April 28, 2021

Midweek Mention... Airplane!

Midweek Mention... Airplane!
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After a few hectic and just outright stressful weeks, the Dads thought a good comedy movie would be a good pick-me-up.

We made our way to the Man Cave to watch Airplane! Sadly on our arrival at the venue it was discovered to be lacking in the cable department. We had to slum it, and watch this on the small screen!

Dan your mission for next film night is to sort out the projector (and all associated cables).





Reegs:We just watched airplane

Sidey:We did We actually watched it together

Reegs:It was nice Wasn't it

Dan:I Flomex a bit with the projector so we ended up watching it on a smaller screen but I don't think that detected too much as the second time I've seen it this week Not

Reegs:you as well isn't it

Pete:Yeah I only caught the second half of it I I had something to do before the interlude but yeah second So I've watched it one and a half times this week

Dan:You enjoyed it as well Even the second offer that I mean to watch a film so soon after seeing it it's real rare thing that you could just happily put it on there and know what's coming along and lawful along at the same jokes It's one of those films

Reegs:Or different ones Cause there's always something new Isn't it If you didn't like the joke that they just there's always a joke being told or there's always somebody something in behind is somebody acting funny or just you know hamming it up

Pete:something written somewhere Yeah but you might just pick up on

Reegs:joke That's been set up a long time ago That pays off much later It's

Pete:I wonder if anyone's gone to the bother of counting all the gags in the airplane

Sidey:fucking hell you blink You miss about

Pete:Yeah It's I mean I I can't tell you how many times I've seen it It will be well into double figures and every time I I've ruined it a little bit For myself now in that I'm laughing before it happens because I know what's coming with most of it but there's still things in there that I forget about

Sidey:that you don't pick up on every time And yeah

Dan:so for people that have never seen this film what's the Maria No but just run through the the the plot

Sidey:I suppose the hut the CHRO the heart of the matter is this is a romantic film Yeah in essence it's a a relationship that's gone sour and this

Reegs:of Elaine and Ted isn't it

Sidey:Ted with the most alpha male name of all time Yeah it's fucking great It's like max power they have become Australian and he effectively he does have a stowaway

Reegs:post-traumatic stress as a result of his military campaigns

Sidey:it He fucked up a mission


Reegs:So you're right It is a love story it's Ted and Elaine

Sidey:She is a stewardess And he is a military pilot


Pete:Turn taxi

Sidey:I was going to say that he stowed away but he didn't stay away He just bought a ticket for

Reegs:he bought a ticket in the smoker He bought a smoking ticket

Sidey:Yeah Great visual gag Yeah

Reegs:Which is so weird though We were kind of started talking about this earlier but smoking sections on flights Yeah It's weird Isn't it

Pete:You remember them

Reegs:Yeah I took a long haul flight

Sidey:Belfast I think it was with my mum and she was a smoker and sitting you know it was a kid I would have been under 10 to sitting there with all these fucking adults you know just blowing cigarette smoke in your face and it's totally normal And I don't think it's even been till like only recent years where you get on a flight and they'd no longer have the fucking ashtrays and stuff


Dan:What was the last time you went on a smoking flight


Dan:I think I was 2003 with Garuda

Pete:I was Aero flop

Dan:They I they Indonesians you know they they they do love a cigarette over here

Reegs:Yeah So he basically this is a spoof of of various seventies disaster movies but yes you're right As we said it is a romance at its core

Dan:Cause she she's she's often leaving isn't she she's had enough It was a perfect relationship He came back from the war and she couldn't live with him anymore He couldn't live with himself He was he had a drinking problem

Reegs:He did he did have a drinking problem

Sidey:well she says I'm calm and get back to the plans that we made before the war And he said well lots of people made plans before the boy can always people who've died or whatever

Reegs:I do see their romance play out So we know their backstory We know that they were both decent dancers They met in a club

Dan:It comes back through these like hugely elaborate puns that Sometimes form part of the plot Sometimes they're just thrown in there and they they're seen in the dance hall where they met it's it's kind of flashes back to isn't it So they they go back into this saloon where he's dressed like an officer and a gentleman in the roughest toughest kind of

Sidey:bars he says you could go in there any night and a and more than likely a fight would break out It's a card game but it tends actually to like girl guides or whatever they are And the fight just goes on for fucking ages

Reegs:a decent fight as well There's like you know chairs being thrown around and people jumping off stuff and yeah

Dan:And then that turns into a Saturday night fever And

Reegs:He's pretty good bit

Dan:the time Saturday night fever would have been coming out

Pete:I think it was just not long after Yeah

Dan:been a huge

Sidey:yeah this is 1980 That would have been 70 late seventies I


Dan:So it had been you know heart back to and reference then and he does his best John Travolta and Windsor over But

Sidey:I love that when that case and in the in the sort of the waves it's like fucking watch

Dan:and scum and all kinds of fish and everything is horrible Yeah

Reegs:But they're on board a flight to Detroit I want to say you may be or Chicago go Chicago and unfortunately Things don't go completely to plan I mean first of all there's a lot of trouble talking to the passengers one particular couple of guys struggling to make themselves heard


Reegs:the jive talkers Yeah There is some unfortunate stuff with

Sidey:It the one is where the two young kids and the boy brings over a coffee and he says to the girl I thought you might like a nice cup of coffee

Pete:Oh yeah

Sidey:you take sugar And she's like eight or something And she says no I have a milk and no cream He says do you want do you want cream And she says no I like my cup of coffee Like I like my men Yeah

Reegs:yeah Yeah I always say that when it

Pete:quite a few things that probably wouldn't get cat through nowadays

Sidey:you wouldn't you wouldn't see them in modern country

Dan:I think you know


Dan:This is a film that didn't offend me

Reegs:was but the only black representation in it is stereotypes Really It's not

Pete:from the copilot

Reegs:from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar yeah

Dan:this isn't a film that I think is

Sidey:it's not offensive offensive Well certainly not to me but there's things that are you know

Reegs:it's outdated

Sidey:at the time that wouldn't be made that way now

Pete:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:What about the

Dan:of great willing

Reegs:the pay to fall pilot though That's another one Isn't it

Pete:that was sort of like more what I was thinking about Like that that child actor is really there while she's making these really like quite strong insinuations that he loves

Reegs:thing he says to him is Joey have you ever seen a grown man naked

Sidey:She likes it

Dan:to a Turkey

Sidey:Do you like to hang around gymnasiums Do you like gladiator movies


Dan:yeah LA laugh in it like kind of


Dan:So if you're easily offended by that then probably don't

Pete:this But if

Dan:can look at some brilliant comic times gags and things then and laugh then this is it

Pete:it You have the interaction Obviously they introduced the the like the the pilot the co-pilot the navigator as they're going on with their names obviously like Roger Victor Clarence Clarence over as the cats Yeah it's the good thing again is they don't they don't make that joke old They like do it all really quickly and get it done And then after that it's it's done and then they move on to other stuff

Reegs:and they take care to set it up over about 15 minutes Introducing the characters It's really Yeah There's always a gag that you're going to enjoy if you don't enjoy the one that's on the screen right now Yeah

Dan:it's true Yeah

Pete:As as we were talking about just before we did this there's like some visual gags that just would have been so much effort and hassle to set up for a split second scene that that you are going to laugh at But then only when you think about it afterwards like the the bother that they've gone to that they they didn't have to do that But again it's just more of a background thing

Dan:he's directing them over these light kind of cones

Sidey:where's the where's the

Dan:Oh no that's overdosed starts pointing the other way plane goes through

Pete:through the window And so yeah

Reegs:It's a good special effect

Dan:special effect because it Whoa it wasn't CGI I

Reegs:mean no

Dan:They've actually had to build these things

Reegs:that she crashed a

Pete:plane through a window Yeah

Sidey:They didn't have a massive budget on this So I think some of the things like setting up three and a half mil but so

Dan:what's that in today's money though is it

Sidey:it's not a stutter but I think you get more bang for your buck with setting up those gags because they don't cost nothing to do Do you know what I mean Have a bit of time So they're like we're going to make the most out of all that sort of stuff and you know just load it with as much as we can for me they fucking all hit

Pete:Absolutely Yes

Sidey:I don't know what it would be about 50 minutes or so but probably about halfway through the film for my favorite actor in this comes in

Pete:Leslie Right

Sidey:everyone gets struck down with the food poisoning and the pilot says right God don't alarm everyone but go out and try and find a doctor And she's asking a few people and this lady says Oh I think this gentleman next to me is a doctor He says that's right he's got a

Reegs:He's got a stethoscope Yeah Yeah

Sidey:And that so that would be your first ever introduction to Leslie Nielsen as a comedic actor Cause he's only been everyone in this everyone in this had only ever been straight men before as diamonds sexually I mean acting wise I'd never done a comedic role what's the name of the pilot the actor he shot this down so fucking hard when he was offered the part and his agent had to convince him to meet with the guys and sort of see if he fancied it He was not interested at all it without him But yeah so that stuff Leslie knows her with a stethoscope was the first like comedic thing he'd ever done

Pete:That's unbelievable Cause he's a he's a relatively old guy at that point

Sidey:another one He's people who just looks

Pete:Yeah I don't I don't know why I couldn't put an age on him like in 1980 I think he died Yeah But I couldn't put an Asian in but he clearly looks he's you know he's presumably has been around for a few years before that but to then go

Reegs:he was in forbidden planet and quite a load of other

Pete:totally all straight completely

Reegs:and adventure

Pete:straight parts Isn't that never

Sidey:this is the first comedic role


Pete:because then he's like obviously in my lifetime he's just sort of like synonymous with the with the okay He he it's it's straight acting in the sense that he's not You know he's delivering things very completely dead pan but with unbelievable like his face and even the tone of his voice

Sidey:does he keep a straight face I watched I was watching

Reegs:that you just look out and start laughing Don't you I mean it's like not

Sidey:I was in a YouTube rabbit hole with him and just watching him on chat shows and he went on Conan you know and it just sits down and he's got like a fart machine David just makes fart noises every now and then it looks like the kind of what the hell That's like 60 let's do fuck X or something

Pete:I need to go back and watch something with him And as a as Australia actor I've never seen him in a straight role before Yeah

Reegs:And gene Hackman as well



Dan:So basically to fill in the plot we've got a a plane full of sick people Who'd all had a dodgy meal including the three pilots Leslie Nielsen


Is is the doctor who's getting on the plane just setting up gags and and getting everything

Reegs:slapping people about hard

Dan:a bit harder giving him a shake make generally making

Sidey:them fix that

Dan:And and Ted striker is finally convinced to go and take the

the cockpit

Pete:at one point the doctor's doing like a smear test in the middle of the plate He just like has a speculum like puts that down and goes into the into the cockpit

Reegs:final third of the movie we have the sort of you know The landing sequences and he's talked down by Lloyd bridges McCroskey who's only just stopped taking amphetamines this week amongst other things

Dan:to give up cigarettes

Reegs:He does a pretty decent job I think under trying circumstances the autopilot is giving him grief and giving her

Sidey:well Leslie Nelson drops the line multiple times and it's I think it's the line from a film that I've repeated the most I've any other It's just want to tell you good luck We're all counting on you Anytime Anyone tells me they're off to do so I'm not going to the dentist Just want to tell you good luck We're all counting on you and the way he does it it's just fucking gold


Sidey:It's just looks like they're just about to crash And he just opens the door and says Hey can I brilliant

Reegs:that and then after they planned it

Dan:just keeps going Yeah yeah There's there's so many gags As you say it's just a case of of choose your favorite right From the beginning there's the the tannoy

Reegs:Yeah That's

Pete:couple Yeah

Dan:avid an argument about which zone to stay into which clearly is just become a domestic but there's there's tons to enjoy about that

Reegs:right at the end after they've just safely landed the plane heroically by Ted striker and the dying girl she gets loaded into an ambulance which then just crashes straight away yeah it's too many Good

Dan:Yeah So if you haven't seen this we really recommend you checking it out it's on sky now so you can check out there and I think Amazon prime you can buy it or whatever but it's well

Pete:I think it's fair to say that this is like like a comedic masterpiece


Dan:Yeah I


Dan:think a film as I say like this to watch I can watch it a couple of times in a week or something know that there's probably S this is spinal tap We've know a few others that I could have on and just enjoy whenever they come on This is in that

Sidey:it's a Zucker Abrams hooker

Reegs:and this was really the first of their

Sidey:It's the first one like this They were they had a troop that they performed with called the Kentucky fried Theater

Reegs:Yeah And then they did the

Sidey:have you seen the Kentucky

Reegs:Yeah yeah yeah

Sidey:Has anyone else seen that it's more like a collection of sort of skits or most there's one called Catholic high school girls in trouble which has loads of nudity


Reegs:It's inspired by your browser

Sidey:not it's not like a narrative driven thing necessarily but they had seen a film called zero hour which is Sort of like this I think originally

Reegs:was the late fifties B-movie

Sidey:they had stolen it in effect too I think all the dialogue was essentially the same So they even went out and bought the rights to that movie so that they could turn it into this but they don't think it ended up being quite as much of a copy but that was how it came to be


Pete:Interesting Yeah I think that there's I mean there's loads of characters and so many goods like acting performances especially now knowing like the you know the the S the other stupid ass Like she does I mean yeah like she does she's part of a lot of the gags And considering again if she's like a normal sort of like straight ordinarily Australia actress like her you know with the bit even with the the like the life jacket and it's and it's a duck and she just carries on flawlessly Like there's no she doesn't at any point kind of like Yeah

Reegs:a tragic backstory where she can't get a man or something

Pete:Yeah She's 26 and she's not married and another girl another lady comes in

Sidey:thing of the the wife of the guy who's sick thinks she's dreaming up all these scenarios When he says when he says yes to a coffee she's like If it has a second coffee

Dan:Yeah Yeah There's just so many puns that suit characters you know that each person even that the scene where there's a they say Oh emergency positions and they

Pete:Oh yeah

Dan:over the seats and

Pete:Yeah People coming in from the ceiling and stuff

Dan:Yeah well that's it at different time I'll I'll focus on it Cause only a split second They don't hold it too long Any of the gags they don't force any of them home They're onto the next one And I think that's why it kind of works

Pete:I think for some of them like we were talking before about the it like the I think it's the main pilot's wife gets gets a call and she's in bed with a horse She tells the horse at this site to let himself out and there's like orange juice in the refrigerator but yeah Like obviously that that's like a big quite a big gag to solve You've got to go get a horse put it in a bed and all of this sort of

Reegs:a real horse

Pete:The the character I think his name was Johnny the camp character Like he's got some brilliant light lines and visual gags and so on He ad-libbed all of that He was

Reegs:Well that makes sense because it's like he's in a different movie to everybody else


Reegs:everybody else is really

Pete:proceeding lines and then this guy was just told to like freestyle do whatever the hell he wanted

Sidey:him the map and say can you make it out

Pete:a hat approach Oh a pterodactyl

Dan:Has he been is he a

Pete:Not a lot because he died of AIDS Six years later Yeah So yeah not a happy ending I think he was in the seat call but yeah there was not much longer E 84 He said he had AIDS and 86 died from it

 Dan:No I was I was insinuating He was 82

Pete:No no no no apologies No I don't know I think he was in his forties or something when he died

Dan:Somebody somebody somewhere would have got

Pete:picked up on that Yeah Yep I'm surprised I didn't get you to write on the airplane movies with with gags like that Yeah

Reegs:All right So this movie was called airplane As we pointed out in Finland it was called Hey we're flying I imagine in in Finnish in Polish Is there a pilot with us France went with very similar Is there a pilot in the plane The Brazilian Portuguese went with Fasten your seatbelts The pilot has disappeared which is a good one The Czech Republic had the very similar Fasten Your seatbelts please In Italian they said the craziest airplane in the world and Swedish they went for look we're flying Yeah So but I prefer airplane


Sidey:with an exclamation

Pete:With an exclamation Mark Yeah

Sidey:I mentioned the budget already It was three and a half mil What do we think chaps winner or loser

Dan:is made It's

Pete:As as we sit here right now

Dan:this year

Sidey:I was surprised Cause it's made 83 I thought it would have made more than 83 million but that's I don't know my mission My mission would

Dan:after this review

Sidey:fucking hate this My message would be so she wouldn't sit through this no way that this style

Reegs:My misses would like this

Sidey:not at all

Pete:yeah I started watching I made Cindy watch the like the smoking ticket game Cause I was just pissing myself and she kind of tittered and then fucked off or did something else So yeah it wasn't her bag

Reegs:is it silly boy humor then is that it is right But some of it's quite clever as well

Pete:Oh yeah yeah yeah

Reegs:it's still

Dan:it I think you know it doesn't have I think this would You know people from all persuasions genders ages will enjoy this film but I think it does bike you know silly boys

Sidey:if you don't like slapstick sort of stuff or you know forget it there's no chance but

Dan:She liked nature Documentaries only like nature documentaries this isn't it

Pete:Although there is a whole

Sidey:that was because that was the horse

Dan:Yeah Maybe there's something for everyone