Jan. 21, 2022

Robot and Frank & Encanto

Robot and Frank & Encanto

With Reegs cruelly stuck down and isolating once again, the rest of the loons muddled their way through this weeks (mostly) robotic content.

First up we mulled over our favourite movie robots. Without Reegs to enforce the rules we went rogue and included just about kind of sentient machinery we could think of. T-800s, Borg, Star Wars droids, you name it, we talked about em.

Our main feature this week was the 2012 indie caper, ROBOT AND FRANK. A comment on the perils of growing old, or a charming buddy movie crime spree comedy drama? We thrash it out and decide, so you don't have to. Peter had a particular problem with one of the performances in the movie. You should certainly tune in to discover who he's moaning about this week.

Occasionally we throw in another movie just to keep us on our toes. This is one of those weeks. Peter really wishes he'd known that the nomination of DISNEY'S ENCANTO was a movie. He was like a naughty school kid doing his homework in the car on the way to school. Please pay attention in future Pete!

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Robot and Frank

Dan: Welcomes about dad's film review. Come and write how you from the man cave this week.

Sorry. Yeah,

Pete: you got anything

Dan: no, that was as good as I

Pete: this week?

Dan: this week. We are talking about some films that include actors.

Howie: actresses,

Dan: Just act as these days, my

Howie: friends

Sidey: it was fairly robotic content. This week We have a top five, movie robots.

a Main movie is robot and Frank starring skeletal and our kids things, nothing at all to do. robots it's Encanto. So we're just like movied out to the max this week,

Dan: tons

Sidey: Which just to rigs. And we should say a big shout out to Reese because he did return last week. But sadly now COVID has returned and Riggs is really under the cautious at the moment. So sending out big hugs and lots of love

Howie: Massive hugs.

Dan: and what, what, what what midweek mentioned it gave to us this week as well.

So if you didn't hear that already, you should go back and listen to that pod. But we watched some other stuff. This.

I did anyway,

Sidey: Daniel,

Dan: I watched I watched, I did the, no, listen, this is not talking about football this week. Let's just talk about the films. Let's talk about the movies we watch. And superintelligence one I watched last night with Melissa McAfee,

Pete: You watched the film with her.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. She came down Mel and and she didn't much improve as a six out of 10 for me. It's that kind of thing, but it was easy to watch brain dead stuff for a Sunday night where I really didn't want to think. And it involves AI taking over the world and she is chosen as the average human in which he is going to decide the fate of humanity and how she behaves to people and things around her.

So it was okay. There was a few loss James calls. I know Pete good, big fan. He was the, the voice of AI. So there was that about it as well. And no, I really enjoyed it and he solid is west dam. It it'll be as hurt as I am this week. And the other one, I saw his tractor. You see that

Howie: you watching kids programs on CBeebies

Dan: a, that's a,

if you haven't seen it, watch the trailer. I watched

Howie: that.

Dan: I watched bit off the life as well

with Wiki Davos that season three out on Netflix. And I'm the third episode in Pete. You're not as far.

Pete: I've only seen the first, I've seen the first two seasons and then episode one of the third.

Dan: And I think how you've been through the whole lot. So this is one Sidey that he just dropped the whole series there.

Sidey: Netflix is much better. That way,

Dan: Disney, still drip feed in Baba fat, which I watched as well.

Howie: terrible speeds.

Pete: I've not seen a third episode yet.

Dan: It's

Pete: I'm thinking I'm going to save them and watch

Sidey: well it was oh you haven't seen you haven't seen any,

Pete: I've seen the first two, and then I might get

Sidey: It's a it drops back down from a real high point to fucking like some weird

mod, like shit.

Howie: it's also, it's also got an actor in it that my messages and I haven't got time for, you know, the trainer of the beast, the rank or

Sidey: oh,

Howie: note yet because of his past Easter.

He's a,

Sidey: this is a brand called trader Now

Dan: Well, I would this add plenty of credit in the bank for me, for a, a wicked number two in this season

No episode two, this series was fantastic. Like fucking amazing.

yeah, the third one for me, didn't quite hit those Heights. So I'd watch it with the next one, just because I reckon it's a bit of a set up episode. I think there's stuff coming.

Pete: yeah. Yeah. Well, you kind of had that with the Mandalorian. It started strong and then there were like three or four that, that just kind of just went round in a circle a few times and then it got good again. But I watched, so I've watched a couple of, I think classic films that I'd never seen before.

One was Popel I'd never seen that

Dan: Oh wow The Steve McQueen one. Yeah. White. Cause there's a new

Pete: Yeah. And I, I think I want to watch that one.

Dan: it?

I would go and watch it. Yeah. It's worth, it's definitely worth

Pete: And another guy who looks a lot like Steve McQueen and is yeah.

Sidey: the guy who looks like. Yes.

Howie: Charlie Hungerford,

Sidey: Charlie

Hammond hammer. it's the

guy that looks like the fit guy that everyone fancies,

Pete: I think he looks quite a lot like Steve McQueen,

Sidey: like venom,

Pete: Hardy. Yeah. So I watched that. I watched tinker tailor, soldier spy,

Sidey: Oh, it just started me watching that as well.

Yeah Hold

Pete: series. Cause

Dan: the Gary Oldman one

Okay. So if you like that, then the series with Alec Guinness.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: Oh,

Pete: well I, I

Dan: rent it I rent it out on prime. I think it is fucking hell. Well that's money well spent. We're really,


Pete: and watch that. And series wise. We, we watched it in a, because they're not very long episodes. The Netflix thing with Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, true story. Have you seen, do you know anything about that? It's it's, it's like a little bit sort of flimsy in parts. But I, I enjoyed it.

It's Kevin Hart in a sort of a role that I've never seen him in before, where I was quite pleased with it.

Yeah. He's it's, it's like him doing.

Dan: person.

Pete: I know he's not. But it's him and it's obviously, I don't know if, if Snipes has done anything, I dunno if this is tonight's comeback or not, but he's in it.


Well, he's, he's out now and, and earning money again and hopefully he's doing it legitimately this time, but he's in, and I dunno, it was, it was enjoyable only half out. The first one I think is an hour long. And then after that, they're 30 minutes. So, and there's only six episodes or seven, I think. So. It was, it was all right

Sidey: Okay.

Pete: site.

Sidey: Uh Rewatched, aliens


with my daughter, and I was watching. and thinking She'd be okay with this.


Pete: terrifying.

Sidey: soon as you say it's just a person in a suit. She's pretty much,

okay with anything

Pete: but you don't know what the long-term damage and everything. I

Sidey: anyway

Dan: is probably one to

Sidey: no aliens. This is action film. It's it's a war movie. Anyway,

she was out. So we watched that and then the next day it was something else I can't remember. And then we watched the internals, which I was pretty excited for because my cousin had some involvement in it. But looking out for his name in the credits was a lot more fun than the movie is fucking crap.

Pete: Yeah.

What is a, is a super hero

Sidey: a Marvel

Howie: it's the next step in the whole MCU

Sidey: dunno. I don't know if it would take off because it's fucking,

Howie: Well, I can see them break from what the end

Sidey: says

it in the terms

where return you'd like with it

Howie: from the end. There's a clear indicator that they're going to break off into kit. Harrington's new character, which is the black Knights with Wesley, not Wesley Snipes,

Sidey: Yeah. Blade. So there was some other stuff. but I can't

Dan: these new characters, they, their design

Sidey: from


Howie: from the court, the original comic books.

And they've basically stayed in the background for the whole time. They're not allowed to interfere in human activities. They're just kind of like guardians of the earth. Well, the film explains what they're supposed to be doing, but yeah, it was flimsy when it, and the special effects looks, it was boring,

Sidey: just looked at the cost is like a whole load them so that no one gets enough screen time.

for You to give a shit about.

any of them. And it looks officially, it's

quite bland and the

story is quite bland

Howie: it reminded me of

Sidey: One to avoid, unfortunately

Howie: it reminded me of justice league, you know, trying to tell every single character story in a two hour block, it didn't work.

Pete: right As, as Marvel funds. When was the last really good quality Marvel film, would you say.

Sidey: Shang, she was really good

legend of the 10 rings that


Pete: I, I don't mind, obviously I D I did dip my toe in the water with the Avengers and game. Yeah.

And, and yeah. So I realized that there is probably stuff in there, but there's no way I'm ever going to Wade through them myself.

So I need kind of

Howie: captain Marvel. I like captain Marvel. You can watch that without not knowing much other stuff.

Dan: did you watch the guardians of the

Pete: Yeah, I did. I watched the first two, the first one, first one was better. I thought, but yeah, I was

Dan: Yeah. There's

Sidey: no, there's going to be

a third, but there's two at the moment.

Dan: Oh, okay.

Sidey: You always Probably the high point, went to soldiers.

Really good, There's some turkeys. And I would like, Thor. I don't like the Thor movies, particularly Thor. Ragnarok is good, but the first two are turd.

Dan: I, I like the F the other thing I watched the first one on a plane and I enjoyed it enough to watch the second one.

Sidey: It's really bad.

Dan: think, I, I think I kind of enjoyed those movies.

Sidey: but only case,

plowed through quite a lot of the beetles get back.

I'm So

fed up with that song

But I had

the bit where,

where George just gets up and says, well, that's me out of the band and he fucks off for a bit. And then the next day John doesn't come in and Paul just is sat there and they're all, there's this few people hanging on and Ringo's just fly asleep and he says, and then there was two in the camera just lingers on him and he says like proper heartbreak.

He's fucking gusset. he's like, it's almost welling up. And he's just sort of motionless.


This is fucking it Like, you know, and they do come back, and they have a just a jam that when John does eventually come back where they play so indifferent and like, this is fucking really good.

because I don't particularly that record and.

It just you just keep hearing and do get back and I'll fucking out do

something else, but then the next time they jam Yoko, just starts

screaming. Like where you fuck off.

Howie: I would have fully endorsed that bloke to have turned up 10 years earlier and got rid of her rather than Lennon at that point. Fucking hell. I watched the war below, which is.


really good one to watch the total budget, half a million, and they've done one hour 30 film.

It's got the guy from Peaky blinders in it, and it's true. Story of world war one, which I don't know enough about. Cause I was just Googling lots of things afterwards.

We won,

Thank God. But it's all about how the Germans had dug the bunkers into deep and the Brits weren't getting anywhere. So they got some miners who tunneled in and it's quite tempted


Dan: Well, I was going to say actually, I think that's the role that Thomas Shelby plays in the, in the war in Peaky blinders. Isn't he? Isn't he one of the I've, you know, I think he is one of the guys that goes in the tunnel.

So I dunno

Howie: what the name of the chapter's gonna annoy me, but.

Sidey: Murphy.

Howie: No, no, no, no, no. If for this film it's worth doing it's on Netflix, it's only one and a half hour.

So it goes by quick, quick. And the other thing to watch was the terminals, which I said was disappointment. And from that I think it was just the homework that I hit hard in an hour.

Dan: Well, we've got, we've got robots to talk about.

Sidey: top five last week.

I don't remember what it was

Pete: a disaster movies.

Howie: Ah, we had a couple, the one that came up on Twitter that got a bit of noise was threads, which I have actually seen and where the wind blows, which was the cartoon, which is utterly horrific.

Sidey: dystopian

Howie: That's the dystopian one where the old couple get hit by. It is it's the animator, Raymond Briggs from the snowman. And he does it that a couple basically. Live through a nuclear blast in middle England, and then they Potter around the house, not really knowing what to do. And they're like reading government information, leaflets that say, put a mattress on its side against the wall and lay underneath it.

And they S they basically erode and rat start eating them bit stopped, falling off. This was a PG that my dad rented. I remember as a kid thinking it was just a rainbow Briggs, cartoon was horrified when I watched it. But threads is the one that if you YouTube, it, it was originally shown to be a documentary of what would happen to England.

If we were hit by a nuclear bomb, and it is proper harrowing, it's like, it shows all the worst of everybody. And that was, I forgotten the name of the person that tweeted it, but it was a good call. Really good cooks reeks, I think was saying about it.

Sidey: Yeah. We had some other nominations breach. He nominated geo disaster.

And it does look great. She also said that geo storm, she didn't like it because the CGI was too competent.


that's I've loved that

Dan: I've fought. It was just, yeah, a really poor effort. CIOs storm,

Sidey: Pizza Weaver, he nominated, the day after tomorrow. And Mau nominate deep impact, but I really like breaching sharp GI disaster. It doesn't look fantastic.


GA disasters

going in

 top five time. Yeah this is, this is all rigs who sadly. Isn't


Dan: as he sent a message from beyond,

Sidey: He did say he was gonna send me some notes, but he hasn't, because I think he's just like

Dan: taking these two hours

Sidey: Yeah.

he's in a bad way. So yeah. Movie robots which


obviously like if you immediately spring to mind and then you realize there are

fucking, Lopes.

Howie: so

Sidey: so, so many, so who wants to start the ball rolling Pete, I'm nominating you.

Pete: Okay. I hastily cobbled a list together today at work.

Cause I hadn't found the time to do research. I thought I'd be able to pull and pluck a few. The I could have gone on for an hour on just star wars robots. I'm going to start. Uh Yeah, which is what robot,

Sidey: I don't know

Pete: I don't know either. I'm going to start with a night that for me, that has to come as a double act, the most iconic robots in the star wars, franchise C3 PO in RTD.


yeah, because I know they've got that, but those stories are largely intertwined for the, for the duration. I still, still don't know why C3 PR had a red arm in the force awakens. Did we ever find that out? I don't know. I'm not really sure. C3 C3 PO undoubtedly the campus.

Sidey: It's weird for a robot to have



isn't it? because it's just

it's just circuitry. So

why would, I don't know,

R2D2 is obviously like the most

important like he does

like he's

a bit cheeky.

basically saves the universe. CPPI just moans a lot. and then you have that bullshit in the last film.


You were supposed to have this big emotional thing where they, they have to wipe his

memory to get a secret, but

no, five minutes later, it's all back and it's all fine. So there's literally like nothing at stake.

Pete: Yeah. That, that, that one scene though, like just before he, where he stopped and they say, what are you doing? He's like, I'm just, I'm

Sidey: masturbate to you one more time.

Pete: I'm just looking at your mama. that was, that

Sidey: but then that's completely, that's completely erased when they just get, as much.

Pete: yeah. Yeah. C3 PR is massively irritating. Yeah, he's a massive killjoy. He gets in the way. Quiet. I, I remember even as a kid, like not being bothered where he gets like blowed up in empire strikes back and then Chewbacca's comment clearly got him like in a fishing net on his back for a while.

I did think, oh, how are they going to put him back together? That's that looks like a lot of effort. And then that, and Chewbacca, I dunno, he's got like, he's, he's quite good at these things, but he's got massive, hairy hands. It would have, he would have struggled to do some like welding and stuff or sold soldiering.

Yeah. Yeah. There was a lot of ins singed further. Yeah. So

Dan: droning on,

Pete: it was quite good, but yeah, they, they they're absolutely. I like them or hate them or whatever like that. They are, you can't have gone three or there's very few people on the planet that will have net that for which they, for whom they wouldn't be recognizable, I would imagine.

Sidey: And Anthony Daniels is one of the highest hits for movies that have, started again.

Anthony Daniels box office take is like right Are those One of the, I think he may be more of the top 10 in



ever because of Chris's basically an all the star wars films Yeah.

Pete: single

Sidey: Yeah.

Whereas I don't know if it's the same dude Who's done it due to

Howie: cause he's dead.

Sidey: That makes it work. I just stuff them into the thing. And

Howie: Arthur, you stink. it. You stick. It's not like a dead killer.

Pete: like a raccoon. Try to pick it, pick him open and get in the

Howie: to just say the actors Anthony Daniels see through here. What did he do before C3 PO he must have been a shopper. I can't imagine him actually acting,

Sidey: I

guess probably

theater and stuff. like

Pete: Yeah. He said he seems quite, yeah,

Sidey: he's a of a lovey cause he does I did read into, he hates, hates, hates the cinema the same as you, anyone makes noise eating He fucking kicks off. Yeah. So I think he was a theater background.

Pete: so yeah, that opens up. We're going clockwise or anti cloak.

Sidey: okay.

next, if you want I'm going to go for another pair. It's the T 800 and the T 1000 Okay. So Arnie and Robert, Patrick.

Howie: Yup.

Sidey: But more so the T 1000 because he is super fucking rad, so

honestly 800 So

he is great. He's the hunter killer? And

Dan: extra 200.

Sidey: yeah.

they, they have,

You have the first film and you have some sort of nice effects where he's trying to cut his eye out you know, and you've got that really shitty.


of animatronic

Pete: And he skins his arm

Sidey: He pulls them in and That's what they keep doing to show he does it in Terminator two again. Yeah. But yeah.

fast forward to when the technology was good enough to allow them to do what they want to do with 10, 1000, that was fucking mind-blowing like

Fucking quantum leap in visuals and film for me. And

how he set that amazing meme of when that he improvised going through the, the the prison does on the day.

Howie: I love his running scene. So you need, you know, the story about that. He practiced running, holding his breath so that he could run like a lunatic that he does after the car at the end. I saw just actually this evening having tea with the kids, we watched the best, some Simpsons rerun,

Sidey: Ned Flanders does it

Howie: Nope, well, no, they, they showed the one where Montgomery burns sets a cyborg on Homer and it's their fitness guy and that the sidewalks go nuts and it starts going crazy towards Smithers and he goes, Smithers, get rid of it, get rid of it.

And he fires and it does the Robert,

Sidey: Oh yeah yeah yeah

Howie: and grows and closes.

Sidey: Yeah, it has all that, he's on he's unkillable and he does kill him and he comes back when he gets, when he gets

heated up again. and, you know, Yeah, absolutely.


Dan: brilliant. It's a good robot.

Howie: I'll go next. A film that I find quite charming and sweet from the mid eighties called batteries, not included. Yeah. Um

Sidey: Isn't it Did he produce it

or something

Howie: think he's got it. It's got his taint on it if it has. Cause it's schmaltzy as hell. His stone screenplays, Brad bird. So obviously the Mr.

Incredibles dudes The robots are called the fix. It's they make the bird, basically their land within a dilapidated small tower block. That's being bought up the whole area by developers. And this is the last block of people that won't leave because they've lived there so long. They fix it's these little bug robots come down and crash land, and one of them gives birth and they fix them up with Coke cans, this some really cool stop motion animation for the time as well.

I remember as a kid watching it, being quite transfixed by

Sidey: I remember him looking like

miniature, close encounters

of the

third kind

Howie: Yes. That's exactly it. basically it goes a bit gruesome at the end. There's an arsonist who takes the building down the buildings destroyed and then it ends rather like up in that there is a house that is rebuilt amongst all the skyscrapers.

But yeah, it's a nice, charming, proper Saturday afternoon channel five film.

Dan: Nice. Right. I've got BU both. Yeah. From clash Titans. And

he was,

well, it had the kind of technology that can only

Howie: gift from the gods. If you think about it,

Dan: but no, I, I think he, he did his work didn't he because he helped as Perseus tried to defeat the cracking and save the princess and all the rest of it. And he flew around it just distracted the, any help with a head, I think he collected their head at one point

Pete: oh, Medusa's

Dan: Medusa's

Pete: And does, I think he kind of guides

Dan: Yeah He does a right. So he was, yeah. And you know, how we all very hairy housing he's kind of, know, CGI was practical effects or whatever it was was just

Howie: It was the skeletons. Wasn't it? You remember that? The skeletons coming out ground?

Dan: But yeah. Clash of the Titans.

Pete: Good film remake was a bollix wasn't it? It's got that guy that kills

Howie: Sam

Pete: Yeah. The Aussie.

Howie: No,

Pete: The other guy, avatar guy.

Howie: Terminator,

Sidey: he made

Howie: and my kids love it.

Pete: the original

Oh, right.

Howie: Magnus is obsessed with the crack and stuff like that and all that. And he likes Percy Jackson that sort of shit,

Pete: Okay.

Dan: like, but he's, you know, he's

in a time when that technology wasn't really around, you had booboo

Pete: And I grew up on these sorts of things. So like Jason and the Argonauts and other, other types, other

Dan: I bought a wooden Boba once it wouldn't work,

Pete: gods,

Dan: didn't Yeah

Pete: Publix. So

some of the earliest, right? So we've all had themed bed sheets, right? Right. One of my earliest ones, probably the earliest one I could remember was from the 1979 film, the black hole.


Did you have the bedsheets? Wow. Wow. Ah, if you were close enough, I'd fist pumpy right now.

But so I had the black hole and I that's what I, that's what I call it anyway. Yeah. So I so the film itself, I really liked the film, I think, you know, probably for nostalgic reasons more than anything else, but there's some, some robots in it. And I remember, so obviously the main one, the main sort of like good robot is Vincent which is a really shit acronym actually.

It's Vincent is vital information necessary centralized.

Howie: He looks a bit like dusty Ben.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: 3, 2, 1. Yeah. So he looks at that and then there's obviously his mate, Bob, who's just like who's been battered. Um uh Yeah, Bob does die and yeah, it's a real tear-jerker but the single most terrifying thing I'd seen in my life up to that point was Maximillian the big light red robot with the spinning fucking like hands I'm sure.

At one point. Spin like kills a guy or it may be at least

Howie: No, they turn the crew into like ciao, Jowers wear

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They've got, they've all got these like masks and stuff like that. Like it's quite a cool film. And obviously, you know, at the end of the ship going off into the black hole and it's

Sidey: it was Disney's first PG. here, All you up until you know, universal

Pete: Right.

Sidey: PG Cause it's fucking scary as the kid of this

Pete: Yeah. Maximillian was fucking terrifying. I remember it. But fondly remember the bedroom. I had a pistol over those a of times

Sidey: I

had it wasn't like sheets per se. It was like a sort of do vape, but it was, it just was, there was no

cover. It was like, and that still was that my mom's scarf up and it may even still be but until I don't know, five years ago. it was, I still see it. They're like fucking out. Yeah. I think I had the toys of Vincent and,



Pete: I had any other toys, but.

Sidey: Okay. That to me I'm going to put in how,


from 2001

space Odyssey

Pete: or a computer?

Sidey: it's all just circuitry at the end of the day, isn't it?

Pete: Yeah How would you do it? If you're going to define a robot, if there's a difference between a computer and a robot, a robot has like a body of some description.

Dan: No, we all know. Okay. Look, weeks is here in spirit, at

Pete: well it depends

Dan: he sending is he sending you texts about what, what can be in and what can

Pete: although I do actually

Sidey: you're allowed the power of you're allowed the power of veto. That's fine.

Pete: I've got I've got some, some robot facts and stories and records and everything.

And one of them is actually quite similar to just being a computer. So I'm going to allow, how

Dan: a bit of a chip on your shoulder.

Sidey: Do you

know why it's how

Pete: It's an acronym.

Sidey: it's

the letters below.

Pete: right. So it's not an acronym.

Sidey: No he's just a menacing kind of where he's shown knows this red dot

Dan: overlord

Sidey: circle. It just speaks to this sort of monitoring voice to the crew who it controls the spaceship and is in charge of making sure the mission is a success. And when things start to go, right, he's obviously interpreting things in a way that isn't gonna work.

for the crew. So Dave

Has a conversation with someone very carefully like out of sight and trying to hide away from how, but how has got wind of their plan and just lets them fucking die. And locks Dave out of the spaceship in this little pod thing that he's got. again, cause he says out of the pod bay doors, doesn't it.



Thing. It's like when you're on the pod here and you can hear how he breathing all the time.

it's the same.

in 2001 where you just see that body,

you know, just

going, you know, for ages. And you can just hear the breathing and one goes, you know, the brain's getting more frantic as they're going to die. And it's just very commonly, like, no, you're going to fucking stay out there and you're going to die because the mission has to be success.

culminating, and eventually came back in and taken out all the secretary while he's singing Daisy, Daisy. Woo. It just gets slower and slower. But has anyone seen 2010,

The it's the follow it's the book that obviously follow up and that if something is not Kubrick film, but they did remake it and they reboot up how and it sings. you know, It does it. Then

backwards. It goes back to, and they find out what went wrong with the mission.

And it tries to sort of explain, because obviously that film is.

kind of. abstract you know, it's a lot of the stuff that happens is up for you to like,

sort of interpret what you know exactly I think it's Pretty clear rarely, but

for a lot of the

Dan: what what's 2010 light, then

Sidey: I thought it was all right. Actually, I quite enjoyed it, but it's worth a look I mean, it's no fucking Kubrick base. it's decent enough for you.

Howie: Okay. I'll go for tars and case from interstate. Kind of the weirdest looking future vision for what a robot would be. I don't know if you've seen it.

have you

Dan: I've seen it, but I can't

Howie: So the two, the robots that are in it are those square blocks that have got rectangular, that they are, it's like a robot that a child would design they're super.

They are, they are fully capable of carrying out all the tasks that you would normally associate with a robot that could do in the place of a human, but they are shaped like a rectangle with a screen on the front and a key pad there about the they're bit shorter in height than a human, but they have heat just hinges for arms and hinges for legs, but they can propel themselves and move around.

And they're a key, I'm aware that side or you haven't started to you haven't seen it. So I've be aware. I don't, I don't want to spoil interstellar cause it's one of my favorite films, but the robots are key to an aspect of it that, but it's, it's a very. It's a very different interpretation of what we assume robots may or may not be in the future.

And it just seems to work. It's so simplistic. They have an ability, you have an ability to control the humor percentage and things like that. It's so it's that level of artificial intelligence, but it's well worth it. And it's done really well. And you actually are concerned for their well-being despite the fact they are rectangular.

And that there's no sort of, I don't know what that term is, where you associate a human form into anything. Yeah. anyway, yeah. Tars and case tars is the star of the Sharjah.

Sidey: Okay

Dan: Interesting. I'll I'll add the iron join into our conversation. Have you seen this cartoon?

Sidey: red bird as well?

Isn't it Yeah,

Pete: think I think I have

Howie: I've seen the old

Dan: It's

Pete: they try and blow him up with like

Dan: yeah, they

do at the end That's why the

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: comes, but it's almost like a nature versus nurture conversation going on and, and how people, you know,

and what they do, but there's a brilliant jazz soundtrack going through it as well. And it, you know, one of the guy goes in, he's really swinging guy and he comes in he's he's and it was just such a surprise, I guess, because it was almost had memos Tom and Jerry cartoons, and he went, they went for a jazz phase as well.

And they changed. So, and it, the animation seemed to go more towards that. You know, it seemed to have something really appealing to me and I've seen this probably two or three times. And whenever the kids interested in watching, I was like, oh, put this one on because I don't have to see it all from the beginning again, but the essay, the soundtrack is really strong.

The animation's really good. And the story is really nice and yeah, a bit of a tear jerker at the end,

Pete: I say I always associate it with being like, like a sad film because I'm pretty sure they blow them to fuck at the end. And they,

Howie: In the book, my son's reading the book at school at the minute and they bury him in a pit.

And then at the end they rescue him and send him to a scrap yard where he eats as much as he likes. And he gleams in color from gray to blue because he's, they, they do.

Yeah. He's happy eating wherever the fuck they give him junk rather than the farmers tractors Oh,

Pete: Just quickly before I put up some, another offering a couple of records. I only picked out the ones that were most interesting and obviously where we're now committing to beating some of these world records. So these are world records achieved by robots.

The fastest robots to solve a Rubik's cube is sub one reloaded built by a German guy in 2000 or 2016. Anyone has to guess

Sidey: them do

Pete: naught 0.6, three, seven

Howie: seconds.

It's crazy. When you see

Pete: Yup.

Sidey: there's a documentary about Ruby scapes on Netflix It's well,

worth a look.

Pete: Right. Do we think we can beat that?

Sidey: No, I've never,

I've Never in my life.

Pete: I've never even tried.

Howie: It's impossible. I've declared it that

Pete: Okay. Other than taking the stickers off and putting them back on yeah.

Dan: by the time you snap your fingers,

Pete: It's done. It's ridiculous. Yep. Another one of the record is completely pointless. In Bellville, Illinois in the United States on August the first 2012, somebody who just goes by the initials, J K I'm assuming not railing or that wanker from Jamiroquai um gave can we hazard a guess?

How many high-fives to a robot in 30 seconds? It's 256

Sidey: I said,

Pete: to one. Just why. But the next one maybe, maybe my favorite robot, certainly one of my favorites bender, bending Rodriguez from Futurama,

Dan: he's a

brilliant robot just known

Pete: affectionately as bender. Who's got like a booze problem and smart. In fact, he, I relate to him quite a lot. He he admits flaming burps and sometimes they aren't burps.

He gambled smoke cigars consults with hooker bots and has 100,000 terabytes of porn on his hard drive is one. Cause he he's a, in one of the episodes he's, he's got a gaydar, but he just like declares that everyone is gay, whether using his Gator.

Howie: It is brilliant. It's the fact he has to consume bear. Otherwise he

Pete: Yeah.

that's it.

And when he stops drinking where he gets like a rust beard, doesn't it like? Yeah. Now he's a, he's an absolute hero.

Sidey: Ash and then Bishop from alien and aliens.

Ash is the the snake in the, in the grass in the first one. He's so that's why he doesn't like Bishop. in the second one because Ash. his mission is to bring the alien home, And so he fucks them in the first one.

Bishop is introduced in aliens. It's that great scene where they, they get bill Paxton.

How does that do the hand thing? And they get his ass like, whoa, what the fuck, man?

That ain't

Dan: How many times did you try the

Sidey: Everyone's tried that

Dan: that. I'm going to, I'll go to these scars on my fingers

Sidey: And

he turns out to be you know, the opposite. He's good. And he.


he gets spikes

Dan: ways is just his torso sort of calling

Sidey: Lance Henriksen he's yeah. He's like crawling around and he's got like all this white chairs coming out of his yeah. his face. I so obviously I'd seen it quite a few times, but obviously we watched it this week and I got real, I'm like wait, what the fuck's going on? Because they escape, they get you know,

aliens. so the we've got the in queen this time. So,

they'd got away and I thought I'm prone to falling asleep every now and then

but it

Pete: I'd hope

Sidey: wasn't, this wasn't particularly late,

when we were watching it. And I was thinking, Wait, she hasn't done the thing in the suit where she says get away from her. You

bitch, you know, and he's

still alive. So I don't remember him surviving. I definitely didn't remember. Michael bane

Dan: many different cuts as well. In this film

Sidey: He survived. Yeah, he's got the eyepatch on. He gets he shoots. her through the door and he's done out commission, but he's just basically parked in the back of the thing.

And he survives what's left of Bishop's survives and obviously new and reputable, but then it's not what the children, they land again, having escaped that the, the 18 green site hooked onto the back of the spaceship.

And then he's Bishop saying something and the tail just goes, fucking right.

through him.

You know, it's like in luxurious goes,

everywhere gets ripped in half. And you know, they're just like scrambling around on the floor. so we're quite amusing, but yeah, they were good. I've got loads of those kinds of Android type robots but

Pete: There's another one in the, in the aliens continued you to in Prometheus's

Sidey: David,

Pete: which is Michael Fassbender.


Dan: can almost, I can almost hear re so going and saying that no, it had to be a robot, had to be a specific type of

Howie: It's a robot Yeah,

Sidey: I suppose he doesn't. He is just completely synthetic. human. So

Pete: They must be in a work like computerized in a workings it's not flesh. He's not got like, I don't know, but

Dan: rigs is called me up on a lot less than this.

I'll just have you every

Sidey: cause I'm not sure. I I really don't know what I'm going to actually put in my final choice.

but I've got quite a few left.

to get through.

Howie: I would like to go for, I'm going to put four in at once.

Sidey: Okay.

That is actually the Name of your SAC state.

Howie: I'm going to go for Roy batty. Rachel Kay and controversially Decherd

I'll just go for these fuckers. I can't remember

Sidey: precious Darryl Hannah's one, the

fit one.

Howie: well,

Sidey: sex bot

Howie: yeah. I don't like Daryl Hannah

Pete: blade runner

Howie: yeah. Blade runner and blade runner 2049. Thank you.

Sidey: fell asleep in cinema at that

Howie: I love these films. I have something about I'm that tragic. I'll listen to the actual movie soundtrack and when I'm working.

Yeah. Yeah. Well the 20 49 1 I'll listen to at full tilt and deaf and myself. There is the epic speech by Roy batty um character isn't the remmeber played marvelously by and Ryan Goslin in the latest version playing agent K.

Well, wherever is

Sidey: special

K I don't think it's controversial say deco because he is explicitly

Howie: he is now. Yeah, but it was still quite weird about it in the Easter. Won't say. He interviews afterwards, let's say you are an Andrew and he still says, I'll leave it up to you. But it's like, because of the paper, crane, isn't

Sidey: it.

Howie: It's like, yeah, that that's obviously you are. And obviously Rachel, who he gives birth in. Well, that's, what's implied, isn't it? Yeah.

Pete: Isn't it

Howie: it,

is Finkel Ray Finkle.

Dan: Back around me, I still got quite a few there's robots was a relatively let me say rich area to look at.

And Johnny cab was one that I thought of as well, because he wasn't in it much in total recall, but.

And it was at the time though, a driverless car. It seemed brilliant, you know, it was like, obviously we're getting closer and closer to Johnny Cash becoming real. I hope, I think he's go because he's just got that.

Yeah, exactly. That voice of just such cheerful nursing, where are we going to go? And

Howie: can I take you today?

Dan: and it's yeah, it's a, it's definitely got that kind of satire. That's, that's been written into it and it's it stuck with me that so Johnny cab total recall

Pete: Johnny cab has mentioned in another top vote.

Was it? It must've been taxis or something? I can't remember. I remember, yeah,

Dan: when

Pete: I'm talking of cars that drive themselves and this is my computer one, rather than a robot, but it did come up in, in my research about amusing robot stories. So in 2016, a guy called Joshua Brown was the first person to be killed in a self-driving car accident.

After his Tesla model S was driving in Florida, couldn't differentiate apparently between an 18 wheel tractor trailer and the bright sky the Tesla POS on the one side of the tractor trailer and appeared from the other sides. And I think it decapitated the guy and

Sidey: never danced


Pete: his they, they, the, the information that came out of the accident was that he only had his hands on the wheel for 25 seconds of a 37 minute trip.

And that the drunk driver, the driver of the truck, a guy called Frank , who's very close to Franco breezy, the D the Italian defender. He claimed that when he collided with him, the guy was watching a Harry Potter movie in his Tesla. So yeah,

Sidey: that would have been a.

at Norton then going to the crime, the car crashed you know, fight God. That was his job. in it,

Howie: Oh yeah,

Sidey: investigating it See whether it needs a recall.


Pete: And another quick, unfortunate story about so the first ever instance of robots aside, which is person killed by a robot was in 1979 in the Ford factory where a guy called ironically Robert Williams, which are very close to robots, Williams was killed after the armor robot hit him as he climbed up to a shelf to remove some

Sidey: Sounds like he was asking for it

Pete: yup.

Loads and loads of robot related deaths in car manufacturing factories. So avoid those, if you can, there's a top tip for the week. More robust, I'll put an, I don't know if this counts as a robot or not, and there's quite a lot of arguments online about it, but it's worth mentioning because of how fucking hot she is.

Lisa from weird science Kelly

Howie: Okay Kelly. LeBron

Pete: Kelly. LeBron

Howie: I didn't think I never thought of her as a robot.

Pete: So she is because she was basically a computer program. It was like a Barbie doll or something that the, that the nerds hats, she was derived from a computer program. But comes up in a lot of research for robots. And she's definitely worth mentioning, just purely because of how unbelievably hot she is.

Even, even today still

Sidey: I'll call it a couple of the hot ones then the fem bots from


Powers, They were actually not a real thing. They already existed. They were nicked from,

Or conceptually borrowed from Dr. Goldfish and the bikini machine.


I thought that

Pete: that a film?

Dan: it was some kind of B-movie

Sidey: it sounds


Pete: got explosive job lease.

Sidey: Yes,

Ogle their job leaves at your own risk.

And then I don't know if any of you guys have seen the Battlestar Galactica reboot,

Pete: I haven't, but obviously there's robots in the original

Sidey: fucking outstanding It's one of my favorite

series the silo and the


Pete: golfing could, is fucking amazing. Parsley's saying Rosemary and time

Sidey: and

in the reboot there are 12, different varieties of Cylon but they're all human and the parents, Some you'd know about, but the rest of them, you don't. So that obviously sets


and there's going to be like, oh my God, it was there. But the first one that you see and, you know, a hundred percent is this island is played by Trisha Helfer. She is absolutely megabyte and she gets the codes for, so there's like a sort of nuclear coast, And and as a defense thing that stops anyone attacking her.

she, She basically has an affair with a guy who has all the launch codes and all the, the defense goes, He, she gets them. And the whole of the popular. all humankind is wiped out apart from like a dozen spaceships. That's this plot. So

they're like, yeah, so it's a pretty bleak opening. They're already about Patricia.

alpha, super fucking hot. Look it up and watch it. I really recommend you watch it.

It's fucking

brilliant if you like, if you don't like cipher, you won't like it, but if you'd like to simplify it, this is fucking top drawer. It's it was done by a guy called Ronald D. Moore who cut his teeth on star Trek next gen, which we call nominee nomination coming up.

Howie: I'll quickly go for big hero, six Baymax. Love this kid's animation it's quality set in San Fran Tokyo. There's a lot of geekery behind it, which go into for a long time. They kind of aerial flybys of both San Francisco and Tokyo. They're 3d modeled at all. It's in a library that basically Disney Pixar, wherever it is, can drag and drop shapes from and make up a world.

It's a really clever, a bare max. Is accompanied by hero her murder who is investigating the death of his brother to dishy. It's a medical robot that he basically upgrades and turns into a fighting machine and hilarity ensues.

Sidey: It felt to me like this was a bit of a flop or no one

Howie: kids wise, I thought kids really got into it and the toys, but I agree with you. It's I think it's one that was supposed to be part of a series of films and then it didn't really take off

Sidey: there's some like 2d animation stuff.


followed it. Just a little

few little

Howie: Yeah. There's

Sidey: but I loved


I thought it was great, when I watched

Howie: I enjoyed it. I thought it was good for it's quite funny. Yeah, just there's another one out of the stable.

I need to have a look to see if there was something out at that time that probably dumped it in the viewing figures.

Dan: Well, you guys probably definitely seen rogue one,

right? Yeah. So I dunno, I really enjoyed that movie.

Actually. I know it wasn't, everybody's everybody's favorite, but they've got a robot and that did make me low. And that's a Chi that's him and ages seem to have all the best lines to be honest. And he had a really

Pete: the, the film in some

Dan: is sarcasm in just the way. I mean his humor and, and then his ability as well, just to, to be able

Pete: cause he's a reprogrammed Imperial droids.

That's working for the rebel

Dan: Yeah. Asian

Howie: another voiceover by Allen.

Sidey: I think it's terrific. Yeah. And he is another one who's in the top 10 all time go. Cause he's just so much voice acting work that he has coined it in.

Howie: Is he, is he, he's not breezy.

Sidey: I dunno, Taurus, but he's in encounter that we're gonna talk about.

Howie: Oh

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah And, and this was yeah, broke one where this was the most memorable character in it for me.

Sidey: Oh I like the I'm with the force, the force.

is with me.

Pete: Ah, yeah, both of those guys are pretty cool. Yeah. I can't remember the okay. Well I'll quickly rattle off a couple of other star wars ones and I like BB, I don't really care what people say. I don't know if it's IgE 11 or , but from the Mandalorian who is the, the bouncy hunter robot.

Sidey: he's in empire strikes back as needs the rogues gallery of, where

you first see probably

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he is. Yeah. And he's but he's like obviously a character in the Mandalorian and ISA bouncy hunter. Cool. As fuck just like shooting off in, in all directions. But then he gets reprogrammed by that kind of ignore a character who's voiced by Nick Naulty to be like a nurse robot.

So he like looks after like baby Yoda for a bit. And he's really cool. And then in, in the film solo, which I don't think you've seen, and I don't mind it at all, or did you? I like it. I liked the film. There's there's L 3 37 who's who's like a female robot and there's like loads of inferred kind of like sexual tension between her and Lando Calrissian and she

Howie: the lady from game of Thrones

Jewish What I mean?

Pete: Yeah, I know that the really tall, yeah. Brianna Toth. Yeah. And well, she's in the she's the. Bucket heads ECAPs in Fasman, which is a shit character. yeah. But my last, my last offering then is I won't steal your thunder from star Trek next gen, but I will go for star Trek on the bog or about as

Sidey: but you have to start it You said you went to Derby dead.

Pete: You said star Trek next gen specifically. And I was going to say Jerry Ryan, seven and nine

Sidey: Okay Yeah Yeah.

Pete: Wow.

Sidey: I don't know if you saw the Picard series.


Pete: I haven't.

Sidey: free Disappointing to us, but she's in, it still smoking. hot. really good. I was going to talk about specifically the bog, but there's a two-part episode. It was the last of series three. It's called the best of both worlds.

star Trek, next

Pete: Well it kind of spot, like, I think you first see them in star Trek next gen, and then.

Sidey: cube.

Pete: Yeah of course,

Dan: couple, but never got

Sidey: He he flicks them off into.

the Delta quadrant and they see the bog. for the first time And you see, they put a

Jura as a book, baby. Like they have sex. now. I think they fought that like they're off later on, but

series three episode 26, I think is the V It's the last episode of season three is called the best of breath was part one. That's when the books come in and they take the cards to lead them he becomes the cuteness of Borg and


Season four. It's like one is the, like

the rescue and the thing. And it's fucking top to DV. I actually love it every now and then I'll just put that on and just watch it.



Pete: But the bulk of like real light stand out

Sidey: And

Referenced in Afrin onion when they trying to get the duck off the roof. I've still got millions, but I think we can leave a lot of meat on the bone for Jeff kitchen to do so I'll just read off a couple Ultron from Marvel's age Volkswagen was pretty tight for him, but he was

quite a good, villain.

Wally Wally

it's a

great, a good


Robocop. We've not mentioned. And unicorn from transformers, the movie is a planet sized robot and also voiced by awesome Wells. Yeah. which is really rad.

And then also star Trek is.

Lieutenant commander data.

Pete: That was

Sidey: Brent Spiner Yeah

Howie: John desmin.

Sidey: Yeah.

So that'll be me for, for

Howie: Cool. I will rattle through quickly then the acres from Pacific rim, gypsy danger, a child in my house is obsessed by that major motto, motto, current motto.

Kusanagi which just goes to the show, the scholarly Hanson version. She is hot. The cartoon is hot. So they are cyborg slash fully robots slash entities of fuck.

Knows what Johnny five for short circuits Steve Gutenberg special made sentiment by lightning there from the Nova lab effectively a nuclear bomb slash idiots who likes butterflies and the final one. And this was because we love his eighties robot from the Muppets and he lives in Kermit mansion as a valet or a man servant.

He looks like a Tomi. My first robot, that's the first thing up. Or he looks like the Nintendo Gyra mite, which I have a, if you'd like to eat bay me or silhouette, cause it's fucking shit. I'm always using eighties verbiage. She talks about tap clear a lot and new Coke and he drives their Bentley, which is fucking horrific in the 2011 Muppets when Kermit tries to get the gang back together, which is a great film.

Dan: Great robot.

Well I've written down a few as well. One was the gunslinger in Westworld Yule Brenner, which was one of those movies I watched when I was a kid not knowing anything about it, just stumbled upon and just transfixed and. You know, unbelievable terminate you if you like each just going through the worlds and these guys thinking it's a holiday, it's a break, you know, w w this is the robots we get to shoot them.

And then we go back to our villages and our homes, and it's all make believe, but it's not this one's gone

Sidey: Have you seen the series of that

Dan: No,

Howie: One is fucking awesome.

Pete: series one. And I was out about three episodes into series

Howie: shit.

Isn't it.

Pete: I completely lost track of who I was, let alone what was going on.

Howie: I was plugging myself in

Sidey: so different. a Seriously.

It's definitely worth carrying.

Dan: Well, I just start with a movie, which was absolutely brilliant. I have a former ex Machina, which, which is worth

Sidey: for Alice

Dan: And Alex Garland did the, the


book and box from Logan's run. Have you ever seen this film?

Logan's run? Yeah. So Logan's run is a futuristic film my made in the past.

Howie: in the seventies. It's got Jenny a gutter in it and oh fuck. Who's the bloke main guy was good.

Dan: No, his he's like I'm

Howie: he's in Austin Powers. He plays the head of the British secret service, that actor.

Dan: Anyway, he's basically it's in the future. If you get to 30,

Howie: you're dead,

Dan: dead, you have to do the run. You go up and they there's this kind of game you have to play. But before 30 life's a pleasure. Everything's fried his sex, his drugs, his drink, there's food, there's everything.

But then. It's population control. We've got too much or whatever it is, the resources don't have it. So they play this game where people just kind of float up to the middle of a dome and then explode all trying to get a go like a light bulb at the top. I dunno like a globe at the top. And they will kind of float up to, but some people are wise to this and think this is a, is it a bunch of shit?

And they, they want to do a an escape. So there's this kind of big one. And it was, again, just a film I watched when I was kid really good. And the robot in that is like the big baddie who they have to kind of face at one point called the box. And I won't go on and do any more. Cause I think Jeff will probably fill in the rest.

Sidey: but I feel certain rigs would have mentioned is dot matrix from Spaceballs. Who's the C3 PO.

and this days Joan Rivers.

So P how are you going to put in,

Pete: I'm going to put in Maximillian from the black hole.

Sidey: I'm going to put in collectively the bog.

Howie: I'm going to go for all of them in blade runner

Sidey: Okay.


we just, collect it from here

Dan: And I'm going for the iron giant.

Sidey: Nice

Right. Jeff.

hit us up. with some some other nominations,

Dan: 1, 1 0, 0 1, 1

I know we're alive,

Howie: New York, London, Paris Munich. Everybody's talking about your shit, vegan cheese. Talk about it, Peter. Just talk about it. What's in your vegan cheese this way.

Pete: This isn't a new section that we're doing. It's just,

Sidey: you are a vegan

Pete: a couple of weeks ago I was going to make myself entirely unhappy for four weeks by going vegan antidotal. And I've stuck to both.

And I'm yeah, it's, it's yeah, I'm completely unhappy, but. So what I thought I do is as an actual little treat this evening is bringing along some vegan cheese to review in the cheese section that we normally have. And this is an apple wood vegan cheese, and the ingredients are water, coconut oil, potato starch modified may starch, yeast extract, reduced sodium CSO, natural flavoring, thickener, and some smoke flavoring,

Howie: So it's basically potato.

Pete: I really don't know. Yeah. And it's,

Sidey: Was it?

Pete: it's absolutely awful. Like it's completely inedible. do you really want to try something?

Howie: Can I try

Pete: Okay. So we're going to do live tasting of vegan cheese. I'd smell it. Before you do, and then, and then I'll

Sidey: sound like any of those ingredients, are particularly hateful

Dan: it's

Pete: It's, it's really difficult.

It's it's like you've eaten something that is not meant to be eaten.

Dan: smoked cheese.

Pete: smell it first. and then I'll warn you. It tastes like it smells, which is awful.

Dan: the cheese is in my hands.

Howie: I'll


Sidey: I guess we'll

all have to do this

Pete: So I feel like you're going to be spitting things out.

Howie: Maybe your sex tape. Smelling

Pete: rotten.

Howie: It smells like fish, fish, mood.

Sidey: Fuck off.

That is

Dan: It's a it's

Pete: disgusting.

Dan: no, it's, it's smoked, isn't it?

Howie: It tastes like a potato omelet.

Pete: here, but you can smoke. If I die.

Sidey: Texture is just plastic it's


Dan: Yeah. It's very quaffed like cheese. Isn't it? You know,

Pete: it's not even as good as that.

Dan: that texture.

Howie: probably a bit more of that.

Dan: I wouldn't, I wouldn't have gotten mad on it.

I'm going to leave it

Pete: like if you like melted it on something, it might be edible, but it's, it's really not.

Sidey: It's just not, it's not very good at all. And that segues very nicely onto this week's movie nominated by rigs. We watched 2000 and twelves robot and Frank and and Frank,

Pete: it's a film about Anne Frank as a robot.

Howie: Sorry. I'm just eating more vegan cheese.

Sidey: And it has anyone seen this before?

Pete: know. I'd never heard of it.

Sidey: Okay

Dan: I'd seen the poster, but hadn't

Sidey: in,

I had watched it before, but I also, for the purposes of this came around to the man-cave on Friday night and

watched it

Dan: made sure I watched it.

Sidey: Fair to say a couple of times. it's gotta be honest. Well

what would say for say.

the eyes are so closing. I was still listening. I it was you know, comforted by the fact that I had seen it before, so, so that was fine.

It's yeah, like I mentioned, it's a 2012 kind of science fiction settings. I think.

it says

near future.

So it doesn't date itself and then make it obsolete when that date passes. Like,

films do it's I think I'm right in saying it's the directorial debut of Jake Scherer, like squirrel. And it's it's skeletal Franklin gala as an aged cat.


Dan: When you say skeletal, he played him in,

Sidey: to the university of dolphin that he was there

Dan: He wasn't the voice of skeletal or any,

Sidey: I think you did the voice and the actual physical

Dan: in the field. Yes, but not in the cartoon. Just to clear that up for any skeletal fans,

Pete: but he's, he's recognized think he's been what he has been in other staff.

I can't recall any of it, but he is recognizable as, as a face as well. Cause obviously he's wearing a

Sidey: a lot of

Pete: heavy prosthetics for the skeletal.

Sidey: Yeah, he's a cool dude. So at the very opening sequence, he's picking a lock or what, the, when we first see him. He's doing some stuff, he's done some burgling, but it says own GAF, isn't it? Yeah. So This is cause he has dementia.

Right. Yeah. Has he, was he just practicing to keep her skills up or has he forgot


he is And he was just

Dan: I think both, I think he's I think gets lost in those moments when he starts to think about it and then he forgets the time and place and he's actually living that life again. And in that moment, it, it seemed because I watched it for the first time and I think it was about 10 or 15 minutes in when I, I said something to you.

I said, maybe that was the first time you'd nodded off because you just kind of went, oh, no, that, when I, I said, is he losing his mind to something, this guy because there wasn't any doctor seen or anything like that. So and then you gave me a, well, I took as in affirming and.

And then I, you know, started the thing.

Okay. Why there's more to this story. And as we go through it

Sidey: we gets a phone call from his daughter.

and he sort of doesn't really recognize that But he thought of thinking, when he's saying just woken up. So he's kind of like

asleep on


Dan: couch.

Sidey: she rings through and it's got this new tech although it's not new now where he sort of

answered the phone and it comes on the tele and he's like, it doesn't really recognize it at first.

And she's often Turkmenistan doing some sort of charitable work.


Dan: I, I would say yeah, that would have looked, was it 2012? Maybe this film. So look failing modern and rad. Yeah.

Howie: This house is an absolute shame.

Sidey: Yes,


Dan: well it's like he's moving in or moving

Sidey: well he's I guess that shows you these clearly that he's living on his own, you know, there's no female touch they're going around you know, helping him them is he is on his



he's gets a visit from his son, I played by James Marsden. Who's fucking, super smooth.

Dan: And I kept saying I've seen him.

Howie: some instances.

Pete: Yeah. The other thing I remember him, he's Jack lame and can command too.

Sidey: yes

Howie: the hedgehog.

Sidey: yes, yes.

Dan: That's where I think I remember him from anchorman to,

Howie: but before he visits his, some we just seem do we S we see him walk around the town, he walks around the town and he's doing things like casually shoplifting in a fragrant shop, like

a bath

Pete: candles and bath

Howie: Yeah. And he's just kind of lost in the modern world.

Pete: And this is where he first goes to that. We first see him in the library, which is a part of his seemingly daily routine.

He goes in and

Sidey: sees

Pete: that the librarian

Sidey: Jennifer,

Pete: Susan Sarandon and Mr. Darcy is the robot.

Sidey: Yeah, he could have been in, he could have been in the top five.

I, thought he was really good.

Yeah. she says something about oh, rich broke. do you want to take out for the seventh time or something like that? So I think he's just taking books out just to go and see a

you know it doesn't think he's sitting there reading all these things.

Dan: there's a,

bit of a romantic streak.

Sidey: number, first of all, doesn't it?

Yeah. But yeah, then there's the sun.

Hunter. I hate that. name.

He's fed up, he's got this long commute to come out and see his dad once a week. And he's fed up and his dad doesn't, you know, he's not enthusiastic about this cause everyone wants to help him, but he just finds it as interfering and you know, like a lot of people do.

But he's gonna leave this robot behind to help him in his day-to-day life. Build up a routine to happen with his memory and just to help him get through the day and to tidy up and look after him, you know,

Dan: Yeah. It's a bit of a mission for him to, to drives. And it's a 10 hour round trip.

Sidey: which He's doing every week

Dan: he's doing it every week. And he said, look, this is a top of the range robot data. And I does it, is he working the industry?

I don't know how he gets that

Pete: oh, he's a lawyer, the

Dan: He's a

Pete: but he's yeah, he's, he's, he's obviously drops a load, a dollar on this on this row, which is yeah.

It's top of the range, but it's yeah, it basically, it's like, it's, it's exactly what it's everything that he needs. It sort of like reminds him, takes us exactly. Right. so reminds him to take his medication, prepares his meals for him with like the diet that he needs.

Howie: And, it gives him an animal.

Pete: yes, he does. You know, we don't see that, unfortunately, but yeah, also like the, the, the robot is obviously sort of tailored specifically to the needs of the, the, the owner.

And so he's aware that you know, of the dementia and he needs like a strong routine, but also activities that are going to stimulate him. So that will help him with his memory and everything. Obviously Frank sees it. This is like interference and light is creepy. He doesn't want to be left with it. And yeah, he's not particularly receptive to it, but it seems like the, the gift is coming from the right place in terms of it's providing the assistance that he

Sidey: yeah. But also there's a part of it where he just wants, it. doesn't want you to drive He's just mentioned


and it's everything's a bit inconvenient for him with his

Howie: he wants to get rid of the guilt of leaving his

Sidey: Yeah So there's there's an element is that there is a large portion of it.

That's about the health, but there's also a bit of a, and I can just not have to bother with this every week.

And like, you know,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So

Pete: yeah. So Frank initially is not a fan.

Sidey: No. And then he goes on his walks and you see he's got the robot carrying all this stuff. And so he started to get on board and that he could actually use this thing,

for a

few bits and bobs, and then I can't.

Dan: well, it really, it re the relationship changes when the robot goes into the shop with him. And he tries as he does to, to steal his bath bomb in there. And there's a, there's a new girl that doesn't recognize him. Who's asking. Oh yeah.

Pete: isn't she, she's the girl from the ah, fantastic beasts and where are right. Okay. So she's like quite a prominent actress now, but I guess this is 2012. So it would have been before that. So she had a very small part in it, but she's now a recognizable actress in her own right.

Actor, if I've I'm offending people.

Dan: you are but then you've got.

Sidey: Hey slips Then he puts it back Doesn't he while she's talking he sort of puts it back and she says, you know, you've stolen again. You know, cause he's obviously doing this every week. and he actually poses pockets literally out of his trousers. No, I

haven't let's fuck off

Dan: just froze them out in the shop.

Cause he's banned from going in there. Anyway. He said, don't come back. And halfway down the street home the robot game gives him this a bath bomb and he goes what's that? And he, he starts to understand that the robot has been programmed for everything.

Sidey: It knows what stealing is, but it has no moral compass and it doesn't differentiate between what's right. And what's wrong.

So it's like

Dan: W

are we suddenly, suddenly Frank? We, we learned he's a cat burglar by trade. He's been doing that all his life and his, his mind is starting to think about the possibilities of what can happen with a partner.

Pete: Did we see this as a bit of a plot hole that this robot, which is obviously completely like pioneering in terms of its like capabilities doesn't like will be complicit with committing crimes and stuff

Dan: like that kind of thing.

That overlook

Pete: It's sort of like, it, it kind of is fairly glaring and glitter. So glaring that like, is it, is there an explanation for it at any point? I didn't really get that. There was an explanation for it like this, you know, that like the moral

Sidey: I suppose you're supposed to you

think that, you know, 99.99, 9% of patients that they will be looking after are not cat burglars who

are going to exploit it to

Pete: get that. But, but anybody could

Sidey: after they get

Pete: I'll go and do it, go and kill that person, go and do this go and do whatever it may be. And if the robot is like, well, that's going to be good for the, like the health or like mindset of my patient. I'm going to do it regardless of whether

Sidey: well that's exactly what he just said Th this sort of activity would be good for your routine.

and good for your stimulation

of your mind. So let's crack on and go steal some

Howie: I had a problem with this film at this point, because all I kept thinking about was is that a midget in that robot, so, or a child, because I can work it out.

Sidey: The

Howie: yeah. I have a problem with midgets in robot suits. That's what I'm trying to say.

Sidey: is the preferred nomenclature.

Pete: you want them to, did you want the person to die? Like R2D2, just rot inside the caucus

Howie: to plot a knife through him and for him to go out shit and then just bleed out and go. And the whole of that robotics industry was shown for the sham that it is. And it's basically children being made to work in robot suits for a demented people. And then it would cut to an old person's home and there's some poor robot having to give a hand job to some old Biddy.

And I thought the film was going that way. I thought it was really going to go

Pete: He projected quite a lot.

Sidey: The robot was played by a lady called Rachel.

Who's a dancer and an act

tour and no

I think

normal size.

and I don't think specs respects the same

as at anymore.

Howie: Said it.

Sidey: So but the, She was only recruited three days before filming because they only got the robot a week before. And the original person who was cast got an extreme claustrophobic.

reaction wearing the robot.

suit. And So yeah, there was a last minute change up.

Howie: it's brilliantly done because it's not over the top walking, like on the moon, that's the kind of robot that you would need kind of yeah,

Sidey: I remember seeing

some like Sort of tomorrow's world.

thing. with Japanese robots being developed at this time, but but like exactly. like

Howie: As, as, as the

Sidey: I yeah,

Dan: It was good. It was really good.

Howie: I was in Boston dynamics that you always see on the news. Yeah, the, yeah, the kind of, oh, we are, we appear to be all dead in the next 20 years. If this continues brilliant,

Pete: So he teaches the robot how to pick

Sidey: locks.

That's the first thing you teach them.


Pete: And obviously times him and then realizes like Jesus, this robot's

Dan: picking it up

Pete: a lot steadier and can pick locks in a fraction of the time that he can, so

Howie: but it's providing him with massive stimulus and he's really perked up and he's more cognitive and he's more at the moment and he's not daydreaming or thinking about things that aren't exactly happening at that time.

He's still kind of, he's still obviously showing signs of dementia, but he's, he's really clicked into the moment

Pete: was just given him a new lease of

Dan: it's the project he needed, which is what he was, he was told.


Pete: But at one point they even have like a little bit of a discussion because the robot even says like, look, I really think that gardening would

Sidey: be,

Pete: What you need to do to this. She's like, no, no,

Sidey: well that does. become important later on but one of the trips to the library. We realized that actually this old bricks and mortar thing, and I've actually going and taking a physical copy of book is going to end that it's been taken over. by Some smarmy fucking

Pete: Jesus, like fo I mean, this guy was like, so unbelievable as a character because he was just the first thing he said, like the first thing he did when, like the guy who was like, oh, Hey, old timer like that.

It's like

people really fucking talk like that.

Sidey: It's Jeremy strong. Who was in the big, short, do you remember who watched the big short, He was the sort of computer analyst dude for Steve Karastan.

Howie: Oh God.

Sidey: Yeah. So anyway, he's taking over and it's being turned into this sort of, you know, like kind of like vision it's sort of like a theme park or like, you know, it's like a museum of, of a library, where it's Just leave the library as it is.

That's exactly what it is.

Howie: digital impression.

Sidey: It's like, basically it's like the metaverse with mark Zuckerberg, you know digitizing everything. And so he's being shown around the library and Jennifer shows him this.

First edition copy of Tonka hotel that they've got. under lock and key, which reminded me

of American animals.

Yeah. Books and other books


Pete: novel of all time on Kioti.

Sidey: that.

Pete: Yep. I, you know that, cause we had a quiz at work today and that was one of the question.

Sidey: that surprises me.

Pete: What's the best selling novel of all time, Don Quixote.

Sidey: Okay, great. And this was the first edition of that and he's like, right. well, I'm going to steal that for sure.

Dan: Yeah. It's always like up don't they? He thinks and it is not for him. He, he's more, there's a romance about it. He's an old time kind of cat burglary calls Yeah. You, you can't imagine that he was a violent criminal. It certainly doesn't pay that way. He was in, in and out get their

job done, when they're not there

Pete: he's done a series. He did a 10 year stretch at one point. So that's not just, you know, a few bath bombs

Sidey: also that you start to paint this picture, You've just said,

it of it being almost like a victimless crime, but it's not painful stuff, you know?

I was going,

to be with how to take this


Dan: no, it's horrible. It's absolutely horrible.

Pete: sale the book as a present for the librarian that you found the CS who's obviously then going to know that,

Dan: yeah, this is where he he's at this stage where he's getting confused with both love and his his project. And he's moving forward because you, you see certain times when his condition is, it seems to have worsened, you know, really he's lost where he is. And even Jennifer questions it once or twice just in conversation or no, you, you said that before you did that yesterday.

Remember? And

Howie: she's quite forgiving of his fuck-ups.

Dan: Yeah. And at one stage, I think then they, they, they had offer date together. Don't they?

Sidey: She invites him to go to the opening of, or it's a work event. at the actual opening of this digital


but they're all there. And so she brings him along,

She has another

Dan: That's the night after he's robbed them.

Pete: Yes. Cause he brings the book as a gift and then realizes it's not the right time.

And that's what he gets like a re it's quite a funny scene of the two robot, like Mr. Darcy and robot that we're calling it. Yeah. And they, they try and encourage the robots to have like a,


Dan: swap IP addresses. Yeah.

Sidey: And

Pete: it is just like really awkward, like interaction between them. It was quite amusing, but that guy continues to be a prized balance.

Howie: He's flaunting as well.

Dan: I just thinking that Mr. Darcy was like, I'm fine tuning, normally chop line. Wasn't it. How are you about as good.

Howie: he goes back to his house and he accesses the robot's visual memory and he goes, gosh, I wish I had a memory like you. And he's basically just zoomed in on that. Woman's cleavage with the Juul song. And, and he takes note and says, this is, this is our next target.

This is our next target.

Dan: oh, it's the wife of the, it relates to it's. The pretentious Wangarr

Howie: And so him and him and the robot go and do they case it, they serve. So do some surveillance on the couple, and he's just sat in the woods with the robot and some binoculars taking notes of this couple's activities. And he says to the robot, they'll leave in a minute.

And the robot goes, probability suggests that they won't and they get up and leave. And he says, there's still something about humanity that I've got ahead of you over you. And this is kind of is a regimented activity. This is part of his routine. He goes back home and there's there's a knock at the door and it's his daughter who surprised him of I jumped or leaped across it.

Sidey: come back. She's dead against the

Howie: yeah. And she's fucking useless and annoying.

Dan: Well, he was in the original phone call with her. He was like, fucking hell, I've got this robot. And

Sidey: more she's got more of a like ethical, moral thing against robots being used

Howie: as slaves.

Pete: Yeah.

but she, yeah. She's yeah, I couldn't really see whether she, but then she just seemed to be like anti the robot altogether.

Dan: she was, I think she was anti the robot. And then after a while he wanted the robot back because they're hatching this plan together.

Pete: Can I add at this point, and I've, I've only, I've only seen Liv Tyler in like the Lord of the rings, trilogy and Armageddon UN I thought her performance was bullshit. I thought it was so fucking like, cause she was literally dialing it in at the beginning. And then her like acting like seems to be really fucking poor throughout most of this

Howie: she was really whiny all the time and talk like this.

And it was just you just coming across as just get off the screen.

Sidey: She Didn't bother me to be honest.

I don't really know

Pete: in great neck. She doesn't look like she's aged a day. He said in the 20 years, since I last saw her in anything, but she didn't re she seemed pretty wooden in her performance.

Sidey: Okay.

well, anyway, suspicion is, has been sort of aroused and the police start snooping around and asking questions.

Dan: Well, the Navy base convinced that the neighbors convinced it's Frank

Pete: Yeah. Cause he's got up to him at the party. Sorry, but he's going out through the Patsy and said, oh, a book was stolen from the library last night. Do you wear glasses? Cause he's left his glasses at the library. So he knows it's him. He's done a bit of background on him, realizes that he has been in prison for burglary in the past.

So he's obviously prime suspect and is gunning for him straight away.

Dan: And he's right, but he can't prove it. And the policeman who comes to investigate just kind of laughs he's a fan. Everybody's heard of this guy, he's a legend. The stuff that he's done, the, you know, it's one of those ways

Pete: useless because number one, he like goes in and he, he doesn't suspect to them anything.

So you can help us find the person that did this. Cause like, you're, you're too old to, to have committed this crime. But then later, like very soon he basically just does everything that the guy asks him to do. He just says like, oh yeah, you know,

Dan: he's probably

Pete: search the guy's house, like do do this, do that. And like th the, the guy, the policeman

Dan: got some money in some sway this guy though, isn't he, he's got a lovely house. He's just moved in that jewelry was worth a few quid.

And I think he's probably put on

Sidey: probably donates a bit to the old.

police fundraiser.

Dan: And and he was right. You know, it, it was where the jewelry was, but

Sidey: but the

robot saying, the only way you're going to get out of this is if you wipe my memory.

but now they have a bit of a bond on his side. I want to do

Dan: It's his friend

Sidey: Yeah Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Because, because then he sees like, obviously it's reflective of his own situation where it's like, his memory is effectively being wiped over a period of time and, and he doesn't want to inflict that on, on anything else. Obviously he's also got to get rid of the evidence as well.

Dan: Yeah. And a robot records everything and he, every conversation. So he's confessed loaded time to a load of other crimes as well, what he's done. So he really needs this to go away.

Howie: Does he, at this point now need to get his son over to the house and feigns that he's dying and he gets hunter to turn up and tells hunter, look, I want to S I want to end this with a clean sheet and gives him a briefcase and says, don't look it into it.

Just go and hide it somewhere. And you thinking, well, where's this going? Where's this going? And all this time, there's been clearly a surveillance van out the front, watching them. And as hunter goes to his car, he opens the boot. He throws the suitcase in the police car, pops out at the side entrance. The van drives up and they get, put it down, put it down and they go to.

And they open up their briefcase and all this in there is bath

Pete: It's for the

Howie: and a book or something like that.

Sidey: He's also on a trip to the library.

He's looked at some photographs and it becomes clear that Jennifer Susan Sarandon is his ex-wife.

Dan: Yeah, that was the kind of big reveal. Wasn't it? Why, why did he end that this girlfriend, this woman has been so nice to him and that he's kind of asked the number four and she spent a lot time with them and they seem to have some kind of chemistry together and you see a photo of them together as a young couple with the kids and everything, and the penny begins to drop and he starts to understand quite unwell.

He is,

Howie: yeah, it has a real moment. And he just leaves in a distress. He leaves the place in distress. Doesn't it? Cause it's just all kind of kicked in.

Pete: there's a bit of a chase where whilst the, the police trying to infiltrate the house and search it and everything. And Frank manages to get out, I think, in Hunter's car and drive around and picks up the robot in the car.

Dan: comes through the back door

Pete: And goes, goes off on a drive.

Sidey: Yeah.

But it does, it does have to wipe his memory.


Pete: They returned back to the house and, and rush upstairs and lock themselves in a room. And that's when he, the, the robot reveals the, because obviously at the beginning, Frank's trying to like, where's your off switch. I want to turn you off. And he's, he, he doesn't want to do that. And then the robot reveals where it is and yeah, he, he turns him off and it raises his,

Sidey: Well he says I'm not a real human I'm here by only purposes to help you And the only way I can help you now is if you

wipe my memory.

So that's why he's got to do it always. he's going to be back inside. Where would they do that? Someone with dementia? I don't know.

Dan: It was quite serious crimes. They'd probably find a way. So he, he needed to err on the side of caution and white, white, the little guy's memory,

Sidey: but he does have to go into a full time care facility, which is what they were trying to avoid.

But I think, know there's no avoiding it


He's going to have to go in

and during a visit he, strips of a note

isn't he note saying check the flowerbeds you know?


So the gardening did come in useful cause he stashed it over gear.

Dan: Yeah. I mean it came around and gave that sort of circle at the end there where it, it tied up the loose end of where's the money gone or where did those drawers go in everything.

And eventually. he succumb to the illness really? And it was almost over the course of the film. You could see him getting worse and this was like a, almost a, a final Herrara in story frame.

Pete: Yeah. Cause you never really knew how sort of truly bad it. Well, you just thought it was like, oh, he's a bit forgetful and so on.

But then when you, when the reveal is that this librarian is his ex-wife, it's like she he's, she is completely erased from his memory. And obviously the dementia is far more developed than, than we had an appreciation for. And that's the end of

Dan: yeah, it's quite, it's quite then emotional then when that, that that's the last point and it just, that's what it leaves you with.


I mean, it wasn't super hilarious or anything and,

Sidey: No, it was, it

it's a short, you know, I think it might even be under 90 minutes, It just sort of, route through quite quick. it's one of those films. I quite like when you, you know, you just want something it's not going to blow you away.

but I really enjoyed it. happy to watch it again for this. I really enjoyed it. I've really had the hots for Susan, Sarandon, this

Pete: yeah, she's a, yeah.

Sidey: More so than Lyft Tyler it's quite

Pete: a big age gap between them, but as she's senior in years, anyway, I really liked the premise. I thought the premise was really interesting.

It was very interesting. There's dementia element I live with. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and so this thing of like, people like being completely erased whilst other people are continued to continue to be recognized and other people commit that is genuine. That's real. And I saw that first hand, so that was quite kind of like, it, it drew me in, I feel that there were parts elements of the film that kind of The rest of it down like that, that character that was bag was just over. So over the top. So hateable like I said, like live Todd, his performance, I

Sidey: think it was

Pete: w w w yeah, it was, was quite alarming. So what, what was it? Yeah, like I said, there was, there was definitely like enjoyable moments, sweet moments.

There were some funny interactions and, and it held my attention for the, for the whole film, but it just felt a bit weak in, in some aspects of

Dan: It's a really interesting idea though, isn't it?

Because you've got how we could potentially use robots in health and technology, so that the idea of that, and then twisting that to, to, you know do a robbery or something is interesting as well with with an old guy, you know, rather than so it, it promised more, I think the idea then the film delivered for me, I thought it was.

Interested in and I've happily watched. It was nothing wrong with it, but I thought the idea was strong enough. It could have been even better.

Pete: I agree with that. The

Dan: just left wanting a little bit. Because the idea I think was really cold.

Pete: Yeah.

Howie: Although it is quite charming, a short film, I think. The reason, it being sure.

It perhaps lacks a bit of depth in areas and it was forced to a preposterous character in which was the developer guy and OTT em, to the point very quickly so that he instantly became, it was the crime became victimless because he was so awful. And I think that was the aim because of the short timeframe.

Other than that, I thought it was a great idea. Like everybody said so far. And I think it worked quite well apart from Liv, Tyler, rest of the cast would go Susan Surandon and

Sidey: melons

Howie: and Frank they w they worked really well together. There was genuine chemistry there and a bit of tenderness. Yeah, I I'll I'll recommend this to people.

Sidey: it only costs two and a half million us dollars to make.

Pete: Wow.

Sidey: Do you think it made any money?

based on that?

Dan: yeah,


Sidey: it did. It made 5 million.

Dan: Okay. Double his money. There you go.

Sidey: The people that made the robot is a company called old terrier. Alterian FX. They're from Los Angeles. They make the daft punk helmets.

They make the fat suits for the fairy brothers movies and the Chucky, the horse. So that, Yeah. That's pretty cool job. I liked it. I would definitely recommend it, but it's not the kind


film that's going to

Dan: it's an hour and a half long. And if you scratch around for someone to watch that you wouldn't have seen anything quite like this before.

Then check it out. Yeah. It's not, it's not wasted time for sure. It's good.

Sidey: This week's


TV was a kid's movie, which


found out at the last second.

Pete: Yeah, I, this, this was I'm. I'm gonna, I'm lying. If I said I gave this like my fullest attention

Dan: this wasn't a oh, what's the, what's the kid's choice. So it's 10 minutes long. It's 15

Pete: Well, I asked you last night, what the kid's choice was. And I, that was when I found out it was a movie.

Cause my next question was gonna be a yes. Series war episode. What? And it's like, it's a film. And then I listened. It said one hour 49 minutes. Fuck my life. So I managed to watch half before I fell asleep last night. And then the other half at the early hours of this morning was being interrupted by children and shit.

Howie: I can give you a brief synopsis.

It's about a crime family who hide in Columbia with a wizard old woman that runs the show. She is beating her family to submission. We must alive each other because she talk like this. And it's incredibly stereotypical of the two DS the accidents. I revoked that comment, but it's all about people in Honduras getting killed loads.

They go to a magical place and there's mirrors. There's magic and there's Disney. Thank you. There we go.

Pete: The end of the show.

Howie: what are your nominations next week?

Pete: I immediately looked at this and thought Latino, mobile.

Howie: Yes, maybe you're

Pete: Which, also fits into the song, Hakuna, Matata.

Sidey: the intro is like exactly the same as mine.

It's like young kids getting

told a story by an older person



Pete: obviously in marijuana it's that she wants to explore the sea and no one else does. It's like, you must stay here in this one.

Howie: Sorry, I haven't flushed back some water.

Pete: Yeah, in this, it's a, she's the only member of the Mabry gala family who doesn't have a gift slash isn't

Dan: Yeah. Yeah Cause they come of age, the children of the village of the house and they walk up the stairs and open a door. And if the door kind of starts to glow it will reveal your gift.

And that was like, there was a strong girl and

Sidey: there was the

big Birch lesbian

Dan: There was

Sidey: there's the guy that could hair. There's the girl who is

Dan: Yeah he

Sidey: system

Howie: There was the boy that could change into any person. He wished to

Pete: And

Sidey: she didn't have a gift.

And that

Dan: Yeah When, when she went to the door, the dog just kind of went like, go sad, didn't it. And it didn't open for her. And everybody looked at her like, Ooh, your you're not one of us. But they, they obviously is as a part of the family, she was just

Howie: well, she was kind of, I'd say she was a bit of a slave to the family. Well, along

Dan: a bit of a Cinderella.

But um she was, she was lovely wasn't she taught her kids and everything and she was getting everybody ready to the little boy that's going in. What was his name?

Sidey: is

Dan: Antonio,

I think it is. And he's going up to get his gift. He's a bit nervous and she's holds the hand of him as he goes up. And he's got all the animals.

Howie: Yeah. Maribel Maribel says to him, don't worry, blah, blah, blah. And he goes and gets his gift and they have a family photo with all of them, with their gifts.

But there's one missing, which is Maribel. Who's the main


Dan: seen this twice before she's watching it with me for a third time, because she loves it that

Howie: My kids love it

Pete: I immediately messaged Sienna and said, have you seen in cancer?

And she said, no. I said, you'll love this. Watch it, you in Rome, like definitely watch it because it had all the hallmarks of like visually it's lovely and you know, girl lead and the, you know,

Dan: the songs are catchy

uplifting. Yeah.

Sidey: I found the songs to be a big, big let down. of the first song where it's like the exposition song, where they tell you the whole story, like, I couldn't really understand the word she was fucking saying, if wants to be like,

Pete: was it because some of the songs were in Spanish, but I, I

Sidey: there was no Spanish No

Pete: there was the translation, but

Sidey: super fast. I honestly, I didn't find them catchy apart from the we don't talk about Bruno.

yeah, that was


was the only sort of one that was


Pete: only one I can remember

Sidey: he

Dan: The other one where they talk about the, yes, it's got the Spanish in it. So I won't even try the caterpillars and the

Disney singalong songs.

There were a couple of big high notes and

Pete: none of them hit them like loads of the Moana songs hit the mark straight away, obviously.

Let it go and all the frozen stuff like that, that all hit the mark straight away, nothing from this other than the Bruno one was a bit kind of like catchy at best. But yeah, the, the songs really didn't hit the mark for me.

Howie: I think they were, as you said, there were multi-lingual the cast were predominantly Hispanic or Mexican Americans. There's a, Beatrix Stephanie who's in Brooklyn. Nine, nine. Is it? Beatrix Stephanie and Stephanie Beatrix one of the, whatever neighbors she chooses to whichever way round she likes she's so, so occasional, but again, just mentioning it from the previous one, the two Kim was played by Alan today.

Sidey: And he did. Hey, Hey, in marijuana,

Pete: ah, right. Okay. But, they did not really a massive speaking part.

Hey no, I didn't like, so I don't have obviously issues with, with foreign language to me songs per se. But like marijuana, there's a lot of light, you know, like Pacific Islander, like language songs or whatever, but it's not like you don't need to kind of like, know what the lyrics are saying to understand what's going on.

Whereas this, I felt like, like you say that, that the big of exposition song beginning.

Sidey: It was so fast.

I couldn't keep up with it or know what was


pick out what was

Howie: going on with the kids

Pete: Columbia?

Sidey: This is Columbia. yeah,

Howie: it's the song. The first song is the one where the kids keep chanting. What's your gift or something. And it's like, it does get faster and faster and faster. And it is frenetic

Dan: in the land.

Howie: I have to set up. No, I, I think this film is immediately a victim of how good marijuana is.

It really is. It really, really is. And I, my kids loved it, but I kept, I kept in exactly what you're saying is I was like, this is like marijuana, but I like marijuana

Pete: all the way through. I was thinking about marijuana and how this wasn't as good as it and kept thinking, why the fuck didn't they just make marijuana to the film?

I will wait the rest of my life for,

Dan: so

Pete: not seen marijuana.

Howie: beautiful

Pete: It's a fuck. It is the best animated film of all time for me

that I've, I've said it it's fucking brilliant. It's it's brilliant.

Sidey: hot as well.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: That's really

Pete: Yeah. But it

Sidey: I think

because maybe it'd be hard to get the rock back at this point,

Or maybe,

I don't know if I would crave marijuana too. Yeah.

Dan: Well, okay. Where we are talking about in Shonto and I've not seen marijuana and I thought in Shonto is, was pretty good. I mean, I liked the songs. I liked the,

Sidey: on the

Dan: wasn't, I wasn't thinking about another girl. I was just thinking about in Toronto, you

Sidey: cards on the table. This was like underwhelming for me, right from the get-go.

I just, th the, the matriarch, of the family was like pretty fucking horrible.

which was the plot, but, you know,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: like

Pete: a return to Disney. Like, there's always like a, a horrible stepmother or you know, a which or which, which marijuana, again, there's like, there's like the grandmother who's like her inspiration. The other kind of like naughty one in the family.

We're just talking about marijuana. Let's talk about marijuana. And so it's

Howie: wait, I'll just keep thinking that every five minutes I'll take us back. Am the ocean. I don't know what that song is. I just thought I said,

Sidey: The house is basically held together by this magic candle that they have the MacGuffin it's the


handle that for some reason. A lights when she was about to be killed by some soldiers.

And it's been powering this house, which then they used to keep the community flourishing. Visually they're


Visually One of the girls has a power where she can just conjure flowers out of nowhere. And That's used a lot because it does look fucking great in the film. But I just found, I don't know, if there was no hook in the film song wise or story-wise that really like compelled me or made me think that, you know, had a lot going for it. I just found it like quite soulless to I see.

Pete: I agree. And I guess we, we, we're not going to walk all the way through the plot, but we going to like the re

Sidey: stuff happens and then it's resolved.


Pete: talking, are we talking about like the rivets? So, so effectively her gift, she does have a gift and her gift is the power to, I guess, reignite the candles, like power and force through

Dan: strengthen

Pete: and the bonding.

And she brings the family back together. They've all got their conflicts sort of some minor, some minor, you know, like Bruno has been ostracized or like self-imposed exile because he keeps his power. His or his gift is prophecy and people keep not liking what it is that he has to say. So he said, I mean, the bits with, with Bruno in were, were all right.

Sidey: cause it's

John Leguizamo. Yeah.

I found the resolution at the end with, the, her and the grammar. just fricking I don't know. so underwhelming.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. There was no like re redemption for the grandmother. She was, she was just a Dick. And then she wasn't cause like granddaughter, like what did she actually do that the house like fell apart and the candle burn out. But then, because she was like, really sound it, it appeared again and everything was fine.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: but no basically should got people so pinned down and pigeonholed into their gifts. She didn't see the other qualities that they had, and that was her fault. And then.

The go would hope to say that. And that all got a lot happier and everything together.

I say, I'll watch it with with with Nellie we've, she's watching twice. That's how I think this was the, the third time. And her friend was around as well, and she watched it with her. We had a bit of a dance. We had a little bit of a boogie, but his songs white. Well, I mean, I'm not seen it before.

I've not seen marijuana to, to compare it to, but I've seen frozen and probably the last big kind of singing dancing action thing that I've actually seen sit down and watch. And I thought this was decent. I enjoyed it. I thought there was enough going on. And yeah, a couple of hours and have some popcorn sat down, watched it

Sidey: Oh, my daughter loved it,


Dan: enjoyed it.

Yeah. I mean,

Sidey: We watched it

twice at the

Dan: did. It did it, you know, Tell a fantastic story in a, in a great mower. I have no, not, not really no marijuana. I'm not sure. I'm definitely going to check it out. Can you tell me it's the best you've ever seen? Animation wise, then that's got to be a great recommendation. So I'll check that one out, but I thought this was solid as well.

I enjoyed it. And if you've got kids around sort of 10, that kind of age as my daughter is she really enjoyed it and I think you always, probably would as well.

Pete: Yeah. Like I said, as soon as I started watching this, I mentioned it to, to my daughter who I, who hasn't seen it. And I think immediately will get on board with that. I'll try it with the boys as well. See what they think. They like the visual aspects of it. And if there are songs in it, then that's always like a bonus,

Sidey: but

then some representation cause they obviously dumb Awana, which is in certain part of the world. This is now in like the south American kind of, which is good.

That's to be applauded. It's just the story I just found.

Pete: But for me it felt like, oh, we've done, we've done marijuana. And that was a big hit and it, and it showcased a part of the world that so many people just wouldn't be aware of. It's all And it almost felt like, oh, we better do something that, so they've like cobbled this thing together.

And it was like, well, we'll make it kind of like marijuana, but sat in Latin

Dan: oh, they do

Sidey: it's just market research. And they were

just gone

Dan: a hundred percent.

They do this. They got clever people going well, how are we going to tweak this? So it's just about far away enough

Sidey: but Kate's thing is kids aren't cynical is that they won't know that. They'll just see some other people

from different

Dan: and they'll enjoy it.

Sidey: fine So that's where the Seneca ones I would like to see in a few more cartels,

maybe some more.

execution style,

violence that's why I, expect to see

when I see something saying Columbia.

Howie: over the other valley is Escobar rampant hippos on Viagra sexualized coming over the Hills, escape from Escobar zoo, coming into the

Dan: on that at one point. Didn't it, when they do the escape and they've got the candle and you know that they're going through, they have a young family, she had to leave and she talks about a, you've been through so much, grandma. You know, fight to, to keep us together to put this together.

And you think of the, the grandma's life where she had to get up and move. And she, so then fiercely kind of I'm not sure of her past Peter. I wouldn't judge her. I would just say that she's done


Pete: was so, so better.

Dan: She's

done, what she needed to keep her family together. And, and this young girl is kind of helping her realize that and forgive herself I think as much as anything else.

So there was a kind of moral in there whether the kids picked up on that, I wouldn't have thought. So they were eating popcorn at the time and dancing and stuff, but there was enough going on that they enjoyed it. So I was happy. Yeah.

Pete: I'm with side on this, in the sense that.

Frozen marijuana. These are films that the kids could be in bed and I would put on them watch

Sidey: frozen but

Pete: for certainly frozen one. I thought it was brilliant. And marijuana, undoubtedly, and, and all this film did was make me like pie, like go on to Google and look again, like, is there a marijuana too in the offing?

Like, is there ever going to happen? It's a film that I will be waiting for for the rest of my life. And this wasn't,

Sidey: Well, hopefully, and who knows what the future holds, but we hope to have rigs back next week, but we just don't know what's going to happen in this day. and age. Patchy

nominations this week

Yeah. Well, I enjoyed the movie, not so much the kids thing, but my daughter did like it, so we should count that as a, Hey, I suppose Howie?

I think you've got some nominations for us,

Howie: Yeah. I'm going to go for my main film, which is the guard, which features Brendan and Gleason and Don Cheadle.


my midweek mentioned is Brewster's millions. The kids is Central's or Netflix. I'll qualify that Uber obviously be episode one, season one, and the list is top five crying.

Sidey: Okay, cool.

We need some some robots to be added to, our top five lists and hopefully next week we won't have vegan cheese. Cause that was a.


bad dads, low


I have to say it's a

disaster absolute

Dan: Just a quick update on the Jeff kitchens that

Sidey: yeah Did you get any not one,

Dan: one, not one Geoff has replied yet. So Jeff,

Howie: when did you get it? Perhaps? He's on Instagram.

Dan: perhaps if you're out there, Jeff

Sidey: Jeff kitchens, a tick talker.

Fish Yeah.

I reckon Yeah, I reckon. well, we'll do it. We'll we'll take talk and, well, I don't know what people say for that.

Pete: if anyone's looking for anything entertaining to watch just about three and a half minutes, the highlights of the west harm leads game. Fantastic. Look out for an absolute horror shower of a mess at the end, from

Sidey: yeah. leads, on the three train leads on the three chain. Dan. Dan's not over it yet.

Howie: Jeff kitchen is on Instagram.


is on Instagram. He's

Dan: for you.

Howie: hired, he's hiding out in Roth C new Brunswick, and he's currently a realtor. So.

Sidey: oh, we'll be onto him in a flat, Right. Well, that's great. But all that remains for now is to say Saudi signing out,

Howie: have a good boy.

Dan: Dan's gone.