Oct. 23, 2020

The Gentlemen & Fast and the Furious - Spy Racers

The Gentlemen & Fast and the Furious - Spy Racers
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It takes time, money and meticulous planning to make a film but you wouldn't know it from some of the ridiculous goofs we discuss in our Top 5 Movie Continuity Errors. Some gaffs are more trivial than others but it seems like no film is safe from the perils of human error, from  Hollywood blockbuster to indie darling and everything in between.

Our main feature is Guy Ritchie's 2019 Amazon Prime release The Gentlemen. Featuring a return to the criminal underworld that brought Ritchie so much success and a star-laden cast this was sure to be a hit wasn't it? Well...no. In fact the Dads are split right down the middle - will they ever be the same again?

We do at least recover enough to finish up this weeks show with Netflix's animated entry into the Fast & Furious universe: Fast and the Furious: Spy Racers. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) visits his cousin Tony and it's not long before the teenage tearaway and his crew are infiltrating a gang of international thieves. Yes this movie series set against the backdrop of illegal street racing and prominently showcasing both scantily clad supermodels and bone-crushing fight scenes makes perfect sense as a kids tv series. Who said ill-conceived?

 You can usually find the Bad Dads annoying people on twitter - @dads_film - on Facebook or via email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com. We love to hear from you guys so please get in touch and call us out on our ridiculous opinions!

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



Reegs: Buckle your seat belts, pod people, and welcome to bad dads film review the only father based movie and kid's TV review show anywhere to sit down, shut up and enjoy the experience of our overly caffeine stimulated podcast. Extravaganza damn near the best thing you'll ever have crammed into your oral sockets and an approximate 80 minutes timeframe.

before we start a little housekeeping, this podcast is rated R slash 18 for bad language spoilers and sequences of graphic nudity. This week's show features the customary congregation.


Reegs:the customary congregation of comic creators, including Sidey Dan, myself, righ silo, and Howie. A man whose family tree must be a cactus because everybody on it is a prick.



Reegs:we've got last week's top five to round up, which was top five movie scientist. Do you recall who we had in our list? So ID

Sidey:talk? Yeah.

That's it.

Reegs:We had a dr. Strangelove. We had Diane Fossey.


It's a memorable

Reegs:Dr. Strangelove, Diane Fossey.

Howie:Thank God. I

Sidey:said it was our strongest ever list, but I can't remember.

Reegs:And one other, and we had several nominations online. Darren lethally gave us a great list, featuring a few. We mentioned plus dr. Frank , which I guess is from



Reegs:horror. Yeah. So you're out now, Darren, I'm afraid not, not loving the, no, it wasn't. Would that have been better?


Reegs:we had GM gave us dr. Richard Kimball, Matthew Taylor nominated all of the ghost busters. Carrie nominated the man with two brains. Neil gave us doc, but I'm going to choose the winner this week. And that's Stacey Taylor on Twitter who gave us Benedict Cumberbatch in the imitation game, which is a good movie.

Howie:Is that a terrible,



Reegs:Good movie. Good story. And Stacy has been a real trooper pimping us out on Twitter as well. So thank you for that.

Sidey:Wasn't he? Chemically castrated.

Reegs:Was he, I know he was only recently. He was only recently like pardoned

Sidey:for being gay.

Reegs:for being gay, which is just ridiculous. Really.

Dan:he was also voted the greatest ever living Britain. Wasn't he? Alan tiering. Yeah, they had this big. Competition of all the greats and he finished up top of his kind of segment along with Bowery for the best of a musician or

Sidey:Oh, fuck. Off rigs.

Dan:And, and then, yeah, he won the full kind of, show, which goes to show now

Sidey:people probably didn't know about

Dan:got it back in the

Sidey:didn't know about us though, when they did that though.


Reegs:that's true.


Sidey:we should

Reegs:maybe cheering when Nevada looking, if they had known about this podcast.


Howie:He would have been able to done any of that mathematic stuff. He'd just seen us. It'd be wine King. It'd be just frenzied. He just straight all over it. The world war Nazis would have won the, is the right touring. Isn't it?

Reegs:yeah. Touring. Yeah. Did the Turing test, the Turing test is still the thing that they use to decide whether or not AI is truly conscious. I think that you could have a conversation with an AI and not know

Howie:just this podcast failed

Sidey:Yeah. There's no intelligence on this.

Reegs:All artificial, no intelligence. Yeah.  this week we have some things don't we?


There's a top five of film and the kids program and a shocking revelation

Reegs:Amazing. What's this week, stop five.

Sidey:Oh, it's comedy. It's it's

his show.

Howie:It's a film now. This is where we get the discussion going. Film continuity errors.

So where you've spotted something out of kilter with a film or often this category gets dragged into TV. So I think we shouldn't allow that out. That's okay. But yeah, it's the classic kind of you've spotted the out of place because of the time or era that the film's rolling in, in the background, something like that.

So I thought it would be easier than it actually was, to be honest,

Sidey:Well, I've kind of just got errors and fuck ups, as opposed to,

you know?


But what counts is that when we

Howie:Yeah, as we nominate each one, we'll see how

Sidey:watched the film, which was

Howie:The gentleman, which is the latest, all right. Governor from guy Richie, which kind of hit the, hit the world in December, just before everything went to shit.

So it's kind of had a limited release of it's now an Amazon and then the kid, offering his spy races, which is basically fast and the furious with, van diesel.

Sidey:Without further flummoxing let's launch straight into our top five film and TV. That's to say fuck ups. Yeah. Howie.

Howie:I'm going to go for the first one that I have seen, and it's quite infamous on the internet is in gladiator. It's in the chariot scene. there's clear photo evidence of when the chariots are racing in the battle for Carthage, the chariot tilts on its side.

It's when I think the warrior that's on it gets to capitated by an incoming blade on a thing on a wheel. But you can see, I really see gasoline does in the back of the chariots and those gasoline. Well at the time, I'm not sure if they've managed to go butane or propane. So I looked and, you know, those fuckers, they, they didn't put that little symbol on that stated it.

So, I mean, that's where the

Sidey:well, perhaps he was on his way to a barbecue.

Dan:they put safety. My

Howie:Yeah, the, the Kitemark yeah, the fucking kite Mark wasn't there there's a real error in that, just flat out. But I was trying to work out those, those guests canisters. Are they going to be for like doing the stunk where it makes it kind of flip or

Sidey:Yeah. That's what I thought. Cause

Howie:not for like keeping you warm or do the barbecue.

Must've done a

Reegs:high. What do they call it? Hippy crack. Where it's the nitrous oxide,

Dan:So they, they just left that in there. Did they? I didn't see it. I remember watching the film. I don't remember seeing it

Reegs:And then they, they CGI, Oliver

Sidey:well he was dead. Yeah,

Reegs:but they, so they CGI had him in, but they couldn't see Gio.

The gas canister.


Dan:I'll be.

What about all the television cameras thing, color that must've been around? They wouldn't have been down at the

Sidey:that's true. That's a good point.

Reegs:It's very true

Howie:for about a second. What the fuck is he on about? Oh, Oh, I get boom

Sidey:a bit of research and looking on the internet. Obviously you have got people employed within the maker of all these productions to minimize this sort of stuff, but it seems like just about every film out there. Has some kind of fuck up in it, no matter, you know, some small,

Dan:of them have got fucking hundreds,

Sidey:but there's, I think there's actually a website called move your

Reegs:Yes, there is. Yeah.

Sidey:and you can go buy the films that have the most innate, literally hundreds upon hundreds of

Dan:number one Brighton walk.



Reegs:think that one's difficult though, because, obviously they filmed the big stunt and from the angle that they were at. That gas, canisters revealed. And then when you come and do the edit afterwards, you've got like a big problem. Like shit. I can see

Dan:CGI could probably just

Howie:Yeah. I mean, they made bloody the,

Dan:not doing the

Howie:they made the path and not the path. And then they Coliseum with CGI and millions of bloody Roman citizens and the whole village yet. They can't somehow it's beyond the realms of possibility.

Dan:No great gas canisters. Can't do

Howie:Because the internet is alive with geeks, that will be pausing, pausing, pausing, screenshot, pausing, screenshot, to find anything. So it's not as if they could hide it and rub it offers. Oh, well

Sidey:He talking about Roger rabbit again,

Howie:Apparently there's a LaserDisc

Sidey:breaks, wake up.

Reegs:I, the first thing I thought of when I was looking at this topic was that scene in itchy and scratchy and Poochie with, the nerd. Do you remember,

Howie:all the comic books, he

Reegs:the comic book and he's saying, Oh, itchy play, scratchy, skeleton, like a xylophone. He strikes the same rib twice in succession, producing two clearly different tones.

What are we to believe? This is some sort of magical xylophone or something. And then Homer just says, gives him some abuse. And he says, Oh, I withdraw that



Sidey:It's a, it's like a Comicon panel thing. Isn't it? Where the cap just goes. So thank you so much. You have a home of just a shouting abuse at some nerd.

Reegs:And so I tried to go as, as close.

To that guy as I could in my suggestions. So I've got that Muppet Christmas, Carol being bunny who shows up at a caroler at scrooges business singing good King Wenceslas the music for the Carol dates back to 1582, but the Wenceslas lyrics weren't written until 1853. It's a full decade after the Christmas, Carol was.

Published. And I know

Dan:That they would

do that

Reegs:a Muppet movie.

Howie:It's a fucking educational film. My kids are in bits because of that. Now. Scums,

Reegs:So, yeah,

Dan:horrible. Well, I've, I've got one actually that we've chatted about before, and I think it actually improved the film and it's DiCaprio slamming his fist down on the table in the Django. So he's,

Howie:what was that film again?

Dan:the Django

Sidey:just John got,

Reegs:or just Django. Yeah,

Sidey:Hey John,

Reegs:it's a silent Jew.

Sidey:I go,

Dan:Well, you know, however we want to say these things, he's cut his hand and, each, carried on through the, through the scene and yeah. Actually added to it, not like a gas canister, but you know, it is

Howie:although that would have added to it, crushed the gas canister with

Dan:and there was, there was another, one when I was looking at, and I don't know if I've written it down here, but it was a similar, Oh, I have it's midnight cowboy and they try to get new Yorker a street in New York, shut down anyway, wasn't happening.

So they just had to film on. The fly in and try and take over and keep people back. And one of the lines in the film is quite a famous line. Now, he's walking down John Vite and Hoffman's long walk down the sidewalk and they try to shoot it. So he's going, Hey, I'm walking here. And he said saying that to one of the people who's coming out of.

Yeah. Oh,

Reegs:out into the street, taxi, needy runs him

Dan:so Hey, I'm

Reegs:ad-libs there.

I'm walking here

Dan:And they kept that bit in it. Wasn't part of the, a film. So potential fuck up that actually went down cats into the film and

Howie:I'm always amazed at films that are capable of closing down cities and streets to achieve whatever they're looking for.

Cause I always think of, 28 days later,

Reegs:They didn't know for that.

They couldn't close anything. They filmed it at like half past five in the

Howie:morning, but that's amazing,

Reegs:back, pilled up clubbers going, please just give us 20 seconds to shoot this.

Howie:but it's, it's done really well. Isn't it? And they, and they, they clearly add atmosphere to the audio track by just killing it. So you don't even hear like background noise or transport or anything like that, but yeah, it's always a, you think the logistics involved in New York, I mean, heavens to know how they even got to what they did

Dan:no mouthful of coffee. Couldn't even say I was just nodding along there. But, yeah, it's crazy when they go into these big city scenes. And I imagine now with lockdown, The amount of zombie footage and apocalyptic kind of film and footage, it's just been stopped, done. You know, people have just got reels and hours and hours


Dan:strip busy streets with nobody on it.


Reegs:that every pictures of like, I think it was maybe Berlin or somewhere like that and where the wildlife had started to move like deer and shit just started to move back into the cities.

Cause there's nobody about yeah.

Howie:pigs in Italy.

That's the one I saw. That's not a film, just one of my DVDs. I've got.

Sidey:this is a proper continuity one. It's there, the yellow push from commando.

Howie:well done. Good, man.

Sidey:it it's so bad.

Howie:Really bad.

Dan:There's quite a few in this film, actually,

Sidey:Yeah. This one for me is the pinnacle of what the fuck was going on in the edit here. Cause it's smashed to fuck. And then obviously I think he's a bit where he drops him off the.

Over the cliff. Is it over the side of the

Dan:I let him go.

Sidey:and it's immaculate somehow

Dan:was hanging around and I let him go.

Sidey:it's beggars belief. How that made it into the final cut of the film. And also exactly the same thing happens in a film that we've reviewed, which was six undergrounds, the green now for a Mayo. I just don't understand that the

Reegs:but that one was again, really noticeable. You're watching it. The car is banged up and then suddenly it's immaculate and

Howie:It happens a lot in bond films of recent and things like I saw, I think there's a car chase in the DaVinci code and a smart car where it gets smashed to share. And then it turns a corner and it's fine.

And it's just a it's really, you never see a car like hanging off by the day you did that with your car. It'd be fucked. The bumper would be reeled under the wheel. You'd be stopped going well, this Chase's over. Can't drive any further. It's fucked.

Reegs:It wouldn't make for a great chase scene in a movie though, whatever the first corner you take, you stuck it into a, into a fence or something you'd like

Howie:the radio is burst everywhere. Run, run.

Dan:we've command though. There was, another area and I just remember it as a kid growing up when one of the minions that, you know, he shot falls off the roof and you can see the, the blue kind of mattress that he's falling off. was coming to shot, you know,

Reegs:And they should have just killed him. Shouldn't I? Yeah,

Sidey:Realism. Yeah.

Howie:Paxil number 53 or whatever. That was a good choice. I was going to go for generic car chases, but the one I'll go for is, red is the lost Ark. Yeah. We must have seen this a bit. We're Indies in the snake pits. And in order for him to obviously Hollywood actor, can't really go face to face with a spitting Cobra and they have a glass pane that's basically in between him and the snake.

And you can clearly see the snake's reflection on the, on the glass and. Harrison, Ford's doing all the acting that's required, but effectively the whole audience can see that it's separated by,

Dan:Health and safety gone mad. Imagine back in the day, they'd never have done it. You watch the old Buster Keaton films where they were.

They slammed lightening sire side, that a house. Down. And it would

Reegs:worked it all out.

Dan:Oh yeah, that works

Sidey:well, yeah, I didn't just wing it,

Dan:about here, but it was, you know, looking at some of the crazy stuff they would have done back in the day, the, the stunts and everything, the trains. I can't imagine how many people got injured and I'm bad nowadays. Obviously they wrap them up. The insurance is there. If it stops there a film production, a big star, it's going to cost them hundreds of thousands.

but it's yeah, a bit of glass and you've got to get it white Avenue, if you're going to do it, don't see the reflection.

Reegs:Yeah. I mean, there's one in the matrix. It's a bit like that as well, where you can see the camera operator reflected in Morpheus, his glasses a few times, same sort of

Dan:is that not just kind of the matrix though? You ready there?

You know, maybe

Sidey:sorry. Right. It's a lot of stock. The beginning where he goes to collect that gold statue. Yeah. Goes through all this big rigmarole. All the traps gets to it. There's a beam of light. Just beat me down on it.

Howie:Yes. Yes.

Reegs:he just app sail through the fucking

Sidey:Oh, just I'll just put a bit rope down,

you know,

Reegs:Oh yeah. Pillow thing up. Yeah.

Sidey:There you go.


Howie:Fucking Spielberg has wasted hours of our lives,

Reegs:What a prick,

Sidey:George Spielberg,

Howie:him and Steven Lucas.

Reegs:I have got, in forest Gump side, he's favorite, forest claims that Jenny died on a Saturday yet her grade stone says 22nd of March, 1982, which was in fact a Monday. but the one I was going to nominate is, basic instinct. It's pretty mind boggling that perhaps one of the most well known scenes in the world, but certainly from that movie, includes a fairly small, but nonetheless, a very apparent mistake, during the interrogation, which I'm sure everybody remembers

Dan:Or when you were saying pause, stop, pause, stop. Before my mind went there,

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. So Katherine from L lights, a cigarette, yeah. Then she removes her jacket and fixes her hair, but the cigarette isn't in her hands. And then, then the next shot, the cigarette is back in her grip.

Dan:wait, did it go?

Reegs:did he go? Exactly. Yeah.


Reegs:I once saw a show in the far East that

Howie:Is that what she said?

Dan:I I've got one that I've not actually seen. It's just something that I read about. but maybe I've seen the film, but I just can't remember a car in the back of a big battle green, scene in Braveheart. Can you remember that?

Howie:I've seen the clip on the internet about that. It's a white car that can be seen in the background is something like, it's just it's it's, it's


Howie:basically driving up a

Dan:set in the 13th century. So you could see that

Sidey:That model of car

Dan:that wasn't around then.

Howie:Ford Anglia, probably not Fiesta.

Dan:but it's just such a classic too, you know? Cause those scenes, you think they were Epic. Yeah. It was a modern day, Zulu, really with so many people running towards each other yet in charge and along the front with their horse and everything


Dan:in the background

Howie:Yeah, cause you imagine the director's like, can we see GI that plays fuck. It's like, we've got 30 horses in a row. It's like Lord of

Dan:joy writers in the back room, big donuts in the back,

Reegs:though, when you get the dailies back and you're like, Oh fuck. You know, that scene cost $2 million to make. Yeah.

Dan:staying in it, staying in people won't

Howie:I was thinking about just if you're thinking about that and. That we're potentially saying that directors are relying on CGI to get them out of any shit like that. What about someone like, for bait, where he's not able to look at the film until it's developed? Like, what was it, did he say seven months later or seven weeks later?

Reegs:no, it was months. It was

Howie:So he comes back and there's some cut in the background, flicking the V shouting something atrocious. Like it could be one of us perhaps. but yeah,

Dan:if, whether just because they know they've got that in the pocket where the stuff like that slides, because some of these films, they had literally tens twenties, thirties, forties, even hundreds.

Of small little areas and okay. You're not gonna have, noticed all of these all at the time, but at the same time it's, as you pointed out earlier, some do's job to do this continuity guy, where's he at?

Reegs:I do think though, that.

Dan:just wonder wherever it gives you, like, Oh, you'll be okay.

Reegs:don't pick up on

Sidey:most of these.

They won't take you out of the film. You get picked up afterwards. It's where, it's where if someone exits stage, right. And then they come back from the wrong side of the screen and you'd be like, what the fuck happened there? Yeah. That sort of thing. but something where there was one I read about where someone sunglasses, I think it was the Django, his sunglasses weren't around at that time.

Yeah. but it doesn't matter, you know, you watch the film, you don't, it's not gonna spoil the film for you. It's just a.

Reegs:wait, you're saying that forest Gump isn't spoiled because,

Sidey:no, it was sport just by existing. Cause it's a fucking wretched piece of shit. I, this is one that we've spoken about quite a few times. It's back to feature three, the Dick pointing.

but the reason I bring that one up because that's brilliant, but teen Wolf. You wear this one?

Reegs:teen Wolf, isn't

Sidey:Well, after the championship game and everyone comes down to congratulate over, there's a guy standing in the rosters who just gets his Dick out. He's just jumped around with this flyer. Did you guys get his Dick?

And the background made it, made it into the final cut.


Howie:still there.


Dan:like those photographs, you know, the football or the rugby, and somebody's just kind of lifts their shorts show itself a bit.

Sidey:so that's pretty amazing.


Howie:teen Wolf. it's a PG, but, I thought, Oh, the kids will like that. You know, I remember teen Wolf being quite funny and, and so we watched it and I thought if I've mentioned this before, but the whole film is ruined by the fact that

margaret J. Fox is mate. It was a bit of a Dell boy is walking around with a tee shirt that says in massive letters, I'm with cock nose and it doesn't take that tee shirt off for the whole fucking film and your daddy what's a cop knows. And you just go, ah, it's just some American gag. Don't say that word again

Reegs:That'd be gagging on Coke. Nice

Howie:over your typography. Okay. so I was going to also go for one that really annoys me cause it's massively petty. And that's in mission impossible too. Where do grey Scott and Tom cruise have a bullshit motorbike off and they like drive into each other or chase each other on a fuck it as I was, get losing quite and get quite angry about it.

But Tom cruise is motorbike changes, tire treads, about three times halfway through the fucking thing. Cause the stunt involves him going over like motorbike.

Reegs:done day for a

Howie:Yeah. And there's like an, and I think there's dirt bit as well. So you can see he's got dirt tires, then he's got slicks for the road. As a complete motorbike nonce.

Sidey:I always thought Duke Ray Scott was a weird choice as a villain as well.

It just came out of nowhere to be in that film.

Reegs:And he's gone back to nowhere now. Yeah,

Howie:a real good, like real low grade film

Reegs:that's the one with Tandy Newton, as well as my wife inexplicably hates her, just hates her and she doesn't really hate anybody, but she hates Tandy Newton. Yeah.


Howie:I think she's really redeemed herself in Westworld.

Yeah. Your wife in

Sidey:I completed it this week. Actually. I finished season three and she's just fucking great at

Howie:I've only I've

Sidey:making hot as well.

Howie:only watched season one and know what I'm

Sidey:Get ready for the baffled. No idea. What's fucking going on. It's still good though. Really liked it.

Reegs:one of the things that kind of annoys me is in star Wars where princess Leia in return of the Jedi says that she remembers her mother.

And then it's really clearly established in revenge of the Sith that. wherever the mother is called, dies like minutes. Yeah. Padma dies minutes after Leah and

Sidey:the longer star Wars goes on. The more it becomes apparent that it was made up on the fly


Sidey:the case they

were not, they won't relate to that point.

There's fucking loads of that.

Reegs:It just really bothers me is continuity across the films.

But the one I'm probably going to nominate is in, everybody's favorite chuckle Fest Schindler's list. Steven Spielberg striving for authenticity, when crafting this award-winning drama. but he should have brushed up on his German because as an SS. Soldier drags a boy away. He mispronounces the verb Shiism, which means to shoot.

Instead he says the verb , which means to deprecate

Howie:that's just on a schnitzel and here comes the vena.

That's exactly what he says. Isn't it? Yes.

Dan:Alright, well, I've got, another old film, black and white one anyway, Maltese, Falcon, and they say, ah, the bird, the birds, you know, and it's, it's made a precious metals, an issue.

Reegs:supposed to weigh like 40 pounds or something, isn't it. Or

Sidey:going to pick it up

Dan:Like he's a balloon, you know, they're flying around one hand and everything. So let themselves down a little bit there, but, it's such a great movie. I can forgive that. another one just because I've got a few year, to go through the wizard of Oz.

and at one point. The wonderful Judy Garland, which I watched the biopic of, recently, which is really good.

Howie:Fucked up

Dan:Yeah, really? Yeah. Interesting to learn more about our life, which I didn't know lots about it. Doesn't take a lot to imagine that any child actor in around the 1930s he's was going to be exploited for every

Sidey:They had a hooked on slimming pills


They, they. They really goose this poor Gallup. It was surprising to be honest that she lost it as long as she did and did as well as she did for as long as she did, because I'm looking at our biopic and how they, you say essentially

Sidey:dropped a

Dan:drug to explore it, you know, threatened. it was, it was crazy. so she may.

It might be forgiven for not

Howie:I would go over, yeah,

Dan:for not wearing a iconic red slippers in a scene where the train's pelt, Dorothy, and the scarecrow with apples instead, she's wearing a black boots. yeah. So,

Reegs:So she deserved everything that

Dan:well potentially you shoe here. Yeah.

Howie:She had a bit too many pills.

Reegs:they also one that's really annoying. And the wizard of Oz, is that, they give oil to the 10 man, but 10 doesn't rust. So

Sidey:they must need a lubricant

Reegs:I don't, why, what are you planning?

Sidey:a little metal


Howie:head of a film.

Reegs:It's to protect them, the rust, my kids, again, we actually ended up buying the wizard of Oz. Cause we've seen it three or four

Howie:Well, the whole fucking kingdom,


Reegs:the whole kingdom leprechauns and all or whatever.

Dan:I've got, I've got a musical plate that says sings a ding dong the witch is

Reegs:they've watched it again that it's got to be the Mark of an amazing film.

It's nearly 80 years old, 1939. My kids still love it. They chose it over boss, baby, and some other stuff to watch this weekend. Amazing.

Sidey:Shrek Shrek his door from his heart opens Edwards and outwards.

Reegs:Could that not just be one of

Sidey:No, because he slams it and it obviously slams against the frame.

And yet somehow it's bullshit. What was, what were they thinking?

Dan:we've, we've got a click clack kind of, thing that opens both ways, but if you close it fast, it slams.

Reegs:Oh, he's fucking


Howie:carpenters out there that want to contribute towards this?

Sidey:I can't believe this one hasn't come about yet, but the storm trooper banging his head on the door. Is it a nice little one? Yeah, I think it's good that they left that one in maybe, maybe they had no choice, but I think it's nice touch.

Dan:I think so as well. I mean, it's,

Reegs:not really a continuity error, is

Sidey:no, she's a fuck up that stayed in.


Howie:you think, do you think when, if there's original audio with that, you can hear the story, but fuck, fuck it now.

Oh, fuck the stand on me. You bastard. It's fucking suits. Cut right into me. I'm going to go to TV now. I'm going to go the one that's pretty recent game of Thrones. And it's the coffee mug in the with. Nobody has admitted it, but they all blamed it on a Emilia Clarke. The nurse is the nurse.

Sidey:I played lots of that series on her.

Howie:Yeah. Well

Reegs:it's a Starbucks, isn't it?

Howie:Is it a Starbucks? Yeah, it's there. Yeah.

Sidey:it's after the fact the, that killed the night. They were having a celebrator, he sort of faced banquet

Dan:Well, when they killed the ice King, they're there the night

Howie:Yeah. And they've got a proper takeaway coffee

Sidey:It's not like it's in the corner, it's front and center on the fucking table.

Dan:whether, you know, they were just so pleased that they just fought. Fuck it. You know, we've done it now. Listen.

Howie:No, I th I actually think it's sabotage. I reckon it is

Sidey:I wonder if they had a bat between them, right. Let's see if we can get this. If we can leave this

Dan:how much Starbucks just loved that. Why couldn't they have just done some small, independent music label or something,

Reegs:or if they had to do coffee, where do they do somewhere?

That did good coffee. Not

Sidey:Well, because Starbucks has probably onset.

Dan:Yeah, it would be

Sidey:Everybody tried. I want to say there was also the very next episode. There was the water bottle under the chair.

Reegs:that was the ginger one.



Sidey:Sophie Turner.

Reegs:Sophie Turner, pretty girl.

Sidey:There was also earlier under Stanus. There was a cable, like computer cable thing. I'd was like,

they really fucked up.

Howie:for me. That was the turning point.

Dan:Good to watch you after that.

Reegs:You don't anymore.

Howie:I have, but I'll wait my turn next. You fucking stupid bastard.


Reegs:in Seminole classic, evil dead, three army of darkness, Ash chains, bad Ash to a table

Sidey:you seen your CEO say that makes amazing. It's so good. It's a

Reegs:I love, well, their movies. The second one is one it's up there in my top 10 movies of all time, evil, dead two. It's an absolute classic.

but yeah, in the third one, which is more full on comedy, he changed bad-ass to a table in the windmill. and then he hacks him to pieces with a chainsaw. But the problem with that is that during the scene that proceeded that, Ash slaps his horse on the ass to sort of scare it off into the woods.

And it's clearly seen carrying the chains or on


Reegs:Yeah. So

Dan:massive let down to another massive letdown that I watched. And I didn't get this for ages. And I know that it's something we've mentioned again before, but the Goonies. And at the end of the film date is telling the news reporters, was really scary and I was thinking.

What, what is, I didn't even believe this scene existed up until a few months ago when I, I think you, I I've seen it cause we, we shared it on a WhatsApp group

Sidey:Claire, Claire, to say why I got

Dan:yeah, I can see why it got cut, but they did put it back in for the, the Disney channels, version. So, although I've never, actually, I've only ever seen it on YouTube.

I've never watched the film and saw that scene in

Reegs:there's another good one in the Goonies where Sean Aston calls. Is that nice name, Sean nasty. He calls his brother. Who's called brand. I think in the movie calls him



Reegs:Yeah. Cause it's the actor is Josh Brolin.

Howie:You've just reminded me of another Goonies one, which really I see it every time and you'll see it now at the very end, his dad is having to sign the contract to sign away the house and the.


Howie:Yeah, let me know, sorry to get any shreds. It, and it, and he, and he's clearly quite crap at shredding paper and he like makes three tares throws like four bits of paper up and then somebody on their side clearly just got a bag of litter and they just throw it. And it's still that you watch it. And it's just, yeah, it's just like, it's like a Christmas explosion of confetti and it's like, fucking hell.

It was only a two page contract, you know, how's he going? Is there, so, yeah, that just reminded me.

 Sidey:the Simpsons again, Marge and Homer recounting the story of how Maggie came to be. And they're having a flashback to this, the moment where Marge is telling Homer that she's pregnant and there was a picture on the wall of Maggie.

No laziness.

Howie:Okay. My last one. sorry, last two. I'll go quick. What? It is very localized. We all know Bergerac, local Jersey detective series on the BBC, and he would driving the tunnel, which is one side of the Island. And as he drives that, the other side of the tunnel he's on the other side of the Island.

So he would go from st. Helia to Goree just through the tunnel. So it's a good six miles maybe in total or little roads he's made. So there's often lots of continuity areas there. the other one, the one I was gonna mention was I thought you were going to talk about it a second ago. It was, and you mentioned the matrix, there's a scene involving.

Morpheus and Neo looking into a door knob, a shiny brass knob, and they go to turn it. And it's baffling that this actually got through based on how complex the CGI was in the matrix of the time, the only way they could cover up the camera that captured this kind of, fisheye lens type look was to throw it.

A coach that looked like Morpheus his coat over the camera

Reegs:wasn't it?

I think as

Howie:I'm not sure if you look at it, they just threw a, threw a coat over it, and it's just kind of sits sort of blends in, but you can really see it if you, if you look carefully and again, what the fuck was the guy vault in continuity doing surely there was a technological way around this, but

Dan:yeah, I think there, and to give the continuity folks a bit of a break, if it doesn't detract too much from.

Yeah, the flow of the film or the emotion of the film, they probably just leave these things in because our brain doesn't pick up everything. It's only, I say people going over and obsessing about these films, looking for these mistakes. but yeah, some of them are bigger than that.

Reegs:last couple for me, Ghostbusters, Egon describes the paranormal activity in New York as being like a Twinkie 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. But if you do the maths, a 600 pound Twinkie would only be 6.4 feet long, and a 35 foot long Twinkie would weigh approximately 50 tons.

So Egon is not the genius that he thinks he is. the other one, and this has always been. Bugged me for a while. It's sort of more about story continuity than anything else, but in dirty Harry, the movie finished, with the titular dirty Harry, he's killed that. He's brought down the Scorpio killer once and for all.

And then after some sort of quiet reflection, he throws away his badge, pretty significant event, really that yeah. Is not addressed at all in the sequel Magnum force or any of the other three sequels. So that's always bothered me.

Sidey:they just walked over and picked it up.


Reegs:Maybe, maybe

Sidey:what happened.


Dan:North by Northwest. so one of the kids in this, apparently they'd done the scene a couple of times rehearsed it. And the scene is where Cary grant is about to fire a gun and the noise. Obviously poverty, this kid, because in the actual shoe, you can see him already plugging in is way before. Yeah. Yeah.

He's just in the back on the table. In the back, there were not a cafeteria and this kids, this is in preparation, but this comment already, and another one we've we're guns in pulp fiction. I think this is when they go into the brief case for Marvin and his crew. There's a load of holes in the walls before they start firing

Sidey:Yeah. I just thought you could just explain that way by saying they'd been gunshots fired an ad before, but yeah, that is, is have an era.

Pack the future three there's loads of gen chem trails, visible in the sky, in the wild West,

Reegs:they're giving us

Sidey:Kira non, yeah. They're doing something to it ultimately has the graduate. This is one of the things where it made the feel better sort of the very end after they've hijacked the wedding

Reegs:on the bus

Howie:And there

Sidey:sat there. Yeah.

And they sort of look at you and I smile and then it just sort of lingers and they sort of just, there's this sort of awkward moment where they're just. It's kind of left ambiguous as to what's actually going to happen. That was because the director forgot to say cut,

Howie:Oh right.

Sidey:and then they obviously store it back until actually that works really well.

Reegs:Yeah. Cause you don't know, is this relationship going

Sidey:Yeah, exactly.

Reegs:Okay. That's interesting.

Sidey:Yeah. Similar thing happened in the Scorsese last temptation of Christ,


Sidey:with your man crush on the, on the

Howie:Cross Jesus. Yeah.

Sidey:have defined. Yeah, something happened to the film. It got left open or something happened to, it was knackered. And there's that light that you see that comes on the scene as he dies, there's some sort of colored light and, That was just a complete accident.

Dan:I really, that was a fucked up film. Well, over then,

Sidey:they thought, fuck it out, Scott Scorsese is going to go fucking nuts when he sees this, you know, and he watched it and he thought, Oh, actually, that's brilliant. That could be interpreted in however way you want. so left-hand,

Dan:that's a bit of luck. Isn't it? Marty?

Sidey:Divine intervention.

You might say.

Reegs:Okay. So have you got any more done or are we ready to round up

Howie:I would

Dan:round up, I've got, a rounding up one.

Reegs:Okay. Howie, what are you going to pick?

Howie:I am going to pick actually, I'm going to go for the Goonies one because that does that's so blatant the one with the shredded paper, shredded paper, Goonies.


Sidey:We're going to have water a toss up. Between the push from commando, but I'm probably going to go for the deck and teen Wolf, just

Howie:is the quote of this podcast. Could I go for the

Reegs:Dan, are you choosing any penis?

Dan:No, I'm good. I'm going to hold back on the penis. I I'm going to, I'm going to go to Caprio for slamming his hand down because it was one of those. Maybe areas, maybe it wasn't continuity is strictly as we're talking about, but it's certainly added to the film and I think that will be a strong case for it.

Reegs:I'm putting in the anachronistic lyrics for good King Wenceslas because I expect better from the Muppets. so that's the Muppet's Christmas. Carol.

Sidey:onwards and downwards, or maybe offers it's a, your nomination. Wait, Howie. What Jen, have you got first this time?

Howie:it's brought in rock time from some of the feedback that I've got. so I went for the gentleman eight 2019 action, crime comedy, somewhat formulaic, guy Richie offering that, he did with James Warren now. This is a real hit and miss relationship with this guy because the two of them did snatch and revolver and King Arthur.

And now this, I don't know if you've seen King. Arthur is fucking terrible. You do not need to watch that film. It's got David Beckham co-starring and it's it. It could have been quite cool and it falls on so many

Dan:was it in a guy? Ritchie

Howie:Yeah. So kickoff is a bit of a gazer and he's a bit of a Cockney with

Reegs:Ray Winston in it.


Three, six, five bets,

Reegs:He's got a bit of an, an odd career. Guy, Richie, I think lock stock lock stock. What? But that was a huge hit though. So I haven't seen it. People who have seen it told me it's dog shit, but,

Sidey:Disney. So

Dan:that was the new Aladdin.


Howie:guy Ritchie did that. Holy shit. I didn't realize

Sidey:too. It's going. Another one,

Reegs:But lock stock when it came out was really good. I absolutely loved that movie.

There was, it looked different and

Howie:soundtrack, the soundtrack amazing using

Sidey:Uh, snatch

Reegs:Snapchat. I really

Sidey:I watched it again about a year or so ago. It's still it's a bit, but I still enjoyed it. Mostly if it Brad Pitt scenes, I have to say,

Howie:I like the bit of the math,

Reegs:away, which is he wrote the script for, it was just the. Absolutely on watchable, Madonna,

Howie:Oh, sorry. Yeah,

Reegs:absolutely awful. then he did, I think the Sherlock Holmes

Sidey:I don't like

those. Yeah.


Sidey:Yeah. Oh DJ.

Reegs:Yeah. And then he did man from uncle, which I

Sidey:liked that as well.

Reegs:that movie. I thought that was huge. It's good.

Dan:Okay. All right. I'll

Sidey:Cause I was, I was sort of ready to really pile into guy Richard here. And then I looked through his filmography, like you're saying, I was like, actually most of the stuff he's done, I quite enjoyed

Dan:British director, you know, is he. The British Tarantino.

Is that the kind

Sidey:I think that's how he sees himself. Yeah, with it. We'll probably get onto this as week. Talk about the film a bit more, but a lot of the dialogue, I think he sees himself as being a great fucking writer with these big, long monologues that are in his mind, bright out there.

They sometimes they have not always

Reegs:we should get onto the basic plot of the movie. But I think, you know, I know

Sidey:well, this maybe was not

Reegs:Yeah. I know we do. Are we entertained at the end, but I'll just lay my cards on the table straight off and say, I fucking hated this movie. I despised it. And, I will be talking about all the things I despised in it all the way through.

Sidey:I text rigs about halfway through, but this is why

Howie:Well, this is, well, this stars, Matthew McConahey met him. I've met him.

Reegs:Matthew mahogany.

Dan:Matthew McConaughey. Who's

Reegs:I think you've said that

Howie:blending palace.


Howie:no, he's tiny.

Reegs:How tiny, like,

Sidey:puffed? Like, was he magic Mike buff?

Howie:I'd say he's a bit Didier than you, but he's super thin.

Reegs:yeah. And sadly, so we're sort of kindred spirits.

Howie:it's got a huge grant. Yeah. He plays a guy called Fletcher, Mick Matthew, Matthew McConaughey plays, Mickey Pearson, Colin Farrell plays a guy called the coach. And

Dan:in only

Howie:it's an awesome, I thought that I genuinely that Mickey Mickey Pearce.

Dan:surprised if guy Ritchie's.

Howie:He was the most down the pub with a mustache and he was always a bit dodgy.

Reegs:Oh, right.

Sidey:Yeah. The hat.


Reegs:Oh yeah, yeah,

Dan:it was Rodney's mate.

Howie:Yeah. That's it. And, The main character. What kind of the main is a guy called Ray who played by Charlie Hunnam,


Howie:who is my wife's pinup. And that's why we had to watch it.

Reegs:charisma vacuum.

Howie:My wife

Dan:found out today. He is an Aaron Eckhart.

Reegs:No, he's not.

Dan:I thought he was

Sidey:Oh no. I had a different, different lookalike for him.

Howie:Right? Hey,

Sidey:what's his face from

Dan:Oh, that's him.

Yeah, what's his face.

Reegs:Tell him holiday. You got a bit of the Tom Hardy buddy.

Sidey:by my sister, January thought it was Tom Hardy and I always, I always throw thought. It just looks a lot. Like it does look a lot like him, especially the bed.

Dan:not bad luck. Is it

Reegs:plays Ray, who is the conciliary


Reegs:Matthew? Mahogany is, Oh, no. I thought he was terrible. And it's accident. Just where the hell was it? It went all over the place for the, it did it like a regional tour of England. Like sometimes he's caught me sometimes he's from fucking Manchester.

Sidey:already in the doldrums and I thought he was actually relatively, quite good.

Howie:Right? So bikes, the story losers. Yeah. So, Matthew Mohan mahogany is an American expert who tries to sell off his highly profitable, weed empire in London to a billionaire which triggers off.

A fairly sort of typical guy, Richie plots with schemes, bribery, double crossing, blackmail, somewhat over complex areas, somewhat kind of going nowhere areas, It's a bit of fun. And I think that's what you need to take with a guy Ritchie film like this, it plays art. My initial first thought was, Oh my God, are we going to sit through something where everybody sounds like Jamie Oliver, where everybody is a Motney Motley, gays are in all this stuff.

And I thought it's going to be painful to watch. And, and it started off with, Oh, Christ, please don't be like that. Please don't be like that. But. I don't think it did quite go that far down that way. I think the film starts with Mickey in a pub and a gun is pulled on him. You hear a bang and you see blood, And along with the pint glass there isn't an, a pickled egg.

Reegs:had a pickle that I never had a

Howie:Yeah, it's nothing much really.

Sidey:So it

Howie:It's just, it's supposed to be like a, sort of a snack that goes with bare slot.

Reegs:I don't like cold egg.

Dan:absolutely revolting

Reegs:it sounds fucking horrible.

Howie:Yes. I'd rather have a pickled onion,

Sidey:Oh, pick a time for the way

Reegs:onion. Yeah.

Sidey:that it's more than the actual vinegar. I would just drink the vinegar, but this, this is guy, which he's actual pub when

Howie:yeah. Do you see the, do you see the, when he pulls the pine, it was his grit chick Grinchy bear

Sidey:was his bed and his pub, his head and David back in his public. Yeah.

Howie:So the film basically starts with almost the end scene. So he's on the phone and his wife,


Howie:we go.

And he goes to his wife. Who's that? Who's that he can, he's talking to her and then the gun gets pulled and the next shot goes to black. For me, it's kind of then goes, what? I mean, for me, the fucking film was

Reegs:It was for me as well.

Howie:Yeah. there was some good quotes. There was some,

Reegs:grant visits.

Howie:yeah. Yeah. Freddie who's this rather camp investigative journalist, tries to basically conduct is he would kind of break into Ray's house

Sidey:but he was there. He wasn't, he was there when he arrived.

Howie:any arrives and he says, I want to talk to you about a proposition. And when he says, no, get the fuck out. He says a great line, which is, and the way that he says that I'm to just don't be Canty. And I like that. I like that

Reegs:did enjoy here

Howie:yeah. So basically Hugh grant has offered him a he's a prime investigator investigator.

Who's offered him a story about his boss that he's blackmailing about and says, look for 20 million. I can get rid of all the evidence of this story about your boss. The newspapers will give me 150 grand. So I'm seeing this as a bit of business. And then it turns into, basically Freddie starting off the story and the events that he has seen and witnessed and recorded.

About the business dealings

Dan:have no rights it

Howie:hinder rates. It is,

Reegs:but it's also framed like this sort of weird matter thing where he's telling you the story of the movie that you're, that he, that he wants to make, which then allows guy Richie to do all these sort of, not very subtle meta stuff about filmmaking and

Howie:he offers it to Miramax.

You can take this script. Yeah.

Reegs:that age really badly or was that a joke? I

Howie:Oh God. Yeah.

Sidey:It's a tailored to

  1. So they would have been, although

Reegs:come out, that's been a few years,

Sidey:I been a


Sidey:long time coming here.

Howie:And there was another good line in this point when he, he, I think Ray calls Freddie something else and he says, Oh, I like it. When you talk like that, I feel myself in gorging.

Dan:Well, the thing is, you know what you're getting with guy Richie.

Well, you think you do, if you've seen snatch and you've seen lock stock, you hope what you're getting with. Guy Richie is another one of them and potentially the Sherlock home films, which I really enjoyed a few others, the King office stuff. I've not seen the Aladdin. I wasn't even aware that it was hidden, but that's different again.

you know, you get style over, maybe everything else is it's shot. It's cut. It's, you know, there's snappy dialogue and things. So.

Reegs:It's got that sort of hyperactive quality

Dan:does. Yeah. And that's very much a guy Ritchie film. You wouldn't even really need to have listened to it. Just, just to get the shots and things you'll pick up very quickly.

You would need to watch your start at the end to go, Oh, this guy, Richard you'd have a stab it or this guy cause he's distinctive. And for me there was the performance in this Matthew McConaughey who, and I'm huge.

Reegs:Matthew McConaughey.

Dan:grant. Yeah. I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was really, really decent. I was in the mood for it.

It was one of those that it was the right time for me to sit down and watch just a story about the East end, the weed business. lots of intricate goings and, characters, interesting characters. the dialogue sometimes

Reegs:They're not

Dan:really funny.

Reegs:characters, particularly though. Oh, they didn't. Most of the pit, everybody in this was an asshole basically. And,

Dan:there were lots of very, you know,

Reegs:it's like Colin Farrell is in this and he's really funny and it's a good character, but they're not

Dan:There's folks with it. There's folks with the film, potentially the characters needed Longo in, in different areas to really get

Sidey:yeah, that's part of is he wants to surprise you or make it a twist to every fucking two minutes something happens.

And you're trying to keep up with

Dan:whether it be with a star, a

Sidey:the toddlers with this fucking grind video, and

Howie:that made me laugh. I did the thing that was quite funny

Sidey:I thought was quite funny, but it was just another thing. And then. Seven. So it was double costing seven. So, and then there was another test on that and, you know, ah, I can't keep, I can't be bothered with, is it what I don't like?

Is this sort of, he, he, this fetishized view, he's got this gangster underworld and I just find it so fucking unnecessary. And he really glamorizes this lifestyle

Reegs:was fresh 25, 30 years ago when lock stock came out and the characters were relatable, but these guys are all, it's just the same shit. It's just recycled.

Everything is done again.

Dan:the overall craze feel of East London or London. He brings that almost to every film that I've seen him through.

there's there's always, you know, whether it be the accent, which. I really like, because, you know, London is in the family. So I enjoy listening to these kinds of, accents and things. And I know it's over the top and I know it basic guy, which he filmed it, it cuts in chases

Sidey:like you say about being in the right frame of mind, I perhaps was not because spousal just fucking given up a three, no lead to Westtown. I was in a fucking stinking mood and I fucking heard loads of you already. And also I'm sorry. Had gone if you ever listened to this, but I fucking hate you. I fucking hate everything you've been in. He's never fucking been anything good. And he was in this a lot and I just can't fucking bear him.


Sidey:on a fucking loser,

Dan:you, I thought you were phenomenal in this,

Howie:I did. I did. So I thought it was

Dan:were really good. You're really


Dan:I'd like to see more, you're doing

Howie:apparently the bit he had to do. So he had to shoot that entire block of, of, yeah. You have to shoot that entire conversation. It's something like 40 pages of script in a very condensed

Sidey:Didn't like this. I don't know what you're about to say. He made a letter notice, then it basically hadn't memorized his lines. And his stuff went missing or it got lost.

And so he, they were like, Oh, he had to do it. Learn the fucking lines, be a professional. You stupid

Dan:speak to Anthony Hopkins, 250 fucking times delay.

Sidey:what I was supposed to be impressed because he didn't fucking memorize his lines.

He had a letter.

Howie:didn't know that part of the story. I was just going to

Sidey:No, he had a letter.

Howie:period of

Sidey:They shot that in five days is that he never met Matthew mahogany. He only met

Howie:Yeah. The premiere and stuff.

Sidey:but they were saying he had a, of crib sheets and stuff for it to do those lines.

And I'm thinking just fucking learn them like a fucking actor. Would you prick? I hate him.

Howie:as a mill street pate here now it's GPU grants,

Sidey:for targeting. Oh no. Don't even do it. It get me annoyed.

Dan:golden age. He's a proper handsome,

Sidey:best, the best, and probably the, but the definitely stand out for me. And the best character in this was coach.


I love, caught a foul as this. He

was brilliant.

Reegs:a really funny guy, but this and the lobster and they're, they're very different types of humor, but I never would have, I always understood him to be a bit of a prick for


Reegs:on his sort of media image. But he's obviously a really

Howie:when, when he fucking gets, we're going to jump loads of scenes here, but because it's all about conifer in the film, when he, him and his, lads get the guy that runs a newspaper and they're basically kidnapping.

Reegs:again in a fucking guy, Ritchie movie,

Howie:but, but, but they get him, they blackmail in by getting a pig to fuck him and then watching.

Sidey:which way round had he fucked the pig or the pig plucked him

Reegs:stolen out of black mirror, complete and stolen out of flat mirror.

Sidey:the introduction in the cafe where the lads try and Rob him. They hold it, they hold a knife term. And


Sidey:so composed, just be simple. Not that I like cutting down the gym was there. We can teach you. It's brilliant. It's just really good instruction. That was the highlight for me.

Reegs:Okay. I mean, describing the plot, it's just a fuckload of, then I went here and there was this horrible person and he double crossed me and then I went somewhere

Dan:Cause now you're being unfair. So Matthew Macona who he's a road scholar.

Student who comes over to the UK, starts realizing him within all his hi friends and eaten or wherever

Howie:is he Oxford to Oxford?

Dan:Oxford, he, so he suddenly gets all these connections and they all like the weed that he's able to get. And it talks about his early darker days where, after

Howie:the street he's

Dan:Oh, yeah.

After he progressed his through street dealer and he takes her another rung or two up the ladder and he's had to get his hands dirty with blood and everything. And so sadly, he's earned this empire, which he wants to sell for 400 million quid. and,

Howie:Well, he's, he's, he's basically trading off the back of country houses. So these country houses are run by basically aristocrats, who haven't got a penny to rub between them. So he's basically saying, I'll give you a million quid a year.

I thought that was a good idea.

Dan:got these huge

Howie:Estates. Yeah. It

Dan:that costs hundreds, thousands to run each year. It's not coming in. Like it used to for the Gentry they're they're, you know, they, they need different ways.

Half of them are fought off Danza. Coolmore 11:00 AM bought up down there, but

Reegs:costs a fortune to keep those

Dan:of course

Reegs:none of them have got any fucking jobs.

Dan:No, no dude. So having, somebody. Build a, a tunnel essentially under their field to grow copious amounts of weed, was ideal for them. They're getting a million

Howie:Were you watching that thinking? I wonder if people actually fucking do, they must

Reegs:I totally was wondering the same thing.

Maybe, maybe, maybe it has. I don't know, but he was going to sell his business to Matthew Berger who is played by Jeremy Strong, who is an actor. I think he's absolutely brilliant. He has just finished watching succession. Watch it. I just have to say watch it. He's amazing. And it plays, Kendall. Roy is a fantastic character.

Howie:a lot of things about succession.

Reegs:brilliant. It's brilliant. It's right up there with some of the, you know, the best, he's dreadful in this. He's playing a kind of


Reegs:is Railey

Dan:steal the show at all. No,

Reegs:I know him to be this really tremendous actor. So

Dan:all the actors were, you know, big guns really there.

And I think that's another one of Richie's. certainly his later kind of stuff where he's bringing him back and he's bringing in people that will bring in people

Reegs:he has you're right. He's always cast well, because even lock stock,

Sidey:Dexter Fletcher,

Reegs:four of the guys, the leads, they weren't particularly big

Howie:Jason Statham.

Reegs:have pretty big careers.

So he's, and you know, in casting, in like a man from uncle is really good casting, and this is really good. It's just the story and that.

Sidey:everything else.

Dan:Yeah. I must admit you, you go with it. I was in the mood too, and you don't get too worked up about lots of things that might have been better in. It wasn't a perfect film, but I was looking at a film for a couple of hours. This was a story. And it, as I say, it cuts at the beginning.

Like he's about to bite the bullet and, and, and take a shot to the head. there's this kind of mantra has, doesn't go your way. You're saying there's only one rule in the jungle when the lion is hungry, he eats and he's, that's his dominance in this field. Cause there's a lot of people. In and around the gangster world, as you would expect, who want to take his throne and they hear that you sell in up, they hear little rumors and it's a big kind of,


Howie:fight to get to his, to his assets.

Dan:there's a lot of jiggery pokery in the background and, and noise to try and drive the price down, which makes.

He he's kind of a step ahead. You don't realize that all the way through the film and maybe you would, if you guessed

Reegs:Hey, Mohawk, Annie or

Dan:Yeah. No mahogany


Howie:is a step ahead as we find out

Reegs:only at part stage.

And then sometimes he's behind. That was another thing that.

Dan:Yeah. Well, you know, I thought will it deter some people, it, you know, the whole kind of guy he thing from going to see. Yeah. If you don't like his film, she won't like this one,

Sidey:yeah, I do like quite a few of his problems. So it was always, I only heard positive things about it as well. I have to say everyone at work at CNN loved it.


Dan:over-hyped for you then?

Sidey:no, cause I was just going in daily thing going, it was that I knew how had a few grind. So that's why I hadn't seen it to date because I just,

Dan:Watching it there. His performance was really good. And I'm, I'm a say, I like you gone. He's done some shit as

Howie:did you, go off?

Fuck. When, so one of the. One of the ways to ingratiate himself to the Gentry. A mahogany goes to get the daughter back from a crack den to play back to the family. And there's a bit of a frackers. And one of the, one of the fucking, guys who's sort of with is with this girl as loud. Yeah. Which the boardroom he fuck.

Fuck. He gets pushed off the top of that building fucking hell like that. Ah, What'd you just, you knew it was gonna happen. You knew it was gonna

Dan:this is where maybe the film had so many different

Howie:Yeah. This was a thread that weren't need it.

Dan:you look

Sidey:get what this,

and then she just randomly died as well. It didn't really,

Dan:he was the son of a Russian Ali

Sidey:yeah, there was that part too.


Reegs:pivotal in the, in the resolution of the plot, which I also fucking hated. And I'll talk about when we get there.

Dan:again, it just seemed a bit rushed along that bit for me, that

Howie:Yeah, that's how

Dan:it, but I let it go because I wasn't, you know, I was having a good time, my voice, and I wanted to see what, what happened.

Reegs:Well, what does happen is that some other things


Reegs:Uh, they were at the Emirates. Yeah. They were at the Emirates.

it all feels really outdated

Sidey:about the projectile vomiting scene? That looks so fake to me, it was like fucking team America.

Reegs:Yeah. With the poisoning of. He had an English name? I can't remember. I

Sidey:loads. It was load something good.

Dan:Dragon eyes or something like that.

Sidey:dry eyes.



Howie:is George. George.

Reegs:Is it little

Dan:low Georgia, I think. Yeah. Yeah, no,


Dan:I liked it. It moved a lot. The, it was a fast pace. It was a couple of hours. maybe for me, I would probably want to watch that again before I would go back and watch lock stock or, or snatch purely because. I think those two update it a little bit more.

but it was, if you like those, it's almost the trilogy of that kind of film for me. Yeah. You know it, and hopefully he will now go and say, I like to see him do something else or a slightly different style. It's just to show that he's got another trick to it.

Sidey:well, he's written a fucking TV mini series of this.

Dan:What do you know? Do you know what this kind of reminded me of, but. Wasn't as good. it was the,

Sidey:Battlestar Galactica.

Dan:exactly the mop is Christmas cow. No, it was, the good guys, you know, we've, Ryan Gosling and

Sidey:it's really good.

Dan:is really good yet. So it had that for me, it was like, I prefer that one, but I just thought that was a kind of, I don't know why, you know, that it was an action comedy.

Shaundra thing. And, then they haven't seemed to do another one at that, which I'm really gutted about. So when you tell me that they're gonna do

Sidey:a big flop,

Dan:which I found out. Yeah. But, but this is going to be a hit by all

Sidey:Well, we can come to

that, but stuff happened and it ended,

Reegs:Yeah. And the end was a complete rip off of, the long, good Friday, total

Sidey:shot for shot,

Reegs:shot for shot. and I don't it's that. And then the movie itself is a bit of a rip off of that. Is that a homage or what? I mean, what is that? I don't know.

Howie:never seen it on good Friday. I don't even know

Reegs:really good. And the endings absolutely iconic with Bob Hoskins, getting into a taxi with the IRA basically, and not knowing whether he's going to be killed or not, which is the same ending that happens in this, thoroughly dislikeable movie.

Howie:I think I'm going to be controversial. And because of seeing it, I think these turbines snobby about it. I think you, you come in, I get what you're saying, but I think you're, I think you are, because this is what, this is, what movie people, this is the whole popcorn film, like a mission impossible style thing.

And I think you have to

Reegs:I like the mission. Impossible

Howie:but I think you have to approach it like that. Whereas. You, you, you have your, your film that you just mentioned longer Friday and there's that. And from what I can gather from what you said, that he's, he doesn't know whether he's going to live or die. the IRA real serious content.

Well, this, he gets into a cab and he makes a little joke and the fucking taxi driver turns around and it's right at, he makes little jokes. It's less of a dawning. Fuck me. I'm fucked. You don't think of it. Like you think of it as. Yeah, this is going to be another comedy caper type thing, and you have to take it for what it is.

How about

Reegs:I like plenty of Sherlock. I, you know, we just talked about the mission, impossible.

I like the fast and furious franchise, you know, I liked plenty of that stuff, but when it's done well, but this, this was just like,

Howie:he has a formula guy, Richie and I get,

Reegs:And that trick is really old now and very mediocre and it's Trey. It was trying way too hard to be edgy.

Dan:I think he performed that trick. That's the difference. I guess I'm not a disagree in that ease God, this is anything new. I just think that, I just think this was a typical guy, Ritchie film, and it was a white, you know, it wasn't, it was good.

It was entertaining. Kept me, kept me watching for, for a couple of hours and I have, yeah.

Howie:It had some levity

Dan:somebody to watch

Howie:and some levity to it for, I kind of watched it. Yes. All right. That's okay. I laughed in places. If you, if you don't like you, you must fuck.

It really must've fucking hate it. Cause he was like all over it and, and the, the way that he was into it, if you don't like a certain person in a film, I could see why you'd just be like, fucking hell fuck. And I get that, but I think it was. I didn't watch it and think of other films that I'd seen other than a thought of lock stock and snatch in the style and the genre of it and the, and the, the formulaic, Oh, there's going to be a twist here.

Oh. And then at the very end, there'll be a little twist and that's what guy Ritchie's guilty of. And I think you're dead right. In saying, I think it's a mistake that is going to go to small screen because I think that's just going to be bollocks. It'll be full of low rate McNees I've whereas I think.

You're right. You're saying he needs to do someone else. Now King Arthur was his attempt at doing something else, but he straight back into that realm and it was shit.


Dan:be with the, the TVs going up. Give that to somebody else and they'll just

Howie:Oh, he gets it. Oh, executive rights.

Dan:that might then make this work.

I think there was enough characters in there that could be built on. Nobody got too much time to shine, but it's a film that doesn't take herself to see. Seriously. I think, I mean, you think of Hugh grant Mohana Mohana who, you've got,


Dan:yeah, all these, all these other. They're in a, in a film where I think they were having a bit of a laugh.

And the fact that you're telling me who grant didn't even bother learn his lines, tells me that they all kind of comfortable and just wrote it out and said, okay. And I thought it was okay. I thought it worked. I really enjoyed it.

Howie:Yeah. We've got a split. We've got a proper

Sidey:Budget for it was $22 million. Okay. Box, office box can pay to mind, man. I had a good few months

Howie:Yeah. And about three months release, I

Sidey:What do we reckon?

Dan:be enough to have

Reegs:I don't remember it at all. So I think it's probably bombed.

Dan:I think he gets, I think he's got a cult following enough, and I think those stars do we'll get enough people in. So you've got Colin foul. You've got

Howie:But it got good reviews. So I think it looked on all right,

Dan:I mean, he's a bloke Fest, isn't it?

There's there's one girl in

Reegs:there's two female characters in it. It's another reason I didn't like his wife. Who's the victim of a sexual assault and the other one, Laura,

Sidey:carriage that she had was just full of these sort of

Reegs:fast and furious cars.

Sidey:the women in there, she put it a bit, but they were like porn. Leo looked like a man's version of what.

Reegs:Yeah, exactly. Just really like nasty

Dan:not like that.

Where did you go?

Reegs:and the other,


other only other female role in the movie is basically just a walking plot device who dies of a heroin overdose. So

Howie:so apparently Kate Beckinsale was supposed to be the wife and she pulled out and that was, that was only on a three month release. Cause then COVID kicked in and cinemas went to shit, which is still really

Dan:so that style clearly still has fans beyond

Sidey:like I said, like everyone I've spoken to really liked it. So I'm clearly, miss alphabet is clearly in the minority, but on that bombshell, how he were United States,



Reegs:an amalgamation of tropes you've seen before, Dole an infant child jokes, really never quite clear who you're supposed to be rooting for. And.

Howie:our podcast again?

Reegs:really mean spirited and a sort of sense of humor.

That's a bit like when you disappointingly find out that a sort of older member of your family is really racist when they post stuff on Facebook or something. That's, that's what it felt like, like your racist uncle. there is an interesting thematic material that's in there, like the class divide, how middle-age mellows you, the relationship between the media and the underworld, none of which is, is explored in any kind of interesting way.

no, this movie is dog shit. and I did not like it. I don't know if I've made that point.

Dan:Don't be Canty.

Reegs:He was really good.

Dan:Yeah. Well, while you thought the gentleman was pungent, I thought it was actually pretty good. And I would go and say, watch it. I, you know, it's not going to blow your, your socks off, but for me it was a, a solid sort of seven out of


 Sidey:for me, it's a, no, I don't like you grind, but

Howie:Paul wrote whew.

Sidey:for that reason, I didn't go into it with a particularly open mind, but I don't like the dialogue.

And especially when Michelle Dockery said after the first highest on the, his, one of his underground greenhouse things, and he said, Oh, something's going on? She says, There's fuckery for, I got a magazine out and started fucking reading. I couldn't fucking bear it anymore. That was about halfway through. I fucking disposed it.

It's just a rehash of films that I did enjoy, like snatch and look stock, but like, I just think it's fucking, that's ancient now. Move on. And it was trying to be too clever for its own. Good. And I just didn't write it. No, not for me.

Howie:a split.

Sidey:the children's segment of the week, brought to you by the fast and furious franchise.

Howie:Yeah, it's got executive producer rights from that absolute monolith of a producer, VIN diesel, you know, Dreamworks have found basically a storyteller for our time.


Dan:So just to be clear, this, this was called speed races.

Howie:Spy, race, fast and furious.

Dan:in there that night, but he is to do with it.

Howie:Yeah. Yeah. He stars in


and is in it

Dan:that blatant character, right? They weren't just ripping him off though.


Howie:Yeah. He's got something to do with it. It's I bet God. It's one of those executive producer

Sidey:Dreamworks, slash Netflix Aboriginal content,

Reegs:It's a Netflix. That's what it is.


Sidey:fairly fatty. I think we've got two series. We watched season one episode one.

Howie:Yeah, well, that was the plan to watch episode one from series one, my kids kind of took over the TV after watching the first one and we've watched nearly fucking all of them.

My son absolutely loves this bizarrely, this ticks every fucking box for him. And he is, he normally watches all the studio, Ghibli staff he'll watch troll hunters. He watches all of that. And then he watched this and he was like, He spoke his tea all over his face. Cause he was trying to eat baked beans whilst watching it.

My daughter was watching it. She's 10. She fucking loved it too. And was

Reegs:How old is your son?

Howie:my son's eight. And they. I have to say the first episode I recommended to watch, just cause I to see, you know, get a bit of a grounding as to what's going on, it does get a bit better in two and three. cause you just don't what goes on, but effectively it's the fast and furious franchise in a cartoon series episodes two and three are the one where.

Based around, I don't know which one of the films it is, but they drive a tunnel through a tunnel in Mexico. Do you remember that? One of the films there's that in it, and it's exactly the same plot altogether, but my thoughts going through this all the time, watching it with, through all the, the graphics and all the design and the loud noise and the, and all the God knows what's going on.

Was effectively, this is about criminals and drug dealers, and they've just taken the word drug out. It's just basically that for the kids

Dan:I've only ever seen one of them fast and furious films. And then I know they went up to like 10, but,

Howie:Eight now. Yeah.

Dan:for one, you've seen them all and

Sidey:you don't know what

Dan:having part of, you know, this watching it, I've watched it with my daughter.

Who's not into cars and I'm not really, you know, a big web hairdo or anything. You see my motor couldn't be old van. It was. A watchable thing for however long it went on 20 minutes or so. there's just so much other stuff. I think that gets our attention, that the basic theme is faster than the fewer.

So if you've seen that in this particular one, he's just getting a crew together of youngers.

Reegs:tone. It's Tony thereto, who is Dom's

Sidey:his cousin. Yeah, it's his cousin.

Reegs:And now you won't know this because you're not a fast and furious efficient Ardo, but family is a really big concept in the fast

Howie:criminal families,

Reegs:their families and their brothers everybody's they just bang on about their fucking families endlessly.

Dan:and, and so that's why he's looking off the, his cousin and getting her involved

Sidey:Tony really wants to emulate a Dom doesn't even wants to. They are basically street criminal

Dan:But he's

Sidey:traffic laws

Dan:to be clear though, they, their kids are working for the government now, then

Howie:by kids, but it all trims around the start of the film film.

Sidey:is the government

Howie:With a handbag of many tricks, but it starts off where the boat out to sea and the lookout goes, what's that. And they look out over towards the cliff and he goes, that's just a load of motorbike races, and then follows a motorbike going off the edge of a cliff lands on the lands, off the back of a boat.

They steal a car, the car kind of drives off the boat at full tilt and lands on another boat. Isn't it or something. And the boat opens up.

Dan:only about two minutes in, at this stage.

Howie:So I was trying to think where the graphics reminded it. I'm sure it's

Sidey:Commodore 64, the animation in this was so budget.

Howie:got something to do with poor patrol though.

Reegs:It was like they only had enough money to eat there. Animate the cars or the people and they couldn't do both. So they chose to do the cars. You see how small the late Tony Barreto's hand was. He had two Jeremy beeble heads,

Howie:reminded me of it reminds me of a PST or P S one graphics or tomb Raider, you know, with the block body walking

Sidey:at one point. VIN diesel says, well, you know, I can't come home with you cause, you know, you can't go undercover with me and I'm thinking, why not? You do fucking nothing. Like

absolutely nothing like him.

Reegs:yeah, I thought I liked the concept, the design,

Sidey:fast and furious.

Reegs:no, the, the animation design. I quite liked

Dan:remind me a little bit. Was it remember mosque

Sidey:I love most my byline is strike command. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:But it looked like they, you know, it looked like they dissembled it over an evening using like pirated three

Sidey:had been, this had been thrown together pretty quick.

Howie:Yeah. Seems to be a formula that Netflix are doing. Isn't it?

Dan:of characters after explore out and squeeze light an orange or something, you know, they just want to get all the juice out of everything.

Sidey:They'll just go franchise popular, make a thing of it. The after two seasons, kill it. Start a new one.

Reegs:yeah, the algorithm is not exactly subtle. Is it? It's

Sidey:need to get some new subscribers? Right? That IP, Nick, that make a thing churn out. People are like it. Fuck it off. Do a new one.

They've already subscribed now. So let's get the next one. That's how their business model works is pretty

Dan:I mean, you look at the, the money involved.

Reegs:There is good content on Netflix.

You do

Sidey:there's a lot of hedges, a few shows that I fucking love, but. My, one of my favorites is glow and it's been canned after three series and it's been fucking great. And then, you know, they just pull the plug and you're like, Oh, it hasn't even ended.

You don't mean it. They don't end it when it's finished.

Howie:now, it's just

Sidey:It's just caught in the middle

Dan:Not making money anymore less.

Howie:Apparently, apparently the thing you should do is Google how to wipe your algorithm on Netflix.

It's possible to do it and it's worthwhile to as well. Or you get

Sidey:It definitely is because if you're mrs. Goetz watches something on your profile, it's forever tainted and you get fucking

Reegs:profile is fucked. Cause it's like all these hideous horror movies. And then like a later pepper pagan, like

Sidey:I know I always,


Dan:how much, how much have they got in their catalog that you can look at? How much

Sidey:well, I frequently spend about an hour and a half just surely through the menu to find something to watch. there's a lot on there

Howie:but just going back to the animation and the cuts and the sort of the rushed effect.


Howie:The transformers had that as well. Do you remember? They had some real dodgy areas of animation followed by a bit of class and to be some effects she rotted as well.

Reegs:Yeah. It's massive in our house. And every time the music comes on, it's like anxiety inducing. You just like, Oh fuck. I'm going into war again. It's like,

Sidey:They had a very clear stylistic choice.

Whereas this I think was just kind of rushed and, felt to me like they just wanted to get out there. and if you put fast cars on the screen, young lads are going to like it, but there wasn't much more to it than that.

Howie:Th yeah, the kind of style of it reminded me a little bit of channel five early in the mornings with that kind of bold neon block colors.

And it's disappointing because yeah, like you said, it's, it's, it's a, it's a fun franchise. And I think they obviously want to get the kids on board to that. So then the kids get on board to the next fast and furious franchise film and

Reegs:that's really weird marketing

Howie:Yeah. Well, it is certainly the content. Thank you.

Reegs:cause this is a film series that basically starts every movie with, with a shot of a girl's arse, a race, and then ends on a shot of a girl's ass.

So they,

Howie:If you watch Tokyo drift well, as the episodes go on. Well, there's one episode, that's almost again in effect, a copy of the Tokyo drift fast and furious with all the glamorous girls and the, and the selling of hooky girds and stuff like that.

And I was watching it

Reegs:getting up skirted on

Howie:And I was trying to work out quite what the Tony Weber, his name is thereto to what he was actually doing for the government that was legal because it just seemed like they were. Hijacking Lori's again and shit like that. And I was like, there's, there's, there's no moral content.

I know that every cartoon doesn't need to have more content, but it was like, yeah, you're, you're basically going to end season five with him, killing a cop or something and just go and now nicely put, you can watch shows and hubs

Sidey:Well, the kids get recruited because they're good at driving illegally, just being fucking terrorized

Dan:try to infiltrate the gang of. People that are having drag

Sidey:The gangs called shifter, which the front for that organization is illegal road races.


Sidey:way of doing things.

Howie:but my son's favorite quote was, your abuts rag, but particularly made him laugh. and, my son also really likes the fact that the guy had rockets. for car engines, this is all explicit notes. He told me. but the one thing that he did mention is there's loads of crashes. They don't really show lots of people dying.

Cause that's what would have happened. Isn't it daddy? I mean, yeah, there would have been lots of fatalities.

Reegs:their insurance rates are going up right through the fucking roof.

Dan:So what are these things you don't see? You know, they don't have a, an episode on paperwork.

Reegs:slow and tedious.

Howie:this week. Thereto gets his provisional on a one to five motorbike. Will he pass Willy fail?

Reegs:so the big man himself actually does make an appearance, for a few minutes in this

Howie:he's in it a lot more as well throughout.

Sidey:I wasn't ready. I thought that maybe he would just, just, no, just come video for the first episode to give it a bit of gravitas and then fuck off.

Reegs:Yeah. That's what I seen now. He's in a busy

Dan:said it in the other side, probably did them all in a day.

Reegs:The whole legality of the illegal street racing never really occurred to me. Cause I thought one of the things that didn't, you know, that I thought that this was fairly inoffensive. It didn't seem, you know, people weren't being particularly nasty to each other.

Wasn't it just kind of

Sidey:Well, they are recruited into this government agency that we don't know what they're called, but straight away they go rogue. They told don't, don't go in the operation. You know, we could put out. It would take us X amount of months to build the car and all that. And they just go, ah, fuck it.

We'll just do it anyway.

Dan:gang in the gentlemen weren't they, they, they just kind of went and did their own thing.

Howie:Yeah, they still, they still the car of the local gyppo who's got rockets on. Yeah, that's basically it.

Sidey:While he's getting his tacos

Howie:Yeah. And then they do some terrible, like my thing, my kids thought that was hilarious where they're like distracting him, trying to

Sidey:They, they still, they picked pocket. They stayed his phone cloner illegally. There's so much criminality going on.

Howie:Knock his food out of his hands, refuse to pay for it and then steal his car and then later on and yeah,

Dan:is even where, to me, these days, how you have cartoons, they've even got smartphones in them, you know, and they're doing all this where the, any of this stuff we grew up with, it was. No, nothing like that.


Reegs:just didn't have an iPhone in Dungeons and dragons today.

Dan:But overall for me, there's just too much else out there that I would have stuck with this, but it got cemented really when Nellie, who I kind of forced to watch it with me. Was just shaking her head all the way through and she wanted to get back to a, I can't even remember what is it,


Dan:free reign that still going on.

Yeah. And know, I'm like, anti-free

Sidey:in it. It's gotta be

Dan:I've started it, I don't know. I've stopped

Reegs:You're welcome, Dan. You are welcome because I introduced that.

Dan:yeah. And so we'll, we'll, we'll sit and watch she wrote, but, maybe this is the kind of thing, Sonny might've enjoyed when he was younger, maybe. but I think just with my two, they're not really into, you know, the car.

Cause there wasn't a lot going on other than car races and you know,

Reegs:foiling international espionage,

Howie:that's effectively the whole franchise fast and furious.

So yeah,

Dan:Definitely you knew it wasn't going to be one of those cartoons that was going to end as like, Oh, that was a program in its own. It was going to run on. And, and so,

Howie:slightly redeeming

Dan:so yeah. depends on how much you wanted to watch.

because I, I was only an episode in, I was only ever going to be an episode that came obvious to me. So I knew I wasn't going to find out what happened, but I guess everything turns out. Okay. And they saved the day.

Howie:yeah, ish,




Howie:not by episode one, but I gave it a couple of episodes through the fact that I was cooking and they were watching it. And it's a right.


Reegs:I don't know. Really. I find it really hard to spend 24 minutes watching this, but I could see that your son, I could understand liking it.

I think with girls, like you were saying, Dan, wouldn't it be? I don't think this would appeal to my kids. I just find the concept really bizarre and it's, and it has actually brought to mind. Right. I've got a very quick, true or false game for you guys here that we can do. It's just a segment that I call a longish list of inappropriate franchises turned into kids' cartoons.

So, the okay. True or false Robocop,



Reegs:true, Rambo. True. the toxic Crusader.


Reegs:True. the police Academy, true Conan the barbarian


Reegs:true Highlander. True, false, true Beetlejuice.

Sidey:True, true. And they're all going to be true

Reegs:And tales from the crypt.

Sidey:Sure, sure,

Reegs:True. Isn't that a fucking weird list of films that were made into kids' cartoons?


Sidey:especially Honda does the head thing

Reegs:were any of them? Any of them?

Sidey:having to call it people's heads also

Reegs:Oh, right by cop. Wasn't exactly a PG movie.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. But Highland day slicing heads off. Isn't it? Yeah,



Dan:Oh, I thought it was utter turd. To be honest. I wouldn't watch this again.

Sidey:Yeah, I really liked the film franchise.

Dan:I don't. I think they're so, so.

Sidey:because they're the kind of thing that, you know, it's popcorn and statement and they rarely give bread really good notions about this was, yeah, let's say strange concepts, for kids. it, wasn't great. To be honest, it was, you know, young lads might enjoy it. I just found it a bit, rushed like production wise and, just nothing, nothing about it.

Stood out. So, yeah, it was a nice

Howie:it's a gateway drug to the movies,

Dan:I think if you like cars, you know, and all that, you might be interested in this,

Howie:the, the geek kid in it becomes more a comedy.


Howie:Is that the one?

Reegs:the guy with the hat that was Jimmy Tatro who played, Dylan Maxwell in.

Did you see American Vandal?

Howie:Margaret? Yes. Frosty frosty becomes more of a comedy sidekick, and he's obsessed with yoga and yogurt or something.

I don't know what it is, but it made my kids laugh out loud quite a few times. I have no idea what it was

Dan:I'll never watch it.

Sidey:Okie dokie. That was a lot of fun. Reese you're nominating.

I am.

Well, we got,

Reegs:We've got, the 2014 Jake Gyllenhaal movie night crawler, which is on Netflix in the UK at the moment. And kids feature is going to be, the twirly woos, that I will pick a specific episode, but I don't know which one yet.

Sidey:All right. Top five,

Reegs:Top five, suggested by Dan and I really liked this one, top five movie accents.


Got a few ideas already. Cool. thanks everyone for listening. I'm getting a lot of love on Twitter recently, which has been really nice and it makes our day when we get that sort of stuff. So keep it up, listen to the show, like subscribe, labors reviews, all that stuff. We'd love to hear from you and we'd love Jan on line.

So until next week, this is Cindi signing out.

Howie:goodbye. Read out

Sidey:Sounds good.