Aug. 6, 2021

Mamma Mia! & Beat Bugs

Mamma Mia! & Beat Bugs
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Sidey pointed out to me this week that our podcast is not for film experts but film enthusiasts which is obvious really because there's little of insight to be had in this weeks show. The distinction that our favourite tattooed and bearded mother-fancier highlighted has never been so clear than when we are discussing a genre for which I self-admittedly have neither expertise nor enthusiasm. This weeks harmoniously themed episode sees the Bad Dads discussing the Top 5 Musical Numbers and with some of us confessing to being novices in this particular form of expression, it's almost certain that your favourite show-stopping musical number is missing from our list, so get in contact with us and let us know what we should have mentioned.

I always think it's better to talk about what you love rather than what you don't and I try to apply that thought to our reviews. Yes, hearing someone eviscerate something can be amusing but ultimately it's people's passion for cinema I find so inspiring. This movie was hugely successful, millions adore it and the collective experience of joy that audiences participate in when watching is only something I personally miss out on. With all that said and done...

The hit 2008 musical comedy MAMMA MIA! sees Amanda Seyfried's soon-to-be married Sophie invite Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård to the fictional greek island of Kalokairi in order to recreate the gang-bang that ended with her conception. Meryl Streep plays Donna, a former pop star in the trio Donna and the Dynamos and Sophie's long-suffering mother. And by long-suffering I mean that she has to listen to, dance to and sing to the music of ABBA as does everyone in this movie, set as it is in a grim dystopia where forced hilarity and performances like drunken karaoke are perpetually mandated in worship to the Swedish pop groups Greatest Hits whilst confusing timelines and an almost total absence of cinematic dynamism frame the characters incoherent motivations, required as they are only to move the plot from one dreadful song to another.

BEAT BUGS is a Netflix animated series that mixes the visual story-telling of the Bugs Life universe with the music of The Beatles. The fucking Beatles! "How on earth did they manage that?" is the reaction of all of the Bad Dads as we celebrate this blatant indoctrination of our toddlers into the cult of the Liverpudlian legends.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Mamma Mia


Welcome to bad dad's film review. It turns out that having children is a bit of a time commitment and puts the serious dampeners on your ability to watch movies. So if you're a cinephile like us, that gives you a lot of movies to catch up on. When you finally get your life back together, we've ticked the a, this episode has explicit content, warning box things.

So we're truly entitled to swear, and we will be discussing spoilers without the way we're nearly ready to begin with the top five musical numbers as subjects we all profess to know a huge amount about the motion picture mamma Mia with an exclamation mark and the kids selection this week is Netflix is beat bugs.

All that's left is to introduce your co-hosts. I am rigs. Hello. I'm here with Dan and so.


Reegs:Hi guys. Now long time listener Jeff kitchen emailed us this week to ask just how old is Dan he's fucking ancient. What have you guys been watching this week? Well, yeah, that's right, Jeff. He is, but we don't condone you swearing, but what have you guys been watching this week

Dan:Olympics? Yeah, I've been watching a fair bit of the Olympics There has been a couple of movies that will come back to me, nothing too memorable past our homework

this week but the Olympic fever grabbed me a little bit. This this week I watched the high jump.

I don't know if any.

of you

Sidey:Oh, it was amazing when the guys got like, we needed to jump off and the QA guys like, well, let's just have two golds.

And he's like, if you want,

Dan:this celebrations

Sidey:at the Italian guy, went nuts. It was fucking great.

Dan:They both are

brilliant backstories of injuries and disappointment and things like that. So for them to, to be in a position where.

they'd Jumped higher than everyone else. They'd both

Sidey:the name of the game

Dan:of files and all the rest of it and agreed to share the medal.

I was, there it was an Olympic classic

Sidey:I mean, I get quite emotional at some of the, some of the goals. And today I got I got pretty early and I got up and put on and it was just as we were in the midst of the first gold medal citing this morning. And so watch that I've watched hours and hours of Olympics this week, but I did also find time to watch Fox.

Reegs:Oh, how was that?

Sidey:Pretty good. Pretty good.

Reegs:Pretty good. Just pretty good.

Sidey:it's it's incredible action sequences, but it does lack a little bit in the sort of humor element. There's no rock or stay firm in this, so it's quite one note. But you know, it's great fun. It's

Reegs:Yeah, no, that's weird.

Sidey:It's a lot of Indies or grunting and saying family and saying thereto and John scene is obviously very OneNote.

He's sort of like the Terminator

Reegs:Is he the bad guy?

Dan:Is this

another one of the hot wheels franchise. or whatever

Sidey:Yeah. There you go into our space.


Reegs:that's amazing.

Dan:I tell you what just quickly though going back onto the Olympics. And as you were saying, it was talking about it. I see. So, you know, the, the real life drama that, Actors are trying to get across on on screen. It's there in the Olympics, isn't it? You know, you've got the real drama of of somebody getting so close and failing of of ecstasy of winning, you know, of, of just competing to do their best and everything.

So, I mean, yeah. I love sports movies anyway, so, this really.


Sidey:mate. it's like

Dan:I catch up in the evenings Yeah

Sidey:complete and utter heartbreak and devastation and someone shoving a microphone in their face and he is

Dan:what drama, you know,


Sidey:devastated and you've got, you know, and you do have that spectrum. So you've had Tom Daley, you know, who won gold up the fourth Olympics trying to win gold.

And he finally won it and he's crying his eyes out. I don't know. I don't know if you've seen him knitting enormous

Rico and then, you know, the flip side of it is that the people who don't win and, you know, he trained, you know, you train for seven years, he'd lost out on a bronze at the last limits by three hundreds of second.

And this year, his hamstring went out of the starting gate, you know, and you get all of that. You can never fully recapture that in a movie because this is real life, you know, real like

Reegs:Well it's Simone Biles as well. I mean, it's absolutely amazing for her to come back after her struggles and to go and get a brunch. She got


Reegs:it's unbelievable.

Sidey:Piece of apparatus is fucking terrifying. When I see the Cartwheel on that note in this thing, just it's fucking, the bravery of the girls in that is just fucking

Reegs:Well, but also just what she's been

Sidey:yeah, yeah.


Reegs:Anyway, we probably, this is not bad dad, sports review. This is

Dan:but the drama is there, you know, and I I just think even, you know, the, all the emotion you watch in a film and everything, I, I, that's why

I haven't watched many

films this

week because

of the Olympics because it's been right there in this real life


Reegs:I saw well, Amazon prime, Reckitt said, we think you might want to watch scanners.

And I have seen it before and I thought, oh, you'll bright, Amazon prime. I might want to watch

Dan:Oh I've revisited the matrix.

That's That's

the movie that I watched. Yeah, What was scanners like again.

Reegs:Oh, it's


Dan:Yeah, I've seen it, a long

Sidey:but I just remember that, you know, really, really famous bit,

Reegs:it happens really early in the movie.

 which took me by surprise. Yeah. And then the rest of it is a lot of like people staring at each other with like Howard, Shore's like cool synth don't hang hanging and all this sort of thing. Yeah, it's really good. I really enjoyed it. Made me think it's ripe in a way for a Hollywood remake.

I know it probably be really terrible, but it's the

Sidey:have you seen possessor?

Reegs:No, the Cronenberg one. Yeah. I do really want to see that. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan:In case


Dan:Sounds just right out

Sidey:Oh, I tell you what I did. So watching, and also you mentioned Amazon prime.

There was that still. The Northern rings series. They, they released still, it looks fucking great. I started watching pig last night. Hmm. Okay. Back, finish that this week.

Reegs:Nice. Yeah. I want to see that. Okay.

Sidey:We've got top five to finish off from last week because we had a barrage of abuse basically.

Reegs:Well, the math brilliantly pointed out the floor in pizza argument,

Dan:was titled drops

who is in

Reegs:it was titled drops. Yes. And Peter had put rogue one in and have said you can't count that star wars story as part of the title, which they ended up being true. And then we don't need to comment on the fact that he also brought out my movie on similar grounds, but he nominated home alone, baby driver.

He said sky for which he said is also the home alone bond. He, but every fucking Marvel film says it troll hunter, Emily and Deadpool, detective Pikachu, which is Deadpool for small people and dead poet's society, which is a really good one. And we have never had that movie on here. So I would like to put that


Dan:I love that movie yeah,

Sidey:that just goes to show.

If you do get in on our Twitter posts, we'll, we'll talk to you and you can insult us, you can read them just how the visa has. It's quite fun.

Dan:then we'll shout it out.

on here

Sidey:Right. This week, SOC five is going to be musical moments in movies alliteration of side. Shall we just crack.

Well, I mentioned this movie quite a lot recently. It's Wayne's world. So I should point out that a lot of what I've got nominated on my list. Probably not what you'd class sort of traditional musical film genre, and the reason for that is I haven't seen that many of them.

Reegs:yeah, I'm in a similar boat.

 Sidey: Why that is, because the ones that I have seen, I tend to be all right with that. I think it's just a genre that I need a bit of convincing to sort of get involved with. So yeah, Wayne's world, the, the scene I'm talking about is the one in the car where they, they put on the tape or possibly even an eight track of Bohemian Rhapsody and then they all sing it.

I tried to recreate this once by doing the Facebook status.

Dan:just once.

Sidey:So I put the first line of behaving Rhapsody and then gradually people commented the next line.

Reegs:How far did you get

Sidey:Fucking ruined It

Dan:was it game back.

Sidey:We nearly got through the whole of the song and Dan fucking fucking ruined it,

Dan:Oh, what a what a comedy man. I

Sidey:but that's a really cool moment from a great, great comedy film.



Dan:that's my favorite bit of it. that I


remember doing it. Oh, always look on the bright side Monty Python right at the end of life of Brian. They're all on the cruise

and they go, don't it'd be too sad Brian.


Dan:belting out, always look on the bright side.

Sidey:it's a really popular funeral song, isn't it?

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I think he's a really popular song, but yeah, he's got that kind of

Happiness to it. Isn't it That that you do end up going like, oh, well Kind of fuck it, you know, might as well be happy. It's a, it's an, it's a fantastic film.

in a life of blind.

Whoever the last time you seen that.

Sidey:I see the once.

And that was because it was one of those ones that everyone talked about and I hadn't seen it. So I made a point it to what it was when Netflix was love film and you got delivered DVDs every


Reegs:Oh my

Dan:I remember

Sidey:it, I watched it then. So what would that be? But 10, 15 years ago,

Dan:Lace jet

Reegs:I've never talked about this movie on the pod before. I'm pretty certain of day. It's nine to five totally part and one. Yeah, it's absolutely banging. Choon, let's be honest. And Dolly's really cool. It's a pretty good movie. And it's like

Dan:it's right from the off this song. I think

Reegs:it's, it's quite early on in the movie and there's never a song, obviously that's as good as that in it, but Dolly's great.

And you know, she's a terrific human being, and this is a good story about an underpaid working class hero, you know, and it's, and a system that like really just disrespects her and stuff. So never talked about Dolly Parton. I'm pretty sure and never told, well, this

Dan:brilliant Absolutely fucking amazing.


Reegs:She's like, I don't know how old she is, but she's still

Dan:23, 24 That's what she looks like

Sidey:she's got her sort of theme park thing. Hasn't she? Dolly world Dollywood. Yes. That's

Dan:Oh we've got to Get there I tell you what, if you're listening to this and you you've been to Dollywood or you're going, or, you know, someone that's there. Just send us a little tweet over there with Dollywood, what that looks like.

That'd be nice


Dan:Over to you. side

Sidey:lost in translation possible contender for my favorite ever. And there's a karaoke sequence. Scarlet your hands and sings bras in pocket by the pretenders. Which is cool. But I especially like bill Murray's rendition of more than this by Roxy music. And it perfectly captures the mood of his character in the film, certainly at that moment more than this, you know, there's nothing is great.

And I just love that scene. I love that whole sequence of them going out on that night, out in Japan. Fucking brilliant. It's fantastic.

Dan:It's a lovely film. Really

Reegs:And the cinema, the shot composition and the cinematography and stuff is just amazing.

Dan:Well picture this a bar in old Mexico.

gone a piano.


Dan:two more in sombreros behind

getting ready

to say my

little buttercup, the three Amigos.

You remember that one? So they're in the bar there. The locals think that they're about, they're hired guns that are going to take down ruthless, bandits. In fact, they're three performers who then go on to sing my little buttercup two months ago

and get all these kind of rough gringos singing along with


Just through their enthusiasm and, and Chevy

chase on their piano,

Martin short and and

Steve Martin and yeah, I think this is just a brilliant, brilliant film. Martin short never did nearly enough for me. He was really a fantastic

Reegs:was he in, in a space?

So I want to say, yeah, I really loved that movie cause

Sidey:He always sort of seemed like a sidekick or Steve Martin.

about the amount of it's going to make on his own,

Reegs:Was he in a LA story as well? I want to say

Dan:he may he may have even may,

have been in

Reegs:I haven't seen that for a long time. And that was a really good film. I remember that'd be really good. The billboard that's the talking

Dan:I remember the one scene. He goes to the the bank and he just pulls out money and this guy goes, hi, I'm blah. I'll be bothering you today.

Like you know and he just gives him the money and then they walk off. Like, it's all totally normal And they're like yeah, the three Amigos that was.


Reegs:The movie within a movie asses of fire from south park. The, is the Terrance and Phillip movie.

Dan:not seeing this,

Sidey:have you not

Dan:seen any south park stuff

Sidey:in this?

Reegs:Oh man. This movie,

Sidey:Shut your fucking face. Uncle

Reegs:that's the one I was thinking

Dan:never watched any of south


Reegs:You should watch the movie.


Sidey:It's incredible.

Dan:Never. found it never really tickled me

Sidey:Oh my it's just like trying to offend every group. It possibly Satanists, like you're, you're gonna get some abuse.

Like it's

Reegs:Everyone, everyone, everyone. I, I it'd be weird. Maybe if you watched it now and probably some of it has an age that, well, I would think, but it was really funny or in the cinema, I was like, just didn't expect it to be as funny as it was.

And the songs are really offensive and really catchy. And there's some

Sidey:you're an uncle fucker. Yes, it's true.

Nobody fucks uncles, but like you,

Reegs:Yeah. And then in a sort of similar vein, you've got a mare recur. Fuck. Yeah. You've got team America, world police.

You know, those have you seen that one?




I've watched normally so that was some puppet shit

that I watched last week yeah no

Reegs:know what? Just give us your thoughts on that quickly. Cause we all loved it. Didn't we?

Dan:Yeah, I was, I was surprised actually listening into the review that you all enjoyed it as much as he did.

I struggled throughout that. I didn't like the guide didn't like the characters I got it.

Like you know it was

Reegs:supposed to like

Dan:just didn't then see the point in making a film where I just dislike everyone. I might as well you know go hang out with my mates.


Reegs:I can understand

Dan:so I just didn't really feel much for it, to be honest. It was, it was one of those that I got through rather than

Reegs:I felt like the ending made it feel that there was enough to feel some sympathy for him, because it was a clear part of the delusion that he was having, you know, that he was.

Yeah. Hmm.

Dan:My maybe it's the, the, the whole thing as well. Cause I understand the you know different ways to tell stories and things like this. And and using puppets like he did was fairly original.


And clever in, in, some aspects, but it really isn't anything that I could see myself watching more of,


that kind of style of story No, I'm much much preferred to see actors act

Sidey:Uh The

Reegs:Yeah. it

Dan:Kenny Rogers?

Sidey:he gets them. On the head and goes in, it goes into this sort of Busby, Berkeley sort of dance, routine, musical number,

Dan:where he's just dropped in to see what condition his condition is in

Sidey:going through women's legs on his back and goes up.

So like, I guess a kind of like infinite staircase and there's pins everywhere. And

Reegs:the camera's in the bowling ball as well. Isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey:The koans were interviewed about it and they said we've always loved Busby Berkeley, but it was more of us trying to imagine what a pothead who was slipped, a Mickey Finn would dream about what form it would take that gave us the freedom to do just about anything we wanted.

So we came up with Busby, Berkeley, Saddam, Hussein, and Kenny vouchers.

Reegs:It makes sense.


no, I guess that's where he got. Cause he gets knocked out. Doesn't it, he's lying on the rug and he gets get smacked. So I guess it's just some kind of violent retribution fucking cool film that we talk about far too much.


Dan:I've I've

got, I've got one film actually in research and it's I've not seen, but I watched a musical number. And and so just, just run it past you guys. You ever seen 500 days of summer?

Sidey:Yeah, it's on my list. Yeah.


Levitt Yeah.

Okay. So I'll leave. You I'll leave. You speak about it.

Cause I've not actually seen that one, but I have seen a film called sings Great which was John Kenny film.

It's set in Ireland in the 1980s around this young lad who's moves away from his school. I think a Catholic school into like a bit of a rougher one. And he meets, he sees a gal and to get the gal he starts a band like, you know and the band is playing on the stage as the girl walked in and it's a, it's a whole.

You know, in a school, it looks shit, but when the band starts, he it's kind of what he's imagining it all to be like, you know, So it's, it's all a lot more cooler and and everything and yeah, it's, it's a decent film, actually. The guy

Little finger

out of game of Thrones, he's

in it.

Yeah. Yeah So if you can't find it, find him in that

Reegs:he's always got a bit of a strange accent.

That guy, wherever he is in, he said you going on with the wire. Cause he's in that

Dan:I haven't gone on with a while I

Sidey:Okay. Season three, I think he

Dan:Well okay. I've only, still done those first


Reegs:And he's got a weird accent in that as well.

Sidey:It's sort of Irish, but not,


Sidey:I think it's that Boston kind of Boston, Irish kind of thing. Yeah.

Reegs:Akuna Matata.

Sidey:Yeah, what a wonderful phrase.

Reegs:And that covers pretty much all the fighting warthog songs that I know of.

Dan:So if the if the, you know, sat like that song, there the lion sleeps tonight, you know, always, it's never more than a whim


you know, you want to do it

all the time.

Reegs:There's a few in the animated world. Isn't there. I thought we'd get that discussion going.

He's got banned necessities


Sidey:Oh, that's a good one.

Yeah King of the swingers is great for that one as

Reegs:swingers. Yeah. That's walking in the remake. It's pretty


Sidey:really appeal to me.

Reegs:It was, I went to the cinema to see it. I, I did really enjoy it. I don't know if it was just because I've got two hours away from the kids. It might have been,

Sidey:I just think like the animated motion is so good.

Like, what am I going to gain by watching it? I just be like relentlessly comparing the two it's pointless. I just, I'm happy to just exist with the animated one, to be honest.

And they're doing that with all their films, it

Reegs:Yeah, there is another one coming out. I can't remember. Yeah.

Little mermaid. You've got, let it go in frozen absolute female empower members.

Obviously we know we've talked about our love of it. But the whole well, it is it actually, I get confused about feminism in

Sidey:I was hoping it was because it seemed quite nice.

Reegs:Yeah, so she, she sings it and she finally, you know, she thinks she can use her ice powers without harming anybody, but then she accidentally plunges her kingdom into an endless winter, which slope, you know, not that

Sidey:climate emergency.


Reegs:but one that I know you don't like this movie, I think he said on a rival podcast that you didn't like inside.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh man, this one really got me in the fields. Riley is like forced away from her hometown. So dad, I think has got a job in a new place, like right the way

Dan:So this was just a rip off from the numbskulls.

Wasn't it back in the day. in the Beano

Reegs:man, this is a really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful movie.

This one. I really love it. And the bit that gets me in the fields is when she's got an imaginary friend called Bing bong and. Powers joy back into the headquarters on singing this song and he has to sacrifice himself. It's like it gets rebranded the field. Yeah, that's a good one. And if you, you know, when you've got daughters, especially in this one is about like, at that point, it's about how good memories and bad memories can be combined to create something new sort of yeah, it's just really effecting stuff. Love it.

Sidey:Sticking to the animated ones marijuana,

which I feel like that movie kind of got lost in amongst all the frozen hype, because I think it was book-ended by frozen and frozen too.

But it's fucking great. And it's got the shiny, the gigantic crab voiced by Jemaine Clement and he sings a fucking great song in which he rhymes demigod with DECA pod, which takes some doing and it doesn't crop up those

Dan:it's not easily done.

Reegs:No, that's a good one. And the whole soundtrack is really

Sidey:good. Yeah. Are we well, when we we've watched this film quite a lot, and then in car journeys, it would be, can we have the songs?

Oh God, again, but actually they are great. And I really liked Jemaine Clement as well. So that's a win that

Dan:Yeah, he's good. Isn't he Marlon Brando singing.


Dan:Did you ever hear that?

No, it's not it's a guys in dos he plays. Yeah, he plays a sky Masterton. It's also Frank Sinatra plays Nathan Detroit

You're seeing this guys and those so

Reegs:my musical knowledge is really lacking and it's probably coming through isn't it. Cause we're,

Dan:Well it's these are these are older ones again, like, you know what I mean? What you call it? One of the old classics and he's luck be a lady luck, be a lady

to know

Reegs:that that's not Marlon Brando

Dan:Marlin brunt not originally on the any musical CD or something that you would have had, but he sings it

in this

well out of his comfort zone, but he's you know, small and Brando he still

knows it.

Reegs:Yeah, no, he wasn't in streetcar named desire.

Was he? Yeah. And he sings in that doesn't he,

Dan:don't know that he sings in that

Sidey:man. He was, he had it always a handsome man


Dan:Marlon Brando you know DiCaprio of his day? I guess, you know it, the Jack Nicholson,

Sidey:I've never seen DiCaprio saying

Dan:no, no. I


did Shakespeare but he's basically he's playing a gambler. Who's taken a bet that he will take this cold missionary woman away in, and better, I guess, you know, so that's the bet he's got to do, but then he ends up falling for her and it all goes a little bit. And at this stage where he's about to sing the song, he's bet in about 60 guys, a thousand dollars each that, he'll roll to, you know,

a seven or 11.

And if he doesn't, he's got to pay them all a thousand dollars each, if they, if he does, they've all got to come to the missionary where she's working. Under this big concert, there's going on? Like, you know, so he's taken on this big bet and luck be a lady, you

know, that that's

the song

Reegs:I got a few ear worms for you. Do you like any of them?

Sidey:in German

Reegs:yeah. Do you like an ear more where like a whole ear worm family in our family, everybody gets near where I'm just passes it off from one person to another.

Sidey:We've got a shocking one at the

Reegs:Yeah. What is it?

Sidey:Rainbow Rangers.

Reegs:Oh dear. Oh dear. Yeah. Yeah, that is bad. Well, I've got my name is Tallulah for you from Bugsy Malone. I've got over the rainbows from a, I've got pure imagination, which I've been saying

Dan:oh, that's it.

Reegs:annoying people.

Dan:one. Isn't it? Yeah.

Reegs:And then I've got the rainbow connection from the Muppet movie.

Sidey:Is that the Jason Segel one?

Reegs:no, this is the original one from the Oscar nominated. It was Oscar nominated in 1979. The rainbow

And, but the latest, the Jason Segel one was really good as well. And it had oh, it's good. We should watch that. and they do a

Dan:done it now

Reegs:we built this city from the Muppets is a good, and he's whistling it and it gets to be part of the, the climax of the film as well. So some good ear

Dan:that Bon Jovi

Reegs:journey on what now? No star ship



Dan:there was Bon Jovi Satnav I ID. I was always half way there.

Sidey:Dan, you mentioned it that 500 days of.

It's the morning after the night before where he has had sexual relations with that girl played by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon.

Dan:And he's just kind of strolling down the street, isn't he

Sidey:barely, barely in love with her. So it's not just like a one night stand where you're hung over here is probably, and there's like little animated birds flying around and stuff.

And is a,

Reegs:I haven't seen it. I really want to see this one. Is it in the timeframe?

Sidey:Well, I haven't got the year, probably not.

Reegs:I mean, it could

Sidey:Maybe, maybe, maybe I have come to hate Zooey Deschanel though. So I sort of cinema, I quite enjoyed it this year. It's also, he's trying to hold a note and who

Reegs:Which one monitor

Sidey:you, make my dreams come true.

You make them dreams come true.

Dan:You know,

is that

Sidey:it's, not just him though. It's like a proper flash mob of everyone in the street starts dancing along to it. It's sort of really out of character in the film, cause it is just a relationship study. So it's, it's memorable one.

Dan:he's walking down it's playing he looks in like a window of a car to get his reflection.

And Harrison Ford staring back at him, his hand solo, like

you know, smarter than I am kicking Like that's me like, yeah. It just That's how he sees himself. Just top of the world.

Reegs:I did really want to see this. It sounds good.

Dan:Based on this

scene I think I am going to watch


Dan:Well it's come back around to me. So


was the one that instantly came to my mind actually, when we, when we chatted about this. because Yeah. And Kevin bacon in the I don't know what he said The the old mill that he's starts dancing and

Sidey:twisted. You've never seen it.

Dan:You've never seen Footloose

Reegs:It's a good it's a good and yeah. And the warehouse, see Mel warehouse

Dan:male warehouse They just

Reegs:is amazing.

Dan:is is a great choreographs scene. And just have a time of an age, Kevin bacon there in, in an early role just star quality as well. you know Really

Sidey:pretty rad Kevin

bacon I was

Reegs:good to answer. He a good dancer.

Sidey:like clips of him dancing. I think I've seen the song and it's like cut with loads of scenes of him dance

Dan:think he gets that.

I don't think

He gets the credit. He deserves really Kevin bacon. He's been in

Reegs:he just starts adverts now

Dan:eight teams through a lot of adverts. Now when ask us for adversity,

Reegs:I think they're doing a reboot or prequel or sequel or whatever of tremors, which could be interesting. I

Dan:he was in the

purge The original

one wasn't. He, I think he was


Reegs:seen all of those

Dan:I think he was in the first

Reegs:Right. I remember quite enjoying some of those movies. Yeah. I've got two films here that I've cleverly linked together by the fact that there's nothing that relates them.

One is a top gun with Tom cruise singing. You've lost that loving feeling.

Dan:Oh in the bar yeah, He's he's he goes up with, a ghost designate and

he goes you know, I think she's, she's lost it. She's she's lost that loving feeling and they go and

Get everybody involved.

Sidey:have turned it off by this

Dan:It w Oh, it's so cheesy It's so because they are in full,

Light flight suits,

white flight

suits looking sharp.


It's eighties. It's it's it's cruise He gets away with it.

yeah, He's eight he's cool.

You know

Reegs:Cool. And the other film that I've cleverly linked with that is a great showman. So you can see the absolute light, like I said, no link at all. Yeah. And the song I chose in the end was going to be, this is me, maybe not one of the big bangers off of him.

I really like the one that you see in this film,


Reegs:the greatest showman.


Sidey:To shout, shout out cause he loves it.

Reegs:It is really good. And the soundtracks were really good. Oh, maybe I'll

Sidey:know, Jack man,

Reegs:this is actually a musical that I did quite enjoy. So

Dan:they're out there. Aren't they there's some

brilliant. We haven't mentioned Moulin Rouge.

Sidey:with good reason.

Dan:Sorry. I spotted a mouse Yeah, the

Cat's done a runner. I haven't seen him for a few days.

You know,

It doesn't take long before the mice start attacking me.

Sidey:I've got a couple which are linked, will foul really likes to sing. It seems in his movies and command.

Reegs:Did you call him Pharrell?

Sidey:FA Pharaoh is he feral Wolf? I always say I've always said feral, but it is it's spelled F E double R E double L Farrell will Ferrell really likes to sing in his movies.

In anchorman they asked him, do you really want to know what love is? And they launch into some afternoon delight, which was. On the cuff on the day added in it wasn't in the script. They just, they just ad libbed it basically. And I really enjoyed that bit. And one of his films that I don't enjoy so much is step-brothers.

Yeah. But there's that calamitous party at the end and he sings

Reegs:the winery at the fucking Catalina,

Sidey:Yeah. And it's all going fucking tits up. And he, his backstory is that he was a great singer, but he was so bullied by his brother, his actual brother that he would never sing in front of anyone, but he gets up and performs this version of 40 Villa.

And it's really good. Yeah. But I don't like that film so much. It's too childish.

Reegs:It's really, really very silly.


I've, I've got another old one. It's a it's gene Kelly American in Paris. I got one I Remember that I got rhythm and he's


in the street with,

So it was


Reegs:just kitchens.

Dan:yeah, I was,

I dunno, just a youngster in 1958,

you know,

I I I'd only just started drinking at that age. But gene Kelly was one of the biggest stars out there.

Sidey:Bigger than that,

Dan:it'd be huge and this was he was a painter in Paris, which was a terrible plot and it never really worked, but this song, I think did and it's, it's still sung and famous.

today I've got singing in the rain

as well I don't think you can mention

this while I'm going through the.



Reegs:no, that is one I have seen. I mean, of course I mostly remember the the singing in the rain, but yeah. But I have seen the whole thing. I do remember enjoying it. I think it's, isn't it a bit darker than a it's got, yeah.

Yeah. That's

Dan:yeah yeah

Reegs:as I go.

Dan:But the one I'll mention is the 10 things I hate about you

with the,

With the incredible heat ledger who start singing

you just

Sidey:contact miles off of you by Frankie valley.

Dan:be. Look. Yeah.

You're just too good to be. Look.

Sidey:He, yeah, he, he sings it in the bleachers of the, sort of the sports stadium. It's really good for him.


Sidey:It's really good for him. Yeah.

Dan:Pointing down the cheerleader as he just goes, you know,

I can take my eyes a few

and then the band stopped

Reegs:telling me the true. Yeah.

Dan:Yeah. What's

Sidey:She's really good and she's disappeared. Same.

Dan:Yeah. no I've forgotten it. I didn't write it down.

Sidey:It's a really cool film actually. And the whole soundtrack is really good.

Dan:out of

all that kind

Sidey:This was a breakout for him.

Dan:Yeah, it was,

It was fantastic. Fantastic. Yeah

Sidey:He's the sort of bad boy and she's the sort of man-hating feminist and they, you know, they,

Reegs:I sort of know this story a bit. Yeah. But I haven't seen it, but, and of course Heath ledger is such a

Sidey:gone too soon, unfortunately

Reegs:eight mile.

Sidey:Yeah. I was gonna quickly shout that one out.

Reegs:you can argue over whether M and M was really acting in this or not, but there's a lot of he he's, he's really good obviously in the story that is basically semiauto, biographical. It's some weird marvelous connections in this because he battles Sam Wilson who play you know, w

Sidey:he does,


Sidey:Falcon and captain America.

Reegs:what's the actor's name? Anthony Mackie. So he rap battles him and then Michael Shannon who went on to play Zod is the boyfriend of Jimmy's mother.

Yeah. So that's pretty weird, too little sort of comic, but I think I said Marvel, but clearly Shannon was in

Sidey:Okay. Shout it out on Twitter. You will.

Reegs:for that guys.

Sidey:One I'm surprised you haven't mentioned it because I know you love the sequence is the intro of Lala land.

Reegs:Yeah, I do. And I talk about it all the time. I love it. I

Sidey:That's a proper musical moment. It's the big sort of dance.



Reegs:this the best that they S and the Miserables my two favorite musicals I've

Sidey:That looks so bleak. I just don't want to watch it.

Reegs:I think it was just such a huge surprise to me, cause I didn't want to see it really. And Shelly wanted to see it and we went to see it and it was just like, oh right. What a fucking epic story this is. And and the songs were really paying in as well. So yeah,

a huge Jackman again and Hathaway is in it.

Yeah, Russell Crowe. He plays Sean V and it's like this story of like how you know, one's a crim and one's a sort of dickhead policemen and stuff. Yeah. It's, it's much better than you might imagine.

Sidey:Okay. And the last one I mentioned is young Frankenstein, gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. They do, I'm putting on the Ritz

as as the creator and monster dance in a way it's fucking right.

Dan:I've got a fine the theme tune,

that the, the, you know, when they always kind

of dance out onto the street. I mean, you just, you, it doesn't matter what what's happening.

You just want to get up and start dancing and spinning on your head when that that tune comes on. Of course got dirty dancing. You know, they, they, they do a bit of dirty dancing. I dunno I'm, I'm kinda at the end. of of ones that I've seen anyway there the breakfast club, there was a good dance scene as well.

And, and song.

Reegs:It's that, that's when Emilio Estevez through the power of marijuana was able to telepathically shatter a glass window.



Reegs:Good days.

Sidey:for me.

Reegs:Oh, I mean, there's somebody kill me from the wedding singer is so pretty good moment.

Sidey:Is that what he's depressed?

Reegs:Soundly singing this sort of ballad that turns into a shouty cure type thing.

Dan:Isn't there a bit in the hangover where the the singer he's he turns around, and

Sidey:oh yeah. Yeah. He's dead.

Dan:he's like the wedding singer

and he's like he's grinding up

against some grandma or

Sidey:or the lollipop. And


Sidey:really inappropriate. You're sort of looking around like what the fuck?

Dan:I'm A sex motherfucking machine he's like,

what's going on. Yeah. That's a funny bit,

Sidey:Mike Shall we Chuck in some nominations into the actual top five then? Yeah.

Go for it.

Dan:Right Okay. Straight off. I'm going to go.

luck Be a lady, Marlon Brando, that's guys and dolls


Reegs:I am going to go with pure imagination. Just say, well, I'm quality.

Sidey:Oh, it's tough. It's tough. I'm going to put in 500 days of summer. good one.

Dan:that one Yeah.

Reegs:so two from the

Dan:I want to see

Sidey:Well, we have had the most amount of nominations I think we've ever had,

Reegs:It's a lot of movies I haven't seen as well. So if you're into this kind of thing, you need to get nominating.

So that your favorite gets here.

Sidey:That's how it works. Yeah. Yeah, like stacks and stacks of nominations and people have covered off some of the stuff. The glaring, the obvious things that we haven't mentioned tonight have been covered. So.

Reegs:Some people even mentioned Greece.

Sidey:Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:In fact, a million people they're done.


Well you don't like Greece no. I liked it. I dunno. I liked it.

you in a band as well you're quite musical.

and you, I mean, you know, you're yeah. But you know, what are they called?

9, 999 megabytes. You hadn't done a gig.


Reegs:You picked our main feature this week. Didn't you?

Sidey:I did, this is sort of trolling myself in many ways because it's mama Mia, which obviously is a lot of Abba music, which is not really my go-to for music.

Dan:Yeah. I was wondering actually I wasn't

Sidey:And also it's Meryl Streep, who I think I might've mentioned previously on the pod that I'm not a huge fan of.

So those two combine quite a lot in this movie.

Dan:What, in this Abba film with Meryl Streep, in it Yeah

Sidey:What year was Sunnybrook? Okay. So we are in, we just, I was thinking we could, we could bend this off cause it's 2008, but it is

Reegs:is in the

Sidey:it does fall in the right.



Reegs:it's a bit late now to bin it off, to be

Sidey:I know, I know. I know

Dan:yeah after we've

sat down and watched it.

Sidey:and it will, I was wondering if someone during the week was going to say, hang on, this is outside the, the, yeah, the scope.

But anyway yes, mama Mia. It's the story of a wedding was, yeah, so the, the film opens and it's Amanda C freed posting. So um letters, we don't know what they are, but at the get go, it should post three letters off, which turns out to be wedding invitations. She is getting hitched to preacher. God.


Reegs:Preach it. Dominic Cooper. He was ripped too in this way

Sidey:really young.

Reegs:and really young.

Yeah. And he looked like Jamie Cullum. I

Sidey:Yeah, I did a

Dan:I I didn't recognize this guy. What else Here

Reegs:Preacher is the main thing.

Dan:Okay. So I hadn't seen that.


Reegs:It's really good.

Sidey:And the reason that she's posting three invites, they are two people who may or may not be her father because it turns out that Meryl Streep loves Dick or certainly did at one stage in her

Reegs:she had a mad week.

Didn't she?

Sidey:she just fucked the whole island, this made up Ireland, sorry, I'm not, I'm really slut-shaming her. She just had fun in the summer and slept with these guys, but at w that turned out to be pregnant

Dan:So So, it was Pierce Brosnan

Reegs:with Stellan Skarsgard

Dan:Stellan Skarsgard and the other guy Firth Yeah.




Dan:these are


Reegs:quite a big age thing going on here. Haven't we, because Meryl Streep is like, well, this is 2008. So she would have been like 65 Colin Firth. He's probably the only one. I don't know, like how old is she supposed to be? And she's got a

Dan:oh I I assume

that they will kind of the

know, the



I'm 65, 60,


Reegs:So she had a kid when she was in her forties. It's like, what? Cause it's her, daughter's like 20 it's like it's

Sidey:She is gorgeous. Amanda Seyfried in


Reegs:She is a good looking girl. Yeah.


Reegs:And she can sing actually. I mean, is one thing,

Dan:I mean I was

Reegs:the God awful Abba songs. She can sing those.

Dan:Cause I I was thinking, this mama Mia take place in a world where

Sidey:a fictional island

Dan:where there's no Abba songs though, and they just kind of make these up as their own or are they aware of Abba songs and just need to memorize.

them all to fit

Sidey:No, I think that's a good point, but I always assume that any musical, the songs are these spontaneous things that happen to the people.

Dan:So they're living in

Sidey:there is no Adler. I think there is no app. They're just songs that fit that moment and they just sing.


Dan:I'm I'm being a bit of a Dick there. Yeah.

Reegs:No, but although I think very much a part of the experience of watching a movie like this, which I didn't have is singing and dancing and drinking and whatever, along with it,

Sidey:Oh, a singalong version. So you could go to the cinema and it would like karaoke would have the lyrics on the screen and people in the fucking audience would just sing along to them. Yeah.

Reegs:just, it's not for me


might make it more for

Reegs:yeah, very good. Very good.


Sidey:I'm trying to cast my mind back to think what the first song was in this one. And I have to be honest, there were some Abba songs I'd never.

Reegs:Well, the first one I've got listed is I have a dream, but I don't

Dan:who is who who's

Reegs:we get honey honey after

Dan:who knows the most gone,

Reegs:of Alba.

Dan:winner takes it all.

Reegs:Yeah. So these three guys arrive and they're sort of fun and japes so she hides them around.

Sidey:Well she was, she was told that sorry, metal sheet was told that you don't come back if you're pregnant, that's it you're out. So she has stayed on the island ever since these these romantic encounters.

And she runs this sort of hotel thing, which is where the wedding is going to be held. So everything is centered on this. Very nice looking

Dan:beautiful guest house, kind of on the cliffs This

Reegs:Yeah. I mean the, the shots of the island and nice aren't they, but the hotel itself really looked like, well, to me, it looked like a soundstage. I don't know whether it was, it didn't sh my wife mentioned that how fake it looked, it looked like it was made out of

Dan:I reckon there was bits and pieces probably was and bits and pieces. Wasn't I don't know. I didn't do that research to be honest. There was the, the toilets, the arbiter toilets there was what A lower

they were lovely. Ah,


Dan:we go. again

Sidey:It's not a hugely successful hotel. So we are treated to money, money, money at this point, which is

Reegs:Cool. One though, as well, when it's subtle, how they weaved that in money, money with the financial troubles of the hotel.

Sidey:Two friends. I think it's been a band, this didn't they? And they say,

Reegs:I don't know. I

Sidey:oh, is it just the name that they had for

Reegs:It's Julie Andrews

Sidey:they were they were called the dynamos. It was truly Walters. Julie Andrews is sounding music. Yeah. And the other lady who I recognized, but I just to put, can't think of her name.


Dan:that they were like the equivalent of the pink ladies at Greece weren't they there were they were getting the band back

Sidey:Christine Baranski.

Dan:And they were three girls who knew how to have fun.

Sidey:I confirmed it. They were in a band. It was the dynamos.

Dan:Right Okay. So they were brilliant when they turned up all together, they ran down. didn't they on the pier and,


had that,

big reunion as the,


the people start coming back

Reegs:when you say brilliant, they know, I mean,

Dan:I enjoyed it.

enjoyed this movie,

Sidey:I fucking really enjoyed this.

Reegs:oh God, seriously.

Sidey:There was a lot of cringing. The first half of it, I did find myself going, oh God. And then when it got to the songs that I knew, I do like, gimme, gimme after midnight, I got quite a kick out of this.

Dan:Well, no nobody could sing you know, and I think it was a film that wasn't taking itself too, too seriously.


Reegs:They were having a lot more fun than I

Sidey:the reason that I nominated it. The reason that it was in my consciousness was I was watching Gogglebox and they were watching this film and the clip that they showed on Gogglebox,

the clip that they showed was Pierce Brosnan singing. And I'm we love we house. Oh my God, he cannot fucking sing.

Oh, I know I've got to flip this and everyone. But I just thought it was one of those things where they, they kind of know that the great thing, I suppose, just fucking went for it and had fun with it.

Dan:and and they did anyway. And

I had a lot more respect for them.


Dan:You know, getting in people that can belt out those tunes, because you can't do it like Abba you know, I mean, Abba the ones.

that did it

Sidey:If, if you want to hit perfect sing and go to the opera, you know, this is more like a a Walker sort of

Dan:Yeah. And th they've used the songs to tell the story and Abba's songs when they're written download that. Certainly some of the ones that they picked they're fantastic



aren't they?

Reegs:Well, I just, I don't want to shit all over it because you guys like it and it's not, you know? Oh yeah. It's really quick. It's just a matter of opinion.


Sidey:but I would never stick on an app record.

they're so they're so ubiquitous that you can't help, but some of them, I didn't like any band that has great pop picks, but then does like a slow kind of Baladi thing. No, put on the fucking ones with some energy to them. So when you get the ones in here that are like the slower numbers, I'm not into that, but the real sort of pop the fucking anthems.


Dan:the well I know our best songs are like Abba songs. He used to go to the seventies, discos and all the rest of it. Like, you

know dressing up in and it

was lots of fun You know the

youngest member of the band.

Sidey:If you want, again,

Dan:it was Bjorn Bjorn for first. Yeah.

Reegs:Yeah. So back to that sheet, does she has to hide the

Sidey:and the goat shed

Reegs:in the goat shed? Yeah. And they're up above

Dan:we're talking about the, the bride here who wants to keep these three guys.

from her

Sidey:told them. She hasn't told

Dan:she hasn't told anyone

Sidey:is the father.

Dan:She hasn't told anyone the reason they're there. Yeah All three of them have come run into the island after not having word of them in 20 years. Yeah And suddenly getting a a card through.

Reegs:she takes, when she, Donna is a Meryl Streep, when she finally does encounter Colin Firth Patrick


Reegs:Now, who am I talking about? Pierce Brosnan. And Stalins Scarlet go. She takes a long time to figure out why they might be there on the island.

Given the, you know, she

Dan:so a long time ago And I think she, had just gone to

Sidey:yeah, but it's a momentous life event. Like she's got pregnant

and one of these guys, and she later admits that she doesn't know which one of these.


That's right. Yeah. And

Sidey:she's, she's seeing these

Dan:wanted to put to the back of her mind for, you know, forever.

And she thinks it's not gonna come up again. She's certainly not expecting them all turning up in a shed, up

Sidey:tells them to fuck off.

Dan:Yeah. She spins out, she freaks out. She don't know she can't compute it all you know,

so she's like, get the fuck

Sidey:So they're back on the yacht and they just do a tour of the island for a bit.

They probably have a great time. I'd imagine. Yeah.

Dan:it was funny how they all got on and they

they was,

they haven't really pieced it together themselves.

Reegs:I think we saw Sterling scars, gods acid at this point of the

Sidey:movie he mooned. Yeah.

Reegs:So that was nice. Elf. The three leading men. He's the ass. You'd want to see least in it.

Sidey:I'd probably go Pittsburgh, Boston first.

Reegs:Yeah, probably, but I call him first. Probably got the better bum. I reckon

Sidey:real what peachy?

Reegs:So anyway, let us know.

Sidey:I definitely agree that stallion would be lost. Yeah.

Dan:these. guys were three very different characters in their youth as they are now. Maybe not Stalins God he was always the adventurer

Sidey:Yeah. He was still, he was sort of joined

Dan:silent around the world and everything Whereas the other two

Sidey:Pierce Brosnan was an architect and Harry Bright Colin Firth was a

Reegs:financial, some shit, but when he was younger, Brosnan had really long hair and like a mustache and that was a hippie.


other guy

Reegs:So placing it in the sixth. I toned. When was this? All right. Just, it don't need


Reegs:the logic apart. Do you

Dan:that's it You don't

Reegs:So yeah, they're having a great time ignoring their potential daughter and no, they don't, they don't, that's true.

Dan:each of them have come to the island again, you know, you can make holes in this wherever you like. They've come to the island after not hearing from them in 20 years and they've dropped everything. to come So maybe they there's something there that's drawn them back.

It could have been an easy excuse,


you know, sorry, We regret to inform you can't make it. That's quite easy to do. But

Sidey:with Pierce Brosnan, he admits that he was actually in love with her and he's, he's, he's never stopped being in

Dan:that's right

Sidey:So he, what happened in that story is that he went home, was engaged.


Dan:That's right

Sidey:didn't go through with it

Dan:Code it

Sidey:went back to

Reegs:He went back to the island.

Sidey:And so her blowing stolen. Got it. Was it all,

either one of them. And so his hopes were dashed. And so that's why he, cause she, I think they had the strongest connection and she was fucked off with him for leaving. Not, she didn't know that he'd come back, but she had tried to move on, but that was the relationship that could have really been a contender.

And as we see in, later on in the film,


Sidey:I called that as well.

Reegs:did you really

Sidey:Yeah. Well I said, I don't think that the marriage will go ahead, but I think that she will get with one of the guys,

Reegs:a load of fucking bullshit happens and then suddenly Amanda Siegfried is singing.

Lay all your love on me on the beach with Dominic Cooper. I did enjoy

Dan:it's a lovely summary though

Reegs:I did enjoy, I did enjoy that bit.

Sidey:Well he gets, he gets kidnapped then onto his stack. Doesn't it?

Reegs:yeah. And then I, they all dress up and do super trooper.

Dan:that's right.


Reegs:Which if you liked that, that song and this moment, then that's nice for you. But if you don't, it's like

Sidey:well, he has his stack day or bachelor party and she has her bachelorette party at the bachelorette party. They do gimme, gimme, gimme, which is my favorite bit.

It's a chain.

Reegs:Okay. Fair enough.

Sidey:it's at that point as well that she learns that the money for the Villa came from one of the guys



Reegs:Skarsgard is great on what's straight away. I was like, well then he's the father. And he's the most likely one because she's blonde. So

Sidey:well, the great aunt was named Safier and she's called Sophie.

And so she oh, like was named after her.

Reegs:So they play this later on as a revelation, but I was like, but you just, you told

Dan:And and and he kind of further cements it by saying, oh, we only ever left property to family and things like that, which makes all kinds of


lead to him being the father.

And they

Reegs:but the three guys though, they all think that they might be though donate and they're discussing each of them thinks they have a claim because like you say, one was

Dan:starts to

Reegs:other one when the

Dan:it starts to drop and and they all, they will want to be there and see her. Or she wants her father to walk her down the aisle The actual one that she thinks it is Scanlon's got He doesn't want

Reegs:she wants a man who has never been in her life to walk her down the aisle. I mean, is that, does that strike you as odd or?


Dan:She's quite



she she's she seems

Sidey:Yeah. That's her mum doesn't think she should, or someone says they shouldn't be getting married that young. Her and her mother actually do have a bit of a falling out about the whole deception with the three guys. But while she's helping her put on a wedding dress, they sort of

Reegs:Brosnan is convinced that he's the dad and wants to

Dan:and he's also most forceful

Reegs:scars, God,

Dan:she shouldn't be married and shouldn't get married.

Reegs:Skarsgard is obviously the dad at this point. Yeah. But she chooses to, to have a mother walk her down the aisle,

Dan:Which is

probably the

Reegs:probably the right thing, At this point

Sidey:the wedding, the wedding is all then a bit of a calamity because they stand up and. She has to admit in front of the whole fucking, all the guests that she hasn't got a clue who fathered her daughter which is probably quite embarrassing to do in front of that amount of

Dan:pain that situation.

Sidey:And so they come to this agreement where they'll each be a third of a dad.

Reegs:so it's like, do you remember that TV series? My two dads, this was like one bed, this my three dads,


Reegs:six, six minute apps.

Dan:I had


I sympathy with a Scallon's God, cause he was an adventure and he wanted to be a way. And he was the one that didn't really,

Reegs:was kind of a bit of an aloof jerk, I thought,

Sidey:I didn't think he was about to get pinned down to anything anyway, because you know,

Dan:the, that she's getting married.

Yeah. The The tough work had been done I guess, is bringing her up and everything, but he didn't even want that he was most uncomfortable with it or they were willing to do it. As we find out Colin Firth in gone off women altogether. And

Reegs:well, yeah,

Dan:yeah they left that light

Reegs:suddenly it's just like, oh, by the way, I'm gay.

And he cops off with that guy yet.

Dan:at the church


the church. Yeah. But

Dan:first time I saw it,

Reegs:with the, but that was literally not at all mentioned at all. So w was that just about playing up to this sort of,

Dan:plot device, I think just to move

him out the way So

Reegs:going to have quite a

Dan:opened the field for Pierce Brosnan

Reegs:and this is the only gay character, I guess, in the movie thinking about it.

And this would have a big gay following. So,

Dan:I mean, th there's lots of cheek and SPOs throughout, it really isn't there there's the, the friend of Donna who's kind of got a thing going on with the younger boys. Then you've got Julie Walters.



Tries a little bit with scale and scarred at the at the end And I'll take a chance on me.

Thank you.

Yeah, it, and it suddenly gets to the stage where the the young couple decide, all they really want to do is go traveling. And they love each other. They don't actually need to get married which he never really wanted

Reegs:the hell is that though, when you feel weird about like, oh, we're going to have this big event, we're going to promise, get married.

We're not going to do them. We're not going to do this, but we're still going to say it. So like your relationships like that, I think he was doomed to


Reegs:If I'm honest,

Dan:never waste a good wedding. So that's where Pearson Meryl Streep, step in

Sidey:he proposes there.

And then he explains that what happened at that? He, like we said before, he, he was engaged when they had yeah. And that he actually was in love with her and he came back and blah, blah, blah, just because she was pissed at him for leaving, but then they do, they, they get hitched. Hmm. Hmm.

Reegs:She does the winner takes it all just before that. Doesn't

Sidey:she? did it They do. They also sing. I do. I do. I do. I do.





Sidey:I mean, the songs come thick and fast at this point. Cause you get, I do, I do it is there. Then you get, when all is said and done Rosie makes a play for bill. Take a chance on me. The couple

Dan:from the album at this

Sidey:Sophie and sky sailed away too.

I have a dream. Then you get the cast, performing dancing queen and Waterloo. Waterloo is a fucking

Dan:I mean,

th th there are there's some brilliant songs

Reegs:the street at the end and she says something like, what does she say? She says something like, oh, do you want some more? And I was like,


Reegs:three musical numbers and Brosnan Firth and scars God in these like. Like flashy. I can't even, I don't have the vocabulary. It's like shiny suits and

Sidey:It's what, it's what apple wore, you know, that club or from the seventies that sort of glam dreadful fucking outfits. But I can't believe they were good at the time, but we spoke in our midweek, mentioned about the sound of music and that had a vast runtime, but the saving grace, if you didn't like this was relatively short,


Sidey:it wasn't, it wasn't.

Yeah. Tops. Alright, flew by it. Flew by. Have you ever done any karaoke or been to karaoke sort of night?

Reegs:Yes. Once memorably. It was great fun.

Sidey:The, the, the worst thing anyone can do at karaoke is kind of. Stand there and mumble through a song and B

Reegs:fucking belt

Sidey:got to commit to it and fucking just if you're bad, just be as fucking bad as you can possibly be allowed and own it.

And that's what people like Pittsburgh and doing this. Cause he ain't fucking great singer in my opinion,

Reegs:Yeah. He sounds like he's gargling a cactus. He's like Bolger,

Sidey:He didn't know what this was. He didn't sign up to sing. He just signed on because honestly,

Reegs:turn up and he's like, oh, you've got to sing,

Sidey:basically that's what happened.

Dan:Everybody else is doing it.

Jump on

Reegs:Oh, did they record it all live on?

Sidey:They just said, we've got this film coming up with Meryl Streep it's in Greece or wherever the fuck is like. Yeah, I'm in, I'm

Reegs:grace for a couple of months. Sounds good


Sidey:right. Here's the songs you've got to sing. What.


Sidey:One of the things that I find difficult about Meryl Streep is just the fucking hype and the bullshit and, oh, isn't she fucking amazing.

And whilst this wasn't one of the,

I haven't actually checked, but I assumed he wasn't nominated for anything for this one, but she's still got loads of fucking accolades. And I'm one of those prints. It's Benny from Abba. The mail street went to Stockholm which is in Sweden to record the vocals for the winner, takes it all.

And he said that her singing was like a mirror. Oh, fuck off. It just it's just average, like she was so incredible. I'm like, it's just average fucking middle-aged women singing a song. He's not that fucking great

Reegs:I think there is for a little while, I quite enjoyed the sort of subversiveness of this being about sort of roundy middle-aged women.

Although I say middle-aged, but she was in her sixties. This is one of the things anyway.

Yeah, but if you, like, how are you going to like it? I can sit. It's not the sort of film. That's very easy to critique because there's no point in picking apart the plot, even though you could like,

Dan:you over, like it you don't it's for me, it was a film.

It's just fun. They're putting it out there. They're, you know, it's probably best watch. We have a couple of drinks in some mates that I'm like that as well, you know? Or the misses, the misses. I think our first time I watched this was with with the WAF

Sidey:She forgot her name.


Sidey:Yeah. I watched this with the misses and to be honest, I think I was enjoying it more than her. She was really struggling with it. She found it a bit excruciating, all the sort of singing and that,

Dan:is a big part of

Sidey:cringe, but I mean, not that it was singing, but she just found it a bit like, Ugh, you know, a bit excruciating.

But once they started getting into the more well-known the real hits and she started to enjoy it. And I was surprised by how much I could have is, I mean, don't get me wrong. It wouldn't be a film that I was rushed to see again. And I don't know if I watched a sequel, but yeah.

Dan:what's the secret.

Sidey:Mama, mama Mia too.

Reegs:we go again.

It is that the second CD on the app is great. It's that hits album, or they're going to just do the same songs again,

Sidey:I don't know, but I do quite like Amanda Seyfried. She's good.

Dan:She w she played Sophia, Sophie.


Sidey:Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs:yeah. She doesn't speak any Greek, but she's lived on a Greek island for her whole life.


Reegs:and yeah,

Sidey:At the song that they play as they walk into the church for the wedding is knowing me, knowing you, which is a song about divorce. So that's a strange one to pick for your wedding.

Reegs:shadowing. Isn't

Sidey:knowing me, knowing you, there's nothing we can do knowing me knowing you. We just have to face it this time.

We're through breaking up is never easy. So that's not

Dan:Well my yeah No, that's probably not the best one. You won't play. him But for me that the actors add fun. They looked like they were having fun. I liked the

Reegs:were having more fun

Dan:yeah Yeah. They,

They possibly were. But that came across to me. I think because as you said,

they just

went for it.

You know It was karaoke. It was When I scout there and sing rhinestone cowboy, you just got to go for it. You know, you've got to go. all

Sidey:My proudest karaoke moment is Backstreet's back by the Backstreet boys.


Reegs:Mack, the knife

Yeah, the like

Dan:Oh yeah Go

Reegs:the Bobby Darren version as well.

Yeah, this movie wasn't made for me, there's no point in, I don't like Abba songs.

I do like kitsch. But there was nothing to enjoy really, honestly, apart from the like spectacle of Brosnan singing, which is

Sidey:was a highlight,

Reegs:but he was, he was quite hot in there. So I did think

Sidey:He's a hot buyer. He is quite hot. He's very hot. In fact, by I've heard a few stories about him being complete prick, which is disappointing,

Reegs:kind of

Sidey:just like, yeah.

Yeah. It's been a fucking wanker to like normies. Which I think it's really disappointing, but maybe they're not true stories

Reegs:This was based on a Broadway musical. You're going to like this. If, if you hear the prayer, you're like, oh, it's a song about, you know, it's a film about Abbott

Dan:like this. You probably already seen it.

but If you haven't,

If you,

Sidey:we can get onto the,

Dan:how many

Sidey:the stats, not, I don't know how many people have but the budget for it was $52 million.



of it.

Sidey:Well, yeah, that's all there is to really be a location. What'd you reckon this is a winner or loser

Dan:Oh this was a huge

Sidey:Yeah. It's bigger than that down. It was $611 million

Reegs:Yeah, of course they made a sequel. Did it win any awards?

Do you know any of that?

Sidey:Well, no, I don't think so, but possibly,

Dan:most money

Sidey:but I know that the metrics are not great for it. It's only 6.4 and I'm DB 55% on rotten tomatoes. 51% on master cricket and a Google. Ha everyone on Google likes it. There is a Nirvana connection.

Reegs:Yeah, of course. Yeah.

It is obvious, but you should probably

Dan:point out

Sidey:but I know you guys both know it, but the Nevada connection is the title font is the same that Nevani used on all their albums.

Dan:Yeah. Well, as you say, we knew

Sidey:yeah. It's not comic Sans. I know that. And as of a date, which was a few years ago, this was Meryl Streep's biggest box office hit.

Reegs:really? Yeah. Wow.


Dan:600 in the second one yeah,

Reegs:I believe she went to see the stage show with her 11 year old daughter or something. And

Dan:not swung it Right

Reegs:You know, knock it.

They're like you say, they're all having fun, fair play to him. But if you think this might be hideous, awful soul destroying shit, then it could also be that as well.

Sidey:Yeah. That's probably what I thought, but I've surprisingly enjoyed it quite a lot. So take a chance on it.

I wanted to keep on the kind of musical. Vibe. So we watched beat bugs, but I have to confess that this is not one that my daughter was watching. So it was just one that I looked up to keep in with the

Reegs:I wonder, I did wonder that

Sidey:consistent, but we did watch it today and she didn't really like it. So that was cool.

Dan:not heard of this

Sidey:when I

Reegs:I didn't even realize what the conceit was until I looked at the name of the episodes though.

Sidey:I didn't know that because what I thought I was nominating was something else. So I thought this was so when my daughter was very young that you remember those baby TV channel and there was a beat, there's like a musical bugs thing on that.

And I thought that's what this was.

Reegs:I remember

Sidey:I thought they'd like ported this on to Netflix somehow. So that's what I was expecting, but this is actually. The Beatles in, in a kind of bugs life form,

Yeah. Was, they

Reegs:really surprising to

Dan:That was the elevator pitch actually.

Sidey:Yeah. Well somehow this guy Josh Wakely, he acquired the rights to the Beatles music.

It must be specifically for kids because you can't just get the Beatles.

Reegs:It's not easy. I mean, Michael Jackson owned the rights

Sidey:did at one point. Yeah. Which, which really pissed off Paul McCartney

Reegs:and yeah, they don't license their music out to anybody

Dan:no I was So so surprised to hear the beat,

Sidey:the episodes, I think I didn't look through all of them, but I think the episodes are all titled as a beetle song.

Reegs:Yeah. Well, I watched too. I realized I ended up watching different

Sidey:Yeah. So we can talk about a few things because Dan and I watched a day in the life, which is the last track on Sergeant pepper

Dan:and I'd started to watch Blackbird and I'd also watched because I started originally watching the wrong episode when I texted you.

Another one is where it might have been a ticket, of ride or


Reegs:I watched help and Lucy in the sky with diamonds.



Reegs:so like, like I say, I had no idea that he was going to be that until I looked at the titles and it was clearly, they were Beatles

Dan:So I went to season one, episode one, there was three, one minute trailers and I was going to cheat and just going to watch one minute trailer and say, oh, that was the first one.

that was really

awful Now I'll go for it. So I didn't watch any of the trailers. I didn't know anything about it. And while often I would skip the the title, music and things for these I don't When I when I'm first, watching him this, you wouldn't straight away.

Sidey:All you need is love.

Dan:All you need is love, you know? And it comes straight out that And that just, it took me a minute just to think

why the hell did

I go to the beat You know again. Just thinking that costs loads like you must it was a good start It was a good start for me. It

got me on side.

Reegs:Well, I think if D do you like the Beatles? I mean, I really liked the Beatles. Yeah. Okay. We're not going to have a David Bowie

Dan:We're not going to have an Abbot moment over this. No

Sidey:Yeah, so the, the story in the one I watched was about they were trying to break a record of how fast they could go in a sort of toy car that they had.

And there's an amnesia thing when it crashes. And

Dan:clearing the way look radios,

Sidey:trying to get him to go through a day in the life of this bug. So he can try and remember who he is and whatever, just the familiarity would sort of jog his memory and get him back to normal. It doesn't work. He has to have another bang on the head before he goes back, but they play the song a day in their life, which I assume they do in every episode, but they play the title track.

And I was thinking, Hey, on the lyrics. And

Reegs:Oh yeah.

Sidey:he blew his

Reegs:a bit about

Sidey:Yeah. He blew his brains out with a gun or something like that. And I was thinking they did skip that there for lyrical content.

Dan:Yeah. They've kept it Sweet.

Reegs:The one

I watched the first one was help.

You've got five main characters, really got Walter walrus, but he's a sort of slug thing. And you've got Jay who is the skateboarding


Reegs:one with her on a skateboarder? Yeah.

Dan:was I

Sidey:He's the one that gets amnesia in and the


Pretty imaginative Kumi,


Reegs:Kumi, she's kind of golf hair or emo hair or something to tone, like different hair and buzz.

Who's like the little one. And in the second episode I watched really stood out, which was Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Cause again, you know, was that about LSD? I don't know. John Lennon always said that it wasn't about LSD and to be fair, he talked about, you know, he said he took a lot of LSD, so it's not like he was denying it.

So but that, it was really good and the little one, the little baby one buzz or whatever was having a nightmare and stuff and they were trying to console her and stuff. It was quite tender stuff. And then you've got a great song. Lucy has got, I mean, that's not my favorite Beatles song, but there are some really good ones.

Eddie Vedder sings magical mystery tour, which was one that I picked

Dan:I mean it is It's a

really fun concept

to take the Beatles songs.

I mean, last time Beatles songs were in a cartoon would have been yellow submarine or something, you know, it I don't know if they've specifically.


The rights to go and use them in a series like this before

Reegs:just the way to indoctrinate two year olds into loving the Beatles.

But that's fair enough because the Beatles are amazing.

Dan:great tunes

Sidey:You mentioned Eddie Vedder. There's been quite a lot of interesting musical guests on

Reegs:pink was in the one that I

Sidey:yeah, she's on there.

So Eddie Vedder was the first one to sign up and that had, I guess, a kind of domino effect. The shins have been on the, I really liked the shins

Reegs:Did he see who did who do some of the arrangement and the music?

Mark mother's bow and think is how it's pronounced in Bob mother's power from


Reegs:and they could say sort of copied the rift from, I want to hold your hand for the start of uncontrollable urge. Anyway,


Sidey:that's really cool.

Reegs:and it had also Oh what was that Australian band? No.

Sidey:Australian. And she's on this.

Reegs:Oh, they, yes. Yes. And the singer

long blonde hair.

Daniel. I want to say something, but anyway.

Yeah, he also did some of the arrangement on this as well. So like, I mean, but it is just cute. See versions of the songs. It's not the Beatles, but it's like cutesy

Dan:As you say it's a little teaser it's a little taster for tots,

Reegs:and the animations. All right. I mean, it's sort of cheerful

Dan:you say bugs life. bugs lice does the Beatles. That was a perfect description. And they've got, I mean, I dunno maybe the stories, the one in ours, there's a bike isn't there that it gets stashed into an ants nest at one point.

They invite Everybody to go and stay at their place or the colony of ants. And then they realize that's not going to work. So they go say, oh, let's go. We've got five houses. We'll go over to this house. And they all run over there It's all a bit chaotic and everything. They ended up having to take apart a bike and then put it back together again.

And just as they done that, the child whose bike it is returns to to collect it and finds that it's all been put together backwards and everything, but finds that really funny in cycles,


Reegs:on a backward spike

Dan:backwards, handlebars.

and maybe yeah Yeah She did it though. She was pretty

Sidey:Their world is all made up of sort of found items that have been repurposed and stuff kind of be like the borrowers and stuff like that.

And my daughter really liked that. And it sort of has these sort of life lessons that you get. A lot of these things in these programs have problem solving and being friends with blah, blah,

Dan:nothing too profound But you know, it was, it

Reegs:just feels a bit bizarre. Really. I, it was, you

Sidey:didn't expect it to be. Good. I don't know. It was amazing, amazing, but it was a lot better than I had feared.


Reegs:well, I mean, after all the fucking awful songs I've had to listen


Reegs:week this was better. And then after, you know, I watched my episodes that I have to watch for the podcast and then I just listened to the Beatles while I worked this afternoon.

And that was cool. So yeah. But bizarre, it's just a bizarre thing really? Was it, has it been successful? I've never really heard of it.

Sidey:There's three series of it and I think there's another one coming, so that's good. Presumably they'll run out of tunes, but they'll have to do like a heroine episode where they do happiness is a warm gun


Sidey:and they do that weird thing,

Dan:maybe they go into,

you know, working class here or in a few others

Sidey:Yeah. They do that weird thing where the bugs have cloves on,



Sidey:of them doesn't the slug thing.

Doesn't so presumably it's just going around naked.

Reegs:Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Dan:What age would you say this was resigned that five

Sidey:year olds? Yeah, around that, I'd say

Reegs:maybe even a bit younger.


4, 4, 4 to seven. You'd probably go eight

Sidey:and yeah, it's a good way of introducing the kids to something decent know we had

Reegs:Who else should they do? That's what we should

Sidey:Well, stones






Sidey:Genesis era. Phil Collins.


Sidey:Yeah. Well, I had a party years and years ago when I ended up the first place that I lived in my flat, we had a party after a work day and later people came back and know we had music channels with music on them so had a channel on and it was the Beatles on top of the apple building.

You know, that fucking super famous thing was pretty fresh on the keyboard and their play

Reegs:They lost it for geek. Wasn't it? That was that

Sidey:well, it was the first time they'd played live for fucking years. Cause you know, they'd knocked on that and then. Bird that we worked with. It was like, who is this? And we're all like looking around, so what, who are these fuck?

Like, what is this? I'm like, there are fucking tribes in the Amazon untouched by fucking salvation that would know that's the fucking Beatles. What is wrong with

Reegs:How old was this person?


I thought that they were so, you

Dan:this needed to be

came around 20 years ago This yeah

Sidey:you would instantly know that that's fucking John Lennon and Paul McCartney and bringing, you know,

there are people out there who, who need this because they are people who don't know who the

Reegs:who the Beatles. I

Dan:Run into the next

generation of, of children, you know?

So yeah. I mean, whichever in that sense, which if you can bring the Beatles into a child's life I think this is, a pretty

Nice way to do it while watching a television. Probably

Sidey:And then when they say, how can we listen to the soundtrack? We were like, fuck. Yeah, we can. Yeah. So yeah, this was a hit, actually. This was a, this was a good one.


this week was gonna be my nominations now is pizza nominations. Then we're going to go to how he's nominations and I'm gonna get

Reegs:keeping track of it

Dan:I'm getting mine kicked back into a future weeks Nominations, but that means there's loads of good nominations coming in

Reegs:Yeah There will be an cheese again as well. 

Sidey:Yeah. There was a distinct lack of Jesus' weight, but that's because Pete selfishly couldn't be here.

Reegs:We didn't get a jingle or anything. That's

Sidey:no, we need to get into crime on to invent us a jingle cheese, jingle, a shingle. This week's been great on Twitter, loads of people nominating stuff for our top five, which is great.

Yeah, just shout about how amazing we are and do all that stuff is cool. Pete has by the miracle of tech sent me some nominations for next week. Do you wanna know what they are?


Dan:do Right I'm going to get mine, my

pad out

Sidey:But you were only going to text us later. Anyway, the mid week is the burbs. He says hate it. And I'll hate you forever. Top five trains in films, trains. Yeah.

Reegs:Okay, good.

Sidey:As in locomotives.

Reegs:Right. Okay. Is this going train related?

Sidey:I don't know, because the main feature I've never heard of it is. And Hatton, sorry. I N D H a D H U N Bollywood.

 It's a 2018 black comedy crime thriller. So that is out of left field. And the kids thing is Ben and Holly's little kingdom season one episode 33.

Reegs:very specific.

Sidey:Yeah. So I'm excited to watch that. That sounds interesting.

Reegs:watched much Bollywood before.


To be honest.

Reegs:Yeah. I don't know that I've ever watched a

Dan:I've actually watched a few and I may have seen this one.

So um I'll I'll if it's the one that I think it is, then I'll be looking forward to seeing

Sidey:Cool. All right. Well, that's exciting. All that's very good. We're looking for the cheese and stuff and like, and share, and just

Reegs:tell a friend,

Sidey:tell a friend to listen to us. Um So all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out.