Aug. 27, 2021

Icarus & Ricky Zoom

Icarus & Ricky Zoom
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With Reegs having been thrashed by a golf ball wielded by his youngest and Sidey committing avicide earlier in the day, the stage is set for another perfect episode of Bad Dads Film Review. This week’s show sees us shamelessly cashing in on the worlds coronavirus cycling boom as we discuss the Top 5 Movie Bicycles, and as only one of us is a self-confessed MAMIL (Middle Age Man In Lycra) we did actually find this wheelie hard.
Bryan Fogel's Oscar winning 2017 movie ICARUS begins life as an exploration of doping in sport, in which the documentarian decides to cheat the doping system in the same way that Lance Armstrong did by injecting performance enhancing drugs including testosterone into his thighs and ass to expose how rife cheating is in cycling, even in the amateurs. When UCLA drug tester Don Catlin gets cold feet about the plan, Fogel asks for a referral to someone who could assist him and is introduced to Dr Grigory Rodchenkov, the director of Russia's national anti-doping agency AND the mastermind behind an extensive state-sanctioned doping program. The charismatic, Orwell-quoting Rodchenkov is willing to discuss the minutiae of the initiative on camera and the shocking detail of his whistleblowing reveals just how high the conspiracy goes, so as shadowy FSB/KGB agents begin following Rodchenkov it becomes imperative to get him out of Russia to avoid him dying of an "unexpected heart attack". An explosive and thrilling documentary, Bryan Fogel wisely follows the story and captures an incredible moment in sporting history. Unmissable.
Netflix's RICKY ZOOM closes out the show. It doesn't even have a bicycle in it. Sorry about that.
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads




Welcome to bad dad's film review and join us on a journey to watch the movies. Our kids stopped us watching when they were babies and the sometimes amazing and sometimes awful things. Our kids watch too.

And sometimes awful things that our kids don't watch and are only tangentially thematically linked to the rest of the show. This week's show is being recorded in the luxurious surrounds of the man cave. And this week's introduction was written to the funky sounds of status breaks. Brought to us by cohost Sidey as Dan, Peter, Andre, and myself rigs complete

this week's team of facetious fathers, we're cynically cashing in on the cycling craze this week with the top five movie bicycles, the 2017 cycling documentary Icarus in the Netflix animated series. Ricky zoom. So we went to play crazy golf today and my youngest threw a golf ball at my head.

How's your week been?

Sidey: I killed a pigeon this morning. you

Reegs: like how.

Sidey: have with the car? Yeah, I

didn't stop

either. I'm lucky. It's dead. Yeah.

Dan: it flew into, was it one of those

Sidey: I gave it ample Chance to vacate the road.

and I thought it had gone. It hadn't,

Dan: Maybe it was already injured.

Pete: It wasn't near the zoo and it was sort of a pinkish sort of tinge to it or is it

Dan: then you got four of them

Sidey: No, No, it was near the reservoir

Pete: Where's

Sidey: Speckle, Jim, I think.

it was called

Dan: Okay.

Pete: The Flinders pigeon murderer.

Sidey: So that was a bit of shit you start today.

Reegs: That sucks.

Dan: No, mine was a lot less exciting. I had a croissant this morning. I had some cafe.

Reegs: Did you murder any wildlife?

Dan: no, not as far as I know. I did meet Peter at my place of work. Yeah. And and then I returned here a little bit later than usual, but I made it, yeah.

Pete: My, my week has been awful so far. Cause I've been off with the kids.

Dan: I'm a few seconds silence there for, he's not worth a minute, but

Sidey: You're a fan of cycling rigs. You're certainly a stationary bike. kind of

Reegs: Yeah, I did that for a little while. I've kind of I'm on a hiatus. Yeah, I will that on purpose tonight. Yeah,

Dan: Oh, that's why I wore just some jeans because it's

Reegs: Perfect. Cycling you cycle. Don't

Sidey: I cycled here tonight.

Reegs: you, do you, remember?

Sidey: When I, first I'm going to say, got into cycling, I bought a bike and I went to a shop that was run by some we used to go to school with.

And I just wanted to get a bike just for going to town or whatever. And I specifically said, I'm not going to fucking be one of those like are pricks. And then I thought

yeah, I'm saying

that someone who runs a bike shop who's going to be a, like a freak.

So that was pretty rude. And then fast forward about

18 months later. And I'm, I'm all up in it. Love the light. It's my favorite bit of it

Reegs: Yeah. Getting into the Lycra, but you've been doing some seriously impressive numbers though. Haven't you?

Sidey: not really. doing some okay. numbers. punished him off. I suppose you're doing charity cycle challenge, which keeps getting delayed. through fucking annoying.

cause of COVID.

But hopefully June next year I'll be doing London.


Dan: don't then you get really tired.

Reegs: Oh my

Sidey: I do

Dan: I,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Pete, you've got a bike of you in Ebola.

Pete: Fuck. No, I'm going to go through that story. But I bought a, I bought an e-bike over a year ago and I've had probably about two weeks of enjoyment out of it.

Dan: Is that because you like to take charge?

Pete: Wow.

Reegs: What, what, why, why only two weeks,

Pete: it's a really long and boring story, but I bought it off the internet that the key takeaway from this is do not buy an e-bike on the internet because no Canton will touch it after that, because you didn't buy it from their fucking shit shop. That's 15 times the price, but at least their bikes work. So I should have gone with that.

Okay. I'll take out my money back. I've got a free shit. E-bike

Dan: you see a woman's hold it? You was it, you had a. You had to punch her.

Sidey: Wow.

Dan: Okay.

Pete: Oh, these aren't as good as the train

Dan: Sorry. I'm a bit of a cycle path. Sometimes it

Pete: You're a complete bell. Yeah.

Reegs: Has anybody watched anything or are we.

Sidey: I have

Pete: Before we do, I've got a suggestion. People who don't watch all of the homework for the episode,

Dan: I heard

Pete: do not, should not get to say what they watch, because it's basically saying Riggs, fuck you.

I'm not watching your shit, but I've watched all this other stuff, so, and rub your nose in it. So we, I don't think we should allow that anymore

Dan: don't wear? I was going to say don't wear socks then nobody does. None of you have got socks on.

What about people that wear those socks in those little socks? You can't there should be a rule against those people?



Sidey: What did you watch, Pete?

Pete: I've been watching loads more. I've got to the end of the first season, I think because it's in parts is confusing of money heist.

So Spanish. Yeah. It's, it's what I'd recommend. It's definitely worth a watch. I would imagine that a lot of the stuff that happens in it is kind of things that would be typical in sort of Spanish, you know, TV, cinema, or whatever.

So, yeah, even though it's No,

Dan: no. Is that why it's confusing or is it no,

Pete: I have, I have it dubbed, which I don't like and subtitles, but I guess the best way of saying is like the actions kind of goods. The, the plot, you know, it's got some holes in there, but it's is pretty good. The actors are good.

There's a fucking seriously hot bird in it, which is always you know, helpful to keep me coming back. But there's loads of like, even though it's like a and like an action kind of series, there's a load of love stories in it. Probably too many, like too many sort of like romantic encounters and stuff.

But I think that's probably like part of like the fiercely passionate kind of Spanish culture. TV offering. So I'm going with it. I'm, I'm okay with that, but that probably over ragging the romance in it, which makes it less believable because in England people wouldn't be just like fucking all the time like that.

Sidey: No

Reegs: I watched two movies this week that were both pretty good Beckett

Sidey: on,

Reegs: Netflix and the gangster, the cop and the devil

Sidey: Dan's recommendation

Reegs: recommendation out.

And he came up with a title drop and all sorts of stuff they look to enjoy. Yeah, that was good. And we had a little chat about it, which will come out at some point. But yeah, that was, that was really worth watching.

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: Those were rigs. Obviously I watched the Hamish go top of the league. Let's not mention that too much

Pete: cause that'd be a role as well. Not talking about that

Dan: possibly that was it really, I didn't get a lot of time other than that to watch more movies, but there was a there's, there's a few that in researching some of these that I want to watch again, actually in some of these cycle movies that we're going to talk about

Sidey: Okay. We watch the imitation game.

She's really good. Mrs. had never seen suicide squad. The first one

Dan: or they they've really shown it on Netflix. Aren't

Sidey: So we watched that on

Netflix. Yeah. I sort of

disappeared for a little bit. because it's just crap.

Reegs: It's awful. Isn't it?

Sidey: It's really


Dan: And the imitation game,

Sidey: Alan Turing. Oh yeah, the

Dan: bum, the Vic Cumberbatch.

Yeah. He's he's really good in that.

Sidey: It's fucking horrific like Taylor, you know, at the end, It's just,

fucking, I knew, I knew it. It misses

Dan: told. I'm glad he's got told because it makes you feel ashamed to be associated with the same kind of country that would do that to

Sidey: And they didn't change that to in 67. I can believe that

Dan: horrific, you know? I

Pete: true. So true story as well, which

Sidey: Yeah,

yeah Could have been in the in the list

Pete: nicely

Sidey: because we've got That

to complete

Pete: Yeah,

Sidey: that top five of true stories.

Dan: in? That's worth it.

Sidey: but I can't remember what nominations we had.

Reegs: we definitely had a home alone dominated.

Sidey: that's not

going in.

Dan: Well

I, I would say the imitation game is a strong, a strong one, unless you want to go against Alvin cheering again, Peter,

Pete: No, he's had enough. Yeah.

Sidey: enough torment

Pete: I hadn't I've, I've listened to some of that episode. I haven't got to the end of the top five yet, so I don't know which ones went in. I thought of loads as I was thinking about it and listening to it obviously was, did star wars get mentioned, because that is a true story.

It happened

Dan: in a

Pete: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Dan: Stretching potentially. Wait, you're just having a look for

Reegs: Yeah. There's loads of chat about how everybody loves Kevin Smith and clerks, which is good. Loads and loads and loads and loads of chat about that.

we had

from long time listener, I think emailed us in our second ever

Sidey: kitchen Jeff kitchen. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And he nominated as you well know Sidey. Yeah. Which is very

Sidey: and it goes, Yeah.

Dan: Wow. Thanks for that. Jeff.

Sidey: This week's top five,

however, is all about two wield mode of transport. and I'm think I remember you saying, and I certainly played it

Push bikes. only. No motorbikes. Yeah.

So only bicycles. So top five

movie bicycles.

Do you want to

kick this one off?

Reegs: I do want to kick this one off, but I want to start with a foursome. If you'd like, or a gangbang of

Pete: should we go off air for a little bit or

Reegs: we can talk about ITI. Cause it was

Dan: yeah, it's on mine as well.

Reegs: that I thought of, and everybody is going to have a thought on this brilliant film that I really, really still love.

And the iconic scene of them evading the police.

Dan: I mean it just cemented Spielberg as an absolute filmmaker of epic proportions. It was like, They ma the studios must've just loved him at the time.

You knew that he had something special though, that he just, yeah, love him now. But he, I mean, obviously works a lot less now he was in his peak, then I think it just, anything he touch when to go to take this,

Reegs: Well, he's done like six or seven of the best movies of all time. And then he's like his second

Dan: which ones you think of

Reegs: done a load of amazing movies as well. That are not quite at that top tier level. You know, he's


Dan: which

was fantastic.

I mean, so, but to talk about ITI, I mean, it's, it's a, you know, it's a fascinating film. It's fascinating subject

Sidey: I cried, I cried at this the

Dan: of course we all do. You know, but the bike scene.

Pete: Yeah.


Reegs: keep pedaling. Don't they, while they're up in the air.

Sidey: Yeah, you have to, you have to do that. It doesn't work if you didn't have

Pete: Otherwise you'd just fall out the sky.

Sidey: that massive, massive edge or how he

wasn't that big of fan. Cause it didn't say it when he was a kid, and we made him watch it.

and he was a bit,

Reegs: I think that's probably a movie that still holds

Sidey: up

Dan: I think every kid cried though

Sidey: They did that bullshit thing where they, they retcon the guns. didn't they made them walkie-talkies


Dan: He was a great little power. Wasn't he T it was a good little

Sidey: Weird, funny looking fucker. He, that, became the Amblin logo. Didn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: And then, I mean, there were the movie that you talked about not that long ago, super eight. They also have a sort of similar type mixing

Dan: It's again, influence, you know, from this film, it was just, it was John Williams

Reegs: He loved

Dan: did the score.

Pete: Yeah.

So love have seen it a couple of times. Really enjoyed it. Haven't watched it for years and years and years. I know that it's a good film, but

Reegs: You getting some funny looks. So

Dan: yeah.

Pete: yeah, I just, for whatever reason, there's just been other things to watch in the time that I have since I last watched it, but I

Sidey: I

Reegs: definitely

Dan: got a place in my heart. I think ITI it's just one of the, I had the The toys.

And I had like, you know, it was a lot of, yeah. E T I D N E T kind of little man that you pull back at his scoot

Pete: everyone has like put their finger in the air and said E T phone home having that. Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. You mentioned soup, Right.

another one that kind

of ripped it off

was stranger things.

had Lots of that.


Dan: There was a, a good bike scene in that I think at some stage.

Sidey: There's lots. They, they start off they're on their bikes. they do the chase and they run away with, 11 on their bikes,

Reegs: in the ride at Disney world or Disneyland, one of the Disney places you could go on the ITI thing and you go on a bike and you go up

Dan: Uh No, no,


Sidey: Is that still there?

Dan: yeah.

I would have

Sidey: that when I was, I remember the back to the future, ride. That was fucking

Reegs: Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Anyway, that's not bite content.

Reegs: Yeah. So there, there is

Dan: Well, I mean, I would say that the score gives you chills when you here and, and it's, you know, you feel like you're a kid again, when I just hear the words, E T I G it just takes me back.

I can almost, it's almost like I know where I was when I first saw ITI and I was just a

Sidey: a cinema.

Dan: Yeah, no, I was at a at the house of a friend.

Pete: Hmm

Reegs: Sounds, sounds dubious already,

Pete: to meet the story.

Dan: Whoa, okay. Another, another kind of classic. It's the Goonies. And there's that moment where Mikey, Josh Brolin fan OSS, Aziz is he grew up to be still was a little girl was bike.

I mean, we must have seen it coming. He had then,

Sidey: They sabotage his bike don't they? So they can't follow him. yeah.

Dan: But I mean, As you pointed out, there's just that twinge of fan or about in there. It's just there, the germs of Thanos building. We should have

Pete: from the Goonies.

Dan: it was, you know, what a fantastic film that is, the it's. If you're listening to this, you're going with the good news.

What was that? Or if you've just had the two you haven't seen, there's just there's your weekends or it go and get those two movies. Cause you'll have an absolute,


Sidey: sort of Spielberg again, isn't it?

Dan: Yeah. He's he's influenced in it.

Sidey: Producer producer

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: director let's make history,

Dan: He's a producer. And the directors there, do you think these, just having a few

Sidey: words

Dan: say, no, what you want to do is more, this and that.

It probably

Sidey: but there was some stories about Poltergeist because he was producer that. And two pooper was the director and that was a bit of a car crash situation.

I believe. Yeah. So it depends.

It depends on the person that I think.

Reegs: I think it's got to be pretty hard if you're making a movie, it's like the guy who's made it, the three of like three or four of the biggest blockbusters in the world, like completely redefined the genre and he's standing behind you again. Do you think this is the right shot or

Dan: I'll just get a second guest you over his shoulder every minute.

Yeah. Okay.

Pete: I did as well as look up some bikes in films off prepare some Primo bike facts. So would you like a one or two? Just a couple of quick ones just to start us off. Okay, good. So the first we got the first constructed bike was made entirely, almost entirely.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Obviously, but then that, that didn't really work out that well, not

Reegs: the wheels as well,

Pete: every well, almost entirely of word.

I don't know what percentage I'm going to go with. 97% would. Yeah. And another very quick one, which, which was interesting to me is Lance Armstrong is the sixth cousin of Hillary Duff.

Reegs: That is interesting.

Pete: Did you know that


perhaps yeah.

Dan: Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock used to be into downhill mountain biking? Well he was the master of suspension.

Reegs: Wow.

Pete: That's all right. My.

First century, I am now qualified to talk about this film, which I wasn't two months ago, the karate kid. Yeah. I only watched a couple of months ago and there's a scene where like Danny Russo, that's the guy, right. He's, he's having a bit of bother in his new neighborhoods and he gets followed his cycling home at at night and he gets chased by some of the, these must be like the Cobra, Kai.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Have you not gone to, that yet? Have you not gone to Cobra?

Pete: No,

Reegs: got to honestly

Sidey: So good.

Pete: Yeah. He, he basically gets, he gets chased along a road and there's like a bit of a versus a Glock, a grass verge. And they chase him off that. And he does like quite a, quite an elaborate stunts going down the hill and flipping over the handlebars. And this is like you know, another instance of him being like pushed around in this, in this new time.

So he goes, and he actually, he actually takes it out on the bike if you're, if you remember. Yeah. He kind of, he like goes home and his mom comes out to sort of see that she can see him like limping down the road with a bike and he totally loses it hit. In fact, he says, he's like throwing the bike in like a dumpster and he's his damn bike.

I hate this bike. I hate this frigging bike, stupid bike. I hate it.

Reegs: wow.

Pete: It wasn't the bike's fault. So I think, but luckily he had karate to channel his life.

Sidey: and you didn't help him with that.

Dan: but every time the bike kind of hurt him. He hurt the bike back. It was a vicious cycle.

Reegs: very good.

Dan: we go.

Sidey: My favorite one to bring up Wayne's world. weigh in and golfer playing hockey in the street and they keep saying, car game on, and then

You just hear hi Wayne and it's his psychotic ex-girlfriends what's their name.

by name? Enrich played by Laura. no. it's um Anyway, she crashed it. She's

looking at them and

she just fucking stacks it. and It looks fucking brilliant. She

just hits the bonnet. no.

she it's. Laura Flynn Boyle is the actor actress. And she

was in

twin peaks,

So always got love for the

twin peaks alumni, and she stacks

it across

the bonnet of this car. It looks fucking great. and they just carry on playing?

It's just, don't fucking bat an eyelid. It's fucking great.

Reegs: Similarly amusing. And I'm glad it's got round to me to talk about it is Napoleon dynamite and I'm never so sure in this movie, whether they are. Like empathizing with the nerds or just ripping the shit out of them. And it's almost impossible to tell with any scene has got Pedro in.

No. And they're talking about Pedro's bike, it's a sledgehammer. It's got sharks, pegs. It's got a Mexican flag you ever take over. Yeah. Do you ever take out for these sweet jumps? He's got that tiny ramp and he says, you've got like three feet of air that time

Sidey: It just literally plops over the end of it.

Reegs: and then the Polian does it.

Sidey: wide shot and you see how pathetic the ramp is fucking really.

Reegs: And then the polio does it and the ramp collapses just as he hits it.

And he's like thrown forward into the seat and he'd like bangs his nuts on the steering column or whatever. Very,

Pete: there's, there's another scene in Napoleon dynamite involving a bike, which is my favorite scene. I've fucking, I must have put this on like 50 times. I'm piss myself. It's when I you don't see it, like, so you just see the uncle.

I can't remember his name, never remember his name, but he sat outside the house with KIPP, like just eating steak. And he said, he's a, he's a, he's saying back in 82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile, and then he picks up Kip steak. It goes like, watch this. And he loves it as, just as Napoleon diner, like Napoleon and Pedro come up on the boat and the state just like slaps him in the face. It pissed, knocks his glasses off and kept just goes like, yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Fucking brilliant.

Reegs: Very amazing. Just to follow that up just very quickly. If we moved on to Dan would be the tricycle in the shining, which is now the home alone.

Horror movies for us

Pete: Are we allowing trials? Are we allowing

Sidey: I was going to be my question. Yeah, because that's more than just a throw away.

Pete: w unicycles

Sidey: It's pedal it's it's, It's your own propulsion? I'd say that with his lab or, but I think

it's worthy of more than just a

throw away.

Reegs: Well, but we mentioned it every week. That's why it's the home alone of Hora. Now

Sidey: he goes up to


room. He, he, he has the, the glimpse of the

twins in the corridor

and then the flashbacks and all the blood is fucking

Reegs: Yeah. But everybody knows. We love that movie. Now,

Dan: you

know the, the difference between a cyclist and a Trice, a colorist, a tire.

And that's the difference? Yeah, it's, it's more of a puzzle. The flying Scotsman. I not flying Scotsman. No. That was a film with Johnny Lee Miller about his true story. Again, could have been in last week about a guy called Graham obree who was a cyclist made his own bike and he did the Superman bike.

Do you remember that bike where they, yeah. And he did the, how would the world record? So he, he kind of

Sidey: pushed by

Dan: taken the title, then he lost the title with any one. It back, it was an hour's distance. I think that was the, you know, you'd cycle for an hour. See how far you get. And he was world champion

Sidey: Oh

Dan: and, and yeah.

And then they changed the bike. Style. They said, actually that's a bit too quick. You can't do that. You've you've cleverly manipulated the walls here. I think he made his

Reegs: every, so often you see those people who come into town, like on a sort of new form of bike, like, and they're always in some sort of ridiculous new position, like, you know, oh, this one I'm going to be cycling

Sidey: there's a guy who

is on one of those ones

where you're completely laid down.


and I don't understand


you get on and off. It


there's another

guy who's on one that is a cross trainer.

Dan: I've seen that as

Sidey: just attention seeking that. Just get a fucking bike. You prick.

Pete: wrong with a boat.

Reegs: well, they're probably brilliant to be fair. They're probably great.

Dan: dunno that I'd love to think that it's going to be an Olympics one day and they're going to see motherfucker. And then always, suddenly we're like painting gold, everything gold for them or something. It's I'm never know. Maybe they're going for that Olympic. Thing

Pete: I was that your, that was your goal. Yeah. Seeing as we're allowing tricycles, I've got I have got one unicycle fact and that's unicycling is a mandatory subject at St. Helens school in Newberry.

So, I don't know why unicycle mandatory subjects. Wow. Yep.

St. Helens school in Newbury, Ohio.

Reegs: Well if you're listening to us and you're from Newbury, Ohio,

Sidey: Divo,

Reegs: well, let's ask them.

Pete: Okay. And half of all of the parts of a typical bicycle are in the chain,

which yeah. That, that would ring true. So we've got another film I need, I only remembered or saw this one today in natural born killers.

Um Yeah, there's a, one of many, many really brutal scenes in that film. There's a bit where there were Mickey and Mallory being chased. And as the as they're driving down the highway as a police car behind them, Mallory's just like stood up with a shotgun, just like shooting things. And they overtake it like a cyclist.

He was like, you know, like a road cyclist in training. And they, she just fucking murders him as she like runs budget, like drives past just like guns him down right in front of the police. They did not care.

Dan: guns Natural born killers. Fuck. I've. I've not actually, yeah. I've not thought of that film in a long time actually, but now you've put it back in my mind. It was one of those just shocking movies that came out.

Everybody was up in arms about it at the time. Weren't

Reegs: Oliver stone and Quentin Tarantino wrote

Sidey: The Simpsons Homer goes to

clown college.

in one of the episodes which culminates with a case of mistaken identity and the mafia Don needs Homer to

ride the clown. I guess It's a trike again,

try score

through through the loop,

which has various hilarious, genuinely hilarious outcomes. I am his pants get eaten up by the

chain. He crushes the loop

around himself in the bike. But eventually he gets away with it and it's

a fucking great episode of the Simpsons.

Dan: It is a strong one. Yeah.

Reegs: That's a good one.

Dan: Lots of strong. Yeah.

Reegs: Project a was one of the movies, Jackie Chan majoring. No. Yeah,

Dan: No, it wasn't

Reegs: it was project

Sidey: What are your home videos? Isn't it, the

Reegs: Jackie Chan movie. And it was during a golden period from 1982 to 1994, which included this film, the protector armor of God police story, operation condor, or the legend of drunken master and rumble in the Bronx, which has a pretty good run of movies.

It's this mesh of action comedy and like Hamas to classic kind of slapstick VC in this one. It's the one where it's like set at the turn of the 20th century. And he's a detective with the Hong Kong Navy and there's some pirates and shit ringing any bells. So it's a chance Sergeant dragon takes him down.

There's a great scene. It's sort of

Dan: Sergeant dragon.

Reegs: Yeah. That's where he plays Sergeant dragon. And he's like, you know, he's really inventive. Moves and you know, so he's using the bike to evade a bunch of guys in these

Pete: I've seen, is it like a BMX or, sorry, he's like twirling the bike around, like

Reegs: eight where he,

where he does that in a later movie as well.

But in this one, it's a more sort of old because it's all like the sort of of the 20th century. So he's like, it's all these narrow streets and he's kind of like running up the walls with the bike and jumping over stuff and the bike keeps going. He lands on it and then he gets into the middle of the

Dan: car,

Reegs: and he sort of stops on the bike and flips it around.

And he's bashing bad guys with the wheel and flipping hot water everywhere. It's incorporating all the Kung Fu moves really impressive stuff.

Dan: Well, I've got another one that you might not have heard of. It's American flyers. There were washes, Kevin Costner, sports light. Porn stash kind of mustache going on and he's plays a doctor who talks to is like, I know he's his brother.

Who's got troubles. I'm not kind of sure why. I can't really remember. It's a long while ago. I've seen it, but I remember the film and it was actually the first one where you said bicycles, I think American flyers. So it was an inspirational sports movie. I think there's, he's got like an illness that he's going to die.

One of them and they've got to make it over probably costs. It will always

Reegs: it wasn't cost. Now. Who was it? Who were we talking

Dan: Yeah. It's cost is cost and it was for, they go through the Rocky mountains and they're on some kind of cycle epic journey. I needed, we visited this film actually. I've seen it once. It was a long, long time ago, but still when I think of cycling sports movies, probably cause it's the first one that I'd seen.



Reegs: this is a movie you vaguely remember, and you can't remember if it's any good or not, but it's got a bike

in it Yeah

Dan: I reckon it could be a mid-week mumble mentioned,

Reegs: right?

Pete: More facts. So if it wasn't for bicycles and cycling, we probably would never have had aviation and flying. And the reason for that is the Orville and Wilbur rights. Had a, before they built a plane, they had a bike repair shop and it was in that warehouse that they built their Wright flyer in 1903,

Reegs: Yeah. Because the early flying machines

Pete: bikes with like, yeah.

Bikes, that's

Reegs: all sorts of stupid shit. Really, when you're looking at that,

Pete: just like, parasols that opened up and down and

Reegs: have

Sidey: you don't go from nothing to a 7.7. You have

Reegs: Yeah, I

Sidey: bits.

Dan: the bikes and film camera also products of, of development and manufacturing technology show. Like the change driven wheels, you know, the, the same mechanism. So it was they're they're linked. And one of the first ever films was it showed bikes in it. There was just people coming out of a factory, you know, it was just shots of people coming out, loom rear factory in France or something in pottery.

And that is pronounced just how it should be. yeah. And you know, I think it was three films might or only three left in existence of these first, early days of cinema. And they've all got bikes in them.

So it was when it was all in color, I think that's what people forget actually, when you were really there,

Pete: I've actually just found another unicycle facts. Ed Pratt from Somerset unicycled unsupported around the world. And it took him three years, 135 days.

Dan: three years cycling

Pete: I think he,

Dan: must've stopped for ages.

Pete: He just he'd like, he like cycle up to a tree and just lean against it and then, and then

Dan: I can't believe cause there's this guy his articles at Charlie's guest house in Bangkok, where I go always go and stay at the artist's place.

And he walked around the world in four years, but he's got a bike and did it in three years and what,

Pete: is

Dan: three and a half years. So I mean six months, the difference

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: just goes to show, you know, if you've got a puncher, it can slow your bite

Reegs: He's catching you up, mate. You need to fucking get on with it.

Pete: I suppose terrain would have, like, you could walk up and down a Mount of it. You can, you can unicycle across one, so or let's not try it. So going back to bikes in film again, another one I seem to mention a fair bit now. Maybe twice let's say the wizard of Oz and

Sidey: She's creepy as fuck.

Pete: miss miss Gulch.

Yeah. The who obviously later becomes the beaker, which of the west she's cycling after Dorothy's been sort of weird, like What the fuck is he called wherever? Like she's yeah, that'll do you know, she's been there, not the yellow brick road, so some kind of institution where they're going to do things to her and our little dog.

Ms. Gulch, I think is captured Toto at some stage, but yeah, when, when the, the psycho and hurricane thing comes, she's like cycling through the air, outside the window and cackling away. That's when I knew she was, she wasn't a good guy. So yeah, there's another bike,

Reegs: and a Great movie.


Sidey: Yeah. By

far the shittiest bit of Butch Cassidy

and the Sundance kid, is

involves bike. It's where Butch is


Katherine Ross.

Dan: poor Newman,

Sidey: Yeah. On a bike

ride to the

dulcet tones of raindrops,

keep falling on my head. She is really hot, but I don't like that bit. I just get rid of all

Dan: I, it just kind of goes to show the, the happiness right then, because it all goes to Eagle goes to shit afterwards and the whole Mexican army are there waiting for him or something.

And they think let's take them on. And they realize,

Reegs: Hey, it was taken off visa as well. The spy hard has a scene that sort of is like a spoof of that. Other

Dan: others and others.

Reegs: Yeah.

Transported three. Anyone

Sidey: No, not seen it?

Pete: I've seen that I've seen

the scene.

Dan: I don't remember. I don't remember the bike scene. Remind me.

Reegs: Oh, it was directed by a guy called Olivier megaton, which is a great name.

Brilliant. Yeah. And it possibly overshadows the movie

Pete: is nearly as good as Sergeant dragon or whatever.

Reegs: it's in tracking yet. It's this one sees the stat man go up against prison breaks. Robert Knepper, you know, the guy he's got a kind of Creole type age and yeah. Yup. Nipper.


Sidey: Who was in prison It's

Reegs: break who makes people hold his pocket,

Sidey: okay. Yeah,

Reegs: the pocket guy.

So this installment really isn't a patch on transporter to which is great, but it does have a gimmick where he's got these kinds of explosive charges on his wrist. And he can't be more than something like 75 meters from the car. That's a real pain in the ass when the precious car is stolen and he's in a market.

And then we're treated to this absolutely epic scene of him, like running through the market, trying to get onto this car steals. A bike goes up, this truck, that's parked there through an office through an abandoned factory type thing. And then he sort of hurls himself off the bike at like an Olympic athlete.

And you know, w what's it called with the yeah, but with the bar but you know, the gymnastics thing where you

Sidey: go

Reegs: bar and he sort of swings himself through the window of the fact that. And he goes straight through the massive window through the window of his car, kicks the guy who stole the car in the head, all in one move, kicks him out the car, the other side, and just sits down and like straightens his tie in the

Sidey: And

Reegs: off he goes fucking

Sidey: brilliant.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Right. Yo, well, it's tough to beat that one.

So I'm going to BMX bandits another classic from the youth. It was an 83 Australian crime comedy action film directed by Bryan trench, Todd Smith and stowing. Nicole Kidman. Yeah. Yeah. The, the film was released in the UK and the guardian wrote as a girl called Nicole Kidman. Who's rather good.

So they got that. Why? Which was nice to see. Again, it's another one from the youth that I haven't watched back anytime recently.

BMX bandits. I mean just the very name it's it was badass.

Sidey: Baymax is my least


Dan: a lot. I remember having a BMX, I'm really


Pete: like watching sort of like X-Games BMX, like stunts and cheers.

Reegs: What you mean to watch

Sidey: anything to ride pointless?

I'm all about going fast. See, I like going fast and BMX is not fast

Dan: I used to take my

Sidey: checks it bollix. And then when

he got adults

doing, fixing fucking

grow up.

Pete: Yeah. You also got like, adults were in fucking liker and city clipped, clot shoes and coffee shops. And I want them to die. Yeah.

Reegs: But what about people who like, I always think, I mean, I haven't got the balls or the coordination or skill or anything to do it, but the people who like mountain bite down, all that crazy shit, like in 127 hours

Sidey: my face for

that but

Reegs: yeah, but all that calls that stuff like that, that's got, I mean, that's not just about speed. That's about skill

Sidey: yeah, but it's about speed as well.

Reegs: it is about speed, but it's about lots of other things too,

Sidey: It's pretty

Dan: Yes. It's about, as you say, Cahone is really to go down some of the, the slopes they're going. I love my BMX though. I used to go to bed with it, you know, it was, oh yeah.

I hate sleepwalking. So

Pete: it's decent I knew there was upon the,

Dan: no,

Pete: I saw a guy that I know today coming down Queen's road, which is quite steep and on a racer, absolutely going for it. And I know that he's only got one eye, so yeah. Props to him. He was doing speed and danger where no, some, some more facts. You want a couple of, couple of facts in the Netherlands, 30% of all trips are on a bicycle.

And so

Sidey: was that like a world-leading stat? Yes,

Pete: is. Yeah.

Sidey: must be right

Pete: Denmark's up there. I think Denmark is they have the in terms of cars, sorry, bikes, the car ratio, Denmark at the highest. Right. I haven't even written that down and I know

Dan: Well,

Pete: is

Dan: over the Dutch, which would be the

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: cycles in Copenhagen.

Pete: to say something like, like a eight and nine people in Denmark.

I've got a bike

Dan: about Beijing is isn't there?

Pete: and nine or whatever.

Dan: thin Kate, Mel, you are singing

Pete: So I can tell you, there are, so there were a billion bicycles in the world, estimated roughly a billion basket and half of those in China.

So that's, that's that

Dan: song about That

Pete: And the last bike fact, the slow cycling, right? Was set by Suga Nobu Mitsubishi

Dan: vibe. I'm going for this, but

Pete: in 1965.

Dan: is my kind of record.

Pete: he stayed completely stationary for five hours and 25 minutes.

Sidey: watches

Reegs: and that's still the record.

Dan: W H I want to know how he did that.

Just, oh, he must be sat on the bike.

Sidey: like,

keeping it like a fixie,

Pete: but it said stationary so that he stays stationary. So there's no, there can't be any light rolling backward and forward. I don't imagine.


Sidey: He must got a tolerance cause You

have to

High pressure on the pedal should

Dan: I mean,

Pete: 1965.

Dan: you would,

Pete: who

Dan: would have

Sidey: I don't think we can beat that. the hot one.

I still think we've got

with that stationary shit. And I don't mean,

Dan: You know,

Pete: so I've pretty much run out of of bike scenes. There is probably one of the, definitely one of the most hateable bond films. Never say never. Yeah. Although it has got Rowan Atkinson in it. So that, that redeems it a bit for me, it is a Turkey, but there's a bit with where we're shortness cycling and Felix is like running alongside him.

Not shadowboxing. That's quite cool. There's also big favorite of yours rigs as the sound of

Sidey: Yeah, Far along long way, to ride.

Pete: yeah, yeah, absolutely. The last one I've got though is in the film home alone,

Kevin escapes from the burglars, once they've infiltrated the house, he escaped from the burglars by sliding down an ingenious, like rudimentary, like zip line to his tree house.

But it's actually bike handlebars that he uses.

Sidey: pedaling

Reegs: That's very

good Peter.

Pete: that's. That is how I've shoe horn home alone. In this, this week, you having it

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. That's

Dan: a strong, strong recommendation.

Sidey: wherever rigs mentioned it already,

but 127

hours is memorable for arm Loss, but also features

a really good sequence

of mountain biking. Mountain biking is


cool, but

Dan: no, it's

Sidey: something I'm going to, not something I'm going to get involved in

Dan: racing. You like you like the light

Sidey: I just liked the Lycra? and going fast. Yeah, But yeah.

127 Hours

is a good one

Reegs: A national Lampoon's European vacation. It's the one where the Griswolds when the, a peg and a poker game show. I know just the name, the Griswold's it looks horribly

Pete: difficult.

Shit, those films.

Sidey: brilliant thing

Pete: that I felt like their shit animal

Dan: I think there's, I think there's,

Pete: national Lampoon's

Dan: scenes. I think there's scenes that are good, but I don't think the whole film really knits together as something you want to watch, but there's moments in it that are life out loud, you know? They're they are good.

Reegs: this one's got Eric idol getting into a bike accident with Clark Griswold who moves him down. And he's like, he's getting directions from him. And as he points the way, there's like a huge jet of blood comes out and he's like, oh, it's, you know, so it's fine.

And the bike is mangled and Eric is mangled. And then it memorably ends with them. The Griswold's being stuck on a roundabout for hours just cause they can't get off. They don't know how to drive local Americans.

Dan: most of the ones that I've had on my list. So I can tell you, I bought a new wheel from the local bike shop for my my bike. It was missing something in the middle, so I complained and then they sent me to their spokesperson

Pete: knew it was going to be smoke,

Dan: D I didn't, I didn't get any further than that. So I'm, I'm kind of out, cause I did have 127 hours. It was quite tough. This one actually, to find a lot of I'm sure there's, there was a few that came to my mind straight away, but I hope somebody listening will be thinking the same and maybe can let us know what they're thinking because

Sidey: there's lots of older ones that I just

hadn't seen.

when I was looking about like bicycle thieves and


Dan: bicycle thieves that I, I started to watch a long while ago. And I'd fallen asleep, but the It's a classic of cinema again, isn't it, you know, it's based in Rome of a, a father and a son, I think who really depend on their bike. I'd watch part of it probably half an hour or so.

And just the chase when they start somebody, Nick, the bike, you know, and it's everything to them is their livelihood. And it is a classic of cinema. I say, I haven't watched it, but it's one that I would happily, I think put on is a bit of a, an old time video night here in the man cave. We'll have to do that.

Sidey: anymore.

The great Muppet caper has a really good

Muppets cycling.

sort of

Dan: I like a

Sidey: they don't.

Yeah. You don't normally see them.

moving around fully, but they're actually,

Dan: when you see the legs going

Sidey: you can see them properly cycling. yeah.

It's in Battersea. park. Yeah. And so that's good.

Pete: Is that, is that the more recent with the

Reegs: no, that's the 79

Pete: oh, it is, is right. Okay. No, not seen it.

Reegs: one. Oh, it's great. It's really good. It's got all the best, like all the things that you remember that are good about the Muppets are in the first Muppet movie.

Pete: Right.

Sidey: And then Pee-wee's big adventure

The whole

entire thing is him trying to find

his bike.

Reegs: Well, it's not just any bike. My friend, it's a 1947 Schwinn Western flyer tricked out with fins, a plastic tiger head siren. And it's got like

Dan: kind of looks like a chopper a bit.

Doesn't it?

Sidey: The Schwinn bikes were really early.

They were

Guests starting to be mass produced, but there there were

certain ones of them that are really collectible. And if you watch stuff like American pickers? They find a Schwinn, even if it's like mangled, like

rusty patient, that's still worth money.

They always get. And they're really

sought after bikes. Yeah.

Reegs: This one, believe it or not is a really good movie. It's a Tim Burton one, the Pee-wee's big adventure and it's kind of a collaboration with the sort of unique director and a unique performer in the Cree people Rubens.

I don't

think so He was called Wayne

Sidey: just ranked in it.

That's right. Yeah. He went to, cinema here. Yeah.

Reegs: it's got this like really distinctive visual palette and, and, and it's kind of Scots and funny jokes. And it's not just because it looks like the, you know, he looks a bit like Loic that you threatened to stop

Pete: stuff.

Sidey: right?

Let's compile a

top four, right.

Reegs: I'm going to go with it because it has to be,

Dan: strong. I'm going to go with a film I'm seeing long-term American flies. And I want to watch that again

Pete: I'm going to have to go with Napoleon dynamite.

Well, I'm, I'm going for the steak in the face scene. So if you want to go for the jump, we could go, we could double

Sidey: therapy, that would be unique.

No, I'm going to go for Wayne's world because

it's Wayne's world with a bit of twin peaks in


Reegs: nice

Sidey: listeners. can of course nominate and we have had quite few nominations really, but

you've got


week to

do something better.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: tee tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee cheese to tee tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee, tee tee tee is Mr. Cheese, man, give me your cheese.

Pete: I really like that though.

Sidey: We have cheese.

Pete: we do. Yeah. It's a, it's making a triumphant return again, many. Thanks. Once more to Florian at relish.

Sidey: who isn't a sponsoring us yet.

Pete: no, he does. He doesn't even know that we talk about the cheeseburger. I should start telling him actually. Yeah. Let's do, yeah,

 So tonight's offering we've gone. There's quite a lot of soft echoes even the, the blue is soft. We start off with the softest, which is the, the, the Tom dad Brienne.

Which is from the law. It is a goat's cheese from the master FNO Pascal.

word it says the cheese has the texture of a lightly whipped mousse with an Ash sprinkled velvety coat.

Sidey: nearly running

away. So

Pete: it's it's all. Yeah. It's like a

Reegs: slimy thing.

Pete: it's, it's a, it's basically a puddle now, but that that's that line you can see as a line of sight

Dan: whipped mousse. I mean, that's

Sidey: big

Dan: yeah, I was lightly.

Pete: I think that's how, and then they milk it and that's how you get this cheese. Yeah. And that, that sort of line you see running through it as a line of summer truffle brings a new dimension to this delicate cheese. I'm a big fan Sidey, not so much. It's

Sidey: it's just the truffle is not really my bag. And so I find it very dominant.

but that's okay.


Pete: It is, but this, this is, I'd say it's it's, it's almost got a, sort of a feety sort of Dicky

Dan: Mo Mo much, much like rigs I've stayed the other side of the room to

Sidey: There's definite Feet aromas

Pete: feet, Dick and truffle, which my three favorite things

Sidey: I I had some on its own And I had some with the Goosby relish and that

Definitely. took the edge off and made it

Dan: I'm just wondering whether this is your trick every week to bring light, stinky cheese, to cover your own smell.

Pete: That's it. I've got my, I've got a nest of it at home. Then we probably move on to, well, the, a solid and old faithful is pretty common bear, which speaks for itself, but it's good. It's strong and it's good. Then we move on to, so there's a Scrabbler Shaw, which I love saying fail me, miss Celia which is it's protected by strict AOC regulations.

Sidey: Andrew's old camel.

Pete: Yeah. And it's, it's more compact than the soft cheeses like Brie and common bear. And the taste is, is delicately sweetened, fruity with a Nazi finish.

Dan: We're going to have to have a top five of cheese or


Pete: think. So

Sidey: this next one this one would

Pete: would go straight into that top part. We've, we've had some real success with the blues.

Recently. This is a, in my finest Italian a month and which is a triple triple cream cheese. That is a surface ripened marbled with blue veins with a great natural crust. It combines the texture of enrich tastes of a triple cream Brie with the distinct and lightly biting flavor of a blue cheese rich and decadent month on Yola has a buttery, slightly pecan tastes that pairs well with a medium to full bodied wine, such as Pinot noir.

Dan: Is that what we're drinking Pete?

Pete: No we've got a cab SAB from the co-op and

Dan: again, then,

Pete: which is. Which is the perfect ones combined with this cheese that won the Supreme champion award in

Sidey: That doesn't surprise me. That does not surprise me cause it's fucking



Dan: that was, that was strong and

Sidey: A little bit left. I'm, gonna, we're gonna be fighting over that.

Dan: I won't fight over it, but it was, it was nice.

I'm not a man. I liked the harder cheeses myself. But they were another fine selection. Thank you.

Pete: you.

Reegs: It's a stunning array of biscuits tonight as well. I am relishes and it's that olives

Pete: Olives? Yeah. Yeah, a little, a little bit per Canty.

Reegs: civilized

Sidey: And that all

segues very nicely into this

week's movie, which

is called Icarus. release.

And You chose this one?

Reegs: I did.

Yeah. Um

Sidey: about this

Reegs: other than that at one Oscars a few years ago. But no, I, I knew very little about it.

Sidey: I Didn't know existed so he nominated. It So that was good.

Dan: What, what was the inspiration behind nominating this?

I assumed that you'd seen it before. Enjoyed it and then thought okay. Or at least had some

Reegs: shall I, shall I be honest with you, Dan it's cynically cashing in on the cycling craze that has swept the planet, you know?

Yeah, absolutely.

Sidey: because, because of COVID


a massive, massive, massive bike shortage. worldwide.

Reegs: Everyone just picked up a bike and went cycling. Yeah.

Sidey: could do

Exercise wise,

but I mean, it is, it is a

statement of fact that there is a massive worldwide

bike shortage.

Pete: that would explain, just going back to the topic of conversation about my e-bike earlier, which I've only enjoyed for two weeks. It went into the workshop in January of this year, and we're now nearly in September.

And the fucker still doesn't look today because he's so busy or he hates me it's because I didn't buy that bike with him. but yeah, everyone's busy in the bike world,

Sidey: but yes, this is a

cycling focused


Reegs: It's brought to us by a guy called Brian Fogel, who is a director, producer, playwright, author, speaker, and human rights activists that I'd never heard of. He had done a self penned comedy called utopia, which just makes me low, which was about two young Jewish guys looking for women. And then he did this.

And then after this, he's done one called the dissident, which is about Washington post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi who was brutally murdered by the Saudi government kill squad in his own embassy in Istanbul, which will be fucking amazing. I can't a documentary on that.

Sidey: it must be a front waiter himself

Reegs: I don't, I'm not sure. Yeah.

Maybe Fogel sounds pretty Jewish.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: I, this, this isn't a cycling film. It's a film about

Sidey: drugs.

Reegs: Well, it starts out as one thing and becomes something else. It's a bit like supersize me at the beginning. He's kind of this sort of investigation into doping in AMA to cycling

Dan: clever direction, you know, because the way that documentaries unfold is you never quite know how they're going to happen because

Reegs: Well, it's the nature of real life,

Dan: exactly. So the eye he did really well, which is just go where the story was going and follow that through like,

Pete: Well, because this was good without going in going too far ahead. This is going to be, my question was, it's what it seems to start off as it then became something


different. Almost like, like you say, he wants hits us.

Cheat the system see like himself, he was intrigued by Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong specifically, but the fact that, you know, how, how much could his performance improve by doing what a lot of these people are doing?

Reegs: Well, and also he interviewed a guy called Don Catlin who was basically cheated by Lance Armstrong multiple times.

And he was kind of saying, how could this happen in this? And so what you wanted to do is explore through the sort of very high amateur

Sidey: he is a decent, here's a decent amateur

Reegs: here's a decent, amateur

Sidey: Think he, I think he

starts off, he came 14th in this brutal

Pete: So it's seven times longer than the tour de France or something.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I mean,

Sidey: There's no rest

Dan: elite, amateur sport.


Sidey: And he's going

Reegs: who were at the top of this are basically on the next huge professionals.

Dan: They're just, they just might be not doing the tour cause it doesn't suit their life, but

Reegs: they're not yet there. Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Pete: because that's what struck me about the film is that it started off as a documentary where he is the central character with a certain kind of central, like here's the focus of the film.

And by the time he gets it halfway through the film, he is now almost like redundant to the, to the story and what's going on. There's, there's almost nothing about him. He almost totally disappears within the film.

Reegs: well, he, he starts by orchestrating this thing with Catlin where he'll and some other medical people who are on board, where he starts injecting himself with performance enhancing drugs to see how he can improve his performance and to see whether he can be detected.

And mostly it's about, he's trying to expose how rife cheating is even in amateur

Sidey: Well, Pete is

convinced that anyone in professional sport is on drugs.

Pete: I think that anyone in professional sport who is fucking thrashing, everybody else who are absolutely categorically known drugs, cheat by like logic suggests to me that they themselves are a drug streets.

I, he knew, I absolutely knew fact that alarms on Lance Armstrong was a drugs cheap before it ever came out. And I, we used to, we had a mutual friend side who would constantly bang on about him and have the, like the Livestrong wristbands, everything. And this is like maybe after he'd only done five, the front and he's gone on to do like seven after that.

And I was like, I just used to say to him all the time, he's a drug cheat. It's like, well, how can you say that? That's like, you can't say, I said, I know he is. I know he is because he's thrashing all the guys that definitely are drugs, cheats and have been proven. Yeah.

So there's no way that physi physiologically, he can't be beating all these people so comfortably all the time, seven years in a row.

And you know, some of these guys died of massive heart attacks by the age of 40, because they've done so much like doping and he's comfortably beating them and apparently legitimately wasn't having it and it turned out to be right.

Sidey: His was a particularly hideous case because he went after people

that gives him his sued them.

Pete: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. And just kept denying it and everything

Reegs: you're in, you're in

Sidey: and saying that it's a miracle.

and during all that religious bullshit about it as well

Reegs: in the shadow of Lance Armstrong is in this movie, he features very heavily in the opening parts and

Pete: that kind of like tapers off

Reegs: well it's because of Catlin though. And it pays, it plays in because Catlin was the guy who was cheated.

And so when Fogel brings that the filmmaker brings to him this idea that he wants to cheat the system. He. And, and what he's going to do, he explains the nature of his plan. And it's going to involve drugs that are prohibited and the laboratory crucially of the world anti-doping agency. So that's when Katlin this guy refuses to cooperate and he says, I'm not going to do this anymore.

But Fogel then asks him for a referral basically. Well, who would? And he S he gives him a name.

Sidey: She wasn't wearing a top

and Quite a

lot of the film. He's not wearing a total splatter. It's really weird.

Reegs: Well, this guy is a right character,

Sidey: the very first zoom call that they had.

Dan: what's his name?

Reegs: Gregory road chain cough.

Dan: Gregory

Sidey: very first introductory call that they have he's topless.

And I'm thinking That's weird.

Dan: And he's like, Nope. A world leading expert in the, you know, the testing of, of drugs in, in sport.

Reegs: he was the director of the Moscow and Soshi anti-doping laboratories. And his job was, he was tasked by the world anti-doping association to catch doping, Russians and doping competitors at the, that this was his job, rich GENCO retain cough.

But, well, he's pretty receptive to the idea straight away isn't he, that he will help.

Sidey: yeah, this is how we do it. You need to do this, this and this freeze, your pier, send it

to me. blah, blah, blah.

Pete: Obviously something he's done countless times, he's taken money for, this is now a service that he provides and kind of like, even like skirts over there, like, oh, it's just between you and me though.

Right? It's like,

Dan: Yeah. I don't know how far ahead this guy is, to be honest.

Pete: Well, he, he is a head. The reason he's ahead is because he, what, what this highlights is certainly in Russia and we'll come on. Yeah. The, the it's like we'll we'll tackle the, oh, it's so it's just the Russians that drug the drugs cheats in a minute.

But what this highlights is that the, the, the anti-doping and the doping programs are one in the same in, in Russia. And that's what it has been for years. So all the people that are tasked with finding out what the drugs are and working out how it would be done, how you, you know,

Dan: February admitted that didn't

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah. So, so like a by-product of what they do, it's a little bit like viruses and like computer software and stuff. It's like the byproducts of what they do is, is knowing all of the, like the ways to fuck the system and to, to get by it. So immediately he sees an opportunity and long before this guy has ever come along, he's already seen an opportunity to.

So, you know,

Reegs: when he comes up with the

Pete: cheating within the, you know, the Russian Federation for sport. Yeah.

Reegs: And he comes up with this really elaborate plan straight away for Fogel. Let's like, you know, about the, the details were kind of lost on me because it went really quickly through a lot of details

Sidey: but like you say that he didn't have to go away and masterminders, he just knew straight

Reegs: knew it, this is how you're going to do it.

And this is how we're going to hide it. And,

Dan: interested from the beginning with that kind of level of openness, if you'd like, and just, you know, even with his shirt off at home, wife's in the dogs running around in the

Pete: bathroom

Dan: and everything, and he's laying it all on the line.

Like blahzay, assuming he's been told, I'm going to film this, I want to do it. But the reason that he was doing it is because he wanted to prove how easy it was

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: the

Reegs: The system

Dan: and the fact that you've got somebody who exactly knows that answer, who has the proof and has the position and power too, to be able to give the answer.

And he's just so free in giving it, it made me think he was a good man, because it made me think he knows it's bullshit and he just wants out there. That was my instant kind of thing that he's so open that he's just like, got to the stage where, so the money thing, I dunno, wherever I was, I thought that was his, his motivation, to be honest.

So I just thought he fought, this is wrong. You know, this is, and

Sidey: he was

quite a complicated

Dan: he was a very complicated guy, but, but that was my first

Pete: he'd had a relationship.

So like you do a bit of background on him. I think his parents certainly what his mother, his mom was a doctor. He went to sort of like medical school, but he was also a good athlete himself. His sister was an athlete represented Russia. She'd already been. Dark black band for drugs. And I think even like, and, and selling like drugs cause selling the steroids and so on and she'd been imprisoned for it.

So this had been a part of his

Reegs: well, but none of this is in the movie though.

Pete: no, no, it's

Sidey: Oh, the thing about him running his And his mother, he said it was his mum who was injecting him. with the Yeah.

Reegs: Oh yeah. That's right. Yeah.

Pete: yeah. So, so, so he's, he's, he's been involved in it from,

Reegs: It's a family trade.

Pete: that was, you know, when he was in his twenties and now he's in you know, he's like a 50 year old guy, so it's been, it's been his life

Sidey: He had his

Pete: the point where he's, he did have a

Sidey: messed up when he was running

and he'd kept

it all the way through.

I thought that was great. Mustache commitment. Well,

Reegs: gets rid of

Pete: it.


Dan: Towards the end.

Reegs: W I mean, it turns out really pretty quickly that Richard Bankoff was instrumental and very vocal about it on camera to Fogel.

Being the man who put together Russia's state-sponsored Olympic drug doping program. Basically.

Pete: He,

Reegs: he seems, yeah. Almost proud of it. Absolutely. And then this really, this revelation on camera just turns the documentary from something that's kind of meandering to something just fucking

Dan: this, this is where that, that great direction I think takes place. And he's, he's able then to just, why what's that and, and flip the film where we're not suddenly just talking about performance enhancing

Sidey: German exposé on there, on the German



about they, they They're the ones who break the story

about the Russian.

visit. They've got an actual state

sponsored, properly organized doping.

Pete: I actually, I remember pausing it so I could see the, the, the basic, the bit where he has to fly. He flees Russia goes to America, comes around and sees Fogel and they, he sits down and like, basically he does an interview in his like lounge or kitchen or whatever.

That's pretty much halfway through the film up to that point. I thought that, you know, they prolonged the kind of, I can say you had to give like, you know, some background on what the starting point was and so on, but they'd kind of like elongated that first half about the cycling and everything. And then it all building up.

And it really started when I started like moving towards like, you know, sitting on the edge of my seat was when it, because in that interview, like quite chillingly, he starts asking him questions that he knows the answer to. It's like, you know, has there been sort of, you know, systematic cheating in the blah, blah, blah.

And he's like, yeah, But then he says, yeah, like, so to do with like Saatchi the Windsor games and says you know, it was there, you know, a program of blood doping and so on and this, and he was like, yes, that's what they got me out of prison for. And he's like, whoa, hang on a second. They what they, and he goes, yeah, that's what the government got me out of prison to make me put me in charge of the plan to go and get a load of fucking men because we'd done so shit in Vancouver, I've got seven metals or something.

We want to smash it in our own backyard. You've got get this guy out of prison and he'll get us a load of metals. Cause he knows how to cheat.

Sidey: I liked the way it escalated in the sense that at first they would just dope them so that they could train well. And by the time that you had trained and affected your body so well, then they

would take them off

the drug so that when you were tested you were clean.

And then after that. It's like, nah, fuck that,

Just go straight

Pete: that, what you said, just there is like, Y you mentioned you saying bolt before. I'd love to think he hasn't, but to be honest, he's, he's the best anyway, regardless, but when people say, oh, yeah, but he's never been caught. Don't like, he's never been caught.

Like Lance Armstrong has never caught it. You know, you can

Dan: keep your blood for a lot longer.

Pete: cheat and train your body way harder, faster,

stamina longer they

Dan: 10, 20 years. So we'll eventually have the technology

Pete: But then th this, this, this show,

Reegs: that the,

Pete: out of the

Reegs: yeah, because well, we'll get onto

Pete: It can all be fudged. It can all be contaminated. It can all be got to it.


Reegs: Yeah. He uses the, yeah. So retain cough has to escape Russia because this is all really blowing up. And so Fogel brings him over to the states and as he comes over another member of Rosado, which is the Russian anti-doping association, these guys are all big players, by the way, they've pointed out to us in graphics that red checkoff is the character that we're talking about.

The whistleblower, he reported to a guy called. I can't remember his name, but it's the assistant guy who reported to this guy just look fucking

Sidey: yeah, he was scary, dude.

Reegs: really, really, he turned out to be a KGB.

Pete: He became the vice president.

Reegs: yeah. So anyway, these, these two former directors, in fact, but one in particular who was Rodchenko.

Friend Nikita Kamayev died of an unexpected heart attack at the age of 55 in his home. W w w just shortly before that there was an article in the Sunday times that karma ever had been approached to publish a book on the true story of doping in pharmacology, in Russia since 1987. I don't know if the two things are

Pete: Well he, he published a book because Fogel asked him like, you know, what do you do? And he goes, he wrote a book.


Reegs: Yeah. And he says, it's a dangerous thing to do

Pete: in Russia. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: And also, I mean, this guy, you wouldn't, if it was in a film, you'd be like, this is ridiculous, but he's constantly reading 1984 and Orwell and, and he's got a well thumbed copy.

That's got highlighted part, you know, this is not an affectation for the movie. This is something, this is. Like biblical for him because it, it plays into his theories. Particularly ignorance is strength. He uses that mantra in his, in his life to evade the, the authorities. And then the final part of the movie is then set to a sort of three-part structure of Winston Smith's reintegration back into society in 1984.

And it starts with this learning phase, I think, which is the bit you were talking about where he sits down on camera and asks him the questions,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: When focus taking


Do I remember this? Rightly but his performance.


It doesn't

Pete: it? It does. But he has, he has a hundred mile stretch or something where he can't change gear,

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: which like

Dan: that affected

Pete: yeah, so he was gutted because his, so his performance wasn't, but he was like, oh, overall, I was worse than I was the previous year. But he said it was like 15 to 20% better performance on the bike, but he had a mechanical failure couldn't change gear,

Dan: and he said straight away is disappointed. He's was as a competitor because as we said, he was a serious amateur competitor.

He wanted to do better on the drugs than he did the previous year, but it was largely due to a bike

Pete: they showed that before that he he'd gone and he'd broken into the top 10, which was where he was like striving for.

He said that those guys are miles ahead. I think he got to 10th or something, which, which, you know, the gap between

Dan: Is it broken into that, that, that top group with, with the use of it, but the, the doctor said, well, you know, w what about it? We've got the evidence. That's what we w we really did this. Nevermind where you finish your numbers were better over those periods of time. And it shows that it's working and now get me those tests.

I'm going to take them back to Russia in my suitcase, under my own name, and, you know, smuggle them in, basically

Reegs: I mean, but that

Dan: test it.

Sidey: So We're

jumping around a bit, but if we go to, to the Olympics in Sochi, Then we start to see just how fucking mind-boggling

Dan: KGB

Sidey: the KGB building is,

Reegs: well, this is what he reveals in

Sidey: this. the fucking lab. Yeah. And they would,

that the

samples we'll put in this bottle, which is an

openable unless you have this special machine, this, this special


Dan: I have to break the seal

Sidey: Yeah. It can't be tampered. And they just say to some KGB guy, right.

You've got to figure out how to open these fucking bottles.

And they do.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's comes back like two hours later or something and it's like opens it and he can put it back on. And

it's what

Dan: You have some of the finest minds known to humanity on that job. You know, the Russians would have had these absolute geniuses working on opening a bottle,

Pete: plus it's, it's a home Olympics for them, so they can, and because this is state funded, they can just plow.

Like they can put the lab wherever the fuck they want. They can put the KGB fucking port

Reegs: right next door.

Pete: right across the road.

Reegs: Also what helps is if you build yourself a secret laboratory in the middle of the building of the anti-doping one that nobody else knows about, and inside there, it has a secret compartment that allows you to dispose of the tainted PEs.

And, but this is where it becomes curiously low tech because there's all this sophisticated analysis of PEs going on. And then at the end of the day, it's a guy going in and swapping out a few jars in his lab coat for

Dan: because it's the it's

Reegs: and throwing

Dan: best way to know the job has been done. You know, that's the, the KGB and the old spies and things. They, the big jobs like that, they just had to be done by hand.

There's a lot of risk, but you knew you were going to send somebody in to do the job and probably. You know,

Reegs: Well, it worked.

Dan: they got away of

Reegs: they worked because like you said, at the associate Olympics, they cleaned up didn't they, can you

Sidey: That was, the thing. And he said at least half of them

would have been


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: at least half.

Reegs: This


where we get a curious political thing really, which is

Sidey: well, Putin just bats it all away and says,

oh, it's just, you know,

Reegs: Well, Putin knows about it. And then he uses at least in the logic of the movie. And I think you can, me. Yeah, you can debate this, but he, he uses the Goodwill that Russia gains as a result of doing

Pete: Politically with it shows his writings.

Reegs: to then begin a war with the Ukraine over Crimea.

Now they just say that in the movie, like you're supposed to just go, well, that's what happened. And I did think it was a bit more complicated than that, but okay. But anyway, yeah. So with retain cough now in hiding, because people are dying it's Putin knows about it. It's all on there.

Dan: The people that are dying, I've

Reegs: where Fogel then meets all of the big boats of the world.

Anti-doping association

Sidey: Um

Reegs: Dick,

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: Dick,

Pete: It's the best name ever.

Reegs: Dick,

Dan: but you're saying that the people that are dying almost in the chain of this drug

Pete: hierarchy,

Dan: and he's got me getting nervous now.

Like, isn't

Pete: Well, he kind of is, but it never really comes across. So I think he's more worried for his wife.

Yeah. Yeah, he did. But that was, that was years before that was, that was when he basically got,

Sidey: institutionalized.

Pete: And he got, he got thrown inside as well. He

Reegs: I have a really nasty scar here. And that's why I wondered why there were so many shots of him without his top on. But

Pete: then

Reegs: towards the end they show you

Pete: because he said, like, he says that he drank a load of whiskey.

He got a knife, sat in the bath and then he says, oh, and then it, you know, it cuts so easily sort of thing. And you're thinking risks. And then it says he's, he's lacerated his heart. So he's fucking gone in for his own heart.

Sidey: Sarah Smith. Great

Pete: Jesus.

Reegs: They have this extraordinary meeting where Fogel does it in retain Coff's absence. Like I say, because I mean, he goes off into the witness protection program. Doesn't he shaves his mustache off and everything, but he he's this like visibly angry group of very highly ranking, wider officials.

Who've just been duped and she's like, she's a bit pissy with them. She's she's like, oh, this is my life's work kind of ruined. And he's like, yeah, but he's put his entire life on the line for this because he will die of an

Pete: unexpected

Reegs: heart

Sidey: attack.

Dan: Sorry, I just have to explain why I said I have to laugh this year because this guy in witness protection is just one of those characters that, you know, you cannot tame it. You could give him a different name and you could put him in different hair, but.

Pete: You know that right now, wherever he is, he's gone. He goes to his local bar and he's just going, like, you know, who I used to

Dan: yeah, yeah,

Pete: of the, if the doping program and the Russia, like, he, he, he it's weird.

He's he is kind of like, you know, like a villainous kind of character. Like he w he's doing villainous things or supposedly vinegarette villainous things, but you sort of like, he's endearing in some sort of way

all the way through Yeah He

Dan: He has put his life on the line

Pete: And I think his honesty helps with that because he does it at no point.

Does he try and dress it up as like, oh yeah. But I was just trying to do like a good thing.

Reegs: I think he's also clearly a very troubled individual and like trying to work

Pete: out mum's

Reegs: he's completely exactly

Pete: to perform like this. This is, yeah. There's deep rooted stuff here

Reegs: but this does go all the way to the top. There is a big fallout.

Russia is going to be banned from,

Sidey: this was the

the biggest

sort of thing.

for me is they say right. Rio

is coming up. We can't have, you know, the, the official sort of thing is Russia has to be banned from there. Olympic games.


Reegs: well then there's lots of shots of Putin meeting with the head of the international Olympics committee, shaking hands having glasses

of wine.

Yeah. I


Pete: they even, they, they don't, they compete under like Russian Olympic committee. Not that they do now. Yeah. It's like the Olympic

Sidey: Russian Olympic committee.

Pete: Yeah. But I don't, I don't fucking buy it. Like, I'm a big cynic where all these things, I mean, that's all. You said at the beginning, it was a cycling film, something about fucking baseball, basketball, football.

They're talking about soccer players, but all in all sport, right in Russia. Yeah. And we think that this is a unique thing to

Reegs: Well, I don't think we're saying, I

Pete: No, no, no, no. Sorry. I don't mean, I mean like the Royal, like the, you know, the,

Sidey: the, Royals are at it as well.

Pete: Royals are outset. Yeah. But that's why in the, in the polo matches, that's why the corgis can run so fast.


Sidey: It's the Russia story

Pete: That's the one that blew up and then it's like, they're the fucking, they're the fall guy. I'm not like feeling sorry for them. SRE. They've cheated. They've got cool.

Reegs: I think the difference is that there's been drug cheats in sport in Britain, but it's so far been impossible to link.

Pete: it

Reegs: All the way up to

Sidey: Bradley Bradley Wiggins is really taught you one.

Reegs: Yeah. The Wiggins is a good one.

Pete: there's been a lot of chat about Farrah.

Again, another guy dominating in a, in an event where there were no drugs, cheats and

Reegs: It may be, it is certainly, I'm not disagreeing. I'm just saying what's extraordinary about this. Is it happening? And it being real. And then of course, with Russia involved, I think you'd have to make a pretty strong case for if Britain was involved in this was happening, that they would assassinate what are their own people?

And that is clearly what is happening in this city.

Pete: Right. So I'm, I'm not talking, I'm not necessarily sort of talking about the you know, like the, the, the state funded element of it. And I'm not talking about the assassination. I don't remember. I mean, that, that's like fucking way that, you know, that's like,

Reegs: about

Pete: yeah, but I'm talking specifically about like the, the drugs cheating in sports and it is, it is rife.

It absolutely has to be, it absolutely has to be rife.

Dan: It seems because it's it's linked politically to the highest levels of influence on people. You know, if that has given him some mandate in his own mind to go and invade the Ukraine or, or whatever it is, then sports suddenly becomes an important tool

Pete: vehicle for that.


Dan: you know,

Reegs: that's, that's the, that's the story

Dan: That's

Reegs: the movie tries to draw.

And that's the bit that's stuck in my throat the most. I think I know what you're saying. I don't have a lot of sympathy for Russia because there's clearly a lot of fucking shit going on. It's obviously happening elsewhere. They just haven't caught it,

Pete: I don't, but you know, you get like, you know, co was getting all like, you know, sanctimonious and loads of other people and sign it's like, well, oh, what, there are drugs in our sport.

I've got fuck off. He was involved in it in the seventies and eighties. I'm not saying him necessarily, but there's a, there's a good chance that

Sidey: loads. there's loads of world

records that were before that, before drugs testing.

that will never

go because

they just unbeatable.

And that.

the what's

the name of the Jamaican lady. that Jamaican sprinting he always just seems a bit suspicious?

to me. But

she ran. I think it was just


or the day before. And the diamond, like the second

fastest time behind

flow Joe's, which is

another day.


Pete: it's a years ago

Sidey: she died. at like 35 or

Pete: older. So, I mean, look, we've just had an, an Olympics, right? America has dominated track and field since God knows where it, since like, you know, long before we were born or whatever in the men's this time out, I think there was only something like a day or two days of track and field left to go.

And they had one metal this time

Sidey: Cause they clean

Pete: because they're probably fucking clean and loads of bit, you know, Carl Lewis

Reegs: but like the difference is though,

Pete: He's had a load of drugs and stuff around him.

Reegs: th the real difference and they do show this, they don't show this specifically, but it's a contrast. So you can make, is that Ben Johnson is that, what's his name? The, when he got done the he was a pariah.

Wasn't he?

Pete: Yeah, completely a little bit like parking cars. So I'm I'm so divorcing the political element and obviously the, you know, the, like the hideous, like, you know, like humanity issue, like people getting killed and stuff. I'm talking specifically about the athletes, right? So, oh, the Russians are fucking dirty.

All the athletes and everything like that. Fuck. Do me a favor, like everyone to not every single person, but every country or most of the countries or people who are competing at the very pinnacle of elite sport where it's been proven, you know, like Justin Gatlin has done, been done it twice. And you saying bolt bolt still be in by 10 meters.

Like do me a favor. That's nothing to do with Russia. There's a lot of question marks around that. I mean, on a purely sort of sporting line, I think that it's, I think it's rife and they'll always be ahead of the curve of the,

Reegs: well that's why they should be a special, special Olympics where you can just take whatever the fuck you like, like in football, you could just feel the goalkeeper.

That was just an eight foot by six foot gelatinous cube of flesh that would just block the entire goal or like a pole vaulter that just

Sidey: the trouble is people do die. But When the cyclists

were properly. at it, people

were dying

up the

Pete: absolutely. Yeah.

Sidey: attacks on the

Pete: I mean, I just want to qualify it, like establish everything that I've said, like, you know, bolt bolt is one fairer and people had Bradley rigs.

They're still the best because even if they have done it,

Sidey: everyone else's,

Pete: everyone else has done it as well, and they've beaten them. So there's still the fucking best that absolutely undeniably the best.

Sidey: The

Bradley Wiggins one is bad because you can't

say these are drugs shape because you could

get done for libel or whatever,

But there's so many question marks so much

dodgy shit going on around the packages that got delivered by the doctor, the missing

records, that laptop got stolen.

You're just like, man, that, that all

those things

need to have an asterisk.

by them because it's just so dodgy.

Pete: those asterisks, I think anyone who's won anything in elite sport over the last, however long there was asterisks against them because they'd beaten guys who have done it fact.

Sidey: The only thing he hasn't done

is failed a drug test, but

everything else points to, Yeah.

Dan: W what kind of sports do you think? It just doesn't matter in.

Pete: sports that don't matter, like rugby. Yeah,

There'll be dope. There's been doping and football. Like, yeah. How

Dan: I mean, you can't dope to be like messy Kenya.

Sidey: He was on the guest

Pete: fucking modified he's he is, he had daily injections, like

Dan: yeah But th the talent

Reegs: he's got more DNA in common with a crab now.

Pete: absolutely true.

Absolutely true. It's always going to have, you know, if you look closely, he's got claws for hands,

Sidey: but this film, I have to say I was more interested in the

micro stuff or gloving than the Russian. stuff I was more

interested in

could when it was like his

story in the race

Could they get him doped up? and and how are we going to beat the system?

How do you do it on an individual level when

it got

to the Russia stuff? Yeah, it was interesting Cause you had that guy, and blah, blah, blah. But you know, I'd heard it on the news about Russia's

states bonds and stuff, so that

You saw, you heard some details about the real nitty gritty, but basically I'd heard all that before.

and I've got a bit bored

of all that

I'd have to say

Pete: exact opposite of you.

I was bored for the first, but I didn't

Reegs: get

Pete: shit about this cyclist. So it was interesting that he was going to dope and I was expecting him to win and he didn't and when he didn't and because he couldn't change gear or whatever, it's kind of like tailed off and they prolonged that, that first half of it way too long for me, it was, it was a two hour film basically.

And then I had heard the stories, but this was, I didn't realize that, you know, like there's, there's a key central figure and the blatant like nature of it. And like you say, in some respects, the totally kind of like.

You know, unsophisticated nature of it's just like swapping out like bad pots of hers for good pots of purse.

And like, you know, backhanders down and Elisa is shit like it was, but to say, and also that guy, just so, I mean, like you, we know that that's a fucking dangerous place to be like telling tales on the, on the

Sidey: Yeah That, that side of it was still compelling, but

the actual

stuff about, you know, kind of I'd heard of that story before,

Reegs: but I know what you mean, but then to see it unfold on camera with the central person involved is really quite extraordinary.

I mean, if you think of the chances of that happening of some enormous event, like that being captured.

Dan: know,

this is why I thought the direction was really clever because like you, I was disappointed. He, they didn't go more into how far an amateur who could go and push this drug thing, you know, how far could he, how good could it, I was just interested to see how, you know, that, that side of things,

Pete: Was it because was it with your London to Paris in mind? Do you want it to somehow performance

Sidey: oh no. We're going to put all the contact details after that

Pete: Yeah. So no more training. Just the daily

Sidey: injection.

I can do the injections

Pete: no no

Dan: disgusting what you had to do, you know, to inject himself. I mean, it's a huge commitment. It was a huge commitment for, for the research. It was massive. It was a. You know, to do that and to put your body through that, put yourself on the line to really push yourself.

It had to be very driven and then to go and flip his story. Thank you. Then to flip that story into this wider political.

Reegs: Well,

Dan: the narrative that, that fell, it fell onto his feet.

Pete: in front of

Dan: He filmed him when we're there. And he

Reegs: guy to be such an extraordinary figure as well, like quoting all well, and like,

Pete: the thing is it's now, if you sort of like you sit there and you think about how the story ended, cause it hasn't ended yet. This guy is still at large in the U S in witness protection.

He is without his mustache or his wife and everything and his

Reegs: He just fucks her off over a soup. Cool.

Pete: completely folks are off. So he's, he's still out there, but you think about it. I mean, he's, he's three removed from the president. He's three removed from fucking Putin, a totally like world globally recognized figure. He will have had loads of personal chats with like here, man of his, like, you know, his, his peers and so on.

And the first ever like interaction that you see him having is like his home on Skype with no shirt on holding up his dog to the camera. This guy's a bit of a king really like. He's got into some bad stuff and he's a bit like tapped, but yeah.

Sidey: he's no,

he's no Dick pound though.

Reegs: Yeah, this was good. But

Sidey: yeah, we don't have any obviously money details because it's a streaming service Netflix, but it did, it was the first streaming

service documentary to win the Oscar.

So, yeah.


Dan: I tell you what, we haven't done enough documentaries and this was a really good

Sidey: stuff The first one you

Pete: You guys struck gold really?

Didn't he he's, he's gone into it trying to make something that, I mean, who the fuck, like you would have watched it and you'd have watched it done. I wouldn't have watched it. You probably wouldn't have Briggs just like him, jabbing himself to win a race. The Oak, I don't care about winning a race,

Reegs: Yes. The original documentary you wouldn't have watched.

Pete: he is absolutely like struck gold there because he's got tap right into the fucking main guy, pivotal, global figure in a huge.

Controversy and he's got it all on camera. Like unbelievable.

Dan: It was all on that. Can you give me a referral?

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: I don't think that guy. What was his name? Kaitlin. Catlin. I don't think He was going to make it It just seemed really frail. and fucking,

Reegs: He was no Dick

Sidey: pound pound.

his Dick.

Reegs: Yeah, I don't know if there's probably a load of stuff about how untrue it all is as well.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Well

Dan: There's three sides to every coin.

Pete: yeah.


Sidey: The cycling hits

keep on coming because kids TV wise, we

watched Ricky zoom on

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Does anyone's Jordan

actually watch this?

So this Was shoehorned in thematically,

Pete: mine My boys don't watch this, but I wrote at the beginning, Ricky zoom is exactly the same as Rory, the racing car, but for, but it's bikes, not cars. And my boys did watch Rory the roasting car.

And then after that I churned out and the boys watched it. They liked it. Yeah. They watched two episodes of it, but it was basically already the racing car, like regional accents, like a bit of peril every week, going around a track.

Sidey: it's 11

minutes long.

Reegs: That was that I thought was doing us a favor, but it, it was a long 11

Sidey: talk to us about it.

Reegs: Well, it's hard, you know, I'm quite a copious notes taker. If I would just show you what I've got for Ricky zoom this week,

Sidey: got a bit more,


Reegs: two words. Ricky zoom. That's that's my notes for

Pete: same? And then exactly the same as Rory, the racing car, and then that's it.

Sidey: did We all watch episode one.

Pete: I

fell into that trap of Netflix double episode thing. Oh, not Netflix or his YouTube. I watched it on, but it was

Sidey: a Netflix single

Pete: I couldn't find it on Netflix that it was a double episode and some point in the credits came in, it started again. And I'd not even noticed.

Sidey: he was tasked

with what was

Dan: this episode.

Reegs: four of them. There was Ricky zoom. Who's a red one. There's a yellow one called something else. There's a green one called DJ.

Sidey: DJ

And there's Lupe Scooty out and toot,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: toot. It's sister.

Reegs: Right.

Who's Scooty oh, the blue one

Sidey: scoot show is voiced by someone called Fenty Williams. Yeah.

What idiot?

Dan: other way round?

Sidey: No. So this absolute fucking horse shit is


Really fucking budget.

Reegs: It's British as well.

Sidey: Generic.

Reegs: There's four of them and they've got personalities and such in this one they watch on TV or thing about what's the F east like an evil Knievel bike.

It's all set in like a sort of cars type world where it's only inhabited by of

Sidey: animated

Pete: by

Sidey: Yeah They just, they just got a face on

them. They're watching a thing It's his, his out his

idol is called still. Awesome.

Reegs: Awesome. That's right. Yeah. And there's a lot of chat about how awesome steel awesome is. And they've got to go and see him every day.

And then the blue one loopy gets a flat

Dan: How long does it take to come up with sunlight? Do you

Sidey: three or four seconds?

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: is long

Pete: Rory, the racing car change it. The bike's done.

Sidey: Yeah. Just thinking about it.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: please.

Dan: it in two seconds. They're tops.

Sidey: It's all

sort of bright colored.

Reegs: Oh the animations budget and awful. But the flat tire though, didn't you think in this world that would be quite a significant

Sidey: injury. break or something like that? Yeah,

Reegs: exactly. But he just sort of bounces around everywhere.

Sidey: Annoyed me. Cause when they were in the park. They would just motorbike over all the grass and he does

a sort of

Skidding stop you know, like we hammer the back break

and we'll go out and I was thinking, what a Fucking park. you

Reegs: No. Yeah, that is well out of order,

he goes to the garage. I remember this to get his tire fixed because they do have hands at the garage, but it's, they come out of the, but they do have the concept of hands in this world. It's it just struck me as being really odd, like

Dan: well how's she doing? How is she fixing it?

Reegs: I don't know, just

Dan: Can't do it

Pete: In rotary the racing car, they've got people they've got like pet guys and stuff.

So there's people and cars. Yeah. It's

much better

Dan: at yours to do like a magic flash or something can, is fixed,

Reegs: EK fucks off. He won't fix his tire. Well, he's like, oh, it's going to take too long. And this guy is steel. Awesome. Is going to go and be doing this amazing jump down at the bicycle thing. So they try to go down there. Don't they? And there's, you know, japes along the way he falls off.

The one with the flat tire and he has to like hop there on his nose. Well, I figured, I mean, I nominated, yeah. I have to at least be

Pete: just out of interest.

Reegs: well, I hoped it had a bicycle in it.


Dan: Nobody

Reegs: no, there wasn't a bicycle in it, so it's sad. Really? That was the only reason I

Dan: This costs 3 million pounds in episode. You'd expect more. Wouldn't Yeah

Sidey: it's made it, it was created by a dude called

Alexander bar

who also did Mike the night.

Pete: Oh yeah.

Sidey: is a lot better than

Pete: Yeah. It's on my mind the night.

Sidey: Yeah.

And it's

a lot better than this. It's a see babies thing,

Pete: new here, bro.

Sidey: This was for Hasbro entertainment in collaboration with mega animation studios. and I go Make animation. great. Again, this doesn't achieve


Dan: I, yeah.

Reegs: Is it really

Sidey: that

Reegs: Is it making

Dan: Yeah. Right.

Sidey: this definitely fails at that because this bollix, it was distinctly shit

Reegs: it's just so budget and yeah, just awful.

Sidey: It looks on the screen like something, that the four of us could

probably throw together

Dan: well, this is what I was thinking that you could focus together in probably less time than this podcast has

Reegs: Well if you're running a major network and you want people to give you ideas

do the fucking same thing with some boats.


Sidey: Well, no, don't give that. information out for free. That's a consultation fee we could

Pete: Yeah. That's what I've got across off the list now. Thanks

Sidey: know, We watched something really great last week kid stuff. And this feels like as far away from that level of quality as you can get, this is just shit

But there we go.

Dan: Sadly,

Sidey: That happens. It happens from time to time.

Dan: you take your chances.

Sidey: Johnny Good. That was a

lot of

cycling fun I've got some nominations for us for next

Dan: Ooh Yeah.

Pete: Go

Sidey: Midweek mumble mentioned we're

going to watch boogie


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: or at least remember

boogie nights if you've seen it not too long ago. Top five is going to be movie tunnels,

Reegs: tunnels,

Sidey: and hour main feature will be the big short.

Is it the

big one? Sure. yeah.

the one about the crash?

Dan: Yes. The big short, yeah, Kevin spicy. Ryan

Sidey: Kristen bouncer that one. I think it's the big short, if I remember rightly

Dan: of him.

Reegs: tunnel action in

Sidey: I don't know, there's no thematic link to this and the kid's TV is Netflix is lemony Snicket series of unfortunate.

events Because my daughter had binge watched

it and really fun.

Dan: Okay. Where w where are we going to series one episode one?

Reegs: right at the

Sidey: Yeah.

right at the start.

So this is a genuine kids thing that

she has watched him really likes. So that all promises to be a fucking real treat, we're going to attempt to do some visual stuff.

But I don't know when that will see the light

of day, if ever, we're going to record

a cheese


Dan: I'm on Instagram. If anybody wants to check out the Instagram page and see a bit of the man cave. That's Dan at B D F R.

Sidey: I think it's just Dan BTFR, but Yeah. we've also got our own Instagram so we've got to,

Dan: works. Yo. Yeah, we'll go on to our one and I'm on that.

Sidey: let's do that as well.

So all that remains is to say

Sidey signing out.


Dan: Dad's gone

Pete: Those have it done.