July 30, 2021

Anomalisa & Rainbow Rangers

Anomalisa & Rainbow Rangers

It may not be obvious to our listeners but we do usually put quite a lot of thought into our choices for each weeks podcast, whether it's to link the main feature and kids tv programme thematically or to ensure we have an even distribution of the types and genres of movies we review. That same level of planning is often true of the Top 5 category, although this week I heard Sidey say something in the midweek mention and thought 'that will make a great top 5' so here we are with the Top 5 Title Drops in movies.

Oscar winner Charlie Kaufman wrote and directed the 2015 movie ANOMALISA. The story is surprisingly simple in comparison to Kaufman's other high-concept work and follows 24 hours in the life of Michael Stone (David Thewlis), a motivational speaker specialising in customer service who cannot connect or relate to other people. When he hears Lisa (Jennifer Jason leigh) in the hotel corridor, Michael believes he has found someone to spend the rest of his life with. Of course this being a Charlie Kaufman joint, things are not quite that simple. A profound examination of middle-aged male depression and loneliness, the movie manages to say a lot about a subject where few fear to tread.

My youngest recommended Rainbow Rangers so we decided to watch it. I must tell you now that regrettably I have had to ask her to find somewhere else to live on the strength of this recommendation. Rainbow Rangers follows the adventures of seven 9-year old girls with superpowers who protect the Earth and its resources from those who would seek to damage them. With a mission statement which includes protecting animals (yet they seem to have enslaved some sort of unicorn named Floof), strong environmental themes, girl power etc. this could easily have been a hidden gem. Unfortunately Rainbow Rangers lacks any originality, suffers from terrible design and lacklustre animation and the voice cast sound like they are all about to die from boredom. Give this one a wide berth - but do listen to us slate it.

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Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review the weekly film review podcast, where we catch up on movies. We missed while bringing up our children. This week's show is brought to you from Peter Andre's bloke. Dan, not a public toilet or a submarine as it may well sound like. The reason we're in the bloke, Dan, Dan has been unexpectedly called up for the Olympics to take part in the a hundred meter dysentery dash.

And of course that completes a glorious circle for Dan, as he appeared at the very first limbics fins Greece back in 1896, I was going to go for the one that was in 7

76 BC. But would that have been funny or I don't know.

Sidey: So

Reegs: Sid Peter, Andre and myself reeks bringing you top five titled drops our main feature Charlie Calvins Anomalisa and our kids TV choice was the absolutely fucking awful rainbow

Sidey: let's just get that out of the

Reegs: alert.

Sidey: Fucking was dog shit, but we'll get onto that

This week. Need to give a shout out. I don't need to, I can do what the fuck I want, but I'm going to give a shout out to some gold miners in Australia

who are struck gold with our podcast and are huge fans of the show. So I'm sorry that we abused Australians literally every week on the show.

But we do mean it. So fuck you. No, I don't mean that. It's all welcome to the show.


Reegs: had some great contributions for the top five hats last week. Sid, did you have,

Sidey: really did. I mentioned it last week and I'm going to mention it again because it is a belter, but it is going to be disqualified.

I'm afraid it's a sleeper word. Tweeted in. The beach blanket, Babylon. And I don't know if any of you had a chance to look at it, but it's, that's a massive like city scape kind of hats it, but it's from like a sort of cabaret music review thing. It's not a movie per se.

Reegs: Oh. So that's why it's

Sidey: So I'm just qualifying on that basis. We had some other ones that we mentioned. I don't think we mentioned Diane Keaton in Annie hall.

Reegs: Geez, that's a good

Sidey: got some good star going on there. And also the guys from dumb and dumber that I can't remember the character's names,

Reegs: Lloyd yes. The blue and orange

Sidey: the top hats. There are Harry and Lloyd.

Yeah. That's a stellar outfit.

Reegs: Mov he came up with a list that was better than any of ours. He starts off with the Queen's hat the crown, which it in, in loads of different stuff. You said a good mouse, pretty floral bonnet and Firefly, which is good. One princess Mononoke, the mask here, we allowing masks

Sidey: I don't know, but that's a great film

Reegs: Django and change.

You've got Jangos hat. Of course, a really good one V for vendetta. He's got a bit of a hat going on with the. weird face thing that he's got. So what do we want to do?

Pete: Okay. I'm concerned. here. We Didn't

put Indiana Jones in. we kept it like, I mean,

Sidey: We did get nominated quite a bit online too. Yeah,

Reegs: well


Pete: not put that in. I I P I wouldn't wicked witch of the west, but yeah, I think I think

Sidey: India, India should be in there.

 Hats, of course segues very nicely into this week's top five, which is movie title drops.

Reegs: Mm. Yeah.

This was in the third man review. You talked about how your love of hearing when somebody did this. And I thought, yeah, I like that too. What? That would make a

Sidey: And it happens so infrequently it's really difficult to,

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: it doesn't, at all. it happens in fucking like every other film.

Reegs: Yeah. But

then when asked to give specific examples, you did really flummoxed quite a lot, didn't you? Yeah. Yeah. In the chat in the podcast yet?

Sidey: you

Pete: no, what I wanted to do is it w I wondered whether we were going to narrow it down any way of narrowing down, Cause it's basically like like I

Sidey: your favorite ones is the way

to do it.

Pete: like, yeah Okay. So it's basically your it's half of my favorite films because half of them men.

Sidey: Cool. Well to start us off then.

Pete: Okay.

Right. So what I did, I also misunderstood last night and I thought that we now could only mention films that had a title drop in that we'd not spoken about before on the

Reegs: I was just trying to make it really

Pete: Yeah.

That, that, that really limited it.

And I also couldn't. I also couldn't remember

Sidey: them try and make sure that the one I do pick as my nomination, hasn't been in one before. Yeah.

Pete: Okay. So, right. Okay. So I'm going to go with all of the criteria that we just spoke about. And for me it, title drop is better when it's a line in the film, as opposed to just like the film is the characters name, but I've got some that is the character's name or it's a building or a thing or whatever it is.

But this one is a film I really liked. And I don't think we've ever mentioned. it. I can't remember. I was mentioning it on the podcast as good as it gets

Sidey: Jack

Pete: with Jack Nicholson.

Ready? Ready? It's It's years since I've seen it. I didn't go back and do any research. Helen Hunt is the lady and yes. and he's like, he's like the, the gay guy lives next door.

I think he has an accident Yes. beaten up.


quiet Yeah.

It's horrible. Check Nicholson tolerable to remember he S he's like a cranky bastard with terrible people skills. I think he's got OCD. There's like the cracks in the pavement thing

It's like walk down the road. yeah.

like so he's like, you laugh with them and you laugh at him and he's a bit of a tragic character, but you're kind of rooting for him.

And then he eventually, because of his you know, ultimately he, he does a nice thing for, for his neighbor looks after the dog is what it is. And they go on like a quite funny road and he ends up doing Helen Hunt and She's all right.

She's a waitress. I think And she's like, she's really good for him because she like stands up to him And he's he's horrible to most people, but it's, it's not always on purpose. I think he's just ready, like totally tactless. and like,

Reegs: well, I think it's, the movie goes on, what's played for laughs in the first half of the film, you know, they then start to paint a bit of a more nuanced picture where it's like, actually this guy is sort of

Pete: ill and needs

Reegs: lot of support and love and all that stuff.

Pete: So

Sidey: yeah,

Pete: if

Reegs: he may have done, it's a terrific movie. I haven't seen it for a long time either, but and, and he does say,

what, that's it?


Pete: it gets? Yeah. Yeah,

Great film. I like it well done. Peter.

Sidey: I like it.

Pete: I look,

Reegs: One of the first ones I thought of was the released, not that long ago, suicide squad with will Smith and it's just pathetic. He says, so that's it. Huh? What were some kind of suicide squad? And it was picked on for that very reason that it was a really bad title, drop it, you

Sidey: know,

Reegs: the line is delivered really flatly and it's a terrible, terrible film.

Yeah. It's on Netflix at the moment. And I tried to sort of have it on while I was working and I couldn't even have it on in the background. It was that

Sidey: It's PlayStation almost PlayStation one level effects. You know, the, the monster thing is so generic and terrible.

Reegs: It is. I mean, the

Sidey: It's got Holly Quinn in it.

It's the reason that it was popular.

Pete: Yes.


Reegs: It's so

Pete: I I'd watch the film again because of


Sidey: The new one looks fucking great though.

Reegs: That's why I bring it up because I think the new one does

Sidey: this week. Is

Reegs: it

Pete: it what is that like a


Sidey: No, it'd just be another story.

Pete: So It's a seat call effectively,

Reegs: sort of accept it.

Sidey: In it. Yeah.

Reegs: is playing the same character that will Smith played in the previous one, I think. Yeah. These playing bloodshot, isn't it? I think.

Pete: I

Sidey: Okay.

Pete: So forgive me, Cause I don't know all of this shit, but suicide squad was was like, they, were, that was a thing before this film.

ever came along. Right. Okay. Fine. So

Reegs: but it does look really

Pete: need to reference itself in the film.

Reegs: I think it's just because the line is delivered so flatly

and it,

yeah. Proper like Irish dancing while he

Pete: which would probably would have been

Reegs: would have been a bit better.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: This one, I think we've definitely spoken about before, but I don't know if it's been nominated per se.

Jacob says, do I really got to be the asshole that says we got into this thing. We went back in time and Nick kind of looks at the camera and said, It must be some kind of hot tub time machine which is fucking great. Brilliant. It is amazing. I can't bring myself to watch the sequel cause I'm sure it'd

be dry. I've seen

Pete: And I've forgotten all of it already It's when Lou has like used the fact they went back in time and he's got Lou Yeah. It's Lugo. Is that, or Is that at the end of the first one, but I think, yeah. Yeah, it does

It carries on and he's like a multi-billionaire and stuff. yeah, I think it's shit. The second one actually. but Yeah, the first one. Brilliant.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's good. And he looks right at the camera is Craig what's his chops.

Isn't it? It's the

Pete: Craig David,

Reegs: great David yet? No Cray.

Sidey: the young kid in the

Reegs: he looks right at the camera and says it, doesn't he? Yeah.

Sidey: there's another one like that.

Pete: Okay. So film that we don't talk about much, and I don't know how everyone feels about it in the room. And I don't care because I fucking loved it. Rogue Um

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah I loved

Pete: Really

fucking like that


Sidey: seagulls.

Pete: Yeah. Baton and the sequels.

Sidey: the best film since


Pete: Yeah. Since the original, No fuck off return of the Jedi is class and just cause you've got a problem with, E-box

Sidey: doesn't mean this can't be better than it.

Even if I

Pete: Return of the Jedi is a

fucking stellar stellar film

Reegs: nerd over

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No one can see you you're pointing to but you're pointing to me. Yeah. But forget that rogue one is brilliant. and mentions it. Obviously they are.


Reegs: what they say, what the, when do they say reg one? Oh, it's the name of the ship?

Pete: And that they that's their codes?

It's cool. Sign. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I didn't reference is it that it gets said quite a few times, but yeah, really like loved what they did with like the whole thing. It was,

Reegs: I saw her twice

Pete: a bit, I saw it twice cause I, what I did with all of the star wars, like the star wars stories and the sequels is I went and saw them first. And then to see, to make sure that my kids would be okay.

Cause my, my daughter was pretty young. I think when she saw this, this one like grabbed her attention more than any, which is,

like got sort of like the, some of the, like the more sort of lighthearted, comedic, whimsical sort of elements that the, the, the actual star wars films do have. This is like a darker, I mean, it's, it's but basically, it's a suicide mission from the get-go.

Everyone fucking dies that, that matters in this sort of like plot and But yeah, like, like my, oh, she must've been about five or six at the time. loved it. loved, absolutely loved it. Loved Tony, if you want. And I So

Reegs: Jen. So

Pete: Jen so yeah.

Sidey: Leslie Jones, just

Reegs: Jones.

Sidey: not

Reegs: I mean, the huge nerd Gazprom I had at the end when Vader just

goes mental, like slicing people up, but that's quite a lot for a five-year-old to


Pete: She doesn't care. Like she, does. one thing she did ask as we walked back to the car was like daddy, did everybody die? I'm sorry.

Sidey: Yeah, but they got the plans.

Pete: yeah, Yeah. I've got, like I said, yeah, but you know the rebel plans I was worth it. So they're heroes,

Reegs: Transcendence was the directorial debut of the incredibly amusingly named Wally Pfister, who was a frequent Christopher Nolan, collaborator and cinematographer. He did a memento the dark night and inception with Nolan. Now, this has got , a celebrity wife beater, Johnny Depp as Dr. Will caster, he's a genius scientist researching artificial intelligence who through a painfully contrived series of events ends up short and about to die.

Sidey: wife,

Reegs: Rebecca Hall, she uploads his consciousness into a quantum computer that the project's been developing. No, no, you don't remember this one. It's like 2014. Maybe this is one that we should review on the pod.

Sidey: sounds like it's ticking all the boxes,

Reegs: it looks really slick and in principle there's some really interesting and thought provoking stuff to be had in the plot, you know, to look at the relationship between man and machine and you know, the nature of humanity.

But this is really just a terrible film that believes it's a good one. And it's, it's it's the sort of, lifelessly boring and doesn't offer anything insightful. And then it's like,


grounds all of the interesting stuff that it, it could be talking about to just focus on the relationship between, you know, computer DEP and his wife, and like the rest of the movie, that bit is like painfully underwritten.

And it just collapses into this kind of mush in the end with depth 2.0 reborn with an organic body somehow, I don't know. But anyway, he says some scientists refer to this as the singularity, I call it transcendence and it was in the trailer. So I always remember it from Don't watch it.

It's garbage.

Sidey: are going to do the, the lines from it.

You'll get the film, I think fairly quickly a character called Fitch says, so once we kidnap super cop, then what, and Sean Archer says he kind of moves his fingers across his face and he says tiny surgery. I'd like to take his face off in his mega acting way of doing things. It's obviously Nick cage from face-off

Reegs: brilliant.

one Did

Sidey: Yeah Yeah.


Pete: It's a good fit. Like it's, It's not meant to be taken seriously.

Sidey: Am I right in thinking that this and Connor came out pretty much? Around the same time within six

months, I'd say

Reegs: Was it as close together as that he was on a hot streak at this time?

It's works

here at the rock

Pete: Con air is another

Sidey: I haven't seen the rock. I really don't like


Reegs: title drop.

Pete: yeah, yeah. They, They call themselves

Reegs: welcome to Carney.

Pete: to Canada. Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: Malka trash says it, doesn't it. Yeah. But this one I quite enjoyed. It's daft. There's supposed to be a


Pete: Yes.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: I'm so up for


Sidey: I really want to say pig. Actually.


Reegs: of course you do.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: We know someone

yeah, we do know lots of people.

yeah, That's it.

That's mine. No, no, no. So we know someone who, And this is that face off as their favorite film

Reegs: I can see


Pete: it's it's it's not much fun for the listeners. That's

Sidey: Just tell me anyway, tell me and I'll just edit it.

Pete: Anthony Norman.

Sidey: Okay. Yeah, it makes sense.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Right. So this is, a film we may have briefly mentioned it. I fucking love this film so hard. And this unfortunately is another Nicholas cage one, but not because of Nicholas cage. the rock.

Sidey: I've never seen it.


Pete: it.


because of your cage. thing. Yeah, I know, but you've seen face

off like,

Sidey: Bruckheimer as well.

Isn't it?

Reegs: It's Michael bay. Even. I like it.

Pete: Jesus Honestly, I fucking love, I love this I love shore. I love what they do with Sean Connery.

and this film. No,

the Rock's not in it. Like he's not in it

there is, there is a rock in it and they say and it's Sean corner. It says welcome to the rock. like,

Sidey: so fucking

Pete: like do you know, Do you know the premise

Do you know anything about it? Alcatraz It's to do with Alcatraz?

Reegs: midweek mentioned. It's got to be a side. He

hasn't seen

Pete: film. Just, I can't remember what his name is.

but when they get him out of prison like that scene, of him walking down the thing, They make sure I'm Connery look,

fucking bad ass They make it look like Conan The barbarian, It's ridiculous. What film

Sidey: you don't want to inflict it on me once we get done with next week's nominations,

Reegs: Well, we've got masters of the universe to pimp with our mate.


Pete: Kev

Reegs: Yeah. Wait, leave us

Pete: seven, Kevin.

Reegs:  I enjoyed a few times where they kind of subvert it a little bit. So apocalypse now has a shot on a wall at Kurtz's compound with the words, our motto apocalypse now sort of graffiti do cross it. And then boogie nights opens with a billboard like advertising, a movie called boogie

Sidey: We never talked about that and I said,

Pete: great

Reegs: film

Sidey: oh mate, it is 10 out of 10.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Massive tick. You see boobs and bags and stuff as well.

Pete: It was ticking all the boxes.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: but I think one of the most subtle and well worked examples of this phenomenon, you know, so it's gracefully handled was in star Trek, first contact, whereas Efram Concord Cochran says,

Pete: exactly

Reegs: so you guys are astronauts on some kind of star Trek and you just want to punch him in the eye. It's really, really on the nose dialogue, but actually that's a really good movie

Sidey: I love that film. It's great. One, when they're walking on the sources section of the thing, and a guy gets bogged changes inside his suit in about a second into book, and I'm going to ask a quick, how did they

Pete: this is

Picard. Isn't it? Is it? the first Picard

film? no,

Sidey: no, no. Generations was the first one. There's the role that, that the odd number ones is it the odd numbers or the numbers?

Reegs: Even numbers.

Sidey: Which one? But I like them all. They were great.

Reegs: Oh, it is worth noting that across 28 seasons of TV shows and 12 movies, that is the only time the phrase star Trek is uttered

Sidey: Or what's a pick next the Lord of rings trilogy. They complete the hat-trick.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: yeah. Elrond I think it's our Ron says it. He says you shall be the fellowship of the ring.

I think Chris. Yeah. Christopher Lee says a and the union of the two towers. And Gandalf the white at that point, he's a white supremacist.

He says authority. Authority is not given to you to deny the return of the king. And someone says in the Hobbit, so this is the Hobbit

Pete: They must have mentioned the Hobbit quite a few times, but they also say the Lord of the rings because they're referring to

Sidey: around

Pete: as well. film, that I really liked I liked films that I know nothing about, and then I have them thrust upon me And this was one black Hawk down. Saw it. I came back from traveling and stayed with a mate in London.

He just said, oh, this fell. I can't remember how it came about. It was like this, what's it about?

Sorry. It's like some

Sidey: fucking

Pete: Somali. He had like U S army in Somalia trying to do like some mission with some helicopters and I think it's a true story. Yeah.


Sidey: Because the, the yanks have this stupid thing where they won't leave anyone behind.

Pete: Right. Okay. Yeah. Well, So that's why they blow up schools and stuff.

So that there's no one, no, literally no, one left for

Reegs: No, that's the civilians


Pete: that.

So yeah, and in the film is when, when the chopper goes down, it's like black hole down, we have a black Hawk down. so that's where they drop it in Where do you get film. Like a bit of it on some, I don't know if it was an ensemble cost at the time.

I think it introduced quite a lot of people. Tom Hardy's first

Reegs: I was going to say Tom

Pete: McGregor's in it, but he didn't, he'd Obviously made some stuff before.


Yeah It's like a real light.

Sidey: Anything I remember is the guy on the floor or they're talking to him and then the camera pans when he's like in half,

Pete: Yeah, this is fucking Savage.

really. So the bit where they're like trying to save that guy, that they're trying to pit, like they've got tweezers on his artery.

in his leg and It us really grim, but brutal, but a really good film. Great action film.

Reegs: I was a pretty big fan of how they did this in a movie that we reviewed on the pod Swiss army man where Hank says you're like the multi-purpose tool guy, which was the closest they could presumably get without getting done for some sort of infringement. They played with this in teenage mutant ninja turtles.

The Michael bay produced reboot in 2014. Have you ever seen that?

Sidey: Fox.

Reegs: Yes.

Where they say we're ninjas, we're mutants technically with turtles we're turtles and we're teenagers with ninja mutant turtle teenagers. And Donatello's says, well, when you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous. I hate that sort of naughty Winky sort of Metta stuff fuck off with that shit.

And there's a good one in 21 jump street when they're being assigned their case. And they're told to report to 37 jumps street and everybody looks kind of weird around,

Sidey: you then, Pete. Good.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: was surprised at how

Pete: Yeah, no, they're

Reegs: they are. Surprisingly

Pete: second one's still good. Yeah. Yeah, it was,

Sidey: the poetry slam.

Pete: Yeah. Oh Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Channing Tatum is clearly like a really cool guy.

Sidey: Yeah. His buyer's name. Thanks. So,

Reegs: all right? You remember the shell?

Sidey: I film, I watched this week, the sparks brothers.

Reegs: Have you seen their

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: The right

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: Is it good?

Sidey: Yeah. It's fucking rad. I don't know how you feel about spots.

Pete: I

know what you're talking about,

Sidey: fucking great fucking great.

You wanna heard some of that stuff? He just won't put the piece. He, they are brothers. They're kind of like the fall in that the band are interchangeable people that play instruments and it's them, it's their thing. And I hate being called the sparks brothers and he says it right at the very start, this just two, the two of them sat there and black and white talking guys.

He says, do you mind if I call it how you feel about Nicole in this, this whole thing, the sparks brothers, and they have a conversation about it. And I said, well, you know, in lieu of anything better than no fair enough. But that, that there's a documentary about their, they've got 25 albums and they've been going five decades.

It's fucking great. It's really, really cool. Definitely check it out. And I've just been like listening to their music relentlessly since it's fucking cool.

Reegs: Nice.

Pete: This one, this one, it name drops itself. If that's the thing. title drop. So it qualifies.

for this.

I've mentioned it, but I've brought this up because something that's been like nagging for a long time is because you've given this film quite a lot of hate in the past.

before I was ever on. No, no, no.

and it's a film I fucking really like really liked and I've need to address it with you. Is shutter island

Reegs: It's

Pete: Why

is it dog? Shit. Explain to me why. it's dog shit.

Sidey: Well,

Pete: but for

Reegs: I thought I saw all the twists coming a mile

off and

Pete: for like absolutely did

not see.

Reegs: And it was just

Pete: He saw it coming.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it's

Pete: at what, point did you know that?

Reegs: I didn't know the full extent of the silliness until it's all revealed. And then it was just collapsed under the weight of everybody. Like they were all running around pretending to do.

I mean, it's just silly. It just didn't, it didn't resonate with

Sidey: I saw it at the cinema and I can't remember much about it other than when I left feeling like that was shit.

Reegs: I think DiCaprio is awful in it as well. It's like sleep. I dunno.

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: Oh, I absolutely loved it. I, I, I think that I, I saw it how, how it was meant to be what they wanted to do with it.

is, is how I saw it.


I fucking really liked it. Yeah, it was like, it was sinister. It was edgy. It didn't like, I didn't know what was going on. Like the soundtracks really kind of.

like Dark and industrial, and there's just like a horrible mood, but I felt like uncomfortable all the way through and disorientated. And I think that's exactly what it was meant to do.

And yeah,

Reegs: It's so implausible, it took me out the

Pete: he's like a fucking shit, reveal like way of doing things. Yeah. But let us, if it's okay. for Harry Potter, It's okay for, for DiCaprio,

Reegs: Hmm. Hmm. But what they say,

Pete: yeah like when they arrive at the hard-nose they're like welcome to shelter island. like they say it immediately pretty early on.


Reegs: Yeah. Tom cruise played Ethan Hunt, famously rock climbing in the middle of nowhere in mission, impossible twos, impressive opening sequence.

You remember that

Sidey: one?

Reegs: He doesn't have a phone on him, so cause it was like the year 2007.

Send a helicopter and the helicopter fires a rocket at him. And it can, those contain the sunglasses that give him his mission briefing. And that's a brilliant thing because they do the whole, this will self-destruct thing.

And it allows him to throw his shades at the camera and straight into

mission impossible too. So this is the first one being done by Brian DePalma.

Sidey: Yeah. Who is the vendor name? Remember it being weird. Costing some Scottish guy

Reegs: in this one. It's do gray


because a big part of the plot is at points, Tom cruise, pretending to be, do grey Scott

Pete: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Like

Reegs: mask thing. But nobody like commenting on the fact that Tom cruise is a good seven inches

Pete: Yeah. But he's, he's not in Hollywood land. He's not. He said what happened to duke Ray, Scott? He was going places.

I had

Reegs: know? He, he was

going to be in Wolverine. He was going to be Wolverine in the X-Men and this movie, because it, it went really fucked and they had to do a load of reshoots and he had to drop the part.

So that's how huge Jackman got the, yeah. So do gray Scott and I, this was an absolute, well, people always say that this is a Turkey. Yes. It's

Sidey: ridiculous.

Reegs: Absurd laughable. But some people think that that's a bad thing.

Sidey: I enjoyed it. I think, I think I've enjoyed

all of

Pete: I checked out of mission impossible. I said I enjoyed the first

Reegs: The later ones

Pete: of I've checked out at the bell. they're all basically the same. It's not, it's just, It's like Tom cruise, just fucking, sucking himself off the whole time. I like Tom cruise but I liked his earlier stuff. Way more than is modern

Sidey: some chat that him and Roger Volta has had enough of Sandy.

And there's some falling out and he's going to spill the beans about what's going on. And Tom cruise is like, we got to shut this guy down.

Yeah. That can be quite interesting.

Pete: yeah. We're going to Make a film about it.

Sidey: Just about every bond film ever made. Pretty much says the title. You only live twice Mr. Bond. Blofeld says that one. It must've scared the living daylights out of her great bond. And what a view.dot. To a kale. Yeah. So they're all really good.

Wayne's world says it a bunch of times, mainly in the song Wayne's world Wayne's world party time. Excellent. He also has it emblazoned on his hat.

Reegs: yeah. Oh good hat content there.

Sidey: Yeah. And another one was a good hat content that we didn't mention last week, Chinatown.

Reegs: So forget it much

Sidey: forget it, Jake.

It's Chinatown. That's a great film. You see that one Jack?

Reegs: I mean, there's barely anything to do with Chinatown in it.

Sidey: No water.

Pete: Jack

Sidey: Nicholson.

The only Jacques worth mentioning it's about water. But it's brilliant

career best possibly. Yeah. It's right up there. Right up

there. He's got a broken nose all the way through.

He's got, this is really iconic. So go check it.

Pete: So, well, okay. As soon as you're doing, like we've done a lot of the rings and James Bond and franchises and stuff. Harry Potter, all of the

films are, title drops. well, what they don't say they don't say the deputy hellos part one and part two, Yeah. Yeah. They say yeah, the philosopher's stone gets mentioned. Chamber of secrets, obviously prisoner of Azkaban. Fourth one is the goblet fire order of the Phoenix. Hoffler prints, and

Sidey: Phoenix nights

Pete: definitely hellos. Yeah. they're all title drops.

I didn't fact check that,

I just felt like,

I know it, but I've got a few, like I've got loads of films written down I'll put question marks, just because of that. So films, are just really fucking like, can't like, I mean, again, obviously it's the title of the film, of the matrix is just unbelievable. Mind-blowingly brilliant.

Sidey: watching it this week actually.

Pete: Fucking war film. And I actually, I had this conversation with a guy I worked with And he's a fucking idiot, like you rigs and thinks at the second and third films are ready to go as well.

Reegs: Not as good as the first.

Pete: no, nothing, nothing is as good as the first, but

whatever. Okay.

Sidey: not the best of the three is what you mean.

Pete: It's by far and away, the best of the three for me, and the other two, there's no real need for them.


Sidey: I was really excited for them,

Pete: I was,

but, but you'll you were never going to get,

Sidey: probably enjoy the second one, but

the third one is to share

Pete: the impact that you got with the first film. Like the reveal, the idea that I didn't, I knew nothing about it. Went into it, watched it. Wow.

Sidey: watching the Olympics this week. And I actually set my alarm on Saturday night, Sunday morning.

I think it was a half three to watch some of the TaeKwonDo and they use that camera now. Yeah. So if someone does a kick and you want to see if it's hit them in the head and it stops and the camera pivots round in their same matrix way.

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: See? And so you see the technology, how it feeds down into everything, but everyone it's really cool.

I love

Reegs: I fucking assume they say it and stop all you're. My mum will shoot. I have seen that movie,

but I have seen it. I just

Pete: But this is like genuinely I'm backing myself hit every second film. It will be it.

Reegs: And yet you did have a real cry about not being able to

Pete: no, but it was, it was the whittling. it. Wasn't that? I couldn't find it. It was the whittling down. It was like, well, we're just going to like name Every film,

Balboa, Like

every other film? But Yeah.

Reegs: I mean, I've got tons more, but

I might just go

for my nomination. Is it that kind of time?

Sidey: Just

Reegs: All right, well, let me baby. This dude, dude. Where's my car.

Sidey: I haven't seen that one.

Reegs: does say it in

Pete: I have seen it. And is it is it crap?


Reegs: But the best joke is the one where they've got the tattoos on their backs and he's like, dude, what does mine say?

And he's tattoo says, dude, and he's oh, sweet. What does mine say? And it says sweet. And then they're just screaming. But dude, what does mine say? yeah, I assume they do it in the carry on movies a lot as well, which I have watched, but I couldn't really tell you anything about them, Barbara Windsor.

And what

was that? Fuck his name, Egor, wherever, you

Pete: Oh God. Yes, James. Yeah. Yeah. Kenneth really amazing. Yeah. Basically I love

those films only because I think it was like the closest thing he could. get to porn

Sidey: Yeah, it was titillation. I also


Pete: winds His bra would fly off in every

Sidey: Karen campaign when she did the

stretch in it when right. Yeah. I also had like the normal wisdom movies when I was a kid. My dad used to watch them and I found them quite good.  this one, I can't believe we've not mentioned, but you're not allowed to talk about it.

It's the first rule


Pete: of

Sidey: And also the second rule. And the third rule is that if you. Want to title job. If it's your first night at title drop club, you have


title job. So that that's a good one. Yeah. The prestige yeah, he says that's why every magic trick has a third act. The hardest part of the part we call the prestige

and Michael Gambon, who has probably my favorite voice in anything he says welcome to the layer cake sign at the end of layer cake.

Pete: I'm still not seeing it. Do you know what I've seen? The beginning of it?

Sidey: like five times

Pete: and not ever not giving up because it wasn't good just because something else is

Sidey: happened. That's going to have to be a midway cause that's good. That's his bond audition. It's fucking good film. Yeah.

Pete: yeah.

I've got loads of loads of films written down. But I won't read out all of them. just films. that I really fucking like where they get mentioned that obviously like seven. the number seven gets mentioned a lot because of the deadly sins. Another number of related one 12 monkeys and the army of the, and so on silence of the lambs,

the silence of the lambs.

Sidey: No,

he doesn't. I fact, I fact checked it cause I was going to have it. I was going to have it and it

Reegs: doesn't. He talks


Sidey: what is the stink of the lamb?


Reegs: of the lamp? That's the minor,

Pete: fact checking this, does it it's something to do with their music?

Reegs: know the silence of the lambs is because she ran away because she couldn't bear to listen to the lambs being slaughtered.

That's why she ran away and your cheap shoes.

Sidey: All the way to the F B. I fact checked it for this. Cause I thought it did say it.

Pete: Well, I just, I just wrote it down. Assuming it gets so,

Sidey: I've

Pete: okay. I should start fact checking these. Well, I knew I had facts on you from

last week. anyway, so

Reegs: Facts were gray. I listened, but I enjoyed

Pete: those, made all of them.

I didn't know.

Loads back to the future. That gets

Sidey: that's one to camera. That's dark. He sort of pivots round when he goes to the future.

Pete: Yeah. Loads of stuff. Obviously one of them is in my research it came up the departed.

But they don't, I don't think they say

the departed. they say the something departed,

Do you know

the departed or I can't remember what it is anyway, but yeah, that's that's a good film that You don't like that much.

for some reason.

Sidey: It's it was all right. I felt, yeah, I probably need to watch that one again. Cause I think I just need to

revisit it.

Reegs: I don't want to be

a total knob about it, but the film that it's based on the Hong Kong film in Fernley fairs is actually really, really good, possibly better.

But I do like it mark it. Mark's good. And Alec Baldwin is good in it.

Sidey: Alec Baldwin.

Pete: oh

Sidey: It's just the

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: Team America,

Pete: Yeah. I wake Baldwin loads. I've got fucking loads and loads and loads and

Sidey: loads

Pete: of films. Are we just doing the nomination


Ah, shit. What did I start off with? I'm going to go back.

Sidey: one. Okay.

Reegs: I'm going to go with Mallrats from our best mate, Kevin Smith.

Shannon says,

Sidey: seen it.

Reegs: She says, I see you every week in this mall.

I don't like your shiftless. Layabouts you're one of those loser, fucking more rat kids. I'm perfectly encapsulating

Pete: Cause that's the name of the film.

Reegs: king pin me up. Can I not?

Sidey: tripped over the left wrist.

Pete: still embarrassed about the silence of the lambs thing. so I'm bringing you down with me,

Reegs: Correct. I can't dominate that. Right. Hang on.

Okay. Another one that we've never nominated is the very end of the breakfast club. They sign off on a letter that they've written in. NACY sincerely yours, the breakfast club. So I'll put that one in

Sidey: I wanted to do full metal jacket. Private joker says is those live rounds? And a pile says 7, 6, 2 millimeter throw metal jacket, but we've had it before.

So we can't do that. So I'm going to put in, I'm going to put in sparks brothers,

new, fresh movie for us.

So we need two nominations

Pete: for

Sidey: our listeners

Reegs: Dan may have one

Sidey: that might have one. Maybe someone from Australia could get nominated for us. Yeah.


Reegs: Every time you go. Oh, way you take a piece of cheese with you.

Pete: It's beautiful.

Reegs: Thank you. What's on the cheeseboard, Pete.

Pete: Because I'm on my home patch, so provide the cheese and yeah, I've gotten through, come for three cheeses. I thought like like a selection. So I've gone for one that I think you're a little bit underwhelmed by side. It's a, it's a it's a Pearl when which is a Welsh. Bri Creamy buttery texture, lemony salty center.

I'm not getting

Sidey: I'm not getting much lemon. No, I'm getting a bit, it's a bit bland. That one for

Pete: Mm. Yeah, no, I can see why.

you're saying that.

I think probably second places that goes to the double barrel Lincolnshire poacher, we've had a linkage, a poacher before, but not a double barrel one Um  This is, yeah.

I would imagine, So this has matured for two years. bridge strong, savory with a feisty kick a different proposition to the usual post.

Sidey: Hmm. It needs the relish that you provided.

Pete: It needs the relish. Interestingly is a good spree and coriander chutney, which I think is all right, it's doing it right? It's got like, It's, got like,

Sidey: it's

Pete: it's got like Kumon seeds in it as


It's Really, really strong. Yeah, but he tree and we've got some, some variety of associates, but tonight's winner, I think is the blue Dover, a famous French blue invented in 1845. So I think it was Craven the first, at first made it sweet salty and intense fiery alcoholic Tang

Sidey: alcoholic. I wouldn't have described it. That Tang definite tank

Pete: is a time,

Sidey: is excellent.


Pete: It's a solid blue.

Sidey: Yeah. We are really keeping our street credentials here with the, with the chase and then it goes Bree relish. Yeah.

Reegs: Well, that's what they're doing on the street. Yeah.

Sidey: gets. Yeah.

Reegs: You okay.

Sidey: We didn't mention earlier, but we can do it now, if you like what we watched this week, Pete, did you tune into anything


Pete: No. I think I've watched another couple of episodes of Lupa. As I mentioned last week conflicted in the sense that I'm enjoying it.

I like it. It's, it's a bit silly and farfetched, at times, but still lights. like misses will not have, it will not watch the French with subtitles. It's and Bizarrely. We watch it English dogged with English. subtitles.

Sidey: That's weird.

Pete: Yeah, it's weird. I've got to have the words on,

a plus plus my name, but yeah, that's pretty much it. I just popped into the house before and Cindy was watching Hollyoaks like, fuck her.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. I used to watch a lot of Hollyoaks years and years ago when it was just real hotties.

Reegs: Do

you remember when that guy got raped in the shower? Yeah,

Sidey: no, it was over

Reegs: the football thing. He got raped. Wasn't it in

Pete: It's been quite a lot of gay, rape in Hollyoaks

Reegs: I No, that seems like a good place to leave it, to be honest. We finished off the mid season thing of season five of billions.

Pete: Ah, is that finished now?

Reegs: well, it's the mid season break

Pete: got finished at seven. It was the limitless ship.

terrible. Yeah What the fuck was That all about?

Reegs: know.

Pete: Cause cause that Season's

started off. Okay.

It's a tough thing to keep reinventing this program, but I think they've done it really well in the who's in cahoots with her and who's against her and


Reegs: I've completely lost track of all that. Now,

Pete: right. Okay. But they, they, they brought it back in, but I think, I think the season started out quite strongly. Like they go off into the wilderness and do lights, liquor frog, or smoke some poetry or do whatever the fuck it is.

But yeah, the limitless shit episode, like literally it's, it's gotten silly. Like they've run out of ideas, but it's never come back since then.

Reegs: no. So that's disappointing because that series has really gone downhill and we started season four of the Handmaid's tale,

Pete: Yeah. I did. I did the first few episodes and then drifted off Cindy did

Two seasons and stopped, but yeah.

Is it still,

Reegs: yeah, I mean, it's just grim and dark and depressing and there's a man. It makes you feel like, kind of disgusted with what men have done over time and all that stuff. So yeah. It's, if you'd like to feel worthless and you know, all that stuff, so,

no, it's, it's brilliant. It's it's really brilliant

Sidey: Oh, I've watched loads of the Olympics.

Pete: Unfortunately

Sidey: It's just been really great. I love it. Especially the weird niche sports that you would never give a fuck about.

Reegs: What's the most niche thing you've done. There's like a lot in the sort of tobogganing arena that can be a bit

Sidey: I well like gymnastics badminton, shuttlecock law.

Pete: gymnastics isn't that niche it's


Sidey: but I'd never watch it.

Do you know what I mean? Like, but then there's certain, you know, things like. The men's Palmer horse gentlemen, but that to me is quite niche. Yeah.

I watched, I mentioned it in the top five. I watched the sparks brothers, which is excellent and everyone should watch that.

And quite a lot of twin peaks episodes as well.


Pete: your progress on that. through my

Sidey: churning away to season two. It's fucking great. Very cool. And that segues very nicely into this week's main feature rigs, which you nominated.

Reegs: Yes. This was Anomalisa,

which is a Charlie Kaufman moved me. Move, move me movie. Well, we'll get onto that. I like Charlie Kaufman movies. I've not seen. All of them. I've seen adaptation, which I really loved being John Malcovich obviously fantastic. I haven't seen Synectics ki New York and if it's in the date range of going to nominate it after watching this, at some point,  usually makes them kind of high concept type movies that have got some sort of weird element in there, man, I guess to, to some extent this, although very unconventional in the way it's presented as a bit of a slightly more mainstream type Plot

 Sidey: Yeah. I was really excited for this because I basically keep a list of things that I'm thinking about nominating it, and this has been on it writers, and I just never got around to doing it. But I obviously sat down and was waiting for the weirdness and a lot of the time I was just like, it's not that weird yet.

What's gonna happen. Like it's not completely, mind-bending these strange.

Reegs: Yeah. It's not, it's not the high concept stuff of his other, his other movies, but there is, there is still quite a lot going on here.

Pete: So, I mean, I don't know this guy, the director,

played the Councilman, never heard of him before. I think I have seen being drunk

Reegs: being

Pete: John Malcovich, which is weird, but entertaining that I've, I've seen nothing else of his, I obviously wasn't, I wasn't expecting anything. but it, for me, it was just weird that it was automated. It was. Because normally an animated film is like a, like a kid's film or I guess for like, you know, like manga or anime or whatever the hell it.

Reegs: Well, this

was in fact, the first R rated movie to ever be nominated for an animation Oscar.

So that would lend credence to what you're saying.

Sidey: So, yeah,

Pete: it was just, it was just, I didn't know it was animated, but then I saw, I of like oversee the, the poster or whatever.  So I started watching it, but it was that, that in itself was kind of, I was like, I, I didn't watch it.

I watched it by myself, but I wish I'd had somebody there with me so I could look around and go like, is this weird that it's like an animated film, even though it's like seemingly really mundane, normal sort of subject.



Reegs: Well, at first it, there doesn't seem to be a reason for it to be stop motion animation, but it is quite incredibly beautiful

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah. It's

Reegs: and the level of detail is, is really, really astonishing.

And we can probably go into that.

Sidey: Did you see it? Did you know, or did you pick up straight away that everyone was the same $5? No, I didn't either.

Pete: No, I didn't

Sidey: I was like, could you get a really one top five that we did was long shots and there was the same way he checks into the hotel and it follows him through the elevator, up into the room.

And then when he takes a piss, it's a really long shot and that would have been a good one, but it's a really mundane thing. It is literally him checking into a hotel.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, let's start, let's start going through the plot because the hotel is actually really important thematically obviously, as I'm sure that we will. Came to realize. So it starts and it's really dark and there's just a like an overwhelming, or it builds up.

It was to me as a viewer, like an overwhelming, like number of voices talking, all of them overlapping in darkness. And it's like, really

disorientate disorientating. Is that like, what is that a word of? I just, yeah, disorientating a start to the movie and then it sort of cuts back. And that was all the same voices.

I did realize that they all coalesced into the same voice, but I kind of forgot about that as the movie started, where he's we see an airplane, I think

Pete: yeah. He's on a plane


Reegs: it pulls, you see a plane and then it kind of pulls back and he's in a plane himself. And it's Michael Stone. Who's voiced by

David Thewlis.

Sidey: Yeah,


Reegs: And he is flying to Cincinnati and he's reading a letter from Baylor,

an ex-girlfriend who lives in Cincinnati. Who's kind of appears like kind of like a ghost

Sidey: base

Reegs: sort of next to him yelling the text of the letter and a guy sitting next to him is getting nervous about the landing.

And it's one of the good jokes is in the trailer. And he says, oh, you know, sorry for holding my hand. Sorry, sorry for holding your hand during the deceptive is just a reflex. And he that's okay. But you can let go now because they've been taxing for about five

minutes So

Sidey: That happened to a friend of ours. I did it.

Yeah. Norm

was on a flight and an old boy who was obviously not a good flight actually asked him to, can I hold your hand? Yeah. Right. So he's just holding hands. This old man was like took off.

Pete: It's actually happened to me, not in the landing, but on turbulence, flying back from somewhere and

behind me

And said, do you mind if I hold your arm?


Sidey: going to die.

Reegs: actually, I am quite a nervous flyer, but I don't like taking, I mean, it doesn't stop me doing it, but I don't like takeoff

Sidey: I glance out the window to make sure the horizons like level and

Pete: EV Every single flight ever go on, I think about it's going to crash. That's what I think. Yeah. Like every time I go in the sea, you're going to get attacked by a shark.

Reegs: even in Jessie.

Yeah. Especially

in JC,

Pete: Yeah. even in the paddling pool, the kids padding book,

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: nobody is eaten by a shark and no planes do crash. And Michael actually just ends up being able to walk through the terminal. And he gets outside the hotel and he asks the cafe.

Pete: Yeah,

sorry to the, I remember now, which I didn't, it was ages before I

Reegs: was thinking they were all the same voice at that point.

Pete: Right. But I remember now thinking Bella. is it had a deep voice, like a really

Sidey: bad.

Pete: voice. I remember thinking at the time, but thought nothing of it, I just, you know, at that point.

Sidey: Yeah. I did think that the cabbie looked like someone else. I did think that kind of pen. I was like, where's this puppet

stuff. Yeah. So it's just, I just wrote that off straight.


Pete: away, like generic puppeteer. sort of face.

Reegs: Well, and

also because the detail, the level of detail on their facial expressions is really astonishing and Michael's, you know, he he's clearly a puppet, but he seems alive in this and the movement. The face is incredible. Apart from the fact that they've got this weird seam across their

Sidey: eyes,

Reegs: usually of course it does.

Yeah. But they would usually digitally erase that. Anyway, he chats to the cabby,

Sidey: Dick,

Reegs: the cabbies that's when he starts off being quite amiable, he asked him if he's British. And he says something like, oh, I love how the British. The states and shrimp on the Barbie, which had a good LOL E Michael asks him if this stuff sounds mundane, it is it's because it is about the minutiae of the travel experience.

Very much. He asked him if there's a toy store nearby, he's told that there is one, and then he is subjected to this tear aid about going to the fucking zoo.

Pete: Yeah. And, And eating a certain type of chili, what is it? Even, it's something bizarre that he says like, oh how, like how much time?

I can't remember what it was It's like how big

is the, or how much time would I need for the zone? And he's like, well, it's like zoo sized. That's, that's cleared it up for me. Thanks.

Reegs: But then Michael keeps saying that I might, you know, I'm only here for the day. I'm only here for the day. He's yeah, he's good. Annoyed clearly an eye for me, this is much more like a horror movie because the minutia of these kind of exchanges with people, I hate being in taxis. I hate the next bit where you have to check into a hotel and there's the impossibly long light waiting while the guy fucking taps at his keyboard.

I hate being with a bell. Boy. I hate all of that stuff. All of those little interactions is

Pete: yeah.

And it is completely mundane. If this was, if this one wasn't animated, I'd be starting to get a little bit kind of well, I think something big is going to come along now because this is so that they're like prolonging all of like the, the like sort of like irrelevant details, seemingly irrelevant detail.

So something big must be about to happen. It's just going to be a total, like something like a, plane's going to smash through the hotel or whatever it's going to go.

back here.

But because it was animated and it was so, like, you're not used to seeing that and not used to, especially this style. I've, don't think I've seen anything like that before.

So I was just like, just what, like totally captivated by like just watching it, all the little details and everything. And and, you know, like the people just watching people come in and out and yeah, it, it, it, it just totally changed the experience of watching a film for me,

right from the get-go.

Reegs: I think it's amazing how they recreate these incredibly mundane spaces because you know, that they're being made as

models, but they, the hotel, the hotel room feels as real as any hotel

room that you've

Pete: all There's no CGI here.

Reegs: I, I wouldn't imagine. So maybe there's a couple of bits here and there or something. I don't know, but it's all. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, he has. That was the long shot that you were talking about, where you culminate, culminates, having a person that I hate that bit with the bellboys, like come up to the tipping thing and that's, so that minutia of the

Sidey: media I always say, no, I just take my own stuff. I don't need someone to fucking push my fucking suitcase around, you know what I mean?

Reegs: And all the time he's saying all this stuff, like here's the bathroom. You're like, yeah, I can fucking see that there's the, but you know, anyway he then starts to explore the hotel room the way that you do. So he flicks on the tele and it's telling him what to do in case there's a fire.

Yeah Yeah. Clearly he ordered some room service where he says, I'll have like the salmon and whatever it is, the goat's cheese or whatever. And the guy just go like, regaled him back with this enormous. So you'll have the salmon with the flake, blah, blah, blah. And it, and it, and the phone itself is like this in comprehensible block of symbols, that seems to have like five or six buttons that all refer to

room service as well.

Sidey: But he calls, he decides to call up better. And see

Reegs: oh no, doesn't he first iPhones his wife. Cause this is, I did notice it here. He phones his wife and

Pete: she's got the

Reegs: she's got this, she's got the same voice.

And then the sun comes on and E's got the same voice. And you're like, oh right, hang on.

Pete: Yeah, Cause initially he does, obviously he doesn't announce that he's by himself. So, you know, he's rung someone. And then he's says hi, like straight away. And then, it, and then it becomes apparent that it's his wife that he's called.

but She's got a guy's


Yeah. and same with the kid as well He comes on the phone, and he's talking about like toys

Reegs: You

Sidey: today, Yeah. You do realize that everyone looks the same apart from him and everyone has the same voice. It's this it's the strange thing. And it turns out, it's

a condition.

There is a condition it's called the for goalie

which is what is the name of the hotel? It's called the free goalie. And so he does decide to give his own flame a call.

Reegs: not before he's looked out of a window and seen a guy jerking

Sidey: Oh yeah. Just to see that guy. And he's, he just carries on wine king.

Doesn't meet the guy and he shot hides behind the curtain. Oh my God. But he phones up his ex misses that he'd dumped 10 years ago kind of looking at it. He did it. It was out of the blue to her. He just ditched 'em.

Pete: at this point, when it starts becoming more apparent that everyone has got the same face and everyone's got the same voice, I didn't know if that was, I obviously didn't know that. sort of condition was like

psychological condition.

I didn't know if that's whatever, like, everyone actually looked like that and he just hasn't noticed.

Reegs: Yeah, absolutely.

Pete: Or whether it like, you know, later on, I think it, it sort of like becomes a little bit more clear, but at that point, I think it was like, like, this is the, like the, like the strange, like the gimmick of the film,

is that everyone around him has got the same voice and it's got the same face, but he doesn't notice but it ends up actually not being that.


Reegs: Hmm.

So yeah, he does phone Baylor

Sidey: He invites her over for a drink.

Reegs: over for a drink. Right.

Sidey: He think he wants to sort of explain it. He knows exactly what he wants to get out of the conversation, but he invites me over for a drink. She nervously sort of accepts and comes along. I think it's quite late at night.

Reegs: She says, oh, I put on a bit of weight and something about our, I had a tooth replaced after I fell and hit a bench.

So a succession of women come in and he's like really hopeful, like attractive one comes in and then they're kind of slightly more

Pete: they all look

Reegs: they all look the same, but yeah, they do. But some are more like, you know, slutty than others. And then I kind of Dowdy from P kind of one comes in and she talks to, she talks to him and she's still really bitter and it destroyed her life.

She didn't get out of bed for a year. I

Sidey: Yeah. She's

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: really affected her

Pete: whole scene

and everything about it and the letter and everything makes a lot more sense. Once you finished the film.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: At that point in time. It is not that it didn't sense, but

Reegs: you haven't got the context that the rest of the film

Pete: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So, because he starts saying, to her, he's like, look, you know, did you change?

Like what he's, it's not a case of, which is a weird thing to say normally it'd be like, oh yeah, I changed because he clearly just fucked her off. They were obviously like madly in love. And then he thought bend her pretty sort of like you know, ruthlessly and abruptly. And he's he like keeps saying, like, I can't explain it.

Yeah. You know I dunno how to explain it. But like, did you change,

did something

about you J or did something about you being with me change you?

I'm sorry that

Reegs: and you're right. The context, the, the conversation makes a

lot of sense

in retrospect that it doesn't at the time. He invites her up to the

room for a shag,

Pete: but no, he doesn't. I I sort of,

Sidey: I didn't know what to do.


Pete: I think because I, I sort of,

when he said it and she immediately was like, fuck so I'm not going to fuck you. Like, he, I kind of like felt a little bit for him because he, th the situation, they're in they're right in the middle

Sidey: of

Pete: a bar talking about a real, light, you know, she's obviously quite clearly still like wounded by this, they're talking very like, publicly about an openly about sort of personal feelings and shit.

It wouldn't, you know, I don't think it's ridiculous that he's like, look, do you want to have this conversation

upstairs in my room

Reegs: that your read on it? But I didn't get that at all, but that's


Pete: Oh, that's what I took.

Sidey: I thought that's what he could have been getting at.

Pete: Yeah.

given the sits that they're given, where

Sidey: Cause they were they were sat in the middle of the bar where they was all around them. And

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I by totally got her reaction


Reegs: is to kind of

Sidey: say, fuck you

Reegs: Yeah, I'm not going to fuck you and all that stuff, she storms off. Then my call has to go to the toy shop.

Sidey: Should have probably pointed out that the reason he's in town is because he's a motivational speaker kind of thing. He's he has a, I guess, bestselling book about customer service and he's in town to give this

Reegs: what's the book called, hang on.

How do you help yourself? It's got some unbelievably, how may I help you help them?

Sidey: Yeah, he gives these, he obviously tours around, makes a living off this book, telling people how they can do. Better customer service, but he looks like the least likely candidate to be

Reegs: Yeah. Well, of course, exactly. You know, it becomes increasingly clear.

He can't form any meaningful relationships

with anyone at all,

Pete: strike you as motivational in any way, shape or form

Reegs: or any good at relating to


Yeah, so he has to go to the toy store to go and get a present for his son. When he turns up at the, I think his first clue should have been, and it was like an all night toy store cause it's a sex shop and he doesn't really realize until he knocks an enormous dildo

Sidey: Yeah. That's vibrating on the floor. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: he doesn't buy a dildo for his son, but he does buy a very strange Japanese

Pete: mechanical doll

Sidey: sex. Totally.

Reegs: Yeah. And it's sort of in a state of disrepair because half of it has got kind of skin on and half of it, you can see the framing.

Sidey: you can see them, the sort of mechanical.

Reegs: Yeah. Did we know at that point that he'd bought the Dole.

Sidey: No. No.

Reegs: Okay.

That's what, I didn't realize

Sidey: I think he, did he ask a question about it in the shop? I can't remember exactly, but it turns up later on and it's really funny.

Reegs: It's he goes back to the hotel.

There's a really cool scene here. Now when he goes to have a shower and it's funny because it's too hot, it's too cold, but it's very relatable, et cetera.

And he's, you know, you can see his kind of paunchy middle-aged body rendered in stop motion animation. Then you see his Dick. Yes, it was, you know, I did enjoy seeing that. And then the mirror is all steamed up, so he, he wipes away so he can look at himself and then his face twitches into about maybe 50 different sort of facial expressions.

And he starts to explore the seem that he's noticed at the corner of his eyes. Maybe starting to peel the skin away to reveal, and then he hears a voice.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: a different voice to what we've heard throughout

Reegs: A female voice, which the first female voice in the movie, Jennifer, Jason

Leigh and he kind of loses it. He sort of runs out, is he naked? Or they can't remember if he's

Sidey: no. He throws on a dressing gown I think. And he just starts knocking on random doors to say, I'm looking for my friend.

Reegs: There's a couple arguing in the hall.

They've both got the same voice and the same face. He's sort of running from room to room, but he does track down the source of the

Sidey: the mystery

Reegs: misery voice. And it is

 Sidey: she's in town with her work colleagues slash friends, to hear him talk about customer service. It sounds thrilling.

Pete: Yeah,

Sidey: They are super fucking into him when they realize it's him.

They, I can get really excited and they've got his book there. And the, the non-lease one she's supposed to be, if you can see them in, not his condition, she's supposed to be

the attractive one, but that's how they describe it. But he has a real connection with Lisa for some reason.

Reegs: Yes.

Well, it's the voice.

Pete: yeah. And she looks different and sounds different to everyone else,

Sidey: but why is that to him?

Reegs: Yeah.

Well, yes,


Pete: Yeah. yeah,

Reegs: we don't know, but he's so taken aback by hearing her voice that he has to have drinks with them downstairs and they get, they get apple mojitos. Oh, what is it?

It's a fucking up or Mohito me

Pete: Oh, it's just amazing with some

apples hours or



Reegs: okay, sounds awful. He has a Belvedere.

Pete: Oh yeah.

Something really specific

With a twist.

and it,

Sidey: Oh would they drink a lot of Boca, martinis and stuff over there? Don't they? I think it's one of those, but after they've had this chat downstairs, they go back up to the room and he

Reegs: just one thing, because she says that she plays the Jews harp and then they just made me laugh because it's always what I've always wondered.

Am I supposed to be offended by like, when people say Jews harp, is it

is it an epic? No, I'm not, but should I be like, is it, is it like, you know, I don't know. I'm not sure, but anyway, they have this awkward conversation in and it just makes me look.

Sidey: But when they, when they go back to him, they have this, he clearly wants to carry on. But just with Lisa.

Yeah. So he just has to ask

Pete: w when they come up in the left and everything, this, Emily's the one, like

Sidey: she's

Pete: with him.

She's quite clearly given him some heat and at this point,

Yeah. But he's, he's weird. Like, he's like a middle-aged man, like British motivational speaker, with like groupies,



sort of straight, but it's not the strangest thing, in the film. So I'll yeah.

I'll let that slide, but yeah, it doesn't become a, he then like in, in the corridor, like makes it really like, fuck it. And he just like goes to the cows, like, Lisa, do you want to come back to my room for a nightcap?

And then like, Emily. even reverse it and say, Yeah,

Emily just says, oh, this is awkward. And Lisa obviously doesn't want to go at first cause she doesn't want to not Ben our

Sidey: well, she really lacks confidence. And she's everything that she does. She sort of tries to downplay it and

Reegs: doesn't she trip over and just completely stack it. When she's walking back to his room with him

Sidey: and she, she does go back to the room and again, she's, she's, she's got a scar or something on her face. And so that's obviously something that she's very conscious of. And I think she's really, she's very taken aback because out of the two of them, people are normally always attracted to our friend Emily.

So it's an unusual situation, Brian, I think she even says she has not had sex for a good couple of years, I think.

Reegs: it eight years? Cause she said she had a lover who is like 60. And basically the only reason that he had sex with her is because he could

Very depressing.

 Pete: She's quite sort of from P and Dowdy and ordinary, but not, not to him because he is, she's totally different and unique in every

Sidey: infatuated with her straight away.

Pete: Well, yeah, Cause he, he just, he wants her to just keep talking all the time. and everything. Yeah. That's I was watching at that point, I was watching it and that was when Cindy walked into the room,

what the fuck are you watching

Like, It's like a cartoon,

like kids thing, but not a kid's thing

Sidey: did she hang around for the sex scene?

Reegs: Well, because he slowly undressing her and she sings. Girls just want to have fun

Pete: Yeah. like really like the best bit about it has been like, you think she's finished,

Sidey: she comes back

Pete: with it, but she's like slightly off key. She's not terrible. Like most average people would be singing a song.

Like They can kind of carry the tune, but they're not going to be amazing with it. And it's just so. weird. Yeah. And at that point, Cindy sat down next to me, like go a phone that was kind of like half watching it, but like looking at me like what the fuck you mean?

Reegs: You're like, wait two weeks, this fall.

Pete: And at that point in time, if I would've just, I was, I didn't, say, I just said I was for the podcast, but if I paused it and then said it's really fucking good.

I'm really like into this. Like, I don't know how I would have described why I was at that point,

Sidey: well, we are treated to a puppet sexy, but this is not team America puppet

sex. This

Pete: is, much more central,

Sidey: this is

Pete: but awkward.

Sidey: probably

Reegs: this is the most realistic

Sidey: realistic and most honest portrayal of how two people might have sex.

Certainly someone who hasn't had sex for a very long time and has a lot of insecurity about their body, how it would go down because he does go down on her.

Reegs: He

Sidey: Yeah Here's the cunning linguist. It, it was strange. But

Pete: funny, and

Reegs: tender sweet.

Pete: Yeah, I didn't, I mean, I don't know. you like, normally when, like

Sidey: film sex is normally just too hot people going at it and they're both amazing at it. And everyone comes and it's amazing. Whereas this was two middle-aged people, a bit frumpy. He's got bod Maga. It's just not something that you see in films. You know, you don't see this.

Pete: Yeah. This is this is braille obey bizarrely.

Sidey: arousing.

Pete: No

but like

stop motion, like

Sidey: not real

Reegs: But just so realistic as well. And, and fairly graphic. fairly graphic. Anyway, they have sex not for very long. And then they fall asleep. Lovely. They're woken in the middle of the night by a telephone call from the, from the hotel manager. this

Pete: is

Sidey: brilliant.

Pete: brilliant.

Reegs: wet. This is probably where things start to ramp up a little bit. He tells Mike and he's got to come down to the basement to talk to him about a sensitive matter. So. He's he goes down there and there's like dozens and dozens and dozens of people on typewriters.

Like all again, with the same voice

Sidey: like a sweatshop,

Reegs: face.

Pete: I totally accepted it.

I didn't think at that point I wasn't like, oh, is this a dream? I'm thinking


is, this is the next morning.

Sidey: And then he gets in a little car.

Pete: when

Reegs: Well, he goes,

Pete: and the room is Fucking massive.

Sidey: Yeah. Is that mine? The thing it's like

Pete: yeah,

It's like a sunken meeting area fucking about in the car for ages. trying to, He like chose to go the wrong way, round the

meetings and realized he can't get there. So it's the reverse.

It's It's it's almost, it's almost like a carbon copy. of Like the Austin Powers, like Kurt, like.


moment, But it's not like that for me, I was like, thinking about it. Oh, it. was going What, like, what was the purpose of all of that? But then I'd immediately, I don't need an explanation for everything. Sometimes things are just fucking, it. they're just there and that's fine.

And they're funny or they're not, but

I didn't need it.

Sidey: okay

Reegs: with like, especially when you watch a series, you like TV series, you quite often have to go, like, I don't know what's happening here, but it's all right, because the movie or the TV series is telling me, you don't know what's happening and is you'll find out

later sort of thing.


Pete: I mean, there was no explanation for any of this other than

it was a dream, but

Reegs: there's

Sidey: no one the sensitive matter. Was that the hotel managers in love with him?


Pete: why does he get on a running machine as well? I have to, This made me think about, so something actually happened to me. and realized I had to go to China to sort of demo a system. And I was told like


so I'm, I'm, I'm at the, like the front of this slide I'm at the front this meeting room, and I'm about half an hour into like demoing the system. like turning around and I've got a trans someone's translating everything for me. And, I look over and they're like one guy is fast asleep in his


with his head back, which I have that effect. Like Dan's actually here tonight was just a slip in asleep the whole time I've been talking. And then another guy gets up and goes to an exercise bike, at the end of the room and just start cycling.

Sidey: Wow.

Pete: whilst I'm talking Actually happens. So that's not as far fetched as you


think that does happen, but he, like, he calls the guy down and gets on the running, machine and then he's like, look. but it's facing away from him.

So he has to keep looking over his shoulder to dojo

Reegs: And there's a big picture of Bush on the wall

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, well, he does say he loves it, but he says he can't, there's not, you know, they mustn't be philandering in the hotel and he does love him and he can fuck anyone in the hotel apart from.

And then

Sidey: he's kind of named he's named her Anomalisa

Pete: oh,

yeah he has. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Yeah, because she is the


Sidey: top five. Really?


Pete: Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: yeah. He freaks out. So he gets in the golf cart to escape,

Pete: crushes,

into the

meeting, Eric fucking


Sidey: Well, for

Reegs: No reason at all.

There's a

huge pit in

front of

the guys, things where he stacks the golf cart in that, then he runs back through that reception area with all of

Sidey: the desks

Reegs: he's running over the desk and they're all good.

They're all offering. Yeah. Fuck me all in Tom Noonan's voice, who is the actor? Who's doing all of the other voices in the film and is doing an unbelievable job by the way. Michael runs back to his room screaming as he runs the bottom half of his face falls off and he's exposed as the puppet framework beneath.


I was terrified.

Pete: I'm sure. There's a reason for that. And I, it, it's lost.

on me.

Reegs: He picks up the puppet face, puts it back on. And he gets back to his room. He keeps trying to get in. He sees, he sees the billboard outside his window for Cincinnati zoo. And the big thing it says, it's zoo sized

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: make me laugh. And then he wakes up. Thank God. It was

Pete: it was all a dream. Yeah.

but then

that's when it starts like, but the reality is actually like nearly as horrific or even worse than the, than the dream was because this is where it starts kind of like, it started to work towards like the reveal and of what is actually going on.

Reegs: So they ordered room service

Pete: and she's totally blown away by the fact that you can like order eggs, scrambled eggs, you can get scrambled eggs. That's amazing.

Sidey: He's such a Dick to earth.

Pete: Fuck it. It is horrible.

And you can just see.

Sidey: Could you not, could you not make that noise? Can you not put your teeth on the folk?

Although, hang on.

Pete: That's really irritating. I'm I'm like, I'm like that with like people eating with their mouth, open people, fucking bashing color into their tea. I'm right there with him.

Sidey: But it's right after they've had sex, you know, he's been infatuated with it. And then straight away, like he's turned to being like,

Reegs: but not, not before he said, oh, come and run away with me.

I'll leave my wife and kids. They don't mean anything, you know, fucking hell. Well, what he actually says, they don't exist. They're all the same person. Everyone is the same. He actually says that everyone is the same person except for you. And then, like you said, he starts.

Irritated with her. And the whole time it's been quite difficult to see her face.

The sun is streaming in through the window and we're sort of looking at her from Michael's perspective and her face is nearly, always blurred out now. And when it comes back into focus, as her voice starts to deepen, her face, starts to change into the same


Pete: I've always thought so, So she's got her voice, but the, the other

voice that

you hear all the time starts, sort of basically it's, it's like two tones.

So you can hear both voices when

she talks.

And at that point it like dawned on me like, okay, so she's now turning into this is like him. And he like, basically thinks of everybody is exactly the same. And then every now and again, what's clear is that he sees somebody that's got something different about them.

And then no sooner is he kind of like bonded with them. Then again, it's back to rev, everyone reverts to type.

Reegs: so I think at this point in the movie, I was kind of a bit annoyed because I didn't know about the Frigo goalie delusion, like you were talking about. And basically I just saw him as this fucking middle-aged sad sack, narcissist, who is

like just

leaving a string of broken hearted women in his wake and just being really self-centered at a noxious.

And there is a lot of that going on. I think a later understanding of some of the other stuff that sits around this film can give a slightly different interpretation

if you, if

you want to. But anyway, by the end of the breakfast, her meal is entirely Tom Noonan's. Her voice is entirely Tom Noonan.

So her face is entirely Tom Noonan's and he goes off to give his speech.

Sidey: It doesn't go well, his speech,

Reegs: Yeah. What would you say on a marks out of 10 for this speech?

Sidey: Yes, probably two out of 10 tops. He has a complete breakdown.

It's pretty awful. Really. It's probably how I would do if I tried to stand up in front of people and do that sort of motivational speech about customer service would probably go,

Pete: that that's not true.

Yeah. He used to be a football manager. and

Sidey: Yeah. They probably do. I tend my football just speeches.

Reegs: He trots out this sort of list of bland sort of vaguely corporate-y sounding things with,

Pete: genuine kind of customer servicing, like the whole smile, light up into customer service seminars and everything like that. And Exactly. That like, you know, you're told smile whilst you're talking and it will come across. Like he can hear the friendliness, I guess like brought on by people being positive and engaging and all of these kinds of things, even though it's the other end of a telephone, you hate the person.

on the other end.


But he keeps unraveling and drifting off point. And

Reegs: Well, he said some stuff about the war which everybody starts booing him. And he always, he, he mocks Bush. It sort of comes out of left field a bit really that the

Sidey: politics

Reegs: to it to, to a certain extent. Yeah, the speech is just awful. Just completely falls apart. He has this stuff where he's saying, you know, you have, you have to remember that everybody has their own life, their own childhood all this stuff, but he's trotting this stuff out and you know that he doesn't understand it or believe it.

It's just words.   He goes home to meet his wife and his son.

Pete: Yeah, she's throwing a surprise party for him.

which I don't know the reason for it doesn't seem to be his birthday.

He's just throwing a surprise party for, him. And he doesn't know anyone that's there.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, they've all got the same

face and voice. His son runs up and asks if he bought him a

Sidey: Right.

Reegs: and, and

he's given, he's bought him the Japanese sex toy.

Yeah. With a moving mouthpiece. Yeah.

Pete: Oh, no, I think the boys like, oh, what's that

carry out, but She's not that seaman

Reegs: coming out of his mouth,

Pete: but he really matter of fact, he goes, oh yeah, that semen like serious. son,

Reegs: Well and her son says, what is semen? Yeah. She says, it's a liquid. This threw me a little bit, I have to say. But very funny. And then basically.

He sits on the stairs and the voices escalate of all the party goers. And then the, the, the Japanese doll is singing its thing and it, that comes up to a crescendo sort of thing. And that's it. And he's just left. That's our last shot, Michael actually just left on the stairs. The final scene of the movie is Lisa back to looking like herself in the car dictating or writing a


Which she's saying in voiceover, we get a quick look at

Pete: Emily

Sidey: Everybody now has a unique face,

Pete: Yeah. which is the,

Sidey: so he's obviously thinking about her.

Reegs: Well, I, I, this part I took to mean that he really is suffering from a delusion and, and

I think that,

Pete: condition. that we made it. Yeah. Th that to me felt like gave the final sort of, if there was any doubt as to whether everyone in this world look society. Or he sees

Sidey: I know that's his, that's his perception of it.

Pete: yeah. Yeah.

So That, I didn't think I'd take that as like, that's him thinking about Emily now is like having a unique faces.

I mean, Like that's what she has. She has a unique face and you because that's the only scene of the film that he's not in. So now


Reegs: see, you see it from an external

Pete: Lisa and Emily as they actually are. And you realize it's the same as this sort of normal world where you have where


Reegs: it was the first

time I felt sympathy for Michael because most of the time, I really didn't like him in that.

He's very dislikable. He did it that abandoned


can't make relationships. This is the first time I really saw his depression and his mental illness basically. And, and that is, you know, you can't excuse his behavior. He's an asshole, but it's, he's, he's seriously troubled.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: The condition is the frugality delusion.

It's a rare disorder where a person holds a,  delusional belief that different people are. In fact, a single person who changed your parents or are in disguise maybe related to brain lesion and is often paranoid in nature. And the delusional person usually believes they're being persecuted by the people they believe are in disguise.

Pete: Hmm Yeah. I I'd never heard of it before.

but Yeah.

Reegs: I think

as well at the end of the movie now where she describes having a slight sense of self-worth out of it,

Evening that she

spent with

Michael and she takes that forward with her. It's the one character in the movie that he's had a relationship with that he hasn't like, basically destroyed their life in some way.

Pete: Yeah. I mean, It wasn't nice for her, but I think because it was like literally the day after. And despite the fact that he like, effectively, like bull, like pushed her into, like, I mean, I'm pretty sure that in just before the breakfast they started eating the scrambled eggs and whilst they're talking about it, he's got her to basically agree to marry him and move to where he lives.

And, but she keeps saying, are you sure are you sure you sure? And then, because it's only like he's obviously then bender off after, you know, within an hour or so of that she isn't as far gone as this batter was previously where like he has ruined her life or certainly ruined you know, that part of her life.

But yeah,

I had quite a lot of questions at the end. So I started going, looking for answers and obviously this condition answered it for me the majority of it. And yeah, like


a fucking brilliant film. like thought Provoking and funny. when it just had no right to be just, I've never seen anything like


And I know I'm now I'm conscious that these, these last few weeks the last few episodes I've been like really like into everything that we've watched, but that

Reegs: that's

okay man. It's much better to like stuff than

Pete: kind of, yeah, I do like being sort of challenged, and put on the back foot and like watching something. that Maybe isn't so good.

And you know, it's good to have those opinions as well, but this was fucking brilliant Like what a film, but still lots of questions. What is your fall off? And the thing that probably had some relevance? is the seaman. His,

Sidey: Yeah. I took it to that to me. That

he fucked.

Pete: the dull

Sidey: And then given it to his

Pete: giving it to his son, and his son is now like seeing his dad semen dribbling out.

of it

Reegs: could be a collected semen from, from previous



Pete: I don't think semen Has that sort of

longevity. Yeah, I think it's his dad seaman.

Reegs: Well, I was more thinking about how the stylistic conventions, the stop motion animation and the sort of Mo Michael's tacit understanding that he is a puppet, how those things play into the overall narrative as well,

Sidey: because.

Reegs: you do get. He does. And you get these shots of the geisha. I think this is why it's important that he staring at the you've got a puppet staring at a puppet, staring at the framework behind the puppet. And in that sense, he understands that he's nothing more than that puppet. And we, as the audience are watching the puppet and we're


Pete: That the, the realization of him self.


Reegs: yeah.

Yeah. So I liked that the set design, it really is unbelievable the extent of the details that they went into in Lisa's handbags. She's got a compact mirror that opens that was never filmed for the movie, but was, was made and was in



Pete: I can't believe it's not, I don't know enough about animation and all its various forms and so on, but I can't believe that what you said before. that This is this is all stop motion. and

Sidey: It took them, it took them six months to do the animation of the sex.

Pete: Wow.

that site what you're working on.

for six months. Yeah,

Well, yeah, they nailed it.

Sidey: They funded it through Kickstarter, which is quite interesting.

Pete: Well, it's getting started.

like a

Sidey: Online crowd funding, things, crowd funders and they raised the budget for it was $8 million.

So what do you reckon, do you think this was the big winner? It was like we said before, it was the first R rated animated feature to have been

Reegs: nominated in the

Sidey: an Oscar. Yeah.

Pete: I don't know because this is not going to be what, light appeal to a wide audience. This, I can't see this, light being like launched around American cinemas and every, people walking out, go like what a fucking, you know,

Reegs: there is a few people. There's a few people, I think like me who would go and see it just because it is a Charlie Kaufman film. And I think it would carry that.

Pete: Yeah, it's going to be received better in some parts of the world than, than others. It's yeah. It's like nothing. I've never seen a film like this before, and I don't know why it was specifically, it was animated, but I think

Reegs: it was originally, it was originally conceived as a radio play which is quite

Sidey: interesting.

Reegs: And, but he was convinced to turn

Pete: I couldn't, I I'm not, I don't think this is this. Definitely didn't smash it at the box office.

Sidey: No, she's a loser. I'm afraid to say it only made five and a half million back from his eight.

Pete: I think it might be

Well get watched and get love

Sidey: right after we've spoken about it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. We usually have that sort of

Sidey: impact.

Pete: I thought it was fucking excellent. Like What I felt. I loved it Absolutely. and more, more and more as time passes since I've seen it. I'd watch. I would watch this again. And there's some films I really

Sidey: short run time as well.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So multiple unions are easy.

Reegs: Tagline or somebody had written it's on the movie. It says, oh, it's the most human feeling movie, you know? And it feels really trite to say it, but it's so accurate.

Pete: I know,

Reegs: It gets to level of authenticity


reality of humanity. That few films get to,

Pete: I'd be surprised. if there's any good. I mean, this is a guy, I think he's in his forties, maybe fifties. I don't know if you get his age at any point, but there are things that resonate with I mean, a lot of it sort of resonated with like, you know, like I say, with like the irritation at the, like I've had that before, where, you know, spent the night with someone and then the next day it's like all of a sudden you start seeing the things that actually irritate you and it's like, oh fuck.


Reegs: yeah

Pete: Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that is right. Yeah. In my research, I found out what the um the translation of the song that the Japanese dull things quick this won't take long. I don't know what, So it starts off Momotaro,

presumably the Japanese word. don't know what it means.

Those millet dumplings.

on your waist. Won't

you give me one, I'll give you one. I'll give you one from now on a quest to conquer the Ogas. If you come with me, I'll give you one.

Sidey: Nice. That's beautiful.

I don't know if you've ever seen up in the air

has similar kind of sensibility around the sort of mundane aspects of traveling around and doing stuff like that.

But then that's the only similarity. Cause it's,

there's no Japanese sex dolls in that,

Reegs: Well, clearly not enough. People have seen this movie. So if you haven't give it a watch,

Pete: like there's certain types of movie goers and people who like, well, this is not for, but if you want to watch something that you have never seen.

The like of before and, and be entertaining, it was Funny. It's it's sad. It's funny. It's it's kind of, yeah. It's thought provoking. It's a little bit emotional it's yeah, it it's a really strong film.

Sidey: Yeah.



Children's entertainment of the week, right out of the gate. This was fucking shite rigs.

What was it?

Reegs: This was rainbow Rangers. We watched season one episode one, which was two episodes as they often are 22 minutes of utter, utter dreck go with the rainbow float and Northern lights.

Sidey: This,

Reegs: This had potential because Rob Minkoff, who directed Disney's the lion king, Shane Morris, who co-wrote frozen Rubin and Keno, who designed characters for little mermaid lion king frozen and others.

They were all involved. So it had pedigree.

Sidey: What the fuck did they contribute to this? Because this was a paw patrol, just rip off.


Reegs: Captain planet was the thing it most resembled or power Rangers maybe. Yeah,

Pete: they look shitty

Sidey: It was a real budget animation,

Reegs: Yeah Awful. Awful. Let's just before we absolutely Savage this and we will, and I've got lots of different ways to salvage this as well.

So this is going to be good. It follows the thrilling adventures of Earth's first responders, which is seven, nine year old girls with powers and personalities. They protect people, animals, resources, and the natural beauty of the world, which actually as a concept, the whole environmentalism thing spoke to me.

So I wanted to give this a go with the help of their mentor Kalia and their pet prison. McCaughan flu.

Pete: flu.

flu, flu flu is a euphemism for a vagina.

Surely. Yeah.


Reegs: The rainbow Rangers they live in the magical land of kaleidoscope here, so they're not human, but they do interact with the human world. Or I don't know who gives a

Pete: No, they fly into scenarios via brain boat, like

Reegs: scooters that they want

to sell

Pete: there's nothing. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: I mean, I, I, the, the first one they're trying to save a baby polar bear, aren't they?

And they all get introduced in this,


Sort of like they like rosy red. She's got

vision. Yeah.

Pete: so the vision, so there was something brilliant in the first episode where it's like, because I'm thinking, obviously like this, this bird picks the three best

Sidey: that

Pete: she thinks.

Yeah So this is like strength, power, and then animal power.

but useful. yeah. And there was vision parents. You've not really done a great deal. And it was like, She was like, oh look, there's an iceberg. And then like,

Sidey: and then I just said,

Pete: oh yeah. And then they turned

and the icebreaker was like right there.

Sorry, hang on.

That is not social bad. It's just that fucking massive

Reegs: I think one of them have music power. mean,

Pete: yeah. Like runs along, which immediately I thought of that. So there was this so the school that we all went to jovial go to prep,

No, you didn't. I went to prep, Mr. Higgins? Music teacher, for some reason, a quote. or He said that he had a Moffat, whereas Dave should be, I dunno.

I don't know why, but. Um He used to tell the story about running with the recorder. and a guy like was running with a recorder in his mouth trips, and then like lifted his face off,

Reegs: it, like impaled up through his brain or whatever. And he was

Pete: And I immediately thought of that when It was like music power. Cause that girl is running down the cave, playing a F like a fucking recorder, basically with like rainbow it's fucking bullshit.


Reegs: Yeah.

They have to save the baby polar bear.

One of them just is real deck and just rushes in

Sidey: and say, tell her as well, then like don't be a prick about it.

Reegs: That's the exact

Sidey: she's a prick about it.

Reegs: But the one called Anna banana can talk to animals. So they use her, which makes sense rather than, you know, the fucking bossy can't. And he just

Pete: is it only, w was it limited to three? Has only got three portals through like rainbow portals, but

surely like the

Sidey: didn't seem like

Reegs: they designed the toy, they only had three spaces would be my guests,

Sidey: there a, is there a fleet of toys that you can get for this?

Reegs: Well, the merchandising for this is off the


Sidey: story

Reegs: and it started before the thing had even aired.

Sidey: and it was

Reegs: licensed for loads of shit. So this was being pushed by people to be successful way before it was revealed. And thankfully it has been largely rejected. I'm sorry, Sylvie. I really love you my youngest, but you've really fucked up because this is awful.

Pete: so it's probably worth saying at this point that I only watched this today


at the point that I put it on within about 30 seconds.

My two sons age five and four stopped playing with hot wheels toys and came and sat down and watch this. And then another five episodes straight off the back of it. They fucking loved it.

Sidey: Oh mate I didn't even get through this whole thing. I think I turned it off. It was fucking dog shit.

I watched it with him.

I don't often watch these things with my daughter, but I did watch this one. And I said, no, this is about halfway through when we turned off and she didn't give a shit. She was like, I

Pete: She wasn't bothered.


Reegs: There's so much

Pete: so they both Like animals. I think, I think that the second one it's seals is basically every episode is like this animals and environmental.

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: You say that, but one of them called bunny 20 was released as a two-part special about the COVID-19 pandemic. And it had an episode where the Rangers are unable to save the day with their powers. So they just ended up following scientist's advice of waiting for a cure and that they get the bad guy is hoarding masks and the bunnies aren't washing their pores or staying six hops apart.

What the actual

Pete: real life message.

Reegs: Everything's awful about this. The character design is both generic and all, and like horrible and ugly. The voice acting, they just sound board. It's

Pete: but

it's got enough to hook ordinarily girls and seemingly my two boys as well, just purely by having a baby unicorn and rainbows in absolutely everything

that I do.

Yeah. And so, and I think that is what like. So JJ, his favorite color is rainbow because he gets all of the colors in it.

Sidey: So

Pete: why not?


So I mean, they like animals, rainbows are kind of cool. that was like enough for them to binge watch six episodes and then get like, shitty about it.

And I was like, right. That's enough. You've got to have your back.

Reegs: Wow. So you're now going to watch a lot of this, unfortunately.

Pete: know I don't know. I feel like I sort of like hate my kids a bit now. because they like this Cause bollix,

Reegs: I hate to do it thematically. It kind of ties in with Anomalisa because I don't know whether you've noticed, but all of the women characters in this are sort of insufferably self-righteous black and white thinkers and all the men are just bad.

The bad guy is a bloke. He's

pretty much

Pete: He's like an actual light mustache that you would twel twizzle or whatever. Yeah. Oh Yeah. He's The only guy I saw in it

I think.

Reegs: and, and they basically like just really bossy little shits and like, oh man, this triggered me. And, and then, you know, it's just all of the environmental ism and the girl power and the rainbows and the unicorns. It's all just a fucking smoke screen to get to your wallet. And that's all it is. So this is awful.

Get rid of it.

Pete: Yeah. I thought I can't see my boys one in any of the toys of this. But yeah, I'd be interested to see, if they want to watch, it again.

Sidey: I didn't know about the toys. I thought that it looked so cheap and so generic and hideous that it would, it wouldn't be popular enough to have a load toys.

So disappointed to hear that there is toys, but hopefully it's


Pete: it popular? Do we know?

Reegs: Well, it seems to have been fairly rejected, but there, there is you know, a number of, it's quite a weird thing when you Google this show because you get directed to eventually if you go in the right parts, you get directed to read it where it's loads of like bot accounts, like pushing stuff about it.

So it feels like it was like trying to be engineered. You know, there's not much real people having real discourse about it. Thank God because it's awful, but common sense media. They're a pretty big platform and they gave it four out of five stars. So

Sidey: I look at the metrics.

5.4 on IMD B, which is not brilliant.

And 74% of Google users liked it. Not me. I thought it was fucking awful. Absolutely dreadful.

Pete: Yeah. It's a, It's another, for me, it's another nail in the coffin of reviewing things that our kids watch, which I know that's what the segment is about, but we get far more joy out of watching and reviewing the kids, things that we liked ourselves

Reegs: apart

from spirit.

I didn't enjoy

Sidey: spirit.

Pete: it's going to be the odd thing that your kids watch that you do enjoy. Like I'm still, I'm still watching apple an onion. it's fucking brilliant, but there's not much. And it's more like, you know, trip down memory lane, like nostalgia Fest with a, with a kitty stuff. Kind of lights. I wanted to, I'm kind of aside in that.

I'm just going with things I like.

Sidey: The, I mean the, the real takeaway from this is avoid this, like the fucking plague

Right. Pete, you can't unfortunately make it next week, Kenny, but possible that Howie will be involved, which would be fun. I've got some

Pete: the other

Reegs: him about now

Pete: the

Sidey: really old guy. Yeah.

I've got some nominations for you that P I think you're going to be sorry to miss out on these ones. The top five is going to be musical numbers from films.

You see where this is going. The midweek mentioned is going to be the sound of music. The main feature is Mamamia.

Oh I'm

Pete: glad So glad I'm messing that. Meryl

Sidey: Yeah No straight, no straight. Yeah. See if she can win me over. And the kids thing will be beat bugs.

Reegs: Is that

Sidey: it's on Netflix. It's musical. I don't have this thing on

Reegs: mama Mia. I've not seen it.

Sidey: Neither have I it's massive. So I think we should look at

Pete: it.

It's bigger than that.

Sidey: It's huge.

Reegs: I don't know that I've seen the sound of music all the way through in one go either.

Oh God.

Pete: Sony. Music's a fucking, a great film.

Reegs: I like

Pete: Yeah,

Sidey: You can maybe just record a quick voice review from memory of,

Pete: of,

what Santa

Sidey: yeah, just to be good. We can shut that

Pete: Brilliant. I love that. I'm not watching mama man, so that's fine.

Sidey: I think that's going to be great.

And also it's great to pick up some new listeners across the other side of the world, which is cool. So I think someone reviewed us this week or something, I think so. So keep doing that and keep encouraging other people to listen to us because that makes us feel good. All that remains is to say Sidey signing out