Jan. 7, 2022

Uncut Gems & Pinky and the Brain

Uncut Gems & Pinky and the Brain
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After nearly a month in isolation we celebrate Reegs' return to the pod as he remerges looking even more dishevelled than usual, like a sort of haunted, hairy potato. Is it a mere coincidence that his stomach churning appearance coincides with the dads discussing the Top 5 Vomit Scenes in Movies? Probably.
In some people's eyes watching any Adam Sandler movie constitutes a traumatic experience but then again there's always somebody who likes him so that's nice for him isn’t it. For those people who don't enjoy his standard man-child comedy fare I'd urge them to try UNCUT GEMS on Netflix, The Safdie Brothers dizzying examination of gambling addiction as experienced through the life of Jewish jeweller Howard Ratner. Owing money to his brother-in-law and with a couple of increasingly frustrated and menacing thugs following him closely Howard acquires a large black opal from an Ethiopian mine which he hopes to sell at auction as he seeks the big pay-out that will fix all of his many problems.  Sandler is immense and somehow finds the humanity and empathy in a character who tramples over all his relationships in the pursuit of his obsessions.
PINKY AND THE BRAIN was a mid-90's Warner Bros cartoon about the ill-fated attempts of two mice to take over the world which experienced a reboot in 2020. Not the world which is yet to reboot as far as I know, the cartoon. We watched Season 1 Episode 16 of the original series to enjoy "The Third Mouse", an homage to the classic 1949 British film noir. Pinky arrives in Vienna in 1946 to search for his friend, The Brain who was apparently killed in a chemical explosion. Mistaken for an international plumbing expert, can Pinky solve the riddle of The Third Mouse in order to be reunited with his erstwhile leader?

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Uncut Gems

Reegs: Welcome to Baghdad's film review and a special welcome back to me reads barely clinging onto the tattered remains of my sanity.

Like Leo DiCaprio clutching onto Kate Winslet, spattered backdoor at the end of Titanic. After what it is fair to say, it's been a bit of a hellish month trapped in a cycle of illness, isolation and worry. But this isn't going to be an intro of misery and doom chat, though, if you have been suffering physically or mentally over what I will laughably describe as the festive season fear, not because the bad dads are here for 90 minutes or so to lift your spirits and regale you with stories of vomit and addiction and desperation. So yeah, I've been absent for a while. We, we were trapped in isolation for almost the whole of December, which was isolating but also a strange combination of extreme boredom, , punctuated by moments of terror. So bore refining, think is the.

Pete: Did

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, this that's, this is part of getting over it today.


Dan: How many times did you have that thing when you're looking for a film on the remote and you just can't find anything?

Reegs: I can watch anything. No. Yeah, it was weird. I've watched things like the office and stuff. Cause it was just easy to like, because I was constantly around the kids, you know, you, so you like, you just

can't or football I watched endless football highlights. Like, so yeah. That's how I saw Mike Dean making the run for release James. But yeah, while I've been gone, there has been some horrible, horrible takes. Yeah. Stand by me is, is, yeah, it's just a horrible take from society. You guys, even though you loved brain dead, you didn't love it enough.


Pete: we did miss you on that one, cause you would have gone into all about how they made the goal and the

Reegs: Well, they did, they made the arms were made out of like chopped up apples that they stuffed inside like gloves and stuff.

Sidey: bed. possibly even other early PA Jackson, one and our top five this week

Reegs: it could be

could well be could, well be American animals was good, but the best part.

Sidey: I love that

film. It was great,

Reegs: no horrible take. So yeah, there's a pod spin gone off on a horrible tangent, but it's all

Sidey: like artists objective

and you can your own opinions about it,

Reegs: It's where I'm back to set things straight. It's all right. It's okay.

Sidey: so you didn't watch anything.

We'll take care

Reegs: kind of not real. I loved wrath of man. I really, really loved that movie. That was just great.

The score was brilliant and I really loved the way they showed the action unfolding through different perspectives at different times. It was. Yeah.

Dan: One of his

Sidey: Richie Cunningham

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Lionel Richie battery's

Sidey: You've watched up and down this week

Dan: I watched, I went to cinema twice, so I went see Spiderman and I also

Sidey: Don't spoil it cause we just haven't seen it.

Dan: thought thoughts were that I enjoyed it. Okay. Not everyone. Somebody to my left fell asleep

Sidey: classic Saudi move,

Dan: and may have just been overworked over tired. And we went with the kids.

They all enjoyed it as well. So it was a hit, it was a hit.

Sidey: any of the kids

Dan: no, it didn't know I left them alone. But what I did do the next day was go to 83, which is Indian cricket movies. Hindi one is planning at the cinema.


Sidey: so

Dan: I'm not a cricket fan at all, but I like, I like a, a sport in movie. And this was right up the streets or hit another one.

And if I had to go and see one again, I'd see, 83 before I see Spider-Man I would even as a non cricket fan, there's plenty to enjoy in that. I also watched girl with a dragon tattoo, which is a six part series on BBC. I player again, I just binged it and that's why I look so tired now, Pete, cause I've just been up to like two 30 in the morning to binge in this stuff because it's the only time I've had to watch it.

And it's fantastic. So check that out. That's really good.

Pete: I've been so picking up on series. I've been watching with the messes Ozark, and we're probably halfway through the third season of that. We've basically been binging as much as you can bend your, you got fucking loads of kids around Christmas and stuff. It is, I'd say the, the other half, since we were a little bit more than me, although the thirds, I feel like the third series is, has been the strongest.

In the first two it's it's so fucking unrealistic is that I, I wasn't ready. And in almost every episode, there is like, they nearly die in every episode. And it was almost a bit like to fucking to, wow. I don't know, over the, over the top, but this one, it's becoming a little bit more like a lot of posturing and soft behind the scenes, which is a bit more like involved.


no, no good bus rides at all. I know you the no, none of that. Other things I've been watching, I've been revisiting bond films like primarily to,

Reegs: in the most

Pete: yes, I do. I do. But he does, I have seen it. Yeah. And he does die. Yes. So what I wanted to do is to settle. What I wanted to do was go back and revisit the Timothy Dalton bond films, because I, I definitely hadn't given them enough.

Lot of I'd seen them probably once each back in the day,

Sidey: been an ongoing

Reegs: gonna say, this has been a source of quite a lot of debate,

Sidey: we had quite a civilized discussion

on WhatsApp. about it.

Pete: We did. We did. We, we agreed to that. I was right. So, so that's why

We've we've reached an accord. That I'm sound. No, I think I didn't like bill Dalton was at a hiding to nothing for me personally, because when I was born, Roger Moore was bonds.

And every year you get the odd Connery one or not, and I've gone on to like, love the Connery ones or most of them. Anyway. But more was bond for me. And then this other car came along with like scruffy hair, not wearing fucking tuxedos in every single scenario, which is what Roger did. And Sean did before he was wearing like, sometimes like long sleeve fucking t-shirts and stuff

Sidey: but they had to, they had to make a departure from what came

Pete: No, no, no, not bonds. Like, you know, even fucking like Daniel Craig's like always, he's got a shirt on in every fucking scene Dalton. There was slapdash slapdash. Like I didn't like all of that. What I would say I did enjoy the films. I actually, I think,

Reegs: so. Wasn't it?

Pete: yeah,

Reegs: So there you go.

Pete: yeah, it was sort of,

Sidey: The character in the book, the character, The book has a great big fucking scar down

his face, you know, it's different.


Pete: don't care about that. Roger Morris perfect. In every single way. So, but I do like, oh, shush, cherish. Come on. So yeah, I, I did actually enjoy both films. I think living daylights gets more love than licensed to kill, but I preferred license to kill.

Sidey: license to go the one way. Loses Tableau status.

Pete: No, I don't think he ever does. He's always flirting with it, but licensed to kill us.

All me. There's like loads of like gratuitous, like Sharko quite a really horrendous deaths in it. Like the man's head blowing up in the decompression chamber and stuff, hot bond girls as well. I think both soundtracks are bangers as well. Sorry, not soundtracks. Sorry. Both theme tunes are bangers. But then after that so living daylights is our heart, our heart, and I'm licensed to kill his got license to kill.

And it's no, it's not. Ah, fuck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So she's a really fucking good singer. Can't remember, it's a good, good song though. But then I know it was like, oh actually Delta, now he's got a point there. I'd like to see them do more films. And then I went back and I, I watched I bookended Roger, more watched which is a sexual term I watched live and let die and view to a kill.

And they're fucking brilliant films with brilliant theme June.

Sidey: He's like, well into his sixties, when he does to kill, I watched man with the golden gun.

This is great. yeah, yeah. Interesting fact about that one is it has more DATEMS and She's the only bond girl that's been in two. Do, you know the other


also everybody watching want to come on here.

There's much more, man.

Octopussy the worst film ever made


Pete: very, very quickly. Sorry. I've also walked. Back to the Outback on Netflix, which my kids absolutely love.

Dan: I was going to ask you about actually what your kids had been watching around Christmas as well.

Pete: back to the app, but honestly, they're just watching it on repeat, it's a film, it's an Ozzy film. Don't don't judge that.

But based on that, it's got a load of light. It's got like Eileen Fisher and guy Pierce, and that Tim mentioned it's on Netflix,

Sidey: to mention guys.

Pete: right? Yeah. That's image a guy. So it's, it's a really good film. My kids cannot get enough of it. It's yeah. I mean, it's, it's the stories, especially Madagascar, but based on Australian animals on Netflix, back to the Outback,

Sidey: poisoned and

Pete: it's, it's it basically teaches you to love really dangerous, highly venomous, like disgusting animals.

Sidey: We watched don't look up.

which I think you

Dan: Watch that as

Sidey: really good really


Even Meryl Streep.

Pete: is it true dogs? Can't look up.

Reegs: So

Pete: told me dogs can't look up once.

Sidey: I can't remember

not not particularly that I recall is good though. It's good. And I watched jaws and I started watching Jordan with my daughter. That's like,

Pete: Whoa, what, like, hang on. I need to address this. I said to you, you said you watched Rocky with your daughter and I said, yeah, but it was specifically like why Rocky with your daughter?

And then you just told me about why Rocky is such a good film for you and you, and you never actually answered the question, but specifically with your dad, why would you make your daughter watch Rocky at the age of 8, 7, 8, and now jaws? No hell good films. But surely are they the sorts of things

Sidey: because I

just know I just put on Amazon prime and it popped up and then it was Rocky.

And we'd spoken about Rocky a lot on the pod for various different top fives. And haven't seen it for fucking 20 years or something.

So I thought

It's just a bit boxing and it's pretty data. as I put it on there's loads of domestic violence. like barely miserable.

He fucking loses


Pete: thought, oh, you dumb it down

Sidey: And worst of all, bad

refereeing. Cause there's no fucking way.

he lost that fight. No way.

He not fucking

Apollo down


Pete: You still, you still get that. He's still got that in the, in the real game.

Sidey: Yeah.

So yeah, we watched jaws. So the woman who dies at the start and

the guy who dies on the Laila and it was bedtime as well. I thought this is too much and I, But I knew, I knew I wouldn't go through the whole film because the bit with the head in the boat is still fucking


Dan: That's the worst bit

Sidey: I was not gonna let

Pete: for me, the worst bits are before anything happens. It's the fucking like it like that, that whole fit, the, the tension that

Sidey: you anytime You see the shark, it's terrible.


You know, there's the promise

Pete: the tension and stuff like

Sidey: It's a masterpiece of

Pete: daughter will never swim again. Now

Sidey: like, when's the shot coming back. When's the shot. I was just so into it. And we've watched, a think we're now on to a trillion episodes of Lego Ninjago, like

it hasn't fucking said.

Yeah Yeah So Maddie. yeah.

Pete: Oh, I'll tell you what else I did watch. Is he man

Sidey: yeah It's good

Pete: fucking, I mean, I was only at the end of the episode that I remember that you guys have, but he dies. So at the end of the first episode,

Sidey: first series,

Pete: first episodes of the

Reegs: Yes Yeah, he does. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then he's kind of not in it for the, for the rest

Pete: Yeah. And I'm like, how can they do this to us? And then I remember that you guys had spoiled it on

Reegs: yeah. Yeah. Yeah And there was a huge nerd backlash about that. It wasn't there, but,

Sidey: probably means it's good.

Reegs: it was, it.

Dan: I'll tell you, I was interested in what you've been watching on TV with the kids, because we had a couple of really good movies as well, just sitting around this time.

So you still got a few days off with the kids. There's eight bit Christmas. And diary of a wimpy. So that's really good. It goes back to a kid would count in his childhood and wanting a Nintendo the first kind of one that came out the Nintendo

Reegs: system.

Dan: And how one

Reegs: boots to play it

Dan: Yeah. Right

Reegs: boots. And it was like in a glass console and you'd wait for like your mum or something.

It'd be going to go and buy some things you'd and wait and go and buy some dildos from Bates.

Dan: it was talking about how

Reegs: still sell dildos, but it's been a long time since I've been.

Dan: they've sold out every time I go. So that, that was really good. And, and kind of linked to that with this look back at your childhood was another one, one the years, which they've rebooted and it will be a recommendation for the pod as well. I tell you what I think you'll really like what they've done with it, because they, there we go. Right. Well, I'm looking forward to naming that for the pod one time.

Reegs: And my mates we watched them well on, we watched Christmas Chronicles.

Dan: Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: we watched shows a

Sidey: Shelly just frigging herself off in the

Reegs: she was, she was like, every time it was like, oh, should we watch Christmas clothes? Yeah. All right. Yeah. Just cause she thought she's like, you

Sidey: Super into cut.

Reegs: yeah, Kurt's a dream boat.

Sidey: He is to be fair.

Reegs: Russell Kurt Russell plays a sort of

sexy Santa

he's like leather class. He's dressed a bit like a super hero. He's like leather clad. But but he's got white. Yeah.

Dan: I start so strong hair game.

Sidey: we had a top five last week.


Pete: Fights.

Sidey: family fights. Not, I don't even think Jeff's. I think everyone's been too tied up with eczema and holiday

Reegs: They picked the clumps because it made me piss myself. How are we talking about that scene in the was it the nutty professor or

Sidey: Chuck that in? Yeah.

Reegs: Just shut that one in.

Sidey: Yeah.

what was the inspiration for this week's top five

Pete: genuinely? And again, we, we have a guest in the studio today, so after a night out with him the next day at about sort of one o'clock also, I vomited I'd been feeling terrible.

Sidey: Any photos

or video

Pete: No, no, there's no footage of it. I just, I knew it was in the post. I couldn't shake that, that sicky feeling.

And I went and volunteered. I felt better

Dan: I love getting a photo of Pete when he's vomiting

Pete: There has been a few actually. Yeah. And you've been responsible for the vomiting a few times.

Dan: no, you lose

Pete: So, and, and at that exact moment in time, I'd just come back from the toilet, picked up my phone. And so I said, what's your nominations? And I said have we ever done anything to do with vomit?

Cause I just spewed. And then I thought immediately of about four or five scenes of vomiting and thought this might be, might have legs or chunks. So yeah, we'll do that.

Reegs: Is that how they are? You said chunks though. Is that how they do it in a movie's it's soup chunks?

Do you think? Is it like

Pete: this I reckon that they, they can make it out of cause you get all different colors and textures and everything.


Sidey: you've got someone

who's particularly method,

they probably have to vom

and command, like with real vom

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: Daniel Day Lewis, just

Pete: teaching

himself to


Dan: I wonder if they've ever done something that's just produced the vom without actually being part of the script, whether it's been that nasty on screen,

Reegs: I'm pretty sure I've seen Nick cage do it a few times.

Dan: chest

Pete: all right, well, I'll, I'll kick us off and what I'll do. So, so your misses got a thing for Kurt Russell. So I'll kick you off with the Kurt Russell one then in the hateful eight, and this is a vomiting blood and we reviewed this and I think it was a mid-week mention. Was it, or was it an actual, there's a feature?

So yeah, Kurt Russell and one of the other light bands or one of the other people that the coffee is poisoned and yeah, there's quite a graphic and gratuitous vomiting of blood scene cut. Does it. And one of the other guys can't remember who, but he, like, at one point he turns around, I can't remember her name.

Daisy is Tom McGee, somebody Daisy, Don McGee. He like vomits blood, like right in her face while

Dan: she sees

Pete: him. Yeah.

Dan: sees it coming doesn't she, she knows the poisons been put into that cup. And it's one of those where the, the coffee mug in the cup is just hovering around people's mouths. You don't know whether they're going to drink it. They kind of put it down when they're starting to talk again.

And then. Obviously he does it and you're just waiting for him. It's disgusting. Actually that scene it's a real kind of, cause it's not just vomit. I mean, he's choking up his insight isn't is all sorts coming up. I've had nights like that.

Sidey: she would have needed to do a lateral flow. After that.

Dan: Yeah, she would. She

Reegs: I really liked that movie. I know it was a pretty gratuitous with its racists, you know, that put a lot of people off, but there's

Dan: but not you

Sidey: you're fine with

Reegs: but, well, I kind of, it looked beautiful as well.


most of it was shot

Pete: the bloody vomit.

Sidey: Uh We watched a real Turkey just a couple of weeks ago.

It was called standby.


is Fucking shit. And This scene was the worst in It was the piping scene which looked like like a score production. where You could clearly see it like,


hosepipe by

Dan: just take over this. Cause I had this on my list too. So stand by me seen

Sidey: utterly, utterly perish.

Dan: the story of of Lada, who's trying to get his own back on the entire town has been making fun of him by eating blueberry pies and then vomiting over everyone. And I remember as a kid watching this for the first time and it, it, wasn't just like a little bit of sick or going down he's heads back and he's spraying it out over everyone.

It's it's going for me

Pete: I think it's meant to be, it's not meant to be like highly polished. Realistic.

Reegs: a story It's

Pete: It's

Sidey: Yeah. it's

a fucking

Reegs: telling a story within it, just to

Sidey: which is fine when you're a kid and you're watching it as a kid But when you're watching it as a grownup with like, expecting

Reegs: it. Like you can enjoy it as a kid as

well And, and cause everybody in the audience is also puking up. They know they have an elite and

blueberry pie but yeah, it's such a

bad take

Pete: in it.

Reegs: such

a bad take

Dan: I love it. That is my one. Cause you didn't do it. Justice there side. You you'd

Sidey: I did do it. Justice. I

Pete: come up with another one. So

Sidey: you want me to do another one straight

out the gate Okay Well a similar kind of as in it's kids, but it's actually good. is the.



we don't actually see any vomit

in this one

but it's chunk recounting a story. And

First of all, he's talking about stuff that he's done,

I cheated on my history exam.

Pete: Like what they call the fatalities, right? Tell us everything, you know, or tell us everything. So he goes back to

Sidey: in third grade I cheated on my history. exam. In fourth grade, I stole Malcolm Max's toupee included on my face


fifth grade, I not my sister, EDD down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog.

And then they got cuts back. and said the worst thing I ever done? I mixed up all this fake puke at home. And I went to the movie theater, hit the peak of my jacket, climbed up on the balcony. And then I made this noise like,

I dumped it all over the side, all the people in the audience. And it was horrible.

All the people started getting sick and throwing up at each other. I had never felt so bad. in my entire life. It's fucking brilliant.

Pete: Brilliant.

Dan: And that is a it's nobody doesn't like that here. Surely the Goonies

Sidey: because it's good.

Dan: It's good. It's good. Like

Pete: I know someone who doesn't know.

Dan: Hey

Pete: a friend's wife, hadn't seen it and then watched it recently and thought he was shit.

Reegs: have to be honest. I fear a little bit that it could suffer from the rewatch effect.

Pete: We mentioned

Reegs: time since I watched it. worry a little bit about the data, character being a bit problematic.

Sidey: you get a little up skirt, if like an underage girl and stuff.



Pete: I'm in Riggs.

Reegs: We watched.

On the pod and the main character Marta, which was what's her name and Adamas. She was Christopher Plummer's nurse, I think. And he was a mystery writer and she knows more than anyone else. What's happened to him when he dies. And she has an inability to lie because it will cause her to vomit.

So it's a great plot point in the movie. That was a really good movie that we watched on the pod.

Sidey: She is in the new bonds movie for about five minutes, and completely steals it.

Reegs: yeah,

I seen that she kicked

Sidey: Fucking knockout. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: right. And

Dan: well, I'm going to add in the fly. This was one probably around the same time as CB before which we reviewed in the, the mid.

This was eighties, even earlier than that, but maybe I'd seen him around the same time, but you know, Jeff Goldblum has this mad scientist who goes into well, he's not mad really. I suppose he is. He's just trying to make a transport and machine isn't he and a fly gets into the pod with him

Reegs: he were trying to make a

Dan: yeah, well that, that was it.

That's right. As you do in your garage back there and the fly goes in and it, it slowly, slowly turns him into a fly and the transformation. I mean, it's a fucking fantastic film. This took Jeff Goldblum. This could be a good mid-week cause it's a long time since I've seen

Pete: I've

Reegs: may be Cronenberg You've never seen it.

Dan: Oh okay. Yeah. So Cronenberg, I'm involved in this.

So, not that, not the beer. And there's, there's a scene as he's changing obviously flies land on staff and they vomit on it before they eat it and that kind of thing. So he's starting to, don't real. Just to show it's nice. And you've got the appetite break it down a little bit and that's exactly what he does.

He it's fucking disgusting.

Sidey: He says that

it doesn't he he he does it for the people. He goes, oh, that's

Dan: yeah, yeah. So it lost itself a little bit, but it's yeah, it's a really, really good movie actually, as I remember it,

Pete: Okay. Just very quickly, I only got only managed to find one vomit related record. I'm talking about records that we think we can beat the world record for distance, a projectile vomiting, and I'll have no other details. Other than the, the distance. I don't know who when or under what conditions anyone has it, the guests

Reegs: Is it longer? Is it longer than near Jack


Pete: longer than the evacuation we're going in feet.

And I think this is going to be a struggle to beat

Dan: three

Reegs: How big, how big is this for him?

Because I'm not

Pete: what's this? I dunno, like 15, 18 feet. Maybe this room

Dan: Oh, I'm going over this. It's just a, this is a 45 P boy for, well, if you'll get it, it depends. If you're on the top of a building,

Pete: no, I don't think that that can, I think this is like, I don't know the conditions, but I'm assuming it's like from a standing start on the.

Sid, you were close it's 27 feet. I don't think we've got that beat. I think we can. What's it. The buses hats we can do maybe, maybe the evacuation

Sidey: what I think about all

the time. but we could pay

Dan: I think we could come up with something.

Pete: Okay, well, let's try it. I've got some, I won't do, I've got a few, a vomit facts as well. There's that very quick. Interesting one. There is human vomit on the moon because Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin left a hundred items or more than a hundred items on the moon. One of them was a bag of vomit

Dan: revolting

Pete: other other things that were left in the bags of urine feces and, and more vomit people just leave it on there.

Cause I guess if they

Sidey: don't want to take it back,

there's no point putting it back in,


Pete: no, but litter littering the, the, the moon before we've even inhabited the places a bit remiss of us. But

Dan: he should be our locker.

You wandering along on the moon, mind your own business and you standing, standing some shit or something, you know, like,

Pete: more but a quick scene then another one this has been mentioned in another top five. Can't remember why, but the classic Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn moments when ACE Ventura realizes. The person that he's been trying to find. And also the, the, the police woman that he's been getting off with it are the same person.

And that thing called Einhorn is a man. And he amongst other things, just like I still, I plunge his face and then vomit in the toilet. Like, I don't think he actually see any vomit, but you know, what's going on there, but classic moment from a classic film,

Reegs: Yeah. I think that one now it's aged so badly. I think it's so transphobic and it is a really good film, but I think that scene is kind of problematic now I think.

Pete: I tend to, I think it's okay to, to, I think it is okay to get off with a bird thinking it's a bird and then find out that it's a Mount. And if you're not into that sort of, to feel fucking

Reegs: yeah. But

that's the problem though isn't it Because that,

is that. So think that what people are offended by is that there's implied some element of deceit about trans people and that's not who trans

Dan: attracted to somebody, then you're attracted to them, whether they're a man or

Pete: I dunno.

Dan: of, you know,

Pete: I think it's, I think it's common decency. If like a girl is a

Reegs: It's played for laughs but it's not I

Pete: before you engage

Reegs: Yeah Yeah I agree. But I don't think that's how things are these days. And I think that scene now plays, you know, pretty, pretty poorly to

Sidey: that bird with a wooden leg,

Reegs: but that's different. What happened there?

Dan: Well, there was this guy that got drunk on the a and the left and the elevator.

I mean, puked everywhere is wrong on so many levels,

Sidey: Another classic. The Exorcist

has a very

famous vomiting scene

which we've all

seen I've

Pete: not seen it. And I'd like, I don't want to watch horror films.

Sidey: It's not really a Horror film.

It's definitely a horror film.

But she,

Reegs: where did you go in Plymouth to see it? Cause you said you saw

Sidey: I saw it. I saw it in hotel in France just over there.

Reegs: Because I saw it at the cinema and that was the first time I'd seen it. They did a release of it. And we were probably about 20, 21, something

Sidey: like that. I didn't think it was scary. More stuff like all the medical machinery that was


Reegs: and the sound design was weird because sometimes they would really muffle the conversation and bring out all the background noises and vibrations and in the cinema, that was pretty effective.

Sidey: She does things in the film, like obviously with the crucifix, she the spider, what was that

It's probably what was cut, but there's obviously this spinning head and then she projected vomits on the priest. And while they were filming it, it was supposed to just land on him, like on his chest And he said, but she like arcs it back and peaks right.

in His face. So the reaction is like January. He wasn't expecting it to go. quite like that. And

Pete: I've seen that scene obviously. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: it's probably seen all the highlights.

the rest of it.

Pete: Yeah. I've seen the spider walk. I've seen the spinning head in order to yeah.

Sidey: seen all the, the

Pete: The good bits.

Sidey: Well,

I guess so yeah, that's a famous one.

Reegs: Bishop sort of, it's just flailing around with it. It just looks like semen. Doesn't it like gallons of semen erupting out of his throat in alien,

Sidey: is that in queen, it gets him

Reegs: Those, the first two are brilliant

Pete: Brilliant.

Reegs: tea light and so different. And you go, oh, alien. The first one is like one of the best horror films of all time.

Then bang here comes one of the best action films.

Sidey: I still don't like

James Cameron.

who can't warm to that prick.

Reegs: Yeah. But he can bang out a movie. Anyone really interested in whatever the hell it's called the avatar.

Sidey: No, I

didn't. I haven't watched the first

Pete: already like avatar.

Sidey: I fucked it off. After about 20 minutes, it was bollix.

Pete: watched it.

Dan: I've

Pete: I've probably watched it cut close to 10 times. At least. I'd say

Reegs: I tended to see it in the cinema.

Dan: that makes you a loser. Pete

makes you a loser.

Is it come around to me? Well I've, I've got one it's it's pretty gross actually. Jackass and most of these guys have pretty gross skits and everything in them. And you could probably choose two or three. There was one where that Steve-O went up in a portaloo and there, it was a full port portaloo and they, they flung them in the air.

And then when it came down and they, the little camera inside showed you everything. Yeah, that's right.

Pete: him up in the

Dan: Oh my F you could smell that shit through the TV. It was that fucking bad, but the one that I. There was huge amounts of vomit. They couldn't, you know, they just, they're all going. Not even those that aren't involved in it, they just can't hold it down.

But there's the the vomit. So they make, make an omelet. So yeah, it's Dave fully deck tower in, in chef cloves starts to introduce himself and starts doing it in the style of of a chef kind of programming. And and he makes this omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, all the rest of it, and then he eats it and he puts his fingers down his throat and bombs it back up into a bowl

Reegs: yeah

Dan: then adds another egg and starts whisking it

Reegs: no I have

Dan: and then cooks it up and he's sick.

Oh my fucking Lord. Those guys

Pete: I ran the there's a there's actually another one. When Steve-O does it it's I think it's called wasabi snoozers and he's snorting wasabi. And then he's, and then he's obviously he's sick on the plate and then he's then snorting his own sick back up, like fucking what's wrong with these people.

Dan: another level.

Sidey: he wears like,

Reegs: Is there a world record for that? Cause that

Dan: I don't want to try it.

Sidey: many Steve? I put this on like a


pho kind of space. Which is all gaff tape up to a tube And


faults into it. And the camera man was just like, chuntering everywhere. So wrong

Dan: after this, they go for a second attempt. And Dave uses the same ingredients minus the butter and he consumes no less than seven war eggs in an attempt to throw up more after he initially fails to vomit enough. So Steve-O is called up as a volunteer to try some of the bomb BombBomb and he can barely chew mouthful before we started throwing up.

Pete: it's so

Reegs: horrible horrible

Pete: Yeah. That their records, we're not going to fucking try and break. Any, so over remember years and years ago I was working. This is, this is another fact I was working in a bank and we went for a meal our team and somebody, I remember being in an Italian restaurant and somebody came over with Parmesan and said to them, I said to this guy, do you want Parmesan on your pastor?

And he turned around and said, why would I want something that smells a vomit on my food? I remember that and thinking, oh, I quite like Parmesan. There's a reason why Parmesan. They actually,

Reegs: type of enzyme or

something is

Pete: butyric acid and they both are the main smell of vomit. So, and then what they did. Brown university, Dr.

Rachel Hertz got people to, to smell vomit and Parmesan and they

Dan: people on their frequency.

Pete: And yeah, and people couldn't distinguish between those those two smells. Another 16 though, this is a really, really good one. And I'm glad I remembered it because it features my new favorite animal to pronounce a squirrel, which is in hot tub time machine when they go back in time. And I think it's, it's Lou and John Cusak.

I can't remember his name. His character is named there. They're the only two that wake up in the in the hot tub. And there's like a moment where it's, I can see are over, like the, the mountains are suffering, they're in the hot zone and it is quite serene. You don't. You, you know, they've gone back in time, but they don't realize.

And then this is like squirrel on the edge of the hot tub and leave just vomit all over this, the squirrel of great film and the great, and

Sidey: someone says a, have I got to be the asshole that says we're in a hot tub time machine.

Dan: What's food backwards,

Sidey: Is it mainly,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I

don't think we've spoken about minority report

Reegs: Maybe not

top five eyeballs

Sidey: there's, There's a scene where Tom cruise has been preemptively caught for by the pre-crime division that he's going to kill someone at some point. So he's on the run and all these people are chasing him. They have these kinds of

Pete: six sticks.

Sidey: Yeah. and they wax on with it, and they do

bomb everywhere. which

Pete: liked gets one and puts it against another guy. And that guy immediately starts and everyone just starts barfing everywhere. I don't know.

Sidey: Yeah.


Pete: I really liked monitoring.

Sidey: That was a sort of spell around that time where James Cromwell was really hot. So did baby did that.

He did are they confidential and stuff? Yeah. It's his dad. Yeah. So yeah, it is good. It's a Phillip K Dick

story, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. The precogs.

Pete: Good film.

Reegs: Is that a technology that exists? It feels like

Sidey: a documentary film. It's true. It's all true.

Pete: Yeah. True story.

Reegs: The garbage pail kids movie as anybody overseen

Pete: seen the movie. I collected garbage pail

Reegs: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So they were


Pete: Chuck. And

Reegs: Well Valerie vomit.

Pete: yeah.

Reegs: they were sort of like a repulsive vulgar version of the cabbage patch kids and they made a baffling movie about this. Well, this could be worth a midweek mentioned as well. And a movie like this really ever only comes around once in a lifetime. And I don't mean that in either a good or bad way.

If I remember correctly, they came from a giant floating bin in space and they somehow end up incarcerated in the state home for the ugly a place where abnormal people like your mum are imprisoned and executed. And they end up protecting and befriending Dodger. Who's a bullied young boy. And he occasionally seems to dress like some sort of military dictator as people did in 1987.

Do you know, do you remember like, like they'd have a blazer and like. Like everyone's an Admiral or whatever. And there was a ridiculous villain called juice. So this is a ridiculous,

no it's a live action. Well, that's why I'm getting to, because it was, yeah, they had these grotesque mark, the thing of nightmares these masks were and they got dwarfed.

I don't know. What is the correct term? I'm very sorry about

that is

it sh short dwarf. I think people who have dwarfism wearing these grotesque costumes they're sort of. Nightmarishly lifeless, but trying to animate the mouths and stuff. And they're really disproportionately big and they have these ridiculously horrible trading card characters.

And one of them is Valerie vomit. And

ironically she well, I don't know who it's for. It's it's a crazy Cole mayhem movie. The, one of the Valerie vomit was played by Debbie Lee Carrington and she was in return of the Jedi total recall and how it, the fucking duck. So,

Sidey: I had another Howard, the duck stat this week? Shout out to think about that.

Reegs: but yeah, Valerie vomit, she plays and she only vomits once at the climax in the movie on two juices goons. But yeah, I couldn't tell you whether to watch it or not, because I've only seen it once. And it was like some hellish nightmare when I remember it. So maybe we should wait.

Pete: it. Yeah.

Dan: , right. Then I'll go to Mr. Creo scene.

Pete: Mr. Korea. So, yeah,

Dan: yeah. From the meaning of life, which is a Monty Python film where they were like,

Fattest guy you've ever seen onto a table in a posh restaurant.

And this guy is just a slobbering kind of. Yeah. I mean, he's obviously meant to be like that just horrible, disgusting, and it gets more and more outlandish is,

Sidey: he has a special


Dan: has a space where they bring out. So you've got

John CLIs in any does weight as brilliantly, of course. So he brings out the bucket and he moves it a little bit.

So he's aim is just perfect and everything, and he's, he gets another flank key to bring another bucket and the more food comes out. And of course it ends with every Biddy puking and,

Pete: that pushes them over the edge.

Dan: more and more food.

Pete: It's amazing.

Dan: It's disgusting.

Pete: I can't believe it's come around to me. Like for like the third or fourth time. And we haven't mentioned this before, this is the greatest vomiting scene of all time team America, Gary, ah, what a film and what a scene.

Sorry. It just, it just goes on and on and on.

Sidey: It's finished

Pete: It's it's fucking brilliant. Yeah, I, I, I don't dunno what else to say about it. There's no point in even talking about the context or anything. He's

Reegs: how, how long do you reckon the scene is, has got to be a good 20 or 30 seconds?

Pete: longer. I'd say minutes. It goes into the minutes.

Just fucking, absolutely

Sidey: and then the camera sort of pans away.

You've got this bird's eye view.

It is enormous. Part of format is just lying

in it

Pete: It was just like how violently shaking and being sick. It's

Sidey: does feel like that though, when you, when you're chartering and you're like,

it feels violent, you know? Oh, it's disgusting. I've been sick for a long, long time. though.

Pete: I have.

Sidey: I got couple after another one that we have mentioned before is bridesmaids, and there's the same where they're all trying on their dresses.

They've been out for some exotic food, which has given them all

sort of bad Dicky tummy.

Dan: That'd be the last time you will dodgy food.

Sidey: know. I think it would have been drink related I can't remember. It's been, so it's been so long since

Dan: it's food last time I violently

Sidey: I've only ever been Earl from food once and that was on holiday and that was a long time ago. Anyway, it bridesmaids, they're all trying and they're all supposed to be, you know, prim and proper, and they get on that, that real nice dresses for the wedding and it all starts,

to go pizza and it

Reegs: a really funny scene.

Sidey: a really good

Reegs: Yeah, it is a

Sidey: People like it Same thing with like, oh, like

comedy with girls. Fuck off.


Reegs: this is bridesmaid's. It's really good. It's poor. Fake, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: So I won't labor it cause we have spoken about it too much and then there's another one. Good And

Reegs: well, I'm curious to know what that was going to be though.

Sidey: bad Taste,

Reegs: Oh, yeah.

Do it. Yeah. Yeah. By the tastes.

Sidey: well, we alluded to one earlier on in the chat. I think in the intro,

Reegs: I didn't even think of that. That actually,

Sidey: this was the first one I thought of when Pete mentioned vomiting

Dan: Mine was stand by me.

Sidey: we have recently watched brain dead.


Probably had some

form in it.

Reegs: well, it's got it's got, I was going to talk


it if we got to the point. Yeah, exactly. It's the suit ban also stifling a vomit.

I do like that when they do that in movies few times. And she does it when Mathison's, when the, when the air falls into the

Sidey: But bad taste was his pet Jackson's first movie.

which I think he threw together for about a thousand

Pete: Yeah, he's in it. Isn't he

Sidey: it's him who pukes it's him that peaks into the

Pete: into the bowl?

Sidey: that the, the guy

Pete: but they're all

Sidey: a big swig out

Pete: they? But in, in like human form, apart from one guy whose site not been turned or whatever.

Sidey: Say the one that falls off

Reegs: No that's Peter Jackson as well. Cause he gets, cause it could be all that. He had a huge brain injury at the beginning and

Sidey: yeah

Reegs: went on a rampage,

Sidey: they sort of carry him through this house and

just hold

him above a bowl, his great big bowl and he forms into it and you can clearly see it's like this really crude, like dummy. And then the, the older fellow that's on the stairs, like talking to them about that I can take over and everything. He just grabs a bowl and takes a big swig Arbus fucking grim. It's really, really disgusting.

Pete: he's like, oh, lucky me. I got a chunky bit. It's fucking, so, and then the guy, like one of the guys who's not been turned, he's like moving further and further down the kick. Cause they're all queuing up to drink this vomit and he's up moving further and further down the queue. So he doesn't have to drink it.

Reegs: I don't know whether I'm short snugger pukes in junior, but he definitely suffers from morning sickness.

So I don't know whether he peaks now. That's one of the best Arnie films.

Dan: Didn't you blow chunks last week or something?

Pete: No, he wouldn't. Let me I'm one step ahead of you there,

Reegs: should we get some nominations?

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Well, w we got, have you got any more scenes,

Reegs: Nothing

Pete: Dan? Have you got any more? I've got a couple more.

Okay. I will do so. Just going through it, it's only worth mentioning because I had such high hopes for this film and it didn't really hit the mark because the TV series is fucking no, no, no.

Let's see. TV series, just incredible. So obviously it was bottom, but they filmed guest house parody. So have you not seen it? It's it's not as good as you would hope it would be, but there's some, there's some food poisoning in it and everyone in the whole hotel guest house as being fucking sick, absolutely everywhere.

I wanted to mention Neo in the matrix because we were talking about the matrix just before.

Sidey: and I saw the new one.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. I saw the new one as well. Yeah. It's when he sort of like, after the Morpheus does the reveal of what the world is about and their alternative to batteries and that when he comes around in the real world again, and he fucking, he barks, I hate his visual acting like what's his name?

Yeah. Like when he stumbles it's fucking shit, it looks like someone said act and stumble. Now it's really wooden and fucking shit. No, I don't. Yeah, but considering how good he is at all the martial arts, or we might not be good, but it looks good to me, right? Yeah. There's that and the last one is a fucking absolute Belterra again, TV for mighty Boosh in the episode, Arctic where they're searching for the egg of Manton B and and Howard moon gets like captured by these words of like in Inuits, in wearing parkers, look deep into the Parker.

And so he sat at a table and they said, oh, before, you know, you cannot go, you must stay with us and eat our local delicacy. And like one of the young sort of light things like pukes on a plate. So he, he like gets a spoon and goes delicious like that. And then he goes, ah, here it comes. Now my favorite sandwiches. So he's eating the peek for absolutely no reason. And that's the last of my nominations. Last thing is, does anyone know what the so for me in, in, in sexual form, so if you're into vomiting,

Reegs: at what is it?

Pete: That's a failure

when a person is turned on by vomiting all by watching others vomit. Anyone else? Anyone in this room into that?

Oh, fair enough. Yeah. Sexy, sexy. Vomit. Yeah. Right. Okay. So far. So for

Sidey: you go first at your

Pete: it's got to be team America. It's an absolute belter

Sidey: Oh, that's good. I'm

gonna go for the Goonies.

Pete: Nice.

Reegs: Yeah. I'm going to go for bridesmaids because that was a good, funny scene.

Dan: I'm going to go so good. I said it twice.

Sidey: Jeff kitchen.

We'll hopefully put out all the stops.

this week. and Give us a fifth.

Pete: And if this I'm calm, a rare blue Shaw hon cheese. The one

Reegs: cheese.


Sidey: I like it, We've got cheese for days, right?

Dan: There's a lot of cheese in the house.

Pete: There's too much cheese to go through. One sad note is that I'm not going to be partaking in cheese for at least a month or four weeks from tomorrow. Because I am doing was say V January where we're in January, I've just had meat and cheese.

But from tomorrow for four weeks vegan and teetotal

Dan: do you think there's something you might carry on over the month? See how it goes? That's the, that's the plan for these things? Isn't it? That you start it

Pete: not at all. Well, I think the plan would be to see of all the unhealthy things all the time. Whenever I want. So you, which I miss the least and maybe have less of those and then still go back.

There's no way I could never have bacon again, ever. No one can ever stop me from doing that cheese. I'm a big fan of steak and stuff, but this is now going into what I eat and nothing to do with films.

Sidey: no I think we've got probably over 10 varieties of cheese

Dan: Yeah and crackers for those cracker fans.

We've also got some pork and red wine. I mean, we're well stocked here as you would expect in the Christmas, in the man-cave,

Pete: if there was like a nuclear apocalypse right now, and we would survive on cheese and



Dan: Oh uh we we've definitely got some hidden gems in here.

Sidey: which

segues very nicely.

down because because We

watched uncut diamonds.

Reegs: to,

Sidey: as

You said just before off air, but no, we did. We watched uncut gems.

Peter, your nomination In fact,

Pete: Th this was my nomination. I was put onto this film by somebody that we were talking about films at work and the reason, and a Scouse guy recommended this film and it, and it took us maybe a minute or so for him to keep repeating it, to understand we're saying, cause he was saying uncle gems and I was go like uncle, uncle what?

You've got Nana uncut gems, uncut gems. And I'm like Hong Kong. What? Sorry, say that again. Say it slowly on court gems. And I was like uncut gems. And he was like, yeah, that's what I was saying. And then he went on to but in a scale section, but then he went on to say, you've gone. Yay. It's like.

As a, as in straight Adam Sandler film, and I was like, what'd you mean?

And he said, well, no, he played, he plays, he's a straight actor in the, in this film. It's not a comedy film as such or B. It has like dark comedy elements in it. But I was like, wow, I can't imagine it because I feel like Adam Sanders wanted he's I guess the best way to describe it for him for me is

I don't mind.

I've, I've watched quite a few of his films and I've liked some, and I've thought others were absolutely fucking terrible. But he seems to be like way more popular than he actually should be in terms of being a, like a comedic actor. He seemed like he was like a comedy Allister for such a long time.

And I was, I really liked happy, go more. I know you're not a fan side.

Sidey: Yeah It's, It's it's lowest common denominator stuff. So it's just bland.

Nonsense. There's a couple of his that I really


Reegs: Well he basically only has one persona, which is kind of petulant man-child and that's all of his characters are that. And then this is not

Sidey: well he's also he did

punch drunk love, which is

Paul Thomas Anderson. from way back when, he, you know, another one of let's try and do something else.

But this is

Pete: well, I've, I've not seen that. And what drew me to it was the fact that he's face it is it's a straight film in the sense that it is not meant to be a comedy. It's like a, you know, a drama film that he's the main character, the lead character. And I think that he he's, he had a bit, quite a bit of a hiatus from acting for a while.

And this was him sort of going back into it, doing something that I certainly had never seen him do anything the likes of before. And I wanted to say. How it would leave me feeling about him as an actor after it. So that's why I went for it.

Dan: I, I really liked happy Gilmore or not, but like you P I share that of our quite, how is this guy got as popular and big as he, he was at one point, certainly it was, it was I think a few lemons in there.

He's done certainly a lot more shit films for me than he's done good ones, and he's probably living off those good ones. Well hits, you know, there's no getting around this. I avoided this. I knew it came on. There was a big thing around when it was on to Netflix or one of the providers who were just bringing it out.

There was adverts and it was going on. It seemed to be in my feed all the time recommended for me and

Sidey: and

Dan: Yeah. And I just fought, I watched the trailer and I thought this doesn't, this doesn't draw me in at all. You know? One, he ain't that great. Two, I didn't really like the look of this. Th the whole theme, so forced to watch it.

I did. And I will let you know what I thought.

Pete: Okie dokie. So I did it. Had anyone seen this film before you had seen it?

Sidey: I didn't in

fact rewatch it for this.

Pete: Okay. Fine. And you had seen it as well?

Reegs: I'd seen a couple of times.

Sidey: it's it's written and directed by the Safdie brothers. It sounds like something. You say when you

fought it, but they

they want, they specifically

had written it with him in mind, I think. And they wanted to cast him and he


want to be.

in it, or For some reason they had to wait a long time and it wasn't, I think it was Adam Simon's wife that

convinced him

to take up the role so they did wait for their, They really wanted it to be him. You know, it was it was specifically for him which based on the rest of his output is slightly Like weird

Pete: it is. Cause it's not like you immediately, that you think of

Sidey: got a grimy like

Pete: think who could play this guy. You immediately think, oh, it's obviously Adam Sandler it's you wouldn't put him in this role at all.

Dan: No. And there was a, again, maybe the hype about this performance being one of his strongest and one of his better ones. It still didn't tempt me into the film to enough to watch it until you force me

Reegs: watch

Pete: Okay. Good. Well, I'm glad I've forced you to do something you didn't want to do. That's what I live for. Okay. Who's going to kick us off with stuff about the film

Reegs: Well, it's opened in an Ethiopian mining.

Dan: Had me from this moment, you know, I was thinking, oh,

Reegs: open isn't it Yeah

Dan: you know, cause I was expecting from all the little clips that I've seen, this is going to open in a street scene in New York or wherever it is, you know?

No we're in an Ethiopian, mine and there, they pulled out some guy who's got a horrifically broken leg and it was just like a nightmare scenario. This guy, it looked genuine, it looked like a brilliant kind of opening where all these people were crowded around him. The doctors were looking and two men kind of slip off to go and see what the situation was that bought it too.

And they're, they're still chipping away at walking there and they find this gym. And it's all kind of, yeah, it's all kind of mixed up in the rock and

Pete: it looks like a collection of gems in a rock, doesn't it? Yeah. And then other, and then the sort of.

Well, you basically go up close to the rock and then into it. And then it kind of like, that's the opening of the film where it travels through this jam and all the different light lights and swells and shiny bits and everything and

Dan: The whole universe is

Pete: And it's quite,

Dan: kind of

Reegs: trippy, isn't it? It's yeah, it's kaleidoscopic and then the images are changing and morphing and then suddenly you're like, oh right. Yeah, we know you're inside someone.

Pete: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: no. Oh,

Pete: yeah. You're in

Reegs: And then you hear somebody Kellogg colonoscopy, and you realize, okay, I've gone from the German inside.

Our protagonists ass. was just a novel way of introducing them inside out, I guess.

Dan: You have this kind of sense of getting to know the character. So you're straight up intimately. You straight away know that he's had this on his mind. And that he's, he's in the doctor's for it, but then very quickly he's not moping around or he's not kind of worried about anything like that.

He's go, go, go. He's on the

Pete: he's constantly in a hurry. He's either constantly late for something or like nearly going to be late for something

Reegs: This is like anxiety attack the movie, the whole, this unbelievably stressful 15 minutes opening. The score is kind of constantly playing under things you can't quite hear, but you know, he's shout is constantly shouting.

He's he's, he's constantly reckoning with people his hecticness going on because

Pete: so he's, he's he runs a jewelry store, doesn't he? And so he's got people that are KMH jewelry store and he goes back to his store and he's got people coming in and they're looking at watches. They're looking at jewelry that, but there's yeah.

Ice. And you, it it's immediately apparent. A few people that are there also, he owes money to and there's so much going on. Like you say, obviously it's deliberately meant to be like that deliberately meant to be kind of like irritating and everyone's sort of like shouting, trying to get his attention for something though.

The one in four something or they, they they're there after him for some money or whatever. I, as, you know, watch the film with the words on, and I'm so glad if I didn't have the words on, it just would have been totally incoherent. I'd imagine. I don't know if you watched it. Yeah, because it would

Reegs: been

it's part of the experience to be like bombarded with his life. It's so hectic.

Spinning all these plates and you just get that sense of it absolutely straight away. But the score does back down and the scenes do get a little bit more coherent. It's less people shouting and plot emerges. So suddenly you realize inside the jewelry shop, you've got Kevin Garnette. Who's a real life basketball player.

I mean, I'm totally ignorant of this shit,

Pete: well, I'm completely ignorant as well. I just, so this is like this huge light guy, evidently a basketball player for the purposes of the plot.

Didn't realize this was a real black bicycle fucking good actor. I thought like, really? Because obviously he's playing a, he's not playing himself, but he's playing a slightly exaggerated or different version of himself. He was believable as a, as an actor as far as I was concerned,

Sidey: Yeah And he wasn't their First choice. Neither

was he go no, cause their next fan. So they wanted,

Omari Stottlemyre who played for

Pete: another guy I've not heard of, yeah.

Sidey: Gone and

played for the Minnesota Timberwolves. And he was like, fucking a great, player. So to be a great player And then also.

to be a convincing actor. Yeah,

He's he's enormous.

Pete: Yeah. settling into the plot are this, this Opal and, and that's going to be arriving because we understand the Adam Sonos character who is called

Sidey: Howard


Reegs: right now. And that's a certain level of irony to

Sidey: I don't know if they knew

Reegs: they knew. I don't think they knew. Did they D Ratner was, was obviously a failed jewelry chains.

Sidey: We found himself by saying It was shy.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: he did. He said all Their products were shy.

Reegs: So yeah, it just adds a little level of

Pete: But you, you, you also realize that he's got some gambling debt with some of the things, his brother-in-law isn't it, that he's got an yeah. And Arno's got a couple of heavies that keeps hurting up and threatening him saying, you know, they needed the money by

Sidey: it's hundreds of thousands. it's not like

a few quid

Reegs: but he,

he he makes money though, by attracting these rich types to his place. Cause he kind of invented bling is sort of implied, but he's got this fucking Furby that is jewelry that he shows her and it's like, the eyes are

moving and it's like just a

bit And it's just hideous absolutely

Pete: like this guy Demani, who's like connected and can bring, you know, sports stars or whatever, like who, who, who can come to his shop.


Reegs: and he's allowed to sell them. Fake Rolex is not within the confines of the jewelry shop, but he's, that's the part of the relationship. Yeah.

Pete: He allows the into, he allows him to do a bit of hustling and stuff. If he brings him like clients that are gonna spend, you know, drop a load of wedge on, on their, on their bling. So yeah, he offers to Polish, Kevin started diamond earrings in the polisher.

Reegs: It reminded me. My mom's like that. She's like when people come around, like, oh, go and put the things in there. Yeah.

Pete: So in the opening part, does the, the, the Opal arrives

Reegs: It arrives in a bunch of fish.

Pete: Yeah, it does. It is smuggled in, in some fish

Dan: already at this stage more than made up my mind. I really don't like Howard, he's an absolute arse.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. We've not really talked about as well. How transformative the performances from Sandler? Because like you said, you've, you're used to his sort of this persona that he pretty much adopts in all of his movies and in this he's, he he's wearing an overbite.

He's kind of radish looking. It's got these glasses on, he's all blinged out. His mannerisms are of a totally different person. He's just completely believable as not Adam's online.

Pete: I was about sort of, obviously after you got the opening scene and then the, and then the, like the bit we go through the open and we go up his ass, then about 10, five minutes in, I'd say, I, I thought to myself, It, this looks like a really good film.

Is it going to be ruined by the fact that that is Adam Sandler? And I I'm just going to constantly be thinking about fucking the water boy or that light, like the awful, like the awful things that he does, where he just basically pretends to be like, fucking, you know, simple in loads of food. Am I going to be put off by that?

Cause he's playing a character and again, it's quite an exaggerated cartoony sort of character because you can see he's had some, like he's, he's wearing some like prosthetics and stuff. And I, and I answer the question myself within about, I'd never thought about it again for the remainder of the film.

He became completely believable and captivating. Yes. He's a decade. Yeah. You know, you know, he said,

Dan: kind of Jewish

Pete: an, he's an asshole, but I'm not even sure he realizes he doesn't realize that he is. He's not, he's not, he's not calculating. I think it's all fucking shooting from the hip, like throwing good money after bad.

He's got himself in this fucking ridiculous, like negative cycle of like

Dan: instinctive in some

Pete: terrible, terrible instincts. Yeah.

Reegs: Well, yes and no though, because twice over the duration in the movie and we'll get to this, but he pulled, he pulls off some astonishing, these specific bets, and it's almost like the only thing that he's ever actually good at is placing the bets. He's got to the point where he's spun too many plates.

Investor's money he's put, cause he's invested a hundred thousand dollars in bringing this

Pete: well, he says that we don't know how much he paid. Yeah. Or maybe, I mean, are you meant to

Reegs: well, it becomes important actually, because kg calls him out on it

Pete: he does, but he just comes up with a number? We don't know what that number is. It's never like, it's never reaffirmed in the film, but are we maybe meant to think that the way he's borrowed that money off his brother-in-law to buy the

Reegs: so. That was what I assumed.

Pete: Okay. So yeah. So anyway, he Kevin

Reegs: they bring the, they bring the Opal out, smuggled in, in this fit, in this fish, isn't it he's filled fileting it. Thank you. And removes it and pulls it out. And

Dan: just at the same time, his his shop keeper had just would stood a really angry customer. He pulled his shirt and everything. He's in a really stressful situation. He's telling him, look, I really need you to help out there. You know, I've been working for years and he's got no interest.

Pete: completely

Dan: absolutely

Reegs: way throw it to my shirt. It's like, there's a

Gucci shirt. It's $500.

There's a good

Dan: about the show. It's about like, you know, the guy just pulled a gun on me or, you know, did really rough me up in there and you're not doing anything about it, but his, his mind now is, and I thought he was going to show him that and go, this is what it's about and bring him into it. But it's nothing to do with anything but himself.

Pete: but yeah, so he gets this, this old poor Chuck brings it out to the shop to show Kevin Garner who immediately becomes, you know, captivated by it and thinks that it's well, it was wrapped up inside.

Don't worry about that. And so he, like Karen Gardner immediately starts thinking, I guess there's a lot of like, you know, sports stars and stuff. A lot of them can be superstitious. He starts thinking that, that he was destined to have this Opal and, and he

Reegs: it is bright and shining though. Right? I mean, the

camera it's shot in this handheld style, which is kind of hectic, but it's also kind of beautiful a lot of the time, the way that they frame it and the colors and

Dan: I know nothing about gyms. The whole way food is filmed was expect him to cut it open.

It's going to be like worth millions or something more, but

Pete: yeah,

Reegs: it's kind of a

rock with a few shiny colors. But yeah, like you say, Garnette


Pete: buy it.

He says he can't have it because it's going to be up in an auction that he's organized. And then begrudgingly, he lends it to go on it before his big game that night or whatever, but takes his championship, ring off him. And that's the trade off and he they're all going to get that sorted by Friday.

Obviously Garnette goes off, he bets big on, on some stuff happening in the,

Reegs: when he has to win the tip off, I think. And then you had to get a minimum of our

Pete: Oh, it's a minimum of points. And then the winners,

Reegs: and then the as

well Yeah

Pete: a parlay. Yeah. Yeah. It's so, so he bet, so he he's betting

Reegs: the ring and he

Pete: Porn set for the money for the bet.

Dan: What a slimeball I can't believe he's risking this guy's championship ring. It's yeah. I mean,

Pete: This, this was like you say, like, it was like anxiety inducing because gambling as, as a, as a hobby fucking makes me anxious anyway. Just put, thinking about how you can and then chasing, chasing it, like losing money. We've we've all lost money on stuff. Right. But losing it and then thinking, oh, I know how I'll get it back.

I'll fucking double down and I'll go harder and go. And then we watched that film that you said had a great message in it. Let him ride or let it ride or whatever, which basically glorified gambling and saying nothing can ever go wrong. You will just win all the time and you'll get really lucky. This is the reality of it.

And it's fucking horrible and

Dan: the reality of it, right?

Pete: Yeah, it is right. Anyway. so anyway, so we see that this, that this guy, he lives from fucking one second to the next, without ever giving thought to the bigger picture and how he can get himself back out of this shit. Because even the second that he's even thinking of, if I win that, he's thinking about probably what he's going to spend that on.

Instead of paying off his

Sidey: does, when that comes in

Pete: he'd be a bit, they stop it.

Sidey: he doesn't know that.

Pete: No, he doesn't know it, but his so the, the brother-in-law and his

Sidey: brother-in-law has put a stop on the

bat because he's batting with his money, that he owes him. So he's like, you shouldn't be putting bets on when actually money should be

in my pocket.

Reegs: revealed really dramatically in, in a cars, in a scene where he's abducted,

Sidey: And his kids school performance.

Pete: all the, while he's, he's still living at home, he's living between his house and his apartment in New York. He's effectively estranged from his wife, but without the kids, knowing in the family, the rest of the family, knowing

Reegs: they've agreed to a divorce


Pete: Passover and he's living in a flat with an insanely hot bird,

Sidey: Julia Fox,

Yeah. She's This is her first. She's not an actress.

Pete: She not,

Reegs: works in the

shop as well

Pete: the shop. And he's

Sidey: She is a Fox and his wife is Idina Menzel. Who's

Pete: He's also a Fox.

Reegs: Elsa

Pete: Oh, is

Reegs: from frozen

Pete: go. Oh, is it okay? Yeah.

Dan: don't know. At this point I'm anxieties just like reaching top levels. And I struggle with these films, like, so I just stopped and had a wink at this stage, although I just, I yeah, no, no.

It's all it was, it was like, and I, and I just, and then I had to just take a pause because anxiety in this film just really ramps up and they've obviously sh they they've shot it this way to try to make that happen. And so I'm ju I struggled food is film because I was just like, oh, something, I don't know.

I didn't like the guy. I didn't like what was

Pete: put you, that's the

Dan: I had to relax.

Pete: the point it's meant to put you on edge, meant to put you not in terms of like, you know, like the gambling and the Jew and everything like that, but we've all got fucking hectic lives.

not to this extent, but like a bit of me related to this, I've got fucking five kids and ex wife. I've got a lot of fucking

Reegs: this was relaxing

Pete: Right. Okay.

Reegs: watching This was relaxing

Pete: it's, relatable, not in terms of like specifics. I, I haven't, I haven't ever lent an Opal to an NBA basketball player, but in terms of like the right one thing, so that even my day-to-day life was just fucking, if, so, if anyone drags their feet in this situation, I'm gonna be late for this.

And I won't be here. And then this and that Allah, and I've got to leave here straight away to go and do something else. And it's, and that stress, this is like it to the fucking ends degree and the shitty choices that he's making a compounding it further down the road and making me really fucking anxious, but halfway through the film, I thought if, if this is going to carry on.

At this same tempo and it's all just going to be like failure after failure after shitty like encounter, I'm going to fucking switch off before the end. Not because I wasn't liking it. It was too much for

Dan: th this is, this is my feeling with it as well. And there was a few times where I just, it wasn't because the plot wasn't moving fast enough. It's something that happened. I just looked down at the phone or something just because I, I needed to take a breather for me, you know, I just needed to get, well, you know,

Sidey: well they, this particular scene that we we'd got, to, here's the heavy sort of rough him up strip him naked and put them in the boot of his car. So he has

Dan: And he's at his, his family, his, his daughter's doing a stage play. He S he glances over his, yeah,

Reegs: wife.

Dan: he glances over. It's such a

Reegs: comes in

Pete: but she's not like she just sees him naked in the boot and doesn't even ask any, she, obviously, this is why they're now fucking separating. Like she's seen this type of thing


Dan: like, no, don't, don't, don't ask going, I'll be back out there.

I've got some other clothes. Everything to him is the skin on this. Guy's so thick. It just, you want to punch him and say, what the fuck? Can you not see five minutes ahead of you? Like, literally you can see the guys who you owe money to and the video they're coming up the stairs yet. You're giving that money away for an outlandish bet.

You could just clear the debts.

Reegs: Yeah. And not only that, but then he's got to have Passover. And the next day with the guy that

he owes the money

Pete: Well before, yeah, before that, wasn't obviously like that, that becomes a thing because he leans on family for, for obviously leans on family for favors and money and stuff. But then there's also the fact that Kevin gardener has been dragging his feet a bit, bringing the Opal back, which whilst he's desperate for it.

And it needs to go to the auction house. He also doesn't have the money to get like this guy's ring back either. So eventually ends up like pawning his own ring the other ring. But his, his there's a thing where the weekend is playing and that's his like is that his girlfriend is there he's there thinking he's going to get the Opal back.

He does. He has a fallout with demand a over it. He then goes into the VIP area, his message. Doing Coke and getting felt up by the weekend. I mean, like he signed up to play that

Reegs: But

Pete: I mean, I don't know, he, to be honest,

Sidey: it's

Pete: a real like artist. Yeah. And yeah, he, he, he seems far more unassuming like in real life.

I dunno if that's what he's like or whatever, but if he's a player or not, but that happens, he has a massive light dust up with his, with his girlfriend, with Julia all the way through the club and out into the taxi. And he's calling her a whore and everything under the sun. So yeah, the end of another not very good day.

And this is the day, like you say before Passover.

Oh so horrible and uncomfortable

Reegs: But it's a big family celebration though. And they are fairly good at putting a little mask on things. Although, of course, because it's, you know, all the women off being women together and all the men are off being men together.

So the guys are off watching the game and having cigars and cigarettes

Pete: talking about the pool

Reegs: about the Opal. Yeah. And your Arnaud is sitting next to Howard. The man who's just had him beaten up and I think he refuses to take a lighter from him or something like really

Dan: an awkward family moment.

Isn't it? Around a holiday time.

Reegs: yeah.


Pete: He tries to reconcile with his, with his wife and she just absolutely fucking like cuts him down. Like you wouldn't believe, like, I don't even want to fucking look at you touch you, talk to you. Like it's basically it's all for the kids. She's keeping up appearances, just purely for the

Dan: he thinks it's over with um

Pete: dumped the girlfriend. Yeah.

Dan: the girlfriend, so he's just trying to sound out options. And you know that he's going to flip back over again. I mean, this guy by this stage where he's a confirmed sleazeball with as a thick skin to take any kind of damage or insult and just carry on doing what

Pete: he's got so much front as a neighbor.

I think it's obviously from years of being in these sorts of situations, anyway, he gets, he gets the Opal back and garnets saying, I'll give you $175,000 for it. He thinks it's worth a lot more, something, more like a million. So he

Reegs: where he's having it appraised and then put up for auction. Doesn't he? And he's got some value. It's not really clear where the valuation. That he's got for, it has come

Pete: He said he's done his homework and he could get like, but the part, the problem is he's not had it to be able to get that verified before he then takes it to the auction house. So he gets it in there last minute on a Friday, the auctions on the Monday, they then readjust it and say it's 150 to 200 or something about the money that the kg wants to

Dan: it's its own worst enemy.

Isn't each time he, as you say, he didn't work it out well enough that he got him praised in time and the the new appraisal. Shit's on his, he thinks it's worth a million. It's then worth what the guy said he would pay for it. So he asked one of his

Pete: family members

Dan: members

Pete: gooey. Yeah. Is that a, is that a family term? Like a Yiddish family time or just a name.

Dan: No just just a straight old nickname. And he asked him to raise the bids and just keep gone. It

Pete: You can

Dan: fit in higher and higher. And yeah, you can see where it's going. Eventually. Of course, they're in this bidding war and he, I think he's

Pete: 9,109 So

Dan: to get it to 200, but gone it doesn't take the bait.

And he goes right. 190 then and lets the other guy have it. So he's then just spent 190,000 on something he didn't want.

Sidey: And he gets another kicking.

Dan: he gets

Reegs: And then he gets another


Pete: You get slap popped in the mouth and thrown in the fountain and he takes all of these things surprisingly well, because I guess he's just used to it

Dan: at, he's looking at the next bit. Isn't he, he's looking at what I'll do is I'll get the Garnet, I'll get the the Opal back and then I'll sell it to Ghana. Ghana, PNS stone is making this even more confusing, isn't it. But he, he gets the Opal and does sell it to Ghana. He agrees to

Pete: managers to tee that back up for 175,000. Then he's got the cash Arno and the boys have arrived, but he somehow manage it.


Reegs: well the whole way through the door has been jamming.

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: They've had various fixes of configurations of people trying to press buttons and that door be

shut And

Pete: Like a chisel in the

Reegs: shavings in and now they've got a chisel in it. And the chisel falls out just as Arno's

Pete: Well,

before this, he's given the money to Julia through a window out the window outside, she's got into another office.

He's given the money to her with like all the excavations for the bat. He's got a helicopter waiting for her to take her to some hotels so that she can put this bet on which she then goes. And does they realize what's

Reegs: don't brush over just the guy she meets though. We've got a

Pete: my God. Yeah. Yeah. What is he? Oh, this is what I imagined. This is what I imagined.

Craven's going to look like when he's 80, he's just going to be like sun

Dan: got like, yeah, blonde hair and over burnt face Elvis glasses and flies a helicopter.

Pete: craving at

Dan: he he's a billionaire himself or something, isn't he or a multimillionaire he's talking about. And he takes her over, drops her in the hotel. It's like a Vegas style thing going on.

Sidey: casino.

Dan: There it is. And she drops down this hundred and $50,000 bet on this three way

Pete: parlay

Dan: straight away the Pilate, the first thing he's got to do is win the tip-off.

Then he's got to get the most rebounds or the most points or they've to win or something. There was a couple other things, but I'm straight away he's he could lose everything. He could lose 150 grand from a tip off. I mean, this isn't

Pete: But he's, he's got the, he's got the, the heavies and his brother-in-law like

Dan: locked in this kind of glass security

Pete: doors and like only he can release them.

So they're in there, they're sweating that just sat on the floor,

Dan: They're there for the whole game and, and a little bit before. So they're there for the best part of probably three hours. And they watched the bet on fold and Arnaud is just in disbelief and it goes from anger to even more disbelief when they see the bats coming in they've won the tip.

He's got the. The most scores she's on the phone saying, I love you. I love you. We've won all this money

Pete: and how much they went over a million. Isn't it? 1.2 million.

Dan: It's going to solve all their problems, pay all their debts. But

Pete: I mean, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't actually what then happens. I didn't see it coming. I thought something, I knew it wasn't gonna be playing Saturday.

I knew I wasn't going to be like, let it ride where like everyone wins and gambling's brilliant and everything it was going to be. I thought it was going to be something with her. Like she was going to run off with or something was going to happen. Cause he separated from the money. Yeah. He's in the room with the guys and they've just seen that he's one, they know the bet that he was put on and everything.

So on the face of it, you think, yeah, this is the problem solved, but the money is nowhere near them. There's a helicopter ride away. So I was assuming that something was going to happen there, but I didn't see basically as soon as he opens the security. Heavy number one. Can't remember, as I walked out, shoots him straight in the fucking face,

Dan: up so much and he that's it, he just like straight away.

Arno's ready to kind of claim and think, well, we've done this, but he's just been poking this guy, the entire film, actually. I mean, he's, he's always fogged him up. There's another guy I thought might come back into it, who he got sold a fake Rolex and he looks like mad. And I thought, I thought he was going to be a Benny from the Bronx moment with that, you know, I thought he was just going to come out and this guy was gonna lose it at him for selling this folk Rolex.

Pete: fake Rolex's

Dan: you, I didn't see it coming that this guy was just going to draw a gun and do it, but I felt somebody was going to do it at some stage because he had it coming.

Pete: And then, oh, no, it gets it as well as part of the,

Dan: Yeah,

Pete: yeah. If the cleanup

Reegs: it's escalated way beyond what our know wanted. And that's

Dan: Oh no. Yeah. Oh no. One's out when he sees the guy's been shot and killed it's his brother-in-law he beaten up, put him in, strip him naked, put him in the trunk of his car, all that kind of stuff. Yes, yes, yes. But not to the point where he's going to shoot him and kill him, you know?

And, and this is suddenly turned into a murder and things started, you know, Arnaud could say he wants to get out, ends up getting tangled up and, and shot. Even the heavy number one realizes this guy is going to be a problem. Fill fills him in Disney.

Pete: He kills him basically.

Dan: that's it. And then it kind of cleverly goes back through the camera, goes through the bullet wounds and and then opens up into the transmogrifies into the into the, the, the rock, the Opal again. And and you kind of see all those mad trippy colors you did when you came into his ass,

Pete: And it

Reegs: And then back up out through the exterior and into the story sky,

Dan: the stars.

And we see that we all made of star dust. Anyway,

Pete: that leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Mostly. Julia is now in a limousine with a Mitt with over a million dollars.

Dan: not because the guy with the glasses and the tan he's got the money and then he gives it to the,

Pete: gives it to her in the limo

Dan: the go in the limo. Yeah. So that moment actually made me think that was just what I was saying there.

That he'd done a heist on him and that she was in a body bag up in the fifth floor or something, but it gives her the money. Yeah. And it's just leaves it. Doesn't it. It's like, well, she's got a great ass in $1.2

Pete: there was, there was a scene in the middle of the film, which made me wonder the bit where she's coming back to the apartment and he's in the cupboard.

Reegs: really? Isn't it. He hides in there. They've got a, it's an apartment that he's got on the side. It's actually one of the sub things. Cause he's he takes his fucking kid there. Jesus Christ. Oh,

Dan: he's, he's just, he's a real sleazeball. I mean, there's, there's a load of reasons that that was a bizarre

Pete: scene in particular was, was where

Dan: another apartment.

Pete: was one of the, sort of like the things that I wasn't sure about what was going on because she's on her way back.

He basically like Bluffs and says that he's on his way back. Where are you? She says she is. She thinks she's.

That he's actually back at the apartment. So he hides in the cupboard with a, with a, like a genuine, like J yeah. Genuinely like wanting to surprise her, but she's kind of like, very like, you know, she cuts him short on the phone and then she takes another call.

She says, I've got another call. Wait, I've got us. And as she's walking in, she's talking about like, yeah, yeah, no, no. But the Opal's like, you know, I think he's just got the opener. So I took that as she's not, she's just after fucking a big payday and that she was hustling him. That's what I thought it was.

And I thought

Reegs: Their relationship is not like that

Pete: No, but, but the, but why, but why sort of show that scene then why show that

Dan: another

Pete: it made me that immediately made me like, oh, she's up to something here. Cause for a bit, he kind of like, he stays in the cupboard almost like an obvious thing. It always reflected on the fact that.

And then he's not going to come at it. I mean, there is,

Reegs: a transactional, there is a transactional nature to their relationship and she was, you know, when we're introduced to her, I think she's in bed with another woman and there's been a party or something at the apartment. So there's obviously some guidelines to their relationship, but they shown to be like some form of love.

She gets his name tattooed on her

Pete: ass.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: But that's that

Dan: think there were lots of little scenes like that, that just kind of raising anxiety and, and it, I dunno, it made me think, is he going to catch you out here?

Is he, is she going to be with another fellow? Is she going to be talking on a phone? Is he actually looking for that kind of thing as well? And then bursts out and scares the shit out of

Pete: Yeah. Cause before she brung him in and was like, I love you. I love you on the phone and everything. I was thinking she's, they've won. She's going to get the money, bring up someone and just go, I've got it. He's going to get off something that, but it didn't play out like

Reegs: down and has a Wang.

Didn't she?

Yeah And she sends him some pictures of it.

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry. I was talking about it at the end of the film. Like when she's got, when she actually physically has the million plus dollars in, in bags,

Dan: I don't see any of that. I think she's going back to him.

And when she going

Sidey: yeah, I thought she was going to be disappointed. There's a lot of swearing in this movie.

is the fourth highest

of specifically of the word. Fuck.

is used.

It's the forest. It's not, it's just made the top three but it's in the top four four, five hundred

and six, five hundred and sixty times, they say


Dan: 505.

Sidey: The, the,

Pete: the

Sidey: the highest ever is a film called swear net. The movie 935.

Dan: We could do this.

Sidey: This is a record. we could break. Fuck a documentary on the word. It uses 857 And a movie rigs that you watched this week, the Wolf of wall

street 569 in third.

Reegs: there is pretty, you put your

Sidey: Yeah. So that's interesting. The budget for it was 19 million. What do you think? Did it make money? or

Pete: I th I think it would've made money. I didn't, I didn't, I didn't know anything about this film until I heard uncle gems. And then I, but I didn't sort of like look into it at all.

I'm going to say when not double doubles his money.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah.

Dan: probably one, I heard enough hype about it. I think enough people would have seen it, enjoyed it. That it's made

Sidey: it made it made 50 million.

so decent There was a lot of

Cross the Adam Sarner, didn't get an Oscar norm for his


Reegs: Yeah, I thought he should have done. I don't know what he was up against that year, but I thought he

Sidey: it was an effective performance in what he was trying to convey.

He did very well.

but you didn't like him, but that's what you're supposed to You're not, it's not likable guy.

Dan: not, he did that very

Pete: You want your gambling guys to be heroes and win all the

Dan: And just for the record and despoil is entirely, his bet does come through.

Pete: Well it does, but he gets shot in the face and there are, so

Dan: There's ways to win there's ways to lose, you know,

Reegs: they should have swapped the endings of let it ride

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: absolutely. They would, it would have made later write about a film. Yeah. So in terms of like, I fucking really liked the film. Like I said, it wasn't, it wasn't, it was just before halfway. I thought this is going to be a struggle if he's just constantly going to be a loser.

And it was a struggle, but by the end of it, and so that the second half played out a lot more smoothly. Cause I guess I was just a bit more, I had to keep, I had to revisit, sorry. I had to watch it in chunks. And I got used to the fucking, the anxiousness and the, and the tension building. But what this film has definitely done for me is if Adam founder wants to make more films where he plays, he's a straight actor playing a fucking character where I am going to watch the next film that he is in.

If it's like that, if it's like little Nicky, I'm going to fucking burn my house down

Sidey: Well, not enjoy the film, but did you

Dan: I didn't enjoy the film because it don't enjoy these types of films. But it wasn't because of the

Sidey: performance or

Dan: anything like that. Just because, you know, my stomach turning and just like feeling like shaky. Yeah. So it did all that. And if you'd like those kinds of films, then you probably like this one you know, there was enough about, I liked the performances from the cameos, if you like from people like Ghana and and the weekend and those people that came in that I didn't even know existed, but there was good surrounding performances, not just Adam Sandler, who yeah. I dunno, I've seen other films that I like more he was that dislikable character and I am glad that he got shot in the face right. At the end of it. I'm glad that he got his, yeah, he got, it was just such an ass. Like he just couldn't be.

Reegs: He was never going to


Dan: was never going to stop and he was always going to hurt people and it was always going to end that way.

So, you know, check out if this is your kind of thing, if you like those kind of movies that make you feel like you're gonna throw up the entire way through them. This is the one.

Reegs: fucking love this movie. It's like a virtual reality experience of being a gambler because it just creates this world and the horror and it's immersive and the, the whole experience. Yeah. And I like all the symbolic qualities of the, the gem itself within the plot. And the whole thing is it traces back to the miners themselves with a been black Jewish miners.

And there's a whole, obviously the Safdie brothers being Jewish and, and there's a big, strong Jewish representation of culture in this movie that there's Passover and stuff that most people probably

Pete: never, I'd never seen that as a, which considering, you know, watched a lot of films, a lot of like films involving Jewish character in that.

And I've never seen like that tradition ever. So that was enlightening anyway.

Reegs: And then there's a portrait of, I always relate to stories about addiction and that's what this is about. Amongst many other things. So yeah, this is this is a top-notch movie. Really loved

Sidey: Yeah, I really enjoyed it. too. It's it's really great filmmaking because it, it does put you in that spot of feeling uneasy and, you know, you're almost cringing like fucking hell what's he going to do


Dan: Not quite as bad as mother which, you know, which

Reegs: that was similarly harrowing

Dan: side of filmmaking though, when you know, it's very clever when filmmakers can reach food to screen and make you shoot yourself in your own home, you know, just feel uncomfortable and just get into that character's head.

I think that's a really clever way to, to film and Sandler did that. You know?

Sidey: he's he's like a revelation in this it's real, like, fuck, he's actually really

talented He can do a lot more, which just makes it all the more frustrating that it'll just churn out like 10 fucking loads of shit.

Whatever. Anyway the production company is age 24

who are like fucking white hot at the moment. There's just there's so much good stuff. man. we've reviewed quite a few of them as well. So if you look at their back, catalog it's just fuck it. It's gold.

I think mid-summer was one of them. So yeah. Good stuff.

Dan: Well, that doesn't surprise me actually mid summer came from that, that lot as well. Cause that's another one. That's just, I would class these in a, in a similar,

Sidey: accountable, the cannibal model one that we watched that was 24.

No, the one with


Pete: yeah me and e-commerce yeah. I forgot what it's called the, yeah, I know. I've forgotten what it's called neon demon.

Sidey: That's it? Yeah, that was one of those. So yeah, I go check them out.

and This is good.

Check this out,


Pete: Yeah, pinky and the brain. Oh, I remembered a hundred seen for ages. It

Sidey: Spielberg presents

Pete: I didn't realize

Sidey: it's Amblin his

Pete: Right, but this is a Warner brothers.

Isn't it.

Reegs: it. was packaged as part of Animaniacs

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. The same, which are they? Hanna-Barbera Warner brothers. I can't remember. Anyway. So pinky and the brain.

I remember. But again, it was just one of those things that are, as soon as I thought about it, I thought what's the best thing about it. Immediately. The theme

Reegs: Yeah Yeah. Strong intro

Pete: fucking theme chain.

Reegs: It's not just the theme tune. It's the intro.

What are we going to do tonight? Pinky or whatever, or what are we going to do tonight? Brain

flux state straight straightaway

Pete: do every night

Sidey: in the opening credits.

There's a formula written. Which if You solve it. The answer is THX 1, 1, 3 8.

Pete: right. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: I solved. I didn't read that. I actually did go spend the time and solved it myself.

Pete: yeah. And that obviously means a lot to people here. Yeah. If you don't get that done, it's going over your head. It's not Patterson

Sidey: This is.

A homage

Pete: This episode. Yeah. So I would say, I want to see pinky in the brain and I was just scrolling through the episode and I was like, there's one in black and white. And then I was like, hang on, like the third mouse, this is obviously going to be an homage to the, to the third man. And it's pretty much

Sidey: all the major scenes are covered off. yeah,

Pete: yeah, it does.

It's, it's, it's a, it's a fairly decent tribute to it obviously adapted for them being mice instead of actual people, but follows. So brain is is the one who's at large in Vienna or has been cool. Like Pinky's been called to join the brain and Vienna

Sidey: I did enjoy pinky. So it goes up the stairs department

and it's like, he's dead.

And they're like, okay, so you'll tell him that I'm here and he's like, no, no.

he's like he's gone

Pete: all the late her brain is like, well, you know, he hates it when people are late.

I'm sure he's not. Eh, through at no point, does he realize that he's dead? Even at the funeral? He still he's like, oh, but like brain love funerals and stuff like that. So he still doesn't understand it. And the accident was different. It wasn't a car getting hit by a car. It was a chemical expiration. You can see his body's gone through one wall and his head's gone up through the ceiling.

Reegs: It looks pretty terminal.

Pete: Yeah. And and there's, there's it kind of like pokes fun at the third man is though. Cause it's like the, the two, this, the two guys they're like one stroking, like some weird rodent type thing. And he's like saying yeah. Oh yeah. We were the only two people that saw what happened.

Only two of us, just us two, two. And then, and then another guy like says like there was a third mouse.

Sidey: there's even even has

a saver at the star.

One of the strings the, one of the strings snaps.

at end. Yeah.

Dan: She's obviously not seeing the third man, you know, but yeah.

Pete: and she seen jaws. Maybe that's another one.

Dan: has seen jaws. Yeah. But we'd we'd sat down and watch this together. So I don't know, you know, she'd never been introduced to it before. I dunno how she's gonna react to this at all, but right from the beginning, maybe the animation, maybe the theme tune that was brilliant as well, but she was glued to this and it was, it was, you know, because it had the theme of a lot of inside jokes with this because it's the third man.

I found it funny anyway, but I was more surprised that she actually sat and

Sidey: there's probably more in this. for the adult. watcher, I would say than There is for

kids because it's monochrome black and white thing completely referencing a 1940s

classic They're not going to get any of


Pete: Yeah Because they obviously get a lot of kids, TV things that has things for the adults that are watching this over. This is ex exclusively almost for the adults. And not a lot of, I can't actually remember any other episodes of pinky in the room. What happens other than the, the, the, the emo is to try and take over the world.

Somehow they're like, you know, genetically modified lab.

Sidey: The series producer, Peter Hastings. and some other people, they're all massive, awesome Well as fans. So there is lots of nods to also most fans and he said he describes the show as a 250 grand inside joke on us as



there's discovery so much stuff that the kids had. It's just going to wash over their head.

Dan: I watched the two voice actors of pinky and the brain there was given an interview. And they said similar things that when they he'd seen though the, the character drawing. The voice guy said, it looks like they've drawn Austin. Well was there. And that's

Pete: why

Dan: he gave him this kind of awesome world with

Pete: voices.

with the


Reegs: Lamash and he was also in the Simpsons and future armor and Rick and Morty and adventure time.

And the other one that you got

us to

Dan: with inspector gadget. Yeah.

Reegs: Right. And the other one, his name was Robert Paulson.

Sidey: to say, yeah. Who was Bob

from Fight club bypass. Bitch tits. Yeah. So project mayhem extends all the way into thinking the road. Yeah.

Pete: pinky and the brain is in the same universe as fight club as well. We're saying, right. Okay. yeah, w we D we don't need to cover off, like,

Sidey: If you want to know the plot of it. Just listen to our third man review Cause it's that

Reegs: Well, he's not an international plumbing expert in the third man though. Isn't he? There's a few, there are a couple of differences.

Pete: that's

Sidey: but you have, you have the Ferris wheel you have the sewers, you have the sort of long walk bit at the end. The death, You have all that

stuff's in there.

Pete: Funeral scene has got, yeah, you've got the, the girl is

Reegs: have a scene where he says, are you pondering what I'm pondering? I think


brain, but what if the chicken won't wear the nylons? Do you remember that gag? They used to do that every week.

That was

the only other thing that I remembered about pinky and the

Pete: The chicken wearing the nylons?

Reegs: not just that it was always the

Pete: Yeah. It was like pinky sinking, something insane. Cause he is insane. Yeah.

Yeah. David, quite a, an, an endearing, double act in that, you know, the brains of like frustration at how he was like

Dan: Laurel and Hardy,

Pete: Yeah But like, like the brains, obviously, so fucking clever, more clever than anyone else in the world, but it's also his biggest downfall because he expects everyone else to be on the same page as him.

And obviously Pinky's completely inept,

Reegs: Well he should take longer to Platte. Cause he's always like at night he comes up with a plan and then the day he does it, it's like I finished take longer. Just


Pete: you're, you're absolutely right. Nothing. You should give that sort of feedback

Sidey: I remember, I remember when this was on and we were sort of two old inverted commas, like

Dan: to enjoy

Sidey: in the cell phone but I remember people liking this at school because it was pitched at a slightly older rather than, you know, like Looney tunes or whatever they said a slightly a little bit more to it.

It still holds

Dan: a nine year old girls perspective, it was, can we watch another one as soon as this ended? And I said, no, because that's what the brain would have wanted. But yeah, we will watch more because they still hold up. These for

Sidey: me,

Dan: these are

Reegs: it's probably reminded her of daddy's use

Dan: Yeah. The black and white, when she finds the rest are in color, she might be listed on it. Yeah.

Reegs: How to say resolve, is there anything worth

Pete: You know, it goes into the sewers are there's the bit where he says, right, you have to turn this when I say now, and then there's a load of opportunities for him to say like, oh, is that, oh yeah, you can do that now to somebody else. But he keeps avoiding saying no.

And eventually his messages from up at the top of the Souza shouting down. And he's like uh so anyway that pinky floods are sewers before it's ready. And she shuns him because she doesn't want him to get involved in the like trying to build the espionage part of

Reegs: was quite attractive,

Pete: She was yeah, yeah. For, for a lady mouse. Yeah. But yeah, so he doesn't, he doesn't get the girl and then goes off with pinky and that's it. So he doesn't.

Dan: but I would recommend this episode to come in if you're not seeing pinky and the brain before it was

Sidey: it sees them, it's season one, episode 16, then in that case,


Dan: Yeah. Well, that's where most people should start most seasons

Pete: Yeah. And

Sidey: the first 15

are usually shit.

Pete: yeah, they're just

developing for the 16th episode. yeah,

Sidey: That's all for this week. We have some hastily put together

Dan: I've handed you

Sidey: which I'm not fucking thrilled about one of these. Dan has kindly scribbled down some nominations. We've got top five disaster movies. We've got a kids thing, which is also a disaster. It's the fucking wonder


Dan: one on Netflix.


Sidey: it a wide open mind Open

Dan: Yeah, you always are

Sidey: Yeah. The main is don't look up, which is

handy. And the midweek Pete. I don't know if you're available next week cause this one would it's sounds like it's aimed at you

Pete: Potentially I'll wait until you tell me what the film is before I tell you.

Sidey: This is spinal tap.

Pete: Okay. Now watch it.

Sidey: Okay,

so that sounds very good.

Yeah. Lots of, great, lots

of exciting energy and positive vibes to try. Train to. Yay. COVID COVID

Dan: The three train woo

Reegs: is going to destroy. So,

Sidey: no, it's the


Pete: blogs. You're going to

Sidey: Hey, Scott. Yeah, Pete's got a blog,

We first of all, for 2022, a heartfelt apology cause we have neglected. our website and we want to, as in, I want us to get our faces out there more because if people see how handsome we are that will surely.

draw more of an audience.

Reegs: terrible

Sidey: So we have got some blog posts coming.

Peter's got one about buses. That's going to be excellent and we'll all contribute, We feel like we should have done some end


Dan: does it have to be faces? Can we show off a body areas? I've got a nice elbow. Um

Sidey: Your pals

if you want. We can we're. going to, Yeah, we've got lots of books of exciting content and we want to do filming of stuff in some way.

Dan's even made a film. So he should be the one to deal with that. So lots of exciting stuff to come this year, but for now, all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out,

Pete: gone.