March 18, 2022

Sorry To Bother You & Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Sorry To Bother You & Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
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What makes a great title for a film? Should it encapsulate the essence of the story, tell us something via symbolism about the characters or locations involved, be instantly familiar and memorable or generate intrigue? No, like everything important in life, size is the most important quality which is why this week we're looking at the Top 5 Movies With Long Titles.
SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (2018) is a scorching satire-cum-fantasy comedy in which the skint Cassius "Cash" Green (LaKeith Stanfield) gets a job  at telemarketing firm RegalView and becomes a huge success by using his White Voice. Promoted to the executive floor to become a Power Caller as his colleagues unionize around him, Cash's life is never the same again after meeting CEO Steve Lift (Armie Hammer) whose company WorryFree promises lifelong job security and housing in exchange for what looks suspiciously like slave labour amid pastel-hued prisonlike living conditions. Writer/Director Boots Riley provides a debut to remember with the early establishment of a unique and playful visual tone complementing the absurd magical realism of the final act and a memorable rapping scene in which the audience is confronted with the dehumanisation of racism that might provoke laughter or feelings of extreme discomfort, probably both. This one comes highly rated from the Bad Dads, check it out.
XAVIER RIDDLE AND THE SECRET MUSEUM was Reegs's attempt to double down on the whole long titles thing and shamelessly exploit a popular US kids tv show in the hope of securing a few new listeners. If you did find yourself here keen to hear what two Jerseymen thought of the Charles Schultz inspired artwork and wholesome historical content coupled with discussions about problem-solving and whether children should have beards or not, then you are in luck because that's exactly what you'll get.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Sorry to Bother You

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review. You guys know how this goes by now. I tell you what dad's reviewing movies and kids TV. I warn you about bad language and spoilers and so on. And then I jump into some sort of story or bizarre flight of fancy. But honestly, when you wake up to headlines and see the Elon Musk is offering to fight Vladimir Putin in one-on-one combat for the fate of Ukraine.

And you think, yeah, that's not inconceivable. What real use is there in trying to come up with something silly and absurd? Today's podcast comes to you from the man-cave where we were recently terrorized by a butterfly that we tried rationalizing with and society manfully wafted away. And it features just the two.

I don't want to say the two best bad dads.

Sidey: The most handsome

Reegs: yeah, yeah. Bravest.

Sidey: Yep

Reegs: Yeah, definitely with that moth slash butterfly slash bat, wherever it was it's myself, reeds and protos bad dad Sidey also known as flexor, sore as packs, AKA Kirk cocaine, AKA Jack, the rapper AKA off Spitler AKA swags, McGee, AKA candy, the rapper, AKA Fidel cash flow.

AKA the Inglorious C U N T AKA the chronic ship of the ring. I think that covers all your current rap pseudonyms. Doesn't

Sidey: it does Indeed. I am a little bit prepared. I don't know if we've dealt with the moth situation. I'm still not convinced we've got a definitive answer on that, but we'll, if you hear some shrieking, you'll know


a moth has landed on our face one of our faces, in any

Reegs: you think he's still in here?

Sidey: I think so,

Reegs: because how big I would say the wingspan on that thing was probably what six.

Sidey: No, it's more, it's like the one from king of monsters.

Reegs: Yeah. Get the horrors it. Yeah. Anyway, we're going all. assess Quip here, Dalian today looking at the top five movies with long titles, and then we're following that up with a review of the 2018 satire slash fantasy.

Sorry to bother you. And then we're finishing up with Xavi, a riddle in the secret museum and that's this week show.

Sidey: Yeah. Did you watch, anything good this week?

You tweeted about fast nine.

Reegs: yeah, so I started watching that. I'm going to watch that in chunks. That's a, but that's great. That's really good. Yeah. I just finished the scene where he was using like cables to sort of swing a car round you know, like a

Sidey: I mean I can't really remember but

Reegs: amazing.

Sidey: uh Yeah. I know where it goes. That film.

Oh, you haven't you probably haven't had the big. long, articulators. there it is,

It's back. I knew it would return,

Reegs: can we ignore him

Sidey: Yeah let's ignore it. at least two we've done the top five, there there's, you know, there's this sort of armored massive convoy thing of one. We probably haven't got to that, but it was, on the trailer and

Reegs: I've got to John scenar. Yeah. That's

Sidey: We've always known about it but never known about,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I watched Shane Australia started watching Shane, the Shane Warne documentary because it seemed like the right time after his untimely passing.

You're so on edge about,

Reegs: oh yeah. He's he's back. He's back here. Right? All right. Just chill out. Just chill out.

Sidey: Last week we did a top five sand.

Reegs: We did

Sidey: top five sand, got a great ring to it. We did have a few nominations preachy the ever amazing inspiration for great. movie Suggestions. It's he's also put forth a kid's thing.

that She wants us to have a look. at, which I don't know. I mean, a big brilliant in a way. But she nominated and I'm cross with myself for missing this one, the weird naked engine dream sequence from Wayne's role to Jim Morrison and the naked and indeed which is great. And Mel, Oh, she had national Lampoon's I don't know the national Lampoon's that well so I always miss these, but there's there's a desert. scene Where Clark Griswold is delirious? in the desert.

Reegs: Yeah, the, I love those movies and the car, they totaled the car out in the middle of nowhere and he's wandering the

Sidey: Yeah. And then Zac Efron one who I can't lie. It's like everyone actually

Reegs: Yeah, he comes out all right.

In this

Sidey: bloke Yeah

Reegs: I just, so I know just are we going to do the whole podcast with that thing flying around? Just so I

Sidey: No because I can see, you're not listening to our word. that I'm

Reegs: Well, I am sort of, but it's, you know no, he's Zac Efron's all right. Yeah. He seems all right. It hits mate seems a bit weird in his documentary.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I think he would have probably have some weird opinions about Coby and stuff. So but anyway, I don't know that I'm just speculating.

He's a lunatic. So yeah, sand that's

Reegs: That's good.

Sidey: but Should we pause this and deal with them off?

Right. Well, we still haven't dealt with this mafia issue?

Reegs: Marfan news. Martha update.

Sidey: Yeah. He's still with us somewhere. And we can't get him out and we're determined not to kill him. So that's where we're at with the Moffitt situation. But we'll crack on with this week's top five, which is movies with long titles.

Now We didn't have a character minimum.

So I don't know. You may kick off. I don't know, but we'll see. We'll see. how

Reegs: No, no, I haven't. I I'm willing to go for, for most entrances here, I think. Well, let's see how short you're going to go

Sidey: no mistakes though What gone then? Do you want to go first?

Reegs: Yeah. Where am I going to start?

Probably Dr. Strange love or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb,

Sidey: which used to be a comedy now is just terrifying. Flat out. Terrifying.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Was of course satire, but

Sidey: Isn't

Reegs: yeah, now it's documentary. The story is what happens when the unstable Brigadier general Jack D ripper convinced of communist threats to steal his precious bodily fluids orders, a nuclear attack on the then Soviet union.

Then we follow the world's best and brightest as they try to prevent James Earl Jones and a crazy cowboy from starting the path of mutually assured destruction. This one, obviously notably had Peter Sellers in it doing multiple roles, strange love himself, the wheelchair bound or. Nazi then there's the president merkin muffly.

My favorite character is the cowardly ref captain Lionel Mandrake. He's just brilliant that character.

Sidey: It's great. It's one of the first ones this and oh, what's the Ealing comedy it's kind hearts coronets or the lady killers, which one, it was where at Guinness plays I think it's kind of hard to say, but he plays about seven or eight different characters.

It's, you know, I wasn't aware that people could do that, you know, in a movie just play like those different roles. But yeah, it's top-notch bit of a funny old fellow though. Peter Sellers by all accounts.

Reegs: Hilarious.

Sidey: now. Well, on film. Yeah. But not, It's not so nice in, in actuality. I think, it's, I think there's some documentaries about his sort of home life. and stuff

Reegs: It was abusive. He was depressed a lot as well.

Sidey: Quite often, aren't they all comics are depressed.

Reegs: Yeah. If you're not depressed and you're a comic, do let us know.

Sidey: Yeah. We just looking around like pair videos. for this bottle. Anyway. I'm going to go with the assassination of Jesse James by the coward. Robert Ford. We're saying that as long I'll movie.

Cause it's it's It takes its time. It's definitely one.

You come for the the performances and the writing. Not not an action movie by any means.

Reegs: And now he's got Casey Affleck, hasn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. This was kind of just before Manchester by the sea. When he became, everyone's like, fuck he's like really good actor, but he'd done this before.

You know?

Reegs: Manchester by the sea.

Sidey: No, it doesn't. It's not the kind of film that really grasps me and says, come and watch me.

But anyway, this one obviously it's right there in the title, what happens and he. He joined I think the reason they call him a coward is because he befriended him and joined his gang and then wound up you know, during the deed. And it's just cause he wanted the reward money for killing him. Basically. It's just financially motivated.

But yeah, real good.

Reegs: If you'd like your long drawn out. Yeah.

Sidey: it and it's, you know, it's Brad Pitt and I think he's, he's really good at picking these roles They're just slightly a little bit off the wall not, it doesn't just go for like the same, cause he could take a big paycheck every time and I'm sure he does, Okay. But there's this you know, slightly different it's you know, it's not the big blockbuster movie.

It's not that kind of Western. It's more of a, yeah, like you said, it's more of a thinker.

Reegs: you're you, you're a big fan of the Western

Sidey: Do you like a Western? Yeah. Pete hates westerns.

Reegs: Well we need to go. It's been a while since we had a Western on the pod, I mean, hello, high water was kind of a Western as well and the.

Sidey: Yeah. I think we should do bone Tomahawk. and in any case this one's got a long title and it's good.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. The background to me. Yes.

Sidey: We don't have down

Reegs: yeah, to interrupt bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia. Uh It was a 1974 Sam Peckinpah movie and it fascinated me for ages because that is a really fucking cool title for a movie. And indeed it starts out by setting the scene for that title with Theresa, I think is the characters name.

She's the teenage girl, she's the daughter of a crime Lord known only as LFA. And she's down by a beautiful lake and in some south American village somewhere, and she's obviously pregnant and she's getting roughed up by her. Dad's goons for the name of the father of the, the name of the father of her soon to be born child.

And she eventually gives the name Alfredo Garcia at which point, LFA offers a million dollars for someone to bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia. And it's such a great. To go along with that title. But the movie itself is a little more meandering than that. Pulpy title might suggest it's it's unlike many Peckinpah movies, the female characters are kind of poorly treated or like the one in this one, the character, a liter in this movie she's raped and given kind of dubious sexual motivations.

But if you like violin and sleazy, like so many people do, you should give this a try warrant outs, not from Hola notes. I don't think a is in this and a young Kris Kristofferson plays the Ray people, rapey biker.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: You seeing that one?

Sidey: I haven't actually.

Reegs: Sam Peckinpah. Yeah. It's all right. It's pretty, you know, it's, it goes into some pretty dark places actually.

Sidey: Hm. Okay, cool. Sorry. I was just looking something up that was very rude of me. I'm going to go for master and command. The far side of the world. Yeah, Do you ever see that one?

Reegs: I have seen it, but I want to revisit this one. It should be a mid weeker. I think

Sidey: that's exactly what I was going to say, I am going to, if I get the opportunity I will nominate this because I remember really liking it.

and really enjoying it, but I can't remember that much about it. I watched it just the one time. Never revisited it.

Reegs: I think Dan really likes this movie. He, if he was here, he'd be talking about it.

Sidey: yeah it, he basically, he it's Russell Crowe. It's a few years after gladiator as in, in real life.

you know, not and he plays a master and commander. I've got his name somewhere, Jack Aubrey. And it's set during The Napoleonic wars. And I just remember it being excellent, but other than that, I think it

Reegs: so long one as well. I remember that

Sidey: I think it's just under three hours.

Reegs: lot of semen.

Sidey: Yeah. I think it does. It does take a little while to get going. I think there's a lot of setting the scene.

A lot of the fight. you actually need action, but you know, the

Reegs: no, there are some ship battles and stuff later on

Sidey: That's a lot later on. So I think, I don't think it found a huge audience from what I remember because you know, everyone thinks of gladiator from back then.

Reegs: Well, it was much more, I think it was much more a sort of charactery piece as well and a bit slower, like you say, so.

Yeah. That's why I want to revisit it

Sidey: for sure. I think it's definitely worth revisiting and it has a long title. So it gets in

Reegs: It does.

Sidey: your up,

Reegs: It's interesting to talk about scary stories to tell in the dark is a PG rated film that greet me out when I watched it.

It kind of, I've always liked to horror anthology and it kind of intertwined the, the smaller stories with an overarching narrative.

Yeah, it's a really good one. Well, personal history of David Copperfield, we watched

Sidey: Oh he did it on the plunger I wasn't A huge fan of it. No,

Reegs: A couple of us were a couple of us weren't I didn't particularly care for it either. Although the completely colorblind cast was really good. And there was some good inventive direction. It was Armando in new cheese.

So there was a lot to like in that Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal

Sidey: That's the one I was going to finish. Yeah.

Reegs: So let's talk it outside. We've beaten around the Bush for a long time about this one.

Sidey: I mean, it's, it's fucking

Reegs: Yeah And you

Sidey: and it's not even going to be the last one, which is terrifying.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So you're going to have five film series. The only two of them are any good.

I'm not giving you templates to me though, That's rubbish.

Reegs: right? Okay. Wow. Yeah. Maybe I dunno. The whole new kid in the fridge thing was

Sidey: I think we might need to take that on board and have that in our locker. we might, may need,

Reegs: well, you can the fridge.

Sidey: in hiding in fridges.

Reegs: It's not a bad idea. Yeah.

Sidey: It's just got some really shit, you know, stuff.

And I think it harks back to practical over CGI the stuff of the ants or

Reegs: The monkeys is bad, you know, there's no accounting for it. It was pretty funny and the character mark was really just hated straight away. And there was a sense kind of, even though it wasn't true, but there was a sense that he was being foisted as the main character on the audience.

And everybody hated that. It's kind of funny because Sheila berth said a load of stuff about it. And he was saying, you know, the actor's job is to make it come alive and make it work. And I couldn't do it and that's my fault. And, you know, and he was bemoaning the creative process that got them to it. And then Howard Harrison Ford, he didn't necessarily agree with him.

He said, I think he was a fucking idiot. And as an actor, it's my obligation to support the film without making a complete ass of myself, which is you know, that's a take

Sidey: well he doesn't mince his rose.

Does he? Harrison Ford. He You know, he says what he thinks

Reegs: for what it's worth. I don't think kingdom of the crystal skull is an absolutely awful awful movie.

Yeah, long

Sidey: it at the cinema and I haven't gone back to it or Maybe I have, I don't particularly like Kate Blanchett in it.

Reegs: There's some good action scenes there warehouse one. There's a brawl that starts in a diner and goes through the college campus. And then there's a really good one through the jungle, like that traditional, that sort of action that you associate with Indy with moving vehicles and people jumping between stuff and sword fights and that stuff is all pretty good.

Maybe the ending goes on too long. Yeah.

Sidey: And aliens. I preferred playing the Lego game of it than watching the movie, but that way

Reegs: they get the Lego games.

Sidey: I don't get enraged playing, those everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask that's one, of they call it the early. funny ones From Woody Allen's of RA.

I don't know that it's that funny though? to be honest, It's seven vinaigrettes so it's not a, it's not just one big story and you know, okay. It might have it. What'd you say before an overarching narrative thread like sex, but I think I watched it as a fairly young teenager expecting it to be far more titillating than it actually is So it was a bit of a disappointment.

Maybe it'd be funny if I watched it now. Cause I'm so much more mature. but


Reegs: there a scene where people are dressed as sperm? Yeah. Yeah. I've seen, I think I've seen bits of it on YouTube and that sort of thing. I have. No, I'm not sure I've ever seen the real movie.

Sidey: I haven't bothered to be honest.

Reegs: I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan.

Sidey: No,


I, yeah. I can see why not just the weird, creepy, like stuff in his personal life, but he's, you know, he's just Woody Allen being Woody Allen all the time and now he's getting other people to, be willing out and it just looks like you know, a bad impersonation of someone. So if you don't like that, you're not going to not going to get on with it. So yeah. It's chalk and cheese, I guess. Is that what I mean, Marmite? That's probably better. Yeah.

Reegs: I like mommy.

Sidey: I'm on the festival.

Reegs: where are you with Baba?

Sidey: I like it if it's just so toast, right? You've asked. So you can find out if you have a slice of toast and he put a bit of Marmite on it. Yeah. I'm okay with that. If you put too much Marmite on it, like too thickly spread,

Reegs: you sound like a Nomar might try to be a Marmite. That's what you sound like to

Sidey: I would never buy it.

Reegs: I want that fucking shit slathered on.

It needs to be an inch thick. It needs to burn the roof of your mouth. Yeah, no.

Sidey: Fiber Getting back to

Reegs: Yeah.

Well, have you got, I've got another one. All right. Well, I was going to do a few with long titles that I haven't seen. But long title ones. Yeah. Have you got a few of those as well?

Sidey: Well, I did come across the loads.

Reegs: I'm going to start with the longest. I found 40, 40 words. Is that, so this is, I haven't seen this movie. This is night of the day of the Dawn of the sun, of the bride, of the return of the revenge of the terror of the attack of the evil mutant, hell bound, flesh, eating crawling aliens, zombified, sub humanoid, living dead part five.

And that was the longest I found.

Sidey: it's not very good,

Reegs: but I haven't seen it. So, you know, I'm not claiming, I would say it's probably fucking awful. Unwatchable.

well, some notable ones. I didn't get the word count on this one, but on the marriage broker jokers cited by Sigmund Freud in Whitten its relation to the unconscious, or can the avant-garde artists to be hold, which was an experimental film by Owen land in which, and I'm not making any of this up to people dressed up like pandas, discuss the sale of plums.

Sidey: It sounds like

something Pete would enjoy

Reegs: Yeah. I mean to that, into that what else was notable oath on or eyes do not want to close at all times or perhaps one day Rome will allow herself to choose in her turn, which really just sounds like they couldn't choose the. With all those rules in it. Just go for one. It still would have been long.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Did you come up with, oh, and one really notable one here. I killed my lesbian wife, hung her on a meat hook and now I have a three picture deal at Disney and that was written and directed by one Ben Affleck back in 1993. So now I have to see that movie.

Sidey: Yeah.

I don't know about that, Sounds like something everyone would know one the I haven't seen, but I tried to know, I don't even want to say it now.

It doesn't do justice to any of those that you just said, Priscilla, the adventure of Priscilla queen of the desert, which that could be a potential mid weaker. But I have seen, and we did it for the pod as well. I don't feel at home in this world anymore. because It was a good film. And I, why can we never remember her name?

Reegs: It's Melanie Lynskey. I looked it up today cause I was tired of getting it

Sidey: Yeah, it's bullshit. We should know that. She was excellent in it. and Elijah wood is X and I don't often know I do actually quite like him. But he was really good in this

Reegs: My dream team now, Elijah word, Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Danoe in a movie, the three of them together.

That is fucking dynamite

Sidey: Okay. Well that's that's cause I was on the fence about what I was going to nominate for next week. But you've just like you just,

Reegs: well, you haven't got a movie, there's got the three of the minute.

Sidey: It's got one of the minutes. Also got a bit of a soft spot for this because it was nominated actually by James Ward Burkitt. When we spoke to him, he put this one forward and it was a really good movie, really funny and thought provoking in a way.

Reegs: I had like a gratuitous amount of violence in it at points and then a really good vomiting scene

Sidey: the bit in the house, with it, but yeah, it was great. So that was that was one of the, it was a Netflix movie. Wasn't


I think it's probably still. the best Netflix original movie that I've seen.

Reegs: That's a good shout

Sidey: because most of them are pretty generic.


Reegs: I like those mid-budget Netflix films. I've watched nearly all of them.

Sidey: Yeah. But this was probably the, the actual The one that I thought really told a bit of a different

story by than just a generic sort of backronym nonsense. this was there's this funny and violent and good.

Reegs: So a unique tone.

Sidey: Well, I have got more, but there's one.

I don't want to say because I know you'll have it and I know you love

Reegs: go on what is

Sidey: know I'm going to leave it.

Reegs: Well you know, this,

Sidey: if you don't say next, then I will, but I've also got ball rat code on cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakh. Stan,

Reegs: So which one is that? Is

Sidey: is the first one?

Reegs: one Well, what you can say about that is what I think about, which is the hotel With the asthma, is it, or what's his name? Is it as a mat? The he's his

Sidey: they sit where they 69 each other. It's just all I can think about when I think of that fucking grotesque,

Reegs: they run they're in the lift

Sidey: the Fest the festival though.

Reegs: Jeez.

Sidey: It That's

Reegs: one where he's like traveling across America to get Pamela Anderson and bring him back to me as

Sidey: wife. Yeah. It's got all the light juice songs and stuff. Probably more than the second, one. I didn't watch all of the second one. I just got a bit bored with it

Reegs: now. I quite

Sidey: I should go back and watch it. I'm not bored, but I have that feeling of cringe when he watches up. Megan, I just, I can't do them all in one sitting. I have to sort of break it up and I just haven't gone back to it. But yeah, this was, I don't know. This is like peak Sasha Baron Cohen. His name is like the definitive one. I actually quite enjoyed Bruno as well, but this is,

Reegs: it's such a good character. And a lot of the time, you know, Everybody, the jokes are at bore outs expense most of the time, but everybody else is just this enormous collateral damage.

They basically just run in and suicide bond themselves like in the jokes. It's it's good. Yeah a carpool to spit through quickly that I've seen, but have nothing particularly remarkable to say about the Englishman who went up a hill and came down a Mount, but came down a mountain.

Sidey: I've not seen that one.

Reegs: Yeah, Hugh grant just started just after four weddings and a funeral.

So he was at his like most stammering

Sidey: foppish

Reegs: best. Don't be a menace to south central while drinking juice. You're juicing the herd, which was from the scary movies guys. The Wayne brothers, it's actually better than the scary movie ones. At least a couple of, I talked about Troma movies. Do you remember a few weeks ago?

There's a few here. Class of Newcomb, high three, the good, the bad, and the sub humanoid poultry guys tonight have the chicken day. And the toxic Avenger part three, the last temptation of toxi and one other one, it's not that long, but it's a great title. Dolphin man battles, the sex lobsters.

Sidey: It's Amazing.

We should do a trauma C series. All right. You, haven't got Well, Hang on I'll I'll I'll give you just a few more seconds. You could have any of the parts of the Caribbean movies.

Reegs: I don't want any

Sidey: No I didn't. I turned off the first one. I haven't watched any of the others but they're all parts to the Caribbean, the curse or, or the

blah, blah. blah the same with Harry Potter, the Harry Potter and the philosopher star, Harry Potter ran the that. So you can have all of those.

When I do like those I don't know if you'll let me have lock stock and two smoking powers and seeing that long.

Reegs: No, that's long. Yeah. That's unusually long, I think is possibly the

Sidey: So that was guy Richie at his most guy Richie, but it was new and fresh. then, And this is actually really good movie.

And I don't It's when he repeats the same thing, because he obviously loves that kind of gangstery cool wide,

Reegs: Back on it, wrath of man, I, he I'm like,

Sidey: I still like a different taste. So I'm happy. I liked that one. But when we had the gentleman, it was just like that back to art gangs, like fucking drug dealing gang says Cole.

No it's

Reegs: like the gentlemen very much,

Sidey: but this one when it was when it came out, the soundtrack was really cool. The performance, you know, it was funny. It was just felt, and it was all that sucking nineties,

Reegs: It was all cool

Sidey: everything felt

Reegs: Statham was called. The other guy was cool.

Sidey: the Dexter Fletcher.

Reegs: Yeah, he was cool.

Sidey: Yeah. I still, I haven't, I, I rewatched snatch, but I haven't really watched this in a long time and I think I would still enjoy it.

Reegs: It's not as long title wise.

Sidey: No, I have. I've I'm curious about that. And the other one that I've got that I, I was dubious about the length of title was one flew over the Cuckoo's

Reegs: Yeah, no, that's unusually long,

Sidey: Yeah Happy with that. Yeah. So that is genuine bonafide classic. Yeah. Really great. I don't think we need to say too much more about that one because people know the movie

relatively speaking, the title was not that long, but long enough, but


Reegs: of two bird related ones. So

Sidey: yeah this is the one I worked Didn't want to say.

Reegs: Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance. I liked that one. I really liked that one. And then birds of prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one

Sidey: Have you seen that I haven't seen it yet. Is it good?

Reegs: Yeah. It's it's good because it's a comic book movie. That's not got robots and, you know, giant monsters and stuff in it. It's more like an action movie, you Yeah. There's a terrific escape scene where she's on roller skates and stuff. So yeah, that is pretty good. Actually, loads of hard as nails, female stumped women,

Sidey: Yeah, for me to, I've been meaning to watch that one Can you just, just keep forgetting about it.

But I knew you were gonna mention Birdman, cause you've mentioned quite a few times, on the point how much you liked that? I would imagine. Pete would fucking hate that

I suspect he hasn't seen it.

Reegs: I know it's in scope for the parts. You know, we could talk about it and me and Pete could have a bigger argument.

Sidey: I think he prefer it to

Reegs: I'm sure he'd love it because it's technically dazzling.

Even if you don't like

Sidey: he doesn't care about shit

Reegs: now you will hear well, let's see.

Sidey: There's only have any others. I don't think I did actually

Reegs: things to do in Denver when you're dead. Yeah. That's okay. And the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover.

Sidey: Oh, I have seen that.

Reegs: Yeah. I can't remember anything about it, but I have seen it with that is some long shit.

I don't know. What do you think this? Sorry to bother you count.

Sidey: Was that nominated because it, has a longish

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. She, yeah.

Sidey: four

Reegs: Yeah. It's not

Sidey: I don't think it qualifies

Reegs: the,

Sidey: no, I mean, we get onto it when we do the film, but her ear rings a longer than

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: So I think no that's, that's.

Reegs: yeah. I think I'm spent,

Sidey: so am I, there was loads that I was you know, just researching and I was like, I haven't seen it, haven't seen it.

And then he's like, I should know all these titles Cause they're so long you know, you think they would stick out a bit more. But anyway,

Reegs: I think the listeners are going to come up trumps on this one.

Sidey: Yeah. But we're going to I say we put into each because it's our podcast, do the fuck we want, so I'm going to put in bore out cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

Reegs: I'll put an Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

Sidey: the only best of listers that's going to make it on onto.

And I'm also going to put in, am I going to put in the assassination of Jesse James by the coward. Robert Ford?

Reegs: can I put in a movie that I haven't seen? Is that with, is that so harsh or like ridiculous


Oh, I was going to put the plum move.

The plum movie with the pandas and the plums.

Sidey: No, you'd have to nominate it for, we

Reegs: have to watch it and then I can put it in. All right. Okay. Well, I'll go for Dr. Strangelove.

Sidey: Yes

Reegs: Moth update. It's quiet. As far as the moth is concerned, we've left him alone and he's left us alone. Yeah. I don't want to assume their agenda.

Sidey: No, that's true. We don't

have any pronouns

Reegs: may not even have genders. I'm not even

Sidey: sure. I

do believe that the moth is still in the room. It's still in the man-cave, but, a location that's, that's as precise as we can be

Reegs: at the moment.

We're peacefully coexisting. And I think that is a message that a lot of people could

Sidey: thing Yeah.

Yeah. Let's keep it going that way. Cheese Update

There's no cheese, but Dan did send us a photo. and We should we should tweet it.

because he had some Nepalese yaks milk cheese. He didn't say whether it was good, bad or otherwise.

Reegs: What was your initial impression?

Sidey: Wasn't wasn't too. Well, it was more packaging than I could tell.

Reegs: It looked very liquidy. I thought,

Sidey: yeah. I thought at first there was a mouse at the top. but I did look cause obviously he's sending messages that God knows what time and I sort of looking at it or blurry eyed and I couldn't tell what was going on, but it didn't look that appetizing.

I was, It was looking , very, more towards the sort of vegan side. But obviously it's not, just had that appearance, but I could be totally wrong. Who knows.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. So that's the cheese, if you like. I mean, it's poor for really, as far as cheese content is concerned but less than a content

Sidey: Lots of good listening content. We had a fascinating fact dropped in. That would have been really good if we'd mentioned it during the, well, even if you'd watch the film the Lawrence of Arabia movie, but I'm a fan of the show Neil little messaged us to say. That there is a house in Jersey, T T E Loris. The man himself used to live here where we are, not the man-cave, but in, but in Jersey, there's a house with a plaque.

on it.

Reegs: I might never go there or like, maybe I'll do it now.

Sidey: you could do that

Reegs: the movie and then go there,

Sidey: Yeah On the same day Yeah,

So that was pretty cool. What was the other listening stuff?

Reegs: Well, we want it to say a few shout outs to people. A few listeners are in Lambert who corresponds with us on Twitter and such, and we hope he's okay.

And Johnny Utah, he had an unfortunate hat stealing incident. He was going to break the world record and his hat was stolen and he had a real bad incidence of bad karma.

Sidey: Yeah That that

Reegs: sucked.

Sidey: needs to be I I didn't say that he appealed for, because it's a, it's a, it was a. sort of much from a concert

Reegs: He did a good favor for, so I saw this story play out he'd he'd handed somebody's purse in or something, and he'd done a good favor.

And then

Sidey: loads of money and all that sort of shit

Reegs: What a terrible story. So, yeah. Sorry about that. Johnny UTA. Who else? There was lots of interaction. Wasn't

Sidey: Breach has always in touch with lots of great film recommendations that we never ever do anything about. So we have to do something at some

Reegs: and we, you said she'd nominated

Sidey: there was a kid's thing Yeah.

And it was w it was tagged as like the worst animated thing of all time. sounds right up our alley.

I feel like that ought to be done.

Reegs: I think we should inflict that on Peter and

Sidey: I was going to say we definitely need not just many of The others need to be involved in that too. So that's cool. We do love to hear from everyone and It really does make this stupid thing that we do more fun than when we connect with real people out there in the world. That's always quite it's quite something,

it Yeah. But we watched a film. You and I, for this week, which you nominated, sorry to bother you. Another one, I just feel like there's this chasm of things that I've never heard of, and this was one of them, 2018 sorry to bother you. Yeah. And it's got people in it that I know

Reegs: we're going to spoil this one. We are going to talk in detail about it, right. So just before we get into it, and there is probably quite a lot to spoil. And I think if you like an inventive and visually distinctive movie with strong ideas

Sidey: Michel Gondry.

Reegs: yeah, that's a bit unpredictable.

Go and watch it and then come back and now listen to, cause we're gonna spoil and talk about it. There's lots of spoil.

Sidey: Yes, there is. It's, it's got a kind of surrealist vibe to it. Sort of black comedy and black comedy is like literary, because I think almost The majority of the cast is black. It's written

and directed. Yeah. And well, the sort of villainous characters.

If you look at it that way, there are white which is quite good. writer, director boots,

boots, Riley, Batman. And he also I believe was the leader of a hip hop band crew who did the soundtrack.

Reegs: And there were kind of

Sidey: but years and years and years before the film. So the soundtrack was done effectively seven years before the movie came along, which is quite, cool

Reegs: and it has titles on it.

Cause I was listing some of it on the way up here and it has titles on it. There are scenes in the movie as but yeah, and they were, yeah, they, we can probably talk about them later as well. They're interesting. Let's get into the, into the meat of it.

Sidey: Yeah. Well Cash Cassius green is the main protagonist of the movie.

And he is well with his girlfriend, who's called Detroit. She's played by Tessa Thompson, who I really liked. And they're about to down get jiggy and then it becomes apparent that they live in a garage or garage because the door opens and the everyone seems to be aware that they live in that and They're like get a room,

blah, blah, blah. So I get them.

So that's the opening.

Reegs: right. This is my room. That is the opening. Yeah. And also you've got a job interview as well. Cash cash, green, Cassius green Lakita stands, Stanfield, and he's working. He's got, he's applying for a job at telemarketing, at a company called Regal view in San Francisco, my namesake and the interviewer points out of the cache lied about some details in his application.

He says he worked at some bank, but

Sidey: they brought along a trophy.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Didn't win

Reegs: and he used his buddy Salvador as a reference in any phones them up in his phone rings and he's in the office next to him. but anyway, he says this is telemarketing. We're not mapping the fucking human genome. You just need someone who turns up and does the job stick to the

Sidey: to the script.

Reegs: T T S.

Sidey: Yeah. And that is really good when he does start doing the, the calls, his desk sort of teleports into the interrupting these people, no matter what they're doing, So there's a couple having sex there's

Reegs: well somebody just hangs up on him straight away. There's a couple of having sex yet. There's an old lady starts talking to him and she's like, oh, my husband's got stage four cancer.

And he's like, oh

Sidey: he flips through the script. And it says, turn someone's problems into an


And he's like, Have you considered Jesus so inappropriate and slams the phone down?

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: You had much experience with the tele mark.

Reegs: a little bit. I don't like to be rude, but I just, you know, I need to shut them down

Sidey: quick.

Reegs: I'm sorry. Not interested is, is mainly where I go

Sidey: pretty pretty abrupt about all that sort of stuff. It, it becomes apparent that there's, there's like the.

bus. Wrong of telemarketing, which is where he is, but there's a higher echelon of you know, you get promoted and they've got their own

Reegs: well. Yeah. So as he goes into work one day sees the golden elevator it's beckoning, and it's where the power callers

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Also been told that to do a better job as a telemarketer.

You need to use your white voice.

Reegs: yeah. Well, this is a really interesting seeing, he's sitting next to Danny Glover, a character co play, he's playing a character called Langston and he tells me he can use a white voice. And he does it at first. He pretends he doesn't know what he means. And he's saying he doesn't have a white voice.

And he says, it's the voice you use if you're pulled over by the police. And then this, I got into a whole interesting thing about code switching, you know, did he go down this rabbit hole? Okay. This is about How black people would change their mannerisms and voices to fit in with work cultures.

You know, so that they can be deemed appropriate. Code switching it's this people of color communities is what they talk about, but it's played out in a real fantasy way here because when Langston speaks it's,

Sidey: it's pattern audible

Reegs: no, not Langston, that's not pals, not pattern as well. That's the other character it's

Sidey: cross.

Reegs: no, not for Langston cause

Sidey: oh, Langston. Sorry. I'll keep blurting out stuff.


Reegs: don't know. Yeah, it's basically it, it's a really nerdy white voice and it's really badly sinked and dub. So it's like clear that it's sort of,

Sidey: fake

Reegs: it's kind of magical or fantasy or however you want to say it. But yeah, he's talking in his nerdy white voice and yeah.

It's, it's quite powerful.


the star of introduction of magical realism into the story that pays off in a big way later towards the end of the movie. Anyway, later we get a pat talk where we get Diana, Diana Debell cherry. But the guy points out, it looks like debauchery, Diana debauchery. And they're trying to get a raise basically, and she's trying to motivate them through this Cod corporate philosophy about social currency and other corporate bullshitting.

And that's when squeeze who's played by the walking dead, Steven Yuen.

Him notice these cash and cash. You say he doesn't want to be all humble asking for money. It's bullshit. And, and S and squeezes, a guy who just goes around, setting up unions places basically later on, we find out he set up a sign twirling union in, in LA.

But yeah, he wants to get paid more benefits. Workers' rights, crazy, crazy concepts like that. And he invites cash out for a drink. they do go out for a drink. They pick up Tessa Thompson from her sign twirling job, and he does a toast and he does the toast in his white voice. And it is David Cross, like you said earlier.

So that's Kashi is able to do the white voice, that fantasy voice. And it propels him.

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: he's able to make loads of sales.

Sidey: Yeah, he's doing quite well, but Steven Young squeeze, he's trying to rally the troops to, to the veterans. we're going to go on strike during a shift. Fuck you. We're putting down our phones and Cassius sort of torn because he's, he's having some success now.

And whilst he may not necessarily be fully on board with everything that's going on, it's nice to have a bit actually be able to move out of your uncle's garish and actually

Reegs: He's aspirational, he's confer. And, and even though he doesn't like what he's doing, he's good at it. And he can have success. Yeah.

Sidey: And his partner Detroit played by Tessa Thompson.

She's a, obviously a strong she's an artist she's trying to she keeps wearing these Enormous earrings with slogans

Reegs: they're in the script. They're not just a costume choice. They were in the script. Yes, she's got mute. So the first one she wears that they say murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill, which was a reference leaves.

Loads are out hip hop. I'm not sure when it was first used. And there's a Bob Dylan one on there, which was a story about, and that's a whole story about a black woman who was killed. I think so. Yeah. Very interesting stuff. There's also in the background to the strikes and all the stuff that's going on.

We've seen references to worry free a corporate law slave lifestyle thing. It's like in dented servitude where you just go in and you're given a job and you work and somewhere to eat and it's in this pastoral place that looks like a prison, basically. And the idea is you sign up for, for, for corporate servitude and cash was considering it before he became successful.

Sidey: Yeah. Where Does he then get, does he get the call to be promoted I can't remember?

but he's he cash cash is having, is having some success. And then you kind of get the feeling that Detroit she's already like,

on board with it. He started to change a little bit in his attitudes and his values are different now because he's having a certain amount of,

Reegs: well, we get to see, we get a great sequence where we see his materialist success, where his hit there in his garage, and then the apartment kind of unfolds into this really great loft place.

And you can see he's like made a load of money. He's wearing great suits and all that stuff. Yeah.

Sidey: So there is an opportunity for him he's asked to but it's after the it's, after the big strike scene where he thinks he's going to get a bollocking, cause he does join in against his better judgment with the fuck you.

were putting down our phones and he's called in front of the the top brass and rather than give them a kick in and, and.

you know, sack him,

he's promoted,

He's promoted to the, what they called

Reegs: power

Sidey: power callers. Yeah. So now when he goes to work, he has to cross the picket line which is basically involves a load of security. People dressed up as a sort of fascist state police regime, clubbing

um Yeah just

brutally violently.

And so they can go to their golden elevator and go up to the the, the top floor.

Reegs: Yeah. And it's Diana Debo cherry again, and she's been all sexy and flirty with them. And so is the lift. It's telling him he's in his sexual

Sidey: the lift is voiced by Rosario Dawson. Yeah.

Reegs: It's a, it's a sex of thorn in a, and they punch in the comically long security number.

It just goes on forever to get in. And so we're at now we're up on the power color floor and we're greeted by Omari Hardwick. I'm going to call this guy Mr. Underscore, because his name is bleeped out when it's written and it's written as Mr. And then seven underscores in a row. So I'm going to call him Mr.


Sidey: he's got an eye patch and a kind of I don't know how to

Reegs: flamboyant hat, mustache

Sidey: a was it a bowler hat? And then he has the, it's like the beard where it comes down from the hairline, but then doesn't bid, It goes straight into mustache. Yeah. So it's kind of like.

I dunno how to describe it like that,

but I don't know I don't know what it has a name for

Reegs: There will be a name for

Sidey: I don't know what it is.

Reegs: It's an astonishing look, if you can pull it off, do he's got Patton Oswalt's

Sidey: He's got paddles Yeah.

Which obviously sounds because it's instantly recognizable as pattern as


And you know that he's A sort of

sort of portly. I don't know if that's a white dude, but you're seeing something totally different.

you know, It's just,

Reegs: It's

Sidey: funny It's funny, but it's obviously got a point to it.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, and also particularly when he says it's white, so white voice only on the power call the floor. You mustn't speak. So it's much nicer up on the power call the flow. Let's let's not, you know, say that Mr. Underscore asks cache.

If he knows what they're selling and before he can answer, he says power fire, power and manpower. So fire power the they're literally telemarketing us weapons to foreign countries. They're trying to catch the people who buy things around dinner time to sell them stuff. Do you want to buy 15 weeks or whatever?

And it, but manpower is for worry free. That work is slave labor over the phone and cash. Isn't completely comfortable with it until he sees the starting salary.

Sidey: Yeah, he's on board he has this.

All the, while Detroit she doesn't like the change in him.

She kicked him into touch because he, she gives him an ultimatum, basically it's and then it's either me or the job cut it's him at work.


Reegs: calls her Ms. Scab. And she says, you got, if you go into exactly.

Sidey: But she, she has I kind of performance art and installation things. She does, she has paintings and stuff. That's more traditional, obviously they're quite out there, but she, she puts on this event

Reegs: well she's got these great sculptures that she's made of Africa, but made out of different materials.

They're really good. But yeah, the event,

Sidey: th she puts it in this van and everyone's there squeeze and everyone else and even cash cash comes on to support her, even though they've just, it seems like five seconds ago broken up. I mean, I think it's the next day even, or

something like that. It's very, very close, He still turns up and they're not like she's very civil to him.

He's made his choice and she's sort of like whatever. She stands basically on a stage in front of everyone and drops her robe. And she just has three gloves protecting her modesty.

Reegs: Yeah. They're all folded into a middle finger.

Sidey: Yeah. And then were they throwing phones at her

Reegs: Well, she talks about how phones can only be made using a mineral called Colton that's found in Congo and that the profit involved in that has created war.

So to protest it, she's asked the audience to throw broken cell phones, bullet cases, and water balloons filled with sheep's blood at her while she recites passages from the action movie. The last dragon.

Sidey: Yeah. So there's a few phones bounce off, but then it basically becomes the water balloons and Cassius trying to stop it.

And they look, you know, they're probably doing this. This is not,


Reegs: and there's a phone like smacks into our

Sidey: Yeah And and He says, no, stop. This is crazy. She's like, no fuck off. This is all part of the performance it's meant to be. you know, It is what it

Reegs: is. Stick to the script she

Sidey: Yeah Yeah. Yeah. And so it carries on, and then

Reegs: Well, then cash gets invited to, we haven't really met, talked about this character yet. He's appeared briefly it's army hammer

Sidey: he's on the cover of magazine. I think we first shown him.

Reegs: And we've seen him on TV a couple of times defending what's going on in the protests against a worry free

Sidey: Steve lift.

Reegs: Yeah.

He's introduced snorting the longest line of cocaine you've ever

Sidey: he would have died shortly,

Reegs: a mental.


Sidey: he's yeah. Cassius told he wants you at the party because he you're the rising star of the power callers, and he really wants you there. So you've got to come to this party and things do take a turn for the fucking weird, as

Reegs: well, straight away you get this really weird thing. He says, you know, he says it, he talking in his white voice, it's nice to meet you, Mr.

Lift. And he says, don't call me Mr. Just straight away. And he says, oh, okay, Steve. And he's smiling. And he says, never said Steve like this. And it's like all passive aggressive and then really aggressive. And he's fucking with him and what a CAD and blah, blah, blah. And then later at the party, after Steve lifters told a story about machine gunning, a rhino he asks cache whether he's ever had to, he gets him to sit down in this sort of circle of white people basically.

And he there's a little space in the floor and he gets him to sit on the floor cross-legged and he says, have you ever busted a cap in someone's ass? And it's so uncomfortable. And he sort of talks it off and says no in his nerdy voice. And then he says,

Sidey: It just, yeah, go do it now. Is that I don't, I don't do that.

Reegs: It's embarrassing. I'm actually not very good at rapping.

Sidey: Angus. No, you got to fucking do it. It's really intimidating because effectively, if you don't do it, you have a job all that sort of stuff. It's all it's not a sad, but it's implied.

Reegs: He's trying to be playful with him.

And you know, he's eager to impress, so they give him the microphone. This is going to be a difficult scene to talk


Sidey: because there's only two words that he raps. He basically stands on the staircase If I remember this rightly and everyone's there up for it watching him. And he just says the N word and shit to.

a kind of hip hop, we'd beat choon over and over and over.

Reegs: charting it

Sidey: And All these white people. the crowd is chanting it

Reegs: I just lost all of its power describing this extraordinary scene,

Sidey: just wouldn't feel comfortable

Reegs: and really

Sidey: it Yeah

Reegs: It's really funny and it's really uncomfortable. And you know, we just flummoxed through it there, but if you've seen the movie,

Sidey: we couldn't really say it though. we couldn't reset a light. I would just wouldn't feel right for us to it, but you should definitely see it to appreciate exactly what's going on in this scene.


Then Is it right now when things start to go really bad?

Reegs: Well, hang on. Let's have a look. Yeah. It's yeah, because it goes down a storm. Basically. Everybody loves it. It's brilliant. And he gets invited down to Steve lifts off. And he's given a line of Coke that he snorts off a ho like a little old China plate with a horse picture on it.

It says Mr. Bobo on it. And he snorts the Coke. And yeah. He's talking about, he thinks he's about to get promoted. Let's talk about money. Let's talk about money, actually. I need to pace. So I'm just gonna go over to the green door and you've just gone past like a labyrinth of green doors. I think it says the Jade one.

Yeah. Specifically the Jade one. Yeah. And he goes out and he picks the third green door that he finds. And while you take it from here,

Sidey: well, he's going to go for a piss. And then he, something startles him. And it's it's almost, I mean, it seems so obvious now when you think about it, but it's, a, it's a group of half human half horse Sort of hybrid people with great big horse, Dick,

Reegs: huge Dick.

Sidey: And there are obviously totally.

Reegs: Well, they're in chains

Sidey: the sense that I think, do they even say kill us? or

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's one of them like on the floor kind of gal may

Sidey: that w later on we discovered that that equine sapiens.

Reegs: Well, yeah, so he goes back out to the corridor and that's where army hammers waiting to greet him

Sidey: he says that's the olive daughter, not the Jade door. You idiot.

Reegs: And he brings it back to the office and he's like, I'll show you a video. This will explain it. Or so we get this it's it's credited to, did he spot that one, but a Michelle DeAndrey

Sidey: yes. There's a whole thing about that. we can

get into after this.

Reegs: It's a Claymation video that talks about how worry-free the corporation that army hammer has are engineering humans to be stronger, more productive, more obedient by turning individuals into human horses, you know, a workforce of literal workhorses to make worry-free the most profitable company in the world.

Yeah. And it's brilliant because he switches the video off, but he just start smiling. I'm like, well, that explains everything. He said. He literally said, he said, it's just a big misunderstanding. I didn't want you to think I was crazy.

Sidey: And he wonders, how how were they, how were they creating these? And it's with a powder,

Reegs: well, he shows in the video, doesn't he? The next part of the video goes on to explain that you snot the fusing catalyst and a,

Sidey: which is a bit of a worry, because he is just snoring something off a plate with a horse on it. And so paranoia inevitably kicks in and it's like, what the fuck have you done to me? Is that That was just, that was just get

it Don't

Reegs: just, don't worry about, it's just regular Coke. Don't worry, baby. We have nothing shady going on, but it does offer cash. It gives him a choice basically. He says that there'll be millions of these horse things.

Soons soon. Eventually they'll create their own society. They were Ebell for better conditions and they want someone on the inside to represent where he frees needs. So he's like if you become a horse person and basically be like there Martin Luther king that we control a false leader, we'll give you a hundred million dollars.

And then we promise we'll turn you back into a person in five years. She's quite the dilemma. It's definitely the point where cash is out.

Sidey: Yeah. And it turns out that he had actually dropped his phone when he was in the loo. And so they've managed that, that. sorry, they should be more specific. The at quiet Equis sapiens, they're

called yes.

They've recorded a message and they've sent it to Detroit this plea for help. So that the truth is now out there.

which fucking crazy.

Reegs: Yeah. And, and he's, he's not sure. What's really thinks he's still high when he gets up the next day cash. Cause that's kind of what happens, isn't it? And he tries to alert the newspapers.

Sidey: Yeah. He ends up on a TV show called I got the shit kicked out of me Where he gets the shit kicked out of him,

Reegs: basically.

It's about, yeah, he, so he's up to it. He's got this video of the horse people and Armie hammer threatening to turn them into glue with a gun. And he's allowed to broadcast this out on the channel, but only if he could the first be beaten up and then have a gallon of shit poured over him. So then he's standing there talking about it.

And you, you think it's gonna be the end of it, but

Sidey: no, there's not, it backfires, they're hailed as this scientific. sort of Groundbreaking achievement in

Reegs: and the stock price goes through the roof which is brilliant. And then cash has gone on to become a a laughing stock, basically.

Sidey: basically

Reegs: yeah, yeah. We haven't even mentioned that where he's Bay's great.

That's how he got get, he gets quite an iconic look about halfway through the

Sidey: It is going through the picket line I, Coke cans. I bounced off his head. and he's

got a

Reegs: a viral sensation.

Sidey: I'd be like Terry butcher with the bandage, but the, you know, the blood all support her.

Reegs: So anyway squeeze Steven yearn had been banging in Detroit, but that they all make up and it's all fine.

And then cash and Detroit. Get it on one more time. So the film basically just kind of breaks down at this point and there's a big riot going on at Regal view. Everybody's protesting what's happening with worry free. All the staffs got out about

The Equis sapiens but people don't believe it. There's everybody.

Who's been a part of the movie, like the high school football team. Detroit, they're all shown up at the end here in this big confrontation, then suddenly the fucking equity sapiens are loose and it's absolute havoc. And the police van gets turned upside down and

Sidey: cause they had cash,

Reegs: yes, the police has been turned upside down with cash in.

It has been abducted, been taken and cuts to black. And then when we get back, basically Cassius turned into a horse person and he leads a revolution to go and fucking break into army Ahmed's house. And just go and destroy everything.

Sidey: Yeah, it's quite, I think you kind of know, he's probably going to turn into one, but he's back at

Reegs: now.

He's already started turning hasn't he just, before.

Sidey: well, it is

Reegs: Cause he asked. So he asked me, he goes to the doctor, look at my penis. Is it got any bigger? And then he asks Detroit, has it got any bigger?

Sidey: says no I said but your nostrils And then he sort of hunched over and He turns around and his face has got all equine.

It's pretty fucked up

Reegs: right at the end.

Sidey: Yeah. I did not see the horse human hybrids coming. I have to


that was a big shock. when They arrived and it's all, it's all done with sort of practical looking and I think it looks good.

Reegs: It's weird stuff. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I really enjoyed this.

Yeah. I really did like it. I got a kick out of this. It's weird, but not so weird. I don't know. Probably. a, So we have some people, but I, I just. thought It was, it obviously it, was, it was making a point, you know, about race and, and corporate grade and that sort of stuff. But all the while still quirky and

interesting enough that it wasn't just like lecturing you.

Reegs: It's funny. The music's great

Sidey: The center is banging all. the way through is like that's a chair. That's fucking great. That's another good one.

Reegs: It's got this kind of playful and unique tone and visual style in it. And it is kind of an odd switch, add its message, which is sometimes really biting about all sorts of stuff and kind of makes you really uncomfortable while you're laughing at, at times.

It's kind of in the vein of get out a little bit J Jordan Peterson, social commentary horror, but yeah, this is great, really, really magnificent complex stuff going on

Sidey: and the Michel Gondry bet. right Okay. So the Claymation. thing, Boots Riley wanted to credit Michel Gondry, even though he didn't contribute, but just because it was such a direct influence, and he wanted to you know, make sure that was understood.

And known. Apparently because it's a parody, he didn't legally have to clear the use of Gondry's name, but he did go and do it. So he, he reached out to Michel Gondry. Gone to watch some stipulations put on the use of his name, but was happy for it to be used. Then his agents came in and said, no. W you're that permission is denied?

He was really fucked off about that. So that's why he used the name, Michelle dong. DRI it's supposed to be an insult,

to express his frustration and he further then went on and announced that he would continue insulting him and his future. movies Until gone.

We responded so really fucking bitter about it when it sounded like Mr. Gandhi was okay with it.

It wasn't directly him. it was his people that said no. But yeah, he's really fucking pissed off about it.

Reegs: right. Well, he's quite an interesting guy. Boots, Riley, I got a confessor. I knew nothing about the coat, which is his communist hip hop band that he fronts and does the music to the soundtrack, which is absolutely fucking off the charts.

Sidey: Th The album is called, sorry to bother you. That was out in

So the soundtrack was out seven years before the film.

Reegs: it given it's all like he's got that communist background. It's a bit more nuanced than just like greedy corporations and stuff because cash is a sell out. But only because he wants some success in Yukon, you know, every, the

Sidey: different way

Reegs: to do that, everybody can relate to in some way.

I'm sure.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's not easy. So if you get a path like that, where you can. sort of do what you'll easily sort of justify it yourself even though it might not be what you had your heart set on? but

Reegs: That's why the horse people are his moral moment of, you know, that's where it's, that's where it's too far for him. Like turning people.

Yeah. I mean, cause that's the idea through worry-free that you voluntary turn yourself into, you know, and again, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but is it just around the corner along ELL masculinity? That probably this is fucking great. Watch it, watch it, watch it. Lakita Stansfield is great.

He's got a movie coming out that looks good called notes from a young black chef. Tessa Thompson has creed three as well as Thor, love and thunder. And she's in Steve debut director movie. I think I know he's done TV and stuff, but director, the listener Armie hammer.

Sidey: not so nice.

Reegs: And he's an actor I've enjoyed in stuff as well.

Sidey: Yeah. Real bad shit. That last year that all came out with it before

Reegs: January 20, 21. Yeah.

Sidey: you know what, I'm Fucking maniac.

Reegs: Wait. He had sent some pretty horrific messages and people had alleged things, you know, really awful things that have any, but he's got death on the nail coming out soon.

So he may even be able to watch that in prison. Should that be where he ends up?

Sidey: Yeah. Strong recommend though for this one, I would say it's strong recommend from the bad dads.

 children's entertainment, Zofia, Javier, Xavier.

Reegs: I would say, I would say Zappa VA

Sidey: Zapier rental and the secret museum. We asked watch

Reegs: Had a long title.

Sidey: It did it? did have a lot of tile this was the what's her name? Chef Juan

Reegs: Julia child.

Sidey: Julia child. Yeah. It Was this like of sort of trolling because there was a.

Meryl Streep movie of this.

Reegs: Oh, this sounds some sort of bizarre in direct

Sidey: Yeah That's what I thought that was because you could have picked any of the episodes. The premise of the show is that they have a, as there's a secret room within the museum, And I guess, but I've only watched this one. episode whatever gripe or situation they need help with at home, they get help from some sort of historical figure.

So you could have chosen any historical

figure but you chose the one that was portrayed by Meryl Streep. in a

Reegs: Yes.

It was meant to troll you. Yeah,

Which movie was that?

Sidey: Julia and Judea. or

something like that

Reegs: think I've seen it.

Sidey: Now I have anything shock you to know that

Reegs: Who's that kid who can travel through time. Pretty catchy.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It was really lively, vibrant animation style to it.

Reegs: Yeah. Reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbs or like peanuts, Charles Schultz type past, you know, those drawings,

Sidey: Yeah It's three wieners.

Reegs: Traveling through time in a museum, like you said, you know, you've done it.

So you've yeah. This time they meet Julia child, she's there all the kids there, their child versions of their adult selves. So I did see that there was like children with beards and stuff in later episodes, which would be probably pretty good. I wish I'd chosen. One of those,

Sidey: the problem that they're having in this episode is that Zevia is struggling to build his model, like a challenge of spaceship type thing he had going on. So to fix that he has cookery lessons from Julia child. it's completely normal.

Reegs: Yeah, well, so they, they, they, they go off to the museum and there's some blue tiles on the floor that they run on and it gives them access to secret parts of the museum where robots live in, it's all futuristic and stuff. And they're presented with the spoon to solve the problem.

And so they all touch the robot, which I didn't catch his name, blur P or something. And they're all transported kind of Dr. Strange style through history to California in 1923.

Sidey: Yeah. And like so say, the first of all meet this sort of child version of Julia who's collecting strawberries. And I think making jam, was it,

Reegs: Yeah, she sounded a bit drunk or something I thought

Sidey: drunk on jam. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, she's going to go to her grandma's and grandma's cooking a famous broil chicken and she says she uses a recipe step-by-step instructions as to how to make her famous broil chicken. And they decided to make the jam, but they don't have a recipe.

So they say that Jeremy's mashy. So they match up the strawberries with their hands. And they did watch them first. I did notice that was And then they say, it's sweet. So they add some honey the whole bottle and you're like, God, really, that's not how you make jam. But then of course it isn't

Sidey: because they didn't use the


Reegs: And that's what grandma, literally, she comes in and says, oh, you fucked it.

Sidey: He fucking twats use, read the RTFM read the fucking manual.

Reegs: Yeah. The stuffed toy doesn't like it and nobody likes it. He does see the parallels between his current predicament visible. The model's shuttle and his inability and his not having followed instructions as to how to create the jam.

I don't know whether you noticed that. Probably Peter wouldn't have noticed that if he'd have

yeah, quite possibly. So they cook jam, make chicken and assemble

Sidey: chicken

Reegs: the shuttle. It has literally what, six pictures in the instructions.

Sidey: Yeah. It has the pieces at the very beginning laid out on the table and it didn't look that tricky.

You have to say it was like Duplo, if that

Reegs: no, but I did enjoy the way that they related the problem solving like that, that is teaching people to make leaps of deduction, which I think is

Sidey: have you watched any more than this one episode?

Reegs: God.

Sidey: No. I think it would have been that over and over and over again, I think it was 40 odd episodes and it's I get it, you know, teaching kids to think, it's got that educational sort of lilt to it.

Reegs: I want to see how they deal with like, because most of history is full of like really problematic people. Isn't it? So how are they going to do like George Washington or Nelson Mandela or whatever? Yeah, yeah, yeah,


no art, he liked to

Sidey: he was, He was keen on his art,

Reegs: like the art ninja.

Sidey: Yeah.

I, I I enjoyed it enough, you know, it, this was a little bit on the mediocre side for me. I have to be. honest.

Reegs: Yeah, but you'd be happy for your kid to watch it.

Sidey: I wouldn't mind it. Normally they come packaged in

to like a lot of these things. So you get, a, basically a half an hour thing, but easily broke up into two, but we just watched the one episode which was fine.

So yeah, I wouldn't, I wouldn't be like hideously disappointed if this is something that my daughter was on, but I I don't know if we actually get it over here anywhere

Reegs: it's on the internet,

Sidey: Yeah. I went to this, this episode. And I don't know if all of them was, available on YouTube. Cause in the states and state side, this is a PBS thing. So I don't know if it's

Reegs: I enjoyed the visual style.

I thought it was pretty charming. Yeah, I think that the, the adult version of the child or the child version of the adult is probably the most baffling aspect of the whole show.

don't they just choose to be children rather than like childlike versions of their adult selves.

Sidey: Maybe it's more relatable.

Reegs: It's a baffling choice, I think. But

Sidey: there's probably some like hideous amount of research and, you know, drilling down on to exactly what would hook a child in more, and that's probably,

that I don't

Reegs: be, is good educational content presented nicely, very wholesome. Take on some problematic history figures and I'll watch more.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So That I mean, it's no red instant beat for that way.

Reegs: No,

Sidey: Right. Nice one long titles was a good topic. Perhaps we should flip that at some point and have short,


I don't know if that would work. I have some nominations for next week. We're going to complete our David Lynch trilogy. We're gonna watch Mulholland drive which I'm looking forward to top fives. I don't know if it's a work, but we can, we can always change it if it needs be.

We're going to do top five pens.

Reegs: Pens. Yeah, no, I've got a few already. Yeah.

Sidey: The main feature is going to be love and mercy. You mentioned a trilogy of actors, or sorry. a Trio of actors. And one of them is in it

Pull down

pull down as in that,

Reegs: what's it called again?

Sidey: Love and mercy

Reegs: mercy. Right. Okay. I don't know anything about that.

I don't think. Okay. What am I to expect? Is it,

Sidey: it's about the beach boys.

Reegs: ah,

Sidey: So we're gonna watch that and it. doesn't have a kids thing just at the moment. Because my daughter was just watching how to train your dragon over and over and over again, and we've already done it.

So we'll, I'll, I'll dig something else out during the week and Let you know, but we want to get this all wrapped up and have a game or two of attack.

So let's do that. All that remains really for now is to say Saudi signing out.