June 24, 2022

The History of Future Folk & Captain Pugwash

The History of Future Folk & Captain Pugwash

It's never easy writing the show notes when you weren't present for the podcast itself and consequently don't have the overall tone of the discussion to guide you. For instance, the guys talked about the Top 5 Hacking or Computers Scenes, but was any of it interesting? Almost certainly not. And what will special guest Rupert have to say about it all? And who is Rupert anyway?

THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK (2012) has sat unwatched in my Netflix queue since I first joined the service, so I was delighted when listener Pearcey suggested we should watch it. Charming, low-budget sci-fi which sees Nils d'Aulaire as Bill aka General Trius who came to Earth many years in search of a new home for his fellow Hondonians but decided to stay after hearing music for the first time and falling in love. Soon his blissful and peaceful new life is disturbed by the presence of another of his race, the not quite right Kevin. With a refreshing lack of cynicism and a strong alien bluegrass soundtrack, I'm hoping the rest of the Dads and the enigmatic Rupert feel the same about this indie treasure.
CAPTAIN PUGWASH is the spineless and stupid animated pirate captain of the Black Pig and is renowned for being awash with sexual innuendo. Everyone knows for instance about the characters Seaman Stains, Master Bates and Roger the Cabin Boy, and that ‘Pugwash’ itself is derived from an Irish word for rimming except of course none of that is true, and reality is far less exciting though there is a character called Willy if you really love that sort of thing. Hopefully the mysterious Rupert will set us all straight.

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The History of Future Folk

Sidey: Yeah, no rigs today. No re day. So no clever intro, but. Some, we gone some bad news to start the evening off is that friend of the pod longest ever fan of the pod, cuz she's been with us since day one. Andrey yeah. Disappeared off Twitter. Wow. Gone. So I hope that it's just a Twitter thing and Brey still listening.

We hope that you are still listening at Brey. So if you could get in touch with it in some other way, smoke signal or otherwise just to let us know that you're right. That would be good. I'm Sidy. I am in returning from my well week long hiatus where I was

Dan: epic

Sidey: Yeah I, I must admit it was nice to hear that there was

some kind words

Dan: applause there. I

Rupert: mate Well done

Sidey: Thanks for the kind words in last week's part of which I noticed when I was editing it. That was nice of you to say so

Peter: we weren't nice enough to have edited it

Sidey: No,

I had still had to do that when I got back day one of being back. So introducing the other dad that we have tonight, we've got Dan.


Dan: Yep.

Sidey: World champ

Dan: world champ. Yeah, it, it was quite the honor. No, let's let's

Sidey: was quite well let's let's uh we should tell the story because Dan has been certified world champ by search Trevor Brooking,

Dan: And I'm just gonna rest my case. A, we were talking of course, about the epic game of attack that we play after each podcast.

Sidey: Do you know, do you know on Instagram, you did a, you did a Instagram real story of us playing attack with Pete.

The, the thing. Yeah. And that gets likes, like nothing else we've ever put out. Honestly, every day we get like loads of Indian people just liking it,

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: so it should just become an attack blog. And then we get loads more downloads, I think Pete is also here.

Peter: I am here. I think we've skirted over your your achievement a little bit too

Dan: I think so. Yeah.

Peter: think before we do anymore,

Sidey: we do listen. We're getting to it, but we've got a

Dan: to Paris on a bike. Yeah. And not an electric bike,

Sidey: What I would say,

Dan: Was it electric bike? No, no, it was not. It

Sidey: But what I would say was when you see some of the other people on the group yeah. That I did it with, you'll be like, it's

Dan: the ones behind you.

Sidey: But you, like,

it's not that much of an achievement

Dan: eating your dust. Yeah, because I think at least one of the legs you were kind of waiting for everybody else to finish.

Sidey: okay. So day one was Greenwich to Dover and I got to Dover. Primarily, cause I didn't stop for lunch and everyone else did.

Dan: right<laugh>

Sidey: So it was more of a time thing Day two, I

was I was in the se I was the second to

Peter: still yellow Jersey

Sidey: was a hundred miles and day three. I was second or third, I think. And then day four, when we got to Paris, I was in the, we had to do it in


and we were in, we were in the lead, the lead group there, but it wasn't categor was not a race.

Peter: So were you overall winner?

Sidey: No because it wasn't. I mean, if you wanna address it, I'll write that then. Yes,

Dan: I wa I watch, I watched the open last night and they do it in rounds. Don't they? She had a 70 or 68 or so.

Sidey: Yeah I was in the

Dan: would've

Sidey: the leaders

Dan: under par enough there to have, have nipped

Rupert: that.

I've got some questions quickly.

What Shammy cream, what do you think?

Sidey: I have some, but I forgot to take it with me and to, I don't find it does anything.

Rupert: Okay. Second question. How was your ass

Sidey: ass was. Leg.

Peter: Yeah. But your ass is taken a lot of punishment in other

Sidey: Yeah. So it's just, again, bit of rough treatment, but it was fine. Yeah, it was fine.

Rupert: fine. No. Great. Okay.

Sidey: I, so day two, sorry.

This is telling it's a really boring cycling block but day two, which was the a hundred mile day the first stint in the morning, I had started to get some real legit with my knee and to the point where I was like, fuck, this is really worrying. I don't think I'd be able to finish. So I was just hammering like ibuprofen and, and stuff.

So that became less of an issue. And then as we got into Paris, the other leg started hurt and it was like, it was like, stop, go, like traffic light, endless fucking traffic lights. And every time I was pushing off go, it was fucking, really painful,

Dan: So your full Lyra in this as well, aren't you, it's all about like, it's all about Lira looking good in that there's photos online.

And the one that I really, really love is you at the end there with holding the bike. Yeah. Still the strength, the whole, how many miles. kilometers.

Sidey: Five hundreds. Wow.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: So I did notice on Facebook where I

Dan: like 800 and something.

Sidey: so Andy, Andy HRO from Jersey, he's just done it, but they did it in one go did the whole thing in one go, I was like kind of puts my pathetic, like four day

accepted like

Peter: Right Don't yeah. Don't don't dumb it down. And it was done for an amazing,

Sidey: yeah It was done for epilepsy research in memory of my son. Yeah. So when I got, there was a bit of a fucking wreck to be honest. So it was a little bit of an anti climate. Actually. We did get there because it is you kind of go down all the famous sites and then you get, you have to sort of go left and round round to the back of the I tower.

And it's a building site. It's all like fucking loads of work we done. So like, I was expecting like a big fucking like finish line and it'd be a

Dan: the fountain that you can dive into and then

Rupert: flying

Sidey: like, oh, oh, this is it. But then you do look up and like, that's pretty

Dan: Ah, that's pretty cool. So it's the whole way. It's the journey, isn't it? Yeah. Brilliant.

Peter: The,

Sidey: So that's that

Peter: the most switched on listeners amongst us will have noticed a different voice this week.

Sidey: Yeah. We broken, we broken the rule. I guess the sort of fundamental thing is that this is bad dads. Yeah. And we are joined by,

Peter: it it, is there a possibility that you may be a father and you just dunno about it?

Rupert: I hope not, but as, as we, as we. Clarified earlier. I'm not a dad, but I do have a dad. Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, that's true. And you are bad

Rupert: and I'm bad.

Sidey: welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the team Rupert.

Dan: a bit of a podcast collab as well, because Rupert's got his

Sidey: got his own show Yeah

Dan: Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Rupert: I do. Yeah. So if you're, you know, if you're in, interested in amateur football in Sydney yeah.

With a bunch of expats tune in to who wants to be a gorilla on air I play for glee gorilla's FC. Hence the. And so uh if you like your films, you're gonna love this. Yeah. Because that has nothing to do with films, but you might enjoy it. So

Peter: it's fair to say you've flown in, was it 7,000 miles or whatever from, from Australia? Just to be on this,

Rupert: just for this yeah. Bit jet lagged. But yeah. Cheers are having me. I've been, I've been a long term listener. Yeah. Um From the early days.

Sidey: Well, it's good to have you

Rupert: so

Peter: And you're really fighting that slight Aussie twang

Rupert: that

Peter: that I'm now starting to hear that I, that I didn't think he had.

Rupert: Yeah, I'm I'm very

conscious Now You

Peter: desperate to goes in any minute now.

Sidey: We don't have a top five to finish. I don't think cuz we didn't do one last week. I, we may have have one from weeks ago, but I can't remember what it was. So this week we've got top five. There's a bit of, a bit of a debate going on, but top five computers, but more leaning towards hacking.

Peter: Yeah, but the hacking all the hacking scenes, the majority of them,

Sidey: will involve

Peter: involve computers.

Sidey: Yeah. We got, that

Dan: Just wanted to make sure it wasn't hacky sacks

Peter: No, it definitely wasn't

Sidey: hacks No And then we've got a movie which is the history of future folk, which was nominated by Pearcy.

So that's more listener generated content.

Dan: which we really

Sidey: Yeah. We love

Dan: You know, love, love hearing

Sidey: I know we got captain pug wash and we're going, there's various iterations to captain P wash and we're going to like seventies, eighties, seventies.

Dan: Sometimes we like to have a theme. Don't we? And I just wonder if anybody can spot the theme this week cuz I don't think there is one.

Is there

Sidey: They're all things that have been on the

Dan: yeah. Okay. Nice.

Sidey: So let's crack on

Well, before we get into all that, we haven't discussed what we've watched in the last seven days. Anyone seen anything? Good?

Dan: I have. Yeah. Don't remember it though, right? This moment. When, when you start talking, I'll, I'll jump

Peter: You'll jump in, cut across. I have been watching and I'm really enjoying it. It I've been watching the thief, his wife and the, and his, and the.

Which is the dramatization of the true

Sidey: insurance scam of

Peter: of a guy. Yeah. His name John Darwin, who who basically faked his own death paddled out to, to see out of like, Heartley pull way in a canoe and got his, I mean, they, I didn't look into the, the real story. I dunno how complicit, well, the wife was obviously complicit, but I dunno how up for it.

She was, but in, in the dramatization, she isn't, but is very manipulated by this guy. And there's four episodes on I've just got to the end of the third. So

Sidey: what's the name of the, the actor?

He's really good He was in

Peter: it's a brilliant performance from him. Yeah. He's a, he's a strange looking

Sidey: do

Peter: but yeah, it's, it's it fucking mental, especially when, you know, I mean, obviously some sort of characters and elements of it are like for dramatic

Sidey: he have like hiding

behind the wall.

Peter: He was living next door. He wasn't even hiding. Right. I think there was more hiding done in the,

Sidey: cause I thought they found some stuff behind, like the drywall or


Peter: So there was, there was connecting doors and everything that, that he, so he was effectively living at home, but would you

Sidey: know?

Dan: Do I remember something about Panama in this

Peter: yep.

They ended up in Panama. Yeah. That's kind of where it all unraveled is where they moved to Panama and they were on the, the brink of buying something they'd had a photo taken and then

Dan: amateur hour,

Peter: and then it turned out that because it, they needed, they basically needed a letter of recommendation or something like a current one for, for, because he was there under a false identity, which obviously he wasn't gonna be able to get, although if he fakes his own death, you think he could

Dan: and got, yeah.

And he's

Peter: So, so he decided to come up with the genius plan of going back to, to England and then just pretending that he'd yeah, he had amnesia and it's, it's all true. He walked into a London police station and said I think I'm missing. I, I don't really know who I am or what's been happening, but oh actually, yeah, I'm this guy, but I don't, it's fucking

Dan: I I've just been passed by researcher, Chris, who we we've neglected to say is in the house as well that it was Monica Dolan and Eddie Marsden.

Sidey: it?


Peter: Yeah. Cause some good performances. What were you gonna say?

Rupert: Why, how much money did he get?

Peter: It was, it was a life, life insurance scam. So he'd got himself, he's basically one of life's gambler a bit like CRA gets himself in over.

Yeah. And he got himself in over to the tune of about 90 grand and. He was talking about, like, he he's having the conversation with his wife about look, there's only one way out of this, right? Yeah. And she's thinking, yeah, yeah. Look, there's like no harm in claiming bankruptcy or whatever. He's like, no, no, no.

Like faking my own death. Like that's the obvious

Rupert: one. Yeah

Peter: And she,

Dan: when I say there's only one way,

Peter: but like to the point it's, it's, it's pretty tragic as well. Like his, his dad was still around, they've got two sons. They had, they mourn, you know, the rest of the family mourned his death fully. And

Dan: well you gotta make it, you gotta make him believe. It's true, Pete,

Peter: Yeah. You know, so anyway,

Rupert: this

Dan: absolutely nuts. And it's selfish as fuck because what he did

Peter: I call gamblers down. You, you re

Dan: yes, mate, you know, but I'm a winner, so it's okay.

Sidey: Natural high roller.

Peter: And the only other thing that I've been watching TV wise is I've finished off Oza which I was just bored of really by the end of it.

So yeah. Is, have you remembered Dan

Dan: no, I've not.

Peter: anything, anything that you get to watch out in the other, in the world of upside down.

Rupert: Right. So my family semi, you know, you know, my mum big fan of sort of reality TV. Okay. I've not spent any time watching love island this, no, I don't suppose you have it's tra I can't believe how bad it is.

I'm not saying that to sound,

ah look at me like great It's it's awful. Nothing happens. And it's the most viewed thing on TV.

It's great In the UK Yeah. I can't get my head around it. So I watch that. That was, that was it.


Peter: you've been watching it. So you are one of those people

Dan: But you're intrigued when it gets that kind of numbers.


Sidey: then it goes on to like ITV four for like love island after

Peter: Yeah. Extra where you just see them sleeping and stuff like,

Rupert: yeah. So even though I said, and, and I did get drawn in,

Dan: It's a gigantic waste of time though. Isn't it? It's just, it gives you absolutely nothing, but yeah, I'm nothing. No, I'm still nothing.

Peter: What about, what about in Australia?

Are there things that we might not have seen on these shores that you could hardly recommend? Like series wise?

Rupert: Okay. I was gonna go for another trash TV program, married at first sight, which I believe is very popular right over here.

Have you have you

Dan: that? No, what's the, is that is what it sounds like

Rupert: at first sight. Yeah.


Dan: people are getting married,

Rupert: they get married first

Dan: time they meet each other at

Rupert: first



Peter: God it's bad enough

Dan: sounds. Isn't there a film like that or something? I, I dunno, but that just seems like a really bad idea.

Rupert: Well, chaos Hughes. Yeah. So they put 'em together. They marry them at first sight. Right. And then they watch what happens and see if they get on.

Peter: So the answer to my question is there's absolutely nothing worth watching in

Rupert: Australia.

No, it's yeah. Australian TV is, is terrible.

I'm happy to say that you

Dan: watched some great movies from Australia. Haven't

Sidey: did. Yeah.

Mur was about

Dan: yeah. Murs wedding and

Peter: others.

Dan: And there was the castle,

Peter: Oh, the dancing one what's the, that was really good. Strictly ballroom, strictly ballroom. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

Dan: yeah. No, they've they've mad max, all those, you know, they're

Rupert: Priscilla, Priscilla queen of the


Dan: of the desert.

Sidey: Haven't

done that in the show yet. I watched Jurassic world fallen kingdom. Okay. Not the, not the one that's out now. Oh, right. yeah.

Peter: Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. Or the one with the guy from the green island. Yeah. He's the, the rich, old guy with the granddaughter and they go out, they go and

Sidey: get

oh James coms in


Peter: yeah, yeah. Him. That's who I, yeah. That's where I

Sidey: Yeah I love his brother. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I watched out with my daughter, so that was good.

Peter: That's fucking, come on.

When are you gonna bring this in? Are you, are you certain that none of this is causing any long term harm?

Sidey: That's just all like comedy, beheadings and stuff.

She's fine with

Rupert: they're all funny.

Sidey: So what we did watch, so the other stuff we're watching, miss Marvel on Disney.

Which is uh a Marvel thing, but it, the protagonist is a teenage girl, high school, whatever. And she will not watch when she gets into strife. So when like the first episodes, she wants to go to Avenger con in this cosplay suit that she's made and her mother says, no, you fucking can't go.

You're not allowed out and very strict upbringing. So she goes to sneak out. She sneaks out and when she comes back and the mother's there, she won't want my daughter. She won't watch that. She won't watch like a kid getting in trouble. but someone getting MAED and their face eaten, that's fine by loss is fine, but she literally she's

like buried

Peter: can relate more to

Sidey: the,

yeah, me screaming her.

Peter: Yeah.

Sidey: So watched update with the boys, which is excellent and smashed stranger things, which is great.

Dan: I, I see I've stopped on strange things. I watched the first season enjoyed it, but then I, it just left it alone and, and now it just seems so many people are watching it, you know, the songs gone back to number one.

Yeah. And which is, I'm a big fan. Yeah. I love the song. And, but I'm just thinking I haven't got the right now that's four seasons to catch up. So I'm, I'm gonna wait for, for a moment to catch up

Sidey: what they've done with this one, they've put out eight episodes, seven or eight episodes to binge, which did that in two nights, but then there's two episodes left.

They didn't come out to the start of July. I'm like, fucking, just put them out. So anyway, that's the sort of stuff. So only one movie other than the homework that I've watched this week,

Dan: What was that? That, that was

Peter: The fallen

Sidey: worlds

Dan: Well,

Peter: have you remembered

Dan: remember some shows that I've watched there. I watched a couple of films. Well, I can't remember later night. But what I did watch was Monty Python on father's day, just gone

Peter: Or just

Dan: with the, with the kids.

Yeah, just, just with some sketches. And so many of them just don't hit home, but every now and again, they pull out an absolute brilliant

Sidey: I like that Cuz this it's close to the edge, you know, they're pushing

Dan: Yeah. They are. And the you know, the animation and everything is just bizarre, isn't it? You know, so it's crazy.

So we watch the argument where he goes in for the argument and he, he, he doesn't get an argument that he doesn't, and then he's arguing about that and, you know, so they, they found that great fun. And I can't remember what else it was, but that was pretty much

Sidey: you say you watched the golf last night? Cause

Dan: watched the golf last night?

I watched the gold last night, which was. Which was fantastic. So I only watched from the last seven or eight holes and well English guy, Matt Fitzpatrick from Shefield, he's gonna won the us open the first, first time he is ever won a tournament in America. So delighted for him. It was his family was there and they're all celebrating.

All the Yas were guided of course. But the Europeans were delighted for him.

Sidey: Yeah. Happy days,

Peter: don't care.

Sidey: right. Let's pile into this top five, which when it was nominated, I said computers and re said, oh, I was thinking about doing a hacking one. Maybe you might get a few of those. So I have got mainly just computers, but you have got mainly just hacking.

Peter: Well, I was responsible for passing on the, the homework to Rupert, so he has just

Sidey: got, it's all valid. So let's just get into it. Yeah. Why don't you start the ball rolling, Pete.

Peter: Okay. That's a bit too obvious to start off with Superman three.

So this is Richard Pryor.

Sidey: the ultimate computer.

Peter: Yeah.

Dan: massive one. Yeah.


I what a great shout.

Sidey: it's called

Peter: but Richard Pryor is a, he plays a character called Gus. And he is a hacker. That's what he does. He's like he's involved in some kind of like scam. I think basically the premise of why they get him into. Like little party

of Yeah. Yeah.

It's because he's, they found out that he's been like skimming money off for a business and

Dan: right. Yeah.

Peter: they use it as leverage against him, but he's been doing that through, through hacking. Yeah. So it's, it's a weird film this,

Sidey: it's pretty turd

Peter: because the, the, the biggest kind of like, cuz what I loved about like, so for me of all the originals, maybe of all the Superman film, Superman too, like Z and the boys and the girl it's most memorable for me.

They're they're the best one. You like the Badie and, and, and I thought be careful what you wish for, because I was hoping for a main, like super Badie in Superman three, which you don't get other than he fights himself with a bit of stub. That's how you know that. And he likes

Sidey: through the garbage come backer

Peter: Yeah. He likes drinking and he's got a bit of stub.

That's how, you know, he is a bad guy. So I was wishing for a Badie and then in Superman four, they brought in fucking uranium man or whatever he is called, like nuclear man. It's total cow shit, but Superman three. Yeah, enjoyable. Funny. I remember being really fucking scared as a kid. No. When the bird gets like sucked in by the, by the, by the computer, sorry.

And ends up like a robot with shooting lasers

Sidey: was terrifying genuinely terrifying

Peter: Yeah.

Dan: at one stage, I remember Richard Price, gotta get the, the thumbprint or get a guy to turn a key at the same time as him. And he gets the unconscious guard. Doesn't he ties a bit of string to his hand. Yeah. So when he pulls,

Sidey: like weekend of Bernie's

Dan: pull.

Yeah. Like weekend of Bernie stuff. Yeah. That's a good shout. That was a huge computer. It was one of those ones that was took up,

Peter: in computer, a

Dan: a whole gymnasium. It Wass the size of that. Yeah.

Rupert: Well, I didn't quite get the brief. So initially when Peter told me it was hacking, I went straight for hacking yeah.

Hacking people, you know,

in a violent manner. Ah, so I, I was gonna talk about American psycho and particularly when Bateman kills poorly. Yeah. But


Peter: know, and also because what's your nickname in Australia.

Rupert: But I, wasn't gonna talk about that. it's Bateman. But so no, I've gone for compute hacking and I've gone for this was, I've gone for Boris Chenko in in golden eye.

So Boris, it's not a particular scene. I guess he is a hacker. Yeah. Right. And, but for me, this film gold and I was like a key moment of childhood. I was like seven. So this is, I was born in 1990. This is 97. And the good thing about Boris is like, he's a bad. But he kind of makes hacking look cool. And he is quite funny.

Yeah. And it's kind of like, he's just a good character, you know, and that was, that was like culturally huge gold. And I

Dan: Golden it's said Pierce Bosman. Isn't

Rupert: it That

Peter: what, unfortunately lets it sell down. Cause Roger was the best bond as we know,

Dan: as you,

Peter: as we all agree. But this was massive, especially for the computer game.

Everybody jumped on

Sidey: a great

Rupert: N 64, you

know Yeah.

Peter: I wasn't very good at

Dan: translated didn't it over to, over to gameplay this big time.

What you got side.

Sidey: Wow. Let's start off with this one's based in a car it's night Knight. Industry's 2000 kit.

Dan: ah, kit. I, yeah, you are talking about yeah

Peter: What Yeah yeah. Yeah. Michael,

Dan: the TransAm

Sidey: yeah. Pontiac TransAm kit is the artificial intelligence with a bit of snarky

Peter: voiced by the

Dan: that's not gonna work, Michael.

Peter: Yeah. Voiced from, by the teacher from boy meets world. I've forgotten his name. Have you ever seen the original episode of night

Sidey: rider?

Not the pilot? No, I don't

Peter: Oh, it's fucking amazing. Cause it's not Michael Knight. It's not David Hassel is Michael Knight.

Sorry. It's not David Hasselhoff actually looks a bit like Chris that we've

Dan: Yeah.

Peter: so it's a different actor. And so Michael Knight, as you know him, the David Hasselhoff, he he basically gets attacked and he's in some he's in, he has all sorts of bother and he has to have complete facial

Sidey: to look like

Peter: that's what makes him a vigilante to look like the half. Imagine that cuz the guy before him was nowhere near as sexy as the Hoff, the first

Sidey: had a result then Yeah.

Okay. Well, yeah. Kit,

No hacking involved. I don't think just,


Peter: I'm sure he got

Dan: I'm oh, there will be an episode.

Peter: loved car though. How cool was car?

Dan: They would've caught it. I'm gonna have to go into override Michael. You know, it would've been something like that.

Peter: there was a bad kit called car. I think it's spelled K

a H or K a a or something like that. But he was mean

Dan: Now I, I dunno whether to start off with my big gun or, or just kind of tinker around the side.

So I'll, I'll, I'll tinker a little and I'll say Wally which I remember hammer put me onto this one. And it was a film that was just off my radar, but it's such a lovely little amazing kind of com and it, it is the story of 29th century earth. It's become garbage all over the place. It's a wasteland.

And people are living in a big kind of thing up, up in the, in the sky spaceship. And Wally is this little kind of robot who, who goes round and. And sweeps up the garbage slowly and it is and sees the different kind of worlds, but he's kind of gained some kind of intelligence,

sentient, Senti.

Yeah. And it's classic. Yeah. Really like

Peter: that. Never seen it.

Rupert: There's no

Sidey: Have you not

Rupert: film. Is that right? Is there,

Sidey: no, there is. There's a little bit.

Dan: very, very little though.

Sidey: but there's loads of silent bits. So when he, he meets what's,

Dan: mega corporation,

Sidey: the name? What does SIG waivers character called?

There's a,

another robot that they have this sort of romance and there's load, like stuff where they're flying around space. Like a, like a silent movie

Peter: see them doing it?

Sidey: No, they sort of hold hands. I, I she's already Yeah

Dan: there's not even an antenna raising. It's just clean. Good fun. You

Sidey: know, but can we, can we have

Dan: it's lovely. Honestly, you'll be surprised. Cuz I went in under this, remember who, who hammers told me, said this was good.

And I was like, really? And he is like,

Peter: a piece of shit.

Dan: So if he's saying that, but

Sidey: are we having

Wally because

would that robot. would that not be top five robots?

Peter: Yeah.

Dan: Well he he is

Peter: unlucky Dan. So,

Dan: Isn't he?

Peter: No, no, he is

Dan: Am I down

Peter: at all. He's a, Mamal

Sidey: but we'll leave it up to our audience to decide,

Peter: right. Yeah. Now, now I'm looking through my list. They're far more about hacking than they are about

Sidey: computer.

That's fine We said

Peter: are basically, most of them are irrelevant.

Sidey: If you've got like the name, like a make of the computer, just to give

Peter: absolutely not.

Sidey: Okay Well don't brilliant almost

Peter: don't. I, I don't have in, in almost all of these, but the good thing is, is I'm always just before Rupert, so I'll look more silly and then, and then people will think that Rupert's just following on from me.

But a film that I remember loving, this is one that about I've got it lit, written down on my list of midweek mentions. I don't think you've ever seen it side. Which makes me think that. because if you didn't know and like something, if you didn't like something as a kid, you will immediately write it off as being absolute BOLs forever.

Even if you've not seen it. And the film is weird science. seen it. Right. I didn't think you had it. It's got Robert Downey Jr. In it. Okay. It's

Dan: fucking Anthony Michael

Peter: in my head, it is fucking brilliant Kelly Larock and you know,

you get a lot of sirens from the eighties and maybe because of the hair and

Sidey: everything Yeah Yeah She doesn't really

Peter: sta stay, stay the test of time. She absolutely does.

Especially in this only, cuz I've seen pictures. I haven't seen the film for a very long time, but basically two nerdy outcast kids. One of them is who, one of them's got like a nice gaff and I think his folks are away for the weekend. He's got an older brother. Who's an asshole

Dan: classic a scene. The parents away we're

Peter: a, there's a guy who's, he's not fucking buzz from what's it called? You know, there's always the bully in like home alone and in back to the future. So there's his older, brother's the bully guy. B not the who's buzz buzz is home alone. Isn't he?

Dan: No, he's toy story, but

Peter: Yeah. Yeah. Buzz light ear. Anyway. Anyway so yeah, he goes, so he's got the, the he's got the. The means, but the other guy has got the he's a hacker computer nerd

Dan: Well, they're nerds both from mom, pop in school and their parents are away and there's a massive party going on and they create

Peter: they create the perfect woman using like a, a Barbie doll and plug.

I think they, they hack into like the government's like systems to get the power to, to generate this. And there's like a, a, a Bon cuz I don't think that this would actually work in real life, but they do it anyway. She's smoking hot.

Sidey: It's an IBM PC. I think you'll find that they use for that.

Peter: Oh. Oh. I used to it's something like international business machine.

IBM. It's like a really like simple

Sidey: acronym,

Peter: but anyway yeah, weird science and I, I, I don't want to nominate it as a midweek mention because I think it'll be shit. And even if it's not shit, you'll pan it anyway. Ruper

Rupert: well, I, after gold and I, I went and had a little look online for more good hacking scenes and I realized quickly that I, I hate them all pretty much.

I think, I think hacking

scenes scenes Well, most, I actually made a list of things I hate in hacking scenes. Cause I find it so

boring. There's

the graphics always terrible. Yeah. And unnecessary and a developer. Wouldn't create graphics to say congratulations on hacking. You know what I mean?

It's always, yeah. There's always a progress bar.

Sidey: Yeah. When someone does a bank transfer online. Oh, and, and on a, in a film you have a progress it's like, no, does never, ever

Dan: 50%, 51% 50.

Rupert: terrible.

There's always an unnecessary noise when it's successful as if they would add that pointless. Did you just watch the character facial expressions?

Usually under a hoodie? I, I, I put Rihanna in oceans 13, cuz there's a classic hacker scene where it just. It's ah, and then you're just watching someone typing for minutes. Yeah. So it's boring. Facial expressions, typing


Peter: think that quite a lot of the time, as you'd imagine what they do with films for like continuity purposes and everything like that is they use actual, real coding that, that nerds can then like get off and, oh, they're using that string or whatever, like, oh, pipe 14.

Oh, wow. Like, just so that the, like the gimps can get off on

Dan: it's always like a race against the clock. And you think, why did you start an hour earlier?

Rupert: clock


Dan: have started out an hour earlier,

Peter: Dan saving the world.

Rupert: Set your alarm

Sidey: It's time It it's time critical Yeah.

It's time critical

Rupert: So yeah, no nomination there, but

Peter: have you not, well, you might as well back it up with a nomination.

Rupert: I've I've gone for Joe, I'll go for the social network. There's a scene in the social network when they are creating the, I think it's like a FA the first the iteration. Yeah. Yeah. But I, because

Sidey: it's just a thing to, to rate girls on the

Rupert: Yeah. That's

yeah. So even though the actual hacking itself, as I've said, is, is boring.

And I don't like it. The, the, what it leads to is interesting. That's a good

Dan: Wonder if they still use it for that in some kind of way, shape or form an algorithm that just brings out their favorite people.

Peter: right. So Saudi and I are firsthand experienced. This is not a hacking story, a face control, Which we were at a, a nightclub in Kiev owned by the cl co brothers.

And what I noticed is it was a, quite a long queue that was exclusively men and no queue whatsoever where girls would just sort of either get in or not get in. And it was, and I asked someone, I was like, what's going on there? Oh, it's face control. So basically the bouncers would stand there. And if a girl wasn't pretty enough, she'd just get VOD.

She wasn't allowed in.

That was that's a, an absolute, absolutely true story.

Sidey: algorithm in real life,

Peter: fell asleep, standing up on the dance floor

Dan: I was not

Sidey: and I was not kicked out.

Peter: Yeah.

Dan: Unique.

Sidey: I'm gonna go for, Hmm. Got some, let's go for Samantha.

Dan: Ah, yes. Her.

Sidey: So I've been thinking about nominating this film for a little while. Have you seen the, the movie.

Wacky Phoenix. It basically falls in love with his phone's operating system. It's, you know, one of

Dan: far easier to do when it's scar at your

Sidey: Yeah. It's Scott Hanson voices as Samantha and she just talks, you know, like, like a Siri kind of thing. And he just becomes sort of be sorted with her

Dan: because she's so intelligent, she learns him. Doesn't she, she kind of understands what he wants before he even knows that that's what he's gonna ask for.

Sidey: I did read and that's what I really like about it is that she didn't just do like the voice in postproduction or whatever. She was actually on set, like doing the lion too, which I thought was quite cool, unnecessary, but like

Peter: had a trailer.

Sidey: commitment to the, to the cause. It's really good. It's really good

Rupert: I was gonna say just on, on whacking, has he ever had a bad film? I think he's pretty

Sidey: I actually really don't like him in

Rupert: really,

Sidey: Gladia you've done

Dan: Oh,

Peter: like his performance, so you don't like his character.

Sidey: just to sing. It's like a really, really awful performance at that point. I was like, this guy, Chi

Peter: disagree. Oh no. I thought he

Sidey: pure.

Panim like, it's garbage. And then I think everything else I've seen him in, since I've


Dan: yeah. I mean, I've seen him

Peter: he's in that fucking God awful film. Is it signs or something like that?

Rupert: I love that film.

Sidey: That's junk. I actually, I actually don't like joker that much either but not cuz of

Peter: I've not seen that

Dan: I think he's, he's pretty consistent. I like him. He's done a lot of low key films. That

Sidey: there's one someone named in prime

Dan: the art of doing them because that interests him. He's that kind of actor you can't see. I don't see him choosing too many roles just for the money.

Like, you

Sidey: no no but there there's one on prime.

I think it only came out last year. Is it called, come on, come on where he is, got his nephew or something on it, like a bit of road trip or something looks really good. I haven't seen the air, but I've been wanting to wanted to

Rupert: walk.

The line is a very, very good film

as well I

Dan: the line. Yeah. I won't see that a cinema.

That's how old I am.

Sidey: So Samantha damn

Dan: Samantha, right? Okay. I'm I'm not gonna beat around the Bush. I'm gonna go for a film. None of you have ever seen, but I really love it's called 23. And


Peter: see 20, 21, 22. So like, didn't give me any context

Dan: It's a German film. I've talked about it before

Sidey: though. Ooh. I like


Dan: have, I have, I have talked about it before.

And it's like in eighties, like really at the first kind of sign of computers and it was the dial up system. And, you know,

you know, talking about your boring scenes there. Well, this was kind of inspired by a book where a guy's a couple of German guys, teenagers really, or, or young twenties thinking after reading these books on conspiracy that.

They're gonna hack into systems, the FBI and the CIA. And they're gonna pull in all these different kind of secret service information.

Peter: Oh, is it the prequel to key for Sutherland series 24?

Sidey: it's


Dan: the Princip called are key for Sutherland series 24th? No, it's not. It's nothing like that, but it's absolutely fantastic. So they meet a club and and it's all about espionage and KGB get involved, but increasingly the number 23 keeps coming up and it seems to be the answer to a lot of it.

It's the number of chaos, of course. And it's, there's a lot of conspiracy.

Sidey: is there a Hollywood remake of it Jim Carey or something

Dan: Yes, but it was nothing like this. There was a film and I think that featured more around a hotel or something, but it was because I was interested. I thought, oh, maybe they have remade, this, that.

You can see it on IMDB. You can see the, the trailers and everything. But if I can find it, I'll nominate it. It's, it is a really good one. And they're hacking they're computers and they're hacking all sorts of all sorts of hacking it's. It is cool as fuck. And it's another one a little bit. I mean, SRE Noble's involved in it all Andre.

Rupert: SNO

Dan: Yeah, it

Sidey: Why is that's

Dan: it's like Chino's place Reno.

Peter: Cher's place BLE. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. That that's involved and it's yeah, it's, it's really causal around the, the collapse of the, you know, the Soviet union and all that. So it's it's an interesting one, but like you maybe weird science, I think.

Peter: leave it, leave it alone. Yeah. Yeah. Trust your instincts.

Dan: and it's got a really good rate in IMDB, which is normally a good sign.

Peter: Well what I did, I found some amusing hacking stories cuz obviously hacking is a real thing. Yeah. And most of it that's appears in film is inspired by real life and so on. So just a couple of highlights were 2004, some students in North Carolina, Carolina hack the local news channel and change the message.

I think they call it a ticker. It's like the, you know, the thing that goes along the bottom and they just spent an entire day putting up whatever messages they fancied, which is quite funny, cuz no one, obviously in the studio knew it was going on, but this all like, sorry, the people it's not like the, they didn't hack the auto key.

Like they do in like anchorman or whatever it is. But yeah, one of them, one of the highlights was Cecil's cocking, Emporium opens tomorrow

Sidey: was

Peter: quite quite amusing. But yeah, something cuz this actually links into another film. That includes computers certainly and hacking, and which is Tron from way back in the eighties with Jeff Bridges.

And I, haven't got a lot to say about the film. It's, it's a film that I watched a long, long time ago. I haven't watched the, the reboot of it. Good.

Sidey: It's good.

Yeah. No,

I mean it's not good but

Peter: but it did actually. So there was a German hacker who's who took his name from the film called Tron. And he was believed to have been killed because he was hacking at such a high level.

He was age 28, found, hanging in a park and it was passed off of suicide, but Tron was actually off by the feds

Sidey: really

Peter: in real life.

Rupert: Or was it

Sidey: He never hacked again.

Peter: he never acted again. No.

Rupert: I have got another film Snowden,

Sidey: Oh oh okay Which

Rupert: has a loads of computer stuff and loads of hacking.

Dan: This was Gordon, 11 me guy.

Isn't it.

Rupert: Yeah. Yeah

Dan: yeah, he,

Sidey: Gordon


Peter: from Renovo?

Dan: him. Yeah. That's him, you know him and yes. I mean, it's the, it's the story? Ed Snowden, isn't it? I mean the, the, the real life story of how

Peter: Rupa tell it, this guy

Dan: this guy goes, God whoop

Rupert: Cheers mate. Well, you know, it's. That now, because obviously international relations with sort of Russia us are at, are at a all time low.

But the film itself is very interesting. You know, it talks about surveillance across the world, not just the USA and just how much governments are listening in. And, and I guess before Snowden came out, it was purely conspiracy, you know, oh, governments are, are tracking our every move and all this stuff,

Dan: wish they would download this pod.

Rupert: Yeah, Learn, learn a thing or two. But yeah, great film. And as I said, relevant to today's

Dan: yeah, yeah. It's, it's all, it is all crazy. That story that goes on and it, he just kind of exposed really what a lot of people suspected, but he confirmed it and said, and then now he's, I think he's still in Russia.

Isn't he he's yeah, he he's needed to, to do one from the states. So,

Sidey: didn't they say the other day that they were gonna extradite him

or was that that was the other dude.

Dan: Oh, that's a Sal.

Sidey: that was

Rupert: ju ju

Sidey: I've got a couple of computers that kind of

take no, they take their programming very literally and cause issues. So how 9,000 we've spoken about quite a lot on this show.

From 2001 space, obviously we know that Hal is one letter off from IBM, but in, in how the, the acronym

Dan: knew that

Sidey: is

heuristically programmed, algorithmic computer. And he obviously has a mission, which he takes to, you know, it's literally very literal conclusion and he can lip read and he sees the guys trying to plan their way around what he's getting up to and, you know, kills them all apart from Dave.

Yeah. Who manages to survive and a similar,

Dan: well just,

what, just what you're talking about that.

And I, I could tell it Bit by bit, that's a computer joke. But it's P which was a a spoof of how in the care bears journey to joke a lot.

Sidey: okay.

Dan: was 2004,

Peter: similarly high stakes

Dan: here. Similarly high stakes,

Sidey: a few car bears Movies' there Yeah,

Dan: was this was a, this went to direct to video, I think this one, but it did turn into a computer game,

Sidey: I think we've all seen 2001, but have you all seen 2010? No, really good. You should watch that.

Okay. Cause they I've spoken about that, Paul, but they plug how back in, do you know when he's doing Daisy Daisy and it

all slows down Well, they, they do the reverse they play cuz they wanna find out what what's going on. Yeah. So there's that one, but then there's a similar kind of thing in alien and that computer was called mother it's, M U T H U R 6,000 was the was the data centerboard the S C S S noro ship.

And it's sort of protocols and safety things get in the way of them trying to escape and go away from the alien it's Yeah. S SCOs

been in here a lot

Peter: for me in that film, but

Sidey: yeah, I don't really fan in that one. I don't mean fancy air force. Stop, to be honest with you, but no watch

Peter: Watch galaxy quest.

Sidey: I do wanna watch galaxy quest. So yeah, mother and how 9,000.

Dan: nice,

Okay. Well the back computer,

Sidey: oh yeah

Dan: course is a massive old computer similar to the Superman one. Yeah. The back computer is like

Peter: a whole

Dan: it needs a whole cave. It's huge.

Sidey: Bigger than that, Dan.

Dan: and, well, it is a large kind of mainframe punch card thing.

Wasn't it? It, it squeaked a bit

Sidey: Yeah I mean it has various different iterations throughout the

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: Anyone, everyone who's seen the Batman,

the latest most recent one? Matt res one No.

Dan: I'd like to

Sidey: It's very

good worth It's very good

Dan: Another one that was mentioned to me by colleague at work with swordfish. Yeah. Have you seen this film? I've not seen it. And I was looking at it today. It's a action thriller. You've got John Travolta, huge Jones Hughes Jackman. Vinny Jones is in it.

Sidey: It was famous because hall Berry

got a lot of money to show her breasts. Right.

Okay. Money Well, spent in my

Dan: Well if scent is on Stanley Johnson, who I think is she's Jackman as an EXCOM man and computer hacker,

Sidey: It's garbage. I mean, it's absolute garbage.

Yeah It's fucking stinker.

Dan: Okay. Oh,

Sidey: Great But but but I'll, I'll

find out

Dan: to watch it to see

Sidey: find out the moment, the, the, the run time where, how she's sunbathing and she's got her boobs out.

Dan: that that's the part that it's worth watching.

Right. Okay.

Peter: Another, another quick story. So apparently this is, this is true. So am I six? Part of their, like, you know, computer division hacking

Dan: are you plugged in? Aren't you?

Peter: Yeah, this is it. Well, I

Dan: How do you know it?

Peter: a lot of reading and research,

Rupert: a bit suspicious. I

Peter: I spend a lot

Rupert: of easy part of


Peter: Spend a

Dan: always pats me down whenever I come in.

It's my, my man cave.

Peter: So what they do is they, they look to obviously look at international sites that might be demonstrating things that could provide a threat to, to our shores and so on. So Al Kaita had some, some websites where they would go through how to make pipe bombs and various other things.

And when I six found these they'd have hackers who wouldn't take down the sites, they would like, this is absolutely true. They'd replace the instructions for making pipe bombs with things like Ellen degenerate's best cupcakes in America, re recipes. And that is a, that is an absolute true story.

Dan: a poison

Peter: and that links nicely into another hacking film. This is a really fucking cool film sky. where Javier Bard's characters at silver.

Sidey: yeah. He's got a whole mainframe room

Peter: He is, yeah. He's got some serious fucking resources

Sidey: He's super horny as well

Peter: Cause he gets captured and he is in a, in a very small, it's like a he's in a glass case of emotion,

Sidey: Yeah Yeah.

Peter: At the, the new headquarters of I six, cuz he's blown up the other one and as soon as Q the new queue patches, I think it's Silver's laptop or so anyway, as soon as he patches into like

Sidey: Ben Ben wish or

Peter: there's this massively over elaborate like is like Rupert was talking about with like, he's, they've gone to the trouble of going, like it's coming up with a big skull.

Rupert: like flash

Peter: it's that that yeah, go. This will be

Rupert: know, this will, what is the, yeah,

Peter: Well, listen, that, that might take just milliseconds for these people to do. But yeah, he, he hacks I six and, and that obviously then perpetuates his release. And

Sidey: he's got that earlier scene where bond is tied to, to a chair.

In the room with the,

he's got just loads of servers just in this huge vault on that island. Yeah. And he's really horny. He's you think

he's gonna try and fuck him? Yeah. And at one point he takes his

Dan: mm-hmm

Sidey: cuz he, he tried to C eye

Peter: ah, his gum shield out. Yeah. And you see his melted face and stuff. Yeah. That's a good film. And that was hacking in it.

Rupert: Cool. Have I got another go?

Peter: Yep.

Rupert: The matrix. Yeah. Specifically, well, all of it has got loads of cool computer stuff.

The first one really is just where it's at, you know, it's when they download all the skills and he is there and he is doing karate

Sidey: Fu

Rupert: ah, it's just, yeah. So that's another example of hacking

Dan: it's is Pete Keanu. Isn't it? He's just absolutely on form there. I mean point break John wicks away, but I mean, in the matrix matrix, it's it's

Sidey: who's seen the new one.

Peter: Yep.

Rupert: no, no, I'm not yet. Is it?

Peter: Yep.

Sidey: You probably liked it. Cause you're a fucking Dick. Did you did you like it? I,

Peter: I, I still don't know it's

Sidey: it's

up there with slamming salmon It's right up there with slamming salmon. It's one of the worst things ever

made Fuck

Peter: crap.

And the fact, and the fact that the story is that it's crap because they wanted to make it crap is like a big fuck off to everybody. Like, come on. Well, not to everybody, but to like the, the

Sidey: the, to the execs.

Peter: yeah, like, come on. But going back to going back to the real,

Sidey: such a high point.

Dan: somebody will build on that

Sidey: no, just bury it

Peter: leave it, leave it.

Leave these things alone.

Dan: No, the

Peter: going back to like what Ruper was saying there about, I think, I think, you know, there's this definite like actual, well, Neo himself is a hacker. They like, all these guys are Trinity and everyone. They were originally hackers, I think, but how much the first film fucking blew me away.

Okay. I was actually in, because a lot of it shot in Sydney and stuff and like I was in Sydney when it came out, I think with you Daniel, like, or a week before you got there.

Dan: time.


Peter: And I went and watched it and it in the, oh, wow. It fucking blew me away. Cuz I actually came out thinking that could be real. That, that is actually

Dan: you went and bought that black, long trench coat the next day.

Peter: coat and a load of guns. Yeah. And I tried running up walls and stuff. It didn't really work very

Sidey: then I was reading about it. It said the matrix is a computer system, which designed by the architect and the Oracle that still wasn't, that wasn't clear to me from watching the films like a million


Peter: I never really got those, those, but because again, they were more introduced in the second and the third film, the first one is fucking nine on flawless. Like yeah, leave it the fuck alone.

Sidey: And the dialogue. Just becomes so pretentious and fucking idiocy. I, so I didn't, I didn't get that. They were the ones that had made it or, or if that is even true. Yeah. I don't know. It's bullocks disappeared. The third one, especially I just hate, it's like two hours of shell casings falling on the floor.

Rupert: Yeah.

Peter: slowly.

Dan: They'll bring out, they'll bring out the multiverse and it'll be fine.

Sidey: Fucking S uh Alex I'm gonna rattle through some quickly, cuz we've been going for ages. An animated one is Shekar.

Can you, would

anyone would anyone know what bell.

would anyone know what kids show that was from?

I you'll love the theme tune.

you let see.

Dan: Oh,

Peter: wow.

Sidey: wow Uly is

Dan: Yeah

Peter: shout. Yeah, yeah,

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: and I obviously haven't revisited this, but it was all about obviously the Greek mythology and


Dan: watch the whole

Sidey: at the very at the very tonight the origin story of it. Is that in the, at the very beginning, UY kills the Cyclops to save his son and Zeus.

I don't remember any of this was furious and erased the path home from S she's memory. So it's a bit hacking there that he hacked into that. So that's why they were all just lost in space as it were. But I remember it being


Dan: for Wally possibly,

Peter: remember nothing about it, but it was similar. Was it the same sort of like people as cities of gold battle of the planets? Like yeah, yeah, yeah. That kind of

Dan: another solid one. Did we review that on

Peter: We did.

Sidey: So that was one. And then I also had, oh, can another computer gone? Bad Skynet from yeah. Terminator.

Dan: Yeah.

Peter: What's what's cyber dying. Is that the company? That's

Yeah. So

Sidey: So what's his face dating

Peter: John con? No,

Sidey: No, the guy. Who started Cine systems?

He blows himself up in the end energy anyway. Yeah. That was one worth talking about. And then Jarvis from Ironman,

Dan: right?

Sidey: right? Another sentient

kind of

personal assistant be like Samantha and your dude

Dan: X

that one back at it? Yeah. The Omni tricks from Ben 10, it was big in my house for a little while. Like, you know, the cartoon with the Omni tricks, he had a computer that turned him into alien live forms and things on his, on his watch.

That was pretty good. And yeah, I think Apollo 13 as well is another one. A true, true story. One. I'm

Sidey: Oh reboot just give it a reboot.


Dan: And yeah, , it was there's. There is obviously lots of computers going off, but the, the one point where they have to do the old three block reboot in space to keep 'em going Perfect.

So, yeah, I think we've, we, we've kind of done that.

Peter: I've got loads more down.

Dan: Yeah, I know

Sidey: I've just got two more that I wanna talk

Peter: Well, I I'll rattle mine

Dan: one more and you can have half.

Peter: and Ruit Ruit might have some as well. So let's, let's quickly rattle mine off Jurassic park. The ki the annoying kids that are there for no reason whatsoever in every single Jurassic park film, but in the first one they have to hack.

The system in order to like reboot it

Sidey: the

Peter: the gates open and shit like that. The Italian job confession booth. I've never seen the original, but I have seen the the Marqui mark one

Sidey: it's Stallone in the other one.

Peter: No, God, no, no, it's

Sidey: just oh I'm thinking of get caught up.

Peter: No, no, no. Yeah, it's it's mark Walberg and some other people, but Dr.

Evil's son, Scotty is a hacker. He hacks the traffic light

Sidey: Seth, Seth green,

Peter: Him. Yeah. Independence day is an absolutely preposterous story down where Jeff Goldblum uploads a virus into the alien spaceship because obviously the systems will be compatible and brings down that Ferris BU's day off. He hacks the school system to change the grades.

to mention that just cuz Saudi hates the film to troll him. And I've just written mission. Impossible. Ving. Rames

Dan: Your favorite film. You've got mail, Tom Hanks, Meg wine.

Peter: Never seen it. And why is it my favorite? I D

Dan: Just, look that kind of guy. But that's

Peter: me. That's it

Sidey: are they being Rams one. They make some story about it being like a super government computer that you know is not available in the open market. And they've got some whoopy do like top secret computer. I remember that from the film.

Peter: So I, I didn't, I didn't realize I've, I'd forgotten it. I watched mission impossible the first one, not that long ago.

And I'd forgotten Ving Rames and Leon I've forgotten the actor's name,

Sidey: John Reno

Peter: him were in it because I thought they were after the first one, but this is the bit where the iconic bit full. So they have to actually get him into the building so that he can then do the gardens. And that's why he'd like hovers just above the floor and all of that.

yeah, I'm done Rupert.

Rupert: Yeah, I'm pretty much done.

I, I was, I was just thinking of just bond there. I was thinking hacking the latest film, not quite computer hacking, but it's, it's the first time we see bionic human hacking. Isn't it?

The, the small mini robots, I guess

in a way the Nano tech Yeah. Would that count? It's kind of you're programming

these these bad these bad

Dan: We will be, I mean, if the big super supercomputer is the back cave and and Superman can be used, we've moved on now to like a, you know, a watch or a laptop and it makes sense in the future, we're gonna be down to this kind of nanotechnology, wearable tech.

It's all kind of computer based. Isn't it?

Sidey: Mm-hmm we haven't mentioned the film titled hackers which is a pretty obvious one. That's Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller. Yeah.

a the yeah,

Yeah because all hackers look like that. And they're using Mac power books for their hacking stuff.

I haven't seen the film, so I can't talk too much about it. What have seen.


Now, do you remember a TV show that had a Dr. Samuel Beckett? Ah,

leap. Quantum leap. Yeah The computer was called Ziggy.

Ziggy. was responsible for executing project, quantum leap, where he would then teleport into

as people's bodies and Al would go and talk to him and go through


Dan: was Dean Stockwell.

Sidey: yeah.

Blue. He died not so long ago. Yeah. He would go through this door and you would never really see Ziggy or get the backstory quite about what it was, but some sort of

Dan: it, it, yeah, it, he just kind of zooms into somebody's life at some moment.

Sidey: Ziggy would know everything

Dan: run, run towards him or, or whatever. And he, he finds

Sidey: himself

They're rebooting it apparently.

Dan: Oh really? Yeah. Well it's,

Sidey: I just love that

show And then the final one that I had was deep thought. Do you remember that? One's from, yeah.

Dan: he

Peter: is that the porn film? Oh, that's throat, sorry.

Sidey: Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Dan: No, never, never done any of this.

Sidey: you

not? Oh, okay.

Yeah. So there's a, well, there's a radio show. There's the books. There's a radio show, then there's a BBC adaptation and then there's

the shittier it's bigger than that down yeah.

So deep thought was the computer it's existed for over well, it's been doing a calculation for seven and a half million years.

And it knows the answer is 42.

But it doesn't know what, but it doesn't know what the question is. So it's conceived then of another computer to a ask the question and that computer is earth. So very philosophical,

Peter: Thought provoking. It's

Sidey: really good. It is really good

Dan: Yeah, I will. I

Sidey: not gotten board that you love it,

Dan: where, where would you start then with that? The book.

Rupert: Yeah. Brilliant.

Dan: Okay. Brilliant.

Sidey: Douglas Adams

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I, I

Sidey: I get on board.

Dan: I I'll try. So

Peter: So

Sidey: shall we some.


do some sort of binary work to whi that down to just one pick each.

Dan: Can we hack it?

Peter: Oh God, who's going first.

Okay. So I haven't mentioned mine yet. Cuz res does this quite a lot or


Sidey: he does. He saves it.

He saves

Peter: it. And, and this is what, so this, this guy I think is probably is a very prolific hacker and he is not only, you know, lots at stake and he saved the galaxy on many, an occasion because of his ability to hack into computers and open doors and shit are too D two. Oh um he's a, yeah.

Become very useful.

Dan: he is a computer, isn't

Peter: He hacks

Sidey: No he's a robot, which we know we can't have because he

Dan: oh,

Peter: no. But

Sidey: Oh no but

Peter: I'm gonna go with, yeah, this is him specifically. The hacking sequences carried out by R two D two.

Sidey: I like it

Peter: Rupert

Rupert: Well, my nomination. Yeah, matrix. I just think it was just, you know, it's top tier it's came outta time where the intranet was kind of coming coming of age.

Yeah. And it just, it just got it right at the right time. Yeah. Hard to beat for me.

Sidey: I'm going for Ziggy from quantum leap

Dan: 23 for me.

Sidey: All right. Okay. And yeah, please do nominate cuz no one has nominated as at the recording now we haven't had any nominations yet.


Dan: Okay.

Sidey: So we need some, we need at least one. I don't think Jeff kitchen might have something in his locker,

so we're

Dan: in touch. I'm

Sidey: wait and see

Dan: Cheese.

Sidey: you are on a very strict dietary regimen. Is that right?

Peter: I am at the moment, I am a part of my, sort of like, I guess, futile attempts to arrest my alarming accelerated weight gain. I am doing the keto diet, so I'm trying to cut all carbs out. But one, the thing that really struck me about this diet was that you could eat as much fucking cheese as you want, which obviously goes well because I've got a cheese subscription.

The only time I've ever had to, to pause it was for the month I did vegan January. And then we tried vegan cheese and it was horrific

Rupert: had it at

Peter: well Rupert's wedding on Saturdays, right in the room. Come on. Like don't

Dan: not, not that one. The other one I went to. And wasn't good.

Peter: Yeah, it was

Dan: Yeah.

Peter: could have told you that

Dan: It was really, you know, could have told you that it was really bad. I couldn't

Peter: This stuff is good. I mean, I think we've got, we've got three cheeses here collected them back end of last week. So in reverse order, but by no means terrible is the, the Galles,

Dan: which one is this? And is

Peter: So that's the hard cheese that is the hard

Dan: choice. Oh, that's you putting that last? Wow. Because that is good. I was, I

Peter: this is a Swiss cows cheese and it is, it is hard. Unfortunately, all of these cheeses are a no-no for pregnant women, but the Galles is another superb cheese from the master Swiss Ana Weller.


Dan: why,

Peter: a single name like PE or Beyonce, or

Dan: why can't they

Peter: I don't know. It's, it's something to do with pasteurization or, or not,

Sidey: it's just could be harmful bacteria in

Peter: Yeah, but yeah, it's fine. They need to grow up. So it is made at the foot of the een mountains and this cheese reaches its glorious maturity around eight to 12 months.

Sidey: I would've thought that Harjes would need longer maturity of that, but clearly I was

Peter: No I know. And do you know what it packs flavor? This it does. It's it's firm it's it says with a firm smooth paste, it is sweet and rich with tones of caned nuts. And considering I can't have any biscuits or crackers or whatever that that holds its own.

The second cheese, and this gives you an indication of how

Sidey: swear right

Peter: going. This is the Colston Bassett Stilton blue cheese, a big big fan

Dan: is this one closest to side. Now that I'm pointing out for, for those of the

Peter: for the listeners. Yeah. The, the one that I can't see it is so Stilton now being a protected chief, finally, they've gotta made the right choice and made it a protected chief.

So Stilton can only be made in the counties of Nottinghamshire der and Lestershire Colton Bassett Stilton is often considered to be the best. It is one of the last remaining hand lad stils hand lading produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese. And the Colten Bassett flavor is deep, lingering and complex.

Sidey: Yeah, it's fucking outrageously good. It's really good.

Peter: Yeah, it's fucking outrageous. It is. It's really good. It is

Dan: I, I haven't, I haven't

Peter: nice nice with a pickled cucumber, which we have in accompaniment this evening. And finally it's a big, bad dad's favorite. We've had it a few times now. And this is Laur or Latour de force as I'm gonna call

Sidey: it.

Peter: This is Erlanger's most famous creation. It's from the country of Italy. It's got a mixture of cows, goats and used cheese. Latour has an ice cream texture, the richness of a triple cream. It's a straw colored with a delicately blue Merin mixed milk adds a pun sea of aroma and a depth and pecan sea of flavor. and

Dan: I

love it when you speak French.

Peter: Oh, well

Sidey: it's fucking outrageously good. It's so good. I love everything about it. The texture is spot on it's. It is flavorsome without being overpowering. Don't often get on with Therin that you, know's not a hundred percent of time that I get involved with this.

Yeah. It's

Peter: you know, it's not a hundred percent time that I'll get involved with this. Yeah, yeah. It's a 10 out turn as, as far as soft.

Sidey: going No it's really, really

Rupert: Look at it. Dribbling out the packet. It's a bit arrogant. Like

at least, at least, at least the rest are holding their structure. That one's all over the rest

Dan: does seem a little bit sloppy. But I think it just relaxed because it knows who it

Sidey: It's comfortable.

Peter: It's me and a heat wave is

Dan: what

Rupert: It's

Peter: It's just like oozing off the plate

Sidey: And that segues very nicely into this week's movie, which is the history of future folk. And this was nominated by longtime fan of the show friend of the show. Pearcy

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: thanks for that.


Dan: this was older than cuz it is just kind of come onto Netflix within my realms.

I I'd seen this over the last few


Sidey: is a

2012 movie,

Dan: but yeah,

Sidey: So in the, in the, in the original iteration, I've said that word quite a lot time of the bad dad's film, this wouldn't have qualified, but because you are so very

Dan: yes,

we can go right

Sidey: We can go we changed Yeah Move the goalpost So this does qualify

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I'm assuming no one had seen this before.

I hadn't like even like, you know, cropped up when you were just scouring Netflix for something I'd never come across it, at least not to my knowledge. So it's I suppose direct comparison, as soon as you watch it, I was getting like flight, the Concord

vibes from it.


absolutely so the, the, the sort of verbal premise is that someone has been sent from a planet, like a Superman kind of vibe is in.

Peter: I was, I was getting I was getting flight of the Concords and a little bit of tenacious D

Sidey: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Peter: Yeah.

Sidey: Well certainly when the second guy comes into it.

Yeah. So someone's been sent to earth to rid all the humans and take the planet for themselves because their own planet's gonna be destroyed by an asteroid. Right.

Dan: And

Sidey: Yeah. And as soon as he hears,

Dan: well, he's in a mall, isn't he, he's about to, he's about to press this, the button on the device that is gonna set off a virus, a man, a flesh eating virus.

That's gonna kill everybody. And it's, once it starts, it can't stop. It's like it's fully gonna happen.

Sidey: Yeah. And he, he just hears some like real J like supermarket music

Dan: for the

Sidey: stopped in his tracks. Like he's, they don't have music, you know, there's no melody or anything where they come from.

And he's just like, struck with like, this is amazing. And it's fucking wonk, like, you know, supermarket. Yeah. Do do, do you know? And then you just get a little montage room, like, like dancing about,

Dan: next to the speakers

Sidey: really shit stereo and he is like doing all this,

Peter: But it, that, that isn't the opening of the film. Is it that,

Sidey: well, no, you do get the, the sort of Superman backstory with some,

Peter: right? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: drawings and some shit sort

Peter: because it wasn't immediately apparent to me. That cuz it was like this guy doing a performance and he he's performing dressed in a,

Dan: well, yeah, what's worth pointing it out is, is his dress, isn't it?

Peter: Yeah. So he's in like a, what would be a really kind of shitty space suit with, with a bucket, literally a bucket with a, with a face hole cut out of

Sidey: it, yeah.

Peter: performing on stage,

Sidey: so that

Peter: of see his family life.

Sidey: Yeah He's got real

domestic life

Peter: a, there's a little bit of like tension in, in the marriage and he's got a daughter.

And he's then sort of like his thing is in the evening to sort of like lie down on the floor with his daughter and tell these stories about the planet Honda that he sings about in his, in his shows. And she's got a load of drawings and a big like mural on the wall and everything. And so I, I immediate, I just thought that this was, he was just a guy that was making this up for basically for the benefit of his daughter.

And that was like the inspiration for his music as well.

Sidey: So, so going into it, I didn't know, like if it was gonna be a comedy or I just, I thought sci-fi, and I didn't know it was gonna be like, had a musical lean to it. But as soon as you see the guy you're like, right, there's not a serious film.

Yeah. The outfit is just like, completely takes that away

Dan: quick, quickly. I thought it's gonna be one of those that I'm gonna really enjoy, or I'm gonna, you know, this is gonna be a painful, cuz it's not long film. It's about an hour and a half I think.

But with this kind of visual comedy or, or the way that it was going straightaway is you said you think, right. Well, hopefully this is gonna hit home and.

he, the

bit where he opens up and he's in on the stage and he starts with, with

Sidey: he's a banjo

Dan: yeah, he's got an answer for everything. I, I came to earth and I realized then that my helmet actually looked like a bucket, you know?

And, and that the crowd of laughing that they all think that this, I mean, there's 20 people in the pub are something lounging around on couches and everything. Very relaxed, open mic night kind of feel. Yeah. And he's just starts singing about Honda and on the little kind of bluegrass country vibe going on.

Isn't it. And it's decent.

Peter: mean, he can, yeah, he can sing and he can play. Yeah. Like, so I thought, I, I, I said to the misses, cuz we didn't have many windows of opportunity to watch this. And I said like right, we tonight we're gonna watch this.

It's a comedy film. And yeah, like apparently it's really good. So like you'll like it, I always say that if I want, I had nothing to go by,

Sidey: but

Peter: just to try and about like 15 minutes in she's like, look to me and goes, you say this is a comedy. I was like, yeah. She goes not very funny,

Rupert: isn't

Peter: it? And I was like, oh yeah, I

Dan: give it time,

Peter: wait.

Maybe it might, it might. But

Rupert: yeah, I made a note. I made some notes because, you know, I don't trust my ability to, to carry myself on this podcast without it, but I just said not sure whether it's a cool art film that makes a sober point about humanity or just a load of BOLs

Peter: BOLs

Rupert: and I'm still not sure.

Peter: Well, how, how long into the film did you make that note?

Rupert: Whether half an hour, so long enough to kind of, you know

Sidey: so as, as it gets going, he's obviously been on earth long enough to like meet a woman, start a family and, and have all this going

on Right.

So he's been there a little while

Dan: kids like seven, 10 or something like that.

Sidey: Yeah. So he's, he's not, he's not obviously completed his mission.

So someone else gets sent down to to find out what's going track him down and, and make sure this things happen cuz their planet is gonna be

Dan: well, they, they, they, as he explains through song on stage, he, he kind of explains the plot and his predicament. And there's an as there's asteroid or a comment about to hit Honda and they can see it coming, cuz they've got the tech to see it coming.

They know it's about 29 years away and he's been there so long or, and he, he understands, you know, the clock is ticking and as we learn, he, he hasn't given up on the mission. It's just, when he found music, it's taken him by just, you know, surprise. And he he's overwhelmed him. He, he literally can't do it.

So when the new guy

Sidey: in, Kevin is just Kevin,

Rupert: Kevin

Dan: and, and we, it is general,

Sidey: Kevin and and we're general general tri

Dan: general Trius and Kevin is the, is the

Peter: the mighty Kevin

Dan: Kevin comes in and it's a really bizarre kind of

Sidey: So my, my favorite sequence is when he then shows like Kevin, why he hasn't gone through the mission and plays music and he just fucking freaks out while he's, and then he starts to sing like screams.

I know that. I thought that was when though he was, they were gonna form the band then. Yeah. But he legs it.

Dan: Yeah. Well, it's, it is, it is a bizarre scene of Kevin first trying to shoot general Trius

Peter: yeah,

Dan: like a hot dog stand from a bridge

Sidey: or

Dan: up above.

And there's a mad chase where the guy with the gun is actually the one running away in the end because tri is after him. And we learned that tri is an absolute God in, in hon he's, he's the legend tri you know, he's the general he's, he's the brave man. That's gonna go and save hon. So he's a bit over by the fact that he he'd have to do this and shoot, and he, he takes the wrong person down.

Doesn't he there's somebody else in the hard dog stand. That just goes from this kind of cheap laser effect.

Peter: Yeah.

Dan: Shooting gun thing. And he ends up in the house of hi his house tied up in the garage. And. He just leaves then. And that part really, I thought he just left. He left him in the house. You didn't see that he tied him in the garage, but his wife and his kid just come down the street there, going in the house where you know, this guy's in.

He goes, I'm just going out for a bit. Doesn't say anything

Sidey: he makes up this So he's the caretaker effectively at this kind of

Dan: nuclear? No,

Peter: facility museum.

Sidey: But he, he has

told his wife that he's the professor, you know, he's got this really high, bad job. So he just says, when he is, he's tied Kevin up and left him in the, in the shed.

Yeah. He says, oh, I've gotta go back to work. And she just said, oh, you know, he's really important. He, you know, have to go.

And then the kid just walks into shed and just sees this man really shortly tied up and is gagged, but he can still just talk and scream. He's like, ah,

Rupert: yeah,

Sidey: just screams

forever And the kid screams.

So then the police are there and it all, you know, very, very quickly starts to fall apart. His,

Dan: by, by the time he gets back, the, the cops are crawl over the place.

Aren't they? And he has to say the story of, look, this is a friend of mine. It's really embarrassing. And he's got a story just, that gets him out of it from the police. But from his wife's side, she's not accepting it. And she can't. Yeah. He's saying, look, I need you to lie for, for me. I can't tell you why she won't do it, but she won't throw him under the bus either.

So she just leaves

Peter: she goes off to her mum's

Dan: goes off to, to mum's the, please put it down as a domestic. And he then starts kind of that scene that you like, that one, you know, that it goes

Peter: that well, that scene's worth like touching on because the, like the, the Mey of music

Sidey: he's

Peter: he plays

fucking brilliant

Rupert: classic. It's modern rocket. It's like every,


Peter: the the only

it's the only bit that I made any like like notes on. In there was the Mario like

Dan: thing. You,

Rupert: and Kevin just screamed.

Peter: It's just like everything. And Kevin's just, almost like, just overwhelmed with like all his senses that the, well, there's the, like, you know, his, his is it oral senses are just like incomplete overload. And the other one is like Ave Satani, which is the Oman theme tune that he plays like, duh, duh, duh, duh, like all on a banjo and it's just fuck it.

It's a brilliant, like medley. It's

Dan: kind of a straight face, just eyeballing Kevin the whole time doing it.

Rupert: Well, knowing that it it's future folks are the, the two guys who are doing it. Yeah. They are actually a, yeah. They're real,

Sidey: that came first and the film was, was

Peter: that kind of like, I, I didn't know that. And then I did a little bit more research and it became apparent.

This is they're obviously like a comedy musical double

Sidey: exactly like flight

Peter: D like the Concords. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: So they've then

Peter: so Kevin doesn't want to kill him anymore. He, he now understands,

Sidey: turns up at the next gig. He just, he just rocks up at the next gig with his acoustic guitar. So they're now much

Peter: crowd. What I would say is like now they're, they're like musical act go, it goes up a notch. Now with the introduction of Kevin, Kevin's got a lot more stage presence

Sidey: Yeah.

His his

Dan: playing 26 hours by now.

Peter: general Prius or Toyota Prius or whatever his name Trius

Sidey: is that tri he

Peter: he like he's.


Sidey: He's very dead fan

Peter: like the straight man. And like Kevin's the one bringing he's the Jack Black kind of, yeah.

Rupert: I found their musical ability more surprising than the fact they were from planet. honda<laugh> the fact that they could just pick that up within, you know, bomb and they're on stage and

Sidey: so the audience is starting to grow. They're starting the audience of dressing up like them

Dan: of fans of,

Peter: fanboy.

Sidey: Yeah. Did you recognize the, the nightclub or the bar owner?

Peter: No, I, well, sorry. I recognize him, but I couldn't tell you what.

Sidey: It's D Snyder from twisted sister.

Peter: I'd seen him before in something, but

Sidey: yeah, he looks exactly the same as did in the eighties. So yeah, they're, they're just Going along with the, the band, but someone else has arrived in a sort of power Rangers. He kind of

outfit yeah, yeah,

Of course To

Dan: It was

Sidey: to try and get the mission

Dan: Well, they they've sent an assassin basically.

Yeah. Because Trius works this out that why would they have sent Kevin? Because he can't even. Operate the virus because

Sidey: it has to be

Dan: it has to be tri and they say, well, they did that. And there were some ways like, basically you were just cannon fodder. The real, the real reason is coming in a minute is an assassin he's probably already left.

And sure enough, a predator type kind of

Sidey: of figures but this is a great sequence job because what's been going on is that Kevin has become infatuated with the police

officer. Yes Yeah From the house. So they inter they intercut the fight that tri has with this like death squad, assassin bloke with a tango.

Yeah. That that Kevin and the police, he go basically stalks her to her dance class


Dan: he he's already stunned her.


Put her on the bed and sung to her. into her apartment and yeah.

Peter: her on the head.

Sidey: into her apartment, kiss her on the head. Yeah. I just need half an

hour, So he

Dan: but then, but

Sidey: so weird

Dan: but then given the most incredible performance, which you can see has just blown her away with his pronunciation of the Spanish and everything that he's coming through

Sidey: cause she's Hispanic But then, so he stalks her then to her dance class and they do a tango. I think it was a tango, maybe even an Argentine tango while and it's cut between, you know, the fight going

on yeah.

For their lives, you know? And these two dances fucking brilliant.

Dan: That's actually when he should have been watching the, the house.

Yeah. While he went in there and he just sees the go doesn't he going in?

Peter: But the, the, the Badie now the predator type character has, has won his fight. He's overpowered, Trius put his finger on the on the virus. And now this things that 12 us, so now there's thinks it 12, 13 hour countdown, presumably that was for them to get off the planet whilst the virus took. I, I dunno why

Dan: the

way he did it, when it, he just put a massive wall,

Peter: like, oh yeah.

Dan: kind of brick wall on top of tri. So his arms were just flat and then just used his thumb. Yeah. When he couldn't move it off and he goes, yeah, cheer and walked away. What an, a Saturn cuz that was him. He got away with it really.

Didn't he

Peter: I'm gonna use it. If ever I see a thing I'm gonna steal someone's phone and it's got like the

Dan: roaming, the galaxy

Peter: a wall on them and get there. Yeah.

Dan: The wall. Woo.

Rupert: I like the I like the themes of the film touched on, you know, like the music itself. Obviously we can all relate. Music's clear. I just to make it all about myself.

Obviously I actually started learning guitar during lockdown. I kept it going. And so I kind of looked at the film of like, oh yeah, like their, their sort of joy of learning it and saying, oh, that's, that's something new and interesting and kind of something that I I'd never experienced. And so I, I got that through them experiencing

Dan: and, and I reckon that must have been their inspiration for the film.

You know, just looking at that first, you know, when you first hear music and you first imagine you're from another planet and

Peter: and then the joy of being able to play it. Yeah. Cause this guy cuz Kevin, so obviously Tris has been doing it as a one, one piece for, for a while. Kevin comes in, he's just losing it on stage.

Like constantly, like almost some of his it's not even singing. He's just kind of like is his emotional reaction to what's going on? He's just kind of like going a, like whilst the music's being played, it's very Jack Blacky,

Rupert: isn't it

Sidey: it? Yeah.

Rupert: I was gonna say, I like the fact that it was very like country music.

Yeah. I'm not massive into country music, but some of the stuff they were seeing about, about their home planet and there's no space worms on earth, but there are where we are. And, and like, even though the, the audience, obviously aren't from Honda, they're like, oh, I, I can,

Dan: they can

Rupert: imagine I can imagine that that's you know, that's like us

back and back where we

Dan: got similar problems.


Peter: trying to farm space worms where there aren't any, yeah.

Sidey: Effectively the film kind of resolves itself by them launching a nuclear missile from trio's fake work. Yeah. Which he loads up with whatever those bars were.

Peter: Yeah. They, I presume that was his way out.

Sidey: of nuclear

Dan: like Homer Simpson, glowing bars. Weren't they? Yeah.

Sidey: The inanimate carbon rod.

Did he send the virus up there as

Peter: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He, so they attached the virus pods

Sidey: goes up there and I think he says something like you've got a 356 to one chance of that working. Yeah.

Peter: He works out the, the,

like the,

Sidey: the thing patterns

Peter: of the comet as they come

Sidey: but he doesn't finish it or something gets damaged.

Doesn't he? Yeah. So always like, no, we need another week. He says, we need another week to get this right. He says, oh, we haven't got

Dan: time. We haven't got it.

Sidey: So they launch it and

Peter: So it's literally killing two birds with one stone

Dan: and and so he he's been all the time trying to reconcile his relationship with his wife.

Who's not come back since originally leaving him. And is, is in fact been told by the police, look, your husband isn't who you think he is? There's no record.

Sidey: literally no

records about this guy

Dan: nothing

Peter: I think no records. We've, we've got nothing. I think the message here is like, right. We've all got secrets from our other halves. Right? Well, I have plenty. And and now I, I feel like a little bit more sort of empowered to go and address some of those secrets because he says just flat out, I'm an alien.

General, and I I've been lying to you this entire time. There's no records of him whatsoever. And yeah, like, so what's the

Dan: most, he, he backs it up with the most incredible five, four, if something's gonna happen, you'll see a massive explosion in the sky now. Yeah. This is the only way I get to prove it. 3, 2, 1, and special effects. Got it. Just about right.

There was a reasonable explosion, which you could see.

Sidey: we've said a couple of other things where.

Kevin. And then the, the predator guy, when their ships sort of crash into earth, it's it's so like amateurish. Yeah. But I thought like

Peter: Yeah Yeah. Well, you, you can tell this is not a high budget film, but they've done it in a

Sidey: did you say what the budget was

Peter: the budget. No, I've not. I dunno anything about it, but they've done it in a way with like, just like smoke behind the trees and stuff. And then obviously like, like ridiculous, like aliens and characters coming out of it. Yeah.

Dan: It's almost like a, a Netflix owned before Netflix did it, you know?

So I'm thinking it'd be about that budget that they would've spent on

Sidey: Yeah. Well, like I said, like he, he shows his wife, you know, this is gonna happen. So that, that does go often. So she's like, yeah. Okay, brilliant buy into it. And then it, I think it just goes back to him doing the stories again with his daughter at night.

Peter: Yeah. It, it

Sidey: It's all resolved. itself

Peter: the earth, saved

Sidey: his Kevin's gets married to the police

Dan: officer and yeah, I think

Peter: what they've done is that Kevin and and tri have decided to send music back, cuz he's been recording messages.

Yeah. Of music sending it back saying like, like this, this is worth like not destroying this planet


Sidey: also the they've destroyed the asteroid that was gonna destroy Honda.

So there's no requirement for them to abandon shift and come to earth anymore. So it's all nicely tied in a bow.

Peter: Everyone is definitely

Sidey: the mega happy ending Right Let's get into the budget. I dunno what it is. It's about 15,000 us.

Rupert: what

Peter: Are you kidding me?

Dan: That's incredible.

Rupert: Right?

Even with the special, the

dodgy special

Peter: 50 about 15,000 us

Sidey: something like that.


Peter: Wow.

Sidey: It, it was hard to get an actual budget figure box office.

Dan: I'm hoping it

Rupert: not a lot.

Peter: It's not gonna be a biggie, but it made

Dan: half a mill.

Sidey: 17,000

Rupert: so success,

Dan: right? Yeah.

Sidey: I would imagine doing it.

I would imagine

Rupert: in.

Dan: couple

Peter: gonna do better than that

Sidey: have done better than that since, but that's a, but the job is, I don't know if it had a, a full on cinematic release, but once Netflix has picked it up, they must,

Netflix must have

bought it for some amount of money.


so it's probably

Dan: achievement for 15 grand.

Peter: It's unbelievable for that. Like if you think

Dan: all

Peter: we could probably, we could probably within our means, well, we could get $15,000 together and we wouldn't make anything. I mean, I've, I've got a couple of buckets at home, but

Dan: well,

Sidey: that's

it I mean it's

Peter: my contribution done.

Sidey: You think it would be easy but it's not. And I recognize the wife, Julie, Julie Ann Emery. Yeah. She was hot. And you would, you've seen her in various other like proper, big budget productions. Can't think

of any

Rupert: or 18,000,

Dan: the,

acting carried off yeah, the. You know, the policewoman, she was fantastic. The, the, both the singers, their talent on the, on the stage, you know, was,

Sidey: yeah, Kevin like completely stole the show for me that he was fucking


Dan: And the dance and everything. I mean, he was just the smoothest cat, wasn't he?

And, you know, he's got glasses and, you know, he, he he's portly and

Sidey: scenes of them like training and working out.

Dan: He's obviously really

Sidey: Yeah.

It's this is a real treat for me. I'd never heard of it. Wouldn't have known anything about it other than having the listen nomination. So thanks. Pearcy

Dan: Yeah. Really appreciate this cuz and an hour and a half, I think it may even been a little less

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: that. It's just something you can sneak in quite quickly and have a good chuckle

Sidey: to,

I mean, you wouldn't want it much longer cause it might overstate.

It's welcome. But if it was, it was like bang on where it

Dan: absolutely.

Peter: I'm still, I'm still a youer in the like not, I don't think it's complete bullets.

Right. I, I enjoyed it and I probably will watch it again at some point whether, whether now they've done, like that's obviously like their thing. I imagine their stage show has been very much around this kind of like theme of Honda and all of this kind of stuff. And that's probably their get up. I dunno anything about them, but I can imagine it will, it will outstay its welcome or, or they'd have to sort of

Sidey: just move on

Peter: touring doing that all the time.

Yeah. You'll get a cult following, but I don't think

Dan: it's, it's an album, isn't it? That they they've made a film to, I guess.

And it, I, I thought the music was really clever, really funny. It was fun. You know, it was just a fun film. The fact that they just played it dead pound the whole way through and yeah, we're from hon even the little girls during hon pitches and everything. And this story is just so thought out cuz whenever anybody shouted something, ed they're oh yeah.

That's because in hon it's

Peter: you answer your

Rupert: question Well I was thinking that off our end Yeah. So I did obviously think is this total BOLs and I thought the end, well that's kind of the point like it is. Yeah. But it's, it's endearing.

It's not supposed to be perfect, you know? Right. But that's what gives it charm. Yeah. I don't know if I'd watch it again, but I did enjoy it.

I would I

Peter: now I've heard that it was made for

Rupert: Euro Oh massive respect

Peter: absolute, like massive achievement to,

Dan: I was

Peter: at no point was, I think, you know, you are not looking.

Any element of it and going are cheaper, nasty, cheaper. Yeah, of course. The, the special effects are, you don't see the, the, you know, there's a bit of a crash landing thing, but you don't think at no point was like, oh Jesus Christ. Like, cuz I could have tried. They probably could have spent another, you know, double, triple, quadruple that and made it probably look worse.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What was the film that Tangerine?

Peter: Oh

Sidey: all done On on

Peter: the iPhones. Yeah. The

Dan: a low budget film as well. We had coherence

Sidey: for 50 grand Yeah 50

Dan: grand, which was incredible.

But yeah, for, for the money, for the bang for buck, I mean, it didn't make me even consider that to be honest.

Sidey: No, I mean that, it's irrelevant. It's just good. It's just good fun. It's DFT and silly and fun.

I've loved it.

Dan: Check it out

Sidey: All right.

Yeah. Surprised that we haven't

Dan: Roger a cabin. Boy,

Sidey: before. Yeah. So captain pug wash. Here we go. Let's do it. Let's get into It,

Dan: do it. Let's get into it. It, it, as soon as you said it, you just thought of all those urban myths, you know, now aren't true, but they still come to the fore.

Peter: well, I didn't, I mean, this was, it was a bit of a, a kind of a patchwork nomination system this week, cuz it was like some listener

Sidey: Yeah

Peter: OB I dunno, whose choice was the computers? Like the top five or whatever and you just throw out kids thing and I, and I'd had pug wash on my list for a bit because I'd, I'd seen this as a kid and thought it was fun. Like when I'd originally watched it now the original run. Was in the fifties. Yeah.

Like like mid, mid to sorry, 57, something like that. I think when it first came out

yeah, done. Yeah. Yeah. I was yeah. You used to babysit me, I think. Yeah. And it was black and white and it was almost like cardboard cut out sort of

Sidey: thing. Yes, this was, this was color, but almost cardboard.

Peter: Yeah. So this, this had come on a long way from the original, but still doesn't stand up. And there was a, another like kind of like reboot of it back in the late nineties, early nineties, which I, I went and had a little look and it wasn't really. Yeah. Yeah. And, and the episodes were 12 minutes as opposed to just under five, which if you think you've got the intro and the outro.

So once again, this is an iconic theme tune and Saudi through the power of editing is gonna put it in now.

Sidey: Wasn't that excellent.

Peter: It was excellent. And you have to not forget to put that in. Otherwise it makes us, makes us look stupid when we do this bit. But yeah, like you hear that music. And I, I, I hadn't seen this for 20 plus years, whatever, and, but I knew the like, well, the theme tune was in my head.

Sidey: So

Peter: Rupert, you're a bit younger than us here. Yeah.

Rupert: I, I, the pug wash was not a feature of my childhood or adulthood and it went over my head. So all I know, I mean, obviously did my, did my research, all I can chip in with is pug washes exclamations. So perhaps maybe I can read out the first word and you can guess what, what, what,

Peter: okay.

Cuz they're they're

alliteration aren't they? So it's sort of like jumping junipers. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Rupert: for example, codling catfish

is one So if I said lolloping

Peter: land lovers, remember that one

Rupert: plundering. Yeah. ARDS and fire. Geez. Tottering

Peter: turtles.

Rupert: Okay. We'll do one more. Blistering

Dan: barnacles barnacles. Ah,

Rupert: Bar down Flam

Dan: waiting for

Peter: Yeah clean

Sidey: So obviously we've got the elephant in the room is that it was renowned for all the, the


Peter: So this has like the, so obviously there's a load of Enid blo and stuff, which is like, but since been canceled and not just like, based on the, the themes of it, but the names like, you know, she used to use

Sidey: white, white supremacist bunny

Peter: Yeah. Yeah, no, there'd be like loads of dicks and Fannie as like character names and stuff like that. But so this, so that, so if anyone, if you said to anyone of our age, not yours, a bit older, like Dan you said, you'd say, what are the names who's in captain PGO Daniel. It would be

Dan: oh, you'd have uh Mar cowboy, Tom.

Peter: No. Who who did no. No. So not their real names. The ones that we're thinking of.

Dan: Oh, masturbates

Peter: masturbates, obviously.

Dan: the cabin boy,

Peter: the cabin Siemens stains was another one. Yeah. And yeah. And the only one that you could take any kind of Umbridge with nowadays is the ship was called the black pig, which I

Sidey: that was this episode. Yeah.

Peter: when you episode yeah.

When you pile, well, no, it's, it's every episode, but like

Sidey: this is mu this is mut mut on the black pig

Peter: mu on mut on the black pig. So I think if you shove that into all right, the, the innuendo and stuff, then it was just, it was almost like this program has been canceled because of like urban myth. We haven't actually come onto the episode, which is four minutes, 47 or something like that.

Of which the theme tune probably takes up a good 30 seconds in the outro. They extend it a little bit. So you've probably got about three minutes of content here.

Dan: Well, what happens is pug wash is there's a mutiny. They, they base,

Peter: in their biscuits.

Dan: the biscuits are no good. They work too hard and they don't fancy it, so they, they kick him out.

And they also well, they don't kick out Tom, but he goes because he's the

Sidey: the he just looked so weird next to the rest of them, but they were all the

same and he was so distinctly

Peter: yeah, yeah.

Dan: Well they, they get cast drift on a boat and very quickly they

Peter: well, they find out that Tom, the cabin boy does fucking everything

Dan: they don't

Peter: they dunno how

Dan: they think it's the captain, but they it is, it is actually Tom, they can't do anything without any

Sidey: well he's taken the teapot with him.

Most importantly.

Dan: So that's the final straw. Yeah. And they, they bring him back

Sidey: There was a, there was a nice sequence where they put out the, on the flags, you know, which would a nice bit of code break, but they do it all for you. And I was like first, like,

Peter: yeah. They're like D like ding bats, wasn't it? Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of like, I dunno. Yeah. Cuz there're obviously are the, the, the,

Dan: is for forgive

Sidey: Please

come back

Peter: forgive it So yeah, they, they Becken him back using the flags and on all is, well again,

Sidey: that

is literally it,

Peter: that is literally it.

That is it. And that that's, you know, that I know, I know that we're a fan of, of, of short, he


Dan: kind of stuffed between you know, a presenter doing, maybe making some, some other crafts or something. I mean, pug wash when it came on the TV it, it seemed to be as part of another program. As I remember it was it

Peter: not, well, you watched it at the original run didn't

Dan: Yeah. , I'd be

Sidey: So what it didn't, it didn't have then did they not call him masturbate when he bit no

master mate

Peter: it, but he's, he's quite so it's masturbate. So it sounds a bit like masturbate. So,

Rupert: oh,

Peter: so present on, on the, so you had Tom, the cabin boy, not Roger, the cabin boy, there were no Siemens stains or anything like that.

And it was masturbate. There was a pirate called Willie that appeared in it. So I guess you could get some lulls outta that, but in their infinite wisdom, Willie, the Sunday co the Sunday correspondent and the guardian, both ran articles about how P captain P rush. You just, just go and fucking watch an episode and you've, and you know, but they both ran articles about how this was full of

Sidey: ban this

Peter: innuendo and everyth.


Dan: lazy journalism.

Peter: the, well, the actual creator, John Ryan then won court cases against both of those papers because it like, you know, defamation of, of his character and characters and ideas. And they even insinuated in the paper that, that the BBC had taken this thing off air because it was just pure smut. And it actually got, he had a bit of a breakdown over it, this John Ryan, because he'd done something out of like, he'd done something completely like innocent out of the goodness of his heart. And then all of this came along, but he, he had the last laugh in the sense that he got a load of money out of them.

And yeah, that was so it addressed what I thought was a real thing. This urban, like myth had become true story and that it

Dan: was well, he is in the playground, you know, when we, oh, he was, you'd think, oh, it wasn't that episode.

But I, I think the, the mistake was he was quite nasally kept in pug wash or that be it would, you know, that was enough to set people off, but the, it was another kind of, you know, Mr. Ben kind of era, captain pug washes in, in that.

Sidey: Yeah. So for me it was like fairly basic. Sort of, I guess, endearing kind of, you.

Almost wanna say primitive kind of the way it was animated. It was just like someone was moving a bit of cardboard around under the shot, you know, almost make your own.

But the story, you know, it was just a little three minute sort of throw away little quick thing. It was not much to it really, you know, not much to hang hat on. I, I just felt it was pretty forgettable. It just has this extra story that goes alongside it, which makes it a little bit more interesting.

But ultimately, like, I didn't really like, you know, like Mr. Ben, I just thought it was bullocks. Like

Dan: like Mr. Ben,

Sidey: no,

Peter: I see you are dead inside.

Sidey: but there's nothing to it. You know, other than like it just looking old and

shit now, you know,

Peter: well, it's gonna look shit, cuz it was really, really old. Like that's

Sidey: but that's what I mean like

Dan: Ben was I, I mean this, I, I don't put in the same class as Mr. Ben. I think Mr. Ben's a better cartoon and a better show, but I still like pub wash even the urban. Myths aside.

I think park wash had had enough about it just as a kids' thing. You know, it's just as a little more, a little laugh, a little sort

Peter: of, well, it ran for a lot more episode.

Mr. Ben was, it was only 13 episodes ever made. Whereas this was like they had runs in the fifties and the seventies again at the back of the, the, the nineties as well. Rupe your first P wash experience.

Rupert: Like, sorry, this, I wasn't looking forward to part of the show. Cause I thought I've got not a lot to offer. It's pretty me.

It's all right. There's there's not many kids shows, which are like it either these days. It's so I guess it was, it was quite unique and for it time, but not a lot to write

Peter: right. If, if you've enjoyed something as a kid and then you go back and revisit it, then there's nostalgia and everything that were involved.

And that's obviously something you, this would've passed you by. Yeah. So yeah,

Rupert: I and I'm disappointed, but relieved for him that the, you know, the innuendos weren't true. Yeah. But

Dan: Yeah, cuz it's just a kids' thing.

Rupert: So now it has literally nothing of, of interest

Peter: yeah. Yeah. So it's not, so we, at least we've done it. We've addressed it.

Yeah. So yeah, not much more to say about it.

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: Okay. Well that brings us towards the end of yet another episodes.

Sidey: the end.

Yeah. We've got some more listen nominations that we want to get through. So we'll, I dunno exactly what we're gonna, what we're gonna pick for next week. But what we do have to watch the near future will be the super Mario brothers film. but

Peter: Bob

Sidey: Boskin Yeah. I'm

not saying that we're definitely gonna cover that one next week, but breach nominated that.

So we are definitely gonna do it. And then we've got a collaboration with Charlie Bingham, which is a Sy oh God, I can't remember what it is, Cinderella or something

like that A kid's film that we're gonna watch and do. Together because she's also

Peter: more pleased and optimistic

Sidey: sound more pleased and no I am I'm excited to do I'm

Dan: to pick it up a little bit, but

Sidey: That was more disappointed myself and not remembering the title of

Peter: All right. Cause you were like Charlie Bigham, insemination. Oh


Sidey: No, I meant, oh God, I can't remember what it is. It's embarrassing. But we, we are gonna do that. And then we got aria and some other stuff to get through, but in terms of top five and main feature, I dunno, we'll pick something and then we'll just do it next week.

Peter: Let's do it

Dan: that's the way we roll.

Sidey: Do it So,

Dan: talk about rolling.


Sidey: Yeah. We're off now to play attack the

Peter: thought you're gonna say joint then dad.


Sidey: so all that remains is to say side, signing out.

Dan: Dan's gone

Peter: Oh, ho mats.

Rupert: what do I say? Cheerio?