March 4, 2022

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins & Art Ninja

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins & Art Ninja
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We were delighted to have the ART NINJA Ricky Martin join us this week to talk about craft storage solutions, the responsibility of being a beloved childhood icon, cardboard horror movies, his experiences with ADHD and much more. Ricky presented an art themed sitcom for CBBC between 2015 and 2019, making 55 episodes and reaching and inspiring thousands of children to create their own works, including all of the Dads kids (whether they knew it or not). We review 'Day Of The Baby' and 'Day Of The Not Quite Christmas', episodes selected by Reegs's kids.
For most people the joy of painting purely to express yourself is confined to childhood which seems like a terrific shame given the enjoyment it can give you. I myself love dipping my brush, priming my canvas and applying my strokes. Oh and I also quite like painting. This week’s Top 5 sees us discussing the very best of Paintings in movies and tv, and in doing my research this week I discovered the urban dictionary definition for painting, which I am far too polite to repeat here.
I had high hopes for SNAKE EYES: GI JOE ORIGINS in that it was literally the only ninja movie I could find that had a reasonably recent mainstream release in the last 1 to 10 years which is either a damning indictment of my research skills or an illustration of the paucity of the modern ninja film movement. Henry Golding stars as the titular swordsman, destined as we know to wear the cool costume and to sell millions of toys but what you probably didn't expect was that this was going to be a dissection of the motivation and consequences of revenge featuring acrobatic combat, neon-soaked Tokyo backdrops, an energetic camera, an ambiguous hero and three giant homicidal anacondas. I'm not going to say this is unmissable but it is the kind of thing that were you searching for a recently released Ninja movie for a specially themed week of a podcast you co-host, and you chose this and you had to watch it and you maybe weren't that enthused about it and it turned out to be pretty good actually, with well-staged fights and richer thematic content than you had expected you would be pretty pleased.
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review a little corner of the podcast world, devoted to the inane observations of some clueless cretins. We're on a journey to watch movies we missed while our babies were babies. And as we're forced to enjoy the things our children watch, we thought it might be a laugh to review them two in the possibly mistaken belief.

We should pay attention to the things our children are imprinting upon themselves. Now ease back into your favorite chair, wipe the flecks of unpleasantness from the corner of your life. Brush the suspicious stains from your trousers and relaxed to the car coffee, any of the unpleasantness that will emerge from your hosts.

Dan Sidey, the returning Peter, Andre, and myself rigs. If you've been paying attention to our social media posts and movie picks this week and let's face it, if you weren't, you're a moron you will have been able to already deduce our special guests this week, but let's pretend for whatever reason that there aren't legions of fans hanging on every announcement in feverish, anticipation of decoding are hastily thrown together, show concepts, and take a quick recap of the clues we've left for you.

Like so many sweeties leading you to the back of our collective naughty dad van. First there was this week's mid weaker, the really rather excellent ed Harris movie Pollock not about the fish, but about the artist Jackson Pollock. Give that lesson.

We all enjoyed that.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: We have top five movie paintings to talk about.

So the art theme continuing

Pete: confession when it comes to that,

Reegs: right, is it w is it the winking

Pete: story?

Reegs: And then of course, naturally flowing from all that artistic content is snake eyes, GI Joe origins. Yeah. And ninja movie. So our ninja, our ninja that's right. We have an exclusive interview with never before heard scoops and scandalous gossip, maybe a animator, actor, editor, writer, and visual effects artists, the art ninja himself Ricky Martin, he's living LA Vida loca with us.

I also tweeted multiple times about watching art ninja and talking to Ricky and told everyone I know multiple times. So that is also a pretty big clue who would be on the show in my.

Pete: Yeah. That, that kind of gives it white. And it was a really cool interview to check that out and a little

Reegs: wall Yeah.

That's coming up later.

Sidey: Did he watch anything interesting

this week?

Reegs: No, it was it was a rush to get all the podcast I've done this week

Sidey: it was

Reegs: birthday. Did you see it? There was a cake. Did you see the bad dad's film review cake.

Sidey: Tremendous.

Yeah it, was tasted good too.

Pete: I didn't even wish you happy birthday.

Reegs: no,

Pete: No happy birthday. Happy birthday. That's

Reegs: It's hard when you're in your late thirties, you

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: I imagine it Yeah.

it was all those years ago.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: it's good to know. It'd

Sidey: So you didn't watch. I think Dan, what

about you

Pete: no. I've had an absolute film free week, other than homework

Reegs: Public was really good. You know, some people, I think listen to the main episode and not the mid weaker, but Pollock was really great.


Pete: a really solid choice.

I like that

Sidey: you've been away, so I'm not sure you've had any

Dan: I have been away. I only got back a couple of days ago and have not had the opportunity to watch PR anything for, for this week's episode. I did whilst I was away. Watch, sing to again. My six year old is bang into that.

Reegs: I liked the first one. So I've got high hopes for the second.

Dan: So the second one is, is entertaining, but it's a massive YouTube loving.

So if you, like, if you

Reegs: really you too,

Dan: you're sound and have taste, then you won't like this,

Reegs: Wait, but is it from the sort of Joshua tree era? Cause that's kind of more acceptable.

Dan: The fact that you know, that what that

Sidey: all bad

Dan: you're a bigger U2 fan than I am, because I don't know what that, what you're talking about.

Pete: now,

Dan: Yeah, like Bano plays one of the characters.

Pete: I mean, I haven't

heard any of that new stuff.

Dan: This is more than new stuff, new stuff. Yeah. I think there's a song written for the film and then there's more the newer stuff. And the one thing I have managed to catch some more episodes of is, are now concurrently watching both the English and the American version of mad dogs. The, the English, the English one I'm revisiting because I'd forgotten so much.

I knew what the premise was.

Sidey: badly.

Dan: It didn't tell off badly. From what I remember, it just had a shockingly re pointless ending. But I'm now, I guess, coming up to the end of the second season of it, they've been in Majorca and now they're in IB Thur and like the main kind of like British gangster guy, who's obsessed with ice cream is, is playing a prominent part.

And he's really fucking sinister. The American ones just sort of truncated into one season that I've only got one episode of that left. So it'd be interesting to see how that pans out, but it's good. It's good TV. Both of them are

Sidey: specter

Cause my Mrs. really like at Craig's.

Dan: that,

Sidey: the only week because a birthday thing. It was the father-in-law's 60th. So we had a lot of

Family shenanigans going

  1. See, I was pressed

for time this week. Hopefully

that won't show through in the, in the content.

We had

a top five from last week,


Reegs: We did

Sidey: Darren leafy, again, coming up trumps, he was making a play for NACA Tami Plaza. Of course the empire state building from king Kong

Burj Khalifa from mission, impossible ghost protocol.

And, and this is going in the Hudsucker proxy,

Pete: strong

Sidey: Hasko had like magical powers that the skyscraper, And then we had another nomination from some head teacher

in the UK who

Wanted to put an academic Plaza.

Reegs: I think I put it in.

Sidey: Okay. Well, the, well the Hudsucker proxy is then I think, did we need, we needed to,

Reegs: well, half the empire state, somebody nominated that.

In fact, a few people did say

Sidey: it's an boom. oh, and also

Donnelley seconded my man on wire one, so strong. well, I know it is. And it

Dan: 11 in the past.

Sidey: in keeping with our theme. Then we're going to go top five

movie paintings

Reegs: Yeah Because I'm a simpleton. The first thing I think of when I think of art is a painting.

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. Same here, actually. Yeah. It's very true.

Well, you can Chuck in the statue or if you really want to,


Dan: painting.

Reegs: you can't.

Sidey: so Rick's got him far away.

Reegs: I am going to start with a Vigo also known as prince Vigo, Von Homburg Deutsche and Dorf, scourge of Carpathia, sorrow of Moldavia Vigo, the car page. Vigo the cruel Vigo, the torture of ego, the despised Vigo, the unholy and Vigo, the Birch the bad guy in Ghostbusters too.


Sidey: Bit of a weird


Reegs: Portaled sort of painting type thing going on.

Sidey: He sort of creating this negative energy

In New York, which has already assessed of fucking wankers.


Reegs: this toxic pink slime under the subway and it's giving them enough power to materialize through the painting. And he was like a real, he was, he was a prince in 1505 in Carpathia.

He ruled his country with an iron fist.

no It's just the law in this. It's cool. Cause he was 105 when he died and he was poisoned shot, stabbed, hung, stretched. Disemboweled drawn and quartered,

Sidey: He never danced again.

Reegs: he's got. We're just good. But just before his head died, he said, death is by the door. Time is by the window.

I'll be back. And this was all a painting. So that's pretty good in it. And then at the end of Ghostbusters too, underneath the painting, when he's defeated and all that, you've got the four guys like wearing a Toga. So that's pretty good movie painting content

Sidey: double drops.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Strong stuff over to me. Yeah, I've got one, I've got a midnight in Paris, Woody Allen is that film with time traveling um and Wilson going back to sort of 1920s, 1940s France. And he's got all these people like Salvatore, Darlie and Pablo Picasso, and he S he stood a few times in the, in the art gallery with his, his girlfriend or fiance.

He's almost as they're falling apart, as they're stood together, they, they slowly drifting apart and it's it plays. Yeah, I really, yeah. You didn't like that, did you? No, no. You're wrong about that one, but there you go.

Reegs: Is there a painting in it that you remember particularly, or a

Sidey: checking out the Casso

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: what I

Reegs: Picasso done.

Pete: Yeah. You know, I've got a couple, but um but not my favorite, but he's decent. Yeah,

I've got Darlie up there. Look not see that's the only one I display. Pete, what you got?

Dan: I'm got any paintings at home with anything.

Pete: if you've got any, any movies?

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. I've got a few movies, a couple of some together this afternoon. So starting off my list only to reference the midweek mentioned and try and get some downloads for it.

The DaVinci code obviously the beginning of it is set at the Luther museum and there is a painting famous one. I wouldn't be able to tell you what it is, but one behind it or on it or something. There's a

Reegs: on the rocks

Dan: There we go. Virgin on the rocks. Sounds like a drink. Yeah. So, yeah, that's, that's very prominent in it's one of the bits of iconography or something, I don't know.

But yeah, you guys reviewed the film itself on the pods and

I think, I dunno, think it came around to you guys came around to my way of thinking, which is I was really looking, I'd read the book first and then I was really looking forward to the film and the film just sort of fell a bit flat. But you, you,

Sidey: 10 goes is still,

Dan: You like it?

Sidey: I've seen it.

billions of times.

Dan: I mean, I don't mind it, but it, it wasn't a, an absolute belter,

Reegs: endless exposition and it's reflected in the painting. So there's a lot of paintings in this. You get the Mona Lisa, you get the Virgin. Where is it? The

Dan: on the rocks.

Reegs: death of the Virgin. And then fucking later you go back to your McKellen's GAF and then that's when he gets to the PowerPoint out. Right. Let me just talk you through this little bit of, oh God, shut up. McKellen.

Dan: he didn't like the book either. Am I right?

Reegs: I

didn't read the book.


sort of skipped it all. So it was an odd thing to revisit. Yeah, it, I didn't care for him much.

Dan: that's

my opening gambit.

Sidey: Can I go probably for a little bit more of a matter one from a movie that is like that for scream, it literally is

the advert munch,

Reegs: scream,

Sidey: scream.


Pete: That's coming by out there screen. I mean, geez. We just really, yeah. We're talking about

Reegs: It's a reference, isn't it it's a reference

Sidey: it's not the one I'm going to I was going to normally I just want to, I just thought it was worth mentioning as a as a, as a talking point.

Pete: just wanted to see how far we could bend the bulls. There were various

Reegs: a reference to a painting, I suppose.

Sidey: Well, I mean the whole character wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the painting,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: It's

Not just a

Dan: It's a depiction

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Life imitating art

Reegs: That's I think we should allow it in in the spirit of

Sidey: it's also where's where's Craven's Dan's brother. It's his Favorite artist.

Reegs: I haven't seen the new one yet, but I do like the first scream and there's some of the, some of the sequels or continue, which ones I'd probably want to rewatch them. But the new one sounds like fun.

Sidey: Yeah. I want to say it

Pete: Last for life. That's one for Kurt Douglas that I remembered you remember that one?

It's it's brilliant. It's yeah, it's he plays Vincent van Gogh. It's a biopic on it, on his life and much like our mid weaker. God, sorry, Peter. Peter's looking at God's

Dan: We'll accept. We'll accept golf or, but not go. It's not Vincent van Gogh. It's another thing

Reegs: one Vincent van

Dan: ha yeah, that's how they say in, in, in Holland, but

Pete: I stand corrected where I sit.

Dan: Having van Gogh

Pete: I knew you'd, you know, just pull me up about it, but there you go. And he played. His life really? And he meets you know, go gout on the way or his, I think it's going one of the other guys, the other, and then we'll get him drunk on absent. Then he goes, oh, beautiful landscapes.

It's a really great film. I mean, it's, it's fantastic to the colors of it is fantastic. And it taps into obviously his mental breakdown and everything. It's. Have you, none of you guys ever seen this Kurt, Kurt Douglas, I mean, it was one of those Technicolor kind of films, you know that

Sidey: sounds like I would enjoy it.

Pete: Yes. It's really solid film.

Lost, lost for life.

Dan: Is it? Your

Sidey: to start. This is his new

Reegs: This is a new



Dan: got that. Yeah. Yeah. So do we go

Pete: I thought it was

Reegs: It's the awkwardness now, you know, we're by being, and

Dan: yeah, rigs me. Oh, so yeah. So you go Chris cross,

Reegs: Yeah. Arrangement in gray and black. Number one is an 1871 oil on canvas painting by the American born painter, James McNeill, Whistler more colloquially known as Whistler's mother and Mr.

  1. Goes to see it in the Grierson art gallery. Yeah. And he sneezes on it. And and then he's, he's trying to rub it, I think, with a napkin. And then he's

like, he's actually got like a broken pen in his pocket or something. And he started like scribbling on it.

Dan: and he draws the face back

Reegs: yeah, when he puts thinners on it or something, and then he just draws a cartoon face on it.

And then later he breaks back into the museum to steal the painting and he replaces the original with a like poster copy. And he's got the real one hanging in his bedroom. That's Mr. Bean,

Sidey: that

I think it was in Spain

there was a very valuable painting in a church And it had faded and

deteriorated over time.

And I think someone had touched the church, like a it or


had tried to restart it. just Like,


Bean It

Pete: I

Sidey: so unbelievably

Pete: that. I remember

Sidey: ruined it

Pete: they, they yeah,

Dan: in the dark, trying to look

Pete: it was, yeah, it was like the cleaning ladies had just decided to try to

Sidey: appalling

Dan: a bit of a Polish,

Sidey: Google that, Google that after the show, it's fucking brilliant. it. really is


Pete: was best, best intentions and they just butchered this thing. Yeah. Oh, dear me

Dan: seem to mention it almost every week, but the, the, the Harry Potter franchise has, has paintings in it. And so I think a little bit like force ghosts. In star wars. So what happens when somebody dies is that a painting of them kind of keeps them alive in the sense that they, so I think the first time you see it, maybe it's the fat lady Dawn French, and she is she's hung on the door or to one of the common rooms for, I think probably a Griffin door or whatever.

And so they have to, they have to say a password to her, and then she allows the door to open. But she obviously in her life was a an aspiring opera singer. So she, before she lets them in Chester like a singer, try and hit a high notes and like smash a glass, which you can't really do. But then in the

Reegs: trap, did we talk about this? Is she trapped in that

Dan: of because so what happens then is she, she disappears from the painting when in prisoner of Azkaban, when Sirius black is on the loose and she, hi, she ends up hiding, I think, in another painting. So she can't, they can move paintings because the other, the, towards the very end, I think it's even like deathly Hallows, maybe part two.

Is it held before stumbled or the brother of Elvis? They go to see him and he's a bit of a miserable, fuck you find out that, find out that there was a sister who died as well, but there's a painting of her in Albert Dumbledore, his house. And he's, he's given up all hope, Harry and the guys kind of like convinced him.

There's there's a cause worth fighting for. Nods to the sister and she walks off down the road, that's in the painting and then comes back with Neville. Who's come out of the, out of Hogwarts to, you know, open a door secret door behind the painting. It gets them into Hogwarts for ready for the final battle.

So it plays quite a prominent, obviously the magical paintings and plays quite a prominent theme in

Pete: well, we thought we'd written about that in one of his stories might be the witches where they could put, they can put, you know, people into paintings and things. quite spooky. Is it me?

Sidey: no, it's me.


that we

reviewed for the pod was

the Thomas crown affair, the Pierce Brosnan version and the

painting that he

steals is the San Giorgio Maggiore.

at dusk.

Pete: I'd love to mention this film.

Sidey: it's a moan, It's a

Manet. A great painting. Obviously he takes it away. And then a day or two later, does this big PR press conference thing where he agrees to donate a painting back to the museum whilst the investigation is going on for

this particular


But what he's done is have his

The girl that He's a guardian of is a master forger, and she has painted over the Monet with the one that he's put back

so that

when the, he, the culmination of the film, when he sets up the fire the sprinklers wash away the pain, and it's been put back, it was put back you know, right at the start of the film.

So it's it's the twist. And there's just like millions


paintings in this film, but it's that particular one is the one that's key to the plot. fucking great film.

Pete: Love it.

Reegs: sounds Yeah,

Pete: It is a good film after two weeks.

Reegs: Well the big Lebowski has Julianne Moore's character. She's modular bow skin. She has her goons go to the dude's house.

Didn't she or the L dude arena. If you prefer uh to reclaim a rug that is doing this took from her father, which she, it had sentimental value for her, the rug. And then we see her naked flying through her studio sort of suspended from a,

Sidey: She's kind of hoisted. yeah. She's of hosted. in the air And then two guys just run her through

while she splatters paint on a canvas.


then she's, she's brought down, sorry.

Um She she's

brought down to speak to

Jeffrey. She

calls him by his proper name. And then she just says my work's been commended

as being strongly vaginal.

Just the

word she says, just the word like makes men uncomfortable. And He's just



Reegs: Yeah, yeah,

Pete: It's your stress there? And he's like

Sidey: she is so fucking smoking hot

Reegs: she lives

Sidey: I really like

Reegs: and it's David Thewlis I think is that weird bald guy who like laughs really oddly and yeah,

Sidey: He's a, he's just a friend,

a friend with a cleft asshole.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: I don't think he would say that now

Reegs: No, probably not. But she was doing some painting.

Sidey: Yeah. I really liked you to have more,

Pete: no that that squeezes in if if screen does then big eyes. Do you ever see this movie about Margaret ki? You know, she's the artist that did the big guys, you know, the characters, they were really popular in the forties and fifties and they're, they're just

Reegs: prominent thing that you would notice about the

Pete: yeah, they had really big eyes.

So it's Amy Adams and Christopher waltz in this one.

Reegs: Amy Adams, Christopher waltz.

Pete: yeah. And and if he's they're married and he's taking the credit for her, its true story based on kind of true story of how he takes the credit for her work. And cause she's just in the back room, really quiet, really meek. And he kind of makes her that way overbearing.

And yeah, she had phenomenal success and he was an ass about it.

Dan: Another film that features painting in it is Titanic.

Reegs: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. What is it? Paint me like your rich


Dan: Yeah. So DiCaprio gets to paint Winslow while she has no clothes on.

Yeah, it's a Billy zine is, is the, like the what's he called when you're engaged fiance.

Yeah. So yeah, he gets wind of it all and, and isn't particularly,

Sidey: Yeah You get that hand on the window of the cars they're

sweet love

Reegs: Does he finish the picture?

Sidey: Yeah,

You see a you see a sketch

Is sort of doodled it. Yeah, she's

Reegs: feel like that's what that

Sidey: because she's, it's, it's it's cause she's

wearing the, the jam. That's the thing that they're a woman's banging on about at the start of the


I fucking hate that film. Do you wanna hear the story about 9 97, when I watched it with Stewart? No, let's not go

that again

Reegs: Stuart We've got a name now. Is it Cameron?

Sidey: Let's go for what we can do. A couple of self-portraits that appear in

back to the future part two, bef has self portrait in penthouse where he lives.

But a better one is zombie land When they meet bill Murray and they go to his place and he has a picture of himself in

Hugh Hefner style, smoking red jacket riding a horse with this enormous .


furry hat. He has this painting above his mounted piece in his, his place is very bill Murray. It's

rad. And it's only left for like a second

or two in the film,

Reegs: Dodge ball,

Ben, Stiller's got like an enormous bit of, you got a picture of it

there He's got Patriot He's all like

Dan: it in. I just remembered it and I was typing it in

Reegs: He's like a rippling muscles and he's wrestling a bull.

He says, yeah. He says, that's me taking the bull by the horns. Yeah.

Sidey: and actually

Reegs: Brilliant.


Also I was thinking about that friends episode where Phoebe does that, like painting with the arms and shit that comes out of it, which now you didn't

Dan: And did Joey 20 slices of pizza as well. So wacky that guy fucking now.

Sidey: done

Pete: Pete rose. It wasn't really feeling that. I, I do have one more left. I haven't got many on this. And he is my left foot. Daniel Day Lewis plays Kristy brown, who nobody's expecting very much for me. He's got cerebral palsy. He comes from a poor family, really working class. They've already got lots of kids, but he ends up being a fantastic artist. And Daniel Day Lewis bought this guy story to, to attention and everything.

And Daniel Day Lewis, even then he was just such a fantastic, you know, it's as much I, you, you turn your nose, you don't like him.

Sidey: I just don't like this idea that he's untouchable and everything.

Pete: I didn't say he's untouchable. I say

Sidey: but they do it It's him and Meryl Streep that fucking.

Pete: Yeah. I mean, I watched the Phantom Fred, which actually I didn't even get through.

I thought it was just really slow for me. And that was.

Lots of people loved it, thought it was great. But this one was one of the first Daniel Day Lewis films I'd ever seen. And it was, I just couldn't even believe that he was afterwards an act like, you know, I thought he was, I thought he really did have cerebral palsy.

I mean, he played it that well. And it was one of those firms saw as a kid really remembered and yeah. Christie brown

Dan: Phil nowadays that where it's get made, it would be with somebody who has cerebral palsy and so on. But yeah, I'm not seeing the film, but I've heard it. So. Pretty,

Pete: Yeah. It's heavy film, you know, it is, it is

Reegs: light on ghost back content.

Pete: Not much at

Dan: which, yeah, which I think is as big as failing. Yeah.


Before I throw in another nomination we like breaking records on this show. We've we've got two or three in the bag. I mean, we haven't done them yet, but we were where the, the, the long Jews and all of that and making the bed and everything.

So I've got some artistic or painting related records. The longest painting, not in terms of length of time, but in terms of distance anyone hazard a guess.

Sidey: 150


I feel like that's quite small.

Pete: Yeah. I would say this got to be at least a mile

Dan: You'll be wrong. It's 5.3 kilometers long. Luca Zeti took five months and finished not that long ago. The 5th of September, 2020, the whole thing costs 52,000 euros of which 50,000 pounds of spent on canvas.

Reegs: how

did he do it?

Dan: Just painted. Yeah.

Yeah. Painted at least

at least 20 of the, the days of the five months he, he did 24 hours of painting. How did he look at it? I dunno. He just did it. Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: it's so big.

Dan: yeah.

Pete: couldn't you just run down the beach, do a bit of a just long streak


Dan: Well, yeah, but you need a 5.3 kilometer length of beach, a 5.4, if you want to break the record and, and, at least, and at least 51,000 euros worth of canvas. So yeah. The other records that I think that we can try and beat, and obviously this was one that I think everybody wanted to know the largest painting of a beaver using just a tongue.

Reegs: using just the


Sidey: The

only one would be the record Wouldn't it?

Dan: you'd presume. So it's let's not do guesses. It's 24 by 36 inches by Nick. Stobo

Sidey: We can do that

Dan: right. Yeah. Largest painting of a beaver. Just

Sidey: The animal.

Dan: yeah Let's not sort of belittle Nick's talents because Nick also has the record for the fastest painting of a slice of pizza with his tongue.

what, what,

Reegs: now.

Dan: no, he's, he's full, he's fully able bodied here now. I,

Reegs: He's just a, it's just a bizarre record

Dan: well, yeah, one minute 58 seconds. And he also has the record for the largest painting of a monument using his tongue just 10 inches by 30 of the Eiffel tower and not art related. He also has the world's longest tongue. Believe it or

Reegs: that that's

an advantage.

Isn't It then Definitely

Dan: a huge advantage over everyone else.

Reegs: that's not as easy as it

sounds There may be the beaver Won't be big

Dan: 10.1 centimeters. It doesn't sound that long. Maybe that's protrude protruding from his mouth.

Reegs: How long do you think yours is?

Dan: What's it like, if it goes all the way to the end, I've never measured it.

Reegs: I'm not very good at

Pete: Can you touch



Dan: No, I can't. No,

Reegs: you do that one.

Dan: Yes.

Reegs: yeah. Or the cow. Can you do that one? Yeah. Can you do that one as well? Yeah no, everybody can do it though. Again, they.

Pete: Just

Dan: oh, there's that guy in M C before with the pulsating tongue. Yeah, he did that. We've we've gone totally off topic here.

Sidey: He got a nomination Pete.

Dan: Oh yeah. So nominations

So an absolute bag of shit of a film was Patterson. And in it the Patterson's annoying attention seeking bitch of a girlfriends paints, fucking everything, black and white zigzags all day whilst he's out and then

Pete: that?

Dan: tries,

Pete: Lovely.

Dan: kind of like palming.

It offers something like talented when it's just wasting everyone's time. So yeah, that that's, that's my nomination. I just wanted to like troll myself for that.

Pete: I've, I've thought of another one actually.

Dan: Will you just jump in Dan and tell us what it is?

Pete: well, it seems that appropriate point.

It was Larry Ellis, Larry and

Dan: Mike Mike.

Larry is

Pete: Larry it Ms. Lowry in Sunday, Sundays, the actor that is

John Timothy Spall. yeah. He plays Larry and you know, Larry's art is that kind of very.

Dan: looking at the wrong person?

Pete: You guys would know it, then it it's, it's almost like factory workers and things, you know, it's little people coming out.

And his mother he lived with and she was really overbearing and his whole life, she just kind of wouldn't let move out. We'll let him go and do some of the work that he would have otherwise done. The experiment, it further a field. She was always very on top of him the whole time. And he lived with her and looked after him, felt indebted to, to her.

For his whole life and Timothy Spall. And this is, is fantastic. And, and Larry is one of the great British artists as well, you know, so it was a really, it would just walk up the hill to his house in one of these kinds of Northern towns, you know, cobbled streets and all the kids would be running in behind him that, and he'd play little games with them.

He had a really kind of gentle good heart. Soon as he got in the house, it was like, mother's on him, you know, and the entire time and giving him the guilt trip and everything oh, you, you leave me, you do all this, you know, and, and he was just absolutely phenomenal and just did it, you know, a true artist just did it because it was no fame or anything like that for him.

He was, he, you know, scraping 11 and just getting little bits and pieces. Oh, isn't it. Great. I've got a letter from the Royal academy is something motherhood.

you know, it was like that for him, but a really decent movie. So it's not going to be my nomination though.

Sidey: All right. Cool. Couple of, talk about them quickly



first, Tim Burton. They


in, they, well, they have

captive in the gallery and the joker comes in and Dobbs faces those smiles on a lot of the

artwork, but he doesn't

disturb figure with meat, had surrounded by sides of beef, which is a Francis

bacon one.

And I think it's the Pope

it's meant to be the Pope in between two cars sliced in half carcass of a cow. He obviously likes that one. So that's a real one. And then we

have Dr.

No, The Sean Connery,

James Bond movie. It's the portrait of the duke of Wellington, which Francisco, Jose

is the artist bond is about to have

dinner and he sees this.

painting. And

he has this look of surprise in real life. The painting had been stolen from the national gallery by a 60 year old amateur thief. he hadn't hit professional


So they, the Producers had

contacted the gallery and asked for a slide of the picture and then someone did a cup.

Painted a copy of it over the weekend so that they could film it on the Monday. which is pretty cool.

 I was going to also talk about, go with a pal earring, which was,

the famous, but I guess pretty well known painting. And then Scalia Hanson is in the film. They did have the, artists, the making of the painting whatever.

It's the film that

she did immediately

after lost in translation. So I was on a real Scarlet Hanson and watched it. And it's really good. And they've obviously painted.

To look like the, you know, the actual painting and it's very similar you know, and also Marge Simpson's portrait

of Ringo

Reegs: Oh yeah

Sidey: the Simpsons, please. excuse the

lateness of my reply.


Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: I'll rattle through a few, few the fall of Madonna with the big boobies

Dan: I have that down here.

Reegs: a good one. Blah, blah, blah. I on, oh, in the Goonies, there's not this up in the loft. There's the painting of the naked women and he sticks his tongue um and mid size.


Sidey: like a

crochet crochet mural or

Reegs: what, like a tapestry saying,

Sidey: I didn't mention it.

Reegs: It's I don't know. It was good. Watch that movie. If you want to see a man sewn into a bear costume and set on fire. Black Swan was a movie I really liked because I'd seem to like nearly everything that Darren Aronofsky is done and it's like a good companion piece to the wrestler which was also his other movie.

That was great. And she's a ballet dancer and it's like have you seen it?

Dan: No.

Reegs: Anyone, no breaks easy now. Yeah. It's like, she's the ballet dancer. It's like a weird, bizarre. Like sometimes sleazy and menacing thriller, and she's like

Sidey: reality

Reegs: and all this stuff. And her mother Erica she has dozens of paintings of her in in the flat that they've got and they, at one point they will move and they're looking at her and stuff.

all quite good. And they're moaning and shrieking at her. I did have one more, I don't know about whether the drawings on the floor that Mary Poppins does,

Dan: Oh yeah. The chalk paintings I'd call them. Yeah.

Reegs: They sort of come alive,

Dan: doesn't do them,

Reegs: them

Dan: but does them does

Sidey: Dick

Dan: Dick van Dyke?

Reegs: So those.

Dan: Well except those Dan you out

Pete: jumped in enough. You take over,

Dan: Okay. Jump in. If you think of another I'll just finish off mine then. So purely to troll side Ferris, Bueller's day off parts of I mean, if you're going to say, if you're going to.

Where else are you going to go?

But to an art museum, it's like the, the, the art Institute of Chicago. And I think they like mock one of the paintings there also likes to those hilarity. It's not that good, a film I'm kind of with you there. So a film that I, I do like, and I think that we all kind of like, and I don't know if we're meant to end up with the league of extraordinary gentlemen features, Dorian gray who I think the setup is that as long as his paint, his painting ages, Whilst he doesn't.

So he doesn't get any older he's hundreds of years old, but there's painting of himself ages. But then if someone gets hold of the painting and destroys it, he w he then becomes

Reegs: based on the book. Isn't it? And I've called completely wild. I've gone. Yeah, it is.

Isn't it now

Dan: Yeah. And just finishing then on a T V one, which is the the gift that, that still keeps on giving blackout or the episode captain Kirk before they become a gourmet chefs, there is the, the the melchett goes into the trenches.

He wants to find somebody to, to do an inspirational piece of artwork for the cover of king and country. And so they, and they say, oh, they're going to be, you know, stationed maybe in Paris or even Tahiti. So flat out the Caesar is his way of getting out of the trenches, but it ends up. Literally a cover story and the best, the best piece of artwork comes wins the opportunity to go out into no man's land and paint all they th like the German kind of like defenses they yeah, it's so many fucking gags in it.

They go out into Noma zone, realize I didn't need to sticks his elbow in a blob of ice cream goes back and then he sort of, he's just made it up and there's like elephants and stuff in it, but it cut the line. You know, it gives us the line that my men have the artistic talent of a collection of colorblind hedgehogs in a bag.

Sidey: Which they flip.


Right. let's

Paint ourselves into a top four

shaped corner

Dan: Oh, he did that.

Pete: I've got you covered. I'm going to go for lust for life.

Dan: last for

Pete: Yeah. That's the current one. Kurt Douglas.

Dan: go colorblind hedgehogs.

Sidey: fair. Like it's gonna be, be, Thomas crown affair,

Manet and

Thomas crown affair, predictable,

Pete: Squeeze them into another top five where you've got varied

Reegs: velvet

Pete: velvet puzzle.

There we go. Well, this is a,

that's quite a mix. What you got add to

Sidey: Jeff kitchen to

stump up

Pete: you?

Sidey: Pete you've


from afar

with gifts

Dan: I've come back down from the mountains of Andorra. What better gift for the bad dads than to share some of its finest, Jesus, all beer. Most of these are French or Spanish because of where and Dora is situated.

For those who don't know, it's at the top of the pair of knees on the front, France, Spain border. The cheeses tonight are a, I don't think you've tried it side of you, the Canto Saint Nick neck Tevye, which is like a, basically a Bri.

Sidey: I haven't had that yet.

Dan: no. Okay. Dan, so that's the sort of,

Pete: oh, that's the only one I haven't tried yet.

Dan: it's just like a soft cheese, little bit more.

Punchy that are common bear or whatever, but it's more, it's good for sandwiches and you know what they called.

Pete: big wedge of it.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Mighty mighty words is very cheap in Andorra. So I bought

Reegs: intimidating cheeseboard desert

Dan: Yeah. There's a gal city. Then you have Spanish manchego, which is I like manchego it's, it's like a snacking cheese. Like you'd eat it on a plate with some meats rather than stick it on a cracker and wax and pickle on the top, but that's pretty good. It is a Corrado, whatever that means. There's a cat, a dog celiac, which is it's very much like Cambodia, I'd say a little bit more towards blue than the common bear side.


Sidey: good And there's a lot of that

Dan: yeah. it's a, it says from ours blur VASH, which means cheese blue.

Pete: Quick doesn't

Dan: Yeah, it does. It does mighty, mighty slab of that cheapest Fuck.

Pete: I mean, that's four, was it four or five massive

Dan: They are.

Pete: a wheel. If you put them all together.

Dan: it will indeed. It'll take it. Yeah. It will give me lots of pleasure and gout.

Yup. And, but tonight it's absolute hands-down winner. It is the blue oven, which we've actually had before on the pods. But this is, yeah, this is a fucking top drawer, blue cheese, not for the faint hearted, if you're not, you know, if you're not an elite blue, cheesy to, don't try messing with this bastard. Um It is, yeah. I can see that you're intimidated by it rigs. And that's why I've kept it away from

Pete: challenges the taste buds.

Dan: Yeah. What, what we've also got, and we've just had a around a tasting of his five different ports as well, which we all know goes very well with cheese. We started off with the.

These are all Porto crews ports.

Sidey: Tom's brother.

Dan: Yeah. It's Mo I think it is from Tom Cruise's line of ports that he's making now, but we've got the, what we started off with the white ports. Very drinkable.

Pete: light and really enjoyed that

Dan: It was a good start, little bit like a little bit too light. If anything.

Pete: maybe. But I, I could, I could've had a, you know, more of that

Dan: I think you could just see off a pint of it pretty easily.

Couldn't you? Yeah. It's it's port for Perseus is what it is.

Pete: breakfast port

Dan: put it on your conflicts. The next one is the Ruby.

Sidey: This was very good.

Pete: I think this was the all round hands down winner. Would you say

Dan: liked this between that and the Tony for me, they're, they're very familiar like port flavors, but very sort of like light and drinkable. Amazing after you have a bit of the blue and then just a drawer of pour over the

Pete: tasted like Christmas, that one

Dan: very much.

So next was the taurine, which I think was still, still a good hit. And then we went into the special reserve which is a bit more, I don't know how to little bit more of a punch to it. A bit more cough, syrupy. He said

Pete: Yeah. Well, he just had a, a thicker kind of taste, you know, but it wasn't, you know, cough syrup. Certainly. It was lovely. It was really

Dan: It's got rid of my cough,

Reegs: just a fan of all of them.

Pete: I was, they were really good quality ports. I think the first, probably two were the best for

Dan: Yeah. And then the the, that the 10 year aged one at the end, which is more of a sipper than a, than a downer. If there is such a thing,

Pete: comes back

Dan: just, you wouldn't want to. Yeah. Like the first one, like I said, you just, you just, these are sort of miniature bottles.

You could just net the first one in one, you wouldn't do that with the 10 year one. No. And not, not lift to tell the tale.

Pete: No I'm all that cheese, which leads

Sidey: Josh segues very nicely into

this week's movie, which is, and was snake eyes, colon GI, Joe


Reegs: Yes.

A ninja origin story. Yeah.

Sidey: which I thought was not old, but I didn't realize it was quite so current.

Reegs: Yes, no, neither did. I know it was a frantic stab in the dark

Sidey: night of your sex tape.

Reegs: and I'll admit I was expecting a lot from this way. Yeah. Where are you? It was based on a toy line, you know, that's been around since the sixties.

Pete: Were you basing that on the previous GI Joes?

Because I was,

Reegs: Yeah I've

Pete: I remember being stunned by one, maybe Turbin and thinking they just can't get this. Right. You know, it's just

Reegs: Well they're bat shit insane. The GI Joe movies, the first one within about the first 20 minutes, it has got like robotic fish and invisibility suits and jet packs and underwater bases and all kinds of crazy shit. And then the second one kills Channing Tatum in the first 10 minutes. So if you like that sort of thing, it's got you covered.

No I don't know that I did have particularly high hopes for this. It was

Pete: It was, it was, it was something that I thought I didn't know, a lot going into it and I didn't hold high hopes.

Reegs: It's an origin story for a fucking toy and you know, a mute toy. That's its defining thing that it's mysterious and looks cool.

And doesn't say anything and in this, you're gonna like know exactly who he is and hear him talk a lot. And so it's for anybody who actually would go and see. This may be like, oh my God. It's yes. Finally, they've made this for me. I love snake eyes and it's going to be probably the opposite of

Sidey: completely wreck on him.

Reegs: want to see.

Yeah. So

Pete: did enjoy the fact though. I was starting at the beginning with this character, you know, I think that was for me. No, you know, bye. Okay. Let's rewrite the book on this, do an origin story

Sidey: Shall we talk about the

Reegs: Let's get going with it. Yeah.

Sidey: The beginning, because it's, it's right back to him as a child.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: With his father.

Reegs: Yeah.

by the wind. There's clearly something up and they're in a sort of remote cabin in the woods and they,

Pete: Yeah. Walk, walk and walk. You go wrong. Remote

Reegs: they chose for the father looks just like him. I thought, I don't know if anybody else noticed that.

Pete: Yeah. There was a definite kind of casting resemblance and this unfolds in the cabin where the bad guys come in and how, how dad to ransom really?

They've gotten by gun.

Sidey: he hides

his son

Pete: he hides

Sidey: move, whatever happens, don't you move?

Pete: and they don't

Sidey: So he immediately moves and opens the door and watches the whole thing unfold.

Pete: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. He tells her the stuff that he said he wouldn't he, one point runs in and tries to save his dad. And then they run off to him. He gets away, then he hears a big

Sidey: Well the key cause they roll some dice get, He gets doubled in yet.

Pete: they get, they get, yeah.

Dan: a Cobra.

Reegs: They, they allow him to a T he roll dice for his life. Any anything else, but snake eyes and he live

Sidey: I think that these dice were rigged.

Reegs: Wow We might just find something about that in the plot. You never know.

But yeah he, the dad is shot and then the house in the body is set on fire and everyone leaves I'm like, this is for

Sidey: it's a PG cause I checked because I did recruit my daughter in to watch.

This who has a bit of a


Of fire.

Reegs: Of course he did. Yeah.

Sidey: so not a great start,

Reegs: and straight from,

Sidey: but I deliberately

looked, I said, oh, PG. And I was like I said, come

  1. Let's all get together and watch the. Because I didn't have much time.

So I needed to put this ID. They had to kick her out the room so I could watch it. And I was like, no, it's a film about a toy


it's a PG or PG 13, but that's just what they're making.

It's called a PG. So we're watching it.

And I said, don't worry if it gets too much, we'll just

turn it Straight away. They're like



and this whole,

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. But there's a really cool transition from the kid's anger. As he watches the burning house to snake eyes, his older self he's angry, and he's fighting an enormous guy in an enormous abandoned

Pete: It's a classic. Director's cut. Isn't it to go from the eyes of somebody young, into the present day getting hit in the face or something's about to happen.

Reegs: And he's

Pete: And it worked well.

Reegs: WWII wrestler

Pete: yeah.

Reegs: It was mojo Raleigh for anybody, watches, wrestling only found that out today. And then again, it's really violent. He picks up a sledge hammer and tries to batter him. And then a snake eyes wraps a chain around his neck and chokes him until he's unconscious.

So try that out home kid he works for, he gets approached by a wealthy Yakuza boss Kenter who says that he can.

Sidey: find


dad's killer. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Okay. We'll we're, we're going away with this now.

Aren't we? It all becomes like you just wonder as you go into this film when he starts meeting this guy just quite how he couldn't see this guy coming. I dunno. I started to fight a little bit this film at this point where he

Sidey: or you weren't able to suspend your disbelief. Is that what you said?

Pete: Yeah. A little bit, a little bit. Yeah.

Reegs: well, I was still, I'm still going along with it. So he ends up working at a fish gutting place and there's other Yakuza guy floating around there and it's Tommy who we don't know. I think we know it's just his cousin and yeah, he's working at the fish thing. He's putting out guns from the fish and then there's, he's, he's asked to prove his loyalty to the Yakuza guy by shooting Tommy.

And he sort of accidentally on purpose, misses him and it kicks off a whole ruckus and a guy jumps in the air and he slices, blah. And then the truck gets stabbed with swords and everybody's fighting. He's got two swords and no, just

Pete: yeah, no, it was great. It was a great scene. And he and talked.

Then team up. And I actually all the way through the film, I thought Tommy was pretty good. I liked him. I thought

Reegs: I didn't realize it was him when they transition out, are they seeing they escape and they go off to

Pete: That's why he has a shaven. And then he kind of unveils himself as Tommy is, is in the rest of the film.

And he's

the air to be this great kind of clan in Japan.

Reegs: oh, well the I've got to get the

Sidey: I

was getting lost with

the pronunciation

and a lot of the names of things, I was

just getting a bit bamboozled

with so much,

and there's a lot of, sort of whispered


quiet. dialogue.

Pete: And then goes into extremely loud.

Sidey: he says oh, I'm part of the, like you say a big, this right. the first time he said it to him is he could have just gone to the day to

Reegs: I actually had the words on


Sidey: Oh yeah. I should

have done that actually

Reegs: I, that did help. I had the words on, I took a cue from Pierre, Andre and our snake eyes where he saved his life and snake eyes replies that he saw honor in his eyes. Yeah. So there, there, he wants to initiate him into the clan.

And so he's introduced to the clan leader, which sin is sin is Tommy's grandmother

Pete: It's kind of the unveiling of a, a bloke is it's the grandmother,

Sidey: the matriarch

Reegs: yeah, absolutely. And he's got to take the three challenges of the warrior. Did it to determine if he's worthy enough to join the clan.

Pete: which

started going.

Now ninja stuff, doesn't it. And,

Reegs: yeah it's been light on ninja content so far. You're

Pete: Yeah. If you start to see these these figures jumping around and these challenges are very much in the ninja style the first one is

Sidey: The car

Pete: a bowl of water

Reegs: well that's hard master LOL or the other cut to that is just make up your own joke is so obvious anyway, and that's played by the raids eco way.

So I think that's, the pronunciation is right. He's just, and he's great. I love him. And the test involves grabbing the water, like you

Pete: yeah. Which, which was good resonate. It was a, it was a nice idea. So he's got four goes to take a w he has a bowl of water and his opponent has a bowl of water and he's to take the bowl of water from the.

without spilling his or the other guys and the other guy who does it 1, 2, 3 times,

Sidey: when he passes at me cause he he goes


the other fat is just a very casually just dodging and then putting them on his

ass. And

he looks over to Tommy and Tommy, he gives him the, You know, the, the knowledge like, yeah,

do your

Pete: Yeah. They really laid it

Sidey: is free It's

Pete: know, th this is,

Sidey: he twigs this It's not about fighting all the

time. You know,

sometimes you have

to use a bit of diplomacy

again, that's, wouldn't go amiss, you know, somewhere in the


these days. So

he just, the training ends with him just saying, would

it be okay with you if we just swapped bowls


that's the part, that's the test, you know, can you can, you, sometimes you don't have to fight,


Reegs: Yeah. So he passes the test cause he gives me.

That evening, Tommy gives him a new Katana sword called morning light. And then he tells him if the Juul of the son of precious artifact, that his clan vowed to protect which contains the power of the sun or something.

Sidey: but never use

Reegs: But they must never use it.

That's right

Pete: weigh on the DNA fingerprint

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Just like


Reegs: But we're about to get we're about to get a real, yeah. Yeah. We're about to get a real shocking reveal day because after he's finished chatting with Tommy, he gets a motorcycle and he drives out to Kento and it becomes clear. He's a double agent. So we've been he's, he's actually been working in the mover this whole time and he's still there because he's, he's got he's on a revenge mission because Ken to says, we still got your father, his video footage.

I think they show him if the guy who killed his father.

Pete: Son of a bitch. You think then don't you think cheesy, so maybe a hint of infernal affairs here, you know, when he's going, why undercover. And,

Reegs: Well you didn't know, you didn't know, at this point in the movie that he was still working for cancer, it

Pete: No. He played, he played the part of Tommy's friend very, very well. And you actually see through the film that he starts to actually believe that he really does want to, to follow.

Yeah, he's conflicted. He really does want to follow that. So when he's with them, he believes in that, but then he does have this burning desire to get revenge for his dad's killer. And this guy has got the information.

Where to find him. In fact, I think soon after, maybe in this scene, when they meet him, he gives him the dice and says, I've got

Reegs: a little bit later.

That's a little bit later. Cause we still got to have the second test. Dang. So he's got to go back and ingratiate himself into the clown with the blind master who was played. He's played by Peter. So who is the guy who got kicked into the well in three.


you know, the messenger guy gets

kicked into the world, that's

Pete: Yeah. Oh, don't see.

  1. Oh, that's a good


Reegs: he has a vision, doesn't he? And he sees the something or other happening with

Pete: fire and

Reegs: it's something about your weaknesses and your dad and something. There's the sexy head of security, a Kiko that east bars with every now and

Pete: Yeah. There's, there's straightaway some, some chemistry there isn't there.

Reegs: She was in crew and we've still got three copies of that if you, if you want it.

Yeah, there's a terrific sequence in a neon SU drenched Tokyo, where they're fighting the camera's gliding around and

Pete: That's right. A bit of a showdown and they find out he's delivering a load of guns the villain. he agrees to go with him.

Doesn't he snake eyes. He goes, I'll go with Tommy. And he actually ends up making sure that the body gets away in some way. Doesn't he?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Well that one feller that we've seen earlier,

he pulls a gun on him and it gives him the look of that. no, you


off. And he leaves him and then he goes up and he, he cuts down that

antenna break up the fight,

And like I say, let him, let him

get away.

So still divided you're not quite sure

Pete: Yeah, that's right. He's still sitting firmly on the fence. This is all these thought about any he gets he gets rumbled a bit because the matriarch is very unhappy. All this attention is being bought onto them and she's not happy that he's bought in and he's still got this third test to go.

Reegs: So the set up now is that they've got these killer, he's being bribed to go back and get the Juul or the son.

So he breaks in, but he's also got the third test to pass and he doesn't pass it. He's lowered into a pit and he's told that. Yeah.

Truthful or whatever at pure of heart. That's right. And there's an enormous Anaconda comes out and then another and another and another one. And they coil around him and they attack him because they detect he's not pure of heart.

So he goes back. And then he has to sneak back in. It's basically just an excuse for him to go full fucking ninja. He gets the outfit on, he disables the alarm systems. He takes a blood sample that he got from

Pete: this 0.8 already. It already tricked Tommy enough or taken him into his confidence. To get a some blood Fu pretending they're blood provers, and they cut themselves on the sword and then shook hands and he wiped the, the kind of blade river, a tissue.

And that, that had the blood on it then to gives him that DNA lock grabs the

Reegs: east steals the Juul or the sun. And he takes it back to the Baron S who's a Cobra person who's turned up

Pete: and he has no idea how powerful it is. And it confused me this cause Cobra then, so cobras in this world. So w what, what would we in here?

We're in the Marvel world or

Reegs: Yes it's Marvel

Pete: Okay. So it's

Reegs: Superman is going to turn up any minute.

Sidey: it no it's not,

but it is,


Hasbro, right? So


a toy universe no GI Joe ever vigilant visionaries, visionaries,

Knights of the magical light mask

Pete: Yeah. I was thinking mask right.

Sidey: rom Space nights and micro knots. But I was very interested

when I saw this was in the same world as


Pete: Yeah.

Cause you like master your peak. Yeah.

Reegs: So he steals the Juul. He takes it back to canter in the Baroness to get the man who killed his father. Who's tied up in waiting in a shack at the docks.

Sidey: Yes

Reegs: And he tells about that he killed his father and the guy's like, well, you have to be more specific what account. And then he gives him the dice and he sort of chuckles and things so ha and then he rolls it and he realizes it's loaded dice.



Pete: dice.

Sidey: natural, low roller.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. And there was something about the dice that was you know, it's not how Dyson made because the six is feasible on one side of the dice when the one is, and it wouldn't be

Reegs: it is what you're

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: should add up to seven.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: But he frees him anyway. So he gives up his revenge mission.

He, he turns, you know, he's merciful towards him. It's the second act of mercy that we've gone. And then he leaves the, the shack in pursuit of Kenter in the Baroness. Now who've got the Juul. Absolutely. Awesome. Motorbike scene followed by fight on a, what are those things called? Like car carrying

Sidey: it's big, big, big lorry pick like 18 Wheeler with a load of cars on the back.

Pete: Is that what we get is awesome.

Sidey: It was pretty cool. It was pretty cool

Reegs: as machine gun. There's like park or non-injury shit. There's like cars being used, thrown everywhere. There's Tommy twisting through the air and attacking snake eyes and all of this. And then back of the compounds, the blind master and the hard master and send now, the grandma are all kept fighting the Baroness and Ken who's gone fucking crazy with the amulet.

Sidey: There's

also another lady who's appeared, but we've not

mentioned a Scarlet Somara

who is actually, Hugo weaving his daughter's not like when I was joking things, apply the name Yeah

Reegs: Okay. Can I see the resemblance now? That's

Sidey: I just want to tell you this daughter, Nice. She's the niece,

If you go wherever

Reegs: Do I detect it less now? It's the niece uh is a huge ruckus. They managed to get the Juul off Cantor when he blows up a dynamite thing and then Tommy picks it up and he wields the power of the Juul, even though he's not supposed

Sidey: to it basically does appear to be

all powerful.

Reegs: It just blows

Pete: shit. What you think about seems to turn into fire over

Sidey: Yeah. You can blow anything up. So it really to me it seemed like he

would undefeatable,

Reegs: it's Yeah.

Pete: Of them gang up on him,

Reegs: Well, Ken to fleas and he goes to the, they chase him out to the forest and there's a show down in the Anaconda pit basically. And there's a pretty cool moment where he's about to kill snake eyes.

And then there's the big snake rears its head. And he turns around and he chops its head off and it's quite unexpected. And then he just gets absolutely fucking obliterated by its name.

Sidey: but in amongst all in amongst all the carnage, Tommy

does use the gem.

I can't remember it was on someone


doing a runner through the house and

they all say to don't just he's about to do it And he uses it. And that means that I'm afraid you're out.

out. of the

Pete: Cause they promised to hold it and protect it, but never to use


Reegs: So now he's on a revenge mission. He fouls revenge against snake eyes

Sidey: Yeah.

And he appears in a post credits or mid credit scene.

Reegs: Yeah. As storm shutter, they are the yin and yang of each other. And interestingly, they, revenge missions are a mirror of each other as well. So there's good fucking thematic shit going on there as well, if you want it. Yeah. So I like this. Yeah.

Sidey: I saw, I liked it enough

to not

hate it, but

it was a bit bland. I thought in parts, I thought I was, I was impressed with it for a kids while I expected to be a flat-out kids thing.

is pretty dark.

Both visually and contact was

fucking violent,

you know, fucking executions, parents getting executed.

Lots of people dying, of some cool fighting. So it was, I

have to say it was a lot better than I thought it was going to

Reegs: Yeah, exactly. It's not all great by any stretch of the imagination, but the fights are good. It's got enough budget to do like

Sidey: Well, we can talk about that because we saw this

and we may be the only people who did the budget.

This was 88


Might've given

the game away. But

do you

Pete: think,

Sidey: do you think it made money or

Pete: well, look for me, this was average, Joe, this really was, it was no much, it, it wasn't. And he promised parts, there were scenes and there were ideas in this film that you could think, wow, this could, this could have been good, but it wasn't, again, it just, it just dropped for me.

It was, and I enjoyed it in, in an action way that you kind of are lots of big scenes in whatever they went on to LA long and too loud for me, a lot of them, they were just shit. Yeah. Well, w w it wasn't because there was nothing really happening. You knew everything that was coming, even the snake bit, you said it was great, but you knew it was going to happen.

As soon as he went down, it was like, it

Reegs: shit to have in a movie. I

Pete: yeah. Yeah, it was. So it was averaged to me and it's definitely lost

Sidey: month we did definitely lose money. So 88 million budget it grossed 40



it's break even point

was between 160 to 175 million.

So didn't

do so well. So I don't think


begin that follow up with.

Thingy storm

Pete: No, I, I

Reegs: shared those stories

Pete: They'd have to come at it from a whole different angle it again. And, and maybe, I dunno, if you like geo storm, you might like this,

Reegs: The cinematographer was BoJack bizarrely. He worked on six. It's not, it's not, he worked on six underground, which I didn't enjoy, but some of you guys did and Pete's dragon, which was a ghost stories. David Lowry's movie. He did the low manger, Mr.

And Mrs. Smith boxing, leaner. They're all like quite good looking movies. When you think back to him, and this was a good looking movie as well. And

Sidey: Interesting. And film


about this.


 It's the last

film to feature the 2012 MGM lion.


Reegs: well. And now they've got a new lion

Sidey: so, yeah.

Reegs: I look forward to seeing that new lion.

Sidey: Yeah.

But I don't

think you'll be able to

Pete: so this film kind of killed a lion in.

Sidey: And under franchise. I

Pete: Yeah. I mean, that's the 88 million, I dunno where it was spent,

Sidey: I think if you've got.

Teen son That's being a bit gender.

Pete: district,

Sidey: Cause, cause my daughter

Pete: you know, it's watching always average, but I mean,

Sidey: Yeah. Young lads. I imagine me when I was like 12, 13.

I would have really got a kick out

of this.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: maybe. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's, it, it's not aimed at me, you know, but it wasn't clever enough for me to even think, you know, sometimes they do these.

Sidey: also for

me, the toy tie and thing didn't seem that obvious.

Reegs: no, because he basically, if you're a fan of snake eyes, seriously, you only ever see him for about two seconds. At the end, he gets his gear right at the very, very end of the movie and he puts it on once and then he fucks off on a motorbike. So I'm sorry if that's what you were coming for to see him, you know, you're not going to get it.

Pete: they're waiting for the second one. That's somebody who's going to have to stump up a whole lot of money for a big risk, I think.

Cause I dunno where I'd rush back to seer. The next one. Would you?

Reegs: probably

Sidey: Well, I

think I speak for all of us when I say wasn't it great to have Ricky Martin


Dan: So as part of this episode, we have a bad dads exclusive interview with art Ninja's very own creator,

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: Ricky Martin. And here it is.


Reegs: We're really pleased to have Ricky Martin with us, the art ninja. Now for anyone unfamiliar with art ninja, it's a series that ran for 55 episodes from 2015 to 2019 on that absolute staple of quality.

CBBC, which gave us such hits as tele Toby's in the night garden and twirly wounds so that we know that you all love so much. And it's a sort of sitcoms slash teach yourself about art and different art techniques show going back into the long tradition of Neil Buchanan, Tony Hart, and Rolf Harris Um I stayed by the night art ninja himself, who hopefully is not like the latter.

And has come to join us on bad day.

Ricky: not like the latter good grief.

Reegs: Thank you for it. You didn't get that when you were on the one show, did you?

Ricky: Thank God. We're placing orders. He freaked me out. When you said it went for, you said 55 episodes. I suddenly thought, I thought you going to say 55 years. I was like, good. It felt like it felt like 55 years.

Reegs: yeah, I'm sure, Well, it must've been a pain in the ass. coming up with all that content each.


Ricky: Do you know what I have to admit? I, I barely came up with any of

Reegs: Yeah.

Ricky: Like I, all of the animation parts in it, like the little animated, if you're familiar with the show, there's like an animated sequence in each episode is set for series five. And the big mix where the things that I actually contributed to everything else came from a crack team of creatives that we called the ninja sets,

Reegs: Then the ninja jets and who would the ninja.

Ricky: Oh, so many of them the, well you've got how am I am I, if I forget one of them I'm so dead. but it got like it's like Tessa, Katie Eloise Gabs. There was Emily and Sarah in earlier episodes. Pauline definitely did some it as well. She was our like she was our production manager, but she's quite handy.

So she's always making things as well. Was that everybody, let me just check.

Reegs: it does look like a huge amount of effort goes into each episode. It's one of the things that struck me is like for each of the different segments coming up with all of that. You know, it was so impressive.

Dan: It struck me actually as well. It, it seemed quite a tight crew that from the episodes that I watched, I watched the Christmas one today.

Because well I got

Ricky: Oh, isn't that a weird one though? Isn't that a weird one? Like why, why would you do an episode? That's. Not Christmas. And they were saying, the guys are going, oh, it's because they want to play at other times of the year. And I'm like, but they won't, they only play at

Reegs: no my kids watched it the

Dan: there's me watching it in February, you know,

Ricky: well, why what's wrong with you guys?

Dan: it was a really good episode. I, it struck me. It was, it seemed quite a tight crew as well. It was dad there as well. He joined in on that episode. So and the, the other kind of characters, they all seem like they were having a laugh along with it.

Ricky: well.

unfortunately they are actually all my friends originally when we started making the show, we had like interviews with my mates because they will create if they have like creative jobs and do lovely stuff. Like, like for instance, Gavin is a director at Aardman. Now Sarah, who I call Bernie by the way is is moving up to doing direct and armed as well.

But she's a designer that all of these people have amazing skills. And we thought if we brought them in, then we could showcase all these skills that kids that want a career in art could like aspire to have or to be. But then we just ended up using them as actors. They're not very good at that.

Dan: oh, but it was a, you know, it made me, it made me smile actually, because I was just, I thought we've we've died. It was around Christmas time. It was a really nice episode. And then you've got this wonderful kind of snow glass, salt effect thing that you had going on

Reegs: it was amazing. I don't honestly. how those Big makes that you do at the end?

Absolutely incredible. I don't, I it's to bring them to life. Must be. Yeah

Ricky: we also have another crew of people help us do those. And there are often done in reverse if that makes sense. So we start with it finished and then we basically destroy it while we're all the bits that go into it. And then we have another sort of art director that helps us do those ones and me and Richard sometimes take on the big ones as well, but I swear he hated think he did anyway.

Reegs: So how did ninja come about?

Ricky: It's kind of a, do you really want to know, like it's quite low? Is that what I'm here

Dan: Yeah.

Ricky: talk about? Stuff like that

Reegs: Okay. Well, if it's, you know, if it's a crap story just an abridged version is fine, but

Ricky: and a bridge version? So I was working at Arbonne years ago and we were making some kits for this Wallace and Gromit board reinvention

Reegs: I saw that, no,

Ricky: could do at

Reegs: I saw that on your IMDV profile and Shaun the sheep you worked on as well, right.

Ricky: Yeah I was an editor on shore, on the sheep. So basically I've, I've been ran through the Miller oven for many years. And then for a period of time, I was up in broadcast, but they asked me if I could test out how these Harvey's kits were to make. And because I was giving them to the guys down at digital, and they're my mates.

I stupidly made like a pretend video for each of them as if I was presenting and making them and the BBC saw it and said, yeah, We'd like those for DVD extras. And then somebody else saw that and said, if you could come up with an, a format for this guy to present, maybe we'll buy it. So we did that and they didn't.

And then and then after, after that, I just happened to send an email to. The commissioner at CBBC just at the right time just saying, oh, it was good to have a go at making that pilot. I really enjoyed it. I'm more of a arts and crafts kind of person rather than science, because it was a science show they wanted me to do.

And then she just happened to get back to me immediately and go, can you speak to these guys at Dr. And then I went and collaborated with them to make art ninja.

Reegs: Wow.

Dan: Brilliant. Okay.

Ricky: A bit of, a bit of a boring


Dan: dunno I liked actually the, you know, I'm sat there with my ten-year old daughter. Twos is an aspiring artist herself actually. So she really takes her arts art shows. And w w we were sat there watching, you know, creations and doing these. You know, I think you making a reef out of egg boxes and all that kind of isn't it it's just

Ricky: actually really good. Yeah.

Dan: It was fantastic. I just, you know,

Reegs: well, my little one this weekend, she made a giant pencil inspired by

Ricky: What was it opinion it's a pencil or was it just the

Reegs: It was kind of a giant pencil that she'd made, but she'd been talking about that she'd seen different techniques that you'd done, and sometimes she adopts your speech patterns and stuff. When she's explaining stuff to

Ricky: No,

Reegs: Yeah.

Ricky: I don't. I do that around the house. Like if I'm, if I, well, I'm making quite a lot of stuff at the moment and I'm always just saying to my other half, I'm just And what I'm going to do here this bit down and make sure I don't put a mark on the table, but that

Reegs: I'll bet she loves that I bet she

Ricky: That she just rolls. It rise

Reegs: So, but you're right. You must know about craft storage solutions. Cause obviously as parents, we've got a lot of craft around the house. Constantly like cardboard and

Ricky: The two don't really meet.

Dan: that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Ricky: it was so like, I mean, I'm glad that you've got such a a very short sort of clip of me here because you won't be able to see the rubbish. It's all over the room. Cause as soon as you, like, I've got attention deficit disorder, so I've got ADHD. So if I start working on something, I'm immediately distracted by something else.

So that craft project gets rolled into a ball in the corner while another one gets started. There's cardboard all behind this little futon here. Everything's everything's a mess all the time.

Dan: No, it's just like, just like our house. Yeah.

Ricky: Well, I have got like, I've got eight boxes here and they've all got things that say that inside of each of them.

But once you get one of them out, it's like finding a CD case back in the nineties, you'll be chasing through all the other albums that you switched in order to re refund it that there is a way to be tidy. I just don't know what I'm sorry, I can't help you with that

Reegs: Well, as you

Ricky: Maybe, maybe Ikea.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's probably Ikea. Isn't

Dan: it? It's boxes in boxes.


Ricky: just, just throw away their stuff when they're finished with it, but don't let them know.

Reegs: well, that's the hard part. It was going to say, like, if you are planning on ever doing more episodes and that is a question I was going to ask you later if that was ever going to happen, but can you do an episode on getting rid of stuff before you get something else in? Because

That would.

Ricky: that's a really good idea. I mean, all of the makes that we had in our injury are apparently still in existence. They're all

Reegs: Oh, wow.

Ricky: Because throughout the series we ended up reusing them or there was something that would somehow come back. But yeah, a lot of it got stored,

Dan: Well there's well, what his story says, hope though,

would you be open to doing more episodes to it or have you moved on now and looking at other things?

Ricky: I it's, it's tricky because one thing they don't tell you when you do kids stuff, is that you remain that character for that entire generation for the rest of your life. And if you meet them, you've got to be some remanence of that person for them. Otherwise you just ruin it. And I know as much as I. And it does sometimes hold me back from doing things I want to do because people assume, oh, you're the guy that did the art show rather than, oh, you're a director or an animator.

That kind of thing. It does. It does hold back in those, those places. But you can't. Love the fact of how happy it makes a lot of kids. I used to think all the stuff that we did in creative industries was really self-indulgent. And then someone pointed out that, no, you do let kids that have got a crap time, be kids again for a bit like while they're watching TV.

if it did come back yeah, I probably would do it and I would moan about it all the time,

Dan: But you

Reegs: I, that was, that was, you

know, that was really lovely to hear, but especially as my kids love the show so much, you know, they, they watch it. They've watched all of the episodes. They've got a list of their top five They've been inspired to do. I personally enjoyed the music? I think I mentioned that maybe in a

Ricky: Yeah, the, the music is really good, but I think that's down to our editor. I mean, we often had songs in mind when we were putting things together, like director Jeff had, what did we say? Oh, we can have this music and we can have this kind of like theme running through it like that. But whenever it comes to edit, it's normally what was the most sort of.

That the hippest tune out at the time they wanted to put on it. And often there's quite a lot of hip hop in it. So, I mean, I quite like that element

Reegs: And do you get to do a bit of skateboarding as well? I noticed we all, we were all, like, we tried it a bit when we were young and tried to be, you know, we are more interested probably in looking a bit cool, but and

Ricky: I mean, if you try and see if you skateboard with the intention of looking cool, I don't, I don't think it's going to work

Reegs: no no, never did. never did but you get to do that in the show as well. Right?

Cause that's virtually every episode. You're skateboarding, skateboarding

Ricky: Yeah, but I'd only go out for like, we, we do a little bit of skateboarding in the NVT, like the big Mac bits, but then I'd go out for a day with a friend of mine and just shoot a couple of clips to go into it. But it could never be anything particularly like gnarly because I might've hurt myself or cut my fingers off as we were about to go into shooting.

So I had to be a little bit careful, but for a short period of time, I was paid to skateboard and therefore I was.

Reegs: Yeah,

Ricky: So I think I'm taking that. Yeah.

Dan: take that. Definitely. I really loved the ninja idea. Where did that come? Because you were collaborating with these, these guys then who who's come up with the ninja idea.

Ricky: So it wasn't originally going to be art. And just so I went down and collaborate. And the guys who got two dots that would have been Joe and Allen and basically just spewed ideas at them. And then Alan spent time creating a Bible that we went, went to pitch with at CBBC. And the first one first version of this show.

It was called art monkey is in like a gray, isn't like a grease monkey rather than like an actual Chimp. But when, when we turned up to, when we got told we had a series the BBC commissioner was just like, oh, monkey, are we like attached to that? And I was like, Hmm. And then she went, how about Nick?

Kids love ninjas. And we were like, yeah, our ninja sounds way better. And now when I think back, like the fact that I have to jump around doing this all the time, Imagine if I had to do this or

Reegs: well, yeah,

Dan: absolutely one.

Ricky: play toss my feces around the room or something rather than I'm happy that

Reegs: could have been a lot

Dan: ninjas and absolute win. And she was right when she kids just love ninjas there. I was going to ask you, what's your favorite ninja film?

Ricky: Oh, wow. That's really hard.

Dan: the spot I'll let you search. I'll let you circle back to that.

Ricky: I'll come back to it.

Reegs: I'll tell you

Ricky: do. I mean, I like, I like ninja games. I like ninja

Dan: Shinobi.

Reegs: Shinobi yeah.

Ricky: last a long time ago showing your age of their

Reegs: Yeah So you have got a new project. What? This is kind of a scoop for bad dads. What can you tell us about.

Ricky: Well, when I was this, I mean, this is going to be a long story, but I, with the caveat that there's a couple of steps to it. And when I was at university, I used to make films, animations all the time and I plan to make a Grindhouse movie. I really wanted to make one, but as I, my ambitions got bigger when I was making films, my resources stayed the same.

It was always just me. And so it kind of got put on the back burner for years. I then rewrote it, maybe. Eight years ago, it was like a proper 19 minute film and I read it back and it was shit. So, so, so I edited it down to like 20 minutes and it was still pretty poo. So I did it again. Then it became like 10 minutes and now it's slowly built back up to.

Probably like a short, maybe 25 minute film, but I had a brainwave. I don't have all the money to make, to get all these beautiful sets to I don't have any budget really to do any of that stuff, but I'm good at making So I'm going to make all of the models and everything, all of the locations in miniature and just green screen.

Me and the other people into it and all of the bits. I mean, I can show you one of the

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah,

Dan: Love

Ricky: is going to be, I mean, this is basically radio, isn't it?

Dan: It's great base, great

Reegs: No, this is great.

Dan: Whenever you can show anything.

Ricky: I might, as I shared a little bit of this on Instagram,

Reegs: Oh, wow.

Ricky: this is like the curse book that's in

Dan: Wow.

Reegs: So what we're seeing here is a kind of Necronomicon ask, but with a

Dan: like a fly.

Reegs: No, it's a bird. Isn't it?


Ricky: a


Dan: It's a pigeon. Oh yes.

Ricky: and then I had to bind all the pages properly and like age or the pages and like make all the artwork that goes on the inside.

show you how about if I got a picture of him in there. So there's, it's based basically I want the demon there to be a pigeon. Right. So

Dan: Right. This is like a Lord of the rings book. You're on earth inherit it's age with time and it's

Ricky: It stinks of soy sauce and

Dan: you go.

Reegs: What is your Instagram, Ricky. Say it. So the listeners can go and check your

Ricky: Well funnily enough, Ricky Martin was taken. So I am on Twitter and Instagram as at Rex Martin.

Reegs: Do you know how long I've been resisting, making like a living

Lavita joke. Loca

Ricky: Hey man, you, you, you won't be the first. You will not be the

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I was, you know, yeah, yeah,

Ricky: I've also got a couple of nights, but I've not yet to decorate them. I say knives, but these are prop like film prop, Knights or they're foam.

Reegs: All right. Look at

Dan: Oh wow. Proper machete. A robber machete.

Ricky: I need to make the handle now to, to match that of the demons in it, but the, the best way to describe the monster in it is, do you remember the labyrinth from years ago, the with David

Dan: Joe B's mine now, so yeah,

Ricky: Jareth and there's a bit in it where she puts her coin into a little box of this man with this bird on his head

and in turn Belinda coin in the box. That

Dan: Yeah,

Ricky: I think that, and so the person in, in my film is possessed basically by a pigeon demon that lives in a nest on top of someone's head, which has been placed there from an egg in that.

Dan: Nice.

Ricky: thinking, it sounds really stupid. And that's the point it's meant to be like, B-movie

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah,


Ricky: the max.

Reegs: Oh, the props we, you really do need to go and check out. Ricky's Instagram page,

Dan: which was at Rex.

Ricky: Martin.

Reegs: At Rex Martin. Yeah.

Ricky: Oh, there's.

Reegs: that we saw were absolutely magnets there. They're a bit bigger, I guess, than I thought they were going to be. So how have you

Ricky: Well, they have to be for people to actually hold it. Don't they? And they are making a cathedral at the moment. So that's going to be

Reegs: Yeah, of course you are. Yeah.

Dan: How, yeah. How big is the cathedral going to be? And you're making out of what.

Ricky: Mostly cardboard, corrugated, cardboard, but it's going to be painted in like whether to look a certain way and then there's going to be a lot lighting things in it as well. And I've also, I've got, I make a wooden lodge because all horror films have a wooden

Reegs: in the woods. Yeah, for sure. So what, and what's has the project got a name or?

Ricky: It's currently just called the third act because technically speaking, I've cut out act one and two, and I've just ended with this bit. So it's working. Tow is currently the third

Reegs: Okay, cool. Cool. And where, and when are you looking to start

Ricky: Well, hopefully I need to get two more props down before I can shoot the first couple of things. And then hopefully you keep the ball rolling, but again, it's like resources, people time. So I've, I've written each of the scenes so that there's minimal people needed each time. Like I can get everything set up.

I can get a couple of people out in, into the woods to shoot a few bits so I can get them in front of my green screen for another This

Reegs: doing a Kickstarter or something? Cause we there's. We supported an

Ricky: with the kickstart, you, you, you kind of need to have a trailer or something to get people excited. So that's why I'm trying to build the first particular scene. But also, well, as I said before, I'm ready, but I'm also dyslexic. And at university I was offered extra time and I didn't take it, you know, cause I wanted to do it on my own.

I'm going to do it off my own steam. And I think I've got that. Stupid mentality. Now when maybe I should just ask for help and stuff, but I'm still just going to do it all

Dan: Well, maybe somebody will reach out. I'm sure there's there's skills that would go and support the art ninja in a, in a such an exciting project. Maybe they're listening to this and they can get in touch with you on your Instagram.

Ricky: I didn't think about that. That's a really good point. Yeah. Come help me.

Dan: I'm

Ricky: you like to be killed in a horror movie? That would be like it wouldn't it.

Reegs: are you, are you a big animation fan? We watched an unbelievable bit of stop motion animation for the podcast. A liker studios project called missing link. That was

Ricky: They are fantastic. Oh my God. That shot with the elephant walking through the woods that they've got on time lapse at the end is, is amazing.

Reegs: like mind blowing.

Ricky: But like it's a kind of stop motion is, is the kind of medium that never loses its magic. Like as soon as you see somebody doing this in time-lapse you suddenly realize the amount of work that went into it.

It's a true art form. It is amazing. I still mean I was doing stop motion today. I can't show you the models that I was using. Cause they're in eight, but then I. Let's do it. Just don't

Reegs: We

yeah. So is there, is there anything you'd recommend for us to check out you know, animation wise?

Ricky: again, you put me on the,

Reegs: Yeah, it's Kung Fu it's ninja movies. Anime.

If you could do an animated ninja movie.

Ricky: what that was. I was one that came out recently called I think it's called arcane or something. That's on Netflix, the animation staff. That looks amazing. And obviously like you must've seen spite of

Reegs: Yeah

Ricky: The miles

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah,

Ricky: mean that if you know the technical side of how they put that together, like you put it in, you can watch documentaries on YouTube about how they do.

It's really intuitive and clever how they've done. The, if something is out of focus, they're using that, that kind of half tone print in the background, like as a comic book to give you the feeling of it being out of focus or when miles is learning how to web swing and Pete is next to him doing it.

Perfect. Miles is at 12 frames a second and Peter's at 25. So he's smooth and miles has got this jerkiness to him. They using light, they're using the medium to tell their story. And I thought that but yeah, I love that film. I must've seen it 20 times

Reegs: We reviewed that on the pod and we all absolutely loved that. Yeah. Yeah. It was brilliant. And just how they brought all those different styles together at the end, and then it's really frenetic, but it's never overwhelming

Ricky: Yeah. It's weirdly coherent.

Reegs: Yeah. So.

Ricky: And obviously like if I'm, I mean, I used to work at Aardman years ago and I've been working with them recently. All of their stuff's always fantastic and amazing, but I did really enjoy Robin Robin, which they brought out at Christmas, the short, where everything's kind of felt is kind of a felt look to all of

Dan: oh, I did see that. Yeah, it was, it was only a very short one. Wasn't it?

Ricky: Yeah. Well, it's a singer on the Christmas vibe right now. Maybe you could just watch that in the next

Dan: I might do. I might do. Yeah. Yeah. We've got port over there somewhere as well. So it's getting

Ricky: there

Dan: that Christmas

Ricky: Lovely.

Dan: and cheese.

Reegs: I've got some questions directly from my kids. Sort of largely about the finale, the showstopper. The first question was what was the biggest. fucking. The one, the one that went wrong the most.

Ricky: that we did a really big drawing in sand, on a beach. And it had been raining and the tide wouldn't really go out. So no matter how much you used the drone shot, you couldn't see it. So that didn't

Reegs: Oh.

Ricky: pretty much

Reegs: is it? Which episodes that cause I'm keen to like? Is it really underwhelming at the

Ricky: I think it might be like day of the ancestor or something.

Reegs: I'll ask my kids they'll know. They've seen them all

Ricky: and also it's a bit of a skeleton crew. It's mostly just me and Sarah because. GAF was either busy or having another kid and rich was in the same boat. They've moved those bicycles. Sarah

Reegs: You've not got kids.

Ricky: No, no.

I've got two cats.

Reegs: All right. Do you like, Did you like kids today? All right. Or not first?

Ricky: Yeah, of course. Of course. Yeah. I mean, w I don't want to give my pessimistic view on how the world's going and why I

Reegs: I know. Yeah. Well, this interview goes out on Friday and I mean, assuming there's not nuclear Armageddon before then,

Ricky: Oh, yeah, it

Dan: people will

Ricky: what I want then, Connie. Yeah.

I mean, I say I used to be with, to stay with you. I mean, I'd love to, I mean, I, I love that there are lots of aspects of, of parenting that I think look lovely, but I just, I worry what my kids would even be like for a star fish to be livable, that the issues that I've had, but then, and also the world's buggers, but then some people say, but your kids could be one that saves the world and you're like, oh, that's a good point,

Dan: Yeah.

Ricky: Yeah.

Reegs: We

Ricky: So that's a big responsibility. If you guys be all kids have to go and save the world now.

Dan: I was just, yeah, I'm not sure mine are ready for that just yet. If they could just tidy their room, I'd be a star.

Reegs: at The amazing thing is one of them's probably got the potential to do it and the other one definitely thinks she could do

Dan: it so

Reegs: I have my kids, So, yeah.

Ricky: So that was the biggest.

Reegs: youngest, she said that you could borrow our laptop if you needed to make. a new. Yeah. So that's how much she

Ricky: That is really friendly of her. Thank you so much. It's a lovely

Reegs: And she's also like desperate to be on the show as well. So I'm supposed to let ask you that.


Ricky: and we're not making any more though.

Reegs: yeah, go on. They will. They will

go on. We'll find

Ricky: Well, we have to create some kind of Instagram or Tik TOK filter where it puts you on the laptop screen in the ninja

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: yeah. Just a few little ninja moves or something.

Reegs: All

Ricky: And then I'll just sit there. Go. I pick you.

Reegs: The ninja belt was pretty cool. They wanted to know where you got that.

Ricky: I was probably off Amazon knowing the guys that Dr. De.

Reegs: Okay.

Ricky: Was, but I had, I used to have to like indentations just on the top side of my trousers from whether that belt is so wide. If you're bending over doing the art, it just digs into you. So like you'd have two little marks. It slowly over the course of a two months after it was a and then Newstart.

Reegs: for quite a long time as well then? but Where where'd you as well? So,

Ricky: Yeah. Production was quite a few weeks. It was like five or six weeks. And then now. Every day, like seven in the morning, start till seven at night and any, and it's quite relentless, remembering.

Reegs: Yeah, because yeah, because you've got a, quite a lot of lines as well, you know, because there is a sit-com element to it and it's you

Ricky: I actually love during the sitcom side.

Reegs: loved the Grandmaster.

Ricky: Grandma's is dope. He's the best character. I mean, if you put all the characters in order of how cool they are is like up at the top of like Sarah I'm rich, sorry, Gavin, Gavin. And then I'm down at the bottom with GAF. Like I'm, I'm the least, least cool person. And in the show, I record compared to some of the people we have on, or our

Reegs: Grandmaster. There's the guy. I don't know what his name is, but he does the TV. He's got Boris Johnson's haircut.

Ricky: Like Michael Fabricant.

Reegs: yeah. Yeah.

Ricky: Yeah. That's that he's just called the ad, man.

Reegs: Oh, the ad man. and I was trying to get, I was trying to ask Australia, asked my oldest what's what's that one called, you know, and I was going, she's going, what? And I'm like, well, you've got the grand master and there's a different character. He's on the team. And she's like, what do you mean the character? She didn't understand he was a character at yeah. That's my daughter being strangely

Dan: perfectly, perfectly acted.

Reegs: How many years does it take to be an art ninja? That was another question I had for

Ricky: That's I think that's more of a frame of mind.

Yeah I

Dan: Zen.

Reegs: Isn't it? Yeah,

Ricky: think you suddenly get to that point. I mean, I think if you've been doing kids makes for long enough and then suddenly it just a magical thing happens and you can move super fast and you can dry paint by going like this. Like that's you just get to that point suddenly, but it is practice, practice and love, you know?

Dan: Well, that

Ricky: at each other, like that's a terrible answer.

Dan: I was thinking. It was, it was a lovely place to end it, to be honest, because it's been a, it's been a fantastic interview with you. Thank you so much, Ricky, for taking

Ricky: going to mention as well. I did watch Dave made amaze. You told me

Reegs: Yeah. What did you think.

Ricky: I really liked it. I mean, I'm sorry, you were saying it's not, the acting is a bit off, isn't it in this. And I'm like, it's meant to be like that in it's meant to be like, it's meant to be quite self-aware in itself. I think of it how silly the situation is, but I, I, I loved the maze

Reegs: yeah, I

enjoyed this surrealism and the, and the design and all that was really, really incredible. And I don't, they did have a pretty big budget. I think it was like $4 million, but they did a lot with it as well.

Ricky: I could do that for 10:00 AM eight.

Reegs: Well, we, we want to see that to be honest, So, you know, you'll have to stay in touch and let us know.


Ricky: Oh. So now I'm going to, if I managed to finish this film, would you review it, then

Reegs: absolutely. Yeah.

Ricky: you're going to regret that.

Dan: please we'd love the chance. It will. You know a movie, we have a cardboard set and nothing but design, how long you've been writing this 10 years or something. So it I'm

Ricky: man, it sounds like it should be better than it is then it's like saying I've been skateboarding for 20 years and I should be better than I am, but

Reegs: Wait, it sounds right down my alley, to be honest, like I know I already saw out a cardboard based horror movie. So, you know, if you're looking for somebody who's looking for something like your work, then I'm probably a person. So

Ricky: No your audience great. Okay.

Reegs: All right. Cool. Well, yeah, come back when you've got the hugely successful movie out there and we've reviewed it, come back and tell us about all Your next bits and pieces.

Ricky: you'll regret that by. We'll do that 100%.

Dan: We're looking forward to it. Ricky.

Reegs: All right. nice one.

Ricky: All right guys.

Reegs: Thanks, Ricky.


Sidey: It's great to have someone give up their time and come on, the show always amazes me when people will say, yeah, I'll

come and talk to you.


Pete: Yeah. And what an artist's though, you know, he's got so much going on, he's done so much, he's worked with some fantastic people and now he's springing out in his own.

Right. So it'd be to keep an eye on him. Yeah,

Sidey: crisp. Well,

he does the show that you guys spoke to him about,

we're going to talk

about an episode or maybe a couple of episodes. I watched


Reegs: already, or

Sidey: I didn't

know, that

that my daughter was

a fan, but I put it on. And she came into the room and literally just like stared

at the screen in amazement.

It's like, I love this. We watched this at school every


I yeah, the day before Friday,

was like,

the fucking idiots. but they do apparently watch this


score. So that's where

she's, Cause I don't think I've ever seen her watch it in the house, but

Pete: yeah, I'd never,

Sidey: I would encourage it. It's great.

Pete: I'd never seen his similar story. I'd never seen my daughter watch this, but when I put it on, she knew all about it. So it was, we watched

Reegs: been oblivious

Pete: I've been oblivious to it. I've not seeing it on her, in the house.

Yeah, they do. Not with me so much. They're, they're more individual crafters, you know? But this, this one was known to us and we watched a Christmas episode. I dunno why you nominated that one, but, or if I got it wrong again,

Sidey: I watched a day with the baby or


it but I guess we can talk generally about the setup.

It's sort of,

kind of introduced like a sit-com and there's a bit of a plot running through the.


Whilst he does some kind of artist work

that fits

in with the plot of what they're doing and that particular episode.

So in the one that I watched

he's basically given a child to look after

Reegs: after his niece,

Sidey: Yeah so the first thing he does is make this cuddly toy out of a pair of socks.

Reegs: It's a bit like the rapids from the rain man game. Did you think? Yeah, that was pretty cool. yeah, he's he's sewing, which just makes him a fucking wizard straight away anyway.

Cause I can't do that. Can you say no? You say

Pete: all the stuff that he made in the episode that I watched was The EU Sony as well.

And he was getting the glue out. He goes, get some strong glue.

That's the on strapping, strong glue. Just, just put that on everything. And he'd made this felt chicken that you can put a hat on and Velcro things and you start throwing things at it. And it's like a party hat game with a chicken on your head which is really fun and cool.

And yeah, even did a little drawing of Santa Claus, just on a post-it and put it on the, on the wall when it was just of those really simple things that you could just copy. You know, if you're at

Sidey: because the baby one. He did. he's like, this is how you draw a quick


of a baby and he does it

Boom. It's on the so I'm guessing that's something that runs throughout pretty cool. it's

just a little technique, You teach your technique, every

Reegs: sort of free hand to a simple drawing, but that is much harder than it looks. I don't know if you've ever tried to do it.

Pete: Will you listen to his interview there with how many people around them as well? You know, he's got quite a crew working for him, him, but he was working on a lot of the bigger pieces, which is interesting because the, the piece that I saw and it, it was brilliant, not in view because it was so transparent in the process of how everything got done.

And he said, well, what happened is that was done. And we almost destroyed some things, you know, there was already created and we do it in reverse because that's the way that the, the television meant the idea could get across better to the viewers and things. But yeah, we're really interested in and creative in and around what you used.

I mean, this was, so he used on this big kind of black

Reegs: was incredible I saw that one.

Yeah. The other one that we watched, he made a mobile for the baby and it was based on the work of the sculpture of Alexander Calder. So you get like, like a little, two minute tidbit art history lesson in there. That's quite interesting, I

Sidey: He appeared like Jesus on on

the what do you call it the German


Pete: Well, they've got the Grandmaster who comes in, so within it all, you've got this ninja, he just kind of jumps into to doing ninjas and yeah, I, I, that, that just worked for me. I thought it just helped Quicken the pace and it, you know, rather than do some cheesy kind of other thing, he did this, this was his thing.

And he was like, I'm gonna use my ninja hands. And it was

Sidey: Yeah Because some of the processes obviously take quite a long

time in reality

And it'll just

say ninja move and it will speed up. The process that bit it's done, you know, cause

you're not going to sit there for two

hours while

Pete: while

Reegs: They are some, some of the projects are ambitious. I think the one that you were talking about with the hat thing, I saw that that seemed ambitious, but the mobily makes in this was kind of intricate but accessible.

I think for, for people who want to do this and my kids I've tried to do and have done some of the stuff, including they do an animation segment later in the baby episode. My daughter, my youngest did wanted to do some animation, so did that stuff at home, which is pretty cool. Yeah. And then, like you say, it always finishes on a big, spectacular thing.

What was it in this? It was They were making the, it started, well, it looked like not to be topical or whatever, but it started over what's something that like the Ukrainian flag, it was yellow and blue. Yeah. And then they actually making this Finks in Egypt, weren't they out of toilet roll or


Pete: Amazing.

Reegs: but yeah, no, it's mad to think now maybe that, that was what we watched was them destroying it. Cause they get it. That could have been one where they did that. It was made and then what they were doing was just actually putting it.

My kids love that episode. I think it's because the baby shits itself at one point, honestly, this I think is they, I asked him if they liked it and that was their number one choice.

Pete: When this came on and my daughter and I was really pleased, she knew about it, but I was it's five seasons had been going for, and I was thinking, how did I not know about this?

It's just, I mean, CBeebies just throws out some real good

Sidey: It's actually finished that Isn't it

Pete: content, I think it has now.

Reegs: But he's been seen by millions I would think millions it's like a whole day.

It's really? Yeah.

Pete: yeah. And I, I really, really liked it. It's I think it's w straight away we were looking at, oh, what can you do for, for the spring one? You know? Cause Easter's coming up so you can revisit them.

Cause they're all on CBeebies.

Sidey: No, it's solid. Like

CBeebies wholesome, like

educational and

fun, not patronizing

for kids.

Reegs: If you're stuck inside on a wet, rainy day, you could watch an episode of this and decide to be inspired to do something. And you will save yourself a whole afternoon of

Pete: missing

Reegs: by just doing some project together.

Sidey: You could just

 well, that's fantastic to have an interview and

a pretty well-received lot of nominations, I think. So that was

good. Another good week.


has returned from afar and given me his nominations. I'll

just read them out. The top five is


as an avian.

Pete: Okay.

Reegs: What have we done that before?

we had birds in the second episode. One of the really early episodes that somebody chose to interpret as the avian type of birds. And I think we went, I think we've done it. Unbelievable. I think it's nearly 200 episodes or something. We've

Sidey: rapidly closing in on 200 episodes.

Dan: oh

Sidey: will well if we have done it before We'll we'll come back we'll come back to it. and then the main,

sorry, the mid weeker is Stardust, which I think you

spoke about last time you

were on. And then the main feature

is Kaiser the greatest football or never to play football.

Dan: Yep. Have you heard

Pete: it's a documentary

Dan: It's yeah, it's a film documentary. It's available on Amazon. I've, I've heard the story, but I've not seen the film and I really wanted to check that out and I thought as football, no, this is not about and

Sidey: Kaiser colon,

the greatest football or never to play football.

Dan: I think it should be quite interesting.

Sidey: And then kids were going for Ren and Stimpy season two episode 11 son of Stimpy.

Reegs: Oh my God.

Sidey: going to be a tree.

Pete: the solid choices? I won't be around to

check them out, but I'll I'll be listening in and I'll listen from afar

Sidey: Well, safe travels down

You're great. You're very kindly, still letting us use the man-cave while you're away?

Pete: rip it up. Enjoy

Sidey: super-duper right. Well


that bombshell, all that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Dan: Cheerio.