Reegs: So they come out and the local governor who is kind of on his way out. He now is kind of forced to, in some ways, not forced to, but he's, he's accepting more now the help of the international community.

Sidey: Well, yeah, Becomes a kind of political thing, doesn't it?

Reegs: Yeah. He's sort of tacitly been placed in the role of like, Well, if this all gets fucked up, then it's gonna go on you.

And but anyway, he's shown to be fairly competent throughout the movie, actually. So anyway, a local British caer who was in Thailand, this guy called Vernon and Unsworth, this was the guy that Elon Musk called Pido Pido because he refused his offer of a submarine, which I mean clearly, at least from what we saw in this

Sidey: no way a submarine

Dan: It's, Yeah, I mean, it's, you can barely get a person through there.

Different parts during their, their diving through the cave. They have to actually take off their air tanks and go through and then drag the air tanks

Sidey: Didn't, he didn't call Peter Guy. He also had people like hack into his stuff and just try and completely fore

Dan: discredit him

Sidey: you

Dan: really horrible story that,

Reegs: And yet he won his defamation. You know, he was able to defend himself in his defamation case. Anyway.

Dan: he won that against Ma Diddy. He,

Reegs: No,

Sidey: No, Musk won. he tried to the diver tried to sue Musk for defamation because he called him Pito. And Musk got off. They, his team created this thing called the J Dart defense, which is joke,


Raise, I dunno. Basically just they,

Reegs: a technicality

Sidey: acknowledging that it was stupid and then apologizing straight away and rolling back on it, he was able to like prove, they weren't able to prove that it caused the guy enough significant harm to

Dan: Wow.


Sidey: what?

Reegs: It's unbelievable. Anyway, so, you know, the Thai authorities are concerned about the risk of foreigners, you know, dying in the midst of this operation, but they've got no choice but to call in. Everybody. And people are volunteering as well. And two people who volunteer are Rick Stanton, played by Vigo Mortenson Coventry guy.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Pete would've liked. That's where


Dan: Yeah. He's got like a canoe in his

Sidey: that from, from the outset. Pete was in no way, shape or form was he gonna watch this film.

It's just not, he's just not,

comfortable with this I dunno whether He is claustrophobic himself, but if you are, this certainly wouldn't be the film for you. Pete was like, this just not, I'm not into it, so,

Dan: yeah, I mean the, I I found the pace of the film moved quite well through all those scenes. It didn't drag for me, but we'll hear what you

Sidey: we, we get Vigo and

we get Colin Fo, who I didn't recognize at first because he is got a different haircut and no ta.

Reegs: Did you feel that Vigo had the better English accent than Colin Farrell?

Sidey: think Colin Fo was dipped in and out a little bit. I also enjoyed. Vi Morgan's character, like volunteering for something but having zero enthusiasm for it at the same time.

It was


Reegs: And explicitly saying how he hates kids and stuff. Yeah, yeah. But these guys are the, kind of, the best of the best.

Sidey: I mean,

Dan: a fireman and an IT consultant.

Sidey: clearly an incredibly specialized field of work,


know, to be able to do this and not panic

while you're under

Dan: the, these guys don't do it for work. They do it


Reegs: in cave rescues before this as well,

Sidey: Yeah. It's, it's a proper like association that they're part of cuz the fellow, the original guy that you mentioned rigs, he's, is he chairman of it? It's called

It's the British Cave Rescue Council.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: I bet there's not that many members of it.

Reegs: that was the follow up band to the style Council, wouldn't but yeah, it's terrific from

Dan: do it for fun, you know, they go into these caves not just for rescue, I mean, people.

Who need rescuing have gone in there for fun. A lot of them, you know, so these guys have been doing it for 30 years and would be doing these challenging dives at different times to

Sidey: with a hobby. everything

Dan: is that kind of hobby, which became then a rescue because they were good at it and nobody else knew the caves like they did.

So yeah. Them

Reegs: they're allowed in.

Yeah. They, they go out there and eventually they're allowed to go in and they get way beyond where the Thai

Sidey: the first time they go in, they get to where the, the Navy Seals got to cuz the guy's sort of bristling about them being in there. Yeah. And when they come back he says, Well that's where my team got to.

You know, it's like quite put out


  1. Yeah. And

It's a bit of a, you know, I think there's, there's, they don't want them to die, but they also don't want some foreigners to come in and maybe do it as well.

Reegs: No, I didn't get that

Sidey: feeling. Me. I did a little bit.

Reegs: no,

Dan: Yeah, no, I, I got the feeling that

Sidey: cause he was constantly stood around that guy just like

at the

Dan: yeah, there would've been a pro, a pro uh,

a pride there that they would've wanted to find the boys themselves, that they're the Navy Seals and these kind of foreigners coming in to help.

Although I think over the course of it, they earned their

Reegs: It's more like that. Yeah. It's more, it's more like that. But I felt the main thing was the political issues around foreigners being involved.

But anyway, Yeah, they get in, they get out and then they go back in.

Dan: Yeah. Well, he says that actually it's a good point because he's, he does say well, they don't want foreigners dive dying in the caves.

It's a bad look, you know? It's

Reegs: the main thing. I think that that is driving it, you know, mostly they're just trying everything because we're

Sidey: We do

Reegs: or seven days in

Sidey: it very quickly jumps, doesn't it? And they do eventually progress further and they take more equipment down.

Reegs: Well, they find them on day

Sidey: time and they find them and you're like, Oh wow.

Okay. Yeah. And they, and they must be crushing for the boys because someone comes through and they're all in relatively decent. Nick

Dan: Amazing. Really?

Sidey: I don't know quite what it would've been like in real life.

And They're like, Well, sorry, we, we found you now, but we gotta fuck off again and, and leave here.

Reegs: Yeah. And Rick is instantly pretty crestfallen as well. It's straight away there, you know, because he's, it's taken them, these experienced incredibly skilled technicians over seven hours to get through the cave.

Dan: Yeah. It's a long way down. It's co

Sidey: says,

Don't worry. We

Reegs: a little scene earlier on where the guys had to rescue an engineer because there's also a load of other shit going on where they're trying to pump the water out.

And an and an engineer panics and gets caught and shows you the danger of like even trying to move a panicking person through a tiny part. Right. It's nearly a horrible accident.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Well, that's right. He, he shoots up and tries to jump up for air. Of course there isn't any air. You're not going to the service.

You just bang your head on the, the top of the cave and

Reegs: Oh,

Dan: horrible, isn't it?

Reegs: is. Yeah. I'm reliving it now. It's

Sidey: but he's, Colin says, Colin Far says to them, We'll be back. He makes all these sort of promises and vi's like, don't think he tries to nudge him to sort of say, Look, don't give them, you know that. What else could you say? And then when they get back, Vico Mo's like very, very pragmatic.

He is like, Phil, they're gonna die. Like there's no way we can get

them back. Like it's fucking nightmare

for us to get

Dan: he does kind of have a go. And tell this very bluntly to the minister as well, who comes in, or the governor who comes in, he says, Look, they're all dead.

They were, but a little bit later on, they're sitting down outside and it's, it's a really, you know, you think of this scene. So it's Colin Farrell and Vego sat down and they're just discussing, you know, they were sitting and he goes, Well, I've got an idea. It's, it's insane. And he goes, Well, what is it?

You know, what is it? Insane is better than nothing right now. We've got nothing. And he goes, We bring in Harry . And I just thought the way his mind would've thought. So, Dr. Harry is an anesthetist. And that's gonna be the plan. And he, he, he just, Yeah. I just think, well, what you know that is absolutely

Reegs: because it's impossible for the boys to pass back.

It's just impossible. The plan is to sedate

Dan: taking those boys seven hours

Reegs: multiple times as well. Because I think at one stage he says he has to do it every half an hour.

Sidey: Well inject him.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: So, Well,

Reegs: on this possibly now, and this was the part where I wasn't completely clear on how much they were actually diving, cuz I think there were certain chambers that they were diving in that were long, but then there were other parts where they were moving over the rock.

So, but anyway, it's this incredible thing.

Sidey: Yeah, it's definitely, it definitely is that, because it does say at the end that the caves were eventually completely submerged after they got them out. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: At the top outside a local engineer. I've got his name here because it was his real name than Naia, probably not good

Dan: the guy that came down from Bangkok and

Reegs: He's a water engineer and he realizes that actually what's, you know, the pumping out in the caves is, is useless. And what they need to be doing is, is diverting the water away from the sinkhole at the, the top of the mountain. And he sets up an elaborate,

Sidey: well, they have to have a meeting with the farmers.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And say, Look guys, this is the

Dan: we,

Sidey: We're gonna

have to fucking kill your whole crop.


And you know, they fucking say, All right,

Dan: well that's it. They have a quick meeting, don't they? And they say, Right, let's do it.

Let's say give it a go. Because he has to say, Look, it might not even work. You might

Reegs: pretty stoic.

They're cuz no, they're definitely gonna lose all of their crop. And it's not clear, you know, what will happen, but they accept it. That's right. And so they start diverting the water away. It's this

Dan: tremendous

you think it's not gonna make that much difference.

But a little bit later on, you see how much water has gone in on that,

Sidey: and also you see the

impact because there's a moment where the two divers are under threat of some. Cave just collapsing on the section of it. You see the water coming through and the pressure is really

Dan: That's right. Yeah. And rocks

Sidey: when water's got nowhere to go, you know, something's gotta give and it bursts through and rocks are falling through the water and it's almost like fucking battle sequence there where like,

it could be bullets falling through the water, you

Dan: One of those hits you and it, it's,

Sidey: so, it's just like you Go

from one tense moment to another, you know, It's just like a lot, and

it's a long

Reegs: while that's happen, Not only are they coming up with this crazy plan, but they're going backwards and forwards. They bring them a load of wetsuits and some food and stuff. So like, you know, these guys are doing these seven or eight hour journeys, like every day through this grueling cave network.


Sidey: is it not the first attempt to take the wetsuits through where Sam.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Has the accident. Yeah, he, he's, he's being led through the caves. I think he was one of the Navy SEAL guys

was ex

Reegs: He was the ex, he was another volunteer. So he was an ex Navy Seal who came back and volunteered for this mission.

And unfortunately

Sidey: he gets caught up on some stal types, I think it was, Yeah, Stalag rights. And his breathing operator falls and gets wedged and he just gets all bit panicky and a load of fucking water a load of air leaks out. And he checks his


he hasn't got much, but he's kind of caught in no man's land because he's probably not enough to get to that section.

So he decides to go back and we just see him travel for a

Dan: and there's, there's one guy who's

Sidey: him die

Reegs: drown.

Dan: gone ahead is horrible. Yeah.

Reegs: And we haven't described, because the scenes, we do get many scenes of them moving through, you know, dimly lit water and horrible areas, and it is intensely claustrophobic viewing experience when you're going through those cave bits.

We get a nice moment in with the boys where the coach, you know, he feels really responsible for what's happened. He's worried about getting out and what will happen to him, but he sort of helps them meditate to get through what's going on. Because what are we up to now about day 16 or something?


Dan: Yeah. I think we're over two weeks in there. And the volunteers then have got together. The farmers are on board but the time is ticking. And they bring in Dr. Harris and they bring in two more other divers as well. Chris Jewel and Jason Mallinson.

Sidey: Well, Harris is just like, No, this you

Dan: can't. Yeah. Har Harris is like, Oh, well thanks for calling me guys. You know, I'm not really at the same level as you, but you know, anything I can do to help. And, and he's kind of says to him, Well,

Sidey: kids. He's like,

Dan: you've got a special skill having you. And he goes, I didn't come here to kill kids.

Like, you know, And he goes, It's their only way. And then he comes to realize as I think salmon passes away soon after, or, or there's there's another kind of tragedy sees the kind of the. Circumstances and the panic in people when they're just coming through the cage, how difficult it is.

Reegs: Well, it's clear. There's no, there's literally no other

Sidey: Yeah, you try this or

you wait for them to


Dan: he, he starts to consider it and then they take it to the governor who gives permission.

Reegs: Yeah. It's a big call. It's a big call, but

Dan: he has to say, you know, I don't know whether this is gonna work. They're gonna have to do this. He has to train the, the divers, the six divers with with bottles and, and saying, you know, you gotta hold it in there.

You might have to do this every half an hour. And you know, if they're gonna wake up, you're gonna have to do it. Then whether they're gonna breathe on the water. There's a, I mean, as we go on through the boys, there's obviously they're all different size, different ages, and there's one only small lad who the

Sidey: the first one they tried to get out.

That mask

Dan: ends up being the last one because he's the mask doesn't fit.

Reegs: And even then, yeah, when they take that guy out, he basically, they show him, and I don't know if it's true, but they show him basically holding his mask on the whole way.

Dan: Yeah. And, and,

yeah, I'll, I'll go back to that scene when we start talking about getting the boys out, but that, that soon actually happens afterwards, doesn't it?

Cause they don't waste any time. Once they've got permission, boom, they go and they decide they're gonna take four boys out this first time. And,

Reegs: we get this little routine that he does for every single one of

Dan: them,

Reegs: He says, Oh, you are lucky you are going back with Rick. He's the best diver in the world.

Sidey: Oh, Brazil just got

Reegs: Brazil just got Yeah, and is sedate him and off they go. And they, you know, actually on the second go round, they improvise a little float that they didn't have the first time round on their feet. But yeah, they just pass the bodies along like

Sidey: kid, they get out,

they, they say, don't they, they make the others turn round and then the next they just watch the rest and they're looking as they, they properly like tie them up, you know, and it's they zip

Dan: zip locks, he says,

they've gotta be packages. We're just the delivery men. And for them to keep the mental state, I think, you know, they've gotta have that. Or at least, you know, he did

Sidey: well, we see one of them has a wobble letter on, but I got the impression from the get go that vi mo Scott did was just like able to completely, like,

Reegs: he's got ice

Sidey: compartmentalize. This is just a job, this is a thing I've gotta move. You know? He just saw it like that. Yeah. Whereas there's the fairly other,

at the end, he has a bit of a breakdown about it.

Dan: it. Yeah.

Reegs: certainly not shown to be like Hollywood types. There's no whooping and hollering, you know, there's mostly a quiet sadness around a lot of

Dan: It, it is, it's is huge.

It's huge tension, isn't it? As they move the, and they say, Look, let's check the first lad in the first chain because if not working, There's no point going through it all is there, you know, it's but it is working and they manage to get the first boy through much to the delight of everybody. It gets to a one point in the chamber and they've replaced it with just kind of a pulley system so they don't have to go through the water, but they're still, it's a six hour slog, if not longer.

And then another hour. And so just on these pulls to get them out and they start flying the kids straight to the hospital. The parents don't know they're being kept in the

Reegs: but

they're there on site so they can see bodies coming

Dan: but

they're on a need to know basis.

Sidey: probably dead. You would

probably think motionless

Dan: they'd sent all the TV cameras and cleared the area as well, because if it was gonna be bad news, they wanted to be able to

Reegs: Yeah,

because this huge, like, town has sprung up.

Sidey: It's,

thousands of volunteers. Yeah. I think, Do they not say it's like 5,000 volunteers on site at one point.

Reegs: Wow.

Dan: Yeah, to save these boys so they get, actually have a really good day, don't they? And they get all four out and

Sidey: There's a moment where one of them drops the syringes in the middle of


the tunnel submerged.



I suspect that's probably a bit of dramatized, you

Reegs: Their Hollywood

Sidey: and he's fumbling around on the floor trying to find it and

Dan: just as the boys waking up. And

Sidey: Cause yeah, he's coming too. And obviously would've been a bit panicky. So, you know, that was just another bit of like, Oh, fucking


Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And, and when they get the, the first four in obviously they're delighted, but they also know now if just one of them ends up dead, then they're gonna also have,

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: the expectations have risen.

Reegs: That's vi ego's take. He's like, We can only be a villain now because

Sidey: He says we're supposed to be heroes when we got here. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Anyway,

Dan: And it just, yeah, goes to show what's going through their, their mind and they go back rest and they're going again the next day and the water is still rising cuz it's still raining.

And they go out and pull out the rest of the lads one by one. Keep going, as you say, improving it a little

Sidey: bit But there's the one, there's the one guy, he's one of the new divers they've brought in and he, he gets a bit stuck and he's, he's not

Dan: yeah, he has a good first day,

Reegs: there's a really strong current and he loses the guidewire and once you're done, like you got, dunno where to go. And he finds the engineering cables that are doing the pumping, I think, and the light system.

And he pulls himself along to that. So he finds himself in a

Sidey: a chamber, He's just in a chamber and he's worried about.

The, the kid that he's trying to get out and he can tell, He's obviously in bits, you know, he doesn't know what's going on and he is really having a moment. And is it Colin Far who talks to him?


Reegs: it's Rick

Sidey: Rick talks to him and he's like, Are you okay? He's like, Yeah, okay. And they check on the lad and, and he's okay.

And he's sort of, you know, he's like relieved

but still obviously not in a great spot.

Dan: and he just goes, Wait for Harry.

Sidey: But

they do,

they get him out. And then I think it's just like once they've got them all out and they're never really even like hooting and hollering, they're just like, That was good. We

Reegs: They have a beer. They finally have a beer.

Sidey: just is like, cries. I thought, I thought I'd lost him. I thought it killed him. Or you know, he's just fucking, Obviously there's so much at stake and then you get the reveal of the fucking anesthetist. Dad had died and he fucking knew.

Reegs: He knew. Yeah. Because he mentioned earlier he still

Sidey: still had to like plow through this knowing his father had just fucking died and then he just goes off to room to sit someone's own, like, fuck

Dan: Another kind of hero move for me was the, that last lad, because he was so much smaller and he, I think he was Chan and so there was a kind of sub story of whether they were gonna save him because he, he didn't have the proper papers.

Reegs: Well, they're from Myanmar.

Dan: Yeah, that's

Reegs: And they were stateless officially. And that yeah,

Sidey: was, three of them, aren't there Three that were stateless? Yeah.

Dan: And, and so, That wasn't the case anyway, but it was a kind of just subplot on, on the surface, if you like, but this young lad, they ended up getting this pink mask. And he said, Well, it's gonna fit, it's gotta fit, but the seal still isn't perfect.

But you get that one dive who's an absolute hero, and he's obviously the best diver in the world. I think he was the guy that they talked about. He said, I, we can ask him if he's not already pissed off that we didn't, he's not really here. And he, you know, we haven't asked him already. And he just says, Yeah, go on, do it.

I'll do it. I'll do it. You know, and I just thought. Wow. You know, when you're looking for somebody to, to do and he said, I'll do it. And he just sent the shivers on the back of my, my neck up that, because I just

Reegs: Well, all of it does,

Dan: And he, he, well, yeah, all of it does. You're absolutely right. Even the guy who had trouble, I mean, it's just a nightmare situation.

The pressure, it's his second day. New country flying in under a cave boom is happening so

Reegs: Well that's what, when the doctor turns up, he's just flown. God knows how long to get there and they show him, like literally turns up to things like Right, do you wanna go into the cave Sandy?

Dan: Let's go.

Boom. Yeah,

Reegs: what this is like.

Dan: and and yeah, they, they get all the boys and you, you end up seeing him in, in the hospital. The parents eventually bought to so far you learn later on. Actually another man died due to infection in the cave as well.

Sidey: We've seen

that a few times with, Cause I actually said to him, Aren't they fucking wearing gloves?

Cuz they keep banging their hands on the floor and scraping the, you see all the cuts and bruises and, and one of them, one of the guys, Babe Ruth, I think his name was, he got

yeah it

Dan: it was

Reegs: Baby Ruth,

Sidey: Yeah, he, Hey Ruth, he got a, a blood infection and he later on

passed away as well. So that was pretty

Dan: So I mean, it was, it was horrible conditions and, and absolute miracle that they brought these boys out.

The fact that it's true. Well you just wouldn't think of a story like this if it wasn't, you know, it's, it's

Sidey: They got their SpongeBob cake in the

Reegs: Yes, they

Dan: they did, They

Sidey: hell of a cake, didn't

Dan: Yeah. They all went back and had this cake and

Reegs: they were, the, the kids who were stateless were granted Thai citizenship. The farmers were compensated, I don't know,


Dan: Yeah. All the loose end seemed to be tied up and, and the English lot just, you know, he went back to his job in, in it and he was the other guy, just a fireman or

Sidey: was a

sort of thing about his relationship with his son that was sort of alluded to in some way.

Reegs: I think he just loved him.

Sidey: I dunno, I thought there was like,

Dan: I dunno if they, if, if he was divorced

Sidey: or, Yeah. I wasn't if it was a broken home or something,

Dan: at some parts that I didn't see the, the, his partner, his wife or anything like that. But anyway, I mean,

Wow. Rick

Reegs: just goes back to his flat.

Sidey: It's a shithole.

Dan: Yeah, he's just got like, got his canoe.

Everything's still exactly the same as he left it, of course. Makes himself a cup of tea, sits down and

Reegs: it's

Dan: reads the paper or whatever. Yeah.

silent heroes,

Reegs: sort of middle-aged British guys.

Unbelievable heroes. You know, it just restores your faith in humanity a little

Dan: to wade in the, the absolute weirdness of Musk in there as well.

It's just crazy isn't it? Why

Reegs: Oh, don't, don't talk about, talk about these guys. Cuz they are amazing, aren't they?

Dan: they? They really are. Yeah. And yeah, I really enjoyed this movie. I, I just thought it was a fantastic story. It is claustrophobic, but I really like the pace of the movie that it goes from sort of day one, boom, you're up to day five or six, you realize, wow, God, they've been in there all that time.

And as the the different parts of the operation come together, you've got all these, the, the hierarchy and the political side of

Reegs: but mostly everybody is shown to be kind of competent and working together and, you know,

Dan: yeah, there's no, there's nothing, there's no big, there's no big kind of bus stops.

There's just tension. It's just all tension. It's attentive. You know, Teve,

Sidey: The movie, you know, it a success when. Certainly going into the film, I knew that a diver died and the kids got out, and yet you're still on the edge of your


Like, fuck what, you know. And he does that in Apollo 13 as well, you know, where they, he draws every bit of fucking tension out of the situation when you know the outcome already.


Reegs: And, and part of how he's able to get so much tension out of it is by keeping the cat the sort of main rescue. It's like thrilling but really low key as well at the same time.

And the underwater cinematography is great.

Dan: It really is, isn't it? I mean, it's,

Reegs: I was like, my heart was pounding at

Sidey: Yeah. I'm just like.

Well, and they, are they filming in the cave?

Obviously it was not, They built, they had these huge lots where they recreated these sections of it. Yeah. And the, the divers were, you know, technical advisors and they taught Con Farrell and VGA Morrison how to do it and stuff like this. And, but they, apparently everyone involved in filming had a.

Situation, panic attack At some point

Dan: going through these

Sidey: co flowers said he'll never dive again cause he is like probably qualified and stuff. And he said it was just like he had, he had a real moment and he was like not

Dan: Have you ever been into any of those caves or anything?

Sidey: No. I used to go like cliff jumping and

stuff. Yeah.

And you know, you look at this and you think, oh, kids have run into that fucking cave, what are you doing? But there's plenty of times where I like grabbed a rock and fell and I just land in the water. Whereas like over there it was just rocks, you know, And you could have

and just kids kid stuff in it.

You just don't think about the dangers of things.

Dan: I went in one in Lao. We went quite deep in, they gave us these old kind of minor, you had to hold a battery

Sidey: right? and

Dan: you had the torch at the other end.

Sidey: safety first.

Dan: Safety first. Really slippery, absolutely nightmare to go down. There's about eight of us. They got led down. It was quite a long way, you know, it was a few hundred meters. We went into this cave and and it's just, you know, d and sticky. Not a nice environment. There's, it is obviously got smells and the air qualities and great.

So I was pleased to be getting out there when I went and getting trapped in a place like that would be nightmarish. The meditation the coach showed to calm them all down, it probably ended up saving them as well.

Sidey: as well. The divers said that it was like incredibly realistic what they showed on film other than there there was absolutely zero visibility course in real life. Yeah, because you imagine, you know, you were at the beach and you touch the sand and the bottom, you know, everything gets cloudy.

Imagine the water flowing through there. It was just

been a fucking

Dan: Yeah, absolutely

Sidey: that, imagine how difficult it must have been. Fuck me, I just can't, can't



Dan: to have, to have the nerve to, to willingly go in there and to go as far as they did, cuz it was about two and a half kilometers, I think. Have that idea to bring the boys out, never been done before. And then get 'em all out successfully. And then just, I dunno, I'm waiting for night hoods and things.

I'm like, you know, you just

Reegs: well he's an mba.

Dan: Well they deserve everything they get. It's incredible. And, and I think the film, while it wouldn't ever do that kind of thing justice fully, it does paint the picture for me really well. And I just, Do my cap. And

Reegs: There's a few, there's been a few goes at this. So there was already a, a 20 20 19 documentary called The Cave by a Thai British guy which was like reconstructions and news footage and stuff. And then there was the rescue, which was Jimmy Chin who did free solo and

Dan: 14, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

he covered this as well. Did he? Yeah. Oh, I bet

Reegs: then there's a Netflix six part series out called Thai Cave Rescue, which is a Thai version, more Thai version.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, the Chilean miners was the only other thing that I could compare to this because similar in, you know, subterranean environment, but obviously they were all guys in a.

You know, in a different place, a different thing still drilling and a nightmare.

But yeah, the tension in this, I think was made it a much better film than I remember that one being. And I can promise those guys, they'll never have to rescue me down a fucking cave.

Sidey: Don't have any financial detour for you, because this was a straight to streaming.

Reegs: it did. I'm gonna have to correct you

Sidey: mean, there were select cinematic things, but I don't, I couldn't get a budget, so I thought, I'm just gonna leave this out.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Well, I, I dunno, Is this a c?

Sidey: It was a prime, original

Dan: prime original thing. Okay. Well, yeah. What are you guys think?

Sidey: Oh, mean this is great. Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: yeah. Brilliant.

And Vigo was so good in it as well. I really like it.



Dan: I thought they were brilliant.

Reegs: It it, it is another one of those where he just becomes someone else like Yeah, it's

Dan: blended

Sidey: Yeah, You think of him as like, Argo, like one of the most charismatic sort of heroes going and then he is this like, gruff, kind of like hero, but

Dan: canoe guy.

Sidey: not in a, in a classic way. Like, you know, it was fantastic. I really enjoyed it.

Dan: Strong. Recommend

Okay. So it was Tom Gates,

Sidey: right? So confession time, I forgot that it changed and I haven't watched it

because originally it. was Zog

Dan: so good as well.

Sidey: Originally it was Zog, and I had thought, Oh, I've seen that,

And I

was out time. So I thought I'll just leave that there. And then I realized that it had actually changed and so I

Dan: I did make a change and it's

Reegs: the

Dan: can watch it now. It's like 12 minutes long. Yeah, it's, it's really good.

Reegs: watch it again.

Dan: Did you, Well, it's, if anybody's familiar, it's so, it's.

A very kind of comic book looking cartoon animation, but it's also got little segments in, so there's puzzles within it.

You can make something. There's one live kind of section where the author

Reegs: I don't go through it all.

You can, yeah, you can, you know. Let's break it all

Dan: down. We'll break it down for us. Yeah, let's, let's go. How does it start res?

Reegs: Oh, well,

Dan: it's got a crazy theme

Reegs: one clear out? Yes. Is that the one you watched? That's

right. Yeah.

It does have a crazy theme tune. The art style is quite simplistic. It reminded me of

Dan: the Tom Gates books.

Reegs: Yes. Could be that. Yeah. It's

Dan: Diary of a

Reegs: are all

Dan: of looking stuff.

Reegs: The characters are all in black and white and the background is the color. Right. So that's quite an unusual

Dan: Yeah.

And you, you meet Tom having

Reegs: he's gotta have a

Dan: clear out in his room, he's got a filler box because his parents having a big clear out and they wanna get rid of his old toys. He's got a, a broken tennis racket and a, and a broken tennis ball in the box and nothing else. A mom comes in

Reegs: Mom wants him to put the, especially the presence from Uncle Kevin cuz they're things like an accordion, which he plays for a long

Dan: Yeah. So, and this little moment, dad just kind of eyes twitches while he is, he's hearing this play,

Reegs: I related to this because, you know, your house gets full of clutter with kids and getting them to part with anything is neon impossible.

Exactly. And he's just shoving everything into his cupboard.

Dan: Hiding it or he says,

Reegs: He's hides, he's got a V booze and he hides it under his pillow cuz

Dan: so, so he is telling us He's kind of, speaking to us saying, you know, I've gotta hide all this. And when your parents come, you know, you've gotta push it under the bed and do all this. And mom comes in and she looks at the box and says, Is this, are you sure this is it?

And he looks inside of the tennis racket and the and the ball, and he takes the tennis racket back out and he goes, Okay, I'm sure now. So there's even less.

Reegs: And she grabs this mankey looking stuffed owl toy and starts to put that away.

And Tom's horrified.

Dan: Ah, not hourly. Yeah. Yeah. It's my favorite owl.

Reegs: Anyway, the parents have come up with a great plan to get him out with the grandparents. They call them the fossils, which is what my sister and I call my parents sometimes. And so anyway, then it cuts and it shows you how to make the stuff


Dan: Yeah. He's just about switched on enough to know though that they're gonna be going through his room and throwing out all his good stuff.

So this anxiety is growing him, but, and then we cut Yeah. To making an

Reegs: out. Yeah. Some papers is his dried lentil salate pen and a small sock, and they do actually say, you know, make sure you ask a.

Dan: an adult Yeah.

Reegs: you start cutting over your socks and pretty achievable. Looks pretty good.

Dan: Yeah.

And you can make monsters too. Boom. You can do that in a few minutes. It just got

Reegs: would generate a ton of mess. A two

Dan: two minute segment. It just thrown to this step by step guide on how to make a little sock owl or sock monster. And then it goes back to Tom walking along the high street with the fossils and.

Kinda lagging behind kicking his heels because he knows that mum and dad are gonna be going through his room at the moment. But I think they say, Oh, ice cream Tom. Ooh, whilst we ripple. And he goes, Oh, okay. Then he forgets all about it and goes for ice cream and on the way back,

Reegs: well in while he goes for ice cream. Then this is,

Dan: Yeah, the live

Reegs: where the live action of women, I guess. Is that Liz Pinch or what?

Dan: right. She's the, the author illustrator

Reegs: and she shows you how to make a jigsaw. There's quite a pretty ingenious transfer technique where she shades on the back of a piece of paper, either five b pencil and then draws on the front to apply that to a piece of card.

But I couldn't work out why she didn't just draw straight onto the card unless it was hard to do, I dunno, maybe.

Dan: Yeah, it was a good transfer process anyway, wasn't it? So she had the two pictures and the original. Then colors it in, cuts it up and makes a jigsaw. And it was quite a good little segment.

And then it cuts back to Tom walking back home along the high street, going past the charity shop where he convinces gran and granddad, the, the fossils to buy him the vu that's in the window, which he thinks is his, that already been sold and in the charity shop. And he comes out with some eyes that kind of the stupid glass eyes.


Reegs: So the gram, the fossils, it's again completely relatable. The fossils have now bought the child back hyped up on ice cream and with a load of

Sidey: plastic

Reegs: crap. Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. Noisy plastic crap. And as he enters his room, he's kind,

this is it. And he, he pitches a, a dark and like empty room with just tumbleweed going through it or something.

But he goes in and it's the same shit hole. , he left full of toys everywhere. It's like, nobody's ever been in there

Reegs: Yeah. Because they got the kid out the house and the parents just shagged probably. That's, let's be honest,

Sidey: that's why that,

Dan: may have been that wink in, in father's eye that Twitch.

Reegs: Well, it helps that the dad is played by the psycho Scottish guy in catastrophe.

Did you ever watch that? The Rob Delaney, Sharon Hogan one. Oh right.

Dan: okay. No.

Reegs: Well it's lost on

Dan: Okay. It's like a Bebe character.

Reegs: Yeah, well, but it's also a bit of a sort of sex deviant as well.

Dan: So didn't come across strong in


I'll say.

But that was pretty much the end. I

Reegs: we finished with him going home and annoying everybody by, cuz now he's got two vials cause they didn't give his vila away, so he calls his mate

Sidey: Those are our

Reegs: with the, both of them playing v AERs

Dan: in the garden next door while, yeah, the fossils and Mum and dad are just trying to have a cup of tea.

And that's it. Yeah. So it kind of gave us a little bit of a cartoon. It gave us a thing that we could, couple of things we could make.

Reegs: Catherine ate was in it.

Dan: and they also did this segment where you had to do a, like a spot The difference or a

Reegs: Did you, how many did you get,

Dan: get, though? I, I got four, but the second time I did it, I got

Reegs: fired. . Good.

Dan: So yeah, it was a lot going on in the 12 Minute

Sidey: quite good

Reegs: It's alright. Yeah, there was a lot and the craft was good, but I could never let my youngest watch it cuz she'd just wanna do it

Sidey: Yeah, exactly. That's the problem with that kind

Dan: kinda stuff. Well, I got a I

Reegs: like it. It's a shame.

Dan: I got a four thumbs up or eight thumbs up actually because I had a few of the kids around here all watching it.

And they watch about four or five episodes. They

Sidey: Oh, nice. So strong.

Dan: it put them right out the way for a while. There might be a little review if we can get that on. It'll be on around about now.

Sidey: That was good

Dan: Or it wasn't if we didn't get it on

Reegs: But yeah, no, this is, this was good. And my youngest would like this. She's six.

Dan: Yeah. So you can get involved with some of the creative stuff. I think there's a little bit like, like why don't you about it? Or remember that and

Reegs: this was better than, why don't you, I dunno, it, the, the fact that you get two different craft projects and a quite funny storyline that you could relate to even as a parent is pretty, pretty good, to be honest. For something, for something that's 12 minutes long.


Sidey: yeah.

Decent. Sounds good.

Dan: Recommend thumbs up.

Sidey: Riggs have you got NUMs for us?

Reegs: No, not even slightly.

Sidey: Oh, that's a shame. What a tremendous, tremendous shame. Reeks will at some point have nominations for us. I'm just buzzing off. Well this week's movie was great. Yeah. The mid weeker was great. Yeah. And the interaction on Twitter has been amazing.

Reegs: Yeah. Thank you everybody for

Sidey: Please don't leave and go somewhere else.

I'm sure we can ride out this whole thing on Twitter. Yeah. Cuz it's been fucking great this week. I really, really love that. Fantastic.

Reegs: Maybe we can try and turn it into a more positive place.

Sidey: No. All that remains is to say, si signing out,

Reegs: out Dan's

Dan: Gone.