Feb. 4, 2022

A Field in England & The Lion Guard

A Field in England & The Lion Guard
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There have been some great movies and scenes set in hotels; I'm thinking of course of the likes of THE SHINING, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, LOST IN TRANSLATION and video after video of heavy-eyed, heroin ingesting porn stars being thundered into next week and uploaded to Pornhub. But what can the dads come up with when they discuss the Top 5 Hotels?

I'm upset to have missed this weeks main feature. English Director Ben Wheatley did the incredible KILL LIST back in 2011 which smashed horror and crime thriller together before contributing to the anthology ABC's OF DEATH (in the segment "U is for Unearthed"). He followed that with A FIELD IN ENGLAND, a psychedelic psychological horror movie set during an unspecified battle in the English Civil War. An intense and often unsettling experience, it will be interesting to hear the Dad's take on what is an avant-garde horror gem.

THE LION GUARD is an animated tv sequel exploring the continuing adventures of characters from THE LION KING, the movie that introduced my eldest child to the concept of death, as so many Disney movies have done for so many children down the years. It follows the journey of Kion, destined for greatness as the Leader of The Pride Lands, but still young enough to be learning the trade alongside a honey badger suffering from food addiction and probably some sort of small farting mammal. It's the music that makes this though, and that definitely carries on the series strong roots.

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Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


A Field in England

Sidey: Welcome to bad dads film review where we are a trio this evening, Dan, Peter and myself Sidey. And we're going to talk about the film What is my nomination is Actually. and I really can't wait to see what you made of this week's film. There was a kid's thing which was the lion guard

And there was a top five, which I announced as house last week, but I did say it was subject to change and it did change.

It is hotels.

Dan: Okay. Well, we got all that just in time. It's another strong intro, isn't it?

Sidey: It's really good.

Pete: It's probably worth saying at this point, if you want to enhance the, the pleasure of listening to us, then it helps if you uh add the audio description. Because I feel that that is something that is

Sidey: enhanced

Pete: by an audio description is we found out last week.

So it was very insightful for me,

Dan: Okay. So we will tip I'm supplies a lot more people don't watch films for the audio

Sidey: Well, a lot of people do but there I'm blind,

Dan: they're not just, they're not just blind. They're clever. They know, they know. What makes a really great movie and it's having it described to you,

Sidey: did you watch anything this week with the audio description on

Dan: not with the audio description. I, I never watched geo storm again this week. I decided once was enough, but other people have fallen into that trap. So I, I'm just going to heat a warning out to everyone. Tuna watch geo storm with Jared Butler. It's Otter Twaddle. Yeah. But I did watch the POS again.

I watched a little bit more of that. I watched a thing. Dave Allen at peace it's on, I think, prime or Netflix at the moment, you know, the comedian Dana, Dave Allen, the Irish comedian Famous in, in the nineties and things. When I was growing up his little finger, little finger from game of Thrones, he plays Dave Allen really well.

And really enjoyed that last night. I watched tick, tick, boom, which is an Andrew Garfield joint.

Sidey: The, rent guy.

Dan: the, yeah and the story of how he made this musical. And before he got famous and the struggles and now, and I really like him, Andrew Garfield, I think he's a fantastic actor and he was superb in this.

And then I also avoided watching another film called escape with SLI and Ani because it just, it just sounded. Really shit. I don't know if anyone's seen it, but he just says, Ray bezel in the world's top security agent agrees to take on one more job and you think, fuck

Pete: so raw. It's it's like, you'd imagine with like slow and Arnie. Yeah.

Dan: So I avoided that.

Pete: I thought it was like, obviously it's crap, but it's it's all right. Crap.

Dan: I, and the other one I watched with Shakila Neil and a few other MBA, Reggie Miller, and I think a few other brilliant basketball players was uncle drew, which I love a sports movie. This was a middle of the road one. They went in the end, but it, it was

Sidey: decent

Dan: to see those

old guys. You see, they're all playing like you know, to get those

Pete: veterans leaks of

Dan: that are all gray hair and bad backs coming out, the Haas, the homes and everything, and getting the band back together for one last, go at this big tournament.

And yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, no, not much in the way of films, the only film I've other than the homework that I tried to. So when it's JJ, my six year old to watch some star wars, I wanted to think he's now ready to do it. So I forced him to watch. I thought the Phantom menace might be a good starting point for one, because it's episode one and two, because there's a jar jar Binks, which is close to his own.

And I thought you might think that that was funny

Sidey: kitty in it

Pete: on a Kinzer kid and obviously there's pod racing.


Sidey: bet. And all the last three,

Pete: It's not really like all the fucking, even like the, the, the re the, the, the bit at the beginning of the words that appear it's fucking incomprehensible. I don't understand of it, like, oh

Sidey: delegations.

Pete: I'll read it out to him. And I was like, as I'm reading out thinking, I don't know what this means. So he hasn't got a

Sidey: because there's a fan edit on YouTube.

of Just the trade delegation stuff,

that sec, all the action,

all the play. It's just, just that the

Pete: It like,

you know it held his attention for parts, the pod racing bit. He really, really enjoyed. But then once that was over in about five minutes after that, he was like, can I go to bed now, please? He was not up for any more. That was about an hour of turnover.

I've been mostly watching series. I've started watching Ozark season four, which is good. Watched a Netflix series called stay close a British thing, which I quite liked actually. It was like a bit of, a bit of a who done it. It's got James Nesbitt in it. And yeah, it's, it's quite good. Well acted.

I've what I'm up to, up to date with, with Baba fat. The,

Sidey: I thought that thing under the.

tarpaulin was going to be the pod racer. Right. Cause it had the two like bulbous things. you know, On the

Pete: it's one of the, the, the

Sidey: the Nebu staff.

Pete: Yeah. The Nobu staff. I it's,

Sidey: did you get the Easter really like weird Easter egg thing when he asks for an engine part the showers go off and get it.

And they come back with the exhaust thing.

Did you get to see what that was Do you know where that

was from when

Luke, Luke and are, and the trash compactor, The thing from

Pete: they say, yeah. Yeah, I did. I did. I did see that, but.

So obviously I've watched that and like, yeah, fucking, it made me yearn for more Mandalorian, obviously. Yeah. But but the most recent thing that I have started watching by myself this is for the second time round and it's fucking brilliant is Psychoville.

So this is Steve Pemberton and reshare Smith. I'm inspired by the film choice. Yeah. And it's, it's so fucking dark. There's some brilliant humor in it. Dark humor. It's almost like borderline horror psychological shit, but some really the characters and the character acting and everything. And it is really, really top drawer.

It's definitely worth a watch. And that's about it.

Sidey: I did.

Yeah. Baba slash Mandalorian.

And I've watched geo storm

Because it's tremendous, It's, we're up to like four or five times. I've seen that

Dan: Honestly, I don't understand my, I was hovering over it again to watch it once more, just to remind myself how bad it was. This is terrible,

Sidey: great. but the culture is towards the very end. And there's this nearly the chairs don't but not quite, but there are like lightning bolts coming down. and just blowing up entire stadiums and they're like dodging it and that little car and it's fucking brilliant


Dan: It's just so many stupid conversations. When it, when he goes in, he goes with brothers, we don't walk away from each other and then he just walks away. It's just like, oh, if you're filled with shit like that

Sidey: I think, is that enough? do you want us to do those of YouTube stuff, but not really anything worth discussing on here. We did have a few nominations for last week, top five, which if you cast your mind back was crying scenes of crying. Aaron Lambert nominated Bambi, which is a really good one, actually recasted podcast. They wanted Rocky three when Mickey dies.

Dan: it's such an emotional

Sidey: it was a good one. And we had two nominations for this next one, which is vampire's kiss, which is a Nicholas cage from a breech He rocket, nominated that. And you won't believe this, but Jeff kitchen got involved and he had sent us quite a a weighty time, which I'm going to read out for your enjoyment now.

The first way he says he wants to congratulate down for watching last week's movie with the audio description on that some top tier befuddlement,

You guys are talking about crying scenes and it would be remiss of you not to mention Nicholas cage and the astonishing vampire's kiss. It's the story of Peter and not just literary agent who decides that one of his bar conquest one night stands was actually a vampire, except of course it's all in his head.

It's a normal looking movie with a decent. score. Okay, seven cinematography, but it's got Nick cage turned up to 11, which makes it a real oddity. Anyway,

there's a scene where he's blubbing. And he actually says boo hoo twice.

I can remember the first time I saw Nick

cage movie. I'd just returned from a holiday where I.

I've been in a remote part. of Milton Keynes red state for six glorious days indulging in my hobby, carving auteurs from bars of soap in the


I retired to a premiere in the outside, of which smelled vaguely of urine. Personally. I wouldn't drink it, but it's an important bodily function. And if you're not urinating properly, it can be a sign that there's something wrong and you should see a doctor as soon as possible. I spent several years in the French foreign Legion and my former soldier, buddy, Anthony Dickie Whitefield once found out that the hard way when he stopped urinating altogether and enjoy three weeks of sweating and reciting poems, he claimed were the last works of William Blair. but where in fact total gibberish In the end, it turned out he had a kidney stone, the size of a 50 P coin and was four times as jagged. And I can still hear to this day, the screams as they eventually passed it, it was a sweet, it was sweet music to my ears because Dickey was a nasty piece of work He wants punched a pony and always had the kind of muster him, which was quite unpleasant, yours, Jeff kitchen. That it's nice Cause you. You reached out to Jeff

quite a lot.

Dan: I've, I've reached out to Jeff and that's the first I've heard back from him. So I appreciate that Jeff

Sidey: good to hear from Jeff? So I think

vampire's case has got to go in.

on that basis.


Late change. Late change on this week's top five. We're talking about movie hotels, which truth be told is one of Peter's categories, which I stole from. him. Cause I thought it would be quite good.

Pete: Before, before we start and I don't mind where we start, but I'd like to introduce a little game where you guys can earn treats.

I've brought some marshmallows called cheer, mellows. I dunno why. And some toffee fees and you get to choose which treat. So in 2006, there was a, a poll online poll done by the website, hotel, online.com for the best ever hotel scenes in film. And if any of your nominations feature,

hang on, if any of your films feature in this, you get a prize which can be a marshmallow or itself.

So lot's at stake here, guys. So SIDA,

Dan: this changes everything.

Sidey: Wow. Okay. Put me on edge. Dah, dah, dah. I'm just going to do them in the same order that I was thinking of. them. So the first one, I don't even know. I don't if this is in the timeframe for that is the park Hyatt, Tokyo,

which is from one of my faves, which

is lost in translation.

So we see a lot of the hotel We see Obviously the, the suite that they're staying in, we see the gym and the pool, and we see some function rooms where they're doing Ikebana flower arranging. So it's quite

a, quite a lot of, and

Dan: big reception downstairs.

Sidey: see yeah, we see reception and Amanda tore through the lobby, into the elevators.

We see all that. So yeah, quite, I feel like I've been there, especially, I've seen this film a lot quite a lot of money to stay there then I think,

Dan: yeah. I think a lot of these hotels are going to be a little out my budget, but

Pete: I think I might've sent it as how he been to this.

Sidey: I think so.

Pete: So this hotel in Japan, he he's he's I dunno, what, what, someone who favors a Nippon a file, maybe I've made that up, but I'm fairly sure he's been says I've never seen this film.

Yeah. Well, this trousers.

Sidey: Okay, well,

Dan: I had the time of my life.

Pete: it's not in the top 10 from the 2006 online polls. So you you've missed pass up an opportunity for a marshmallow their side. Go ahead. Done

Dan: Well, I was just I'm P I at the time of my life for the mountain lake lodge.

That's dirty dancing. And that is the hotel where, where baby was, I'm going to go and dance with Patrick Swayze.

Sidey: I've never seen it,

Dan: you've never seen this movie. Okay. It's um

Sidey: Because

Dan: it's a strong film, you know? Yeah. It's yeah, I've watched it a good few times

Sidey: but where you've liked forced by a partner or

Dan: no, no, it should've been on I like Swayze this, the stories, the stories decent enough.

And yeah, it's just an enjoyable story. It's got great soundtrack. They were dancing and everything. Yeah, really good. And the hotel was just one of those classic kind of. You know, sixties resorts where the family would go in America and they would, everything was based around it. They would just kind of stayed there two or three weeks, have their lodge have their dinner.

All the, the con it's almost like a Butlins, just out in the country.

Sidey: the top 10.

No, it

Pete: not And I grew to absolutely detest that film. When in Sydney, I stayed with five American college girls, which you think would be amazing, but they watched this. I was there for about two weeks and they watched this every fucking night. They got together and got drunk and watched it and sang all the songs.

And yeah, I, I absolutely detested it very, very quickly. I think even halfway through the first viewing.

And it's not in the top 10, so I'm getting a lot of

Sidey: It's a, you're going to go for ones that

they're not in deliberately. So that you leave them.

Pete: yeah, I obviously can't, you know, when, when the, myself just picking up on expensive hotels, I've got, I've got some, some facts and some trivia and so on the most expensive hotel room per night.


Sidey: But at a wrap

Pete: Dan I need advance on that

Dan: To

Pete: note. I hazard a guess at the cost

Sidey: hundreds of thousands of night,

Pete: a hundred thousand dollars per night.

Sidey: Vegas strip one

Pete: empathy sweet sky Villa at the palms casino resort in Vegas is the most expensive hotel rooms to stay in. It's designed by Damien Hirst offers 9,000 square feet on two floors, a chauffeured car service, $10,000 in credit to spend at the casino downstairs amongst other things.

And there is a two night minimum. So you're looking at you're in

Sidey: infancy

Pete: just to stay in this room.

Dan: really isn't it because you've got the 10

Pete: Well, yeah, very so I think it will find its good value for money.

Dan: already saving money.

Pete: exactly So I won't go for any of the ones in the top. What I will go for is only because I do think about this film quite a lot calmer whose nomination it was, but Anomalisa

Sidey: Okay.

Pete: I liked it for a number of reasons.

One of those is the fact that Dan didn't like it, which makes me like it even more the hotel just to remind everybody it's called the, the for goalie hotel in Cincinnati, which

Sidey: is the name of the syndrome

Pete: the syndrome that the guy has, which is everyone has the same face. And yeah, I fucking, I do think about that Phil.

I've not gone back and watched it for the second time yet, but I'm seeing too, you get the added bonus of puppet

Sidey: I was going to say that started a little run of

or not consecutive weeks, but that started the deck. And We've had quite a lot of.

Dick This week as well.

Pete: Indeed. Yeah. More Dick, more Dick action this week. Yeah.

Sidey: Yes, that's a good one.

I will go for Caesar's palace, which was the setting for the hangover.

Dan: For a couple of other

Sidey: well yeah, but I'm thinking of it from a hangover. And also a couple of times I've stayed there myself. Yeah. I think it's the only one on my list that I've been to but the thing I've a Great film should have left it.

Just the one.

Pete: So the second one was all right.

Sidey: just the same, but transport to bank or the third one is absolutely dreadful.

Pete: The third one. Yeah.

Sidey: Raymond seems good. Yeah. So yeah, it's like, it's all about the hangover for me.

Pete: Sadly, not in the top 10 again, I think probably post 2006.


Sidey: just keep track of all these years.

Dan: I I've got one. Actually I asked the the boy what's a hotel in a feminine goes lobster. Wasn't that set in a oh, good shout. Because it was a film that we reviewed on here and just out of this world idea really wasn't it, that these people phone together in a hotel and that the various social rules that had to, to be followed and eventually if they didn't, they were turned into an animal.

So Colin Farrell had a fantastic performance in, in this film and it was one of those that if it hadn't have been for the pod, I wouldn't have watched, but set in that weird hotel,

Sidey: It's the park resort and

Dan: why it didn't have the name yet. Okay.

Sidey: or Ireland.

Dan: I've got a, I've got a few hotels actually that have amusing names. Would you like to hear them?

Pete: Daniel?

Dan: Okay. So in parish, you've got the hotel

Pete: parish, which

Dan: parish, the parish of Paris in Paris is the hotel cunts. In New Mexico, you've got the elephant, but in in Istanbul, you've, you've got a choice, actually. You can either stand at the grand gross hotel or the grand all hotel. So there's the big deck halfway in, in Missouri.

I liked that one. That one is real. Yeah.

Pete: halfway. It,

Dan: Yeah. There's the French lick resort in Indiana. There's a bad hotel in Carella. There's the best Western plus intercourse village in intercourse, Pennsylvania. Yeah. And there's some ass motel in Vancouver, Vancouver island. There's also the hotel colon, which sounds upsetting in Barcelona.

Yeah, potentially. So I, I was upgraded into a bigger room, you know, sweet dreams as I say. Um

Pete: It just, if you just take it over this whole section now,

Dan: peers. So Peter, and I'm going to, I'm going to add in the grand hotel, Budapest,

Pete: It's interesting that you mentioned lobster there, Dan, because another hotel factor I've got is the world's most expensive omelet is served in a home. The New York city LA Parker Meridian hotel in the restaurant, as it serves a, this omelet, which is called the zillion dollar lobster frittata priced at a thousand dollars, the omelet includes a full pound of lobster, more than half a pound of caviar.

Dan: That's extraordinary, isn't it? I'm letting you know, I wouldn't get one.

Pete: And also just very quickly referencing animals, this the grand Hyatt can hotel in. I think this is very pertinent to people who live in Jersey. So this is a hotel and car in the grand Hyatt.

Dan: New Jersey,

Pete: No judge our Jersey, because obviously it has plenty of alias guests and influential lodgers it doesn't want seagulls bothering them.

So it has five trained attack Hawks to attack the seagulls. So we need to anyone who has that lives on coastal areas needs to think about attack Hawks. Moving on to let me have a look. So not in the top 10, but absolutely worth a mention is the Plaza, hotel and home alone too, which it's been a long time since we mentioned a home alone film.

Sidey: I mentioned it last time.

Pete: I think the last time we had it, it was you that mentioned it was like self trolling.

Sidey: Donald.

Pete: This is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So this is the one that the Kevin ends up again. Audio description needed

Dan: it

Sidey: and

Pete: A simpleton gets up from the couch looking for an ashtray and calamity and cheese. So yeah, this is obviously Kevin gets on the wrong flight. I mean, who saw this coming it happening again? He's ended up being, not home alone though, but by himself in a hotel in New York.

And it's a famous hotel and there's famous scenes in it. And I don't mind, I actually prefer home alone too. So the first one I think

Sidey: I can get the fuck away then,

Pete: but we're still, it's still, even with that, we still haven't got any of the top 10.

Sidey: Okay. Right. And let's go for the Timberline lodge Mount hood national forest Oregon, Which is actual, is the actual name of the overlook hotel from the shining that's got it. It's got a vintage.

Pete: number three in the top 10

Sidey: specifically

Pete: that they've even gone for the specific scene.

So this is Danny Torrance facing the image of the dead twins,

Sidey: 2, 3, 7.

Pete: right? So yes, you win yourself a marshmallow or to Fifi their

Sidey: I'm going to go to a Fifi. They don't have actually have a room, 2 37 in the hotel that was they had to because it's the room and the,

Dan: all the rest of it's true,

Sidey: there's, there's a kind of,

Pete: blood out the elevator. Yeah.

Sidey: there's a kind of documentary film

about the shining called room 2, 37, and It's definitely worth watching.

Pete: There's there's an actual, I don't know the name of it. There's an actual hotel somewhere in the world that is based on the overlook hotel. And one of the channels, it might be channel 2, 3 7 shows the shining just on a loop.

Sidey: I never go there.

Pete: be absolutely terrifying.

Sidey: Do you remember the hotel?

In Kiev that we went to.

Pete? Yes, I do. I even noted

Pete: that your, your, your Quip was incredible. We were on a stack D, which was a bit of a let down cause the stack bottled it about halfway through. But when we were checking in, society had already gone up to one of the rooms and I was checking in with someone else and

Sidey: lobby was all right.


Pete: the lobby was quite grand.

And then Sidey message me and said, have you got your room yet? I said no. Why? And he said, well, this, this hotel has four stars. One for each time I've considered killing myself since I've been,

Sidey: it was, dreadful.

And we hadn't even really fully experienced how bad it was at that point

I was sharing a room

with our friend. norm and while he was getting dressed, I was sort of looking around.

and there was some.

sort of

stain on the wall. And I was like, norm, look at this and what you


Dan: hasn't been here. Two minutes is already staying

Sidey: couldn't, it couldn't work out if it, if it was blood or shit. It was

fucking just so bad And then one

morning. We went for breakfast and it was just a catastrophe.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: you made breakfast on the stag there. Is it background to me?

Well I I've got a story actually. It's a, it's a Sean Connery story when he arrived at the grand hotel for, for filming and the director met him and said, it's great to see a Sean. It's an honor to have you join us for the project.

The ProShares mine. been a long drive and I'm tired. There's my womb. Ready? Cool scores of you key right here. And it goes over the key and he says I appreciate it's quite late tomorrow. So we're going to start a bit late. Are you happy to meet is in the lobby for ten-ish and he goes cherish. I didn't even bring my rocket Um to get on to, to a film, we have a hotel in it. I'm just trying to think of the name of the hotel. It's the.

Which is in LA and it's sent of a woman with Al Pachino, as he dances the Gabrielle

I think Anwar, the beautiful girl in that film. And he's blind in this movie. He got the Oscar nod for this.

He actually went for Mefford blind himself.

But that was also made in Manhattan analyze this was done in this hotel as well. So it was, it was the Waldorf Astoria in the Vanderbilt room.

Pete: got it. Okay. I know side you're a fan of world records, especially ones that we think that we can beat. What do you reckon your chances are of this one? Ciao car fi housekeeping staff member for the cordless hotels in Hong Kong and the Guinness world record for the fastest time to make a bed by an individual.

And this is a king size bed.

Sidey: Not super king,

Pete: no C king size bed. The time that he or she took was one minute and nine seconds.

Sidey: I can keep that one. I'm not going to beat

Pete: You're not going to do that. I don't make my own bed. So.

Dan: It takes me about three seconds to make wine.

Sidey: Yeah. I mean, I, I like, I like

Pete: this

Sidey: flew to Dubai, you know, that's about it.

yeah. You know, if we're talking sheets,

Pete: This thing. Well, they call it like some nurses corners, or I dunno, but anyway, that that's, that's a world record that, that we think that someone could probably be at some point. Interesting, Dan, that you mentioned Al Pachino because I've got the Fontainebleau Miami beach,

Sidey: That was gonna be my next

Pete: which is a film fame sorry, a hotel famous for one of the most fucking disturbing scenes of cinema, which is in Scarface, the chains or scene which I think different versions.

I mean, there's a version out there that actually, like, I think they really like. Cut into a real person with a chainsaw, but I don't think I've seen the full one, but just the, the mayor sort of presence of a chainsaw in blood going everywhere is enough for everyone to know what's going on really iconic scene.

I think that, and I'll let Dan do it the other scene from Scarface.


Yes. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Well, okay. So can we,

Pete: actor

Sidey: can we clarify then a rule of this game is, is the hotel any allowed to pair once. So you've you cause I was going to go for that one next, because it's a different film that has a key scene, but obviously then if you've said it, I'm thinking it probably isn't going to be in the top

Pete: that felt that hotel and film that I've just mentioned and do not feature in the top 10.

I don't believe just looking down here. I don't believe that any of the films in the top 10 have appear twice by my.

Sidey: Okay. Hm. Okay. Well, I'll go for the Beverly Wilshere, obviously that's in Beverly Hills, that was the primary filming location for prissy.



Pete: A marshmallow or a toffee fee. This is number one side.

You've got. Yup. And specifically again, the scene is Judy Robertson, Richard, get in the bubble bath. That was number one.

Sidey: the journals.

Pete: I think it was hamsters. Isn't it?

Sidey: You can stay there and you can ask for the pretty woman for a day package, it starts at 15 grand which features the stay and the pretty woman suite. You get a personal shopper on rodeo drive couples massage and a shoeless picnic blah, blah, blah, blah, blah film is also used in clueless sex in the city, the movie, what a fucking blow shit and escape from planet of the apes. So don't get confused and I'll ask for the escape from planet of the apes the experience. because That'd be that'd be totally different. 15 grand seems a lot, but not compared to the a hundred grand, obviously that you mentioned.

I don't like pretty women either.

Pete: No, it's it's no, not at all.

It's a, it's an odd message. It's kind of just

Sidey: Go hookers,

Pete: sex workers, which yeah. Like not everyone's a fan of

some they

Sidey: but I am now that it's number one in the hotel. Sadly from tooth

Pete: number one and number three, and Dan is unfortunately lagging,

Dan: number two here with the grand millennium.

A bit

more LA and that's the Ghostbusters

Pete: you, you you've, you finally struck gold here,

Dan: I've found it.

Pete: seven on the list.


Dan: made the top 10. And I'm all over those marshmallows. I don't care about the rest of this film. I just want those most relevant, not Ghostbusters.

I haven't stood up and seen the new one. I haven't got round to seeing anything other than senior

Sidey: you've seen the

new one.

Dan: Right. Okay.

Sidey: This

Dan: not worth

Pete: Specifically the team trasher hotel, dining room chasing ghosts is the scene.

Dan: Yeah. That's where I was going to say

Pete: Yeah. But if you've won yourself a marshmallow, so, yep. I K the a group of people who I think they, you know, because of other things that they did, who, you know, it kind of, you know, pulled a lot of focus away from like some of the achievements they made. So the Nazis built something called the Colossus of Procura, which was a hotel on the German island of.

It's four and a half kilometers long built between 19 30, 6 and 1939. And then something happened that that stopped the the, the, the building work in 1939. I can't think what,

Dan: how many cells does that hotel have.

Pete: But had it, so obviously it had the, you know, the plans and had it been finished, it would been allowed to finish if we'd basically just left them alone. It would have been the biggest resort in the world today. Wow. So they had lot of foresight, so, you know, not all bad. The Nancy's the what am I going to go for?

I'm looking at, so this is a film that I liked a lot of, but it made me feel fucking stupid and I've never gone back and watched it and I will do at some point, but I, I got lost in my own mind inception but there is one particular scene, which is

Sidey: the gravity is

Pete: It's just an incredible cause I think it's the second dream down there.

It's in a hotel and I think there's like a scene at the bar and everything, but then you get this amazing scene where the, because they're, I think they're crashing in a

Sidey: Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Pete: So they're like floating around like, you know weightless in, in between like the, you know, in the lift and the hotel is it's.

I think the, apparently the set was like, they built like a four story kind of like, dude, it's, it's an incredible scene in what, in a film that had so much promise, but ultimately just like fucking, you know, bewildered me too much. I think

Dan: might be worth a second view in.

Very complex plot lines often are I watched, I've watched that a couple of times and it was one of those films that I probably got more of out of the, the second time.

I really enjoyed that

Sidey: film.

Okay. I've got one from 2006. So hopefully this might make the cut. It's the grand hotel pup from casino Royale, Daniel Craig's first outing as bond. Bollix right. I Don't even wanna talk about it.


Dan: Well,

Sidey: that's

Dan: it is a good one, but I mean, if we want to get onto this list, you've got to say words like best exotic Marigold hotel.

No. Oh, fuck. Um Okay. But you w did you ever see this film

Sidey: Judi Dench

Dan: with Judy Dench? It's got a dev Patel in it. It's got bill Nighy Maggie Smith. It's got a ton of people that we have all seen before 10 million, like really low budget, just. Hit the Heights, people, people really enjoyed it and I've watched it is a really good movie it's based in in India where a loader, older people going out there to retire for one reason or another, they've decided they were definitely going, yeah.

Maybe not March, but one day and they will kind of chill out there. They get this hotel, which is a little bit run down, but they've been sold a bigger story. And eventually they find that themselves and the people in there to, to be really great and lovely setting budget, Stan in India, really colorful and beautiful.

And it looks an absolutely idyllic life out there actually. And if you didn't see this, yeah. Maybe check

Pete: out. I'll tell you why I haven't watched it.

I'd say, and this is my own belligerence is that I remember my, like my old man's probably been to the cinema maybe twice in his entire life. Because he, he gets absolutely zero joy out of anything at all, but he he went to the cinema to watch this with my mum and they both really enjoyed it. And, and I think I was maybe at an age where I just thought, oh, that means it must be Wang.

If my parents liked it, especially middleman.

Dan: But it's a funny one, but my mum really enjoyed it as well. And it took me a little while to go home. Moms liked it. I'll probably like it is as well, but I did get around to seeing it and really did enjoy it.

They did another one, which I haven't seen, but that was just based off the strength of the first one. I don't think it's, it's quite hit the Heights.

Pete: My last.

Is the smallest hotel in the world. Officially the smallest hotel in the world is the L Hausel hotel in a place called Amberg in Germany, which I don't know if that's a Cockney pronouncing Hamburg or there's a place called, called Amber. But can you guess that, so hotels are done on capacity of, of number of beds in inverted commas.

So can you guess what the maximum capacity of guests there is at this hotel


Sidey: Okay.

Pete: It is to the entire hotel. It has a maximum capacity of, of two guests. And the whole thing is 53 square meters. Officially the smallest hotel in the world. Think we could build a smaller one. Yup. Okay. That's another record we can do.

So I'm into the last few things on my list. I'm going to go. A couple of TV ones. One was a scene that I was actually reminded of earlier, just as we started recording a really brilliant British sketch show called beak train. There's a scene where Y there's a guy and they're just in an office and this guy is, is buying the hotel Ritz.

And yeah, it's murky. And it's an a, and the, the guys that are selling it, like, look, we want you to uphold, like, you know, the, the history and the heritage of this, you know, fantastic iconic hotel. We want you to keep as much of it the same. We don't want to sell to people who are going to like, you know, completely change it.

And the guy's like, listen, that's absolutely what I want to do. I, I, I want to honor this place. I just want to change one slightly small detail. I want to rename it from the hotel Ritz to the hotel.

 And then they're like, well, no, obviously you can't do that. And he's like, no, no, I don't. I don't think you've, you've understood how it's spelled.

It's actually tit Zed it's tits, not tits. So that's, that's why we want to buy it. And it goes on for quite a long time and it finished the scene finishes whether there's an awkward silence. And then Simon Pegg says, ah, does anyone want to see my

Sidey: monkey impression

Pete: just jumps

Sidey: up

Pete: the table, starts throwing like tea and biscuits all over himself.

So really good scene if you've not seen it. And the other thing is, I mean, this is an absolute pillar of British comedy faulty towers.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: I mean, I think 13 famously only 13 episodes or something feels like there are hundreds because of how enormous of an impact it had on like British, like sit-com culture,

Dan: Fantastic.

Pete: CLIs.

For me it is, it is best even better than the Monty Python stuff. Unbelievable. And its performance and, and the guys that perform around him as well. It's,

Dan: I'm breaking up with a girlfriend at college and being really upset and whatever, and then it must've been right at the end of college because they started putting this on instead of a.

Less than or something, you know, and oh shit. Pissing myself laughing. I mean, even in that mood, it was still super funny that it's just classic, classic British

Pete: comedy,

Watch it if you've never seen it.

Sidey: Mm Hmm. Right. Okay. I'm going to go for the cherry tree in and bed and breakfast. in Illinois,

Pete: Which is in which film

Sidey: Groundhog day. Fuck, Fuck That

Pete: no, no. And said

Dan: one as

Sidey: strong. Yeah. Yeah,


Pete: to the the audience of hotel online.com,

Sidey: cause it's a BNB. They, that

Pete: think they've got you on a technic. Yeah. The hotels would look down their nose.

Is it been.

Dan: Well, maybe cause you didn't say hotel Transylvania.

Pete: Well, clearly that's not in that

Dan: but that was a good one for the kids. How you

Sidey: There's a new one out just the other week.

You say that one yet.

Dan: No,

Sidey: Okay. That's good. It's good.

Pete: What's that number four. Wow.


Dan: the one that was really gonna say anyway is the Bellagio in oceans 11, because I wanted to get another piece of

Pete: you're not getting anything for that night. I've never seen any of the ocean's films,

Dan: They're okay. I mean,

Pete: the remakes that

Sidey: I've stayed.

The pleasure.

Dan: slept

Sidey: you

Pete: stayed next to the Bellagio in the

Dan: a car,

Pete: is even better.


Dan: in a car parked outside. Yeah.

Sidey: Ocean's 12. Is shite but thirteens decent.

Pete: Okay. Never seen, never seen any of them.

Sidey: Yeah.

that your

Pete: go?

Dan: that was my goal. And I, and my choice side now, it's not one Mia, marshmallow, I don't really want to talk about it, but that's Brad Pitt. It had George Clooney, anybody that was anybody apart from Johnny Depp was in this

Pete: and the ensemble costs.

I don't know what, not nothing draws me into those films for some reason. I don't know why

Sidey: like Clooney being like

super suave and like a bit like too much.

you went like this

And the whole film is like that.

Pete: I'll probably enjoy it if I watch it. I just never nothing's ever compelled me to, to watch

Dan: was a bit of a remake from the rat pack.

Pete: I remember. Well, I don't

Sidey: there was the original Walnut Sinatra and all that.

Pete: any good.

Sidey: I haven't seen the old

Dan: Yeah. It was decent enough because of those guys as well. I mean, you think that they're entertainers singers going into film woven and these guys, all actors who, you know, obviously that's

Pete: Yeah. Well, there was a genuine dynamic with the rat pack, whereas it would be a bit more contrived for

Dan: but it a little bit, but you can see that they're friends and they probably had a laugh during the filming of it all.

Pete: Cool. I've only got a couple left, but it's more about the, the marshmallows and the top 10 now. So I'm just going to mention the, the San Francisco Fairmont's, which features in as the epic film called the rock. The Sean Connery, I guess.

Dan: the top 10.

Pete: No, it's not. Yeah, that gets he gets put in that's where he has his haircut and he dangles watermark off the balcony by like a bit of string.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I'm really scraping the barrel, so I need you guys to come up with.

Sidey: What about the Watergate?

Pete: Is that a hotel?

It doesn't, it doesn't actually list all the names of the hotels on

Sidey: and those are the president's matters where, okay, well, I didn't actually have that money. So I was just thinking what might be


Dan: we're playing a different game now, but the hotel Mumbai must be in there. well, hotel Mumbai. What a great film though, because it was based on the true story of no, it was, I think dev Patel again he's work is a true story of the attack on the Taj hotel in. Deli and terrorists came in and they, they took over the hotel completely terrifying, you know? And the hotel staff really risked their own lives to save the, the people in there in the,

Pete: Right. So

Dan: got his hands

Pete: I've got about sorry, hotel. That was,

lost me there. Right. So

I'm looking at it. I'm looking at this list and I'm thinking you probably never, cause this is a little bit more like hotels that are featured very quickly at times in this. So what we're going to do is now make this a fastest finger first.

So whoever shouts out first, I will read out the clue and then you shout out the film. How's this? Okay. It's currently two. It's currently two, one.

Sidey: motels.

Pete: I, well, possibly it's currently to one society. Okay.

Dan: What's his buzzer noise, just to be sure.

Pete: What's your buzzing noise side


Dan. Okay. That's a classic buzzer noise. If there's a tie breaker, Dan wins.

Cause his buzzing noise is

Sidey: bad.

Pete: Okay. So at number two on the list,

okay. The shower scene

Dan: bites, hotel,


Pete: Correct. So that's two, two. Okay. Number four on the list. Eddie Murphy's reception desk rant. Yeah,

I haven't got the hotels here. I need to film correct side. He takes a three, two lead. This is fucking tense stuff.

Those, those listening to the audio description right now are getting the full five D okay. Next clue. Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore have

Dan: even the buzzer noise.

Pete: I did hear before I heard an ant,

Sidey: And decent proposal

Pete: For two Sidey. Okay.

Dan: So when Western beat, the Germans had woke up,

Pete: Number six, Brad Pitt and Gina Davis. Definitely your side.

Dan: Oh, oh, come on. That was too long.

Pete: 5, 5, 2. You can only tie now, Dan,

Dan: believe he's just pause for the edit there. He took ages.

Pete: The third time he'll be mentioned tonight, Al Pachino.

Dan: Yup.

Pete: No you can't now buzz in or do you want me to

Sidey: kick

Pete: okay. Alpha Chino hears about his father's shooting while having dinner with Diane Keaton, correct?

Correct. Six to side. Well done. You've you?

Sidey: Yeah, it's done.

Pete: Number nine, you and McGregor leaves, hotel room with the drug money.

Sidey: Is this this buzz buzz buzz? Yeah. Transport Correct.

Pete: Seven two. And the final one, Maria de Ross tells Bruce Willis. She wants a PO yup.


pot belly. Yeah. So that's a thrashing 8, 8 2 8 2. You get eight?

no, like a lot of these you wouldn't have thought of that, that brings my

yeah, that's, that's my staff to a conclusion part from very quickly also. I think how he's mentioned it on the pod before we stayed in a hotel checked into a hotel in South Korea, I think in inchi, on place where nobody spoke any English. And this was what's it called? The, the guide you'd have had a million of them down the um lonely planet guide.

So we stayed in this hotel and when we were checking in, I noticed loads and loads of pornographic DVDs behind the counter.

Sidey: When we went up

Pete: the room and we were sharing about. You opened up, it opened up a drawer and normally there'll be like a Bible or, you know, a part with, there was a menu of all the different sex toys and butt plugs and stuff that

Sidey: you could order from

Pete: reception.

And we managed to somehow check ourselves into a sex hotel and that, and ironically Howie and I didn't fuck till years

Sidey: later. Well, I've got some more, but I think we should leave some more for Jeff kitchen and the rest of the people. I'm happy with that

Dan: let's

make our choices, then

Sidey: Just double check. what was the score again?


Pete: It was eight to a bit of a solid, solid thrashing there.

Sidey: Okay, cool. Let's roll it down and Danny, what are you going to put in?

Dan: I'm going to go for the best exotic Marigold hotel.

Sidey: Pete?

Pete: faulty towers.

Sidey: cool. I'm going to Go for, a walk. I didn't even say that one. I didn't say it. I'm going to go for the great Northern hotel from twin peaks.

Pete: Cool. Cool.

Dan: Okay. Well, Jeff, help us out

Pete: on a bit of a serious note chaps? We have felt at anything the listeners would have felt Israel.

Sidey: A chasm

Pete: yeah, a massive void in the podcast over the last month or so which has been caused by oversea circumstances beyond our control and so on. Her husband, her husband's often you know, and lots of people have been asking about it about it.

And luckily, thankfully the end is nigh. In fact, the end is tonight we're welcoming back

Sidey: cheese

Pete: onto the podcast.


I don't think there's been anything else that we've really missed. No, no one or, or anything else has been missed. So we don't have a jingle for, for everyone tonight. But we have I've returned back to my cheesy eating,

Sidey: vegan no more.

Pete: I'm no longer a vegan.

And for anyone out there that's thinking about being a vegan just have casually for a month.

It's it was all right. Yeah, I lots and lots of things that I wouldn't have normally eaten and I'd probably bony it again. But yeah, I, I, I yearned for, for the, for the fromage. And so tonight I've just brought, I thought I'd, I'd go in with, these are only number four.

Strength, cheeses, because I didn't want to go all the way up the scale.


don't know what this is out of. This is the marks and Spencer's a range. So I've got an a, so if Hattie, which is crafted at the loss of old dairy in France, it's made from use milk, it's nutty and smooth little bit underwhelming and rubbery if I'm honest, but yeah,

Sidey: yeah.

Pete: no. The, the, the next, next one, which, which isn't bad at all, texture wise is the PA Don glowy, which is a dish, a deliciously smooth cheese that develops a rich flavor, creamy texture, as it ripens, I guess it's kind of like a slightly more interesting common bear or we'd describe it as yeah. And the, the tonight's winner for me anyway is the the black six blue.

Which is sort of an orange blue cheese homemade by Butler's farmhouse, dairy land crusher, which is rich

and creamy.


Dan: disagree,

I would say the winner is the the gunpowder pickle

Pete: Well, yeah, I was going to go on to that. We've got a gunpowder pickle, which is a hot garlic pickle, and yeah, I'd, I'd have it on my cornflakes.

It's fucking incredible

Sidey: That would, The

Blackstix Blue is a winning combo.

Pete: Yup. And there's some, some crackers and lots of red wine, which always makes it and having been dry for most of January as well. That's also going down nicely

Sidey: that segues very nicely into this week's movie, which was a nomination of mine. I had heard it spoken about by mark.


Dan: Had you seen this

Sidey: No. and the scene that he was talking about.

with. The middle of the film where re shared Smith exits the tent. And I thought, I want to see that, but the only way I'm going to get to see that because it won't just watch it is by nominating it. So I nominate it for you or to watch it's a Ben Wheatley film.

And we would definitely benefit by having rigs there because he's seen just about everything that Ben Wheatley has done. This was my first foray into the world of Ben Whaley.

Dan: What else has been done?

Sidey: He's shoot at one number. the whole film is just to shoot out and some other stuff, and I'm normally quite McCarthy and quite dark.

And this was certainly that this was 2013, the cast, you kind of know a few of the people in it. So Julian bearer, I got really excited that he was going to be in it, but he said in it, like

Pete: seconds.

And quite ironic. The whole film, smacked of Juergen harbormaster for me from, from the mighty Boosh

Sidey: Reshare Smith, who's like legal gentlemen, And you mentioned before Pete Psychoville and

Pete: Who is a fantastic like actor, comedian, performer.

I've actually seen him in the the producers like like theater production. He's fucking brilliant performer all round. Yeah.

Sidey: And Michael smiley

who you may remember

from yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pete: was only in two episodes, but he's iconic and he's even got a, like a cameo in Shaun of the dead. He's one of the zombies,

Sidey: I was tired of life,

Pete: but yeah, th th in, in a space where he's like, he he's

Sidey: the cattle and

Pete: raving to the, to the phone ringing and stuff.


Sidey: But this is, this is set during the 17th century English civil. war. So we're going back to Dan's.

youth. So I knew it was going to be weird. So this one, it starts out Reese, shear Smith's character. Whitehead, I think is there. I think We know him as he sort of carrying in a Bush and Julian beret, his commanding officer

I guess,

is barking orders and he's carrying away. And at this point I'm thinking, oh, great. You know, really bad going to be good.

He just gets like speared or harpooned and dies after about 30 seconds of being in the movie. And he points at something and his finger gets cut off It's

sort of stark black and white from the

Dan: he surprised me right from the get go, because I'd never heard of it. It was just why Amazon prime. Bought the movie cause it wasn't free. So it was like, fuck, why I'm going to have to fork out for this hour and a half. I think I paid three pound 49 P. And and so I I'm just straight away into this black and white movie.

I w I was really wondering what, where are we set? I didn't even read the thing to see. It was 17th century. I just went straight on and it took a little while to figure out

Sidey: what you could done with some audio description.

Dan: going on. Potentially. I could've, I might've added on it, if it had played it, it didn't. I tried. And and it's just really crazy.

It took me a little while to settle in and I was thinking it's very artsy movie. This, it seemed like an art house movie. It was just, there was nothing around.

was thinking of how cheap, how, how cheap it must be to, to, to film this. It's just a guy in a camera with actors in a field in costume black and white brings it all down.

So it intrigued me right from the beginning of the idea of it's all going to be about the conversation. It's all. But then a lot of it is around the, the, the angles they're shot and the way that he shoots the film and just the way it's very abstract again, I think isn't it just psychedelic imparts.

There was, there was it's bummed me out a little bit, this film it was,

Sidey: well the thing sort of kicks into gear with it. There's basically four of them that are deserted from this battle. And they're, they're on their way to an ale house. They're just basically going to go and get pierced instead of die on the battlefield.

Dan: Well, yeah, they will kind of fight this for a game of soldiers. They have a little skirmish at first don't they? The one guy they find dead on the floor, he rummages through his pockets. Cause they've.

And then he goes to fight another guy because he's, he's upset. He thinks he's fighting from the other side.

Another guy goes, well, look, we all deserve is, Hey, we're all on the same boat. Then that guy is Iowa. Doesn't he? And he Springs up

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: because he's, he's on the floor

Sidey: had it. They've heard about some Boozer that they can that's. and you're looking around thinking, about where the hell is that going to be.

Pete: a bit of a recurring theme in that, in this film, which you'll need to walk me through here. So, because I didn't know what the fuck was going on for, for certainly a big span of it. But a recurring theme seems to be like characters being resurrected.

It's like people just like that, you assume a dead are not, are not dead or maybe they

Dan: right from the beginning.

Pete: of them.

Dan: Right from the beginning that

Pete: what I, what I would say is certainly is, especially when you get the introduction of tires

Sidey: well that bit,

Pete: right. That's buy me out, but at least three of the people, because of it being black and white, because of like the clothing and the long hair in the.

The beds. I can fucking tell who was, who, like at least three of the characters, all kind of

until sort of tires, has it quite a, a different sort of, you know, like persona even to the end, there was two characters that were the fucking same to me. It looks exactly the same. The actors look very similar

Sidey: Yeah, I know the ones you mean? So it, it turns out that what's his name Whitehead. He he's on a mission to apprehend someone who's stolen some papers from his boss. Who's this kind of, because I'm an Alchemist, but he's clearly like some kind of a cult which

crafts sort of thing going on. And this is definitely a foci horror. I, was sort of thinking a little bit like mid-summer in that it's not a slasher movie horror thing.

It's that kind of weird Wicker man, Midsummer kind of thing. You still need to watch that.




I don't know if I got like, PTSD from what she's weird, but I can't remember why they started putting on the

And why

Pete: I don't. I dunno. I dunno why the rope was there. He seemed to be like that. It seems to be wrapped around a weird

Sidey: of

thing with an inscription on it.

Dan: this is, this is all part of, as I understood, this was all part of the Alchemist plan. In fact, it wasn't the Alchemist. It was his kind of second in command that it got this matte band of Merry men together.

And then he started giving them soup. He said, look, come back first. Really? Then we'll go to the outhouse. I've got it all set up. And he started slipping

Sidey: Yeah the mushrooms And white had said, no, I'm

on I'm fasting.

I'm not having any of that yet. So they start pulling on this rope. And then what's his name? O'Neil appears out of the ground. And yeah. right-hand man goes off to dress.


And Whitehead said, right? That's the guy to the


we need to apprehend this guy.

You're gonna have to help me and we need to get 'em and it straight away. Just fucking does not work.

Dan: No, it was never going to work. It was, he was trying to get a load of people that deserve to go and get pissed, suddenly stepping up for duty again and apprehending some guy they've never fucking met for this guy who they've never met or the first time they did.

So there was never going to happen. But he still thinks it does. Doesn't he, he goes up to try and make this kind of citizens

Sidey: Yeah. He tells him you, you, you know, you've done this. You're coming with me. He's mixing papers, whatever spells, I guess they

are some sort of, you know, incantations or whatever. And

instead At this point, it's relatively straight

You know what I mean?

It's because of what comes

Pete: with the weird rope pulling, because for like white head, doesn't want to get involved with the putting of the rope. Like, it's almost like it's beneath him, but he seems to be like, you know, cajoled into, into doing it. But I mean, at this point I was, I was kinda nervous because like you'd mentioned, well, obviously he told us what the film was and then I'd seen, I hadn't read a great deal about it at all.

Only just like a really brief synopsis, but it did say horror. So I'm thinking like, okay, this is going to, especially when I saw mushrooms, I wrote, okay, this people going to be like fucking soaring, their own faces off. And here we go. Like, this was not a horror film at all. There was no

Sidey: elements Oh, there was one bed.

I thought it was fucking terrifying,

Pete: of gruesome bits and, and some really like fucked up kind of suggested stuff going on, but nothing that

Sidey: we can get into the one bit, cause it comes up pretty much straight away, O'Neill is not having it. And he, for some reason has got it in his head that there's treasure in this field or somewhere around here.

And he thinks and he says to Whitehead, you know, you may, I'm better than you at all this stuff, but there's one thing you can do. And it's helped me find this.

you've got this gift, for fun.

Dan: almost like a human

Sidey: So he then ends up in the tent and the guys are outside the tent, listening and freaking out to this blood-curdling screaming that's going on from inside the tent.

And this was the scene that I'd heard mark talk about. And it's when it goes into slow motion reshare Smith or Whitehead comes out of the 10 and he's sort of tired,

Pete: bound,

Sidey: but.

he has this Awful like smile on his face, like just completely psychotic. I don't know what what was supposed to be going on. And he just leads them around the field in slow motion,

with this like haunting.

Yeah. There's like haunted smile like

weird expression on his face. And then eventually comes to a stop and it's really near the tent. It's like, it's here, It's

here, you know?


Pete: so

Dan: 10 yards from where they

Pete: So

obviously like when, when it's described it as like a drama horror, And, but there was, there was definite like comedy elements in this, because there's this, like, there's some funny dialogue, like things that I guess, you know, even like there's one guy who like, as in his dying wishes to like say, oh, like, can you pass on a message to my wife?

And it's to say, like, I hate it. I burnt a dad's barn down and I fucked her sister and she, and I, and I loved her more and stuff like, so there's

Dan: that was a Jimmy Ballade.

that guy, he looked just like Jimmy

Pete: Oh, right,

Dan: That's how I referred to him the whole film.

Pete: he's friend, isn't he? But but obviously cause reshare Smith tires and Julian Barrett all like sort of synonymous to me with comedy anyway.

So there were like comedic elements of this. But going back to the scene that you're talking about, which is the first time in, in the film where it takes like a really sinister kind of. You know, like shoot off or whatever. I, because I, I thought, okay, here we go. Cause at, first of all, I think it's like black screen and screaming, and then you eventually realized it it's coming from inside the tent and the other guys, I sat outside and I thought, are we going to go in there and see him?

He's going to be like peeling his skin off or anything. And you don't see any, any of that. And then he comes out and he's all like, sort of like tethered and like kind of like you know, yeah, CA I can't think of the word, like, but he's, he's almost like he's lost it. He's he's like, not, not himself.

He's delirious, I guess. But then I thought like, fuck, was he like raping him in the tent? Is, is, is that like into submission? Basically? He's like,

Sidey: That's where your mind? went?

Pete: Well,

I didn't know, because he sort of stumbles out and then in slow motion, he said, there's no obvious injury or wound or anything like that to him. And, but he is kind of like bound in ropes.

So I immediately thought maybe he was like, basically fucking him into submission. Like, and that's, that's why he is now gonna do the sink. But as he bends over some blood, like drips on like the glass at the grass, but you don't see any cut or wound or anything. So I don't know where the blood comes from.

I mean, fuck. It's definitely not the weirdest thing in this for like there, there was a load of stills, like scenes where they were completely stood still in like different like postures. But then when I say stood still, it wasn't the, the, you know, like a still shot. Like they were stood there, breathing and still moving.

Yeah. Like they're posing for something pointing at things, but.

Sidey: and I'm like

Pete: Ready for something to, to like an explanation for why no explanation at all.

Dan: that's where we see this cock scene. It just, it follows the foe around isn't it.

Pete: Yeah

Dan: you've got one guy who's who stood in the field, who is the, the kind of argumentative most soldiery guy

Pete: was this Cutler?

Dan: may have,

Pete: Was he the guy that was like, O'Neil's

Sidey: I can't remember.

Pete: right. I think it was, it yeah, that, that was quite confusing. We've missed a like a, a sort of an amusing scene where like one of the guys is taking a shit and then as they sort of.

Approach him while he's taking a shit, he like falls over I ended up rolling around getting nettles all over his, I ask some bollix and stuff.

Yeah. It wasn't very like there's trees. There's like heavy Woodland all around. Like he kind of

Dan: even in black and white.

Pete: yeah. Yeah. But he's obviously he's struggling because of these like nettles things with his undercarriage to the point where he gets Whitehead to like, have a

Sidey: some sort of medical knowledge yeah.

and you just get a real

big up of his Dick,

Pete: close up of like a deck with a big light.

Sidey: lesion on it.

or something. Yeah.

Pete: it's. Yeah. It's not pleasant. Yeah. Like we know people that have had those though.

Sidey: So yeah, that happens. Which was interesting. And they're basically just digging a hole for a lot of the rest of the film It's just

Pete: yeah, because he,

Sidey: this treasure is down there

Pete: as the sort of, you know, the bounds divining rod, I guess, has found this area, like you say, right next to the tent, he's gone galloping off all over the place.

So it's just quite funny to see. And he says the treasures here, so they start digging they're down and down and down,

Dan: they keep digging, digging, and then a gun comes out. Doesn't it. We get a couple of guns because there's a shoot in scene.

And they, they take a, a, a shot. I think Jimmy Bellard is taken it in the in the stomach. And this is where

Sidey: they have an argument as

Dan: dug the hole and he's been, he's been shot his last lines on words on earth, or tell him why for fuck two sister.

And she loved it. And we had an awful all the time because I fucking hate all that kind of stuff. But then a little bit later as they've gone into say, oh, he's dead. He pops back

Pete: well, they, they, what had dragged him off to, you know, he wants to give him a, he promises because his mates like caught up by there. So he wants to give friends like a Christian burial. He calls it and drags him off. He seems to be like bounded and stuff, drags him off to like the, the edge of the field.

But yeah, like you say, he, he returns later on.

Sidey: Well, Yeah.

Pete: And, and at this point Whitehead's like lost it. He's now he's absconded and he's like foraging around. He's now eating mush, even though he was previously fasting, he'd been made to drink some AOL or whatever, and he's now lost the plot. Yeah. I know he's lost the plot and he's eating mushrooms and

Dan: the mushroom meeting going on in this,

Pete: yeah.

Yeah. I mean, I, I hadn't eaten any magic mushrooms, but I kind of felt a little bit like I had,


Dan: I had to fast forward through or skip 10 seconds because it was just, and you know, that lights and it was flashing lights and it was just, and it was all the wind.

It was towards maybe the second half of the film. And it was like a two minutes of just flashing lights and noise and it wasn't going anywhere. It was just doing that. And it was just trying to make you feel really disorientated. And it did that. It achieved

Sidey: I think that he he'd been he'd been put upon by a nail and tortured and made to do other stuff. And I thought he just, he just snapped. And he cast her some sort of spell, you know, to bring this wind on.

Because it blows the tent away. It, it gets rid of him. and It

disorientates, everyone just orientates us as the audience.

and it does go on for a long while.

Dan: because you get that disorientation as well earlier when one of the the cannons kind of hits the field and you just have it all So they they've, they've done that once or twice, but this, it was it was two or three minutes. I was thinking, you know, some people with all their lights and all that, they, it doesn't

Pete: they do put up a warning at the beginning, like

Sidey: really, really specific

Pete: Yeah. Like, you know,

Sidey: About epilepsy warning, and then

Pete: was on the audio description then.

Sidey: Whilst they're digging? I think it, is it Cutler? Who's this? sort of seconding charge. He, he finds he's, he's digging and he just uncovered a skull. And he says to, nail that they've been done. And he pulls a


Pete: Well, he like shoots in the, in the gray, in this grave. It was just the, I don't know if he just like shot the skull

Sidey: but he was losing it.

Pete: I I'll, I'll be honest with the, someone would have to sit me down and tell me what happened in

Dan: I even thought they'd found like I didn't know it was a skull. I thought it was a a box with a Scholes head that the treasure they were looking for, you know, it wasn't clear to me that it wasn't the box that wasn't the treasurer, when they hit something,

Sidey: cause he says, he says, that the Whitehead stitched him up? And he's got missing. So he starts to lose it. And I know

Cutler. So it's Jacob and why had a still left? And that he grabs,

Dan: if anyone's still listening, just stick with us because we're working our way through,

Pete: as confused. as you are

Sidey: I mean, it is really hard film to follow.

I think,

because you could get disorientated, even though it's rarely, it's a short film, it's under nine minutes,

Dan: and it was compelling. You know, I watched each scene apart from that one, that was just kind of very jarring for me, where it was just the strobe lights and wind and noise and things. I D I was watching it really interested to see how they shot it and everything.

And the techniques that he did, the conversations that they had there was, there was plenty about this film for me. It was confusing though. It was, it

Sidey: well, it starts, the violence starts to ramp up because he does, he shoots his mate. Then he's like, this is O'Neil tires. and then he's on the lookout for white heads. and they're hiding in the what's left of the camp, like the tent they're behind w they're in the grass and they, then they go behind

A table.

And at that point, friend comes back from the dead.

and shouts over there over here. Like for some reason it gives up their position. So Jacob takes a shot in the gut.

but he, is it him who shoots

near in the leg, He gets that hideous fucking leg injury,

Pete: a horrible

Dan: this point,

Pete: thing.

Dan: the wife and the kids all really turning off this, you know,

Sidey: that leg injury was disgusting. It's like, you know, these old big sort of led balls, I guess they were shooting out of these old musket things. It, it takes this like, well at first you just see it here and then you get, I think it goes back to the cabin and it cuts back to him and he tries to step on it and it just cracks.

And You hear the noise, and the whole the whole thing. was,


Pete: Cause he's already, the violence is, is already ramped over this because our nail is executed Cutler by sticking a gun.

Sidey: his mouth.

Pete: these things in Israel and the whole of the back of his head just blows out. And then, yeah, so O'Neil's fucked because of his leg. Your man, I can't remember his name.

Sidey: He's gone. Friend has gone

Pete: his died.

Sidey: dead again

Pete: Friend's been killed again. And then it's just left to Whitehead to go up to O'Neill. Who's slight lying prone on the floor and shoot him through the back of the head and his face just like flies off. And then

Sidey: he and the bands are back

Pete: Then he makes his way back to where it all started a lot.

The hedge row

Sidey: retrieves, all the stolen papers.

Pete: he does. And puts on O'Neill's

Sidey: Yeah, he does. Yeah.

Pete: He gets dressed up almost like, so he's now he's going to basically like, you know,

Dan: become the Alchemist. He's going to be the guy he's got the spells, he's got the clothes, he looks the part.

Sidey: And then There's just a really cool shot.

I thought of the three of them.

Jason. Y heads And friends back together, which could have been like an album cover, you know that,

the three of them just stood there.

Pete: yeah it was a cool shop. I still don't know what the

Sidey: Yeah. I don't know why everyone's back.

Pete: why they were there, what happened? Cause I was waiting. I thought like you done, I was confused as fuck. And at some point it's kind of like, oh, I like this.

This is, I don't know where this is going, but also very, like, it was

Dan: peace about it.

It just kept you watching on, you know,

Pete: was at no point did I think like, oh, I'm fucking bored or anything. It wasn't boring. It's all. Even though like the first, like half of it is just like guys walking around in a field, talking jibberish, doing weird things with no explanation whatsoever.

And then, but I was expecting when, when the, when the shooting started and now, you know that there were like, this is another weird scene where even though he's fasting and then he gives him the drink, he like vomits up some light stones with like runes on them. And then I think later on was. It's one of those.

Sidey: Yeah. He he doesn't know what they are.

Does he say he goes back?

in central?

Pete: you don't know what something is, you're just going to eat it just to like

Dan: check it out.

Pete: Yeah. I was waiting for like the payout kind of like at the end where like, oh, hi, okay. This is going to now make sense. Like it, all of it was a hallucination or whatever. And no, still I was just as baffled at the end as I was maybe like 30 seconds in when Julian Barrett bullets it. And yeah, like, I don't know what else I can nail

Sidey: there's no like exposition or, you know, someone said, we need to go and do this because if we do that, then this happens and then we need to meet him

because he knows that there's nothing like it. There's no and there's no tidy resolution, whether it is because everyone's the goodies in a bit, comments are alive. Somehow even though they've died.

two or three times,

Dan: I, I mean, I don't know anything about this, this filmmaker really or the cost of this film or anything about production values.

But what struck me very early in the film was just how brilliantly clever somebody can be on such a, well, tell me how, what should it

Sidey: 316,000 pounds.

and some of it was done with it's called the whole Google lens, which I don't know if you remember those cheap cameras that you could buy in, like urban Outfitters and stuff like that.

The Lomar graphy cameras like 20 quid. So they were using everything they could find to do different effects. And you know, when you've got no money, you have to do stuff like that just to get things done. So it it costs you know, not much through undergrad. So

Pete: C w w what you said that, that light, like this for me was like, what?

Like, I, I I've watched it held my attention and I was interested in some elements that you said, it's interesting. Like, you know how someone can do something so brilliantly clever with, with that small budget.

The meaning of this, the point of it and what actually happened. Like totally when I, again, like I hold my hands up, this went over my head.

This is not the sort of thing that I, our house, there is a, an audience for which this will absolutely someone would need to sit me down and tell me why it's so fucking brilliantly clever. Obviously, like not putting aside, like, sorry, you're putting to one side, the like, actually like filming and the techniques and everything like that.

Which, which I don't know a lot about. I feel like the, not necessarily this story, but this guy with that sort of budget with the, with the types of actors that you go in, who were like reshare Smith is fucking brilliant in pretty much everything. I see him.


could have been so much more, but I guess he didn't want to do more.

He wanted us to do this and, and, and to leave people like me. So they're going like, well, ha you didn't fucking get it. My, so you're an idiot,

Sidey: Oh,

Pete: I did not get it. I didn't get the point of it. I didn't get the, you know, the, I didn't get the, the conclusion of it. I don't know what I took from it or what I learned from it.

Other than I laughed at some bits that were, that were funny. I was horrified by some bits that were like horrifying and it held my attention, but


couldn't re I dunno, who I'd recommend this to, I dunno

Dan: Well, I don't know if there is a message to this film. I mean, if there is, I didn't get an Eva I guess what I enjoyed about it was the, the lighting and the way that it was shot, the pace of it.

I did it. I do enjoy all those things in films. When I, when I recognized straight away that. This isn't a high budget film, you know, what kind of things have they used? It was as confusion as fuck to me as well. I mean, as I couldn't tell you what, what kind of message, but is it like a psychedelic historical drama set in a field? It intrigued me enough that the, I enjoyed it,

Pete: Right. But just to kind of like put it back as a, as a question, and this is really like ridiculously remiss of me because I've forgotten the name of the film. James Ward, Burke hit $50,000. We watched it? coherence. Right? So you're talking about 300,000 pounds versus $50,000. You're talking about, you know, psychological thriller, you know, if you're going to put it, I mean, I know it's very, very different kind of like, you know, time and subject matter and everything like that.

Coherence. Absolutely like puts this in the shade.

Like you wouldn't believe because that's something that I think delivers to an enormous audience. I think, you know, artsy people will like coherence, but fucking, you know,

Sidey: I don't think that

Pete: cinema goers would also be blown away by that film.

Sidey: I think That's something that's, that's more, that's more linear, and it's more traditional storytelling.

It Saifai, but it's, it's a lot more traditional this is This isn't this is an you know, an experimental thing it's telling the story and the psychedelic way that they want to do it. And it's not about hoodwinking the audience or like having a pop or anything like that. It's just making the thing that you can make when you're working with a smaller budget.

And you're not at the behest of a studio system trying to get. a massive Return on it. So you are you are given license to do pretty much wherever you want. So I don't, I get what you're saying about currents, but I don't necessarily think that the comparison is fair because I think they're going for different things with the two movies

Pete: yeah, but for me, if you'd like, you know, similar kind of things that, you know, low budget, small costs, like it doesn't go out into a massive universe necessarily.

Although coherence kind of does it all bit with the little that they have, but I I'm happy to be disorientated and confused throughout something. And even then not get the kind of like the payout that I expect, but coherence com goes off on a journey and comes back to a conclusion. And whether you like that conclusion or not, it definitely has a.

It is like a, it's almost like someone's got a film and turn it into a jigsaw and just like thrown all the pieces all over the place. And

Sidey: Yeah. I mean, I didn't get it. I gotta be honest. I didn't really get it at the time. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I've watched it.

I don't know if you get like this as well,

But when I've nominated, the film part of me is like, oh fuck. I know everyone's going to hate it. You know, And I'm watching all the guys are going to fucking tear into this.

And So

I was a bit like,

Dan: I dunno where it cheap for me, like the, you know, the, the highest kind of whatever it's out to do. Cause I think I agree with you, Peter. You know, I like to hold on to a message at the end of a film or at least understand it better than I did this, this film.

But, but like you I've thought about scenes in this and some of them the really Horning ones and it's made me feel something, you know, it made me feel enough that I want it to. uncomfortable. And, and the way that filmmakers do that interests me. And I think, you know, for an hour and a half, this film, certainly if it had gone on for, you know, a two and a half, three hour film with someone like that, you would be, you would really

Sidey: struggling with that.

Dan: this.

But there was some just really fascinating scenes that

Pete: absolutely don't get me wrong.

I didn't hate this. It's all. I just, you know, I,

I felt I felt like, I felt like there, there is like a room full of people or a whole cinemas for the people or whatever. We'll come out of that and go like, oh, did you see that? Oh yeah. And did you get that? Oh yeah. Yeah. And I just fucking, I just sat there feeling dumb at the end of it going like, like what, what, what was I meant to take away from that other than little bits and pieces from it that like you said done, like, yeah, I was, I was, I was captivated.

It was, I laughed. I was like, I went, I did all the things that you would want to do from a film, but I just didn't understand it at all.

Sidey: And I didn't. get it. I didn't know what was real at the end of it was not, but that's probably the goal of the film to disorientate you And confuse you

Dan: you know, ghost on the battlefield and things like that and how all these different stories over a field in England, you know, would have been told over many, many different stories, different years, or the things that are field like this would see it.

You know, it was just a moment in time that these dessert has got together and it was, they all took mushrooms, got fucked up and, you know, and show each other. It could be simply as

Pete: no ammo, never saw a single bit of ammo. He's short, like one guy, like someone, I sort of, you know, doing what you did with like shotguns back in the day where you're like, almost like a Canon where you, I forgot what it's called. Like but yeah, like there was quite a lot of shooting going on without ever anyone putting shot in the guns, but like you know, I'm not going to hold that against it.

Sidey: Yeah. You know


Dan: they did fill it up once.

Sidey: that there's a couple of scenes of them reloading. It

told you it was 316,000. Did I say 316,000 pounds. What do you reckon it made this figures in dollars? The take is in dollars.

Dan: I would say it's probably made half a mil.

Pete: Well, considering it's in dollars, I'm then assuming it's been released in non British, to non British audiences, which are, I'm thinking like, you know, this is sort of, I, I I'm guessing British art house type stuff.

I dunno. I dunno. I think so. Yeah. Fuck it. I don't know. It could have been a real, like hit with a certain audience and

Sidey: eh, well, it didn't even make a hundred thousand years. So low key


for this one. Well, I would say about it to sum up for me is that it's,


definitely not a boring film. No, one would watch this and be bored from it. It's confusing and hard to follow where it certainly was for me. And I wasn't entirely sure what was, what had happened at the end of it.

you know?

So it'd be great if, you know, lonely people out there could watch it and and give us some feedback on it as I was just tied up. because I'm not sure.

Pete: Yeah. If someone could, someone could do a podcast where they

Sidey: explain it to us, that

Pete: be really helpful.

Dan: it does. I think you know, put some kind of a story together. You know, it's an historical drama with dessert is in a field, found an Alchemist.

It goes off though. It allows itself, you know, as you say, maybe not constraints by studios and things, and they've just gone and used their imagination to go and do.

Pete: just, I just remembered, there's a couple of scenes where it's just a shot of people putting shovels in front of their

Sidey: phone

Pete: and the camera does holds on it. And it's like,

I can't believe that the director or the writer director, if it's all the same. Has like done that for like absolute or maybe yes, just for his own amusement.

Just go knock and we'll do that and see, and then some people go, oh yeah. The bit you did with the shovels is so bloody clever and everything. And he's like jokes on new decade. I did it for a laugh. I don't know. I'll probably never find out.

Sidey: Ooh, move

Pete: Ooh, TAMU.

Sidey: Good for you. And tasty goes

Pete: right down like squishy goo.

Sidey: Ooh.

Pete: When only the best will do. the grub for you?

Sidey: The episode, as you can obviously tell there was a, we're not quite sure what number it was, but it was the search for your TAMU, which is a kind of grub.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: I, I must admit, I thought these grubs might have little faces and things and be cute and be brought into the show, but they're always a food source.

Pete: Yeah. I mean, it's, it's not I don't know, Daniel, you're the guy who works for a conservation charity. And I don't know if, if a are real and B if they're endangered in any way, but they, they get fucking devoured a lot in this, in this episode of the lion guard. Do you know any more about.

Dan: no it's news to me, easy to move.

But they got a cracking little tune up and they

Pete: that good for you and yummy too. I know that

Dan: tick all the boxes. So this was in the lion king world, and I'd not seen or heard of this before the lion guard. No, this is news to

Pete: this has been in the past a massive hit in my household with, with a couple of my boys.

And they, yeah, they, they binged watch this for a long, long time, maybe about a year, a year or so ago. And so Sid, if society's a nomination, but as soon as he said, I'm going for that, I was like, oh, this, this has got a real low air worm of a song in it. And some, I guess like familiar characters as well in it in, in a Tim on and Pumbaa.

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah, this is the story of the lion guard.

which is Kyle

Pete: Kali on who is Simba Nala, second child.

Sidey: I thought that the pricker this episode, but there's a gang of them. Burunga. Foully Ono bestie

Pete: Is that the oh yeah, yeah,

Sidey: They say big bear, little baby, boom. There's a little bit. And they are the, the lion guard and they have a sort of saying that they have to the pride lands and the lion guard defends say they shout

Dan: kind of like an animal Avengers team.

Sidey: Yeah.


If you're in the gang, you have this, Lion guard tending tattoo thing.

Pete: they going get branded. I'm wondering if it's the old light crazy baboon dude that like does them,

Sidey: it does a cave painters near the start. Yeah. And this one foodie who is a cheater, She has to run off and do a couple of was three rescue. She does. I can't remember what the first one was the second one is some animals about fall out of a tree.

She runs over as the rescue and then Kyron comes home He's like, oh, you fucking prick. You

like ran off.

We're a team and you didn't wait. Like if she hadn't had got there, wouldn't have made it. And then there's another one. The third rescue is an animal is falling down a cliff. So she sprints off and they said, oh, you didn't wait for us.

It wouldn't have fucking made It

Pete: was a ravine. And I did wonder whether it was the ravine where my FASA bought set in, in the lion king.

Dan: but it was interesting wasn't it?

That the team dynamics of them all as well, because obviously the chief had gone out on his own and want it to break loose. And they were talking about how what's the name of the, the tiger guy, the, the, the lion guy. So Kyle, he was talking about how they needed to be a team

Pete: to

Dan: stay stronger together and everything.

And it made me think of you know, Meredith Belbin. Work on teams and management, Peter, that I'm sure that you're oh, with

and how

Pete: with that. Yeah.

Dan: different people have different

Sidey: strengths

Dan: and things. Yeah. And he was out there on his own run in a long, but as you said, he, he wouldn't have my, she wouldn't have saved the team if, or that they were on it.

They were going to crush those.

Pete: also w what she was doing is tiring herself out sort of trying to get to using her speed, which is obviously a huge advantage because she's very, very fast being a cheater, but yeah.

Yeah, tiring herself out, not allowing other people to sort of share the burden. The message is that even if you're like fat, like the hippo or whatever, yeah, he's a Honeybadger. Oh


He's a Honeybadger. Which is, I think officially the most aggressive animal in Africa, the Honeybadger anyway, the.

Th it's, it's all about the team dynamic. They've all got their own unique attributes. Obviously the big, the hip-hop has the strength and the eyesight of the, whatever it is.

Para or whatever it

Sidey: oh, no.

Yeah. He just goes around mansplaining everything to

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots, lots of that. But it's all about, and, and obviously we've jumped in here at episode eight, nine or 10, depending on which platform we've watched this on, but I can't remember the original ones, but I think that there's a lot more like obviously establishment, like there is with, with like pilot episodes and software.

And explains how they come together, but generally their job is they're all kind of like slightly unique and they, I guess, preside over the, the pride lands that Simba, albeit you don't, you, you

Sidey: do occasionally.

Pete: Yeah, yeah,

Dan: Oh, he's, he's still

Sidey: yeah,

Pete: yeah, yeah. This, this FASA himself appears in a lot of episodes as a vision as he does in the lion king still voiced by James Earl Jones.


Dan: So you've seen a few of these because the strong part of this episode is the song. Isn't it? I mean, it

Pete: There's a song in every episode.

Sidey: Well, Yeah.

and I like the,

The backstory of bongo, because it's a 25 minute long episode they all are, So it starts off with foolishness. And she is then taken out by She's done these three recipes she's knackered.

So she's kind of sidelined for a little while. Then the story moves on to Bango and his origin of.


He met his uncle, which is

Pete: Where his uncles, Tim on Pombo. Cause he was orphaned.

Sidey: Yeah. And so there's that, that's where the song comes.

  1. Cause he, he Helps them to find these

We have the fact they're

Dan: Oh, that's right.


Sidey: Tom, Ooh, Tommy.

Dan: he

Pete: When only the best will do, they're the grub for you.

Dan: And he wants to find this to bring it back for a celebration where the celebration is actually.

Sidey: it's not about the gods. It's about the day they met.

Dan: Yeah.

that's the

Sidey: That's, what it's about. And then as they're doing that OTO, or wherever.

the fuck.

no, Oh no spies. that The the vultures are circling and someone's in trouble and oh no, it's Fulio or wherever the fuck it's called. So they have to dash over and perform that rescue and then go back for the new TAMU.

Dan: You know what you got? It's the lion king. It should broken down into episodes.

It's extended universe. If you've got kids, what a seven, eight

gonna love this, I guess.

Sidey: Yeah My door was straight away. Can we watch another one? Can we watch another one?

Dan: I w Y happily

Pete: it

Dan: let it keep running this.

Pete: like younger kid. Cause my, my boys are six and four now and they were probably watching this, you know, five and three was when they were like right in the,

Sidey: Probably the same seven, my daughter. Cause you'd go Disney kids, wherever the fuck it was called. And you would have this, then you'd have sheriff Kelly and then van Perrino, stuff like that.

And it would just be on a loop. So like, if you

needed to, You know, just do something you guaranteed, you could put something on Disney and one of these would be on and they'd be happy, happy.


Dan: I should get back into sheriff Kelly. It's been a while. Yeah, I did like that.

Pete: So obviously it's got loads of stuff for the kids. Cause like my boys, especially a love and anything that's like animals and so on.

But like for the, for the, for the parents watching along with them, the songs are all good. They're like all that. There's a lot of goods who Tommy is, is a, is a, an old timer, but there's other really good songs as well. And there's lots of, kind of like references to the lion king, which is like, I dunno how old that is now, but.

Yeah. So there's, there's like nostalgia in there. There's there's like a grid. You don't see it in that you sit in the intro, but there's a group of hyenas still. And they like, they still kind of almost like worship scar and he appears in visions and they do stuff to kind of like pay homage to him.

Obviously, like I say, there's this my FASA Simba pairs. And it, from time to time in this one, like Tim on and Pumbaa, which I think it's the same voice actor for Tim on his voice voiced by the guy who does Nathan, all of the Nathan Lane's like voice doubling, I guess

Sidey: it's too dangerous for him to do his own voice

Pete: what exactly. I mean, it's treacherous out in the Africans of wilderness and that lots of wild animals.


Sidey: Yeah. that's a strong,

this was a strong episode in a strong show.

Dan: It surprised me. Actually, I wasn't really looking forward to watching this. I thought, But slowly, slowly, I got into it.

As soon as I say, I'll let the next episode run on it as well. And me and my daughter just sat there and watched it quite happily.

Pete: It's interesting.

You said that, you know, is a bit of a decade in it, which he is he's, he's like all the way through a theme is that he's quite kind of like boisterous and, and so on, but they, they, you know, he, he learns things as he goes along. He's like that he's the leader. Cause obviously he's the, you know, the son of the king.

And so, and so he is quite often a little bit like overbearing, but he realizes that the error of those ways is good.

Sidey: then

Pete: Yeah. There's like, you know, there's this sort of redemptive, curves and law and messages and learning for, you know, young viewers watching it and stuff. So it's like not to always be the person that's just like blazing a trail and all everyone else has followed what I say and do.

Yeah, I D I, I like that. My kids liked it. They haven't watched it for a little bit, but they watched all of it when it was, you know, around and about

Sidey: I don't

know if they're still making new episodes or not. But there's, there's a good few seasons. There's like 70 odd episodes. So planning to get your teeth

Pete: I think there's another spinoff.

Cause when I was looking for this, there was lying God, something else. And obviously then it like spins off yeah. But Fairfax to James Earl Jones for stuff, I mean, he's a cinematic, like his voice is amazing, but he's also a, you know, a stellar

Sidey: He reads the,

the name of each episode before.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So you get the intro music the line guide logo comes up and then it imprints the I can't remember How it does it like stolen or something? And he reads out the name of each episode. It's Pretty cool. I don't have any info on,

whether there's another spinoff,

Pete: but everyone should watch at least this episode because of the .


Sidey: when people just tweet us in or just email us, like voice clips of them going Mm mm mm. Mm.

Pete: we've been doing it all night.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Right. let's get out of here because it's transfer deadline date, and we're waiting to see who Coventry. sign.

We had some real confusing, fucking stuff to review this week. Dan, what Have you got anything more clear for us to look at next week?

Dan: whoa. Let's hope so. Top five is going to be the top five snow, snow in movies.

if he's got a snowy.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: consider it for next week. Alive is going to be the midweek. So that's that movie about the plane crashing in the Andes. And there is a documentary on Netflix right now called 14 peaks. I've already seen it. I'm going to watch it again, but I'd like us all to watch it for next week when we're going to review it.

And that is really, really good. So I'm giving you a heads up on that. How I feel about it anyway, so interest to see how you guys do and then for the kids it's going to be that go lightly and I'll give you the probably season one episode one, but I'll confirm that

Sidey: give a Cool. Well, It was nice to hear from Jeff though this week, I

must say.

that was good. And do end Pete, is going to sing us. No, it's not really. All that remains is to say, Saudi signing out.

Pete: Ooh, TAMU.