July 16, 2021

I, Tonya & Zero Chill

I, Tonya & Zero Chill
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With the Bad Dads on the brink of implosion and Dan utterly oblivious the best way to lighten up the mood is for a quick trip to that happiest of places: the graveyard. Not for sex but for the Top 5 Movie Graves and whilst it might seem a bit gruesome at first we hope we manage to generate as many laughs as we do tears. Which is to say, probably none of either.

I,TONYA is a movie that we had all wanted to see but somehow managed to skip, making this 2017 biographical drama of infamous tabloid villainess Tonya Harding perfect fodder for a podcast where people catch up on movies they missed for various reasons. Abused by the people who are supposed to love and protect her and ostracised from the snobbish figure skating elite, Margot Robbie shines as the lead supported brilliantly by Allison Janney as Harding's mother LaVona and The Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan as her nasty husband Jeff. Adding nuance and comedy to an otherwise ignominious tale, director Craig Gillespie uses invention and wit to bring this story to life.

Oh god, another Netflix tween soap opera. This one revolves around 15 year old figure skater (behold the effort we put into this) Kayla, whose family moved from Canada to England to play ice skating for West Ham or something. This one received surprisingly mixed reviews, with some of the dads enjoying the mystery surrounding the enigmatic player number 67 who joins Kayla for a nighttime slip and slide and other dads lamenting the torturous high school angst, hideous sense of entitlement and 34 minute running time of this bland series opener. Tune in to find out which of the characters we thought might have appeared in pornography.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



Reegs:Welcome to sat. That's film review. The film review show where it didn't come home. Yes. This week show is sad. Maybe a little bit about the football, maybe a little T on we but not really. The England team gave a good account of themselves in this tournament. All told in the world cup will be coming home next year road this year or whatever it is a sad for sure.

A little Diego for lawn. You might say about the inevitable racist dickheads. He targeted prime minister in waiting Marcus rushford Jordan Sanchez and Bikeyah Sacco egged on by the current prime minister, Boris Johnson and someone who I suspect might be a character who escaped from a black mirror episode, pretty Patel uh who's refusal to condemn the booing of the kneeling gesture is at least as complicit in this kind of thing happening as the angry, confused, and ignorant people who actually sent the messages and sad this week at other things too.

We're a little Stan melancholy more. And I'll tell you why Dan with a story about two people. I know, not sure if you know them I'll use aliases, so you absolutely cannot discover their true identity. These two guys let's call them righty. And segue's they've been friends for a long time. Their families have become friends.

Kids go to let's go altogether. All been on holiday together, had some huge highs and horrible lows together. Yeah. In my estimate, that's a meaningful thing. And the privilege of having people in your life like that should never be underestimated or taken for granted. So anyway, somewhere along the line, Dan, something went a little bit wrong.

And what started out as a complicated, manageable situation between Rhydian seeks his kids, which could easily have been managed through a committed approach from those two idiots wasn't in fact, properly addressed. It became worse through a lack of communication and then very suddenly escalated. And the damage resulting from that has left everyone feeling deeply unhappy.

And whilst I am happy to say that Radian seeds have patched up their differences to a degree, this situation still leads. A lot of people hurt and angry and the collateral damage to friendships being massive and hugely selfish in the future uncertain. So if you're listening right in segue's your repair of massive decades and between you should definitely find a way to work everything all out that was by Steven depressed Studley or despair.

Mert is ARCA

Satio manner. Yan vinegar of Heselin inconsolable and Dani shit too.

Dan:Yeah Oh, total of whoa.

Reegs:Yeah. It's all sad this week, man.

Dan:gone up.

Yeah. he, sadly, isn't coming home.

We found that out is going to Rome world on the Italians. Anyway, can we talk about something else?


Dan:Isn't football.


Sidey:All COVID

Reegs:or COVID yeah.

Sidey:Well we did talk about top five, which we need to complete from last week. That was movie spectacles.

Reegs:Yes. We had a few people online. There was PSE on Twitter. He went with the sunglasses from fear and loading

it's out. Isn't it. It's out. Sorry. PSCO is your first nomination as well, but it was shit. So I'm sorry about.

Sidey:He did come back with the big Lebowski ones that did make


Sidey:uh The watch soap check.

We also Howie the man himself, came out with Ned Flanders or Han Hans Moleman, which was a really good shout piggy from door to the flies.

Reegs:Yeah, some great shouts in there. What do you want to put in done?


think how we shot Ned is, is quite a good one.

Reegs:Yeah Ned Flanders.

Sidey:I'm happy with that. Yeah, let's do it.

Dan:So be it.

 Sidey:anyone want to talk about what you watched this week?

Dan:I watched a

remake of the 39 steps last night with

the messages.

Reegs:I I haven't seen the 38 steps.

Dan:Oh, Well don't watch

the remake of the


steps, Eva. Watch

the original

it's far superior.

Reegs:the remake go in it.

Dan:No one

you've ever heard of

Reegs:or will again,

Dan:I think it was

a BBCI player thing.

And I

really enjoyed the first

one, but as a

lot of these remakes tend to be for me, not quite as good as the originals, we could probably do a top five on, on things like that, if we


Dan:Brighton rock would be one wouldn't it, you know? But yeah, there's, there's

quite a few others that

I just wished I hadn't had

a stab at

this wasn't that bad. It really wasn't

that bad.


Dan:you're going to watch one,

go and watch the original.

Reegs:You watched anything side?

Sidey:it did. Yeah. A rewatch once upon a time Hollywood's cause that did or Netflix and I watched something that I'm bald save for the top five this week.

And I watched a bunch of Trimix episodes.

Reegs:Nice. I watched the tomorrow war. The one that you were

Dan:Oh yeah,

Reegs:Yeah. it didn't, it didn't, it was long. It was long. Like it felt like I'm not sure Chris Pratt can carry a movie as a leader, man. I dunno about that. Anyway, it didn't do it much for me.

We did watch the, I forgot to mention, but something you were talking about off air reminded me. It was a thing called together, which was a BBC two written by Sharon Horgan. And it was done by her and James McAvoy

Dan:wasn't in it saying together

we can, no


he wasn't it, him and it was her and James McAvoy and it was about a couple like breaking up over COVID basically, but in lockdown together, and it was this weird, like talking to camera the whole time type style, like a play basically.

Dan:Okay. Well, they shot that

During COVID

with the restrictions of filming and everything, that you think they're

Reegs:Maybe, I don't know. I don't know, but it was very well observed. Like all the concert, it was a bit contrived, some of it, but you know, those are two really good actors and the writing's really good.

James McAvoy is a great actor.

Dan:He's been in some


Sidey:That segues very nicely into this week's top five. But before we get to that, I think we made it through a top five without getting a home loan nomination.



Dan:Oh, There must've been some of the

Reegs:been one

Sidey:too late, too late. It's gone. That ship is out. This week's top five is movie graves. Now how stringent are we about the definition?

Reegs:ancient team.

Dan:I think that would be a great mistake.

Sidey:I was going to maybe mention something quickly then my, I don't really have that many too. It

Reegs:The teams are out, unless you can make a good case for it, basically. Indian burial ground.

Sidey:Hm. Are there any tombstones?

Reegs:Yeah, I think there is. I'll try. I'll try for that one. Cremations. Cause there's no real graves

Sidey:No, they're out.

Reegs:No cremations.

Okay. All right. Okay. That's just

Dan:going to be many

Reegs:to reorder my list. Why don't you start us off Sidey?

Sidey:Yeah. So the one that I watched at the weekend was black widow. yeah. Marvel widow.

Reegs:How is that?

Sidey:It's all right. Yeah, it's not top tier, but it's I enjoyed it. Florence keys. Very good.

Dan:Is it Scarlet? Johansson? Is

Sidey:it. Yeah.

Dan:a black widow.

Sidey:Everyone has a kind of. A bit of a shit fake Russian accent, which should kind of get someone as a little bit. But no, it was decent enough. Obviously she died at the well, not at the very end of end game, but towards dinner and again, so we have a post credit scene and it is Florence Pugh taking over the mantle and going to visit her grave.

But she is approached by someone who is,

Reegs:I already read this to check out of one division or whatever

Sidey:Julia Louis Dreyfus from fracking and winter soldier. And she says, if you want a shot of the person who had your sister, cause it says sister killed this is your mission and your hands are a folio and it's Hawkeye.

Reegs:right? Dante

Dan:site that that's, that's a plot twist.

Reegs:was setting up the Hawkeye TV series, isn't it?

Sidey:Yes, probably.

Reegs:It just all felt I read it all the spoilers for it straight away, the whole plot description. So I didn't really care about seeing it

Sidey:Rich black widow.

I mean, yeah, it's pretty much by the numbers to

Reegs:It's David Hopper. Any good?

Sidey:Is that right? Hey, Scott, Ray Winston is better than him.

Reegs:What did we have a gravesite? Oh, the grating. Yeah.

Sidey:Yeah, but it was all happened by the grave, looking at her name on the thing there.

Reegs:gross point blank is a movie that you talk about quite a bit. And Martin goes and visits the grave of his father and he paused the bottle of whiskey on top of it. And it's, it's sad because it's, it's, you know, dad was an abusive drunk, and,

Dan:I think there's

going to be a lot of sad scenes around this,

Reegs:in funerals

Dan:in this kind of a top five.

No, they're not the they're not.

the one that I

thought of when I first, you

first gave is this goes straight into my mind was saving private wine.


Dan:And it's a, it's a, I, I, think they,

they put this in at The beginning

of the end. Is it? It's that

kind of thing.

Isn't it.

You follow in the, the guy visiting a grave and then the memories come flooding back

and It goes to that point again at the end.


I mean, it's a fantastic, when

this came out,

this movie that

first 25 minutes scene where it was just shot in kind of real life, or is close

to it is we'd seen Wehrli then, and it was, you know, people they had used different

effects and things to make their shoot in is epic is it would have been,

in old David lean films or

something, you know, they really

harked back

to these big scenes



the white crosses of people

that gave up their lives during that conflict? Yeah, it got me, you know what I mean? It it does now even thinking back

to it because they're

just like,

it's a sea of white, isn't it of white crosses, and you just think, that's

The amount of people that, that gave their lives for

Sidey:Do you think that they're visiting private Ryan's grave?

Well, but does your mentor thing that, but I think that

Reegs:yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Sidey:turns out to be captain Miller. Is it?


Sidey:The middle band. Yeah.

Dan:Steve Miller

over to you.

Yeah, Well, it's gone dead. Quiet.

Sidey:That's to leave that gap. The one I first thought of was the good, the bad and the ugly, the, the climax, the climax of the film.

Dan:van Cleef

Sidey:said it's in the grave marks.

Take, I can't read because he's looking for an unknown, but you can't find it. And then it's where you have the famous Mexican standoff with the music and it just was into fucking the tension, just ratcheted it up and it's all set, you know, the cemetery at that, that grave.

It's fucking cool.

Dan:It's great. When you've got the old Mexican standoff


Dan:it Everybody pointing at everybody else.

Yeah, great

Reegs:Palm is brilliant Carrie from 1976. It has the only girl who felt guilty and ashamed of all the humiliation and bullying, Sue Snell. In an ending that I think has inspired movie.

I don't know if this was like the first time it was done, but it's certainly is a move that's been copied relentlessly since the bomber did it in this film. Basically at the end of it, you know, after Carrie has gone completely crazy and burned everything down to the ground, she she's in a sort of white virginal dress and she's like leaving flowers on the burnt remains of, of Carrie's home next to a sign that says Carrie white burns in hell.

And then as she puts the flowers down this like bloody arm comes up from the rubble and reaches out, grabs her and wakes her and shakes her. And was it all of the nightmare is she's delayed.



to top that. So I'm going to

go for

something completely different. Steve Coogan, film,

Philomena, have you not seen

this Have you seen it? read? Okay, so it

is, it was an Oscar nominated it film. And I've, you know, it just goes to show

to talent Steve Coogan to

have written this into researched it and everything it's. It was

based on a story of a mother's search for her son. Basically, she was got

pregnant young

and went into a convent

and there, the nuns took away the, the kid.

And she never really got over that. And he was an investigative journalist who kind of in between jobs and things, and this

fell onto his lap

and he didn't really

want to take

it, but then he he meets the woman and and starts having a conversation and Delving into it. a little bit more And it was decent and theirs

Reegs:comedic film or

Dan:no, but there, there were funny moments in it within life and things

that they get thrown up like that but it's not a a punchline kind of film, but it was nice, really moving actually. And yeah, worked for watch. Definitely.

Sidey:Also very moving is back to the future. Part three. Marty finds, Marty finds the docs grave after he's been transported back to

Dan:oh, you've gone. You've got part three. I was

Sidey:where there's lots, there is lots of as soon as well.

Reegs:isn't there?

Sidey:Three is the one he's got it on the, the Polaroid then. And whilst they think they're writing the wrongs

Reegs:Yeah, it has dogs and it changes

Sidey:changes to Clint Eastwood. Yeah. So it's a double grave whammy. That one

Reegs:That's a

Sidey:from Meek's favorite

Reegs:best ever Western. Yeah.

Dan:He's not wrong.

 Reegs:Buried Ryan Reynolds. Anybody seen that movie? It's the premise is ingenious. Really? It's about a guy who's been buried alive and it literally is 86, 90 minutes of Ryan Reynolds in a coffin. And he's got a lighter and a phone

Dan:that giveaway.

Reegs:It's have you seen this movie? No, it's really good. It's the first time I watched it and thought, oh, right.

Okay. He's actually like a pretty decent actor. Ryan


Sidey:he's quite one note. And a lot of other

Reegs:I only knew him from kind of like scruple American comedies kind of thing, like van Wilder and stuff like that. And so. Yeah, I, I watched this and he could, he really can act in this and there's some great scenes as it. He has a great conversation on the phone when you speak into his mother and right at the end, you know massive, massive spoiler alerts, but he knows that he's not going to be saved.

And he sort of resigned to his fate and you know, some really genuinely good acting great cinematography as well. I know that sounds ridiculous because it's literally, I think pretty much the entire movie is inside the box, but

Dan:Can you get in a box?

Reegs:they do manage to make the Bach, you know, they, they do some arty stuff so that the camera can move around the coffin and inside the coffin with him.

So it keeps it it's visually arresting as well. Yeah. Watch it, check it out if you haven't


Well, there is

I mean it's dangerous. So you've got wear masks around

the graveyards lots of coffees. That's

a coffin. Well, I I was thinking of another one there's kill bill. There was that buried alive moment. but I wasn't sure if that was gonna make it.

Reegs:Surely what she, one inch punches her way.

Dan:I wasn't sure if, if that's, if that's

allowed is

Reegs:volume too, isn't it?

Sidey:wouldn't it all just collapse on you

Reegs:No, if you can one inch punch through everything up. No, I dunno.

Dan:she makes it anyway.

Reegs:Let's hope we never have to find


Dan:Let's hope so. Anyway, I won't put that one in because I've, I've just mentioned

it I was

gonna go,


Reegs:saving it for another movie podcast?

Dan:well, I can, If

I can add that. that that

was in Yeah

Sidey:if, if you have buried, you can definitely have that.


There's logic in that.


Sidey:I've got two very similar films with funerals set in the same cemetery.

The cemetery, if you can guess it from the cemetery,

Reegs:give us the cemetery. I'm big on cemeteries,

Sidey:Calvary cemetery in Queens.

Reegs:in Queens,

Sidey:Queensland. Yeah.

Dan:Oh, well, I've got to name the film from that

Sidey:two films,


Sidey:they're almost identical. Paged movies,

Reegs:of them home alone,



Dan:was gonna say dead presidents.


Reegs:And then what is this very similar movie,


Dan:almost identical.

Sidey:Don Corleone is buried in Calvary cemetery which in real life includes mobsters like Joe Massey era, Peter clutch, hand Morello,

Reegs:clutch. And how'd you get named clutch hand, you seeing Pete fucking every seat, his hand,

Sidey:Dominic, Sony, black Napolitano. So life imitating art, I suppose. And Ben Stiller Attends the funeral and gives the, you, Lola Gooley says, can't say eulogy for his foot, for his fallen supermodel friends. So yeah, touching


touching scene. I kick ass for the Lord with the sort of, you seem brain dead, the Peter Jackson,

It's an amazing movie. It's the movie pretty much opens with a Sumatra and rat monkey biting this woman on on the hand and then, you know, som bees and all sorts of ends with like hundreds of zombies in a house in line, all our hero, not the guy who gave us, COVID nearly attacking people with a lawn mower.

It, the grave scene though, there's the dead sort of rising from the grave and it has what I can only describe as father Ted, but Kung Fu. And he says, I kick ass for the Lord and he's kicking the shit out of them, like doing gun-free through on them. It's it's brilliant. Star Trek. Wrath of Khan. I don't know if this counts Spock's body is fired out of a torpedo tube.

Does that count as a barrier? That's like a barrier. Let's

Dan:I guess yeah You know, I mean,

Reegs:no, sorry this saying.

Dan:as not finding,

Reegs:can I try one more? Yeah. In Batman


you're stealing on

Reegs:would the, a bunch of penguins push the Penguin's body into the water

Sidey:Well, he also goes to his family tomb. Doesn't he?

Reegs:Yeah. Like the penguins taking them away.

Sidey:Is that the best Batman film?


Isn't it. Batman returns with that? Danny DeVito is it's universally recognized as being far better than any other? No, I don't think so.

Sidey:Oh, I was going to say I really like it. I think it's better than the first Michael K one.

Reegs:Oh really? Oh no. I really, apart from the ending really, which kind of sucks. I, I like Batman 89.

Sidey:I like both.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah, no, that's true.

Sidey:But yeah, I think you can, I think Batman returns yeah, they can go. Yeah.

Dan:I would you know, remains to be


what I've got left. But

When was the last time you

went to a graveyard? Have you, have

you been past

then? there's one in town, you know, the little one that goes

Sidey:here tonight,

Dan:We've been at

one tonight. Well,

Reegs:my auntie here.

Dan:Oh boy. Okay. Well, I mean,

I went past and there was this guy crouching by headstone I said to him warning and he goes, no token issue.

Anyway I'm going to this

shallow grave. Do you remember that movie

I'm not actually sure. There's a

grave in it. or there must be though. It's been that long since I've seen it. I can't remember the actual

scene where there's a grave, but

Reegs:just getting on the strength of the

Dan:going on the strength of their name along with tomb, Raider.

Actually, I go in there as well, but what a movie.

days. So it was you and McGregor There was a couple of others as well. I think

it was Danny Boyle

Reegs:yeah, it was daddy Boyle. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan:one of the first ones that I seen from

Reegs:It's Christopher Eccleston. I

Sidey:to, yeah,

Dan:it is. yeah, yeah. And it was based in around like this there was money,

can you remember the plot of that shallow

Reegs:Yeah the guy dies and he's got a suitcase full of money and,

Dan:is it

who dies.

It's the girl singer. Is, is uh people out

there screaming their name at

  1. but

Reegs:Peter Andre

Dan:close he's Lily Allen,

Her dad. isn't it. Isn't he? The

guy that dies

with the




Reegs:Is it? Yes, it is Keith Allen.

Dan:we go We got there in the end fat fat there's yeah, so I, I thought that film, actually, when we, we put this, it's been a while maybe like should be a midweek. It's been a long time since I've seen that. I've only got a couple more, so I don't know if I just

want to have finished through them.

Because we mentioned the good, the bad and the ugly we've got killed.

Bill born on the 4th of July. There's a, there's a scene where Tom cruise is at the grave, there in his wheelchair and things. But

the other one that I'll mention before

is one of the last

scenes in the third man, as Anna is walking away from the grave of of Harry lime. And she goes past the


Dan:Joseph Cotton and and just keeps on

Sidey:She, she goes to him. Totally. Yes. And,


Dan:That's me done.

Sidey:Army of darkness. You see in that one down


that, where

Sidey:third of the evil debts

Dan:and goes into


Sidey:that's hard


Sidey:army of darkness. It's got that kind of Ray Harryhausen sort of vibe to it. So I think you would actually really like it.


Dan:They're not as scary those ones.

Reegs:Well, this movie isn't scary too, to the first two, who've got some legitimately scary scenes in it, but the third one is just like flat out silly,

Sidey:Yeah. This has got a you're on dead monsters. You're scattered over there. All that sort of stop motion animation. It's

Dan:Oh excellent Yeah

Sidey:check this one out.

It's really


Sidey:And also I had, it's a wonderful life. Jimmy, Jimmy Stewart has shown his uh his own headstone and then the omen, which has Damien. This is kind of standing amongst all those crosses in the. And the secretary

Dan:scene. I thought there'd be

a lot of horrors in this actually. We don't seem to,

Reegs:I didn't want to go completely crazy, but I've got loads of horror as I did even mention. Well, obviously you've got night of the living dead. That's the zombie film that started it all. And there were movies that had zombies in it before that one. But none of them had the sort of lasting impact that this one did.

And it burst out into the world in 1968. And it's got that iconic opening scene where arms coming out of the ground. And that was filmed in Evans city, cemetery, Evans, city, Pennsylvania, if you're big on your cemeteries.


Reegs:There's a great one in Friday, the 13th past six, Jason lives. Is Jason is accidentally resurrected by lightning.

Is this at the beginning or at the end of the movie? I can't remember. There's a survivor from the last film. Yeah. So at the beginning, so the survivor from the last guy digs up his course corpse, and he's going to like kill him. And then he's struck by lightning at the same time. And that re reanimated him.

So reckless pet cemetery was the Indian burial ground one. I was mentioning before that does have, I mean, it's mostly like pet tombstones, you know? So like that shit stuff that they make of tweaks and that, and whatever, but it's demonic. It's actually possessed by a Wendigo,

a cannibalistic demon that could possess humans and animals. Big fish is one I've talked about on this before as well.

Dan:Big fish again, you and McGregor,


Reegs:it's sort of all about a funeral. That's the framing devices. It's father's died. It's very sad movie and keeping the sadness up. I mean, I could have just gone on and on and on also in hot shots of really touching moment where the code sign dead meat ends up dying.

Sadly, it's so unexpected. And at his funeral, they give a 21 gun salute and Admiral tug Benson things. He's under fire. So he pulls outside and starts checking grenades around and screaming. I love a good funeral.

Dan:All right, well, we're

dying to get to the end of this one.

Sidey:Okay. I am going to put in the good, the bad and the ugly.


A good shout. I'm

going to go to the third man. I think that's a a really good scene.

Reegs:I'm going to go with the Sopranos episode pine Barrens, where Chrissy and Paulie tried to force the Russian guy to dig his own grave out in the middle of nowhere. And he sort of befuddles them and smacks one of them over the head with a shovel.

It's one of my, it's a very funny episode of my favorite show of all time.

Sidey:That's three. Should we Chuck another one in, or just leave it to.

Reegs:let's collect? Let's give the filthy I'm washed

Sidey:Two charters too. Okay, cool. That's it done?


Dan:Cheese, cheese, cheese. There's no cheese.

Reegs:No, there is no cheese this week. That's sad. Isn't it? But I'm sure there will be cheese again. Cheese fans.

Sidey:Yeah. The cheese will return.

Reegs:You treated us to the sequel to I robot. Didn't you say it,

Sidey:I sure did. I Tonya, which is I was going to say. You'd have to live under a rock to know this, but then I'm old now. So there's probably loads of people who wouldn't have necessarily known about this

Reegs:Yes But it was an enormous story.

Sidey:Oh, it was bigger than that.


Sidey:It's the story of Tonya Harding and brutal like ni beatings

that she may or may not have organized.



those of

you who don't know who Tonya Harding is she was an ice skater

figure skater.

American, I believe.


back in the eighties,

I think it was, or early nineties

when nobody was really watching ice skate and people started to watch

it because she.

was the gasser of a day,

I guess, or she was, she was a little more extraordinary. She could do the triple axle,

for fuck sake

Sidey:Make things about her. So it was, she was the bad girl of it. And then going up against the other princesses and the good ones. And she certainly from watching this movie, you know, that seemed to be something, she was victimized her whole life for coming from the wrong side of the tracks and they just didn't really want her around.

So it sort of lens

Reegs:the movie, I think it opens saying that it's like mostly it's based on mostly true, but wildly contradictory interviews from the people who were represented in the film. And that does seem to be true, that all of the people are playing real people that did give their time to some degree or other to help make this movie.

It starts with these sort of overlapping interviews. Doesn't it with Tonya Harding is Margot Robbie and our ex husband. Jeff is the winter soldiers, Sebastian, Stan. He straight away gives off that slightly creepy vibe. Don't use it yet.

Sidey:that. He, his older version he just had a bit of a dodgy mustache when he was younger, but when the older version of him, he looked like fucking hell It makes you uneasy.

Dan:and then you've got Alison

Sidey:As in Cheney. Who's fucking brilliant

Reegs:Yes, she was CJ in the westbound and she was in trio zero that we watched.

Sidey:and the young version of Margaret Robbie was also, it was the girl from troop

Reegs:as well.

Sidey:So she pissed herself in two things that we've seen. What connection? So Alison Janie. And this reminds me a little bit when we talk about villains like J K Rowling and whiplash, just so fucking good at it. She, yeah.

Dan:she she's

Tonya's mother

yeah. Has Dragged

her up,

I guess, since birth

Reegs:first scene, we're introduced to her speaking. Cause I see it threw me straight away. She's sitting there talking, looking at the camera and she's got these big intimidating glass on, he's got a fucking parrot on her shoulder and you're like, what?

And I was just looking the parrot site sort of pecking her so

Sidey:Well, cause she says about the amount of husband she's had, and this is like the thing she can get along with she's been married six times, was it?

Dan:getting up there?

Reegs:Clearly going to be an interesting character? And she pushes Tanya into joining a figure skating class.

Didn't she? And


off the

Tonya actually loves it. I mean, I think what, it is

Tanya is a child star at this, I

mean, at four years old,

she's her mom takes

her to the ice rink.

They're smoking on


ice. tells The

they're smoking And she

comes over and says, you can't smoke here. He goes, I'll

smoke quietly.

Look, my daughter,

I told you she wants to be involved. She really wants to get into it. And I says, look, we don't take anybody this young.

Okay. She

won't take

no for


answer. He doesn't give a shit. She knows how good our is

Reegs:Well, she just says skate. That's what she says to her. Doesn't she? And she just goes off

Dan:little four year

old girl who is in absolute delight, skating on a big ice rink skating around and the teacher sees it.

and see. This goes, got

some, there's a bit

of talent here.

She's doing this at four. You can see

that she loves her and takes her then as

a student,

Reegs:just a quick digression. You any good on ice? Skate, stern,

Dan:absolutely horrible.

It's one of the

worst things I ever


Reegs:on with your knees as well, that it

Dan:ankles and knees hate it.

Sidey:I've never tried it. No, I broke my arm roller skating. So I'd imagine I wouldn't be great at this either.

Reegs:Well, I did it last Christmas or the Christmas

Sidey:Did you have one of the big penguins to hold on

Reegs:I wanted one, but no, I did come and do it next time. It's terrifying.

Yeah. Meek is quite good at it, which is really annoying. But at the end of it, he was, yeah, he does. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a stone.


Reegs:So anyway, she's convinced isn't she? The teacher, Diane she's convinced to teach Tanya she takes her under her wing as part of the classes LaVona.

Is that the, woman's the mother's name? Yeah, she she's getting told off for using bad language in front of the kids. And she says, I didn't swear you can't,

Dan:Yeah, there's a, there's a few well, that's it. That is a typical

example of mom and the kind


house that she's

been bought, bringing Tanya,

Sidey:particular scene. Then Tanya comes over and says she needs to low, but she just, no, you fucking skate. And she keeps throwing it in her face that I have to work to pay for this. And I'm not paying for you to go to it.

So she pissed us off on the ice and then she says, skate, wet. what the fuck?

Dan:Yes Yeah. There's That it's child abuse.

you know

Sidey:Or will you see her like beating her later on? And she gets caught being there with a hairbrush or something in the, in the bathroom. The lady walks past and she gets the fucking Tarrant over PSG is fucking wicked and

Reegs:Oh, it's awful. And, and the movie is weird, how it will make you laugh and then throw that at you straight away as well.

So you're like, it's really uncomfortable after a while because she also started, she meets Jeff at the age of 15 and this is relevant because this relationship is also abusive. But their first date is hilarious because LaVona goes with them. She's just 15 at this point. So she's still young and you forget that because it's Margot, Robbie playing the thing.

They do fall in love. They go on the date together. It's obviously awkward cause she's there. But yeah, he turns out to be

Sidey:well, it almost instantly just starts hitting her.


Reegs:It's, they're really, really awful

Dan:And she has been all her life

in relationships that have been abusive. So doesn't really reject

his advances And in fact it's

Sidey:she skates better when

Dan:Yeah, she blames herself a little bit.

And, and so then you have this

young, talented, attractive lady,

young girl who's in a relationship

with a guy who's a good few years older than her with an abusive

mother who just constantly pushing to, to skate.

And she's really good at skating.

I mean, She's absolutely getting on for an Olympic standard and

she goes around all these different skating competitions.

Of course,

everybody's dressed in the most fabulous of clothes.

Sidey:fur coat, the first, early on was amazing.

Dan:so, yeah, the

Sidey:the old man has to hunt some rabbits to make a dodgy looking fucking caveman jacket.


Dan:So at this point that's still there and that's

actually a really good influence on her and they seem to have a

bit of fun. They go hunting together,

don't they? And they have

a coupler.

Sidey:Grim that bit with the shot, the rabbit, right close up to the camera that


Sidey:he says, he says to her, like, you know, you shoot the eye, you know, you don't want to shoot all the meat off the animal and then he's scanning it.

Reegs:But she likes that she's a country girl. She likes being out in the woods for their dad, but he's a fucking prick and just abandoned them. I know, obviously she's awful LaVona and you know, you couldn't live with her, but he just

Dan:how how how he how he drives off

Sidey:Absolutely ruthless.

Reegs:She's like banging on the car, man. Oh my God. I

Dan:was one of the toughest scenes

Reegs:so he's a worthless piece of shit that we never need to mention again.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah.

Well, he, he D he was, it was good

up until that

point, but then you just fall. Oh, my

God. don't, don't leave

her with her. Like, you know, Don't leave it with a

mum She's got no

Sidey:she's screaming at the roadside. So take me with you.

Dan:And and he doesn't,

cause he's just had enough of a LaVona to last a lifetime and, and doesn't get involved again. Don't really see him again. He's

he's off.

Reegs:Professionally things are not going a hundred percent great either because although she's done skating well, she's not getting the scores. And she is, starts to confront the judges about that to say, you know, what's going on in the end?

I think she ends up, one of them tells her, oh, you're not as good as you think you are. And she says, suck my Dick,

Sidey:That's a great line,

Reegs:which was a good line. What it turns out obviously is that.


Reegs:sort of classism

Dan:definitely is.

They're turned up in fur coach. She's got a fur coat made of rabbit hair, that a dad sewed together for, I mean,


got the best dresses and have the most perfect polite manners.

Where is she's telling people they were con and suck my Dick and all the

rest of

Sidey:she dances, she dances to sort of rock music, which is not


yeah. ZZ

tops are kind of band that's

coming on

Sidey:so that doesn't really fit in and the coach isn't able to get a word in and she won't listen to her. In the end they have a falling out and she throws her ice skate at her and Sater,

Reegs:And she has a falling out back at home with her mother, which then ends up with, she stabs her in the arm and it's like, it's played really weirdly. Cause it just sort of happens and everybody stops.

Sidey:And that's the only time.

Really acknowledges that she's done something

Reegs:she's way

Sidey:even she's like, fuck, I didn't mean to do that. You know, it was just throwing something at you. I didn't notice your stop your arm.


Dan:lodged in

Sidey:have that moment where they look at it and she just pulls out of Rob and puts the tape of walks out

Reegs:Yeah. So Tonya Harding decides the way to fix all of these problems, the abusive problems she's got with her boy, her boyfriend and her mother, and the fact that she's not seen as wholesome enough with the judges by marrying the piece of shit, Jeff to, to appear more wholesome and to, to sort of play out the image that she's more middle-class essentially than she is.

And they all acknowledged straight away. You get these kind of breaking the fourth wall moments in the middle of big conversations. I think she turns to the camera and says, we knew it. I knew it was a mistake straight away, or I knew it was a dumb thing to do. She like,

Dan:And, and she, she continues

that relationship.

For probably



than she should have mean shouldn't

have gotten it in the first place, but to, to marry him and then keep returning to him

Sidey:he's sort of getting more and more violent and just more and more unpredictable with when he's about to lose it as well.

Dan:And that kind of coincides with her getting better

with skating or,

getting better. More

Sidey:We hear the term triple axle, about a thousand times at one point, it just keep banging on about this move.

They picked Dale though for it. Yeah.

Dan:Three and

a half times round or three times round. then she

puts in another half to it

or something

Doesn't she? That makes her

extra special. And


Reegs:been done in competition or something as, I mean, you just know it's I got to say it all looks pretty. Yeah.

Sidey:to like just skating fast. It's hard.


Reegs:But like they're doing all these other jumps and flips and things, and I think to an untrained eye, they look

Sidey:when they spin round about a thousand miles an hour, I think I'd probably be sick.

Reegs:That is weird. Isn't it? When they spin on the spot,

Dan:it's a, It's amazing. The speed

they get and the positions, they, they can find themselves in front and fruity air, landing on basically a


on their left foot and

all the rest of it.

Reegs:One of the things that can help you get good at that, Dan is if you have pay a heckler to shout abuse at you, and that will

Dan:Just to give you a little

boost just before you

Reegs:just before you're in a competition. That's what happens in this movie.

Dan:what you get your mom to

do isn't it.

Reegs:And that she pulls off the triple axle for the first time.

So Alison journey she's the mum has paid a heckler to shout abuse at her, and it's made angry enough that she can pull off this amazing moving competition.

Sidey:I think one of the, my favorite characters in this is Sean Eckart.


Reegs:We haven't even mentioned him earlier. The

Sidey:body guards. He's the counter-intelligence in, he is

Reegs:basically got a Steven Seagal

Sidey:Yeah When they show you the way this has done, a lot of this in the movie is they are recreations of the NG footage. But at the end they show you some of the actions and he's fucking

Reegs:dead on isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey:there is no bullshit artistic license. There's this guy is off his fucking rocker.

Dan:So w w what happens is that her husband's best friend is this guy, what's his, what's his name? He's he's Sean, So sure.

Sidey:he's a big chubby dude,

Dan:chubby dude.

there's in the, in the world

of ice skating is it's a lot more devious than your first thing on the surface.


there's a little bit of

sledging and things that goes on in the way of you know, telling people their shit and they can't do this, and you know,

a little bit

And sometimes it would get a little more it would be ramped up

a little bit more these culminate in a, in a death threat or, or

similar things to put dancers often skate is off.

And this is where it got to

in the husband's head so far

isn't It, and he's sharing this information with Sean and they

decide to do something.




Dan:This all happened in and around



Sidey:but it's it's to do with her qualifying for the Olympics and this sort of burgeoning rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan,

Reegs:and the incident,

Sidey:or they all said, don't they have one little segment that, oh yes.

And then there was the incident.

Reegs:of course they're talking, they're now about to talk about the thing that if you knew anything at all about this story before, and if you were about our age, this story was enormous.

The footage of Kerrigan crying that they actually had was beamed all over the world.

And this was back in like


Reegs:early nineties 92, 93, something like that. So it was like viral before there even was a thing to go viral. So you know that it's building up to this moment

Sidey:and the film acknowledges that that's the bit that everyone's here for



Dan:Well, wait, why the film got made without, without this

kind of.

Sidey:And then yeah, you've got all the different versions and no one really kind of matches up.

still don't feel like you know

Dan:exactly what's

Sidey:organized what and what

Reegs:the general thrust of it. Is that a bomb, a threat is called in against Tanya. Yeah. They decide to retaliate by placing threats against the other competitors. Yeah. Sean, then rotes in a couple of his buddies and for 10 grand, is it 10 grand?

It's not very much a granddaughter. Something's

Dan:they had to do was send some

Reegs:send some letters. Yeah. Suddenly these guys, Derek and Shane, they're not the.


Sidey:I hope it did go down like this. Cause it's fucking,

Reegs:He says to him before he goes in, he says, remember, if your mind is blank, no one can pick up on your vibes. Also.

They can't identify you if they don't see your eyes. So this Shane guy goes in and the camera's really close on him and he's nervous and sweating. And he kind of only vaguely knows who he's looking for. And he finds her in the hallway and

Dan:yeah. somehow he's evaded all the security

with these,


Reegs:wave him through

Dan:you've been

given for, he doesn't give anyone

the eyes

Reegs:guy, he's like, where's Kerrigan. And he's like, oh, she's there on the ice or whatever. And he follows, you know what I mean? It's bonkers.

Dan:And Annie takes out a stick and watch it across.

Sidey:a kneecap. So yeah, she's fucked.

Reegs:It's like one of those, it's like a police Baton type thing.



grim. So this poor guy has just come off the ice

Sidey:He can't, he can't get out, then he forget he's lost. He doesn't know how to get out of the stadium. Cause they are a bit of a labyrinth and he just comes across this locked fire exit. I think it was, as you can see, it's got a chain and a paddle around it. So just headbutts his way through the car. It's amazing.

Dan:Yeah. And then his body kind of sees that and they get in the car

and off they go leaving

evidence everywhere

of who they are

And and what

Sidey:millions of cameras, all that. But obviously the news breaks then, and Tanya sees this on the news and she only thought there was going to be a threat.

Dan:She, well, she was So she was complicit in

the fact that she knew this was going on.


were discussions that

had been held in and around her around skating

and things like that.

but she didn't really

care. She didn't,

Reegs:But the idea of her getting leathered in the leg by a Baton that kind of seems to come out of nowhere almost. Doesn't it it's like, it's not really clear whose idea that was.

Dan:alarm bells must've been bringing for me.

When you send in a

thousand dollars

for sending a couple of letters from Massachusetts or wherever they were

sending it, they wouldn't connect

it with

Tanya town.

Reegs:I mean, bigger alarm bells should be ringing because that stupid bastard Sean is telling absolutely everybody what he's done.

He's in the pub telling everybody who will listen, what he's been up to

Dan:all over the news.

And he wants his little bit of fame. Doesn't he? He wants people to know that

he's the one that organized


And he did

this, that and the other. So the net begins to tighten And and the cops stopped bringing in the people that

have been in and

around this plot. And Tanya's name comes up just as she's

Reegs:qualified for the Olympics. Yeah.

Dan:Yeah. Bad timing.

Sidey:She can never sort of admit what's happening in throughout the film. She always sort of puts a spin on it. And she's,


never admitted a guilt in all this as such as she,

Dan:I mean, one of the scenes that she's talking to you at she's

in the kitchen, she's like in a,

in a ski suit


something she's

overweight sat at their table.

Well, past

the best days

Reegs:having a drink,

Dan:having a drink and yeah, there's not a whole lot of you know,

she's, Hey, I did, you know, did the fucking trip and axle,

Sidey:Yeah, it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. What happened to me and stuff like that. But they, you know, they

Reegs:goes to the Olympics, she, she gets eighth.

Sidey:This is what I didn't remember from the time that I thought that they would have just bombed her out, but she knows, she went,

Reegs:And Kerrigan got a silver medal as well.

Sidey:And she that's what she says about it. And she says she disrespected the the metal.

Dan:Yeah. She looked like she, she stepped in shit. and

Sidey:I never would have done that.

Dan:And she said, I got eighth. And I was thought that was pretty good, actually.

you know?

What did you think of her

Reegs:Well, we haven't quite got to the end because there's some quite harsh punishment dealt.


Sidey:She, she makes a really good point on this, on the, in the courtroom, but she says that, you know, there'll be out in it. But I could never skate again.

Reegs:They banned her from skating. It's it's

Dan:Yeah So she She's embroiled in this plot, a husband

is the,

the main kind of guy along

with Shawn.

Reegs:She's rarely go to jail.

Sidey:They said, I'll do that. I could do that. Just let me do that. And then I skate afterwards, you know,

Reegs:banned from skating.

Dan:Yeah. They BA they, That is what

they wanted

from the beginning. Really? The, the ice skating association never liked

Tanya or her

Attitude or anything that she brought to the party and they never really

gave her a fair cracking the whip.

And it certainly from

what we'd

seen here, as far as

the scores,


would say, well, it's

not just the skating, you know, you have to have

you have to look the


and behave the part, which she was never going to do. She


Reegs:fit in,

Dan:She wanted to skate in about the skating. That's

Reegs:I think the problem is that sport is elitist enough, right?

Its whole point is to be elitist. You're supposed to be the best without having loads of nonsense about race or class or anything else like hung up around it. It's just supposed to be about who's the best at that thing.

So to have all these other obstacles placed in front of her

Dan:where she's

grown up. I mean,

you see her as a young kid

And you think, wow, beautiful little

girl, she loves ice and she's got a talent for

  1. You know?

that, all that kind of, and she can't help anything around her family and everything and how she's been influenced around that. So

I had a lot of sympathy for her, I did, even though

she went,


Sidey:think the movie is good PR for it. It's not saying that she didn't do anything, but you know, she was damaged.

Dan:there, there

was a

Sidey:was in LA, you know, at least when you say

Reegs:relationships you were in were awful.

Absolutely awful. And the violence

Dan:15 you know all the way food before

that with

her mother.

Reegs:And there's a load, there's a load of like other stuff. There's one where he, he, Jeff accidentally shoots her. Doesn't he? It just sort of brush it. It like goes by her, I think, and she's bleeding and the police blow over and they don't even notice that she's been shot.

Dan:they don't say


Reegs:Yeah. And it's just like, oh man, you know, this woman was like damned from the start and sh and then they take away the one thing and it plays out that he went to jail for a bit. She became a boxer.

Which was just bizarre and sort of embraced some kind of celebrity type lifestyle. She lost contact with the mother.

Yeah. It's just sad, isn't it? There's not a lot really that

Sidey:I did enjoy the movies. There's some quite funny moments in it. I was going to say it's like, that's what they've tried to do is sort of. Downplay Margot. Robbie's looked a bit like Charlie's stair on in monster and stuff like that to say, Hey, look, I can act as well.

I'm not just

Dan:nothing, nothing wrong with the performances And Alison Janey stole every scene for

me, where she was

  1. She was just

Sidey:so vile

Dan:Really, really

vulnerable, but, a fantastic. with it in the presence in everything you know, for, I love sports movies and this is a sports movie of a different type.

It's certainly you know, a


that I didn't know a lot about

other than big news story back

in the day. And even then I wasn't

a huge sort of ice skating fan, but I

would have seen

the footage

and looked, at it

that's bloody shocking. And I don't remember

all the stories and how

it panned out. Even the fact that she got banned was

news to me. When I, when I watched this, I didn't know

how that had panned out

And yeah, like

you, I

felt it was a bit harsh that it would go so extreme on

Basically, what

is her career?


job? because she said, I don't know Oh shit. You're basically saying,

you know, become a waitress

or or do whatever. Well, That's why she became a boxer Cause there

was a,

Reegs:I don't think the film makes it clear just how young she was in all of this. She was like 23 when this stuff played out. Yeah, she was 15 when she met Jeff, she was 23.

When a lot of this stuff played out. I mean, she's basically a

Dan:child. So much of these young people, It reminds me going back onto the,

football this week, the penalty is missed in

everything. that You think these

young people.


You know,

enormous responsibility

in hopes

of a nation and all

this kind of thing.

The pressure on them, really, Tanya should, shouldn't needed to be looked after a lot better her talent nurtured and, and worked with

and made sure that she's

a nice round happy person while

you know, to get the best,

but it Never, never had that chance

Did she?

Reegs:I do have that sympathy for her. I also wonder if there's a thing like everybody, you know, that thing about everybody remembers Charles Manson, nobody remembers Sharon Tate.

Like you always remember the monster and not, and there's a, there is a victim in this Nancy Kerrigan who is barely, she's like an apparition in this film. She bet she doesn't feature at all. And you know, her story, should we hear her story as well? I don't know,

Dan:but maybe. I mean, she went and got a

silver after That happening to her knee, you know, I mean,


Sidey:Alison Janey had spent a lot of her formative years training as a ice dancer. But she didn't get to do any of that in this.

And when she was 17, she walked through a sliding glass door that was closed and cut her leg so badly. It was nearly an amputation job. So that put an end to her

Reegs:She never skated again.

Sidey:ice game days, which similar vibe going on in this week's kids TV. But we can talk about that later.

Reegs:one thing I noticed is that late eighties, early nineties fashion was fucking appalling. Like Margot. Robbie is an absolute goddess, isn't she? And they even managed to make her look really frumpy and Dowdy a lot,

Sidey:was still holding this,

Reegs:but still it's just like, Aw, the hair, man.

What were they? What were you doing? Eighties people, if you're listening and you were there in the eighties doing stupid things with your hair, tell us what was going on.

Sidey:Good shell suits going on and stuff like that.


The, you know, the PR period aesthetic was, was spot

Reegs:school was pretty good as well. They had Chicago 25 to six to 4 25 or six to

Dan:It was a good soundtrack. Yeah, really good.

Sidey:Cliff Richard, when as, as of Jamie first appears to devil woman, she's just the devil woman. It's a chain. The money for this, the budget was $11 million.

Dan:11 million

clams. Wow.

Sidey:What do we think? I should tell you that Alison Janie won the best supporting actress Oscar

Dan:Yeah. I, I think with the Oscar nod sits is taken over the line, but I don't know whether this was

a huge hit.

Reegs:Yeah. I dunno. Margot Robbie now is become a really big actress,


What was this? 2007 to say four years ago.

Reegs:Yeah. It's I think it probably would have, she would have been enough to sell it. We all had it on our list. We've got a poster up here where we've

Dan:It's a film that I've been meaning to see, for, for ages and ages actually.

I've just never made the time to do it. So I'm

pleased. I did



Reegs:I think it probably did here

Sidey:54 million. is decent. Yeah. Which is good result for Margaret Robbie. Cause it's her production company that picked this up and got it made. So she would have made a few quid, I guess, on that.


Reegs:It was a guy called, it was Steve Rogers was the guy who wrote the script because I remember reading his name and just thinking obviously Christopher something was the

Sidey:Craig Gillespie.

Reegs:That's the one.


Okay. Is he

has he's done anything else that I would have heard of?

Sidey:he directed a Campbell soup advert, which featured Nancy Kerrigan.

Reegs:Wow. That is some knowledge there served right to you. I love that.

Sidey:So yeah, it's a, it's a small world.

Dan:So based on

the strength of that, you've got

to do this.

Sidey:Yeah. But disappointing. Suck my Dick update. Tonya Harding, when she saw the film, really like that line, I've said, she wished that she'd actually said that and I'm like, oh man, I wish he really said that. That's a fucking great line.


Sidey:I, I think if this wasn't a true story, it would have been a little bit more.

I don't think I've enjoyed it as much, but I did really enjoy this. And just the fact that some of these characters like Sean, Erica actually real, it just fucking blows my mind. There's so many just bonkers people

Dan:He was a dangerous Delusional.

kind of,

Reegs:Yeah. Just these bumbling idiot. The bumbling idiots come together and.


Sidey:I wanted to keep us on an ice skating theme this week for no reason whatsoever. So I picked the cards on the table. Brilliant. Netflix kids series zero chill.


Sidey:How do we feel about this


Enthusiasm levels going into it

Reegs:T4 four minutes was the first thing I noticed.

Sidey:Well, the first one that had sort of pilot sort of first it's a slightly longer than some of the other episodes, which I watched also

Dan:th th th that's the that's the thing that these children programs instantly

draw me to.

Is the, the running time? How long are you putting me through this?

for? And Pete had trapdoor in about two minutes, which was an absolute winner from the, from the, from the get go

this one is at 35 minutes. Yeah, the pilot. So talk us through, the plot side. Cause this is something that I have actually already seen.

So I didn't go back and watch

this episode, But,

Sidey:the whole series,

Dan:I've seen much


the first series

with my daughter. Yeah.

Reegs:It starts out with the woman, a bird. How old is she? I D everybody in this looks like they're about 35,

Sidey:she's 15

Reegs:13. Right. And she's out on the ice.

Sidey:as Tanya, really

Reegs:yeah, yeah.

Yeah. And she's putting torches out on


Reegs:dancing stuff.

Sidey:I was confused at first

Reegs:a mate that she's like FaceTiming.

Sidey:So this is why I, I couldn't work here. Who'd moved where, what, what happened? Because they don't make it very clear. It's

Dan:brother. Isn't it.

Sidey:it's her brother. Who's the ice hockey protege. Who's been headhunted for, this is the hammers. Wasn't it.

They had to have his colors, everything.

So she has had to uproot from Canadian.


Reegs:So she's gone from, from Canada to, to the UK for better hockey trading, which is a bit like moving to India to find the perfect beef burger in it because it's just, just instantly just doesn't make any sense, but all right. Okay. Fine. Okay. That's what you're doing to come to the UK to play for the hammers.

She's got a friend that she FaceTimes Jacob, he seem really annoying.

Sidey:Yeah, he was, yeah.

Reegs:he's also a nice answer.


the partner of hers, that she would regularly practice wherever. And I think there had some

success in competitions

and things, so

she's really upset to be


and leaving

and still thinks

actually they can skate together.

Sidey:Well, that's what they do. They FaceTime to go through their old routine.


Dan:They, they're, trying to dance together in

Two different countries by phone, which is fun once. And maybe twice But yeah,

Reegs:by the time you've seen that a few

Sidey:Well he, he pins it off

Dan:hands off. and She, can't understand why until she thinks about it for about

10 seconds,

Reegs:Meanwhile, the brother who I think is called Mac, isn't it. So, and they, they are the McCafferty's or the Mac MacArthur's.

So he's Mac muck Bentley.

Sidey:but I think they just say Mac because it was part of a Cerner.

Reegs:Okay. But only him though

Sidey:his name

Dan:his first name's McCauley

Sidey:He has a kind of initiation from the lads is fucking crazy.

Reegs:Yeah. It's the sort of thing you imagine how he gets up to it, the rugby stuff, isn't it. They end up


Reegs:yeah. Then they sell a tape into a park bench and stick a funnel up his ass. Don't name them. They pour in like later. No. Yeah. Hmm. It's pretty mediocre

Sidey:They literally put a cup of balloons near him. That was it. That was pretty crazy, but he

Reegs:he gives himself a nickname accidentally on the radio of drama queen.


for people trying

to picture this still.

I'm thinking free rein on ice or

you know it's a long

Sidey:interchangeable kind of

Reegs:horses with the ice skates is brilliant.

Sidey:It's that kind of cheesy kind of,


ho wholesome

nurse as you say it's that, That's the pranks that they do are very safe and


but digital, this

had a little bit more.

to it?

Foodie actors,

Sidey:I really enjoyed it.

Dan:theme and everything Oh Yeah. You liked the ice.

don't you?

Sidey:I watched the first three episodes and I keep pestering my daughter to watch some more, but she won't

Dan:think I've seen as many.

Sidey:not as hit, not as much to hit with my daughter as it wasn't me.

Reegs:W what what's drawn you to it so much. Is it the intrigue about number 69? Yeah.

Sidey:away. Yes, it was. Yeah, because what happens in this episode is while she doesn't have a partner anymore, she catches someone while she's skulking around in the dark.

Someone turns on the lights and has a secret ice skate off and she bangs on the glasses. I see you skate and you know, you're amazing. And they, they Scot off. I'm thinking which one of the guys is it? You know? And you're trying to, the next time they practice, you're looking for that shirt. See her is and do you know who it is?

Reegs:I started Googling it and then I thought, why the fuck I did it?

Dan:you got to watch it.

You got to do in the hard yards?

You've got to.

I know who it is

Sidey:It's the girlfriend, the cafe she has

Reegs:total. Non-event

Sidey:no, she's got a really sad backstory. She's ill, and she's not allowed to ice skate for health reasons.

She's got brittle bones and stuff like that.

Reegs:Are you making this up?

Dan:no, no. that's

why mum really doesn't want to ice skate.

She loves ice


and she would be the perfect partner for

the sister

of the

Reegs:skate. She's got brittle bones. She just can't skate.

Dan:but she's really good. Is she lonely that

lonely matter

if she fought?

Sidey:Yeah, I think she might have even triple axles. She was that good. Yeah. But she does unveil the identity of her. And I have a feeling that later on in the series, she may be able to dance. I just have that feeling, but I need to find out,

Dan:Yeah. Yeah, it


Sidey:lots of Lycra as well.


think there was enough going on here though, that you could change. watching with

your daughter.

And you

know, my daughter liked it.

I think we'd seen about three or four episodes. So it sounds like I'm not doing a


period of it.

And I was curious

as well, what, who is, who is

that? that person, you know, who is that, that guy? I was assuming it was going to be a love interest.

So I was pleased that it didn't go down that route, which made me feel, and you don't get all this in the first

episode, but you start, it starts to set the scene of why

they're there and why she might be a little

bit disgruntled and Why, you know, that kind of


Rick You're given the big, no chin to me here.

Reegs:Well, yeah. This

Dan:it, wasn't your favorite

Reegs:you guys seem to really like this one I'm not laying in.


liked it. It's like any federal. so I think it's a little bit better than the free reign kind of

Reegs:land. No, this was really awfully bland and the actors are all really, really awful

Sidey:The coach of the coach of the team is particular highlight

Reegs:yeah, the dad, I can't, the dad looks to me like he's going to walk his cock out at any moment.

Like you're starring in a port he's like in a completely

Sidey:would be take this in a hole.

Reegs:Yeah, it's this poorly written badly executed and performed. It's possibly about the two most entitled pieces of shit, white people that I've ever had the misfit. Oh God, I don't know

Dan:a bit like this

this ballerina thing. that we watched a little while ago.


Reegs:No, cause that had the zaniness in, I liked that, but that had time traveling fucking steam punk. This is just like bland high school.

Just bad acting. And

Dan:What was it that we liked then about


Reegs:he was shit. Did we really have to serve up stuff? This mediocre?



I think it's split opinion. This, I think this is one that you're going to have to

go out and and check out for yourself

because it's

not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it's something given what I had been watching, I had seen previously, I thought it

was a little bit better than that.


Yeah. I got sucked in for

a couple of

episodes, like three or four of them? Maybe.

Reegs:Did you think it was odd that she got like fully glammed up for every, like even the training session she had, like the,


Reegs:she never just turned up in jogging bottoms in

Sidey:Nah, she always, always had all the gear on and

Reegs:all the like flashy shit


Sidey:Yeah. I suppose that was a bit weird, but she's just, you know, she was lost.

He was in.

But you've been transported into a foreign country.

Reegs:Well, if you're in a row out there, there are still several things you could do before you have to watch zero chill.

Sidey:I'm going back for more. I'm sorry. I'm going to persist. I want to see where it goes.

Dan:be honest, even after talking about it again, I'd forgotten how much

I probably will check this out again. Maybe it's just a guilty pleasure. I don't know, but it's

Reegs:coffee, spillage, coffee spillage. Oh,

Dan:Perfect. Right.

Okay. We better

wrap this


Sidey:Yeah. Check it out. Or don't is the message of all that?

Reegs:you guys are morons.

Sidey:how very day if I want to, I want to finish it off. There is only that one season, so you don't have to inflict too much pain if you really want to watch it all.

Dan:No, I think I'm going to probably see if my daughter wants

to watch another one.

Sidey:Oh man

 I think maybe next week we might have a fourth companion back to join us, but we'll see about that. But Dan, have you got anything for us to watch?

Dan:Well, I'll start with the top five it's hats.

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. So, a top five hats.


Dan:See what you come back with.

That leaves it pretty broad. I think it gives you scope. Should I tighten the criteria more than that?

Do you think hats

Reegs:Have a think about it.


Reegs:to be

Dan:to be yellow hats,



Reegs:has to be for the sartorial purposes rather than a functional hat. So you couldn't get a construction hat in

Sidey:or like a, yeah. A helmet in the war, that sort of thing. So it's like a outfit hat.

Reegs:and aesthetic

Sidey:Yeah, yeah,

Dan:yeah. We'll go with that while then a, a uniformed hat,

Sidey:but it does it have to be, does it have to be key to the plot or just someone who looks nice with the

Dan:Someone looks nice,


Reegs:but if you can find a hat,

Dan:is yeah. no, it's something that says

guy's got a hat, you know now midweek. I've wanted to see this movie a few times. Recently again, because it just looks like

Reegs:you wanted to see it a few times. Again,

Dan:Yeah. recently,

recently I've looked at this movie and thought I'd like to see that again,

Reegs:a few times,

Dan:a few times and I keep putting it off. So

this time I'm not it's the third man

Reegs:And does it matter if you haven't seen the second man or the first


Sidey:Have you seen that,

Dan:third, man?

you've not seen this

Sidey:Oh, what a treat? What a treat for you?

Dan:for you?

I hope I'm not hyping it too much. It's a classic. It really is a great, great movie. We talked about the ending earlier. So even gives you that

now the main movie another one Yeah.

keeps coming up, you know, as you watch things on go through Netflix thing.

Oh, I see that. all in the dig. Everybody's seen it now. I reckon on, on Netflix has come up. If

you've been

on Netflix in the last couple of months, It was,


know, Ralph fines

Reegs:oh God, are we doing the whole review now? I haven't seen it yet.

Dan:dig. Oh, yeah. Well, that's it. That's all I know. Um We're going to give that a go

Sidey:true story Yeah.

Dan:Y Okay. I didn't know that. So there's a true story.


Dan:spoiler alert happening. Kid's TV

Minecraft It's an interactive thing again on Netflix story is the order of the stone,


Sidey:right? Okay, cool.

Dan:So Let's give it a go.

Sidey:Yeah I quite like those interactive things. That's cool. All right.

Nice one. If you're listening and enjoying, tell a friend and recommend us to your peers, that'd be great. And leave a review and subscribe. We've got lots of exciting plans. That's lie. So all that remains is to say Saturday signing out.