Sept. 23, 2022

Lion & Phineas and Ferb

Lion & Phineas and Ferb
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We start with a complete lack of intro this week but don't worry it won't be too long before we settle into our usual bland patter as we discuss the Top 5 Hitchhikers. Expect a few stories from seasoned traveller Dan, having somehow once found himself in the Belgian Congo after draft dodging, or perhaps some other stuff that he did actually say.
LION (2016) is a biography of Indian-Australian entrepreneur Saroo Brierley which tells the amazing journey of his reunification with his family, 25 years after having become separated from them in a train station in rural India. Accidentally journeying 1600km to Kolkata (Calcutta) where his native Hindi makes him incomprehensible to the Bengali speaking locals, newcomer Sunny Pawar gives an astonishing performance in the harrowing first 40 minutes as five-year old Sheru, who finds himself homeless and almost the victim of sex crimes before he is eventually adopted by an Australian couple. Dev Patel plays the adult Saroo searching improbably for his home, Rooney Mara does as much as she can with the thankless task of obligatory composite girlfriend but it's Nicole Kidman and David Wenham's benevolent parents Sue and John who warm your soul in the movies second half, made all the more affecting by Kidman's personal situation as mother to adopted children, before a simultaneously uplifting and heart-breaking ending draws this emotional gut-wringer to a close. A complete lack of any real lion content and an extended cameo from Google Earth forces me to take a star off.
It's summer vacation and PHINEAS AND FERB find themselves challenged to a thumb wrestling competition by local bully Buford after an accidental public humiliation with an ice-cream. Meanwhile, probable Nazi Dr Doofenshmirtz is attempting to mind-rape people into attending his birthday party and only the brother's pet platypus Perry can stop him. With Phineas undergoing a rigorous training regime masterminded by former world heavyweight champion boxer Evander Holyfield, and thousands of tickets sold to the forthcoming bout, sister Candace has the chance she needs to finally obtain undisputable proof of the boys’ shenanigans. Sharp writing and consistent wittiness mean this Disney offering was a firm favourite in one Dads house.

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Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads 



Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review an indie podcast featuring Dan res and SI sometimes known as Jonathan, Daniel and Simon.


Sidey: Why do we find our own names? So hilarious.

Reegs: don't know. I'm a, well, it's a public school thing. Isn't it? I'm just appalled by my first name. So every, everybody is always referred to me by my last name, my whole life.

So it's a horrible public school thing.

Dan: Yeah. My name's never been is Dan, Danny. Daniel.

Sidey: VEIC yeah.

Dan: There's

Reegs: D funk D train. Yeah. D bag.

Dan: that, that's what mum calls me. Yeah. So we watch some films and stuff.

Reegs: Well, we started off this excellent hitchhiker themed week

Dan: Couple of weeks ago.

Reegs: couple of weeks. Yeah. We started off with this week with the men who stare at goats, which was I think we all enjoyed that

Dan: midweek. Yeah. We enjoyed that. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah, I did. Yeah. Enjoyed that.

Reegs: And we're gonna carry on with top five hitch hikers and then we've got the true story of lion mm-hmm before finishing with Finn and Feb. Yeah. Which was a completely new one to me, Dan.

Dan: Oh, right. Okay. Oh, that's good. Well, let's see if it was,

Sidey: We had a top five last week, which is top five Queens.

Dan: Right. Any, anybody reach out to any of

Sidey: the most impassioned nomination really was from Jeff kitchen,

And he said that really on the basis that we are doing this recording session today on the day of the state funeral of queen Elizabeth, that really, that, that she should be in, she should go into the top

Reegs: All right. Wow. Jeff, what a wonderful nomination that is today of all days.

Sidey: So that's, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna put in Queens, Liz the second.

Reegs: And that is something that I did watch today. Did you watch? I

Sidey: did watch not. I mean, it was fairly relentless coverage, but I watched, you know, the, the main,

Reegs: best part, the highlight part,

Sidey: I'd say I tuned in from about half 10 to about midday, something like that.

Reegs: Yeah.

yeah. yeah Did you

Dan: Yeah, I caught it as well. It was just on, in my mom's house and we were there

Sidey: I had like ridiculous anxiety levels with the guys carrying the coffin. I don't don't don't please. Nothing go wrong.

Reegs: The dropped note was troubling me. Yeah. But they did manage to sort that out between off.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: But yeah. Did you see that somebody dropped a note or something? I think it was this,

Dan: right.

Reegs: they zoomed in later. It said packet


Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: I am brew.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I think if it was me, I would've just picked it up straight away and tried to, I wouldn't have wanted it lingering, you know, on the floor for,

Dan: yeah.

But if you,

Sidey: it wasn't,

Reegs: there in the shot of dominating

Dan: shot. Who, who dropped in? Not one of the guys carrying the

Reegs: the Coff,

Sidey: No. So when they set the coffin down, then there was the guy like further beyond the, I dunno that the pulpit bit, I dunno, cuz it's not the church. It's the Abbey. I don't know. Anyway. And something they've all got the program and you can see people flicking through, it was a full on like.

A lot of stuff in there. And there was, I dunno what it can see what it said in it, but yeah, just like straight away, like he's like, oh no, it's like right at the start of it. If it's gonna be there for the whole thing, it's gonna be really distracting. And I bet he's freaking out it's

Reegs: Kids did well.

Eh, yeah.

because I mean, I know that guy's gonna be king one day, but bloody hell. It's a long

Sidey: Which one? George?

Reegs: He's standing around at nine years old and the camera's on him quite a lot and he is like just doing his thing, I guess.

Dan: Yeah. Historic moment. See all London as it was like that with all the procession and goes down at the the gold statue at the end there, or where they go through marble arch or along that way, isn't it?

Yeah, it was, it

Sidey: London was looking pretty SP and spam, wasn't it? Yeah. And I did enjoy, I'm not really like into all that particularly, but I did enjoy like the Royal Navy and loading the coffin onto the thing and all that looks,

Reegs: the pulling of it, I expected horses to pull it, but it

Sidey: that's what my daughter said. She's like, why don't they just use horses tradition or something? I

Reegs: And they were strapped at the back and the front to

Sidey: I, I assumed that was if, if there was a bit of a gradient, cause obviously they weren't going downhill, but just so that they could make the speed of it consistent.

Reegs: Well, yeah, exactly. My wife pointed out as well cause of inertia as well,

Sidey: Yeah that's

really boring.

Dan: yeah. yeah Okay. Dan, you watch any movies this week?

Reegs: I watched the many stare at goats. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Sidey: Movies wise. No, only the homework, but I've been watching quite a lot of TV.

Dan: Right.

Sidey: So I I'd.

Dan: I've

Sidey: Tried to give up on rings of power, but my daughter really likes it. So I've been watching that Cobra, Kai, I've done about the first four or five episodes of that. And

Dan: that started again, that's it, the new

Sidey: mean, in reality it's complete horse shit, but you know, love it.

Reegs: Yeah. Okay, good.

Sidey: It's fucking nonsense, but you know can't help, but enjoy it.

And then probably some other stuff that I just cannot remember for the life of me. Oh no, I do remember cuz I started it today. One of my favorite things is Mor and white house gone fishing and that's back series five. So it started that and it's just like nice is a really shit adjective to describe something, but it's so nice and wholesome and I just fucking love it.

It's great.

Dan: Okay. Okay. I watched one film Owen, Wilson and JLo in marry.

Yeah, it was Owen Wilson plays a math teacher with a single dad and JLo plays a superstar popstar person. Who's about to get married to the


sort of Spanish guy called Bastia. And he's like, anyway, just as just as that's about to happen, Owen Wilson has been talked into going into this this concert to be called in front of his daughter or something.

And he's holding a sign and says, marry me as one moment needs. They, they pass it over. Evidence comes out on social media, that JLo is being cheated on right there on stage as the wedding's about to happen. So she kicks him into touch and says, I'll have that guy,

who comes up and they get married.

Sidey: Wow.

Reegs: Why did sorry? I, yeah. Why did she have to marry someone else at

Dan: No, she was just saying I've tried everything else and it's a massive disaster and there's like

Reegs: so I'll just immediately marry

Dan: guy, so said, tried everything else. That's not worked. I'm trying something

Reegs: And he's like,

Dan: like, yeah.

And he's just gone up there and he's been pushed up there by his friend and his his daughter. And they're saying like, oh God, God, you know, he's like,

Sidey: well he's had the result then because there's no pre-nup

Dan: No. Well they, they start going into all this after. Yeah. Yeah. So,

Sidey: So, oh, I could be a

Dan: and um what's his name?

Reegs: but this is preposterous though.

Dan: Sam TKs in it. The guy from game of throne. All

Reegs: All right. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: like her manager, it wasn't bad. I was quite, it was just like, you know, it was a Rocom kind of thing. Marry me haven't it was a new one. Rocom and it was with I say Owen Wilson, who I like and yeah, it's

Sidey: we like JLo and hustler as well. Don't me. Yeah, hustlers. It was

Reegs: hustlers.

Dan: so there was plenty of JLo shaking it and singing. It was kind of bodyguard, esque, that kind of bit, you know that was it. Other than the homework. And then we've got what's next now?

Reegs: Hitch hikers.

Sidey: Well,

what's next? Dan is the top five. Yeah. Nominated by your good south of hitch hikers. I think we should just get straight into it,

Dan: right? Yeah.

Sidey: Do it

Dan: Fear in lo in Las Vegas, You remember the scene?

Reegs: Toby McGuire. Yeah.

Dan: So we end up talking about these films a lot though.

So I'll try and skip to another one. Cause you know, that scene, it is brilliant where he is. He's he's on the side of the road and they're scorching

Reegs: it's the opening of the movie. Isn't pretty

Dan: and

Reegs: they're in back country and

Dan: and yeah, that's right. And I watched it again today and it just, as the he's going through in his mind, Johnny Depp and he's going,

Sidey: the drugs he's

Dan: all the drugs he's got and, and what he's gonna do.

And he says this poor guy, like, you know, he's you know, he, hasn't what we're gonna do with him. He already knows too much, you know? And then he can't, we

Reegs: sat in the back with Gonzo as well.

Dan: Well he, no Gonzo's driving at this stage and he, he, they, they all swap around and get in the back and everything.

But he's just terrified, you know, as he's got in the car and he thinks, is this a mistake? Johnny Depp. Can't can't remember if he said it out loud? Yeah.

Reegs: it's the voiceover, isn't it. And, and he actual, he can't. Exactly. Yeah.

Dan: And so he goes around and tries to have a conversation with him and yeah, he's just ends up spooking the fuck out him cuz they're all hardwired on drugs.

Aren't they? But yeah, that was, that was like the hitchhiking nightmare. Really? Isn't it. Yeah. As you get into a car and you get in with someone like blows to over to you, one, you're both looking at each other. You, you, you hitching.

Reegs: Well, I've got it's another one we talked about last week, but it is not a movie that we talk about all the time, the Texas chainsaw massacre, and we really should.

It's a great movie. And this is a great scene. I'm probably imagining you guys might have watched it as well recently for.

Dan: No. Tell me this scene.

Reegs: well, I mean, it's, it's the, it, he try hitchhiker gets in with the group of students that are traveling in a van. Yeah. And he gets in with him for a bit.

And he's, he's talking about his family that works at the old slaughter house. He's just creepy old bastard, like not old, but creepy bastard. And he, he gets the guy Franklin who's in a wheelchair and he gets his pocket knife and he's like cutting himself. And it's just the kind of person you probably wouldn't want to pick

Sidey: up. I know.

Reegs: And of course it turns out that the hitchhiker is leather faces younger brother. NINS

Dan: right. And what, and they actually get talked to go back to with him or

Reegs: Well, he he, he gets forced out of the van when he is doing some really dodgy shit. I can't, what is he to go? He's like, it's when he's slashing his arm, he slashes Franklin's arm.

And he gets thrown out of it. And he comes back in later to, is it Sally? Yeah, he comes back in. In the dinner scene. I think he's there as well.

Sidey: have you seen it?

Dan: be, no,

Reegs: Oh, it's really good. Dan. It's not just as,

Sidey: not as Texas chain story, as you think it's gonna be. It's more

Dan: I've seen.


I'm sure I have seen it, but I've probably blanked it from my mind, but yeah, maybe I'd watch it with all you guys.


Reegs: This and Halloween are like two, like absolute untouchable classics in my mind. And if you haven't seen either of them, Dan, you really should. They're both great movies.

Dan: Scary

Sidey: shit Halloween I'd say is far scary. This one's twisted and it's got some like, like the dinner scene we spoke about.

It's just like really, almost like twisted, dark, comedic

Dan: Yeah I I'm definitely only doing it if Pete

Sidey: bit is Leatherface. Just at the end, just doing this mad dance with this chainsaw when she's got away. She's like, it's crazy.

Dan: I'm only doing it if Pete's doing it.

Reegs: All right. Well, horror recession at the man

Sidey: you'll be alright. We'll look after you.

If I said the name Babo Yago to you, would you know who that is?


Reegs: It's John wick. Isn't it? It's oh, that's Babi Yager. Hang on.

Sidey: Babo Yago is a character who appears first in series one episode eight of the mighty Bo. And he is called the ITER.

Reegs: Wait,

who is it? Oh, the ITER. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: he,

I guess he looks like the wicked witch in a sense in that he's green and he's got these exaggerated features, but he also has a massive polo over his eye.

And Julian Barrett is doing the driving and he's like, oh, I'm definitely not gonna pick up that hitchhiker. And then it cuts and he's picked up the Hitcher and he's just completely hysteric and not talking. And Julian, Barrett's trying to make some kind of conversation.

And the hitches got this enormous chest with him, which also has all these polos on it. And he says, oh, what have you got there? Travel sweets. and it's just really uncomfortable silence. And then he realized he notices, he's got this enormous thumb, like absolutely fucking enormous thumb. And he, he mentions it.

And then he, he launches into this, like his

Reegs: That's how he hitchhikes isn't

Sidey: he's like, yeah. Enormous thumbs of tremendous Bo for the hitchhiker. And but it turns out that he hasn't always had a enormous thumb. He was thrown out of his derided by his family, cuz it was no bigger than a sugar puff at one point. And he had to go and see. The Hornet shaman, like to sting his thumb, to enlarge in it. And so it just carries on that. It's just fucking like crazy, weird, great, like British comedy yeah. That they do. And this series part series one is like absolute gold and he crops up again and again, and again throughout the, I think four series did they end up doing and he is really great.

He's got some songs that he does. They're all fucking brilliant.

Reegs: Wish the season with Milky Joe and all that


Sidey: That's the end of series two. I think


And I went down, I ended up going down a little rabbit hole and was watching like the crack Fox episode and stuff like that as well.

Dan: I never got into any of this either,

Reegs: toothpaste,

Sidey: really like it. Yeah. I think you would enjoy it, but yeah, so he's in

Reegs: yeah. Great shout.

Dan: No, no most annoying sound in the world. so dumb and dumber when they've got that scene and the Jim carries on one side Jeff Daniels and the other, and that guy who probably should know his name, he's been in a few, another one of those kind of character actors. Who's the, the bad guy, the Gasman basically he's in the middle.

They picked him up. And he's just doing this annoying

Sidey: who needs a radio?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: come

Sidey: Yeah. Bird.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: we talked about it a little bit. Hitchhiking stories. You must have ever hitchhiked rigs. No, never, not even in Jersey.

Reegs: I tried a few times, but nobody I it's with like, if youre with like three blokes, who's gonna pick up three blokes, like in Jersey

Dan: three girls in the convertible.


Reegs: I've never been that lucky. I don't think no. A few times drunk coming back from the splash, we tried to pick up lifts back places and that sort of thing. I can't even remember if we were successful maybe once or twice.

Dan: Have you ever picked up a

Reegs: Well I, so I dunno if this counts, but we once saw this guy who was like, Drunk and passed out of the side of the road and my misses, I would've driven past and just driven off my misses made us stop the car, cuz I'm just a piece of shit.

And she's like way better than me. And she, and we got him in the car and took him home. So I dunno if that accounts, but

Dan: No that I think that's abducted. I mean,

Reegs: no, not back to our place, back to

Dan: oh, right. OK. yeah.

Reegs: still there now in the dungeon tied up. Yeah.

he's my sex toy. No, that's got go. That has got to go.

Dan: that's

so strange. What about you side? Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?

Sidey: I have a feeling. It there'd been some really like uneventful just gave some random person a lift at some point, but no, nothing worth like I've never hitch like myself or certainly it might have tried to thumb a lift, but I've never got on and maybe some really.

Yeah on noteworthy

Reegs: but Dan you've got us covered.

Dan: yeah. Well, I've done a couple of hitches. Yeah. That a few thousand miles in Australia cuz our van broke down. And we were not far from air's rock when it had gone.

Reegs: You had to hitch hike a few thousand miles. Was that and how many

Dan: in or kilometers probably how many people did you have get

Reegs: with then to do that?

Or were you able

Dan: a German police woman and a mother picked us up and took us like loads of the way almost all the way around. Because they were ahead back down to, to Adelaide. So we got a left with them a lot of the way.

But we'd stopped off in a town. Nick Kuba petty, which is where mad max was filmed or around there. And we were hitchhiking, it was go and I, and we were hitchhiking. Nobody was picking us up, we think, fuck, oh, this is terrible. Like, you know, the German police, woman and mother had dropped us there, but we wanted to bounce.

So we were hitch hit hitchhiking again. And then we came back and gave up the ghost for, I can't do it. And we're speaking to people afterwards and they said that Some people have been murdered. like, you know, hitchhiker had been, so nobody just picks 'em up in this area.

Reegs: Wait, who'd been doing the murdering though, because is it with hitchhiker in movies? You're never sure if it's the hitchhiker is gonna be the murderer or the person who picks up the

Dan: I think it was the person that picked him up, was doing the murdering.

Sidey: What's the etiquette then with, when, when you get dropped off, do you ditch 'em some money or you just say, oh, thanks for that. Is the expectation that they're just doing your favor

Reegs: You have to give them head, I think.

Dan: Yeah. That's


You just do that? No Depends. Normally, no, normally you just hitch in a, a ride and it's for free, but sometimes you would, you know, you'd pay some money for the, the gas, if you had some, but most of the time you're hitching cuz you don't have money.

Like, you know, so you might go look,

Reegs: got a story of like being in a car with an absolute free show and the wind, how, and you think you're going to death.

Dan: Yana and I hitchhike in, in Tibet and we were coming back from Lassa and had to end up, we ended up walking like 50 odd kilometers cuz nobody picked us up and eventually we did get picked up just right at the.

The last kind of light last kind of, oh yeah. Miles and miles to go, but it was like we were thinking run out of options. What we're gonna do, you know, because there wasn't a lot around and this, this car just picked us up as a dusk kind of time, you know and took us down to where we wanted to be.

But I remember just being so shattered that they, they, they, we had to give them money as well. It wasn't like we, we were hitching, but they weren't a taxi, you know? But we had to give 'em some cash. But that kind of counts. It was a, it was an epic ride again, you know, just cuz at the end

Reegs: bet you were glad to get into that

Dan: car.

Oh well yeah, hitch shot. You never know what you're gonna get though, you know? So that that's a lot of the time though, it's just been, I pick up pitch hikers in Jersey as well. Occasionally if I see can you do take 'em into town or.

murder them,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: drop him off a Re's house. he's got a whole load of him.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: exactly. That's where I keep him.

Dan: Field of dreams is another one. Remember that one young Archie Graham gets picked up on the side of the road as he's going back. Kevin Costner with Terrence man. And he stops because he goes, oh, we could do with the, the company. It turns out it's a young Burt, Lancaster, and he ends up playing in the game.

And then when the little boy falls into the, he falls over, him, hurts himself, hits his head. He has to step off the field. And then he turns into like old doc again, fixes the little boy and he's gone. That's a, that was a ride.

Reegs: I've got a few that are, you know, Rambo. Is he, is he a drifter? Yeah. Yeah. Is, is that, what is, is it drifter? A hitchhiker? They kind of are aren't

Dan: hitching a hitching, a ride.

Reegs: Wolf Creek. They're backpackers.

Sidey: Oh, that's the murder one.

Reegs: Yeah. The Australian is very

Sidey: I watched that cinema. He hated it as in, it was a grim

Reegs: Yeah. It is very, very disturbing Wolf Creek. Not one for the kids section. No. Right. Euro trip. There's did you ever see any of those movies?

This one is funnier than you'd think it's got Michelle Trachtenberg.

Sidey: Buffy alumni.

Reegs: Is she? But I thought she might be.

Yeah. So she's in it and she gets off with her brother. It's kind of hot you'd like that. And she uses her boobs. I mean, she tries to flag down cars in Germany, but they're not interested cause they're just like, oh, we can see boobs everywhere. And then the guy who does. Actually stop the Ry he's speaking the American guy's like speaking in bad German to him and it's translated at the bottom of the screen.

And the driver's saying that, oh, I haven't slept in three days. I'm wired on ber and peach snaps and those little chocolate covered peanuts. And and the gang is saying, oh, we're trying to get to Berlin. And all he says, oh, I, I know Berlin. Well, I once stabbed a woman in a bar there, but all the American guys hearing is Berlin and yeah.

And all this stuff. So they just get in. And the driver says as they get in, he says, I'm thinking of drive, driving off a cliff with you guys in the car. anyway. Yeah. So it's pretty funny. Yeah, Euro trip. Not, not, not always featured on this pod.

Sidey: No. PeeWee's big adventure has a scene of him thumbing a lift and it features nicely linked to my mighty Bo nomination. He he's having no joy.

So he sticks on an enormous thumb to try and hitch, and that still doesn't work. So he takes off and throws it at one of the cars that's going past.

Reegs: That's already been nominated online, you

Sidey: and someone has, but they're talking about a different one with the,

Reegs: oh, were they

Sidey: Cuz they

Reegs: oh, that's the one I thought you, oh, that's the one I thought

Sidey: because maybe it carries on maybe that's scene carries on, but they it's Victoria blog and she says in the garbage truck.

So look that one up for further.

Dan: We talked about giving head earlier. Joan silent, Bob. Yeah. Do that. Joan silent Bob's is it strikes back?

Reegs: Strike back. Yeah.


Dan: And they're on the side of the road, hitching a left in one direction on the other side of the road, there's like a, a hobo tra guy or somebody else.

Yeah. Trying to hit, hit your li a lift and he's gotta sign. You gotta get hooked, you know, you gotta get hooked. Someone's gonna stop you can't

Reegs: gotta

Dan: give him some incentivize. So he's going we'll give head for a lift. And and the first truck kind of that he shows it to stops, pulls off and you just see the, the truck driver just zipping down and the, and George Carlin just going down.

Yeah. As they drive

Reegs: he says to them, he says, oh, if it'll get me a couple of hundred miles across the country, I'll take a shot to the

Dan: map. yeah.

Reegs: this

film. I, I watched it. It really does run the gamut of extremely average to only. Okay.

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: I heard mark Kumo talking about clerks three as well, and that wasn't great

afraid? So, yeah.

Reegs: Camo. I don't always agree with you. I mean, I like him, but I don't always agree with

Sidey: you. No, that's fine. But yeah, he wasn't thrilled,

Reegs: Mm-hmm but yet it's the unwritten rule of the road, Dan. That's why I figured you'd done a lot of pitch. Iking

Dan: as

I say,

I picked up a lot of people

Reegs: man steel, is it me? Yeah, mana steel

Dan: man of steel. No, you're not the

Reegs: man. No, I'm not, but Jersey's own Henry caval.

Yeah. And it's a great sort of humanizing moment that after Clark learns to fly, I really do love this movie. Mana steel is great. I know not everybody shares opinion, but yeah, after Clark's learned to fly he hitchhikes home from Antarctica because he is human as well, you know? And it's a good humanizing moment in the story showing out, down to earth.

He's on a Luther core truck, no less, a little bit of foreshadowing from Zach Snyder there.

Sidey: Couple

of movies that we've talked about in the pods, Paul rigs, wasn't a fan of, there's some hitchhiking in that. I mean, he's a hitchhiking alien, I guess and another alien, but this time is the, the driver.

I'm trying to think what if you're the hitchhiker, what the person, the hitchhike are hitchhike E anyone hitch uh Hansen driving around in a truck in, under the skin.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: up hitchhikers and vaporizing them in some weird goo and it's fucking weird. Yeah. But we, I think all really loved that film

Reegs: and we got a chance to speak to Adam

Sidey: We did. Yeah. So

Reegs: you're a new listener, that was a great thing that we, we were

Dan: really, yeah, good episode. Go listen back. Okay. On the road, one that we haven't talked about on the pod, which is the story of Sal paradises trip across America, meeting the moti and Jack Riak yeah. Ko. Yeah. It's him it's a fantastic book.

It's not a great film, but it's a fantastic book. And, Having read the book. More than once I, I know it enough to, to be able to project some, probably more into the film. So I enjoyed the film as well. But I'm not sure that people that wouldn't have read the book would get quite so much out of it, but there's, there's plenty of hitchhiker in there.

Sidey: Cool.

Reegs: No me Malone is the hero of show girls and she does a fair amount of hitch hiking on her way to Las Vegas. We're all big fans of that movie. Aren't we huge, huge fans. Another movie that we've probably not talked about on the pod before is creep show two.

Sidey: dunno if

Reegs: you've ever seen

Dan: no, I haven't

Sidey: seen no. I haven't seen that all Creek show one. No, all

Dan: three

Reegs: Stephen King short stories and he even stars in them. And he's actually in this one as a truck driver just little

Dan: he's he's our very clever yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, I'm actually listening. It's great. Right. Because I fall asleep in about six minutes.

All I can listen to now are short stories. Yeah. Cause , and even then I only make it about, but anyway, so but yeah, the movie, this one, this has got a screen. I dunno if this particular story there's five stories in creep show too. So like little short stories each.


Dan: Bit like um Buster

Reegs: well, an anthology.

Yeah. I like an anthology as well. And some of these, at least one of them was written by George Romero and it's got Tom Sini, the special effects guy and he was in.

Dan: other stuff.

Reegs: we watched for the pod. There's a scene in creep show too called the, or a section called the hitchhiker. And it's this business woman she's having an affair and she's kind of over slept with a sort of boyfriend and, and she's no, she's only got minutes to spare to get home.

And she, before her husband gets there and she's booting it back and she manages to crash the car while she's faffing about with a Siggy and runs over a hitchhiker and he's got a sign for do. And there's no witnesses around. So she decides to boot it off. But wherever the hitch, wherever she goes, the hitchhiker sort of keeps turning up.

She sees him in the rear view mirror, sometimes outside her window. And he's saying his phrase, thanks for the ride lady. And then wherever she goes, he turns up and like he reaches down through the sun roof. It's getting really twisted and scary now. And then she, it gets more violent. She repeatedly runs him over, shoots him, holds him off the top of the car, slams him into trees and stuff, and he's getting more battered and bloody, but he's not dying.

And then eventually she loses control of the car, just drives off the road. And she knocked, she sort of gets knocked out. And when she wakes up the hitchhiker isn't around. And, you know, she's just like, oh my God, it's just all in my mind. You know, I've just had a complete mental breakdown about this and she goes back home and she gets there.

And when she gets out, she sees the hit hitchhike. It's just like absolutely mangled and hideous and saying, thanks for the ride. And he attacks her and the garage door just shuts and it fills with smoke. And then later the husband comes back home and he goes in there and she's sitting in her car and she's filled up her car with then she's giving herself carbon monoxide poisoning, but she's sitting there with a sign around her neck saying Dover.

Sidey: wow.

Reegs: Like the hitchhiker had, it's a little creepy, short story there

Dan: Oh my God. That absolutely scared the

Reegs: shit.

Dan: outta me. I was just there transfixed, so didn't know red. I was trying to hide behind my mic.

Reegs: Yeah, it's good stuff. Isn't it? I

Sidey: like that. Yeah.

Dan: I wouldn't fall asleep. Well, watching that though. Geez. I'd have to watch out that Saturday morning lights on, you know, maybe sound down

Sidey: Movie that I really like, and I'm probably gonna nominate, so I won't talk about it too much. Is the motorcycle diaries.

Dan: Ah shake beer

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. And not only are there motorcycles, but there are also some hitch hiking moments. Kiki's delivery service is a Miyazaki movie. And that also features a little bit of hitchhiking in it, which is nice.

Reegs: I

have seen that, but I don't

Sidey: Mostly features, broom stick flying. Yes. But also there is some hitchhiking there somewhere. And we watched Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, which is baked right in there to the title.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Dan: Go then just to add to to that film in Louise, pick up Brad pit. I watched this scene today.

Okay. And you have Gina Davis in the, in the car. She's just looking back and rearranging the mirror as she sees Brad Pitt, who's just looking, you know, peak pit really

Sidey: what do you mean? It peak pit's been going off for about

Dan: Yeah,

But this was like the scene where every girl just kind of their hearts melted and he just kind of walks over and ask knocks on the car and just ask politely for a lift and everything.

Sidey: Who does he have sex with?

Dan: her Gina Davis. Yeah. And she convinces Louise or Thelma to give him a lift as he hitches along. But yeah, seeing a young Brad pit like that, it was this be

Reegs: in full on like seduction mode. Isn't

Dan: yeah. Yeah. He's got his white hat. All

Reegs: my heart is beating a

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: about it.

Sidey: I saw a thread of images of Brad pit looking like his partners. And he does look, he does end up looking like dressing. Yeah, exactly. Like them

Reegs: Anton looks like pit then. Is that what we're saying?

Sidey: That's when he had, he does his hair long, like her and then show he's got it. Like they look quite quite Gothic and then gr Poro he's really bleached out and it's, and they're wearing the same sunglasses.

It's quite interesting.

Reegs: Yeah. Me and my misses do that. The full beard is probably better on me than

Sidey: do you want me to edit that

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: into the wild is my last one. Which is the Emil

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: John kow, I think wrote the book and it's the story of him going out into the world, into the wilderness of Alaska. True story again ended tragically, but the spirit of adventure and everything that, that gets him out there is, is filled with that of a hitchhiker.

Reegs: No. Yeah. All right. Is it time to

Dan: whittle it

Reegs: our lift or whatever?

Sidey: Yeah, I reckon it is. Yeah. I have got some listener norms as well, but let's do ours and then we can talk about what we've had contributed online.

Reegs: Nice. Well, I'm gonna go with a movie that I haven't quite talked about tonight, but it's called the hitchhiker RKA Hower 1986.

Scary horror movie delivers absolutely. On the premise of picking up a really terrifying serial killer some butchering and all that sort of good shit. Yeah, absolutely. The hitchhiker is in there as my nomination.

Sidey: Cool. I'm definitely putting in Babo Yago, the mighty Bo Hitcher character.

Dan: Well, Therman Louise, Brad Pitt looking fine. He's gonna go in for me.

Reegs: Let's hear a listener one and let's pick one now. And then

Sidey: you and Campbell put in the gen silent Bob one, then we've got Victoria blog with PBE Herman Stevie Robinson with the seven minute abs guy from something about Mary

Reegs: Oh, that's a good one. Yeah, that's a good one.

Sidey: why didn't someone just pick six minutes and he has a seat, like almost as a seizure? No, not six, seven . And then Ben silly. Doesn't he get pulled over when he is going fifth, then it just loads of guys in the field having sex. Great. Andrey has got very excited and nominated the Hitcher. Well, it's just called Hitcher it's an Umberto Lindsay movie.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: She said finally have a chance for some Lindsay in the top five.

Reegs: I have to say I'm not, I it's jello isn't it is that kind of, kind of his work, you know, or Gallo or Jao I think is how you pronounce it. Isn't it? That Italian filmmaking of the seventies of that weird.

Dan: I know how to pronounce it. Yeah.

Sidey: post it. It's very cool. But I'm, I'm pulling for something about Mart. Yeah. Seven abs for sure.

Dan: It's

Reegs: And then we've got time to slip in another hitchhiker next week. Get em to their destination.

Sidey: Nice.

Reegs: We're very light on snacks this week, but we do have, or we have enjoyed the magnificent coffee of my namesake.

Dan: The Regal

Reegs: force and tradition is its slogan.

Sidey: force.

Reegs: Yeah. So like strength that's, it's probably, if you were to use two words to describe me, Dan force and tradition would probably be up there wouldn't

Dan: it No, you certainly maybe say tradition and force

Sidey: be in the top two that's for sure.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Nice.

Reegs: And that's segues unbelievably smoothly.

Sidey: It does yeah. Into this week's movie, which is lion.

Dan: Yeah. Did you pop your cherry on this one or had you seen it before?

Reegs: No, I hadn't seen this before.

Dan: Right. Okay.

So this was another one based on a true story.

Guess that's kind of a theme that we've had a little bit, particularly with the, the kids won't coming up, so


Reegs: absolutely.

Dan: Yeah, it was based on the book a long way home. And it's the story of a. An Indian child getting lost and not finding his way home for 25 years. Yeah. Um And it is kind of like Google maps, the film there's a lot of maps and Googling and kind of things going on.

But the story opens with kind of scanning over the Indian

Reegs: Yeah absolutely. Yeah. And we, and there's butterflies in a valley and our young protagonist Saru and he's barely five, six years old.

Dan: Yeah. He's like a little man though. Isn't he? Yeah,

Reegs: the, the butterflies, but clearly a very young kid.

And his older brother goodo turns up,


Dan: on. We've gotta go. Mm-hmm and

Reegs: they've gotta go to work and that work involves stealing coal. from a coal train.

Dan: Yeah, they just sack up a, a few bags of coal. They jump off, they outrun the the station master. They, they go through a tunnel which is so narrow to the train, the station master can't follow him as the, the train's going quite slow, but they're, they're kind of in front, get away with it, sell their coal.

It's a good day for them. They can take it home. They get some milk for mum,

Reegs: just in little like bags,

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. A little bag of milk.

Reegs: And the mum says to him sort of, well, where did you get the,

Dan: where did you get it? But she's happy because

Reegs: well, she spends all day toiling away in a quarry. Yeah. Transporting rocks.

Sidey: mm-hmm

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And it's already, you know, it's quite complicated, your feelings about all of this really isn't it. And the. Children working

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this is a reality though, isn't it of of India that very young children are put to work. They don't go to school. They have to try and support themselves and their families, the responsibility.

And it's crazy. And GK who's the older brother has the responsibility to look after Saru. And as his mom goes. For, for work, Saru wants to help still. He, he wants to go into the night work that his brother's gonna do. And he says, no, no, you can't. He goes, oh, come on. I'll hell, I'll help.

Reegs: He shows that. He says, oh, I'm strong enough. Cuz it's lifting bales or something. And he shows him strong enough. He lifts up his bike, you know

Sidey: do it though. Can he is like really

Dan: strong goodo. Who's only a, a kid himself. And of course he makes the bad decision to say yes, go and then come along. And it's not the fact that he's not strong enough. He's just tired, two o'clock in the morning or, or whatever it is.

So he ends up just sleeping on the, on the train not on the train track while goodo goes off in search for work. And he says, look, just wait here. I'll be back. When he wakes up and he's not there, he has a little bit of a panic and he ends up getting onto a train. It's an empty train and he just kind.

Sits there curl up in a little

Reegs: It's important not to go through that feeling as you're watching this unfold of when he wakes up and his brother's not around.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And that terror, you know, cause a five year old kid, man

Dan: Yeah. He's, he's,

Reegs: is pounding,

Dan: He he's shout, he's shouting along the, the train track and everything.

And it's,

Sidey: well, my message was out. She checked out at this point.

Dan: Right. Okay. Yeah Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. It's

a it's a, it's a pretty emotional

Dan: It is. Yeah, it is.

Reegs: And as a parent watching it it's off the

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. You know, it's it's, it is, it is a tough beginning because you don't know what's gonna happen to this little boy.

And he gets on this train and he, he wakes up as it's moving along and it doesn't stop for like three days.

Reegs: Yeah. At one point it's, you know, he he's, it's horrible watching him because he's trying to get out the train while it's moving. He's trying to open the doors. Thank God they don't work. And he's then it's stops for a little while and he sees a little girl out the window and he's shouting for a help.

And she's just staring at him. Yeah.

Dan: She can't do anything either. And eventually when he does get out in Calcutta which is um

Reegs: kilometers away from where he got on the drain,

Dan: then the only people that could have helped him, the station master

Reegs: well, as, as the train doors open, this was like horrendous as the train doors open, he just has to fight his way through a mob.

Of of people just straight away and you're like in, you know, and it's down the, camera's down at his level and you're fighting your way through. And it's a five year old kid, man,

Dan: who, who suddenly finds that he's not able to even speak the language, cuz those, they speak Bengali and he's been speaking Hindi where he lives.

So though he is in the same country, he's in a completely different world. And it's yeah, it's a, it is a scary one. Like for him he,

Reegs: he climbs doesn't he climbs up above the that's. Right. Sort of where the throng of the station to look shouting his brother's name and shouting for his mom. Oh my God.

Yeah. And he goes to the


goes to the ticket desk and they don't understand him. They're pushing him away like, oh, and eventually he's

Dan: Yeah He's, he's asking for a town that he's not, we learned that he's not quite pronouncing correctly Bandi to, or

Reegs: G

Dan: G LA G LA. And he eventually. Gets picked up by the, the kind of, well, there's a few stories.

Reegs: there's a kid, there's some kids that he sort of half latches onto. And one of them gives him some cardboard to sleep on and then they're all chased away by the coppers. And he's the only one who escapes. And it's a really harrowing scene because he gets into a market.

And this woman who at first seems very nice, takes him back to her place. She can speak to him. She can speak Hindi. She's says, don't worry. We're gonna find things out. You know, we're gonna find your mom. It's gonna be okay. Come back to my apartment. And then some sleazy fucking horrible guy turns up and kind of, I think, gets in bed next to him.

Doesn't he or cuddles in or something. And

Dan: and giving him like Coca-Cola or something and,

Reegs: oh man, you're just like, oh my God

Dan: the smart little Saru takes his opportunity to leg it. When at one point where they're ju he just something clicks in the little kid's mind, he goes. This ain't right.

Reegs: I haven't read the book, but is, did he really recall that happening?


Dan: I haven't read the book either to be honest. So I, I don't know. But he, he, he legs it and eventually he's, he's mimicking a guy across the street in a cafe drinking soup. And he's this, this Indian sort of kind of office worker, I guess, is in looking through the window and he sees this young street kid pretending to, to drink soup the same as him.

And they, they kind of exchange a look and gets him talking and then realizes he doesn't even speak Bengali. And he takes him to the police station and adds him into the system. So

Reegs: they ask him what his mum's name is. And he says, mum,

Dan: Yeah. Oh, it's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking. Cuz this little boy is I mean, he's fine acting by, by the, the young man. And he's just kind of, he's run away. He's been through so much already and its it's heartbreaking as he gets eventually put through to the system and he's in, in an orphanage.

Reegs: Well, when he arrives, it's like a fucking prison though. Like

Dan: sort of, and they're the lucky ones.

Reegs: yeah, they are.


Dan: They're the lucky ones cuz you see what else the other kids have fallen into are the potential traps

Reegs: Well, sexual

Dan: he might have gotten

Reegs: be a recurring thing because it, I think it even happens in the orphanage. Doesn't it? There's one of the kids is taken away because there's some self-harming going on and oh, it's bleak stuff.

This really, really, and

Dan: so

kids don't move out there. He is warned, but eventually a couple come for him. And it's an Australian couple it's

Reegs: well there's a social worker called Mrs. SUD who te she, she eventually says, oh, we've like publicized your name for, in the paper for 15 million people. They don't realize just how far away he is from

where he should

Dan: home. Yeah.

Reegs: And yeah, she sort of Ang sizes them and teaches them to use a sort of knife and fork in preparation for meeting with John and Sue.

Dan: Yeah, that's right. And he does get adopted and he goes out to Tasmania. I think they

Sidey: STR

Dan: And yeah, he's, he kind of settles in there after a little while and they seem a really lovely, genuine, beautiful couple that have wanted to, to give this little boy a, a life that he, he wouldn't have otherwise had. And everything's going pretty good. After a little while we seem to be settling in and then one day they bring in another little boy.

If I jumped ahead a lot here, that's, that's kind of where it

Sidey: He's, he's he quite a adjusts pretty well. To his new situation, but then you like say that does the next LA that they bring in is really struggles.

He's, he's some difficult behaviors.

Reegs: Yes. He's violent. You see him being violent against John and Sue and it's David Wenham that we last saw as deli OS in 300, but has been in load of other stuff as well. And Nicole Kidman. And I think, you know, the fact that Nicole Kidman also has adopted children lends this sort of another level of sort of genuineness to all of this

Well, it's the eighties it's big per

Sidey: Well, I, I believe that the real life Sue was a bit annoyed at how frumpy she'd been made to look and oh really?

Reegs: showed a picture of her at the

Sidey: the end. I, it looks pretty exactly.

Yeah. Maybe she just wanted it to glam her off a bit for the movies, but it wasn't that kind of picture really?

Dan: No, no, it wasn't a

Reegs: I think she's very attractive still. Nicole Kidman. I know you're not fan, but yeah, she doesn't, it's not a great

Sidey: sure she's very lovely. I just, I look at her catalog of stuff and it's just not stuff that I enjoy watching particularly

Dan: well, their, their life suddenly goes from this. Very nice sweet kind of existence to one. That's a little more thought with the stresses of parenthood and and the challenging children and all those kind of things.


Reegs: and then

Dan: we jump ahead then we've got Dave Patel,

Reegs: 20 years later. Looking hunky in the sea.

Dan: Yeah, that's right. Sailing,

Sidey: He's pretty buff.

Dan: and he he's looking good. He's, he's got an Aussie accent. And he's got a good set of mates. It seems

Reegs: I think his brother is conspicuously absent. Yeah. And that, you know, extends into an awkward lunch meeting where he's definitely not there and it, you know, despite their obvious bond, he's got a few behavioral problems and drug problems in

Dan: in

Reegs: He kind of lives in a trailer park on his own.

Dan: own. Yeah. Yeah. But there's still a lot of love from the parents here and it, it is taken its toll on them a little bit. And O Kidman is hitting the drink maybe a little bit earlier than she was.

And he seems to think that that's a lot of the reason why is because of obviously his brother. Behavior in that. And there's a resentment there within the family, but he ends up talking to his friends anyway, over one night or a new set of friends, I

Reegs: Well, he does, he ends up doing a course. Doesn't

Sidey: hotel management. Yeah.

Reegs: Cuz Mantosh gives him grief about that when they meet up

Sidey: They say, well, where are you from is calcu.

And then a little bit later on, he say, well, I'm not really from Calcutta. I don't actually know, you know? And they start saying, well, you know, cause they, they sort of take the piss at a little bit and then once they realize his situation's like,

Reegs: well, he goes into the kitchen. He has this sudden moment of recollection when he goes into the kitchen at

Sidey: Oh it's those snack things.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Which were something that he saw in the market when he was five that he wanted that time they bought the milk, right.


Sidey: beginning. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

And he has a flashback and then he comes back and he's like, you know, the story starts to emerge this unbelievable

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah And he's already caught the eye of, of Rooney Mara in a really a thankless role as sort of obligatory girlfriend who drifts in and out of


Sidey: She's a composite as well.

Reegs: Is she?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It's okay. But you know, it's functional. Sh

Sidey: they, they immediately start


Reegs: a bit fucking obsessed by it. Doesn't he?


Sidey: Which I suppose you would. And then they come up with these Google earth plans of where we could,

Reegs: well, at first it's like he's tracking the, a

Sidey: series. Yeah. Or something. Yeah. he is. Yeah. And one of the, one of his mates says, well, you can, we can, we can go back and look at the average speed of the trains and where, you know, how far long you are on it.

And, and then you, and then you see the, the, the area on the map that they'd have to search and it's fucking vast. It's unbelievable. Yeah. I mean, it's impossible. Yeah. Yeah. In theory

Reegs: it seems impossible. Certainly. And he goes, Bedo, weirdo, loner, drifts in, and I think abandons college breaks up and gets back with Rooney Mara a couple of times.

Then he has a heartbreaking scene where he reveals his stress to his mother.

And he says he doesn't want to, you know, he hasn't told her what's been going on that he's been searching for his real home because he didn't want her. To feel ungrateful or

Dan: yeah. Because you can't have children. Yeah. And she was like, what? Okay. Yeah, no, we,

Reegs: they

Dan: have children. We just chose to not have chosen the world's got enough.

And we just wanted to give a loving home to, to two people that otherwise might not have had that chance.

He's just like, I mean, 20 odd years, he's, he's never obviously known that he's assumed, oh, they can't have children. That's why.

Reegs: Yeah. And it's, it means something to him as well because it changes it from being them as these not yeah.

Sidey: Like they're forced into it. They actually chose to do it. Yeah.

Reegs: option they opted for him.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. And, and it kind of gives him then a little more freedom in, in thinking, oh, well, you know, I can go and do it. He loosens his mind a little bit. Now that he's got that off his, his chest that she knows at least his, his mom that he, he considers mom still and he goes back and he's, he's kind of giving up and he's just at the, on the laptop, on the couch.

And he's

Reegs: well, he's almost come to some sort of acceptance in a way.

Now he's reconciled this relationship with his mother. It's almost now like that's freed him up and he's just, like you say, he's just sort of, sort of randomly scrolling in

Sidey: a

Dan: general

Reegs: area

Sidey: button bashing on, on Google.


Dan: He

Reegs: kind of

goes a little bit beyond where he's normally been because he's had some pins and stuff and he's looking down and then he sees something, doesn't he in the,

Sidey: some rocks or something.

Reegs: no, it's the valley.

It's the

Dan: beginning of the,

Reegs: he

Dan: film that kind of yeah, that kind of


and rock formation.

Reegs: And that's when he then scrolls along and he sees the quarry. And it, and it does manage to make these scenes of somebody scrolling through Google earth. Like actually feel like, wow, what an


Dan: technology. Yeah. There's something coming along and, and, and as he, as you are scrolling through, you know, what he's looking for and, and sure it is, there's the water tower and he goes on a little bit, and then he sees the name of his town which


and he's.

Oh, and, and that's it. I mean, that, that moment there, where he's just looking at. A place

Sidey: I'm supposed to didn't have a heart attack with like excitement and like relief in that

Reegs: but then even then you'd still be like, it's 25 years now. I mean,

Dan: what, so many, so many questions. And so, but to, to know that you've found it, you know, when you go and you just know if that is called G late, that, but, you know, it's just like,

Reegs: it just has to be a true story as

Dan: well. I I know is, yeah, exactly. I know you wouldn't.


you know, fantastical really to, to be anything else. And so he makes the, the trip. He excitedly tells everybody that he's found him and he makes the trip over. And he books into a, a hotel in town and then makes that walk through the market.

And he, he remembers where he hit his head carrying a watermelon and getting knocked over. He remembers other kind of little bits and pieces

Reegs: narrow side streets, and then he is

Dan: and

then walking through the forest and he gets to his home and he, he recognizes from 20 years ago, just little, five year old, going down these little lanes and.

The house is empty. It's

Reegs: it's a goat. It's got goats in it, I think. Could it should have been a goat themed.

Sidey: yeah. Managed the top five goats.

Dan: And yeah, he's, he's not there, but one of the one of the guys there and he, he doesn't speak Hindi he's he seems to have forgotten his Hindi. So he doesn't he's not able to really converse, but one of the villages comes by and

Reegs: when he shows a photo, doesn't he?

Dan: He shows a photo and he asks, he says, I used to live here. Yeah. And he goes, you used to live here.

Reegs: Well, they, you just can't believe. I mean, you can see on the guy's face straight away that there's something going on. Isn't it. And he, when he goes off

Dan: and he,

he goes, follow me and he leads him to his mum. Who's walking off work or, or on a Sunday, just like he's still there.

Oh. Even now, like right now, I'm just like

Reegs: and their moment of reconciliation seems so very genuine in the movie. They can't talk to each other.

Dan: No, no. It's and the whole village is there that everybody's seeing it. There seems to be, you know, some, some people, some doubt or, you know, what's going on here and they refer back to the bump on the head where the watermelon was and it watermelon, I was the watermelon.

She can't believe it 20 years. She thinks

Sidey: just when you think, oh, just when you think it's all this great, happy

Dan: where's goodo reunion Where's the brother

Reegs: I'd said that very early on to the misses. Like, I really am worried about goodo.

Sidey: Yeah. And rightly so, because unfortunately, whilst searching for Saru on the night he went missing, he was hit by a train fucking out

Dan: hell, which, yeah, that was, it hits you like a train.

That news you just absolutely

Reegs: actually just hearing

Dan: but then they, they bring in Shaquila,

His sister. And you know, that's fantastic. She's still

Reegs: Well and they've revealed to him that he's been mispronouncing his name, his entire life.

He's not. Saru he's she? Meaning lion.

Yeah. And then as if it wasn't as like enough, you get the fucking actual footage of when he met his

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: his whole dear for the first, his mother for the first time who genuinely had stayed there, waiting

Dan: in that village,

Reegs: that village, on the, you know, on the hope that one day Shehu would come back

Dan: and it's just absolutely unbelievable to have lost one son already and then to have, you

Sidey: lost him, both, you know, and

Dan: you know, and then for one of them to 20 and she, you see her cuddling, Nick, Nicole Kidman's character, the real lady in the, in the thing going, you know, you've thank you.

You know? Yeah. You've could have been just horrible that, you know, what a story. As a, true story.

Reegs: I am honestly, genuinely emotional talking about it again now. Cause thank God. You know, if it wasn't a true story, it would just be some absolutely corny schlocky,

Dan: Hollywood,

Reegs: bullshit. But no,

Dan: well, it went big with the academy, this one, I think.

Yeah. I think it got norms

Reegs: besides

normally our man for that kind of thing.

Sidey: I didn't know that ity,

Reegs: I think as a movie, the first, I mean the story is just some incredible yeah. Profoundly affecting stuff. Yeah. As a movie, the first half probably is more compelling because especially as a parent, probably

Dan: that Indian kind of early part.


Reegs: The kid is just unbelievable that it's like lightning in a bottle type performance that they get out of this complete newcomer who just CA like is in pre, virtually every scene of the first 50 minutes of the movie. And is, is just, you are transfixed by him.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And I think it was Nicole Kidman and Deb Patel got the, the nos.


Sidey: I say, I didn't look anything up. I did read about the noms because Deb Patel was nominated and possibly one for best supporting actor.


everyone said that was bullshit. He, he was the lead. He, she was the fucking lead actor in this and The argument was that he doesn't appear until the 53rd minute of the movie and that,

Dan: that made him

Sidey: supportive, but they call it nomination fraud, where you put someone in a strong performance in a, in a lesser category to win.

Reegs: I think he's pretty good, but he's up against an unbelievable performance from a five year old so

Dan: does steal the show. Yeah. For it. Yeah,

Reegs: triggering though.

Isn't it?

Dan: it? It is. It is. Yeah. You know, I guess any film that. Goes on these kind, you know, when there's children involved and they're away from home and missing and all that even the ones that, you know, maybe when they're more Hollywood and, and fantastical, you can kind of let 'em slide a little bit because, you know, bank robbers have taken or, or whatever it is.

But this having that obviously true

Sidey: charter


Dan: it. Yeah. It's it's not the, it's a tear jerker. It's an absolute kind of heart wrenching tear jerker with. A kind of happy ending but also a very real kind of

Reegs: feelings about the world in India and you know, and

Dan: well, I, yeah,


I mean, I, as you know, I, lot of India, I think it's a fantastic place. I I'll always keep going back there. But it is just a world of absolute opposites and polar opposites and conflicts

Reegs: It can be very

Dan: and the worst and, and everything. And he showed lots of that in this film, you know, lot of the spooky, darker side of what going on, you know?

And it, they do a project actually from this there's a project line. Has.

Raised, which is I think they work now with UNICEF to get over, you know, half a million street kids into better positions and giving them more chances and, and things like that. So from this book and from this story, lots of good stuff has happened from it.

You know, that's they've done that from the film, which is, is pretty cool. I reckon

Reegs: what's your verdict side.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's obviously slightly challenging when as soon as you get sort of kids in trauma type content, it's like a bit difficult. So Mrs. Checked out she started doing stuff on her laptop, but would occasionally, you know, I could see, she was just wanted to make sure like everything might turn out right in the end.

And then you do get that gut punch of like the brother dying after all that and oh Jesus man. But no, it's great. And like I said, the performance from the young lads, which has mentioned his name, cause we've not yet Sonny PUA was outstanding.

Reegs: I don't know if he's done anything else after this, but it really is one of those

Dan: to see him wouldn't you? Because he just had, he had,

Sidey: no, I did

It was, it was compelling viewing. Yeah. I, I will say like enjoyed it cuz you're just like, oh God, what's G here.

Reegs: Well, it's a huge emotional rollercoaster, isn't it? And it's, you know, it's not,


Reegs: there is a bit of uplift and a bit of sadness and tragedy in the, in the story. Very human really. So

Dan: and and, and just as I say, just because, you know, the way how we found.

His way home. It's just nuts. I mean, just luck. I, you know, 25 years later, just be, if he's done it like that, I'd like to read the book, actually, just see if he he's just scrolling through. And just

Sidey: say, yeah, just like, almost like given up and just sort of mashing the key pad and all shit.

Reegs: And then that astonishing couple, really doing incredible things in the world. I'm glad they were much people much better than me out there in the world.

And then play, you know, Nick Kimon having adopted children as well, adding that level to it as well.

Dan: Yeah, no, it is. Yeah. It's it's

Reegs: recommended

Sidey: big time

Dan: finish and Feb. this was my kid's choice. This was big in my house for a while. And you were just saying it was a debut?

Reegs: I was a Virgin.

Dan: Okay. Side

Sidey: I've seen their image. Do you know what I mean? I recognized it, but I've never watched an episode of it.

Dan: Yeah. Cuz their, their image is a triangular head kind of look.

Reegs: I'd seen that before as well, but yeah, I, I mean, I didn't really know anything about it.

Dan: It's cartoon animation. I like that kind of style of animation

Reegs: it has got a particular look, which

Dan: Which

Reegs: I ascribe to a number of similar shows. Yes. That I couldn't name any of them. Exactly. So that doesn't help the viewers at all the strong scar theme tune though.

How are you feeling about that?

Dan: it's a good one.

Sidey: It's not my favorite kind of music. No say, but lyric content was quite good.

Reegs: Yeah. There was some good lyric lyrical content giving a monkey, a shower.

Fighting kind

Dan: of things they get up to during their summer break, this is

Reegs: Well, so I that's what I guess, right?

The central premise that I've done. Absolutely no research. My notes of which are fairly good of what I watch, but I don't know that, but it's the premise that it's their summer holiday and they're getting into scrapes and shapes and they're always trying to get away from it from their, from his sister candies.

Dan: that's right.

Reegs: And she's always trying to prove to the mum that they're doing some crazy, insane shit and in, and it's like perpetual summer holidays.

oh my God, can

Dan: much, but maybe not, maybe they'll change it. There's a few, you know, as the seasons go, they get into different

Reegs: It's not just the summer holidays forever.

Cuz that would be horrendous. Wouldn't it? Let's be honest with kids.

Dan: Yeah. No, if you are not off,

Reegs: no everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy

Dan: Holiday's great.

I asked you to watch raging bully.

Sidey: Yeah. We weren't dropped in at se season one at one this time, this is five or six,

Dan: or six.

So I just like the, the name of this one.

Reegs: Is there an ongoing narrative or I, it looked to me to be a sort of receptable thing.

Sidey: Yes,

Dan: yes it is. Yeah. There, there are some longer episodes and I think there's even a film

Sidey: there is a film. Yeah.

Dan: there's some longer kind of form stuff, but most of them are two shows in 25 minutes or 28 minutes.


Reegs: I only watched the first one raging bully.

Dan: Yes.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: That's what you were asked to do.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: So how did it start?

Reegs: Well, Candace is looking at pictures of Jeremy, I guess. That's her boyfriend. Is it

Dan: is the guy that she's in love with the, the, the crush. Yeah.

Reegs: And he's in his sort of fast food worker's uniform on her phone. He's got like a hot, big, hot dog on a

Sidey: spring.

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: his hat.

Mum's going out and she's taking Candace Finn and Feb the

Dan: brothers, I believe.

Reegs: And they're gonna hang out at the mall while she's out playing the piano, some sort of jazz, knitting.

Dan: Yeah. They, they, they're the kind of shopping mall entertainment on the stage and they're doing some light jazz and mums while, while people knit to that.

Reegs: And so Finn and Feb, they're just cut loose straight away. Cuz Candace is off to see

Dan: Yeah They split the money

Reegs: and then completely utterly bafflingly a Platypus enters to spy music and slips inside a vending machine and which scans his foot. And it opens up to reveal a slide that gets kind of

Dan: so, so that's Perry, the Platypus and Perry is their pet.

Reegs: Of course it is.

Dan: Yeah. Perry is their pet. So that's new to you. And they don't know that he's super spy.

Reegs: But they have a pet

Dan: They have

a pet, a pet Platypus,

Reegs: Is that an animal that is easy to keep around

Sidey: the, I wouldn't have thought so

Dan: Finn and Fe world. Yes. But he is um no, we don't. But he he'll slip off and he often has fights to save the world against his arch enemy.

Do Stein

Reegs: din Schertz Schertz

Dan: Yes.

Reegs: He's been buying

Dan: agent P when he is undercover there and he normally gets a briefing from control that tells him what he's up to, and then he has to go and

Sidey: right okay,

Dan: save the world.

Reegs: He's been buying loads of shady ship, 6,000 light bulbs and stuff. And he's hiding out at an abandoned cake factory.

Which is

a good villainous layer. Um and

Dan: pretty good. He's got some tricks. He's got some um some stuff going on. He's got it is, do, do Google Kerry, Berry cake, something

Reegs: Dunkle Berry cake.


Dan: which. Is going to bring the world's demise in some way, shape or form.

Reegs: Yeah. That's gonna happen a little bit later for it because first and we need to meet Finn and FEBs strife, which is Beauford

Dan: cuts back to that. They're in the mall and sitting down having some ice cream

Reegs: Mm. And he accidentally spills some on, on him. Doesn't

Sidey: on his lap

Dan: on the, on the big guy next to him, the

Sidey: Beauford Tannon throwback are we thinking

Reegs: could be, could be, and you think he's gonna get battered. But then former world heavyweight boxing champion of Vanda holy field stops them. And he says that the only honorable way to do it is in a time honored tradition out behind the mall at 3:00 PM. And we set up

Dan: and he's gotta be there because his mum's picking him up at four. So time

Reegs: on a tradition

Sidey: did he see that his ear had a bite mark in it?

Reegs: I did really appreciate this because, you know, Vanda Holyfield was a great boxer at a time when there was a load of really good boxers Tyson and, you know, all that era was a magnificent era of Bo every weight boxing.

Anyway yeah, so they're gonna have the thumb war. Feb has to check his schedule to see if he has time to get punched. But it apparently does.


Dan: does for,

Reegs: for, and we see the last kid that Bauer fought and he's got a toilet stuck on his head, which once happened to me.

Dan: Well, he, at one point he pulls the one guy out of his ass. Doesn't he? Yeah, he's just as they're, they're lining up to sort of challenge each other, he just pulls like one student out his ass and goes, there you go.

Reegs: But Holyfield says, he's gonna train him up. And we get a Rocky montage with the like hard rock ACDC inspired song, like a sort of clean version of steel Panther.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Reegs: And we he's a bully and we see him beating his meat

Dan: And then he goes to thumb wars. We have,

Reegs: Well, they're selling tickets for the brawl at the mall.

Dan: They built a huge stage in this time. They're, they're quite brilliant. Scientists and engineers and builders finish and FEBs so they can often throw together.

Reegs: Just think if they could apply those skills to something real world useful.

Dan: Well, you know, watch more. But Candace is she's beside herself with this. She just, this is


Reegs: they're setting up a boxing ring. She's gonna get full conclusive proof. That they're up to shenanigans

Dan: again. And there's flyers going out about it also, she, she goes to mum anyway pulls her out of her music class.

And by the time they've got there, FERBs already won. No lost the fight. Isn't he he's, they, they give up in the end. He's

Reegs: remember. It's a big smashing Rocky montage of thumbs groaning.

Dan: They they's just about to lose. And then ice cream falls on him

Reegs: oh well, because Perry, yeah, Perry got trapped at the abandoned Cape factory and he had to use a way uh with the duke, the duke and Berry Duncan, Berry bats were coming after him to eat him outlaw.

And he, he needed a whale whistle to smash the

Dan: well, he had, he had lots of different whistles that were called, called different animals, but his whistles were in the wrong slot. So when he first blew it, he got a whale

Reegs: Oh, I missed that in the

Dan: wrong. Yeah. And then he got it. Right. And then the bats came and he went up to challenge. doin Schmitt, doin Schertz

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. His whole plan is around the fact that no one celebrates his birthday.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And so he's got the, the Slator where he's going to control the crowds to make them all celebrate his birthday. That's right. And that gets into woven then into the fight.

Yeah. The thumb war

Reegs: He

says his, he his loathing of birthday started from his actual birth when both of his parents failed to turn

Sidey: up.

Dan: you? Yeah. Yeah It's a sad story. It is.

Reegs: When they have the, the thumb war that it's like a proper like Michael buffer style

Sidey: introduction. Yeah. I wonder if it was actually him,

Reegs: it sounded like it

Sidey: it's very good impersonation if it wasn't him.

Reegs: Yeah. And there's a great bit where the referee talks to the thumbs and they, he sort of just outlines the, the sort of parental guides around what they can and can't show from the show.

It's like a, as the rules for the.

Yeah it's really clever. I thought

Sidey: yeah, Beauford beats him in every round.

Basically he's getting a real thumb beat down

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: he is gonna go in for the kill ice cream from the

Sidey: doin Schmertz is Slator plan. Yeah. Gets thwarted by Perry and ice cream falls again,

Dan: this time on, on Finn.

Yeah. And and Beford finds that quite funny and, and actually more than makes up for everything else.

Reegs: Well, he says now that we've both been publicly humiliated, it's all. Okay. They should be friends.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

And, and that's it. But then he gets kind of all up in Fe's face right at the end and Feb gives him some kind of Vulcan, Def grip and just puts him on the floor.

Sidey: They call it

Reegs: the men who stare at goats, what

Sidey: they call it a Vulcan nerve pinch in this

Dan: pinch. Right. And he just goes, what'd you do that? He's right up in my face. And that's all he said the whole. Show.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Doesn't say a lot. He's like the silent Bob

Reegs: holy feel fucks off.

Dan: Yes.

He's done

Reegs: back and then fucks off. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: And that's it. End of and it did, it does go then into another kind of similar episode of 12 minutes, 15 minutes or whatever it is of shenanigans.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: what do you think? I like these,

Reegs: was right, actually. Yeah. Yeah. This wasn't too bad.

I thought

Dan: good. There's lots of them.

Reegs: I feel writing's quite

Dan: Yeah.

There's seasons of them that the writing in the theme tune sets the pace really for it. Dad, da dad, dad, dad, da it's like that. Isn't it. And

Reegs: it's a,

it's like, a genuine wit that runs through it, I think.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I wasn't like blown away by the look of it. And certainly when you got the crowd scene, it is literally like a circle and a squiggle. It was very like budget in that sense. But I agree with what you're saying, rigs, the writing was sharp and it was, you know, it was quite witty. And I had a few chuckles with it.

I did quite enjoy that, actually.

Dan: Yeah. Well, did the kids watch it with you or you?

Sidey: no. I was really behind on everything this week, so I had to watch it afternoon while my daughter was out, but I think she would enjoy it.

Dan: It might be one to,

Sidey: I'll revisit it with her. Yeah.

Dan: Cool.

Right. Well, we've got some nos coming up. Haven't we,

Sidey: we have Peter, Peter loves the theme and we have a theme for next week and this might actually need some listener interaction I might put cuz the main feature we've got a choice. So we might put up for a, a vote. All right. Okay. Which could be

interesting so what we've got the midweek mention is gonna be team America, world police.

Nice. Then we've got top five puppets.

main feature is gonna be either the beaver or the new Pinocchio film. That's on Disney. So that is available. So we'll put that up to

Reegs: puppets is good.

Sidey: A, a vote, I think democracy is good. Isn't it? And then the kids' thing is captain Scarlet and the Mr.

Rons season one episode one, it's on YouTube. It's the origin story. So that's exciting. Okay. So we we're

Reegs: in your famously anti you are sort of anti M aren't you in general?


Dan: not anti M at all. Like the

Reegs: Yeah but you've, we've expressed before a few times you've had like prejudice against felt people

Dan: there was that.

What was that one film that we watched with the,

Reegs: you just, you, you don't

Dan: puppet people. Yeah. That didn't like,

yeah Who was that? But I like, I like, you know, we'll

Reegs: yeah.

Norma, Lisa, you didn't, you hated them because they were felt

Dan: Yes. Yeah.

Sidey: Racist. Right. So we've got stuff to watch that we can get cracking that straight away. And you haven't seen to America before, have you?

No. Okay. No interested to see what you

Dan: my uh racism against puppet people. It'd stopped me watching it.

Reegs: Yeah. I reckon I think I'd rather watch the beaver.

It's the Mel Gibson one in it. Friend of my people

Sidey: Is it? I, I must admit when I read the titles, I dunno what that

Reegs: Yeah. I have a vague recollection of, I might have even seen it

Sidey: I would pull for that one because I've also heard the commo review of pinoc. So I might be a little bit prejudiced going into that one. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But anyway, we should see all that remains for now is to say Saudi signing out,

Reegs: out

Dan: gone

Sidey: Bye bye.