Sept. 16, 2022

Bohemian Rhapsody & King Rollo

Bohemian Rhapsody & King Rollo
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The rest of us were only too happy to derail Dan's well-thought out hitchhiker themed week in order to produce a hastily assembled and confused tribute of sorts to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, starting with a discussion of the Top 5 Queens.
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (2018) is a biopic of Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek), charting his journey from talented and ambitious baggage handler Farrokh Bulsara in the 1970's to frontman of arena rock band Queen, culminating in a recreation of their triumphant and iconic 1985 Live Aid performance.  Paced like a Wikipedia plot summary this movie’s biggest crime is its inauthenticity: both its factual inaccuracy but more importantly it never feelsvery real and consequently I never felt I knew Freddie Mercury better after having watched it. Malek's excessive performance is so distracting I couldn’t work out if he was doing a caricature or simply trying to keep his prosthetic teeth in, and a broad and formulaic story never seems to have anything interesting at all to say about race, LGBTQ+ lifestyles or the experience of having HIV in the 1980's during the height of the AIDS crisis , territory covered much better by PRIDE or the British mini-series IT'S A SIN.
It's impossible not to mention an excruciating cameo from Mike Myers as a fictional embodiment of Queen's critics, an EMI executive of limited artistic vision who thinks the track from which the movie bears its name is too long, composed of nonsensical words and that teenagers will never bang their heads to in a car. Get it? Because that is the exact thing WAYNE'S WORLD did! If the best part for you was the recreation of the Live Aid performance where you can enjoy Malek pretending to be Freddie and lip syncing in front of the kind of weird CGI crowd you'd usually find in a video game just watch the f*cking original concert.
It's not really a surprise this one is such a mess. Sasha Baron Cohen was attached to the project for a long time but dropped out, objecting to what he saw as the sanitisation of Freddie's story by the producers, in particular I suspect Brian May and Roger Taylor who are portrayed as the most responsible members of the group and consequently are boring nonentities. Director Brian Singer was fired part way into filming which might have been because he rarely showed up to set leaving cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel in charge much of the time, or may have had something to do with the tsunami of sexual misconduct allegations which were heading his way, and the last third of filming and all the post production were completed by Dexter Fletcher (ROCKETMAN).
In the interests of balance I should probably say that not all of the Bad Dads felt the same way - in fact angrily so in some cases - and that the movie won several Oscars, Malek's performance in particular drawing praise, while a win for Best Achievement in Film Editing completely redefines the meaning of the words "Best", "Achievement" and "Editing". I can honestly say I’ve never seen a microphone get an origin story before, so there is that.
KING ROLLO is another David McKee creation, the man-child sovereign of an unspecified kingdom who is enraged when his resident Magician reads his comic first and then ignores his dinner guest Queen Gwen before they are all deposed in a violent, bloodthirsty revolution.

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Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads 


Bohemian Rhapsody

Reegs: welcome to bad dad's film. Whatever you'll take on the loss of queen Elizabeth. The second, whether you saw her as an enduring selfless person who led a lifetime of quiet dignity, dedicated to a significant historical and cultural institution, or perhaps you angrily welcome this chance to discuss the complete disestablishment of anachronistic system of her hereditary privilege bound to an appalling colonial past, you can be fairly certain to be disappointed with a really pretty shabby and hastily assembled in all honesty queen themed week loosely in her honor.

Yeah. With coverage of the loss of the queen already reaching a crescendo, we thought we'd add our collective thought chasms to the clamor. It's been a lot of talk about the funeral hasn't there when it will be what will happen. It's

Yeah, it is periodic. Yeah. I personally hope they go with a long respectful Solom procession up to Windsor castle where her corgis are tethered to her coffin and she's fired into the sun.

But I know not everyone will be on board with that. We started off our queen week with a look at the hitchhiker guide to the galaxy.

Sidey: Yep.

Reegs: Yeah. And then we'll be desperately trying to avoid familiar ground as we discuss the top five Queens, or at least some verse will be, I'm not sure what anybody's doing actually for that.

And then we're gonna chat about the Oscar winning Fred mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody before finishing up with the transition to a new monarchy. Is he

king Rollo? I've already mentioned that Dan is here tonight as is fan of sex and supermarket car park uh side We've also got bad dad. Petto told me off air that if you bite down on a couple of lemons at the last second, you get the jolt of energy.

You need not to pass out. Which I think we can all agree is good advice. And finally there's me res. Hello?

Sidey: Hi.

Dan: good. I mate

Sidey: also sex in recycling center, car parks. That, where I saw the DORS that time. Oh, up at Greenville,

Reegs: It is actually called parking. I look this up today on urban dictionaries, people who have sex in supermarket car parks.

It's just called parking.

Sidey: That's a fairly mundane


Pete: Yeah. Hmm

Reegs: You could run into a lot of trouble with it being so mundane.

Pete: Yeah. It's easily confused with actual just parking

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: So Parking


Sidey: think the queen was a big fan of parking.

Yeah, possibly. Have you been following with interest? The relentless news coverage of all the stuff that's going on?

It's fairly historic. Let's be honest.

Pete: I, I haven't been following it at all. No, she's she's died. And that was all I needed to know. I'm not really

Sidey: There's, there's the new sheriff in town. Her son. Yeah. I dunno if you saw her, but clearly not actually. I do know. Cause you just said that the signing of the.

The dude does the Ascension papers or whoever the

hell it was

with the the Lord privy toast rack and all that lot.

Reegs: Yeah. And now William and Charles have got a fight with spoons haven't they

Sidey: Camilla and wills were stood. And then king Charles, the spaniel had to sign away and this, the desk was a little bit too small. It was actually quite funny.

The desk was a little bit too small and they had like the proper ink, well, and like old school fountain pen to sign with. And then like, I got a bit on edge because wills is a lefty. So he was having

Pete: yeah Yeah

Sidey: properly like

Gar his arm Try not to like smudge this properly historic document, but.

Charles had to get down and sign some more shit.

And he was a proper cunt about all the stuff being on in the way. And he like swatted it away. Like with this fucking like disdainful look on his face and I thought, you, I, you are fucking

Reegs: yeah, but his mum's just died.


Sidey: mean, I didn't give a fuck. Doesn't give you the right to be a cunt. He's a fucking, he's dead to me.



Pete: must know all the eyes of the world are on him. Exactly. Yeah. And he's behaving

Sidey: watching and you look like a fucking prick. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: didn't see that. What moment of, well, yeah,

Dan: I didn't watch

Pete: I've seen some memes of it already where like, they've, they've got his fingers on like a mixing desk.

Yeah. And he's like DJing

Sidey: there's some,

Pete: so it's given us these moments. Yeah. Without, without that.

Reegs: So we've got sort of bored and disinterested and pretty aggressively disinterested. Dan, what, what's your level of interest

Dan: No, I was, you know, I, I thought the queen was the best of him to be honest. I, I, you know, I always thought the queen was a, a solid part of the great Britain and the monarchy and

Sidey: everyth I I I'm not necessarily like anti Royal, I'm not anti royalist. I'm fairly like, ambivalent about the whole thing. Yeah. Just don't like people being cued or other faithful, like, you

Dan: no, no, I I'd agree with that

Pete: was about like, have you been following the stuff that's happening with

Sidey: I just I was just MES into me having a rant to be honest

Pete: a fan I'm, I've always been a fan of the queen to, to a point in that. Like, I quite like that, you know, that the, you know, a kingdom have a have this like monarchy, I don't really know or care what they stand for, but it's, it's kind of interesting and always been a part of my life. Yeah.

But is that what they stand for right now? Who knows? Let's not get into that debate, but yeah, I was a fan of the queen to a point. Like, I, I didn't go to any of our concerts or anything, but. But I've I'm, I, I, I would never be bothered. I like, I'm not gutted because I didn't know her. I don't, I have this thing where it's like, oh, you know, someone I didn't know or

Sidey: bang holiday

Pete: has died should, and I'm gonna be

Sidey: bang holiday bang holiday

Pete: Bank holiday. See, there are some bonuses

Reegs: Yeah. But you can feel a little bit of, I, there is a, you know,

Pete: I'm terror, I'm dead inside. So it's terror.

Sidey: also like It's

sad. Someones died, you know, cuz they were part of their family, but 96

Reegs: I was gonna say Liz's trust said I was shocked.

I was like 96. How shocked can you really

Sidey: You saw her the day before, like canula is in her arm and shit. And you must have been like, I think, you know,

Reegs: but I think there is

Sidey: did a good job

onto another,

kids are all complete counts

Dan: Well how, how the, how like modern kind of England addresses the whole monarchy situation is a whole nother debate. Isn't it? But her

Reegs: join us for our next

Dan: Yeah.

and we we're gonna bring Megan and will in for that. But no, there'll be, you know, People of their own opinions on, on that, which way it should go and everything. But yeah, I think the queen 70 odd years, she was only a young woman, 17, given that job, you know, and, and kind of, was it 25, 17? Not far off young.

Pete: That's got you into trouble before though.

Sidey: prince over there

Dan: yeah.

And then

well, this is it. There's all, all other questions in there with, with the rest of them, but she seemed to have done a

Reegs: I don't think we need to talk about that shit. And when she's just, especially, it's only Monday now, and at least this will come out on Friday, the whole discourse sort of moved on by them.

Pete: The main reason I was gutted is as I used to be part of a business that sold tickets for many things. And amongst them were things like bucking palace, all of the historical palaces and, and.

And we'd always agreed that when the queen died, it would, we would absolutely coin it. But obviously like COVID came along and fucked us in the, as it doesn't exist anymore.

So that was annoying. But other than that, so I

Reegs: neither as a queen, I suppose, but

Pete: it was pretty, yeah. Selfish of her to do it after 3, 6, 5 tickets had gone to the wall, but

Sidey: yeah. Well, linked into that is that last week's top five, which was dining scenes.

Yeah. And we had a very passionate case made for one of our favorite films, the Rocky horror picture show. Yeah. Which we all universally you probably like it

Reegs: You, you do like

Sidey: it. You've gotta look on your face. Like, I love

Dan: I I've, I've seen it a couple of times, but like is strong love. Yeah. No, no,

Reegs: I, yeah. Well, I've talked about my feelings on that movie, but yeah, it's good to have representation from all kinds of movie viewers.

Sidey: well well, Brey and Melinda both had a bit of a, a confl on Twitter in our, in our name. Yeah. And like enthused about it. And there's a scene where they feed someone a ground up flesh of a former person, a dinner.

Yeah. A dinner. So we're putting it in.

Pete: If you want an alternative scene, like there's the the film eat the rich.

No, with, with Lemi, from motor headers in

Sidey: it. Oh okay

Pete: and they eat people, but you don't like the Rocky horror

Sidey: no but it's

Reegs: it's in, it's in. Okay. It's in.

Sidey: right. This should be interesting. Top five Queens.


Reegs: I'll admit to now this being by far my least favorite part of the show and um

Yeah. Top five. All things that I hate, this would be in there now.

Sidey: Okay.

Pete: Well, let's do, let's do that one

Reegs: Yeah.

So, and this was hard. We're next? You guys did royalty or Kings.

And was it Kings? You did a

Dan: I hitch hikers?

Reegs: you did hitchhikers. Yeah,

Sidey: we did do something. Cuz when I was looking at one particular candidate, I've got in my list today. I remember it cropping up

Reegs: and then it was just the chances of talking about the same old shit. Like the alien queen had stopped, heard still by alien and how many I've stole.

Yeah, exactly.

Pete: my

Sidey: It's literally the first one

Pete: what, what we did do, I think we did, it was like monarchy monarchs or, or whatever, but I think Queens were fairly hideously underrepresented by our, our list. So this is exclusively Queens. So if we, if we go over a

Sidey: interpretation you might have of

Reegs: of Queens,

Pete: Yeah. I've just gone for the the Monarch.

Yeah, I've gone strictly Royal

Reegs: it's it was quite hard to find specific Queens. Did I? I thought, no, you're you're ridiculing me with your eyes

Pete: long

Sidey: Pete why don't you, why don't you shoot from the hit then go for it.

Pete: Okay. I mean, straight, straight out the gate, we've got the evil queen and that's her name

in Snow

White. Yeah. And the, and the seven people of restricted height.


Sidey: quite horny. She, the evil queen.

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah but she's got a massive like inferiority complex and she's,

Sidey: constant

gratification Yeah Yeah. Yeah. That's females in general,

Reegs: but this is the, also it is Maleficent. Is that her name? That's

Pete: possibly

Sidey: different one.

Isn't it

Pete: I don't,

Reegs: the character's name because there's a whole thing about rape and all sorts of stuff with that.

Pete: I, I miss that in snow white and seven divorce, but,

Reegs: I might think he's sleeping beauty maybe,

Pete: but there's anyway, evil queen and yeah, but would this, I was, I was doing some research about this obviously, and it kind of like pointed out that even though she's like a queen and like, you know, obviously overseas, entire realm and she's got wealth and, and everything, she seems to spend her time like, pissing about like making, like, like doing stuff in a lab and making apples.

You now that's sleeping beauty, isn't it?

Reegs: Yeah. I'm getting them confused in my head as well. Cuz I'm is this the magic mirror as well? No,

Pete: maybe the evil queen. Yeah. Who, who

Sidey: That's Mary.

Yeah. Mary Mary on the wall. Who's the Ferris.

Pete: Yeah. That one. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: This is a confused start.

Pete: Yeah. No, it's been a poor

Sidey: been a hectic week That's for sure.

Re's gone.

Reegs: Oh right.

Well I had what have I got? Oh God, what have I actually got queen Latifa. Yeah, let's try that. She has been in a ton of movies, taxi, taxi the loop best on adaptation,

Sidey: Public transport movie.

Yes. Yeah

Reegs: It's like a companion piece to Patterson.

I Watch

those two back to

Pete: get, get the yeah. In a, in a box set.

Reegs: Yeah. She's been in a ton of absolute horse shit. I think she was in the adaptation of what's the one with John Travolta hairspray. But she was also in the ice age franchise.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: And I mean, that was really progressively diminishing returns, that franchise, so dunno big fan of that franchise,

Pete: I really like the, the first film and the characters in it. And then as you said, exactly, that diminishing returns and they've, there's like five or

Sidey: it's lows.

Reegs: least five. Yeah. Because she's in collision course. That's the one that's

Sidey: well when you go back to the first one, the animation that is dated real bad.

It's primitive F


Pete: Well, it was done in the ice age, so they

Sidey: well that's true Yeah

Reegs: Yeah So

the only enduring thing is scrap. And you said about scrap cannon now finally did get the

Sidey: get it You got it Yeah.

Reegs: So there pretty fucking weak start as

Sidey: well.

Reegs: Or Queens in it.

Pete: can you, can you take this up a notch side?

Sidey: Okay. Oh shit.

Well, I know you are like this one, Pete, because it's a series that we both love. So we're stepping out of Hollywood. We're going to TV. We're going BBC blackout season two, black outta the second. Yeah. For queen Elizabeth one played by Miranda Richardson. Yeah. And she is just fucking bonkers in it and yeah, just it's mayhem.

Every episode is fucking gold. With her just being like kind of a simpleton

Pete: she's a cross between a child and a psychopath.

Sidey: Yeah.


she does all, all, all the episodes feature her and it, it's obviously very, very small cast and just like golden, like British comedy, like done. No one has done it better in

my opinion Yeah.

But then the way the series ends is her being impersonated by hu characters like this master of disguise

Pete: prince Ludvig

Sidey: And he comes around and everyone, the, the closing, like, they're always really good at doing this in black ADOS, but like this one and four, especially where everyone has been killed off and it's sinister as fucked.

Right. They're just merge on the floor and it's queen Elizabeth. I first being in per with Hugo's voice. Yeah. Saying no, if I can just get the voice. Right. He does it. He does it well,

Terminate Yeah. And it's like everyone, I did it a bit. Dr. Didn't I?

Pete: yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: and so yeah, queen Elizabeth, I first.

Pete: Yeah, no, I, I, I had that on my list

Sidey: I thought you might have opened with that to honest

Pete: well. It's it's the first one I've got on my list, but I didn't, I didn't open with it cause I like to, a crescendo towards the, the better ones, but yeah. Yeah. She's got, I wouldn't say she's necessarily got the best lines in, in blackhead

Sidey: It's just it's a small ensemble,

Pete: but yeah, she she's, she's great.

Sort of like, you know, her character is very different again from, from a lot of the others. She's obviously got simpletons in it. She's a simpleton,

Sidey: no she's the real simpleton

Pete: but the, the, the recurring theme is that she just basically wants to execute. Absolutely. Everybody like on a whim.

Sidey: Yeah. Psychotic child

is like a

Pete: She says, she says directly to Percy at one once she gives him the illions go either you can shut up or you can have your head cut off. Like they're, they're the two, two choices that he's got so fair play.

Dan: Okay.

Well, I'm gonna go for the, the film that I watched as our main feature this week before I learned that it was queen Bohemian Rhapsody which was the queen I watched with Helen Miam.

And I dunno if any of you have seen that? No. So that's two films I've watched for the pod this week that nobody else has seen. Yeah. That I thought everybody else was watching.

Reegs: I did wanna watch this. I did think we should watch this for the pod, but

Dan: yeah, that's what I thought we were

Pete: watching.

I, I thought that that's what you meant at first, when you said like the queen biopic, I thought you meant it was like the, the hell

Reegs: it was a jumbled.

Sidey: only to be

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, I that's the one that I watched and it, it, yeah, with Helen Miam as the queen and Michael sheen is Tony Blair and it's is in and sitting in around this time as Tony Blair is coming to power princess Diana is, has just died and the queen and you know, all this situation and how she conducts herself and, and the situation going in around Philip and the boys and, and all the rest of it and all the press and everything.

So yeah, it was an interesting film and, you know, Certainly, you know, I dunno how much is true and how much is, is speculation. Obviously behind closed doors, the conversations are made up, but the, the situation reminded back to that time and the queen hadn't come out and said anything about, you know, the Royals,

Sidey: would've been a bombshell,

Dan: you know, they, they didn't say anything about you know, her dying and everything.

So this was all part of the film. And it was the, the people of England getting quite annoyed as, as flowers were just like pushing out

that's. Right. Yeah. They didn't do any of it. And it was, and you know, at home they'd just turned off the televisions and stuff, trying to protect the boys as much as, as anything else was her point of view.

But she also, I think conceded, it was. Was lots to take in for her, like, you know, and got some

Pete: of become estranged from the sort of Royal tag by that stage as

Dan: well. Yeah. She had she

Sidey: kind

of status change. Didn't she, if I

Dan: She was no longer part of the Royal family officially, but obviously

Pete: significant importance

Dan: and yeah,

Sidey: was piping off Dody.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Then she ends up crawling around the air ducts. Doesn't she?

Sidey: And then she

Reegs: drops down and she's got no shoes on

Dan: that's it? Yeah. On the broken Yippy KA motherfucker. That's it? Yeah. That's kind of how it ends with her, with the Zippo, just for it. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: Cool. I wouldn't mind watching that film. Is that a recommend Dan?

Dan: Yes, it would be. Yeah,

Reegs: it sounds it

Dan: I think we'd have all enjoyed that.

Reegs: Yeah, it was a good, good, good idea. Wish we'd done that.

Pete: Yeah, it would've been really apt if you think about it. I'm gonna go for another TV one then. And I don't think you can talk about Queens without talking about the game of

Sidey: there Several. in there

Pete: there are, there are several Queens I'd say probably not necessarily is it my favorite, but brother fucking CERSI Leister. I think she's CSI. Barian at the, at the beginning of, of the series, isn't she? She must be cuz she's married to Robert Barra and who is the king? So she's the queen.

But her, I guess main ambition is to become the queen in her own rights. And she does achieve that eventually through a series of family tragedies of which he's behind most of well,

Sidey: well, Marjorie has a go first. Didn't she? Yeah. She's she has her blown up.

Yeah. after Marjorie's married the boy

Pete: that

Reegs: that was amazing. Road

Pete: just her watching it completely emotionless.

And then just walking away from the window, obviously it has, doesn't have a great effect on her son who fucking just jumps out of one of the similar windows. Yeah, Tom. She does eventually just become the queen, but the, the way they do it, that journey. And then eventually when she is the, the queen in her own, right.

She's like completely sort of dead inside by then. And she's just wearing all black all the time, but she is

Sidey: the and then she's She's

then usurped by Janes.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Have

you been watching house of the dragon?

Pete: I have watched the first episode of house of the dragon. I've decided I'm going to save them all up and, and binge them when they're, when they're all out.

Sidey: Okay. So we can't talk about it then.

Pete: I'd rather you didn't, but.

Sidey: okay like oh I won't I won't I won't do that to Pete

Pete: spoil the final bond film or the last bond

Sidey: nothing really happened. That's worth sporting, to be


Pete: Okay. Fair enough. Yeah, so I, I specifically went for for, for CCY played by Lena heady, who was also the queen of the Spartans in the, in the recently viewed 300 film.

And I think she's in the sequel, which you've seen re yeah,

Reegs: I have seen 300 rise of the Spartans. I mostly remember Eva green in that movie. She's the sort, sort of villain who tries to have sex with, is it J Butler?

Pete: I

wouldn't have thought. So

Sidey: It's prequel

Pete: got loads of arrows

Sidey: yeah but it's prequel rise of,


rise of the go though.

Reegs: yeah. Rise of the Spartans empire Sorry. It's very good. Well, I mean, it's pretty good. I enjoyed it queen stuff. Well I don't know if you know, but there was a rock band a pro rock band called queen. And the guitarist in it. Brian May has been in a couple of things.

One was Andy in the band that we reviewed on this program.

Dan: Oh, okay.

Reegs: And he was in an episode where he played the godfather of rock,

Dan: right?

Reegs: So that's,

Sidey: quite pretentious Didn't think very

Reegs: trivial shit, isn't it. And he was also in the adventures of Pinocchio in 1996 movie. He just had a, he, he, he was just a bit part in the ma peasant chorus, but I do remember this movie at Martin Landow as in, probably in his most depressing role ever is Jao.

It's like a sort of 18 hundreds version of an, of an in cell. He like met a woman once and he's obsessed with her. Can't think about anything else. And then for some reason at all, you know, for some reason that's never really explained he carves a puppet that then comes to life. Yeah. So Brian May.

Dan: okay. Stuff strong,

Reegs: strong, you say strong you're easily pleased Dan.

Sidey: Well,

Dan: What I have next.

Sidey: some

content that has sent me to sleep and might have actually given up on it is rings of power.

Dan: How long did you last

Sidey: I'm in episode three, about 20 minutes in and I turned it off.

Dan: I'm about as far as that

Sidey: So GLA is, is in that a lot and, but she's not queen now, but in the Lord of the ring stuff, which is great. She's like the Elvin queen and then there's also Arwin who becomes queen because she's, nobbing.

AOR who becomes the

Reegs: Aragon the, the, no,

Sidey: yeah. He's the king of Goor. Yeah. And he's married. He's

hooking up with Owen

Pete: of the king.

He's the

Reegs: All right. He's in it. He's he's in it. Is he? I didn't realize

Sidey: he no in

Lord of rings I'm going back to the

rings because rings power

Pete: You weren't listening

Sidey: drastic. I think Pete really loves it, but he's wrong.


Reegs: fucking what the new,

Pete: I'm fucking into it. I am absolutely into it. Yeah. So I loves to just hate everything

Reegs: that I

Sidey: Apart from all the things that I really like, this is garbage.

Reegs: Well, tell me why. It's good because I, I like to be

Pete: it's, I think it's way more of a return to the original film, like the, the fellowship of the ring than anything else that succeeded,

Sidey: it's more

of a return to being asleep. It's fucking dreary and


Pete: there's, for me, there's lots going on.

Sidey: There's nothing there's literally nothing going on there's loads

and it looks so fake. Everything in, it looks so fucking fake, like in the Hobbit where it looks like a film, as opposed to you're watching something and you can escape into the fancy, it looks made up, it looks balls.

Pete: I like it. And I'm into it.

Sidey: everyone in it needs to be killed

in real life.

Reegs: That's true

Pete: The, so when, when goad eventually becomes the, the VIN queen, what I remember about the, I dunno if it's, is it the fellowship of the ring or the beginning of the two towers?

I can't remember where

Sidey: she talks about getting the ring

Pete: Yeah. When she's, when she's yeah. I remember actually being like fucking a little bit, like frightened by that. That was yeah, I dunno. I was having a bit of an episode. I watched it at the cinema and yeah, that was quite scary. Like, oh, this kind of, yeah.

Like people being possessed and channeling fucking like dark shit and everything. I'm not really into, but it was, it was done in a scary way. I wasn't actually like terrified, but it was done in quite a scary way. But that was quite a cool scene actually.

Sidey: Cool. But I was, yeah, so I was going for, out of all that my tirade there, I was going for Arwin

under male.

under mill. It's like, yeah.

She ends up being the queen. Dan

Dan: well, somebody else that ends up being a queen is a.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: The mermaid. Yeah. What's she?

Reegs: what is she? The queen

Dan: She becomes queen to Eric Eric's kingdom and

Sidey: Eric's

Reegs: he's Eric

Dan: Eric's uh the, the husband king. Yeah, Bernard man. She, she becomes I've got it. I've got it by quite solid

Reegs: An authority. Yeah.

Dan: and and I watched this many, many moons ago. And I think it's as strong as Brian May, if not stronger,

Reegs: isn't, there's a new one coming

Sidey: out. They dropped these there's some images because it was the Disney expo this week and they dropped the stills of her, the actress playing Ariel.



Reegs: everyone hates her cuz she's

Sidey: black I think there's a racist got really upset cuz she's black. Which is funny when you see idiots getting triggered like that. But I just don't like all these live action

Reegs: No, it's

funny trying to watch him

Dan: Justin, well, they, they, I thought they might have given up after will Smith butcher a Ladin

Sidey: No, it was Chris rock.

Reegs: Well Smith is gonna be the little mermaid next.

Dan: Oh, that's what it is.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: And why not? Whilst we're dealing with animated

Dan: Mm-hmm

Pete: I've got a couple here on the list. One of them is fairly obvious, but the other one is in trolls two. Poppy has become queen poppy and we've all seen trolls two.



Have you not? Oh, that's really good.

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: Oh, okay

Pete: good. Lots of like cool, like trolls too is basically just like fucking watching a concert. It's just like song after song, after song, after song, but it's music that brings all the love and the happiness and everything, but yeah, she's a queen.

Or most of the Queens on this list are like, they're not really. They're all very flawed. I've noticed. And queen poppy is herself in that she she basically lets down her friend, but her friend is oh, who's the fat guy west hand fan dickhead. Cordon. Yeah. Yeah. James cordon.

Reegs: see, in the first movie I've seen the

Pete: yeah, yeah.

He's one of the characters in that. So yeah, she lets him down like in like as a, you know, she's a bad friend while she's trying to do queenly things. She's being a bad friend,

Reegs: They, they are a

Pete: but spoiler alert, it all gets resolved and it's all. Okay. But I quite like the trolls films.

Reegs: they are a grotesque abomination. I think they,

Pete: who the trolls films?

Reegs: No, not the films. I've only seen the first one and I think it was right. I liked it more than the kids if I remember. But

Sidey: you like it more than your own kids? yeah.

the trolls

Reegs: the trolls are horrible.

Pete: like oh, right. Okay. Yeah. They

Well, they're, they're, they're easier on the eye in the films, cuz they have to be more pleasing to look at than the Bergens for example.

Yeah. So yeah, but I, I like Charles too. It's a annoying kind of storyline and common it's like stuff I'm not gonna go into it, but yeah. Yeah. So yeah, someone else can name the other obvious frozen one

Reegs: frozen. Yeah.

Yeah. Obviously 2001 was released in 1968. I'm sure we all remember that. But it was the second best sci-fi film released that year after Barbara.

Sidey: Oh, that's good.

Reegs: Which had the subtitle queen of the galaxy

she just put, that was the, I think there was like a later cut wasn't there that was introduced that had more of her like floating around it with her nipples out at the beginning. It was basically the it's the retelling of apocalypse now pretty much as she goes off to find Joanne um

Pete: That's

Sidey: They took the name from the film.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Oh, right. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah. No,

Pete: I was trying to, I was

Sidey: some band from Birmingham.


Pete: yeah, yeah. I was trying to Simon Labon is like Simon. It's gone rogue in, in the Vietnam desert desert in the Vietnam jungle.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, that's, what's happened, Joan, Duran's gone crazy. And he's created a weapon that's you know, and she's gone to assassinate him.

I think that's the plot. And then,

Sidey: yeah. As like floating around and just being horny.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Queen of the dam.

Sidey: cool. Oh, God. I, I. I forgot to mention last time that we were talking about some sort of royalty, I, I couldn't get it right in my head if pad may ever became queen.

Yeah. She, and then we, you, you sent me some really shouty, like voice text on WhatsApp saying, yes, she was you pre blah, blah, blah. Yeah. So pad may certainly. And also, I think I can't put this in, cause I'm pretty sure that I put in the Bo queen

from star Trek first contact last time, but I'm definitely gonna mention her again because that film's really good.

And then she cropped up again in the most recent series of Picard which was a huge letdown, but they did just release the trailer for Picard series three. And it it's

Pete: quite boggy or,

Sidey: Well, no, it's all original cast to back in this one, because it's been getting like progressively worse.

They've had to bring out the big guns for series three before he inevitably dies. Cause he's now a thousand years old. So they've got all the original cast back.


that's that's exciting. Whether or not the bald queen appears again, who knows, but she was certainly in first contact, which is top draw.

Dan: I'm just looking at, at films with Queens that I've seen and the Huntsman. Did you ever see this one?

Reegs: Snow white in the

Dan: snow white, and the

Reegs: I have seen it, but I can't remember is Charice Theran

Dan: isn't it? Yeah, it, well, the one that I'm I remember is I think is called the Huntsman winters war and it's a fantasy kind of film, but it's a strong female lead.

Charlie Thoran is the evil kind of queen. And the Huntsman's just some kind of,

Sidey: is this the one that had all the drama behind the scenes about the director and what's the name from Twilight? I

Dan: I dunno the evil sisters. And Eric, is there another Eric? He's the

Reegs: He's got it in for Erics tonight.

Isn't he?

Dan: he, they turn up with Queens a lot, I guess.

And he helps snow hop, snow white. So this is the second one. And yeah, it's, it is a decent action film with the, with the kids a little bit older, little bit Eder, you know, not for, for,

Reegs: Steven when you're edging with the kids. Yeah.

Dan: it's preteens

Pete: Well this was inspired by the, the death of queen Elizabeth. I second. And I've got some queen Elizabeth II appearances in film, not her actually, but people playing her. Yeah. But before I do, I thought that something that I often do is look at records yeah. That are involved with our top five.

So I've got some records held well that were held at least by queen Elizabeth II. Yeah. Cool. And I think it'd be interesting to see if we could beat any of these.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: I don't think I'll be like Monarch for longer than

Pete: Well, that was the first one longest rain for a British Monarch, which was 70

Sidey: Cause I I'd have to live to at least like

115 or something. like that struggle

Dan: 70 years

Reegs: start now as well,

Pete: that's if you start. Yeah. But

Sidey: but did you see, have you seen any of the pictures of sorry, king hands?

Pete: Yeah. there?

I dunno. Quite sort

Sidey: of quite goy

Pete: Yeah. Sausage

Reegs: got tattoos,

love and

Pete: One of them's got king on the knuckles. Yeah.

Sidey: that's

Pete: a, a fresh one. That would be quite good. Yeah. So 70 years beat only by king Louie who was a French, but being a French king

Sidey: must the guy from jungle book fucking,

Pete: yeah. Yeah. The IANG tongue king Louis, the third, I think it was, but being a French king, most easy, just sitting around and fucking eating cheese and sleeping with prostitutes and shit, whatever the French do.

She's also been head of state of the most countries, which is 15. I dunno if we can try and beat that or

Reegs: The hats is easier. Isn't it?

Pete: hats, still hats, hats. I think hats, can you remember the number? Was it 32?

Sidey: No it's way

less. Like

Pete: It was

Reegs: I had 32 in my head.

So that is bizarre.

Sidey: I was

Pete: on your head. Would've been better. I


Sidey: was about to say 15, but that sounds ridiculous. No, 30 probably sounds

Pete: it's 32. A record, another record that Queenie held at 33 was appearing on the currencies of most countries,


We can do that. Only

Dan: kind of put a picture of his on the,

Reegs: If you start hoarding coins and etching your own face yeah. Onto them.

Pete: let's do it. She's also the only person to in history to have officially opened more than one Olympic games. So with two she's a record holder she was the richest Monarch in the world,

Sidey: Well, she said all that time to save up

Pete: holding over 500 million in investments, art jewels, and real estate,

and also apparently allegedly owned the largest private art collection in the world as well.

Dan: None of that gets inheritance tax either that wouldn't, that wouldn't seem appropriate.

Pete: No,


no, not at all. So yeah. Anyway, there's, there's some records.

I've got some actual, has anyone else got any queen Elizabeth II?

Sidey: No, because when I was going like doing a bit of research, I realized that I avoid.

Any kind of Royal biopic or anything

to Do

with stuff like that. And I don't, I hadn't really seen any

Pete: well, so, so do I, I, I avoid them as well, but these all happened by accident.

I'll reel off three very quick ones and in, in min, in the minions film. Okay. There's the, the queen Elizabeth II played by Jenna Saunders by Jennifer Saunders is quite an amusing scene. And when she's in the pub, she's been de throwed by Skylar overkill. And she's in the pub, like getting

Reegs: you remember when that

Pete: arm wrestling.

Yeah. Yeah. Terrible. The, the coup yep. In naked gun, of course.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Pete: has to like rugby tackle her and ride her along a table at some point. And in, she doesn't, you don't actually, I dunno if you see the queen or not, but I remember I was a big fan of the bottom

Sidey: Yeah yeah yeah

Pete: And in bottom line, the second one, which is called bottom live the big number two tour Richie and Eddy here that the, the queen is parading through Hammersmith at some point.

And they decide to put on a firework show, but they want it to be a big one. So they use Simex as well. And but they also want to make a point cuz they think she'll like it of wiggling their tos at the queen, which they do. And then they blow her up. Yeah. So that's queen Elizabeth, the second done.

Reegs: I watched the King's speech. There was probably a queen in

Dan: oh, I watched that. Yeah. I can't remember it.

Pete: Elizabeth. I second was in

Reegs: Yeah. Well, there you go. I

Pete: As a young

Sidey: true Yeah.

Reegs: Paddington.

It was very good Paddington. My little, my little list is right. Got into Paddington. So we'll be reviewing that soon.

That's gonna be crisp. Daniel, remember when this came out? The African queen.

Dan: I, I was nearly gonna say that actually. Yeah. Hump.

Reegs: Yeah. Catherine Hepburn. This is steamer going down a river in Africa, in world war

Dan: Yes.

Sidey: Didn't make it to the loo.

No no

Reegs: Cleveland steamer.

Don't you Google that?

What, what else have we got? There was queen of the dam. You ever see that one? The Leah

Sidey: no jet Lee

Reegs: No, that's Romeo Maasai. Her, yes. Other. Performance. This one is the guy who is Dorian gray and league of extraordinary gentlemen. I know you

Sidey: I know. Yeah. I know. I know the guy,

Dan: the lion king queen called?

Reegs: Nala

Pete: Nala.

Dan: Yeah.


Sidey: She wasn't in that.

Reegs: No, she wasn't in that. That was all, well, not as bad as I remember, it's had like a really tragic new metal soundtrack. That's what I remember about it. And he was LIS stat. It's kind of a continuation of the interview with the vampire or a pre no post, whatever continuation of that universe.

His character is LIS stat. The guy from league of extraordinary gentleman, Steven Johnson. I think his name was

Dan: cleat was a queen as well. Wouldn't she? That would be the Liz Taylor one. Yeah. That was an, an epic and an Egyptian queen. Have we got any other foreign Queens think of any

Sidey: Marley in the vampire queen

from adventure time?

Dan: That would be

Pete: Well, queen Elsa from frozen they're from Dale,

Sidey: queen queen Clice Aldi from the princess diaries played by Julie Andrews

Dan: Aldo's queen.

Reegs: I saw one of those, the princess diaries movies, but in a completely different language on a flight somewhere, you know, one of those TPO ones where everybody watches the same

Sidey: screen Oh right Okay Yeah Yeah

Reegs: I can't remember what language it was in,

Pete: Where were you flying? That might be a,

Reegs: that's what I'm trying to remember. Yeah. It was back in the day.

Dan: Hmm.

Reegs: So yeah, the princess diaries

Sidey: down Yeah And I'm out. That's me.

Dan: Yes. I've I've my rain has

Sidey: we've been witching on for far too long.

I think we should. We


Pete: quick ones. I have to I'm so into Vikings, so I'm watching it again now and lather who's. So fucking heart becomes the queen at some point of somewhere and also the, the, the less goods koan film koan, the destroyer there is a queen called queen terrors played by Sarah Douglas.

Who's also the lady who is the lady who plays ser in Superman too. So the woman like super person, you know, you got fucking Zo.

Reegs: The

Pete: bloke who don't can't talk. Yeah. And her and yeah. Kind. This is like a really convoluted she's like already the queen, but she wants to raise some like Demonn. So she sends koan out with like her Virgin niece.

And then there's loads of horrible stories

Reegs: about that. It's not, it's not who you choose. Is it your Virgin niece? You'd

Pete: well he's gonna protect her cuz he's a fucking big musclely dude. But apparently lots of bad stuff happened like in and around the set where she was only like 15 and there was a lot of plowing going on which is more interesting than the film itself, which is a Turkey, but kind the destroy is an all time 10 out 10 kind to the Barb air.

Sorry. But yep. There we go.

Sidey: Right? Let's nominate. Yeah. Riggs.

Reegs: My favorite queen is Barb bar, I think.

Sidey: Cool.

Ooh. Right. I'm gonna put in queen Elizabeth won from black ADA two.

Dan: And I'll put in the queen cuz I just watched it and it was good.

Pete: Well, I would've liked to put in Queenie as well, but I'll gonna, I'm gonna go with CERSI Leister.

Who's pretty cool.

Sidey: Good shout. And please get in some nominations so we can complete the list. Tar

Reegs: it's a feast.

Dan: It's an absolute banquet.

Sidey: we've got a real Smoger board of food options tonight.

Reegs: something

for everyone.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: It's like one of those all inclusive restaurants or something we've got literally most

Sidey: or four different things

Dan: yeah.


Sidey: We've got cheese We've got two excellent cheeses.

We've got a go Zola. Pete, you provided that.

Pete: did. Yeah. It's a hefty slab of Gogan Zola.

Sidey: And then we've got the, it's not the Laur, but it's like the equivalent, the like, I'm not gonna say cheaper. I wouldn't say it was like a complete fallback, cause

it's still, very very good fall bands but it's the waitress equivalent.

It's not from the actual delicatessen, but it is from waitress. It's still very good. And we've had it before. Its excellent.

Pete: Yeah.

And it, and it, both of those cheeses pair really nicely with the toast whatever you call them,

Sidey: toast for cheese. Gluten-free cherry Mond and Lynne

biscuits well.

Yeah man it's really holo. Then we've got a selection of chocolate with sea

Dan: salt. Oh, you you've skimmed over the peppers. The banana peppers there.

Pete: oh, hot banana peppers.

Sidey: Yeah. We got hot banana peppers. Of course we do. We've got chocolate hop knobs and salt and vinegar crisp. We've got it all going on. Yeah.

And that segues


Dan: Tony's chocolate there that we had that chocolate. Yes. Little bit of a melt down about

Sidey: Yeah down U poo the chocolate, but I think you might be

partial convert.

Yeah. But that segues really, really nicely into this week's masterpiece, which we watched, which was Bohemian Rhapsody, which features a band called queen.

Reegs: Yes. Which is the same name as the monarchy died this week.

Sidey: yeah. Same title. Yeah. So that's good. I had not seen this before, but I was aware that it was an Oscar winning best actor and lots of people going bananas about how good his performance was. And I had seen a few snippets of, I guess, the climax of the movie where they're doing the live a promise side by side with actually queen doing it and particularly Fred mercury and how well it was mimicked if you like.

So that was the only thing I was particularly aware of going into it. So I had kind of high hopes for it.

Pete: I hadn't seen it either. We and I'd been meaning to see it. In fact, I made the, the choice one night of it was between that and rocket man and I watched rocket man, but I had always intended on watching Bohemian Raphi, which I then now recently did for this

Dan: well,

I didn't watch it because I watched the queen, but I have seen this before. Okay. So

Pete: and res your, yeah.

Reegs: I've also seen movies.


Dan: Okay.

Reegs: But not this one. So

Pete: we start five to 10 minutes into this film. Cindy turned round to me and said, and, and this is

Doft on,

on two, two fronts.

One way more than the other, she said, is that Richard Madden playing Eddie Murphy.

Sidey: Hang on.

Dan: That's good.

Pete: As in, so this is


Reegs: who did she now? Who could she

Sidey: are we talking about Freddy? Like


Pete: Yeah. She thought the lead singer of queen was called Eddie Murphy for starters. And she also thought the actor playing him was Richard Madden.

Reegs: Eddie Murphy, Freddy mercury. Yeah. I

Pete: Is it forgivable?

Reegs: sort?

Sidey: Not really.

Pete: No, not at all. Yeah. No. So that's, that's what was said to me.

Sidey: And so

this is the effectively, the entire history of queen culminating in their performance at Liba.

Reegs: Yeah, this is. Somebody read the Wikipedia page because, you know, I guess we'll get into it, but they are the fully fledged rock band of queen by about 20 minutes into this movie.

Like, all right. Okay. Yeah. Well, we're really motoring through the story here.

Pete: I did think that as well that there was, I don't wanna like har on about rocket man, but there was more of the evolution of the artist and more, you know, like the smaller gigs and building

Dan: you get a little bit of that in this though, don't you, you get at the start, he's a, a kind of working man's club or some kind

Sidey: well they're called smile at first, it's the, the original incarnation of the group and the singer just fucks him off because he's had an offer to go and gig with a bigger, he thinks gonna do a more successful outfit. And they're, they've just been doing work man's clubs and pubs, and they're just like an outhouse band.

You know, they're not, they're talented a bit, but they're not going anywhere.

Reegs: Well, they're good musicians, but they're waiting for something else. And what they're waiting for is baggage handler Farook.


For rock far Farook bosara

Who works at Heathrow airport.

Sidey: Yeah. I could do the now

Reegs: And has the most

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Really Short bag of channels Yeah.

That's good

Pete: Yeah. Unfortunately, as, as we find out later on in the story, it's not possible for, to get him involved again,

Sidey: Oh but

Pete: sorry to

Reegs: spoiler

Dan: as a general recruitment kind of ask, he throw

Reegs: he lives with his sort of reserved and conservative parents that well, well, that's,

Sidey: I like the way they really like drill down into the detail of their, their relationship, the family relationship, the turning, the throwing of like, you know, the tradition and how he was just throwing that, that, and, and dismissing all that, the family tradition just to go out and do, or did they just scout over that like really quickly and just fuck it all off, like in about three

seconds in

Reegs: about three seconds? Yeah. Yeah. Storytelling in about, yeah, exactly. Moving between scenes really quickly. Well, so eventually he sort of says, oh, I'll be your front man. And he, when Tim, the existing singer of smile fucks off,

Sidey: because teeth

Reegs: Yeah. Can we talk about, is it, can we talk about him now with the, what he looks like?

Sidey: What a caricature,

Reegs: I mean, he does look a bit like Freddy mercury, particularly during the performance scenes, I guess that we're gonna, you know, talk about, but. The dentures that he's wearing the whole time, just look utter, he's constantly cocking and printing and like making sort of faces like he's sucked on a lemon or he's in a carry on

Pete: Can I just say, have you seen Freddie mercury here?

Reegs: I can't maybe, maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems such a caricature all the time.


Pete: Freddy mercury is one of those guys who like ridiculously like flamboyant and everything as, as, as we know, but


not been, if you think about how many sort of interviews or, or like, you know, certainly you know, those kind of like cam documentaries and things like that.

Very, very little about him because he was very reserved off stage. And if I'd recently, I say recently within the last year I'd seen some like, you know, hidden footage, documentary type stuff. And one of the things that, that struck me fucking hell his teeth are absolutely massive. Especially before the TA like preta, he

Sidey: he did so he did have that thing about his

teeth He did think that, they that

that gave him extra range in his singing. He did think that that was true, but I thought of him more of like more cheekbones and

stuff. And this was,

Pete: I mean, he couldn't physically transform into Fred mercury, but

Reegs: yeah But the, dentures

Pete: portrayal I did, I didn't have a problem with that because like, when, when I, what I saw

Reegs: constantly licking his like constantly, but

Pete: like, when you watch sort of like

Dan: Freddy was quite the, you know, character as well, he was, he

Reegs: I get all that, but it looked to me like he was trying to keep his fucking teeth in the whole time.

Dan: yeah, maybe he was. I, I dunno. No, I, I think,

Sidey: I I was, I was seeing a caricature on the screen personally.

Dan: I

didn't have a problem with it.

Sidey: do I had a problem with it.

Dan: Okay. Split,

Reegs: split straight down the middle. Yeah. So he sings and joins the band cuz he can sing. But all the singing is done. Oh this is a bit later they refer to this as well, but it's all done as sort of bad lip syncing.

Apart from the stage performances, which are the best part of the movie mal bits anyway. Yeah. So they, they, what do they there is a bit of like racial tension. Isn't it? Someone

Sidey: calls him, well,

he says they use the P word while he is on stage. Like that's the only bit of.


that he gets like the very first second that he goes on stage and he's, fluting around with the mic stand.

And then you see why he's got the rest of his career. The, yeah, just that one bit of

the mic stand and he, it looks cool. So he just, he gets a little bit of racial abuse at the start that, and then he just stares down this lady after the gig. He's already got rock power superpowers to stare down and like, irate the girl who he then starts a relationship yeah.

With, cause he stalks her to the clothes shop that she wear works


Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Right it right. Okay. So again, I'm

Sidey: stinking

Pete: that, that you are


at it from like, oh, that's not believable, like one, one gig, and now all of a sudden you can just do it, but right.

He's an interesting looking guy. He's,

Sidey: he's like a

Pete: parse Indian guy called Faruk, although she doesn't necessarily know that, but he's, he's very interesting

Sidey: in he's exhausted looking. for sure Yeah

Pete: He's kind of, he's very effeminate and dresses, you know, very sort of quirky and different to everybody else. But then

Sidey: if he's that different, cause we're in the seventies.

So it's like Prue kind of era

Pete: fair enough. So he's like

Reegs: but he's wearing women's clothes,

Dan: he dresses like a front

Pete: Yeah. But the first thing he does, but the first thing he does and he, it doesn't really

Sidey: it's uncomfortably stare at her for way too long.

Pete: No, no. The first thing he does in, in, in the performance is that he immediately.

Displays like charisma and stage presence. And so look, you know, we're not girls, we can appreciate guys some more than others and

Reegs: what,

Pete: like, there, there are, I mean, there must be a million times that we've seen guys singing in bands or whatever. And like you think, like he just looks like a bit of a weirdo, GIM,

Sidey: No

Pete: that kind of thing like that come off stage.

And then just put her, put his arm around, like the hottest girl in the room and so on, because that level of fucking like charisma and presence and everything like that is gonna be interesting and alluring to, you know,

Sidey: some I'm gonna

give my feelings to the film way, but what happens is if I watch the entirety of the film and it's just not very good, I'll like, just start fucking backdating on my prejudice then to like the start of it and pick holes through like absolutely everything that

Pete: happened. Yeah. No I've met you before. So like, I know, I know that's what you do,

Reegs: but it just all happens so fast. There's such a lot of like, they never take the time to explore any of his, like queerness or his racial identity or his relationship with the bands just suddenly there's a band need to singer. Here's a new singer now we're gonna start touring.

Oh, we're a success. It's just like, you're reading story.

Dan: It's a big, it's a big film maybe to have

Sidey: That would be one of my criticisms of it is like, I, would've rather just seen, say the making of the night of the opera or just the day of the

fucking live

Pete: live aid.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: like, there's that film Steve jobs where I couldn't give a fuck about it, but at least they just Zon in on like three specific events that happen.

And that's the film, not the entire fucking 20 year history assign where you try and distill that down into 90 minutes. Well, this is two hours 15, but whatever, it's too much for me. Like, like then, like you say, RS, you have to just, just like broad strokes, just like try and cover all these different things.

It doesn't work

for me For me personally, I would, I would much rather have seen way more of the stage stuff, because that was what was interesting. Like I just think of queen as like an amazing performance rock band. That's what I wanna see. Yeah. And, and that's what this film could have been.

Pete: That's ultimately what you got at the end though.

That is what you got the last 20, I mean, and I know we're sort of skirting through, but it's because this is a biopic. It's not, we don't have to go through the plot necessarily.

Sidey: No, cause we

Reegs: We do have to a bit, because the, one of the major problems with this movie is how completely based on bullshit it is.

All of, most of the major drama is completely manufactured for the plot, which is

Sidey: my character is is fictional.

Reegs: I know. Yeah. And it's responsible for one of the worst movement moments in movie history. I think where they have the self-referential. Oh God,

Sidey: I was in Waynes world.

Pete: The Waynes world. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Oh man.

I was like, God did nobody like, okay, sure enough. They filmed that, but did nobody go shit? Are we really gonna put that in the movie? At some point it's so bad,

Dan: Which part are you talking about?

Reegs: Mike Meyers? He plays this sort of composite character. That's the head of EMI. And he like is the guy passed over on the Beatles.

In this case, he passed over on queen and later they really stick it to him and show him what a loser way to go. Composite character. That didn't exist. He, we really showed you

Sidey: because they're talking about. like, we wanna make an album and it's big and it's concepts and it's blah, blah, blah. And it's it's it's opera. And he's like, no, one's he goes, no, it's not opera. It's like a

Dan: remember. Yeah.

Sidey: And he says, kids, aren't gonna be when they're talking about the

single And they're like no we want Bahamian rap seed to be the

single And he's like, kids, aren't gonna be in their car, head banging to that song. But I did it in another film that you probably liked. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

So the story is completely redundant because everything we're watching is just manufactured for the, for the movie. And the technical aspects of the film are fucking, absolutely off the chart, dreadful the meeting with Aiden Gillens, John Reed that we're coming up to right now, in fact, in the plot where they meet him for the first time I watched there was something bothering me about when I was watching the movie, because this did win an Oscar for best editing.

And I watched this amazing. Breakdown of why it's so bad. And it, this scene, it talks about where he meets the band for the first time. And he's gonna, they have this self-referential thing about lip syncing on top of the pops. Haha. We do that in this movie by the way. And then they show how he sits down and it's edited.

Like it is a hundred and what is it? 104 seconds. It has 60 cuts. So it's 1.8 seconds per cut for like just nearly two minutes, which is more faster beat than Michael bay uses in

Sidey: transformers movies doing action scenes.

Reegs: So it's like just, man, I didn't like this movie very much.

Pete: I'm getting that vibe.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.


I, I didn't hate it like you guys did. Definitely. I actually quite enjoyed it. I remember you know, not one of those films, I was gonna rush back and watch again, but I was glad that I watched it. I was interested in, in the story of him and it was the, the larger part of the thing.

I, I take your point. They could have just taken an event or a

Sidey: yeah they should have done

Dan: time and, and played with it that like that. And that's a, that's just a different movie. This was trying to give somebody who, maybe younger people who hadn't known about queen that full story of this was a young band who, who.

Took over the world. And this was a charismatic singer who probably went through and found himself through his music, through, you know, drugs and his sex and all, all the rest of it. They've tried to fit all this in to give you an overview of

Reegs: well, they don't really though, because considering

Dan: Oh, I think

Reegs: his life was about sex, there's barely anything in it.

I mean, occasionally he looks at guys and goes into trust truck, stop bathrooms with them. And

Sidey: said men on the door. do you see that Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And he has a completely sexless relationship with his wife, Mary.

Pete: Not completely cuz it's, he's referring to it at the beginning. They, they are having intercourse. He

Sidey: Yeah Then he writes a song called you're my best


Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: no in front of her dad, he says like you're in, oh his,


Sidey: hell of a hell of a shag

Pete: Like an epic SHA or something like that. So there's a reference

Reegs: Yeah. But that was more about upsetting his part, you know, his, his father why other things are there to take part there's a lot of them.

The, the, so we meet John Reed is Aiden Gill's character, the manager, and he's got an assistant Paul printer who was a real guy. And he is really, Freddy's only gay relationship that he has. And he's basically just shown to be a villain throughout the whole

Sidey: huge enabler

Reegs: enabling Freddy getting him into drugs and or he's I don't know. I don't know because so much of this was bullshit,

Pete: if it's

Reegs: not around, he's not around to defend himself, which is really the bit that I take a little bit of

Pete: if it's true and, and your criticism a second ago is how there's so much in it. That's bullshit. So now you're saying that there's something there that it could be true, but you are not okay with it. So you don't like that.

Reegs: Well, the whole, if it's

Pete: true, then, then it's,

Reegs: I think the whole movie is set is because it's all bullshit. I don't know which parts to believe. And, and I'm not enough interested in the story unfortunately, to go and really dig into it all. But I know that very key moments in the story and characters in the story are all complete bullshit.

Pete: Yeah, well, I mean, you you've just said you're not interested enough, but you have then dug into it.

Whereas I, I am interested in certainly queen certainly Freddie mercury and I haven't gone and done any of that research as to how historically accurate it was. I, I think for, for me, I was less interested in the, like the specific kind of background stuff as I was the, the portrayal. The performance, the music, and I don't know what you're saying about lip syncing, but my, my understanding is that the actor's name

Sidey: Rammy Madock

Pete: Rammy Malick sang in every, every single scene that he's singing. He is singing, but what they did is then they like adapted it with Freddy Mercury's voice and some other guy's voice or whatever, to create like an amalgamation. That then sounded exactly like Freddy mercury, which I could have just used Freddy Mercury's voice, but he was singing himself in, in every scene.

So it's not lip syncing in the sense of he's just miming along to Freddy mercury soundtrack. He is actually singing in every single scene is what I like looked up and, and read about. Cause I wanted to, I wanted to, to, to know whether that's, whether that's him singing, it's an incredible kind of like, you know, take off of Freddie Mercury's voice or how it was and that, and that's what, what that delivered.

Dan: Yeah. It's pretty tough to, to imitate Freddy, isn't it? I mean, you're gonna have to use yeah. Some kind of

Pete: I mean like my, my understanding of Freddy mercury is that, that, you know, he was a, he was a flawed, like highly strong, disruptive guy in, in a lot of, in a lot of ways, but he was also a fucking genius.

And, you know, he was, it was, it was kind of

Reegs: yeah, but all of that is

Pete: without, without ever being like, you know, too sort of like overtly out there that you knew that they had their differences. You knew that it was like a

Sidey: lot a lot of that stuff was

Pete: him and Brian May. Huh?

Sidey: A lot of that stuff was new to me have to say,

Pete: I I, I, I,

Sidey: I didn't know about who had written, which song and stuff like

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: assumed That

was all like group

stuff I didn't realize John deacon was so key to it all. Yeah

Pete: Yeah. And, and he,

Sidey: I enjoyed that. I enjoyed some of that stuff

Pete: I, I think what it was, I agree. I agree. Like you're saying it was like a really, it was an almost hamfisted way of trying to like cram the entire queen history into two hours and 50 minutes.

And like you say, like you are saying, Dan, if you're trying to, if you are trying to kind of like portray the magnitude and impact that this guy had as a front man, I mean, I'm, I'm thinking, you know, top couple, all time front men in, in musical history, right? That's the, the, the, the magnitude of his performances and his, his stage presence and charisma and everything like that.

If you're trying to portray that, then maybe follow the, just do the buildup to, to live aid. And then the performance of live aid, which is widely ACC claimed to be one of the best performances of all time. Right.

Sidey: Although

I would've picked some of those not cause I did four songs. Right. Yeah. So I would've fucked two of those off and did better ones,

Pete: bang okay.

Yeah. Right. Granted. But they did a lot of good songs and yeah, not like there would've been some other bangers to, to put in there, but that probably would've I think got the message across, like building up live, maybe a film about live aid and then with, with Freddie Mercury's performance. It will Queen's performance in it.

And that would kind of like really go, right. So this is this and it's happening. And this is of, of huge historical significance. And this is how much this guy smashed it. And again, aware of the stories, the backstage and everything like that, apparently Elton John's like run into like someone's dress room and going like, fucking Freddy's absolutely like taking the roof off.

Like he's, he's just like smashed us all out the park here with this. Cuz obviously it was like a comeback thing. He was rusty. Like he's seen it in the, in the little preamble to the, to the thing himself where he is like voice is breaking as he's singing, cuz he's out of practice and there a little bit rusty and everything like that.

They definitely, it was, it was a hamfisted way of trying to trying to do it. But I, I think that the guy's portrayal of him, he's a very difficult, we're not talking like an easy person to take off. I know everyone can like get up and probably do a Freddy mercury impression, but to.

Dan: well, that's the thing, cuz he is so famous because he is so easily interpreted, you know, just off hand, easy he's a fancy dress character, isn't he, you know, people will dress up with him.

So impressions of him are, are quite widely done, but yeah, I think from what I'd remembered it and I watched this probably, you know, in the last year or so closer to when it, it came out. But his performance grabbed me. I thought he was, I thought he was excellent. I, I really did. I mean, I watched, you know, I watched the videos with the kids bandaid and you know, Freddy.

And it was interesting. I learned a lot from it. I dunno how much is true. I mean,

Sidey: I think the band stuff, like for me, like learning who had written songs, I mean, that has to be true rights

cuz you their credit that's one of the things they have when they get back to me is like, right. Everything is just queen written by queen, not

John deacon like blah, blah, blah. But I was watching it knowing he'd won the Oscar and I was just like, am I not, am I not seeing the same thing as everyone else? Am I some like fucking

Pete: have have you seen a load of like, you know, documentary fly on the wall footage or Freddie mercury?

Because there's very, very little out there. And I, and I stumbled across this. I sat

Sidey: just talking about like an acting

Pete: Right But, but if, but

Sidey: the garbage

Reegs: well, maybe he needed to dial it down, but for, because not everything in real life, like for the discrete I, no, no, I've got a lot of problems with this movie.

It's not just about the accuracy of it at all. There's loads of, you know, it's formula. Garbage that boils down one of the most eccentric performers of all time to like this just kind of caricature. That's what it seems. And we get, no, I felt no insight into what Freddie mercury was like after watching this, it doesn't explore anything interesting and relating to how his queerness drove his music or how racism, you know, this was 1970s and eighties and he's gay and Pakistani.

And, you know, just, doesn't tell you anything interesting about that. And I, the big one that I suspect is Brian May to be a massive Berlin cuz he's just portrayed the whole time. Is this like every man, like he's the clever one, the inspirational one, the reasonable one, the calm one. And he was heavily involved in the production of this movie and I suspect this heavily sanitized version of Freddy's life and the terrible performance in it from Mallek is, is, is his driving?

Dan: Yeah. Well the academy felt differently. Who was he up against?

other people. So he was up against proper people.

Reegs: This lost out to green book, which we also watched and thought was only okay. But it was better than this

Pete: as I keep referring to this documentary that I saw, which was couple of hours long, and Freddy mercury, like by his own admission in this as well, he like, he even like quits about how fucking highly strong, how much of a diva pain in the, a, how difficulty was, how fractious his relationship was.

And he'll say like, yeah, I'm a fucking, you know, like I'm, you know, so demanding, so this so like, and, and, you know, and, but the, these guys are my FA and they were, were all complete fucking misfit. So like, you know, like three librarians in this fucking, like

Sidey: I don't think Danny Roger Taylor was,

Pete: Roger had a bit about him or whatever, but okay.

Certainly like deacon and Brian May are, are like, you know, just every man,

Sidey: I would like to see just two hours of like Roger deacon going, shopping for his sweaters and

stuff like that.

Pete: a better, a better watch, a better watch will be is, is that documentary then, because. Whilst I was watching this film.

I couldn't believe how well he, that, like in the performance, he was nailing all the stuff that I saw from this documentary, which I'd

Sidey: one seen before. who

Pete: The main guy Mallek Mallek he was absolutely nailing, not part the actual, like, you know, the performance on stage and everything like that. The, the, you know, the stuff that's kind of like, you know, affected kind of, you know, you know, a camp like quirky kind of behavior and everything.

And, and, you know, he was nailing what I'd seen in this documentary of Freddie mercury. And it, I was

Dan: physical kind of

Pete: Yeah. For, for someone who who's. So like macho and ridiculous, like I say, a complete force of nature on the stage. He was not that guy off the stage at all, very, almost like shy and, and

Reegs: we workeded

Pete: in some senses.

And the, his, this guy's Malik's performance was nailing that yeah. That I had that I had seen. And that's what gave that's what made me think, like, fuck. Yeah. It was, it was flawed as, as, as a film in some, in, in a lot of respects. Right. But for me, the performance couldn't have been any, like couldn't have been any better as far as I can

Reegs: see. Well, but maybe an impression is not always the best way to do it. I don't know. I'm just cuz we watched love and mercy and that was a very different, we all really enjoyed that.

Did you see That was the Brian Beach? Yeah, the Brian Wilson beach boys. And I thought that was lot more effective

Sidey: subjective.

Right. You know, I just didn't get a kick out. All, all I was doing in the film was like, that's a fucking tune, like killer queen.

Let's have some more of that. Like another one bites, just awesome. And then the fucking, and I've been watching that live a performance quite a lot this year. Like when the inlaws come out, I wanna stick some musical. I'll just put on like YouTube on

the televis Just do that one And then if

Reegs: you don't have to make it look like you are flying a drone through a computer animated

Sidey: song

Reegs: if you're doing that.

Sidey: but that, you know, it reminded me of some like all time great fucking records that I was, I was into for that.

So I was grateful for hearing those songs again. And I want to hear some later when we play attack, but the film, I just. The misses really enjoyed when we got 10. Like, I really like that. And I went to bed and I thought, God, I'm some like appalling film snob and cried myself to sleep, but I just thought it was garbage.

Like it was

Reegs: yeah, shit it's shit. Yeah. Awful.

Dan: No, it wasn't,

Sidey: wasn't,

Dan: Shit for me. I enjoyed it. They could have done it better, but I like these kind of films. Anyway. I like biopics of people that I've never even heard of. You know, we, we

Sidey: you never heard of Freddie mercury.

how have you been with

Dan: So this was, I like Eddie Murphy.

Yeah. And I really enjoyed this music biopic. I thought it was an incredibly strong performance and I like up, I thought he, he nailed Freddy from what I've seen. And that's a great way to put it.

Pete: No, I I'm. I'm with you, dad. It is been said on this, on this podcast before, like a, a good barometer is like, I, I, for whatever reason, minority box was playing up and it was kept stopping and stuff. So I was like, fuck it. It's on Amazon prime. So I just bought it.

I, I rented it on Amazon prime and it was like three, what, 3 49 or something like that. And like, I didn't regret fucking one penny of that. Not because I like, like I say, I'll qualify that. Not because I thought the film itself was. But I thought the performance, I thought the stage stuff was, you know, loads of people have taken him off and, and, and, you know, done it.

And like, he's got obviously very kind of like specific movements and everything and, and that bit was done well, but the stuff off stage, it was, it was almost watching Freddie mercury to me from, from what I'd seen in the part. And that that's the bit that sort of intrigued me because of this like massive, like contrast between him as an individual, like as a person off stage and in his private life and, and him on stage.

And I, yeah, I,


I'm not gonna go all the way to like fantastic, but it, it certainly, I enjoyed it and I, I will watch it again.

Reegs: Bland Wikipedia style summary of a person's life that provides no insight. They'll

Sidey: Yeah Great great

tunes. Bad move. Bad movie.

Dan: keeping on the Royal theme

Sidey: king, Mr. Ben.

Dan: Yeah. Or no king Rolo

Sidey: mm-hmm

Reegs: I would've

Pete: Rolo

I'm going with Rolo

Reegs: Mm,

Dan: right

Pete: king roo.

Sidey: I can vaguely recall this from my childhood.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. What I couldn't recall. And as a departure from all of these, like yester year cartoons and was, I could recall king wallow was the theme tune, right.

And Mr. Ben and all the others that we've immediately forgotten. Absolutely. Everything about apart from the theme tune, this was. Almost like hearing it for the first time again and I've forgotten it again.

Sidey: It's not that memorable.

Pete: Are you gonna put it in cuz it's only five seconds long

Sidey: or so Okay here?

it is. Wasn't it great.


Pete: that great cuz it, it just wasn't memorable,


Sidey: nondescript.

Reegs: I can't even remember it now and I've just listened to it.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. So king RO. Am I right thinking, cuz I have watched it and I still wasn't entirely sure. Cause he's got a full beard, like a chin strap kind of beard going

on Yeah But it I, I thought he was like a boy king.

Reegs: Yeah, that was my I, that

Sidey: was, it was


Pete: I, I just, he was a bloke in, in my eyes.

Dan: He was

Sidey: I thought He was a child especially in this one. Cause he's reading a comic book. Not that they are for children,

Reegs: No, but he he's introduced throwing a ball against the wall.

Sidey: Isn't he?

Dan: He's pretty bored.

Reegs: He's bored. This was it's a caution tale.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, it is. It's actually I, there was a what's it a message

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Pete: and, and I used that message. To my children who I watched this, I watched it with three of my children. And yeah, I used it to one of them's not even one yet. So it was a bit wasted, the message, but

Sidey: the, the, the

Pete: soon to be seven year old and the five year old, I, I used the, the message in this.


Dan: Hmm. Well, let's talk about that message because Rolos board is Rollo. Rolo, Rolo really

Pete: Rolo

Dan: bored, gold. Gold's bored,

Sidey: you know, he's got fuck what we do.

which seems hard

to believe given that he's a king and he is in a castle assume

Pete: king King's get lonely and,

Sidey: I know but they made out that there

Dan: it's just

Sidey: pretty Barron

Dan: It's just one of those days, he kind of doesn't know what to do.

So he gets really excited when he hears that queen

Sidey: Gwen,

Dan: Gwen, Gwen is on a way and I love his little dance and excited kind. I mean, he is excited. Isn't he's, he's literally pointed toes jumping in the air.

Sidey: She's going around for


Dan: skipping,

Pete: I, I did wonder, is that a dance or is that how he walks in every episode?

Cuz he, he walks like a TW to the door and then back from the door, he's just

Dan: it's happiness, Peter.


Reegs: was elated. Yeah.

Sidey: So what was it they're

not married king queen. Is she queen of a different realm realm? Is that what

we led to

Pete: go. Let's go with that. Yeah. He's

Dan: I think there may be a love match one day

Pete: from his servants.

Seemingly there

Sidey: he's a prick too.

Pete: Yeah.


Dan: And anyway, she's there. He's really excited and he thinks oh.

My comics come

Reegs: literally as they sit

Dan: down. Yeah,

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: sit down and then he's literally like, oh, it's Wednesday. My comic comes on with fucking earth.

Dan: So he's, it's like, he is.

yeah. It's

like his drugs. Isn't it

Pete: Is that how you, cause you guys were comic guys, right? Maybe he still are. I

Sidey: didn't get him delivered to the house. Unfortunately, all the palace. So he, he has to go and find it so


Reegs: it's really relatable this part, cuz first he's gotta look around his library.

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: And then the other many rooms

Sidey: well, he literally has a table of newspapers and he picks them up and he just fucking launches one in the air and is like, fuck that one of the servants can pick that up.

Reegs: He has to ask his resident magician. Yeah. And I'm always asking the resident magician where she is. Yeah. And if he's seen it and the fucking bastard is already reading it,

Sidey: see, this would annoy me

Reegs: I was gonna ask, is, would this annoy you

Sidey: I and I've had a conversation with someone about this before, because I've subscribed to magazines or whatever, and they arrive if someone dead to pick it up and try and read it before I've had it.

Yeah. That's, that's a hard, no, you cannot do that. I, I wouldn't snatch out the hands like it does in this, but I would be disgruntled.

Reegs: Well, would you be disgruntled,

Pete: I can give a fuck about magazines or comics. So I,

Reegs: yeah, but the same general


Pete: I get that. I get that with like, so my Mrs opens my mail, which fucking is illegal for starters. But really like irks me

Reegs: How about

Pete: her not to

Reegs: similar? You are watching a box set with your misses and it comes up to the finale and you're too knackered one night and go to bed and she watches it without you.

Sidey: No, that would not be

Reegs: It's a similar thing. Is that, is that what you with it? Similar level

Pete: Well, but that, but that is presumably something that you enjoyed together.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: If

I did that

Pete: difficult to enjoy comics together, unless you sit down next to something and read it at the

Reegs: same time, I'm saying it's a similar breach

Dan: know? Yeah. You know, that's not addressed to you and you just, it's not your subscription.

You're just gonna tuck into it before somebody else has read it.

Sidey: If

we were watching something together and I watched the last one before,

Dan: You'd never come

Sidey: the other half had had a chance to watch

it with me. It'd be kicked outta the house. I


Pete: I used to do that with game of Thrones. I'd get up at silly o'clock in the morning to watch the latest like episode release and then I'd go to work for the day and then I'd come back and then I'd watch it again with my misses. She knew all of that had

Sidey: happened. This bit's good. This bit's good.


Pete: And I would, no, but I, I, I would keep, I would poke her face the entire lot, even like red wedding fucking what's it coming back to life.

All of that. So yeah. Him, so yeah, I'd, I'd poke her face it all, but she knew that and she was fine. She

Sidey: doesn't well, anyway, in this, the wizard is, is reading his comic book and he snatches it off him and says, fuck off that's mine.

Pete: Mm

Reegs: Mm.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: Which I thought was a strong line for a kid's TV. Like, but

Reegs: this was the eighties

Dan: it was the eighties and they just let that slide.

Reegs: king Rollo was all on a lot

Dan: so he settles back to sitting next to the queen, but this time Reid is comic can totally ignore her. And

Sidey: he ignores the cook who brings over dinner and multiple courses.

Dan: He is well into

Sidey: this

reminded me of a ghost

Reegs: Yeah.

I've got the same

Sidey: because it's quite a long. So the thing is only five minutes tops. And I reckon you've got a good 90 seconds of him just sitting and reading and occasionally laughing. Yeah.

Pete: hear the clock in the

Sidey: what is going on This is like pretty far out of a

Reegs: I've got, I've got that there as well.

Ghost story. Yeah. Yeah. It's like the peach the pie scene pie. Yeah. Amazing. Do watch this. It's only four minutes long if you, anyway the cook comes back multiple times, tells him off roo ignores a chuckles himself. It happens two, three times maybe. And then eventually queen queen Gwen has just had enough and just

Sidey: yeah.

fair play to us. She's not been up that shit.

Dan: And well, she's come over. She's visited and he's ignored her.

Reegs: Mm.

Dan: He doesn't really appreciate that until she's gone.

Sidey: like, it was Netflix and chill, isn't it?

And he's just fucked. It

he's completely

fucked it in right in the ear.

Pete: Yeah.


Reegs: that's what the cook says.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, he just goes off and he's so fucking rude. He's just, where's my dinner. And she's like, well, I put it away because he like just reading and you, I told you and you fucked it.

So, you know, very,

really only got himself, to play

Reegs: queen Gwen. And he is like, well, she was bored and she, she was bored and she fucked off.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And you know, and he haven't got anything, you know, and he says, oh, I haven't got anything to do what a rotten day.

And he's all sad. And then it ends

Sidey: credit's wrong Yeah. And you're like unlucky brick face. Yeah.

Dan: and,

and what was your, how did that message go down

Pete: you used exactly because this has happened where, you know, one or the other of the boys have had like a mate coming round or whatever, and they're gonna. And then like, they've come and they're all excited about it.

And then they come around and then they just like, sit and fucking look at their phone or something like that. And, and just completely ignore like the other kid. And I've pulled them up on it before. And then I, after this video, I said, see, that's, that's, it's really rude. Like this guy was being really rude.

The other person just left unhappy because you didn't like engage with them at all. And, and so on. I mean, it's, it's not, it doesn't go on all the time, but this has happened. And I said, that's why you shouldn't do that. So you just,

Dan: did they cry or engage

Pete: with the person, you've got a guest, a visitor. Yeah. And they were like, yeah.

I mean, like, it all went over their head and they probably look at me going fuck off dickhead. But but yeah, that was the, that was the, the, the, the message from this.

Sidey: I

did like the way there was kind of no resolution, it was just like, you've been Arick

and that's the end of it

Reegs: and that's

Dan: that's the end of that

Reegs: your reward.

I don't,

Pete: don't, but again, I don't, I don't remember this enough to know whether that was a recurring thing.

It was basically like every week king Rollo being a

Sidey: be Yeah.

Pete: And there, the message was, don't be like king Rollo, cuz he's a trap or

Sidey: Yeah.

So created by the same dude as Mr. Ben looks

exactly clearly the same as

Pete: have guessed that.

Sidey: like Mr. Ben's only one series of it. Yeah.

Reegs: This was guy Elmer. He did Elmer the patchwork elephant David McKee. Yeah. Yeah. Is the guy's name? He did Elmer, the patchwork elephant. He also did tusk tusk, which my youngest got out of the library recently. I've read, this is fresh off the press dancer. It made me laugh because it's about when elephants that were either black or white and they were at war and they kill each other relentlessly.

And then a group of them just go off into the jungle and come back gray after basically after years of fucking in the jungle. So he was just a dirty bastard. Wasn't it. And then, but also it was, you know, themes of love and stuff.

Dan: Mm, Okay. Liked an elephant. Yeah, I, I thought this was okay. I'd be interested maybe to watch another one. I'll see if you know, a few minutes at a time you can find them on YouTube.

We watched what season? One episode one. So it'd be

Sidey: Rollo Rollo in the comic.

Dan: Yeah. It'd be

Pete: interesting I was at the first app. I

Sidey: no, it's like eight. or

Pete: Oh, right. Okay. Yeah. Are you, you watched season one episode one?

Dan: No, I thought that's what this was.

I got that

Sidey: factor

Reegs: random.

Pete: I, I, I afterwards also said to the boys, right. So what, what did you think of that? And this is the first time they've sat and watched something.

They didn't like break concentration for the entire thing. It was only five minutes.

absolutely. Reactionists like, there was no laughing, but they also didn't, they didn't get bored. There was nothing, they didn't like none of they just blinked and that was about it. And then at the end of it, I said to both of them.

Right, good. But I gave them the choice of good, bad don't know, or rubbish. And both of them went with don't know. And then I said, would you watch another one? They were like, yeah, but without real sort of like

Reegs: only see how commitment

Pete: So yeah, they,

Reegs: little boy is

Pete: fucking baffled them. They didn't really have a receptor in their brains for it, but it

Sidey: I didn't really like,

let me watched Mr.

Ben. I didn't really like it, but I did enjoy this a lot more than Mr. Ben. I have to say right. Just much more gooder than

Dan: it. Didn't look like it was trying as hard as, as Mr. Ben, but it,

Sidey: yeah, he was like the savior of the animals and like, shit. Whereas this one was just like, this kid's a prick and we just leave it of that.

Reegs: no, we enjoyed Mr. Ben's. I

Sidey: I was the lone voice who

Reegs: message. Didn't

Dan: I did enjoy it, but I, I like,

Reegs: He said

Dan: I enjoyed

Reegs: told him to get a camera

Sidey: Yeah shoot shoot.

them in a

Dan: No, there were solutions. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So five minutes of just stuff like quite relatable stuff, I guess.


Pete: Ish.

Sidey: right. That's the end of that. Dan, you have nominated for next week cuz you nominate for this week and we pushed it back. So we're gonna watch something about a lion.

Dan: We're gonna watch lion, which is on Netflix. Nickol Kidman is in it.

Pete: Oh, you're a

Reegs: She plays the lion

Pete: fan side.

Dan: She's only got a bit part really.

You'll know that's the right one. It

Sidey: Is it her face Meryl

Pete: Streep and Kirsten ster. The, the

Dan: yeah, the big characters. And that will be the main feature. Do I have to do another midweek then? Or are we gonna come up

Reegs: We can watch in hit Chaker guide again. I guess. I dunno

Dan: we go for kicks. Well, I'll come up with a midweek to go along with

Sidey: it

Top five hitch hikers

Dan: and top five hitch

Reegs: And then what was the kids thing?

Dan: And the kids' thing is yet to be,

Sidey: you did nominate

Reegs: I thought you had a hitchhiker themed, something or other you'll have to let us know it's in the chat. I'm

Dan: I will

Sidey: cool. Right? Well, and on that bomb show, all that remains is to say Saudi signing out.

Reegs: Yeah.

Res out.

Dan: Dan's gone.

Pete: goodbye everybody.

Sidey: Oh, nice.