May 14, 2021

Boyhood & The Snail and the Whale

Boyhood & The Snail and the Whale
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Mad Mums takeover this week as Reegs's long-suffering wife makes the nominations. Most of us yearn to travel if only just to spend a few precious nights away from the little ones, to see strange new places and experience different cultures and we attempt to scratch that itch by discussing our top 5 film travel destinations.

BOYHOOD is director Richard Linklater's 2014 epic literal coming-of-age drama starring Ellar - son of Robbie - Coltrane as the boy to whom said boyhood belongs. Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke are superb as the now separated parents struggling to bring up their son. Filmed over 12 years, the movies plot is concerned with typically Linklater-ian low-level suburban drama but the real-life aging of all of the main cast lends the movie a profoundly moving quality quite unlike anything you've ever seen before.

If you're listening to this podcast there's a good chance that you are a parent, or if not, you will almost certainly have spent some time around children. You may even have been one at some point in your life. So it's a foregone conclusion that you will have spent a portion of your parental time in the delightful imagination of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This week sees the Dads reminiscing generally about this absolute staple of childhood but specifically the 2019 computer animation of THE SNAIL AND THE WHALE.

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Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 





to Matt mum's film review each week. My husband Fox off on the busiest night of the week for the evening to chat shit with his mates, then just for shits and giggles, he comes back home late and smelling funny. It makes me watch and talk about a movie. Yes, this week's show comes from the mind of that most unsung hero of the bad dads podcast.

Even more heroic than you. The listener that's my wife who has been unfailingly supportive in this hobby slash passion project slash group therapy session. We found ourselves addicted to, in terms of this week's content, she's nominated the top five movie travel destinations, Richard Linklaters 2014 coming of age, movie boyhood, and that parental classic combination of Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler

Axel Schaeffler with the snail and the whale.

We also have a plea for society to be disarmingly tender, and then surprisingly acerbic all within a single sentence for Dan to veer from brilliant stir bollocks, all within a single word and the triumphantly returning Howie to just be Howie.

Hi. He's back

Howie:back like

George Michael are you


Sidey:What does the cervic mean?

Reegs:Like caustic. Abrasive.

Sidey:clean the sinks with,

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. Basically.

Sidey:Okay. Yeah, I can do that.

Reegs:Yeah. Well that, that's your thing. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:Have you got an origin story this week? No. Oh

Reegs:no, no, no origin stories this week.

Dan:You've dodged a bullet there, Howie.

I believe so. Your origin story to come?

Howie:Yeah, exactly. Well,

we'll go through four different

variants until we get

the right



I'll end up Logan and I'll be old and fucked.

Reegs:It's like the joker, isn't it with the backstory that you're just not quite sure of.

Dan:guys been watching anything this week.

Sidey:Yeah. My daughter and I watched school of rock together, which was great. Fun. Yeah.

Well, I'd seen it. It was the first time she'd seen it. I've seen it both times. She really enjoyed actually.

It's good. Fun. It giant Black's like made for that role. It's fucking brilliant. And also binged my way through Jupiter's legacy, a new series on Netflix.

It's a superhero kind of thing. Yeah. Blitz style in about two settings. May the Mississippi enjoyed it, even though it's. Partly terrible, but simultaneously quite entertaining.

Reegs:It's smart Miller. Isn't it? It's the first of the Miller world.

Sidey:His story is quite interesting and his life, but the, the story of this is current day and flashback origin story. So it's partly set in the depression era America, 1920s is that, and obviously current day, but the,


problem I have with it is the aging of the actors looks really fucking shit. It's quite giant, but it's still enjoyed it. And I actually, this, the origin story is set in the depression is so much more interesting than the news

Dan:is that particularly jarring after watching this week's main feature where you know, that that has been done, like it's never been done before in school to walk, of course is also a Richard Linklater film.


Sidey:Yes. He wrote it. I didn't know that until I was researching for this



Sidey:Yeah. I bet your eggs.

Reegs:Oh, I have watched a bit of Jupiter's legacy. Somethings, I'm not quite connecting with it, but I'm sure I'll watch it all, but I'm not,


check it out.

Reegs:I do quite like, like somebody said, Mark Miller himself is an interesting guy. He's had a really interesting path to being a really big name in comics now.

And he's gone off and done his own thing, set up his own, you know,

Dan:he's not big enough that I've heard of him yet. Boy,

Reegs:he did.

Dan:I mean, maybe one of those people that I've seen and don't know his name.

Reegs:We did ass. the comic.

Dan:Yeah. I know.

Okay. I'd need more though. I'd need more. Cause I remember, now I know who you're talking about.


Dan:Perfect. I have been watching not a great deal, to be honest. I was pleased to revisit fair and Lovan, which you'd have already heard about in the mid week. And other than the homework it's not been too much, but the kids seem to be. Binge watching the Simpsons. It's just, you know, it's on there on it's on morning when I wake up, it's already on downstairs.

When I get home from work or if during the score one, that is the first thing that goes on. And so they just blast him for a mall and it's hard not to like it, you know?

Howie:kids watched the my kids were watching the snake whacking episode,



Howie:whacking day, which is good We've Quimbee killing the snakes.

For me this last week I was watching the Amazon prime special Tom Clancy without remorse,

Sidey:easy Michael B. Jordan

Howie:Yeah. easy to watch,

nothing too special, but

it's just these it's going to lead into the rainbow six

top of jobby. And I also watched

the other day these acts Snyder cut. finally. Yeah, I had no. problem with it. I thought it was All right. I thought it was, I let my kids watch


Reegs:I thought it was better,

Howie:yeah, I

Reegs:the aspect ratio.

Howie:No, it didn't. you just need to pick a tele

Dan:see. It just kept telling me he kept projector. Then you don't need an aspect ratio do

Reegs:screen? That's why he knows whose

Dan:projectors come into the man-cave soon. So I'm expecting us all to be able to sit in, watch a movie and then review it

Reegs:the Holy mountain, please, please. I've been banging on about this. If we're going to do it, that's it. The one

I'm quite pleased because today my hair is at that exact right length where it just sort of looks all right. And then,

Dan:told you that?

Reegs:but you know, you know, like in, so it could be like three days from now or 20 minutes from now. I'll look. Ridiculous. And like, I really need a haircut

Dan:20 minutes ago.

Yeah, no, no. I know where you at you at that perfect

hair. Hair haircut

Reegs:Yeah. And then it

Dan:too new. Doesn't look too old.

Reegs:Exactly. Yeah. And then it could just be gone just like that's one. I'm just enjoying that.

Dan:the good times.

Sidey:I'm going for trim on Thursday for that. That's interesting.

Reegs:It does interest me because I know now that I need to book a haircut right now,

Sidey:Yeah. Well, I always book the next one as I'm there.


Dan:How are you quite regimented then? Is it six weeks?

Sidey:Not for sometimes it's three or four weeks, because again, it cut really, really, really short now. And it's annoying after about day when it's going back up.

Howie:Are you like that with your balls? You've regimented

Yeah It's good though. It's important.

Otherwise you get,

you get

that kind of cling on Musk.

Reegs:Well the guy

Sidey:You also,

Reegs:the Tesla.

Sidey:don't want ingrown hairs on your ball bag either.

Reegs:Oh, have you heard that?


Reegs:No. All right. Well that's the top tip from the bad dads avoid in growing bull

Dan:don't eat yellow. Snow.


Top five. The mad mum nomination.

Reegs:Yes. From her love of travel. It's quite a hard one to define in some ways this week. So it's as loosely interpreted as you would like it to

Dan:I've written down here is okay to go. Excellent.

Reegs:We'll be fine to go in. There's only one place that I'll start and I've never been to South or central America. And there's so many beautiful and diverse countries to explore down there.

You've got Guatemala and Nicaragua in central America. There you've got Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, moving down through Brazil, Bolivia, Chile. Yeah, France, Argentina. But if I could pick only one country from that part of the world I'd visit, it would undoubtedly be Val Verde. The fictional banana Republic invented by Steven  for commando.

And then it was subsequently reused and referenced in diehard predator, diehard to judge dread.

Sidey:without them knowing it was bogus

Reegs:Yeah, no,

Sidey:or are they all in the same

Reegs:it's all in the same universe, I think. And it's, you know, the screen might says it's that country, which encompasses lush, Caribbean resorts popular with tourists and unexplored, mysterious rain forest, a mix of Anglo, Spanish, African Creole, and indigenous cultures, much like Guyana is, was his suggestion.



Reegs:think that would be a lovely place to go.

Dan:I think so.

Howie:barring the small atomic explosion at the end of


Reegs:Yeah. There, there is quite a lot of like death and stuff occurring there,

Howie:Huge areas of just desolate bombed out land.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. But stunning beach rent, apartments,

Dan:Yeah. Largely quiet. Occasional predator.


Howie:My first

choice would be ego from guardians


the galaxy


the living planet named ego is called a biodiverse. Every part

of its substance, including its atmosphere is alive. As much as

it's controlled by the consciousness of ego it's a plot like gross manipulates. own whether you can do what

the hell you want with it generate earthquakes.

So it'd be kind of like a stag world. The only

problem with it

is that

if you go there, the

downside is that

you get porked then consumed by

Kurt Russell pork, literally poked because he's trying to find that ultimate being that he can

furnish the rest of the

Reegs:It's very trippy, the end of


But the upside is,

it's like a real SimCity, 2000, which I hold dear to my


I can't

get it working on any of the emulators. It's really bothering me. But

yeah. So planet ego Could be quite a bad place, because like I said, Shaq then dead by Kurt

Russell, but

was the way

Reegs:worse places.

Dan:Well, I mean, I was thinking these are real destinations, so I, I, I, put in space I just thought that would be a nice place to go. So you can take

Sidey:your tired.

Dan:yeah. That's, you know, just getting away from things, you know, you want to go away. So I had a first man as well, you might as well go down and put your towel down somewhere.

Reegs:That? The moon Ryan Gosling one.

Sidey:the one

Reegs:I haven't seen it. It's I was thinking that should come up in the pod.

Sidey:very considered in its

Reegs:Yeah, I know. I've slow. I've heard

Dan:It's it's a serious kind of film, I guess they haven't really tried to make it, so it's a real biopic of the man and the man. Wasn't all that.

How I, I guess, entertaining

Sidey:it's not very flamboyant.

Dan:not flamboyant. Exactly. So it's there's a lot, obviously going on behind the scenes, if it were, as it were. And Ryan Gosling gives a performance that I think gets that across, but it's, it's an Epic destination. Isn't it?

Reegs:the moon.

Dan:the moon.

Reegs:I do want to say it. Ryan Gosling, who's the director. Yes, that's right. Yeah. LA LA land. Yes. Yeah. See, I love all his other movies, so I'm sure it's really good.

Dan:Yeah. I mean, I, can I get Oscar nods at the


Dan:or it, I mean, you know, so it's a, it's a heavyweight film. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's one of those films for me that is just because of the pace of it, because it could have probably been condensed down into a shorter film, but I enjoyed it at the time and yeah, it's as far as travel destinations it's out of this world, isn't it?

Sidey:Well Yeah.

but we can stay out of this world for blade runner. There's lots of great looking stuff in this, obviously, but the bit I'm going for is not actually visually there on the screen for you. It's the sea beams speech attack ships on fire, on the shoulders of a Ryan. And this bit specifically, I watched the beams glitter in the dark, near the 10 houses, a gate.

I want to see that sounds amazing. It's incredible. The two lines of dialogue and they're so fucking powerful and I fucking want to see what that looks like obviously was sort of a picture in your mind of what it could be. And I guess that's why it's so great. But yeah, who's going to bring us back to worth

Reegs:fourth filming the mad max series, mad max fury road features a warrior women played by Charlise the Ron securing freedom for the enslaved wives of a brutal Parson Boyle written weirdo wearing a gas mask.

And that will always remind me of my honeymoon. curves filming took place almost exclusively against the blood red sand dunes of Namibia which is where my wife and I went on honeymoon. It's this beautiful desolate and romantic country, all those things at once. You've got the sprawling Namib desert, and it's been the backdrop for 2001.

And the opening scene of, has anybody seen the Tarsem Singh movie? The sell it's absolutely bonkers. Got Jennifer Lopez. Yeah. And she goes inside Vincent and off Rio's mind, or it's absolutely stupid, but it's filmed in Namibia. It's just. The most incredible place that I've ever been, I think in my life.

And it was such a brave thing that we did to go to this incredible country, like just to hire a car and just drive around for 10 days for two and a half thousand kilometers, you know, at some point you might be like four hours from another living soul. And if you start to think about it, your head, or just burst at the sheer isolation of it or it's and it's just stunningly.

Beautiful. Yeah.

Dan:What a wild place to go on a honeymoon.


Howie:How soon did you get?

Reegs:No, not particularly. It was warm, but it wasn't uncomfortably warm. And then the time difference is only two hours as well. So you can just kind of get straight

Dan:it on the green zone?

I fancy a trip out there. Yeah.


Reegs:quite possibly is because it's got such a small population, you know, you've got Vintech is the capital, but it's really tiny. Really. And then you join this one, I'll move off.

Dan:and on we go


going to stay on this planets

with the park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo

four lost in translation. those translation

almost entirely shot in Tokyo, is two

loudest the most colorful districts,

Shinjuku and Sheba.

Shinjuku's a

big business and entertainment

Dan:It's been to Japan.

Reegs:there. Haven't you?

Howie:Yeah. So when we went there I I proposed to my wife

the swimming pools on the 47th floor with,

Reegs:What did she say?

Howie:Well, this is, there is a story to that.

It's off the scale. Quiet. This hotel, it's bizarre. It's like being on a

seven sort of

a jumbo jet at altitude

during the night.

That's the only way I can best describe


They've got a bathtub that I sat in

and the water goes, so you sit up right. But the water goes up to your chin

and it's got a TV

and I was so jet.


Reegs:That sounds amazing.


Dan:You could drown.


Well, I propose to

my messages as when I got out of the bath. And she cried, fell

to her knees and knee being the bollix cause I had an open rope with

all the

goods on show. Cause I thought double whammy. Here's my ring. Here's my



Howie:well sites. The whole place is

you need a mortgage

to stay there. It's just gotten ridiculous prices now.

Reegs:I always

Dan:anywhere like that,

Reegs:I've always wanted to go to Japan.

It's like number one on my hit list. Just to go somewhere where the culture is so different. So alien, where to go somewhere where I'm finally tall. Yeah. Where I can stand head and shoulders above the rest, or at least on a bar.


my wife's what five, 10,

people would come up and stand

next to her and have a photo

Sidey:at the giant.

Howie:And this

guy came up

to me. Hey, your wife is so

tall and elegant. She's fuck off.

off, fuck off.

Reegs:But how tall are you? You're six foot


Howie:ish, Yeah, but, but we went

Reegs:Weren't interested in, you

Howie:no, no.

Reegs:they were touching my hair. They like,


Howie:I went there

with once with other bad

dads Pete and they were fascinated by his tattoos very much fascinating. they would like touch him

Sidey:of like

Howie:yeah, but they, they thought he was

like the, he

thought he was the,

Dan:Yeah, they were, they

Howie:so I had, I, We had our

England shirts on and I had blonde hair

and they'd go, ah,

I'll now do a very awful voice.

David Beckham. And they looked

at Pete and they went, Peter Beardsley

Dan:Peter easily. It's all I'm going to say. He doesn't deserve that kind of abuse. I'm going to go into the wild because the Alaskan wilderness looked pretty good until when anyway Sean Penn directed this Jon Krakauer book based on the true story of some chap who decided to hitchhike into the wilderness and he sold everything. He gave up all his money and wanted to get into the wild.

Is it Emil hearse? Who's the actor in it. I love this film. I really liked his true story based on a true story, which. Draws me to these films. I like to hear about people's lives and this guy really dropped out and gave it a, a great shot. Unfortunately, it's a tragic end to it.

Howie:Yeah. It's just the one where people morbidly try and find the bus that he died.

Dan:yeah. That's right.

Howie:still there.


is a bus. He was meant to have smoked some food, so it would keep over the summer and keep him going. He got all that wrong and he starved to death because there was nothing around and crazy really. Isn't it? You know, when you think about how


Dan:beautiful film and yeah,

Reegs:Alaska, isn't it. And it's just such a stunning country. And you've got like mountains and forests coming right down to the waters there. It's just a beautiful place,

Dan:Absolutely. You know?

People do live out there. There is

Howie:Steven sicko, he lives out there

Dan:Steven Seagal goes out there, you know, there's all these other people. Jon Krakauer also did an another film.

Another book that was made into a film called into thin air, which was the the war content Everest in 1996, where it's loads of people died, lost their lives and things. But as far as travel destinations go, and we're talking about Jon Krakauer, that's another one Everest. And into the Himalayas, I think would be an Epic trip.

Sidey:And to me.

Dan:No, I'm more into those holidays. Do you, do you like to sit on the beach on your holidays or I like to

Sidey:I'm not going to fucking climb Everest for that way.

Dan:possibly not, you know, a holiday, if you're climbing every split to go there, to go to these countries, to,

Sidey:chop man,

Dan:the foot of it. Yeah.

Sidey:get to the chopper and I'll do it that way.


Sidey:This one's kind of a bit of a cheat because it does cover a lot of travel destinations. But the motorcycle diaries is one we brought up recently which is a sort of coming of age road, movie, kind of lady on to obviously big things. But the, the trip itself includes visits to the Chilean coast.

The Atacama desert, the Peruvian Amazon. But I think when most memory for me is when they go to Machu Picchu, which is one of those places that really, really would love to

Dan:I've never been there. Yeah. I mean, course you'd love to go.

Howie:it completely closed.

I know.

Sidey:It was close to 2018. No, I don't know,

Howie:because I think they'd closed it off because tourists

just trampling

Sidey:eventually yeah.

Reegs:the late district.

Dan:Yeah. Nice. Again, never been there. Seen the photos.

Reegs:Oh, it's fantastic.

Dan:stunning. Yeah. Whenever I've seen a place I've thought, Oh, like other sides of the world for me then, you know, rather than looking a little bit closer, a field, which I should do more of and Lake district is

Reegs:is stunning.

Dan. I was the same. We'd always gone to broad the France, Spain maybe even further a

Dan:you cannot boat getting on the plane going as far as you can go.

Reegs:and it was my wife's parents and her who used to go to Lake district. And we've been a few times now it's, it's gorgeous. You know, there's, it's great for families. There's lovely walks, lovely pubs, gorgeous food great ale bell.

So star Wars, the force awakens the scene of the millennium and flying over the watery parts. That's over Durbin water, which is the bit one of the big lakes. So it uses the Cumbrian background as a, as a landscape for those fights. You've got the closing scenes of 28 days later. That's Annadale, that's in the Lake district there as well with nail and I, of course.

And you've got postman Pat, the movie he enters a singing competition. That's all set there as well. I have to confess, I haven't seen it. It's almost certainly for cancer only.

Howie:dismissed the defense

Reegs:how is it?

Dan:Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned Penrith for we've no, that would be where anybody wants to go on holiday when it's absolutely pissing it down, but,

Reegs:but I do recommend the lakes, honestly. It's such a lovely place to go.

Howie:And it's the last place that on 28 days later, that the zombies almost reached before they died of starvation.

So it's a good, safe spot for the fighter.

just to see he's proud

of the word. Hello. been buggered by army Just don't put that in the tourist


They don't, I don't think.

Dan:seeing the small, small prints check the small print,

Howie:I've got to go off off planet again and hit Mars. And we're going to this little bar in total Rico where

I need to investigate

this. I need to see what there is the problem with air with. Is it co Hagen? But

obviously I think that that's now not a problem anymore since I only started the machine up.

Sidey:Yeah Yeah. The reactor

Reegs:Should be fine.


Sidey:Elon Musk would have Terraform that, you know, anytime, anytime soon,

Howie:And I've got,

I think 80 quids

worth of Bitcoin. So that's viable currency over in Mars, yeah.

I'm all right. I ate equate And a three

breasted woman

Dan:This sounds like a great Saturday night, isn't it?

Howie:Well, perhaps going

into Sunday, depending on how late you

it out

Dan:Who knows? She knows my age. I'll probably just say Saturday night, but I tell you what is a film for the travel destination? Greece?

Well, which film am I thinking of?

Reegs:mama may. It's going to be mama

Dan:No, it's not mama Mia. No, it's not.

Reegs:Is it? The Shirley one,

Dan:it Shadi Valentine

Reegs:I think that's quite

Dan:Conti. He was a lovely film, you know, at the time it was a real hit, you know, it was a gastric issue stretch. Ooh, kiss my stretch marks. And I, I remember this, you know, coming out and there was a big, you know, hula about it all because you've got Shirley Valentine.

Everybody wants to be Shirley Valentine. You had all these kind of people that they're suddenly going off on or to, to Greece and, and finding another romance and, and things like that. So she only Valentine was this lady who decided to ditch her. Stuck in a rock marriage and head out the grease, having an affair with Tom Conti kissed his stretch marks and and couldn't be bothered to do all the crap that she'd been made to do for 20 odd years.

The fun had gone out of her marriage.

Reegs:It became such an identifiable character.

I think this is kind of what you were alluding to before that afterwards you could say, Oh, that person was a Shirley Valentine and you knew exactly what you meant about their look, because it was such a good portrait of a really interesting, complicated woman

Dan:who, who, you know, on the face of it has left a family and gone to Greece and had an affair.

But then when you actually get to know that person, you can understand all the facets and things behind that reasoning and actually warm to her, like her and go, yeah. Good on your shell. You know, it was that kind of film and grease looked absolutely fantastic. You know, I think it's a, I've been there a few times.

Never had a bad holiday. I think you'd

Reegs:be able to go there soon. I would think Greece, probably a place that will be able open up.

Sidey:the corridor or wherever they're calling it.

Reegs:not sure they look at that shit.

Dan:got a passport?

Sidey:Dan's an anti-vaxxer for, huh? Yeah, 2000. It's the beach from the beach. It's in Thailand. I've been there. Yeah,

my beach. Yeah.

Reegs:completely ruined canceled consult. You kept turning up. Just

Sidey:This is the one they did close this in 2018. It was closed. Yeah, we did. We did that, that, that trip, you know, when you're on PP and you walk past summers, like right boat Japanese, you do tore all these different layers that they are all fucking amazing.

They did alter it for the movie. They liked CGI some more


Sidey:Yeah, it was, it was like cliffs and stuff.


Reegs:What made it look a bit more lush than it

Sidey:really? Well, no, let's do it. It's just to make it, I don't know.

Reegs:Is amazing there.

Sidey:yeah, it's credible, but yeah, even the day we were there,

Dan:on the

Sidey:there was probably about 500 tourists just on that beach, just doing these different trips scheduled.

And so it was a bit

Reegs:that sounds absolutely awful to me.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. Or we go to, we go

Reegs:there must be places.

I know. I don't mean to criticize. I just mean like, there must be places that you can go though, as picturesque and


We go to, we go to Thailand to this little Island, absolute paradise. It's called. And if you go there, it's honestly got everything that you could possibly want without the crowds. I check out,

Reegs:but you're there as well though. So


That's true. That's true.

Sidey:this is the beach is the movie that you and McGregor and what's this face. Danny Boyle had this. I don't know if they had a falling out. Immediately, because I think he was told to replace your McGregor by the studio with DiCaprio.



Sidey:To make it more of an

Dan:Garland did the book. I remember reading the book which was a huge hit wasn't it? It was Every traveler had one on the, you know, the beach, you know, this, this search for a place that nobody else has been. And on the traveling circuit, actually, when people travel for maybe one year or two years or longer that you, you start to see this pathway and these places and, and you know, Oh, have you been to this place since?

Oh, it's really like, it was 20 years ago there, you know? So they're always looking for. The next place, which then goes to exploit that paradise and bring more people in and things in progression and all the rest of it. You know, you've got people that are little villages and things. Why shouldn't they have electricity?

Why shouldn't they have voted a house in bed,

Reegs:as soon as you get lots of people, you need lots of things. Right. And then you need to organizing work together anyway. Fuck it.

Dan:exactly where you see ugly. But there you go. It was an absolute paradise Island. Yeah, definitely.

Reegs:Austin Powers has a nuclear warheads stolen from the country.

Crept lack of Stan, which I'm pretty sure it's not real. In fact, prep black is a Yiddish word for small dumplings. I like these made up countries in dodgeball. They had the chick. believe she's got a, it's difficult to describe her. She's tall, big bunches. Yes. She's got a kind of mall on her face.

Her name is Fran styling off scoff fish, Daveed off Fitch ski. And she comes from the country of Roman, Olivia. But I, I, when I like probably the best is the fictional central European country of zebra Kafka, which is used in the grand Budapest hotel, which is a Wes Anderson film that I like. And I do like that quiet Alpine backwater type thing, you know, where you've got the finished killers, going up to the mountainous hotels and

Dan:facade and the retro glamor of the grand Budapest. Yeah. It's lovely.

Reegs:beautiful place

Dan:that was filmed in Germany.

Reegs:Yes. And apparently a place where quite a lot of other movies, th I did read some of the


Reegs:Men was part of it.

Dan:You get places like that don't really suit a particular location. They can, they can use it for a few different films. Prog gets used a load just because it's got huge Epic buildings along it

Reegs:Bruce is the same as well.

I mean,

Dan:Rouge, that kind of thing. So it depends. I Namibia, as you say, you know, for it's desert scenes and things like that.

And I'm sure Thailand has been used. Well, James Bond, the beach, we could probably go through three or four other places if we thought of it

Reegs:Darker, darker Stan Turkistan from six underground.

Whichever is

Howie:Oh Yeah.


Howie:Dan just alluded to it.

the islands that were used in the best James Bond.

Roger Moore for the man with the golden gun, with Scaramanga, with his


it was

Dan:got something about three nipples today. I own. Yeah. You know, there's a theme going

Howie:So three

Dan:what have you been up to

Howie:You're not,

a member of it. When you get to near 50, they call it saga.


Dan:that's why,

Reegs:Have you got an extra nipple

Howie:Or I've got like six, like all


No, because




Reegs:dinner, I think

Dan:Pete's got too.

Reegs:yeah, I know what to do. Yeah. When I'm

Howie:on his

Dan:still count. They still


quite like the idea of Scaramanga as islands, remotes, somewhere to land your beach plane that well-known beach



I forgot what it was called now, but yeah, lasers just to blow things


Dan:Oh no, not for party and

Howie:yeah And, And it's got your stunt double as the as the waiter making a band, if you kill him. man.

And, and he's also got a fun house, which is the weirdest of all bond weapons. Don't you remember bond poses as a statue

And it's

all dark

and it's all, hall of mirrors.


the Mariko Legon Scaramanga and


And the whole point is that you all



assassins try their best against him. And they go into like the

equivalent of a fun house. That's all blacked out mirrors and all sorts

of stuff.

Dan:Think enter the


Reegs:Well, that's why I'm thinking about, but that was good

and memorable.

Dan:Well this Trish ripped it off.

Sidey:This was, this was decent now, even for a Roger Moore bond. It's this is pretty

Reegs:but it's Roger Morris genuinely or not trolling favorite bond.

Howie:Here's my favorite


Okay And you also, it's not Dalton. Is, is



Sidey:I like Connery. I like Craig.

Reegs:Your favorite though? Your favorite?

Sidey:So plam different ways. I wouldn't say I could pick a favorite really, but it would certainly be Timothy.

Reegs:well, don't sit

Dan:if you think

Reegs:You pick pick the best one.

Sidey:I would say that Timothy Dalton is better than Roger Moore. Yes. I would say that.

Howie:I quite like bond

In a view to

a kill

Sidey:Yeah, that's a good one.

Howie:That is a good

Dan:We just really sitting back here just taking this in. Who is your, who is your favorite?

Reegs:Probably between Connery and Craig, I would say no, no, no, not for me, but to Irish.

Dan:I did. I didn't mind.

Howie:That's nice You have immediately


Dan:I like Connery pests.

Sidey:Mm Yeah. Some distinct cause as well.

Dan:of bond, I think it Connery anyway

Reegs:There you go.


Dan:I'm in, what am I going to do, man? I'm going to paddle New Zealand. What films at for

that's. That's exactly right. That's the, that's how good that impression of Patrick Swayze was, is Patrick Swayze,

right at the end of point break which is filmed in multiple locations on beautiful beaches, including Malibu in ho he's pipeline in long there, which looked fantastic.

Reegs:Hawaii is supposed to be like, what are the most amazing places in the world to go even like, Oh, people who've been all around the world say that away is like really one of the ones.

Dan:Yeah, it's just sounds exotic and fantastic. Doesn't it. But anybody that hasn't seen point break the original point break because they've really made it for, for no reason

whatsoever Don't

Howie:the remake. It

Dan:was anybody in it.

Howie:it's the, it

it is possibly

one of the worst films

I've ever


Dan:And you've seen Brighton rock.

Howie:I always started No. Point break too is

like an MTV video that YouTube projected.

Dan:really is that well, I mean, they, they remade puppy on as well. I'm not seeing that.

There's, there's a few that have to be another top five top five remakes. They should never have made. But yeah, for, for a film that I'm glad they did make a point break.

Sidey:Okay. The Darjeeling limited more was Anderson

Dan:this down. Yeah, it's it's

Sidey:it's I've I don't know something


Sidey:travel by train. It always seems a bit more appealing, a bit more romantic somehow, and it's probably just fucking bumpy or pain in the ass down.

He's probably done more train

Dan:Oh, no train train is without doubt the best mode of transport. Yeah, it's abs I mean, I'll argue it with anyone it better than flying because you, you actually see the country you're moving on, obviously far more ecologically balanced and, and beneficial.

You've got better than a boat because you.

Reegs:Don't get, you don't need to be seasick.

Dan:you don't need to be seasick. You can get up and

walk you know

Reegs:the same.


Dan:still pretty fast.

Reegs:is the way

Dan:You can sleep. You know, what I love about trains in particularly in India is that you can essentially sleep and wake up somewhere else. Through, we can do that in lots of trains actually

Sidey:only in India.

Howie:I'd say you could do that on a plane as well.


Dan:but you can sleep well, you can stretch out on a plane unless you're flying business and first class, but

Reegs:well, that's where being sure that is where short being

Dan:Oh, you can stretch out you

Reegs:I'm like first-class wherever I go.

Dan:Yeah. It's I love train travel and yeah. Darjeeling limited.

Sidey:Yeah. It's great. And what is also great is their luggage


Sidey:really like it, it's obviously got that great sort of quirky. Where's the handsome fail

Dan:kind of look.

Sidey:and it's not one of his films everyone shouts about. So it's a perfect for this week.

Reegs:Probably my last two this country, we're going back to Africa again, Sub-Saharan Africa is somewhere on the border of Miranda as a near and Nick anda.

And that's what Canda, which is you know, the, the sort of

that well it's, Verdun grasses as well. And this sort of technological utopia, this textbook example of Afro futurism you know, it's a lovely place to imagine. And one I would love to visit. And the other one is sort of in a not quite as local is in avatar.

Pandora is the planet and it's like got that sort of bio luminescence type quality at night where you walk

Dan:Oh, I

remember that Yeah

Reegs:of sheets off and stuff

Dan:That was pretty much the best thing about that for you.

Reegs:Eventually stunning, but like we said, a few times, I, you know, you can't remember anything about it. Blue there's blue and purple a lot on surreal forests.

Everything's a little bit like

earth but just kind of bright purple and with an extra set of eyes or something. But

Sidey:going to be.

Reegs:yeah, apparently I'll probably see them in probably like them and probably forget

Dan:well, they couldn't get an, a more wrong than they did with the last one. I know that it was a huge hit

Sidey:the biggest,

Dan:as but it wasn't any good, you know? I


Dan:it's, it's why you talk about other films that early in the mid week we talked about fear and loathing in Las Vegas, 18 million only made.

13 or 14 million, but geez, there's a film that you remember and you can talk about, and it will divide opinion. Whereas avatar was just milk real, even though isn't it.

Howie:My last two, I'll go for Glencoe Where they filmed Skyfall. You know, Glencoe area

is beautiful, but Skyfall

itself is just

a cardboard cutout from the, the bond mansion that he apparently

grew up in as a child.

So it's just basically a


cardboard facade

that they demolished.


Howie:that's what it was.

Reegs:they couldn't find a real,


because the whole area is a natural beauty spot.

Reegs:It's stunning up

Howie:yeah it's

Reegs:like to go there

Howie:On your own

Dan:on holiday

Howie:And The other place where I

feel I would have some form of

affinity with the inhabitants is Asgard a

lot of beds, a lot of Scandi

Dan:Oh, you slipped, you slipped right in you. Yeah.

Howie:as the ginger No, I don't think you'll find that. So decided

you'd be with me. You'd be fine.

So yeah,

Reegs:I always think you're more sort of North of the wall. You're more like a wildling. Yeah.

Howie:So what you saying? I'm that bloke who bangs all his


Howie:in the presence of, trying to get a

Reegs:Boy, I'm not S I am saying that now.


Dan:He didn't say that, but

Howie:Oh, John John Snow. yeah, so as God's bit of a Mount Olympus.

So kind of a, it looks like a decent place to live.

Reegs:The dressing is like a hassle in


places, so

Sidey:tough, isn't it?

Howie:I just

wear my wife,

beat her in a


of shoes.

Dan:don't need more than

that Don't need

Howie:pair of flip flops,


you know, the honors

Dan:Are they all late

Howie:And that's me done?

Dan:Well, lots of it's been covered on my list as well, but I had seven years in Tibet because again, I get drawer, you know, there's the meditation. So th this is, this is law for the wall as well. And it's the, the true story of Henrik. Harry's his experience in in Tibet is he avoided in, escaped from the second world war.

And he became friends with the 14th Dalai Lama, which is our current dally, Dalai Lama. And it was a fascinating story actually, because it's true. This, this guy has been in India. The world war broke out. He escaped over to Tibet eventually. Austrian guy, there was two of them in the film.

Brad Pitt plays one of the guys. Who's absolutely fabulous by skating and cooking and

Reegs:Dawn French.

Dan:but he doesn't actually become the top dog as he would do in a Western society where he was good and showing off and things. And it was, it was this more quieter character Henrik, Harrier  that was taken into the culture and everything.

And they stayed there until I think the Chinese came in late one in about 51 or something. But that w that was a lovely, lovely film. A lovely story may be more than a lovely film, but it was an enjoyable film at a time. And Tibet. The Himalayas that always draw me as a travel destination. Easy rider was another one, you know, road movie, just to get on your bike, wind through your hair,

Reegs:we talked for ages about doing a road trip across America room. Just be so cool. Piling the kids

Dan:names, these guys

went from

Reegs:six weeks or eight weeks or whatever, and just write

a bit

Howie:I'd find a suit. I'd

find a suitable nannying service for six by losers.

Dan:this was Mexico to new Orleans. And Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda going through on the. Massive. I mean, Jack Nicholson on the, on this massive kind of run through 1960s, America and everything. And I think I'm pretty much it, I could throw in cast away. And there was another Katmandu reference with El Casa, right?

There's at islands. We would love to be there.

We would love to be on a desktop and sometimes Dr. Strange was filmed in Katmandu which is my favorite place in the world. So I got to mention that

Reegs:and an alternate dimension as well,

Dan:Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And, and you got one more for you, Sidey.

 Is any of them the secret life of Walter Mitty?

Sidey:seen that

Reegs:Oh, Iceland.

Yeah. That's a great call.

Dan:It looks lovely. Doesn't it? That's

Sidey:Yeah, I've been it's rad. I was going to mention the Canyon of the Crescent moon. Which is from Indiana Jones and the last few sides. It's also Petra in Jordan,

Dan:of course. Yeah.

Sidey:which is pretty hard, but they destroyed it in the films. Like, I guess you can't go

Dan:No, that's it. If they destroyed it

Sidey:if you can have a nice hotel to stay at, there's a really good one in the shining, which is actually called the Timberline lodge.

So if you like, you can go and stay there that wouldn't at all be fucking freaky where you're trying to get to sleep at night and also the entirety of the trip to Italy. I think it's my favorite of the trip series and looks incredible.

Reegs:Yeah. The Amalfi coast, they're talented, Mr.

Ripley and that's

Dan:mentioned by route or anywhere like that might look nice, but it's actually a war zone probably for good reasons.

Reegs:What are we going to choose then?

Dan:it's tough.

Reegs:well, I'm definitely going for mad max fury road in Namibia.

Howie:I'm going to go

for park Hyatt, hotel, take.

Dan:So easy for me just to, just to go and, and choose one of these many, many places.

Howie:You said Katmandu.

Dan:yeah, that, that would be the place. I'm just thinking what kind of film could go into that and make it


Dan:I tell you what I am.

I'm going to go out there with a Darjeeling limited, cause I did have it on my list as well, and it's just a visually stunning film. And why not get out


Reegs:You're going to copy one of Dan's choices.

Sidey:no, I'm going to go for the 10 house, a gate. So blade runner.

 what did your wife nominate for us

Reegs:She nominated Richard Linklaters 2014 movie boyhood. It seems like Richard Linklater as a filmmaker has always had a fascination with the passage of time. His third movie is the cult classic dazed and confused. Anyone see that

Sidey:No, I don't think so.

Dan:You've not seen dazed and confused.

It's a fucking


Reegs:last day of high school.

Ben Affleck in it. It's got all sorts of weird.

Dan:Matthew McConaughey who.


Reegs:Yeah. It's very good. Obviously you've got the before trilogy, which we've discussed, but I haven't seen a bit, those are characters who meet over a day and then again, seven years later in 14 years later, and then he decided to make this movie boyhood and it starts with a star who is seven years old when the process begins and they filmed a little bit over each year until he goes off to college.

12 years later.


Reegs:I mean, that is really the it's more than talking about the plot in some ways that is almost the most

Dan:well th th th it is huge, you know, I mean, this is a new way of making films is as much as anything.

I mean, it's. You think of the Truman show where they filmed somebody's life. What's the next step on this? Where you, you filmed actually somebody's life for 12 years or gone regularly enough to have these characters instead of age them, which is so clumsily done in, in lots of films. Scorsese's the Irishman jumps immediately to mind when they try to do a young,

you know and when they mix it, well, this was as genuine as you will ever see because of the patients he's taken in, in making this film to, to film it like that.

It makes me think maybe one day a filmmaker will make a film of. Somebody that you know, their entire life, or it will go on that project will, will be filmed over somebody's entire life.

Reegs:You've seen interesting things done on YouTube for very long periods of time. I mean, my mind completely escapes me to name a single one of them right now, but there is some stuff if you could be bothered to. Yeah. But it goes without saying there's really nothing quite like this.

And the, one of the stars of the movie, Ethan Hawke said that it's a bit like time-lapse photography of a human being, which is an interesting way of describing what it is. But yeah, you see this person grow up over the course of about two hours, 14 minutes,



Reegs:And it, it's just an astonishing thing to see really.

And it speaks to something quite profound when to watch. The evolution of somebody and then to have this commitment to this project, to do this from everybody involved. And obviously one of the part of the story is have Laura lie, which was his Richard Linklaters daughter. She ducked out of it and that's why her character kind of disappears, but really it's the story of what's the guy's name?




Coltrane. Yeah. Mason.


Howie:it's got to be taken into account also that it's not just the main

character plus

one or two

that are retained throughout this whole period of time.

It's lots. It's all of


Howie:bar the one

And there's lots

of sub characters, especially towards the end

where you

see the graduation They've

all retained. They've all kept true to the project and maintained continuity

Sidey:you will Well, I think Patricia Arquette didn't sign anything. I don't think, but she had to agree to not have plastic surgery.

I think like that, because it would fuck that would affect the look of the film.

Reegs:I'd have to have clumsily shoe horned it in, but yeah, that's a


Dan:she won an Oscar for


Reegs:she really?


Reegs:I think what's interesting is what you, you know, what you're sort of saying there is that you get to watch them at these different emotional stages of emotional maturity in the story at the same time as they age in real life. And it just creates this incredible vision of life that is actually fairly mundane.

I people who didn't like this movie are going to complain about the plot. Well, I'm just assuming, I'm just assuming also you mentioned something, you rolled your eyes in the car or is it,

Dan:is, is that anybody You've not seen dazed and confused.

You have seen school of rock. Has any of you seen the before? Sunset

Sidey:breakfast before lunch,

Dan:sunrise after sunset, before midnight? Kind of trilogy.

Reegs:No, I have to know. I have to know

Dan:there's some of mine favorite films?

Howie:cards are

on the table here right

Dan:they are, but then this yeah, let's get our cards on the table. They are better than this. But this film still has a really strong Richard Linklater feel about it. And his films are very well. They seem to be a certainly based on that trilogy dialogue based, you know, that you are kind of with the you're watching them with them rather than, you know, just watching a film


something you, you kind of there and, and hearing in on the conversation and it's conversations you've had, you know, they're, they're, they're similar.

There's, there's nothing really happy. It's over drama with a bit of a laugh or a bit of a laugh with a bit of drama. You know, it goes along that kind of themes. The philosophical nostalgic, there's lots of nostalgia in his films.

Howie:It's not forced nostalgia. That's The other thing because it's filmed at the time.

And so


you'll find yourself doing

is you won't see transitions of of black. Oh, he's aged two years. Feta black.

Oh, he's aged another year? It was

quite just link, link link.

Dan:clever the way he did, he didn't even know.

Howie:And you found

Dan:yourself the same guy. You


Howie:Just sort of doing

several things. One was always

at his haircut or is that Yeah. He's yeah. He's greasy. He's greasy wash, please wash. But I found myself on my wife

did too watching.

Things like the computer games console, that they use changed

through the

years, the

Reegs:technology the Spider-Man pajamas.

Howie:And there's lots of the bike he's riding or the fashion.

and it

wasn't contrived nostalgia because as

I said, it


peacefully dated every scene.

Exactly. Even with the music cues down to like almost months within years, if you want it to, you can pinpoint where they were. And it was very subtle the way they moved. He played with time like that really clever.

Howie:there's this film managed to have

the most

dislikable character ever the alcoholic father.



It was a couple of them. But there was, yeah, the worst one. I know what you mean. So, so the plot kind of just plot it, it's a story it's just a happening really it's it's of somebody's life and it's. Based, I guess, through the eyes of, of Mason, but all the other characters as well was called boy who'd, but it could be, you know, it's with the sister, the mother, the father, the grandparents with friends, you know, they will grow it up at the same.

They're all asked to come back in three years time and shoot a bit more. And another two years shoot a bit more or whatever it is to get those pieces in. Yeah, it,

Sidey:I didn't, I did enjoy his birthday present that he got the Bible and the shotgun.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah So, so that's, it, it, it kind of goes through, and, and they've Ethan Hawke, who's often in re Richard Linklater his films and was in all of those before after trilogies with Julie Delpy he, I think he's often the muse and that kind of thing where this time it was more Mason.

I think it was loosely based on maybe the life for, or, you know, I think that's the, the films that he has, maybe it's not, but it's, he takes a lot from his own life, I think, and, and puts it in on these people. Everything's


scripted, even though it feels like it's very concert

Reegs:conversations, always about American suburbia in those relationships. And this one is, is exactly one of those portraiture. Okay. It's a single mother. Ethan Hawke is the kind of deadbeat dad who only turns up every now and then in an awesome car.

And he's called and

Dan:dad, Tia, you know, we're going to do everything.

Howie:did you get that?

But Ethan? Hawke, Because I thought


at the beginning

Howie:a little bit, but I felt it was very Ethan Hawke got a very forgiving


It was like, there was never

really any

mention of

the fact that he

was an absent dad and there was no explanation


Howie:was kind of inferred that.

The British Patricia Arquette was

a bitch

Reegs:and well, she

Howie:was, and she'd


no, I think it was much


Dan:what it, yeah,


think it just is what it

Reegs:subtle than that. I think the movie points out that she's given up, she says I was, I was somebody's daughter and now I'm somebody's mother. She's never had a life and she presents her kids a little bit for that.

And that's a perfectly understandable thing, but she's doing the

Dan:poor life

choices even though she's really bright

Reegs:He's fucked off and done it. And yes, he is. I get the feeling that we, when the movie starts, we're almost at the peak of his sort of narcissism in a way, his like self destructive behavior. And he's just about to start this emotional journey.

That same time as his son is growing up because he's, he's the ultimate deadbeat at this point, it doesn't see the kids. And then as the movie grows, it's really touching, you see him, his redemption story. He, he has another family obviously terrifically complicated, but he tries to do the right thing.

Eventually he reconciles to a degree with Patricia Arquette. You know, he has his journey too.

Dan:that's right. And I think everybody does in this film, everybody's got their own journey. Like. Patricia is, as we mentioned

Sidey:who's that

Dan:you know, is, Oh quick, you obviously have not met. You obviously don't know how she pronounced it.

No, it's not like that.

Reegs:Did you catch the name of Linklaters daughter that was in this.

I was wondering if Dan had it in his case. I was going to try and get him


Dan:thank you very much. Yeah.

Sidey:the Cocteau twins song. Yeah.



Reegs:of the

Dan:she was fantastic in it is what I was, I was going to say you didn't, you didn't think so.

so hot. No, I'm talking about platisher awkward.

Reegs:Oh, she was unbelievable. She was, yeah.

Howie:So the Mason sister is his actual

Sidey:Yeah. And she wanted to pull the trigger halfway through. It's like, no, you fucking God.

Reegs:one of the things my wife said about it, which is interesting is that you see these characters. If you were casting a perfect Hollywood movie for a guy who was 17, you wouldn't pick him when he's kind of a bit greasy and spotty and a bit gangly looking.

Cause he's going through that awkward phase. They pick a Hollywood. 17 year old, but in this movie, they've got no choice, but to portray because of what their commitment to their artistic vision is that they've got no

choice but to portray him

Dan:project to take anything could happen to these

Reegs:is so

Dan:They could just

Sidey:He told

Dan:to go off

Sidey:He told his note how it is to be finished and everything like that.

If he gets, he died off with her,


Sidey:although they did review every year, what had happened to make it sort of fit and writes a bit. But he obviously had an idea of how it was going to go. But

your leg

Reegs:shot as

well. So that's what he told Ethan all about.

Sidey:I was really enthusiastic about this because I've thought about nominating it a few times and I just hadn't.


I was pleased that we got to watch it this week, but have to say it wasn't the rip-roaring success for me personally.

Reegs:we watched this in two sittings, cause it is quite long. I could have done it all in one, but it just wasn't quite, you did it in one. Where we, where are you on the liking perspective?

I wonder if my viewing experience helped. Cause it was just perfect for


Howie:I think Dan something quite well by saying

it's not a story. It's

you say it's like a


Howie:happening is it's a happening. It just events unfold. I found it intriguing. and found it interesting. It was,

I think I took it for its face

value of there won't be like a


or a twist or anything like that.

The thing I did find myself watching was I felt his performance varied through

his ages.

Reegs:It was


bit halfway through where he was almost a bit like I'm reading lines. This is

how I


to be portrayed. And then as he

got older and more mature,

you could tell, I was thinking perhaps that

actually is Mason's character.

That is

who Mason

  1. He's kind of

a relaxed,

chilled out guy. Yeah. It is if you read in

look into him and I think

Reegs:you brought some pictures on here. It's only fans pager.

Howie:I've, I've got,

Sidey:Wiki paid

Howie:I've I've got pictures of him in my wallet wallet.

Reegs:He goes through like quite a Bieber phase. Doesn't he like distractingly Bebo and you're like, Oh the

Howie:but I think he's just done the new Smith's movie. So much shoplifting


Howie:So it's become a big but he's, he's very concerned about which pronoun he's


Howie:have to call him

Reegs:Oh, okay. Oh God. I get

Howie:which is Really confusing.

Reegs:I don't think the movie really delivers anything. Quite as a tent tents as the scene early on with the first asshole professor that she, Patricia Arquette, she's obviously got a history of making quite bad choices when it comes to men.

She's constantly trying to reinvent a teacher in parent teacher and student relationship. She has with first of all, a professor and then later on with a student. But the first guy is just a real asshole. Isn't he? I mean, he's just absolutely awful. And watching him over this period of time, degrade into this abusive alcoholic and then really scary, it's a great acting performance.


Dan:It's a great cut. Actually, when they do one of the first cuts and you see him Reach him for alcohol in the top shelf. And it's kind


Dan:jumps up. It's kind of jumped on a few years then, you know it, or at least a few months and


It was quite grim.

Dan:It was grim

Sidey:No, but I mean, when, when she took the kids and then the friend's house around the dining table and the kids say, why don't we take, you know, the other two kids saying, fuck, they just be left there and there's abusive fucking house.

It's great.

Reegs:Oh, it's a gut punch, isn't it? Yeah. And that's, that's part of the things, you know, it does touch you emotionally.

Dan:kind of things that I guess from the kids' perspective and you are kind of watching it through Mason's eyes, a lot of this film even though it features lots on the, on the other characters as well, they had a scene, you know, cause they actually says, are we ever going to say, are we ever gonna see him again?

I don't know. You know, you think, fuck she was married to him. They were, they were, they were. It is their adopted brother and sister and things. And now they're talking about never seeing them again she's she said, you know, so, but as a kid, maybe they did, maybe they didn't, they don't refer to it again going on really, but it was

I mean, to film over 12 years is such a huge project.

And though I agree with you the plot there, there isn't a plot, really. I think it's just dialogue. There is, there is a, is a movement. Fru is there's a progression through the story. But for me there was never any kind of traditional plot that you would have. It's about

Sidey:They couldn't, you couldn't really others be forcing something that wouldn't be right for this particular movie.

Reegs:But the, but there were lots of little emotional moments that connect as a parent as well. Like that final scene when he walks out of the apartment, And she's like, the

Sidey:no, she didn't

Reegs:probably empty and she just screamed at him like, Oh, it's just another day for you. And that's the end of everything for me. It's like really, you know, you know, that day for it as a parent is coming yourself. I know, and yeah, half the time you spent, Oh please. I know exactly. But then there is shoots of hope life as well, because she's a respected something or other

Sidey:it goes back and gets their qualifications,

Reegs:inspires some Gardner guy to become something or other. So she's had a big impact on life as well. It's nice.

I found Ethan Hawke's progression from deadbeat dad

Howie:too by the way. you can Hawk,

Reegs:unable to muster. And I really liked him. He gives 110% to stuff like this, which is really ambitious and crazy the same as he does, like crazy scifi movies, like predestination and stuff like that. So yeah, I'll stop talking about how brilliant this was, but yeah.

It's Wonderful.

Dan:Yeah, for me, it was a winner. I, you know, it's, it's filled with literature and philosophy and interesting characters that are both easy to, to like, and not like, and enjoy. And remember it's a, it's got that conversational feel all the way through the film.

It had parts of me thinking something's going to happen. Someone's, you know, I'm, I'm waiting for something really bad to happen. It didn't, you know, it was just plotted along and then went on. And and it's one of those films, like all of Linklaters films. And when I say all of them, the ones that I've seen in particularly the, before sunrise, after sunset, before midnight trilogy, that I absolutely loved.

I mean, they really. They influenced me these films. And certainly the, the, before sunrise did I watched it at that kind of impressionable time. And didn't know anything about it. Dating fused was another one that was just about the greatest, coolest, or night of all time, but didn't really do anything to go.

And it was just about something happening that was called. And you want him

Reegs:So it's, again, it's always about these like big emotional moments, you know, and that one, they're all split, splitting off, going off to college. He takes these foundational moments in life and yeah,

Dan:you should check this film out. I reckon you should check this one out, but if you, if you like this a little bit, then check out the, the before, after and something else trilogy.

Sidey:Well, I found it really


I can see how that would go. I could, I could, I could say

Sidey:Like I said, it was something that I had wanted to watch. I was, I was looking forward to it, but I just found it too slow, too. Like,


Sidey:the, the the T tends to be that the emotional moments were all like depressing ones.


you think he was a douche?

And then that really, that's why


hated it?

Sidey:not at first, but then he just ended up being a fucking emo fucking photographer prick,

Reegs:Yeah. But he saw it that shit out though. He did. He did


Sidey:fucking speak to that bird as well. I just, and then I started to query whether it is some fucking towering achievement, all they did was film a little bit at once a year. It sounds like something you do in your spare time.


Dan:Well there we go. There's there's some differing views. If you can't find something you agree with here, you never


Sidey:bring myself to recommend this to anyone, even though

Reegs:Oh, wow. That

Dan:Coming out. Isn't he

Sidey:No, I don't think it's bad. It's just boring. It's like big brother without other weird, but compelling people that are in it. It's

Dan:I don't think you're going to, like his other films

Sidey:no, I wouldn't be inspired to watch any more of his based on this. But you know, it's, I'm obviously wrong because like the stuff that it's done online in terms of its reviews,

Reegs:Well does everybody love it? Because I tried to stay away from movies actually,

Sidey:anything, but on rotten tomatoes, it's got an approval rating of 97%. Our Metta cricket the film has a perfect score of a hundred out of a hundred based on 50 critics or more indicating universal acclaim is the highest rated film of all films reviewed upon their original release and one of only eight films in the site's history to achieve a perfect aggregate score.

It also holds the highest number of reviews for film with a score of a hundred.


Dan:Are you just going to go on there and put it


Dan:zero? It was just to take them?

Reegs:He was going to go on for 12 years?

Sidey:No, I'm sure. You know, like you guys, there's lots of people who love it for me. It was just too slow, too boring, and like focusing all the other depressing shit and the kid was email. So fuck him. No, no.

Dan:it's, it's in no rush to get anywhere fast. This film it's filmed over 12 years, so. Give the guy an extra half an hour, 45 minutes to tell that story, which isn't really telling you a story, but what really, really interested me in this is the fact that it's a really brave way to go and make a film and to tell a story and to each new, you know, people haven't tried this

kind of

Sidey:bet he got to six years and he thought, Oh, this is boring.

Reegs:but you can't know it.

I bet he probably did. I bet he probably got halfway through and thought, Oh my


Sidey:you want to watch something about kids growing up, going through those adolescents stuff like that, watch Buffy.

It's fucking brilliant. And there's vampires and monster in it

Dan:Whole thing is more than that

Sidey:in his film.

Dan:the, the

cuts, the editing I thought was fantastic. I thought it was



great Are you talking


Sidey:what's happening talking about editing and cuts.


Reegs:no, it


Sidey:the fucking highlight of this film, then we've got problem.

Dan:Well, considering it's over 12 years and he's done it so seamlessly. I think that that's a fantastic achievement, just all a way to look at a film because he wanted to tell a story of a boyhood, a childhood, and the only other way that he could think of doing it was you know, the traditional way you get older characters playing a young kid, you know, then you get an older, eh, Oh, this is him at 80 to do it like that.

I just think it's, it's such a, a fantastic way to work.

Reegs:it's like Benjamin button, but in reverse,

Dan:there you go.

Sidey:That's visual melatonin. This was,

Reegs:What did you think? Did you hate it or were you kind of like it or

Howie:no? I enjoyed it, but I found it hard to

it there's one thing I can't Wang to on the internet.

Th there's nothing

Sidey:you can


Howie:Elements of the


We're a bit contrived in that. I found it hard to identify my childhood growing up with his, but that's fair enough.

for just two different

Dan:Are you in Luton? He was in

Howie:when I was here, I was Jersey, or

and you know, it's the conversation you had with that check,

at like 3:00 AM when he went to visit his sister at uni and they sat there in Natchez. I mean, I'm not 3:00 AM. RP dribbling on

the floor.

If I'm awake at 3:00 AM.

It's because I'm

Dan:they were good Nate for free. I am

Howie:And I also laughed at the whole I do it with every film American.

parties. There's someone handing out

lovely tray of shots and

there's all got cups.

You go to a

party, you can, have someone's shitting in the microwave, cornflakes everywhere.

Someone's unkind.

Sidey:I've been to a frat pie. And there's that bit more like that, actually.

Yeah. Yeah. It was the protein foods.

Howie:Oh, right. But I did watch it.

And a lot of it was, I wish he'd have a




doesn't look like

his sister

Reegs:No I wondered about

that is Ethan Hawke. Really? The dad, I don't get that.

Howie:I was thinking


she, now that you say about, her not wanting to be part of the


after a little while, you can sort of see that in that she seemed a bit like

Reegs:I think if he didn't like emotionally connect with it, then it's going to probably be



it's long And it's really, you can say that not a lot happens and you wouldn't be wrong about it, but just for me, it felt like it was a such a profoundly moving experience.


Howie:you get I did find

aspects of it moving. And like I said, I watched it all in one go and I didn't feel like it was two and



Howie:She really



Howie:And I think there was some elements to it that way you start doing exactly what you just said, which is you start thinking about your own kids and you start thinking about how they're going to progress through life and how you're going to react to them.

And I thought at

no point, am I going to drink bleach

from the top shelf and get my kids to forge checks to buy alcohol? So I thought I'm not that much of a

bad dad.

Dan:So you know, when you say, you

Howie:You say it Now,

if I take

the label

off that domestic glass and fill it with Tim Maria,

Dan:Yeah. Well,

Sidey:children's entertainment. We had some of that.

Reegs:We did


So in the UK Julia Donaldson book is sold. About every 11 seconds. She sold more than 27 million books between 2010 and 2019, which was the best-selling author of the decade in any age group or genre. And if you were a parent in the UK, you have read



Reegs:a number of these and I is this, I didn't do too much research.

Is it worldwide? Do American kids are familiar with the Gruffalo


you're not even counting all the, the book she sold out of charity shops.

Reegs:Yeah. So if you're a parent, you've definitely read some of this stuff to your kids. And there's a lot of them. I had a list somewhere

Dan:Gruffalo is one of them

Reegs:room on the broom.



Howie:snakes on a plane.

Oh no.

Reegs:Remembering you've got squash in a squeeze.

Anybody have that one? It's a decent,


it Yeah. She's complaining about her house being too small. So there's a guy who basically, it looks like a rabbi and she says, what do I do about this? And he's like, well, get a chicken and put it in your house so she can stick sticking in the house.

She was like, well, that. The chicken's gone crazy. What next who's like, Oh shit, yeah. Get a pig. It brings a pig in the event cow. Right. So, and then


Dan:of it don't know why I swallowed a fly.

Reegs:well, no, but it, it, it, this works out better than that one because she dies in that one. Doesn't she?

Dan:I think she does here.

Reegs:From the

Howie:This one just turns into it. you should be fucking lucky

to own a home.

Reegs:Yeah. Basically. And then she's like, well, this is crazy. I've got all these livestock in my house and what am I going to do? And he's like, well, just get rid of him. So she gets rid of him and she's like, Oh, my house is really big. It's great. You know what a great story. Yeah. So that's Julia Donaldson the highway rat stick, man, of course, Tabby Mactac and her partnership with.

Dan:she did another one called Zog.


Reegs:Yeah, big fancy.

Howie:dog. Now I'd recommend that one as


Yeah. So how do you feel about this stuff in general? You were all

Sidey:Yeah. Read this quite a few times to my daughter.

Reegs:Okay. And this particular story

Sidey:now this one.

Reegs:it yeah.


Sidey:Didn't read it nearly as well as it was done on this

made me feel that I probably did it quite lackluster.

Dan:Had you seen the Gruffalo one? I think James Corden was a writer. So this is a similar. Type


Dan:automation and

Reegs:that wasn't actually animation for. That was


Reegs:quarter No real Gordon. It got caught in James Corden. That is

Howie:yeah. James Corden. Did the Gruffalos child, the Gruffalo was would I lie to you Rob Briden?

Sidey:He's the only voice actor who's in every Julia Donaldson

Reegs:Is that right?

Sidey:Yes, because he's the whale in this one.


Dan:Whale. Doesn't he Bryden

Reegs:So this one is about a snail who lives on a black, smooth rock the edge of the sea. And she likes to gaze out into the distance and imagine something else

Dan:Haven't we all haven't we all been there. I think, you know, there's a real SIM.

Simple beauty in, in her writing and her stories and the animations in the books are lovely. Aren't they, they're really funny, kind of interesting and detailed in. It's kind of, you know, there's a, there's something to see there's a little plant or an insect that's drawn somewhere, or just looking on. I really, the kids love watching it.

The kids love seeing the, the, the animation and it's rhyming

Howie:Yeah Well, all her songs.


a Tom bruh, Is that the


because She's

a folk singer and it's easy for kids to repeat and it's easy. It's meant to be for the, other which is adults to just simply put across a story in, a, in, in that prose, you know, to, to

keep it rolling, to keep the

interest going

and, and th the, the, cartoon the animation really.

Because it's not going to be crushed like the book itself, if you were to read it can be done and dusted pretty quickly.



Howie:but this well they've they've stretched this out.

to about 26 minutes.



it was. And they haven't added any


And that's quite an amazing feat,

And yet it doesn't lose its pace.

I don't

Reegs:Yeah. It's got a sort of, dream-like like lullaby quality that makes the sort of lack of what is narration narration I think

Dan:Yeah, no, it fills in the blanks enough with things going on in the animation and to look at visually otherwise you're right. It wouldn't be a 26 minute read. Just if you read it as you would read it to a kid, but they, they fill in all those pages. And all those pictures of. Of wonder that, that she kind of creates in this little world, isn't she?

Where this little snail, so small is taken on an adventure across the world and through danger and underwater in and everything on the back of a creature that's so big and large that you can't help, but feel safe until the whale is in a bit of trouble on the beach. And then our snail becomes a

Sidey:Well there's one in the news today. Isn't no. Is it today or

Howie:the Minky while

Sidey:Stuck in the Thames.

Reegs:Yeah, no, that hasn't ended very well. I don't think

Sidey:And that's your, that's your fish monger?

Reegs:Wow. She writes on the rock with her snail GS doesn't she? A message a shiny trail that locked and curled and said lift wanted around the world and she hikes a lift on the whale.

Howie:She sticks like shit on the anchor she?

Reegs:tries to jump

to the end Yeah Yeah Oh yeah. There's quite a daring breakout. You know, she's got some Moxie,


Sidey:snails then have evolved some sort of immunity to salt cause snails and slugs. If you put salt on them, Right around an agony.



Reegs:Are they technically, are they things that we call snails that are not snails at all?

They're just some completely other thing. Yeah,

I have no idea.

Howie:We say

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.

Howie:Just eat

them fucking garlic, French

Sidey:line Yeah.

Dan:We're just taking John Julia Donaldson at face value really on this aren't we we're just believing that there is a snail that can go on the water and go into a whale.

Reegs:There's, there's kind of an environmental message going on because she the snail kind of brings the community together to save the whale.

Sidey:Can a snail move on sand?

Reegs:Asking the proper questions here. I don't, yeah. I don't know.

Let us know on Twitter

Dan:Are you talking about soft sand or kind of from

Sidey:Cause I wouldn't have thought it would be able to get any traction going.



soft. So Horan, sand down a Hill where it's just, you know, you put the slice, slide down.

Reegs:Yeah Yeah.

She had a lot of Moxy. This was a really lovely friendship between two wildly different creatures you know, believable,


Howie:My marriage

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. What do you think about the visual style?

Sidey:fucking loved it thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Dan:really worked well?

Howie:is that?

that's not

models. That's what I was wondering when I first saw it.



it's not all admin.

Howie:it's not arguing. that's actual stats, actual anime

Dan:is where we've got CGI animation going now. And it's, it's kind of a mix between Pixar and something else where there's just this for me,

I don't know a softness to the animation, but also you know, a lifelike reality to it as well that it's just perfect

Reegs:so animation dates really, really quickly. And even this 2019, it does, it has, it does look a little bit dated, but also because it's really stylized that helps it not today.

And you will enjoy that dream-like lullaby type quality to this. I've got really profound memories actually of watching this with my daughter when she was not very well, you know, at like, you know, one of those moments in the middle of the night when you've absolutely fucked, you don't know how you're going to do it as a, and you've got to get up for work at the next day.

Kids got a fucking raging temperature crying and all that shit. And you like. Put this on and the hair falling asleep and me like trying to stay awake and all that, you know, done it. No, no desperately wanting to get some sleep desperate, you know, I don't know. Yeah.


was bought on the iPad and used a, right.

You fucking go mental again.

Aren't you at

certain time of night,

on here and you'll sit here. I can just fall asleep. Brilliant.


Reegs:Yeah. So yeah, strong emotional memories attached to it, this specific program as well. So yeah. And then in general, this stuff plays a part in your children's childhood.

Dan:For me, I, I, I, I sat and watched this with the family that I forced to watch with me. And my son wasn't as taken. It wasn't a huge fan of it. I shared a little WhatsApp audio where you guys didn't I about our, how he felt on it.

He was just gone. I would have a couple of issues on,

on the, the reality of a, of a snail in a way, or actually getting together and doing all these things. But I think he enjoyed it as well. And I did. I mean, I'm, I'm getting onto be the EOG is old. So I can

Howie:to the power of

Dan:but no good, really good enjoyed it. Twenty-five minutes long. If you want something for the kids to throw on whether they're sick, whether they're they're just come home from school or whether you just want to sit them down to what's something, that's put your wholesome, it's telling a story they've already heard, but it's telling it in a better way than you would ever do it.

This is it.


absolutely. It reminds me of, you know, lying in bed next to my daughter when she's three, four years old, reading this in a sort of two out of 10 way compared to this I really enjoyed this. I thought it was great. The animation to me still looks brilliant. I really thought visually it was a treat.

And it's just one of those nice holes and things that you can enjoy with your young family.

Howie:Yeah. Similar

thoughts. What

was interesting was it's been a while, since my kids have watched it they're now 10 and eight


Magnus, we put it on just before,


while I was cooking tea and he sat and he told his

sister to shut up because I already liked this cartoon.

I was like, what the hell?

And this E's watch. he watches all the cool, cool kids' stuff


Pacific rim and transformers and all that. And then to see him immediately go back to what is effectively a lullaby.

he just

watched it.



goes, yeah. and he really liked it. And it was a nice piece of innocence that wasn't not not patronizing it wasn't baby or fide. It was just, it was a





yeah And

that's all

you want from stuff.

Occasionally, there's always, there's still a

space at a time for all of

the transformers.

and The one Wonder be stuff that wherever the hell, that thing Kiko, the wonder beast, but then it's nice

for them to revert back to just being what they are, which is just moaning, snap, face rejecting, or your tea that you've cooked you little

fucking pricks.

I am new, a fucking slave. What's wrong with this Nakia.

phone. Carra is a

fucking brick that tells me where you are. You do

not need

tech talk you.



Dan:point we had to restrain Howery.

Sidey:everyone needs tech talk.

Reegs:Well how'd you get good on Tik TOK

Sidey:Newt Ray Dalton scale. Have it like be really, really expert or something.


Howie:into haunted

houses Oh, you got to be good at conspiracy theories. That's the one. So



Howie:Oh, go on

Tik TOK and look at conspiracy there's. It's just

full of people reading off Wikipedia with death music in the background, making a fortune



Reegs:That was a lot of fun.

Sidey:It certainly was

Reegs:What are we going to do next week?

Sidey:Well, I have got some nominations for you. I don't know if this top five topic is going to be

having a lot of volume to it, but we're going for the top five movie scenes featuring ice cream.



Sidey:How'd you feel about watching the founder on Amazon prime?

Dan:That is the one with Michael Keaton.

Sidey:starting off McDonald's

Reegs:Oh yeah, yeah. Okay.

Sidey:Because we're going to watch that kid's TV. We're going to watch the tick, the animated series. I will let you know which episodes and if we get time for the mid weaker, I'd like us to watch

Dan:U H

Howie:I know





Sidey:It's a movie called UHF starring where'd our Yankovich.

Dan:Okay. I've yeah,

Sidey:So we're going to watch

that it's 1986 or something like

Reegs:Well that sounds like a lot of fun Sidey tune-in listeners.

Howie:was cited. Was Sidey

Dan:cost said that So

Howie:caustic this

Reegs:I don't know. Call someone the current Yeah. Thank you.

Dan:Dan's gone.