June 18, 2021

Dredd & Chucklevision

Dredd & Chucklevision

Staircases have always played a vital role in cinema; any time our hero or villain needs to ascend or descend a level, the humble stair is there to allow it to happen. Ripe for injecting symbolism into a scene or used metaphorically to show our protagonists character development, the stairs are also a place where fights, chases and sometimes comedy can occur. So join us and go stair-crazy with this weeks Top 5 Set On A Staircase.

The legendary 2000 A.D. is a British sci-fi comic which has been around since the 1970's and has at one time or another received contributions from some of our most well-known writers and artists, including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis. Undoubtedly the most famous of all its characters is Judge Dredd, a law enforcement officer in the dystopian future city Mega-City One. Sylvester Stallone has already played the character on the big screen but the movie struggled to find an audience as it was stripped essentially of everything that made the character and world he inhabits interesting. Alex Garland and Pete Travis rebooted the persona with Karl Urban starring as the titular Judge in 2012's DREDD. But would this version of the role resonate with the Dads?

Obvious humour, catchphrases, pratfalls, silliness and the most ridiculous cranial and facial hair you are ever likely to see combine to give us Chucklevision, a British kids tv comedy starring Barry and Paul Chuckle (the Chuckle Brothers). In 'Trouble In Store' the half-witted mullet-sporters are left in charge of a supermarket and before you can say 'Operation Yewtree' our childish simpletons are neck deep in banana skins, floor polish and wee-jimmy Krankie's orifices. Chuckle? Did I fuck.

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Dredd 2


Reegs: Welcome to bad dad's film review the podcast that accurately recreates the sensation of being in the VIP room but instead of champagne and glamorous strippers it's potato juice and Phil Neville seductively reclining in a hammock you might remember the private detective I hired to find things out about use it Well he's only just gone and got an actual bonafide story of your life Double verified sources The whole thing he says is true but it is from an anonymous source So I'll read it to

Sidey: going to ask you the source Wasn't okay

Reegs: You you you see if you can remember this story It says he says I met Sidey in a sweaty Berlin nightclub He had a buxom blonde on each arm and was being fed beer through a funnel by a man He referred to as Gunther we got to chatting and it was one of the most exhilarating nights in my life One of the last things I recall is walking around Potsdamer Platz with Sidey shouting I am your God Now slurping regularly from a bottle of Jagermeister After that it all becomes a bit hazy but we did become embroiled in an argument with a biker gang for three weeks They pursued us around Germany before Sidey fled to the north of Sweden for safety there he met a lovely woman named Ingo who taught him how to play Yancey to the point where he became a Grandmaster competing in the world championships but eventually cruelly beaten by former Olympic decathlete Daley Thompson uh to this day convinced he cheated which burns especially cause I know you were a keen player of his video game on the Commodore 64 So the lesson there is never meet your heroes

Sidey: Yeah And once you get to that level of artsy it becomes more about you know the money and it's not about the fun anymore So I was happy to turn my back on

Pete: that

Sidey: that point Yeah

Reegs: Well it's good You did really cause otherwise we wouldn't have you here on the podcast revelations this evening

Dan: in the presence of greatness

Sidey: Yeah whilst we're talking about that then what did you watch this week

Reegs: What did I watch this week I only stopped for the pod really And a bit of the football I have watched a bit of the old

Sidey: Soccer

Reegs: soccer balls Yeah

Dan: yeah I've been doing so share and again it's just been the the week of films but I did manage to watch cats

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: it in between

Pete: everything you're smiling when you're beaming

Dan: dunno what you all well there was a bit of you know catty behavior from your doc when I realized that

Reegs: we gave you quite a lot more grief

Dan: actually yeah you actually met at that I I get the same utter shit through my fucking brains and eyes that you watch with cats And when the hype was that bad I actually didn't Probably enjoy it more than I would have if I had to just watch it because I thought this is going to be really really bad but I enjoy the song and there there was a few moments of absolute like just it's that bad

Sidey: you

Dan: kind of yeah You have to smile but I

Reegs: cockroaches walking upside down and then rebel Wilson like each one and then just like plays with their badge

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: There was there was a lot of really really weird stuff And it's one of those films that as a baseline to see how shit films can get It's a nice one to

Pete: Yeah Yeah That's that's where the bar

Sidey: anyone's ever said about that phone

Reegs: I'm glad you've been there though Rite of passage There was a number of people obviously other podcasters who when the tweet went out that we'd done this people who don't normally reply reply to them Like I'm so sorry for they knew they'd watched it They'd been Yeah

Pete: Okay okay So I've I've other than stuff for this and some football I started watching last night somebody that I worked with put me onto it a series on Netflix called don't fuck with cats

Reegs: Oh yeah I've seen that

Pete: I think it was because I mentioned that I'd watched cats and again everyone consoled me and rallied around and

Reegs: a good one that should have gone into the top five

Pete: got me got me a card to say sorry feel for your what you had to watch so I watched don't fuck with cats the first episode and apart from some really difficult moments I actually had to like pause and then re like look up what it is that I was about to watch like with the actual like footage the YouTube videos of cats and what was going to happen to them Like sock me right in the the whole yeah for for for people who don't know anything about it it's basically a guy who just one day just posted on Facebook him fucking executing two kittens vacuum putting them in a bag and vacuum sealing them And it's it's fucking harrowing and ridiculously bad and a load of people on the internet A non specifically on Facebook just decided right We're not going to stop until we find this person It's a three part sort of documentary and some no I've only watched the first episode but kind of by the first the end of the first episode you've kind of like caught up with who the guy is He's I mean he's almost like toying with people He just wants the notoriety for it I don't know where it goes from here but it kind of alludes to the fact that people start getting killed Not just he killed a lot of cats already but yeah it's quite sort of yeah Chilling and disturbing but really gripping at the same time

Sidey: Okay I have started re-watching twin peaks

Pete: the original Yeah

Sidey: because I didn't finish the return series so I want to watch it all together and then finish the

Dan: never seen any of them

Sidey: ever

Pete: Never I I've watched them when they first came out And I think I was a little bit young for it Like I've watched them but I was a bit weirded out

Dan: too young for it Am I a of age

Sidey: Oh mate get involved

Dan: Really

Sidey: so

Dan: hit me hit me up with a

Sidey: is all time

Dan: weight Okay Well obviously I've heard of it In fact my sister was really really into it when it came out and it was one of those things I was a bit young I went to bed and she was going to watch twin peaks and then go to bed light

Reegs: David Lynch movies Cause it's the most lynching

Sidey: Well it's the first three episodes The first one is quite hard for us because it's discovering a dead body and they turn it over which yeah Anyway and then it's like the parents the grief of that but it's set out like a kind of TV sober daytime drama is the music fucking weird and it doesn't really get fully fucking weird until you get into it a bit further So I've just say four  And episode four is where he has the dream and you'll have see even if you haven't seen it you all have seen references to this thing Cause it is fucking bizarre backwards speaking towards dancing and stuff like that it's got a lot of humor in it It's funny It's fucking funny but it's also

it came back So the end it was canceled He was never ever going to reveal who'd killed Laura Palmer ever That was the plan but it got canceled So they had to bring it to an end but then it came back 30 years later and I've not finished that series so I want to

Reegs: it was Maggie Maggie Simpson

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: Lower Palmer not Willow lower Parker That's a different person Isn't it

Sidey: So yeah I've watched that and I've watched England and it's coming home So that's good news

Dan: Oh yeah I liked that it was coming home

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: last week's top five was cats

Sidey: Yes it was We had some solid nominations

Reegs: some excellent nominations Do you remember I do remember

Sidey: my favorite

Reegs: What was your favorite cat woman

Sidey: Pfeiffer Catwoman

Reegs: That is nice

Sidey: a very good one

Reegs: man On Twitter He did some sleuthing and he seriously he found that the cat sound effect that we were talking about was in home alone Three That's a good bit of information there

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: Cool Well I wonder if it will crop up in this week's top five because this week's top five We're talking about movie staircases can I just say for the record that I'm putting Catwoman in to complete last week but this week is about staircases So all kinds of hi-jinks I'm sure Shall I go first

Reegs: kick it off

Sidey: A real classic It's an Alfred Hitchcock number psycho once we get into the house and the the private detective or police I can't remember but Arbor Gast is his name and he's he's snooping around and he's up the stairs and eventually mother pushes him down the stairs And I don't know if it's age that brilliantly this bit but he the camera's kind of fixed on him as he kind of falls backwards down the stairs it it's very memorable but I think

Reegs: it was innovative of the time There's a few like Hitchcock had a few in vertigo which is another one you know there's there's some great shots in that which they look really like you say dated now but they were pushing the envelope in those days People really hadn't seen things

Sidey: He was actually the fellow he founded the act tour was Martin Balsam apparently was quite big star of the day So he had Janet Lee it was you know you thought she was going to be in Jaguar She's killed off very early and then he comes into it and he's killed off our Yardi So we was constantly like you know putting the rug from under you

Dan: before gamer phones

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: Yeah I mean but whenever you're pushing you know somebody from the stairs is wrong on so many levels

Pete: That's the first one I've loved that

Dan: Yeah Ever

Reegs: The first thing I thought of was ed 2 0 9

Sidey: Oh shit I forgot about that

Reegs: It was literally the first thing I thought of because here you had this I mean we talked about Robocop a number of times We don't need to go on about what a mazing film is but it's just the brilliant design floor of the ed 2 0 9 with all the missiles and rockets and intimidating machine guns on it in the world And it and it can't survive going downstairs No they can I this came up in a thing that I was when I was doing some research for this darlings can go downstairs They will always shown just like being at the top of the stairs and then being at the bottom of the stairs until for ages until they had some special effects where they could show them like actually

Sidey: I haven't researched it but the way I remember it is that they couldn't And then there was an episode where they had learned to sort of fly slash Harbor up the stairs honestly And it was just oh my God they could fucking do the stairs as well You're not safe Yeah

Pete: press the buttons on left

Reegs: as well Cause they are in the same category for him from wizard of Oz or return to us

Pete: would be tricky

Reegs: where they can't do stairs She gets away from them because the stairs So

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: that's good Yeah

Dan: Well I guess then I've got a few real classics that I'm sure will come up maybe even before it gets around to me again So I'm going to get out the one that every stair fan will will

Pete: no

Dan: It's It's the Rocky one you know you cannot have a best movie stairs without mentioning the ones that Philadelphia done The the the the he's Oh I listened to it today the montage and him juicy Cause he runs through first of all you know in the morning it's like art piece up with the

Reegs: the blue collar workers

Dan: blue collar because then they will give it a little Hey Rocco go walk you know to meet packets and everything like that But yeah he's running up those stairs at Philadelphia and then getting to the top and having the little bounce around And it's the one actually that He does on his own before everybody starts following him Like it's the it's the it's the hundreds of runs he's done to to get him into that shape and it's brilliant

Reegs: Good one good one You can presumably just go and do that Can you how

Sidey: Philadelphia museum of art So yeah you can

Dan: and he and so I bet every single day there's people running up there doing the bounds every single day I bet that in fact you could just sit up there with a little GoPro or something or and just video them and you'd have hours

Reegs: hours and hours of footage of the public

Dan: Rocky footage

Pete: Interestingly before I give my nomination for the my first nomination So I've this isn't a film I've seen but I Howie and I fellow bad dad Howie and I have been to Kyoto in Japan and been to the steps that feature in the film the last samurai I think they're quite prominent or I don't know There's a part of the film the last samurai this Tom cruise or something like that Yeah Not seeing the film loader steps going up to some kind of temple Maybe I've been on those stairs anyway Remember

Reegs: What's the difference between a step in the stair Anyone

Sidey: One has a banister and one doesn't

Pete: don't you say is that a true Steph

Reegs: It sounds good

Pete: Excellent Excellent so my first one this film does get mentioned from time to time I've never really got into like how fucking blew my mind when it came out the matrix And there's probably quite a few stairs scenes in it but the the the sort of the the one that I remember I just remember thinking my head somebody like tumbling down some stairs and then at the very end just pointing guns back up the stairs And it was it's Trinity When she's basically been cornered by the police Initially the agent's rocket this is the first time you see what people are capable of what the agents are all about and then really sort of like Colbert where for Tanya Manser Hugo weaving like says to the policemen and charge like oh how many men in that side Oh it's 30 we've got the guys surrounded and he's like your men are already dead And then he like goes in and she manages to escape the the the police but then sees the agents and knows to run So you know that fucking badass cause she just killed 30 police or whatever he runs she flies And then eventually like flies through a window tumbling down a staircase lands the special effects at the time were unbelievable Like nothing I'd seen before the the film itself was like nothing I'd seen before that scene itself is exhilarating One of a million exhilarating scenes in it You just know you're watching something that is like you know groundbreaking and see how that that scene was one of the first that popped into my head

Reegs: I'm so cautiously excited for matrix four because I love all of the matrix

Pete: no

Sidey: Yeah

Pete: first film Unbelievable And then

Dan: Are they going to try and save the franchise for the fourth one


Reegs: I

Sidey: makes we're still defending I think even a third one

Reegs: to a degree

Sidey: I don't even like the second one

Pete: I

Reegs: the ending now I really liked the ending of it

Dan: all the all the just a

Sidey: spit up his own ass


And the third one was just endless fucking shell casings at the flaws in slow motion bullshit staircase scenes though the Exorcist assist

Dan: Yeah

Pete: Cool So I haven't because I have not

Sidey: Regan is having a bit of a rough day 

Dan: rough

Sidey: and she does this kind of insane spider demonic possession spider walk down the stairs

Dan: which is just you never you never want to see anybody

Pete: I've see I have seen it in passing I think

Dan: anybody spider walking out there just stop it right

Pete: now

Dan: Spooky

Reegs: There's also he falls down the stairs obviously father

Sidey: breaks his neck

Reegs: I don't know if anybody's seen the Leslie Nielsen movie repossessed which is like a takeoff of the the horror stuff like the Exorcist And it's got a scene where he falls down the steps but it just goes on for about like two and a half minutes and then just falling and falling falling It's good

 this more people that are underneath the stairs it's the people under the stairs which is where's Craven sort of searing whore searing polemic about economic and racial inequality in America they're basically two characters the man and the woman waste rules living off of inherited wealth and exploiting their position as landlords to a predominantly black neighborhood And they're the sort of like Puritans they act or prudish and they don't want to use profanity but they're also incestuous perverts And the guy occasionally likes to run around in a kind of bondage suit And also they have a basement for the grotesque incestrious children who broke the hear no evil speak no evil see no evil rule yeah it's it's a good it's it's actually a really good movie It's almost as much of an action movie as it is a horror movie Great stair content When there's like a lever that she pulls in the stairs like turn into a slide then they slide down into the basement Yeah it's good but no I really sensation It's a sensational movie but actually it's it's quite thought provoking It's not subtle but it and it was made in like 1991 but it feels like it's talking about America of today So

Sidey: that's good

Reegs: yeah

Dan: Well I had one I'm not sure it's going to count because your stairs are often a driver for suspense and dramatic   effect on they you know if or they symbolize in a journey of somebody rising and falling and things like that So they do use stairs directors in movies to th to try and symbolize things as well So I had the men who stare at goats no I've gone for another one It's going to drive you up the wall This one I think it's it's a the the stairlift in up Mr Fredrickson as he kind of goes down actually Do you remember that scene So he's It's just frozen there and very very

Pete: slow

Dan: he just calming down on the stair lift all the way and it's just showing the kind of emptiness and slowness of life and the the how boring things have got since his wife has passed away And Mr Fredrickson's just kind of grumbling in his in his house and everything before the Russell

Reegs: turn right Yeah

Dan: but I loved that film up I it was one of the most fantastic animations that certainly had come out that year but for many years I still think it it stands up Sid I think you love it Don't you Or is it one of

Sidey: from the opening scene It's rubbish

Dan: yeah there you go Pete over to you

Pete: Okay right I've got so I've got a scene from a film that I I didn't know anything about And it was actually the misses This is one of the only films I think that my Mrs has ever put me on to which I really enjoyed no idea how you guys feel about it The film limitless Yeah

Dan: Yeah So

Pete: I really liked

Reegs: Robert DeNiro as

Pete: Yeah Robert and arrows Yeah and there's a scene So quite early on once he's I mean he's like a deadbeat character He's funny And behind where this run is flat's horrible Like he's he's just you know he's like a bum Yeah He is He's a massive loose machine And he the first time he he takes the pills or the pill and then comes up on this pill is on this whole scene is on the stairwell He sees making his way back to his flat His landlord's wife is has come out onto the landing to basically have a go at him because he's such a fucking loose bag And all of a sudden everything about him and the film the way it's lit everything kind of like completely changes it all you know like the lighting everything and he just starts obviously being able to like recall things like in his mind that he'd like seen fleetingly like from 15 20 years before and

Reegs: just take the stock market

Pete: yeah And and and specifically in this in this scenario

Dan: information

Pete: yeah He can just pull his pull absolutely everything he's kind of ever seen and heard like immediately to the fore and

Reegs: Doesn't it make him an action movie hero legend because he's watched a few movies Doesn't that Something like that happen or am

Pete: right Sorry I'm I'm not I'm not into I can't remember that specifically but he but basically in this scene on the on the stairwell he's like he's very much on the back foot He can't get to his flat because he's been accosted by the landlord's wife and in in the second at which he comes up he's able so within about 30 seconds turn the conversation back around sort of show sort of like empathy understanding intelligence like sees a bag in her book works out that she's studying law starts talking to her about it And within about Another two minutes He's banging her in like in bucking the the landlords GAF And then that's the beginning of his like initial kind of like you know upwards trajectory on this drug that that gives him these like well limitless like capabilities within you know within his brain before it all takes a tumble further later on in the film but there's all happens on a stairwell So it's a stair case scene

Sidey: Amazon made us set a series based on it as well I think it might be pu

Reegs: All right He's a prick Isn't he That's

Sidey: always say this

Reegs: that's what I cause I Greg James said it in an interview and I kind of trust him on that And also other

Pete: master chef

Reegs: don't I know no the one who's the radio one DJ

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: and somebody else has said it as well enough people have said it that I feel confident enough unless if you're

Pete: I think you're intimidated by how good looking is And it's more this says more about you than him

Reegs: he was in a midnight meat train which is like this crazy Clive Barker thing Not no stare stare

Pete: somebody spoken about it Yeah There's no anyway steps up to the train Maybe

Sidey: Let's piggyback off the back of yours down because I've got another stairlift but this is not a slow stairlift it's one that's been tampered with it's gremlins Mrs Deagle Stairlift they

Reegs: really stairs now state like am I being too picky

Pete: th they're fitted to say yeah you are directly discriminating against people who can't manage stairs themselves

Reegs: Can we edit

that out No

Sidey: we're putting that front and center That's a new trailer and a t-shirt they turn the speed of the staff up to 11 and she is catapulted out of the window to her demise That's great

Pete: I remember this now you just said it it didn't didn't cross my mind but yeah go on

Reegs: think this was more sort of good ladder content but Jacob's ladder has a good scene near the end where Jacob and his late son sort of ascending the stairs all the way up to heaven I can't recall the ladder content if we ever have a top five ladders which almost certainly we will at some point

Pete: The ladder the ladder is a drug Is the drug in that film Yeah Yeah The latter is the whatever it is Yeah

Reegs: Similarly symbolic ACE Ventura when nature nature calls and he goes off to a mountain temple to meditate and it's just got these absurdly long stairs that go on forever and he tries out a slinky on them

Sidey: I had a film a film

Pete: Yeah And it doesn't reach the bottom

Sidey: I had a film stat about Jim Carrey because it's 25 or 30 years

Pete: since he's done a thing Good

Sidey: since cable guy

Dan: So it's longer that since he's done anything good then it's 30 odd

Sidey: it was a Headline grabber because he got paid $20 million for that film and 15% of the box office which is a fucking lot of money

Dan: is less than

Reegs: I think

Sidey: think it made any

Reegs: didn't it but it's actually pretty good cable

Pete: I don't mind it I don't mind it It's not his bear It's not his best but I don't mind it

Dan: got one is it's an old film 1938 say a prayer to a boy who couldn't run as fast no bit I did And I didn't it's angels with dirty faces James Cagney and pat O'Brien And this is the last scene at the end where have you seen this movie angels with dirty faces So I went for a big kind of James Cagney phase where I just watched everything of his I really really liked him So Andrew was dirty face is one of the better ones that he did but he also did the roaring twenties which was really good Yankee doodle which is one of the ones on stairs as well And he does this fabulous dance cause he was a real song and dance

Sidey: man

Dan: James Cagney as well as doing all the gangster movies that he used to do you know top of the world bar you know he was that kind of guy He also was like the No Sammy Davis Jr Is unfit

Pete: in that as

Dan: could sing and dance and entertain and do all this But in this particular film he's played a gangster who grew up with a priest So is there a kids They both got into trouble and it turns out the priest could run a little bit faster and he'd got out of trouble And James Cagney went into juvie ended up going through the system and becoming this real heart no gangster who goes to the go to the chamber in the end you know and he but he's got all these kids working from all these street kids that father O'Brien is trying to get under his wing and put them on the right track and everything But they will call They all want to be cool with the gangsters and everything So when he eventually goes to the chair his mate is saying look don't go to the chair With all these boys thinking you were a hero please don't go to the chair like that So he's basically asking him then to go yellow to go they're screaming and shouting go dad not as a hero to all these boys but go there

Pete: quietly spineless

Dan: that I'll never do that on the fucking man but he does So these kids can go under the priests wing and and follow him rather than the guy you know So it's it's

Sidey: I was going to say sent from the frying pan into the fire though Yeah

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: potentially the priest

Dan: here put them into the Catholic church was the safe place to be but it's a it's a really good film And he's told them this at the bottom of some stairs the young lads are at the bottom there So it's a great scene is a great movie

Pete: Nice so more of a so some a series of films two different series of films rarely but I'll focus more on one than the other that seemed to feature stairs in Like all the way through his Lord of the rings there there are stairs there were stairs all over this like the original let's call it the you know the Lord of the rings trilogy there's there's some insert the what's it called what's it called The fucking mat No yeah There's mines of Moria and this on the on the way out of mines of Moria when they were escaping the Balrog and the

Sidey: shoddy masonry

Pete: yeah it's terrible Those drawers are not as not as good as I try and make out I wanna say Mount doom it is Mount deem Isn't it is it Mount demon was fucking Mount more model but what's the actual volcano called where the where the ring was

the fucking thing thing called where they made the ring

Sidey: is Mount doom Isn't it

Reegs: dude

Pete: Thank you I was thinking that's from something else I'm thinking

Sidey: and gets his ring destroyed

Pete: Yeah Yeah I have seen that one as well So but I think probably like the the most prominent set of stairs in in that is the size of which are the stairs that Golan leads up that go into more doors taking them in through through the back passage Lowell and ultimately up into Sheila Bob's law there are some some others Lego last Surfs down some stairs on a on a shield in the the battle at Helm's deep which a really cool battle apart from that loader

Reegs: the second one

Pete: is in the circle Mine Ah yes Yeah yeah It's the two towers It's the yeah it's it's in that one Gandalf riding up the stairs on the white horse I think his minister if the the place where the dead tree and so loads and loads of stairs in the Hobbit like the ones that go up to the to the door that gets revealed and stuff loads and loads it says

Reegs: I'm exhausted by

Pete: Steph and Tolkien obviously loved to stay

Sidey: Yeah Well you mentioned sliding down the stairs on his shield and Macaulay Culkin in home alone sleds down the stairs which cause I put this post out today about stat content and we've been inundated with home alone content but mostly the well in fact only the paint cans swinging hitting the two dudes but no one had mentioned the actual sledding down the stairs He didn't unfortunately impale himself on a metal spike or anything like that So that was a shame also you mentioned rigs about people under the stairs Uh Harry Potter lives under the stairs when we first meet him and for the first couple of films in fact and in  Hogwarts the stairs kind of move around you know as if by magic it's very Essure like

Reegs: well if it's Asher S stairs you're like side you've obviously got labyrinth

Dan: same as mine Now Toby go back to your boom and play with your toys So B's mine now

Pete: That's brilliant So you guys are now just

Dan: possibly

Pete: are you guys are just trolling yourselves by Saturday You mentioned home alone and rigs mentioning anything to do with David Berry I

Dan: word

Reegs: was mostly about the Asher stairs I thought it was good link there And there's also obviously an inception You've got the Penrose stairs which has sort of similarly impossible

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: W the Truman show is a good one right at the end as he gets to literally end of his world

Dan: king outside his world to the stairs

Reegs: Yeah I see a good movie there

Sidey: That's really good

Reegs: Yeah any more stair content Oh yeah I'm breakable member what's his chops Elijah price Samuel L.

Jackson falls down the stairs Well not really It it gives him months of physiotherapy and painful rehabilitation

Dan: is going to be up and down for a

Sidey: medical care

Reegs: I don't know what his insurance cover was to be completely honest with you

Dan: I I've got I've got one another old one of in Burling's musical comedy top hat with ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

Reegs: uh top


Dan: did I say top cat there but um yeah It's um yeah that's that's that's the moment

Uh so as close to

that as a kid I was thinking it might not be able to fit in So the other one is Ghostbusters as they're kind of going up to fight

Pete: and there you go

Dan: they just keep going up and they're obviously really keen at the bottom of the stairs We're going to go and do this And by the time they get to like level 120 and they're about a third of the way they realize they're going to have no energy to defeat goes are at the top but

Pete: Done remember

Dan: name over to you

Pete: well done I've got very quickly a couple of stairwell fight scenes One of them in casino Royale where I think you see sort of a sheaf get the table stone and then buy some like pretty nasty Nigerian chaps with okay With machetes and

Sidey: well he's lost all their money like gambling on the bonds for the airplane scheme thing

Pete: Yeah So bond managers to somehow get himself embroiled with these guys and there's a pretty fucking ridiculously choreographed scene with this I mean it looks absolutely real that like the the noise of the machete hitting like the metal banisters and stuff and that they kind of tumbled all the way down the stairs and eventually like just strangles him to death which is quite nice and but a quicker way of descending to the bottom of the stairwell is in the Bourne identity When Jason Burns traps up in a flat I think it's in Paris some guy's car man He's he's Picking them off one by one and then eventually realized he's he's he's he's trapped up at the top of the stairs So he manages to use one of the bodies that he's already created to like break through the banisters and full the three four stories And on the way down shoot the guy in the head land on the body and rolled off and out into the night

Sidey: with the physics of that work

Pete: I'm going to say yes I don't think Bourne films would be that shoddy Yeah

Sidey: American psycho He throws a chainsaw down the stairs at

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: I mean that yeah American psycho fro you know you throw a chainsaw down the stairs somebody's getting hurt

Pete: Yeah So yeah like running with scissors isn't it Yeah

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: the

Sidey: I think this is the one that inspired this topic is the untouchables in the the station I think if I remember right they're trying to snatch the bookkeeper back Yeah But it starts with editing S helping this lady with the pram and it's sort of really drawn out the tensions really drawn out of this one And it's like looking at are they coming kind of how this

Dan: can I let it nurse with that pram helping Yeah

Sidey: shoves her away and lets the pram just fucking go down the stairs And it's all in slow Mo at this point it's all really really stretched out and and there's fucking guns going off and you know the whole shooting and it's very very cool It's it's lifted that from battleship Potemkin which I haven't seen

Reegs: steps or something Isn't it called

Sidey: Yes but I haven't seen it So I can't nominate that particular one

Reegs: I haven't seen it either but I've seen I have seen that bit footage because it's been recreated a number of times across a number of different

Sidey: It was a game-changer apparently editing wise and whatnot but the on touch was is seriously cool And that's a good stat content

Reegs: Yeah that is good Stick content A similarly good stare content named for a top five about stairs is the staircase Anybody seen that

Dan: in in researching this

Reegs: So I'm not into those like Netflix See True crime things particularly I have seen don't fuck with cats when I went through a brief period with this and I've also seen the other one which is making a murderer which is not so much their content but they're they the most mainstream I guess of these And they are really fascinating The staircase is really even if you don't like this stuff And I don't like you know have I already said a million times that I don't like this stuff

Sidey: but you like this

Reegs: this particular one is really utterly a fascinating story and knowing what actually happened

Sidey: haven't seen it but I think he killed her or did he

Reegs: she fell down the stairs and broke her neck and that's where you start And there are so many twists and turns this one really big but this is not a drama This is a true life thing but there's one big reveal about three or four programs in that you're like oh my God when you're watching this So it's a fascinating thing to watch what happened I don't know And there's some crazy theories seriously involving an owl like fringe theories based on things that might've happened in the in that house that

Sidey: the hours are not what they seem

Reegs: the staircase watch it You'll you might like it If you've got down with Dover with cats this is superior Yeah

Dan: All right well I've got a couple more and and that's me pretty much I've got the 39 steps which is an old black and white who done it well but the other one anyone that's sliding down the banisters so I've I've chosen Mary Poppins and spoon food of sugar and she's she's Sliding down the banisters

Pete: She started up the bonuses Mary Poppins

Dan: I think at this stage they've just met the kids and she's talking about she hasn't quite let the magic fully out of their hat at this point but she's sliding down the banisters There's so many movies that do that And you think about this subject actually you had the opportunity to wedge so many into this because it surprised me how many stairs are actually in movies There's

Pete: just

Dan: and loads so I'm going to end it there with that one is my last I pretty much know the one that I'm going to put in though

Pete: Okay I've only got one more And it's been mentioned on this before and I I can't now think why it must have been in the top five or something like that And it's a scene that I've seen so many times and not just a friend of mine And I used to just watch it and loads of other scenes from this series of films over and over again and just piss ourselves laughing So the point where now I don't even laugh but they're amazing films the pink Panther and specifically the pavlova of the parallel when he gets on the parallel bars And it's all coming back to me now And he manages to like flip off the buzz and fall down the staircase like the massive Dick head that he is but like I fucking piss myself at that scene a million times love it

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Uh The shining Jack traces Shelly develop the stairs with a baseball bat saying he's gonna kill her

Reegs: The shining is becoming light home alone Isn't it it's seen every week

Sidey: it's a fucking classic you should watch it and make your own judgment on that but out of sight as well as a really good one the Juul highest is going down at a guy's mansion and he's got his diamonds in the fish tank Clooney's on the top of the stairs And one of the sort of oafish sort of bad guys has a gun on him but it slips on the stairs and falls and it goes into his chair and he pulls the trigger and shoots himself through the head he never danced again

Dan: Just just a fro in there as well another one we put in every week Willy Wonka chocolate factory And you know as he's doing that kind of little dance up and down the stairs as he's singing a song and gene Wilder That whole Corey Goff scene uses I said now uses uses the stairs as well as anybody just to try to put the dance across and the fun and and the suspense of going into Willy Wonka's factory

Pete: don't remember that

Dan: You don't remember that you have

Pete: to do the

Dan: kind of research I put into this day represented

Sidey: You could do a double bill with shining right That's a put these into a some sort of order rigs what you put in him

Reegs: The people under the stairs

Sidey: Dan

Dan: angels with dirty faces for

Sidey: Okay

Pete: Well I'm good Right I'm going to go to pink Panther pavlova of the parallel

Sidey: I'm going to go for the untouchables

Pete: Oh so Rocky's not made it

Sidey: he's been nominated that has been nominated a bunch of work

Pete: on it I was going to say I thought it was a show in for me Dan croaky

Dan: I assumed there'd be a shoo-in from you

Pete: No

Sidey: So we've left out in recent weeks We've left out Good Goodfellows and Rocky What a

Pete: for staircases

Dan: what kind of film podcast

Reegs: week

Pete: Somebody stop us

Dan: savers again


Reegs: Okay 

Sidey: not only did I nominate this week's entertainment by also provided us with some cheese We have got a shower Rich has an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese from France but don't hold that against it because it's rich creamy and luxurious becoming nuttier and softer Under pressure from the

Dan: on the pressure really to say

Sidey: Yeah High more nettle bed Creamery We have a pasteurized cow's milk cheese organic semi-soft washed rind cheese which I've not tried yet And then finally we have an Antonio which is a raw cow's milk cheese I wouldn't say it looks that raw

Dan: that's the one I

Reegs: which is that the creamy one that I had that you suggested

Sidey: that's the showers

Reegs: That was great

Pete: And that strong

Dan: one there is that comp T

Sidey: the Antonio context creamy with hints of fruit hazelnut and toffee

Dan: Well going forward them later

Pete: another good spread Yeah

Sidey: Which leads us cleverly into this week's main feature

Reegs: Well because spread rhymes with

Sidey: Yeah which I nominated because this was around when my daughter my oldest was born and I remember distinctly at being on sky I think and having to do like night feeds getting up and making bottles and stuff and catching bits of it while I was waiting for stuff to happen and never actually getting to see the whole movie So I wanted to nominate it to finally put that to bed

Reegs: Nice

Dan: Okay Cause I hadn't actually even given dread the character much of a go since I saw Sylvester Stallone's earlier version and I watched that and I was as a fan of the comics as well as a kid I was disappointed with that I always really thought it had so much more potential than it delivered So I was really interested in see this

Sidey: You'd see the enemies

Reegs: I had

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: the

Sidey: that was a no

Pete: I've not seen this or the Sylvester Stallone one I'd not really engaged with dreads at all as a character

Dan: get into the comic

Pete: No no no

Dan: there was a comic book Episode that stuck out in my head about this guy who went to get in the fashion IED 20 whatever it is where we're dreads world is where is

Reegs: it

Dan: Yeah that's it why up there

Sidey: I

Dan: Basically become fashion to get extra limbs sewn into in the future

Reegs: remember that back in the

Dan: back in the two thousands when everybody was getting and these extra lemons sewn in So this one guy has got his extra limbs because he tried to save a few quid He got it off the black market and it turns out it's like this murderer's arms that he's got and they just go

Pete: out

Dan: of you know so he's actually innocent but

Pete: His arms aren't

Dan: you know how it goes but

Pete: is that oh is that weird The lyrics guilty feet have got no rhythm come from Yeah Cause there's someone else's

Dan: those this dance has nothing to do with

Pete: me

Dan: It's just my feet But I remember in that episode that dread  he just took him out He was just absolutely that's it that's justice And when I watched the The version for we've Sylvester Stallone It was I dunno when a little bit too much comic book coy it didn't know what he I didn't know where I wanted

Sidey: do He didn't have the same spirit as the comic is weird and quite dark and grimy Whereas they sort of Hollywood defied that version of it This felt a lot more grounded in where the world of the comic book

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: And that world is where we find ourself in mega city one

Dan: Great name for us

Sidey: yeah they they just have these enormous tower blocks effectively ghettos I suppose where the population lives And I can't remember the figure but it was

Reegs: 800 million residents in the

Pete: yeah The the tower blocks had 70,000 people living in them

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: Did you like mega city One like the next ones like called

Dan: Yeah well we're going to call that next

Reegs: mediocre

Pete: there there was a band called mega city for if they did Yeah yeah

Reegs: outside of mega city one we don't really know what's there it's an irradiated wasteland that they call the cursed earth yeah so it's not a nice place

Sidey: No it's grim and we are basically centered on one particular example of these tablets called Peachtree Mm

Pete: which is a lovely name

Dan: yeah Much nicer than it actually looks Cause this is just a I dunno a hundred 200

Reegs: 200 stories

Dan: I do know it's a 200 story high apartment block which is under the control of The the local king Pinterest is how would you call that

Sidey: the matriarch

Dan: matriarch a pin

Reegs: king king queen pin a queen

Dan: pin That's the words

Pete: mama

Reegs: mama Actually

Sidey: Before we do get to the the tablet itself there's a chase a car chase sequence

Reegs: we get our introduction to the world he's in because we hear about the crimes And then we see dread come into to action

Sidey: tooled

Reegs: gets tooled up You see him without his helmet on briefly and shadow from the back And then he puts his helmet on good helmet content this

Dan: What did you think of dread What

Pete: did you

Dan: of that No that the the CA judge dread like did cause straight away for me he didn't have the

Sidey: I was going to say he's a bit slight

Dan: judge dread having you know Stallone obviously had it You know he's he's a huge beast and in the comic books he was always very

Reegs: yeah he was big enough in this He didn't look unconvincing is as a tough guy I get what you're saying He wasn't rippling with muscles but I didn't I didn't get the sense that his defining characteristic is is like after one note nurse really isn't it he's just committed to

Dan: smart It's the turn down smile as well You know he's

Sidey: got

Dan: permanent kind of look grimace

Reegs: like it's a Western isn't it He's the man with no name is a Western you know it's like really Sort of basic character really OneNote really But

Pete: as guys who've all seen presumably the Stallone film and also the comic books all of you

Reegs: wasn't

Pete: Right But I mean it's what what would you say is about so for parking the rest of the film just in terms of the character which one was a better representation of the character So this one because for me the the as the main as obviously like the you know he is the the titular character and he's it's it's really strange It was really strange for me that he his his carrot not that the performance necessarily but the actual character never really elevates at any stage It's just really like it's kind of like he's got a monotonous voice it's a manana a monogamous kind of again not performance as I say in terms of like

Sidey: hero in this to sort of really get behind because it doesn't give you

Pete: Yeah It's almost like the film sort of happens with him obviously as a as a key character without him ever doing or

Dan: they

Pete: showing anything showing anything that that makes him seem like human or yeah

Dan: They have a they have a thing where you know you have normally that character arc or that line going through

Reegs: doesn't really have that particularly

Dan: he just had like this thick line

Reegs: going

Dan: through he didn't change the whole way through it was a solid beam going

Pete: right to the field Thomas and just


Dan: out around him But that solid beam was just that character

Pete: That's his

Dan: Yeah it was driven

Reegs: One of the other things that I Liked about it It ties into what the story is about is it was although you are introduced into this world you do get some flashy CGI effects where you see the big buildings some drones and stuff flying in the sky It's actually fairly small scope And the scale is small as well in terms of like he's just taking down one drug Baron in one ghetto There's not it's not saving the whole world You know there's not going to be a portal at the end and like blue lasers and an army of CGI robots This is a day on the job for

Pete: And and it eludes to that It alludes to that in in like you know I know we've jumped a little bit but in the the mission that they choose to sort of accept it's just one of 700 things that are going on at that moment in time and they just go right Well we'll go and do that one It's almost like completely like fighting a losing battle but nevertheless I got a job to do and they're going to go out and do it

Dan: Well this is it So we get to the stages before this job where dread is put with a partner he doesn't want of course And it turns out she's a mutant that has just failed the test but to become a judge but because the judges are so overrun and mega cities just got so much crime that the high commissioners are prepared to take a chance on a and they want dread to go through and give a run through and say look You tell me if she's okay Because a day on the job we view is a proper

Pete: Yeah That's a good barometer as anything Yeah

Dan: so dredges thing walks in and goes right we're going to start this kind of assessment and lets her choose the job from there she's making the calls and dreads kind of go on with her calls Most of the time he steps in a couple of times but for the most part he's going with her calls or giving her the option

Pete: Yeah Before we get to that point now I was I was kind of I wouldn't say shocked but like surprised by how Ultra violent This slide the film was like up to that point though the you know the original car chase just like the guy walking out in front of the van it gets absolutely total by the van and then you just see you know a trail trails of

Reegs: Well there's also the drugs slow mode that allows us to see these sequences that are it slows our users perception down to 1% of their normal

Sidey: cake

Reegs: Yeah Yeah That may actually makes your keyboard smell like hammers yeah So you get these like comic books splash panels of people being shot in the face and all sorts of stuff happening in Gloria slow motion And it's highly stylized because you're seeing it from the perspective of the people on the drugs Terrific

Dan: Yeah So is this slow Mo drug is on the streets and mama is it mama the mama gang are the ones peddling it And this the the cop the mutant she's got powers and she she's got powers

Sidey: psychic powers

Dan: allow her to to read people's minds and things So which is basically what dread does isn't it I mean he but he goes with a hunch He goes with his feelings his experience he weighs things up and he goes with the bed and she she backs it up with you know I'm reading your mind but dreads kind of already going that way Isn't it is his own common sense is taken him that way in oh we're going to sort this

Reegs: out I think she's kind of a crutch for the audience right Because the whole thing about this society is that law is dispensed by these judges who roam the streets like militarized police on these huge bikes And they will deal out potentially death sentences

on the spot

and execute people as they do in this judge jury and executioner Yeah And I think she's there as a little bit of an audience thing to go Because that's like this deeply fascist world basically isn't it And then she's there to go now It's okay Because we all know that they're bad guys It's fine Like she's got mutant powers I dunno because it's it's dodgy It doesn't really comment on the fascist aspects of its world at all It just presents you this really like grim stylized thing And and it's the day in the life story

Dan: Yeah no that's what it is And I think that's the way you approached this film It's not trying to explain the life and times of how they've got there It's a day on the job As you say Western cop movie there they are in a situation where they find themselves trying to extract one of the prisoners When the building gets locked down this 200 story building that they're halfway up gets locked

Sidey: Yeah Well things sort of kick off at pace when three Guys are tortured skinned given a dose of that

Dan: of that

Sidey: that cocktail stir that in slow Mo themselves and then thrown off the building

Dan: So that was it They'd given this slow Mo drug from off the building so they could see their own death coming like a Milo

Reegs: And that was all being done from first person perspective as well Isn't it It was so

Sidey: I like the way it cuts It cuts to the sort of the foyer wherever the people are just walking around And then you just see this thud and you get three of them It's good

Reegs: being dropped to the floor

Dan: And then actually no that was it was the it was one of the movies Maybe it was the this one I've seen so many different ones for that But did that go from underneath any you started

Reegs: seeing

Sidey: that's the very very very end

Dan: Okay That was clever

Pete: Okay

Sidey: Then when you've got these What's left of these bodies on the floor and everyone's trying to like Marshall the civilians away and Dread just walks in and lifts up the the thing everyone's like grim

Reegs: it is really grim because it's basically just the guy's face Yeah

Sidey: Splat

 Reegs: yeah so they're there to confirm that the the bodies are real and to see what's happening down at the peach trees

Pete: They find out that the some of the antagonists are on a certain floor So they go up to this floor

Dan: finds out that he

Reegs: she mind fucks him She mind fucks Avon Barksdale

she he was the guy who did the skinning

Pete: Yeah But they go they go to what what is it that takes them to that floor in the first place Cause that's

Sidey: they get worried that a drug den

Pete: right Okay So they go to that floor they burst into a or they don't they he blows the door open and you get that really cool kind of like slow motion scene of them getting blown away from the door Some people getting fucked by that door blowing up And then that's where you get the re like the slow motion shots But it's slowly going through people's faces into that gut and everything which is pretty fucked up Pretty cool at the same time

Sidey: But yeah Avon Barksdale is in there Yeah And she

Reegs: she Mindfox him Yeah and he thinks he can mind fuck her but you can't

Sidey: you can't

Reegs: So she learns from him about mama

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: That was quite good That bit actually when he's he thinks he can take her on and he's like if you think you're just going to go into my head Cause at one point she does And he thinks she's shocked because he's got

Sidey: well he's going to mind Fuck raper

Dan: Yeah But he's just way out of his league when she realizes that no once I'm in your head I'm literally dancing around on

Reegs: it


Dan: she can do now

Sidey: Because because they now know that Avon is the killer of these well skin These guys they're going to take him in but he knows something about mama's operation So she then orders the place to be locked down

Reegs: That's right And she that's where she gets Donald Gleason I didn't even realize it was him until afterwards He's like some computer hacker guy who runs their operation and he locks down the whole building He's got like

Pete: Fake eyes


I think she's they sort of show in like a flashback scene Like not her necessarily but she's pulled his eyes

Sidey: times in the eyes and took his eyes

Pete: out


Reegs: That's right Yeah A lot of people have got scars and stuff She's obviously got a well this is where we see Mar mama and she's got a really conspicuous and evil looking scar on her face And many of the people are scarred in this Donald Gleason's got it looks like he's got a scar of the word mole written on his head or something ridiculous But

Pete: yeah she got that scar cause she used to be a prostitute and I don't know if it was like her pimp or someone Yeah And she she bit his Dick off Yeah It's never nice

Dan: and then went on to become bad-ass and and run that whole block from the top down And so when she says it's closed the entire play and nobody needs to help these people or you will be executed as

Reegs: they tell them they're running a system tests don't they So they locked down the whole place and then they tell them they're running like they radio back to judge control or whatever And they say that they're running a sort of scenario that they might you know don't respond to emergency calls and stuff We're doing a testing

Dan: worries Dominic Gleason has to do that Doesn't

Reegs: Yeah no worries Yeah So and that basically sets up you know the remainder of the film which is very much like the raid It has to be said where they're in this confined space and they need to escalate up through the building in a number of Very well done fight scenes some employing the slow Mo some using other more sort of just basic action techniques but things are shot pretty well until they do ascend to mama's place  meanwhile there are four corrupt judges


Dan: cause she's making a mint They found out that her drug operation is doing most a mega city and that she's got four judges on the payroll all of whom being sent Pretend to go and back up dread and his partner what's the partner called Anderson so dread and Anderson already split up at this point the judges are coming to to save them and back them up but in fact killed them if they get the chance But it's tough against dread in Anderson Isn't it

Pete: Well we get to the the the four judges come into the building There's one scene that I thought it was probably worth talking about with the massive fucking guns Like three of the guns on the balcony were like mama has come down to that level

Dan: take down like the like the Tommy

Pete: yeah They're like three I think three Gatling guns And sh I mean they're just she's just murdering the entire flight floor of like residents

In just to get the two people that she wants to get rid of and and as well And what's his name The guy you keep mentioning from the wire Yeah Like cause I obviously want him dead or the retrieved or dead So the the they can't talk to him for information

Dan: Yeah Which doesn't happen because they they miss him even after

Pete: all

Dan: those they've just absolutely She must be what have you got to do here Cause dreads got that You know you're never going to get me bad-ass attitude that just walked through and I really liked him in this Actually I thought Keith urban did a really good dread I thought he

K E and

Pete: Carl's brother

Dan: yeah And he's he's come he's come through We have his downward small his Moss that goes over it And it's just the attitude is you say all the way through the film it doesn't change a lot but the situations he finds himself in and there there is a few good lines a few good laughs

in this

as well It wasn't just action It wasn't just you know obviously no romance in it There was nothing like


Even between you know

Reegs: refresh It's refreshing for that though you know there's no suggesting that they're going to be there's not even going to be a mentor mentee relationship

Dan: no

dread Doesn't give a fuck Really It's like this is what I liked about dread Really He didn't you could see he wasn't an easy assessor He wasn't somebody who was going to it's like what you're going to do now Ricky where are you going to do now Like this is oh fucking Oh okay Well we'll do that then and then a lot of the time she seemed to be making the decision

that you felt

that he

Reegs: would

it does lose her weapon though which is an automatic fail He told her that right up front and it's just before the final confrontation And it is important because it plays into

Pete: gets over power

Reegs: end she does get overpassed She does get a weapon back It's actually got really cool feature because they show you earlier on when dread picks his gun up that it's got some kind of like Bonded to his fingerprints

Dan: know

Reegs: and Avon Barksdale tries to fire it places whole like hand and arm off It's really grim

Sidey: isn't there a similar thing in blade The sword is

Pete: yeah

Sidey: DNA thing

Dan: does not recognize ID is it DNA ID

Reegs: what face ID is going to do in iOS 16

Dan: Yeah I'd

Reegs: It's like you look at it and if it you know yeah If it's not your face and it was just

Dan: blind you

Reegs: you heard it here first Steve jobs did

Sidey: it

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: So yeah Then basically I mean you know there's a lot to describe but basically it's a series of escalating fights and they find themselves on the top floor with mama and it's a bit of a strange kind of ending

Pete: she chooses to let dominal Gleeson's character go because she I think she reads his mind and sees the torture and and the torment that he's been subjected to and knows that everything that he's done even though he's assisted and aided Marmara and the gang has been totally under duress So she makes the choice to to let him go

Dan: She yeah she becomes like the judge

Pete: you


Dan: she she she does that job and she says look I know that I'm going to fail I know that I've lost my sidearm I've done all this but I am still a judge and that's my judgment boom there with it And she lets him off and Whereas dread would probably have just shot the guy because he's that kind of guy but he also begrudgingly thought this one's

Pete: a judgment on that

Reegs: And they've got what they need which is the code to her apartment And that's when they can face her down And when they do she reveals that she's got these two like detonators strapped to her wrist that will basically blow the top 50 floors of the

Pete: no it's obviously there's a sense She set up explosives and the the the the things that arrests like transmitting to and if a pulse stops then it triggers the bombs to go off So it'll take the whole building down But judge basically judge Gera dread face he works out that it's only going to transmit from a certain distance So if she's at the bottom of this tower block it's not going to be able to transmit all the way out to wherever the receiver is Whether he explosives are So that's why

Reegs: yeah

Dan: on that Did he

Reegs: it was a bit of a leap though when it fucking Elvis I mean

Sidey: that's

Reegs: But it does work out

Sidey: that's the one that you mentioned daddy down where it she's given the drug again you just see a face to splat onto the

Dan: I I was so clever Cause it went then under the floor and it just became like almost this

Reegs: it was like glass

Dan: glass blood press didn't it you know that

Reegs: it was

Dan: like lab experiment

Sidey: Lena Headey

Pete: Yeah So But she

Reegs: had like did she have something fucked up with her teeth Were those her real teeth or not They can't have been that she had braces And but yeah I dunno

Dan: I don't think he was a real scar either

Reegs: I mean that's kind of it and then she's dead and everybody's okay And the building opens up again

Dredd is asked to evaluate Anderson

Sidey: tells her that she failed but then he tells a higher up that no

Dan: Yeah I

Reegs: no she says she says she says yeah

Dan: He doesn't say anything He's just there And when he's asked he says it's a

Reegs: yeah And that's it And he rides off on his fucking goofy looking motorcycle

Dan: day another day and mega city Yeah Yeah It's it's I don't know it as a as a film it certainly wasn't too comic book Add lots of that As you say violence in it Pete that was really graphic at some

Pete: point

Dan: But he did have laughs in it as well I was really surprised pleasantly at this and please because I hadn't seen it before when it come out it it missed me by because I held the other film against it but this one is different and it's it's pretty good

Sidey: Yeah I enjoyed it It is really fucking violent There's one bit where she's sort of hand to hand fighting and she sticks her gun against the guy's head and just fucking shoots in his head just like in


Dan: learning on the job as well Isn't she I mean you can see that she's not comfortable with the violence at the beginning but then after a little while she's just like fuck this shit She gets mad

Reegs: and then

Sidey: He's just going to die If you

Dan: yeah And she gets up to speed and and dreads like yeah right

Pete: Th there's the bit where they're in a there they to escape the guys that are after them they go into a room and there's a lady I think there's a child as well And basically they make the decision just to hide out in the room to turn light you know to say to her look don't say that we've been here And then she looks over and the guy that she's just executed is the husband and the father of this child and so obviously that's but it's one of the few kind of like bits of like sort of slightly elevated emotion in the film Everything is kind of like unapologetically just like brutal the first

Reegs: It really goes actually this is quite morally ambiguous you know Cause most of the time it's it's not big in it up but you're not supposed to be afraid of what it's just like he judged red is like a necessary response to this world that they that they live in sort of thing the movie it kind of most reminded me of other words would be Robocop It's got a sort of similar sort of satirical vibe to the world and ultra violence and highly stylized yeah this was good though I really liked this So I would like to see more set in this world I don't think he really made any money did it but it's a no right Okay

Sidey: budget for This was $50 million

Dan: chunk of

Sidey: What do you think

Pete: Oh what are you you seem to you seem to be preparing Riggs

Reegs: Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Dan: yeah

Pete: I'm going to say double hundred

Reegs: Yeah I'll go with peers

Dan: I

reckon he's made money I wouldn't double it

Sidey: Saturday No it was 41 and a half million It took in couldn't find a big audience for it

Reegs: Well we won't get this equals which is a shame because I would

Sidey: they've already said there will be no sequels

Reegs: would like to see like more sort of small scale day in the life stories It that's sin city was a bit like that That's what I quite enjoyed about those little stories in there that they weren't all saving the world and stuff It

Dan: was

Reegs: these yeah The little vinegar bits

Pete: I guess there's no real sort of which I didn't mind in this film as a standalone film there's no real kind of like scope for like character development Like it wouldn't really make sense to do like a backstory or you know what happens when dread goes home and like puts on the cattle and stuff Isn't

Reegs: there

Pete: there isn't anything it's it's it's kind of like just puts herself out there and is very kind of like it is very one dimensional in terms of like the theme of the film

Dan: all the characters I really think too it has the most potential to be exciting And you know exactly like what is dread like when he goes home you know what is his life You know the character that could get into this or the actor that can get into this

character I think is is endless really And it's the most true to life because you think in years and years time when you're going to have mega seas you're going to have places that are just Population isn't going anywhere She'd go and up and up and up where we're going to all going to be in high rise buildings You're going to have these kinds of and cops are going to have to be you know hard on the street and everything So it might not be judged Right Kind of things But the more technology is

Reegs: well America already has a highly military military millet to realized

Sidey: militarized

Reegs: militarized police force I mean it's not that dissimilar to what an army would look like with some of the equipment they've

Dan: and certainly once yeah somebody's equipment starts getting up and everything I I just think this is it's a fascinating character I'd love to see some more

Sidey: There was some weird stuff around the director

Reegs: Who was it

Sidey: Pete Travis but it was written by Alex

Reegs: That's right Yeah

Sidey: And then

Dan: the Tessa rack

Sidey: yeah and then something happened and Alex Garland started to get a directing co credit and then the two of them had I think had a falling out there was a bit of ambiguity about ambiguity about what had happened but I think we right Well I don't know if it was they weren't happy with it and Garland had to take more of a hands-on role in the direction of it and

Dan: really

Sidey: yeah So but I really enjoyed it

Dan: Yeah I did I enjoy this 

Reegs: it's facially it's very striking as well in several several moments They've done a lot with a little

Sidey: It had the unparalleled advantage of following cats So it didn't have

Pete: to

Sidey: Jen say me but it did I was

Pete: Yeah I'm glad I watched it and I was entertained by it Whether I'd watch it again I'm not sure if another one like sequel did come out I know it's not going to happen but I yeah I wouldn't necessarily be like super excited to watch it but I'd probably try and catch it at some point

Dan: I I think they wouldn't do another one with the same actors same directors you know I think that one's done but

I just think that the

Reegs: the Keitha ban was

Pete: brilliant

Dan: He wasn't he wasn't too bad you know but I think that there's there's more in this character and I

Pete: think it's not hard part to play I don't really

think yeah

Reegs: only got his mouth and it

Pete: but

he doesn't have to do a lot with

Reegs: sneers That's pretty

Pete: much Yeah So say like Arnie could have played this role in his heyday listeners

Reegs: see that Dan actually just did a sneer That was basically exactly like judge strategy You'll have to take our word for it

Pete: but

Reegs: it's at least as good as the David Bowie impression

Dan: check a vision check a with conviction

Pete: dead

Reegs: guys

Sidey: that's what we watched I didn't watch this when I was a child because no you must have watched this really because I think we were just at the age where there's no way we were going to watch that

Dan: Well I'm a bit younger but younger than you

Reegs: I absolutely fucking despised the

Sidey: Yeah I think I actively Hated

it I thought that they were

Reegs: the first time

Sidey: creepy old men Like they seemed old to me

but but it had it was popular in our school year because of the haircuts

Dan: this yeah it was always a kind of a bit of a joke joke you know there were there were laughed at along more than than

Reegs: Oh no don't it's fucking tiresome Pratfalls and you were ranting the LA a couple of weeks ago about like really obvious comedy That's being set up a billion miles away Oh my God

Pete: this is this is it like it is oh it's fucking dreadful This fucking dreadful Yeah

Dan: it's so shite


Sidey: No the banana

Dan: How could you

Reegs: the

Pete: bit where they were stepping over that but on a no it's fucking crap

Dan: the name of this episode was called traveling store

Sidey: gags right from

Dan: gags from the beginning you've got that pun in the title because they are managers of the supermarket It's not

Reegs: proving that you actually watched it Isn't it Then after

Dan: only watched by enjoyed this I

Pete: enjoy your

Dan: bit of chuckle vision It was

Pete: Well even now

Dan: even to the point where I I laughed it more after watching it Do you know what I mean A little bit like I can't believe they fucking put this on television That

was the

Reegs: times

Sidey: Yes there are good stat There are 21 series of this and 292 episodes And it ended very badly in that it was canceled

Reegs: They

Sidey: they were told they had a job for life They were literally told that by the BBC and then they canceled it and everyone was saying oh you know oh it's been great working on


Reegs: to the season wrap party No you didn't And they were like oh brilliant I can't believe it was the last ever chocolate brother season And got the chocolate brothers were like It won't fuck You're chuckling them Where are they

Pete: I'm assuming it got canceled because of operation tree because these guys are Peter files Undoubtedly

Reegs: But Paul wait which one You always get them confused hang on

Dan: It is it Berry

Reegs: Barry got caught by a tabloid chatting up women on the internet and generally being a bit of a pervert And then he was sleeping with some blokes misses He got a spanner wrapped around his head in a Lester petrol

Pete: So that would have been funny to watch

Reegs: Yeah well it wasn't funny to watch was the fucking banana skins on the floor in and although there was a good cheese conversation did you pick up on that

Sidey: it was they did some puns around cheese They did lots of puns and they had

Reegs: a really good cheese conversation I did write it down

Dan: of the better better lines

Reegs: Oh the Cheshire is under pressure

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: It's even on the EDA am I've lost it The double Gluster in the cook meat lady is arrived

Sidey: The floor gets messy from the bone scan And at one point he orders the older creepy guy

Reegs: He was the younger brother though Really Well No So no in the show I always think that the tool the light more dominant taco brother taller

Dan: one in new the S and M stuff

Reegs: the alpha chocolate brother He's like the older brother even though the the younger brother is older than

Pete: him

Reegs: The way that their relationship is because he's always passing him around and doing all that sort of stuff Isn't he So

Sidey: he's got the mullet where it's like it shaved in like a direct straight line above the ear and then it just goes straight But it's spiky on top then mullet at the back

Reegs: if you don't know what the fuck we're talking about which is highly possible just Google Barry and Paul chuckle and then you'll see them And then don't watch an episode Barry Yeah yeah

Dan: Yeah Barry chuckle this Yeah I mean If you're probably less than 40 you don't know what the chuckle bothers was

Reegs: well it ran until 2000 and like 12 or something

Sidey: big this is multi generation spanning but there's a scene where he's asked to clean the floor So he gets the sit on floor cleaning machine and he puts a cap of the cleaning fluid in and he thinks well that's not going to be

Reegs: happen Right I was getting excited because this had high potential to be comedy this bit I was like oh okay I know what's going to happen here Really It's okay Well no I thought he was going to do what he did which is pour the rest of it and fill it up But then the stuff that comes out is like shaving cream like a tiny it's not even that much of it I want it The whole

Sidey: a bloke that I used to work with he Had never done the washing and his misses went away and left him at home and he had to wash something out when he didn't know what to do So he filled the washing machine full of like fairy like wash up This is to do clothes I mean so he filled and then the whole of that their ground floor of their house is full of bubble It really reminded me of this scene

Reegs: that would have been better though because we get this disappointing It's like the sixth Wang the day when it

Dan: like they'd been given the supermarket for the morning get this done quick but don't make too much of a

Reegs: mess

Dan: that's basically what they had

Pete: who would put them in charge of the supermarket Like why were they there In the first place I don't know enough about the charcoal brothers to know

Sidey: every week They just they just give you a little snapshot of a

Reegs: Well so on that note here's a couple of episodes in episode number five Barry and Paul attempt to steal a Rembrandt Um no episode 53 Barry and Paul invest in the futures market but lose all their money in a Ponzi scheme leaving Paul to seriously consider suicide yeah episode 35 they find a wake up to find themselves trapped in a rotating cube of maze with each six sided room laced with deadly traps and puzzles That was a good

Pete: episode

Dan: Did any of you watch this for your

Pete: kids

no no I wouldn't really want

Reegs: Did she like it

Dan: She hated it with a

Pete: Oh I'm not

Reegs: She's right

Dan: I turned off the symptoms and said no we're watching this now

Reegs: So only 14 minutes Thank

Dan: And yeah so it felt longer I was like trying to make fun yo

Pete: Oh

Reegs: God

Dan: watch out for the banana Do you know And she's just looking at me like you are the biggest idiot other than these two that I've

Pete: seen It was it was really like pure Royal It was smacked of of slamming salmon that they're both really pleased with this They think that they're hilarious This is this was exactly the same sort of comedy

Reegs: if you were to ask you if anyone for instance was to ask me if I was entertained by watching this episode I would probably say yes despite having you know I hate this stuff I hated the chocolate brothers When I was a kid I was convinced that they were it's completely unfounded apart from some dodgy tabloid stuff but they you know they look weird One of them's dead now Can we say this stuff It's

Sidey: He's definitely dead You can say that

Reegs: Yeah the haircut is really something

Sidey: Gogglebox familiar with that show

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: There's two young Gish brother and sister they sit and watch TV on it Right They are the chocolate brothers niece and nephew

Reegs: Do you know the chocolate brothers had two brothers as well this was a quite a good one because it was Jimmy And what was the other chap's name Jimmy and Brian Elliott the older brothers of Barry and Paul Elliott the chocolate brothers Jimmy became engaged to a 25 year old chuckle vision fan who he met over Facebook and he married her in 2017 when he was 85 she was 25 So just

Pete: 16 years Wow

Reegs: them Yeah

Dan: he's amazing

Reegs: I do enjoy the fact that there is absolutely no way to merchandise This show What are you going to have Like a Barry and Paul doll This t-shirt I would actually

Pete: I was actually a little bit disappointed that there wasn't to me to you to me to you because I thought that was their like catchphrase Like there'd be a ladder Like I like totally like irritating

Sidey: the shop trolleys I thought that was where they're going to do the to me But no it was

Reegs: You'd live your life for the day that you were a removal man And he turned up Barry chuckles house You're like can you just move that up Yaddo yeah I remember when I found out that Barry chocolate had died and it was like I was reading like the news at about like three in the morning or something and pressing on the video whatever And it just blasted out like chocolate chunk of it that if he wants to sleep like fuck So he had the last


Dan: laugh

Yeah Okay Well you know as you pointed out there's no merchandise associated with the chuckle brothers really They were never into fleeting The other than the you know the BBC play paying licensed buyer they were they were never gonna make any money out of add to anything like that they had alright Bad puns but they were never rude or anything you know that you couldn't put the kids down in front of in fact it was just rubbish you know a lot of it was so it was so weak and shoddy there stopped but it was never in danger of it insulting anybody or

Reegs: their intelligence

Dan: potentially intelligence But it was yeah look yeah a little bit boring a little bit on the safe side of things but it was always it seemed to me be done out of a good place and there were silliness They didn't mind

Sidey: Oh yeah It's definitely a good

Dan: of

Reegs: then stop giving it such a mature review

Dan: thought it was a DC I quite like it I quite like the chuckle bothers

Sidey: I I did get I did get a kick out of this episode Same as you It was almost like a guilty pleasure they have in the show a motor bike called the Chuck mobi it's a quadricycle which I assume It has four wheels So it's like a car

Reegs: Do you get the number plate on that

Uh yeah

Sidey: like Acto one in 2018 the Chuck mobile was bought by an entertainment company who now hire out the bike for events such as weddings festivals and quirky occasions

Reegs: weddings who would want to get imagine that I want to come up the aisle in the chuckle

Sidey: the brand name is chuckle your vision

Dan: Wow

Reegs: this offer They have they've got chuckle feed here Did he see that it's like Wikipedia for Jacqueline visit Chaco

Dan: we can we hashtag them into their Twitter is something they can give us

Reegs: No him then

Dan: not the other one

Sidey: No I actually did quite enjoy it but I think one episode was was plenty I don't think I want to work my way

Reegs: it I agreed I agreed

Sidey: So I enjoyed watching it and I've enjoyed talking about it actually

Reegs: I didn't like the chocolate brothers much I did enjoy this episode The only problem was it in doing the research it led me down a dark part of the internet where I found out that the cranky is doing an adult show

Dan: Oh

Pete: This is that kind of entity It actually reminded me a little bit like when there's like old older people older guys trying to sort of entertain little kids and it just looks really weird And there's an Australian show I don't know if you've ever come across it called the wiggles which is fucking God awful And he say can like actually like sing and play instruments but that's like you know that screams like you know the PIDO alarm is going off in that as well yeah It's it's really yeah

Reegs: baseless though We're well we're bang out of order for just calling

Pete: no but about when the other brother goes there'll be a load of stories Come out

 Sidey: That was a good evening of cheese especially but also some good movies And I think a unanimous hit with the kids' TV this week Dan you're going to nominate some stuff for us to watch the next time

Dan: I am so we're gonna do a a midweek and I I had a few to choose from I am going for human traffic because it's a film that I haven't seen in a in a long while And I like to watch again So we're going to watch that then we're going to go for the top football films of all time this is because a little homage to the euros So this time next week I imagine we start warming up into into the heats and everything of of that So if you're following that you might want to throw in a your top football films of all time There's gotta be a a few one off the top of our heads And then to back that there's another film called the summer of 92 So it's a football theme for next


Pete: Can we just qualify for overseas listeners to this is soccer so we're not totally So we're not allowing all types of football here like American football or Aussie rules football or is it

Dan: tell you what it can all

Reegs: in if you've got a bowling

Dan: you've got a bowl in a foot but I w I was thinking of of football and then we're gonna do a series The beginning of a series called a monkey

Reegs: What's the football content like in

Dan: it's it's really good if you watch the first episode series one episode one and come back and check

Reegs: that

Pete: This is the original monkey series

Dan: on Netflix now So they've done a new series it's been out a little while actually but it's a it's a new take on an old story monkey

Pete: Okay

Sidey: cool Well that's good if you're listening and enjoying the show it's imperative that you at least hook one other person in because that would that would double our

Reegs: tell somebody else

Sidey: Yeah Just tell everyone and say how amazing we are live You have to but keep listening subscribing saving doing all that stuff It's really good All that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Reegs: Riggs is out

Dan: gone

Pete: Adios