Oct. 27, 2021

Midweek Mention... Sexy Beast

Midweek Mention... Sexy Beast

Jonathan Glazer's directorial debut, Sexy Beast, is a heist thriller featuring an all time great performance from Sir Ben Kingsley. Here he's equal parts swearing machine and crime gang psychopath. He really does steal this movie! 
All us dads recommend this one, especially if you want to level up your swearing skills!



Sexy Beast

Sidey: . It's midweek mumble time and Howie on your return from your COVID.


You asked us what Sexy

Howie: Yeah.

First of all, this film attracted me because

Dan: you are a sexy

Howie: I am boats. Ray Winston, during this film was our age.

Our, Ray was 42 43.

So that's a, that is, that is peak physical condition. I'd say for a 42 43 year old. So we can aspire. It made me feel good about myself.

Dan: w where he was looking tanned

Howie: Yeah. Tanned, luscious George Michael hair. It was just flooding. Yeah.

Dan: budgie smugglers

Howie: Oh, yellow with it with, if you notice on the film poster, it's got a little stain, right?

Where's cockies. Yeah, it's beautiful. It's it's, it's, it's a no filter, but anyway, let's go back to the film rather than me lusting over Ray Winston, Ray Mears, Ray Winston. There's somebody gonna re I dunno sexy beast. It's a year, 2000 British psychological black comedy crime film, directed by Jonathan Glazer, who.

Directed a film we reviewed called under the skin with scholarly Hanson and friend of the pod. Adam Pearson.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

it was, Scott was good film

Howie: He also directed Jamiroquai virtual insanity video and radio heads, calmer police.

Dan: Wow. I didn't know that he was involved in this movie. I

Sidey: The director, not Adam.

Dan: Yeah, no. The, the director. And I, I hadn't seen this film before. It was one of those where you haven't seen it.

You haven't seen that.


Howie: Oh, well least chosen something that you hadn't seen. That's quite cool. Jonathan glazes work is often characterized by kind of depictions of flawed and desperate characters, which this film obviously has a lot of explorations of themes, such as alienation and loneliness and a dramatic use of music.

And the F the score for this film is quite cool in places.

Sidey: they're sort of cold open if you like of the movie is, is Ray Winston sunning himself. And I think you can sort of guess pretty much straight away that this is Costa Del crime. He's, a, he's a retired bank robber or whatever it is.

It turns out to be a safecracker. He's done his bit. he's made his money and he's fucked off to enjoy the

spoils of his crimes.

Dan: he's done more. Every criminal says they're going to do which is gout the game by a place in Spain, live the easy life. And that's what he's doing. Live the good life.

Sidey: we've got peaches by the Stranglers playing, and he's got a boy the local lab that sort of.

mark sent around the gaffer helps him out.

He's sort of milling around and he gets up out of his sun lounger and a massive fucking Boulder.

Howie: Well, it starts with him going, I so hot and it looks horribly hot.

We, we, you, you. Depict it any better than the sunburnt leathered Brit that he is, he is laying there. He is so hot heat creeks.

Dan: you can see his skin

Howie: Oh, well, he creeks to get up. Cause he's quite overweight and he gets an ice Pope. And he just cushions is bollix with an ice flannel and he's just goes, oh, so

Sidey: I hate, I hate him and his whole life

Howie: yeah. It's you can't

Dan: Well, he loved it though. Didn't he? He was one of those Brits that he just absolutely had frozen himself just before skin cancer and everything, I guess, you know,

Howie: he's getting flash burns off the sun. And as you said, somebody, he stood up and he's using like an electric fan. He's just cooling off and he just steps to one side. And from out of nowhere Boulder about the size of a small car rolls past his head and lands in the pole.

Sidey: Yeah. So they're having

Sort of bit of a flat, about how they're going to get rid of this and then they go out for dinner There's a couple, that similar sort of

Dan: Similar

Sidey: retired crims.

Howie: H and Jackie, big tits,

Sidey: Yeah.


they they go out for dinner and Jackie says, you are, you are definitely.


And it all stops. You know, the joviality, or the, sort of the laughs the laws around the dinner table It all stops as that. we've had a phone call and he knows straight away.

This is not, this is not the news they wanted to hear. And it's Dawn. Who played by Ben Kingsley is He is after there There's another job going down. and we do get shown. We get shown it in London with M Shane love, joy, or various other couches that he's played. He's the, he's the big crime boss of this gang. And they are looking to crack into some safety deposit box is we don't know initially how they're gonna do it because he goes in and he puts it. pack of cigarettes NSF, as well as books as a test scopes, the place out and as what we say is that, yeah, it can definitely be done at any job can be done.

And he knows Just from walking down the street and going into the place, how they're going to get into it and they need, gal.

Howie: yeah. They, they, they, as he's walking out after he scoped the place, they reshow the scene and they refocus on the sauna

Sidey: Yeah. much later, they show you how they're going to.

Howie: but yeah, it's gal is Ray Winston, the retired eighties, crook.

If you like sat in there,

Dan: And then he's, he sat here having a meal and they find out, as you say, Don is,

Sidey: And we don't know Don,

Dan: we don't know Dom, but we know by the way, their face drops that they know Don and this is

Howie: it's so well done that bad news bet. There's just that mention of it. The whole atmosphere goes from

Sidey: Jackie's

face straight away. She is panicking. She's like, well,

You can say no to this guy, but you don't

he don't take that

Dan: it's still wants to fucking Kalamata. Are you so, so they're all trying to kind of have a nice evening anyway, but soon enough that the day comes and has to go and pick them up with with Jackie, from the

Sidey: But he has he has a heart, his heart was mispriced and He says you won't like it, but I'm just going to tell him

Dan: I'm telling him no, I'm out the

Sidey: think, I don't think he believes in that conversation.

Howie: Then

Dan: I think then he does. I think he's, he he's, he know he's ill. See reason he will go by in a

Sidey: but when you meet him and you think back to that, you think

Dan: no, so maybe he does know because eventually we get to meet Don who

Sidey: It doesn't talk in the car.

Does he? The first thing he says, he says, I need to change my shirt, Sticking to me. I'm sweating Like, a canned.

Dan: yeah. It's it it's just

Sidey: And it's and it's Gandy. Yeah.

Dan: he's Gandy.

Sidey: Ben Kingsley, who sir, Ben Kingsley

Who played Gandy and the swearing just fucking most.

aggressive role

You likely to ever

Howie: watching it with my wife. She just found him so horribly uncomfortable. And especially when we talk about what happens later on with the way he walks around and owns the place. Oh, it's just painful

Dan: I wonder when nil by mouth came out.

If it was before, before this, before 2000, because it was it was that kind of character that Ray Winston played in new by mouth, which is a really kind of hard hit in film. But you had this psychopath who's who's you do not know what he's going to say, how he's going to say it. And,

Sidey: it's quite interesting because you never, know. you're never told that you'd ever actually killed anyone. It doesn't do anything other than he punches and kicks a few times.

It's not, it's all it's intimidation, It's pure in terms of Annie's E so

and just will not let.


speak And you can see what I really liked about the performances is Ray winds, his body language. He's cowering, and he's the bigger guy, Ben, Kingsley's just kind of, I see him as a bit of a short, ass, you know,


are you sort of frame? and he is totally, totally dominant over.

Ray Winston.

Dan: though. He beefed up a little bit

Sidey: it did

Dan: When you first saw him, you thought, oh, he's a, he's a bit chunky. Reminded me, looks wise in this a little bit out. Or like the the Peaky blinders.

Who plays a yeah. Is kind of really sharp and quick to be angry, you know, quick to some, some Shelby character isn't in a, in, in that, but in this anyway, he's, he's a nasty bit of work everybody's scared of, and he sets to work in getting.

Gal on side and he's to be fair to him, he sticks to his guns. He does not say yes, I'll go eat. He just go in. No, look, I've retired. I wouldn't be in a good cheer. Best getting somewhere else. But Don doesn't like taking no for an answer.

Howie: And it's just horrible. And, and banking's, Lee's performance here is just outstanding and it's things that have been written into the script that he performs. They're just horrible.

He walks into the toilet just pisses all over the floor. It's the, it's the animal dominance.

Sidey: strange.

because He asked them they haven't they, they step out, they pull aside and he says the gal, this is the job. I want you to do, it You're the man for the job. We need you.

I'm retired. you know, I'm not going to do it Ah, fuck off. You're doing it, you're doing it. I'm not.

I'm out. And he sort of, kind of accepts it sort of, and you're, you're sort of watch it go well, that's not the end of it. And like you say he does go for a pet. You stay over. And it goes for a purse and then as his person who just thinks, fuck it. It just turns to the side, pisses on the floor. Then he just goes fucking nuts.

and barges into that bedroom, boots him.

Dan: he has a conversation with himself in the mirror

Sidey: first.

Dan: And he has this kind of well full on conversation.

You hear what he's, he's thinking, and then he speaks his reply into the mirror. And you just realize that, wait, go, they think they're having a laugh at me. They think I'm, you know, he, he builds himself into this The psycho who's going to go in and grab by Wednesday night a bed. She is is Mrs.

She says, no, not in a bedroom. And he goes downstairs and then it will kind of escalate

Howie: It does that, but they take him back to the airport.

Sidey: has another guy, he really has another go in, but it's still, he stands his ground. He says, no, I'm not doing it. You know, I'm going to have to turn this one down.

No, you have to fucking turn this one up And no turn This one. Yes. He says, and then eventually he says, I want to leave right now, get me a cab.

Dan: because he said something about, he goes, you didn't come here just for me. Did you, you came here for, for Jackie's old. Cause at some point the evening before Don's out a couple of beers and he lets it slip that he. H his wife, Jackie, and few years ago.

And well, they're all kinds of stuff. Calm that comes out. He's he's not a gentleman that doesn't talk about it. So he's he regrets this in the morning and he says that in the mirror, and he shouldn't have said that you shouldn't have said that Don light, you know, he's there. And, and then when gal brings it up the next day, he, he kind of flight is a little bit, it doesn't, he.

No, no, it nothing to do with her. I'm going home. I need you to get me a cab right now. Like he's been offended and, and he gets, he gets on the plane and lights or fog.

Howie: That's another uncomfortable when, when he gets ordered off the plane and then they're investigating him and he goes into this weird falsetto voice

Sidey: And I guess as he's walking off, goes out, this fucking blows up

Dan: We won't put out a cigarette today, escort him off. And then he pretends that he's been sexually abused by the,

Howie: male stewardess

Sidey: that was the first scene that he did he rookie that he filmed. It was that one and he's got this whole story and he's comes across as really my, man and he's wearing like to slacks and a shitty,

you know, shirt.

He doesn't look, if you just look at him in isolation like that, it doesn't look very intimidating.

when he's giving

Dan: this

Sidey: speech.

and he says that he's been sexually assaulted by two stewards.

And that he's happy to not press charges. He doesn't want to ruin the guy's career.

He's such

an asshole.

Howie: It's so horrible. The way

Sidey: and say that they must send him back in. the time to fuck off you. know, So he goes back and this is where it really fucking goes

Dan: Yeah well, he he's, he, they think for, you know, an hour or two that he's getting on the plane and leave him, but he's not, he's got back off the plane returns back and says, you

fucking think you, you know, you say

Sidey: got, I've got a whole speech.

Dan: ahead and give us a bit of it.

Sidey: You think this is the wheel of fortune. You can make your dome fuck off Leave the table. Thanks Don. See your dog off to sunny Spain. Now Don, fuck off Log in your pool. Like a fat blah, blah. For me, you think I'm going to

have that. thing. I'm going to have that you Ponce, right. I'll make it easy for you. God knows your fucking trial. Are you going to do the job?

It's not a difficult question. Oh, you going to do the job?

Dan: He's asked in this question repeatedly

Howie: I think there's, I think, is there a bit in that bit, in that dialogue where he says you don't like leather or it's something like you're fucking bear lever.

Sidey: like a crocodile

fat crocodile fat bastard, You didn't like fucking I mean, You know I mean? stair, You should be ashamed of yourself. Who do you think you are king of the castle, cock of the walk.

Howie: It's just, it's amazing. And he delivers it. Bang. There's no, there's, it's aggressive. There's no faltering. It's just horrible.

Dan: Means every word

Howie: Oh yeah. It's vitriol.

Dan: on a, he's on a roll. There

Sidey: fair place to eat still is. No, is still I'm out. I'm retired. Say fucking glasses in.

smashes, the wine overs.

Dan: And, and this is just by the pole. And this is, this has become too much because we've got the other couple H Jackie and and D, which is gals wife or partner. And she goes and brings out a shoe.

Howie: Paul boy, it turns out on the pool. Boys got the gun and he just, it just works. Yeah. And he disarms him and bangs him on the head with it.

Dan: And the way this film works is that cuts then. And and the next part you see. It jumped forward because gal is on a plane. And in London is, is getting met up all the things that Don said he needed to do and was going to happen, have started to happen.

He is in London. He is getting picked up.

Sidey: was devastated

she can't believe he's going to do it.

Dan: well, you don't find out instantly that the reason why he's decided to do it but it seems like his hand was forced a little bit. So he meets up with all these gangsters, all these cooks and Ian McShane. Who's the Teddy, who's the, the alpha Papa Papa. He's the one that kind of Don worked for.

Sidey: What do you think about that? I don't really buy it.

Dan: No, I, I, I kind of buy it because I think Don probably had enough. Chained to go and do what he needed to do, but he needed guidance as well. I think Don, he would have listened to somebody to, to just set it cause he he's an attack dog. Exactly. He wasn't really pulling all the strings himself.

I don't think he was clever enough to do that. Or certainly didn't command the fear and respect that our,

Howie: Well, I think, I think his mannerisms are so focused towards him being a, a genuine attack dog.

Then I'm not like a yapping dog. The, the, the, the, the physical posturing, the pissing on the floor. He supposed to be just an animalistic attack dog. I think that's what it's and Teddy in Shane's character. Total reverse, complete control freak. Does controls everybody and does anything to control them.

Hence why he fucks the banker in the gay orgy that owns the

vault. You know, he's just, he's a manipulator. Ben, Kingsley's his attack dog, Don. Logan's his attack dog. Him. Shane is the, the crime boss who does tick a few cliches. Let you say that.

All encompassing, powerful man, but you know, is a tricky one.

Sidey: brekkie I think it is anyway, I did a table? And he says to gal so what was

Whereas Don wait, the lost whereas anything. Oh, something's not


Dan: is the second time they've they've asked him. Cause when they first got together, they've asked him, but Don still hasn't turned up.

Sidey: Yeah. He said he got on a plane and he phoned me from Heathrow.

What'd he say

oh, I don't know.

You know, the issue this hardest one lie after another and it's hard to keep up and it's pretty obvious. you know, Don's not going to go missing.


Dan: We, we find out for another kind of flashback that these, let him, let him have it. He he'd hit the, he taken the gun off the young boy. We looked like an old rifle he's got

right. Okay. So but Don with a gun, isn't a good idea.

Sidey: Well he says some things

days past, because she was involved in,

porn, or adult entertainment of some kind and he made some quips and she just fucking blows him away. Well, she shoots him in the gut actually. So he is

Dan: In pain,

Sidey: wounded, seriously wounded, but he's still shouting abuse And

Howie: spitting for the blood.

Sidey: is not going down without a fight or at least let them know how it feels. So they, they basically weighed in and good fellows to stomp him. And he actually shouts as they're killing him.

He shouts can't can't you murdering whack.

Dan: yeah. He's he doesn't,

Howie: doesn't

Dan: he doesn't give

Sidey: and

he gets I think they shoot him in the head.

Dan: Yeah. He doesn't give any quarter until why why the NDC shout and all the abuse, but that meant that gal had to go and do this job because to, to try and cover it up. That's why he went back and the job was a crazy one because you pointed out before he, there was a sore, a soreness sign.

Howie: male bathing suit on at some old school Romanesque.


Dan: that was next to this safety deposit bank. And that's how they're going to get in. So they go through the pool.

Sidey: Yeah, they're drilling They've got, basically

full scuba gear on, and they're drilling up and underneath and through which is successful and they do, they flood the volt.

Oh, they're swimming in there. And gal just has a look and he finds some nice

some nice some nice jewelry,

which you don't see them Derby, You guess the way he's looking at it, he's going to have them. I suppose everyone in the room probably did something similar. and. They are then after, as they're celebrating The highest it's all gone. Fucking great.

Dan: Unbelievable. Cause I never thought it was because gal had been in jail. We'd alluded to it. He goes fucking easy, fucking, no risk. Nine years, nine fucking years. I did like, you know, I don't want to go back in.

I've had my fucking stint on set living the fucking life. He's always wanted to that opening scene is just saying, oh, I love it. I love it all this hate and everything. He's just. He's made it, and this is all really upsetting,

Sidey: Teddy then says, look, we know he didn't come. He didn't go on a plane. He did not leave Spain, What happened? And he he drives in And he says, all right, come, come with me. And they drive off and they go and see, is it Harry? was, Was it Henry or Harry? or the banker?

Howie: cause of the volt owner, the deep man,

Sidey: They go to his Gaffin it's five in the morning. And he lets them in.

And Shane just shoots him in the head right there.

as pure

Dan: So well, he brings gal with him for the intimidation, but as far as Teddy goes, it's a loose end that needs tidy, tidy, tidying up. Yeah.

Sidey: And he says he obviously know, he absolutely knows that Don's dead.

Like, there's this fucking, No doubt about it. He's he pays him. He said, I'm going to pay you for the job is 10 pounds.

That's all he's getting. And it's like

a humiliation. This is all

Dan: But he always said

sorted out. You know what? It was, it was going to be a split, obviously between the eight and nine guys that were involved, they're all going to get their split.

He gets a tenor because Teddy knows that he's, he's done away with Don.

Sidey: Because you think, oh, it's going to kill him. And it turns out.

from what you said, He says, if I gave one single shit about Don and then just said, get out the car. So he's letting them off. Maybe Tom has just too much. hassle And he's not that upset about him going, cause he was fucking wild, but it's slightly weird. And I don't know, you got to kind of read between the lines there.

how you, how you sort of take

Dan: mean, there is potential that he might go and get him another time, but

Sidey: I think that was then always then hanging over him because. Yeah, it's got these doubts when he's back in Spain. Then after that you cut Jeremy's back on the Sunday ranger and he can hear Don talking to him and he just says, oh, sharp, Don your dad in it pans down to the poor that obviously buried him

where the Boulder fell,

but he spent, he knows they know where he lives and he's always got that kind of thing.

Howie: It's the control

Sidey: this lingering. Yeah. We've watched a film last week just to Dawn. That was a film as he hearts. This is not in the same vein, but for me, it

So like full metal jacket where you've got the drill Sergeant and then it veers off to the actual battle of this. You've got Ben Kingsley, scenes and all that upstairs, And then it changes go and goes to the vault. I found this similar to being a sort of film of two hubs,

Dan: where they tried to blend it together. Food or cuts didn't hear a little bit, but

Howie: time cuts, but it really definitely was a massive change of pace.

Sidey: I found it a lot more entertaining.

when Ben Kingsley was in it.


Dan: I believe he stole every scene.

Sidey: he was Oscar nominated

Dan: Was he for the, yeah. Okay. Yeah, he played, he played it fantastically this crazy Don character.

Sidey: He said it was largely based on his grandmother.

Dan: Chase.

Howie: oh my good grief. Hi, Gran, would you like some tea? I'm not sure you will like some tea.

Sidey: The C word was used 21 times.

in the movie Fuck. was said 115 times.

Howie: Good stats.

Sidey: good. Good. Money-wise this was thrown together for 4.3 million.

Dan: This made money.

Howie: It probably did make money.

Sidey: It

made 10,

which probably made it.

Howie: Yeah. Right. This is a, this is a DVD rental

Sidey: Yeah, I saw it. I saw it exactly like that.

on DVD rental.

Dan: Whereas this, I miss this first time round, I think it was the title as much as anything else that you'd put me off.

If it was sexy

Howie: You mean to say that the initial title where he gets up off the sun lounge with lunges, just a sexy beast under his cock. And I didn't pull it in for you.

Dan: didn't entice me in. But but I really liked this. I thought this was such a great movie and it was one of those that I thought, why didn't I see it before? Ben Kingsley. Fantastic. But Ray Winston as well. And I liked Ray Winston and he's done a few hit and miss films, but this was definitely one of his hits.

And it was one of those that you can understand why he's been so involved in, in other films, in things. Because if you look at some of his stuff, Ray, Winston's done now.

Howie: I don't

Sidey: like him that much.

Dan: Westham though.

Sidey: well, there you go. But I think it's because maybe shortly around this time, shortly after this he sort of, for me, and I Maybe I'm wrong, but he just sort of descended into this sort of Cockney parody account and I bet 365 and fuck a bet and play,

and it's just, it's always on. And he'd just get a bit fed up with

that. fucking

Dan: Saturation

Sidey: My old day hates people like Michael came.

Cause She says, they don't act. They're just the same fucking same voice, same fucking thing all the time. And that's guests, the level of that's rubbed off maybe with him. It's always like that. But in this, it fucking works and he is acting because he's not usually, I would expect my Winston to be the one dishing out the intimidation of the virus.

Her hair is on the receiving end and he's fucking great at portraying


I thought it was excellent.

Howie: Yeah. Yo, you had scripture saying he was carrying a whole film is

Sidey: it's a bit in the kitchen. where He's literally his body language He's all sort of like lead into inside trying to get

Dan: probably generally true because I bet, I bet Kinsley's just on full method on it and he's like,

Howie: well, he kept her away. He kept away from the original.

The Spanish four were together for a few weeks previous to build a rapport. And he joined the crew later on. So he felt even more of an outsider. So perhaps he did go full

Sidey: They said the the actors were so stunned by the ferocity of his performance, that they would forget their lines and get all flummoxed

And so that was, that really came through in the pharmacist. Yeah.

Dan: For no other reason. watch it for Ben Kingsley's performance in this

Sidey: Yeah. If you want to level up your swearing game, if you want to know how to properly curse, This is the Philippi.

Dan: you want, if you want to scare the shit out of somebody as well, then pick up a few point. Is there.