Oct. 30, 2020

Nightcrawler & Twirlywoos

Nightcrawler & Twirlywoos
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A convincing accent can be a powerful tool in an actors arsenal; on the other hand a terrible one can make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Join us this week as we discuss  the Top 5 Memorable Movie Accents - maybe they are awful, maybe they are amazing or perhaps they are just so distinctive it's hard to imagine a role without them.  You'll also get the benefit of some truly awful impressions as we do our best to imitate our choices.

This weeks main feature is Dan Gillroy's 2014 thriller, Nightcrawler. Jake Gyllenhaal provides a star turn in this dark and seedy urban noir about an opportunistic freelance cameraman capturing graphic imagery for prime time Los Angeles television. 

Not quite so dark but possibly more seedy is the kids feature this week, the perennial CBeebies favourite The Twirlywoos. These gentle creatures warm the dads hearts, with one dad in particular reminiscing fondly. The episode we've chosen includes UK comedian Jason Manford, which is nice. But are Toodloo, Great Big Hoo, Chickedy and Chick harbouring a dark secret on the Big Red Boat - the enslavement of Peekaboo?

Please do get in touch us with us - you can usually find us annoying people on Twitter - @dads_film - or on Facebook, or via email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com.

Until next time, we remain..

Bad Dads



Reegs: Welcome to Baghdad's film review where each week we review a movie we missed while we were bringing up our kids and the frequently awful kids TV we now have to endure as usual This program will contain swearing right from the fucking start and numerous spoilers for movies which everyone else has probably I'm your co-host weeks Hello And  I'm joined by a trio of terrific testicle troopers tempting you to tune into the talkies we've taken in this term First up we have Seidi


Reegs:A man of great wit and charm Next we have Dan relaxed positive He's a man of great distinction And finally we have Howie as thick as manure but only half as useful He looks like ETS come face

So welcome gents everyone All right

Dan:David And yeah very well


Howie:So all right Half term having to like watch kids films and shit actually genuinely all the way through not just like 11 minutes of my life seven minute cartoons but yeah

Dan:We did teen Wolf yeah two days ago


Sidey:did you see the deck

Dan:So I yeah Oh the t-shirt all the way through And then I'd said Sunny just towards the end I go when it came on this year I was watching out the back Somebody flashes it Yeah No they don't Yeah no they don't anyway Sure enough They do Don't Hey so you see the guy with the flies down and everything Well que kind of just teenage histo

Sidey:telling all his mates


Reegs:Didn't really didn't really watch

Dan:So nearly watched it as well but

Howie:did she read the t-shirt

Dan:she didn't Yeah No she didn't really say much to me but it's one of those things that I hadn't seen since it came out So to revisit it with the kids it wasn't too bad

Howie:it's fun in it is funny You still


Sidey:Did a TV series of it as well So long ago

Howie:There there is it is a classic PG risque film though because it's got that really quite awkward scene with the girl Yeah The cheerleader type girl who's like takes off her laundry room This

Dan:so there was that that scene cover the eyes And then at one point he goes in and he's just about to tell his mate his team Wolf And he goes what you some fag or something it's just totally inappropriate now And Michael J.

Fox is just laughing in Santa

Reegs:values dissonance when you watch stuff that's old like that and you sort of cringe

Dan:Well I look at again my boy and he's like no wonder you crazy And your generation


Reegs:wearing Cockneys t-shirts

Howie:So I watched Moulin I went for the yeah So

Sidey:You watched the live action version

Howie:I did I got forced into it cause I have seen the cartoony one which I like but yeah Watch the live action Have you seen how viral It's it's really violent

Sidey:we watched the animated version and Moulin two

Howie:Alright Okay

Reegs:is it one that we should review on the pod at

Sidey:but you have to you have to pay top work for it on Disney

Howie:20 quid

Reegs:say everyone Brown societies

Howie:It's good though But I'm surprised at the target audience of PG and E the amount of deaths It's not obviously graphic deaths but it's obviously a lot of it's implied and there is a lot of violence in it So it's like crouching tiger hidden dragon sort of thing kicking of Spears into people

Sidey:There was some controversy about it because in the credits they specifically thank the the area where there's like a cultural sort of genocide currently going on And they thank the government for allowing them to film it and stuff And it was like Yeah probably shouldn't be giving them any kudos at the moment

Howie:and the other film that I I've watched this at bar at two on Amazon prime have any of you seen it

Sidey:I've only done about the first 20 minutes I have to watch it in short bursts because it's just too much

Howie:It is beyond cringe-worthy It is properly I had to look away like Joe's I'm a wife would just look at each other going Oh my God I'm like no no please Don't It is not as laugh out loud continuously as the first one because you're fully aware of what the fuck Barra is but there are some massive belly laughs Then a bit of plot and then some uncontrollable squirming cringe

Reegs:I think we should review it because friend of the pod and coherence director check that movie out If you haven't James Ward Burkett worked on this movie and

Sidey:it was backside Do we know what his involvement

Howie:well he said a couple of weeks he did some work in a couple of weeks in Texas and I was thinking it might revolve around when they went to Texas they had a country in Western section where he sings to the crowd inject them with the Wu Han is the name of the song And and and and and the other choruses cut them up Like the Saudis would and

Sidey:on the bit that I've got up to the right it's right at the very start when he's incarcerated And he says ah I missed Holocaust remembrance day and it cuts It's a fun

Dan:for me I must admit never found any of his stuff really funny So it's good No it just doesn't really tickle me Maybe Ali G Right But I was about 10 when it came out So maybe I would have found that more funny

Howie:surreal political showing of how awful America summit sorry Some subset of American supporters are

Dan:And I do like I do like the way that he will call them out with humor I liked the idea of it all but it it will be a tough watch for me if if we're gonna nominate that But there we go

Howie:the monkey for cultural attache his minister of culture

Dan:have you heard about that The new movie constipation not come out yet There's a friend of mine asked me then you ghost boot pastor's movie was any good I said it it captures the spirit of the original but no in all seriously I did watch a film this week It's on Amazon prime and it was one of those films that you've probably seen the the Patriot four and just glanced over it It's Elvis versus Nixon or Elvis meets Nixon Kevin Spacey plays Nixon our our F everybody's favorite sleazeball and I think it's Michael Shannon plays Elvis but if you've got a Interest in Elvis which I do I like Elvis I went to Gracelands as a kid and and and that kind of thing And you've heard any of the crazy stories around Elvis This focus is on Elvis's request to get an FBI agent at large badge which he pretty much just made up because he wanted to he collected badges He collected keys to police stations as well so and evidence rooms and things and everybody gave it to Elvis It was just like So he's naive T of going to ask for a badge to the president like go straight to the president I want a badge you know all this tells him why he wants it And it's adds some really funny moments It's only an hour and a half long And he said it's a bit of a slow starter actually like first 20 minutes or so 30 minutes but I really really enjoyed it And I would recommend it particularly when it goes into Elvis meet in Nixon and Just how his few minute conversation five minute conversation and then he's going to get out of there You know Nixon saying you've got to I'm going to get the fuck out of here but they start to kind of connect and kick it off And the photo taken is The most requested photograph out of the white house of Nixon and Elvis because they took it even though I always didn't want it to be taken because he wanted it to be undercover knowledge Like you know she didn't want to open up but eventually the you know it got leaked and it came out but it's it's it's a decent thesis

Sidey:We watched Madonna like I mentioned I'm around too And we was the request for is there more on three No sorry And also Pocahontas

Howie:yeah yeah

Sidey:going to put out their best looking

Howie:14 year old

Sidey:best-looking female cartoon character in the history of cinema

Reegs:Wow That's a big claim

Sidey:Yeah no fencer

Reegs:She's a bit

Sidey:pecans is amazing in this chair out

Howie:cowboy The one that is fucking loving No In Polk Pocahontas


Howie:Forgot about him So Kevin Costner or

Sidey:Anyone any voice I could identify was Billy Connolly plays the captain of the ship that comes over

Dan:I I just have to say as well I looked at nods We we had a pet mouse called Elvis but sadly he was caught in a trap


 Reegs:so last week's top five really captured the imagination of our listeners we didn't have a single nomination I don't

Sidey:in it in a week with our strongest ever download numbers Perversely We had no feedback for maybe fuck-ups maybe because of this was so concise

Reegs:could be

Sidey:It captured the lot

Reegs:So unfortunately it's only a top four Maybe if you think of a top five movie continuity area you can let us know what's on this week show Sidey

Sidey:I think it was your nominations wasn't it So we've got a top five of movie accents I think we're going to not say good or bad Just we just talk about them in general Yeah We watched a film Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal and we watched the 20 ways which will be fun to talk about

Dan:We're going to have to pack all that into just this one show

Sidey:and some other stuff may crop up who knows

right Movie accents Dan is a bit of a linguist is Is it a specialist in this area So I'm looking forward to what you got to offer but rigs as it's your nomination do you want to kick us off

Reegs:And we said we were going to try and do an impression as well Then

Sidey:Yeah I can't guarantee I'm going to do an impression of all of these but maybe some we'll see Are we going

Reegs:Yeah Yeah Like like you said before I didn't necessarily think of best worst most convincing least convincing It was just a hodgepodge Yeah Memorable Exactly And for that reason the most memorable that I'm coming up with my first one is Fenster Which is Benicio Del Toro's character in the usual


Reegs:he sort of speak Yeah well he he he speaks like he's just come out of the dentist's office after root canal he knew that he was going to be his character was going to die so he wanted to

Dan:I'm hungry

Reegs:be memorable So he came up with the with the thing The classic iconic police lineup scheme with this exchange how many years And then the police officer says in English please Now he didn't know that that was going to be said That was by the actor Christopher Macquarie he and then he's having to fuck the keys in case I was that far

Sidey:what the fuck I love that

Reegs:yeah we always used to say it the guys and I back in the day it just it was the first thing I thought about movie accidents You've also got the I said flip Yeah You flip your pre-brew amazing amazing accent God knows what it was supposed to be but it is

Dan:he owned it didn't he just kind of made it up and it stuck It was it was a really good one Yeah That's that's that's tidy That's a good one

 Howie:My first one is a dirty ship Brad Pitt in snatch my dogs don't like dogs Vermont doc What a big fella big file

Reegs:Why the fuck I want to Cara Okay What else

Howie:Have you become slightly unhinged with the accident that it kind of seemed quite natural to

Sidey:have subtitles or were you just sort of

Howie:No you just left your own devices

Reegs:There is a version on YouTube That's got subtitles on I don't know if it's taken

Sidey:from maybe I wondered if maybe in America might've had subtypes cause they literally would not have a fucking clue

Dan:I'm pretty sure it did Yeah I'm pretty sure it's like train spot and had subtitles for the


Dan:I think Yeah

Howie:but it's it's brilliantly done

Dan:Yeah well I've got the the terrible cottony accident that all others are measured by The kick is off it's of course Dick van Dyke

Reegs:Are you doing the impression now

Dan:Maybe Poppins come on Let's go Maybe now it's it was it was as bad as that It was terrible We don't know to this day what convinced the

Sidey:it wasn't he told literally a half an hour before doing it that it was going to be an accident So he had no time to sort of I don't know

Dan:well that would stand up in in you know is it as an excuse I guess but

Reegs:it's not the worst ever Cockney accent committed to film

Dan:But it is

Howie:no I've got a couple

Dan:okay well now it does kind of just set the benchmark of all of our actions because I think there's there's something to be said even if it's really good or really bad If you remember them then you can go back and speak about them have a laugh about them And we've got some more later that that will prove that it doesn't need to be a good accent to get a good reaction


Sidey:talking about bad ones Then  this is An act or who has never made any attempt to do anything other than his normal right So the film is Highlander played a character called one Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez and Sean Connery does it with a broad Scottish accent I haven't gotten any of his lines to recite to you but He never made any

Howie:I do it


Howie:for fill the stag fill the shag fill the blood pumping through your Rindge Fill the stag

Sidey:one Sanchez What the fuck


Sidey:to think at the untouchables Did he even

Dan:Wait he did an Irish accent and this was one of mine So we were talking about it now but he did an Irish accent He won an Academy award I believe for this didn't he and it was Well it was not an issue It wasn't anything it was Sean Connery again like you know it was it was just Chicago Irish you know it was it was just a mismatch Your hodgepodge of

Howie:Can I can I interrupt Because I know it's not my turn but because we talked about the Highlander I feel that the other accent is even worse from Christopher Lambert Who is his crystal lamp Yeah Who is Scottish that accent supporting full stop That is proper We Jimmy cranky impersonation we dropped poop on the plop No yeah but his accent go Yeah his shit but his accident goes even worse when he's in a pub in present day New York and a guy looks at him funny He goes what are you looking at Are you cruising for a piece of ass And it's like why is that excellence Sorry I had to just get there So both of them I never really thought it's fucking terrible And then the bloody great big henchman guy what's your name And he goes yeah Candy And it's just like what the fuck Where all these weirdos coming from


Sidey:still really like that

Howie:Yeah I love it It's brilliant

Dan:It's a great film

Reegs:Brilliant I've got two from the same movie the movie is Inglorious bastards It's Brad Pitt again who seems to have a bit of a habit of coming up in these sorts of things his Italian accent is is really quite something to behold Yeah chain bond Jor No See of course that's for the plot though because he's a Southern own He's not really making any attempt to speak in Italian but Christopher waltz in the same movie and this is It's really phenomenal scene The movie opens with a kind of 15 minute

Sidey:friend of your people in here

Reegs:yeah he's the Jew Hunter Oh that's a bingo he he sort of switches in about five to eight He speaks English German French Italian and each language is spoken in the appropriate accent And it's a really incredible performance because it's utterly utterly chilling

Dan:It is It is Yeah

Reegs:totally reverted to the screen It's an

Dan:you know that the people that are under the floorboards and and he's he knows it as well but it's

Reegs:And he's just ringing all the attention out but yeah he's flipping between the languages He's got the appropriate accent for each one It's really quite something

Howie:next one is Don Cheadle and I think it's oceans 11 or oceans

Dan:I think it's all of them I think it's all the

Reegs:is what I was going to say That's the worst Cockney accent

Dan:This one a friend of mine at work in also mentioned So so take it away But you sound like your from London

Sidey:no reason for him to be a Cockney Like it could just be an

Howie:Tell you what my R got myself a bomb I'm going to blow it up with the earthquakes What you sell us stuff Ross mate at one point but where are you going with this Just be yourself You're an Oscar winning fucking actor

Sidey:And then some of them really like lame Cockney rhyming slam that he throws in a bit at Barney rubble

Howie:that's it That's the one That's the

Dan:just wonder whether this is just so cartoonish on purpose

Sidey:there's nothing else in the film like that

Howie:Does he not does he not lose the accent in the later films or yes they basically realized it was fucking

Sidey:They did the same thing happened with Scarlet which so if you watch 80 Belgrade when she first appears she's got this really shit Russian sort

Howie:Oh fuck your blood

Sidey:I gradually it gets phased out to us It's just a yang


Reegs:why did we didn't eat the first day Like take one Cheadle does this thing You're like dumb Why don't we make the character in an American that Why didn't that compensation come up

Howie:the other terror there seems to be a theme here because the other accident that's fucking terrible that is linked to this is one that we filmed that we kind of all watch which might talk about at some point bloodshot with Wilfred weekends who's Lamar and Lamar and Morris Is it another really good actor And he does his little thing where he's an Englishman and they all talk like caucus and pears You know what the fuck caucus and pears that's that well known one caucus and pears Hairy dogs legs that well known Cockney slang Dan saved me I don't know any of this shit Caucus

Dan:no you you carry on the floor is

Howie:Thanks Thanks I really appreciate that I'll just dig my fucking whole caucus in pairs What did I say though

Dan:Do you think it's American actors trying to be British actors is worse than British actors trying to be American actors

Reegs:I think Brits are exposed to probably a bit more American TV than Americans are

Dan:exposed to making it a bit easier for them

Reegs:easier Maybe

Howie:Brits can always do a Boston drawl but they can't just do a normal American accent

Reegs:Best American accent


Dan:Fair enough

Howie:ahead I'm waiting for Dan's American accent It's going to come out

Dan:  There was one actually it's Harrison Ford and I like Harrison Harrison's strong actor He's Russian accent in K was it K 19 The widow maker was awful I mean he's no Russian it was it was pretty bad in in any kind of Acting profession because he just doesn't give it's comedy again but it doesn't fit in with a film You know it's one of those actions that you can see that he's trying

Howie:I'm not seeing it as it like Patriot games as a serious film or is there a

Dan:It is a serious film Yeah it's it

Reegs:on a true story

Dan:it may have been based off it was around nuclear codes and a submarine and all that kind of thing and Yeah He's is Russia an actor you know it's he just he just doesn't nail it unfortunately but we let him off but it was a bad one for him

Sidey:Good One I think Margot Robbie as Naomi in the Wolf of wall street

Reegs:What was her accent

Sidey:Well she could she is she's an Aussie she's from errands borough

Reegs:Wait where neighbors was

Howie:Ramsey street

Sidey:no she's not She's from Queensland but she's this kind of

Reegs:like I was so excited

Sidey:okay She's a like I said New York I don't know if she Brooklyn slang but they have a good few Rouse and them she says don't you fucking Duchess me And that she's just super fucking hot in this

Reegs:Yeah Do you remember when the pet shop boys were in neighbors for like two seconds let's just come flying back to me

Sidey:they also in home and away When I

Reegs:are They sort of turn up and they ask for directions and then they fuck off It's really weird

Howie:Let me be the one that you tend to I want to live forever Homo rack off your fucking rack whatever Donald Fisher

Dan:really spunky

Reegs:Daniel Day Lewis in my


Reegs:No it's a joke Casita mute


Sidey:just the mention of his name It sends me into

Howie:gangs in New York you know

Reegs:I've actually gone for is John Wayne as Gangas Kahn in the Howard Hughes produced 1956 movie the conqueror

Dan:Yes And I've seen him dressed up which is

Reegs:Yeah So there's a lot wrong with this movie and it starts with the fact that the movie is Yeah It's pretty racist And the movie itself was filmed just down wind from an active nuclear testing facility between 94 and 1981 no few of the 90 one of the cast and crew contracted some form of cancer including the director Wayne's love interest for CoStar and John Wayne himself had lung cancer diagnosed in 1964 but among the many Crimes in this awful awful movie is the fact that John Wayne played Gangas Kahn with a Southern American drawl it

Dan:Well I don't want we're gonna chop you all up whether you like it or not

Reegs:it's rumored obviously Howard Hughes is well known for being a bit of a Strange fish he bought every outstanding copy of the film after its disastrous release and watched it religiously every night until he died Yeah

Howie:did it How would he use He went proper fucking nuts

Reegs:get in the plane

Dan:I'll tell you just to jump in there quickly because it's it's on the theme is Mickey Rooney breakfast at Tiffany's and he plays well he plays mr Yano she which just isn't Mickey Rooney and we call it an accent Now you would just call it a horribly racist interpretation of of somebody But it's you know he's confused as his L's were bizarre calls and all the rest of it and it's it looks terrible cause they they dress him up as well but that's yeah I don't even want to do a an actual I don't even want to try that one but yeah if ever you really want I want to see a terribly auction terribly done than a checkout breakfast at Tiffany's

Howie:I'm going to go mainstream and I'm going to go for one that makes a lot of people cringe Mike Myers and fat bastard who can forget the a wonderful line Where's he at a shutdown I've got tical head I'm not kidding I've got a trap on deck that could choke a donkey

Sidey:So loud

Howie:sound Check One two

Dan:I'm not happy cause I eat and I eat cause I'm no harm

I think it's probably a little bit difficult for our Australian brethren to To calm down that accent So it was probably no surprise when Russell Crowe attempted that Sheffield not an accent in

Howie:Irish is an Irish swing in

Dan:in yeah in the legend of Robin hood it was a poorly received film and the action did nothing to help it

Reegs:it was so boring

Dan:I to be honest I was just I didn't go there It was enough about it that didn't make me want

Sidey:Oh sorry At the cinema it's bad

Dan:You went to this

Sidey:I always thought it was going to be like gladiator

Howie:Yeah That's what they hoped


Dan:It was not like that We wasn't even as good as the Costner

Sidey:well I was I was going to lead on from that one to another guy who just couldn't be bothered to it Just just use your normal voice that's quite famous That one for just

Reegs:What Kevin costs are you talking about When he comes up on the beaches after the crusades and he's running up the beach going England my home I'm so glad to be back

Howie:Did he also end it with that's where that accent was going there is a terrible accident that Robin had one with Christian Slater as well who plays another Motley Cockney And you're like you're

Sidey:What's the Nottingham accent though

Dan:We listened to Russell Crowe's and it's not like that

Howie:it's the North it's the North That's how Russell Crowe goes It's North And then he goes Kona Lake we're like it goes on and then it goes down there

Dan:anything isn't he at that stage

Howie:And then he ends it with going

Dan:is as long as it's not Australian it's going in

Howie:that's the name of your autobiography


Sidey:one that possibly might divide people but I don't like it And it's something I've just finished watching recently I know reset as well It's Billy butcher from the boys

Howie:I haven't

Reegs:Yeah it does waver a bit


Howie:Is there some color Colorbond yeah I think yeah

Sidey:it I don't know why They didn't have I don't think they had to keep because I think he's quite well he's well suited to the role but just saying the accent is quite off-putting and it doesn't work for me

Reegs:Yeah Call is

Sidey:And it's again it's one of these sort of Cockney it's a lot of it says come every other word but she doesn't I suppose but I just find that was the one thing out of the suit which I love the series and I love the original graphic novels but it just for me It felt like someone doing an impersonation rather than watching a really good performance And it just didn't

Howie:I feel like that we call it urban Does the doctor Yeah

Reegs:Isn't it He's not doing it I quite

Sidey:It just didn't feel very natural to me

 Reegs:I was thinking about John Malcovich in the Matt Damon poker game vehicle rounders which is actually quite a decent movie PA DAP man his money but the one I was going to really nominate with

Dan:watch He's got a great accent though Isn't he He's got a great acting voice

Reegs:He does He does Malcovich Malcovich Malcovich Aruba it Keanu Reeves Keanu Keanu Keanu Reeves in Dracula which is possibly the worst English accent ever committed to film I watched it I watched like a clip thing on YouTube of like the worst five minutes of him just edited together It's one I just had to break one down It was so bad I've seen very strange things already Bloody wolves chasing me through some blue Inferno I actually like capitalized the O so I knew how bad it could be

Howie:I was going to go for one that's really fucking terrible I can't do the impression that you'll be pleased to note is Benedict Cumberbatch and and dr Strange when he does this fucking weird American accent that kind of is odd So it's not his voice It is Americanized version I think it just doesn't work

Sidey:Yeah I think

Howie:nothing funny about that It's just doesn't think it doesn't really work

Sidey:the theme of it's Brits doing yank access or yanks doing Brits just cast someone from that place

Howie:Yeah or just change

Dan:easier Wouldn't it

Howie:or just change it if you really need that actor just give them a an example of where they've got it completely Right Is have you seen Chernobyl the series on sky where they don't make everybody a dog with a Russian accent They just make everybody do their normal

Sidey:Oh death has started

Dan:Oh it was about to say this



Reegs:what it's like in this actually

Howie:the miners They bring in the room the minors that they bring in to dig onto the reactor to sort of ease the into stop it going into the soil are all Northern isn't they and and and it works It really really works

Reegs:a really phenomenal

Howie:It's amazing

Reegs:Has anybody seen it

Howie:I would strongly recommend it It is Horrifying You

Reegs:can't believe what ha you just cannot believe what happened I remember Chernobyl Yeah


Reegs:But obviously I was pretty young and I don't suppose I really know the full extent It's really unreal What happened

Howie:but yeah just

Dan:No I think it really happened

Reegs:Yeah you're right You're right

Sidey:Building a big dome

Howie:they've done it

Reegs:That's where they're smuggling the children into to yeah To take pizza out of their blood or something

Howie:Tina Turner's in there singing We don't need him this this his whole Thunderdome thing you're on someone's shoulders

Dan:I was just sizing up for an accident there and I'm not sure that I've got it in me but I tell you accents that really stick with you Schwartzenegger you know you've got to say Fu are all his films He's another one that hasn't compromised much on no director's been brave enough yet to say Ani We'd like you to try How how was your how's your Spanish accent or how has your how's your Welsh Can you give us an Ozzie No

Howie:fucking Claire Nestle

Dan:I'm from down under

She's not going to go I love David Bowie's in labyrinth as well We did before And we Tom cruise for the

Howie:Oh falling away with Nicole Kidman is fucking awful Oh Christ

Dan:fancies himself with having a good one though So it becomes a bit comedy Yeah

Prettiest thing I've ever seen

Sidey:Michael J. Fox one's in fact the future three

Reegs:Yeah They're

Sidey:they obviously yeah that bad

Howie:yeah Long lost cousin

Reegs:Seamus So fly or

Dan:flowery over there How would it be

Sidey:I've got Gary Oldman as Drexel in true romance but he plays the kind of white dreaded pimp And he has this I'm not going to attempt to person it cause it was just sounded like some really racist impersonation but he did so many roles where he was using a different accent When he went to them do play a Bret He had to get a dialect coach to get his old his proper English accent back Yeah Cause he had morphed into yeah That's

Dan:That is that is going deep undercover Isn't it

Reegs:that Hugh grant you can't even be bothered to read The script

Dan:Hopkins thinks 250 You haven't completely changed the whole way to speak of you Can't get it back

Sidey:So he's a bit of a ledge

Dan:Maybe he has Hopkins out a few dodgy accents Maybe not maybe I've just slighted The the great


Dan:He did the he played an Aussie in the world's fastest Indian if you don't see that movie ah really nice movie really nice movie Good one to watch with with a family and everything It's a it's a good one You seen that No no really And I can

Reegs:was really put off by the title

Dan:really don't Really lovely lovely movie I've watched it I've watched it two or three times Yeah

Reegs:Idris Elba as string a bell in the wire I think I was like three seasons into that before I realized he was a Brit

Sidey:probably more

Reegs:He's really very convincing Maybe our American listeners can tell us it wasn't but it certainly was to me

Howie:He already him his house music He does vocals for house music and it's with an American accent It's really it's actually quite good And you can put you can still tell it's in though

Reegs:John Voight's Paraguayan accident in Anaconda is really quite something but the one I was gonna nominate is Thor Ragnarok cog He's this intimidating gladiator alien made of stone but he inexplicably speaks with this

Sidey:take a what

Reegs:Waititi Yeah Speaks with a gentle high pitched and New Zealand acts Hey Hey Allow me to introduce myself the pile of rocks waving at you Yeah I'm actually a thing of being that's Miki some insect He has knives for hands

Dan:Yeah I really like that

Howie:wifi is free It's complimentary


my last one I'm going to go for is What's like a smoke and a pancake

I love Goldmember well again again just fucking he just gets away with just shit and it but it still makes me laugh obviously I watched the other day It's really

Sidey:Yeah I didn't like it at the time

Howie:I D I it got chortles at the time would be the technical term but now and watched it and no Yes Yeah So that that is there's a and fat bastards It moderately yeah it's near so that's my last one because I was going to say Shrek as well but


Dan:Well there's some good actions another I suppose one that didn't hit the Heights of of the acting world is is is our friend Brad again He was an Austrian Explorer in seven years in Tibet and well cost again I'm afraid Hmm So it sounded like Brad Pitt was You know sounding like a Schwarzenegger or something really I guess that's as good as you're gonna get it just to you know about 10 stone lighter in the voices Well but really wasn't one of his strong pause which was a shame because I remember at the time really looking forward to did this comment out I thought it was a really great story Highway Harry goes over from India crosses over the Himalayas into Tibet And I really liked the story and read it and everything Brad Pitt was probably you know I mean and he's at his peak now of course he's he's still anything he puts out but he was just getting right into you know hot heartthrob thing So it was always going to be a smash hit just because he was in it But I just think that would have been a better film without Again maybe if they'd looked at an Austrian actor would have been a



Howie:These fucking mountains They are hurt I got walk anymore My pants are twitching

Dan:seven years

Howie:I'll give you a seven weeks

Sidey:one I'm suppose he did mention how he it's a Bora

Howie:was gonna ask my wife this that does prostitute then all of them Catholic stuff But then it sounds a bit like have you seen the Muppets one recently with gamut The frog who's the Russian guy Every accident is the same

Sidey:Phillip Seymour Hoffman Kaposi It's very distinctive but you cannot do it without sounding this way It's brilliant because he does it But it it it just sounds like you're doing a complete piss take it's rarely high pitched Just like I feel like you're kind of it's way

Howie:All right Okay

Sidey:It's just

Reegs:gonna give it another bash

Howie:Can we talk about the accident

Sidey:I feel like you're spiting me by saver Worse than that You can't you can't do it It's impossible to do

Howie:find out

Sidey:don't know if I could really watch the film again but it's It it's very very distinctive I say that but then the other one YOKA is one Howie I know is Tom Hardy is bane Oh hi I'm the league of shutters Sounds like he's taking a shit sometimes

Howie:know you


Reegs:A couple more X-Men first class Michael Fassbender's accent is all over the place Anyway And then in the climax of the movie sort of drops it all together and just goes back to speaking in his native

Dan:I do what they do when they go there You've you've just given up there Haven't you mind you nobody

Howie:Yeah Gloss over it

Dan:a lot of action going on Nobody's

Howie:Just fucking throw an ambulance Someone do some metal

Sidey:But my mom is friends with his mom Yeah I think this was like 50 years

Dan:Hey friends of friends


Howie:I still think about Frank a lot I still really enjoyed that film Yeah Ex Frank converter Now I really I really enjoyed that film actually thinking about it Yeah Sorry

Reegs:I've got the room which is just Tommy wears those actual accent

Howie:or is it or is it

Reegs:more or is it yeah the last one from me is and I'm really surprised it's it's made it this far without anybody bring it up it's Peter Sellers inspector clues So from the pink Panther even the other French characters find them completely unintelligible at no point in any of the movies Does he speak a single Actual French word he does occasionally refer to people as Monsieur or Madame but that's it he D he was actually completely fluent in French as well

Dan:just decided not to use it

Reegs:yeah In the pink pound for he would like to buy a damn burger or a renter plume and pick up a massage at the front desk

Howie:Yeah Yes They're parallel it It's all coming back to me early down the stairs I have one more actually was just thinking about I revisited a classic that I should really talk about at some point O brother where art thou George Clooney And I love it I forgot what my kids watched it as well I was like was it going to be all right And they really liked it as well

Sidey:man of constant sorrow


Reegs:soundtrack is absolutely

Sidey:Yeah That's great



Reegs:anybody got any others done


Sidey:or maybe he Fletcher is joker burn from

Howie:yeah I was gonna say Christian bells accidents going all over the show a bit American psycho he's he's he's he is obviously American

Dan:sexy accents What about those


Sidey:It's good Cause he's Welsh but it's still it doesn't

Howie:He's lost

Sidey:that performance I wasn't going wow His accent I was just

Howie:but he's lost his ass


Howie:He's lost his actual He's an international transatlantic drawl type

Sidey:a Gary Oldman Is he Okay

Dan:Can you think of any female

Howie:he said Margo Rob Charlie's on does a lot of

Reegs:terrific actor actually She's South

Howie:she's suffer and she you never you wouldn't

Sidey:well well it down

Reegs:I'm going for Benicio Del Toro in the usual suspects as fence Give me the keys If I walk outside I walk that

Howie:I'll get to go for a fat bastard whereas you have to shut up

Dan:Whoa I'm confused I'd like somebody to To certainly mention Don Cheadle Cause I think that's a that's right down there but I find it hard to go without Dick van Dyke But now let me go Don because I think he it was done after Dick van Dyke and he still got it tragically wrong so

Howie:day Dick van Dyke

Dan:Cheadle Ocean's 11

Sidey:I'm torn between Margot Robbie as a good one or Sean Connery I think I'm going to go I think I'm going to go for sure And because When Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez with


Howie:Sean also did also did hunt for red October and that fucking terrible as well So I think Sean gets it

Dan:a man He's a man that just disrespects accents or completely respects the Scottish one to to be All encompassing for any role the air levitate

Sidey:Feel good Movie Nomination of the week rigs will be gone for

Reegs:We went for 2000 and fourteens Nightcrawler Jake Gillan hall plays Lou bloom who is a total weirdo he's first seen trying to cut through a chain link fence to steal scrap that you can sell for pocket money shocked by Paul Thomas Anderson's regular cinematographer and Oscar winner Four there will be blood Roger Elswit the movie mostly takes place in LA and mostly at night So it it's kind of a new AR ESC

Sidey:Neo Noah I read it described it

Reegs:Yeah I can see that so the movie opens with this with him trying to steal from a construction

Howie:Yeah I had a question about that because he has an altercation


Howie:Yes but do you

Reegs:took it that he might've murdered

Howie:Yeah that's what I took it as as well because there was that muffled When you when he drove off the bar Boyer I thought that he would knit with the wire wherever it was kind of moved I didn't know Is that the car moving or is it someone underneath

Dan:certainly at that stage that was the interpretation that I

Howie:Oh right what I thought

Dan:he'd gone off with his watch and the guy

Reegs:an establishing moment Isn't it You're whatever

Dan:heavy violence

Reegs:you're you're knowing that You know you're not

Dan:of guy

Reegs:you're following this guy but he's not

Dan:is interesting because there is no hero in this

Sidey:You're rooting for this guy not

Dan:Yeah Cause there was no hero in this which is a very strange concept straight away to get your head around There is no one Yeah

Howie:to no redeemable characters

Reegs:So Lou bloom is driving home one night He sees a flaming car wreck on the side of the motorway the freeway he pulls over gets out and walks up to watch fireman trying to pull the driver out of the wreckage He's just curious He wants to see what all the fuss is about And then bill Paxton shows up yeah in a news van and start sort of taking Video footage of this awful accident as they're literally pulling the victim

Howie:Intrusive right in the face

Reegs:of course Lou Bloom's question is only about what TV station they work for how can I make some money out of this he learns that that bill Paxton is a sort of member of this group they call them stringers don't they And basically they're freelance video people who monitor police radios chase down wrecks and fires and homicides and then sell their footage to the highest bidder

Dan:And that's it So our anti hero becomes an expert Nightcrawler masters The police lingo gets himself all the The bells and whistles needed to for him to to compete in this

Sidey:Yeah his first stab at here he just takes this raw footage too It's running Russo at this station and they they're interested in it but she does say it's rubbish You don't give up a Saturday to anyone else but we'll take it so he's he's got his foot in the door but the next thing he does is steal something out So he steals someone's bike takes that to the pawn shop to kind of level

Dan:was yeah So the scene he's just relaxing on a bench near the beach He sees a guy who's in his you know amazing new speed bike is a push bike is it's just locked it up And as soon as he walks away

Sidey:it's in the pawn shop

Dan:he's in the Podio he goes in

Reegs:it round the pawn shop doing these like sort of

Sidey:he sells the scrap metal and the guy says cause he does a sort of pitch for a job And the guy says no fuck off I'm not employing a thief but I will buy your stuff goes to the pawn shop I'll give you like 700 bucks away It was for the

Reegs:It's going this bike it's

Sidey:but it could do both Yeah but you stolen it is that okay Bio star is that everyone's just happy to take all the stolen goods Yeah

Howie:I think what we've what we see from both the interview scene and the pawn shop scene is that this guy Is one of the most bizarre characters that you'll ever come across He's got a mixture of what a level of savant about him He's autistic He has no emotional capability just everything's very flat Everything's very flat and he's he reminds me of somebody

Reegs:author It's not really autistic He's more associate Perfect

Sidey:All right

Howie:Well a psychopath

Sidey:was a psycho

Howie:a psychopath I looked this up so he's a psychopath He's saying everything that is needed to cater towards the other person liking him And he reads stuff out like it's he's he's photocopied self-help guides and improvement

Sidey:Yeah I didn't know if he'd done a course or he'd just read a book from the library or whatever stolen it

Howie:work with people who were so company orientated when they talk to you it was like reading off the company intranet And this is what they remind He reminded me of people that have are so empty but they are so empty of personality but they are full of photocopied facts that they can regurgitate and try and put into conversation

Reegs:Yeah It's a source of like great amusement to me personally also having worked in a sort of corporate world very much like that that he's got this collection of grating idiomatic motivational buzzwords and aphorisms and he is able to regurgitate them like passages from the Bible he's always banging on about hard work and being a better learner and all that


Reegs:makes but he's just a complete and utter crazy

Howie:It's got a vacancy of what morality That's unbelievable

Dan:he's terrible but he understands and very quickly after going into the when he Russo's television news studio that if it bleeds it leads So then he's going to look for the most horrifying kind of footage out there And he she also I'm probably preempting your hair what what he's looking for So if somebody is in an affluent part of town or their city and gets robbed then that's much more newsworthy than somebody being robbed in

Sidey:Yeah she was after sort of suburban crimes in white affluent neighborhoods

Howie:was a target

Sidey:perpetrated by minority or ethnic perpetrators was what

Reegs:I didn't necessarily get that This was a racist angle I think this was just about she knows what people liked to watch on TV the narrative of urban crime it

Dan:I think it's still true I mean yeah

Sidey:that is inherently

Howie:racist That is inherently racist

Dan:It was on very much in in our culture today This was written and directed by Dan Gilroy Who's

Sidey:Rene Russo

Dan:who's Maui I only found that research in this movie that he's mr Rennie Russo he's done a few different films or he's been a screenwriter for a few different things

Reegs:one of the Bourne movies Didn't

Dan:he did but this was is directing debut which I thought he made a really good

Sidey:Oh it was beautiful film

Dan:Yeah it was very well

Sidey:Stylistically reminded me a lot of


Sidey:and it was produced by the same people Yeah And even the diner that he interviews it was it Rick It's the same as the same time they use it drive

Reegs:so it's not long before Lou is pushing past police and paramedics as they give urgent medical attention to the victims of car accidents and muggings and things to make sure that you get to the best shot which it turns out he has quite an eye for And

Sidey:when it doesn't necessarily


Howie:ring true

Reegs:there's a few more payments where the moral event horizon is kind of crossed and then thrown into the The distance

Sidey:past it

Reegs:it starts with He breaks into the sort of live crime scene and rearranges some photos next to some

Howie:get a perfect shots

Reegs:perfect shot And Rene Russo is really enjoying this at one point she says the newscast aesthetic It could be boiled down to the image of a screaming woman running down the street with a throat cut

Dan:Cause she's loving it She's loving the fact that this is sending the writings higher for her new station who have been struggling We find out later she's coming towards the end of a contract and he's very aware of that and so knows that The footage he's he's getting is keeping her in a job And then he exploits that relationship to get her into into bed even though there's quite a big age difference between them too which is stated by her in the in the film but she's kind of fines and maybe it's just a world she's living in that there's There's only one guy I think that really goes are we okay with this Everybody else in the new

Sidey:There's one guy with with a bad moral

Dan:and it doesn't really focus on him too much


Dan:It's just a yeah It's like a fart in the wind It just gets kind of

Howie:So our news in the UK is quite heavily censored even Well when I say censored I mean they don't depict graphic images Like they're perhaps words on my example would be the news in Thailand or somewhere like that where they kind of show an India as well on the national news where they'll show pretty gory road crash or something

Reegs:in the

Howie:in the UK they won't show it So in the U S this is what I didn't know And I'm not familiar with is the U S like say China or Thailand or places like that where they'll show graphic Cause mean showing people being pulled out or cars you'd never see you You wouldn't necessarily see that I don't think on UK

Reegs:you wouldn't

Sidey:if this is true to life and that will they do is blur out a little bit but you're still there's not

Dan:yeah they cover they cover the fighters that's it we've a few pixels

Reegs:it's strange though isn't it That America would show those kinds of graphic images and yet have quite a curious relationship towards

Dan:conservatism as well

Reegs:sex in movies

Dan:and then be quite conservative lots of them as well but have that in your in your face all the time there was It was quite some graphic things on TV the other day there was it was at three no comeback in the last 10 minutes And I I know for a lot of spurs fans that was

Sidey:yeah that needs to be blurred out for sure

Reegs:so as Lou progress is on his journey we sort of watch his meteoric rise in this hideously ghoulish business he drives around all night looking for more tragedies to explore it we follow his story as he gets better and better and more ghastly and grim eventually culminating in a moment where he is first on the scene Even before the police have arrived a car

Dan:in his brand new car that he's bought because his you know he was driving around in a beat up old

Sidey:There's this Toyota


Dan:and then he's gone on to

Sidey:challenger very conspicuous bright red loud as fuck

Dan:Beauty like Dukes of Hazzard machine

Reegs:Beasting it through the streets at

Dan:showing how how well he's been doing I guess because


Reegs:he's already got a psychic Yeah I forgot to mention that Riz

Sidey:They have this really awful kind of job interview where the sky is pretty much down and out I'm just trying to get any job just get a few dollars together so he can live And he says you've been you've been doing tricks to get money and he's nasty which carries on unabated throughout

Dan:First tries to give her an internship does an eight

Sidey:tries to yeah I'm an unpaid position And then I think that the bail is $30 a night and relentless bullying thrown in for free he is he's effectively the navigator while Lou just bombs that around trying to find the latest crime scene all the while screaming his head off you haven't

Reegs:give me the fastest route or


so then yes they are one night They're first on the scene And he at a car accident I think the guy is dead


Reegs:and he looks at it and realizes that if he moves the body just so into the lights and stands in a particular place he can get the perfect gasoline

Sidey:Yeah I think it was the car with a bit of flame and a dead body all in one shot

Dan:So that that again was you know was a big jump up for moving the photographs on the fridge fridge next to the bullet holes to to make that shot work a little bit better When he originally goes in Now he's actually tampering with evidence and and potentially risking somebody's life cause he's pulling them out of the car just for a shot yeah it it all goes a little bit crazy And Rick Who's I really like catchy We've seen him in something else Didn't we have we

Reegs:for lions He was in

Dan:Right Okay So he's been in a few things but he was a likable character He was one of those that you actually so then you start thinking something's going to happen to this guy because there wasn't many nice characters in it that

Sidey:I wasn't too confident that he was going to be okay because he was just bullied and it was nasty fair But after he's got this shot of the this this road traffic incident Nina running Bruce's cat Just very impressive This yeah And was it this point when he asked her out on a date

Howie:well she notices he's got blood on his shirt

Sidey:and he just brushes it away to step rough And then it's on your sleeve as well And he's like Oh I don't know how that got there Would you like to go

Reegs:as nonchalant as

Sidey:would you like to go for dinner as she sort of brushes them off at first but eventually I think it's not not immediately but they do end up going out on a

Reegs:Well he uses the footage as leverage against her basically her Yeah

Sidey:and I think it although it's not explicit in the film I think they did have sex And then later on you see she is she does become quite attracted to boys certainly infatuated with him because of the results that what he's giving her is enabling her to achieve But it really nasty

Dan:It was quite a performance by by Gillan hall He left us 30

Howie:was about to say the physical aspect of it is amazing because he has those solid eyes The

the description I saw his sallow face sunken eyes and his bizarre smile

Sidey:said he wanted to play him as a coyote


Dan:kind of got that Yeah Yeah

Reegs:It it I think I've always thought of J Gillen hall is quite a weird guy He's got this Yeah This weirdness and intensity about him And this is like a perfect role for him He's really unbelievable He's in every scene in the movie and he carries I feel he carry the carries the film with his performance It really is quite something his eyes are haunting Like you said in it's sort of chilling Moment He then I wasn't a hundred percent sure what happened here I think he may have cut the brake cable on bill cap

Sidey:he was under the car

Reegs:bill Paxton approaches him first actually to see if he'll join forces doesn't he and he doesn't want to do that And instead he decides to take over himself So he was under the car

Sidey:Well now he there's there's another call on the radio and he misses a crashed aircraft And when he gets to the scene bill Paxton

Dan:kind of rubbing it

Sidey:Joe loader wasn't as his character He says you've missed it The ambulance has just left and it was a good one to add his fucking raging there He's missed out on a you know potential money spinner So to take out the competition he cuts is the breaker was on his band and then disturbingly here's that On his police radio they get to the scene and he just has the camera right at his face and he

Reegs:he knows Yeah

Sidey:can't speak but he could see the

Dan:He he is suddenly

Sidey:hand a little bit and he started pointing out I'm like I know you did it

Dan:he's become the news He was chasing the news and now he is the news

Sidey:self-fulfilling prophecy


Reegs:So things are getting darker and darker for for Lou bloom as this movie goes on next up

Howie:either listing on the police scanner

Reegs:he's listening on the police scanner And there is a call comes in about a what appears to be a home invasion slash burglary gone wrong

Dan:in a in a rich part of town

Reegs:very rich part of town Yes And he is he and re Riz Ahmed Rick first on the scene

Dan:few minutes


Sidey:see the actual gunfire

Reegs:Yes As he turns up that's right As he turns up the guys who did it are escaping in a black van

Howie:he films

Reegs:He films

Sidey:the scurries off into the bushes and gets short of the van as it's going away So he's got you can see it from the viewfinder and his camera They've got their face I just got the license plate on the bag Yeah

Dan:Then goes into the house

Sidey:as soon as he did this I was thinking Well you can't do


Howie:straight through a crime scene DNA is everywhere

Dan:no he he could have done it were given the reason that he gave to the

Sidey:when they said that it was like okay maybe but

Dan:but he clearly didn't go in there to help He went in there to Film and get shots

Reegs:And what he finds is a victim on the sofa that we see in quite graphic detail is obviously been shot then there's a very disturbing moment when he goes upstairs into a

Sidey:Yeah I didn't get what happened because there was no child

Reegs:Well yeah well I did think what if that was so he goes into another room There's a woman on the bed dead What if she was pregnant And the nursery was set up for a newborn I don't know It's not clear but anyway for a minute you do think Oh my God am I about to see a baby binge

Dan:And th this this is the kind of you goes into the television studio later And as they're rewatching the footage is exactly what everybody else there's thinking you know the baby and it's compelling viewing obviously if if you were going to see that on television so they know what Ticks the box and makes it compelling and what gets the ratings up And basically it becomes the point where if he can't find a real accident or murder he's gonna start

Sidey:Well this one is this one is still this one he hasn't necessarily

Dan:quite at this

Sidey:but what he does do is he edits out the bad and the people cause he's straight away He's got a plan now and instead of how he can start manipulating this And so he gives the new station just the bit of him managing the house and the video from there

Reegs:in which there were three fatalities I think

Sidey:And it's only now at this point that someone from the station says Can we show this you know and there are serious time pressure This is how Trey frighten each other's work And they said no this is going out at nine minutes We're we're putting this out just blur out the faces and legally we

Dan:see a very

Sidey:just get one lone voice saying I don't know if this is okay

Dan:Yeah Get people wrestling with the principles of the morality with it for very long at all In fact it was that lone voice Somebody say no

Sidey:Yeah So we blow out legally It's fine And I was thinking Surely the police are gonna fucking kick off about it Somewhat got in and potentially you know affecting a crime scene

Reegs:I think the police are in fact on site but he tells them that he entered the house cause he was gonna see if he

Sidey:can but it it he goes back and says I'll only give you this If you know my He's now given his

Howie:production company

Sidey:my they may keep referencing me blah blah blah And then I okay They really want this footage so they agree to all that He goes there and meets the station chief And then once it's been ads and you have the two news anchors and I feel a little bit lost it here Like I was just saying anchorman but you had Nina basically directing the two anchors telling them what to say and sort of manipulating it and just keeping it about say say it's horrific you know it

Dan:that's terrifying

Sidey:up in the ante on the chat And once it's finished someone goes Oh that was a 10 and she's she's buzzed And she's really happy that I've got this And it's only then that the guy on the scene says I've got the police There they go And fucking mad They want to speak to someone at the station and then Lou just starts going Yeah Speak to me She goes they can't hear you I was like that's a weird funny bit in the middle of all this nonsense

Dan:Well it kind of just goes to show is is naive a T in the newsroom the


Dan:and his narcissism and

Reegs:And his sociopathy because he doesn't care about anything Apart from the business opportunity

Dan:No or or himself that's right Yeah He's he's really is an unlikable character that Jake Gillan hall has played very well I think he it was strange the way to feel went because you felt like it might escalate and escalate and escalate and eventually it doesn't go that way I mean I don't know if we want to jump on right to

Sidey:but that is a reward There's a reward out for the perps And he knows full well that he's he's got but I didn't know You could just go back to Billy got into that You couldn't do that over here

Reegs:think you can know places

Howie:No you can't You can you can do a check on a car's history but you can't do a check on the owners especially you're in Jersey

Sidey:GDPR in any case he does and goes to basically do a what'd you call it


Sidey:If he finds out who they are where they live and they go down to the street and I just sat in there waiting in a really fucking bright red card This is I kept coming back to this How has no one's seeing this fucking car So it keeps real close to them as well I went

Dan:big engine

Sidey:there when the fellow leaves they follow him to this diner And then they ha he has this negotiation Cause Rick Nick says he says I'm going to promote you And he has this really shit negotiation This is a I want a hundred a night 75 an Israeli under pressure And he just sort of agrees to it And as they drive off he goes I could have got more couldn't I think Yup But then it does it does mention to it that there's this reward out and as he starts putting more pressure on him to get There's more dangerous camera angles And he knows that the crims are in this diner with a you know they're armed fucking killers and he wants him to go and spatially stand outside the window and fucking film them He says no I want if you're if you're making me go out there I want half of that reward And I W do you think at this point in you for well he was going to kill him one way or another He was going to die It was not going to give him

Dan:I think he was thinking that at 75 Yeah Well I think he was he was getting tired of him that he so

Sidey:at that point he needed him

Dan:He thinks though that he's giving him so much that he's giving him this opportunity that he should be very very grateful for having a job at all And he's given him a chance So for him to ask more money at this crossroads or this major kind of time for his company and everything it didn't put him in a good mood but off

Sidey:I think he was pissed off but I thought it was the bit where he cause he kind of says I know all the shit that you've done If you don't give me this then I can drop you right in it

Dan:Yes There's a threat there

Sidey:I that was the point I thought you were you're fucked now

Dan:Brown bread

Sidey:he's not going to

Reegs:So he follows the gang members Well it it it turns out we find out that it's not actually a home invasion gone wrong This is actually a gang something about was it Kane I think it was

Sidey:there was drug stashed in the calf or

Reegs:Yeah but I don't believe The anybody wants to hear that

Dan:No that's not the story The story is and and this is what you're here isn't it In the in the news agency this is what makes this whole film kind of compelling for me is the fact that it does touch on the principles of These news agencies I dunno whether it goes quite deep enough into it for me And it wrestles with

Reegs:heavy handed

Dan:when it wrestles with but it's one side of the basis kind of Pappa Ratzy people in the world and how they go about their job and the kind of things that you couldn't It wouldn't take too much for me to think that People have done that you know that they have moved things Yeah They have a lot around it in wildlife photography where they've they've tried to move towards they've station They've tried to move towards an animal to make it behave in a certain way to get that kind of shot And they said well that's not natural behavior because you've influenced and you cannot understand or or believe certainly that certain news agencies and camera men and and anchors on the pressure will will manipulate

Reegs:he we get an incredible act of orchestration because he follows the guys to a well lit

Sidey:He says he purposely wants to get them into a populated place because they've got a gun and effectively he wants to film a fucking yeah

Reegs:So he yeah he he calls the police when these guys are in a fast food restaurant

Sidey:they sat in the diner and he can

Dan:And in his own mind he's doing not much wrong here because he knows there The equipment owes He simply recording It gives his name Doesn't he It

Sidey:Yeah I D I at

Howie:sorry I got confused at

Sidey:that was going to come back to bite him

Howie:Yeah Cause they must've said why

Reegs:he's so brazen that's part of what he

Dan:Well he's got his story worked out Oh I saw them I recognize him It was their movements I know it's dark when I saw him last time but I got you know of all the people in LA he spotted him again So the police don't buy it


Dan:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:So anyway the police are called to the fast food restaurant and there's a real sense of tension building now in the movie two copies turn up and then two more And it's when the second pair arrive That the sort of final 15 minutes of the movie kicks into overdrive there's instantly a shootout or more accurately The police officers are gunned down very quickly by the two Yeah

Sidey:Yeah it felt a little bit chief wiggle the quality of the policing here


Dan:what a turban went in Then you had another two that came in and they just started shooting

Reegs:It was the

Sidey:that they do they do have like consultants from the police department and they did say to them making the film they wouldn't go in like that You know you would not go in whether it's two arms you know highly dangerous suspects They would have waited for backup before anyone went in but they let it go because It just it worked better for the story you know So

Reegs:So then we follow as crazy Chase scene I've never really seen in a movie before where you've got a chase scene happening where the guy who's chasing doesn't actually properly want to catch the guy that's in front him He wants to follow him and film the police cars trying to go from trying to go for the two gang members

Sidey:one of the gang members his dad is just the loan government is now left being chased by the police being chased by

Dan:Rick and and

Reegs:Nightcrawler Yeah

Dan:he's been chased by brick and

Sidey:no one says there's some fucking mad dogs challenges chasing after

Howie:Yeah Because at one point the police have lost them because the cars were act and it's just the Dodge charger and

Reegs:And then there's an accident And the gang member crashes the van that he's in they approach or Jake Dillon hall Lou bloom approaches the car Slowly camera in hand obviously to film the dying man's last moments And he then calls Rick over to get another shot Doesn't he And I think you all

Sidey:of my the way

Reegs:Yeah he says is he is he does he is he alive You

Sidey:get a shot

Reegs:he's dead Get the shot get the shot Riz stands in front

Dan:exactly what he does Isn't it

Reegs:And he gets shot in a carefully planned gambit from Lou to eliminate his competition which he tells him on his death bed

Sidey:I can't have you work with me If you've got leverage on me he says yeah it's so cold

Reegs:It's truly awful

Sidey:And then I thought it was a little bit strange but he just then it doesn't exactly cower behind the car He just sort of basically stands there and films the guys he gets out of the vehicle having just shot his mate and it doesn't Really seem it doesn't attack him in any way

Reegs:I think it's back to that Well the police

Sidey:he just committed suicide by cop He just walks in right The police pulls his gun to get killed Yeah

Dan:Yeah He's dazed and confused I think And it's a shame because he's that callous You'd like him to be shot at this stage but he's not And he he gets his piece

Sidey:Well he volunteers himself up to the police to explain what's happened And she knows she fucking knows just can't pin him down and so the finale I suppose the the very end is he's one he's

Dan:his success

Sidey:he's now got he's got three interns in a couple of 18 vans and that's then he's gone And I was like wow the bad guy won Okay That never happens Yeah

Dan:It goes on to kind of make you think we're going to go into a future where nothing is not shown on television that there is no sense of yeah there is no sense of privacy and these television crews will will be with a camera At your most vulnerable and worst moments in your life and all there therefore is a story and they really don't give a shit how they get it And if they don't choose The side that they want to say it for then they can easily go and change and manipulate that story to suit the footage that they do have and get it So it's very much like if you're not with us you're against us and we're going to do what the hell we want anyway Kind of like it is you know I imagine if you're you're really famous and a lot of the The actors that we talk about in in films will have that level of scrutiny I guess if you go out that Pappa Ratzy everywhere you never want to eat food cooked by a journalist you know they they never reveal their sources

Reegs:Yeah I think it's the movie's kind of a criticism of capitalism in a way in the way that it it it rewards people for the very worst tendencies and and you can't deny that people like Dylan Jake Gillan Hall's character you know there's that thing about the time One in 10 successful CEOs of major companies is a psychopath And you know people like him do succeed by having no morality or you know any kind

Dan:mean this is a guy that should be in prison This is a guy who's got absolutely no qualms of hurting anybody ripping anybody off Robin potentially even murdering somebody to get him in a better position even if it's just short term

Sidey:He was very cold very calm apart from one bit where he loses it in the in the mirror which he did a DiCaprio He smashed it And his was he had 46 stitches in his hand rather than that and throughout the film he was very just Calculate and just cold ruthless absolutely ruthless in this

Reegs:one detail I did really like there were a couple of funny moments like you alluded to earlier I really liked that everyone that Lou speaks to addresses him as Lou he says to call him Louis and everybody who addresses him as Louis he tells him to call him Lou And you can imagine that's exactly the kind of sort of thing Power play bullshit that you'd read on some dumb ass website telling you you know that's how you assert your alpha maleness over somebody

Dan:And he's very much like that through the film He's he's done a course He's he's read a book and then that is what he regurgitates out anybody who'll lesson

Howie:He does a thing where he when he talks to people down he would talk to you Dan and reaffirm things with you Dan and say your name Dan to make sure that you're the subject Dan And I've worked with people

Reegs:Yeah So if I and I start doing it back to them just just to see how many times he could do

Howie:it's fucking mental Isn't it there is a big self-help thing about

Reegs:it is Howie


Reegs:what you're supposed to do

Howie:I've walked

Dan:isn't there There's a line isn't there How we that if you'd say somebody's name once Maybe even twice how it that's fine but if you continue to to go over and over again yeah It can be a bit

Sidey:How do you know what the budget for this movie was Howie Howie It was about $8.5 million

Reegs:How are you


How much

Sidey:eight and a half mil Yeah so winner or loser at the box office

Dan:chicken dinner

Sidey:Yeah 50 mill Just over just North of 50 mill Decent

Reegs:Yeah The score was a bit of a mixed bag in

Howie:three Now

Reegs:it may for some really funny moments because you had these like grizzly deeds but they were accompanied by a sort of upbeat soundtrack It was quite odd

Howie:I couldn't tell I couldn't remember what the music

Sidey:to say I can't remember the saturate really at


Howie:pivot Isn't it Is it is it the guy on the keyboard Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt duh duh dirt Oh that one

Sidey:I did fall asleep in this film Yeah I had to rewatch the last half hour

Dan:Was it very late at night You watched it or

Sidey:10 o'clock ish I could fail the the sleep about to hit and I sort of fuck it I'm not going to fight it I'll just I was just yeah I'll really watch it tomorrow So it wasn't because it was a bad movie It was just I was very tired  Okay well having gone through all of that rigs where you're not entertained

Reegs:I really liked this movie It was a thriller that I you know like this kind of thing I thought Jake Gillen hall was brilliant in it I really loved how it looked It was beautifully beautifully shot it was dark and disturbing It was almost like a horror film something like maniac or something it was it was a movie that I really liked Yeah

  Howie:yeah I I didn't enjoy it a film you could enjoy I thought it was all right I kind of was glued to it and wanted to know what would go and happen I thought he was going to eat shit in the in the car chase I thought that was going to be the finality expect the

Dan:I thought it was fantastically acted I really liked The the shots than you are of it all and everything It's not my kind of film It made me on edge the whole kind of you know two hours So if you like that that nervous tension and that feeling of being uncomfortable for out A movie then this this would be one that you would probably enjoy like you do you know more of a horror film more being right on the on the edge of things So for me I didn't like it because of that but the theme of it was really interesting to me just how journalists work and having a focus on this Not to this psychopath this this guy who's going out to get a story at all costs and how little in the way of experience or anything he had other than just being an asshole to make sure you got there First had no qualms about putting a camera into somebody's face And I think this is where these people really get their money and paid because I wouldn't do that And I don't think any you guys were just you'd feel so uncomfortable about all nodes You couldn't film that you couldn't take a photograph where they don't have that switch So he was the perfect kind of person for this job which says a lot for the job

Sidey:Yeah for me I guess a little bit of what everyone said it was Brilliantly successfully what it was trying to do Thought it looked fantastic performances were really good It's a hard film to say that you love or well for me only because it was you just don't often get these stones where there's no like likable character and but bad guy wins

Reegs:It's a character study of a complete complete psycho Isn't it

Sidey:but I thought for what it was obviously what they set out to do I thought it achieved it brilliantly so definitely worth the look It's just it it like you say it's nervous tension It's a how is this going to resolve itself And it resolved itself by the bag I can everything that he wants so a strange one but yeah definitely worth a look I'd say kids TV Yes CBeebies yeah Where we at

Reegs:We're at the 20 words Toodaloo great Big hoop chickadee chick and peekaboo this is a bizarre little program about a family of faintly bird-like creatures Yeah It's a mum dad and two kids

Dan:Yeah It looked that way to me


Reegs:faintly they blew up is our program about a family of faint bird creatures who live on a boat under the benevolent dictatorship of the faceless Hooter every now and again the boat lands and who to will send the twirly where he was off into the real world to learn some new concepts

Sidey:It straight away it's out of the stable that's given us In the night garden

Reegs:Yes And a visual and aesthetic that very much reminded me of pingo

Dan:pinky Yeah I had pingo meets tele Tavaris meets the night garden with a bit of a chuckle brothers thrown in there when you saw Jameson

Sidey:Jason Manford

Reegs:yeah that was a surprise Wasn't it

Sidey:Double take It was like and I had to look it up just to make sure And I tweeted him but he hasn't come back to

Dan:I waited for the the credits and I thought Oh it was him Yeah

Reegs:So in this episode it starts with some music which I think you might've enjoyed SIDA You came in here talking about bluegrass I thought this was a faintly bluegrass I got a kind of fleet foxes type


Reegs:from the intro music And then the Hooter sounds their head helicopter blades emerge and whirl And they're transported to a tennis court for some reason Yeah

Sidey:because H episode is it is this is educational for toddlers The babies about an abstract concept or another So this one was about speed and quickness

Reegs:This was called more about faster and

Sidey:Yeah So they stitched Jason man the diaper tree

Reegs:They do


Reegs:Yeah they so Jason Manford is hitting balls from a tennis ball machine

Sidey:He's got no mates

Reegs:He has no friends maybe it's COVID


Reegs:it's just that he's not allowed only him allowed in

Dan:at the tennis court

Reegs:yeah And he's got I don't know what that machine is called a tennis ball up speed machine That's on the lowest setting And I was thinking Oh I do hope they crank the speed up

Dan:Getting faster and faster


Sidey:Far better for me to say but he didn't look like he was in the peak physical fitness

Reegs:No he

Dan:That's why he's on the court there Isn't it You know he's getting a bit exercise

Reegs:I don't think he was showing And now I'm terrible at all Racket sports You'll be surprised to hear

Sidey:Just rackets spots

Reegs:Yeah but he was not the greatest tennis player even when the ball machine was on its slowest setting Was it

Sidey:No there was room for some improvement Which one was that for

Reegs:Yeah that's true

Sidey:Putting the hours in

Reegs:so they gradually and cheekily increased the speed of the tennis ball machine until it's firing them at him in a sort of comical Benny Hill style


Howie:And this is where my confession comes in I fell asleep at this point

Reegs:11 minutes long

Howie:know I was so I was really I did society I was really randomly tired and I sat there And the last thing I remember is Mac disco This is really crap And he goes I used to watch this when I was little and I went Oh right

Reegs:So if you've not seen it

Howie:Yeah the workshops Jason Manford having tennis balls fired at him And then that's it

Sidey:So it

Dan:well she missed a bit where the machine guns come out in it Yeah

Sidey:chip were in the so comedy ensues they were actually in the tennis ball basket

Howie:Yes I did Yes

Reegs:to myself wouldn't it be funny if they fail in and then they

Howie:Yes I saw that bit

Sidey:Today it turned out two 11 they got wedded out

Reegs:And then I was thinking wouldn't it be pissed funny if he tweets them out the air which he goes to but on sadly he misses

Sidey:they flew off

Reegs:But then I thought I wouldn't it be funny if he went to like serve them and that's exactly what he did He threw them up to serve them thinking they were tennis balls Oh

Dan:get a job right In these years

Reegs:man It's amazing and then the sack it off back to the real world or their real world

Sidey:The big red boat

Reegs:the big red

Sidey:Yeah So what do you think about peekaboo is some sort of illegal immigrant stowaway

Reegs:He can be seen by the audience but not by the 12 week

Dan:Is that the one behind the broken fence

Reegs:He's a stowaway on the boat

Sidey:got the spiky head this red with this Small was spiky

Dan:Right Yeah I think it does he come out from light behind a broken fence bit when the bobots running along a little bit later Yeah You had a miss that you'd have been asleep by

Howie:I've got no fucking hell I don't know how much I missed it this time I thought I already missed a tiny bit but it seems like a

Dan:It goes on after the tennis ball shenanigans it goes into back into the the red submarine and

Sidey:It's the big red boat

Dan:the big red boat Sorry And they They have a robot who's come on over the Hills and gets into the big red boat and starts being wound up They they wind up is one of those kind of wind up moving robots And they have lots of fun with that Getting faster and faster

Reegs:just before that I did notice when the robot arrives he knocks on the door and every time he knocks on the door they lie completely still on the floor which is exactly how I feel when the doorbell like if somebody rings the doorbell in your house and you're in your own or knocks on the door it's like Oh my God just lie on that

Howie:you you


Howie:you put down the magazine


turn off your iPad

Dan:to the toilet

Reegs:So after the robot hi-jinks for some reason two huge or four huge twirly rings arrive which I guess is sort of beds And they kind of sit in them and they immediately inflate and the boat sails away The end


Dan:I I've done some research and can tell you that twirly wounds is based on well-working I's research into how young children learn beginning with Children's own persistent interests Each program explores a single idea in depth with what happens outside and reflects this when the twirly Rouge returned to their boat So I've only seen the one a days My yeah Youngest said Oh I remember these And I said Oh gee did you like him She said yeah I'm a bit older Wait now though So it is obviously for toddlers at the you know around that age I always think you know not really for much younger you don't really want them watching TV much younger So so aiming television much younger than this age seems a bit weird to me but there is I thought actually it was okay I quite enjoyed this I quite enjoyed a bit too early worries I thought there was a few a few laughs in there And as I say there's a lot of I don't know if they get somebody is a special guest each time if or Jason Mumford's in it Manford

Howie:is it with the brothers

Reegs:Jason Mumford

Dan:Mumford and sons Jason Mumford

Sidey:Yeah it's it's it's a bit of a hit My son was a big fan of this Yeah And we've got quite a lot of toys We've got a great big home We've got peekaboo we've got the big red boats and after he dies We kept a few things we gave it all away to charity but the big red boat is that's cats Yeah that was definitely

Howie:Is it from the same in the night garden type of things Yeah So it is that brand Okay

Sidey:And it makes all the noises that it makes in the show with this toy bikes So there was a lot I was getting a lot of flashbacks of memories when I was watching the service It was a good one to watch actually Yeah But I watched on my own

jokes You can


Howie:I genuinely don't remember it I think I've got post-traumatic stress disorder from like kids TV of that era

Sidey:my kids didn't really watch in the night gun but they did watch this So obviously the nighttime was on just before bed

Reegs:watches used to watch this not so much I think she probably would now and sh the genuine laughter right This used to clearly really resonate with her because he would you could hear like proper belly laughs which is obviously a great thing to hear from a three and a half year a lovely noise and she really liked this I don't I think she realized that peekaboo was completely terrified The two 80 ways Yeah That's my only assumption he hides when they're around So

Sidey:There's been some so yeah they've done something horrific too There's some sort of unresolved trauma there

Reegs:And also the humans in the real world What do they like What was Jason Manford really thinking like cause they're able to interact with real things but I don't feel that they

Sidey:possibly a drug addict some sort of hallucinogens

Howie:Yeah And if you pan out he's not actually hitting tennis balls

Reegs:I really liked this program Good memories of of what you didn't Sylvie really really enjoyed this it's I like the way that it's taking these abstract concepts and putting them in and particularly kids of that age they have these like schemers don't they where it's like transportation schemers and playing with moving things up and down and experiencing the things that are fast and slow and all those sorts of things And you can see Yeah

Sidey:yeah It's clearly like a well-researched learning device thing So whilst it might irritate you when it's on because it's loud and noises and just kind of seems daft It does have a general you know a specific learning purpose for kids Yeah Which yeah

Yeah The other that that is the flip side is there is this They do like to make a buck off it off the back of it So you take out a lot of merchandising of which we've got quite a lot I've kept a few of the more memorable ones that I suppose you know everyone needs to get paid

Reegs:Does the toy version of great big who also look like a gentleman's ball sack

Sidey:Oh it's called

Dan:You saw that as well Yeah


Dan:I'm afraid I

Reegs:pair of testicles Didn't

Dan:It was a strange shape for a

Sidey:and toy version He just looks like a cuddly toy today but he did make a noise though What is saying Yeah Yeah It's good


Sidey:Briggs Where are you not entertained How are the four minutes that you managed to stay awake for you

Howie:thanks Joseph Manford yeah Okay I know So I just and I've watched it and thought these are my notes right It just goes 11 minutes It seems a bit guff There's a lot of bright colors I can't really remember much more twirly wounds

Reegs:This is some


Reegs:can win those notes if you white right in

Dan:I really enjoyed this is the kind of thing I probably watch a movie well you know maybe not but it is it was certainly I thought quite funny and I was pleasantly surprise Yeah I'd watch this Even get the kids maybe to try and have a have another few episodes with me

Reegs:is no overarching theme Is there a story line

Sidey:No it's just a different it's a different topics So you could learn a few things yeah I like it It's got a special sort of trip down memory lane for me which obviously quite special So yeah for me it was a big win

Right That was good I will make sure I edit out all the references to known sex offenders later on So it's my nomination week and in a change to what I'd previously mentioned to you chaps we're going to watch 19 and 17

which is our main film kids TV We're going to watch something called the hollow which is on Netflix Yeah

Reegs:Sounds like a horror movie

Sidey:I think it is Yeah it's it's no it's animated it just looked quite interesting It was a toss up between that and Jurassic world camp Cretaceous but I thought this one might be better and I taught five is going to be top five films where the lead dies

Dan:Okay Well I've been really looking forward to seeing 1917 so I will be really behind that one

Sidey:so it's everyone in the world listen to us this week and we certainly don't want that to stop So keep on listening liking subscribing and reviewing all that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Dan:well I had actually before before we go I just wanted to to mention That I had last week practiced some some new jokes you know I tried out 10 new puns to see if they'd make people laugh but no pun intended