July 23, 2021

The Dig & Minecraft: Story Mode

The Dig & Minecraft: Story Mode
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Ah the humble hat: giver of shade, cooler of neck, warmer of head, is there anything they can't do to aid the cranial region? Loads probably, but that's not important right now. What is important is the Top 5 Movie Hats and it's quite the fascinating collection, from bowlers, stetsons and flat caps through to berets, fez's and baseball caps, your favourite hat is bound to be represented.

Suffolk, England was the site of an incredible historical find back in 1939, as Dan fondly recalls. Netflix’s THE DIG sees Ralph Fiennes in a transformative performance as Basil Brown, the unsung hero of the excavation of Sutton Hoo, alongside Carey Mulligan as  Edith Pretty, the wealthy landowner who suspects that there might be something lurking in her back garden. Set against the backdrop of the impending Second World War, this understated, thoughtful movie features plenty of drama as the significance of the discovery is matched by the randiness of the team hired to uncover it.

MINECRAFT: STORY MODE was Netflix’s tentative 2015 foray into the video game market, an unexpectedly zeitgeisty pick from Dan, more by luck than judgement surely. A baffling and extremely ugly programme, this was 38 minutes of unavoidable tripe. But at least we had a few laughs talking about it.


The Dig

Reegs:Welcome to bad dad's film review. And I wonder just how many people tune out exactly. When I say that, oh God, not those guys again where the film review show whose kids will argue about literally anything today, for example, mine argued over who could sit with a blanket on them while it was 31 degrees outside. Anyway, yes. Here at bad dad's film review. We missed a lot of movies while our kids were younger. So we're catching up on them. Now we also believe that just because something is for kids doesn't mean it should automatically be idiotic and cynical and you don't have to be a guardian reading, artichoke, guzzling, elitist snob to hold your children's television to account, which is why we review those shoes shows too.

And the shoes tattoo review. It's an absolute scorcher. Yeah. Here in the man cave with summer sack and sweaty pits are plenty as co-hosts Sidey Dan and Peter Andre take you on an archeology themed episode with Netflix is the dig and Minecraft story. Our feature reviews. And of course it's well known that you can't do any archeology without decent hat.

So we'll be compiling a top five of memorable movie hats who knows that may even featured some sort of archeologist in it's possible. So Jeff Bezos technically went not into space today for 11 minutes. Which is nice.

Sidey:Yeah. It seemed like there was a lot of buildup to it. And then when I read it were in the effort 10 minutes though, it was fairly shit

Reegs:and they didn't break the atmosphere.

Did they? So I know, is it technically space really?

Sidey:I think if you can see some curvature of the earth and stuff, that's

Reegs:weightlessness? That's

Sidey:They got four minutes. They got four minutes of weightlessness.

Reegs:they? Okay. Well, I would. Okay, but was that just from falling or

Sidey:no, I think I dunno, you know, at

Dan:minutes of hovering and

Sidey:at best I skim read the article. Yeah. Yeah. So,

Pete:yeah. I think the weightlessness is at the top of the

Reegs:And then what are you allowed to like take off your seatbelt and whew, and all that. And then, and then they have to like bundle you back into your seat. And

Sidey:That's the bit I was wondering about, because they did take, they did unharness themselves, so they could feel the effects of the witnesses. Now I'm thinking we better make sure you're fucking strapped back in,

Pete:They probably

get some sort of like notice like a Bing bong from the pilot,


The Fasten, your seatbelts side and

Sidey:most of



Sidey:Most of my seatbelt experiences are yelling at my daughter to eat fucking, got your seatbelt on it, but not necessarily as aggressively as that, but, you know, that's just someone sitting in a car I'm thinking while you're waiting in a spaceship might be a little bit more there's less room for error. And one of them was old and one of them was really young.

Pete:Yeah. Yeah. The oldest

and the

youngest person ever to go into space.


82 and

Reegs:it is it on, I mean, is it on the card? So you're going up to space. Is that what

Sidey:well, that's what, this is all for space tourism. So

Reegs:yeah, you're going to do it

Sidey:Yeah. We haven't got enough in the podcast fund yet, but you know, given time

Reegs:a time.


Dan:online. I think you can go. And who's the other one? Branson, I

Pete:Yeah. And most is. And the other tech

Tesla. M yeah. yeah, They're all, it's a space race just for like bazillionaires or whatever. Yeah. But I think, I think you have to have a negative PCR test before you can

get know.

Reegs:you'd be okay. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody watch anything

Sidey:Yeah. I watched a few bits some more twin peaks and I watched all the homework and because of our mid-week mentioned, I had to subscribe to the BFI channel on Amazon prime and that unlocked a whole load of cool stuff.

So today actually I watched. Picnic at hanging rock, which I wanted to say fucking ages. And now I have

Reegs:another Graham green


Reegs:Peter and Peter

Sidey:no, it's true. Story

Dan:Right And what you're thinking of

Reegs:be Welby

Sidey:this one's a true story of it's it's a true event. 1900 on Valentine's day, a class of girls went out for a picnic at hanging rock three, went missing and a teacher and they never found one girl.

They did fine, but the rest of they never find any trace the note. They don't know what happened to them. So there's this sort of mystery.

Dan:What was the, the one girl? What had happened to her? I


Dan:I've seen this before, but they, you say they

Sidey:They find her. She is after a week in the Bush and she gets taken out the score. And when she does get back to school, all the girls just go fucking mad at her, like where the other ones won't be done.

That was good.

Dan:and she doesn't have any answers. It's a weird one. Yeah. I think I remember seeing this Who's who's the the star,

Sidey:It's not really anyone. No, no. They're all Australian. So you'd be instantly forget about them.

Dan:why was it thing goes or things like that, where

Sidey:ate my babies

Dan:about? Yeah, something

Sidey:that? Yeah.

Reegs:Peter, did you see anything?

Pete:Sid, gave me some recommendations I watched the full four hour, 10 minute version of once upon a time in America.

which was, Yeah. I like fucking epic film and another epic Bobby D Performance.

And but I've managed to find something that the misses that I acquire into.

 I've been watching Looper actually.


Pete:Yeah. I wear two, three episodes from the end. Now we're in the second season or whatever, but one thing, and you said this about something else. I'd like, she's insisted that we watched it with English dubbing.

And I, want to watch it

Sidey:with the words yeah


it, because he's got like an American accent.


really fucking irritating It's it's, it's kind of ruining it for me. It's still good. It's still good. But I'd like to watch it as it's meant

to be.

But with the

Sidey:No my one I was watching a Norwegian, one called Ragnar rock and the first series, it just came on dubbed and I never once thought I could go in and actually change it back.

So I watched the first series and then at the end of it, I was like, man, that would have been so much better if it was subtitled. So when series two came around, I watched that subtitled.

Dan:Yeah, it's a, yeah, take a little bit off because I think, you know, his, his acting, his performances, his with

Pete:it takes stuff away from it for me, but Yeah.

Dan:And your French is pretty good.

Pete:Where, where,

Dan:me wherever. I watched a couple episodes of the wire,

so with the subtitle was on. Yeah,

I won't ask what you had

Sidey:Series one episode one and two,

Dan:one up to

Sidey:man. What a ride you're on? Is this your debut

Dan:debut. So I think I'd done two yesterday. So I want to onto the

Sidey:so you're just making characters.

Dan:Yes. Yeah. I'm just making

characters So so basic. No, I don't think I've met Omar yet. Basically. Dominic west has gone in and, and


up a shit storm with a judge to get.

Sidey:Have you had the move in?

Between the two offices

Dan:No, no, there's some humor in it.

Sidey:It's funny,

Reegs:It's a funny show.



Dan:some of 'em, yeah, I've got that to look forward to and over seven seasons, I thought I might only,

Reegs:honestly, just like it season, the one that's set in the schools is three,

three seats three of three or four. I think three is one of the finest seasons of television that's ever been made. It's really unbelievable stuff.

Dan:Well, I'll, I'll look, I'll look forward to, to see more of that. I also watched king auto, which was a documentary about the green. Football team who won the European championship in 2000. This is part of the

grieving process is part of my grief.

It's part of my grieving process, where and underdog, who who is never, ever going to win. They'd never scored a goal. They'd only had one other international tournament appearance in the law in living kind of memory. And they conceded 10 and scored none that was in 94

world cup

Argentina beaten for now.

I think

Russia beat him too now and Spain beaten for an hour or something. They got battered. So there was no pride within the Greek national football team and this great Presidente of football decided he wanted a German to come in and do the job. And so he asked auto Ryan Hill, who was Ren Hoggle.

And when Hoggle came in and changed the attitude, they qualified for this. European championships still. We have ambitions to score a goal to maybe get a point, you know, and they got to want it, you know, unbelief.

Pete:It's almost like the forgotten unbelievable

achievement Because of what Denmark did, which we've covered in


yeah and it so it was a, it was a real, and he's a really nice guy, like likable guy.

And you could see that they, yeah, each he was changed. He changed with the team, you know, as they needed to change, he also needed to change to get his communication across, across in the documentary, focuses on that a little bit, as well as some of the football and the, the, the criticism they took because they just defended all the time and then would hit him on the break.

But and he was anti football as far as a lot of people go. But when you saw them enter the path and on then and everything back home, go in, in

It was, must've been like, it was back in the day when the Romans had come in, you know, they were all, it was a hot sweaty night in Athens and the entire country.

It just swarmed these flags and paint and flares and everything going off. And they're going through lifting the trophy or they oh, it was seen seen. So yeah, I really, really enjoyed that. And I also watched justice league, which I hadn't seen

Sidey:the 4 0 1.

Dan:hours Zack Snyder thing. Yeah.


Pete:So the new one.

Sidey:Well, it was a re cut off. Not yet. Have you, have you seen both

Dan:so I've seen both versions. Yeah.

Sidey:Do you think this one is Bridgette


was better for me. Yeah. But it was a long time since I'd seen that one, but I enjoyed

Sidey:this bothered by


aspect ratio at all, no. I watched Orangutang jungle school, which is a nature thing on sky about this reserve in Borneo, where they. Sort of get abused or abandoned orangutans and

Pete:there there are problem orangutans aren't they? because they're getting in

the way of people being able to acquire more Palm oil. and stuff. So Yeah,


Reegs:this place, they, they take them in there. They just crush them down. They teach him how to be around a tanks basically because they don't really know how to be around tanks.

So they teach him how to be a Rangan tangs and then gradually like make them more and more wild until they're ready to be released back into the world. It's really


Sidey:after three days of being home alone,

Pete:Oh, Look at you, bringing it up home. alone now. Yeah. It's so brave.

Reegs:I think it was quite astonishing about it is how human, like they are like, especially the young ones are just like watching your kids, like tumble over each other.

They put nappies on them. They take them to their first lesson in a wheelbarrow, like six baby orangutans in a wheelbarrow. And they're all like jumping on each other's heads and stuff. It's

Pete:I'll need to go wheelbarrow

Reegs:Yeah. Well

Dan:the, work that Dole does with the orangutans eight different, there there's some Archer and orangutans, but there's a place called the Haven in Medan where they do a lot of this rehabilitation work. And a lot of the orangutans have been with various families as pets and, and things like that. So they need to be rehabilitated back into, into, you know, the world, if they can even go back.

But yes,

Reegs:Sorry, sorry to it's it's actually pronounced orange.


We had a top five last week, which was top five movie grades, and we had lots of listener engagement.

Thank you very much. We had two spaces to fill

Pete:very quickly when to correct a wrong from last week's podcast. I listened to.

So Sidey last week you said that in, in finishing up the spectacles top five, that there was no reference to home alone. There was a filler McAllister

by Karen Culkin

in home alone.



Sidey:Yeah. I just try and block them I just try and block them all out of my, in my mind.


Reegs:we did have lots of listeners. There's been great listener engagement recently on Twitter. So thank you for

Sidey:We had, Carrie was nominated, which is a

Reegs:I talked about and it's a good one. You also say buried was nominated, which is another really good one.


have one, I want to just cover it really quickly. So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I've been watching the Hitchcock hour and there was an episode that was really memorable called a final escape.

And basically it's, it's a guy who keeps trying to escape from prison and he keeps getting caught. Eventually he, he gets in with the, like the, the coroner of the prison and strikes a deal with them that this fella and the next dead body he's gonna get in the coffin with the body, with the dead body and the car.

and like This guy once it's been like the funeral in the, in the coffins been buried. Then the, the guy will come in the morning and dig him out and it will be, it will be free. And it's like, there's a big kind of like buildup to it. And the guy's in the coffin and he's waiting and he's waiting and he's waiting and he's got a box of matches and eventually lights the match.

it's the coroner in the coffin with him.

And it was really fucking like the setup and everything.

is amazing, really fucking chilling, really

Reegs:dog Oh that's a good one. Now let's put that in.

Sidey:Okay So that and

Reegs:of those nominations are

Sidey:I think Carrie's got going, this is great, great film right soon.  Dan, we went for a sort of clothing type top five. What was it exactly?

It little chapeau

Dan:went for sartorial kind of style while for then

uniform and caps and helmets

and things. So we're looking at hatch.

I occasionally not, not so much. I've got a couple I like to dress up in a hat, you know?

But I don't often get occasion

Reegs:No, I have a little sort of summer fedora thing is upstairs. Sorry.


Reegs:Yeah, and I like a baseball cap. I've got like three, a bay baseball caps, and I just

Pete:I think it needs to be of a certain age, to Rocco, like young people wearing hats tend to look like Cox, but certainly

Sidey:age appropriate

Pete:I recently. So I recently employed a guy before I'd even interviewed him because I saw him through the window rock up in like a white blazer and like a man from Del Monte sort of, like probably Panamar type site.

And I was like, this guy looks like he's got a million stories I need to work with them. So

I gave him the job

before he'd even set foot in the door. Based on his hat.

Reegs:Why do you wear a hat? Do you hat?

Sidey:I do have more wintertime. I don't have a baseball Capra that by was, I was, I wanted to wear a hat today. Cause it was so fucking sunny and hot and it didn't really have anything appropriate.

So I had to wear this kind of like what they call newsboy caps,

Reegs:What you can go. Not Kangle, but the Breedens, but that's hot

Sidey:Yeah, it was, but it kept the sun off my head. So yeah, I had to

would you like to start us off then done with a hat?

Dan:Ha okay. Sherlock Holmes hat, you know, you've got the deer stalker hat. It's one of those really. Character uniforms. If you like in film anybody who wants to play Sherlock Holmes need to Don that hat at some time. And even if another person puts it on, then somebody says, oh, Sherlock Holmes.

You know, so that's mine. And the, the old one that when they did the Victorian era ones, rather than the, the more modern Sherlocks that we've got now with Benedict Cumberbatch and, and the other guy with Jeremy Brett and those original ITV ones  you know, proper, proper gear, proper costume or periods stuff.

And it was, it was fantastic. Great heart

Reegs:Is a strong hat.

Dan:beat that.

Pete:So I really just like to drop in a couple of hat facts before my each sort of nomination. First hat fact that I've got is the the world record for the tallest hat. It is a 4.8 meter tall hat called the stove, pipe behemoth which, Which

allegedly is, is as tall as three Kelly Clarkson's on top of each



tall? 4.1


Sidey:hopefully not as heavy as for Kelly Clarkson's

Pete:no, no. so that's my first hat fact. My first nomination is going to be, I'm just going to get the big one out there. Indiana. Jones,

Sidey:Celebrate Peter fall, Indiana Jones.

Reegs:Y oh yeah.


Pete:I believe in Outback fedora. It is

Reegs:well it's a Herbert Johnson. Oh, is it the Royal Hatter of England? It's in rabbit, fur from Portugal.


Christy's poet is basically the same block as that original hat. You can buy that for a mere 375 pounds, but you do have to install the turn on it and then bash it off center.

Pete:of course you

Sidey:does so that it doesn't just sit on his head, you know, it becomes almost a character in its own.

Right. He has to, you know, there's the, the vision of the door. I think it, it flutters away at the end of last crusade and he gets it again and it's just, you know, integral part of his look.

Reegs:it's part of, one of the things that bothers me about the last crusade.


Pete:up. Los crusades. An Excellent.


Sidey:That's really great. School

Pete:getting really hot German butter.

Reegs:It does have a hot German bed. It's got a few problems, but we can talk about that another time if you want,


Sidey:bowler hat, which is we still allowing this though, because it's not just,

Reegs:this was functional and yeah,

Pete:Like He wore

it a lot.

Sidey:he did his part of his outfit It was his uniform. It had a, I don't know, what would you call it? Well razor-sharp rim,


Sidey:quite good at

Pete:Oh, have you had a razor


Pete:rim? It's

Dan:This is gold finger. Isn't it?

Pete:Yes. it

Sidey:Yes it is. Yeah. He uses it to decapitate statue at the golf club, I think. And then later on it does actually cause his demise when bond electrifies the,



Girls. Cause it metal rim.

Yeah. In in 1998,

that hat

auctioned at Christie's for 62,000 pounds.


Sidey:That's quite a lot.

Pete:That is a lot of money for

a hat.

Reegs:Yeah. I hope somebody bought it and wore it.

Pete:I don't think they would

Dan:no, they got a

Pete:it got auctioned again years later for something like 27,000. So it diminished


Reegs:from all the wearing yeah.

Dan:And the throwing the


Reegs:I mean, we've talked now about some pretty iconic hats.



Pete:Should we stop there?


Reegs:well, this is maybe not such an iconic hat, but the shot of hats is fairly well known. It's the end of the prestige where you've got the dozens and hundreds of cloned hats in

Dan:keep popping up in the forest

Reegs:of the experiment that he's been doing with Nikola Tesla, the Goro machine. Yeah. Yeah, just a great, great part of a really good one of my favorite Christopher Nolan movies.

Sidey:it's good.

Dan:Barbers, you gotta take your hat off to him.

A crocodile Dundee is another similar kind of.

Hat to our hero. Harrison Ford,

Reegs:Am I mistaken in thinking at some point he puts the hat over his

Sidey:Yeah Yeah.

Pete:the bath. Isn't it.

Dan:yeah, Seeing you or


Pete:to me?

Reegs:she was so hot.

Sidey:He married her.


so hot. She married him.

Her. Yep. So his hat's got crocodile teeth

Sidey:Sure. It does sort of badge thing. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan:And it was

Pete:I'm not a massive fan of crocodile. Dundee films.

is sacrilegious.

Sidey:Oh my God quick. T two is one of those rare sequences better than the original.


They're All They're all right.

Sidey:Great. Yeah,

Pete:Like no,

one, no

Reegs:was like it

Pete:we can get a knife. out without somebody else saying like you call that a

Sidey:No if you spin it

Reegs:Hey, we say hilarious thing where America had like suddenly discovered Australia like, oh look, look Australia, look how cool Australians are.

Pete:Yeah. Next quick hat fact, the number of hats worn consecutively at one time.

Anyone care to guess what the world record is?

Sidey:So wearing it?

Pete:now? Yeah, yeah,

yeah. Yeah. And it's not Johnny two hats. It's a, no,

Reegs:it's not in triple figures, is



Sidey:wow. Thousand 1230,


Reegs:I was going to say 2133

Pete:the record state Estefan cotton wore 33 hats on the 7th of June, 2009 he broke his own previous world record, which was

22 ads. So enhanced. it by 11,

Sidey:isn't that the record that we could do tonight? Like that sounds pathetic.

Pete:Well, we haven't got 33 hats, but I

Sidey:can make them

Pete:we could break


Reegs:What's the criteria. Does it have to be 33 of the same?

Pete:You just balance war 30th. And once you get

beyond, that, once you get

on the,

dozen hats, I think like in terms of balance, I saw a picture of it. actually It kind of like

went off

at one angle and then, and

Dan:Who's this guy,

Pete:Stefan cotton

Dan:And you saying that,

is he

Sidey:for you con

Dan:with Holly cotton Izzy? no.

no, Joseph

Pete:And so my next one is I think a very famous hat, the one worn by the wicked witch of the west in


was it it's a wizards not a wizards of witches hat.

And yeah, it's famous.

Sidey:it's the definitive classic, which has hat star vibe. She she's rocking it.

Yeah, yeah,

Pete:yeah Margaret Hamilton.

Sidey:Yeah She got

squashed by a house though.

Pete:No, that was her sister. Yeah. Her sister, the wicked witch of the east got squashed by the house. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She had the stripy socks.

and the Ruby slippers.

Sidey:Pete and I are big fans of this franchise. YouTube, less so, but the sorting hat from Harry Potter, they use it in the longest fucking ritual ever to determine every new child in the school, which house they're going to be.

And is that must go on for hours.


Reegs:you're going

to go into the evil

Sidey:house. Yeah. And it doesn't need to say it doesn't need to say at the end of the last film that if you get, if it picks you for that house, you can just fuck that off. Anyway.

Pete:no I think it's when, when Harry first puts the hat.

on That you can hear the hat saying like maybe Slitherin cause he senses obviously like the, the darkness may be within him.

And, and,

And I think what Harry's saying to his kid in that horrible sequence,

at the very end of the films is like, look

just like, you know, be, be honest and you can kind of just sweat because he basically says

not slithering nuts live there They're not so there. And then, and then

he ends up in




I'm done.

Reegs:I've got a little trio of artsy Berets for you. The Truman show is a really, really


Reegs:movie. And ed Harris, Christoph. Yeah. He's the sort of alter creator

Sidey:So same directors picnic at hanging rock.

Reegs:Is it?


Reegs:I really love the Truman show. It's a fantastic movie. And he sort of views Truman is this sort of weird mix of like a work of art and his actual son.

So lots of interesting stuff going on there in the mighty Boosh yoga and harbormaster


a Danish film director who wears a black Berry and Ned Flanders. Dad was a filthy beatnik and he used to bang out tunes on the drums while smoking marijuana and wearing an artsy barrel.

Pete:you don't see a barrier Napa in commando. Arnold Schwartzenegger or Johnny, Johnny matrix

I can't remember it. Yeah,

says to a guy I eat green berries for breakfast, cause he's the guy he's fighting with is a green beret,

Dan:The three Amigos. This is some movie. Have you seen this and enjoy this Martin

Pete:This is the

one that I couldn't remember. I can't differentiate between that and sit he's like as a,

Dan:okay. So it's liquors is also on my list actually, but this Steve Martin Martin, short Chevy chase and they turn up as actors. I'm thinking they're on for a big scene and everything.

And actually they're really in a, in a fight

Reegs:Well, they've been hired haven't they to be the heavies to keep out a local gang. I haven't thought about this movie in a long

Dan:It's really funny Yes. It's great. Where they will turn up in some boroughs at one stage as they do this kind of showdown with the bad guys and they're dressed from head to toe in the most

ridiculous sequins in sombreros

Pete:they've got, that light move where they

Dan:they've got

Pete:and thrust, thrust. They're growing. yeah, I remember it now. Yeah.

Dan:Great hat stuff.

Pete:Yeah. Another quick hat fact does anyone know how many pleats there are in a chef's hat?

Dan:David knows.

Pete:David plate? No. It's actually a lot more than that. Hundreds.



Pete:pleats in a chef's

Sidey:I am shocked.

Reegs:That is,

Pete:This is shocking contents. And I can tell you why it's meant to be representative of the hundreds.

Also recipe. that a chef would co would have for a particular food. Most commonly eggs is meant to be a hundred different ways of cooking eggs

and that's

what it is it's meant to be like a status thing. So By the time you get your chef's


Pete:it's a way of lording it over other people that you have this hat with all the plates for all the recipes.

that you have Yeah. That is a, another hat fact. The, are we allowing caps?



Dan:you a cap,

Pete:I've got two caps and I'm going to go with probably I'm going to guess not the one side he's got and I'll go for the other one, which is the Detroit tigers. cap Worn by Doughboy.

in Boyz, N the


 Which, yeah, ice cubes pretty much got that cap on the entire way through the the film Fucking cool film. Yeah, just strong hat. strong film.

Sidey:I'll Chuck, a couple more caps in then while we're on the cap sub genre wait. From Wayne's world has his own shows name on the front of his cap, which he wears to the movie. And back to the future, two features some futuristic clothing tech, some of which you can get. So the mag ones you can now self-lacing shoes are available.

His holographic baseball cap. You can get on Amazon for a mere 25 pounds.

Pete:That was my other camp.


Tallahassee in zombie, land's got pretty good cowboy hat that he pretty much never takes off.

You've got to talk about the Sorcerer's apprentice. Fantasia. He's, it's a particularly decent wizard's hat. Probably not to be messed around. Yeah. With can, can cause catastrophes the leopard shoe hat in Brazil. Anybody remember that? It's like a sh a hat. That's a shoe. And it's made out of leopard print.

It's actually a combination of two iconic hats that existed in the world, which one was a shoe hat. And one was this like leopard print thing. I read an article on it today was really interesting. And are you aware of the comics. Hat or Komisar cap, is this sort of large, high peaked thing worn by like Colonel Gaddafi or somebody like that, you know, those banana Republic dictators or those big ceremonial hats.

M bison played by Raul. Julia had one in street fighter, Annie, and he turned out to have a private hat rack with several variations on it next to six paintings of himself.

Dan:some is tough

Pete:Yeah. Yeah. He was the big, big guy. Was it like

Dan:at you from all

Sidey:angles and boasted.


Dan:Okay. So I w after, after the three Amigos Charlie Chaplin is next on my list with his bowler hat and he would use that in various scenes and things to, to make people laugh. And, and as part of visit his show, I mean,


Reegs:stuffy could do though moving it around his body

Dan:That's right.

Sidey:this was him as the tramp tramp character. So I've got a question for you and hat facts might know what's the difference between a Darby or Derby and a bowler hat.

Reegs:I did see this today. Hang on,

Sidey:because they look pretty much the same

Dan:do Yeah. Is it the, the, the trim or the

Sidey:maybe one slightly higher? I don't know.

Reegs:Oh no. Well, this thing I've got here to say the same thing around, it felt hot, commonly worn from the 1850s to the mid 19 hundreds, obviously Laurel and Hardy were a big fan of this one as, as odd job

Dan:is this stranger?

Is it comedy hat kind of thing? Isn't it? Because it's the roundness and you've got Laura Lynn Hardy and you've got Charlie Chaplin that have all worn these hats for comical effect or.

You know, image of, of somebody who's got a, I mean, even like a Mister man book, I think they have that same kind of hat on certain characters.

Don't know.

Reegs:I think Mr. Grumpy or something has got one.


Pete:Mr. Topsy turvy, his hats upside down Yeah. what a Dick

I've got so Very quick. Quiz question. Where does the Panama hat come from

Sidey:the canal?

Pete:Any advance on,

Reegs:oh, okay. The country, Panama



Pete:from Ecuador.


Pete:So one nil to me. So I'm not here.

I'm out of Big ones. Like the fedora hat seems to feature


heavily. Freddy Krueger, I think. wears a fedora hat. The blues brothers.

also is a big

Reegs:Well I mean, in the adjustment bureau, anybody seen


Reegs:with Matt Damon, the fedora is the thing that allows them to move between a reality.

Dan:in the wire actually. there, they're putting a red hat


Pete:they are. Yeah. Yeah.


Pete:That's, his way of like highlighting who we need. They need to pay attention to isn't it? Yeah, Yeah.

Yeah. I know. What type of, hat is that done?

Dan:That it was too far away



Dan:to see it was red

Pete:haven't done your, research. I don't know.

Sidey:I know it was it was more like a pimp thing.

Dan:It was,

a smart heart cause he needed to get them to try it on. There was another hat scene that I remembered actually from a film gene Hackman was in, I think it was the conversation.

I'm not a hundred percent sure he's playing a Jean Hartman. Like it, I think he played with Ann Hattaway, but it

Reegs:and hat tricks do it

Pete:Patrick Swayze. yeah,

Dan:they're all coming out now. But he wore it. So when he went into a store, the surveillance cameras wouldn't see his face.


Dan:that's why he was always in there

Sidey:He has a strong hat game in the French connection too, as for fly Doyle. Is it a pork pie? Yeah. Yeah, that's good.

Dan:There's w walkers, have you ever seen that? The

Reegs:legendary wrestlers, Shawn Michaels. Jeanette,

Dan:a, it's a

Reegs:remember when he on them? beefcake they had he had the, he had his like show that he did and Shawn Michaels sweet chin


Reegs:Marty Jeanette through the window. It was like this

Sidey:Oh, don't forget. We've got Sergeant slaughter is a big fan, so

Reegs:yeah, that's true. He followed us on Twitter. That was my

Pete:Yeah. The actual Sergeant slaughter. Fuck. Can we not get him on?

Reegs:Well, I did tweet him and I think he liked, liked the tweet or something.

Pete:You need to pull the stops out there.

 I've only got, a couple more on my list.

Woody from toy story cowboy.

hat He

loses it in his very remiss of him in a toy story three, and then finds it again later. And the what do you want her as well? The top pap from the original, one. not that Tim bull timber and bullshit,

Dan:don't want it's

Pete:That, Yeah. That one only fetched $27,000 at auction. So fell, fell short of odd. job. I've only got one more. and That's going to be my pick for the

Sidey:doctor Okay  some more top hats for you, then the cat in a hat, whereas a top hat

Reegs:I've not seen it.

Sidey:it's a kind of thin, but tall top hat, red and white stripes.

Pete:seeing the hat, But haven't seen the film. Is it wank? It seems like it will be

Reegs:well I think he's a fucking

Sidey:Lieutenant well, yeah, go with yours. Another top hat would be the mad Hatter. It's. According to Lewis, Harold was of the 10 Lewis Carroll.

Reegs:I thought you said Louis.


Harold is of the 10 and six style.

So it's got this label in it, which says, I don't know if it's supposed to be the price or it's just this weird thing that Louis Harold said. But it's cool. I'm

talking about the animated

Pete:where the, the I'm

Saying as mad as a Hatter comes from

Sidey:mercury that may make made the Hansen

Pete:Right. I can See, you're a fact guy as well.

That's that's cool, correct.

Sidey:It seemed to sort of weird way to make a hat though.

Dan:on that That

Pete:So in, in the process of, of, of making the hats, the, the felts there was chemicals use the, obviously you were poisonous and I think it it, it, gave people like early onset dementia or


Pete:then that's why they said, so a lot of people who are hatters ended up mad.


Dan:They, they had a similar story with the tritium in watches where they made the, the lumens. It was all radioactive and they had to change it in

the end.


Reegs:I was waiting for a bad joke as dives

waiting It's something coming He's cooking something up.

Sidey:Another top hat, sorry, another bowler hat.

Reegs:hat though, if you're, cause you were just talking about the fact controller and his name was actually so top hat.

Sidey:Oh, that's good.

Pete:Isn't this a woman called dowager hats in to him Thomas the tank engine, dowager hat. Yeah, that's the

character's name?

Dan:We haven't had many women in hats here.

Pete:we could wait for the

Dan:I've got, I've got Mary Poppins.


Sidey:A bonnet like a bonnet kind of like

Reegs:Queen Amidala from star wars had a

Sidey:quite a

Pete:queen. I'm a dollar of the no bull.

Reegs:What was that? Listener suggestion. Yeah,

Sidey:that the pre-call is better than sequels.

Reegs:Well, yeah, that's true.

Sidey:listener. We had a whole stack of listening suggestion, but

Reegs:we should save it for next week.

People it's just that one. That was absolutely amazing from the sleeper wire.

Sidey:Oh yeah. Hang on.

Reegs:that person had like basically an entire city on their head.

Dan:I did you, did you get some research done for this thing? Cause you got all these there's so many different

Sidey:Hi, I've still got a million not minutes there. The sleeper wide nomination was beach blanket Babylon, which. Fucking incredible. And you should really Google that because the, or look at it on a Twitter feed because this hat it's an entire city right on this woman's head.

So you should definitely check that

Dan:it's not 33 hats on top of each other though. That is beatable.


I want to I want to revisit

Pete:we will try that.

Sidey:if you've got hat wise, because there's so many

Dan:What about the more board hats and the old

Sidey:school dead poet's society, maybe you could have that. I've got another bowler hat slash Derby, which is Alex to large from a clockwork orange, which is a very iconic outfit.

Audrey Hepburn's hat in my fair lady is really something, but I haven't actually seen the

Pete:I've seen the film. in it It is an impressive, hat.

Sidey:Then Hailee Steinfeld in true grit. She played Maddie Ross.

Oh yeah.

She wore the classic unshaped boss of the Plains hat style. You can

know if you see it, it's like it's quite smart.

Dan:you don't know what yet?


Sidey:Stetson offer this hat. It's called the oh, the Australia it's made out of American Buffalo, flat yours for $140.

I've got loads of this,

Reegs:Yeah, I know. It's


Sidey:Tom Selleck and quickly.

Reegs:and not seeing it.

Sidey:He has a massive, almost novelty sized hat. Has a tall center crease block high rolled side, brim dipped, front and back.

Big, big sort of cowboy hat vibe. Last best west offers this big hat and varying beaver qualities. Right. You're starting at $310

Reegs:and that's for your lowest quality



Dan:You don't want low quality beaver. No, you're going to have to, I mean, obviously even the low quality beef is good quality beaver.

Sidey:it's over $300.


Pete:I'm only interested in good quality.

Sidey:Then we've got Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy and

job and also Russell Crowe in three 10 to Yuma.

Reegs:seen it.

Dan:Yeah. I mean, there's, we've got the man with no name up there, you know, on the record, you can see the good, the bad, the ugly fistful of dollars, few dollars, more

Sidey:Kind of classic Western

Dan:Western the Trilby, maybe the Sinatra would wearing guys in doles and that kind of thing, where he played alongside Marlin Brando gone with the wind loads of bonnets and hats in that Errol Flynn.

Here's one that he wore for Robin hood. That's a real kind of iconic one as well because it, yeah, it's, it's a w with a feather in it.

Reegs:look cool wearing

Dan:He didn't, he didn't look cool. And, and with, with you know, those little Todd kind of bottoms that they had him wearing as well. It, wasn't a great look, but I will Flynn, you know,

Sidey:massive cock dinner so



Reegs:Straw hat that you get with sort of generic Asian hat, basically


Reegs:big trouble in little China, or I think the three henchmen have

Dan:Kona call kind of Asian hats as well.

Reegs:Amy's dark, man. It's kind of like a superhero comic.

Thing, but it's based on an original, short story that Ramy wrote himself.

And he's got this sort of cool mask coat and fedora hat, calm combo, and this sort of gruesome replacement skin. It's a long story. And the dunce hat is a, is a good hat. I mostly think of it now in iron man, three, he puts it on one of the robot arms and he calls it. I think it's dummy in bad taste, which is the Peter Jackson brain dead movie with Derek falls off a cliff.

That's Peter jokes himself, fractures his skull, and to keep it together, he sort of stumbles back to his car and he puts on a hat.


Reegs:of keep his brain in which, which works,

Dan:That's a great for things like that. Aren't

Reegs:Yeah. Very, very

Dan:your brain

Pete:like your brain. Yeah.

Reegs:There were so many, yeah. Hats we could have talked about. I, you know major Kang from Dr.

Strangelove, he puts it on his cowboy hat on when he sits on the bum. The villain rose the hat in Dr. Sleep. But the last one I was going to say, and my nomination is Miller's crossing, which is the Cohen brothers prohibition era gangster movie. And it's an absolute hat

Sidey:Yeah Slow-mo hats rolling on the floor

Reegs:everywhere or the opening sequences of a fedora being blown off into fallen leaves in the forest.

Gabriel Byrne, you seen this movie Miller's crossing.


yes I have. Yes. Yes I

Reegs:Yeah. Do you see this one? Well, I'll get on it. I won't say too much about it. Gabriel Byrne. This is his absolute best ever role. He's the sort of right-hand man to a prohibition era, crime bosses, Albert Finney. And then he sort of having to play both sides with John Pollitos, Johnny Casper, who's like a rival gangster and there's all sorts of double crosses and Bluffs and fancy talk.

And, and, and then it's, there's, everybody's wearing a hat all the time. And then the hat is actually like a really sort of big thematic thing in the movie. And it, you know, there's lots of stuff online about what Gabriel Burns hat represents because of what happens in it. Really? Yeah. Have a look at that one.

It's a great one. That's my nomination.

Dan:That shit

nomination. Okay I'm going to show a lock.


I've got one more, one last hat fact the most expensive ever, or has been valued as the most expensive, however, is the one worn by the. Pope. It is called the Pope's Tiara. It's like massive piece of headwear with like it's called as Pope It's called a Tiara, but it's, it's, it's the hat that he wears with.

And it's got like things that go down his back and it's all like Bejeweled and so on. And it is valued at over $10 million. But

Reegs:and you can buy that on eBay or

Pete:yeah. And on Amazon. Yeah. And so




This won't be, this won't actually be my nomination. I don't think there is a hat worn by the academy Award-winning actor, Irish actress, Brenda Fricker, Then you want to know her.

She got the best supporting actress from my left foot, but she also wears a hat as the pigeon lady in home alone, too, which is it's covered in pigeon shit. Interesting twist of fate and life imitating art in an interview last year, she was asked about Christmas. And said that she, Christmas is a very incredibly lonely time for her.

She lives alone. She's 76 now. And she doesn't really like it, which is kind of like what her character is all about in in home alone too. And she gets through Christmas by recording and then watching TV programs and talking to her dog, which is really sad. But my, my, yeah, I'm going to go, I'm going to go wicked witch of the west.

Reegs:Nice, good choice.

Sidey:I don't know if you'll allow this one. John Reese Davis plays someone in, in Janet Jones

Pete:Oh yeah.

Sidey:wears a yes. Yeah. He wears a S he wears a Fez.


Pete:yeah, he does. Yeah.

Sidey:mine. I love affairs. Let's go again.

Reegs:all right, so I've done. Miller's crossing. You've done what?

 Sidey:so it's, Miller's crossing Sherlock.

Pete:the west



Sidey:Mohammad Sada.


Return of the cheese return of the cheese,

Dan:Mac, and cheese.

Pete:Okie dokie.

Reegs:cheese wise

Pete:Okay. And cheese corner here today. We have it's a triumphant return. I think

Sidey:your subscription had run out. Yeah. So we have decided to stop.

Dan:a minute. Well, I've, I've had one bite and the rest of it went in the bin.

Pete:Yeah. Well, what I will say probably the most disappointing cheese we've had so far is the Richard the third Wensleydale I'm, I'm not a Wednesday dial


Sidey:never buy that. I would never,

Pete:Anything that you need to like,

Dan:Richard The third. Are you joking? Yeah.

Pete:no, Not

not joking.

Reegs:don't I it's not ideal cheese conditions tonight. Is it really either

Pete:it's not the Wednesday, the Wednesday day has, has,

suffered as a consequence,

of the climate,


yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've worn the clothing that I thought I could like the wear the least of without being arrested. Sorry about that. Yeah, so we'll, we'll skip past the Wednesday dial and onto 

Which is it came about as a way to use surplus cream by adding it to the milk before making the cheese once, right. The cheese becomes soft and gloriously. runny. this one's a hit. I think Don task your means temptation doesn't it. So it means the little temptation and it recommends it to be scooped up with crusty.

baguette, but We've got crackers.

Sidey:it's fucking good. That

Pete:It is really, really strong. It's not going to last long. We're going to eat it all.

Then there's a Fuji

which is very common Berry nice and strong as a soft cheese with a subtle texture sweet and savory notes with a full finish. And it is adorned with a Fern leaf the earthiness of which blends with the natural aroma of the cheese.

It's another hit


Dan:extensive cheese notes, isn't it


these are, yeah. I mean, I could go into even more detail.

Sidey:subscription, this is the kind of, you know, the benefits you



Pete:The next, one. I think tonight's winner is a Meredith marinated goat cheese. I've never had a marinated goat's cheese before.

Has anyone else? No, this

Reegs:What's in the pot

Pete:that? is What's in the pot.

I had to use a spoon to extract it.

from from the pot.

Reegs:It's like some sort of experiment. Isn't it? Cause for the listeners, can't see it obviously it's like suspended in a kind of liquid in a




Sidey:like formaldehyde,

Reegs:like yeah, it looks like

Sidey:well, goats cheese would be very crumbly and therefore very poorest. So the oil is obviously getting

into the cheese and making it more, even

Pete:I guess, for the, for the listeners it's to describe it.

It's like a, a, re a cheesy lava lamp. Yeah.

It's kind

of what It's like it's a soft and velvety, fresh cheese marinated in olive oil with time garlic and peppercorns and yeah, it's from Australia, but we're not holding it against that,

Sidey:it's it's, garlic dominant that one, but it's good. It's good.

Which all of that segues very nicely into this week's movie, Dan, which you

Dan:seamless. Yeah,

Sidey:for us. What is it?

Dan:it's called the dig and I chose it because.

Seem far from what we've seen recently, actually this was a, this was a film that wasn't going to be filled with action or, or different kinds of three LA who done it kind of thing.

This, there was some digging actions, so there's lots of rain and top Paulin in this and might not be everybody's cup of tea, but Netflix, you can go down and watch it. Ralph finds in it a fantastic performance by him in my opinion, straight off the bat, but it's based on a true story, which again, w interested me and I didn't know anything about this.

It's archeological.

I was going to

Reegs:I'll ask you that because obviously you were probably just in the

Dan:I was just left university

Reegs:Okay It's set in 1939, isn't it. And Edith pretty is Suffolk, a sort of wealthy Suffolk landowner. And she hires basil brush. Ah, sorry, every time that's all brown. Boom, boom. But buzzer brush every time I just thought to, to, to come and excavate her mounds

Dan:Yeah. Oh, we've just had a major spillage there's beer up. People's nose. Peter, Andre's really struggling here.

Sidey:never, I've never seen anyone do that in real life.

Dan:he's just spot beer all over me. I don't know the rest of you. I hope it's come from his mouth voice, not his nose. But yes, he want is to convey the mounds, the large burial mounds on a rural estate in Sutton who.

Sidey:suspicion that there may be something of interest in these mountains. And when you look at it things like, well, of course this is like three clearly fucking like out of the ordinary fucking barrel

Dan:the middle of

a field in

the middle of


Sidey:it's like a tractor or something, but I mean, they were shaped like a boat.

I don't know, to me, it just think, well, yeah, why is, why hadn't it been done already? I was, well, I couldn't figure out.

Reegs:Well, it hadn't been done. And she was obsessed really almost with the idea that there was something down there. And she finds she's had an interest in archeology ever since she was young.

She did go to university. She was going to go to university, but she wasn't allowed. And so she gets her backstory described over just like one or two lines, but it's very sad. Like a lot of stuff in there. It was her father. She had to, she had to take care of him through an illness. She only got married after he died.

You know, it's just a couple of lines. But it just adds a bit of texture to her character.


you, at some point in, in this film thinking there was going to be a love interest between,

Sidey:I always thought it'd been unrequited

Reegs:what, between basil brushing? My misses said that, and I

Dan:The film tried to tease with the

Sidey:I think it was suggesting that that could have been, and he certainly wasn't in love there, but there was a connection there, but I don't think it was anything ever going to be more than that.

Reegs:it was a kind of intellectual attraction that they were both

like this shared interest in this fascination about what they'd found.

Sidey:And she looked after him as well though. She wasn't going to leave him.

Pete:There was a bit of a nod to it when like later on his wife, sort of, came to say, he'd not been reading any of the letters that

she'd been writing by the sounds of things every day.

So I thought it was because

Sidey:you wouldn't read that much. He would be like, fucking leave it up

Pete:Yeah. Interestingly,


Dan:to date It didn't happen yesterday.


Pete:th th obviously these are all real The majority of them are real characters and Edith pretty wood. was in real life about the same ages basil brush. And, but the, obviously it's it's pretty, is played by Carey Mulligan looking totally different So when we saw him promising young woman and basil brushes my mate, Ralph finds a, did I tell you about when I met him in in Dean street, Charlotte, when I say met him. He was having lunch behind me, but that was,

Reegs:it's gotta be said, he is absolutely brilliant in

Pete:He's such a good actor.

Reegs:And he, he it was like a transformative


Like you almost don't recognize him because he's so much the mannerisms of this sort of humble

Pete:Yeah. But he plays, he plays that character so well, that he's like he is humble and, and, you know but it's sort of

You know, he's got this, this interest, which is a passion rather than, you know, he's never made any money

out of it.

Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's a passion, but he's also very kind of crotchety and set in his ways, you see him, like when he, when he gets some bad news or something else that sort of like spits on the floor and he's like, enlights his pipe up and that he's a, he's a little bit cranky but he plays up, plays that part really.

Sidey:He knows where you sit, this is very classist story.

And he knows exactly where he sits on that rung as well.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. And, and so he gets to work to excavate these mounds

and he has

Reegs:they've had a little confrontation about the money, so it's not all

Dan:no, there's a little bit of pushback.


Sidey:again, like.

Pete:He's, he's very Like set in Israel. He's like two pounds a week. That's, what you're going to work for.

He doesn't even say that it's like, whatever she offers is not


And it's just shy of two pounds. And then eventually when he, when he gets the offer from the, you know, the driver or the Butler or whatever, drives out to catch him on his bike and says, look, she'll go to two pound a week. He's I'll tell her, I'll start Monday then. So that's what he, he's not doing it for any less than that, regardless of it. And you know, he he could have that, that offer might not have come and he could have just carried on cycling off. And maybe that like Mt. wasn't ever going to be excavated, but

Dan:well, the war was, you know, this is on the, on the cusp of war as well.

Reegs:That's always in the background, isn't it.

And at first it's just a plane, the old plane, but it starts to ramp up in intensity

Dan:little bit one at one point, I think the plane's going, gonna come down, crashing into the field and but it's not, it's a, it goes into the river and behind there's another kind of love interest with the archeologists that come in eventually to start helping.

But before then, anyway brown is astonished your uncover iron rivets from a ship suggesting it's the burial site of someone of tremendous distinction such as a king and then this prominent local archeologist James,

you know I mean, archi Lola Lilly's He attempts to join the, the dig somebody else.

And he

Reegs:well, you get all these hangers on start turning up. Don't they, when, once they realize that they might have discovered, but something exciting, a whole bunch of assholes, turn up the Ipswich museum guy, he's a Dick and he wants

to claim it all. The fucking

Sidey:well, because the British museum get involved,

Yeah the same

Reegs:as well,

they all turn and they want to, they just want to get brown out.

He's like this guy who left


when he was 12, I'm sorry. Name of your sex tape.

They're just trying to push him out. And she backs him. She's like, no, he has to stay. Basil brush has to be here. Boom, boom. He's going to sort it



Pete:First. I don't believe so.

Sidey:well, at one point he actually gets buried in the

Reegs:I was about to say, is that happens quite early

Sidey:that's before all of the courts get involved. So he gets, he gets in tuned in there and they have to dig them out just in time because, you know, before you suffocate, so she's had this experience with him.

She's obviously on her own, he starts to have form a bit of a connection with her son.

Pete:Yeah Well,

Reegs:she's widowed and the son is desperately looking for a father figure

Dan:And he's a real chatty

Reegs:he's a precocious little fucker as you know, but he's obviously, you know, trying to find the way to be the man of the house at like nine years old or something because she is,

Dan:she's not, well,

Reegs:she's not well

Dan:So she doesn't have the energy to look after him. And him running around with basil on the archeological dig and not getting under his feet and his patience with the lad goes a long way with her and and strengthens their relationship really. And that probably is one of the reasons that she wants him to stick around when.

As you say, Ipswich museum want to get involved in a famous Cambridge archeologists, Charles Phillip, per wives, and declares the site to be of national importance and takes over

Sidey:They find

Dan:order of the,

Sidey:it's a gold coin. Isn't there that establishes that it's from it's Anglo-Saxon.

And so that that creates a massive significance.

Reegs:when they put it there. Now they're saying it's the sixth century, didn't they?


Reegs:mental in it. That is old. That is.


Reegs:And the geography of

Dan:I wasn't, well, no, even before my time, even before my time

Reegs:and the geography of this is interesting as well, because this, what they have discovered, obviously, I don't know if we've made it clear of wheat, but it's,

Dan:it's a ship,

Reegs:it's a ship. Yeah. But as a ship, they thought it was gonna be Viking, but it's an Anglo-Saxon ship. And to be where it is, which is like,


Reegs:quite catch this, but it's 18 land up from a river.

About how far did

Pete:Sure. It's not that? far. Cause obviously the plane comes down in, in waters, not that light, which is run

from it.

And at one point basil brush goes and like washes his


in the water.


it's like a distant, but a pain in the ass to get a ship from you know, we're all probably talking hundreds of meters, hundreds and hundreds

of meters, at least

like from you don't see any water around the sites

Reegs:And the, and like basil brush says they would've put logs down and tried to hold it up. You know? I mean, it would have been a feat. So we know this guy that's here is of real historical significance because we've discovered him 1500 years or whatever

Dan:It explains that to the boy. Doesn't he? On, on the mountain it says he's he's, it wouldn't have just been for anyone.

You know,

they they've done this. It's it's, it's gotta be somebody pretty important for them to have put those big logs on and pushed it all up.

And what a site it would have been. He's really

Reegs:their significance as the viewer.

Don't you now if this what's going on here

Pete:Yeah. And, and it's, It's, you know, you're obviously

you're re, even though he's, he's, he's a cranky old and So you can't, you root him for basil and, and you, know, you, what you see obviously Edith's like illness, this, this like the only bits that are really away from the, the the site and the house, or when she travels to have these tests and


Dan:goes to see a specialist

Pete:revealed that she's got well, she's got a long-term illness as a

as a result

Dan:it's not heartburn which is what she always says to anybody that will listen when she's having episodes at home. But it's a serious heart problem, which isn't going to get better. And the specialist in London had said, You know, as much that that's the situation. And so she's got it in the back of her mind as well.

Who's going to look after my son. And also I would like to see what is excavated here, because it's a promise my husband and I had made to each other. So all this is bubbling in, in the background.

Pete:So I mean the, the first, the first, So obviously people come and they don't want to take it. They're taking an interest in this as as it kind of like ramps up to So what we find out is like a you know, historical significance. I think it's a, is it a cousin that she brings in

at first?

rule, Rory Lomax gets brought in?

Reegs:He looked, he did that. He did look exactly like the type of kid who went to boarding school. I thought, I mean, he was cast perfectly this guy.


Pete:so I'd never heard of him, Johnny Flynn. But he is the half-brother of Jerome Flynn


Pete:who is bronze. So Brunner the Blackwater from game of Thrones,



Reegs:Yeah Sound good

Dan:He he he, kind of comes in just before these other archeologists, he learns a bit, a few tricks of the trade knows his way around that site

Reegs:He's also, so he's sort of documenting



Yeah, he is. He's he's taking the pictures there's actually,


there's a bit

I dunno,

like I'm not jumping to the end, but there was controversy about that because it was like two women who took the pictures and they given absolutely no credit in this film and the book adaptation at all. so there was a little bit of,

Reegs:yeah, I did wonder about the historical accuracy of all this and maybe, maybe we can get. Yup. At the end, there is a larger team that comes in. You Peggy Pigott and her husband and that's Phillips, isn't it Stewart, he's a closet. Ben Chaplin. What was the program that he

Dan:game on?

Reegs:came on?


was there It was straight struggling to remember that anyway, he's, he's a closeted homosexual, and they're there at the implication was that they'd come off their honeymoon

to come and do this, and she's desperate and she's fit as well. And she's desperate to bang him and he's just like

Sidey:he makes any


Reegs:any excuse to get away and then flirting with braille

Dan:Another archeologist

Reegs:braille house.

Dan:He's probably got

Reegs:And, and at first I was angry about the fact that, you know, oh, he's going off with this other guy and she's, they've just got married and what a lie. And then you're like, oh God, it's just so sad that they live in that world. That you know, they can't be themselves and express it. Everything is drenched in fucking sadness in this movie.

And there are sparks of, of, of really.

Dan:down Tom Paulin and rain because it sums times there was just more top all in every time it rained, he would be pulling this over, covered him in modern rainwater and and the sludge and everything.

And they had kind of a gypsy caravan at the side of the site where they would Hudlin, a bit of shelter to, to stout the worst of the weather. And so there was a few scenes in there and he's a slow piece of film. This wasn't a film that had low, there was a few layers and and things in it, like the plane that didn't come down like the, the relationship between the archeologists, a wife and, you know,

Sidey:They try and not sexy it up, but if it was literally just about the digging,

Dan:they wouldn't be enough

Sidey:then you get these other sort of

Reegs:I did enjoy the digging

Sidey:I did as well.

But I

Reegs:must say,

Sidey:it's not going to draw a huge audience of is


Pete:Part of it.

was the, what they're finding, how they found out how the, you know, like the the fact that the basil immediately says it's Anglo-Saxon. But the other guys are, what you're talking about is Viking. And they're supposed to be the experts. And eventually they, you know,

Dan:I think that was nice. Wasn't it? That you've got this every everyday man who hasn't got the formal education, but it's always a confessed is always to have a thirst for knowledge and wanting to learn, wanting to read. He's written a book about the stars for every pet every day, man, isn't he? So they can relate to the cosmos and he likes looking up at that.

And he's promised that to the young lad who at one point runs to his house one's away from home because he's upset after seeing mum being ill. I think

Reegs:he says to him, it's really amazing. And I think it's really one of the themes of the films. He says from the first human hand print on a cave wall were part of something continuous.

So we don't really die. That's what he says to the little boy. And it's, he delivers it a lot better than I do. Cause he's like an Oscar winning actress, Yeah,

Dan:much better considering that, you know what I mean?

Reegs:man. Thank you. But yeah, so it's yeah. How does it wind up? I mean, obviously Peggy ends up going off with the cousin but they that's never, that does get consummated, doesn't it?

But he then he just ends up going off to war.

Pete:Yeah, it's


Pete:Well, I think, I think that the, the plane, because the plane does crash, but it crashes in the water

and it's that Rory who goes to

try and rescue the pilot, doesn't make it, the pilot dies.

And then not long after that, he spends sort of you know, drafted up to the, yeah. to the, to the air force. And I think they say there's a reference. So if you want to sort of sign up for your death, join the air force

or something,

Sidey:it's 20 minutes.

Pete:So th that, that's kind of in there as a device to show that this like, love that they've just found, this is probably you know, it's not going to go anywhere


Pete:yeah, he's going

to go splat at some point in the near future when the war kicks off.


Reegs:then there's an inquest going on as well. Isn't there to determine now who owns what they found, which is a burial chamber on the ship with lots of

cool shit in it Actually

Pete:Phillips wants to it all off to the, to the

British museum.

But then she's like, Edith knows her stuff and she's, she's very, without being, you know, she's, she's very, she's quite weak and obviously she's, you know, she's

like a single mother. Yeah. Physically weak and she's, you know, struggling and she's a, you know, a single mother and she's got this kind of like burden.

It's like you know, it's a bit of a labor of love for her, but she puts this guidance place. She's informed. She's like, well, hang on. Are they moving all the artifacts into the

into the London underground? You know,

she she's very well-educated

and informed


was a decent archeologist. Certainly a good amateur. Yeah. Yeah. She wasn't just some lady who knew nothing about it.

She did have some kind of background but not to undertake a dig like this same as basil. You know what I mean? They would sh she would have known there's something under there. Husband had talked about it,

what it is you know,

and, and the importance, obviously they didn't know. You know, my parents strongly discouraged a career in archeology for me.

They said, there's no future in it. You know, I decided they're probably right. And then go for it. Yeah. But you know, the, we archeologists discoveries and in this as well, you know, we, we find out that ancient people love drinking from broken cups. That was one of

Reegs:That is true.

Dan:one of the big, and they've got old anyway.

They, when they hit the mother load, that's it. After that they get an, a goal put out, cover it. Yeah.


you know, he has his final week where he's got to tidy up basically the site. Yeah.

Pete:is it first he's, he's told to sling his hook basil, isn't he by the British museum.

Yeah. He goes off, they get him back and then they ma He makes it like, there's obviously you don't see it off screen, there's a conversation that obviously goes on between Phillips and Edith where Phillips then says, oh, look, I was a bit hasty. You can be like the, like the foreman of the site. You

just keep

it in order, but you're not allowed to go.

in there without anyone's permit. you basically can't do all the fun stuff that he's been wanting to do, which is the discovery of everything.

Sidey:Yeah He ends up deciding to do actually donate it to the British museum. And so then, like I say, the final sort of scenes is them covering it up with mud to protect it

Reegs:That was mad. Wasn't it? I mean, I guess, you know, obviously war was just about to start that's going on over the course of the movie and at the end they just fucking buried it again.

Pete:Yeah. I th I think the real kind of like interest was in the trial. So it was in like in the, what it's become a tomb, hasn't it?


it's a, and so they leave the boat.

Cause they're not going to dig that up before and it'll probably

Dan:Well it was signed effectively. It just

disintegrate it isn't, it, it was just like a dark there at one point, right at the beginning, they they're trying to lift this plan.

Can it just disintegrates and

he's he, he always suspects that this is older than everybody else. And and he's proven, right?


Reegs:Yeah there's some stuff about ensuring that he gets credit for the discovery, because really, you know, a lot of it has been down to basil brush his expertise and passion in making this happen, which is a lovely story, but it's really, actually only recently

Sidey:It was only very recently that brown was given full credit.

And his name was displayed now in the British museum, but up until then they just ignored his country.

Pete:Yeah. Yeah, sure. I guess that

that happens when there's people

who aren't of any significance.

Yeah. Yeah.


odds were stacked against him. A little bit like I, Tonya, I guess in that way that the elites, they didn't want him what happened with the kid and how did that play out with her in the kids?

Anyone remember.

Sidey:she died, but that was

Pete:started about five years later.

Reegs:because I'll be honest. I was pretty much in like floods of tears by


Reegs:of this movie, it was just like

Dan:they they have that scene at the end where they sleep in the boat, don't they in the, or they, there they go out

Pete:Yeah. They pretend that they run a voyage and she's in a, like a bad in the, in the ship And

so on. Yeah.

Dan:to the


where that kind of handing over of, you know, from the first hand print on the cave, that kind of symbolism comes back



Dan:So did you, did you enjoy it then? Do you think it was a,

Pete:so I enjoyed it and, I was interested about the, because it's a true story or majority of it It's a true story.

So then I did a bit of sort of digging and what, what you were talking about before rigs with the taking, yeah, I did a bit of excavation of some mountains and I I found out that there was, there was quite a lot of things that were changed for the, for the book, for the purposes of the book to make it, I guess, more interesting to a wider, broader, broader audience.

And then obviously that, that was carried on into the film. And then that kind of irritated me. There was a lot of things think about. So the things, I mean the character Rory Lomax just didn't exist. That was like, you know, creative or artistic license So they just

Put him in as like a, you know, a bit of to flesh it out a little bit more.

Th therefore there was no sort of love story between him and Lily, James Lily, James who's the, the actress who plays Peggy Pega. There was no, there wasn't the same age gap between Peggy and

Stewart Pega.

Dan:a documentary though. Is

Pete:No, I know. I know,

but then it, that it's so there was absolutely no, so, but these were real people.

Pega. they were married and they did

kind of like become

a stranger, whatever.

There's absolutely no suggestion whatsoever that he was homosexual at all that was put in for again,

Reegs:just for dramatic

Pete:for dramatic effect.

which I think

what the

Reegs:That's how I felt a little bit about this movie.

Pete:Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:really enjoy it but

Pete:they made him older, disinterested in her and gay to, just to kind of, make it like more of a story, which

Reegs:but at the same time though, I did actually find that storyline quite moving and complicated in

the way

that she they were in this marriage that couldn't happen.

You know that. Yeah. So

Dan:You could relate,

Reegs:happens in the man cave stays in the man

Dan:the man cave.

Pete:I dunno. It's almost like they, they, they tried sort of like making it a little bit, like put a bit more edge into the film. Like


Dan:they did I think they




Dan:It's one

of those things though.

Reegs:it's emotionally

manipulative and it

Pete:put in, put in like explore the reason cause they did like, you know, separate in real life, but sort of what, why they had to make this character gay


like an explanation for that.

Not really sure what the purpose of that was.

Dan:For these types of films to to say it's a true story, you know, or based on a true story, they normally go with that word and don't they, so they can work in and around and flesh it out to make it a little more interesting, and this could have happened and that might have happened.

We don't know. But as far as the story and the archeological dig, I went and then, you know, did a little more research and found myself going down a wormhole of all these different kind of exploration sites and

Reegs:How long before you hit porn

Dan:things that I reckon it was good, 15 minutes. So, you know,


Yeah. Like excavating

Dan:suddenly you end up the

Andrew period or something, you know, and you're looking at, oh, what, what was going on there?

Who was around, you know, this is six. You know, century. And and so I think as far as that goes, why it might not be true in those stories obviously left to artistic interpretation and to get bums on seats and to make it a little more interesting. If you are interested, this film is piqued your interest enough to go and find your own information on, on about what has happened here, because it is a really interesting story and fascinating how that kind of a burial site you say finds its way there as society takes a massive yawn.

Sidey:I really enjoyed it. I think the performance system, the two days are really good. Yeah.

Pete:D Do you know who was originally slated? to play

Sidey:one of my faves, Nicole

Kidman dodged a bullet there. So yeah, I really enjoyed it.

It was yeah, it was a kind of melancholy kind of vibe to all the way through. But I did enjoy the digging and yeah, it was a pleasant surprise.

Dan:It's a, it's a nice film. If you've seen, as I say, lots of action films and, or horrors and things, it's just a nice pace.

Reegs:quiet and understated and

Dan:acted a nice story

enough to keep

me interested throughout

Reegs:maybe it was a bit manipulative. I think

I went with it though


think it was a good sort of like, just that, that bit specifically, like just making a character, something that he's not, it was almost like they, they realize there's no car chases. There's no fight scene. So how can we like, like, just like up the


a little bit.

Oh if we met, yeah. It didn't, it

didn't need it It,

was, It didn't spoil the film for me. I enjoyed the film. It's not one that I'm going to rush back to anytime. soon. I don't think, but

Dan:They took, they autistic license a little

bit too far

Pete:Yeah. It was, it was unnecessary. I think it

would have been a good film in its own. Right. Without, without necessarily things like that.

Dan:They probably doesn't like you either. Pete,

Pete:No, no, no.

I'm sure

it doesn't.

Dan:I made you watch kids stuff.


Dan:that again.

Sidey:This is deliberately a theme of archeology this week, or is that just a happy accident?

Dan:Well no, he's

carefully planned out, like all operations here. Yeah. Minecraft interactive on



Dan:story mode. Season one, episode one I watched.

Reegs:is timely, Dan, you know, because Netflix have just announced that they are actually moving into the games industry.

Have you seen this? So they Bloomberg, I've got a report on saying that it's really light on detail, but they've bought in Mike Verdo who you will, of course know as Facebook's vice president in charge of development for the Oculus virtual reality headset thing. And so the idea is that they're going to offer video games on the Netflix platform at the current subscription model that you'll be able to kind of jump in and play.

And I don't know the complexity of them, but it's an interesting move in that it's a big move in industry. So Dan amazingly you've spent you've actually, you know, came across something zeitgeisty but this is actually quite.

Sidey:Yeah, 2015,

Pete:I watched the second episode because you'd said, yeah,


Pete:that the first one was an hour and a half.

Do we want to watch that? side? He was like, no way. And Let's watch the second one. So I watched the second one

Sidey:not inconsiderable runtime of 38

Dan:Yeah. There's still a chunk of time. It's still a chunk of time. So yeah.

Reegs:and, and utterly baffling from the get-go.

Dan:It's Minecraft.

If you're familiar with Minecraft, you you'll know that it's one of the most popular games on,

Reegs:Adolfo Hitler's


Dan:on, on any kid's computer.

These days is digital

Lego They go in

Pete:I remember Sonny watching and playing it years and years and years.


Dan:huge I mean, the

Sidey:bigger than that,

Dan:bigger than that, you build your own world, which just digital Lego. You could play in a, in a solo mode or a story mode. And eventually these zombies and end demand and things came out that you had to kill. And there was a lot of mining for different metals and woods and things that we would then go and forge weapons and, and different houses and buildings and everything. So this is set from the first episode where they're having a competition to build a something, you know, that's what they do.

They build stuff, whether it be buildings or entertainment Ferris wheels, or, or hold islands, you can build whatever you want. So they they're trying to build something. And you as the player get to choose different. Options as this goes on and episode two, I started to watch most of it. My daughter actually flew through about four or five of these really enjoyed them.

I've seen them done before and I think the age told in this one a little bit,

Reegs:well the Minecraft aesthetic, I think I personally find it exceptionally ugly.

Pete:I, I don't like it at all. Yeah. It's really, basic. And I know that it it's presumed I presume that it started off as just like something that

a guy created.

Reegs:It's an amazing story. Actually. It was this guy, Marcus person. I think his name was

Pete:that sounds

like a made up name.

Mark. Mr. A man.

Reegs:And I've got his real name down here somewhere. Let's just call him Marcus person, not he, he went on to become this like real racist.

Bastard So but he was just like developing this in his spare time and then he offered it, he released it as an alpha model and said to people I'll tell me what to do too. And I'll fix it. And eventually enough people subscribed and paid like a small amount that you could quit his job, set up a studio, make this thing bespoke to all these people.

And then he just like made a fucking unbelievable amount of money,

Sidey:two and a half billion to Microsoft. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:And now he's just off being weird and racist and we don't re you know, he was like, oh, he likes cue and on. And calls transgender people, mentally ill and you know, all that stupid shit. But Minecraft itself is beloved by billions in it.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I mean, most of them under the age of like 12,


Pete:I like guilty cigarettes and yeah. Sort of age.

Reegs:you can't put that. I don't think you can actually put


Pete:Yeah, you can,


Reegs:Just say allegedly,



Dan:there we go. That, that, that covers that. So so the first stories or the first episodes of the first series takes us through these choices where you basically choose different friends and different options that are set up on a, on a little time that one's down on the screen gives you sort of five or six seconds to say go with Jennifer or climb up a tree or whatever

it is

Reegs:no context for any of the

decisions that you're making


Sidey:fairly low steaks and


but one of them one of them gives you a totally different, a completely different stories. What did you do?

Did you end up with the engine?


Pete:the first one I did The second episode

Reegs:Yeah The second episode you can either end up with Ella, Ella God, or you can go the engineer, but there's a completely different one with Corey Feldman.


or something and it's a completely different one. So there is actually, and that's the red stone versus there is one big branching narrative thing, which I thought was interesting because this game is a partnership with telltale games, who are, they did loads of those point and click things.

They were a former Lucas arts


Reegs:monkey island. Exactly. And they did the remake of that and they did all the game of Thrones and back to the future point and click walking dead point and click games.

Pete:And thinking that you guys sort of reviewed a kid's TV thing before? That was like a choice like

Dan:Oh we did. We did bear Grylls was the one that I remember.

Sidey:grows in spirits


Pete:this is my first ever sort of inter digital sort of interactive. thing.

It reminded me a bit of like the books. years ago. It's like, you know, Now you

might make

Reegs:for eight year old age

Pete:whatever I've not, I've not seen Bandersnatch, but go to page whatever, if you do this or to this one for this. And you follow a different


Dan:Jackson or Steve

Sidey:Steve Jackson,



Pete:So th that, that is a concept, really like, like pulled me

in, I was like, oh,

this is brilliant.

So you can, you can make choices and things that are gonna affect the storyline And so on.

But then,

like you say like there were, there were seemingly no, sometimes the, the, the, the options seem to have nothing to do with what it was that you were


the options, the stank, the


Reegs:I got bored and

flubbed a few of the sort of like jumps and shit.

So like I had to like people falling down and going, you know, like

Sidey:It was



Sidey:way too long, way,

Dan:hour and a half version hour and a

Sidey:I wouldn't have been able to,

Dan:Oh boy. It's

Sidey:I was sort of caught watching thinking God, how long we got, because I didn't actually mind it at first

Reegs:it's incomprehensible what they're talking about. It's just,

Dan:I actually thought it was around 25 minutes, which would have been way more appropriate and probably enjoyable because an hour and a half, certainly for the first episode was way too long. And then the, all these episodes jump around and I think now it goes 38 and then there was another one at 52 and there was a, and I don't know whether it goes on longer or shorter, depending on the choices you take or

Pete:yeah, that, that was, that was why, because I got to the point where I was thinking, I keep making the wrong fucking choices there, and I'm going to get stuck in some never-ending loop, and kicking my TV.

Reegs:eventually. I'm like, how the fuck do I do this as quickly as


Pete:Yeah. I was just, I was thinking what would happen if I just let the time? run down when it

Sidey:I don't think there was a scenario where he died. Was there

just different story

Pete:it was the storylines, but like one minute, one minute there was a massive monster. Anyone get the monster,

the great big


thing with black arms flailing around and everything.

And They just walked through a door and then they're like in a nice garden and the monsters fucked off

and I'm like, it?

Reegs:It's baffling wasn't

Pete:totally totally baffling. I mean, you you've said so. D, what is this sort of, but you said your daughter got into

this and did

Dan:for about four of them

Pete:fucking know. That's like a day's work.

Dan:Well, I watched the first one with her was season one episode one. Then I called you guys and said, look, option is because she was already, by the time I'd done that phone call, couple other bits. She was already in episode three, like, you know, so I was then forced to start watching episode two alone, which was tough after episode one.

And that's why I bagged it in and fought what I got the jest of it for an hour and a half here. So I'll let you talk about the individual storylines within your section, but the, the aesthetics of it, the, the choices you know, what you're going to get with mine, cough looks the same as the computer game, but the choices you make.

Made this dumb for me and our men to try and defend this coming on. It's my choice. I didn't know anything about it other than it was Minecraft, which is

Reegs:Well, I don't even, I think in the first one you can choose, you don't even have to be the main guy Jesse or whatever his name was. It was voiced by Patton Oswalt. Which I quite liked him.

But this was terrible.

Yeah. But you don't even have to be a male version of Jesse. You can be a female version. So there were a lot

Dan:right. Yeah. Yeah, no. And it, it made I think, as you said, this came out, what, 2015,

Reegs:something like that. Yeah.

Dan:So it's common a lot, this Shaundra since then, I think they got better. But this is just found its way onto the TVs now. Or into my, on my radar.

Sidey:Because it was available as an actual game. Yeah. Like all the consorts had it imagine buying this

Dan:You'd be so disappointed

but saying that the kids

Pete:was good. It like, I was drawn in by the concepts And then I was like, yes, I'd have to. I mean, for me it was probably 10 minutes in. I was like, I'd actually prefer to really go mining instead then without without a, Canadian.

Dan:One of

the things that impressed me with this game, when my boy used to play, it was the fact that he would know lots of different stones and lots of different gems. And, you know, he would, he would go, oh, you need this and this. And I don't know how much they actually go into well you need this kind of metal and that kind of thing,

Pete:in educational settings, in schools or whatever they've, they've used Minecraft the game and so

  1. but like this, action

Reegs:build somebody built like an eight, a working eight bit computer inside Minecraft. It's really quite incredible. I think it's one of the things that scares me because when I'm faced with a vast open landscape with limitless power to create at my disposal, I'm like, oh my


Sidey:there's a one for one repression of Denmark to methadone.

It's mental. Some other Minecraft stats. Do you want some of those? Yeah. Has 140 million active players worldwide 241 million logins per month. The studio was solved 2.5 billion to Microsoft, which seems fairly cheap when you consider some of the stats.

Reegs:Is that more logins than we get on the website?

Sidey:It's about the same give or take. And the surface area of the game is eight times the size of the earth and would take 3 trillion hours to play every facet or 4.4 million average human life.  And some dude

Some dude called Kurt, Jay Mac is trying to walk his character from one end of the Minecraft world to the other.

Okay. So far he's done 919,592 miles and raised shit, hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. And it will take him another 21 years to complete the task.

Reegs:go on, go on lad.

Dan:Well, w we'll we'll check back

Reegs:that it's time. Well spent. I think

Sidey:I think those stats probably are more insane to me than this show was it was overlong and very boring, very quickly.

Reegs:It had some talent in it, you know, like I said, it had

Sidey:of the animation.

Reegs:It's got Brian Posen. Who's the big guy with kind of a nerdy voice. He was in a collection of American sitcom. You'd know the guy who was in Seinfeld. Everybody loves Raymond, the big bang theory.

yeah yeah yeah,

All that stuff had Scott Porter who was in the underrated classic speed racer.

So he could have had something, but it didn't, it was just


had potential to, to really do more in this genre.

I mean, making the choice, as you pointed out, there was no, no stakes in it. And that led it down. You only ever liked this kind of animation or you don't lots of the kids seem to enjoy it. And yeah, I remember actually getting it thrown back in my face. This is educational a few times when I tell the boy to stop playing computers or go nos educational.

This isn't, this is an education or this is kind of mind numbing a little better than that may be. I do think, you know, there's gotta be somebody in it, but this isn't dumb.

So I w I

Reegs:music was strange as well. Did you notice that it was like this haunting, like

Dan:yeah they have that. They have that a lot. Yeah, it

Reegs:and the weapon at the end was named the F bomb because I was a bit like, that seems a bit out of place in

Dan:last what they're thinking, that's a bit naughty lo you know, keeps the team kids kind of

Pete:Well, I'd started dropping a few. F-bombs

when I was so not getting to the end of my, what Mine was only 30

Dan:I thought this was 25 minutes. And I looked at the watch after about 45 going, when is this going to end? And then realized I'd been tricked into my tricked myself into watching hour and a half

Sidey:I think if they kept it at 50 minutes, I would've got a lot more out of it, you know, just a short shot thing, but it was fucking dragged.

I mean, it started to drag down and it still had fucking more than half of it to go.

Reegs:like the idea of branching narrative stories.

Pete:Yeah. Yeah. Th th This doesn't it. wasn't done well,

Sidey: That's the end of a, another sweaty sorted a in the man-cave. If you're listening, do try and convince someone else to listen on a different platform, not on the same IP address. I think we've got some nominations for next week,

Reegs:We do. Yeah. Top five. It was inspired by something you said in this week's top five.

So it's going to be top five where they say the name of the


Reegs:in the movie. The film is going to be anomaly.

Sidey:Oh, nice. yeah, I'm honest.

Reegs:the   thing was recommended to me by my youngest. So we're gonna watch, we might as well jump in in the pilot episode one season, one of rainbow Rangers.

Sidey:Sounds good.

Reegs:I asked her what was good. She told me

Dan:rainbow Rangers. Okay,


What was that main feature

Reegs:And normally, sir, it's a Charlie Kaufman movie. I suggest you don't watch your trailer. Just jump in.


I'm, I'm looking forward to that actually. So yeah, listen out for that. We will have a midweek, but it's just going to be a surprise to you when it just is released out into the world.

So look out for that. All that remains is to say Sidey signing out.

Dan:Dan's gone.