May 7, 2021

Promising Young Woman & Danger Mouse

Promising Young Woman & Danger Mouse
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It's pure serendipity that this week sees the Bad Dads celebrating the top 5 British movies just as our Island prepares for war with France over post-brexit fishing rights that we had no vote in and were little more than a footnote in the overall deal until the reality of actually implementing changes affected professional fisherman in both the Channel Islands and France. What a ridiculous mess all this is, from the naive reassurances from local government that we would be unaffected by the deal through to the frankly silly protests of the French fisherman over rules both sides are to adhere to and have had 6 months to work towards fulfilment of.  Fortunately our invaders have already reverted to type which means at the time of writing this, the gallic armada has waived the white flag and are heading back to Normandy, desperately in search of some deodorant and a Gauloises.

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN is the directorial debut of the delightfully named Emerald Fennell, a former showrunner on Killing Eve, which I mention because that series proclivity for style and shocking plotting is also evidenced in this multiple BAFTA winning black comedy and Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay. Carey Mulligan is outstanding as Cassie, a 30 year old medicine school dropout compelled towards revenge and vigilantism after her friends rape and subsequent suicide. There are some serious spoilers in this weeks episode so do be warned as there is simply no way to talk about the many interesting topics this movie asks us to consider without going through the plot in detail. Oh and Sidey reveals one of his sexual fantasies to us, which is nice.

This week Peter Andre asked us to watch the 2015 reboot of a classic cartoon, Danger Mouse. Alexander Armstrong plays the diminutive rodent tasked with saving the world from the nefarious plans of the evil Baron Greenback. Kelvin Eldon's Penfold and Stephen Fry's Colonel K provide assistance but can the reboot capture the anarchic British sensibility of the original?

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Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 


Promising Young Woman


Reegs:Welcome to bad dads film review each week One of the movie obsessed dads amongst us picks a film they missed while bringing up their kids for us to watch and chat about And then we do the same for something our kids watch just for shits and giggles As that previous sentence implied they're going to be a few swears in this show and we do discuss the spoilers And that's a particular problem I think for this week's movie which is promising young women which we'll probably need to heavily spoil to talk about So if you want to enjoy that Unsullied sit back listen to the top five watch the movie and then jump back in and listen again to hear our thoughts preferably on a different podcast player to your usual one cause that will artificially boost our download numbers we're recording this on star Wars day may the fourth So let's just take a moment to remember how awful rise of the Skywalkers was

Sidey:Everything post empire



Reegs:Moving on in the week when bill and Melinda Gates announced they are divorcing she yeah she gets PowerPoint He gets Excel they share point Peter Andre is bringing us the choices this week with a distinctly British feel And now a little more on the man himself Peter is an ex SAS a werewolf who worships the color blue and now chooses to self identify as a gelatinous cube a traumatic brain injury at an early age rendered him unable to speak So in instead he chose to express his thoughts via a series of words and numbers etched on metal cards thankfully rehabilitated He spends most of his time writing blog posts for the bad dad's film review website and drawing pictures of a bipedal shark festooned with horns tentacles and the faces of his family and friends pressing out from within its skin

Dan:Yeah nailed it Absolutely nailed

Reegs:I think again it's like

Dan:he did mysterious go

Reegs:Yes you did Yes I

Dan:that's a big part of

Pete:what people

Dan:don't realize is Pete Andre's Ms Stevie a skill I want to get close to you

Pete:I didn't do it in an Indian accent

Dan:Well you know Yeah What a time that must've been for you

Pete:Yeah I'm still dining out on it to be honest which is why I've got a weight problem

Dan:Well I mean okay We may say goodbye to the six pack from those heady

Pete:days long since I've drunk That six pack It's beautiful Yeah

Reegs:Jordan must be a pain in the ass though

Pete:Yeah Like

Reegs:Yeah but it's there forever linked aren't they they're bound


Reegs:their shared history

 Has anybody watched anything this week Yeah What have you watched

Sidey:hate I did actually I did That's not bullshit I did

Dan:out the other week

Sidey:No it was LA confidential So I'm revisiting a couple of classics and I started watching geo storm but I haven't completed it yet It's fucking fantastic Yeah

Pete:I've watched with with the kids Actually I watched the original Charlie and the chocolate factory and I'm so glad I did because it's just highlighted how wank the remake was Well unfortunately I have watched that a couple of times and and hadn't been back to the original which is fucking excellent And certainly in comparison to the to the other Tosh that the

Sidey:have a complete freak out of the boat a bit

Pete:no no it's all they all they all watch that and

Reegs:weird though

Pete:accepts it to be honest I watched that film as a child and I never I wasn't sort of weirded out by that bit I think it's generally a weird film and you kind of like accept all of the nonsense that's going on You're wrapped up in it but it wasn't too

Reegs:It's when he laughs and eats the tea cup it's just like some fucking hideous acid trip

Pete:Great film though

Dan:It is a great film I watched a film That was on Disney Harrison Ford have you seen

Sidey:Is that what you need to take a piss when you're out

Reegs:that's what it's about



Dan:it was cool I'm pretty sure it was called a wild Jack London book And but this was on a different kind of twist to it So it was it was followed like a dog a Husky dog out in Like Alaska gold rush country you know back back in the day when when dogs were important to to before trains came and delivered the mail and that kind of stuff you know

Pete:I remember the trans Siberian Husky sleds was was was massive

Dan:and everything like you know so

Reegs:orient express

Dan:you got to go back in history You guys don't remember anything before

Pete:Yeah The orange express was a Pekinese dog


Dan:was actually really really good to watch both the kids and they really enjoyed it as well Disney Harrison Ford who plays this kind of Old tough old boot you know I'm the only one that's not looking for gold and it's just a it was a really lovely story actually

Pete:W when was this made Like when when is it in Harrison's Oh right Okay So this is yeah

Reegs:Harrison Ford


Pete:So we'll

Dan:man Harrison Ford And he's with this big old kind of Husky dog who's you know is

Sidey:good at Disney a good at that sort of thing

Dan:good at that it wasn't it wasn't a surprisingly good It's just the way that I've described


Reegs:I'm interested in the train dog So that is probably the part

Dan:train dogs Yeah They're



Sidey:no Badlands already on Disney plus

as on Disney

Dan:that soon

Sidey:I thought about it last week but I was a bit sleepy

Reegs:I finished off invincible It's really good And horribly violent

We had top five last week just to round off

Sidey:we did which was top



Reegs:We had 200 billion nominations uh

Pete:It was done It was it was yeah no it was a good one

Reegs:did have billions of nominations for dirty dancing So it's got to go in Thank you to everybody who nominated dirty dancing did chief


Dan:a cheese selection

Pete:Well I wanted to to mention the cheese tonight because in keeping with this week's theme which is the best of British I've gone for a purely British cheese board which involves a Yorkshire blue which is a new one for me which yeah From from the Shepherd's purse a what did I say It was a Capricorn goats cheese there is some Cornish Brie that we've not got amongst you and Devin should tick color which is a type of cheddar

Sidey:a chutney with it It's a bit

Pete:Yeah Yeah So I I brought just to accompany that I did bring a dams and an Apple chart

Sidey:that's sensational


Pete:color that was Oh like it sounds like it like the Yorkshire ripper the Devin should


Dan:as bad as

Pete:not not quite as bad Yeah


Sidey:top five then Is British movies

Pete:Yeah that's right And Irish British and Irish like yeah

Dan:British wasn't an you can just have like a British you needed to open up Cause it wasn't enough Choice to be had

Pete:Right Well I think as is in tribute to the British and Irish lions seem to be visiting Jersey maybe they hear I don't like rugby and don't care So

Reegs:think the guy Warren Gatland I want to say yeah he was over here Cause they're setting up a training camp here or something

Pete:but he's Australian I think Yeah

Reegs:How he would know if how

Pete:we how we would not Yeah Rugby sucks Howie so yeah I mean this is this is not necessarily I mean it it was my choice but I think it became apparent a few weeks ago when we moved we're doing It was it was films Okay No no I'm happy but I think we were all keen You guys were deliberately leaving British films out so of your choices

Sidey:Oh the European

Pete:so that yeah so that we could then come back and do this So I I hope we all had fun

Sidey:Do you want to start

Pete:I will do And I'm going to go big And this is genuinely one of my favorite films of all time Lawrence of Arabia It's a film That is it's Yeah It's it's a long long old film three hours three hours 40


Pete:Is that three hours 40 odd


Dan:champion of a film I mean

Pete:it genuinely

Dan:knocked it out the park as a te


Dan:Omar Sharif that scene

Pete:Incredible He's

Dan:he's just coming across the desert in this kind of Miraj towards the one Oasis is one of the most iconic

Reegs:scenes I've seen that scene before Of course

Dan:you've seen any cinema you would have come across that scene Yeah I mean

Pete:it is It's it creates there's not a lot happening It's just the guy coming and getting closer and closer to a well and but it's it's minutes long but it you're not I wasn't at any point thinking Oh hurry up it builds the suspense it's yeah I mean th this this film was was Epic on on all levels really we there's no the the I mean it's it's based it's based on mean

Reegs:I know I've got to see it

Dan:this is when the Academy actually was pretty legit as well or you've got This was a film that they wouldn't make today So it's another reason to watch his


Dan:They will never make a film like

Pete:this Again

Dan:this wasn't CGI this was proper on location inside They will never do films like this again they you know so for that reason alone




Dan:me feel a little bit vomit in my

Pete:mouth is now spinning

Dan:into the

Reegs:Actually they did in the one that we watched with the plane and the cars that came out of the plane

Pete:we not

Reegs:did that sequence They they flew for three days with cars actually having parachutes on it So it's basically the same as Lauren

Dan:this this is a film that is well worthy of discussion It's got an unforgettable score the the music through it is I actually I've got the album on vinyl over there it's fantastic It's it's just as Epic as the


Dan:you've got Freddie young was this in photography and the the quality throughout it or six Oscars says you

know I mean back when Oscars meant something

Pete:Yeah Well I would say rigs and we don't want to make this episode as long as the film itself so we're not going to go through all of it I watched this for the first time maybe 10 years ago probably and I would have been far less open-minded to watching a film like that than it would be now let's say And at no point was I bored I

Reegs:there's no reason I have it's I should watch this

Pete:yeah Yeah I've probably done it four times

Reegs:you finish it once and then start again

Pete:Yeah It's definitely worthwhile

Reegs:what kind of film buff hasn't seen Lawrence of Arabia

Dan:we'll get round here Projector on put it

Sidey:on cables

Pete:Yeah Yeah Bring a change Bring a change of clothes Yeah yeah

Reegs:sleeping bag

Pete:yeah So go

Sidey:Yeah Shane Meadows fourth film is dead man's shoes

Reegs:I love this one


Sidey:His third film was called once upon a time in the Midlands And that was a bit bigger budget had a really big well big sort of British cast but it was kind of kind of that one flops over with dead man shows He went back down to low key smaller cast

Dan:the guy from

Sidey:from Marvel it was Patty Constantine Karsten this again and this for me is one of my favorite ever performances It's fucking terrifying It's a kind of I don't worry This is what I'm not gonna spoil because if you haven't seen it you really need to it's a kind of revenge Thriller is all I say And he is a fucking terrifying


Sidey:protagonist He's not the hero He's just Here's the stairs this drug dealer down in a pub

Reegs:he comes up he comes up all sort of like in that friendly but trying to be intimidating way about all the boys are saying that you might if he's just like yeah I did And he's just staring at him just directly in the eyes And it's so true

Sidey:to CVS fucking lovable but you'd need to say it is fucking fantastic

Pete:I haven't seen this film but only because I'm a little bit scared of watching it I don't want to watch it by myself I've heard it is really like jarring and sinister

Sidey:yeah I mean it is it's not like a scary thing It's just like he's he's scary in that You know there are probably people out there that are psychotic same but he has good reason to be And it's just it's just fucking unbelievable

Reegs:It's this or this is England is my favorite Shane Meadows movie

Sidey:have you seen room for Romeo bras That's really

Pete:Was that that was going to be one of my peaks and Paddy Considine is brilliant in that as well I dunno how he manages to be like an idiotic and laugh and you laugh it and

Sidey:in hot fires as well

Pete:Yeah he's a he's a seriously seriously good actor Yup

Reegs:The big hit is going to keep coming on there I'm going to have to say train spotting I mean it's a quintessentially British film Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors even his crappy movies like millions and trance I still really get something out of this is an incredible hit Sometimes it's hilarious Sometimes it's tragic Sometimes it's surreal It's brutal is uplifting moments in it It's got such iconic moments like the chase down Edinburgh is princess street with lust for life going or you know the Ewan McGregor diving down the world's worst toilet Robert Carlisle's fight scenes It's just brilliant the poster and everything about it was absolutely iconic If you were in a student dorm room at that age he would have

Sidey:this this really was the sort of cultural it's like ghost you know the the film the soundtrack all the stuff that went where they like to say the posters they it was a hit I was listening to some other film conversations They and they were talking about avatar and how it's the complete opposite even though it's smashed everything it doesn't exist Now No one talks about it No one references it Whereas this was the absolute opposite and it was fucking global

Reegs:and McGregor was launched to start a more for this well you

Dan:know I mean he'd obviously done other things shallow grave and other

Reegs:Well I was going to say that one as well It's a great movie shallow grave It's

Dan:great movie And you know he but try and spot in was was grittier It just hit that tone there of everything around the time And it as you say it's the characters

Reegs:Have you seen the followup I can't remember what it's called

Dan:I did I went to cinema to watch

Reegs:I actually see because everybody panned it and I actually thought it was okay

Pete:it wasn't for me

Reegs:not the same as train spotting and it doesn't really try to be but it was interesting

Pete:was so far short of the original which I know it had the bar was so high but yeah it it it wasn't anything like as impactful as the original which it was never going to

Reegs:never going to be here

Dan:it was It was a tough watch I think the second one for me but the first one got me to the cinema to watch the second one You


Dan:15 20 years later there's tons of these classics I'd bring up but one of the British films that I really really enjoyed seeing and it it kind of put me on to a lot of the are these types of films was kind hearts and coronets if you haven't seen already I don't think you have Pete over here you

Pete:Never heard of

Sidey:say that

Dan:And you you've seen it as well So it's it's basically this charming literary romantic film that involves a penniless kind of guy going on mergers rampage against his relatives all these Astro Kratts that have 

Pete:that's true So cats in space Astro

Dan:cats that have have made a moved them moved him off the mat you know they've they've pushed him out So he's not getting any he's that far in line to the money that there's just too many people in front of him So he starts topping them off one by one and all these people are playing their they're going clan They're called you know all these different people and they're all played by Alec


Dan:And it's just such a fantastic whole film actually But the plan the the kick at the end and everything in between is is brilliant It's one of those folks I'm really pleased I haven't remade At least I'm not aware that they pre-made it but you kind of get feeling that somebody will when


Dan:an actor who's got the ability of

Reegs:Eddie Murphy someone like that

Sidey:they did they did it with the lady killers


Sidey:my my friend Thomas again fucking lose and current brothers as well It's really strange It was junk Yeah It's

Dan:other words for it but kind-of coronets 1949 and yeah it's it's way up there in a brilliant brilliant British True

Pete:Hmm I'm going to mention a film now and it's kind of hard to mention this without mentioning the the film that came after it But I remember watching this I don't know if I went with you Donna certainly went with Howie and a couple of other guys when it first came out at the Sydney to France and it for me it was a game changer I'm not saying it was in in in cinema but for me I'd never really before that moment it wasn't a film me growing up I'd never really appreciated American versus Bridget For me I watched a lot of British comedy That was a great film but not British unfortunately but lock stock and two smoking barrels Right this I loved every I've don't think I've ever been as excited and enthusiastic about a film coming out of a cinema as I was at that point in time because for me it was It was just it took all the things I liked about British TV dramas comedy and stuff which was was very different So like the big budget American stuff And it was all about the dialogue all about the you know the the plot the storyline and I'm sure there were plenty of things

Reegs:was but there was also a lot visually going on He was really inventive with the way he moved his camera and the way he edited it

Pete:a lot of like a lot of cool things that I didn't Yeah I mean I've referenced it in one of the you know the long shot sequence red light the the guy gets up and walks out of there

Reegs:scene with the drum and bass and it in slow motion

Pete:soundtrack I'd never heard a soundtrack Like it there were songs that I knew and loved it You know it's got James Brown it's got stone roses It's got like you know it starts off with ocean color scene It's got it was like cool music from loads of different Yeah British about generations

Reegs:was like a British Tarantino Basically

Pete:Exactly Yeah

Reegs:up everything that's


Reegs:British culture

Dan:Richie He does have his style You know what I mean You can tell a

Reegs:dog stayed in his lane

Dan:he's well I don't know I think that's just a style that he's got and I

Sidey:think did

Dan:really well Nobody else does it quite like


for me I w I I've watched this And then in recent years and an easier film to watch and enjoy because bigger budget like better I mean look stock is is rough around the edges right With some of the some of the people acting in it are not actors And so you know like Lenny McClean and Vinnie Jones and there's even who's the Bo the Irish boxer Christ Steve I've forgotten his name He's one of the balances I think soul Campbell's on a door at one point I don't think he said Oh no that's in snatch Sorry but Steve Collins Yeah Yeah So it's got like characters or it's got people that you're the sort of recognized from from other things and that that's drew me in as well especially when I thought like you know grew up watching the crazy gang Vinnie Jones is in a film This is going to be weird And actually I've watched this again yesterday No no that's in snatch He's just he's just called big Chris and his son's called little Chris But if someone would have asked me two days ago which was about a film looks so or wished I'd enjoy the most look so called Snapchat I've always said snatch because you know like Brad Pitt's incredible And there's a load of brilliant characters in snatch but actually I think it you wouldn't have had snatched without lock stock It just wouldn't have happened It was for me in terms of and I started like seeking out things similar to this from watching lock stock at a really big impact at that point in my life And it's still a brilliant film

Sidey:The third man is a film that we've talked about before It's It's a strange one but it's one that I had to study at school when I was doing media studies but still yeah it was cool but even having to analyze it you know properly analytically analyze it and do all that sort of boring stuff Still enjoy it because it's just such an incredible thing it's got the famous Zimmer soundtrack which makes it stand out at the start It's a great film to our example And it's got awesome Wells just being amazing He's a seriously bad dude in this but you still got that charisma and you can't help but like him and he

Dan:like it's that smile in the yeah The way he just

Sidey:people He's hiding in the shadows there and he's he's just the cat wants to go and see him to give him away And then you have the great chase sequence at the end through the series It's it's really really tremendous It's it's up there on the BFI

Dan:it still rings true today you know because it's it's about power and and how you could at one point is on the on the Ferris wheel So and he's you know what would you do with those little dots Stop moving You know there are people that each just

Sidey:sign up

Dan:squeeze him with his fingers like and it's still you know politicians business and everyone Yeah people need to be you need to be wary about these kind of the the larger themes go in through this film They're still true today You know I think that's why it is such a strong film Brilliant Yeah

Reegs:Four weddings and a funeral nominated for best picture in 1994 it's just Richard Curtis obviously the the Blackadder guy who wrote this and inspired turns sort of funny and charming and witting witty and romantic and it's got great casting Andie MacDowell is the sort of unknowable American and Hugh grant is most Hugh grant He's like accident prone

Dan:don't like him I fought him This was a brilliant film I really enjoyed it when

Sidey:garbage absolute

Reegs:And it's one of the first major movies I can recall featuring a gay couple without any comment there just a gay couple in it And one of the saddest moments in the film is when is Simon Callow and John Hannah Isn't it And it's just the funeral It's it's awful yeah this was I've watched this a fair amount when it came out It was really funny I haven't seen it for a long time I suspect it still holds up I haven't seen any of the other Richard Curtis ones like love actually and all that I've not seen any of


Reegs:but this was this was a really good one

Dan:I'm just a bit more of an old romantic than

Pete:I'm kind of not as aggressively as side but I'm a little bit with side on on forwardings and your funeral and Richard Kurt is Phil I love blackout I absolutely love like had her but I think more the Ben Elton side of of blackout Richard Curtis obviously kept it all going but the films for me are a little bit they're a bit too twee but yeah yeah Stuff And that


Dan:How long is it to any chat about political pressure groups before someone mentions the people's front of Judea


Dan:Monte Piper's life of Brian I think is needs to be in this


Dan:for British films it's so many one line is so many just scenes and jokes does anybody here not like it

Sidey:No I love

Reegs:love it It

Pete:absolutely love it

Dan:It's a clean sweep so have you haven't seen Monte PRI for his life do go and watch it It still stands up today is not that long ago I watched it with with my boy and Elof see you know 14 he's still it holds up funny as funny


Dan:pie for now Absolutely brilliant Not every single one hits but they don't care They just go onto the next one Then they it's a little bit like airplane that we reviewed on a an a previous mid week where they don't hang around on the jokes They don't try

and push them

on too far They just there you go That's it have that And we're onto the next one because we stopped thinking it was funny now you know they just go go go And it's brilliant film

Sidey:There's loads of good stuff around the film as well It was financed by George Harrison Wasn't it Cause no

no people were scared People were scared of it but the subject matter

Dan:He did with an art film I'll probably have to mention then quickly with no I mean that was the same production company handmade films I think that but that's it that's some Joe in it If you're going to be involved in two films life of Brian

Sidey:There's if you go on YouTube there's the I can't remember who the host the chat show host was but they have Michael Pailin and John Cleese and then two members of the clergy different schools of thought And they are I mean they're just lamps to the store you know they haven't got a clear of Holden you know an argument with these two because they haven't seen it They're just completely pick edited Like this is insulting and like which bit specifically you know and they just basically get my falls off but like you know just they make fun of themselves They just you know these two guys

Pete:The whole premise of it is Brian was born next door to Jesus Was that

he was he was I think it was bolder but this wasn't their first featuring though I think Holy grail was before that Wasn't it

Reegs:I don't know I

Pete:feel like And

Reegs:think this is the funnier one isn't it But

Pete:Holy grails got some absolute brilliance Yeah And I think Holy girls got some amazing stuff but because it wasn't around something quite as Not controvert like that I think that part of the controversy they they followed a story and and taken it you know somewhere else And and it's it's an absolute hair wholly Girl's got some absolutely brilliant moments in it It's not as consistent It is fucking it is so so brilliant and that was going to be another one on my list meaning a life less So there's still some bits and pieces in there as well there's some like memorable stuff but it wasn't as

Sidey:while I was watching a fair bit So I was so cool John Cleese doing grand Chapman's eulogy amazing It's so funny It's just he just swears and Joe's really really good

Dan:Is that if you got any other play from related

Reegs:films I've got one Terry Gilliam What I've got Brazil

Dan:I've not

Pete:seen it I've not seen it

Dan:I've watched when I was looking through

Sidey:another one where the story of the film is almost like more captivating than the film The film is really weird

Reegs:It's quite hard to follow at points It's it's it's a sort of it's his take on 1984 basically It's like it C you know Jonathan Price the guy in a game of Thrones

Pete:The Crow the

Reegs:Sam Lowry in a part that was once considered by Tom cruise I read today which would have been fucking mental He's a low-level government employee who discovers a fly became jammed in a printer which eventually ends up in a in the wrong man being arrested and killed accidentally it's like it's got its grimly comic and it's got those amazing practical steam punk sets that that Terry Gilliam does but ETO

Sidey:were less than thrilled with the end product So if one of these light blade run at that got a real hatchet job cut And then Gilliam did this huge campaign for



years and years and years to get his And he is very exacting Like there's a documentary about drunk monkeys

Dan:I don't think they realized that maybe the production company what they were getting with Terry Gilliam maybe he didn't have the tools at disposal or the trust of the the production but what our director this guy is I mean

Sidey:I mean

Dan:he he's an app You look at some of the stuff he's done


just what you can't believe he was in Monte private And then he's gone on done all this stuff

Sidey:This one did have quite a big budget though I


Sidey:so they were like no one's going to come and watch this it's fucking rubbish

Dan:but what they get there you know it's it's one of those things I think we've when you've got somebody who's know bordering on genius when it comes to making films and you go well we've committed to do it let him do it You know

Reegs:But he's completely I mean yeah obsessed He's obsessed If any can be get completely out of control that he was trying to make a donkey hoti movie for like 30 years And they spent an absolute fortune on it and never really done anything I think he's quite a difficult person to work with but

Sidey:What how do you grow was a troubled production because it was Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones were the two directors and they



Sidey:they couldn't


Dan:Right Okay Would they still squeezed out an absolute bloody masterpiece


Dan:Is is still one of the

Pete:funniest films Yeah Yeah Yeah great choice so keeping on the on the comedy theme Matt like a real beat like a gem for me and it's it was a big surprise Sean of the dads

Dan:I'll tell you what absolutely Right But the other thing that strikes me is how many of these films are actually funny know we talk about how many films won the Oscars I think we mentioned it in a previous pod that had been comedic films not that


Dan:but how many British films are we talking

Sidey:about now that

Dan:we do funny world The British I think

You know I have


I think I think but this this is going to be massively sort of sweeping but like my my feeling is is that sort of you know in in America they don't you know if there's an underdog they want the underdog to like win the day If there's a if there's a hero they want him to win They don't like films That is my the sentiment that I get that where people are fallible Like you know even there That comedy is like the comedy

Reegs:to see people cut down don't

Pete:a little bit and or they don't they're they they don't mind Falabella see whatsoever In fact where it's part it's inherently part of it like humans are fallible you know you look at things like like friends and example they're all like good-looking people and and you


Pete:yeah exactly Right But you know the comedy like it doesn't really matter what the people look like It doesn't matter that you know they don't win You can have like you know perennial losers and it still be funny this this in itself Shaun of the dead is it's just I mean I don't I don't know I I've I've seen plenty of zombie films but I've not seen anywhere It's kind of like You know may maybe that I hadn't seen any before Shaun of the dead that had kind of like not lampooned it but but sort of like taking the really sort of like comedic angle on on how like normal people might find themselves in this situation you know like the guy from the guy from across the roads in the shop that like you know like the the mum the Nan you know the the guy the fact that there's this zombie apocalypse going on and and he's shown still having like a really bitchy kind of like fallout with with this this other fellow who fancies is his expert I think it is But th the Irish character he's like clearly got the hearts for her and stuff It's like normal like relationships and emotions and stuff in this like you know a completely like out there concept but almost like believable like to an extent

Dan:grab Nick Nick foster and Simon peg and just say well these are two of the finest actors of their


that thing Yeah

Dan:certainly from from a British perspective I think they've done absolute wonders for for the scene and that's laid down there I mean there's a few other gems that they've done as well

Reegs:Shawna the dad is my favorite of the Cornetto Yeah

Sidey:I hadn't seen spaced when I seen


Sidey:So basically the whole gang was like completely new to me so I was a bit like can't be bothered to watch that another zombie film but then when you say it like but I just love the scene after the sort of zombie where he's the sort of

Reegs:shuffling along the streets Yeah

Sidey:This is on B you know this is the point I'm making Is that

Reegs:It's that thing of like there's something huge happening elsewhere but it's kind of low key where he is So it's just like the guy who runs the

Dan:should I stroll him for not noticing the fact that

Reegs:and everything's fucked And and the guy who runs the news agent is just sort of shuffling backwards and forwards and he just leaves the money on the counter And it's I love that It's really

Pete:good in terms of Cornetto trilogy hot fuzz is a good film as


Pete:It is a good it is a good film unfolds Unfortunately it's got Timothy Dalton in it but but the the world's

Reegs:it's only Okay

Pete:was a it was a mess for me They basically tried They tried redoing shorter the dead there's bits in it There's definitely bits in it There's funny Yeah There's there's this there is some funny stuff in it but it's it's basically like a poor a poor man Shaun of the dead really albeit with alien robot type things as opposed to zombies side


Okay well you have to let me know if we can have this one or not the directors America and the monies American and all the cast are American

mostly Um but it was shot in Britain and all the expertise is British 2001 space


Oh yeah Take it Cause I want to Kubrick film in as

Sidey:well Yeah He was basically an honorary Brit Anyway he moved and lived in in the UK London I assume yeah W what can we say It's absolute like tour de force it's slow and considered but I really liked that you get all these incredible shots And then you get the monolith You can tell that he used to be a stills photographer because the way it's you know he does all that symmetry and stuff in his shorts but this is long lingering just landscape shots and

Reegs:the lighting as

Sidey:gradually is to get the super iconic bit of the bone gain up in the air turning it which has done brilliantly the Simpsons as well it's it's weird It's trippy and


Sidey:thought broken at the end is super super fucking weird

Reegs:And you get one of cinema's Great villains in how you know that is really iconic right up there

Dan:of its


Dan:you know I mean what computers taken over

Reegs:Can I just add one more Kubrick one in there while you've got it What



Reegs:just Dr Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love The bomb is one of my favorite movies of all time Quebec Sorry

Pete:That's that's a great that's a great film as well Yeah I've I've we've just set up a project office at work and I call it the war room and anytime anyone gets here so there'll be there's no fighting in the


Dan:P S sellers just fight in his arm each each time

Reegs:I don't want to steal your thunder There

Dan:there's been lots of lots of really good films here that you've mentioned I've had on my list So you've got one to mention

Reegs:I ha well only only Ben Wheatley is a director I really like a British director and he did a movie called kill list And it's a very difficult film to describe because it's a real genre smashing movie It's sometimes a family drama sometimes a crime drama and then sometimes it's a horror movie and it stars Neil Maskell and the Irish actor Michael smiley who you would know if you saw a picture of him their former soldiers turned Hitman and they're hired for a new job to take out three people the priest the librarian and the MP and then to say much more leans like really heavily into spoiler territory And it's definitely best left unspoiled it's not a movie for everyone Why I love it It's really well acted Neil masculine brilliant As a as a soldier who's suffering from post-traumatic stress and prone to extremely violent outbursts that will give you a clue as to why it might not be for everyone there's a less is more approach to plotting which means that there are probably loads of different interpretations you could have about what happens and then the the ending is is just ridiculous And probably a lot of people will watch it and think I hated that but at least it gets you thinking I really liked Ben Wheatley He did free fire which was a movie set entirely in a warehouse where it's a gunfight in a warehouse for 90 minutes basically high concept stuff And he did another one high rise I think it's called he's he's a director I really like And if you listening Ben come on the pod and talk to us


Reegs:love your stuff

Dan:Wow Well it sounds intriguing enough and one that I wanted to make sure you're a guy who has been on the pod Jenkin bait Mark Kermode said this was one of the finest British films of the decade I must agree with him I thought this was just one of those absolute treats as it was when we actually got to speak to Mark about it this is a film set in Devon kind of Cornwall fishing village where gentrification has taken over and the various problems of of both those that are coming into to enjoy this beautiful place for the summer and those that live there all through the year face the way that this was shot And the way that it was filmed the storyline the characters it captured and captivated my attention all the way through yeah It's it's right right up there It's I think if you can watch it now I think on on a four

Sidey:it'll be on all four think cause it was on it was on film for

Dan:And well worth it

Pete:Cool a couple of couple more British films music based ones one is a documentary a 24 hour party people which is

Sidey:I only saw this a fortnight ago for the first


I I've only watched it recently as

Sidey:well Yeah

Pete:No no no Well that that was going to be another one I was going to mention but yeah 24 hour party people is

Sidey:basically the

Pete:Steve Coogan is yeah

Sidey:A story of

Pete:Manchester Yeah

Sidey:specifically Tony Wilson in factory records and it's got it's got some of the I knew some of the stories about you know how they fucking appallingly They ran that that record label but the the 12 inch of the new order was it blue Monday they were losing a five-year for every one they sold


Sidey:about the boardroom table

Pete:Yeah the 30 grand

Sidey:the one that goes fucking mad That bats go bankrupt And he spent about 40 grand on a boardroom

Pete:Like the guy who plays Sean rider is amazing It's it's amazing how it and I liked the way it sort of I mean I I was I'd be too young for joy division although I've gone back and enjoyed it since but then sort of happy Mondays and and like you know stone roses the Manchester movement And then moving into that the like the birth of Raven Hacienda is is like iconic in in the British music scene But I didn't realize that it never made any money because because of it was based on drug culture So nobody bought any drinks other than bottles of water It all the people making money out of it with the drug dealers it was a And the yeah And the and the balances and so on but it's it's a it's a funny very very funny take of like a true story I mean most of what happened in there

Sidey:It's pretty much no A biography of Tony Wilson Yeah yeah


Dan:You you mentioned new order though Cause control was


Dan:I don't know if you had

Pete:Right what what it's 24 hour party people kind of like moved into then the like the era that then this film I always recommend it to people anybody who's sort of early twenties and says to me you know w w what was it like in the nineties I was like watch human traffic just go and watch human traffic That's basically what life is like you like you know you what do you do you work to live It was all about earning the penny so that as soon as Friday arrived you down the booze May have been some recreational drugs involved Friday night Saturday night talking absolute mints with people you don't even know you'd make some unbelievable friendships and you couldn't even look them in the eye come Wednesday when you pass them in the street And so on this is it's a funny film and it it it introduced like if it was daddy daddy dies first film which is East quite his character in it is brilliant

Yeah Yeah Yeah Nice one But


Pete:yeah it's it's a

Sidey:really hates Peter Andre in it though fine

Pete:That's fine Because I'm not actually the real Peter Andre very quickly on music I watched a film not that long ago which I was desperate to see called beats which is it's really really like have you seen it It's got the only famous person is the girly the lady Scottish actress who plays Lydia in breaking bad So she's in it but it's about basically it's two Scottish guys It was when they banned they basically banned raves in Scotland but it was specifically about any any gathering that played music that was over a certain number of beats per minute That that's how they brought it in So these lads are like it's like a coming of age story that the main actor plays rent boy in the stage production of Trainspotting He's a brilliant actor but this film is really fucking cool Again it was like birth of Ray my seed my sort of music And it's them trying to get a rate They've never been to one and this might be the last so they're going to make it like absolutely turning up

Dan:doesn't really want to go The other one it's all he's got in LA you know so and they stick together It's

Pete:I'd recommend it

Dan:good movie

Sidey:Cool I'm going to rattle through a few because we've been going on forever seems a bit of a crime cause some of these need more chat Dr No was the sort of first bond film which would have been quite shocking I think And certainly more racy and exciting than people were used to at the time a clockwork orange again is another Kubrick Once we've done a right with cubit one site it's got so many famous scenes but it really asks a kind of ethical question about you know what are we going to do with people who are what's the correct treatment for yeah basically Wicker man which always makes me think of mid-summer Yeah Britt Ekland brought into

Reegs:Nick cage in the remake

Sidey:Oh no and then

Dan:in a remake it's just alarm bell was a fucking ringing Aren't they whenever you hear that

Sidey:Did you ever see you feel called F boarding school Kind of it's another quite violent They though they they had they basically take over the score though the kids there and kill off all the teachers and stuff and then cares

Reegs:Yeah Yeah It's the best movie about Kestrel isn't it Oh

Sidey:Yeah It's super bleak

Pete:I can't hear that Without thinking of bossa

Sidey:yeah I know

Reegs:he's ruined it

Sidey:Well it needed some laughs attached to it Cause it's I don't know Have you ever seen it

Pete:No but I think that there's I've seen that like the poster or whatever that the strap line is really rarely Like


Pete:basically it's not about someone who's like beaten and

Sidey:Yeah He's being bullied by people and his brother And then he obviously has this Castro That is his friend and it doesn't do something for his brother It was you have to put a bet on for


Sidey:so his brother just kills it

fucking grim It's great

Reegs:I know It's awful What else have you got I've got a few that I'll rattle through quickly The only talented member of the Berry family Duncan Jones directed moon which was a terrific movie And I just wanted to get that little thing in there A man on wire Has anybody seen that documentary about Phillip petite No British director

Phillip Petty's 1974 high wire walk between the twin tower buildings 1,400 feet up it's it's it's a great movie It's sort of set up like a heist movie basically because they're showing you how they plan to

Pete:do it

Reegs:it's obviously illegal it's it's it's mixing real footage with reconstructions is a terrific terrific movie Watch that one a couple more that I really wanted to mention American werewolf in London You've got the legendary transformation scene with Rick Baker and murderer John Landis Wasn't it an email to people in the Twilight zone movie the helicopter there's couple I there's so many here Hell bound hell raiser two is an interesting one directed by and written by Clive Barker It was exclusively envisaged as a British film but after the studio viewed of rough cut they were impressed enough to say the you know they wanted to transfer the setting from Britain to America to increase its commercial potential And it that required dubbing over the British voices with American voices and editing all references that like definitively establish a location but there's still British rail in it and crit Clive Barker is probably Britain's most eminent horror writer and his stuff is full of violence And oddly sexualized like disgusting imagery He he obviously does pinhead the churn at the Turner bites and all that stuff I'm sure you've seen Yeah it's a really good C Corp Yeah One last one sorry And then I will shut up Is scum anybody seen

Pete:Yes Yeah

Reegs:Sort of Ray Winston is Carlin and it's you know it's about just this Savage indictment of the Borstal system basically where the iconic most Ray Winston part of all is when he ha he sets up a fight and the sort of the guards turn away and the Kuwait where's your tool which tool this fucking tool And he smacks him in the face with a sock full of snackables It's really awful Awful

Dan:and they carry on playing donor Yeah Is I'll tell you another particularly we do comedy well off in the brush We do grim well as well nil by mouth Gary Oldman Y so if ever you've seen this film you will understand that audible groan that just came up not because this film is bad In fact it's fucking brilliant


Dan:a tough watch because it is

Sidey:domestic violence

Dan:domestic violence alcohol access drug addiction petty criminality over violence and This was Oldman's proximity to this behavior when he was when he was young You know what I mean He's an actor that's seen shit


Dan:and bit on the the edges of of all this

Pete:Well a lot of his early stuff is all it was you know a lot of that he's in a film called the firm which is not not yeah You know like the football hooligans one Yeah Which is pretty violent as well

Dan:I'll find it a pod Jamie B chambers He would have been interested in in such a film as well I'm sure Kathy Burke won a cam prize and and Ray Winston kickstarted his career this film with Gary Oldman as well And it was his first film was just Deborah directorial debut I don't know if he's done more since then but this was a film that I remember you know from I don't remember enjoying watching


Dan:his fault but not because it was a bad film just because it was such a heavy subject


found yourself with these this wonderful cast wonderful director and you're watching this guy beat the living shit out Kathy Burke So you can't even recognize her and you just think hell it was it was really You know really tough tough watch but worth doing under the skin Jonathan Glazer that's got to be mentioned as well you know

Reegs:And you can listen to our review if that

Dan:you can you can Adam Pearson is a kindly go visit and interview the TV around British as well we haven't really covered on this but I think he's probably worth is as dipping into some of the the series that have come from from these aisles tinker tailor soldier spy was one of them with Alec Guinness which if you haven't seen is honestly the best thing you will see this year So check it out It's fucking brilliant It's a BBC series of about of of books but they haven't Put it through as they did in the Gary Oldman film which was decent in about an hour and a half two hours they gave this the the episodes and yeah That it deserved in the loop

as well which is a film I didn't even know was

Reegs:Actually the death of Starlin is on Netflix at the moment And that's another one I didn't even think of that That's brilliant It's really funny Yeah

Pete:I've still got loads I'm not going to mention them all I think it's a good we can't talk

Reegs:great topic This

Pete:we can't talk about British films without talking about our favorites the Harry Potter franchise These are obviously I mean these are these are like national institutions now of of British cinema albeit that they've they've been you know adapted to like a a Hollywood scale and level and so on but yeah like the idea of the concepts and the the they're fantastic films and I do want to also give a shout out to borrow just cause it's funny as fuck

Sidey:We should also mention a matter of life and death because we never have any Powell and Pressburger now and that's classic right Then

Reegs:what I love good movies

Sidey:That's a lot to whittle down Pete you start off

Pete:I'm going to go with big Larry of Arabia It's a belter

Sidey:toughing It is fairly tough I'm going to go for dead man's shoes

Reegs:Nice train spotting

Dan:And it's bright for me


Sidey:right This is a great British movie in some way

Pete:What is British in the sense that it one outstanding outstanding British film at the BAFTAs and the writer and director is British and I've forgotten it already Yeah Yeah She's in the film actually And the the main actress who's again you

Reegs:guys Carrie Mulligan

Pete:Huh She's English

Reegs:Hmm eight one best original screenplay

Pete:or the Oscars



Reegs:It's promising young woman

Pete:It is Yeah The the inspiration for this was the it was a film The EITs herds some stuff about I'd heard conflicting opinions on it before I'd ever really sort of known anything about it and obviously it's quite new and current and I don't think any of us had seen it prior to no no Prior to this last

Sidey:should say that I had had the ending spoiled

Reegs:Yeah And we will have to talk about that ending

Sidey:this will be spoiler effects So if you want to watch the film on solid guy watch and come

back Yeah

Reegs:Let's crack on through the plot so we can talk about things because there are many interesting things to talk


Reegs:this movie I think

Dan:As it kicks off a woman ball in incredibly drunk falling over in a seat barely able to keep your head up And she's noticed by three kind of just Joe average guys in the bar

Sidey:Well it's just difficult bro Dudes are though

Dan:Yeah Sort of

Reegs:they're sort of young affluent professionals in suits looking to pick up women in bars There's a bit

Sidey:Adam Brody

Reegs:there's a bit of metal casting here Isn't there

Dan:they're not they're not painted out as being super big ASOS Eva in fact that having a conversation and they're they're having a little bit Oh you look how drunk she is or whatever One of them might say something bad but another guy kind of say Oh you know wait a minute That's that's a bit too


Dan:And he he wants to go over and speak to her with the best intentions because he doesn't want her to go home with

Sidey:I dunno I wasn't convinced he ever had

Dan:no So so potentially didn't and he goes home to convince her that look go home with me because I'll get you home Nice and safe You don't know



Dan:lost the phone She incredibly drunk And it's clear

Reegs:He gets her in a taxi

Dan:he gets her in a taxi introduce himself It gets in a taxi and On the way she kind of starts sobering up a little bit to a bit of a brief conversation Maybe she's feeling a little bit better and he suggest maybe they go to his apartment

Pete:Well yeah she seems she appears a bit more lucid in the taxi Albeit she got the window down and she's talking about whether she's going to be sick or not But I think he says that my place is on the way Why don't we just

Reegs:but he says why don't we come for a drink Honestly does she need another drink at this point So I mean it's pretty obvious straight away

Dan:He he started to think Oh actually I'm in a car with a pretty hot chick and my apartment's on the way maybe I could

Reegs:when he brings her up and he gets he served her this kumquat cure

Pete:And noticeably paws are a massive measure and himself just a tiny measure and who the fuck has come quite lucky

Dan:her being barely conscious he starts to kiss her and then moved to the bed And

Reegs:it's really uncomfortable


only is she not drunk but he is not a nice guy

Sidey:well it's


Sidey:rapey And he's going down effectively or was about to you see her legs you see it from her sort of POV V Shaw and her legs are as you'd imagine And the Nick has come down and then she says still in her drunk voice what you're doing And then and then the eyes like properly open and she says it clear as day And then you get in on the

Reegs:she feigns drunkenness in clubs This is obviously a pattern of things she does She finds drunkenness she attracts predatory men and then she reveals her sobriety to them And then the camera kind of well it cuts So

we don't know what happened after that

Dan:slicing them to piece like you know with a chain source you brings out my handbag or or what the fuck is

Reegs:the movie plays

Dan:out with a gun

Sidey:Well she has a notebook so my Mrs went out of the room and she came back in and I said she just had a notebook And if she's killing these people she's done a fucking load of them Cause fucking loads

Reegs:there's there's black marks and then there's red marks But the next scene yeah As it goes through it she's eating

Pete:something you don't realize you see our leg first and it's got

Reegs:red stuff on it

Pete:it's got red liquid on a leg which you're you're supposed to assume is is his blood and then it it sort


Pete:up and you can see she's eating like a hot dog or something with with ketchup on it

Sidey:She's doing the inverted commas walk of shame People would call it And like you say she gets Wolf bristle but she just


she stares them down three kind of big construction worker guys who who don't take kindly and scream abuser


a lot of dark humor in this film

I think that's you know one of those if you don't really enjoy that kind of very dark humor then you might not enjoy this film

Reegs:Well the movies let you know that it's going to talk about Sensitive issues And it's not going to pull any punches in what it's going to show or talk about I think in the in these opening moments

Pete:I think early on it you don't know what happened and as the the the storyline progresses you you don't

Sidey:had happened to her

Pete:why Okay

Sidey:because they talk about she's dropped out of school She was a medical college She's dropped out She's still living at home even though she looks to the right a good age to be out of the house by now parents are trying to sort of push her out

Dan:weird kind of scenarios that she's Yeah

Sidey:So at first I thought it was hard but then you do there's a glimpse to the photo on the dresser And then later on you see obviously the necklace but it's never well at least at this point it's never

explicitly stated what what's going on

Dan:but there's this kind of feeling from the beginning that makes you uncomfortable He's trying to disorientate you a little bit he's trying to make you think of all the kinds of things you might think this girl could be doing to to guys who have been you know effectively assaulting her what what's her reaction to that Why is she

Reegs:well what's her motivation as

Dan:her motivation

Reegs:And then that's all cleverly revealed and it's intertwined with the story of her former classmate Ryan who bumps into her in the coffee

shop He seems like a nice guy It's not an actor I knew Bo Burnham I think is the dude's name It's not somebody I know but he seems quite likable and pediatrician

Dan:he's a good

Sidey:She serves them a coffee that she's spat

Reegs:too and then he

Pete:So this is the bit the I guessed Okay


Pete:And we won't go into that then but

Reegs:her story of of why the traumatic incident


is part of this is revealed through her dalliance with this guy Ryan and it goes quite sweet at this point when they fall in love

Sidey:actually said to the missus I said Oh please don't let him be a rapist

Reegs:And and he doesn't seem like a rapist

Sidey:She's obviously had this trauma She is in a sort of I think we can call it self destructive sort of behaviors


Sidey:And then he finally I was really very afraid you know because she's a performance is great and I really wanted her to have that But you know films being films you know it's probably not going to play out necessarily the way you want it to

Pete:first I I the first conclusion I jumped to is that the the the picture this Nina that that is referred to I thought that it might've been a sister And the reason I thought that is because she's the thing is she says she's 30 in it Like she seemed older than that to me in in the film and I and she lives with her parents and she like to look at her you wouldn't immediately assume that this is a girl that still lives with their parents but then you find out kind of why she's dropped out of school and she's a medical college And she's you know she she basically got one real life calling in life which is to you know it's revenge rarely And so I'd assume that this is something that had happened to the family because the family dynamics seem quite odd And you know they were worried the parents were worried about her Yeah But I mean they

Reegs:Clancy Brown and Jennifer Coolidge is actress named Clancy Brown from shore Shankin And the lady Stifel is mum

Pete:it's stiff as mum Isn't it I only thought that right at the very end Yeah this

Dan:mom and Biff isn't

Reegs:it Yeah not bef

Sidey:no it was the prison warden from Shawshank

Pete:and he

Reegs:it turns out basically the years before her classmate Nina who was her best friend was drunk in the

Sidey:she was direct by a group of

Reegs:guys by a group of guys and it was filmed

Pete:I think

Dan:we shoot with the film was actually

Reegs:revealed later


down the

plot did she die as well Or

Pete:she'd killed herself Yeah I th I think quite very sort of thought provoking part of the this is a very thought provoking film like an almost like all level like the you know the opening scene it's meant to challenge you And I mean this this film is I think is meant to it's designed to challenge everybody's perception of what is okay And what isn't okay In and around these kinds of interactions like these sorts of things have happened and do happen like not necessarily to us but you know it's you're sort of aware of stories like this

Reegs:and nothing's off limits in the way that they discuss the issues as well Everything from she was asking for it by what she's wearing is is under discussion versus

Dan:I mean maybe this a huge sweeping generalization but why not make it is this an American thing as far as the college partying and that

Sidey:no I wouldn't have thought

Pete:I think there's a there's definitely there's going to be elements of that There's going to be like nods towards that kind of you know like the frat party type staff and everything There's going to be


title comes from a court case of a guy who raped someone on campus I think And they basically were super fucking lenient with him And I think they basically let him off and said he was a promising young


20 minutes of a mistake

Sidey:Yeah It was going to ruin his swimming career or something like


Reegs:but there was a few high profile ones in

Sidey:the title of the film comes from for playing on


I think an interesting part And I know I'm jumping ahead a little bit but the fact that the video of the the like the rape from many years before is is seen by the characters but it's never seen by us We have to sort of and again it's it's it's all about you know spend perception you know it's it's going to be is it would have been argued in court There were lawyers involved It did get to some kind of case or I think it was thrown out before and the thing came about So you have to make your own sort of

Reegs:squashed by the university That that was the problem Really It it went and that does tie in because she goes to visit the Dean of the


Reegs:Yeah Before doing this

Dan:loved her revenge I mean is as You know all of us fathers to daughters then you know party obviously thinks about girls getting older and and you know horrible fucking men coming within a hundred miles of them so you think Oh you know the these films are when she was going back and getting a revenge I was really fucking you know

Sidey:I'll tell you I can tell you

Dan:it was it was crazy as well because what she was doing was was pretty fucking nuts you know as far as the the the revenge that she was taking on people but it w you know

Sidey:cause at first we don't like you said we don't know if she's killed this person at first And it was sort of led to believe that she has but then we get the next same way She does it to


Sidey:And he says it's bullshit Oh I'm a nice guy And she's like well you had your fingers inside of me a few minutes ago I'm ready to you know and you couldn't you were forcing me to stay and now you want me to leave you know

Reegs:he said something like Oh you're that crazy bitch that it's so there's obviously rumors going around of this woman doing this sort of stuff


Dan:And then another one who and she's going to cut the fucking balls

Reegs:you know the marks in the book So she's she's jotting down in her notebook The the the encounters that she's had and there's got to be 50 or 60 and she's writing the names down There's red marks in there That was another thing that maybe led you to believe are those the ones she's killed


Reegs:you know but it wasn't those were the



Reegs:she got beaten up

Pete:suggested just did sort of like threats especially if like the unknown the bits you don't see of what happened So initially again in the Dean's office with the daughter I'm believing what she's saying that this she's basically just taken a young girl along to meet her hair Rose And now they're a drunken party And this girl is now in that situation

Reegs:because she picks her It's like a


Reegs:of the of the thing Cause she goes in a shitty car and and pulls in the daughter Who's 13 14 years old into the car It's like a version of the dirty old man doing


Reegs:and so she kidnapped her and then she tells the DNOE I've sent your daughter off to this party to go and get drunk and obviously

Dan:there'll be fun and put her in a similar

Reegs:situation that Nina was


Pete:forgot that it's very cleverly done this clearly there there is a message behind it I mean it's it's it's sort of topical in the sense that you know all around

Reegs:T the extra terrestrial

Dan:Yeah You know anti meats know No the me too movement you know it's it's it's a film

Pete:and it's topical in Jersey only a year or so ago They looked at consent and the ability to give consent whilst under the influence So even whilst if you're drunk and you say yes that can still actually

Reegs:It can still be no Cause you may not have had the yeah

Dan:the cognitive ability

Reegs:She didn't send the daughter off to be gang She's not that kind of monster but she

Dan:do is she did set up with the lawyer earlier

Reegs:Yes So she meets Madison McPhee which is a terrific name for a character Alison Brie's character Alison Brie her character Madison knew she was also at school with them they go out for this lunch She plies her with alcohol there's a lot of things discussed but and then it it looks like she's being set up to be raped


Reegs:As as Cassie walks out of the restaurant she hands some money to a guy at the bar and says take her to a hotel I'd take her to room 25 or something It's really uncomfortable Shit And then now you've got periodically Madison coming back into the movie to say she's dropping phone calls at first saying did anything weird happen

Sidey:she's 19 miss Cause at one point she's just laying a

Reegs:it's getting increased desperate until they have this kind of showdown And eventually she reveals that no I didn't send that guy to rape you but it could have been so I mean it's really dark

Pete:It is And and and all it is again it's like it's the interpretation and the power of suggestion of this issue Wasn't you know Right But she's putting these people who she felt failed her friend through the kinds of like feelings uncomfortableness that you know on on even like a minor level compared to you know what a friend had gone through

Dan:then at one point where she bought in when she went to the lawyer who had Defended the owl at the time And he w he just kind

Pete:of immediately remorseful He was immediately remorseful for it

Dan:He remembered the name and he

Reegs:He's been clearly carrying this around his entire life his career

Dan:in when she got back You know it's just about the thought process of did she do something bad or didn't she cause she she had a guy there who said Oh I'm still getting paid


Dan:Cause he was going to go and beat the shower of

him if not


Dan:if this guy hadn't have then been completely remorseful So it did lead me to think data all those guys get away with it Did she have that guy weigh in You know it was the first time she met him this guy

Pete:I don't I don't I think it would have undermined a whole purpose and points of doing this If there had been like physical violence or anything like that it was all it was psychological it was a psychological attack If you will revenge on all of the people or that she believed had had failed Her friends who had ultimately ended up taking her own life as a consequence of what happened to her So I don't know I didn't actually think of that I obviously saw the guy I don't know what he was planning on or what the plan was but because he was immediately remorseful this this this this lawyer she almost as a consequence of that And I think because of like she she's she's had some sort of like faith in men rekindled a bit by this guy that she's been seeing Those two things make her actually kind of like drop the whole thing She makes it and then seeing the mum Nina's mum as well shit like who encourages her to like you're never gonna move on unless you need to let go of this in order to be able to move on So those three things all come together in order to be able to for her to what we think is going to be like deliver the happy

Sidey:actually the boyfriend actually catches her with it's with the one of the trio from the very beginning but he's able to sort of work past it eventually So she does that I think that does give her some sort of faith again in blokes because he's sort of he could have just washed his hands about when he's sitting there in that situation you know

Reegs:unfortunately we can't have the

Sidey:No we can't And it's it's the the video that we mentioned does crop up It's Madison who has


Sidey:as part of this or blackmail sort of arrangement she she has it on an old I think it's a Blackberry or something


Sidey:yeah From back in the day

Reegs:and it's a video of of of Nina's

Sidey:could you see it coming like a on

Dan:soon as they provided a video you knew her boyfriend

Sidey:going to be on it's

Dan:to be

Reegs:but as Peter said it's it's so powerful because you don't

see the video you just see Cassie's faces she reacts and you hear Ryan's voice on the video

Dan:kind of you know he's he's not directly involved in the


Dan:he's in the room and and he's complicit in just the way that he goes along

Reegs:it Well and also I mean he's you know he's tried to have this relationship with someone and not declared this huge bit of information

Sidey:It's bigger than that race


Sidey:so it brings us towards the climax of the movie then because she now enacts this

Pete:Well she she she challenges Ryan about it and he gives up the information about

Sidey:matters nurses He'll she'll drop the video

Pete:bachelor party is going to be taking place

Sidey:yes she she's gonna release the video to all of his contacts friends family If he doesn't give up the information about the bachelor party or stacked do if you're British as we are this week

Reegs:Yeah For the guy who is accused of it owl

Sidey:Oh yeah He's played by Chris Lowell who was bash Howard in glow which also features Alison Brie And I I heartily recommend that series If you ever get your

Pete:So you go going into this sort of final act of the film and because there's yeah it massive massive spoilers But up to this point I'd found it quite it was it was sinister in the sense that you know like she's you know we've seen it a lot in in loads of other I mean like you know I I'm I'm thinking of films now Things like you know like Cape fair and stuff like that with like this this person knows EV knows how to get to everyone knows everything about them He can well in Kate fair he can infiltrate all the parts of their lights She's able to do all of this And and I D I didn't know what what rating this film was I didn't know if it was a horror comedy or thriller or whatever I didn't know anything about it And I thought that it was one of that it's going to sucker punch you This is going to get like seriously like fucked up and violent

That's That's

what I thought was coming I was starting to feel for a pillow so that I could put it over my face way it was which I think is is is is one of the brilliant parts of

Dan:uncomfortable the

Pete:hallway completely Yeah

Reegs:Uh But it it's pretty funny as well though at some points

Dan:Well that's kind of you know aware of how directors like to just make you laugh and then completely scared of

shit out you

or or something you know I was just behind I wasn't sure what she was going to do over and show it was going to turn American psycho Oh NFV is going to

Reegs:I've got it I know what it is nurse Ah

Sidey:so what what does happen is she basically Dodger stuff up like a stripper or she's going to be the dance

entertainment for the bachelor party so she makes her way and ever since Scott you're Hansen in lost in translation I've had a thing for wigs And I also always had a thing for white stockings So this was really

Reegs:rarely yeah

Pete:just on girls

Dan:wigs is

Reegs:is it Yeah Is it is it you wearing it or

Sidey:so I was enjoying the wardrobe choices in this particular sequence so she does make a way into the bachelor party and they must've been expecting Someone's tied up Is that a statement So she must've known who it was and told them to fuck off and

Reegs:No cause he says Oh I didn't want one So I think the implication was she turns up and I think implication exactly


Pete:yeah They all assume that someone had done it Yeah yeah

Dan:has done it

Reegs:So she gives him a lap dance and then she takes him upstairs And now your heart's studying Cause you think well what's going to

Sidey:she's she's done the sort of short she's poured a shot into all the guys are down on your knees And they've all had a drink a bottle of vodka which is key didn't really see that VIT coming And she was quite clever when she's upstairs sure They're doing some fun stuff and she handcuffs him to the bed at that point he realizes things are starting to turn a little bit sinister and

Reegs:Yeah Well probably the part where she leaps on him and she starts to carve the

Sidey:before that she she says that they weren't becoming happy Like they're they're they're asleep by then


Pete:She says her name is Nina roaches

Reegs:Nina Fraser I think it

Dan:And and w w what is and she talked about this scene and she said what what Was powerful She felt was that a lot a lot of the time this guy this actor has played in nice guy roles and stuff you know and playing nice guys in these in these roles made it all the

Reegs:Well I think there's a load of that Medicasting go I personally don't know the actors but the first guy who's taken home I think is is an actor in like a teen

Sidey:He was in the OSI

Reegs:the AC Yeah So he was playing against type and Christopher Mintz plots as well And you know so there's there's a lot of that going on

Dan:no Senator I've got a girlfriend or they want to do anything you know they're they're saying the until the scene turns of course

Sidey:she is basically going to carb Nina's name all across his body

Pete:Yeah when this it's a scalpel isn't it When the scalpel came out I'm not right here we go Push cushion time I don't want to watch this guy get this and belt

Reegs:And like you said she says nobody's coming to save you There's a shot downstairs All the guys are passed out She drugged the

Sidey:drugged them Yeah It was just quite

Reegs:Now this is the part there's a scuffle

Sidey:He manages to get one handout gimmicky handcuffs and is able to kind of defend himself which he does by placing a pillow over her head and I guess if you hadn't had this sport view unfortunately I had you would think well she's going to get out of this Yeah She's definitely not going to


Sidey:like this but she fucking does

Reegs:It's so uncomfortable It's so horrible to watch You're such a convincing portrayal of somebody being

Pete:such a long

Reegs:it's long Yeah Correct

Dan:The knee on the

Sidey:yeah Even even knowing it I was when her legs still sort of going I was like maybe she's going to cap this Maybe maybe the boyfriend is going to come up

Reegs:And I know I know it's not the same thing as well but you get those uncomfortable images of George


Reegs:you know because it's a knee on the foot you know but anyway there's this obviously horrible traumatic thing And then you know the camera lingers and he falls asleep I think basically

Sidey:well he's stuck

Reegs:still stuck

Sidey:He's stuck in there until the guys come round from

Pete:Yeah In the morning I don't think he does fall asleep He it just sort of cuts And then the guy comes up in the morning and he says he's awake He S he sat there on the bed yeah And then has to explain to his friend what he's done and his friends immediately

Reegs:straightened to cover


Yeah yeah yeah yeah And and reassuring him Oh you're a good guy You're a kid you know it's quiet Yeah

Reegs:it's awful It's awful they burn the body

It's I think a really bad way of disposing of a body

Sidey:Yeah But I don't think they would have had

Dan:very clever They'd never even covered the the Ash did


Dan:At one point they kind of kicked the hand back into the fire and it was the the kind of mode I guess that eventually will be caught which is kind of what happened for beyond the

Sidey:as she's sort of

Pete:teed it up

Sidey:she's teed it all up

Dan:we have to help with the lawyer

Sidey:She said if anything goes down this is what you to do Yeah

Dan:This world was

Pete:Yeah See I I didn't I didn't understand whether they scheduled messages or was this the lawyer with her phone

Dan:I think this

Sidey:was the lawyer

Pete:right Okay Yeah

Reegs:Yeah It's Ryan who has the phone Cause she's texting him from beyond the grave with messages that have been sent shed yield to be delivered

Sidey:Oh this is after the vows have been done and it's I guess during the reception the start reception and then the police turned up

Reegs:well you hear the sirens in the distance don't you And you think okay so

Dan:start the thinking the wedding don't


Dan:as what the hell would the police come in And they've obviously got this hanging over them

Sidey:all these well-to-do families and they

Dan:that actually knew about the the murderer and one guy the best man he hightails it

ages legs and hopes I guess the other guy's going to take their the full foil

Reegs:Or they've come for owl because they've got the video now they can finally prosecute him for Nina's

Pete:arrest him for the murder of Cassie So it's

Reegs:It's an absolute gut punch of an ending Isn't it really I mean and the crazy thing is is that originally this movie was supposed to end

Sidey:at the bumper

Reegs:the bonfire and the the scene of the sort of

Sidey:kicking the hand back in the fire That was that was the end

Reegs:was going to be the end which God know what a bleak

Pete:Now that would have been Savage Yeah

Sidey:same as Dodge ball was supposed to end on Vince foreign getting hit and beat out That was it Didn't didn't test very well similar films in many ways

Reegs:This is a really good film Isn't it I mean obviously did you I'm assuming everybody loved this

Pete:Well but before we get into I mean thought it's thought provoking more of I mean I thought about it afterwards and I thought I would be really interested to hear like a you know like a woman's take on this film and how they felt throughout


Did you watch it with your wife

Pete:I don't have a wife but I did I did I did watch it with her and she she wasn't really She wasn't really watching that intently She was so so really at the end I pitched it to her as a comedy because I'd read because I was a little bit as we referenced right at the beginning I was a little bit unsure Because it said on like Wikipedia is an American comedy film Right And then I promise you in the time that I was researching it it changed Cause obviously you can change Wikipedia It changed from light to American was dropped And that that was where I was Okay I'm sure it's a British film It one out Sunday British film at the BAFTAs and then comedy was dropped and then it just went it was an American thriller and then comedy was put back in So yeah I think it's it's still that new that people are


trying to work out what it

Reegs:a black comedy

Pete:but I I pitched it I pitched it to the other half as a comedy film which there were Definitely there is like bits We were well I laughed We both laughed but it wasn't the film that she was expecting She found it quite kind of like weird and sinister and eh

Reegs:Well it it's those things and it's harrowing

Pete:I think okay so maybe I'll maybe I'll re make my point I'd be interested to hear So there must be girls not necessarily who believe that they have been raped but I've probably thought the next day fucking out I was drunk I wish I hadn't done that And whether that means rape to them or not I would be very interested to hear their viewpoint because obviously I've never been in a situation necessarily Like I've a grid of gray regretted things that I've done when I've been drunk Yeah but it's it's not it it is different It is different And for me I think that as a man watching it I think the intent behind that is to make men think about this type of situation is to make men think when they see a girl who is drunk and even if the intention in the first instance is honest like Oh let's go and help them Which I would if there was a girl who was like falling over like and people are laughing at her or something I'd be like look can you know do you need some help Have you got your phone Who like what's your name Blah blah blah I to be honest I I would think twice about doing that now even though my intentions would be totally honest it was incredibly thought provoking

Dan:say at one point I go to the pub every week and every week some guy goes like not one week

Reegs:Yeah Yeah There's always a nice guy It's never a nice guy who just got her home

It's easy to look at this and go well these are predatory men They're going one step beyond like you're talking about having a drunken one night stand in regretting it but still being aware of what you're doing And that's the same for men and women but and then split it's easy to look at the douchebags in this and go Oh they're just predatory assholes And then you need you do need to think about it Are there elements of your behavior that have contributed in general to


Reegs:Because it's you know the scene with the construction workers shouting way

Pete:you know

Reegs:it's the same It's not the same


Reegs:it's a part of the world which

Pete:but but th th the the the specifically the the the like the the vehicle for these situations is alcohol because the the theme is that as soon as they realize Oh actually she's not drunk and she's putting it on that immediately means that they then step back and say


hang on I thought I thought you were drunk Like you've duped me here and it's like I mean what what should happen in that situation is like Oh okay you're not drunk Great Like you still should we you know do you want to watch a film Do you want to do you know but they immediately like recoil and go like Oh this isn't what I thought it was going to be It's kind of like to highlight the cowardice yeah To highlight the cowardice And she even says to like McLoving know do you still want to fuck me And he's like no no I just want you to


Dan:Which is

Reegs:and there's just tons of interesting stuff I mean we've picked on one bit and we could probably go on for ages There were loads of loads of interesting topics brought up in this and I think this is quite an important movie in many ways It was a Hollyweird response to me too

Dan:films that I I didn't because I had that feeling that she was about to slash it was going to turn into a massive Gore Fest For some reason I I just had that feeling I'm watching a horror show

It didn't turn out that way at all And watching

Reegs:It was worse It was worse What happened to her


worse than a horror movie where she goes crazy at the end and she's covered in blood And you're like if that cause that's where I thought it was going And what happened is is worse Gut punch wise and a much better ending to that

Pete:movie power suggestion

Sidey:I I don't know like my Mrs loved it She

Reegs:it up as well

Sidey:I was a bit unsatisfied by the ending because I didn't know what they were trying to say Like you have to she has to die to get

Dan:well this is

Sidey:the way I wish I would have preferred to her to still be there at the end to I don't know

Pete:although the fact that she set up the the the messages the the letter with the Ella she knew that there was a strong possibility that she might not make it back from this I don't th I don't think it was her intention necessarily to die but I don't think she cared She was prepared to Yeah So it's a sort of flight make this point and she was inherently she was completely devastated and destroyed by what happened to our friend that had dominated her life ever since And you know and even even though she got I guess it was like she you know she'd restored some of the faith in in men through the lawyer and through the through this Ryan

Reegs:Well but no he was

Pete:no but just to a point like what she had because obviously she even I mean she even liked spat in his coffee and he still came back the next day And was I you know I'm I'm interested in you and it's not in a bar It's not because she's drunk It's like yeah it's a guy

Dan:you'd be back


Reegs:I spat in your coffee before

Dan:never returned

Pete:I know I'll be back for more Yeah but like I said I read some stuff afterwards about the there was some some negative feedback about it And and and some bits that I read specifically about the like the portrayal of men in it Fuck that right This this this film is specifically about guys like the guys in the film It's not saying all guys are rapists and all guys are predators And so it is saying

Reegs:Well but there's but it's also saying as a man you do need to look at what you've done However small scale or innocent you think it is in making a world where this sort of thing happens at this sort of frequency because it does

Pete:Yeah W w basically we specifically where like alcohol and sex are consent and and you know there there'll be you know there are other bits of that The only guy in the whole film correct me if I'm wrong who Does like seemingly does nothing wrong is a nice guy Is her dad Yeah Everyone else is has either done something wrong and and you know the lawyer is trying to atone for it and you know Ryan

Reegs:he fucked a dog

Pete:anyways Yeah Yeah Who's the dad Oh that's him out then as well Yeah Although I don't really like dogs

Reegs:One of the other really unpleasant things that came out of this is that a variety I think it was variety magazine critic basically piled into this by saying that she's not attractive enough which is just absolutely insane because one she's absolutely stunning And two what is what is that criticism in this

movie doing

Pete:That's almost like pouring petrol on it Yeah yeah

Sidey:It was because it was a script that was offered up to Margot Robbie's production company and she bought it And this guy he was a gay man So he wasn't interested in necessarily who's the best looking He just said he thought Marty was it would have been a bad Margot Robbie would be better suited to


She was absolutely brilliant as well

Sidey:worded and

Reegs:not only is she stunning but she's brilliant in this as well

Dan:have absolutely no issues with this this go you know playing this part I thought she was fantastic

Sidey:She said that that that particular high school really offended her because she was at he was basically to say I'm not hot enough to play this part

She did Yeah

Pete:yeah Rightly so I mean and she she does dress sort of provocatively as well she sort of like you know like not not just the outfit at the end but yeah

Dan:the the ball you know leather high heels hair tied back looking really really hot but really really drunk with

Reegs:and very slutty But you can say that I think

Pete:you can't because again the point is that she should be able to

Dan:lips had before she'd been


Pete:that's the director that was the director doing the video Yeah Yeah

Reegs:So that was one of the things that made me think because we used to call a girl right When we were in opposites we used to call her blowjob lips and it really felt like a punch when she's saying that in the movie because it was speaking directly to think and I'm thinking yeah I called her blowjob blitz That's what I did when I was 18 That was her name We all referred to her as blowjob lips And yeah that's part of what

Pete:again the point being that a girl can wear a short skirt or you know fish nets or whatever and not and it doesn't necessarily mean it's an open invitation to

Dan:just wearing some clothes just

she fancies

Reegs:Right Well so we're all really woken love this film then


Dan:Well you know for

Pete:I don't think it

Dan:it was a it was a story that I I thought at one point was going to be some kind of Oh is this just all a


up from high school where she's just getting revenge and it's going to go this way Is this just a revenge film for but it's not I think it's it's a lot lot deeper than that


Dan:it goes on a lot more levels and really it's it's a story of of loyalty and love for her friend You know that she's actually sacrificed her life because her friend they don't get the enormity of What has happened to this girl and what she's



Dan:after that then she's taken her own life And everybody else even her own family seemed to be glossing over

Reegs:it Well even us here we've barely talked about her and she's the central figure Who's you know she's dead throughout the whole movie but she Nino's driving absolutely


Reegs:relationship and the fact that everybody is forgotten about her and swept it under the carpet That's what's the whole thing you know Oh man Terrific

Dan:I think this is you're right It's it's an important film I think it I think lots of people watch this once you know they may watch it again and again I don't know but for myself I'll watch it once and I'll I'll not forget that I've seen


Dan:you know

Pete:I'd like to watch it again knowing that it's not a massive slasher Gore Fest because because that that sense of dread that I had all the way through was never realized in in the way that I thought it was going to be So I'd like to go back and pick up on a lot more things

Dan:Cause it was it was actually really clever you know


Dan:that sense of what would you do You know if if you're a person in her position to get that kind of power in everything what would you do

Sidey:paint your nomination where you're not entertained

Reegs:Yeah Brilliant brilliant

Dan:I enjoyed this I did behind a pillow for most of it but I enjoyed it

Sidey:same here although I would've liked that to have survived



Reegs:What did you ask us to watch Pete

Pete:So watch danger mouse for a couple of reasons one because well it fits with the theme of British and I enjoyed it The original series very much as a child with David Jason and Terry from Terry and June was Penfold and some other people and I don't need sort of I'd noticed my my two youngest watching this more So my five-year-old watching the reboot of this you know of his own back He'd found it and put it on and watched it and thought it was cool and fun and enjoyable

Reegs:How old

Pete:five Yeah And he yeah he likes it and has been watching it quite a lot so I thought I would inflict it upon me and you guys at the same time I guess the thing that I was most interested we all remember danger mouses as kids Right And yeah Dan Yup And yeah so I wondered whether or not in this day and age with a sort of a bit of a modern reboot and some new people doing the voices it would stand up against the old one in any way shape


Reegs:would compromise its Britishness because the original danger mouse what was cool about it I'm assuming everybody liked danger mouse here original danger

Dan:Well it did but there was a distinct lack of things to watch around that time As I remember in danger mouse was the best of

Reegs:Oh I actually I actively liked it It was so British Yeah I liked it

Dan:it was it was never let's say bottom of their list never bought them in a pile but it was never the top for

Pete:me Okay Similar though in that like you know say there was like mighty mouse in the in the U S which is very low here row big Eva's muscly and strong and stuff And like this guy was not an anti hero but You know again sort of like this


Pete:fallibility in the pet Penfolds Penfold was a buffoon which he still is in in this


he's the world's 12th greatest sidekick That's what they said about

Pete:That's what it does It it does say And it I mean they'd gone sort of flight more out there I think And that they'd modernize It obviously there's a bit at the beginning with the London I like spins out of control and flies up into space And but it's still

Reegs:well I thought that was a bit reckless to be honest because danger mouse causes basically an intergalactic issue straight away Doesn't


Reegs:as you say the car I don't know what it's called

Dan:he puts the danger in mouse You see

Reegs:but he just I was a bit like th don't introduce him as a prick because he spins around London eyes you say and he flies off into space and his spaceship hits some aliens

Sidey:Yeah They're about to make first contact Yeah




Reegs:first contact to the aliens Think they've been attacked and start firing weapons Then he takes out all their weapon systems and like

Sidey:yeah It's pretty

Reegs:It's really aggressive Yeah I was like Hmm Do



that They were pretty tooled up though The alien So they must have been I think that he saved us

Reegs:Well but as far as they're concerned he struck first Just

Dan:the intro Yeah

Sidey:Well we were back at the 20 plus minutes of animated fun with this sort of thing which is great if if it was any good

Reegs:20 glorious plus minutes

Pete:we've we've watched longer things than that I I I'm not going to apologize for the length of it

Reegs:I loved it I thought it was brilliant

Sidey:I fucking hate it Shit this one is dressed up as Baron greenback having a re you know reformed He's not he's not the master criminal or the body of this anymore

Reegs:I didn't like his voice His voice was not as good as the originals I thought everybody else who does the voice cast is really good Yeah Yeah Stiletto Yeah Alexander Armstrong as danger mouse which was great Yeah Works perfectly Kevin Elden I really liked him but I didn't like his Pinfold I love Kevin Elden He's really funny I actually did I vastly prefer the original Penfold Stephen Fry as Colonel

Pete:Yeah yeah yeah Okay

Reegs:but yeah Perrin greenback was not my favorite

Dan:quite a stellar cost over Knifer for the voice team there I mean danger mouse as you say it's a very quintessential sensitively British British animation cartoon I remember the old yeah big pen and everything in the in the title credits everything kind of British This one I didn't actually get to watch so I couldn't comment on on too much but tell me about the the the cartoon style than the animation Is it is it different very much

Reegs:It's been modernized but it's still and he's had a very slight redesign

Dan:Island kind of moment modernized or is it more Pixar Modernized

Sidey:Oh no

Reegs:It's still got the appearance of the sort of hand drawn animation that it was but it's obviously done on computers because nobody fucking does that shit by hand anymore Really well some people do but yeah this is a computer it's got that style I think it it updates it So there are some more sort of spectacular sequences than you would have seen in the old one but then they still keep up some of the old gags like in the old danger mouse Sometimes they would describe a scene that was happening That was unbelievable but it was completely in pitch black because they couldn't afford to animate it So you just saw their eyes as they talked about it It was one of the funny gags and they did that in this but they would also show you crazy shit like a Panda driving a tank with robot legs destroying half of London at the


Yeah And there's still like the the narrator is is like dropping a load of the gags and kind of laughing at It's laughing at itself in in a lot of ways Yeah

Reegs:to you and the audience talking to the narrator interacting lots of clever absurd stuff

Dan:Yeah I can imagine Alexander McQueen Is


Reegs:the guy who directed 12


Dan:right I think he's onto the gray I would imagine he's quite good at the voice of


Pete:He's not a million miles away from the David Jason voice that that didn't affect I'm actually quite interested if study you watched like I'm not saying you loved the original but did you enjoy the original as a child

Sidey:it was ITV So we had to sort of blanket hatred of anything on ITV so it didn't like this

Pete:fairly sweeping

Sidey:like didn't like inspector gadget for that reason as well

Dan:other channels as a child

Sidey:yeah but then if you bid on onto one you'd get fucking like things with real people in like why don't you and blue Peter which I fucking hate So if like mask transformers I lead like robots and fast cars and shit like that I don't care about a mouse really And some midget little dudes

Pete:so so it's it's more danger mouse itself that you don't like then this this you didn't like the reboot of something that you'd previously enjoyed So it wasn't the

comparing the

Sidey:like sacrilege No not really

Pete:right You're just not a fan of danger mouse in general

Sidey:the original was better than this This is just generic shot I thought it was bollocks

Reegs:I loved it So uniquely Britishness again they still have that feeling you know there's postboxes and all sorts of stuff That's what size is danger mouse

Sidey:Well he's either massive or pamphlets microscopic

Reegs:Yeah But in relation to objects that are in the world because

sometimes it's a hamster I want to say

Sidey:when you see them leave the postbox and they're really small

Reegs:Yeah but then who there are no humans in this What the queen is a is a is a corgi And the perhaps they've got Jimmy camel instead of Jimmy

Sidey:we're in a

Reegs:she's a corgi in this

Sidey:this could be your some sort of post-apocalyptic world there where everyone's mutated animals

Reegs:That's certainly what it is Yeah I really liked this funny good voice cast it was long but it it I enjoyed it

Sidey:There's a theory online that might give you a bit of extra backstory Would you like to hear


Sidey:before the events of the show danger mouse and bang greenback we're in a brief romantic relationship danger mouse broke up with greenback after realizing he had a short fuse destructive behavior and a mental disorder danger mouse eventually fell in love with Penfold and married him Greenback got really mad about that and became evil in all his plots to take over the world are really just dilute danger mouse in and kill him Stiletto is greenbacks new boyfriend

Reegs:Okay This is starting to make some


The only reason greenback started dating stiletto is so he could know what it's like to be loved by a mannequin but greenback treats stiletto the same way he used to teach dangerous in the reboot of the series There is an episode where it was revealed that danger mouse is gay when he says to Penfold that it's revealed that Penfold is his husband

Reegs:Wow Get out of town Is that true

Sidey:That's where it says an internet So therefore


Dan:step is that

Reegs:I didn't see that




Sidey:Christopher Eggleston you remember him He was talking to her for a little while he was at one point taking part in I think it was Hamlet on stage and at the same time was doing a voice for one of the danger mouse characters And he said he put danger mouse up there with Shakespeare

Reegs:Love it Love it Great

Dan:suppose he was just in the in the zone

Sidey:I had a Dick I had a different take on it


Reegs:I've got a question about danger Mouse's eyepatch what's going on there because he wears an eyepatch But then in this episode it they give him a magic infrared one but he could see out of it So is he got an eye on under there that he can see how he's just wearing the patch to be like mysterious It's an affectation

Sidey:that cow at their motive

Reegs:like the cow Yeah Yeah It's Kate

Dan:reckon it just must be like one of those eyes that you can take out and change for different eyes

Reegs:It means he already had a bionic eye underneath the eyepatch So then why is he not But then the eyepatch was clearly blocking things out I think it's a huge plot hole and I fucking demand an

Pete:I just think it's one of those unsolved mysteries

Dan:I think I just

Pete:It's very again similar to the main features very thoughtful

Dan:away all his cards He's like there you go You don't worry if I feel bad I always especially

Pete:just wearing a costume


That makes sense


Reegs:Hey does anyone remember reservoir docs with Don C

Sidey:This was shit I didn't like it What about you

Reegs:loved it

Dan:Yeah it was rubbish I didn't see

Pete:it I have so right I I enjoyed it for it I'm not going to watch any anymore My son will

Reegs:no I'm not going to but I would like my kids to watch it


Dan:So this week we have a person that is going to nominate films That isn't your eye Peter

Sidey:it's no one here It's no one in this room

Dan:is no one in this room

Reegs:That's right No there's a takeover Matt mum's takeover of bad dads So my lovely wife is giving us nominations this week based on her interests and things So and it's her birthday on may the 12th So this will come out around about then which is yeah  We are going for places or travel destinations in movies just any place that you

Sidey:in movies

Reegs:But you know like unbelievable like the beach in the beach or do you know what I mean Like unbelievable places you'd like to go It could be anywhere in the universe like you know anywhere just travel destinations We're going to watch Richard Linklaters boy heard

Sidey:Oh I've been thinking about that one for a while

Reegs:Because she watched it and she said it was brilliant and I haven't seen it And it's got a very interesting part

Sidey:films over 12 years

Reegs:Yeah It was filmed over 12 years the actors grow up in it was an interesting thing We're ready to hook you in and the kids thing it's going to be the snail in the whale which is on Amazon prime at the moment it's a Alex you know Axel Scheffler And what's her name Julia Donaldson

Sidey:called that one time


Sidey:Cool And I midweek

Reegs:well I really want to watch the Holy mountain but I want to do a recording and watch I don't know if we can make that happen but or watch them record would be better than recording before we've seen it when it is that that would be hard


Reegs:I have actually seen it Yeah

Sidey:yeah you want to let us know then because I would probably won't be able to fill that in personally

Reegs:Okay All right Well I'll choose something else

Sidey:Okay cool so we also revealed the winner of our competition which was Stevie Robinson

Dan:Stevie Well done, mate.

Pete:he's become my online nemesis every, yeah. Everything goes immediately to violence. So he's back at himself.

Sidey:It was genuinely drawn at random. I didn't just pick someone to talk to us. It was a, it was, I should have filmed it as evidence, but I can assure you that it was all done legally and in line with some sort of, yeah, the commission. But thanks to everyone who entered. That was really cool.

And I will share the images of the picture when it's done,

Reegs:from your

Sidey:but yes. Yeah, definitely. So like, and review and listen, because I'm been getting very sad about the numbers this past week. Talk to us and just listen, mainly listen is the focus of this message just listen. Although it remains is to say Sidey signing out.