July 22, 2022

C'Mon C'Mon & The Cuphead Show

C'Mon C'Mon & The Cuphead Show

Sidey was very keen to watch C'mon C'mon, so the 2021 MIKE MILLS family drama was our main feature this week. Did it live up to Sidey's expectation? You'll have to listen in to find out!  


Cmon Cmon


right. No rigs this week, but it's just a terrible trio.

So we don't have a clever intro per

  1. But I'm gonna be your host side? I'm joined by Daniel

Dan: yo

Sidey: and.

Pete, you're looking particularly spelt and trimmed today. If I, if I might be so bold as to

Pete: Any, anyone who caught the midweek mention episode will know that you you and I side have been going to the gym have

Sidey: We have

Pete: three times now.

Sidey: Yeah. We've signed ourself up for six weeks of pain. Fat camp, basically.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. And from my vantage point where I'm sat right now, I'm getting a very good view of your testes and pain.

Pete: yeah. They seem to have grown I'm working exclusively on those in the gym.

Sidey: If, if only this was a visual, medium, not just audio, everyone would be able to benefit from the view that I

have right now.

Pete: I

think some of it is also to do with the heat. Obviously, as, as we all know, in, in the cold weather, guys can sometimes struggle with, with how pronounced things can seem underneath their shorts and so on. And the heat is obviously having the opposite effect because looks like I've got the, the week shopping down my, my trousers

Sidey: yeah. So everyone's obviously aware of the current weather situation and we are recording this right in the midst of the hottest day, potentially on record in Jersey.

Pete: What? It, it, it was today that officially,

Sidey: it now Official.

Pete: Yeah. 34, 35 0.2 was the previously hottest ever recorded temperature in Jersey. And as we sit here, now, it is now it's a pretty chilly 29 degrees, but it's, it's quarter to nine, 20 to nine at night.

But it did hit 37 definitely today, at least maybe other parts of the island would've hit and hit, hit it hit 38 even. So yeah, it's, it's a record breaker.

Dan: Have you been in hotter weather? Let us know, but Right now we've got films. What did we watch last time that brought no, the top five.

Sidey: we did a top five Peter chose it and we did a top five of cages. And I'm sorry to say that it wasn't one that captured the imagination

of our

Dan: was Jeff in touch at

Sidey: Jeff hasn't been in touch, but give it time. He may, he may surprise us.

Pete: So we had no what? No,

Sidey: I don't think

Pete: no listener nominations. We did get a listener nomination though. Not through social media.

I got a direct message or a DM

Sidey: Oh, someone jumped into your DMS.

Pete: Somebody jumped into

Dan: in

Pete: a person who I know and was, was partially behind the, the inspiration of my cage themed week,

not Nicholas cage, but the next best thing a guy known to all of us, but not to the listeners, Anthony Norman.

Sidey: Oh, okay.


Pete: Yeah, medium norm. And he huge Nicholas cage fan. Yeah. And he was super excited about the episode he listened to the episode. Absolutely loved it. That was his, so it's, he's a bra. He was a brand new listener cuz he'd never listened before. Okay. Loved the episode. And he said it. During the nominations for the, the top five, he was screaming at his, he's probably got a Walkman or something like that.

I can't imagine he's, he's got as far as a an iPhone or anything. But, or whatever, he was listening to it on, but he was screaming about a scene early on. Now I have seen the film, but I can't remember anything about it. Willow.

A bit where Val Kilmer meets Willow early in the film. I dunno, Val Kilmer's in a cage or Willow's in a cage or, or if, or who's in a cage.


Dan: I think it's Val Kilmer. Somebody

Pete: Somebody

is in a cage, but he was saying, oh, I can't believe it. He was like, as soon as we said film cages, that was the first I think


Dan: they they're kind of he's getting ready to die just to, he's gonna end up as bones in the cage is other cages around. But he, manages to talk his way out of it.

Oh, it's good. Shout medium. Yeah.

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: No, that's good. I'm glad that

Pete: will probably have to go in then if that's the only other nomination we've had was you just said that I just thought there must be, at some point, there must have been cages made of bones in a film.

That seems like a thing, cuz that's really

Sidey: week I was thinking about movie called bone Tomahawk, which I don't think either of you two have

seen ums. Kurt. Yeah. It's great hair

game again. Strong hair. And they are imprisoned by some engines, particularly vicious tribe. I really want you guys to watch it. But I think they would be more jail, like a, like a kind of makeshift jail cell. But I'm trying to remember if the bars were bone, because there's a lot of bone

in that

Pete: Well, if, if they, so to fit the criteria, it was bars.

Yeah. And incarceration. So as long as there were bars and incarceration, even if they were bone bars, That. Okay. But

Dan: so tricky. Sometimes the, the tight rope we work

Sidey: well I do

Dan: within our own

Sidey: was, I was careful to clearly define this week's which we'll get onto when we come onto the actual top five this week. But Dan, did you watch anything have note

Dan: I've absolutely blitz through the boys.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Did you right up to

date, you

Dan: Pretty much up to date now? I think all kinds of stuff's happened. I know some people aren't up to date, but from series one, which was just fantastic. And you've got all these kind of real assholes, haven't you, you know, there's a real team of it's

Sidey: not sort of traditional goodies and badies cuz everyone's bad.


Dan: Yeah. Everyone is kind of bad. There's D. Levels though. Some of them are progressing the bad and some of them are just kind of chasing it down and doing bad things on the way to do that. But it's yeah, it's kept me, kept me watching all the way through. So pretty much that in the homework.

Sidey: Okay,


Pete: Yes, I have been haven't watched a great deal. I managed to watch the, as I keep talking about the next episode of better soul, which is now in the, so the start of the second half of the finale season of better. Cool. So really fucking high stakes coming to, I mean, obviously, you know, that certain characters are gonna stay the course because of,

Sidey: where they appear. yeah.

Pete: But it's still fucking brilliant. I managed to finally finish the crimes of Grindle world, which was a huge drag and I'm probably about 30 minutes into the secrets of Dumbledore. I can't remember if that's the name of the film. So the third installment of the fantastic beast and it's not bad so far.

Okay. It's not bad. It's it's, it's definitely. Hooked me in more, but I just keep running out of time and so on. But what I did start watching was a, I'm gonna say British drama, I think maybe on Netflix called liar,

Sidey: which

Pete: is really like captured my me and the misses sat down. I don't even know how we stumbled across it.

And see in the first two episodes, it's basically, there's a guy, he's a surgeon. His wife had committed suicide 12 years before something like that. And he's got a son who's maybe 15, 16 or something. And then the, his teacher is a single woman and the, the surgeon and the teacher go on a date and they're seemingly getting on very well.

And you just see sort of like little bits of the date and everything like that. And then it just kind of cuts and she wakes up the next morning and she's like, You know, completely rattled and immediately rings up like her sister and was like, I, I think I've been raped. And I, I think I was drugged and raped.

And so then they get the police involved and so on. And then as the, as the, the episode plays out and then the, the, the second episode plays out, it kind of, it's one of those that you dunno who to believe. Like he he's, you know, he's completely sort of like. Swearing that he's totally innocent. It was all like very it was totally consensual and so on.

And every time there's a bit of evidence or something that you think, oh, that that's actually fucking put him like right in the firing line, then there's like an explanation for it. And then you see that she's had like a history of, of mental illness and so on. And so you dunno where this go. I mean, how it's kind of pitched it, the fact that she's had like historic mental illness and so on, if it now turns out that this is all like in her head and everything like that, that's not gonna be a really good fucking message to like deliver to

Sidey: the me too.

Pete: yeah.

Because obviously, you know, that, that, so I feel like I already know that it's ending up that he is gonna be guilty,


Sidey: we know.

Pete: Not really like not people that I'd I'd recognized or, or anything, but it's, it's pretty gripping and compelling. And yeah, looking forward to, to getting back on board with that, but that was it that I watched

Sidey: we started the umbrella academy season three. I dunno if anyone's watched that soundtrack on it is fucking like immense.

There was some really ropey CGI in it actually, but I'll carry on with it. And then movie wise, I I've mentioned him before. I'm a big fan of Tony Bourdain, you know, him, the sort of travel food writer, Anthony, an Anthony,

about. Yeah.

There's a documentary film and it appeared on Netflix called road runner, the anti Bourdain story.

So I watched that it's very sad cause obviously he killed himself and you get the story of, Hey Harry Rose to prominence and his Burke and his travelers. And then, you know, you know where you're heading with it, you know, you're coming to the end and you've got all these talking heads about his life and Hey, just.

The depression, everything just made him sort of manifested him, just being a fucking asshole towards the end. And then it's a real down. And actually I found myself like liking a little bit less after watching it. This is very sad one, really? But you know, it's, it's reality. That's, that's what happened, but you are being presented with a certain version of it, you know, even though it's a documentary, it's still a, you know,

Dan: a

Sidey: yeah. It's still a version, but interesting, nonetheless, but that was it homework and that I delayed to like crappy YouTube stuff, but you know, yeah.

Not worth mentioning here. Right. Shall we crack on with the top five?

Pete: Let's do, it's

Dan: it.

Sidey: right then top five masks. Do you want the definition? Because I did give you one because we always get a bit of confusion about what's loud and what's not. So the definition I uncovered online mask. A covering for all, all part of the face, warns a disguised or to a amuse or to frighten.

All right.

Pete: I've, I've still managed to find a lot of gray areas, same

Dan: the mask for Howard? The duck. Does that count?

Doesn't fit the bill.

Sidey: very good.

Dan: Okay, let's go.

Sidey: We like it. Should I go first?

Pete: Well, it is your topic. So why not

Dan: example.

Sidey: Okay. We were talking before about, we had some favorites. Yeah. And whether to go in big, I'm not gonna go with my favorite first. But this is still a good one.

And it's the clue is in the title. It's the mask, the film the Jim Carey. Movie it's called the lowkey mask. And at first, when you see it, it's just a, nostri kind of

Dan: wooden yeah. Thing,

Sidey: nothing

looking thing

Dan: tribal.

Pete: Is it wooden or something? It looks a little bit tribal,

Sidey: no bit, but nothing really to write home about until you put it on and which case?

Madcap, mayhem, and SES the perfect role for Jim,

Gary. Yeah.

Dan: The just got to contort himself into all kind

of of

Sidey: those where like the CGI bits, like really fucking work. Yeah. Or the, or the nonsense that happens. Even the dog gets a go on the mask. There's some sort of awful. Sequel or son

Pete: sign of mask.

Sidey: I haven't put

myself through,

Pete: Why would you,

Sidey: but this was, I wouldn't say breakthrough role for Jim K. Cause he was already a star at this point, but really like continued

Dan: this in ACE. ACE

Sidey: Ventura, then

this, and this was, Cameron Diaz. Also. This


her like real breakthrough

Dan: that's right. Yeah.

Sidey: Remember her walking into the, because he was a bank tell wasn't he and she watched in, in the red dress, I think in the,

Dan: was Jessica rabbit.

Sidey: yeah, holy shit.

She was smoking hot. So yeah, a good one. The mask

Pete: it is, and that film I haven't seen for a very, very long time and it came out when we were young. And so I think I enjoyed it at the time. Cause it was, and it was really quotable and obviously Jim Kerry and full like, you know, visual comedy kind of mode and so on.

I can imagine. Whereas say aura and diamond and Darren and stuff like that has, has, you know, stayed the, like survived the test of time. This, I imagine probably hasn't.

Sidey: I reckon if I watched this with my daughter, she'd really love it. And you know, I'd still be able to enjoy it. I still think like it's got mileage.

Pete: Right. Okay. It's it's not to be confused with the film, the eighties film mask.

Sidey: the share

Dan: No,

Pete: Which has Cher and Eric Stultz. Yeah. About the, like a guy with like, is it hydrocephalus? I think he's got, which is pretty like,

Sidey: his face though. Isn't it?

Pete: That is, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's not an actual mask, so this, this isn't not, but I remember watching that film thinking, thinking it was like, I think thinking it was like the

Dan: that was share.

Yeah. It was quite moving,

Pete: different.

Yeah. It like incredibly, it is

Dan: true story,

Pete: harrowing kind of like an elephant man

que type vibe to it, but true story. Like you say, quite yeah, not as much fun as the mask with Jim Carey. No. And not a mask.

Dan: Is that your

Pete: no, no, no, no, no. It's just,

Dan: Well, I I'm gonna go in with the ex presidents. That's point break the, the 91 film and you've got Reagan, Nixon, Lydon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter masks worn by these gang of surfer.

Bank robbers. And they're tracked by FBI agent, Johnny, Utah. Yeah. Ah, Johnny Utah. The longest film. Yeah. It's they made a remake. I've not seen the

Sidey: no, not interested, not interested.

Dan: but it was the mask looked great. You know, you've got, 'em all jumping on the desks and everything swinging their guns, going, shut the fuck up.

We're gonna be in and out. We've got minutes, obviously, Swayze he's under one of those masks and he's constantly trying to push the boundaries for that little bit longer, little bit longer the adrenaline, just to keep it pumping. They're jumping out of planes. They're, you know, calling bullshit with, you know, five seconds left before impact and they still haven't pulled their parachutes and there's all kinds of crazy stuff going on.

It's ridiculous film with a, you know, a, just a hero's ending for the bad guy. I really love this. Yeah.

Pete: it's a photo. I, I watch it, not that long ago and cuz I hadn't seen it for a while and it sta it, you know, it stands up. It's a really, really cool film. I don't think Patrick Swayze's ever look better. I think it's probably my, my favorite like role. Yes. Favorite role of

Dan: Brody. Yeah.


Pete: you, you forget.

Sometimes I, I, I fall into the trap of thinking that ke Reeves is shit, even though he's been in the matrix, which is an all timer, and this is a fucking brilliant, and it's a brilliant performance from him as well. He, he plays certain

Dan: the longest one,

Pete: does, he does do a good note. He plays certain roles. Fucking really

Sidey: well.

You still not seeing John Wicker. They're no, mate. Don't turn your nose up.

Pete: the dog like the dog thing. Nah,

Sidey: No, watch it. Honestly, you will love it. You will love

Dan: It's kind of pitch it between transporter and the,

Sidey: every other every that you

like, like you'll fucking love it.

Yeah genuinely,

Dan: but

Pete: I dunno, but this is good. It's got Gary Busey in it as well. Who's

Sidey: a hero yeah,

Pete: well, yeah, he's, he's a fuck up,

Dan: Yeah. But yeah, exactly. A great supporting cast as well. So and they even use the, the characters U the presidents try and use their voices when they do the bank robbery

Pete: oh yeah, yeah.

Dan: it just that extra

Pete: Yeah. Like the Nicks and impressions and stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What I've found with this topic, like bizarrely is all the films that I then like immediately started, like writing down where that featured mark and everything were films that we seem to have covered a lot on this podcast.

Yeah. There weren't many, sometimes a different sort of like topic for a top five pulls out films that, you know, we, we've not like other people have seen, but not heard of, or, or I'm thinking, oh, that's, that's one that I've seen that maybe you guys haven't heard. These were all either like, you know, stone cold classics or things that we've certainly discussed.

On this podcast before, so there's not a lot of originality in my list. And

Dan: and more new,

Pete: well, yeah,

Dan: yeah.

Pete: like take pick. So carrying on from the, and this is a film gets mentioned all the fucking time. And so it should cuz it's, it's a, it's a bonafide all timer. But carrying on from like the masks in a bank robbery type scenario.

So the dark night, again, that opening we've talked about it before. I can't remember it featured in it featured buses, it featured in it like, you know, there's loads of them. But again, just that, because they've all got like quite horrible clown masks on and no one knows who's who, you know, I guess cuz you know, like you've already seen the kind of like the silhouette or the, the back shot of, of, you know, Heath ledger is the, the joker you dunno, which one's necessarily him until the very end of, of that opening scene.

But yeah, another cool scene with face masks, bank robberies and. Yeah. And again, start to a turn out a term film.

Sidey: I remember when they released the PR shot and I think it's the one from the film where he's doing it to the news.

He's got the guy held hostage that he tortures and kills, and he does the thing to the camera and they release that still as a, this is who we've casted a joke. I remember thinking fucking Heath ledger, that's gonna be fucking Wang. Like, you know, it's not gonna, it's

Pete: that all did, you know,

Sidey: fucking all time.

Great. Like one of the great performances, one of my favorite films, certainly my, my favorite Batman film still. Yeah, it's just fucking like, it hits every single time and follow the follow up movie.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: The dark night rises. Bain wears a mask. And he even says so, because he says it wasn't until I put on or no one cared until I put on the mask.

Yeah. And we need Howie here cuz he does a great, are you? I think you're doing right one.

Pete: I don't. But Dan does with his Sean Conner impression,

Sidey: that's right. Yeah.

Pete: quite a good, quite a good BAE impression.

Dan: it mixes up both. Yeah.

Sidey: It's not as strong a movie as the dark night,

but still, still

Pete: out. It's a strong start and there's this really strong elements of it. It almost like hits some of the same Heights as the dark Knight, but it kind of fizzles out a little

Sidey: intro's great on the airplane. This is other good stuff. And it does follow some of the stuff from

Pete: the, and he is he's, he's a sinister for, in a different, totally different way to the joker.

But you know, like

Sidey: Hardy does him really?

Pete: Yeah. When he like rests his hand in a weird way on the guy's should he's like, do, do you feel in control?

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And it's like, oh God, like he's gonna rip his face off. Like yeah. So that is very much a mask.

Sidey: Down.

Dan: I've got the, the iron mask, the man in the iron mask. That's the de Caprio

Sidey: Yeah. I mean another one where it's right there in the title. Yeah. And does anyone know what it was made out of

Yes. Well done. Pete.

Dan: There you go. Yeah. It was the you know,

the the story of, yeah, it's the story of Leonardo DiCaprio in a tower with his twin brother?

Pete: not actually him.

Dan: Yeah, it is actually him and his twin brother

Pete: quickly remind me of the premise because I have seen this film and I had it on my list, but I was hoping someone else would

Dan: it, it was a I think it's DMAs book. And it's the story of one brother wanting to take complete power. And I think the other one gets shipped off

Sidey: with an iron mask

Dan: an iron mask.

Never killed,

Pete: So they don't. So no one knows that he is the identical twin of the,

Dan: exactly that. And he's in, he's in for, for years and years until eventually he's not.


Pete: Yeah. You did sum it up

Dan: in a short version. But yeah, this, this is it's a classic story and it's, it is a decent film. I first I was getting him mixed up with the the guy Pierce and Henry caval one.


Pete: yeah, yeah. The counter Monte

Dan: which is a similar

Pete: a really good

Dan: He's a really good film. Yeah. And it's a similar kind of period and around that, but this one has the

Pete: it's, it's that thing of where it is, it's almost impossible to portray, but like we're talking like decades of like isolation, incarceration.

Yeah. Like what that would do to you and, and, and unfairly. So like, you know,

Dan: not understanding why. I mean, they didn't even

Sidey: probably would've had really strong neck muscles.

Dan: Oh, hugely. I mean big, but I mean it it's crazy. The tortures of the older ladies, it, I mean what they think of stick iron mask and steer on top of a tower

Pete: I'd seen of that then like an iron maiden or, or getting on the rack or whatever.

Dan: Yeah. Well, I suppose so, but it's not a good choice either, is it? Yeah,

Pete: no there's so many iconic masks in, in cinema and I will, I, I can't do some of them justice. I will try. Another thing. Well, something that, again, it was brought up recently. I can't remember. I think it was telephones in the top five, really kind of like iconic.

And this was where, for me

as not a horror fan, this is where horror became mainstream and almost like watchable and enjoyable for me. I started getting it because it was, it was dumbed down a bit. It was, it was, I guess, sugar coated a bit was still fucking shit, scary

scream. And the, I think ghost faces the.

Name of the, the character or, or of the mask. And that mask is now fucking iconic. You see it the world, like, I mean, we we've had a reboot recently, is it? I've not, I've not seen it to be honest. I don't think I, I saw scream and really enjoyed it. I, I think I saw scream too. I dunno if about three or whatever, but but because the impact is, is, is lessened with each like, you know, iteration or whatever.

Yeah. But that, that first scream film was the first time I I've probably ever been to the cinema to watch a horror film and she, my pants all the way through it. Cause it's all fucking jump scares and horrible little stabby knives and shit and sinister, cuz he just always seems to be there like, you know, shitting people up.

But that mask,

Sidey: Well, you get that definitely the great opening sequence, because it's drew Barrymore, who's a, you know, big star and she's

fucking killed.

she had, but you still fucking know exactly who it

is, but you know, she's still

well known and she's fucking killed well at the start, you know, kind of weren't

Pete: which probably in itself was a bit of a first as well.



Sidey: cuz Hitchcock did that to vivid Lee and psycho.

Pete: Oh, right. Okay. But it hadn't been done for a while maybe. But yeah, that, that mask is, is yeah. Fairly

Sidey: prominent. Yeah.

Halloween fancy. Just staple now.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Well there we are loads of horrors. And I suppose we should mention the Halloween Michael Myers ones.

Yeah. Mostly because of the great trivia that everyone obviously knows, but it's a William Shana mask inside

Pete: that

Sidey: Which is great and it, and it segues very nicely into baby driver filming, which recently where they say, you know, get Mike Myers mask. So they turn up as Austin Powers cuz there's a communication breakdown, which is a fucking lovely touch.

Yeah. So yeah, we, I mean, we could just do like loads of horrors right out of the gate if you want, because there's the first, one of the first ones I thought of was Jason vorge from the Friday. I think that's the weakest of all those

Dan: the Friday, the

Sidey: like franchises I just think there's fucking

Pete: Well, the is it the Texas chainsaw massacre guy? Is it leather

Sidey: Leatherface?

Pete: got a,

Sidey: I was debating. I was thinking is that it was not helmet, so yeah, it has to be a mask, I guess that has to, and that's human skin obviously based loosely around true story. Like very loosely around the ed game murders and, and the stuff which is fucking chilling in its own.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. So that was that's worth mention.

Dan: Well, I'll go. The guy forks

mask. Yeah.

Which is the other really kind of famous mask. Now, it, it was introducing vifa vendetta which was a novel wasn't it?

One of the graphic novels made into a film. And then it, it was this kind of dystopian film. It was really strange actually because I wasn. Kind of sure where this film was going. And it was really, really popular at the time. But you've got the mask with this guy forks, a big white face with a, a wide mustache springing from it a beard, a pale face.



it's, it's become now this this sign of anonymous, isn't it.

Sidey: Yes. It's been, it's been adopted by anonymous by the

Dan: and, and, things all around and it looks it looks mental.

Sidey: I really like that movie.

I really like the graphic novel as well. It's it's great. You can, if you've not read it, it's I think it's available on prime unlimited. So you can, you can go and read that for

N it's great. More, he like basically detests every adaptation of his work. But I think, I think he's just a bit, I don't wanna say pigheaded, but I think by default, he just decides that every film that's made out of one of his books is shit, but I would disagree.

I really like that one. And there's another one on my list that will

Dan: No, I've, I've watched it a couple of times.

Sidey: It's strong. I watched it fairly

recently. it's good. I really, I really

enjoy it. And I like the message as well.

Dan: Yeah. Have you seen that, Pete? No.

No. Okay Another one for the, for the list.

Pete: Okay. So on a record breaking day in Jersey in terms of temperature. Yeah. I thought I'd revisit what a little sort of feature that we've had going on in, in bad dad's film review of world records, ones that we can be ones that we can beat.

We've got a couple of world records ourselves. Yeah. I did the biggest terror of raspberries if you if you remember. And, and we know that we can beat the hats one

Dan: that's in the, in the bank.


Pete: don't, yeah. We don't even have to do that. So, but there's a couple here that I think we can probably challenge.

These are specifically mask related. Records. Two of them are involving surgical masks. One of them is, is bizarrely the largest face mask, which was a surgical mask. Achieved by a company in, in the, on the 14th of January this very year, they built a surgical mask for some reason that was 8.3 meters by 4.79 meters.

Wow. So a total waste of, of everyone's time

Yeah. Yeah. But, but that's what they did. We won't bother trying to beat that cuz it's frivolous,

Sidey: But we could categorically

We could be

that if we wanted

Pete: Yeah. We've got, we've got the material the means and the time. So another surgical mask one was the fastest time to apply 10 surgical masks.

It's the record is held by Arco Meial,

An Italian

guy in Villa San Givani in, in Italy on the 5th of August, 2021, anyone car to hazard a guess at how long it took him to put on to apply to his face 10 surgical masks.

Sidey: Six seconds.

Pete: 5.1, two seconds.

Sidey: Oh, it's close.

Pete: Yeah. Think we could do it.

Sidey: Mm, well we bit

Dan: What, what kind of there's criteria

Sidey: but does he, does he have to do them or can he get 10 and just go

Dan: cause that's that?

Pete: that's a good point. If I think maybe one at a time,

Sidey: suspect. Yeah, Has

Dan: he hadn't thought of that.


Putting them all at once.

Pete: And the world record, of course coming outta Japan for the most people wearing eye masks, just all at the same time, I think like, you know, the ones that you put on to sleep at night.

Sidey: Oh, Okay. yeah.

Pete: yeah.

most people wearing eye masks? It's a world record.

Sidey: Well, how, how do they do that? Like in a build in what?


just get people together.

Pete: together. Yeah. Beatable.


could do it. Yeah. With, with our, with all of our, with our listeners, you know, we could get it all done. It's more, it's 424.

Sidey: Oh, we could easily beat that.

Pete: we could easily beat that.

Sidey: just imagine

just contemplate for a second. The amount of world records we could rack up

a lot.

It's a

Pete: Well, we've done, that's

Sidey: have the world

record for the amount of world records? Yeah,

Pete: There is. That is a record in itself. Someone does

Sidey: of the hours soon,

Dan: only amount of time,

Pete: they, were the only ones I could be bothered to to, to dig out more iconic, brilliant film.

I've just got amazing films in it. Unfortunately, ones we've talked about a good length. But another one is Hannibal lector.

Sidey: Mm.

Pete: He wears a mask because he's so bloody dangerous. That's why,

Sidey: is enforced mask

Dan: he's gonna,

Pete: eat you. If he, if he doesn't wear a mask, I actually saw

Dan: how bad he is. He will actually eat you.

Pete: Yeah.

That's why he has to, to wear the mask. But I saw a clip of Whilst they were actually like on set. They knew he had a mask, but they hadn't actually like nailed down what the mask was gonna be because these presumably came from books, these films

Sidey: Thomas Harris.

Pete: and, and I dunno how much you know, description there is of the mask in the books, but he was trying on, and one of them was like a, like a hockey, like goalkeeper's mask, which was just like, like a beekeeper suit of mask.

And he's like doing the lines and the acting and stuff. And you just see him trying on various different ones. Yeah. Until he come. And one of them was like, just like a funny enough a cage sort of like on his face, but this one was yeah, the, the one that they start with, it was kind of like plastic, but with bars in, and it just looks fucking

Sidey: oh, bang on looks

Pete: Yeah. They couldn't have.

Sidey: he's, he's in a straight jacket that bit where he is being transported. He's got the mask on, he's in a straight jacket and he's still like fucking chilling. And he says that thing to the Senator about toughens the nipples,


  1. And he's like, he's fucking, oh, it's an all time.

Great. Like, that's gotta be in like everyone's list of, you know, like top five. Maybe it's

Dan: the P the power of his acting, as you say, he he's, he's in a straight jacket. He's got a mask on and he's still the scariest guy. You know, you still

Sidey: that, that

mask then appears in Hannibal because someone ger what's his name?

The guy with he's collecting. He collects it. And the guy, is it Barney from the

Yeah. The kid, he. He has it, he has that momentum and, and gives it to, he sells it to, to watch his space. So it crops up again and it, but I still think Hannibal's alright. I quite enjoy it. It's not obviously

Pete: It's just a series. You're talking about the

Sidey: film.

No, the film, it doesn't hit the Heights obviously of silence, but it's still it's. It's

Pete: I don't think I've seen it. I've seen, is it red dragon with fines in it?

Sidey: Yeah. Ed Norton. Yeah.

No, Yeah. Ed Norton's the ed.

Pete: oh, is he? Yeah. Oh, okay. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I've seen that.

Sidey: It's

very, it's very initial manhunt of the, the, the Michael man ones, the one to watch,

but yeah.

That's Brian Cox, not the professor, the other guy. Him. Yeah. Right. Amore who did vifa vendetta also of course did Watchman.

Dan: Yeah. Right. Mar city,

Sidey: which has Roshak the character with the Roshak mask.

Dan: Which one's Roshak, remind me,

Sidey: He's the, he's the proper vigilante one. He's the sort of detective he's got the, you know, the Rak test with the ink dot sync plot on and his mask mirrors that right in the movie, they have it so that it actually is moving around.

The it's constantly moving on his face. Res and I disagree because I don't like the ending of that. Whereas he thinks the ending is better. He's categorically wrong. The ending is better in the book. But that mask then crops up again in this TV series, which was an HBO thing. And when that was announced and I saw a trend, like, is this gonna be any good?

And it is fucking absolute gold is solid, fucking gold. And does bring the ending back from the book, not the movie. And it works. It fucking works. And I dunno if you've seen any of that Pete or know anything about it? No amazing, absolutely amazing. It's what, like, you don't like superhero stuff, but I would, again, it'd be one of those things where I say it's not your traditional superhero

Dan: No,

Sidey: It's not like that. It's just vigilantes basically

people. I

Pete: feel like there's too much

Sidey: Well, there is, but this is like pinnacle stuff, but I can feel like it would be I'd fight a losing battle trying to get you to watch it, or certainly I will gonna give you the book to read and see what you think.

Pete: I'll definitely read

Sidey: that. I won't then, but the mask is certainly iconic, great character, fucking brilliantly written real anti-hero and it's iconic. A

Dan: excellent

Right? Well Frank side, bottom. Yes. War mask. And Frank was the film that Michael fast bender was playing that title part and he wears this paper mache head. He's a musician in a band and he's quite fragile within his genius. And we watched this and we all really liked it. Didn't we?

It was if anybody isn't sure of what the Frank

Sidey: kind of

divorced from the original

Frank side, bottom character slash story. Yeah. It kind

Dan: but the mask,

is the

the, mask is the same and it's, it's it's hard to describe, it's a bulbous round head with dark

Sidey: very Exaggerated eyes

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: silly looking

Dan: it's and he wears this permanently and, and people that meet him for the first time, obviously don't know how to take him and how, but people that get to know him actually just really enjoy knowing him and, and working with him cuz as a musician, he was fantastic and he had all this, but it was, it was quite a, a, a thought provoking film.

As I say, we, we all really enjoyed it. And I don't know the biggest paper mache head ever in the world. Peter, if there's a Guinness book of world records, but

Pete: for only we had our researcher here. We

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I reckon they would have this one beat, but this is probably the most famous PAA mash head.

I would've thought

Pete: there's there's some really big ones in bok when they're doing hunting the hunting of the Jew.


They're in, yeah, they're they're bigger than, than Frank side bought S but yeah,

Sidey: I bought the I went out and bought the soundtrack on, on vinyl, but off the back of this film.

Right. So, you know, it's good. Yeah. You know, it's good.

Dan: Perfect.

Pete: It's it's made with bits of real Panthers. So, you know, it's good. Right, so here's here, I'm now gonna start trying to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

When does a mask become a helmet? Well, and when does a helmet become a mask?

Sidey: Let's let's argue the

Pete: Because as part of the research I did, I typed in masks in films and a lot of the, the masks that came back were, you know, prominent in the top tens. And, and one of them was Darth Vader.

Sidey: so I, I put him down just to start a debate because the there's a face part to it.

Pete: There is a face

Sidey: part. And then the helmet part is secondary because we see it get applied quite a lot these days.

Yeah. And it kind of makes that noise as it gets wrong, but he does have it, but I still think both are offering protection slash doing more than

Dan: what would you say about gladiators masks

Sidey: the helmet. And we had it in top five helmets.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: right. But that also featured quite prolifically in masks in films.

Sidey: they weren't doing it for the purposes of this list. And so I, I definitely poo-pooed, I

definitely poo-pooed gladiator and I was only 50 50 about doth Vader. I think it's more than a mask.

Pete: So we, so that, that opens up then I've, I've

Sidey: like, it's got

like breathing operators and stuff built into it.

Pete: It does. So I had Darth Vader. I had Kylo Ren.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Which is it's, it's like a

Sidey: his has got a voice control. It seems in

Pete: but I'm sure he, he, he gets there's, there's a line in some point where he get almost gets referred to as like such and such in a mask or something. Yeah. He's just like a troubled boy and a mask or something

Sidey: like

that. Cause he can exist fine without it. Whereas Darth weight, I think he had to

Pete: have, but the, the, a mask hasn't doesn't have to have, like those kinds of properties, it can just be a disguise. It covers your face. It doesn't have to like, keep you alive.

Sidey: what I mean, I'm saying KLOS is probably more acceptable right than Darth, but I still think it's like a battle helmet that he wears



Pete: you're saying if it, if it does have like life preserving properties, less of a

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Okay. I'm gonna challenge you on another one a little bit later. Okay. But, but what, what where I wanted to, like, so we're saying Dar Fedder maybe Kyle ran. Yes.

Sidey: we still,

Pete: But, Bob and Mandalorian their helmets again, they appeared

Dan: And what about the, the, I dunno, is it called an eye mask you were talking about and being sleeping before

Sidey: I've got, I've got some my masks.

Dan: Oh,

Pete: Okay. Right. Well, let's, let's we'll come back to my other one. And we'll move onto your eye masks,

Sidey: We got Xora from. Yeah. Is it, is it the mask of Z?

Is it

Dan: it the mask of, of the mark of, of X?

Sidey: the film is literally the mask of Zora, the Antonio Banderas, Katherine city Jones, one. I'm thinking also Anthony Hopkins, I wanna say

been a little while since seen

Dan: the, the 1920 film was called the mark of X.

Sidey: Okay. Did he have a


Dan: it was and it was kind of used to hide a, a blemish, I think, you know back in those days for disguises as well, you know,

Sidey: but this is like minimalist mask.

This was the


Dan: I,

Sidey: was going for with this. And also that led me on to the teenage mut ninja into TEALS because they all four of them have


albeit differently colored to them, to X

Pete: do, would you know the colors and the characters.

Sidey: course I would


Do you want me to do it's Leonardo

Dan: green,

Sidey: Donna tell. No. Yes.

Pete: purple.

Sidey: wait, what did you say?

Pete: green? He said green.

Sidey: is no green. one.

  1. It's it's blue is blue is in Nado. Red is Rafael. Purple is what other colors I have

forgot purple is Don. And the other one is Mylan

Dan: more interesting than that is the fact that not many female DC comic Marvel comic characters have masks.

You've got you've got Catwoman,

Pete: cat woman.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And give us another

Sidey: black widow

Dan: Black widow. She got one. Pete, your turn. Oh, you're out. You're out. Pete's gone.

Pete: this isn't my thing of

Dan: No No,

clear. But it is your choice. Is it?

Pete: Well, Saudi was doing eye mask. Cause I think it was, it was you

Dan: it swung back round

Sidey: That way doesn't have a mask by the way. I just wanted shout, say that.


Dan: we, we talk about mask using to hide things and we, we mentioned

Around mask earlier about this being a true story. Another true story of a guy who suffered was the elephant

Sidey: man. Yeah. I've got this on the list.

Dan: yeah, and this was a David Lynch film. And it tells the story of this severely before man, and then late 19th century London, which,

Sidey: John Merrick, you

Dan: know yeah.

Which you can't imagine, the, the kind of life that someone like that would've had there with the lack of understanding and and

Sidey: literal you know, it's one of, it's the circus side freak show, you know, the side show, like awful, just exploitation.

Dan: And I remember watching this film as a, as a kid I've only, I think ever seen it once when I was, yeah.

Sort of 12 or 13 or something and they stitch review those, those films. Yeah. And just how you know, beautifully was inside. But obviously it was challenging to look at challenging. Yeah.

Pete: A challenging wink.

Sidey: Yeah. And that's another Hopkins he's cropped off a lot this week. He, the mask side of it is that he has to basically wear, you know, when he is not on display, he's got a kind of herd to put over him, like a sack, just put over his head.

Yeah. Zero dignity. It's just, it's awful. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. So going back to your point about the. Mask for yeah. Survival purposes. So another absolute 10 outta 10 film. And there's a couple of masks in this mad max fury road.


So initially when mad max is, is captured early on and then he's being sort of like drained and he becomes a blood bag for one of the, the war boys.

And he goes out on the road, he's got this, like it's a cage on his face, but it, it, it is a, an iron mask of, of some description. And he's basically being like he's tethered to the front of, of this, like, you know, war machine thingy with.


A drip, like providing blood to the, to the war boy and everything like that.

So that that's that's one of the masks. The other one is a Morton Joe, who in the film throughout the entire film until eventually it gets ripped off his face at the end. And, and is what is ultimately is demise. He's got a mask on, but it's got a full kind of breathing

Sidey: Well I suppose BAE as well would have that sort of thing

Pete: Yeah. Cause that, yeah, without it, he would, he would, he would die and I believe the same is true of Morten. Jerry's got this kind of it's this he's got like teeth on it. It's got like tubes coming out of it to this like thing that breathes on his back. He's a disgusting looking creature. Really good kind of fucking visually like horrible bad guy.

There's probably a few other masks in that film, but again, another fucking absolute stellar film can't wait for. What's it Furiosa or whatever her name is.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Like that film to come out. Are you having that as a mask then? Because

Sidey: yeah, you can have it.

Pete: it. Yeah. It's very, it's very,


Sidey: say? No, you know?

Pete: know?

Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: Right. I'm gonna go for, see if you can guess the film it's got Bruce Willis in it. It's got Ving Rames

Pete: Oh pulp fiction.

Sidey: Yeah. Bring out the gimp.

Pete: Ah, the GA

Sidey: damn Yeah. So 94, I'm trying to like cast my mind back, like tip mid teens, I guess this is my first exposure to like a gimp, you know, this sort of,

Pete: and to gay rape.

Sidey: no I, I was gonna say like deviance, but I don't know if it's necessarily deviant, but I suppose it is in this context, in the film, cuz is it, I dunno, cuz he's

Dan: they've

Sidey: it's

Dan: got a dungeon,

Sidey: He's like. Because the whole point about being a GIM you

Pete: Bing Rames gets

Sidey: right? No, but I mean, the guy, the GIM, I mean, what

I'm talking about is like, seeing like a GI, I don't think I'd had any awareness in my life up to that point that people

Dan: choose to be a gimp.

Sidey: would, yeah. Would, would wear that outfit and like give yourself over completely submissively to someone like a master and be raped, not rape, but

Pete: well, yeah,

Sidey: like have, have like a sex, toys slash like consensual slave sort of thing.

So very fucking memorable. And everyone was, you know, around the time, like, oh, that's a bit of the film that is so funny. Like bring out the gimp and all that. But yeah, it's a real eyeopener.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: And, and yeah, like rape like he gets

Pete: He does. And I, it makes me wonder whether like a gimp, like a gimp is kind of like a put, ah, fucking little gimp or whatever, whether that was a, a put down before pulp fiction or whether it

Sidey: no I think it probably all start from pop

Pete: Right. I know. Although a gimp must have been a thing Before

Sidey: no, I know, but, but like that was, this obviously was a fucking, hugely successful film and like I've seen injuries with town DUNS.

Like I didn't have to work after pop fiction. So I complete freedom after that to make what everyone based on how successful this was so massive fucking hit. And within it is a scene of a gimp and male rape. And, and if you think about that scene, when you know what the character, Marcel, Wallace, you're thinking, he fucking gets away from it.

You know, if he gets out here, all kinds of pain is gonna fucking go down

Dan: Well, he's going medieval on their ass. Isn't he? He's going back

Sidey: But it's Bruce with the Sam, wasn't it, it gets in


Dan: Yeah. Well, he, he has that choice. Doesn't he? Where he knows

Sidey: just walks past and picks it up. He's like,

Dan: I can't, you know, he just thinks I can't walk.

I can't leave him there. And he, he has that long stare and he, where does this? Where's this levers. There is no us goodness. Right? Okay.

Pete: He's gonna get the homes to set upon him with some PLIs and a blow torch.


Sidey: Been a fucking long time since I've seen that film, which is, feels like an oversight, cuz

it's an all timer. Yeah,

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Although you SL off John Travolta.

I think his character's brilliant and I think he plays it really well in that film.

Sidey: Yeah, it's probably okay in that

Pete: that.


Dan: Well, another film you've seen before and we've mentioned before, but has a long nose mask. any advances on that? It is Peter and the Dr.

Are breaking into a house and assault, a woman, Alex is this long nose kind of mask.

Sidey: Is that Keri's wife? I think that's actually a Kiwi's wife.

Dan: I don't know. But the mask is definitely folic.

Sidey: Yeah. Well he picks up a huge Dick as well to like

Dan: yeah. And it makes it perfectly, you know, the, the horrible thing that he needs to, to perform his acts.

It's a weird old


Sidey: about that as a mid weeker.

Dan: It's a real flip out movie, you know? I've

Pete: never seen

Sidey: it. Yeah. that's why I wanna do it. Cause I dunno if Reid has seen it either.

Certainly don't think Harry

Dan: another one just while we're ringing through ones we've, we've seen. And we've mentioned before the shining, you've got the pig bear just for a

Sidey: Yes when it goes slightly

Dan: no explanation for it, but you just kind of, you see a pig, a guy in a pig bear suit service.

Somebody else

Sidey: it's a bit like I I'm a wars video, but, but, but bit more extreme

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: it's, that's one of those things that are like, I immediately, after watching the film, I didn't even consider or think about cuz there's so much else to think about and, and to like, you know, to, to try and overcome

Sidey: normal violence.


And and like quite extreme and you know, it's intense. And then you're like blood, like coming outta the elevator and that, and you're like what?

Dan: there. Yeah.

You didn't hang around to find out,

Pete: crazy brilliant film. Yeah. I might as. Just finish up

Dan: cause our ears is, are sweating now.


Pete: There is, there is that.

So another one, another brilliant film. And I'm a fan of the, the sequel as well. And I've watched some of the, the more like modern releases, but predator.

Sidey: Yeah. I've got poster on the list.

Pete: That is definitely a

Sidey: Yeah.


I had it. I had

it there And

Pete: it's, it's almost like it didn't even, I, I dunno what, obviously they've, they've come up with this, this alien that is, is, you know, terrifying because of its, you know, its technology as much as it's a fucking, you know, merciless like ruthless hunter killer.

But just when you think he's scary enough with the, with all of his, like, you know, artillery and everything in this fucking, quite chilling, but cool looking mask, you get the reveal. When I think it's, is it

Sidey: you are one ugly motherfucker.

Pete: yeah. And he's got, he's like these funny fucking,

Sidey: it's it like a four way kind of jaw cause his teeth all

Pete: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I wish he'd kept it on. If I'm honest, it doesn't do him any favors that wouldn't be his Tinder profile pick. I think he'd be wearing the

Sidey: there's another one coming out called prey or the prey. I saw the trailer for it yesterday. I still like such a fucking sucker for like a

Dan: it was, well, it was just Pete.

Schwartzenegger this as well. Wasn't it? I mean, his muscles were just perfect for the camera when he is rubbing himself in the mud mask almost. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, you could, you could get away with,

Pete: but I think I, yeah, whilst it was like Pete Schwartzenegger and, and pretty much anything that he was in just immediately became a hit around that time.

The fact that we're still getting predator films coming out now shows that that as a character, as an alien in itself, stood, stood up stood up alone. I I've not seen all of them. I've seen like the one with Adrian. Brody's not that bad.

Sidey: Is that

Pete: Predators Yeah. Yeah. Predators that that's not that bad.

I saw another one recently the predator, I, I saw that. Not, not that long ago, which isn't too bad, but yeah, it's, it's pretty iconic. The last one's on my list. There's nothing really to, to write home about there's mask mobile, mobile. I'm a strike command. Yeah. They are helmets. Really?

Sidey: I was gonna

poo it because they're more than just a

Pete: masks, but it's called

Sidey: mask Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. So yeah. Good luck. Good luck. Poo pooing that and another one in American psycho, he just wears a, an actual like face mask for beautification

Sidey: which one Version?

Pete: American psycho. Yeah. So it's more of a face peel, but I think it's actually,

Sidey: well, it'd

probably be called a Mar, but maybe MAs Q U E.

Pete: Ooh. Yeah. Is that,

Sidey: I think that's how

Dan: a maade

Sidey: for

cosmetic purposes. It's.

Dan: kind of mask as well. We

Pete: there is those. Yeah.

Dan: of those in

Pete: All killing Zoe and stuff.

Sidey: I've got like, just a couple more which was the sort of facial reconstruction mask from vanilla sky, but we didn't like that movie particularly. And then the Phantom of the opera mask is like probably one of the most iconic ones

Dan: Elon mask.

Sidey: Just not a huge fan.

What did you say

Dan: Elon mask?

Sidey: did you read about his old man?

Dan: No.

Sidey: He had a kid he's just had a kid with his stepdaughter who he raised from four years old. What the fuck? That is

Pete: his old, this is Elon Marcel, man. Yeah. And how old's he?

Sidey: A thousand?

It's fairly disgusting. And yeah, star, Lord and guardians galaxy has that one that he taps his face and it appears in front of

him. like,

Dan: he does? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: CGI

way, but that's maybe more than a mask. So I'm out.

Dan: Okay.

Pete: Okay.

Dan: I yeah, well, I, I saw a priest in a mask who threw some holy water at me.

I didn't know how to take it, Pete. It was a blessing in disguise, I suppose.

Pete: Jesus Christ.

Dan: The no, I've kind of run out. I was, I was wondering how Dar Vader ate with that mask as well. That was, you know, when you were talking force fed, I heard, and I I'm pretty much out of all the bad jokes. And that's brilliant.

And all my other ones, the purge was the one that I was looking for as

Sidey: Is that's training for hours of

Dan: so 24 hours, have you seen

Sidey: No, there's a series.

It's well, I

Dan: So I went into the purge without knowing anything about it. It was just like, watch it. And it was Kevin bacon, I think, in it, in the first one. And you think, oh, well, there's some credibility in it, you know, but he's, he's kind of a bit part character really.

And it's for 24 hours. The law is you can go and kill anyone you want.

Pete: Well, it's lawless, isn't

Dan: lawless. The law is there's no law. And and that you get loads of masks, just grinning at the doors of people. They've all got these mad security systems and it's the talk of the town and they wish each other, a good purge on a perfect day.

But it's the, it is the neighbors that, that tend to be after you, because you. Return their lawn mow or whatever. Yeah, it was and it is gone on and on this now I think there's another two or three since I've seen that one which I haven't caught up with, but this first one was, you know, you could even see their evil smiles almost behind the masks,

Pete: mm crazy times,

Dan: crazy

Sidey: Right. We had some listener nominations. Excellent. Which is good. Darren leafy mentioned the dark man sort of, he says he wore a synthetic skin to look like K dashing, dashing, Liam neon. Until his face melts breach. He, oh, I like this one. Mentions Enid from ghost world, which I dunno if you've seen that.

It's oh, what's her name, but it's also scar Hansen. It's also a graphic novel adaptation flash dance from Darren Leafly welded by day dancer by night film that we really loved dead. Man shoes has the gas mask.

that's great. Great shout. The pig

mask, Andy Conley mentions the pig mask from saw also the man in the eye mask Babyface killer mask from Hills run red.

I've not seen that rigs probably would know that one. And also Michael Myers. And we've also had Charlie bings mentioned the Phantom of the opera and also from the Hillary Duff Cinderella story, she is wearing the sort of eye mask in the kissing in the oh, you didn't watch it. Did you

Dan: No. No. I didn't see that one.

Sidey: When she meets face to face with the guy that she's been texting the whole time, they have a dance in this kind of gazebo thing, and she's wearing this it's a wedding dress, but also an eye mask to cleverly disguise her identity. So that one as well. That's a good one. So right.

Let's put our nominations in what you going for Pete?

Pete: Well, just to fuck down over, I'll go for the ex-presidents then. Nice.

Dan: Are you gonna go point break? Yeah. Okay. Put that one in. Yeah, that does fuck me over Pete. That's what I did that that's that's left me rattling pieces of paper now.

I think I will probably go for the man in the iron mask as a solid mask.

Pete: is very solid iron.

Sidey: I'm going for the gimp pop fiction. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Right. So we've got two more

Sidey: got space for two more. There's some strong ones there, but we'll just see what comes in over the week. And then we'll, we'll complete the list next, the list next week.

Pete: Cool.

Dan: Should we

talk about cheese,

Sidey: we've got

a, a real MGAs board

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: Of cheese. What was the, what was the origin of this cheese?

Dan: The, the, the origin was my mother's house yesterday. And we had a vast cheeseboard, which didn't get as demolished as I hope it might tonight.

Pete has made a good start on,

Sidey: gonna I am gonna get involved in cheese, but there's what looks like Stilton.

I think then there's something with, is it apricot in it?

Dan: I think it might be. Yeah.

Sidey: There's,

some black bomber, some Bri there's a whole sort of slew.

Pete: There's one with, they're basically all soft cheeses now because of the heat, but there was a hard cheese, a cheddar with onion in it, which is really good.

Like roasted onion in it.

Sidey: We've also got, because it's the cheese subscription week.

Pete: mm.

Sidey: We've got that and I've bought a blue what do you call it? F dophin wise. I keep saying, but it's not. But because we've got yet more fun to have in the man cave this week, we're gonna keep some cheese back for the weekend.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Special party cheese. We're we're

Dan: An overload of

Sidey: So there's that,

Pete: a, a debut cheese for, for this weekend, which is a smoked Northland. No idea what that's like, but we'll, we'll give it a, well, as well as SI's favorite

Sidey: Yeah. That's so

Pete: and, and another

Sidey: if we put that out tonight, that would, that, would've just,

Pete: wouldn't have stood a chance.

It would be immediately become a liquid and then a gas.

Sidey: Yeah.

So we don't want that to happen. And that segues very neatly into this week's movie, which is called, come on, come on.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And it's a movie that I was aware of and wanted to see for a little while, and then it appeared on prime much to my delight.

So I thought I'd nominate it. It's a Hakeem Phoenix

Dan: Is that what tickled your fancy about the film or with the

Sidey: not really. I just saw it and I was aware of what I thought the plot was, was, you know, him as an uncle looking after this lad and building a rap rapport and a relationship with this kid. And I thought, oh, that sounds like quite good fun.

I would like to see that missed it at the cinema. And now it was available to stream, so I thought, oh, let's get on it. So I chose it.

Pete: I just wanna say initially I genuinely did wonder at first, if it was like some kind of like Gary glitter film cuz of the karma and karma, I thought, oh, maybe it's like a film about his life, which would be quite controversial.

Sidey: it would've been a very different story yeah. To what we had here. So this is a, it's a black and white film as it turns

out. Yeah. Set. I mean, primarily a lot of it is in New York city. And it is, it is what I thought it was gonna be in a sense which is this guy looking after his nephew and building a road ship, but all the stuff around it, I wasn't aware of what it was gonna be like.

So that was, I was a little bit surprised when I started watching it. How it, how it sort of presents itself.

Dan: Yeah. So I

Sidey: expecting more of a buddy sort of like happy go lucky from, but it's not that

Dan: it's not, that is it. It is. It's very on a, is very honest and realistic, I guess, in it, in its approach, it doesn't try to make lots of happy stories up just, just to, to make the viewer like smile or whatever it shows you, you know, more of a, the, the relationship in a way that you can connect with the, the story between the uncle and his nephew and they're thrown together because the father has,

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: has some

Sidey: it's really, yeah. It's a story really about family, I

guess. And it's all the different relationships that go on within that family.

So you have wacking, Phoenix and his sister, and then there's the, the, you.

They don't the brother and sister, they don't get on at

least at first. Yeah. They're they're and, and you get to learn about what their relationship is and, and why it's strained. There's the relationship with the, their mother who, which is the crux of the, the falling out.

And then the Gabby Hoffman, what's her character's name? Viv. The sister's called Viv her relationship with her husband and then the thing with the kids. So it's all of this family dynamic that you're presented with and you get to learn all about them. And, and then, and that is it. The cast is it's very small and quite a lot of it takes place on the phone as well, which I


Dan: Particularly with his sister. Yeah. Because she can't be with him.

Sidey: I mean, it's sort of the block device of why he w in Phoenix's character is called Johnny's why he, why Johnny is looking after the, the lad. Yeah. Is because of her relationship with her ex-husband he has pretty severe mental health. Problems.


Dan: I think he's her current husband. Isn't it? I dunno if

Pete: No, they're they're estranged,

Sidey: separated

Pete: but obviously she has, she tries to maintain a relationship with him cuz obviously it's Jess, Jessie is the lad it's Jesse's father who is still an influence in, in Jesse's life. So she maintains a relationship with him. It seemingly he has nobody else. And so I think she still feels a sense of responsibility for him, even though they have seemingly separated, presumably because of

Sidey: yeah. I mean, I mean, like we're jumping ahead, but later on, certainly I don't know you, I don't know if you explicitly told that he's suicidal, but there's a scene where he's, he's being he's in an institution and he, the first thing he, and he says, yeah, I know.

And he takes his shoelaces out of his shoes. He's not, you know, he's,

Dan: he's been there before. Yeah.

Sidey: they gotta, they gotta watch him carefully. He's real, he's a risk, he's a

Pete: Suicide. And, and it's it's. And, and part of the, the relationship that you mentioned between the brother and sister to do with the mother, the mother has since died. Yeah. And you find out and you see through sort of flashbacks like her and her deathbed she's suffering with dementia or

Sidey: Yeah She's really something like She there's, A's a particular sequence where she's saying, oh, dad's coming to get me. And he Johnny is he's going along with it. His way of dealing with it is to sort of play along and say, okay,

Dan: her a few moments of happiness

Sidey: she's, you know, she's, this is, these are her last few days, months, weeks, whatever it is, let's like, try and make it, you know, and, but the sister Viv, she's like dead against, she's like what you doing?

You're making it really difficult. And so they, they they're at log HEADSS about how to deal with this incredibly difficult

Dan: situation. That's it?

Sidey: And so, you know, they, their relationship is really strained and, and pretty much broken down at this point. They don't, they don't talk, but at the, at the point where she needs someone to look after. Christ. What was his name?

Pete: Jessie,

Sidey: Yeah. When she needs someone to look after Jesse, the only person she can really reach out


is Johnny. Yeah. And we've, we've been shown the very, very sort of start of the film is him interviewing kids about what the future of the world is gonna be like, what, what their


Dan: because that's his job

Sidey: Yeah. He's a,

he's a radio journalist. And he's going around asking these kids, like, you know what, what's the, how do you see the world? Where's your place in it? What's gonna happen in the future. And he is getting all these different opinions about what's going on. And it's kind of like a, a radio journalism montage, but you kind of presented with him being around kids and talking to him.

And you think that, oh, he'll have it. He'll easily be able to bond with I just can't remember his name, Jesse. But it's not, it doesn't come that naturally

Dan: me. No, no. Which is why I'm saying it is, is honest because you know, you think about that relationship, a kid, you don't see that much, SIS, you don't see that much.

You are come and then into a situation where you are gonna be the primary carer for him. And you are not just gonna hold hands and go off into the sunset and you're gonna have a perfect relationship. You know, things you are interested in, they're totally not gonna be. And there was some really great scenes in the, in the rooms at night where he's kind of, they're brushing their teeth or they're playing little games or telling stories and things like that, where they're building that connection and that trust and, and that bond and, and Jesse really becomes to lean on him.

More and more because the, the situation with dad means that mom's gotta spend more time there. So.

hour into the film. He says, look, yeah. Okay, well we'll should have him, but immediately after that, there's another little blimp where he's he, he goes missing, doesn't he?

Sidey: Yeah. Well, it happens a couple of times, but the first time it's a prank.

He, he just hides

Dan: in a shop.

Sidey: And then it's like scare, but he's obviously terrified because he's looking after his sister's child. Yeah. They're kind of rebuilding their relationship because they have to and he's thinking, fuck, you know, I could have lost him there, you know?


Dan: I

Pete: I think the theme I, what I took from it was the theme of the film was that, that this Johnny who, I mean, he, he seems to have less reason to. Ongoing difficulties in his life than his sister, his nephew, and his brother-in-law albeit estranged. Cuz there there's obviously a, a lot of trouble in that sort of like family dynamic.

But Johnny himself seems to have difficulty like showing emotion and making his is referred to in the film. So he's not necessarily a people person, albeit his job is to go around interviewing people. He's comfortable doing it in a, in a professional environment. But when it comes to kind of family relationships and responsibilities and stuff like that, he's not really that bothered about it.

And it's the coming together of him and this son, who's obviously the, you know, the, the what's going on with his family, his parents, his dad especially is, is having a, an impact on him. And they, they're kind of like couple of like lost soul slash misfits who have come together. Like you said, in, in what you, you kind of like hoped or thought was gonna revolve into this like body.

Buddy film or whatever, but doesn't really kind of do that. They just interact with each other there's positivity and there, and there is, there are some, like, they break down some barriers and, and relax very much in each other's company. And they're, they're almost when it's on the, on like, sort of Jesse's terms.

And as you know, feeling with him as a child, Johnny seems to be able to do that, cuz he's used to working around children and stuff and he can, he can engage with him. But then when he needs him to be sensible and not muck about and not run off and do all the things like that, he becomes very frustrated with him for not like towing the line.

Sidey: Yeah. So what the catalyst is is that Johnny is able to help out temporarily, but then he's gotta go back to New York for work.

And he, he does say to Viv, he says, don't worry. I, I can look after him. You know, I can put work back a bit. I'll be able to help. I can, I can be here for the rest of the week. But he gets pressure from work. Say, no, no, we need you back. You've gotta come back and he says to Jesse you've ever been to New York, you ever been to New York city?

He's like, no. It's like, why don't you, why? You know, come back with me. And he's like, okay, great. But he hasn't asked the mum


that. yeah. So one of a million telephone calls in the film he says to me, well, you know, I've, how do you feel about him? I dunno, you know, clearly it's like, well, you haven't like told him already have you.

And he's like, she's like, well, you don't fucking ask the kid before you speak to the mother, you know? But anyway, it, it, it does go across to New York and that that's where their relationship they bond.

Pete: Well, initially Viv doesn't want him to go, but then, but then she realizes that that that's the only option.

And then she, she backtracks and, and goes, she's quite sort of, I dunno, she's quite sort of overbearing and, and obviously deals with things in a certain way. And you can see why there's been this clash with her, with her brother. And he's a little bit more kind of like devil may care. About stuff. It it's just, yeah, it's just a nephew, someone that he's reasonably familiar with just coming and staying with him for a bit, whilst they try and resolve their, their other issues.

Sidey: Yeah. He's got sort of vague ideas about being around a kid, but he is not a parent. He doesn't really have any experience with that. So the first thing he, when he comes down, when he is staying with Viv is she's just fucking gone out and left the kid on his own. And he's like blasting some music out or albeit classical, you know,

quite culture V and he's like, your mom, it's like, yeah, she's gone.

Dan: And they're all kind of situations where you might not have had that exact same, but similar, they're all stories. It's about life, really this film, it doesn't have anything it's, it's about listening to other people as much as anything else. And, and really trying to understand where they're coming from, tap into to how they feel.

And the kids got some great lines actually throughout this film and he, he delivers him brilliantly as well. I mean, I dunno if he won any awards, but I thought he was fantastic

Sidey: Yeah. He was actually English as well. So he was putting on an accent for the whole thing.

Was he? Yeah.

Dan: Which is even more impressive, cuz I didn't know that.

But yeah, you know, you, you just trying to absorb as much as possible there's. You know, these conversations going on and we'd all take them differently again, you know, because it's just that kind of way through your own filters. And that's what they're going through with life. And it's a million miles away from transporter three that we watched it for.


Sidey: Yeah. It's its quite different.


Dan: It was, quite a jump.

Sidey: There's I mean, you know, in terms of the film is quite a sedate pace in terms of it's about, it's about an hour 40 of film. Yeah. And it, and it is like quite conversational in terms of what goes on. Plot-wise in the film. It's not, it's just a few bumps in the road in terms of relationships.

It's not the sort of film that's gonna I DT know what the, what the right way. It's not gonna.

have you on the edge of your seat or

anything like that?


Dan: it may resonate with. With people more than others because there's, there are themes going through it about remembering things, you know, and about kind of having that those conversations with, with people at that time and how that made you feel, and that's important in your life, you know, and that connection at that time and everything.

And I think a lot of those themes are going, he obviously knows that one day Jesse's gonna go back. So he's trying to get this time and, and appreciate it as well. And as you said with his work, I think it, it helps him tune into

Sidey: he starts to bring Jesse on a few of his assignments and he shows him how to use and he lets him use the recording equipment.

And then there's quite a key one where Jesse just records himself. And that's where they come on. Come on. The title of the film comes from the sequence where he is. He's just chatting away. And he's, he's just saying like, You know what he feels about the stuff that's going on in his life. And he he's, he's just sort of, you know,

Dan: blah blah

Sidey: it out and but recording it.

And that obviously comes back at the end of the film. I, I have to say that for quite a bit of it. I was getting a bit fucked off with like the endless phone calls. Like it felt to me like every single time, like any microscopic fucking thing happened, let's phone your mom, let's phone, your mom. And I was just like, just fucking deal with it.

Like, you don't have to fucking ring someone. Like, I know you're not a parent, but still you must have some fucking idea how the world

Pete: so, so there's, there's two things here. One he's totally inexperience as a, as a, in a parental role.

Sidey: Everyone is

Pete: Okay. Until, until they have a kid, but this is not his kid.

This is his, this is his nephew, but two probably he's probably still got a bit of a flee in his ear from when he spoke to the kid and was like, oh, would you fancy come into New York? And she's given him a dressing down. She's very, she wants things done in a, in a particular way, all the time with the, with the mother when she's dying, obviously with, with Jessie, but like being her son and she, she wants things there's a certain way of going about things.

And so I kind of read a little bit into that, that he wants the kind of like, you know, validation from the mum at almost

Sidey: every step.

Yeah. I get what you're saying, but then when you're watching it as a film, he's like, oh, here we go.

Another fucking phone call where like, and then, oh, do you wanna speak to your mom? Or I need to speak to your mom. Let's speak to your mom. Speak to mom. I'll fuck off. Just fucking deal with it. Like at some point you're

Dan: have to, at one point he's actually on the phone and the kid goes missing and he's on the, and he goes, oh, look, now's not a good time. I bet call you back. And he heads off in the wrong direction.

And it's a busy kind of

Sidey: New I had a bit of anxiety about That one

Dan: I did, I was, that was kind of the moment. And he, he ran back the way in spots behind the bus and he describes it afterwards as he makes his kind of audio diary for his program afterwards. And he describes that moment, the bus just went. I shouted to him and, you know, it was wanted to, you know, you D whether to shake or scream or, or hug him or, or what to do.

And we've all, you know, I think any parents had that moment at some point where the kids just kind of run off and you're like, where are they? That, that panic. So for me, this film, there was an hour of it when maybe 45 minutes an hour went really quite quick. And I was really enjoying it along. But there was a few sticky moments where it just seemed to drag a little bit because there wasn't much plot.

It was all around the dialogue of the, the, the characters. There was a few moments like that where, you know, the anxiety ramped up a, a little bit, but nothing happened from it. It was, you know, they found each

Pete: well, it all kind of like eventually they, they have their interactions and, and their little journey and their stay in New York.

And so on. I, I kind of lost track of like how long that, that, that spell was, but it kind of culminates in that sort of final scene in New York where they, where they in the park or something like that. And,

Sidey: well, there's, there's a sequence where he's brought him a plane ticket to go home because the phone's through and says, oh, you know, your dad's, the doctor said he is okay to go home. You know, he'll be okay. You know, he's just like, he's medicated. And he would be able to look after himself to some

Dan: I wondered how long the time was because the weather got snowy.

Sidey: as well.

They've taken him outta school. And he there's, there's a bit where he's driving him to the airport and he says, I need to go for a poo.

And he just locks himself in the bathroom. He doesn't need to go. Poo just doesn't want to go back. Is it's. It's like. He's homesick, but also I think he's worried about going back because it's not a, it's not necessarily a, a perfect sort

Pete: is sad. Yeah.

Sidey: for a, for a kid.

He's obviously doesn't feel at ease. And he, and he has built up a relationship with Johnny. But yeah, then there's, there's that sort of sequence in the parks, like just fucking shout it's okay. Basically, you know, that thing where people it's okay to not be okay. And, and, you know, and that's a totally reasonable, you know, if you're not happy, that's a totally

reasonable like reaction and they start just screaming at each other.

It's really good.

Dan: nice scenes

Pete: and the scream, the screaming and the shouting then turns into kind of smiles

Sidey: Cause I can't tell you if you're laughing or crying. Yeah, yeah.

Dan: It's getting it out. Isn't it.

Pete: and really that that's, that's kind of the end of it. He then

Sidey: pretty much the

ation. Yeah.

Pete: He then goes back goes back home, but then they like the kind of like the, the final sort of scene shows that there's, there's gonna be an ongoing connection dialogue.

They're gonna, they're gonna connect with each other. And, and try and maintain this, this relationship as, as uncle and nephew on an ongoing basis.

Dan: And there, there was a few scenes where he's kind of reading from the internet, a staged a repair it's called, I think in one of the conversations he had with his sister said, you know, you'd done something there, maybe a trust issue there.

So you go through this kind of repair and he went through these stages and they kind of read their different parts. But the way that it was presented was just a really nice, clear way of getting your feelings out there and being totally not misunderstood in a child friendly way and real honesty from the adult as well saying.

Yeah, I'm, I'm sorry, cuz that wasn't good. And I should have told you

Sidey: this Yeah.

Dan: and that kind of

Sidey: Like Viv has to tell him, no, you need to be honest with him and explain that you were wrong or that you were scared, you were afraid and that's why you reacted that way. And he's like, oh, okay. I didn't realize that, you know,

Dan: know, you have to go through this.

Yeah. And, and I really enjoyed that. I thought that was a nice part of the film as well. Hour 40 probably

Sidey: was pushing it for me that,

Dan: yeah, little bit pushing it for me. I watched it in two parts because fell asleep. The first

Sidey: I was gonna say, I watched it in two parts. The bit I was asleep and the bit rise of weight,

Dan: Right. but there was for an hour, I really got into this and it just zipped along. And it was probably the first 30 minutes or so that I didn't really know where it was going, but once they got to New York and all that kind of scene, actually, and, and further beyond that, I, I enjoyed the scenes. I knew it wasn't gonna go far, as far as we weren't gonna see any action scenes or anything, and that it was all about the relationships and things.

And I enjoyed that.

Sidey: Did you want me to pee?

Pete: No, I thought it was fucking dreary really, honestly, really, really heavy weather the entire, the, the entire way through I, it was, I, I dunno why it was black and white someone would've to someone would've to tell me why that's really fucking like clever and cool and everything like that, but that made it look dull.

I thought that the whilst there was some interesting elements in the, you know, in, in the themes, in, in the film, it was, it was a really fucking dreary watch for me. It didn't leave me. I've I've seen other things like for this podcast and, and, and not like even like fucking Patterson, at least I came out of it feeling angry and, and like, and I didn't even feel anger.


It was a real struggle. One of the, like the, the, probably the film I struggled the most with in terms of engagement and interest and intrigue in any way. And I know, and, and I know this will get taken outta context. Like I, when, when he went missing, I was thinking like, fuck, something's gonna happen.

Some Stu just some stakes doesn't have to be a helicopter crashing into a building. It doesn't, doesn't have to be like that. Or machine gun. Doesn't have to be that at all. But something, some stakes, something a little bit more kind of like developed and interesting. And cuz you you're getting to know these people and wondering where it's gonna go.

And ultimately it doesn't particularly go

Sidey: I could tell from 10 minutes in, I could, I could have told you haven't seen no more than 10 minutes that that nothing will happen. This is just gonna be


Chit chat Chi chat. It's not the film that I was hoping to see when I had seen a few bits, like maybe did I see a trailer or did I just hear it a bit about it?

I say I with EP, I just found it like fucking, it was hard to engage with it. I just found it.

Boring frankly, and, and just fucking, really pretentious. I just like all these fucking new Yorkers phoning each other every five seconds. So, oh, fuck off. Like, it is not that hard. Just fucking like make a decision and fucking do something.

Everyone. You're a human being. Like, you know how to fucking interact with another human being, even though a kid fuck off, just found it. But fucking,

Dan: I like the, the uncle nephew dynamic and it made me think a little bit of like a Richard link later films, you know, where like before, but no, I really like them.

You see? So that you have these kind of dynamic conversations. Didn't think it was as strong

Sidey: And I, what I would say is I'm sure that there'll be people who really, who do like it and do like all that stuff. And it just isn't for me, you know, I was disappointed with it as a nomination of mine. I just thought, oh, this is fucking like 10 other films I could have picked there.

Would've been more fun. I just didn't really like it. I whacking Phoenix is interesting cuz I like him. I just don't. Necessarily like anything he's been in, I think jokers fucking overrated. I don't like him in glad air, all that stuff. I'm just like, nah,

Pete: God. Yeah. It's just still a good film.

Sidey: Yeah. Just he's the worst thing in it.

Right. I just, yeah,

Pete: I mean, he's, he's a good actor.

He is a good actor. I, I believe I've seen him in, I've seen him in things that, where I've hated the film, but I've liked his performance and like this, I mean, he's, he's, he's a, he's a strong actor. The kid's performance I thought was really good

Sidey: Yeah. And there was there like the bits where the kid goes missing and then the bit we haven't mentioned it, but there's, there's the thing at the end of the film where wacky Bennett listens back to the recording and, and, and he really starts to get the kid, you know, and then that was quite touching.

And the bit we saying, he's hearing back the, come on, come on speech. And, and I like, I did like that. That was a nice moment. But ultimately I just, I didn't like

it I didn't down.

Not only, you know, I didn't, I didn't enjoy it. I didn't love it. I just didn't fucking like it. I, there was nothing in it for me really to hook onto

Pete: that's it? I, I just think, you know, would I watch it again? No.

Would I recommend it to anyone? No. It, yeah, it was a bit of a waste of my time in all honesty, but


Dan: Yeah. Well, I took a, I took

Pete: watch these things.

Dan: I, I took a bit more from it than, than both of you did. As I said, a bit sticky for me in patches, but it was good 45 minutes an hour that I really enjoyed it. I know that's not the whole film, but you know, you get, you give and take, but I like the relationships.

I like the way that I like the, the black and white. I like the, the cinematography, to be honest, I thought that was beautifully shot. And it set some, some really nice scenes. Maybe the, the story could have just had a little more to it, or the, maybe the conversations just had a little more on them.

Because it was around, you know, there was enough around the plot with the relationships and things, but it was very subtly done. Maybe also with a black and white, you know, it's not that, that colorful, it was just what it was. And it wasn't even a, really a black and white. It was almost like a. A CPR kind of, it wasn't quite black and

Sidey: white.

The budget

for, it was just a shade over 8.3. Sorry, the budget for it was just a shade over 8 million, right? 8.3, it came out. What do you reckon box office?

Dan: I reckon that it probably made money through the fact that working Phoenix is a draw.

Sidey: Well, you'd be dead wrong down because it only made 4.4.

Dan: Ah, there I am.

Pete: that doesn't come as a big surprise to

Sidey: No, because I, I, I think even, you know, people go see it. It's not gonna generate a huge amount of buzz, you know, after you go

Pete: when you said at the beginning, oh no, you know, I missed this at the cinema. Oh fucking hell. I, I don't think I'd have made it through, through sitting at the cinema

Sidey: in the multiplex.

Pete: because you go at the cinema for the big screen and like, like the I'm not particularly like artistic or appreciative of, of, you know, like the camera work and all the lighting and stuff like that.

It, it kind of, most of that passes me by none of that. Would've had an impact on me and, and it definitely wouldn't be something I would ever choose to go to the cinema and watch,

Dan: a command command, pat, double feature.

Pete: Jesus. I'd thought about this. I

Dan: with, with a brighten, someone put a brighten rock twister.

Pete: if someone put a gun to my head and said, yeah, to watch one of those two again, I'd probably watch Patterson one because it's at least it's in color.

Sidey: You're just hating now on black and white films for no,

Pete: No, no, no, not necessarily, but why is it? Why is it black and white? I understand that I don't hate all black and white films. Cause there was a point in time where all films were black and white cuz they had to be. And that doesn't sort of like diminish their kind of like their quality or anything.

But in 2021, I think this was made. Why someone would've to sit me down and explain why it was in black and white. Like

Sidey: I just saw the first bit, it was in black and white and I never thought about it again.

Pete: Yeah. It, it like you, you said, I can't remember the word now. Like pre pretend you said

Sidey: I thought it was pretentious,

Pete: it seems like a pretentious choice.

It's like, oh, we'll make it in black and white, but, and then again, oh, if you don't know, if you don't know why, cuz you are fucking stupid, the jokes on you kind of thing. No, it, it seemed like,


Sidey: Yeah.

The film, the film was dedicated to Devonte Bryant, who was one of the students that Johnny was interviewing at the start.

Cause they was killed sadly in a, a shooting,

Pete: Well the actual.

Sidey: one of the, one of the guy, one of the,

Pete: of the actual children,

Sidey: children, eh,

Pete: Fucking

Dan: There were some touching moments when they interviewed the kids. Cause you felt they were genuine

Pete: Yeah. I didn't know if

Sidey: yeah.

I thought that was probably what they, those kids thought, you

know, true, true facts

Dan: almost documentary

Sidey: warming and shit.

Pete: I thought that that was gonna play more of a part. It like, again, this kind of like commentary of, you know, how kids view their cities and homes in America.

Sidey: been more interested in

Pete: that exactly. I thought there were, there were things in it that the relationship, this kind of like, but it doesn't have to be a body comedy or that doesn't have to be,

Sidey: that's what I thought it was gonna be.

Pete: Yeah. Like, but something that's like almost like endearing and, and like, you know, I don't mind things. I don't have to be funny. There can be like sweet and, and Bri, like, I mean, it did make me think totally different reason, but our nephew from Hong Kong got stuck in Jersey for four months over COVID and he was living with us.

And, you know, English, isn't his first language and, you know, there would've been some challenges and everything and, and, and he'd already been struggling a bit because of COVID and being basically fucking locked in a very small, like place for a long period of time, you know, but, you know, he came over and, and enjoyed himself and he was very kind of like Hardy and it, and it was, it was a fun time for him.

And he was a bit gutted when he was leaving, even though he hadn't seen his parents for four months, but it didn't even kind of like, make me relate to that, you know, it was just, yeah, it just kind of like, it was flat

Sidey: The kids show this week. I, I nominated this a little bit late on in the, in the week. I apologies for that chaps, but it was the cup head show. I thought that it was the cuted show then a video game, but it turns out, and that's not the case. It, the video game then I can't the

series. What we

watched, we

Dan: you played the, the

Sidey: video game?

No, I haven't. No, no,

Pete: Have you

Dan: no, never. I'd never even, I wasn't aware of Cuphead. Before today

Sidey: we, I put us kindly in at series one episode one. Yeah. But,

Dan: give us some background

Sidey: I don't, I dunno how much backstory we actually got. It would just launch straight into this dynamic of two.

Characters with cups four heads

And they're, they're sort of given chores by

Teapop to paint a fence. Basically they're sent out, they've got chores to do, go and paint the fence, which they attempt to do with a cannon full of

Dan: well, they, they have a go and they realize it's too, too slow and they're not gonna have any fun with adventures that day.

So I think it's Cuphead. Cuz there's mug man mug

Sidey: mug, man. Yeah. And

Cuphead. Yeah.

Dan: So mug man seems to be the sidekick yeah. Cup. Head's the, the one that,

Sidey: it's the ring

Dan: yeah, he's, he's firing the cannon, a cannon at this Wicker kind of fence or this wooden fence. And he's put too much gun powder in and the kettle just walks through the door at the wrong time.

And it soaks in Peter he's covered in white stuff. He's he's

Pete: We've all, we've all been there.

Sidey: see his immediate reaction. We just see them now walking down the road and they, they mention that he was really like, nonplused about that whole thing. Yeah.

Pete: It's probably worth saying, you guys are talking to me, like, I didn't watch this and that's because I didn't watch

Sidey: this.

No, you forgot.

Pete: I totally forgot to watch it. I was gonna make a nasty Quip about saying after Saudi's main feature nomination or refused to watch anything else with it, but that isn't true at all. I just totally forgot to, to watch it. I did watch the it's like the intro, like the theme music kind of intro traily type bit.

It's a, it's just, it's a weird sort of aesthetic. Yeah. Because like the two main characters, the very kind of like early Mickey mouse kind of

Sidey: that a hundred percent? yeah.

Pete: Sort of,

Dan: I like this. I mean,

Pete: yeah, it looked like visually, it looked quite

Dan: the beginning, it, you kind of have an owl on a tree and it opens up into the, through the forest and it goes into

Sidey: it has, you know, when you see something presented as being old and it's got the sort of fake, like distortion on the pitch picture,

like little, like little discoloration and the little pots it's got that


Pete: little kind of like squares of white in the eyes to kind of.

Like yeah. Like bring him to life

Sidey: meant

Pete: like that. Yeah.


Sidey: to look old. So yeah, they've, they've really like dropped the ball on this painting chore. So they, but basically they just go off to the, I wanna say fun, fair, but


Dan: well, they go to the shop. But then they get diverted to the car, evil,

Sidey: key. It's not fact it's a con.

Dan: evil, evil.

Pete: Oh,


Sidey: Okay.

And the light even goes off on the sign on the

Dan: the car.

Sidey: So, you know, this is

Pete: bad, bad times.

Sidey: So they they're just sort of mooching about, and we just get a montage of them going on roller coaster after roller coaster eating, like just like forcing junk food down the fur, do that a couple of times vomiting.

And then it's feel like they've kind of finished, but then they're like, oh, there's, there's a few like, you know, games of chance. So the ball game into the whole

Dan: and

Sidey: it's called soul game or soul ball or something like

that. Yeah. Soul

Dan: ball

Sidey: seems a bit weird. There's a few other games going on and they also have soul in the title.

And so you're thinking, Hmm. Okay. So he's cup, HEADSS doing it. And he, he doesn't miss does.


Dan: nailing it every single time winner

Sidey: dart against Dan just bulls after balls after bullseye. But we do see some people miss and their soul

Dan: gets sucked right out of them.

Sidey: It's pretty fucking

Dan: the whole, because the whole becomes like a, a vacuum that pulls their soul.

Sidey: So we see, we see an oldy worldy kind of telephone, you know, the ones where it's like a stick where you take the handset. And like that visual is really great for a podcast that we see lose a game of soul ball. So he loses his soul. And then we get a view around the can't eval to see that there's actually fucking loads of people who've had their souls taken.



Dan: kind of gray and disfigured, no life in

Sidey: yeah, their sort of life force, if you want. And there's a pig, it's even a pig trying to eat a hot dog and he can't, he can't do it cuz he's

lost it's to smash his face

Pete: It's quite heavy

Sidey: It's quite full on because, but what happens now, Pete is we go beyond, we go through, yeah.

We go

Dan: we break the fourth

Sidey: through the membrane into what lies beyond the soul game and we go basically to hell and the devil is there and he does a sing song about collecting souls and he is, got all his henchmen


Dan: does a sing song. It's cab, Callway basically mini the Ture, but he's, he's

Pete: What does the devil look like?

Dan: He looks like one of those really

Sidey: like gangly

Dan: gangly


Sidey: for tail horns,

Dan: classic devil. But similar to that style of. Mickey mouse on, you know Steamboat, Willie, that kind of thing. Wasn't it. He's, he's got that movement in his arms and everything. Very,

Sidey: But he's, he's less enthused when he realizes that.

Because there's, there's a whole mechanism bringing all these souls down and a counter, which is fucking whizzing around like going crazy for the amount of salts taken that stops. It looks like there's nothing coming through the machine. It's like the fuck's going on. It's got a Periscope, but he like pokes up and he looks out and he can see that cut head is just winning constantly.

He's not, he's not loses constantly getting the

Dan: what he's winning though. He

Sidey: Yeah. He doesn't get


other than he doesn't lose his soul

Yeah. And it's just going like constantly anyway, that he throws, like he does all these kind of elaborate ways and he constantly is winning until the point that mark man nudges him, cuz he sees the devils like, fuck, he sees what's going on.

That causes him to lose. And he loses his.

but that it doesn't, they don't draw that out at all. It just, it barely goes in the machine. Mark man brings it back and they go on this, go on the run while devil just repeatedly shoots at them. And in the end, what they do is they get him to shoot at them whilst they're in front of the machine, get out the way, misses it blasts into the machine, destroys it and then releases all the souls of

everyone in the can evil that he had taken

Dan: and the pig gets his soul and he can

Sidey: yeah But did you see

Dan: the hot dog

Sidey: gets, yeah.

So like inferring that the hot dog had played the game and lost its

Dan: Yeah. And then got

Sidey: was really

Dan: the, the pig. Yeah, there was all kinds of weirdo stuff coming along here, but it was it, I really enjoyed the, the animation and the music. And I, I like this one, I

Sidey: the animation style was, was cool.

And it just ends with the mug, man. They're just sort of going back to their painting thing and he goes, and they're just talking. He goes,

and you owe the devil your soul. It's like, and then they carry on a bit. He goes, yeah, but you owe the devil your soul. And that's how it ends. Just him just saying you owe the death of your


Dan: So I dunno whether that is

Sidey: sinister for a

Dan: I dunno if that's

Pete: cliff hanger,

Dan: that's the, the video game after my research is that they have to, the idea is that the devil has their soul and they have to get it back.

That's the video game. So I dunno if that's starting then it is gonna become more important if you watch more episodes that he realizes, oh, I've got a, you know, little adventures to eventually get his soul back. I dunno,

Sidey: visually and artistically, I think there's a lot of effort, a lot of care and, and love has gone into the way it looks and it, and, and it is, it is a like a throwback style. But also it does look pretty, pretty spectacular. I would say


they were going for that kind of zany, like madcap red and stumpy thing where it's not quite as out there as red and Stuy, but, but getting onto that to the point where like really heightened sort of sound effects for certain things and stuff like that.

And for me, it just fell short. I didn't like it as much as any of that stuff. I just didn't think it, it hit as well as those, but it was alright.

Dan: It was, it wasn't a cracking opening episode, but there was enough in the animation the music and the characters that, you know, I think the is probably gonna get better. I think, you know, it's harsh to, to judge this on this one thing back

Sidey: 12 minutes.

long as well.

Dan: So I, I would, you know, before I would say

Sidey: probably worth


Dan: I, yeah, I'd watch another,

Pete: and it doesn't sound like one that resets every week that

Dan: I don't know that, you know, I, I don't know. I think that it probably has a running theme through it, but It would be, it'd be more interesting to see maybe another episode or something.

I watched her with my daughter

Pete: say either

Dan: and, and yeah. And she, she was engaged the whole way through it. Because I turned off something of hers to watch it than

Sidey: had no choice.

Dan: she was less in it from the beginning, but it kind of went her over. But it did mean that she turned it off as soon as she could.

Sidey: Cool.

So like a partial hit.

Dan: Yeah, I think so.

Sidey: right? Triumphant trio.

Dan: Yes. Like been like the, the marathon disab or something in here today.

Sidey: It's really hot.

Dan: ear, sweat, the back sweat, the, you have tougher than

Pete: not dropped be beneath 29 degrees. It's now half past 10. It's still 29

Dan: Hottest place in the world today.

Sidey: I don't have a list of nominations for next week. I don't even know who's nominating, but we can, we can sort that out.

Midweek. I didn't really like anything that I nominated this week particularly.

And the kids thing was the

Dan: We we haven't had many strikeout weeks like that for all of

Sidey: I think it's probably the worst.

Dan: Well, I enjoyed the transporter for the

Sidey: Yeah You both like that

Dan: And

Sidey: just me. It's just me that didn't like

Dan: and I'm pretty sure res would've enjoyed.

Come on, come on. I think he's got that

Sidey: yeah I think

reeds, would've got a kick outta that. Yeah,


Pete: he's an asshole.

Sidey: Yeah. Well we'll have to see where maybe he'll watch it while he is away.

Pete: Masks was a good topic.

Sidey: Yeah, I thought, I thought that was, that was probably the highlight of my week. So we'll find out what we're gonna do next week, but until then, all that remains is to say Sidy, signing out,

Dan: stay called.

Dan's gone.

Pete: A feeder in.