Aug. 26, 2022

Day Shift & Pingu

Day Shift & Pingu
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Dan had at least three different attempts to define a Top 5 this week proving just how desperately in need of rebooting this part of the show is, finally settling on the Top 5 Bands for us to discuss.
DAY SHIFT is Netflix's latest exclusive and is produced by the 87Eleven team, creators of the JOHN WICK franchise and the recently reviewed on this very podcast NOBODY. Stunt coordinator JJ Perry makes his debut with this action comedy in which pool cleaning vampire hunter Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) has a little over 48 hours to make $10,000 in order to pay for his daughter's braces and tuition fees or his ex-wife will go to live with her mother in Florida. At the request of cowboy legend Big John (Snoop Dogg) Bud is given one last chance by The Union, a secret underground group of bounty hunters the scale and reach of which seems to change between scenes, and is joined in the unexplainedly lucrative vampire teeth hunting game by officious jobsworth Seth (Dave Franco) as comic relief and just how much hilarity ensues depends on how funny you think it is that he pisses himself in fear and makes for a slightly rubbish vampire when he gets turned in the final act (SPOILER ALERT). Meanwhile real estate agent Audrey San Fernando has Bud in her sights whilst she plans to establish a new paradise for her kind right in the LA valley.
Plot out of the way let's talk about the action which is really what this is all in service of and is frequently beautifully shot, with a mixture of long takes and still cameras in which we can admire the physicality of the stunt team, and insane video game inspired camera moves.  A midpoint action scene involving Scott Adkins and Steve Howey as The Nazarian brothers is a standout and involves vampires bursting through the walls and ceiling of a house, often caught by shotgun blasts and being sent back through the air in a completely different direction, Adkins using wooden stakes as num-chuks, a man decapitated using a television and a woman fighting using only her legs with kitchen knives in between her toes. Later a thrilling sequence in which Bud and his daughter Paige are pursued after leaving a birthday party begins and is full of inventive use of drone footage and video game references.
Given all of the cool people involved, the fact that its well-crafted, well shot action genre fare with a blue collar protagonist and a story about creating power through gentrification, I feel I should love this more than I did but there's something which feels so forced about the world building in DAY SHIFT that it somehow feels like less than the sum of its parts. There is little to get behind in terms of characters, the final temple looks like it was built on the set of a children's tv gameshow, the actor who plays Audrey has no screen presence at all and the dialogue is frequently abysmal. Like the MEN IN BLACK reboot or the absolutely awful R.I.P.D with more beheadings. Don’t get me wrong I would watch the sequel and its precisely the sort of ridiculous high concept mashup thing – John Wick with vampires – that I want Netflix to lean into but given the talent involved I hoped for more than just great stunts and tolerable entertainment.
Swiss German emperor penguin PINGU hides a letter in this week’s kids tv offering in an episode titled, appropriately enough, "Pingu Hides a Letter". It has an adorable look using replacement (as opposed to stop) animation, a distinctive invented Penguinese language which conveys conversation as accurately as if the characters were speaking English and portrays child behaviour realistically so characters occasionally do things that they shouldn't like hide letters or in one case, turn into an aggressive shape-shifting monster. Pingu's sister is called Pinga which according to my brief research is both Spanish slang for a penis and Aussie lingo for MDMA.


Day Shift

Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review. It takes time to reveal its profundity. Even though that was writer Dave Simpson talking about NASA's sonification of the pressure wave sent out by a black hole in the Peries cluster this week. I think we can all agree. That's equally true of this regularly shambolic Indy podcast, in which a bunch of mid aged men talk about movies, like so much raw sewage being pumped onto Britain's beaches. Did you see that thing about NASA is like translated the ripples made by pressure weight from a black, black hole and gases to create a noise.

Dan: I've read the headline, but I didn't click on

Sidey: what does it say?

Reegs: What does it say? Well, it doesn't say anything. It's just a kind of droning noise. If I had to describe it, I'd say it was like the combined voices of thousands of tortured souls being slowly drawn into a lake of burning fire.

Yeah, check it out. Moving on and this week show find out which band we're gonna choose. As we discuss the top five bands in movies, then co-host Dan offers up the Netflix Jamie Fox vampire action blockbuster day shift for us to get our teeth into little. Before we take a look back at one of my personal favorite flightless aquatic birds poo in our kid's TV section all that's left is to introduce the dad, starting with a man whose best days are so far behind him.

He's almost starting to lap himself and caught back up with him. Dan

Dan: Oh,

Reegs: and, and a man who I don't think of is an ugly person. More like a beautiful chimpanzee it's Sidy and there's myself re hello.

Dan: Hey

Sidey: I was gonna make a chimpanzee noise, but I couldn't do it.

So I'll just say hello.

Dan: Yeah. You've been watching anything this week side and it's

Sidey: I was racking my brain cause I'm sure there was something, but all I can think of is the homework at the moment.

Reegs: Yeah. LA's story

Sidey: LA story, which you can listen to us chat about in our mid weeker. That was good segue. But no, I, I dunno.

I watched, I watched some football matches, but that's not really relevant.

Dan: Yeah. And that's kind of all, I remember getting my teeth into as well. I did watch a little more of that Lucifer kind of burning off it now. I think the, the initial excitement is, is dying down. He's

Reegs: realizing what a piece of shit is now.

Dan: Yeah. Kind of, but I always knew that it was it's. It was, it was always a bit of a guilty pleasure. So uh

Sidey: feel guilty

about liking something unless it's kid fucking

Dan: exactly. Oh, sure. That that's true. That's true. But yeah, it's it's one of those things that you, you know, don't wanna shout. It just seems not really that cool, but I dunno, I, I really liked it.

Sidey: New game of Thrones thing died last night. Did anyone see that?

Reegs: No, I'm gonna watch it though.

Sidey: Yeah. So will I,

Reegs: it Patty Conine

and Matt Smith

Sidey: Smithers. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: What is it? Is

Sidey: house of dragons?

Dan: Okay. Yeah, they played the advert for that. I didn't get into

Sidey: it. Yeah. It started last night.

Dan: night. Why? Oh, okay. Yeah. Are they bringing out a new one or is it just talking about the old stuff?

Sidey: In English. it's a new series prequel of like hundreds of years before the events of game of Thrones. So

Dan: that

actually kind of acted. Oh, right. I thought it was a

Sidey: game actually.

No, it's real. a game show.

Dan: Cause when they, there was a thing called house of dragon and they talked about it that I'm getting well confused. Can you remember

Reegs: Remember

Sidey: we secretly drinking before we got

Reegs: not secretly.

Sidey: No, this is a live action. Television show set is about the Arians. And it's set, I think a couple of hundred years, 300 years, something

like that before the

Dan: I didn't pick that up at all from the

Sidey: Well, that's part of the thing. So I remember. The anticipation for like series four or five, six of game of throne were like massive. You could wait. And this one's just like crept along. And you're like

Reegs: I feel a bit like that about all the big budget stuff, the Lord of the rings thing as well. That's

Sidey: I'm sorry for that.

Reegs: I, I just, yeah, there's no TV that I'm really looking forward to at the moment.

Sidey: sand man's supposed to be really good, but I've not got into it



Oh, well,

Dan: well, yeah, there are a few things just kind of dangling out there looking tempting, but yeah, you gotta, you gotta beware what you choose I've learnt.

So , we've had this top five bands that, that don't tour record or, or even exist, but do we slightly change the criteria in

Sidey: the

no, we didn't, but we do have a top five from last week, which was about the poll bureau or police people, if you're that way inclined.

Reegs: We had Sergeant Danny, what's his chops from hot fuzz.

I don't even think we mentioned him.

Sidey: that was Pearcy I

Reegs: Pearcy sent that and what's his name? I wanted to call him blanche flower,

Sidey: I wanna say Butterworth,

Reegs: like that. Who else

Sidey: did police? Constable Danny Butman. Butman not Butterworth Butman

Reegs: yeah.

Oh, he's Butman

Sidey: He does the, and the GIF actually that Pearcy attached is the fence gag that they redo and all the , but he just piles straight through it and he has loads of great lines in it.

Nick Ross's best work, I think.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe

Reegs: wait, should we, should that be it? It's

Sidey: a great shout. That is great. Shout. And

it's in.

it's in, in like Flynn

Reegs: Thanks. PCY oh and we saw him on his bike as well. That

Sidey: He's got a new Brompton now, like a fold up bike. They really cool. Yeah. Yeah. So that was nice. Cause I tweeted it all photo Pete and I, cause we went out on a cute lunch date.

Dan: Oh, right. Yeah. And he got a foldaway

Sidey: Yeah. And he, and he said, hi. And also Darren, I think

Reegs: Yeah. He was in a year

Sidey: slid into our not DMS. Not really in any case let's crack on the show.

Reegs: Yeah. So top five bands.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: We landed on bands after hats,

Reegs: hats. We'd done that. Birds,


We'd done that bikes. We've done that.

Sidey: Yeah. And so then we got to made up bands

Reegs: Well bands. It was just bands.

Sidey: No, I

think it was no, I don't

Dan: think originally it was fake bands

Sidey: Yeah. Originally it was,

Dan: lived like that for it lived like that. Back

Reegs: through the chat says

Sidey: going, I'm going back to,

the chat.

Reegs: I,

Dan: I think I said bands and you said fake

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: then it lived like that for like a week

Sidey: And that's what we tweeted. So that's what it

Reegs: okay. Alright. Okay. Well we'll, we'll see.

Dan: Let's see how far we can push the boundaries. Okay.

Sidey: Well

I have to say that fake bounds as per the tweet has got quite a bit of traction with people giving us nominations.

So that's That's

good. Fun in any case. So Dan, why don't you,

Dan: I should

Sidey: play the first tune.

Dan: I

should play the first one. Okay, well I'm gonna go hard. They got soul is a 16 year old vocalist. Commitments.

Sidey: Oh, what a fucking bag of shit.

Dan: What a movie, what a great band as well. I mean is fantastic.

You don't lie this movie?


Reegs: as well.

Sidey: There was some chat about this being a nomination a while back. And I think I said I would not take part in that episode.

Dan: Well, I, I don't get you because I think this is absolutely brilliant. And yeah, it's the story of the hardest working band in the world.

It's it's managed by a guy a young guy who brings in all these different musicians to try and get him gigs and dreaming of the big time. And it, it was, you know, all, all filmed. Kind of almost documentary style in the, in the, in the recording of the music, you know, it was done this really live style.

So it gave a lot of energy into the film. I watched it as a kid and I've watched it a couple of times since. And yeah, I really like

Reegs: it. It's been a while

Dan: the soundtrack. I think the

Reegs: Andrew's strong, the vocalist, I think he was only 16 when when they made it.

Dan: She's nuts So,

So that's me. I'm gonna put that one down.

That's the marker set. The first tune has been played.

Sidey: Rick

Reegs: Well, my first band is the elastic band which was painted in the UK in, in, in 1845. Would you know

Dan: are, you are pushing the boundaries.

Reegs: I've gone for Memphis, bell Dexy Danny's lucky rubber, red, rubber band that he twangs and he loans it to Eugene.

Do you remember this film? Memphis bell.

Dan: Yes,

Sidey: Saw this at cinema.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: yeah,

Yeah, yeah, So it was pretty hard finding elastic bands. One thing I noticed, right. Cuz there was another one there's in taken three there's a character played by Forrest Whitaker and he's got one that he like, he twangs a rubber band around his wrist when he's nervous, like

Sidey: oh, like a fidget thing.

Reegs: Well basically training yourself to use physical pain, to distract yourself from what's happening. So teaching yourself to self-harm which is good. So yeah, lots of other unpleasantness like that. So loads of people in movies, twanging elastic bands.

Dan: Yeah. I hadn't really thought of it like that, but you're right.

You're dead, right? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So that's

Sidey: Well, I've got a musical one. Also this was nominated by.

Brey, but this was the first one I thought of when we were talking about bands. It's Ming tea from the Austin Powers movie.

Dan: Ah yeah. Right.

Sidey: They do the song BBC, BBC seven, BBC heaven. I think they're screaming. Shout. The reason it cropped up is because there's a nice bit of trivia around it. It's Susanna Hoffs is in this band.

You may remember her from such bands as the Bangals, right. She's

unfucking, believably hot.

And the connection is that her husband is the director of the first Austin Powers movie. And I think they did perform a few gigs and maybe even record or she and someone else from the band recorded an album of tribute songs. Yeah, her husband was Jay Roach. I believe who's the director of

Reegs: Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: So yeah, the scene where Austin is singing and the band is rocking out in the background, that's her playing the guitar.

Super hot. Super cool.

Yeah huh?

Yeah. Big, big fan. I like the band bangers. Cool. As well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, I I've got one. The Orban.


Who are our well, the ni list in big Lebowski. And obviously they're just had their, their technol pop going on or whatever it was,

Sidey: it's U Kule KFA and France.

Dan: Oh, is that the right?

Sidey: members. Yeah.

Dan: Oh, fantastic. Yeah, they were they kind of appear in the carpark. And John Goodman, he's just saying he's nothing to be afraid of.

Here's not gonna be

Sidey: afraid

Johnny. These men are ni us. There's nothing to be afraid of.

We want the fucking money lap


Dan: they come a Cropper. Thanks to Walter.

Sidey: He just wings, the bowling ball at him.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: At Lisa had an ethos, but

Dan: well, you don't get to see him perform. But you do get that kind of

Sidey: of

do we see one of their

albums in Ward's apartment when he is flicking through?

Reegs: Yeah, we do. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Donny, Donny tragically has a heart attack during the confrontation. Yeah. Which really said it's tap Cho in.

Dan: Yeah.

And this singer songwriter is called Amy man, and she cameos it. A girlfriend of the band who chopped her own toe off

Sidey: that's right. Yeah.

Reegs: It who

Dan: the

Reegs: the Amy man. Yeah. I always thought that was Tara Reed.

Sidey: No, the blonde girl from a band. Who's who's not really, she's one.

She's where they

Dan: has to chop

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: the toe.

You want a toe?

Reegs: yeah, I can get you a to Yeah. Nice. Well, I went for a band aid.

it so in pulp fiction, famously Marcellas Wallace has on the back of his neck and it's spawned, you know, it's never like explained in the movie where he does.

It's just a little detail. It was probably something innocuous. Like he nicked his head

Sidey: a car

Reegs: like but it spawned a whole load of ridiculous fan theories that tied into the briefcase and loads of other shit. Yeah. So yeah. Bandaid,

Dan: bandaid.


Sidey: I've got a TV series for you Buffy the vapi player, which I'm big fan of

big, big fan of there's a band that plays regularly in the bronze. The bronze is the, I wanna say like underage disco thing. It's just a, like a coffee shop slash turns into a kind of nightclub where bands perform and Oz.

Who's played by Seth green who

Reegs: now

Sidey: will try and sell you NFTs

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: online. There's someone else in my list. Who does that as well?

Reegs: Smith, huh?

Sidey: No, it's his band is called Dingo, ate my baby. And they're pretty mediocre,

frankly. And he's kind of bit emo playing guitar in the band. He doesn't sing, he just mops about playing guitar and dates Willow, who I was pretty jealous cause I re fancied her.

But dingos eight, my baby's pretty cool name.

So there it going in

Dan: California dreams. Saved by the bell. Just another TV, one you remember,

Reegs: saved by the bell? Yeah. What, there was a band wait, who was

Dan: they were called California dreams.

And that was they were

Sidey: was Zach

Dan: all in the band or something. Weren't

Reegs: who did, who, who was what I can't I, yeah. Yeah. Elizabeth Berkeley of the other one.

Tiffany, Amber

Dan: they're all in the in the hangout Sharkies and they all hang out there and they, they were band red play in the, in their,

Reegs: I'm struggling to remember that I did watch probably all of saved by the bell pretty

Dan: Well, notable tracks included California dreams, and everybody's got someone,

Sidey: I thought the band had a different name.

Dan: Well, not according to my research, but let's see, it was an NBC show, 1990s. And it was, yeah, it was, it was

Reegs: good one.

Dan: In a

Sidey: the band was called Z attack

attack. Yeah

Dan: Oh, right. Well, there you go.


and I, California dreams must just the

Sidey: bit the song hit. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It was such a big hit. I got confused. Yeah. Yeah. So big in my house.

Sidey: Bigger than that time.

Dan: large.

Reegs: Well, I'm a big fan of the Bandier.

Sidey: I don't

even know what that is.

Reegs: well, you back up from, from star wars wears one. In fact, it's basically the only thing he wears.

Sidey: So it's the ammunition sort of belt. Yeah. Right. Okay.

Reegs: So animal mother from full metal jacket wears one.

Sidey: must be

Reegs: Yeah, a lot of Bandier stuff going on in platoon westerns as well. I was trying to think. Does Clint wear a Bandier at one point I can't

Dan: You got any marching bands? There's

Reegs: hang on Dan. It gets quite desperate. Bebo and rock steady as well. I remember them from the teenage meeting initially, they, they, at least one of them had a band Alia,

Dan: Oh, you you're, you are you're nicking out. Top five bands that aren't bands.

Sidey: Another TV one. Do you remember the band that featured in arrested development?

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Dr. FI's a hundred percent natural. Good time family band solution.

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: yeah, they were really great. the band members were Tobias Fuke who's obviously the, the mainstay of it.

Lindsay blue Fuke and maybe Fuke they had a tie in with some, let's say alternative medicinal remedies and they would go around playing at these conventions, this fucking dreadful, like folky

crap music.

It's really just all about the band name. Dr. Fuko is a hundred percent natural. Good time family band

Reegs: Which series is that? Because

Sidey: two or three.

Reegs: well that's right in the high point.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's one of those series that they tried to revive it on Netflix and it was just really. Not good.

Reegs: they kind of shouldn't have bothered.

Should they?

Sidey: They, no. And it was like, oh, we've got everyone back. And you're like,


Reegs: They didn't though, really? Because a lot of people, they couldn't put together at the same

Sidey: time, Yeah.

And even, even series three, cause it had been canceled. It kind of faded out, but series one, two, like 10 out tens. Real good.

Dan: Well Eddie Murphy's coming to America. Of course he got actual chocolate. Yeah. And that's kind of the, the pride of the Jackson Heights area and he's.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: What was he Randy Watson,

Reegs: Do they all have the soul glow?

Dan: Probably I can't remember much about the band to be honest, but he just gets on with his band, which is sexual chocolate and, and starts giving this horrible kind of rendition of Whitney.

Houston's greatest love of all. He's the degree

Sidey: Have you heard any of Eddie Murphy's actual music?

Dan: No,

Sidey: he does a track called I think it's called party all the time. My girl wants to party all the it's a fucking tune.

Yeah, It's real

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah.


Dan: Jamie Fox did an album as well. And I remember him promoting

Reegs: it. Well, he does a load of


Sidey: He's on Kanye.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And he was talking, oh, he was, he's quite explicit. The lyrics,

Sidey: Oh, dare that's rude.

Dan: he

Reegs: be a very. Vulgar man.

Dan: Well,

Sidey: there

Dan: go. Turn onto that, but yeah, that was that was one you got

Top movie really enjoy that coming to America. And, and that was one of the scenes that, you know, made it just one of the characters that he pulled into that good Eddie Murphy then went off the, went off the boil a bit.

But this was the best one cuz they did another, which I haven't seen. Have you seen the latest coming to America?

Sidey: No,

Reegs: No, not yet.

Dan: No.

Sidey: think it would be rubbish,

Dan: but yeah. Dunno.

Sidey: dunno if I'm

Dan: me that aura I've kept away from it.

Sidey: Riggs

Reegs: One of my favorite bands is the head. And I think of Daniel sand from the karate kid, when I think of a headband, usually, you know, with the sort of slogan or something popping off the front and then Jones in police academy too. I talked about police academy last week.

He wears one and does some Bruce Lee.

Sidey: I used to rock a headband when I was a member of the rowing club,

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: because you, you know, you rowing.

yeah. You've got a very disciplined sport.

So you row, and you don't fucking look around, you always look in the same direction. So if you get beads of sweat coming around, cause you're grafting. Yeah. Going in your eyes, it's a fucking nightmare. So you basically had to wear a hat or a headband to stop the sweat. So


Reegs: Yeah, because

Sidey: Still got that headband to

Reegs: supposed to be in a rhythm. Right. You just don't run the rhythm.

Dan: I, I got sweat bands and a headband for like Christmas one year or something, you know, it was just thinking I was a tennis player and go out in the lot,

Reegs: well he, a sort of tennis player, inspired person features in another of my headbands down, which is in the Royal 10 bounds.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Luke Wilson

Reegs: look for Luke Wilson. And then blood sport. You've got a few guys in the Kua day. Who've got that and

Sidey: KU

Reegs: he's got red head band,

And Vasquez from aliens.

She was a bad ass who had a, had a headband. And then of course, similarly bad ass was gremlins too.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: And mug why she, he also had a head

Sidey: imagine it

Dan: you in the bands as well. Aren't you


Reegs: would. I was, yeah, I've been in a, a couple of bands

Dan: missing cats? I saw the posters. Yeah. Got, oh, is it me?

Sidey: It can be

Dan: why not? Marvin Barry and the Starlighters. Yeah. So it is back to the future.

And I watched this just earlier, actually this scene. So Michael J. Fox gets up on the, on the stage at his mom and dad's prom. He's gone back in

Sidey: and Chapman under the sea dance

Dan: and yeah, well, they, they play Chuck Berry don't they, they, they go for,

Sidey: they play earth angel don't they? Oh yeah. And

then, Yeah.

slide. Marty, Marty goes, goes wild on the guitar and they say, Hey Chuck, that's that new sound you're you're looking for.

And they just like, hold the,

Dan: they're

Sidey: up to

Dan: they're holding it down as if it's Chuck, Berry's getting

Sidey: so it's a white guy.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Introducing

Sidey: to black musicians. Yeah.

Dan: So that's the gag, but

Sidey: don't think it's a gag. I think it's quite insulting.


Dan: Yeah. Well, it probably is. But

Sidey: Back to future was trending on Twitter

Reegs: because

Sidey: I dunno because I click, if you go explore on Twitter and it shows you all the stuff that's trending and it was the number one thing, so thought, oh my God, like what's going on?

And it was just happened to be

just happened to be loads who were talking about back to future for no particular reason I could

Dan: Right. Well, other than it just can fit into lots of top fives because

Sidey: does crop up a lot with

  1. Isn't it. it's,

Dan: it is got it's got lots going on.

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: does your, t-shirt say Winker on yeah, just knows that it's a football

Sidey: a football

Dan: D Winker.

Sidey: wanker. Yeah. There's loads of

fake bands and stuff. What we reviewed Bucky Bansi and the Hong Kong cavalier.

Yeah. From

Dan: right?

Reegs: what? was their music? It was a kind of fusion of jazzy,

Sidey: like wonky

guitar. Yeah. Kind of nonsense. There was also, we have sex Bob on. And the clash at Demonn head.

Yeah. From Scott Pilgrim versus the world clash at demon head demon head is fronted by Brie Larson. Who is the other person who will sell you NFTs on


Reegs: Oh, is she, she's gone all NFD

Sidey: now, Yeah. Which

is a real shame. CB four of course.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: In CB four. And the, so peripherals from Frank.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Which was excellent.

And I bought the

Reegs: and we like a fake band don't we? Yeah.

Sidey: there's quite a few. And there's probably more that I

didn't get

Dan: thinking of the, the alley cats that play, you know, it's kind of a jazz swing in some of the old cartoons. I think the lady in a tramp or in around that

Sidey: kind of

Dan: thing, there's a, there's some, some nice kind of jazz swing going on there.

Top cat used to do it as well for the cartoons. Remember, see

Sidey: Yeah, I do remember that. Yeah. We should nominate that one. Yeah. But the, so peripherals, yeah, I bought that record. So they're a fake band, but they, you know, there is real music, you know, you can, you can enjoy that content. And some of those songs are great.

Was exploring the galactic perimeter and things like

Reegs: that. Yeah.

Sidey: It was really cool. We, I think we all loved that film.

Dan: spinal tap then.

Sidey: Yeah. It's probably the definitive one. I would say

Dan: you

gonna go up to 11 on something. It might as well be this

Sidey: making a new film.


Makes me

bit, same go bit. Yeah. So they're all about 70,

Dan: right?

Sidey: I mean They

know comedy, right? So I've gotta believe that they wouldn't do it unless they had some good material, but it does make me a little bit

like, maybe just leave it alone.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, I suppose you would do no harm because it's so much, you know, so far in the past that you can't really touch spinal tap.

Now the guys would've moved on it's it's not like a quick sequel. That's just gonna bomb straight afterwards. They've they've left it. I hope so. I'd I'd like

Reegs: they, yeah, like you say, they must have a really good pitch for the story they must do,

Sidey: But those songs, I mean, take the, the documentary elements, like just the songs in their own right.

Are fucking genius. Big bottoms. It's all time. Great.

Dan: it is

Sidey: my baby fits me like a flash

Dan: Yeah.

Oh no. They're they're just so, and it's the way they sing him as well. You know what I mean? Like nobody does, but alright,

Reegs: Yeah.


like wristbands. And any kind of Roman gladiator type movie, including gladiator features, a bit of wristband action often is a defensive material, but I don't think that's how they were used.

And then Constantine Tilda. Swintons Gabriel,

It comes at the end and she's got wristbands, like hospital wristbands on her arms and they've got like sorrow and rage and passion and stuff written on them. And it's to remind her of what she's doing. And then in the cable guy, you get a headband wristband combo with Jim Carey doing a basketball.

You never seen the cable

Sidey: No, I haven't never seen him.


Reegs: right. It's good. And especially this scene with Kerry going, going nuts, playing basketball. So yeah, headband, wristband combo for you there.

Sidey: Okay. A couple of unbelievably good band names are Dr. Teeth and the electric mayhem. Yeah.

That's from the Muppet show and figuring down in the modal nodes. Which star wars, of course. But if we wanna go for some more coan brothers and why would you not then the soggy bottom boys from O brother where aren't

Dan: right. I, I thought you might wedge this in.

Sidey: That is a fucking killer

Dan: is, is quite, yeah, it's a good,


Sidey: um I'm a man of constant sorrow.

Dan: there there's some good tunes in that actually.

Sidey: There is some

Reegs: that, that album is absolutely

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Did we mention that Beck wrote the tunes in,

Sidey: I didn't know that until today in

Reegs: in what

Dan: In

Sidey: so the

original Scott Yeah. In that we didn't mention that, but someone who wrote the, who was, he wrote the songs for.

Dan: oh, for, for brother? Why aren't they?

Sidey: Yeah, it was Alison Krause's band mate. Yeah. Dan TA Minski

Dan: right.


Sidey: It's quite a bit of knowledge, but that, that soundtrack is just

Reegs: Allison Kuse is

Sidey: yeah.

She's great.

That solid gold of that one

really is.

Dan: Did, did any of you ever see Julie Cox.

Sidey: No, I didn't

Reegs: didn't walk hard. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Cox story

Reegs: It's quite funny.

Dan: He's kind of a, a Johnny Cash type figure. And he goes through his life and struggles with drugs and has an ups and downs and kind of all this crescendo to, towards him becoming an artist and finding himself and his, his great song and everything.

But it's quite good, you know, but some of it is like in mad when he is going like he he's, he's singing, you know, in my dreams, you're blowing me some kisses. I really close up to, so there's a lot of funny lines in it actually. Maybe one want to revisit, but blues brothers, wild stallions.

Sidey: Can't just skirt over wild stallions.

That was world saving music.

Dan: Well, I suppose it was, it did.

Reegs: well, it wasn't them though.

Dan: Oh, was it didn't it go back? They found the music.

Reegs: Yeah. But it wasn't them. It was their kids. Wouldn't it? That's what happens. That's cannon now in bill and Ted three. Isn't it.

Sidey: it's won't platform.

Reegs: Yeah.

I can see bridling, but that is now what happened in bill and Ted

Dan: Oh, right. I, I haven't seen the other ones. So the third

Sidey: painful the third one, but in the bridge one, George Carlin comes back. Obviously tell them they're the saves the world and they go into the future to see them. And they're all slowmo doing the thing. And it's fucking Clarence claimants from the E street band.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Who's

a fucking, yeah.

Legend. Sadly, no longer with us, but yeah. So someone from the E street band worshiping fucking wild stands, they gotta be good.


Dan: Okay. So so suitably not skirted the wonders.

Reegs: Yeah, the OERs. that's a little gag that they make the Tom Hanks one.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was his directional debut.

Wasn't it? I remember.

Reegs: thing you do. Yeah. It's an incredible earworm. That song

Dan: it's. Yeah. And was it Steve Zaha? Zain Z. He's really good in this,

Sidey: I like Steve darling.

Dan: Yeah. It was the first kind of thing that I remember

Reegs: It's pretty good. This

Dan: him in. Yeah.

Reegs: It's it

Sidey: Lift Tyler.

Reegs: think it's gonna be

Sidey: lift Tyler's nice

Dan: It's it's wholesome family fun. As only Tom Hanks can deliver, but this time direction as well.

Yeah, I thought it was a, a decent one and it's a band that is fake that play music. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: what you got for us

Reegs: bandages.

Dan: Ah, yeah. Okay.

Reegs: The invisible man, James Wales famous 1953 image. I think even if you haven't seen the movie, you can see it of the, the man bandaged up. That's clawed rains as the doctor who goes insane. And then Chinatown Polanski Jack, Jack Nicholson's

Sidey: nose. Yeah, Mm

Reegs: he's got a little bandage on it.

The joker in Batman. He had some bandages as did Casta Troy briefly and face off before he,

Sidey: very true

Reegs: face off and I guess the bad guy or good guy, or it's difficult to say, but in time crimes, which was a terrific nacho VIG Alondo movie with a very circular plot that we should probably revisit, cuz I, it doesn't seem like any of you guys have seen it could happen for a midweek or that might be interesting.

Cool. But yeah, he, he dawns a, well, there's a faceless man in it wrapped in bandages as well. Bandages No, no, no band bandages. Okay. Band bandages.

Sidey: Well, we did have quite a few nominations online, so let's give those people a shout out VM Z.

He went for wild stallions. Charlie Bingham. I couldn't really talk about this one because he's not seen it, but I am aware of it Josie and the pussy cats. And she was very forthright with that.


It was a block capitals, so clearly a huge fan. And we owed Charlie a collaborative effort yeah.

On a Hillary Duff film, but we're still having

Reegs: unbelievable technical

Sidey: issues.

Technical. I think we're gonna have to invest in some, some sort of new machinery, but that will happen at some point, but that was a good one. Brey, costed, Ming tea from powers. Also the lone Rangers from Airheads and death looks from brain candy.

She says that gen genuinely one of her most played songs on Spotify. So big into that one, Victoria blog, new follower. And she nominated the mystery from eighties movie satisfaction, which is totally new one on me, so that I like that. And Peter flak, whoever that is, has nominated no vacancy from school of rock. That was the dude, the dude in.


that band. You remember?

Do you remember school of

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: yeah. he Was in the battle of the bands. He was just

wearing basically it's like a leather collar with just leather sleeves and nothing else. And he tries to hit on

Dan: oh, right.


Sidey: head he's called spider. So they were cool, but also the school of rock band were fucking cool.

Dan: They were, yeah.

Sidey: They fucking rocks. They was really good. And I had just a couple of others to mention, which was still water from almost famous. That movie's really good. They were a fictitious kind of seventies, middle of the road,

journeyman banned. Well, they weren't good as greets, but

Dan: They were trying to make it big. Weren't they? And they had kind of young reporters, almost

Sidey: like it's

Reegs: Wasn't he? He was 15. I think it was the true story of the

Sidey: him going out for the rolling stones and following them


Dan: Was it

Reegs: Cameron Crow was the director Wasn't it.

Sidey: And do you remember the really, really shit? Yes, man. Jim C movie.

pretty, pretty

average at best, but there's a band in it featuring Zoe, Zoe Dashel.

And it's called munch. Haen by proxy, which is pretty called


Reegs: nobody mentioned Euro trip. Has anybody

Sidey: I haven't seen it. Unfortunately.

Reegs: Matt Damon's front's a band about any sings or song about no being the main guy's girlfriend?

It's quite funny.

Dan: There's the band, I guess on naked, the marching band naked gun.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah,


Dan: That's a, that's a good, just goes over

Sidey: My father went the, same way.

Dan: my father

Reegs: a lot of bands already. Are we gonna take one of the listeners cuz there's only three of us this week. We could take one of the listener suggestions now and then leave

Sidey: Well, I think that it's really a toss up between Brey and Charlie, because they were very enthusiastic with their nominations.

I mean, Charlie's is in block capitals and says, excuse me. So I feel like Jo's in the pussy cats.

Reegs: Yeah. But that's getting our attention. Isn't

Sidey: Big time. And to be honest, I'm probably gonna steal breach his Ming tea anyway. So that's kind of in, by default. So I'm gonna go Austin. Power's Ming tea, the band featuring Suzanne

Dan: well well, I'm gonna go to the band that I didn't actually get the name.

Right. But Z attack.

Sidey: Yeah. I like that

Dan: in that's

Reegs: great choice. We've not had saved by the Berlin before. I don't

Sidey: No, it's gonna be tough to get another way of shoehorning saved by, but maybe like nerds,

Dan: top

Sidey: who ended up releasing a

Reegs: school.

Something. Yeah.


I'm gonna go for the wrist band thing that he had from Cowboys and aliens

Dan: strong

Sidey: like laser thing.

Reegs: Well, he, yeah. It's like a, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay. That film is pretty turd.

Reegs: Yeah. It starts off being like quite a decent Western. And then when it starts going into all the sci-fi stuff, it goes, yeah.

Sidey: Okay. So that's the collection of films you won't find very often


Nice. And then we're still looking for one more so

Dan: it is up.

Sidey: had some nominations, which is great, but we even better if we had just a few more

Dan: choices, choices. no cheese?

Sidey: there is no cheese, but I did just remember what I watched this week. Cause I'm sure there was something and it was moon fall.

Dan: Ah,

Sidey: cause I am a bit of a psycho for a disaster movie and this is one of those

Dan: set in space.

Reegs: I started thinking watching this, and then I thought we should watch this for the, for the pod.

Dan: Oh,

Sidey: well what it's fucking

great Yeah, I mean

Reegs: it, it was amazing. What I watched the first 20 minutes was

Dan: unbeliev. Is it sit on in space though? Is that

Sidey: starts off in space, right? okay.

On a mission kind of repairing the space station sort of vibe thing. Yeah. Something happens as a catastrophic event.

Then we are like 10 years later and

Dan: love

Reegs: it, Patrick Wilson.

Sidey: Yeah. So when it finished,

Mrs. Was like, didn't really do a lot for me that, and I was like, is it because you thought Patrick Wilson was Chris Pratt. And when I told you it, wasn't Chris Pratt, you got really disappointed. And I think that was the crux

Dan: Right?

Sidey: Right. Cause she did literally say, oh, love a bit of Chris Pratt. And I said, that would be great if he was actually in this film and she wasn't having it. So she had to IMD beer and I'm like, fuck sake. and yeah. Lo and behold, it was Patrick Wilson.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Brian's

son. Yes.

Sidey: Solid fucking 10 out 10. This

Reegs: movie.

Sidey: I don't honestly, it's the most enjoyment I've got out watching a film this year.

Dan: Okay. Wow. Right. Well, I might, I might

Reegs: That's what I thought we should watch.

Sidey: possibly take that with the pinch shot down. Cuz you might have a different opinion,


Dan: Well, I'll, I'll

Sidey: It's real good.

Reegs: That is a strong recommend from

Dan: It sounds it. Yeah. Whoa. And, and a segues almost seamlessly

Sidey: almost too well,

Dan: yeah, into this week's nomination because it's the day shift.

It's the story of a hard working blue collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick Wied daughter. And he's, his job is cleaning pools. But that's

Sidey: is that really his


Dan: just a front because the real. Source of income is hunting and killing vampires. And this is Jamie Fox and Snoop dog.

That's all I knew about this. Yeah. Going into it. And I thought, okay, right.

Sidey: So

Dan: could be

Sidey: So that's exciting. Cause I do like both of those guys. Yeah. But this is a Netflix original and their history to date is

Dan: coming

Sidey: patchy at

best, I would say. So I was up for this. Didn't really know much about it. So, but was excited to see those two guys. Yeah. But also going in with a slight bit of trepidation. Cause I'm like, how good are these really

Reegs: And,

Dan: we, we eventually find out

Reegs: because the team behind it is a lot of the guys who worked in the John wick franchise including Chad STK or whatever his name is, the guy who, you know, and he also did nobody and all that

Dan: stuff.

Right? Yeah. Good pedigree

Reegs: the stunt work and the director was a guy called

Sidey: JJ



Reegs: Perry. Yeah. And he has a storied career in Hollywood working as a stunt man. So my expectations were a little bit high, I guess, for this, because I was expecting some decent action from especially as Scott Atkins my favorite Maga

Sidey: Yeah

Well, we don't, it doesn't take long to get some action, because like you say, Dan, we see, I dunno, what is it, possum? In a swimming pool.

Dan: right. He's cleaning out

Sidey: out pool

It's like smiling, but drowned face and Jamie Fox whips it out the pool, but he's kind of watching


looking around and someone leaves a house


then he is, he's getting tooled up.

He's got, he's got

Reegs: multiple, well in his cleaning equipment, he sort of, it's like a front for, he's got a shotgun pistol,

Dan: yeah, like silver bullets and garlic juice. He he's got the lot he's going in there and

Reegs: well, you don't actually know that at this point, he sort of arms up with all his guns and he goes inside and he's looking around the apartment.

He sets up this,

Sidey: trip not trip wire like a, but it's neck, neck, height.

Reegs: Yeah. And then goes through the apartment looking. And it is a bit ominous, especially when a, a little old lady comes out. Yeah. And

Sidey: I didn't understand the point. Of because the little, little lady says, oh, what you're doing in my house wears.

So and so, and he grabs his gun, but also a cushion and shoots through the cushion. I wasn't sure exactly what that was


Reegs: silence silencer, I guess an improv. Yeah. With a shotgun. And he blows her about 15 feet through the door into the bathroom wall.

Dan: Yeah.


Sidey: and she,

her limbs are all buckled and broken and she's,

Dan: an old lady

Sidey: kind of bent double and they all start to reanimate and crack back into place.

And you are

where we're dealing with the undead.

Reegs: Well, she does all this contortionist, slick bending and

Dan: she's an,

Reegs: running up the wall and, you know, sort of w WWE style moves that they do quite a few times


Dan: a zombie. This is somebody who knows what they're doing. He had to be kind of on it because she is a force. And this is where some of the choreography and the, and the fighting comes in straight away.

I mean, we we're two or three minutes into the film here and straight away into this kind of action scene where he's just shot an old lady. Who's got back up and started to attack him. So you know where you are quite soon with this

Reegs: Yeah. And a little variation on the contact shot with a mirror where the, he pans around and you watch

Sidey: the yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: and you can only see the clothes moving

Sidey: It took me a second to grasp that. I was like, what's. Oh, okay.

That's what they're doing. Doing

Reegs: nice little bit of inventive visual language there. As the zombie is thrown into its own reflection, there's

Sidey: there's quite a few really good. Like he throws her against a wall, you know, and she breaks in half and then there's lots of, they do maybe a little bit too much, but just,

Reegs: oh, it's unbelievable.

Like necks in different

Sidey: Yeah And did you read about the people that were cast to do this? They were C sole performers who were out of work because of COVID. And so they could still work on stuff like this and showcase their skills and all that. And,

Dan: Oh right.

Sidey: basically contortionist, you know, a lot of them. So we, they, they used that to good effect.

Reegs: He there's

Dan: did. And after kind of a lengthy fight, he he's he kills the vampire and he pulls the fangs out. And this, as we learn becomes some kind of currency because he,

Reegs: well, also while he's doing that, because he's pushed the blade through a hand to decapitate or, and then a guy runs in and he gets his head chopped off by the wire on the doorframe.

Dan: That's right. And at this point, actually, because my boy was watching it with me, he said, Right. We know what's gonna happen in the end. Don't we?

Reegs: Yeah. Well, your boys he's watched enough movies. He's worked it out. Yeah.

Dan: So, so straight away he said, that's how it's gonna end. And he walked out

Sidey: and this

is the stuff that you said rigs about who's involved in this and this kind of lent into the John wick thing of this sort of secret society.

I thought it really reminded me of John wick without even knowing who was involved in it, because there's this.

Underground union. Yeah. And black market for selling these things. And there's a, a known like currency and there's a, it goes into his mate. It's Peter Stormer, isn't

it? Yeah. His, his

Reegs: He's also in John. Wigg

Sidey: right.

Dan: Who's the guy I'm met in the Himalayas in March. He was the guy strolling through.

Sidey: Oh really? Yeah. For real.

Dan: was, yeah, he was he doing a Swedish television

Sidey: He's got

Reegs: Peter

Sidey: thank you.

He's got a screen with, you know, like market prices of all the things like as an stock market for these things going on.

So there's this network of people trading on vampire body parts effectively.

Reegs: Yeah. Our hero bud jab, Blak, like is banned from the union. That's why he is had to go and meet Peter storm air. And the union is like the official wing. And he has to enlist the help of big John,

Dan: which is Snoop dog. And yeah, he he's fallen out of the union because of previous

Reegs: Multiple code violations,

Dan: multiple code violations.

So which, which is relevant because we meet another character in a little while. Who's well, James Franco, who works?

Sidey: Dave

Dan: Dave Franco.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: His brother who works? Yeah. Literally who, who works in this kind of, what is it? The union shop where they

Sidey: he's HES cashier.

He goes, he takes the teeth, the fangs, he IDs and Dave Franco IDs them and says, no, it's not an elder, you know, discuss it like a nine year old VA.

Dan: he knows

Sidey: they're worth,

Reegs: He's mostly annoyed that the women next to him is eating his yogurt.

Sidey: Yeah. And he does a, like a kind. Tease this, this is the amount of money, but we've gotta take off your JS. We've gotta take off this fear. We've gotta take off the tax and he's ended up with, from a great big stack of cash. And the whole point of this,

the whole, the drive of the plot is that Jamie Fox's or bud and Bloss estranged wife is going to move to Florida with his daughter. She was smoking hot, absolutely unreal because he can't provide the there's trouble with the school. And anyway, it's gonna take, move him down to

Reegs: He needs to immediately provide over the weekend, five grand for school fees and five grand for braces. And that's gonna keep his relationship to


Sidey: it was

Reegs: so hard to care about any of this part. Wouldn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: And so. He's presented with all the money right out the gate. Dave Frank is like, here's this, but then it dwindles for all these amounts. And there's a guy who's the boss of the union who just doesn't like him and wants to not set him up. But he knows it's a matter of time for Jamie. Fox's gonna fuck up.

And he's gonna,

Dan: he's just cliche. Isn't he?

Sidey: he wants him watched and he sends Dave Franco's character to who's a real fucking nerd. Well, it's time for you to get out into the field. I want you to Snoop on this guy, Snoop, because he's gonna do something and I need you to report back with all his code

violations. so we can just boot him again.

Dan: and yeah, cuz he, he, he is big John, his effectively just bent his arm. Isn't he and, and got him in. So he's kind of under his wing a little bit, but he is also.

Goes off now. And he has to try and make this money by killing a load of vampires. And they take him to

Reegs: Well, it becomes a bit, it reminded me a little bit of the movie, the, the debt collectors, where they go through like an escalating series of levels of bosses. And there is a big video game aesthetic throughout the whole movie anyway, but first off with Franco, they follow some like animals from the animal shelter and a guy takes him back to a disused bowling alley.

And we learned some things about vampires. There's different hierarchies and different types. If you're turned by a vampire and then you very quickly turn someone else, you're kind of a, a shit weak VA zombie weird vampire, which is what these three guys are. And he, you know, Fox fights them with a lot of Verve and vigor and whatnot.

And Franco pisses his pants.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. He just gets scared.

Sidey: it She probably would. There's they mentioned something about, if you get turned by an Uber vapi you could even survive if your head gets caught off.

Reegs: Yeah.

Worth remembering that. So it's not a surprise

Dan: and, and there's there's

Reegs: thing happens.

Dan: and, there, yeah, there are kind of those rules aren't they, these wouldn't ever breed with these or live with those.

And, and, and so as they move on through these different levels and they find different vampires mixing, they're a little more confused over to what this might lead to.

Reegs: Yeah. That happens. The mixing scene happens with the Naar brothers, which is Scott Adkins.

And Steve, I'm gonna say Steve Howie, but that's not right. Is he played for Newcastle, but Mike, are

Sidey: the pirate, maybe

Reegs: they're another band of

Sidey: Well they're the top guys. Aren't

they? Yeah.

Top VA punters. This

is probably my favorite scene.

Reegs: Oh, it's a terrific scene. Yeah. Their guys are bursting through the walls and there's a chick fighting, one of them with knives on her toes.

And there's people jumping from a mezzanine level and being caught by shotgun blasts that then push them in at the other direction, like 15 feet and limbs


Sidey: when they, when

Dan: what about when they throw a bullet in the air and catches it in the gun to fire it just at the, the

Sidey: they, they first go into the house and it's just a couple of nerds playing video games and they get taken out and then someone just shout, fuck, it's a hive, you know, know fucking lows them.

But they're in like weird places like in the air conditioning events and all sorts.

Reegs: just bursting through the ceiling and the walls and

Dan: right. They just keep coming. And as you say, it was a lot, like a video game, you can just because it's almost the camera shot behind

Reegs: that Yeah, absolutely. No, there's a lot of little moments. And where he is, they're chewing garlic, and he spits it in the guy's face. Loads of cool little touches like that.

And they kill everybody there. And we also, haven't talked about Audrey, who is, I'm afraid this character didn't work a lot for me, the villain,

Dan: Oh, she's the bad ultra of vampire lady. Isn't she?

Reegs: I really like the idea because she's a real estate agent and she's buying up like properties through a process of gentrification.

She's introducing a vampire like elite and community into the center of LA, which is kind of a neat idea. They just, I think she just scoffs it by being really

Dan: well.

They've also got some sun cream that means that they can go out for longer in the day.

Reegs: But they but they, she tortures one of her rivals by pinning him under the foundations of a, a building.

And I pouring concrete on him. And you know that he's gonna be alive in there. Yeah. And she says, she'll dig him up a hundred years later or chilling thought.

Dan: Yeah. It's so she's a piece of work. And she finds out that bud has killed her sister daughter, that old

Sidey: the old lady,

was her daughter,

because she, the quirk of, of being undead, she had aged while she hadn't. And so she appeared much older, but it was in fact, her daughter, she a bit peeved by it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It really was. And, and so she, she wants to kind of Mo Bo down and, and find him as he's kind of looking for her as well. And it ends up, they do the, they they've come off the day shift and they go into the night shift.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, just one scene I did wanna talk about, because there's a lot of forced comedy around like tonally. This movie is kind of all over the place and it becomes like a sort of. Comedy at sort certain times where he's like trying to hide the fact that he's a vampire hunter and she thinks he's like been cheating her on, on her and stuff.

Cuz he can't tell her what what's been going on. And there's a scene where he's like in the middle of all this, he has to take his daughter to a birthday party. And then when he comes back from there, he's being threatened and there's this unbelievable chase sequence using drone footage that like zooms in through the cars, out through the sun roof, as the chase goes on from one bike crashing into a wall and then moves over and watches the chase go, you know, it's unbelievable.

Dan: Yeah. Scene. They're just going into these big kind of concrete blocks on the the cars aren't they just flying into these as he's, he's speeding off with his daughter.

Reegs: But yeah, it's like that forced comedy bit with the wife and all that.

Dan: Yeah, it was, I dunno. I, I think by, by the time, well, I mean, let's get to the end before we start really giving it our, our full opinion on, on what

Sidey: guys end up kidnapping, Seth, Dave

Franco's character and doing him dirty.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. He's turned into a vampire,

Reegs: he wakes up, he says he feels a bit weird. And yeah. Then you re you know, bud realizes he's a vampire and then it's weird. It's like, do they, not just instantly, he doesn't, he's caught some control over his vampire Inness cuz he doesn't,

Dan: Yeah, it goes a bit don't they, it goes a bit

Reegs: him, I

Sidey: he decapitates him, which I would cast that as a fight.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: yeah. Yeah, he

Reegs: then they are mates again

Sidey: Right. Almost immediately. In fact, not almost, but

Reegs: instantly

Sidey: immediately right

there. and

Dan: Yeah. He kind of gives him

Sidey: then they, they do a slapstick thing of his heads being put back on


I having to hold it and

Reegs: bad green screen on that bit as well.

Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. It was bad actually.

Dan: Yeah. Well, it seems trying to do too many things maybe at this point, but it, it comes to this kind of big crescendo where he's gotta rescue his family because they've been kidnapped,

Reegs: they're in an underground temple underneath their LA yeah. That is

Dan: Audrey's stronghold

Reegs: of the uncharted games or like a children's TV game show thing.

Like, you'd see, you know, where kids have to swing across a rope or

Sidey: I know what you

mean. Yeah, yeah, yeah. rubbish.

Reegs: And she's like, can move super fast and does all these crazy fucking kicks and shit on him kicking him all around. It looks kind of stupid at this point. I preferred the much more the drone footage and fights earlier on were way better than the climactic fight.

Dan: Yeah. Well, they're, they're joined by big John who ends up taking one for the team and sacrificing himself,

Sidey: Well, he's got a mini gun.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Which is a good way. Just winning a fight by default. He just sprays the entire well they're pinned down. Aren't they? Jamie Fox they're, they're sort of stuck behind a, taking a shout about a concrete block.

Dan: That's right. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah And

Snoop just comes in as mini guy and just fucking wastes everyone. But he's sacrificial VA by hunter really he's

gone presumed dead,

Dan: presumed

dead. And, and certainly a little while later you hear big kind of boom, and you you've seen him bring out his heavy artillery kind of bomb suit or something.

So he goes on anyway and that he, he eventually finds uh Audrey, but he's not really a match for cause she's kick as vampire.

Reegs: mm-hmm

Dan: And

Reegs: she's got a weird underling cloud. Who's had his arms ripped off by Seth and Heather who we haven't even talked about a complete non entity side character in there to just introduce more tedious world building.

Dan: Yes, potentially. So by this point, I think it, yeah, well, the, the film kind of,

Reegs: well, they wins and the girl runs through the fucking wire.

Dan: Yeah. As, as predicted earlier by my son and he walked out probably for me around about the right time when you see that, that first kind of few minutes, because I nominated this film, so I'm gonna have to take the heat on it.

But it really wasn't. After watching it just for a few minutes, I thought, oh, this is, this has got a pick up kind of quickly. And it, it did a little bit, maybe more towards the end. It was a slow start for a vampire film that, that had killing in the first few minutes. But as you said, res, I, I found it hard to care about it a bit.

Sidey: I think there was a couple of stand. Action sequences. The one with Scott Atkins and his mate. Yeah. And like you say, the chase sequence were very good. It's just so fucking derivative. Like all the vampire stuff, it just feels lazy and stolen. Like I was getting blade vibes from the day walkers, you know, being able to wear unscreen and shit and other stuff is loads of lost boys bits in

Dan: Even Sean, the dead with the James Franco bit and making friends, you know, with there

Sidey: like

you say, tonally, some of it's comedy, some of it's like horrendously violent, which I've I liked

Reegs: some of it's like a horror vibe.

Some of it's. Yeah, I

Sidey: it was a, it was a fair,


Dan: really strange one. I like Snoop dog, you know, he, I, I like him anyway, but

Sidey: well, he got bitten, but still he got bitten and presumably left for dead, but he,

Dan: you see him call out the sewer at the

Sidey: comes outta a manhole cover and

Reegs: Yeah. But is he a vampire or

Sidey: not?

I assumed he was VAM. Cause he was bitten.

Reegs: Yeah, but he could, but he'll be a vampire working for the U union in the inevitable sequel night shift.

Dan: I don't think there'll be a sequel.

Reegs: I think there will be. There's plenty of people who seem to be enjoying it online. I saw this was a little less than the sum of its parts for me, considering all the great stuff that was involved,

Dan: excited me when I saw it.

And I thought, wow, white, geez. That's that's here on Netflix and watch that now. Brilliant. So I thought, wow, we'll make that the the, the nomination this week. And I was, yeah, like you expecting more from this,

Reegs: but it's some

Dan: this characters and

Reegs: stunts though. If you're into that, Jo, you know, it is probably worth persevering just to see some of those chases because you know,


Sidey: I think you can turn off after the chase.

There's nothing left off that that's worth your time.

hours, to be honest

Dan: you know, it's two hours long and it could have gone half an hour.

Reegs: You might find Franco hilarious. In which case this'll be fine for you. But if you're a bit, then,

Dan: then. Yeah, and I, I was, it was a bit of, a bit of a struggle to make it the whole way through this two hours.

Didn't have hard to recommend.

Sidey: I, I might not have got all the way through to be honest. So I,

Reegs: I would watch the sequel though.

Sidey: Yeah. probably

Reegs: go. I would,

Sidey: I wouldn't be able to recommend this to anyone though, to be honest. No, that's how I would, I would leave this.

Dan: Yeah. I, I would agree with that. I'm

Reegs: I I would, but with the caveats of it, maybe not being very good, but worth seeing parts of it.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Fair. That's fair. right? This is PGO PGO. And I saw when you Chuck the episode, cuz we caught this on YouTube, you put it on the WhatsApp group and I saw it. Right. PGO I get to, I had no idea what was store for at all. I didn't know that this thing existed because this is not your average poo episode.

Dan: Well please.

Reegs: it what, oh, did I watch the, what was, what was the one you watched

Sidey: thingo

Reegs: No, I posted that on just as for lulls on

Sidey: Oh, right. Cause that's why I watched all

cause it was awesome.

Reegs: Yeah, that was awesome. Yeah.

Dan: Oh no, that wasn't it.

Reegs: Yeah, no that was it. The, I watched poo hides a letter. Was that what you watched? Yeah. Okay.


Sidey: Well you talk about that then.


And then we can talk about thingo

afterwards is much better

Dan: is standard Peno it's it's this kind of stop motion and

Sidey: yes, Claymation

and I just assumed that it was British

for some reason.

Reegs: But it's not,

Sidey: it's not to it's Swiss.

Dan: Yeah. And it's set in the, you know, the north Powell and you've. Pingu and his family living in igloo.

And there's various stories of this. It was such a favorite with, with us though, when we were growing up with the kids to when they were very young Pingu it would fill in time, it would engage them. And it would just such sweet stories, you know, you, because you kind of grew up with pinger and they, they did go through


kind of an order if you, like, there was different characters introduced and then it would, it wouldn't follow on in a story sense, but he, he learnt

Reegs: to like, get a

Sidey: he's in incontinent and stuff like

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's it walking

Sidey: gets winched out of his bed, into his


Dan: What, are

you make of it res poo

Reegs: poo. Well, I think also one of the distinctive things about it is the language penguins that they all speak.

I don't, I can't, I wouldn't really wanna do an impression.

Sidey: this,

Reegs: Impressions are your thing, Dan, would

Dan: Not, not of penguins.


Reegs: It's quite well, but there's a bit of, there's more kind OFO in there as well.

Dan: Oh, if you could.

Reegs: No, no, no, no, I

Sidey: Yeah. It's one of those shows that has that kind of thing. So. Like clangers has its own language to it.

And it's it's like that, but it looks like something. I think kids connect with it. Cuz you feel like when

Dan: you

Sidey: arts and crafts, you could recreate

  1. and see you're modeling clay. Yeah.

Reegs: And you, you can understand what they're saying

Sidey: to each other, though

Reegs: there are no, no

Dan: Well, that's the clever thing about it's it's universal, isn't it? Language isn't isn't used. It's just kind of implied and gestured.

Reegs: and Pinga is kind of how old do you think Pinga is seven

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. He was quite young in he's the youngest of the, not the youngest of the

Reegs: no, Pinga

Dan: the pinger is the youngest

Reegs: and many lolls about Pinga being the slang name for a Dick in

Sidey: Spain is it?

Reegs: Yeah. Or something like that? Yeah.

Dan: Oh, it must be called something else in, in Spain, I guess

Reegs: in this one Pingu is he's playing with his ball outside and he goes inside and he sees a blue letter on the table. And he inspects it. He looks at it and he puts it back on the table and then he's distracted by some cookies or something.

Isn't he? And he just scuffles 'em all up, whatever. And then in fact, at one point doesn't his head like swell into like a hammer shape as he's stuffing all the,

the food. in and then he's gonna go outside and play again. But just as he goes past the letter and you know, what's gonna happen.

And, you know, he, he looks at it. He can't let it lie. So he opens it and I have to say in his defense, it didn't appear to be addressed to anyone.

far as I could

Dan: No, it, it didn't, it didn't say not for poo,

Reegs: but, so, yeah, exactly. So as he opens it and he's taking the card out, he hears someone coming home.

So he panics and he's caught in the act of opening the letter and then he hides it under a cushion.

Dan: And,

yeah, and it is a kind of thing that kids might do as well. You know,

Reegs: bit naughty and he's a bit naughty,

Dan: but he's done it cuz he's panicked. He, he knew

Reegs: because mum's home


Dan: mum's home and

Reegs: a little sister's home as well.

And she's instantly like what is going something shady

Dan: isn't it always like that with, with siblings and again, you know, really kind of clever with with pingo and that how it taps into some of those kind of you know, you can draw your own

Reegs: well showing the reality of like, you know, children or people do get caught in the act of.

Dan: friends,

Reegs: things that are maybe wrong or whatever,

Dan: but somebody will come in and stitch you up for it. Cause they'll know there's some, there's something wrong, you know, they'll know. Oh, well something is a little bit fishy

Reegs: Well, the mum comes in, she's looking for the card, she's looking everywhere for it. And poo's being dead dodgy, like where it just stood next to the cushion that he's hid it under looking really guilty.

And the sister is immediately onto it. And eventually I do get it and they get out and it, oh my God, it's gonna be shouted out. But they're laughing.

Dan: Because it's poo,

Reegs: it's poo. It's an invitation for poo and it's got an impossibly big Tardish like hat in it, in the envelope, which she puts on and they go to a party.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. And it's Yeah. In, in this, you know, episode, like loss of him, they, they have a nice little kind of theme. Nice little story. They don't go on for too, too long. In fact, some of them, I wish they went on a little bit longer. We had a box set growing up. And yeah, still a firm. Favorite of mine.

Sidey: point of order though, Dan, this is setting the south pole

Dan: south. Sorry. I said

Reegs: That is an important correction.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. They don't have them,

Reegs: Very memorable,

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: this and it has been used in me memes. Most recently I saw one terrified NT NT, where it's just a thing on to of it. Like PGO saying NT, NT, and then zooming in, on his face, in and out with operatic music.

Dan: And, and so what is finger then actually watching? No,

Reegs: it's amazing. Isn't it?

Sidey: It's quite incredible. It is the thing, the.

Reegs: I thought this idea up and then I searched for it and it, it existed.

Sidey: It's the film, the thing, yeah. Transposed into the world of Penu thingo and it does literally do all the, the famous scenes from the thing

in the

Dan: the head that turns into a SP

Sidey: of all, it's yeah, first of all, it's the dog arrives and pingo puts it in the cage and the dog fucking transforms and there's flame throw moments and some really nice animated flames in plaster scene.

And then yeah, you get the, the operation with the, the, the penguin flippers inside the guy's Thor acts, if you like, and it collapsed, shot all those famous machine, the had coming off and telling to spider, and then there's, it ends. Well, the bit I saw was there's a tweet from John Carpenter to the guy who made it.

It's just some dude at home saying this is fucking incredible. Possibly better than the original. like, that's amazing.

Dan: you had me at plaster scene flames. It,

Sidey: minutes, 19 long,

right? and it,

it gets taken down cuz obviously the creators of poo it's INCOM is banned. It's not, it just don't want it

up there. cuz It's

not what poo should be about.

It's Uber violent. So the, it comes up with me saying this was taken down, blah blah. And it keeps getting taken down. So they're just appealing for people to watch on YouTube, save it and reupload it every time it gets taken down. But it's certainly there at the moment and, and well worth two minutes of your time.

It's amazing.

Dan: Well, I'll, I'll I'll check that out. Along with another episode of

Sidey: not safe for

watching the kids that I would

Dan: would say

  1. Right. Okay, cool.

yeah, it, it is. It's a, a firm favorite, as I say, I, I could hardly recommend this to anybody with children under 10, put it on.

Even if they feel they're a bit too old for it, they'll enjoy it. Cuz it's just so silly and lovely.

Reegs: There is a terrifying nightmare sequence in one of the episodes with a giant mutant walrus.

And I urge you to Google poo's giant.

Dan: walrus wars. Okay. Might I don't think I saw that, Okay. Yeah. Not, not for those first poo

Reegs: for faint hearted. No.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. Nice. Well,

Reegs: oh you can get, I saw some other thing that you can get lessons from Pingu to teach you English, which sounds like a terrible idea.

Like on the CB's website with, but first you gotta learn, speak penguins.

Sidey: Oh, that's true.

Reegs: seems like a, a,

Dan: it's a lot more work than you might have originally thought.

Sidey: cool. That's good. So we had top five with different variations on a theme.

Dan: Yeah. Different bands who knew so

Sidey: some indifference towards the main feature, but a wildly popular kid's choice. Mm-hmm so that was good. Res, have you got anything for us for next week?

Reegs: don't have it lined up. I'm afraid.

Sidey: Okay. Well you're keeping us in suspense.

Yeah. Cool. Well, let us know about that and do feel free to contribute some bands, whatever interpretation of bands that you feel like

to complete our top five. That's it for this week? All that remains is to say Sidy signing

Reegs: Re's out.

Dan: Dan's gone.