June 25, 2021

Summer of 92 & New Legends of Monkey

Summer of 92 & New Legends of Monkey
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As the Europeans deify another bunch of hopelessly overpaid man-children so too the Bad Dads cash in with an episode devoted to that most infantile of sports, football. Bad Dad Dan is something of a football fanatic and has a touch of pedigree himself having played football under West Ham's very first attacking full-back/Manager, Syd King in 1902. The beautiful game lit a spark in Dan that could not be extinguished, which is how we end up here almost 120 years later with The Top 5 Movie With Balls.

Ah the Summer of '92, I remember it well. It would have been the year of my bar mitzvah and though countless debauched evenings and sleepless parental nights have consigned actual memories to the mists of time, I can of course take a fair guess based on all of the available evidence as to what I would have been doing: watching on miserably as England crash pathetically out of yet another major football tournament. Who knows, this time next week I'll probably be doing the same. As it happens though the very much unfancied Danish football team eventually won Euro 1992 but without Kasper Barfoed's brilliant SOMMEREN '92 I wouldn't have known anything about the struggle Richard Møller Nielsen (Ulrich Thomsen)  faced to galvanise his team, the spiritual journey Cyron Melville's Brian Laudrup undertook and the incredible emotional story of Kim Wilfort and his daughter Line.

We finish up this weeks show with the pilot episode of Netflix's The New Legends of Monkey. If there was a football connection it was lost on me, something something magical crown and a lot of wind and lasers shooting from hands, then the thing ended. I dunno, this one didn't grab me guys but don't take my word for it, at least two of the dads loved it and the other one didn't bother because he hates you. So, you know. Make your own mind up or something.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Summer of 92

Reegs:Welcomed about dad's film review each week We're catching up on the movies we missed while we were fulfilling our parental obligations and the often painfully awful things our kids watch now And it seems we've expanded the scope to include TV shows We watched when we were kids so we can slate those things do For some reason a regular listeners will know about my attempts to establish fact from fiction where it comes to one of the co-hosts to society this week I have had very little I'm afraid but I did get an email this week with a picture No I don't know whether you can see that picture Do you know


Reegs:do you recognize the do you recognize this place

Pete:This there's some bell bottom trousers So this has gone back way

Sidey:some sort of

Reegs:is Dallas this is this is the grassy Knoll And now if I just zoom in here you can't see this

Dan:it's quite clear when you zoom in Isn't it but

Reegs:and it's clearly not been photo-shopped that side is there at the grassy Knoll So

Sidey:that with her

Reegs:yeah So what do you have to say about that I did came from an anonymous source so yeah no comment

Dan:probably wisest at this juncture

Pete:It's not amazing like podcast content the

Reegs:visual a visual gag Well but you guys I mean your reaction said it all

Dan:Yeah I was shocked to see the on the glossy Knoll in Dallas in

Sidey:I know I moisturize That's why I started still so youthful in my looks despite having been there seven years ago Yeah

Reegs:Yeah So that's that then we've also of course got the man without a plan The human word salad generator Dan Mr Peter Andre in the house hello Hello Anybody watched anything this week

Dan:No it's it's mainly been the homework and the the football

Reegs:Yes It's shame for listeners who want to tune into like a movie review podcast to get away from the football that's going on everywhere They've they've really it's going to suck for them this week a bit Isn't it

Dan:They've stumbled into Potentially something that could give them an extra buzz when the in-between games and if you're unsure of what games and football films and what films with balls you might have missed out on we're going to put your white this is going to happen

Pete:I I've watched football I took some time out to record for a rival podcast at the weekend and I also finished don't fuck with cats I've watched the last episodes of that which kind of like came to a

Reegs:runs out of steam a bit

Pete:did run out of steam even to the point where there's this potential other character slash suspect that gets introduced in the last one but immediately it's pretty fucking dark How like the the the the lengths that this guy goes to to sort of like a year and a half before he killed anyone he was like trying to set up an alibi with this other character that didn't actually exist by going to a lawyer and talking about M and so-and-so's is quite Clever and calculated but ultimately he got caught he chops opportunities man and he's probably going to be in prison for a little while

Sidey:Okay You

Dan:Remind me actually I started watching Lupa again which is

Sidey:oh season two dropped the other day to night Yeah

Dan:Yeah So that's currently on the watcher Yeah Omar So currently on the on the watch one

Sidey:Yeah I need to finish these one I haven't done that yet but I've been plowing through twin peaks It's such a joy

Pete:I've actually seen your cause we we share a login I've seen your progress on that episode five

Sidey:Yeah Yeah I haven't I haven't watched as many as I'd like to have this week but yeah The England game amongst others got in the way

Pete:that was

Dan:out all the joy out of watching

Sidey:the pathetic but there we go Champix was excellent And then just homework assignments really And I doubled down on the one of the homework assignments where we can get to that later on

Reegs:Okay Interesting I watched the friends reunion

Sidey:Oh well we will watch that but I haven't yet I know all about it James Gordon's in it

Reegs:Yeah And cordon is he's not even half as talented as and funny as he thinks he is at which still makes him the funniest person on the planet and in his eyes yeah really really weird I mean Matthew

Sidey:he's in a bad way

Reegs:is not good and he's different as well Just he seems so much

Pete:well what's happened to his substance abuse Was he

Sidey:painkillers as much as other things And also he has like crippling anxiety about how I'm funny He is

Pete:Well he's right to be anxious about that

Reegs:It was it was sad I mean only a Joey just looked like a he's like fat and

Sidey:He's just like content He's the only one who's actually happy

Reegs:just like yeah I made a load of money and now I

Sidey:I'm fat

Reegs:off the basis of that now

Pete:Yeah Like eating a lot What a gag It's just the guy that keeps on running him like eating an extra slice of pizza and


Reegs:Well he's doing it for real

Sidey:did you see I think I shared it on a WhatsApp group the James cordon sort of musical thing about COVID and vaccinations and stuff played worse than cats worse than cats


Sidey:I swear to God it's worse than cats

Pete:Western fund though Done You can try and defend him

Reegs:Well I read because Matthew Perry throughout the whole thing seems like totally drugged And I read that he'd had like they'd put a press release out saying he'd had a dental procedure and a tooth extracted in

Sidey:point painkillers extra large syringe of


Reegs:that's half plausible then

Dan:when you time it for isn't


Reegs:Well I kept Googling and I found that at the friend's 20 year reunion with Graham Norton Matthew Perry also had slurred speech and things and had had her dental appointment on the same day with an immediate So that it's actually really really sad because the program itself whether or not I mean did you like friends Yeah Did you like for us blank

Dan:some are good Some weren't

Reegs:It was pretty funny

Sidey:It started off it started off quite well then it was

Reegs:it got silly

Sidey:hung around for far too long but I liked the people

in it

Reegs:program and you can still it's an easy thing to just put on in the background yeah And it's a shame because they they did admit but they make 20 million a year out of royalties

Sidey:did actually put it on the other day because my daughter was in having a dinner and she wanted to watch something Yeah Didn't want to put on something that sh you know that was my choice that she wouldn't like So I put on friends thinking this is completely nicely Veneta that we can all three of us sit and watch it And she said I'm not even exaggerating This is verbatim We said can we watch literally anything

Pete:She's a girl with good taste I like that

Reegs:very good Very good

Sidey:We've got a top five to finish off from last week

Reegs:Yes stairs I mean we were we were absolutely inundated with home alone ones or various ones the ice on the steps The there was loads of thank you Keep do keep them coming in Sid looks very uncomfortable

Sidey:We've had loads for it just gets mentioned for anything Now I don't know Were there any others that were worthy of going into the top five

Reegs:Certainly No better than home alone

Pete:the big admission from our top

Reegs:Oh we had the Rocky we had Rocky as well We did have Rocky a number of times Mel gave us Rocky I think somebody did definitely Yeah

Dan:to it should probably find its way in there

Sidey:All right So


Dan:Great staffer

Sidey:this week's top five though Dan Okay when you announced it last week on the pod think it was more specific

Pete:Mm it was very specifically football

Sidey:but when you mentioned it on the group WhatsApp chat it said balls in movies So I've run with that Fuck you If you think we're just doing football

Dan:No no I've also

Sidey:it made life a little bit easier Was

Reegs:concentrated on

Sidey:Well I

Pete:Only exclusively went with association football FARC American football It's shit Same with Australia Aussie rules football This was football football life as we know

Reegs:Yeah And that made it quite hard

Sidey:Yeah it did So I have gone with some just balls

Dan:Okay Well I I had raging bull but I took


Dan:one out

Reegs:Yeah Reservoir dogs


Sidey:dogs gone And Danny you set the ball rolling

Dan:Okay So


Dan:I I'm going to set the ball rolling with Dodge ball

Sidey:Can you remember the The instructions


Sidey:Dodge duck dip dive and Dodge

Dan:There's a lot of dodging going on there this was really my choice to prove that it wasn't just about footballs that we could have talked about any balls and

Reegs:I think Pete and I have been much more true to what you know

Pete:I know I think we're both way sounder


Sidey:Well I remember seeing the trailer for this film in the cinema and thinking what a load of shit I'm not going anywhere So I didn't see it for a good couple of years after it came out And obviously once I saw it I fucking loved it

Dan:it That that pirate character in there is just fantastic pirate Steve or whatever it is

Sidey:Yeah We saw a guy in Vegas fancy what I assume fancy dressing as Steve the pirate and went up to him to get folk off and he's like fuck off Like where are you all dressed Like you


Reegs:Yeah You dress like a pirate man I mean we you did

Dan:played Dodge ball It seems like

Pete:I've I've been in a Dodge ball tournament Yeah Yeah

Reegs:Was it better or worse than the cat

Pete:day have what I think specifically dodgeball boots

Sidey:boxing things

Pete:yeah no they were just boxing boots that I bought but I wore them in a Dodge ball competition and it was like you know we had some mullet wigs and some some like sweat bands that had bands and stuff and yeah Played in a really fucking tight and and when you Chuck the balls it's like it's not like you know you want it to be like a firm ball that you're gonna throw in It's gonna really hurt somebody like a wrench Yeah but no was it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be but yes I have played Dodge ball

Dan:What post did I use then If they're not

Reegs:Basketball kind Isn't

Sidey:No you can pick them up one on call

Pete:Yeah They're kind of like

Sidey:can do the quick grab and throw

Pete:I mean I don't know if I was using like official dodgeball association balls

Dan:of a

Sidey:the American dodgeball association of America

Reegs:medicine ball

Pete:one thing that felt like there's so many brilliant lines that that came out of that film especially around like Ben still is like I like him in some stuff and I fucking hate him and other things And this is one that I read his character is amazing in there

Sidey:role I think

Reegs:yeah well I dunno he's predict the zoo Lander as well It's

Pete:is pretty good Yeah That's

Sidey:White w H I T E

He's great


Pete:I'm going to start off with what I'm going to actually do some football films and oh I'm going to go with a big iconic football film called escape to victory


I believe 1981 And what this film was kind of confusing as a kid because it it kind of spliced like actors and footballers

Sidey:Ipswich town football players

Pete:And John walk and it was it was really sort of like that part of it was confusing to the point where when I was young I was like oh I didn't realize Michael Cain was really good football or albeit I don't think he actually plays

Reegs:Didn't realize Bobby more fought in the war

Pete:exactly Right Yeah Yeah Yeah And and I like how we've done is because there's people like Pele and ACIAR dealers in it And obviously Brazil and Argentina went heavily involved in the in the second world war they've had to then give their characters like different sort of nationalities and so on I mean yeah this was it was a great game of football albeit slightly weighted in favor of Z Germans but and something that I that not that long ago somebody was saying to me oh yeah And they're like when they get the winner and everything I was like no it was a fucking draw

It was a four roll draw I mean obviously hatch Sylvester slowly saves a penalty at one


Reegs:he shit though


Sidey:How did

Pete:Gordon banks was like a like a creative director on the film I'm going to say but he they used him to kind of give Sylvester Stallone some tips but I didn't really pay him

Dan:I heard that he Actually fancied himself as a goalkeeper and then yeah actually fancied himself as goalkeeper and then took a cash money bet with Pele that he would say at least one penalty out of 10 and then Pele just break them all obviously Cause

Pete:cause he's fellow

Dan:cause he's pillow and it's still best as to loaning go But he just had to prove the point because Stallone

Sidey:it's never going to be sure Competent So is he sliced

Dan:no absolutely not He will back himself every second

Pete:day Have I totally made this up Daniel or did you did you at any stage in your football in Korea encounter Ozzy Our dealers

Dan:I did actually

Pete:And when I say

encountered like


Dan:We were on the same

Pete:That's fucking insane

Reegs:I played against Staci our dealer

Dan:Yeah He came on in an

Reegs:and this was probably what he was making his debut

Dan:his technique He was just a young lad Yeah The time

Pete:Brilliant but really good film and

Reegs:very loosely based on a true story in Ukraine but with a much more depressing ending where the Nazis forced the Ukrainian team to play several matches against them as a publicity stunt And when they lost them they had them tortured shipped off to work camps and executed so that and they don't do that in this

Pete:no they didn't do that in this version Even that story though does apparently that's that's been embellished I think that they Like prison prisoners Yeah


Pete:no torturing involved and yeah no they they did they were prisoners of war so they weren't executed because they beat them in football They just eventually like I think of the however many players are involved like seven seven of them were were eventually killed in in the concentration camps So that's all fine


So I'll forgive them for

that Yeah

But yeah based loosely based on a true story really good film Check it out

Sidey:It's not I don't like it

Pete:fuck off

Sidey:because and I'm sorry to rain on your parade Football movies are just shit

Dan:for the most part they are But



Dan:this isn't one I I think this is a a really good movie escape feature I'll still

Pete:a this isn't a

Sidey:field so massively hate Pele And I can't I can't leave that to one side I'm afraid Cause he's an arrogant fucking prick and he lies about his goal scoring records and I just don't think he's that fucking good

Pete:And like um in the midweek mentioned he also can't get a stiffy

Sidey:Yeah Big fan of a floppy Yeah so on that note I've got Jeffrey taking a bath when some Ruffins bust into his apartment it's the Autobahn dudes where's the fucking money Lebowski one of them picks up a bowling ball and says what the fuck is this And it's one of the best lines of all time is just replies with Obviously you're not a golfer so fucking good sets The tone for my favorite comedy of all time is a fucking absolute 10 out of 10 movies

Dan:Yeah I'm glad you've wedged that in there

Reegs:Air pod three world pup it was the first direct to video sequel in the puppy fondling franchise frustratingly blenders All of these movies are employing the absolute standard for these movies where you get some bumbling criminals often people working in animal welfare roles but they specifically seem to want to harm the animals that are under their protection which is an old thing And then you get some sort of fledgling romantic sexual tension between 14 year olds that screenwriters always feel compelled to write into these things my daughter was mad on these movies for a while which why I bring it up anything to read dogs playing football or basketball or wherever I've seen Most of them I can tell you this has a huge advantage over other over other K9 sporting movies in that a dog could almost conceivably play football I don't think in not in the premier But you know the the ball is on the ground For the most part you could teach a dog to dribble I think they're Pacey they've got decent pace it's totally within the rules of the game to use your face And you know who in their right mind would sliding tackle a dog this one Josh falls for Emma Who's a football player from England just as his pup bud falls for her dog whatever the fuck it was called They there's some football air bud proves much better at seducing women than Josh cause he ends up a father end of the movie where they do in fact win the football tournament So not really a movie I could recommend but a movie that's got football in


Pete:better than than the other choices then that didn't have football and Dan your choice

Reegs:what'd you think about that idea of a dog playing in in

Sidey:trends on the breed I suppose



Reegs:top level but say

Sidey:No Good You're going to want you're going to want a Greyhound or something quick


Reegs:but something with a bit

Pete:No but it like it you'd have like a you know like a great day in at center

Sidey:That's true Yeah A couple of new founders

Pete:like a Burmese mountain dog in goal

Dan:poodle a poodle on the wing Just looking good

Pete:the wing He'd have

Sidey:yeah if you're playing wingbacks you'd probably want it with it Yeah Yeah



Dan:And none of those would have got a shower in ID Do you ever remember that film so Shadwell army a British a British film Well this was the first one I watched this kind of

Reegs:Agreed Yeah Same ways No this one's about

Dan:Shadwell on me

Pete:hammer scum That's why

Dan:this was a fictional


Dan:called yeah from called Shadwell

Reegs:Yeah But they the Melville fan shout something about Shadwell at the moment So he's basically Milwaukee and they are I mean if you don't know they are basically shit They're horrible They're the worst kind of football

Dan:Yeah These are football hooligans and this film has two policemen who have to infiltrate their the firm and actually ended up going a little bit too far and enjoying it themselves to the point where they're actually the ones causing most It's probably afterwards but it's it's a film with no real huge stars or none that I can

Reegs:Sean Pertwee's in it

Dan:Yeah A couple of people came from it but they weren't sort of mega stars at the time or

Reegs:It's got a quite a high factor If I think I've seen him in an episode of doctors that sort of

Dan:Yeah exactly That's a bit of a who's who of British actors and things and support and actors that made up this this film of football hooligan and the from behind him I really liked this I mean it's one that I haven't been able to mention into of a midweek


Reegs:football bits are good It does capture the like when the goals are being scored and that sort of thing it really captures those euphoric moments Like that is good And then also the euphoric moments of like stabbing a guy in the neck with a bottle as well

Dan:and being kind of tested by the other people Are you is he who he says he is Is it you know Cause they had to go through to prove that they really were who they said they were So they had to have the history of the club and I've been supporting them that long since Jimmy Johnson scored that goal and you know all that kind of thing Yeah It's worth checking out

Sidey:It reminds me or no just remind me I feel like it goes hand in hand with scum and stuff like that around the same era and that things that people used to like just cause they were violent They'd always talk about these violent scenes and fuck off

Dan:Yeah No well this wasn't he's had little more than just violence in it but certainly it was in and around that

Reegs:scum was really good as well

Dan:Yeah it was it was why Winston there's some bowls in that as well When they when he's got these sneaker balls now who's the daddy bang

Pete:and now he's in cats Yeah Right I didn't actually go for I didn't even think to have those like football hooligan films or whatever but I want to mention before the from one Gary Oldman's sort of like oldest films for one of his first No not that one yeah One of his first films really strong acting performances and quite sort of intimidating And it's not that one's not all about the violence Fact that these are like normal people that go there He's an accountant and he wears a suit all the time And then at the weekend he's a maniac But so so because I did just stick to purely football films and I think you're right Sidey they're like not many of them are any good I've I've peaked way too early with the skate to victory And so I'm going to mention so all I'm going to do is mention films that I have seen that are football films One that I did actually enjoy is mean machine

Sidey:running out of films


Pete:Yeah yeah yeah Or I'm going to call him

Sidey:it's another great It's another great goalkeeping

Reegs:the monk

Pete:monk Yeah And and obviously Vinnie Jones He is he plays like I think that like the disgraced England captain he sees like taking a bung to throw a match or something I think he like that's what he's doing a stretch for I would imagine So

Dan:Is Jason Statham more convincing as a psychotic goalkeeper or Vinnie Jones is England football captain

Pete:What I would say without answering your question what I would say is Jason Satan I think is meant to be Scottish in this film and his scholarship Scottish accent is worse than yours done Like you would get some

Dan:not Paula Yes

Reegs:what's all the facial stuff as well

Dan:Who was

Pete:Is that groundskeeper

Reegs:goes into that It's like

Pete:so yeah it's it's it's another similar sort of storyline to escape to victory And that is like the the the cons against the screws the longest yards Yeah With spurt Reynolds so who yeah Life what a hero this film wasn't awful It was quite entertaining It's got people like Ahmed Gillian and it's Yeah it's kind of like ludicrous in parts but I got on board with it and I've I think I've watched it more than once

Sidey:We had costume mind back and under eighteens the ones who was nicknamed the monk remember Yeah

Pete:because he was just as erratic in goal less less of a maniac more just terrible at goalkeeping but yeah that's that's my second football film

Sidey:Okay I'm going to go with a documentary It's about my favorite football player Paul Gascoyne I think it's simply called guests go in I don't know if you've had a chance to see it


Sidey:It's very illuminating especially the star When he talks about his years when he was like in digs living with an old lady you know who look after them And then it was going off to play footie with his one of his people I think it was hit by a car and died basically died you know almost in Gaza's arms And you see these sort of trigger things happening that you can kind of understand why he was a bit messed up and stuff that aside from having like you know massive learning difficulties and all the rest of it I think the the lady that he was living with died and he'd broken a toaster and then he says I promised her I'd buy her a new toaster And you know he was really still cut up because he was cut up about it Never got a chance to do that and selfish and and all these other things but also just an incredible footballer I'm seeing loads of it at the moment because the United States keeps getting rehashed on the tablet

Dan:we don't do many documentaries and I didn't add them into their site You know there's the poetry of a genius to the Z Dan one And there's a

Reegs:He starts my favorite footballer

Dan:it w which is absolutely fantastic but it's almost worth us maybe doing a a whole top five on

Reegs:Oh definitely

Dan:one time

Reegs:But we could even have sports

Dan:we could even have that who

Pete:Yeah I was wondering is um I think gas has got the same Dentist is Matthew Perry Cause Gaza seems to be quite slurry in nowadays as well

Sidey:I saw him being interviewed just recently about something and he visited sorry stay

Pete:Although he was recently on an Italian TV show speaking Italian from back in obviously his days where he was No it was you know actually like speaking Italian and looking sort of quite healthy and lucid I don't know

Dan:you'll will be absolutely fine But over here he's still considered like he's

Sidey:people you know people were buying booze and I saying what are you doing Like enabling someone is

Pete:for people who don't know who we're talking about Quite a tragic so was he's not dead but it is quite a tragic character in that he was probably the sort of like the biggest probably the most talented English inkling I'd say probably the most talented English football or ever and he became he was shot superstar in as part of a world cup in in 1990

Dan:21 years old

Pete:never was never able to I don't think deal with with with the celebrity and everything because he was quite a simple guy in terms of he just wanted to muck around with his mates go fishing play video games yeah And it kind of put him in in like a situation that I don't think he knew how to deal with and it all turns her drink

Sidey:There was other stuff as well when you look into well I think it was mentioned in the documentary about though the phone tapping thing where you know the news the world or whoever it was was releasing stuff about him And he was then going to his family saying you know you fucking done me over and it wasn't it was like piers Morgan and those cans like you know tapping his phone and and and just completely like dismantling someone without them knowing what's going

Reegs:shouldn't let the other one get away with it as well The one who can remember his name God dammit

Sidey:I saw

Reegs:did it all

Sidey:Yeah I know he meant cause I was watching


Sidey:was watching a YouTube clip He was on Newsnight and Steve Coogan was tearing into him I know the guy you mean it was and he said he was trying to defend that sort of behavior and it's all right In any case back to football Yeah

Reegs:I've got a couple of real footballers in films I thought that


Reegs:sort of a little twin twist on it


Reegs:cos I've got basic instinct Sharon Stone reprising her role is Catherine Tremmel in the 2006 equal to 1990 twos gleefully trashy basic instinct this time Morrissey becomes a victim of her seductive games not the miserable Northern bigot but David Morrissey an actual Shakespearian actor Yeah he's just reduced to like awkward fumbling with you know like between people who were only a little bit more glamorous looking than your parents but it's got serial women puncher and dogging fan Stan Kalimore he played for Nottingham forest Liverpool in England He unknowingly takes a drug which paralyzes his lungs then he has sex with Sharon while driving his car and crashes off a bridge drowning this is brilliant I only discovered this today It the film is the fifth element Did anybody come across this football journeymen one size fits hall actually yeah one size

Pete:the fifth element Yeah

Reegs:played he's he's as a 16 year old he was in the fifth element Yeah what an amazing thing

Sidey:the best nickname of all

Reegs:And it's a great nickname Yeah One size fits all So there you go

Dan:Fantastic Well I I'm going to go but tennis there's a few good tennis films actually that have come out in a relatively short period of time there was a battle of the sexes I don't know if you caught


Dan:one with Billie Jean King playing tennis against Steve Carol although

Sidey:Emma Stone Is it


Her Yeah

Dan:And it's it's a true story where Billie Jean King was Said you know she was obviously a fantastic tennis player but this one television presenter or this one

Sidey:as a pro or someone who said oh you know Yeah I think someone had said like I could be

Pete:he's like the guy from 40 year old Virgin that's who plays Billy Jean King in a tennis match Yeah

Dan:Yeah But it's not easy out the other actor who's also a yeah he's like a television presenter or he's he's like a pundit who says why I I could beat her and then suddenly this starts to become a thing and they they have this match and all the publicity and behind that and

Pete:I remember saying

Dan:raving it up as well saying yeah I'll be of course I'll beat you you know being really sexist and everything with it So that that was a good movie actually and there was another one called seven days in hell And I don't know if you've caught up



Dan:one It's the one where No worries It's Nicholas Matt Hooten John


Dan:game and it's kind of a mockumentary with Adam Samberg and KA Harrison

Pete:Harrison is John Snow

Dan:right Okay Oh

Pete:Harrington Yeah Kent Harrington I'm falling for it now

Dan:you know I I like these ones you know I think these tennis films they serve a purpose no

Sidey:Did you pick them just to shoot on that joker

Dan:yeah yeah Oh here we go Take it away But no they're they're really good movies and they should be checked out

Pete:So this Latest restriction You've imposed on us where we're not allowed to talk about documentaries is restricted My list albeit I do want to very briefly mention the the Rinaldo documentary in 2015 It was just cause it was directed by a guy called Anthony wonky which I thought

Reegs:was we've got a book about his donkey

Pete:Does he got one eye Yeah Yeah I know that I know the one you're talking about so are you filmed the I don't really think I did like but it was it was kind of iconic in in British sort of like culture for a while was bend it like Beckham everybody that was like that became like a phrase which I think is what spawned the the film

Dan:It was a big performance for that girl that got


Dan:as well

Pete:Keira Knightley and yeah it's basically it's about a Sikh girl who wants to play football which is not a very becoming of a of a young Sikh girl Traditionally I think they want her to do sort of more traditional things than than play football I think there's there's quite there's a bit of homophobia in there because I think that you know the suggestion is that you know it's it's yeah it's it's a female football or women's football is a sport for lesbians is the the theme in the film But yeah I think they both fancy the same guy in it Whose name I can't remember He's quite a handsome guy and yeah they win a cup I'm sure And someone bends it exactly like Beckham that's yeah

Sidey:there was a breakout for both of them because Karen RD obviously went on to do big things but

Pete:Jonathan Reese Meyers Is that the guy Is that an actor

Sidey:that's yeah

Reegs:He was in Trainspotting

Pete:Was that oh maybe I've got the wrong guy

Sidey:No he was he was Richard Reed and fantastic Paul wasn't it And he was also I think Isn't it Yeah We're gonna have to cut all this the the the Sikh lady that I We're missing me I can't remember her name but she also went on to be and things like ER and other things So she she did quite well off the back of this

Dan:Cause I think Keira Knightley went into I think Keira Knightley went into pirates of the Caribbean after this Did she not bland that

Sidey:she did

Pete:She was in in that

Dan:I wasn't sure if it was directly

Reegs:straight after this

Sidey:Hmm Pretty good Pretty good you've mentioned it already but sedan a 21st century portrait is a different kind of take on a because it

Dan:is a piece of art

Sidey:It's just it's effectively a load of slow-mo cameras Just tracking it down around and it soundtrack by Mogwai I guess it gets the red

Pete:it is just

Dan:A beautifully put together documentary this because in its simplicity the fact that they've just got 20 odd cameras tracking Dan from every angle over the course of a match So they've obviously set this up but what you've got when you've got someone like Sudan is you've got a Mozart on the pitch So w however it's gonna play out you're going to get some kind


Dan:You're going to get touches and you're going to get well

Reegs:Absolutely unbelievable So then that's why he's better than that's why I like him more than Henri in my

Dan:you've got 24 cameras just going through

Reegs:I'm an arsenal fan and he's my second favorite player of all time

Dan:So this is this is top top drawer isn't it Yeah

Sidey:in terms of an actual football movie which is this one kind of is these glory glory days I don't know if you've seen this one It's a semi autobiographical story by Julie Welsh It's the story of her becoming the first female sports reporter for a national paper and she is following well she's obsessed with Tom Hotspur so that's why I've seen it and it's the story of their double winning season

Dan:right Oh that would explain why I've not seen any of this but it sounds okay

Sidey:Yeah Okay He's about apt for it Yeah That's the last time they were fucking any good as well

Dan:sports movies fall a little bit short I think of of hitting the highlights of watching actual sport but you've kind of got a captive audience in the fact that I will watch those movies because I love the sport in a Reno I love the the highs and lows that sport delivers in the case of a game in 90 minutes you know you can feel white it's all white and a bottom and and and everywhere in between so I think they'll always have an audience but to get them right To do good sports movies Yeah There's there's a handful Isn't it really not more

Sidey:Lends itself personally better to true story I know almost certainly for me documentary works best

Dan:is is there any because football movies tend to be shit I mean they they just can't translate that

Sidey:the hard to film because you know it's a big pitch whereas things that film well sporting wise like boxing tends to look quite good because it's close quarters You can have cameras on it

Dan:golf They seem to do okay as well You know I mean baseball is another one

Reegs:Happy Gilmore pool pool and sneaker

Pete:Oh and I have actually seen the legend of bagger Vance or something which just fucking



Dan:I've got a couple of golf ones but weeks if you've got

Reegs:Why I was just going to say that maybe it doesn't capture the sort of highs and lows the drama river Football game potentially but it does a movie can capture the feeling of what it's like to be a supporter And one of those is fever pitch


Yeah Well that's an arsenal fan It would be totally remiss of me not to even mention it but it's Colin Firth He's a sort of Peter pan type English teacher who's obsessed with arsenal in probably arguably one of the most dramatic final minutes of any season of whatever with arsenal needing to to win the game at Liverpool's ground by two clear goals to snatch the title And then we did it We fucking Mickey


Reegs:at the last Westham Never did it Fuck you Uh so um

Dan:They're all coming out there There is a book by Nick Hornby isn't it And it was also done I think in America with maybe baseball or

Reegs:something the really good you don't you don't need to be again It's one of those that's probably perhaps a little bit like our main feature later on we talk about it You don't need to be a football fan to enjoy fever pitch You just need to know what it's you know it's got a decent romance at its core it's funny and it's like a portrait of somebody who's obsessional about something which lots of people are So

Dan:well yeah that's that's a good one And a couple of the ones that I got with a golf one was Roy tin cup McAvoy which was tin cup Kevin Costner So so happy Gilmore that get mentioned as well just because it's one that everybody knows but the one that I'd really like to mention is the called the greatest game ever played that's about Harry verdens exploits a local man exploits to the U S open actually it's about the first amateur ever to win the us open a guy called Francis and he played against Harry Varden who was the tiger woods of his day He was absolutely fantastic along with another guy called Oh it will come to me later But another Jersey guy Ray someone whoever at a like a huge swing on him in

Sidey:Well there's there was the thing that if you looked at the nationalities of golf's major winners and Josie was in at the top five or something like that it's really weird stat Yeah because of gold Arden and Ray Finkle had won 10 or 12 majors it was quite incredible

Dan:They they they were they were not so


Sidey:but I'm working on it Yeah


Dan:I've only got one Shiela booth is the chap Who's plays Francis We may in this and he plays the golfer Who's given no chance He's an amateur He shouldn't he be in the competition It's a true story And

Sidey:does he beat any women in it

Dan:a really not with the golf club but no there's a and it's obviously set back in their day where they have lots of


Dan:golf and they have lots of balls now and there they have lots of wolves for people that

you know in the hierarchy of class and everything

Sidey:It's all about that bullshit stuff

Dan:Yeah More

Reegs:Clubs probably in like

Dan:more so

Sidey:so one of the majors would be the the master's in Augusta and they fucking go on about it on about it's like the most racist thing in the fucking world

Reegs:Well he's can't have black people in the clubhouse or

Sidey:Really I don't if they're allowed to caddy I think

Pete:Are you shitting me

Reegs:It's amazing

Dan:think they changed the rules but not that long ago

Sidey:Yeah I think they only allowed their first female member like two years ago or something like that And that was Condoleezza rice just as like a PR stunt

Pete:Oh it's me


Okay Well we're seeing as documentaries have been mentioned there was a documentary in 2019 made about for me the greatest player that's ever played football Diego Maradona What's quite interesting about this is I mean it shows it kind of it only looks Once that segment of his life it's part it's like posted his his world record move from Barcelona to to Napoli and then it's just he goes from being a sort of a I guess a world-class prospect to being the greatest player of his generation And for me of all time in that time however there was a lot of other stuff going on in his life There was a lot of womanizing He became a fucking Coke fiends he was a booze hounds that he got involved with the mafia like Napoli obviously a lot of mafia connections there He was


Reegs:to get a few children

Pete:he had some children that his his messes knew about and others that she didn't there were a few bastards none of whom ended up being anywhere near as good of footballers as he was But I think it kind of I sort of mentioned this to to one of the lads from our football club who asked me who I thought was the best footballer of all time And I gave the answer Diego Maradona and I said yes Don't don't go on look at grainy footage on YouTube Cause it will have the same effect as it does for me with like Pele or people from back in the day where I'm like I can't really enjoy this guy as much as I'm sure I would have if I'd seen him play But I said go and watch the film because it's you know the footage is good but the story of where he elevates himself and the club that you signed for a team that had never won the league in its at the time say 80 year history to then go on and win a couple of league titles to win a European title as well And but be pretty much the only kind of real household name in that team in an era where that league was dominated by the best players in the world he came in and just went straight to the very top amidst all of that He also almost single-handedly won a world cup for Argentina to the point where And and Neapolitans were supporting Argentina against Italy because of the impact that Diego Maradona had in his life There was a guy who famously I dunno I think he he he'll be okay Now the rule with in Italy as you can't name a stadium off to somebody until they're dead So what a Napoli fun had an injunction against him because he wanted to murder Diego Maradona just so that the cell Palo stadium could be called the de Diego Armando Maradona stadium rarely rarely cool film that encapsulates you know his his life and his absolute genius as well

Sidey:Cool just one more very quickly for me it was the damned United but it's just the the yeah the adaptation of the book I think of the same name

Dan:was Brian cloth nightmare days

Sidey:45 days or something Was it at Leeds Leeds United

Pete:I've got a problem with this film because Brian Cluff was a fucking genius He won back to back I mean his story is incredible taking notes for us from what the old second division to the first division winning it And then winning back to about European cups It's just it's an almost unparalleled kind of journey This was a genius and one of the best managers of all time and this film is basically about his his failure to impose himself on a load of other you know successful football is but it doesn't paint him in a particularly good light which I'm not So at this there's no film about the ridiculousness A better film would have been what he did with Nell's forest This was

Reegs:It's the Friday night lights of football management It's that

Sidey:You haven't mentioned that one in a long while



Oh just I'll finish off with a couple Shaolin soccer Stephen chow Really good We've talked about that a few times when Saturday comes Sean Bean movie I don't remember anything about it Spoiler alert He presumably dies

Dan:I think he scored on a Saturday

Reegs:and then dies and then Gregory's girl anybody remember that Like late eighties early eighties it's had Claire Grogan She was the first incarnation of Christine Kaczynski on red dwarf I sort of fancy to her a bit She was the singer of altered

Sidey:She went on to be a VH1 presenter VJ


Sidey:that's good

Dan:Okay Well I had to drag and ballsy There was loads of them when I was looking for for balls bulls Xs ed and all the rest of it great balls of fire I had that one as well but pretty much there's there's only one Jimmy Grimble Did you ever watch that it was a


Dan:football sports movie Yeah I just liked the name as much as anything else Jimmy Grimble

Pete:magic boots or something

Dan:and there was yeah I think he did He was a little bit of a rip off of Billy's boots and things like that which was an old comic there's tons of others was rubbish Yeah They will rubbish You can't


Reegs:one is actually not it's actually watchable If

Dan:Yeah But not if you actually liked football because they don't you you just get really frustrated watching actors who can't play football pretending they're dodging a player and somebody sliding in and it's like oh my Lord that's

Sidey:was it something that you castle or then round Madrid or something like that

Reegs:but then rail Madrid like got bored with it halfway through and fucked it off So the third one became like a director video like bullshit failure Yeah He was playing for Shadwell town away

Dan:Did I mention the great escape Steve McQueen Because that scene there where he should bounce in the ball on the In the prison room is one

Reegs:see how long it takes him to

Dan:well it's Yeah It's one of those kind of classic scenes isn't it You know he's taken another one for the team and he's back in the can and he's bouncing the ball and things so that that one actually was in my mind when I first mentioned this and I told you it was all about football that's it choose your weapon

Pete:Well I've just got two more that I'm going to mention One is it's Wang but it's quite funny Mike Bassett England



Pete:It's funny in this like it's blatantly just about Sam Allah

Dan:you take would you take Mike Bassett now

Pete:Oh yeah Like he's he's my kind of manager It's like it has all the cliche this like the you know there's the flash Ari with the car There's the fucking you know the drunk guy There's the you know there's all the cliches from football to I think he becomes England manager because there's like no one in the top two divisions that wants it or can do it

Dan:literally right in the team sheet on the back of a fag

Pete:Yeah yeah yeah yeah And then it's just then about his but again it it sort of harks to England's kind of like a relationship with ultimately with failure in the you know I think they they don't go on to win the world cup I think they get knocked out in the Sammy's as as often happens with with England but yeah it's it's blatantly it's about the 4, 4, 2 in the long ball and all of this like yeah Yes It's a Spacey It's a Westham documentary Yeah and the last one that I'll mention it was a massively instantly forgettable film I think it would probably upset Yeah It's a film called early man Let's stop motion animation from Nick park I don't know if you've seen it but I know you hate Wallace and Gromit and stuff So this was but it was like the the act is basically those caveman and yeah Asteroid comes down and and when it eventually cools down they start kicking it around and invent the game of football in the yeah A game of football against some other people that they happen upon I can tell you I wasn't really that invested into the film itself but it's got Eddie Redmayne Tom Hiddleston Maisie Williams Timothy Spall Richard IORT and Johnny Vegas in it So it's got some people that you'd think would be alert but I think it was crap

Sidey:Okay Richard Iowa was a very good football player Yeah It's on travel man He goes on about it and he's like just fucked it off

Pete:Oh really

Sidey:It's very

Pete:in the it crowd there's that episode where they him and I'm forgotten the Irish guy's name but they they have footballer Oh yeah What's he doing Taking Walcott off that early and stuff Yeah It's like all the cliches so that they can drink and talk about football


Dan:It's a tough one I think I would probably look at going with football and the one that I go for is escape to victory I know you chose it Pete but it was on my list and I I did

Pete:I'm kind of

Dan:kinda like it I've done that because it it reminded me of I think the first football film I saw when I was growing up I think it was the first one Most of us would have seen And as you said it had plays in how players that played for all these different countries And it it got me going

Pete:you've shared a pitch with OZO The lows is like is is cause enough for you to be able to pick that one Cause that's seriously impressive I'm going to go with the documentary I mentioned about the greatest ever player Diego Maradona

Sidey:That's interesting Then I'm going to change up and I'm going to put dodgeball in

Dan:Ah where was you going to go before


Dan:Oh they miss out again

Reegs:Shaolin soccer SCOBY

Dan:it's all good It's decent Actually I quite liked it gave it a few lofts in that So we probably missed a few let us know

Sidey:We have had already some Stella nominations so let's see what the rest of the week brings

Geez Geez It's geez Geez

Reegs:cheese time

Pete:It is cheese time And today for your what's the pleasure


Pete:What's the sense tasting pleasure completely

Reegs:this before as well Yeah No but you couldn't remember the word for listening It's like all your senses are shutting down Yeah

Sidey:yeah yeah

Pete:So yeah for the for our tasting pleasure I've brought three cheeses One of them is a bow for from the oats savoir region in France

Reegs:how is that one on the scale

Sidey:That's good

Pete:That's good it's not it's just it's decent Yeah there's also a really it's quite strong Dolce latte from Italy

Sidey:That was very very good

Pete:yeah Which is soft a soft blue cheese and then a truffle Bri which I think it was a hit certainly with the accompanying figs that I brought

Sidey:not quite my tempo that one

Pete:Okay No but you're a little bit frightened to truffle for some reason So enjoyed it

Reegs:All right I enjoyed the Bri Yeah the Brie was good

Pete:Excellent All go well with a drop of red

Dan:chili jam stuff that you had there that was good as

Pete:a homemade chili jam Yeah


Sidey:Moving on from cheese then to a movie Dan

Dan:Yeah Went for something to keep with the the soccer field the balls and This film I'd watched a little while back and I loved the story anyway knowing about it It's it's based on the Danish football teams 1992 Euro championship success So it's called the summer of 92 and it tells that story So if you're a football fan you already know the story And if you're not a football fan I would suggest that don't let that put you off This is a Danish film It's not got any huge stars you would have probably seen but it's got heart and it's got a lot of nice characters And the fact that it is on a true story which was an incredible time is an absolute incredible feat for a team to do it was really cool I thought it was a it showed a different insight into what You know just the football game it was all the buildup in and around that So what do you think cause it's a little bit different maybe to what you'd have

Pete:adding to what you just said there about sort of football I mean I am a football fan and I was aware of of the the the win by the Danish team in this tournament and the the sort of like beating the odds and obviously we'll come onto it but the fact that they didn't even qualify for the tournament initially But what I was unaware of was the extra layers of adversity that that were going on behind the scenes for both players on the manager specifically in terms of you know not even being wanted as the manager I knew that Michael lounger who was a global superstar at the time did not see eye to eye with this manager and therefore emitted himself from from selection

Dan:their best

Pete:far and away their best player but there were actually other other players who pretty prominent at the time that he would definitely have been in the squad who also didn't want to be selected because of the because of this manager And I think in we'll certainly come onto it as well

Reegs:Moby I think was one

Pete:was another one there you know there was a couple of guys there that that certainly would have been in the in the starting 11 So that's three including obviously your talisman Michael lounger but that you know the story that I was unaware of actually of Kim Vil four as well which we'll we'll come on to I mean yeah There's this an emotional film It's a yeah it's a

Dan:it is interesting about the football though because did you see the way they played for You're aware that there was the back pass It was the back pass rule was still allowed Then hadn't been brought in so the goalkeeper could pick it up and effectively you could pass it back to the goalkeeper to pick up And then he's just got to volt it to a player and slow down the game and and kill the game

Reegs:This is when it changed

Dan:So this this kind of changed after this year but that tactic was to some of these entertaining world-class players just a tactic They didn't want to employ which is why they didn't go for it But it wasn't of course all that because football isn't all that you haven't got the ball all the time

Reegs:Let's not get too football nerdy let's try and get on the film and at least try and get in

Sidey:yeah They're there they're there on the search for a new manager is is how we

Reegs:following a legendary manager who I didn't I wasn't aware of but that that's what's happened There's been this great Danish

Pete:There's a German

Reegs:He was a German coach That's correct here

Sidey:They only want a foreigner

Reegs:Yes Yeah

Pete:I think they they sort of I mean I don't know We we sort of all of us know like some some Danish people or certainly a Danish family but I don't know what the sort of like necessarily the typical character traits would be but

Dan:most laid back people in the in the world if if anything like the people we know

Pete:FAA were pretty abdomen that they didn't want to Danish coach for one reason or another I just don't think that th that they sorry

Sidey:They were all boring

Pete:Well that's it I think they just thought they would say you sort of one day mentioned on in a bit of like you know stuffy in there you know in their ways So and because they'd had relative must've been relative success Cause they certainly hadn't won in a thing before this but they yeah they wanted to follow up with

the German manager with another German manager

Reegs:sort of quite flashy brand of football and the top candidate for the job the assistant to the previous  Richard Mala Nielsen he's played by a guy an actor I hadn't heard of Orrick Thompson he had had great success with younger group teams and he was sort of seen as this pragmatist I think he was always about trying to build a team rather than playing to towards the individuals And I think that had been that was a big change for the any team to potentially have to undertake And

Dan:He was also seen by some of these world cos players as the player that use the the guy who used to clean up the of rooms afterwards and they were worried

a little bit about his credentials and the respect that he would gather from the players going forward So they opt then for a another manager who then is is given the job And we find out that actually still got a contract with another team So they have to come back to Maloo again in cap in hand really don't know I mean he skips over things You don't go for everything but next time you see him he's he's out there holding the shirt doing the interview as the manager

Reegs:he goes for a job interview and it doesn't go particularly well And he comes back and he starts ripping out his kitchen

Dan:Well they don't even want to hear hear his presentation or everything They just say straight off No you're not And you're right He

Reegs:It just comes straight Home starts ripping all these

Pete:It alludes in in the film you don't see this as part of the process but it alludes in the film later on that they that he was like fourth or fifth choice in the end That would not just this German guy but there were other candidates who they wanted and couldn't get So he he wasn't highly thought of or highly

Reegs:Well he tells his wife that's what I'm going to do this summer I'm going to fit us a new kitchen because they're his quality is a kind of stoicism about him but what ends up happening is it quite extraordinary Turn of like global events really that ends up having the former Yugoslavia they had one a qualifying That the Danes hadn't and then they weren't allowed to play in the because of UN sanctions Was it Yeah

Pete:as a result of the outbreak Cause you know the Balkan war

Reegs:So the Danes who hadn't been going to the European championships suddenly find themselves going with 10 days to prepare the FA the sort of pragmatist untested manager the talismanic player like you said not in the squad definitely just won't play under this guy and the European football championships about to start

Dan:They're about to play the best teams in Europe They've got a snip of the time that all these other teams have been knowing they're going and preparing for this and they're having to call players back in On holiday to a to a manager that they know is going to be sacked because he never made it through the qualifies and they probably just didn't get round to it in time before they found out wait a minute where we're back in this where we've been invited to play so he's ready to go because it's all he's been preparing for for two years and the team we're in

Reegs:and he brings it You get of quite a funny sequence where he brings the players in and you get Schmeichel coming in and some of the Kim Ville for comes

Pete:at this point you've already seen Kim and his wife and unfold and the unfortunate circumstances where there with his family and his daughter you know suffering with leukemia and being treated for it but with an air of sort of positivity about the treatment So I think the reason why Phil for himself was initially okay with going to the tournament was that it sounded like there was some positivity about his daughter's condition at that time but then you also see quite sort of you know lighter hearted things you know guys driving down the motorway and getting the phone call that oh actually whatever you're going to do you're going to go to the euros now and just kind of like Chuck in a U-turn on the motorway You see I think it's John Yansen having a an argument with his girlfriend who's

Reegs:he's promised to take her on holiday

Pete:And then you know he he can sort of like comes back quite amusingly with us you know soon I'll be playing for Royal Madrid and then we'll be able to afford whatever holidays you want And so and so because he he he does come across as a little bit of the you know he's definitely not like the star player or the you know the most talented

Reegs:making up the numbers Let's be fair He's making up that he's the water carrier I think is deja once called and so they go to the euros unbelievably and they've got a pretty shit accommodation haven't they And

Dan:well it reminded me of really back in their day when before footballers became you know

Reegs:on a school


Dan:millionaires it was more of a school trip exactly That you were they were sharing a room weren't they two single beds divided by you know a sideboard And that was it It was a pretty sparse room

Pete:I can imagine it would have been tough to get the accommodation the training the you know the equipment and everything pulled that together in 10 days

Dan:And you find out actually that they later on as they progress through that the the accommodation hasn't been sorted because nobody thought that they were going to do as well as they did

Pete:That's the thing I mean sort of yes it even says to his his girlfriend at the time and go don't worry we'll be

Sidey:back in 10 days

Pete:days 10 days because we're definitely going to go

Dan:to play three games and

Pete:I mean I think it probably helped not not that I'm saying that what they then went on to do was like easy but it probably helped that it was in a neighboring country the the tournament in that So it wasn't something that they then had to like then travel in a climatized for a huge amount It was in neighboring Sweden that the tournament

Sidey:also went straight from group stage to semifinal

Pete:Yes Yeah Yeah It was reduced So it was only eight teams then which yeah that makes sense in the in the entire tournament So yeah not as hard a path to a final but you know still an elite tournament nonetheless that they hadn't initially qualified for

Reegs:one of the Interesting parts of the story is watching this coach Richard Muller Neilson develop over the course of the games that they play I have to confess and I don't know whether anybody's got them down I don't remember all of the results from the game So I couldn't tell you which order I know that there was the extraordinary game with France but do you remember them Yeah


Dan:the group games they've England

Pete:It was like drew drew with England I'm pretty sure they lost to Sweden And I think they then beat France to one

Reegs:So in probably they're going to come through this group I

Pete:That's a tough group in the you know England won world beaters and certainly didn't cover themselves in glory in that tournament but they had a reasonable pedigree France had always been a strong side and Sweden with a hosts as well So they had their own fans backing them in in all the games So it was an incredibly tough group that they featured in and

Reegs:they do get through but he still struggling to sell his ideas to the team He hasn't got their best player there Brian louder at firing properly He's playing a practical

Sidey:well Brian ladders just at complete loggerheads with him And he when he did say he wasn't gonna play he was very Abrupt And he just said I will never respect that man And now he's sort of come back into the fold to play but they don't see I to why And he's not really you know shining just yet on the pit

Dan:that was it That was an interesting point Wasn't it Because the the mic Brian loud drop brothers had both said they're not going to play for this guy Brian eventually concedes and starts to play again I guess because he wants to play in a European championship more than he didn't want to play for this guy but he's still clearly not a huge fan of his

Pete:No I I wonder And this is just my own sort of like personal musings but I wonder if Because Brian louder it is it's it's it's not always easy to be the younger brother of the best ever player from that country And Michael Audra was widely sort of regarded as the best player in the world for a spell Brian larger being his younger brother whether or not a bit of him would've thought well if ever there's a chance to step out of my brother's shadow it can be in this tournament So

Reegs:they never stated that but it was definitely there

Pete:Yeah And so obviously he but he still then goes along and quite evidently in training and even in the opening games is is not rarely demonstrating a willingness to to run and work hard for not his teammates but for the you know for the manager specifically

Dan:And the manager is so rigid in his approach but as you said Briggs as it goes on then you start to follow the story He he's been told actually by his assistant coach at one point that he's a brilliant coach but you're not a great


And there's there's a couple of moments that help galvanize the group together

Reegs:And mostly it comes up Because he listens to them So John Yansen has been banging on that He's the sort of comic relief in this and he's been banging on about having a McDonald's for instance in the movie So one you know after the one of the second or third games he stops the coach and says yeah go on guys fill your boots get in and have a McDonald's And

Dan:And they're all in there Yeah I think it's just before the semifinal or something isn't it it's just before one of these hugely important games or the French game they had to go in and they were going out otherwise But


Reegs:meanwhile this is happening though The sort of emotional heartbeat of the movie unfortunately Kim Vill fought gets a phone call he I remember the player but they were definitely playing up that he was one of the key members of this team Kim


Pete:he was the main Stryker in that team Yeah

Reegs:And he gets the call to to go back because his daughter is not doing well and and yeah These were some tough scenes weren't they

Pete:Well like what I mean so what effectively happened I think it was after the first game Vil four or certainly it was there was a game or two had been played Then he he was like got the call from his family to sort of go to


Pete:his daughter's side Yeah So he's missed the game and he's watched it on Sally but they've qualified but sort of modern Nielsen I think he even says to him like I'll I'll see I'll see you in a few

Dan:Well his his reaction was almost a little bit strange First of all wasn't it He kind of went in and We his first thought was with the team I think you know rather than with a player And I think for and I think that showed a little bit of of Mullery He just had that in him that that kind of single-mindedness the blinkers were fully on And I think that's why he didn't connect and engage with with players as well as you know he might have and in until things were pointed out to him and then I think he goes oh okay And then he could he could turn and see it but and it was that kind of character And I think that's why he alienated a lot but this scene here where he just goes yeah Okay We'll see you back So it kind of worked in his favor Can you say we'll see you back

Pete:almost like go and go and take the time with your family And

Dan:then come

Pete:we're still going to be here you know if if you can come back kind of thing which you know

Reegs:well no he


Pete:up happening

Dan:So I guess it was just over the border

Pete:the I mean before that he's like Mala Nielsen's approach is very like it's almost like anecdotal It's like he references curling a couple of times and like talks about how you know it's like chess on ice and it the tactical nature of it but he's really not connecting with his players on any level They see that as like an old fashioned like you know sport that they've got no interest in And it's only when he has the things like the McDonald's And I think before that it's the crazy golf They just like stop off and play crazy golf And the bonding that happens and camaraderie that comes from that that he's kind of like stumble Like you say he kind of listens to his assistant and to players and just says you know ordinarily that wouldn't he was a very blunt pragmatic serious manager And then all of a sudden he's like well I'm on a hiding to nothing here Why not let them go and play mini golf or eat at McDonald's because there'll be there'll be happier And it be a nicer environment at the least

Reegs:Yeah but child is not well and he's back with her She has an operation There's a really awful

Dan:I think that yeah

Reegs:in bed together It's really tough stuff to watch it's really

Pete:Then you do see the

mall as a family enjoying the France game together and sort of being happy and celebrating the fact that they've been in France They've qualified for the

Reegs:But as she recovers from her operation she sends her father back to the European championships She likes watching him on TV

Dan:and then it comes to that lovely scene actually when he returns and they're all on the train in pitch all the players and everything and they I dunno tensions are high it's it's getting to that kind of partner game and that top part of the tournament where it's high stakes So even in training as they are now it's it tension Isn't it it's palpable in the air And I think that the coaches are just they're aren't they sort of looking over pondering what to do when a kid crises comes back into the fold and what's his name Oh that's it Right Kim Cloisters is a

Reegs:female tennis player

Dan:So it was really weird saying not female tennis player just wander onto the the screen then

Reegs:Meanwhile he's been encouraging John Yansen to shoot in practice in practice He's been showing him how to strike the ball

Sidey:Absolutely Stancher's run

Pete:Oh yeah yeah Yeah The manager himself flight shows him how it's done but that's in the buildup to the final Like they ha they had the semifinal first of all which again had a lot of drama against the Netherlands it finishes tool is a penalty shootout Marco van Bhasin of all people messes his pan and and really poignantly Kimball Four is one of the successful penalty takers the domain score all of their penalties and Against all odds

Reegs:Denmark or in the

Pete:a miracle

Dan:but it's no

Pete:in the

Dan:it's no kind of award because they're playing the world champions in the final They're playing

Sidey:They lost a few faster injury as well

Pete:Oh the the guys need that The kneecap I remember seeing that as it happened and

Reegs:the sound is horrible

Pete:he is screaming and his knee cap is is not where it used

Dan:be cut to footage then and it cut to actual footage Then the film which he did intermittently through the football

Pete:probably what was saying I think they because they use real footage of the games and the goals and things As well as sort of you know staged footage of of the actors sort of running about a bit It's never going to be seamless and perfect that but I thought the use of real footage gave it a lot more like like artistic value than than what we were talking about before in in football scenes where there's films where it is just like actors and slaloming around the net and it and it just not looking like genuine at all or authentic in the

slightest Yeah

Reegs:no I agree I agree he's been having this long running mental battle basically to unlock the potential of Brian loud drip and now he needs him in the final He absolutely needs him and he tells him it starts off as a very interesting conversation where he starts telling him about how much football he's watched And he's like not really very interested Lauder up and he's telling him no no I've watched you know three games a week every week for 30 odd years And this is the total amount of minutes And he's like working out all the numbers and all that thing and louder it's going to looking at him and it's not really clear you know where he's going with all this And then he he's like he just says You're the best player I've ever seen in all that football that I've watched And he and he's kind of like you know it starting you can see something starting to unlock in him and he's like no no no you are the best best player And it's like you say it's all that stuff about coming out of his brother's shadow It's this thing about the team needs him and he can do what you can do for the team If he plays along with the strategy they've got this far


Pete:He does this at the same time as giving him that praise and and reconnecting with him he then also goes against his his own judgment and says just go out and play how you want to play because that's where you get the success You know you have to be like with all of these with any professional sport obviously the amount of training and repetition that has to go into it He's got them organized He's got them Set positions and patterns and where they have to be at certain points and so on And it's it's very boring The players find it boring some of them buy into it And obviously the the the more kind of flamboyant players absolutely didn't want to but he concedes to Brian loud drip and says go and do your thing And everyone else everyone else will look after the team shape and so on which is kind of what you do with these geniuses and like the the Supreme talents in a team

Sidey:Hey torso let them all have sex the night before

Pete:Oh yeah yeah Yeah Cause there's a there's a scene of him walking down the corridor or the hotel and where he can hear his loads of

Reegs:that's the assistant constant realistic

Pete:sexual encounters where women are actually enjoying themselves and having orgasms and stuff Yeah

Sidey:I I I assumed he had imposed a sex ban on the players because They were supposed to have separate commendation the wives when they came down No one's booked that for the final because we really didn't think that you know so he uses that He says right as we've made it this far you know the wives will be staying with the players now So they obviously haven't been allowed to up until that point Yeah

Reegs:But what you're saying the players for jacking each other off is that what No I don't see

Sidey:why not

Dan:throw off after the game they they may have been because Against all odds They playing the world champions Germany and against all odds

Reegs:John Yansen fucking bashes one in from about a million yards into the top corner

Dan:tonks one into the top corner and he's never scores He he's just not that player He hasn't got the ability to do it We've seen that in his earlier training sessions where even the the managers putting them in the top corner and and Jensen's not there for that He's there to enforce break up play pass it simply to players like Brian live which are who can play we've got this second goal that's scored and again it cuts it up real footage Doesn't it So it was a fantastic goal by by Kim


Pete:Well that's the thing is so it's almost I mean it's got it's got to be said If if you if this wasn't a true story and this film came out and someone

had made this

Reegs:mighty ducks or something like that wouldn't

Pete:You bet you wouldn't believe it Absolutely It would be too far fetched the ridiculous levels of adversity and challenges that they'd had to go through to even get there in the first place You're

Dan:There you're there somebody there's a wars you know you're in

Pete:with the manager with the players and so on And then for those two guys especially to score in the fight I mean obviously that Brian lounger that would have been a nice kind of arc as well for him to score But Yansen who is the guy that is not there to score and is kind of told like you know stop practicing your shoe and cause it's it's just not going to happen

Reegs:he he absolutely embodies Mala Nielsen's idea of football because he's just practically runs up and down He moves left and right He does what he's told Don't you do this you do that Yeah

Pete:And he comes up with a snorter and then obviously the the the incredibly emotional sort of story of Ken Volvo and him scoring it's just you know I don't believe in sort of divine forces and so on but you know something you know the universe does work in strange ways sometimes And for him to get what was ultimately the goal that sealed this ridiculous against all odds victory to something in that And you know it's it's incredible a ridiculous story that you couldn't make up

Reegs:and having that huge emotional thing bigger than

that Yeah

Having that going on for him and and not knowing that I mean obviously I knew about Denmark's remarkable victory but not knowing about Kingsville

Dan:Yeah So it turns out right at the end you know that it's it's the first thing actually is the the film ends It's the first kind of thing in six weeks off the the final daughter is passed away


Dan:and it's like straight away to yourself Do you


Dan:punch in the guts Wasn't it It was like fucking hell And then it dresses it


with a couple of other nicer facts with like

Reegs:so Mala Nielsen is never quite accepted even despite his remarkable you know evolution as a person and taking these players on this incredible journey and doing this against all odds thing he still wasn't respected He was never known It says at the end he wasn't named

Pete:He took him into another two tournament

was named world coach to the Evernote Danish shit Okay And it was you know a little bit of belligerence there from the Danish CFA but I think he became respected if not necessarily universally loved which you know you have to there's this Yeah No arguments

Dan:Well he's one against all odds And I think for me it was just one of those as you said if it it's a story you could have expected Hollywood to make up but the fact that they didn't And I've watched this live as well So to see a film and it's a low budget Danish film I mean it's not particularly a high budget I wouldn't have

Reegs:It's not many reviews of it out

Sidey:there's no budget information out there but I do have a box office

Pete:How many crooner

Sidey:Oh I don't know In kroner terms but 3.1 million us

Reegs:Well I would think that was probably a hit then

Pete:got severe winter I

Sidey:didn't know anyone from this

Reegs:now but they're pretty good too I mean I thought the acting is is of a decent standard in there so I don't think you'd mistake any of them

Pete:Well I would say is the actor who plays prior large ships a fucking good footballer You see like montages Yeah I mean he's a guy who knows his way around a football It's not that's John Jensen's character

Reegs:He was


Pete:But he was a great actor but you can tell he's not really the way he kicks the ball and everything It's all a little bit awkward which is probably what John Young Johnny Ensign actually kicked a


Reegs:up He ends up getting a move to my club arsenal amazingly after all this And there's a bit of a funny story about him as well because he he was essentially the same for us and all kind of loved by the fans cause he ran around a lot but he never scored well he did score He scored no it was 99 games because they were selling a hunt John Yens and a hundred knock out t-shirts outside And he absolutely belted one in against QPR curler from about 30 yards

Sidey:Right Goes off Celebrate him for it It's got end Isn't it Yeah

Reegs:Unbelievable one on YouTube Check it out great moment

Dan:This was I I thought it was you know it As far as sports film goes as spot as far as football films goes I fought this was one of the better ones if you watch in the euros and the messages had enough of it already but you still kind of want to watch a bit of football Then this is a great film to bring her into the excitement of what it can mean to a nation and what it can mean to her to a team and everything yeah I I liked it I thought it was I did laugh certainly emotional as well but as a as a true story a feel good film Good

Reegs:Yeah I would recommend this as well I really enjoyed this Yeah Yeah I did I thought this was like


Reegs:it's like you said that the fact that it's a true story makes it Watching and they are good


Dan:have done it themselves You know I

Reegs:it's not a highly publicized film that I checked It Hasn't been reviewed on a lot of the movie review sites that I like to look on so you know we should get out there and spread the word about this because it is really worth watching

Sidey:Yeah I really enjoyed it When Kim close to scored in the final I was in fucking bits I absolutely Bates I fucking cried

Dan:Do you know that you knew the result and everything or was

Sidey:I knew that they'd they'd won it I do I said I didn't even know who they'd beaten in the final and I certainly can remember the semifinal So the players played in those teams that they beat

Pete:it So that's the so they they beat the holders of the Euro the European championships in Holland in the semifinal and then beat the world cup holders in Germany in the finals It's just

Dan:they weren't

Pete:not write this It's just unbelievable And for it to be a true story

Sidey:Yeah I really enjoyed it I would recommend it heartily

Pete:Yeah I would recommend this to people who don't really have any kind of interest in football but just as a as a story it's tough to call it a feel good story because obviously there is an amazing amount of feel-good in it

but the the tragedy behind it as well yeah it's it's just a great film all around

Sidey:Damn we got a kids TV It's a Netflix kind of remaking type thing

Dan:Yeah Did you ever pick this up the first time Monkey monkey pixie triple taco need to take princess across China And that was the story and it was fan fucking tastic when I was a kid So I was pretty excited when I saw this come out a while back and it's the Australians I think isn't it They've done this


and New Zealand

Dan:in Australia and New Zealand is Yeah and they've then kind of taken part of the the story of the old monkey or the the traditional story I guess of it and modernized it up and and and brought it into this century


Pete:we go any further on this I didn't get round to watching it Unfortunately it was for no reason other than I kind of forgot and then run out of time and stuff So in the way that you have treated loads of our nominations with artists stayed and not watched it and then sort of then tried rescuing it by saying well now you've got to convince me to watch it I'm going to do the same So now's your

Dan:done nicely done okay

Sidey:The full title of this one is new legends of monkey

Reegs:Yeah Yeah

Sidey:So the newest right there

Reegs:This episode that we watched was hope must never die

Sidey:Season one episode one Yeah

Pete:I agree with that

Dan:which which is the words that our protagonist in in through this first part of the because this is a series it's not just a one-off we've got like I think two series of this

Sidey:Did you so do you watch this with the kids Did you watch this with your offspring I did watch this with my daughter and the There's a scene in the bar no Montessori that she goes into where it reminded me of the start of the new mortal Kombat film And it's this sort of it's quite violent you know And I was thinking God my daughter was completely fine   yeah people people would get killed you know

Dan:but it's not like blood and guts It's

Reegs:It's more sort of magic blue lasers and shit

Dan:Yeah It's a con you know it's fantasy it's it comes down to lots of different ways but they're not gory kind of things that would make you recoil in horror or anything

Reegs:So my confession is that I watched this but I didn't really have a clue what was going on at any point from almost the second It started till the 24 minutes later when thank God it fucking ended so it didn't land for me because I I I don't know It just was like this whole mishmash of like different like lore and all this you know climb this and

Sidey:well the the the essentially the gods have been overthrown and defeated by demons So so the monkey God


now just story

Reegs:just yeah Okay So the bad guys

Dan:the kind of story of monkey then and they don't really touch into it at this stage she's

Reegs:fucking what is that thing that she's got that everybody wants

Dan:the the crown right Okay So that's that's monkey's crown and basically going back monkey was this Like a God you know who's the monkey God And he was always playing around and everything And he was playing around so much that one of the it they said oh you can look after the peach garden And the peach garden is where peaches would fall off these trees very special peaches and monkeys started to eat more and they so they locked him in stone for 500 years to stop him and to teach him to stop and to teach him patients So this is peaches for free peaches in a can and then he eventually found by the you know the prophecy and tripper talker is the one that is chosen to to find a monkey and put this crown back on his head and start the fight back against the demons

Reegs:Yeah And then meanwhile sort of young sour on is kind of Turned up doing stuff the leader of the bad guys

Dan:Yeah So again one of the one of the demons that knows this prophecy is becoming true Again knows that it's about 500 years Somebody's going to find monkey and get them out of the rock I need to nip that in the bud

Reegs:See look look this is a prime example right This is how interesting it is I was talking about pizza actually looking at his phone Is that board like talking to me I didn't

Sidey:enjoy any of this Yeah we we've done the first three episodes

Dan:Oh really Yeah Yeah I I we really got into it as well You guys I think just didn't give it a big enough shot in Pete's case at all And you may be

Reegs:maybe it was wrong timing or something Try it again But I didn't feel infused too It's like this weird mishmash of like Asian stereotypes and like lasers and fucking hands and like people fucking jumping around and being weird

Dan:you are wrong because


Dan:because it this is actually comes down to lots of the time There's there's more lessons in it and they're they're they're


Dan:they they come from maybe Buddhist teachings and things like that And there's a lot of different You know interesting characters where within this I actually prefer the old old one that we we didn't we didn't get

to see but this this is good I enjoyed it with the kids would never have gotten to the old one but this one they did And they started doing joy and we we'd look forward to watching an episode or sat down together And it was that nice family entertainment where you know one of mine is a little bit older than the other you know there's six years difference So to find something that hits the sweet spot is near on impossible but this was one in our house that went down Well

Pete:I want to clarify that I didn't not watch this cause I didn't want to give it a chance I just forgot and then run out of time It was yeah Yeah

Sidey:It's good The girl who's very strip taco is hot

Dan:Yes she

Sidey:It has

Dan:she shaved her

Sidey:yeah it has the lady that we've seen in a few things She's all in all the Tyco TC films She's the social services women in worldwide world of people She's the woman with the eyepatch Yes

Dan:And and pixie as well He's someone that's been in a few different Aussie films and shows

Reegs:too bad Dad's foam review for the detail analysis I was that guy He was in that thing

Sidey:It's good It's lighthearted but it has fighting and it has some sort of cheesy special effects and me and my daughter watch it together and enjoy it It's good I think you should give another guy

Reegs:I it was a bit Zelda warrior princess for me and it just didn't land And there's a weird thing where oh yeah that's the one who did I say That's different one yeah as well the whole I don't know It was all like Maori Australian cast play Like a homogenous sort of Chinese Indian culture It's like I dunno just to two mixed

Dan:Yeah No well I certainly think the story is strong and I watched both episodes both seasons sorry with with the family and we really enjoyed it We you know we'd be waiting for another one to come out

Sidey:It's not yet been renewed for season three though I have to tell you no that doesn't mean it hasn't been but just hasn't

Dan:Not yet Not yet

Sidey:Hopefully that's the COVID thing

Dan:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:Would you give it a go based on the sort of mumbling nonsense that you've heard

Pete:here So I didn't I I'd be lying if I said I've watched the original but I know about the original and I've seen some bit like a monkey guy on a cloud and some stuff I've seen

Reegs:it needed a bit more of that

Pete:Yeah I've seen so yeah I'd give

Dan:the first episode so it's it's always one of those ones I wouldn't want to put you into episode four and I noticed a lot more of that happening Cause you you wouldn't

Reegs:I want instant gratification then

Dan:Yeah Well

Sidey:instantly gratified by this

Reegs:Okay Well fair

Dan:it's 20 minutes long 24 you know you don't have to invest too long before you you've learned the the characters And once you start seeing the go on it a little bit more it's worth hanging around for Yeah She's really brilliant

Sidey:she really was

Reegs:I'm quite excited because it's Peter Andre's nomination weeks and he's been teasing us

Pete:so yeah my nominations let me just find them quickly So midweek mentioned I wanted to keep the 10 years he keep the football theme going So a film that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I watched a while back was raising cane but this isn't about Harry Kane it's Brian de Palma film with John let's go in and I'd like us to watch them as the midweek mentioned

Reegs:brilliant little segue in there I like

Pete:sorry Thanks the the top five now I might get shot down because we may have done this before but I think it's a poignant for two reasons Number one because it was father's day yesterday And also because it is the title of this podcast Yeah

Reegs:Have we done

that We have haven't we

Pete:we have done that It's not on the list of ones on the side

Reegs:What's your second

Pete:I came up with I genuinely am struggling with top fives now another one I came up with was fights I don't know if that's been done

Reegs:I think we've had that

Pete:well let me find that out because there's been hundreds of them now Right Because we're well into yeah And not all of them are on the website which is your fault rigs Yeah Okay So you're all of this is your fault So I'll come back with a a better not been done before top five maybe it was somebody help at some point Yeah

Reegs:What about a movie You're going to go from Moonlight promising young women

Pete:No no no I'm good I'm going to go for those other two things that I I nominated but I'm going to go for a film again I know nothing about this film but again using the same criteria that I came up with the those last two I'm going to go with the film hell or high water Anyone seen it

Sidey:Nope So

Pete:I couldn't tell you but I will more will be revealed about that

Dan:year is it

Pete:Something 2000 and something teen It falls within the yeah The the kiddie producing years So I I what I read

Dan:wide reaching

Pete:sounded really fucking good So I I've got high hopes for it and it could but it could be total ass no idea and the kids I think we're we're now in this kind of pattern of of picking things more for ourselves than for the children This is a little bit of a nostalgia Fest but on the off chance that it's fucking terrible the best bit about it is only five minutes long Okay Trapdoor


Reegs:going to do a particular episode


Pete:just go for one one just like the yeah The the introduction of the trap door characters

Reegs:in season one episode one

Sidey:So listen to the pod and also make sure you force someone else to listen to it

Reegs:Yeah Tell him just that's the number one thing that you could do to help us out is just tell

someone else


Reegs:No we don't want your money yet but

Dan:press the pod onto them

Sidey:Yeah Or just just convince someone else to listen to it Cause that'd be really great yeah so we'll have more amazing content just like this coming out next week but until then Saudi signing out

Reegs:Three weeks is that right