Oct. 29, 2021

Bingo Hell & A Tale Dark and Grim

Bingo Hell & A Tale Dark and Grim
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Howie crawled out of his covid-19 related sick bed to join Sidey and Dan in the Man Cave. It's only fitting that he should face the music for this weeks movie nomination!

A name is a term used for identification by an external observer. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context.

The word name comes from Old English nama; cognate with Old High German (OHG) namo, Sanskrit नामन् (nāman), Latin nomen, Greek ὄνομα (onoma), and Persian نام (nâm), from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *h₁nómn̥.[1] Outside Indo-European, it can be connected to Proto-Uralic *nime.

And that's all relevant because this week were compiling a list of the most memorable movie character names. There's bound to be a favourite of yours mentioned, but feel free to argue the toss with us on our social media channels!

BINGO HELL (2021) was a curious choice of movie, give that Howie, like Dan, avoids horror movies at all costs. There was no need to worry as this #Blumhouse production managed to avoid any scares. Or excitement. Or entertainment. Would not recommend.

As Halloween approaches we cast our eyes over a very dark and Grimm (geddit?) retelling of kids fairy tales. Kids with a delicate disposition be warned...

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads  


Bingo Hell

Sidey: Good

evening. Good morning.

Dan: Good.

Sidey: yeah, depending on what time it is where you're listening, we are bad dads. We have no particularly clever intro because rigs who does all that. intro-ing has displayed on holiday.

Howie: He says he's on holiday.

Sidey: He did say the other day that he fucked a goat,

So busman's holiday.

Dan: If you've never listened to bad, there's this is the kind of content you get to enjoy over the next 90 minutes or so we review movies that we missed out.

Howie: We spoil them. That's what I feel is a good one.

Dan: we do. And we probably spoiled podcasts for most people as well, but we're talking about the movies we missed when bringing up our kids.

And we sometimes talk about the kids' TV that we've

Sidey: Yeah, we've got both

of those today.

We've also got a top five. We had a top five last week, which was movie vampires,

Dan: We had loads of,

Sidey: did for the best one was Jeff kitchen.

Dan: What did Jeff

Sidey: came in strong with blade

He really liked blade.

Dan: like that as well? Didn't you Howie? He's

Sidey: It never lets us down So blade is.

in how he, did you watch anything particularly interesting.

this week?

Howie: I

went to the cinema like everybody else, mainly because last week's podcast featured the fact that that was a spoiler for the bond film. So I went right before I listened to the podcast. I need to go and see the bond film took my kids and we just spoke about this. It's the first bond film to have an F bomb

Sidey: Yeah. Mallory So for fuck's sake.

Dan: I'll not bond bond. Doesn't

Howie: no, no,

Sidey: Does,

Dan: Sake.

Howie: And it was, and if you watched till the very end, the credits James Bond will return. So we've going to have a media circus for the next two years where whoever's on Vogue will be contested as the latest James Bond. I genuinely have no idea who the hell it will be.

I think it will probably be, someone that is unheard of.

Sidey: Yeah be quite interesting to go down that route.

That's true.

Howie: It's true. Fuck. It's the theory out the window.

Dan: I watched the matrix. Well, I watched Antonio during the matrix as he for Westham when we beat spurs. But other than that, I haven't really had much time to watch more than the homework this week. But the midweek that we watched sexy beast was, was really good.

And that we talked about in an earlier pod,

Sidey: I

took myself off to the cinema. It's two weeks in a row. I've been to cinema

Howie: Oh now I'm thinking, should I go?

Sidey: I show I read today. This is very Eve. That part two has been confirmed. because it,

Howie: Okay. Cause I'll

Sidey: it wasn't,

Howie: seen the David Lynch one, which is just kind of

Sidey: I haven't seen that. And if, If

they hadn't made

part two, obviously it would be completely part one that is then completely pointless.

So, I don't think this is an official spoiler, but it just ends. They just, literally say the words. this is

only the beginning or something like that.

And then the film

Dan: well, I'm glad you've told me, cause I fucking hate films. Like I remember going to see Lord of the rings or the Hobbit. I think it was the hobby and we

Howie: shit though.

Dan: like three hours long and it didn't go anywhere.

And you think we've got 10 minutes left, GSA, better watch food as far as now. Like

Sidey: no, this is good. it's

really good.

It's really good.

There's a lot, obviously a lot of well building a lot of laws to get through and, a lot of. setting

things up in a way and Zendaya who is like the darling of cinnabar. And I saw so much publicity stuff with her. she's in it for about.

two minutes. But obviously she'll be.

key in the next part, but

Howie: You need to see, I would recommend you go and watch the David Lynch when I think it might be on prime. It's mental and they've tried so hard. I think that the whole story into a long film,

Dan: Have you read the book?

Howie: No, I've not. I've I've, it's one of those. I've got the book. I need to read it.

Dan: I

read it on a holiday and really enjoyed it and then watch the film, which I was only able really to enjoy because I read the book and I could put the bits together that

Howie: awful are the special effects. Aren't awful. They're just crazy.

Dan: They, they, they're very, very dated now maybe using the cutting edge technology to, to, to bring in at the time would have been something still crazy and nuts, you know, you're white. But now it, it does look like a little bit clunky in around the edges, but,

Howie: Well he disowned the film after he went, after it was made, he disowned, it didn't want anything to do with, after it was done, because it was one of those classic film studios want this, he wants this.


Sidey: it's not really.

Like anything else that he's made is not really like a big studio thing like that So yeah, it doesn't, surprise me really. Dan And

I went on a super cute outing to the record.


Dan: Oh yeah, that was cool.

Sidey: Yeah. So we split a load of cash on vinyl and then since then, I've just been obsessing about Hi-Fi stuff. So I've been watching hour after hour of YouTube stuff about high-fives and preamps and by worrying, and it's really nerdy, but that's, that's got in the way of a lot of film viewing.


Dan: but they had some really great soundtracks there as well to movies. And I'd like to build up my vinyl collection.

I mean, I've got a good, the bad and the ugly there. Lawrence of Arabia, the godfather, you got me lost in translation. I've got pulp fiction there and, and the fantastic bait as well.

Howie: Yeah, I know. I've listened to the bait one. It's just, it's awesome.

Dan: it's fantastic. Isn't it?

Howie: And I'm liking the lost in translation cover

Dan: and there's Saturday night fever up there as well.

Sidey: We, I think sort of Underestimated how, how much the vinyl was going to be?

Dan: Yeah. Or I underestimated how much money I needed to

Sidey: or how much we would want to spend. Because I picked up like three or four records

and it was like, fortunately it

was cash only because

otherwise it would have been like,

card tap, tap, tap, tap.



I've managed to get about five or six records and I was like

yeah, cause it was Saturday, Sunday was there was potential to go back in and lose more

Dan: yeah, I was, yeah.

I, I didn't go back Sunday for that same reason. I'd already spent quite a bit in there on the Saturday, but all good stuff and yeah, it did get in the way, a little bit of the movie watching, but we did get through a little bit and we also talking about top five characters

Sidey: we

have this week, another promotion, which is incredibly exciting.

This is from academy award-winning director, Tom McCarthy. It's the mesmerizing and emotionally powerful suspense. films, Stillwater, starring academy award winner, Matt Damon, Camille Coton, and Abigail Breslin experienced the edge of your seat story. that critics are calling brilliant

It's available now on

Blu-ray digital

and has lots

of exclusive

bonus content

We have five copies of this to give


Dan: And Matt Damon

Sidey: Matt Damon's done it. Yeah. Which I really like about Damon. So We

will reveal how you.


Quiet said copies

Howie: three bribes or photos, and

Sidey: favors, mainly.

Dan: normally top of the list.

Sidey: So we will disclose that later

on in



Dan: and stuff.

Okay. And they sign it's brilliant.

Sidey: Apparently


Dan: Wow.

Howie: Did he have anyone who attributed to

Sidey: We do have a top five for this week to discuss this is one that could go on forever and ever. How what is it?

Howie: My top five this week in between now, before I go and I have to excuse myself on the pot, I've just got over Ebola. I reckon it was Ebola. It wasn't COVID it was Ebola and I'm, I'm having to breathe like a midnight caller.

Now, normally you get these, if you, if you hear me breathing like this, I'm on the end of a phone at 1:00 AM telling you how much I liked you, but this time around, I'm just breathing like a weirdo. So apologies my top five is character names and obviously this gives us full license to reel off the pretty endless list of absolutely fucking mental names that we've all come across in various.

I'm going to start off moderately with my first choice is stacker Pentecost,

and that's it just, Alba's in Pacific rim where he spends most of the film getting a nose bleed and denying that he's got some form of major radiation poisoning.

Sidey: stacker, Pentecost


Howie: it

wasn't on the list. I have to say none of these names part from one.

Maybe we're on my list of the, for my first and second borns. stacker I've never heard of stacker. So sorry I stole your first one. What, when are you going to have to go for them?

Sidey: Oh can we just say that Pacific rivers is actually fucking terrible? So,

Howie: My kids like it, but I'm just like,

Dan: not seeing it.

Sidey: I thought this would be great.

I love it. So I think high Jews and big fights and it was fucking dreadful.

Howie: as well.

Sidey: I've got. Doctor for

and, and

from the mammoth two brains,

Howie: I have to say, well done for pronouncing it. Cause I wouldn't know how the hell I look. I saw that one. I was like, oh fuck.

Sidey: had to watch it. That's the same way. Or they had each other a million times. Because even then I'm still like,

her fuck and they spelled it out,

in the film and everything. It's just it's the sort of really golden age of Steve Martin, but he was struck properly fucking funny.

It doesn't even miss it.

Oh, it's just work to make money to buy art

Dan: Plays a banjo ukulele.

Sidey: bad. It's bad. It's really good.

Dan: No, they're strong.

Sidey: Steep canyon Rangers.


Dan: I tell you what, I, I've got a few here, but I've got a little bit of a true or false fear if you don't mind. So I'm going to read out a couple of character names. You're going to tell me if he's actually in a film or I've, I've made it up. Amanda Mount

Howie: that's false,

Sidey: false,

Dan: false.

It is false. Dirk Diggler.

Sidey: boogie nights.

Dan: Yes. That one's true. Holly go lightly.

Sidey: James Bond.

Dan: Well done. Amanda, lik

Sidey: false.

Dan: Fosha I S Muncho

Sidey: true.

Dan: NA folks. Okay. Road.

Howie: True.

Dan: Now he's focused so very to Hottie. Honey rider.

Sidey: slanderous.

Dan: Yeah. That's Dr. No I lay new lick. I lean you look. Yeah. That is Willmar Dick fit. I'd like it to be Allah gotta for Gina.

Howie: I, know It's

a lot It's

Dan: Lots of,


Howie: almost empowers

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. International man of mystery.

Howie: Last

Dan: Last one Lee key real

Sidey: probably false.

Dan: is but I thought they were quite good.

There's Papa Woody as well. If we wanted to do that, I know. Will my finger do

Howie: Okay. I'll I'm going to go to a slightly longer name next sort of south park. It's PT, the sexual harassment, Panda who genuinely believes he is a Panda brought into the school to explain why not to harass people. His presence causes the whole town to Sue everybody for harassment. So to stop assuming he changes his name to PT, to don't Sue pander to avert everyone versus everyone lawsuit.

But yeah, so, so I'm gonna go with PT, the sex. So obviously Peter, Pete flamboyant, it could be Pete Flambeau the sexual harassment Panda. We'll go with that one.

Sidey: We're going to, I don't think

any of you seen this film, but we're gonna, It's going to be our Christmas film when it comes around to it.

I've already decided that and the film is the Hudsucker proxy,

Dan: Tim Robbins,

Sidey: and the character

that I'm nominating is Sydney J Musburger. And the way they say it's set in the thirties sort of era my boy,

it's play, he's played. by Paul Newman. It's, it's I won't say too much

Howie: yeah, you have mentioned us to watch the film. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. I'll look forward to that. Gaylord, Fuck.

Howie: Fuck.

Dan: fucker. Gaylord

Howie: it's it's FRC, but he has Gaylord

Dan: it's a it's meet the parents. It's well, it's just a, a single vowel away from being a descriptive swear word. Isn't it?

Howie: Gaylord's a weird one though.

Dan: it is, well, it is a name. Isn't it?

Howie: yeah, it's

Dan: It, it seems such a strange one. Isn't it to have gone from a name to

Howie: slang for just being someone who's gay, happy, whatever. It's just like, it's weird though, to think that that's, that is a name.

Dan: Yeah, it does sound a

Howie: his parents called something ridiculous as well? I need to find that out

Dan: I didn't, I didn't jot all those down, but I thought Gaylord Focker was, was certainly fitting the description of unusual character.

Howie: I'll go for actually from last week's dusk, till Dawn for purposes of the pod. This is the second attempt at me saying this name. Cause I'm a fucking idiot. Say 10, Nick.

Sidey: Yeah,

Howie: there we go. Pandemonium paper, some hike, industrial Dawn.

Sidey: Super hot.

Howie: she is super dangerous. Super mental. Yeah. So she's taken a lot of boxes for some of our listeners here.

Dan: On the crazy hot

Sidey: pizza, big fan. Pete is a


Dan: Yeah. Soza Quentin Tarantino in is

licking feet.

Sidey: Well, I've got an another

Tarantino character for you. Broom Hilda. on a

Howie: I've got her as well. Yeah.

Sidey: Django.

and chains.

Howie: Yeah. John goes, love,

Sidey: Jenga, slept the whole purpose of the whole, the driving force of the movie. Tarantino confirmed in a Comic-Con panel

That brim, Hilda and Django are both great, great, great grandparents of John Sharf from the Scharf movies.

Dan: That's brilliant.

Howie: No, my God.

Dan: it all together nicely.

Howie: They would have loved that. A Comicon wouldn't they? The nerds would have been absolutely squirting

Dan: Biggers, tickers stickers. Yeah. So that's life of Brian and we've got in continental buttocks, his wife. Um Yeah. So we, we could, we could go on on why that's funny, but it just sounds funny.

Howie: My next one is Kurt Russell's character in escape from New York and their escape from LA, which is snake plus skin

Sidey: You have to say it like that as well.

Dan: You've got to kind of whisper in a gravelly voice. Haven't

Howie: Okay. Have you I'll tell you, have you seen both of them

Sidey: No, I haven't seen

Dan: I haven't seen

Howie: escape from, oh, I skipped from New York. Watch escape from LA is terrible, but you watch it and it's like, it's just a carry on from it, but yet it's worth watch. It is of its time. The escape from New York is of its time big

Dan: gateway You

get those, you get those movie nights where you just don't really want to concentrate on something you want to be taken away and

Howie: this is dystopian or so New York is effectively a prison island. That's been sealed off from the rest of civilization by a military government and snake, snake,

Dan: Just the kind of stuff I ended up watching when I go around my sister's place.

Cause she had have it on.

Howie: and he's, he's busy. He's been charged by the authoritarian government to rescue the president store.

Whose law crash landed on New York island.

Dan: cautious,

Howie: crazy.

Sidey: Occasionally there's a name so synonymous with the character who is Abadi that, that name is then off the table, forever more, for so Hannibal Lecter. No, one's going to call their kid.


Howie: We had this conversation because my son was taught Hannibal as in March in the elephants, blah, blah, blah.

And I went, yeah, Hannibal was a great name. I'd love to have cooled to that, but you can't

Dan: it's like adults

Sidey: I was going to say like,

Howie: Clarice.

Sidey: It's, you know, it's such an iconic character, is such a great performance by Hopkins and Brian Cox in Manhattan. And it obviously rhymes with cannabis. so you know, it's good for that

as well. Hannibal accountable, but yeah, it's, it's killed that one.

Dan: Well, I've got another name that's been killed off effectively by strong characters. And it's John, John Rambo, John matrix, John McClain. I mean, once you get the Johns going, there's there's no end to the characters that you might choose, but I'll, I'll go for John Rambo. Because while we surname just is the film, isn't it.

And it's it's a strong name. We play darts here. Don't worry. And whenever, whenever you get the, the first score we call you John Rambo. Cause you got first blood. But yeah, I mean, lots of John's

Sidey: John matrix strong,

Dan: matrix is strong John

Sidey: and his

Dan: I'm sure there must be more Johns

Sidey: love the intro of. John matrix when he's,

he's at home like in the


in the basket and he's carrying a cheek and then he sits down and all the wildlife comes

and sits next to him.

Like It's

a dare and where's this fucking ludicrous. It's amazing. It's absolutely preposterous.

Howie: I'm going to go for two characters out of Austin Powers. The first is Fuke me and the twin sister. Fuck you. Now I genuinely don't think this would make the film board anymore. This film, when you watch it now it's like ACE, Ventura pet, detective you laugh and go, oh, I shouldn't really be laughing at that.

Dan: cringy.

Howie: Yeah, it's there. And there are some cringes. You can still laugh,

I suppose, love a fat bastard and I mean, that's this given, but at the same time you go yeah, it's amazing. How quickly a phenomenally successful box office film. As completely gone age wise. And you look at, I mean, that was, that was the Austin power series are in the top.

I think it was the top 10 of all gross grossing films for, for a period of time. It was something ridiculous. And yeah, now it doesn't get air time hardly at all. And that's a significant film. I mean, it may be on ITV for probably,

Sidey: yeah.

I've got one from Harry Potter, Well, there's loads of

good names in high faucet, but I'm going for Bellatrix lists strange

Howie: Let's

Sidey: had enough bottom Casa. It J K routing used sort of the skies and whatever to, to come drop lots of names, but Bellatrix is a star in there, Ryan constellation.

And so that's where the inspiration comes from now. And I, anything that started weird. I always say I was a bit better tricks. You seen them.

you haven't seen him. Oh, that's so good, Dan.

Dan: Right. Okay.

Howie: You could seen it.

Dan: No, I don't think

Howie: I think Nellie would like

Sidey: man loves him

Dan: Okay.

Howie: at one point. Pretty Patel becomes the head of school. You know what I mean? As well, the Loris.

Dan: Why? Okay. I'll give it a go. Lloyd Christmas.

From dumb and dumber. Jim Carey's character is desperate to be with the lovely Lauren, Holly Mary Swanson. So it would have, yeah, Samsonite. She would, of course he wanted to marry her and she would have then been a Merry Christmas just to make that film.

Another reason why that.

Sidey: getting

one in a million. So

Dan: saying I've got a chance, so many loss, so many laughs

Howie: I need to pee. Just go.

Dan: when they've been driving all day and he goes on my hands, a free job, mine are a little bit clammy. I've had two pairs of gloves on oh, brilliant.

Howie: I've gotta go for I couldn't leave this one out. Steven Seagal in, out for justice. His character is Gino Fellini. His fucking rubbish

Dan: he probably really means that though as well.

Doesn't he?

Howie: I watched a Rand, my YouTube, my YouTube rabbit hole in all its glory, for some reason, recommended that I wanted to watch Steven Seagal doing type, not TaeKwonDo.

It's a martial art Akido, which if you watch his utter bollix and about six men all attack,

Dan: Is it like Elvis doing

Howie: Yeah. He's he's at full bloated weight, Steven Seagal and six or seven men attack him. And it's like watching rehearse dance moves, but they hold him in absolute or, and it's crazy, but Akido is just OS sorry, if anybody does not know it's fucking RAs, but yeah.

Dan: Coleman, Akido people come and smash out. We up in the street,

Howie: Regal we'll take the first step. Gino Felino is my offering.

Dan: Gino for Lino

Sidey: Couple of quick ones. you mentioned one already a lot of vagina,

of the play on

pussy, galore, which is another crazy name. When you think about it Negasonic teenage warhead from Deadpool,

is fucking great

Dan: not?

Sidey: and imperator Furiosa from

mad max fury road. Yeah. Charlie's Theron. She's you think she's kind of the heroes, but she is in fact the hero of that story.

Oh, it's incredible. I slept on that so long. I hadn't seen it. and I only watched it about 18 months ago

Just blown away. Cause it's all practical


Fucking amazing.

Howie: version.

Sidey: No, I've seen, I would like

Howie: say

it looks like you need it on a big screen.

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: Kirk Lazarus. That's um I know I am on the dude playing the dude disguises another dude.

And of course it's Robert Downey Jr. Is makeup. While inflammatory and controversial at first glance, it, it was it was kind of a commentary on the Hollywood machine as well. And and all the rest of it to which degree actors will go on to win trophies and everything. But he hasn't done just make-up Kurt Lazarus to, to play a black fellow he's gone full pigmentation, alteration procedure.

So method actors of the world have been warned. Kurt is king when it comes to go in full method.

Howie: My final two, I'm going to go for flipper purify, who is Wesley Snipes in jungle fever, flipper flip-up purify. And finally what I am at the minute breathless Mahoney from yeah, Dick Tracy. Incidentally, I was, I was watching at, it did put something else this week, no sudden moves, which is the sky movies kind of latest push Brendan phrases in it.

Now I haven't seen Brendan phage Fraser since George, George, Georgia jungle watch out one of the

Sidey: Yeah. There's been quite a lot of stuff online because he basically dropped the face of the earth. He got massive and someone and someone made some core remark about him, which really knocked him. And he sort of hid away.

Cause it obviously was the hunk in.

the mummy,

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: journey to the center

Sidey: but he was, he was basically

patched together. for those movies. he was doing so many stunts and he was so beaten up. he was in agony, but he started making a comeback in doom patrol, which is a series on it's a DC sort of comic book series which is in a, I mean, he's starting to get, I think he's been cast in the next Scorsese one with

Howie: but go, he's been cast as the villain

Sidey: that. goes not in the new

Howie: No, no, but in the village, there's a new DC thing and he's going to be the villain impact girl.

I w the reason is quite crude site, but the reason I thought of him when I thought of breathless Mahoney was the S the outlandish size of the villains in Dick Tracy, the comic book, you know, which ones, I mean, not muggles and all them,

Dan: they've got big kind of board shoulders

Howie: Brendan Fraser.

Now he is enormous. And unfortunately is as a direct result of all the procedures he's had to go through, which has left him absolutely crippled, but he's huge. And he's aged as a bit of a dichotomy because you always, you always say, are these Hollywood stars, they try and cheat age when they overdo the plastic surgery, the fillers and stuff.

And he hasn't, and he's let himself in age naturally. But my goodness, me, he does that. That's a, a film within our lifetime and he looks like he's been through the mill big time, but yeah.

Sidey: I like him.

I'd like to say

Howie: it comes across quite well in sudden move as well. But anyway, that's my last one's breathless Mahoney and flipper purify.

Dan: Okay. Well I've got a couple of dirt to ring foo here.

If if I can Shrek great character name. I mean, again, nobody calls their kid Shrek anymore today. That's done

Howie: And if you're ugly, people do go, he looks like

Dan: exactly. You know, it's kind of a thing. Travis Bickle. You know, it's just a name that you remember, isn't it, he's one of those early ones that I stuck in my mind the minions.

Great characters again, kind of moved into every day,


and, and talk. And Debbie from Debbie does Dallas. I thought I'd squeeze her in. And captain Jack Sparrow as well, because you know, everybody's just knows that character name is such a strong character. Johnny Depp's portrayal of a mad pirate.

Sidey: Oh, well, I've got to have Maximus.

Decimas Meridius

I think that's, that's

a great one, because you know

if you're going

into battle, you don't want to follow Tim

Dan: No, no, you

Sidey: want to, you want to follow Maximus. And he, he says he recites his full name. I Maximus, decimates, moody his father to, a murdered son, blah, blah, blah, is really cool

Donnie dark. is great. And we've

got someone

who wants to come on the board and talk

about that film So maybe we should save our thoughts,

on that one for later, a verbal Kent and Keyser Soze pretty unique names from,

Dan: So say, I mean, that's the story that villains tell their little kids about isn't it, that's what they, that's how we, it's a nighttime and say you better, you better not write on your dad or Kaiser. So, so he's going to get you

Sidey: That's such a cool movie. These your suspect's really, really good Indiana Jones, I don't hear a lot of Indiana's. But

that was a great name.

Howie: His surname is Jones named his dog Indy. I'm sorry. He used to call his dog, Indiana Jones.

Sidey: And then Luke Skywalker is pretty cool.


Dan: This could go on and on really. I mean anybody that, but I mean, I Skywalker that's that's a pretty cool, cool name.


Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's very, very good. Right.

Howie: Oh, Xena on a top

Sidey: Oh,

Howie: from the bond.

Mustn't forget her.

Sidey: The, the leg crusher. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: And bill Murray and zombie lamb plays bill Murray.

Sidey: by coincidence.

Howie: Yes,

Sidey: it's a

well that down hobby

Howie: I'm going to go for a stack, a Pentecost.

Sidey: Ask those strong Dan,

Dan: That is strong. I, I dunno. I'm kind of conflicted to be honest. I didn't mention Egon Spangler or Spangler from Spangler

Howie: Spangler

Dan: probably, probably why.

But I, I think I'll probably go for big ear stickiest from the life of Boyne. The dude Lebowski got a shout out M as well.

Sidey: Yeah. Hm. it's true. It's tricky. I'm going to put in Negasonic teenage warhead. 'cause That's a good name.

Howie: We need two more. So rigs from the, from beyond could

Sidey: ranks has got a million different

Howie: He'll get, he'll get angry if he can't put one in. Yeah.

Sidey: well I shouldn't go on holiday and med podcast. Are there so yeah.

that And and other from a beloved audience.

Howie: Yeah.

Right So I've just spoken for 10 minutes and this fucking ballon doesn't press record. This is a technical point and one that we should look digress upon.

Sidey: I think it's the reason for that is because there's a lack of cheese and it hasn't focused my brain, but what we do have is a selection of snacks.

We've got penguin, Cate bars,

capris, fudge cake bars, and some Madeline's, which is the correct name.

Yes. Not what we have been referring to.


Howie: And I in the unrecorded part read through, well, I don't want to, I'm not going to do it again because it would have lost its momentum. It was a tremendous joke about penguins and how they use bicycles in a term that you could flip into icicles.

And for me, because the momentum's lost that joke's not funny anymore. Otherwise it was an absolute barnstormer. We had five minutes of Ghafoori

Dan: belly laugh.

Howie: Anyway, I was trying to use these bribes to justify this film. I chose. I faked a flee I've noticed throughout the pod that both Dan, Peter and myself I've studiously avoided horror films, whether we don't have the stomach for it, or the fact that they're just for fucking weirdos, like rigs and Sidey.

Sidey: I tend to avoid them.

Howie: for, sorry, I'll take that back. It's just the weirdo that

Sidey: Yeah, that's fine.

Howie: Yeah. He, he has a catalog that

Dan: So the week he's not here, we've always had to watch a horror.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: He was very excited.

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: said,

oh, I nearly watched this the other day, but fell asleep. Well, I wish I had two cards on the table, but anyway, no, I felt, you know, am I missing out here?

I listened to the interview.

Sidey: Oh, James

Howie: Yeah. Listen to the interview of Mr. Burkett. And he was saying that, so he, Jim Barker, he was saying that science fiction fan. Kind of wait around for years for films and followups, but horror, film, attics. They have a film every five minutes.

And I thought, and let me sit out here, is this an opportunity for me to, and I thought, do you know what Amazon prime have been hammering me with the advertisements for this film? And the film question is bingo. Hell and I thought it was a 15, how scary can it be? Answer not very and I thought, you know what, I'll give it a try.

It's a short film as well.

Sidey: Yeah, it

Howie: a lot of boxes. It

Sidey: 83 minutes. Something like that.

Howie: Yeah. And I

Sidey: very, very quick,

Howie: I'm not quick

Dan: feel that way

Sidey: It is a bloom house production.

Howie: That's another thing that I thought, do you know what

Sidey: which I know that Riggs is really into? So

he would

Dan: this is a thing, isn't it? What they call

Sidey: Yes. It's

Howie: activity, get out the purge Halloween.

Sidey: It's it's a company that is founded by Jason Blum, B L U M. So bloom house. And this is part of a whole. Series of films called welcome to bloom house. How he just wrote off a lot of names. So they, what they, their

goal, their sort of

Ammo is to


films so get ideas, get it made, and then hopefully there'll be successful. So they've had a lot, they have had a lot of success, paranormal activity, for example, I think it was made for 15,000 and on, went on to gross hundreds of millions.

So they're doing okay. So this is part of the welcome to bloom house series which is an anthological thriller horror series,

Howie: bankrolled them

Sidey: it's yeah, it's developed and produced by bloom house for prime video under the Amazon prime original banner. This.


Is part of There are eight and that James were Burkett thing that.

You just mentioned is exactly this, because like you say, you might wait ages and ages for a decent sized by film. But this series or films there has been the lie 20, 20 black box, 2020

evil eye, 2020, not 2020 bingo, hell 2021. And then to come there's black as night martyrs and the manner.

So they are churning these out quick.

Dan: all over a pandemic as well,

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: incredible kind of production to get all that out.

Sidey: I haven't seen any of the others. And I haven't seen many of the other ones that have been real big hits. You know, they did the recently, the new Halloween film, Halloween kills. that's the bloom house? They've done that. As I say, they're pretty big hitters. This movie seems like just one idea and. then they'd run with it.

Dan: Yeah. Well, okay. And, and see if it, it hits and that's their formula.

Sidey: Yeah.

So the, the, the opening of this film is it's a man called Mario and he has sold his bingo hall.

Howie: and he's laughing

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: dancing around his living room.

Sidey: He starts to eat the bingo balls

that Yeah

Howie: We've had a night out, you've come home, you've got the munchies. And you think, Joe, what I need to eat? I've either table tennis balls or bingo balls, one of the two, but

Dan: 69 photo in. Yeah.

Sidey: for, to where they um

Howie: see fat ladies,

Sidey: they all slimy or Was that something

Howie: the money

Dan: the money, the

Howie: and this is the start of the really obvious cliches. The money was slimy and it's the, that's a tick box.

Sidey: So, he dies.

Howie: does he suffer

Sidey: Yeah. He suffocates from

Thrown all these all the balls in his mouth. if I had that before me

Howie: it was one night in Vegas,

Sidey: then we move on to, we start to meet some of the rest of the car. So Lupita the town is

called Oak

Springs and what We learn is that there's some gentrification going on much like bait in that sense. this film

Dan: I thought that actually, well, as far as the gentrification goes, but though the people that are buying up the town here on the, the world to do as much as they're the hipsters and the students and things you think, well, how much can a town be worth?

That, you know, the poorest people and in the community that the hipsters who never got any money in the students who never got any money are buying up the town, but that was the set in any way. And it seemed to be edging out a community of older

Sidey: yeah, they've said they've got that community, they've got that bingo hall and that so has how long that they meet and they chat and they do that.

And all this is going to be under, under

Howie: it's very run down and yeah, and this, you, you get, you get a gist of the fact that it's a place that's hanging by the nails of just

Sidey: well, they go to play another game of bingo, in the, the bills haven't been paid. So the electricity goes off. So things are not going great for them.

Howie: And then after the bingo hall is the batteries of, sorry, the electricity has gone the next day Lupita and her friends.

There's loads of flyers everywhere for,

Sidey: it's under new

Howie: yeah. Under the magic for the bingo. And it's all like.

I forgot what the phrase is. It's just like, why don't you deserve better a winner, there's big cash prizes. It's very Gordy. It's very in your face. And the flyers are absolutely everywhere.

Dan: You deserve your dreams kind of thing. They're there. They're promoting people to.

Sidey: gamble

Dan: gamble, but also follow the money, go for, you know, that's where you'll be happy once you've got that, you'll be happy.

And, and it is as you said, you know, very in your face, all these cliches and things, they're not subtle, they're, they're right there at the front. And it, the scenes, when it cuts into some of the spookier scenes, as we go into the light and everything changes, doesn't it, it makes it and


did, but I mean, I'm just listening now.

It's on a budget. I would suggest then maybe not too much, if there's anything like you you'd mentioned there of you know, it was as low as 15

Sidey: Well, I can tell you, I can tell you right out of the gate that we have no money data on this one, because it is a


thing. They don't really say anything like that. So we don't know, but this looked like it was well-made

Howie: well, yeah, that's one of the saving graces of it is that the director was praised for the imagery and that just, just the, the projection of the stereotypical Gordy, pink neon lights, Vegas, everyone wins kind of atmosphere.

Dan: And that's what it was like when they go eventually into this bingo hall, because they all want to know what this is going to be, this new bingo hall. And we've obviously LA LA Peter is, is angry that the it's been sold by Mario in the first place in starting their own kind of investigation is as to where he is.

Cause nobody knows where he's gone. The town is saying, look, he took the money and ran. He got out this shit-hole, he's gone. But she's not happy. And having already fought one time for a neighborhood, which they allude to a little bit later, maybe with drugs and things like bad gangs and stuff. She didn't want.

You know, new bingo hall coming in, which was very much the heart of the community, the bingo hall. It gave them all at one, at one point they've raised $500 for the hairdresser who hasn't had enough business, so she can keep her doors open and everything. So there they're real community that have helped each other out.

And now that bingo has been sold. And Mr. Big is, is running the

Howie: no, no. The act two plays Mr. Pig. See the act that they roll out for killing Bruce Wayne's parents. Is it, is he the same actor that was used for that?

Dan: Thank you. He's you know,

Howie: that's where

Dan: right. Yeah.

Howie: spotted him. I need to have a

Dan: Yeah, I

Sidey: break. Well, he played the night king in game of Thrones,

footnote, not at The

end of the series.

But early on in the first couple of parents as he was the night king.

Howie: He's got a horrible smile.

Sidey: He's

Dan: it's a really wide kind of uneven T but yeah, he, he, you know, plays this bingo hall host owner who brings in bigger prizes than, than everyone else in you. It almost goes cartoony again when their scenes come in, you know, real close ups and, and almost you know, crazy carnival music and everything that, that plays around just to give her a real

Sidey: well, we see it's Raquel who We've seen she she's getting a bad rep. She's, she's awful to her kids and stuff like that. She's the first winner but you S Well, but

first you see the audience, the rest of the gamers reaction to the screen. We don't see it straight away. You get various. and they're like, oh my God, I can't believe it.

Because nobody, like you say, they're playing for you know, peanuts. and Just like silly little prizes, But this is now



Dan: Life-changing sums

Sidey: Lupita's. smells of rattler. This is too much, You know,

Dan: what

the fuck are they doing in Oaks? What is their

Sidey: oh,

sprints Yeah. So Raquel wins 10 grand

but we cut to art that the aftermath where does she go shopping?


Howie: She goes, she comes, she gets out of her car with obviously loads of shopping bags outside of motel

Sidey: And she's then going to get undressed. And then as the lights sort of flicker between light and dark, you, you see that she's she's naked or she's certainly undressed, but sh and she's trying to take off a dress, but she's taking off her skin. She's putting her skin, It's got great, big, long nails And behind her. Is Mr. Big laughing and making her hallucinate. I

Howie: Yeah. There's loads of Monaco laughing. You're like Mario, when he was eating his ping pong balls. She's manically, laughing and overjoyed with all the wealth that she's now got. But when it cuts to the reality cam

Sidey: you can see big clumps of our

Howie: I thought she was, I thought she was trying to pull a collarbone out or something as well.

Dan: And again, it's just kind of a metaphor is it's, you know, if you follow the money, then you're not necessarily going to be happy.

You've got all this stuff, but you know, you, you still claw in it yourself and

Howie: Yeah. Cause her backstory is that she's lost her husband. She feels ground down by the fact she's a single mother.

She doesn't care for her

Dan: No she she wasn't ready to be a mother. She didn't really want to be, and she's got a kid and she wanted all where's me.

Where's my time. Where's, where's what I can do. Anyway, she bites it in the most horrible ways. And then we get a taste and a flavor really, of, of more their killings to come. Cause they all come in this really kind of extreme way. Don't they? And they all come in a

Howie: pizza finds Marriott. Body first of all. And she has that weird trippy thing where the ping pong balls are following her down the corridor.

Sidey: Yeah. But she does realize that she's hallucinating. And then


Dan: the money is sent everybody mad. Isn't it? I

Sidey: We just go straight into the next death, which is the, it's the gazer from the garage. Isn't it? Clarence. But the prize money has jumped up now from 10,000, he wins a hundred thousand. So he celebrates by going back to his car, he's drinking, beer, but turns out to be bleach which I made a

Howie: joke

Sidey: about drinking bleach in the supermarket

with the guy today anyway,

No think it's.

Howie: okay.

Sidey: Um

Howie: Muchness. The other thing, either quite a tasty option,

Sidey: and he puts his hands

or his whole arm

into the motor and the blood is spraying everywhere.

Howie: still laughing.

Sidey: Yeah.

And Mr. Big. Yeah, is he, in, is he in the

car? Yeah.

Howie: in the car revenue.

Sidey: Yeah.

So it's all happening very quick because like I say it was a short runtime, so it's just like, boom, one death, boom, next person. boom.

Let's go again.

Dan: And, and you have Lapita all the time just investigating. She's the only one she's got a good friend, Dolores, who is it gives her a little bit of support, but eventually the, they will, everybody goes into the bingo hall and everybody becomes a player.

Howie: They get stumped with that dollar sign that kind of is like a devil sign or something in it.

Dan: It was a weird ass film really was. So I'm kind of watching this after 10 minutes or so I think, you know, there's the first glance of the watch. It's just it just to see how long has left. You know, it was, you could see it was there on a budget, but really well shot and, and didn't look cheap, but because of some of the shots and the lighting and everything

You realized there wasn't a huge budget to go in into this film, but it wasn't that that bothered me for me.

It was the story wasn't quite strong enough. You know what I mean? There was there, it was it was probably, as you said, a load ideas phoned down there.

Sidey: was only one idea. really

Dan: Yeah. Well, they would have phone, a load ideas to say, and, you know, seven or eight of them, you might get one or two that stick in a really good, they looks like they've made you know, a ton of films.

I'm not sure they'd all be as good as the one that made a hundred million from, you know, that kind of standard. This one wasn't I felt the LA the, the runtime maybe would have suited this idea better if, cause it didn't dislike the idea, you know, it would add something about it, but it needed to be condensed right down maybe to half an hour, an hour or something and, and having it a little bit punchier.

But it, I, you know, it was.

Howie: I felt it was, it was we've alluded to earlier. It was a cliche cliched idea of money is evil. Materialism is bad. And you had just people going

clearly what annoyed me, what annoyed me was that it was rushed with a limited story frame. So it was, it felt even, even more concise and vacant in areas, the characters.

Where you only because of the timeframe that you have, he didn't know much about the characters Lupita's character was alluded to as being a bit of an enforcer in a town, and you didn't understand the remaining characters, the hairdresser, the, the war veteran guy who was friends with Clarence, he

Dan: grandson, I

Howie: the grants.

That wasn't, that was what was his mate. He's the older guy that he met, who said, I used to know your dad. And then he suddenly becomes this, a guardian angel who do anything for Lupita and goes to the bingo hall and basically faces off Mr. Big. And he's dead within minutes. And, and he's got like a drug problem.

And, and it was just like, and someone else at someone else had someone else

Dan: as for horror, other than the scenes of goal that they show on the killings, there wasn't really a lot. It didn't build the suspense. I mean, I've seen thrillers with more kind of felt more anxious and suspenseful for them, and it wasn't really any jump scares or anything like that.

Sidey: No, It was pretty lame in that

Dan: it was pretty, it was, it was pretty lame in that, regardless of how,

Sidey: yeah.

I th the climax, of the film is they, they're trying to take on Mr. Big. And in the end, when they burned, the, there's a, a big thing for the cache.

Howie: tumbler type thing. And

Sidey: soon as they set fire to that. That's what really hurts him. You know, all the sort of imagery of the metaphors really ham-fisted And

it It was just like, like they just had this one message that they wanted to get across.

And it was just too, like sledgehammer for me. I thought There were no, I don't need stars, but there were no stars necessarily. And when you've got a short run time and precious little characters, there was nothing really to hook me, in to say, oh, I know them. And I liked their work and I'd want to watch that.

I didn't hate it at all, but it was, I just found it.

like a bit of a nothing movie really?

It was

Howie: That's it, it was a nothing movie.

Sidey: scary.

Dan: No, you didn't learn anything for me. It was the message that money, you know, if you, if you give everything up and you, you fuck off your family and friends for money, you're not going to be happy.

Well, why y'all okay. And you know, not telling you anything, you don't really know.

Sidey: I thought it

Dan: was a couple of

Sidey: it looked pretty good

Dan: It did a couple of good performances. I like Lupita. I liked the grandson. And and as you say, a little more development in and around those storylines, those characters, you might have had something else washed it through too long.

I'm not, I'm not quite sure what it was, but certainly the idea was okay, but needed much more in

Howie: I might check out one of the, I'll give one of the other anthology pieces or go,

Dan: Well, it does, it does kind of tempt me into thinking. Maybe I'd have a look in and see which other

Howie: Yeah, what's the next one. They can't be.

Sidey: The next one's called black as night.

So maybe just get an idea of some,

some feedback on it first.

Cause I wouldn't want to waste another hour

Dan: Do you get the feeling though? That. You know that they've obviously made a series of films. You say an anthology of films on this, but an hour and a half long you've gotta be, you know, he's got to capture your attention. Otherwise you've got to condense that white

Howie: Now

Dan: I think for like


Howie: was about that. I'm sure it was quite a short film bait. Another one, we mentioned another short film and because the quality of the writing is there.

Dan: Well, they've done one haven't they, these guys have done seven or eight in a,

Sidey: I don't know if it's different people that get into direct or quite, I didn't look into that far.

I mean,

the concept of it to, you know, the something going wrong in a town and it's the elderly folk in the town who fight back. I was really up for that. I thought, Oh, that sounds cool. Yeah, That it should be really good. Could potentially be funny depending on how they play. It

And in the

Dan: it wasn't really, it

Sidey: that just, it fell really flat. It was just it didn't it didn't really get

Dan: Wasn't very scary.

Wasn't very funny. It wasn't, you know,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Well, it's still, you know, I've watched it all the way through and I'll watch it in one go or then after kind of walk away from it and things go, what the fuck going on? It was easy to follow in that regard, but I was kind of waiting for something to happen. It never did

Sidey: It was one of those where I picked up my phone a few

times. So that probably tells you all you

need to know about that

Howie: again. Feed the addiction for various various burning and cooking videos.

Sidey: Yeah. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm afraid this one?

Dan: No, it's bingo balls. Isn't it really?

Howie: Hey was bingo. Hell

Sidey: yeah.

it was Briggs

Briggs would probably have watched it by the time We need to see him. Cause I know he was excited. So we'll get we'll maybe get his take on it the

next time.

we speak.

But for me,

Dan: if it's anything different.

Sidey: I don't know.

Dan: You think

that will be one to listen to the pod for.

Sidey: is this a kind of Halloween vibe. that we went for?

Howie: It seems like it, it no, this is based on the fact that my son has watched all of them and he loves it

Sidey: and he's, how old,

Howie: He's nine,

And it's a seven plus rated Netflix series called a tale, dark and grim.

Sidey: Yeah It's it's dark

Dan: it's

Howie: it is. And I was quite surprised by that and the way that they comically try to interject after each scary piece to appease probably very anxious parents. And probably unless you, my son, but will the children,

Sidey: Yeah, it's this this is like a chorus, isn't it? It's three crows


interject and they say at the start you probably don't remember fairy towers and how dark they are.

they fuck it. all.

Dan: Grimm brothers really

Howie: Well, yeah, cause the real cause as we all now know the real grim tale. Bromine grim. And they've been modified and adjusted to appease the nature for children to make it sound everything. It was sweet and saccharin with an element of danger, but nothing quite like what the books are.

And in fact, nothing quite like these, this cartoon, which bewilderingly starts off with Hansel and Gretel getting


beheaded by their parents,

Dan: Yeah, it's saying that the story out, how it used to be or how it was in the three crows. One of them, he keeps on sister night. He says, we've got to tell it how it is told.

Sidey: We've gotta

Dan: it how it is told and the crows themselves. One of them's a bit mad who, who loves him and finds it very funny when people get their heads chopped off and, and the other one,

Sidey: the purpose of that,

Howie: I couldn't work that out, they got the heads chopped off and then

Sidey: straight away stitch them back on. with like magic thread or something.

Howie: I believe therefore, It's probably got links to later on episodes. Well, cause my kids have been through it. I haven't actually asked them

Sidey: So it's the same as the kids. all the way through.

Howie: I think the kids are partially like they're trying to find a better family.

Sidey: Yeah we

Dan: watched I think two more straight

Howie: Are there other kids in it,

Dan: and it's Hansel and Gretel always to full Hansel and Gretel story and, and the twine does make another Um we've, we've still got a few to watch cards on the table.

We thought this was fantastic. Um Nellie and I watched it

Howie: it's not often you watch children's show where the main children are beheaded and then basically get into the home of a cannibal.

Dan: Yeah. Well, this is it. I mean, you, you think some of these dark stories and and that's what they are and that they, they told a story.

Cleverly, they do it because it's kind of silhouettes on any gory bits. So you don't see any blood, you don't see any temper, but they tell the stories. They had to cut off the finger to get in, you know, at one point after calf Gretel's finger to get is that this episode, cause I did watch two or three.

Howie: so I think it might

Dan: been a light one, but they, they don't shy away from this kind of stuff where as she walks around with a bandage, hadn't four fingers for the rest of the show. You know, they had to use it to, to use her finger as a key.

Howie: Y you've you've the essence of the story is they don't understand why their parents cut their heads off, then sewed their heads back on again. Yeah. And so they w they escape, they leave home and they're being pursued.

Sidey: Hansel's Obviously he's incredibly upset. He's

crying. It's like they don't love us anymore. And then He's single. Maybe they never loved us to begin with.

They're like, fucking hell

Howie: It's quite, yeah. I'm thinking of Magnus. You don't think like this, I got angry with you mate, but I love you loads. I ain't going to chop your head off much of a toe off, but

Dan: well, that's all I said to know. I said I could take a leg, but I wouldn't do the whole head.

Howie: it's just too messy. You know, I can't cover this up. Twines expensive,

Dan: Well, the animation I'm trying to think back kind of

Howie: it's copied it's copied from if you've watched some of the asterix cartoons that have been on. There's an element of that in it.

Sidey: I thought it looked great.

Dan: Did it looks, it looks, it looks absolutely brilliant, but there's, I'm just trying to think of other, other kind of cartoons that look like the Gruffalos didn't they do something like that Yeah. And, and so they tell the story that you think, you know, but you don't because it's not anything like you've been told before, even as an adult, I w it was news to me, Hansel and Gretel had their, their heads chopped off going down to a bakers.

So they go down to the G you know,

Howie: they go to the woods and they're pursued by well wolves to start with. And that's an element you got to put your kids head on and like Hanson and grill and you have to realize that's quite a scary element of danger to children on their own at night.

Like one of them's clearly, like you said, Hansel's petrified of what's going on.

Dan: we watched this just before

Howie: Oh good, great guy. And they get pursued by wolves until they don't they bump into a farmer, turn it farmer who offers them turnips.

Dan: got to paint a smile on his face because he's so

Sidey: It was that episode too. Cause they, 'cause they do eventually go back to him. They basically come to a crossroads and like, do we go to the baker lady. Who's supposed to be really nice.

or do we go to the tenant finer?

Who's really boring. But going to get cake and stuff at the baker. So obviously they choose that. And then later on, they have to,

Dan: later on, after she's tried to fatten them up

Sidey: and he opens the door and he's got like paint on his face.

and stuff. So

Howie: But they, they, they approach the candy stick house and it's after few what peers have a couple of days starving. They Gorge themselves on various items, which I always think is horrible. The last thing I'd want to do is Gorge myself on stuff like that. I'll be, I'll be throwing up.

And this rather round jolly, clearly psychopathic, desperate.

I suspect she collects cats. And this is before we really know what she collects. And she launches into a whole routine of welcoming, welcoming them in and feeding them and asking them what they want to eat. And the kids are gorging on

Dan: all the time, all the time.

Howie: and.

They go upstairs to bed. They're almost there in a food coma and as they're falling and drifting off to sleep, the cupboard pops open and loads of shoes.

Children's shoes, fall out the cupboard, and one of the shoes has got a leg still stuck in

Dan: but they're in that food

Howie: code

Dan: so happy. They, they're not, yeah, they're not not bothered are they they're

Howie: not? So

Dan: They go, oh well. And they just kind of fall back to sleep. And eventually anyway they do realize if they stay in this house, they're gonna end up.

Howie: she tricks him and puts them in the oven.

Dan: yeah.

Howie: And he's like, what's that

Dan: Which is part of the story is I, I do remember, or at least you know, a version of it.

So it's interesting in this, because as I say, there's stories that I, you know, Hansel and Gretel, I thought I knew this story. But they've gone into the right original

Sidey: I didn't

know all the, all the proper ins And

outs that or the lady that does the voice of the baker is called Nicole. Byer. and if you look her up, she's done some really cool


She's got her own podcasts and she's presents free shows on Netflix. She was also guested on a show that I really like called, how did this get made? And some of the rarely funniest episodes of that is she's honest, she's a comedian.

She's definitely worth looking into,

Dan: okay, well, everything about this was slicking and sharp and good. I laughed a bit. So did Nellie we laugh together about, oh, I'm going to have to turn this off now.

No, you're not. No, you're, you know um and the, the crows interjected it just the right time.

Howie: Like, they'll go, are you still watching?

What's wrong with you?

Dan: Did you love, features, lost a leg that kid or whatever. And, and so they would tease the viewer as well. As well as mom and dad. Okay. I guess watching, just to make sure this is okay, but because of the animation and because of the voices and the, and the way that it's been presented, I, I didn't have any worries


Howie: they made massive fines and psychopathic culture acceptable.

There, especially when the baker meets her demise, that's pretty bloody grim,

Dan: Well, it is.

Howie: the name.

Dan: But then they kind of go to these silhouettes again and you don't see anything graphically. It's just kind of shadows and big cutouts and things, but it leaves you

Sidey: I I did see a couple of reviews online on common sense media, which is always quite good fun.

This one was titled a crazy who hates kids wrote this?

one star review.

This is so bad. My daughter couldn't sleep thinking how a mother can eat her own baby.

That's so gross.

Don't put your kids watch this stupid thing. Better. Read your kids. The original stories. Well, these, this is

Howie: the original stories are, if you read the original Gothic stories, they are hideous.

a lot being flayed, alive,

Sidey: looks like the writer hates kids, beheading and child.

murder another one star

review. Within the first few moments, the dad, a king, the heads, both his young children's in one fell sweep. Then his wife, the queen proceeds to attempt to sow their heads back on what the fuck most shows with this writing of some crude humor or city mischief. The share is not for young kids. Do not recommend

And then it's not for children.

One star review. I could not believe what I was seeing when my little sister showed this to me. Not sure if it's the cannibalism

Howie: or

Sidey: the girl cutting her own finger off, or the cannibal lady, lady actually showed on the screen being impelled by a candy cane.

Dan: Yeah, that was, that was a

Sidey: that's the sort of stuff you can expect.

to see.

Dan: Yeah. As I went down a storm in our house, we, we went into episode two and then episode three.

And it was only because it was, it was wet on for bedtime that we didn't watch.

Sidey: wait, what shit?

Just me and the misses in the room. My daughter was actually slipping out. And my Mister said, is this actually for kids?

Was like, yeah, I think, I, I think I would watch this with my daughter and she'd be okay with it.

I don't think

She'd be


Dan: Well, my daughter is nine, same age as your son

Sidey: cartoonish and they cut away. You know, you'd like to say, it's, it's more puppetry when the things go, like the beheading is, is like they frame it and it's a silhouette sort of puppet thing that happens. And it's, I it's, it's clearly not real, you know?

Dan: exactly. And it, but it also, you know, bad stuff happens like, you know,

Howie: cannibalism, beheadings.

Dan: but it's all done here in a friendly way.

Howie: I want to know, because I obviously haven't watched it past episode one, the character that's chasing them. The sh the cloaked

Dan: Yeah. I even up to episode three. But he's, he's, he's poised to be a

Howie: Yeah. Okay. I thought that yeah, so I agree. I enjoyed the episode. I think it was quirky. It was cleverly pushing the boundaries for littlies again to another gate.

Yeah. Another gateway to horror. So I've inadvertently chosen to horror gateways this week.

Sidey: I would Recommend it. It just depends on how liberal your attitude is towards the darkness

Howie: how delicate your child is. And that sounds really patronizing, but if you've got a little child that really is scared of eye things, it may, yeah.

It's probably not the thing for you, but at the same time might be surprised the interjection of the crows every, every five or so minutes to make light of it. And then to do a little cheeky, third wall break, fourth wall break, wherever it is, it seems to level it out and reassures the viewer. That it's a story.

Dan: kind of

Howie: Yeah. And that's what that's probably, that's probably half the battle is just reassuring it's it's but you could probably see that being the parent in the room on screen. So if kids are watching Netflix on their own, which we have Mundo sometimes.

Yeah, my,

Sidey: There's lots of stuff going on. That's from schools. Isn't that kids watching that,

Howie: One of my friends mentioned it to me and went out from male and he said to me, yeah, my son's been watching squid game. I said, your son's 10. He went, well, what's wrong with it? I go, have you, have you, have you fucking looked at squid game now is it's like child games. Isn't it it's like red light green light.

Do you know what happens? No quickly told him he was on the phone. Phoning. His wife got a fucking iPad off WhatsApp.

Dan: Yeah, no. And, and like this probably, you know, under seven, it's one of those that the writing's probably good here, you know? Yeah. Uh I wouldn't be maybe, well, mine wouldn't have been ready for this or, or quite as comfortable, but yeah, at nine, she, we, we gave her up and it all, you know, this is a scary way.

It's obviously a dark tale. This one, are you sure you want to watch it and everything, but you know what? They're like kids when they go, oh yeah, I do. I definitely do then, but

Howie: the study watch it

Dan: suddenly didn't, I think you'd enjoyed it as well though. Huh? Yeah. That's it. You got plenty of time. But yeah, it will be one to, for us to complete the series on together.

We definitely get around to doing that. Yeah.

Sidey: so pretty solid, a weaker nominations, just, just bingo Hell that Maybe let us down. a little

Howie: Yeah, kind of, we were just talking about it in the, in the interval and we've kind of been left with a nothingness, which is a weird reactions after a film.

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. That's the worst kind of reaction,

I think

Dan: but we do it.

So those out there,

Sidey: don't have to,

Howie: Yeah. It's like a public service

Dan: it is, yeah,

Howie: Don't drink.

Sidey: but we

also, this way we have our Stillwater giveaway. So all that you have to do is very, very easy is to DMS with a recommendation of something for us to watch and possibly review and just throw the word Stillwater in there so we know your, you want it and you'll receive a copy of the film itself

Dan: And what's up. We've got five to give

Sidey: got five copies to give away. Yeah. They're the first five,


Dan: be fast on the buzzers people.

Sidey: Yeah. Get that done. Nominations wise, Dan, you're gonna come up with something you're going to concoct something incredible for us

Dan: Yeah. I can tell you it's Julia and the Phantoms on Netflix will be the kids' choice, but I'm going to get you a top five.

I'm going to get you a midweek mention and a main movie recommendation. Very so.

Sidey: Okay, cool. Well, we look forward to that. All that remains is to say society signing out.

Dan: Dan's gone.

Howie: Goodbye.