Aug. 13, 2021

Andhadhun & Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Andhadhun & Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

The train was invented by Englishman Dr Glenjamin Train back in the summer of 1997 when he realised what an incredible name he had for a new form of transportation. No of course, I'm being facetious: the truth is that no one knows how the locomotive was invented nor indeed how they work and those things will continue to remain a mystery as you tune in to listen to us discuss the Top 5 Movie Trains. Some incredible railway facts are only moments away courtesy of Peter Andre, a dedicated and enthusiastic ferroequinologist.

With the notable exception of Dan none of us have seen any Indian cinema so I personally wasn't sure what to expect of the 2018 black comedy thriller ANDHADHUN. Ayushmann Khurrana plays the blind pianist Akash, who becomes embroiled in a murder alongside Hindi screen legends Tabu and  Anil Dhawan, although the intrigue doesn't stop there. I advise you to go into this one blind yourself and watch the movie on our recommendation as the skill and craft on display from director Sriram Raghavan is matched by the audacity and complexity of the screenplay.  Currently on Netflix in the UK, this outstanding film will inevitably be remade by Hollywood, no doubt as an inferior product starring  someone awful, Ashton Kutcher let's say.

It's King Thistle's birthday and the residents of the Little Kingdom are under strict instructions not to mention it to the miserable monarch in BEN & HOLLY'S LITTLE KINGDOM, the sophomore effort from Peppa Pig producers Mark Baker & Neville Astley. Sharing much of the same voice cast, a similar dynamic and the same classic animation style will this be a case of familiarity breeding contempt?

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Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review. I'm one of your co-hosts rigs. As you, let me lead you on a journey back to a fairly nebulously defined time. So I'm several years ago where a bunch of us dad started having children and stopped watching movies as big fans of cinema.

We've decided to catch up on those movies we missed out on. And because our screen time, these days is often dominated by things. Our kids watch. We review those programs.

Sidey: too.

Reegs: Now it's true that we can be a bit sweary on this show and we do discuss spoilers. So if that's a problem for you, I don't know what to say, except I'm sorry.

And thanks for listening this far. Okay. I think all those frail fucking spunk kittens have gone now. So it's just as cool kids left the child, Joan with the rest of the show. If you've made it this far, and you're a new listener commiserations. Anyway, here's a quick recap of your hosts today. So first up we have tattooed and bedded mother fundless ID.

Who's listed for the talent. He despises in Hollywood is almost as long as the list of movies that he loves. Next up, we have Dan, a former professional athlete who swapped the terraces for the talkies and will regale you with his knowledge of historical and foreign cinema, as much as his love for a cheesy Hollywood sports movie.

Now we do like to make fun of Dan for being a little bit older than us on the show, which is really grossly unfair and not the respectful way to treat your senior citizens at all. And finally, we have Peter Andre, a veteran of the pod Peter's sometimes gruff and abrasive demeanor, hides a surprisingly gentle and sensitive disposition.

And he'll often find the emotional pull of a movie and articulate it, perhaps the best of all of us and I'm rigs. And I, I talk a lot of shit if you haven't noticed it's Pete, his show this week, we have the top five movie trains along with some train facts.

Sidey: I'm excited and trivia

and you

Reegs: of the cheeseboard.

Sidey: Yeah. Side east shout though this week.


Reegs: Our main feature. Add a done and done and done, done

Sidey: under them.

I'm going to go with underdone. Yeah, And there we go. Okay.

Reegs: 2018 Indian movie available on Netflix and Ben and Holly's little kingdom. That's what we've got lined up this week.

Sidey: Yeah. Did he watch anything on the Teddy books that wasn't



Reegs: I watched the, the aftermath, which was a Netflix horror thing with Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Green. It's, it's sort of dreadful. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I did enjoy it. It's apparently based on true story,

Dan: I ended up watching a film recommended by Lionel actually um, a friend of ours.

No, sadly not messy. That's him a simple flavor. It's I think the last few days on I player to, to watch it. It's.

Sidey: it

Dan: It was a really, it was a really, yeah, that's it.

Sidey: so stakes are high.

Reegs: there's

Sidey: The

Dan: the film is about how there were stopping the film? No, it was about a woman that drops her kids. Like, oh, can you pick up the kid? And then doesn't come back for like four days or five days

Sidey: sounds

Dan: Yeah. And it's interesting if, if you've got a time to watch it on, I play or you can catch you somewhere.

It didn't have a particularly strong idea. IBM D or whatever it is. IBM scores,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: but it surprised me. It was quite nice. A good recommend

Sidey: Who, anyone of note in it?

Dan: Anna Kendrick.

Sidey: Oh

I like Anna Kendrick

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: quite fancy, huh? Yes.

Dan: pitch. Perfect.

Sidey: She's, she's a ciggy Yeah. Great. From She's quite funny. She's actually got comedic as well. I been watching finished Looper

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: and then,

Dan: Omar

Sidey: and there's going to be a third series, I believe. I, I mean, it got, got a little bit far-fetched, but it was still, I enjoyed it. Off the back of that, it sort of, you know, the Netflix, if you like this, you'll like this. So I've watched maybe five or six episodes of money highs.

Dan: Okay.

I've seen that. I've seen the poster

Reegs: getting that recommended to me. Is it good?

Sidey: Well, I really like it so far. I've the same problem Cindy will not have. Yeah. So we've got As far as I know. Yeah. But like she does it, but not Spanish. Yeah. So she won't have Spanish with English subtitles. She wants American dubbing with English subtitles.

So it has she ever tried? yeah. And just so she can't get on with it. So watching it like that, but it is, it's pretty, it's pretty good. Yeah. It's the film inside, man, it's kind of similar to that. It's basically like. A heist, but they're trying not to kill people and they're trying to stay inside. They want to be in there rather than sort of, yeah.

Anyway, I don't want to give away too much in case you watch it. And as well as that, I've been smashing more episodes of game of Thrones. I fucking love it so much.

Dan: this a revisit

Sidey: Yeah, yeah. For like fourth time or something, but the first time I'm going to go all the way through, from start to finish. It like in a wonder if you know what I mean?


Reegs: I've never watched the end ones again.


Sidey: I've I've not either. I'm up to season six, episode eight, I'm one before battle of the bastards. So it's, it's, everything's ramping up again. Yes. So fucking good.



did a double head last night cause I've watched the burbs and then I wasn't completely satisfied.


I watched The suicide squad, the new one.

It's really good.

Dan: it okay? Cause

Sidey: super, super fucking

violent, like

Dan: if you're listening, we're not going to spoil this one. We just spore the one that we actually were reviewing.

Reegs: Hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Don't really know because I I'm, I've so far managed to

Sidey: no,

Dan: without

Reegs: it.

Sidey: it's just Supremely violent and gory with it. fucking great.

And Jim Lawrence is fucking cool. Yeah.


Dan: Why we should engineer some change?

Sidey: Well, we have got a top five to finish off from last week,

Which was

top five musical moments. Yeah.

Reegs: We so many nominations last week. I'm pretty sure the most ever the, about what you say pod offered the musical number at the beginning of death becomes her. We had multiple offerings of the rum tum tugger, including from yourself, I think math so glad you made it from the blues brothers.

He said, he's going to have it playing at his funeral. A preachy who may well be one of our longest ever listeners. I think we begged them to listen to us.

Sidey: long has breached?

Reegs: Yeah.

I don't know. That is a long time.

Sidey: Longer than that

Reegs: They nominated every song from happiness of the CATA curries, which unfortunately I haven't seen no sad about that.

Richard Fitz, Thomas gave us if I were a rich man it's a musical pod, gave a singing in the rain or turning my life around from Anna and the apocalypse, which I haven't seen. And I would like to Darren lethally gave his Camelot how he gave his team America. Abby on gave us the prom. Dustin can re, gave us another day of sun and Lam gave us the 500 days of Sama teen that you

Sidey: Yeah. That went in already.

I put that.


Reegs: So an amazing, thank you for all those.

Sidey: Someone also mentioned in the

Heights, which is a new film and I'd really like to see it.

Dan: Why

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: haven't seen it.

Dan: not heard off the

Sidey: radar Brooklyn Heights, I think singing and

dancing and sues. It looks good. So we to put some.

Reegs: in. Yeah, I think it's, you know, obviously a lot of people have nominated a lot of stuff that we haven't had as part of the

Sidey: I have to say that

Memorable for us was the rum time target. We were fucking that was an ear worm for weeks and weeks and weeks, even though it was terrible. It was memorable for the wrong reasons.

Yeah. I've also got another thing that I'd quite, I'd like to make a strong case for.

Reegs: Okay. Well, the time the target was nominated, a bunch of

Sidey: times yesterday.


Reegs: So what's


Sidey: This is actually doubling down on one. You mentioned last week rigs. So my eldest son Rowen, who I've spoken about before on this podcast, his favorite film, or as of right now, there's there are others competing, but he absolutely lost it for

Reegs: great shaman,

Sidey: The greatest showman.

He, we managed to find him a jacket that looked exactly like it showed you a kit where he would just stand and watch the film, sing all the songs, dance to all the numbers. His, one of his favorite songs was one that you picked out. This is me, which is kind of like poignant. He doesn't really know it, but it's kind of like poignant in terms of like the, the subject matter of the song and like being accepted in society and everything.

Not only that, but he sung it with his like classmates at school as well. It's a real fucking night favorite of, of hours. So I'd love to, but I think it's a brilliant film.

Reegs: It's really good. I

Sidey: absolutely. Absolutely loved it. It took me massively by surprise cause of not really like going out, looking for musicals, but it, it definitely.

Reegs: it completely started my man crush on Zach Efron.

Sidey: Oh my God. Yeah. A hundred percent. He w he was, I'd heard of him and I'd seen him in one or two things, but I totally got it. Yeah. W like, wow, what a, what a go. Yeah.

Reegs: go in after

Sidey: that's an impassioned play. I can go here. we've had some musicals and that segues very nicely into this week's top five,

which is

trains. Do you want, do you wanna do that part again then?

Dan: Let's just keep on track.

Sidey: I love it. I cannot wait for this. I even mentioned Dan to like, measure Dan today and said, there's so many trading funds, like, ah, hope he's got all of them. Pete, this was


child. Yes.

Do you want to start?

the, the I can do what I mean, I kind of left it fairly sort of open in terms of trains, train, scenes, trains, and trains that are in films or films about trains, like anything sort of train related.

What I soon discovered is that the, we could have done it just on like fight scenes on trains. There's so many of them, we could even have narrowed it down to fight scenes on trains in bond films. so fucking many I've even I've broken them down into performance. Another reason why Dalton was the one kiss bonds is because there are no, as far as I can tell, train, fight scenes in his two turkeys.

that he made.

Dan: fact check is that,

Reegs: I

Sidey: he was, he wanted to make play his own way.

He didn't want to do that

cliche thing He was playing alone. It was good enough for sure. And then it's good enough for anyone It was new when he did it.

So I just want to, I don't know how to tackle this. I might just go well, Shaun's,

Reegs: and talk about it.

Sidey: generally.

how we do it. Shown some things from Russia with love.

He, he like girl, it's a guy with some wire that comes out of his watch just any guy

It's not just any guy.

It's, it's Robert Shaw

how is that?

It's Quint from jaws.

Right? Yeah. I'd say you could make a note of that being the best

fight sequence in any bond

Reegs: film.

Sidey: Right. So what I would say is, is the modern ones with Daniel Craig. There's, there's two that stand out a mile for me.

One of them is Skyfall where there's a motorbike chase. Then it ends up going on to the, the top of the train. Then he he rides the most off the bridge lands on the train, and then he gets in a Digger. Then he's driving the Digger along the train when it like decouples, he like uses the, the, the Digger is a bridge to get back on it.

And then eventually there's that.

he does that really cool But when he gets back into the train and he fixes his

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

he said, I think it's just changing carriages. Sorry. And then right at the end of that scene is like the really tense moment where like money, Penny's got a vantage point and Judy Dench says, take the shot.

And she hits bond and he plummets into the sky for. He doesn't need to have a sky full and also inspector. He has a really cool fight with Dave Bautista. Is that the fucking wrestler guy? Yeah. That's, that's another really cool scene. This one where about like, he swings for a message him.

He hits a pole, that's holding a bar up and the whole bar like, like falls down. I think he gets, he attaches like a loops of rope around his neck. That's attached to some barrels and kicks the barrels off and yeah, fucking call scenes. There's loads of them. I'm going to do it separate a separate section for Roger Moore's.

Cause, cause he demand right.

Toy story three is a film and

it has some train content, right? At the very beginning where they have

Dan: is it toy train stuff.

Sidey: It's

where you

have the Cinemax. version,

of the kid playing what they're playing

So this was, this was the scene that inspired this topic of choice So It's them

playing with the toys and you

getting to see what the imagined version of it.

So it's in the



Then you get the, the aliens

come down and you get all the monkeys charging


across the wild west. And by the

way, it's shown on

the screen

is so fucking epic. It looks incredible.

And yeah, they should have stopped at three.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Just to hammer that point home. Yeah, There's a good, there's a good train pun in there where the train plummets into a ravine.

And then you just see like buzz buzz is light for light pack, like flooding, you know, and then he flies up and is like, glad I could catch the train. And yeah.

Reegs: It's cool.

Sidey: It's a good

Dan: Yeah. I mean, they're, they're super firms. I don't think I've seen the fourth

Sidey: It's okay. I mean, it. is okay, but It's

just, it's not as good as

three or I like four

Reegs: four keys. Great.

Sidey: Yeah. Duke Kaboom as well. Ah, He's cool.

Yeah. Yes, I Canada.

Reegs: What am I going to choose? I thought about, this was a bit of a weird one, but atomic train. Did anybody see this? It was a late for late nineties TV movie with Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis and a runaway freight train carrying like hazardous materials. I just really remember watching this and it burning a hole into my subconscious, I think basically because at the end it does actually like the atomic bond that's on it explodes and it destroys the entire city of Denver which I just wasn't expecting

Sidey: And my friend lives in Denver.

Reegs: Yeah, well, he's dead

Sidey: now.

Oh shit.

Reegs: so oops. Really, so it made, you know, it's not one that everybody's going to have seen,

Dan: that

Reegs: that ending made a big impression on

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's weird. Isn't it? When they throw in something like that and you've been watching it long and you think, you know, what's going to happen.

And then when does the bomb go off? Like it's particular when it's an atomic bomb, when does it go

Sidey: They did that in a series of 24. I don't know if any of you clowns watch that, but the first three and then got a nuke nuke went off in one of those series. early on here. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. I, you know, I've lost my train of thought. I'm going to go for a briefing counter,

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Another black and white one back in day, Wednesday at the cinema. It's David Lee, 9 45, Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard. And that's right. Yeah. And it's real graphic for the time. You know, you start seeing gears

Reegs: I got really confused about this today though, because brief encounter, I always thought it was the one where the train is pulling off.

Sidey: and

Reegs: She's running along, he's running along,

Dan: She runs along at one

Reegs: along the train station, but it's not that it's actually in a film that was earlier since you went away. Apparently this is what I read today. So the brief encounter heat, there's no running on the train. It's just,

Dan: well, I'd have to

Sidey: would they just have this connection and nothing it's this sort of implies, or they could have an affair, but they

don't, they don't.

Reegs: And they sort of played it up in a film that Pete nominated on the pod, the secrets in their eyes. There's a sequence. That piece pays images, but

Sidey: Yeah, yeah. Right at the beginning. And then later in the film. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. That's a good one. Done.

Sidey: yeah. Are we back to me? I it's quite remiss of me, but I, I starved you have a train facts to open us off.

So I'm just going to put, I'm just going to start this off gently. Iceland has never had a public train service.

Okay. Yeah. It'd be difficult. Difficult to maintain. the attracts. I'd you'd think there'd be enough. I mean, Jersey had a public train service. only 300,000 people there. Yeah. There's only a hundred thousand people here. Yeah, I know. But We've got less volcanoes. Yeah.


tricky. Yeah. Well, especially with that, I achieved, it would be very difficult.

Well, I just I've been there and I



about it. So I I'll, I'll finish off my bond segments. So just Roger Moore bonds, there's a live and let die, which is a fucking great films. Snore. You like live and let I do like that.

Dan: Just learn off some steam from

Sidey: Keep them coming. Keep them going. Yeah. Roger Moore. He has a fight with T he don't know if you remember T he's got a prosthetic arm with like a Clore at the end of

Reegs: Yeah. I was trying to think of T

Sidey: He hears his the least intimidating name. of prevention. yeah, yeah, So, yeah, so he's quite.


Reegs: and

Sidey: quite scary.

Reegs: Until he gets just bound to that

Sidey: goes to like, yeah.

Yeah. And eventually he, he attaches him to a window and then pulls the window down, throws them out. The arm comes off and then oh, what's her name? She's really hard forgotten her name and Jane Seymour's like, w what are you doing there? And he was just being disarming. My dear. It's a great line.

There's, Octopussy there's well, let's not, yeah, no, that is wank in the spy who loved me. So, so another hot bird finds jaws, like hiding in the. Carriage of, of of the, of the train or of her, whatever it's called in a carriage. And

Dan: lost

Sidey: which you more like hits him with a shelf and chores, like snatches the shelf of him and takes a bite out of it. Just eat, like takes a bite out of the shelf and then you like, electrocutes him with like a lamp. And then again, he goes out the window. There's a, there's a recurring theme of of the bad guys,

Reegs: defenestration in bond best. Defenestration

Sidey: what

Reegs: the act of throwing somebody out of a window.

Defenestration it's a good word. You don't get the opportunity to use that very often,

Sidey: like the French word for window.

Dan: it's nice to, nice to express

Sidey: that's that's you've got window facts.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I loved it. Interesting fact about

Reegs: pots per se.

Sidey: It's the


thing that's good about it for more Adams was the first returning bond

girl. I think. I'm okay. Yeah. He's, I'm fairly sure in that one, what, you're more is hiding in like a gorilla costume in the train, which yeah. That's It's a stinker. that one

Reegs: the Eddie Murphy, wait, that's trading places

Sidey: have we come into that

Reegs: one.

Sidey: dunno. I dunno. Who's got it, but I've got so

Dan: there's tons in there.

I mean, there's just so, so many, I think to get through, if you, if you're going for trains, you're upon. Yes. So

Sidey: Indiana Jones

and the penultimate


Starts off. In flashback land and culminates with a chase through a train. And it's, a think it was

like a circus.

traveling circus

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: carriage.

and he goes through.

all the animals and it

it shows the origin of

why he's got a phobia of snakes

Reegs: how we got his thing and why he wears a hat and where he gets his fucking whip from.

It's bullshit. It's utter bullshit if they did it. Now, if they did it now in a, in an Indiana Jones movie and when oh, he got everything that made his trademark all at once, you'd be like, that is outrageous.

Sidey: Got Hang on a second. I'd sooner they deal with like a backstory in a, in like a three, four minute sequence at the beginning of film, rather than you'll go back and like Wang over fucking origin stories from like the Fox in the twig for like fucking five hour films.

Like you toss bag. Sorry. Sorry. I lost it.

Well, I really like that film irrespective of that hate.

but It's good. Another one

that they should have ended at three. Yeah.

Yeah. They're filming the fifth one now. I think that is going Oh, it's going to be horrible. Yeah.

Dan: tough, isn't it? Unless they really attack it, that franchise with new actors and a, a new, you know,

Reegs: what

Sidey: leave it,

Dan: it's the potential cause it's, it's a great character, you know, his potential

Sidey: leave it

Reegs: a great character and now it's done now it's done

Dan: there's money to be made.

Sidey: Hmm.

Dan: I want us to see it.

Reegs: Yeah, I probably will

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Snowpiercer I think it was the, I think it was bong, Joon, ho I think it's the one about a train that's still running like 17 years after ice has taken over that, but it's all about class systems in, in Korea and in anywhere else, it brilliant. Really good. I might nominate it on the pod one week, so but yeah, it's set on a train.

That's just continuously looping the earth with a finite set of resources on it and stuff. And like each carriage that you've got, like the lower class carriage and then the more middle class you've got war zones. How many see this huge rain? Yeah, it's really good.

Sidey: Really

Dan: Interesting concept. I'm going to nominate in here, the Darjeeling limited where's Anderson. Yeah, it's about sort of three brothers who, three kind of a strange brothers that I think they're getting together after their fathers died too, to go to India on some kind of spiritual journey and, you know, where's Anderson in India with I wouldn't Wilson and

Sidey: Brody.

and Schwartzman. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And I, it was just a really sweet film that had kind of that spirituality to it through their journey. Like, you know, they shared that with you and brilliant luggage. Yeah. And, and funny quirky. So yeah, I'm

Sidey: so another fetish of hillside Right. Another quick fact. So in the U S if you own your own private carriage Amtrak will allow you to hitch it to any train service for a small annual fee,

Reegs: right. That is definitely worth

Sidey: noting. That is a prime fat also another one. So you do know this. If you're going to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train in Japan the train company is legally legally allowed to Sue your family for damages

right to as well.

It's fucking annoying. So the next right, let's do the trading places one, cause this is apart from being like funny and I think a funny film it's, it's, it's so bad now.

Like you could not make it. It's got like racist. And sexism objects obviously objectification in there as well. So

Reegs: are you talking about Jamie Lee Curtis is magnificent,

Sidey: writer. bangers. Yeah. So Eddie Murphy is the first one that there's like the bad guys on the train. Eddie Murphy comes in. He's a Cameroonian like foreign exchange student.

He comes in with the Murray new year and

Reegs: oh my God. It's so bad. Yeah.

Sidey: I mean, and that's, that's like, he is he's he's okay, too. Like, you

Reegs: he's more okay. Then what

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then also that there's that

Dan: Eddie Murphy let's get out there. I mean, in Warren delirious he's he's

Sidey: pretty bad.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: know, you revisit them and it's

Reegs: There were hard watch

Dan: they, they are now. Yeah. I mean, at

Sidey: Especially there's like the

Dan: all the rage wasn't it? It was kind of, but yeah.

Sidey: then the, the other guy, I can't remember his name. Who's in Indiana Jones. Can't remember his bloody name now. Ah, Dell

Reegs: denim, denim Elliott.

Sidey: Melia. He comes in as like a pissed Irish priest. Jamie Lee Curtis comes in all bet. She's in later hoes and meant to be , but she's meant to be. Wow, please, to help me with motor rucksack.

And then Dan Akroyd, why they've chosen, this comes in as a, like blackface basically. It's like a Jamaican, well like a

Reegs: rat

Sidey: called Lionel Joseph. Yeah. Which is Welsh. I've somehow managed to, but the whole scene culminates in the bad guy getting raped by a gorilla. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, it's hard to keep a

Sidey: Yeah. And that all happens on a train. Yeah. Where'd you go from, from blackface sexism and, yeah,

Dan: I

Reegs: You haven't seen that movie for a long

Sidey: that movie ever

Reegs: at really?

Sidey: Yeah. I mean, not

Reegs: Well, a lot of that will have been a big surprise to you then, because it is, yeah.

Sidey: it's, it's hugely racist, like all the way through. Yeah, Yeah. But with trying to sort

Reegs: being really funny though. That's probably worth a revisit at some point.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Murder on the orient express is one that we actually reviewed.

on the pod. I'm talking obviously about the Kenneth branded one,

which features

well, the orient express, which is,

a train and also

tremendous mustache,

but we didn't actually like that film particularly. So let's fuck that off.

Dan: Oh, I don't remember it being that bad.

Do I

Sidey: no, it was, it was it,

was a mediocre

at best. Nerds go

crazy for Spider-Man two, the Sam Raimi one, I think it's only okay. But it does have a great sequence on a train

Reegs: where he's in the Christ pose, where

Sidey: he's, doing quite, I think his identity gets revealed and they all

say they'll keep a secret for him for saving their lives.


don't know why everyone loves that one so much.

I think it's

Dan: for me, it's, it's generally interested in how directors use trains, you know, to, to tell the stories a lot of the time it can be romance and it can be, you know,

Reegs: when a train goes into a

Dan: you look, yeah, well, this is it. It it's, it's all, you know, it's all used in different ways. I really, you know, since the.

First films, all black and white films and things, they use trains. It was one of the first moving pictures, you know, and filmmakers have been fascinated with. I mean, look, all these, as you say to, to narrow it down, it's just

Reegs: whether there was the George Madea thing, I can't remember it. And that it's really in the very early days of cinema, but it was the train coming and the audience like literally thought a train was going to come out and they pay homage to it in the opening sequence of Scorsese's Hugo. You seen that, and that's a 3d film in the cinema, seeing Hugo in 3d by Martin Scorsese on a big screen, it was almost like.

A recreation of that and having, because the heat, the way he used it, particularly in the opening sequences it's really astonishing. And that was a great cinematic moment and a train moment as well. So yeah.

Dan: Is it you to choose your weeks or is it come back

Sidey: Now let's go ahead again.

Reegs: Oh, well that can be mine. That

Sidey: was

Reegs: a, that was,

Dan: Whoa. Yeah. I mean, it.

Sidey: is,

Dan: is, it is, it's fascinating. You know, I'm just trying to have a look at the other ones that I've got written down on my list and I've missed loads. You know what I mean? There'll be tons of suggestions. I hope from this, another one was 2011, super eight.

Sidey: Jerry

Dan: Abrahams. And so the is it JJ Abrams, Abrams. Yeah. And Spielberg, he produced it. And it's a monster thriller kind of like a stab at Goonies, I guess, or, or something like that. But the young filmmaker in this

Reegs: desperately wanted to be a bit like E T

didn't it.

Dan: so it was, but it was his own thing as well. I've really enjoyed this film.

And the, the young lad who's making films and got a passion to be a director and everything. He uses a train in one of the scenes because it's free, you know, and he, there's a, there's a certain name that he, you know that filmmakers call it. I can't remember, but it was, you know, take advantage of that plane.

If, if you're, you know, shooting a film that, that suggests that might need it, you haven't got the budget, go to an airport, go, you know, do do this, go past the train tracks. So they had to get the scene right. In one go because that's the train going, you know, that, that was it. And when directors use normal, you know, trains and speeds and everything, that's it as well.

You've got to get it right. You know, I think that's interesting.

Sidey: Cool. Talking of speed the fastest commercial speed of a train has been recorded at 357 miles an hour, which is the TGV albeit in Japan. Yep. Yup. I'll be in Japan on test tracks. They've had the bullet trains up to 375 mile an hour, but not with man, but not with like commercial passengers on

Dan: Covered your tracks with that fact.

Sidey: you. Thank you very much. Oh, you've derailed me now.

Reegs: Oh,

Dan: along.

Sidey: Make it, I'm making it up. I'm just riffing riffing on him there. Far right, the fastest man fastest man railed vehicle reached 632 miles an hour. In fact, he went from zero. It's a 632 and back to zero. In 1.1 kilometers, there was a guy called John Stapp in 1950

Dan: your face

Reegs: say man

Dan: pushed back

Sidey: in 1950

Reegs: 1954? That's

Sidey: was a, he was a scientist and he wanted to, to study the effects on the body of extreme acceleration and deceleration. So he strapped himself into like a rocket on a rail basically. And did that.

Dan: Well, I heard that no, he went right off the road. So just out of stain

Sidey: Fastest unmanned railed vehicle. I can't believe this 2003, 6,416 miles an hour.


I suppose

Reegs: So you could send something like round the world in like three hours, three or four hours.

Sidey: seconds. Just, you mentioned going into a tunnel. Another very quick fact in Victorian time, if a train went into a tunnel, women were advised to hold pins between their lips because when touch change, when it's the tunnels blokes would try copping a quick kiss in the dark.

She just fucking wit

there's that tunnel.


is now a train tunnel fact, but there's that tunnel somewhere in the UK that

it, the sunlight only goes through it on one



It's Bruno made it and it's his birthday?

Dan: Nah.

Sidey: fucking cool.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: no that's

Dan: That's the best factor the day. Yeah,

Sidey: things. mine, mine, mine was the best part of the day though. So my film is 1978 Superman. There's a couple of train related things here. The first one I watched it again today It's really fucking laughable. He's basically been super, he runs, this is like teenage Superman that like come out of high school or whatever.

And then he runs home faster than as fast as the train, but he's obviously suspended. And if someone like held you up by the Scruff of the neck and you pretended to run away, that's, that's how he's running, it's fucking laughable. And then there's also a scene later on where he when the earthquake shit starts happening, he replaces a rail and a train goes over him, which just wouldn't work. the train would still fucking crash. So I call bullshit on that.

Reegs: Yeah, no, I agree. I agree.

Sidey: 2011 Sherlock Holmes game of shadows is the Moriarty one with


Downey Jr. As

Charlotte. I really like Danny Jr. Is trying to keep it. he does it very well. I think

he's, Moriarty's this guy, Richie. Yeah, it's a

it's a man,


Dan: Cool.

Is the arch the arch enemy.

Sidey: no,

Reegs: I

just wondered who played him.

Sidey: don't recognize

him from anything else ever

Reegs: be, to be opposite. Robert Downey Jr. Is his nemesis.

Sidey: Yeah, that's fine. to recall her. It was, yeah, no,

Dan: It was memorable. Yeah.

Sidey: It's difficult

one because it's

only the second film and you've gone. you've gone in with Moriarty.

Where'd you go from that? You know,

Reegs: You're listening. Whoever played Moriarty phone in and let us know what your name is.

Sidey: older dude kind of looks like a man. Yeah it's good in it.

But they, they even do that. The brick and back falls. So it's like,

it's then the store. So they've gone all in

Dan: They've just spunk

Sidey: rack and back by they do they fight and they go over the, the waterfall. is How? he beats him.

No, but the trailer is earlier on, in much earlier, Ron and it's just after Watson gets hitched and they're going on, him and his wife were going off on their honeymoon and they're on the train and Sherlock that surprises them. He's in he's actually in drag. He's in.

Yeah. Disguise.

Dan: Isn't it

Sidey: Yeah, he's in disguise because Moriarty has got some men going to kill him and he just fucking flings it just flings the misses off the train

And what's the fuck. And You just see I land

in this, but

it's quite surprise. You don't see it coming and you just see a

splash in this water and then they have this big fucking who are about what he was doing.

And then there's the


kicks off. It's good. It's a good movie actually.


Reegs: I'm going to rattle through just a couple quickly. I've got the entire plot of the Chris pine and Denzo Washington, Tony Scott movie unstoppable was, was this no, no, I really despise Tony Scott's movies. They're just like edited to confusion.

Like he's Michael bay style of loading. Well the midnight meat train starring my mate Bradley Cooper is a movie that I didn't get the chance to talk about a lot, but it's a horror movie horror movie based on a Clive Barker thing. So with it's got Vinnie Jones as a sort of monster serial killer at bizarre inception. The way to get out of the limbo thing is to get mowed down.

And then Probably also worth bringing up for group discussion is back to the future. Part three,

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: there is a train in that. I don't know if anybody noticed. Yeah.

Sidey: it's quite key.

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: this

is the original locomotive version then there's the converted version and

then there's the then there's the time-traveling version. where the kid, where the kid puts his Dick

he pointed his deck,

Reegs: Yeah. In real life, the locomotive that they use, the Sierra number three would have had a hard time reaching even 65 miles per hour. And even with the anthracite coal that doc brown has which does burn much more efficiently. But it's very difficult to ignite. So I'm saying it probably didn't happen.

Dan: So, so potentially

Sidey: time travel

Dan: bat future, wasn't

Reegs: just all

Dan: on a

Sidey: just for those of the back who missed it. That's makes favorite Western.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. It's a good why I'm going to also go for a couple before sunwise, which is the Richard Linklater and Eaton Hawk, they meet on a train young

Capo one, two young people that, that start chatting on a plane and then decided to get off together and spend the next 24 hours wandering around Austria or wherever it Vienna, I think is and yeah, I really, really loved that film.

Reegs: You've done a bit of travel on trains and you

Dan: I really liked train travel is my favorite form of travel. To be honest,

Reegs: do hear that

Dan: you go in a long distances. Yeah. It's comfortable, you know, it's you, it's just that perfect mix of getting somewhere pretty quick, but seeing the country and seeing that, seeing the sights

Reegs: What about with kids?

Dan: Yeah. Oh yeah.

Kids love, trains. Love it. I mean,

Reegs: I could quite fancy that along.

Dan: it's a wonderful, wonderful way to travel. Yeah, for sure. Long, long train journeys.

Reegs: even better.

Dan: Yeah. The other one Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. So obviously they, they're trying to blow up trains and things, you know, they're, they've got Loco motives to do it. They just want the money and they wanna get away.

And it's, it's one of the, the first kind of westerns I remember seeing that.

Sidey: just,

Dan: Embrace the, the bad boys as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: so it's not one, that

Dan: in. Yeah.

Sidey: Crept up and slapped me in the face.

Dan: it's a, it's a classic along with standby me.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Still, still not saying it. So when I say, I know focus that you would watch it.

I've got From now

until I die

to, to fulfill that promise

Reegs: from now, until tomorrow

Dan: my boys seen it,

Reegs: Okay.

Dan: you know, I mean, he's,

Reegs: he's better than

Dan: he's ha you've got a headstart on him and it's an absolute ripper that one

Sidey: last couple of train facts, the longest train ever, not the longest journey. This is the actual train.

Reegs: itself.

Sidey: have a guess in terms of length,

Reegs: a couple of kilometers,

Sidey: 7.3 kilometers long.

Wow. Made up of 683 cars built a whole all in Australia, which is fucking insane. Yeah.

Reegs: But didn't, we have Australian mining.

Sidey: fans. Yeah. thank you very much for that.

Reegs: And you've all, you've got enormous trains. Well

Sidey: that will really resonate

Yeah. They've got road trains in there as well, which

Dan: how they work out when those big trains, how the other ones are coming the other way? Do you know how they listened to each other with their engineers?

Sidey: Do you go

Dan: Oh,

Sidey: love it. Also the, the longest straight stretch of a train track is also in Australia. Two hundred and ninety three,

Reegs: hundred ninety three kilometers

Sidey: Of completely straight track without a single deviation, but they've got roads that are 200 kilometers with no band

Reegs: want to know that. That is definitely straight. I D there's you know?

Sidey: Yeah, it's absolutely straight go and go and fact check it. And also just anyone hazard a guess if you took all the train tracks in the world and put them in to end how long that would be,

three miles

Reegs: million, 5 million

Dan: I know you've got to go to like the moon and back 50

Sidey: not quite the moon and back it's 421 kilometers of train track, which is enough moons, about 390 kilometers. So yeah, you'd be able to

Dan: Make it to the moon

Sidey: to the moon

Dan: and you can come back on the same track.

Sidey: We could do that tonight. Yeah, the Patsy trout from the front. Sorry. I forgot to add the thousand that was quite a key, key bit of information go from here to the moon, round the moon and a little bit back and then just fall off into oblivion.

Dan: use the same track.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You could do just, just finishing the things I've got my list, obviously can't mention this without mentioning the Hogwarts express. Yeah. This is where it gets dark. Yeah. Cause that's the first time he encountered the dementors isn't it on the, in a prisoner of Azkaban that's yeah, fucking cool.

And and a film that I like, which I'm going to guess. You guys, Hey, I like predator too.

Reegs: Oh, no, I liked

Sidey: Yeah, I like it as well. No. Yeah. Gary booshie, isn't it? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Danny Glover. Gary Brucey. Yup. And there's like a, like a subway bit where the predator gets into the subway and is an absolute fucking bloodbath.

It's it's pretty full on. And that's.

Dan: smaller.

Sidey: I immediately thought of a joke


snakes on a train, but that is actually a

real film.

So I haven't

seen it. seminary Jackson feature in there. there's

a couple with trains baked right into the title, throw momma from the train and planes, trains and


Reegs: momma from the train is, is kind of a subversion of the plot of strangers on a train, which is the Hitchcock movie as well,

Sidey: And money, money train, which, is the

Woody Harrelson,

And snips Yeah, Tax man. None of those that I've seen though, unfortunately, Ghostbusters has the ghost train bit on it. Yeah.

Yup. Oh, the train. This is obviously Trainspotting, but I don't think there's any trains in they There's

one bit a And midnight express always confused me cause there's no fucking trains in now.

Reegs: either.

Sidey: So there's loads of like,

go, right


Reegs: when we watched how to train your dragon.

Sidey: sheriff,

Kelly, we reviewed that. she


a horse Sparky. He gets very jealous when there's a new train in town and everyone's wowed by the train and he thinks he's now

different because

everyone prefers to go on

the train.

So he goes off in a fucking little half, and also classic kids.

TV corner I've all the engine?

Dan: Yeah. I bought the N Thomas, the tank

Sidey: that I think it was Welsh So we can discount it.

for that reason.

Reegs: Oh, I've just got one more. My last one, it's just, I couldn't do it without mentioning nice guy mobster, Bobby Baca, Lee back, Catalina airy from the Soprano's. He had a big interest in trains and he used to dress up in like a little conductors thing and play with his trains. And unfortunately that's how he's killed.

Sorry for the spoiler alert, but playing with his train set.

Sidey: There's that sort of culture of people who do do that. It's weird. I think.

Reegs: Is it, or could I just be getting, could I get

Sidey: Well, it's weird Cause I'm

going to stop. No.

is it

train sets as a, as a kit. I had some, Yeah.

my babies,

Dan: haven't got a

Sidey: but it's when they, when they've got this whole enormous room with the whole sort of town

kit out

and I was like that's really obsessive, you know, you go places, they got those in it.

Like, yeah.

Reegs: fucking

Dan: I would love it just to track around

Sidey: Yeah. Oh yeah. Like delivering drink and cheese and That would be good. Yeah. I'm into that. Can you work on that please?

Dan: of a sushi bar going on bridge on the river Kwai.

Sidey: Yeah, of course.

Dan: That train spotting. I think there was a train,

Sidey: there is, but I don't think

Dan: okay. Carlito's way. Why or

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Dan: big spoiler? Benny Blanco from the bunks.


Sidey: fucking love

Dan: yeah. Yeah. So And, and also a passage to India. Do you remember that one?

Reegs: It, but I do know

Dan: yeah, backpack, New Hampshire. It's Ian Forester's book and it's kind of goes on a bit of a, a social commentary at the time of how they're going to cage. It starts off they're going to the Malabar caves or somewhere, and it turns out like an Indian gentleman and a, a Western woman are going into their caves and then it just ends, you don't know what's happened and things, but it's, it goes in then.

Accusations and things like that, you know? So it's yeah, it's a, it's a good film though. And there's one point where Dr. Aziz who's who's the, the Indian guy is just hanging off the train as they do in India, as you go over one of those fantastic bridges that are got the big kind of stands on over water, and he's just kind of hanging out there fantastic


Reegs: see such blatant district disregard for your own safety is really something quite astonishing

Sidey: a breach of health and safety.


Dan: Yes,

Reegs: it is. Yeah.

Sidey: Frowned upon it.

Shall we try

and get four films into the top five

Yes. go. I'm going to go with the Skyfall sequence at the beginning. It's fucking cool.

Reegs: right.

Sidey: then

Dan: Is

the Darjeeling limited for one?

Reegs: Oh, well that's helpful because I'm just going to go.

I'm going to go for stand by me.

Sidey: Nice.

No Toy story three for me.


Sweet dreams are made of cheese.


they are. I went to the shop and bought some cheese today cause we didn't have any, and we didn't have any at all last week. So we definitely needed some and we've got a selection of three


start off with what I think is our least favorite tonight. Yeah. It's still a podium though. Applebee's farmhouse chair. It's from Shropshire.

Dan: That's that big orange

Sidey: Yeah. So fuck. You Shop shit. This is mellow with a deep, savory unsatisfying flavor, handmade at the Applebee

Reegs: it's a right

Sidey: family, dairy by the cows themselves. That's clever. It's a bit like a Wensleydale it's not my cup of tea. And then, yeah, I haven't even tried it, but you've just


me off.

And this is one that is stapled. When I go to Waitrose, this is what I always get is the little flurry

from, Mazda Chev Ru it's a goat's milk, cheese, rich, complex, and taggy, I wouldn't say it was that tangy.

Dan: No, it's not over. That's that

Sidey: It's just smooth.

Dan: that, not the one in the little dish there. That's the other one is it?

Sidey: It's in a kind of

like Bolsa words kind of part of

Its own.


very, it's very, very creamy and

very, yeah,

Dan: it looked a bit too soft

Sidey: It's no

it's it's good. It's really good It's runny. then a new one, which is a blue blur Duffin wall.

or I'll pronounce it's a pasteurized cow's milk cheese. It's,

it's kind

of like a Brie

sort of

with some blurriness to it.

It's sweet and buttery with hint of blue with added

cream for rich

Jewess texture. And it is fucking Serious. You gotta think, think of rich man's Cambodia. It's my new favorite


Reegs: demolished. favorite cheese in the world.

Sidey: pairs certainly today with the Rosemary crackers as well. And we've not even tried the gooseberry relish yet.

no, we'll get into that with that fucking Shropshire

Reegs: It sounds like the perfect cheese for somebody who's not necessarily into blue

Sidey: It's a great, it's a gateway drug for probably

Dan: and it's a nice bottle of red that you brought along as well,

Sidey: Yeah. and that you to my colleagues for that

that all segues very neatly into this week's movie, which is a

Foreign film this week. Peter. Yeah. I think it had been mentioned for many moons ago about

Dan: on this

Sidey: not this particular film, but it had been mentioned on this podcast that there's a whole world of cinema out there called Bollywood's that we've, that we know very little about. And we'd never really covered at all So the question then is this Bollywood? Well, I think Bollywood is basically anything that's like Indian

I thought it

would be more dancing NMR. isn't it?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Well, you come loaded with a whole bunch of preconceptions about what it means. Yeah. That's of my sex date.

I, the other thing I wondered is, is it, is it an offensive term? Bollywood's because some people have argued. It is some of the Indian

Sidey: it's referred to in India and in other countries

Dan: Well, Bollywood is just one type of Indian cinema,

Sidey: Right. But what I actually searched for like

Dan: just the most

Sidey: great Bollywood films and you know, within the criteria. So within the year, so a more modern one, I know that there's like a whole like back catalog of like really sort of dance-y

they showed

sort of some of that.

there, there were snippets of that in there, but this, this came up from that sort of search.

And I, I liked the, I mean, it was described as a, as a black comedy crime thriller. And have we said the name of it yet and didn't yeah. Which apparently means blindly. Yeah. So

Reegs: and then

Sidey: that's clever. Cause the guy's blind. That is,

yeah. So it's a really apt name. Yeah.

It's But

Dan: as far as like Bollywood, I think that's obviously just whipped off from Hollywood and it would came from Bombay was where it originated.

And now it's obviously Mumbai. You see how they were? There's not there's Nollywood.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And Dollywood, we talked about last week.

Dan: there's lots of words.

Reegs: What, what's the left from five Hollywood's where you go to visit Stan

Sidey: Yeah. Lowly bird is where you have ice creams,

Dan: Yeah. Jolly would

Reegs: So this movie starts with farmer in a field, hunting a hair. That's the opening shot of the movies. You just, after a thing that it comes up, I didn't actually catch what it said, but it said something to the effect of

Sidey: no were harmed in the making of this movie.

Dan: the life of the liver

Reegs: life of the liver. Yeah, it was it was a weird quote.


Sidey: first thing I noticed about this film cause I last week was quite hectic. and I'd been out on Wednesday and then we were out Friday. So I put this all on Saturday and I was really fucking tired and I thought I'll watch


in bed because if I do fall asleep, at least I fucking

get up, and move around. So I put it on and it seemed like fucking forever till anything actually came onto the screen It was just black screen text.


tech just said, fuck me.

I fell it I fell asleep, like creative director and stuff like that the credits had started, I fell asleep before the film started it was a there on Sunday. minutes before you saw the hair.


Reegs: yeah, no, you're

Dan: Maybe that's just another style they have in present in the films, you know, he's get them

Sidey: Why I thought,

Dan: upfront and, you know, nobody stays for the credits, less blame at the front.

Sidey: good idea actually. Yeah.

Dan: And

Sidey: so it

was a really long post credit scene, Is that what we're saying?

Dan: I guess. So and then you've got this animation. Yeah. Bonnie which took me by surprise. It didn't really know what I was getting myself in for at this stage.

Reegs: Yeah, I agree.

Sidey: Yeah, it was, it was meant to be.

Like it wasn't meant to be sort of like rough around the edge. I think it was meant to be like the best kind of CGI.


Reegs: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Dan: Absolutely. It wasn't a cartoon one. They tried to make this, you know, if they could have trained the real bunny to do what that bunny did, they would have,

Sidey: it was a

Reegs: jarring start this guy, this farmer hunting this this bunny through the,

Dan: the bunnies eat in his cabbage.

And and you know, just a standard farm scene, I guess,

Reegs: bead on him, but we don't really see what happens.

And then, then we do find out, yeah. Later we see at cache who's played by Irish man. Khurana, I'm having to go with


Sidey: why not?

Reegs: the pronunciations and he said a talented, but blind pianist. He's playing a virtuoso piece in his apartment. It's quite

Sidey: It's dramatic music.


Reegs: There's just the birds tweeting and him playing.

Sidey: Do

Dan: you know if this actor actually

Sidey: he's a musician.

Dan: is a musician? Yeah, because I've heard that they've, I've read that they they're remaking this movie over in different languages because I said before, it's so different Indian languages, you know, they're going to do it in Tamil and they're going to go and do it in, in different states and things.

And they're looking at those kinds of actors that can actually, you know, play the piano. You know, as well as, so it's interesting to know that eats he is a musician, you know,

Reegs: So he's playing he's in a sort of fairly modest apartment. And he's got this piano in there. He's playing, he's got his cat and he's got a neighborhood kid who seems obsessed by the idea that the guy might not be blind. He's trying to play tricks on him.

Sidey: Yeah. He puts out a rope for him to trip over.


Dan: Yeah. I, well, he he's just seems like a little tearaway, really. He just seems like one of those kids that's hustling in and playing pool tricks, to be honest on a, a blind guy who's, who's just trying to get about and going on his day. And, and so he eventually does.

Reegs: Yeah. And he gets mowed down by a really hot chick on a bike

Sidey: She's distracted. She's, she's just had a set to with a guy I may not, I've not been to India. Dan, you have, I've seen loads of footage of like absolute chaos. That seems to be Indian town and city streets. She's nearly, you know, she's getting some hassle from a driver and then I think turns a corner, still arguing with a guy doesn't look and our caches crossing, a pedestrian crossing and she knocks him over on her bike.

Reegs: Mm

Sidey: yeah,

Dan: live

Sidey: He worked out

in India.

Reegs: Yeah. I did spend quite a lot of time in India. The driving is really quite something. I mean, it's the same thing, Indian people agree as well.

Sidey: side of the road.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: there was that. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: So he gets mowed down and she brings him back to her father's place.

Sidey: Yeah. She like chats to him in a coffee.

I think she buys him a sandwich and a coffee in a, in a coffee shop first. But then eventually after finding out that he's a pianist takes takes him back to her father's place so that, you know, with a potential opportunity to perform in his restaurant. right. Yeah.

Dan: And and they need somebody because the restaurant is ticking over base.

Sidey: not

Dan: Packing them out each night. But eventually he settles in there and and the crowds come because he's decent.

Reegs: He's

Sidey: yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: We got a musical sort of number over a montage at this point

Dan: in, in Hindi films, traditionally ones that I've seen. I haven't seen many, but I've the ones that I have seen.

They, the music takes over. It's the music and dancing more than the plot. You know, a lot of the time the plot is just moving around and it's shaking and it's, it's, you know, jumping and, and it's either moving too slow, too fast, or you have to take a lot of for granted, but the music kind of puts it together and holds it together.

And a huge dance shows. And this was a little more subtle in the fact that it was just him at the piano. And he's a lovely voice and, you know, and that the people seem to like,

Reegs: dangerous eyes or forget, we, we, we were both sitting on the sofa sort of trying to sing along.

Cause you've

Dan: got

Reegs: obviously you're watching in, in subtitles to try and get a feel for the, but it's a, it's a, it's sort of a pop song really more

Dan: Well, see it. So you have this blind guy talking about dangerous eyes and, and things that can, you know, it's a, it's a love song. It's that confirms his

Sidey: But after one of his performances, there's a, a guy who's like a retired, Bollywood's like genuine sort of like Bali redactor called Pramod. Pramod. And it, and it shows in a few clips, here's some of his older stuff in his older films. And that was, that was the real kind of like the Bollywood that I've kind of like seen snippets of and some of that.

So I'd love to, I think some of them are in like, what looked like definitely worth watching is like the fucking, like the energy and the, like the,

Dan: yeah, well, there's a, there's a lady.

Sidey: Yeah. The colors


Dan: Before on the, on the radio, on the, on our, on my record player latter Mangeshkar I think the pronunciation is, but she's the most recorded artists in history because of the amount of films they just churn out. And and her voice is that really kind of, you know, when you hear it, you know, it female Indian voice, and it's just hits all the high notes and

Reegs: going to sound like a real asshole here, but it's not a style of music that I vibe with particularly. And I have given,

Sidey: that doesn't make you an asshole. It's just,

not me to hear it.

Reegs: Yeah, but it's, it's like rule it's like going, there's like, no good, like Western music.

Do you know what I mean? It's a bit like on that or there's no good blues and I haven't found it yet. Maybe it's the way

Sidey: to look it. Yeah.

Reegs: the one that will open my eyes, but

Dan: there will be something because they're

Reegs: but I was like, you expecting a lot.

If I was expecting anything from this movie, I was expecting a lot of what you were talking about

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: in the movie.

Sidey: yeah. So anyway


Promo invites them to basically play, for his, wedding anniversary yeah. For at their flats or their house for him and his wife for the wedding anniversary. And you see, you've already been introduced to promo his wife semi who? Yeah. Yeah. And she's, she's younger than him by, by a fair amount.

Dan: where it gets interested in it because he finds himself in an apartment about to

Sidey: well, she's quite taken aback when

he turns up and knocks on the door. and she's a surprise for her, but he's not there. He's had to be go away on business. So our cash has arrived at the at the apartment and semi is their

the curtain twitchy neighbors. Comes out to see what's going on. And because she sort of snooping around, She,

she invites him

and he says, well, let me, I'll just,

Dan: or something. Yeah.

Sidey: she says, I'll just, I'll just find my husband just to make sure

you know, this

is all legit.


Dan: wants to, yeah. The guy just turns up at a door, says that he's you know, it wants to come in the house. She, she wants to back up the

Sidey: it seems reluctant to let them in at first, but then when he's very insistent and and, and sort of says that he's legitimately, he's been paid he's meant to be there at a certain time.

He's arrived a little bit early, but so he goes in and is invited in

Reegs: eventually she

Sidey: okay with him coming in. Because he sits down to then start playing the piano. And then it's kind of quite cleverly revealed.

Dan: Have we already, at this point already done the reveal for us, the viewer.

Sidey: because he's taking his lenses

Dan: what you would have seen

Reegs: before this scene yeah. We've

Dan: this scene, we find out and we're about 45 minutes in. Okay.

Sidey: He's a motherfucking fraud.

Dan: He's not blind.

Sidey: So the plot sort of starts to pick up

some pace. When he goes back to his apartment, it takes off his glasses.


Dan: 45 minutes in

Sidey: Yeah.

you are. And you see, you see that his eyes appear or cloudy and blind and bad comments, but he then takes out what are basically contact


too. He's a fraud. He, he can see


Reegs: it's sort of hinted with this idea beforehand, but honestly it was still a surprise to me.

Dan: expected.

Sidey: but we didn't.

Dan: Yeah. Well, now you realize that it was suspicion with a kid rather than him just being a little solid, you know, he

Sidey: straight away. I I started thinking, oh, and now he's stringing this girl along. you know, She's all, you know, thinks he's blind and there's a lot of sympathy for him.

Reegs: Well, and also he's aspiring to go to London or Vienna or something.

It's London, isn't it?

Sidey: and

Dan: and to falls forward.

The, the reasons why it's because in his artistic pursuit, he wants to be able to find new inspiration. And I think that's pretty much the excuse for pretend to be

Reegs: That's, that's what he says,

Sidey: it's to leverage his career.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. It's to give him like a USP over other like talented

Reegs: well, there's lots of, maybe he's blind to

Dan: So, so,

Reegs: Stan.


Dan: so yeah, maybe he's

Sidey: con artist

Dan: So

Sidey: Yeah. So he goes, he goes to the, the, the gig at a prem odds apartment.

Dan: to play in advance and rings the bell.

Sidey: She is

kind of reluctant,

Reegs: first of all, don't we,

Sidey: Yeah, who's, who's snooping. Yeah.

Reegs: she's snooping, but she thinks he's blind because he's stepping around. So nobody's, you know, everybody's unassuming about his blindness now, essentially.

And he gets led to the front door of the other place and he goes into the apartment. She doesn't want him

Sidey: reluctant at first, but then she kind of rings her husband and he verifies that.


Dan: she sees the neighbor didn't change. She got gone. Just

Sidey: Yeah. But yeah, first she doesn't, you can see, she clearly doesn't want him to come in. Doesn't know who he is or why he's. Eventually though, because he appears to be blind. She's okay with the fact that he can come in and basically perform for her,

Reegs: but she is edgy and we don't really know why until he sits down to

Sidey: it doesn't take long to, to say but the reveal of the body, it was quite good because he just sits down and starts playing. And obviously if you put himself in, in fit yourself in his shoes, he just sits down. So it's playing, but where he sat directly in front of him on the floor, kind of heading up till now is the body of prime odds with blood pouring out of it.

Dan: guy who booked

Reegs: You can see around the corner,

Sidey: a recurring theme in this film is things.


You know, people try and start limb and shock him and do things to him. Like basic trying to catch him out, to see if he is actually blind or not. And he does really well with this. This is good. It's some seriously good acting as the character for him to just carry on playing, knowing that the guy that he's come around to sort of place some music for is lying dead on the floor, but he has to

Reegs: this bit.

And the next bit is all done. As one take, I need to go back and watch it, but because he starts playing, he plays D did he catch what you played by the way? Beethoven's fifth, which is the murder song from a clockwork orange. So, I mean, he's playing that while he sees the body and stuff, then he says he has to go to the toilet.

Doesn't he?

Dan: That's right.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: he goes in, and this is where this direction is like really brilliant because you go into the toilet and you're like, why is he still pretending to be blind? There's no reason to be like, he's fumbling with the, and all this stuff. And then the camera turns around and you see the, obviously the lover of

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Keller

Dan: he

Reegs: Manohar.

Yeah. Who eats 16 eggs a day.

Sidey: Yeah. That was really bad. Yeah.

Dan: And, and so, so your man goes back out all the time, still keeping up this blind facade and needs to finish another sort of 20, 30 minutes of music which actually is almost played in real time.

Is there long music scenes aren't there? I mean, there's around 10, I think songs in this and each one of them are three or four minutes long, at least

Reegs: they weren't like what my preconceived

Sidey: no, but I think this

Dan: They're very poppy kind of Bollywood.

Sidey: the re like the there's, there's good reason for this to be sort of like prolonged is because whilst he's doing that, doing that the semi and Manohar are covering up there. They're basically putting the body in a suitcase they're cleaning up. And so, and because of the noise of the, the piano being played it, so the good cover for them, and this is obviously all unfolding, unbeknownst to them, whilst this guy can actually see where they're doing, which is quite quite a good, all bit drawn out scene.

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: Once, once he leaves the,

he realizes

he's gonna, he's in a difficult position because he needs to run.

Amanda murder, but he has to give away.

Dan: the fact

Sidey: that

Dan: a massive

Sidey: that he can see

Dan: He was a nice moral dilemma that actually it wasn't it because it was the point where you decided what kind of character this guy is.

And he,

Sidey: It goes to do the right thing. But with another twist of fate, it turns out that Manohar is actually like the inspector at the police station. So

Reegs: This is again, done really cleverly isn't it?

Because he goes into the police station. And he's about to say that he's he, where he's about. He is actually about to give himself up. He is about to admit his, his, that he's a fraud. And then the inspector poked his head round the door and it's fucking,

Dan: hard. lover and yeah.

Sidey: he my business goes where have we seen him


in this immediate scene and, yeah. But at cash thinks on his feet again, which is obviously something he has to do in his now used to doing he says that he thinks his cat has been murdered because he can't find his cat.

And that's how he explains it away. So Manohar, knowing that this is obviously the guy who was playing the piano just after he's murdered his lovers fella offers to give him a lift back to his apartment to find

Dan: incest insists on it. Yeah, because

Sidey: have a quick exchange outside the police station where the wife of Manohar drives up and is like, oh, w where have you been?

Because obviously he's been spending a lot of time away from home because he's been doing semi.


Dan: Yeah. And he's, his suspicions are fully aroused now and he wants to make sure that this guy is either blind or or won't, won't be able to talk.

Reegs: tests him.

Sidey: He's got, well, he's got a newspaper in his apartment. So what have you got? Well, I've got

a newspaper and He's criticized for cat picking up cat shit

Dan: He's got an answer for everything.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: anyway, it kind of moves on doesn't it again, because

Sidey: the funeral. yeah.

Well, I think bef before that they interviewed the neighbor. No, she,

she says a load of stuff at the, at the funeral

goes out, right. says, well, that was, there was a loud noise that day and she's faking it. She's not cause she gives this big

like, oh, I'm so sad. Blah, blah, blah, Mrs.


Dan: Mrs. Desal. Yeah.

Sidey: And she says, no it's bullshit. There was three people

there. The third man, didn't get The third man. Yeah. He says that She describes Manohar as like a bodybuilder, which he's just like a Tubby guy in a vest, but yeah. True. True.

So she says a man went in

before the piano.

Dan: player

Sidey: And, And

she said there was a loud bang. And so she's just saying

this too.

I think

it goes

Dan: the assistant, the deputy

Sidey: of the guys and he goes, he goes back in and they know they, they approach

semi yeah. and with this information, and they want

to know what's going on. Next thing we were back at

the apartment. misses

Reegs: apartment now.

Sidey: Yeah, And this

was hilarious. but also horrific. She just as our cash arrives again, they're chatting. So it's a, it's a conversation by a balcony, the Lyft opens

and he

sees that she's

having tackled over the thing and just fucking chucked over the balcony, yeah. So it's So like happens so fast.

I was like,

Dan: So now she's involved in, in two murders that have a husband and that have a neighbor.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: He's, he's arrived at the apartment, I think to teach the daughter some piano lights and give us some piano lessons

Dan: and sees this happening just as the lift doors open, but then kind of bends down and, and starts flummoxing around pretending still that he's blind and she doesn't know how to take it. And he's, he's got to go again and do all that. That must be torture, you know, when, when you've seen that and you're going back in that house and having to pretend that you're

Sidey: keep this pre turn. So yeah, at this stage, I think, sorry,

Reegs: movie he had developed a relationship with Sophie and there was a scene that said they had sex. I was quite surprised by that.

Sidey: I think it was suggested it was, it was confirmed later, but suggested at the time, because he, they basically spend the night.

Reegs: Yeah. And it becomes important later because Wait. No,

Dan: but I, I tell you what that is.

It is true because it's quite racy, you know, you back in as I remember first being aware of Bollywood films, you wouldn't even say kiss, you know, so to imply,

Reegs: another thing that surprised me a bit. Yeah.

Sidey: It was more implied. You didn't actually sort of see anything

Dan: wasn't a steamy scene, but I think it was more than implied. It was,

Sidey: well, she got undressed down to her bra.

Reegs: at all, because I think a lot of films from that era with sexless

Sidey: is what I'm getting at.

Reegs: You don't,

Sidey: That wasn't, I don't know

No, most of the pithy, but so, but yeah, there's, there's a couple of extra, like little snippets where now our cash is being a little bit distant from Sophie. She sort of, he doesn't, he goes off straight at the end of like one of his performances at that. Yeah. She

pulls up by him on a

skirt and gives him a load of shit.

for ignoring her. Yeah. But He's got all this going on.

Dan: He doesn't know what to do. He's he's still horrifically confused. And then it becomes the

Reegs: well he tells, he tells her doesn't he tells semi that he faked his blindness.


Sidey: it? So semi goes around. So the, so the, to basically confronts him and finds out there's

Dan: no, she

Reegs: she

Sidey: she poisons him. Yeah.

Reegs: She pulls a gun on them

Sidey: Yeah. At one point she pointed the gun to test whether he's blind or not, but

Dan: what a twist we're getting into now for part of the plot. I mean, we're, we're building up to something quite.

Sidey: he drinks

and he watches a poor poison in his, And that's the giveaway that he, he pretends to knock it over and she's like, she pulls the gums. I fucking

knew you went blind. You're a cheat, you know? you're a cheater.

Dan: And he admits it and and then promises look, honestly, I'm not going to say anything.

Sidey: I'm leaving the

Dan: fine. I'm leaving the country. I'm out there and going to

Reegs: He says, it's an experiment or something, doesn't he, it he's like really trying to cover his

Sidey: up. Yeah. By this stage, the kids is also managed to get footage that proves that he's that he's not blind and is trying to sell it to anyone that goes into,

Dan: the end. Yeah. On the end of a bamboo stickies, put his mobile phone on

Sidey: He then shows that to Sophie yeah.

and She knocks on the door to confront him and it semi that opens the door with a sort of blanket wrapped round her as if they've

just had Yeah. Well, cause, cause she has actually drugged in with the offerings from the funeral. So as soon as he, as soon as she walked in, he was already drugged. So he's

Reegs: so many

Sidey: it is, yeah,

Reegs: it's brilliant

Sidey: to, to cover all of this, but yeah.

So he's already doing. He passes out when Sophie comes around, semi is sort of quickly undressed him, put him in bed wrapped sort of a sheet around her suggesting that that they've been sleeping together. And that he and that, and then Sophie reveals the semi. Well, even though she knows it already, that he's a fraud, I've just seen footage of him showing that he's, he's not blind.

And then it kind of, he passes out, well, it kind of like cuts. It's almost like that's the end of the first half of the film. And then it kind of like starts taking it even more weird

Dan: yeah. Then the vampires and aliens come, then I know.

Reegs: she, she comes back to the, the, the flat doesn't she, and she goes in and he wakes up,

Sidey: faking it anymore.

Reegs: not faking it anymore because something's, she's put something in his eyes.

Sidey: Yeah. She's damaged his eyes and he is now

Reegs: he is actually blind.

Dan: Which was, I thought actually kind of a, a twist that I hadn't seen coming, I thought was quite clever from her really, because all that was keeping them from prison was the fact that this guy wasn't blind and could have seen what he said he was going to see,

Reegs: now he's

Dan: know, but now he really is blind.

Then that was it. Obviously the, what we find out a little bit later that

Sidey: you

Dan: the doctor could tell they were recently damaged. It wasn't like a long-term blindness and things like that.

Sidey: So

Dan: The mistake was, was hers and everything, but it goes now into some like really weird shit. He's a he's poisoned

Sidey: him.

He's blown. Manohar gets wind of this and then it's like, right. There's too many loose ends, goes round, pops up in our caches flats or kill him. And then there's a chase. Our cash manages to escape from Manohar run out. And

Dan: I may recur really cause he he's blind. He knows the apartment well,

Sidey: out into the street, although it's, he has been kind of like pretending to be blind around his house quite a lot.

So he knows his way pretty well around his house, but he escapes out into the street, runs down the street, hits a lamppost and and gets knocked out again.

Reegs: And when he comes to he's in a sort of shady,

Sidey: illegal

Reegs: well, it was like the bathroom from soar, but

Sidey: Dr. Nick Riviera. Isn't it.

Dan: he's in, he's in what he thinks is a hospital, you know, it's it turns out to be a black market organ

Sidey: So, so this is so the two people that are there like this, this woman and man, are they mother, son,

Dan: I think just friends,

Sidey: are you sure that they,

Dan: in crime.

Sidey: Okay.

so they're there, but we've already been introduced to them earlier in the film. She sells it.

A raffle ticket. Yeah. And then he gives our cash a lift home.

Dan: No, I think he helps sell a raffle ticket rather than buys one. Doesn't he he's

Reegs: Is this a doctor? What's his job? So

Sidey: someone and he touches it because it's good luck for a blind person's day. Yeah. So we've already been introduced to these guys, but that becomes important because he works out that it's them and.

In order to spare his own life, because what they're now planning on doing is with this guy is they're running an illegal clinic that basically sells people's organs. And they've got a doctor that comes around.

Reegs: and

Sidey: They're gonna, they're telling him it's under the premise to like repair his eyes and look after him.


Reegs: they're actually drawing on his kidneys and

Sidey: yeah. Yeah, yeah. yeah. And he works at Albert in when the doctor comes around and he's going to kill him and take his kidneys, he manages to convince them that he can get hold of a load of money and pay them off.

Dan: And what it was was the Shiva tattoo on her arm.

Sidey: basically makes out look you know, I'm, I'm not gonna I wouldn't make this up.

I know that you've got us tattoo of Shiva in your arm, even though I'm blind and they go, they, they, they get, they, they sort of like take almost like a religious view too. It's like, wow, this, yeah. But not just kill this guy because he's, he's got sort of

Dan: Lord Shiva, Lord

Sidey: he's got sight beyond sight sort of thing.


Dan: He's a reincarnation of law achiever at one point there, the gal goes didn't she?

And they're going all steady on, you know,

Sidey: So collaboratively, they sort of hatch a plan. To, to, to get a load of money, one crore, rupees, I dunno how you say it, but it's, don't even know how much money it

Reegs: I think it is a hundred million rupees, I think

Sidey: That sounds like a lot.


Dan: A chunk of change.

Sidey: yeah, so they come up with a very convoluted plan, I think, to kidnap semi in order to like extort money.


From her and also get the Manohar involved. They revealed to Manor, Manor, house

Reegs: is just going a million miles an hour. Now it's just fucking

Sidey: try to it on

Reegs: yeah, you have to there's so

Dan: but basically the the goodies become the batteries. The batteries become the goodies, then they all team up together to get some more buddies it's yeah, I mean, but

Reegs: just, it's just going bonkers

Dan: it is, yeah, it's tough to keep up at this stage. And suddenly you've got the people that were about to harvest his organs, working with him to go and get the ostomy.

Sidey: to get the money off of semi. And so they, they kidnap her, they lose Manohar to the, to the building that they've got.

Her in whilst Manohar is on their way there, they double-cross our cash and tie him up again. And then they manner.

Reegs: shoots himself

Sidey: manages to execute himself in the, in the lift.

Reegs: Unbelievable.

Sidey: Yeah. So he's, he's now gone away, Semyon our casher and then again, there's a, yet another twist where then they've got to team up semi and our cash for the first time in order to try and escape and

Dan: from the doctor

Sidey: from this doc.

Reegs: And the doctor is offering her offering her Courtney

Sidey: Yeah, because he's, he's done a blood test on her and found out that she's got an incredibly rare blood type and don't find that out at that point. But she, he basically says, listen, I now want to use her organs and I'll get, I'll get you her corneas.


Dan: we've hit the jackpot here. Some Arabian prince was going to pay a million dollars because his daughter was ill and she had the right blood type for a liver transplant or some such thing. I can't remember exact organ, but it's going along now. And this is quite incredible stuff.

Isn't it? I mean, there's some,

Reegs: bonkers. Absolutely insane. Yeah. I dunno. What was the age rating on this

Sidey: I I'm not, I'm not, I didn't even look it up again again though that, so our cash, our cash. And so it is it's, it's funny, but since they're all at the same time. Yeah. I mean,

Dan: The, the states, you know, where they got the screen mask when he just turns around and he's one of those. Yeah. And, and

Sidey: Just to try

Reegs: Just to try and catch him out. Yeah.

Sidey: So our cash and semi kind of like collaborate to, to free themselves semi then turns on our cash again and is trying to kill him. Eventually the doctor comes in the room, semi goes for the doctor and our cash eventually comes out and helps the doctor overpower semi so that he can then I dunno, like, cause she's got a bit, so she's like shanking him with something which was quite So scalp was him a million times. Yeah. So again, and then the, so the doctor and our cash collaborate again. So it's it's as, as you were saying before that yeah. All the people who have like that, they're all, they've all got their own. Yeah. They're jumping into cahoots with

Dan: whoever can get in one leg ahead,

Reegs: exactly

Sidey: kind of by this stage. I think they faked semi's death made it look like her car's gone over into the river or whatever.

Reegs: they've put her in the boot of the car of an ADA.

Sidey: no, no. But so, so no one's looking for her, cause I assume that she's she's dead or they're not, they're not looking for her alive kidnaps sort things. She's suspected dead. And yet they put the doctor put semi in the boot of his car. That's when he reveals that there's like some rich, I think Saudi kind of guy, who's got a daughter with a, you know, terrible kind of like illness, her rare blood type matches that he can now sell the, the organs for millions.

And he's gonna saw our cash out with some brand new corners. I think that that's where that stops and then it, it fast-forwards to couple of years

Reegs: years later.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Well, he makes a decision though.

It doesn't he makes a decision that no, I don't want any more or less. And he gets out. Is that why

Reegs: It's still pretty ambiguous though,

Sidey: No, they didn't because he doesn't reveal what happened until, until Warsaw. Yeah. So first of all, it's a war, so

Reegs: Okay. He's not like he's not great. Yeah. Replace

Sidey: He's saying like, let, let her go. Like let's not kill somebody. So fast forward to two years later, it's kind of left at, you don't really know what's going, gonna what's happened fast-forward to two years later with Warsaw, he's performing.

Um, Yeah, he's performing in a bar. People are coming up to him at the end to like shake his hand and congratulate him on a great performance and one handshake sort of lingers. And you realize it's Sophie who's money. Seek him out and find him in, in, in Poland couple of years later. And he says, let's go for a coffee.

And that's when he picks up the rest of what happened in the car, which is the she's making a load of rocket in the back. Doctor stops gets her out. You don't see this, you hear a little, a small commotion. And then how cash is sat in the car they're driving along. You realize it's now semi who's, she's killed the doctor, got in the driving seat.

He's talking. He doesn't know because he is actually blind at this stage. He saying like, I think we should let it go. It's, you know, it's a bit strong this. So I think she takes pity on him and then just stops and says, get out. And he realizes it's semi that's driving. He gets out, she then drives off down the roads and does and then thinks too many loose ends, turns around and starts coming back from it.

And that's when we realized where the hair came into into play, because just as she's about to mow our cash down, and he's kind of like carrying in the road, knowing that this car is going to come and kill him, the hair jumps out, bounces off the windscreen. She then tumbles into a big crash and the car burst into the flight into flames and semi is obviously dead.

Yeah. And then it comes back to, it reminds

Dan: me a little

Reegs: bit, he's telling this story

Sidey: he's told the story to Sophie.

Dan: The same soul shot is fearing fair in Logan, Las Vegas, you know, when they're just shooting along the highway that, that kind of craziness of

Reegs: Fargo about

Sidey: it.

Dan: yeah, well, yeah, yeah.

I mean, there was, there was,

Reegs: A bit like a slightly heightened reality, almost which, because he's telling his story and then as he So it says his farewells.

Sidey: Yeah. It's a to Sophie and there's a suggestion that he's playing the next night. Why don't you come and watch he's on-going tomorrow, but yeah, maybe I might come and so on. So you think, oh, there's a possibility of like rekindling their, their romance. And yeah,

he walks off with a stick and as he's walking through a square, quite clearly sees a card in front of him and uses a stick to whack it out the way.

So lo and behold, he somehow managed to get his eyesight back and he's just reverted back to the fraud that he is that that's the end of the film.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Well

Dan: do you, do you remember that other bit we've, we've gone right back when he's in the police station and you see him confess on blinded, but then it rewinds again. And it's just one of those shots where

Sidey: you,

Dan: it is in thinking about what he could do and this, I mean, it's, it's filled with lots of.

Tricks like that and directors plots and stuff, you know, I mean, there's so much waste into this.

Sidey: They've thrown Everything.


Reegs: Everything.

Dan: haven't, the music is, is huge in it as well. You know? I mean, there's bigger than that.

Sidey: There is a suggestion. I did a bit of research of there is a suggestion that that, that isn't, that what he says is this, the story and how it finished with the hair and everything like that. Isn't actually what happened. Right. And I did actually notice this when I watched it.

So there's the sequence when when it's actually happening the doctor in him with semi and the boot driving way down a road, and you see a tree quite sort of standout tree on the right-hand side of the road, we need then tells the story about what happens next. And, and the car has long since passed this tree.

The car comes up and stops opposite the tree. So it's a S it's a suggestion that

Dan: there's a hole

Sidey: he's now. Yeah. He's now all sort of whilst he's painting this picture and like you said, it alludes to. to Fantasies of what it would be like. The suggestion is that actually the car didn't stop and that everything played out exactly as the doctor and our cash heads planned for it to happen.

I E they kill semi. They sell the organs. That's where he's got the money to, to go to Europe. And he's had his eyesight repaired by the doctor. And that would then be the reason why his eyesight is okay. Right at the end when he hits the cat. And

Dan: Also the reason that he still wants to be known as blind so that he can be implicated

Reegs: I just love the idea. Like you said, that he's just back to where he was when he started the movie.

It's like, ah, man, this was brilliant when it, this was just amazing.

Dan: a nice surprise. I mean, it was, it was long again, I think the music ramped it up probably 20 minutes longer than then, you know, maybe comfortable film limp would have been, but there was lots to enjoy was

Sidey: don't know if you've got the numbers there. So there's like an hour 50 or something which is surprisingly short for a, I'm going

Dan: this was over. This was no, this is over two hours long

Reegs: was,

Sidey: yeah.

I thought it was over

Oh, is it sorry? Sorry. Eight minutes approximately.

Reegs: so the tension like the sea, this

Sidey: short for you the films that I was going to pick from, this was the shortest by some decent, a lot of two and a half, three hour films,

Reegs: but there is like sequences of unbelievable tension and comic timing and

Dan: I mean, it really does try to, and I often find that the Bollywood films I've seen do try to wedge in everything.

You know, there's got to be comedy horror, you know, everything, everything that you,

Sidey: Yeah. That was what I was going to say. Is that. Is this a characteristic of.

Dan: these? I think it's a better, a better movie

Sidey: of everything just, or a lot of everything

is thrown in.

Dan: More modern.

Sidey: imagine that wouldn't always work for me, but this did, it was, it was

reminiscent, but you know, we were talking about sort of Korean cinema and how in any one scene you can have like four, three or four different genres sort of like techs, I'd say it wasn't anywhere near as kind of slick as how the Korean films that I've seen done at this was, it was complicated.

And at times it felt to me like it was almost tripping itself up.

Reegs: that's the point it's like when a liar is telling a story and it's getting way out of control and it's just going to, you know, I think that's the point because it does get unbelievably hard to follow. You've got no idea who's doing it. And then when you realized that it was basically all bullshit, like it's like usual suspects kind of

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Kaiser. So say with somewhere wouldn't he?

Reegs: yeah, I mean, yeah, I, this was an unexpected gem for me. Any preconceived notions that I had about what Indian cinema would be, were completely subverted by this. I'd love to see some.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, no,

Reegs: know where to look, but this was just brilliant.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: It was a really, really nice you know, well acted. Yeah, I think there, there was some brilliant performances India for me, you know, whenever I see these films, it evokes great memories as well. So I warm to them.

I was really pleased that you suggested actually yeah, I mean there's 22 different languages in India, so I imagine it's going to be made in most of them because

Reegs: Hindi is a big and then obviously one of the unexpected things, I think if you're not familiar with hearing Hindi spoken is how much English

Sidey: Oh yeah. Yeah. That, that was interesting. That just how they like throw in whole sentences, but

Reegs: and then often words for descriptions of things

Sidey: Yeah. But that's, that's quite, that's, that's quite an sort of, you know, normal in, in like linguistics, especially sort of Asia. I mean, I spend a lot of time listening to Cantonese been spoken and there will be like just English words just dropped in there.

But in the, in the way that we've got French words and things like that in our language, it's just like an evolution of, of the language. So,

Reegs: Hmm. English just, yeah. Does it absorbed

Dan: they tend to use old English in India, like bamboozle and you

Sidey: know

Dan: that yeah. It, the

Sidey: gobbledygook.

Dan: Yeah, that kind of

Reegs: Bamboozle 3 0 2. Was it? No, that was the football. What was Bamboo's or do you remember on teletext?

Sidey: 1,

Reegs: bamboo 1, 5, 2, you

Sidey: I, he, he is a musician, this guy, but he had to have like two months, like concert pianists training for this. I don't think he was necessarily quite to. yeah. Yeah.

And he also another thing I read here, so the whole time, the glasses that he was wearing left in with 20% eyesight. So when he's sort of carefully negotiating his way around things, that was because that's all he could, he could sort of work.

Reegs: with.

Sidey: oh, I thought it was that he was 80% blind.

That's the same the money.

for this, this was thrown together for four and a half million.


Dan: Wow. I tell you what, you know, that's, that's over two hours of film. You've had everything, you know,

Reegs: slick

Dan: it's yeah. And it did. I think that must, obviously they don't have Hollywood budgets to throw at films.

Maybe that represents quite a substantial investment in a, in a film.

Sidey: But do you think it made money?

Yeah. I, I, I don't know how much, but I know it may. I know it was a success.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: I think

62 and a half.


Reegs: Hollywood will remake this and it'll probably be appalling, but it w you

Sidey: it'd be done really well though, but it's already been done really well.

Reegs: it has, but they will redo

Dan: The thing is, I think Bollywood often take their ideas from Hollywood. You know, particularly if they're investing lots of money because,

Sidey: the,

Dan: you know, one almost guarantee success. So they'll make their own version of on a forest Gump or, or, you know the three Amigos or, or whatever it is there.

They they'll take bits that they know that it's been useful and successful and then tweak it, you know, enough. But but within this, I don't think they did. I think this was more of an you know, maybe inspired by other kind of films, but not, not directly whipped off or anything. I think this is a decent original.


Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: good. Stevie, Pete. Yes. What did we do?

We did Ben and Holly's little kingdom. It's bigger than that it's, it's smaller than it. It was season one, episode 38, which was king Fussell's birthday. My only reasons for nominating this, where I have watched, I want to say a hundred, I've watched loads and loads of episodes of Ben and Holly. The boys loved it for a really long time wherein in Sianna before them.

And I enjoy it. It's like, I think it's, it's very, it's the same people as pepper pig. Isn't it? There's a lot of the same.

Dan: I was going to say you can't. Yeah,

Sidey: right. Okay. It's the same universe, but for me, pepper pig is, is kids entertainment. So like Ben and Holly has things for, when I say adults, you know, like this, this, this it's more kind of like cynicism and it's, it's more evolved as a show than pepper pig.

Oh, I don't watch it by myself, but I don't mind it. Ah,

Dan: It's okay.

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it, it is. It's it is. Okay. I like some of the characters. I like this one just because I liked the,

Dan: No, I meant to watch it on your own.

Sidey: Oh, right. Okay. Sorry. I like the old king Fessel song is a very old king and he's one year older today.

So the, the.


Plot in a nutshell, is that king festival, who's the king of this little kingdom.

Reegs: this was all quite new to me though, because my kids kind of skipped. They, they went fucking bonkers for pig bird.

Dan: Yeah. W well, I I'd seen the books, I think we'd had the books, you know, Ben

Sidey: I just assumed that everybody knew what this was.

Have you watched much of it side?

Reegs: No, it's fairly baffling as a first episode.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. Well, to be honest, I thought everyone would know. I just assumed everyone. If they've watched pepper pig, they've got, we've all got kids and

Dan: I've heard of it. You

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So there's, there's ELFS and fairies and the fairies are magical.

The adults don't really like magic and they, they they're very practical. They make things constantly. They live in a big elf tree. The wise old elf is, is the guy who sings in the band, but he's also yeah, hates magic. Nanny plum is the lady who looks after the, the she's she's Mrs. rabbit.


Reegs: yeah. She's banging the, the

Sidey: definitely, definitely the sexual tension is

unreal. no, Why old elf

Reegs: the boys.

Sidey: Oh. Back at the boys old elf, this is quite an age gap.

Dan: W if, if you had any doubt that there's any there's not a relation to pepper, Peggy, when he said everyone loves king fiscal's birthday party.

And he was like,

Reegs: Oh yeah. So it's

Sidey: Well, if there's an

episode of pepper pig where they go to the library and take a book out.

And the book is Ben and Holly.

Dan: I really, yeah. Okay. So, yeah. So, cause I mean that is everyone knows

Sidey: Well, what I would say now, knowing that the urine's and you'd done, and haven't watched a great deal of this and like your yours will be too old for this now.

So you'll never go and revisit it, but there's a lot more depth and character development and storylines that are, that are more involved and funnier. There's a lot of, for me, like sort of not like laugh out loud comedy, but like kind of like,

Reegs: I did enjoy the fact that they were small, but they could interact with the big world.

Sidey: Do they do that quite frequently? There's, there's a girl, Lucy who, who is a human girl who comes and visits them. And there's a brilliant at her parents, her parents basically they're in total denial of Lucy, like of, of, cause Lucy is sometimes like the old man, especially he'll see like the fairies or the elders or whatever, but he thinks he's losing it.

So he's constantly like on the verge of a break. So there's a lot, like I say, it's, it's a bit more kind of like, it just pushes, pushes past, like the Peppa pig world a little bit in a bit more depth.

Dan: I didn't get past that on this episode, to be honest, because it was just occupying my mind that it was ripping off pepper pig, you know? But. I, you know, listening to that, it's interesting that there is a little more to it than

Sidey: do interact with the,

Dan: and there's songs that they sing. You know, basically the plot of this one is the, is the King's birthday. And he doesn't like it cause he doesn't want to be one year older and, and you know, who does, you know, that, that comes up

Sidey: but he's happy still to receive presence and have songs and had a fuss made

Dan: the little kids are all like, yeah, I want to be older as you did when you're young and the adults are going like, nah, I don't want to be older. You know,

Reegs: And when you were younger and you would ask your parents how old they were and they'd be like they'd have to think for a minute and you'd be like, you're taking the fucking PEs. Of course, you know how

Sidey: they'd come back with like 41 and be like, oh my God, you're so old. Like you're going to die really soon. And that's like, where older than that now.


Dan: So, so, so yeah, the king doesn't want a W fast. And so they have the brilliant idea of just having a party and not calling it a birthday.

Sidey: party.

Yeah. Cause It's all organized. as There's even a firework as big as the carrot. Yeah.

Dan: done.

Sidey: Yeah. Like I said, like, so this one in particular, I just like it because of the, the old king festival. And I I'd sing it quite a bit. There's quite a few songs. There's, there's expands on the world quite a bit. There's a character called black beds.

Who's who like takes them on like magical voyages, but it's like to, to things like the garden center in the real world. So like, you think it's good? You know, they think it's this incredible journey and it's like in the jungle, but they're just in like house plants in the garden

Reegs: I love the garden center.

Sidey: Oh God, no,

Dan: age freaks.

Yeah. Yeah. I'm more of a nightclub man. Myself. Yeah.

Sidey: there's a big fish called big, bad Barry. He just eats the boats all the time. There's like gnomes. Have you seen any of the gnome episodes that the gnome just eats the eat things? The dwarfs, the I like Gaston guests. Fuck. I guess I wasn't ready in this.

Nah, we just get in the credits. Very, He flies them in

like, chosen by his antenna a lady birds that box like a dog who thinks it's a dog.

Reegs: in this. Yeah, that was odd. Yeah. There's a bit where they they're talking about what they might do to the king, to, to cheer him up. And they decide to use magic to force him to laugh, but they test it on,

Sidey: On the crews.

Reegs: on the queen.

Dan: It's like a form of tool.

Reegs: Yeah. And she's like laughing and hovering in the air and laughing and their eyes are all

Dan: when you're smiling,

Reegs: they take her out when they take her out of it. She's like that was a hellish nightmare.

Sidey: sloughing.

loads of that. This kind of like magical world versus non magical.

Dan: it kind of between then the Simpsons and pepper pig is trying to find a niche somewhere in between

Reegs: got an awareness quality about it. That pepper pig doesn't quite have like a meta quality.

Sidey: is

She's quite jaded about the whole sort of thing I watched the Netflix pairs these up. So there was this one about the birthday, and

then there was the magic wand.

episode. Next

Dan: the 10 minute episodes that

Sidey: the magic one in the one

I watched, the second one, I watched gets broken,

So they have to take it to the elves GAF book, cause the ELLs make the magic ones.

Reegs: for


Sidey: Ferries, wherever the fuck they are. And it goes they just explain this process over and over again. And now everyone's like, can we go? are done? And it's not really the kids saying, you know, can we,

can we

go in his house?

Just add fucking enough all these kids like this guy and she's

constantly sort of this sort of cynical jaded sort of character, who's definitely fucking the wise older,

Reegs: they do a load of that unfortunate sort of man and women stereotyping that they do in pepper pig.

Then they wear. Whichever the fucking girls are elves, mostly plum and all

Sidey: no, no know that

Reegs: ferries, ferries magical and non magical or whatever. They're like patronizing to each other and that sort of thing. And it tends to be dominated by one bloke and one cheque, stupid shit like that. I don't know why they do

Sidey: A lot of good episode. I mean, I don't know. You're how young is your youngest rigs?

Reegs: I have to think about it. I was terrible and I've nearly five.

Sidey: Okay.

Can I say, you know, this could be, yeah, this could be


Dan: this about that age? Would you

Sidey: I think so. Yeah.

Dan: to seven kind of

Sidey: Yeah. Every now and again, the boys will revisit it because it's familiar to them. They like the, you know, like the colors and the characters and they do some funny things. I like it on a, on a kid's level, but I don't mind them watching it.

So, cause I, I get a few sort of like rice smiles and chuckles over like the, the cynicism and stuff. It's

Reegs: is there toy?

Sidey: not like I've ever seen. I'm sure there will be,

Dan: There's books. Yeah. I'm sure there's toys. Yeah.

Reegs: The animation's bit better than pepper pig was

Sidey: it still has the same vibe to it. Like when when they give him the birthday cake, that's very, you know,

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, just like a big thick sort of felt it coloring line, you know? But Yeah. it's slightly this is better than pepper

Dan: is it the same? Is it the same like team then that have made this

Reegs: no, just people completely impersonating it. Just,

Dan: really,

Reegs: no, it was

Dan: must be some connection. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Reegs: team. That's why, when you approach it, having not seen it, you can just go, well, this feels like cynical repackaging, but I, based on what I saw, I saw enough to see like the subversive stuff that you're talking about.

It's probably quite

Sidey: It is better. Yeah.

It's probably set in some sort of post-apocalyptic world as well. That's, that's why they're all sort of there. At least It's not magic. It's mutations.

Dan: Nice. Okay.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: But they still have guards in the

Dan: part of a multi-verse somewhere.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: You a fan side. Yeah. It's one of those ones that I would be happy for it to be on.

It's like you say, it's got enough there that I can see. have it on and chuckle every now and then it doesn't draw me in. It's not one of the best things that we've ever watched.

but I, I don't hate it. It's it's good enough. But weirdly not one that


saw, some of it, like if, the, if CVS is on and this came on, it would stay on but It wasn't one that would reach for. right. let's put that on as a, as a favorite in the house,


wasn't, it was never like that. It was always pepper peg over this. I don't know if that was just it was just more available, but this is better than perfect.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: I think.

Dan: Yeah, I would agree with that. I think I'm not because I'm I've seen many of them. And but just with, as you say, a little more depth and insight, and I'm not a massive pepper pig fan, although even though it's got his chuckles a little bit, maybe like the Simpsons went onto future Rama or something, there is something different, you know, and they're trying to evolve and you can kind of see that.

I think from the very short episode that I saw today I'm not going to go back and watch this because my kids are past it. But it it's yeah. You know, they've gone, they've, they've done that now. Yeah. That's it, you know, I mean, goddess 68 and 75 now, you know, but it's yeah. You know, not, as you say side, it's not offensive.

I wouldn't turn it off.

Sidey: Good

train content this week

and also good cheese content

and surprisingly

good film. Yeah.

In that it was good. And I was surprised, by it. yeah.

it wasn't,

I didn't think was gonna

be shit.

Yeah. In any case, that was a lot of fun. We are huge stars in Australia. I think you mentioned Yeah. That's nice

Yeah. Hi Mike. So I assume we'll be invited over to some sort of talk show or something over there soon, but until

then we've got some nominations from you Dan for next week.

How he pay attention because you're going to be reviewing these

Dan: I've I've been working on these for a while. It's going to be top five based on a true story. So those movies that have an element of truth stronger, the better, I reckon more truthful the better, but we're going to do a mid week of clerks which is Kevin Smith friend of the pod.

Yeah. So who will finally follow that one?

Sidey: the new clerks.

Reegs: Clark's

Sidey: being filmed, right now as we speak

Dan: three. Yeah. I think that is, that has been made the main feature is going to be a simple favor. And that's that Anna Kendrick that you all got so hot under the collar for.

So check that out. That's that's

Sidey: it from the top five themes. Well, I,

Dan: I guess you might think that let's, let's watch the movie and then tell me what you think. And and then the kids it's a bit of a, more of a connection actually to a friend that appalled Kev is most as a universe because there's a new masters of the universe.

Sidey: Yeah. I've already smashed a whole series.

So enjoy

Dan: Well cards on the table. I'm going to enjoy that. I have actually seen one, so I'm, I'm safe in the knowledge. This is, this is pretty solid stuff, but I'll be interested to

Sidey: It's polarized, really polarized people online.

Yeah, it has, Yeah.

Dan: Although I think it was the number one streaming site on Netflix or show or whatever for, for some time when it came out.

So it's a success and um, but let's see, let's see what, let's see what Pete and rigs think.

Sidey: Coda to come.

Reegs: and

Sidey: so all that remains is to say Sid signing out

reads out, Dan's gone.

Dan: that will be done.