May 11, 2022

Midweek Mention... Flight Of The Navigator

Midweek Mention... Flight Of The Navigator
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Reegs selected the 1986 Disney sci-fi classic FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR for our viewing entertainment. Joey Cramer stars as David Freeman, a 12-year old boy who falls into a ravine in 1978 rendering himself briefly unconscious and presumably sustaining terrible brain injuries, explaining the events of the rest of the movie which involves time travel, an initially hostile sentient machine from the planet Phaelon named Max (Paul Reubens) and the villainous NASA agency headed up by Dr Faraday (Howard Hesseman, POLICE ACADEMY 2: THEIR FIRST ASSIGNMENT) who is desperate to get David alone with his staff for a few days.
I'm being silly but this is by anyone's standard a strong first act, with a creepy Amblin style atmosphere and a barrage of childhood fears distilled into pure nightmare fuel; the idea that your home might not be a safe place, that your family can disappear or change in an instant, that you might be taken away by the government and subjected to experiments and that those experiments might reveal strange things about yourself. It's a shame that the final stretch of the movie sees Max devolving into a braying idiot, with all the charm of, and vaguely visually resembling, a sort of futuristic speculum.
There were a few first time viewers as Dan sat down to watch this with his daughter and Sidey did the same with his as the pair of them enjoyed their inaugural viewing. Without the veneer of nostalgia and with this movie being almost 40 years old now, will any of the new viewers find something to enjoy?


Flight of the Navigator


Breaks. This was your. choice. Taking a trip back to 1986

for a film, I deliberately avoided my

whole life. up until now.

Reegs: I've never seen it

Sidey: I've always deliberately thought,

I don't wanna watch that shit. Yeah. Even as a

Child I really didn't wanna see it.

Reegs: I had strong memories of this.


Sidey: it was on a lot.

Reegs: It wasn't on a lot. And I had strong memories of the, well, we can get into it.

The terrifying aspects of this But, yeah. So this was an opportunity to revisit this as we so often do for the mid weekers. I hadn't seen this probably since I was about 15

Dan: Yeah. I, I was, I think I was in pajamas, you know, in front of the TV.

Reegs: 1986, Dan, you were probably drawing your pension.

Dan: I know this, this is one that I watched probably soon after it came out.

I think we went to the video store and got it. You know, it would have been one of those I'm so keen to watch flight at another gate.

Sidey: It is flat and navigate. Yeah, we hadn't said the

title flight of the navigator.

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: it's a sort of ambulance style, but not by them

Sidey: Yeah. and it's packaged up as Disney, but they just,

Someone else did

all the work and Disney came in at the last second.

and snaffled it

Dan: joint, first of all, wasn't it. And they, the, the company went bankrupt. Disney said, oh, I like that. And they decided to take it over and then distribute in all around the world and make all the money,

Reegs: And it did have quite a big cultural footprint as well.

Sidey: Yeah. I remember it being on a lot. and Seeing adverts for it. Oh. You know, next week

on fucking whatever channel, like this is on.

and thinking,

Gosh, I don't want to watch that. So I

just avoided it.

Dan: Okay. So, so like 20 years later

Sidey: Yeah, here we are First time off.

Reegs: This is probably pretty hard then for you having absolutely no

Sidey: No I have, I, yeah,

I absolutely no nostalgic like

fall back for this. So I was going in cold.

Reegs: I

Dan: Build up newness dowager. So I watched this with my daughter and

yeah, and I just wanted to see what she thought of it. Cause she was at that kind of age.

Reegs: That'd be an interesting.

We start, it's like a swirling, mystical synth. The score is by Alan Sylvestri, which is pretty cool. And in something that looks like a cheap prop UFO, almost like a Frisbee, no, it is a Frisbee and a they've pulled the rug out under you, right in the get-go it's a clever start.

Dan: It is. Cause you've got the south Florida Frisbee dog championships.

Sidey: you do. And we

Dan: thought that was great. By the way, I'd love to have a Frisbee

Sidey: lots of dog.

Dick, and slow-mo

Reegs: I wasn't watching the data actually, but it was impressive catching. Yeah. Do you feel, how do you feel about dog Frisbee even to that?

Sidey: It's weird to get quite a lot of it in a fairly big successful movie. because they did, they went on quite a long

Dan: Whereas the entire kind of opening credits

Sidey: slow-mo dogs

Dan: Mo dogs catching

Sidey: then even after that had finished.

We then went into like

a training thing of him. throwing a Frisbee for his own

Reegs: Well, cause he's an aspiring dog Frisbee champion

Sidey: just throw the dog in at the deep end and straight into a competition.

Reegs: Yeah. The dog is bruiser cause we're in July. It's July the fourth, which is an important day in America.

It's nothing. I don't really know.

Dan: after the third and before the fifth.

Sidey: But no relevance to any of us here. So it's

Dan: And when you say he, you mean David 12 year old David who's watching everybody else with their Frisbees and their dogs. He's having a great time. 4th of July with his family and

Reegs: It's dog, it's called bruiser. And it's like the least bruiser looking dog you've ever

Dan: seen

Reegs: it. So I don't know about breeds of dog.

It's a kind of

Sidey: dog,

Reegs: dog. Yeah.

Sidey: It's got two eyes but they always are different colors.

Reegs: Like David Bowie,

Sidey: David poses from a

Dan: Toby's my bruises mine. Now

Sidey: Yeah. David

Barry is not a genetic thing It's from a, it's an injury from a fight.


Dan: we don't know about the dog, but he did have different color eyes. And basically

Reegs: another fake out because at the dog Frisbee competition, something ominous again appears overhead and everything shadow and looks up.

And the score is all like Tingley and all that. And then it's just a

Sidey: yeah, that had me hooked on the sink. I was like, they're all going

to like freeze for some reason, you know, like, like

the aliens are

stopping them freezing time and they're going to

Take the kid.

and program and stuff. and That's what it's going to be But no, it's just the

Dan: frozen in the air

Sidey: just the Goodyear blimp

Reegs: So it's like 10 minutes in the movie it's done new twice. Yeah, yeah,

Dan: Yeah. And they do have this kind of tension. This. Gentle tension. Anyway, that's kind of building up and David is sent by his mother to go and pick up his eight year old brother

Reegs: Yeah. Not before it's important. We don't skip over the part where he's perving on potential love interest,

Dan: I don't think it really pays much more prevalent in the film, but if you want, wanted to mention it.

Reegs: I did want to mention that you Dan

Sidey: he literally has a telescope and he's watching her like some twisted

like stalker and it gets completely rumbled by his old man. Who's pretty fine with it. And He's like, yeah. Crack


Reegs: but yeah, you're right. He has to go. He has to go to this score. His brother,

Dan: And yeah. And he puts up a bit of a fight for why he goes guys, he's eight years old. He's only got walked like two kilometers through the woods you're like, well, nah, go and get him like, cause they want to go out on a boat

Sidey: cause you're 12 and it's

Dan: Yeah, exactly. So then they go through these really? Yeah. They really through, well, I know, but he's really through this These, these kinds of spooky woods and the light

Reegs: the scores go in again, the light.

Dan: And again, they kind of scare the shit out you because it's not the alien. It's his brother who is just playing fun on him. He's his brother. Jeff is Jeff. So Jeff is a few years younger and he's like every other younger brother. He's a pain in the

Reegs: We got a jump scare here, like a proper horror movie.

Dan: we, we've got a little bit of movement on the couch though, at this point where my daughter just kind of jumped up.

Ooh. You know? Yeah. Okay. Well, you know, but then there's another little noise that arouses his curiosity and he ends up falling down. In a kind of little ravine or a little ditch and getting knocked out. And when he comes to, he goes back home and knocks on the door and it's all a little bit weird, but he's not kind of sure.

And mum isn't there anymore, nor

Reegs: It's an old woman.

Dan: It's an old.

Reegs: And she answers the door and

Dan: To his house and he says, what you doing? She said, oh, I bet you've got the wrong house. He burst through. He runs up to his room and he sees some guy,

Reegs: completely

Dan: deco is completely changed, looking nice. Actually, I had a little bar area and you know, it was good. There was a guy upstairs in his smoking jacket with his feet up.

And what he sees when he sees young David run in here. Totally confused. They end up calling the police

Reegs: he's crying on the stairs and he's just, he just wants his mum and dad, it's genuinely very, very effective.


Dan: It's good acting by the the youngster hearing. And he's totally confused because 10 minutes ago he lived in this house and now he doesn't, but as we go on and we find out that actually David has been missing for eight years


Reegs: declared legally dead.

Dan: It's it's really kind of and he has an aged. That's the other thing he, whereas everybody else has got older. So you, you, you go and have this kind of,

Sidey: well they have, they have the scene, the police station where, cause he's

taken to the police station

and the

Covers and another lady

they pull up his file, his missing child report. And she's reading out the description of him when he was last seen.

And it's literally, you know, he's wearing exactly the same thing He's got the bag and they're just looking like something wrong. Like It's not, it's another it's exactly.

Dan: Yeah. The policeman does a spotless.


Reegs: Well, they

Dan: the other

Reegs: him, they say to him, it's clever. Actually. They think maybe it's somebody like playing a game. So the copper says to him, or what, what's his name? What's the date.

And he gets here. It says, who's the president. Because if he's a kid 12 years old, is he going to have remembered? He's like, yeah, I know exactly who is Jimmy Carter. And they're like, whoa, that is pretty weird. And so they take him off to. His parents

Dan: who don't, they doesn't recognize the house.

Of course. And

Reegs: you can't see dad at first. There's a lot of shadow.

Dan: Yeah. But he, he. The the door, the copper. And he says, did you report missing 12 year old David? Eight years ago? Yeah. Yeah. And David Dan kind of sees dad come to the porch and rushes out the police car and one straight over to him and a lovely reunion.

But there's also a tinge of what the actual fuck, because he has an age and they're a bit grayer and older and and do look to have aged.

Sidey: and then he meets us His now

baker, but still younger

Brother but as a young,

you know? And he's obviously.

effectively older than him and it's all very discombobulating and


Reegs: holds a lot of guilt around what happened that evening because he scared him and all that elsewhere. A metallic thing, like a Guiliani chocolate,

Has flown into some or a pumpkin seed or an abou staph fighter. These are some of the things I put in here. It's crashed into a load of security

Dan: Yeah. Tele telephone wires or something, Electricity pylons. And, and that is our well, as we learned later, our alien ship.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: they're the scientists Faraday and the other side, trying to work out how to move it. And the guy's like what?

You just push it.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Cause it's clearly a

Dan: it kind of moves along. Yeah.

Reegs: so that's odd, isn't it? Because it clearly defies all principles of mass and energy as far as we understand

Sidey: them,

Dan: but they, they get that in into a facility somewhere. And and there's also some kind of confusion because. The doctors in the, in the hospital where David has gone, they want to know what's going on.

They want to know

Reegs: I was hoping they were going to dissect him at this point,

Dan: I think they wanted to, but they they're running lots of tests and things on him. And at one point his brain spits out the the, the kind of map of the spaceship. And it said designer the spaceship rather

Reegs: That bit is so creepy.

They're asking him questions and it's saying to him like you know, what does it say? Where are you? Or where are you? Where are you from? He says, he says,

yeah, that's what comes up on the screen out of his brain.

Sidey: And then yeah, they they like he'll know


taken over those


He's like speaking in binary or something. Do

Reegs: Yeah. Oh, there was some good he's communicating directly with the computer and binary code and there

Dan: So nerdy and anyway, he's got everything.

Where is Phylon already star charts,

Reegs: light years away. It took 2.2 solar hours. So because he was traveling faster than the speed of light. So as you approach.

Time slows down. So four hours was eight years.

Dan: Yeah. That's how they worked out quite quickly

Reegs: So that's why he's disappeared because somehow something to do with this ship and David has been with the ship in a way on the fail on, is now been pieced

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And they want to run some more tests and, and as they're kind of doing this, David ha. Started to hear some voices and things just gently at first. And he's not kind of sure what it is is he's woken up in a dream. He he's kind of unsure what it is, but he's being pulled, he's being kind of summoned and

It's all going on his head and it's almost like two separate lives.

So he's a 12 year old kid. Who's very worried. He's upset. He just wants to go home. He wants to see his father. We want to see his mom and dad. He wants things to go back to normal, but NASA get involved after

Reegs: Yeah. Well, Faraday says, he says, I just want two days alone with David, just me and his just 10 minutes, my staff, which sounds like a pretty dodgy offer to me.

Dan: Yeah. But parents agree to it because they want to know the truth.

Sidey: They need some answers as

well. Yeah.

Dan: I mean, importantly, not just where is he a been, but how has he not aged at all?

Sidey: Is he healthy? You know,

Dan: he

Sidey: all those sort of questions.

Dan: and where were these kind of images and messages from his brain? Coming from a feed in this computer. So

Reegs: got him stashed in this little room.

Sidey: It's a prison

Reegs: It's sort of prison. So

Dan: Oh, but what a prison cell he's got toys.

Reegs: it's well,

Dan: got a mirror. That's watching everything

Sidey: want to know what the toys

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes we do.

Sidey: He has, cause one

immediately piqued my interest.

So he has a Cobra water moccasin

from the action force

toy line.

He has a speak and spell, which was in ITI,

Reegs: a

Sidey: which they use to make the communicator, but he has a box to completely mint transformers in sector, corn it's shrapnel which is looking

Dan: how much is that worth these days aren't boxed in it's

Sidey: from the eighties, I'd imagine

some nodes would be like

paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for that.

Reegs: He's also got a what's clearly a one way mirror, two way mirror. I don't know a mirror that somebody on the other side and it's got like a little privacy shield. Cause a couple of times he pulls it across. If the security guards like chuckle that he's having to

Dan: Yeah. We, we also get introduced to the debut of Sarah Jessica

Sidey: Yeah. and

the most pointless robot in

the entire world.



Dan: Yeah, well basically a 12 years. Smuggling toy where he eaters. It's like a, a chair. That's got a, an empty box in it that that, that what goes around NASA, giving out sandwiches,

Reegs: The, this security is, is really something incredible because, you know, David does eventually sneak out he's being called by the ship and he sneaks out with Sarah.

Jessica Parker is help of, I skipped on too far

Sidey: right on

Reegs: And he sneaks out inside Ralph. And they just let him go. Ralph, there's like, let you say its only function is to get.

Dan: some JS and it's got all access all areas. So it's able to go from his room into the.

the, the kind of holding unit shed where this

Sidey: yeah NASA fame for just letting things like interfere with.

Dan: Of course there's, there's no security. There's, there's one of those plastic kind of shower curtains around

Reegs: There was a lot of the, of that plastic tarp

Sidey: vibes

from that as well.

Reegs: Yeah. Or like Dexter.

Dan: Yeah. So obviously Dave, not, they've never seen any material like this. There's no opening. This, this spaceship is, is as smooth as an egg. There is

Sidey: Well there's, there's also a couple of security guys who literal only

Dan: one job

Sidey: is to just stare at the


which the scurry cameras are pointed at the

spaceship. So.

nothing after a man just like asleep or like twiddling their thumbs doing something.

Yeah. It's

Dan: It's like the other two that had one job to watch David, they've not done

Reegs: yeah. Oh, the laps of security to get to this point is concerning.

Dan: NASA and you, you, you

Reegs: worry for them,

Dan: do worry, you do worry.

Reegs: But anyway, David goes out and he gets near the ship and then suddenly the steps, just sort of like, sort of dribble out of the

Sidey: T 1000.

Dan: Now, this is the, the Triax and ship CGI was done by Jeff closer pleaser.

He's the brother of the director who also did Greece.

Sidey: it did. And one of the songs was playing on the car radio earlier on. Yeah. Some people can't get over the work that they've done. and They have to force it down your throat all the times. But yeah,

it is, Kind of looks

a bit.

Biff now, but you can't

Reegs: it's cause it's, it's all, when he first goes in, it's all like glass and metal and reflective surfaces

Sidey: I mean the door opening bit, that, that bit, That's

the only way I was talking, but while I was going to put a nice spin on it. and say, you can see the sort of Genesis of that going into, cause it, is like that liquid metal. it is exactly that special effect. just

just refined a bit. And in

Reegs: I tell you what I thought look cool was the, when they had the steps is physical. Things in the thing, because they looked like they were floating.

It was obviously with glass or something, but they looked like they were

Dan: when the little kids that like want to attest in them out. Yeah. That was, that was a funny scene. Anyway, a young David gets in and the, he suddenly in the ship and the ship is, has been the thing that's been calling him

Sidey: is very matter of fact, max,

Reegs: sit down navigator.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And we find out that actually Pee-wee Herman is

Sidey: Yeah. Although we weren't, we didn't know that at the time it

was put Powell Mao or Paul, Paul Mau. Paul mall.

So yeah, they were trying to I don't know, keep the, the fact that it was Pee-wee Herman under wraps, but

Dan: probably a good thing now, but they would

Sidey: at the time it would have been okay. It wasn't.

Reegs: He hadn't been winking in the cinema or whatever it was, but and he's kind of.

Sidey: What was the word he keeps saying, when he, when he agrees.

Reegs: compliance.

Yeah, but he's quiet. He's got a bit of an edge to him, really? Considering he's dealing with a 12 year old, I guess he's got no social skills as well. Say, as, as a robotic life force, he's like green when he's happy and red, when he's not

Dan: never really picked up on that, but he is going around different worlds, picking up specimens to take back to fighting, gone fight on and then return them at the same time and point that he took them.

So nobody's any of the wiser and they, but the thing is with David's young,

Sidey: and he just throws shade on David, Like, it's like you aren't fucking good enough.

Dan: You, you, your, your Peewee little brain, wouldn't

Sidey: feeble like human body. Wouldn't

cope with time. Jail was I had to just dish. you up

Reegs: That's

Dan: why you're back here. Eight years later. And David kind of says, well, that's not on, you know, I mean, that's, that's it, every everything's different.

Everything's different. Give me, get me, get me 20 miles out of here. Let me think. So, boom. He goes straight up

Sidey: Well, the clowns do eventually clock onto

the fact that someone's in

the shape. They see the door open, like, oh fuck, And they all rushed down there with guns and stuff. But that too, like, they fuck off and just fly around for a bit.

Dan: Yeah, that's it, they, they play with the ship.

They go scare some cows and then they go and scare. Some people ask him for directions to back home. He wants to get back home.

Reegs: Yeah, well also then the max, is that what it's called max? He scrambled his brain when he went into the electricity pylons or wherever it was at the beginning.

And he needs the star charts from Daniel's mind

Dan: David's

Reegs: David's and Daniel's as well.

Dan: mind.

Reegs: where he had his backup. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, apparently this thing that can like morph all these things, like just couldn't afford like a little X, like we've got extra hard drives here

Sidey: didn't have an SD

Dan: can get a four gig USB stick, but yeah, he's he needs to kidnap this 12 year old boy again and take him to get him to take him home. But he does download eventually the star charts again in a, in a fairly quick maneuver.

It makes you wonder why he didn't just do that before as

Sidey: Yeah, we do get a glimpse of all the other species of things that he's basically kidnapped from all those

Reegs: Yeah. Well, that's sort of Henson esque type.

Sidey: I didn't look on the credits. Is it Henson?

Reegs: No, I don't think it is. Do you want to know what they are? Well, there's a guard upon pool for himself patrol lists. He's the one who bites where he wants. He bites. He never lets go. There's a Phoenix story. Staris that was the one that looks like the sort of when the Mick Jagger ESC.

And there's that one. And it's from the Pixar elliptic named after the studio back in 1986. There's there's the unpleasant one that has a Coke. And there's the one that I really like a giant eye that just shouts. I, I.

Yeah. And

there's one that bites his heart is pretty dangerous as

Dan: Yeah. And then there's this other little thing that isn't very dangerous at all. And he

Reegs: Well, that's a puck Mara and Dan from the planet, Ben pucker minor which was Tim Blaney. Did the voice for this goes the voice of Johnny five a short circuit

Dan: I'm sure that planet got blown up.

Reegs: It did. He's the last of his kind. And he's angry at max.

He won't take him back, but he's been destroyed by.

Dan: And he doesn't know he's the last of his species. Yeah. So David's trying to work out how to get home. And also as no idea, his 12 year old kid in a spaceship, he has no idea how to get home. So where, what he thinks home is actually Tokyo at one point


Reegs: now kiss, we've missed a really important point, really. I think in the movie where it goes from where it was. Entertaining to just actually dog shit awful, which is they do a mind transfer don't they? And at that point, when he, when max does it, he takes on some of the properties of basically a 12 year old

Sidey: corrupt smacks to become an energy

Reegs: annoying idiot for the rest of the movie.

Like absolutely awful. They call it like scars, Burkett and buttface and stuff. And it's just like, oh

Dan: laws, I think for 10 year olds and.

Reegs: Well, but

Dan: the eighties, maybe

Reegs: I was enjoying this as a sort of like creepy horror thing he's abducted at the beginning and then it's just become a family friendly kid thing.

Dan: which

Sidey: in any case he does

sort of start to find his way back towards the

family, hand, but he doesn't know exactly where it is because obviously

they've moved and he doesn't

know where that is.

Excuse me.

But his, his little older, smaller, bigger brother.

There's obviously it would have been July 4th and all the rest

of that sort of stuff. There's been fireworks knocking about. He has the idea of letting off a load of fireworks off the roof, which looks fucking dangerous,

when he does it, because one of the nearly hits him in the leg.

So he shoots a few rockets up in the air, which David's able to spot. it. Right. That's

Reegs: And he's flying the ship at this point as well through some like

Sidey: Crude. Yeah.

Reegs: floor, like

Sidey: goes, there, sees the family.

And basically tells him to fuck

Dan: Well, yeah, I mean, they, they, the net is closing in now or that NASA want their spaceship back and they want their 12 year old kid to keep under you know, lock and key and experiment on him for the rest of his life.

David's 12, but he knows this and he

Sidey: it's just a very mature decision actually. isn't it. He just, he says He says, I love you, but I'm not staying.

Dan: Max

Reegs: when you say mature decision, I mean, basically max is like, this is pretty much certain death. We shouldn't be doing this and he's like, now just do it. I mean that, it's not a mature, you know,

Sidey: well, I think it was the right decision.

Reegs: he was vindicated in the fact that he didn't die, but, you know, yeah.

Dan: So what happens is just that, that he's zips back off and you get this kind of again. Special effects, I guess, where the spaceship seems to be between two, the fabric of space and time

Reegs: it looked like a pretty barren placed in, it would not want to go on holiday there,

Dan: But that's why it's so dangerous, particularly for 12 year olds.

So When he woke up and found himself in the same ditch, in the same forest and climbs out that ravine again and goes back to his house as he did eight years ago. and he knocks on the door and nobody's there. We're all starting to fear the worst, but then

Sidey: they're in the boat whether it was

whether it was

Dan: come on, David. And and he's, he says how much he loves everyone and even, even Jeff.

Reegs: Yeah, he says

Dan: and then he shows him that little kind of what's his name

Reegs: Mar and, I think he calls him Paul corn Maybe

Sidey: then he does


SI see you later navigator thing.

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Q credits. Yeah. Always 90 minute film. And.

She, it was middle of the road. We watched it for 90 minutes. She wasn't, you know, oh, that was great. It was a watchable film, you know, and considering it was, you know, it was a hit back then and it was

Like top, top entertainment or certainly excitement for that, for that time. Then the CGI, as we said, you can pull holes in it and there's even the clothes and the, and the film. It will makes it feel a little bit oldie time. As Nellie says, you know, always this, another oldie one dad and I yeah, but give it a, go, give it a go.

And so she, she was able to forget that and get into it and laugh. There's a few scenes that really good, for instance, when he's singing along with the beach boys again, and we both go, you know, and there's a, there's a couple of under the war too in different things that certainly give a few lines of loss.

So she,

Reegs: No. I

Dan: kind of ended.

Reegs: the entire part of the movie that is Paul Rubins and thingy, David Daniel,

Sidey: David

Reegs: David, is his borderline on watchable. Really?

Isn't it because he's just so awful Rubens, but I think the setup is so good and like there's loads of creepy tension and weird, like that whole bit of like going back to your house. And it not being your house, your safe place. And it been like all wrong and other people there. And you don't know, like just terrifying.

Dan: I think that's what captures the minds of young

Sidey: yeah. Well, there's a couple of moments cause my daughter really liked it when it finished. Is there a second one? Is there a second? one,

Dan: Oh really? Yeah.

Reegs: it,

Sidey: but

She did have a few beers. Whereas, she was like, oh, I don't wanna watch. It was scared.

Yeah. And we've

just watched like Lord

of the rings. and like I've subjected her to all sorts of stuff.

I probably shouldn't have

Reegs: where she's, he's wired up and the computer is answering, that's really

Sidey: Yeah. I think it was more of the stuff in the, in the spaceship where he was getting in and like,

wasn't sure what was going on. And she's like,

oh, what's gonna happen. But she really enjoyed it. I

was okay with it.

I didn't hate it.

Like I thought all those years,

ago that I would

and love it, but

it was, it

was okay. Yeah. You're right. I do prefer, I didn't like the

computer thing being


bastardized and turned into.


Reegs: Oh, it's awful after that. Yeah.

Sidey: But it was okay. It was right.

Reegs: It was kind of exactly what I remembered. Like, like I say, like that really creepy bits at the beginning really creepy.

The first I wished they'd gone full horror with it.

Dan: Well, we was 12, you know, I think

Sidey: you're 12 David Freeman is played by a chap called Joey

Kramer. Should we talk about

Reegs: Yeah. Cause there's a few thing. I had no idea about any of

Sidey: in the Pantheon of child stars. He

True to form went off

the road. Quite significantly. And I

thought he did a

fairly decent job

as a

child actor.

And as it was,

Dan: Really good. I thought, yeah.

Reegs: do you know, he was wearing a wig throughout the most of the reshoots, so he had blonde hair and it

Sidey: Yeah. Cause as soon as

literally like as soon as they finished.

he died.

and he must only dead young


And there was some bits that needed. to be changed here. they had to make aware work and apart they said it's really

obvious in a couple of scenes. I didn't

notice it, but.

anyway his acting career ended in the late nineties, and he went back to Canada where he's from, and he worked in like a,

a small sporting goods store. And then in

2008, he was prosecuted for careless storage of a fire. I received three months

probation. Later that

year he was convicted for possession of.

a controlled substance with the purpose of trafficking.

And he went to prison.

for that

October, 2011, he was fined for consuming liquor in a public place. which seems like a

Reegs: It's a long list of stuff isn't

Sidey: And then Yeah.

Like more stuff with possession of weapon, with it for a dangerous purpose. and,

Dan: Absolutely no

Sidey: cashing

Reegs: Well, it got, it got more and more because he was charged with robbing.

You know he pleaded guilty to robbing a bank and wearing a disguise to commit a crime and all this stuff. So go where, so then he made a documentary life after the navigator,

Dan: No

Reegs: which was his story.

Dan: Okay. Well, it's always a shame when I hear that these, these you know, young actors that go off the rails and things because. You just think what a talent he could have been, you know, you see somebody and you often think of, or who's protecting these, these young people from the beam, the trappings of fame and, and, you know, cause this was a, a hit, I remember it being at the time bit of a cult classic,

Sidey: Yeah. I think, I think the thing, the hit nurse, it wasn't as big of a

hit numbers wise, as I

thought it would have been. So the budget was, nine mil. it made 18.

I thought

this would be like the


or something Cause I just remember it being quite

ubiquitous when we were kids.

but I think it was video wise,

as opposed to

like in the box

office, as it were. So I probably made More than the 18 that's listed, but still wasn't.

you know, a smash smash.


Reegs: I remember seeing this at children's like at parties,

Dan: Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: would have a birthday

Sidey: party

Reegs: or whatever, and they would be put on.

Dan: It's actually very different to, as I remembered it, I can remember a few scenes here and I thought there was a lot more action in it and things, but

Sidey: as far as round a bit for like a third of the movie is just then flying around, it a bit, you know,

Reegs: and there's one bit where they go to big Al's alligator thing and he says something about, oh, we needed to phone

Dan: So yeah, th this, this was a good scene actually. And there was a few good scenes like that where he kind of put down a big hours, just kind of staring at this ship mouth open doesn't doesn't know about it.

But they, the kids that go that go in, they turn up afterwards and dad sign. I'm just going to fill up the water. You know, I don't think much about your.

Well is it a north American Indian thing you had going on there or, or something? It goes by their spaceships. Fantastic. And then he started saying, don't go in their kitchen.

These places don't have insurance. And of course, David walks back in after phoning home, goes up into the spaceship and it zooms off and they all stood there. Like what the hell was that? So there was a few things that made us laugh and, and chocolate along.

Reegs: that that

Dan: I think if you, if you go in.

Reegs: did not make you laugh

Dan: With my daughter, you know, she's laughing, I'm laughing.

So it's kind of like that. And there was a few of those 90 minutes, worst things to watch

Reegs: There's been worse.

Sidey: for sure.