May 6, 2022

Baby Driver & Rastamouse

Baby Driver & Rastamouse
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When it comes to onscreen violence there's nothing quite like a beheading to get the blood pumping. Whether it be in service of the story or the audiences blood lust, screenwriters have chosen time after time to lop off a character’s head, so this week sees us discussing the Top 5 Decapitations. Perhaps we missed one out, if so head on over to Twitter or any one of our channels to let us know.
BABY DRIVER (2017) is Edgar Wright's thrilling heist caper, set to a propulsive soundtrack which weaves its way through every beat of the movie, almost like a trailer but for 2 hours and nowhere near as awful as that implies. Baby is coerced into working as a getaway driver for crime boss Doc but as his final job looms, life becomes more complicated when a crew of dangerous criminals becomes entangled in his newly found romance with waiter Debora. Jamie Foxx provides genuine menace as the psychotic Bats whilst Jon Hamm's Buddy is a more nuanced villain, striking a paternal role with the tinnitus and trauma suffering Baby. Lily James is fine as the love interest, so too is Eiza Gonzalez as enthusiastic but meaningless character Darling which just leaves the remaining cast to talk about: Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey which is all a bit problematic to be honest, with both men being accused and investigated of sexual crimes. Actually, what we should talk about is the movie, which is an inventive and thrilling genre film musical, not a combination you see every day. DP Bill Pope ensures the whole thing looks incredible and the movie is witty and impeccably edited. Maybe the final act doesn't quite match the pure fun of the build-up, but this is bravura filmmaking that comes with the approval of all of the Bad Dads, for whatever that is worth. Nothing.
RASTAMOUSE is a stop-motion animated tv series which first aired on CBBC in January 2011. The series follows the adventures of the eponymous(e) rodent and his mystery solving bandmates Da Easy Crew, as they assist President Wensleydale and the orphans of Mouseland with whatever constitutes the latest emergency. This episode sees the town engulfed in a scam when legendary film director Spike Cheese turns up to shoot his latest movie but why does he need so many orphans and what is he doing with them all? Sadly of course Rastamouse was deported as part of the Windrush scandal back in 2018 so we won't hear his take on a complicated issue about race which emerges out of the existence of the show, which the Bad Dads attempt to muddle through. Does RASTAMOUSE represent a homogenisation of Black cultures and is it therefore fundamentally a bit racist? As ever we don't know so don't look to us for answers.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Baby Driver

Reegs: welcome to Baghdad's film review or continuum for last week's intro which our podcast transcript service translated last week as bad dad's failing review

which could well be more accurate, but I can't help feel is a passive aggressive trolling. That is genuinely true. Isn't it That

Sidey: We've made a real concerted effort for it to give it the best chance to transcribe it correctly And it just spit that.

Dan: I wonder if we all said it, which if it all come out the same, we'll have

Reegs: somebody else try and say

maybe it's. Cause I can't

Dan: it is a bad dad's film review.

Sidey: bad Dad's film review,

Pete: but

that's film review

Reegs: blah blah, blah, blah.


Dan: that will come out bad. Someone.

Reegs: Anyway, we're on a mission to catch up with the movies we missed while our kids were young and we're reviewing the things our children watch to this week's

show being brought to you by Baghdad, Peter who were not tucking his genitals between his legs, like so good bedding That'll be baffling for you, because you said you hadn't listened to last week's pod.


Pete: I know what you're referring to.

Reegs: I don't think it was me. I think it was Howie but it you gave us the thing for the mid weeker which was universally adored and I think And yeah. We're discussing the top five decapitations and following that we have our main feature review, the 2017 Edgar Wright heist caper baby driver.

And we're finishing things up with the, is it racist or not difficult to tell, perhaps we'll get into that during the chat CBBC program. Rasta mouse.

Dan: Sorry. Did you say baby driver?

Reegs: Yup

Dan: not drive.

Reegs: Oh, that's a good

Sidey: That is Good I remember when I,

watched when I

Dan: can I talk about that

Sidey: when I watched baby driver I do think maybe we can have a conversation about which is the best gateway movie.

And we really can

Dan: This will be interesting.

Reegs: Wow

Sidey: so when it was said out loud,

last week

And typed out on the WhatsApp group. That wasn't enough

Reegs: And on Twitter


Dan: So this week I managed to watch two films that cause I've watched the wrong thing as well.

Sidey: but

Have you seen baby driver in the

Dan: I have

Sidey: Okay well we're fine

Reegs: You'll be fine

Dan: But drive was really good. I've got loads of notes. Oh shit.

Reegs: have

you seen it before drive?

Dan: Yeah. I'd seen it before Israel.

Reegs: Well keep the Knights, keeping the nice all that's left to do is reduce the remaining introduce the remaining bad dads first up We have word Smith Dan who last week couldn't

find the word airport. And so instead opted for plane station and

Sid who pointed that out to us much to everyone's amusement And I'm your co-host

reads let's get on with things.

Sidey: Well, we had.



listener feedback on Twitter. From breaches He has been with us since episode one.

Reegs: episode

Sidey: We're now on the thing, I know, think this,


will be episode 210 I think. So that's quite a lot British. He was disgruntled because she had submitted a couple of nominations because of the timing in which she submitted them And we record. We cause dumped her.

Reegs: we


Sidey: we're trying to do things a bit differently this week. So I put out the social posts about the top five, Bloody

Sunday and we have had a barrage of nominations, but

Reegs: that

Sidey: from breach none from preachy. I would

Like to point out,

Reegs: oh, she's probably, I'm

Sidey: reeling


Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: so we're going to try and talk about the list of nominations more. And then fill in the gaps

Reegs: some

of our own

Sidey: Yeah,

I'm gonna help you with that

Reegs: a

good idea Yeah.


Sidey: W We probably do have a top five to finish.

from last week.

Reegs: suits.


We had male said to her she very rightly pointed out that we only had one female suit you nominated. it

Dan: Yeah, I think we

Reegs: I can't even remember what it


Dan: We, did have a light kind of thought on which suits might be represented well by female actors. If we got any nominations

Sidey: Well Melissa Thanks for the first the one and only female nod malware putting Marge Simpson's pink Chanel suit. which

Reegs: It's a really

Good shout that. Yeah. Put that in

Dan: pink Chanel

Reegs: But We did talk about it. Didn't we? Because we said the devil wears Prada suit is a good one. What was the one you said working girl,

Yeah, we

Dan: its power suits for the shoulders and everything.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. We,

it was a bit of an area we missed out there.

Sidey: Bank holiday weekends Plenty of opportunity to watch stuff down.

Have you done any of that?

Dan: Well, I did watch the pre-call to the thing which was really good. I've been watching a little bit of space force, which is the Steve corral thing. Was it the second, third season it's been canceled, so

I'm halfway through the second series. And it's okay. I kinda like it. I dunno why it'd been canceled.

Maybe they couldn't

Sidey: well Netflix and


Dan: payday

Sidey: and the shit

a little bit.

Dan: right? Yeah.

Reegs: They've been losing

Sidey: yeah. And they expecting to lose another 2 million or something like,


Dan: well I think they're cracking down on the Ford of it all as well. Aren't they? Where people will share,

Sidey: Yeah Yeah They so their spin on. It

Is that it's they've

lost 200,000 subscribers due to pass.

We're showing that's bollix it's you put your price up and you cancel later good shows. People are going to switch off,


Dan: and that makes a difference as where we are.

And there you go, net and is

I've, I've continued to watch the winning time,

like his story, which is

really, really good. He's getting better and

Sidey: got the LA Lakers

colors going on that a

Dan: on it. A little bit, little bit. And I watched something else that I remember when we'd start speaking, probably.

Pete: So I've watched

Sidey: you're right there.

Pete you look a bit, you look a bit,

sort of

Pete: Yeah, I'm a little,

I'm a little bit jaded.

I tried to reliving my youth at the the bowling alley last night so

Sidey: You'll bounce back. It'd be fine.

Pete: Yeah,

yeah. I'm sure

I did. Yeah. In fact

Reegs: Do you remember what

you got

Pete: swimming in the hundreds had played three

games. I was so, so over it,

Reegs: did you have the sides up

Pete: No, no, come on. maybe.

so yeah, no I am a little bit tired today. I'm going to lose my train of thought quite a bit of what's Yeah. What, of what I have watched. So apart from the latest Marvel film that was released, that you watched at the cinema and spoke about it's, I want to call it Shangri-La and the


Sidey: shine and the legend, the 10


Pete: So

I've not seen that, but I've seen everything else in like the, the must watch, like cannon


in and game.

And then the, like the Spiderman ones and the couple of that happened after and everything.

like that.

Reegs: So what it turned all and all the terminals and all

Pete: No I have not watched that show. you told

Sidey: think I told you this once

Pete: Yeah

so Now having watched vendors in game with all of the context, it is a fucking masterpiece really isn't it


ridiculous. Obviously it made,

it made a load of sense I mean,

I didn't hate it the first time around, but

a lot of

it was baffling. a lot of it was baffling to me, this, this, year no fucking hats off

It was

Sidey: it's hard to say, you

know, if they ever going to get back to that,

peak So if,

you know

Pete: cause you can't


go on that fucking same jet do you can But like, you know, like the money and the time and the effort and the fact that it's been done before now. Yeah.





Dan: Yeah,

Pete: Yeah,

Again, there was still, there was still some that I fucking,


to it was like waiting through tree color a little bit, some of the films, but

glad I did it,

Watching Vikings Valhalla after

I don't know. Have you guys seen Vikings?


Dan: I liked that.

Pete: it

is So good. So I'm watching and now this is set

a hundred years later and it's like the Leif Erikson, the Greenland, the guy in and stuff like

that, Oh, we

left the hairy or whatever.

his name is.

And yeah, that's really fucking good. And I've watched I've just finished at the latest C season of us master chef, where Ramsey doesn't really get into the

like the


enough, but I've got a, I've got a hell's kitchen


up, ready to go.

So that's where he rarely like when he's like throwing stuff in their


and taking them out in the back room and screaming in their faces, like that TV is never better than when that's going on

Reegs: A

lot of Octonauts because yeah, little one hasn't been well. So, you know, watch the quite a lot of Octonauts the second season actually of the Octonauts above and beyond is out, which my little one has been like so excited for this week,

you know,

this week, when she saw it advertised. cool that's good. Isn't it? When you, you know, you know, your own excitement stuff comes out So yeah,

a lot, a lot of Octonauts.

Dan: I also watched 'em on, based on your recommendation the peacemaker with John scenar

well, you'd said maybe watch your suicide squad.

You didn't have, I didn't see any of that. I'd watched one of the first movies, I think the suicide squad, but I think it must be other, the ones that brings him into it. But it, there's a few kind of funny lines in there and he's, he's good. Actually, John C knew, I, I must say this is the first time I've ever seen him in anything.

Other than an advert or just kind of famous for

famous. Yeah, first time I've seen him in anything,

Reegs: 12

rounds I think he was in that was not the one. Yeah.

Pete: Is he the guy with like unbelievably massive.


He's in the the one with Marky. Mark.

like the

dad's daddy, visit daddy's home or

No. not that.

Sidey: I dunno I watched w we watched saying Oh yeah, we were playing to the Lord of the rings trilogy So he finished return to the king, just this afternoon.

Which is


Pete: your daughter

Yeah. Nice.

Sidey: And I

Reegs: can watch it like a three hour movie and be

Sidey: four hours, 24, that one we didn't we didn't do that in a one


that was over a few days.

Dan: Five minutes.

Sidey: there's,

there's one scene yeah. It's Super violent. Yeah. But The one bit I skipped,

some ways.

why Why change it is the, do you remember the



of gone door who is

borrowers and farmers, dad. He sets himself on fire and I was like, I'm going to just get passed out there but all the other fighting is that was fine. Yeah.

Cause It's

just like



Fantasy violence. is cool with that. Well

time will tell

That was it. And there was a series on Netflix that my mum put me on to Cause she loves murders.

It's called the Chestnut man it's sort of


the vein of like the bridge.

It's just


grim Yes. Scandinavian


Yeah. It's cool. definitely worth a look.

Dan: didn't we do something else this week in the way of a top five? Or will you say we're having a slightly different version this week?

Sidey: Yeah.

That's right.

So that's right yeah, the the top five this week, put the

social post earlier asking for nominations about the best or most memorable movie decapitations

And we did have quite a lot


Dan: This is gluten research by the way, Peter.

Pete: It



I picked it. I'm not, as I said many times before, I'm not a fan of horror.

And most of the decapitations that you come across seem to happen in horror films though. Cause it's a pretty fucking horrific things that happen. Have always been like probably from the first time I saw it on telly


like something that could happen. of this it's fucking haunted me.

I've got like a thing where I don't know,




back like on a plane or whatever. Cause I think someone's just going to come and like attack my throat with an ax and I'm not sure why,

Sidey: but

Pete: yeah,


not I wouldn't say I've got like a mil sort of a morbid curiosity about it. But I did wonder whether or not there'd be enough to


Sidey: 20 billion

Pete: Yeah Th th there were plenty cause I was thinking about, possibly dismemberment as well, but maybe that can be for another time.

Sidey: Yeah.

So Mel came

in hard right out of the gate saying that she didn't like this topic. It was not a very nice topic. So she wants to go with a funny one and she did.

because she normally the younger

Pete: Oh,

That's brilliant. Yeah.

yeah, Yeah.


Sidey: where


sticks his head out the

train window Yeah.

Pete: he's like kicking his head down the like The train.

like the,

Yeah. The train track. Yeah.

You bastard.


Sidey: So

that was good.

Pete: That's a,

Yeah. That's a really strong one

Reegs: Darren lethally was among several people who mentioned seven which is a great shout. I'm sure everybody had that on their list. what's in the box.

Pete: What a brutal fucking ending.

Sidey: It's one of those movies where the bad guy wins basically. He does

Pete: Which

leaves the other Was

that a topic or we've definitely talked about it before. I think it's even more sinister that you don't see the head. You just, it's just, it's



Freeman's basic

Sidey: is

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: he's going to wear and don't

don't fucking share

Pete: me.

Sidey: what his his sin is Jealousy is it


Pitt is rage, but John DOE is,

Marty's like

Pete: might be Jealousy.

Sidey: of that that domestic steel

Reegs: Yeah,

yeah yeah that's right.

Sidey: It inspired the Lemonhead song six


the lyrics are just he comes with his head, in a box over and over and over.

again. Great Yeah, it's really


Reegs: No he's a good,

Dan: many said it was ahead of its time.

Reegs: Darren also nominated highly Which


didn't even have on. uh

Sidey: It all together. It was just

Reegs: Yeah. It's a great, great shout condom McLeod.

Pete: Got it. On my list. Hey. Yeah.

Reegs: Well


Pete: Well, to be honest, I think I've only seen the first one and even then a long time ago, but I know that the the whole concept.


Firstly that there


be only one. And secondly, that the only way they're immortals aren't they, and the only way you can kill them. So they are mortal in the sense


they can be killed, but

Is by cutting off their head.

And I remember at the end, like the main kind of like bad guy, he doesn't actually get his head


off. It's kind of like, just like slice to point that it opens up. And then I think he dies.

but it's


Sidey: sort of spirit The thing comes out.

Pete: think so. Yeah. Yeah. So it's not a full decapitation. But there are

Sidey: Sean Connery played a Spanish dude with a Scottish accent


Dan: and he was brilliant,

Pete: but still got away with it.

because he's a bit of a king. Yeah,

Dan: Yeah, no, that, that was, that was really enjoyable. I've seen I think the Highlander too as well. I really

Pete: when they were loaded them like straight


straight to video.

kind of four or five, six


Dan: they, they did more than

Pete: they needed to

Dan: appetite for, but it was, it was fantastic. Yeah. McLeod,

Pete: Yeah Clan McCloud,

any others from the

beloved listeners.

Reegs: Yeah.

We've got a

We've just

watching it now it's terrible, for that this is for Andy Connolly.

He mentioned


death scene in final destination three, which is a great,

Dan: is that stimulus one

Reegs: Is it, Stiffler no snow.

Dan: he loses his head in final desk. Destination is the train goes by and a loose bit of metal kind of catches, wind and

Sidey: slides

Dan: his,


Why off?

Reegs: There's been a few because there's also one where the the


so think, drop on his head and smash it all to oblivion.

Dan: Is that allowed, is that, is that, you know, that's more

Pete: good question actually Yeah Whether like an exploding

Sidey: Well yeah,

Cause I've got one on my list, that hasn't been nominated.

Pete: I guess if the head

Sidey: want it to argue the toss

Pete: then

then it would councilors to capitation

Reegs: And a beheading and we're saying

is that

the same thing

I think,

Pete: Oh,

beheading is definitely,

Dan: but if it kind of comes down and crushes him, then surely that's poorly executed

for this subject.

Sidey: I can't find the tweet from dynamically if you got it.

Reegs: Well there's more, we mentioned the omen as well, which is a really great one. Yeah. There were,

Dan: What was the OMIM one?

Pete: that

Sidey: It's the sheet glass

takes just comes out of

it Yeah

Pete: the first one that I at first a capitation I ever saw. is the it's the photographer guy Cause you know, like the theme is that he takes the photos and then there's like something weird in the photo that depicts who's going to die next and how it's going to happen Like the guy with the Spire threw him So like,

And then he's got a picture I think there's a picture of himself, and there's a line just like drawn through his neck and he's like, he's he's into like a garish, like pissing around with some tools or something and a truck with a load of sheets of glass. And it just rolls down. Obviously Damian takes the handbrake off with his mind and yeah, the, the truck rolls down and hits something and the sheet of glass comes off and just slices it head off.

But it's like done in slow motion kind of spinning. And then from three or four different angles,

Sidey: they did because they, they were conscious that people watching it we'd like real away and like cover the rides or whatever.

So he filmed it four times and then used a different. Half second, clip a bit in the thing.

to slow it down

So that when people had like bounced back from the reading way it was still on the screen. Fucking


Pete: That might be the first


because I, reckon I've accidentally, fucking watch the omen as a kid. And I'm


Sidey: really young.

Pete: that was

the first, that's the first time I'd seen like a decapitation.

Reegs: We don't talk about that movie at all. And you're right. It's creepy as fuck.

Yeah. Maybe we should revisit,

Dan: Well,

a bit like a bit like Mel, I found this a bit of a gruesome subjects and I looked at another one that's quite gruesome, actually. It's a blades of glory and the, the iron Lotus. Of course, when they're watching this in old black and white footage of the Russians doing the, the lowest world Pharaoh and his partner they see the, the skate slice, the head off, clean off following the, the front forward flip with double.

Turn and twist. And after pull that off later on and it could all go wrong. You see it getting just within a millimeter of the throat, but they pull it off, but the Russians didn't and it was

it was a gruesome to capitation.

Pete: Yeah

Dan: Gruesome. Yeah. I'll tell you another gruesome one. And this is the first one that I,


thought of when we, you, you said this is ghost ship.

You ever seen that movie

and it's the opening scene. So they're all on this beautiful

Reegs: never tops That scene

Dan: You're always on this beautiful cruise, everybody black tie, they're all dancing. There's a singer. There's everybody's on the main deck. You've seen this movie,

Sidey: what's it called?

Dan: Go ship.

Sidey: so.

Reegs: I'm surprised you seen this


Dan: it's.

So they're all dancing and the credits is still going this beautiful singer.

It's like 19 hundreds or 1920s, you know? So it all got that swing about them. It'll go. And then this cable somehow gets caught and it starts at the front of the ship. And it's got to get to the back of the ship. I dunno, what's

Reegs: Well it's

It's a it's a it's a capable that's holding up some of the rigging or whatever, and it's really tight and it starts to it starts to go where it's being held.

And it's obviously



big thick, like, iron cable like that.

Dan: Well, no, yes, but it's thin, it's almost like a razor blade when it's coming around to the people and

Reegs: a while since I saw it but I remember what happens it snaps basically And

at a level where it just decapitates everybody on

Dan: from depending on how tall you are or whatever it was, getting them all different kinds of levels. And everybody just stays there for like, I know, it seems like a minute or two, but it's just a, a few seconds and you see sort of a glass just in half and it just falls the bottom half and then a bit of elbow and an arm and a leg and people trying to put themselves back together.

Cause it's all happened so quick and it's like, oh my body's over there. Oh,

Reegs: yeah,

I haven't done.



Dan: Yeah. Sorry about that Mellon.

Reegs: see it. Well, no, just yeah, go on

Sidey: I've got a similar one to that sort of vibe where it kind of


really quick and the person I don't know if they know


it's resident evil

and it's a laser one and it's a chick and she's just kind of standing. And then you see the


line of payer where the blood is just starting to pet in a head it's like done.

at an angle.

So higher up at the back

of the head and I had to slides and you


this completely clean, like cut overhead and a head falls off.

It's fucking.



Dan: Have you, have you ever like you P you know, with the guillotine and things, they did an experiment, true story. They did an experiment to see, and they, there was one guy who was going to be decapitate in France and they were, they didn't experiment. It said, keep blinking your eyes after you're dead to see if you can still, you know, it's true.

You can, you can look it up. And the guy went for like 27 seconds or something. He was still blinking his eyes to communicate with their scientists, go befriended him on execution to see if it was still going to happen. Something like that. Check it out. Call bullshit on

Sidey: percent expecting a

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: Yeah I was as well or


horrible punchline but

Dan: that

was happened.

Sidey: Who's

up next?

Reegs: Well,

I'm going to go with the most controversial one I've got right out of the gate because I'm not even sure, but it's in the mid weeker that we watched, the thing

the head

pulls itself off.


Pete: It's

a capitation that had become separated from the body of its own

Reegs: yeah, we haven't that.

Sidey: yet

Pete: Yep Definitely.

And it's it's fucking amazing.

I, I,

I can't stop thinking about that moment about how,


Reegs: be fucking kidding It's

Pete: but brilliant.

It is

Yeah, yeah.

And since, since there's probably to,

Reegs: yeah.

of course.


Pete: That's a good one.

My, my first one here is, so this is, this is without a doubt in my top five favorite films of all time. I fucking love this.

film I watch it


least once a year, if not more Conan the barbarian. And right at the beginning, Conan's village gets


by a Tulsa doom played by James Earl Jones and his entourage. And I think like Colin's dad gets like fucking mauled by swans

and more

by dogs,

Like right in front of him.

And then there's the scene is he's standing with his, I'm standing there with his mum in the snow. And and Tulsa doom comes down with his big fucking sword. And you just sit, you just see the kid who's like blight young, Conan just


like holds on his face. And you just see like the blade kind of like go so you don't see the decapitation, but you just Ahead come off and then like a body falling next to him, but it just stays on Conan's face.

And then

Obviously he's he's particularly affected by that

Sidey: never danced again.

Pete: No, she didn't. And

Reegs: I need to revisit

this because your love for I've heard you speak about it.

Pete: epic, epic


It is.

Sidey: in case I hate

Pete: Yeah. Basically. I just don't want anyone to fucking like

to tear

into it but it's fucking brilliant. I love this film

It Is it



Sidey: nominated Don't be a

Pete: okay. I'll I'll I'll



stop being such a fraidy cat, but I'm like you get the payoff in the end. Cause IBA heads Tulsa doom and throw throws his head down the stairs So yeah, I spoiled it for you. You've all seen it, right?


Sidey: I've never seen

Pete: You've never seen it.

Sidey: Like shit,

Pete: fuck off.

So come on.

I'm not talking to you anymore.

Dan you'll turn.

Dan: I've got quite a few actually.

Pete: we'll just go

Dan: Clash clash of the Titans, then I'll go forward. That's a, that's a classic you've got. And, and this one,

Reegs: Hi how are you?

Hamlin Larry Hamlin

Dan: Harry Hamlin. And this one you've got pers

Sidey: person

Pete: Yes Yes

Dan: He's a needs to go into chop the head off of Medusa. And.

It's essential to the plot, this decapitation, you know, he needs that head to be able to show the cracking

turn them to stone and everything. So this is really good. One, I mean, it's it's got the Meduse has got that rattlesnake tail and and a shadow kind of is going through, and he's got used as a sword to get the reflection, to cut the head, to get it in this act, to go off into the horse and everything.

We talked about kind of practical effects in spreader instead of special effects


Sidey: and

Dan: and this big way, you know?

Reegs: I

really loved this stuff as a kid. And I was well

Dan: But it was this, there was kind of Sinbad

Reegs: in the Greek,

Dan: had that kind of hairy humbling and very how he housing. Kind of vibe about it. But this one I did the the, the capitation, you know, and that's what we're

Reegs: and then he shows it to the cracker and at

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I mean,

Reegs: But it's a masterpiece that

a scene.

cause He's looking in his shield

isn't he in

Dan: so many times over thinking. I'll just, just take a look when you just take it and it's

got the, it got the stare on you

Reegs: And she's terrifying

Dan: and they did a, a, a remake course, which I haven't been brave enough to, to actually watch. Yeah.

Pete: It's that fellow That fucking

Sidey: some Weddington,

some Worthington who's up, okay. I've got it's a, non-human one. This is a dumb and dumber PT The The,


Pete: water shot, pretty bird,

Sidey: Yeah so they, they


run off with a suitcase full of money. Something about the gas man and I can't recall Exactly.

And so the the bad guys come to their apartment and bite off the But she's had in retribution to leave a message. Yeah. I don't think they're going to get that message. He says, when he looks around their apartment, it's a shit and later when they they haven't got any money.

So so he sells the bird to some kid in a wheelchair

and he's like,

PDD they've never had I took care of it. And he's just sellotape literally celebrate the head back onto the bird Fucking amazing. It's

in a

Pete: That's a


Dan: Ping pong ball put on there. I don't know. I can't remember. It

Pete: It's

Sidey: It's the


Dan: was, it was the head.

Yeah. No

Sidey: He's like the kids just like stroking.

I looked pretty bird

pretty bad

Pete: class

Reegs: I was going to go with a return to was you remember that movie?

The sequel to the wizard of Oz,

topsy, terrifying

with wheelies and all that Yeah But

mom be used to keep the decapitated.


like, it was just a terrifying thing and she could put them on her own oh yeah. Awful childhood memories

Dan: I had one of

the shrunken heads. Remember those in the old Tarzan

Reegs: Yeah or

beetle juice but they're more small than

Pete: well then,

They're not attached anymore.



Dan: No, they're

Pete: so there have been decapitated. Another film that I really like

That again I'm not sure if I'm meant to like it or not but predator to not when Gary Boosie gets cut in half because that's fucking cool as well, but king Willie

of the Jew

of the Jamaican voodoo policy. Who's Gets his head cut off. And then you yeah, you see me as It's like he's in the, he's in the street


Reegs: been doing a

load of voodoo all the way.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: he

Pete: the spirit word mind?

The yeah, he gets it. He meets him in an alley and he shits his pants and rightly so and how they do it.


It's like it's on his face, you see him scream and then it kind of like holds the scream face. And then you, and then it cuts to the the head being like carried off by predator.

And then he goes up a building and fucking rips his spine out and all sorts of shit as well. It's pretty brutal. I really liked that film.


Dan: Is it coming back around to more I've got Nixon in future Roma as one of the states of heads, states. And they've got a few there was one I think it was called heads of states.

That that was the name of the episode where they're all having a party and there's Abraham Lincoln and Nixon and

Calvin Coolidge. And they find his friends they're shoving and they got four more beers, four more beers, things like that around him.

Reegs: Well there's also in Futurama you've got a character. I didn't know if this applied or not, but he's malfunctioning Eddie his head just explodes when he gets

Pete: Yeah. He's the one with the knife. He's like, he's really stabby, Isn't

it? Yeah.

Reegs: So I don't know if that, I don't know if that counts, but

Pete: Oh, is


the one with the knife

Sidey: I like

silent, silent and

Reegs: no he's this is the

he's like the car salesman when he gets nervous It just explains Yeah,

none of that counted,

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: Okay.

Well, it's always good to get a decapitation in a family favorite. So Indiana Jones and the last crusade


they are at the temple and they, they haven't figured out how to solve. They don't have the grail diary or at least Decipher the grill diary. So they send just some

Pete: expendable



Sidey: Arab,

into into the mists and you hear a shrink and then

the head

literally just like

rolls towards their feet and this like pain expression.

Pete: Only the penitent

Sidey: only independent managed by so he has to nail and

Pete: before God

Sidey: to

get through in this enormous fucking spinning blade

Goes where his head would have been, or at least where his neck would have been so yeah, he's in D makes it through.

Pete: he doesn't deed.

Dan: got ahead of the others.

Reegs: Evil dead to

Ash I'll swallow your soul or swallow your soul and Ash swallow this.

And what else I was thinking about the

what are

they they're like collars that they were in the running

Pete: Yeah. Yeah I've got

that the exploding.

Dan: What was his name? Ben.


Reegs: Ben Richards. Yeah, I mean it's Chico,

Chico And they think the barriers down don't they and G co runs for it. And then the Barrett the things back up,

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I don't know if that movie

Pete: head

goes, pop

Reegs: It's a surprise, I guess that nobody's tried to remake that. I think I think I'd agree with that.

Dan: Yeah, they should head off.

Pete: I don't think we've, I

don't think we've ever mentioned this film before. but how does everyone feel about the film black.

Sidey: I've seen it

Pete: Ridley Scott,

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Michael Douglas. Andy Garcia It's like

set in Japan,

Yeah like


Japanese mafia, they're their investigators.


that's go out to,

Reegs: yeah.

Was this was this eighties,

Pete: I think late

eighties, maybe early,

nineties like Michael's got

Reegs: like America was

Dan: film, new, all kind of thing. Long black trench coats and

Pete: I I really

liked this film.

and There's

There's some

You know,

people getting their fingers cut off and shit, but there's this one like quite disturbing scene where like, so Andy Garcia is like the the younger partner of Michael Douglas.

And they get separated in this kind of light and it's a little it's just like

a warehouse or whatever it is, but, and all the bad guys, like


Yakuza they're on motorbikes. And One of them's got a big fucking samurai sword. Michael Douglas knows that Garcia is in trouble and he's running to get there and he just gets to this like fence.

just as he does Garcia kind of like he's been battered and he just stands up one last time, and the guy on the motorbike just comes along and just fucking takes his head clean off. And that's fairly brutal.

Dan: One way to defeat him.

Reegs: It's been a

while since I saw that

Pete: Yeah. And


never danced again.


Reegs: Hmm.

Dan: I'll rattle through a couple because I've got quite a few on my list here, but dusty will door.

You've got Clooney when he rips the head off. Is it sex bomb or

Pete: machine?


Reegs: He

Dan: kind of whips him around as it's all kicking off and he pulls his head straight

Pete: on Yeah, I

remember it.

and then out of his, like, neck comes like this dog, thing, which looks quite a lot, like one of the dogs in the thing.


he shoots doesn't, eat like he rips his head off and one of them like puts their foot on his head and shoots the crossbow into his eye.

of the decapitated head.

Reegs: nice.

Pete: a good.

Dan: You've also got it's just a harmless little bunny,

holy grail. So there, they've got the Knights all heading there in Scotland, getting there. And one Scottish guy got he's down there. It's down there. Oh, he's terrible. He's looking. And this little white bunny comes out of a cave and they're going, whoa, I'm fucking shit myself here.

And it's just that all going sorted out. Anyway, this bunny, you don't know, you won't need love. You love you straight away. It flies out and just takes his head straight off. And then it, it beats about five or six of them in there

Sidey: Darren leafy also normally

at That one.

Dan: Yeah, that's a good choice. That's a good

Sidey: another norm I'll run through a couple then This

is the one I think I have a bit of control,

It's about birthing it's all right. Scanners

Reegs: Yeah, I definitely,

Sidey: Michael Ironside, they're doing a kind of demonstration

Telekinesis thing. I need like you can see this concentration, just getting more and more intense than the guy next Jim's going to remember what's going on.

And it, you know, it's like


it building building building and his head just fucking detonates and it's one

of these

really great practical effects, Cronenberg

you know,


It's really


gory as fuck.

And Braveheart Uh have you not


Pete: So like fucking


feeling really pleased with themselves.

Sidey: Yeah.

so he's blubbing about freedom or something and they capture him in the end and he's got they've got him pinned down to the table and he's being loose, like maybe whacked off, off screen,

And his head's like,

yeah I think that might be what it was.

And then they're saying, he's sort of whispering something, looking into the crowd and the guy the English guy

says, oh, the prisoner wants to say something and he fucking shouts freedom

And the ax comes down and

drops his head off. And the other one I was going to mention was gladiator. So

Pete: show with John fashion

Sidey: Yes


decimas Meridius he's given some advice by Antonio's Proximo who says you know, don't just be a fucking butcher. They want to show

they want to see you

perform So

he's launched into one of his actually

his first


outing, ever six people throw it in and he quickly takes down the first lot of them. And then he's got double sword and beats the other guy and the guy's like falls to his knees and he has the sword like across his head and just

fucking lopped his head off and chucked the swords up.

of the people that dignitaries



are you not entertained, which is what we used to say


to judge our film choices which we stopped doing. So yeah, I thought that when I had to go. in

Pete: that's a very good, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah it's a good one. In bill and Ted's bogus journey takes the evil robot bill, is it, yeah, it's evil robot bill


takes his own head off to play basketball which is


pretty decent


non gory.

But probably a bit more gory is Rambo for has anybody seen that?

Dan: Is that the newest

Reegs: No, I there's been two, at least since

then. Vary in quality, but Rambo falls the one where,

oh where

are they? Are they are in Burma? Maybe? Anyway, he's got

Sidey: The mini gun, bit

Reegs: you want to say,

many go? Yeah,

you can say

many gun

is like, I don't actually, I have got what it is here.

Oh, no, I haven't. That's really annoying. Oh, it's an end to Browning. It's just a fucking enormous

gun and there's a guy standing in front of it and he just, pummels a, probably 25 30 shots

Into his head and whatever's left after



That was a bit more gory than the bill and Ted.


Pete: Yeah.

Okay. another


finish off

my list then another pretty gory one is in a frozen

oh laughs.



off quite a bit. It's quite disturbing.


There's only because I do enjoy Dan's impressions. There's, a there's some weird creatures in the labyrinth that can like take their own heads off and kick them about and they poke their own eyes out and put them on their fingers. And so that gives down an opportunity to say

I'll never tire of that. I,

oh, you missed that Opportunity Is Sean Connery To do your Bain impression? I've got a couple of TV ones

only because I fucking love mentioning blackout in the in blackout of the second, there's a, the episode head where he becomes the chief executioner


he decides to

execute one of the guys early so that they can have the middle of the week off



cause it's a, it gives them a few days and, yeah.

And hilarity ensues but the pretty iconic execution of Ned stark, in

game of Thrones. I mean, there's fucking loads of beheading in in game of Thrones, but yeah, that was, that was a real kind of what the fuck moment. And maybe one of the first, maybe the first in game of Thrones, it was like, shit,


real good.

Guys are going to



Sidey: die here

Reegs: anyone


Pete: it, it was a real


Dan: just got rid of the only actor I've heard of.

Pete: the time

Probably. Yeah. But yeah, that was a bit of a show stopper and that's

Dan: Well

in 300 there's a, it's a capitation. I think it's one of the, the young Spartans, who's the son of one of the others. And they've kind of got to the end of the battle and it's almost like they're,

you know, the smoke is, is, is rising now, but the battle is over.

There's still a few people running around and, and fight him. But one guy comes up on a horse and pretty quick, just as he's alerted to turn around, he walked into a sword and, and takes him out. And they've, I'm sure it follows a big news or something like that. And then they're after

Reegs: one You've never seen it. Heavy

Sidey: 300.

Reegs: You

would absolutely love it.

You wouldn't be able I was going to say you wouldn't



to stop

touching yourself It would be

Sidey: when I get home tonight,

Dan: well, I'll just, I'll mention, kill bill. Great. Seen in in an office when they're around a big table with all the kind of heads and she just takes the

yeah. Sleepy hollow.

You had that one,

Sidey: There's 14

Decapitations in that movie,

Dan: what did you want to talk about that?

Okay. The world's end Simon peg on earth, the alien invasion by having a fight in the toilets. And he,


kind of hits the


off a guy on the,

on the, the urinal and his head just comes off and blue kind of ink comes out of his neck.

Pete: And

Dan: What the fuck and Nick force comes in and says, they just ignore the

fact this is all happening.

He's having a guy, every, someone whose mom said, or, that's, pretty much me out clash of the Titans. I'd say, oh, okay. I won't be heading there anymore.

Reegs: Uh I saw, yeah.

Sidey: the

13th. Is it Pamela Pamela Vorhees. What's the name of the,

Reegs: oh, I was thinking of a different one. Which, would which, oh hang on Pamela. Yeah, that is the mother. which

Sidey: she has she's cause she's the killer in the first one. And The camp counselor cuts her head off.

with a


Reegs: course.

Sidey: Which started it.

And then return to the king, which I watched today, the the battle towards the end. So the


guy that's in charge of Ghandour he doesn't like Faramir farmer goes out with a load of soldiers to try and prove themselves of being.

worthy they're completely like suicide.

mission again.

Pharma makes it back, but it looks like his dad And then the

orcs load, or the seven

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: killed into

it they call it a trevorshay is

one of those And they just launch, all the heads back over the battlements of everyone that they've just fucking killed. And then in the actual big


Pete: you

let your daughter watch that. but

Sidey: And then the,

Dan: the

Sidey: the big

battle that goes on

outside Does it minister with where They are


the NASCO lands and what's that name Aon the


Pete: yeah yeah yeah,

Sidey: the head off the, the NASCO Yeah. So there's fucking loads of decapitation that which my eight year old was fine.

with it

Pete: Oh, I've just,


just thought about another one in game of Thrones in the first season, the mountain, not, not the Icelandic fellow, but he cuts his hair, cuts the head off his own horse. When he loses a job posting match. he just out of pure anger, just turns around and cuts.

his horses head off,


is nice. of him.


Dan: Do you mean you're talking about pulling the head off something? What was, no, it was you earlier, what was that?

Sidey: a couple of times

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: any more


Reegs: Yeah. Well, you mentioned the Friday, the 13th, a series where there's been at least 10 decapitations, including three, very close together in, part six, the paint ball guys

That go down and then in part eight, memorably, the, a, you've probably seen that one of you Diane pie


the Friday, 13th,

Dan: I

missed it,

Reegs: He

punches the boxes head off

Julius I think the guy is, and we did have a live nomination from Jeff kitchen it came through. Yeah. And he said,


And he says, I don't want to say too much about it because it's a pivotal and highly effective moment in the film. And I still Harbor hope that one day, you guys will watch this and I don't want to spoil it.

Listeners. Who've seen it will know what I'm talking about. If you haven't leave it unspoiled. So that was

live from Jeff kitchen. So


Sidey: Okay. Should we

should we

make it a top five Well if you got any more let's do it. Then this is where the down Dan

Dan: I'm going to go with, go ship.

Sidey: Nice.

Reegs: yeah.

brilliant. I'm going to go with Jeff kitchen's nomination.

I think that's really good. Hereditary

Pete: Oh, I'm

going to go I think Ned stark

Sidey: okay. I'm going to go for PDV budget.

golf and dumb and

dumber Yeah. Well, any more for any more. That'd be great, but we've also thanks for all the nominations so far. I should

Reegs: yeah, there might be time to squeeze another one in next week.


Sidey: Especially you breaching

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah

Sidey: Pete, your known.


All the qualities that you bring to the pod But the one thing that you always guaranteed to


is cheese,

Pete: then you cheese guaranteed to please. I didn't bring any cheese. It's just fallen this



recording has fallen right in the middle of where I usually pick up my cheese


middle of the month.

And this is what I think I've been away for like four weeks,

something like that. So I've I've still got like the the remnants of my latest cheese subscription at home in the fridge, but they wouldn't have like, you know, wouldn't have been good enough to, bring to the table.

So you're Exactly,

exactly. Right.

Although I have got quite a naughty manchego rolled in Rosemarie, which is good, but yeah, you've provided to those it's

nice for other people to take turns like Dan can bring some baby bells or something

Sidey: Yeah, I did a sort of


effort. So I've got some Stilton And also PI or P Dawn glory, which it's a deliciously smooth cheese.

that develops a rich flavor and creamy texture as it ripens can't disagree with that.

It's very

Pete: like it. And it pairs really nicely with the Hovis Becky's

Sidey: number four on the flavor or meter

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

You could You could dial the flavor up a little bit, but in terms of texture, it's it's right up there.

Dan: Could you diet up to what's the, what's the dialogue?

Is it

Pete: I think it depends.

Sorry, is that

weight chose to reminisce? that M and S like Waitrose goes up to seven. I know, I don't know about,

Reegs: but

this one goes up to 11.

Pete: now doesn't it. All the way up to, 11

Sidey: it's good. It is good. No accompaniments apart from the Maltesers


the chocolate.


for all

Dan: just came out.

Sidey: an after.

Dan: But by baby bells, it segues

actually it does.

Sidey: the film that you didn't watch.

Dan: That's why. Well, what happened was, was like the mid-week where I watched the, the wrong movie, but then ended up watching the white movie. This one, I just watched the

Reegs: and you've forgotten to take your pills this week

or something Damn

Dan: yeah, it was, it was just a misunderstanding on my pop. I have seen this

Reegs: so this is about a really tiny baby

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

That's, that's how I remember it. And you have all that, that comes onto it, but no, it's it's a great soundtrack as a, remember this. And he's a getaway driver. Isn't he? We've got a young baby.

Pete: Not,

Not as young as people are probably thinking,

He said,

what is he in his twenties.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. There's never any explanation.

Is there.

Dan: 23 months or something.

Pete: I don't know.

There's never any explanation as to why he's called baby. Is there Cause


find out later on that that is not his real name.

Reegs: Everybody's got kind of a coded name in there, so


Pete: Yeah. True. But he like uses, he introduces himself as this, whereas yeah. You find out everyone else's real names at some point as well.


Dan: I can't remember. Did he ever get backed into a corner?

You don't back baby into a corner. D

Sidey: Wow.

It's going to be a long, old


Dan: we go,

Reegs: Yeah.

So he has that power. Well we could get into it. We start with the bank

Sidey: right in that and then tune is straight away. straight

Reegs: away. John Spencer blues explosion. It's a red Subaru WRX. Yeah,

Sidey: moment.

We knew

Reegs: Yeah,

because we're all all

Sidey: roll petrol heads. Yeah.

Dan: Well, similar to the film that I watched drive it starts, it starts off with a kind of bank robbery car chase thing as

Pete: are you going to link

Dan: I should I, oh, should I just leave that for another

Pete: you've written all those lovely

notes about the wrong film So

it seems a waste

not to

Reegs: then this one

we've got

Griff, who is Jon Bernthal who he's, he's a guy I like, he tends to come in and movies and kind of do a few scenes and sort of be really good and then go out with them.

Dan: Well, let him, my one, we got Ron Pohlman.

Reegs: he's good as well.

And John With the big Dick

Sidey: has got a big tick

Reegs: Buddy and darling

Dan: books

Reegs: And there it's all

stylish, in that, and the music's pumping and all the shots are like edited to the beat of what's going

Pete: thought right from the get-go. Cause I noticed that obviously in later scenes, but I didn't know if that was in the first, in the first kind of light heist or whatever, if that was the case,

Reegs: the whole movie is

Pete: I it's okay. I just, I

Reegs: pretty much end to end.


Pete: I remembered at some point thinking, oh, that's pretty fucking cool, but doesn't it, isn't it a little bit. We were talking just before about like world's end or is it, the I think he does it in Shaun of the dead. I'm sure there is. And there's one

this where

the queen is playing in the pub in Shaun of the dead

He put, they put on.

don't stop me now.

And then, so they like, you know, taking it in turns to like whack people with baseball bats and, it and that's to the music. So that's obviously like a gimmick

Reegs: Yeah no,

Pete: I'd go

Reegs: whole movie is basically like this,

Sidey: the gunshots, were even supposed to be the beat,

you know Yeah,

Reegs: yeah,

All the

Dan: Brian Cranston.

Pete: No, no, no,

Brian could

Dan: I'll leave that

Pete: and trade some of these actors in and out.

Dan: But,

Reegs: So yeah, so we'll be in Kurt You see him go into the bank like you say all being cut to the beat and then they come back out. He's kind of a bit of a dork. He's like flashing the

Windscreen wipers and singing along with it all. And then they get in the car and he just fucking buries it away.

in reverse.

It's a pretty cool, like there's a bit where he sort of slides in and out of like.


Sidey: Yeah. Like a really really severe sugarcane sort of

Reegs: I don't know what that means. called It's got a name. It was really cool.

Sidey: all practical

driving effects in this There's no


Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I think it's called a Dan when you do that.


Pete: Do The dad

Reegs: And helicopters are on them. And eventually like it's pretty, I didn't know this. It was this really his plan all along the spies, two red cars that are Similar looking to his,



like swings across the freeway and goes to the other side and then loses the helicopter underneath the underpass

off he goes sort of, you know, the helicopter doesn't know which one to follow when he goes into the garage

Dan: Do you think he's planned that or is that just for tourists or?

Reegs: Well,



for tutus.


but he'd have had to move some other move to get away. Yeah, he was just that good.

Pete: you, can tell by his driving skills that this is not his first getaway.

And that he is a very skilled driver.

Reegs: They go into an underground car park or wherever And


switched cars

and they

Dan: you think like getaway drivers must just love bridge builders and engineers of undergrounds and things, because it's just covered for them all the time. The,

the car parks, the classic spot. I mean,

Reegs: Yeah. Is the move in it?

Dan: lose the

Reegs: It's a pretty exhilarating


Pete: It is. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. So straight away. I mean, I, I,


nominate this film because I'd heard

a former colleague, I said,

or any

film recommendations and like rattled off a few. And then this was in. there And I again, like a little bit like the midweek, I didn't know anything about it. I knew it was like a right, because I'd been told that but I've seen the of the like the

Cornetto trilogy, but I

Sidey: wouldn't have heard of a star before.

Pete: know I'd never seen this actor and anything. I didn't know who was in it. And I didn't know any of the people that were in it. And then obviously Kevin Spacey was recognizable and and some other people.

But yeah, this was something I didn't know anything about. It's also from the it hurts you straight in and there's no kind of like yeah, it's not a slow burning start at all.

It's it's pretty full on. It's a pretty cool. it's one You And you kind of realize that


obviously the things that I've seen that

Edgar Wright's Mo

most famous for are like comedy almost like comedy horror

but anyway.

Yeah Yeah. And so this has elements of comedy in it, without it being a comedy film.

on, sorry.

And yeah, the actor straight away, I was like, thought maybe

just like a cool looking guy.

He's got tinnitus. Yeah. Which they pronounce differently.

Sidey: They said

Pete: tinnitus or

Sidey: Jamie Fox says


Pete: Yeah. I've I've always called it tinnitus And I have it. I've got a constant ringing in my right ear I've had for years,


I don't listen to music to make it any better.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: You should go to America. They call it tinnitus.

Pete: Yeah.

So it was like maybe I get a proper diagnosis because.



stuff for The wrong thing.

Reegs: It does cause him to be like constantly listening to music and it's in his introductory scene as he's It's Harlem shuffle. Isn't it Bob and L but

it's just for a minute. You think it's going to be how's the pain

And and then it's this great sequence where the words to the song there it's sort of on the trees and on the floor and graffiti.

And when he's passing the

Trumpet shop



brass yeah, it's, it's really neat. And then we get the first dialogue in the film where he's singing along basically, is he saying his order?

To the coffee guys? All really cool.

Pete: it,

Reegs: did you see the guy who looks just like Pierce Brosnan? The tramp on the watched it back like three times and it was like,


Dan: did you read the credits just to make sure he w he hadn't.

Reegs: I

do I tried to look for it, but no, apparently it wasn't, you look

just like him and so, yeah, he buys coffee and then he goes back and then we get the like

Sidey: a debrief. Yeah, yeah,

Pete: yeah, And Then he


find out, cause then after that, he goes back to his


apartment where he lives with his foster, father

who is in a wheelchair and is deaf so he communicates, they communicate through sign language, but this is where he he records What Kevin Spacey's character. He records everything that he hears pretty much. And then he like creates like mix tapes or like, like he samples, what people have said and turns it into like little


of like tunes and stuff, which is quite funny

Sidey: is he's got a great big collection of these tapes that he's made as a fucking Loeser and they're all labeled with


Pete: what they are,

Sidey: that someone says or


Dan: The different jobs and things that he's done. It catalogs that

Reegs: I had what I had the night I can't find that I had what the name of that card



that he recorded people's voices on with the scratchy thing.

That was so cool. All that

Sidey: so we get to learn that the crew is always different. Kevin's spaces like the gang leader. He's the sort of, I don't know, he's the brains of the operation He's got a terrible wig. And and the only other constant is baby as the, getaway driver.

And we learned that he wants

Stole a car or they say boosted I'm not cool enough.

He boosted Kevin Spacey's car, which has


load of money from some robbery.

Kevin Smith just watched him and just let him do it. And I didn't he was going to get him. it gets it back and ends Right you fucking work for me now. So how good he was at driving,

He's like, well, I'll use you.

you're going to work for me to pay off this debt. But every other job, even though use different crew to not arouse suspicion or whatever.

Some are

you know,

pretty good and some are a little bit loose cannons.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, when you've got flee as a character,


Eddie, no-nos

Sidey: formally Eddie the nose

Reegs: yeah.


Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. And then JD he put the Asian in home invasion.

Reegs: He has a tattoo that says


Sidey: I love

Reegs: w

hat And it well it's got,

the ear has been like blocked out


crudely and he says, it gives him better employment

Pete: or

Reegs: and he's who doesn't '


Pete: it was hate. Yeah.

Reegs: It's a great little gag.

And, but then we get

bats Jamie Fox who's instantly very charismatic and dangerous, villain.

Sidey: He's got a great jump on me first Meet him, the king,


got the king of hearts. on

Reegs: Oh daddy cause I noticed, I didn't know if he had a jacket on that made him look like


Michael Jackson thriller a

Sidey: type

Reegs: jacket


later as well.

I didn't know if He was being

Sidey: He even says that he even says, oh, about babies, he mental or something, because, because because that's my role. I've got that rolled down. You're like,



And yeah. He's.


Loud and domineering over the group but they are planning, the next highest. And it goes into just, we're just hearing the music that baby's listening to whilst Kevin Spacey is explaining everything and he's like my main playing the piano of the tune.

Reegs: It's a great tune dude.

Sidey: Yeah. Jamie Fox bats is looking at him like, he's not fucking paying attention to this. This is not, you know, you should be listening to this. And at the end of it, he's like you, weren't fucking listening, you know?

Cause Kevin basically just finished and says right.

Any questions.

Dan: love this bit. Is it a bit that I remembered from the movie last time

Sidey: and he just recites the entire thing back for

beta and then

ends the Exactly.

Same way right?

any questions.

And he's like, okay.

Reegs: Cause obviously he can

liberate you to speak

Sidey: Yeah. So we go into the next high Sen and

he says,

right get Michael Myers masks

Reegs: amazing.

Oh yeah.

There's just basically a cash truck and they psych themselves up They're listening

to, the damned Neat.


Sidey: Yeah, but

before he put, boy he gets his, iPad out, they pulled out the masks


it's Austin Powers.

And they're like, what the fuck is this? And he's like, my Myers is, like, no, my miles from fucking Halloween you bring But there is a story about that because they they wanted to have the Mike Myers from Halloween mask. But, and they approached,


owns the rights to that. And they said, no, you can't use.


So then they actually got in touch with Michael Mike Myers from

Wayne's world and

Austin Powers And he said, yeah, you can do that.

Reegs: Apparently

the thing was it wasn't a no, but it it wasn't a yes. So then they made it by the gate.


Sidey: And the thing is that Halloween, the Halloween mask is what it was a William Shatner So they turned inside out and they didn't have permission to use.

Pete: that.

Sidey: So they think

like you fuckers, like

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Isn't it?

Pete: That's

Dan: That's why I was always thinking it, it was never really, there is anyway.

I mean, it's like

Sidey: of think oh yeah I'm going there anyway, so that's, that was the


behind the gag, but it was funny

in the film


without knowing that it's, it's a good scene. So this time the heist is, is more violent. Someone gets shot


at the start. I think it's a baby looks over and someone's on the deck.

Reegs: Yeah, I wasn't sure if he got short or Anyway, he's definitely,

Sidey: almost done And he's like, okay, this is a bit more like



Reegs: moved off to not to avoid looking at it, but you can't help, but see it when he comes back and they get back in the car and they

eat just bends it off, but then there's a hit,

have a go hero isn't

Sidey: yeah, I wasn't sure if he was just like a plain clothes cop or whatever.

Cause he's got his arms. He's got,

a hat,

he's got some sort of pistol and then

Reegs: may have been

following the,

Dan: well we, we, we stay in, in the U S is it New York, Atlanta,

Reegs: because that becomes fairly important. Well,

no, it's


it's in Atlanta

Pete: So before

now though, we've this does two things,


key things that that we've skipped past one is that

he is

trying to get out of this life.

He quits doesn't it.

at one

Sidey: his last job

Reegs: One more job


always one more just

Pete: like a pizza delivery boy

Sidey: after this one. Okay.

Pete: But also by this time he's definitely met Debra who's flames

Sidey: Lily James

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: She plays Pamela Anderson in the Pam and Tommy


tape traumatization. Yeah.

Reegs: it's pretty weird, really in a way, because he, you know,


the other thing that's introduced is that we see his mother in flashback who died in a car accident

Pete: I see that she was abused

by the father,

Reegs: at by

the father.

Yeah So she used to work at the, at the place at the diner. So she comes in and she sort of a bit reminiscent of his mother in flashback. So yeah, it's kind of, I thought this might be your

Pete: the other,

Reegs: sides

Pete: you.

Sidey: yeah, I was into,

I was super into it

Reegs: yeah.

Pete: Is it okay if he does his mum in flashbacks?

yeah, yeah. Okay

Reegs: Anyway. Yeah, so they meet and connect over songs.


Yeah, which is

Sidey: They wanted them to drop

that to cut

that out because they thought it made him look stupid. But they said no we're fucking leave it in

Reegs: no that's a good little character moment.

I like it. But yeah. Anyway, they do have to do this get away that we were start talking about before. It's

Sidey: Ho you know,

it, things

are go out of control with this one, basically. And it's more of a


chase than just plain getaway because

this guy,

this guy is following them, shooting them


at one point, get the He gets the car stuck under some big fucking 18 Wheeler Jamie Fox. bats pulls the gun and it basically point blank has it in the guy's face. across the way baby managers just, swing the car around in time to stop

Pete: it.

Sidey: And they veer

down a bank get on. It's really cool chase actually. They hightailed off and the guy tries to follow them, but fucks it. And stacks got probably died To be honest,

Pete: again

Sidey: he would have died that In that crash

Pete: you say them again?

Sidey: know but he was not real. And Anyway, they said they do get away. They

have to change cars because that one's all bad. So they go to the front of this traffic jam,

JD gets in the car.

He's like, I fucking dropped my

shotgun I dropped my gun

for like five,

but it's I kind of like

laughing about it. He's always had weird reaction to it.

And he's


bit of a

fucking Dick.

Reegs: There's

a baby in the car for one minute. You're just like, oh my God, the bats is urging him.

She says, oh my baby or something. He's like, well, I've got a kid too or something.

Sidey: But baby cans the baby I

was working out, thank

God for that.

And they do get away.

But you're kind of a little bit concerned for JD is like

Dan: on the

Sidey: You're not


good with with bats here And sure enough, when they go to the debrief,


ain't there he is missing



Reegs: The inbox is already intimidated, baby as well. I mean numerous times, but after the robbery.

as well.

Sidey: he says, did you make me miss? Did you

did you still have

to do that on purpose? And he's like, no, And he's like, well, you're a fucking shit liar. sketches


Reegs: But anyway, then this is what goes to when you were talking about it, because now he's got the money and he's out. Okay. J D spin killed and he's

Sidey: made

Reegs: to dispose

of the body Isn't he in the car?

But this is the one last job and he's out and he can be a pizza delivery guy and be happy with his mom's lush girlfriend

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: and

his foster dad who He's

looking at,

basically even says there's news out You start looking after them.

Oh no,

No, she says that about them. Just know you started but then when they got in your midst that

Pete: yeah. Oh yeah, because



had a

Sidey: Yeah.

so they connect over that and they go to the laundromat and, you know, really getting on quite nicely.

Pete: And

Sidey: she's

like, well, there's nothing here for me. Yeah Let's

make some plans to fuck off, you know, he's out of the game. So

I should all be fine. I'd imagine.

Pete: And that's the end of the film.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I bet

Pete: oh no.


Reegs: called back

Pete: they go for,

a nice meal.

Sidey: do. Yeah.

Pete: It's quite chilling that this



Separating the art, like the art from the artist and everything like that. Kevin Spacey is a fucking phenomenal actor, but this,


he plays, it's really chilling how he kind of comes over and infiltrate and basically says like, oh, you're back.

at your like, you're,

You're in. I fucking control you. And he just starts reeling off all the things that he knows about his life, about delivering pizzas about his girlfriend, about everything. And basically just says like, do you want everyone, you know, and love to die? Cause if you, if you do, or if you don't, you fucking jump back on board with me like that.

And even though it's not a,


not are chilling, filming in it by any stretch like that bit, I was like, fuck.


quiet That's like,

Reegs: these are serious people. Yeah. Yeah,

Pete: yeah. But he's, he's weird. Like he, he kind of.


leave you a bit conflicted as his character, because like he sort of Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah Because he's got almost like a weird sort of father.

figure to him

Reegs: They all do John Hamm's character does. And that becomes important when he comes back into the movie.

Sidey: So yeah, he's saying, well, now you've paid off your debt. Now you can start making

Pete: some


Sidey: You know And we've already seen that under the floorboards where he kicked cause he's given a roll of cash every time.

So he's already built up a decent stack of money anyway. But now

Reegs: he

basically only spends his money on sunglasses and gray.

Sidey: no sunglasses He gets from stealing cars and all the iPods are from stolen

Reegs: cars.

Sidey: Yeah. So yeah. Now we go back to the warehouse.

to plan

this big. house I said this is the post-launch one it's Yeah. It's I

Reegs: Well They saying then they have to scope out the joint first and they send in baby, and doc's nephew Sam to scope the place out. And he's told to remember to look for how many cameras there are. How many, how many registers are open?

Pete: How many gods

Reegs: How many guards

Pete: So my user

that kids like


Sidey: chat with the

tailor at the

desk? And she's like, oh, how old is your son?

He's like four clearly. Cause I, I,

Pete: Oh, the grow up so fast.

Reegs: yeah. And then they come back and the kid is scoped the whole place out for him.

Sidey: It's a professional.

Pete: But it was really good.


Obviously when they go to it, when they assemble the crew, that was the first thing you noticed that it's all people that have been used before in previous highest which just goes against the grain of what you said previously.

So you kind of know

that it's

not all going to go to.


Reegs: be right.


I mean, now we have got the final, heist right. Which is a buddy who is John Hamm's character and darling. And we find out that their relationship is, that he is they're into Coke basically. And he left his wife and kids, for her, and she's a stripper sort of thing. And they have this intense Coke fueled relationship.

And then he's adopted the whole way through this kind of


paternal vibe towards him. And so it's that crew, but bats as well.

Sidey: Yeah. Who's you you've seen him before You're like we'd like to do another job with him. I think I'd try and avoid

Pete: Yeah Yeah. because you got the there's the scene in the, in the diner I think this is before they do the this, obviously before they do the heist

Yeah. Because he's going to kill oh yeah. The sense you get the guns and they killed all the people.

with the


And so on, but then they go to the diner and he's going to shoot fucking Deborah and


if Faby knows her at all,


I got what's the line It's just

talking about that.

It's like, but is it buddy? John ham.


He says like, he's, like oh, you know,

I'm a criminal to support my drug habit or wherever he goes, oh, I'm a drug I

take drugs to support my criminal habit.

or something like that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: he's a loose cannon asshole

Reegs: yes, he certainly is. Yeah. So yeah. Where are we?

They have this disastrous thing where they're supposed to arm themselves. Right. And they get into a bloodbath that bats kicks off and then we're on the final heist.

Pete: Yep Yep But shoots a security guard and then like baby's had enough by now. Isn't he Because that's basically, what he drives into that sort of skip and there's like a.


Pole kind of like sticking out from it. And he ends up in paling bats.

Dan: What's happened to the check here. How did she take the news that he's back in?

Pete: well,

she, she didn't know, but he, so he comes into the diner with a light she's there because their plan is now to like, go off on this



He comes in and pretty much like,


evidently like blanks her.

But she kind of like she's like switched on So it knows that not everything's okay. I don't think she, she doesn't know what he does at this stage. What he did.

Reegs: he, tells her that he's a driver.

a Yeah.

And then when he comes into the diner, is he just completely blanked her sort of thing So she knows straight away there's something up.

And he slipped her a note saying 2:00 AM on it.

Pete: road trip

Reegs: escape with her

Cause there that's been their plan the whole way along. They want to hit the road just with a full tank of gas.

a music player in a car you can't afford and that's their plan.

yeah. So babies.

have the opinion that this

last one is going to finish it all off, but yeah, like you say, sort of ends in, in where just the movie goes pretty crazy at this point

bats is killed off but he pushes him into the back of the metal pole.

Pete: Yeah. And the birds buys,



like gunned down, by the

Reegs: by the police?

Or the remaining crew of the Bircher, who is the guy who had set up the gun deal. And and body is, and baby are involved in a thing where it's like shooting and running you know, stuff happens and all this, I gotta be honest. I really, really like about three quarters of this movie.

And then this spirit just stuff happens and I get all the


about dads and stuff, but

Pete: I'm with you on that,

the last heist and everything going wrong and all of that. So point, it didn't feel as like slick and cohesive as the rest of the film had felt up to that point.

Reegs: In

Pete: and I thought it was because I just stopped it



night and then re watched the rest and I stopped it pretty much right.

In the middle of that kind of highest, which is a dark time


to stop it But I thought I felt, I felt it was a kind of like, less cohesive and went on a little bit too

Sidey: It's also quite easy to Telegraph. What's kind of going to happen. I thought,


still I mean, I, I still enjoy that

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. It certainly didn't spoil the film, but it was, I know what you mean.

Reegs: Yeah. Just, you know, a lot happens at the end but it kind of, he goes, he ends up going to jail where the bloke from John Spencer blues explosion gives and she waits for him. I always love that in movies when they've met for like five minutes. she's like oh I'll wait for you for five years

And then he fucks off.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: hands. So


Pete: just remembering like

they go to

Reegs: not answer that.

Who does he become? Who is he and so Elgort

Sidey: Well we

can get into it.

Reegs: All right. Okay.

Pete: Okay.


Cause then in that final.

height they go.


goes through his apartment, They go to the diner. They go back to the warehouse, they go they go, he drops off the


dad a care home. It is like, a lot of like jumping around all walls buddy and the police are chasing him.

And it all seems a little bit kind of too convenient. They just get there too late, each time and so

Reegs: but he gets a pretty cool supervillain death. where He goes out of the thing.

Dan: Did you ever think in movies, they just running out of time and budget and they just fast-forward in

Sidey: You're absolutely right,

because this was




over budget and they wanted to make some changes to it.

But Edgar Wright said no, cut my fee and use that money to make sure we finished how we want want it to But it was obviously They were,


under pressure.

Dan: think the stresses play in the lost cause I remember this movie pretty well, but don't remember the ending. Eh, I'll probably say.

A year ago, you know, so I remember lots of the drive scenes, the, the soundtrack obviously is is tying to perfection old wafer.

And I particularly remember the beginning, as you said, with the Harlem shuffle and just the, the way that as they're passing the diff and it's stylish, you know, it's really, really kind of clever like that.

But yeah, I didn't remember the end, so,

Reegs: it's

really good and it's like all that stuff and, you know, it's just really cleverly done and it looks great.

The cinematographer director of photography, I don't know if that's the same thing where it it's bill, Pope, the guy who did the matrix

and you can, and he's done other Cool.


And then like you, this

really clever the way he just uses music


as the driving force behind


everything that's happening. in the movie

Dan: as a filmmaker, you you'd be thinking when you're like, how am I going to, you know, increase the pace in this part.

And to have that song in mind, as you're putting together the, you know,

Reegs: well they

did it on Saturday you know in a, way their guy, the sound mixer was doing sound editing on set with them, which is quite cool because that's how they established in the scene. The one where Jamie Fox his stunt double shoots them all after the robbery gone wrong, he restarts the song.

And that was because the guy realized that


hadn't quite nailed the


actual scene to be the length of the June So

they inserted that

scene afterwards to

Sidey: me

Reegs: Yeah. So it's just, I think the editing in this is just unbelievable.

Sidey: That's Yeah. That's sort of like a rights calling card. Isn't it.

is that

Quick style

grabbed right back to space.

Do you see a lot of that?

in it but

Fucking now is it here in

Reegs: in absolute but it's Not just the quick stuff in this it's everything. It's really clever. Yeah. maybe yeah. And the thematic stuff with the dads is okay. And it's always good to see John ham

Sidey: Kevin Spacey. It's quite rapey.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So we should probably mention him.

You mentioned it Pete, about separating the art from the rapist.

There was Anthony Rapp was the


who first accused Why don't they be first years but he was the one that


He accused Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances advances towards him in 1986 when he was only 14 years old which is pretty dodgy stuff. And then, yeah, a load of other stuff emerged. And so he


you know,


rightly So but not just that, but Ansar Al gore as well, has had some troubling

uh Sexual assault history June, 20 20 Twitter user accused. And so

Al gore of sexually assaulting her in 2014 when she was just 17 years old she subsequently deleted the post but,

she screenshot also some conversations that they'd had by text when she was under age And then some other people who were under-aged at the time came forward and accused him as well. So

That's probably haven't seen much more of him since that.

Reegs: Well, that one might be why, because he had kind of star quality in this that you could see as he would mature would be, but yeah, that's

Sidey: that's going to

Completely fuck it And, you know,

good written

Pete: So yeah, they

just needed, like glitter or Saville in the

in the,

in the cost as well, just to,

I didn't know. Obviously I know about, I know, I've heard stuff about Kevin Spacey. I didn't know anything about that. I mean, I guess it's

we we've

had these conversations before and here it's difficult to know, like, is that like someone asked me what's the someone else who


Kevin about what Kevin Spacey did in his, in his personal life that give them the opinion on that is obviously like

terrible shit If people ask me whether this is a good film or not.

I will, say it's a good film. And like, you know,

Dan: Michael

Pete: suspects and stuff like that.

fucking unbelievable film, it's like that, that they're not now shit films that can't be watched as a result of


what's happened. We'll bet there's probably people out there


screaming back at me that

Sidey: Well yeah I can cancel culture is can cancel culture is a real thing. You know, if anyone steps out of line, it seems for even a much Smaller transgression than what what's going on here then people are fucking, I won't get them off and I fucking, they've got to go. over got it They got to make sure they never work again ever And you're like,


Pete: Yeah. I mean, this stuff that you're talking about definitely kind of will besmirch the legacy of this because it's it's

Dan: But she's a real big shame, isn't it for all the good people in it, or you think, fuck, you know, and

Reegs: well I don't think it does though.

He doesn't

besmirch it. You

Dan: well, it will do for some people, I think, you know, they they'll avoid it because it's a Kevin Spacey film, you know,

I know that's not for me because you know, you won't be able to get by that, but if you've already seen it and maybe, you know, Europe.

Reegs: hard,

done it really

Dan: I mean it's yeah,

Reegs: goodbye.

It's standing

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: my two mates here. Yeah.

it's tricky one. And you know, should probably not make life you know, there are victims, you know,

Pete: Yeah, of course. Yeah, Yeah. yep,

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: yep

Sidey: yeah. But I did. you know Just, you know, distilling it down to what I thought the film I really,

liked the

film really enjoyed it When I first saw it at the cinema I've seen it a bunch of times you know,

Reegs: oh, you

saw it in the cinema,

I bet that

Sidey: Yeah it was right It was raw especially cause

it's got a Keller Sandra You mentioned it on the WhatsApp group straight away Yeah.

It's like an all time great soundtrack.

Reegs: So

many hip hop samples

Sidey: Yeah. I was going to say

There's so many songs that like you mentioned, where how's the pain and

you think oh

no this is the one that

they sampled it from loads of those.

it's great. It's really, really good.

Dan: Drive for is good as

Sidey: well this is the end of the show, almost certainly. And reg you've got some nominations for us next week. Dan


close attention.

Reegs: So we normally go with the,

I'm not doing any theme or anything like that, but we normally go with mid week So that's going to be flight of the navigator, which is currently on prime Remember that one Yeah. I haven't seen that

for a long time. So I'm wondering, I remember that being a pretty strange movie,

so we'll see out. Our top five is going to be, the topic is sort of army style. One-liners when, like, after

a kill or dad's so it doesn't have to know

it could be bond or like

any action movie

kind of at your best.

Sidey: good

Reegs: And it doesn't necessarily have to be a death. that just, you know, it just, you know, the thing I'm going for and the movie is going to be call me by.

your name.


seen that



Now let me I think it's more like people that are going to provoke.

those kinds of,

Yeah, basically. I think it could be on the hammer but I don't know a lot about it, And a throwback for the kids TV, is going to be baby TV. remember this? So I'm going

with a,

like a trifecta of nominations here. You're going to have to watch a little episode. I'll find them for you for hungry Henry, the Mexican cat.

Sidey: Oh

like that

Reegs: yeah.

Egg bird and kids and pets.

We're going to watch that thing. is probably only going to consume about 15 minutes of your time and it will be

Sidey: cool.

all right. Sweet.


what we have to do now is stop this rewind and see if we did, record the kids section, because we don't know if we did or not. So

Reegs: fun for us to

Sidey: yeah so all that remains apart from that is to say Saudi signing out

Reegs: out,

Dan: Govern your eyes. Dan's gone.

Sidey: kids TV Peter Rasta mouse.

Pete: indeed.

Sidey: This is a favorite in your household,

Pete: Well it has been in the past, not currently. It was I just had a flash of memory of it and enjoying it very much. And, particularly my eldest son, who's now soon to be 13, but it would have been watching this probably about six, seven years ago.

And yeah, he really likes it. He just couldn't get enough of it. And I liked the,


theme tune and the premise and the

Sidey: case you want to hear the theme

Reegs: Let's hear that brilliant theme tune

Sidey: That was good. Wasn't it? Why should we just pile into all the stuff that we liked about it? Because there's probably some other stuff we can talk about.

after that

Reegs: Yeah.

Was there any reason you picked this episode?

Pete: yeah Cause,

I think we didn't need any kind of like lengthy origin story. The characters are pretty much introduced in the in the theme song but this one in particular is about the making of a film,


not as a people couldn't see, my eyes opened really wide,

when I said the or not,

but yeah, the eyebrows went up and the nostrils.

fled so yeah, there's a

Sidey: spike cheese spike

Pete: cheese


famous or not famous

Film director.

Dan: What, what I really liked about this was the, the knitted puppets. I thought they were fantastic. They had that kind of bagpuss

Sidey: yeah It's a stop motion animation

Pete: and

Dan: the scenery in behind it's all painted and you've

Sidey: This conversation is so fresh



the first time we've ever done.


Pete: Yeah,

no, it's, it's, it's the animation is great. The characters are fun. I mean, it's a good kind of like wholesome message Cause what you've got is the easy crew who are abandoned reggae bands comprised of Rasta mouse Scratchy and Zuma,

Reegs: when they related to my email So a

different finger


Pete: thing.

Yeah. They might be

Reegs: spin-off

Pete: fine Kit scratchies the girl's name that said like an

unfortunate nickname. I felt like she's got like a feminine hygiene problem or something, but But yeah,

Sidey: zoom has issue then Yeah. And records

it what a

Reegs: Well,

he also plays bongos and she plays the bass in the

Pete: battle Yeah.

Reegs: crew They're pretty easy.

Pete: The easy crew and yeah. the Rest of the mouse, skateboards, scratchy, blades, roller skates.

Reegs: And they solve mysteries for president Wensleydale, who is the president of mouse land. And they play music at the NEF song

Sidey: Yeah Wednesday We wanted to talk about.


big cheese aficionados that we

Pete: we are

Sidey: Wednesday,

one of our least favorite

Pete: It's a shit cheese

Sidey: It's bollocks.

Pete: Chalky and rubbish Yeah.

Dan: You

need to start with cranberry

Pete: mate. That's some incredible

insight Yeah.



Apricot's and

stuff like that. No,

I'm not having it,

Reegs: the band they're trying to put together a video on for mouse TV, which I don't know if it would be MTV

Pete: Oh, it's

very clever.

Reegs: Yeah.


Pete: see what they've done there.

Reegs: they

do that and they want to, it think it would be awesome to do their own veered in like you said, Dan earlier is this spike, CI's who spike Jones, maybe

or spitely there's

more lightly actually given the character, is a bit like spike Lee as well. Now that you mentioned it but except he is actually a bit of a

Sidey: shyster

Pete: He's a charlatan.


Reegs: he wants to prove him. So, but we didn't know that what we did know is that there were a bunch of orphans who'd gone missing.

Pete: Yeah.

He'd seemingly sort of coerced them into


in his film, which sounds like a very different,

And most sinister


Dan: rest of mouse at one point is offered a part in the film, but you asked to see the script and he's, he's all a bit kind of shy about it.

And then

Pete: I'm what what you'll find out is that there's no pulling the wool over

rest of mouses he's made out of wool, I

Reegs: when he sets him up though, doesn't

Pete: yeah,

Reegs: well, does he it's a bit of a weird message though, because he now in turn lies to

Pete: he

uses the seat

Dan: Chapman

Pete: It is entrapment. So

this is

the whole thing should have been thrown out on a technicality. But yeah. So


anyway, the orphans have missed their swimming lessons which is key,

because in later on.

Casa drift on a raft

Sidey: suggestive memory.

Reegs: at one


there's a ride They just, there's a riot going on outside President Wensleydale says three people, is that enough?

Sidey: I


Reegs: is there's gotta be a definition

somewhere That would say

Dan: the mice. they're mice,

Reegs: It's definitely.

Dan: Yeah.

You know

Reegs: So I gotta be honest,


I did at one point suspect that everybody was in on it, including Wensleydale himself, embezzling funds with a director,


Sidey: taxpayer's money

Reegs: because that sort of thing has happened. Look at that guy from the British Virgin islands. Do you see that guy who like,

Sidey: that's all I had here, wasn't there where we

like the development fund or something signed off of money to a filmmaker and it was gone

Reegs: grand or something and it ha fuck you also, I got a guy who you know Nigerian bank account.

Sidey: Yeah yeah

Reegs: you mention those?


Sidey: Yeah.

So, The plot kind of resolves itself. And they, they give them a right bollocking to be fair.


just told off Yeah,

Dan: well,

yeah, they, they call them out, but then they do sort them out as well. They give him a tape that he hasn't had before and they give him a chance to use his skills in Rasta. Mouse's new pop, video

Reegs: why didn't he he,

his whole thing

was he wanted to just get his creativity out there.

which was,

It looked pretty good.

But I feel a Kickstarter or a Patrion would have been a better route for him

Dan: I mean, this guy needs to learn a

Pete: was this out though, this episode. Cause


Sidey: yeah. Cause this, this was yeah, I think hang on there Where are you this started in


January, 2011 and there were 52 episodes in the first series. And then there was a second one and it finished up in March, 2015

So the. Seeds

of kickstart readiness around them but Anyhow.

They do. They don't just Bolick him though. They are good sorts The, easy crew who

Reegs: Yeah. Well,

but they're,

they're pretty reckless though. At one point they leave eight children on a raft without single adult on it.

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: They're often

pretty math

Reegs: suppose. But

Pete: Is that what you're saying?

Yeah, they lose their oars

Don't they? Yeah. And

that's to go and


do some like



easy crew who have access to boats like rah rah, what's it

called Rastafarian like colored boats and jet skis and stuff like that.

Dan: And you hear Rasta, Rasta, mounts, just go in there, get on their little one. He just helps him on this.

Reegs: Did

you watch your dub maybe

Dan: Oh, it was not the best, you know, it's not as is clear it's

but it's okay. I

Reegs: They forced the director to make him to make the band a video at the end. That's how it plays

Sidey: That's

Pete: Yeah.


Because the the the mantra is to make a bad ting good.

Reegs: Well, I suppose, I suppose it was doubling down on sort of lies and

deceit all the way down man he

Sidey: was

Pete: making a right.

Sidey: What do you

think they would

have called a midweek or I

love spontaneous jokes like that.

Reegs: So we, we did, I think. universally kind of feel fairly charmed by this


the designer the thing, MacKinnon and Saunders, with the guys who,


this is a real, you won't have heard this before.

but they take the puppets for for you.

Dan: tell me for the record weeks, they they, did

Reegs: they did the,

they did Bob the builder postman, pat Tim Burton's corpse bride Mars attacks. Fantastic, Mr. Fox. Yeah,

Sidey: I wasn't really listening to the fast.

Pete: the first time you heard that?

Reegs: nice And the Twilio ways they did as

Sidey: Okay,


yeah, that's


Yeah, so pretty much university. We were, we were into it, like you say, rigs however

as seems to be the case quite often, with stuff that we watch there is another side to the story.

Reegs: A dialogue, isn't it? That's the thing.

Sidey: Yeah. So


sort of,

Even in this, there's like two different branches of of the other side of the story.

So what you mentioned with the first time was that it's like a kind of homogenized view.

Reegs: Yeah. That seems to be the argument. Yeah, there's some, so Levi roots the guy does the reggae reggae sauce stuff he said that he wouldn't be involved in it. It was kind of offensive and he wouldn't watch it in his house.

And then Benjamin's effort Zephaniah is it the poet? He was kind of a little bit more sort of mild on it. He, you know, he said it's not a great representation of the community. but on the whole, he'd rather have Rasta mouse than not. So it is a complicated thing.

You know, it's difficult to know how to feel about it.

Sidey: Well There was then another branch of more far more Dick headed sort of complaints and a Surprise surprise. It's the daily mail article

And they're

bound to be the ones that fucking complain about the sort of shit. So they sensationalized, there were like a few complaints and then it snowballed a bit probably on the back of an article.

And they said, rest mouse most complained about children's TV show, sparking racism Raul And they said that they were over more than 200 complaints about it


it's stereotype black people.


because of the Patois language, and they were thinking that, we're trying to give this viewpoint that it was going to start kids talking, like they talk in the show,


Reegs: Yeah.

But why wouldn't you say that about poor patrol

Sidey: they


Reegs: but

Yeah. I rather we be racist against dogs like the thing was the thing.

Sidey: Yeah. So in spite of all that I think it's good for us to present, a balanced View of what's out there. But I really like, this and it was great.

Dan: I, I liked it and I actually thought that the accents added loads to it.

You know, I, I really liked the fact that I was listening to her

a different accent and well,

if that's what it means, I don't

Reegs: You enjoyed something that

makes you a racist I

Dan: it's yeah,

Reegs: no I totally it's complicated in it.

Dan: But what wasn't complicated was that the puppets were really good. The message was, was nice that he wanted to get I mean, I've not seen lots of it though.

I do remember you putting me on to this years ago and just the theme tune and everything. Just having that vibe and thinking, oh, this is loads of fun. And it, it, you know, a little mouse is going along solving cases and trying to make people feel good. Yeah. It came across good to me.

Reegs: th

The guy who was one of the EPA president Wensleydale was Cornell John, and he was, he was in that Sudanese horror movie Talked



his house.



Pete: I

Sidey: think it was our second ever mid weaker.

Dan: a natural step. Did he do this first? And then go into.

Pete: into Sudanese?


Reegs: and he's he's

like Daniel Day Lewis

Sidey: Well he actually murder

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: and learn how to be a mouse.

Reegs: exactly,

Exactly. At the same time

Sidey: had we, we onboarded a mouse in our house this week.


So the


the cat,

as they do attack the mouse and my daughter found it and

It wasn't dead. In fact, it was very much alive as it turns out. So we

all, our fish are dead.

So we've got

an empty

fish tank So she put it in the fish tank

Yeah yeah with some hay, cause we've got hay for some reason. And box and a little thing of water. And then it was in her bedroom and she named it Borbon and I guess so

Dan: used to be my name

Sidey: Yeah.

and no the lights weren't allowed to be put on.

I know it was, had to go in there and you weren't allowed to be there. So of this, time it was just like,


You can fuck off in there.

and shop and then the next day I fully expected that to be a dead mask Cause I hadn't seen it. I was out when it was captured and I was just fucking scuttling around in the thing. So we, we re-introduced it into the wild



So that was

a good a good story not really relevant to what we watched at all, but

Pete: no, but you made a bad thing. Good.

Sidey: That's true.

actually Yeah. Yeah. So,

Yeah. Good, good news around.

Reegs: Yeah, this is probably turned out better this time. Almost.