Sept. 9, 2022

Train to Busan & Thomas the Tank Engine

Train to Busan & Thomas the Tank Engine
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Train week starts with a discussion of the Top 5 Dinner scenes because of course and because we've compiled a list of Top 5 Trains already. I can't even be bothered to type the various meal based puns I was going to dish up to you in lieu of anything interesting to say to introduce this topic.

We're on the record as being fans of the slow shuffle rather than a raging, furious flail - I'm talking zombies just to be clear here - but Yeon Sang-ho might just convince  us otherwise with TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016). Fund manager and uninvolved father Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) must escort his daughter Soo-An back to Busan during the middle of a zombie outbreak and like most great zombie movies this one tells us more about the people who are left behind which includes father-to-be Sang-Hwa (Ma Dong-Seok), expectant mother Jung Yu-mi (Seong-kyeong), teenage lovers Min and Kim and selfish executive Yong-Suk. With so many relationships to keep track of and the pace amplified by the DIE HARD or SPEED type element of the setting, sometimes the characters can seem a little stock but also sometimes subtlety can go fuck itself. Whilst TRAIN occasionally leans into melodrama, virtually every single one of the sacrifices, of which there are a surprising many, feels earned. A strong performance from the likeable Dong-Seok, themes about immigration and how populations are controlled by fear, accomplished visual effects and an inventive script which sees our knowledge of the zombie threat constantly evolving combine to make this a must see and not just for fans of the genre.

It seems incredible that we've never tackled Thomas The Tank Engine but here we are, finally checking out THOMAS & FRIENDS. Ringo Starr lives on the island of Sodor along with the titular steam engine and his various trainyard counterparts. One of the main things I remember about this universe is that all the characters were, without exception, awful. Gordon was an arrogant, pompous blowhard who looked down on the other engines, James was rude, proud, and vain, Percy was infantile and a worrywart, Thomas was a classic narcissist and Harold the Helicopter had a fungal nail infection and used to steal underwear. In this episode Thomas is fat-shamed, Gordon plays a terrifying prank on him then the narrator effectively tells us 'never challenge authority'. Quite something. Things to expect during this discussion: innuendo, theme music but not the one you’re thinking of, discussions of the levels of sentience and/or freewill of the engines, the nightmarish uncanny valley faces of the original series models and Thomas's scrapyard fate.

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Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Train To Busan

Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review. One of the best things about the internet is its capacity for enabling free speech. What an incredible platform. I think we can all agree. It is to allow passionate and talented content creators, to distribute their are out to people of. And of course, one of the worst things about the internet of is that it allows three attention seeking middle aged men to shout their thoughts about movies and kids' TV into the yawning, empty chasm of space.

And that's where you found yourself this week. If you're listening, is we discuss a train themed week.

Sidey: Yeah. Train apart from the top five. Unless you went to the dining cart that

Reegs: I have actually got one or two that are

Sidey: okay.

Reegs: Dinner, train combos.

Sidey: good then. Yeah. We're we're in.

Reegs: Yeah. So that's already started with our midweek review with franchise ender back to the future part three and continues with the top five dinner scenes followed by the zombie drama train to boost sand.

And the, it seems incredible that we've never done this before, but we haven't. And I checked more than once. Thomas the tank engine. Now, as everyone knows, the first train was discovered fossilized by Englishman Dr. Benjamin train back in the summer of 1997. And there'll be other little mind nuggets like that for you as we go through the show, probably all that's left to do is introduce the dads myself re SI and the returning Howie.

Yeah. Hello.

Howie: I've I've. I'd like to apologize to the, the vast readership of listeners. Yeah. I don't know what term, a leadership of listeners, no

list of listeners listeners list

of listeners. So I dunno what, so I've been out through injury. I ripped my bicep furious winking, Achilles furious winking.

And I've been penning. My,

Reegs: and like we say, there, is there any other other kind

Howie: there isn't I've also helped Penn, the memoirs of prince Andrew

Reegs: mm-hmm

Howie: So we are at the pizza express moment right now. It's kind of a bit vague. But for legal reasons, I can't go any further. and yeah, I've I, I I've generally been just recuperating from a catastrophic rugby injury wanking in the showers with Paul


Sidey: have been missed. Yeah. Not by us, but people listening I'm sure.

Howie: Well, yeah, you know, you, you build up on only fans' content only through

hard work.

and that's kind of, what's led to my injury.

Sidey: Oh, well, it's good to have you back.

Howie: And if we could all contribute to the only fans, I wouldn't feel like it's a one arm slog for me,

Sidey: perhaps Dan is away creating some only fans content because we literally have no fucking idea where he is.

Reegs: Yeah. He was gonna be here.

Sidey: We are in his, his man cave, but he is not here.

Howie: I'm concerned that. In a bad place. Like he's trapped in

Sidey: the Zi

Howie: work Zi. He's trapped in the toilet. He's had a stroke on his stair lift. He's I don't

Reegs: don't know. I saw his wife. She didn't seem him overly concerned. So

Howie: have we checked the compost? He,

Sidey: I mean we're in now. So, you know, I don't need him for anything else. So we had a top five last week.

Reegs: Yes. Top five insects.

Howie: I have some small insects related.

Oh, go dad Disaster first aid content. Yeah. When we're in France, my daughter

did the worst thing I've seen anyone do to an insect and have the retribution of that insect. She stood barefoot on a wasp.

Reegs: Oh. And

Howie: she

screamed. And normally if I'm in a play park and her girl screams, I know what to expect. Yeah. But this time round, I actually had to do something and I ran to the cafe cafe.

Reegs: Yeah.

What is the immediate solution

Howie: I went more feel stood on Z wasp. she said, oh, B. And she goes, put this CRI M on your, on your food. And it was this antihistamine cream thing. Yeah. And it worked very quickly,

Reegs: That's


Howie: but yeah, cross aver. It's a dad's out there. Carry cream with

Reegs: Yeah We carried Anan. There are probably other products available, but we carried that my youngest stepped on a Weaver fish.


Howie: that's not good. You have to piss on him.

Reegs: No, put 'em in hot water.

Howie: I was pissing all over my wife.

Sidey: more

only fans content.

Reegs: So what was your, what was your insect?

Howie: I've now forgotten, so that's good.

Yeah. I focus more on the story about my daughter. So if I, and I, I could have filmed it and then that would've been part of it. Okay.

Reegs: You not got a top five insect

Howie: already Oh, there is. There is an insect it's the Keanu Reeves film the day, the earth stood still. And they have

And they have those swarms.

And all those sorts, you remember? There's the scene of the truck going down the freeway and they kind of the swarms yes. Eat all of the object.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Very biblical.

Howie: Mm,

Reegs: Oh, that's I don't think we've ever had that movie

Sidey: nominated No, we also had another movie nominated all the way from Australia by Mel which was called, it happened at Lakewood Manor, which is about killer ants. And Mel also nominated hunger games because there's a girl who's killed by killer wasps in that, which she says pretty awful.

And I think that might have been it. We had some others that we mentioned online on the show last week. So what do we wanna put in?

Reegs: I'm gonna put, let's put how he's in. He's returning. Let's let him be

Sidey: Yeah.

Okay. I'm up for it.

Howie: very kind of you.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: Did

you watch anything last week with

Reegs: well, yeah, I did actually. I watched Carter on Netflix. You seen that advertised. It's the guy who did the villain. S I can't remember his name. J

J beyond Gill, south Korean guy. It's this crazy crazy action movie.

Yeah. Bons

Sidey: about that one.

Howie: I watched it, I introduced to the children to Ghostbusters too, with

Reegs: Mm

Howie: and they really enjoyed it. And I have to say, this is proper geek talk. Now we have a new tele and it's got UHD or that gumph. So it was watched through Amazon with UHD. And when you put on Amazon films, now they have an, it comes up automatically as filmmaker mode on

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: Yeah, you want, you want that? You don't want motion. True, true motion or whatever the fuck days,

Howie: made the film look brand new, but not in an overbearing way. It was fantastic. And a few things that we've watched.

It, you, you, you are drawn into consumerism with the latest TV, but things like I've watched a few game of Thrones, old episodes, you know, the ones that were super dark and you couldn't see.


Sidey: Yeah yeah Yeah.

Howie: They come out really well. The new house of dragon,

Sidey: house of the dragon. Yeah. House of

Howie: the dragon that's that seems to be really good on

Reegs: it.

Been watching that

Howie: watched the first episode.

Reegs: Yeah. I've watched the first three now. Is that all of them? I think so. Yeah.

Howie: And have you watched any of the rings of power?

Reegs: Not yet, but

Howie: it's,

Sidey: if you, if you're struggling to get to sleep

Reegs: Oh right I saw an AVO for it and I thought that looks

Howie: It it looks terrific. It's just a bit

Sidey: I

think I picked up my phone after about 50 minutes. The first one it's so fucking dull

Howie: It, it, it does look good, but there's lots of zoom out. Here's a map of somewhere, and this is gonna explain that this place is here. It's so much explaining and it just draws you

Sidey: so much wellbeing. It's such a huge cast. So there is hopefully it'll all come together and put just like, oh, here's some people over here, mean here's, you know, oh God fucking it's so bored.

Really. I really struggle with it. But I have watched the two episode, is it available? And I will, I will continue to watch it Israel.

Howie: I think I'll give it a go. Yeah. Still, it still makes me think the game of Thrones is still the one though.

I think I just, I bought into that straightaway memorable names, whereas already I'm a bit lost with some of the names of house of dragons, just cuz of the

Sidey: Oh, it's just Damon's anyone I can remember. Yeah, exactly. Uh Watched that watched rings of power, watched, been watching, she Hawk up to date with that, and also been watching this is Rexer. Anyone seen

Howie: No, no, not yet.

really good. Is it

Sidey: It's really, really good. They're not really in it that much. It's more about the club and the community, and then they obviously do come into it, but they've basically sent it's Rob Len's.

He's one of the writers, he's a Brit, he's one of the writers on son he's sent over to be there sort of liaison. And then it's just the story, you know, it's just like a behind the scenes of any sort of football club, but it's just like this weird situation where to fucking ALIST skies have bought this fucking, like fairly pitiful club in a real shitty town, you know, and trying to turn around it's you get like fucking, quite hooked on it.

You know, it's fucking one episode a week, bullshit back off, like. And they dead short. They're like 22, 23 minute long episode. So you could really fucking charge through it. So maybe wait till it's finished, but I would definitely recommend that it's been it's been good.

Reegs: Yeah. I could get into that.

Sidey: Mm

Howie: I'm charging through Brooklyn 99. So we've started from the beginning getting through that.

We're about season, halfway through the whole thing. That's an easy one. That's another 20, these 20 minute things, easy to pick up and put cuz the, by the time you finished forcing your kids to bed and cleaning their teeth and making them less generally stinky it's quite late enough, the time you're cream cracker.

Sidey: Well, it's also, it is like good binging time because you, you sort of get whatever time you think. Oh, I could dash it. I could just do one more cuz they're short. So you can just like get another episode in quite like that. But I don't think I've watched any movies this week other than homework. Right. Well, let's crack over the top five, which was dining scenes. Cause we've had food. Like a, just an open ended food one before. Yeah. But this was, I was thinking, you know, round the table kind of dining, like not necessarily dinner party. No, but that would count obviously, but just,

Reegs: it's a lot of different types though.

Isn't there. It's a good, good subject.

Sidey: Yeah, actually I just thought one anyway. Right? How we go first?

Howie: I will go for one that made me laugh loads. The campaign with will Farrow. gala.

Sidey: hackers Yeah. Mm-hmm

Howie: I dunno if you've seen this, I would hardly recommend you all YouTube, the clip it's readily available. If you type in the campaign, film, dinner scene Zach kakis is running for election and he's telling his family, his two sons and his wife that they need to be aware of media scrutiny.

And if there's anything they wish to disclose, they're quite God fearing people. They should do it immediately. And there's a short bit of script. He says to his son I want you to put it on the table. And his son said, I said the Lord's name in vain at school. And then he looks at his other son who says I went to the petting zoo and let the goat lick my penis and his dad's looking at the floor.

And then the next, the boy then says I had a beer with the old biker man and he let me touch his old lady's titty.


then the next boy goes, I go to the mall, hide onto the stairwell, take photos up. Women's skirts. I have a whole book of shots under my bed. And then finally, the son says, one time I put a Firefly up my butt.

Why did you do that to make my farts glow? And then the last one is the boy, just the mother's like keep saying to him, look, they're being honest, they're being honest. And he goes, I shaved the dog and glued the hair to my nuts sack to look like a grown man. and then the mother just breaks down and just shouts.

I touch myself to drew Carey

Reegs: Oh,


drew Carrie,

Howie: It kind of a weird film. This, it is funny, but it was, I think it's one of the,

Sidey: I think it was a flop, wasn't it?

Howie: yeah, proper flop, but it is quite funny to watch and it's available on most stream platforms, but I'd recommend YouTube, the the dinner scene from it.

Sidey: Cool.

I'll go for cuz what I have been watching this week is loads and loads of clips of the trip,

Reegs: All right

Sidey: is essentially just dining after dining scene after, after dinner. Cause it's what they're doing. They're going around reviewing meals and restaurants and writing it for the observer. I think it was

Reegs: good. Isn't it?

Sidey: And the, one of the ones that I was really enjoying was the Italian one. Have you seen these? Harry

Howie: No, I was gonna ask what is, so the

Sidey: Steve it's Steve Coogan and Rob bride playing kind of a fictionalized version of themselves. A lot of it is AB lived. And there's one in, in the.

Basically, Coogan's a bit of a prick.

Yeah. Real ego in it. And Brighton's just like poking fine at him. And they've got this sort of uneasy friendship where they get on, but only if Cogan

Reegs: controls, they compete,

Sidey: and make himself believe that he's better and more successful. It's really it's like that. But they're obviously just like damn fun.

And there's one where they're in Greece where he, he just tells some really shit story. And it's obviously Adlib and Rob Brighton does an impression of Michael Parkinson. Like, oh, it's a great story. And Bradon Steve Cogan just fucking burst at laughing. And I'm sure that's genuine. I'm watching it. I'm I bet that was like a genuine reaction.

Like he just didn't see it coming. Yeah. But the one that got me thinking about other dining scenes was there it one where they're on a, like a hotel veranda thing it's really fucking beautiful. And he starts doing godfather

Howie: I have seen this. Yes.

Sidey: And he it's the Pacino ones that I can think so good.

Cuz at first he does the. The godfather one, which is the scene that got me thinking about where he's, he's like early Pacino is a bit more reserved. And then he does the later ones where he just starts shouting and everything that he says is fucking shouted. Like I'm not even gonna do it cause I can't do it.

But the scene that it got me thinking about was the one where Michael goes full godfather in the original godfather movie, in the restaurant with a gun is hidden in the, in the Lou. And he just, yeah, he excuses himself from the table, goes off, gets the gun and just fucking executes everyone. And you're like, yeah, that's pretty fucking full on.

That's pretty memorable one. Yeah.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: And set up

in the Sopranos finale to be a similar kind of,

Howie: it's such an intense scene. It's got the bent cop and the leader, the, rival mafia, group leaders. It's Scalzo Lazzo and McCloskey and it's it's so it builds and builds and builds. And you, you, you are not sure whether he's gonna do it.

Well you

Sidey: you know, the plan, cause they've told you the plan, but, but you dunno if he's gonna have the, you know, cause he's not done this sort of thing yet, you know, he's volunteered as the, the one who's not been around in the family, you know, he's just come back from

Howie: It's so brutal and it's so underplayed. It's not like a John woo.

Two guns, BA bam.

Sidey: bang Oh, it's just how it would go down. Bang,

Howie: and then BA, and it's just horrible, but exactly. He said, and he stands there and he has like a couple of seconds of cuz they've told him in the plot, they've told him in the, the whole plan that he's just to walk away. Isn't he? And he kind of sort of stands uneasy for a second and then goes,

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: I would imagine it would take its toll or you doing something like that to


Howie: might affect you.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I'd love to say that. The first thing I thought of was citizen Kane's table montage, where the table grows bigger to illustrate as his wife and him, you know, move further and further apart to illustrate their emotional state. Likewise, I'd like to say it was the fabulous silent film, the 20 11 1, the artist, I think, where they use seen that.

It's great. And they show like the uneasy silence of a, of a dinner between two people when they're not talking. But really what I thought of first was the night professor, I think

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: with the clumps. Yeah.

Sidey: leave

Dan: Yeah.


Reegs: where was at yeah. Farting and lots of stupid shit,

Sidey: it's all Eddie Murphy.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: he likes doing that. Don't he playing a myriad of characters? Yeah. I haven't actually seen it.

Reegs: The nutty professor? No,

Howie: it's funny. I reckon it's a good one to watch for the kids.

Sidey: Yeah. That's the only way I would see it

Reegs: I would reckon it's probably got some terrible messaging in it about bodies and stuff now, cuz there would be a lot of outdated opinions in that one for the pod.


Sidey: Harry.

Howie: I'm gonna go for a nice film Lars and the real gal that we've

Sidey: Yeah. We all love that. Didn't we, she

Howie: really like that where

Reegs: me of that. Well what, what's the Deni scene?

Howie: It's when he's with his

Sidey: first introduced

Howie: and his bro, it's his sister-in-law and his brother and they have, and he has the meal and she sat there and she's been served a full meal and he's making Ryan Sen's making conversation like she actually is.

Yeah. An actual human being, cuz obviously the premise of the film is it's it's a coping mechanism.

And Emily Morton's character. Eventually it's a struggle. The brother's just sitting there going, what the fuck, what the fuck. And, and to be, and to be fair to it, she gradually plays into it and accepts the conversation.

It's very awkward tilted, but not at all awkward tilted from Ryan Goslin's point of view, who is genuinely talking about her as though she is a functioning human being in the room and it's a, as a broad on its own isolating, it's an odd scene, broader context of the film. It it's quite nice. great


It's a lovely, lovely film. And it's one that I think if, if it wasn't on a rental on prime, I think I would, re-watch it again, pretty much doing it. I thought it was just, just a really

Reegs: yeah.

About how a, a community can come together

Howie: Yeah. And they find the good in it and realize that he's on a specific traumatic journey that he needs help.

And it's, it's lovely film.

Sidey: I

Howie: It's one of the bad dad's

Well, I think it's one of the ones that I thought, do you know what? I'd never have watched that. And yeah, it really did turn the tide with someone that's with my perception of what it was. So I was grateful to have seen it.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: Cool. I've got some more death at the dinner table. Alien.

Has the scene for big, long buildup where John hurt has his face hugged and is ill for a while, but he comes, he he's revived and they're, they're in the mess hall, I guess you could call it on the ship and the no drama. And they're just sitting down to dinner and chatting and all of a sudden he's really not feeling too good.

And we all know where this goes, but the, the alien bursts out, but it's the first time in this franchise, which now has got a million films, but this is the first time we've seen it of the,

Howie: It's proper,

Sidey: shocking thing bursting out of his fucking chest and running off and fucking dead, you know?

And he was the, one of the stars of the film, you know, big, big star. And it's so fucking gory and fucking horrific, you

Howie: Well, it's, it is a proper bit of

Sidey: it's all like a,

Howie: a mainstream film at an early time of that sort of film being, not necessarily being out there for the general public to seen that would've been kind of a, a niche horror market that would've been

Sidey: well.

I just don't think that was the kind of horror you would expect to see in that film. You, you were expecting to see an alien, like a big alien, and they're gonna fight an alien, but you weren't

Howie: science fiction film.

Sidey: and it's all this talk about it being like the male giving birth, you know, fear, that sort of thing that it plays into.

I just think it looks cool and it's very bloody and pretty grim.

Reegs: yeah.

Lot of dinner content in the silence of the lambs type universe Hannibal

Sidey: Yeah. That's the one I was thinking of. Yeah,

Reegs: has got a

Sidey: oh no, sorry. I was talking at the film,

Reegs: But science of the lambs itself has obviously got several dinner scenes in it. And which is the one where he feeds Ray auto

Sidey: pieces

That's Hannibal the film. That's the, what I

Howie: at the end of Hannibal.

Sidey: he sedates him and cuts off his skull.

The top of his,

Howie: yeah. He scalps him. Doesn't he? And as he's feeding him bits, he starts losing various abilities to talk.

Reegs: Looks delicious. Doesn't it?

Sidey: I've never eaten brain.

Howie: It's on deal, isn't it in France.

Reegs: But all throughout those movies, there's dining scenes.

Sidey: I forgot completely about the series. I, I actually really enjoyed the series.


Howie: I did too. I, I

Sidey: twisted

Howie: I got really worried about how much I actually would like to be him because I quite liked his kitchen. I liked his dress sense, his articulation. I thought he seems a good CA good catch, you

Reegs: know, his manner apart from the killing and

Howie: yeah, there's

Sidey: Wow. Everyone's got something

Howie: Yeah. You know, swings and roundabouts,

Reegs: but I do worry, you know, you don't wanna go too film bro, where you just talk about, you know, a small subset of movies. So I don't think we've ever really talked about pretty woman.

Howie: Yeah. I was gonna mention that it's the there's the snail scene.

Reegs: I oh yeah. Well, I was thinking of, he's showing her how to use the forks and he admits that he doesn't know the order and

Howie: oh, the salads thing.


Reegs: But yeah, the snail thing's good as well.

Howie: Slippery little slippery, little suckers.

Reegs: Mm-hmm so, yeah,

Howie: well, I think that's a bit of a Cy thing. Excuse my French of Richard gears character. And it's very SNO to water. Someone who clearly has never eaten snails toward them. Snails.

Reegs: Yeah. Good though. You ever had snails

Howie: Wells, but not snails,

Sidey: You've never. Well, snail's good, but they're just covered a fucking garlic.

Howie: You know what I was gonna say? It just covered in garlic, Mayo, which is

Reegs: Garlic salt. You can eat anything.

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: I'm gonna go for an obvious one. Monkey brains in my best non-conformist stereotypical accent, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom were caps, stick, whatever her name is.

She annoys me. I really wish Capture. I wish she'd get rid of her snakes and monkey brains. And the monkey brains. Is that the soup?

Sidey: That's the dessert.

Howie: the dessert. What's the soup that she

Sidey: sheeps eyeballs.

Howie: eyeballs. The snakes

Reegs: Eels.

Howie: Yeah, the, the, now this is the thing. I, it, it says, wherever you look it up, it says snakes, but when he cuts open the belly of the Anaconda, it's got like,

Sidey: loads of them just come out.


Howie: But I thought snakes laid eggs.

Sidey: I do.

Howie: So what the fuck is all that about?

Sidey: Don't know.

Howie: See there, we need

Reegs: clarification.

I think it was an E.

Howie: that's

horrid mate. That is,

Reegs: well, it, I wasn't me.

Howie: It was, it

Sidey: was

Reegs: no.

Howie: And I wanna know if we, if we've got any listeners from that neck of the woods who work for a Maharaja perhaps, and lived in the 1930s, if they could confirm what that dish was, wash show wash, which Mar and what was tenish they need to confirm what that was, because I'm convinced

Sidey: I do remember seeing it as a kid being like, oh my God, look at that stuff. Or people

Reegs: at the foreigners.

Howie: Oh,

where's your fish and chip you're dirty foreigners, et cetera, et cetera. So yeah, there's, there's that the Indiana Jones. And then he brings her an apple and basically uses it to try and get sex when they

Sidey: she's already been a prick about dodgy food earlier on when they fall out the plane on the life raft and go to the village and they're just serve some like unidentified sort of lop

Howie: It's their only food

Sidey: is like, fuck it, eat here.

That's all they've got, like they they're sharing of you. And that's all they've got. And she's like being a snooty fucking prick about it. Yeah.

Howie: my kids laughed out loud on that lifeboat scene. It's so terrible when they fall out the plane

Reegs: It's well, people who complain about stuff in the sequels and stuff. that,

Howie: is so bad. It's so bad. Even at the time that shocked.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: So yeah, that's me, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom involving child labor in upper Prequesh.

Sidey: If did you ever have a terrible meeting? The in-laws experience?

Howie: Oh yeah, but not yeah. At the dinner table. Oh, this is a good one. This, this is genuinely true. So my in-laws love to bits. Genuinely love to

bits just for just, for the disclaimer. But my mother-in-law has an unfortunate turn, a phrase at the dinner table. She has a room that is a hallway that leads to the dining room where they keep shoes. There's like washing powder, somewhat. Call it a scullery or a utility room.

She at the dinner table


she calls it the glory hole.

Reegs: right.

Howie: and I have had to sit at the table.

Sidey: no one pulled up on this.

Howie: I've had to sit at the table now for 15, 16 years. Trying to hide my laughter my brother-in-law

Reegs: can

you put it in the glory hole?

Sidey: glory

Howie: Hole's really dirty or it's cold in the glory hole.

There's a big cock in the glory hole.

Sidey: as no one said it,

Howie: now. My brother-in-law last year, bless him has been shorting along with me constantly. And we

Sidey: why would you call it

Howie: don't know. I, it, no, but I looked on F hole the other day and somebody else has put, my mom keeps putting, calling this room, the glory hole.

Anyway, he started laughing and she's like, what, what, what? And he had a few too many beers and he said, I've got to tell you, I've got to tell you what this means. And he just basically said it at the dinner table with all the, I was like, this is amazing

Reegs: How graphic did he go with his

Howie: description? Oh, full on.

He said, do you know that the glory hole is an area where men put their. In the, with the, and then people stand in the glory hole and get the, with the, and get covered in and, and like, to be fair, she was

Sidey: Yeah Yeah. I know.

Howie: I know. Yeah. And how do you think I met your

Sidey: Horrified

Reegs: per

Howie: horrified and

found it hilarious.

And now she makes a, but now she makes a point of saying, well, I can't call it the glory hole anymore. So she calls it the was it the Karki cafe?

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: so, yeah, so yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, I was thinking about meet the parents.


Howie: Oh,

cat milking.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Where Ben still has the, the meal with DeNiro and, and crew. And it just goes, you know, as bad

Howie: Oh, it's so

Reegs: It's awful

Sidey: he they've already set the gag up with the, the ashes in the, in the air and he's already like, Been maligned for losing a suitcase and not having carrot.

Reegs: not picking the right color car. Yeah.

Sidey: He's just

Howie: being a male nurse.


Sidey: so

fucking ni nitpicking anyway. We've got the famous I could milk. I dunno how he gets onto about milking cats.

Reegs: Are you can milk anything with

Sidey: I've got nipples. Fuck. And then opening the Butler champagne and the court flying off and knocking the air over and all that sort of like going completely belly up which it continues to do throughout the film.

But that particular scene was one that I thought of.

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: How bad are the follow ups de Niro? Oh dear.

Sidey: you I wouldn't touch any of them again, to be honest with you. But the first one is the best one.

It's just like, oh, DRO doing comedy. Yeah. He's pretty good at it, but I don't even see it a million times over.

Reegs: It's funny

Sidey: Yeah.


Reegs: American beauty

has our favorite

Sidey: sex offender. Yeah. Sex

Reegs: offender. Is he our favorite? I dunno, army how we seem to like as well, but


Sidey: he's, there's a documentary coming out about him.

Reegs: Yeah. House of hammer or Uh yeah. So Lester Burnham, Chuck some, did he say asparagus,

Sidey: of asparagus. Yeah.


Reegs: the wall. I think improvised. They didn't know he was gonna do that like much of. Performance in that movie. What else have I got on here? Ferris Bueller's day off. I know is one that you like as the snooty maitre D who's convinced by Ferris that he's actually wealthy and powerful and they get a big free lunch.

I dunno if this counts bad taste, the sort of yummy alien stew that they pass around.

Howie: I thought of that. I was thinking of that one. Yeah.

Reegs: it's kind of a dinner I've been to, to probably worse.

Sidey: Well, you could have

like LinkedIn that you could have brain dead yeah. With the ear and stuff, falling into the

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Meal or whatever it

Reegs: Yeah. My children, whatever we do, the, the, the moaning doesn't work and the cajoling and the convincing and any other strategies, they still eat like chimpanzees with their hands and stuff. I dunno what I can do about it.

Howie: At least they're eating. That's all you gotta say.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. So there was that

Howie: My last one is a film that I've, I I, I really do enjoy it in a strange way.

Remains of the.

With Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

Sidey: Oh, I saw this not so long ago. Yeah, he's the, he's a servant.


Howie: yeah. Mr. Oh, no, I'm gonna, oh,

Sidey: it's this unrequited love

Howie: Yes, it is. And his dad's the Butler as well. Who's retired and he takes, he's taking over. And if you're a Butler, you are known as a Mister, not as a boy and all this stuff, and it's all incredible formality and class system and them downstairs, but there's a basically Hopkins plays a Butler to Lord begins with a D and I can't remember it, but basically he's an Nazi sympathizer prior to the war who is entertaining various people who don't actually believe that the Nazis are as bad as they are and are going to commit all the stuff they're going to do.

And he hosts a large dinner party and it's very tense because you have. German standing up and talking and claiming just blown out of the water and nothing like that's gonna happen. And then Christopher Reeve's character stands up and he plays an American Senator. Whose name is

again, classic notes, wrote it down really badly, but basically Reeve stands up and it's this very awkward situation where all the, all of the people in the dinner table are sort of landed Gentry.

They're all gentlemen. And everyone's just fake pat on the back crappy. Oh, I'd like to raise a toast to Lord Darcy who does this and that and the other. And he stands up and says, like to raise a toast to the fact that all of you need to realize that we need professionals running politics, any, not just gentlemen, because you don't understand what's coming around the corner without off Hitler and all this sort of stuff.

And there's fantastic silences. There's Anthony Hopkins. Who's the Butler standing there and he realizes how awkward this is. And, and it is just. it's a very old way of looking at how people's behavior is characterized by their class. And it's it's worth a revisit. It's on

Sidey: yeah, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I

Howie: it's it's it's on BBC two, I think next week, cuz I was just actually looking while I was writing this down.

I was next on and it's randomly on a quarter pause too. So all those people that work at home who do fuck or can watch it and that's me.

Sidey: I also got a few Texas train store Massa.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Is it Sally? What's the girl who survives.

She's tied up and forced to enjoy this horrendous dinner time. Yeah. With the family,

Reegs: They cut her finger and they're all howling and cackling and trying

Sidey: to get the grandfather to whack her with a hammer. So it becomes A Pauling comedy

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Where they just can't get him to grip the hammer hard enough to, to whack her in the head.

And eventually she does escape, but I read today that they filmed that because the guy was so old and decrepit that they had to film it, just keep rolling. So they did 36 hours of continuous filming. And it was a Pauling me hot and the conditions were fucking dreadful. And everyone was just sweating and some people said it was one of the guys in the crew said it was the hardest thing he'd ever done in his life and he'd served in Vietnam.

Reegs: yeah. Yeah.

Howie: oh

Sidey: so yeah, but the scene did turn out really well. So, you know, I guess that's good. Annie hall seen that

Reegs: very similar movie

Sidey: to

almost identical. It's like a remake. They have a it's an Easter meal and it's one of those ones where Woody Allen breaks the fourth wall. So he's Clearly Jewish and the grandmother of Annie hall, whose family he's with clearly doesn't like him.

He calls her a classic Jew hater, and then he pitches himself as like a, you know, the Orthodox Jew full on thing. He's like dressed up. And then then he imagines himself at his own family cuz he's with her family and it's all, everyone's very well to do. It's bit like remains the day. They're all, you know, very cultural and, and sophisticated.

Then he imagines his family back in New York and they're all arguing and shouting and talking over each other. And it does a split screen of the two and it's quite cool actually. And then after, after that scene, Chris Wakin does some really weird shit as well. So there's that Edwards says hands. He has, he has a, a scene where he tries to eat and he can't do it's something wrong with him.

So his hand, I forget what it was. There's something wrong with his hands. He can't can't grip anything

Howie: there's some plot hole there.

Sidey: And lady in the tramp, two dogs spaghetti, we've seen that. Quite a few times. Yeah. What should I finish up with? American psycho

Howie: Oh,

Sidey: Bateman takes. Paul Allen

Reegs: mm-hmm


Sidey: Jared letter's character. They, he can never get tickets to the real snowy restaurant. And so they go to oh, I forget the name of it's a Mexican sounding name and it's dead. And they're just talking about, and he's just like, keeps hassling him.

Like, how did you get the account for, for such and such a thingy? And he starts talking and he just like, you know, just one of those mad moments where he goes, do you know, I like to murder young women and I'm also completely insane. and and the, the way they're clearly not interested in the way of saying would you like to hear about the specials?

And he says, would you like to keep your spleen

and then obviously having seen the film before and you know what that's gonna happen to Jared letters, characters, right? You're just like, fucking love this.

Reegs: Yeah. Or does it,

Sidey: Well, this is very true. And also poor not to miss the point of the film. He's not just about enjoying the murdering, is it?

Reegs: Old boy. You seen that. Yeah. O day Sue, when he is finally free from his imprisonment eats a whole live

Sidey: mm-hmm

Howie: Oh

Reegs: yeah. And the guy actually did it and was a Buddhist. So he had to pray for forgiveness, I think afterwards.

Sidey: Wow.

Reegs: I did have a few others boyhood that you chose for us to watch on the pod.

I think or someone did the Richard link later one had the the alcoholic stepdad who held the glass of water across the table during a dinner scene. I remember that being a pretty powerful one. I did have a few others, but I don't think they were terribly interesting.

Sidey: We've had a whole lot of nominations on online,

Reegs: Well, let's hear of some of them. Oh, I had rat tooi there's probably gotta be

Sidey: yeah some

Reegs: restaurants

Howie: lovely film That lovely

Sidey: we had Jengo and change the, obviously the decap P smashing his hand and the real great scene at Candyland. Isn't it. Then pop fiction in the diner.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Temple of doom again has been nominated Hannibal Reta, Mr. Criso from the meaning of life.

That was Darren lethally, but that's, it's a great shout. More temple of doom,

Reegs: Lot of love for temple of doom.

Sidey: Yeah. So that's good. I think Mr. Korea, so's a great shout meaning of life.

Howie: I think Mr. Criso is a great shot because it's still referenced in some format. Not many people can remember it's Mr. Korea. So, but they still

Sidey: do you think Jangos good as well?

I mean, that was a pretty powerful scene. Let's mul it over. We've got to next week before we have to we'd have to commit. Yeah. That's the beauty of it. Mind you. We've got three of us,

Reegs: three of us. Let's put one in now and one later.

Sidey: Okay. Well I'm gonna put in the godfather.

Reegs: Yeah. I'm definitely going with a similar caliber of movie with the nutty professor.

Howie: I think I will go for,


think I'll do in Indiana Jones

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: everyone remembers that as a

Sidey: Okay.

And then I think we should put in. Mr career soap. All right. And then we'll, we'll mull over our, our final contender next week.

Reegs: Love it.

Sidey: right. More train thematic content. Yeah. I nominated train to Busan, which I had never seen. So this was a good opportunity to inflict this upon you. How are you a bit?

hoping bit trepidation about this

Howie: I was hoping it was the home videos I took in 2002 when I did catch a train to boost sound with Peter of the pod. Busan is beautiful place in South Korea.

Nice. Lot of drinking took place in Busan. It's seen as the they're known as the Irish of Asia, cuz they are full on partying.

Sidey: Okay. That's cool.

Howie: There you go. Bit of,

Sidey: Is that where you saw a former professional footballer disappear up? A certain hill.

there was some ex

Howie: film singer.

Oh yes. Yeah. Film singer. Yeah, we played, we played Paul with film singer and he had an incredible cue.

Reegs: Oh yeah,

Dan: can, you can edit this bit out as well, but I played football with filming singer. It leads and he does have an incredible cue.

Sidey: Okay. So we've established that careers, a nice place to visit


Howie: If you like

Sidey: yeah. Um

Reegs: Not during the beginning of a zombie outbreak as occurs in this movie.

Sidey: Yeah. And the first thing that we see is cars going through checkpoints.

Reegs: And There's a

pig farmer, isn't

Sidey: it? There's a guy and there's a bit of, oh, come on, let me through.

I need to fucking get out of here. And the guy's like, yeah, don't worry. You, you know, he sends him through and the guy reaches for his phone. That's ringing, there's a lesson to be learned here, leave the phone, you know, nothing's that important. And he hits something while he is reaching for the phone and it turns out to not be a human.

So it's okay. It's just an animal.

Howie: it's a lot of mess on the road.

Sidey: Yeah. It's a big blood smear and it's a deer

Reegs: car is relatively unscathed though.

Sidey: It doesn't really even check it.

Reegs: No,

Howie: I've hit a deer in a car and it was mangled. Both car.

Sidey: Did you really?

Reegs: deer.

Howie: Yeah. The deer ran off and your car gets proper PED. So I was, again,

Sidey: so you're calling bullshit on him being able to just drive away.

Howie: think he would've just sort of,

Sidey: But it's right, because the deer does suddenly spring back to not, not quite to life. It's undead. It's got the, it's

Howie: got a glaucoma as well.

Sidey: It's got that cold dead eye thing and looks slightly disgruntled probably because it's been hit by a car I'd imagine. And so that's it, we're in, we're in, into like


universe where there is some kind of zombie virus type thing yes.

Going around.

Reegs: Yeah. And like most good zombie movies.

It's about the people that are affected by it. More than the actual zombies and the principal, people who are affected by it in this case are SueAnn. And so, so woo. Shock. Woo is kind of a dead beat. Dad separated from Sue's mother

Howie: He's a fun manager. So sold us.

Yeah. Is he the squid games dude?

Sidey: no, I don't. Well, I don't think so.

Howie: in

squid games, it said on the IMDB. So I was needed somebody to verify


Sidey: he might be the guy that's on the platform, actually, that, that commits him to join the good games. Anyhow. The other guy that we recognize was from the, the gangster, the cop, his wife and their lover or something.

But you guys, you and Dan reviewed on the pod.

Reegs: he doesn't have much of a relationship with his daughter. He.

Howie: it's

Reegs: bought her a PlayStation. We hasn't, he and he's already bought her like two before for

Howie: What great dad, she's just fucking ungrateful.

Watch another tune in tune Nintendos. That'd be amazing.

Reegs: He's sort of poured himself into his work away from splitting up with his family. But he's promised that he'll get his daughter back to Busan and she, she broke down. They have this conversation at the beginning, she was a singing competition and she couldn't follow through.

She couldn't finish the song and it plays into the climax

Sidey: yeah movie


Howie: and she gets laughed at, and he kind of gets a gut sensation of, oh, maybe I should be less of a shit dad.

Reegs: mm-hmm


he's gotta get her to bean to meet up with her. And they go and board the train. Thank God. He decided to take her with her.

Cuz at one point she was just gonna go by herself. Yeah. And just at the last minute


Howie: You get, when you're out in Japan and Korea, What we would never do is let kids of that age, just get the train on their own. And they do, they from about five or six years old, they get on trains all the time.

Reegs: She's got a phone. So but yeah, so they're on the train and just at the last minute as the doors close this woman gets on.

Sidey: Yeah. Not looking in great Nick. No.

Howie: And she looks out the

Sidey: she

Howie: girl looks out the window and sees a couple of people get savaged.

Sidey: Yeah. But the one that's got on the train, she knows that she's got it right. And she says, oh, please forgive me. Yeah. It's very selfish. I think to get on the train. She's trying to apply a torn K around, she's got a, a leg wound and you can see the, the veins are going all black, where it's spreading up and she's trying to delay it or stop it altogether.

Well, I think if you were able to, we probably would,

Reegs: I'm not sure that would work in this university. It seems like you turn pretty quickly away except for when the plot needs you to

Howie: oh, that's yeah. I was gonna mention

Sidey: So it, yeah, that is the, the catalyst for everything going fucking completely pong on this train.

Reegs: So you get this, you've got a zombie movie going on, but you've also got this kind of die hard or speed type element to like this action thrillery type thing where you've got zombies, a borderer like, you know, and, and people in a situation. And it pretty quickly escalates.

Sidey: Yeah, these are not your zombies from say the walking dead, the slow kind of zombies.

These are like.


Reegs: they're contortionist sort of speed

Sidey: like a little bit like the world war

Howie: Yes, exactly. I was gonna

Sidey: It's kind of zombie they're fast and, and hate filled and rage monsters.

Reegs: like, you know how sometimes zombies become like instantly decapitated or dismember. They're not like that in this, a lot of the, the, the attacking is like blunt objects and fists and

Sidey: yeah. The, so these are zombies that have, because they're on the train, they have turned, they're still in a decent state of repair. They're not, falling. You know, the flesh isn't hanging off their arms, the bones they're, they're still fairly human.

It's just that they've got this virus. So they're tough to, to be well,

Howie: at this point the conductor gets reported to him that there was a disheveled gentleman also got on who's this homeless guy. That's not zombified yet. Yeah. But he's in a state of

yeah Cat. He's almost catatonic, but he's gibbering something. Everyone is he saying everyone is dead. Everyone is dead.

Reegs: Some of the other characters that we've been introduced to have some peril

which is

Mar Don sock that we saw in the gangs that up in the devil you were talking

Sidey: about.


Reegs: He is a expecting father and he hasn't named his kid yet.

Howie: I have to say this, this is such a white middle class man thing to say every time I saw this guy, I kept thinking of the guy from Dr. Strange.

Sidey: Oh Benedict

Reegs: won. Yes.

Howie: He looks, I

Sidey: he does. He does look a bit similar, similar statues to him.


Howie: He seemed to have that witted nature sort of no

Reegs: non yeah I really like

Howie: Yeah. I, I liked him too. I

Reegs: He was great in that movie that, that Dan and I watched him.

Sidey: Yeah. He's really good in this as well. I thought,

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: he's the, the, the father, his, his miss is there. She's pregnant, but he seems really impact and , she's in the bathroom and someone's trying to get in and she's just, no, one's allowed to be around there and he has to keep people away and seems like he's having a bit of a hard time with everything.

Reegs: And they batter up the doors at either end to kind of keep the, the zombies out.

And then the is this when the conductor or the train driver says, they're gonna arrive at deja station and the military's there and everything's gonna be fine, but when they turn up, it's empty and it's like really quiet and eerie.

Sidey: Yeah. Cuz what happens is that we didn't really mention it, but the, the lady who's got on that's, that's got the infection. She, she turns and just

whole carriage is then zombified within just a few seconds. She gets and you just hear this blood bath of people, fighting it and screaming it and getting bitten and turning and they make their way down the train.

And they realize that the pregnant lady realizes that if they can't see you, they'll sort of calm down. So they, she splashes water on the door and just puts newspaper up. And it's just as simple as that, they just get a bit of respite. And then like you say rigs, they, they they're told right. We're gonna get to the station.

It's heavily militarized now. We'll be looked after it. It'll be okay. Or get help.

Howie: Well, one of the carriages that was savaged had a school baseball team. Yeah. In, so there was a couple of characters in there

Reegs: there. They don't actually get savaged until later. A lot of them survive this first bit. Because

Howie: sorry. Yes.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: A young, there's like a little romance going on between a girl and one of the high school football team guys that's there.

Yeah. And then they arrive there at the station and ghost town. It's a ghost town. And then suddenly it's not, there's just legions of zombified. Military military guys is horrendous

Howie: texted and spoken to a person that.

Reegs: yeah, that's what they contact him now to say, oh, we'll pull you out at the, at bean.

You just gotta get there. So there's quite a lot going on actually at this point as well.

Sidey: I really like the bit here at the station because they, it culminates with them running and then a shit load of zombies has just been pressed up against the glass, you know, doing the,

Reegs: yeah. Multiple times

Sidey: and it smashes. And I thought it looked fucking

Howie: I thought you know what? That was exactly what I thought. Wow. That looks pretty real.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It's like multiple times in this people are outdoors that they can see through to the other side and are stopped. It happens between so woo. And

if that's his name that first of all, because he's not gonna let him through and then he does let him through in, then it happens later in reverse.

Yeah. And that, yeah, there's a lot of that. I think there's a big immigration theme with people, you know, letting people in and out of places and that plays through as well with what happens later. So yeah, they all head back to the train.

Sidey: Of course, you know, they're gonna, because it's trained to Busan and they're not at Busan say , well, this can't be it.

They've got some more trained dramas. They get split up now to, to ratchet up the drama. So the, the child and the pregnant wife for encourage 15, yeah. They're in carriage eight, something like, yeah. So they need to get through basically like a computer game level after level to get to, to the, to their partners.

Reegs: And there's another sort of carriage up at 15, that's got loads of people in it, including this asshole, COO yeah. Of stallion industries.

Sidey: They've just barricaded themselves and they're not interested in helping anyone else. It's, you know, it's sort of become every man from himself and they're just trying to keep quiet.

Reegs: They've sprayed up the door with,

Howie: fire

Reegs: extinguisher, fire extinguisher. I love all that like neat little problem solving to this sort of stuff.

Sidey: Yeah, so they're not, they're just trying to keep it away from it. All the others have gotta make this journey now up. I think five carriages when they're not, you know, they're not tooled up this, wasn't gonna be a journey where you'd have a load of stuff at hand.

So they, they effectively tape their hands and, and forearms up so they can batter things without getting bitten. And then it's just hand to hand really

Reegs: through the first carriage it is. Yeah.

Howie: isn't he as

Sidey: they pick up a baseball bat and a few other bits and pieces, but really it's, this is, you know, close combat with a relentless rage monster, trying to bite you is pretty scary.

Reegs: It's it's a lot, you know, there's like there's shields being smashed on feet and like a wrestling type move at one point point, you know, and then all their hard work. There's just, their reward is more zombies sort of thing. And it looks really hard.

They just do like one room and you think God, they've got a lot to do, but then suddenly is this when they go into the tunnel?

Howie: Yes.

Reegs: And suddenly they just, all the zombies stop and we learn some new things about these zombies. They have got these glazed over white eyes and apparently they can't see anything.

They can't smell like other zombies normally can. And so when they go in the tunnel, they just all stop and a ball drops and they all follow the noise of the ball and they realize, okay, we can use this to our advantage. So suddenly it's not so bad. So they do that a few times sneak through a few places and they're up to like.

Tunnel, blah, blah, car 12, I think just before the last one. And then he uses his ring tone, I think, to distract him.

Sidey: That's against the baseball team. Yeah. Yeah. He, cuz they go through tunnel they're they're able to sneak behind some chairs and then you can see him saying, oh, he just pushes the phone down to one end.

Makes it ring, they all scuttle down and they just calmly kind of make their way past. It's quite cool. Actually,

Reegs: it's looking quite bad with the, the high school team because that guy doesn't wanna beat his mates to death. Really. I can see that, but where, where the situation reversed. If you were to beat me and Howie to death right now,

Sidey: Yeah. You're not even zombies and I I'm on the brink.

Reegs: thinking about it. Yeah. Yeah. and then they do meet up with the family and it's this big emotional moment where they're meeting his wife and his daughter. And it has to be done in complete silence. Mm-hmm so really affecting

Sidey: and they've got the disheveled man is with them as well.

Isn't he? Yeah. screwed? Yeah, he's there. He's still made it this far

Reegs: and their relationship builds.

Howie: Something that I found tricky because obviously if you've cut onto the fact it's in is there, it wasn't detrimental to the plot, but there was obviously scenes involving him looking at text And the

text messages are written in Korean, which is completely in


Reegs: They were from, it said ex-wife, that's what he had her in his phone as, can you believe it? Ex-wife

Sidey: could be worse, I suppose

Reegs: mind

Sidey: but the, but the two, the two male leads they've had an uneasy relationship because the, the very first interaction they have is, is his. Basically not letting him in.

He closes the door on them and then he has to force his way through. So

Howie: a reflection of his shallow

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: he starts with this attitude of, oh, you have to fuck everybody over. And he gradually learns that. No, you have to help people


Sidey: that's, that's not a great basis to start a, you know, relationship or, or an interaction anyway.

So they've, they've got that, that sort of unease, but they start to bond a bit

Reegs: Well, he, that he says to him, he understands the sacrifices that a father makes, you know, that his commitment to financing his family and the toll that it takes on him. And it is a nice moment just where, cuz he is a bit of an asshole, but somebody recognizes actually it's a bit hard for him as well.

Yeah. So after being initially hostile, watching their friendship grow is like a really cool part of this. And then anyway, now it becomes, the immigration thing becomes really explicit because they're trying to get into car 15 and they're like negotiating with, to let them in. They're saying,

Sidey: the to is like,

Reegs: infected and

Sidey: Get to.

Reegs: create the climate of fear and

Howie: Nadine, let me in

Reegs: They can't come in. And they, yeah, exactly. And then, so they make them quarantined don't they in the end bit, but then it serves to be their undoing as the sister of one of the characters we haven't even talked about yet.

Let's the zombies into the carriage.

Sidey: Yeah, she freaks out about,

Reegs: well, she's just like, you lived your life so well, and look, what's happened to you and she can see her on the other side. Why did you do it? She's just like, human's awful. And I agreed with her. Just let the zombies in, let us all die.

Howie: She was quite a slow paced. Zombie her sister that was

Sidey: it's just when old

Howie: duh,

Reegs: she still looked faintly lovable even as a horrifying

Howie: still slip the tongue in. Is that what you're saying?

Reegs: No, but she, you know, you could have given her cuddle

Sidey: yeah

Howie: a finger

Reegs: anyway. So yeah, they all come in and you think everybody's dying in there, but the asshole CEO, CEO and the

cowardly steward

Howie: Oh,

Reegs: they've

survived by hiding in the toilet.

We've all done it.

Howie: Yep. We've ever,

Sidey: I have done that at kids party.

When I had a hangover, I just went hid in the toilets around now. I often describe things just like jokingly when we're chatting online, like everyone, everyone died or they all died. And like this nearly could be true of this movie.

Reegs: Yeah. It does become a bit like that in the end.

Yeah. But you form an attachment to virtually every character. So it does become meaningful when S oh God.

Sidey: well, you know that they're not all gonna make it through. You just know that it can't be like that, you

Reegs: but a surprising amount of him don't make

Sidey: Yeah. Well, he gets bitten on the hand. Doesn't he, when the big strong guy he's, he's trying to hold them back and he gets he's in a, a fight and one just managed to get him on the hand.

You're like, fuck. Yeah. Cause there's, you know, that's death center. You gonna, so he, he sacrifices himself. He pins them all back and he shouts through to his wife. He's pregnant about the, the kid's name. I can't, what does he say? Like name after him or does he just have a name?

Reegs: YSU? U was the name he gave? I didn't understand the significance of it, but he's got one of them in that body slam type position. Isn't he's holding them all

Sidey: and he's, he's, he's fighting it, but he's turning as he's fighting them off and they all have to get, get away as far as they can.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: He'd be a horrendous zombie to come up

Sidey: Yeah. And we're running outta train as well, running out, running outta carriages

Howie: I'm running outta line.

Railtrack even sorry.

Reegs: And, and they have to fight the carriage of living as well. Don't they they've fed up with having to fight the zombies. They've gotta fight the living to and he goes straight and he smacks the COO doesn't he?

So, woo.

Sidey: Yeah. I was pleased about that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: this is the point where I thought I was actually watching again. I know the world of CGI is often in, in decipherable.

Reality or whatnot. It looked really good. How they'd made the train station completely fucked. It just looked properly. Like there was a train on fire. There was a train derailed on its side.


Reegs: well, there was some practical stuff in there as well with real trains and yeah, so,

Howie: and there comes a CGI scene, which is coming up, which I was really impressed with, which we'll go into at some point.

Reegs: So yeah, they get to this blockage on the track and the driver says, he'll get another train working on the other track

Howie: just gotta find the keys

Reegs: over and he runs over to go and get it. And then they make a break for it and they get on the working train and then unbelievably the asshole COO and the steward make it as well.

He sacrifices the steward on the way. Yeah.

Sidey: It's still very sporting of him.

Reegs: it Yeah.

And then there's a huge smash. Isn't it? They see a rumbling in the ground first and then it just goes absolutely bonkers where the train collides

Howie: looks really horrible as in like, because they're trapped underneath the train, that's leaned yeah. Onto the side of another train and it's all on fire and it's creaking. So it's, it's real preside and adventure stuff here.

It's real disaster movie at this point,

Reegs: It's where the homeless guy sacrifices himself. And I think the two kids have sacrificed themselves as well. So all we've got left is the pregnant wife,

Howie: the daughter

Reegs: daughter, daughter, silk woo.

And the asshole COO who's made it to the train. And then when they get there chased by a whole load of zombies, all kind of hanging on

Howie: which I really thought was good scene.

It was like a,

Sidey: great.


Howie: trail, like a wedding dress trail of zombies.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: that train kept going.

Reegs: And then when he gets there, he finds that the COO is turned or he is turning isn't

Sidey: he? Yeah.

Reegs: And he sort of goes like reverts to a sort of childlike state asking for his mother and then they have a big.

Howie: and he shoves his hand in the CEO's gob.

I, I was thinking he was just gonna throw him off the train while he was still in that halfway house state. You know, I fuck him. Chuck it, I go, go on. Just stop faff it. That was, that annoys me with horrors. I still can't get over the point that I think people are faffing. Come on, get outta the way.

Look, just, just make the decision. There's no,

Sidey: need to be decisive

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: things. Yeah.

Reegs: but no he, the COO bites Woo's hand in the confrontation. He puts it in his mouth really to stop him getting the, and you're like, oh fucking hell.

Now he's gonna die. The only two you're gonna be he's two. And so yeah, finally dispenses with, by sort of jumping off the train while he is tied to it.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And then he goes to. Locks them in the cabinet tells in the cabin, tells them how to slow it down. Cuz suddenly he's a train driver

Howie: well, there's a big lever that says stop

Reegs: Then he goes to the back of the train and turns while he thinks of the day that his daughter was born.

Sidey: Yeah. Serious

Reegs: hell. I was like in bits at this point

Sidey: and he just face glance.

Doesn't he.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: just leans forward and just

Reegs: You see it in shadow? Yeah. Mm-hmm

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: And then the train just goes on.

Sidey: It's not the mega happy ending. I was say before this

Howie: then they get to the tunnel near bus end station, which is all blocked up by a pretty horrific train crash. Yeah. There is some body parts and bodies everywhere that girl is gonna require a lot of counseling is what I was thinking at this stage.

Sidey: probably easier just to go full zombie. I would've

Howie: yeah. It would've really, Embraced the change.

Sidey: So there, we see the other side of the tunnel and there is just a lot of military with guns boiled at whatever's coming through that tunnel is getting shot.

Howie: Mm-hmm

Sidey: But someone hears something it's like, no, wait, I can hear singing. And just as if it wasn't like emotional emotionally charged enough, it's the, the girl, the young girl is singing the song

Howie: ALO her.

Sidey: And she won't just sing for her dad.

Reegs: Oh, thank God. Yeah.

Sidey: yeah. It's fucking grim.

Howie: I'd

Reegs: So, and they, and they narrowly avoid being shot and that's the end of the movie. Welcome to your stumbling into an uncertain future. I say

Sidey: yeah,

it's really good.

Howie: Yeah. It was like a really non funny Sean of the dead with

Sidey: well, Edgar Wright said it's the best zombie movie for years and years and years and years.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: if he said, so then it must be true.

Reegs: He was an animation director, the guy who

Sidey: this. Yeah. And he's done an animated follow up prequel to this called something

Reegs: station. Is that the one that

Howie: lost train to soul.

Sidey: Yeah. Soul station is the, is the prequel? Yeah,

Reegs: yeah, it was good when it

Sidey: yes. Not, not the first train zombie horror movie, cuz there was horror express way back in 1972.

Reegs: All right I,

don't think I've seen that. it's like, I love like all the characters are really good and you learn to like them all and you you get invested in all of them, so it matters when they die and it's really well over the top melodramatic, but sometimes subtlety can go eat a Dick.

Sidey: Well, you can't really do subtlety in this. No, it just wouldn't work. And the characters is like at first I think pretty one dimensional cuz you know who you're supposed to like and who you're supposed to hate. It's very, very obvious. It's not you know, too nuanced, but then the, the relationships grow, you know, which, which, which builds it.

And I think it really works. I prefer a slower zombie have to say, you

Yeah. Shuffler Yeah.

But this was excellent.

Reegs: I would probably agree with that actually,

Sidey: these were appropriate for the, for the setting. I don't think, you know, a slow moving on, on a train, you could just like avoid them quite easily.

yeah. But these were, these were good. So I didn't like them in was what I'm saying is didn't like world war, edge so much.

That's the crux of the matter They

Howie: were more elastic and looked more

Sidey: just think they lost any sort of like semblance of being what a zombie is.

Reegs: I hear they're gonna do another, like an American remake of this and I, what is the point

Sidey: Just watch this, watch

Reegs: this it's good.


Sidey: Yeah if

Howie: wanna read as

Reegs: on

Howie: book, world war Z, the book is much

Sidey: film. Yeah. I've heard that

Reegs: is good.

Howie: Yeah. It's very

Sidey: Budget for this was 8.5 million us. What do you reckon?

Howie: Probably more cuz the local domestic market

Reegs: smash, hit billion,

Sidey: not just under 1,000,000,090 3 million.

But it did smash all kinds of records and career of been like, you know, number of people went to see it,

all that sort of stuff.

Reegs: was big in Hong Kong.

Sidey: It's bigger than that rings large. So it smashed it. Great, great success, which is good. Cuz you know, I'd like to see stuff like this do well

Reegs: And there was a follow up. Have you seen that?

Sidey: cuz I seen this one yeah. On Saturday.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: But

is it, is it good?

Reegs: I can't really remember.

Sidey: Probably

Dan: I'm

Sidey: high and low and I was able to find some children's TV content featuring it. A train. Or more of a tank engine

Howie: series one episode, one as well,

Sidey: We went right back to 1980 something,

  1. I think this was

Howie: Ireland of Sodor. Is it?

Reegs: Sodor? Yeah.

Sidey: And we've been joined by a fourth dad.

Dan: Yeah. Good. I I heard there was some media in town. What is that? Reg you brought to the party,

Reegs: the suites.

Sidey: We have got we did, we neglected to mention this to our audience, but we've got some quite incredible suites this week.

Dan: You haven't mentioned these already. No, I've just come in, sat down. How is past me this little. Packet of

cock sweets

Howie: the right.

Sidey: that's

Reegs: does it really

Howie: cock acid.

Dan: Yeah, it actually does. Anyway, that'll explain it because they are fizzy. They nearly blew my head off you've

Howie: right? It does. Doesn't it say cock acid.

Reegs: the kids were allowed to choose their own suites in France.

And I didn't really check what they'd

Dan: Oh, I see. It's like the wild west out there for sweets.

Reegs: should have seen their faces when they ate one of those by accident. And I thought they were being well over the top, you know, like cuz the eldest like ran out the room, like like,

Dan: and

Reegs: then, but they're pretty punchy.

Dan: Aren't they are pretty punchy. I can imagine they didn't sleep for about three days after having one them

Reegs: They are more sour than your average sour street. A sweet

Dan: Quite. Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. Exponentially.

Dan: Well I hope there's still gonna be some left

Sidey: a couple of packs there. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. They'll go quick.

Sidey: But yes, we watched, this is Thomas, the tank engine, not Thomas and friends, which it later became, but we went right back to the start for


Howie: keeping it real


Sidey: one episode one, featuring amazing.


I know.

Yeah. Featuring the vocal skills of one Richard Starkey.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: known as

Sidey: Ringo

Howie: Thank you.

Sidey: you Mm-hmm he's a

Howie: almost that tank engine.

Sidey: And this is like, literally like taking you back to introducing you to what little fucking bastards Thomas

Howie: He's a self-absorbed little shit. Isn't he?

Reegs: first thing they do is body shame him during the intro.

Howie: Yeah. Short Stuy,

Reegs: short Stuy, boiler and dome

Howie: fussy.

Reegs: Yeah. And cheeky, they call it. So he is been labeled straight away there, right there in the fucking

Howie: Mm-hmm

Sidey: But he kind of deserves it because he's a real prick to Gordon. He's just banged on about how hard he works and how much better he is than Gordon. And Gordon's like, fuck off. He

Reegs: says he plays tricks at him and he whistles at him.

Dan: Does Gordon actually say fuck off yeah, because yeah, most Gordons I know would do

Howie: Thomas is effectively a slave train. Now, if you look at his job description, he does nothing good. He just basically,

Reegs: well, his job is to when the big trains take the carriages from the station to station, when they get there, he uncouples them and fucking SHS them around so that they can have rest.

And this is really at the core of Gordon and Thomas's dispute.

Howie: I wrote Gordon honeycomb down if remember him TV, presenter in the eighties. Whenever I see Gordon, I think of Gordon honeycomb.

Sidey: Riggs. You just said station to station, which I dunno if you're aware as a David bow album.

Reegs: right. Yeah. So one day Gordon's kind of knackered after work.

He's just trying to have a Cape. Yeah. And Thomas is being a prick. Wake up, do some work troll LA LA.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So Gordon stitches him right up.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: He hooks him onto the back of a carriage. Doesn't he?

Howie: he effectively, he's like a dog tied to a car and

Sidey: drive. Yeah.

Dan: possibly now, now remind me, cuz I didn't see this episode.

So when you say he effectively does it, how do you, he does, what do you see that? What do you see coupling? Is there a little hand that comes out? It's not, is it,

Reegs: kind of, he was already attached to the things that the back end and we shunt them around and then Gordon attaches himself to the front end, so

Dan: Right, okay.

Reegs: way and he's like way more powerful.

And Thomas is doing his face. Like he's coming up on ecstasy. He's like,

Howie: yeah.

Reegs: or like, like major birthing breathing or something is

Dan: the animation is, it's

Reegs: not animation. It's just like,

Sidey: and I have not forgotten about it.

I just haven't thought about it. It it's just, someone's trying like a, you know, these grown men who have these great big train

Dan: train SETSS with the, with the trees and everything.

Sidey: Peter, is it Waterman from stock a Waterman? He's got one of these enormous and it's like that. Cause there is no animation. It's just a train set with a voiceover going on

So when you see like the fat controller, they're just like, wouldn't things just like stationary on the platform.

Reegs: lot of the time, the hands and arms look like penises.

Howie: and this scene, this specific scene was the catalyst and inspiration behind the human caterpillar, because Thomas at the back Gordon shitting through the carriages, pulling him.

That's exactly how the film was inspired.

Reegs: Yeah.

So that's, he teaches him a lesson by scaring the Beji out of him.

That's do.

And he takes him back to the turntable and he thinks everybody was laughing at him and he has a big, long drink. And the message is never to be cheeky to be Gordon again,

Dan: it's a mature message. Really? Isn't

Howie: don't don't Don

Dan: don't don't fuck off your mates because they'll do you, you know

Sidey: but it, it flies by only four minutes.

Reegs: Yes. Mercifully sure. And gives you plenty to think about one of the things I've enjoyed about Thomas. The tank engine is the number of accidental innuendos that there are in the, in the sort of books, especially, you know, I've got a few examples. Percy's pistons pumped with pride.

Henry had the right of his life. Thomas was waiting at the Harbor for a special load. Suddenly there it was. Oh dear gasp. Thomas. That's a genuine example. Yeah. Virtually everybody in this is a bit of a prick.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Like Gordon's like a pompous arrogant prick. Thomas is a cheeky prick. Percy was

Howie: No there is a good engine. I remember Edward was a slightly larger blue version of Thomas and he just was just like a decent bloke. He wouldn't a prick. He just kind of did his job looked after people.

Reegs: Yeah. James was the narcissist. He was all VA. And he had Henry was the one who was infamously boarded up in a tunnel.

Sidey: Oh really?

Reegs: You remember that

Sidey: there was a couple of episodes that were canceled, but not for anything controversial. Unfortunately there were really mundane reasons. Like one of them was going over budget or something and they had to get rid of it. Another one, another one they thought the plot was too complicated for kids.

Like really?

Howie: They uh they kind of branched out Thomas and friends went to shit.

I remember there's like an airplane.

Sidey: Ringo only did two series and then he fucked it off. Yeah. And then after that, when it was sold to the us, then George Carlin became yeah. The voice and it was not then the fact controller either.

It was

Yeah. And it turned out to have a cousin or a book called like the opposite of that. Solom hat,

Reegs: So loam hat

Sidey: and loam hat. Yeah. Clever.

Reegs: I think the most evil character in the whole Thomas, the tank engine universe has got to be salty the diesel because eventually of course he will make all of the steam engines completely redundant due to his better fuel economy and more power and all that stuff.

So they'll just be headed straight to the scrapyard.

Sidey: Well, they'll all have to get to fuck and be electric wouldn't

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: When the French S CF train comes of our

Reegs: I always think the, one of the most fascinating or biggest questions in the Thomas, the tank engine universe is just how much free will they actually have?

Sidey: None. Surely

Dan: I think they, their path is set really to

Reegs: they can kind of go backwards and forwards a bit.

Sidey: Oh, I suppose they can use the, the turning thing turntable. Yeah. The turntable to, to go on a different track, I guess.

Dan: Yeah. Well, they, I suppose if he can, Gordon can put Thomas on the, on another train, he could just hook himself up and slide away.

Who knows?

Sidey: all the, all the animation is I think they just have interchangeable facial expressions, but that doesn't change within the scene. So it'll just be like, his come face will be replaced

Dan: by face . Yeah. That's.

Sidey: that happens.

Reegs: And they're nearly all chilling the horrible

Dan: makes you wonder how it went over budget.

You think there must have just been going out on the piss every day. Every lunchtime just going down the Ritz. Oh, it's another one. We're not one out. Oh, we need more money gone over budget.

Howie: fucking spunk. All lot money up the wall. What a bastard.

Reegs: Anyone got the origin of Thomas, a tank engine, some guy trying to groom a 12 year old

Sidey: No, it was a, it was a book originally.

Dan: Some people are really into trains. There's a thing isn't there. I mean, I like a train. I must say it's my favorite mode of transport for sure. But these old classic ones, the sets, the, the toys and everything that went out on this, this was crazy. This was another level.

Howie: Is that shop still in town? The one by the hospital, on the parade? The one that sells model trains. Yeah. There's like three

Dan: customs in

Howie: in, see, it's

Reegs: that had a Thomas in the window. I saw

Sidey: this was based on a book. It was the railway series books by Reverend w Audrey.



Reegs: so it was about grooming


Dan: is

Howie: a God train?

Sidey: there?

Howie: like some

form of religious psych iconography that we've missed out on


Sidey: probably not.

But it does. Yeah. Like I said, it does whi whisper in four minutes and I wasn't, I didn't hate it. I have to say,


Howie: And we've all watched it grow up. And the theme tune is instantly re

Sidey: mm-hmm

Reegs: kids ever into it?

Howie: What about the theme tune?

Reegs: there's two there's four there's, six and eight

Howie: great.

Reegs: Thomas.

Howie: is a fucking

Sidey: That's not the team

Howie: teaching. Yeah,

Reegs: that's the other one

Dan: four,

Howie: there's, six there's, eight there's Thomas and is in great. They are bunch of fucking trains. I'm watching this. I want to go away. It just

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: I don't know that my daughter ever watched it when she was younger.


Reegs: Did you ever play with she ever play with the train at all? You

Dan: We had trains, but it wasn't Thomas.

It was just other trains, you know, to push around. But I remember watching this as a kid. It was one of those things, you know, that that was on at the time and you just kind of looked it and it was quick and it did have these little messages or not quite message characters that would annoy you enough or make an impression on you enough that you would remember them for a little bit afterwards, whether they were nice or not, they were just kind of odd stories sometimes.

Howie: Yeah. I have to pick up Saudi on, on the fact that I think I agreed that there wasn't any animation. I think in Thomason friends, they had the thing with the eyes that would spin.

Sidey: Yeah. It gradually got more sophisticated and the till became hybrid of light

Howie: and magic

Dan: That's where the budget went. Yeah.

Sidey: they did start going for some

Dan: Some steam

Sidey: it went full CGI. So that's muddied the waters a little bit, but I think I was alright with this.

Reegs: Yeah, right. Yeah.

Dan: About four minutes. I might even watch it

Reegs: were probably pretty fucking awful judging on this first episode though. I would think.

Sidey: Yeah, but I'm all for that

Howie: bit of fat shaming don't mess with all adults. So we're gonna deck you.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Cool.

That's it for another week, Dan? You at college next week.

Dan: I'll have to check. I am, but I dunno which day

Sidey: we do it Monday.

You'd be good to go You'd be good to go. Cause you need to nominate your nomination,


Dan: right. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I will do that. There's

Reegs: theme stuff going on recently. Dana, is that you, your

Dan: I do the week before, but alright. Yeah. Okay. It's all been Ty, but I will get something to his all in the next 24 hours.

Sidey: And we're gonna disappear and have a nice steaming hot coffee cup, steaming hot cup, shit of Regal.

Dan: Of Regal. We've seen that Regal tradition.

Reegs: and tradition? My distilled coffee. Essence.

Sidey: Yeah So the remains to say Saudi signing out,

Reegs: Riggs out.

Dan: Dan's gone,

Howie: How, how we