Jan. 29, 2021

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs & Dr Who

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs & Dr Who
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My father ran a successful construction company for many years and he was able to apply his fondness for maths, keen eye for engineering and practical skills on a daily basis to build anything from an individuals kitchen extension to complex and sizeable corporate or government driven erections (lol). What a huge disappointment I must be then when my DIY skills extend only as far as putting up pictures or installing a toilet roll holder - after several hours of fretting, crying and watching YouTube videos first of course. It's this latter demonstration of 'expertise' that informs this weeks Top 5 as we discuss the Worst Movie Sets; from unconvincing and wobbly cardboard soundstages through to craptacular clusterfucks of CGI design and implementation.

Despite the Coen brothers being a firm favourite of all of the Bad Dads, we have yet to review any of their films on the podcast. That all changes this week as we discuss 2018's The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, an anthology containing six stories written and collected by the brothers over 25 years, set against the backdrop of the American frontier. The Coen's signature blend of black humour, rapid fire dialogue and elegiac tone are at the fore in a funny and frequently dark meditation on death. Cheery stuff. So cheery in fact that Howie has to invent a revolutionary new scoring system just to be able to properly quantify his feelings.

We finish up this week by watching a classic British science fiction series, Doctor Who. With one of the Dads confessing to have never seen a single episode, Sidey helpfully drops us in to the New Years Day special and culmination of series 12, Revolution of the Daleks. In the absence of any context at all, how will the Dads feel about the exploits of the worlds favourite Time Lord and her battle against the perennial threat of that most brutal race of glorified garbage cans?

The thirst is real for the Bad Dads; the thirst for human contact. Come satiate us online on Twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook or via email to baddadsjsy@gmail.com. Or just navigate your damn browser to our joyous website - baddadsfilm.com

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 


Buster Scruggs

Reegs: Welcome to bad. Dad's film review the weekly podcast, devoted to the opinions of that most underrepresented member of society, the white 40 something, male we're here to hopefully bring you some brief restbite from the awful banality of your existence to stop you essentially being just a blinking, shuffling mannequin watching events in your life.

Simply drift past you like underwhelming prizes on a low budget game show conveyor belt. A little bit of housekeeping for you. There will be some swears and some poorly thought out opinions, hopefully not too offensive, but you never can tell. We are delighted to have Dan back this week and I'm certain I can speak for everyone.

When I say that we missed you, not in a stalkerish. I want to put you in a teeny tiny room to which I have the only key and repeatedly defile you type way, but in a totally normal, healthy, non rapey manner.

We're just as pleased to be joined by a true gentleman and master of his domain Sidey. And finally, about as useful as Stephen Hawking's treadmill and loved as much as Anne Frank's drum kit. It's waddling skin sack. Okay.


Reegs:So Dan, my wife and I play this game called my wife and I play this game called one word review, which is as simple or as complex as you would want it to be. And it helps you to get to the real essence of something. For example, if I was to one word review Sidey, that one word would be Sidey because that is him.

That is his essence. That is his reason to be on the other hand, if I was to one word review, Brighton rock, I would go with something like awful because it was well. Awful. So with that in mind, Dan, can you one word review the movies you missed while you were on sabbatical, starting with the personal history of David Copperfield,  tumble leaf,


Reegs:Three dildos outside ebbing, Missouri.

Dan:master class,

Reegs:We can be heroes.


Reegs:junior. Did you,

Howie:The only one where he's pregnant memo.

Dan:Oh, shite.

Reegs:and of course being the huge horror fan that you are you no doubt watched America marry. So what was the one word review for that? Well, thank you. I feel, I feel like we know what you would have said now on the program.

Howie:Yeah, big shout out to the directors that retweeted our podcast after we slated them. Beautiful moment. Thanks sisters.

Sidey:You know, when you can, you can tell someone hasn't listened to the episode

Reegs:if you're listening now, hi.

Sidey:bold asking them for a an interview. Cause I thought if I do that, then they will listen to what we said.

Howie:I, I believe, I

Dan:quit while we're ahead.

Howie:and I believe we particularly earmarked for being the worst actors as well. Not just terrible

Sidey:Now we didn't reinstate

their accent in particular, came in for some pretty harsh criticism.

Reegs:think the problem is I never assume that anybody's actually going to listen to this, so.

Sidey:It was interesting as well was that there were a lot of comments on the back of our tweets saying what a great film it was how, how it was a great representation of blah-blah-blah. And I was thinking it's a different take to what we did.

Reegs:Maybe, maybe we missed something.

Sidey:Yeah. We did have a top four slash five to finish off from last week, top movie fridges.

Reegs:We had nominations for, from Gidget vulnera brew for Ghostbusters fridge scene. And we had reached to gave us the nine and a half weeks one. So those were two that were mentioned on the pod, but they were at, they actually came in before that Mel gave us not a movie, but the TV show, she always wanted the Brady bunch fridge.

Cause she wanted an ice maker on the fridge.

Dan:would say, and I just easily, four of William Perry, the frigerator American football fans were know that one and I'm sure he was in some kind of WrestleMania or some kind of whole Colgan film slash terrible show back in the day.

Reegs:So what we go for, we go for the William Perry, the fridge, or are we going for something from the

Sidey:I think Ghostbusters should go

Dan:It's a strong one.

Reegs:All right. Good.  thank you very much. That Ghostbusters goes in.

Sidey:nice. You Jack's been watching anything good this week.


Reegs:watched the Godzilla versus King Kong trailer.

Howie:yes, ticked every box for Magnus. My son, every single box that a film has was ticked by that short trailer dragons. Enormous monsters.

Sidey:team Godzilla or team Kong? Fuck off what? No, one's Kong

Howie:He's got beautiful nails. Do you see his hand in the trailer?

Reegs:I just wanna, I just want to see a fair fight.

Howie:Do, did you see the other bit of news about it?

Reegs:Yeah. Mecca, Godzilla.

Dan:yeah, I would edge towards calm.


Sidey:what's wrong with you?


Howie:This society, this society, this might take, take your appetite a little bit. There's a, there's a rumor that get them out. Del Toro wants them. Is that his name? Boys?

They've Steven, Steven, George Spielberg or something? I don't know what he's fucking name is the guy that did

Reegs:No, that was, but that was basically it. Try it again.

Howie:Del, whatever his name is, is related to Panesa. I dunno. He wants to do Pacific rim monsters, the Kasia versus Conan Godzilla. So God

Reegs:rim job.

Howie:Yeah. Pacific rim Kong, which is your favorite sex

Sidey:be dreadful. I I've got a horrible feeling that it will be like, you know, one monster isn't going to be the outright winner in that film. I think they're going to be some horrible cop-out at the end, you know, one gets

Howie:I think, I think they're friends and Zillow has had something done to him, which has turned him. That's what it is.

Reegs:But if nothing else, this movie definitely has a scene where King Kong fights Godzilla with an ax. And it's probably hard to imagine anything cooler than

Howie:And do you know what the ax is made of? I was looking at Nerdist today. The ax, the ax is made of one of Godzilla spikes.

Sidey:Oh, well, that sounds similar to fill my watch today. in a way it's a Western called bone Tomahawk, which was a recommendation for one of our. Twitter followers Johnny Utah, 66.

Dan:Cool. I know that is.

Sidey:yeah. It's it's you guys. Well, I know Briggs has seen it, but you two down there should watch it. It's it's a Western, but it's quite a violence of violence of, well, I was only a couple of scenes, but they're quite very violent.


Sidey:it, when it's Cowboys and engines effectively, but distilled down to some pretty gritty Subject matter. I definitely definitely recommend you watch it. It

Reegs:It's really good. It's really good. Very atmospheric.

Dan:I was going to say, I tell you what I watched yet was really good. It's on Netflix is series called Luca.



Howie:Dan, did you watch it

Reegs:got the guy from the Intouchables. Isn't

Dan:That's right. Omar sigh.

Howie:Yeah. Did you watch it in French with English subtitles? Otherwise the voice is weird because they've dubbed it in American.

Sidey:But I've never watched a doctor.

Howie:Yeah. No, but it's, it's super weird. It's super weird

Dan:My French is rubbish. Obviously I needed to subtitles, but that, that was really, really good. And we

Reegs:mean, let's face it. Your English is only. Okay.

Dan:Yeah, exactly.

Reegs:I caught three episodes of one division.

Howie:Yeah. I've

Sidey:Are you on board now? Cause you repeat you're on the

Howie:uh, I've watched the first one.

Reegs:a lot of the time, the first few episodes, it's just a bland old sit-com pastiche with way too many pratfalls and overacting and laugh tracks and not enough mystery in dropping one or two interesting things in episode was a

Sidey:The whole fucking

Reegs:much like lost in my opinion. And I think I might not like Paul Bettany very much.

And he threw chewing gum on the floor near the end of episode two, which should be punishable by death.

Sidey:He was drunk. Yeah.

Howie:I've I've I've only

Reegs:It's still no excuse.

Howie:so I've only watched one episode. Do I need to give it a go

Reegs:Yeah, because episode three is really good. I've got an I'm in now. Episode three.

Howie:you're you're in episode three, you're in episode

Reegs:yes. I played one of the babies.

Howie:So this week I've done something that other people have done all over a pandemic and locked down, and I've never been someone to do that. And that is to get fully invested into a box sets. The point where I have now hit the 80th episode. So I've got 22 ago, which is the final season and my wife and my wife and I

Dan:Of which program is

Howie:this is the one I've been battering on about the fringe, the scifi thing.

So I've had 80 episodes and I'm still absolutely loving it. It's just, and I've never done this before. I know rigs, I tried it with the supra, the Soprano's, the

you know, those, you know, those fucking Italian mobsters. They're so funny. Anyway, there's Soprano's fat and all those boys. I don't know I'm going now with that. It's a bit weird. But yeah, so. I know you've done that, the Sopranos and got loads of episodes under that. And I have to say, do you know what the tragic is?

I think the only other show that I've seen that volume of episodes is probably the Simpsons or friends,

Sidey:yeah. How many watching a night of

Howie:about three or four, because they have that 40 minute episodes. So we just just put it on and that's what I've not been watching much else. So the other night it was a, my off to watch this week.


Dan:I'll tell you what, the other thing that has gone down well in, in our house is raising Dion. Which may be a recommendation and also lost in space.

Howie:Oh, is that the Netflix

Dan:We, we,

Reegs:I thought the first season was quite good.


Dan:stuck with it. And yeah, we're now into but you know, we've got kids that younger and older, you know, it's a little bit of a gap between our two.

So finding someone that can please both them and that we can actually sit down and watch is always. Kind of tough, but both of those shows, particularly raising Dion, but lost in space followed that. And we've all sat together, which is really nice to watch a show is a family.

Howie:second series loses its way. I think a little bit, which

Reegs:I haven't watched it yet.

Howie:First series really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it.

Sidey:all right. Cool. Well, this week we're going to be doing another top five and this time it's worst movie sets. We watched the Coen brothers movie as our first one the ballad of Buster Scruggs, and then we'll be getting onto a children's TV classic.


Reegs:so Sidey, you picked this week's top five.

Sidey:I did, I did indeed. It's worst. Movie sets not best worst.

Reegs:don't you start this off with one of your worst movie sets?

Sidey:Yeah. Well, the one that inspired it was our recent viewing of gremlins and all the way through when the, when the gremlins basically invade the town at large, I couldn't help, but see it as a, a fake town on a. You know, a backlot somewhere just looked completely and utterly bogus and completely took me out of the movie.

I didn't notice it the first time around because probably a lot younger and not such a critical eye, but it it's the same place. It's the same town as back to feature, I think, I kind of recognized and it just looks really, really shit.

Reegs:cheap and very fake.

Dan:Which can

Sidey:there are a lot of

Dan:be why.

Sidey:Yeah, there are obviously these sort of manufactured towns on, on the studios that are very impressive.

But this one, like you say, probably just a bit cheap, not lacks, a bit of attention to detail and was kind of off-putting

Reegs:that's a good stop.

Dan:I've got one.  Thought was just. And maybe it was going through a little bit CGI here, which I think all involves being the set. And it's a film that we, we reviewed shot NATO. recharges thought they're the awful backdrops in that and sets. And

Reegs:No. You're right.

Dan:cheap and nasty looking the entire way through.

And I know that's the kind of look they were going for.

Sidey:I've got a kind of subcategory of films that it's like, it's, it's sort of part of the joke of the film that it looks shit. I've got a few of these,

Reegs:or the insight of the Sydney opera house looks suspiciously like a sort of bad warehouse really? Didn't it in that movie, for example.

Dan:yeah, there's just tons of it. You know, that just. Clearly it's been put up very fast and they don't really care about it because they're not expecting you to look that hard. And you know, they, they try to save money at every turn in that film, hence the different actors. And so plot lines that just have massive holes in it.

But that we've, that. In, in that, in that mind, it's not that bad, but it's certainly nothing that's going to win any Oscars or, or a set designing

Sidey:um, I'm sure it picked up in Sharknado six.

Howie:Yeah. They learned from their mistakes.

Sidey:Mm. Howie.

Howie:Well, when I was doing the list, it was actually quite good. Cause I was obviously going on the web and having a look. And I actually did look at look at some of the best sets and it's worth comparing some of the effort that goes into the best sets. The one that was always mentioned in all of them was obviously clear patcher with Elizabeth Taylor and it's worth looking at the stories behind it.

And in terms of that worst set, that film could have been the worst because they try to create ancient Rome and Egypt initially. Because of England's tax laws in Pinewood studios. And so and they started filming and I think it was something like March and April, and basically the set was just falling apart because of rain and everything like that.

And really the English climate was not really suited to replicating a sunny day in Italy or Egypt. So that's a move, the whole production, rebuild everything, and it became some, it was something like they'd already spent. The equivalent of $80 million in today's money on sets and they had to rebuild it all in Roman Egypt.

And that's why the film took on the grandeur and the relevance. They, they re re rebuilt the Sphinx. I didn't realize that they'd made it a replica of the things in that film. It's just mental. But in terms of shit stuff, I'm going to go with my first one, which is Waterworld with Kevin Costner. If you look at the, the, the fucking try Moran, whatever it is, the way they've made it, shit is they've basically glued bits of old fiberglass onto an original boat.

The jet skis that Hopper's crew drive on are, they've just got like. Powder coated black bits on them to make it look like they're sort of hybrid run down type efforts. Everything about this film is shit. And I think I've probably watched it a couple of times because unfortunately I

Reegs:I think it's

unquote, I think it's quite unfairly treated this movie.

Dan:most expensive movie ever made. Wasn't it at a

Howie:at the time it was, and it was fraught with production issues because the sec flooded several times. It sank that I think the crew, yeah, the crew got very ill Costner lived up on some 4,000 pound a night

Sidey:but he nearly died. Didn't he, he needed, died in their production and apparently he was a bit of a fucking prick to work for as

Howie:Yeah, Laird Hamilton, the surfer, he, he was out on a jet ski doing some stunts and I think he had to go out to sea.

So like, obviously he was there for, to surf a wave and the jet ski putt putt it out and he was left the drift for six hours out in the middle of the Pacific. And so he nearly died and it's just a fucking catalog of disasters end to end this film. I think it came off the fresh ripe turd smell of, do you remember the postman?


Sidey:that was off too,

Howie:Yeah. Was it after it or before a cost and went through a phase of basically anything he touched, went to shit.

Dan:well, he did dances with wolves and then he thought, well, I've hit a formula here. Let's do sort of eight hour epics. And

Sidey:had a, he had a taste for some epics didn't


Dan:but the postman was better than Waterworld or fault.

Howie:Yeah. I'll give it that. I know.

Dan:not saying a

Howie:There's not a lot of saying that's a slightly shiny attorney. So yeah, I'll go for Waterworld is my choice.

Reegs:I'm going for the infamous Twilight zone, the movie directed by John Landis. This is really about the fact that there was a crash on set. So shot in, in Santa Clarita, California, there was a scene that caused that called for the act of  Mauro and two children, actors Micah Denley, and , they were to cross a river while being chased by a helicopter and due to sort of miscalculations with the pyrotechnics and explosion occurred near the rear rotor of the chopper and it caused it to fall on Mauro and the two child actors and killed them all instantly.

It was, it was a real clusterfuck Landis illegally had the children on set. There was a civil and criminal investigation. Steven Spielberg was the producer of the movie and that ended the friendship between John Landis and Spielberg. There is obviously not a bad set design per se, but when you're killing three people on set and to the Matilda, and it's not, I'm going to put that as one of the worst movie sets.

Sidey:Michael Bay would he use that? I would've made the final

Dan:Keep rolling. Keep rolling.

Sidey:I'm going to go for one that we're going to talk a bit about on a separate show at it's twins and specifically it's the moment where Arnold Schwartz Rose away from the desert Island that he's on. And. This happens quite a lot. And I've got another one that everyone it's it's when they're clearly not on location.

And the background is a painted kind of landscape, but this one looked like it might've been done by my daughter. It was, let's just say lack finesse. And definitely didn't give her parents of being out in the Pacific where he said he, where he claimed to be from.

Dan:in the in the same vein as rigs the Crow.

Reegs:Yeah, I had that one too.

Dan:Brandon Lee. If you're a director, you need to control the set. I mean, it's up to you in it. If the car suddenly aren't listening and the prop people aren't listening and somebody puts live bullets in guns and then starts aiming at actors, somebody will get hurt.

And unfortunately, Brandon Lee was fatally shot. I mean, that goes down as a really,

Sidey:have life

Howie:it wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't.

Reegs:wasn't. It was,

Howie:fucked up blank.

Dan:Was a fucked up blank, right?

Reegs:the movie was plagued by like accidents and bizarre things. There was a storm that destroyed part of the step set crew members, stabbed himself with a screwdriver, a set sculptor drove his car through the sculpture studio crane careered into live power lines.

You know, the story of the shooting of that movie. And that was Alex  as well. Who largely like never really properly recovered from, from the Crow. a shame because it's actually a pretty good movie.

Dan:You know, w when the direct says get off my set. I mean, that's just like, you know, it takes you into a whole new level when they're there. People are just dropping like flies. And just in that same vein again, I don't know of another one, but top gun, the, the stunt pilot crashed his plane into the Pacific and died

Howie:Yeah, he was the aerial photographer. I've read that. He tried to get out of a flat spin and just fucking died.

Dan:So I think just with those two examples of saying it doesn't necessarily need to be a visual thing that you see on, on film to have a reputation as a, a bad set.

 Howie:For my next one, I'm going to go for a bit of a weird one with cause it annoys me and I can't understand why they would do it, but Robin hood, Prince of thieves with camp, I've gone for Kevin Costner again. Why the fuck is this film set amongst ruins? Why the fuck is those castles should have been at their prime time in their life yet every fucking castle is a ruin.

So why didn't in the film? They, I don't know, do some form of set design to make it look as li as long as. Make it look

Sidey:like in gladiator,

Howie:in a what? Well, it's not even that it's, there, there is that element of CGI to sort of upkeep things, but to film it in say renovated or modern castles or something like that.

But instead they've just done that and yeah. It just looks bollix and, and there's no reason for it. And it doesn't make sense because the timelines are all wrong. And it just seems like we've, we've fucked all our money up the wall, hiring all these actors let's film in some ruins. And it doesn't, I don't, I don't get that.

I don't get that. So the sets on all of that, even the Nottingham's castle, it looks like it's a bit, it looks like it does, which is it's been around for like 700 years

Reegs:That's a good one. I don't remember that specifically, but I did. I do remember the movie.

Howie:I was watching it with the family go, Oh, this is good this bit. Oh no, it's not. This is where he's trying to rape her. And then Magnus is looking at me and it's like on, at five 30 on a BBC one, I'm like, I can't really explain what he's trying to do to

Reegs:2009 star Trek had a budget of in excess of $150 million, but it used an unaltered Dyson hand dryer. As part of the set, which just seems really lazy. As a nomination though, I'm gonna have to take it to star Wars particularly attack of the clones, which is just a hideous, hideous movie.

Everything that looked halfway decent was either drenched in a mad orange or shit, Brown color, and everything else was a shade of puke, green mixed with bad CGI. Terrible sets, terrible integration of sets and green screen just you know, bad, bad movie with bad, bad, everything,

Howie:you could argue that before they've touched it up. Empire strikes back the Hoth battle is fucking terrible when you watch it, it looks like models.

Reegs:out of town. We talking

Sidey:Nah, give me the models over the shit. You see

Howie:well. Yeah. But yeah, but

Dan:I think that, you know, they're, the models are far more superior to the CGI stuff is it just shows they pay a bit more effort into it. Like when they've actually made a model

Reegs:I, I, so I understand it. The pre-calls had way more model models in than the original trilogy. If they were just poorly integrated into the three. So a lot of the stuff that, some of the first stuff that the vehicles, particularly that you think look CGI, isn't, it's just bad integration of CGI and practical effects.

They did actually have a lot of model work on the pre-calls. So there.

Dan:I dunno, it reminds me of the Casablanca, but they are watched the  the making of that. There was a film with Gary Oldman. I think we might have talked about in a previous pod it's  basically one of the tricks he uses for the set, he needs to put a, a plane and he knows that it hasn't got the depth there.

So he gets a loaded. Small people, correct. Terminology escapes me. And he puts them at the back of the set to make the shop look real. Yeah. that's in yeah. Casablanca, so check it.

Sidey:Is that forced perspective?

I will go for Tommy

Howie:no, I have that.

Sidey:the room the scene on the rooftop, the San Francisco rooftop, where they're throwing a football around where he actually did own a place in San Francisco that had a rooftop like that. But instead he chose to green, screen it from somewhere else and it had the weird shed, the tender shed thing in the corner.


Reegs:Oh, hi muck.

Howie:Got out of that. No, I know. Ain't nobody talking, man. Noah.

Sidey:seems a bit strange to just pluck one scene out of this movie. But that one is my favorite.

Dan:out. Eh, what about flash Gordon



Sidey:felt, I felt mean picking on

Dan:Yeah, it's again, it's, it's one of those films, I guess, that it works. You know, it is a cheap looking backdrop and screening, but it's a cartoon kind of film, isn't it? And it, it suits the

Sidey:well, I think that part of

Dan:set suits it.

Sidey:we've mentioned about some of the other films is they're a bit cheap and a bit lazy. Whereas I think flash Gordon was just too ambitious

Reegs:Yes exactly.

Sidey:and, and some of the halls is just too grand and they aren't able to fill them with enough stuff and it just ends up looking a bit pantomime me.

But I still appreciate what they're trying to do because I fucking love that when I was a

kid. But looking at it now, it's a bit like, mm.

Dan:is a hard sell to the kids when they see that, you know, where now, when you've got so much competition on, then you know, you've got guardians of the galaxy or you've got. No, I am man. And all this kind of stuff. And you go look at this, this is brilliant.  comes up and it's like, Oh God,

Sidey:But it's still something like wizard of Oz stands up. Mike, my daughter liked that, you know, race kids like it. That that is still okay. So maybe they'd be all right with with flash

Dan:well, I think they'd give it a chance. The story is, is. Strong. I think it's still pretty cold. It is. It's easy to follow it and you can laugh along. There's plenty of happening. But they're, they're set would be off putting to some people. I think now

Howie:I'm going to go for blast for me here. A bit of Ghostbusters. And we've kind of said it before. It's the city that's built that the stay Puft marshmallow man kind of wades through


Howie:it's. It

Reegs:That's still next. Brilliant.

Howie:is a bit guff considering they were using CGI than but that is sacrilegious. It's

Reegs:wait. They didn't get a 200 foot tall. Marshmallow man.

That's movie magic for


I have got now, I don't know. I think this is called R I P D or it could be ripped. It's the Jeff Bridges,

Howie:Yeah. I like that.

Reegs:Most art is derivative of something or other, but Holy fuck. Is it uncomfortable? How flagrant RIPD is about trying to repackage men in black instead of a secret government agency investigate investigating aliens, you secretly live amongst us.

It's a secret police department investigating dead people who secretly live amongst us. They borrowed much of the set from. Men in black, it looks like, I wouldn't say it's. I mean, it's a cluster fuck of bad CGI and poor acting and terrible writing. And the fact that the sets have been ripped off so badly from the movie that it's just basically trying to be puts it in there now.

I, I really, really thought that was awful. I don't mean to pick on it. How is you've just said that you like it, but take it from me. It's shit.

Dan:crap, tequila.

 Sidey:How about Batman and Robin, then it gets, it gets lot of grief for all sorts of things. I particularly hate the, the Gotham layout of those stupid fucking giant statues and stuff like that. But the set the way it looks with Mr. Freeze.

Howie:I used to see you.

Sidey:I a Schwartz once again with all those really plastic-y polystyrene looking blocks, advices fucking shit.

Reegs:well, his base freezes basis and abandoned ice cream factory. Isn't it. And Robin gets tossed into a VAT of melted pistachio ice cream.

Howie:Is this the one with Ooma Thurman. Isn't it

Reegs:Yeah. Poison Ivy.

Howie:Yeah, because they have the worst version of Bain you have ever seen.


Sidey:It does look a bit like that in the

Howie:Yeah, he does, but he's

Sidey:And it also has Alicia Silverstone reaching up to the doorbell in a scorecard outfit, which is

Howie:Well, and they do the, they do the crutches bum scene of her in the rubber.

Sidey:And also George Clooney's nipples.

Reegs:That movie cost $125 million to make, which is twice the cost of Jurassic park. Just let that sink in for a


Sidey:when you go online people, some people will really fight. It's called. I really love

Howie:yeah, my

Reegs:well, but I can't decide the gimmicky sort of thematic locations and the stupid giant props, you know, it's kind of. They wouldn't do it now. Would they? I mean, I'm not going to try and defend it. It's almost defending the indefensible, but at least they were going for something.

Howie:I wonder what this new one's going to be like with

Sidey:Try it, it looks great.

Reegs:It does. It does

Howie:I thought that there was supposed to be one with Michael Keating coming

Sidey:He's coming back for the multi-verse


Reegs:He's going for the flash film.

Howie:ah, yeah, so it's not Kim as he's older, isn't it? Hm.

Sidey:Yeah, they did it with the Superman or the Superman actors in the last big DC event. And other than basically the same idea, but with the Batman actors,

Dan:Did you ever see a biblical Epic called the silver chalice?


Dan:Right. So it's Paul human. I think it may have been one of his first films and Jack Palance in it. It was around like 1950s. So it's going back a bit, but this looks like it was shot in a, basically in a closet. The whole film is, is it's just terrible.

Then I have one that what they've done it, there's just different shots from inside the closet that everybody's doing and they put some kind

Reegs:the name of your auto

Dan:Maybe. Yes. Yes. It's absolutely awful. I've not actually seen it, but in researching this in bad sets and things, this came up and I checked out a little bit of it on YouTube and confirmed.

They is actual crap. So that, that should, that should feature somewhere on there. But the, the other one that I was gonna add in is again, I've not seen this before, but I'm sure you've all heard of it more to combat.

Howie:Oh, it's fucking terrible.

Reegs:Yeah, I liked that movie.

Dan:I'm not seeing the movie, but I did watch again, parts of it, just to research this bad, set a theme. And I totally agree with. Anybody who's written anything bad about this movie? It just, it looks absolutely fucking shocking. And it was almost like a joke that they put this out. And it was such a great game as


Dan:loved that game.

Howie:great game. Flawless

Sidey:of watching instead of watching the movie, what you can do is just go on YouTube and watch a compilation of all the different fatalities from the video


Dan:That would be far better.

Sidey:What's better though. More combat or street



Howie:Should listen. They're fucking tough about it.

Dan:well, yeah, I think probably, but with those, I used to be able to rip somebody's ed and spine out and show them their beating heart before they

Howie:Dan you're confusing real life and your

Dan:Ah, I am, again,

Sidey:watch a horror movie.

Howie:we told you not to tell everyone on the podcast

Dan:was all my game gear, my soccer

Howie:Oh, game gear.

Reegs:Yeah, I've got a couple more. Tim Burton's Charlie and the chocolate factory and Alice in Wonderland are two of the ugliest movies that have ever been made which is really about the integration of practical sets and CGI fun fact, depending on your. Definition of fun. Alison Wonderland made over a billion at the box office and for a time was one of the 10 highest grossing films ever, which just sounds ridiculous.

Doesn't it? You're going to like this one. So ID. Indiana Jones. And the last crusade had some fairly dodgy sets in the ones that spring to mind Donovan's apartment looks like it's made almost entirely out of plastic and the inside of the grail temple. Particularly when the ground begins to open up and shake,

Sidey:Yeah, I

Reegs:made out of styrofoam and plaster.

Howie:it's like Raiders of the lost Ark with the final scene. It's like just a backlog of some where it

Dan:Just didn't have the tech. Did they to, to

Sidey:but there's enough magic going on there that you can you can

Dan:you can gloss over that. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:The Goonies, the galleon at the end is a sort of awful integration of painting and cheap set but it costs an absolute fortune and took them two and a half months to build.

Howie:they didn't build it. They

Dan:Epic failure.

Howie:it. They found it in a cave where you're talking about one eyed. Willy was there, Jack in diamonds everywhere.

Dan:There's an element of truth in that.

Reegs:One I'd really love.

Dan:Got away with that for so long. I was, I was looking on this and somebody had put in the princess bride

Howie:Yeah, it is it it's got overly fake set parts within the countryside. So you get huge giant fake boulders and things like that, which is we would have thought, I heard a thought.

Dan:Yeah, I, I I've really liked that. And again, I can probably figure that for any lacking set, just because the, the story itself is so good. There is a film, believe it or not called Perren a condom,

Reegs:sounds decent.

Dan:which is a 2012 film. And it really has, again, Just the most shocking CGI that you've ever ever seen, unless you've seen the amazing bulk which is a rip off of the amazing Hulk, but he, the guy turns out to be looking more like Barney, the dinosaur then and he runs off down the street.

I mean, really, really bad acting coupled with bad CGI coupled with you know, Yeah, a shock NATO experience that isn't that good. And and one other film in that same kind of mode, which you should just check it out, just look at Hollywood cop. At 1987 film when there was this one scene that I caught where the guy was slicing off somebody's throat, he was holding him as hostage.

And it was clearly a Robert doll. Like it was, it wasn't even trying to be anything other than just a really badly drawn in Tasha on a, on a mannequin and dressed up in a jumble sale clothes.

Sidey:Cool. I've got a few more super Mario brothers movie, another video game adaptation.

Dan:DeVito, is it or

Reegs:No Bob Hoskins


Sidey:Leguizamo it's looks fucking nothing like the video game, which I suppose is okay. But not to me.

Reegs:But why take, why take a property that's so instantly recognizable and then change everything about it. It does. I mean, just do something else.

Sidey:and, but what they have changed it here is a kind of budget. Shitty looking blade runner kind of aesthetic. It's really shit. They really missed the Mark on it and it just it's bollocks. The film is bollocks, but it looks fucking shit as well. Then we got Superman for our favorite whipping boy.

The quest for peace the budget was, was getting. Slashed and by the time they got to number four, they'd had to move production to Milton Kings. And the movie does have that kind of Milton Keynes look about it. It's not not the most glamorous place in the world and it's not the best looking film either.

And staying with it, man. Another one that I've mentioned before, it's the earthquake scene, which. Stop starts off really well. The scene where Lotus lady in the car gets trapped down the,

Dan:Ladies starts flying around the world.


Sidey:is terrifying, but then you get the damn going

Reegs:And it's clearly just a model.


Sidey:little muddle Fang with a splash goat on and in a film that won so many accolades for its effect.

At the time, this was still, this was shit for that. And you know, it was just, I think they'd run out of money for this bit, or there was no other way to do it, maybe at that point. But yeah, it really took me out of the movie and then it really obvious if you really want to go obvious, we go plan nine from outer space, but I've not actually seen it.

Or I've seen as is some clips. And this is school project. This is like, you know, primary school cardboard cut out territory.

Reegs:it's like literally wobbling as people walk around it

Sidey:Yeah. The graveyard stayed him steak. I watched on YouTube and it is, it's just flexing as people go around


I've also got every single old Godzilla movie.

Dan:well, that's it? Yeah. The old King Kong Rocky horror picture show. Any of the hammer, any of the hammer

Sidey:time. We make a list of bad films. Rocky horror picture show goes in it

Reegs:grace let's just put Greece and Rocky horror

Howie:Yeah. Greece is pretty fucking ropey.

Sidey:Let's roll it down. Then I'm going to go for the room.

Dan:I'm gonna add in more combat.

Howie:I'm going to go with Robin hood Prince of thieves because it's fucking lazy.

Reegs:I'm going with the Twilight zone movie because, you know, I think the bare minimum is that you don't kill your actors on set.

Howie:call me old fashioned.

Sidey:Okay. So as far as the room, mortal Kombat, Robin hood, Prince of thieves and the Twilight zone movie. And we're looking for suggestions for a fifth. 

 Reegs:Sidey? You chose this week's main feature.

Sidey:I did. I chose a Coen brothers movie. It's the ballad of Buster Scruggs, 2018 Netflix

Howie:Yeah, that's what I was thinking

Reegs:It did have a very limited theatrical release,


Reegs:14 cinemas, I think it was in or something like that. But yeah, it's primarily just Netflix.

Sidey:is an anthology or a series of vinegarette, six short films set in the post civil war, wild West sort of region. I don't know why I'd put off watching this for so long, because this is one that I'd miss. I, I

Reegs:yeah, me too.

Sidey:and I had, you know, I'd always, it would always come up on Netflix and I'd skip past it.

And I think. Partly it's, I've got this thing with the Coen brothers that I, if you had to pin me down, they might be what I would say. It'd be my favorite or certainly their body of work has got so many films that I absolutely love. I'm scared of watching one that I'm not going to like slightly tainting their

Reegs:well, hail Caesar was that for me, I didn't particularly care for hail Caesar or the lady killers in

Sidey:Yeah. Like the case is horse shit. It's really shit.

Reegs:But when they're good, they are probably some of the best in their craft. Really aren't they.

Dan:Well, I, I had seen this before and and then it was a little while back, so revisited it for, for the pods. But. And it would be like, well, I'll tell you why. I thought what I thought,


This is yeah. Six. Stand-alone sort of wild West stories. And I tell you what I think might have actually put me off as well. One of it is the poster for it has Tim Blake Nelson is this kind of goofy looking cowboy. And I think that kind of, you know, when I like a Western to be kind of hardcore you know, like probably not, not funny, do you know what I mean?

Dan:Little more gritty.

Sidey:for me, the wild West story should

be gritty and violent and you know, like, Cowboys ninjas, that sort of thing. I'd say when I was like, I tend to, if I really want to watch a Coen's thing that has that quirky kind of comedy, I dunno.

Reegs:Each of the stories is prefigured with the site of the book, the ballad of Buster Scruggs, isn't it. And a hand turns the page and we see the story in print. And sometimes, and often a picture of some dramatic incident that's going to happen in the

Sidey:Did you try and read the page before it went

Dan:Yeah, just

Reegs:And I got a couple of good examples, one in particular, Kayla.

Sidey:Okay. You wanna do it now? You wanna wait

Reegs:Now, when we get to that particular story, Yeah.

Sidey:Yeah. So let me say that the, the opening shot is I guess it's monument Valley or something like that. Of Buster Scruggs coming towards us on his horse. Who's called Dan. And he's, he's singing a little song and you're thinking he is not in your typical wild West cowboy looking outfit is is in this immaculate kind of white


Sidey:Yeah, it looks more like sort of an entertainer as opposed to a you know a frontier and

Reegs:It's almost a bit like in back to the future three, when I'm Marty McFly goes back as Clint Eastwood, and they're all laughing at his clothes. That that's how we stood out.

Sidey:he tells us a little bit about himself. He's got this, he's got a wanted poster with his sort of image on it and tells us a bit of his history that Gives you a bit of a flavor of what he's about, but he's still not really sure. The first interaction he has with some people goes into a sort of saloon Ask for a whiskey. And the guy says, no, this is a dry state. There's no whiskey. And he looks over at this gang of absolute Outlaws and it's what are they drinking with? They're drinking whiskey with they're Outlaws. And anyway, there's a confrontation which ends up with Buster Scruggs killing just about everyone.

I think he leaves one man alive and says that's, that's down to careless shooting on his part.

Dan:As, as he kind of

Sidey:I just

Dan:pulls himself out there on the floor, traily blood on the,

Sidey:Um, and everything that he says in his dialogue is, is pure caring

Reegs:it's PO code. Yeah.

Sidey:It's just this kind of, it's very much like a brother out there actually. It's that, that kind of, that kind of dialogue which I loved for me, this is the strongest, well, this is the one I, I think it was the, the right one to open with.

Cause it, it was a sort of a lighthearted entry into the different stories. I love this one. I thought it was fucking great.

Dan:Yeah, and it is almost like that for me as well, that there were six different stories and I think that you're going to enjoy them all differently. They're not all funny. Like this one was th this one, it was almost like a Looney tunes, cartoon or something, you

know, it had

Howie:the dust that came off

Dan:Yeah. And you know, the, the wanted poster and, and just the slapstick kind of shoot in thing that goes on there, the bit where he hits the guy with a table


Reegs:it's just amazing.

Dan:way, which is just brilliant.

Howie:He slept East from Highlander.

Reegs:was Clancy Brown.

Sidey:I thought it was the guy from Shawshank.

Reegs:yeah, it was Clancy Brown. And the guy from Shawshank.

Dan:Cause if he sits down Disney at their table a wants to play some cards and he picks up the cards

Sidey:To be fair. He did look at them. The guy was right. He looked at him, you

Dan:Bridget, do you know why he didn't play

Reegs:Yeah, it was the dead man's hand

Dan:Yeah, he says over

eight. So, While bill Hitchcock was set up that hand before he died.

Sidey:Great film director.



Reegs:So he refuses to play the cards. Doesn't he? That

Sidey:but they were right. Like I said, he looked at the card. You can't decide to play him not to play them after you've looked at them.

Reegs:Yeah. So Joe stands and draws a pistol on him. It's supposed to be a a saloon where there are no firearms, but Clancy Brown's got one. He tries to persuade him not to shoot him. And when he doesn't, he kicks a plank from the table three times into him. Joe, I think his name was ends up shooting himself three times in the face.

Sidey:Sally. Jo is

the, in

Dan:and then he breaks into song about it and gets the whole bar scene long with judges. And you've

Reegs:I loved about the song, as well as you get shot from inside the guitar, it was brilliant

as it's going

Sidey:of the bowling ball from

Reegs:big Lebowski. Yeah. So Joe's brother turns up then at this point, after they've had a big sing song about Joe's death,

Sidey:yeah, it's amazing.

Reegs:And he challenges him to a gunfight. What's that called?

Like a showdown? No, it's a duel.

Thank you. Howie challenges him to a duel in the streets, which he shows off in basically shoots or East got five

Howie:Oh, he shoots his fingers. Oh fuck. You know,

Dan:wait, which, and then, and then says you know, I can't be sure it's who turns his back, uses a mirror and starts going well, you know, it's his right hand here. I'm looking in a mirror, must be a roundabout. This place, as he's struggling with his one good hand to reach across itself, pull out the gun and shoot buses jogs.

He, of course he's not quick enough. And Buster knows him with that. The bullet, it carries him.

Sidey:but sadly, all good things must come to an end. And I think it's just, the kid has made just called the

kid rides

Dan:There's always a faster, there's always a faster gun isn't

Sidey:he says to me, he says you can't stay top dog forever when he's, when he's been off base, they have to stand off. And I thought that guy was a bit out of order. Cause he says it's going to be a count.


Sidey:Eddie says no. And he just shoots him


Reegs:Well that, but that's what he did in the in the other one.

Dan:it is, is kind of overconfidence led to his demise there. And then they, they sing a little duet on the way out

Howie:And that, that

Reegs:well, you get, you get Tim Blake Nelson, Buster Scruggs, ascending to heaven singing a song,

Howie:Sorry. Yeah, that song got nominated for an Academy award.

Reegs:did it well,

Howie:when a cowboy trades his spurs for wings,

Reegs:that's right. And typical Coen brothers. The score is brilliant in this movie. Absolutely bang on great choices. It's by a guy called Carter Burwell who, I don't know, maybe he's a frequent Coen brothers collaborator.

Howie:right. And the next one is my favorite one.

This is my favorite one. I thought this was brilliant with James Franco.

Dan:This is the bank

Howie:Yeah. James Franco is, I think it's hilarious. And if you notice the bank teller is another character from the Oh,

Reegs:yes. Who was that? I couldn't place in.

Howie:He said he pays in, Oh brother, where out though, he plays the radio DJ who's blind.

And he goes, I played a song. I played a song and all this sort of stuff. It's him

Reegs:So yeah, James Franco goes to hold up a bank.

Dan:The middle of nowhere


Reegs:Alex really cool as

Howie:he does. he

Reegs:eat when he jumps over the, the sort of the part that separates the public from the bank tellers, he looks like a comic book hero.


we have

Reegs:down with his duster kind of floating up.

Dan:Yeah, it is. So it's super cool. It because he's he suddenly this this bespectacled banker is actually a bit of a. Well, he's seen it. He's been there. He's done it. And he's, he's ready. He's ready for anybody. He's got guns set up the other side, which you're

prepared to. Yeah.

Sidey:to stay at

Dan:Kneecap, which are Franco Dodgers, just by

Howie:but, but then,

Reegs:a leg set out to hide behind a well, and then the bank teller charges him in a suit made out of pots and pans.


Sidey:What does he say shot every time he

Howie:Yeah. Patch. I don't know. There was something at the start, which I D I. When you, as I've skipped over this part, but at the start and in between each Oh, the vignettes, as Rick said, there's a short piece where they do a book turn and they turn the page and introduce the story.

Right? When they were turning this one, you could hear the sound of something. And I just said to my wife at the time, I bet this one's about someone getting hung. Cause you can hear a rope. And yeah. And you can hear that. And I thought, but when it cuts to the scene, I thought it was actually the rope of the bucket in the well, and I was like, Oh, that's going to be, Oh, that's what that means.

That's what that means. But I wonder if there was this double meaning of it

Reegs:Oh, without a doubt with co-eds.

Howie:with them as this. Gut progresses, panic attack, obviously succeeds and James Franco is knocked unconscious and awakens on the astride, a horse with a noose around his neck with a, with a posse in front of him, of us as what are they?

Deputies marshals and their lead guys are British actor who have seen him

in quite a

Sidey:he, he was

Reegs:um, Finchy. Yeah.


Sidey:point of fact, it's hanged, not hung.

Howie:Oh, okay.

Reegs:They have an argument. He asks for his horse, doesn't he? And he says he won't give it to him. It just seems a bit churlish. So, but he, it looks like. Franco's races run. He looks like he's about to die and then suddenly a bunch of native American


Reegs:Comanche warriors. Yes. Come in and just kind of brutally kill everyone really quickly.

At this point, Franco is still a stride, the horse, which is kind of trying to edge away a millimeter at a time hanging in really slowly as it eat some grass

Dan:he's just kinda, you know, trying to pull the horse back with his ankle. Is it here and sit on it because he's right at the very maximum that he can stretch his neck without if that horse walked off, then he's, he's a Ghana.

Reegs:But he's eventually set free.

Howie:Worst possible way. Like guy hold still and he shoots it. Doesn't even get near. He's just firing some

Reegs:takes about four shots. Doesn't

Howie:yeah. Wildly swinging from the



Sidey:spent like are they referencing good? The bad, the ugly with Clint

Reegs:Yeah, of course they were. Yeah, of course they were. But it turns out that this is a, yet another sort of sub diffusion and he does end up captured again, taken into town and ordered to be hung hanged again. then you get this amazing joke.

Dan:It's the best one. Isn't it?

Reegs:I was howling with laughter.

Dan:what there's like three or four of them all ready to be hanged. And As the crowd of people are watching them as they do. There's a, there's a pretty girl. Just looking at Frank Coen and one guy next to him is absolutely in

pieces he's best signed itself.

And as, as the execution that goes along the line and starts putting a hood on the different Prisoners. Hm. Is your first time. It was just such a cause obviously that's the second time that day he's he's had the the new Saudi men. The guy just gives him the most kind of weird look and like, you know, the, you know, if it's a longer film, you expecting him to make it out of this,

Howie:but that's it, but

Reegs:but he doesn't. And it was at this point I realized, I think that. All of the episodes or all of the parts, we're going to heavily feature death as part of the story, the line. And it makes sense because the wild West was a place. You know, these were very different times. A death was the frontier, these brave people, the death was much more a part of life than it is these days, you know, and lots of people would have had to have, you know, anywhere you went, you could have been.

Killed by something or someone

Howie:rather like the world at the moment.

Sidey:The next one

Dan:I like this

Sidey:lighter on the laws. This one, the meal

Howie:Dudley, Dudley.

Sidey:it was, yeah, this was Liam Neeson and his traveling sort of like guests, because guests, we could say kind of.

Kind of a

Howie:It's not quadriplegic though. So I don't know what the term is for somebody that is in the state, that the main

Dan:No arms, no


Howie:So. Based on the context of this short story, they have the character the chap who played Dudley, does he play the play, this circus

artists played this artist who has no arms and no legs. And it's somehow it's re he's either bound in terms of how it was made.

He's either bound or it's CGI obviously. And what I would say is this is an example of what Adam Pearson guests of the pods mentioned, which is. Artists with disabilities are getting overlooked. Now this isn't a discredit to the chap that plays the artists because he is brilliant in this vignette. But it would, why not have somebody with those? Real life problems playing this out. Now that that's that's devil's advocate question, but this is what Adam has raised significantly on social media, quite a lot of equal opportunities. And why roles like this, which are effectively

Reegs:a couple of weeks ago, we talked about the problem of casting for ethnic minorities. And this is the same spin on it. And Adam is, is clearly quite vocal about this and why, why wouldn't he be? Because you don't see it given the same air time that people with disabilities should also have representation in the movie.

Howie:Yeah. But this is a particularly dark. This is called mail ticket and

this is a

Sidey:this almost this one is dark. They, they travel around.

Howie:Town to town in a wagon.

Sidey:and the artist recites some performance from,

Dan:burger dressing and some poetry.

Sidey:if you Psalms and whatever.

Reegs:the 10

Sidey:uh, as we, as we get to more sort of remote locations, the audience numbers, dwindle, I mean, there, weren't vast numbers of people go to watch anyway.

And so clearly they're not making a lot of money

Dan:outside. So Liam Neeson's the, the guy who owns the show in Ambridge would show the hat around and everything to, to get the money.

Sidey:Eventually they go to a place that has a performing chicken.

Howie:It's amazing that chicken


Sidey:do, uh, it could do mental arithmetic, which is drawing a huge crowd and everyone's amazed by this. So Liam Neeson,

Howie:he buys it.

Sidey:But that gives him a dilemma. How how's he going to proceed with his show? Is he, is he going to carry on with the artist or is he just going to use the chicken or is he going to integrate them? Well, then we see him at a bridge, throwing a rock

Into the water to see.

Howie:and the artist is watching the artist is watching

Sidey:and he's looking at this yeah. How deep it is, or I, I guess he was testing to see if it was deep enough to drown it


Sidey:just whether we die on lot.

I don't know. Cause either would work. And th th the sort of clothing, the closing shot is the, the wagon on the way the interior, the wagon and the artist is not

Dan:is not

Sidey:he's not inside.

Reegs:This one felt a bit like. As sort of Western themed black mirror episode to me because it was, there weren't many lines in it. There was a lot of repeated dialogue.

Dan:well, he never spoke

Reegs:and there was tragic, fucked up ending everything about it was like,

Dan:and they never spoke to each other. You know, he never kind of had any conversation between,

Reegs:was shown feeding him and stuff. Wasn't

Howie:I'm going for a

PEs go

Dan:No name and a title meal meal ticket. You know, it basically, that's what it was. It was your meal ticket until you stopped becoming that. And then I traded you in for a chicken.

Howie:He was put on his back and taken to a whorehouse and all this stuff.

Sidey:was awful. Okay.

Reegs:but they sort of turned him round, at least. So he didn't have to.

Sidey:Okay. The next one I think was possibly my favorite.

Dan:Well, this one I really enjoy. So top whites is the pocket, the pocket,

Reegs:who I thought was Nick Naulty at first.

Sidey:Yeah, I did have that look about it. And it's pretty well, not pretty. It's a very straightforward story. This one

Reegs:I think this is one of the only ones that wasn't written by the Coen brothers themselves as well. This story was based on the Jack London short story.

Howie:It's so gritty. It's so dry. The drudgery of being a gold prospector and how gnarly, well, how gnarly he was and how. Where his life was and his focus was just solitary gold panning. And it was like,

Sidey:But that's, that was,

Dan:How hard these men


Sidey:you know, that's what they did.

Howie:and the, the, the, the, the, sort of the, the, the, the planning that went into his mind to find this pocket.

And when he'd find five minute pieces five blown away, three, I'll go back to the five spot. And it's just a process of

Dan:although the way we, yeah. How we, how we worked out, where that gold was, he knew there was golden then Niles and went looking for it. It was, it was the beginning of the shot. I think there's butterflies and fish and

there's, there's

Reegs:I rarely bad CGI idea as well.

Sidey:I loved it either way. They all just disappeared. Red man entered the seat and I then at the end, just all came back. But essentially this, this story, you can, you can sum it up to old. Man finds gold is double crossed. Kills kills the other man and leaves.

Dan:But you, you could do, but there's more to it than

that. And it's well, yeah, I really liked it. One of the things I when he climbed up to get the eggs,



Dan:For the hour. And I, I dunno wherever I I'd read online that somebody kind of connected that line with the previous story about how can a bird count, you know

Sidey:Oh, okay. Yeah.



Howie:of course. Yeah.

Reegs:not the only one as well. To the I noticed are, is at the beginning. When Buster Scruggs is in the card game, there's a line about you can join if you play his hand. And at the end in the last one the, it pretty much ends with no man can play another man's hand. And then in all gold Canyon, which is the one we're talking about now, the gold is in Mr.

Pocket. And in the gal who got rattled, which is the episode that follows this, all the money was in the brother's pocket. So and I bet there are countless ones within the stories that link that way. Yeah,

Howie:I got bored now from now on

Dan:well, after this one or during this one,

Howie:after this one, the next, the last two, the girl that got rattled in the mortar remains, I was bored.

Sidey:the boats were mine. So I must admit I had run out of steam

Howie:Yeah, I really did. I was gusted. I was

Sidey:but I loved, I loved the

Dan:I think the beauty of these is that you could just watch it in 15 minutes. You could pause it and go, right. Cause it will what, 15, 20 minutes. They

Howie:maybe I should have done that. Maybe I should've have done that. I was, I think it was


Howie:a bit tired as well.

Reegs:the Coen brothers with their sort of crazy characters and their very stylized scenes are actually perfect for an anthology. I'd never would have thought it before, but their style works really well with this kind of movie. Yeah. The, the all gold Canyon though was. Just brilliant. And the scenery throughout this movie, particularly in this one, but throughout the movie is just absolutely beautiful.

Dan:W go, going back to what I was saying at the top of this. Whereas I'd seen this before a while back and I remembered these four and the last two, actually, I, I didn't remember. But those first four, it stuck with me. I think, you know, and still they were my favorite for,

Howie:Hmm. Yeah,

Dan:the, the next two, but the On revisit in this, this next one, which is the


Dan:the, the gal who got rattled.

I on second view and I enjoyed it more then probably I remember viewing it the first time, because it was just such a crazy ending. It was just such a kick in the teeth. Yeah. It really was.

Reegs:So Alice and her brother, Gilbert going towards their new frontier people, aren't they they're going to, where was it? Or Oregon, was it,

Dan:Yeah, I think it was, yeah.


Reegs:with a sort of business deal set up to marry a way the sister Alice from Gilbert's new business partner partner he gets cholera. I think it is and dies on route,

Sidey:pretty much, as soon as they leave, it

Reegs:pretty much as soon as they leave here.

And Mr. Knapp and Mr. Arthur are the people who sort of. Ended up looking after Alice who's now on this huge journey, not really knowing where she's going or what's meeting her, her brother's dead.

Dan:Been, she's been promised to a man she's never met. And if he likes her and she liked him, then they were going to get married. Yeah, it wasn't it wasn't great for so far. And she's got this happy little dog. We were, seems to be the the,

Sidey:it's got

Dan:bringer of death, really, whoever owns the dog is, is on their way out.

Reegs:And we didn't think about that, but yeah, that makes sense. The brother is buried then after breeding about a day and a half, she realizes that he had all the money on him when he was

Dan:in the pocket.

Reegs:in the pocket. Billy Knapp is. I'm starting to take a bit of a shine. I thought he looked a bit like you, I don't know who the actor was, Dan, but I thought Billy Knapp looked a bit like you.


Howie:we all need

Reegs:he's good.

Howie:a bit of a Keanu. Dan Craven crossover.

Reegs:He takes a shine to Alice and it sets up this sort of very practical, but in its own way, quite romantic moment where he essentially is sort of making a play for her based on the idea that he's knocking on a bit. and she hasn't got anything better, but there is a sort of mutual attraction and respect there.

Dan:Oh, it's just say, as the brother said, when she's got a mind to she's, she can be quite attractive and quite sociable.

Howie:I to look up what the hell religion was. She's an Esker

Reegs:a Pisco paleon.

Howie:which I thought was someone who ate fish. Turns out it's a Catholic who doesn't believe in the Pope or something.

Reegs:Does the Pope shit in the woods anyway Mr. Arthur then notices that she's missing from the wagon train. And he goes to sets out to find her. I think she's quite a long way away from the rest of the train. She's taken a horse and she's gone off to find president Pierce. Who was nearly shot earlier in the movie.

And as it turns out, probably should have been she's laughing because there are what are they go firs?

Howie:Prairie dogs.

Reegs:What is that though? That's not a real animal. Is it a

Howie:It's like yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:Okay. Prairie dogs. She's laughing at it sort of Meerkat Prairie dog thing, and then a whole bunch of native American Indians. What are you, how are you supposed to say that native Americans what's the

Sidey:I think in cowboy Cowboys, tell you, you can just say engines.

Reegs:Engines turn up. And Mr. Arthur basically settles down to have a fight with them. He takes the saddles off and sets himself up to



Dan:things aren't looking good.

Sidey:He gives her a pistol and says, if I get taken,

Dan:This looks bad. Don't let don't let them take you alive.


Reegs:But they're a bit crap. Really. They charge him a few times. He shoots a few of them that horses keep falling down the Prairie dog holes


Reegs:their legs. Yeah. And then he, you know, he shoots them and then you get this amazing one of the sort of horse looks like it's just sort of aimlessly.

Wandering around by itself, but it turns out it's got an engine on it who throws himself at Mr. Arthur. But Mr. Arthur does in fact kill the guy, although Alice assumes.

That he didn't. So there's a single gunshot at this point, and it was difficult to work out what had happened. It mean it, well, it means it's revealed then the ALIS shot herself as she'd been told to do so, because she thought after was going to be killed.

So he must have shot the Indian and she must've shot herself at exactly the same time, because there's only a single gunshot. So bleak it's so

Dan:Is because you just feel for Billy don't you who's he finally made this commitment to settle down and he's, he's found this connection and the stars seem to have aligned, and then you realize, no, you're just gonna die on the trail on you. So

Reegs:and th and this is the one where the scene ends with the shot. The establishing shot at the beginning of the thing with the, with the movie with the picture of the dog and Mr. Arthur overlooking a Valley, and it's, it's. Sumptuously shot. But then when she turns, when he turned, when the hand turns the page in the book, I just caught the last line that said Arthur had no idea what to say to nap.

And you're like, Oh my God. Yeah. He's still got this part of the plot to resolve is going to happen off screen. But yeah, he's got to go back and tell Mr. Knapp that Alice has shot herself.

Sidey:Yeah, well, I'd probably like today


Howie:president pass. What a name?

Sidey:having just watched bone Tomahawk, shooting yourself. Definitely preferable

Dan:Yeah. Right. You might want to just wait a few seconds

Sidey:just be absolutely sure.

Howie:just, just, just thought the teas.

Sidey:We move on to the final one, which is, like I said before, I'd actually run out of steam. I think I should have, and I probably will actually go back and watch his last one again because I found this one a bit throwaway at the end, but maybe I just missed. I just was, yeah, I was just out

Dan:I think this one was probably the most symbolic

Reegs:of course it was. Yeah.

Dan:know, being the last one. Yeah. And the, the three or, you know, the different characters all have completely different ways of looking at life and the way that they approach it. You've got the stage coach is protect, you know, potentially the reapers or the, you know, the, the what do they call them?

The, the river man, that kind of,

Reegs:River of sticks.

Sidey:Cause he says a few times to stop the coast and it goes, no, it will never stop. It will never stop the coach.

Reegs:You've got A few different people giving their different takes on life. So you get a trapper and I can't remember who played him, but he's a character actor you've seen in loads and loads of stuff now.


 Sidey:solo Rubinic.

Reegs:I don't know, Saul Rubinic was the French guy. It was the other one, the one in the.

Sidey:John Joe nail,

Reegs:Well, maybe that's it.

Maybe I never knew that guy's name actually, but he's been in loads of stuff, loads and loads of stuff.

Sidey:the trapper was, was actually, sorry, just looking at it. The trapper was Chelsea Ross.

Reegs:Chelsea Ross. Okay. He, he basically says that everything, all people are, are the same effectively. Just like the animals that he traps and he's contradicted by the lady sitting next to him who looked a little bit like

Howie:from Dempsey, Mike

Reegs:Judy Dench, but

Sidey:Tyne Daly.

Reegs:and daily. Okay. She says there's only two kinds of people, the upright in the sinners.

And she knows this because she's going to meet her husband. Who's been ill for three years or something like that. He's a lecturer. Then you get, so Rubinic as Renee who says it's much more complicated than you two are saying. And then offends her by basically saying. Your husband didn't love you essentially, or doesn't love you the same way that you love him.

And that she, he may have been shagging around on her. Well, she was away, which she doesn't like. Then you get this really sort of haunting bit where the curly mustached thick pen. I think his name was. Is telling this he's, he's basically speaking to us as the audience even says it. He says, well, we like to see the stories, as long as it's, we'd like to see the stories that remind us of us as long as it isn't us.

And then Glen D grit, Glen, to be Brendan Gleason sings. A beautiful song. Yeah. What did I say there?

Glen didn't


Howie:Glenton Brisson is his brother.

Reegs:Um, They reveal themselves to be reapers or bounty hunters. And there's a lot of talk of negotiating passages. And, you know, it's pretty clear that these guys are, are effectively taking the people on board from life to death.

Dan:yeah, the luggage doesn't come with them.

Reegs:No they stop off at a hotel. Everything gets unloaded and they sort of look quite scared as they walk through the door.

I mean, it's the most obvious one, as we've seen all of these stories are about death, but this is the most obvious one about parsing symbolically from, from life to death.

Sidey:Yeah, I definitely need to watch it again cause I,

Howie:Well, nothing gets

Dan:Yeah, it's a lot to take in because they're so different and you, it's almost you straight into the next one before you've had time

Reegs:and, and the tone it does lead from each other, but they are all wildly different. I mean, it couldn't be more different. For instance, if you think about the two vignettes that bookend is exactly. Yeah. You know, you've got the real comedy and then the last one is very poetic. And the way that it's shot and lit. You know, the way that the light fades and changes from blue to black and all those sorts of things, just, yeah.

Dan:I could have watched a much longer one on Buster Scruggs. I think that had another kind of error in it, to be

honest, the

Sidey:definitely. You know all those fucking wankers on the internet that do the like release the Snyder, cut the hashtags like that. And there's one for the suicide squad release the Iacocca. Well, I, I started I started the release of the Buster Scruggs car. I just want, I want a full movie of Buster Scruggs.

He was just, he was the man.

Dan:was brilliant.

Reegs:he might grate over a full movie's running time.

Sidey:No, I know what the cabins right.

Reegs:Hmm. Maybe not.


Sidey:there is a connection with this movie and diehard predator and commando.


Sidey:Got it.

Reegs:no. Yeah,

I have, but I think you're going to have to tell everyone else ID.

Sidey:The bank Clark says that his clients are from a town called Val Verde,

Reegs:Oh, yeah. That's the fictional town in

that's amazing.

Sidey:that they use and it's been used in those other movies and all.

Reegs:in commando. Yeah. This is fucking brilliant. This movie I have to say. It's beautiful and it's poetic and. It's funny and tragic and it's very well made. It's quite disturbing. It switches from beautiful vistas to grizzly violence, almost in a single, you know, scene.

It's a sort of old school Western, but it's, it's a sort of reflection of the, the.  but not S not satirizing. It reminded me of the, sort of when I used to go to my grandma's, there were some books that my cousins had left there, some old, like Cowboys and Indians type books, like comics, more than anything sort of like Dan dare and the, but that sort of era type thing.

And it reminded me very much of the types of stories that were in that comic book. And I, I just liked the, kind of the miserable, you know, whimsical enough not to be dour, but also just talking about how bad stuff happens to back to good people. A good stuff happens to bad people and you can't explain it.

And the universe is uncaring and which is a long running theme for the coincide. This was amazing.

Sidey:Yeah, I would normally talk about budget and box office stuff, but because this is essentially a, a Netflix kind of thing you don't have that I know there was a very limited cinematic release, but you don't get enough meaningful data out of that. So really. I have to skip that for this week.  But overall then Dan, where you not entertained?

Dan: it was overall

Sidey:maybe you can expand on it.

Dan:boy. Then I would say I was entertained. I, I miss some of the, the, the kind of wit and the dark humor from the first going into the last, if You know, it was, it was a different kind of humor. They w it was more, it was poignant at the end, and it was kind of a little bit I, I miss Busta and I Ms.

Franco and I missed, you know, the, the, even missed a pocket where there was a bit of humor with it within some of those stories, the last two less so. And I think they, they kind of made me, you know, feel it was a bit of a dragon. Maybe that was the last. Say I watched it the first time and I really remembered in a joy the first four.

And I, I kind of forgot about the last two. I may do this again, the LA they grow on me and there's always something to see though with Coen brothers. And I think watching it a second time, I picked up more than a word of, and the beauty of this of course is you can just take it in chunks. You can just go, boom, there's 15 minutes, you know?

And that's it. You can leave it alone. You're not going to miss anything. So yeah, recommended definitely. Want to go and watch.

Howie:I didn't think it was outstanding. I'd give it four out of six because I just didn't like the last two, four out of six, wherever it is. The episode six episodes in it.

Reegs:Oh, right. I thought you meant not what's the school you


Howie:it three and a half out of four and three quarters fucking out. Um, I just felt, I thought it was going to be a bit more, Oh, brother, where art though, based on the first one. Cause I thought it was going to be more sort of thought, Oh shit.

Quite cool. I don't mind this. And then when I got to that, the fifth and sixth ones, I,

Dan:struggled at the same

Howie:yeah, I thought the mortal remains was a bit of a vanity project. I felt it was over elaborate and on a very basic premise that you could tell from the start. I really, really enjoyed it. The first four, I really enjoyed them.

And then when it all started going down a bit with the old president peer story line one, and then the mortar remains, I was a bit gutted. It was, Oh, this is clearly death. Oh, they're all fucking stupid. Why didn't they go

Dan:That's the weakest one for me, but the. The president pays for and actually it's grown on me the second time

Reegs:I think that was my second favorite one.

Howie:I, I, I can't fault the first four. I thought they were beautifully shot, especially the one the, the gold prospector and and the humor and the James Franco bank robbery one was brilliant. And, and I thought that was that for me was how I see Coen films. And the last two I got lost and that's just me, but yeah.

I gave it a strong four, a six

Reegs:Yeah. I mean, yeah, this just, I really liked this. It, it looked stunning, the thematically it's right up my street. I loved all of the different stories. The acting see pur it's beautifully written. It's sort of miserable and funny and, and poetic yeah. Great. Loved it. Absolutely


Reegs:Yeah, no, this was like 13 out of 13.

Sidey:nice. I really enjoyed it too. Although, like I said, I did run out of steam a little bit at the end, but I'm going to go back and rewatch. The final chapter, but I have already rewatched Buster Scruggs episode again, much to my misses is a disappointment that I keep enforcing it on.  But yeah, typical kind of coincide rumor and disperse with some incredibly dark and bleak moments.

Something there for everyone. I really love this. I'd recommend anyone that's to, to westerns, to recommend this week. Bring back the westerns. 

Reegs:So Sid, this week's kid choice.

Sidey:Yeah, I got a feeling that this isn't going to be a universally loved. But it's a classic of kids entertainment. Well, a family entertainment, I'd say it's Dr. Ho and I went for the most recent one, which was the, I think new year's special as opposed to the Christmas special because it came out on the 1st of January.

It's the revolution of the Daleks.

Reegs:Have any of you been doctor who watches.

Howie:for me and my Thai family, this program gets the award for zero context award. Never seen it. Have no idea what's going on. All the characters mean nothing. I have heard of darlings. I have heard of doctor who I've never watched any doctor who stuff ever.

Sidey:I can't believe that

Reegs:Yeah, I

Dan:it was, it was always stuff that came on and it was just an instant

switch off for me as a kid. Yeah. As a kid, I just never got it. It was just ridiculous. It was like, darling, it's like been you, you you've just, I mean, talking about cheap sets, they didn't come much cheaper than the doctor who

Howie:it's a dustbin desperate dustbin with a bug dustbin, with a book brush.

Dan:And the doctorate ed, even the, the big hype I remember, or, you know, you'd hear it. Or doctor who's backing it, your shoes to bore the

Howie:At Delta, here's a woman. Now doctor's a woman now



Reegs:I did watch it as a kid. I remember Sylvester McCoy, Peter

Sidey:I was going to say that was, that was the one. Yeah, Tom Sylvester McCoy series. What I remember from

Reegs:then again, I did pick it up a bit again a bit later. So I did enjoy the Eccleston series, the tenant and Matt Smith, especially the Karen

Howie:Oh, we never wa we didn't watch the BBC. My family declared it, a socialist area. We don't go near that.

Reegs:Yeah. And the, you said last week on the pod that you weren't allowed to watch ITV, what

Sidey:No just favorite band. My dad just thought was shit. So we never watched it.

Reegs:amazing. But I wouldn't say I am a full hoo Trekker. I, I'm not invested in the law. I can't really remember all the various twists and turns of stuff, but I, I have enjoyed it over the years, but it's been a long time since I saw it. So dropping us in on the season finale of a doctor I haven't seen at all.


I think it's this season two of

Dan:12. Wasn't it.

Sidey:no, but I have Jody whisker. It's her second series. And I it's the first one I've seen of

Dan:I know of a doctor.

Sidey:I think because there is quite a big export market for doctor who is in, it plays well and other, because it's this quirky

Reegs:British thing.

Sidey:So. They like to people like the strike, I suppose, yanks like look at it and see what we're up to.

But her accent has been quite problematic. I think

Dan:I really, I, I didn't mind a bit, eh, when did title IX or did Dr. Who and all that first comment come out, it was. 50 60. They haven't changed. Have they? I mean, they've still got the same special effects


Howie:well, these ones can

Sidey:I don't remember them being able to teleport. So the

Reegs:Or fly, they could


Dan:was, it was the same as I remember a party. They couldn't go downstairs. That was the only thing that it

Sidey:in this one. So effectively the, I think what's happened where we've picked it up from, there's been a darling reconnaissance, droid has arrived on earth and been destroyed effectively. And that has then been. Taken away. And some genius has come up with the idea of cloning from some of the organic organic material.

He's now cloned that, that dark, the creature inside the darling machine, you know,

Reegs:That was Mr. Big from

Howie:Sex in

Reegs:the city.

Dan:He, he plays a big business kind of entrepreneur Disney. Who's decided to get in with government. Yeah. American

Reegs:they actually call him that

Dan:Yeah. And so. It is kind of got in with politics and business bit big business to make these technological advancements. And he's got a minister who's who's in on the plot to ensure that both he makes a load of money, she makes a load of money and

Reegs:That was Harry Walker from killing Eve,

Howie:who to thought politicians were nefarious. Who'd have


Sidey:So they're going to co-opt the darling machine and use them as like security droid kind of editor, nine type

Reegs:Yeah, cause they've got well, water cannons, and they make a loud noise and stuff.

Sidey:Having earth, you know, has a history of trouble with deluxe to use these in that way. Seems like a pretty bad

Reegs:Well, but they, you can hand wave everything away is because there was like, There was a big, retcon not that long ago. It wasn't there that sort of white, the minds of everybody on earth. That was when I was watching it, the big crack or the bad Wolf or whatever, it was big, bad crack Wolf.

Sidey:So surprise, surprise cloud aliens end up back in the data machines. There's big fi and some stuff happens and the doctor does some stuff.

Reegs:She was in a prison and she had to be broken out of the prison by

Howie:just figured plastic surgery. Victory.

Reegs:John Berryman. Yeah, it was nice in that bit because it actually had a call back to one of my favorite things in Dr. Who, which was the weeping angel statues. If anyone remembers them now. Well, YouTube won't cause you've never seen it.

Do you remember the weeping angels? That was why? One of my favorite ever episodes of doctor.

Sidey:I've got a quiz for you later about doctor who characters.

Howie:can't wait.

Sidey:you think that's, if you think that's nerdy, I have got a doctor who chess set.

Reegs:Oh, nice.

Sidey:which is nice. I tell you what it fucking is nice. And it's also pretty valuable. I when my, so my parents are moving house and it was sitting in a box in their calf, so I thought I'll claim it back and I've just put it in a box at this house.

And as I was going through the different pieces, I. I had a look on eBay and some of the individual they're like metal pewter kind of things. They're about 80, 90 quid, a piece like to replace them, to get them. And so there's a fair whack of stuff going on there in any case.


There's a kind of civil war. Isn't there between the darlings between these sort of newer dialects that are the sort of the

Sidey:well, there's an ethnic cleansing effectively.

Reegs:Yeah. And the Dylex go absolutely fucking mental. There's an onscreen. I mean, there are countless people massacred by the darlings when they really go, you know,

Sidey:I think if, if, if I watch something that I find watches this with my daughter, she would have fucking free, I think.

Dan:He was quite scary.

Howie:my kids re my kids really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed it. They, and they'd never seen doc two before and they thought it was really cool. They laughed. They even liked the bit, that was the complete alien rip-off. They liked the

Sidey:there was no hint of being scared.

Howie:not genuinely

Sidey:I saw the deluxe for the first time as a kid, I was fucking

Reegs:Yeah. Agreed. And the

Sidey:when they scream and this one X you know, the fucking catch phrase, I was still a bit like

Dan:Hey, it's turbinate. Yeah, it is.

Sidey:brings it all back. I was like carrying behind the sofa.

Howie:no. Cause they were watching it and they were saying things like, well, Magnus, first of all said, without prompting, well, if they can't go up and downstairs, so you just, you can run away from them easily. Anyway. And I said all up, but they've

Reegs:no, they can fly

Howie:They can fly. And he was like, well, what's that?

They just bombed them. And I was like, you're quite dystopian. Aren't you Magnus really? But Kara. I really liked it. She saw it as like a detect lucky what it is kind of thing, which is a bit of a detective type thing. And she, she thought, Oh, it's all right. I don't mind it. The only problem was are all the episodes this long

are okay.

Are they more

Reegs:but they're not much shorter though. They're I mean, they're nearly an hour. Most of the episodes, I think 45

Dan:was 71 minutes.

Sidey:Yeah. I think the dogs are terrifying, not quite as terrifying as Bradley Walsh's performance in this, because that was something else.

Dan:it was somebody else. I thought he was the, the one shining star in this.

Sidey:Oh, fuck

Howie:thought he was all right. I

thought, yeah, dude, I genuinely thought Brandon was just fine. I didn't

Dan:no, I'm not having any words against Bradley and I'll tell you for why, because there is a, he is West

Reegs:Oh, there you

Dan:the scarf right at the end. As he's as he's on there and the thing that kind of

Sidey:he was

Reegs:him to ride a bike, which

Sidey:They stocked it.

Reegs:we've watched a film for the podcast that had that exact seat doctor who's always done this like repackaged popular culture. When I used to watch it back with the Karen Gillan days, he was always doing stuff that was like matrix either the way it looked or some bit out of there.

And this had the music cues were all rise of the Skywalker. I don't know, like Kylo Wren's theme, which is total rip off. It's always done that doctor who, but the end scene where he's teaching an adult to ride a bike on the moon, we've watched a film for podcasts that had that scene in it. And I can't remember what it was.


Dan:Not the full Monte. Was it? I'm sure that's the same meal.

Reegs:Maybe it was in Sheffield when it, so yeah,

Howie:was he the guy's granddad or something?

Reegs:well he fucking knows. I mean,

Dan:No, that was, that was his, that was his dad. And he had the wife come on right at the end? No,

Howie:No. No. Who was Bradley Walsh? Was he a granddad or something? That's what I'm asking.

Reegs:Well, but who's grandad

Howie:The kid he was pushing down the Hill.

Dan:I was

Reegs:I mean, I don't want to point. Yeah,

Howie:No, but

yeah. Okay. So, but no, that's, that's why he said you don't want to see my grandson. He said, well, the fuck's got over the stupid fucking episode. I have to know where I am

Dan:Yeah. W

Sidey:got time-traveling shit. Like the doctor was imprisoned and she'd been in prison for

no, it was

Reegs:19 years or

Sidey:yeah, because you saw all the marks on the wall and she said, and for them they'd only been missing for 10


Reegs:I thought they were remarkably shitty about that. Cause she, they were like, Oh, you've abandoned us for 10 months. And she's a bit like, yeah, well I've been in prison for 19 years. So get over yourself. Yeah,

Sidey:Yeah, there's been a lot of negative reaction to having a female doctor for the first time. I don't know why because people are the internet fucking twats. So she has, she has jacked in and next series will be her last.

Reegs:What, but what, but they only ever do two or three series

Sidey:Yeah, they do. Cause I think there's a lot of, you know, with the publicity and all that bullshit,

Reegs:what was the main complaint? I mean, there's absolutely no reason why fictional genderless time. Lord, couldn't be a who regenerates into a completely different person. Couldn't be a woman.

Dan:She didn't make it any less enjoyable for me, to be honest, I thought she was, she was pretty good to be. I was surprised darling DNA. I thought that was kind of a nice touch. The fact that, and I'm going back to, to my vision of Daleks is a kid, you know, can't go downstairs. It was I probably watched one or two episodes when there was nothing else on and I really just didn't ever get into it.

But politics and business, big business technological advances and police state, where machines take more control over The way that society works in things. I thought they were quite interesting themes, you know, I thought it was it was something that that surprised me. And you can imagine it is, you know, a a future that we will get more and more used to that machines will be doing more things around security and fit.

And the, like, I'm not saying darlings are coming in, I was. I was, I was on the kind of fence. I wasn't sure I watched this in two parts. Because it was 70 odd minutes long. And when I've thought, Oh, kids TV, I'm geared up for like 20 minutes to TV. And then when you find out you're 70, you're like, Oh fuck flips.

Like it's my

Reegs:it's okay. You can swear if you want to, Dan, you can. It's

Dan:Well, you know, sometimes our friends are flipped sometimes our friend a fuck, you know, but I, I was more. Enjoying this, then I thought that I would, and certainly given my state of mind going into this 70 odd minutes long, preparing myself for the absolute worst.

It wasn't that bad. It did have all those cheap, special effects. The. The everything from the res guns to the to the darlings themselves, but it was the big themes I thought, how would it together quite well. And that West abs scarf on Bradley Walsh, which, which might have just saved

Sidey:a sour

Dan:whose recommendation.

Sidey:doctor who has been a classic family. Entertainment show for a long, long time. Not without its sheriff control policies through the years. During peak capacity's rain. He learned a horrifying inadvertent commerce fact about what happens to people after they die.

The human body retains some form of physical connection to its body. Even after death. The episodes specifically noted that departures could feel their bodies burning during cremation. This led to a lot of complaints and People who had probably recently had people cremated, not really enjoying that that idea.

During David Tennant's rain, I love this one. It's fucking brilliant. A character was resurrected in a rather grotesque way. The episodes called love and monsters. If you want to check it out the character Ursula was brought back to life. Albeit just her head fused into a concrete pavement slab.

It's revealed another character on the adventure. Elton is having a relationship with Ursula,



Sidey:Yeah. In a pavement slab, Elton discusses the struggles of their relationship as opposed to a normal one, but did make a point of mentioning that they have a love life. So it didn't take long for viewers to do the math and figure out how that would work.

Dan:Big he is.


and then it's had, it's had some load of complaints because there was a same sex case on there a little while back which is so boring and just

Howie:move on, move on in it. Yeah.

Sidey:Annoyingly that one was for a male same-sex kiss. There hadn't been the same level of vitreal for a female same-sex case that had happened previously. But I did draw up just a very quick quiz for you. It's based on villains. I think these are can you guess which ones are true and which ones are both the celestial toy maker?




Sidey:It's true. Winefred Getty flower,



Sidey:cyber shade.



Sidey:It's true. Krill, spunk, as far as sex CAS.

Howie:True. True.


Dan:folks. Oh,

Sidey:Canteen vandals.

Reegs:That's a good name for a bad false

Sidey:As far as the weeping angel


Dan:is true.


Sidey:And men of the mung.


Sidey:No, that's false. No mugging, no

Dan:men of mine.

Reegs:Mommy look that one up on urban dictionary guys.

Sidey:So yeah, lots to enjoy in Dr. Who, but for you guys, Dan, where are you not entertained?

Dan:Surprisingly, I was entertained. I thought this was actually Much better than I thought it would be. I was giving it absolutely zero marks. I was really not in the mood for it. I never believed any of the hype towards this. I remember listen about Matt Smith and tenant or doing it. I never got into any of them.

I thought the doctor was really good in this. I thought she was actually. You know, held it together and that along with Bradley while she's where Sam scarf just gives it. I enough for me.

Sidey:How he marks out a six for this one.

Howie:I'd probably give it 3.8. I've watched it whilst I, my tea with the kids on Sunday and yeah. It's all right. I won't seek it out doctor again. I don't think, but it, it was entertainment. It was, it was suitable for the family. My kids liked it. They're 10 and eight. I've never watched doctor who I don't think I will again, but if my kids wanted to, I wouldn't object to it.

 Reegs:This was a fun, little sort of journey back into the doctor who world considering I haven't watched it for a long time. And I was surprised considering this was the sort of series finale, how much I could just like jump straight back in and kind of roll with what was happening. There's pacing issues.

There's way too much exposition. In it, and there's so many good buys at the end. It's like the fucking end of the Lord of the rings that you were talking about, society, like this keeps going on and on and on and on, but there's some striking imagery. You know, the darlings has police using tear gas and water cannons.

Gates protestors is like potent and striking and having seen what we've seen in America over the last few months in particular, it's hard not to sort of feel. Something relevant about that? Ah, yeah, this was fun. I really enjoyed watching this actually.

Sidey:Yeah, I. I watched it the same day as Buster Scruggs. I was a bit fatigued when it came to this one, but I did like it. I think, you know, there's, it's a good amount of dramatic content. If you're watching it, you know, with the kids. It's not your usual sort of throwaway, but it's that way. But it's got some drama in there rather than just the city laughs and whatever.

I didn't have a watch it with my daughter cause I think she'd been fucking terrified of deluxe. Like I was when I was a similar age to her. So I think I'll give it a few years before I introduce her to the world of doctor who, but yeah, I think this is, this is solid. It's good.

All right, thanks for your contribution this week, chaps. Dan, you've got some nominations for us for next week.

Dan:yeah, we're going to do a top five movies report poise. Let me choose films with Marine animals. So top five films featuring any kind of Marine animal for our main feature we're going to go to the new Christopher Nolan movie tenant.


Dan:and I've, I've heard mixed reports and things, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

And for kids, TV is a Netflix show called raising Dion and season one episode one


Dan:should be kind of interesting.

Sidey:That's sounds like a lot of good content for next week. Pick the bones out of that, right. I'm going to fuck off so we can do some more recording of our midweek mentioned all that remains is to say Saturday, signing out.


Dan:Dan's gone.

Howie:how are you? Goodbye.