Dec. 17, 2021

American Animals & Dogs in Space

American Animals & Dogs in Space
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I feel we should apologise in advance dear listener. Our topic of choice for our Top 5 discussion is movie masturbation moments. As feared the Dads regressed into their teenage selves and lots of daft giggling and infantile chat ensued.

Our movie choice, inspired by a tweet, is 2018's American Animals. Directed by first timer Bart Layton, the movie shows us the true story of four college students library heist gone wrong. The movie uses some interesting devices to engage the audience, including using the real life protagonists as talking heads, but also within the dramatisation of the story itself. Sidey in particular was a big fan of this film!

Another listener recommendation for our children's tv offering. Darren Leathley subjected us to Netflix's latest cute animal animation - Dogs In Space. This is an all round meh from the guys. But perhaps we expect too much. You should tweet us your own thoughts on any of this week's programming.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dad



American Animals

Sidey: Welcome to bad dads film review. You'd think that having been off for a week, we'd to come up with some sort of clever introduction,

but we haven't Riggs normally does that, but he is still

laid low with COVID.


He doesn't have COVID but he, the rest of his household sort of does. So that's an ongoing situation. Last time out we had top five montage is

Howie: Yeah. And I would like to put my own in I would like to go for the Terminator one montage of techno. Thank you for reminding me that of the nightclub scene,

Sidey: Is that a one touch? Oh, is

it between her going out

Howie: no,

there is no speech. Of any, see that's what Gavin did me on Twitter.

He reckons that he, he mentioned the lost boys, the bike but I feel this scene is worthy of it because of the drama involved in Sarah Karna. And he's looking for her in the nightclub and Reese

way Mount Foley, it's the same actor. And he did a little roles in the eighties, had massive plastics, transformational surgery, and grew and got about five stone, a muscle. So it's the same guy both German

Sidey: okay. We had some other ones online. Mel nominated, obviously the team America won And then someone just did generically that heist movies have a lot of montages. That's great. Then Adam Ellis nominated one it's called Hardbody. And it's the opening sequence and he actually included the

YouTube link.

Dan: like it should be.

like it

Sidey: you can actually watch it

Dan: more fitting for our top five this week.

Sidey: This week's top five. We've been very excited. to Talk



one is his movie, masturbation moments

or real life ones. If you, if you filmed them, that can go in.

Pete: I've got quite a lot of TV, masturbation

Sidey: Okay.

How about movie titles that might describe your own acts of self-love Pee-wee's big adventure, the crying game.


Pete: I didn't prepare any of those. I didn't look up sort of titles that could describe. My own masturbation, but I was reminded of some amazing euphemisms for masturbating and I'm sure more Wolf will come up in our conversation, but I saw this is a new one to me, shaking hands with the milkmen, which I thought was quite good boxing.

The one I champ burping the worm, which I thought was a good one. And obviously classics like making the bull man cry and taking captain Picard's of warp speed.

Howie: But you mustn't just focus on the. Masturbation for female. You've obviously got a typing 180 words, a minute,

Pete: right?

Howie: gusset, key gusset keyboard.

Sidey: So

who would like to start the ball? Rolling. Pete, you got TV ones.

you mentioned.

Pete: I've I think I've got more TV ones, then

Howie: There's something on the TV and it's not just you in the dark with a black screen and it's a mirror.

Pete: I say I've got more too. I've actually only got two. So I'll start off with let me just check.

Yeah, no, I've only got two TV ones. Yup. Okay, so starting off, it was just one, cause I was thinking fucking nightmare. So I was trying to remember ones before I did any research. And like a classic one in-betweeners J he is called the dead hand gang. So like there's obviously conversations going around about if you like sit on your arm for a long time and then do it, it makes it feel like somebody else's ranking you off and to add to the hilarious.

Whilst he's preparing for it. He's got it. He's got the porn on, on his laptop and he's sitting on his hand and he's got the lotion out ready? His his friend. I can't remember which friend it is is Neil comes around and his mum like opens the door with Neil and he's obviously, then like caught trying to close the laptop with this like dead arm.

You don't actually see them targeting, which is a disappointment. But it does obviously open up that elephant in the room, the

Dan: elephant in a room,

Pete: yes of that whole getting, getting caught ranking or especially caught ranking by anyone. Cool. When king by their mum, have you ever been caught when king Dan?

Dan: No comment.

Pete: It's a great, it's a great story. I love it. It's not good. It's not going out there. No,

Dan: going out there.

Pete: not going out there.

Dan: one for the pub

Pete: I just say there is a mirror involved? But,

Dan: Thanks. Shut up, Pete. What, what happens in the pub stays in the

Pete: pub,

Okay. Sorry about that.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, that was my opening TV

Sidey: I've never seen any in-betweeners

Pete: It's it's, it's kind of like idle, like there's some really fun. There's a lot of like, like stuff that's dated now. Especially, but there is some really fucking funny stuff. I liked the films. They're stupid as fuck, but the films are quite funny and there's yeah, there's a lot of, yeah, they get quoted a lot.

The, the episodes on the films

Dan: yeah, it's clever right in. I'd gone to it well late and I have, I've only seen probably I know three or four episodes ever, but I think actually one of the episodes I didn't see was the film or part of it.

Yeah. Make some words that make sense out of that. But yeah, and it, it surprised me because my bar on it was so low. I thought I'm not going to enjoy it. It's not going to enjoy this. But the, the humor was stupid and funny and rude and clever enough or that I did laugh. So what we're looking at top five films.

Cause I, we did this a couple of weeks ago. We haven't missed a week because of.

Sidey: COVID

Dan: COVID situation all the rest of it. So I'm just looking back in these scribbles that I've written down and, and the one actually like you, Pete, that I thought of before even doing anything with something about Mary, where you've got I can't even remember the scene that well, actually, but I remember it somehow come ends up in

Sidey: he's told, he's told not to go out on a date

Howie: with a loaded

Pete: with a loaded gun.

Sidey: like clean the pipes. So He sat in the bathroom just like

wanking, furiously and looking at after the mirror

and then the mirror. And he can't fight. The chairs he's looking around and she's obviously bringing the

toys. I fuck I got, you know, and it's hanging down from his ear lobe.

Dan: Ah, that's

Sidey: like, oh, Joe.

Dan: got Joe, she puts it in her. She puts it in her hair and yeah.

Then we're, we're in all kinds of trouble then, but yeah, that that's a movie actually I could do with revisit in a,

Sidey: There's the one at the start where He's not masturbating. He's going for a

pitch. And he's looking through the mirror

Pete: beans above Frank

Sidey: is looking, he's looking out the window. Cause there's a bird tweeting or something.

And then the camera like focuses on what's behind and it's her getting dressed.

And then like, they think he's a peeping, Tom and then her brother keeps shouting. He was masturbating

and he, he gets his debt card. Is there for that.

Dan: Oh, have you ever done that? Have you ever caught you?

Pete: I've definitely got a bit of skin. Not as bad as that, but yeah,

Dan: no, that was, that was a category fucking chain. Wasn't it? It was as bad as it got that one. Oh yeah, it was, it was, you don't know where to go with that.

Howie: My first choice then ACE Ventura two when nature calls, when ACE embeds himself in the watch YouTube tripe because he's a kind of reforms, Sharman, he's got lot of top of clarity's got a celibacy going on. And he, I think he's easy offered the village. He's offered the village Virgin and says, no, he turns it down.

Pete: She comes on to him basically. Yeah.

Howie: And he does the immortal phrase. I get rather cranky. And instead he aggressively smashes one out in the huts that stay

Pete: Yeah. She, she shows that she shows him her tits and he's like, those are very nice, but yeah. What's, I've forgotten his name. The guy is like sidekick in it. The fat guy would like the pith helmet, like walks in on him and he's like, yeah, hopefully if I don't finish my meditation, I get a little cranky. Yeah. That's an absolute belter.

Sidey: The Wolf of wall street.

some kind of board meeting upstairs

while the

party's raging downstairs.

and I think they've taken quite a lot of Ludes. And

it's when

Jonah Hill's going to and they just completely mashed, but Margot Robbie appears at the party with

some complete douche and they were like,

she's an absolute million bucks and Jordan Belfort really don't want us to straightaway straight into

her. And then all of a sudden Joanie hell's character appears just fucking winking

in the middle of his fight with his wife.

They're like, what are you doing? Fucking so

Dan: Oh, that's when you know a party's got out of hand.

Pete: yeah, I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten about that. That is a good one. Before my next nomination, do we want any

Sidey: Yes.

Pete: Yeah. I've got a couple of records here. No, no. Although I have tried to beat both of these. So the longest amount of time consistently spent masturbating as a world record for.

Anyone care to guess this is a, a, a solid single,

Howie: 20 hours,

Pete: yeah.

Howie: 20 hours?

Pete: Know that it's, it's not quite as, as long as that,

of just like one consistent Wang. This is, so it is so massive Nobu Soto from

Dan: coming in less than 17 hours, I've gotten


Pete: Japan, made his country proud by masturbating for nine hours and 58 minutes. He beat the previous world record which was also his by 28 minutes. So he's like a competitive wanker. Is this another record that you think that.

Sidey: the hats And the bus. this,

Pete: Usually you want us all to try it? Are we doing this? Is this like a game of soggy biscuits?

Dan: yeah. I just wonder how they verify that. Cause normally they get like Morris Gurty in it

Pete: there's, this was, I think this was actually done at like some kind of like expo, like some like porn. Yeah. Like some like adult film, awards, expo or something.

The guy was just literally ranking for like 10 hours of trying to break a world record another records. And again, we can, we can try and beat this one is the the longest distance of a Jackie elation,

Howie: to me

Dan: to that book.

Pete: It's it's more impressive. It's bigger than that. Horst, Schulze, I don't know where he's from, but I'm gonna guess German or Austrian

Dan: is horse.

Pete: Schulze achieved 18 feet and nine inches, which is six meters.

And they actually measured the speed of the ejaculation,

Sidey: which is


Pete: miles an hour.

Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Dangerous,

quite impressive,

Pete: dangerous stuff. So there's a couple of records that we can have a go at. This one is not, this is, is kind of, kind of masturbation, but it's a funny scene in the hangover. It's not actual motivation, but Alan makes the baby Carlos, that he calls him Wang.

He's got his little hand and he's like returning to work and he's like trying to get the other guys to watch and stuff. So that's a funny film that I thought was worth bringing up and yeah, who doesn't want to see a baby banking

Howie: And that's the tagline of this.

Sidey: point.

Dan: I've got a scene actually, that doesn't.

Cheryl, anything, lots of these don't of course, but it's the Meg Ryan scene in when Harry met Sally, where she just has that orgasm team.

So he's not maybe cheating a little bit here. I'm sure we were quiet about it for me. It'd be pulling me up about the voice you would rigs. I know you would, but this was that kind of scene where Meg, Ryan just went worldwide famous as well. If you didn't know who she was before then after this orgasm scene where she's at a diner with Billy crystal and she just says, you know, they're talking about all guys.

And I think she said, I can fake one whenever I want or whatever. And then she just fakes this orgasm.

Sidey: says I'll have what

she's having

Dan: that's right. Yeah.

Sidey: I

just could never ever by Billy crystal is like a leading man or

Dan: I like him. I like him. Yeah. I love


Pete: I can main romantic, like

Dan: a comedian. I think who's just kind of find

Pete: here's a question I've never, I've never seen that film. Obviously. I've seen that scene, like no one in the world. Hasn't but is that like, almost because, just because of that scene, that's the only bit that ever gets shown. Is there anything else in our film worth watching?

Okay, good.

Dan: Oh, disagree. No, it's, it's a nice

Howie: it's a general

Dan: it's a gentle film. But if you're going to watch a Billy crystal film, it's city slickers, that's a


Pete: seen that. And again, man, I'm with you, Billy crystal.


is it my turn? No, no, it's not my turn. This Harry's turn.

Howie: I'm going off the original

Pete: a D original.

Howie: the one that will. Light everyone's fire is American pie, mainly because it features both male and female masturbation You've got Jason Biggs who plays Jim Levinstein and it's just fucking painful. The whole film is just fucking painful. And then I forgotten the name. Is it nausea on webcam? And the days before the internet was more than a three 20 by

Sidey: Shannon Elizabeth. That's the

1, 3 3,

Howie: by 2, 5, 6 little picture. And everybody on the class,

Sidey: Well, he,

Howie: into

Sidey: he asks one of his friends, what's it like, you know, and they say like warm apple pie. So he folks the

and he's rumbled.

Howie: I like his dad. He usually lets

Sidey: live here. He's a, he asked to have the father

son conversation.

Pete: He's so inappropriate. Yeah. There's loads of like masturbates. Like, so obviously there's the, the, the girl, I can't remember her name from Buffy

Sidey: Alyson Hannigan.

Pete: Yeah. She's like, obviously she talks about how she has a go herself for the flu. There's, there's the bit where isn't there a bit. We used to like but him, the main, the main guy is like, he's like tugging and watch it. And like, he's got a tube sock on and he's like Dick and the parents walk in and like remove the light and the dad like moves the cushion out of the way.

And he's just got, he's like stiffy in the sock. There's yeah. There's, there's loads of stuff in that film.

Dan: it's a stroke of genius.

Pete: Uh First one of the night,

Sidey: Go for horror, horror, Wang, and.

the Exorcist.

Pete: Oh, yeah.

Howie: yeah.

Sidey: that

Pete: Not seeing the film. No,

Howie: it's,

Dan: I've

Pete: it's a horror

Dan: film, but I didn't wait to it. What, what was the

Sidey: She,

well, I mean,

masturbation is a sin in the eyes of the Lord, but she takes a crucifix


Howie: film got me closer to thinking.

There is a God at one because I was so appalled by it. And I was quite young when I saw

Dan: yeah. Right. Yeah. No, it

Sidey: They did a rerelease and I saw it at the cinema and I was a little bit underwhelmed by it, I think, Cause it, yeah, you just heard so much stuff about it. And some of it is was the pantomime


Dan: time as well, where you wouldn't have seen a

Howie: blasphemy on that

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah, no, it was absolutely shocking. But if she used the crucifix

Pete: yeah, that's

Sidey: the ultimate sort of

Pete: it, it would have been like cut from some versions. I, I would imagine. Another scene that I sink must have been cut for like the TV version of, of this film, because I didn't really appreciate what was going on, but then later on having seen it, I got it in the silence of the lambs.

Clarice goes and meets Hannibal Lecter. The first time I, the first day it was lost on me, the first one I've watched the film. So maybe it was cut altogether because like, I mean, it's, it's fairly like graphic, like, first of all, like he cites, so this, this character in another cell called mix and we've

Sidey: multiple

Pete: multiple new.

Yeah. We've got a landing place for our football team called mix. I might start saying as him, but yeah, so he's like, I can smell your cans and stuff like that. So it be like pretty fucking graphic and stuff, but the whole time that she's been chatting to Hannibal, he's been like having a fiddle with himself and as she sort of retreats it, like from this really fucking like gripping and councilor with this light,

Sidey: like


Pete: yeah,

Sidey: encounter.

Pete: He yeah, he yeah, Spiderman. So Chuck's his.

And she walks past,

Sidey: which gets on side. Cause he says, no, comeback. I cannot stand rudeness.

like that. And so he liked to make amends. He sort

Pete: Yeah. Like murdering and eating people is fine, but I'm not having any wink. Yeah,

Howie: rule that we should all live

Pete: yeah. Yeah. Moral code. It's good to see someone with a moral code,

Howie: standards,

Dan: He ends up kind of just talking this guy into his death and the overnight

Sidey: You saw it as his tongue somehow by yeah.

Dan: then how he makes him do that. But,

Pete: how he made him do


Dan: I think I don't know how he made him do it. Well I w I was asked, we went to the doctors and they said can you masturbate in a cup? And I said, look, I'm pretty good, but I don't want to be entered into a competition. Um

Pete: Made weird. Cause you said masturbate.

Dan: Yeah,


Howie: I, I went to the doctor the other day. This isn't a joke, but this is a funny story. So let's go and give a pee test. Right. This was going to say, right. And so you said, do you think you can get. And I was like, what a pay, just to clarify. And I rushed across the hallway and he goes, ah, the sample tubes, have you ever seen a sample tube, but you have to piss it.

It's a fucking tiny test tube. So on they're all flustered, you know? Cause you've got time slot for your doctor's a pistol of my hand, pissed them a boxes. So I've got a nice piss stain about, I filled the tube up, it's dripping. So I handed it back and he's like, oh thanks. And I'm like, and then he's like, oh, I just want to check your, your guts and stuff.

And I'm like, all right. Okay, well man, check, I gotta have this done, but he says, just drop your transness. I'm not a fucking drop my child. And I said, look, I'm covered in piss. I've got big piss marks on my box. He's laughing. And I'm like, this is all because of you.

Dan: Yeah, no, they never asked me to drop my trash.

Pete: encounter only just encountered the test tubes. You have to pace it at the age of 43

Howie: Yeah, there's not as much on me when I shattered it. It was a real mess.

Dan: it

Howie: It was everywhere.

Dan: Then you have to ask him for a funnel.

Howie: Want to drink your fucking sick


Lots of my wonky ones have been mentioned, but I'll have to go back door slot seven then when when Gemma Jane missing can only come when getting drilled in the ass, you know, she can only

Pete: She didn't, she did female to female.

Dan: was, yeah.

So there, there was it

Pete: told me, I don't

Dan: a, a strap on thing. So I'd have to put that in a push. I, you know Pete, I mean, you obviously used to be addicted to, Oh, you stood on

Howie: do you remember? You got that.

Do you want me to go that DVD and effort of your family albums from America ones in our flats? And we found, we found our flatmate watching it one lunch. So

Pete: Oh my gods. So yeah. Now this is a story where it's that. So like CA catching people blanking out, like address that at the beginning and now. Obviously Dan's been caught, but


I walked in I've, I've gone home for lunch and I had not long, this, this lad had only just moved into our house.

Like, I won't say his name. It was Carl Simpson.

He opened the fucking door, which went straight into the lounge and he was like completely naked on my like leather beanbag watching my version, my, my copy to Cox in the same hole, like beating one off in the lounge. And I just like,

Dan: right.

Pete: I had to have a conversation. I was like, mate, that's not cool. Like, go, go and like, do that in your room. Why don't you do it in your room?

Howie: Because I live in the cupboard.

Pete: yeah, he did live in the cover. That's true.

Howie: My last one, because my list is pathetic is a scene where you don't, you don't necessarily see what's going on, but it's in clerks. Where are they going to the old man convinces? He convinces them to give him a drop Mack. What does, what does he give mince in the end? Is it a It goes from like a newspaper to a comic, to a grot mag.

Dan: toilet while we

Howie: Yeah. And so he goes into the toilet and then she walks in on him and,

Pete: He dies. Yeah. And then she has sex with him.

Howie: Don't remember that, but,

Pete: Yeah.

Howie: so, yeah, so not seen, but in inferred

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Some ladies at it, the shape of water, which we reviewed opens pretty much with an egg timed masturbation in the bath Mulholland drive, David Lynch,

us really good.

Betty Elms, played by Naomi Naomi what's seven, a bit of a rough time. And it shows her sort of laugh, lack of success in Hollywood. She's shown, crying on the couch with a mascara running down her face and the.


pans down. And she's rubbing one out at the same time. Sex education, the Netflix series. Well, It's really, really good.

Loads of ranking and shagging guide on that one of the main characters, Amy, she's never done it and she has loads of conversations And then we see her at it in her bedroom not particularly graphic, but you know you know exactly what was going on. And Pleasantville. anyone's seen that with her spoon

Dan: think so

Sidey: Joan Allen plays her mother.

They somehow, I can't remember exactly how it happens, but she gets transported back into 1950s TV show land. and everyone's very, sort of stayed in prim and proper, and Joan Allen, you know, it's this sort of really conservative sort of values that they have. And she basically tells her about wanking and she runs a bar that has a wag and everything goes into color because it's in black and white and

after she's

Dan: I do remember that

Sidey: and I've a bit of a thing for Joe, Nan, and I probably

Dan: From that,

Pete: you probably masturbate to her,

Sidey: later. I've got more. as well, but those are the ladies,

if you've got any


Pete: the single ladies. I've got, I've got two left, but I've also got a couple of facts or university university study. Which threw out some interesting info. The university of Sydney found that masturbation leads to a lower chance of diabetes and insomnia. So it's basically, it's a good thing to do.

Sidey: So none of us will ever get diabetes,

Pete: none of us have diabetes or insomnia. Yup. As soon as my head hits the pillow I've got an also there are animals in the animal kingdom that masturbate one. I actually had to go and look into this. So apparently deer and moose, deers, and moose, they it's, they call it motivation. No, they, what they know that what they do, they can, they can, they can bring themselves to climax by rubbing their antlers on like trees and rocks and stuff.

So that, I guess, kind of axes as masturbation monkeys, walruses, apparently very good at self fallacious. Which you think would, the teeth would be a problem, but not, but the best one, because it picks up from our conversation about squirrels the other week. So squirrels apparently masturbate and in 2008, 2010 paper published by the university of central Florida found that male squirrels, not only do they masturbate to ejaculate, they then consume their ejaculate.

So we've all

done that. Yeah. Yeah. Snowball. So my last, my I might as well get my last two out American beauty.

Sidey: Oh

Pete: So so the one I was specifically thinking of is. Mr Spacey like, yeah, he's probably got a few other stories. I'd imagine like that, but now he's lying in bed next to his misses and not everything's okay.

In their relationship. And he's, he's effectively, like he thinks she's asleep. He's trying to have a stealth wink,

Howie: danger.

Pete: okay. No, just so he needs to, like, it is a danger rank, but he needs to adopt the stealth rank, which is, you know, I'm very proficient at and he's yeah. He's basically caught in the act thinking about her.

Yeah. So yeah, at first he denies it and then he just like, turns it back on. And it's like a real moment of empowerment for him in the film because he just like stands up to her and says, yeah, I'm doing it. I get nothing from you. You're a waste of space. And then they have like a big ding dong, but at the end of it, he he's like, even though he doesn't get to finish the act, he like rolls over and he's pretty pleased with himself that he's finally stood up to her.

My last one is another TV one, which is a, the Mightybell. Which is one of the many colorful characters, but sandstorm who is made exclusively it's in the fountain of youth episode and he's made exclude like completely out of sandpaper. And so he's really like, like he's really angry the whole time.

And like, like Vince asked him like, why so angry? And so, and he's, ah, you know, every time I like touch something, I like sand it down and stuff. So he gives him his gloves or hand sheets and he immediately discovers that he can then like play with themselves. And then there's this like really weird, awkward thing of this like sandpaper rustling and him saying, oh, glove love glove lover. And he just spends the rest of the episode. Every time he like appears he's like fiddling with himself for these new gloves. So good fun.

Dan: Oh, the fun of new gloves. I've got one more, actually the blue lagoon was a bit of a T jerker.

Sidey: To Brooke shields,

Dan: it was Brooke shields. Yeah. And,

Sidey: it was a bit dodgy. Wasn't

Dan: yeah, they did two, actually the blue lagoon and return to blue lagoon.

I think there was wine can and both, but certainly

Howie: sounds exactly like how mark Kermode describes on his way.

Dan: I mean, it's a story of, of two two young kids ready to get, you know, Robinson Crusoe road onto an island and innocent enough, not to even know about sex, but just find out through them selves and their bodies growing up. And they ended up having a baby before being rescued, but it's it's, it was a big film at a time when I was a kid.

I think this one and it was yeah, remembered for a few.

Howie: I've got one last TV one, actually. And you need to look it up. It's just a quick. Sharp sketch with, I think it's the big train.

Pete: That was why the TV one. Yeah. It's fucking brilliant that, yeah. Yeah.

They were, they, the guy bans when king in the office, they're all gutted. You just see like tissues hanging from that, like the

Howie: And it's like, John, are you still working? And it cuts to, this is a pot plant moving like that,

Pete: is amazing.

Howie: but that's me. And I'm spent

Pete: that was you.

Sidey: There is another one in American beauty, right? the very start. When he's waking in the shower,

I mean, it's like pathetic in my life to 30. This is the high point of my day banking in the shower. Fast times at Ridgemont hide, judge Reinhold.

You see, in that film, he is the

It's a famous problem of Phoebe Cates. She's

Phoebe Cates dropped dead Fred or gremlins, You would know. She definitely would recognize her. she's in this sort of red bikini. And she says a party going on. And he goes to the bathroom and he's sort of looking at, her and he imagines

Getting out of the pool and taking off her bikini top and she does but it's all in his mind and she opens that She actually ends up opening the bathroom door and catching him at it.

Howie: Very much Stacey's mum. Isn't it? That song that was out as the

Sidey: got it going on. Yeah. The secretary, had done, if anyone's seen that movie. Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal,

Dan: I've seen the poster. Where's it got legs on the front.

Sidey: a good movie.

Yeah. It's given me Lots

of, sort of S and M conduit as she first of all, wax thinking of, James. Spader, James.

Spader and

eat mama tambien. they

Wang into the swim pool on the diving board.



Pete: And there's some mutual masturbation going on later on with

Sidey: Yeah.


Pete: Yeah,

it's quite a Winky film

Dan: It's a load of wine. We've talked

Sidey: So let's whittle that down into a top four peer.

Pete: I should be prepared for this and I'm not. I've got to go sandstorm from the mighty Boosh.

Sidey: Okay. Done.

Dan: Well it's not going to be backdoor slot seven. I'm going to go for something about Mary

Sidey: Good one,


Howie: American pie.

Sidey: I think I'm going to put in the extra cyst, but

I did

also want to put in Wolf of wall street.


Dan: in there. Isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: it's a famous one, famous Wang. Let us know your favorite movie masturbate.

Dan: Yeah well, any stories you've got?

Howie: especially about anyone on this book,

Pete: lost last chance, last chance.

Dan: no, no. You'd have to, you'd have to get me down to pub for that one.

Pete: I've got a bear here.

Sidey: Because we've had such a long hiatus, we must have all watched so much stuff that we need a section, all of its own P I know you would have devoured a lot of.

Pete: Oh, yeah, I've smashed a huge number of films I'm doing like early morning feeds for my newborn chafed and yeah, watched there was a day that I had a really, really horrendous hangover and watched two films.

I wanted to watch things that I thought would make me feel good. And one was the Andre, the giant film. Like it's like a documentary film, which is like, it's really sad. Like he dies in the end. Yeah, it's an interesting, so I went on a bit of a, an Arnie push and rewatch, a lot of film rewatch, kind of the barbarian, cause it's a fucking, it's one of the best films ever made red Sonia, which I'd never seen before.

It's fucking crap. Just in case anyone was ever thinking about watching it. I've watched that running man in which predator did all of that. Anyone seen aftermath?

Sidey: No.

Pete: 2017 Arnold Schwartzenegger I'm not sure I would nominate it for this. It's it's a fucking pretty horrible.

Howie: go is it's not about his daughters zombie. No,

Pete: it's not, no. Okay. I'm done. I've done it if I should nominate it or not.

Dan: Heard of it. And it's an Arnie film,

Pete: I literally saw the, I saw the poster and thought, oh, an Arnie film from 2017 and he looked quite like grizzly and rugged on the Frank. So I thought, oh, it might be, it was nothing like I expected. It's a very serious and very sort of depressing film

Dan: Yeah. And, and only film I haven't heard of. So recent is alarm bells are ringing. I'm thinking it

can't be much

Pete: don't, don't be fooled by the, for, it's not, it would never fall under the category. Arnie like an Arnie

Dan: It wasn't like him in Rambo.

Pete: No,


Okay. I won't, I won't sweat in

Howie: I have genuinely, I've just never heard of it. And I've seen the biog briefly, which won't spoil it, but I've not heard of that at all.

Pete: Yeah.

This, the thing that makes it interesting is that it's a true story, which is which I didn't find out. So after I'd watched the film, which is fucking mental, but I might, I might nominate it at some point, so I won't spoil it. I've watched loads of other things, but that's I'm also making, cause we're coming up to new year, I'm going to make a new year's resolution for you side.

I'm going to go back and I'm going to rewatch the Timothy Dalton bonds. And with, with a completely clear and open mind and then in the new year I'll and I'm going to try and do the Brosnan ones again, but I

Sidey: I would never, I would never do that again.

the physical card,

Pete: Okay. It's got the Scottish fellow in it.

Sidey: golden eyes, the K one and the

Pete: I still never see that all the way through.

I don't

Sidey: mean, it's fairly page, but it's the best of his,

Pete: right. Okay, Dalton, I'm going to give it

Dan: It was something about Christmas and bond. I don't know if they came home when I

Sidey: was

Dan: a kid around that time

Howie: they used to always put them on, but I

Sidey: ITV four on a Saturday afternoon

Germany has a bond.

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: I watched a few actually I've started our mate, Pete Jackson is get back documentary about the Beatles.

They're three hours. There's three films at three hours long, and I'm sure. Don two of them. So I'm, I'm into the last one. And just the creative process. They found all this footage and he's edited it and remastered it and put pictures in where only conversation where was picked up. But they've got hours and hours and hours of, of this kind of rare footage.

And he's turned it into a compelling documentary on, on the whole creative process of how they put together and the banter of the, the, the, the Beatles together Yoko Ono's in it and

Howie: she is inferior,

Dan: Yeah. But, you know, and you could understand how that could wind somebody up. Like literally then for, and Yoko, she's just sat closer than Pete is to me now.

All the time.


bringing what, you know, she just sat, there is kind of a spare part to John, but,

It's who knows, but it, it was it I'm still watching it. I'm still really enjoying it. It's, it's a sizing up to be a fan. And one of the things I really enjoy about this guy, actually, Peter Jackson, because he did a similar thing with their world war, one footage that in the trenches where he brought you to color and he put in

Howie: lip readers too,

Dan: that's

Howie: and white Sunni and he got lip reader to accurately depict what the soldiers were saying.

And then they got an actors to dub over. We have regional accents to suit their battalion or troops, and it is really well done. It actually brings and it's because it's been HD and colorized. It makes it

Dan: We just have a little bit history and it's the same with this. I mean, it's a labor of love.

Obviously. He's not doing it for the money. He's doing this because their projects and things that he thinks I can add something to this, I can bring it to a new audience and he's done that. And that, that was really good. And then I watched last night wrath of man which was the Jason Statham one, which is now on prime.

Sidey: and I loved it.

Dan: It w it was two hours of, you know, what you're going to get and that's what you got. And yeah, I enjoyed it. He did it well, it was you know, he tried to play with a timeline a little bit and

it did, it did no, the whole thing, it was, it was some lovely stylized shots. Some sometimes they got a, a shot from a room and it was so well lit and it was just perfect or a shot from a building or something, looking out into a street.

And it was

Pete: brilliant redemptive film for him in that genre, like re like revolver or whatever the fuck it was was, was horrendous. And this is like the next one that he's done of that elk.

Dan: he's,

yeah, I liked, I liked, I liked the gentlemen, but I think I liked the gentleman, but he, I think he's toned himself down to be a little less mannequin.

This one to get a more regular kind of. It's worked. It has worked. And it's not his best film, but it's far from his worst.

Howie: So TV wise, I watched the fairly crap damn brown lost symbol set up that was on sky the other day, which was a 10 parter which kind of linked into the DaVinci code that you reviewed.

And you can tell actually the genre of TV and into a mini series, which you alluded to did suit the pace a bit more. It allowed it to be spread out a bit, but it's, didn't hold up. The fact, it was a pretty weak, demonic style hidden Illuminati story, usual fare. And it just kind of, it was almost a watch.

It I've watched the first nothing new and exciting, and ultimately an open-ended kind of let down ending in a way. But I will. Ah, I saw, went to the cinema and took the kids and we watched Ghostbusters afterlife and I genuinely really enjoyed it and properly got sentimental properly. Got nostalgic.

It's COVID it's obviously designed to appease fans. I know there'll be people that hate it. The I'd like to say kudos to the chap at Sydney world who sold us the tickets. He said top tip wait until the very, very end, because there is obviously a post credits as. Present for you. And then at the very end, when it, when the Sony images bit rolls up and the screen lights go up there is a extra bit at the end with Winston said more, which is nice to add, and it opens a sequel, Cause they need

Sidey: those


Howie: for these top of big budget films genuinely really enjoyed it. And I thought Paul rod was good. The, the girl, the girl who's the lead actress whose name escapes me, who plays Eagle Spangler's granddaughter is fantastic. And the way they handle the fact that the actor Howard ramus is no longer there is schmaltzy and cheesy and it brought a tear to much outside.

Sidey: I've watched loads of stuff, because we've been sort of enforced isolation with COVID. So my daughter and I watched Rocky together which.

Really follow it that well, I said, they're going to fight for the world title and then she's like, oh right, okay, And then a little bit later, So are they going to fight. I was like, no, That's Adrian that says they're not definitely not

Pete: like mommy and daddy do it's a winter kitchen. Can you briefly briefly why Rocky?

Sidey: Because

Pete: specifically

with your daughter,

Sidey: we've spoken about it. It came up in montage is, and it's obviously the oldest one. I haven't seen it.

God knows how many years. And I couldn't really remember the details of it that much.

Dan: There's not a lot of action. It's quite drama.

Sidey: It takes a little while, takes a little while to get going and

I've forgotten how

Dan: is more action.

Sidey: much of an asshole Paulie is?

Dan: Paulie

Sidey: a real piece of shit.

Dan: Paulie's a piece shit

Sidey: way more like pet shop content than I remembered.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's all, it's all backstory really isn't it.

Sidey: Then I got, I've got a real thing for sort of crappy mid nineties stuff. So we started mercury rising by I couldn't

couldn't couldn't get

through murky risings. There's too much, like kid trauma in it, but we watched executive decision

and Seagal who snuffs it, snuffs it in about the first 10 minutes ago.

And then what was there's? Another midnight I can't

think of off the top of it. Watch, watch 14 peaks.

of your recommendation.

Dan: that, that's the other thing that I've been watching, which I think is is

Pete: Sounds like a nomination.

Dan: may be, so we

Pete: Don't, don't spoil it, although I know what he does.

Dan: on that one.

Sidey: Rewatched infinity war. and Then when we turned off, mercury rising I still had a first on for movies.

bad boys for life

Howie: With Mike Larry

Dan: Is that bad boys two

Sidey: This is


Dan: Oh

Howie: twos where they two's

Sidey: did go there.

Howie: Isn't.

Dan: Jay's no, I bailed out after

Sidey: one is where the up against

the drug cartel.

two is where they're up against drug hotel. And three.

is the one where they are up against, drug


Pete: One, one has got an AC Cobra at the end, which is

Dan: It's no wonder we're

Pete: flames that car,

Dan: losing the war on drugs

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: and then trying to get through CIM


and various other things that I

Dan: trying to get through it. You mean for the 50th time?

Sidey: it tends to go on quite late enough. I just fall asleep. So

Dan: you just start right up again and watch you do it again.

Sidey: probably see Pete and I've made a deal that when I finished season two, then we'll schedule him. We both, cause I haven't seen the return all of the return. So we're going to watch

Pete: most of the film yet.

I need to watch the


Dan: seen any of them. Yeah.

Pete: go, go to the beginning and start working your way through this. It's a real tree. It's a real

Dan: nominate something

Pete: You can't nominate a series.

Sidey: week

Dan: go binge watch an entire series, which is what I did with my daughter this week. The entire on the weekend, we watched all of lost in space, season three which was a nominee nomination. I think I may have made or plan

Howie: to watch series one. And I thought that's cool. I was a bit,

Dan: Oh, well it went down in our house. Well, and it was one of those things that.

At least up until series two, we were all watching as a family. But then it was just like me and my daughter left for season three because we just wanted to binge watch here. We couldn't wait.

Sidey: the last dance as well. I Fucking love

Dan: Oh, that's a

Sidey: real good

Pete: jeez a maniac maniac on the cheese board.

Dan: nice.

Sidey: have got a stellar cheeseburger today. One of which is particularly ripe.

Howie: I think I said, it's not like dog PEs, which was universally considered a

Pete: An a plus

Sidey: washed



Pete: rind softy. It's a six strength on the MNS scale, which I think is their top.

Dan: scale

Pete: this one, actually, I, I took a big chunk of it with the, with the rind and it kind of burns on the way down.

So yeah, there's a strong, strong, overwhelming smells of ammonia and all the lovely things you want in a cheese. But once you kind of get over that initial, like horrendous first

Sidey: reflex,

Pete: Yeah. It it's, it's a, you go.

Howie: the good news is you don't need your booster Jap. Now

Pete: I'm fully inoculated.

Howie: got enough penicillin in you to

Pete: We've got a, another we've got quite a strong Stilton, which is is doing a, you brought a

Sidey: have we got a cheddar with some habanero chili

Pete: It's like a nice warmth to that.

Dan: Jamie, if you're not got enough, there's more in the fridge actually. We've got,

Pete: Well, we've got a completely untouched year, old Cornish cruncher, which is your in your search history Howie. And

Howie: the library, which is even worse.

Pete: a, yeah, and we've not even touched the pickled onions yet.

Sidey: Oh, no,

Pete: that's a, that's a treat for later on

Sidey: Cool. that segues very neatly into this week's main feature, which I nominated off the back of a tweet that I saw.

And it's, It's a movie from 2018 called American animals. And the tweet that I saw was just

putting that out there, that this was their

Favorite film in 2018. And just, why did everyone sleep on this movie and completely miss it? Cause I had never fucking heard of it.

And I think it cropped up partly as well, because it stars Barry Q1

who plays the main dude, or certainly one of the main protagonists Spencer in this movie because he is in Marvel was their terminals.

He's in Dunkirk. He's also in his cast in the Batman movie,

Batman movie,

Pete: he

Sidey: Lot of chat about, he might be the joker. He, my message said, he looks like he's having an allergic reaction to something

it's always a bit fluffy. He's Irish, Yeah. He's got

a quite interesting life. Actually, He, he was brought up through the foster care system, He was in 13 different foster homes as a kid. So interesting guy and yeah, he's in this film.

All I knew about it was there It was a heist movie, didn't know anything other than that going into it. So start the movie on and Nick comes up on the screen and says, this is not a true story, which then the, not bit

goes and it is a true story.

And the way that this film is presented to us is that we have the dramatization of the highest, but we also intersperse with that have interviews with the real life, people, their families crops up at the start. So, you know, going into it that obviously it's not going to go according to plan. So you're not spoiling anything ahead of it, ahead of the facts, but also they're unreliable

narrators. So you don't know exactly. Who's telling the right version of the story. Say there's a lot of sort of question marks about what, what exactly is going on.

Dan: it's very uniquely shot actually, because,

In, in that, in that way where you've got real people intertwined with the

Howie: yeah That's important to message. It's not just Vox pops interviews within the film itself. The real people are, shot in scenes, especially. Well, for instance, the bit where he, there's a section where he drives towards the scene of what they're up to and the guy who actually plays him, it's like a sliding doors moment.

Isn't it?

Sidey: We're jumping ahead of it. But at that, that particular scene, because it just tells you about the stylistic way that they do things. in this film.

there's almost two conversations going on with Spencer and Warren having

conversation. and it cuts between them in the car. And them just sitting somewhere and the conversation sort of been dispersed. and at one bit

Spencer says, Pull up over there, but it's the conversation where they're just sat and it's not, it's not in the right bit.

And I was like, wow, that was cool. And then when he go, they get to a garage and Spencer gets out and goes into the shop, then it's Warren and real life, Warner in the car. And he says something like, are you remembering this right? is this how,

it exactly.

happened? Really,

really like

Dan: I mean the, the bit where you meet, I think it's one with a tattoo, isn't it? And so they, they introduced one of the characters and it's, he's an actor and he's kind of playing the part and you, you meet is an actor and I think it might have been the chat that we mentioned earlier, what's his name?


Sidey: Well, he, he plays Spencer, the artist, but Barry Warren

has played by. Adam.

Dan: So, so, but when actually Warren also plays himself at some stage, and when you first meet Warren, you think this guy has got, gotta be the actor, but he's not. It's really the real

Pete: so, so would they, I don't know about, obviously you guys recognized some of the actors, I don't know if you did or not.

I didn't, I didn't, I'd never seen any of these actors before in anything. So it took me a while to kind of realize what, because I, I still, I was still thinking is, is the other, like the, you know, the almost interview type shots? Are they still actors playing it? I didn't know. I didn't know like the families were, and like, there was some, like, obviously what turned out to be real reactions were like, one of the dads is like, has to like turn away and he's crying about what happened and so on by.

All of, it was kind of, I was like trying to piece together, but it was intriguing to, to find out, you know, exactly what was going on. And it took me maybe 20 minutes or so into the film to realize, okay, so these are the real guys. And then there's these other guys like playing them in the dramatization of it

Sidey: Yeah.

So when we go

back to right, the very start of the story it's spent. is he's the artist he's unbelievably talented and we see some of the stuff that he's done.

And actually a lot of the art that's used in the movie, the closing trade that has all his real. work. But he's got this fixation that real artists have some sort of trauma or some sort of something terrible has happened to them, which inspires their art. And somehow makes the art more meaningful and more complex.

Pete: Yeah Cause they've referenced like,

Sidey: and

he's just,

Pete: Vango by the way. Can we never ever say Vango? That's what Americans say. It's not, it's fun to call, but we can say van golf. It's never Vango ever anywhere.

Sidey: But anyway, he's got this sort of this weird idea that his art needs to have something more to it.

Not just the fact that it's absolutely like, he's unbelievably talented, and he's just student life is just kind of mundane, and not really inspiring, them to do anything, but he's got this self portrait in his dorm and it's fucking unbelievable. We've got the sort of counterpoint is Warren played by Evan Peters? Who's really cool.

And he is the more the wildcard He's at college on an athletic scholarship. I think he's a quarterback on the football team or something like that. But he's also sort of disenfranchised, he's sort of lost his mojo with it or he has a tattoo of

a, T-Rex

trying to turn off

a ceiling fan

which I fucking want to get

is absolutely Mexican

Howie: aside from the tattoo from the off my wife and I wanted that fucking Warren guy to burn.

We hated

Pete: You can just tell

Howie: I hated him because he's just a decade who I'm a film study student. I was like, he fucking wants everything to be about him. He is, he, this whole, I immediately went, you are a knob. And I really liked it from the staff Spencer. I just thought he was an unlucky kid who was being portrayed from the off as an automaton, who is very good at drawing.

But it was, the story was meant to show, as you said correctly, that he felt that his art didn't mean anything, even though. Talent beyond talent. His art was basically drawn by a computer that

Pete: we

yeah He needed something to set himself apart from the others.

Howie: the

Dan: Well he's a, he's an absolute liability,

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: I mean, it, it didn't take you long to suss that out. If you can

Sidey: the families, they sort of say, well, he's the one that adds a bit of spice, you know,

he's a bit of a wild,

Dan: And I understand that in some kind of context is in groups and teams and things. You need somebody who's going to put the cat amongst the pigeons a little bit and not just go along. And he does that.

I mean, there, there was room for him. But it's, he is a liability as well. He will, you know, if you follow everything this guy says, then you don't know when to reign him in. Then

Pete: You're in Boulder.

Dan: you will be in Baba.

Pete: I found I was the same as jihad. I thought like just straight away Dick, like, like absolute, like NASA says.

Sidey: going off.

Pete: But I, I, I quite warm to the dramatization, like the version of him, like I didn't get the same fit, so I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, because like, warm is probably the wrong, but like he just came across as like quite cool charismatic and everything. Not like the fucking Whopper that, that he actually is.

So I dunno if that's a fate. I don't know if that's because of you know, you got an actual actor playing a character that gives it, you know, it's, it's makes it a better story. If you've got someone who's a bit kind of charismatic and that's how they got carried away with this whole thing, or whether.

Paul in the sense that you end up not warming to him. And like I say, but kind of getting on board with it a little bit more than you, you're not turned off by the character you're turned off by the actual indivi the person.

Howie: It's a qualify. I thought the actor was excellent. And that's the, is my problem from the start. I thought the actor who played Warren played more and brilliantly, and I didn't have a problem as such with

Pete: but he always made him likable,

Howie: Yeah. Yes,

Pete: an

Howie: Oh, see. Yeah.

Sidey: I think as it, As it progressed, it became less and less.


Because he is the driving force behind it, or they, they they're bored and they're they're disillusioned, but they somehow, between them decide that what they need to


Is Rob these rare books,

Howie: the screams white privilege, this film absolute

Dan: I've written down here.

Howie: are always so disaffected we're fucking first world problems.

Dan: all the family's reactions, you know, one of the mothers around it was, she was just, you know, and you just think if these were black kids, what would the reaction have been to the crimes that they did well, completely fucking different?

You know, it would have been, it had been

Pete: because it's a blue collar crime and

Dan: I know I'm white and white kids are doing it, but you know, the, the kids themselves don't even know that really themselves. Certainly not.

Sidey: I don't even know if they like really think they're going to do it Cause they've got no idea how they basically


this library has, has these volumes of artwork

Howie: birds of America.

Sidey: birds, which is so fucking bad. it's worth about 12 million,


think. And there's some other books in the library that like there's Darwin's.


in there. There's So very, very valuable stuff. And they are going to rip it off.

Dan: Well, it is under is, is not secured properly. Is it? I mean, they've got all this value in all these books.

They're still, they've got one old library,

Pete: by BJ.

Dan: Yeah, you can. It's very easy. Security is very lacked. And

Sidey: they've got bloop. They've got their own sort of blueprints that they've made of the building.

It's all sort of planned out, but they very quickly realized that they can't do it. Just the two of them. So they, they convinced two other fellows

to come in.

on a plan with him,

Dan: And

again, just, you know, that kind of ramps it up a bit, but, and each time they, they invite somebody else in or they talk about it. They're kind of egging each other on a little bit and

Sidey: Well, I've watched I I watched mark, commode talk about this film and he obviously is far more articulate than I, but there's a term


folly, a folly year, Which two people together will do something that the individually the two that would never, you know, do it. so they, they sort of drive each other on to

do the same, that.

they would never contemplate actually don't going through themselves, but because there's no one wants to back out, you sort of your, your carry on with it.


Dan: And that's the situation here we seem to be anyway. And I think certainly for Spencer, it was that maybe Warren was a little more involved in wanting to actually do it

Sidey: Yeah. It certainly goes that way, but then we've also seen them putting on their disguises at the start of

the film,

because they sort of fancy dress themselves as old men. And it's,

fucking hilarious.

Howie: the Beastie

Sidey: Sabotage.

Pete: Yeah. Or was it the fucking what's it like Johnny Knoxville? Like, but

Sidey: grandpa?

Pete: yeah, that was, yeah, but I mean, yeah, you're right. It's, it's like a, it's a means to an end for both of them for very different reasons. Like Warren just wants fucking notoriety and to just attention, he's just an attention seeking like Whopper.

But the other boy wants to be known. He feels he has to do something controversial or outrageous in order to become the, the artist. He feels he can be

Howie: give his life positive affirmation.

That it's worth more than assault, some of beans, but it's a shame that his position is such that he thinks the only way of doing it is through notoriety through do something bad,

Pete: something,

Howie: or nothing positive,

Sidey: Because that's the, That's

the artist that he admires. That's what they've been through

in to some

degree. So that's what he thinks he has to do is like he's lost his mind.

really, But you get the, obviously the cut then back. to The real guys, the real Warren and the real Spencer and I, to me, it seemed very clear that, you know, Spencer was sadly a lot more sensible.

Obviously they've done their time and this is years after the fact. But the two of them looked, I couldn't believe that they were ever friends you know, because Warren is such a fucking, I thought looking at it, I thought we were seeing him in BNV still in prison.


Pete: I thought that, and I dunno if it was deliberately done like that, cause it ends, it ends up looking like, like a school hall or something like that.

But I thought he was like sitting inside. He's a douchebag.

Howie: Yes.

Dan: Well, he said, you know, and, and so the idea that we're doing this extra ordinary thing absolutely appeal to.

to me he kind of reigned himself in a little bit, maybe smart enough to know that, you know, the filmmakers were gonna depict him into being the douche bag.

And that's always one of the things that you have to be aware of as well. He doesn't have editorial control over, you know, obviously what he says and what he does is that's up to him. But how that comes across is

Pete: portrayal, I don't think he cares. He knows he's getting what he ultimately wanted at the beginning, which is notoriety.

Even though he's done a stretch, he's now like a fight and he can go, oh, look, that's me.

Yeah. Yeah. Cool. So to be fair, they've all, they've all now like done all right out of it after the, you know, anyway,

Sidey: w so they're going to get this stuff, but they need to move it. you know? So Warren's had this meeting or supposed to have had this meeting about getting rid of the stuff, getting the money in, and then they they know how much cut they're gonna take

out of it.

Dan: his interest in the way they shot this because they, they basically drop him.

Warren and Spencer Warren's going to go to the Netherlands, going, meet the fence, go and meet the person who can get rid of stolen goods and give him a cut. So he goes to do that and we see that and we see him go and meet and everything. But then later on, as, as we learn and the timelines are played around a little bit there's room for doubt.

Did he ever go and they show this kind of alternative to him going into the airport where he just turned straight back around again and goes.

Pete: you even have it, like before with the, the, the meeting before the meeting where it's like, oh yeah.

And the guy turned up and he was wearing like a purple crevasse or, you know, it's like quite sort of very vivid, like memorable stuff. And then like, Spencer gives a totally different and he's like, oh, I dunno what he was wearing. Or like, and then he, I think he even says, like, I can't remember if that's what I saw or what, like Warren told me, you know, it's like, he's, he's not, he's very hazy on the details.

Dan: Yeah. It is strange. And memory work like that.

Doesn't it. If you're told something and you laugh about it and whatever, and to what actually happens, your memory over 10 years or longer can, can certainly blur

Howie: Well, and it's evident 10 minutes evidence of how, of instances like this. And realization that each other. They haven't got enough people and stuff like that.

It just reeks of amateur hour and it starts to get worse and worse.

Sidey: you can see that.

Pete: email addresses

Sidey: Yeah. You can see that Warren is the one who's going to take this, like where it needs to go. And know. so they, they realize that it's pretty simple and that all they need to do is book an appointment go and be shown the books. But then it's like, we need to deal with the librarian and no one wants to be the one to

Dan: well, they draw straws. Don't they? Or did I talk about drawing straws?

Sidey: just don't know, I'm out. I'm not doing that, And it's a stun gun They're going to, They're going to tase her

Dan: well. They w they all want the money and it's now getting serious

Sidey: I was like, fuck it. I'll do it. I'll you know, he's the one who's actually right. I'll, you know, that's the

Dan: but he knows

Sidey: I'll take her out.

Dan: it's going to stop. If, if he doesn't step up the rest of these guys,

Sidey: there. all right.

Dan: aren't that bothered.

Sidey: So he does this point when they get into their sabotage

outfits. And

for me, I don't know how well it worked for you, but the tension was fucking like really

ratcheted up. And I was feeling,

like, Fuck. This is going to go down and cause you know, like pretty much that it's going to go fucking belly up


say like Fucking like, he's actually not like kid. He's just a bit of a fuck up.

And and

so they they rock up to the library and it's all planned out. So three of them are going to go in there's a getaway car.

And he walks up. and He goes up the stairs too. And there's a meeting going on in the room. So there's four librarians, I think, as opposed to the one.


basically it's called off. They leave. And Spencer then it cuts back to the real I, Spencer said, I was so fucking happy. Like when I left that library, the sun was shining and I can hear all the birds singing. I was relieved. You know, done with that.

Let's say

like, oh that's the biggest thing. It was, going to go that way. But he then goes back to Warren later on and says, no, I'm, I'm done. I'm out. Like I, I'm, I I've realized this is not the right thing. And I do not want to go through that. And Warren sort of tries to convince him, but he's not, he walks away. And then you think well, okay. But we know, he's got to come back into it, Southern. Do They base it Warren basically just phones up and makes another. appointment.

Dan: Well, he's hot now for, for the money. He's got the taste of it is they've done all this planning. They've drawn sketches. They've got the skies as a masks and all kinds of stuff going in his mind it's happening. And he is the driving force.

The rest of them would have just, they almost got to that stage where. You could all go back and laugh about it. Nobody's done well. Oh, it nearly went, you know, fucking know that would've been crazy, which is what anybody else would

Pete: ultimately though, he's, he's the only one who really truly has the nerve to like drive it and go through with it. Like if, if he would have bailed the others, there's no way it would have happened, but

Sidey: fucking

it's really horrible now because he has convinced Spencer, but just to be a lookout, he's just on the

roof with the binoculars.

Howie: Spencer, at this point, I'm thinking he really doesn't fucking do anything.

Sidey: suppose he ended up getting the

same time. yeah.

Howie: by

Pete: well, you get, but you get, this is how like sort of American kind of law works in the sense of, you know, you see sort of like murder cases and it will be like the person that lured the person to the house. That's all they did. But then that person got murdered.

They all do. Like if they like are an accomplished to it, they do the time for the murder as well. And that's kind of how it works. And they were all in it together.

Sidey: So the, the plan is that Boren is going to go up. He's going to meet the librarian, get Shannon staff, taser home, and knock her out

and then

call the other guy up.

So we cut to the hammer, nervously So we're waiting the phone goes, he goes up and she's just sat there at the table.

Howie: Look of disbelief,

Sidey: sign in,



Dan: for me again, you know, that was the point where this guy goes just hotels in turns and goes, fuck you. Because you know that wasn't part of the plan.

This lady should have already been tied up safely tasered. She doesn't see

Pete: safely

Dan: Yeah. You safely taser people, don't you?

Pete: Well, if your amateurs

Sidey: shouldn't have been, you know, it shouldn't have gone down like this. And so she's just talking to, him and all of a sudden he jumps in with a taser,

and just fucks it.

Doesn't do it properly. No,

Pete: like, I mean, I

Sidey: she screams. And it's all going fucking completely belly up. She's screaming. He, yeah,

It's horrible. He ties her up and he's screaming at her to shut the fuck up, but we're not going to hurt you, but shut up,

Dan: she had

Sidey: he's panicking

Dan: She reminded me the woman at dusk till Dawn, you know, that he takes

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So Yeah.

she, she is sort of cable tied up but just left, lying on the floor where anyone could see

if they walked past

and the camera does pan and she has pissed herself. And then I think they've said earlier on in the film, and this was a thing quite like that they did this, But it's going to be right, Cause we'll send us some money. We'll send a, like, you can just pay for that trauma to go away. You can't do that. And there's other highest films, like more lighthearted stuff. Like ocean's 11 and


What ocean searching specifically where they use the hotel inspector they fucking like put them through the mail and completely fucking over, but it's all right, because we give them some money at the end.

Well, you can't just fucking like, This is the reality. is


like people are fucking like seriously traumatized is where we would have lasting fucking effects.

from this.

But they're just gonna send her an envelope to make it right. That's the selfishness, if They don't appreciate what they're doing to people so they, they do and then get their hands on.

This book is fucking massive and we haven't, sort of emphasized it's fucking enormous.

Howie: page is a one

Sidey: And they smash a few others, but they lift is it two volumes


Dan: Yeah. There's three volumes all together and obviously.

If they had done any research, which they must've done by now, they'd done in months. They, they must know the value of the books is going to be tied to having a full set and all the rest of it. But they're fucking, they're fucking this up royally. Everything's gone

Howie: they get the books, they smash a cabinet up, they just grab it and they're scooting out. They get in the

Pete: land. There's a

Dan: grab

Howie: he mashes

Sidey: there's

Pete: bit where she's kind of like inching like a worm towards the door.

Sidey: So That's a drag her back, but they go down the lift.

of the day, the lift Just opens in the library. and They're

Howie: No, cause he mashes the fucking buttons,

Sidey: but they just, they're just standing there with this stolen stuff. And his people are looking at them and the

doors close

Dan: it opens up the lift it to an open library where just quiet people are looking over at them in the lift and then the door is closed. They get to the bottom, they realize it's not a fucking exit down there.

They have to make a run through it, through the library. So they come up there a second time.

Sidey: People start coming towards him. So


Dan: yeah, people, they get notice. They do a run at one of the books, drops down on the, on the, on the floor, the other book drops. And they, they fuck off in the car, but they've got the Darwin. They find

Sidey: well, they run over. They run over Warren. first. He gets, he gets mowed down and he gets into the car and pukes everywhere.


then One of them reveals that he has actually stolen the Darwin books. So they're like, Well, happy days, you know, it wasn't a complete, bucket right off, you know, We've we've done a right there.

But they don't do anything with it. I think it just stays


Howie: a year.

They keep hold of

Sidey: it

Howie: for a year

Dan: Well, they also have made a mistake in an email address or they can be traced basically.

Sidey: There's that one that turns up, later, but they go to have it appraised, like almost immediately. And they use the,

Pete: they use the same email address.

They used to make the

Sidey: and they leave.

They leave him mobile

phone number.


Pete: Yeah. And it's the, is it Africa? Is it Chad or Chad? I can't remember the guy's name. The sort of the, the, that, that guy. Yeah. He's like, you know, goes to great things to point out how fucking stupid that

Sidey: yeah. He needed to go in

and get that

fucking number back, give him a different

Pete: He is

Sidey: because that's how we're going to go to prison.

And he

says, that's how they're going to

Pete: It's amateur hour. Yeah.

Sidey: But things do start to catch up with them and then it culminates with the four different arrests you know, they are captured. And they go down those seven years, each

Dan: Yeah.

They, they, they get a chunk of time. And

Howie: a federal prison where you're in a bad place, but you're also, you can't appeal federal sentences.

So they couldn't have appealed.

Well, you know, like good behavior and shit like that. It'd be, don't get any of that. In fact, Yeah. You don't get


Dan: Right. So they did the full, the fall seven,

Howie: yeah, they do the whole thing and there's lots of sliding door moments if you know, phony I'd if only, you could have, I could have walked out and the other guys, yeah, I would've I didn't.

And you can just see that that will always be in their mind for the rest of

Dan: From the cuts to the family's reactions, that dad's reaction, mum's reaction friends and things that they they've seen, but it it's, it's tough to watch actually some of the parents, because they, he breaks down doesn't he with their dad at one point where he's, he can't believe his son's

Howie: it's this, this, the disappointment with the kid. So I've read about the fact that and correct me if I'm wrong here, but Warren's parents were the only ones that wouldn't appear. And he is his act. His parents were actors. So the people who played the Vox pops of his parents were actors.

That's Warren. And I felt that despite the selfish actions that they carried out, the other three, there is a level of remorse, not just because they got caught, but remorse of why the fuck did we do that? This is an awful thing. Whereas I think Warren was just sorry that he got caught

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Howie: and genuinely.

Pete: Although they were all complicit, they all could have said no at some point. And it's like, you know, as much as we've all, not like this, but we've all been in situations where that like something's been going on and something's going off in your head and go, no, this is.

And you then still have a choice to make and you can go like, do you know what? You can, you can do this. I'm going off in the other direction. They still went and did it and went through with

Howie: Not excusing

Pete: extent. Yeah. But

Howie: but there is retrospective contemplation. That's genuine. Whereas I feel he's like, you know what?

Pete: love loving

Howie: loving it. And I think he revels in it and that bit where he was a bit emotionally, and I did not believe any of that emotion was real if I'm wrong.

Fair enough. But it didn't appear

Dan: Yeah, he does. He does break down at one stage.

Howie: very end,

Dan: towards the end, but this film actually watching it overall and reflected on it.

And now talking about it because it's been probably 10 days since I've seen it. It, what struck me at the time was just how cleverly it been shot and how well that documentary drama kind of thing worked. And they, it was very light on the documentary. To be honest, it was, it was more heavily dramatic,

Sidey: Oh yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely.

They use that. That was good anyway way. They, They

injected that into it. And a really nice bit at the end where Spencer walks out and he sees the car going past you know, the real life, Spencer walks down to his lawn and says sort of tie it all together. W probably haven't done that enough justice, but, you know, I would love for the people listening to this, to go and watch the film They're not seeing it cause it's fucking really good.

Pete: I think what's so clever about this is that the, the, the, the, the crime itself, obviously it's a, it's a serious crime, but. If you were to sort of go to a studio and say, I want to do a film about this and what's it like four guys basically get together, they're going to steal some books and, and then they get caught really quickly and they don't get away with it.

It's not a major, like kind of like selling point there's loads of things like this that will have happened. But the, but the, you could then turn them into really interesting bits of film and cinema by doing it in the way that this has done. It could almost open up like a sub genre of like, not misdemeanors, but like not like serious, serious, like high-level crimes, but actually make it like an interesting story.

Cause it's done in such a clever way.

Dan: his character flaws.

And it is kind of interesting the way that they've, they've approached it with this kind of film this coin, you know, it's not, as you say, it's an opportunist crime is, is a crime where they've, they've

Sidey: weird to me.


Dan: well, they sees it and they stack it's that character

Pete: the way it's done it makes it almost relatable in the sense that, you know, like, I'm sure all of us have broken the law.

Like if we stolen something from a shop or whatever, like, it makes it relatable in the sense that when you're young and you're stupid. And especially if you've got somebody who's like that, like catalyst for it all, and all the other guys are quite sort of like a bit unsure of themselves in one way or another, whereas this Warren's fucking cock shore and they all kind of like feed off that and you can see how this can happen to average Joe, it can happen to like, if, you know, like they all wish that they'd made better decisions at the right time.

They didn't. And you can see how that happens. We probably all know people that have got themselves in trouble that they could have at any point, just fucking bailed, but they've kind of been egged on a bit and they've got something that's going to hang over them for the rest of that.

Dan: Well, this isn't a crime where you know, you just walk in on the street, maybe there's a car with his window down and, and money on the side where people are just gonna drag.

But the opportunity was easy enough for them to say, look, there's fucking 12 million quid in there. And basically there's only one old lady protecting it. We can, we can take this down. Nobody's going to get her. And they like to explore the, the opportunity and it's not because of their short.

You know, far

Pete: don't seem to be

Dan: as you talk about their character, they're bored, they're bored. They don't ha they have expectations of life, maybe of artists and, and getting that kind of you know, that motivation or that real feeling in their life will meaning of their life and adventure and that's their motivation to doing it.

And that's kind of interesting in itself in the fact that, you know it's not, they're not trying to feed families. They're not trying to do anything good. Here is purely lard. See an opportunity. They're pretty bored. Anyway, you mix in that together, and this is what you get a complete fuck

Howie: most.

I wrote ironically, now that it's all over, Spencer has what he needed.


the weirdest thing I have at Spencer is the only one who has in theory got he wanted to be an artist with anguish and he has that he has now

Pete: they all kind of got what they wanted. It's like the, the, the, the gym guy has got, he's like a, you know, he's a personal trainer and now he writes, he writes, he's written a book specifically about training.

Yeah. Like, you know, he's, they kind of, and he was almost like a bit of a lost soul as well. He was like, he knew. And he was almost like, you know, like sporty a bit of a job, but not quite got the arrogance that you needed to be that sort of flight, prominent character. They've all done a stretch. They've all lost seven years of their lives.

And they've all got, presumably got a lot of regret about it, but they all kind of got what they wanted out of it as well.

Howie: Apart from Warren, just

Pete: No, he's got the notoriety that he, that he, and the attention that he wants that he craved,

Howie: got it. But he's got nothing tangible out of it.

Sidey: the money as well.

Pete: Well, he's probably got a few quid out of this film as well, so cause he's quite prominent in it, you know, like an actor, presumably an up and coming, but famous actor has played him in a film.

He can now walk into that light. That'll open a lot of doors for him. And he's now that guy with the funny tattoo, who's, who's famous

Dan: you hope that he's not going to find himself on to some American

Pete: It'd be on a

Dan: reality show, but he's the kind of guy that

Pete: Put him in squid game.

Dan: I mean, this was a big story in the states, I think at the time as well,

Sidey: a big article about it. It wasn't there.

Dan: it was an all school that kicked it off into.

Sidey: hustlers.

Dan: right?

Pete: Yeah. Good film hustlers. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Sorry, how he was thing you've ever seen that they can't be, it just can't be

You've seen meet the parents. So presumably that's worse.

Howie: he's a loft in that. This I laughed. Tears of I, I have to say just as a side note, I thought Spencer's artwork was pretty damn fucking good.

Sidey: It's amazing.

Yeah. Yeah.

Standing. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: that's a speciality

Dan: he went on to go and

Howie: all

Dan: birds and things.

Howie: Beautiful.

Sidey: Would you recommend it?

Howie: Yeah. A word it's very different. It's the most conflicted I've had of a film for the fact that I really enjoyed the acting, the actors, the direction, the the, the, the way that the picture was put together with the transitions of looping and so forth and different camera angles.

I just fucking can't believe how much I hated the lead cat, the real lead character. I it's such a conflict to, to get so bought into a film, but hate one of the main people genuinely just go, I'm not ironed by this guy at all. Whereas the actor did him a service and made him less of an asshole.

Pete: the thing is why it's conflicting is because we wouldn't be sat here talking about all of this, if it wasn't for him,

that that's kind of like the w even though, even though he's a knob that was his part to play, the others would have bottled it.

He might have, you know, he would have done something

Howie: without him. There's no story.

Pete: Exactly. So it's kind of like a, you know,

Dan: one of those people that makes things happen. But for me, I think that the direction on this film made it, you know, it was, it was,

Sidey: it

Dan: it was well, I was just looking for, for his stuff here actually.

And it's a guy called Bart Bart Layton. And he's, he's just unkind of TV stuff before. So but it was the direction and when to use these characters, when to put it in and, and the timelines that they use in and around the films and when they choose to add real people in real characters, I think was the standout

Pete: what made

Dan: This is a standout

Pete: itself is okay.

It's interesting, but it's, it's yeah. It's not a blockbuster.

Dan: Well, maybe we'll get him on the pod, but he's he's certainly made an impressive film here. And I

Sidey: think,

Dan: yeah, definitely I would I'd recommend, and I had not heard of this. So the dude that told you about it,

Sidey: I just wouldn't even, tell it He's just telling the world and I'd

Dan: telling the world, we appreciate that. That's good for a

Sidey: I think like you say the story is in, in itself. Probably not that remarkable. It's interesting enough,

but probably not

for a whole movie, but the way. that It's it's embellished with magic markers




that real people element is fucking, really clever without being like pretentious and

stupid and the way that they mix things up and they do the conversations and then they have the real life people and there's all a bit like even Kurt Vonnegut's sort of stuff.

Was absolutely excellent.

Absolutely this when I watched it. I thought this was the, my favorite film that I've watched for the pot. I really thought it

was good. Yeah.

I loved it. Really loved it. Fantastic.

Dan: praise indeed. So if that isn't enough. Yeah. Well, if that isn't enough for

Pete: film you've watched. We've watched parasite.

Sidey: coherence

Pete: Fuck. Yeah, no, it's not up there for that, but it was really, it

Sidey: was

Pete: no for me,

Sidey: for

Pete: for me, for me.

It was, yeah, it was, it was really interesting and definitely worth watch. I'd recommend it. Maybe not to everybody, but I think certain people would, would like this and we all seem to.

Dan: Yeah, definitely go and check this one out.

Sidey: The kids' TV this week was nominated very kindly by listener. I think it was Darren lethally,

Dan: That's a

Sidey: longtime listener. Who asked if we wouldn't mind casting our eye over dogs in space, which is a Netflix creation,

 this is an American animated sort of, a.

Dan: I'd venture time. Future Rama style.

Sidey: it. was a lot like bluey.

Howie: Yes. Yeah,

Sidey: The animation, the dogs. certainly.

Howie: Yep

Dan: It reminds me of adventure time. I dunno. I jotted that down,

Howie: has that

Sidey: It does irreverence sort of look about it, but it isn't made by the same people it's made by atomic cartoons.

And they did the last series of my little pony. They did a transformers rescue, bot series


edit the elephant,

and various other

Dan: they've got previous.

Howie: My kids have torn through this

Sidey: year. Really?

Howie: Yeah. My son loves it. He's just smashed through it.

Dan: Space dogs, dogs in

Sidey: This, This is the pilot. If you like which starts off with our hero.

who is



Yeah, he's voiced by Haley Joel Osment last seen by us on the

Dan: Well, he sees dead people. Doesn't

Howie: He also looks weird. He's this child in a man's body

Sidey: he sort of hasn't aged that well.


But the, the,

the dogs

have been sent or they're genetically modified by humans, these dogs

and it

Howie: opposable, thumbs,

Sidey: they've

been sent off to find a another habitable


Dan: as, as as man's best friend.

Sidey: Yeah.

So that's what we're, we're basically started off with is garbage negotiating with a race of aliens to basically have their use of their planet.

Howie: he tries to convince them in this weird, like giant cockroach type thing

Sidey: says.

Howie: It almost, he kind of fumbles his gun out of his pocket, again, not a euphemism and it goes off again, not a euphemism and it, it basically obliterates his like weird flee pet and the aliens closing on him. And the phrase is not again, what have you done? So it's a common theme. This guy's a calamitous captain of ship.

Dan: Oh, I wonder if you've got a dog haven't you Howie?

You don't do

Sidey: just got two cats,

Dan: To catch your, you ain't got a

Pete: dog.

Dan: a dog. And I wonder whether that played into any of the, the enjoyment factor with the kids.

The fact that you've got a dog that makes this then more relatable

Pete: I did feel watching this, that it's, it's a thing for people who like dogs, because they're.

You know, dog cliches and dog characteristics in, and you know, like there's like the sort of fat pug, like nervous one who just like eats all the time and stuff.

And it's like, I related to that guy actually, but, but Yeah, I did think as I was watching it, I was thinking like, oh, that's probably a joke for like people who like dogs, which made me, like,

I kind of like, I was on a bit of a roller coaster with this. I was like, oh, that's quite funny. Oh, that's oh, that's good.

I'm enjoying. Oh no, no, no, no. That's a bit shit. I'm not into this anymore. And it kind of went up and down like that for me. But I, I picked up on what you are, presumably questioning that then

Dan: dog lovers might like this a lot more than the non dog lovers, but I enjoyed it. I've had a dog before and, and so those

Pete: you've had a feed dogs in your time.


Dan: pigs as well, I've kept a wide range of, of creatures. But overall this, I think with its animation style took my attention.

You know, it

Sidey: straight away


Dan: struck me straight away and I found it easier to watch through that because it was animation I'm kind of familiar with. And it was a little bit crazy, you know, it wasn't straight. It,

Pete: maybe it was irreverent at times it was a little bit surreal and silly.

And I like, I enjoy those things.

Sidey: I, I thought that was quite a lot of stuff that might've been trying to aim an older audience. So you watching it with kids, with it all, there's something here for the adults as well. And I found that stuff left was, I was a bit cold with


a little bit flat. It was 22 minutes long.

and I was clot watching a little bit for the last sort of


eight minutes. something like that so maybe a little bit long, but the animation style was really cool. I didn't actually watch it with my daughter. So I don't know if she would have liked

this, but she's

fucking watching Barbie 24 hours a day. So

Pete: I I was watching it in my four year old sort of just wandered into the room and sat down and immediately engaged with it and sat and watched the whole, the rest.

And I, at the end, I said, did you like that? He was like, yeah. It's like, he really liked it. So we haven't sort of, he hasn't worked out how to use the TV yet. So it's up to me whether he watches anymore. But yeah, plot

Howie: they just got to find a planet. That's habitable.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, he's like you say, he's the sort of serial screw up or of the plans and he's got a rival called captain happy.

You always gets it done. You know? So there's a, there's a rivalry there. They basically suspend him from duty because he's fucked up so many times which he tries to sell to the group as being they've been rewarded with some time off. That sort of stuff.

Howie: They go on a mission to a planet that he's dead certain dead.

Sidey: be

the next one always looks


He says,

go off

Howie: they, they, they leave behind the pug. That's a

Pete: Yeah.

Howie: and,

Pete: And someone else, one of the other weirdos

Howie: a weird machine that makes him look like

Pete: like one of the others. Yeah. It's like a hologram and there's a hologram of the ship. Yeah. Like that's still there.

Yeah. Yeah, there was a lot of albeit like that it started off like right in the action. And then, then it's like came back and it was just kind of like scene setting, like the dynamics between, you know, all, this is the dog that does that. And this is the one that's a bit, a bit

Dan: season one episode

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah. But it's.

It tailed off halfway through in terms of like the, the action. Really?

Sidey: Yeah, there was, it was like, I'm the Phantom menace.

We have loads of scenes of like board meetings and

Pete: yeah. Oh, the Imperial saying it's

Sidey: Get back to the planet, doings, like scifi stuff and not having fucking game lectured by the fucking

committee. I boring. I

don't care about that. Yeah. So it did lose, it. I did find it lost its way

A little bit.

Pete: Yeah. But then it left you on a, in inverted commas, cliffhanger where they were going off to this like next mission. And how was that going to go? Let me guess that he like kept in garbage, like fucked it up again. and hilarity ensued. Have you seen, have you seen others?

Howie: No, but the kids

Pete: the kids have

Howie: the kids have left all of it. And it's been commissioned for season two.

Dan: Well rigs apparently claims to have had some extremely clever and funny things to say this week and he also has to improvise for

Pete: I think we smashed it out of the park. If I'm honest

Dan: So

Pete: we don't need them

Dan: you go. There you go

Sidey: I asked for Rick's feedback on this stuff. So if he, if he does let us know, we'll try and cleverly work that into

Pete: edits it in here and here

Dan: he did say, what did the skeleton say to the puppy bone Appetit? But that's as good as rigs has got. So I'm not sure we do miss

Pete: now

Dan: if you got dogs, I think they will usually yearly joyless more. I think there is a dog factor in this,

Howie: Any inclination towards kids TV, you will.

Dan: to outer space.

Howie: You'll want to watch the new He-Man series, which unfortunately do not watch with your kids because there is a scene where evil Lynne, Mount skeletal gets off with him.

And she says to him,

Dan: episode,

Howie: she says to him, that's the point I was looking for. And she goes on top of him. Now I was,

Sidey: turns into a massive Dyke

Howie: haven't seen that bit yet.

Sidey: she does the, I have the.


Howie: she becomes, yeah. So yeah. That's markedly different to dogs in space, but again, Netflix is the place to go for my kids' TV. They

Dan: all available. One stop

Howie: they are not watching anything on any other kids format bar, one show, which is the bare bare bears or something on CBBC, which is really.

Yeah, the bareback bears on It's a series about loaded men from Bristol, with mustaches. The Netflix seems to have cornered the market for my kids' attention to the minute with just show after

Sidey: show

Howie: after And that's an 18, I have thought, oh, I remember Castlevania on the Nez. Why is it 18? But Magnus has asked. Cause it says it's vampire. And he's pretty much seen quite a graphic set of films that the time my parents babysat for the one and only time they've ever babysat for him, they gave him a mechanic Coke at nine in the morning and he watched jaws. He was, he, he was five. And he said he really liked it. He said, yeah. He said, he thought the Meg was bit more exciting.

He watched the mag as well. Brilliant.

Pete: Yeah, so we started off talking about dogs in space and we talked about other kids for, this is what this is like a five and a half out of 10 for me. Like it wasn't unwatchable. I didn't at any point, think I just want, I just want this to end. I need to turn it off, but it never really like grabbed me my four year old likes it, but he likes anything with like talking animals in it that are like a bit fun and colorful and stuff like that.

He's all over that. So it would fit for him as an audience, but not for anyone else in our household.

Dan: Did he

run in about 20 minutes long?

Sidey: 22 minutes.

Pete: Yeah. So K

Dan: it

was okay. I would, I would rate it half a mark higher actually.

Pete: or you go

Dan: yeah, I w I would

Pete: I did the

Dan: a six. I may even go to a 6.5. That's still not very high score, Peter, really in the big scheme of things.

But it's not turn off a bubble. And I think if you've got dogs,

you like it more. I think you will like it more because your kids like it

Pete: it would be like, oh, I know that dog that we see, like in the lane and it lies on its back. And once it's telling me to take her, like, fuck off you needy wanker.

Sorry, sorry.

Howie: No, he's thinking don't film. We was thinking about just then when he hit the Tourette's button, his favorite, the one with Adam driver in

Dan: Nah, that's

Pete: Patterson. I w

Sidey: a dog

Dan: dad. His dog

Pete: I would sooner have a dog than watch Patterson again.

Sidey: All right. So that was a middling fine for kids.

Thanks Darren. For the recommendation.

That's what we've got time for this week. Next week, we're going to try and get through our Christmas episode. I

And forced the Hudsucker proxy on us, but that will be subject to change because looking for it it's fucking really hard to find it's not on any streaming service. at all. So unless we can find some

Dan: Troy is if you know something about Hudsucker

Sidey: way I used to have it on VHS, but I don't have those anymore.

Dan: and, and tweet is if you've got any films, we need to be watching over

Pete: Christmas

Dan: or anything, because that'd be really interesting as well.

Sidey: So top five, we need a Christmas, Eve sort of a holiday themes.

Top five Dan NamUs, one on the spot, put you on the spot

Dan: top five candles.

Sidey: Okay. We need a mid-week Pete.

Pete: oh

Dan: it's not as easy as it looks. Is it,

Pete: standby me?

Sidey: Okay how we need a children's holiday themed program?

Howie: It's not a holiday theme, but I was going to say we bare bears, but a holiday theme. One is old jacks, but it's an old Jack's boat on CBBC

Dan: jacks.

Howie: with, with Bernard crib. Is it?


the Christmas special, if it's on the, it must be on I player. Oh, Jack's boat Christmas special if it's on there.

Sidey: Okay so all of that may or may not happen depending on what we can find.

So all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out

Pete: pizza.

Dan: Dan's gone.

Howie: how are you? Goodbye.