July 1, 2022

Logan Lucky & The Creature Cases

Logan Lucky & The Creature Cases

Just three Bad Dads this week and since that's three for the price of none, only you can judge whether that represents value for money. With all of us having equine obsessed daughters it seems suprising that it has taken us this long to discuss the Top 5 Horses, especially as reviewing our back catalog demonstrates that we've held a stable interest in them.

We’ve reviewed a couple of Steven Soderbergh movies on the pod already – MAGIC MIKE, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA - but after the latter's release in 2013, Soderbergh decided to retire from filmmaking, citing the "absolutely horrible" mistreatment of directors by Hollywood producers, before returning with 2017's LOGAN LUCKY.
And I say he retired but it wasn't exactly 4 years of sitting around and twiddling his thumbs. In that time, he composed an edit of HER for Spike Jonze (which he didn’t use but said helped him finish the movie), posted edits of classic movies such as 2001 and PSYCHO on his website, edited the Magic Mike sequel MAGIC MIKE XXL and then produced and directed two ten episode seasons of Cinemax medical drama THE KNICK. Anyway, after he'd stopped all that mucking about, Soderbergh directed and edited this heist comedy based on a screenplay by his wife Julie Asner, in which Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) loses his job as a bobcat operator beneath Charlotte Motor Speedway due to being deemed an insurance liability and so plans a perfect crime in retribution. Together with his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), a former veteran with a missing hand, and his sister Mellie (Riley Keough) the boys set out to break the Logan family curse and rob the venue on its biggest weekend of the year, the NASCAR race on Memorial Day weekend. Well-made, fun and with a good bit of the old cultural critiquing go on around America's treatment of disability and the ugliness of the insurance industry whilst giving a platform to show a little warmth to the less featured red states, we're glad he decided to get off his lazy arse and start working again.
From the people that brought you OCTONAUTS comes this not quite as charming redo of the same general principal, with a more cynical eye on penetrating the US market and toy tie-ins. We look at THE CREATURE CASES (Netflix), which came highly recommended by my youngest and sees Sam Snow, a snow leopard, and Kit Casey, a fox, working as agents for CLADE, the Covert League of Animal Detective Experts. It's monsoon season and the animals are escaping the perilous jungle floor to get to higher ground using the bullet train style Monsoon Express. But when the chief engineer is bitten by one of the venomous snakes aboard, it becomes a race against time to locate the perpetrator, extract their fang juice and synthesise an antivenom before the train crashes, killing them all. SPOILER ALERT, they do in fact all die.

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Logan Lucky

Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review a film and kids' TV review podcast sensation, except it's the sensation of sitting on a toilet seat only to find out it's wet, or maybe it's that feeling you get when you wave at someone in public, and then you realize you don't know who they are.

This week you're guaranteed. There's sort of two and a. Beard minimum with side and myself res alongside the geriatric, Dan, as we discussed the best TV and movie horses in our top five, and then we'll continue on to discuss the 2017 Stephen Soderberg, redneck heist movie, Logan lucky. And we're finishing things up with a look at the new Netflix series, the creature cases.

So however you found yourself here, perhaps you're a friend coworker or a member of family that we've uh bullied into listening. Hi Danny, by the way perhaps you're a film fan, an avid podcast listener, and having listened to all the decent shows out there already, you scraping the barrel and giving us a shot.

See if itll curb your addiction like a crack or desperately licking the resin from a crack pipe. perhaps you need a distraction because you're from a country where an undemocratic group of religious fanatics have imposed their brutal and regressive convictions upon everyone else by which I mean you're American.

However you found yourself here. Welcome. And thanks for joining us.

Sidey: Yeah. How we update

Reegs: yeah. Club footed.

Sidey: Yeah. He's had an operation and is swamped with all kinds of like dad responsibilities,

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: which sounds very grown up. So he won't be with us for, well, a couple of weeks. Minimum.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: We sent flowers. Didn't we? Fruit flowers. Yes.

Sidey: yeah Decaying

old bunch of flowers. Yeah. So he's not here hopefully next week we'll have Pete and a collaboration to look forward to. So all he is not lost. Yeah.

Reegs: nice. And we had REIT last time. That was fun.

Sidey: Group drug. Yeah, he did. He flew all the way from Australia,

Reegs: Just to be on the podcast. Yeah,

Sidey: for a wedding.

Reegs: Has he? That's a shame. I never got to meet him. He did a good job.

Sidey: Yeah, it was, it was like the handsome missed recording session we've ever had

Reegs: Yeah. Well, take me out. And that does, you know,

Sidey: largely ju to Ruper and Chris being in the room. Yeah. So if we'd had a webcam or something to broadcast that would've been handy, mm-hmm

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: Last week we did a top five should just get, let's get that dealt with right out the gate, which was hacking slash computers. Cuz there was a huge debate about that.

Reegs: Uh Mav came up with beautiful list. Didn't

Sidey: And Mav came up with beautiful list. Didn't he? Mav did we had some quite corns actually. So a chap called Peter Weaver. Who's at on Twitter is cyber Pete.

He got his at of cyber Pete from a movie called the net net.

Reegs: Yeah. Sandra

Sidey: So I think that was pretty cool. And also obviously we had Hal nominated a couple times at that fucking prick Matthew Broderick, who I despise nominated for a film. Ah, Called

Reegs: war games.

That's the one I like that as well. Do I, it reduces everything to tick TAC toe. we, do we call ITT to

Sidey: Do we call it? We call nuts and crosses.

Reegs: you. Yeah.

Sidey: And Mel made a good case for the net because of the Frank stanza, Seinfeld constant references. Which is good, but yeah, Mav came through with quite a lot. So go with dragon tattoo, which we didn't mention,

Dan: which is

Sidey: Yeah I know you're a big fan.

Dan: books, the books are, are fantastic.

The, the films were good.

Sidey: Well, there's a scandal adaptation, isn't it? Yeah. And then there's the Daniel Craig ones. Yeah.

Dan: The scandal ones better. Yeah. Yeah. They're, they're actually good.

Sidey: Yeah. So ghost in the shell as well, which I think was mentioned

Dan: know that

Sidey: Ferris Buer yet more Matthew Broderick Jurassic park, independence day.

Vifa vendetta Yeah. And Mitchells versus the machines, which is actually really good.

Dan: No home alone.

Sidey: someone mentioned it didn't they?

Reegs: Well for hacking or computers

Dan: Just to

Sidey: didn't Pete didn't Pete, try and ham fist. Get it in there. But I think that at cyber Pete, Peter Weaver's connected nomination is strong.


Reegs: he really loves that movie. He's named himself

Dan: and it was, yeah, it was, it was one of the early kind of hacking movies that wasn't it.

Reegs: I don't remember it. I have seen it, but I don't remember it very well. Maybe a mid weeker, you know? No, let, if you listen, Peter, let us know if we should watch it for a midweek and there you go.

Sidey: Cool. So that was good. Cause at the time when we did the show, we hadn't really had that many nominations, I don't think any, in fact nomination, like I mentioned on the show, but they came in late

Dan: Yeah. Oh good.

Sidey: So I, I love that. And we got, we've gone early this week though with nomination for this week's top five.

So that's exciting. Dan, did you watch anything good this week?

Dan: I've watched a bit actually. It was I wa okay, so we did the family viewing thing, you know, when you try and get everybody sat down at the same time to watch something.

So three out, four cats ain't bad. We played it like that because The boy's too cool for his now. So

Reegs: Is he still with his, is he still got his

Dan: yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's, let's, that's all private stuff. keeping that off air, but all going well. Yeah. And, and so we, we sat down, you know, how you can just scroll through stuff for

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: and ages.

First thing that came on, boom. Committed to it, man, versus B

Reegs: all right. I I've got this

Dan: They're

Sidey: are they 10 minutes long? Are they little 10

Dan: long. I think the first one is fifth. Well, we B a lot.

Sidey: Cause I was thinking, oh man, like, do I wanna watch like half hour things if Ron and like Mr. Bean stuff. And then I watched.

Mark Kumo and Sam mayor talking about it. And he's like, no, it's a little 10 minutes kind of like Charlie esque stuff.

And I was like, okay, could be on board with this, but I haven't watched it yet.

Dan: So we did. If, if you think it's is something maybe we should nominate then I, I

Reegs: yeah. Maybe we should, because I've been up

Dan: but it was it all left his feeling something let's say that

Reegs: is it. Could it fit into the kids'

Dan: Yeah yeah

Reegs: Oh, don't yeah, let's talk. Okay.

Dan: okay. Maybe

Reegs: to see this. So

Dan: that'll be one watch, but it is on, that's on Netflix. Now, if you wanna get ahead of that and and join us when we review it I also watched.

Which was on Disney and hustle, which is the

Sidey: Adam sand

Dan: Sandler thing. Um Which just a, a friend of mine at work said you should check this out.

So I thought, right. Okay. Sports movie. you're in, but I I'd seen it on there before, and I hadn't clicked it. Wasn't an instant for me. So I was like, boy, I dunno whether I'm into cuz that I think it was the hangover from hidden gems where the anxiety was still kind of bleeding into me a little bit, because that was such a strong performance.

This is my favorite Adam Sandler performance, I think. And yeah, it was it was something that I really enjoyed to watch that as well. So that was, I did watch some other bits and pieces, but that was the, the big bones of it.

Sidey: Rick


Yeah, there wasn't a lot of time to watch stuff the last week or so it was Midsummer when it, and everybody was basically awake all the time.

I think I was probably awake for about, you know, six days.

Dan: hot at night

Reegs: yeah. So it, it, wasn't a lot of watching going on.

Sidey: Well, I know you finished Kenobi, cuz we chat about that. Yeah. I saw it's bollocks for the most part.

Dan: really there's another thing I watched. So it just petered out the last episode just seemed to go, why have you rushed that you've done a game of phones on this.

It's like it, yeah. You've had years to get this together.

Sidey: I

Reegs: quite enjoyed all of it. All the fan service, cuz that's that's, that's what you can

Dan: do. But the, the, the ending did I not

Reegs: I all stupid.

Dan: see the

Sidey: well, like, like I'd still, like, I cannot help myself, but get excited for it when it, before it happens.

And then while it's watching it, I just become hugely cynical about, well, we all know, like who's gonna make it through. So like whenever fight nothing's at stake because you know, like, you know what happens, but I just can't help myself. And there were bits of it though, like lightsaber lights up. I'm like,

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: it's cool.

Reegs: And the force fight was great.

And you know, there was a couple of good bits with Vader and that, and I liked the third sister and

Sidey: see, I hated her.

Reegs: Yeah, really?

Sidey: Yeah. I just didn't get what the point of her was and like,

Reegs: she was cool.

Sidey: not getting to it because it's just like

Reegs: they

Sidey: nerds arguing about star wars, really boring.

Reegs: they ripped off loads of a, well, I can get really nerdy cause they ripped offload of the computer game, which was a lot better fallen order.

Sidey: I caught up with the boys cause I was a couple of episodes behind. So I watched like

Dan: I haven't seen

Sidey: previous one and the hero as

Reegs: Oh, you should watch

Dan: it, is it really good? It's yeah.


Reegs: It's really

Sidey: It's, it's sort of good.

Reegs: and disgusting

Sidey: sort of infantile and like amazing.

Reegs: It's clever as well, you know?

Sidey: I mean it's like really ham fisted, like Trump references and stuff. Yeah. But it's good. Yeah. It's good. Like it's impossible to not enjoy it. I think for a bloke, you know what I mean?

It's just so gory and violent and oh


it loads of like gratuitous, swearing and stuff. So that was fun. And I watched, I dunno if you guys have been watching it with miss Marvel? Okay. So that would be good. One to watch Marvel. Yeah. Good one to watch with your daughter. Oh yeah. Cause it's a, it's a Marvel series, but she's a school kid

Dan: Disney

Sidey: for Disney Yeah She gets, she's obsessed with captain Marvel, but she finds out she's got powers and blah blah. So it's three episodes in it. It's good. It's good. Fun. But no other movies other than homework, I don't think this week. So that was it for me. But the top five, should we just get into it now?

Yeah, let's do it.

Dan: I didn't watch the kids thing.

Sidey: Shocking revelation

Reegs: Wow.

Sidey: Save that for later on.

Reegs: to that later, but that is huge news from Dan.

Sidey: Right. Riggs, top five stallions, equine. Yeah. All that sort of stuff. Do you wanna Gallop away lead the pack?

Reegs: Yeah. It seems like an obvious choice, this topic, doesn't it really? How however many episodes we've, we've done like, well, over a hundred top fives now.

And it's the first time we've got

Dan: to, we've never had a horse.

Reegs: and we've all got daughters and they're all horse obsessed. Are they? yours is as well obsessed,

Dan: but you know, give her a chance. I'm sure she would love a horse.

Reegs: So horses, where are we gonna start

Sidey: at the very beginning?

Reegs: What the first horse have you got the first cinematic horse?

Dan, do you remember the,

Sidey: No, I just just still got the, the school show in my head

Reegs: Oh, well now I'm thinking of the what was the thing that, to prove that, that it's almost like a video to prove how a horse actually ran and they did it on like cards

Sidey: or something. Oh, that thing in the sphere,

Dan: to see that it took all its all its claws off the, off the, off the sky.


Reegs: it's horse claws. Yeah. Oh God, it's so difficult to know where to start. I wanna start with some animated horses that we've talked about on the pod. Spirit would be one.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, harks back to the very first episode of bad dads that we ever did. And still one of the, like leaders of the kids shows that we've ever done.

Yeah. Spirit. It's

Reegs: What do you mean in terms of its quality? Yeah. It's like a high water mark. Isn't it?

Sidey: We started with a really high bar for kids programs.

Reegs: that riding free that we did.

Sidey: We revisited it for the interactive one was not so good. Right. But the in, but the original, so wait, well it's not the original, is it because

Reegs: well, there's spirit of stallion of the cinnamon.

Yes. Yeah, yeah. With Matt Damon. it is. Yeah.

Sidey: That's from 2002. I didn't like that one so much.

Reegs: Oh, the kids loved it and I've watched it a few times with them and there's some good, genuine peril towards the end where

Dan: Couple of times alone.


Sidey: this on my, I actually watched this on my own.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I've not seen.

Sidey: Well, Spirit's great. I mean, it's genuinely great.

Reegs: it's good. Yeah. And I like the spirit stallion of the, you know, so when their kids wanna actually watch a film that is like coherent and looks good and is decent

Dan: think my, my daughter's seen it. So it kind of meant that I didn't need to watch it with her

Sidey: Well it's it's a Dreamworks thing. So it's gonna be like good production wise, you know, it's not gonna just be a sloppy sort of cheap looking thing.

Dan: No. Right.

Reegs: I wanna stay in this kind of vibe a little bit as well with MI and me that we watched and that had on chow. You remember on chow

Sidey: hang on

Reegs: MI and me slutty Italian

Sidey: Oh shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: now that was another thing that we watched and MI and me that I had the winged unicorn on chow, who was just kind of a Dick remember yeah, that was really fucked up.

And then we did winks club.

Sidey: Yes, that was

Reegs: inappropriately perverts stuff. And that had peg, that was Bloom's horse. And in Shera, our princess of power, which we also did.

Sidey: Well. We really liked that as well.

Reegs: We really like that as well, that also had a rainbow winged talking unicorn named swift wind. So that is a lot of stuff that we did on the pod that were horse

Sidey: So the distinction between a unicorn and an AOR you down with that, Dan?

Dan: Well, I was talking about we got a, a zebra, corn. We've got a, yeah, we've got a, a rhino corn.

What is it on a no, the on the bed. On the bedspread

Sidey: right? Okay. Yours, your bedspread.

Dan: No, not, not mine.

Reegs: well, there's also, oh, where is it? Hang on a minute.

I've got it here somewhere. Oh the front front half of a horse in the back half of a fish. That's a HIPC camp or a hippo campers, a Mer horse. And they add them in Aquaman,

Sidey: Right. Amber heard.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I only learned this a few days ago. Like I looked at the bedspread and I was like, what? The, and my daughter goes, oh, that's a, yeah,

it's a

rhino corn.

Reegs: you can just corn. Anything now, can't you sticker?

Dan: got, that's all it appeared to me, but I didn't know. Yeah. Excited there. I decor there he is it.

Sidey: Well, if you wanna talk about stuff that we've done on the pod, then

Reegs: I do,

Sidey: because not so long ago, we decided to bother you.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Do you remember that one, Dan?

It was the sort of corporate thing where the guy got a job in the office, and then he went up into the high restaurants office, but.

Subverted itself by turning the people into like a man horse hybrid. Yeah. Called an Equis. Sapians

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Was I here for that?

Reegs: you didn't. That was just me and inside that watched that it's a shame.

Sidey: right. Okay. It was really good

Dan: say,

Reegs: Barely. Anyone's listened to the episode as well, but it was a really good movie. You should all go and watch that and then listen to us blather about it.

Sidey: It's directed by a guy called boots, Riley. If that doesn't do it for nothing will. And it's really, really fucking weird. yeah. But good.

Dan: a, a cult following? Is it,

Reegs: Is it, I, I don't know. I, it found an

Sidey: I think was that, was that a gag?

Dan: It was gag, but obviously,

Reegs: God. Yeah,

Sidey: know,

it was so seamless that res missed it.

Dan: It's not the main event.

Sidey: Gone

Dan: what are we gonna do? I I've gone for let it ride. You got the horse ride here.

The, you remember that one?

Sidey: one that we covered on the pod.

Dan: pod, another one we covered on the pod. So this is the Pete really loved this one, as I remember,

Sidey: big fan,

Dan: big fan Richard drefus is at the track. Yeah. And he's having a good day. He's having a really good day. And Robbie Cole train is the the

Sidey: the cashier,

Dan: The cashier remember

Reegs: remember enjoying Peter eviscerating this movie much more than I did in enjoy watching the actual movie

Dan: You loved it as well. Didn't you, you remember? I remember you went out and had a little flatter inspired and

Sidey: well, that was the message of the movie.

Wasn't it just it'll be okay.

Reegs: Just double it down. It'll all be fine.

Dan: you win, go and put it all back on again.

And let it ride. Yeah, it was a decent movie. One of my, one of my favorites and it had horses.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Did add loads of horses in it.

Reegs: Well

Dan: just three of us.

Reegs: I've

got the 1994 specifically this adaptation, cause I've seen it a few times. Black beauty.


Sidey: Okay Yeah. Cuz I didn't know which one I had seen and I,

Reegs: well this is the Aming Sean Bean

Sidey: Yeah. I think that's the one I've seen

Dan: I only remember the series when I was a kid.

Sidey: or maybe it was a series.

It's definitely something that I've saw much younger. Cause I wouldn't watch it. Basically. If there's a horse film, like specifically about horse, why would you watch that run a mile? Like I'm not interested like war, even the ones that's supposed to be good. Like war, horse and all that other shit. Don't

Reegs: sea biscuit.

Sidey: I couldn't give a fuck.

Reegs: I haven't seen sea biscuit. Have you seen that?

Dan: Yes. Bloody good. Really good.

Reegs: I

Sidey: I, yeah, I don't care. Like I just don't care. It's like not a thing that draws me in,

Reegs: but this one is alright, so Ella's watched it a few times and it's okay. It's got Peter Cook okay.

In a rare, non comedic

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: And you know, it's all right. Yeah.

Sidey: Based on the 1877 non novel by Anna all Dan, you were probably able to buy a copy when it came out, right?

Dan: Well, I knew Anna. Yes

Reegs: And you stopped like bludgeoning your badges or whatever you were doing back in the Victorian area.

Sidey: Yeah. So that's, that's a good one. I've got well, I've still got more that we've covered on the pod, but maybe we'll come back to them.

Cause it's really boring.

Reegs: Or is it gonna be free rain?

Sidey: Well, I've got free rain. I've also got sheriff Callie. Yeah. Sparky.

Reegs: pony sit club

Sidey: Sparky. We've got the toy at home as well. So it's but another one on a slightly different note. If I said cartoon, would you know which horse that is?

Reegs: No, I don't. I dunno that I do.

Sidey: My father made him an offer. It's the godfather. It's the horse in the Yeah, the horse's head in the, in the bed. So it'd like a properly iconic.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: how all horses should be treated in

Reegs: Yes. Yeah.

Dan: Yes. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. And the guy scream when he like wakes up and realizes it's fucking brilliant.

Dan: They, but they, they got the head back on and put him, he was in a stable condition.

Reegs: I always pair that scene in my mind with the one in airplane where she hangs up the phone and the, the horses she's like been shagging the horse in

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I, I was gonna choose the killing,

which is no, the around the race track, the heist movie.

Sidey: Oh, the Krick Krick yeah, yeah.

Dan: is it is kind of this. Black and white GRE noir, and they're doing this, the, the robbery and it's, it's fast paced. It's an early reservoir dog kind of inspiration, I guess brilliantly paced.

You, you know, the horses are going, that's where they're doing this big heist and everything at, at the racetrack. But it is one of those films that really, when you first see it, you're just surprised tour the fourth, it's a black and white film. Is this good that, you know, it's it just dispels all the myths that, you know, you can't have an action paced, really hardcore movie that isn't in color and was, hasn't been done sort of since 1980 or 90, or, you know, beyond that this was

Sidey: I know plenty of people like that who would just dismiss the film out hand because it's black and white

Dan: and this is, this is one that you can just say, well, watch that. And then do yeah.

Reegs: Nice. In Thor he walks into a pet shop and he demands a horse. They don't have one for him.

And so he points at a dog I think. And he says, give me one of those large enough to ride is quite a good one. There's the headless horseman in sleepy hollow.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: He had a horse, I suppose. It's more horseman, but yeah. What else? True lies.

There's a good one where Annie's like following the bad guy.

I think he's on a motorcycle and he jumps between buildings and he tries to go on, have you not?

Sidey: No, I dunno why,

Reegs: And he tries to go up on the horse and the horse, like fucking, he wants to jump the horse across the skyscraper thing, but the horse says nah, and sort of throws him. So it's quite good. What else did I have?

Game of Thrones had a lot of horse.

Sidey: Yeah. I was going to put forward the night Kings horse.

Cause the zombie horses. Yeah. Which is pretty cool. Cause you can see they're all decay and you can see their horse skull like

Dan: just don't get tired, I guess today.

Sidey: No. It's the more efficient horse, I suppose. Yeah. Yeah. I think in the old days of the like westerns and probably all Hollywood films that had horses in like real horses, they would have a quota.

I think we might have talked about this before, but they would, you you'd say right, we're gonna do Western. It's gotta be authentic, blah, blah. Get horses in. And they would say you are allowed to kill like 20% of your horses are allowed to die. Yeah. And you're like, what the fuck? Yeah. So that's why then you'd have films later on that would say, no animals were harmed in the thing of this, you know, the making of this movie.

But in the old days they were just allowed to fucking like kill animals. Yeah.

Dan: Or they, they said it was an acceptable kind of loss

Sidey: Cause you, you see those big epic, like battles, you know, out in. In the, in the wild west with all these horses hit the deck and you know,

Dan: you know? Yeah. You'd see.

Reegs: Break their legs,

Dan: You'd see.

'em get nailed.

Reegs: Actually my, my eldest is reading a book where Liberty, the horse in it's broken its leg twice, but it's still gonna be okay. I think, to do the dress arch, I think that's. Yeah, I know. And they've all got like names, like Liberty in the, I'm trying to think, like Liberty and the true justice and,

Sidey: God,

Dan: and well, it's, it's such a poetic kind of sport.

I mean, to be, or not to be that is the equestrian.

Reegs: There were a couple of other specific game of Thrones ones I wanted to talk about because there was when Danny and and Drogo get together and he gives her the white stallion. Oh yeah. Yeah. And then he gives her his stallion and then the mountain decapitates his horse in one of the first episodes when he's in the there's the like javelin fight thing and he loses.

And what else was there? Ben? Her, which is a movie I haven't seen in a long time, but it felt very

Dan: It was very

Reegs: strongly horse connected in my mind.

Dan: Lawrence of Arabia, you

remember had lots of horse

Reegs: yeah, my little ponies, obviously horse content war for the planet of the apes has the kind of questionable site of a gorilla on a horse.

Sidey: Would a horse be able to carry a, a Silverback?

Reegs: Yeah, that is the question int it. I,

Sidey: reckon

Dan: yeah, I think it would

Reegs: think it would um I

Dan: I

just dunno whether, whether you'd actually ever see it

Sidey: Okay. I've got a kind of confession booth one. Yeah. Cuz I, because this is really good, but I've only ever seen the pilot of BoJack horseman. So I think I need to get onto that's

Reegs: series of it.

Sidey: it's supposed to be really fucking good and I love will on that. So it feels like something I'm really missing out on.

It's funny, but I just never find the time to get like

Reegs: it gets better as well. Definitely. It gets better.

Sidey: That's you, you familiar with Boje horseman? It's like a,

Dan: oh, it's the cartoon thing.

Sidey: Yeah. What's the word for it? Not personified, but anthropomorph

Dan: first

Sidey: specification of a, you know, horse dude.


Dan: it. That's the connected word. Yeah.

Sidey: More, more animated stuff for you. Quick draw McGraw.

Reegs: Who's

Sidey: that? it was a animated horse, like a Hannah Barbar kind of vibe.

Reegs: Oh

yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: a wild west kind of, but it was the horse. That was the, the, and what was the horse that Wanna say high ho silver, you know,

Dan: lone,

Reegs: lone

Sidey: the lone ranger.

Reegs: Yeah, the masker Zoro as well. He, he had some horse thing going on. He had a black horse, didn't he?

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Did anyone like to have a bet on the horses? Did you ever have, have a flatter?

Dan: I used to, I haven't in years. I, I, no,

Reegs: I've only ever really

Dan: bet on a name.

Reegs: betting shop when I was pushed in, when, you know, when you're walking back from the bus

Sidey: it just Lord you

Reegs: and you're like

Sidey: the most embarrassing thing ever.

But I remember, so my dad really does like a bit and he all sort of make you think that he knows what he's talking, but he, you know, these idiots, they will study the formula, that sort of shit. So I meant like the, the, the last, the last grand national, he was like, put your fucking house on this one, blah.

It's. So like, okay. I think I put 30 quid in it. It's fucking glue. Like it is straight into the glue factory, but I distinctly ran one of my most vivid memories of my dad where he's not being a prick. Cause he had picked me up from school and then we had to go and do something in town, but we were sitting in the car.

And do you remember there was a horse called desert orchard. It was a really famous racehorse and it was a gray

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: and he'd obviously bow it, but I don't know how much he had put on it, but was fucking well invested in this race and just go, we were listening on the wireless in the car. and I've never seen him as animated for anything like, like football, anything like that, just going fucking mentor and just scream like, oh, and I'm just like, what?

Like, I, like, would've been in primary school age, just

Dan: like, yeah.

Sidey: what is going on? He's properly fucking losing it about a horse. Like, I don't know. We're not even, we're not quite even see it, you know, won't even, I'm not even watching it, but he must have won if you quit.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: know, but I've never been a, I have a bet on a football, but I never really bet on the horses just don't know, it's just fucking thrown money away.

Yeah. Just don't know enough about it. And it feels like it could be so easily fixed as well.

Dan: Yeah. And there there's a lot of ethics in and around as, as we talked in the film game, in the, in the horse riding game as well.

I mean, that horses, they do like to be raced. They do like to run and you know, that that's it. But you know, there's,

Sidey: when you see the, the tent go up a race and you're like, oh,

Dan: Yeah There there's big debate on, on that, of course. But the one, one horse who did like to, to run was Hidalgo. Did you ever watch that movie with Morgan

Sidey: Freeman?

Dan: No. I've got his name written down here. No we don't. Morgan GUI OTI go

Reegs: Vigo Mortenson Vigo.

Dan: Morson sorry. Vigo. Morson his name had just gone.

Well done. You've plucked that from nowhere to be fair. And it it's tells the, the journey of a guy called Frank Hopkins and he traveled to Arabia to compete in the challenging ocean of fire race with his horse Hidalgo, who was a striking Mustang that he'd got, and he'd rode, rode as part of Buffalo Bill's wild west show is true story based on true story.

Right? So they, they go on a journey aboard around about 3000 miles to prove that Mustang who the Arabian are saying is in a pure breed. And it's like, you know, it couldn't beat any of our horses. So they say, if you get it over there, You come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough and they have a go over this 3000 mile race in the Arabian desert and they come out tops.

And it was the, the finest Arabian horses in the greatest ever horse endurance race. You're decent. I really like this movie. I'm surprised you. I term seen it looking at me like it's yeah, yeah, no, it's well it's about a race, you know, and it's it's about the guy as well.

Sidey: If I ever find out who that actor was, Morgan vegans,

Dan: That's him vulgar

Sidey: I look out for his work.

Dan: good. Good actor

Sidey: anymore for me, Reid?

Reegs: nah, not really.

Sidey: I've got couple there's one in. Lord that rings two towers and returning the king it's the horse that Gandolph rides, it's called shadow facts.

Reegs: shadow facts.

Sidey: And it's Jersey connection because at the stable over here, happy who's, there's a horse, which was SI. Is that the right word? Yeah. By shadow

Reegs: Really?

Sidey: Yeah. Not shadow the shadow facts,

Reegs: like a celebrity

Sidey: Pretty much was shadow facts. Obviously his screen name. I don't know what his actual actor's name

Reegs: shadow email.


Dan: That true? Is that straight from the horse's mouth?

Sidey: literally. Yeah. Literally is. So there's that and there's also the, oh, what's the fucking race of people, the riders of Rohan. They're all about their horses, all their

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: they, you know, they're armed fucking people who ride horses and everything in their towns and fucking, you know, architecture's all got horses on it.

Shit, cause they're well into their horses. And then I got one, watch an animated one and it cast your mind back. I dunno if you would've been familiar with this series, you probably brave star. Yeah, Do you remember what horse was called in that? Cuz I couldn't.

Reegs: have you got the, have you got the name there? Cuz I don't

Dan: Just give river P

Sidey: Yeah, it was called 30, 30,

Reegs: 30 30. And it was

Sidey: And it was a horse, like a me mechanical kinda horse, but it was also Bal at times. So it would just stand like a dude

probably would a piss standing up, but it could also be just a normal

Dan: yeah. Brave

Sidey: because he would ride it.

Reegs: That would be an advantage. Being able to piss, standing up for a horse.


Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Well,

Reegs: I think

Dan: for, for

Reegs: now, now I'm thinking about it. Should I be pissing on all fours?

Dan: maybe, maybe it's that's

Sidey: I dunno. Be uncomfortable. So that was good. I remember really liking that show. So when I was right now, so maybe won't

Dan: about that in 30

Sidey: by a guy called ed Gilbert who did loads of other cool stuff like transformers and no

Dan: No



Sidey: Right. So are we out, should we, should we

Dan: I I'll mention

Just a couple that I've written down, taken the time to describe one is sea biscuit, which we kind of

Sidey: Oh I got, I have got one other one. Sorry.

Dan: Yeah, we, we put, we put together. And I, I really like these movies. Again, sporting movies and secretariat is another one. That's really good. I think that's John Malkovich is in it as well.

Sidey: Malkovich, Malkovich.

Dan: as the trainer and based on true stories. So, you know, I really enjoy those city slickers was another one.

That's a comedy. I dunno if you guys have seen that.

Sidey: I have very much

Dan: crystal, I mean is a, is it near kind of film? He's sort of six and a half seven out there. You don't like him. So him on a horse is perfect for

Sidey: Yeah, I'm in

Dan: and they will let me expand on it. Let me talk about it because it's it's three guys that go down

Sidey: midlife crisis. Yeah.

Yeah Midlife

Dan: crisis.

Wanna prove that they're still young, you can still do it. So they wanna drive some cattle across a range. And and they bond conquer in their fear of aging and all the rest of it. But it's it's I really like that movie. It's, it's just like a, a sweet one.

Sidey: Well, don't forget. Of course the horse whisperer, which is Robert Redford, literally whispering dos, but it also is really horny sky Hansen in it.


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Think she's about 12. Anyway uh we've had some strong contenders nominated by our listeners, which is cool. Great shout by Charlie Bingham, which is juice south, the old Mounty thing, which is really good. Peter flak says, Lord of all horses, which is shadow facts, in fact and then we've had.

Loads of horse committing violent crimes by Brey, the horse that kicks man to death in John Mac

Reegs: John week three.

Yeah, the

Sidey: horse that tramps man to death in inbred and the horse that Inver com loves man to death in Mr. Hands hands, which I dunno that one.

Reegs: Yeah. There's another one as well. Is it zoo that also has similar horse fucking content in it.

Dan: yeah. There's loads. I mean, crocodile Dundee. You've got the cop who's outside

Reegs: It's

Sidey: me

Dan: different kind of different

Reegs: different.

Sidey: almost exactly the same. I thought Darren Leafly with horse from a town called panic.

Reegs: huh? Yeah. Yeah. I know. I've not seen the movie, but I know of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: with a cowboy and a native American.

Well I dunno that one I talked about that was the last week's other stuff. So I think that was it. I think that was it. Ah, no Mav our tax from neverending story. He's also nominated 30, 30 from brave star. Love

Reegs: art tax. Yeah. Our tax died as well. Doesn't it? In the swamps.


Sidey: And you, I dunno if you've seen this one yet online.

This is fucking great shout VM Z bill and Ted wild stallions loving that. Absolutely loving that. So thanks everyone for those. Keep coming because we are gonna just nominate three and then we'll pick out another two. Yeah. So damn what you putting in?

Dan: I'm gonna let it ride. Yeah.

Reegs: Fuck. Really?

Dan: I, I know. Yeah. I know that you'll love it. And I really do enjoy that movie,

Sidey: all Rick.

Reegs: I'm just gonna put spirit in.

Sidey: Oh, it's a good shout. It's a really good shout. I'm gonna put in cartoon. The horse's head from the godfather.

good And then next week, once we've had everything from Twitter and other social medias, we'll Whit it down to another two.

Reegs: I was thrown by the name. Should I have known the name? I didn't know The horse in the godfather.

Sidey: had to Google it.

Reegs: All right. Okay. Yeah. Cause when you said it, I was completely thrown. It's like cartoon.

Dan: cartoon cartoon.

I was,

Sidey: no, I wanted to like get really specific detail, like it was named this and it was side by blah, blah, blah.

But I could just about, and also I want to, I, in my head, I had it in bag purse. There was a rocking horse, but I Googled it and I can't find any information about that at all.

Reegs: magical rocking horse.

Sidey: So bag posts is out.

Reegs: familiar

Sidey: Yeah, doesn't it, but can find nothing about it. So if you're a big bag person devote, let

Reegs: us, or a magical rocking horse SU in AO.

Sidey: ado Yeah There's bound to be a rocking horse out there in something as well. Yeah. We didn't have a single rocking horse nomination. No. Feel bad for rocking horses.

Reegs: There's no Peter, so there's no cheese.

Sidey: There is no cheese. There are a selection of chocolate based snacks.

Reegs: Mm-hmm at a chomp,

Dan: a chomp. We had a

Sidey: I've had a finger of fudge

Dan: curly Worley classics.

Sidey: I hope you're not too entrenched in the doghouse after eating all your family's snacks

Dan: No, no, I think they've been there a couple of years now, so we're

Sidey: all right.

Well, I'm gonna be the more then. Cool. Let's just get straight into the main feature then


Reegs: Logan lucky

2017, this was released and that was right in a period of not watching movies cuz it was just after my youngest was born. We've reviewed a couple of Sodaberg movies.

Sidey: Yeah. So I didn't realize this was Sodaberg until the credits came up at the end. I should. I feel like I

Dan: was, was another movie he's done.

Reegs: He did magic Mike, which we enjoyed.

And behind the candle library, you watched that with us. Didn't you? Yeah,

Sidey: So he retired, he retired after, behind the candle library and this was the film he came outta retirement to make.

Reegs: Yeah, let's just quickly talk about what his retirement was like.

So in those four years, he did an edit of her for spike Jones, which he, which spike Jones didn't use, but said it helped him complete the movie. He did his own cuts of Raiders of the lost arc, 2001 in psycho. He edited the magic mic, sequel magic mic X XL, and then produced and directed two 10 series seasons of Cinemax medical drama than Nick.

So it's a busier retirement than mine, I think will probably be.

Sidey: Yeah. I'm hoping mine's not as hectic

Dan: so he he'd retired watch just from that one film that he'd stopped

Reegs: until he did the next one straight after all this other

Dan: straight.

So it's like, I've retired work until it tomorrow morning. yeah,

Sidey: twentie . Yeah. So yeah, this is heist movie.

Reegs: Mm it's. It's basically, you know, it's, it's straight up front.

It's oceans 11, but with all the GL kind of stripped away from it, because it's set in redneck country.

Sidey: I

Dan: I didn't know anything about

Sidey: I mean, they literally say it in the film as well.

Don't they? Yeah. Cause I was thinking like, oh, this is like, cause Mrs said, oh, it's a bit like, yeah, it's a redneck. Like, and then they actually go and say that I was like, oh fucking hell. So

Dan: So but we've got a, a Stella cast haven't we got a Shannon. Taton a driver. We've got other people. Daniel Craig is one of those

Sidey: he's one of those other people.

Yeah. Yeah. Have you got Elvis? Presley's granddaughter.

Reegs: Yes. Riley Keo that we saw in hold the dark. Yeah.

Sidey: They

Reegs: from her in

Sidey: actually cut off Adam. Driver's hands for this. Yes. That's our method. He went.

Reegs: Yeah. But just his hands, not his arm. You got to point that out.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. No, that was a, that was quite well, his, his feature is that he has no left hand or arm


Reegs: it's very hand, definitely a hand, like

Dan: a risk, but the way that they've done that it was, I guess

Sidey: well, this is, was very fixated on that.

So how have they done

Dan: they show you a good couple of shots of it. And even the end in the, the kind of bit that's upgrade upgraded on top of it and everything.

But I was just thinking, is it forest Gump? They do something similar the first time I remembered. Yeah. First time I remember seeing that

Sidey: cut off

Reegs: quantum leap as well.

Do you remember in quantum leaping? There's a really confusing one where Sam stands up and he's got no legs. It's weird.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Reegs: That seems like a digresion now

Sidey: We don't meet Adam driver right away because we start off just with channeling Tatum and his daughter. Yeah. He's

Reegs: country roads is playing.


Sidey: And he's working away on his truck basically.

Reegs: and she's, he's saying, oh, like pass me a quarter inch or whatever. And she's, and then I good wrench content also you know, he's screw screwdriver, Phillips or Flathead needle nose or something else for players.

Sidey: So she knows what she's doing.

He's there, they have a great sort of father daughter relationship. He's like, show me the guns. And she's like flexing her muscles there, like laring about and having a great time. But he's obviously doesn't have full custody of her. Yes. He's

from Katy homes. He's she's also. One of these sort of gly, beauty pageant contestants not a fan of that.

Reegs: No.


Dan: but her mother is I think. And she's

Sidey: the rage down

Dan: It's all, it's all the rage and they, you know, they perform talents and, and things, or they sing a song which comes a little bit later on down in the film.

Reegs: No, I despise all that sexualized pageantry. It's

Dan: Yeah, no, it

Reegs: But

it's a bit of a part of this part of the red state of America, I guess. He anyway, Jimmy, Jimmy, Logan. Yeah. He works in the tunnels beneath the NASCAR motor Speedway, driving a Bobcat. And when he he's limping noticeably and when he goes back after his shift, his boss says he has to let him go for an undeclared sort of preexisting condition for

Dan: Yeah. It's an insurance liability.

Reegs: Yeah. And we find out a bit later, but he was, he was a high school for football.

Dan: Yeah. Could have been, could have been the big time bust his knee, like so many greats did we could do a top five of those, I reckon. I think Kurt Russell has been at least three times bust his knee out.

Yeah. But yeah, he's, he's not then life hasn't quite gone the way he wanted it to, he's obviously split up from Katie Holmes, which we learn is his wife when he's dropping off his daughter one

Reegs: and she's

Dan: moneywise to a big mansion. And

Reegs: and it's the guy from the office.

Dan: Is it right?


Reegs: I dunno if anybody watches the American

Sidey: office. No, I don't.

Reegs: Roy the, the sort of equivalent of the, the boyfriend in the

Sidey: English,

Reegs: Not Tim though. Do you remember dawns with

Sidey: another oh, him, right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's the

Reegs: So it's the equivalent of his character. So it's instantly bringing that persona into that guy, which is quite good. Cause he turns out not to be really a Dick, even though the movie sets up straight away that he might be. But

Sidey: He might do that. He's like a successful, yeah, he got a car dealership. Hasn't he? And he's reach. They've got a great big house and he's done very well for himself and the kids are awful.

He's he's got two sons who well, they're that awful? They're probably just run bunches kids. They're

Dan: He does talk at one point doesn't he have taken him to go and see

Sidey: Well, yeah, it's great because they're talking about the pageant and they've obviously want the daughter to sing umbrella by Rianna. And one of the kids goes, she's not really singing about an umbrella.

She's singing about a vagina. It's a code. And she's like low. That's quite funny.

Dan: Yeah. And, and then there's another thing it's in that same scene where he, he says, oh, we're gonna go and see wasn't jaws. It was some kind of,

Sidey: can't even get the fast and the furious name. Right. It says

Dan: right. It was the fast and furious.

Sidey: Chan. TA's like full on for the kids. Isn't it? And he's like, nah, it's fine.

Dan: Hey, he should goes, get the shit outta him. They're quiet then. okay. She,

Reegs: And chaning, Tatum's kind of this sort of quite humble down to earth. He's slightly overweight,

Sidey: It wasn't in Yeah, it wasn't, this wasn't a magic Mike,

Peak fitness.

No, still kind of hot though.

Reegs: Yeah, my misses seemed to like, cause I mentioned, I was like, oh, he looks a bit hemo. Like, no, he's alright. He's like, alright, okay. Calm down.

Sidey: So he, yeah, I think this is when he goes off to the bar to, to have a few beers. And that's when we meet his brother played by Adam driver. Yeah. Who noticeably has a I'm trying to think what a prosthetic hand.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And instantly

Reegs: it's more isn't it? Cause it comes all the way up. The actual

Sidey: it fastens further

Reegs: up. Yeah.

Sidey: it's I guess like mid forearm is where it's it's

Dan: she's lost after

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: We're really fixated on that. But anyway,

Dan: After two tours in Iraq.

Sidey: Yes. But that becomes apparent because some complete douche and his two cronies come into the bar, Seth McFarland

Well, he's, he owns a, like a monster energy drink, kind of equivalent

Reegs: Yeah. He's max chill. Blain.

Sidey: He's a fucking Dick. He's social, mediaing everything and get a pitchman. I've got 1.2 million followers and all this shit. He's, he's a fucking Dick to Adam driver. What's his couch name. We should

Reegs: Max, Chile,


Sidey: He makes him make a what's that drink. They all like martini with two olives and then he's

Dan: it's, it's a great sequence with one hand. Isn't it. And he puts all this cocktail together,

Reegs: Mm-hmm,

Sidey: it, it very quickly descends into a bar fight.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah,

Sidey: he , he can see it coming to mind away cuz he gets Janet Taylor to take a, a photo, like a selfie with him. And I dunno about you, but I thought he's just gonna, he's gonna fucking smash his head

Dan: they,

Sidey: which he does.

Dan: already planned it out. You can see it's something that they've got a routine on undo because he just kind of starts making his,

Sidey: I wasn't immediately sure what he was gonna do with that. Cause he takes the stopper out of the vodka, I guess it was. And I thought he was gonna pour it on him or just smash the bottle on him or something.

I dunno, but no, it's just very, very calmly walks out into the, the parking lot,

Dan: a light as go on the porch as he goes out and then LOBs in a rock and then LOBs in the, the ative co cocktail in, on their car.

Sidey: Then

Dan: point they all run

Sidey: they hear the alarm go don't they? And they go outside and think, oh fuck.

You know? And they're just not very, Fued about it to all the two brothers. It's


Dan: that's what you get around here. And, and they go off and they're, they're pretty annoyed by it. And you, you seem to sense that those two guys are gonna come back again and they do it a little bit later on in the film.

I mean,

Reegs: what did you think of chill, Blain, max chill. Blain's accent in this it's what's his name? Seth

Sidey: McFaren Fine So he's good at voices. I'm not really either to, honestly, but I do wanna watch the Orville

Reegs: I have

Sidey: to be really good

Reegs: season of that. I thought it was okay.

Sidey: Right.

Okay. But yeah, not a huge family guy fan. I just find it a bit, one note and all the other stuff that I just wouldn't even entertain it. Yeah, the accident's a bit pantomime.

He's got a mustache,

Reegs: trying to think. It reminds me of like, I'm trying to think like, like my Myers or something doing, you know, like a really exaggerate.


Sidey: Yeah. Was it supposed to be Brit accent? I couldn't even really place what the accent was supposed to


Reegs: Cuz sometimes it was kind of Australian and

Dan: be honest, yeah, I was, I was the same. It didn't place the accent, but it, I wasn't sure how to take this film up at pin because it was sometimes quite straight and then it went off quite za and everything and it, it jumped around a bit.

As it does kind of after this point, there's, there's a few scenes where you just, it works. It works. Like I

Sidey: it was just like, I probably

Dan: off, but it was

Sidey: light entertainment. It's not like a laugh out loud comedy, you know, in the same way that oceans, like, cuz that's what it is. It's just lighthearted fun. Kind of like no real stakes heist stuff, you know what I mean? Yeah. It's not like you're not on the edge of your seat going, oh,

Dan: no, you kind

Sidey: kind of feel like they're gonna pull it off and there'll be some like, there's some fun along the way, you know?

Reegs: There's also a whole thing about they, they talk about the Logan family curse, which is like a, a thing that you've seen repeated in American,

Dan: It's bad look,

Reegs: popular culture, cuz there's a bit like that in Ozark.

They've got a few character arcs around that kind of thing. And it shares quite a lot in common actually with that, like with the rural setting and all that stuff. Anyway, they do come up with this idea to Rob the motor Speedway.

Sidey: Yeah. We're China. Titan's got a, a 10 point. Bullet point list of things. It's not an outright plan, but it's just like, do this, don't have a plan, don't get greedy, you know, that's his,

Dan: it's all really basic

Sidey: for,

Dan: all really kind of. Obvious basic stuff that he's written

Reegs: Yeah. But it is also an incredibly complex, like brilliant plan that they

Dan: can, but you don't know this days, because all the way through the film, it, it kind of gave the illusion that none of these people are the brightest. Dunno why it makes you, you know, just the way that

Reegs: well, they talk slowly,

Dan: talk slow and they just go and they do slightly strange things, but they get the results, they know exactly what they need to do when they need to do it and how to get the results. Not maybe in the, one of the examples is when they've met the brothers who, who we go through and they say, they're gonna, their computers are gonna take down the computer system and what they end up doing that is

Reegs: the Googles. Yeah. It's just, I know all the Twitters.

Dan: It's just, I know all the Twitters. Yeah. , that's it, you know, this is it. So when people answer you like that, are you the computer wizard? And they say, I know all the Googles and Twitters,

Reegs: they were the bang bros.

Yeah. Weren't they? The bang brothers.

Sidey: It was what's his face from the boys.

Reegs: qua.

Sidey: Qu. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

So I've jumped ahead there. Basically

Reegs: missed really the introduction of quite a star character. Yeah. Which is so they come up with this plan to Rob the, the motor Speedway where Jimmy was, because he became aware of the pipe system that tra takes cash.

Sidey: I love those

Reegs: a vault

Sidey: Those like

Reegs: when he go to Avol. That's like when you go and get your glasses. Yeah. Yeah. And it's a good, you know, target the the NASCAR one

Sidey: mean, again, it is like exactly ocean, the first ocean's 11.

I mean the, not the Sinatra one, but the. Clooney one yeah, again, it's like setting scene out on the day that it's gonna be cash rich because there's the big fight. And this is like a big motor event. Yeah. That, whatever it is, 600 where they know, and, and they're gonna, they're gonna knock out the hard machines So that everyone has to pay cash. So, and it's just like, it's oceans again. It's like another ocean's thing in the film. The two idiot brothers, you know, that they get in are like the two dumb asses that constantly fight in oceans. It's just like so many parallels.

Dan: a winning formula. Isn't it?

Sidey: Or just fucking lazy story writing.

Reegs: well, but there is actually quite a lot more going on really, because you've got like the target, you know, being the, the NASCAR tar thing itself is emblematic of like American capitalism.

Cuz it's just, just bullshit going round in circles, like selling energy

Sidey: What do they say that

Reegs: to morons. So they're

Sidey: 600 laps or 600 miles? I mean, it must be so boring.

Reegs: was 600. Miles 400 laps or the other way

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right.

Reegs: And you know, and, and the track itself is built on discarded wasteland like landfill, and then you've got these two guys who've both got disabilities that have been like in some way, rejected, like just getting bullshit.

They can't, this guy can't even get work and he's been playing America's favorite sport and he's injured in it. And then his brother has also lost an arm. So like these and the insurance companies won't pay out for either of these guys. So they're just doing it another a different way. So I, I did enjoy some of the sort of more subtle sort of jabs at America and good bit of the old cultural critiquing going on.

Sidey: But we, we sort of mentioned that I dunno, we've sort of alluded to them. Maybe it wasn't that feasible that, or they, they don't present these characters in being able to come up with this plan. But the most Bulletproof or the most like clued up one out the whole lot to me was the sister. Is she the sister?

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: yeah, she


Sidey: Yeah, she is. Yeah, me. Who's like the one who's absolutely fucking on it. She's completely ruthless about the plan and like, without her, yeah. It would've completely fallen down. She was fucking great.

Dan: She was. Yeah. And you, as they pull this team together, they, they have a few problems because the guy that they need to bust the, the bank is in jail.

It's Joe bang and it's Daniel Craig. And so they pull this elaborate plan together with his brothers to, to join up and get involved in this high.

Reegs: school. Yeah. The brothers are sort of redneck Olympics. Did you see that they're throwing toilet seats and they'll only do the crime. They're born again, Christians, and they'll only do the crime if they can morally justify it, which they say on the basis of one of the guys felt up Mely.

Yeah. When she was like underage or

Dan: something

Reegs: there,

Sidey: and Joe bang, he's only got a short amount of time left inside.

He's like, ah,

Dan: like five months and this, this job's gonna happen in, in sort of three

Sidey: three weeks, and then gets moved up another week

Dan: and then gets moved up another week,

Reegs: But Jack Quaid or fish, I think he's called his wife has stolen Joe Bang's retirement fund that he had buried in his,

Dan: underneath the tree.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: So Joe, Bang's got no money, so that's, he's got his motivation.

Dan: Yep. So he did have, yeah, that's right. He did have some money and

Sidey: this is Danny Craig in amongst like peak James Bond time. So you're used to seeing him like super fucking dapper, you know, like a Tom Ford suit, just like killing people and lookingsuave, and here he rocks up in like, you know, prison overalls with fucking peroxide hair.


the accent's not as crazy as knives out, but it still is like pretty different. And, but they didn't tell him to come in with a, you know, he's got peroxide hair. That was just, he just turned up like that. It's I only need to do that. And they're like, yeah, cool. I thought that was really

Dan: Yeah. He

Reegs: covered in tattoos.

And he's got this kind of.

I dunno,

a sort of feminine manner about him a little bit or

Sidey: he's got salt in his sock. He's got salt shaker in his sock.

Reegs: Yeah. Which he uses on his boiled eggs. I, in, in castell rated but they, yeah, they say they can bust him out, which involves getting Clyde arrested for 90 days.

So he gets in with them and then is this, there's a bit with some roaches that they release in there that are covered in nail varnished to tell 'em where the pipes go and stuff. So they're setting up all

Dan: the, that yeah. That's, that's that's a little bit later on as, as they're getting in or they're building the plan.

That's Nelly, isn't it.

Sidey: she yeah, she's doing that. And then while she's doing.

Adam driver and Danny Craig are, are building something in a workshop in prison. Yeah. That was nice for them to just let them do whatever the fuck they

Dan: want. Do what you like, boys. Yeah. Yeah. Paint it in and, and get all the pieces.

They're building a full bottom to the, the van that they're gonna escape in or Highlander of

Reegs: of the van. I mean, there's a lot of, you know, what it's like in a high movie, there's a lot of like observe, it's all great. This stuff, like setting it all

Dan: It's watching, it's, it's waiting for your moment.

It's jumping on board, getting out, going onto the next stage. And,

Reegs: and then when the plan executes is pretty flawless, they start a riot, don't they? Yeah. Over


demands to get copies of the winds of winter. The Georgia arm, Martin one. And the guy's like he's reading from the Wikipedia pages.

Like Martin didn't finish it.

So they, yeah, they stage this riot and they,

Dan: in, in the prison, which gives them the cover they need as they, as the,

Sidey: also they've, they've poisoned.

Joe bang. Yeah. So he's in the infirmary. He's vomited very convincingly. He's been sick a couple times in there, so he's been

Dan: over the ward

Sidey: over the ward, but there seemed like there was a part of the plan, which basically depended on pure luck of the nurse being outside of the room when the door closed.

I was like, that was lucky that she was over there. Yeah,

Dan: yeah.

Yeah. There was

Reegs: could have been a much more sinister movie if he'd

Sidey: had, he even had to killer. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, they didn't do that. Imagine I just keep thinking about, imagine I'll piss that guy. This was back in 2017 and just telling those guys now that yeah, he still hasn't written the

Sidey: fucking built by the

Reegs: It's 20, 22. Anyway

Sidey: they get out, they escape through the. Like hand towel dispensive in the, yeah. In the washroom. And they go through the bows of the thing and yeah, they put these like big effectively, like kind of like half coffins that attached to the bottom of the ambulance. Was it ambulance or no, just police found it, whatever the hell it was.

I can't remember. And then they, when that stops garage, they just unhook it and out scarper into the, and there's a way car, which she's stolen from Katy Holmes. Husband, which is a nice touch. Yeah. Cause he keeps banging on about

Dan: how cool his car is.

Sidey: she keeps saying I'll be able to out drive you and all that sort of stuff.

And then she just rags the shit out of his car and then they say, well, shouldn't you slow down, you know, you're gonna get pulled over. And last thing we need to do is get pulled over while you're driving a hundred miles an hour down the road said, that's alright, there's only one ranger

Dan: Yeah she's

Sidey: And they just stitch up some old dis get pulled over. I quite enjoyed that.

Reegs: Then there's an amazing

Dan: it is good that scene because the, the cop in there, he is really having a good hold it back. He's like, as if this whole woman's gonna do

Sidey: which probably what they're really like,

Dan: they,

Reegs: she says something like I'm, I'm trying to get to church and he's like, hold on, ma

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. You stay in the car, both hands on the wheel, both hands on the.

Reegs: Yeah. And then he changes in the back of the car and Mely takes a good look at him getting changed and he tells the, they initiate the heist. And he tells the brothers, this was a baffling scene for me. Do you remember this? That he says to go and get a bag from a man dressed as a bear? And he lives in the woods and then he goes and the brothers go and meet a guy who

Dan: dresses a bear

Reegs: who walks and then just vanishes.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Okay.

Dan: a few bizarre moments there. Little bit zany. And, but it kind of got, yeah, it, it worked though. He had a few jumps like this, the director where he, he did something unusual like that. But it, it kept me with him.

Reegs: So they take out the electrical thing to the card machine so that everybody has to spend more cash.

So his loads of

Dan: well, that was them taking down the computer system. Just loing in a little kind of bomb into the into the server.

Reegs: Yeah.

Well the bomb that,

Sidey: So yeah. There's yeah, it's completely cash transactional.

And then you see it literally like just these little tubes of cash, just getting,

Dan: sucked in and it

Sidey: in. And then I thought it was quite cool. Cause as they got to the, it was like the crystal maze room, you know, where they had to collect the tokens and they just land open, all this cash flows out into the bottom and they just literally ho it up.

Yeah. Into SS.

Reegs: Yes. Including Clyde's arm. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, right towards the end

Reegs: he sucked my arm off

Dan: but they they've got the, they've got their all, don't be greedy at one point.


Sidey: like number eight or nine on the list was like, don't be greedy, walk away,

Dan: walk away, just walk away, come on. We've got enough. And they're just hoovering all this money into black

Sidey: Cause they do it. They, they sort of show you it again. Don't then they come back to it and Riley.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, you see, that's later you see that

Sidey: she's saying like, we can get a couple more bags and it's like, Nope.

Dan: that's it done?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: that. because she's on the clock because she has to get back.

She's promised the daughter at the beauty badge of that, cuz she's the makeup and hair lady. Yeah. Cause she works in the salon and she says, don't worry, I'll be back for you. I will sort your hair out. So she that's like the, you know, emotional core of the film. She's gotta get back for that. Well, they've all gotta get back

Reegs: he cuz she, the daughter sees him standing there. It's a beautiful shot. If you're a father and you got a daughter and she's singing on stage and he makes it just at the last minute and he's framed in the he's framed in

Sidey: sort like the searches in the doorway. Yeah.

Reegs: Oh man.

Sidey: And she doesn't do the vagina code song. She does.

Dan: can't you roll Ross

Reegs: row Take me home country roads

Sidey: a bit like Diana Ross, sort of vocal performance at Glastonbury.

Reegs: The

Dan: Wasn't

Sidey: the best. And she also looks a bit like just the way those kids get so made up. I just think they look like someone in drag, you know, it's just so awful. I

Dan: It's too much makeup.

Sidey: me fucking skin cord

Reegs: They're like dolls.

It's creepy and weird. Sorry. It's creep. Yeah.

Sidey: you don't have to be sorry, because it is creepy and weird

Reegs: Yeah. Creepy. And they, so they get away with it. There's a bit of a scene where they can't get out, but they'll fumble their way through it and they do get Jimmy lets

Dan: they've got his arm that's in there and they said, they're gonna get it back somehow. And I think this is because he's actually siphoned the money


Reegs: Well we saw that actually. Mel

Dan: going on.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, me, she got extra bags that we didn't initially see.

Sidey: that the red tags


Reegs: came back and he went back to make sure that no fingerprints were done. Yeah. And he got he retrieved Clyde's prosthetic hand.

And the gate actually was, that was part of Jimmy's plan to distract Joe and the other brothers. So they could get the other two sacks out that went into landfill with GP, with his phone. That was, they were gonna track. So this all comes out over a.

Sidey: because there's a, there's a news bulletin, basically that happens after immediately after heist, before that's all explained to you. Yeah. Where they say, oh, all the cash was found and someone in the salon is just saying, I don't understand why someone would go through all that trouble of doing the, the robbery to just like,

Dan: give the money

Sidey: as they like, sort of disappointed in them for not going through it for just giving up, you know, giving up all the money.

And you're like, oh shit, did they really, I don't think that's gonna be the end of it. Hmm.

Dan: But what, so what had happened there? Talk me through that last bit, because he he'd obviously given him some money back.

Reegs: Well, nobody knew how much money there was. No. So it, basically the insurance company pays outset some of money and everybody's happy to take it. The NASCAR owners are just like, oh, we've been paid.

Everybody gets their money. Nobody's been helped. And it's just the fucking exact opposite of what has happened for Jimmy and Clyde, who've both been abandoned by the insurance companies. They've just paid out for this furious event. Yeah. You know, this emblematic of American trash culture,

Sidey: Hillary's wa turns up.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: from the feds. And we did get that scene of her talking to the boss of the, the track saying, well, how do you know how much it's gone? He said, well, you know, I don't get, I'm just, I'm not an accountant. I, you know, the money,

Reegs: the money, everybody agreed a number and it

Sidey: and one of the, we, when the card machine was down, someone says, oh, well, add, you know, we'll totally, we'll do the numbers later, but let's, we just gotta like, keep the punt happy, like keep the money, keep the transactions going.


Reegs: they don't be greedy. Was that took, I don't know, two, three big, huge, enormous bags that looked like there was fucking, I don't, I can't even begin to imagine how much money was there, but met tens of millions for them. I'm

Dan: So yeah. So, so them giving sort of half a dozen bags back taking the heat off them as the

Reegs: Oh, no, they took most of it back, you know, a good chunk of it did went straight back to the, to, you know, they weren't greedy.

Sidey: The heat is not off them though, because there's, I think it's said in the film, is it six months? Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Three to

Sidey: months where, where the FBI have been watching them and they kind of know, we think we know that it's you that's done it.

Dan: Ah, but their phone bill doesn't get

Sidey: yeah, there's that and they have to be careful and it reminded me of, of good fells.

You know, when Jimmy is gen like, you know, no one fucking buying anything, you know, don't do anything to attract attention to you. And someone turns up with a new car. Is it a fur coat and something he's like, fucking wax him, same in this. Like, you know, we just gotta, and

Dan: on the lowdown

Sidey: Adam driver, he's got a new

Reegs: Yes. A robotic

Sidey: a new, yeah. Really super duper hand.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. That's it. And he's also got a potential new girlfriend right at the end of the, the film

Reegs: Well, that's Jimmy, isn't it. He's got the, he's got a Sylvia who he'd. Donated blood? No,

Dan: Yeah. Him a

Sidey: He needed a TEUs shot. Cause he'd been it's from the fight.

She says, oh, that looks painful. And he can say he meets her. And he's like, did we kiss? And she's like, that's the worst thing anyone's ever said to me. but he's genuinely like,

Dan: he's

Sidey: trying to be nice. You know, he's trying to

Dan: be. Yeah.

Sidey: to her. But he just can't quite place where he is seen her before.

And so you get the, the sort of rolling back of all these people who we've come across in the film and who maybe have not necessarily been wrong. Like she wasn't necessarily wronged, but he gives her a big envelope full of cash

Reegs: Anybody who's facilitated it in some way, including,


Sidey: who they were sort of cruel to with the birthday cake.

And they do that with the cockroaches. She's given some money. The, the guys that they got in on the riot, starting the riot, they get some cash. There's a scene where the five. Department have to go to the prison and they just like extinguish a tiny little fire. I'd love that. Just like one square.

Reegs: square at

Dan: I, that just like one square . Well, that guy, when he comes outta prison, the guy who is instrumental in the, in the riot, within the prison, he comes

Sidey: he gets picked up in a limo with a load of like champagne and stuff.


Dan: Where do you wanna go,

Sidey: absolutely loving it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So that's kind of nicely resolved. And then we sort of

Reegs: well he's yeah, nice.

Sidey: we go back to the bar and he says, well, how did you know Adam drove? How did you know? Like when, and that's when he explains about the mobile, the phone bill, which talk me through that.

Cause it's still not

Reegs: hard.

Dan: he'd stopped paying his phone bill. Yeah.

Sidey: he knew,

Dan: And, and the reason but his phone bill was still on because the feds

Reegs: yeah, no, but that was the wasn't that to do with the retrieving, the bag of money in the landfill.

Dan: I think that just gave him the confidence that they weren't following it anymore. We weren't listening to him because he hadn't paid his bill in months. Yet it was still on. So he, he assumed then that they'd said, look, keep it on.

Sidey: mm-hmm

Dan: And they ain't gonna give you a phone bill for free forever. So as soon as they'd said, look, we're not interested anymore. The phone company turned it off, which meant to him that the feds were cold on the case then, but who's in the bar

Sidey: Well, they're lining up a big, great big, long line of shots get poured. And it's sort of the mega happy ending where I think he's now with Sylvia. Yeah. Danny, Craig's there having a chat and everyone's doing a couple of shots and the camera sort of pans around someone, very smartly dressed just, just starts chatting.

And you like, you know, who is like pretty obvious and it is still Hillary strength. She's not satisfied with occlusion. She's still watching them and she's like, mm. So you,

Dan: she's going undercover now.


Sidey: they gonna get away with it or not? And asks the kind of the way it ends the question mark.

I don't think that, you know,

Dan: yeah. That's the, the little,


Reegs: doesn't appear to be any evidence, but she doesn't wanna let it go.

Hillary's won.

Sidey: Yeah. She's onto them, but

Dan: she's going deep, undercover. Now

Reegs: doing a sort of, I thought she was doing a sort of Clint Eastwood impression, know, and she's worked with him a few times as well, but

Sidey: she's million.

Reegs: guy cop.

Sidey: Yeah. So there was just that little slight question

Dan: They do have that at the end of he movies. It's like the Italian job you've got the mini or the bus, you know, just kind of, you know, that the oceans. Yeah,

Do they, will they won't they but this was a nice surprise, really?

Like the cast really like the, the pace of the, the film and everything. Yeah, I enjoyed

Reegs: good as well. David,

Sidey: David home. Yeah. It's always a winner for me. Budget for, it was 29 mil, which I think was decent for the cast and

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: they had

Reegs: It didn't have that. I wonder if he used a different, I should have looked it up a different cinematographer because a lot of his movies have a kind of


Sidey: If they do. Yeah.


Reegs: have. Which I quite enjoyed did

Sidey: did well. Did you think it made money or lost money at the box office? 28 mil, 29 mil to make? I,

Dan: I, I would say that it made a bit, I I'm surprised I'd not seen it before, but I dunno what I was doing then.


came out

Sidey: just north of 48 mil.

Dan: Right.

Okay. So it did over the line for that,

Sidey: but D did you read anything about how it was made in terms of like financing and stuff? Cause this was, this is quite

Dan: Yeah I, I heard well I read a little bit that this was basically his retirement film again. Another one or that, you know, he he'd been lured out retirement, do this because he had complete artistic license

Sidey: and, and so the way that he achieved that was he completely self financed it.

So they sold just the foreign distribution rights off and then everything else in the, in the film to do with the film. So the advertising, everything that they had complete control of it, cuz they just had all the money for it.

So they didn't have, there was no studio involvement in it whatsoever.

So they could do

everything I media. Yeah. So everything they wanted to do was

Dan: within America though. Not within outside of America.

They've sold that,

Sidey: yes, essentially. Yeah. That's pretty much all they're interested in.

So they were able to make, you know exactly the movie that they wanted to. Yeah. So that's pretty cool.

Dan: Yeah. It's a good

Sidey: if I would've thought you'd see that model happening

Dan: more? Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. But I suppose maybe COVID and stuff's kind of fucked that over as well. See

Dan: Did you enjoy it weeks?

Reegs: Yeah, I did like this one. It's, you know, it's, it's fun and well made and the score's good.

And I do like the bit, the old cultural critiquing that's going on about insurance and disability in America and channeling. TA's good for a laugh. He seems like a good guy.


Sidey: He does Eric.

Reegs: really like Adam driver,

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: You know, just well made good heist movie.

Dan: I didn't know any of these people were in it when I was just Logan lucky. Right. Put it on. It was one that had escaped me like that. So seeing the characters when they came, oh, Katie Holmes.

Oh, you know, it's Daniel Craig. Oh. Like, you know, the, so that was nice. That was good.

Sidey: Yeah. I loved it. I mean, I, I, you know, for me it just is an ocean's clone trans.

It to a different location but I've, I fucking love, like I've watched those films millions of times, and this wasn't the first time I'd seen this season. I fucking loved it. This time really enjoyed it. It's just one of those films you can put on.

Yeah. And just enjoy, you know, the performances are all great. I really like everyone in it. I really like Stephen Soderberg. So it's a fucking win, absolute win,

Reegs: I think. Yeah. And it's good to see, I guess, characters from those places portrayed in largely a, a sort of positive light because they're at pains to point out what a victimless crime it is. It's mostly about how fucked up America is more than anything.

Sidey: Yeah. America seems, seems fine. Isn't it?

Yeah. So strong recommend

Dan: go watch it. Kids TV.

Reegs: Mm. So this came highly recommended to me by my youngest, right? Yeah. Okay. Highly, highly recommended.

Dan: Where

Sidey: wondering if, if this was something that was regularly watched in your house,

Reegs: Mm Where

Dan: Mm. Where, where do we find this is a Netflix

Reegs: Yes

Sidey: know Dan

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: all the, from all the viewing of it that you did.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Just tell us the title of it.

Dan: Well, it's, it's quite a, it is quite a tongue twister, so I'll leave it to you. But yeah. I mean, there's lots of, lots of different characters in it. Isn't there,

Reegs: just tell of something about it. Just,

Dan: well it's is cartoony it's you

Reegs: haven't seen

Dan: No, I've not seen it.


Reegs: you have you missed out or not.

We'll let you know. It's the creature cases. This was episode one. Season one, right at the beginning. Yeah. The mystery on the monsoon express and chosen expressly for inspiring a, a, a love of snakes.

Dan: Okay. Right

Sidey: the mighty Cobra?

Dan: Yeah. yeah.

Reegs: Okay Why the Mikey Cobra? Yeah. yeah. Yeah. To the extent that my youngest then sort of built her own sock, puppet snakes.

Sidey: Oh, is that what that photo was on? Yeah. Okay. Right. All right.

Reegs: She's quite industrious like that. Yeah.

Sidey: That's pretty cool.

Dan: I like it. I love a sock puppet, pop it. And snakes are always a strong one for that because they're

Sidey: it lends

Dan: most of the work's done. Yeah. Excellent.

Reegs: So but yeah, there is some, you know, moments of peril. Maybe we'll get into that. It starts off with the sort of mood kind of cheap synthesizer over like movements of the protagonists. They work for clay, the covert league of animal, detective experts. Right.

Dan: Right. Are we give me the animation type here?

Sidey: So,

when I first it jumped out on the gonna say, oh, it looks good.

This looks

Dan: like right

Sidey: oh, a after a while, it starts to look a little bit more cheap and generic.

Reegs: Mm.


Sidey: But straight away, sort of like Octa ORs, but more sophisticated than

Dan: So kind of bubbly animation. Is it a soft

Reegs: So kind of bubbly animation. Is it a soft? Yeah, but there's more attempts at

Dan: like rather than enemy, it's not a sharp thing. It, it's kind of very

Sidey: that computer kind of smooth.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: But, but there is more attempts at sort of action and, and stuff that happens in it. The Octas maybe, right? Yeah.

Dan: More action than Octas. Can I have missed out?

Reegs: I think, yeah. And this is from the people who, who did Octas

Sidey: right,


Dan: Are we looking 20 minute episodes? 15 minutes. 27.

Reegs: Stan. And this is for me not as charming as Octas, I'll get, you know, this, I think, and has a more cynical eye on toy cash ins, which we can see in the plot. If you, you know, the way they launched the ship was with like a pull down sh mechanism, which I just thought, oh God, they just wanted they've in.

They put it in the cartoon, the toy.

Yeah. So, but anyway it focuses on Sam snow who Daniel know was a snow leopard

Dan: snow

Reegs: diving. Yeah, no. And he works for clay to the covert league of animal detectors questions and she's kit Casey, and she is a,

Sidey: a leopard Fox.

Dan: a leopard

Reegs: He's the leopard. And they're given their orders by director scratch.

Of course, who is.

Dan: a, cat, a reindeer,

Reegs: a chicken chicken. And yeah, they go on adventures. This one is a sort of Agatha Christie who done

Sidey: it's like murder on the or express almost.

Yeah, yeah.

Dan: Right. Okay.

Reegs: There's a high speed train that takes the snakes and other animals in monsoon season from the jungle floor

Sidey: just like in the wild. Are

Dan: Are they they talking animals or are they they're

Reegs: they're riding on a bullet train? Dan.

Sidey: I'm gonna, I'm gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie to you. It would be really shit.

If they didn't, if they just made animal noises, it would be

Dan: I dunno whether, whether, you know, sometimes they have a couple of characters that can kind of talk and then there's actual snake characters that can't

Sidey: to talk. Well, you do sometimes. And you have it in

Almost all of the animal population has been anthropomorphic than the nice, but then you still have like chickens that still chickens.

Yeah. Yeah. But in this, it seemed to me that everyone was,

Dan: gets to say, yeah. Yeah. okay.

Reegs: yeah. It's very democratic like that. Yeah. And basically there's an altercation where the chief engineer, who is a squirrel

Sidey: Squirl

Reegs: squirrel squirrel

he is, there's an altercation with a shadowy figure and he's bitten.

Sidey: Yeah. Fucking dark

Reegs: Two And I think this made quite an impression on my youngest, you know, there was a lot of recreating that with the snakes and talking about the two bite marks that are left cuz it leaves two bangs.

Dan: fangs.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Cobra Cobra stripes,

Reegs: But we don't know who it is. And there's a number of snakes on the train. In fact, there's like 30

Sidey: snakes on a motherfucking train. Yeah. Like that.

Dan: Okay. It was like that

Reegs: And, but they narrow it down to four, the four the big four, the bad four. I got them. In fact, here they are the Indian Cobra, the soft scaled Viper something else. And they narrow it all down. You know,

Sidey: sort of interrogate them one by one, I'm not gonna lie. It's fucking drags. Like it really,

Dan: really how

Reegs: I, I watched it with my youngest, so I, you know,

Sidey: I didn't have the pleasure of that, unfortunately. So I was just

Reegs: terrible, but

Sidey: It's 27 minutes long it's way, way too

Dan: long. Yeah. It sounds like a seven minute episode. They've stretched out to 27.

Reegs: Mm it's much more cynical than the

Dan: because you think of all the things

Sidey: try, they do try and slip some sort of educational content in, right.

So they'll say that this animal does this and that. And there's a bit of like explaining

Reegs: There's about a minute and a half of that at the end. And Sylvie said to me, she said, that's the best bit daddy. And

Sidey: oh, that's nice. It is.

Reegs: It is,

Sidey: But even, even cuz that there, yeah. There's something else that I used to watch that did that it would go from the entertainment bit to a literal like

Reegs: Well,

Octas kind of had that

Sidey: yeah. But even within the, I think even within the

Dan: lit Einsteins and

Sidey: bits where they try and teach you about animals. But the actual plot of the thing, it just, yeah, it doesn't need to be that

Reegs: fucking well, the snake was kind of a Dick and then, but he's like, well it's just in my nature.

That's just what I do.

Sidey: he goes for them.

Reegs: Yeah, he does. And then she intercepts it and she gets his Fang

Sidey: because what they say, we,

Reegs: in a Kele thing,

Sidey: they need the anti, they need the anti VE. Right to, to, so they said, look, just give us a bit of the VE that's all we need from, we're not gonna Ock you, we just need a sample of your venom so that we can make it right.

But he fucking goes for them. Yeah. But she she's tough. And she captures his fangs right. In the machine and SHTA

Dan: the, the goal,

Reegs: it's like a kettle, it looks like a kettle, but with a sort of flashlight on the top

Sidey: yeah, it was really

Dan: trying to imagine it, but okay.

Sidey: So they, they goodness wins out in the end, you know, but it just take a long while to get there.

Right. It's quite drawn out. I, I was struggling to stay

Reegs: it's too long,

Dan: I'm sorry. I missed it all the same,

Reegs: but there's a lot of like you know, parachuting down and like evading things and breaking into stuff. And, but yeah, it's way too

Sidey: It's a bit of a weird one because it starts off, like I said earlier, it starts off and you think, oh, it looks quite good.

You know, the, as in like, just visually looks quite good. The animation's not too shit, but as it goes on and on, I dunno whether it was just the, the sort of tedium with the whole thing. I was just like, no, it actually looks really generic and shit. And I'm just getting a bit irritated by it in general.

But there was, like I said, there was that kind of like educational sort of lean

Dan: And does it, is it a standalone episode or does it go into the next one? Did you didn't watch anymore?

Reegs: I don't know. I don't, I don't get the, it seems like a kind of resets every

Sidey: week.

Reegs: type thing to me. What, I don't know. I think that the two of them are probably not charismatic enough to carry this show. I think that's the main problem, a 28 minute show, and there's only two main and they need more characters to sell

Sidey: kids aren't demanding enough to really, you know, fall over that.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: they just like, they'll just suck this up because it's talking animals.

Reegs: Yeah. My little one binge to the whole thing and yeah,

Dan: really? Yeah. Yeah. So

Sidey: So do you think we possibly not the target a, is that what we're saying?

Reegs: Yeah. It

Dan: hit a strong note for, for the

Sidey: just doesn't have, it just doesn't have that like extra gear that, you know, other things that we've watched occasionally do with these kids thing.

Yeah. This is just feels very

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Dan: Nothing new,

Sidey: should definitely check out Danny. You should you should go back and watch

Dan: tempted me in. So

Reegs: I

I, worry, they've downplayed the, you know, possible dangers of venomous animals.

You know because you haven't always got a

Dan: you'll get all. Oh your, so you have to tell your, you have to tell your children not to stroke the, the, the pythons and the

Sidey: and

I mean, we, haven't sort of really sort of explained the plot in great detail, but essentially the train is gonna crash.

Reegs: Oh yeah. There's the ticking clock. Yeah.

Sidey: there, the ticking, the clock, the there's a lot of pressure on finding and resolving it because

Dan: kinda like snow piercer, is it? Or

Sidey: no one else can prep pull the brake lever. It has to be, you know, the engineer. Yeah. So they're running out of track and they, you know, it's, it's labored quite a lot as like we have to stop the train, you

Reegs: that snake was willing to just kill

Sidey: everyone.

Reegs: basically,

Sidey: of collateral damage, but it's in his nature, so it's fine.

But you'll be relieved to know that they do stop it just the very Nick of time. It pulls up just before the end barrier

Reegs: instantly fine. As soon as she takes the antivenom AB instantly

Dan: It's

amazing how it can work so fast. Isn't it? It is in cartoon world.



Sidey: didn't want you to just go to sleep tonight, worrying.

Dan: no, I, well, it was a few unresolved issues there, but you you've put, 'em all neatly together for me. Thank you.

Reegs: You think you go and watch this now

Dan: I, I don't know. I've been intrigued to actually go and look at the animation and, and to see how that goes.

I'll ask now see if, if she's seen it and but it's not one that I'd heard of before.

Reegs: I think she would laugh at you if you asked her that.

Let's see, tell us, do ask her if

Dan: right? Yeah. Well

Reegs: what the reaction

Sidey: say about the toys thing. And there's so many, like kids shows where, and you think how big do toy shops are gonna have to be

Dan: To,

Sidey: to, to stock all of these fucking toys. Because there's so many of them and still so many paw patrol ones.

Reegs: Well, I figure the market must be finite in like one edges out another like

Sidey: yeah, I work. My office is above or certainly adjacent to quite well, probably the biggest toy shop in Jersey, which is small by, you know, mainland standards. But out of our window, I can see into the store room and I can see fucking poor patrol toys.

Like, oh, you just fuck off everywhere goes, see these fucking things SOTA.

Dan: can't get away.

Sidey: So this show is I'm sorry to say, not a huge recommend for me, but Rick's kids seem to enjoy it. So, you know, I

Reegs: I think for the target, I, I would say, and Sylvia agrees, cuz I said it's like Octa or it says, oh, she said it to me. And, but we both agreed. It's not as good as Octa orts

Dan: I, I always find 30 minute kid.

TV shows that don't really go anywhere, you know, reset are quite long ones. If, if it's a series that's gonna end up somewhere, then invest in that time a little bit easier to do. I dunno if other episodes are a bit shorter,

Reegs: if they normally they would do in that slot, they would do two

Sidey: yeah, two 12 minute


Reegs: or whatever. And 1 27 minute one is pretty long,

Sidey: long. It's too long for the story, which just dragged. I agree. Like two that you could break up with a little pause in between would be perfect. This is

Reegs: Just make it 19 minutes.

Sidey: Yeah. Good, good recognition there by your daughter to acknowledge that this is not as good as that's good quality control.

Yeah. And so endo another week of pod Loles We're going to have a collaborative effort for our midweek

Dan: mm.

Sidey: week we're gonna be watching a Cinderella story. Right. And we're gonna have very special guests. Okay. On for that. So that should be Cinderella. Great. Nomination wise, I think Peter, Andre we'll try and come up with something for us to watch.

So hopefully that'll be good as well. Anything else to mention that? Or did we just desire? Is it time for attack? I think it's time for

Dan: I think it is time almost for me to, to dust off the dice and beat you

Sidey: when, again, again look out for Real's on Instagram of us playing an obscure dice game.

Cause that's a real treat and

Dan: that's how athletic we are.

Reegs: we are, it has a baffling amount of fans. You guys say, I don't really know anything about Instagram, but is that not what you said?

Sidey: Essentially? There's a,

Dan: it's massive on there.

Sidey: three or four second clip of


know, the dice. Retrieving tool that you bought?

Yeah, like a proper creepier. So everyone out there, if you pitch of Las Vegas with a, a dice retrieving like paddle, we've got one of those called Peter O tool. And we did a video of it. You've all seen it and you've all liked it. We get constant likes about that more than anything else that we've ever done.

It's quite bizarre. So we're gonna go and have a game of that and try and get some more likes. But until next week, all it remains is stay Sidy, signing out.

Reegs: Riggs out.

Dan: gone