Dec. 2, 2022

About Time & The Nutty Boy

About Time & The Nutty Boy

We're not just killing time this week as we discuss the best murderers in movies, but what exactly does that mean: memorable murderers, murderers who can't remember, most kills, actors who murder a lot? Why yes, all that and more.

Having attempted to tackle the rom-com with the vapid LOOK BOTH WAYS we thought we'd try again with genre heavyweight Richard Curtis's ABOUT TIME (2013). The night after a disappointing New Year’s Eve Party, unlucky in love Tim (Domnhall Gleeson) learns that part of his paternal inheritance is the ability to time travel and uses his new skill in the one way any 21-year-old would: by trying to get laid. Bill Nighy perfects his bumbling non sequitur routine as Tim's dad alongside Lindsey Duncan's charmingly stoic mother, Lydia Wilson as free-spirited sister Kit-Kat does as much as she can with a by the numbers sub-plot added only to increase the dramatic stakes and Rachel McAdams is endearing as love interest Mary and what starts as a fairly standard romantic comedy evolves into a film about family and love and the death of the people you love most, with a beautiful message about taking the chance to be present each day which profoundly changed me for at least half an hour I have to say.
Not everyone felt the same however; the ethics of Tim's time travel is never discussed, neither are the existential implications for them both in that they don't share common memories of meeting or making love for the first time. It's a movie about a controlling narcissist then who gets to create a perfect life for himself by manipulating women as at least one of us implies, and features a plot which makes less and less sense the more you think about it and which seems to introduce and then break key rules of its world just for the purposes of drama.
Based on the work of Brazilian author and artist Ziraldo, THE NUTTY BOY is adapted from the popular "O Menino Maluquinho" comic and sees pan-headed Nutty's dad promise him an afternoon of foosball and hot dog pizza. A well-meaning attempt to stop the unethical imprisonment of school mascot Lazarus, a frog, threatens his perfect day. Visually reminiscent of the work of Charles M. Schultz, we enjoyed the fusion of relatable storyline (kids first day) and crazy antics (laser babies with terminator eyes).

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Sidey - About Time

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, catching up on movies we missed while we were too Busy. BA Fathers to indulge in our favorite hobby and just for a laugh, we thought we'd cast a critical eye over the things our kids are watching and review them to. In this week's show, we'll be taking a look at the top five murderers.

Then traveling back to a simpler time, the year 2013 to catch up on Richard Curtis's romantic comedy drama about time before getting right back up to date with Netflix is the Nutty Boy. All that's left to do is introduce the dads with myself res the Heroic. Dan, who's joined us at the last minute, and this is absolutely true, Dan, isn't it?

You discovered this week, I think in really quite shocking news that you are in fact the exact same age now as former mastermind host Magnus Magnuson was when he was your

Dan: Yeah. That was a shock. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And we've also got Tom Hanks fan, Sidy. And you did confess to me earlier, didn't you, that every time your new dog mini are, are we allowed to do her

Sidey: like Yeah, you can. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Every time you give her a dog biscuit you say the body of Christ. So you can experience the thrill of feeling what it would be like to be a

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: the Eucharist.

Sidey: Yeah, just any, anything to get her to shut up. Really?

Reegs: Yeah. Is she Well,

Sidey: no. Yeah,

Dan: she's still talkative.

Sidey: She's going strong.

Reegs: Has she destroyed the Christmas tree yet? Cuz you put your tree up and I feared for it with the new

Sidey: No, no, the tree's. Right. But we have to like, so we put the tree up early. We did go early, but we've had to barricade it with like clothes source of, you know,

wet clothes and

stuff to

Reegs: in a prison.

Sidey: because what happens is the cats and the dog, they fight as if twerk like cats and dogs and I don't want them, like, my fear is not that they'll kill each other, it's, they're not the tree over.

So might as well not bothered for that. But anyway, it's all good. It's all good.

Reegs: and Dan, how are you? You alright?

Dan: I'm alright. We, you know, hanging in there. It's been a busy week, so Yeah, it is.

Reegs: You've joined us at the last minute completely underprepared. We blagged you into it, didn't you? You've been doing all sorts of coursework and

Dan: Yeah, I've, I've been, been busy otherwise, so, it's always, you know, nice to, to chip in and listen though, so I thought I might as well just stick on some headphones and get involved cuz there's so much to feast on today. That was the ultimate sugar rush we've had before starting.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: We'll, we'll go into foods at the appropriate time, but there's lots to talk about.

Reegs: So what have you been watching, Dan? Give us a quick catch up. Have you had time this

Dan: Woke Cup is, has been the only television really, that I've watched this week. No, I, I watched loads last, last week, but this week been quiet.

Reegs: Yeah. Sorry to yourself. You caught up on anything?

Sidey: We've been watching the Zach, God, I can't remember, surname.

And Darren Thingy.

Dan: Zach Fenni.

Sidey: Efron.

Dan: Efron

Reegs: right. Oh yes.

Sidey: yeah.

It's based in Australia this time. I really do like it actually. It's been really good. So we've binge watching our way through that.

Dan: What's that based on?

Sidey: It's about ecology and saving the planet

and what we can do and what people are doing out there to try and help you know,

Dan: he delivers it. Well,

Sidey: Joe really does really

Reegs: nice, like gorgeous simpleton.

Sidey: He's like

Reegs: out there, but really nice

Sidey: rather than just being, you know, vad, idiotic simpleton. He's trying to use his platform for good and it's actually quite refreshing and the program just looks nice and,

Dan: it's interesting. Yeah. Gets interesting people. Oh, nice. Okay.

Sidey: Recommend it.

Reegs: got a sort of, Naivety that you probably wouldn't expect of a guy who's had like quite a lot of success in his life sort of

Dan: thing.

Right. So when he, he speaks to like

Sidey: as well.

Dan: the, the the scientists and, and things like that. He's. He kind of,

Sidey: yeah. So the first

two is they kind of go around the world and this one, he was, he went to visit some friends in Australia and then Covid happened and he was stuck there for, and now he just lives there.

He just, they stayed there. And so he got the crew and everyone over. And actually what's really nice about it is they, the crew is involved in it. You see them all the time and they just look like a really good unit doing stuff. And it's just quite optimistic. Nice show. I would definitely recommend it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Cool.

Sidey: Yeah, we did a top five, didn't we? About because it was your topic. Top five controversial movies, if you remember rightly. And I think we did go to the, the Twitterati in last week's show. Quite a lot of religious stuff was in there.

Mel was talking about the last temptation of Christ, the Exorcist, the passion of the Christ, basically all religious films and lto, which none of

us mentioned, I don't think. And that is a hell of a shout. Always like to get a bit of cubic in there.

We mentioned vibes stuff. And I think we put in one of his.

So Darren, what we going for this week? Darren

Dan: Lee Blonde.

Reegs: No, I think we've done that.

Dan: Lethal weapon. Four

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, we had one from Darren Lethal. Weapon four.

Sidey: Yeah, he mentioned, I remember talking about last week the Lion King, you know, with the, the sex animated into the cloud. But I really, I'm putting hard for Lolita. I think that's a great shout.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Nice.

Sidey: Right? This week's top five topic was murderers.


dunno what it was that inspired this. I think there's been a lot of talk about Jeffrey DMAs series on Netflix. Maybe that was it in the back of my mind, but anyway, I went for it.

Did you inspire a lot of good research? Did you, did you come up Trumps for this?


Reegs: well I tried to think of a few different ways that I might think about murderers in, in movies. Yeah.

Sidey: I avoided the serial killer slash horror, you know, unstoppable killing machine

Reegs: I've got a little bit in here just about how many people they've killed and an order of rankings, but yeah, I know what you mean.

We could, we've banged on about Michael Myers and Freddy

Sidey: yeah, Yeah. exactly. Yeah, so, Ooh, shall I set the ball rolling?

Reegs: Yeah, go on.

Sidey: So there was a couple that sprung to mind immediately. Probably some that are fairly obvious, but the one that actually genuinely was the first one I thought of. Cause I was trying to think, well, what can I come up with?

That's not something we always talk about. And I was. Th the one that sprung to mind initially was LA Confidential.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And the reveal of who the real bad guy is is when Jacken is played by Kevin Spacey is in the office of James Crowell, I think it's Oliver Cromwell's. Yes. Great grandson or something like that.

And they're chatting away and he is gonna go off and do something and he just whips the gun out and fucking shoots him. And you do well personally, I didn't fucking see it coming. Not by a fucking long shot. And it's a real shocker. And you're like, fuck, he's the bad guy. You know? Fucking absolute killer of a movie and a great murder right there.

Dan: Yeah. That was a decent murder. I remember that movie. First time. I've seen it three or four times now. But that moment still is, is just a classic.

Reegs: there's a lot of murder in the Star Wars universe. And I've got the top five by numbers of deaths if you're interested.

So obviously sneaking in at five is Luke and a new Hope. He takes out everybody on the first Death star. So that's 369,740 including the civilians and caterers as we've talked about before. Lando then is next. The second death star had approximately two and a half million people on board. Then Ray in a Force Awakens, she kills Star Killer Base.

There was more than 5 million people station there. Then Tarkin takes down Al Iran in a new Hope. That planet had approximately 2 billion people on it. So it's a lot of murders.

Sidey: was a bit worried. Well, we'll see. Number one is

probably, well

Reegs: well, it's General Hs. In the Force Awakens, who gives the order to take down five planets?

So we're thinking something in the region of four or 5 trillion people.

Sidey: I was getting worried there cuz 5, 4, 3 were all inver of commons goodies and yet they were murdering, you know, millions. Yeah. But you know, not billions.

Reegs: Not billions. But yeah. Luke Lambo and Ray featuring in our, yeah. Top five. So that's a lot of murdering in the Star Wars

Sidey: Taking it to the opposite end of the scale, obviously Han he shot first. He took Guido out in cold blood.

Reegs: In cold blood. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Okay. Right. Back to me then I've got a couple of baseball bat murder. One's from a movie, one's from the television. The movie one is The Bear Jew.

Which is Eli Roth. yeah. And Gloria Bastards. He likes baseball Bating Nazis. And then the TV one I was thinking of was the Cliff Hanger of Season, something of the Walking Dead Negan has

Reegs: Oh yeah, his

Sidey: baseball bat with the barb wire around it. And it has a name, I think, I can't

remember. now.

Reegs: Lucie, isn't it? Something like that.

Sidey: That was also Judge Phil's pool queue's name in the fresh Prince of Be


Reegs: maybe they were related.

Sidey: And that one was

Dan: same tree.

Sidey: That one was really polarizing. Cause I remember at the time people really, really, really fucked off that. That was the cliff hanger. Yeah. And trying to play back the noise, you know, and trying to decipher who was the one who got killed. Did you ever watch that, Dan?

It was Glen.


Reegs: He looked horrible. His eye was all like,

Sidey: yeah. And there was actually two he went and he fucking

butchered the ginger feller, I can't remember his name. But that ended last week. The for good, the

Reegs: Well, how was it?

Sidey: I say it ended, I've stopped watching it a long time ago, but I did always still read the recaps to see what had happened.

It sounded like a real damp squi. And then,

it seemed like Daryl's getting his own spinoff

show. Yeah.


and Rick and now getting their own

Reegs: show movies as well or something.

Sidey: is like, hasn't this been like floundering for ages? But anyway, baseball bats.

Reegs: Yeah. I've got a couple of characters who didn't even know they were the murderers in the movie. So, switch Blade Romance, or Ho to or High Tension is a movie I think I've talked about on here before.

Alexandre Ahas. Aha.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: it's Aja. Aha. Maybe twisty Turn Horror. Yeah, the main character, Marie, she doesn't the movie doesn't tell you that she's the killer until it's revealed, like right at the end, that she's been carrying out the murders of the movie and she's imagined the film's hideous killer to stop her stop anyone else getting close to her obsessional love for co protagonist and friend Alex.

So there's a huge spoiler and it turns out that she did it all along. And then Heiden Hiden Seek was a pretty awful De Niro horror movie where he and his daughter, Dakota Fanning, moved to a sort of upstate New York type place out in the countryside following his wife suicide. And then when they're out in the country, his daughter creates an imaginary friend named Charlie.

And things take a little bit of a turn for the sinister when Charlie pops up, his imaginary friends tend to be quite sinister in horror movies. And the cat gets killed and a play date ends in it like a broken doll and a family friend is pushed out of a window and all sorts of stuff. Anyway Charlie is De Niro the whole time suffering from that great screenwriter's friend, disassociative identity disorder.

And it's revealed that David's wife didn't actually take her own life. She was murdered by De Niro after he caught her cheating. a couple of movies where they didn't even know they were the murderers of the villains.

Dan: I, I remember one movie, maybe you can remember the name of it, and the, it, it was a, who done it and it was kind of like that Sherlock Holmes vibe that you are on in the, in the midweek. And the, they couldn't figure out how this person died. There was no kind of murder weapon around. But they had taken, I can't remember if it was, they'd been killed through a sharp object through the eye or blunt force on the head or something.

And it turns out anyway, it was ice. Ice. Yeah. Can you remember the, the movie? There was, or a few of them maybe have done that, but I can remember it in one and it was a nice twist.

Sidey: I can't

Dan: but you actually, I think I remember you knew it was ice, but the detective didn't.

Sidey: Right.

Okay. Well I'm sure

Dan: somebody might know out there.

Sidey: well educated followers out there will know.

Dan: We'll probably know before the end of the show.

Sidey: I think my favorite murderer is probably gonna be Hannibal The cannibal.

Yeah. He was pretty twisted and yet incredibly charismatic. But my favorite killing of his happens offscreen, probably, we dunno for sure. It's the telephone call at the end where he speaks to Clarice and says, I'm gonna have an old friend for dinner.

And Mason, he just looks Mason vers off in the distance. He's like, yes, he fucking needs to die. He's great. But also the scene in the like prison cell in the middle of like, what seems like an art gallery. Yeah. Where he used to see him calmly, just like puling people to death and then wearing their face afterwards and stuff.


Reegs: And then he's got the time to get that stage that guy up and put some nice lighting behind him. So he looks terrifying.

Dan: true artist. Yeah.

Reegs: Frozen pretty clearly. Elsa will have killed. I mean, think of when there's a cold snap, a load of pensioners and babies and stuff die.

Sidey: Especially with the current cost of living.

Reegs: Exactly. So she does like this cataclysmic shift of the weather would've countless killed much like everybody on the good side in the Matrix, they murder a lot of innocent people in that you know, I mean, you can say that the agents are involved in a bit of that as well, but the Fast and the Furious movies, the Don Totto must have killed countless of people.

I think about in Fast Five they dragged this like wreck

Sidey: The safe yeah.

Reegs: just, and the carnage that it causes. Yeah. And then Bruce Almighty there's a scene where he's trying to romance

Sidey: He gets the moon

Reegs: it? And he pulls the moon close to him,

Sidey: Tsunamis everywhere.

Reegs: cataclysmic tidal damage to the planet.



Sidey: about that one. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So yeah. Murderers, all of them, especially Elsa.

Sidey: Well, you mentioned ones where the people didn't know they were murderers, but I got a couple where we don't know who the murderers are because they were, they were unsolved. So Zodiac is a film where that happens and we think we know who it probably might have been.

But, you know, case was never closed. I think the motor stopped while someone was probably in prison. And then there's a film that came out the year before that called The Black Dahlia, which is based on a, also based on a true story a really horrendous unsolved murder.

Have we seen that one? Some reason I think it's got Scarley Hanson in it, but I don't think it actually does, but does have Josh Hart in it.

I think she was cut clean in half.

Yeah, I mean it's fucking

Dan: And they never found,

Sidey: they never, it was never

solved. So Someone

got away with it. Horrendous. But I can't really pick those as my favorite murder Ro cause we never know who they actually were.

But both

Dan: could be anyone here. Both

Sidey: good movies, so Yeah.

Dan: Where were you at the time?

Sidey: well, I think Black Dahlia. The murder was in like the forties. So that's more your era.

Reegs: Yeah. I couldn't talk about this topic without talking about Kane Hodder, you know that name?

He has a kill count of 146 across the Friday, the 13th film line. But he's also played Victor Crowley in the four Hatchet movies and he was in mark and he was in the A game thing. He's like a DTV slasher legend. He must have done more murdering than any other actor, I think. Similarly brutal, of course was Scar in the Lion King, and I've got a few Disney murderers here.

Sidey: I just had a whole, just a Disney header saying every Disney villain.

Reegs: Yeah. But particularly syndrome. Do you remember him from the Incredibles movie? He murders a load of superheroes to teach his machine how to get better. So he's really horrible. And Mullan has a pretty high death count in as well. What else do I have?

Legitimate murderers. I've got, oh, there will be blood. You know that

Sidey: haven't seen

Reegs: Thomas Anderson

Sidey: I need to get onto that.

Dan: will be with Daniel Day Lewis.

Reegs: It is. Yeah. He's a really terrific villain and like a real entro. He's a, he's a sort

Dan: don't hear, you don't hear anybody say anything for about 20 minutes in that film, do you?

The first It's just him digging a hole. Yeah. Looking for oil.

Reegs: It's some good filmmaking though,

Dan: is, yeah. Yeah. It's,

Reegs: He's an oil prospector plain view is his name. And he moves to California to con the local landowners into selling them their properties so he can exploit oil there. And there's a pivotal scene right at the end with Paul Dino's character and, and a murder in that really great great, great scene.

And did you watch, I know you watched recently ish, Dr. Sleep?

Sidey: Yeah, no, I did watch that one. It was, it was Thought that I didn't fit in a finish.

Reegs: Yeah. So Dr. Sleep, the, the really awful murdering of the baseball playing kids. Do you remember this? So they're these bunch of like psychic vampires and they get, that's Rebecca Ferguson, she's got this top hat and they go around finding kids who've

Sidey: Oh wait, sorry.

Yeah, yeah, no, I was thinking of something else. Yeah, yeah. No, I did watch this

Reegs: And they vape their fear. Yeah. And there's this kid, the baseball kid that they find him and they're like, it's a really awful scene. They're like crowding around him and, and sucking it up and he's screaming and time out. Yeah. Really awful. So yeah, there's some murdering going on and it was that Jacob Tremble from the room that we watched and apparently they were like all on set, like, oh my God, is everything all right?

And he's like, yeah, it's just acting That such was the power of his acting. Dan, you've gone white as a

ghost. Just

Dan: Well, you know, it's, it is eerie stuff you're talking about. I, I had to murder a, a woman who served me a glass of wine once. I wanted tequila, what can I say? Weeks.

Reegs: terrible, terrible.

Sidey: There's one where it's all baked into the title, the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward, Robert Ford.

Reegs: Yep.

Sidey: That

is Robert

Ford. Played, played by Casey

Affleck's, the killer.

He did, he shot him in the back. Yeah. Also features Nick Cave. I think the whole score is Nick

Cave featuring strongly soundtrack wise this week.

And also, oh, we watched a cowork orange.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: And around the same time, no, just a little few years earlier. What's his name? Malcolm

Reegs: McDowell.

Sidey: Malcolm McDowell made or certainly star in if which takes place in a school and it culminates in. basically, well, it's school shooting, so like, can be quite triggering for certain audiences I guess.

But it sort becomes fantasy as well. So he's like up on the ramparts and he's shooting down and shooting, you know, parents and other kids and blah blah, and then there's like a night in armor and all sorts of other stuff. It becomes a bit like it's real or

Reegs: magical realism

Sidey: Yeah. And the headmaster comes out and is ordering him to stop and he just fucking gets gunned down like shot in the head.

Like it's fucking

brutal band.

Reegs: banned for a while

Sidey: I dunno. I like if it came out now, you could imagine it being quite difficult, you know, it's quite fucking like, you know, full on. But Yeah. he did loads of killing.

Dan: Got

any train? Ones?

Reegs: Train

Dan: train murders.

Sidey: Or

in express

Dan: or in Express? You know, it's they're normally good and they're covering their tracks and everything. They've always got a, a locomotive and everything. You know, it's, I like those ones though. There again, there's, there was one we watched for a, did we watch the one for the pod? It was not on the Orient Express.

watch that. Yeah.

Sidey: then they've had since that Death on the Nile I think

Dan: that's right. Yeah. Yeah. It was, I think those

Sidey: was a bit of a disappointment that

Dan: ensemble

cast When they worked well, they were, and that first one did the murder on the . I liked that one. But yeah, I think the, the other one was a bit weaker

Sidey: anymore.

Reegs: Yeah, I've got a, a few. I like it when an animal is used as a deadly weapon. So in hard target chance uses a deadly snake to take someone out.

The same thing happens and kill Bill,

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: with when Bud gets the briefcase full of money and it is not quite the same and it's not quite murder unless it's murder of the shark. But in my super ex-girlfriend, do you remember that one? Umma Thurman as a C girl, I think her name was, she's like a fantasy superhero who Yeah, unhinged terrible movie.

She murders a, a shark by throwing it at a boyfriend through the window of his girlfriend's apartment. We talked about those slashes earlier, just to, just to do the, I know you're a big fan of like, things being in the correct order. Yeah. So we've got Leatherface with 31 kills across his franchise, and then Victor Crowley with 55 ish across Hatchet series.

Jigsaw. From the saw

Sidey: I've seen none of Those films,

Reegs: yeah. 65. They're all

Dan: was pretty good. The first one I think I saw

Reegs: John Matrix, just in commando with 87 tied with the 2008 Rambo. And then up at the top end you got Chucky with a hundred kills Michael Myers with

Sidey: John Quick,

Dan: did a few,

Reegs: He must have done a few.

Yeah. And Pinhead

Dan: And didn't Clive Owen kill a load of people with a carrot

Reegs: Smith. Yeah. Yeah. And shoot him up. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. That was, that

Sidey: was,

that was good. That's good stats.

Dan: That was Kelly. There was one where this, they were really quick. The detectives just went straight in and they found the murder weapon. Its a briefcase, you know,

Reegs: Wow.

Sidey: Did you ever see Eastern Promises?

Reegs: The that's Vigo, isn't

Sidey: Yeah,

it's a Kronenberg movie. Viga. He does some murdering in a, well, is it murdering? He's certainly killing, but they attack him. It's, he's in a, like a steam room in a sauna.

So he's, and he's naked. He's just got a towel over his shoulder

And he has to beat these two guys off. Him.

Dan: with a towel.

While keeping, while keeping his modesty.

Sidey: It's really well done. It's very like, the sound's done very well

and it's just feels like a real, not like, I don't wanna say like glamorized, but it just feels like a proper

Reegs: it's authentic, isn't it?

Sidey: It's

got authenticity to it. It's just very, very like a humming. It's very fucking gruesome. Which you kind of expect from David Kronenberg to it be, you know, it's gonna be fairly gory and hideous. And then like classic psycho, of course. Yeah. Noman Bates Spoiler was him all along was

a good

Dan: the music there isn't it as much as anything else.

It's that Ja jaggy kind of violin, sharp, sort, ofri sound.

Sidey: You, it wasn't the done thing to kill off the star of the film, you know, in the first like 20 minutes of the movie that


was kind of new. And then like stuff that we've talked about a lot.

Seven, you know. Yeah. Is some great murdering done in that.

Reegs: Yeah. Crew. Deves a pretty famous dog murderer. Similarly.

Sidey: It's to Burns too. Yeah. Mm.

Reegs: Con had a few murderers in it. Garland, the Marietta, Maner Green, that was Steve Bohemi. He had at least 30 victims. Gimley and Legos start a murdering competition in the second one.

Sidey: Oh, they did? They keep count, don't they? Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And apparently at one point anyway that the third one had the highest number of onscreen deaths with 836, like actual deaths I guess that you get to see. But,

Dan: think about the zombies. But I mean, if, if we counted them, watched zombie land and

Reegs: they murderers though?

Dan: I don't know. I mean, they,

somebody's dying each time. I watched that one where there was a band of like hard men and women going into a casino through a zombie

Reegs: army of the dead.

Dan: Army of the dead. That was it. Yeah. There was a lot of killing in that. I mean, does that not count? Is that not murder? If they're already dead,

Sidey: they're on dead.


Dan: un dead. They're already dead. You can't

Reegs: And my last one probably was stuntman Mike from the Death Brief

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: The Last Murder.

Reegs: Yeah. My last Murderer, he's probably my favorite. He's almost certainly my murder. I'm gonna pick

Dan: true story. Well true, true life murders. Have we got?

Sidey: Well, my True Life ones were the unsolved ones. Zodiac and the Black Dahlia.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Couple of vulnerable mentions I'd who framed Roger Rabbit.

What's this? Yeah, the shoot getting put into the dip was just one of the most horrendous on screen kills

of all time. And then the godfather Michael goes like full murder, like in the restaurant scene and then the, the combination film when he has the four heads of the other families executed while he's doing the baptism fire.

But my

Reegs: The end of the Sopranos then as well. I'll put that in.

Sidey: in. And I really like the one on the bar where they fucking dager the guy's hand. Luca Brays with the fishes. Yeah. It's

just classic but it's not. I'm gonna save my other one for the, is my nomination.

Reegs: Well, I think it's, now, I think we're

Sidey: do it then.

Res Who are you? Ping in?

Reegs: I'm going for Stump and Mike from Death Brief.

Sidey: I'm going for. Edward Norton, I can't remember the character's name, but he plays an altar boy in Primal Fear. And it's the flip

Dan: I

Sidey: when he gets away with it, then he, he reveals that that was the, he was an act,

you know? And he really is a complete scumbag murderer,

Dan: He, he turns it, doesn't he? Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: You gonna throw in one down?

Dan: I'll, I'll put in online.

Reegs: Right. Okay.

Dan: I'll join the masses.

Reegs: Right. Well,

that's where it's all happening on Elon's Twitter.

Sidey: Online ones.


Daryl, let Weapon four has given us the Lady Killers. It's a great shout. So that's

Reegs: in

Sidey: Alec

Dan: Guinness. Yeah. And um, so I was just along the same thought line. Actually. I might be lethal weapon three because I was thinking kind hearts and corts where he does a load of murdering to get to climb

Sidey: the aristocracy.

Dan: ladder there.


Sidey: And also Darren's also put in Ken played by Michael Palin in a fish called Wander Getting Off the Dogs, which is a good shout. I think we should put in. Ooh, fish called Wonder's. Never been in, has

it? I think so.

No. it's in now?

Dan: on Can we talk about all this junk food we've got now?

Sidey: It really is a plethora of calorific content. I went to the shop and there was an offer of three toones for 10 pounds, like big toones.

Reegs: That is a good

Sidey: Yeah.

So I've gone, I've gone big on Toone and a packet of Fox's Vinny's chocolate biscuits.

Dan: Yeah, they came in.

We've got these giant Skittles

Reegs: Reese's Pieces. You're a big fan of those, aren't you? Dan

Dan: Reese's Pieces. I had a few of them actually. Yeah, they're not too bad. I, I had a little moan earlier, didn't I? I said, oh, but I still got involved. These curly whirly squirrels, they're really chewy. Alongside these massive loads of red laces that only I've eaten and they're nearly all gone.


Sidey: we've gotta work our way through all that by the end of this pod.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: That segues almost too well into this week's movie, what I nominated, Which is about time. And I just flicking through trying to find something nominated and we'd been talking about romcom and we watched when it was Chi, so I thought, let's have another go at it.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, this one was more promising on paper, right. Richard Curtis,

Sidey: Dom Gleason,

Reegs: He was Four Weddings in a funeral, obviously. And other things. Bridget Jones' Dairy

Sidey: That wasn't him, was it? Notting Hill

Dan: Dominic Gleason, wasn't he to do with the Bearings Bank?

Yeah, it

Sidey: was. Yeah. Broke Trader. But this is a kind of romcom. Sci-fi, gentle time travel kind of story. Yes. Because it involves time travel. Yes. And it has romantic element.

Dan: And you've got Bill Nye.

Sidey: Bill Nae. Yeah.

It starts off with Dom Gleason giving a quick whistle stop tour of his family history. Yeah. Certainly of his lifetime there. Growing up in Cornwell, they have a sort of quirky but quite idyllic family life.

Reegs: Yeah. He describes himself. He says, I'm too tall, too skinny, and too orange.

And then he says, his mum lovely, but uns sentimental. He describes her a solid rectangular, which I really liked. And he said her fashion icon was the queen, A

Sidey: queen. that's right. amazing.

Reegs: And dad was more normal. He always had time on his hands. He gave up work at 50 to spend time playing ping pong. And there's the mom's brother, uncle Desmond.

He's described as the most charming and least clever man you could ever meet.

Sidey: Yes, he was. And

Reegs: and then there's his sister Catherine, or Kit Kat. And she's a sort of elephant free spirity type. And he clearly, really loves his sister. And it's a sort of quite idyllic family, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. Every night they would watch a movie re shine and it shows it pissing down and they just put umbrellas up, but still sat outside projecting a movie onto, looked like a Clint Eastwood joint they were

watching. Yeah.

Reegs: I wasn't sure what it was. Yeah.

Sidey: So they're doing that and it's all very nice and then it suddenly turns 21. They're the party first.

Reegs: host, every year they host a, the dreaded New Year's Eve party.

And we know exactly which that, this is a particularly bad one because they're listening to all the things she said tattooed. Do you remember that? Yeah.

Sidey: The fake lesbians yeah. Produced by Trevor Horn. That record. Remember him from the boggles

video called the Radio Sci.

Reegs: Yeah. And at the party, kit Ka meets some guy, Jimmy Kincaid, he'll come back into things later on and at midnight after Dancing to the Killers.

Mr. Brightside really getting you in the fields, if you were that particular age of drunken people singing that song.

Sidey: Well, he's, he's smiled domino. He smiled at a girl. Yeah. And she smiled back, but it hasn't really gone anywhere. And he,

he doesn't fancier,

Reegs: they have like an awkward

Sidey: handshake. Everyone, literally, everyone in the room is snogging and he just gives her a handshake and it's so

awkward. He's

Reegs: so awkward. Yeah. And then next morning he's all hung over and he catches up with dad bill Nae,

and he tells him of this big family secret.

Sidey: Yeah. He says all the men in the family are able to time travel within your own lifetime to,

you know,

Reegs: to places you can remember

Dan: It's a hell of a moment when your dad tells you that, isn't it?

Yeah. You know,

Sidey: do you remember when you were a man told you?

Reegs: and he does

it in typical naive style. So it's all stumbling and non-sequitur and stuff. But it's good. And you know, obviously Tim thinks it's a joke, but he asks how it work, how it works, and he tells him to go into a dark place and close your eyes, clench your fist tight, and think of a specific moment you wanna go to and you'll find yourself there.

And so it's

Dan: it's easy as that. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Has Margo Robbie been there the whole time? Yeah. She turned up later.

Reegs: No, she's gonna turn up in a bit. Don't worry. Okay. Cuz we're still,

Sidey: Oh, cuz it goes back and

Reegs: so this is, he's explained it. He says, whoa. And he says, yeah, I think my reaction was, fuck, but it was the seventies.

Sidey: And, he asks about

money or fame, and he is like, well, you know, you want to really do that? I don't

Reegs: Well, he hasn't done it yet.

Sidey: And he says like,

what can I do with it? You know? And but anyway, he goes, is first tried it, he says, just need to go into somewhere dark, a dark space, so it goes into his cupboard.

Which was the working title of this film for Cupboard, was it? Yeah. And goes back to the party. Yeah. And instead of doing the handshake with that girl, he

Reegs: sno, he snog

Sidey: he is like, fuck it, this works. You know? Great. So I could use this to, because he's, I guess he's alone.

He feels he's, He's lonely and he, he wants to, you know, meet a girl and have a relationship.

Reegs: Yeah. He says he's gonna use it to get a better haircut and a girlfriend, and, and now he's into it, despite its little bit creepy implications. But

Sidey: anyway.

Yeah. And it's like only the dudes can do this. Yeah. And we don't tell the women because you.

Reegs: Mostly this movie is completely charming enough to get around all of that stuff.

No. All right. Okay. Love will find him anyway, in the event, in the shape of Margo Robbie's Charlotte. And yeah, she turns up and she's friends with Kit Kat and she flirts with him and there's sun bathing and he asks she him to do a back and he jes the stuff all over her back

Sidey: Yeah. So that was bit euphemism or something.

Reegs: Yeah.

Runs off to the closet to come back out and be

Sidey: super suave Yeah.

Reegs: time. Well, I'm just gonna finish my paragraph first. Don't

Sidey: old mans are sitting there thinking, yeah, I know exactly what's going on


Reegs: Yeah. And so he has a summer of lusting after her and eventually plucks up the courage on her last night to ask her for a shag basically.

And just as he goes in, she's like, oh, I hope you're not coming in to confess your love. You should have told me this earlier. We could, you know, I'm not really up for it on the last night if you'd mentioned something. So he is like, alright, great. Okay, so I'll go back and try that. And he does try it and she he tries it on with her again, but earlier in the romance of that holiday.

And she says, oh, well why don't you come and try me on my last night, see if I'm there. So the implication is that you can't force manipulate people into loving you in this world no matter how much you time travel.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Give it a go anyway.

Reegs: So anyway, he ends the summer with a broken heart after Margo Robbie fucks off and then he goes to be a lawyer at the sort of lawyer in, in London and he moves in with a typical Curtis type character who's Tom Hollander's playwright Harry, who is like a drunken mess whose wife has left him and he's bitter and hasn't had a good idea in 10 years.

And he tells me he never really liked his dad and he says, does your mom still look like, look like Andy Warhol ? Anyway, I thought that was quite funny. And he makes friends with Rory who's a sort of bookish try hard type.

Sidey: Yeah. Kind of put upon just constantly being bullied it seems, in his workplace.

Reegs: Yeah. And cuz of his working profession, he doesn't meet a lot of chicks, but one night they go on a really the purest of blind dates to Don , which

Sidey: real thing.

Reegs: Yeah. That must have been pretty cool, to be fair. I would've always, I would like to try that and yeah, so it's a restaurant where you eat completely in the dark.

I think it's blind waiters

Sidey: as well.

Yeah, the waiters. The waiters Just put your hand on my shoulder and the blind waiter leads them to their table.

And it's this scene in Bitch Black where you can just hear them talking.

Reegs: it's good, three or four minutes of the movie and they're sitting next to another carpet. I, I wasn't completely sure whether they met them

Sidey: accidentally Yeah, I wasn't, this wasn't clear to me either. Whether was a

Reegs: or they were on a blind date

Sidey: an

actual prearranged thing or Yeah, just a, you know, a chance meeting

Reegs: Yeah. Not sure. But anyway, the, the conversation is there's a lot of chemistry, but they obviously haven't seen each other. And so there's these scenes outside where they wait for each girl they've been talking to.

He's been talking to Mary and American who likes Kate Moss. And when she comes out there's this like, really, she sort of stumbles out of the doorway and it's lit from behind and she's got this ordinary quality, except she's exceptionally beautiful as well. Mousey girl next door, except she's a supermodel sort of thing,

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: and they're nervous and sweet and she tries to talk about how dowdy she is and he's not buying it.

He talks about how great her bangs are, I think. And he gets her phone number.

Sidey: Yeah. He gets her digits, puts 'em in his phone, and when he goes home to his lodging house and watch his face, the playwright, it's the opening night of his, like his master work.

And the main actor has just completely forgotten all the lines and completely fucked it. And he's raging. He's cut his finger on a

Reegs: he says it was a disaster. The Titanic of play openings, but with no survivors, no women, no children, and no Kate Winslet. was that bad.

Sidey: Yeah. But terms like I know I can solve this goes back to the the theater goes to see. It's Richard Griffith, isn't

Reegs: Richard

Sidey: Griffiths.

who, and I was watching this with my daughter and I think there'd already been one F bomb at this point. And he goes to see Richard Griffith and says, you know, you having trouble with the lines, she anything. And he's like, fuck off you fucking ginger, blah.

I was like, oh, better pause this and watch the rest of it

later. Yeah.

Reegs: But he does actually look back at the scene, doesn't he? And he nails it. That night on stage

Dan: it is,

always so awkward when that happens when you're watching something with the kids though. We have watched a thing called Ghost this week with it is on BBC and just occasionally it's just normally not too bad, but occasionally, not the fbo, but just

Sidey: there is one in

Dan: or something like that.

It may be yeah. Anyway, it's awkward,

Sidey: so he fixes that, but it's now it becomes Richard D. Grant who forgets his lines.

Reegs: Yeah, he turns up.

Sidey: Yeah. Just for this little bit, this one little like scene of like couple minutes. A Russia's stage side and he is got the another one. Oh, it's that other Gly film.

It's a Richard Cat one they Christmas one

Dan: Love,

Sidey: love

actually with

the fucking

signs. And he does that at the sides to Richard V. Grant and he fucking makes it all work and it's all great. And the plays like unanimously fucking well reviewed. They're calling him a genius in the press and he goes to call Mary to, you know, catch up with her.

But because he's gone back, the number is gone. He's fucked it.

Reegs: Yeah, all this messing around with the space time continuing

Sidey: Has consequences. Yeah.

Reegs: And he, he goes back to the restaurant and they don't know anything about it either. So he's lost his shot at love.

Sidey: It does remember one detail about her, though that bizarrely, she's really,

Reegs: infatuated with Kate

Sidey: a big fan of Kate Moss

Reegs: Yeah.

That is like her defining personality trait that doesn't like her haircut. And Kate, Kate Moss but all, so he find that he sees in the paper that there's a Kate Moss exhibition, so he basically just goes and stalks it on the hope that. She'll turn up and we see some time lapse stuff to the cures Friday I'm in love.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: And then eventually kit Kat turns up to help him. She's just been dumped by her boyfriend.

And then Mary does turn up and he goes to talk to her and he tells her how good it is to see her, but of course she's never met him before. And it's horribly awkward. He knows her name, which he finds very odd.

So he is fucked it right up, basically

Sidey: complete fucking dog's dinner of it

Reegs: And Kit convinces him to try again, not time travel stuff, at least this time. And so he, she says, oh, I'm gonna leave. So he's left on his own. So he kind of just he promises he's not a lunatic or a fringe fetishist and follows them round the thing and it's all starting to work out quite well.

And they go for tea and she's like, oh, my boyfriend's just about to turn up. He's like, I'm sorry, what? And yeah, she's, it just so happens in that time that he's missed. She's met a new fellow.

Sidey: it's all been a bit of a whirlwind, but they're getting on. Great. They've been together a week,


Reegs: a really funny scene where he starts grilling them.

When exactly did you meet? No, . I need specifics. Where, when? So, that's his plan is to go back and foil it, which he does.

Sidey: Yeah, he does. He goes back and manipulates everyone into falling in love with him.

Reegs: Yeah. So he goes back to the party and meets her, pre her meeting up with her new boyfriend and takes her out for dinner.

And I think this, we find out more about her at dinner. She's a reader and a publicist and all that sort of stuff. And then this is really the most dodgy and dated bit of the movie because they go back for some sexy time at her place. And it's all over a bit quick the first time, and so he just goes back in time

Sidey: to she says, no. It was lovely.

Reegs: does say it was lovely and, but yeah, so, and then like, so he goes back a second time and he's all suave now. He knows her bra fastens at the front this time and because he's already,

Sidey: he doesn't trip over on the way into the

Reegs: Yeah.

And so he's able, and he's able to much more stamina this time.

And then because he enjoyed it so much, he just uses her for his own gratification once more. And yeah, it's pretty dodgy in this bit. But anyway, then we are in uh, montage territory as we get a, you know, what they're playing how long will I Love You by the Water Boys and they're falling in love and all that

Sidey: stuff.

Yeah. There's a, there's a basically a relationship montage. And then one day she's like, my parents. Yeah. And it's like, yeah, well they're coming. Said, oh, right. No, they're on their way now. Like, they're, they're nearly here. Yeah. And he's like, shit what do we do, do, do we live together? Or are we having sex?

Like, where are we? And she's like, we're having sex, but not oral

Reegs: They're conservative.

Sidey: Yeah. And no, they're not living together.

Reegs: Yeah, no, they are living

Sidey: she blurts That out. Yeah.

And, but, and then he says about the oral sex. I don't know. It's just like,

Reegs: it's a funny joke in the moment

Sidey: at this point in the movie, I would been like, I would say I, I was enjoying it up to this point. And we'll get to the rest of it,

Dan: he's a couple of hours long, isn't

Sidey: just started to this point to be just a Hugh Grant impression.

Reegs: From Domino

Sidey: Yeah,

A lot of it.

Reegs: Oh, I find it. It's charming, but

Sidey: But we'll, we'll see how I felt about the rest of it.

Reegs: Yeah. So yeah, they do get on well eventually I think with

Sidey: Well he has to time travel a few times till he gets the fucking conversation.

Right. Every single this way happens in every single interaction he has with everyone in the movie.

Reegs: Tim then goes out to watch a play with Rory and wouldn't you know it, Margot Robbie is there, Charlotte and with her girlfriend Tina, which he's like, oh thank God, you know, sorts his male, fragile male go out cuz he's like, oh, you were a lesbian.

That's what she's like, no, just my friend who's a girl. So he's like, oh fuck, I better go off and redo that one. But her mate does turn out to be gay after all, so there's more sort of time travel, comedy

Sidey: go back and

Reegs: And then she does kind of come onto him. Rory describes her as being so beautiful that if you saw her breasts, your eyes would explode.

And she does look pretty hot. Margot Robbie in this and she does take him back to her rim,

Sidey: no fucking way in a fucking million years that he wouldn't have fucked her,

because he would just time travel back to it not have happened or just

Reegs: but that's not this movie because he realizes, I like to think he realizes exactly that he could have done that and realizes that what he actually loves is Mary and he runs back to her because let's, let's just have a little bit of hope in the world that some people think like that.

And so he, he runs home to her and he immediately, he's gonna propose to her at that moment. And he wakes her up to propose her and she's all sleepy and

Sidey: like this music playing.

Reegs: well, no, first time she's like, doesn't want it. So then he like gets some music going and does it a bit more gently and asks and she's like, oh, thank God you didn't do some big grand statement.

I would've hate that. And he's got a band downstairs, which he tells to fuck Yeah. So we are kind of about an hour and a bit into the movie now, and we, well, not even quite there.

Because we first gotta get to Cornwall and meet the parents. His parents.

Sidey: yeah. He goes home to drop a couple of bomb shows on them. First they, they sit down, he says, oh, we're getting married.

And they're like, oh, great. And yeah. And then by the way, she's up the duff as well. Yeah. So there's,

Reegs: they really

love her. They, they like her straighter heat night says, I like her more than you already. Which is a, a good one. But Kit Kat, she's moved back for a bit.

She's lost her way a bit. She's lost her job. Things are clearly not going great for her on the sidelines. And yeah, married, pregnant they have, we have the wedding and it's kind of one of those days where everything went wrong, but you wouldn't change a thing about it except he does change multiple things about it.

The best man's speech, he changes.

Sidey: Yeah.

But every, every male character in the film gets to go at the best man's speech. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And


Nae gets to do it twice.

Sidey: And he

says about on call my, my phone call, he says there's, there's three people in this room that I love. Is it that what he says or three

Reegs: Three

people in the world.

Three men.

Sidey: that's right. And and he says the uncle and the a really like

struck by that. Yeah.

And it becomes quite important later on.

Reegs: the other two were his son and BB King.


Dan: If you can hear that snapping in the background, that's me tucking into the tobler room there.

Sidey: It's gotta be


Reegs: They at the wedding, which is going nicely, but is also a disaster.

We see that things aren't going so Rosalie for Kit Kat again. It was obviously within his power to go back and fix or change other parts of the wedding, move the date, but they didn't do that. They, you know, nice little moment of

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just, just have enjoying the moment

Reegs: and then pretty soon after that the baby arrives, posy and you know, there's a big moment where he talks about no one can ever prepare you for what happens when a baby arrives that love and fear.

And then we, we see them grow as a family as well. It's like, it's a bit emotionally manipulative, isn't it? So they just cherry pick the very best bits of like, you know, kids laughing and all that stuff. Not the countless hours of

Sidey: Tiger

Reegs: up and

Sidey: all

Reegs: other bullshit. But it does target your heartstrings and merges with your own memories of having very young kids and stuff.

And it's quite affecting, I would say all that

Sidey: Yeah. What

Reegs: one of the things I like, you get the story of their relationship quite, it's not, the story of their relationship is only half the movie.

Sidey: Yeah.

What is it that happens that he goes back at this point, he has to go back for?

Reegs: at Poseys first birthday party. They're waiting for his sister and she doesn't turn up. And then the dodgy boyfriend Jimmy turns up, he's like, oh, is she not here? And she's had a few drinks this morning and, and driven.

And so she's been involved in a car accident. Yeah. And so Tim decides to go back and fix this by taking her, like just completely breaking all the rules of the movie that they've established at this point. He tells her, we can skirt through this quite quickly, I guess, but he tells her that you can time, he can time travel and I'll take you back with me.

And he shows her that right at the party, right at the very beginning. She. Would've met, he would've met anybody Jimmy that night. Yeah. And it, it could, you know, he would've started a relationship with any woman that he met and blagged that night, and she smashes him out on the

Dance floor. And then he's also seen a possible thing where she, she was with his mate Jay.

So when he goes, oh, hang on.

Sidey: No.

Reegs: Yeah, that's, I've merged those two bits

Sidey: together. That's

the second time. So she sees, is it, which one's the boyfriend? Not Jay. Jimmy. When she sees Jimmy, he's like,



got his hand up, some girl's skirt and she kicks that into touch and blah, blah blah. And they travel back.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: And so she's avoided the car crash.

And he goes home.

Reegs: Everything's absolutely

Sidey: great, everything's great. And He

goes in and

Reegs: Oh, that's right. She's with Jay.

Sidey: Rachel McAdam says you know, bro, I've gotta go out. Can you deal with a kid? And goes into the room, picks up the kid, and it's fuck, it's not like, it's not a girl, it's a boy. You know, something's

Reegs: a completely different

Sidey: radically different and you're like, he's fuck.

And it made a real sinister like bit of soundtrack at this point. He's like, oh

yeah, it's quite jarring.

Reegs: pretty terrifying really. That idea that you could come back and

Sidey: so it gets to see the old man to, and he is like, yeah, you can't go back


that moment, before alter forever. Yeah.


Reegs: said, but I don't know about that. What happens if you travel while it's still a fetus? But anyway, there's a few of the, it's a plot hole. There's a few plot holes really. But yeah. So yeah, you can't travel back. Otherwise it will change the kid, basically. So he can't now travel back to anything that's happened before his first child.

Sidey: has to go back and allow the car crash to happen.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And so they stay like a bedside vigil for her and when she comes out of it, she comes to her own realization that she needs to kind of,

Sidey: stop quiting jobs, stop drinking so much. Yeah. Stop having bad relationships.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And that's when he mentions about his like appalling friend who probably would like to have sex with her and she thinks, yeah, that's a good idea.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So that's good.

Dan: Glad it all worked out. Yeah.

Sidey: Essentially their relationship just grows. They have another child. Things just kind of progress in life at this point.

Reegs: Yeah. And then one evening after some funny, like, like it's a, a sort of reasonably funny fellowship about changing outfits and he can't time travel in the thing downstairs cuz she won't let him out the rim cuz he would go and fix it and all that.

And then he gets a call, he gets the call that you don't want. Um, His father's dying.

Sidey: Yeah. I thought it was that the dad was dead and then you'd go there and it's like he is just not Well yeah, I mean like seriously unwell but I didn't think it would derail there. I dunno.

Reegs: He's found out that he's only got a few weeks to live.

Mum is furious. She says she's uninterested in a life without a, without him. So yeah, he's only got weeks to live lung cancer and they have a big hug and you know, he says, oh, life's a, you know, it's a mixed bag. And, and really he had known about this, which is why he'd retired early so that he could spend more time playing table tennis and being available to talk to his kids.

And then he tells him about the real secret formula for happiness, which is to live each day as a normal day. And then we see Tim do it with all of its stresses and tensions and unexpected, you know, things that aggravate you or make you difficult, you know, make your life difficult. And then to live that day again and live it almost exactly of the, the same, but knowing everything that's gonna come and live for every single moment,

Sidey: sounds exhausting. I'm to do it

Reegs: embrace it.

And, and we see him, he's able to relish like little moments that had annoyed him in when he'd gone through it the first time, you know? And so that the score's all going at this point and he's telling you about living for the moment. And it does that, this resonated quite strongly with me, really, cuz it sometimes can be hard to be present.

And it taking for, you know, things for,

Dan: It's a nice message, isn't it? Yeah. You know, if it does nothing else other than to make you just consider that and be a little more aware of living in the moment, enjoying, you know, letting you know, just roll off you a little bit sometimes if it's a bit of bad news or

Reegs: mm-hmm.

Dan: whatever, just to, to roll with the punches a little bit.

Reegs: Yeah. If you can be that little bit more zen about, there's always worries ahead and behind. But to be a bit more in the moment Yeah. Is good. And that idea as well is quite intoxicating. The time travel thing, that idea that you could just go back and repeat the, you know, if you have like a good day, but you just fuck one interaction up, you're like, God, I could just go back and redo everything.

Just redo that. You know, some snide word that you said by accident or something stupid. Anyway.

Sidey: But the old man does die. He does. He does not make it.

Reegs: Yeah. They talk about they're only being, some days you only wanna live once and one of those is his funeral.

Sidey: Yeah. So we see everyone there.

They have a funeral, but he is still able to travel back to see the old man. Because that's his, the gift that he has, he's able to still impart these wisdoms and he goes to see him on the day of the funeral and he reads him some great expectations.

Reegs: Yeah, it was, yeah. I was a fucking blobbing mess

Sidey: Oh Really? Yeah.

Well I wasn't, but anyway they, so he has this ability to still go and see the old man which is obviously, you know, a good

thing for him. And then Mary says to him, you know, I think we should have another kid. And he's like, fuck. That means

Dan: I

Reegs: he's now got a choice. Yeah. Between his future and his past.

Dan: Well, every time I go back, I'm gonna get the kid's

Reegs: gonna

Sidey: change

child water.

Dan: it is.

Reegs: So he'll have to be like everybody else. And he has a, you know, he does eventually choose

Sidey: no, this really quickly she

says, he says, can we, can we wait and think about it? And she says, okay, how about now? Yeah, how about now? How about now? And like, then he just goes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I wanna do it.

Let's do it.

Reegs: it. And he goes for one last game of ping pong with his dad, you know? And his dad realizes what's happening. All right. This is the last time I'm gonna see you, even though it's not for him, but in his timeline.

But for him, for Tim, it will be. And then the rules of the movie just go completely out the window and they just decide to try time travel back to a day when Tim was a kid.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And spend the day. Skimm stones doesn't make any sense, but honestly, I was just in fucking bits anyway, so, life moves on.

Uncle Desmond's character continues to have literally no story or arc at all.

Sidey: Well, he does say that when. When your father said that at your wedding day, it was the best day of my life.

And then when he died, you know, that was the worst day of my life. So he has that


kind of shit.

Reegs: Kit Kat becomes a mum, albeit not a very good or safe

Sidey: I thought that was awful, awful line in a film to say

to say, someone's a bad

mother. I'm like, what the

Reegs: there's a few. There's a few. But yeah. Then Tim just confesses that he lives a life without time traveling at all. He lives each day as if his, his choice is to live each day as if he specifically time traveled to that day and live for the moment.

And I, yeah, it's beautiful message and it stops me thinking about time traveling back to that weekend. I watch speed two, cruise control four

Sidey: four times,

Reegs: Cuz I wouldn't wanna go back to that one. But yeah, it's a good, it's a good message. And we end with the montage of the family getting ready for school, man.

If it's pure manipulation. Yeah. Dan, you're almost going now. And he hugs his little girl as she goes off to school and we're told to relish the remarkable ride of life. And then we see shots of real life people, dogs playing in the Parker business and sleeping. Some nurses chatting, a little girl dancing, a couple kissing, an old couple holding

Dan: hat,


Reegs: Yeah.



yeah. Okay.

Dan: he's coldhearted over there, isn't he? Didn't get your emotions flown

Sidey: right mate. Cold.

This was just left me so fucking cold. I just thought it was like pure manipulation,

Dan: I watched

Sidey: him

Reegs: It is, it is.

Dan: before, I didn't watch it this week, but I had seen this film before. And I certainly didn't cry during any part of it, but it, I do remember as you were talking about it there that message of being in the moment, I think that was the, the most kind of resonant part of it for me.

That it was just, yeah, that's, that's

Reegs: oh, all the stuff

Dan: part. But yeah, it, it was Yeah, the, I didn't watch it as fresh as you guys, so, I won't comment too much, but I, I like the, the idea of it, you know, that time travel and just going back and their being rules, but when they do kind of just

Sidey: one when they go to the beach, I'm just like, what is happening?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Oh, it's stupid. I mean, and none of it really stands up to any kind of like analysis from a plot point of view.

Dan: and you go back

Reegs: and really the existential implications it, like none of it is really addressed at all. You're just supposed to find it charming and you could find it just horribly creepy.


Sidey: um,

yeah, I was ing more towards the creepy side of it.

I mean, he's just, you know, it's a thing for blokes to do to basically manipulate women and to having sex with them a lot of the time. You know, I'm not necessarily against that per se, but that's the message of the film. And

Reegs: don't think it is, I think the message of the film is all the stuff I was saying.

Sidey: Yeah, probably. But I also just saw it as a Hugh Grant impression.

Dan: Was there, was there any parts of it you enjoyed?

Sidey: I was, I was quite enjoying it. I did enjoy Margo Robbie in it. She, but no, not just cuz she's pretty, cuz she, she was good. I, I didn't hate it at all, but it did leave me a little bit cold.

Dan: Yeah. Not

Sidey: like a five outta 10 for me.

Dan: Right. Oh, okay. Okay. Well and res

Reegs: oh yeah. Solid six or even a seven for this. So yeah, I enjoyed it. And you,

Dan: you,

Reegs: all the stuff that I got, you know,

Dan: a Tia did, did you say there was? Yeah. Yeah. Do you get quite emotional at films now when

Reegs: stuff when I, sometimes it makes me think about, you know what, sometimes you're a bit of a shit human being or like, you know how you could do better and all that stuff.


Dan: that kicks you in the fields for that. Yeah. Okay, but side was this,

Sidey: it didn't kick me anywhere. A budget for it was 12 mil.


Would you reckon?

Dan: I reckon it made bucks

Was it?

Sidey: Wow. 87 mil.

Dan: Okay. Big time.

Sidey: Rachel McAdams has this weird thing of this is the fourth time, well, certainly four times.

She has played the love interest of a Time Traveler. Yeah.

Reegs: Time Traveler's Wife. I've seen that one

Sidey: and Time Traveler's Wife. That was

  1. Yeah. Eric Banana. And then midnight in Paris, which we watched for the

pod, the Woody album. One, 2011.

Dan: Wilson.

Sidey: This and also Dr. Strange, which is kind of time Travel. Lee

Ryan. Yeah.


So there you go.

Dan: Okay. She certainly, yeah.

Reegs: I don't always like a lot of the, I liked four weddings in a funeral.

I think I always remember liking that movie. But there was a lot of Richard Curtis' stuff I didn't like. But yeah, this one got me. Maybe it was just the message that was really on point

Dan: Was it ahead of its time?

Sidey: I had to search high and low for something inspirational to watch for the kids thing.

And I just basically after 10 minutes of scrolling through Netflix decided to pick the naughty boy.

Reegs: Yep.

Sidey: Did it, did it play in Brazilian or

Reegs: Yes. Yeah. Yeah. This is based on the work of Aldo, who is a Brazilian author painter.

Journalist cartoonist. Yeah. His stuff is sold 10 million copies.

Sidey: Hmm.

Reegs: I'd never heard of it. I have to say his children's, but Right. It's the most popular one is


Sidey: Yeah. Which is the Nu Boy.

Reegs: Yeah. And his. Is a successful film score composer in his own right. And Antonio Pinto, he did City of God amongst many, many others.

So obviously a talented family.

Sidey: Yeah.

So this is the season one episode one premier. Yeah. That we watched and it's the kind of classic story of kid new school

Reegs: Yep.

Sidey: going in. His dad tells him to behave, don't get in any trouble.

Reegs: Taking the afternoon off work to He's got a fuzzball table arriving.

Yeah. And he's gonna order pizza

Sidey: hot dog pizza.

Reegs: Hot dog pizza.

Sidey: He goes to school, but not before his mother reminds him. You don't forget your pot. And he wears a pot over his head like a hat. For reasons.


Reegs: cuz you have a pan on your head.

Sidey: Yeah, exactly. That's his look and he's cool with it. So he goes to school and immediately is befriended by, is a kid on the bus?

Can't remember What brings them together?

Reegs: Well, there's a hall monitor some officious asshole. Yeah. Alfredo maybe. I think

Sidey: no one's really sure if he actually goes to school there or he just lives in the hallways.

Reegs: Yeah. And they try to shut the door on him, but he uses his pan head to keep the door

Sidey: Yeah. You're still three seconds late.

Reegs: Yeah. And he makes friends with Bazo, this huge kid. And Juliet And they need a volunteer for something and he volunteers himself and there's like an et homage isn't there, with a frog being released.

And he, he, he's about to try and get it out, but it throws it up into the air and it gets stuck on the ceiling fan by its mouth and then does eventually get out the window and he's freed the frog. And the principal, you think he's gonna give him shit for it, but he is like, oh, well it's nice that you've got,

Sidey: can be bros. Yeah.

He fist pumps

Reegs: in. Yeah.

Sidey: And he says, but you know, I can't just let you off SCO free

Reegs: because he caused loads of damage and potentially destroyed the local

Sidey: ecosystem. Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, cuz he can't let him off. Sco free cancels magic muffin day.

Which is really awful. And there'll be detention, which of course will fuck up his afternoon with.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: And when he goes back to class, he tells the other kids, oh yeah, some muffin day's canceled. And they're all te you know, devastated. Devastated. Cuz it's these like chocolate banana caramel muffins that this teacher makes. So they go downstairs to steal them and the teacher knows what's happening.

But in a sort of subversion, she's allowing it to happen.

Sidey: Yeah. So how does she how does she how does she, what's she say something like, She's

Reegs: not allowed to serve them, but she doesn't have to stop him

Sidey: We'll, that's right. I was told not to serve the kids,


Reegs: made me think of Batman, you know, when he lets Razo go die, you know?

I didn't have to save him. Yeah. Didn't have to.

Sidey: Yeah, I wasn't, supposed to, I wasn't told to not let them steal. I thought that was be like a prerequisite of the job.

But anyhow.

Reegs: Anyway, they hide themselves in the muffin cupboard, but they're discovered by the hall monitored guy and he tortures the big one for information.

And then they Juliet Julietta nutty go and break him out of detention. And she appeals to him saying how he freed the frog Lazarus. Anyway, they come up with this big plan. It introduces a new member of the crew. I didn't get his name, but he's a ninja Lucius, I think his name was. And there's a chase scene and all sorts of stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. Then there's a baby that crawl out of one of the rooms, a laser

Reegs: Yeah. With a terminator

Sidey: Yeah. Who just is laser beaming and a kid with big fit glasses is able to deflect his lasers back at the baby.

Yeah. And destroy it. Yeah. That, that was the thing that happened in this.

Reegs: Yeah. And then they get baio out of detention and replace him with a statue made out of muffins and then Nutty is caught and put in detention. And then he calls for a Lazarus, the frog by riveting at the window. And then essentially a tsunami of angry, riveting fraud

Sidey: me of the Simpsons

in Australia.


Reegs: Invade the school

Sidey: because he has fucked the ecosystem. Yeah. Completely like what the principal said he'd done. Yeah. Mm.

Reegs: But the principal realizes they never should have had, they never should have imprisoned the frogs in the first place is all his fault. So the punishment is taken, it reinstates magic muffin day and Nutty goes home to tell Dad all about it.

Sidey: Yeah.

And they do have hot dog pizza.

Reegs: Yeah. Which looked great.

Sidey: It did look great. I think the message of the film that filmed the episode was terrible that kids can just be completely anarchic and do whatever they want and it's okay.


discipline in this episode?

Reegs: Yeah. I did like that the dad took the afternoon off to go and play FSBO with his kid.

Sidey: Yeah. I did. Like, I thought the, like the stylistic look of it was great. I really did enjoy

the animation

Reegs: like Charlie Brown type vibe to me or the sort of Charles M. Schultz type

Sidey: vibe. Yeah,

Reegs: yeah. Peanuts, peanuty.

Sidey: this was good. I would watch more of this.

Reegs: Yeah.

It was okay. Yeah. I did enjoy this

Sidey: a bit. Little bit like

odd balls that we watched not so long ago. I think Dan would enjoy this as well.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: strong recommend for me.


Reegs: Yeah. Same for me.

Sidey: Do You

know, I really have no idea whose noms it

Reegs: No. Or whether Peter will be joining us. I

Sidey: Pete might be right for next week. Yeah, we'll, we'll see. He's over his medical, I say he's, I'm just saying that I haven't even checked in on him. I think, I think he might be over his medical shenanigans that

he's been having the last week or so.

So hopefully he's free. We'll, we'll figure something out. And we should also think about some Christmas themed nominations for December.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Cuz it's that time of year. I put my tree up two weeks ago, so I, I'm all in.

Reegs: Maybe listen, I should let us know some Christmas themed

Sidey: Christmas

themed talking Animal noms.

Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Right. All it remains is to say, Sidy signing out.

Reegs: out.

Dan: Dad's gone.