Feb. 3, 2021

Midweek Mention... Uncle Buck

Midweek Mention... Uncle Buck
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Join the Dads as they take a trip back to 1989. Its yet another seminal 80s "classic" comedy that Sidey never bothered to see. 

What's his take on, not only the movie, but the work of its star, Mr John Candy?

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That's all for now, until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Uncle Buck


Reegs:Sid nominated this week. Midweek mention

Sidey:No, I fucking did not. No, it was just another eighties. Let's say classic that I had. Yeah. That's the eighties

Howie:No, it's late eighties.

Sidey:that I had missed along the way. It's uncle buck.

Howie:Yeah, it's a John Hughes classic precursor to home alone from Macaulay Culkin, the reformed child destroy.

Sidey:know, didn't know that motherfucker was in this

Reegs:I haven't watched it for this, this re so my notes are based on a viewing that was probably last had in about 1995.


Dan:I reckon midnight is for me as

Sidey:You know, it's not like it's not this, it's not a fine wine.

Howie:Oh, what is wrong with you? This is a how family classic is massively inappropriate. It features scenes of child torture. It's it's everything that says let's watch this as a family. The, the, it is, it is so eighties inappropriate. It is brilliant. And I have let my kids watch this and they have laughed their heads off.

Sidey:the child torture

Howie:He ties up the boyfriend and throat sticks to me in the back of the boot and stick paper in his mouth. But. Well, he's 17, isn't it. He's at school. And he binds him with gaffer tape, then hits golf balls at him in an abandoned forest now. And no point is this,

Reegs:gone to the best scene in the whole movie.

Howie:Oh, well I was going to say, I think the best seat at the whole movie is the parent teacher conference where he can't stop looking at the water in her face and calls himself melanoma. But yeah this is, this is the tale of the  family realized that their father has the father-in-law's had a heart attack, so they need to find someone to look after the kids and after much searching, they reluctantly go for the husbands brother do played by John candy buck, who is basically a bit of a an outcast he's been forgotten about by the family.

And he is kind of leading a life of. Bachelorhood I think it would be their thing. This is another one of those weird American things where they pour scorn on a horse racing. I know, I know this is later on in the film, but it's always something that makes me laugh. This Americans, when they talk about someone who has like a couple of beers or maybe goes to the horse, races are seen as like a really irresponsible character.

And I know in

Reegs:Americans already racist about horses.

Sidey:but they don't have, they don't have bookies all over the place. Like we do over here.

Howie:Ah, is that what it is?

Sidey:It's one of those.

Howie:Gray areas, is it?

Sidey:you you've got the prohibition hanging up where you still got to be 21 to drink and gambling. It's a bit of a no-no, you know, you've got to go fucking

Reegs:still quite a puritanical society America. And so in a lot of ways and gambling, you know, is God,

Sidey:going to

Reegs:people's God doesn't

Sidey:rig horse races as

Howie:Yeah.  , the, the comedy begins with seeing what the hell John candy drives, which is single-handedly helping the earth enter the greenhouse effect 25 years ahead of schedule.

Sidey:They labor that fucking

Howie:Ah, it's brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant. And and then and, and he uses that as a, as a method of blackmail for driving the children to school.

I think he says, if you don't turn up here in this parking lot to get picked up Oh, picky. I'll personally walk you to class. I think he said in his pajamas or something like that. So yeah, so he's got, he's got, he's got to look after his two nieces and nephew and his niece is like 15, 16 going on 30 with an attitude and a pole shoved up her ass and.

Sidey:fucking annoying.

Howie:And you've got the Bacardi cocaine and this little girl who are the twins, who are basically the nice little kids that warm to John candin basically provide a soundboard for him when he's trying to work out what the hell to do with

Reegs:they also McCauley hook cocaine and John candy have one of the funniest scenes in the movie where he sort of interrogates him drag net style.


Reegs:don't remember the dialogue. I know, I do remember that it finishes with.

Sidey:record for consecutive questions?


Sidey:He had them, John candy had them written on a bit of paper on his face, on his

Howie:did a I did it. I like it when he comes in and he looks at John candy is cooking absolute shitloads of food. It looks at the girl and goes, why is he kicking out garbage? And he's like, serving like an entire grapefruit with, I think what looks like bubble and squeak, something like that on top of it.

Reegs:the biggest pancakes I've ever seen.

Howie:there's a snow shovel and he's flipping them.

Dan:yeah, it's one of those films for me is I remember. And I think I have revisited this since the kids have been born actually. So, you know, since the two thousands at some point I remember probably laughing more when I was a kid. Some of the there's a few one. And does that mean John?

Candy's brilliant. I liked John Carney. I think if you don't, then you're going to struggle with this film because he's the big reason to watch it because he did have a charisma and a natural comic timing. I think that was just. A talent and he was fantastic for it. Facial expressions, all the rest of it.

It was really good. He plays the kind of guy that you're happy with to be for about 10 minutes. And then he's just too much guy like, you know, he's just one of those people that is, you know, he's just too much in, in a short, small space

Reegs:I think I always get the sense with, with John candy that he basically is like uncle buck. Most of the time,

Howie:Yeah, I like to, when he was, he was eating his Frosties, watching the TV with the dog and yeah.

Reegs:I like I've quit smoking cigarettes, some onto cigars now.

Howie:it's a five-year plan. And then I'm on sorts of backend pipes.

Dan:there's, there's some, there's some classic lines, but once, like, I mean, for me it's best is planes, trains, and automobiles. Which I think is a really kind of much funnier film with, with more scenes and

Sidey:Cause he's got Steve Martin in it.

Dan:Steve Martin helps it along as well. Of course. But a lot of Steve Martin films need somebody else for me as well. You know, he's done some brilliant ones, but he's done and clever enough, but there's a few misses for me in this. John caddy should have done a load, more films. I mean, he was

Sidey:Strictly when you're

Dan:yeah, yeah, it dried right up after that.

Howie:so correlation is life

Sidey:no two packs to

Dan:No, they're not gonna you know, bring him back for it for any remakes of this one either. I think it's it

Reegs:but he gets the measure of the, the eldest. He gets the measure of, of the boyfriend bug pretty quickly that he's only interested in her for, for intercourse.

Sidey:well, it wouldn't be for astounding, fucking amazing personality, but

Dan:He knows what it's like. He's one of those guys who's probably been on that side of the fence as well when he was younger and he knows, you know, he knows his score. So he's not going to take any shit for, for his

Howie:I thought, I thought, I thought as dads, this was an excellent parenting skills sets that he showed the threatening behavior towards a boyfriend by showing him an ax and saying the words, do you know what a ritual murder is? And then threatening him with a drill then telling him he was an amateur dentist and then breaking into a house.

Reegs:he says about the, the acts. He says something about it's so sharp. It could circumcise a

Howie:Nat. Yes, that's right. Yes. And then ensuring that he doesn't get his wicked way with tear by breaking into a house party and taking a drill with a diamond tip that long end. And instead of just kicking the door down drills through the door, kicks it down, and then I felt this was rather a fair. He kind of gives a bollocking stare at the girl.

That's just basically been attacked and assaulted by him against their will.

Sidey:definite rape about

Howie:Yeah, very rapey. And he kind of gave her the look of, and then he gave the look of your fucked bug. And then he basically, as I said, kidnapped, assaulted, but bound and

Reegs:At what point at what point is he seduced by the Bizarre next door neighbor who I think

Howie:Oh, it's it's Roseanne she's off Roseanne. Yeah. Yeah. They go dark. They don't

Sidey:he wasn't a serious buyer cause he didn't want a dancer that he. He sort of

Howie:no, he, he bangs the washing machine and she thinks she's banging somebody.

Sidey:he got by Tia. She, she phoned up. What's her name? The Thai woman. Shenice she found out and tears I've been in third. There was an affair going on. So she came down and,

Reegs:right. Yeah.

Sidey:caught them dancing together, but he was reluctant leave a dancer.

He didn't want to

Reegs:Isn't she like smashing her crotch into him and

Sidey:She was doing a bit. Yeah, it was, there was some bump and grind going on. It was very uncomfortable. This was just so fucking mediocre. This film.

Dan:what about Macaulay Culkin? I mean, a young Macaulay Culkin is, is just starting out now. There was a couple of brief little

Sidey:Well, he's not as irritating and this as he is in home alone, you

Dan:the point he asked about, I was just looking at the quotes, the nose hair, and he goes, you've got longer nose hair than my dad. And he goes, how nice he didn't notice I'm a kid, that's my job.

You know, it had those


Dan:start starting a promise. And then obviously they, they broke him in about another four or five years in all the cuteness has gone and he became just Macaulay, Culkin,

Howie:Okay. Yeah. Right. So when I told various friends outside of this podcast and colleagues at work about uncle buck Sidey, you sourpuss every single one went. I fucking love that film. It's so funny. I've watched that as a kid. I watched it with my mum and dad's, it's a classic

Reegs:probably haven't seen it in about 20 years. Cause that's where I'm coming from. I remember it as being really funny. But I bet if I watched it now, I would think it was

Howie:No, it's, it's always on sky movies or something. It's on Netflix. It's

Sidey:probably cheap to throw out

Howie:yay. It's good.

Sidey:don't have the nostalgia thing of having seen it, but I didn't watch all those because John candy for me is inexplicably popular. I don't get it. He's

Howie:Oh, let's just say, say C.

Sidey:Like he's a poor man. John Goodman is not that fucking funny.


Dan:yeah, he's definitely, you know, jog Goodmans, different

Howie:controversial, controversial.

Sidey:it's jolly and fat and like it Burts and

Howie:He's every man, he's every man.

Sidey:he's me, but he's not that funny.

Dan:What did you not enjoy? Cool. Runnings.

 Sidey:I've not seen it. I've not seen it. It doesn't really appeal

Howie:Oh my God.

Sidey:I just, I'm not a big fan. And some

Howie:Fill the rhythm.

Sidey:rhythm. No, not, not into it. I, what have I seen of him playing as trays he's in fucking home alone?


Howie:Poker poker poker

is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Sidey:This is just, okay. Is that okay? Film? It's not that great. The car thing, just to fucking annoyed me, that they kept doing that fucking guy over and over again. Something was quite unsettling about it at the start. And I don't know what it was. That was, I was getting really bored it's because there was no soundtrack at all for the first half an hour of the movie is just dialogue

Reegs:Oh, that's interesting.

Sidey:and it rarely stuck out.

And then a bit of music played and I actually press a button. And I said to Mrs, fuck me is like half an hour before we got anything other than, you know, Fucking inane, eighties, shit dialogue. It's just, okay. It's I, I didn't mind at the time it was short, so that was good. But it's, it's not,

Reegs:So, so ID you, you said it's only, okay. I would like to offer some counterpoint views if I may from Google reviews, our favorite platform Oliver brush says, giving a five star review and these are genuine. I promise you, uncle buck is the 222nd movie I've ever seen. And it's the best.

He's my Halloween costume and my character in fallout four. I see him in my dreams. I have a poster of him. Every account I have is uncle buck. But Louie Oaks he takes issue with that giving only a one-star review. He says never seen it, but my uncle always impresses me.


Sidey:Bit harsh. Having never seen it


Dan:give her the one

Sidey:give it one star, I'd probably give it two stars. If I

Dan:out of

Howie:A five,

Sidey:out of eight lobsters, I'd give this

Dan:Well, I mean, if, if we're talking one to top banana, then I would give this a Kiwi.

Howie:I'm going five, five scallops out of six.

Reegs:W if I was going to do a rating out of two thumbs up, I would give it half a knee.

Dan:Really, really

Sidey:we should, maybe we should review it out in some sort of family members scale. So we give it the

Dan:maybe have candy on a sweet scale.

Howie:Yes. Yeah.


Sidey:I would give it.  Two annoying in-laws out of four.

Howie:I would give it a Sunday lunch, four out of four round the table. Yorkshire pudding just filled with gravy at the top and loads of hot horse radish. That's what I get it.

Dan:I I'd give it a, a, a sherbet dip dab without the DOB.

Sidey:three eighties. Well, no one of them is 19. So junior uncle buck. So far out of all these missed gems, I would say that probably Oh, Christ twins was the best out of those, that, that trilogy so far,

Dan:no great

Sidey:I have to think of something tremendous to watch next time.

Dan:Well, cool. Runnings


Dan:Boy it's is half decent. Did you not? I put it up against uncle buck, but maybe you've had too much candy you, you

Reegs:it's making you feel a bit