Oct. 1, 2021

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer & Doc McStuffins

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer & Doc McStuffins

There's a mere trio of Bad Dads for you this week with both Howie and Peter Andre absent for various trivial and unimportant reasons. The Top 5 Movies with a French Connection is quite possibly one of the least well-defined or most open to interpretation topics we've ever had on the podcast and each of us brings something different to the table to chat through, with the conversation steering mercifully, and perhaps surprisingly, clear of berets, baguettes and promiscuous hairy women.

PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER adapts Patrick Süskind's 1985 dark gothic fantasy for the big screen. Ben Whishaw plays the tortured soul Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born with a superhuman sense of smell and whose only desire is to learn the techniques of perfume-making. This strange tale sees director Tom Tykwer expertly and imaginatively capture the sensation of smell on celluloid, there's notable support from Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman and an ending that almost defies description. But you know us, we'll give it a go.

Even if your kids don't watch DOC MCSTUFFINS there's a good chance you have some of the merchandise in your house which is the case for Reegs this week who failed to actually watch the episode in question. And he really should have as Dan's carefully curated episode pick "Into the Hundred Acre Wood" sees a huge comic-book crossover style event with A.A. Milne's Winne The Pooh, the charming fecally referencing bear. We answer the big questions this week such as: where did she get the magic stethoscope? Are the toys sentient and comatose when not animated by the good doctor? And is the Doc going all Shipman on us and actually harming the toys in question?

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Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review, sit back, relax and listen to the Melissa Lewis tones of some movie fans who somehow managed to have children talking about movies and kids TV. It's all very exciting this week. As we proffer ourselves before you deal listeners with gifts of plenty, the first being this week's cosmopolitan lineup from the mind of co-host Dan who takes us back to his burgeoning adulthood in 19th century, France with this week's main feature. The story of a murderer before taking a critical examination of doc McStuffins. And before all that, the vaguely defined top five movies with a French connection. Another gift for you, the listener is that we're a man short this week, how he is sadly contracted COVID. He says it's really shit, by the way, and bad dad, Peter Andre and his partner have recently spawned a new human, which I'm delighted to say that they have allowed us to name as part of this week show, which really is a terrific gift and listeners from Peter.

He's brilliant. Isn't it? So if you fancy being able to name Peter's new son, please just contact us at dad's film or elsewhere and let us know your.

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Sidey: even tick tock,

Reegs: Tik TOK. We'll we'll try it. Yeah, we'll go viral. Dan's going to put on a Dalmatian costume and a side. He's going to dress as Corolla. It's going to be fucking off the charts. Yeah, we're looking forward to all that happening. We,

And if you're listening to this episode in like three months time, like somehow you picked up, just give us a chance.

We might still have one of those codes knocking around. You know, don't, don't think shy, just come back and get them. We've got them for you. We're delighted to give them away.

Sidey: We had a top five last week.

Reegs: We did.

Sidey: it?

Reegs: it was, was it my week as well?

Sidey: Hang on, hang on. Oh


Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Titanic.

Reegs: Was that given to us as a flop?

Sidey: No,

Dan: it did kind of flop into the

Sidey: it did have it


had quite a few nominations from our adoring public the usual sort of suspects, not the usual suspects,

but I'm

sure shank Baron Munchhausen was mentioned quite a lot of times.

Reegs: Dan, one of the listeners nominations particularly caught your eye.

Didn't it?

Dan: was one, I think wasn't it

Sidey: at well, Stacy nominated Jupiter ascending.

Reegs: wasn't it that you were thinking of?

Sidey: And Gav also mentioned Waterworld, which I think we spoke about in the show, but Jupiter sending was not mentioned at all So that sounds like

Reegs: it's a good one. Have you seen

Sidey: No.

Reegs: No. I really love that, which our skis, but even that was stretching it a

Sidey: bit already

Reegs: That one, so yeah. Good one.

Sidey: that Stacy Stacy is a

big fan of

the show. You really ought to show some more respect, Daniel.

Dan: I'm sorry,

Sidey: We have, then this sort of vague

Top five

for this week of movies with a French


Dan: Yeah, it come around quick again. When I realized it was my recommendations, I'd only had about six weeks out. So on the

Reegs: I also kept telling, you know, as well, I recall the conversation you were like, should we do this?

And I was like, no.

Dan: Yeah. So we, we, we finally got to something broad enough that we could think of some films we wanted to mention.

And that was the French connection, a films that had that connection of fonts.

Sidey: Okay. So I wonder. How we've all approached this, cause this is quite a,

Reegs: well, I've only got one movie.

Sidey: Okay. The French connection.

Reegs: connection

Sidey: French relation too, but Dan, why don't you, why don't you? what set the ball rolling. And we can see how you've

approached it.

Dan: Well, I've approached it with the Intouchables, which was a movie we've recorded

Sidey: we didn't record it

Dan: about we reviewed it, we

Reegs: I remember reviewing, I do not remember.

Dan: You don't even really, wow. You were very drunk. But this was the film of Omar Sy bad guy. Alongside that attracts looking after a guy who's a paraplegic and them having

a lot

of fun together and a lot of lows.

Reegs: I like to think you put us on the map a little bit ahead of everybody else with the OMSI

Sidey: Yeah,

W we didn't wait for Lupa. We were

Reegs: We were

Dan: Yeah, he was good. I mean, I think at the time we remember talking about. Wanting to French people have seen this film as someone. So they will well ahead of the curve of us. But yeah, from Lupa as well, which is on Netflix that we've talked about enjoying he's brilliant in that as well.

Sidey: Yeah, he's really cool.

And that, that was a really, really

great film. I

Dan: And it was short in France and it was French.

There was a strong French

Sidey: stays good. Rakes, we got for us,

Reegs: I like in Austin Powers in international man of mystery when he's talking about what's it called member? He says he's not gold member. The, yeah, no, it's, it's the face that the first one, I think he has what the French call a certain, I dunno. Yeah I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about.

Parts of French cinema that we've never really talked about on the pod. A guy we have talked about on the pub before is Luke Bessel and he's written and directed and produced some fantastic movies over the years. Once we've talked about a lot, but once we haven't talked about his taxi uh is a fun movie with great stunts and an edginess to it.

It ended up spawning four sequels, which I haven't seen in a remake starring queen Latifah, which presumably awful. But the original one is fun. District B 13 or. Declares, would that be dues trays on Steri-Strips Torres takes the plot of escape from New York and adds in some park or via the guide, David Bell and Sebastian Fuko, who was the crane running guy at the beginning of casino Royale, and one of the founders of free running and whatnot.

Sidey: we really could have done with Pete being here, this week because

his French accent is the

Reegs: man I was getting like hot thinking about him, talking about it, to that's really good. Those movies, you know, it unfortunately much like cohost Peter. It unfortunately blows its water early with two spectacular scenes, right at the beginning, introducing the main characters.

But we, you know, it's got likable heroes and entertaining villains. It's the they're good. And then kiss, the dragon was in. Blue Bessel wander. Remember this, it was like an ill-fated attempt to introduce jet li to the market. It's memorable only for a scene where he does a flick up key PRP with a sneaker ball and sort of volleys it into a guy's. Yeah, exactly. I hope he was wearing steel toe caps. And then he also did the script for unleashed or the much cooler titled Danny, the dog, anybody seen that?

Sidey: No,

Reegs: a really typical martial arts movie where the star in this case, generally again, as Ray has been raised in a cage from infancy to be a Savage killer and wears a collar, and he's trained by Bob Hoskins to beat up people who are in money.

And then obviously, you know, you know, where the story goes from there gently meets a blind piano player, played by Morgan Freeman who teaches him about music and his daughter, daughter who teaches him about love. So he becomes non-violent. Yeah, exactly. I mean, clearly this would have been a laughable script, but it surprisingly wasn't and it's got the legendary yen whooping who does the matrix and all the other wire foo stuff, doing the brutal animalistic martial arts that only the dog uses taken.

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: Taken. Yeah. That's that was one of the I've got, yeah, that was a nice surprise.

That one taken. It was a,

Sidey: yeah, I enjoyed it but don't need all the fucking sequels.

I mean, Yeah. The first one is preposterous, but then that she keeps getting,


his life for fuck's sake.

Reegs: well, I think it's good that like the first one it's like, this is normally a movie that would start like Jean-Claude van Damme or Steven Seagal, but it's got like a guy who played. He was in like yeah. Or Michael Collins or gang gangs of New York or something in a serious

Dan: And they they've started it as he's reached you know, the other side of 50 to turn him into an action star. yeah. Still hopefully,

Reegs: people would say that, but then he was in Phantom menace. He was in Batman begins. He was in dark man, right back in his career. So he, he always was big, powerful action presence. And he's such, I think people just suddenly realize what a huge guy he was.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: bigger than that

Reegs: Yeah

Oh, and just one last one on Luke Bess on he produced on.

Sidey: Oh, did he? Okay.

Reegs: Brilliant, Tony

Sidey: I

think Y said

probably got lost in the mix

there, but obviously Leon,

Reegs: Leon,

Sidey: which has shown Renno named after a car

Dan: That's the one Luke Bessel film. I always think of actually, because it was, I think the first one

Reegs: it's the one we always talk about

Dan: and it is brilliant.

I mean, I just think of that last moment of Yeah.

Reegs: Well, there's still, I mean, there's other ones as well. We always talk about the fifth element as well, which I really like. And he certainly stuff, I think he's a bit rapey and stuff now. So he's another one who's gone. Like yeah, I think so allegations and

Sidey: Oh that sucks. Well that's

quite a wide range of. all encompassing nomination.

I've got one

here. That's the opposite of

that? It's Benny. The jet irk. Dez was, or probably.


a nine black belt, a competitive fighter in the 1960s, and seventies. And then he started taking on some movie roles. He was John Q sax TaeKwonDo instructor for years and years and years. right back to when he was in say anything,

Reegs: his personal, yeah,

Sidey: and he was in, in saying anything. I

don't know if you've seen it. It's the one with

Dan: but I just have visions of, I just have visions of Elvis having like that karate guy and John Cusak doing the same

Sidey: he plays a sort of college dropout character, a bit of a sort of not doing so great. And he's begging up the fact that he does TaeKwonDo. and This guy has been with trained him for that. And then has stuck with him

He's start with talking about

ever since.

So in gross point blank, the guy, then they call him a goal who is following Martin.

Is that guy,

and his name is Felix Lapu bell, which is French for the dustbin. so it's going in

Reegs: brilliant.

Dan: Wow. Okay. It's hard to argue with that.

Sidey: that. Yeah.

They have a fight in the school which was voted like in a film magazine, vote, but still it was like the most realistic and brilliantly.

done fight.

sequence of that particularly. Yeah,

It's really cool

Dan: to talk in a fantastic scenes. There's one in Rififi, which is that black and white film that I've told you a couple of times, it does this real life in, you know robbery is they go through the, the bottom of the building to break into the bank.

And you're watching it in real time silence as they would do, you know, just getting the time in of the banging of the the chisels and everything just right. And it's exactly that. It's fantastic. You really need check this film out. I know you still haven't. I talked about about a year ago. But it's been around since 19.

50 something can another one,

Sidey: What was the premiere like?

Dan: It was decent. It was it was a rainy day.

Reegs: I just, every time you say it, I think I want to see that. And then I also think it's a pre-call to the lion king about

Dan: We're FIFA. Yeah.

Reegs: The classic 1974 soft core pornography. Emmanuelle is one. I couldn't resist talking about beaming centerfolds from magazines onto our TV screens. If you were lucky enough,

Dan: they had so many spinoffs didn't they Emmanuelle in space.

Sidey: did you

Enjoy this film.

Reegs: I can't say I remember

huge about it It's one of those where you watch it in sort of 10 or 15 minute chunks, isn't

Dan: Was it,

Sidey: as long as that

Dan: was it, was it cha channel four channel two

Reegs: five, if you were lucky you know,

There was naughtiness and whatnot. I think what I recall about it was about the Virgin of wife of a, of a French diplomat to Thailand. And she was sort of propelled by her abandonment of her husband into various sexual liaisons. It was directed by the improbably named just jackin, which really looks like the words just jacking or juice juiced JECA maybe, but it just looks, it must be.

Yeah, it really does. Amuse me. This was from a less cynical time when playful and suggestive nudity was more than enough titillation. It didn't need to be all like Cox being rammed down throats and spit. And

Dan: Oh, you didn't see the the German versions then

Sidey: I had seen bits of this, but it sort of links into the next film I'm going to talk about, which is

which I had read about, or just heard about, which is a similar sort of vibe to manual it's.

It's Catherine.

to nerve Catherine of nine, nine. And

she in this place she's in a kind of dead end marriage and there's no sex life on there. So she ends up becoming this sort of call girl. And so I think it was on channel

It's another one that I've watched.

with my mum in the room. And so I was

all like, excited, like, wow, this is this film I've heard about this got like, you know, it's French and there's going to be like hot women naked stuff. and it's, it's not pornography It's just like a little bit of titillation, but it's definitely not like I'd already seen the stuff like basic


which is you know, way more exciting if that's what you're looking for.

But this was, It was quite fun and it's probably actually a good film, but I was like a teenage boy like hoping for more.

And I was a little bit let down, but you know,

we've never spoken about belt as your before.

Reegs: I don't think we

Sidey: And Catherine Deneuve is is, she is really.


Reegs: Yeah. I can't remember what she looks

Sidey: Blonde.

and hot.

Dan: Sold the red balloon. We have mentioned this on the pod before it's another one around

Reegs: it was French

Dan: Yeah. It's only 35 minutes long. It won the Oscar for best original screenplay. And it's,

 follows the adventures of a young boy who finds a Sentinel new red balloon and

Reegs: Oh well

Dan: red balloon.

Reegs: now, but, and before that as well,

Dan: The sentence

Reegs: no, the boy, the boy or the

Dan: the balloon, the balloon doesn't speak at all. Yeah. It's a red balloon

Reegs: balloon B L O M.

Dan: a balloon. balloon. How you teach me how to speak again, but the red bloom. Yeah. You've heard of it.

Reegs: I love it.

Dan: It's a brilliant film. If you haven't heard of it, you can catch it. I think on YouTube, it's 35 minutes long.

Absolutely enchanting. You, you just can't stop watching it for some reason. You just transfixed for this for 35 minutes and yeah, back in in 56, when I went there or the cinema, it was it won all the Oscars. I mean the only film ever a short film to ever win best original screenplay.

Reegs: It's brilliant. And you can't believe that you'll end up in tears over a balloon by the end of it.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: MI sentiment sentiment balloon

another director I like is Alex. Uh I want to say he's French is why I bring him up. He did the movie Haute,

tonsil, AKA high tension, AKA switchblade romance. So under three different ones and interesting throwback to seventies, slashes starring Marion Alexia who go to a secluded farmhouse in the French countryside to study and ended up being terrorized by a mono syllabic grunting, redneck who starts killing everyone a fucking 82, when that happens.

The best parts about the movie are that the killer is itself being chased by one of the girls or at least is being followed. So it's, it doesn't really know that. And also the Kayla likes to affiliate himself with the decapitated heads of his victims as

well, which we see when he's introduced, which is cool.

And it has the most ludicrous and ridiculous plot twist in it. Really insane plot twist, stupid plot twist in it, which I don't think I want to spoil for everybody, but if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about? Yeah, but it makes it a whole movie make absolutely no sense. He also did horns.

Did anybody see that it's an adaptation of the Joe Hill book? Daniel Radcliffe is sort of framed or for, I

Dan: a trailer about it. Actually.

Reegs: It could be on the pod one day. He ends up being implicated in the rape and murder of his girlfriend, Marin. And then one day he wakes up and he's got sort of satanic horns protruding from his head and people want to confess dark secrets to him.

It's it's pretty good. And then he did crawl, which is a sort of fun monster slash disaster movie where a women gets trapped in an alligator sort of infested Floridian town during a hurricane. But he's got all this cool stuff. I think he's really got a great movie. And then this guy, I think Hollywood's going to come really calling for him at some point.

I really liked him

Sidey: This one is

way back in 1929.

Dan: Even before

Sidey: it's called an shin and a loo,

Reegs: a dog

Sidey: and a toilet and where the English translation to that would be an Andalusian dog. It's directed by Louis Brunel.

Salvador Dali both of them are Spanish, but the title is French and it's described as a Franco Spanish. Does that


Reegs: French?

Spanish? Yeah.

Sidey: It, I haven't seen it.

but It's it's real surrealist

kind of thing, but you know, then the pixie song debater is that

the imagery

of that is taken from the opening shot of this film, it starts with a car. that says once upon a time. And then it has a man standing with a woman below him, and then there's a shot of a razor blade and then it close up of her eye and then it cuts to something else and it cuts back And the razorblade just goes right through her eye. It's obviously not her eyes, but it's, a bit looks the way


Dan: never know, you never

Sidey: And it's all that kind of surrealist imagery, as you can imagine with someone like Darley involved in it. So it's not a narrative kind of thing, but it's

just fucking

Dan: of thing. We should get really fucked up and watch, you know, just put it on in here.

Sidey: So in Shen Andalou

Dan: We, okay. Ah, we'll have another French one a prophet. Did you ever see this 2009 film? Um

Sidey: Profit? Don't be a profit then?

Dan: Well, possibly, but this is stars like

Reegs: take him where

Dan: The guy's


is Andy Tahir, Rahim, and he's imprisoned is a petty criminal.

Algeria. And he's a Muslim guy who goes into the prison bit shy bit reserved comes out as one of the top boss, like, you know, he he's, he's risen through the ranks in the story of how he kind of gets there. It it's really good it's drugs and assassins and things like that in it. But he gets himself into the course of can Matthew and, and as well as the, the Muslim side of things in, in prison and starts running things this way.

Yeah, it was a, a decent film 2009,

Reegs: if somebody had recommended that to me, but I wasn't sure about that person. So I didn't take the recommendation. I still feel a bit like that

Dan: It was a hit at the box office. And yeah, I mean, I, I watched it, not at the cinema, but through DVD or something and worth worthwhile.

Reegs: I've got a double dose, a real two for one here, which I think you're going to enjoy.

 Gerrard depre deer who is French. I don't know whether, you know, and asterix in the same film because it is of course, asterix and Obelix versus Caesar. Anyone seen that? 1996

Sidey: I don't remember

Reegs: action one.

Sidey: who played asterix

Reegs: Oh, sorry.

Sidey: Person Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: Claude someone,

Sidey: Is it good?

Reegs: It's probably way better than you'd expect.

There's special effects are pretty good in the design of the world is pretty good. They really sort of bring it to life. I didn't really care much for the car, you know, the comic

Sidey: but I really liked him.

Reegs: It didn't, I never particularly liked it, but it's, it's kind of pop high-risk thing too. It doesn't exceed drinks or

Sidey: potions

Reegs: and he becomes sort of nylon in vulnerable and there's giant obligates, you know, play DEP RGU plays Blix

Sidey: yeah, absolutely. Yeah. The guy who made the potions, just called ghetto

Reegs: get a


Yeah. And yeah, I dunno. All sorts of crazy stuff. And then in dumb and dumber, I believe they asked for the soup.

Sidey: sounds good. I'll have that

Reegs: And then I thought about how Hollywood invariably

Sidey: oh, the other, sorry. There's another dumb, dumb a bit where he says we're going to Aspen. I don't know. The French are assholes. Harrison.

Reegs: spring. The Hollywood usually portrays the French in kind of one or two ways. Mostly it's either as like snooty superior types. And it made me think of that. Terrific, Steve Martin movie LA story, and there's, there's a restaurant in it called

where you have to show your bank balance to be able to go or being really cowardly like in Mars attacks where the French president signs a peace treaty, which involves him completely surrendering.

And then he's just guessing vaporized. So that's nice. Isn't

Sidey: also accurate inspector clues. So as someone that

we all really

enjoy and he has been portrayed by a number of actors. Most memorably, the Peter Sellers version is probably what we all think of first,

Well, also, Alan Arkin in 1968, Film inspector so, and a cameo by Roger Moore in the 1983 film. the curse of the pink Panter watch it more was credited as Turk thrust the second

Reegs: to the second.

Sidey: So I'm not nominating a particular film, just the character

of inspector

Crusoe or chief inspector, as he became known.

Dan: I've got a a Ridley Scott joint.

Do you know which one? It was

Reegs: Ridley Scott for French Ridley. Scott movie. oh, the year in Provence, is it?

Dan: yeah. It is called a Goodyear.

Reegs: Goodyear

Dan: And it's Russell Crowe who inherits a vineyard. He's our high power, something or other who hasn't got time for this, but then finds that he didn't have time for what he was doing, that kind of film, but he's decent. He does it.

Well, good actors, good director. It all just make you want to sit and have cheese and wine and chill the fuck out. Yeah.

Reegs: My wife's read the book. And yeah, I can breed. Is that

any more, do you want to empty your soul? Bare your French soul. Dan

Sherma pal.

Well, they spend a disappointing lack of French hair. It's really annoying. The P isn't. What you like with your French accent? Can you speak any French?

Dan: No.

Reegs: What'd you give it, you give it a go in France.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I'm considering taking out French lessons,

actually, as it happens, I

was looking at it online,

before this. was nominated.

Dan: W w is your friends get buyable now? I mean, my

Sidey: tourists, tourists, French.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. And you read

Reegs: the same.

It could

get back in the groove because I was okay at French back in the day. So,

Sidey: look at people

and hear people who are multilingual, I think that's a really good skill. to have, and We're so close to France. And, you know, I would think we would holiday more there, you know, I just think,

Reegs: the lingo

Sidey: well,

Dan: perfect sense.

Sidey: I've got a sort of foundation of it. I think it would be easy ish to

build on that.

Dan: I've always thought if I just point and get what I want.

Sidey: speak loud.

Reegs: I remember on holiday and a guy, this is in Spain actually, but a guy trying to explain to the the Spanish person at, behind the counter of the, the concierge or whatever they needed stamps and the guy not knowing what he meant.

And he was like, you know, stamps. He's like his is for

Gas barn. W, know, you know, any of his stuff he did irreversible, which is a extremely disturbing and depressing rate movie with Monica Bellucci, raw and confrontational much of it being improvised, but it was

Dan: viewing

Sidey: Yeah. Monica blue chair gets raped. Yes.

Reegs: You really there's like, no, no. And the first 30 minutes of the movie has this sort of noise, this low frequency noise designed to make you feel sick. yeah. A fun factor has a club called the rectum in it, which was a genuine gay S and M club. So that's, that's nice for them to be in there. He also did enter the void

scene that

Sidey: one.

Reegs: Entirely filmed from the point of view of Oscar, an English guy, living in Tokyo, he gets shot and killed in the movie. And then we, as the audience and the character experience a sort of out of body thing, intersperse with flashbacks of his life it's got great long takes and stuff. You get a scene where you flashback to the death of your parents.

As you sit in the back seat of a car, crazy, crazy movie with incredible camera work and huge light pretentiousness about it. You know, a lot of people would watch it and just hate it and say, what the fuck was that? That's, that's a good one. And also I was pissing by the door when I heard two shots.

You were holding in your hand, a smoking gun. You are clearly the guilty party.


Sidey: It's good.


did like that when I was a kid.

Reegs: don't know if we're allowing TV

Sidey: Oh well I've got one.

Reegs: I go on,

Sidey: Well it's a dog Tanya and the three Muscat, which is this superior version of the, D'Artagnan story of


do mass fame.

Reegs: I'm always surprised when they're not dogs, whatever, that's a movie and they announced, it's like, oh, there's a new three Musketeers go out.

And you're like,

Sidey: and the mice and all that sort of

Dan: honestly thought it was dog. Tanya. I thought that

Sidey: Well, yeah, because this was My first introduction

to this this story.

As a kid, I was really thinking about it. Cause I'm nominating this week I was thinking about picking this but I went for something else, Moscow hands or something, something

Dan: was brilliant. I'm going to go for the Ethan Hawke, Julie depi film before sunset.

Sidey: There was,

Dan: I think after there was one before sunrise and then after sunset where the other ones, this was the middle of that trilogy, Richard Linklater. And I really love his films. I think they just,

Reegs: linked to later. And then he linked

Dan: it came in it, linked it all together. And they're just such sweet, lovely films. And this is a couple that were kind of due to be together.

They met by chance and then 10 years later they meet again and and this is the result and they're still in love. It's it's brilliant. I really love these films. And if you haven't seen them, you should go and check it out.

Reegs: Delicatessen was the predated Amalee by 20 years, but it's by the guys who did it. Mark Caro and John Pierre journey. There's some good French names for you. A surrealist black comedy involving sort of cannibalism and romance in the same breath. And often, sometimes in the same scene, it's got a sort of tele Terry Gilliam vibe to it.

It's pretty good. I would recommend that one if you're a cannibal romance completist

Sidey: Emily's really cool too, but I I've got it.

but I've mentioned it before. I don't want to discuss it because I

keep meaning to watch it with a Mrs. I think she'd really like it. So

I want no

sport original that one

Reegs: just nominated at one week, cause I

Sidey: I couldn't dominate this week by having a couple of more character names.

Lushy FRA from Well, casino? Royale. principally

is French four

Reegs: or

Sidey: no, the cipher or the number or. any Number of things, I think they mean,

Reegs: I think I'm thinking of,

Sidey: yeah,

But even better than him. is Jean-Luc Picard of the U S S

enterprise, I fucking

love next generation. I really fucking love it. The series more than the films, but started at first contact is for me, if I can turn I can. I know of it.

Dan: I haven't seen it.

Sidey: Oh mate. I mean, it depends if you like

Dan: that

kind of

Sidey: This is like the origin of well, obviously first contact, but it's a bog story that always the strongest ones now. And it's going back

to the original

warp flights, how

Dan: Patrick Stewart. Yeah.

Sidey: big fan of yours. Yeah. And then he goes on to make the series B card, which unfortunately was a bit shit.

Reegs: Do you reckon we could get him on the pod because you used to play for the team that e-sports.

you, you would tell him stories about yeah.

Sidey: Have you seen him on extras?

where he's a pervert? I can print it,

Reegs: And then

Sidey: bloopers where him And wreckage your are trying to get

through this thing about,

he keeps writing all these stories where women are naked is fucking brilliant. Oh, this is So funny

Yeah. Is law outlaw

Dan: I have to check that one out as well.

Yeah. Well, I've got a few more just the Bourne identity that was shot in, in France, all over Europe. Right. Is it the last dark? That was short and LA Rochelle, which isn't far from where we are. Yeah. In Casablanca, there's a few minutes of of kind of flashback scenes of them in Paris before the war going down the Shonda laissez and all the rest of it.

So the transporter, another one that was pretty action packed, but,

Reegs: Besson on someone else as well.

Dan: Yeah. Midnight

Reegs: one's garbage, but then they get better.

It's like the fast and furious

Dan: yeah, they, they they've done. Okay. You surprise me Jason state them because he did lock stock was the first thing I ever remember seeing him in and. Out of all those actors.

I didn't really, at the time, you know, I liked his character and everything, but I didn't see him becoming the star in action films that he's gone on to become

Reegs: well more full you Dan, because he's proved you wrong as an eight.

Dan: probably drove him on that. I I'll mention midnight in Paris as well, which was the I in Wilson film with the strange mans.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: online already.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: I hate.

Sidey: Yeah,

He didn't like it

Dan: Yeah, I really don't get, you know, I don't understand

Reegs: listen to the episode then, and you

Dan: film. No, still I

Reegs: Well, just in the matrix reloaded, the mayor of engine has a cool bit of, did I get his name right there? I hope I did the mayor of engine. It's got a cool bit of French he says that it's brilliant to swear in and he's right. And then he does sweat and I've got it here, but I just won't do it justice.

If only Pete was here, if you reckon we could like get him to say it and then edit it in, or is that just bonkers crazy. Never going to happen

Sidey: now.

Reegs: And he said, yeah, it's brilliant

Dan: That must have been directed at you.

Sidey: Yeah, almost certainly right. Shall we make this a top sank?

gone and done?

Reegs: Well, it's going to be a top cat tree. Is it? Or

Sidey: Well, you can put Taryn,


Reegs: and we'll have someone back next week. I'm sure.

Dan: Well, I'm gonna put in the Intouchables as the first.

Sidey: Okay,

Reegs: I I'm going to go for, into the void.

Sidey: Okay. I'm going for a growth point blank with Phoenix Lapu bell.

Reegs: Nice

Dan: I was going to name one more, a red balloon, the red balloon, a red balloon, any red blue. That's

Sidey: right? Well that leaves one space or possibilities, when and how we decide to play things for our listeners. So let us know what you regen.

Dan: mercy, please, please. Geez, man. Now

Reegs: Nice. We do have.

Dan: Yeah, we've we've tried to keep the, the cheese love alive and

Reegs: Pete's absence.

Dan: that's why I chipped in with a couple of blues.

Sidey: Yeah. Just like a Stilton and some other kind of,


I contributed a couple we've got an Applebee's farmhouse, Cheshire.

which has a raw cow's milk cheese mellow with a deep, savory flavor. handmade at the Applebee's family dairy with milk from their own cows. So they didn't steal the milk That's good to know.

Reegs: Now we have had a complaint actually from a listener via MC who did say that he wanted to know a little bit more about the biscuit pairing.

And I said, well, if there's a red wine as well, sometimes that too. So what is the biscuit

Sidey: sometimes we have quite sort of.


Celebrity crackers, And I'm not really a fan. So today it's quite


Dan: Well today essentially

Waitrose and pat dinners. Hi, bake. What the biscuit

Reegs: Is it, does it have a description on it as being succulent in any way your,

Dan: No

Sidey: well, I can tell you about that is it's 59 P for

a packet. And if you go for what you would normally associated with a traditional cheese crack would be the Jacobs. Same thing as that but they're like pan 94. So that

was no shopping smart. I like those kinds of crackers because they are basic, but they do let the, cheese,

Reegs: wait, when you say Jacob's like a

Sidey: square cracker,

Reegs: I do like that.

Dan: Yeah. We are about the ones who, little bits of Rosemary in late Liam when we've

Sidey: five, too much of those,

Dan: no, I like the cheese to do the talking

Sidey: well,

part of the buck I have with it

is that they tend to disintegrate when you're putting stuff on

them as well.

And like that fucking irritating

Dan: biscuit that

Sidey: they hope they hold their own.

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: like the option of having like a sort of digestive type one

Sidey: That's my favorite. The Hovis

Dan: Oh, there are too much for me. We've we've cheese.

Sidey: No, I like this. What I used to do, when I was at school, part of my secret eating regime was to go home and there were no as around. I'd get the Hovis and layer them up with so much butter. It was like fucking unreal, like an inch thin it's too

Dan: quite dry.

Sidey: like a centimeter thick of butter,

And then just eat like five of them like that.

And then I think not enough yet. go back and do more.

It's hard to believe I had gallstones at just 19 years of age.

Reegs: my Mrs. Could eat butter like that. Oh. And she can read as well. God, I'm still getting bad. So that's cheesy.

Sidey: These cheeses.

I don't know about you, but I'm not getting a huge aroma in the room. of cheese.

Dan: No, they're not over-powering are they? They're not

Sidey: No, But aromas does segue very nicely into this week's movie down, which you nominated.

Dan: Yeah. It's perfume the story of a murderer and you hadn't seen this before. I do. And I asked you not to watch any trailers or something and go into it as I did that first time

Reegs: I've got the German here. Does anyone, can anybody do German? I've I've got it. And I don't

Dan: can do German. Well,

Reegs: do, I didn't do German at school. I did Spanish. So I well it's DAS path from the geschichte. I in a mortar.

Sidey: Okay,

Dan: nice.

I like that. Yeah. Is based on a book. And it was,

Sidey: if you don't mind.

Dan: yeah, it was quite the hit. And in the first few moments of this film you've. I remember watching it and thinking, oh, well, I like a film about pirates. I dunno why it just had that feel, you know, there is, he's in shackles in a jail, which is a really kind of squalid, Joe.

It seems like in the catechumens or of a

Reegs: just see his nose first emerged from the darkness.

Sidey: Yeah. I felt like I was being targeted

in this movie. Yeah. yeah.

Dan: And that they do well in this film. And we'll talk about it, but obviously you can't smell the film, but the way that the film is shot with its close ups and everything of, you know, whether it be maggots or, or very close to somebody's nose and that kind of thing, you, you do kind of get a sense of a smell around the, the imagery which is clever.

Sidey: cold open of the movie they like to say is this jail is his nose. And he has led out to.

be sentenced.

effectively. It's Ben Whishaw.

Reegs: Did you hear what your sentence was?

Sidey: it? Well, it's not great.

Reegs: it was, we dealt 12 blows with a metal rod and hanged on across until he's dead amongst other things.

Sidey: Britta thought the 12 blows would do the job because it sounded like they were 12 blows to break. Pretty much every bone

and one was on the head. So surely anyway it was pretty


Dan: They wanted him to suffer.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It was a crowded chanting. It's a vicious mob. Yeah. They weren't, they're blood thirsty and they want their sacrifice.

Sidey: So we, we flash immediately back to the very beginning of his life to find out, you know, what's led us to this point and there were some pretty significant trigger

Dan: Well, yeah. And, and there's I mean, we do go right to the the beginning because his mother gives birth to him in the fish market where she works. But she's right. Squalene kind of stinking market table when the, the pains of labor overwhelm her and she has a baby,

Sidey: she kicks it away.

Reegs: Well, she's had four or five before we all stillborn.

Yeah, she kicks it away, but he was loud. He shouted,

he made a claim for

Sidey: it was, it was,

quite hard that bit watching it with the Mrs as well. She's a bit like, not cool with that. And then there was, there's a scene in the orphanage where they try and smother the baby The pillow is just fucking NorCal, fucking.

that much funny though,

Dan: Strong in, in that regard. So yeah.

Phew, phew. You know, the hardest moments really th the film of right at the beginning. And then it, it kind of moves on to the point where this little boy

Sidey: we're told he has this gift. Strange gift.

Reegs: Well, yeah, it is a strange gift. It's a more impressive, super power than you might first think the ability to smell because we get it shown that he can sort of evade projectiles Carney

Sidey: Yeah. It's given him a sort of spider sense.

Dan: Yeah.

You can tilt your rotten, apple, thrown it in buyer, a fellow orphan when he can smell it coming and

Reegs: But he can really accurately say what shit is.

Dan: Yeah, he can close his eyes and chart the world around him, just visualizing from the smells and everything. And he kind of travels almost through water it staging and sees the fog spawn and all this kind of stuff. So his sense of smell is just, you know, otherworldly

Reegs: My misses is a bit like that. And again, I know I'm talking about it. She can read. I know, I know. But and also she was berating me the other day for not being in the podcast, but it's true. She has got a terrific sense of smell. We went to some posh place Harrods and we went downstairs to the wine tasting thing and they've got like that like a suitcase with like a hundred different smells in a, in a little jar.

And she was absolutely shit. Or like just pick one up and be like, oh, that's like burnt toast or whatever. And it, like, it would be burn toast and they had charcoal and whatever, for me, I was like, it's like brown

Dan: Yeah.


It's, I'm sorry. Extraordinary gift. And he's, he's already kind of predestined to become a perfumer if you'd like, cause he's, he's picked up a twig and w what, I would say a leaf, an apple, and he, oh, there's the apple trees putting it all together and his young mind and some time passes on and he's too old to be an orphan.

And he gets sold to the tannery for like seven Franks.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. And then she was just like needlessly murdered after that transaction.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: I didn't really get what they're quite.

I was just, that it was rough neighborhoods.

Dan: suppose it was a rough neighborhood and because it's right. It isn't it over the top. Yeah.

Reegs: So he works hard at the tannery and he's good at it. And he takes his beatings. Well so he's allowed an element of freedom that you otherwise wouldn't be. And he's, he's sent off to Paris to do a delivery

Dan: This, this after a good few years. I mean, now he,

Reegs: Oh, you go earn your

Dan: Yeah. We're, we're in, I'm in Ben we're shores character.

Reegs: Who's not what Robert Sheehan from last week's movie, there are different. No, Yeah. He ends up Well, it's intoxicating being in a new city, new smells. He sort of seeks them out. You know, I mean, you can't describe how powerful smells are to this guy and Paris is this thing.

And then suddenly he comes across a new scent.

Sidey: Of a woman.

Reegs: Yes.

Dan: He

wants to try to. Capture every smell. I mean, he just wants to know what it is and yeah, he's he, he finds himself following this, this girl selling oranges or

Reegs: is

Sidey: the plum

Dan: Plums. Yeah.

Sidey: just known as the plum girl Is this before, or after he's met the Hoffman

Reegs: before

Sidey: Okay. Edit that out. Hey, he's a little bit overzealous with, with this lady, shall we say?

Reegs: Well, she startled by him. It's a complex scene where you're not entirely


What his intentions are or how he's going to be received. It

Dan: Isn't it draws him to her.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's, we haven't really emphasized enough. The struggle he's had in life to get to this point is really obscene. To be honest. I mean, he's been tortured basically throughout his entire life to

Dan: A lot of the, I think they say a lot of them didn't live very long in the tannery.

Reegs: Well, the movie sets him up as an antihero. We've seen him as chained up at the beginning now we've seen his awful life. And then, so it makes what happens next kind of greater than it may be is in retrospect, which is he grabs the plum woman because he's frightened of being rumbled by Passerbuys and he puts her hand over her mouth to stop her screaming.

So as to avoid being alerted to but he accidentally is what the film shows. I think that he suffocates her.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: That's also quite a traumatic thing to what.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: It is. And, and as she falls to the ground, he

Sidey: doesn't

scoffer, he hangs around a bit

Dan: and he starts to smell her and sniffer and he can't get enough and

Reegs: smells good.

Dan: she smells great. And that, that scent, but as her spirit kind of is abdomen over as is her scent. And he, you can see him trying to find it, get it on his hands and rub it into himself.

But that's it it's gone. And the greatest smell that he's ever smelled has disappeared and he can't find it anywhere else. Again,

Reegs: he sort of all animalistic instinct at this point, almost like a dog or

Sidey: something,

Reegs: you know, it is the way he's in the world.

Sidey: and they have a good sense of smell.

Reegs: they do, they do after this, then we're introduced to the former master perfumer rules.

Sidey: and That's what he's in Paris for. Isn't it to deliver him

Dan: Some hides.

Sidey: and it's Yeah. Played by dustbin Hoffman, the cost. And This was really,


Dan: Yeah. Did you expect to see Dustin

Sidey: No. no, it didn't.

Dan: No. So he he's, he's all dressed up in the typical French outfit of the day with all looking a little bit tired though. Looks like it was, oh yeah. The best days behind him. A bit dust, too much dust on the shelves and you can see other perfumeries having more success

Sidey: And he says, he says to his

assistant, right?

I'm going to go and do some work. No one's to disturb me. And he sits in front of this big array of, you know, sense that he's going to try and be just copying someone isn't it.

Reegs: and work out. Your rival has presented a new perfume to the market. Um Or in psyche, and he's trying to sort of reverse engineer what it is because as we're sort of explained quite cleverly, each, each perfume in the world or scent is made up of 12 individual There are three sets of four chords. So it's like a musical thing and it's all tying in with the music. I love all that. So he's, he, he comes in, doesn't he grown, we Jean-Baptiste go home. We've been wishers CA our tortured hero. And he says that he can make the smell.

Dan: I can do that. Yeah. Is, is once a go at it and he doesn't need the labels, which is just as well. Cause you can't read anyway, but his sense of smell, even through the glass jaws is able to reproduce the competitors perfume.

He says, well, actually I can make it better.

You know, I can, I can do more of this for you. And, and suddenly Dustin Hoffman has his perfumer again. I mean, he's got the guy who can make this best smelling perfume, Frances ever

Sidey: He tells him. you can extract a sense or capture the sense of anything And it encourages him to experiment. So he comes back one day and he's having a bit of a a breakdown because he hasn't been out to capture the sense of There's a metals, isn't

Dan: copper. Yeah.

Reegs: person stone

Dan: Into this kind of delicate

Reegs: because he says things like, oh, well, I, he says something about, I can smell glass. And the guy's like, well, no, you can't smell glass. He's like, yeah, glass has a smell, but he can't capture those smells for anyone else. And he wants to be able to capture anything in, in his perfume,

Sidey: I mean, it encourages him to experiment. So he's done his metals and whatnot, but then he pulls a cat out of the Fucking,

distillery. absolutely


Dan: Yeah. He's he's had a go at all kind of mad

Sidey: but then a lot of killers, they do begin on animals. It says a little

Dan: A little hint

Sidey: hint of what's to come.

Dan: Yeah, it's, it's pretty it's pretty weird. I mean, in his mind, it, he just can't believe that he can't do this and he actually gets very ill doesn't

Reegs: well And also Hoffman has told him this incredible story about how they opened an Egyptian tomb and found us a perfume that was so perfect that it caused everyone to believe that they were in paradise or something. So he he's, you know, he's filled with these ideas.

Dan: Of the grand jury and the power. Yeah. That perfume can, can hold.

But I mean, he just wants to know how to preserve it. That's his kind of life target. Now. He wants to be able to basically get the Sen and keep it forever. And it's frustrating to him when he just doesn't have the technology to do it, but on his kind of death bed, he's told actually there is a way I can be like, you know, we can,

Reegs: well, he tells him of a different technique on the floor are

Sidey: in

Reegs: city of grass which is a different method of press preservation and grown.

We hopes that he might be able to capture the, the sense he can't capture it the way on the way. There's a really bizarre sequence where he just sort of stopped. I didn't see the thing that caused him to do it, but he just isolated himself in a cave for like seven or eight years. They talk over the voiceover about the duration of the seven year war.

He just hid away in a cave just to get away from everybody

Dan: where there was no smell. That's why he went. Cause he, he finds out that he has no smell Eva, but I

Reegs: that's what makes him depressed. It that, and it's really important that he finds that he has no smell.


Dan: and it, well before this slightly he's, it's worth mentioning that the the Tanner who bought him from the orphanage also dies after selling him to Dustin Hoffman who, when he lets him go with a hundred perfumes, so his business can go, there's brilliant.

Scene of the entire house falling in over the

Sidey: freaking all the wall and what was going on there. And he says, it's fine. Every time

it's just fine. It finally, It's not fine. Yeah.

Dan: And then the entire building, just, just totals down into the sea. So each time somebody leaves him or he leaves somebody's life that they find that that's the end, their fight has been tied in with his, and, and they're going to die soon afterwards.

So he's he's headed to grass now after these years in a cave and he, he sets out for a new job. He wants to try to preserve the center. Isn't he


Sidey: The first sort of memorable encounter he has is with a prostitute and he starts to cover in this animal fat. And she's like, oh, you're a bit kinky. You know, this is, a bit of a weird one. She says I've seen all kinds of weird stuff, but this is like right up there. And then she glances at the floor and he's got this kind of,

scifi kind of

knife blade, which is not cool with her. And he's already started to wrap her in a kind of bandage. You know, she's, she's not into

Dan: it's a level too far for

Sidey: gone above where to now being quite


Dan: the money back,

Sidey: she

throws the money but he tells him to piss off. Yeah.

Dan: So he clubs her. Doesn't he? And that's the first kind of part of the on few hours.

Sidey: Yeah. it's a single blunt force trauma to the head. Each is the emo.

Dan: Well, yeah, yeah.


Reegs: And then he, he he's, he's covered them in this animal fat and I'm not sure what the.

Sidey: it's

a kind of size that he's grapes, then all the fat,

Reegs: at, but he's wrapped him in what it's like,

Sidey: it must come with

Dan: and cloth and, and that sort of strange the grease from the fabrics and you mix it with alcohol it's evaporated, and then it just leaves the extracted scent in its pure form.

Reegs: I don't know whether you noticed that, but cause there's quite a lot of technical detail in the scenes of the light and they were using an 82 Conoco flask. I thought you would spot that. Would you? I mean, you probably did spot that.

Dan: It's

a classic of course. Well, after they say anyway, the city of grass is met with loader murders and you've got the local kind of rich guy,

Reegs: and he's discovered tea can preserve their sense.

Dan: Well, yeah, he he's got him in this big VAT. He's got a job In a perfume refractory who they're quite happy letting him experiment and doing his, his mad kind of extractions. They don't know what's going on

Reegs: increasingly ridiculous though.

Dan: and,

Reegs: late, just to raping a big thing over

Sidey: It's got a tough ball and over a


formaldehyde jar with a dead body in it.

Dan: Yeah.

And that's all

Sidey: what's in there.

Dan: oh, you can't see, she's protecting the flowers from daylight. That's the the experiment that he's saying is going on, but you've got then Alan Rickman turn

Sidey: off

Dan: so, and Antwan Richie's and he's desperate to protect his innocent door daughter from the killer, because she's the most beautiful.

And of course any, he starts to clue it together a little bit because that'd be series of talks and and kind of town meetings that he goes to, and he's saying, look, this guy is collecting something. He's put, I mean, it was a big leap, but he got there.

Reegs: She, they go to a garden party. The girl.

Dan: Oh, in the maze.

Reegs: but they're basically, they're sent off to play, hide and seek. Was that just like actually go and play hide and seek because they're only about like 16 or was it like going to have a quick hand job and fumble in the

Dan: Well, I think it was all of that back in the day, you know, I mean, impropriety that's out the eyes in the maze that would have been the one place that maybe a stolen glance becomes a little bit more.

And you know, in any kind of film, once there's amaze involved, you know, somebody is in for the high jump here. I mean, it's and sure enough, but it's not at this stage, the gal you think it's going to be there. The aliment his daughter, it's a, the twins, isn't it? The twins go at this stage. And Molly, I don't know if that's their

Reegs: Bludgeoned and preserved for their scent

and then dumped in the river.

Sidey: almost scalps. them as well. It

Dan: Yeah It takes their

hair. And we don't know this, but we find out a little bit lately. Cool kind of puts them in a shallow grave. All these clothes and everything, because later on as he's rumbled w the, the dog who scratches along and finds the first bit of evidence. And it's funny that actually, that, that part of the story, and I've jumped on it a little bit, but just the fact of who gets, who finds that,


you know the, the guy that found the dog pulling over these clothes and hair?

Reegs: I remember the scene.

Dan: right? Well, that, he's the one that gets actually

Reegs: Oh, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

we're, we're, we're up to

Reegs: oh, so basically he's been, he's trying to put together this, he knows that he needs 13 cents to make a perfume. And he's got his eyes on Richmond's daughter for scent number 13, that he needs to create this perfect perfume.

And he does get her

Sidey: well, like they, convict someone first. They say that they've caught the killer. because obviously the towns in panic I've come if there was a curfew or not, but Alan Richmond's like, that's not how he killed. That's not what the murder has been doing. You know, this is bullshit.

This guy's,

they've touched the question and this,

this killer is still at large. So he gets very protective and paranoid as you sure you would about protecting his daughter. So he moves them away. Was there some evidence that he'd already been stalking I can't

Dan: and there was, he,

Reegs: as fuck. He's always around everywhere. Like prying around

Dan: have an argument donate the party and sure enough our perfume is there watching her, and she has an argument with dad, and then it goes down the, the, some of the, the alleys that are got, and he's waiting just around the next corner and Alan Rickman.

Oh, there you are. Cause after his daughter, she comes running back and the next day it was, but you, you could feel the atmosphere that one more step and she was gone and it was like, let's get her out of here. They do. And it's quite an elaborate plan really? 'cause he, he, he sets off two parties.

There's a fork in the road, one going south one going north. And he lets everybody think that he's taken the south road. And there's just two riders dressed, disguised that go to the north road

Reegs: He can smell him from a good kilometer away.

Sidey: fucking ludicrous.

Dan: Well,

Reegs: Well, but it's kind of been like a fantasy fairy tale all the way through sort of things. So I went with this

Dan: well, yeah, he asked doesn't he, the guy at the doors is as he left as he left and he goes, yay. He went south. And he stays at the fork in the road and he looks back, he, you sure he just, and he follows this nose and heads off and picks the road that they ended up arriving at this little kind of coastal town in the next morning.

They're going to take a trip to an island, which is a monastery on it. And she's going to be locked away there. And except the, yeah. Yeah. She's, she's been married off

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: to a, an older guy that nearly kind of wandered off wherever in the maze

Sidey: Yeah. So she's in this room that has one window, and one door and and, and Alan Rickman locks the door. So he's not going in that way.

And he has, I think he has a nightmare.


right? He goes in

Reegs: up like,

Sidey: And the windows open, but she's still there.

Reegs: Oh. Cause I'm creepy. Ben Whishaw has snuck in stolen the key for her bedroom unlocked it gone in there.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, this is it. And he's already, so the, the dream effectively comes true.

You don't see him hit her over the head or anything. But in the morning

Sidey: just see written and open the door and the reaction. It's another fucking trigger warning. not anymore,

Reegs: but

Dan: Yeah. She had a head was shaved and he got a scent and he's kind of distilling it on the hill as the police then come and close in on him and he's just finished it. And he's got these drops that he's put into a little vial, a little perfume vial, and he puts that in his pocket and cue, then the beginning of

Sidey: The insanity

Dan: we came in.

Sidey: Yes. It things start to fucking

escalate here for me

pretty quickly

because Alan Rickman confronts him and says, when you're fucking dead, you know, or not, when you're dead, when you're dying, when you've been hit with the 12 things, I'll be staring into your eyes.

And he gives this really long impassioned speech about how we will be reverent. You know, That's his revenge. You're captured, you're fucking gonna die

a painful, horrible fucking death.

So we get the execution of being marched out and everyone's cheering their fucking Supersite for this. And eventually he brought up.

and it just goes fucking bananas.

at This,

Dan: Well, th th the fear that he is installed in everybody is just meant the whole town is filled the square. And then there's the, the priest, anybody who's, anyone is there.

They're ready to see this guy absolutely pay for, for what he's done. And he puts a couple of drops of the perfume

Sidey: for most of them to allow him to

Dan: Yeah Yeah. He's found this. He's hidden

Sidey: well dressed up as

Reegs: Well,

that happens afterwards. He puts he's in, in prison and he's just about to be taken away. And he puts a single drop of the perfume that is created at the sense of all these women and the guards sort of instantly sort of back away and he takes their clothes. And so when he turns up at the the thing to have him executed, you're already a bit like what the fuck is going on here because he's sort of seemingly in


Dan: yeah, now, now he's in a, a fine blue velvet suit and he's been drawn there by a lovely, ornate horse-drawn carriage.

And he turns up in the middle of the square with a handkerchief, it's got a little bit of perfume on and he, he kind of Welles in and floats this, wafts it into the crowd who suddenly sort of aren't so hateful and spiteful anymore. And,

Reegs: Well, this

Dan: the, the, the ex the executioner

Sidey: it's man's Denison.

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: this man is innocent.

And surely the soon enough the whole crowd start saying it to the point where

Sidey: someone calls them an angel,

Dan: the priest calls him, he's an angel and his scent and the, the, the perfume that he's created because it's not his scent, it's the perfume he's created. It's suddenly just made everybody delusional and, and having a huge kind of

Reegs: yeah Well, it's very predictable where it would go next with this,


Sidey: is fucking lapping this up so much so

Reegs: yeah, they, they, they just start having huge orgy and everybody's taking their clothes

Sidey: Yeah. It didn't see a single Dick though. Did you?

Reegs: I don't

Dan: Even on pause,

Reegs: but I thought with the families have been there because

Sidey: Yeah,

but they're French.

Reegs: yeah. Maybe it's best not to think that, so yeah, they have a huge orgy, which of course is a, is a massive surprise. And is just as bizarre as it sounds.

Sidey: It's a big big fucking oh gee, This

Dan: what a scene to have, what a scene to have shot if your pen wish or because you're the only person dressed within, I like a football

Sidey: pitching attempt

Dan: of somebody of all these people just stripping off and and having a massive orgy, even the priest Alan Rickman, he, he he's the one isn't

Reegs: while. Doesn't he gets close to him with a sword. I

Dan: He he's the one that, that kind of seems immune to it. His hatred for the killer of his daughter is still pumping through his veins. So he all the way to the stage, he's still holding the sword, but the closer he gets, even he can't resist and he calls him his son then hugs him and That's kind of the seat just breaks away to all these people avenue often as slowly as they, as he wanders out.

Sidey: But the voiceover,

Reegs: Well, there's an important moment, which I only caught when I rewatched it today because I wasn't satisfied. I understood fully what was happening in that scene, right. At the end of the orgy and all that, where Brinkmann's been sort of overpowered now and he's God like there, but he saw, he, I think what happens is he reimagines the scene with the plum girl at the beginning, but as a kind of tender, loving, romantic relationship.

And so. He's got all this adulation, but all he wants is love is kind of what I was trying to understand. And he couldn't, I think is what they were saying. Right. It was about,

Dan: I think also maybe that he feels that he has acquired what you set out. That first scent, that, that smell the perfume is made because there's no right to tells us he could then have gone to do anything.


Sidey: the world, many times over or something to the

Dan: Kings would have bowed to him. He was just, you know, yeah, it was, he was godlike. So he walks into this city of grass.

Sidey: Okay If that's to word, no, it goes back to where it all

Reegs: the fish market,


Sidey: started, where he was born and kicked under the table.

Dan: right. Yeah. Something towards him back there. And instead of doing all the things he could have done, he tips the perfume on his head.

Reegs: Well, he re yeah, he realizes it, it won't give him the fulfillment,

you know, doing all those things that are like, say a loving relationship would yeah, so he tips the perfume on his head

Dan: in the middle of a rough kind of market town at

Sidey: oh, we're going to get another fucking gang bang here,

Dan: Yeah, no, that's

Sidey: but that's not what happened.

It goes all the zombie.

Yeah. They,

again call him an angel

And are so enraptured by his presence that

Dan: they want

Sidey: it becomes a zombie fit. They're all on him and biting him. And

Reegs: well, they want to consume him,

Sidey: literally And you see a couple of bites And then it's just a, it looks like a scrum after that

Which dissipates to like, almost like Monty Python or something, it's just like a pair of trousers and something as soon as a blood smeared on the floor.

And you're like, what the fuck is going on?

Reegs: my Mississippi money, both in again.

Dan: and it, it just kind of becomes like a little place where people step around and that's it, it's just this pile of clothes on the floor.

Reegs: It's fucking bonkers.

Sidey: Yeah. I Didn't understand what

happened at the end. I meant to, I haven't had time to do more reading around that.

the interpretation and stuff, but I was just like the fuck What the fuck is that?

Dan: And that was that. not one of my usual choices. Maybe less predictable, probably something. I dunno, rigs, I I'm figuring you might have enjoyed it more than society,

Sidey: Oh no. I said I didn't enjoy it. I was just like, at the end, I was like, what the fuck? I like just Really baffled.

Dan: Yeah. It's, it's, it's a strange one. I'd have to read the book to get the full meaning of, because obviously films

Sidey: someone on the internet can tell me.

Dan: someone answered.

But yeah. What, what was your thoughts?

Reegs: Yeah, I really, really liked it. I mean, you're right about all the trigger warnings and it didn't, it didn't occur to me until afterwards. There are a lot of them in this.

Yeah, I really liked this. The, yeah.

It's a crazy idea

Dan: have got the S the, the idea of the smell across so well,

Reegs: it seems like cinemas, least sort of a replicable sensory experience, smell to do it through visuals, but it works like the scenes in the fish market and other things throughout the film, you know, the perfumery you, you genuinely, yeah, you could do one of those four day experiences with it would be great

Sidey: I want to smell the fucking fish market. I just


you know,

Someone going to Alan Whitman or Dustin Hoffman, like massive star Oscar. Well, I said write script. We've got the script for you. ever read this, right. Okay. A perfume.

Yeah. Great. A murderer. Okay. Fine.

Capturing the sense of 13 different,

strange 5,000 people or

G with Christ like imagery who then gets eaten, what the fuck

but Yeah. Right. It kind of works

Dan: And And, you, it leaves you asking questions of the film and as you say, what the fuck was it all about? Was he, was he an angel?

You know, as, as far as was he, the devil was a,

you know

Reegs: I have no idea.

Sidey: I thought that I thought that this was him having a sort of fever dream having been executed you know having had the 12 things, and this was what he was thinking This is how he was going out in

his head.

That's just one of the things that I've thought about. Could that be but don't

know. I mean, it's all there for

interpretation I, it was really fucking wild. This film.

Reegs: Yeah. Oh yeah. It's bonkers. I, yeah, I really liked it. He was, I saw it as this sort of metaphor for, he was trying to capture people's spirit through this thing and he couldn't ultimately, even when he had it, it didn't make him happy or whole because, and his lack of spirit in comparison to a scent in comparison to everybody else's scent is really important.

And that's why he just kind of gets rid of himself at the end, disappears back to nothing, all the Christ's stuff. I loved it in there, but I don't really understand why it's in there or what it's doing, but I just enjoyed it. It's it's stylistically short. All the transitions between scenes are good. The guy who did it is Tom tick.

The, I think is how you pronounce it. And he did cloud Atlas, which I also loved. So he has a history of doing these insane, big budget ambitious, crazy narratives.

Sidey: It is ambitious a little bit It was shot on location in Barcelona, which would

be probably quite expensive. They use two and a half tons of fish in one ton of meat to get the market lit. Right.

Dan: I was going to say it. I can still smell it.

And I

Sidey: People, people as far away as six miles report with a bad smell.

in the air.

Reegs: Yeah. I can believe that. I mean, it, it looks like it's flow people puking everywhere and stuff, and it's just, oh,

Dan: must be like that fish challenge. If you've seen that, a cans of like that. Oh,

Reegs: I just kind of like it, it's kind of, there's a bit about art and consuming stuff in there as well. And how, when you consume it, it goes out to the masses and one day you'll be consumed and it will go with you and all that. I dunno. There's loads of stuff you can layer onto it.

It's creepy as fuck. I don't know whether we've really emphasized. Just how I

Dan: No, it is. You're white. It's dark it's it's obviously it's it's crime is murder is, is.

Reegs: I'm surprised you like this. This is pretty up there

Dan: Yeah. Well, I watched this not knowing what it was like at all. You know, it was just one of those that I just started to and I wouldn't have watched it if somebody told me what it was like, probably. But I'm glad that I did watch it. And it was 2006. So the year that Sony was born so it was just on the edge of, of the films that we try to keep in, in around.

I think this was well, certainly one I missed at the time. I watched that a few years later. But you don't leave that last scene, you know, that that, that doesn't run out the, the orgy scene is it's just a.

Reegs: It reminded me.

A little bit of like Allie, Allie Jorah doff ski.

Oh okay. Oh,

Dan: I dunno.

I dunno a hundred.

Reegs: I tried to nominate one of them. Yeah. Just kind of like a different version of that. It's kind of Gothic fairy tale thing with loads of meaning to it.

If you want to put it on there and it's stylistically shot. Good soundtrack. I loved it.

Dan: for the most part though, it was quite straight.

Wasn't it? I mean, you didn't get any kind of magic. He, he learned a dog from the prostitute smell over

Reegs: what'd you mean by straight? I mean, it

Dan: it.

Sidey: it was a serial killer and all serial killers have their sort of quirk and their TRO their particular trophy.

So in that sense, I wasn't that weirded out by it, but when it fucking goes bananas at the end. it was like, what the F

Reegs: The orgy is a weird tonal shift. Isn't it? I mean, it's a big just comes

Dan: showed the power though in it, you know, just have that one drop and he just WAFs the, the

Sidey: I think I'd have exploited that a little bit more than just a one time. yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Well, I mean, that's, you know,

Sidey: the, this is based on a book, that book


the inspiration for the Nevada song Scentless apprentice.

Reegs: Yeah. I wrote that,

Sidey: which is nice,

Reegs: was kind of only, I read that Kurt Cobain sort of let him have that one, Dave girl. Cause it was Dave girls' Jean and it was a bit like, yeah, you can write one of those as well. Your pre

Dan: Th this is they're showing this on a, on TV tonight on a Chanel number five.

Sidey: Yeah, this was a weird kind of a success, but do you think that it made money or not?

Reegs: you tell us the money already? Because I don't, I never look at it and I'm crazy insane on this. Cause it looks like it cost a fortune to make

Sidey: cost $60 million to make,

Reegs: oh, it's lost everything. Surely lost everything.

Dan: 60 mil. You know?

Sidey: must've been for the

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Suppose, yeah, location shoots.

Dan: I would say that this last I'm hoping it broke even

Sidey: It took home 135.

Dan: Woo

Reegs: Alright Well that

Sidey: I've never heard of it.

Reegs: it's brilliant. It's brilliant.

Dan: Do you know why women wear makeup and perfume?

Sidey: because they're getting they stink.

Dan: Well, that, wasn't my joke.

Sidey: Okay. So yeah, you should definitely watch this, but strap yourself in for a fucking wild ending.

Dan: Yeah. And

Reegs: not just the ending, the whole film

Sidey: really the ending is like the cherry on

the weird icing. Yeah.

Dan: foul play.

Sidey: Yeah.

Definitely want to check out


doc McStuffins.

Yeah. You enter this

Reegs: doc. McStuffins am my into it.

Dan: Did you ever, obviously no,

Reegs: saw a bit, my, my daughter was never crazy keen on it, but they both went they've got a lot of the fucking merchandise anyway.

Dan: Great theme tune again. Strong strong theme tune game. So I suggested that we watched this and the episode was a crossover kind of episode.

What was the name of the episode? Again? It was

Sidey: Carl overdrive and it featured a lot of the Winnie, the Pooh

universe in this one,

because usually

Dan: walking in acre wood, I think was

Sidey: yeah, normally doc would have.

Like generic toys that she, so she imagines herself as a doctor. Her mother is a doctor, a pediatrician, and she imagines herself following. this.

Four-step, she's got a magical thing that brings

Reegs: she can use to travel through time and stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. It's like a kind of toy story thing. All their toys come to life and she fixes them when they're knackered and all that. Normally the toys that she fixes all like an approximation of an existing toy, but not a real McCoy or just some generic kind of.


Reegs: So, the toys are sent in, are they when they sort of comatose or are they aware of their surroundings? Because she brings them to life with the magic stethoscope. So what they're just, unless she animates you, you're just doom to an existence of like being a sort of.

Sidey: paraplegic Yeah.

Dan: yeah. They'd never really touched on that too much though. And you've got Lammy, stuffy, Chile, and Holly older kind

Reegs: of

Hard to work out. We've

Sidey: all those toys, home

Dan: stuffies, the blue dragon. Chile is the snowman.

Reegs: He's really anxious.

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: he's the sort of yeah. yeah, he's worried He's keeps saying about, oh my God, my legs hurt. Oh. And then they say you don't have any legs.

Oh my God. I've lost my legs. And all this,

Reegs: I'm

Sidey: it's a joke

Reegs: going to melt. It

Sidey: it's a trait that never gets old.

Dan: you got Holly. Who's the stuff. Purple hippo. And a nurse who's doc's assistant Lammy is one of doc's best friends and

Sidey: she's irritating them.

Dan: yeah, and she's, she's a dancer. and then there's stuffy the blue dragon who tries to be the bravest dragon of all. But isn't really that brave.


Reegs: he's klutz. They always have a class don't they? He was like in Paul patrol. Marshall is always falling over and shit,

Sidey: but they don't really it in the dragon

thing. with the T-Rex and toy story, Cause this is a kind of toy story vibe, you know, with toys, coming to life and all that sort of

Reegs: It's much more horrific implications though.

Dan: Yeah. Well, this episode begins from the doc and the toys spot, Winnie the Pooh and then,

Reegs: Yeah. I'll confess. I didn't see it done.

Dan: right.

Reegs: I didn't get time and yeah, when somebody told me in the car, that's what put me off. I didn't have the time. I have seen doc McStuffins and I thought, oh, this going to be nothing special.

And I should have known because he specifically selected this

Dan: I did because they had that kind of crossover to, to Winnie the Pooh.

And it was new to me as well, actually the when they put these two together but they worked quite well in this and, and Pooh is Easter. So lovable is, is, is absolutely

Sidey: he's on a he's on a balloon. Just getting

taken away. It's just sort of that real sort of sad sack,

or something.

Dan: wants to eat honey. You know, that's all he

Sidey: very relatable character. Yeah.

Dan: And so they met in a hundred acre world.

Whose friends who all they're Tigger and piglet and Eeyore and the rest of him. And there's a honey festival going on, which is why poo wants to be there. But he's floating off on these. Bloons

Reegs: wait, how's it drawn then? Is it because that's very different

Sidey: just about say it's,

if this is your first sort of well, Certainly for me, my first look at them in more of a 3d rendering, rather than, you know, the old Winnie the Pooh today, 2d, you know?


Dan: but it,

Reegs: I had seen

Dan: but it, it, they, they do it kind of well, because they've still keep that very traditional way of sketching pu you know, it just fits in with document stuffing who isn't drawn that way.

Yeah. It's anyway,

Falls down and and gets injured. So gonna fix you, fix it, you know, starts up and everything, the theme tune, and don't miss stuff in

Sidey: time for your checkup,

Dan: time for your checkup.

Do you know

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I've

Dan: in. If you know, you shouldn't leave

Reegs: now in that

Dan: your voice,

Reegs: I mean, neither of my kids were particularly into this, although I have, I've seen bits of it over the years, so but I've just come to this, just despise it because of the, the merchandise being so pervasive, even though my kids haven't seen it, you guys are going to tell me this is great and all this, I feel like I've missed out on this.

I'm winning the PE stuff. Cause I do like, we need to

Dan: yeah, it was a good one doc actually is able to fix pu and and get him back into his good place and they bring the honey first of all, to pu cause that's what friends.

And it was nice. It's positive, you know? My daughter has left it behind now, so I kind of got abandoned on this. Even when, when he pu came in it held the interest a little bit. She stayed in the room, but she wasn't watching it. Like you wigs you know, she just didn't bother.

Reegs: well, there's no reason for me to watch it if it's, if it's not on, I'm sorry, I disrespected your choice. And again, you know, you've, you would have, I would have enjoyed all

Dan: yeah. I think you would have, yeah. It showed you especially four years

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I just, I can't get over the sort of basic premise. I'm sure she's got, is it Munchausen's by

Dan: Well I think they go in

Sidey: and then,

Reegs: You know, where you like yeah. That's what she's doing with her stuff. Toys. That's why everybody around her is suddenly like, oh my stuffings

Dan: of that. Breaking auditories and then, and then fixing them as well.

Sidey: This


good. This is good.

it takes the fear away from medical staff and procedures and guides doctor. And we still would say to my daughter, she goes to the doctor time for your


and a, and that relaxes them more than they get into

Reegs: Yeah. But it's bullshit though. They sell them a lie because, but she goes to the lake the fucking stuffed animal or whatever, and you're going to get stitched up and it'll all be fine.

And don't worry. He's like, oh yeah, that sounds, but when you take a kid to the thing, especially when he doesn't ask stuff, you basically got your foot on their neck and you're like, you know, having to, even in an injection, why doesn't it say why isn't one of the stuff Teddy's like, no, not going to do it.

Sidey: Oh, they do have ones where the animals And the toys are scared and stuff. They do have that There's one with a, there's a two Jack in the box and one's the dad and one's the son and the dad has something wrong with them and the kid's fucking hugely freaking out. And it's all about, your parents are going to die eventually.

So get used to it. It's not quite like that, but it's, it's.

trying to deal with Certain issues in a sensitive way for kids,

Dan: Chris, Christopher Robin comes into this as well. And he's another one that can speak to document stuffings toys. So it's like, oh doc and doc in Christopher, Robin, they're like, oh, you, you understand toys as well. Yeah, I do. So even the toys are like, oh, Christopher Robin knows who I am and he can, he can hear me too.

So they, they have the shared imagination in it. And you know, there's some stuff in gone from Pooh and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it, I didn't know this stage. I mean, he's in the

Sidey: emotional.

Dan: room. It was pretty tough. Yeah. But and Christopher, Robin Vani. Bonds with dark over there, their shared ability to talk toys.

And I don't know whether there was something going to go on there in late represents because they talk about going, going back. I'm just saying they taught a friendship you know is developing between doc and Christopher Robin. I think they go back into a hundred acre wood

Sidey: possible

Reegs: a frolic in the woods.

Sidey: earlier on in the episode you, we said about the first gays in the village, and you said, oh, everyone's fucking got the first, one. well, so does this


August the fifth, 2017 season four, episode 22, a, because there's a an, a, B called the emergency plan. It features fear and Eddy and interracial lesbian, married, couple making dominance stuff is the first Disney junior preschool series.

And Disney's first TV series to include the same sex couple.

Reegs: Oh, well, there you go.

Sidey: So it has that,

Reegs: and only the other day, my wife was

Sidey: you

have that. You also have my stuff in is a black character, leaves character

Um So it has representation in it. We love all that sort of stuff.

Don't mean

Reegs: oh shit. I've really paid the wrong battle here.

Let's be honest slate, Agnes. I think she's a psychopath though. That's the only logical conclusion she's like, you know, and then who does she have, like a whole closet of identical lab coats or is her mother

Sidey: Washington?

Reegs: all or why?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And it's hard. And then who gave her the stethoscope

Sidey: If we do get an origin of it at some point.

Reegs: And it's with Emma Stone

Dan: Yeah, well,

Reegs: Emma Thompson.

Dan: she she's normally got the lab coat over a long sleeve purple and white Stripe t-shirt and a pink colored skirt with polka dot leggins and a violet ankle socks with pink sneakers and sparkles.

Sidey: Are you going to cosplay it for us.

Dan: probably not.

Yeah, that would wouldn't it. And did you know that her maternal grandfather has survived heart and knee replacement surgery? That was in one of the earlier episodes.

Sidey: Do you know what Her name is It was not dark.

Reegs: I actually do. I found this out today.

Dan: Is it DACA? Kathy

Sidey: nearly. Dottie

Dan: Dottie, huh? There you go. Yeah.

Reegs: Her clinic is much bigger on the inside than it is on

Sidey: Well, it changes in the first few seasons

it's she has

like a Wendy house sort of thing

Playhouse in the garden

and it's that.

And then later on it becomes this whole world. Somehow she gets another thing that expands it all. So yeah, it's very, very tired. It's like,


Dan: do you know that she, this, this is true. That's called mixed stuff in. Ceville where she's from.

Reegs: Right?

Dan: That's

Sidey: that's a coincidence,

Dan: random fact.

Reegs: She owns the town,

Dan: I think so. I think so, but this was in in, for awards and it won some award.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: The Peabody award, the Peabody, I think that's a big one.

Sidey: It's bigger than that Dan uh I'm not surprised at what it was. I think its really good. rigs clearly hates it, but I think

it's really good. This

Dan: a, it's a solid choice. Yeah, for, I think kids seven, eight silly enjoy in this.

Sidey: but you're going to like it a lot more than what I nominate for next week.

But in that way.

Reegs: Is it long? What you've nominated

Sidey: anything is if you actually

Reegs: bothered to

watch it. Yeah, Yeah, no, I've done it disservice because the pool stuff I would have enjoyed.

Sidey: you always enjoy

Good pool content,

online. Don't you? Yeah.

Awesome. Gallic content this week don't forget that you can win all kinds of amazing stuff but from us. You

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I have got nominations for now.

you ready?

Dan: I'm ready.

Reegs: I'm ready for you to tell me

Dan: I'm looking forward to this.


Reegs: to be excited about it, to go home and forget what they are

Sidey: And then we have

Reegs: you in the

Sidey: three conversations

Reegs: times

Dan: Let me get pencil because I can,

Reegs: it doesn't make a difference, then don't worry about it.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: I don't know. if We'll be joined by any of our other co-hosts

next week.

Depends on how COVID slash new babies

Reegs: I don't think I want to be around Howie

Sidey: I don't think Pete should be here a week

Reegs: still symptomatic now

Sidey: system addict, right. Top five movie trees.


into that the midweek mentioned it's going to be battle Royale.

Dan: the Korean movie

Sidey: it's Japanese. And the reason we're picking that is because Quentin Tarantino said it was the best film

it's his favorite film that has been released in 1992.

So we'll see about that.

Reegs: He's seen that before.

Dan: I've seen it a long time ago.

Sidey: I seen it from here. I think it's on prime.

I think it's on prime.

Tell him that's what school life could have been like. Ah, we're going to watch hateful eights, but I think you guys possibly might have seen it, but I have not.

I, This is one I missed. So want to catch up, with that?

It's a bit more Tarantino stuff and the kid stuff, unfortunately, is not parenting related. But it is currently on rotation and our house. is dive club on Netflix

Reegs: clubs. Oh, is that like

Sidey: yes It's pony club, but I copied and pasted into the scuba diving world? So we'll see what we think about all those next week.

All that remains is to say Saturday signing out

Reegs: That