April 29, 2022

Sound of Metal & Regular Show

Sound of Metal & Regular Show
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Sidey is famed for his sartorial elegance so it should come as no surprise that he picked the Top 5 Suits for us to discuss. By the end of this week’s show, you'll know your two-piece from your three-piece, your tuxedo from your dinner jacket and your shell suit from your tracksuit.
SOUND OF METAL is director Darius Marder's 2019 story about Ruben, a drummer in the experimental heavy metal band Blackgammon and the impact of his devastating and sudden hearing loss on his ongoing issues with sobriety. Riz Ahmed was Oscar nominated for his portrayal and it’s a transformational and powerful performance but it's supporting actor Paul Raci, himself the son of Deaf parents, who steals the movie as Vietnam veteran and recovering alcoholic Joe, the charismatic leader of the community. A rallying call not to treat individuals with disabilities as broken, waiting to be fixed, we all enjoyed this moving journey alongside the fascinating insights into the Deaf community and culture it also provides.
As a father to two girls I've been subjected to more than my fair share of unicorns over the years and feel strongly that this week’s kids feature, the animated series REGULAR SHOW, has it right: The Unicorns Have Got To Go, which is coincidentally the title of the episode we watched. Mordecai and Rigby find their friendship tested when Mordecai is more interested in buying new cologne 'Dudetime' in order to attract waitress Margaret than spending time with Rigby playing the latest exciting video game, Strong Johns. But when Mordecai sprays himself with the aftershave the only thing attracted to him is a group of douchebag unicorn bros, out for a good time and definitely not trying to trick you into drinking a cup of their suspiciously spermy looking cocktails. Soon things get out of hand; Rigby's trampoline gets broken and park manager Benson, a sentient gumball machine, appears to be sexually assaulted. Will the boys rid themselves of the hangers on and patch up their failing friendship inside 12 minutes?

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Sound of Metal


Welcome to

bad dads failing. review. And I am sorry for that extremely odd start there, but it's because the podcast transcript service that we use to post our ridiculous movie chats online in order to increase our search engine rankings and reach a bigger audience and content more accessible to them it always mangles the name of our pod.

So I thought I'd try and help it out this week.

Sidey: Yeah. We're normally back dad.

Reegs: Yeah. Bag Baghdad or, Well, you think that the software does like to use Baghdad's film review more often than not though our complete lack of penetration in the podcast market in Iraq, is a pretty damning indictment. I think of either the website or our content, is probably best not to think about that,


Sidey: that the movie choices.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: Google translate not really kicking into the share.

Reegs: No, no, just that they're not feeling what we're delivering. out there as ever, thanks for listening. A huge thanks for our regular listeners that interact with us in the old Twitter verse. Mel Bregy, Johnny, Utah, PSE, Andy, Darren lethally. I love that. We always use his full name.

Now that's the power and

respect he commands. But also Gwen osteo, Shalane. good day. Hi. Hello. How's it. And hello to our Spanish Israeli, Australian Danish, German, south African and American jumps who listen each week. We do love to hear from everyone. If you don't Twitter, maybe email us at bad dads, J S y@gmail.com. If you want unfettered access to live streams from how we shower

Howie: the only fans

Sidey: press premium

Howie: yeah, it's 2299 a month.

Reegs: This week show is brought to you by famed monkey shyness ID who will be hoping we know our two piece from our tuxedos when we discuss

the suitably sartorial top.

five suits. And following that we have the brilliant and not at all, what I thought it would be 2019, I think Derrius, martyr drama, sound of metal to discuss.

And our kids' TV offering this week is season one episode, eight of regular show. The unicorns have got to go a lot to look forward to this week. I'm sure you'll agree. Dan allow me to start by interrupting you and asking you, citing what you've watched this.


Sidey: I, well, so I don't know if I moaned at all last week, I had a bad back. I lifted a bag of compost and I was off work all last week on holiday, but that I was completely fucking wiped out. So

Reegs: you've seen

Sidey: a lot.

I do watch quite a lot and I had to write it all down and so many so what's the Batman

Howie: I've seen it yet.

Dan: okay. Where'd you watch that? Is that on,

Sidey: available on Amazon prime to rent? I believe

Reegs: it Can we just

Sidey: where I watched


Reegs: can we have a thumbs up thumbs down?

All right. Okay.

Sidey: my thumb was up. I watched who killed the KLF.

Reegs: You gotta

Howie: ah, I, I definitely want to watch that. Was it good? Thumbs up. So let's just continue

Sidey: that I

watched young blood.

Reegs: Oh, the hockey movie. I was, thinking about nominating that,

Sidey: Which was a recommendation of the back of mystery, Alaska from Johnny Utah. So

Dan: He gets, I've seen that one. He gets the land lado landlady is I remember it gives him an initiation.

Sidey: Yeah. And

then he has sex with the, well, he's going out with the

coach's daughter

and the land that he walks into them getting jiggy

Reegs: happen.

Sidey: I also watched the French dispatch. Where's Anderson being really where's Andersonii I watched some, do you know who Fran Andrea is? He was the chef at lb.

At the famous restaurant. Yeah. So I watched that it was pretty boring. I watched public image limited gone rotten, which is a documentary about public image limited uh

from rotten uh Zappa.

I said, loads of music, documentaries, zapper. That's on a bit I play, which is really good. And hopefully as I rewatched, yeah. Quite a bit. Yeah. Yeah. Strong. Yeah. So that was quite a lot. And I always watched Moonlight and I also watched Picard, which is not very good. I can't decide if Moonlight is actually any good or not.

Reegs: And when they finally did something this week.


it, but

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: I watched. Yeah, so I, I watched the winning winning times. I think it is a rise of the LA Lakers. It's a thing happening on sky at the moment, Scott Atlantic. And it's really good. I mean, it's, it's Monday night, so I'm going to be

Howie: Friday night lights. So

Dan: no, it's, it's much, much better than

Sidey: there's there's a magic Johnson documentary out as well.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: four-part or about, I don't know what

Dan: Yeah. This is his arrows. It he's the star player, just a rookie

Sidey: Loads of people go into after the save the last dance, the Michael Jordan one, we're like, well, when Joel wanted it, I said I've made one of his four-part.

Dan: Okay. And then this is his kind of story dramatized, I guess. And yeah. Really enjoying

Reegs: that. They've got an actor playing Michael Jordan,

Sidey: John actor.

Dan: They've not, Jordan's not in it yet. But they've got magic Johnson, actor playing magic Johnson and C. Riley is the owner John John's he? No, no. Yeah, they, they couldn't pull that one off, but he's the owner then they decided in the end, I think they went with that, but that's really good.

I also watched last night specter the bond,

the no first time.

Sidey: Now you're talking about

Dan: oh, the new one.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: That's

Reegs: I still haven't seen it?

Dan: Or they talk about specter may be a,

Sidey: and when you think of it it's pretty boring. Isn't it?

Dan: no No

Sidey: The shit villain it's just like sits in,

Dan: we've had better villains and things, but,

Sidey: at the start when he's

Dan: no, I didn't think, I didn't think it was shit. I, I enjoyed it. I did enjoy it.

Sidey: I forgot too Cause I know you mentioned it. We watched golf golfing and no time to cry.

Tomorrow never cries. So to Pierce Brosnan was dreadful

Howie: Oh, is that the one with the condor

Sidey: it's the newspaper one.

Howie: yeah, the condo boat.

Yeah. That they're just covered in black and said it's a us stealth boat.

Sidey: yeah.

Howie: In Jersey in

Sidey: Jonathan Price. Vincent's

Howie: Terry Terry hatchet.

Sidey: that's it Yeah.

Reegs: I have been watching, we watched the last ever Peaky blinders. I don't know whether we talked about that, but that was good. I liked the way they finished that.

Howie: don't tell me, because I've just started

Reegs: it's it's unexpected, I guess. It was good. I've been watching the Korean zombie thing. It's I if I had to describe it as like a mix between the walking dead and, a battle Royale, but that's probably just a really cheap way of doing it. but it's, It's good. The Koreans zombie things.

at, in a school that's probably about it, I think. Yeah. And obviously dead men. Don't do that.

When that, what w what don't they do? they don't wear


Sidey: like how you went to

Howie: I went to the cinema on a family ticket for 29 95, which was then exponentially blown out of the court. By the fact I bought some Maltesers

Reegs: Yeah. And that was also 29.

  1. Yeah.

Howie: I all. And I stopped my kids, eating them. So I was proper grumpy to want to fucking shut up.

Reegs: preventing obesity

Howie: but promoting it within me cause I,

Reegs: take one for the

Howie: I basically ate it like a goose with four Gras pouring it. Not, not like that.

I went to watch a fantastic beasts three, where they had to get rid of Johnny Depp because it,

Sidey: was it? Actually

Howie: it was, it was the moderate beasts.

Reegs: Are they still trying to find them? Is that

Howie: no, it's the hunt for Grundle, you know, like the poop that comes out your bottom and sticks to your hair, the clog, the Grundle Clagg or is it Grundle weld, but it basically, is it eludes to the fact that wizards caused Adolf Hitler and world war two genuinely.

Reegs: Right.

Howie: It kind of gets a bit weird with Berlin and lots of Nazi shouting and yeah, it's, it's kind of odd. It's not as magical as the first one, which I really enjoyed. The kids really liked. They just kind of like, they thought it was fun and there was some few magical creatures, but and Dumbledore and Grindle CA Clagg waltz where his name is and character arc.

Gaze very openly gay. Now he actually says I was in love with him. So that's that storyline.

Sidey: But not, not trans. Cause she wouldn't allow

Howie: she wouldn't allow that and they have a blood oath where they can't penetrate each other and then the, the glass breaks and they can kill each other. And it's all a bit

Sidey: So not a strong recommend.

Howie: I would, if you've got kids, it's one to watch on telly, not bother with the cinema. They all want to watch at the cinema jackass, which apparently there was a poster up and Magnus said, can we watch that? And I was like, not quite for a nine-year-old but there was some other carts not bugger those there's some big cartoon.

There was a poor patrol movie as well, or, oh fuck. It was,

Dan: Well, you mentioned a Johnny Depp there's any of you been catching up on his trial?

Howie: On the pillow?

Dan: It's been a few odd kind of moments

Reegs: the shit on the

Sidey: no,

She did.

Howie: did

Reegs: She that She left.

Sidey: but there's know everybody's seen him on the stand so, you know

Dan: One side at the moment, but yeah, there's some quirky little, there's some quirky little moments in there.

Isn't there

Sidey: think he's coming across quite well with some of the lawyers seem borderline and competent, but I don't know.

Reegs: that's an

IPA he's been slapping her around.


how, how well can he really come out of it? No, he hasn't. It's that?

Howie: They've both been, I think they've both been perhaps having a go at each other physically.

Reegs: So they


Howie: all very awful and messy.

And anyway, back to, I forgot to say at the cinema, the form to take your kids to cause mine too, we're going rabbit for Sonic too. If you've not seen Sonic one, it's more it's actually all right.

Reegs: Yeah. No, my little one's a big Sonic fan and they also in seed the bad guys, which they said was quite,

Howie: ah, that might be the one that thereafter my kids wanted to see it.

They thought that looked quite good. Dr. Strange trailer came out as well. And then for, for the adults the one I want to see is north.

Which is the Viking one. It looks very good. And the one that looked fucking terrible cause the trailer went on. I'd think for five minutes was downtown Abbey, whatever the fuck it is.

Downton Abbey. Oh my God.

Reegs: A lot of people watch that

Howie: Oh, it just looks so

Sidey: I know the target audience

Howie: Oh, I don't know. Anybody is people who are pissing

Dan: no there's millions that would disagree. I think it was one of those.

My mom, my sisters, I think when it was on, it was going out. We

Reegs: If you think that's a good idea that we should review it, because if any of us.

seen it for anybody, think that's a good idea.

Let us

Howie: Well, this is The second, but

Reegs: There's a movie

Howie: This is the

Sidey: Oh, a double header, then double header.

Reegs: made weaker and

Howie: they go. It's like, it's like really bad jokes that you could see your mum and anybody who lives next to a commode giggling about, oh God,

Sidey: Well, we'll see. We'll say

We had a top five last week and I'm really well prepared for that this week. So that makes change. It was top five ice and we did have a few nominations weeks. You've got one

Reegs: We did. I think the winner that we chose, it's a movie we haven't seen it's in the Heights.

And it's the song Paraguay or Paraguay it's, which is a it's a Puerto Rican shaved ice dessert looks. Absolutely.

Howie: Why did you do that thing with your fingers? Like you were grappling underneath the man's

Reegs: no I was doing the magic of the,


you know, the snow cone. Yeah.

Sidey: Well, we also had some of those male nominated. What? Cause none of us even mentioned frozen ice is like baked right in


Reegs: we talked about it

Sidey: Did we? I thought we didn't even mention it

Reegs: before because of Dan choosing snow in that night. What are you going for next time? Like sleet,

Dan: maybe you left the white yet

Howie: Mr. Frosty,

Sidey: We also had ice ice castles, which has a seventies ice skating movie, basic instinct, which has the ice picker and the Incredibles with frozen the. That was all Mel and preachy.

Howie: blades of glory as well.

Sidey: I mentioned it on the pod company listened breached. She nominated Batman and Robin,

Reegs: Yeah, but

Sidey: because we put that

actually was already in.

I put that in.

Reegs: So I'm sorry about that. I know that's probably going to put a real crimp in your week, but

Sidey: yeah,

that's a shame, but yeah, so that's, that's good. So we're going to put in, in the Heights. Yeah. Cool.

Dan: Nice one

Sidey: I done a top five for this week. Yeah. Suits, which I can decide at the time if that was going to be any good or not, but we went with it.

Howie: What was the last time you wore a suit?

Sidey: I had a job interview that I wore a suit to. It was my first day on the job today as it were,

Howie: Did you have to wear a tie or three piece or

Sidey: I wore a tie to the interview, but it's dress casual work.

can't remember

Dan: If you got any of those kind of old comedy

Sidey: I've got a star wars


Dan: got a

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: wars tire?

Sidey: the rest of them are just normal

Dan: No, no piano,

Reegs: move to wear that to a job interview.

Dan: piano tire,

Howie: that's amazing. That was Mickey mouse, SWAT or something fucking

Sidey: No, it was just like some boring pattern one, but we don't, I don't have to wear a suit. And I put that in the social media posts, because do any of us wear suits

Reegs: I used to, I used to spend, you know,

because yeah, I had

Sidey: five days out of seven in a suit,

Reegs: yeah

Dan: normally.

No need, but you know I, I wore a suit actually for the first time and it was a tux. I had opportunity to wear a tux. Yeah,

Howie: did look smart, then quite hot as well

Dan: Well, you know, there's still floating around social media, you know?

Sidey: But yeah, the topic this week is suits, but I'm going to say it doesn't have to just be like tailored. Nice, smart suit. You can, you can interpret that in any way that you want. I've got a feeling. The rigs probably has a few different ones.

Do you want me to go first?

Reegs: nomination?

Sidey: Well, I'm going to go for Buffalo bill from silence of the lambs

Because he is making a suit and you kind of forget about Buffalo bill. I sort of think when I'm thinking about signing stamps, cause it's all Hannibal

Reegs: no it isn't

Sidey: well, I know,

Reegs: terrifying,

Sidey: what he's doing is in all, then they can't figure it out at first. And there's a memorable scene where Jodie foster is at.

It's not

Reegs: it's

What is the mother of one of the victims? she's a dressmaker.

Sidey: not, but it's not the post-mortem she's out. She's just like the guys, they, they have the body and they're really disrespectful about the women anyway. There's two big. But it's not the actual autopsy, is it?

Maybe it is anyway, there's two big diamond shapes out of her back and they still can't figure out. And it's not until Hannibal doesn't tell her exactly, but he's like a cover. It's what he sees. And it becomes clear. He's making a, a flesh suit basically

Reegs: He goes to one of the victim's houses.

And he sees that she's making a


the mother, and she sees the stitches and she finally fucking puts it

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. So he is making his own suit out of human flesh.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: I went to the Bodyworks exhibit at the OTU about 10 years ago. And it had that crazy German doctor that appeared on channel four, who did the plastination process way, took human bodies that were donated and he preserves them perfectly.

So it's an, it's an amazing process. But the worst thing I've seen when you go to the OTU is they've made a suit of skin, but it's, it's basically,

I didn't, the wife did sick and it's basically a body with everything removed, but it's a perfectly formed skin, but the worst bit.

Reegs: inside, it

Howie: It's right next to you uncovered.

And the worst bit about it is it's got, still got the cuticles and nails and the hairs anyway kept me warm.

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: So in the silence, have we talked about this on the pod before he tucks his

cock and balls. And we talked about this on the, He takes his cock and balls between his

Howie: what line does he say?

Reegs: got, He says and he's dancing to the thing. And have you tried

Not the skinning, the


and all up, but with the tuck in your junk between after that movie, did you ever try that for 10 years.


Howie: the Odeon,

Reegs: I've been doing it for

years Yeah.

Howie: Just wait until the end credits. And

Dan: oh, you, you, you, obviously, you, we need to ask you back, you've got that

Howie: if

Reegs: I think I ever have

Howie: of our listeners have done it and they want to send a photo, it's Twitter, them hot dogging.

Reegs: We haven't had this We've had this conversation. That's why I didn't know whether we'd had it. on air

or not but I

know that one of the let's put it this way.

One of the bad dads has done that.

Dan: He does it all the time.

Howie: No, he does the, he does the frontal. He does the frontal one where he squeezes it between his hand and it says hot dog. And he does it like that. So, but with his testicles mashed around his cock. So this method and

Sidey: I don't know, am I going to leave any of this in, I don't


Dan: well, let's, let's find out.

Sidey: Silence of the lambs. Are we going anticlockwise now

Dan: yeah, well, I'm going to go for it. We might have it, a lawsuit.

I'm going to go for a Matthew McConaughey who in a time to kill. And he wears his, his law suit, you know, which is like,

Sidey: is it one of those silly Taiwan's like frilly

Dan: no it's classic, but looking into it, it's just exactly the same suit as John Grisham weighs in his, in the sleeve to the book, like, you know, it's but he this is a great film and I love all the Grisham books.

I just found them at that age. I think it was the firm I read first and I was kind of, just a re just, yeah, for me, it was just at that age.

Secondary school, where I was just starting to read more adult books and things like that. And this was a million miles an hour, this book, and then Tom cruise, when it did the film and I was always really into the books afterwards.

And then the film adaptations afterwards, and Matthew McConaughey, who in this is is really good. It's about, he's a lawyer who's defend defending there's

it was two girls who had been killed. Yeah, no he's prosecuted. I think I'll call maybe

Howie: No, he's defending. He is defending because that's the whole

Dan: He's defended Samuel L. Jackson.

That's why he's defended Samuel L. Jackson, who they accused of murdering some gals


Howie: hot.

Dan: I'm

Sidey: Mockingbird

Dan: Yeah. So it's a little bit along those lines. I mean, it's, again, he's taken, you know, it's a racial case in, in the in Mississippi and that kind of way, you know, so it, obviously the parallels are going to be drawn, but this was a real page Turner and the movie came out.

One of those movies that stood up and were really strong. Yeah.

Howie: Yeah. I think it's on prime actually at the minute, because it's worth it. I'll go for a mainstream obvious one and I'll go for men in black, the last suit you'll ever wear. And the it's I looked into it. It's the capsule collection from Portsmith.

Dan: Nice.

Howie: So as it

Reegs: Is it?

The capsule

Howie: capsule collection

Sidey: designer.

Howie: Paul Smith. Yeah. So and I think the, the, the, the rather tired joke goes, it's the last seat you'll ever wear. And then he re gets Tommy Lee Jones in men in black three back from is

Sidey: Oh, what's his name plays him

Howie: Oh, yeah. Did you see he's he's lost his national geographic thing on Netflix and he's lost

Sidey: thingy to that fucking dreadful film on

Howie: the alien one.

Sidey: We're going to do a secret like can that

Howie: Yeah. He's he's gone. He's

he'll have to do some form of

Dan: he won't be gone.

Howie: where he, sorry. And yeah,

Dan: you just wait a couple of years. You wait every

Howie: after life, after love to before life.

Fuck it.


that was a bit. That would be a turn up for the books.

Reegs: I was going to go with, I'm going to get you soccer. You seen that movie. It's like a sort of blaxploitation comedy thing. It's got the pimp fly guy gets released prison and he's come. He comes out and he's in like a full.

Bright yellow pimp suit with like zebra trim, a massive

sombrero hat Well, we haven't got to the best bit yet. And he's like striking out and he's got these sort of, I dunno, about 15 inch glass sh

like platform shoes on with goldfish swimming. in their heels. Yeah. Yeah. So this is the actual original I guess. Yeah. So,

Sidey: wow.

Reegs: Yeah, that was probably the first suit I thought of.

And then similarly, I dunno if it's stealing the thunder of somebody here, but the dumb and dumber suits, they


Dan: going to get mentioned, but yeah,

Reegs: on the similar sort of

Sidey: they've been nominated online already.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: boy orange

Howie: and the bright blue and the top hats and the frills.

Sidey: When he walks into the room, it's like $500 a plate and he goes to Ching and then he sprays the breath, fresh data straight in a guy's face. Right. Okay. Well it went in last week and we said best films, never going to have another chance to go in

Reegs: 10 minutes teenage mutant, ninja


Sidey: Batman and Robin,

Reegs: The Batman suit.

Sidey: Yes. But. We were going on about having nipples, but actually Val Kilmer suit had nipples


Reegs: There's just had a full penis.

Sidey: has well, so you're probably thinking about a fairly standard looking, but shit, Batman costume, and

Reegs: one have golden stuff on it, and

Sidey: Yes. But not initially. So they, they were contractually obliged to have two bats suits or two suits that Robin and bat girl, they were contractually obliged because of toys to have two. And the second one was the one that was impervious to ice. So that's how they defeated Mr. Freeze. And I have got a picture of it.

Reegs: amazing

Sidey: big silver, like codpiece and it it's like by far the worst Baton, I gosh, in wartime, even worse

Reegs: design is to point at the genitals space. Isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. Everything. It's like an arrow, like his biceps and then his arms are pointing down towards his Dick.


Reegs: And the same

Sidey: It's impressive.

Reegs: well. It's just like, but it's more look at my breasts.


Sidey: are my breasts.

Howie: was, was that gratuitous zoom on the ass for at least

Sidey: doorbell Yeah. So another opportunity for Batman Robins to go into the top five.

Dan: Okay. Well, I'm, I'm gonna go on to some of you, you kind of just touched on before A film called quiz show.

Did you ever see this? It was Robert Redford's first. I think it was his first

Reegs: Robert DeNiro. Isn't it. it. was Chris

Dan: No. It's John turtle is in it to to Touro. Yep. That's him John, John turtle, but it was produced

Howie: Steven Lucas

Dan: and directed by Robert Redford. I think it was his first one. It was based on the quiz show in their fifties, sixties in America called 21.

And there were, you know,

Jeopardy or something, you know, it was one of those popular quiz shows everybody was watching it. And John turtle was the, the main kind of guy who's in there and he's answering all the quiz questions. Right. But his approval ratings and start to level off. So they go, let's get rid of him.

So they fixed the show

Reegs: make it too hard

Dan: so make it, just give some other guy the answers and, and get him out or whatever. And basic comes back. They a big lawsuit and they came down to this, could change television completely, like, you know, the way that things go from this court case. But the, the two guys who were in the quiz show in who'd been presenting, but were very heavily involved in making sure that this Ford went ahead.

They deny it. And they're told by the TV stations, then I just just type fall on your sword or whatever it is. You take the flight, you know, you tonight was ours. It was you with her two years later time, people forget, you know, there's loads of other stuff going on and they came back and they actually came back and did jeopardy.

They started it. So it was just a little bit about how, you know, people will forget about will well young and and how we was on that singing program and the other will well,

Reegs: when did that start?

When did we start talking about


Dan: no, I got the worlds mixed up. Smithers.

Reegs: will Smith right?

Okay. I

Howie: Oh, I was just thinking, come on baby. I was like, wait,

Dan: forgot about.

Howie: I'm going to go for name of my sex tape, the untouchables the untouchables with Kevin Costner. And there is a cracking suit in that it's the Assassin's white suit that is worn by Billy Draco who plays Frank knitter.

Sidey: such a bastard.

Howie: He's awfully stuck up

Sidey: It blows up that kid right at the

Howie: Oh fuck. Yeah. Yeah. It just gives him the thing and fucks off

Sidey: I'm right in saying that the costume designers, Giorgio Armani in that film was

Howie: It looks like it could be, cause they're all sharp Italian style suits,

Reegs: all look spats, the

Howie: deal.

Reegs: It's the hats, man. I don't know. like they always make the hats look really cool, but I can never find a Harlem.

Howie: Th th there is that bloke. There's a, there's a bloke in town, technical term who wears a full suit with a 30 style hats.

Yeah. And he looked, and that's the, that's the immediate response. He just looks totally out of place, but, but it's a style that you think about it.

Passe films of all sorts. Every man had had matter what it was, no matter your

status, your job in society. If you were, if you want to say like a blue collar worker, you're a flat cap, you worked in a factory to this, the city banker with his top pattern.

God knows what hats have gone. And it's a real weird one, how that was part of everyday fashion and part of a suit.

Reegs: everybody's just gone super casual, right? I mean, most of the time, if you're on zoom calls and stuff, everybody's just like

Dan: in their underwear and yeah,

Howie: I've got one on. There it is. It's the wife beater.

Dan: I had a suit made of cactus leaves. I look sharp. I did probably four look at break,

Howie: but just quickly saying about the suits, the untouchables, something else. That was part of a, a good three-piece suit was also a pair of braces as well. So that

Sidey: probably have like sock braces and those things that go around the arm to stop the

Howie: Oh

Sidey: But I think that's just bad tailoring. If you have to know have you seen

those things

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. But it's just to look cool.

Dan: was like,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: that kind of thing. Didn't they? Those just so.

Reegs: caught in your ink blotter or whatever. Yeah.


feel I still feel bad about when you said about that guy who dresses thing, then I just instantly just called him a gun and then now. I think

that's awful. Really?

Sidey: you'd love to be confident enough to wear a

Dan: Yeah, no, that's it. I think he probably looked, he started to hide

Reegs: wife got me a hat and I

still feel like, and

I in summer and it looks all right.

Okay. Yeah. Well, that's true, but I still feel a bit self-conscious,


Dan: well, I got a new year this year. I got a new suit made of light plants. You know, I wasn't sure at first, but he's growing on me, you know,

Howie: shit. The

Sidey: Right Let's move on.

Howie: My dad was a cowboy hat.


Reegs: oh, that's a Good look. I had a cowboy hat for a little.

while, but

Howie: It was when you're working in the clubs, wasn't it

Reegs: it wasn't really a cowboy hat. it was like a cheap hat that I bought in Myorca or wherever.

Dan: Hi Jackie went on fire. It was a blazer

Sidey: geez,

Reegs: Very good. Don Draper in mad men. I always think of him. And he just looked

Dan: double breasted

Reegs: and gray, and the guy just looked impeccable wearing a suit. And then there was that cool scene where he comes home and the see any light takes off his suit and fixes the a sync as well. So you can just do that. It's like,

Sidey: and he's got a massive Dick.

Reegs: Jon Hamm. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. I remember you saying actually another people looking pretty sharp is Danny DeVito and

short snugger in twins.

Sidey: rain man, right?


Reegs: yeah who was the more attractive couple out


DeVito and Arnie

and Tom cruise and


Sidey: I'm going to

Reegs: add together there.

Sidey: I gotta go cruising.

Like I like that he's been successful. I just don't understand how he's been successful.

Reegs: imagine peak DeVito.

Sidey: Dick.

Reegs: No, I'm just saying?

Yeah. I think you're probably

Howie: whatever our state Danny DeVito think of the penguin in Batman.

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah.

I also like tracksuit, can we

have a tracksuit? Is that in there? yeah. I thought So yeah, so radiata at the end of good fellows when he's in prison is wearing an Adidas.

Tracksuit, isn't It a sign of his sort of authority or whatever. Nice guy, Eddie reservoir dogs looking pretty sharp,

Sidey: there's some sharp tragically content and more tenable.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ali G eight, We

sort of took a little cue from Jimmy Savile there.

didn't they with what he was wearing, It comes through his dress criteria, the chocolate boulders or whatever they

they, they liked to shell suit as well.

And then it's not quite shell suit, but the, I think the track suit, of Bruce Lee game of death

Sidey: iconic


Reegs: yeah.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Kill bell. Yeah. So I covered a little


Sidey: shall say,

Reegs: Yeah, I did. Once it was non-school uniform day, and I forgot my tracksuit and,

Howie: you

Reegs: no, I went in school uniform and everybody else was a dickhead or whatever.

And I cried and then my mom went home, got my tray, my shell seat

Dan: and then you got bullied by people in show teach. Now you just think I

Sidey: I actually went to a bonfire thing in a shell, so I got literal way. Like you can't reroute it. You're going to, you're going to die. Just going to catch

Reegs: What did you have? Like mine was like turquoise with a bit of,

purple on it.

Sidey: I think it was black, but it had like panels of like, just crazy patterns on it.

Howie: That was a big thing. Wasn't it?

die. Well, why are you selling this product? You fucking

Dan: that, that kind of toweling furry one after the show suit? Can you remember that? It was like a, a feeler you, if

Howie: or Sergio

Dan: it, yeah, that's it.


Reegs: the loo type thing, like Paulie walnuts in the soprano, something like

Howie: showed you piss stain where you hadn't tapped properly?

Cause it was just me. Yeah.

Sidey: I've got another suit for you. I keep arming knowing about doing a

about doing a, maybe an all sort of musical themes episodes and the, the mid weeker, if that was ever happen would be stop making sense. I don't know if you guys are saying that it's the talking heads concert movie.

It's directed by Jonathan demo who decides to lambs and obviously just features talking how it's performing and then halfway through the, the film David Byrne fucks off and the Tom Tom club, who would like the Tina Weymouth and Chris France, the spin-off band of talking as they perform genius of love.

And then David bone comes back on. Fucking enormous, like square suit things, obviously a big, like,

Dan: it's like a person within a,

Sidey: it is It's like a giant rectangle with those really tall gangly guy wobbling around in it. And he, they, they do girlfriend is Beto, which is fucking great cheer when he comes on and these keeps on for the rest of the performance.

And it is really fucking crazy looking. It's a big gray like square basically with a head popping out at the top. But somehow it, even when he's dancing around, it's still, it's so structural that it maintains its sort of weird looking shape it's by, it was made by a costume designer called Gail blacker.

So it was more of an architectural project than a clothing project. So definitely worth, I think I probably will nominate that way at some point cause it's brilliant. But it's definitely just checking out just for the weirdness of it. As a real standout suit.

Dan: Oh well I've got a fat suit. It was the one that Gary Oldman wore in the darkest hour. And it won, I think a, an Oscar for the makeup and

makeup effects in costume and stuff. Yeah. So in many ways it did. And obviously Gary, wasn't quite the way that

Howie: Winston

Dan: when Stan

Sidey: well Colin Farrell in the

Howie: Batman.

Sidey: he plays the penguin and you're just, like

Reegs: and he's unrecognizable.

Sidey: said to Mrs. Who's that? And she's like, oh, you know, fucking the I'm an escort.

In fact, she's like, fuck off. No. And then I saw loads of stuff on Twitter of him having all this stuff, but I know it's fucking amazing. Like

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Even in the trailer, you could tell it didn't look stupid.

Dan: I mean, that order pattern, you know what I mean? It's just how they get it all in there. And they put it in a fantastic into the face and everything.

So and obviously Gary Oldman in this movie and you've got the classic Winston suit seven year. I mean, they're statesman, like of course he's yeah. Pocket watch and everything like that. So. W write down today, write down to all those details. Waistcoat, of course. And he was a big guy, so it would have had, and I think even had like the, the undergarments and all that, you know, really long shirts, evening shirt and stuff like that, that it put on.

Cause a couple of times he is just in his room, isn't he? And getting changed to go and give a a big speech and something. So really good movie and some nice suit suit. You, sir.

Howie: I think I'll go for possibly one of the most iconic suits and that's John Travolta, Saturday night fever, the white suit, the white flares, the, and then eat, obviously mixes it with a jacket.

Everybody's white suit, white flowers, a black jacket. So black shirt. And it's says going out gear and it's synonymous with, I think the album, the album cover maybe of the beaches, but it's definitely on the cover of the video or DVD or the poster for Saturday night

Sidey: And Dan's got to listen There you go. It's just on top of the cupboard. That's the BGS


Howie: the BGS.


Dan: easy inside.

Howie: Yeah, so a big seventies deal with that and kind of inspirational in a way for this sort of Ron burgundy style. So. Yeah,

Sidey: it made Sinatra look like a hobo,

Howie: there we go. Dan is for the benefits of

Sidey: visual content on the patisserie

Dan: for both cars, content. Can you see

that that album

Howie: you'd see the video.

Reegs: why Do you think his flares are at the bottom Their Cause, or is it more about how tapered they are at the,


Sidey: Well, I think, yeah, you need to go

skinny skinny rats, tight around the crotch

Howie: and the bums

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And shirt on buckled to

Howie: macro

Sidey: to the wa to your belly button,

Howie: macro

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: have a warm.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: For real, not for joke.

Reegs: Yeah, no, I

think for a

Howie: worn them for real. I've worn for real. I like them.

Dan: I've got a couple of pairs upstairs.

Howie: They're really comfort. My wife. My flares are

Sidey: closest I've got is like boot cut trousers,

Howie: while my flares are a bit shaggy from Scooby doo brown called.

Reegs: I used to wear jeans that were just like absolutely enormous Do you remember that?

There were just Like huge, huge,

Dan: bigger than that.

Howie: Well, I was just going to mention quickly actually is based on what you said about musicals.

Sorry. I forgot to say also watch the spilborghs west side story that's on. It was all right. And some of the dress and suits in that, especially the pure Rican gang, the jets really sharp suits over time. It's received a lot of anger from people that didn't like it at all. And it was his pet project.

Spielberg's pet project to get west side

Sidey: Yeah And then there was that thing about Rachel Siegler didn't get fired to the Oscars and it was kick off about that.

Howie: Yeah. But I actually think it's worth a watch

Reegs: Well, west side

Howie: I I'm not in the new

Reegs: yeah, Yeah. yeah It's supposed to be absolutely


Sidey: I

want to watch it in the Heights as well. We just got nominated for our ice

Reegs: Yeah,

Howie: There we go.

Reegs: Yeah, no, I'm going to watch west side story. It's I think Spielberg is.


I heard


Dan: It's a strange one too, for him to have done. I'll be curious to see how he's gone about it. Yeah. Okay. For sure. For sure.

Reegs: Mahogany was the Vinnie Jones sort of serial killer, I guess in the weird Clive Barker movie, midnight meat train. And he wore, he was all dressed up in like a horrible light in a little gray seat, looked impeccable right up until he's killed horribly.

The other villains the guy in Indiana Jones in the last crusade, the villain right at the beginning is wearing an all white suit. Isn't he? The one that,

Howie: Yes, yes. I know. Who's the German American philanthropist who is turned evil and gone to the Nazis, all that sort of shit.

Reegs: Every week. And then there's just a couple of movies, like, the adjustment bureau and inception that everybody's just wearing sharp suits looking really sharp all the time.

Howie: You just, the adjustment bureau. I really enjoyed,

Reegs: I enjoyed it as

Sidey: I really, I thought it was Ted. Maybe I was, maybe I fell asleep or something.

Reegs: I think It's a little bit schmaltz. Yeah. It's a little bit schmaltzy, but if you hit it in the right moment, then you can enjoy that sort of thing. Yeah. Other things,



Sidey: Hm I've got some other things if you want.

Reegs: Well, I've got

one more.

That is how he's shocking revelation that they hadn't seen reservoir dogs and they were suits in that. Did we already talk? about

Howie: No, no, no, no, no, no. Maybe it was unfair, but we hadn't talked about the suits. The fact that it is, I know is

Sidey: it's a uniform for them,

Howie: wears the uniform pulp fiction as well. If you want to go that way.

Oh, Travolta and seminar.

Sidey: Gangster vibe.

Howie: Yep.

Sidey: I'll just run through the last ones I got. Cause they are actual suits, suits. Chinatown chat Nixon was a really wide lapel white suit. And then he has a striped shirt.


Howie: and a hat

Sidey: had a great pocket square as well. I didn't think I could put off a white suit. Pretty bold,

Reegs: I w I, The last black tie work do that, I went to, when I went in, I was like, oh God, there's always some prick wearing a white suit. And he was standing behind


when I said

Sidey: I have got a light. So it's only a tuxedo.

If you wear a white jacket, otherwise it's Dennis. Fact.

I have.

So I've got white

Reegs: jacket. and Black


Sidey: That's a tuxedo. I believe

Reegs: Right.


Sidey: it's

gone. I've taken it back from being a fact to just something that I

Howie: white suit white, a bit of

Reegs: queue or non

Sidey: So if you were,

if you have if you got black tie, so black shirt, black jacket, black trousers, that's a dinner.

Just suit jacket. If you're, if you're wearing white, the white jacket, that's a tuxedo. That's the distinction. I believe

Howie: because the white

Sidey: listeners

Howie: a wine

Sidey: when I'm obviously wrong.

Howie: It's the Somalia is his role to wear the white jacket,

Sidey: You say you can see them spill the wine on it, like

Howie: correct. To show how good he is,

Sidey: So yeah, so

Dan: covered in fucking collaborate.

Reegs: Danny. You've just turned up. You've got Curry on your

Dan: everywhere he's the guy in the multicolored suit over there.

Sidey: So that's trying to town, which is a Roman Polanski film, which makes it problematic because he's an UN.

Rapist. Um No, he acts, he is, you can, you can actually say


because that's

Reegs: Yeah You can say that

Sidey: Goldfinger. So all the James Bond films is very smartly dressed and they even go as far as to mention there's Taylor a few times, but in Goldfinger,

Howie: very,


Sidey: He is wearing a two piece, two button, three piece tailored suit by Glenn played presumably some sort of Sappho yes, some sort of salvo rotator, I would imagine. And Robert Redford in the great Gatsby, he wears a really rarely rad pink suit. And I have a pink suit. I wore a pink suit last

Reegs: You look sharp.

Sidey: So I might I've tweeted a picture of that one. So you can compare me and Robert Redford. You probably weren't able to tell the difference as

His was actually made. And I think for the whole, the whole wardrobe, the films made by Ralph Lauren mine was made by our sauce. That's the only difference.

Reegs: I saw

Sidey: different

Dan: didn't DeNiro wear it in casino.

Howie: casino. I've got down there, pink,

Reegs: pink, pink,


Sidey: to make the pink shirt

Reegs: pink tie to match. And then it's very sort of Cerise pink.

Howie: And then cream trousers.

Sidey: Isn't there a scene of him just standing around and he's got the SOC gossip things on. Yeah. I've never

Dan: he has some kind of extreme, violent moment and everything in

Sidey: I'm out. I that's all my suit

content Don't

Dan: Well, I mean, You know, there's, there's tons of, of suits. There's the space suit from gravity. That was

Reegs: I was thinking about when, what so chops, Sigourney Weaver gets into a space suit doing yeah. and a, a really, and you are my lucky stir and all that. When she's lets all the air out of the cockpit.

Dan: Well, this was Bullock and or, and Clooney in, in gravity. And there had hit some space debris and they were in trouble, but they were in their space suits you, sir. There was Austin Powers the big guy.

Reegs: Well, all of the empowers Sue itself. Oh, it's people who bore that

Sidey: like fancy

Reegs: do it?

Howie: no, no, no, but I did laugh during that film.

Sidey: Yeah. It was great at the time. It's pretty shit now,

Howie: Goldmember made me laugh as well.

Sidey: dreadful,

Howie: It's terrible. Isn't it?

Sidey: many fancy dress outfits of Austin Powers around the time. Yeah.

Dan: And the, the other one that I would mention is the is Sherlock Holmes because he was always a smartly dressed detective and it came with a, the deer hunter hat as well.

Pocket watch and generally Tweed or something. But yeah, looking good

Howie: my, my last ones the APY suits from American psycho and wall street, they are of a time and they will hopefully never return.

There is ocean's 11, the 1960s, one with the rat pack guys in,

Sidey: Oh I was going to mention notions lemons, right? Cause there is actually a scene in the tailors where they're getting made up in the Clune dog one

it's called

Howie: Mohair and sharkskin suits were by the time of this film's release a trademark of the rat pack sharkskin and thus were out of their go-to tailor side of all with low button stances to make them look taller, the influence of their slim lapels and skinny ties on men's wear is still seen today.

And my final one, and I can't believe none of them said it is the joker, the purple suit with Heath ledger, where he pulls his jacket open and

Sidey: it's not cheap. You want to know you paid for it.

Howie: and he's got all the bombs and all that shit. And yeah. Something that Dan, I believe you on a stack, they did the joker. Do you remember that? Yeah,

Dan: the joker one

Howie: that was very, and it was a very good attempt at it.

Dan: thank you very

Howie: I'm not sure TALEN really appreciated it to its full value.

Dan: on them. Wasn't it really? The only other one I wanted to mention, because we didn't have many female suits in, in that selection was Anne Hathaway as jewels in the intern, which is a movie you probably, none of you have seen, okay. Is with DeNiro. And he goes into one of his comedic roles and he plays an intern at, at and Hathaway.

Who's running, you know, she, young ladies running this big business and things and he kind of comes in as a guy who. Too old to be an intern, you know, he should be looking at their retirement. Well, but he's not ready to do that. And as the film progresses and you get that kind of knowledge from, from an older guy, who's, who's talking to a gal who's really smart and knows all this stuff or the, the modern technology, technological world and everything there's you, you realize that actually he was that building that they were in, he worked his entire building, a, worked his entire life in that building, you know?

So, and then the little choice in, in the film that made it really kind of sweet for me. And she wore some banging suits. Cause she's all about fashion all the way through to

Sidey: shall we try and tailor that down to a top, top four? Should I go first?

Cause I'm putting in Buffalo bill from science that,


Dan: That's a good one.

Reegs: Don Draper in mad men in his suit, Nick and sharp.

Howie: Oh,

Reegs: you

guys look like troubled. You can, the

Dan: It's so many, this there's so many choices.

Reegs: is literally nothing

Howie: I'm going to go John Travolta because it's iconic.

Reegs: Yeah Good one.

Dan: Well I wasn't sure where to go for, for homes or the darkest hour, but I'm going to go to the darkest hour and

Reegs: of choice

Howie: Winston.

Dan: Winston

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Let us know what we need to put into completely top

Reegs: Your favorite suit.

Howie: ACEs

Dan: this

is a fine selection of milk chocolate

Sidey: Yeah. It's been a long time since we hadn't cheese and we don't have cheese tonight, but we do have is a real smorgasbord of confectionary.

Dan: Tonics. That's gotta be how he's brought them.

Reegs: no.

I bought the

Dan: You did. Okay.

Howie: I bought the, I bought the wagon wheels.

Dan: can wheel man?

Howie: I bought some like long chew it's yeah.

That's the best way I could describe them.

Reegs: I had one of those that was good.

Howie: And a pack of biscuits. That's gold. I think

Sidey: McVitie's kind of like a club

Howie: yeah. Cheap club.

Dan: You've got various other dairy milk offerings there

Reegs: not as refined as the cheese. notes read is. It's not a lot. You can say


Dan: all

Sidey: good It's still really


Dan: good

Howie: No kinder egg.

So because of the salmonella.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And then it's just like coffee, tea, and beer where it isn't it.

Sidey: Yeah. So it's a pretty good selection of treats.

Dan: We won't be going hungry as we go into this week's film.

Sidey: that all segues very nicely into this week's movie? What I picked and that, that is the sound of metal. First time for all of you

to watch

Dan: I did the sound of music little while back, but this was

Howie: metal costume.

Dan: Yes.

Reegs: I

had kind of wanted to see this, but I had an assumption about what this movie was about, based on the poster and

Sidey: the drama

Reegs: I thought he was going to kind of overcome his we'll get into it, but it seemed like he was going to somehow like maybe keep playing or something.

That's not

this story at


It's not

it's a completely different direction.

Dan: I'd seen this film as well, cause it's on Amazon prime. And so that the advert had come up a couple of times and I'd seen whiplash not long ago. And as far as drumming movies, when I thought I'd, I'd kind of peak there as well, because it's some film that so I was, I was putting this one in reserve and it come up a couple of months ago, but.

Picked it. And why, why did you pick it as you just decided it was time to watch?

Sidey: Yeah, I but there seems to have been a lot of like deaf content knocking about big strictly fan deaf girl rose one strictly We had Coda, which one big at the Oscars, then I'd had seen this before. So I thought, yeah, this is like a crest of a, you know, a lot of people getting into signing.

Yeah. And and it's like good representation of, so yeah. Well, get on, get onto that. So yeah, and the movie does start off with with drumming. Yeah. They're they're gigging.

Howie: Can I say, from the start within 10 seconds, I had to turn the volume down on the TV fucking hell. That was the sound,

Sidey: well, they were a kind of metal

Reegs: it's sort of experimental sort of

Sidey: but like Frank

Reegs: quite fast drum beats and long droning guitars and sort of a lot

of shouting It's not, I

don't want to say that because he's really, you can see he's talented. I'm not really sure. I don't know about her. People are into it. They're touring, they're doing their thing. You


it's not, I don't like it personally. It's not something I would listen to, but enough

people are

Dan: It was that same room that Frank had his band in though.

Wasn't it, it looked the same kind of gigging very many way. And, and so

Reegs: they're called black Gammon. Yeah, it's terrible. Isn't it


Dan: Oh all the way through though, this film and it gives you a sense quite early on, they play with the sound here to kind of reflect the hearing

Howie: The intensity of the sound that is coming from their band is on real

Dan: and and w we'll talk about it, but all the way through those scenes.

Sidey: Right from the get-go he's, he's losing his hair. he

Dan: doesn't in his face. Doesn't give much your way. Like, you know, he seems very.

Sidey: And then there's a, I believe there's a

Reegs: well, we

Sidey: that's sounding much

Reegs: it's before that we get like the first gig and everything's kind of okay.

And it's this really intense, sweaty experience. And he gets up the next day. And it's really, really quiet. It's like that quiet after the storm, and then he's making coffee and making, but, and you really get these specific, you were talking about the

sound design

and it was really noticeable, like the plink, plink, plink of the coffee and the where and all that stuff.

So you're getting all the, and then you get the repeat of it. But like, like you say, this time as he's doing the merchant,

it just

suddenly goes kind of

like sort of like you're under water,

Dan: isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: Have you, have you guys ever had that? Because I have, so I'm starting to lose my hearing in my right ear and it occasionally just goes and then it comes back straight away and it's re.

It's really weird. The high pitch sound is something that I sometimes get quite a lot of. I don't get the, I can't hear at all. Yes. It's like that. I sometimes get like a, like a high pitched sound and it's often

it's often associated with Briggs is chair making

Reegs: is that going to come out on the podcast? Does that mean I can't move?

through the

Dan: squeaky chair.

Howie: the way that it was perceived, as Rick said there, the,


the, the, intensity of the performance, and then the, the similar similarly loud domestic scene where he's up in the morning and the way they've played with that sound. It was fascinating because, and when he loses his hearing, he hears that kind of what must be the blood pumping in your head is what I imagine.

He's able to hear that. That's it's I don't know. It's so hard to explain it without you listening to what the sound that they produce. It's like a pump. It's not a heartbeat. It's like a,

Reegs: well, I think that's just the sort of muffled sound of silence

Howie: but it's not silent, but it's, it's not silence though.

It's like

Reegs: when everything else is dead and

Howie: it's not, when you put your fingers in your ears and you just hear it, it's like a

Dan: sound of metal who knows.

Sidey: Well, the only case he is losing his hearing and he goes off to see a pharmacist first,

Howie: really badly.

Reegs: Well, he does it, they do a gig don't they? And he sort of Bluffs his way through it. And then the next morning he gets up and we try and get a repeat of that routine.

But this time it's all in silent. And he's trying to clear his he's doing that thing

Howie: where you think

Reegs: jaw like he's trying to clear

Sidey: altitude

Reegs: Yeah.

And it's still not working. And he, you know, it's a shame because we've seen that they're touring and we've seen some tender moments between

Dan: I was really upset, you know, th this

Reegs: it was straight away That sense of


Dan: this fear yeah.

Reegs: movie as well

Howie: it's also an indication here of her problems as well with her arms as well when he goes to see her in bed.

Reegs: Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's got scars.

all up her

Dan: She's got her own problems and

Reegs: but yeah he does go to the like you say, he

Sidey: yeah I go see a pharmacist and they, well, we can't happy. Yeah. They refer him to a doctor who just tells them, you know, you are losing your hearing and it's only going to get worse pretty quickly.

Howie: It's down to at 27 and 24% in

Sidey: you what you need to do is remove yourself from any environment where there's going to be loud noises which is going to be a problem.

Reegs: it's this horrible, like scene where you know, it he's in the booth listening and the guy's toning up different volumes.

He's trying to say it and you can see the distress for them when he's talking to him afterwards. And he's like, oh,

because he,

mentioned the idea of cochlear


he's heard of, and he just straight away latches onto this, like, all right, I'm just going to get those. That'll be, that'll be sorted sort of thing.

And it's, you


Dan: how much it

Reegs: how it's right 40 to

Dan: that will be my problem

Reegs: I'm going to do that? And that's his attitude sort of thing. It's probably misguided, but you, you know, it's the urgency that drive, it, drives him on, and then it becomes obvious in a little bit while that's why that's the thing, because he's explaining to her

his girlfriend about what's happened and he has a cigarette And then suddenly the movie switches, right. When

he has that cigarette

and it

becomes something else it's as big a deal as the

Dan: Yeah.


Well, th this, this is all kind of Coleman, and as you said, this, this one scene where he's just been told like, well, look, look after your hearing just protect what you've got next. Remove yourself from any loud environments.

Cut next scene. He's back doing the drama in, in, in the gig and everything. And he's just trying to, and he's got no headphones on Eva. So he's just blast in through obviously damaging his hearing, even when. All that's keeping him together. And Lou, it seems is the music is this gig is their dream of, of going out.

They've got this brilliant RV like silver bullet RV, which looks got their whole life in it. And they've got it all mapped out. They've got a tour booked they're going on. So, you know, nothing really wants to stop that. And this problem then is what it is, is why I'll get it fixed. As you said, he's just going to go and get that, that operation done.

That's it done? But then the cigarette and it turns out why we've already had a hint, as you said, how we with the scars and the scratches along her arms, that these are troubled young people

Sidey: Yeah.

He well we learned that he is an addicts in a codependent relationship.

Reegs: It's just weird how dramatically the movie switches around that.

Dan: one cigarette.

Reegs: Cause She's like, you gotta call your sponsor, like straight up. It really shifts. And it's obviously this huge problem. And yeah eventually the sponsor finds them place in a

Howie: community

Reegs: community.

Is it specifically, I don't know if it's for recovering addicts although recovering addicts are there, but it's mostly a deaf community. I think.



Howie: If we mentioned, sorry, the obviously Rubin, the main character is played by Riz Ahmed who has had, I'm trying to think what I'd seen him in. And it was those last thing who was venom, I think, and he's quite considerably transformed for this role. And he is so lean and he's barf and he looks like a drama. Basically. He does it like a drummer. He's got some fucking terrible tattoos, but he does it like a drummer,

Sidey: say he didn't spend something like five months learning to play.

Obviously the, just the bits for the film, you know, but yeah, if you just committed to it

Reegs: he does. and his character work is really good as well.

Howie: It's normally that, that's the other thing there's he doesn't say much. No. And that's part of, obviously, because of his condition that he's having to align towards in the film, but it is one of those ones where there is little.

it's not the worst for it's not lazy or anything like that.

It's part of

Reegs: it becomes a different story

Sidey: yeah especially,

the, the scenes, it's this kind of rural. Setting where they're at and it's run by a guy who is a Vietnam vet, isn't he who's lost his hearing. And he's told me, you know, no phones you're going to be, you know, she, you've got to leave him here. He says to Lou you know, you just got to commit to it and be into

Dan: well, he, he's not having it as soon as he

Sidey: I want the implies

Dan: that. She's

Reegs: is something about Joe though. Straight away from the moment you're introduced to Joe, he's captivating on screen.


he, And he

sort of talks a little bit, a little bit enigmatically but.


not in any way, like

Dan: well, he's just a guy who's been there and done it. And

Sidey: does he say, I can't remember, but he seems to me like somebody who's been at rock bottom and he's built himself back up and he's got to this point.

So he knows what he's talking about. He

knows what's

Dan: but he knows what, what is worked for probably for him and for other people. And he wants to impart that knowledge on people that want to hear it.

Howie: And, and, and he's in his messages, that being deaf is not a disability. It's just a, it's an, it's something that it's, it is a condition that opens up another perspective on how to live and how to interact.

And that's what a lot of the scenes that are coming up in,

Reegs: I guess, embracing your deafness is a way of life and


Dan: it's not a problem. It's not the problem. You know, it's how you approach it

Sidey: for a musician hearing that is,

is not going to be Yeah,

Dan: And, and, this is all you, you don't get a real sense that you get, I suppose, sense that it's moving quite quickly, but they don't give you like next days kind of titles or anything on the scene.

So, but you, you get the feeling it's moved along fairly quickly and he's had to get his head round this and he has this support in place where he can call somebody, they can put him

Reegs: well, but also she bribes him. Cause he, they say to him, or you can stay as part of the church. I'm not religious. It doesn't matter.

You know, you can stay, we'll look after you and then he doesn't want to stay, at, but she bribes him. Basically. and says, if you hurt yourself out in the real world, I'll hurt myself. And then she fucks off back to Belgium or France

Howie: or

Reegs: something.

Is it Paris?

Howie: that's Parisian rich person, very rich.

Reegs: And so he's kind of forced in a way, but he wants to out of love to stay in the community.

Dan: Yeah. And he knows, I think that he needs this, this community needs to learn sign language. He needs to be able to live with this condition.

Sidey: Yeah. And he does he get, you know, you see him, he goes to school with the young kitties and he's kind of thrown into, you know, you've got to immerse yourself in it and he does learn, and there's almost a sort of montage sequence really, of him living this life and picking up the, the S the ASL Americans it's cause it's American sign language.

And I believe that there's even like accents to it. If you go to different

Reegs: place.

Sidey: Which is pretty cool. And, you know, scenes of him having a good time with the kids and he's really like,


Howie: engaging in a conversation with groups. Yeah.

Sidey: getting on really well.

Reegs: It's interesting. There's a moment that I think changes it. It's where he's the kid is taken out of class.

Cause I think he's messing about, and he takes him out to


Dan: on the slide,

Reegs: he's on the slide and he starts drumming and they can both hear it. The vibrations and feel it basically through the.

Sidey: thing,

Dan: that's right. And he really connects with that kid.

Reegs: Yeah And I think that's the moment it changes for him in the movie.

Where he can he just finds something to some kind of connection or something.

Dan: And you, you start to like him a lot, you know? By that point, anyway, when he starts to immerse himself within the community and he doesn't hold back too long, you know, I mean, there's an initial, it's not personal. We always kind of gets that across.

You know, it's not.

You know, I've got plans and this is a big fucking inconvenience at the moment, me going deaf. And he's just trying to get his head round it all. But as he's doing that, there's the the other teacher who's really kind of hot as well. And the, obviously Joe has lots of conversations with him

Reegs: when he tasks and does any assignment

Dan: and that's it. He says, go into a room and sit there. And when you're fed up a set in, right, and this is the kind of therapy that's helped Joe, because he says, that's what I do, you know, every day I get in there and do it. So he wants to share that with him and he's going okay, isn't he, he's doing a while.

He's getting his head around it always learning the sign language. He

Sidey: in the back of his mind


Reegs: the inevitability If what happens, really? I think it, you know, I didn't think it was ever really in question what was going to happen, unfortunately.

Sidey: Yeah.

So he sells the RV. He, he takes a load of money because he's always, you know, there's no way insurance will cover the cochlear cochlear which actually turns out to not be the case.

They absolutely would cover the cost of these. But anyway, for the purposes of the film, they won't. And so yeah, he sells the RV raises enough money to have some implants


It's not a great success.

Howie: I, I did think he was rather oversold the ability of these cochlear implants based on the tests sounds that were admitted.

Post-operation you'd thought they'd have been well better versed.

Reegs: I

don't think

the, I D they're not trying to be very accurate here. It's more about drama, I think, because I agree there's loads of stuff that cause you'd have much more support than just all right. You fuck off.

for four weeks and come back And then he's like 10 minutes.

Sorry. Is that a bit? Shit. Well, you're fucked

Dan: yeah, but I mean, the, the, the story is, he's just kind of put all his hopes on this and maybe doesn't want to hear anything else.

He's just like, I'm having this done. There's the money gone up paid,

Howie: It's it's got a similar vibe to do you remember listening to long wave Atlantic 2, 5, 2?

That's the sort of static reception is going,

Dan: Yeah. So

Reegs: Yeah, no it, how to describe it.


it's an

imitation of sound, isn't

Sidey: it?

Reegs: Yeah. It's not

Dan: Well, that's it, it has to kind of things that trick your brain into believing they're hearing the sound.

Howie: Yeah. Bypass the cochlear must what they kept saying. Wasn't it? So it's a tremendous bit of clever tech.

However it's working. It must work

Dan: was some other stuff when they were, when he did the phone call, there was some tech, which was the voice recognition and it would just come up while the other person is saying on the

Howie: all iPhones have that. It's amazing

Reegs: leaves you with some pretty severe sort of integration of machine and person. doesn't it, I mean, it's like technology grafted into you.

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: it's.

Yeah. It's quite an incredible feat. And I guess probably a lot of people do get benefit

Dan: Yeah. I mean, if you've got no sound where if you're coming from where he is, to be able to pick out

Reegs: well but no but from where he is, it's not enough though. That's the thing, is it?

Dan: Well, one of the scenes, so he goes over to, to Paris. He goes to,

Reegs: oh, well, hang on. You can't skip the Joe scene When he has to go back to the

Howie: I did lose a bit of faith with him when he went back to Joe and asked,

Reegs: oh, this is like the high point of the movie for, I was

like, nearly

Dan: yeah, we'll take it away.

Reegs: Well, no, no, I

Sidey: are you there you go.

Well, he, after he's had the operation, he, he does go back to the, I want to keep wanting to say commune, but it's

Dan: kind of like that, isn't it

Sidey: to the, to the retreat or however you wanna describe it. And Joe's like, well, I'm sorry, but you know, we can't have that here. You have to go, you know,

pack your stuff we can't have kind of the other kids and ever now stay that.

This is, this is the solution is not, that's not what we're about.

Reegs: can see how.


it is. like, Joe is just keeping it

Sidey: Yeah Because he's like father figure to me, it seems like,


Reegs: Yeah. And he can't, you know, it's not, he's

Sidey: he

knows what

it means to

Reegs: undermine the entire purpose of the community


Dan: got other people to think about, you

Sidey: But he but yeah, he does,

but he knows that he's kicking an addict out. He knew, he knows in the back of his mind or the front of his mind, what that, what could happen, you know,

Dan: Probably understands. There's other people here that are addicts and there's other people that couldn't afford that operation, even if they want it to. So that kind of false hope that

Reegs: no but it's no It's not It's about the fact of it's undermines the idea of embracing the, fact that you're deaf because you see them,

there is a vibrant community of people, you know?


Dan: But he he's, he's gone full steam ahead from the moment that you heard that you get have these, this, the potential to hear again, he he's gone for that. So he goes over to, to France. I'm a little bit disappointed, I guess, with the way that things have panned out where his hearing, but he finds Lou and she's not in immediately.

And he has a kind of conversation with dad.

Howie: Yeah. I was going to say just firstly, what's the timeframes here? Cause you alluded to it at the start, but I wasn't quite sure. Has this been a signal? This obviously is a significant amount of time that the two of them have been apart

Dan: I was thinking it's two or three months or

Howie: Cause he's, he's secretly stalked where she's been up to on Joe's computer at the

Dan: a couple of

Howie: The community.

Dan: were horrible, those moments as well, because you know, when he's creeping up anything, is he going to get caught? Is he going to get phone out? What's going to happen to this, this kid. So it really ramps up the anxiety as well.

And all the time this film is playing with different sounds. So sometimes you can hear what he might have heard. And sometimes it's from another point of view or just the ambience of the room or, or

Howie: something. So, well, when he goes to Paris and he's walking down the street that the discombobulation of having his hearing assistance, his hearing aids on is so distorting.

And you can tell it's bewildering him as he's walking through those streets. And then you get the quietness of the, sort of the off street towards the property that his father-in-law or father-in-law his girlfriend's dad lives. And then when he meets his girlfriend's dad, they have a conversation which is think is very key to not unlocking, but explaining his relationship with Lou, the girl and the father, basically.

I resented you when you went away, but he's basically kind of saying those four years that you two were together were important for her and you've saved her, but it's unsaid but said,

Reegs: after the mother

Howie: yeah, it's basically saying now, can you fuck off? I think that he's alluding to him

Reegs: Well I think he knows that sheet where he knows that she's moved on.

Actually, I think that's more the point

Howie: But he's not doing it in a horrible way. He's saying your time with her was precious and it was the right thing

then, and yeah, not now. And you can tell that and that sort of triggers what the next part of the

Dan: Well, th the, the night that he the data here, wives, they're having a big party that night. And I feared for him at that party to, because again, like being discombobulated outside the train station or in the plane station and everything it was the same in the party. It's just too much noise, too

Reegs: It's just like it's like Somebody just


Dan: and, and, and you, you have to listen to this as part of the film for, and it makes you uncomfortable.

So he weaves his way

Howie: He's excluded. He feels excluded.

Reegs: Yeah. And then the real low point, I think from his perspective is they have he invites her to

come and play

a song that he used to sing for, for her and they sing it and it's this beautiful moment really on his birthday. And in, I think it's dedicated to their dead mother or whether in the singing.

And from his perspective, from her yeah, from perspective, it's like, well, it's like a darling.

gargling, a rucksack of dented bells.

Yeah. It

just sounds


And he's like, got a hat, like

Sidey: yeah. And so I think it's that the following day or later that night, the party, he says, you know, I want to get back to the music and she starts to


starts to scratch her arms and it's not healthy.

It's obviously not a healthy place for her to be. And so that's the, you know, it's pretty much,

Howie: Well and he, so he walks, he packs his bags more.

She's a sleepy.

Sidey: but he just,

Reegs: Well, he understands that things have changed and you know,

Dan: totally he does. Doesn't he, because they have this kind of east.

And she says, well, and he goes, it's okay. It's okay. He knows that she has moved on and she's worried about him. There's such a love in their relationship because they're both addicts in the fragility of, of one of them leaving.

They don't want that to be the cause of them going back into it. So they're really gentle with each other. And he, he's also gentle in the fact that he knows she needs that to move on and, and to go and live her life. So he, he kind of probably doesn't know what's going on, but he says, it's okay. It's okay.

But that scene then leaves and you, you get a sense that he'll be okay as well. I mean, just the way that the,

Reegs: well, it's the, the

input, the final moments, because he sits up after he leaves, he goes and sits on a, on a bench and there's, he's listening to everything

it's horrible. And there's a


bell. Yeah.

and he's listening to it. And it's strongly REM reminiscent actually of the guitar right at the beginning of the band.

And he's sort of listening to it and then he just takes his thing is cochlear implants off and it's complete silence.

And he just That's about,

couple of minutes, a minute or two,

Howie: well, that's what Joe says to him at the community. Commune is in embrace the stillness

Reegs: silence

Howie: and he just, he does it. So he finally reaches that point that was said to him,

Sidey: So w are we thinking he was going to go back? He was going to be accepted back in, I don't know.

Reegs: who I think his future is kind of still

uncertain. Right.

Sidey: So it was

Dan: Well, at one point they were, they were offering him a job there weren't there. They said, you know, it was good to have you around before you had the implants.

But I think if he's just not wearing that kind of part of it, that would then I wouldn't see that that would be a problem for him,

Reegs: It

Dan: Potentially. Yeah. Yeah. But no cautions for this, for me, I think it was a really nice sweet film. And it was say nice week film. It did have its tension, anxiety and

Reegs: oh I thought it

Dan: well.

Yeah. Yeah. It really the message overall and, and the relationship, I think between Lou and

Howie: Ruben

Dan: was lovely. I thought that was really, really touching. It was I loved their RV

Reegs: that character was just every time he was on the screen, it was absolutely magnetic. And then that scene where he has to turn him away.

And then after he, after resolve med leaves, he can't.

he chokes a little bit.

Sidey: Does

he read, did he, did he read Ruben's messages they've been writing in that room?

Reegs: Maybe. I don't know. but he's cause the actor, Paul Reiki,

he's he was, he in cozy?

Sidey: No, he is, he is a coder. He's a child. He's not deaf himself, but he is both. His parents are so he's a child of deaf adults.

Reegs: Yes. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So it's kind of all the more poignant, I guess

is it

Dan: is.

It's really, you know, well, I'm just, I'm just thinking how, how they've approached this film when they're in the making of it. And obviously the sound in this is the most standout feature of the film for me, just the way that they've, they've played it and use the

Reegs: I don't know the insight center, like watching him slowly. And you feel like you learn because deaf community is kind of baffling to an

outsider. It's like, and then you watch them having this dinner party conversation. And there's no help in terms of subtitles, but you absolutely kind of get a sense of what's going on.

And then as he integrates and it changes and they do start to offer you subtitles so that you can be at least in on it a little bit more as the audience, as he grows on his scenes Really clever

Dan: yeah, no, there was some nice scenes around that actually, as he's as they kind of laughing and joking around the, the table using sign language and he's, you know, beginning stood right off.

Doesn't know what the hell was going on, but then he makes his first kind of joke. Doesn't he? And and in sign and they're all on it. Oh yeah. Okay. Brilliant. So just a really warm community.

Sidey: Yeah. I wasn't, I knew it was going to be like a deaf story, you know, but, and about him being a musician, obviously the posters implanted

the drums on that, but I wasn't expecting all the relationship stuff with his misses there. That was like you say, Dan was really, for me, a strong part of the movie The way they behaved the codependency, but then how it resolved itself was always, it was quite nice. I was a bit worried there was going to be some like heaviest, like death spiral, you know, that it could, it could have gone like that, you know?

Reegs: Yeah. but

they, you know, you're right. They just, he lets her go as he embraces and moves on.

Sidey: I kind of, I felt like at the end of foam, she was fine.

She was going to be okay. He still going to be up in the air with him, but I was

sort of like hopeful sort semi

Reegs: it reminded me a little bit at the end of king and Staten island

in a way that same sense of like, it's not,

Sidey: There was some optimism that I

Dan: yeah.

And, and, and what also kind of gave me that optimism is the fact that they left on good terms and you know, that she's always got his back and that if he need, you know, something like that. So that was,

Reegs: I'd like you say I think if he went back to Joe and

if, can I come and be a part of the community, if I choose to Yeah, I'm sure he would be.

welcomed It was a kind of place, But yeah. What an astonishing insight into the deaf community, really? I don't have any idea be honest. So

Dan: no, really, really interest in film, really, really when acted, I mean, Riz Ahmed was super because

Sidey: it

Reegs: He was brilliant. He

Sidey: He was really tipped for the, for the Oscar, but didn't get it.

Dan: well as, as how we said that there wasn't a huge amounts of dialogue in this and they, but they use the silence so well in this film.

So just really notice that as much as the, the noisy or loud parts in it. And when he did speak with his acting, it just there, you really was in that moment with him. And the, you know, there's some heavy scenes in getting that kind of news and everything, but he's got that young person, young man's kind of drive just to say, it's not going to stop.

Reegs: And his dedication to the role, like you said, he trained

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Six months to learn the drumming. I think she did seminar.

She played the guitar for real and wrote some of the songs. I think that they


Dan: if I'm getting paid a few Millwall dirt for six months as well, you know?

Reegs: You gotta be good though.

That's the thing. And he really was very, very good.

Sidey: No, no money data because it was straight to Amazon.

Reegs: They won an Oscar though for sound. Didn't it.

Sidey: Well, yeah. Well the thought it should do.

Reegs: for being sound,

Sidey: But do I have any other interesting stats about it? I don't think so. Other than the, the, the insurance thing was not true. That is something that would be a, you know, you hear all these horror stories about American insurance and healthcare is up, but that would have been covered because,

Reegs: I think for me, Paul, Paul Ray, key RACI. He's the thing to watch you came out of there. So he


absolutely brilliant, and he's got an interesting career, like there was in TV and he did the spawn, you know, the Todd McFarlane comic. he did the TV. series of that which is weird. and he's got something coming out, the secret art of human flight, which sounds interesting.


Sidey: he was excellent.

He was really excellent. So I think what is that an all round a hit,

Reegs: oh this is a

real strong

Dan: And as you say, it's, it's out there now on, on prime in the UK. So it's really accessible. We'd go out and watch

Howie: the silence.

Sidey: This nomination, how it, how it came about,

Dan: Yeah. Remember we were,

Sidey: because of the game?

Dan: is because of the game. And then I think I said that they, they wear suits just so we, we definitely got this episode in, so it's your

Sidey: No it was,

it was because of the unicorns.

Dan: was the

Sidey: Yeah That made no sense to anyone, but we watched regular show and I picked, we didn't go season one episode, one might be frequently.

Do we went for season one, episode eight, which is called

Reegs: the unicorns have got to

Sidey: they

Howie: Um What age is this aimed at? Do you think?

Sidey: three.

Reegs: plus

Sidey: I don't know, say

Reegs: three plus

Sidey: Like,

oh I see like

Dan: Yeah, I think it's a 12 ish

Sidey: swearing or anything,


it's, it's certainly appealed to my sense of humor and I'm 12. So yeah, this is a cartoon network. I want to say it's up to, I think now eight seasons and it's now regular show in space, but way back where this was just plain old regular show.

And it's the story of what I haven't seen any, I've seen bits, but I thought I'd seen more, but I was thinking of a different show when we spoke about it last

Dan: It is characters who work in a big park and they live in a house. Yeah. They live in a house more to go in rugby. You've got Benton. Who's the head

Reegs: sentiment gumball machine. I mean,

Yeah. You say

Howie: I wanted clarification on. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. He's a gumball machine. Rick B's a, a square or a raccoon.

Reegs: I thought

Dan: I want to say square or like

Reegs: squirrel

Howie: th his Iraq Cohn Rakuten, the Bush,

Dan: motor guys. A

Reegs: blue

Dan: blue Jay. Yeah,

Howie: And something I've just picked up on the gorilla.

Sidey: gorilla

Dan: that is,

Howie: Joe who's voiced by, correct.

Reegs: Yup

Howie: Didn't realize,

Dan: Skip's it was a bit of a legend actually skips throughout this, we used to be watching this all the time.

Like when the episode came out, we'd watch it. And this one, the unicorns is reference to a game that we play with a dice

Sidey: Yes exactly That's

Dan: unicorns don't exist in this,

Sidey: Yeah But the problem, this one is that the, the two girls.

Mordecai. And

they've just wanted to hang out with rugby. He just wants to hang out and chill and having coffee and watching tele and just having a Showtime and an advert comes on for


Like an aftershave


Howie: type, which is like links, the links

Reegs: Yeah. Or acts, I think for American

Sidey: motorcar straightaway. Like I can get checks with this, you know, it'd be amazing.

And he's got the hots for Margaret, is it?

Reegs: Well, yeah, but it's Like

Sidey: will literally just not be able to.


you'll be all the women will be all over you,

Dan: once probably they're just popping out of everywhere.

Go is aren't they ripping their clothes off.

Sidey: But Rick was like, no, we're having fucking like chill out time. We were just having a coffee. And so


Dan: we're going to buy this game strong. John's

Reegs: John's yeah. The strong. John's

Dan: going to buy this video game strong

Reegs: strong John strong So you'd have to buy strong

John's. is, that the

Dan: well, yeah, much the same kind of selling technique that sold the, the dude time.

Strong John's is pretty much the same advert, but for video games and it's I'm Rigby has got it into his head that they were going to team their money together, pull it up and buy this game and play this

Reegs: well but also important to it because his motivation is that he spied Margaret, who is a red Jay pleasingly of the opposite sex.

Cause I don't know are you know, can raccoons and blue Jays go. out. But anyway, we don't need to think about that sort of thing.

Dan: in this

Reegs: he's interested in Margaret, the waitress at the coffee shop. as well. That's why he wants to do time.

Sidey: Yeah. So they they're at loggerheads safer. It's like, fuck off. I'm going to go up my own.

And he applies some dude time yeah on a

Dan: and waits for it to happen much like his dream.

Reegs: Well first along a huge moon faced guy I didn't know who that was, but he was in he was like, I am the moon.


Yeah. He had a huge moon face and walks over and it's like, he's been

pepper sprayed by the kilo.

Dan: pop pops is the pops is the son of the park owner. Who's like this

Reegs: the gumball machine,

Dan: no, the gumball machines, the manager pops his dad's like this, he's got all the, money's just dripping with money and everything.

But pops is, Ooh. Hello. And he can't stand the smell of dude time, Kenny. So he's off. But then Mordecai just thinks he needs more dude time. So he sprays, he sprays it until there's a big kind of cloud. And then the unicorns appear.

Sidey: Yeah. This is like UNICOM with a sort of spiky Mohawk


Reegs: That's sort of like

village people

meets clockwork

Sidey: Yeah surgical

Howie: orange thing

Reegs: Well, there's one who is wearing like a,

brown thing on and yeah.

And the hat and all that.

Sidey: That is a whole, like, I don't know what the collective noun is for unicorn.

Well, I guess I heard of unicorns and they're all just bro dudes those

Reegs: Can I pull him a spray? Said skinny wants to get a spray, the

Sidey: And it's all about just being with dudes and bros

Dan: Yeah.

That's that's what dude time's about. It's not a, you fought, you were going to get, do times get the chicks. No, but they S they decide that they can help him. And and they end up just playing tricks on him and

Sidey: Okay Back to the Gulf And they, they, they just basically total his gaffer a

Reegs: Oh, well, well, hang on. There's a baffling moment before that way, because they say in exchange for giving them the due time, they say, they'll help Mordecai learn how to.


Margaret. And it involves the first he has to drink from the cup of knowledge,

which is a crystal goblet, full of fluorescent blue liquid, which he drinks and spits out everywhere.

Howie: Oh, those GEs. Yes. Definitely. Unicorn chairs.

Reegs: spunk. Yeah,

Sidey: he puts it in his hair as well

as as needed So

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: they all laugh and he's really annoyed and he's like, no, seriously, no, we can help you. We will help you. You've got to put the checks, love slick hair. You've got to fix it. Yeah. So they like splurge a lot of the stuff and just hand and he slicks his hair back.

And what did they tell him to say

Reegs: Lay it down.

Sidey: Oh, I just want to lay it


Dan: lay it down, lay down, lay

Sidey: So so Mordecai goes into the diner and approaches Margaret with his sort of really shiny, sleek back feathers. And he said, well, I just want to lay it down and you can hear them all laughing. Like you


Dan: doesn't even recognize him.

Sidey: she's like, what? Okay. And it's just like, what a let down baby. And you can hear them just laughing home. And he goes out and just like really annoyed

Dan: But by this time Rigby, because of these had this argument previously with Mordecai, he's, he's decided that,

Howie: he's aligned himself with the cool kids, the unicorns.

Dan: he's not hanging out with him quite as

Howie: group of unicorns by the way, is called a blessing, not

Reegs: blessing of unicorns. That's brilliant.

I hoped


Dan: might be a paradise or something like that, but there we go. And they go back to the house and they trashed the house. Not only trashed the

Reegs: mansion Isn't

Dan: Well, they all live there. So how share and Benson's in there as well. And

Howie: gumball

Dan: yeah,

Howie: and he's tied up

Dan: They've tied

Sidey: some of his gumballs

Dan: and he's

Reegs: right

Dan: angry.

Reegs: They they string him up on the back of the door and then they twizzle

Dan: Unicorns. Why also?

I don't know. That was out of ordered. I've never seen that in any of the opera episodes.

Sidey: So he's, he's abused, he's assaulted

Dan: and the unicorns are just really,

Reegs: they fall out him.

Sidey: but that's, that's the culmination.

Is they just in

him and the tails go


and you see the first you see, even like they're sort of cheeks like wobble and they just all take turns firing on him.

It's brutal

Dan: It's bad. And so they go to Skip's who knows about these things and say, skips, can we have some

Sidey: well, Rick B gets he's Patty with them because they really like having a bit of a feud. And he's like, he doesn't give a fuck. And he's just sort of laughing at a Mordecai with them until they go and ruin his trampoline. One of them does a head spin with his unicorn horn and just completely destroys it and then dismantles it.

And so he's like, yeah, actually these guys are fucking twats and they've got to go. So they go him and Mordecai makeup and yeah. Then they go

Dan: it gives them a massive punch on the arm.

Sidey: dead arm. Yeah.

Dan: Right.

Howie: is the one way

Reegs: wait, don't just

skips is an enormous Yeti.

Howie: gorilla.

Dan: Yeah. He's, he's an Al Bino

Sidey: He used to whites weights,

Dan: who who's doing weights in his garage and he goes, ah, those unicorns they've already pissed on my law and he didn't say pissed

Reegs: he says, he knows that they can't resist drag racing.

Dan: it's the one thing they can't resist. So

versus the unicorns in there, drag racer is Mordecai and Rigby and the little golf cart and they.

They set up a track in the, in the

Howie: What does, what, what does mortar co

what does Mordecai say to them?

He said he fucking, has he takes the piss out of them to rile him up even more or something?

Dan: He had some, yeah. Some little comment and anyway, they it's all a big plan because they've got a rocket on there and a ramp that they send them into space and then blow them up into yeah. They turned them into fireworks for two fireworks. Yeah. And that's the only way to get rid of unicorns apparently.

And, and so they go back and play strong Johns.


And have there's some fantastic episodes in this. There's another one called Ello governor, which is just so funny. We we've laughed. We've

Reegs: seemed like it must have been a particularly strong one as well though.

because this was

Dan: There's so many good ones for this, honestly. There's and the characters that you meet as well that aren't in this episode of.

Brilliant. Israelis is a really good show. I like this one, but you're right. That maybe for young children, it's probably not appropriate. I mean, you're looking

Howie: Rick and

Dan: it is a bit, it is

Sidey: same stable.

Dan: it

Reegs: Well it's the guy is JG. Quintel he worked with Pendleton ward. Who was the

Sidey: hipster name,

Reegs: Guy who did


time, I think,

and all that. His inspiration was towed domino that was parked. Did you ever play that?

Sidey: and it was originally going to be just be human characters, which would have been shit.

Dan: no, turn them into animals and gumball machines.

Reegs: nine months to do an episode

Sidey: This actually uses

Dan: that time.

Sidey: licensed well, you could be a grandfather. This actually actually uses licensed music, which is quite unusual for an animated show.

Reegs: Oh yeah. What did, Did we have anything in this? I don't think I

Sidey: I

don't know, in this one, but I'm sure if we actually bought this look, we could get less to my

Howie: ah, overrated, overrated doing your research.

Sidey: There is only one human in it, as it turns out that's muscle man. Who's green. So

Dan: he's, he's a funny character as well. He's just eager. Doesn't give a fuck about Benson and he's just of the stuff. Brilliant.

Sidey: does, however, it's problematic later on season three. Episode 17. Excellent. And that's an award-winning episode.

I should point out as well at one, a primetime Emmy for that episode. But in that episode, it shown that Rigby is allergic to eggs and he actually goes into a coma in that episode. But later on in season four, episode 10, one pull-up, he's actually shown eating eggs out of a blender and with no adverse effects.

Reegs: Ah,

Sidey: are they playing

Reegs: it's the ag

industry has gone power crazy.

Dan: It's not his twin brother.

Sidey: No,


Maybe he cured his shadow anaphylaxia

Reegs: anaphylaxis

Sidey: So yeah, it's the first cartoon network to go cartoon network series to go to AC.

So there are 261


to enjoy

little bits, but I was getting it confused with, I think I was getting it computer with the amazing world of gumball

Dan: Yeah. Which

Sidey: because there's a gumbo

Dan: kind of time. It was another

Sidey: Basically when I had sky and my kids were younger, I would put on cartoon network. And if it wasn't adventure time, I would just be disgruntled and I would turn

Howie: off.

Sidey: Cause that was like my real favorite. So if it was this, I mean, that's not adventure time. Don't wanna watch it. So I only saw that little bits, but watching this one, I fucking really enjoyed this.

And I definitely want to watch more

Reegs: Was it

regular show or the regular show?

It's regular

Sidey: it's just regular show

Dan: regular.

Sidey: regulate.

So w is that hatrick of great. Is that a hat trick of great nominations this week? Dead,


Dan: Yeah. I think they're, they're

Sidey: nailed it again

Dan: decent movies.

Sidey: I have got some nominations from Peter Andre for next week. I think you're gonna enjoy these Dan. I think you're gonna enjoy this. The mid-week of watching the thing.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: And then I've


Dan: Carpenter. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. The top five dismemberments.

Reegs: right.

oh, wait, wait,


Sidey: We changed that.

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: We changed that because as is Pete's want he's nominated somebody that we've kind of done before. So we have done top five injuries before, so we thought that might be too too much similarity.

Dan: Yeah. Well, it's not like ice and snow.

Sidey: we've upgraded we've upgraded to top five decapitations.

Reegs: Ooh,

Sidey: Okay. Are you

happy with that

Dan: the F the F the,

Sidey: Yup. Our main feature is baby driver and our kids is true and the rainbow kingdom

Reegs: True.

Sidey: never heard of it season one, episode four. Okay.

Dan: Okay.

All right.

Sidey: So that sounds really exciting.

Reegs: That is often a

good episode in the series. Episode three is often when it kicks up a

Sidey: you've had all the character introductions and now you're into the

Reegs: You sat in some real stakes now some awesome like proper world-building.

Sidey: Mm cool

Howie: got people. like shitting on pillows and things. Hollywood still.

Reegs: I don't know if it is going to

be that kind

Sidey: I don't know nothing about it. Maybe it will be

Dan: to tune in, find out

Sidey: Okay. Well, all that remains is to say Saturday, signing up,

Howie: Goodbye.

Dan: Dan's gone.