Dec. 15, 2021

Midweek Mention... Braindead

Midweek Mention... Braindead
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Generally regarded as the goriest movie ever made... We watched Braindead. From the guy who made the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The same guy. Unbelievable!! 



Sidey: Brain. Dead is what I asked you all

we did

cause it's a horror.


But at its core, this is a love story. Really

Dan: put me right on edge from the beginning, just for the title

Sidey: So you were expecting like full on horror, horror,

Pete: transcends horror though.

Dan: this isn't, that is it. It's not the kind of horror you and I try and

Sidey: avoid horror comedy for sure.

Pete: I thought I, if someone would have said to me up until when I watched this last week, Have you ever seen brain dead? I'd have said yes, I absolutely have seen brain dead. And I hadn't, I've seen bad taste, which is yeah. Which is first. And there's a lot of similarities in terms of like visually and stuff, but I hadn't seen this.

And yeah, it is, I guess it's a horror, but it's also a comedy. And like you say, a love story,

Sidey: it's Peter Jackson's third movie. So bad taste was first I think meet the Feebles is second.

Very good.

And then this one, so this had a relatively sizeable budget, of 3 million us.

and some of it looks really good and some of it, they were ambitious with this.

Dan: What

Pete: of the effects are amazing and some of them are,

Dan: I'm just thinking we've, you know, obviously Peter Jackson's career and how it skyrocketed after this, or maybe there's a few other films before this, but it was

With this kind of film can go badly wrong, Connie, you know, it's little budget or reasonable budget, but it could, it could have been a little.

A lot shorter than it was but you've got a director like Peter Jackson. It makes me think, you know, a second week director would have got this film. It could have been totally, totally

Pete: Yeah. I mean, there's like 3 million us for a new, fully New Zealand film production. That that's a big, I can't imagine

Howie: it was, yeah, it was, we mean, it was even our sort of start as backed by the New Zealand film commission, all that sort of stuff. So he's got public money behind him, so there's extra pressure on him to get it right.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Made this

Howie: yeah. And he made this and I wonder, yeah, but yeah, and I wonder what the hell they thought of it afterwards.

If they, I mean, they must have known the premise. He must've sold it correctly to have got that level of

Dan: well it's those people that probably got the heads on the block, giving him the money. Cause he's a creative, he's a director. They're giving him the money. He's going to make a film and stamp.

You would imagine it's the people that are, as you said, the public money that's going in there. So we should discuss whether the New Zealand is public money has been well spent or

Pete: the people who backed him, must've seen bad taste and

Sidey: Yeah. They're

Pete: what they were getting themselves into. So like,

Sidey: Yeah. What happens in this particular movie, though?

It starts off with the tail end of an expedition to acquire the Sumatra and rat


Howie: skull island. And already I was getting

Sidey: he's a big fan of king Kong.

Pete: his, this is his skull island. Same universe.

Sidey: Yeah, I think so.

Howie: island is meant to be a,

Sidey: cause he did the king Kong remake and there's a poster or was there some image or somebody that has the thing that says so much from rat monkey in the king Kong?

Dan: it's not like a Scott, like a Jersey, a New Jersey thing going on. It's just the, the skull island.

Howie: I was worried at this point because I was instantly thinking, is this film like a shit Tintin and mixed with Fraggle rock? I thought, oh my.

Oh, right. Because I was watching this guy for the first five minutes going, what is this? This is like this, just a piss take. Okay. I'll keep going. I'll keep going. And I was thinking, this is ticking. A lot of boxes of, I don't think they'd make this film like this right now, especially with all the

Sidey: natives

Howie: and the bone through the nose

Dan: that's kind of how it starts, isn't it.

And you get some early limb chopping as they

Sidey: all that.

Dan: a cabin and a loader

Sidey: Yeah They've been pursued As in, to not take this so much and rat monkey And I

don't know whether that's because it's like a sacred animal or there's that, or they just say, no, it's fucking dangerous.

Howie: Have you read what it is? I didn't know. I didn't know this until I read it.

It's it's after a monkey was raped by. Infested

Sidey: Yeah tree monkey was raped by

Howie: Taylor's oldest time as old oldest

Dan: And that's how

Sidey: So yeah, the

fella gets bitten. They cut off his arm. Then he gets bitten on his leg or something and they cut off his leg. Then it's his head. So

Pete: Well, they, they just, they just see like the natives just see different like bite marks and they're like lopping off the appendage that has been better than, than obviously the one on the head.

And then that's straight into the it's like the opening credits from that. Isn't it.

Dan: And I say, it's not Australia, so they're not aboriginals, but they're like the natives aren't they, they run out off the and it's quite funny this bit actually, because you've got him running with this. And I help her who's who's with him and they try and get it into the car and drive off.

And then the helpers kind of realize he's been scratched don't they? And they sit and go, oh, you know, you even scratch. And they chop off the arm and then they see that he scratched on the other arm. So the other one goes and he's just kind of being pinned down and screaming. And then they see his graze on his head.

Yeah, it leaves, you know, that that's just right at the beginning, right. From the off. And you see the kind of goal that you're going to get all the way through the film, which isn't that scary kind of

Sidey: No, it's, it's

crude and it's funny. And it's

Pete: It's shocking with that. It's difficult to describe because it's, it looks good. It, you can tell, obviously, you know, it because it's, it's a film, it's not a real arm. It looks kind of like authentic in a way, but it's kind of like a bit like rubbery as well, but straight away, it's almost like comedic gore,

Sidey: Yeah. It's definitely from the off. And then they they basically requisition this to put in the New Zealand,

Some Zuora. Yeah. So that's where we as we go, we'll go back to Wellington. W we definitely sure. Yeah. Is Wellington. they go back to Wellington and when you start to meet? Are the main players in there. So Lionel is our protagonist a hero.

He is living with his mother who


Howie: we have to say that the, the context of this part of the film is, again for someone like me, who has no concept of what this film really is about was quite jarring. I was like, what is this shit? It's like a 1950s EastEnders. We've no drama. And it was like, it was shot like a really old film, a lot.

My wife, when I were, she was just looking at him. We watching. I was like, well, let's just bear with it and see where it goes. But that's the context. There's nothing going on. Really. It's just kind of dreary everyday life in a

Sidey: has no life.

Howie: It has


Sidey: His

mother Vera is has just smothered him. Yeah. He's not allowed

Dan: and you're right. It does have that VHS quality of film. Doesn't it? That you're looking at,

Pete: but

before you've even met the mother. Yeah. I think you've seen Lionel in the shop and he's a bag of nerves. He's like a complete klutz I think is, is the word he's like knocking stuff over. But there's there's the Spanish, she Paquita, but shopkeeper

Sidey: has her tarot

Pete: cards

Sidey: read, I think

Pete: by her grandmother,

Sidey: there's where

a key card it's a star or something, wasn't it.

And so there's some fucking doctor or whatever comes into the shop and he's all smarmy and all over her, but she's not convinced

Dan: the night she's expecting a night is gonna turn up.

And there's also as the cards. Turned over death would also follow and, and it kind of just lays the scene a little bit for a what's up ahead.

all right though. I mean, she's, she she's tidy enough. And and she's got the the I for the delivery guy at one stage at the beginning. Isn't she?

Howie: yeah, he was delivery guy. He was all over with his boring, chatbot, rugby, familiar tale from

Pete: played by Matt.

Howie: yeah she, she agreed though. She kind of forces the issue to go on a date with him.

Dan: That's a little bit later, she dates him because no, Lionel's the original kind. They end up dating

Sidey: Well he sort of falls and makes the sign that was on the card.

Pete: There's

Sidey: she's like oh shit,

he's the

Pete: and a star and she sees the sign and then immediately knows from her grandmother's prophecy that guy before her is, is, yeah, there's going to be. Never-ending love or something like that. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: So they, they are,

Did they arrange a date, they're going to go on a date to the zoo so we can see where this is going.

But there, a lion was, mother is not happy with this. And she basically goes along and

follows them and tries to ruin the date. She's trying to spoil it. because She doesn't want her boy got off for some floozy.

Dan: No, no, she doesn't

want she doesn't want him going off with anyone. She wants just total control of

Pete: So her character and we seen this, so I'm going to say like, like generalizing, like antipodean like cinema. They do these characters really fucking well, like, like obviously nothing like as a film Muriel's wedding or whatever, but in the films that we've seen, like the, the dance you want strictly ballroom.

And that th there's always like some absolute, like flat-out asshole, but kind of believable still as well. And this, this woman, even though she is like a, an exaggerated. She's like an exaggerated character. It is believable that there would be this like overbearing, like asshole mother who controls every element of her adult son's

Sidey: We do find out her story and what's happened to make her so twisted, so there is, it's not a completely. like Ambiguous we did. We do. end up knowing what happens, but she

Dan: gets,

Sidey: bit.

Pete: we come to it later.

Sidey: it's a key, it's a key reveal But sh but at the zoo at Wenzhou, she ends up being bitten by our rat monkey. Yeah.

Howie: which

Dan: she deserved because she was,

Howie: well, let's just talk about the special effects at this point. When I say special effects, they're not so special effects, but are they leading in its time? Are they

Sidey: effects?

I don't think so. I think they were

Howie: Cause I'm thinking already, I'm thinking like Fraggle


Dan: they, where they practical


Sidey: were all practical, in this,

so it's, it does this one does look fairly budget, but I, yeah, there were sections of this film where a lot of money would have to

be spent

And this wasn't one,

Pete: Yeah. Because yeah, you put, you put it up against some of the stuff that you see later on, which is fucking unbelievable.

Howie: Some of it. Yeah

Pete: it is, it is poor, but I guess it adds to the kind of like the quirky.

Howie: comedic comedic

Dan: this, this huge rat gets gets its teeth through the fence somehow and bites mother mother then decides to beat it to death and stamp it to death.

She just goes, absolutely. She just goes absolutely

Pete: just lingered. So just see it's eyes bulging out and like, like Peter Jackson loves ooze, like some, some form of like yellow or red ooze. Yeah.

Dan: of rivers. The zookeeper washes over. There's a crowd now that's developed line or on his day is it's become quite apparent. Mother's there. And he kind of leaves per Quita and, and goes off the zookeepers.

Broken cause this, the only wrap monkey they've got is now been crushed in

Howie: is it, is this, is this cut quite cutting to you

Dan: yeah. You know, the last one of his existence, you

Howie: If only Daryl had a fucking zombie rat monkey

Dan: we can all be

Howie: next to the IBUs,

Dan: but she, she then Yeah, she, she gets left per Quita and and line or asked to go and look after mother who goes straight into bed and has a nasty kind of kind of

Sidey: deteriorates very quickly. And yeah, you see the rational, the, the

Dan: But by the morning time, she's barely recognizable as his mum. And he asked to call the doctor over,

Pete: oh, sorry. All of this stuff. Like the pulsing kind of like wound and like the past and everything is, is so

Dan: Very much like the witches, I felt a little bit with that kind of

Pete: It's absolutely like discuss it to the point where I was watching it and I can actually feel my stomach turning a bit,

Sidey: but,

Pete: but I'm, I'm laughing at it as well because it, because it's so like gross, like over the top gross it's it is fucking brilliant.

Dan: You don't, you be careful what you eat in. I think before you watch this film

Howie: And a

son who's kind of henpecked around to run the house, gets a knock on the door and it's like the, I forgot if she, the, she is a couple turnip and they liked the

Pete: somebody said with the church is something to do with the

Sidey: Daniel meeting

Dan: it's the WWI, it's the women's WWI

Howie: she.

Pete: she's been.

Dan: selected.

She's been chosen to be potentially a leading voice in the WWI committee. It's the biggest meeting of her life and out of her deathbed, this is actually really

Howie: She gets to the front of the make-up

Sidey: table

Howie: and gets him to do the makeup. And this were actually thought this is shit, terrible, cheap effects. That look really good. It's horrible. It's like layers of spam falling off her face.

Pete: like a bit of her skin back onto her

Howie: It doesn't think anything of it. It's like carpet glue sticks it

Dan: like the Matheson's I've got to be there for the mathesons and she's just got like a.

Flapping off and sides

Sidey: it falls into the soup, doesn't it, or

Pete: Oh, we have to talk about, I don't think it's just custard that they have insurance. So just cast it.

This, this had massive light shades of bad taste to it. You know

Sidey: pig.

Pete: yeah, there's like pass like bloody past lands in his car and it looks

Dan: Mathis in

Pete: it looks like when you put jam

Dan: damn flying cast it reaching creamy just the way I like it.

Sidey: Then it

all does

start to escalate pretty quickly from here. She sort of appears to die very soon. But not before they've called nurse McTavish in


she's, she's one of the best zombies. at all. So she dies. She comes out she attacks nurse McTavish. And she gets her. head Basically knocked off apart from a single flap of skin at the back of an x-ray for the entirety of the rest of the film.

Her head is either on or off. Yeah. Flapping around like it's absolutely brilliant.

Dan: Th there are some, some fantastic lines in this film as well. One that was right at the beginning of this year, I forgot to mention, but it, it made me laugh and I thought I'll, I'll enjoy. This is when they're pinning him down. And he goes through. They're going to chop off his arm and he's going to do some dental in the foot, in the V in the van.

You know, I know I've got totally different ideas, but there's some really understated lines considering like the severity of what has just happened. And they play it down and up quite well

Sidey: kind of stumbles out and gets hit by a tram.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: And so there's a, there's a funeral hang on,

let me

Pete: Was she, she finally like cocks it in the shop. Doesn't she? She makes it all the way down to the Paquita shop. Cause she like breaks in through like she smashes in through the door and finally dies there.

And then, yeah, there's a, there's the funeral. But whilst there, even like the funerals, like disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

Dan: She basically, this has given her zombie blood, this rat monkey, and she's not dying.

She's turning into a, a hideous monster.

Howie: because yeah. Sorry.

This is the part where he has to tranquilize her because otherwise she's going to rise from the dead. And this is where, I'm sorry. He goes to the graveyard to give her some more of it. And this is where you meet that priest, the Kung Fu

Pete: Oh yeah. Who looked a lot like father Ted. Yeah.

Howie: exactly why I

Pete: I was like, is that further Ted?

Sidey: he

has the best line in there.

When he says

I, I kick ass for the Lord. Yeah. like

they were attacked by a gang I think it's the voids.

Pete: I think he's like a neck.

Sidey: So the priest is a fucking double hard bastard and He does take out a few with such Gusto

He beheads someone. and the head just so happens to land on his shoulder and bite him. So he is now


zombie town as well.

Pete: He gets impaled on one.

Dan: It was almost a dusk till Dawn. The kind of fighting moments though, when it, where he's just taken out all kinds of zombies, he's absolute kick-ass. But then like sex machine, he gets he gets Ben

Howie: Post being better Lionel at this point has got this reanimated or corpses, whatever they're in his basement and he puts the victim. Down there with

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: the leather jacket

Dan: trying to keep them all alive

Pete: the mum and the nurse

Dan: doesn't know what to do. So he's got these

Pete: is see is obviously pregnant because then we get the, the extra delight that is the zombie baby.

Howie: we get the delight. We, we get the delight of the priest banging the nurse.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah, I think that's, I think,

Howie: Cause he walks in on them and they're full on rotting and that's why she's pregnant so

Pete: I must've blinked. It

Dan: quick in the zombie world. And then of course we haven't yet mentioned uncle Liz who comes in and he, he senses there could be money in the

Howie: sniffing at the funeral Isn't it.

Dan: It varies out the way they're quite an affluent family, the the, what they, the halls groves or someone line or cause Grove. And so Lionel, just too dim to think about money really, or to innocent.

And, but uncle Lez wants it. Oh. And then, so he's moving in. He finds out about the bodies downstairs and he's going to say, look, I don't know what you into something he's into fucking everything.

Pete: That's his

Dan: wants to, yeah, he just says, why? Well, this place is mine now they know I'm on.

Howie: Basically

Dan: And he invites all his mates

Sidey: it's a household bang straight away. Yeah.

Vera is obviously deteriorating very, very much, and

Dan: not looking good.

Sidey: Poquito sort of comes over to try and patch things to make amends. And he's worried about his mother. And she says look, that thing is not your mother. And it convinces him that actually the right thing to do. They find some poison,

Yeah. which I thought this was amazing because rather than just like injector in the arm or


it has to go right up my nose. I can breathe it, I suppose, was trying to put it in the brain, I guess. But so they kill all of those zombies with what they think is poison and then the party starts going on. But what turns out.

is they've

Injected them with a bottle of animal stimulant.


Howie: Isn't he like some German Nazi. Just remember.

Dan: yeah there is full of characters, this, this film. And I think that really, you know, just in little parts, you don't see much of the vet, but you remember him as a character because he's, he's unplugging.

Sidey: So to this point, we've had.

sort of,

You know, Horry stuff, but regular kind of storytelling and now is where it fucking, really does go,

up to

Pete: believable and the special effects from this point now until like the final scene where it kind of like goes off again.

But between rat monkey and final scenes, the special effects here are like absolutely incredible

Sidey: yeah. All Practical stuff. So what happens is the, the animal stimulant has basically created a load of super.

zombies. They burst through the floor through it. until they start fucking kidding Well, not carrying on but chatting all the party, guests into

Pete: somebody in the most horrific ways, you can imagine that, like, I keep, I can close my eyes and still see the, one of the person who's like skin just gets

Sidey: just the head, the head,

Pete: off their head. And it's so amazing how they do

Sidey: the guy who he gets stuck in the, is it the dumb white or something like that? And they, they pull them, the wind that just Like his legs

come off.

but not

just the flesh. So he's just got his dislike.

Pete: I think he's, he's still alive at this point. He's still like a live

Sidey: Then there's the guy, the guy who has his entire rib cage

just lifted


was a good. One Oh, the woman who has,

a, they just punched through our chest and take our heart out.

That was the good

Pete: This is the girl who just becomes illuminated.

Howie: Oh the, yeah, she's pinned against the wall with the light bulb therapy.

Sidey: Yeah. It's just a sequence

Dan: of

horrors, isn't

Sidey: it?

Pete: Yeah. And that fell it, that fell his lungs and everything turned into like a creature on, on its own. It's disgusting.

Dan: Isn't it? No, isn't it. It's all soul in is Frank tourist. Something comes to attack. I think it's his actual shrink to it comes to attack. There was also that moment where we're lying or is tranquilize him mum in the, as there.

The church and they crashed through the pane glass window and they're going, I've never seen grief like it, that he would think that he's kind of, you know, can't let her go.

And he's, he's tangling with his dead bodies zombie, but really it's just trying to tranquilize her to keep her under wraps for a little bit longer.

Pete: And another one I've just remembered is a guy in the garden. Who's beheaded gets like a gnome, like shoved in the, in that reminded me of a mighty Boosh, like the mutants episodes with like the postman's.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, it did have some fantastic deaths and some fantastic zombies in

Pete: It's kind of like, like shorter. The daddies is, is fairly kind of like, like gory and out there, but like this puts it in the shade in terms of like the, like the, the, the gruesome gore and violence.

Sidey: It was the most goriest film in a sense that it had the most amount of fake blood used in a film. And at this time I think

the, this finale that we'll get to shortly then they used something like 80 gallons. Just for that one shot.


Howie: It's the book. This is the weird bit. So after I finished watching that, I put it on sky something and it cut it. It was immediately to blade with the shit, with the nightclub. Same with all the things. You can see. So this is the part where you go, oh, I get it. So this film actually is probably the precursor the match to all the spark, to the imagination of people who've made films like that they've shown what

Pete: you

can do, literally showering in blood and stuff like that.

Howie: And, and so obviously we haven't got that part in the film yet, the level of blood and gore and the power of the image of all that blood in blade immediately transpose that straight into

Sidey: We haven't spoken about it. But my I think my favorite that the one I laughed at the most when I was,

really watching it for this

is I'm the baby in the park.

Which was which was a ratio. They added this in after the fact,

it just there's people watching these it's So like amateurish

but he's rolling. around on the floor, like pummeling it into the playground and stuff.

It's fucking amazing.

Pete: Ah, so, so amazing. It's it's bizarre. I've never seen a film like it in terms of like you referenced dusk till Dawn, where it is. Almost comedic, but it's not a comedy film at all. Whereas this, like, it's absolutely disgusting as it gets like fishy. It doesn't matter. Like the, there is, there is no limit to the gore, but you're loving the whole time.

I don't, I don't know how it's done that to me, because obviously there are like films that are out now that have all of that type of shit going on. Not as presumably as much as that, but a lot of that type of shit. And they're not comedy films and like one second of that, and I'd be switching off, but it's done in such a way that even though, like, I just visually, they, it's amazing how he gets eater to laugh and be horrified at the same time.

Howie: It's it's remarkable. If we start at the sentiment that Dan made at the start, which is horror films like this, we all stay away from on the whole because we go just can't do it that like I was laughing and able to take in that level of gore yet when we talk, when we review. The Norwegian horror Viking mid-summer that's shot with the hammer when the old person jumps off the cliff.

I couldn't ever

Sidey: again,

Howie: ever, ever again. Yeah. It's probably technically Tamer than a man walking with a fly, mow down into hoards of people. And I'd say a good 10 minutes worth of just

Sidey: Well, that, that is, that is what happens. so that The whole

house basically is littered with zombies and there's been,

all the different ways you could think to kill and walk. It happened to these people, but ultimately the way that the situation is resolved, as Lima comes in with a Hoover, it. says

party's over


Howie: I'm going to suck you all off.

Pete: just tidy it up. Yeah.

Sidey: comes in. He comes

in with.

Howie: is over.

Sidey: And as if I was up, he says party's over and just fucking, like disintegrates or shreds

all these

fuckers. And There's a lot of blood, really bad continuity though, because cuts later to him and he's got like virtually, at least close, a pretty clean.

there's not much. But

it's just an exercise in like, how far can we push this? Like what what is like too much, you know? It's like, it isn't a scary movie, like by any

stretch but while he's been knocking about the house, what he's learned is his whole life he's thought that his father drowned, but it turns out that he'd been having an affair.

The mother

had caught them at it and had drowned them both in the bath whilst Lionel was watching.

Howie: repressed that


Sidey: So after his lawn mowed everyone for about 10, 15,

minutes, of just like bloodcurdling

Pete: Oh uncle Lez is also had a, is less isn't it? Yeah. It's also had light turned into his cause what's it. The mother comes up from, from the basement. Is this post? This is, this is post fly Mo. Is that right? Sorry.

Sidey: Well, I can't remember exactly when he dies, but yeah.

She rips his spine out basically like prejudice

Howie: Predator. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought.

Pete: Yeah. You just see the silk, you just see the shadow of that don't you, as opposed to the light actually happening, but then you see him coming in, like almost like a I dunno, like a Diplodocus or something like her on all fours with this like head and spine sticking out.

Sidey: so he knows the truth of what, what his mother's done. You know, that memory now.

is no longer best, So he's able to confront her, but she is not just a zombie anymore. She has mutated into

Dan: large,


Sidey: happier Mashay things. Take a little bit of return here. Unfortunately. Whilst it's ambitious,

Dan: about the flowers,

Aye. Aye. Aye. I've taken away. You've at all now though,

Sidey: because

Dan: we've just seen the lawn mower

Pete: you can forgive it, but yeah, I mean, you don't, you don't, you never know was obviously like, you don't know what order everything is shot in.

I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if I read that they did all of that light fucking like epic scene in the house and then went back and did like the rat monkey and the, and the mum on the.

At the end, when they run out a budget,

Sidey: she's about,

I dunno, 30 foot high something like that with massive tits.


He said, I'm not scared of you, mother. You know, it's all like psycho, you know, Norman Bates

and mother,

it's. But she basically swallows him into a giant, like stomach vagina thing.

Dan: kind of opens up a

Sidey: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. and he's gone, but no, because he was given a locket at the start of the film, which he cuts his way out. And that's where you get the 80 odd gallons of fake blood pouring out everywhere.

Dan: And

Sidey: When I, when I,

Dan: it

Howie: and

then at the end,

Pete: Yeah, the kiss obviously covered in and trails and everything like that. And they kiss the fire, the fire service, like turn up, start putting the fire out.

No one bothers to ask them those two. What they're doing. W where are you going? We've just seen you come out of there as a bye.

Dan: it's just another day so a 3 million pounds dollar

Sidey: 3 million, 3 million. us. What'd you reckon in terms of box office

Pete: It's like at the, at the time, I can't imagine that it I'd be surprised if it made it back because it's a Kiwi film. I don't know what, how much it was released worldwide. Now you can say I've heard it. I've heard, brain-dead spoken about so many times without ever having watched it, thinking that I had, but.

Howie: took two pounds of our money.

Pete: Yeah,

it's definitely by now, we'll have made buckets money a load of times over, but I,

Sidey: over time it's

probably done. Okay.

Pete: it was a, a massive smash at the

Sidey: box office. only my

Pete: shit Fuck

Howie: that New Zealand film council. You fucking can't.

Sidey: But he did actually come in under budget. It was about 45.

grand under.

Pete: But think about it this way in terms of what it has done for New Zealand, that like the knock on effect, the butterfly effect of it was Peter Jackson, then getting picked up, you cannot go to New Zealand and you, if, even if you hate Lord of the rings, you will have to absorb it at some point.

And the amount of like tourism and everything that that's generated for the country. So in the end it was a smart investment. Just, it, it took a long way. Like it took the long road to get there.

Sidey: The, the certificate on it. 18, but they were going to the,

the British board of film classification. loved it and found the gore so comical, they were going to give it a 15



But then they

determined that actually knows it really ought to be an 18, but they

Pete: be,

Dan: I, I think it's it's there is a medium between there because some 15 year old, well, See the humor. They won't be scared by it. There's no real kind of adult themes running through it.

Sidey: there's

Pete: no adult themes.

Dan: Not that that can't be comically. Laughter.

Pete: and Geoff thing,

Howie: do you know what takes over the 15 mark? It'll be the drowning. It'll be the

Sidey: fourth. That's

Howie: what it is.

Pete: but he can't like skin people alive and tear them in half and fucking

Dan: do shit

Pete: of the other stuff. And it be a 15 surely

Howie: it's to do with swearing and violence, real


Pete: real violence,

Howie: but no,

Pete: like domestic abuse and stuff.


Sidey: 'cause they don't like that.

I can't remember,

But he does like to do the east drag. So I mentioned about the one in king Kong, which has the smartphone rat monkey. This one the song that's being played on the organ at the funeral is the song sodomy, which is, a song in his previous.

film. Meet the Feebles.

Pete: Oh, that's what I want played at my funeral, by the way. It's very app.

Sidey: So I

you know, if

would, I recommend this film to people. Absolutely.

But with a caveat that it's like hugely ambitious. Like over the top exercising, just access. And it's funny as how, an a, some fucking really memorable. deaths and a couple of great one-liners in there. as well.

But You know, it, it probably is a bit dated now.

certainly some of the scenes,

Pete: it is, but you know, you know

Sidey: I can forgivable

Pete: into, I think, you know, within the opening kind of like maybe not the opening scene, but not long into it, you kind of know what you're getting into.

And then it ramps up the most stomach churning thing in it, for me was the scene with the custard and the, and the pus. And I think I'd just eat. And I was like, oh, it was actually turning my start. And there's, like I say, there's a lot of stuff like that in bad taste.

Oh, it's fucking brilliant. This film,


Howie: I would watch like a clip of it.

If someone put like a clip on like a phone meme or something of the custard, or I wouldn't watch it again. There's no reason for me to

Pete: watch it

Howie: film again because I just thought, oh, I've watched it. Yay. I laugh through bits of it. And I get that. It's the, as I said, the precursor Peter, Jackson's kind of starting steps into a world, a bigger effects.

It wouldn't, it w I wouldn't watch this genre.

It's not my cup of tea at all, but I have to say I watched it and there were bits where I laughed. I thought, and I think I'm better for watching it because I now get a lot more, but it's, it's not, for me, it's not my sort of thing, but I can understand why people like it, why can't decide as horror films full stops.

So that's kind of a big, that's a bigger leap that I need

Pete: I I'm with you for most of that. But like things like Shauna, the dead light, this like comedy, like silly fucking out there type stuff. That's not just being done for like pure shock factor. And it's like, how many fucking psychos can we get to like jump on board with us because we've done the most disgusting thing you can imagine.

But it has to ha it has to bring something else. It has to be even like an, a cabin in the woods. Isn't gory necessarily, but like at least it brought something else. I feel I'm not going to watch this anytime soon, but I feel in like 10 years time, someone will mention it or go, like, I need to watch that again to remind myself.

Like I'll know. It's funny. I'll know it was like a great watch,

Sidey: I just want to see

Pete: fucking mental. Yeah. I'd probably like to watch it with somebody who's experiencing it for the first time. Cause I watched it by myself with somebody experiencing it for the first time so I could watch them


Sidey: I was watching it The Mrs was in the room.

and She really

cared. And

then she just kept looking over like, what the fuck are you watching? Yeah. That, And that happened quite a few times.

Dan: Yeah. I could probably like you P I could see myself watching this a few years down the line with somebody hasn't seen it, just because it's, it's the kind of film that.

It's gross out. It will make you laugh and you'll see, you know, it's got that shock factor and everything. I imagine it's, it's a great date movie for somebody just to go on because you're going to be, you know, there's plenty to talk about and scream about and just hold each other and all the rest of it when in through those scary moments.

So it could be good, fun like that. Like your, we, I'm not in any rush to, to see this again. I wouldn't rush. I wouldn't rush out and say no, never again, because I think there was enough about it for me. That I enjoyed the movie. There was, there was laughs and there there'll be lines out of it. I can see us kind of taken out of the film now and again, and laughing again at

Howie: three times in a row, like our

Dan: library gigs.


Sidey: and he would have had a lot more to say about. it.

I'm sure.