Dec. 16, 2022

Falling for Christmas & Waffle and Mochi's Holiday Feast

Falling for Christmas & Waffle and Mochi's Holiday Feast
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Bad Dads


 Falling for Christmas

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, and if there's a Film enthusiast podcast equivalent of jumping the shark, then it's well and truly happened to us this week as we started things off in our midweek episode with a look at sensational ultra low budget Home Alone with Talking Dogs Knockoff Bone alone.

And if you're interested in sadistic dogs plot twists that don't make any sense in a scene where a ed list actor recreates scenes from Jaws, but with poodles, and let's face it, why wouldn't you be then? You should absolutely check that episode out. Anyway, after England's glorious test series win in the Cricket in Pakistan this week and other sporting events, we thought we'd cover something a little more seasonal as we kick things off with the top five winter holiday movie, specifically not about Christmas.

Then we're gonna take a look at Lindsay Lohan's Lohan Lohan.

Sidey: either Lindsay

Reegs: Lohan's first lead role in almost a decade in the Christmas romcom falling for Christmas before bringing things to a close with the food-centric Netflix special waffles and mochis holiday

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: The snacks are here, coffee's been made, wine has been poured.

So there's just one thing left to do and that's introduced. The dads starting with the decrepit Dan, who is in fact so old that the first year Mumma joke was actually about his mum. Yeah. And we also have the multi-talented Sidey, who has a number of special skills, including the ability to write with both his feet but not his hands, unfortunately.

And the power to tell exactly what coin has been dropped by the sound it makes when it hits the floor, and who knows what he'll use those gifts for.

Sidey: dropped a coin today as I was leaving work and it was a 50 cent, like half a Euro coin. Euro, yeah. I wouldn't have put money on that being the coin that I dropped today.

Reegs: And there's also me res

Sidey: Yeah, well done.

Dan: I remember there used to be this guy in in the gambling arcade when we went through the kids, you know, little pushing machines and they'd have like Tempe, you'd slide in and

Sidey: everything. Yeah.

Dan: we called him ears because he could tell, like money would be falling on one of the machines about the other side of the arcade.

So you are in good company there? I, I think with that. Yeah.

Reegs: The

one are you talking about the one that it moves and you put the two peas on or

Sidey: or whatever but they've got,

Reegs: it's impossibly falling and, but it stays there.

Sidey: There's

a game of it isn't there on ITV or Channel four? That fucking wan of Ben Shepherd.

Dan: that's right. Yeah. There is push it or

Sidey: they've recreated it in quiz, like

Reegs: they really? Yeah.

Sidey: zero budget. Yeah.

Reegs: God, they've really run out of ideas, haven't they?

Sidey: Big time. Have you watched anything Good this week Rigs?

Reegs: I

took up Dan's suggestion from last week and watched Troll. So yeah, I had the house to myself on Sunday and I watched that.

That was good. I enjoyed that. Felt like they'd edited a lot of that movie out though. There was loads

Dan: the cut you mean?

Reegs: yeah. Like loads of like plots that were talked about but never really went anywhere. They just kind of did the troll action, but it was good and a sort of surprising ending and yeah,

Dan: that, that makes sense actually, cuz I think there's a little bit of the end that shows you bits that went on but didn't actually happen.

Reegs: felt like there were loads of plot threads that they started talking about, but never finished off. But

Dan: but otherwise it was okay, wasn't it? Yeah,

Reegs: yeah, it was good. Yeah.

Sidey: Dan,

Dan: Apart from the plot no I didn't really get to watch much other than our Lindsay Lohan film and, and there was some sporting events on as well.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah.

I started watching death on the Nile last week and I watched some more of that, but I didn't get to finish it. And I also instead of finishing that started watching Togo, the Willam Defoe and

his Husky dog won on Disney Plus. Cuz I had a, I had a hankering for more dog movie action.

Didn't talk that dog,

Reegs: no,

Sidey: But that's seemed pretty good need to get, finish that off.

Dan: I, I have been watching Wednesday with my, my daughter, which


Reegs: keeps screaming at me to watch it.

Sidey: Yeah. and, so does everyone else. Everyone else seems to love


Dan: and, and they're not wrong. It's decent. Like, we are really enjoying it is as someone to sit down, as

you know, for

Reegs: the White Lotus, and honestly, I've, that is top tier tv that is. Yeah. And

Dan: I Is that for

Reegs: conclusion as

Dan: for Nelly though, or not so much? No.

Reegs: no, not so much . How were, how am is she into gay sex at all or

Dan: too young at this stage, I would say, but you never know the future. We can, we'll see how that

Sidey: Oh, I

watch some more classic Nintendo speed run stuff which was horrendously nerdy. But in other news we did have a top five last week

we did which was about religious figures. Mm-hmm. , do you remember that? Let's run through the ones that we had online. Some of these we mentioned last week, St.

Mor was, was one from Brey

Vik, Yeah.

With Pete Popel, Sue as Frier Lawrence and Romeo and Juliet. We had sks shout of William of Basketball from the name of the Rose, which is what we put in,

Reegs: and we put that in. Yeah.

Sidey: Also Yoda Priest of a Hogan Religion Sister Act was mentioned by Rose Garden.

Reegs: Yeah. Well let's put that in cuz I talked about that.

Sidey: right?

Boom. It's in. But we also had Father Ted and life of Brian a couple of times, so there, that was good as well.

Dan: Excellent.

Sidey: right? Cuz

this is our annual Christmas themed episode.

we were trying to come up with the top five and I can't even remember the ones that we have done.

I think we might have just done Christmas movies at one point

Reegs: we did Christmas trees as well. I

Sidey: trees or something. So this one, because we've got Christmas theme stuff, the other two things we're gonna talk about, so this.

Set in winter holiday season, but not Christmas films.

So, let's get into it.

So I guess good. A place to start as any would be Shane Black. Cuz he has a, a body of work Yeah. Based around this topic really.

Dan: Kiss, kiss, bam bang.

Sidey: Your debut. Yeah. Yeah. On the pod. Then he has Diehard was in some way his film, wasn't it?

And his story,

I think,

Reegs: Well he is a Burke originally, wasn't it? But

Sidey: he did an adaptation or something, which got sold to Studio Lethal Weapon.

Reegs: weapon, yeah. Ironman three.

Sidey: Yeah, that's, that's a good one.

Reegs: Yeah, so yeah, he's got a whole collection of movies all set at Christmas,

Dan: But not directly dealing with a Christmas theme.

They're just, it's, it's kind of a subplot, isn't it?

Sidey: I mean, diehard is the one that people, you know, talk about that a lot, don't they? Whether

Reegs: it's, whether it's Christmas

Sidey: not. You know, who really cares?

Reegs: cares. Yeah.

Sidey: And

right, it's gone. Then take us, take us in another direction. Rig.

Reegs: Well, another direction is Hanukkah.

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that takes place round about wintertime and memorably, I think in, call Me By Your Name, another movie that we reviewed on the podcast. There's a bit at the end where he Elio, I think his name is Timothy Chae, is crying during Hanukkah. As the family celebrate around him, and you see the menorah up, and then similarly moving of course as Jack and Jill.

With Adam Sandler in a Jewel role as the twin siblings, Jack and Jill Adelstein. And Jack is like, he's a successful advertising executive and he's got a beautiful wife and kids. And each year his sort of passive aggressive, needy sister also played by Sandler turns up. And this time she's gonna stay not just for Thanksgiving, but all the way until Hanukkah and through a series of events.

Anyway, Al Pacino ends up in love with Adam Sandler and sandle has to find him convincing, has to convince himself to Shag Al Pacino. So fucked up really. It became the first film to absolutely sweep the Razzies in every category, including worst picture, worst director, worst actor, worst actress for Sandler as well.

Worst screenplay is a terrible movie with really awful, stereotyped lazy writing, bad acting and directing. And yet just talking about it now makes me wanna watch it right

Sidey: now.

Dan: you'll be five minutes in and you'll, you'll regret that.

Reegs: So that's Hanukkah.

Dan: Well, in the dead of a Wyoming winter, a bounty hunter.

And we reviewed this, so we all know that we're talking about the, the hateful light that's setting snow. I mean, you've got this big, it's big country actually

Sidey: Bigger than that

Reegs: snow. But is it Christmas

Dan: It's well

Sidey: it's

specifically not Christmas. That's the poor point though, isn't

it? Not

Reegs: it's winter.

Dan: Yes. Winter. And it's harsh winters out there as well in cowboy country in Wyoming, you know, where it's such big country.

And it was filmed in Technol and they used all the tricks. Yeah. They used all the tricks in the book to make it look like it'd been filmed 20 years before, 30 years before he actually was. And yeah, it is it's the story of.


horrible band of people that are all collected together in one room and, and end up taking it all out on each other.

All in it for their own good. And you can't really take your eyes off it. I mean, it's a long old movie as well. It's,

Reegs: never actually got to record that episode with you, but I watched it for the pod that week and I was absolutely blown away by it. I loved it. Yeah. And I've actually seen it again since then as it still holds up.

Sidey: Yeah, it's great.

Dan: really I, I think like a lot of Tarantino's films, they end up being a better watch sometimes the second time you've seen them. And, and particularly if there's a bit of distance between that first and second time because you kind of know what's coming, but there's so many little points and, and details and

Sidey: by the violence cuz it's so over the top.

You know, it's larger than life, you know, the, the gore and the blood. Remember, you know, just the end of the climax

Reegs: the language. And there's a, you know, you have to be, there's a lot of using the N word in that movie, a heck of a lot of it. So you have to.

Dan: there is. So you've, you've got all that going on and it's, it's the, the characters though that he writes and he just makes, they're, they're unbelievable, aren't they?

They're just unforgettable a lot of

Sidey: unbelievable,

Dan: Unbelievable.

Sidey: I normally like to talk about ones that I've seen, but this cropped up while I was browsing the interwebs. I dunno if you've seen this one Rigs, but the Hebrew hammer

Reegs: I have got it on my list. I haven't seen it, but

Sidey: does sound incredible. Yeah.

He's an orthodox Jew, played by Adam Goldberg.

Reegs: Mm-hmm. , juice exploitation. Yeah. Is the genre

Sidey: And he has to go on a mission to save Hanukkah from Santa's evil son, Damien. Yeah. Played by Andy Dick. He wants to destroy it along with Kwanza. Yeah. The tagline, it's like the Hebrew hammer on the first Lets part man part street. 100% kosher


Reegs: it.

sounds amazing, doesn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: I really wanna see it

Reegs: Reindeer Games. Have you seen that one? It's, it's, again, it's, it's not a Christmas movie in the, you know, it's not about Christmas. But it does at least take place in December and I think the heist is planned for Christmas Eve.

It's Ben Affleck.

Sidey: a couple of character names. Rudy, Rudy, Rudolph and Nick.

Yeah, Saint Nick.

Reegs: Oh, you saw that? Yeah. Yeah. He's a convicted Carie who's sort of days away from release and he's sharing a cell with this guy Nick, who's got a pen pal romantic relationship with Charli's Theron. And he's arranging to Bango when he gets out.

And Nick gets kind of shive during a prison riot. So Affleck assumes his identity so he can go and have some sexy times with her. Really touchy plotting there, really, when you think about that. So anyway, it all goes awry when Theron's like Volatile Arms trafficking brother Gary Sinis as Gabriel turns up with a gang of like trigger happy lunatic criminals, including Danny Trejo Clarence Williams ii and a few others.

So yeah that was pretty good. If I remember correctly, it's a John Frankenheimer movie, not one of his best because he's got Ronan and the Manchurian candidate and a few others on his CV too. Hmm.

Dan: But that one had snow in it and, and so does this one. This is it's not gonna make you happy. It's Misery is another one I think that we talked about.

Sidey: We've talked about it a lot, but we've never,

Dan: don't have we ever

Sidey: Because I haven't seen it.

Dan: Oh, you haven't? Cuz it was a

Sidey: needs to be a mid weeker.

Dan: It was a midweek. And I watched this not long ago actually, just as a I think the first time I watched it was on a plane like when it came out probably.

Sidey: the airplane.

Dan: yeah, when the first plane came out the first yeah, the white brother brothers just watched it before then.

But this is it's Kathy Bates plays a really classy girl who saves her favorite writer. Yeah. She's a massive fan and she saves her favorite writer from from death. He's, he's crashed his car in, in the Aspen snow, I think it is. And the car is, is really under. And if it hadn't been for her taking him to his house, then she, he would've died probably.

But when she finds out what. He's done with her favorite

Sidey: mm-hmm.

Dan: She just flips and I mean, this is, it's really, it's a, as a kid, I would just remember watching this and she scared the shit out me. Yeah. Because there's a, a few scenes, one of them when she's at the bottom of the bed as the as he wakes up and there's the lightning and, and thunder in behind her, and you just get this kind of shock of her as the, the dark room get goes light with a, with the lightning, and he wakes up and she, it's the bottom of his feet to,

Reegs: with a sledgehammer.

Dan: a sledge hammer.

Oh gosh. Just even now it just runs right up me. And but yeah, there's a, a nice snow filmed snow featured film.

Sidey: One of the ones we watched for the pods. 2000 fifteens Tangerine. That was shot on an iPhone five, if I remember rightly. That all takes place on Christmas Eve, but is categorically nothing really to do with Christmas in it at all.

Dan: Yeah, nothing to do with snow. It's like California, isn't

Sidey: it? No, but it is, it is obviously Christmas Evie,

Dan: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Sidey: wintery, but I did. That was a good movie. I think we

Dan: it was, yeah. Yeah. It was a, it was a nice surprise that

Sidey: one. A couple of Stallone, a double bill of Stallone, if you like.

Yeah. Rocky four.

Reegs: Yeah. I never realized this until today.

Sidey: Yeah. And Rambo first blood.

Reegs: so the fight takes place on Christmas day in Rocky four. Did you know that?

Sidey: Don't think I knew that it was Christmas day. I

Dan: No, I

Sidey: but I remember loads of training in the snow. Yeah. In the barn and all that sort of stuff.

Yeah. So double, double bill, sly, wintery, goodness.

Reegs: A couple of sort of parody days that I've managed to align up with on letterbox that user Jade has collected like a list of specific dates that movies take place on.

Oh, okay. So, we've got, 14th of December is National Monkey Day and was also the day that night of the Comet, the Twilight Saga New Moon, and the Princess Switch three, romancing The Star were, were all set on that fateful day the same day as National Monkey Day. Underdog Day 16th of December was Captain America's Civil War.

Was that was that day was on there. And of course, who could forget about 21st of December, international Garlic Remembrance Day, but also the day that Sunset Boulevard, the Conjuring two and 2012, the movie with what's his chops? Cusack.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

That's a great movie. That's International Dialect. Remembrance



So that's coming up.

Reegs: 21st, set your watch

Sidey: That's like eight days time from now.

Dan: Wow. They've, they've not left us lot of time to plan for that, have they? No. I'm just thinking of a few movies that we've watched on the pod that would.

Bit the theme. And maybe people could go and check out some of those reviews if they haven't already. We reviewed the thing that was this crazy horror film, wasn't it? I mean, they've done it again. But John Carpenter's version is the one that we were kind of into

Sidey: lots of wintry fun in that

Dan: one, and loads of wintry fun.


Reegs: just less of the sort of holiday spirit

Dan: less horri holiday spirit. But


Sidey: came together

Reegs: Yeah. In a, in a horrible, massive flesh.

Dan: In a, in a kind of melting flesh kind of way. So that was a, a really good one. And we've, we've mentioned Groundhog Day a ton of times. I dunno whether that's a Christmas second.

Yeah. So I

Reegs: a winter

Dan: it's a winter movie without the Christmas theme and everything. And there'll be some other ones that I'll tell you about on the next way around.

Sidey: Okay.

Well The Shining is obviously wintery cause they get snowed in. Yeah. And that's just a lovely family getaway. Yeah.

Just a family

Dan: Lovely family holiday, nice

Sidey: quality time together in a, in a hotel, just all to themselves. And it's lovely. There is, have you, I think we've probably mentioned it before, but the Reedited trailer where it, they do it as a romcom, it's amazing. Yeah. Eurovision, the story of Fire Saga, the Will Ferrell Eurovision sort of piss take.

It's not

Dan: Oh yeah,

Sidey: I really enjoyed this actually. I do, I'm a bit of a soccer for Will Ferrell. Is it one of the least bankable stars, I think,

he, I think



Dan: Von Burgundy, you would've thought that, you know, I think he, he was then able to just turn up and do anything. But he's had a couple of

Sidey: Oh, some stinkers.

Yeah. Yeah. But I quite enjoyed this, even though I don't think it's actually that great film, but it, it made me laugh and I'm kind of a bit of a sucker for Eurovision as well. So this is set in Iceland, if I remember rightly, but certainly Nordic. And it's got a load of wintry stuff going on.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Not Christmasy.

Reegs: Do you want to hear about festivals that I ended up researching that I couldn't find movies about, but take place. We've got what have we got? Well, actually well Kwanza was the first one that I came up with.

It was a sort of non-religious cultural holiday established back in the 1966 for the African American community. And it starts on the December the 26th and ends on January the first. And it's about sharing certain Nigerian, I think, principles. And that was referenced a bit in future armor. They had the Kwanza bot.

After Themus thing. But yeah, couldn't find any movies about, about that. The only thing I could find about Deli was in the US office. When Did you ever watch that one? No, it's good

Sidey: Yeah, I think I would enjoy it. It's just a finding time to, cuz there's

Reegs: sometimes you need like just a half hour, like 20 minute thing. That's funny. And yeah, some seasons of that are really, really good.

And there's a good one where she, Mindy Kaling, I think is the and she's a writer and a star on it as well. And she brings a bit of her Indian heritage in, in a, a sort of ends up mocking Americans for their ignorance around certain things. Bok Day, a Buddhist holiday in December the eighth.

Sidey: Hmm.

Reegs: Yeah. But no movies about that.

Dan: Huh?

Reegs: It's not very interesting. Is it

Dan: Well, I've got a film that I haven't seen in ages and I can't remember if I enjoyed this or not, but you'll all remember the name.

Dr. Sh Argo.

Omar. And it's a classic tale of a Russian love triangle, I think. And around set, set around the Revolution a around this time. Have you, can you remember seeing this one and, and

Sidey: Yeah, but when I was young, like a, like a, you know, long Sunday afternoon thing that my parents have been watching and I would've tuned out.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: to revisit. I

Dan: It, it does need a bit of a revisit, but there was definitely some, some snow features in there. And also where Ice gets a big say was we watched it again on the Pod I, Tanya which was the, the story of Tanya Harding. And it was kind of a, a comedy, stroke, true story of this, this kind of genius ice skater in her fall from Grace and, and everything in between.

Reegs: It was the absurd like, Entourage around her as much as anything like the Paul Walter house's character, I can't remember his name, but he was like, just this bullshitter, wasn't he?

And like the real guy was 10 times as bad as what you saw in the film.

Sidey: Mm-hmm. .

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. And he kind of just put her on the, on the wrong path and she took all the, all the wrong choices.

So, so sad that her talent wasn't better protected. But

Sidey: did you read about Margo Robbie doing an unscripted kiss with Brad Pitt and oh, what's the Damon Giselle one coming out?

Dan: No, I didn't. Anyway. And

Sidey: so he's got this new like Hollywood, it's the story, like a story about Hollywood and she's like, yeah, there was, we had this scene and I just like kissed him like, wow, it must be terrible to be Brad Pit

Yeah. He's having beautiful women force themselves, aren't he?

Reegs: The Barbie movie is the one I've got my eye on. I think

Sidey: Great. Greg Goig.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: Yeah. Looks amazing.

Reegs: Yeah, it's, I could be,

Sidey: stills just look incredible.


Dan: I, I watched a a trailer today for Chanter Ram, which is coming out on Apple now.

I think they're.


up to date. Maybe one more. It's a 10 part series or a 12 part series.

Sidey: I haven't seen one Nanosecond of Apple


Dan: No. Well, I, I hadn't evil. I just was flicking through the channels and I saw this and I thought, oh, chanam, because I, I'd read the book which is a nothing to do with snow, but it is a fascinating tale.

Ofer, it's like a modern day paon if you like, and set in Australia and India. And yeah, it looks, it looks to be, I mean if anything like the book, it'll be amazing. But that's one to, to watch at the moment.

Sidey: Babylon is that film? I was trying to think of right. Honor Majesty's Secret Service is the Lazen Beat Bond.

Dan: Ah,

Sure. It's the one you like this, isn't it? You like

Sidey: I I did. Oh,

Reegs: This is the one I actually remember cuz Lots of good stuff. This is the one where Bond's Wife dies, isn't

Sidey: Diana Rig? Yeah, she gets shot at the

Reegs: Something actually properly happens and there's like some actual

Sidey: Yeah, it's a Blofeld one as well and they're always generally pretty good.

He's got, it's the one with the fembots basically is the story of this one, but it does feature some of the best skis stunts and it has a togan in it as well. Yeah, yeah. So it's got loads of good like winter sports stuff. Yeah. Which is always good fun. Roger Moore did some good skiing stuff in it as well, actually

Reegs: Not sure he did a lot of the actual

Sidey: No. Did it all, yeah. Did it all in one take

Reegs: Yeah. Well, jaws the Revenge is the one that's infamous for that. Michael Cain quote about. It bought me that house or whatever.

Yeah. And in its opening scene the one that establishes that, Martin Brody, who was what's his name? Roy. Roy Schneider. Yeah. From, he died from a heart attack. And his widow Ellen still lives in, in Amity near where his youngest son, Sean, works as a police deputy. And right at the beginning of the movie, he's dispatched to clear a log that's like trapped by a, a buoy.

I'm gonna call

Sidey: oh

Reegs: A boy. And it's on Christmas Eve and he's just slowly killed first having his arm ripped off by the shark, and then as he's like screaming for help, it's drowned out by the noise of people caroling. So, yeah, I would say that's not really a traditional Christmas

Sidey: No. The

Best Jaws film as well.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Dan: see this at a cinema, that one. Really? Yeah.

Reegs: What's Jaws for?

Dan: Well, George The Revenge.

Reegs: Yeah. I

Sidey: it's unanimously known to be the

best georgesville,

Reegs: absolute piece of shit.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

But it was, it was, it was hype, wasn't it? Liam Ne Neon.

He stars as a oil worker in the gray. And he's trying to survive. You've seen this one? he,

Sidey: no, I

Reegs: lo I love this

Dan: movie. Yeah, he's, he's what he can do with some duct tape and a, and a load of knives.

Sidey: Oh, it's got MacGyvers goes

Reegs: really about that though. No, it's not. It's not really, it's

Dan: but

that's the, the climax

Reegs: It's mostly just two hours of Liam Neon mourning his wife on screen, basically.

Dan: Yeah. And staring down bloody wolfs and things. And yeah, he's there's a, there's like a lead wolf and a pack wolf that, that is slowly picking on picking them

Reegs: It's Joe Carnahan. It was the same guy who did the 18 movie.

Dan: Yeah. And he's not going down without no fight. That's all I'm saying. It was okay.

Reegs: but that doesn't happen.

It just, that's, that doesn't really happen. It happens right at the very end of the movie. There's about 30 seconds where he does gear up and it's like, is there a fight? And you don't know, really

Dan: gonna live or die on this day.

Sidey: Hmm. Eyes wide shut. That is a film.

Reegs: I haven't seen that for a long time.

Sidey: it probably won't bother again, but it's set in December, New York when they do like holiday stuff really well. Tom Cruise goes on a sort of, 24 hour sex bender thing because his wife has admitted to having a fantasy.

Yeah. About another man

Reegs: and he sort of joins a mask wearing Sex

Sidey: coat Illuminati. Sex cult. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's pretty weird apparently.

Reegs: Can anybody get an invite to that or

Sidey: I

dunno. It seems not that erotic as it turned


Dan: I could probably get you in

Sidey: And then I had Batman returns, but that kind of is a Christmas movie. Yeah. Because it has like proper Christmas presents and stuff in it and all that. Yeah. But it's, at least it's an alternative take on a Christmas movie.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Any more for anymore.

should we go over to the

Reegs: yeah. See what's, have we had anything from the internet?

Sidey: Um, Unbelievably, yes, we have Darren Leafly went straight into where we started off at with Shane Black content he

mentioned long Kiss, goodnight, kiss, kiss, bang bang and lethal weapon referencing his own name there. That's very meta. Um, Brey with Iru, which I think

everyone's a fan of.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: that Christmas?

Is that, that's

Dan: Oh, no, it's not, it's not Nay theme. Yeah. Yeah. He, he's followed it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And then Sk with the Lord of the Rings trilogy

and the

Harry Potter franchise. I was thinking Harry Potter as well. Cause that is always seems to be, have a kind of winy vibe to it. Yeah.

Reegs: I do sort of associate like going to see the Lord of the Rings movies in

Sidey: Well, they were all that out that time. Yeah. Weren't they? Yeah. And then Fellowship has loads of stuff where they're in the mountains in the snow and stuff. So that one I do, I especially think of as being kind of wintery

Dan: I had a hot top hot, hot tub time

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Dan: Down as well because yeah, they all kind of, I'm

Sidey: a psycher for John Keat.

I really

Dan: Yeah. And they're all Nestle in into the hot tub during the, the snowy period.

Sidey: Right. Shall we put some in? Yeah. What are you going for? Reese

Reegs: Jaws For the Revenge, I think.

Sidey: a hell of a movie, Dan that's strong.

Dan: Yeah. I'll go hot tub time machine.

Sidey: I am gonna go for her emergency secret service, I think.

Yeah. Yeah. And then we'll just put in the Harry Potter franchise.

collectively the whole thing. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Boom. Yeah. Thanks. That's like eight movies I think. And then we just need another one Yeah. To complete the list.

Happy holidays.

Dan: Super

Reegs: Have you had the Christmas tune on?

Sidey: Yeah, man, we've had the tree up since the 18th of November,

Reegs: we've had a few, which is your go to Christmas, June that you like.

Sidey: I've got playlist. Yeah. So it starts with Happy Holidays, MC Paul Barman into Christmas and Hollis, run dmc.

So got some alternative ones. Zombie Zombie Cri zombie Christmas. Got some classics as well.

Reegs: Well, what are your classics in there?

Sidey: It's marshmallow world.

Reegs: I wouldn't say that's a

Sidey: Yeah, it is.

going? Absolutely. It's a marshmallow world. Duh.

Reegs: Is that what you think of as a

Dan: I, I've, I've not heard that classic to

Sidey: Oh mate. No. I was stick on. But also being in David Bowie probably Bowie's Finest work.

Reegs: what

about like, last Christmas by Wham.

Sidey: I prefer the Kylie Ray Jepsen version.

Dan: I like that. Kissing Santa I saw you kissing Santa under the

Sidey: my all time.

Favorite, well, I've got two is to heck with all Santa Claus. I think that's Loretta Lynn. And also a Snowflake. A snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss by Las Vegas. It's amazing. That song absolutely amazing.

Reegs: But

Dan: Fairy teller, New York POS is,

Sidey: no, I'm just, I

Dan: it's been overdone. Of course. It, but it is a great,

Reegs: but you're a huge fan of Michael Bule as well,

Sidey: Massive. Yeah.

Dan: It's a Boole Christmas,

Sidey: isn't it? Just,

Dan: Nuts.

Reegs: had a mint pie yet.

have you? I haven't had one yet. Or stolen.


Dan: I'm not

Sidey: not, I haven't not done stolen yet, but I've had honestly probably gone up for like 15 minz pies

Dan: or, I'm not much into mince pie, but nice ones that are warm and

Sidey: have got the heston like luxury, super luxury ones.

Reegs: Ah. You can go too

Sidey: go too wonky

No, they're not too wonky.

They're real good. And they're on offer two packets for, for four


Reegs: Okay. I might try that out.

Sidey: I, I

think you should owe it to


Reegs: generic mints spy.

Sidey: Yeah. I also like the really slag ones. So they've got a tray of six

for a quid. Yeah, they're, they're good as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: No, it's a veggie.

I don't get for a lot of mint.

Sidey: that segues perfectly actually into this week's main feature which is a Netflix original movie.

Reegs: Yeah.

The Lindsay Lohan Comeback.

Sidey: Yes. Falling for Christmas. This was recommended by no. Other than Brey.

it? Yeah.

Reegs: And then Andy Conley on Twitter as well said his

Sidey: misses was was pulling for

Reegs: an interest in it.

Sidey: And I went early saying that they should watch it. Mm-hmm. , should let guess just get, get, let's just get straight into it.

Reegs: yeah. Do we need to provide any context to it at all? or?

Sidey: It's Christmas.

Reegs: Yeah. Okay. Fair enough. Christmas romcom. Yeah.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah. And it starts off with rigs.

Reegs: It's like twinkly, swirly, wintry music and going through Aspen and then our hero, Sierra Belmont getting her wake up call. That's Lindsay Lohan. Yeah. And she's sort of rudely, hangs up on the person who calls her. And we see the sort of glamorous luxury ski mansion and facilities that she lives in in Aspen, a ski hotel where she's been appointed to a job as vice president of atmosphere by a job she doesn't want by her rich father.

Sidey: Yeah. So I thought that even though they, they're setting the scene as her being this sort of pampered heiress who literally

has people waiting on her hand and foot, but she almost like from the GetGo, she's unfulfilled.

Yeah. Because

Reegs: she's got a bit of agency about

Sidey: saying, oh, I don't wanna just do this fucking, fucking shit made up job. I actually wanna do something more

Reegs: But she doesn't know what that is yet. She hasn't found it. Yeah. Probably because she's surrounded by like an entourage of lackeys who pamper to her every whim. They bring her caviar in the morning and outfits to get caviar for breakfast. How


Sidey: about caviar for the store? It's gross.

Reegs: It's, I've only tried it a few times. It was, I think once it was like, mm, yeah. And then another time I was like, Ugh.

Sidey: I tried it once, but to be honest, I was a teenager and it was, it just grossed me out. So maybe it, it doesn't look that appealing to me.

Reegs: that pretty

Dan: I go for.

Reegs: But yeah, she's, she's got this entre, including this personal assistant Terry.

And like she's really pampered. It's really obvious and wearing all this stylish clothes. And then she's also got this partner, tad Fairchild

Dan: He, he, yeah, he's he's an influencer.

Mm-hmm. , he's I mean, this brings you right into the modern day of Christmas, doesn't it? We've got smartphones. I mean, this isn't one of those traditional movies. It's, it's modern day. We've got this ski lodge and yeah, it looks fantastic.

Sidey: that's all going on, while she's been pampered, we're also getting introduced to a guy with the most incredible name. Yeah. Short

Dan: Chd, overt Cord. Overstreet,

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: That, and that's not his character name.

Sidey: his real life Name, yeah.

He's Jake and he

is Jake He's propositioning the old man. Yeah. With a business venture because he runs the North Star Fist of the North

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: And it's like the, the, the bottom of rung on the,

on the, on the scale

Dan: Yes. It's the budget ski

Sidey: holiday


Reegs: level.

Sidey: Yeah. And he, but he points out.

Lot of people go there to learn, and then as they graduate, they'll move up to his lodge. So he needs to keep the learners learning so that they graduate to his super

Reegs: because not everybody can afford a luxury thing. So,

Sidey: And the guy just basically tells him, fuck off. I've got my own investors and I'm not really

Dan: not, not before. He says I will, I'll, I'll race you to the bottom of this. I'll ski you to the bottom of this hill. And he, he lets him win. And and he. He just mentions that on the way out. He says, look, I'm not looking to invest. I'll, I'll be honest with you, it's, it's not for me, but nice touch.

Let me win. And he, he ones up and he's like a poor man's Robert Redford. He's the, the, is he

Sidey: that's Hell of a compliment. I it is anywhere near

Dan: Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, he's, they've gone for that look, he's, he's is is young Jack Wagner, isn't it? It's he's Beauregard Belmont.


Jack Wagner.

Reegs: So,

Dan: and it's George Young is Tad Fairchild and he plays this influencer love interest of Lindsay Lohan.

Reegs: Well, Jake's disappointed obviously as the business deal hasn't

Dan: gone gutted

Reegs: he thought. And Sierra steps out in this sort of fabulous red val Yagi outfit with green shoes.

I dunno whether you noticed. And she's on the phone and she's looking for Tad and she bumps into Jake and he spills his hot chocolate or something all over. And then Tad comes in and like pads at her boob

Sidey: it worse.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: which is the hot chocolate the old man had given him and said, I'll tell you what, just you have that on the house and anything else you want today, it's on the house.

So he, he's kind of nice. He doesn't just dismiss him and say

Sidey: he's not completely

Dan: he's not completely roof, he's just say, it's not for me. But lo and behold, that is the same hot chocolate that goes over the, the red. the, what is it? Av

Reegs: Val

Dan: A Val

Sidey: I thought, I dunno whether they're doing like alen CIGA type, Versace hybrid.

Reegs: Oh, maybe we, Jake, our hero, goes back to the North Star Lodge and we see how he sort of universally loved he is and how dependent the whole organization is on him. He fixes the snow, he runs the front of house, he takes guests out on sleigh rides. And then he talks his, his daughter and mother-in-law, Alejandra and his daughter Avie turn up.

Yeah. And he tells him about the business deal. It didn't, doesn't go w didn't go

Dan: well. Well, I, I was,

Reegs: says, oh, I hope for a Christmas miracle. And then he goes and sits in his office and looks sad for about 30

Dan: it's

Sidey: as fuck there at the North Star.

Dan: It's, it is well wholesome at the North Star. And he does mention there.

That was the last kind of chance. And I thought, oh, Frank, fuck for that. He didn't think that was all he had to do. He has tried other things to, to raise capital in investment to save the North Star because it's it's going under, they just don't have enough bookings. They can't compete with

Sidey: there's people phoning up and canceling.


Reegs: specifically reference Airbnb that's putting them out of business.

Dan: right. Yeah.

Sidey: was quite

Dan: nice. They can't compete with it.

Reegs: it. Yeah. Sierra goes out for dinner with her dad where she's trying to, and Tad and she's trying to explain to him that she doesn't win the job, but she can't

Sidey: He says, so what do you do? And he is, I'm, I'm an influencer. He doesn't get

Reegs: get it. He says, oh, you're a salesman.

Sidey: Yeah. ,

Reegs: Dismisses him. And then as again, when she tries to talk to him about it, she gets distracted by a snow globe that her mother gave her father, and they reminisce memories of her mother who died when she was five.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: And they both still miss her and she can't bring herself to tell him. About the turning down the job and he leaves on business.

So Father is out of the picture for a little while and then she goes out with Tad. She's wearing this amazing fusia like ski suit and hat combination. Yeah.

Sidey: Fluffy boots and


Reegs: Yeah. And he takes her out in this like sports car with the

Sidey: Well

he looks.

There's a music video of a band called Primers. Yeah. Where they are like dolls, plastic. They didn't look plastic, and he looks like completely artificial. He looks so weird

Reegs: there's, towards the end is an amazing scene like

Dan: His hair is just like a, is been clipped on like a Lego man's hair like you can remove and put down.

So he looks perfect and his skin is perfect. And he, he looks like he's gone through an Instagram filter or something. Yeah.

Reegs: in real life.

Dan: But in real

Sidey: And he's,

Reegs: there's an amazing scene where they're driving out, he wants to go for this. Well, it's under the guise of a photo shoot I think. And on the radio it starts playing Jingle Bell Rock, which she famously sang in Mean Girls.

Dan: Lindsay

Reegs: watched the pod and he changes the radio station. She's not allowed to sing it. Yeah.

Sidey: But yeah, he looks can you enjoy that?


Reegs: Yeah. Okay.

Dan: they've sped up to the top of a pass and the snow had covered the sign that says, don't go any further.

It's really

Sidey: he has to get the schema bill thing off the back of the trailer. Yeah. And he just goes, schema bill. Oh, he just talks to it like it's voice operated.

Reegs: We did it at work. We pasted a sign over the thing that said it was voice activated, the coffee machine. And, and that was outside the IT office. So we used to send people, see people standing there, go cappuccino,

Sidey: Anyway, do that.

He does

offscreen. He does get the, the thing off the trailer and he takes her up to this very romantic view, but he's never present in any of the interactions he has with, he's always on his phone. He's

Reegs: it's all about what it'll do for his social

Sidey: life?

Blocking, oh, I'm trending, I'm trending. And so he's, you know, he's completely like the most superficial character in the

entire world.

Dan: he, he brings out this huge light ring and which is got a huge stone and it's also too big for her finger.

Reegs: But while this is happening,

Sidey: the Christmas miracle.

Reegs: the same moment, Avie and her grandmother are at Christmas market with basically Santa Claus.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Like a twinkly eyed guy. Yeah, definitely. And she writes something on a piece of paper and puts it on the Christmas tree and it all like flies up and the music goes all twinkly.

It's all ex happening at

Dan: she writes something about mum or love or something

Reegs: hopes her dad finds love again, I think is what it is.

Dan: might have been something like that.

Reegs: But we don't find that out

Dan: and well at that moment as, as Christmas joy and love and luck and, and bad luck would have it. Lindsay Lohan takes a terrible tumble down a steep. Icy Mountain

Sidey: I was worried for her

Dan: And to be honest, by the look of it, you're thinking she's not making it.

Reegs: But it's a very, it looks like a extremely traumatic brain

Dan: injury.

Yeah, it

Sidey: Retrograde Amnesia.

Reegs: Yeah. Uh, Well,

Dan: looks, looks pretty bad. And well, Not only that, she's in the middle of nowhere and, and Tad follows her down, but seems to take a different path. He gets

Reegs: he goes into the void style down a, a sort of bit

Dan: Yeah. He goes into a crevasse, doesn't he?

And he's kind of, but luck shooted out.

Reegs: Luck would have it though that Jake is on a sleigh ride with a nice racially diverse couple.

Yeah. That he's got in the back of the, the van and not van

Dan: And even, even though that they couldn't spot this bright pink fusia ski suit in the snow, he could luckily, and he, he manages it to, to bring her to safety.

And when she comes around, you know, this is the bit, I was watching this with Nelly and we didn't see this coming because that bang on the head. She's only gone and lost her memory. Yeah. She doesn't know who she is, where she is, what's she's done. Yeah. She doesn't know nothing.

No, no. But it doesn't work like

Reegs: that. They say she's

Dan: It doesn't need to be a bruise. You could just get a bang. Fine. Yeah. You could just get a bang and you just don't know it was

Sidey: physically fine as well.

Reegs: So, I mean, basically nobody's there to claim her and she doesn't know who she is. Yeah.

Sidey: so they just

Reegs: got no remnants of her clothes left, no phone, no ID or anything. So she just go, ends up going home with Jake, basically.

Sidey: Yeah. The, the, they're like officials are like, wait, fuck it, you might as well just stay here.

Dan: He, he,

Sidey: and he's like, yeah, all right. So

Dan: he didn't recognize her. He did have a bit of Teta Tay with her in the lobby when he spilled his hot chocolate over her. But

Reegs: didn't recognize

Dan: but he didn't recognize that she didn't recognize him.

And that's, you know, that's just a, a tragic

Sidey: have that instant connection. then?

Dan: No, no, that was it. So, he

Reegs: her back to the lodge and he gives her some stuff from the lost and found and gives her a room, which has a terrifying raccoon outside it. And she's not used to roughing it and he gives her some granny clothes or whatever he calls it. But meanwhile, tad is stranded, sort of near death.

Very much like the Revenant.

Sidey: Yeah, I felt

Reegs: bit. Um, But

Dan: for him on a frozen lake, there's a, like a hut a shed. And in it there's like an old

Sidey: where's Ralph?

Dan: Wild Wilder. Yeah. Ralph Quimby. He's in there and he's fishing

Reegs: well, he screams sanctuary when he walks in and then asks him if he's got off charger for his phone.

Sidey: face,

Dan: Well, he, and he froze a load of Luz at him, doesn't he? A load of hooks and they're all kind of just hanging out his face, but he's so frozen, he can't feel any of them.

Sidey: There was some definite gay rape subplot thing going on here

Dan: Well, I didn't realize until a little bit later on that you are probably right.

Yeah, yeah. But and he's in no real rush to get out there, is he? Because he's a few days before he does find his way out there and enduring those few, few days. Well, our Jake, our, our kind of

Sidey: hero for one of another


Dan: hero, our North Star Lodge leader who only lives, you know, their next door neighbors.

He's, he doesn't know Sierra and they go into town a couple of times.

Sidey: just a different part of the mountain, isn't it?

Dan: different part of

Reegs: the, well she, she adjusts to life at the hotel cuz

Dan: Pretty

Sidey: make her own bed. At first,

Reegs: she's told that, oh you should do some normal stuff. And so she's like, oh, I'll help out around the hotel and she can't do

Dan: nor normal stuff might just, just trigger her memory again. So making the bed hilarious. Scene with her, with the, the sheet.

Reegs: I, I hate. You got a good technique for, for changing a duvet. It's the worst job.

Sidey: All right. It's the, it's the bottom sheet. Like she was struggling with trying to pin the corners on,

find that very irritated duvet.

Reegs: What's your duvet technique?

Sidey: Oh, inside, out, over the head like a ghost.

And then two hands into the far corner, grab each corner of the duvet and then like, flip it out. Taste like 10 seconds.

Reegs: Okay.

Not sort, push it into each corner and get in a blind rage. And

Dan: I just point . No, done.

Sidey: at your misses. . Go make the bed

Reegs: So yeah. She can't do things like make eggs and stuff comically.


Sidey: it's almost, it's a little bit montagey.

Yeah. Because we do very

Dan: It is, it, it is like

Sidey: the next day the housekeeper goes in, it's like, well, fuck me, you've made the bed yourself. Like, unbelievable. Unbelievable. You've managed to progress in 24 hours and not being able to make a bed

Dan: Not even being able

Sidey: being able to make a bed.

Dan: to, for having that sheet kind of just wrap her up. I mean, at one point it, it just fought back that sheet as she'd

Sidey: trying Yeah,

Dan: to

Reegs: well, there is, there's a comical bit where she pours too much detergent in the

Dan: in the washing machine. Washing machine and then,

Reegs: there's loads of, and he says, right, I, because I wound it back later to watch it. He says, this is the last thing I need.

And she gets really sad and she walks out and talks to the horse, which was exactly what my mate Richie did after he took a load of ketamine. But that's different story. But yeah, she talks to the horse and she's really sad and then he apologizes. I'm like, all you said is that's the last thing you need.

And it wasn't really

Dan: Yeah, he, he,

Sidey: he it's also the second time in movie history that she's done that overfilling a washing machine thing.

She did that in the movie, just My Luck, where she also had a love interest named Jake. So she's got Jake thing going on and a washing


Dan: a washing machine. And what she does with that, she puts too much in to begin with and then she ends up clumsy. Putting the hole. Yeah. Kind of. Or the whole

Sidey: I know someone who did something similar. Well, their wife was away. They used fairy liquid in the washing machine instead of

Reegs: I saw

Sidey: deter and, and the whole house like comically filled up


Bubbles. Yeah, Yeah.

Dan: Oh, brilliant.

Reegs: there's there, there's sort of some casual attempts to explain why no one is looking for her because the entourage going in her room and they find a note from Tad saying, I'll take you away for a few days. So there's no reason really for anybody to be searching for

Dan: until dad arrives and says, look, her luggage is still here.

She wouldn't go anywhere. You need to get onto the police. You need to get onto anybody else. You need to do all the rest of it. And they do. And they start making a a statement. And it's around this time, and they've been in the lodge a couple of days.

Sidey: a

little bit of romance start

Dan: had a bit of romance.

Nearly, nearly kissed,

Sidey: They've had a few moments.

and, and she's completely transformed. She's just, you know, wearing casual clothes and she looks very nice. They're,

Dan: Getting on so well

Sidey: they've told each other's backstory. Well, she's not hers. She's got no memory. She knows about his

Reegs: well, she has connected a, she remembers her mother a bit and because she's bonds with his daughter, Avie about

Sidey: that

the mother-in-law.

And she's cuz we laughed about this and, and she's obviously going, oh, you know, why don't you fuck my

Reegs: Yeah. .Yeah. Basically. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: so that's going on. And they do actually say, he says, oh, they have a moment which doesn't end up in a kiss, but clearly there's a connection. And he does say, well, we don't, you know, you, you could actually be married or have a, have a, you know, some, a partner so we can't do this.

Yeah. And then he regrets that cause he thinks I should have just fucked her.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: She the mother-in-law, Alejandra, she shows Sarah a memory book, which is like pictures and notes from her life. And I really thought that was cruel cuz she doesn't remember anything. She's like, look at all these wonderful things I can remember about my life.

But and there's a Christmas angel from Jake. Dead wife Carla,

Dan: don't know how she died, do we? I mean, we dunno how Jake

Reegs: killed

Dan: Yeah. I assumed that he had killed her. And I assumed that the mother-in-law was in on it,

because they owned the lodge or

Sidey: Early on in the movie, we see him at his desk and he opens the drawer and that doll was in it. And I didn't fucking twig to me that that was the angel war for a tree.

It was

Reegs: just all right.

Sidey: thought it was some weird doll he had lying

Reegs: like he's doing some pagan

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: He's gonna sac, he's gonna put a

Sidey: a horror movie. It was possessed

Dan: That, that was almost symbolic in his moving on though, wasn't it? Because he'd, he'd not been able to put that angel on the tree since his wife passed away or he murdered her.

Reegs: Sarah,

as she is now, she comes up with this plan

Dan: Lindsay Lohan is, has been given the name Sarah by the daughter, isn't she?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And she comes up with this plan to save the lodge, which is basically inspired by the memory book to, to go back through it and get in contact with all of the people who ever stayed at the memory lodge at the lodge,

Dan: But Jake

Reegs: of the North Star and ex shake him down for money,

Dan: Well, Jake,

despite having tried everything to keep the, the lodge in hasn't actually tried inviting people to stay

Sidey: he's done, no, he's done no fundraising.

Dan: No, he, he, he's gone to ask somebody else for money. As much

Sidey: he does make an incredibly valid point, which is what I was thinking at the time.

Yeah. Because what happens is because daddy's back in town, they now know that she's missing blah, blah, blah. So it's gonna culminate at some point where, you know, there's, there's gotta be a bump in the road at some point. So they have this fundraising night, everyone walks up and he's there. Jake's dead worried that no one's gonna be there.

It's gonna be really embarrassing,

Dan: I was, I thought no one

Reegs: She comes up, she turns up in a red dress that is strongly reminiscent of the red dress that she was wearing at the beginning and he still doesn't fucking twig who it is still.

Sidey: but people give money. They just start putting envelopes and money and he goes, I mean, it's very nice and everything, but it's just a bit of money.

Like it

Dan: it's still not gonna

Sidey: come. We need, we need, can we do this every month so that we have income, you know, let's, the handouts don't fucking work. Do you

Dan: Yeah, you could still see him just looking at the ax that killed his wife. Just, just to go, there's still not enough money because people are going, Jake, you, we came here, we just got married and

Sidey: couldn't, front

Dan: we we were, you did it for me and, and you know, we had no clothes.

We just turned up here and you gave us the best room and,

Sidey: yeah, I mean, he taught my kids to ski and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Like, but then while all this is going on, daddy turns up, doesn't he? Yeah. And it's like, what the fuck are you doing in this shit hole?

Reegs: It's literally just as he is about to Yeah. Say everything's brilliant. Dad

Dan: runs in soon after and he, he's so happy to see his his fiance again.

Sidey: Yeah. The first they dropped the bomb that she's engaged

Dan: a and

Sidey: devastation all around.

Dan: it. There's genuine des, you know, disappointment in the mother-in-law who thought, ah, I thought I'd, I'd got him off my books. Like, you know,

Sidey: was gonna be the Christmas

Dan: I thought I was gonna get some help around here. Yeah. But no, she's, she's thinking she's gonna do

Reegs: just straight back to her old life. Yeah. And it's, and she wakes up one morning in an echo of the very beginning of the movie and, you know, she has all these romantic thoughts about Jake and we

Dan: feel the same though. She, she can. It is all come back to her. Yeah. And lots, everything's come back to her. Now she remembers

Sidey: But this time she makes her own bed in the mansion and the, the entourage come in and like

what a transformation.

She can now make a bed.

Dan: Well,

Reegs: she's making pancakes and now she likes bacon.

Dan: I've seen some character arcs in my time.

Reegs: Yeah.

Christmas Day at Jake's house is much more wholesome.

There's books for Alejandra, boots for av. There's a new helmet for Jake. But you know, like you said, despite all the generosity, they're still in trouble. And then at the press conference Sierra, thanks Jake for all the help of the fist

Dan: Because it, it's big news. You say the press conference, there's a big P press conference cuz she's been missing even though they didn't realize she was missing till about. Three. Yeah. And maybe like a day. Yeah.

After finding her. But there's a big press conference. Yeah. And she just sings the praises of the North Star Lodge and just

Sidey: yeah, you should definitely check it out

Dan: should definitely

Reegs: check it out. And the phone is like instantly ringing. Absolutely. Off the hook. Can't turn. You know, I, I've gotta talk about this scene because tad is wearing like, like, a sort of military dictator style Yeah.

Chain thing here. And his hair again. Is that slicked back, like Max Headroom or that character off of Lazy Town?

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. Yeah.


Reegs: And this kind of zip up shirt,

Dan: like

Reegs: with a black, Yeah.

Dan: he, he's, he's got a really unique fashion sense and look, he's an influencer

Reegs: And he's, he's, he's the one who announces to everybody.

Oh, we are, we are married. And he's like going, oh, hashtag what is he say? He references their engagement ring with a hashtag. What a brick. And at this point, Avie then says, A Christmas wish hasn't come true

Dan: Jake turns the television off. We've seen enough of that. Nevermind. It's the girl that's been staying with him for a week.

Yeah. She's on TV doing a live news press and he just, nah.

Sidey: Well, he's already lost one,

Dan: He's hurt. He's hurting.

Sidey: one woman. Now

Dan: I

Sidey: one's slipping through his fingertips.

It's devastating.

Reegs: this is when Avie says, my wish was for you to find love and she convinces him to go after Sarah and he goes out and he

Dan: q get the tissues right here.

Reegs: He can't get the snowmobile going. And but then Magic Santa has left a sleigh. Yeah. For him for some reason.


Dan: It's a miracle actually. It's a bit of a Christmas miracle because it is the sleigh that they were looking at

Reegs: in I know.

Dan: market. Yeah. And well they just get Bowers

Sidey: gotta, I've gotta tell her, I've gotta tell her how to feel, blah, blah, blah.

And she's says to Tad, fuck you, I don't want to, this is not what I want, daddy. I don't want this job. Yeah. She just, you know,

Dan: heartbroken for

Sidey: she's just gotta be, you know, true to herself. Dan.

Reegs: And Terry which is Sierra's personal assistant, gets Tad's coat and iss a sort of weird flirty moment, which I thought nothing of until the next scene where Jake goes to confess his love to Sierra.

He thinks she's in a limo and she's not. So he pauses his heart out. And when the window goes down the

Dan: of the limo. Isn't he a blackened window?

Reegs: And when the window goes down it's Tad and Terry, who are now going off together, Tad's happily found,

Dan: he's bounced back. Yeah. Bounce, bounce back.


Sidey: Well he's, I think he's been raped

By Ralph

in the cabin and he's just hooked on Dick.

Dan: Yeah. Why,

Reegs: it wasn't raped. Why did it have to be rape? Maybe he

Sidey: I just think it's

better for the plot. yeah. Okay.

Dan: They left as friends

Reegs: with Ralph. Cuz there's a lot of ice hole

Dan: Remember there was a Yeah. A fantasy in there.

I don't know, you know, it could have been, but

Reegs: but also Jake and the other girl get together as well as Tad and Terry .

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah's happy ending all round.

Dan: Yeah. Well, they, they kind of profess their love to each other after that, don't they? They, she says she's not leaving. He says he could do with some help.

And she, she goes down into the

Sidey: I didn't see that version.


Reegs: Yeah. He offers her a job and

Dan: minimum wage, but you know, she needs to start

Sidey: not even living

Dan: at the bottom really. And she hasn't really proved herself as a great chamber made or anything at the moment.

Sidey: Well, plus there was no one there before, but now it's busy, so you really gotta be

Dan: you gotta be

Sidey: prove yourself.

Dan: And they just

Sidey: and the film ends

and then We we get

hilarious outtakes during the


Reegs: I actually really like

Dan: outtakes. I like

Reegs: enjoy him. But these were bad,

Sidey: They weren't funny at all.

Reegs: The problem is Cord Overstreet, the best thing about him is his name by a long distance.

He's a fucking vanilla, like

Sidey: the he's the most vanilla dude. And Lindsay Lohan


Dan: in Glee or something, wasn't

Sidey: Lindsay Lohan is.


don't wanna like go on about her past. Cause it's really boring. Yeah. And also there's the horrible kind of voyeuristic people reveling in it and stuff, so whatever. But he is such a vanilla dude.

It's gonna be missionary fucking boring Mary. Like, she needs better, she needs better dude than him. I just wasn't feeling it.

But also, I fucking love this

Dan: No. I, I, I like talking about it and, and kind of gently, and we watched it with that same spirit, to be honest. We poked fun at it the entire time we

Reegs: Well, that's kind of what it's

Dan: And yeah. Oh, what's gonna happen here? I mean, everybody, Nelly was guessing what was happening. I mean, there was no shoot amnesia. They're gonna fall it, you know, it's just, ugh. I mean,

Sidey: it was,

it was, to me it was trying to recreate that kind of hallmark Christmasy vibe which I think it did really well.


Dan: a fam, you know, for a, a low stakes family film.

If you've got really kind of young kids and you just wanna watch something for. You could do worse than, than put this on.

Reegs: The problem is they had such a lack of chemistry cuz he's no so, so little presence. It was like they were brother and sister on screen

Sidey: It was, yeah. It did have that problem. That was the problem with it.

Reegs: And but I, the zany parts with especially Tad, I thought he was great. Everything with where every time he was on screen was hilarious and

Sidey: was a great sendup of those kind of dickhead people. Yeah. But yeah, they surely there was someone out there that could have cast who was like more


Dan: I was reading afterwards that the, the critics had had kind of been impressed by their chemistry.


And they thought it was just the perfect overlap between her kind of followers and, and things in real life. And, and his, cuz he's been in kind of a, a glee, was he in?

Sidey: something Yeah,

Dan: like that, you know, so there's, there's a crossover there. And they just thought, oh, this is a perfect mashup for both these sets of

Reegs: he's supposed to, be

Dan: characters together.

Reegs: He's supposed to be really overworked in this all the time, but he's got time to go to the tanning salon and have his hair dye.

Sidey: hair's perfect.

Reegs: Yeah, his hair

Dan: hair's perfect. I

Sidey: I thought it was nice to see Lindsay Lohan again. Occasionally. It was like a little bit of the old magic was still there. Still

quite, fun though. Quite watchable.

Dan: I thought they were already bang, average her as well. I thought they were all bang, average, honestly, like that. There were there. Four, five outta 10, the entire film, the entire cast, entire plot. The lot of

Sidey: No

Dan: Yeah. No, it's absolutely that is anything else that you, you just, you, you're in denial.

Sidey: I'm giving it seven outta 10.

Dan: It's, what are you talking about? It's absolute guff, but you know what you're getting into? It is a Hallmark b family movie that you can watch just Pope fun out. You can walk out, you can come back in, you've missed nothing. You know, it is one of those

Sidey: we paused it every

Dan: And you didn't have to though.

There was nothing that you would've missed. Good.

It wasn't really very good at all. You know, it's, it's time you're not gonna get back. But over Christmas, if you

Sidey: same. That's the same with any time Luan.

Dan: yeah, it is. But this, no, some, some you actually feel that you've invested this. I didn't feel that.

Sidey: We watched it, the three of us. And yeah, we, we all really enjoyed it. It's just, for me, this is, this is a recommended.

Reegs: My miss is hated

Sidey: it yeah,

Reegs: I thought it was all right. For what it was. I enjoyed Tad, I, yeah, it's just called Overstreet.

Dan: I, I, I like it the fact that you can just poke fun at it the whole time.

I mean, I, I was just saying, oh, I wonder what's gonna happen that, you know, that the whole way through. So, I'm sure everyone appreciated it all the more for me doing that. But it was, it was that kind of film and I felt like, yeah, I had to watch it all for the, for this podcast and everything. But it is not a film that I would ever go and sit down and watch again.

Sidey: Chord,

Overstreet Street,

Dan: Brilliant

name. Wow.

So split decision on that one.

Sidey: Yep. Stand by. My recommend shout, but on a different tact. We've got a kid's TV thing. With a, with a holiday vibe to it. Okay. Also a bit of educational content in there.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Wow. Quite. Do

Sidey: think you've seen this one,

Dan: I've not. I've not. What? What We um,

Sidey: waffle and mochi.

Mochi. Mochi.

Which I

think is a food stuff. It's like a,

Reegs: oh, is it

Sidey: It's a Japanese rice cake made of mochi, GOME, a short grain

glutenous rice. Cut. It kind of looks like a marshmallow in this, like a blob, like a pink cutesy thing.

Reegs: It's always wearing a different hat, which is pretty cool.

Sidey: And waffle is a kind of small yeti slash waffle hybrid.

Reegs: That is a good description. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: In the style of Muppets, as in you can see like stick, it's kind of, it's a mishmash. Oh. A little bit like last week where the story box is a mish mash of different styles.

This has some live action, like real people, Sesame Street kind of vibe.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: With

definite Henson looking puppies. I didn't see if there was a Henson.


Reegs: No, I don't think there was. No

Sidey: then some animation and some really, really crude, like deliberately crude. Puppetry and there's a flying vehicle in it.

It's amazing It's great. ,I, I

Reegs: unbelievable. Yeah. See

Dan: sticks or

Sidey: the Yeah, yeah, yeah. You see the sticks and I, I properly lulled like quite a lot

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: okay. 28

Sidey: minutes long. So the setup is,

Reegs: they're hungry in their ice cave

Sidey: and it's always a food program. It's, they have, so there's a, there's a actual original series where they, I think they do different cuisines each week or something, I don't know.

When they teach you about cult different

Reegs: well, I actually watched a bit of another one by accident, a cheese one. So they talk you through the means of cheese production and they have to get a


have to get the right cheese for the band from Marsh. Otherwise they'll split up.

Dan: So

Sidey: one, they're they're talking about solstice and winter stores and some solstice.

And then they decide that they're gonna do, they're gonna throw this thing called Freezy Day, this event. They're gonna have a party, they're gonna have people around. Well

Reegs: inspired because they get a phone call from a broom called Steve he's making laers for, for

Sidey: he Like

a Squeegy mop. Yeah. Yeah. And then

Reegs: With sunglasses on.

Dan: quite a modern Oh, quite a modern. He's not broom them. He's a Squeegy mop. I mean, he's

Sidey: no, because there is a broom

Reegs: His partner Broom Hilda.

Sidey: really moved on since Jango. Yeah.

Reegs: And their baby chuckles. Because when they announce Freezy Day, then Steve just like instantly shows up at his house ready to celebrate.

Sidey: Yeah.

There's some, there's some rogue invitations go out by, which would really fucking piss me off as a host.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, do you mind if I, I just brought round like fucking so-and-so and their mates and by, no, it's not fucking cool.

Reegs: Yeah. Well especially if some of those people are like, one of them is a sentient, end of a supermarket shelf ,

Sidey: that,

Reegs: that has eyes that are cornflake boxes

Sidey: electronic point of sale sort of thing going on as well.


Dan: yeah.

You don't want dicks like that.

Sidey: No,

Reegs: anyway, all these people are turning up at Waffle and Mochis place and Mochi is sent out in the magic cart to go and get some shit from other cultures. Basically

Sidey: waffle can.

Mochi. Mochi. Can't, does he does


Reegs: except for Right.

The end

Sidey: Yeah, he does some squeaky kind of like Charlie Brown teacher noise.

Yeah. Cuter than that. Yeah. He said me and occasionally you can just make out that he says I'm mo mochi. That is about it. So he's sent out to investigate some different cuisines. The

Reegs: He puts these little flying

Sidey: amazing. and his seatbelt does up and then he is in this really crudely done shit car that flies.

Reegs: and he's tiny compared to everybody else, even to waffle as well. So he's extra cute. Yeah. Anyway, so he, he ends up Hawaii goes first of all Hawaii. Yeah. And they've got the Festival of Maka, Makahiki, which is a Hawaiian holiday festival down that lasts for four months and they show them fishing for this fish.

And they're care, they're keen to talk about sustainability for the fish. And

Sidey: She says, she says, oh, you know, we like the fish and we like the fish to grow. And I'm thinking, yeah, apart from that one that you're just like, fucking harpooned. So, but they do make the point that we only take, you know, what we need. We don't overfit, you know, it's like you say sustainability and it's trying to give us really positive message and then it, they show that it's really just all about having your friends and your family together.

And we just, we just have fun and we connected. We sing songs and we play games and we just

have, a

Dan: did this for four months.

It's great,

Sidey: isn't it?

Yeah. Sounds pretty awesome,

Reegs: they had, they cook up these like complete fish in the thing and it did look great. But I was watching these kids tuck in and I was looking at my daughter eating

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: beige dinner and I was like, yeah, how would that work?

Sidey: do serve this thing and I can't remember the name of it. I dunno if you've got it in your notes. Re, but they, the kids are like pummeling this thing with like a crude pest and mortar

Reegs: and Klo Carlo.


Sidey: the most unappetizing thing.

Like it's gray. Yeah. It'ss like gray slop. You know that, that bit at the start of.

A temple of doom where they're served that sludge. It looks a bit like that, sort of that appealing, it's like fairly grim. And I think that's what he takes back. I think they, they'd let him take some of that back cuz he's trying to get food to take back to the freeze party.

Dan: and they're like, yeah, you can take as much of that as you

Reegs: Well, it's not . Yeah. It's not the most interesting food that he has to collect though, because the next place he goes to is Norway.

Sidey: yeah.

he goes to visit the


Reegs: The Samami people

Sidey: are reindeer farmers. And she's like, come on in, we're gonna have blood pancakes.

Reegs: Yeah. Pancake. Well, she starts making pancakes like ingo the eggs, ingo the flour in goes the milk in goes the reindeer blood. And I was like, all right.

Sidey: so someone spoke and cares like, what was that that they just put in? And man goes, that's blood, it's reindeer blood case. Fuck. Like, don't be stupid. No, it wasn't.

I'm like, Hmm. I think it was

Reegs: And then when the pancakes come out, they are bright red.

Sidey: They're, well, they've gone black. It's effective like black pudding. Really? Yeah. And Mallon's like telling I and I said, when you eat black pudding, and she goes, well, it hasn't got blood in it. And I was like

Reegs: I'm


Sidey: I've told you it has. Anyway. And they, and they do another thing about sustainability, she says, we, you know, we look after the reindeer, they look after us, you know, we fucking butcher them and we eat, but we eat everything. You know, they just take what they need and the rest of them, all the rest of it.

So, and they've got this crazy cloud berries, they look

fucking Amazing.

Reegs: They did.

Sidey: So she, the lady that they're staying with in their probably like TEP thing. He does some squeaky noises about having to flock off back to the party. So she gives him a jar of homemade cloudberry jam. Yeah. So he takes that away.

Reegs: Looks good, doesn't it? And then back at, back at Waffle House, he's like telling him, oh, don't worry, it's all gonna be fine later. And there's a sort of ticking clock element as well, cuz it's all gotta be done before the sun goes down.

And just,

Dan: about the food though, like are they going around then? And these are real foods that we are learning

Sidey: about

Yes. Yeah, absolutely real. Yeah.

Dan: Cloudberry? Yeah,

Sidey: that's real.

They look amazing. Yeah,

they really incredible.

Dan: of them. I want


Reegs: sort of like a raspberry

Sidey: egg. Yeah, but lighter. Lighter in color. I dunno what they tastes like. Cause I've never

Reegs: had bigger segments. Not the indivi like

Sidey: Yeah. Johnny's segment. And there's some human beings that actually turned up at the, where do they live?

I don't even can

Reegs: was some sort of

Sidey: Yeah. It was an ugly,

Reegs: One of them is Iranian chef Sam

Sidey: She has a show on Netflix called Salt, sugar, heat Acid or something like that. It's quite good actually. I've seen it before. And then there's a lady who presume we're supposed to know Yeah.

Reegs: Tracy Ellis Ross. I didn't,

Sidey: She's obviously a pianist and musician because they do a song that was the low point of the episode for me.

Reegs: There's also a box of sentient puppy cupcakes.

Sidey: Yeah, pupcakes.

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Ah, do they get eaten?

Sidey: eaten? No,

they just dance around and just generally cause havoc. And so waffle is much like re's getting very stressed about catering arrangements. He is really like freaking out and he's like, one of the point, one of the human characters has to give him a hug, like just fucking like, chill out a bit.

Reegs: I liked that moment. It was just like a moment of like,

Dan: calm.

Sidey: Yeah. She's just like, doesn't matter if he's worried about the food and blah, it's like, look, we're all here. You

know, we're gonna have a good time and it'll be fine. Just chill out.


Dan: You get like that as a host

Sidey: but, but Dan, it goes awry.

Dan: No.

I thought we were on the thought. We were on the easy street.

Sidey: there's a

Reegs: There's a


Sidey: bad weather conditions and mochis comically bad flying car thing crashes into a mountain,


Dan: because it's got him around Hawaii.

Reegs: and he has to eat his passengers for months until he is rescued

Sidey: car . No, but it all turns out to be fine and he just magically reappears a bit of like a minute later flying again and they're like, whoa.

At one point he, you know, there was a thing, a load of memes going around where someone would do something in a video and someone would drop some digital like sunglasses on their face. That happens in

this? it's amazing.

It happens twice actually, to both characters.

Reegs: and chef Nara, she talks about an Iranian festival called, oh, I did get it.

Yard, yard or something. What was it? I've got it somewhere. The, anyway, she, cuz what she says to, to waffle is that this one goes on and on, you know, it

Sidey: goes into the night.

Reegs: night. So it's okay that Freezy Day hasn't quite worked out how you planned. Cuz now that mochi is back with all the stuff

Sidey: and he feels guilty cuz Freezy Day they've made up, you know, it's not a real festival, but they said it doesn't matter, you know, well, let's make it a real thing.

It'll be half thing and they, you know.

Reegs: Yeah, well just, just, yeah, exactly. But Mochi is the one who gives this really long, like 32nd speech, doesn't he?

Sidey: he? And they're all like's Start crying

Reegs: like, yeah, It's really good.

Sidey: and Michelle Obama phones up.


The real Michelle Obama. Yeah. Wow. And then when you get the credits, it's produced by, you know, Mr. And Mrs. Above. Yeah. The two of them. Yeah. The Big O.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: Yeah. This is

fucking great.

Reegs: It's good. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Well, I'm, I'm sure they would've put their name to, to any or rubbish this, this is,

Sidey: I, I was reflecting on last week's one and although


kind of subject matter stuff still like very similar in a lot of


Dan: Mm-hmm.

So where do we pick this up?

Sidey: This is Netflix. Netflix original. But, you know, education whilst being entertained, honestly, I properly lolls about four or five times in it.

Yeah, it's great.

Reegs: Good values as well. I really, I did really enjoy the whole like, moment of the, like you say, waffle, getting his anxiety, her anxiety, their anxiety.


yeah. Their anxiety getting on top of them and, and Tracy Ellis just giving her a hug and saying it'll be okay.

Sidey: it's cool. Yeah, it'll be fine. Yeah.

Dan: Well, let's hope it all is.

Sidey: But next week sees the return of. Peter.

Reegs: Yes. One dad in one dad out.

Sidey: also the disappearance of res you're fucking off Christmas holes.

Reegs: Yeah. So yeah, I'll be gone for a couple of weeks,

Sidey: is a shame because we've got a lot of trolling of Pete to do next

Reegs: I know,

Sidey: because Pete has been away with what was at one point thought to be some

sort of hideous neurological problem, but it turned out to be a toothache.

So it's an entirely teeth themed week next week. Top five teeth, , top five. Anything dentist, anything to do with teeth. Our mid-week is gonna be marathon man. Yeah. So we're into like the classics there. The main thingy is Teeth. The movie. Yeah. Dunno if you're familiar with that


Dan. Okay. You're in for a real treat.

Yeah. And Kids is the Adventures of Timmy the tooth.

Dan: Wow. It is a, a teethy episode. Yeah, it, it'll be good to have Pete back and and hear all about his, his woes. I wonder if

Reegs: Darren Teely will be listening

Sidey: Well,

Dan: hope, let's hope he gets involved as well. Love to hear his, his Dennis woes as well.

If anybody else has got some dentist stories, because Pete can't just get the monopoly on it. He's bound to have a great story though.

Sidey: Well, have you heard his dentist story?

Dan: I've heard

Sidey: It's amazing.

So I look forward to that. But on that bombshell, all that remains is to say, SI signing out,

Reegs: out

Dan: Dan's gone.