May 20, 2022

Nobody & Mr Benn

Nobody & Mr Benn

This week’s show sees us discussing The Razzies, the annual award ceremony dedicated to celebrating the very worst that Hollywood has to offer. Publicist John J.B. Wilson held a reverse Oscars party at his house in 1981 in which Stanley Kubrick and Brian De Palma were nominated for Worst Director, Shelley Duvall was proposed for Worst Actress and FRIDAY THE 13TH was on the shortlist for Worst Picture which neatly sums up just how credible the awards have been since their inception. Harmless fun some may say, while others might declare the whole concept to be lazy, mean spirited and critically irrelevant, with a bought for membership who are subject to serious lapses in judgement, guilty of a nasty piling in type mentality and completely devoid of any understanding of what constitutes cinema or art. We'll discuss the award shows apparent antipathy towards Sylvester Stallone, the brave souls who turned up in person to collect their prizes and some undeserving recipients as we discuss the Top 5 Razzie Award Nominees or Winners.
NOBODY is director Ilya Naishuller's action thriller variation on the classic former killer who is brought out of retirement to deal with a personal threat type plot, sharing much in common both conceptually and aesthetically with JOHN WICK, a fact compounded by the involvement of that movies screenwriter Derek Kolstad and co-director David Leitch. The film's greatest achievement is making the star of this dark and violent tale the comedy writer/ character actor Bob Odenkirk who trained for 2 years to be believable as the brutal and efficient former 'auditor' Hutch Mansell, who becomes involved with Russian gangsters when his daughter’s kitty bracelet is stolen. With incredible and painful looking stunts, inventive fight choreography, a good sense of humour and a playful use of jazz and pop songs as ironic commentary this was of course a hit with all the Bad Dads though it never directly addresses the obvious criticism that could be made about it, namely that a movie about a man whose masculinity is in crisis and that rediscovers his joie de vivre through brutal violence is a bit of a disturbing theme. Poised for a sequel we probably don't need (but I would almost certainly watch), the main question is which celebrities should be toughened up and given their own action-genre about Larry David, Meryl Streep or Graham Norton? I would watch any one of those movies.
MR BENN was an animated children’s show which first aired on British television in 1971. He lived at Number 52 Festive Road and could nearly always be found dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and smart bowler hat, evoking proper British respectability to one and all. I say nearly always because Mr Benn's daily constitutional took him near a fancy-dress shop where, as if by magic, a shopkeeper appears offering him the chance to try on a costume and go on a fantastical adventure. Dan selected episode 2 "The Hunter" for us to watch and we were all delighted to see the subject tackled with a surprising amount of compassion for a show more than 50 years old.

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Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review. Each week we watch a movie we missed and a program our kids are watching and then we talk about them. And then each week we usually spend a few sad minutes talking about the depraved things. The creators of that media got up to whilst making the art we've enjoyed. We've had everything from our favorite educational TV star, deprecating naked on his friend while wearing a bicycle helmet to rapey A-listers cannibal B listers and a potentially racist mouse.

That seems to be the state of things, really, whatever we pick there's a me too, or a history of problems, but someone who's yet to be me too. And whose content is more idiotic than problematic his co-host Sidey. Hello.

Sidey: Hello?

Reegs: Yeah. Next our peace more cheese. The man now twisted and breathable. It's the original Bob affair to himself.


Pete: Hello

Reegs: Yeah. And after that, we have Dan who reached deep into his dad brain to bring us an excellent topic this week with this week's top five golden raspberry nominees or winners uh in which we may conclude that it's all harmless fun or that we might think it's lazy mean-spirited and critically irrelevant with the board for membership who is subject to serious lapses in judgment and guilty of a nasty piling in type mentality that we can all probably move on from only time will tell where anyone's individual opinion might be.

Yeah. This week's main feature is the Bob Odenkirk action. Thriller. Nobody bought to us from the mind of John wick director, Derek Colstad. And we finished things up with a look back to the 1970s that Mr. Ben want to show that it is this week. Finally, there's just me to introduce your co-host rigs, a sort of budget, but deal who just likes just about everything.

Which probably means that my opinion is almost certainly not to be true.

Sidey: I saw you at trolling

a deal on

on Twitter today.

Reegs: Yeah. It's just a thing we like to do

Sidey: Yeah.



Dan: You guys been up to much this way. You've been watching anything.

Sidey: I haven't watched a lot of film content,

but what we

did watch and I had to forego your vision to

watch this.


We streamed the little mix last

ever concert on Saturday


Dan: right? Yeah. Okay. I have a

Reegs: why was it the last

Dan: a friend who went to it. Yeah. Over in England. Wasn't it in London. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: they take it. They're on a hiatus for however long, but that probably means I broke up.

Dan: Sorry

Reegs: bake moment. They say it's they know, obviously

they had the one seat, do the ferry, very sexual lyrics marketed at sort of nine-year-olds

Sidey: Yeah.

So the crowd?

So at the start of it, it's all like you tweet in and you know, I'm so excited to show and it's all like little kids and there's little

kids at the thing. And then they like launch into some song which is about

wanking. And then there's another one which is about like going down on your messages, another one

that's about fucking,

and you're like, yeah, my mentor.

Dan: tell you what I want motivated really want. Did you watch any for Pete?

Pete: Yeah, I've I've been staying at my mother's just cause I had to move out game works and work done on the house and she has no light streaming services.

So I've been watching good old fashioned sky and light sky catching bits of things on sky movies and so on. But before I moved in, I did watch a film that I'd never seen before that I'd heard was good. The dead poet's society. I'd never seen that.

Sidey: I've never seen that.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Okay. Captain, my captain.

Pete: Yeah, it

Dan: Ethan Hawke, Robin Williams.

Pete: It's it's about my favorite topic, which is poetry.

well, it's, it's, it's better than fucking what's it called? Patterson. It's better than that. There we go. What else I watch? I did watch your revision. Yeah, I've watched it. When I say start to finish I fell asleep halfway through the first time. What?

Sidey: watching your revision.

Pete: No, God, no, I've watched it almost. Oh, watch it pretty much every year.

Sidey: It's great. Isn't it?

Pete: Yeah. I do actually enjoy it. It's kind of like,

Sidey: And then the light really snide commentary.

Pete: it's kind of like the sort of thing you shouldn't watch, but you enjoy like my parents having sex or something like

Sidey: Yeah. I don't mind watching them. It's

yeah, it's a little bit like, God, this is terrible. They're like the Penn Tavern, which I did watch quite a lot.

of this week as well.

Pete: the five disciplines in the Olympics. Isn't it.

Dan: And also a Mike Myers thing on Netflix?

Pete: I'm not

Sidey: completed that yet.

Reegs: no, I've watched about four episodes, which I can't really work out why, but I

Dan: I I've stopped it two or

Sidey: No, I haven't. I'm I'm for Israel. I think it's

Dan: still

in the same place that I was after two

Sidey: This is absolutely appalling.

And I

Dan: going to watch

Reegs: I I'll tell you why, because the credits with Jeremy irons really good. I really enjoy the credit.

Oh, I dunno. Yeah. They don't make them like this anymore, except they do

Dan: Do you watch anything special weeks?

Reegs: Uh Watched the conclusion of Ozark. They underwhelming, I would say would be my take. I'm not going to spoiler it, but

Sidey: I'll probably never watch it.



that You said a shit.

Dan: Oh, well, I'll watch the hope. Yeah. I'm not going to get round to watch Ozark. I think anytime soon, I think there's too many other like series that you could invest time. And so you still haven't seen the wire. I started to watch that.

I know that eyes wide from, from society there. I did watch Tommy which was a documentary about Tommy Morrison, the boxer. Yeah. That's on Disney, quite sad story. You know, he really had everything. I mean, he was, you know unfortunately, you know,

Sidey: he didn't

Dan: he lost it all. Yeah. In Australia quite, quite young.

And it's quite a weird story because he, he got banned from boxing just before a fight when his blood tests revealed that he was HIV positive. And then like I don't 10 years later, 12 years later, Another boxing. Body said, oh, he's okay to fight. He he'd denied that he'd actually got HIV anymore.

And it was really weird. Like, you know, he married a new wife. She said that he didn't have it even as well. And when he died, he just died from cardiac arrest or something you know, septicemia, but it wasn't HIV, but obviously it's complications. That's, that's the problem. But it was quite a weird one.

I've watched that I've been watching a wedding time. The story of the LA Lakers. That's really good. I nearly watched this movie about clocks, but there was no time. I I started listening to an audio book I lost. So it was the wife's I'll never hear heard. He ended up and that's pretty much me really this week.

I didn't get, get to do much more than the homework

Sidey: we had a top five

to me. Last week which was

movie one-liners pre or post kale. I think Pete, You might have

a contribution.

Pete: but well, you sprung it upon me just before, but I, I think I listened to that episode and there was,

Dan: no, you were the one,

Pete: there was some bond content not enough love for the best bonds, Roger Moore. So he's got plenty

Sidey: Well, you know, I'm not

Pete: Yeah. I'm trying to get a rise out of you though. But like he, he's got loads of them really, really good ones and some that are just bizarre, but I th I quite like when he throws T here of the window of the train and live and let die. And what's her name? Hot Jane Seymour says, oh, what you've been doing?

And he was just being disarming my deal.

Reegs: All right. Nice. Is that your nomination? Nice. Like it

Dan: Did we get any form?

Reegs: didn't have any bonds.

Dan: beautiful listeners out

Sidey: We covered them all off on the show last week

Reegs: and we have Mel's Corey Haim.

Dan: whom? golden rose breeze.

Sidey: what

Reegs: inspired topic this

Dan: Yeah, well, you know, it's just came to me, I'm in the middle of our conversation

Sidey: How do

you feel about this sort of concept

Dan: the worst films. I think that if taken in the right context with we're a small in a, in a white way, then it's okay. You know, it's pointing a bit of fun on something. There's been lots of actors and directors that have been on and they they've done it, little, you know, acceptance speeches, and they've made fun of it themselves.

Sidey: Halle Berry went for Catwoman. didn't she? I remember That was the first one I was aware of

Reegs: And she took her Oscar with her as well.

Dan: Yeah.

And, and, and, and stuff like that, I think is worse point than they really are poking fun or pointing fun at people that maybe didn't deserve it. And

Sidey: there's a few they've had to rescind for being particularly mean-spirited.

So we

can talk about


Pete: think it probably, it started out as something that had its place where, you know, trying to cook quite a lot of like A-listers and stuff take themselves very seriously. And this was, you know, trying to remind people, like, let you just performing you know, like a, an art form and yeah.

And, and try and try and get people to laugh at themselves and laugh at things that performances that may be were a bit shaky. Maybe even sort of started to enhance the quality of, of how people did things. Cause it be in the back of people's minds or we don't want to Razzie but now all these years on for 40 years on plus

Dan: 1980 I

Pete: yeah sorry Five 500 years

  1. It's it, it just seems like you said mean-spirited and, and almost like the, yeah, the jokes run its course and, and, you know,

Sidey: have you

been on their website?

Reegs: the worst part of like consensus, you know, opinion stuff. So, you know, they don't pile on to they're just go for the really obvious stuff. And they don't like Stallone has been nominated. What is their personal vendetta with

Sidey: He's got the record for most consecutive

nominations. 15 years in a row,

Reegs: Rocky four was nominated.

It was the brainchild of a guy called John J B Wilson. He was a copywriter and a publicist. And he basically just did this reverse Oscars.

Sidey: Either

Pete: it's kind of dangerous territory nowadays though, as well, because it can all be spun back at you.

Whereas if you poke fun in a film, for some reason, if there is, I don't know, like if there is a fuck minority represented in the film or something, it could be spun back. Oh, you don't know that because you're racist or a beggar or whatever it

Reegs: I contend that there is a minority, but because it's generally a lot of the movies that are nominated for Razzies and movies that are targeted at women. So there is a bit of a thing like discrimination angle going on.

Dan: If you got any

Reegs: comedies


Pete: yeah but there's a lot of action as well, like Stallone and short snugger. And so there's, there's a lot of like daft, I mean, that, that, that became, you know, people like Stallone and I think Bruce Willis has been nominated a load of times as well and shorts and,

Reegs: There's a story about

Sidey: Yeah. So we talk about that first, cause he was nominated in

20 21, 8 times. As actor which, Yeah, because I think there was films from COBIT and things that were delayed.

and stuff. So

Reegs: There was a lot of movies. I watched a couple of them like cosmic sin and they wasn't all great movies.

Sidey: but then

Dan: grow back a

Sidey: they rescinded it because then his diagnosis came out and they're like, oh, we're being horrible. Can't say, we'll take that one back.

They did the same because let's start getting into it Cause I was going to say were there any that surprised you. So right out of the gate, the very first Razzies. Shelley Duval was nominated worst actress for the shining Stanley. Kubrick

was not my worst director,

for the


You know, what the fuck?

Reegs: and, and Betsy Palmer in a Friday, the 13th, as well as slowly. That's what it means. Serious lapses of like they don't know about films.

That's the main thing that

Dan: Certainly when you look back and you see the shining and Stanley Kubrick in there, you said, well, what kind of authority have they got Intel? Anyone what's a good film in a bad film, but looking at some of the Razzie directors, you've had KU brick, Brian, the Palmer you've had Rob Reiner,

Sidey: Brian diplomas, Scarface.

Dan: Oliver Oliver stone also did a bonfire, the vanities ad a guy, Ritchie, Joel Schumacher Seth MacFarlane, Darren Aronofsky for mother,

Reegs: Yeah, I know mother and Jennifer Lawrence as well.

Dan: And Ron Howard. So you're in good company. Should you get a call on, on the Rosie's

Pete: is there's so many criteria by which you can dislike a film like Sidey, for example, it could just be a person that's in the film and the film could be a Stella 10 out of 10.

But if that person is in the film for 30 seconds, the entire things get written off. But, and so mother, for example, people will hate. So a lot of people will hate that film because of how graphic and troubling it is. But that's part of the fucking

Reegs: but how can you watch that and go, Jennifer Lawrence is specifically awful

Sidey: Yeah. It's not an awful film. it's a polarizing film

Reegs: APOE, but her performance is what, like, why call out her individual performance?

What about it? There's not it's so it's very reductionist to do.

Pete: like I said, I've run out of steam with it. did it, did we have any lists. Nominations, because that's

Sidey: yeah, we did breach breach.

He came in because if, if you


of the tweets

that breach you per se not just to us, but out there. she's a huge Adam Sandler

Reegs: Yeah So he's been nominated. Well, it's not a record number of times, but he has been had a few nominations.

Sidey: He was nominated 11 times in one year, so not, not heaviness. So he was nominated for a few active roles, but also like, his production companies and Boso films that he was attached to broke the record for having 11 nominations in one year.

Reegs: or

Pete: Yeah.

Most of his films are crap though. Right?

Reegs: But happy Gilmore and stuff. Like, even if you don't think it's funny, what, you know, it's

Dan: that

Pete: right. So Sid doesn't like it. I know that much, but,

Sidey: I'm not a fan of all of this stuff, but then there are some, what's the


that was on Netflix, the murder mystery one. I quite enjoy it.

Dan: there


Sidey: uncut gems.

Reegs: Well, he got, they gave him a special raspberry Redeemer award for uncut gems. Cause it was like, but I dunno, that's what I mean, it's critically irrelevant because it's just like, it's, it's just whatever the popular cultural critical consensus is. And they don't go for anything like edgy or

Dan: No, but it does get people speaking about filming and what they liked and what, and what they didn't. I've got one here then to start off our, our nominations.

It's the,

Sidey: well, hang on. Can I just, are we going to nominate films that

We want to save from the RAF Razzies then? Is that how we want to do it.

Dan: I, no, I hadn't done it that way.

Reegs: it's a good idea

Dan: these actually some of these films that I've got in my first list here of both Oscar nominated and Rozzie

Reegs: I've got a couple of those as well.

It's interesting to

Dan: so one of them was the, the Jesus workout film the CrossFit one last term, temptation of Christ.


my Scorsese. They, you know, so it he's getting a shower. He got an Oscar nomination for directing. You had William Defoe and Harvey Kotel. I think it was Harvey that that got the Razzie. Yeah. For, for support an actor, I only watched this for once. And they were disciples. I think Harvey cartel was was Judas.

I think he played and did it really badly. I just watched a clip back on YouTube and it should Meg acting in this film, which didn't need it. So that's my first one. Pete, over to you, you you'll prepare it there. What have you got for

Pete: Yeah, so I, this was difficult to just put down films and. Like, whether it's an actor, whether it's a film and so on, it's kind, and it's more of a general topic that we're talking about. If I'm going to, what I haven't really prepared for is what the criteria that was just thrust upon us, which is saving films from Razzies.

Reegs: Maybe that's another topic

Pete: because

Reegs: one time. There's a lot of mileage in this. Yeah.

Pete: there's, there's some, I mean, like you mentioned before, like

Sidey: surprising ones, or just

Pete: just like, I think it could be films that either were very much worthy of the of the, the Razzie or the opposite of that. Yeah. Like you mentioned before, like Rocky four is a film that I remember with fondness.

Because of the it's the dolphin Ramon, isn't it? Yeah. It's that? I think that's the first one that I was like aware of as it was happening, as opposed to like the other ones, like before my time kind of thing. And then I went back and watched them, but that was like a strong film Dolph long-run was like fucking terrifying, like this like automaton.

Sidey: the cold war.

Pete: Exactly. Right,

Reegs: They've had a hard-on for Stallone because they do the first blood as well. You know

Pete: what,

these have done though, is given me a huge amount of ammunition to challenge Sidey on his prequels versus sequels stance and the, all of the sequels star wars. Obviously we're talking here. No, Razzy win. Like, no, they didn't win any Razzies as far as I know,

Sidey: we're saying this corrupt.

Pete: so the pre-calls that they've got a whole fucking raft of them, like

Reegs: worst.

Pete: everything.

Yeah, they're

Sidey: So I was going to try and say,

Pete: according to the, the, the fine minds that, that nominate the,

Sidey: I was going to try and save a Phantom menace because it's the best. One of, all of all the posts, returning the Jedi films, because it has jeweler of the face, but it

certainly has the best sequence out of all of them.

That's what I mean,

actually the clowns I'm not saving. It can go


Pete: it's fucking turd.

In 99, Ahmed, Akhmed, Ahmed, best one we're supporting actor for his portrayal of jar jar, Binks. Yeah. Which is, that's an absolute fucking Turkey. Jake Lloyd was also nominated for that, but he's a really irritating kid. There's no really irritating kids in the sequels like that him alone is worth the prequels.

I'm getting panned.

Sidey: I'm saving it,

Pete: You're saving it. Okay. Hayden Christensen

Sidey: It's going to be an OB one.

that's out next week in it.

Pete: Yeah, yeah. Is I I've I've I made a nominated.

Reegs: just mumbling around this subject. Now

Pete: I know I'm saying, I'm saying that the prequels deserved

Sidey: the rallies.

Dan: Have you got anything to add to this conversation? Film wise?

Reegs: This conversation, I suppose,

Pete: conversation about films,

Reegs: I, today I ha well, I had a few sort of baffling ones.

How would the duck

Sidey: what the fuck is that doing in there?

Reegs: You know Roadhouse, I know you haven't

Dan: Yeah. The, I had voted house down there is as a movie that I fought both. Okay. You know, it

Sidey: think Swayze got two in one year Roadhouse or something

Dan: it wasn't, terrible, you know, it made you think. Yeah, really that's the worst. They, how do we hear that? Must've been a pretty strong year

Reegs: performances from everybody involved, a strong story, you know even stuff like Hudson Hawk you know, these new apparently notorious movies.

Again, I just call them ambitious failures. This one, you know, have you ever seen this one? Yeah. Bruce Willis, you know, it's got a heist movie. It's an action. Adventure. Is Scott a bit of like comedy. There's a bit of musical bits in it. Yeah. Willis is kind of charismatic in it. It's a good movie. It just doesn't deserve being called out or any of the involved.

Yeah. Anyway, I can stop fucking crying about it. Blair witch Blair, which was another one. It's

Dan: which was another one that was really, and we, we talked about Waterworld in the midweek and they've had it for Costner as well. We, the postman was another one that, that got selected for a Brazee

Pete: a cost center features quite heavily in the nominations on the years. And I've said this before.

Even in the untouchables. I don't think he's a very fucking good actor.

Dan: postman didn't deliver.

Let's be honest

Pete: but I don't like Kevin Costner as an actor. I don't

He's quite clearly a guy. I know the subsidy quite clearly, a guy playing a part. There's no, I don't believe his


at all. Never, never have been.

Even like the InTouch was a fucking, really strong film.

Dan: It's

Sidey: probably a top 10, maybe for me.

Pete: I think it's fucking brilliant film. I'm not criticizing the film at all. I think Kevin Costner is like

Reegs: untouchables. They're talking about that baffled.

Dan: I haven't that's the untouchables we've Stallone and

Sidey: that's the expendable as You class.

Pete: You total penis.

Dan: Oh, thank fuck for that. I was just having a, a moment there. I thought you, you was thinking that film was

Pete: Karsner Connery, the narrow untouchables, Al Capone, Elliot ness, bloody.

And you guys to, yeah, fucking brilliant, brilliant Phil. And Costner's like surrounded by powerhouse performances and delivering light. Would the, he, you can tell he's just reciting lines. He's Wang. I don't like Kevin Costner and he deserves all the raspberries that can fit up his bottom.

Sidey: Well, I want to save a film and it was. the Razzie for worst act or in 1984, for Peter O'Toole

can you guess what it is?

Reegs: for Pete wrote all? No. What is

Sidey: Super girl. So I had, I had this on video and watched it

About a trillion

times far

more than.

I watched Superman.


it's fucking great. And

it's the same

story, sort of, and she's super hot. super fucking

Reegs: Who is it?

Sidey: I can't remember.

Pete: But rigs hates Pietro tool

Sidey: I know

Pete: he's been

Sidey: so much or they won't watch any content

I'm going to nominate super one day.

as a midweek.

So I was surprised to them because in my mind that was a 10 out of 10

and all the

performances in it were Perfect. fuck, the Razzies Supergirl is staying


in my opinion.

Dan: Well, I've talked about super girls. Annie was a film that I watched not so long ago with my daughter.

You know, the sun will come out tomorrow, you know? That, that was a Razzie, you know did you know the letter F in orphan stands for family? But this was a really kind of strong movie, another surprise, you know, that it, I think it was Oscar nominated. Maybe. I dunno. It was certainly, you know, a cult film, a big one.

I just surprised that it was anywhere near the Razzies.

Pete: What I have delivered this evening as well as cheese is a couple of world records that are raspberry related.

And one of these, if not both, definitely one of these, in fact, both of these, we can do the first one is K Colton. I don't know what the K stands for, but let's let's

K Colton lesser. K Colton. Yeah. Holds the world record for the tallest tower of raspberries. Which I'm thinking like, if you've got like

Sidey: individual raspberries,

Pete: is it a pit, would you call it a pitted raspberry or like, you know, Yeah, it's this is, this is doable.

Cause you remember eggs. You remember we had eggs and it was three,

Dan: Can you use any kind of

pencils or

Pete: no God, no, no, no, no. This is like stand-alone stand-alone raspberries. Well, I'll put you out your misery it's for like, you could just put

Dan: You are fucking kidding.

Pete: for, yeah, we could do that tonight. Have you got any raspberries

Dan: think I've got three in the fridge.

Pete: Oh yeah. But another one and this, this is definitely beatable Benjamin Gross. Has the world record for

the longest raspberry as in directed towards a camera

non-stop and it only lasted his rosary for 59.06 seconds.

Sidey: that's quite long, I think,

Reegs: chance

Sidey: no camera.

Pete: A minute. If people can hold their breath for like, can you must, people must be able to expel breath for longer than a minute and that's all you need to do.

Reegs: to make the noise. I think that's

Pete: you'll, I think you're bigging up. Benjamin grows too much. It,

Sidey: is

the first one,


Reegs: I think this could be the Dunning Kruger effect in motion here, to be honest, I reckon try it and

Dan: I reckon it's quite tough. I reckon that's a pretty strong record. I'm not saying it's unbeatable, but I don't think

Pete: The fact that it's directed to camera. I don't know if

Reegs: That's nothing does it.

Pete: Yeah, but there's a two to the records. Okay. All right. Okay. I'm going to save I'm going to save a film then. Con air in 1997

Dan: Nick cage

Pete: was

given a they had special awards and it was given the worst reckless disregard for human life and public property awards, which I guess it kind of deserved because they crashed a plane into Vegas and, and trashed apps that you have within, but kind of.

Was not a Raz, a Razzie worthy film. I got a lot of pleasure out of that

Dan: It was, it was Oscar nominated as well for this song, for this song. It was, how do I lead with you, Leanne? We aren't going to someone like that. Oscar nominated that one may have even won. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: Bizarre. And it's insane that

Sidey: I just hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

that line of dialogue about putting the money back in the books.

Pete: yeah.

It's Butler expert, the rest

Sidey: So therefore I can't watch it.

Pete: Okay.

Reegs: Well, I'm going to save some people or roles because nominating Danny DeVito for Batman returns, just an absolute joke, take it away. So I'm taking it away with my power of nothing. All of the Stallone ones. First blood Rambo, first blood part two, Rocky four.

They're all going Costner in Robin hood. Prince of thieves had me think he's a good movie. He's not great in it, but it's a. Perf it's a great enjoyable movie.

Yeah, And

Pete: I like that. I like that in spite of

Reegs: so

Sidey: the American they married, I think it's because of the American thing and just turning up and being American,

Reegs: But I'm taking all that away. I'm really controversial. I'm taking away lone ranger as well, because I'll go to bat for that one, even though it features our favorite cannibal Armie hammer.

But that is, I think, superior to the pirates of the Caribbean movie, but being in the same vein,

Sidey: Okay. I'm going to save a couple of movies, one of which we mentioned already, which is how the dark in no fucking


Should that be

In that

at all?

And I'm also going to save

show goals. because it's

like a film oddity, of like weird


and just like massive

excess Berkeley,

and Carl McLaughlin having like epileptic

fit sex. in a swimming pool is standard.

Reegs: And she makes him Jews in his trousers with a lap dance as and for hope and went to collect, he was the first person to go and collect a Razi

Sidey: Oh, are they staying here? Staying out for that reason, then.

Dan: Was also in there. And another one that was Oscar nominated, Michael Douglas, actually a winner for this, and this is the first one to win both.

And, Razzy and then Oscar and it won the the Oscar as say for Michael Douglas, the Razzie was Daryl Hannah's performance which was slighted. But you know, that's one of the more memorable films of the eighties really, isn't it?

Sidey: Great is good.

Dan: greed is good.

Reegs: Yeah, this is what I mean, they've got serious lapses in judgment and it comes from the fact that you, that the committee is like 750 individuals, but they pay to be a part of it, but there's apparently no requirement to, for you to have actually seen the movie.

So I mean, it's

Dan: So most likely it could be a part of this

Reegs: yeah

Dan: well, we're going to go around another lap and I can wrap through the last few of mine.

Pete: Is it my turn again?

Well, yeah, as I said, I didn't really sort of, I've just put films that I thought were worth discussing. I mean, one that I'm not going to save, but I feel like because of this podcast and we all experienced it at the same time, it's got a special place in my heart Katz.

I can't stop thinking about it. I, I still sing the rum tum tugger to myself, quite a.

Reegs: a

Pete: It is one of the best comedy movies I've seen in my life. And I know that's not what it was meant to me. I will watch it again. Definitely. I don't want to save it

cause it's bollocks is total bullshit, but I will definitely watch it again.

Sidey: No, I

Pete: Maybe

Sidey: so hard to get through. It was So


Pete: No, but well, so I won't save it, but the film that I thought, okay. It's not a, it's not a brilliant film, but it won the worst picture in 1993. And I don't remember it being really fucking bad was in decent proposal. Is that really bad? No, I don't think

Sidey: Mediocre

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: got one as well. So then maybe they had an infant, Demi Moore.

Yeah. That's another thing they seem to have these political yeah. Personal bullying. It's bullying and you know, I don't like that except for when Howie is here.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah sure. Oh yeah. Cause you are

Reegs: lied to Burley. Howie. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Do you think that they pick people that they think can take it in the spirit that it may be intended?

Like I felt like Sylvester Stallone will just be like fucking brilliant. Like, you know, I'm quite happy for you to like say it's shit. Cause he's got fucking, you know, loads of awards and he's been involved in some brilliant films and I don't think it, I don't see it bothering him or affecting him in any way, shape

Dan: I certainly think if it's somebody starting out in their career or a younger person who hasn't maybe one in our school ready, or hasn't got that back catalog, they can fall back on and say, well, you know what I'm saying? It's potentially a bit of a,

Reegs: well, I haven't, they nominated that star wars should have been nominated for a Brazee. There you go. All of the

Dan: the new ones

Reegs: ones could have been

Pete: Well, and they weren't, and it just goes to show how wrong Saudi was. Do you want some more info info on how wrong side is about stuff? Nicolas cage never won a Razzie. So you're wrong about that?

Sidey: quite a few times

Pete: It has been nominated quite a few times. Kirsten Dunst and Meryl Streep have never even been nominated and mental Street's been nominated for 21 Oscars by the

Sidey: There's no accounting for taste



Pete: Well, I think that this is unequivocally proven that you're completely wrong about everything you've

Reegs: but haven't, we already agreed that collectively, that this is a poor barometer for,

Pete: not when it helps my argument.


Reegs: yeah, yeah, There were other movies. I mean Friday the 13th we talked about after earth with the will Smith one, the sort of, I guess, a kind of vanity project, but it was made, you know, it wasn't that bad that he did with his son. There was battlefield earth the script writer said

He said no one sets out to make a train wreck comparing it to a train wreck.

Isn't really fair to train wrecks because people actually want to watch

Sidey: it.

Reegs: So he, I guess knew that it was pretty awful in that that did deserve its accolade, but I think it's done, it's run its course now really it's a bit, you know, you'd like to hear people talk about something on a spectrum.

I think rather than

Sidey: well, we nominate your cats Didn't we? Because we were going to

give it a KKK and

it just turned out

to be not very much fun to watch,

and Not very much fun

to talk about,


Pete: even kicking it.


Sidey: it's best to

just like celebrate something that's good. or at least try and find the good in something rather

than just boring.

and miserable.

Reegs: it's one of our most popular episodes as well.

Sidey: I know cause people Like, you know, just try and, but

when you sit and watch

it, it's like this

Reegs: the experience of,

Sidey: This is not

Pete: joke. The joke is over

Sidey: It was joke was on us really

Pete: minutes,

Dan: but Joe is on me more than it was on you.

Cause I missed it and then you'll got on it. And said, oh, well, you're not going to watch. You're not gonna watch. I've watched it alone. Didn't even get to talk about just like, oh yeah, you were right. That was shit.

Sidey: but in 1986, Kim. Bassinger one for nine and a half weeks.

That's a good

movie. And Pete one that you probably remember quite fondly from 1999, Robin Williams,

for bicentennial man.

Pete: Oh, it's all full it's over. They've got that absolutely spot on. That was fucking dreadful.

Dan: Well I've also got a F a friend of mine mentioned this film to me ages and ages ago, and then I saw it on the grassy list there it's Freddy got fingered.

You haven't seen that Tom green

Reegs: it's

Dan: kind of like a comedy way. Basically account in his own life and getting into it you know a hit TV show or something, but he talks about his dad sexually abusing his brother or something. And that's yeah, that's the fingering part. And then it kind of goes on from that we're loads right out of the gate.

And it got slated, you know, right. At a time. But now it seems to have found this kind of cult following. And I watched it and there were a few funny kind of lines because he's a funny guy. They don't all hit, but he does have some funny lines and he has some funny kind of bits and pieces. So that was

Reegs: no I you're everybody's you're cringing or you're cringing.

Dan: No, well, yeah, he

Reegs: a movie like that for 90 minutes.

Dan: out a few funny lines in it. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't go in, but Armageddon. That's a Michael bay movie again

the era

Sidey: movies.


Reegs: yeah but it doesn't even, I wouldn't put, I don't like Michael bay or that movie that much, but I wouldn't put it, give it a

Dan: well, it's one of my it's one of my.


Sidey: Don't feel guilty about it, just like

Dan: really do mean my sister and I, we, we watched that far too much together. Econ, Oscar for sound and visual or it got nominated anyway. But the, the Razzie for worst picture director, actor and all the rest of it, they will in the conversation for that as well. Pell necklace Harbor, sorry.

We're another Michael bay one that that was pretty rubbish, but again, another Oscar nominated sound and visual, you know? So it goes to show the, the real flip sides of these films.

Reegs: and

Pete: our need to things.

I haven't crossed off my list. I just, interestingly and I never, ever, ever think of her as an actress. And clearly she's not a very good one. Madonna has got, had 16

Sidey: She's she's winning the, the check nomination vote. I believe.

the ladies.

for the ladies,

Pete: Yeah. At 60 nominations, nine wins, including worst actress of the nineties.

She got a full decades worth of hate there. And the only other film I've written down here that I didn't think was bad, but we've never spoken about the emoji movie. Anyone seen that? I mean, it's got James cordon in it and he's a racist Westham fan. Like you Dan. But we

Dan: not sure to

Reegs: plumbed those steps.

Pete: I I've watched it with the kids and we enjoyed it, but I didn't think of it as being God awful necessarily, but.

Dan: somebody did will, Smith's been nominated a few times and I was looking he was Razi for after earth, was one

Pete: let's talk about that one.

Dan: but he also went in and.

We send it for concussion, which I just thought was great for will Smith at the moment to have been in a film like that.

Sidey: I've only got a couple left talk about one was Arnold Schwartzenegger for end of days. And I really liked that film.

Reegs: And the sixth day he was nominated

Sidey: fuck off. And then Ben Stiller for

Dodge ball.

So what the fuck is

Dan: They're really off the marks

Sidey: That for me is like the final nail in the, in the Razzies coffin.

Reegs: That's a picture of me taking the bull by the horns,

Sidey: but it actually


Pete: it's a metaphor, but.

Reegs: All right.

Well, come on. Let's get on with that safe. What are we doing? Say, can we save people or movies or just anything

Dan: Yeah. I th I think whatever you want I'm going to go with Armageddon,

Reegs: right?

Armageddon is saved from the golden Rosebery.

Pete: Armageddon

Dan: saving, just because it's, it's a personal fav.

Pete: I'm going to save con air then.

Dan: Why not?

Sidey: I mean, I

feel like the shining shouldn't be in there, but that it's got enough

kudos to save


Really. So I'm going

to keep how the duck out of the, Razzies

Reegs: Nice. And I'm going to, I'm going to have to take Friday the 13th out. It's got it's the template for slashing movies.

Sidey: Pete, there was some discussion

on the WhatsApp group, that there might not be changed available tonight, but you came through,

Pete: Well, I think we could turn this story into a film in itself. So

Dan: it's like a Kevin Costner

Pete: 16th of May, that it is today. 16th is when my standing order goes to the cheese people and that's when I can pick it up.

I'd I felt like the cheese place was closed on a Monday though. And I thought that we were going to miss the cheese boat.

Dan: This is the part in the film where everybody feels really bad and everyone's like, despair, what are we going to do?

There is no hope

Pete: a twist because I, I met Saudi in towns that I, and we actually went in person to the G shop together

Dan: almost like salmon

Pete: Who's

Sidey: playing,

Pete: who's playing us in.

I'm thinking like Chris Hemsworth

Dan: Yeah. Okay. And

Sidey: his less




Pete: Yeah. Anyway, it was open and we, we took the delivery of the cheese.

Dan: Wow. Must've been just joyful scenes in the cheese shop.


when you first kind of walk, where is it? Is it in the

Sidey: Well, it's moved down.



so plot twist. It's not opposite here. goes anymore. It's now actually in the market.

Pete: Yeah. Oh wow.

And so, because of that, I think that they, they feel compelled to be open on a Monday.

Dan: more door than you have to go through.

You have to get into the

Sidey: yeah It's next to

the women's

public toilet.

Pete: That's exactly where it

Sidey: So The cheese smell is not just

Dan: nice. They really secured

Pete: So we, we took delivery of some cheeses that I'll just very briefly talk you through and make up some stuff about, cause I I've left the notes about them at home somehow, but one of them is a, an exclusive of bad dads. First here it is a Italian Carbone Chino, which, which is, which is the, the one that we've been pairing with the Ryvita thins, the salty Rosemarie fellows yeah, the kind of like Blackie kind of rind or whatever, and it is an Italian mixed cheese and it is a mixture of cow sheep and goats, cheese, milk, cheese.


Sidey: a blend.

Pete: a, it's a blend. And I think that they've got the blend just right. It's a,

yeah, it's got a lovely texture and the Ravita sends a bang and there's also a longer French cow's milk cheese, which is it just describes it as under cheese type. It just describes it as stinky.

Sidey: I wouldn't say it was

that stinky

Pete: stinky of I've had more powerful

Sidey: cheese could get on with that

cheese. I'd say

Pete: that's good as well. And then there's like a cheddar I've not even looked, we've not touched the cheddar yet, but

Sidey: it is pretty boring.

Pete: it is a, an English farmhouse cheddar that is mature, full flavored, the creamy texture and a fruity Tang. And it's handmade.

Endorse it

Reegs: It's wax

Pete: Yeah It's in a, sort of a burgundy,

Sidey: Ron burgundy They're the same people do the black bomber.

Pete: Yes they are. I think, yeah, the fine cheese companies. Yeah, high hopes for that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Or we also picked up some pickle chilies while we're there impulse buy.

Pete: we did. Yeah. And they, they, they were good. Yeah. Massive chilies. I've never said these are the biggest chilies I've ever seen in my life.

Length wise.

Dan: worm

Reegs: I didn't know who was going to eat who at one point.

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: So That's

good. And that also segues

very neatly

into this

week's film nomination Dan, which was your choice.

Dan: Yeah, well, it was a bit of a team effort. Wasn't it? I'd seen this And you probably talked me into choosing it more than I, I chose it because I, wasn't kind of sure about it.

Sidey: well, because I hadn't seen it. and I wanted to

Dan: Yeah Well I hadn't

Sidey: for it quite hard.

Dan: I hadn't seen it and I wasn't really bothered about seeing it to be honest, I'd have missed this. I think if it hadn't been for our discussion and go and why. Okay. Let's, let's add it in. And so in the theme of taken and any other of those films where you got 50 year old plus blokes trying to be action heroes?

We, we join nobody and it starts out and you've got Bob Odin. Kirk, who's better call Saul. What else was he in here? Breaking

Pete: bad originally?

Dan: The lawyer in that,

Reegs: Yeah, it's a long American listeners will know him from Saturday night live.

He was on that for snow.

Dan: Right. Okay. I must, I must say he's For an older guy, he's an actor that I've only just kind of become aware of, you know, I didn't see any of his younger, earlier acting stuff, but he's got one of those faces that I, you know, I like looking at.

He's just one of those. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: I I'd never seen him before breaking bad. And then, and I've really enjoyed him in breaking bad, but I never thought better call Saul like a spinner. A lot of all the characters in, in that to spin off. I, at first I kind of like resisted watching it.

Sidey: because

Pete: thought, well, it's not gonna, it's not going to be as good as breaking bad, but better call Saul is fucking brilliant.

I don't know who, if has anyone seen it?

Reegs: I haven't seen any of the new stuff, but I'm up to date up to the new stuff and

Pete: Is there new stuff like now, or like eminent? I think it's five seasons have been done and dusted and there's,

Reegs: There was a new season just released and I'm waiting until

Pete: I cannot wait for that because it's fucking, I think it not, not consistently, but it hits some of the Heights that the breaking bad


Dan: my, my boy watched them all. I I've yet to catch up with any of them, but I, I seen some of them and it was enough for me to go on not watching this. Now I'm going to watch this

Pete: Definitely make some time, but that, this isn't that.

Dan: No. So you know, we've,

w let's talk, let's talk about the film before we, we give the thoughts then.

So how did it start with

Reegs: well, he got Hutch in the interrogation room, just close up of his face or battered and bruised, and you've got don't let me be misunderstood by Nina Simone playing. And he pulls open his jacket and he's got a kitten in it. Yeah. A tin of tuna and

Pete: It's an interesting intro to Australia straight away.

You're like, how the fuck did he end up here? But,

Reegs: And the interrogator says to him, who the fuck are you? And he says me I'm and then it slammed cuts to the title. Nobody. it's cool star

Sidey: It does a kind of Edgar, right. Quick edit of the working week, you know, Monday, Tuesday. And it's like clearly to some really hideous, mundane routine of,


Loveless looks like a Loveless marriage, forgetting to put the bin out every

week, And just, and it just speeds through that you know, relentlessly.


Dan: Yeah. That was it. And, and yeah, it gives you a sense of,

Sidey: So

you're expecting like something.


Pete: looks like, what is he like a bookkeeper in a

Sidey: factory Yeah. He's doing some sort of finance.

He work in

a in a manufacturing.


Pete: like cool little bits where as he walks in one day, there's all the like employee of the month and then everyone's in overalls and then there's like one month and it's, it's blurred out. You cut, but you can tell it's him in like, wearing kind of like, like more, you know, office attire.

Yeah. And even that in itself is like, oh, event. Cause he's quite a long way along the corner of the hall of fame. So eventually like, it seems like, oh, I forgot to give

Dan: got it.

Pete: some point. Yeah.

Dan: So, so that's, it, it begins at the end and then it kind of cuts to how we get there. And it starts telling you this story and building a character of Hutch. Who's your SIS guy who, who goes to work, you say missing the bins every day.

And the wife is the only time she seems to talk to him. He says, Mr. Benz again through their

Sidey: they, we see a shot of that bed and they've got like

a a divided pillows just separating them, which I thought was.

Reegs: That was Paul Bowden Kirk's idea.

Yeah. And yeah, so it's this mundane life deeply unfulfilling. We can see that already. And then

Pete: Nielson of, I want to say gladiator and she gladiator

Sidey: is she

isn't she, the lady from

Pete: Now. I can't remember what she's

Sidey: Oh my God. What's the football one

manager one,

Reegs: Ron,

Ron manager,

Sidey: the one Ted lasso. Oh, is she in that?

Pete: She's

not glad you had devil's advocate.

Sidey: I thought she might've been the, the shame women from game of Thrones but I don't think it is

Dan: well, she she's, she's playing Bob Odin. Kirk's wife

Sidey: She he, he's doing some pull-ups at the bus stop every

day. And it, her advert for her

real estate business

Is they're starting him in

the face, in this sort of weird

Pete: of suggesting she's the breadwinner

Sidey: yeah,

he's got some sort of dead end going nowhere.


Reegs: alluded. He is briefly alluded to having a military history when his son is doing a project and he needs to, and you can see kind of on veterans

doing Easter and they

he's doing a project. He's doing a project on, on veterans and you can see that he doesn't really want to interview his dad. He's not much of a, you know, a figure to him. He's reluctantly doing this project. So it builds up this picture

Dan: dad's gone to saying, well, maybe she'd should ask you Encore, whatever. But then one thing happens one night, there's a noise.

And in the middle of the night, he's woken, he goes downstairs and some

Sidey: is, I think he has, well, I think he has some sort of insomnia. Cause he he keeps getting up, I think anyway, he's up? And he sees some some intruders.

Dan: Yeah. And it's and there Bob in the house and he's got a golf club in his hands and

Sidey: not the

crime of the century.

This one?

Dan: No, no, it's it's, it's a couple of.

You know, just desperate kids or something chances or whatever. But they, they do have a gun with them. As we find out and they end up pointing it at his son, who's taken down one of the the assailants for the robbers. He's taken him down the other, one's pointing a gun at him.

Sidey: already confronted them. and said, just take what you want take what you want. I don't want any trouble, just take one and then go.

Dan: but it's turned out that hutches actually has the opportunity to wrap the golf club around the

Sidey: thank you, taking a three-word


You want to drive

Pete: Poor choice

Dan: They ought to take an, a seven on myself because you can really,

Sidey: I think you want the length

Dan: oh, well, yeah,

Reegs: but he does back down when he has the drop on the robber and his son sees it as well. And he gives her

Dan: oh, it just really pushes out. I mean, he just goes or go out

Reegs: He doesn't Persio anyway,

Dan: That's what it seems to his son. His son's they're going, dad, what are you doing? We had him, I've just jumped off this fucking, the staircase taken down one of these guys. You can hit the other one around the head with thing, and we've got these

Sidey: I know what you're saying. That's where the right choice is to say that just fucking go.

Pete: So I was thinking this at the time, it's like, because then in the subsequent scenes,

Sidey: the policemen like has

Pete: the next like sort of 10, five minutes of the film is basically like deriding him for not it.

Yeah. Yeah. Right. And

Sidey: how do your family

Pete: did want to mention is like, is that, is that a cultural thing? Like obviously a lot of, as we know, people in America have guns and it's all about kind of like, you know, protecting yourself and your home and stuff. And so is the expectation in America that if like Bergen has come into your house, like you, you should fucking fight them and like

Sidey: with them.


if you had a gun, you'd be,

you'd be fine.

Pete: insane. It's like, yeah, like if we ever, if you ever in that scenario, the advice clearly is like, it's not whatever it is that they're going to steal is not worth your life or the life of your son or whatever it

Sidey: And it's, it's pretty much shown that these two, like about bungling fucking idiots that they

just break in and it's an opportunist thing. And They managed to get in by leaving a pizza


and the garage door and.

You know, imagine how fuck it. like,

well, imagine I would

be fucking paralyzed, with fear. If someone was

in my gaff in

the middle of

the fucking night,

I wouldn't be thinking I could take these

Pete: With a gun. Yeah.

Sidey: I'd be fucking shitting myself.

Pete: I thought at first that he didn't because it was evident that it was a girl was the one that he was like creeping up on.

So I thought at first he felt a bit conflicted about like levering a girl around the back of the head with a golf club.

Dan: because he really, he kind of, he whines, he winds up. Yeah. He he's, he's winding up.

And then he kind of looks, he hears the voice of that, the gal, and he winds it back down. His son sees that thinks dad's your Percy and out air, but he goes, look, just take what you want. Take one. And he explains, I just didn't want to make it worse. Didn't want

Sidey: it

Dan: escalate. And, and

Reegs: It's the reactions of it's the reactions of everybody else afterwards as well that compound it because the police officer vaguely implies or not even vaguely

Sidey: If that was my family.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: just sort of everybody conspires to emasculate him base get basically including his brother-in-law at work.

Who's like a pseudo tough guy and gives him a gun,

Dan: to look after his sister with,

Reegs: after his sister and he puts it in the freezer. I wonder if that'll ever be used again. And yeah, so it's, it's, you know, you've got this sort of portrait of mundane and.

Incident this happened to make him feel bad,

Dan: And the, the trigger point

Sidey: comes

Dan: when

Reegs: Well, then we find out a little bit more though, because he goes down to the basement and he gets on, somebody starts radioing him.

Sidey: yeah, I was going to say about his next door neighbor.

and his car.

Cause, Cause it's like the polar opposite. Even his house looks more

like moderate and fancier And

he's got what was it? A Dodge,

challenger, like a 1970s or something. Yeah. A real American muscle.

car thing. And not to 60 on my bike. I'm

about to find

the fuck out.

This guy's a fucking Dick, but he's, you know?

he's all exciting.

and wow. Whereas he is all mundane and fucking blah, but

yeah. Then something is slightly different about him, you know, there's something, we don't

Dan: you, you w you wait, instill it at this stage. I have not got an inkling really of the kind of film that it's going to turn out to be, because I went in other than just the title.

I didn't know

Reegs: You wonder if this is going to be like a falling down

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. That's what I, that's what I thought. I thought that's what I thought, because all I knew about the film I'd heard, but not in great detail about a fight on the bus. That's all I knew that it was.

part of it, but I didn't know that, you know, cause what, what transpires is that he's the fucking


Right. But I like exactly, what you just said, because I was thinking this is Michael Douglas when he's just going to like, right.

If something's going to snap in him and he's, just going to go out and

Dan: realistic, the way

Sidey: vigilante killings or whatever,

Dan: the way that it was all done. And even the reaction of him with the, the robbers in the house and things that were quite realistic. And you say you you'd add, I absolutely think, well, that's kind of how it go. And as we'll talk about later on the the fight scenes as well, are there, they're certainly until you get to the end anyway, they're not ridiculously kind of crazy, you know, it's there's, there's a lot, there's a lot going on,

Reegs: try and describe him because it's kind of fun. We've

Pete: sorry, straight, straight after this. And like, cause I was, I was, I was actually feeling angry.

Like everyone being a Dick to him that he's not fucking, you know, defended his family and shit, but then like not long after that, there's a scene where he's he's got like a hidden radio in his, in his office and it's his brother, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. And he starts, and then it, then it kind of all starts falling a little bit more into place where he explains the sorts of things that, you know, your average layman would not fucking know.

And then he's like, oh, I could tell that they were amateurs. I could tell I was scared. I saw that the gun wasn't

Sidey: Yeah. and you got a shot of it, him

Pete: the barrel. Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: chambers, are empty. Yeah.

Dan: You start to realize this guy is a highly trained operative. Who's who's just pretty much,

Pete: alludes to him knowing a lot more than he's letting on it does it. You don't know the fullness of oh, well,

Dan: I once at

Pete: you can pick them a

Sidey: He was he was a kindred spirit

Dan: Yeah. Well,

Reegs: and the voice he's talking to is the razor as well.

Sidey: Right. So

in the credits, on the credits, it popped up Reza And I was like, oh, fucking cool lover, is it like, that's great. completely

forgot. Right. So at the end

when I was


oh fuck,

because what's a decades.

Pete: that's another exam. It was it. Wasn't there. Who the fuck was it in it method, man in Patterson. Yeah. Like, so there's like some,

Sidey: there's

Pete: yeah, there's some like odd placement of like Wu-Tang guy.

Reegs: what pushes him over the edge is his daughter who is the only one who shows him any affection, his youngest daughter, and she's lost her Katie bracelet. And that's the thing that pushes him over the edge. So he goes to see his father who turns out to be Christopher Lloyd, which is cool. And he starts rummaging in his, and he takes his jacket and his old expired FBI license. And he goes around town looking for stuff, different tattoo parlors. Cause he seen a tattoo that she had on her wrist, I think.

Pete: year

Dan: Yeah. So he's trying to identify which tattoo is gave that tattoo and locate the robbers to get there. The kitty cat.

Reegs: and we get one of the brilliant, brilliant scenes in this where he eventually tracks down to one of the tattoo parlors and it's filled with military veterans and they spy his expired.


ID straight away and they're not taken by him. They know he's a fraud sort of thing. And then as he moves to, to show them a document, he sees the tattoo on his wrist, which is a seven of

Sidey: seven

Reegs: spades and diamonds. Isn't

Sidey: it's the worst hand you can have. Yeah.

Reegs: And immediately the one guy just fuck. It's like in the Simpsons, he just books off behind the

Dan: your service.

Reegs: your service, shuts the door

Pete: locks that he's saying. And then like a little peep hole that he looks at and then closes.

Reegs: is a brilliant,

Dan: Yeah. And that, that kind of sharpens the wits of the other guys who go, I've got this much money, then you go, I'd like to see one of you fuckers, try and take it from.

I want to know who this is. So he gets the information, gets up to the apartment where these kids have been staying and there were lovely couple, it seems on the outside, then there's a girl and a boy they're in love with each other and they probably haven't got very much, they're not living in luxury or anything.

And they're, they're feeding each other food while he comes in and just, you start to see another side of him.

Yeah. He's a,

Pete: But he, he yeah, he looks like he's gonna rough him up or even kill them or whatever, but then he, like, he goes into a room and there's a baby.

That was the baby L looked like

Reegs: had to, it had a monoxide, your

Pete: right? Yeah.

Reegs: So, you know,

Dan: They're desperate people, you know, and, and this is so he's outside, he's angry and he's punching a wall when he gets on a bus. And this is where fate kind of takes a turn because otherwise he's just going home. But some mad fucking. You I've crashed this square block Jeep into into some bollocks

Sidey: surprises

Cause he's just sat on the back seat of the bus, the middle one looking down the aisle, there's a young girl just to his left, and then you get the short outside the bus of this fucking Jeep.

Just passed. you know, those bollards they're like full of water.

or they just

fucking steam straight through They're clearly fucking off their head. and They get.

on the bus.

Reegs: Well, he, he sitting there and it cuts to his narration and he says, please, God, let them please God open that door.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: was just right there with them.

Dan: one other guy in there.

He's, he's a big unit that he's already walked past. And yeah, he's a, he's a big guy. Who's obviously a white left too or something. So there's a couple of

Reegs: They slam his book to the floor that for me, their fate was sealed at that

Sidey: Yeah. And he says, I hope to God, they like hospital

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: And, and still at this stage, you don't really understand because he's one 50 ish medium build guy. And these you know, six or seven rough looking,

Reegs: Well, one of them is Daniel Bernhardt, which, who was agent Johnson in the matrix movies and was also in a lot of other movies that I like as a stump and birds of prey other ones.

And another one is Allah musi. Who was the guy who fought captain America in the Marvel

Dan: movie. Yeah. I said, I got a good pen. They go good pedigree

Reegs: No, he was the one who fought him on the boat. He was a character. I can't remember battle rock, I think is the character. So yeah, really good top of their game stump. And so, you know, something's going on.

Pete: So he's, he basically walks, he walks past them to the front of the bus.

Sidey: the phone isn't there.

Pete: And, and, and basically it takes the phone off the light, the bus driver escorts her off the bus, shuts the doors and then kind of just turns around and stands there.

And then eventually they, one of them looks

Reegs: girl

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: implying a sexual

Pete: well, they, one of them says, oh, you know, like bias at a girl by yourself, late at night on a bus, like you're asking for trouble kind of thing. But then whilst we'll say what's the F like focuses is on her. One of them kind of looks up and was like, oh, I have a look at this guy.

Cause he's just kind of like stood there,

Sidey: waiting



Pete: them. And it's like, do you want some,

Dan: they've already stayed down the big body builder guy. Who's not fancy that he's got off the bus. So everybody's off the bus. And yeah, I mean, they're, they're implying

Reegs: wait, he stares at him. He says, what you still doing here? Old man. And he takes the gun out and he empties the

Sidey: book

Reegs: on the floor. And then he looks at the guy in the yellow t-shirt cause he, the delivery is really brilliant.

He says, I'm going to fuck you up. And, and then and then it starts

Pete: what's good about this scene as well as that, I don't know how long has meant to have passed since he was a double dangerous bastard, but it doesn't start with him just being what I thought was going to be, which is like, he just fucking folds them all in half and everything.

He's rusty as fuck. And he's getting like punched and stabbed in her and everything, but you can see the way he moves and everything that he knows roughly what he's saying. And it all starts coming back as his juices get flowing again.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Well, no, he's, he's totally imperfect as a fighter. I mean, he's getting hit, but he's just taking it and he's getting back up.

You know, Robin, himself,

Reegs: Well, that's

Dan: he took, you know, big punches, but he is given as hard as he gets and harder. And there's, you know, then they're all piling in. The girl was kind of, she got out now. She didn't know. She still sat back in the, in the buses. She, while he's just taking one by one, they're all getting into

Pete: 'cause at one point he, he goes out, he gets thrown out the window and gets, gives, gives the phone back to the, to the driver and then gets back on the bus.

And it all goes off again.

Reegs: And not just that bit though, the fight itself has an internal rhythm where the participants like they get hurt and they stop and people are breathing for a minute and like just, you can hear cries of pain and like, and then they, they gather themselves to start again.

Sidey: He kind of wraps the, like a seatbelt round himself.

Reegs: Yeah, he improvises a little new south of something. You know there's a bus stop thing. There's a little gag with light stop requested going on or wherever. And eventually it's just down to the, oh, he smashes out that agent Johnson's teeth.

Sidey: And he's like, oh my teeth, is it badly? like,

there's none that you like. Yeah, it's pretty. bad.

Dan: pretty. Fuck. Oh fuck.

Reegs: and then it's just the yellow guy. And the yellow guy has the idea to grab the gun and he starts to load the bullets and he's like fumbling with the bullets and Hutch just kind of really cooly, very slowly turns around and grabs this metal pole and just kind of slashes his neck.

Pete: I think he like crushes his whim pot. He fucks him straight across the throat and his wind pipes crushed, which, and then he performs a trackie up to me, tracheotomy, whatever that

Dan: like a straw from a

Pete: Like cuts his neck sticks, a straw,

Reegs: which we know to be an ineffective technique from. Cause we talked about that when we talked about.

Sidey: which it, but it

did, it was

successful in this movie.

However and know eventually, you

know, the fight he's

he's victorious, but bloodied pretty, pretty badly.

And he just gets off

the, bus and says, sorry about

the mess.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Not perfect. You

Pete: but he does chaperone the girl off the bus as well. So

Dan: what he's said in his mind is as we is where you here this goes going to get home safely, you know, and he's made up his mind there before those guys have, have started a fight with him. He's, that's, what's going to happen here.

And that's what he's, that's what he gets to do. So when he goes home the wife doesn't seem to be that surprised when she

Pete: no, it's, it becomes clear that she's aware of his former life. And and his understanding of the

the scenario

Sidey: taken away.

Reegs: they it's a conversation where they, you know, he's reaching out and he says, I miss you, do you remember who we used to be an easy sort of, you know, every couple probably has a kind of conversation like that at some point, but it, you know, it it's relatable.

It feels effective.

Dan: Was she in on it, you know, was she part of the, the, the fight? Is there something, do you remember what we were like at that? That's how I read it, but you're probably right.

Reegs: it's, but it's right. In both ways, you know, it's thematically.

Sidey: Have you mentioned that one of the, one of the guys was connected on the,

Pete: We haven't mentioned it because the guy, the Russian guy, no,

Sidey: some sort of weird karaoke,

Reegs: straight after the scene that Dan's talking about, it flashes up the title card Yulia, and you know, you're going to get something and you get this great scene in this range Rover.

I think it is.

Crushes outside and he just walked straight across the street and all the cars have to stop for him. And he's like straight on. It's just a print straight

Sidey: away,

Reegs: straight up onstage like that bingo hell

Dan: It just does a little bit of coat as he,

Pete: Oh yeah. Yeah. And then he starts dancing really weirdly and badly and joins in the sing song that's going on in the stage. Yeah.

Dan: And

we find out he is actually some world connected. Psychotic

Pete: there or at a later scene where he like brutally murdered someone with like a, like a champagne glass or a glass.

Dan: guy looks at him wrong.

He's that's the first scene. It's just straight off the stage. He goes upstairs. And he speaking to three guys who have just given him like millions to hold in his club. And he's like, yeah, it's safe.

Don't worry about it. And then to prove it, he glasses this guy

Reegs: Yeah, I didn't follow his logic there. No, but it was a display

Dan: he's like, it was display of power. Like what the fuck are you going to

Pete: And then you even, so do you know who that was? He's he's like, he's got a stake in that or whatever. And it's like, oh, well, we can all share it now.

Dan: because,

Pete: So

Reegs: So it turns out yellow t-shirt boy was this dickheads brother and eastbound brain damaged.

And despite, you know, unions, double standards, like, you know,

Dan: No actually liking his brother is an embarrassment

Reegs: and killing a guy in the previous scene as well. But yeah, he didn't like his brother, but yeah, so he goes off to find out who did this and he goes off to interrogate poor agent Johnson. First, he walks in the room and throws a chair at him.

It's in, straight in the face.

Dan: Yeah, it, it was and he's already in bad shape. He's already lost all his teeth and, and bruised and battered. And he finds out, yeah, it was just one guy. He can't believe it. And, and so he goes, right, we'll go and find. This guy, and they've got these bus ticket, that's the one kind of connection. And it goes back into the scenes of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Reegs: So he knew man now, though.

Dan: But yeah, he's he's cooking. He's, he's doing he's reborn. He just needed to get out of his system. He had a big loss. He had a fight end of it for him, but they will turn up. They found out where he lives and he's they will turn up at his house.

Sidey: Okay. Hey, Scott, get in the basement. Get in the basement.

Reegs: did miss the scene there just, I only bring it out because he goes to see the barber who tells him who he's dealing with Yulia. And he gives him the file on UDN. And we know that now that he's connected and the barber was a guy that I've seen in absolutely everything. He was in bond and all sorts of stuff.

But I never knew his name until I looked up today. Cause it's Colin salmon.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: Did you know that name? Cause I figured that's a name that I would not like. Yeah. Colin salmon is

Pete: since there was slamming salmon

Sidey: thank God. No, he, yeah,

Reegs: So he knows what he's coming, but you know, clearly, you know, hutches a Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Dan: Yeah. We're starting to learn that he, he can be a bit handy and anyway, he doesn't really seem like he's going to get into a fight again, until these people turn up on his

Sidey: Whatever things everything's gone like domestic bliss because he is now himself again. And he says, tell you what, I'll cook our flavors, like the, the, the lasagna. And we'll have a nice night. And it just like when he's serving up, he just tears. And then he looks, and he sees this convoy fucking SUV is coming towards the GAF And he's like quick in the

basement, get in the basement. Now they're like

what, what,

Dan: whatever you do,

Sidey: basement? don't call nine 11. And he pulls the light, switch off

the wall

and presses some key pad. He's obviously got panic room, somehow set up in his gas.

And then

there's just

a big



Enormous fight very John wick now.

I thought,

Reegs: he takes two guys down with a baseball. And then he slashes one with a kitchen knife, and then there's boiling water involved. Isn't there there's a capital gets thrown at him. And then even the lasagna at one point becomes

Pete: he pummels, some guys had into the design yeah. With the cattle.

Reegs: Yeah. It's more brutal stuff, but eventually a heart cheers, actually tasered and dragged out of there.

Sidey: Yeah. It's kind of surprising. Cause it's all going

Pretty well. And it's just like a hand comes in from off screen and

you know, he's like, Ooh, shit, he's out, you

know? he's

Reegs: Yeah. He's gone and he's in the boot of the car with the Russian goons, including an Ethiopian character.

He's an interesting character. I didn't gauge fucking character name. That's really

Dan: No but he was the hard man of Yulia and he was the man that Yulia had been showing off because of his his color. It already, you know, got a bit of attention and. It would say, look, this guy's odd motherfucker. He, you know,

Reegs: rushing this.

Anybody else?

Dan: w it will do is, is whatever we want basically to their why.

Okay. And he even makes a joke about one of the, the the Russian only arcs or, or guys that are there. Doesn't he, I mean, it shows the power of this, of this guy that is now got him locked in the back of a car. They speed in a way they're going back to Giuliani, wants him alive. Doesn't really care if he's dead, I guess, but they're in complete control here, but

Sidey: also, you think,

Reegs: Yeah.

Well then Hutch dislocates his wrists to be able to slip the cuffs off, which is an easy one. Isn't

Dan: Yeah. So he's out of the

Sidey: that's like the most, almost like the most pain.

you see mic, it's all these beatings and he's like, shakes it off but that. He's like, oh and he, he he opens the BU to have a look.

And then you see him sort of scrambling around and

he gets the fire extinguisher, Like what's he going to do?

And then you just get a shot of like, in the, the passenger bit of the car and the guys are looking around and then he obviously like fucking hoops the, the

bit that falls down

in the back seat and they'll look at him and he just sprays the fire engine, completely fogging

out the cabin and they



It happens off screen and then you just see The car in slow motion

Pete: because you just see them head towards a lamppost and then it just like, it there's like a, you know, fairly serene light scene of a, of a, and then this car just comes tumbling into the shot.

Dan: And y'all to famous. Well, this got hurt still in the back, isn't it?

But no, it didn't. And he gets out and he kind of just seize out. The last few minutes of is quite a good scene because the the black Russian guy is dying crushed under the weight of the car. And so he kind of comforts him and just doesn't want him to die alone. And, and to do this, he starts telling his story and it's, it's kind of a theme.

They pick up a couple other times where as he starts telling the story, people just die before he can get to the end and he's like, Aw, fuck it. Like you don't care. Anyway.

Reegs: A phone, his dad to tell him that things have escalated and that Christopher Lloyd just smiles. He's watching loud TV all the time.

That's good. And then he goes back to the house and there's, you know, it's not being cleaned up or anything, just blood and people

Dan: but he does change himself.


Reegs: Abe washes.

Dan: he looks a bit rough. So he puts on a new shirt and trousers opens the panic room door and they just kind of step over. And it's not like in other movies where then it's cleaned up and you know, it's

Reegs: normal.

Dan: It's all, you know, you see people all over the house. He's just got his hands

Reegs: You can hear a guy like all audibly Ross, Billy breather

Dan: Yeah. Getting his last few breaths as they step over his bloody feet and stab legs and stuff. They get out and he sends the kids to safety

Pete: in one of these like scenes where he's revealing his past, he reveals himself to be an auditor. It was like, you know, like the guy in a crime organization that is basically son end to just

Sidey: well he's a,

Dan: confession to his son,

Sidey: he's a government

intelligence agency,


is ne

Reegs: it's specifically, it's kind of non-specific, he works for three letter agencies. When laws can't take you down. He's the one who finishes

Dan: out whole governments

Pete: he also tells a story of a guy that was in a similar situation to him

Sidey: May wasn't it?

Pete: or was that.

Reegs: Well, no, he, it was one of the guys that he was supposed to kill called Allen, or was it Aaron?

He says, he's explaining this to four guys that he's got in his basement on his couch.

Dan: Dying different stages of death. Yeah.

Reegs: And he says that basically he had an epiphany one night when he was supposed to assassinate this guy and he let him off one guy who begged for his

Sidey: it's mad. Cause he says, because I had the, you know, it was a Walther PPK silenced And he goes, wait, no, it was because you see the

actual gun

you know, he's got it put in his head.

It's just a weird detail. And it's just quite

Dan: Did you, did you think his room was quite man-cave ish had the records and,

Sidey: Yeah But like you say me, he does, sorry. He goes on with that story to say that the guys are banks for his life,

and that He he was just

Reegs: Well, he let him, he let him go. He just decided to let him go.

And then he revisited him a year later, you know, fully expected him to have been a recidivist, but he had reformed and he had, he'd been fucking busy. He he'd, he'd had a nine to five. He had a wife, he had a kid and another one on the way. But anyway, Hutch sleight, well, fucking

Dan: I want a bit of that.

I want a bit of that. And that's what it kind of prompted his hiatus in in being bad-ass, but he was back now and they were after him, Julian. Again, after this fighter wasn't pleased, but he decides he better go to, to his place then doesn't he

Sidey: Yeah, we got rid of montage.

Reegs: Well, he burns his whole house down first and steals the car, but he also finds the kitty-cat bracelet, which initiated it all just under the couch.


Pete: yeah, yeah. And then he goes, and he buys the business that he works for

Sidey: He's

tried before

Pete: with like, yes.

Sidey: And the guy's like, no, I built this ride, blood, sweat, and tears.


if someone's going to make me an offer for if I'm going to send, it has to

be like a really good offer. So it

just drops

out a gold

bullion on the

Pete: That, that guy's the guy from yeah. From thing

Sidey: the other stuff,

Pete: the Arnie

Sidey: loads of other stuff.

Pete: tow Rico. Ironic that I couldn't recall that.

Dan: that's a good little scene actually. So it gives them opportunity anyway to, to 18, the place up and start putting

Sidey: Yeah. They get a montage of light

Yeah. Mousetraps with some sort of fuse on a and putting stuff in jars

with gunpowder. And

Reegs: cool.

It's not exactly clear what it is. Cause, and he's like welding shit in that.

Dan: mean, it goes on doesn't it? I mean, you you've got the inevitable, huge big fight in the end. I mean, don't want to spoil

Sidey: but we've had, the voice on the radio against San fuck man, you taken on the Russians. I'm not fucking coming out of retirement for you and all this sort of shit.

And then a couple of fellows go to the old folks


Reegs: One of those was the director.

Sidey: All right. Okay.

And you're like, Fuck.

that guy. And for,

You know, the dark

Pete: Yeah, that's a good scene.

Sidey: a great

Pete: Yeah. Cause he's obviously prepared. He knows that.

Sidey: but he's watching the telly and you hear a noise

and the guy, the duty officer wherever he is like, oh no, like, what's that?

And you've just seen like a shotgun get pulled up


Reegs: Well, the guy goes to shoot him and he jams his little finger

Sidey: And that was cool, man. I was fucking go.

Reegs: to stop it going

Sidey: And the

guy just opens the door. He's like,

what do you turn that TV down and he's like suffocating

some guys just like a slight in another

like corpse, just to the left of where, you know, no one could see

Dan: turning the Cowboys and Indians down on

Sidey: closes the door like, oh, it was just the tele, you know?

Reegs: Yeah.

He finds the op shack, which we they'd referred to earlier, which was like this retirement fund that you have to look after.

For and it's all the gangsters

Dan: this is it.

This is what, it

Pete: like a treasury for.

Sidey: Well yeah, because

when we were first introduced to him. We

saw him taking, you know, a deposit. You know,

and all this

money is now.


Pete: Yeah. And he's got all this artwork, he's an art collector. Isn't he? That will gets burnt.

Dan: He

does manage to save one, one point in Disney. But yeah, there's a there's there's a massive, massive Pete will tell you there's a, there's a massive pile of money that ends up being burned and

Sidey: The joker in

Dan: it's um

It kind of can't forgive him when he finds that's done.

When he finds out the money's been

Sidey: he's going

to be a

fucking targeted man for losing all

their money. He's got nothing to lose now.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, but it's even more dumbfounded union because he's doing a gig and as everybody's clapping him off there's Hutch

Sidey: saying that having a male.


Reegs: having dinner.

Dan: Right in the middle. Yeah.

Reegs: It's a ballsy move in. It

Sidey: yeah. He goes

Reegs: kind of flat, but God

Sidey: you're enjoying the meal and he's like, not really

Dan: I came for the show.

Sidey: everyone pulls a gun on him.

It's about like 20 guns

Dan: and he he's, he's obviously strapped to a bomb that if, if yeah, if If he's touched, then it's going to go off. So he manages to walk out there safe and having tried to negotiate, having tried to make a deal, but there's no go for you down Julian's after it.

So we have this inevitable back at the yard that he's just bought where all these traps are set

Reegs: Well, there's a nice moment where he gives you Leanne, the opportunity to back out

Dan: try and negotiate. But he says the money.

Reegs: Yeah.

he goes back into his car. He's sitting there with his fingers.

Dan: He really wants it to happen.

Reegs: Did you think that I watched it because I watched that scene twice and it was a little bit more ambiguous the second time as to what he was really wishing for. I dunno

Pete: that you could be wishing that the guy takes the offer to just leave it there. Yeah.

Reegs: It's a little more ambiguous, but anyway. Yeah, he doesn't and they steam back to his house to pat Benatar heartbreaker.

And it's a fucking, just gore Fest really. I

Pete: this old man and Harry show up.

Reegs: Yeah. The triple kill was just something incredible. I mean,

Dan: Oh, the, the gun. Yeah. Yeah. And did you watch the credits?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: there was in the credits. There's a couple of those scenes where they just have extra scenes, you know, they, they play it for you and that was one of them and they just talking, you didn't know, he didn't do it.

You should have seen it. It was like,

Reegs: Eh, it was, I mean, it is, you can't spoil it. We've spoiled a lot of

Dan: We support loads of

Reegs: this,

Dan: watch this,

Reegs: people flying everywhere and it's brilliant.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: get to see all these booby traps and


that he's made and it's fucking cool.

Dan: Yeah.

And, and, you know, it's lots for me to enjoy this from, I, I really thought this was.

Really enjoyed it. I dunno how you guys felt about it, but it was, it just caught me at the right time in the right mood. And I really liked this

Pete: Well, I like about the film and Bonobos and Kirk's performance in particular is that he is a really, especially because it's so familiar to me, his soul, like from, from that world.

And, and in that he's like, He gets he's similar, he's involved in kind of like, you know, crime and rarely kind of fucking hairy situations and everything, but a totally different character in those such, in those scenarios. But he was believable as a fucking badass. I don't know. I think it's a combination of like, you know, the writing and how it was all put together, but also his, his performance

Reegs: well, he trained with Daniel Bernhardt is his personal trainer.

So the S the, like the key stunt guy, and he worked with him

Sidey: for a couple of years

Reegs: yeah. With him. So,

Pete: Which, which is it. So these things don't happen by accident, obviously, but he was, you know, this, there's lots of these types of, I've not seen many of them, but you know, where you take someone and turn them into like a fucking

Reegs: I know who's next Graham Norton or like, I don't know.



Pete: John Cleese

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: rent for a stream of him. You know? I mean, Keon, who's done it. He's done the John wick, you know, and I've seen one,

Sidey: seen in pain?

Pete: seen any of them because, right. But because someone just told me like the, the main thing about it is that it's basically like four films of him getting revenge for someone killing his dog.

And I don't like dogs. So why, why you'd go to those lengths?

Sidey: you should definitely,

watch them.

Dan: I think I've seen Turbin

Reegs: I a D the only thing

Dan: taken the other one, you know, this age kind of guy with, and.

There's loads of rubbish ones though. I mean, you think of all the people who said they've done really bad ones at ease. Travolta is at a go at doing them. And guy Pierce is at a go at they're in these kind of movies and they've never really been much good.

Reegs: yeah, I it's, I do really like this, but violence is a redemption story is a bit of a strange theme really. And the director does talk about it being like it's, he's addicted to this violence and that's why he does it.

And that's why he restarts it all at the end. But I don't know, you know, cause it's like the first bit is all about this masculinity in crisis. And then he resolves all that by being violent that's, you know,

Sidey: well, the, the wife is like all in

at the end is they go see a GAF, a house, People don't know what that means? And they're sort of looking around and you think that he's been able to like, you know, brush this under the carpet again and they're starting a fresh and

they're looking around the gap And the state agent says, well, you got any questions said, or has it got a


Like she's now totally


with there being a panic room and him

murdering like countless people.

Dan: setting up a sequel the way I see it. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's the way this is going to

Pete: Yeah. Although the, the reveal is obviously out there, so you wonder if he's, how they gonna, how they gonna, you know,

not gimmick, but you know what I mean? Like

Reegs: Well, but with, you know, cause John wick now is up to four and five coming out and I'm so psyched for all of them. They're brilliant. I love him.

Dan: and yeah, I mean, there's an appetite for this in Hollywood. And I think Bob Odenkirk here is really giving himself a good shout and maybe getting one of these little franchises and things.

And there could be 2, 3, 4 these films because There's there's other themes within the stories of, of how did it get there and the different family that you didn't really get to me and different jobs and things. So they've just moved somewhere. Yeah. W it wouldn't surprise me at all. And yeah,

Reegs: be the obvious thing.

Sidey: It was, it was inspired by a home

invasion, of Bob Odenkirk and then his feelings of like being old and like fucking useless


how, helpless in those situation. so that's where the the drive for the story came from,

Dan: because it is, it is crazy as, as you pointed out, you know, to, if some, somebody robs your house or something, you're like upstairs, you're quiet.

And you say, look, just wait til they go. Let's call the police. You're not going to go start trying to wave anything out, a more hidden. What's worth, you know, your life or being injured, not your TV and shit. So

Reegs: I really like Derek Kohlstadt stuff. He was the guy who did John wick and he just takes these really simple concepts and then builds these big worlds out of them.

And he's got like nobody is like a really does the same thing. Maybe the world is a bit smaller, but it's still like something that you can enjoy straight away with that violence in it as well. And he's got a load of video game inspired movies coming out with Hitman and just cause and streets of rage.

Do you remember playing that? So he's got a streets of rage movie that he's written. And the director is a Russian guy. Eliya nice Shula. He did the amazing music video for the terrible band. He for unschooled biting elbows and the, the video is like that first person thing. And they made it into a movie hardcore Henry, which

Sidey: hungry Henry

Reegs: yeah, well, yeah, yeah.

Which was, was good. And then Christopher Lloyd is in the next season of the Mandalorian and it has like loads of stuff on his slate. So he's really busy. So

Sidey: that was cool

Dan: I like to see him

Sidey: So we're saying the storm recommend, I think,

from the bad

dads for this one,

Pete: definitely for me.

Dan: check this one out, simon. Peter Daniel,

Sidey: Mr. Ben or

Mercier ban as they call it in France


Pete: Relation to Nigel Benn the book. So ah,

Dan: Ah, yeah. Well, if anybody's unfamiliar with Mr. Ben is a 1970s animation from the mind of a guy called David.

Is that right? McGee, Mickey, Mickey. And he kind of looks like a British office clerk, gents.

He's got a black bowler hat with a black suit, a black tie white shirt, and he's got a nice pleasant face and he lives at 4 52 or something like that. Festive road. Yeah. And it's the, the animation is kind of this old.

Sidey: Can

we even call it animation?

Reegs: It's a lot of it is sequences of still

Dan: Yeah Yeah. It's just kind of

Sidey: It's very

primitive looking in terms of the way

Dan: I think it's, it's almost like, yeah. In the way it moves in things. It's

Sidey: It's nicely drawn. I mean, to everyone, it's like, you know, artistically. There's some merit to it, but in terms of the actual animation, it's like you get as pitcher and drag the one behind it along, you know,

that's the

way it seemed to work.

to me,

Dan: Well, there was 13 episodes made and an, I asked us to watch the hunter

Sidey: crave and the

Dan: was I think it was one of the later ones. It was in in the second series

Pete: the second episode.

Dan: but in the real chronological, Mr. Ben world, it was a later one. I think it would be there six and then they had another six in the second series.

But in where we watch it, you wash it on prime. I think they just show it all in one to

Sidey: At the same time, all the episodes at the same time,

Dan: It's modern streams.

Reegs: Hey, did you notice the Mr. Ben's eyes a simple vertical lines, but everyone else is have normalized.

Pete: else?

Sidey: their significance to that?

Reegs: I

Dan: didn't notice that, but Mr. Ben it goes on adventures. And yeah, he goes to a a fancy dress shop, a costume shop.

And as if by magic, the shopkeeper would appear and he would ask to choose on one of the

and the shopkeepers were wearing a Fez sometimes. Whereas the person he's got little kind of mustache and he just kind of appears and he offers him one of the the suits this time he's chosen the cocky kind of Hunter's suit.

Sidey: colonial Western finally, to appreciate

Dan: And he goes into the wardrobe and he goes through the second door, which opens the door to adventures and in there he meets somebody else. But each story, Mr. Ben, I know, watch this one. Have you seen Mr. Ben before?

Yeah, so,

I mean, it's. There's a little kind of theme for all this, Mr. Ben, he tries to change the world and make it a little bit better.

He tries to show a little bit of kindness somewhere or, or just turn things around. So he shows a different way of seeing things. And he does that in all the, all the different episodes in this one. You've got the hunter who really just wants to shoot everything.

Reegs: I didn't remember that about it. And so being made in 1971 and this being about hunting, I did really wonder like, cause you had specific yeah.

Pete: just assume they glorify it. Cause it's like a, you know a good British thing to do is I get, you know, get a blunderbuss and kill some things

Dan: But Mr. Ben is, is not that way inclined is he? So

Sidey: Well, he says, the

guy says I'm

the best hunter in the world. And he points his rifle up

a bird in the tree and he's like, oh, well, if you're Mr.

Benz's, if you're the best hunter in the world, you don't need to kill a little bird. you know, I'm sure there's something else that, you know, you

might be.

able to, to, to kill. So they go onto the next

Dan: Oh, yes, of course. You're right. Yes. Yes.

Sidey: He's like, I'm this sort of old school Sergeant major type.

Dan: That's right. Yeah. And he levels his gun at a snake. And Mr. Ben makes a similar con comment and the same goes for a whole host of other animals, I think lions in there. And eventually, you know, they're going to get to the elephants because he keeps saying, oh, that's too small.

Whoa, that's too small. You know, a great hunter wouldn't have that. So Mr. Ben's got a plan anyway, and he goes in as a word with this herd of elephants after he's had a little walk, cause they've just had a, a walk in the Hunter's

Pete: they've had lunch and they needed a little sit down after lunch.

Dan: And so he speaks to the elephants and gets them to hatch a plan.

So when the, the hunter comes to, to find them is shoot and they won't get shot. And that's what happens because they will jump up and down and the hunter can't keep. I am.

And then Ben gives him a bit of a dressing down here at this stage. And he says, you know, you shouldn't be having a gun anywhere.

You really not a very good shooter. You shouldn't have a gun, you know, you better, you take a camera and Alicia will get, if you shoot something there, even if you miss you'll get something. And I just thought, you know, this is, this is 1970s.

Reegs: I know where they all lose profound. Is

Dan: and it's lots of them were, you know, I mean the one before this, I watched the red Knight.

So in this one, it's kind of, you know, environment isn't and activism and everything. He saying, get camera, shoot that, you know, go before he goes back into

Pete: red Knight was the first ever one. And this hunter is the second ever one.

Dan: okay. I'll I'll disagree, but the red hung one

Pete: where it says original broadcast order to


Dan: Okay. I think maybe then I'm in the, in the years they were written in, they were written. But yeah, had otherwise the, the red Knights sent out this message of you thought he was going to slay the dragon and he, for all, that's what he's going to go on.

Easy. He's a bread night. He's got a dragon to kill, but no, the dragon was his friend. And in fact it was the capitalist matchmaker who was charging overcharging people for matches

Sidey: killed him,

Dan: that it, that it pretended the dragon had set all these fires up when it really hadn't

Pete: So the red Knight one, I can remember as a kids having seen some episodes, and this is, this has got that like faulty towers effect where you think that there's other, must've been 50 episodes because it was so memorable. And there was only 13, I think there's only 12 faulty towers, but in the, the, the bit where he goes to the shop, it's the red Knight outfit.

That's in the window of the shop and all the other ones are inside. And I used to like just long for the episode where he was going to, oh, when's he going to wear that one? Cause that looks really fucking cool. And then he'd go inside and wear something. He become a clown or whatever, and I'd be really disappointed, but I, don't not sure if I

Sidey: Well, Speaking of disappointment. I was very disappointed with this, watching it back

now. Yeah, there was


Pete: oh

Sidey: Fuck the message. I actually forgot it was

on the television at one point it was so fucking mundane and dreary.

I was just like,

oh shit. Yeah. I'm supposed to be watching this and it just passed by. It was just too primitive for me. I don't care about messages. I want violence and

lasers and stuff. It was just

Dan: Well, I wish this for my daughter and she loved it as well. We were, we were, yeah, we wanted to

Pete: That, that's a, that's a good

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's.

Pete: like however many years on it's about 500. Isn't it? The answer

Dan: be, it must be about that.

Reegs: basically your daughter's got a soul inside. It does it.

Pete: soulless

Sidey: Give me robots telling into cars

Dan: oh, I thought, no, this was, this was so, so lovely. And the message was, was great. I really liked the animation as far as,

Sidey: I felt like I could have drawn some of them and I can't drop a shit

I would have set fire to that fancy dress, shop

Dan: each, each time,

Reegs: if the message hadn't been as good.

Torn into it,

Pete: One thing I think is probably worth addressing is it's a weird past time of his life. He basically leaves his house and walks past. It always talks about like the other shops that are there and he doesn't go into any of those shops.

But what he does do on a daily basis, or certainly frequently is, goes to a dress up shop

Sidey: and potentially Jimmy Savile.

Pete: no, I was, I wasn't going all the way Savile, but there's definitely some kind of like, it's a, it's a weird, like pastime just go and dress

Reegs: Yeah. he's, he's unmarried. He doesn't seem to have anybody else in his life.

But I also went on to clarify. He doesn't seem to have anybody else in his life

Pete: intimately

Reegs: do.

He does, you have family. He doesn't seem to have a family. He dresses up every day in a bowler hat and and he goes out into the park to eat his lunch and feed the birds and stuff. And you know,

Pete: he's a loser

Reegs: I don't know, a bit lonely is what I

Pete: suppose if I was lonely, you haven't gone dress up.


Dan: No, I, I think he kind of looks to try and make the world a better place. Each time he comes back, he's given a little memento. It's never money or anything like that. It's just like a little photo of the, in this case, you know, to just have the, have the memories.

Oh, when I look at it, I'll remember the eventual I had and it was

Sidey: no one ever does that. No one ever.


Dan: all do. We all do. This is,

Sidey: No one gets something out the door goes, oh, I remember this when I fucking whacked off some homeless guy No, you don't. no one does it. It's bullshit.

lasers. Give me

Dan: I, I don't want lazy. What we had here was xylophone and woodwind instruments where the the, the sounds,

Sidey: talk about the music? because his address you mentioned earlier was festive 52 festive road.

And the real address of David McKee is w w was festing road.


So it was the, it was based on the same street name and another resident of festing road was Dunkin Lamont.

Remember him? He contributed the score to program, He also contributed some music to

Reegs: program,

Sidey: to,

to this

shot that we watched. He also contributed some music to the man who fell to.


which I

thought that could prompt you to do

a David boom burst nation.

Dan: Mr. Ben's mind now society.

Sidey: I like it now. I'm sold.

Dan: I think this guy did king Rolo as well, which was which was pretty good.

Reegs: Did the adventures of spot and Maisie

Pete: Elma the the elephant.

Dan: John Hannah and Ben Kingsley was once said to be in the the live action remake of this.

They've got the rights bought off whoever was selling them and

Reegs: I don't think I, there was no metering in a near bit,

Pete: I was going to make up that this mucky guy was like a sex


Dan: I think

Sidey: He got clean content this week.

Dan: it's,

Reegs: That's

Pete: The, the, what'd you think about the theme tune side? I like it. I like it. If we said, we'll put it in where you actually remember to do it at this time.

Sidey: is.

Reegs: That was brilliant.

Dan: save yourself, submit it in. So it wasn't a winner all around,

Sidey: 75%, when is still a good


Dan: you know, it's not what I'm used to,

Sidey: Peace now, peace out.

Pete: no, I don't think I'm not going to now sit and read, like relive all of these. I remember it fondly from my youth. One thing that. So years ago when I had a job, I still have one now, but one a different job.

It was like the first time where you get like user profiles where you could put, say like pictures of yourself. Right. And an avatar, but yeah. Or, or an actual picture of yourself. And this was like before kind of like smartphones and shit. So you weren't able to just immediately like take a phone and upload it.

So I didn't have a picture of myself. So I, for some reason uploaded a picture of Mr. Ben and still to this day, if I log into Google Chrome, it is Mr. Ben is my like

Sidey: Cisco

Pete: frisky, Cisco 69. Yeah, so I've got Mr. Ben is my like Google Chrome avatar.

Sidey: Nice.

Pete: Yeah,

Reegs: You're forever bonded that way

Pete: indeed.

Dan: Well, I still think this is a solid choice. I would certainly put it on for the kids. I would recommend that you do the same. I think it's top show still rarely do

Reegs: nice to find a word.


Sidey: No, I think we

should end on a positive. I think it's better to end on a positive. I'm glad

that you guys enjoyed it. It just



Pete: like to end on a bad note. Here's a song.

Sidey: And now It just,

Yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's just leave it. That but it is a fucking complete shit.

Strong choices and

a slightly different take on the top five this week.

which was fun. Actually, I enjoyed that, but we've got

Howie next week and

he has nominated. So the mid weeker is going to be ghost rider. Never seen it. So it sounds like I've never seen any films.

And then our

top five is scenes with boiling water.

Reegs: Have you seen any films with boiling water and

Sidey: yes.

Cause there was one in nobody and

the main film

is hold the


and the kids film, watching your kids fell, not just where you don't

have to watch your feet is Surf's up.

Reegs: It's a good one.

Sidey: Is it

Reegs: George Miller?

Sidey: Oh yeah. Ezra's dad.


Yeah. Cool. So that

sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

I want

to now revel in the football results.

So all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out.

Dan: Dan's gone.

Pete: by Simon.