Aug. 4, 2021

Midweek Mention... The Sound of Music

Midweek Mention... The Sound of Music
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Our podcast is alive...With the SOUND OF MUSIC! 

Peter Andre and Sidey have already outed themselves a big Sound of Music fans. What about the others? If you've been on twitter this week you'll know Reegs thoughts. 

One thing to point out, this movie has a run time of 2 hours 55 minutes, which is quite a long time if you don't like this sort of thing.

In any case, tune in just to see how many times we burst into song! 


The Sound of Music


Sidey, you treated us to a musical for the midweek

Sidey:I did. And in fact, everything that we're talking about this week is going to be kind of musical base, but yes, we are looking at the sound of music. Which Pete and I have discussed many times on the pod, then we both really liked it.

So I thought it would inflict on you. Like, did I have to confess forget that it had a 255, right?

Reegs:Yeah. That is long.

Sidey:fucking long

Dan:has an intermission. No, just that I fought, it was a trap, a Von trap, but it, it was um yeah,

Sidey:did you watch on Disney?

cause it has the profit intermission. Did you, did you have that on one? Did you watch

Reegs:I did watch it.

Sidey:Did it have the intermission like proper. And it comes up intermission and it's five minutes of just static, like

Dan:interesting intermission. Yeah.


Dan:I use it Longer than that. You seem to not 15 minutes. or

Sidey:You got to fast forward through it. Yeah. So we're probably all everyone's familiar with this, but it's the story of, it's a true story,

Reegs:Well, this is definitely the first time I've seen. I can a hundred percent sure say that I've seen it all the way through,


Reegs:because I've seen bits of it.

Dan:This was the kind of thing that used to play loads when they'd only made like four films in the world.

you know, it was One of those that always got repeated in


Sidey:Yeah This is the great escape, a couple of others.

Dan:all the all the time.

So it felt like I'd seen this a million times, but I watched it from, you know, title credits to end credits

I can same, like you rig say like, yeah, I'll probably watch that the

Reegs:I've seen

Dan:through. I've seen it.


And it's interesting because it starts out at the mountains.

Doesn't it? You get

Sidey:She's she's up and out. Yeah. She's up

Dan:before that? The beginning of

Sidey:it. Yeah. You guys have the clouds,

Dan:through the

Reegs:yeah I was well into that. That was a great start. It's a brilliant start. And you get all these shots of the, the Alpine ranges.

It looks

Sidey:it was nice. And they have cameras eventually hones in on Maria, who is stuck up an ALP.

And the only thing she can do is sing and she fucking belts out the title, the title track, right, right out of the gate, we've got a banger

Reegs:coming like straight off. I was like, oh, okay. He right with right into this.

Dan:fucking around

Sidey:Both bowels

Reegs:or drop first words of the film.

Sidey:Yeah. So she is apparently a real fucking wildcard and We go back to the nunnery, which is like a cattery, but with less felines.

And they're very displeased with her behavior because she is just fucking, you know, wild because she sings and talks occasionally

Reegs:and she doesn't wear then the full, is it called Cloisters?

I want to say maybe not. I'm not sure the full non-club her. She does it because she doesn't have a habit on a



Dan:and she's got the habit of turning up late. She's got the habit of singing. She's got the habit of all these other kind of nun nunnery, things that they should be doing. So how do you solve a problem like Marie


into our second tune already? We're only About 15 minutes in,

Sidey:I don't know that she was that problematic really

Dan:In, in sort of

Sidey:of she.

Dan:Austria nunnery

Reegs:1939 I think it is important to get the

Dan:Yes. Yeah. Probably is.


Dan:And yeah, I mean,

Sidey:well, they, they basically the sister Margaret, whatever her name is, it's not that she says you're going to have to fuck off. You're not suited to non-life. You are going to go over to this house and you're going to be the governors to these seven chillers.

And this horny fucker that keeps turning kids out, but his wife's now dead and

Reegs:Great. Christopher Plummer looking fucking hot by the way. He's a good looking



Reegs:But then you said this was one of the things that struck me as being slightly odd that the nuns were pissed off with her and they did want to get rid of her, but they stood, still did enjoy singing a song with her cause they sing my favorite things with her.

Didn't they. These are a few of my favorite things

Dan:I think they might have got that towards the end. Yeah, I think

Reegs:yeah, yeah. I've got it in my notes here. So it must be

Dan:they sing it again. They do sing it with the

Sidey:saying that with the kids, when the thunder and lightning was going on.




Dan:the, the, the song that they

sing straight away is how do you solve a problem, I've got that.

Reegs:Yeah, I've got the first two sound of music then. How do you solve problem from Maria? And then I've got the mother joins her in song. My favorites. Are you calling bullshit

Sidey:I'm not sure about that shit because she is in her, her chambers and the thunderstorms going on. And she's caught Leesville coming in through the window. And, and then all the other kids start coming into the room one by one, as they're scared.

And that's when she's the thing sings about, these are a few of my

Dan:and, and you think so w We've just had three tunes there. Nah, the heroes are alive how do you solve a problem like Maria. And then

these absolutely.

Reegs:got on my list is

Dan:I mean,

Sidey:well, well, she goes to the GAF. What happens is she goes to the gaffer and she's introduced to the children and they are.

Ruled over by the father in this very strict military style of parenting that he has. He just summons them with a whistle and they live in this huge fucking mansion.

Reegs:Well, he's the really ironic thing is, cause he is a military man, right? He's a, he he's yeah.

He's an in the Austrian Navy, which is a bit like, yeah, exactly. I was gonna say it's like being in the Dutch mountain rescue team in it. It's like just fucking stupid anyway. Yeah. So he's in the Austrian Navy, but he has basically recreated the third Reich inside his own home with his own children.

Sidey:He's sort of Hitler to his kids and they, they rebel against it, but really only to her as governors and the previous governors, which they've basically.

Bullied out of the house by being ourselves to them. She is inflicted with a pine cone on her chair at dinner time, which is hilarious. And then they think they put a frog in her pocket,

Reegs:The frog

Sidey:but she doesn't react of angrily or she just she's very patient with them. And,


And the, and the previous governor said lasted two hours.

And she, with her own spirit is a little more. Aligned to a child and, and the adventure of life and everything, which is why she never got on really at the convent. And she was always going off and singing and, and get drawn into nature.

and just the wondrous things.

Reegs:She's a free spirit.


Dan:an absolute free spirit.

Reegs:Hmm. But captain Von Trapp we're led to believe he saw. Part of his stiff demeanor is, is due to the, to the dead wife.


Reegs:But we don't know a lot about her. Do

Sidey:no backstory,

Dan:I think she, you know,

after you have seven children. He just,

you know,

he's probably not given arrest. And now he was looking for it was, he started a chat up a, like a Baroness or something isn't

Sidey:Well, before that you get there kind of,

Dan:there overnight.

Sidey:you have a little bit.

Reegs:Well it's okay. Because it gets into a bit of a blur for me

Sidey:Well, Maria, Maria starts to win the kids over because they they're obviously that damaged because their mother has passed away.

Reegs:and they're always having to sing

Sidey:and well, they're not allowed to sing outside or in public, so they're very restricted in what they're allowed to actually do.

Re recognized Australia way that they need to be kids. They need to just have fun and be kids and do kid stuff and not being in this regimented fucking ridiculous lifestyle that he's trying to inflict on them. So she catches or she's been going out and sucking some guy off and she tries to sneak back in through her window.

And rather than give her a bollocking, she says, okay, well, we'll keep it secret. I won't tell the old man, cause he will fucking kill you.

Reegs:That is almost verbatim what she says. Yeah.

Sidey:In the parlance of our times. And so the kids start to realize, oh, actually she's pretty cool. You know, they get on with that.

And, and it's that, that moment when they, they were scared of the thunderstorm, she sings in the song. And then she realizes she sends them off to bed. He hears the singing. Gets all fucking cross about that. So he, she, they shipped her off to bed and he's gives her a bollocking. And at this very moment, she realizes that she can make some clothes out of the drapes in her room

because they're wearing a kind of uniform all the time,

Dan:which, which they're not allowed to go out and play in.

So she wanted to make him some play clothes and

she did

Reegs:Because what they're wearing is sort of halfway between prison, clothes and school clothes, isn't it?

It's like,


Sidey:So it's, it's this moment that he has gone off and he comes back with the Baroness and uncle max.

Dan:why? And they see all the children in the trees.

Sidey:urchins because of actions it's to some local actions cause they're just climbing trees and singing and in the water and carrying on.

And it's this very weird I guess this is how it used to happen. It's this sort of arranged sort of. Courting that he is chaperoning. The old man is chaperoning these two together. And it's basically like you're now going to be together. She's wealthy. He seems to be wealthy,

but it seems like everyone lives in a castle in this

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I mean, as it panned over actually the beginning, you saw some of those fabulous properties and things that were were out there and it skipped across different mansions, different costumes before settling down on the van Trop trap family's home. And at that moment when they're out on the edge of their lake or whatever it is, the The children go by on their boat.

Don't they? And,

fall out

the boat. After being he's,

Sidey:he's fucking

Dan:see so embarrassed and angry and all the rest of it. And. She actually manages to diffuse the situation. by

or the children do w she, she does a little bit, cause she goes mad. She gets she starts having a bit, yeah.

Sidey:you're, you know, you're not around. That's why they do all these things to get your attention.

Basically says you're a fucking bad parent

Reegs:She's calling him out for being a deadbeat dad. Absolutely.

Sidey:So he focuses right. You fuck off back to the cattery you're out.


Dan:then he hears the kids singing a song doesn't need to

Sidey:the Baroness yeah,

Dan:S and


Reegs:Is that so long farewell.

Sidey:No, that's the party when

Dan:No, that's

Sidey:I do that twice


Reegs:Yeah. That's they do loads of the songs twice. And in fact, the opening is like a melody of all of the songs anyway.


Dan:Yeah, they, they like, bounce them out

Sidey:so he, he actually sees them sing to the Baroness and he comes in and joins in

Dan:in why up doesn't it. the sound of his children's singing the small on the Baroness. his face, He then goes in and time he's actually singing They're throwing a party. He's got Edelweiss Sydney.

Sidey:Well, he realizes he realizes that


realizes that Maria has taught them to sing or at least brought the thing back into the household and says, actually, I'm not going to turf you out back to the

Dan:to convert stay.

Sidey:stay. Because actually the house needs this, you know, we need this or

Dan:He starts to realize a lot of what she said was actually bang on,

Sidey:but he does start fingering the Baroness.

Yeah. That's now

Dan:that's going on.

Sidey:Yeah, it's a bit bareness, basically. Laser cards on the table. She is, she is wealthy, but also a gold Digger at the same time.

And she said, you've got to throw me a party. I want a big fucking lavish do.

Dan:And she's also clued on at this stage They, he might not know this at this stage.

but, but She knows. that he's falling for Maria. There's a couple of stolen glances And let's get out there. Julie Andrews is a knockout. She is an absolute knockout,

Reegs:Her hair is sort of a bowl cut thing. Isn't it? It's.

Dan:kind of style?


Reegs:but she was a good looking


Reegs:but they didn't get on. Did they? Christopher Plummer in Julie Andrews,

Sidey:They did. They were lifelong friends. Is that he hated the film.

Reegs:the film


ranges this party for the Baroness and they have, it's this big sort of affair where the whole, all the great and the good of the town come to their pad. It's proper tuxedos and ballgowns, it's waltzes in the fucking ballroom. And

Dan:And we start seeing or hear in little tones about the Germans coming, in at

Sidey:but they caught the flag.

Don't they? They say he hasn't got the fucking right flag up there.

Dan:Yeah. He's got the Austrian flag. Not the

Nazi flag. Yeah.

Reegs:Wait there is a swastika though. Isn't there?

Dan:That's a, little bit later on. After he comes back, from the

Sidey:starts to rear its ugly head is starting to kick off. There's Nazis about that during the party. Obviously the hideout aren't allowed.

Amongst it. So the kids and Maria were watching from the outside, they're in the sort of courtyard and Leesville starts doing a dance. She's pretending she's getting romanced by her boyfriend.

Dan:Cause She's almost of age. She's 16

Reegs:going on


you know?

Sidey:She's fucking gorgeous as well. And she was 23 at the time. So it's okay to say that Maria steps in and shows how, how you would do this dance.

And then she says to one of the boys that I can't remember the name of this is the traditional, what's it called? Dance that we do. And then. Christopher Plummer, clocks that and says he comes out and joins in the dance. And then you get this moment of, ah, there's a real connection

Dan:Yeah. Well, he's dancing with Maria.

And it's, It's one of those old traditional dances but their face draw, very close to each other. And it's all very suggestive and proper. And you can see where the hands

Sidey:proper. It's not like the Argentine tango. They're not it's not super erotically

Dan:dirty dancing,


Sidey:you can see that

Dan:the day.

Sidey:into each other big time.

Yeah. Where you see that, but also the Baroness is fully aware and she comes in and says, oh, what a lovely couple you make? And she's fucking she's well, gel. She is not into this.

Dan:And, then,

Maria is actually invited to, to stay and join them at the proper table. And as she goes up to.


The Baroness follows her up there and tells her, well, I know what's going on here. The Barron's in love with you and, and she's horrified Maria. She, she can't believe that she's she's, it may be No, not on some deeper level, but it was nothing. She was willing to admit to herself, say instantly she pulls out of the house and she wants to get away. She doesn't want any kind of hint of scandal. And the best thing she can do

Reegs:It's so she goes to back to the monastery.

It doesn't she to

Sidey:Not before were treated to a sing song, which was so long farewell


Sidey:so she fucked off. Yeah. She fucked off back to the nunnery and. Is sort of miserable and actually is fully now able to, because she's fucking, basically depressed gets, you know, she doesn't carry on at the no nose she fits in now with all the,

Dan:Oh yeah. you know, she goes straight into like solitary confinement or something and, you know, sees it all as her fault And the the. The senior sisters and nuns and things start to become a little concerned about her.


Reegs:My mother knows doesn't she, the, not the,

Sidey:They, they know this is not her.

Reegs:whatever they know it's not right.

Sidey:Yeah. So she sings a song,


Sidey:climb every mountain, which I think

Reegs:running away from her feelings and

Sidey:I thought it was a metaphor for it.

Reegs:climbing a mountain

Sidey:every guy sock every deck, if that's what we want to do, just do it.

Reegs:Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey:so she does. So she, yeah, she goes back to the house. But now the Baroness and what is his name? I can't even remember his name.

Dan:Von Trapp


Baron Von

Sidey:just captain Von Trapp is that we'll work on it. So the, the Baroness and Christopher Plummer, Mr. Trapp are engaged to be married and it's a real hammer blow.

Yeah. It's a real hammer. Blow. Tell Maria she's you can see she's

Dan:Yeah well, she, she comes back to the house. Doesn't she? Almost well, the children of him

Reegs:oh my God. We're only about halfway through.

Dan:Yeah, we haven't yet hit the intermission. It's

Reegs:just like watching it again. Jesus. I don't know what was happening. The songs are all awful. It's going on for ages? What the fuck? It

Sidey:go away too long. basically, when she gets back, he realizes that he is actually in love with her and he on the spot.

No, you

Dan:does it with a bit of class more than what you've just



Sidey:doesn't, it might word it nicely, but he says, you fucking sling your hook and then she's still in the house.

And he starts getting off with Maria and she starts singing as they're kissing, which I thought was fucking weird.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's it, it does have a few sort of strange little quirky moments like that.


Eventually they get married They It's brilliant. They, they fall in love. the children Yeah. The dream

Sidey:they call her mum

Dan:they call her mum straight away. and They

go way on on honeymoon by the time they're back, the Nazis are in town.

Big time. The kids have been been enrolled in a public singing contest and um Yeah. And there's a there's, a a swastika on the front of the house.

Sidey:There's a telegram white

Dan:of washed a

Reegs:sure I'm cooler

Sidey:They are, yeah, he is presented with a telegram basically. He's been called up to the Nazis, to the

Dan:Spoiler alert.

Hitler blows his brains out.

Sidey:Yeah. W he is,

Reegs:he says the kids shouldn't sing at the festival. Doesn't he,

Sidey:He's still opposed to the kids singing in. I don't know if this, at this point it was because they were going to be singing too loud or Nazis.

So here he,

Reegs:I think it is. I mean, I I'll be charitable and say that


Sidey:first, he just didn't want the kids doing anything in public that could embarrass him. But now he's because he is obviously completely against everything that the Nazi stands for. So he doesn't want to get caught up. He doesn't want anything to do with them.

He doesn't want their fucking stupid flags in their GAF.

Dan:Which he made

Reegs:And it was nearly all of the Austrians and that felt like that wasn't it. But there was one when

Sidey:just that little guy

Reegs:that kind of

Sidey:knowing little guy. Yeah.

Reegs:facial hair. Yeah.

Dan:Well there, there was the one guy at the party and he kind of tried to insult him, but the guy took it as

Sidey:oh, it's brilliant. I actually said to the mission, it's like, that is such a fucking good line.

Yeah. And I can't remember what was 

Dan:Suddenly he needs to escape Austria with a family because he is not going to do that commission for the Nazis. And he knows that if he stays they're going to force him to, or, or kill him. And it turns suddenly into kind of more of a

Reegs:Yeah. Cat a mousy type thriller. Yeah, absolutely. That those, the scenes are genuinely quite effecting where they're searching for them.


Sidey:They're trying to, well, they, they try and do an in the, in the, in the dead of night escape. So they're trying to just push the car. They don't wanna, they don't want the staff in the house to know because then they can't, they don't want to have to make them lie.

So they're trying to just creep away that pushing the car. And then like almost comically, just waiting at the doorway.

Go through the Archway. There's just a two Nazi cars and a lot of people just like waiting for them to try and sneak

Reegs:But I was thinking there's 10 of them and they're just going to get in that five seater. Like I can fucking work

Dan:Who sat on each of his lap.

So that's right. They have this kind of alteration outside where they're saying, oh, going anywhere and there, oh, the car wouldn't start. Where. Of course, it is just perfect timing for the concert. So that's where they pretend they're going to go. And that is indeed, actually, where they have to go then because the the Nazis are gonna follow them, give them an escort to the


Reegs:But isn't this. Now when we get like

Dan:into the,

Reegs:of songs that we've already heard

Sidey:At the, at the concert, it's basically a medley of all the hits from we've already seen in the film. Which is great if you'd like them.

Dan:Yeah. And probably less great if you don't.

Sidey:So they, they climax as it were with so long farewell and gradually exit stage right.

Through this tunnel, which looks like a getaway, so, and surprise, surprise. They fucking scarpered. And they've gone to hide in the monastery or whatever the fuck you call it. Yeah.

Dan:The monastery convent.

The the.

The Nazis, somehow notice exactly where they've gone and storm there and search everywhere.

And it's quite a huge monastery or

convent or whatever. It's bigger than that bigger than not. Cause he's got layers

and stairs and little corners and twists. And he's got this big graveyard and that's where they all are in this kind of lot grave area where they're hidden behind the big gravestones. As the Nazis come along with their torches trying to find some evidence of them there and they don't, they leave, they come very close, but the, the, the young lad that is been romancing the, the


daughter Liezel and the reason that she came late through the, the window, that on the earlier part of the film for, for seeing him, he's now a Nazi.


officer looking for them and he,

he finds him.

Sidey:he has them at gunpoint,


Dan:it's wealth.

Sidey:Yeah. The captain says it just approaches him while he's got the gun pointed at him. And he just says, you're not one of them, you know, you'll never be one of them. And he does take the gun off him, but he does shout.


Sidey:but that here they're escaping or whatever.

Dan:again. I think he takes that as your, N you know, he's listening to this, this moment where Christopher Plummer's edging towards the guy with the gun this young man who doesn't want to shoot, but is scared. You can see scared. And he takes the gun off him and asked him, join us, you know, come with us. It will be, you know it will be okay.

You're not like, them.

Sidey:can think of my daughter in the car

Dan:basically given, given the keys to the house there. isn't he, but He is kind of too far in, and I think he's insulted that

They don't, he didn't think that he could be one of them. you know, He I don't think he's just, it, he just, He was just a young lad. Of course he was. And

He didn't really understand what we were saying, but it was his, his match or his him.

I think that that took over. He shouts out and then it's this mad race.

They managed to somehow get out through the back. door. And one of my bits, I really enjoyed it. We find out the nuns have, is vandalized, the Nazis,

Sidey:they escape and not the caretakers wagon, and the Nazis are going to obviously

Dan:jump in their cars

to follow.

Sidey:it after them.

But yeah, like you say, the Nazis, they, then the nuns pull out the, of the carburetor and the fucking, wherever it is.

Dan:and saying, Oh, I've sinned mother

I've sinned and showing

Sidey:is quite amazing. And

Dan:plugs and all that.

Sidey:And then we're just, we just see them walking across the sort of Swiss border.

Dan:Why at the beginning, Yeah. Right at the beginning

that same kind of

Sidey:we could have had sounded music again there,

Reegs:No, but they climb every mountain again.

Sidey:Oh, is that what it was? Oh, okay.

Dan:So it's a good two and a half.

Reegs:It's not

Dan:three hours.

Reegs:no kids. It's not good

Dan:though. sensing this. You know, it's like the original, pretty woman is just a nun instead of a prostitute. Isn't it? I mean, this is, this is same thing.

you know, it's I I'll get my hands and cards and I'll lay it all down there. I saw, I really enjoyed it. I know I didn't. yeah, you did as well. I was, my feet were beaten to the tunes of the songs.

It took me back to it to it more simple time. And

got Julie

Reegs:simple time during one of the, you know, the rise of one of the worst evils in modern, modern civilization. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan:Maybe I could have used choose better words

Reegs:no, I just, I dunno. It's yeah,

Sidey:it's long. It's really long.


Sidey:three hour long.

Reegs:like the songs, it's, it's hard. The final act

Sidey:maybe your sex tape.

Reegs:Yeah. Th th this, the third act stuff where they are evading, the Nazis is actually genuinely pretty compelling.

Sidey:It just suddenly ramp up at that

Reegs:Yeah. And plumber, I thought was like, had this sort of stiff. Awkwardness about him, but then it turned out, I read today that he was just fucking plastered the whole way through.

He was really, really drunk. But yeah, I dunno

Yeah, I don't want to just shit on stuff, but yeah, it's a hard watch if you don't like the songs and it's really long, it's not even the best film where Julie Andrews is a nanny in it.

Sidey:oh, it's better than Mary puffins.


Sidey:I prefer this. I see, for me, there's a bit of history with this because I sang all the songs in quiet primary school. I was fucking good as well. Our daughters did you, did Ella do

Dan:of a quick.

Sidey:Oh, it's a Mellon. My daughter sang Edelweiss with her music teacher.

Christmas was that I don't know it was recorded. So there was that we used to, we'd done a couple of family holidays to Australia. It's it's fucking stunning. So just saying all that, it's a lot of,

Reegs:the scenery was brilliant like that.

Like you'd said that first opening stuff, I was like, I was genuinely blown away by

Dan:what year was this 1951 or 58.

or, yeah.

Sidey:It was released in 1960.

Dan:19 65. Okay. Vice

Reegs:the director on this? It's an interesting, it's an

Sidey:interesting Robert Wise.

Reegs:And he has a load of genre films on his filmography.

Thank you. He, he was nominated for best editing for citizenship. Which is a pretty good start. But he also did stuff like the day, the earth stood still star Trek, the motion picture he did and the haunting and the Andromeda strain as well. So that's all quite good, different Saifai and all sorts of other movies.

It's really quite a departure for this.

Sidey:I really enjoyed it. I know Pete likes this one too, which is kind of surprising.

My judging him. I wouldn't normally put the sound in music as something that I would

Dan:I just really thought that the songs still stand up.


Sidey:Right. It's so wholesome. You know, what should I say for the family? My only gripe with it is that it is far too long. It's three hours is too long for something like this. It's basically a romance with some singing and then a little bit of how do we escape it?

Reegs:song twice. I'm

Sidey:Yeah, you probably do. It's unnecessary.

Dan:One of those things in, in our house.

When we were kids, it was on, you didn't actually watch. It was just on, you know, you'd wander in and out a room and as you say, it was another song beads song, and another kind of,

Sidey:but the concert bet I have to say, this seemed kind of new to me, but maybe it's just because it was a duplicate of having heard the songs already in the film.

I probably had tuned. Also, cause it was so long when I was a kid, I probably walked off.

Reegs:Well, I felt like I'd seen every part of this movie, but I couldn't be sure that I'd seen it all in one go. But yeah, it was cause like you say, it was always on

Sidey:Hmm. Christopher Palmer intensely disliked working on this movie.

He referred to it as the sound of mucus.

Reegs:I read that today

Sidey:Or S and M and like likened working with Dame, Julie Andrews to being hit over the head with a big Valentine's day card every day.

But he

Reegs:of how it felt like to watch the film it's


Sidey:relentlessly nice

Reegs:But just sentimental,

Sidey:But it's a different time, you know?

But him and Judy Andrews have been close friends ever since. And she actually thought that his cynicism and dislike of the film helped the performance because


Sidey:that's the character who was supposed to start off like that. Anyway,

Dan:I've fought. They both had terrific performances. Actually. I thought they were both really, really good

Sidey:sing though.

The singing was dubbed over.

Reegs:Oh, was it? Oh

Sidey:Yeah. I was a bit disappointed to hear

Reegs:because I see he's they chose a a vocalist with quite an unusual voice then really? Cause he's got quite a deep baritone, hasn't

Sidey:They didn't in real life because this is a true story. It was there based on the Maria Von Trapps memoir.

Reegs:Yeah, the real, I read all this today. The real life stuff is quite different.

Sidey:And they didn't flee to Switzerland. I don't know if that was actually possible. They went to Italy and from Italy, they went to London and from London to the.

The house, the big old mansion was taken over by Heinrich Himmler.

Dan:Was it? Fuck You know?

Sidey:So, yeah, so that's interesting.

Money-wise you to know the money on this

budget was $8.3 million.

Reegs:Gosh, that's an awful lot

Sidey:It does seem quite a lot for people singing in it.

Dan:Well, this is paid it's

Reegs:There was a lot of helicopter shots though. There was a lot of, you know, it

Sidey:didn't have drones back then. Yeah.

Reegs:No, it would have cost them a fortune to do.

Sidey:Yeah. Obviously smashed, it has made 159 million, probably more than that in real terms.

So we're hit with some of us.

Dan:Good. I enjoyed it. I wouldn't watch it again though. Not in any rush. It probably be, you know, I can imagine a couple of Christmas times that these, my daughter would actually probably really like this, You know, she's she's at that age where it's very you know, with the children's singing and that can be infectious itself and the songs are catchy, you know, once you know the words, and things.

Sidey:if you watch it in a group and everyone knows the song is actually quite funny.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:no, fuck you. Now that's

Dan:Let's watch it together again.

Reegs:just describing hell.